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Xu Hongliang didn t rush in, so he turned on the engine and turned on the air conditioner.cigarette.I heard from Lao Xu and my master when I went to the police yesterday.He is quite well informed, maybe he overheard him when he was answering the phone in the duty room.The police station is a small society, there are all kinds of people, and some people like it Those who flatter the leaders, and those who make where can i purchase cbd gummies small reports for their performance, such as Wu Wei.There are also those who like to gossip, especially those auxiliary police officers and co officers whose wages are not high and their work intensity is not high.No one speaks behind that person, and no one speaks behind that person s back.Han Chaoyang has his own ideals and pursuits, he doesn t care about them or even disdains them, he doesn t bother to comment that he can t do anything in his 40s and can only work as an assistant at the police station.Oh, I don t use a key at home, I use a card.Okay, thank you.Han Chaoyang After receiving the card, he probed again and said, Everyone else should leave, what are you doing here on such a hot day, isn t it just a snake, what s so good about a snake.Everyone, listen to the police comrades, go back, Go back and turn on the air conditioner.The building manager came to his senses and hurriedly helped maintain order.Taking the elevator to the eleventh floor, I saw a few bold owners watching the excitement in the corridor.Seeing the police coming, they all stepped aside to make way for a passage.The big snake was about to be dealt with, and Lao Xu no longer volunteered.He didn sarah blessing cbd fruit gummies t even bring the woven bag to hold the snake.He deliberately followed behind.Carefully open a gap.Looking in through the gap, I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.It s a pet kept by a female proprietor.It may not be closed properly, and she ran away to someone else s house, which almost scared an old lady into a heart attack.But Han Chaoyang didn t catch the snake.How could he Have the guts.As expected Liu Suo didn t have any expectations for Han Chaoyang, who couldn t grasp and stick to the wall, and subconsciously asked, Who caught that Who else is there besides the fire brigade the instructor asked back, sighing softly One more person is better than one less.If he is not in the Chaoyang Police Station, because of these two big things, we have to send at least one trolley, send a policeman over there.Don t cbd stress relief gummies mention him, just mention him and get angry.When the director and instructor were talking about Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang was patrolling along the Chaoyang River with Lao Xu.Good brother, Really awesome He took care of things quietly, in fact, he was cbd lion gummies review helping himself.Han Chaoyang was very moved, and pondered As long as the case can be solved, everything is easy to talk about.When the net is closed, I will go to Xu Suo, but Xu Suo can t solve it.Find an instructor, and if the instructor can t solve .

what do cbd gummies do for anxiety?

the problem, go to Liu s Office, I don t believe he won t reimburse me. What if Liu s office doesn t sign I ll go to the branch office to find the bureau leader if Liu s office doesn t sign, not only to reimburse the case handling funds , and ask for bonuses for the people who provided clues.I m relieved if you have this determination, and the food expenses for my overtime work will also be counted.It s not for nothing, it s what we deserve.He said it was The Xieqin of the Huayuan Police Station is actually a low income security officer.The previous ones must also be made up.Understood, I will make up this one after I get it done.Don t take it seriously.If you find out that you really want to be fined, then you must not intercede with me, because it is useless to ask me.Okay, okay, don t worry, I won t make things difficult for you.Han Chaoyang s assurance to her was deep.I was skeptical, and was about to emphasize it again, when a familiar voice came from behind Miss Boss, have my things been printed, and Xiao Han is there , Han Chaoyang hastily turned to say hello.Director Su dressed very vigorously today, with a white shirt on his upper body, dark blue trousers on his lower body, and short hair.While watching the proprietress help her print documents, he smiled and said, Xiao Han, let s go to Chaoyang Village together later.The name is quite interesting.The community policeman Han Chaoyang maintains the security of the Chaoyang community.Both of you Is it a coincidence Han Chaoyang maintains the security of the Chaoyang community, which is a bit interesting.Secretary Yang couldn t help laughing.Land expropriation and relocation are most afraid of people causing trouble.As long as someone stirs up the flames, there will be a group of people who don t know why and even have greed for profit.Director Gu only knew that there were a few people making trouble outside the venue in the morning, but he didn t know what the trouble was.He was very where can i purchase cbd gummies satisfied with the young man s resolute and decisive handling in the morning.He looked at Secretary Yang and asked with where can i purchase cbd gummies great interest Su Xian, do you have any good work ideas Waiting for your where can i purchase cbd gummies words, Director Su quickly reported on the idea of forming a voluntary security patrol team, and reported the difficulties in forming a voluntary security patrol team.The director, was later transferred to the street to help out, and later assigned to the neighborhood committee, with rich work experience, these relationships can definitely be straightened out.Lao Jin is quite powerful, otherwise he would have thought of taking dog ate cbd gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies this opportunity to recruit other people s security team Old Xu was still unsatisfied, lit a cigarette, babbled, and looked forward to the future of the police department.Han Chaoyang didn t want to be out of touch with the world like Wu Wei, so he clicked on WeChat Moments first, and liked the friends who posted today in Moments one by one, and checked WeChat messages when he was done.I don t know if I don t look at it, but I m startled when I see it.In just a few hours, there were actually six private chat messages.The first one is from the senior brother, saying that his girlfriend is leaving tomorrow afternoon, and asked if he has time to have a meal together at noon tomorrow.

He was on duty 24 hours a day, so he had no time to go to Guangming District for dinner.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to express his gratitude and apology.The second one is from my mother, asking if I have heard of a house with a good location, good quality, high rate of occupancy, and a reasonable price.I haven t bothered to look at eagle hemp cbd gummies side effects the house, but there are quite a few properties to choose from.Good brother Xu Hongliang took this matter to heart, and asked his friends who work in real estate companies to inquire about it, and brought over a dozen sales advertisements with floor plans and quotations.However, the mess is too miserable now, not only has no status in the unit, but is even unpopular.At this stage, parents are absolutely not allowed to come, and they can only lie that they have not found a suitable one for the time being.Melody What s the name, there must be a name.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and had to explain more patiently Sister, the melody cbd ediables gummies can you carry on cbd gummies I played just now is called Melody.It turned out to be the opera Orfeo by Gluck.An orchestral piece in Act II Scene 2 of Act II purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus and Euridice was later found to be more beautifully played on the violin, and thus became a well known and widely circulated violin classic.Let you see the account book you can see cbd gummies hoover Do you understand You can t understand it either.Huang Ying didn t think it was embarrassing, she smiled nonchalantly Don t talk about Melody , I haven t even heard of Orfeo and that thing, I only heard of Romeo and Juliet.Orfeo and Euridice.Is it an opera What is it about It s similar to The Butterfly Lovers.It tells a touching love story.How touching Very touching.He didn t care about the food and soup, so he hurriedly took out his mobile phone and asked for the phone number and WeChat.High technology is good.Now not only everyone has a mobile phone, but also WeChat.Almost every unit has an official or unofficial work group.Deputy Director Wan really takes it seriously, not only adding WeChat, They even dragged Han Chaoyang directly into the WeChat group of the Sanitation Office.The limelight was robbed by the Sanitation Office, and a parking attendant in charge stood up and held up his cup and said, Han Da, your matter is also my matter, Zhao Weiqun s.I dare not say anything else.No matter what happens on Zhaguan Road, I will never hide it.I m Zhao, I ll do it, you can do whatever you want.Old Zhao, Han Dagang has a drink, can I drink this glass for Han Da The police office is a group, and Lao Xu really regrets not calling two young men who can drink over , Worried that Han Chaoyang would be drunk, he hurriedly got up to block the drink.Okay, Secretary Guo was about to give Zou Jingnan an order, when he suddenly remembered the two whistleblowers who came to the branch office yesterday, and turned around and asked, Political commissar, what about the two women who falsely accused Comrade Han Chaoyang Yes, and the small policemen did have economic relations with the parties concerned.Commissar Huang weighed it up and said, We think they are making false accusations, and people will say it is supervision.What can we do about this kind of thing Tell her that we have investigated, but where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies there is no evidence.If they mess around, we will criticize education.Okay, Xiao Zou, you are responsible for this matter to the end.Yes.Wait.Director Du is not only the deputy secretary of the branch party committee, but also in charge of the command where can i purchase cbd gummies center office , police security room, and legal brigade, assisting the director in charge For the Performance Office work, I also contacted the Huayuan and Xinyuan police stations, as well as the deputy chiefs of the Armed Police Squadron and the Fire Squadron, who was the third ranked deputy chief of the branch.Although this is considered It s not a big case, but it may be the first case in the whole city or even the whole province, let me say hello to the legal affairs department for you, let them study the laws and regulations seriously, and see if they can make a classic case. Yes Liu Jianye was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly answered yes.I thought there would be no way to end it, but I didn t expect that the bureau leader would let Liu Suo investigate it as a major case.When someone took over the offer, Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and Guan Xiyuan was even more ecstatic.Chen Xiujuan really wanted to remind the director that this case was very troublesome, and she might be complained or even prosecuted, but in front of the bureau leader, and the bureau leader made it clear, she could only stand behind Han Chaoyang and worry about it.He didn t care about him, the little policeman who kept order, and ran into the alley as soon as he got out of the car.Immediately afterwards, a deputy head of the Criminal Police Detachment of the Municipal Bureau arrived, bringing forensic doctors and technical police.Just wondering if there would be another leader coming, Guan Xiyuan actually came out, hid in the middle of the just cbd gummies for sale two police cars, lit a cigarette, yawned and asked, Chaoyang, are you sleepy I m fine, how about you Are you sleepy I haven t had a good night s sleep in the past few days, tell me if you are sleepy or not.If there is a chance, I really want to stay in the police station like you.Guan Xiyuan really couldn t bear it anymore., Leaning on the police car with closed eyes, wanting to stand up and take a nap.He went to work all day yesterday and checked the migrant population in Fenghuang Village at night.

