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The prince went to the garden, so she became a rebel.Sun Langzhong, who was carrying a medicine box, walked up to her Is the medicine all delivered Zhou Rujun said, How many more Sun Langzhong nodded The epidemic in the prison is no longer a problem, and the lord of the Ministry of Punishment told me to leave tomorrow.You don t need to come.Zhou Rujun bowed to Sun Langzhong Thank you for taking care of me these days.Sun Langzhong said Get up, you have worked hard these days, I have already reported to the yamen that you should be responsible for curing the epidemic, I hope The imperial court will take this matter into consideration and investigate your case carefully.Zhou Rujun saluted again.Sun Langzhong sighed I heard that Marquis Ding Ning has returned to Beijing after winning the battle.

Wei Yuanchen didn t stop on his feet, and continued to walk forward.The man walked very fast, and Gu Mingzhu chased him very hard.She thought that he didn t want to show up in front of others, but in a blink of an eye, he would speed up his pace and disappear without a trace.At that time, she could sit down and rest, waiting for her family to find him , but he did not change his pace, so that she could follow all the way, but he couldn t catch up, cbd gummies quit smoking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis as if he was playing tricks on her.If she felt resentful because of this, she must show some clues on her face, and she would be caught by the man.Fortunately, she has long adapted to Gu Mingzhu s identity, so how could she be easily exposed.A child who has just been frightened does not dare to be alone anymore, even if the person is hateful, he will follow closely can you order cbd gummies online indiana behind him.

Mr.Wei has experienced this personally, and the way of doing it is naturally very clear.Finding an excuse to send him to prison for this general sentence is easier than picking his feet.What a mistake.Thinking of this, Feng Anping lay down on the ground and took the opportunity to defend himself again Your Excellency, I have no intention of forming a party in a lowly position.The gift is really just to keep the official position.How dare he provoke the Crown Prince Now he says that the whole of Shanxi It is not an exaggeration to be in the hands of the prince.If you don t worship the mountain of the prince, how can you gain a foothold in Shanxi.Wei Yuanchen interrupted the general sentence Let s talk about this case It seems that no one except him is suspicious of Miss Gu, and he has no solid evidence in his hand, so he will mention it to Feng Anping.

Cui Wei then said, Mr.Nie, purekana cbd gummies for arthritis do you know why we invited you here Nie Chen nodded, Master Hou and Mr.Cui are working on several cases in Taiyuan City.Nie Chen didn t wait for Cui Zhen and Cui Wei to ask further questions, and continued I ve been walking around the town all year round, doing darts, arresting fugitives offered by the imperial court, and investigating cases for the imperial court., It must be related to these, the biggest trouble in Taiyuan Mansion now is the robbery case, Lord Hou wants to help him find out the news in the workshop.Nie Chen looked up at green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis Cui Zhen after speaking But I am walking in the workshop like this The people who live here purekana cbd gummies for arthritis also have their own rules, and I will report to Lord Hou in advance, so as not to blame him in the future.Cui Wei frowned slightly, and glanced sideways at Cui Zhen, seeing that there was no anger on Cui Zhen s face, he loosened the corners of his eyebrows , but this time he didn t take the initiative to respond to Nie Chen.

Fourth Master Cui walked out of the house, took the lamp from his attendants and shone into the darkness, there were several guards standing in a corner not far away.Fourth Master Cui has already heard from Mrs.Fourth Cui that since the Cui purekana cbd gummies for arthritis family was invaded by thieves, Lord Hou ordered people summervalley cbd gummies to strictly guard the house.If you don t see it with your cbd gummy dosage chart for adults own eyes, you don t know how many people are hiding in the dark.Fourth Master Cui watched carefully around the purekana cbd gummies for arthritis yard.After walking around, he seemed to have lost his footing, staggering, and the lamp in his hand was also shaking up and down.Master.The little servant hurriedly stepped forward to help.It s okay, it s okay, Master Cui Si hurriedly said, It s too dark, it s inevitable.As he was talking, he heard the crisp trubliss cbd gummies amazon sound of clappers not far away, and a watchman walked slowly in the dark.

Now that she is ready to meet him again, she will let him fall into her hands.Wei Yuanchen scanned the right side of the medicine box and tapped it with his fingers.There was a hidden compartment there, which was hard to find without looking carefully.Wei Yuanchen slowly opened the secret compartment, and was just about to see what was in the secret compartment, when the doctor beside him was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, rushing forward to snatch it regardless.Naturally, a rough woman couldn t get close to him, so he easily took the porcelain bottle in the dark cell in his hand.The doctor immediately made a strange sound of woo woo.She had a weak throat and could not speak, and she could only make this kind of noise when she was struggling.Liu Su stepped forward immediately That is my wife s most precious possession, what are you going to do Liu Su wanted to snatch it from Wei Yuanchen, but was stopped by Chu Jiusan.

I ll purekana cbd gummies for arthritis be back.He should go to the front yard and wait for Marquis Ding Ning, that would be considered courteous, but he still wants to ask Miss Gu a few words, so he can only have a chance if he stays here.Sister Lin, what are you playing with Fourth Mrs.Cui saw that her daughter was holding a sandalwood comb together with Miss Gu.The two girls didn t know what they were busy with.The second younger brother was in her room, and Mrs.Lin was inconvenient to come in.Fourth Mrs.Cui wanted to take the two girls to the flower hall, so she stepped forward step by step.Turned livid Sister Lin, what are you doing Where did this come from Give it to me quickly.Mrs.Cui Si s harsh words frightened Gu Mingzhu and Sister Lin, and Sister Lin let go of a doll from her.The dress rolled down.The doll rolled to Mrs.

A paper kite flew up slowly above his head, looking in the direction of the Gu family s courtyard, Wei Yuanchen saw the scene of Miss Gu turning around and pushing the murderer neatly, he couldn t help frowning slightly, maybe he thought too much, always felt that this Miss Gu has another mystery.Not long after, Feng Anping came out and told It s already ordered.He tremblingly presented the document to Wei Yuanchen, hoping that Mr.Wei would not let him do such a dangerous thing in the future.Leave the things here with you, Wei Yuanchen said, I will order two people to guard here.Feng cbd gummies ebay uk Anping widened his eyes My my lord this is not appropriate What if the court searches around Wei Yuanchen said Even if the entire Taiyuan Mansion is to be investigated, the government office will first search for foreigners.

The same is true for those people who occupy the mountains.They are driven crazy by this world.As long as they see the imperial court using soldiers and horses, they will definitely resist desperately, and the end result is only a dead end.Death would begin with him and not know where it would end.How could he have the face to meet those common people on Huangquan Road Lu Shenzhi was completely hopeless and could no longer think.Seven years ago, I colluded with the Pearl Thief and wanted to force the government to distribute relief food.Lu Shenzhi began to speak eagerly, he could no longer think, and just instinctively narrated the truth.I never thought that he would burn the relief food, and I didn t know that he would purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last take advantage of the chaos to steal Kuyin.I m sorry for the people of Taiyuan Prefecture.

Yu Yin was still whirling in his ears, and purekana cbd gummies for arthritis there was a sudden pain in his arm, as if he was caught by a thin fishhook.He looked down and Miss Gu bit it.A lady of every family obviously wouldn t deal with a foreigner like this with all her teeth and claws.Even if her own reputation is lost, she probably won t be able to hold back her face like this.Miss Gu used both hands and feet unceremoniously, without any rules at all.If it weren t for the huge disparity in strength between the two, Miss Gu s goal must have been to throw him down, ride on him and beat him.The faces of the servants of the Gu family were full of panic and nervousness, and they were not overly surprised or surprised.Obviously they thought this was the normal reaction of Miss Gu.It confirmed from the side that Miss Gu is like this at home on weekdays.

This is Ku Yin.Cui Jiazhuang shouted, and then handed the silver ingot to Mrs.Lin purekana cbd gummies for arthritis s mother in charge.How could Ku Yin be in the hands of Sun Yong The news one after another made people more and more shocked, but it was like a ball of hemp, making people unable to understand the cause and effect.Madam Lin decided to go over and see for herself.She handed Gu Mingzhu to Baotong and the others walked towards the dug up body step by step.Sun Yong s eyes were wide open, his face was grim and terrifying, his forehead was sunken, and the blood gushed out from there, staining his whole body like a gourd of blood.A large drop of rain fell from the sky and landed on Sun Yong s eyebrows with a slap , and everyone couldn t help hiding back, as if they were afraid that Sun Yong s body would be woke up and jumped up from the ground.

Wei s deep eyes.My lord was shot by an arrow, Han Yu s entourage immediately stepped forward, The arrow is poisoned, purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last and my lord is letting the doctor wash the wound.Looking at the doctor on the ground, Wei Yuanchen said, I m afraid this man will not succeed.It s over, why don t I help Lord Han Without waiting for others to speak, Wei Yuanchen stepped forward, picked up the cloth towel, and pressed it on Han Yu s bloody back.Han Yu couldn t help but let out a scream.Wei Yuanchen s expression didn t change What should I do Shall I continue to shave my flesh I m pretty good at this kind of thing.Chapter 64 Fear of Death Han Yu knew that what Wei Yuanchen said couldn t be more true.Torturing prisoners in prisons requires the use of knives but not death.How to achieve this, no one in Dazhou now knows better than Mr.

