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The monk took Gu Mingzhu a few People took it to the backyard.Zhou Ruzhang looked at Gu Mingzhu, who was acting stupidly in every move, and immediately thought of the scene where the purse was thrown into the lake.Instead of facing such a fool, he might as well talk to other female relatives, maybe he can find out some news.Brother in law is already very angry with her now, if this continues, she will really have no chance to enter Cui s house.Sister Mingzhu, take a rest here first, Zhou Ruzhang said, I remember that I need to make a connection with two Buddhist scriptures and bring them back to enshrine.My wife will come after a while., maybe she would be disrespectful, before Gu Mingzhu could speak again, she turned and walked out the door.After a while, monks brought refreshments.Baotong poured a cup of tea and handed it to Gu Mingzhu.Very different.Hearing this, Cui Wei said, What if it s an accomplice Nie Chen pursed his lips, Then the Pearl Thief doesn t just steal, he also kills.Cui Wei said After seven years, the Pearl Thief is naturally different from before, but what is a bandit going to do to buy so many dead men Is it possible to rob them openly Cui Zhen took two steps forward, suddenly stopped and turned his head Maybe the things they want to take are not easy to get, such as the Lumi silver that Shanxi will escort to the imperial court.I robbed Kuyin seven years ago, and now I want to cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies take Lumi silver, Cui Wei snorted coldly, I just want Look at how this thief stole money from under our noses.My lord, Nie Chen bowed to Cui Zhen, I want to go and see that murderer again.Cui Zhen nodded, Nie Chen turned and walked slowly towards the murderer cell.After using fruit, joss sticks, and pressure wins, she must know her own weaknesses.As a result, she neither made a sudden windfall nor felt uncomfortable, which shows that these things are all deceptive tricks.Or she wasn t a ghost at all, but reincarnated in the Gu family, and Zhou Rujun was just a memory of her previous life.Although these are useless to her, she still wants to take a closer look.After all, this is the purpose of Mrs.Lin Tai s trip.When she cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies took the ghost shaping stick in her hand, she found something strange.The ghost shaping stick is a bit heavy, but there is another mystery in it.She searched carefully, and finally found a damaged part under the ghost shaping stick, a circular cut, like a plug added to the ghost shaping stick, she used a hairpin to pry the plug open, and poured out the He took some powder and sniffed it at the tip of his nose, and a smell of saltpeter came.The mother in charge said The servant knows, and I will send people to only two immortals in a while.I will go there early tomorrow, and I will make sure that Brother Zhen does not know about it.I should do it too.It s easy, it s nothing more than doing a religious ceremony, taking Zhou s bones rise and shine cbd gummies out and throwing them away.From now on, there will be nothing in the tomb, and the Zhou family will not be able to cause trouble again.Mrs.Lin took a cup of tea after she finished speaking Since being killed at home After being frightened, I haven t had a good night s sleep for a long time.Mrs.Zhou HCMUSSH rise and shine cbd gummies was clearly at fault for his own fault, but now he is still haunting Mrs.Zhang and me after being a ghost.Those who died once don t know the lesson.Mrs.Zhou can live in peace, so why would I want to do this, after all, Mrs.Before the master s case was finished, Mrs.Tai began to rise and shine cbd gummies who invented smilz cbd gummies criticize them like this.In such a critical moment, shouldn t the clansmen watch over and help each other Mrs.Cui Si didn t dare to say anything, so she had to order her mother in charge to bring the account book.Unexpectedly, Mrs.Lin didn t read it, but this kind of news came from outside.Ma am, Wu s mother beside Mrs.Cui Si whispered, Could it be that Mrs.Tai did something Mother Wu saw Mrs.Cui Si being reprimanded just now, and felt distressed and uncomfortable.Now that she heard the news, she only hoped that Mrs.Tai did the crime herself, otherwise she would have to blame her for this incident.After all, Mrs.Tai came to Taiyuan Mansion Just for the sake of the ancestral grave, I was picked up by the ladies yesterday to Ya Sheng Ye and Yan are colloquially pronounced ya.I have a headache, Gu Mingzhu told Baotong, Please bring mother over here She was uncomfortable, and her mother needed to take care of her, so she couldn t go to Cui s house.At night, she had to carry the medicine box to see a doctor for the girl from Huafang, so she really couldn t spare any energy for Mrs.Lin Tai.When mentioning Huafang, Gu Mingzhu immediately thought of the girl she met at Mrs.Chen s house, who was pregnant and asked her for a set of abortion pills.Could the Huafang girl mentioned by Mrs.Chen have something to do with that woman What the hell are Mrs.Chen and these people doing At this time, the action should be for the quarrymen in the prison.If they want to rescue the quarrymen, they must get rid of the suspicion of the quarrymen.In places like Huafang, rich businessmen and dignitaries often go there, and they naturally carry A lot of money.Although you resent the Pearl Thief in your mouth, rise and shine cbd gummies in fact, you still suspect that there are other inside stories in your heart, and you don t want to believe that the Pearl Thief broke his promise.He not only used you but also burned the relief food.Lu Shenzhi listened to Wei Yuanchen s words.He completely gave up struggling, just like the rumors said, this Lord Wei can see through people s hearts, and nothing can be hidden from his eyes.Lu Shenzhi swallowed Maybe I m a stupid person, and I still have a little fantasy, but who knows what happened back then except the Pearl Thief The person who rise and shine cbd gummies set up the situation clearly knows the past seven years ago, otherwise it wouldn t have happened.Use it.But the Pearl Thief I know is dedicated to helping the poor.In times of famine, he would rather starve himself than distribute rice grains to the refugees.After saying this, Han Yu was a little surprised Lu Shenzhi has always fulfilled his duties in office, except for alas Cui Zhen frowned Except for what The recent robbery case, Han Yu said, But it s not his fault, those bandits are really too cunning, Lu Shenzhi has been leading people to hunt around, and he has done his best.Han Yu got up and said I still have to deal with the documents, so let s go first.Cui Zhen Standing up to return the salute, seeing that Han Yu was about to leave, the guard walked quickly into the room and whispered The person was rise and shine cbd gummies not found, but the guard at the city gate said that someone came out of the city with a document issued by Master Lu when it was dark.Cui Zhen said Did you see the appearance of the people who went out of the city clearly Qin Wei said Shouzheng only took a look.Zi Yuan didn t argue, just quietly Lying quietly, hands seemed to be unintentionally placed on the waist.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the sore, then pointed to the hourglass in the room, and asked how cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies long Zi Yuan had been sick.Young lady has been ill for three or four months.At the beginning, she just had no strength.The sores only appeared in the past half a month.We asked a few doctors to see what the disease was.If you can cure it, you will be rewarded with money.Inevitably.Hearing the silver reward, Gu Mingzhu immediately showed a smile on her face, turned around and picked up the medicine box, took out the medicine powder from it and handed it to Ah Jin.Although they couldn t see the doctor s face, they could feel the joy of the doctor s wife.They couldn t be cured just now, but when they heard that there was a reward, cbd gummies riverside ca they immediately took out the medicine.Wei Yuanchen looked carefully for a while, and there was no major flaw.There were many people on the big boat, and she was wearing a fence, and the gauze hung down to her chest, unless someone deliberately lifted the fence to check.Let s go Wei Yuanchen urged, and walked out first.Mr.Ding s big boat and the flower boat were already leaning together, and many beautiful women helped the well dressed young masters and gentlemen to walk towards the big boat.The young masters acted recklessly, playing tricks on the women around them, causing bursts of coquettish laughter.Wei Yuanchen stopped, and was about to tell the doctor a few words, but he smelled the smell of makeup, and the doctor tried to imitate those Yingyingyanyan hanging on him.Wei Yuanchen s rise and shine cbd gummies face turned cold, and a bit of disgust suddenly appeared in his heart.Although she didn t know the real inside story, she was confident that she must have guessed something right.So she found some clues today.It s a pity that this tortoise, in fact, its appearance is quite suitable for this place, with its head stretched out, it looks a bit like a turtle, commonly known as the big bastard.Is Zhuzhu okay Cui Wei came over and bent down to look at Gu Mingzhu.Cui Wei smiled modestly, and his eyes were not as deep as Cui Zhen s.In the eyes of the Cui family, he was a soft spoken person.She used to think so when she was Zhou Rujun, until Cui Wei ordered an arrow to be shot into her heart.Zhuzhu, I bought a little thing for you.Cui Wei took out a wooden dragonfly and looked at Gu Mingzhu with a smile on his face.Do you like it Gu Mingzhu s eyes were dull Blinking, how could Cui Wei suddenly court her.Mrs.Lin frowned slightly.She remembered clearly putting it in the box.How could it be gone Chapter 52 Trouble making The steward s mother took the maid and searched Mrs.Lin s house carefully again.All the valuables were rise and shine cbd gummies there, except rise and shine cbd gummies for the fish scale book.Ma am, said the mother in charge, or tell the Cui family that you won t go if you feel unwell.Gu Mingzhu yawned at the right time, indicating that she was tired and didn t want her mother to go out.When she came back from Cui s house yesterday, she thought of the fish scale book in her mother s hand.Mrs.Lin Tai of Zhuangzi kept it all the time and waited for her mother to send rise and shine cbd gummies the fish scale book.For my affection, this one hundred mu of land is worth it.But she couldn t watch her mother buy a fake.This sisterhood cannot be returned or exchanged, and their family s money is not blown by strong winds, it is precious.After he became an official, he realized that everything was not as simple as he thought, and some things could only appear in stories after dinner.The queen empress has no legitimate son, the prince s background cannot be admired, several princes are constantly HCMUSSH rise and shine cbd gummies fighting openly and secretly, coupled with natural disasters and man made disasters, the people are in dire straits.He searched everywhere for evidence of Wang Zhifu s corruption of ink, and wrote a memorial to impeach the court.If he hadn t been harmed by Wang Zhifu, he would go to inform the prince when he came to Taiyuan Mansion.Later, he was pushed down from the mountain, and after a