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The main reason is that there are too many modern condiments and increasingly innovative foods.People in Quanjude pay attention to traditional roasting, but some modern foods use too many condiments, which spoils everyone s taste buds, so when you go to eat Quanjude roast duck, you may feel the same, and you always feel a little sorry for him, a century old man.The name of the store, but in fact, Quanjude is still very particular about the traditional baking method.It s the same as Goubuli buns.Although ten dogs ignore it, eight are imitations.But in fact, the taste of the most primitive and authentic Goubuli steamed stuffed bun is still quite different from that of some new brands.After returning home, regardless of his mother Li Huifang s inquiries, Li Guohao went directly into his small room of less than ten square meters.Li Guohao s is at most a little cbd gummies tested creative in the filling.If the secret recipe is cracked, people will basically choose to go to those well known dim sum shops instead of here.Jia Mingming has the signboard of Li Ji Tea Restaurant, but sells dim sum shop business.outside.What does this old Li want to do Instead of running a tea restaurant, buy wife cakes instead A neighbor who knew Li Dexiao saw that the entrance of Li Ji Tea Restaurant was full of people.He squeezed through the crowd curiously, and glanced at the banner above.After other people s promotion, I muttered to myself.Thank you for the fish balls, don t you know Old Zhang at the fruit stand next door heard the voice and turned his head to look.Isn t it the old Xie who sells fish ball noodles across the street.Fish Ball Xie asked curiously, Know what Didn t your family receive the wife cake from Lao Li yesterday monkey cbd gummies Lao Zhang asked in surprise.And the secret Honeycomb Cake is not just that simple.The inside is made of flour, noodles, milk powder, and eggs to form a prototype.After the first baking, let it solidify into a paste, then take it out of the oven, spread a layer of honey on it, and then carry out the second bake.After the second baking, take it out for the third step, wrap it with a layer of refined brown sugar, and then bake it for the third time.Immediately after the finished product is fivecbd cbd gummies cbd gummies tested baked, a sprinkle of thick milk powder is sprinkled on top.With the heat just out of the oven, the milk powder is melted, making it perfectly wrap the whole body of the pastry, so that the secret honey honeycomb cake is finished.This pastry is from the recipe, but it was innovated by Li Guohao.The honeycomb cake in the original recipe is much better than the ordinary honeycomb cake in terms of formula.Mai Qi nodded, This store used to be a high end watch store, but because of poor management, and the owner s son owed a loan shark from gambling, the store was sold.Everything in the store will be sublet.There is only one floor in the store, but the area is very large, about 2,300 square feet.2,300 feet It is more than 200 square meters after conversion.The area is not small, but there is only one floor.words.Li Guohao hesitated when he said this, the coffee shop on the second floor of the previous store was doing very well, and many white collar workers have come here for gatherings and consumption in the past two days.Because Mai Qi was also involved in the renovation before, he naturally understood Li Guohao s words at this time, and he smiled, Mr.Li probably wants to build a cafe on the second floor.After all, second hand houses need renovation, even if it s just a simple whitewashing of the walls, installation of floors, etc.Pick up.It doesn t matter if you earn less, as long as you name your Maiqi Decoration Design Company, then the business will gradually increase in the future.Li Guohao really doesn t understand these real estate decorations, but it doesn t mean that It does not prevent him from giving opinions with his vision and knowledge of more than 30 years.There are so many business opportunities to be found in this era, as long as you put your heart into it and add a little bit of what you have seen and heard in the future, you can achieve great things.It s like the second hand housing that Li Guohao just mentioned.In later generations, the transaction volume of second hand housing in mainland China has exceeded 100 billion, and the second hand housing market in Xiangjiang is also extremely hot.I know, it s just a little uncomfortable.Li Huifang had heard her son explain the current situation in the store before, and now seeing that the business has really declined, she felt a little empty.After all, yesterday s profit was 130,000.Everyone else s business is getting better and better, but their own store is doing well, and the business is going from bad to worse.By the way, I almost forgot.I heard A Dong say today that you are going to open a second branch Are you in such a hurry to open a new branch Will there be any problems Li Huifang asked worriedly.It s okay, it s still the same as the store we are opening now, with a membership system, liberty cbd gummies basically we will quickly gather funds in a short period of time, and then we will rely on this money to open the third store and the fourth store In this way, In less than a year, there will be pastry shops opened by our Li family in the entire eighteen districts of Xiangjiang.Seeing that it was Li Guohao, Sister Wang came over and said, Boss and store manager Zhang, you two are finally here.If you wait any longer, they will leave.Who is Sister Wang Li Guohao asked with a frown.Zhang Dong on the side also said If you can t wait, let s go.Why is the foreign woman staying here looking for Ah Hao Sister Wang covered Zhang Dong s mouth and made a mute gesture around her mouth Said Shop Manager Zhang, keep your voice down, that person can understand us.Zhang Dong pulled away Sister Wang s hand and asked, Who is it, Sister Wang I see you are so nervous.Li Guohao was also curious Nodding, a desire for knowledge.Ms.Wang whispered, It s MacLehose s daughter in law Deng Liting I don t know these two people.Zhang Dong was shocked and said, What It s Sir Mai s daughter in law, Ms.The Kung Fu Panda craze, but some people in the comments said why I haven t seen Kung Fu until now.Khan, it s my fault.I didn t choose the chapter name well.I will monkey cbd gummies pay attention to it in the future.Chapter 47 Panda Craze End Christmas is a must have festival in most western countries, and you can find out more about it on Baidu.Under the influence of the British government, Western festivals that Heung Kong has never paid attention to have gradually cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews risen in recent years.Most businesses will hold certain promotional activities on the day to improve their performance.Rongji Bakery still followed the usual routine and held a promotion a few days before Christmas.What s going on Why are there so many people at Li Ji on the opposite side Rong Bingcai looked at the long queue at the gate of Li Ji on the opposite side, and asked the staff beside him.

By the way, I went to the Mong Kok store just once to open it.Who is the manager Li Guohao asked suddenly.Zhang Dongdao There is no store manager yet.I forgot to tell you about Ah Hao.Manager Li asked me to step down as the store manager of the Nathan Road store before, so that I can manage the procurement of materials with peace of mind.Li Guohao glanced at Li Qiang Why Li Qiang said Although the position of the store manager seems very simple, he is busy with some simple affairs in the store every day, but he must also be present every day.Zhang Dong is not in the company every day, but he is buying raw materials.If things go on like this, it will be difficult to inspect on cbd gummies for collitis Nathan Road.I think it s best to choose another one, after all, the performance of ordinary employees still depends on the store manager monkey cbd gummies to record.On the other hand, there are two local TV stations in Hong Kong, and the market is already very crowded.One has high ratings, and the other has low ratings.The current TVB is not as prestigious as the later generations.Apart from the strong production of TV dramas, many news and programs are purchased from outsiders.Now Kung Fu Panda is a big hit cartoon again.It can be done with little effort, in exchange for local ratings, and reduces the cost of purchased movies, how could TVB not agree TVB TV station.Wu Guohua told his immediate superior, Fang Yihua, about this matter.In 1969, since Uncle Liu brought her into Shaw, she has been working in the procurement department of Shaw.After he became proficient, Sixth Uncle asked Fang Yihua to work in TVB s purchasing department at the same time.At the same time, he also serves as the deputy director of the actor training center.It can be seen that Rong Bingcai is quite filial.People in this era still attach great importance to and care about filial piety.I don t lack money.I can share whatever Rongji earns, but now I want the position of the head of Rongji Rong Binghua is not short of money.He has shares in Rongji.For better or worse, you get a nice bonus every month.Rong Bing was shocked What On the other end, when Rong Bingcai was entangled with his younger brother Rong Binghua.Li Guohao also came to the Nathan Road store.Actually, I wanted to write about stores 1, 2, and 3, but I was afraid that some people would not understand it for a while.Xiao Min, where is Miss Wang The rest of the people don t know anyone, including the pastry chef who is making pastries inside the glass wall.Boss Xiaomin looked back and saw that it was his own boss and said with a smile Sister Wang seems to have gone to the Mong Kok store, store manager Zhang, by chance, it should be Manager Zhang, he asked Sister Wang to go to Mong Kok.You two cbd dosage with gummies don t come here tomorrow As the store manager, Sister Wang has the authority to fire employees, but before firing, she will send a report to the company, reporting can cbd gummies make you fail a drug test monkey cbd gummies why the employee should be fired.This kind of situation happened all the time, how could Sister Wang bother to make a report, and dealt with this matter directly in front of Li Guohao.Sister Wang, don t, don t fire me.I just listened to Ah Fa.I don t know about it at all.When Ah Ming heard the word dismissal, his face paled instantly.Higher, and greater opportunities for advancement.You must know that the salary will increase if you are promoted to cbd theanine gummies the first level pastry chef.General pastry chef, intermediate pastry chef, senior pastry chef, pastry consultant.These four levels, each level corresponds to a different salary, and the relative benefits will be much better.This is equivalent to taking the money earned by the company in the future, and using it as a one time loan from the bank to expand now.Li Qiang told Li Guohao about the loan.Li Guohao came over in a daze and said, That s right.How much can we borrow The amount of the loan is not determined by us, but by the bank.They can loan us as much as we are worth in their eyes.But if We can bribe monkey cbd gummies the lenders in the bank, and hopefully we can get more loans.This kind of thing is the same in every region and even every country.Let s ask first.In a few days, I ll make an appointment with Manager Zhang who handled the loan business for me last time, and find out how he speaks.Li Guohao nodded and agreed after thinking for a while.In Li Guohao s view, whether the loan can be repaid is basically no problem.Impolite.In fact, until now Zhao Yazhi has not quite figured out who Li Guohao is in front of her.She can t be blamed either, after all, the two of them only met once, after more than half a year, and they met by chance, it s strange to be able to remember who the other party is.It s embarrassing, at this moment, Li Guohao felt that he was a little self indulgent.After all, when I used to read novels, those Hong Kong entertainment actresses would best cbd gummies that are on the market thc free post them instantly after seeing each other.Li Guohao tried his best to keep a smile on his face and said, Nothing, nothing.Ah Zhen saw Li monkey cbd gummies Guohao s embarrassment, so she smiled and said, Why is Boss Li so free to eat out so late today By the way, I will go there in the afternoon.I wanted to find you at the Central store, but I didn t find you there Li Guohao remembered what Ah Zhen said to himself before, I m sorry, Ah Zhen, I have been staying in the company for a while Company You Aren t you working in the store Ah Zhen asked.In addition, I recently heard from an old employee in Rongji store that the boss has relations with some associations, if I don t agree now, I may be in bad luck.Ah Fa thought in his heart, forget it, if he couldn t get in, he would pry open the door secretly at night.the other side.Pastry company meeting room.Xie Honghe ordered the staff to move in a newest color TV.After the TV was installed, Xie Hong said The first advertisement of our palace pastry company will be broadcast soon.According to the chairman s intention, it is for everyone to see and understand well.Don t wait for others to ask.As a member of the company, I don t know yet.This was Li Guohao s first serious advertisement.Well, advertise on TV and newspapers.In the morning, Ming Pao s newspaper had already come out, with a large layout, almost three tenths of the entire newspaper.