Chu Jiu hurriedly followed Wei Yuanchen.Before the two of them had walked too far, they heard a clang sound from behind, and the door of Gu s house was closed best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies first.Third Master, Chu Jiu said, Do you think it s because we didn t behave very well today, that s why the Gu family This is so unwelcome, as if he was in a hurry to get rid of the caterpillar on the back of his hand.Wei Yuanchen glanced over, Chu Jiu bit his lip, lest his disobedient mouth would say anything that the third master didn t like purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last to hear.The Gu family s inner house was still busy.The doctor applied medicine to Lin Runsheng s shoulder, and told him to apply ice for several hours.As soon as the ice cubes went up, Lin Runsheng cried out.Baotong rubbed his ears, Master Wei could keep silent with his appearance before, but Lin Runsheng is nothing compared to Master Wei.

After this incident happened, Lin Runzhi was frightened.Zhao Gongren treasured these two children and logically would send someone to buy benzoin, but the Lin family didn t have any.Then purekana cbd gummies for arthritis there may be two situations.One is that I didn t think about living here, and I bought it but didn t bring it out.The second is that Lin Runzhi s strangeness was discovered just when he was about to rest.If this is the case, then the thing that frightened Lin Runzhi just happened.Walking away a little, Gu Mingzhu told Baotong When you gave the incense, you told the maid that Lin Erye is top 10 cbd gummys too young to use this kind of incense.Ask her how many times she has used it before.Then you can know the answer.Yes, it will be convenient for Nie Chen to check the exact information Wei Yuanchen and Chu Jiu returned to the small courtyard.

Sun Langzhong heard the news and rushed all the way.Seeing Chu Jiu, Sun Langzhong said Why didn t you come and call me over What happened Don t mention it, Chujiuyi wanted to say that the third master and the horse almost couldn t come back, but now he wants to know whether the third master still remembers doing that kind of thing.Sir, Chu Jiu said in a low voice, if you see the third cbd gummy bites master losing his mind in a while, you should take some strong medicine so as not to leave sequelae.That would be endless trouble.Chapter 78 Can t move Wei Yuanchen to sit on a chair and show his wrist for Sun Langzhong to take a pulse.After a while, Sun Langzhong showed a surprised expression on his face, and stretched out his hand to test Wei Yuanchen s forehead The third master usually has a fever when the old disease relapses.

Zhao Gongren s eyes jumped.As an outsider, he would not attack children, but this Wei Yuanchen did everything he could, as long purekana cbd gummies for arthritis as he found out that Zhi Geer was strange, he would definitely not let him go.Even if it wasn t because of Zhigeer, with all the clues on her now, Wei Yuanchen would very likely take her into prison for interrogation.It s true that she is a daughter of the Zhao family, but she is also a wife of the Lin family, so she can t let the Lin family suffer because she wants to protect the Zhao family.She has a deep relationship with the second brother and sister, but at this point, she may not be able to protect the second brother.Before Zhao Gong could figure it out, Wei Yuanchen said Now, Zhao Gong, tell me what is the relationship with Xing Taipu Si Cheng, why Xing Tai Pu Si Cheng went to the inn to meet you, and purekana cbd gummies for arthritis why did you kill him and throw him away into the river.

He was very shocked at the beginning.He didn t expect that the Zhao family was related to this war horse case, but now he gradually recovered his former composure.Cui Zhen can cbd gummies make you high lowered his head to meet Zhao Gongren s eyes that were red with anxiety.He thought he was in a stable place where accidents happened frequently.Among the Cui clan, many problems were ignored.He thought he was capable of both civil and military skills, and if he continued to be confused like cbd gummies quit smoking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis this, he might become a reckless man.Cui Zhen said Apart from this, aunt did not do anything else No, Zhao Gongren said firmly, I will tell you everything I know.After it is clear, my aunt has nothing to purekana cbd gummies for arthritis do with this matter, so she will return home safe and sound.Zhao Gongren was hit again and again, staring at Cui Zhen speechlessly.Brother, Cui Wei best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies couldn t bear to say, Although you won t be imprisoned in the prison, the places where the women s family members are detained are also very simple.

Fortunately, I met an old monk.Although the old monk is a Fan, he knows Zhou dialect because of his friendship with Zhou people.He took us all the way back to the Dazhou Pass.After careful inquiry, I learned that the old monk s close friend of the Zhou people spends a lot of money every year.Helping monks and refugees, and helping old monks to copy rare Buddhist scriptures, unfortunately, that close friend passed away many years ago.The greatest wish of the old monk s close friend was to quell the war between Tatar and the Great Zhou Dynasty.So the old monk went to Tatar to give lectures.He never thought that he could achieve any results by himself, but he was willing to do his best to plant good causes.It is God s will to save cbd gummies for back pain us today.The old monk is old, and he has a premonition that he will pass away soon, and he doesn t want the gift from his best friend to be dusty, so he gave it to me.

Cui Zhen looked at Tao Duo, but it was a pity that it was not the young Zhan Shi Pei Shangqing, otherwise the situation in Taiyuan Mansion should be stabilized soon.The Great Zhou Dynasty was established for many years, and there were four members of the Pei family who served as young Zhanshi in the East Palace.The former emperor once said It is enough for the Pei family to teach the crown prince in the East Palace.Words like The Pei family only teach the crown prince spread.When the crown prince of this dynasty was first established, the emperor promoted Pei Shangqing to the East Palace.Unfortunately, this Pei Qing fell ill at home every purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last two days and had no spare time to take charge of the affairs of the East Palace.It sounds regrettable that such a famous family has lost its reputation in this dynasty, but thinking about it, the Pei family might not look down on the crown prince.

There are dragons and crouching tigers hidden around the crown prince, and she will definitely have the opportunity to see the methods of these people in a while.She was a weak woman back then, and she is still a weak woman now, but this time she will not let them control her.Clean your hands and tune the piano.The sound of the piano flows through the fingertips.The tune played by several people was blown to the banquet by the wind.The prince who was originally a bit sluggish, suddenly his eyes lit up, and his musician came.Who said that no one in Taiyuan Mansion can play the lyre well, he already knew that there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers.Set the screen and let them come forward and play.The prince waved his sleeves and ordered the steward, with an eager expression on his face.

It was obviously wrong, but it was just right.The prince, who was listening to the piano with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, stood up suddenly, and shouted Who is it Who played it Who is it The atmosphere of the whole banquet changed, the screen was in chaos, and all the Qin girls can i buy cbd gummies in illinois stood up to apologize.Chu Jiuben was paying attention to that side, and just moved his gaze over there.The person who kicked the stone kept his head down, making it difficult to see his face clearly, but the gauze on the face of a girl beside her slipped off.This girl recognized her on the ninth day of the ninth day, she was Ziyuan.Just now the stone was to draw their attention to this side, and then Miss Ziyuan showed up.Chu Jiu fully understood that Miss Ziyuan must have something to say to them when she came green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis here.

A dead friend is not a poor fellow Of course she is cbd gummies for children uk not that kind of person, let alone threaten Master Wei blatantly.She is just a little scared and wants to seek protection.After all, she is a weak woman and cannot bear too much.I hope Master Wei can understand , don t scare her again and again, if she gets frightened and gets into trouble, it won t be good to anyone.Gu Mingzhu s feet hadn t landed on the ground yet, she only felt a gust of breeze brought by the clothes clips blowing on her face, and immediately there was a figure in front of her.Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu stood obediently with her head bowed, she knew that Mr.Wei was moral and worthy of trust, and it was the right choice for them to cooperate with purekana cbd gummies for arthritis Mr.Wei.Prince.The prince kept staring at the luthier, who stood timidly, as if panicked and didn t know what to do.

Lin Sizhen is purekana cbd gummies for arthritis in charge of the Suzhou Guard, so why doesn t the Second Master Zhao go to find his brother in law After the war horse incident, Master Zhao asked his sister for help again, and Wang Daochang returned to Zhao Gongren s inn in the middle of the night, and all the movements seemed to be related to Lin Sizhen.This time, I heard about the Shanxi mutiny from Wang Da, Lin Sizhen made military achievements during the Shanxi mutiny, Wang Daochang also served during the Shanxi mutiny, and this evasive Wang Da.This time, Gu Mingzhu felt that they had found the right direction this time, and perhaps they could find more problems following purekana cbd gummies for arthritis the Shanxi mutiny.Girl.Liu Su urged Gu Mingzhu again, if she delays any longer, I m afraid the Gu family will make a mistake.Gu Mingzhu got up and bid farewell to Lu Shenzhi, and then Nie Chen could go around to inquire about the news, and when the clues gathered cbd gummies quit smoking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis again, maybe some truths would be revealed again.

Lin looked at Cui Zhen What are you going to do Cui Zhen sat upright, with a solemn expression, and after thinking for a moment, he said, Master Zhao Er and Wang Daochang are probably not working for the prince.Mrs.Lin was surprised when she heard that Isn t the matter of the Taiyuan Mansion the crown prince After what happened just now, Cui Zhen was best cbd gummies calfornia still calm, thinking about the cause and effect in his mind It seems that the crown prince should know that Han Yu opened the Tieshan Mine privately, and he also knows that Zhao Er The master bought and sold war horses privately, but Han Yu, Master Zhao Er, Wang Daochang and others may use the crown prince as a cover to work for others in private.The war horses they privately bought and the ironware they made were far more than the number reported to the prince.

Fish is a homonym for elm , which should also mean a fish that slipped through the net.What Mr.Zhao Er wants to say is that the case of the war horse is related to the mutiny twelve best cbd gummies for sex best cbd gummies calfornia years ago.The fish that slipped through the mutiny were naturally the generals who led the Shanxi mutiny.The woman purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last in Dongda Alley runs an escort agency, and the escort agency cannot do without people.The woman and the troopers under her command may be the fish that Mr.Zhao Er said.Cui Zhen was really able to check these things, but it saved him a lot of effort.The Cui family and HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies for arthritis the Gu family are two aunts.Whether the cousins lack understanding of each other or have other plans, it will be clearer to stand aside.Since he had nothing else to do, Nie Chen bowed to Wei Yuanchen and took his leave.Things went well tonight.