Chaoyang, are the people from the criminal police team here It turned out to be the master, Han Chaoyang no where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies longer worried about Guan Xiyuan, pointing to the alley and said Here, they are all inside, not only Xi Da is here, but also the criminal police where can i purchase cbd gummies detachment of the city bureau Dead.How could there be a homicide and two people died Gu Guoli put on a hat and said solemnly You stare here, I ll go in and take a look.Slow down, the road in the alley is uneven After waiting for about ten minutes, Grandpa Gu returned yummy cbd sleep gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies to the entrance of the alley, poked his head He looked at Guan Xiyuan, who was hiding behind him and sleeping soundly leaning against the police car, and turned around as if he hadn t seen anything.Knowing that the old man would not say anything, Han Chaoyang was make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies secretly happy to have such a master.It wasn t until Liang Dongsheng stood up to report that he regained his composure and hurriedly sat up straight.Report He Zhi, report Xi Da, our group interviewed 214 residents of Yangguan Village.Although many villagers were enjoying the shade on the street on the night of the incident, the villagers did not find out that there were too many outsiders renting in the village.What is abnormal Considering that the migrants renting in the village either go to work, work, or go out to do business during the day, our Liu Institute decided to organize our forces to conduct an inspection on the migrants renting in Yangguan Village at 10 o clock tonight.Do a thorough investigation and see if you can gain something from the investigation.There are too many people, this is a very troublesome problem All the traffic, public security and civilian surveillance videos around Yangguan Village have been extracted.Blockhole, I have encountered it before.If there is no clue, there is nothing to do.If there is a clue, it must be dealt with.But such a case not only needs to be caught, but also has a lot of evidence.Otherwise, he will only admit to doing it once, and he can only be fined.The cost of breaking the law is too low, and he will repeat the same tricks in another place.So I plan to arrange two team members to watch him and let him commit more crimes.No, how can I do this.Gu Guoli weighed it up and said in a low voice You report to the leader first, and arrange two team members to watch him first.I ll ask a few police stations around if there have been similar cases in their jurisdictions.both.Although the old man is not a leader, his face is sometimes greater than that of the leader.Han Chaoyang laughed and said, Great, collect more evidence, you may not be able to collect his fingerprints, but the small advertisement he posted on the rolling gate should still be there.You are amazing, and reporters will definitely come to interview you soon.Maybe even us will follow.If you are lucky, you must treat me later.Liu Suo and make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies the trainer also knew it, and I really don t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing.Han Chaoyang said a few perfunctory words and hung up the phone absent mindedly.At the same time, Liu Jianye was looking at the Weibo that Chen Xiujuan had just found, and murmured while reading There are so many police officers on duty in the HCMUSSH where can i purchase cbd gummies rain this afternoon, especially the traffic police, which one has not been soaked Why only shoot him and not others Good luck.Chen Xiujuan thought for a while, and analyzed Liu Suo, the instructor, the location should be opposite to PolyU.PolyU students like to use their mobile phones to browse Moments.Maybe they were taken by PolyU students.He lit a cigarette and said, See you as soon as you should, and don t let the masses down.Lao Gu, encourage Xiao Han, be generous, open minded, and don t hide.He has caught all the murderers.What is it to meet a little girl.Exercise first, and then let him participate in some activities in the bureau, such as variety where can i purchase cbd gummies shows on TV stations and legal programs on radio stations.In short, since he is popular, he will be popular until the end How could Gu Guoli fail to guess the good intentions of the bureau leader, and pondered Director Du, you are counterproductive.I want to follow the steps, but will you give me time Our Public Security Bureau is not a people s hospital.After the police retire I can t re employ you.Old Gu, I know you have feelings for the branch office, so please help me out, use the few months where can i purchase cbd gummies before retirement to teach and lead well, and when the time comes, we will have a good face, and your face will also have a good face, right Well, I know what to do.Today, the electricity was charged in the north, and the electricity was charged for dozens of catties.He was selling it at the gate of their community.He didn t recognize Lao Lei, and said that he would come to our place for electricity tomorrow To Han Chaoyang, this is a small matter, but to the old men of Factory 527, it is a big event Dozens of years old, to be scolded by a stinky boy pointing at his nose, make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies is extremely humiliating.And in order to protect the ecological environment of the Chaoyang River, the old men stopped fishing in the Chaoyang River, so how could they tolerate that kid coming here on a kayak to electric fish.If you don t help the old men to vent their anger, cbd ediables gummies can you carry on cbd gummies the old men will not provide clues in the future.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that he couldn t ignore it, and pondered Director Wang, we were not prepared last time, but now that he is prepared, he will definitely not be able to escape as long as he dares to come.

Of course Li Xiaobin knew what he was worried about.Said cbd gummies cool pack Don t worry, even if the electric fishing device is turned on, as long as we don t touch the water, it should be fine.Get on the raft later, and turn off the power first.Xiaokang suggested.Yes, turn off the power first.Han Chaoyang held the rudder, looked at the garbage and aquatic plants floating on the river surface that had not been cleaned up after the rain, and reminded Be careful, check the river surface for any abnormalities, and turn on the law enforcement recorder Okay.Looking at it.Just as he ra royal cbd gummies 1200mg was talking, the electric car had slowly passed the Chaoyang Bridge, and he could vaguely see the raft floating on the river, and he could see the master searching north along the river, The old factory manager and Xu Hongliang and others.He is very nice, and he even went to work for me.I had dinner at the restaurant there was a girl wearing glasses who worked as a cashier in Huasheng Supermarket, and a man often went to her, probably her boyfriend, and sometimes he stayed away at night.Consciously, it s so loud that everyone living in the yard can hear it.The girl wearing glasses has already checked it out, and just as the young man in front of her said, her boyfriend often went to visit her when she was renting at Qiao Xianhong s house.Liang Dongsheng nodded, and asked Is there another one There is another one named Yao, Police Officer Liang, you are looking for him, I know that kid is not a good person, I have never seen him go to work, and he lives in bed every day.I don t know what to do with surfing the Internet in the room, anyway, where can i purchase cbd gummies he is either a good person or a liar.Director Lin not only knows that Han Chaoyang is the most handsome policeman , but even jokes about it.Village head Cui and accountant Chang are more concerned about 7.17 case, after a few jokes, the case was naturally discussed.Who would kill Zhang Qiuyan and his wife for no reason Now it seems that the problem must be Qiao Xianhong.He said he was hiding from debts.Who knows what he is hiding from Lost, what kind of business do you do When you say you owe someone money, who exactly do you owe money to I have asked several people who work with him in the village, but no one knows.Xiao Han, you think this is not strange It s ironic that the village cadres know more about the case than the policeman himself.Han Chaoyang put down his chopsticks, and pondered, It s quite strange, Village Chief Cui and Accountant Chang.You think I m talking for him, wrong, I m thinking of you.I don t know about the others.Anyway, Director Lu of the working group and the others are all helping to introduce, as well as the female doctor and HCMUSSH where can i purchase cbd gummies nurse where can i purchase cbd gummies from the Sixth Hospital of the city.Prettier than the other, and fresher than the other.Huang Ying felt a little funny, and subconsciously asked Sister Su, so the unlucky ones are quite popular What do you think, people are now the most handsome policeman , I don t know how many there are Little girls like it.Boys chase girls across the mountain, girls chase boys with interlayer gauze.If you miss this village, there will be no such shop.Maybe in a few days he will be the boyfriend of the adult family.The house you bought will be the new house of the adult family.It s gone.Su Xian spoke very seriously, and she could tell that she was doing it for her own good, and she was worrying about herself.Being held here as a hostage is really nothing.I don t even have to worry about a few million mortgages.If it s a big deal, I will pay it back slowly in the future Just reminiscing about everything that happened at night where can i purchase cbd gummies and planning a bright future, there was a loud noise at the door, and a middle aged man ran into the hall with an old lady on his back, and the women and a girl of eighteen or nineteen who came in together shouted doctor.Rescue is important Lu Jiaxi couldn t care less about monitoring the handsome policeman and hurried to push the wheeled hospital bed.Together with relatives, she laid the cbd 2500 mg gummies old lady flat on the bed, helped send her to the emergency area, and then took relatives to the front desk to complete the formalities.This side was not finished, and the sound of an ambulance came from outside.What kind of public opinion, what kind of condemnation, we don t understand.You don t quit smoking cbd gummies near me understand Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo, you are a college student, tell me if there is any responsibility on the construction site, can you tell me if others show love Wrong The young man was sensible, and said with embarrassment Uncle, it s really none of his business.What do you know, it s cbd gummy canada none of your business, go back to the hospital and accompany your dad.Why is there nothing about Xiao Luo Grandpa Gu knocked on the table again, looked around the crowd and said, Everyone can go online now, news spreads quickly, especially negative news.You don t care, go make trouble, and don t be afraid of being laughed at by others.But you have to think for Xiao Luo, if The managers and workers of the construction party showed their love and trouble, and the negative news that good people can t do things spreads.