The above is basically the introduction of some special pastries of Liji Palace Pastry, as well as the development history, and some promotional activities during the New Year.In order to better expand the publicity.Li Guohao discussed with the person in charge of Ming Pao, and made a new event without paying a penny for advertising.Propose an activity that is beneficial to the interests of Ming Pao and the company.With the newspaper from February 1st to February 15th, everyone can use the newspaper of the day to receive a piece of honeycomb cake for free in the store every day.That s right, it s free, as long as you need a piece of newspaper, you can get a piece of honeycomb cake about the size super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews of a fist for free.This will not only increase the sales volume of Ming Pao, but also expand the effect of publicity.It is reported that a batch of about one ton of gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies problematic flour was seized from the Mong Kok branch of Rongji Bakery yesterday.Star Island Daily From the substandard sanitation of palace pastries to the food poisoning incident at Rongji Bakery, it reminds us that we must strengthen food hygiene and safety issues.I hope that relevant departments will pay attention to this incident The front page headlines of the newspapers for the next day were basically about Rongji food poisoning.Since the opening of the shop in Xiangjiang, there has never been such a serious food poisoning incident that is related to human life.Many newspapers and TV stations have discussed this issue Court Company.I didn t expect Rongji to make such a big fuss this time Li Guohao looked at the news that the newspaper was discussing the food poisoning of Rongji, and he felt a little thankful.Chapter 93 New Year s Day, February 15, 1972.The first day of the first lunar month.Among the Chinese, it is the Spring Festival.Early in the morning, Li Guohao was woken up by his father Li Dexiao.Li Dexiao stood in front of the table, holding a brush in his hand, writing couplets.For a moment, Li Dexiao calmly put down the brush in his hand, looked at the two rows of couplets and horizontal comments he had written, and said with satisfaction Not bad, it seems that my calligraphy has not deteriorated Li Guohao HCMUSSH monkey cbd gummies yawned and washed from the toilet Then walked out.Seeing his son coming out, Li Dexiao ordered Ahao, go and stick this on the door Oh.Li Guohao cheered up, took two pieces of paper, picked up the paste, opened the door and went out to paste the Spring Festival couplets.After posting the Spring Festival couplets, Li Guohao went back to the house and saw that Li Dexiao was the only one at home, so he asked, Dad, where is Mom and grandpa Dad.Hearing this, everyone lowered their heads and fivecbd cbd gummies cbd gummies tested looked at the manuscript in their hands.Franchise business model.The franchisee model, I believe readers should be aware of it, is a way to pay the franchise fee, and then the company will send a special person to help you open the HCMUSSH monkey cbd gummies store.Start by looking for a storefront and analyze whether the location is profitable.Some powerful companies can accurately analyze the average daily revenue of the selected store.After that is to guide monkey cbd gummies the decoration, machinery, production and baking technology.Clatter In an instant, the sound of paper flipping sounded in the meeting room.Li Guohao leaned over to Li Qiang and asked, Brother Qiang, do you buy stocks What Do you want to buy stocks Li Qiang replied in a low voice.Well, I have a certain way to make money, but I always feel a little scared.The first type the nature of the community.It is a non profit, non governmental organization.The probability of successful registration is low with the approval of Xiangjiang Police Department, but the application fee is also high.The second type the nature of a branch, to set up an association under the name of the company.Now many associations and associations apply for association registration through this form.The fee is relatively cheap and the chance of successful application is relatively high.In the early years, it was very convenient to apply for a society gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies or association.You only need to fill out a list and submit a report to the police station for reporting.However, as the nature of the society gradually changed, the green roads world cbd gummy bears review for anxiety application became relatively more difficult and complicated.Many people in the upper class will have various association titles, such as members of Xiangjiang Jockey Club, directors of charity associations, and a series of honors.Li Ah What s the matter Li Guohao recovered.Mr.Li, you haven t introduced this Yihe crisp yet.Oh.Li Guohao nodded and asked, I don t know if Ms.He has read Romance of the Three Kingdoms She can speak Cantonese, English and Portuguese.This is a snack that Cao Cao gave Yang Xiu back then I know Cao Cao Ms.Shen said suddenly.Although the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects is British, she also learns Chinese from her husband monkey cbd gummies MacLehose.The few of them just chatted, ate snacks, and had a good time.Seeing that the chat was very pleasant, Li Guohao pretended to be involuntary and said I think Ms.Shen and Miss He both like pastries, why don t you join our association Association The two looked at Li Guohao blankly at the same time.Oh, I m sorry, I forgot to tell you.Our company is planning to establish a Chinese pastry association dedicated to the promotion of Chinese pastry.Li Dexiao said from the side Fumanlou.Seeing his son say it, can cbd gummies make you fail a drug test monkey cbd gummies Li Renzhong nodded and said, It s called Fumanlou.Thinking about it, it s been almost thirty years, and I don t know if the restaurant is It s still there.Speaking of this, Li Renzhong felt a little melancholy, this Fumanlou was a property handed down from the gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies Li family s seven generations, but unfortunately at that time the civil war was raging, and it was really impossible to stay, so he had to sell the lease of the restaurant and come to Xiangjiang.Li Guohao asked Grandpa, have you ever thought about reopening a Fumanlou in Xiangjiang In addition, Xiangjiang was relatively chaotic at that time, and I was too lazy to rebuild the restaurant at that time, so I gave up.While talking, Li Renzhong glared at Li Dexiao.Hearing this, Li Dexiao shrank his head.