near death experience, only grief and indignation remained in his heart, so Mr.Jiang coaxed him to kill Wang Zhifu.Thinking about it now, Mr.Jiang and those people are not using him.Mrs.Lin s heart tightened on Wednesday, what does Mrs.Lin mean Leave their mother and daughter as protons She is such a shameless old godly woman who only harms others at critical moments.When Rujun was imprisoned, the Cui family reported that Rujun refused to keep her name.Now it is the old godly woman s turn to be afraid of death.Mrs.Tai, you can t harm us, Mrs.Zhou cried eagerly.We have nothing to do with the Cui family.Who would care about our lives Back then, when my poor niece was held hostage like this, the Cui family shot at her with one arrow.It pierced her chest.Mrs.Lin stared fiercely at Mrs.Wednesday, she wished that the murderer would kill Zhou s mother and daughter immediately.Brother Wei, Brother Wei Hurry up and save me, Madam Lin shouted, Brother Wei, Brother Wei The murderer let her yell for a while, and suddenly punched Mrs.Mr.Sun who went out.Sir, Wei Yuanchen remembered, I want to ask you something.The two entered the door together, and Wei Yuanchen took out two arrows from his arms Maybe you can identify the poison left on them Chapter 67 Master Zhang s arrowheads are new rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews and old.The blood on the new one seems to have just dried up.Langzhong Sun took out a soft cloth, picked up the new looking arrowhead through the cloth, and looked at it for a while.He brought the arrow to his nose and smelled it.Besides the smell of blood, there was a faint floral fragrance.Someone has datura flower juice on it, Sun Langzhong looked at Wei Yuanchen, Datura flower Juice can relieve pain, and surgeons often use this medicine before performing surgery.Sun Langzhong paused slightly after speaking The third master also used it.There seems to be a warm current flowing bio life cbd gummies slowly in my heart, so practical and peaceful.He seems to have returned to his youth, longing for someone in his heart, meeting her in his dream, uneasy, sweet and afraid of being known.In his dream, he can go beyond the rules, do what he wants to do, and look forward to the future with her.As long as he hides deep enough, no one will be able to detect his thoughts.Wei Yuanchen felt a little strange when he thought of this, he raised his head and met Chu Jiu s wide cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies eyes, which were full of probing eyes.What are you looking at Wei Yuanchen said calmly.Third Master, Chu Jiu pointed out, What were you thinking just now, so engrossed in thinking about it There was a feeling of being prying into the secret, and Wei Sanye, who had always been calm, suddenly felt uncomfortable and raised his head.Chu Jiu nodded You told us to keep an eye on the Gu family, or Miss Gu.This matter must be clarified.Wei Yuanchen said Miss Gu.Chu Jiu nodded again Then if Miss Gu is in danger, should we come forward The Gu family is very important to this case, Wei Yuanchen said If it is very critical, it is natural You can t stand by and watch.Chu Jiu retracted his neck, straightened his back, and looked like an old god, he almost fell into the trick of the third master, saying that he was staring at him was clearly protecting him secretly.If he hadn t been clever, he might have made a big mistake.Who can understand such obscurity That is him.Chu Jiu smacked his lips, the master of this generation is not easy to take care of, he has a feeling that he will not be rise and shine cbd gummies able to take care of him.Chapter 79 Arranging things for my ninth day and returning to the house.It was not difficult to escape from his mother s Zhuangzi with his skills, but he felt that something was not right.The figure he saw that night was very thin, completely different from the Pearl Thief that Han Yu ordered people to arrest.These questions are left unanswered.Brother, do you want to go in Cui Wei walked to the door and whispered.Cui Wei came to see Mrs.Lin Tai, and seeing Cui Zhen was there now, he had a look of anticipation on his face.He hoped that his eldest brother and mother could get closer.Mrs.Lin Tai s long sigh came from the room, mixed with a few groans.Cui Zhen wanted to go in, but when he heard this, he frowned and told Cui Wei, Come talk to me in the study.Cui Wei responded, and the two brothers walked outside.Mrs.Lin Tai in the room heard the footsteps getting farther and farther away, with a resentful expression on her face, and she kept beating her chest Look at him, where oros cbd gummies owner are he and me They are clearly enemies.This is not what he said nonsense.He has been to the elder s house several times, and saw the cane left at the door, the tea in the room, the gray hair on the clothes behind the screen, the stove on the couch, and the old man just left in the yard.Footprints and many other details.He is good at detectives, and he can tell the approximate age of the elder.The elder master gave him a very similar feeling to his master, and he even felt that the elder master knew the master at one time.The master passed away with regret, and he was not allowed to serve him until he was old.Now, although he and the elder master do not have the status of master and apprentice, they are similar.Master and apprentice are like father and son.He is not wrong to think this way.Nie Chen looked at the woman next to Liu Su The Elder Master told me that I will call you Junior Sister Jiang from now on.Cui Zhen said I don t know the inside story.Wei Yuanchen continued Taiyuan Mansion may sell thousands of catties of high quality tea cakes within half a year Cui Zhen frowned, thousands of catties of high quality tea cakes Not to mention the entire Taiyuan Mansion, even the entire Shanxi Province may not be able to sell so much.Not only that, the first class tea cakes are not easy to buy, and the price is also high.How could the Zhao family be able to buy so many tea cakes.Cui Zhen knew that the only place where so many tea cakes could be sold was the horse market in the frontier.The accounts of the Zhao family in Wei Yuanchen s hands can link the Zhao family with the horse market.Cui Zhen turned to look at Zhao Gongren, Zhao Gongren s face was pale, and his eyes were full of nervousness and panic.This kind of exquisite lock Nie Chen shook his head I ve never seen it before.Wei Yuanchen pushed aside the wings of a butterfly and started rolling the ring.This is an ancient seal character.As long as the words are aligned, the lock will open.There are many ancient seal characters He didn t know people, he had been taught by a teacher since he was a child, so it was not difficult for him.With a click , the first lock spring has been opened.Wei Yuanchen opened the other wing, and the plan below is not difficult.Nie Chen hadn t read the title above clearly, only heard a click , and the second lock was opened again under Mr.Wei s rise and shine cbd gummies flip.Chu Jiu looked at the surprised expression on Nie Chen s face, and was extremely satisfied.People in the market finally saw the tricks of the third master.If things continued like this, it would only take a cup of tea for the third master to open the eight spring lock Gu Mingzhu, who was standing outside the door, was also thinking about the eight spring lock.Mrs.Lin said I know everything.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, she continued Looking at Gu Mingzhu I wronged Zhuzhu today, I will send some small things over later, which can be regarded as an apology to Zhuzhu.In my heart.Cui Zhen looked at the girl, the corners of her mouth were always raised with a smile, just like the clear sky after the rain Zhuzhu won t take it to heart, but others shouldn t fool her because of it, especially if the mother is still Zhuzhu.Zhu s elders should take more care of them.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he took off a piece of beeswax around his waist, and a Buddha lotus was uses of cbd gummies carved on the beeswax.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being startled when she saw the lotus flower.It wasn t because of anything rise and shine cbd gummies else.When she was still Zhou Rujun, she had seen some paper manuscripts among her father s relics.Naturally, these people cannot be allowed to talk about business.Even if the prince was interested again, he had no choice but to give up at this time and took a look at the steward.The steward signaled to take Qinniang down immediately.Wei Yuanchen glanced at the fox who was among the Qin girls, and the corners of his mouth raised in an unknown way, revealing a look of contempt.Miss Gu s every move just now fell into his eyes.If he hadn t blocked the prince in time, she would have to run behind him in the next moment, right It seems to be fear, but it is actually a threat.The reason why he didn t stop the prince early was to delay the time, and naturally he also wanted to observe her actions from the sidelines.She sensed his temptation, so she retaliated unambiguously.It s really not worth the slightest bit of loss.There was an expression of disbelief on the prince s face What did you say cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies Without waiting for the guard to reply, he strode up to the murderer to check.Although the murderer was injured and there was no danger of his life, he had already been tied up by the Yamen and put aside.The crown prince looked at the murderer s face Who is he Why does he work in the East Palace Why doesn t this Palace have any impression The guard of the East Palace immediately said It s the guard guarding the outer courtyard.The Crown Prince has never seen it.Who sent him You came The prince said coldly, Why did you kill Zhao Er The guard looked blank and refused to speak.Wei Yuanchen said Master Zhao Er and Wang Daochang were killed, and this case can no longer be investigated.It stands to reason that the person who killed Master Zhao Er was the mastermind behind the scenes, and he was from the Prince s Mansion.Many of the officials in Taiyuan Mansion are cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies the Crown Prince.The crown prince is very clear about the HCMUSSH rise and shine cbd gummies affairs of the Taiyuan Mansion.Now that the case has just come to light, the crown prince has come here and ordered the guards to kill the second master Zhao.Isn t it clear that these cases are related to the East Palace How about the crown prince Would you do such a foolish thing Who would dare to slander me like this, the crown prince frowned, with a calm expression, I recommended officials for the Great Zhou Dynasty, and now I came to Taiyuan Mansion to find out the case.Even if the words are brought up in front of the rise and shine cbd gummies emperor, no one will believe them.People s words are scary, and it is always right to be careful, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, not knowing who he was laughing at, Isn t there someone who said that the official and the prince The Lord is the enemy of life and death, and he will kill each other if he has the opportunity.Prince, don t worry, Tao Duo said, I finally noticed the problem earlier, now I just need to find out the people behind Wang Daochang and Zhao Er, and I can follow the clues to find out who is harming the crown prince.I think he is the fifth child, said the prince.He seems