Under the concubine s body There was a concubine who was raised in Zheng s ancestral house.Not long after Zheng Bian died, the concubine s room was kicked out of the Zheng family because of a mistake.The concubine also ran away from the house to find her mother.Mother and daughter The two disappeared, so the Zheng family crossed off the concubine from the family tree.The concubine left the Zheng family eight years ago, six years ago Lin Sizhen bought a house in Dongdaxiang, and the Yang family came to Taiyuan House, counting the age, eight years ago, the concubine was fifteen years old, and now she should be twenty three years old, which is exactly the same age as the Yang family.Gu Mingzhu looked at the previous records again And Zheng Bian in Yulin Weina s concubine s room is also named Yang.

Before Zhou Ruzhang could make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order purekana cbd gummies for arthritis Let s leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.Not only did he act resolutely, but he also didn t show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and Gu s family members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.Zhou Ruzhang, who was in the Zhou family s carriage, bit his lip.If Mr.Wei spoke later, she would leave.Wei Yuanchen grabbed the reins and was about to move forward, when he saw another woman in front of the carriage looking over here, that was Zhou Ruzhang.

Miss Gu appeared in front of Princess Huairou s house again today.If Miss Gu was an ordinary person, he might have become suspicious, but a foolish young lady naturally cannot best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies have any schemes.What he should really suspect is Cui Zhen.Maybe Cui Zhen eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank stop smoking has 3000 mg cbd gummy colluded with Wei Yuanchen long ago.They thought that Cui Zhen was right under their noses and nothing would go wrong.They didn t expect that Cui Zhen would suddenly investigate Lao Dingning Hou s case made their arrangement come to purekana cbd gummies for arthritis kush cbd gummies naught.The matter of Taiyuan Mansion has reached this point, and it is already irreparable, so I can only think of other ways now, so as not to make the loss even bigger.The prince must not be allowed to return to the capital smoothly.If the court seizes Lin Sizhen and others, if they use this to uncover the case of the Shanxi mutiny, then they will lose more than the soldiers and horses they managed to raise.

The little girl said that it was Old General Zhao who demolished the houses of the people to make catapults.The chief stopped and stared blankly at Baotong and Miss Gu who was holding the big cock.The two little girls didn t notice his strangeness and continued to walk forward.Youhow do you know this Li Chang held back the excitement in his heart.Baotong straightened her small body Our wife said that she knows everything, she has read a lot of books, and told us that the old general is very powerful.The chief then asked You do you know that Who is the old general Baotong shook his head This madam didn t say anything, but she only said that the old general Baojia Weiguo is a hero, if the chief wants to know, you can ask my wife.He suppressed the joy in purekana cbd gummies for arthritis his heart, but he was a little suspicious.

Princess Huairou immediately became nervous Besides the prisoners who came to Beijing, there are many The female relatives who came to Beijing together, the Cui family and the Zhou family, not to mention, Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou helped me a lot, they Princess Huairou was very anxious when she thought of this, she couldn t save her mother in green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis law and then left like this.Knowing this, she kept quiet in order to cooperate with her in saving her mother in law.She couldn t just abandon the female family members of the Marquis Mansion like this.Princess Huairou looked at Cheng Yi Do we have a lot of people Cancan you go to Mrs.Huaiyuanhou Cheng Yi saw the princess clenched her fists tightly, with a resolute expression on her face, and her heart was suddenly overwhelmed.touch.Princess Huairou wanted to explain Mrs.

Madam, don t worry, Gu Chongyi said, I will leave these matters to my husband.We are all in the court together.I will always try my best to repay this favor, and I won t embarrass Madam.Madam Lin felt relieved when she heard this.However, she couldn t help thinking of what Master Wei did to Zhuzhu, should she tell Lord Hou about this Mrs.Lin frowned, and there are more important things at the moment Now it seems that Lin Si really conspired against him.Yesterday, the son in law caught a woman, who is Zheng Bian s concubine daughter.I m afraid she is the real concubine of Lin Si.Then The concubine is a Tatar spy.Gu Chongyi just came from the capital, so he didn t know the news, but now that he heard this, many things that were not clear are now gradually clarified.The crown prince is also missing.

The spear green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis encountered an obstacle, and the tip of the spear pierced into the flesh again with a poof , and the prince felt as if his body was about to be torn apart.The prince screamed again, his voice drowned in the melee.Lin Sizhen seized the opportunity to grab the crown prince and threw him on the back of his horse.The horse suddenly increased its load, and its four hooves were no longer as flexible as before.He was stabbed in the ribs by the spear in Wei Yuanchen s hand.Rush out.Lin Sizhen yelled, if this continues, he may be consumed to death here, and he must rush out of the siege at all costs to regain his strength.When Lin Sizhen gave an cbd gummies how to make order, the elite cavalry around him immediately rushed forward, not hesitating to open the way with death.After all, he has been operating in the frontier for many years and has trained many generals who can fight for him.

When did his younger brother be so cruel Mrs.Lin Tai went to see her sister in law next to her.The sister in law was pinned to the ground, her mouth was covered with a rag, and she was struggling miserably there.Mrs.Lin suddenly realized, yes, that s right, this is her brother, but Nian came up with an idea to let her kill the old Hou Ye s brother.Now my younger brother used the method best cbd gummies for sex best cbd gummies calfornia he used to deal with the old Hou Ye on her.Chapter 183 Retribution Next Mrs.Lin saw that Lin Si was really cruel.Lin Sizhen lifted Zhao Gongren from the ground, and said calmly Don t make a fuss, if you are ordered to go back to Aoer Dusi with me, they will still be by my side in the future, and I want to bring best cbd gummies for sex best cbd gummies calfornia those two children out, but they should have fallen into Wei Wei now.Yuan Chen s hand, that cbd gummies quit smoking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis is their fate, I have done my best.

Mrs.Lin Tai regretted it very much.If she had been following the Gu family best cbd gummies for sex best cbd gummies calfornia s family members and people in the government office, and hadn t tried to escape by herself, she might not have fallen into the hands of the rebels.She was too sure that her brother would not deal with her.Mrs.Lin Tai was afraid that Cui Zhen would catch up, and in a daze she resented that Cui Zhen didn t catch up to save her.Maybe Cui Zhen wished that her mother died.She always felt that it was strange that she fell into the hands of the cbd gummies for covid 19 rebels this time.Maybe it was Cui Zhen s arrangement.He made an agreement, but didn cbd gummies 500mg side effects t reveal a word to her, just to plot against her.When her mother falls into the hands of her uncle, Cui Zhen will kill her relatives for the sake of Da Zhou s righteousness, in exchange for a better future.

Wei Yuanchen couldn t help but think of Liu Su s remarks that day, that she was the one who taught him after a long illness and kidney damage Wei Yuanchen didn t take the bowl of soup, and continued to pick up his pen to deal with official duties.After a long time, he moved his shoulders a little.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he didn t take the bowl of soup away, and the aroma of jujube spread to his nose.After a busy day, he felt a little hungry in his stomach, so Wei Yuanchen picked up the soup and brought it to his mouth.This soup is not bad to drink.Put a lotus seed in your mouth and you can easily bite it off.It tastes very soft and glutinous.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on the syrup by the table again, Chu Jiu found a HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies for arthritis shelf and placed the syrup on it.This ninth day, he can always do good things that are useless.

Thinking of what happened five years ago, Mrs.Wei couldn t help but have a sore nose, she wiped the corners of her eyes from the veil without leaving a trace, and said Don t worry, mother, brother Chen will be fine.Yes.After serving Mrs.Wei, Mrs.Wei went to Wei Yuanchen s room to do needlework, and the surroundings were peaceful.After a while, Mrs.Wei raised her head to look on the bed, and saw her son s face that somewhat resembled her deceased husband s.Worry and longing were mixed together, which made her a little dazed for a while.Wei Yuanchen slept soundly this time, and when he woke up, the lamp had already been lit in the room, and his mother was doing needlework under the lamp.Mother.Wei Yuanchen spoke, and Mrs.Wei immediately stepped forward to check happily.Mu Qiu brought the medicine up and served Wei Yuanchen to drink it.

Chapter 206 Being scolded Gu Mingzhu looked at the situation in front of her, and the aunt s earnest smile made her return to the past in a daze.How is Madam s house Gu Mingzhu heard Wei Yuanchen s voice.Thanks to the young master, my family s health is much better.If the young master gave us money to hire a doctor, he would have crossed the Naihe Bridge by now.How could he live with me The aunt smiled all over her face Then Rice water didn t stick to my teeth back then, but now I can eat a bowl of rice for a meal, even if I can t help you at all, and I have to wait in front of the bed all day, then I am willing, after all, there is such a person around, right At that time, if he I m gone, I really don t know what to do, so I ll let him go, son, you are the savior of our husband and wife.After seeing Wei Yuanchen, the aunt opened the chat box, standing there talking endlessly.

Cui Wei unfolded the family letter and put it together I read it under the lamp, and the lines between the lines really looked like official documents, without even a word of greeting.The only thing that purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last could be regarded as emotional was asking Madam Zhang to visit Madam Lin and Zhuzhu.Cui Wei returned the letter to Mrs.Zhang When I was in Taiyuan Mansion, my eldest brother often went to my aunt s place, probably because my aunt was closer to the Wei family.If my eldest brother wanted to find out the war horse case, he had to rely on Mr.Wei.Later, my eldest brother Knowing that my father s death had other secrets, I was even more unwilling to face my mother and me, purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last and I ate at Gu s house several times.Zhuzhu my eldest brother treated her like a younger sister, and bought a lot cbd gummies virginia beach va of gadgets for Zhuzhu when he was in Shanxi On the way back to Beijing, he also asked me to take good care of my aunt and Zhuzhu.

