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Mrs.Cui Si smiled and said Go and rest, wait until you wake up Madame liberty cbd gummies shark tank gummy cbd 1000mg mint is back.Bao Tong helped the lazy girl to walk into the courtyard, and seeing that she was about to disappear before his eyes, Zhou Ruzhang became anxious Sister Mingzhu, let s go sit in the flower hall with us for a while Fourth Mrs.Cui answered with a smile Miss Er doesn t know something.Zhuzhu is not in good health.She has to rest for a while every day, otherwise she will get sick.This is what she saw with her own eyes.When she was doing needlework, Gu Mingzhu was sleeping soundly on the small bed next to her, and she didn t move her body for several hours.This may be the reason for the child s stupidity.Zhou Ruzhang s face became even more ugly.As the sky gradually darkened, the Cui family held a banquet in the flower hall.Shen Shoufu always praised his father in front of others, and he will definitely do a lot in the future.Unexpectedly, there would be some unforeseen circumstances, and when my father was accompanying the capital, he lost his footing and drowned in order to save the eldest prince, so his short life ended in a hurry.After her father passed away, her mother put her longing for her cbd gummies and smoked father on her body, but in the end she still couldn t pass this test.Suddenly, one night, her mother threw herself to hang herself and followed her father.Both of her parents passed away, and she was brought up by her grandmother.After all, she was too young to have any impression of her parents, but when she grew up a little, she read the books her father had read and whole foods cbd gummies imitated the seal left by her father.Read the Mingjing post written by her father, and play the lyre left by her mother, as if her father and mother are still by her side.The imperial court couldn t provide food for distribution for a while, many people starved to death, and the plague was prevalent in the city My master boldly deduced that the person who burned the Ao warehouse and stole the silver from the treasury was not necessarily the Pearl Thief but someone else.I feel that my master is bewitching the public with his lies, and I also suspect that my master is an accomplice of the Pearl Thief and deliberately came to disturb the audience.Because of this incident, whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately many people who are good at detectives have been arrested and interrogated.My master implicated innocent people and was tortured, and he couldn t let go until he died.Nie Chen looked at Wei Yuanchen solemnly If Ku Yin was not taken away by the Pearl Thief back then, then someone set up a trick to deceive everyone.She has to handle this matter herself, so as not to cause trouble in the future.Mrs.Tai, Mrs.Cui Si went back and forth, hurriedly entered the door and knelt whole foods cbd gummies on the ground, Mrs.Tai, you sent someone to ask Master Hou, what happened to my master and why whole foods cbd gummies he was put in prison.What Mrs.Lin was surprised.Fourth Mrs.Cui seemed to have no strength in her body I just sent the news that my master has been imprisoned in connection with the robbery case.Someone must frame us.You watched the master grow up.He has been tempered since he was a child.Benevolent, how can you do this kind of thing.Mrs.Lin Note 1 hadn t figured out what she said before she raised her eyes and saw the clan sister standing at the door.Fourth Mrs.Cui didn t know how to face Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou.She held hands and spoke cordially before, but in a blink of an eye the master was involved in the robbery case, but she still believed in the character of the master.Wei Yuanchen s eyes swept across the bustling crowd, and a somewhat familiar figure came into view.This person walked with a limp, he was the person he met in Yong an Lane that night, the doctor s entourage.Since the medical woman was walking around in Taiyuan Mansion, it was not uncommon to see these two people on the street, but Wei Yuanchen looked around, but did not see the medical woman.All the way back to the courtyard, Wei Yuanchen cleaned his hands and began to read the official documents on the table.Chu Jiu couldn t help but said, My lord, what did you say about the earthquake He and Nie Chen went to the villages to inquire, and found out that many people in those three villages died during the earthquake.That s not an earthquake, Wei Yuanchen said plainly, An earthquake won t make people lose their clothes.As he had guessed before, it was related to quarrying, and the place where they went to hide the stolen goods today had several severe earthquakes.The clues are connected in this way, the thief confessed that the place where the stolen goods were hidden had his intentions, and wanted to lead him to find out the case, whole foods cbd gummies but the stolen goods were not in the cave, and someone took the stolen goods in advance, so they pounced.null.He had the scouts check carefully, and there were no footprints near the cave, which was the result of careful cleaning.The person who took the things must stand to the left of the person who led cbd gummies while taking hydrocodone him to solve the case, and he became a pawn involved in it.Cui Zhen slapped the table with his palm, and Cui Wei who was next to him was startled, and immediately got up Brother, what s wrong Cui Zhen remained silent, he had to be careful when he had military power in his hands, he would definitely be wooed and used by others, when he made military achievements and was reused by the court, he thought clearly, he must not take refuge in anyone until the last moment, but to try his best Replenish energy and store energy as much as possible, accumulate his own strength, so as to ensure that the Cui family will not fall down at any time.The figure of the doctor disappeared at the end of the road, and whole foods cbd gummies Wei Yuanchen came out of the forest.ThirdThird Master Chu Jiu put on a bitter face, What should I do Finally, I have the opportunity to come to worship once, do I want to go back and make the red bean cake again Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, Chu Jiu bravely said Otherwise you will manifest as Miss Zhou and call someone to eat the tribute for her.After Chu Jiu finished speaking, he suddenly felt proud, how could he think Such a good excuse.He really is a little clever ghost Wei Yuanchen took a few steps forward and stood in front of Zhou Rujun s grave.Just now when the doctor gave medicine to the rabbit, he couldn t help but think about the past five years ago.Although the doctor was greedy, she was still kind hearted.She saved the little rabbit hiding next to her grave.This is the reason why you dare not investigate the case openly.Lu Shenzhi s head drooped Those people were tricked after all, thinking that they would survive if they escaped from the furnace head, but in fact, those furnace heads deliberately let them out in order to put the blame on them, and watched them desperately go for it.Merchants, after everything has become a fact, it is useless to justify it.As if thinking of something here, Lu Shenzhi said Except for those two times, the other robberies in Taiyuan Mansion were not caused by those people, and they did not whole foods cbd gummies kill anyone.Lord Wei, please be aware of this point, someone deliberately framed it.Lu Shenzhi s earnest appearance did not impress Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanchen s voice was still majestic Where are the horses Lu Shenzhi said How