People have long said that she is your girlfriend.Chen Jie laughed more and more as she thought about it, and said full of anticipation There were where can i purchase cbd gummies many things that were hard to say before without a house.Now that you have a house, when you get married can be put on the agenda. Don t make a fuss, we really haven t reached the point where we can talk about marriage.We don t care where we go, let s talk about the evening first.Xu Hongliang was also tired after reading the public cbd ediables gummies can you carry on cbd gummies exam training materials all morning, so he stood up and stretched.Lazy, yawned and said This is a great event, there is no need to keep it a secret for you, I told Lingling, Brother Wei also knows, they are very happy, they said they want to meet your girlfriend, they I m not busy at night, I ll pick it up later, you give Huang Ying a call, get together at night, and get to know each other.For example, I want to invite the cadres of Yangguan Village to meet Qiao Xianhong The parents of Wang Qiaolan and Zhang Qiuyan, mothers of Wang Qiaolan, consoled and asked the elderly on both sides what their plans are for the future.Doing work in advance will save Qiao Xianhong, his wife and children from being dead, and the elderly on both sides will turn against each other because of some property.The matter is very important.Wang Qiaolan cannot say that she has not fulfilled her duty as a mother, but in the eyes of the villagers and the villagers, she is not a good mother, mother in law or grandma.The uncles and brothers of the Qiao family and the Zhang family will definitely think, you They have already remarried, and it has nothing to do with this side, where can i purchase cbd gummies so why should they inherit the property of their son and daughter in law Zheng Xinyi was taken aback for a moment, and immediately realized that she was convinced.Yue Lianlian was not afraid of embarrassment in the fire, and asked angrily What did you say when you asked me to turn off the TV to sleep Chen Jun was stunned for a moment, and murmured II will say that the baby is good.You tonight Have you said it No.That s it Damn, she actually lost her temper because her husband didn t say be good baby.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, got up and went down the slide, and patted Chen Jun on the arm Comrade Chen Jun, you should praise baby when you should praise it, but you forgot, this is your fault.Make a deep review, Introspect deeply, and admit your mistake to Baby.Officer Han Humiliated, Chen Jun was dumbfounded.That s it, let s do a good job of self criticism.Zhikuan, Xiao Yang, go back to duty, Ji Sheng and I should go back too.In the middle of the night, who has the energy to play with you Han Chaoyang didn t make any notes anymore, and called Dai Jisheng to get on the patrol car and go back to the police office.This is a good thing, but you can t shoot yourself in the foot.Liu Jianye reminded I believe you can start this official account.As far as cbd oil gummies anxiety I know, as long as it can be done, as long as tens of thousands of HCMUSSH where can i purchase cbd gummies people follow it, companies and even individuals will take the initiative to find it.When cbd gummies arling texas you advertise, you should be very clear about what advertisements can be used and what information cannot be used to promote them.In order to ensure safety, you must first report to the trainer before helping to push advertisements.In short, we cannot stumble on this issue.You Afraid of accidents, am I not afraid I m not like those local TV stations that only care about money, and I don t want to be scolded by the masses wherever I go.Han Chaoyang said hastily Don t worry Liu Suo, don t worry the instructors, if the official account can be set up, we will definitely not accept advertisements that shouldn t be accepted.I think that part of it can be paid according to the overtime pay standard of the security company, and the rest of the money can be used for a dinner.At that time, I will go with the trainer and toast the players to express our gratitude.Good dinner, where can i purchase cbd gummies Liu Suo, I don t think Director Su and Lao Jin should have any objections.The leader was worried that the distribution of money would become a routine, which would make it difficult to carry out work where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies in the future, and he wanted the team members to accept this situation.It s funnier to think about it.Liu Jianye nodded again, and continued By the where can i purchase cbd gummies way, 10,000 of the 20,000 is a reward for the people who reported the crime, at least that dinner lady cbd gummies s what the Zhou Bureau told the brothers and county bureaus.But the reward of 10,000 is too much, and the influence of spreading it out will also be great.How much will it cost A million chips, if the cure is not spent in the future After that, it will be returned to the good hearted people who donated in proportion. As long as the money can be raised, it will be cured I asked, this person dare not guarantee it, they said that as long as chronic myelogenous leukemia like this can be matched Type, as long as cbd gummies for pain 25mg you do bone marrow transplantation, the cure rate is very high, but the premise is that you can match the type, if not, all the work you are doing now is useless, no matter how much money you spend, it will be in vain. Parents should be fine.Right Not necessarily, this is the most worrying thing now, if the bone marrow of the child s parents is not suitable, and the bone marrow bank can t find a suitable one, it will be troublesome.Why can t the parents This is not a blood transfusion, Anyway, that s what the doctor said.

Xiao Han, you are familiar with the rescue station, and this task is entrusted to you.Whoever comes up with the idea, the task will be entrusted to him Han Chaoyang regretted it too much, and thought to himself that he would never come up with such a bad idea in the future, and he would be punished if he came up with too many bad ideas.What Liu Suo said was an order, and just as he answered yes, Guan Yuanyuan asked again Liu Suo, I think we should consider it more comprehensively, in case these women don t want children.Which parent would not want their own flesh and blood, if There are only two possibilities for that kind of situation to happen.The first is what Xiao Han and Xiao Wu met last night.The child is suffering from a serious illness and the family is in financial difficulties.It may not be hers.The most powerful one is to .

can cbd gummies be mailed?

go to Yanyang Grand Theater for a concert.Tickets are basically unsold.All the parents who go to see the performance are students and parents, so how much does it cost The cost can be imagined.Han Chaoyang realized that the senior brother also wanted to play some activities, so he couldn t help laughing and said Everyone is here, let s play together.How many children do you have I ll see if I can borrow a few more chairs.Not many, thirty One.Thirty one is not much, how many children is too many Han Chaoyang was so dumbfounded that he had no choice but to run over and speak nicely to him, asking him to borrow a chair.Kang Wei was very close during the call just now, and they came really fast.I just borrowed chairs here, and the team of the piano band arrived.The parents were very happy that their children could participate in such activities, but they were not very relieved.As soon as the armed police officers and soldiers sang, it reflected how well the policemen of the branch bureau sang just now.With a knowing smile on Zhou Ju s face, he couldn t help turning his head and said Political commissar, it s different to have professional guidance than to have no professional guidance.Comrades sang well just now.Xiao Han can also conduct, with powerful and clean movements.Compared with him, this officer on the stage is just beating the time.The young man HCMUSSH where can i purchase cbd gummies really did a good job by taking the lead.Political Commissar Huang turned around to look at the policemen who had just stepped off the stage and were returning to their respective positions from the right passage, and smiled and leaned into Zhou Ju s ear In the future, if there are similar activities, I will not look for others.Su Xian took her arm and pulled her Walking with the elders and aunts, he snickered and said, It doesn t matter how much you earn or spend.You re not married anyway.One person can eat enough and the whole family won t be hungry.I m different from you.I have old and young, and I have to pay off the mortgage.Think carefully about how to live this day.Pay the mortgage, don t cry poor.I really want to repay the mortgage Both of you have a provident fund, and paying two hundred a month is called repaying the mortgage Just when Huang Ying and Su When Xian was bickering, Zuo Yanqian, who had just returned home from the performance and was about to take a shower, suddenly received a call from her best friend.Sissy, have you checked the WeChat account of Chaoyang Community Security Patrol Team As soon as Zuo Yanqian, Chaoyang Community Security Patrol Team was mentioned, she felt depressed.Officer Han, wewe didn t know you had a girlfriend, and we didn t know you had a girlfriend.No other meaning, just that you shouldn t lie to us.Of course, you have your difficulties, but you have to say hello, and you can explain it on the official account.Sorry, I didn t think carefully.Handsome is good, and such a thing happened.The more Wu Wei thought about it, the more amusing she became, and she turned around and said, Yingying, don t stand there, just sit down for a while.Thank you, Huang Ying, knowing that he was proving her relationship with the unlucky guy in disguise, smiled sweetly Miss Zuo , Miss Tang, you sit down too, if you have anything to say, sit down and talk.He is very familiar with the people in the police office, and it seems that it is dog ate cbd gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies not fake.How could she do such a shameful thing, Zuo Yanqian regretted it, and sat down pretending to be nonchalant, not forgetting to flirt with her best friend.Speaking of business, you really helped us and Qi Tingting s yummy cbd sleep gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies parents a lot.The child ran away from home, and I can imagine how anxious the parents were.After half a month of searching, my legs were broken.I couldn t eat or sleep well.Not private label gummies cbd good.My parents will be here soon, and I have told you on the phone that I will thank you very much You are welcome, this is what we should do.I must thank you.If it were me, I would also like to thank you.I knew you were just playing petty temper just now, and Han Chaoyang was about to praise him again, when a taxi came outside, Qi Jie and his wife opened the glass door and rushed into the police room.Qi Gong, sister in law, don t thank me, I want to thank you and thank these two, let me introduce Thank you for everything, Miss Zuo and Miss Tang, please don t be polite, if you are polite to us I m sorry.