If you had a little bit of kindness, you wouldn t be where you are today.A trace of light flashed across Mrs.Zhao s face.Tired Old lady, old man, don t press me any further.I don t want to go back to the Cheng family, and I won t rely on the Cheng family tree.Your Cheng family can write a divorce letter.From then on, we They have nothing to do with each other.I only want to avenge my father, and I want to take my father s remains back to Shanxi for burial.I don t want to fight for other things, and I don t want to fight.It s gone now, the Shanxi mutiny case is being retrialed, and God has treated me well.If I owe it to you, I owe it to Brother Yi for letting him have no mother by his side since he was a child.The restIhave nothing to say, I hope you don t bring it up again.It s a joke, the old lady Cheng said sharply, You have spread rumors that the Cheng family harmed you, but now you tell us not to mention it Can t we be fools Mrs.

Old lady Cheng couldn t help being startled.Here it is again, which family s child is this Why are you going against her today Mrs.Cheng was about to faint again.Wake up, wake up Gu Mingzhu yelled, If you don t wake up stab with a hairpin you will wake up Mrs.Cheng froze her eyes in fright when she heard the second half of the sentence, because she had already I saw that the girl was holding a silver hairpin in her hand.There was a blush on the girl s face, and she stared at her with interest, and when she closed her eyes again, she would stab the long silver hairpin into her body.Put it down, you put it down Mrs.Cheng trembled.Mrs.Lin looked at the scene in front of her, and immediately said Zhuzhu, get up quickly, don t mess around.Madam, Missy didn t mess around, you can see that it has worked, Baotong immediately 100 cbd chill gummies said, The medical skills that Missy and Liu Su learned, purekana cbd gummies for arthritis It came in handy.

Gu green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis Mingzhu was convinced of this, but Cousin Feng and Nie Chen were on par.Not to mention anything else, Feng Anping said, Wherever Nie Chen goes, he attracts many people by his side.I heard from Lu Guang that now Nie Chen has at least seven or eight younger brothers.I can wear a pair of trousers, I have a cheerful personality, and I eat quickly.In the blink of an eye, all the food on the table was gone.Thinking of this, Feng Anping became angry.He originally wanted to eat some and save some for Chu Jiu, but after he lowered his head and raised his eyes again, the plate was best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies empty.Wherever those people go, there are winds and clouds.Whoever raises so many sons will eat up the granary.Feng Anping rubbed his shriveled stomach.The reason why he lost a lot of weight was because he had been with these people all the way.

Mrs.Cheng turned and staggered away while holding the hand of her mother in charge.Gu Mingzhu stopped.It was a pity that Mrs.Cheng ran a little fast, and she lost a chance to argue.Before, she found that Mrs.Cheng had heavy breathing, symptoms of fever, red eyes, phlegm fire and dizziness.After a long time, she would suffer from congested lung disease, and the false dizziness would become real dizziness.Her hairpin might come in handy use.Gu Mingzhu put the hairpin back on her bun, turned around and walked back to the flower hall.Seeing that Mrs.Zhao had calmed down, Mrs.Lin got up to leave.Ma am, sit down for a while.Princess Huairou asked to stay.Mrs.Lin smiled and said After a while, I will invite the princess and wife to a banquet.Princess Huairou sent Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu to the carriage with an apologetic face.

The crown princess dare not say that Lord Wei has done nothing wrong, the imperial court sent reinforcements to the northern border to help the northern border soldiers and horses win, although Marquis Ding Ning privately digs Chao Tomb made a profit to buy horses in the frontier, but the cause was related to the prince selling war horses, so Cui Zhen will be fine if he pays off his merits.As for who instigated Lin Sizhen, it has not been found out yet, depending on the emperor s intention, we still have to use Wei Yuanchen to interrogate the case.In short, the most pitiful people right now are their East Palace.Seeing the unlucky expression on the princess face, the prince glared and said Get out I don t want to see you Get pure cbd oil gummies las vegas nv out of here quickly, let Ruan Qin and others come here I want to listen to the piano music.

He invited people to go to Cheng s house to check on the order of the imperial court.The criminal department failed to intervene in Yuan s case of framing Peng Liang, so he should also intervene this time.In short, this case is going to be lively.As the sky gradually darkened and the court documents arrived, Wei Yuanchen packed his official uniform and went to Cheng s house.As soon as he got off his horse at the gate of Cheng s mansion, he saw Liu Su and the man wearing the fence walking over.Wei Yuanchen raised his feet and walked towards Cheng s mansion, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help speeding up his pace, they had to follow Master Wei to enter the door, otherwise Cheng s family would definitely step forward to block it.But no matter how fast she walked, Master Wei had grown a pair of long legs and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Chu 9 quickly walked to the door, he couldn t help touching his ears, he seemed to be right, red ears are not from cold, what s going on Feeling troubled in his heart, he saw Feng Anping waving cbd gummies in delaware to him.Feng Anping was holding a bag of beef in his hand, and his eyes purekana cbd gummies for arthritis lit up in the ninth grade.Not far away, Xue Laotong couldn t help sighing when he saw this scene.He taught a lot of students, and he didn t expect that the mantle might be handed over to Feng Anping, the most unpromising man.Feng Anping is good at everything else, except that the bribery problem passed purekana cbd gummies for arthritis down from his ancestors cannot be changed.Fortunately, the Feng family still has an ancestral advantage, that is, they are so poor that even if they bribe, they can t get anything good.Every time they see Feng Anping Anping s washed white clothes, he felt quite comforted in his heart.

Gu Mingzhu ran towards the yard with Bao Tong, and the voice of the steward came from behind Miss, you go to the backyard through the corridor, Madam is waiting for you in the house.If you walk through the corridor, you will bypass the courtyard, so the steward instructed She even went to the yard to have a look.The mother in charge stepped forward to intercept, Gu Mingzhu bent down, and walked around the mother in charge with a sway.In the courtyard, two figures entangled and competed.In order to chase Gu Mingzhu, the mother in charge didn t have time to lead Gu Ziyan, but Gu Ziyan followed.The Gu family uncle and Gu Mingzhu stood aside and stared blankly at the scene in front of them.Chapter 268 Appreciation In the courtyard, the treetops are swaying with the wind, the colorful flowers and plants have come to an end, and the pavilion covered with bluestone slabs jars for cbd gummies looks more open, which happens to be used as a school ground.

The eyes of the third concubine lit up, she laura ingram cbd gummies never thought that Miss Gu was mentally incompetent, and she would do what she told Miss Gu to do.It s really God helping her, it s fitting for them to enter the East Palace.The third concubine was thinking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis about this, when she saw a figure walking out of the wooden house, it was Gu Mingzhu.The third concubine was about to come forward to speak, when Gu Mingzhu flipped her hand, all the ashes in the incense burner poured out immediately, with a huh , it was blown towards everyone by the wind.Chapter 282 The third concubine with a broken leg only felt a blur in front of her eyes, and then HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies for arthritis she was immediately dazzled.The stewards around her hurried forward to cover her, but it was too late.The third concubine s nostrils were also filled with the smell of sandalwood, which made her cough uncontrollably.

The girl came all the way in front of him, breathing evenly, looking at Su Fu with her eyes.Miss, this is Master Su.Nu Guanzi whispered from the side.Gu Mingzhu just stepped forward to salute Su Fu, this courtesy was well behaved without any perfunctory.Before Su Fu could ask, Baotong said Lord Su, we are the female family members of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Su Fu immediately understood that the girl in front of him was the eldest lady of the Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu handed the prescription in his hand to Su Fu My lord, Master Mo said to use this prescription to detoxify.Su Fu looked at the girl with a serious expression on her face, but her eyes were still not as sharp as ordinary people s.Are you still ill Gu Mingzhu continued sternly The prescription uses aconite to attack poison with poison, and we must pay special attention to the dosage.

Thanks to Ai s family, he didn t take it a few times, otherwise nothing would happen.In the past, Mo Yang Ming said, cultivating the Tao is the heart, and the mind is at ease, so there will be no worries and sorrows, which is better than an immortal.Thinking about it now, Mo Yangming is right, there is no elixir for rejuvenation and immortality in this world.The queen mother finished speaking Looking at the emperor The emperor is the same, don t believe in those pills in the future, lest you be secretly calculated by unruly people.The emperor nodded I know.The queen mother pondered for a moment This kind of thing happens in places like Taiqingguan.The emperor can t be careless At this point, the queen mother stopped and stopped talking, she should not interfere too much with the affairs of the previous dynasty.

Looking at Gu Mingzhu s back, the queen mother laughed This purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last is a child, he doesn t want to be left here, and if he has a chance purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last to escape, he will happily leave.There was no one else in the inner hall, so the queen mother said You Is that why you accepted are cbd gummies safe while pregnant Miss Gu as a disciple Mo Zhenren said Miss Gu is a bit like Ah chan, but not exactly the same, she is more free spirited than Ah chan.Everyone has their own knots, The Queen Mother sighed a long time Since that child committed suicide, you have been unable to untie the knot.I hope you can let it go this time.A chan may not have committed suicide, Mo Zhenren said, Although Ah chan has been gone for many years, But I still want to make it clear.The queen mother shook her head You, you are such an idiot.Mo Zhenren said Queen Mother, why are you not It took so many years to capture Concubine Kang s mother and son to avenge the crown prince.