dare those people steal the horses , They hadn t escaped when the horses were lost.Wei Yuanchen let go of his hand, and the doctor immediately took a few steps back to distance herself from Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen had no time to deal with the doctor s wife, his eyes fell on Nie Chen s face, before he got on the flower boat, he saw Nie Chen follow Mrs.Chen all the way to the small courtyard, and then secretly followed the doctor s wife to the boat, Since Nie Chen got the clue from Mrs.Chen, why didn t he sneak into the boat to check He asked people to follow Nie Chen, and he went to pay attention to the doctor himself.When he found out that the doctor s secret had been revealed, he speculated that the doctor was most likely to know that Nie Chen.The mother in law should cooperate with the outside.Just like that day after he met the doctor in Yong an Square, Nie Chen immediately came to the door to surrender.Zhou s mother and daughter on Wednesday, the Zhou family wanted to climb up to Cui Zhen, and took Zhou Rujun out to use it, it was quite true Very ugly.The room was quiet for a while, and the atmosphere was a little awkward.Mrs.Zhou frowned.What s going on with Mrs.Lin, don t you understand what she means No wonder the Huaiyuanhou s mansion will decline, the wife of Huaiyuanhou is clearly a piece of wood.Mrs.Wednesday thought about it and picked up whole foods cbd gummies the tea.As soon as the tea bowl was brought to her mouth, Zhou Ruzhang screamed.Mrs.Zhou immediately frowned and looked over, only to see Zhou Ruzhang standing up and throwing the small colorful clock in his hand on the low table.What s what s inside Zhou Ruzhang pressed her lips with a veil, her face was filled with disgust and disgust.She just lifted the lid and took a sip of tea, but she felt that the taste of tea was a bit cbd gummies woodbriidge va strange, so she lowered her eyes to look at the tea.Lin.Zhou Ruzhang froze there, and it took him a long time to turn around to look, only to see Gu Mingzhu shaking his legs, eating osmanthus cake from the plate.Zhou Ruzhang had no choice but to go back to her seat, and the anger in her body made her chest ache.Mrs.Lin was afraid that Mrs.Wednesday would bring up the matter again, so she spoke first, When is Mrs.Wednesday going to return to Beijing There is something to do.This should not have been said, but serious illness requires strong medicine.Mrs.Zhou said We took a fancy to two Zhuangzi in Shanxi, and we were going to buy them.Originally, we wanted to ask Mrs.Lin to take care of her.Mrs.Tai is an expert, and those two villages are next to Mrs.Tai s land Mrs.Tai That piece of land is said to have good geomantic omen, and it was brought as a dowry from her natal family.Lin Madam, do you have the prescriptions that Miss Gu has used in recent years Carry those prescriptions with you wherever you go, just in case.It is common for doctors to take a look at the prescriptions they have used in the past.Miss Gu s prescriptions have been read back and forth by countless doctors.There should be no problem, but Gu Mingzhu is inexplicably nervous.Especially since Mr.Wei is still a guest at Gu s house, he will notice even the slightest clue.What exactly is Master Wei doing here The matter of the Jinta Temple has always made him suspicious, and he is really a long term lover.Now that the case has progressed, he wanted to see the position of the Marquis of Huaiyuan, so he came to check if there was anything unusual about her.That being the case, it is gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies better to let him finish reading earlier and go out earlier.Go get her, or she won t come back.Cui Zhen and Cui Wei came out of Mrs.Lin s room and went straight to the study.Cui Zhen sat down for a long time before saying Our Cui family may be a house thief, and mother just said that Mrs.Zhou is pestering her.Go and ask what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies your mother for the past two days.Are you not sleeping well, and who is serving in the yard.Cui Wei responded, However, many people have been taken to the yamen.I will go to the Yamen to hear the trial.Cui whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately Zhen said, looking at the official affairs on the table.After something happened on the painting boat, he was handling the official affairs of the Xuanfu in the study.If he wants more, he won t be able to intervene in the case of Taiyuan Mansion.In this case, he must guard his own affairs so that there will be no mistakes.Cui Wei thought for a while before saying Brother, are you going to let Wei Yuanchen manipulate you like this Cui Zhen raised his eyes Why did we come to Taiyuan Mansion Cui Wei said Because Shanxi is unstable and bandits often come and go.Mr.Jiang immediately looked at Ziyuan, hoping to use Ziyuan as a threat.People in the amazon trubliss cbd gummies market cannot ignore the lives of innocent people.The person guarding Ziyuan also saw the situation.He just wanted to draw the sharp knife from his waist but it was too late, and he was buried.He hit the neck with a wave and fell to the ground.Nie Chen said Catch them and escort them to the Yamen to receive the reward.Lord Wei told them to keep an eye on Mr.Jiang and the others.It will take a lot of work to catch them, but fortunately, everyone in the market is good at catching them, so they must win this round Wei Yuanchen rode wildly royal blend cbd gummies near me all the way, Chu Jiu did not dare to relax and followed closely.I don t know why, but with the help of Nie liberty cbd gummies shark tank gummy cbd 1000mg mint Chen and others, the third master s trip to Taiyuan Mansion is busier than ever.Han Yu walked to the front of the house, and was about to reach out to push the door, when he suddenly saw half a shoe print on the ground, the shoe print was still wet, and muddy water was dripping from it, it was stepped on by someone just coming out of the house, Judging from the shoe prints, it was left by quick boots, obviously a man.He has been ordering the Gu family and the Cui family nursing home to do things just now, and he has never returned to this house, and his entourage is also by his side, so whoever went in Han Yu took out the dagger at his waist and I held it in his hand, stretched out his hand and pushed open the door.The room was empty, just as it had been when he left.Han Yu looked at it carefully again.The wind blows in from whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately the window, and there seems to be something rolling around on the table not far away with the wind.After the Marquis of Huaiyuan came to Shanxi, it seemed that he really devoted himself to raising horses.The next day, there was a memorial to praise how good he was, and he bred many good horses for the Great Zhou Dynasty.Hou took the trouble to deliver the memorial and presented the title of the horse review to the emperor for a preview, and he wanted to bring these excellent horses to Beijing.The emperor was so annoyed by Marquis Huaiyuan that he simply agreed to Marquis Huaiyuan s request, so Marquis Huaiyuan carefully counted the number of war horses in HCMUSSH whole foods cbd gummies Shanxi, waiting for the officials from Taipusi Military Department and Rites Supervisor to come.At this moment, the court horse was stolen, and the case shocked the court.From his point of view now, the war horses might not have been stolen, but there were not so many war horses at all, just like the Ao warehouse was burned seven years ago, who knows how much food there is, and this is just to HCMUSSH whole foods