You can t leave.I don t know if they will call 110 again.Okay, I m sorry to trouble you.Chapter 233 Problems with the base area 3 It is rare for a community where the owner and the property company have no conflicts and can live in harmony, and the collection of waste has indeed become a general outbreak fuse.More than a dozen owners who have been dissatisfied with the property came here after hearing the news, and defended their rights together with the owners who had not dispersed before, from the monopoly can i take two cbd gummies of waste collection to ground parking fees, from the ground parking space fees to the lighting costs of underground parking lots, There are also a series of issues such as advertising revenue in the elevators in the community, rental of public rooms, and whether it is necessary to turn on the lights on the outer walls of the buildings in the community at night.Voluntary security patrol team.So in the past period of time, Chaoyang and I have been taking care of two large units of PolyU, the Sixth Hospital of the City, and the merchants along the street along Zhongshan Road.PolyU has a security office, and the work of migrant population management, public security, fire protection, transportation, etc.has been done well.It s better, now it s summer vacation, so there aren t many things.There were a lot of problems in the Sixth Hospital some time ago.There were pickpockets in the registration and payment hall, and even the bus stop sign in the outpatient hall.I go to patrol when I have time, it s much better now.Not much better, but much better If where can i purchase cbd gummies I remember correctly, there has been no case of pickpocketing or electric car theft in the Sixth Hospital for 24 consecutive days, and the hospital is afraid to come again now.The college went to Dean Liao, and then went to the Personnel Department to find Director Lin.Principal Nie has a lot of things to do every day, and vice principal Mu is equally busy, and the two school leaders have explained it before, so there is no need to alarm them.Just because the leader had explained it, things went smoothly, and at the same time it was a little funny, even embarrassing.They are not recruiting teachers, but counselors The reason is very simple.If you want to enter PolyU for a teaching position, you must first have a degree.You must ensure that you have studied in 211 and above colleges and universities in the three stages of undergraduate, master, doctor, or at least in ordinary colleges and universities with one or more grades.At least one of the three stages of undergraduate, master, and Ph.If you have a goal, you yummy cbd sleep gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies need to plan.You can make a timetable, what to do this month, what to do next month, what to do next month, and what staged small goals to achieve.Proceed step by step.When all the small goals are realized one by one, the establishment of the cbd ediables gummies can you carry on cbd gummies owners meeting and the hiring of a property management company will be a matter of course.I thought you had some brilliant ideas, and you said a lot of nothing Miao Haizhu couldn t laugh or cry because she didn t know whether to say thank you, but Han Chaoyang continued, Isn t it supported by a few owners now It s impossible for them to have no friends in the community.Other channels mobilize more owners.I don t believe that none of them are responsible.After doing the work, there must be someone who HCMUSSH where can i purchase cbd gummies is willing to come forward.In short, we must establish a good relationship with the owners who support the establishment of cbd gummy oil the owners meeting.Not only me, but Ning Junde s lover Ke Jing has also come, and your branch office booked air tickets for us.The bureau leader was really thoughtful, The bureau leaders are so nice Han Chaoyang was so happy that he couldn t help hugging focl cbd gummies his long lost lover as soon as he entered the elevator.Huang Ying habitually thought that there was a camera in the elevator, so she pushed him away, looked up at the scars on his face and neck, and murmured, It s dark, and there are so many scars.It s dark Do you Take a picture yourself.Han Chaoyang looked at himself in the stainless steel mirror, turned around and smiled and said, It s tanned.The altitude here is high, and the ultraviolet rays are strong.The sunscreen you bought was applied when you first came, and you went in later.I didn t pay attention to the search and arrest in the forest area.In short, controlling the bad influence is the first The prosecutor didn t care whether Han Chaoyang was a hero who had just won a second class meritorious service, and kept asking about the details of last night.Han Chaoyang also drank a few glasses of wine last night, so he couldn t remember the exact time, so he could only say a lot Probably , maybe , around , maybeCompared to him, He Pingyuan is more wronged at this moment The man did not shed tears lightly, but he did not reach the point of grief.Facing the interrogation committee, inspectors and prosecutors, he said tearfully, I really didn t scare him, let alone do anything I have no relationship with the other party s family.There is no reason for the relatives, and it is even more impossible dog ate cbd gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies to receive benefits from others.Even if I, He Pingyuan, want to accept, his family is so poor that he lives on state aid, what can he give me, and I have no reason to scare his family.

Now The child is not too worrying for the family Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, and asked, What s his phone number This.Zhu Ze an hurriedly handed over the phone.Han Chaoyang simply dialed with his mobile phone, but there was a notification sound that he could not connect.Officer Han, it wasn t that he couldn t get through at first, but it was shut down at first.I wondered if he didn t make any money from his part time job and didn t have money to pay the phone bill, so I paid him a hundred.Do you know what kind of job he does He said to help a company run business and sell wine.Mr.Hua, have you asked the classmates in the class if anyone worked with him during the summer vacation, and does anyone know his whereabouts Yes., as soon as Lao Zhu found me, I called one by one to help him.There are two students in our class who worked with him in a valhalla tropical twist cbd gummies review wine wholesale firm in Chun an Market.Something is wrong The words were clear and there were almost no loopholes, but it was also impossible to verify, and it was obvious that some preparations had been made.Han Chaoyang secretly cursed that he really knows how to make up, and couldn t help but want to ask what happened to the Apple mobile phone, Zhu Youwei suddenly grinned and said Although I was fooled by them, I didn t suffer.My ID card and mobile phone They made excuses and took it away.When I ran over the wall, I took a mobile phone while they were not paying attention.Officer Han, I never thought of stealing.I wanted to find a mobile phone to call the police, but I ran out to see , the mobile phone has no SIM card.Officer Han, my Youwei s mobile phone was also taken away by those gangsters who killed thousands of dollars, and they almost suffered a big loss His where can i purchase cbd gummies heart was finally relieved, and of course he wanted to speak for his son.So it s not realistic, so there is no such condition.Can you be more serious Miao Haizhu reminded impatiently.I m trying to figure out a way, Han Chaoyang took out where can i purchase cbd gummies his phone to look at it, and added, I have to report such a big matter to the office.If the leader agrees, I will go.If the leader disagrees, I can only say sorry to Mr.Liang.I got it.In the end, I was still playing tricks, Director Wang and Mr.Liang really have a problem with people, how could they trust you so much Miao Haizhu seemed to realize something, and his eyes suddenly filled with contempt.Is there anything wrong with asking where can i purchase cbd gummies for instructions and reporting Why did I play tricks Han Chaoyang looked up at the rearview mirror and said with a half smile Comrade Miao Haizhu, please don t look at me like this, let alone engage in personal heroism.It s good that there is no police incident, what about Chaoyang Village I Master rests tonight, your master is patrolling the village, so many villagers move, and so many waste collectors, don t worry if you don t keep an eye on him. He s alone How is it possible, the street pays more attention to the villagers relocation than your house, and There was a fight in the afternoon, Director Su and Manager Jin are both there, and there are dozens of team members in the village now.The scene of more than two hundred households moving together must be spectacular, and the village is deserted enough after the rented outsiders moved out , I can imagine that the village will be even deserted after the villagers move away.However, this desertion is only temporary.In a few days, it will become a large construction site, with thousands or even tens of thousands of workers stationed there, and high rise buildings will be erected within make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies two years.Officer Han, do you want this Yes The superior made it very clear that no clues should be let go.Branches were removed from the sieve and stuffed into evidence bags.Seeing his serious appearance, the elderly migrant worker thought it was a bit funny, and was about to tease the little policeman, when the migrant worker on the left noticed again where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies Officer Han, there is blood on it, although it can t be seen clearly, it must be stained with blood.blood, do you want this too As soon as the short migrant worker finished speaking, the three migrant workers who worked with him burst into laughter.Confused by their laughter, Han Chaoyang ran over to see that it was a sanitary napkin, and it looked like it was a night use where can i purchase cbd gummies type to prevent side leakage Yes, Han Chaoyang couldn t help where can i purchase cbd gummies laughing.He picked up the sanitary napkin from the sieve and stuffed it into the evidence bag.Everyone in the institute will meet you every time, and you will be reported.After meeting you, you will change your luck immediately.You can see how well he is doing now, and he is like a fish in water.His luck has been good during this time, but good luck always pays off.When where can i purchase cbd gummies green ape cbd gummies near me I was alone, I was just worried that he would get carried away, that he would forget who he is.It where can i purchase cbd gummies s okay, didn where can i purchase cbd gummies t you make it clear just now, and this time I m not fighting alone.Sitting in the car and worrying is useless, and you can t Calling again to distract him, Huang Ying came out of nowhere and said, Lingling, tell me about your school days.I want to know too, Xu Hongliang looked up at the rearview mirror and asked do cbd gummies work for sex curiously Lingling, who is Lao Li, I see that he often calls you.What do you mean, don t you worry about me Xie Lingling asked pretending to be angry.