Did the third master also read the storybook She actually knew how to climb over the wall and enter the house Gu Mingzhu looked at the box on the table, she knew it was a shadow play.Mrs.Lin smiled and said to the Cui family Brother Zhen came back from the northern border, and was thinking of buying these as gifts for Zhuzhu.When a family s car and horse broke down, Master Hou ordered us purekana cbd gummies for arthritis to help.The old man in that family is a craftsman of shadow play, so he bought these from them.Mrs.Lin said Brother Zhen has a heart.Cui The housekeeper saluted I learned a little from that craftsman, and I know how to animate these shadows.If Missy wants to see it, I can fiddle with it.Gu Mingzhu nodded and looked at Mrs.Lin with joy Let Brother Xiang come too.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Go and pick up Brother Xiang, just say I called him.

Zou Xiang nodded subconsciously It looks good.Brother brought this.Gu Mingzhu continued.Zou Xiang still had no special reaction.Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice Brother just returned to Beijing after the war.The words just returned to Beijing seemed to have touched Zou Xiang, and Zou Xiang looked away from the shadow puppet.Don t you know big brother Gu Mingzhu asked Zou Xiang.Zou Xiang didn t speak, Madam Lin said with a smile Brother Xiang came to Beijing for the first time, and I haven t cbd gummies quit smoking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis visited Dingninghou s mansion, so I don t know.Dingninghou, these three words suddenly caught Zou Xiang Hands, the complex voice flashed across his face, but soon he lowered his head, hiding his uncontrollable expression, as if he just made a mistake and was beaten up.Zou Xiang didn t raise his head until the shadow play was over.

When he rushed back all the way, except for the wound on his waist, there were no other major wounds.hinder.After leading people to fight in northern Xinjiang for many days, this hurdle was finally passed.Cui Zhen leaned on the bathtub, temporarily put aside his official business, and wanted to relax for a moment, but the trivial matters at home rushed into his mind, and his mother s resentful face appeared in front of him, making him frown.Footsteps came from behind, followed by Mrs.Zhang s voice.Master Hou, I boiled water with saponins, chrysanthemums, and mint.Mrs.Zhang opened the curtain, walked around the screen, and walked to the bathtub with the beam pot in her hand.Mrs.Zhang glanced at Cui Zhen quickly, her eyes flicked over his slender body, her cheeks were slightly red, and then she stretched out her hand to test the temperature of the water in the tub Master Hou, my concubine mixed the water into it for you.

Wei Yuanchen looked in the direction of Bai Jingkun s prison The criminal is In front Master Qiao, please do your own thing.Compared with Wei Yuanchen s indifference Qiao Song still had a gentle smile on his face, and he looked at Wei Yuanchen carefully.After the Wei family experienced the turmoil five years ago, Coming out of such a junior, compared with Wei Congcheng, Wei Yuanchen is smarter and more aggressive.There should be many officials in the court who feel that the younger generation of the Wei family will not go far, even if the emperor uses it for a while He will find a reason to put it aside in the future.He didn t think so, because this Wei family boy was far smarter than others thought.Just like this investigation of the war horse case Wei Yuanchen decisively asked for orders to go to Shanxi.

If he heard any gossip, he would definitely kill Aunt Zhen.Aunt Zhen said that even if she died, she would not say anything against the Tan family, and begged Third Master Tan to spare her life.The third master told Aunt Zhen to leave the capital immediately and never come back, but Aunt Zhen refused, so the third master Tan kicked Aunt Zhen on the shoulder.Bao er still remembers the ferocious face of the third master Tan., and Tan Sanye who has a kind face on weekdays and comes to ask for his health is completely different.Tan Sanye s face suddenly turned livid.Feng Anping looked at Tan Sanye Is what this kid said true Tan Sanye s eyes were deep I have never been to Anjiyuan these days, and I have never seen Aunt Zhen.I purekana cbd gummies for arthritis m afraid this kid is wrong.Then why did you come here Feng Anping pressed again, You just said you came to ask this kid a few words, and what did you ask Third Master Tan s eyes were even darker, still refusing Reply.

Last year, he helped the clan to repair the school.Elder Zhang s willingness to do this is also considered a face for my sister in law.Mrs.Zhang continued Your in laws will probably be able to work smoothly, right Tian Gongren nodded The Zhang family has a very good reputation in Guangzhou.No one is more familiar with the Guangzhou Shipping Department than his in laws.Candidates.Mrs.Zhang said There is also the son in law Ding Ning Hou.Ding Ning Hou won the battle.Although he is healing his wounds at home, he can still speak in the court.Tian Gong said Madam Zhang doesn purekana cbd gummies for arthritis t care about these things., never let Marquis Ding Ning come forward to help her natal family, I heard from my sister that the Zhang family will not bother Marquis Ding Ning, it is not easy for Marquis Ding Ning to lead troops outside, and Marquis Zhang cannot cause trouble to Marquis Ding Ning.

Lin had not taken concubines from Cui Zhen, and she was looking forward to Cui Zhen s descendants.In the past five or six years, a lot of things have really happened to the Cui family in Dingning Hou Mansion.In fact, even her death in the prison is related to the Cui family.Gu Mingzhu put away the medical case, turned around and lay on the bed.Although these things have not been clarified yet, they finally have clues, and they will all surface one by one in the near future.Whether the Zhang family and Zhang family are involved in these cases can also be obtained Answer.Before going to sleep, Gu Mingzhu looked at the orchids on the table.Judging from the current situation, the Tang family will be back soon.With Master Wei s help in investigating the case, everything will be much faster than she expected Dingning Hou Mansion.

I m still worried about my master, Mrs.Dong said, Master Geng is in Anjiyuan.Don t say anything, you must be very worried, and when you entered the door, you saw the master standing there, and he didn t write for a long time.Tan Dingfang sat on the chair with Mrs.Dong, and the servants brought tea, Tan Dingfang took a sip before saying I just wanted to write something on a whim.When I picked up the pen, the thoughts in my mind became blurred.Mrs.Dong looked at the infatuated look in Tan Dingfang s eyes.She was not from a famous family, and although she was literate with Xixi, she knew nothing about calligraphy and painting.Sometimes she really couldn t understand the meaning in the master s eyes.Mrs.Dong said Since it s blurry, don t draw any more.Maybe sometime you will be interested again.

After many years, another one appeared in front of her.A purekana cbd gummies for arthritis person who is very similar to A Chan, although she doesn t know that Aunt Zhen, but her heart feels like being pricked by a needle, as if A Chan died again.They are all lives, they are all living people, there is no distinction between high and low, no matter who dies, it is the same, maybe Aunt Zhen s death is the same reason as Ah Chan s death, she did not find out about Ah Chan before , Let the murderer continue to do evil, and now he has killed another person.Mo Yangming s fingers tightened, and his mind uncontrollably squeezed towards the dark place.The more he thought about it, the more extreme and narrow minded he became.He was in the midst of chaos when someone grabbed his hand suddenly.Master, don t worry.Mo Yangming turned his head and saw the girl looking at her worriedly.

Mo Yangming frowned, What s the matter between Ah chan and Tan Shanren It s okay, Yu Zhenhai looked restless, It s really okay, I really don t want to think about it.Mo Zhenren got purekana cbd gummies for arthritis up from the chair at once, with a solemn expression on his brows I came to Anjiyuan to inquire about Ah chan when eagle cbd gummies to quit smoking she died, and you said at the time that Ah chan came to Anjiyuan as usual when I was away.I also helped concoct medicinal materials, and I believed you back then, but now it seems that you have concealed the truth, and now you still want to cover it up.Guilt flashed in Yu Zhenhai s eyes, but he still lowered his head and refused to speak.Mo Yangming raised his foot and took a step in front of Yu Zhenhai Let me ask the good man again, what s the matter between Ah Chan and Tan Shanren Yu Zhenhai pursed his lips tightly.

After Meng shi finished speaking, she realized that she had made a slip of the tongue, and couldn t help pursing her lips.Gu Chongyi said Are you doing business with the Tan family Mrs.Meng glanced at Mrs.Gu in a panic, and then said It s not considered together The master just wants to help The money is not abundant, so the master came up with the idea of buying a new shop with Tan Zigeng This year caught up with the war in northern Xinjiang The price of rice in the north is more expensive than in previous years Is it possible to earn some money from the south to Beijing SoSo When Gu Chongyi heard this, he interrupted Meng Shi and said, How do you know Tan Zigeng The third master of the Tan family rented a yard in central Beijing by himself, and there is no elder in the family to take care of him, so if the master helps, he may not be able to make this marriage smoothly.

Madam Dong s hands trembled slightly , but she didn t open her mouth to stop it.Whatever the master decides, she always does it without hesitation, and she will silently support it, because the master is always right Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu accompanied Mrs.Lin in the room for a while, and the mother and daughter lay down on the bed and took a nap for a while.After waking up, Mrs.Lin read to Gu Mingzhu.The two of them were reading carefully, and the child in their stomach was happy The ground moved.Gu Mingzhu put her hands on her mother s belly, opened her eyes wide, and felt her mother s belly move, purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last her face was full of joy and surprise.Mother Yang said Young Master now knows how to pester Madam and Miss.Madam Lin followed with a smile Don t be a torturer.What s wrong with that Gu Mingzhu raised her head and said, I ll accompany you.