I thought The owner of Palace Bakery is simply cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews taking the mid to high end route.But yesterday, when the ten franchised stores of Palace Bakery opened, I realized that this is trying to catch us all They have touched our bottom line now.Okay, Boss Liu Tell me directly, what do you want to do, stop scaremongering here.Gu Yonghe asked nonchalantly.Liu Peilin glanced at everyone in the arena, except for Gu Yonghe s indifferent attitude, everyone else was more or less worried, so he smiled and said, I don t want to do anything, I just want to unite with you to fight against the palace cakes., we alone can t beat them because the other party has a lot of money and money, so we can fight a price war with us.Today there is a promotion and discount, and tomorrow there is a 520 couple event.If this continues, who can afford it Everyone s money is not water How much money do we have to pay for discounts and promotions every day What does Boss Liu mean Okay Let s unite and fight against the palace cakes Damn, I ve been sick of seeing palace cakes for a long time.Li, but it s okay to say.Recently, I have made a big change in my career.Dare I ask if the boss can detect good or bad luck Li Guohao didn t say much, Let me tell you that my career has changed a lot.Dong Haonan frowned, shook his 20mg cbd gummies effect long sleeves, stretched out his right hand, counted with his fingers, closed his eyes and muttered something, and finally asked I don t know what aspect of Mr.Li s career Food.Without soil, the earth cannot be covered without soil, the earth cannot bear everything on it.Therefore, heaven, earth and people cannot be without soil.Trees without soil will lose the power of cultivation fire without soil cannot shine in all directions gold without soil If there is no water and no soil, it will not be able to overflow in all directions.If the soil has no water and no trees, it will not be able to support all things.Forget it, Ah Hao, I will look for it myself.Zhao Yazhi smiled and said, Now that the economy is so good, it is not difficult to find a job.All industries are in urgent need of talents.The way I see it, sister, if you stay at home, brother in law will take care of you.Right brother in law.Ah Zhen laughed and raised her eyebrows.Upon hearing this, Zhao Yazhi s blush hit her cheeks again, and she secretly glanced at Li Guohao.Seeing that he was a little lost in thought, she breathed a sigh of relief, and then gave A Zhen a hard look, as if reminding her not to Nonsense, otherwise I want you to look good when I go home.Stared at by her sister s imposing eyes, Ah Zhen shrank her head and didn t talk too much, she buried her head and ate what was ordered best cbd isolate gummies for pain on the table by herself.I thought of it Suddenly Li Guohao s mind flashed through, remembering an event he had done a long time ago A Zhi, I have a job that is definitely suitable for you What job Hearing what Li Guohao said so confidently , and said by name that it was absolutely suitable for him, Zhao Yazhi asked curiously.company.Li Guohao asked When will the factory be put into production at the earliest Li Qiang thought for a while and said It will take a few days, and the machinery has just arrived not long ago.Most of the recruited workers are very familiar with this new production line.I am not very familiar with it yet, and I will try it for a few days to see if there is any problem.Tune up the machine as soon as possible.I know this, and by the way, I haven t found someone to design the appearance of the package, what do you think Li Qiang asked a question.Package cover Yes.A good product not only needs to be of good quality and taste, but also needs a good appearance.Li Guohao pondered for a while and said, I ll call the comic book club later and ask them to help design a few covers.Yes. monkey cbd gummies In the afternoon, Li Guohao brought Huang He to the Nathan Road store.You must know that the shelf life of mooncakes is not very long, unless they are sealed by the factory, their Ronghua is just a small workshop, and they have the courage to eat the whole The moon cake market is simply wishful thinking.Li Guohao wanted to laugh, and when his mother told him, he almost lost his breath.If a food processing factory says this, and he still believes that a small factory mainly relying on manpower wants to occupy the entire mooncake market, that would be a dream.Even if they can make so many mooncakes and sell them to everyone, mooncakes will expire.Without adding some preservatives, it is difficult to maintain the instant food of moon cake for a long time.In fact, we can cooperate with major shopping malls.There is really no need to rent refrigerated trucks.Xie Honghe persuaded.It s up to you to figure out cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews a way.Because the ice skin moon cake is delicious, but it has a characteristic, that is, it is not suitable for preservation.In other words, the shelf life is not very long.If it is made in a store, the general shelf life is three days, or it is only three days at room temperature.If it is exposed to sunlight, it may deteriorate in less than an hour.Why is it so easy to spoil so quickly The main reason is that the snow skin mooncakes have not been baked.Although the skin and filling are cooked, just like ice cream, under the long term temperature changes, bad things will happen.The popularity of refrigerators in Xiangjiang is not very high now.Unlike later generations, refrigerators are an indispensable appliance in every household.I ll try my best to find a way.This is also one of the reasons why many people switch to buying snowy mooncakes.The second is that the advertisements for palace cakes are too dense.You can see them in the car, read the newspaper in the morning, and broadcast them on TV stations.You can see them even on the road.Refrigerated trucks are sold on the street.Chapter 143 Going to the mother in law s house 1 3 In 1972, September 22, the Mid Autumn Festival.As monkey cbd gummies the saying goes the moon is the circle of the Mid Autumn Festival, and the relatives are the love of hometown.One year spent similar, each year is different.Walking on the streets of Xiangjiang, looking at the billboards in traditional Chinese characters all over the street, and the Cantonese spoken by people, Li Guohao looked a little dazed, and more than a year passed in a flash, and often when he was still sleepy in the morning, he subconsciously wanted to pick up the bed head phone.

Actually Director Huang, you may have misunderstood one point.Hearing what Huang Yaohua said, Li Guohao shook his head Dao The name of our factory is Guohao Food Processing Factory, not Guohao Pastry Processing Factory.It doesn t mean that we can only produce pastries.We can make some food snacks that the public can afford according to the market, such as Peanut sesame candy and milk candy can be made and sold.Huang Yaohua pondered for a moment and asked, That is to say, can the factory produce other foods As long as it is food, we can do it Not really monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects We do all kinds of food, mainly in the field of snacks and candies, which are the best sellers, and the cost is not very high.If we suddenly make Japanese style squid fillets, I am afraid we will have to buy a new batch of machinery.Li Guohao smiled and said Biscuits, candies, snacks, we can make these things.You have all seen snowy mooncakes.Apart from the difference in taste and production, the two actually have a lot in common.Li Guohao looked at Chen Zhipeng with satisfaction, the young man is very good, Just one click.Huang He, Chen Zhipeng, you two have also seen it.Although this is a little different from monkey cbd gummies the production process of snow skin moon cakes, it is not bad.The skin and fillings are made first, and then it can be eaten after wrapping.This time I used The red bean filling can be changed to chocolate filling, or other flavors that Americans like.It is up to you to figure out how to improve the filling.I am only here for a few days.There are a lot of things that I need to deal with, so the store still needs you to do a lot of research here, and consider how to incorporate the fillings or desserts that Americans like into our pastries.Li Guohao suddenly remembered what Zheng Jiachun had said to him before, saying that Jardine The people in the group had an idea to make a big splash in the catering field.Just when they got carried away thinking about it, they hemp cbd gummies for sleep only heard a question from Xie Honghe, and Li Guohao nodded indifferently and said, What s the problem go ahead.Chairman, the company has no money to expand.I understand that there is no way to do this.Then the company made a franchisee plan.Considering the first time, there are too many people who are not suitable to join, and I can understand it.Then, chairman, you invested in building a food processing factory because you wanted to best cbd gummies for quitting smoking canada enter the gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies moon cake market and the packaged snack market, and I also understand.But why until now, the company s franchise department has completed the franchise plan, and the financial department s financial situation is also good, why not continue to open stores or find franchisees to expand Xie Honghe said a lot of things, and there were complaints in it.After cleaning up these junk stocks, Xiangjiang s economy will be shattered with this stock market crash, like a ray of sunshine in the dawn, a pearl in the dust, brilliant and dazzling.There will definitely be an impact, but how to minimize the impact is what Li Guohao should think about.After thinking for a long time, Li Guohao said quietly Manager Xie, you are right.The company really needs to expand.Hearing Li Guohao s words, Xie Honghe s eyes lit up, and he was overjoyed.When monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects he was about to support him, he listened to Li Guohao again.Said Hurry up, take advantage of the opportunity of this pastry competition, just meet colleagues from Southeast Asian countries, and ask them if they have any ideas about joining the company.As for opening a store in Xiangjiang or recruiting franchisees, let me think about a good way.The last time I heard what Li Guohao mentioned about franchising, Li Dexiao was shocked.I didn t expect to do business gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies like this.You don t need to pay anything, just sell a brand name, and you can make so much money.Then he changed his mind, bought some related books, and saw that there was a fast food restaurant in the United States that was selling hamburgers, and it was also a chain, and it opened all over the United States.He thought, hamburgers are the fast food that Americans usually eat, and tea restaurants are the fast food that Xiangjiang people usually eat.Since hamburgers can be chained, tea restaurants should also be able to.He wanted to mention this matter to Li Guohao, but he wanted to save face.His son s achievements were much greater than his own, so he was relieved and at the same time a little monkey cbd gummies twisted, so he asked Li Renzhong to tell Li Guohao about this idea.When the audience entered the arena just outside, Eugene suddenly saw about a dozen little ghosts walking cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews in, although there were all Parents, grandparents, and grandparents were holding hands, but as soon as they entered the studio, they became noisy and ran around.It s also thanks to their parents who scolded them, otherwise, it would be really difficult to deal with.I m really sorry, Director You.I didn t expect that Wang Zheng didn t tell you clearly.Li Guohao said apologetically when he heard that it was his own mistake that caused You Jinjie to be irritable.Mr.Li doesn t have to blame himself.We also blame ourselves.It s not because of Mr.Li, but because our program department didn t take the emergency measures well.You Jinjie shook his head, not blaming Li Guohao at all, but instead Blame it on yourself for not doing a good job.Don t worry about the flour issue.I have already asked someone to transport it from Wanwan, although the cost is much higher.Li Guohao thought about the relationship between Nanshun and Jardine after he learned that Nanshun bought the flour factory.Doing business is often unscrupulous.The simplest act of carding raw materials is really too childish.From Wanwan Luo Bin was a little surprised.He didn t expect that the chairman had known that the flour mill would find an excuse to break the contract, so he actually purchased goods from Wanwan in advance.Well.Your top priority now is to get the other raw material suppliers ready except for the flour.I don t want the flour to be available.Don t run out of sugar oil or something like that.Don t worry about this chairman.Robin promised. Li Guohao asked He Qianjin to help him import flour from Wanwan.