A small fine is a drop in the bucket for him, it s mainly to save face. Well, you know each other after all, it s definitely easier for you to come forward to work than me. I ll call him first. Well, let s where can i purchase cbd gummies call.Han Chaoyang He took out his mobile phone, pulled out the number cbd gummies hk and made a call Mr.Tian, I am Han Chaoyang from the police station.Xiao Han, hello, hello, you are a very busy person, why do you think of calling me today No matter how busy I am You are busy.I am in a hurry, what is the matter, is the joint defense team short of money again, I will still say what I said before, I will pay as much as Lao Tang pays.Mr.Tian, don t get me wrong, I am not begging for you Yes, I want to meet you and tell you something, it s not convenient to say it on the phone, and I can t tell you, are you in the city, do you have time tonight Han Chaoyang s character is in the two villages of Chaoyang and Yangguan Still very strong, Tian Jiming knew very well that it could not be a scam, and said with a smile If you have time, you are where can i purchase cbd gummies the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.For Huang Ying, she woke up unexpectedly.She squeezed through the crowd, looking at this and buying something, having a great time.As the people who came to visit the temple where can i purchase cbd gummies fair from all directions gradually dispersed, the two of them drove back.When they returned to the town, it was already dark, and the big light box of the Yingbin Hotel was already on.On several tables, it seems that the business is not bad.Mom called several times, and Han Chaoyang took Huang Ying to the Plum Blossom Hall on the second floor.When yummy cbd sleep gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies I opened the door, my father was sitting next to a second level police inspector in his forties, talking and laughing happily with everyone while drinking tea.Father Han subconsciously stood up, smiled and said, Chaoyang, Yingying, let me introduce you, this is Director Qi of our Linshan Police Station.When the sub bureau mentioned on the phone the possibility of setting up a police station in front of the station, he stopped, stared into her eyes and said excitedly I voluntarily continue to work with the suspect s relatives.I can t rank them in terms of seniority, so I can only Make more achievements.The opportunity is rare, you must seize it, maybe you can get through the work of the relatives of the suspect.Huang Ying was really surprised that a person who was just passing by became so self motivated, and she laughed and said Do you want to improve A soldier who doesn t want to be a general is not a good soldier, and besides, you don t want me to be a policeman for the rest of my life.Of course it s good to have the opportunity to be promoted to the deputy department, and this is the deputy department level, not a deputy chief in name only.Chapter 369 Entrepreneurship, Helping the poor chatted with Zheng Xinyi, while looking at the work log of the police platform for the past period, and before he knew it, it was time for dinner.Hearing that he was back, Aunt Tan prepared an extra meal.After dinner in the police station, and waiting for Old Tang to come back from Tianxia Restaurant, Han Chaoyang rode on Old Tang s electric car, rushed to the office to find the leader to sell the leave, and waited for Huang Ying, who was working overtime, anyway, the sub district office Very close to the police station.I thought Kang was on duty tonight, but I didn t expect Liu to be there.Liu Jianye had changed his clothes but was not in a hurry to go home.Instead, he called Han Chaoyang to the office on the second floor and asked about the fugitive Huo Xuebin who the sub bureau wanted to arrest.The backbone of the Yuanjie Police Station has a higher status in the Xinyuan Street Police Station than Wu Wei in the Huayuan Street Police Station.After all, no matter how capable Wu Wei is, he is just a rookie.When such a criminal case with little value occurs in the jurisdiction, the case handling team usually investigates first.If they, the police handling the case, can t handle it, it s the turn of more professional criminal police.The theft of electric vehicles occurred frequently in Xinmin Community, and the cumulative value of the cases was not small.The Second Criminal Police Squadron filed a case for investigation, but it still failed to solve it.Thinking of the old master who asked his brother to adjust the monitoring , Han Chaoyang realized that the case that even the criminal police could not handle could be solved by the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform, so he couldn t help laughing It s not a bad thing to lose another electric car.The public security police, the person in charge of the security company and the person in charge of the security department of each construction unit will be stationed together.Come on, it s easy to plan and coordinate Mr.Qi, Mr.Deng, Mr.Xuan, I think this plan is feasible.It s all for the construction of the project, and you can t just make small calculations, don t you think Mayor Meng, you Having where can i purchase cbd gummies said that, what else can I say.Mr.Deng I have no objection.It turns out that this meeting was not for nothing, it turns out that the leaders of the street and the sub bureau have already prepared.The security company won a big order, Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, subconsciously took out yummy cbd sleep gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies his mobile phone, and secretly sent WeChat to Director Su and Lao Jin under the table, telling them the great news.

Tomorrow morning, Manager Jin and Xinyi will go to the talent market to recruit people, and at the same time, they will consider promoting a group of squad leaders and deputy squad leaders.One stone stirred up waves, and the meeting room suddenly became lively, young man Each one is beaming with joy.Director Su smiled, and continued There are three main reasons why we can get such a big order.One is the support of the leaders.It takes advantage of the right time and place, and it can also be said that it is the advantage of being close to the water.We have made good use of these advantages now, and we will make good use of them in the future.For example, after the Chengdong Hub project is completed and put into use, high speed rail stations, subway stations and long distance Does East Passenger Transport Station need security checks As far as I know, the security checks at the railway station, long distance bus terminal, and Yanyang Airport are all outsourced to professional security companies.Han Chaoyang stopped again, grabbed the towel with both hands and asked, You guys also got up so early, why don t you sleep more Huang Ying, who smiled without saying a word, couldn t help but raised her mobile phone and asked Miss Huang, Teacher Xie, can I take a photo with Teacher Han.Others have photos with Teacher Han, but I don t Yes Let s get together.Young artists like music, and they prefer female college students like them.In the future, they will all go to haunted cbd ediables gummies can you carry on cbd gummies houses to rehearse, and they will help Chaoyang International Youth Hostel to attract young artists.There are real benefits involved, Huang Ying With a sweet smile, he pointed to Han Chaoyang generously, then got up and took the breakfast from Xie Lingling.Just take a group photo, Han Chaoyang is used to it.sa Pirate , the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean, when the time comes, Brother Wei will also come and accompany us to accompany you.Boss Qian went to Thailand to get a passport and found that Chinese intermediary.Asking for money, I gave them tens of thousands Han Chaoyang said in a low voice Is the news about spending money to buy it accurate It is impossible to collude with the make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies intermediary to cheat us of this small amount of money.Moreover, when Boss Qian went to Thailand last time, the intermediary called that bastard Huo does cbd gummies taste like weed Xuebin in front of him.Boss Qian heard clearly that it was Huo Xuebin.It s just that I didn t dare to speak.Hearing what he said shouldn t where can i purchase cbd gummies be false Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, and then asked I don t know the exact location of Huo Xuebin, so do you know his approximate location Although Myanmar is not as big as China, it is not small.There are many states.I forgot what the name is., anyway, it s very close to China, just across the border.Service center, let me hand over the work quickly.Secretary Yang sent a message, which meant that there would be no further changes, and besides, she was only seconded, and it was a level transfer , not a promotion.Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and asked eagerly, Did you tell me when to report to the administrative service center Tomorrow at 8 00 am, there are a lot of accounts that have not been sorted out.If they are not cleared up, they will not be handed over.I may have hillstone hemp cbd gummies erectile dysfunction to work overtime at night.Hurry up.If you work overtime, you will work overtime.If you are late, you will be late.Anyway, I will be on duty tonight.After leaving the old factory manager, he rode on the community police electric car distributed to Lao Tang by the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and rushed to the former Chaoyang Village Committee compound.The same is a sentence.Thinking of the hard indicators of the strike mission issued by his superiors, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing That s true, in the future we can at least write in the reported materials that one case of interference with radio management order was filed, one case was solved, and one case was arrested.1 person, 1 case transferred to 1 person. Who said 1 person Kang Haigen looked around and said excitedly, Go to ICBC tomorrow to freeze the money in Xunchang s account, Bi Xunchang s The case dog ate cbd gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies has basically come to an end.We have done so cbd gummy jar much work and collected and fixed so much evidence.The pre trial should not allow us to supplement the investigation.In short, after the freezing of Xunchang s illegal income, we can start to investigate , first investigate the illegal sale of black broadcasting equipment, and then follow the clues to investigate the flow of other equipment.There is no such condition.Excuse Well, it s an excuse for us not to marry, why don t you settle I never thought of getting married so early, and I know my mother and his mother too well, if I really listen to them I will get married at the end of the year, and they will urge me to have a child after the Spring Festival.Having a child, becoming a mother, I am still a child, and I am afraid of people when I think about it It must be admitted that her concerns are reasonable.Parents and mothers are looking forward to holding grandchildren.Xie Lingling couldn t help laughing.Just as she didn t know what to say, Zhang Beibei walked over with the tablet in her hands, glanced where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies at the two of them, put the tablet aside, and took out her phone to make a call.Xiaogu, I m Zhang Beibei, I m serious, don t be joking.

