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The prince went to the green wisconsin cbd gummies garden, so she became a rebel.Sun Langzhong, who was carrying a medicine box, walked up to her Is the medicine all delivered Zhou Rujun said, How many more Sun Langzhong nodded The epidemic in the prison is no longer a problem, and the lord of the Ministry of Punishment told me to leave tomorrow.You don t need to come.Zhou Rujun bowed to Sun Langzhong Thank you for taking care of me these days.Sun Langzhong said Get up, you have worked hard these days, I have already reported to the yamen that you should be responsible for curing the epidemic, I hope The imperial court will take this matter into consideration and investigate your case carefully.Zhou Rujun saluted again.Sun Langzhong sighed I heard that Marquis Ding Ning has returned to Beijing after winning the battle.Once she did something that her identity shouldn t do, everything could only stop there.It s like playing a game with herself.If she wants to get more, she has natures 1 cbd gummies to pay more and bear more, provided she thinks it s worth it.It s worth the patience, it s worth the wait.One day her identity will be exposed, and she hopes to be the day when she will retire.My little boy, after taking the lady s medicine, it seems to be better, but he still coughs and wheezes non stop.He can only sit like this all day long, unable to sleep, his complexion is getting darker, and his stomach is swollen like a bulge.I can t eat anything.Chen Pozi carefully turned on the lights so that Gu Mingzhu could see Chen Er s situation.Chen Er leaned there, his chest rising and falling, his lips were chapped and pale, and his eye sockets were sunken, obviously exhausted by the pain.Chen said those who cry out for injustice will be wronged, in a hurry What is said is usually true.Then Ah Wei must have seen the clue, that s why he came to ask her, otherwise he would just have to have Mrs.Chen and Chen Er arrested for interrogation.The smell of asafoetida could not be wiped off with a towel, so Gu Mingzhu first took off the pasted abscess , and then washed her face twice carefully before it was considered clean.Baotong blinked Miss, did you meet someone tonight Are you being interrogated severely Miss will not captain cbd gummies dosage use this medicine to cover up easily.Gu Mingzhu said It s the person that Jinta Temple bumped into.That man is really annoying.He pestered Miss repeatedly.Although Baotong had never met him before, he could feel the character of that man from the smell of Miss s body.I ll be back.He should go to the front yard and wait for Marquis Ding Ning, that would be considered courteous, but he still wants to ask Miss Gu a few words, so he can only have a chance if he stays here.Sister Lin, what are you playing with Fourth Mrs.Cui saw that her daughter was holding a sandalwood comb together with Miss Gu.The two girls didn t know what they were busy with.The second younger brother was in her room, and Mrs.Lin was inconvenient to come in.Fourth Mrs.Cui wanted to take the two girls to the flower hall, so she stepped forward step by step.Turned livid Sister Lin, what are you doing Where did this come from Give it to me quickly.Mrs.Cui Si s harsh words frightened Gu Mingzhu and Sister Lin, and Sister Lin let go of a doll from her.The dress rolled down.The doll rolled to Mrs.A broad forehead, thick black eyebrows, a square face, and an ordinary face.The faint scent of ink rushed towards Gu Mingzhu amidst the turbulent memories.Reputation is all false, and money is the most real thing.With these money, you can make two of them, and make a fortune from two, and become a rich and idle person Mr.Zhang.Mrs.Lu drew very carefully, and even painted the mole on the corner of Master Zhang s mouth.However, when she saw Master Zhang in the prison, the mole had turned into a scar.Gouged it out, but later Master Zhang found out that the government didn t know his appearance at all, so it was superfluous for him to do so.Master Zhang said I discussed with him how to get the relief food, but in the end I was chased and killed, the relief food was burned, and Ku Yin was lost.Only he and I knew this secret.Officials, members of the Cui clan, if one day I die in battle, you will have to support the entire Cui family.The current status depends on Cui Shi, if not for Cui Shi, who will protect her in the future Willful actions will bring disaster to the family.Cui Wei dared not argue anymore, so she cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750mg had to follow Cui Zhen to Mrs.Lin In the lady s room.Mrs.Lin Tai was drinking tea when the mother in charge came in suddenly Madam Tai, Master Hou has returned from the yamen.Oh, Mrs.Lin said with a smile on her face, make natures 1 cbd gummies the tea I brought.Our mother and son have a good talk.The mother in charge didn t move, and her face was a little ugly Mrs.Tai, Master Hou seems to be angry.Mrs.Lin was stunned Why It s about Cui Si The mother in charge shook her head I don t know , the servant just saw the second master winking from a distance, and immediately came to report.Gu Mingzhu looked over carefully, one leg of the little rabbit was drooping, and the hair on the leg was also burnt, which was injured when the gunpowder exploded.The place where the fire broke out was some distance away, and the rabbit was frightened and ran here to hide.Being able to come to Zhou Rujun s tomb is also considered a fate between them.Gu Mingzhu reached out and hugged the rabbit to the medicine box, opened the medicine box and took out the herbal medicine.Now, she will do some simple treatment on the injured hind leg of the little rabbit, and she will carefully examine its wounds when she returns home.After finishing everything, Gu Mingzhu put the medicine box back on her back again, took another deep look at Zhou Rujun s tomb, turned and walked back the way she came.After being out for so long, she should go home, otherwise it will be troublesome if her mother finds out.Gu Mingzhu knew in her heart that the identity of the doctor s wife had been suspected, and she wouldn t take too long, but as long as she could retire, Master Wei didn t know who to turn to even if she settled the score later.A banquet has been set up in the huge cabin of the big boat, and the people who are seated start to natures 1 cbd gummies exchange glasses.Gu Mingzhu helped Mr.Wei to sit down, stretched out his hand to fill the glass cup with wine, and then made a respect in front of Mr.Wei.I hope Mrs.Wei can drink well, so that she can have something to do.Sister Ziyuan, the girl next cbd gummies use plus cbd sleep gummies to her leaned over and whispered, Why are you dressed like this tonight It s not as good looking as usual, and you ve grown a lot with your whiteness.Gu Mingzhu pointed at Wei Yuanchen beside her, and then gestured The girl stopped talking nonsense, and the jasper bracelet on her wrist was revealed during her movements.Ding also jumped in.Our people are nearby, and we will send them ashore soon.So this is what the doctor thinks, to take the man out of the big boat, so that the interrogation will be more convenient, and koi complete full spectrum cbd gummies the identity of the man will not be revealed.If someone is looking for the man, they only need to say that they jumped into the lake to save him.Get off the boat.Wei Yuanchen ordered lightly.He was going to interrogate the man and reveal the true face of the doctor by the way.Chapter 36 Gu Mingzhu escaped and fell into the lake, swimming towards the shore without any pause.The people sent by Master Wei will go to get the person who reminded Ziyuan at this time, she just took the opportunity to escape, anyway, what she wants to do has been done, the most important thing is to be able to leave smoothly.Mrs.Lin Tai felt a little regretful, she hid here and wanted to be stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies quiet for two days, but who knew that before she could catch her breath, she would make a fuss again.Bao Tong opened his eyes like copper bells Miss, throw another one, I m blind and I can t see the bird.Gu Mingzhu continued to throw the stones.Throwing stones to ask for directions was the way Master Zhang taught her.She had never been here before, so she didn natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies t know, but now she found that the village was too big, and she really sleepy zs cbd gummies review wanted to hide some people in the woods, so no one would be able to find out.Throw a few stones down, and some birds fly away, and throw a few more to test, but there are not many birds flying in the woods to the south.There aren t many birds in the forest, and they re usually disturbed, either by wild animals or people.Lin s hand tightly.Since she couldn t leave, she would protect her mother.Chapter 53 Let You Escape Mrs.Lin frowned, comforting Zhuzhu in her arms worriedly.Mrs.Lin Tai immediately looked at the steward on the Zhuangzi Why did you natures 1 cbd gummies let the snake come here Is there no medicine around What are the people in the Zhuangzi doing Said Mrs.Tai was coming to Zhuangzi, so I took someone to clean it up.I have been busy since yesterday and now I natures 1 cbd gummies dare not slack off It can be seen that you are still not paying attention, Mrs.Lin Tai said sharply, I have been in Zhuangzi all the year round, too loose, I have forgotten what rules are.The steward did not dare to refute I will immediately ask people to check the surroundings again.Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Lin This kind of thing does not happen on weekdays, it is all checked by the government office.Lu Shenzhi didn t speak any more, and after waiting for a while, Liu Su came out of the shop carrying a suitcase.Liu Su walked through the stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies long street, Lu Shenzhi followed Cui Zhen slowly behind Liu Su, and soon Cui Zhen found something strange, besides him and Lu Shen, there was another person following Liu Su.The person following Liu Su was dressed in short brown, with a burly figure, but he walked lightly, obviously a practitioner.Liu Su walked into an alley, turned her head to look behind her, and the three hurriedly dodged.Liu Su didn t notice anything unusual, then carefully opened the door of the house in front of him.The man in short brown also jumped into the yard lightly.Lu Shenzhi looked at Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen didn t ask any questions, he roughly guessed Wei Yuanchen s intentions, and asked Lu Shenzhi to bring him to this courtyard to see what kind of reaction he would have.To find such a thing, it was not because of his good luck or God helping him, but because of his boldness and carefulness.Feng Anping said I didn t dare to open the bamboo tube privately.Such things should naturally be handed over to Mr.Wei.Wei Yuanchen opened the small bamboo tube, and a note appeared in it.Feng Anping next to him opened his eyes wide and leaned over to take a closer look.Wei Yuanchen unfolded the note, and there was a line of small characters written on it Seven years ago, I was injured with a poisoned cold arrow, and now I still have an arrow, it is hard to appease the hatred in my heart I only hope that the truth will be revealed as soon as possible, and there will natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies be no more unjust cases in the world.Feng Anping leaned over and took a look, his face was full of surprise Seven years ago What does this mean Wei Yuanchen s eyes were slightly deep.This font is strong and powerful, the structure is open and closed, with a bit of heroism, just like a ranger standing in front of him who has gone through vicissitudes and is in dire straits.Does this ranger have anything to do with her Even if Gu Mingzhu was pretending to be stupid, how could she win over a cunning doctor woman and a skilled ranger to serve her Wei Yuanchen strode towards Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu.Seeing Wei Yuanchen approaching, Mrs.Lin became a little more natures 1 cbd gummies vigilant, and subconsciously protected natures 1 cbd gummies Zhuzhu behind her.This Master Wei really made her feel very dangerous, although Master Wei did not do anything out of the ordinary when he came to the Gu family last time Zhuzhu accidentally met him, and she didn t suffer, but she just couldn t feel at ease.Ma am, Wei Yuanchen saluted, You have been here since Prefect Han came to Mrs.He was usually stern and heroic, but now he lacked the aggressive power, but he added a little more The clarity and gentleness of teenagers.The lips under the high bridge of the nose are full and moderately thick, and when they are pressed tightly, they are as pure as they want to go.Take a closer look and compare it with the person in your memory.It s him.She didn t recognize natures 1 cbd gummies him before because he was a young man who was haggard and emaciated due to injuries and illnesses in the prison.Now he is a noble, shrewd and ruthless Master Wei who controls life and death.The difference is really too big.Big.And no one would have thought that members of the Wei family would be sent to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice.It wasn t until now that he fell ill in bed and gave her a chance to take a closer look, and she didn t realize Then he suddenly became so ill because of his old illness Could it be that when she took out the sharp weapon from him, she accidentally left a legacy While Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, Wei Yuanchen on the bed suddenly moved uneasily, and when she looked up, she saw his frown deepened, with an anxious expression on his face.When Gu Mingzhu went to Shaanxi, he wandered around Zhuangzi with his grandfather during the day, and listened to stories told by his grandfather with the children of the family at night.The results are different, but everyone likes to listen.There is also her little uncle, who is quite ambitious and wants to wait for the opportunity to become an official.Although he still now nutrition cbd gummies helps grandfather and Niba every day, the whole family is very harmonious.Gu Mingzhu sat on the chair shaking her feet, looking at Zhao Gongren and her two sons, Lin Runsheng was seventeen how long does it take cbd gummies to take effect years old, Lin Runzhi was eight years old, Uncle Lin was said to be good at riding and shooting, and Second Master Lin was said to be a three year old enlightened child prodigy.Looking at Gu Mingzhu s big feet under her pink skirt, Zhao Gongren couldn t help frowning slightly, and said with concern, Zhuzhu, how is your condition It s getting better.Women should know the etiquette, especially in front of guests.Auntie is doing this for your own good.The emerald embroidered shoes are like the tip of a small lotus, which rises out of the water for a while, and then sinks for a while.The pearls on the embroidered shoes are like the round drops of water on the lotus leaves Zhao Gongren felt dizzy after looking at it for a while.They are all well groomed, how many daughters in the family dare to be so presumptuous, now looking at Zhuzhu, their chests are inevitably bored, and what they were about to say seems to be stuck in their mouths.Zhao Gongren picked up the tea and drank it.The taste of the tea was not very good, it was hard to swallow.She looked at Mrs.Lin, who was looking outside the house.Zhao Gongren s chest couldn t help but stagnate, her mother s family rushed to Taiyuan Mansion, but Mrs.His thoughts were probably deeper than his.What happened after he tempted her What s the matter Wei Yuanchen recalled carefully, his old injury broke out, he lost his strength unconsciously, got up suddenly, couldn t help staggering, and then Miss Gu grabbed his arm, she didn t have much strength to support him, but let him fall at the critical moment.Control the body and lean on the stone table.If she hadn t made a move, he might have fallen there.He was helped to the Gu family s guest room, and the pain in his left armpit gradually made him fall into a coma, and later something vaguely appeared in his mind, but he couldn t see clearly.He should have fallen asleep until Chu Jiu woke him up again.Although there were some twists and turns in coming to the Gu family this time, he got the desired result.Oh, Qiu Sui, Lin Runzhi s maid hurriedly stepped forward, Second Master, let s not stay here anymore, let s go out Lin Runzhi nodded and looked at Gu Mingzhu, but Gu Mingzhu had no intention natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies of leaving, and just left there her cloth bag.Hurry up and take the second master out.Zhao Gongren couldn t help urging.Qiu Sui took Lin Runzhi s hand and was about to walk out.Wait, Cui Zhen called Lin Runzhi, Come on, brother, I want to ask you a few words.Lin Runzhi clasped her hands nervously, and looked at Zhao Gongren for help.Zhao Gong said humanely Brother Zhi didn t sleep well, and he doesn t feel very comfortable.If you have anything to say, Master Hou, please ask another day Cui Zhen didn t speak, but kept looking at Lin Runzhi, with unquestionable majesty in his eyes, Lin Runzhi seemed to be trapped It was fixed in place, unable to move at all.When she came out of the yamen, she would definitely ask the master to write a memorial to impeach Wei Yuanchen.Zhao Gongren and others were taken away, Wei Yuanchen looked into the yard, and Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su who had been standing in the corner watching the play quietly just now were gone.She ran fast, and there was no excitement here, so she immediately took advantage of the chaos and left.Where are people Wei Yuanchen asked.Chu Jiu blinked, who is it Could it be that the third master is referring to the one from the Gu family I m going to the secret room, Chu Jiu said, I ve been in a long time ago, and I haven t come out yet.The Yacha took away all the things in the secret room, and Gu Mingzhu held a lamp to shine on the bare walls.Regardless of the death of the Sicheng or the death of the manager of the Zhao family shop, there are important physical evidence left behind, especially the key natures 1 cbd gummies cbd cbn thc gummies of the Zhao family shop, which makes it impossible for the Zhao family and the second master Zhao to escape.Chu Jiu suddenly felt that he was also a little insecure.Could it be that one day he would guard Miss Gu s room every day Gu Mingzhu watched Baotong administer the medicine to her.It s okay, I just got scratched and scratched, and there is no scar left.Baotong pouted I said that the cripple and Nie Chen are unreliable, how could such a thing happen if I was around.Gu Mingzhu didn t care about this injury, but until the scratches healed, she had to hide her hands well and not show them in front of others.Waiting for Gu Mingzhu to lie down, Baotong ordered another incense pill, the young lady went out all night, and asked her to sleep for a while.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes, but she was thinking about the eight spring lock in her mind.This eight spring lock was the same as what Yan Tanhua HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies encountered back then, so did it come from the same person Thinking like this, Gu Mingzhu slowly fell asleep.A dead friend is not a poor fellow Of course she is not that kind of person, let alone threaten Master Wei blatantly.She is just a little scared and wants to seek protection.After all, she is a weak woman and cannot bear too much.I hope Master Wei can understand , don t scare her again and again, if she gets frightened and gets into trouble, it won t be good to anyone.Gu Mingzhu natures 1 cbd gummies s feet hadn t landed on the ground yet, she only felt a gust of breeze brought by the clothes clips blowing on her face, and immediately there was a figure in front of her.Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu stood obediently with her head bowed, she knew that Mr.Wei was moral and worthy of trust, and it was the right choice for them to cooperate with Mr.Wei.Prince.The prince kept staring at the luthier, who stood timidly, as if panicked and didn t know what to do.What kind of drama are the third master and that Miss Gu playing again Should he give more money Or should I pretend I have no money The third master didn t give any hints, which made him a little embarrassed.What can you do next Wei Yuanchen put down the paperwork in his hands.Now that the money has been calculated, he stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies also wants to see if it is worth the money.Nie Chen said Let s investigate the Shanxi mutiny twelve years ago.Wang Da mentioned it.Besides, we will find out who the woman who was in contact with Wang Daochang is., but none of the ordinary people did well.It seems that ulg cbd gummies Miss Gu wants to use these cases to make the ordinary people into a climate.From the beginning of Mr.Zhang s case to the present, she has planned little by little, slowly gummy bear edibles cbd laying the groundwork, and now she has worked out such careful eyesight, which is really painstaking.Baotong said I heard Mrs.Lin say that during the Shanxi mutiny, the old Marquis Ding Ning also wanted to go to the border with the commander of the Taiyuan Guards.Hou stopped them, so the Cui family was not implicated.Another mutiny in Shanxi.Mrs.Lin always mentions these things in secret, there must be other inside stories.No matter what, first listen to what Cui Zhen wants to say to his mother.The door of the main room was about to close when Gu Mingzhu ran over, lowered her head and cbd gummies cause drug test failure squeezed in through the gap.The mother in charge couldn t help but be surprised, Ding Ninghou wanted to talk to his wife, what did the young lady come for Just about to call out the eldest lady.Cui Zhen said Zhuzhu is fine.The mother in charge responded and walked out quickly.Gu Mingzhu sat next to Mrs.Lin.Mrs.She is a silly girl, she doesn t need to be restrained by etiquette, she can play as much as she likes, so she can be at her own pace, and when she makes things, she doesn t have to bother to cover her eyes with her eyes down, and she can think about things more conveniently.What is Cui Zhen looking for Nie Chen for Want to get some news from people in the know Gu Mingzhu twirled the blades of grass and made some guesses in her mind.Cui Zhen decided to report the Shanyin matter to the imperial court.She wanted to .

do cbd gummies help with stress?

find out the war horse case, but she couldn t fully trust others, so she wanted to get some information in private.in order to judge the situation.It happened that she also wanted to ask Cui Zhen about the natures 1 cbd gummies details of the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago.Although Cui Zhen hadn t entered the barracks at that time, various clues showed that the old Marquis Ding Ning was related to this matter.Seeing Zhao Gongren rushing out of the inner house, Bao Tong immediately stood in front of Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu.Chapter 136 Zhao Gongren in the outer house was not in good spirits when he was injured, but now he showed a bit of madness, holding the white jade flower hairpin in his hand, as if she would stab anyone who dared to step forward with the hairpin.Gu Mingzhu followed the Cui family stewards behind Zhao Gongren.Those stewards seemed to be blocking them all the time, but they didn t order the servants to actually do it.Obviously, Cui Zhen had ordered them.Nie Chen showed Cui Zhen the patterns of jewelry made by Wang Daochang, and Cui Zhen would naturally ask Zhao Gongren for verification.If you want to find out whether the woman in Dongdaxiang is related to Lin Sizhen or Wang Daochang, you can see the clue from Zhao Gongren.This matter involves troops and war horses, and Yang s ability to intervene in these matters, apart from the fact that she is deeply trusted by Lin Sizhen, she must not be an ordinary woman.She had several conjectures about Yang s identity, one of which was related to Zheng Bian, but she didn t know the situation of Zheng Bian s family, so she followed Nie Chen to Mr.Wei s place.She will not be idle, and must have collected a lot of information.She came to exchange clues, which will also help in the investigation of the case.Master Wei should tell her.After entering the yard, seeing Chu Jiu s sad face, she inquired and learned pure cannaleaf cbd gummies that Mr.Wei disliked the tea too bitter.How can tea be bitter Either Mr.Wei was finding fault and tossing about the ninth day of junior high school, or he was too busy investigating the case during this period, or both, and there happened to be ebony plums in the kitchen, so she made ebony tea when she saw flowers offering Buddha.Now it is Master Lu and Second Lord Cui from Taiyuan Mansion leading people to fight against the enemy.Zhou Ruzhang She covered her mouth, as if half of the sky above her head had collapsed, and the prince was not here, who would they count on Mrs.Wednesday still had a glimmer of hope natures 1 cbd gummies Impossible, I watched His Highness riding a horse before.The servant went to see, and His Highness is really not here.The mother in charge said cbd gummies affiliate program firmly.Mrs.Zhou said What about Wei Yuanchen She also has some friendship with Wei Yuanchen.The steward said, Lord Wei is also missing.Mrs.Wednesday limp there.Mother, what should we do Zhou Ruzhang said in a trembling voice, Without the protection of the Eastern Palace soldiers and horses, and our family has not many people, what if if we are ordered She didn t natures 1 cbd gummies dare to think about it.Who is that What is he trying to do Protect His Highness the Crown Prince.Donggong s personal guard drew out a sharp weapon and drove forward to surround the Crown Prince.Are you planning to rebel someone yelled.The only response to them was a wave of feathered arrows above their heads.The prince pulled out the long sword at his waist in a panic, and he turned to look at Mr.Shen How could there be an ambush in Yangwuyu Who is that Mr.Shen was also full of panic I I don t know, it was fine before Protect Your Highness and leave first.The guards resisted the arrows and tried to lead the prince forward to escape.The prince didn t HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies care to ask any more, he arched his body and huddled his head under the armpit of the guard and fled in a hurry.He didn t have many people with him, so he was definitely not a match for these people.Where, Lichang said with a smile, how can a chicken Restraint, but the old man has seen such a chicken for the first time in so many years.Baotong felt the same cbd gummies at wal mart way, she also felt that the chicken not only had a big belly, but also had a thick skin, and even pretended to be weak in the cage, letting it go After coming out, it looks like a tiger.After seeing the reed chicken, the corns are bright.It s unimaginable how such a lonely person like Mr.Wei could raise such a chicken.Does the chief not mind that Xiaobai will come here The chief couldn t help being amused by the little girl, it s just a chicken, how could he care, at most the old woman would add more chicken food, he couldn t think of anything else What harm would it be.Baotong blessed Fushen to Li Chang and was about to leave, but soon she turned back and looked at Li Chang with embarrassment Li Chang, can you take us back, we are only concerned with chasing Xiao Bai, and now we are lost Okay, said the chief happily, I ll take you back.You think you are doing things for Da Zhou, but in fact, you have already boarded the Wei family s boat, Lin Sizhen continued, After this incident, everyone will say that you are a queen s party.How can the emperor trust you again General Lin is right, the crown prince was weak, Wei Yuanchen wants to kill me Ding Ninghou should not be fooled by the Wei family.After Lin Sizhen finished speaking, he found that Cui Zhen was still unmoved.The soldiers and horses had no intention of withdrawing, so they couldn t help frowning.At this time, no one was around to persuade Cui Zhen.With Cui Zhen s stubborn temperament, maybe he would really catch him, so he wanted a strong dose of medicine.Even if you don t care, do you think you can climb up to the empress and the Wei family Wei Yuanchen is just using you, and it is impossible to agree with you, Lin Sizhen looked around vigilantly and continued, Do you know why Wei Yuanchen targeted You You look like you have a grudge against you Cui Zhen raised his eyes, he had been trying to figure out where Wei Yuanchen s inexplicable hatred for the Cui family came from, and Lin Si really seemed to know the inside story.Lin was full of grievances, she just wanted her brother to comfort her.But today is different from the past, Lin Si really didn t mean to comfort her, but said coldly They all want to punish me and go to the emperor to exchange military merits.Does the eldest sister want me to die too Madam Lin looked at me in surprise.Zhuo Lin Sizhen You are my own brother, how could I want you to die You should know how I have treated you these years.Lin Sizhen nodded I am also for the Lin family, and I don cbd isolate gummies bulk t want to be a poor general for the rest of my life.When I was the poorest, I had to reach out to my wife and family even for the money I had to go home.Mrs.Lin swallowed, Didn t they all come here It was hard for anyone in those years.It s tight, I don t dare to send more money to my mother s house I know that I have wronged you, and if it weren t for this, you would not go on such a road, but what should I do now My heart is so distressed, I love you Lin Si really didn t want to hear Mrs.Mrs.Wednesday trembled all over, Huaiyuan Hou s anger subsided, making the hairs on her neck stand on end.Gu Chongyi hates people taking advantage of Zhuzhu the most.Zhuzhu has suffered a lot of grievances because of her illness since she was a child.If she dared to bully Zhuzhu like this in front of him, wouldn t these people be more unscrupulous when he couldn t see it Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi said lightly If you don t like being here, you can take people out of this village and go to the nearby government office to hide.Is this to drive them away Mrs.Wednesday was so frightened that she immediately fell silent, tears almost came out of her eyes, she would stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies have known that Marquis Huaiyuan was here, she would never have said such a thing, she had no bad intentions, she just wanted to feel better, andshe didn t say anything Ah, how could Gu Hou reprimand him so disregarding his status.Many officials in the court are Shen A student of Shoufu.After Wei Yuanchen said this, he thought for a moment My sister in law Zhang s family also works in the Imperial Academy, and Shen Shoufu s second son has a good relationship with Mr.Zhang.Uncle Wei s wife s family is Zhang s family.