Wei Yuanchen didn t seem purekana cbd gummies for arthritis to go to see Cui Zhen, but cbd gummies quit smoking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis just said to Gu Chongyi The man I mentioned to Hou Ye before can be caught within two days.Cui Zhen didn t understand, but he saw Gu Chongyi s face beaming with joy.Cui Zhen frowned slightly, at this moment, his uncle and Wei Yuanchen seemed to be very close.Chapter 357 Cui Zhen probably knew a little about Wei Yuanchen during the fight for favor in the war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion.Although the Wei family has been criticized all these years, there is no evidence of any shady evidence.Although Wei Yuanchen used some means in Taiyuan Mansion To investigate the case, before Lin Sizhen was caught, the prince was used as a bait to lure the rebels into being fooled.But generally speaking, the case sour cbd gummies had an inseparable relationship with the prince, and the Tatars might break it if Lin Sizhen s northern border was not seized.

Under the moonlight, she frowned slightly.Thinking about it, the eyebrows and eyes are so similar to Zhou Rujun back then.Thinking of what she asked about how to tell the truth, he replied that she is so smart, how could she not understand purekana cbd gummies for arthritis It s just that after the incident in the prison, she hid herself.With thousands of faces in front of others, asking her to show her true nature immediately would be too demanding of her.He didn t protect her well before, but now it s just a matter of patience Besides, she is already so close to him, and one day she will really be happy for him, thinking this way, Wei Yuanchen tightened his arms even more.My lord.The girl spoke suddenly, which surprised Wei Yuanchen.Fortunately, Mr.Wei has been tempered all these years, and his spirit has been tempered so much that he will not show any abnormality.

Cui Wei said With Deputy General Chen s words, the government office can interrogate Chen Jia.Chen Jia is in charge of the treasury of Prince Huai s Mansion, and all the objects made by the people of Prince Huai s Mansion are placed in the treasury.Cui Zhen thought for a moment, then raised his eyes and looked at Cui Wei The Yamen went to King Huai s mansion to check those treasuries, but found no clues.The Ministry of Punishment suspected that King Huai had hidden the things in advance.If Chen Jia can confess one or two, help the mansion You really did a great job in clearing the case.The smile on Cui Wei s face froze slightly, and he became a little panicked Brother, you don t blame me, do you I didn t report to my brother in advance because I was afraid that the investigation would not be clear.

They came to call him, probably because of his status as a child of the Wei family, no one dared to make friends with him casually, and he felt unhappy because he was left out in the cold.How could he care about these, the feeling of being respectful and far away, even at home, he can often feel it, as for those taunts and contempt, he doesn t care, the days are still very long, he doesn HCMUSSH purekana cbd gummies for arthritis t care about temporary gains and losses, but maybe it s because his temper is too much She was immature and didn t think too carefully, that s why she suffered such a blow later, lost her father, and almost lost Rujun.Wei Yuanchen continued Later, the Wei family had something to do.I left the green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis capital and met the Zhou family on the way back to Beijing.I wanted to take this opportunity to pay a formal visit to the Zhou family.

Third Master, Xue Laotong and Nie Chen are here.Wei Yuanchen straightened his robes, his expression became natural again, and turned to meet Xue Laotong.Xue Lao Tongsan stepped up the stairs, and what he saw was Mr.Wei in a brand new how do cbd gummies feel robe.Mr.Wei did not wear an official uniform, and the majesty on his body remained the same, but he was more kind and less alienated.Nie Chen beside him stepped forward to salute Wei Yuanchen, why did he feel that Wei Sanye looked much gentler than when he left Beijing.Nie Chen wanted to look at Mr.Wei, but found that Mr.Wei s gaze was drifting behind him.Nie .

what are cbd gummies made of?

Chen hurriedly turned his head and saw Liu Su, who was followed by a slightly bloated purekana cbd gummies for arthritis man mother in law.The woman s forehead was slightly high, the corners of her eyes drooped, her complexion looked particularly sallow under the light, and she stood beside her with her hands clasped like a rough servant.

Hearing Ouch , Gu Chongyi left the Second Master Wei behind him without looking back, and after a while he heard Wei Congzhi say Chongyi, I just said about my elder brother, this lantern fell down, I Brother has manifested.Gu Chongyi regretted, why didn t he break the pole hanging the lantern, to see if Wei Congzhi had any other excuses.Wei Congzhi s voice continued behind him Chongyi, this is fate.I think my elder brother means that I will treat you like him in the future.My elder brother s first manifestation woo woo woo Gu Chongyi held his breath tightly in his chest, so he didn t fall off the horse, how could this person be so shameless This person is like a black abyss, and it is always impossible to see the bottom.Gu Chongyi clamped the horse s belly, as long as he ran fast, he didn t have to embarrass himself by accompanying Wei Congzhi.

Zou Xiang.Cui Zhen ordered the steward, I ll take a walk in the garden, and I ll go to the main room by myself later.The steward responded with a bang and stepped back, and then Cui Zhen walked towards Zou Xiang with light steps.Zou Xiang stood on the bluestone road, staring at In the direction of the inner house, the small body was tense, and the arms huddled in the squirrel fur cloak were trembling slightly.Cui Zhen frowned, he is a martial arts practitioner, and he is too familiar with such movements, just by looking at best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies Zou Xiang s back, he knew purekana cbd gummies for arthritis that this little child had a serious murderous intent.He originally thought that Zou Xiang was a man to be made, how could he be so violent at such a young age, what secrets does this child have.Cui Zhen took another two steps forward, and saw Zou Xiang s mother in charge not far away, Cui Zhen felt relieved, it seemed that the Hou Mansion had already prepared for this.

When Cui Zhen regained his composure, Gu Chongyi asked, Is what your aunt said true Cui Zhen looked calm, but his voice was slightly hoarse than before Now it sounds probably true, so Yao Qing is the mother.It was not easy for her to do something in the inner house.If she knew that she was pregnant, she would have told my mother immediately.After all, she was not even a concubine at the time.In order to deal with the two aunts, after escaping from the dead, she should try her best to send me a letter, at least let Zou Xiang enter Dingninghou s mansion.I have no can cbd gummies go on a plane heirs, and I will be very happy to have a bastard, maybe I will spare her With Zou Xiang around, her situation is much better than living abroad, and Aunt Zu explained the past very clearly, mentioning Jiang Mama and Geng Si.Will be vague Gu Chongyi nodded It s rare that you can think clearly so quickly.

Zhang come back with me.Cui Zhen s voice was even colder Since you are not feeling well, let s rest in the room., don t move around.The steward still wanted to speak, but she felt Marquis Dingning s piercing eyes on her, and the coercion of these two eyes made her hairs stand on end, she didn t dare to say any more and bowed to leave out of the house.The cold sweat on Mother Jiang s head slid down her cheeks, and now she was sure that Madam would not be able to save her.Cui Zhen told Wang Jing After one green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis stick of incense, drag the person out and beat him with ten sticks.Wang Jing responded and lit a stick of incense in the room, and placed it in front of Jiang s mother.Jiang s mother knew what Master Hou meant.After a stick of incense, it was her son who was beaten.Ten sticks were enough to beat a person to pieces.

Zhang was momentarily dumbfounded.Cui Zhen s eyes fell on Mrs.Zhang deeply Since you can t explain clearly, please invite the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion Mrs.Zhang shuddered, and raised her head to look at Cui Zhen Master Hou really wants to do this Do it Chapter 415 Fa Luo As Lang Zhong walked in, the expression on Mrs.Zhang s face gradually became vigilant, she clutched her handkerchief rethink cbd gummy drops review firmly, and looked at Cui Zhen.Mrs.Zhang said What is Hou Ye going to do Do you want to attack the child in .

what stores sell cbd gummies?

my womb right now The weak Mrs.Zhang shuddered, stretched out her hand to hold the stool, and said in a mournful voice Hou Ye, you are just like this Are you cruel When Shen saw this situation, she tried her best to stop her Marquis Ding Ning, the matter has not been clarified yet, how can you send my sister down like this, our Zhang family can t agree.

Hearing Mrs.Lin s words, Cui cbd gummies for sleep ireland Zhen didn t feel any disturbance in his heart.He walked out of the room purekana cbd gummies for arthritis and felt the cold wind blowing on him.He told Wang Jing Go to Jinshi Embroidery Workshop and call the embroiderer from back then.Wang Jing nodded and left.Cui Zhen watched Xue Lao Tongpan lead Feng Anping and others into the front yard.The Zhang family should purekana cbd gummies for arthritis get the news now.I don t know if Wei Yuanchen and the people in the street can find out some news.Chapter 417 Revenge Feng Anping stepped into the Dingning Hou Mansion with his master Xue Laotongpan.Be quicker in a while, Xue Laotongpan ordered.After a while, the family members of the natal family will come to take advantage of the silence in the house to get the confession in their hands earlier.Feng Anping responded Understood.He touched his bosom, and the pack of beef jerky he was holding just now turned into purekana cbd gummies for arthritis a half pack, and that half pack was naturallyfed to the chicken, but recently the chicken Chu Jiu has been very kind to him, more polite than before A lot, and I will leave some for him every time I come to pick it up.

Gu Chongyi was stunned It s not a month purekana cbd gummies for arthritis and a half.Wen Po s forehead was covered with sweat It looked pretty good before, and I don t know why it suddenly became popular.There are such things, so I d better ask the doctor to try medicine first Wen Po didn t dare to say that it would be useful.Can t wait.Gu Chongyi was anxious, and Mama Yang, who was standing not far away, brought the mother in charge of the Wei family forward.Mother Yang said Master Hou, the mother in charge of the Wei family said that the eldest wife of the Wei family was like this when she was born as a grandpa.It was only then that Gu Chongyi discovered that the Wei family was still in the house, and now he didn t care too much about it.Gu Chongyi looked at the mother in charge of the Wei family Is it also an early delivery It can be regarded as some experience.