to be suffering from illness all day long.Maybe he is just pretending.His biological mother, concubine De, always shows weakness in front of others.This is harmless to the mother and child on the surface.Maybe she is planning something in private.What.Although Lao Qi is still young, his mother and concubine An can also plan for him, the prince sneered, brothers from other families are close relatives and can support each other.These younger brothers in this palace are all staring at the East Palace.Everyone wants to drag me down from the position of the heir apparent.Not only did he act resolutely, but he also didn t show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked we vape just cbd gummies at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and Gu s family members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.Zhou Ruzhang, who was in the Zhou family s carriage, bit his lip.If Mr.Wei spoke later, she would leave.Wei Yuanchen grabbed the reins and was about to move forward, when he saw another woman in front of the carriage looking over here, that was Zhou Ruzhang.Knowing that everyone was going back to Beijing, Mrs.Wednesday took Zhou Ruzhang to set off together, obviously wanting to get closer to the Cui family, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly with a rise and shine cbd gummies sneer, Zhou Ruzhang was always ready to come forward.Why did the son in law come to Shanxi The mother you mentioned just now is referring to the biological mother who has passed away for many years Wei Yuanchen sat on the chair and poured two cups of tea, Would the son in law tell the truth After Wei Yuanchen said this, he looked at the sky outside It s almost dawn, I have to ride back to the post house, and follow the prince to escort the prisoner back to Beijing.The time for the son in law and me is running out.He said That s right, I ve been on the road all night, and it s time to start when I get back to the post house.When we were in the posthouse, Wei Yuanchen had just finished his business and lay down to rest, when Nie Chen sent a message saying that the people living in Shiliting rise and shine cbd gummies Yifu Inn were suspicious, and he ordered Chujiu to take people to follow Nie Chen Check, Chu Jiu rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews was about to take someone away, so he changed his mind and prepared to come in person.Wouldn t it be a big game Gu Mingzhu thought about the situation when Wei Yuanchen fainted in Gu s house.His illness came very quickly.She checked his old wounds and found that there were no redness, swelling or sores, but Chu Jiu kept applying ice cubes around the wound.Obviously The wound made Master Wei feel uncomfortable.This is very strange, if it is the disease of the wound itself, the Wei family should be able to cure it as long as they invite a surgeon to come to the door, biogold cbd gummies review why is it so helpless.Liu Sudao Miss, Master Wei s injuryis it serious Gu Mingzhu shook her head I don t know either, just keep an eye on it and let me know if you find anything unusual.Liu Su nodded.Gu Mingzhu continued Is there another news from Nie Chen When Wei Yuanchen found Cheng Yi, Nie Chen followed him, heard the conversation between the two, and then told her through Liu Su.Wei Yuanchen s slightly raised lips now slowly fell down, narrowing his eyes Looking at Liu Su.Mr.Sun mentioned to him that there may be two situations for his injury, one is that some of the sharp weapon was left in the flesh when he took it out, the other is that he suffered from heart disease, or both.When his illness broke out, Mr.Sun used a prescription for nourishing the heart and calming the nerves.This is a coincidence No, it s not a coincidence that it happened again and again.She must have been instructed by someone from Mr.Sun s line, so it s not difficult to find out.After he returns to Beijing, let Zhang Tong look for clues.Some things do not come out of thin air, there must be a cause and effect.Put it down Wei Yuanchen said.Third Lord take it as soon as possible, so you can take a rest after taking the medicine, Liu Su said, I have to work hard for the past two days, and Third Master rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews should not be ill.Prince, Mr.Shen said, Princess Huairou came to Taiyuan Mansion this time because of her son in law.You said rise and shine cbd gummies that, the prince said calmly, I don t know what Cheng Yi is doing again.It s not right to be a good son in law.Tossing around, if it wasn t for the Cheng family s usefulness, Huairou would have reconciled with him long ago.Mr.Shen sat on the chair, Does the crown prince know that Cheng s mother in law is from the Zhao family Which Zhao family Immediately after the prince blurted out, he thought of something, You are talking about the Shanxi Mutiny Mr.Shen nodded Cheng s mother in law s biological mother is still alive, not only that, she also married another hundred families.The prince said in surprise Without saying a word, what face does the Cheng family have to gain a foothold when this kind of thing spreads to Beijing If he must kill the Zhao family to avoid being ridiculed by others, could it be that Cheng Yi came to Taiyuan Mansion to deal with the Zhao family Mr.Chu Jiu immediately went forward to talk to the man.Chu Jiudao It s Zhao s remarried Centurion Peng Liang.The crown prince did not take Peng Liang with him when he went to Yangwuyu.Peng Liang was one of the witnesses in the retrial of the Shanxi mutiny case.The prince thought well, but the results were often unexpected.Wei Yuanchen asked Peng Liang to come to him in secret to prevent Peng Liang from being murdered.When the team entering Beijing was besieged by the rebels, Peng Liang took the opportunity to escape.He was always worried about Zhao s safety, so he took a horse and rushed to Wufeng Mountain.Wei Yuanchen called Peng Liang to him and told him, How much do you know Pick up the most important ones.Peng Liang said, I investigated the case with the Zhao family in Ningwu.The Shanxi Mutiny back then had other facts.The people are needed to help.This Nie Chen was also sent by Mr.Wei.Mr.Wei is really powerful.With so many capable people under his command, it s no wonder that the Wei family cbd gummies help diabetes is proud of him.Mrs.Lin was thinking about it, when she turned her head and saw Zhuzhu rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews standing not far away, as if she was listening carefully to what she was talking to the chief.Zhuzhu seemed to understand.Mrs.Lin hoped that Zhuzhu could understand, but these words were stimulant cbd gummies for ed rise and shine cbd gummies too difficult for Zhuzhu.When Liu Su came out of the room, Mrs.Lin stepped forward immediately, How is Mrs.Cui Si Liu Su said, I took the arrowhead, and applied a hemostatic powder.There was blood in the room.Mrs.Lin looked at the blood stained cloth towel in the basin, from which she knew how dangerous it was to take the arrow.Will Fourth Mrs.Cui get better While speaking, Mrs.Zhang Tong said in a low voice Everyone is settled, don t worry, Third Master Wei Yuanchen said Go and rest, we have to leave for Beijing tomorrow morning.Chu Jiu couldn t help but said We will leave tomorrow morning Are you going back to Beijing Wei Yuanchen s voice was cold If you have something to do, you can stay first.Chu Jiu swallowed Of course I will follow the third master.Unlike the five black chickens, which have not been seen until now, Fickle to the extreme.The wound on the third master Zhang Tong glanced at the blood stained clothes on Wei Sanye s body.It s okay.Wei Yuanchen went into the inner room to change clothes.Zhang Tong looked at rise and shine cbd gummies Chu Jiu, who was getting more and more unreliable during the days of Chu Jiu, and the third master didn t know to go in to serve even if he was injured.However, it was considered to support the Zhou family, and the master on Wednesday did some small business.There are rice and grain shops in Beijing and Daming Mansions, and he bought fields, earning a lot of money.This time Mrs.Zhou went to HCMUSSH rise and shine cbd gummies Shanxi to look after her own business, and stopped by Taiyuan Mansion to pay homage to her deceased niece, but she did not expect to be involved in the war horse case.The mother and daughter got separated from the team on the way back to Beijing, and it was hard to be safe, and someone sent a letter back to Zhou s house.On Wednesday, the master rushed to meet them, and it was time to enter Beijing in about two days.The old lady Zhou was sitting in the head seat, and Zhou Ruyue stood behind the old lady Zhou and gently kneaded her grandmother s shoulders.Chu Jiu walked outside the carriage pulling Wuheiji, pretending to be nonchalantly guarding the convoy, looking left and right to see 500mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for drinking if no one noticed him, he couldn t help but look into the carriage, and saw the Wuheiji, which was as strong as a mountain, lying on its back There, there was an obedient black rabbit beside him, looking at Chu Jiu with all four eyes.That look was like looking at a fool.Chu Jiu swallowed and couldn t help introspecting, he didn t do anything stupid The motorcade continued to move forward, and Mrs.Lin pulled Zhuzhu over from the window Be careful of catching a cold.It is already autumn, and it would be terrible if it was blown rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews by the wind.Gu Mingzhu held Mrs.Lin s arm, and said delicately Mother, we are going home soon.Mrs.Lin s lips couldn t help but curl up When we get home, let the cook cook you delicious osmanthus cake.The silver can t be given less, nor can it be given too much.Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu I m afraid there will be a lot involved in the next investigation.It s not convenient for you people to fight with the powerful, so you just need to help me find out the news in secret.Naturally, you can also investigate the case for others, as long as you have to Focus on what I explained.You have been in Shanxi before, and you are new to Beijing.I will write a few letters for Nie Chen to take to Shuntian Mansion and the Ministry of Punishment.Those are cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies people who are close to me and will take good care of you.If it wasn t for wearing a fence, Gu Mingzhu would have looked surprised.Mrs.Wei has always been very stingy, and would always look down when asking for a little money, and now she gave fifty taels for nothing.Hou Yong struggled desperately with strength from his horror, and his arm hit the sharp blade in Peng Liang s hand.When the sharp blade saw the blood, he immediately The robe on Hou Yong s body was dyed red.Peng Liang was about to take Hou Yong down with all his might, but he felt that his subordinate Hou Yong suddenly went limp, just like Qian Yunsheng s situation just now.What exactly is going on Peng Liang frowned and was thinking, when suddenly there was a sound of footsteps, and then the door was pushed open, and the patrolling soldiers in soft armor appeared in front of Peng Liang.Come on, someone is committing a murderthe murdererthe murderer is here The shopkeeper of the inn rushed over when he heard the sound, and immediately shouted when he saw this situation.Peng Liang s hand was pressing on Hou Yong s body, and he was holding a sharp weapon stained with blood.This world is very big, but small is also small, avoiding and avoiding, always get together, Master Wei is willing to rescue even Peng Liang, and will never make things difficult for a little girl like her.Besides, there are still so many enemies in the Wei family.She and others have been helping Mr.Wei all the time.If there is no credit, there will be hard work.If Mr.Wei has done too much, it is inevitable that he will lose people s hearts.