Although the price of flour imported by the company from Wanwan was the local ex factory price, it was because of the transportation cost.For the problem of Xiangjiang, it is almost 10 20 higher.I have a new idea, you come back and talk about it first.Chapter 197 The Stock Market Crash Arrives 5 The next day.pastry company.Jin Jiashi rushed back by boat overnight yesterday.Chairman, why are you calling me back in such a hurry I have already negotiated about the price of flour at Wanwan, which is basically the same as the previous company s price at the flour mill.If the quantity is large, there will be a little more Discount, if we help them introduce some people, the price may be lowered a little bit.Jin Jiashi said with some complaints, you must know that he has spent monkey cbd gummies a lot of effort and spent a lot of effort to get the stable price of flour as soon as possible.Boss, your outfit is so majestic Zhang Guangming praised through the rearview mirror as soon as the two got into the car.Uncle Zhang, you think so too, don t you Just now I always thought that Ah Hao is so handsome in this suit, but I can t think of any words to describe it Ah Hao is really majestic in this suit.Zhao Yazhi covered her mouth and smiled smugly Dao, when she helped Li Guohao match the clothes before, she always felt that this suit had a different charm, but she couldn t think of any words to describe it for a while.It looks really powerful.But no matter how majestic Li Guohao is, this set of clothes is all made by Zhao Yazhi, so monkey cbd gummies she has some credit for the majesty.Hehe.Li Guohao also smiled rather smugly.The aesthetics of HCMUSSH monkey cbd gummies people these days are basically the same as those of later generations, but they are limited by their horizons.I hope Chairman Xu can understand, I know what you are thinking, but in fact you developed in Singapore at the beginning, and you have only been in Xiangjiang for a few years.Nanshun has been in Singapore for more than ten years.The development has always been unsatisfactory.Later, he transferred to Xiangjiang, and with the help of Xiangjiang s developed shipping trade, the company s business flourished day by day.Xu Deming also reduced his business in Southeast Asia and other countries, focusing on Xiangjiang as much as possible.Okay, I have nothing to chat with you here.Li Guohao didn t want to talk nonsense with Xu Deming, and said directly This time I convened the shareholders meeting, I just wanted to buy Nanshun and take it off the market.Chairman Xu, in fact, it is the best choice for you to choose to quit now.If Zheng Jiachun hadn t relied on his father, he wouldn t have been qualified to join at the beginning And the recommender is related to the recommender to some extent Kind of like the form of an ancient faction chamber of commerce.Since this little friend can develop to this point in a short period of time, who knows what will happen in the future.Now that you know him again and have a good relationship, it will help you in the future.Zheng Yutong pays attention to casting a wide net, He never underestimates successful young people, but treats them with courtesy.After all, business is all about personal connections.I know Zheng Jiachun nodded Xiangjiang Hejia Villa.He Qianjin looked at the news about Li Guohao in the newspaper, and felt a little incredible Although Li Guohao revealed to herself the plan to acquire Nanshun, at first she just thought that the other party was just thinking about holding shares.They don t have to take some kind of certificates as they did later, and then train those requirements.Basically, they are looking for people who are engaged in related work to protect themselves.Like the police or something.You should ask first Li Guohao thought for a while, and felt that he still needed to work more on this aspect After all, personal safety is the most important thing.At this time, Xiangjiang is run amok by gangsters, and there are countless life defying gangsters.It may be difficult for just one or two people to deal with.Chapter 217 The Forever Guohao is the so called Once become famous and known all over the world .With the acquisition of Nanshun Group, after publishing this news report in the newspaper, Li Guohao is completely famous in Xiangjiang.Everyone knows that there is a young man who, in just two years, relied on his own ability to rely on a pastry shop to develop into a giant in the pastry industry today Nanshun Company.It can be clearly said that since the stock market rose in 1971, almost hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong have more or less invested in the stock market, and only a small number of them withdrew from the stock market before the stock market crash, or The investment has been reduced, and more people are still trapped gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies tightly, falling into the predicament of wanting to sell but no one takes over.Most people are envious of some stockholders who once bought Lam Soon stock, because Li Guohao spent a lot of money to buy back Lam Soon stock.As the stock market continued to fall, those stockholders who sold Lam Soon stock were also very lucky.Chairman, the milk company monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects has almost been integrated, and the Pokfulam Ranch is also preparing to transfer the ranch to the New Territories.said Cao Xiujie, the person in charge of the real estate project of Hongkong Land.It s different.The boss wants to sell the food overseas Huang monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects Yaohua didn t expect that Li Guohao was going to sell the food overseas.Well, it should be exported to the United States.Li Guohao nodded, suddenly remembering the so called inconsistency between the quality of local and exported products in later generations, and said monkey cbd gummies quickly Remember, whether it is sold locally or used For export, food safety and quality must be the first priority, except for the difference in taste, try to keep the quality the same.I understand, we will definitely guarantee the quality of the food.Huang Yaohua nodded seriously.He used to run a soda factory at home, and he knew that the quality and quality of food must be guaranteed, otherwise it only takes a small mistake to wipe out all the hard work you have done before On the way back, sitting in the car, Li Guohao was also quite irritable.