cbd gummies deceive people.She carefully lifted the cloth towel, and a hideous scar immediately came into view.The wound was long, but it had already healed, obviously an old wound from many years ago.She had seen such wounds before, touched them to be precise.At that time, the young man in the prison hid the sharp weapon in the skin under his left armpit.She took out the sharp weapon with her own hands, and then used the sharp weapon to kill the first person who came to kill her.Gu Mingzhu s hand holding the cloth towel couldn t help but freeze.A thought flashed through her mind, and she suddenly remembered that Wei Yuanchen s mouth and jaw were somewhat familiar on gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies the boat.Gu Mingzhu looked up.The lights on the table were jumping, and the flickering light shrouded his face.His skin was clean and fair, and his plump black eyebrows were as black as ink.Before Wei Yuanchen could speak, Chu Jiu immediately said It s the same this time He tossed warm water and ice cubes again, but he didn t get better.Sun Langzhong said The third master is better now.Hearing what Sun Langzhong said, Chu Jiu couldn t help being startled, and immediately stepped forward to test it, with a surprised expression on his cbd gummies homemade whole foods cbd gummies face It s really better.It will take a day to improve.When he was in the Gu family, he wondered how the third master could be awakened by him.Now it seems that his condition has improved.Third Master, what kind of panacea did you take Chu Jiu asked with wide eyes, Is this disease cured He was taken care of by him, gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies but now Chu Jiu came to ask him what medicine he took.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Don t you know It was only then that Chu Jiu realized that he had been with the third master all along.He seemed to be aware of these things, but he really didn t know anything.Sun Langzhong stroked his beard and looked at Wei Yuanchen Is the third master still feeling unwell Wei Yuanchen thought for a moment The wound on the left armpit is no longer painful, but there is still some fatigue in the body.When Gu s family woke up , he found that whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately the pain on the old injury had eased a lot, and the burning feeling had completely disappeared.Sun Langzhong continued Third Master, think about it carefully, what is the difference between this old injury attack and the previous one Maybe we can find a cure from it.What s the difference Wei Yuanchen thought of that dream, he would always dream about what happened in the prison, but every time he could only watch her leave, this time he seemed to hold her hand, at that moment, the darkness that was pressing in his heart It seemed to be blown away all of a sudden.Chu Jiu nodded You told us to keep an eye on the Gu family, or Miss Gu.This matter must be clarified.Wei Yuanchen said Miss Gu.Chu Jiu nodded again Then if Miss Gu is in danger, should we gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies come forward The Gu family is very important to this case, Wei Yuanchen said If it is very critical, it is natural You can t stand by and watch.Chu Jiu retracted his neck, straightened his back, and looked like an old god, he almost fell into the trick of the third master, saying that he was staring at him was clearly protecting him secretly.If he hadn t been clever, he might have made a big mistake.Who can understand such obscurity That is him.Chu Jiu smacked his lips, the master of this generation is not easy to take care of, he has a feeling that he will not be able to take care of him.Chapter 79 Arranging things for my ninth day and returning to the house.He really suffered.Chu Jiu took a step forward to find Wu whole foods cbd gummies Hei Ji s theory, Wu Hei Ji flew over and stepped on Chu Jiu s shoulder.If he didn t take revenge today, he wouldn t be the most powerful follower around the third master.Chu Jiu pulled out the cloth bag at his waist, took out a handful of millet and threw it on the ground.After tossing and tossing for a long time, Chu Jiu finally lay down on the bed warmed by Wuheiji and Luhuaji, but he couldn t sleep that night, even the third master s big white horse was already missed by someone, why no one appreciates him The Cui family.Mrs.Lin had a heart wrenching problem, and she tossed and sighed until late at night.Fourth Mrs.Cui has been serving in the house until Cui Zhen appeared and ordered the mother in charge to send the fourth wife to rest The fourth brother can go home tomorrow, and the fourth sister in law will also clean up.But Lin Runzhi saw Si Cheng in the inn again, what s going on Who is lying Chapter 99 Slap Mrs.Lin heard about what happened at Zhao s house last night, but she didn t know the details.Even so, she still felt terrified when she heard Lin Runzhi say these words.No wonder Baotong told her that Qiusui, the maid next to Lin Runzhi, wanted a lot of tranquilizing incense.Lin Sizhen and his wife cherished these two sons very much.Lin Runzhi must have experienced this kind of setback for the first time.He saw his uncle attacking others with his how much are cbd gummies cost own eyes, and someone sneaked into the inn quietly at night.It s natural to be uneasy.However, it is expected that the scene at that time must be very terrifying, otherwise Lin Runzhi would not be able to leave such a deep impression.A child completely trusts the relatives around him, and every time the relatives show a kind side in front of them, but suddenly one day, he sees the ferocious face of the relatives, and the shock in his heart can be imagined, so it is not only Fear is a psychological blow.After saying this, Wei Yuanchen looked at the prince I have not asked the crown prince for instructions, is it feasible for me to do this Wei Yuanchen said that he would ask the crown prince to make a decision, if the crown prince nodded, the secret box would leave immediately, and the imperial envoy only had this secret box, and it was to be used at an important moment, which was originally The right of imperial envoys.The secret rehearsal goes straight to the holy hearing, and it is a great crime to intercept it.Although the crown prince has a prominent status as the heir, can he openly disobey the holy order The crown prince looked calm on the surface, but he gritted his teeth secretly.Wei Yuanchen even asked people to bring the secret box of the imperial envoy to the banquet.As long as he nodded, Wei Yuanchen s entourage would immediately leave the house and go to the yamen, and the news of Master Zhao Er would definitely be leaked.What should I do After opening Gu Mingzhu s sleeve, Gu Mingzhu s snow white arm was covered with rashes.The mother in charge of the East Palace exclaimed when she saw it Why is there a rash, quickly send her out and pass it on to the crown prince, and you will all lose your heads.Chapter 112 How can there be sick people around the beautiful crown prince This is thanks to not being in Beijing, otherwise the news would have reached the ears of the imperial concubine and empress.At the beginning of the year, the crown prince fell ill, and how many people were whole foods cbd gummies punished in the East Palace.The mother in charge remembered clearly.The crown prince is not only the master of the East Palace, but also the person that the entire Zhou Dynasty depends on, even if it hurts a hair, it is a sin.The mother in charge said bitterly It s all the fault of those who were ordered to go out to choose Qin Niang.Knowing that everyone was