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu dejectedly turned around and walked back to the chair.If Mr.Wei insisted on revealing her identity, then she had rise and shine cbd gummies no choice but to cry to him as a last resort.It s not easy for her either, she just wants to investigate a few cases in private, and she disguises herself because she is afraid of causing trouble to her family.Besides, she is a house lady, if she is found out, how should she get married It s best for Mrs.From a distance, I saw a figure sitting in the pavilion.The mother in charge quietly left at some point, leaving only Gu Mingzhu and Baotong behind.Sitting there, Mrs.Wei seemed to be thinking of waiting for a rabbit.If she hadn t known that he had exposed her identity, she rise and shine cbd gummies wouldn t have made this trip.Cackling.Suddenly, a chicken crowing was heard.Xiaobai was the only rooster that crowed like a hen.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong, rise and shine cbd gummies who immediately walked towards the grass, and sure enough there was a black rooster standing there with its neck raised.Seeing Gu Mingzhu and Baotong, Wu Heiji rushed over quickly.Baotong was full of joy Miss, it s Xiaobai.Gu Mingzhu stretched out his hand, and the five black chickens flapped their wings and jumped into her arms lightly.high.Xiaobai looked very energetic, and the feathers all over his body seemed to be a lot brighter.What method did you use Hearing Master Wei s deep voice, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling relieved suddenly.Master Wei really It was because of his old illness that he said those words in front of the elders of the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, her gaze was no longer so blank.Wei Yuanchen went on to say My illness fell in the prison five years ago.The wound seems to have healed, but I don t know when it will suddenly hurt, like festering.I have invited many doctors to see it, but I can t help it., just like what I said in the main room just now.This disease has really plagued me for a long time, and it s nothing more than normal.If it happens when I m doing business outside, it will inevitably be dangerous.I really want to get rid of this disease completely.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei, his clear eyes were suddenly mixed with some emotions that she couldn t understand.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, cbd gummies with vitamin b I have seen many doctors about this injury, what do the doctors say The sun fell warmly on Wei Yuanchen s face, and his face was shrouded in a halo.Gu Mingzhu always felt that Mr.Wei lacked cleanliness and sharpness, and had more youthful clarity, which made it hard to imagine.Take precautions.Wei Yuanchen said calmly Maybe there is something left in the flesh.Gu Mingzhu said You mean that He almost blurted out the two bamboo tubes inadvertently.The corners of Wei Yuanchen s mouth rose.Gu Mingzhu continued Do you still have foreign matter in your wound If so, the wound should be swollen and ruptured.Wei Yuanchen rise and shine cbd gummies continued Perhaps it has grown together with cbd gummies uk holland and barrett flesh and blood, so as long as it is involved, it will hurt.There is some truth to this, Gu Mingzhu thought, but even if there is a foreign body in it, it shouldn t suddenly cause a fever.Tai.Mother Yang responded, and was about to pick up the pillow and put it under Mrs.Lin s waist, but found that the eldest lady had already made it.During this period of time, the eldest lady has really changed a lot.Madam often stays with the eldest lady.She felt that she watched with cold eyes but could see clearly that the eldest lady s illness has recovered a lot, not only can she treat guests for Madam, but she can also think of Madam in every way, these servants are also happy to see her.When the carriage HCMUSSH rise and shine cbd gummies arrived at Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, the steward of the Gu family immediately stepped forward to rise and shine cbd gummies remove the gift from the Wei family and got off the carriage.Gu Chongyi was just coming back from the Yamen.Seeing such a scene, he couldn t help being slightly stunned.Didn t expect to come back like this.She couldn t believe that Brother Chen had undergone such a big change just by going to Taiyuan Mansion.There must rise and shine cbd gummies be something inside, but Brother Chen obviously refused to say.Mrs.Li said Do you want your grandmother to go to the Gu family to propose marriage Wei Yuanchen shook his head The Gu family will not agree.The Marquis of Huaiyuan and Mrs.Lin regard her as the apple of their eye.If we ask for marriage rashly, we will never feel at ease to marry our daughter like this.Give it to me.Mrs.Li sighed Then what should I do Do you want your aunt to marry you Wei Yuanchen said As long as the grandson is willing to marry Miss Gu, the grandson will do the rest.Do it well, and then ask the elders to come forward to propose marriage.Mrs.Li looked at Wei Yuanchen If you refuse to tell the truth to grandma, and ask rise and shine cbd gummies grandma to help you stabilize the house, you have a good plan.In this case, why did A chan commit suicide Being so doted on by her parents and doing something she likes, what made her want to die Or maybe she didn t commit suicide but something else happened.Ah chan had a leg problem since she was a child.After she died, Bai Gongren rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews also broke her leg.The two cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies sisters couldn t move their legs and had to be carried around.Isn t this a bit of a coincidence Gu Mingzhu asked Did Nie Chen say what happened to Bai Guanzheng and his wife when Ah chan died Baotong said Not long after Ah chan passed away, Bai Guanzheng fell ill and passed away.I just left.After Baotong finished speaking, she thought of an important thing By the way, Nie Chen also said that it has been fourteen years since Ah Chan passed away.Gu Mingzhu calculated forward that she had previously suspected that the Yuan family was related to the Shanxi mutiny case, and all the clues she found were based on the Shanxi mutiny case.Higherto be higher If Cui Wei hadn t been in the army all year round, he would have been exhausted by now, but he lost a lot of weight these days, which made him a little out of breath.Gu Mingzhu looked at Cui Wei, with a touching smile on her demure face, seeing Cui Wei stopped, she does cbd gummies help with nerve pain immediately said Second brother, run, keep running.Cui Wei narrowed her eyes, the girl saw him Stopping, the joy on his face slowly faded, he lifted his skirt and ran towards him, obviously wanting to do it himself.Let Zhuzhu run in the garden, if she accidentally falls, it s because he didn t take good care of her.Cui Wei hurriedly said gently Zhu Zhu, don t run away, the second elder brother put the paper kite higher.Gu Mingzhu then stopped.Cui Wei pulled the string again.The paper kite finally flew higher again.Second brother, don t move, I ll get it.The girl ran up to him in a hurry, stretched out her hand to grab the string in Cui Wei s hand, knowing that it was illegal, she hooked the string on Cui Wei s loop.Seeing that she couldn t take it off, Gu Mingzhu became even more anxious, messing around with it, and twisted the string tighter and tighter.Zhuzhu, don t worry, Cui Wei said while stopping, I ll do it, I ll do it.For some reason, the entangled strings seemed to be against him, Cui Wei pulled the strings together.Pulled it down, Zhuzhu pulled it again, and the other end was hooked on his hair crown again.Seeing Cui Wei frantically plucking the string, Gu Mingzhu raised her head Second brother, the kite, the kite is about to fall.It s falling, it s falling The crisp voice kept coming Cui Wei s face was irritated, but he frowned and endured, Zhuzhu s illness is cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies much better, isn t it It still looks the same today, and it even feels a little more stupid.I want to see who of you said It s the truth.Third Master Cheng led someone to pull Yuan er towards Yuan s courtyard, Chu Jiu and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed, Chu Jiu just took off the embroidered shoes and changed back into boots.Things went well, he heard Cheng Second Master and Cheng Third Master talking, and followed Aunt Gui and Yuan er.The piece of cloth that Liu Su found in the green bamboo forest was the same as the clothes Yuan er was wearing.And tell Cheng Sanye the ins and outs, Cheng Sanye is more suspicious of Yuan er.Then he took care of the eldest lady s wishes, and went forward to persuade Mr.Cheng to let them help, so that he could find out the clues earlier.Mr.Cheng was eager to know the truth and agreed.Miss Gu had a good idea, she wanted to pretend to be Mrs.Yuan to frighten Huixiang, but Miss Gu couldn t do light work, so she needed his help to help her onto the beam.Cheng any kindness.Su Fu turned his head and took a look.Qiao Song in the cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies distance, Qiao Song is gentle and elegant, with a smile on his face, he doesn t look like the person who is in charge of the Ministry of Punishment.Yuan Zhixing was supposed to go strawberry lemonade cbd gummies out and complain for his sister, but the emperor mentioned insider information , and Yuan Zhixing didn t figure out the emperor s intention for a while.The emperor cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies punished the Cheng family in this way, which was regarded as giving him face.How could he pester him again In the future, he would not be able to take the opportunity to clear the Yuan family of all crimes.The emperor went on to say Wei Yuanchen made great contributions to the investigation of the case, and he was awarded the capital to rule Shaoyin.The civil and military officials of Datong Mansion will be rewarded for their meritorious service.Now that there is a fire, the adults must take someone to check it in person.The Wucheng Bingma Division will also lead troops there.It seems that there are a lot of things going on tonight.Everyone has to perform their duties in order to stay until dawn smoothly.Shangqing Guanhoushan.Gu Mingzhu looked at the moderate fire in front of her.Master Wei set the fire really well.There are 500mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for drinking not many trees around, so it will not burn all the goods., and Mr.Wei didn t have to wait for someone from the government office to enter the Taoist cbd 50 mg gummies temple to search in the name of the murderer who disrupted the Taoist temple.How is it Wei plus cbd gummies Yuanchen looked at the flames, Are you satisfied Gu Mingzhu nodded subconsciously, but she quickly shook her head, this matter of playing with fire .