Let s get ready and organize a patrol tomorrow morning., Mobilize community party members and cadres and merchants along the street to assist the city appearance and sanitation department to clean up the snow on the main where can i purchase cbd gummies and secondary arterial roads.This is expected, Han Chaoyang agreed Okay, I will come early tomorrow, and then go to the party school after shoveling the snow Study.Chaoyang, I don t have to ask you to help shovel the snow.If the snow is really heavy, we alone can t shovel it.I just want you to say hello to a few construction sites and see if you can do it tomorrow.We can t borrow their loaders, bulldozers, and dump trucks, and we won t let them do their jobs for nothing, and we can pay for the gas and the wages of the drivers.Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee is not what it used to be, and there are hundreds of thousands of income from the sale of security company equity in its account , Even the sub district office is jealous.Grandpa Gu also felt that since he is a community policeman, he should do a good job in HCMUSSH where can i purchase cbd gummies community work and should not be so ambitious, he said in a persuasive way Haizhu, New Year s Day will be in a few days, and Spring Festival will be a few days after New Year s Day.Many, I can t delay my work because of this case, but I can t ignore the clues, you can go to the Kang Institute to discuss whether to write a material and report it, and the superiors will decide how to investigate and deal with it. That s a good idea, Miss Miao, just rely on The few of us really can t handle such a case.Okay, I ll report to Kang first.Watching Miao Haizhu away, Grandpa Gu turned back and said, Chaoyang, look at his enthusiasm for work Master , From what you said, it seems that I am not active in my work.You know in your heart whether you are active or not.Of course, being rich is a good thing, but it is not necessarily a good thing for some villagers.The criminals in the society are fooled and deceived.I believe that as long as the work is done well, the villagers will invest their money in the investment company in the community.After all, the two entities in the community are doing well, and the security company is getting bigger and bigger.It has already started to make a profit.The youth hostel is also well run, and it will be able to recover its cost by March next year at the latest, and it will start to make a profit like a security company.Trapping money The old Chaoyang villagers money is used to invest in the development of commercial complexes Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, thinking to himself that this idea was not a bit bold, but simply bold.After seeing Xinxin, I really wanted to go up and hug them but didn t dare, so I could only turn around and stare at them.How can this reaction escape the eyes of Grandpa Gu who has been observing her quietly, Grandpa Gu suddenly leaned over and smiled and said Big girl, can you do me a favor and teach me how to send this red envelope, I will only snatch it.I don t know how to send it, it s not good if I don t grab it, people think I m stingy.Sister Wei didn t have the heart to help him, she said absent mindedly I m sorry, I can t either.I don t really remember anything, and I have no impression of Sister Wei at all.While waiting for the French fries with her arms around Miao Haizhu s neck, she looked curiously at Sister Wei and Grandpa Gu with her big beautiful eyes.Nor do you Grandpa Gu asked subconsciously.His hometown is in Xichuan, thousands of kilometers away, even if I ran there, he would not He must be at home.I ll call him.I can t get through now.Minister Jiang called just now, and he turned off the phone.The restaurant manager where can i purchase cbd gummies thought about it and added He made this number when he came to Yanyang, and he will definitely call it when he comes back.If you change the number, you may not be able to get through in the future.Director Wang not only wanted to get back the phone, but also wanted to get back the phone number stored in the phone, and said expectantly Xiao Han, please.The director was so polite, knocked on the bar, and pointed to the computer in the bar Xiao Han, if you want evidence, if you want the kid s ID information, I can provide you with a copy of his ID card.If there is no clue It s hard to find, this one should be easy to find, and his behavior is suspected of embezzlement, now it s up to you, how long will it take to get the cbd ediables gummies phone back It s up to me Han Chaoyang thought to himself, should I go to Xichuan to help Director Wang look for it Even if the superior agrees to go to Xichuan, he might not be able to find the chef Seeing that Han Chaoyang was stunned, Vice Minister Jiang knocked on the bar again, reminding HCMUSSH where can i purchase cbd gummies him First file the case, I know you have to follow the procedure, Director Wang will cooperate with you, and make notes as needed.Han Chaoyang came to his senses, sat down and smiled, Go ahead.Chaoyang, this candidate is very troublesome, Xu Hongliang handed over a draft list, and said with a wry smile, I didn t do a good job of keeping secrets.I decided to set up a plainclothes anti picking team fun drop gummies cbd in the morning., Everyone knew at noon.Maybe they felt that the anti pickup was exciting and a sense of accomplishment.Dozens of people called to sign up.Even the monitor was unwilling to do it.Junfeng insisted on coming to the anti pickup team.If you join the anti pickup team, you will resign.Wu Junfeng, Gu Jun, Liu Chengquan, Zhang Bin, Wang Jiayong, Liu Yishan, Jiang Xiaoquan, Yang where can i purchase cbd gummies Tao, the eight people on the cbd gummies for depression and anxiety list are either squad leaders or deputy squad leaders.They are all veterans of Chaoyang Community Security Company.

Miao Haizhu laughed, and said with a chuckle If you don t tell me, I almost forgot.I am a party member, but you are not the team leader I am an active member of the party, and even though I have not joined the party now, it does not mean that my consciousness is not as high as yours, otherwise I can be the team leader, and you Miao sister can only be the squadron instructor.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, everyone couldn t help laughing.Miao Haizhu even giggled and said, Just now I looked good, but the more I talk about it, the less I look like a leader Xiao Fei smiled and said Okay, let s start drawing lots.Each person draws one, the long one is in the same group as Angkor, and the short one is in the same group as Miao Jie.After the draw is over, Angkor and Miao will draw again, and all the long ones will be drawn.In the photo, this guy is very aggressive, and he wants to fight with me.I go to the wholesale market every day, the stall owner and the market The security guards didn t know me, Miao Si er, and they all ran over to try to persuade the fight, but the fight didn t start.Miao Si er threw away the cigarette butt, and said through gritted teeth Qianglong still doesn t suppress the local snake.How dare you fight with me at the Yandong Vegetable Wholesale Market I m playing tricks, if I hadn t been dragged by Boss Shi where can i purchase cbd gummies and Xiao Pang, I would have given him some color.Come on, you re just showing some flair to others with your body, but it s commendable to stand up at the critical moment.What s the praise, I have to deliver the food, I can t make people wait.Seeing off Miao Si Son, Lao Hu thought to himself, Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang, not only your kid has a good public foundation, but mine is also not bad.One suspect who had been absconded for eleven years in fear of crime, solved, participated in and assisted in the detection of 48 public security and criminal cases While doing his job well, Comrade Han Chaoyang actively communicated with the masses and understood The masses are in real difficulties, guiding community residents and merchants to strengthen their own safety precautions, and popularizing public security knowledge.He has been rated as an advanced individual in flow control work in Yanyang City, an excellent policeman, and an excellent people s policeman in the city, and has been praised by the masses as the most handsome policeman in Yanyang., in line with the prerequisites for exceptional promotion and appointment, such as outstanding morality and ability, and high recognition by the masses.Mr.Yan didn t want to pursue it, and was in a hurry to leave.In fact, there was nothing to pursue.Han Chaoyang couldn t say anything more, so he raised his pen and said, The store manager is right, you are the best, take a look at this first, and sign if you have no objection.One word.Chapter 564 Little Fairy has an accident 1 The video released by the city bureau and the branch bureau went viral on the Internet, but the main character in the video, Han Chaoyang, was very busy.Wu pharma cbd gummies Junfeng, who had just finished dealing with a consumer dispute caused by a haircut and was preparing to report the result to the command center, was busy answering the phone as soon as he came out of Huadu Impression and his expression became more and more serious.Recall again, has she ever mentioned to you where she lives Well, I will report to Police Officer Han immediately, I can t tell on the phone, otherwise, where are you now, we will go find you In my hometown Well, please take a screenshot and send it to me.Easy to get the news, how can you miss where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies this opportunity to ask the teacher, and asked angrily We understand that business is not easy to do, but it is nothing to close the door.Not only are people going to the building, but even the phone can t be reached.You are not cheating.Are you a consumer Ms.Chen, please listen to my explanation.I don t have time to listen to your explanation, I just want to know whether you where can i purchase cbd gummies will refund the money in my card Refund, refund, definitely Refunds will be given to members who spend all their card money, Han Chaoyang looked back at the embarrassed Meng Lang, then leaned over and clicked the mouse to check Chen Yuexiang 5:1 cbd gummies s card application and consumption yummy cbd sleep gummies where can i purchase cbd gummies records at Jinshi Fitness Center, clutching the phone tightly.Said Ms.Chen, you have applied for an annual card in our fitness center, recharged 3,000 yuan when you applied for the card, and spent a total of three times in our fitness center.The East Bus Station is the most important duty point of our sub bureau, and the Du Bureau has already explained to the Huayuan Street Police Station that new comrades will go to your police office as soon as they arrive tomorrow, and will not return to the police officer training center for training until the end of the Spring Festival travel where can i purchase cbd gummies season.Chapter Twelve Changes One day closer to the Spring Festival, the lobby of the Chaoyang International Youth Hostel became increasingly deserted.There were few guests and no students came to rehearse, so Xie Lingling did not play the piano as before, but sat by the bookshelf and surfed the Internet with Huang Ying.Two beautiful women are sitting face to face, each with a laptop, and there is milk tea next to the computer.In this very literary hall with light music playing, there is something special about it.