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help wondering if Wei Yuanchen s father wanted to cover up his edge by finding such a marriage for his eldest son The imperial court has always been afraid of natures 1 cbd gummies the military power in the hands of the Wei family, so the Wei family simply sought out a few civil servants by marriage.My father is interested in the character of my sister in law s natal family, and has nothing to do with civil servants and generals.Wei Yuanchen s voice suddenly sounded, and Gu Mingzhu recovered from his thoughts.Mrs.Zhang nodded Have you eaten, mother Cui Wei said, I ate some.This time the Lin Temple really happened, and my mother was frightened.Cui Wei Seeing Mrs.Zhang s thin clothes, Wei couldn t help frowning Sister in law, please pay attention to your body.Now the entire Hou Mansion is under the care of your sister in law.If your sister in law falls ill, can t you ask the aunt in the backyard to help Mrs.Zhang lowered her eyes.Cui Wei continued Brother, do you have a letter from home Yes, Mrs.Zhang asked for a letter from her mother in charge and handed it to Cui Wei, Second Uncle, let s have a look I don t think it s appropriate.Mrs.Zhang smiled slightly Second Uncle still doesn t know about Master Hou s temperament Even the family writing is no different from official documents, and everyone in the family can read it.The guards of the princess mansion stepped forward immediately.Mr.Cheng, seeing that he couldn t please him, just stared at Mrs.Zhao fiercely Okayyou are finethis is not the end, my Cheng family won t let it go like this., Mrs.Cheng noticed something strange about the mother in charge around her.What s wrong They re in a panic.Mrs.Cheng reprimanded them.Even if they were kicked out by the princess, they couldn t be seen in such a mess.The mother in charge looked ugly Slave I lost something.Just now, she fell down, and when she got up, she touched the purse at her waist, for fear that the purse would fall out.The purse was still there at that time, but in a blink of an eye, the purse disappeared.The mother in charge swallowed Old lady, this servant will go back and look for it.Use.The mother in charge didn t dare to say anything more, she lowered her head and helped Old Madam Cheng into the carriage, then turned and went back to the princess mansion to look for it.I will stand at any time.On your side, you are right, that bitch should have died long ago for doing that kind of thing.Don t worry, even if I go to the Yamen, I will say that I agreed to this, and I did it to save the face of the Cheng family.Chapter 219 Cutting Meat Yuan s mood calmed down a bit when he heard what the master said.As long as the Cheng family is willing to stand by her side, she will have nothing to fear.It was a good deed in the hearts of the Cheng family.Now Cheng Yi insisted on making a fuss.At dawn tomorrow, the whole capital would watch the jokes of the Cheng family.If the Cheng family can t show any attitude, they will be stabbed in the back.In case the princess blames Yuan Shi said, What should I do, master Then I will write a memorial and natures 1 cbd gummies send it infused edibles cbd gummies review to the empress dowager.It was the two of them who harmed my mother.Mr.Cheng opened his eyes wide.Didn t Yuan Shi tell him that those two people were already dead How can the dead be resurrected If these two people were alive, wouldn t all the lies he told before natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies be exposed Mr.Cheng looked at Fu Yin unwillingly My lord, what s going on Then is what my son said true These two are the culprits Chapter 221 The soft hearted Mr.Cheng turned to look at Yuan The steward s mother beside her was also looking intently at the person who was dragged up.When she saw the faces of those two people, the steward s mother s expression changed.Mr.Cheng s heart immediately turned cold.It seemed that Cheng Yi was not lying to him, and those two people who insulted Mrs.Zhao really did not die.Who is in the hall, please report your name.The unhurried voice of Shuntian Mansion Yin Su Fu resounded in the lobby of the government office.The villain Hou Yong.The natures 1 cbd gummies villain Qian Yunsheng.Master Cheng clenched his fists nervously.Master Cheng, Su Fu looked at Mr.Cheng who was sitting on the chair, These two natures 1 cbd gummies are the two merchants from the Liansheng Inn Blame, but Mr.Cheng became even more uneasy.Looking at the face of the naughty son, he could tell that Cheng Yi knew the inside story a long time ago.Master Cheng Su Fu asked again.Mr.Cheng coughed, Idon t know.Cheng Yi looked puzzled, Didn t father just say that he was aware of this from the beginning to the end Why don t you know now Mr.Cheng looked worried.Seeing that the father and son were about to quarrel again, Yin Sufu of Shuntian Mansion first asked Hou Yong and Qian Yunsheng Why baypark cbd gummies natures 1 cbd gummies did you two come to Beijing, and did you know the Zhao family How much inside information does it have Come quickly.Wei.The steward is my uncle s confidant.What is your Yuan family s relationship with Linsi Does it really matter to those people Yuan Shi shook her head Of course it doesn t matter.It doesn t matter, just go to the Yamen and make it natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies clear.Master Cheng grabbed Yuan Shi s arm with his backhand, and Yuan Shi was dragged forward two steps , almost fell directly from the carriage.Mr.Cheng was obviously afraid of getting involved with Lin Sizhen in the slightest, and his usual fear of Yuan Shi disappeared in an instant, as if he was a different person.MasterMaster The mother in charge hurriedly chased after her, holding a fence and putting it on Yuan s head, Hurry up, don t hurt Madam.all fault.As soon as Yuan Shi stepped into the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion, she heard Zhu Guanshi s voice Second Miss ordered us to do it.Bai Gongren s crying could be faintly heard in the room.Gu Mingzhu looked into the room.Yuan Zhixing patted Bai Gongren s back lightly Did the yamen s inspection scare you Not only can t help, but also cause trouble for the master, what does the yamen say But you still doubt the master Yuan Zhixing said I m afraid this case will not be closed for a while.There is no news.Bai Gongren looked at baypark cbd gummies natures 1 cbd gummies Yuan Zhixing in surprise The imperial concubinedid you help Yuan Zhixing did not speak, and his brows were furrowed in response to Bai Gongren s question.Bai Gongren didn t know what to do for a while, after tossing for a day, her body could no longer support her body, she was hit again, her head fainted, and she fell into Yuan Zhixing s arms.Yuan Zhixing was shocked and natures 1 cbd gummies immediately put Bai Gongren on the bed, and immediately ordered his servants What are you doing in a daze Drive out the doctor in the yard, and go to the imperial hospital to ask Yu Yu doctor Chu.Very well, this is considered an opening in front of him, although the voice sounds very wrong, if he gives another bag of money, will she change her voice again Gu Mingzhu said Bai Gongren has a problem with her leg injury, and she has been using Tamba wild rice all the time.Wei Yuanchen knew that Taiyuan Mansion found that there was Tamba wild rice in Ku Yin s village, so it seems that Bai Gongren should check carefully And that Ah Chan.It will take some effort to figure out the secrets of Bai Gongren, and I don t know if Master Wei has any other gains.I ll ask someone to investigate, Wei Yuanchen said, I ll let you know when we have news.Gu Mingzhu nodded, believing that with Master Wei s ability, she would soon have an idea.I can go.Gu Mingzhu stood up, and Liu Su immediately stepped forward to pick up the medicine box My lord, it s getting late, and I m getting old.Seventh uncle has no choice but to Playing a show and taking us to the village castle to resettle, it can be seen how much Uncle Qi hates our family in his heart.In the future, if Uncle Qi takes advantage of the Wei family and takes control of the entire Zhou clan, the land in those clans under our management will definitely be taken care of by him I want to go back.Grandmother, our family has to be condor cbd gummies scam or legit united to the outside world now.Zhou Ruzhang looked at the white hair on his grandmother s temples.After the eldest sister left, the grandmother had been decadent for a long time.Thanks to the Cui family s willingness to bury the eldest sister in the Cui family The ancestral grave, otherwise it would really embarrass the Zhou family.Now that they have finally breathed a sigh of relief, they can t just sit back and watch being trampled on again.Investigate, Cheng Erye said, start with the people who enter and leave mother s yard.Cheng Sanye nodded Although the government has called all the servants who serve mother to question, maybe there are people besides them who have I went to see my mother.Second Master Cheng thought of someone Aunt Gui, my mother was kneeling in the ancestral hall for two nights and her legs felt uncomfortable, so she asked Aunt Gui to rub her legs.Aunt Gui is not an easy person.The eldest maid next to her has a concubine under her.Although she cbd gummies use plus cbd sleep gummies is not young, her father always visits her house a few days a month.Third Master Cheng frowned The girl beside Aunt Gui s maid, Yuan er, was bought by my mother from Ren Yazi.Mother is kind to Yuan er, so I ll call Yuan er to ask about it.The two brothers said at the same time.Your Majesty.Empress Wei waved her hand, and the female officials stepped back one after another.Your Majesty, just now If you just opened the door of Kunning Palace, I don t know natures 1 cbd gummies if the Emperor will say a few words of sympathy for your empress.Perhaps because of these few words, the situation in the palace will change again, and the confinement of the empress will be released.Go on, I m tired.Empress Wei waved her hand, and pulled up the quilt to cover her shoulders again.Your Majesty, take advantage of the meritorious service of the Wei family this time, do you want some kindness Empress Wei did not speak any more.The female officer retreated with the lamp in hand, and the Kunning Palace returned to its usual desertedness, but Empress Wei continued to feel drowsy in this desertedness.For a selfish and indifferent person, if he makes a little concession, he will feel that the emperor s favor is mighty, and flowers are spent on her, and spring is rare for a dead tree.Master Wei Er was exactly the same as he was in the woods that night.It s fake, Gu Chongyi thought about it repeatedly afterward, the Second Master Wei didn t seem to be suffering from any illness from fainting to waking up, and now he used this trick again, obviously to deal with Yushi.When such a thing happened in front of the palace gate, the censor didn t have the face to mention Wei Yuanchen again and blame the Wei family, otherwise it would be like deliberately embarrassing the Wei family.The Wei family couldn t suffer much from this stuff, Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi on the ground, just in time to see a censor raising his foot and stomping on Wei Congzhi fiercely while taking advantage of the chaos.Gu Chongyi couldn t help trembling in his heart, he seemed to feel the pain, and Wei Congzhi on the ground remained motionless.Gu Mingzhu said This matter really has nothing to do with me.Wei Yuanchen s slender eyes twitched slightly I knew you were coveting the seal on my body, why don t you go to my natures 1 cbd gummies waist to find it in Jinta Temple, and you also found it I got my talisman.