What does the chairman want from me When you go down later, tell the Ministry of Manpower to recruit dozens of security guards.Although the Guohao Group has been established, the human resources and finance are still separated Yes, each company is independent, and Li Guohao is thinking of recruiting people from Nanshun this time.Recruiting security guards Jin Jiashi asked in surprise Why did the chairman hire so many security guards The company doesn t need it.Anyone with criminal records and community backgrounds can come in.Li Guohao wanted to set up a security company, but now that he lacks strength, he can t do it, so he can only temporarily recruit some security guards and assign them to various factories.Now the company has a total of five factories, two flour mills, as well as food processing plants, stuffing processing plants, and packaging plants.Suddenly, someone approached and said.Li Sheng.Turning his head to see who came, it was Shen Bi.Li Guohao smiled and said, Manager Shen is here Shen Bi said with a smile I read the internal information of the Jockey Club and said that someone recommended Li Sheng to run for election.This year s new members, I came here to wait for you.Oh Li Guohao asked in confusion, I don t know what business Manager Shen wants from me I heard from Li Qiang that Li Sheng wants to find some security guards recently Yes With this plan, Manager Shen, you are also aware of Xiangjiang s current situation.Shen Bi was also deeply touched when he heard Li Guohao s words Yes What a beautiful island, there are always some people who want to destroy its beauty At the end, thinking of a document secretly issued by the Governor of Hong Kong, he smiled lightly and said, But it doesn t matter, it won t be long before these cockroaches hiding in the shadows won t dare to jump anymore Listen to this.He has never heard of this competition, whether it is now or in the future.He knows about the Olympic World Cup, but he has never heard of such a skill competition.The International Skills Olympics is actually an international professional skills competition.In most western countries or some Southeast Asian countries, this skills Olympics is no less than the Olympics.Of course, it must be a little lower, but it is also one of the few world class competition.Li Guohao is not clear about this competition.The main reason is that the country did not pay much attention to this skill Olympic competition at that time.In the 41st competition in 2011, China sent six contestants for the first time to participate.Mr.Pei, a welder from China Petroleum 1000 mg cbd gummies full spectrum Construction Co., Ltd.Won the silver medal in the welding 100 cbd gummies in a bottle project.Sit down, do you want to drink water or tea or coffee Li Guohao smiled and looked at Reporter Chen in front of him.When he went to St.Mary s Hospital to visit the children in the orphanage, it was the other party who was interviewing , if it weren t for this and Mr.Jin s face, he would definitely not accept the interview.Mr.Li is very busy.I know I m going to interrupt your work.Two cups of tea.Reporter Chen knew very well that Li Guohao s previous meeting was probably just a cover, but he didn t point it out, and led the female reporter to sit down.Xiao Liu, go and pour two cups of tea.Yes.After Secretary Xiao Liu went to pour water, Li Guohao also asked, I wonder what Reporter Chen is here to interview Reporter Chen also smiled and said I originally wanted to interview Mr.Li s previous encounters this time, but now I temporarily changed the content of the interview and wanted to interview Mr.There is a stage with dozens of sofa tables under it.There are men and women sitting there chatting and listening to songs, and there are also boxes for VIPs.Speaking of which, this is the first time Li Guohao went to a nightclub after time travel, and he wanted to come here before, but he didn t have time, and he was not very interested in the entertainment at this time, so he never came.Just entered the nightclub.I saw a middle aged woman who was dressed just like her mother and still had a charming smile walking over.Isn t this Young Master Zheng It s been a long time since I saw you come to play.Hehe, I m busy.Zheng Jiachun didn t have much interest in chatting with his mother Sang, so he just asked, Is the private room still there Yes, how could it be possible not to be here Young Master Zheng is here to play, even if someone has to let them out.Five million has been transferred to the club s account, and now the boss is short of your money Chapter 285 The Billionaire Short of Money Money When Ni Xingqing said that he was short of his own 10 million, Li Guohao was still a little bit broken.At first he didn t understand, and he didn t have the courage to go to the bank for a loan.This caused Li Guohao to use a lot of his own personal funds to fill the company Some gaps.This formed a problem, and the money in Li Guohao s personal bank account was empty.As for the money in the group and the company, it s not that it can t be moved, but it s best not to link it with personal assets.Now Guohao Group has five subsidiaries Guohao Nanshun Co., Ltd., Guohao Food Processing Co., Ltd., Panda Comic Publishing House, Palace Pastry USA Company, and Xiangjiang Palace Pastry Company price of true bliss cbd gummies Holdings 60 of the shares.After getting in the car, they went directly to the prepared hotel to rest.Four Seasons Hotel New York.Two business suites.I m sorry boss, because there was no reservation before, the presidential suite has been rented out by someone else.Ni Xingqing said apologetically after leading Li Guohao into a business suite.What In your opinion, I must live in the presidential suite when I go out Isn t it the boss Li Guohao couldn t help but rolled his eyes at him, and didn t answer, and said to Chen Sheng who was following him Ah Sheng, you take Ajie and Amin to the suite next door to take a shower and rest early.What about you, boss Chen Sheng asked.Li Guohao took off his suit jacket, threw it on the bed and said, This is America No one knows me, so what are you afraid of Besides, it s just next door.

His current body can no longer support him to shoot high intensity movies upside down day and night for a long time, which has already shattered the dreams of actors in it.Who said that Aren t you enjoying a happy life with your family lord cbd gummies Bruce Lee was taken aback, then laughed and said, Yes, I am very satisfied with my current life.After monkey cbd gummies teaching students every day, I just go home to spend time with my family Eating and playing gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies with the children, I am very satisfied.Your Enter monkey cbd gummies the Dragon has sold well at the box office in the United States, and now I heard that it is very good at the box office in some other countries.You, Bruce Lee, are already well known all over the world.You have accomplished two of the three goals.And you can also change to a more ambitious goal.Promote the Jeet Kune Do you created around the world, and further improve the concept of mixed martial arts.This competition should be said to be a fight without rules.Apart from not being able to attack the vital parts of the lower body, it only needs to knock the HCMUSSH monkey cbd gummies opponent down to the ground.Mike, a black belt in karate, had a solemn expression on his face.After making a karate starting posture, he has been observing the opponent s actions, trying to find a loophole in the opponent s body movements.On the other hand, Bruce Lee was very relaxed.He clapped his hands together and clapped his gloves, and started his unique walking pace.This kind of gait has also been advanced in Jeet Kune Do in the future.It is Bruce Lee s combination of boxing, HCMUSSH monkey cbd gummies Sanda, karate, Wing Chun, dance and other diversified factors.It can be said to be kenai farms cbd gummies 300mg his own original gait.This cannot be learned, because everyone s walking posture and degree of adaptation are different.Muscle building powder What is that Takeichi Kimura was taken aback.You don t know about muscle building powder It s the kind of protein powder you eat when you re exercising.Seeing that Takeyuki Kimura was stunned, Li Guohao explained.I ve never heard of this kind of thing.Master, he often drinks some strange things.Those are the liquid squeezed out of raw beef mixed with other things.I don t want to drink it.Takeyuki Kimura said with a smile.Hearing that there is no protein powder yet, Li Guohao raised his eyebrows.You must know that protein powder is only extracted from soybeans or other ingredients with a lot of protein.Almost many fitness experts in the future will take it, and there is no harm to the body.Wait for the crowd to disperse.After Bruce Lee stepped down.Li Guohao asked Brother Xiaolong, do you know protein powder Protein powder It s fine if you don t know, and Bruce Lee, a fitness expert, doesn t know.Li Guohao only needs to work a little bit and choose a few well known industries in the future, such as real estate, entertainment, computer, Internet, etc.can become The man on the world s richest list.However, Li Guohao has a wish, or an idea from time travel, that is to become the most powerful catering giant in the world It s just a dream.The question now is how to spend the money.Li Guohao no longer cares about the interest in the bank.Chapter 304 Maxim s Restaurant Opens After about an hour.It was past four o clock in the afternoon.The car slowly drove to the door of Li s villa.Zhang Bowen quickly got out of the car and pressed the doorbell on the wall outside the gate.In a moment, less than thirty seconds, the electronic lock of the gate opened automatically.Li Guohao, who was sitting in the car, was taken aback.Li, please. what Ok Li Dexiao was in a daze.Dad, this is my secretary Xiao Liu.You can sit with her in my office for a while, monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects and I will have a meeting.There is a TV in the office.If you are bored, you can watch TV. Okay, you go and do your work.Li Dexiao recovered and nodded.Seeing Li Dexiao walking towards his office behind Secretary Liu, Li Guohao turned around and walked towards the conference room.There was a click.The door of the conference room was opened from the outside.The people in the room who were communicating with each other immediately fell silent after hearing the voice.Li Guohao opened the door and looked around.There were about twenty people, five or six of whom he didn t know himself.He thought they might have been recruited recently.Walk quickly to the chairman s seat.Everyone stood up and shouted Chairman.A few newspaper reporters wanted to come to Xiangjiang to interview Li Guohao and ask him how he was sure that the U.S.stock market would fall.You must know that many financial institutions or financial groups are bullish on the stock market However, since the editor in chief of the newspaper didn t care very much and didn t want to report too much on the Chinese, he rejected this proposal.On the contrary, a reporter from Sing Tao Daily who was dispatched to the United States saw the headline of the New York Times newspaper saying The Chinese in Hong Kong stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the US stock cbd to sleep gummies market , and looked down curiously, and found that the article mentioned His name is Li Guohao This young man who is regarded as a new Xiangjiang dream in Xiangjiang actually made hundreds of millions of dollars in the US stock market Immediately, the reporter from Sing Tao Daily was so excited that he copied a copy of the American newspaper overnight and sent it back to Xiangjiang in the form of a telegram two days later.The fourth uncle Li Zhaoji was a partner in the early years.The three of them parted ways the year before last and formed their own companies.Although they separated, the relationship between the next generation is still relatively good.Li Guohao smiled and said Mr.Guo, you are welcome.It was the gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies fourth uncle who loved me.Without the help of my fourth uncle, I don t know when my industrial park will be built.Guo Bingjiang, who was standing next to Guo Bingxiang, suddenly interjected, I heard that Li Sheng formed a real estate company to cooperate with Fourth Uncle.Is he planning to enter the real estate industry Ah Jiang Guo how long for cbd gummies to kick in Bingxiang frowned and scolded.There are not many real estates that Xiangjiang can develop now.Originally, Sun Hung Kai Properties could barely bid for the land auctioned by the British Government, but as more and more people joined this industry, the current auction The price of land is getting higher and higher, which increases the company s financial burden.