Yang, he is the legal person of the company.Since it is a company, it should be done in a business like manner.How can there be no formal authorization for your company The power of attorney is the one that is stamped with the company seals of the authorizing party and the authorized party.Your company makes you responsible for collecting this debt, and you should have relevant proof.Han Chaoyang handed the copy and ID card to Sun Guokang, and then Said You bring this stack of copies here, who knows if it s real or not, who knows if it s a fraud, or even suspected of extortion It was obviously not the first time the fat man where can i purchase cbd gummies had dealt with the police, so he laughed and said Officer Han, it doesn t matter if you don t believe me.Our company has a lawyer.I ll call the lawyer and you tell our lawyer.What to do if you lose it, what to do if you are robbed, what if you have to shoot and accidentally injure the people manage Han Chaoyang s head grew dizzy, and he make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies said with a bitter face, Director, our Yanyang is in the Northwest, so violent terrorist incidents are unlikely.Worrying about something, he looked back again, and then leaned into his ear and said, You think the bureau leader wants to give you a gun, and giving you a gun is equivalent to handing over your official career to you This is Director Wang s instruction., must be fully implemented.The loss of a gun is a major event, and the firing of a gun is also a major event.I learned during the training in the police officer training where can i purchase cbd gummies center that the police can only arrest and escape when encountering suspects who set fire, break water, or explode with guns and other dangerous objects Dangerous goods, suspects hijacking airplanes, motor vehicles, etc.Are you busy If not, can you hide nearby and keep an eye on me so that they don t leave when we arrive.I m not busy.I m not going back to celebrate the New Year anyway.This is the bill I have to collect in the afternoon, and the money has already been received.Okay, please, don t get too close, as long as you can see it, you must pay attention to safety.Don t worry, I haven t seen anything.After nearly a week of practice, Sun Guokang was so excited that he finally got a real police report.Angkor, where are you I m still in the East Railway Station, what s the matter The masses called the police.Someone gathered to take drugs at Karoti Performing Arts Bar in the west of the city.Guokang and I are rushing to your side.Gather your team quickly Let s go there together when we get there.Okay, I ll call Junfeng and the others.Encountered local tyrants, even more embarrassing than the old factory manager of 527 factory Han Chaoyang kept watching the old man go to the south gate of PolyU, walked into the police room and saw Xu Weimin standing honestly in front of the police station, Dai Lishi, a fugitive, didn t treat himself as an outsider, and wasn t afraid to lie on the sofa at all.Wu Wei, who was sleeping soundly, was devouring the dumplings that Huang Ying brought last night.It doesn t matter if it s cold or where can i purchase cbd gummies not, and you don t even use chopsticks.Chapter 595 New Year 2 Eat as you please, you can t starve him to death.Han Chaoyang not only didn t say anything, but asked Xiaokang to pour him a glass of boiling water instead.Miao where can i purchase cbd gummies Haizhu didn t sleep make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies as badly as Wu Wei.Hearing something outside, she got up and walked into the police room, and asked Han Chaoyang what was going on.Logically speaking, Dai Lishi would not run away.But there are no absolutes in everything.If he can t think about it due to the cost of treatment, it s hard to say whether he will leave you without saying goodbye or even commit suicide.The lessons learned from the Huayuan Street Police Station were there, and Han Chaoyang dared not be careless.Walked out of the temporary ward and went straight to the monitoring room of the Security Department of the Sixth Hospital.Han Da, Junfeng, why are you here Shouldn t you be resting today Section Chief Xiao was on duty today, and when he saw the two, he immediately stood up to greet them.I m resting during the day, and I have nothing to do at night.Section Chief Xiao, Han Da should be off today.I m not.I should be on duty today.Walking to a row of monitors, I found the picture of the back door of the police room and the temporary ward , turned around and said with a smile Chief Xiao, don t be so polite, I didn t eat, but my parents are sitting in Miao Haizhu s father s room today.What did you see Didn t you go to the street every day a few years ago, and sent it to the police several times The thieves caught at the scene were sent to the investigation team every time.One night, Cheng Quan and I sent the suspect to the office, but when we walked into the office of the investigation team, Zhang Beibei was there, and she said she was on business.She A community cadre in Huayuan Street can go to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to do anything, and he can tell at a glance that he is waiting for Zhenchuan.Huang Ying asked gossipingly I was caught by you, was she very embarrassed at that time It wasn t by us, but by me.Recalling the scene that night, Miao Haizhu couldn t help laughing and said, Cheng Quan and the others are downstairs, and I went up alone.She was dumbfounded when she saw me.

It is very dangerous to sleep in the car with the heater on.If you fall asleep, it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.Yes, it is too dangerous to sleep in the car without the windows open.Open the windows It s cold, let s go to our duty room.How could Xiao Ke not know that Han Chaoyang s invitation to .

do just cbd gummies get you high?

the former drunken man in front of him meant nothing more than drinking, and pointed to the pried open rear window Here, don t worry.I m on duty tonight, so I can t sleep, so I ll keep an eye on it for you, and I ll be responsible for anything lost.Boss Zhang also wanted to find out about Han Chaoyang s tone, so he simply agreed, Then I won t be polite to you two.Why are you being polite Besides, you are helping a friend.Come on, go and sit for a while.Boss Zhang followed Han Chaoyang into the security duty room, and took out a cigarette as soon as he entered.Okay, I Arrange for you, let all the passengers get off the bus when the bus is checked, and let your people keep the guns while the suspect is not paying attention.Thank you very much, what is your surname Mian your surname is Han, Han Qingsheng , now is not the time to be polite, let me find someone to take you to the police station first Police officer Han at the checkpoint didn t think there was anything wrong with the police in the police station handling drug cases, because the situation in different places is different, especially in recent years.Police reform, many places are implementing the big station system , the police station is like a small public security bureau, with its own criminal police team.Lao Hu climbed into the off road vehicle again, and rushed to the police station without stopping under the guidance of an auxiliary police officer arranged by Officer Han.I told my family that I will go back on the eighth day of the where can i purchase cbd gummies lunar new year, and stay at home until the sixteenth day of the first lunar month before returning to Yanyang.It is best for us to go back to Yanyang now, and I don t want to be unable to go home like you.Liu Chengquan was very upset, To be exact, I was stimulated, and muttered I knew that I should have studied hard at that time.If I could be admitted to the police and civil servants, I wouldn t have to leave.Now that I have time to learn, I can take the self study exam.Self study Is the diploma for the exam useful It works It doesn t work for me, I m not a student.What Han Zhaoyang didn t expect was that Wu Junfeng would go with him, and suddenly said Han Da, It doesn t matter if we leave, can where can i purchase cbd gummies Xiaokang stay He is different from us, he will be a regular policeman soon, and he may not be able to make meritorious service after this case is handled, even if he does not make meritorious service, this experience will be very helpful for his future.Yes Thinking that all these situations were overheard at the door just now, Jiao Da and Team Liang didn t need to overhear, but they were busy interrogating the suspects with their counterparts in Beijing, so they had no time or chance to cbd gummy bears 100mg each dose make phone calls.If there is a situation to report in time, maybe the people inside noticed the eavesdropping at the door just now, and now the door has been closed, and there is not much to learn, at least not first hand.I don t know how to report the situation in time Bureau Zhou didn t know what does just cbd gummies have thc Han Chaoyang was where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies thinking, and couldn t care what Han Chaoyang would be thinking.While looking for the phone number, he said with a blank expression, Political Commissar, the Nanshan Branch Bureau has reported to the Beijing Municipal Bureau, and we have to report to the Municipal Bureau as well.Compensation standards.The parents must be heartbroken that a young man just passed away like this.Financial compensation and pensions must be in place.The only thing we can do now is to help Liu Chengquan s relatives get financial compensation.Huang Ying wiped away her tears and said If the driver of the car involved in the accident drives drunk, the insurance company will definitely not pay, and even if it does, it will only pay within the scope of compulsory traffic insurance.Chaoyang, has your branch insured Xiaoliu Huang s mother couldn t help asking.It s up.Han Chaoyang wiped away the tears that welled up in his eyes again, and said with a sob Last year, the branch office conducted a public bidding for accident insurance for the auxiliary police.The insurance company that won the bid seems to be Life Insurance, but the insurance amount is not high.Now everyone has a mobile phone and can surf the Internet.Last night, there was such a big incident at the gate of the police station where can i purchase cbd gummies that the police cars were all crashed, and the passing citizens uploaded the videos taken at that time on the Internet.Considering that the impact of hitting a police car into where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies a police office is extremely bad, in order to avoid spreading rumors, the cbd edibles nerd gummies branch s official Weibo posted a message briefly introducing the case.Screenshots of the branch s official Weibo were also uploaded to this forum.Unexpectedly, someone left a message in the forum saying that it was a good collision, and even said that cbd ediables gummies can you carry on cbd gummies it only killed a dog s leg, why not hit a few more policemen.Bastard, dare to insult the auxiliary police who died in the line of duty, dare to insult the where can i purchase cbd gummies people s police Han Zhaoyang was furious, and slammed the table down Screenshot, report to the branch I want to see who is so inhuman, who is it So bold Chapter 684 Sacrifice Yourself to Save Others Send the screenshot and the website link to Director Xing, Director Xing said that he would never take it seriously, so please wait patiently for the news.