who.has the cheapest cbd gummies in vegas?

has nothing to do with her, she just came to Shangqing to watch for two days , there is absolutely no intention of causing trouble here, and we are not in the same party as the thieves who set the fire, so it is better for everyone to draw a clear line.Mo Yangming glanced at Gu Mingwan s feet, and said calmly There is medicine in the room, let the servant girl wipe it on for you, and it will be fine in a few days.Gu Mingwan thanked, and then looked at Gu Mingzhu, who looked slightly messy except for her clothes some, the rest are undamaged.Gu Mingwan clenched the handkerchief tightly, Gu Mingzhu was like the Marquis of Huaiyuan, with no skills but such good luck.Ignoring Gu Mingwan, Mo Yangming led Gu Mingzhu into the inner room.Baotong turned on two lamps, and then Mo Yangming s body was clearly illuminated.Baotong looked carefully, but did not see any silver needles on Mo Zhenren s body.Mo Yangming rolled up his sleeves, and a wound appeared in front of the two of them.Just now she had a needle in her arm, and she only had time to peel off a little bit of flesh.I treat them very well and give them a lot of money every year.They are loyal to me.After Bai Jingkun finished speaking, he kept repeating I shouldn t be doing this I shouldn t be walking this way.He was talking nonsense when he suddenly felt that Mr.Wei, who was interrogating him, knelt down.Bai Jingkun tremblingly looked into Master Wei s eyes.Wei Yuanchen said Do you know what will happen if you lie in front of me The screams sounded in Bai Jingkun s ears, and his whole body began to tremble, and his teeth chattered, but finally the picture appeared in his mind.A gentle and demure face, this face gave him the last courage I m not lying, it s all me, I led people to smuggle, everything is my fault.Wei Yuanchen looked at the panic stricken Bai Jingkun, A sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth How many fairy medicines did you transport to Beijing There are not many fairy medicines, Bai Jingkun said, There are quite a few Danba wild rice, and they are all handed over to Sun Zhenren for her disposal.Wei Yuanchen spoke first, What do you think about this case Gu Mingzhu said, I found the person Ah chan admired, and I always felt that that person approached Ah chan with ulterior motives, saying that he wanted to marry Ah chan, maybe it was all calculations.Wei Yuanchen also had such thoughts.Gu Mingzhu suddenly raised her head and looked at Wei Yuanchen carefully Master Wei may be very clear about what this man is thinking.Wei Yuanchen s heart sank, what did he know Calculations with ulterior motives Chapter 301 Congratulations Gu Mingzhu wanted to discuss the case with Mr.Wei, but found that Mr.Wei s expression darkened and his eyes became darker.What s wrong Did she say the wrong thing Seeing Wei Yuanchen s face gradually approaching, Gu Mingzhu immediately waved his hands My lord, if you have something to say, don t worry.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be burned by the small shadow in Wei Yuanchen s eyes, put the plate in his hand on the low table, turned around and sat back on the chair.Wei Yuanchen also sat down, wiped his hands with a towel, and picked up a piece of sweet scented osmanthus cake.Gu Mingzhu picked up the cup and sipped tea.For the first time, she felt that Mr.Wei s food was delicious, as if the sweet scented osmanthus cake was delicious.She regretted that she didn t keep a piece when she gave it away.Gu Mingzhu swallowed her saliva before saying My lord said that he discovered the relationship between Guozijian Jijiu and Yan Shen Wei Yuanchen finished eating the sweet scented osmanthus cake in his hand rise and shine cbd gummies before saying Guozijian Jijiu once wanted to marry his sister Yan Shen.Gu Mingzhu was startled when he heard this How does your lord know Wei Yuanchen said The Guozijian mentioned it when he was chatting with the master of the Zhang family, but it is a pity that Yan Shen lost his arms after leaving Beijing and ruined his future.I don t need to marry a wife to help me.I don t have much ambition.I just follow my elder brother in and out of the barracks.Although I am mentally incomplete, but carefree and carefree, I don t have many thoughts, and a person like eldest brother naturally cannot marry such a woman, but I don t have a heavy burden on my shoulders, and I don t 500mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for drinking need to support the Cui family s lintel, so why not Looking at each other, Cui Zhen s attitude did not waver in the slightest Zhuzhu is still young, and my aunt once said that she has no intention of marrying Zhuzhu, so you should stop thinking about it.Brother is still the same, Cui Wei rise and shine cbd gummies smiled softly, As long as When you make a decision, you don t allow anyone to question it, it s the same in the army, and it s the same at home, everyone, including mother, must act according to your wishes, and if you resist the eldest brother, you will be dealt with mercilessly.The candied fruit of Pinxianglou is different from other people s, it can t be stored for too long, it s best to make it now and eat it now, the young lady likes this the most.It s not easy for the cook, Gu Mingzhu said, Next time, I ll reward the cook with more money.It s done so early, don t just stay up all night Slaves are also like this.The people in Pinxianglou said that the cook can t sleep at night and has nothing to do in her free time.Now it seems that the eldest lady has a good fortune.Last night she asked the kitchen to make three bowls of noodles for Mr.Wei.Today The restaurant of Wei s family made candied fruit early in the morning.Why does Gu Mingzhu feel like reciprocating This could not be Master Wei s order In Gu Mingzhu s mind, the scene of Mrs.Wei asking her for candied fruit appeared, his eyes were clear and warm, and he took the fruit bit by bit into his mouth.It must be distressing and worrying.My eldest lady, you can still laugh.Gu Mingzhu stood up and walked out I m going to superior cbd gummies find my mother, and I want to eat sweet scented osmanthus cake.It s raining outside, you can t run around.In the blink of an eye, there was no one in the study, so that no one would find out the secret she hid in the warm pavilion.Wei Yuanchen straightened his clothes and suddenly felt a little pity The heavy rain is still falling.Ding Ning In Hou Mansion, Mrs.Zhang stood at the door and looked around, but Cui Zhen was never seen.There was a table of sumptuous meals prepared in the room, but Mrs.Zhang didn t have the appetite to move her chopsticks.Ma am, be careful of catching a cold.The mother in charge put the clothes on Mrs.Zhang s shoulders.Mrs.Zhang didn t seem to hear it, but the tears almost fell from her eyes Mr.So he couldn t understand whether the Tan family was black or white.Go to sleep, Gu Chongyi put his arms around Mrs.Lin, You still have a lot of things to attend to tomorrow, so you can t go to the Wei family banquet with a haggard face.Mrs.Lin nodded, turned around and closed her eyes.I know you are afraid that the lotus alley will blame me, Gu Chongyi said, Tan Zigeng s own affairs have nothing to do with others, if he can speak clearly and frankly, I will go to the Tan family to take a trip to the lotus alley.Family court is important, but one s character should not be sloppy.Now that he has come to this point, Gu Chongyi mentioned Cui high tech cbd gummies review Wei I rejected Cui Wei, not only because of Zhuzhu s illness, but also because Mrs.Lin is too calculating.Wei is modest on the surface, but there is always a ruthlessness in the secret, and this ruthlessness will definitely make him do something in the barracks in the future, and I am afraid that he will use cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies it for other things.Master Wei Er took a breath, his eyes sparkling brightly Mother, eldest sister eldest sister Mrs.Li s heart was raised high when she heard this Your eldest sisternowhat about the empress Already Sister, Second Master Wei said, someone brought you something to celebrate your birthday.Mrs.Li s heart sank when she heard this, her first thought was that her daughter was fine, Then she was relieved, but soon her whole body was firmly occupied by joyful emotions.The