Cut After the director shouted Cut , he said again Very good, one is over, let s take another one.A staff member trotted to the director s side and whispered, Director Xiao, the boss is here.Boss Director Xiao was taken aback for a moment, then came to his senses, and asked in surprise, Mr.Li is here Well, it s over there After speaking, the staff pointed to Li Guohao who was standing behind the crowd.Director Xiao walked quickly, bypassing the crowd, came to Li Guohao s side and flattered him Mr.Li, why are you here You should have told me in advance, so I can bring the crew to welcome you Every director has a movie monkey cbd gummies dream, and this advertising director naturally does too.You must know that this year s movie box office champion Ghost Horse Twin Stars was filmed by the film company invested by Li Guohao, which made Director Xiao feel a little bit worried.Those who can live in public housing built by the government are relatively able, at least able to pay the rent.But people who live in cage houses are quite difficult.As long as they work hard, they should not worry about eating and drinking, but the most difficult thing is that there is no work for you You must know that the population of Xiangjiang has monkey cbd gummies been saturated to a certain level, and there are only so many jobs.Many people can only do odd jobs.Coupled with the stock market crash, it is even more difficult for a number of companies to go bankrupt.At this time, in the poor area of Kowloon, the cage house.Cage house, as the name suggests, is a house like a cage.It is not a high rise building like a public house, but a place built with wooden boards and connected together.The living environment is so poor that it is even worse than a village house Ah Xing, don t run around anymore, eat quickly.He will be one of the drafters of the future Basic Law of Hong Kong.Several people were chatting happily.Jin Jiashi and Huang Yaohua suddenly rushed over from a distance.This trot made the two middle aged men who hadn t exercised for a long time tired and out of breath.What Li Guohao asked upon seeing this.DongChairmanMs.Shen and Sir Mai are here Huang Yaohua swallowed, out of breath.When everyone heard Ms.Shen and Sir Mak, they immediately exclaimed The Hong Kong governor and his wife The governor and his wife came to attend the opening ceremony of Li Guohao Food Industrial Park.No one else knew about it.It was the couple s impromptu idea, and they rushed over with only a few security guards.Now that Hong Kong s economy is in a downturn, MacLehose, who is the governor of Hong Kong, has naturally been severely criticized by the British side. That s fine, anyway, Thailand is also celebrating the Spring Festival.Suddenly, Jin Jiashi said By the way, fivecbd cbd gummies cbd gummies tested do you think it is possible to sell our food to Thailand You must know that Thailand also has many festivals similar to ours I ve already discussed this with Manager Huang.At that time, I will re establish a foreign trade export company to sell food to Southeast Asia and other places Since I cooperated with Zhang Nana to open a food import and export company, the food company has sold food to the United States as high as 5 million Hong Kong dollars since last year, and it is still growing.If it is not because there are many food companies The food does not meet the tastes of Americans, and the selling price can be several times higher.For this reason, Li Guohao is thinking whether to set up a factory to make some food that meets the tastes of Europeans and Americans.En.Zhao Yazhi nodded slightly, with a sweet look on her face, she would probably remember that scene for the rest of her life, Li Guohao calmly raised the auction price again and again, as if he would not give up if he couldn t get it, so The charm exuded is intoxicating.Where is it I want to see that watch.After hearing the elder sister s confirmation, Ah Zhen ran to her side excitedly, tugging at the corner of her clothes and shouting.What are you looking at That s a 10 million watch.At this time, are cbd gummies good for ed Zhao s mother rushed over, and when she heard that Ah Zhen wanted to look at the watch strap, she hurriedly scolded.You must know that this watch is worth 10 million yuan, and I hazel heels cbd gummies m afraid it will hurt you to death if you bump it casually.It s okay, if Ah Zhen wants to see it, I ll show it to her.Chen Sheng said.No need, this is in the hotel.Li Guohao smiled.That can t be done.Although I have never been here in Thailand, I have asked some teammates who have been here.They said that there are often people in Thailand who knock on the door of luxury hotels Immortal dance Almost, in addition to seduction, you may also pretend to be a waiter and knock on the door to rob. So messy Does Thailand care about it Li Guohao said in surprise.Immortal dance is fine.After all, this kind of scam can at least be seduced.As long as you can withstand the temptation, you won t monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects fall into it at all, but if it s directly a robbery, monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects Thailand doesn t care It s hard In Thailand, the military management was officially lifted last year.After the Thanom regime was dismantled, the prime minister was finally selected by the parliament to take power.Now that the technology is relatively advanced, it is not impossible to decipher the ingredient formula of Red Bull in reverse.In addition, at this time, Red Bull type beverages have not yet appeared on a large scale in the international market.As long as Li Guohao is the first to produce it and monkey cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies side effects occupy the Red Bull market, when Red Bull rises in the future, I am afraid that there will be no room for it to survive.Just like Coca Cola.The world s first cola was Coca Cola.The recipe should be kept absolutely secret, but there was a rising star, Pepsi.Coca Cola officials have been releasing information, saying that the secret recipe of Coca Cola has been locked in the bank s vault.Only a few people in this world know about it, and it will never be leaked.But there is also Pepsi, and Laoshan Coke and Wahaha Coke have also appeared in the mainland.

Li Guohao handed the fax paper to Jin Jiashi.Jin Jiashi took the paper and read it carefully.Chen Xuewen next to him also poked his head to peek.After a while, Jin Jiashi exclaimed No way, half of Xiangjiang Above supermarkets to remove our food products Chen Xuewen was also stunned when he heard that.Well, I have to go back and have a look at the Xiangjiang side first.Manager Jin, you and Ah Wen will stay in Thailand first, and you can make up your own minds about the specific matters.Fax to Xiangjiang and ask me.Yes, but it s so late, I m afraid there is no boat to Bangkok.Li Guohao pondered for a moment and said Ah monkey cbd gummies Wen, you and I go to the village chief s house, ask him to take us to the county, and ask the locals if they have a boat.We will charter their boat to Bangkok overnight.yes.Originally planned to stay in Thailand for a week, but because of the incident in Xiangjiang, the itinerary was temporarily changed, and I diverted back to Xiangjiang.It s better to invest in some industries.He said How about this, Mr.Zheng, you said that it is not that detailed after all, why don t you make a detailed plan and make a decision after I read it Zheng Baoxing said confidently No problem.Li Guohao Then he stood up with a smile and shook hands with the other party Then I m looking forward to the proposal made by Mr.Zheng. evening.As soon as Li Guohao arrived at the house, he heard Li Dexiao shouting excitedly inside.Dad, why are you so excited Li Guohao put on his slippers and walked in and asked with a smile.Ahao, you came back just in time.Just now Cheng Xizhi called to say that the total sales of the twenty one stores exceeded 250,000 Hong Kong dollars today.This is the first day they can sell so much Sold so much Li Guohao was also quite surprised when he heard that the sales volume was 250,000 Hong Kong dollars.After listening to the three people s words, Li Guohao glanced at Cartier.I saw Cartier s head Alan Sike hesitated for a moment, thinking about Xiangjiang s business, and then he gritted his teeth and said We at Cartier now have the world s largest pink diamond discovered in South Africa in 1938.If Mr.Li needs If so, we can help Mr.Li make the best jewelry style.Xiao Liu, the secretary on the side, swallowed subconsciously after hearing the pink diamond, she had never seen this legendary diamond with color.Pink diamond Upon hearing that it was a pink diamond, Li Guohao became interested and couldn t help asking How big is it 53.9 carats In order to be able to intuitively show the size of his own pink diamond, Ellenske cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews rummaged through the photos he brought, and handed the photo of the largest diamond to Li Guohao, saying It is twice as big as this one Twice as big Li Guohao looked at the huge diamond in the photo, and heard that it would be doubled in size, and asked in surprise Is it so big yes Seeing that Li Guohao was monkey cbd gummies interested, Alanske continued This pink diamond is the largest one in the world so far.Spend 100 million Zhao s mother swallowed when she heard that Li Guohao monkey cbd gummies was cbd gummies bodybuilding forums going to spend monkey cbd gummies 100 million to get married, and said, What does Ah Hao want to do with so much money Even if it is to buy a villa, buy dozens of Mercedes cars There s still a can cbd gummies help ed lot of money left How did you spend it This is the difference between those who have money and those who don t.Rich people pay millions to go to KTV, while those without money lament on the Internet how they spent it.Zhao Yazhi, who didn t know about it before, only learned that Li Guohao would spend 100 million to hold a wedding for her only after her colleagues asked her.Her eyes widened in surprise.I wanted to ask Li Guohao if it was true, and if it was true, I would advise him not to spend so much money.After all, the group is continuing to develop, and the most expensive thing is money.Brother in law, red envelope Seeing Li Guohao walking in, A Zhen stretched out her hand to stop him.A Dong gives a red envelope After saying something to Zhang Dong, Li Guohao bypassed the crowd around the door and came to the bedside.Looking at Zhao Yazhi who was wearing a red hijab, he was very excited.The two generations finally got married.When he lifted his hijab earlier, Mother Zhao stopped him and said, Ah Hao can t take off his hijab now, you can only do it after you get to the hotel.If a wedding is held according to the traditional wedding customs, the hijab can only be lifted when entering the bridal chamber.But now it can be regarded as advancing with the times, as long as the bride is picked up at home, it can be lifted.Originally, Ah Zhen and several cousins The cousins have some tricks to play tricks on Li Guohao, but I don t know if Li Guohao s aura is too strong, or maybe because of the other party s current status, he is a bit restrained.You don t even know about this Li Guohao s wedding Is it the 100 million wedding that the newspaper monkey cbd gummies said some time ago The friend asked deliberately, Yeah, you don t know which New World I opened yesterday Passing by the entrance of the hotel, guess what I saw What did I see More than a dozen large trucks full of roses.My friend enviously said I m still surprised that there are so many roses in Xiangjiang, so I went here specially.I asked the other party before, and monkey cbd gummies they said it was shipped from the Netherlands.More than a dozen cars of roses Got a dozen cars of roses.Chapter 376 Wedding 2 According to Zheng Jiachun s original plan, the New Century Hotel should have opened long ago, but after hearing that Li Guohao was going to get married, he also postponed the opening date.Prepare well, only in this way can we make a name for ourselves in one fell swoop.Pink diamonds are not rare in the world, but the largest one in the world is enough to prove its value Chapter 377 Wedding 3 Li Guohao has been welcoming guests at the door gold cbd gummies monkey cbd gummies since around three o clock.There are almost a thousand people coming and going, everyone who knows or does not know arrives one by one.The guests who are due to come should have arrived.Li Guohao glanced at his watch and asked Zhang cbd gummies half life Dong and others beside him.Before Zhang Dong could answer with the guest list, he saw a Mercedes slowly driving up cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews from the road in the distance.When he was wondering who it was, the car stopped at the gate, and a woman who was about forty years old got out of the car first, took a look at Li Guohao who was standing at the door, then turned around and waited quietly in the direction of the car.