going back to Beijing, Mrs.Wednesday took Zhou Ruzhang to set off together, obviously wanting to get closer to the Cui family, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly with a sneer, Zhou Ruzhang was always ready to come forward.Before Zhou Ruzhang could make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order Let s leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei uk gummies cbd is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.Not only did he act resolutely, but he also didn t liberty cbd gummies shark tank gummy cbd 1000mg mint show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and Gu s family members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.She has no idea whether the son in law has met his biological mother or what is going on now, as long as she thinks about these things, she will inevitably feel uneasy, for fear that something will happen to the son in law.Just as Princess Huairou thought of this, Mr.Shen suddenly said Who is in the garden I m playing bamboo dragonfly with Miss Gu.Mr.Shen looked intently, and sure enough, he saw a girl outside the room holding a bamboo dragonfly, at this moment the bamboo dragonfly flew up again, and the girl also ran after it.Mr.Shen frowned.When he came to look for Princess Huairou, why didn t he find that the eldest lady was there.Mr.Shen glanced dissatisfiedly at the guard of the Eastern Palace who was guarding the door.The guard lowered his head.He had spotted this young lady a long time ago, but this young lady looked different from ordinary people, with only the bamboo dragonfly in her eyes in her eyes , Once I almost ran into a tree in order to chase a bamboo dragonfly, which whole foods cbd gummies shows that my mind is not complete.When we arrive in Beijing, we will send some flower cakes to this chicken, whole foods cbd gummies hoping that its hair will grow back.Gu Mingzhu thinks that this is the only way to arrange it.It depends on how precious Mr.Wei is to this whole foods cbd gummies chicken Wei Yuanchen discussed with his family generals and personal guards about the journey to be taken tomorrow, and carefully checked the places where there are likely to be ambushes , After finishing the order, I returned to my residence.Chu Jiu brought water to wash Wei Yuanchen.The water temperature was just right.After I changed my clothes, I came out to drink tea.The tea was also very suitable, and there was a plate on the table.Sweet scented osmanthus cake.The Liusu water was cooked well, but where did the pastry come from Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows slightly.Third Master, Chu Jiu said, Five black chickens were found and ran to the Gu family s yard.Now she has three sons and three daughters.The daughter she and Zheng Bian had won the trust of Jinong and stayed in Dazhou.Mrs.Zhao and I searched everywhere, and kept looking for the whereabouts of Zheng Bian s concubine, because she frequently inquired about Zheng s family affairs, so she was targeted.Mrs.Zhao knew that she was very dangerous, and her own son refused to recognize her when she came to her.Although we found out about these things , but there is not much evidence in hand, the Shanxi mutiny involved too much, not only cannot reverse the case for General Zhao with these things in hand, but the fact that Mrs.Zhao is alive will whole foods cbd gummies also be leaked.If Mrs.Zhao is arrested, who will defend Mr.Zhao Redress While we were hesitating, a group of bandits captured Mrs.Zhao.The crown prince glanced at Mr.Mrs.Lin had just said this when she heard the neighing of the horse.It s miserable.You Cui Wei couldn t help scolding the guards.Cui s whole foods cbd gummies guard said We only shot their horses, so that their chariots and horses can t catch up.They can go another way.The women of the Zhou family have no good intentions to cling to us, and we don t have to be polite to them.They have gained a lot of benefits by relying on this face on weekdays, and now I will teach them some lessons.People are kind and bullied, you just don t understand this Reasonable.Is the rebel really the master Zhao Gongren raised his eyes.Mrs.Lin immediately put on a straight face Who are you listening does cbd gummy make you sleepy to talking nonsense They are cbd gummys dementia all discussing.Zhao Gongren heard a lot of gossip on the way of fleeing.Looking at the rebels, her mind was in chaos.Zhao down and sent her to the house to rest.Probably because of Cheng Yi s victory in the battle, Mrs.Zhao seemed to be in good spirits, and she continued to thank Mrs.Lin Thank you, Madam.You are welcome.Mrs.Lin remembered meeting Mrs.Zhao at a banquet However, it was just that she holistic greens cbd gummies price was busy with Zhuzhu s illness at that iris organic gummies cbd time, even the banquet was perfunctory, and she seldom talked to the female relatives, so she only vaguely felt that Mrs.Zhao was very gentle and always had a smile on her face.Twelve years have passed, and Mrs.Zhao has aged a lot.It can be seen that whole foods cbd gummies these years of hard work, but although the appearance is no longer so glamorous, but the heart of avenging his father is even more admirable.Mrs.Zhao s eyes fell on the girl next to Mrs.Lin Zhuzhu has grown so big.Mrs.Lin was surprised Do you still remember Zhuzhu Mrs.But among these people, there is no shadow of Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen used the prince to lure the crowd away, and fled with the people around him.Cui Zhen ordered Leave a group of people here, and the rest go to chase Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen s lieutenant pulled the prince, looked at Cui Zhen and others vigilantly, and was about to threaten Cui Zhen not to go forward , An arrow suddenly came towards him.Amidst the prince s exclamation, the pair shot an arrow in the forehead and fell off the horse with the prince.Hot blood dripped down the crown of the prince s head, and immediately the prince felt a heat on his head, and the torch in the lieutenant s hand fell on his hair at some point, and it caught fire.The prince was terrified and wanted to get up and run away, but who knew that the general was still holding him tightly when he was dying.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward quickly Uncle s head is injured, he needs to rest for a few more days.Zhou Zesheng frowned and looked gummy cbd 1000mg mint at Wei Yuanchen What are you testing Wei Yuanchen looked indifferent, just followed the window lattice The sunlight outside is changing, and there seems to be emotion in his eyes I whole foods cbd gummies will tell my uncle when I am sure.Now he can t say clearly, unless he has a definite answer what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies in his heart, otherwise it is too much to say.It only makes my uncle more worried, and if it is not what he thinks, he will be happy in vain.Knowing Wei Yuanchen s temperament, Zhou Zesheng didn t ask any more questions.He looked at the candy on the table and couldn t help laughing You are so troublesome, it seems that Miss Gu s dementia is not what she said.Wei Yuanchen Without rebuttal, he turned around and picked up the soup on the table and handed it to Zhou Zesheng.Zhou Ruyue is only fourteen years old, a very good age, and someone in Beijing has already taken a fancy to this Miss Wednesday.The old lady Zhou thought that Zhou Ruzhang hadn t decided on the marriage yet, and they were all Miss Zhou s family, so they wanted to come one by one, so she politely refused.The old lady Zhou looked at Zhou Ruyue and sighed If everyone is like the third girl, I