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, this happened in a natures 1 cbd gummies lifetime, how could she still remember it clearly.Gu Mingzhu said innocently Lord Wei, I remembered wrongly.I tripped over your rope.Are you here to find me Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said sincerely You don t need to touch the letter to know the identity of Mr.Wei.Mr.Wei is born heroic and has a noble aura on his body.At first glance, it is unmatched by others Knowing that her praise is If it is false, how can he be happy because of it Gu Mingzhu saw a smile on Mr.Wei s face, although it disappeared for a moment, it can be seen that Mr.Sure enough, he played Miss Gu so vividly, I am afraid that they have long been inseparable from each other, and natures 1 cbd gummies almost tricked him into picking up the teardrops.Let her fool the past like this, and all his efforts will be in vain.Not everything can be replaced with new ones, Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu, his voice was a little hoarse than Fang Cai s, There is no second piece of jade in the world, it was a gift from the elders, since you broke it, Just try to restore it to its original state, I cannot use outside craftsmen for my private seal, and the engraved characters cannot be deviated in the slightest.Hearing Mrs.Wei s determined tone, it was as if she knew she could carve gold and stone seals.It was Zhou Rujun, not Gu Mingzhu, who was good at engraving seals.Master Wei is by her side, but she always confuses her two identities.Besides, it would be good for their reputation to let the Wei family retreat bravely.After all, there are many veterans in the court Queen.The best way is to let Wei Yuanchen stumble, and the uncle can take the case in his hands logically.Qiao Zheng said Naturally, we must rush to make progress in the case before Wei Yuanchen.Qiao Song was noncommittal, and Qiao Zheng continued My nephew has reasoned the case, and from the confession, it is undoubtedly Mr.Cheng.In the past, he was plotting against the Zhao family in the same way, but now that the Cheng family is suspected of having something to do with the Tatars, Master natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies Cheng repeated his tricks and abandoned the Yuan family.Qiao Song walked forward with his hands behind his back and his posture was relaxed, as if he didn t seem to be listening to the case, but rather Chatting with family members.Mrs.Zhang stopped here intentionally.climb a tree Gu Chongyi was not surprised but said Zhuzhu ran up the tree She must have learned it from her grandfather in Shaanxi.Mrs.Zhang smiled and said It seems that learning everything is useful.Our Zhuzhu is the female relative of an ordinary family.It s different, and has many abilities that others don t have.In the middle of the night, he ran out of the house and climbed up the tree with his maid, no matter how the servants tried to find him, he didn t make a sound, it sounded like the work of a stupid person, rare It was just right by mistake, similar to Huaiyuan Hou s uncovering of the war horse case.Can this kind of thing be passed down from generation to generation Mrs.Zhang bowed to natures 1 cbd gummies Gu Chongyi and said goodbye.From the beginning to the end, this Lord Gu has been staring at the temple, not interested in what happened in the temple, only worried about his precious daughter.This was the first time Su Fu had seen someone who praised his daughter like this.The yamen pressured Sun Zhenren, Xuan Ming and others to leave, and the female crown in the Taoist temple came to invite Gu Chongyi Mo Zhenren is injured, so I can only trouble Lord Hou to enter the Taoist temple.Gu Chongyi was about to enter the door with the female crown, He heard the steward behind him say Madam is here. Something happened to Shangqingguan, how could Mrs.Lin feel at ease On the way here, she still regretted why she didn t stop Zhuzhu from stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies going out.She didn t feel relieved natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies until she met Mrs.Gu and said that Zhuzhu was safe and sound, but she didn t understand Zhuzhu cbd gummies use s death.How did the beads stay in the Taoist temple After rushing over, seeing the Taoist nun being escorted away by the yamen, Mrs.No, he didn t do that.But how did A chan and her father die How did the second sister get to where she is now What exactly is going on Bai Jingkun seemed eager to defend himself, and seemed to want to ask for the truth, his eyes were full of eagerness I just natures 1 cbd gummies want to test whether the things we made are useful, and they are still in the Qin Tianjian, why not Take it out So what if my father changed the dry compass Who will listen to his honest words and let natures 1 cbd gummies the ships of Dazhou try these new compasses But my father will definitely not agree, just just someone told me There is a kind of elixir medicine that will natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies eliminate all diseases after taking it, but I have to go to the sea to get it.I told my father, but my father refused to believe it.My father is too stubborn.It was a coincidence that there was no hope.Mrs.Lin asked the mother in charge to help Zou Linshi and the child up, and when the two sat down, Zou Linshi said Although the house belongs to Mrs.Lin, the yamen also brought people in to check, and we were all kicked out.Come out.Zou Lin couldn t help coughing when he said this, and the child next to him immediately went to pat Zou Lin s back.Zou Lin continued The clan is in chaos now, all clan members who have close contacts with Lin Sizhen have been interrogated, and many of them have been put in jail.Thanks to the support of your old lady, now the old lady takes people to go there every day.The yamen, helping the yamen to investigate the case and bring the innocent clansmen back to the clan to botanical farms cbd gummies cost cbd gummies use take care of them as much as possible, really saved a lot of people.We all know that if there is no Lord Marquis and his wife, the Lin family will definitely suffer disaster.Empress Wei s abnormal behavior will inevitably cause chaos in the harem.If, as Master Mo said, Empress Wei falls from a height, it will be even more serious.What reason would make Wei What does the queen look like The carriage stopped in front of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, and Mrs.Lin waited at the Chuihua Gate.When natures 1 cbd gummies she saw Gu Mingzhu, she immediately stepped forward to greet her I finally came back Is everything going well Gu Mingzhu nodded happily, and Baotong said beside her Both the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager have rewards, and both empresses like the Eldest Miss very much.Mrs.Lin was quite surprised when she heard this.Hasn t he been grounded in Kunning Palace all the time How did Zhuzhu meet Queen Wei Master healed the waist injury of the empress, so I went to the empress s palace, Gu Mingzhu said, I talked with the empress and made contact.He is visiting at home.He may be a little timid.The people hid.Cui Zhen nodded, the children of the Lin clan have seen the world when they come to the capital, how can they be so timid Big brother, Gu Mingzhu turned to look at Cui Zhen, his name is Zou Xiang, he is only three or four years old, he can memorize a lot of books, and he has great strength.Zou Xiang Cui Zhen was sure that it was the first time he heard this name, would he endorse it even if he was strong I don t know which female family member of the Lin family is the child.Big Brother, Gu Mingzhu continued, Can you shoot arrows for me and Zou Xiang later When Cui Zhen returned to the Lin clan, he used to shoot arrows in the courtyard with the Lin family s children.Zhuzhu was in Shaanxi at that time You may just see it when you are recuperating, so remember it.My natures 1 cbd gummies lord, my lord Qiao, Bai Gong s voice was hoarse, and he held the door tightly, My lord, I beg you to save this concubine, why should I be imprisoned here if I am innocent Qiao Song said Are you Yuan Zhixing s family Yes, I am a concubine.Bai Gong s hair was in a mess, and her thin fingers stretched forward as much as possible, as if to grab natures 1 cbd gummies the official uniform on Qiao Song s body.After suffering and suffering, she finally met Shangguan, and she wanted to speak out all her grievances.The jailer stepped forward and held up the torch, and the surrounding light shone brightly, and the light shone on Bai Gongren s face, making Bai Gongren look more like a ghost.Get out, let me outI m not guilty, why should I be imprisonedLet me Bai Gongren waved her hands, her eyes were blurred, and she couldn t get a response from Qiao Song for a moment.The total pure cbd gummies 300mg corner of the basket was lifted, and there were incense candles and pastries in it.Gu Chongyi narrowed botanical farms cbd gummies cost cbd gummies use his eyes, if he didn t come, who would Tan Shangshu plan to worship The two sat down in the study, and Gu Chongyi saw a lot of official documents on the short case beside the desk, and a map of northern Xinjiang hung on the wall.The steward natures 1 cbd gummies took the servant and put the map in the box next to it, which was already full.Tan Dingfang found that Gu Chongyi was looking at the map, so he said In the box are the maps of the previous dynasty and the Great Zhou