last time my daughter brought something to celebrate her birthday was six years ago.If my daughter can bring something, is the situation in the palace better .Thinking of this, the usually calm Mrs.Li s eyes couldn t help getting wet.How did you say it Who sent it Mrs.Li immediately asked Second Master Wei.Second master Wei actually sniffed and said The servant in the palace, sent a picture.When Mo Zhenren called out Ah chan, Gu Mingzhu rise and shine cbd gummies guessed the result, this Aunt Zhen cannot be Ah chan, although Aunt Zhen is about the same age as Ah chan , but A chan s legs are sick, and Aunt Zhen is missing an arm, so Mo Zhenren saw Aunt Zhen s appearance and called A chan by name.There is only one possibility, that is, the two people have similar appearance.A person with a similar appearance to Ah chan appeared in Anjiyuan, and was threatened by Tan Zigeng before his death.She had suspected that Tan Shangshu might know Ah chan, but now it seems that this possibility is very high.So Tan Zigeng hesitated to tell the whole truth that night.Was Tan Zigeng afraid that after telling the whole story, people would rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews find out the truth of the year Mo Yangming suddenly asked, How did she die Gu Mingzhu told Master Mo about the cause of Aunt Zhen s death, and now Master flying with cbd gummies 2020 Mo asked again because he had doubts about Aunt Zhen s death.Gu Mingzhu thought of the pale wild rice on Old Madam Gu She didn t care about the taste before, she only thought that Mrs.Gu bought Tamba wild rice from Zhenren Sun now it seems that it may have other uses.Gu Mingzhu said Thank you, my cbd gummy breastfeeding lord, I ll go back now.Gu Mingzhu walked all the way to the yard Only then did she vaguely feel something wrong, as if she had forgotten something Touched the round purse around her waist She seemed to be I forgot to give Master Wei candied revive 365 cbd gummies review fruit.Thinking of this, her feet seemed stuck to the ground and she couldn t move When Wei Yuanchen came out of the room Gu Mingzhu slipped over and said softly, My lord You carry a sword very bravely.Wei Yuanchen s brows and eyes suddenly opened Nie Chen, who was traveling far away in Shandong, felt a chill inexplicably.The sound of Cui Zhen s footsteps gradually drifted away, Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes and took a cup of tea to drink, his eyes were a little deep, Huaiyuanhou didn t take good care of the inner house, although Cui Zhen was related to the Gu family, he was no different from a foreigner, Zhuzhu is just at a good age, otherwise she wouldn t be coveted by Cui Wei.If it was him, he would definitely not let such a thing happen.Cui Zhen was so leisurely, it seemed that he didn t know that it was Zhang who had reminded Princess Huai in advance, so that King Huai would intercede rise and shine cbd gummies for him in court.This time something happened to Gu s family in Lotus Hutong, Cui Zhen rushed over to ask Gu Hou news, besides worrying about Gu s family, after experiencing Lin Sizhen s case, Cui Zhen probably also saw clearly in his heart, Lin Sizhen s arrangement for many years, It is aimed at the northern border, and it will never be stable if it is not investigated.The queen mother picked up the scissors on the table and continued to trim the flower branches There is no one with a good heart to frighten, and nothing is surprising.The queen mother cut the flower branches and helped her forehead Aijia feels cbd natures only gummies a headache, I need to take good care of it, and no one will see me In the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Xiao Huangmen added new charcoal to the warm cage.Huang Chang first looked outside the palace, and there was probably a thick layer of snow on King Huai, 500mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for drinking the emperor s anger should have dissipated a bit.Your rise and shine cbd gummies Majesty, Huang Chang said rise and shine cbd gummies in a low voice, Prince Huai is still outside waiting for your summons.Speaking at the right time is a skill, it can t be too early or too late, the emperor feels that the punishment is not enough if it is too early, and it will hurt Huai if it is too late The body of the king will be blamed for lack of eyesight.Gu Mingzhu listened carefully My lord It means Cui Wei, he Wei Yuanchen said Cui Wei is in the prison, and ordered someone to shoot someone he shouldn t have killed.Gu Mingzhu raised his head Your Excellency is talking about Miss Zhou Wei Yuanchen even lowered his breathing a lot, for fear of accidentally scaring the person in front of him Yes, it s Ah Jun.Chapter 384 Confess that Gu Mingzhu s fingers cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies trembled slightly, rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews so Master Wei was drunk It was Ajun 1000 mg cbd gummy that time, and this Ajun was none other than Zhou Rujun. Gu Mingzhu squeezed the wooden box in her hand, the room was so quiet that she could hear her heart beating like a drum, she tried her best to make herself look calm My lord, can i bring cbd gummies on an airplane it s because Miss Zhou is in prison.I saved you, so you want to repay this kindness No.Upon hearing the unexpected answer, Gu Mingzhu involuntarily cbd gummies on insomnia raised her head to look rise and shine cbd gummies at Wei Yuanchen who was on the couch.Wang Jing said Second Lord Wei has been with Lord Hou since he became an official., The time I stayed in Beijing was a bit longer.Speaking of this, Wang Jing raised her head Master Hou suspected that the second master had a different heart at that time Cui Zhen was not sure, maybe Cui Wei had other plans earlier, but was just waiting for an opportunity.Cui Wei stayed by his side because he also wanted to find out the situation of Datong and Beijiang Garrison.It can be seen from Cui Wei s affair with the deputy general that Cui Wei had long planned to take over Datong instead of him.Lin Sizhen puts eyeliner in Yulin Wei an, and Cui Wei can cooperate with Lin Sizhen if he wins Datong.If the Northeast line is added, the whole northern Xinjiang will be obtained.Losing the real Yulin Guard of Lin Temple, if they want to plot northern Xinjiang, they need to seize Daning and Yongping Mansions.Gu Mingwan said Seeing that it is the Lantern Festival, my mother asked me to Follow grandma to the mansion to see if there is anything else I can do to help.Gu Mingwan said and looked at Gu Mingzhu I just found out that the beads are all ready, and this year the lanterns in the mansion are very beautiful.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Zhuzhu is used to playing with these playthings.Gu Mingwan said I heard that the plum blossoms on the lantern were also painted by Zhuzhu Gu Mingzhu nodded I drew it with Zou Xiang.While painting the lantern, he caught up with Mr.Wei Come here and light a few strokes on the lantern.Thinking of Mr.Wei, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help thinking, Mr.Wei has been out of Beijing for seven days, so it s time to come back now The emperor has always been afraid of the Wei family, and Wei Long is often watched around the Wei mansion.Master Shen Er hesitated to speak, the young man continued Are you from the Shen family Do you want us to help investigate the case Go back, our elder brother will not see you.Master Shen Er s face changed when he heard this.Then I heard shouts coming from the yard rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews Brother San, why did you wait so long Come back quickly I won t send it away.Master Shen Er was very anxious when rise and shine cbd gummies he saw this, the young man in front of him looked ordinary, but his actions were crisp and neat, and he was a capable person at a glance, and he knew his details without him talking.Some things to think about.While Master Shen Er was hesitating, the young man closed the door.Master Shen Er looked at the closed door, his heart was full of bitterness.Master, the steward stepped forward to persuade, Let s go, if it doesn t work here, we ll find another way.There is a chance to crack it.This makes sense.Gu Chongyi nodded.Wei Congzhi s eyes were sharp You also think .

where can you buy cbd gummies in california?