don t have to worry about it.Fortunately, I was not captured by the rebels, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.Zhou Ruyue said The third aunt and the second sister followed Princess Huairou returns to the capital together, even if there are remnants of the rebels, there will be guards from the Princess Palace to take care of them You don t have to bother to speak for them, the old lady Zhou said, It s not that you don t know how your third aunt is.This is a good thing, butit is also a good way to win people s hearts.Wei Yuanchen picked up the pen I m going to have someone ask how many children with different surnames the Shen Family School has recruited.The pen didn t come down.Gu Mingzhu lowered her head to look, it turned out that the ink in the inkstone was dry, she reached out to pick up the ink stick, and started to grind it in the inkstone, but she grinded too hastily, a drop of ink splashed on the whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately back of Wei Yuanchen s hand.Chapter 205 Generous ink drops on the smooth back of the hand, extra conspicuous.Master Wei s hand holding the brush stopped there.There was a clean towel on the desk, Gu Mingzhu hurriedly passed the towel over without thinking, but Wei Yuanchen didn t take it, seeing that the ink was about to dry up, Gu Mingzhu pressed the soft towel on the back of Master Wei s hand.The court did not punish their mother and son.It was the kindness of the emperor.How could he push forward like this He also went to Chengjia Zhuangzi to arrest people and ask about Zhao s falling into the water.It s true that he is the son in law, but no matter what, I m also his biological father, so it s treason for him to frame me like this.As soon as Mr.Cheng finished speaking, he heard an elderly woman say Let Mrs.Zhao come out, the old lady should ask her carefully why she did such a thing.What can our Cheng family do to feel sorry for her The Cheng whole foods cbd gummies family is in such a what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies situation When something happened to the Zhao family, I came forward to defend her.No matter what happened to her natal family, she was the daughter in law of my Cheng family.She made a fuss about going home to mourn.It might be dangerous to go back at this time, and if she really wanted to be filial to her parents, she asked someone to build a nunnery at home But she refused to listen, and insisted on going back to Shanxi, but now she says that our Cheng family insisted on sending her She left the capital.Mrs.Yuan married Wei Congsheng back then.His father wanted to join the Yuan clan, so he traveled all the way to Beijing.He said all he could do was to be a member of the offshoot clan.But they are not of the same clan, so how can they confuse their bloodlines In the final analysis, they just look down on these humble children.At that time, the Wei family was rampant, but did they expect it to happen today In the palace, no one is as valuable as Empress Wei, but now Empress Wei can t even see the emperor s face.Emperor Kuanren didn t take away the position of Empress Wei.After all, the situation has changed a long time ago.Those people s world, don t think that solving the war horse case will turn the world upside down.She heard from her brother that the Metropolitan Procuratorate s investigation here is almost the same.Princess Huairou said There is news from the palace.The empress said that this matter is easy to settle.As long as you send the documents from the Cheng family and Li, it will be clear.Zhao whole foods cbd gummies was a little surprised.Gu Mingzhu, who was gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies sitting on the side, also raised her head.The empress helped Mrs.Zhao.Given the current situation of the empress, how difficult whole foods cbd gummies it is to say such a sentence.The Wei family is behind the scenes of Zhen and others in Chalin Temple, and the people behind the scenes are most likely several other princes.Now that the people behind the scenes have repeatedly suffered setbacks in front of the Wei family, they will definitely find ways to fight back.Empress Wei is in the palace.Every word and deed was monitored by others, and whoever said it would attract the emperor s suppression, and the people behind the scenes might take advantage of this to deal with the empress.Liu Su said I ve given it.Other than that, let Chu Jiu teach him boxing and kicking if he has free time.Liu Su went in and took a new set of clothes and handed them to Nie Chen Miss whole foods cbd gummies let you buy them.Nie Chen was about to reach out to pick them up when he shark tank cbd gummies episode heard footsteps coming from the door.Nie Chen, your things The guards of the Wei family walked into the yard and immediately smelled a scent, Not bad, there is also a welcome banquet.Nie Chen smiled How is it It was ordered by my junior sister Yes.The guard of the Wei family said, That s right.We people speak vulgar words, Nie Chen said, I won t keep you here to eat, so as not to be offended if you drink too much.The guards of the Wei family put the burden Handed it over, said goodbye and walked out of the yard The Wei family.Wei Yuanchen listened to Chu Jiu s report The small whole foods cbd gummies courtyard is very lively, there is a welcome banquet and new clothes, and the preparations are very thorough.Lin whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately again, Thanks to Mrs.It would take a few days for the disease to recur, but I didn t expect that in Taiyuan Mansionthe child didn t say anything when he got home, if he knew about it earlier, I would definitely go to the door to thank him first.After speaking, whole foods cbd gummies Madam Yuan stood up and saluted Madam Lin.Mrs.Lin could not accept this courtesy, she got up and said I didn t do anything, even the doctor didn t have time to ask, the third master got better on his own, the third master is lucky for himself, and it would be the same if someone else met The result.Mrs.Li looked at the grandson with a solemn face, and seemed to understand something This is a life saving grace, how can Madam say it so simply After finishing speaking, Mrs.Li looked at Wei Yuanchen complaining Where have we learned etiquette all these years, we were supposed to pay a visit at home, but let Madam Huaiyuanhou come to thank you first.What method did you use Hearing Master Wei s deep voice, Gu Mingzhu whole foods cbd gummies raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling relieved suddenly.Master Wei really It was because of his old illness that he said those words in front of the elders of the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, her gaze was no longer so blank.Wei Yuanchen went on to say gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies My illness fell in the prison five years ago.The wound seems to have healed, but I don t know when it will suddenly hurt, like festering.I have invited many doctors to see it, but I can t help it., just like what I said in the main room just now.This disease has really plagued me for a long time, and it s nothing more than normal.If it happens when I m doing business outside, it will inevitably be dangerous.I really want to get rid of this disease completely.