It stands to reason that we should remember the sacrificed comrades first, and then inspire everyone to turn grief into strength.However, in the past week, almost all of you have been involved in handling Liu Chengquan s funeral, especially Han Chaoyang and Xu Hongliang, who have been working day and night.Commissar Huang didn t want to rub salt into their wounds, so he said straight to the point when he sat down Comrades, Let s get started.Today s symposium is actually a working meeting of the Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade and the Zhongshan Road Police District.It reviews and summarizes past work and studies and deploys future work.The reason why we called it a symposium when we announced yesterday afternoon is mainly because we In particular, the personnel composition is quite special.They are unreasonable, and I don t even have a place to reason, so I came out to work.So that s how I escaped It was the first time for Han Chaoyang to meet such a where can i purchase cbd gummies strange suspect suspected of being involved in a traffic accident.To be precise, it was the first time he had encountered such a legally illiterate person.He didn t know what to say about him.Kang Haigen and Guan Xiyuan brought two auxiliary policemen Arrived.He was in a good mood and was not in a hurry to take over the suspect.He first pulled Han Chaoyang to the door and asked, Chaoyang, what s going on After some introduction, he smiled wryly and said, I m a bachelor, I don t have any education, and I don t have any skills.The village may want to take care of him and make him responsible for cleaning up the garbage.This happened., don t call outsiders, just us.It must be admitted that his wife is better than himself in dealing with others Han Chaoyang secretly praised one, hung up the towel and smiled happily Okay, where to eat It s in the school, there are four people in total, there is no need to book a box, and there is no need to go to Shuxiang Garden.Go to Yuzhiwei Well, their home environment is not bad, and the consumption is not high.Okay, let s go to Yuzhiwei Han Chaoyang took the clothes and changed in the small living room.Huang Ying waited for him to change clothes while tidying up the not so messy living room.After thinking about it, she asked curiously, Husband, how is the MLM attack going Do you need your help No, it s not a big case.Han Chaoyang stood up, put on his belt and said with a smile Several gang leaders are suspected of constituting the crime of organizing and leading pyramid schemes.Ji and Mr.Wu have not worked in vain.Not only have you gained, but you have gained a lot Han Chaoyang was equally happy, grinning and said, Yes, I didn t expect Bureau Liu to be so generous.Chapter 758 This is embarrassing.People are in good spirits on happy occasions.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to go to the hotel for dinner.He ordered a takeaway first, and then asked Jiang Xiaomin to inform Wu Junfeng and other team members to go to the meeting room on the first floor of Chaoyang where can i purchase cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies Community across the road.Assemble.As a result, the takeaway guy lost his way, and from the phone map, he was getting farther and farther away from the police station.Han Chaoyang simply didn t wait, and came here first to announce that the funds were settled, and the big guy can become an official auxiliary police officer Good news.Old Fan, I know you have an idea.After all, this matter is more sensitive.If you just tell District Chief Liu like this, District Chief Liu may really think that you have accepted Xiao Xu and the others for something.Otherwise, why would you help Xiao Xu and the others fight for it To undertake the security of major events Now that those are not suitable, we can only retreat as Xiao Han proposed, first help solve the anti pickup funds, first keep the anti pickup team, and talk about other things later.Political commissar, speak from your heart I really don t want to care about it You are an old comrade and a member of the bureau s party committee, and you must focus on the overall situation.Commissar Huang touched his chin and said very seriously And the anti picking team is all party members and backbones.It s a piece of cake for you, but it s different for others.I m paying attention to them and even caring about them.Han Chaoyang realized that he was a little out of touch with the masses during this time, and said with embarrassment Master, if you didn t remind me, I really wouldn t have thought of this.It s not entirely your fault.It s mainly because there are too many things and too cbd ring gummies busy during this time.Grandpa Gu patted him on the shoulder, then turned around and smiled and said, When I mentioned the circle of friends, I met Chairman Yang of the District Federation of Literary and Art Circles a few days ago.He said that he The first thing in the morning is to like it.Several old comrades who love literature in our district often post their poems and essays in Moments.If they don t like them, the old comrades will call to remind him to read them.

Liu Hui is not an outsider.Mei Tiejun went out just now, and Han Chaoyang simply said that although the anti picking team has not dispersed, the hearts of the people have dispersed.Grandpa Gu didn t expect Wu Junfeng s gang of stinky boys to say that if you put down the pick, you where can i purchase cbd gummies will put down the pick, and he asked in a low voice, holding his teacup, Why don t you do ideological work for comrades Han Chaoyang said with a bitter face Master, everyone has his own ambition.I can t miss people s future, what do you want me to do with this ideological work That s right.Grandpa Gu nodded slightly, and then asked, What are your plans for the future Since the bureau doesn t care, what do I have What do you care about As you said yesterday, when I first came from the evolved cbd gummies institute, there was no patrol team.Xiaokang, an anti pickup member of the 12th task force, also graduated from the Judicial Police Academy.Han Chaoyang has so many graduates from the Judicial Police Academy The police academy of the Ministry of Justice is different from the police academy of our provincial department.It is very difficult for graduates to join the police, and many students are unemployed as soon as they graduate.In our opinion, Xu Hongliang may be just a security company manager, but in the eyes of the leaders where can i purchase cbd gummies of the Judicial Police Academy, Xu Hongliang is definitely the pride of their academy.Although the boy is young, he values love and righteousness, knows how to be grateful, and wants to help his juniors find employment, so Chaoyang Community Security Company has accepted many students from the Judicial Police Academy.Han Chaoyang realized that the trouble was serious, and hurriedly took out the walkie talkie Xiaomi Xiaomin, I, Han Chaoyang, are Police Chief Tang and Junfeng in the police office Be there.Please make gummies with cbd oil cbd ediables gummies hurry to the emergency center.Yes The police office was very close to the emergency center, and after waiting for about two minutes, Old Tang and Wu Junfeng arrived.Han Chaoyang pointed to Yang Qianjin, who was sitting paralyzed on the ground, and said expressionlessly Inspector Tang, Xu Min, a migrant worker at the construction site of the East Coach Station, died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage when he was pouring concrete.You are here to accompany Chief Inspector Yang.Go in and see the dead.When something like this happens, the most fearful thing is that the foreman will run away.It is said to accompany, but in fact it is to let the contractor watch over.If the street leaders get angry and issue irrational orders, and Sun Guokang executes them in a hurry, such as taking compulsory measures against residents who obstruct street activities, where can i purchase cbd gummies I really don t know how it will end.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to be careless, and repeatedly told Sun Guokang to keep calm, and rushed to Xinmin Community with Miao Haizhu and Wu Junfeng.Sure enough, there were hundreds of people watching.This is an event held in the street, for the where can i purchase cbd gummies purpose of creating a civilized city The participants in the performance are all volunteers, and the oldest is super chill cbd gummies 82 years old Not only do you not support such a public welfare activity, but you even come here to make trouble.Do you know what this is What does it matter to us that you want to build a civilized city Beat gongs and drums, turn on the stereo so loudly, make noise, let us where can i purchase cbd gummies rest What time is it, it s still dark, verma farms cbd gummies review and it s not rest time No, you are civil servants, and you have iron rice bowls.Han Chaoyang couldn t believe that Zheng Yutong and Nie Xuan made such a big noise without making a sound, and he was also very moved.It may seem nothing to others to go to the Yanyang Grand Theater to perform for free, but it is very meaningful to him After learning piano for so many years, isn t it just that I look forward to holding a real personal concert one day Just filled with emotions, Zheng Yutong and other girls ran out from the inside surrounded by Xie Lingling and Huang Ying, and said apologetically when they saw Han Chaoyang Mr.Han, I m sorry, we wanted to give you and Mr.Xie a treat.It was a special gift, but because the venue was not easy to find, it turned out like this in a daze, and the good concert became an activity of the school and your Public Security Bureau.Xiaotong, don t say sorry, it s Yanyang University Not everyone can go to the theater to perform, and it is not easy to do this.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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