Brother Chen is great, right There are many generals in this world, and it s rare to be handsome, right Gu Chongyi hadn t fully recovered, and subconsciously 10000 mg cbd gummies responded.Wei Congzhi said Then my brother Chen is considered handsome Wei Congzhi went on to say Then there is such a junior, how happy is the Marquis He sells Brother Chen so vigorously, and the elder brother will be happy in heaven, and the thought he has spent on it is comparable to the signature dishes of Pinxianglou.want more.Chapter 404 A snowflake of Zou Xiang s hatred fell from the sky into Gu Chongyi s collar.Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi, and the smug expression on Wei Congzhi s face made him very unhappy.With a wave of Gu Chongyi s hand, the lantern hanging above his head immediately fell down and patted Wei Congzhi s face solidly.After all, it was my aunt, who was as careful as dust, and asked the stimulant cbd gummies for ed rise and shine cbd gummies mother in charge to take care of her in advance, so that rise and shine cbd gummies Zou Xiang charles stanley cbd hemp gummies would not be able to cause any serious trouble.The mother in charge also found Cui Zhen, and quickly knelt down to salute.Cui Zhen shook his head, signaling that the mother in charge should not come forward cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies and let him handle it.Cui Zhen wanted to see what Zou Xiang would do, and it would be difficult for Zou Xiang to find him by following him far away.The mother in charge stepped back and gradually walked out of Cui Zhen s sight.Cui Zhen suddenly discovered that there was a big gap between the inner house of the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion and the Cui family s inner house.The mother in charge not only understood etiquette, but was also very alert and could understand the current situation.But other than that, there was a lot of movement in the inner house.Mrs.Zhang said Can you go to see Zou Lin The mother in stimulant cbd gummies for ed rise and shine cbd gummies charge nodded I m afraid Zou Lin is not well, there are crying in the yard from time to time, I saw the maid who served Zou Lin with my own eyes I was wiping my tears secretly, saying that I invited the old imperial doctor Chai to get a pulse, and Miss Gu has been taking care of me there.Mrs.Zhang nodded, which seemed to explain why Zou Xiang was out of mood, and Gu Mingzhu accompanied Zou Xiang to leave Didn t come back after that.Zhuzhu is a person who .

is cbd gummy safe?

likes to be lively, if something important happened, she wouldn t even stop watching the shadow puppet show.Knowing this, it stands to reason that she should breathe a sigh of relief, but Mrs.Zhang still has a bad premonition in her heart for some rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews reason.I remembered that Mr.Guojiu was in charge of the Treasure Shipyard.The uncle Mo Yangming mentioned was the younger brother of the Empress Dowager, who is now the Duke of Fengguo Guo Jiuzhang.The empress dowager s natal family is in Fujian, and her ancestors followed the Taizu to fight the world and was rise and shine cbd gummies named Feng Guogong.After the first emperor ascended the throne, he ordered the empress dowager s father, Lao Feng Guogong, to go to Fujian to take charge of the navy.The military power was handed over to Marquis Huaiyuan, but he still managed several shipyards.Today, the emperor ascended the throne, and the old Duke Feng died the next year.The emperor then ordered a sea ban, and the defense line of the Great Zhou Dynasty moved inward.place.Seeing this, Guo Jiuzhang handed over his duties in the shipyard, and went to Hangzhou Mansion to recuperate due to illness.The corner of the empress s mouth raised into a smile, Miss Gu seemed to be unintentional, but she knew everything.Come on Zhuzhu, said the empress, weave a net with me.Gu Mingzhu responded.The female officer also followed, the HCMUSSH rise and shine cbd gummies empress did not want to weave the net, but to tear 500mg sugar free cbd gummies cbd gummies for drinking it down.Gu Mingzhu didn t feel the slightest bit of depression in the Kunning Palace, and the empress didn t ask any more questions.It wasn t that the empress pretended not to care, but that the empress knew it in her heart.It was almost time before Gu Mingzhu got up to say goodbye.Sending Mo Zhenzhen and Miss Gu away, Empress Wei looked at the female officer beside her Is there any movement in the palace these few days Prince Huai s mansion has contacts, but he has not done anything wrong, please forgive me lightly, but the emperor has not agreed.Mrs.Li responded When the banquet is held at the house, I will definitely join in the fun.Gu Mingzhu asked Zhenren Mo to sit down for a while, and she went to see Mrs.Li and Mrs.Yuan out of the mansion.After they walked up the corridor, Gu Mingzhu said to Mrs.Li I entered the palace today.Master and I went to Kunning Palace to meet the empress.Mrs.Li couldn t rise and shine cbd gummies help but stop after hearing this.Gu Mingzhu nodded Your Majesty is fine, you don HCMUSSH rise and shine cbd gummies t have to worry, next time I go to the palace, if you have anything to say, I can bring it to your Majesty.When she mentioned her daughter, Mrs.Li s expression was no longer so calm My lady, what does she do in the palace My lady likes to play chess, write, and play nets with me..Your Majesty never made female celebrities when she was at home, why do you want to do these things now My Majesty s craftsmanship is very good.How can he intervene in a case cbd gummies and arthritis that even Yan Shen is involved in He didn t know if it was useful to do so, but he just couldn t stop, he had to do something to be worthy of his conscience, even if it was futile, it could bring him peace of mind.Afraid of alarming those people, he started not to walk around with any person who revealed the list, and he no longer revealed the list to investigate the case, just like a peddler who runs a single gang, doing small business to make ends meet every day, and like this day after day, he finally found him again.That person, and then he kept clinging on, trying to figure out what those people were doing.The old man said rise and shine cbd gummies It was the winter of the year before last.It was extremely cold in northern Xinjiang, and many people died of freezing.Although the imperial court sent people to pay compensation, there were too many victims.And that person is almost certainly Cui Wei.Cui Zhen said This is not the only thing about Mrs.Zhang that made me suspicious.I thought about it carefully.Before I returned to Beijing, Ms.Zhang had been in contact with Princess Huai.I suspect that Mrs.Huai s mansion helped me speak in the court, which aroused the emperor s suspicion.It s because of Mrs.Zhang.Gu Chongyi nodded When Zhuzhu went to Shangqing Temple that day, he met Mrs.Zhang and Concubine Huai.Cui Zhen has been checking the case files of these days for the past two days, and found several strange places Mr.Zhang asked Zhenren Sun from Shangqing Temple to see my rise and shine cbd gummies mother.Sun Zhenren also gave my mother a fairy medicine.My mother felt that her condition had improved a lot.If Sun Zhenren hadn t been arrested so early, my mother would be sick now.His family background The parentage was arranged long ago.Pei Shangqing was startled How to say Wei Yuanchen told Pei Shangqing the news that Zhuzhu found out.Pei Shangqing listened for a long time before opening his mouth The second master in those populations is like Qiu Hai, that uncle Wei Yuanchen said After Tan Dingfang s father passed the examination, in order to get a chance to cbd gummies for drinking become an official, he took his wife and family with him.Two year old Tan Dingfang went out to clear up relationships, and nine years later he returned to his hometown, Tan Dingfang is eleven years old.Pei Shangqing said The appearance of a two year old rise and shine cbd gummies child is very different from that of a teenager, even if there is a change in the middle, it will not be different.Someone found out.Wei Yuanchen nodded and said Perhaps it s not rise and shine cbd gummies that Tan Dingfang s father didn t find the opportunity to become an official, but the people he trusted couldn t give him an official position.point.Wei Yuanchen added a meatball with chopsticks, put it to his mouth and took a bite.The meatball was very fragrant, and there was actually red bean stuffing inside.The scene of the girl busy in the kitchen came to Wei Yuanchen s mind, so she could remember to put red beans in the meatballs, and wondered if she ate them secretly after the meatballs were made.The hot soup warmed him up and made his killing intent towards Cui Zhen lessened.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes and said, Master Dingning has found out about the Datong Guard Cui Zhen did not expect that Wei Yuanchen would take the initiative to talk to him first.Cui Zhen responded When is Master Wei going to enter the palace I wanted to go overnight, Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Cui Zhen, Ding Ning Hou is willing to come, it is more appropriate for the Marquis to go.They are a group of ordinary merchants, and the imperial court will not stop them, rise and shine cbd gummies but why is it prudent, he did not go with the caravan, but dressed up as an old man, mixed with the passing people, and went to Shanxi to visit relatives , no one would pay attention to him This old man, and his entourage will protect him from a distance, and will not appear in front of him unless there are special circumstances.He has been acting like this all these years, except for being chased into the village by Yan Shen before, he has never made a mistake.Yan Shen is powerful, but Yan Shen died a long time ago, and Wei Yuanchen couldn t find out the truth for a while just relying on clues.Zheng Ruzong was very relieved, at least he took action to harm Yan Shen in time, otherwise his cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies identity might have been exposed long ago, this time he left Beijing with the people around him, and will not come back rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews for a while, let Wei Yuanchen casually go to investigate , and could not find any clues.Zhou Zesheng said I ll write a letter back, don t worry, I will ask clearly.