Many ingredients for the Manchu Banquet are hard to get in Xiangjiang.I ask some old guys to find a way to get them from Nanyang.Come over here.What ingredients are so difficult to get If it doesn t work, just leave it to me.I bought a piece of land in Thailand and planted some rice and vegetables.If necessary, I will send it back by air.When Li Guohao was busy with the wedding ceremony in the evening yesterday morning, he suddenly received a telegram from Thailand, saying that the fragrant rice, vegetables and fruits in the first season were already ripe, asking what to do.Li Guohao was busy getting married at the time, so he Tell them not to pick for the time being, and wait for a few days for the group to return to the unified arrangement.Thailand farming Li Renzhong, Li Dexiao and Li Huifang were all surprised.Seeing the boss being so smiles gummies cbd narcissistic, Di Yimin chuckled and said, Yes.Where s Manager Jin He seems to have gone to Thailand this morning.Di Yimin thought for a while.Going to Thailand Is it for the farm in Thailand Yes, didn t there be a telegram yesterday morning saying that the crops planted have matured Manager Jin wanted to go and have a look in person, and notified him this morning I just rushed over by plane.Hearing that Jin Jiashi had already flown to Thailand, Li Guohao couldn t help but said, Manager Jin is really dedicated to his work.He is obviously airsick and seasick, so he has to go to Thailand himself to rest assured.Yes.Di Yimin nodded in agreement, Jin Jiashi should not be as aggressive as a young man when he is middle aged, but he still has a spirit of not admitting defeat.After washing up in the rest room of his own company, Li Guohao rushed to the reception room where He Zuozhi was.As soon as he opened the door and went in, he saw He Zuozhi resting with his eyes closed in the presence of the old god, and when he heard the movement, he opened his eyes and looked over.Mr.He is sorry, I was eating before.Li Guohao walked over and said with an apologetic expression.It s okay, I came here rashly and interrupted HCMUSSH monkey cbd gummies you, Li Sheng, for lunch.He Zuozhi laughed heartily, putting the responsibility on himself.Mr.He was joking.After Li Guohao sat down, secretary Xiao Liu also walked in with coffee.Taking a sip of his coffee, Li Guohao looked at He Zuozhi, who was in high spirits today, and couldn t help asking curiously I think Mr.He seems very happy today.Is there any good news from the TV station Haha , Not bad, I have some good news for you, Li Sheng.Mr.Li Li Guohao glanced sideways and saw that it was Sun Yubiao, the manager of the program department, and said with a smile, Why is Manager Sun here Sun Yubiao replied with a smile.He suddenly thought of something, and said directly Mr.Li is here to find the general manager.The general manager is watching the rehearsal in Studio No.1 right now.Li Sheng can go directly to him.Okay.Li Guohao nodded slightly and said Then don t bother Manager Sun, I ll go first.Okay, Mr.Li.After saying goodbye to Sun Yubiao, Li Guohao led Chen Sheng and Ajie straight to the No.1 studio, No.1 studio It is the largest studio of Phoenix TV.Its main purpose is to hold live broadcasts of various evening parties.After all, the place is very large, and ordinary TV programs are completely useless.What are you doing Can you sing a few lyrics wrong monkey cbd gummies Don t be nervous You can be nervous on such a small stage, but when you perform in front of tens of thousands of people in the gymnasium, you will collapse Li Guohao hadn t left yet Entering the No.Only in this way can the selection of the association be truly brought forward.Internationally, after all, Chinese cuisine has a local and national vocabulary, while world cuisine includes cuisines from all over the world, French, British, American, etc.As for the temporary head of the association, Li Guohao originally He wanted to hand it over to Cheng Xizhi, but the other party said that he didn t have the energy to manage the association, so he had cbd gummies focus to leave the person in charge first.One by one is heavier than the other In the end, Naikang became even more insane, making strange noises from his mouth, as if he was cheering himself up, and the knee bump, which was already fierce, was now more fierce and dangerous like a storm.Bang Zhang Qing stubbornly used his already swollen and numb hands to block the opponent s knee bump, but because of the numbness and bodily functions, he originally wanted to raise his hand to block it.Speaking of this, the man also expressed his conjecture I think this is a long planned conspiracy.More than 700 distributors of our Ajinomoto, as well as a dozen barristers, in a short period of time It is impossible to get together in a few days.I think this matter must be manipulated behind the scenes.Suzuki thought for a while, and felt that what the other party said made sense.He was taken aback by so many people suing him before, and subconsciously thought that there was something wrong with Ajinomoto s products.Later, after investigation, it turned out that it was all Ajinomoto s complaints.Ajinomoto s dealer.You are right, someone is trying to fix us behind the scenes Suzuki s eyes were gloomy and he said I don t care who it is, since it offends me, Suzuki, then don t think about it Boom Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the office.Time magazine to interview yourself Li Guohao frowned slightly, thought for a few seconds, and then said, You invite those two reporters in.Yes Fang Ming hurriedly went downstairs to pick up the two reporters.Soon, a man and a woman followed Fang Ming to the second floor of the fast food restaurant.The female is blond and blue eyed, while the male has an Asian face.Judging from the appearance of his face, Li Guohao doesn t look monkey cbd gummies like a person from Bangzi Country or an island country, nor does he look like some Southeast Asians, but he looks like a Chinese.His face looked familiar, as if he had seen it monkey cbd gummies somewhere before.Hello, Mr.Li, I m an interview reporter from Time Magazine.My name is cbd gummies for dogs walmart Lena, and this is my colleague named Tom.I m here to interview Mr.Li about the fivecbd cbd gummies cbd gummies tested molecular gastronomy you mentioned earlier Self proclaimed Lena The foreign girl told her name and purpose very straightforwardly.