Dynasty.It just so happened that this year s new reconnaissance map has just been drawn.If you want to see it, take a look.Compared with Taizu At that time, our northern territory had been retreating southward step by step, and now we are not far from Wanquandusi and Kaipingwei, and the east is also the same.Wei Then a hand fell on joyce meyer cbd gummy her eyes.It was pitch black in front of her eyes Suddenly she couldn t see anything, she could only feel a warm breath enveloping her whole body.My lord, Gu Mingzhu subconsciously pulled the hand over the eyes, I haven t seen clearly yet.I can t see.A deep voice came from beside his ear.A drizzling sound came Only then did Gu Mingzhu realize what had happened.It s almost dawn The city gate is about to open, and people start to get up one after another.This man seems to be not fully awake yet, and actually urinated natures 1 cbd gummies against the corner of the house.However, Gu Mingzhu thought carefully about that person s footsteps He walked from the alley without any hesitation, as if he HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies knew what he was going to do in his heart.This is quite inconsistent with his demeanor.My lord I ll just take a look.King Huai s status as the mastermind behind the scenes is sufficient.Although King Huai was still young more than ten years ago, the Liang family had already made arrangements for his nephew to aspire to the crown prince.Now, the Liang family can t control the northern border, allowing Tan Dingfang to gain military merits, and they are also planning to use the Bai family to win over a talent like Tan Dingfang.It all makes sense after such careful consideration.Since Prince Huai s mansion and the Liang family have been calculating so meticulously for more than ten years, why they couldn t bear to jump out just after the crown prince was abolished, and endured this for a few more years.Having recruited more courtiers to serve King Huai, it would not be too late for King Huai to show his ambitions.Her body was getting worse stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies day by day, but her heart gradually became wider.She botanical farms cbd gummies cost cbd gummies use thought that the child Zou Xiang had come to a dead end, but she didn t expect that the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion treated them like this.She just wanted to hide the secret of Zou Xiang s life experience, as long as Zou Xiang an grew up safely, but now she hesitated, whether to tell the truth In HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies the study.Gu Chongyi looked at Cui Zhen with a look of surprise What did you say Cui Wei secretly natures 1 cbd gummies colluded with the generals of the Datong Guard Cui Zhen looked solemnly I let people stare at Cui Wei.Now that I have evidence in my hand, now I suspect Cui Wei Wei and Lin Si are indeed in the same party.When the Shanxi incident happened, someone threatened me with the Shanyin incident to cover up the War Horse case.Not many people know about the Shanyin incident.Gu Mingzhu said first My lord, you re back.Is your journey going smoothly Standing under the somewhat dim light, the pretty figure stood there.It is no different from time to time, and the worries and worries along the way are only dissipated at this moment.Among the people in the small courtyard, only Nie Chen and Liu HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies Su really knew Gu Mingzhu s identity.In the eyes of others, she was still Nie Chen s junior sister Jiang.Wei Yuanchen nodded to Gu Mingzhu It s okay.A Jin brought hot water, and Wei Yuanchen took Chu Jiu to the side room to freshen up.After washing away the dust and dust natures 1 cbd gummies along the way, Master Wei became refreshed again in a blink of an eye, but he was a little thinner than before.Sitting in the room, Wei Yuanchen picked up tea and drank it.There was a hint of sweetness in the lightly fragrant tea.When he looked down, there were indeed a few wolfberries in it.Nie Chen said, Master Shen came here just now.Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu had already expected that Shen s family would come to invite people to investigate the case.Nie Chen repeated what Master Shen Er said.Wei Yuanchen said That s why the Zhang family is eager to hold the Shipbuilding Department in their hands.If they take cbd gummies for fatigue down the Guangzhou Shipbuilding Department, they will be able to intervene in coastal affairs more logically.The documents handed down by the governor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, firstly, the problem of Japanese pirates at sea has been calmed down in the past two years, and secondly, it is a good thing to want the coastal fishermen to make a living, but in this way, those people can also wantonly deploy people along the coast When Nie Chen heard this, he couldn t help gasping Isn t it possible to make trouble at any time Could this be what those people planned Wei Yuanchen looked at Nie Chen It s not too late to know now, Although the Ministry of Officials recommended the Zhang family to go to Guangzhou, the Zhang family is not the only one who can take up this position in the DPRK, and finding evidence is the key now.Mrs.Zhang blushed Auntie is too thoughtful.Be so careful, Mrs.Lin joked, Brother Zhen values this baby so much.If I sugarfree maxibears hemp gummies cbd don t take good care of him, I m afraid he stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies will fight me hard.Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin s stomach enviously Auntie is about to give birth, When will I be like my aunt.Soon, Shen finally found a chance to speak, a few months have passed in the blink of an eye, and I have been like this when I gave birth to two children.Shen said She put her eyes on Mrs.Lin s stomach Madam, with such a sharp belly, it must be a boy.Mrs.Lin s face was rosy, and her eyes were particularly clear It s fine, I just hope that I can give birth safely.Shen said Madam is blessed, she will go well.Gu Mingzhu cast her eyes on Shen from time to time.Shen came from a wealthy family, and she was very thoughtful in words natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies and etiquette.Zou Xiang Xiang felt that he was very strong, but for some reason he couldn t break free from Miss Gu s hand for a while.The dagger he was holding seemed to be bound by something, and when he exerted force on the hand holding the dagger, he saw Miss Gu wrinkle.frown.Only then did Zou Xiang realize something, and couldn t help but look down, only to see that the sharp blade had been completely inserted into Miss Gu s sleeve, Zou Xiang suddenly panicked, his heart was about to jump out baypark cbd gummies natures 1 cbd gummies of his throat, he suddenly lost his strength, He didn t dare to use any more force, he might hurt Miss Gu, he didn t want to hurt Miss Gu.The hatred burning like a raging flame in Zou Xiang s mind seemed to have been poured with a basin of cold water, and it was half cooled with a Zi La.No one else.Zou Xiang s eyes turned red and he let go of his hands.Only then did Shen understand, but the master s eyes just now were very scary, staring at her fixedly, as if a very important secret had been touched.Shen said There is nothing else, I want someone to inquire again, but now no one in the Hou family dares to gossip, they only vaguely know that the maid who was involved in the case back then came back to report to Lord Hou.The truth is, the servant girl secretly gave birth to Lord Hou cbd lego gummies s concubine a few years ago, and the concubine is four years old.After Shen said this, she paused for a moment natures 1 cbd gummies I still need to ask the Lord Hou to clarify the real situation.Zhang Da The master nodded when he heard this How is little sister now Shen sighed My little sister was so heartbroken that she didn t listen to persuasion at all, but just curled up on the soft bed with her stomach protected, which made people worry.Thinking that her son was about to go to Yongping Mansion, Zhao could not recover for a long time.The bones of her father and the guards who died in Yulin had not been sent back for burial.Her son was about to go to the guard to lead the army, and what he was facing might be turmoil.Daning.Thinking of this, Mrs.Zhao drove away the worries and haze in her heart.She ordered the servant girl to fetch water to freshen up.After Brother Yu left, she went to comfort the princess.At this time, it was the princess who needed the most attention In an alley in the outer city of Beijing.An old man is sitting on a chair and slowly drinking rough tea.At this time of the day, he should be busy preparing groceries, putting some needles, threads, natures 1 cbd gummies and miscellaneous utensils on his cart, and walking around the streets to sell them.No matter what you say, you will bring your daughter with you.As for Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, they will still think of other ways to deal with it.Their daughter has done a lot over the years.Zhang Congju thought of this Wait natures 1 cbd gummies for the news from outside As soon as Zhang Congju finished speaking, the door of the study was knocked open, and then Qiu Hai walked in.Qiu Hai s face was ashen, and his eyes cbd gummies use plus cbd sleep gummies were a little anxious.Grandpa Zhang couldn t help being surprised when he saw this, and vaguely knew what happened.After Qiu Hai inquired about the news in Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion, he sent people to Shandong to inquire about the news, and only then did he know that Wei Yuanchen sent people to Shandong to inquire about the case of the Xiu family with the Shuntian Mansion.After such a long time, the matter of Yan Shen was found out again, and the clues that Yan Shen found may be held in Wei Yuanchen s hands again.Fear had already bound him tightly.At the beginning, King Huai felt that his father would pass him into the palace.Listening to his explanation, his father had obviously read his articles carefully, read his bibliography, and praised him for knowing how to do some practical things.There should be a place in my heart.Gradually, he was disappointed.He watched as the Huai Palace was evacuated, the steward was arrested for interrogation, and the homes of the Fang family, the Liang family, and the Shen family were ransacked.Only then did he realize that his father had