It was ridiculous to say that she would do this because she believed in the Wei family more than the emperor.Mo Yangming responded, hesitated for a while and said What if What if the Wei family wants to seize power.Mo Yangming thought of this, it s not impossible.The Aijia loses so convincingly, the Queen Mother raised her chin, No one in this world can win forever, but he must never lose to a fool.After finishing speaking, the Queen Mother turned to look at Mo Yangming Wei Yuanchen found you, let Did you help deliver the news to best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies Kunning Palace Mo Yangming nodded.The Empress Dowager said He doesn t hide anyone s back.I know that you will tell the Ai family that best cbd gummies for sex best cbd gummies calfornia if this is the case, the Ai best cbd gummies for sex best cbd gummies calfornia family will believe him once.Having suffered from dementia but being brought up like this by them, the couple are also transparent people.

The female official continued The Ninth Prince was taken to the imperial concubine s palace and has not returned to the prince s place.The imperial concubine wants to take advantage of this cbd gummies and mg incident to raise the Ninth Prince herself.Empress Wei nodded Mo cbd gummies acid reflux Zhenren went to the inner hall to give Empress Wei a needle.After a few silver needles pierced the acupoints, Mo Zhenren said softly Before the real person enters the palace, Master Wei Yuanchen asked the real person to send a message to the empress dowager.Empress Wei s expression seemed calm as water , but her heart couldn t help but move, the last time Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.

In addition to the practice of the case, it is also for the sake of Zhuzhu.After saying this, Mo Yangming stood up It s getting late, the Taoist will come again tomorrow.Gu Chongyi thanked Mo Zhenren, and sent Mo Zhenren out of the main room.When the two walked out, Gu Chongyi saw the little boy hiding under the wall.small figure.Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi called out.Seeing that he couldn t hide, the figure stood up and walked forward.Daddy, I m going to see Master off.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile on her face, and followed Mo Yangming out.Seeing his daughter running with her skirt lifted, Gu Chongyi shook his head.After her daughter recovered from her illness, she became more and more naughty.After sending Mo Yangming out, Gu Mingzhu returned to the main room.Gu Chongyi was flipping through the military books on the table, which were all handwritten by his father back then, and many of them were related to the Navy.

The figure was tall and straight, walking quickly and steadily, holding a food box in his hand, the food box was motionless, even if there was some soup in it, it would never spill out.When Zou Xiang thought of how he was carefully carrying the food box and moving it back step by step, he couldn t help feeling envious, but that kind of envy was only fleeting, and was replaced by disgust and resentment.Zou Xiang turned around and wanted to go back to purekana cbd gummies for arthritis the house, but ignored the man.Where are you going Cui Zhen s voice came, Take this food box back.Zou Xiang didn t move.Cui Zhen said Don t delay your aunt s medication.Zou Xiang is Cui Zhen s son, so naturally he can no longer call Zou Lin s mother, according to his seniority, Zou Xiang needs to be called aunt or clan aunt.Zou Xiang was furious when she heard this That s my mother, not some aunt, if you say that again Cui Zhen looked at the gnawing child How Do you still want to kill me Although I am ashamed of you and your mother, I am also your father after all, put away your rebellious thoughts, and when I have settled the family affairs, come back to Cui s house with me, and don t cause any trouble for Gu s family.

point.Wei Yuanchen added a meatball with chopsticks, put it to his mouth and took a bite.The meatball was very fragrant, and there was actually red bean stuffing inside.The scene of the girl busy in the kitchen came to Wei Yuanchen s mind, so she could remember to put red beans in the meatballs, and wondered if she ate them secretly after the meatballs were made.The hot soup warmed him up and made his killing intent towards Cui Zhen lessened.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes and said, Master Dingning has found out about the Datong Guard Cui Zhen did not expect that Wei Yuanchen would take the initiative to talk to him first.Cui Zhen responded When is Master Wei going to enter the palace I wanted to go overnight, Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Cui Zhen, Ding Ning Hou is willing to come, it is more appropriate for the Marquis to go.

After doing this, Gu Chongyi couldn t help regretting that at such a time, he actually had the leisure to play this kind of trick with Wei Congzhi.He used to pretend to be stupid, so don t be led by Wei Congzhi to become really stupid.At that time, his wife and Zhuzhu will despise him.Master Hou.There was finally movement outside.The steward came in and reported Someone is purekana cbd gummies for arthritis here at the yamen.Gu Chongyi strode out of the study and saw his subordinates in the yard.Lord Hou, purekana cbd gummies for arthritis the official of the Judgment Department purekana cbd gummies for arthritis stepped forward, There is a disturbance in the camp outside Beijing.Thousands of households led troops to follow King Huai, and they took people to the southeast.The court asked you to lead people to quell the chaos.Gu Chongyi knew in his heart that what followed King Huai, King Huai couldn t help himself.

The soldiers in the Beijing camp who defected with Qiu Hai stayed behind to deal with the pursuers, but when they heard that King Huai had escaped, they rushed to check the situation.Seeing King Huai in such a miserable state, everyone was only a little surprised for a moment before returning to normal.Go on.Qiu Hai ordered.Everyone walked out of the woods, Qiu Hai grabbed the dead dog like King Huai, and was about to walk out of the woods, but at this moment, Qiu Hai suddenly stopped, his pupils constricted, and he hid to the side, almost At the same time, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh several feather arrows attacked the rebels.Qiu Hai realized that they were being chased.Several rebels were shot, and others drew their sharp weapons to block them.Noisy footsteps approached from a distance.Should I call you Zheng Hai or Qiu Hai A voice sounded from among the court s pursuers, and Qiu Hai s heart sank when he heard it.

It is harder for a wise man to rejoice, because he sees farther and is more sober.When he was discussing the affairs of the world with the prince in the cbd strawberry gummies wyld guardhouse, he had seen through the political situation, knowing that the person on the throne would definitely not let the prince and Daning go.They all know that the prince green cbd gummy bears scam is more suitable to sit on the throne than the current emperor, but it is a pity that the prince is the youngest son of the previous emperor.The weak cannot compete with the current emperor, so they came up with a plan to be suppressed purekana cbd gummies for arthritis by the emperor s troops, and secretly wait for the opportunity.One day this world will belong to the prince.So what if he gave up his status as a guard general What he wanted was never such a small official position, he was a handsome talent, the unique handsome talent in the Great Zhou Dynasty, even his heir was firmly in the position of Shangshu of the Ministry of War, and all the soldiers and horses in the world were under the control of his Zheng family.

The chariot quickly shuttled through the palace, and Huang Chang followed, panting, and the crown on his head was crooked.This kind of nervousness and panic had never happened before, Huang Chang didn t dare to think about what would happen if something happened to Empress Concubine De After the Zhang family was arrested and King Huai returned to Beijing, the situation in Beijing gradually stabilized.Gu Mingzhu was relieved after watching her mother and younger brother fall asleep safely.Mo Yangming and the Empress Dowager agreed to enter the palace today.I ll go with Master.Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and walked to Mo Zhenren s side.The Empress Dowager summoned Mo Zhenren, naturally to ask her about the situation outside the palace.She had advantages and disadvantages in the past, and Gu Mingzhu was worried about the empress who was imprisoned in Kunning Palace.

There were too many things he needed to deal with, and he couldn t just be knocked down like this.He is the emperor cbd gummies quit smoking purekana cbd gummies for arthritis of the Great Zhou, and he has seen more storms, these are nothing at all.The emperor clenched his hands tightly, raised his blood red eyes and told Huang Chang, Please come in, Empress Dowager.Huang Chang responded.The sound of the emperor vomiting could be heard clearly outside, but the emperor did not ask for an imperial doctor, obviously he did not want to say anything, and everyone present knew this truth.Huang Chang came out to invite the queen mother, and the rest of the people knelt on the spot, but the female officials and palace servants of Yongchun Palace were dragged down.Concubine De looked at the female officer, and saw that the female officer seemed to have lost her soul, her expression was flustered, her eyes were distracted, and when she wanted to speak, her mouth was blocked by the servant.

Feng Anping asked, Is there anything else Zhou Zerui couldn t think of anything else related to this.My lord, what I m telling is the truth.Please change me to another cell, please Feng Anping didn t agree, but looked at Zhou Zerui s side, and loosened the hand that was holding Zhou Zerui.Zhou Zerui s eyes widened with joy, but he also realized that Feng Tongpan would not let him out from here, and the people who were locked up with him would never stop, at most they would restrain themselves a little.Feng Anping said, Think about it carefully.Zhou Zerui nodded hastily.If he went against Feng Tongjuan s intention, he would be worse off than he was like last night, and perhaps purekana cbd gummies for arthritis something even more terrifying was waiting for him.Leaving Zhou Zerui s cell, Feng Anping said Then Xu Gui can t bear it any longer.

Zhou Zejing shook his hand, and the seal fell to the ground.When he regained his composure and looked down, he didn t see the jade seal.Everything was like a dream, a seal suddenly appeared, and that seal disappeared without a trace.Second Master, that man is leaving the city.Shall we catch up Hearing the voice of his confidant, Zhou Zejing suddenly came to his senses.Go up a trail.There are fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road.Zhou Zejing nodded to the people around him.Right now is the best place to ambush Bao Er.Before Zhou Zejing s cronies approached Bao how long does cbd gummy last Er, best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies Bao Er who was not far away stopped in his tracks., and then look back.Like a tiger seeing its prey, it purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how long does cbd gummies last grinned and showed its sharp teeth to Zhou Zejing.Chapter 496 To be honest Zhou Zejing was taken aback and couldn t help taking a step back.