While speaking, Li Guohao gave Xu Guanwen and the others a wink, telling them to go to a private room to order some food and wait.Chapter 566 Parted unhappy Ah Hao, how is the master s health recently Guan Yunfei pulled Li Guohao to find an empty table and sat down.Thank you uncle for your concern.Grandpa s body is very strong, but now he goes to the restaurant to do business before six or seven o clock every day.Haha, master is in good health.Guan Yunfei laughed and said Master is so good every day.I went to work in the shop earlier, it seems monkey cbd gummies that the business of the restaurant is very good.It s not bad, I haven t been there too much, I don t know monkey cbd gummies much about it.Li Guohao looked at the restaurant, it is only after five o clock, and there are already five people.The six tables were full of people, and they also jokingly said Uncle Guan, your restaurant s business is also very good.Its brands include KFC, Pizza Hut, Little Sheepetc.It ranks first in the world in the field of fast food, pizza, hot pot, Chinese fast food and seafood chain restaurants.It can be counted as No.1 in the real catering field.1.As long as it is related monkey cbd gummies to eating, besides food, Yum Group has its own brands, Japanese food, Korean food, Thai food, all kinds of food.Li Guohao had set himself a goal a long time ago, that is to become the boss of the world s largest restaurant empire.In the early days, he had been working in the food field, and later he also used Li Dexiao s proposal to expand the scale of the tea restaurant.This was his first investment in the service and catering industry.Last year, I also opened a panda fast food company in the United States.Recently, I heard from Mr.Bai and Cheng Xizhi that the fifth branch has been opened last month.Arrange it to the day after tomorrow.Yes After hanging up the phone, Li Chaoren looked at Ma Zhengkang and said, Zhengkang, how is the development project of Yuen Long New Town in the New Territories going Ma Zhengkang said respectfully Recently, I have In addition to going to Tin Shui Wai to see the construction of the new factory, what I observed the most was the situation in Yuen Long Township.So far, Zheng Jiachun, Huo Zhenting, and Li Guohao have not taken any action.Hearing the words Li Guohao, Li Chaoren s A cold light flashed across his eyes.When Ma Zhengkang said this, he glanced at Li Chaoren with some hesitation.Seeing Ma Zhengkang s hesitation, Li Chaoren felt a little upset for no reason, but on the face he said If you have anything to say, just tell Zhengkang, we have been in a relationship for so many years, there is nothing you dare not say.Speaking of this, Zheng Jiachun laughed I m afraid Li Chaoren will admit defeat this time.We have paid such a premium, and his Changjiang Industrial can t pay so much money.Perhaps because he was afraid of Li Chaoren s achievements in later generations, Li Guohao frowned.He frowned and said, Don t take it too lightly.If Superman Li has the guts to compete with us, he might have someone behind him.Don t take away the place we must take I will order the people below to speed up the acquisition.Zheng Jiachun waved his hand nonchalantly, Li Chaoren at this time is only a second and third rate cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews wealthy businessman, and in terms of ability and capital connections, he is completely inferior to the combined efforts of the three of them Seeing this, Li Guohao didn t say much.After all, the chairman of New Territories Real Estate is Zheng Jiachun.This time, Fang Ming was just promoted, on the one hand, he can exercise his ability to do things, and on the other hand, he just happened to go back to Xiangjiang with Master Bai.Speaking of Fang Ming, Li Guohao remembered the long line of customers at the entrance of the fast food restaurant back then., I almost didn t go in, so I couldn t help but smiled and said, Fang Ming has abilities, but he s a little too young.You can train him more in the future.That s exactly what I think.Cheng diamond cbd gummies ingredients Xizhi nodded.A long time ago, when he was the general manager of Rende Catering, he was very comfortable.The chairman above hardly interfered in any matters.Later, when he is it legal to give your child cbd gummies was transferred to the United States by Li Guohao, he was a little upset, after all, he held great power in Rende Catering But with the rapid expansion of Panda Express in the United States, the scale of the company is also getting bigger and bigger, and the power of Cheng Xizhi, the general manager, naturally increases accordingly.In addition to Chinese restaurants and Chinese buying chicken essence, more and more Western restaurants and Americans are trying to use chicken essence.The only one that is not very satisfied is Red Bull.Now that PepsiCo and Coke have launched their respective energy drinks, Red Bull s market share in the United States is still declining compared with last month.When Li Guohao heard that Red Bull s sales in cbd gummies albany ny the United States were still declining, he couldn t help but frowned and said, Is it still declining this month Ni Xingqing nodded and said, Yes, I think a fax will be sent in the next two days.The root cause cbd gummies in cda idaho of Red Bull s continued decline in sales in the United States is that its background is too shallow.Although it has quickly gained fame all over the world by virtue of the World Fighting Championships, it has only been two or three years since its establishment.Brother and sister in law are here.Li Guohao noticed the person coming, stood up, walked over to greet a what cbd gummies should i start with few people to sit down, and said directly I monkey cbd gummies have to go to work today, so I can t go out with you guys.This is my bodyguard Chen Sheng, Xiangjiang He knows all the fun places, and I will ask him to take you out for a stroll later.Li Guohui said a little embarrassedly Guohao has troubled you these days, your fivecbd cbd gummies cbd gummies tested work is important, and we are the same at home It s okay.Li Guohao smiled, called Chen Sheng over and said, Asheng, take my elder brother and sister in law to visit Victoria Harbor, and then take them to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant for dinner at noon.In the afternoon, you can arrange it yourself It s the boss.Chen Sheng nodded in agreement.Temporarily postpone Red Bull s publicity in Europe, America monkey cbd gummies and other places, and focus on large scale promotion in the Asian market.

After all, you only talk about opening up to the outside world, but you don t agree with our investment on the back.In the original time and space, it was also at the end of 1979 that the Kadoorie family paid a high price to successfully cooperate with the mainland, and finally made a name for it with the help of their position in the 82 Sino British negotiations.Li Sheng, what do you mean Mi Gao is not an idiot, he quickly understood why Li Guohao said this, looked at the other party suspiciously and said Can monkey cbd gummies tom selleck super cbd gummies you help us communicate with the mainland I dare not say 100 , but I still have a little certainty Before he came to Mi Gao, he had already donna and rosy cbd gummies investigated this matter, and he also sent a telegram to Fu Shengguan who cbd gummies tested total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews was in the Mainland at this time, asking him to communicate with Zhou Dakang, the magistrate of Baoan County.Not only can you earn money from the title sponsor, but you can also earn money from various period advertisements and illustration advertisements.Not only does the money monkey cbd gummies come in faster, but it also earns more than TV dramas.After thinking about it, the two came up with an entertainment program proposal, proposing that next year they would produce no less than five new variety shows.Li Guohao naturally nodded in agreement with this plan, and even gave a certain amount of rewards, saying that as long as the program is well produced, the ratings are high, and the advertising costs are high, the screenwriters of those programs can get a certain percentage of commission.When the news was announced internally by the two stations, those screenwriters who were not valued in the past were completely excited, and even some TV screenwriters wondered whether they should consider a variety show to make money A few days later, on November 26th, in the morning.Although they are all very common materials, I have also seen the future development of genetically modified technologies.You said that if we use genetically modified technology to invent a kind of rice, wheat, or fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutritional value and contain various vitamins, do you think this is possible Quoted on crops and vegetables and fruits Huo Zheng narrowed his eyes slightly, pondering over the chairman s words carefully, combined with what he knew about genetically modified technology, it seemed to be a trick.He looked at Li Guohao in surprise and said According to the current international According to the theory of genetically modified technology in the world, Chairman, you proposed to develop a kind of nutrient rich rice or vegetables, which is very likely to be realized.We must know that our business in Hong Kong is far inferior to overseas business.HSBC is still the main and only partner of our overseas branch.After thinking for a while, he continued, As long as Manager Shen is still working at HSBC, Guohao Group, and even other industries under my umbrella, will only cooperate with HSBC for all business in areas other than Xiangjiang.Speaking of this, Li Guohao monkey cbd gummies mainly wants Shen Bi to understand that the cooperation with HSBC Bank is mainly for Shen Bi s face.After all, Guohao Group can develop to the present state in these years, and it cannot be separated from the other party s financial support.Shen Bi agreed without 30 mg cbd gummy cost saying a word about borrowing 3 billion yuan to develop the transportation channel of the universal transportation.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Shen Bi roughly understood the connotation in his heart, which was nothing more than Xiangjiang s bank cooperation The business may be cancelled, while the overseas banking business remains the same, and as long as he and Shen Bi are around, Guohao Group s overseas banking business cooperation will not change.Announce some of Guohao Group s overseas business and its long term cooperation with HSBC in overseas business, so as to alleviate the falling stock price.Except for the listing of Palace Pastry, Guohao monkey cbd gummies Group s other subsidiaries are not listed.According to the corporate management plan, apart from announcing some of the group s profits at the end of each year to improve the group s reputation and prestige, there are few press conferences on weekdays.press conference.After all, Guohao Group is considered a private company, and there is no need for it to face the supervision of shareholders, shareholders and the public like listed companies.However, Shen Bi came to ask himself, and Bao Daheng, who was a director of HSBC, also called in person, Li Guohao had to give a satisfactory answer both emotionally and rationally.The complete collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate was something Li Jiacheng did not expect, but the business opportunities after the collapse, he was able to control it from the slightest.In the 1950s, Li Jiacheng transferred from the plastic flower business After entering the real estate business, I have personally experienced three major real estate fluctuations.The first time was the leftist riot in 1967, which threatened to communist the whole of Hong Kong.In an instant, the land price in Xiangjiang plummeted.Land reserve.Only in 1972, when Changjiang Real Estate went public, its stock was oversubscribed 65 times by the market and investment companies.The second time was in 1973, the second year after Changjiang Real Estate was listed, the stock market crash broke out, and all real estate in Hong Kong was re subscribed.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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