never cared botanical farms cbd gummies cost cbd gummies use about him.That s all fake.Appreciation and compliments are all false, he began to understand why the second brother committed suicide, he would die if he had no hope and way of life, because sooner or later he would die.I don t know about these things.How could this concubine harm her own child Concubine Jiang raised her head after saying this.It can be seen that the eunuch who cbd gummy pouch is in charge of ceremonies is biting at random, the emperor will not believe his words.Concubine Jiang was thinking like this, and raised her head to meet the eyes of the emperor.The gaze was full of suspicion and anger.Although it quickly passed her, it made Concubine Jiang feel fear.She has done many things HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies in private.She was in contact with the courtiers of the previous dynasty, so that the eldest son could inherit the position of the East Palace, and that she could enter the Kunning Palace in the future, she almost exhausted all means.She also thought that maybe the emperor would dispose of her one day, but she knew The emperor will definitely show mercy But now Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.Madam, Mo Yangming said, Zhuzhu s intelligence is not comparable to that of ordinary female family members.She will have a bright future in the future, and her stupid disease will be cured long ago.Madam can rest assured.Madam Lin looked at Mo Yang gratefully Ming Thank you, Daoist.No matter what, she never imagined that Zhuzhu would have this day.Mo Yangming couldn t help but add another point Zhuzhu is not young anymore, and the famous cabinet lady will always be remembered by others.Madam and Lord Hou should also think about it.After Zhuzhu s condition improved, Mrs.Lin thought of Zhuzhu s marriage, but she didn t expect such a situation.Mrs.Lin said What the real person said is that when Master Hou comes back, I should discuss it with him.After Mo Yangming finished speaking, he went straight to the room to do his homework.The emperor closed his eyes and endured a severe headache.Tan Dingfang took advantage of his trust to do so.When he punished Tan Dingfang, he was not facing a minister he trusted, but also those ministers he had placed high hopes on.A general trained with painstaking efforts.Thinking of this, the emperor was furious again.Tianjia, don t dare to get angry anymore.The envoy of the imperial hospital has been standing by the side, fearing that the emperor will make any mistakes, the emperor will be furious and blood will accumulate, and he has symptoms of blocked veins, which is a sign of stroke.When will I recover The emperor looked at the court envoy, I have used needles several times, why is my leg still unable to move It will take a lot of work, now that the emperor is busy with government affairs and can t rest, relying on medicine stones alone is really limited The emperor frowned You mean my illness can t be cured The envoy of the imperial hospital knelt down in fear My ministers must do their best, butYour Majestyyou have toat least don t get angry The emperor looked at the court envoy You let me rest, I can ignore the government affairs, but even if my illness Alright, I m afraid the country of the Great Zhou will also natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies fall into the hands of the rebels.baby.Firstly, Concubine De has been suppressed by her all these years, and secondly, the existence of her and the baby is a threat to the throne.Before the emperor ascended the throne, he almost eliminated all his brothers, and after he ascended the throne, he attacked King Liang.These are what she saw with her own eyes.At that time, she knew that if she couldn t sit on the throne, the end would be extremely miserable, so she tried every means to win the position of prince for her son.Concubine Jiang s expression gradually HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies became firm.If she knew later, she might not have the power to resist.Now it is different, she still has people, and she can still compete with Concubine De s mother and son.What about the prince whom the emperor likes The mud may not be able to support the wall, and it is very messy everywhere now, maybe King Su will be killed that day.If Cui Wei survived for a day, the emperor couldn t let go of his guard against Cui Zhen.He couldn t hand over the command of the Datong Guards to Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen couldn t stretch his hands and feet and was restrained In Datong, there is no way to reinforce Yongping Mansion, and the war in northern Xinjiang will not be subsided for a while.At natures 1 cbd gummies this time, if there is another accident in Beijing and Central, Wei Yuanchen and Da Zhou s troops will not be able to separate them, and we will be able to succeed.No matter how powerful the Wei family is, they can t expect it Now the capital is the most dangerous Yongping Mansion.Wei Yuanchen returned to the big tent of the Chinese army and carefully looked at the sand table in front of him.Wuliangha s soldiers and horses attacked with all their strength, which made the front guards exhausted.Wei Yuanchen said Not yet.He wanted to stabilize the situation and return to the capital earlier, but before that he had to figure out King Liang s intentions.When Cheng Yu left the military tent, Zhang Tong stepped forward and said, Third Master, why don t people go back and ask Miss Gu He didn t know what Chu Jiu wrote, but it must have something to do with Miss Gu.After the third master came to Beijiang, he hadn t received a letter from Miss Gu.Every time the third master asked him if he had a letter, he wished he could write one for Miss Gu.If he was asked to write, he would What should I write A day without seeing is like three autumns Hope you return early Zhang Tong baypark cbd gummies natures 1 cbd gummies shuddered shiveringly.Research ink, Wei Yuanchen ordered, I ll write a letter, and you have someone send it to Miss Gu Gu Mingzhu took Baotong out early in the morning.Zhou Zejing is in trouble.Cao Xueshi hasn t come forward to help so far.Is the Cao family planning to abandon him Zhou Zejing s eyes flickered.If the Cao family dared to do this, he would be killed.Don t think that if the eldest brother and sister in law are dead, no one will know about the dirty things that the Concubine De and the Cao family did.The Cao family had better not push him.Chapter 493 Angry Zhou Zejing was frowning and thinking, the door of the study was opened, and then the steward walked in.Master, the steward said in a low voice, Jingmao Alley is empty.what Zhou Zejing s eyebrows stood up.The steward nodded It was moved inside cleanly, as if no one had ever lived in it.Zhou Zejing s forehead hummed, and the Cao family let the people in Jingmao Hutong interact with him.Now that the people in Jingmao Hutong have moved away, it means that the Cao family has separated from him, even if he says something that is not good for natures 1 cbd gummies Cao.She was in prison six years ago, and she was not convicted by the court to thank Rong Niangzi.Mistress Rong refused to admit that she had seen her during the trial, which prevented her from being fully involved in the conspiracy case.Gu Mingzhu looked at the cbd gummies make you fail a drug test flames in front of her through the fence.There are only Zhou Zesheng, Feng Anping, Gu Mingzhu, Chu Jiu, and Liu Su in the room.Gu Mingzhu didn t hide it It s not appropriate to disturb the Cao family now.We must suppress the case first.When Mr.Su comes, we must try our best to convince Mr.Su.When we have evidence, we will take down the Cao family in one fell swoop.Feng Anping probably knew the reason, but Miss Jiang s voice was more serious than he thought.Gu Mingzhu said Currently the northern border and the coastal areas are at war, and if there is any chaos in Beijing, I am afraid that the imperial court will have no time to take care of it.He still came, a sneer appeared on Cui Wei s face, and he said righteousness to others all day long, but he was the stimulant cbd gummies for ed natures 1 cbd gummies most cold blooded and ruthless person, exactly like his father.General, let the guards protect you and go first I can t go anymore.Cui Wei said indifferently, he knew Cui Zhen, and Cui Zhen wanted to fight him to the death.Cui Wei drew out the long sword at his waist, it seems that Cui Zhen should know everything.Two soldiers and horses stood facing each other.Cui Wei looked at Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, who was sitting on the horse.Before he could speak, Cui Zhen drew a feathered arrow from his quiver.Whoosh shot at him.Then Cui Zhen didn t look at whether the arrow hit or not, and came to kill Cui Wei with HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies soldiers and horses like a sharp weapon.Cui Wei s eyes shrank, and his whole body was wrapped in fear.Cui Zhen is again When a shot came, Cui Wei dodged in embarrassment, but his shoulder was injured.Cui Wei snorted, with a sad smile on his face Look, if I knew this was the result, why did my father and mother give birth to me I have never had a place in the family or even in the military camp.Do you think I will not regret killing the Zhou family natures 1 cbd gummies It was only after Mrs.Zhang married into the Cui family cbd gummies use plus cbd sleep gummies that I realized that I liked her, and every time I saw how cold my elder brother treated her, I felt even more resentful.God is so unfair.The soldiers and horses of the imperial court gradually surrounded him, Cui Wei had no way to retreat, and Cui Wei didn t move any more, he looked at Cui Zhen quietly, as long as Cui Zhen baypark cbd gummies natures 1 cbd gummies refused to let him go, he couldn t escape.At this moment, the din of the battlefield gradually faded away from them, as if everything was not important anymore.It seemed to be more serious just now, as if there was no breath.Before he came in, he heard Empress Defei calling Huang Chang that the emperor had passed away, so it might be true.The emperor suddenly made a big move, and it was inevitable that there would be chaos in the palace.As the commander of Captain Long Jin, Peng Shi should stabilize people s hearts, but now his heart is also shaking.Peng Shi didn t reply to Huang Chang s words.Huang natures 1 cbd gummies Chang was about to continue persuading, when