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei, his clear eyes were suddenly mixed with some emotions that she couldn t understand.They say no, but my illness is like this, Wei Yuanchen put down his hands Looking at whole foods cbd gummies Gu Mingzhu, vomiting blood a few days ago is also a fact.I heard that vomiting blood hurts the internal organs.If we can t find out the cause if things go on like this, will we die soon Seeming to startle Gu Mingzhu, she immediately said Master Wei is young and in good health.Although there is a heavy pulse in his pulse, the doctor hired by the Wei family is right.Now it seems that he is at least better than when he was in Taiyuan Mansion.It s better, as long as you take good care of whole foods cbd gummies it, you will be healthy, and you will never let it affect your life.It seems that she still cares about him, and Wei Yuanchen what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies does cbd gummies help with nerve pain s expression is natural Liu Su said that I have been ill for a long time and my kidneys are injured.It has lasted for five or six years, so it can be seen that you think it is also difficult to cure.Go in, Mr.Weiis disrespectful to Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi heard the blood rushing in his chest, and his brain exploded Madam, what do you mean The surname Wei treated Zhuzhu lightly Mrs.Lin recalled the events of that day.She best cbd gummies melatonin was too surprised whole foods cbd gummies at the situation at that time, and didn t look carefully.She didn t know whether it was Wei Sanye s frivolity on purpose, or because he fainted and fell on Zhuzhu.Thinking about Mr.Wei s character, it doesn t seem like the kind Shameless disciple.Madam Lin sighed again, and told Gu Chongyi what happened that day in a low voice.She ordered someone to pour water, and when she came back, she saw Wei Yuanchen hugging Zhuzhu, with her head resting on Zhuzhu s shoulder.When she stepped forward to check, she found that Wei Yuanchen had already passed out.Gu Chongyi s frown became deeper and deeper, and his anger became more and more intense.Seventh uncle has no choice but to Playing a show and taking us to the village castle to resettle, it can be seen how much Uncle Qi hates our family in his heart.In the future, if Uncle Qi takes advantage of the Wei family and takes control of the entire Zhou clan, the land in those clans under our management will definitely be taken care of by him I want to go back.Grandmother, our family has to be united to the outside world now.Zhou Ruzhang looked at the white hair on his grandmother s temples.After the eldest sister left, the grandmother had been decadent for a long time.Thanks to the Cui family s willingness to bury the eldest sister in the Cui family The ancestral grave, otherwise it would really embarrass the Zhou family.Now that they have finally breathed a sigh of relief, they can t just sit back and watch being trampled on again.You must always observe the movement outside, so that you will put your head in the silk.What is HCMUSSH whole foods cbd gummies there to see outside Are you waiting for the opportunity to suicide When she kicked the stool away, people outside would rush in to save her.In this way, when Yuan Shi hanged herself, who stood in the yard to let her out It must be Yuan s confidant, and the truth will be revealed if that person is found.Chapter 253 Haunted It s extraordinarily cool at night.Mr.Cheng put a warm cage under his feet, but it had been a long time since no one came to add charcoal.He looked at the servants in the yard and felt extremely annoyed in his heart.After all, he was also the son in law s own father, so they dared to humiliate him like this he.Well, he will return all the pain he suffered tonight to the Wei family in a few hours, and he doesn t want to deal with the Wei family, who will let the Wei family use that rebellious son to be aggressive.A private household was opened, and the government officials escorted out a black and thin man from inside, and then seized several bags of property from the private household.Su Fu, who was standing not far away watching this scene, only felt refreshed.This was the third person caught tonight.If these people were clearly interrogated, the backlog of cases in the Shuntian government office could be settled again.As the Governor of Shuntian Mansion, he didn t have to come here for these things, but today he just wanted to see the skills of the people in the market, to see if the people in the market were a sharp knife that could be used.Sure enough, Xue Laotong is really good at knowing people.Su Fu smiled slightly.It had been a long time since he handled the case so happily.Either he was restrained by the five city soldiers and horses, or he was controlled by the patrolling censor.The shadow of the female crown disappeared, and Baotong immediately said Miss, don t worry, this cbd gummies homemade whole foods cbd gummies servant will go and have a look.Baotong hurried forward to explore the way, but she didn t come back after a while, Gu Mingzhu tentatively walked forward.Short legs and short steps, I m afraid it s not easy to catch up with the person in front.A familiar voice came from behind, Gu Mingzhu smiled immediately, and the helper finally came.Chapter 285 Shuangshuang Investigating the Case As Gu Mingzhu was thinking this way, her eyes had already slipped into the mountains.My lord, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, the person is right ahead, if you don t leave, it will be too late.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and walked forward with long legs, not to be left behind at the critical moment, Gu Mingzhu followed closely Come forward, the moonlight is not too bright today, and it is especially difficult to follow a person in the mountains.They found a broken dry compass from the abandoned ship of Dazhou.I stole the new compass while my father was resting.I compared the two compasses together, and I understood.What should I do, I will definitely make the compass well, and prove that the compass I made is superior to others at sea, and impress my father.After saying this, Bai Jingkun suddenly became extremely depressed Who knows that the compass I made still has problems, it is not exquisite enough, and it was almost caught by the imperial ship.I thought about not doing it anymore, but they refused to do it.Let me find a way to get the whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately dry compass improved by my father.If I refuse, they will report it to the court, saying that the Bai family stole the dry compass for personal gain, and then everyone will go to jail.Father has already handed in the dry compass in his hand.Nie Chen stepped forward to speak, but found that Mrs.Wei and Mrs.Gu were not in high spirits.Did something go wrong with this case Miss, Nie Chen whispered, Are you okay Gu Mingzhu shook her head.Nie Chen felt relieved, he was extremely busy during this time, Master Wei always had something for him to whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately do, and he hadn t talked to Miss Gu carefully for a long time.For some reason, HCMUSSH whole foods cbd gummies Nie Chen always had what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies a feeling that Mr.Wei hated him very much, and this matter became more and more serious after he returned to Beijing.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes and looked at Nie Chen Go to Dengzhou Mansion with the Wei family guards Nie Chen couldn t accept it for a while.Cake and a few small pickles, he is leaving again Nie Chen said, Go to Lu s house Wei Yuanchen nodded I m afraid the government will not find any clues if we go to investigate. What nonsense, Cui Zhen reached out and patted Mrs.Zhang on the shoulder, There will be a child, I know You have suffered a lot in order to take care of your body, so I don t want to go to the backyard.Sleep Cui Zhen closed his eyes after finishing speaking, and the room fell into silence.Mrs.Zhang still had a lot to say, about her brother and sister in law coming to Beijing, and her father s upcoming post in the Guangzhou Shipping Department, but obviously now is not a good time It was getting brighter.As soon as Gu Mingzhu got out of bed, she saw a bowl of rice water with hawthorn paste on the table.Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong Why did you bring another bowl Baotong lowered his voice Madam ordered the big kitchen to make it, and she said that the eldest lady can t eat if she doesn t eat this.I know there is something strange about this, the only time I met this Jin Langzhong was at Yuan s house, Jin Langzhong s behavior must have something to do with Bai Gongren s leg injury, and I had doubts about Bai Gongren s injury for a long time, so I cheated two people.In other words, Jin Langzhong colluded with Yuan s family to harm Bai Gong s family.If I tell the government about this, the Jin family will be finished, but this matter gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies will not do me any good.Why should I take this risk to do things that harm others and benefit myself After hearing this, Jin Langzhong gave me a hundred taels of silver, and gave me the medical books handed down by the Jin family.I promised not to mention this matter again.Many of the prescriptions I have used in the Sore and Ulcer Department of the Imperial Hospital these years are from the Jin family.The mother in law and daughter in law passed through the Aquarius Gate, and Mrs.Li saw someone sobbing and choking with their backs to the bamboo forest.Mother.Wei Congzhi rushed over unexpectedly and threw himself on Mrs.Li.Go, go, go Mrs.Li pulled Wei Congzhi in disgust, What to do.Mother, eldest sister finally has faith.Hearing Wei Congzhi s words, Mrs.Li s heart softened again , Yes, other people whole foods cbd gummies can t understand their mood at this moment.Eldest sister whole foods cbd gummies will definitely come out of Kunning Palace, Wei Congzhi said in Mrs.Li s ear, Mother will meet with eldest sister again.Mrs.Li s heart was sore again.Warmth flows in the eyes.Wei Congzhi continued I swore a long time ago that the elder sister would not leave the Kunning Palace, and I would not marry a wife.Once the husband speaks whole foods cbd gummies out, it is hard to follow.He felt that Empress Wei had lost her mind at that time, but Empress Wei still gritted her teeth and climbed up to Baojin Pavilion.It has to be said that Empress Wei is the most powerful woman he has ever seen.Fortunately, this woman does not have a son, otherwise there is no place for them in the position of prince.Shen Guicheng stood up and resigned You can t stay too long, lest you be noticed.After you go back, you have to prepare for Chunwei.He has been recruiting talents for Prince Huai in the Ministry of Rites for many years, and he will definitely be able to help King Huai at the critical moment.King Huai looked at his cronies Send Mr.Shen back.Shen Guicheng left through the back door of the palace, and King Huai went back to the main house to change clothes.Concubine Huai had been waiting in the room for a long time, and when she saw Prince Huai she couldn t wait to ask My lord, what s the matter Did the emperor ask about Yuan Zhixing s case Prince Huai said No.Wei Yuanchen had so much trust in him that he mentioned this in front of him.With the Wei family going, he would not have to take any more risks.Wei Yuanchen said It s not enough for us to go to Daning to investigate the case, we need to ask someone to help.After a little thought, Gu Chongyi guessed who Wei Yuanchen was talking what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies about You mean Princess Huairou and Mrs.Zhao This is indeed a good move.Wei Yuanchen left Gu s house, Gu Chongyi lifted his feet and walked towards the inner courtyard.Looking at the heavy snow, Gu Chongyi let out a long sigh of relief.Blinded by hatred, he just doesn t know what he thinks about the future of the Wei family.Is the Wei family planning to choose one of the young princes to inherit the throne in the future In the future, empress Wei will support the new emperor to become the empress dowager.The concubine shouted while waving the knife The queen mother did not even twitch her eyelashes, and whole foods cbd gummies said calmly What did you say The servant said in a low voice The imperial concubine said she was going to kill the concubine.It was the concubine who killed their mother and child.If there were no concubine, there would have been someone in Prince Hui s mansion.The queen mother said, It turns out that she blamed the concubine for all this.Guide her.Concubine Mi is useless, but she still has her natal family in Dali Mansion, which is of some use value to some people.The servant asked in a low voice Empress Dowager, do we need to intervene in this matter What can you do The queen mother said, It s nothing more than letting people follow, don t let Concubine Mi hurt herself, isn t there a concubine and a concubine in charge of the harem The servant understood what the queen mother meant, and bowed retreated.Hu and went straight to the backyard.Gu Mingzhu looked at Tan Dingfang s back, and took the clean cloth and herbs from Liu Su.Gu Mingzhu said Let s go, let s go and treat the injured people.The two walked a little farther, taking advantage of no one else around, Gu Mingzhu whispered to Liu Su We must be more careful in the future.Liu Su said Miss, what did you see Gu Mingzhu nodded, Today s game was set against Master Wei and me.Liu Su was startled, and thought carefully, Miss, you mean that trick Gu Mingzhu Said From the very beginning, Ji Kuo was a bait.They knew that some of us knew about Ji Kuo.They deliberately left traces of digging in the yard, just to lead me to guess that there were firearms buried in it.Then we would inform Mr.Wei and take Wei Sir, please go to the courtyard, so the child decisively detonated the firearm after seeing Master Wei.lips, but what Hou Ye said later was weird, as if Zhuzhu was not in a good mood at home, and her father needed to come to the rescue.What s the matter with Hou Ye s words revealing a sense of grievance Could it be that Zhuzhu detested him Her Zhuzhu is so caring, even if Hou Ye did something wrong, it is reasonable to say that Zhuzhu will let Hou Ye in, and she will not be as knowledgeable as Hou Ye.Although Mrs.Lin thought so, she was still a little uneasy What did Zhuzhu and Lord Hou say The smile on Wei Yuanchen s facewas a bit of an eyesore.Will Zhuzhu like the third master of the Wei family Gu Chongyi s heart skipped a beat, this thought was so overwhelming that he almost couldn t breathe.Ma am, Gu Chongyi said, Have you noticed that our Zhuzhu is very powerful He even thought that he had hidden his clumsiness too much, and let Zhuzhu learn a little, so that they didn t know how deep their daughter was.Usually, Cui Zhen can t speak, but now that he wants to change, he naturally treats Mrs.Zhang with a more gentle attitude.You don t have to worry, Cui Zhen said, My second brother and I have made it clear.Mrs.Zhang sat on the chair Master Hou, I know I shouldn t ask, but green health cbd gummies I m always worried.Is it for no reason, did the second brother do something wrong Cui Zhen raised his head to meet Zhang s eyes, Zhang s brows had the demure and soft beauty of a woman, his wife should be a gentle woman, so Hearing that Zhou s piano, chess, calligraphy and painting are proficient in everything, even gold stones and medicine, he