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and helped Mr.Zhang Yan Tanhua to avenge his grievances.She will investigate the case for herself.Grandma, two uncles, and I , Zhou Rujun is back.A thunderstorm suddenly exploded in the sky.The old lady Zhou who was resting on the soft couch suddenly woke up.Chapter 472 After checking, I found out, Old lady, are you startled Mother Tian, who was guarding outside, heard movement in the house, and hurriedly brought tea in.Mrs.Zhou shook her hand It s useless when you re old, you can be startled by thunder.About yesterday, I talked a lot with my second child.I heard that northern Xinjiang and the coast are going to fight, and I was thinking about it before going to sleep.These, so who is not stable, always feel that something is going to happen.Zhou Cherui couldn t sit still anymore, it was as if a knife was hanging over his head and might fall off at any moment, he had to make some arrangements, and he didn t know what the result would be if he waited like this.Zhou Cherui changed his clothes and went straight out of the Zhou family gate.He cautiously looked behind him for fear that someone would follow him.He didn t heave a sigh of relief until he walked into the street market, and walked boldly towards the east city.What Zhou Cherui didn t see was that a figure had already been staring at him Gu Mingzhu was sitting in the small courtyard of ordinary people.Nie biokenetic labs cbd gummies Chen and the others came back with Beijiang, Mr.Wei left, and everyone returned to Beijing.This was because she was worried that no one could use her in Beijing.How careful are you, my lord Gu Mingzhu ate the candied fruit, and the sweetness melted in her mouth.My sister in law thought it was not a coincidence, so I asked my second brother to find someone to stimulant cbd gummies for ed rise and shine cbd gummies ask carefully before and after my eldest brother fell into the water in the palace.situation.Feng Anping heard this Since the master said so on Tuesday, why do you think it s a lie to you Zhou Zerui s voice became hoarse Because I my second elder brother had spoken to my mother in the house stimulant cbd gummies for ed rise and shine cbd gummies before, and I could hear them clearly.Met with her natal family, after the elder brother had an accident, the second elder brother went to the Cao family to inquire about the news, and heard from the Cao family that the assassin was a servant, and he attacked the eldest prince when the emperor took people out to hunt and the palace guards were lax.To save people.After the incident, the servant committed suicide.I really can t blame her.It s a pity that Huang Chang saw her when she ordered Zhou Zecheng to be killed.Fortunately, she recruited Huang Chang to work for her., when the court investigates the case, it will also investigate who wants to harm the prince, and will not want to investigate Zhou Zecheng s secrets at all.And that servant had served Empress Wei before, so this would stir up disputes between Empress Wei and Concubine Jiang.The Emperor hated Wei Shi even more, and Concubine Jiang would secretly try to deal with Wei Shi.It can be said to accomplish several things in one fell swoop.The result was of course as they wished, Jiang Guifei settled the account on rise and shine cbd gummies Empress Wei.She also heard words of resentment against Empress Wei from the emperor.The emperor said The Wei family is cunning, saying that she is pregnant and should not follow the retinue.He wanted to keep him, but he couldn t.Do you know how pitiful we are Cui Wei changed his tone, and the pitiful expression on his face turned into resentment again, Father only likes you and dislikes me and mother, you is thc in cbd gummies know how much I want to see my father smile I hate you, no matter how hard I try, I can t keep up with you, I can only hold my mother tightly, and I can feel a little warmth from her, am I wrong Cui Wei trembled Said It s because cbd gummies on amazon rise and shine cbd gummies you don t want to care about the Zhou family.Otherwise, even if I use some tricks, you won t be fooled.Why do you have to blame me Zhang What s wrong I Liang Wang Xicai, if Eldest brother s official career with King Liang will definitely be better than now.Didn t elder brother always want to stabilize the Northwest and take back Liaodong for the Great Zhou King Liang also wants to half thc half cbd gummies do cbd gummies earth fare the same, and elder brother will be able to show his ambition under King Liang.King Liang arranged an identity for him, and he left an heir for the Fu family.After entrusting the heir to King Liang, he entered the palace cleanly.No one can understand the feeling of cutting off children and grandchildren, but revenge is worth everything.Finally, under the plan of King Liang, he climbed to this position step by step.Now it is time for him to kill the emperor and help Lord Ying take the throne.A moment later, Concubine De returned to the Hall of Mental Cultivation, seeing the motionless emperor on the couch, Concubine De slumped on the chair.Huang Chang asked rise and shine cbd gummies Concubine De s handwriting to be sent out, and all cbd gummies for drinking smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies those rise and shine cbd gummies who supported King Su would follow King Su to raise troops, and the eyeliners they placed in the palace would also attack together.Prince Liang s people in the forbidden army will also attack the palace to help him, and take the opportunity to kill the Queen Mother and Queen Wei Master Cao rode all the way to Jingying, and finally saw King Su s personal companion.The moment the emperor saw Concubine De, his face turned red and his eyes were about to burst into flames.Concubine De s face became even uglier.She wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth but couldn t make a sound.No matter what she said, it was useless.The emperor knew the truth, and they all fell into Wei s hands again She is probably gone.Chance of survival.The emperor s lips opened and closed, and a vague voice came out of his throat Bitch The woman he liked the most in the past was just a bitch.If he had the strength, he would have jumped on her and strangled her to death.Concubine De burst into tears, but this time rise and shine cbd gummies no one felt sorry for her.Several imperial physicians hurried over to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.In order to conceal the emperor s condition, Huang Chang asked his servants to tie up the envoy of the imperial hospital, so the imperial hospital did not know about the emperor s condition.Soft lips fell down and pressed against her tightly.Her heart suddenly contracted, and then beat like a drum, her mind went blank, and she let go of her hand, and the lamp she was carrying fell to the ground.Chu Jiu hurriedly covered his eyes, and covered Liusu s face with the other hand, God, what did he see, although the third master covered it, he could still guess what was going on.Liu Su pressed Chu Jiu s hand down, this idiot was peeking at him, why should he stop others.I don t know how long it took, it seemed to rise and shine cbd gummies be a long time, but it also seemed to be a short time.Gu Mingzhu opened her eyes again, and looked into Master Wei s bright eyes.His Ruifeng eyes drooped slightly, his eyes were clear and deep, and the corners of his eyes seemed to be dyed with a thin layer of charm.He just looked at her steadfastly, and rise and shine cbd gummies then said in a slightly hoarse voice You want to be a Taoist Gu Mingzhu subconsciously Shaking his head No, no, it s me and Master Before he finished speaking, he lowered his head again.Your Excellency s letter is to tell them that the internal affairs are stable, and they can let go.Cui Zhen read the letter once, and then returned it to Cheng Yu.The Wei family is very powerful, and Empress Wei has vision.The entire court of the Great Zhou Dynasty must listen to the Wei family.Although it is inappropriate for the empress to interfere with the government, if it were not for Empress Wei and the Wei family, the rebel army of King Liang would have destroyed the city.Whether it is the emperor, the king of Liang, or the noble concubine and concubine De, the foundation of the Great Zhou has been damaged by the open and secret struggles over the years.Now the Great Zhou needs Empress Wei.Cui Zhen came to his senses In this case, we should prepare earlier so as not to lose the opportunity.The child is innocent, if you can give birth to him, he will have a way out, and you will be sent to the Ministry of Criminal Justice immediately.Zhang tried her best to say Master Hou, this child is yours, he is yours as long as If I can make this concubine survive, I will be willing to do whatever the Marquis asks me to do.If she wants to survive, she has to kill her enemies, kill the woman cbd gummies österreich hiding in Wuliangha, and kill those children of Luo Yu , for her child, for her life.That s your child.After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he strode out of the house.Seeing Cui Zhen s figure disappear, Mrs.Zhang wanted to chase her out but was stopped by her mother in law.That s your baby Cui Zhen s words echoed in Zhang s ears.Cui Zhen didn t care for a long time, she still wanted to lie to Cui Zhen that the child belonged to Cui Wei, wanted to anger Cui Zhen, and then took the opportunity to shoot Cui Zhen with a sleeve arrow.If you don t eat, I ll take it.Eat, eat.He wants to eat.Bring the red bean cake you ate again and give me a taste.She couldn t help laughing out puchi It turns out that Lord Hou is also greedy for these.When a plate of red bean cake was handed over, Cui Zhen was about to reach out to pick it up.Before his fingers touched the snack, his chest suddenly hurt, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead instantly.He seemed to be able to smell blood at the end of his nose.He looked down again, and at some point he was already wearing armor, and the armor weighed heavily on him, making him 100mg cbd gummy worms unable to breathe.Not only the pain in the chest, but also between the belly, the blood gushed out of his body, and he could feel the weak rise and fall of his chest.Is he dying Cui Zhen raised his head, and there was another tragic battlefield in front of him, but this time he was in the capital, and looking around, he could see that they had won.What day is it today Jiang asked the palace man.March 22.The palace man responded in a low voice.Mrs.Jiang stretched out rise and shine cbd gummies cbd gummies for sex reviews her hand and wanted to do the math Is it true that Mrs.Wei s son will get married tomorrow Wei Yuanchen was born of Mrs.Wei, and the news had already spread throughout the palace.After hearing this, Mrs.Jiang knew that everything was over.Mrs.Wei had her own son, and the emperor had his eldest son.Who would fight for the throne for her child Damn the old King Qing, he actually helped the Wei family take the child out of the palace, no wonder the Wei family was willing to confine the Kunning Palace these years, because the Wei family had planned a long time ago, showing weakness is to protect Wei Yuanchen.She was completely kept in the dark, allowing Wei Shi to play around.But Gu Mingzhu couldn t sleep anymore.Thinking about Wei Yuanchen s hard life these years, and because of her old illness, now that he finally got married with her, he still had to help her hide Mrs.Li from it.Thinking of this kind of courage, she turned around, not daring to look at Wei Yuanchen, but put her arms around his neck.Then don t worry grandma.Gu Mingzhu whispered.Seeing that Master Wei seemed to be still in a daze, Gu Mingzhu moved her body up a little bit, and gently pressed against his lips.It s like a touch of water.Before she had time to back away, she felt that his waist was tightly hugged by him, and then he turned back and took control of the rhythm.The red candles reflected the bright red happy characters, and the curtain beside the bed shook slightly.After a long time, Gu Mingzhu opened her eyes and glanced out the window.

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