The soldiers and horses brought by Cui Wei became disorganized after such a charge, and a thousand people fought bloody battles.This is the way of fighting to the death.Be careful that the rest of the soldiers and horses of the imperial court follow.Don t love to fight.Flash them away.Voices echoed.Cui Wei waved the sharp weapon in his hand.He knew Cui Zhen, and Cui Zhen cbd gummies delivered near me also knew him, and he was blocked early on.Chapter 504 The cavalry brought by Cui Zhen, who killed his younger brother, was indeed not many, but he went out with General Changsheng with high morale.Cui Wei couldn t understand.Could it be that Cui Zhen really wanted to fight him to the death with a thousand troops The two sides fought for more than two hours, Cui Wei couldn t move an inch, but Cui Zhen s soldiers and horses also suffered heavy losses, especially the armor of Dingning Hou Cui Zhen s armor was covered with blood, and the horse under his crotch was also injured.

The palace people immediately surrounded and carried the emperor down.Long Jinwei Peng Shi wanted to check on the emperor s situation, but he heard the empress say, The emperor is under the care of an imperial doctor.Next, all the ministers will go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to discuss how to deal with King Liang.Peng Shi stopped and hung his head.Head Wei Chen takes orders.Chapter 513 Seeing her son s tragic death, Concubine Gunde screamed, wishing she could jump down from the Wufeng cbd gummies no corn syrup how to make Building, but in the end she was timid, and knelt down cbd gummies benefit on the ground again and whimpered.cry.The corpses of the rebels were carried out, and the palace staff quickly cleaned the blood on the ground.Under the sun, the palace returned to its former solemnity and magnificence, except for a piece of water that did not dry up, nothing remained, as if the rebellion just never happened at all.

Lin breathed a sigh of relief and found that her palms were covered in cold sweat.So Zhuzhu has always been by the empress s side, it s rare that Zhuzhu can be so calm.Fortunately, Zhuzhu was not injured, Madam Lin sized up her daughter again, and her eyes finally fell on the jade pendant on Zhuzhu s waist.It is excellent Hetian jade, the jade is delicate and moist, and a phoenix bird is carved on it.The phoenix bird holds its head high and has a graceful figure.The feathers on its body are clearly visible, and it looks vivid.Mrs.Lin couldn t help asking Zhuzhu, this is Gu Mingzhu said It s a gift from the empress.Madam Lin looked carefully, the jade pendant was well nourished, could green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis it be a personal item of the empress Zhuzhu didn t do anything, how did she get such a valuable thing Could it be that the empress has other meanings Mrs.

Although Liang Wang s chaos has not completely subsided, this battle is crucial.Under Gongji City, the court soldiers and horses began to gummy cbd for sale count the battlefield.The corpses were removed one by one, the corpses of the rebels were piled up in one place, and the soldiers who suppressed the rebellion were properly transported to Yizhuang.Lu Guang looked around the corpse with a torch, his hands were shaking due to excessive force, and the wound on his body was still oozing blood, but 1000mg just cbd gummy he didn t care at all.Zhu Wu.The pain in Lu Guang s throat was like a knife cut, making him almost speechless.Zhu Wu.Zhu Wu.Besides Lu Guang, other people were also turning over the corpses on the ground.That was ordered by Mr.Wei.Zhu Wu, you can do it.Master Wei went to capture King Liang with his wounds, and he hasn t forgotten you yet.

Start the boat.Standing on the blessing boat, King Liang ordered.The big ship galloped forward slowly.There is a boat in front.No, there is also a boat chasing from behind.There is also a boat on the left, and on the rightMy lord, we are surrounded by people.Before the sound rang, King Liang had already seen a boat suddenly appearing from the sea.The ships that came, nothey didn t pop out of nowhere, but hid behind the reef, like hunters waiting patiently for the prey to best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies step into the trap.What should I do Put down the boat and escape As soon as King Liang thought about it, he heard a miserable cry.Someone has boarded the ship.The sound of fighting followed, and several frogmen touched the ship at some point, and fought with the guards on the ship.Zhao QiZhao Qi Someone on the fast moving boat was shouting with all his might.

This wish is enough.The room suddenly fell silent, and everyone looked at Nie Chen.Zhu Wu was right, they also wanted to see the elder.Brother, can you do it Zhu Wu said again.Nie Chen wiped his mouth, Liu Su lowered his eyes, he would have to pay it back sooner or later when he came out, he had expected today.Of course.Nie Chen agreed straight away.If he said that he had never met the elder, would the brothers and sisters in the room tear him to pieces Therefore, he had to agree.However, where is he going to find his adoptive father Does Miss Gu know the whereabouts of the elder The Elder shouldn t mind having a house full of children, right Zhu Wu s face was flushed with excitement, he was about to see his foster father, and he didn t know how his foster father purekana cbd gummies for arthritis was doing.Lu Guang said What about me You still can t do it, Nie Chen looked very serious, Yifu wants to see each of them, you wait a little longer.

The skills are also very good, even if the adoptive father comes to us now, we may not be aware of his location, many times the adoptive father secretly helps, and we can see the adoptive father When Nie Chen said this, he found Zhu Wuhe Liu Su is back.How is it Nie Chen s eyes lit up, Can you see the adoptive father Zhu Wu smiled, Yes.Nie Chen said, How is the adoptive father It s the same as the elder brother said, Zhu said.Wu was surrounded by everyone, Let s go into the room and talk about it in detail.Nie Chen squeezed to Zhu Wu s side Did the foster father mention me Did he say he wanted to see me Zhu Wu nodded purekana cbd gummies for arthritis The foster father mentioned elder brother Yes, but the adoptive father said that this time there is no need to see the eldest brother, the adoptive father and the elder brother share the same mind, so there is no need to explain anything.

Who are you Zhang s voice was hoarse, I ask you, who are you The man still lowered his head, and the guards of the Cui family who escorted him grabbed his bun and turned his face up.Everything is clearly identifiable.Master Luo.Zhang seemed to have been hit hard again.She tremblingly stretched out her hand to touch the familiar face, but she panicked like a child again.so real.Mrs.Zhang screamed suddenly, shrank up and squatted on the ground.No, it s impossible, it s all fake, it s all fake.With a boom , the man was kicked and fell to his knees.Seeing the man fell in front of her, Zhang s heart felt as if a mountain had collapsed.Mrs.Zhang finally came back to her senses, threw herself towards the man, and tore at the man s face with her hands, but no matter purekana cbd gummies for arthritis how hard she tried, the face did not change, and the man s eyes became more and more familiar to her.

However, Luo Yu never fell down.Luo Yu lowered his head to look at his chest, and a broken arrow fell from his robe and fell to the ground.Looking at the broken arrow, Luo Yu realized something.Someone rescued him just now, blocked the sleeve arrow, weakened the strength of the sleeve arrow, and broke the arrowhead of the sleeve arrow., but not strong enough to kill him.The only person who can do such a thing is Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning.Luo Yu kneeled down and thanked Cui Zhen Thank you Marquis Dingning for saving your life.In the future, the sinner will definitely do his best to serve Da Zhou and Lord Marquis.Those words he said obviously moved Cui Zhen, otherwise Cui Zhen Zhen will not be like this.Zhang looked at all this in a daze, her face was extremely ugly, as if all her spirit had been pulled out of her body at this moment, and she was sluggish there.

Now that Wei Yuanchen knew what Master Zhou did, he would try to take the portrait from Prince Gong, and when he saw Wei Yuanchen, he would ask him personally.Cui Zhen said No need, did you ask Mr.Zhou who painted that portrait Wang Jing said Yes, I have already sent someone to look for that person.If that person has something to hide, he will definitely take the portrait.Get it back, and I will never let the portrait of my wife fall into the hands of others.Cui Zhen ordered Do it After Zhou s parents learned that Zhou Rujun was killed by Cui Wei and Zhang, they wanted to come forward and move Zhou Rujun.He did not agree to leave Cui s ancestral grave.He has already dealt with many matters in the Dingninghou Mansion, but the matter of the Zhou family is always on his mind.Cui Zhen was about to turn around and go back to the desk when he suddenly changed his mind and called to Wang Jing, I ll go with you.

Xi Niang coughed lightly, and Gu Mingzhu came back to her senses.She seemed to be stupefied looking at Mr.Wei, and forgot that there was a room full of female relatives watching the ceremony.Chapter 560 Huanxi Gu Mingzhu blushed and looked around, and sure enough, she saw pairs of smiling eyes.There were quite a few female family members from the Wei family.The one at the charlottes web cbd gummies amazon front is the eldest sister in law Zhang, and next to Zhang is the second sister in law Xu who married into the Wei family last year.Gu Mingzhu looked at them all.Although she couldn t know their identities, she recognized them familiarly.It will be easier when you recognize your relatives.Wei purekana cbd gummies for arthritis Yuanchen looked at Zhuzhu s clear eyes, and easily moved away from him to look at the female relatives, and couldn t help but glance at Xi Niang.

Thinking of this, the emperor was shrouded in fear, he was not greedy for life and afraid of green otter cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies for arthritis death, he just didn t want Dazhou s country to fall into the hands of traitors.The emperor s illness will never recover.Empress Wei interrupted his thinking as if she knew what he was thinking.Your majesty knows it, right Empress Wei said, Even so, you still don t want to die.You have killed so many innocent best cbd gummies calfornia equilibrium cbd gummies people, brothers, sons, loyal ministers, and innocent people.Maybe those people are waiting for you below.What will you do then How will you repay the debt The emperor trembled even more, and the greatest fear in his heart was uttered by Wei.Empress Wei went purekana cbd gummies for arthritis on to say The surrounding area is unstable, and too much military resources have been spent.If the emperor is going to do it right now, the funeral must be simplified.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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