he heard the concubine De concubine beside him exclaim.You re not dead.Huang Chang kept staring at Peng Shi, and at some point, two people walked out from behind the Empress Empress, one was the eldest lady of Huaiyuanhou s family, and the other was Shen Lan, a female official in Defei Palace.Shen Lan looked at Concubine De, bit her lips and said, Your Majesty, don t let Huang Chang be fooled, hehe belongs to King Liang.It is said that good girls are begging, but Mrs.Lin does not know why there is only sourness and melancholy in her heart.When her father married her back then, it must have been the same Where s Zhuzhu Madam Lin looked at Mama Yang.Miss is doing accounts in the house.Mother Yang said.Mrs.Lin was stunned What accounts Mother Yang said It should be the accounts of Shangqingguan.I heard that it is the grain saved by Mo Zhenren.All of them should be handed over to the court for use.All the soldiers and horses rushed over to fight, and when the city gate was closed, the most important thing was food.Mrs.Lin said Realist Mo is thoughtful about everything, and Zhu Zhu has learned a lot from the real person.Wei Sanye led the army to fight, and Zhuzhu helped Mo Zhenren to raise food.Thinking about it like this is really a good match, but When did the third master Wei start natures only cbd gummies reviews thinking about Zhuzhu Is it in Taiyuan Prefecture She also pretended that nothing happened Now it seems that she was deceived by Wei Sanye s upright appearance It s all the Lord Hou s fault, every day she said to be on guard against this and that, and how many times she invited Mr.Weak groans followed.Lu Guang rushed over.Zhu Wu s head is still there.His head is still there, but it s just hanging down into a hole, so from the direction Lu Guang just looked at, it doesn t seem to be there.Third brother Zhu Wu s voice was weak.It s me, it s the third brother.Lu Guang stepped forward and hugged Zhu Wu in his arms.Zhu Wu s face was covered with blood and his cheeks were swollen, but fortunately he was still alive.Lu Guang called out to the medical workers.It s you Zhu Wu continued.It s me.Lu Guang swallowed even more.Zhu Wu tried his best to say the last sentence It s you who robbed me of my moneyremember to returnreturn it to me and passed out in relief.Bah, Lu Guang spat out the tears that flowed into his mouth, Zhu Wucai is not a hero who blows up, his fifth younger brother is still a cheapskate who regards money as his life.Your Majesty, the attendant said in a low voice, we can only go here, and at Yinshi King Liang and Mrs.Tang will arrive in small boats.Li Zhao nodded be careful, there are often big natures 1 cbd gummies boats coming to the sea guards Patrol.When the personal guards retreated, Li Zhao stood up and looked out of the cabin, hoping that everything would go well, and that they would not reveal the identity of Li Shi of Pyongyang after rescuing King Liang.The imperial court was tearing their skins apart, and if they really couldn t do it, they had no choice but to use firearms.It was getting dark, and there was still some time before Yinshi on the second day.Li Zhao turned around and went back to the inner cabin to rest.Maybe the Li family in Pyongyang should not get involved.It is too dangerous to participate in the battle for imperial power in the Great Zhou Dynasty, but it is also beneficial.Get up, Wei Yuanchen said, You are still the prince s son, don t lose face in front of others.Li Zhao looked at the sea, and the King Liang, who was struggling between life and death, had just uttered the words of pleading, and he was already dead.No face left.If Li Shi was obsessed with obsession, he would end up like this.General Wei was reminding him that death is terrible, but dying after losing face is even more unacceptable.Li Zhao saluted Wei Yuanchen again, then stood up tremblingly, not daring to think any more.Finally, King Liang was so tortured that he had no strength to struggle.Gu Chongyi also knew that the fire was almost over.Sure enough, King Liang s body was lifted upwards, and then landed on the boat like a dead fish.Boom , Wang hit his head on the board and passed out.King Liang was captured, and the soldiers were going to step forward to tie him up, but seeing King Liang s appearance at this time, everyone couldn t help but stop and laugh.Looking at Gu Chongyi s leaving back, Gu Mingzhu couldn t look back for a long time, and a smile appeared on her face for a long time.The mother can go well, and the family will be together happily all the time When Gu Chongyi returned to the main room, his complexion was much better than before, and Mrs.Li felt relieved.Pei Shangqing strikes while natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies the iron is hot In my opinion, Lord Hou, it s better to pick a good day to accept the lottery first.Now that he has to agree, Gu Chongyi can t embarrass Wei s parents anymore.Of course, it s another thing to polish Wei Yuanchen, but Pei Shangqing also I m too anxious, this guy hasn t got married yet and has a child To be happy, he also hopes that natures 1 cbd gummies Pei Shangqing will have a caring eldest daughter, and he will go to Pei s house to be Baoshan in the future.In an instant, Zhu Wu made yuzu cbd thc gummies up his mind, and knelt down on the mat again to salute Father, take care of yourself, and I will come to greet you next time.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhu Wu who kowtowed slightly in surprise.It seemed that the adopted son, She is going to accept it.Zhu Wu came out of the yard and saw Liu Su outside.Without waiting for Liu Su to speak, Zhu Wu said The adoptive father is in good health, so we can rest assured, go back and tell other brothers and sisters, let them work hard, and see the adoptive father in the future.Zhu Wuyue said more and more excitedly The righteous father My father also said that as long as you are a good person in the world, you will be filial to him.Liu Su blinked her eyes, Miss really would say that Zhu Wu looked at Liu Su Second brother, I think the adoptive natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies father is so good, but we don t have enough brothers tranquileafz cbd gummies and sisters, at least we need to spread all over Dazhou, three to five hundred is what you want, what do you think, second brother Dare to think, Liu Su thought about eighty or ninety times at most back then, and he would be content natures 1 cbd gummies can a child take cbd gummies to let him watch the play eighty or ninety times.Cui Zhen still refused to move.He doesn t want to go back and lie down, so don t force him.A slightly majestic voice came, and Cui Zhen cbd delights gummies 3000mg turned to see his father.The father nodded to Cui Zhen gratifiedly Yes, he has a bit of backbone, and he is the son of my Cui family.The mother said baypark cbd gummies natures 1 cbd gummies displeasedly What about your son of the Cui family My son s body natures 1 cbd gummies is more important than anything else., if Brother Zhen s illness persists for a long time, let s see how I settle accounts with you. Okay, my father said in a gentle voice, Brother Zhen is sick and can t practice guns, so let him He s sitting next to him, I ll practice it with him.A servant brought a chair, Cui Zhen sat down with his mother, and watched his father pick up the iron gun.The iron spear passed down from generation to generation in the Cui family dances vigorously in the hands of his father.If you don t eat, I ll take it.Eat, eat.He wants to eat.Bring the red bean cake you ate again and give me a taste.She couldn t help laughing out puchi It turns out that Lord Hou is also greedy for these.When a plate of red bean cake was handed over, Cui Zhen was about to reach cbd gummies are illegal out to pick it up.Before his fingers touched the snack, his chest suddenly hurt, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead instantly.He seemed to be able to smell blood at the end of his nose.He looked down again, and at some point he was already wearing armor, and the armor weighed heavily on him, making him unable to breathe.Not only the pain in the chest, but also between the belly, the blood gushed out of his body, and he could feel the weak rise and fall of his chest.Is he dying Cui Zhen raised his head, and there was another tragic battlefield in front of him, but this time he was in the capital, and looking around, he could see that they had won.This is the Wei Family s first and then the Taimiao s, who said that he grew up from the Wei Family How could it be possible to grow up so big without the protection of the Wei family, the old King Qing nodded Then we will wait in the front yard.No matter what, as long as we can take him to the Taimiao today Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu got up in a daze.After taking a shower, she was completely refreshed.After drying her hair, she put on her auspicious clothes and sat down to do her makeup.Mrs.Lin took Xi Niang and Mrs.Quanfu to comb Gu Mingzhu s hair.After Zhuzhu had finished dressing up, Xi Niang and the women in the house congratulated Mrs.Lin one after another.Princess Huairou and Mrs.Zhao just arrived.Princess Huairou gave birth to an heir for her son in law Cheng Yu, and Mrs.Zhao was about to marry Peng Liang.She has paid too much for this family.I can t stop her.Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu nodded.Empress Wei took Gu Mingzhu s hand Come HCMUSSH natures 1 cbd gummies on, accompany me to make a net.I haven t done it for a long time.My heart is itchy.The two of them fumbled for a while before hitting half of the uterus.Empress Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen Brother Chen, try it Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked forward.There was only half a palace sash, so of course it had to be shorter to tie it around his waist.Empress Wei shook her head Brother Chen s waist is too thick, it should be enough to be someone else.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help laughing, it was probably the first time Mr.Wei was despised for having a thick waist.Mr.Wei actually has broad shoulders and a thin waist But thinking about her sore waist and weak legs today, she is willing to bully Lord Wei with her mother, Gu Mingzhu nodded and said What your mother natures 1 cbd gummies said is that it doesn t matter if the length of the palace sash is not enough.

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