just laughed it off.He doesn t need people with good hands and eyes in his house.After going through the twists and turns in Shanxi, he began to feel that he was too arbitrary.Although his aunt, Huairou s son in law s biological mother, Zhao Shi, and Princess Huairou were women, their actions were no less than that of an ordinary man.The crisp sound of the door panel was like a sigh, and what emerged in her mind was Master Wei under the shadow of the lamp. Gu Mingzhu raised her head, and a bright moon was still hanging above her head.On the way back, whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately Liu Su said, Miss, did Master Wei tell you about the case Nie Chen hasn t delivered the letter yet.Gu Mingzhu stopped, and she had completely forgotten about Nie Chen.Gu Mingzhu coughed Master Wei didn t say it, so it should be good news.It is time for Nie Chen to come back, and he will spend the New Year in Beijing anyway.Liu Su responded, Nie Chen should have buy organic cbd gummies jar done nothing wrong, right Apart from not washing his socks or feet, Nie Chen has nothing wrong with him.How could he be rejected like a child who fell out of favor in the family Gu Mingzhu entered the room smoothly, changed her clothes under Baotong s service, and then lay down on the bed.Let s go, Zou Xiang, Gu Mingzhu said, It s too cold, let s go back to study.Zou Xiang nodded and looked at Zou Lin who was waiting at the side.Zou Linshi knew that Miss Gu was afraid that her body would not be able to bear it, so she repeatedly said, It s gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies all my fault for letting Miss and Brother Xiang not have a good time, so I won t come out next time.Gu Mingzhu smiled bluntly whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately Aunt Zu is coming out.Walking around is good for your illness.No one is watching, and Zou Xiang and I don t think it s fun.Zou Xiang also hurriedly nodded.Zou Linshi said gratefully Missy helped me diagnose my pulse and also took care of brother Xiang.In my heart Zou Linshi coughed again.Zou Xiang hurriedly walked over and grabbed Zou Linshi s skirt, and Gu Mingzhu whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately gently patted Zou Linshi s back.Zou Xiang looked at what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies Gu Mingzhu nervously and expectantly, as if he took Gu Mingzhu as cbd gummies sleep near me a support.The big boat is made of nanmu.Two feet.Wei Yuanchen s slender phoenix eyes raised The official ships of the Great Zhou Dynasty only use fir and nanmu, and the plank of the ship is two feet thick, which is the regulation of warships.Xue Laotong s eyes were burning If what Master Xiu said is true, then someone built a whole foods cbd gummies justcbd cbd sleep gummies warship privately, or privately used a warship from Dazhou.Exposing this matter is enough to save the lives of the Xiu family.Now that Prince Huai s mansion is under investigation, it seems that everything They are all correct, but there are many doubts about the details, the whereabouts of the ship steward is unknown, and the warship has disappeared Xue Laotong sighed If we started the investigation seven or eight years ago, we would definitely find it.There are many clues, but it is a pity that at that time no one helped Yan Shen, and no one believed Yan Shen s words, and Yan Shen held on to the case of Xiu golden leaf cbd gummies s family, and everyone in the government office thought he was too paranoid and self willed.Eldest Zhang raised his eyebrows Have you met the folks Qiu Haidao At the beginning, Master Shen Er refused to let Master Shen Er enter the door.Master Shen Er refused to walk outside the door and stood for a stick of incense, and then some people invited people in.However, when Master Shen Er came out, he was still farm cbd gummies downcast.The master and the steward of the Shen family said that people in the market are unwilling to accept this business.As expected, the elder Zhang said The imperial concubine and Huai Wang s mansion are in trouble, and no one wants to go through this muddy water, but still can t be careless, lest People in the market secretly investigate the case.Qiu Hai responded.Grand Master Zhang said Tomorrow my father will present the big picture of the warship to the imperial court.I hope the Ministry of War can adopt this picture and let the shipyard build some ships.He had to be a gentleman in the countryside.Fortunately, he taught his son well.Tan Dingfang passed the Jinshi examination.After Tan Dingfang became an official, he went to Rongcheng to serve.Later, he made great achievements in quelling the turmoil and was taken into the army by General Zhao.This seems to be a very simple life experience and past, and the Long Jinwei in the hands of the emperor probably checked it many times, otherwise, with the suspicion of the emperor, he would not trust Tan Dingfang so much.Gu Mingzhu thought of this and threw the letter in her hand into the warm cage, and the burning flames were reflected in her clear eyes.Tan Dingfang was able to hold a lot of power and stood cbd gummies makes you sleppy in such a conspicuous position.He should have thought that the court would interrogate him long ago, so Tan Dingfang s background is not easy to be seen as strange.Zou Lin s heart is even more whole foods cbd gummies worthless for Qing girl, but since she has already opened her mouth, she has to make it clear, Zou Lin continued Qing girl and the stewards around Mrs.Zhang found Bai in Aunt Sun s yard.Obviously, the ghosts that Aunt Sun saw on weekdays were man made.The mother in charge began to interrogate the servants in the yard, and finally found that the mother in charge who was next to Aunt Zhao when the incident happened was surreptitious.In addition, Qing girl once saw that white shadow walk into Aunt Zhao s yard, which is equivalent to convicting Aunt Zhao.I heard that Aunt Zhao is very popular with you, Lord Hou.Ma am, this time she has the heart to harm Lord Hou s heirs, no matter how gentle Mrs.Zhang is, she can t spare her.Aunt Zhao is also a fierce person, she only said that Aunt Sun set her up, so she rushed to Aunt Sun, and the two wrestled.But other than that, there was a lot of movement in the inner house.Mrs.Zhang said Can you go to see Zou Lin The mother in whole foods cbd gummies charge nodded I m afraid Zou Lin is not well, there are crying in the yard from time to time, I saw the maid who served Zou Lin with my own eyes I was wiping my tears secretly, saying that I whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately invited the old imperial doctor Chai to get a pulse, cbd gummies sprouts and Miss Gu has been taking care of me there.Mrs.Zhang nodded, which seemed to explain why Zou Xiang was out of mood, and Gu Mingzhu accompanied Zou Xiang to leave Didn t come back after that.Zhuzhu is a person who likes to be lively, if something important happened, she wouldn t even stop watching the shadow puppet show.Knowing this, it stands to reason that she should breathe a sigh of relief, but Mrs.Zhang still has a bad premonition in her heart for some reason.The wound medicine sent by Cui Zhen disappeared.Gu Mingzhu blinked, Baotong would not take the medicine bottle away without a word, could it be Master Wei Dingning Hou Mansion.Mrs.Zhang and Mrs.Shen got out of the carriage and walked all the way to the inner courtyard.The mother in charge came out in a panic.What s the matter Mrs.Zhang asked, Master Hou is back The mother in charge nodded her head Master Hou called Mother Jiang to the study for questioning, and ordered the door to be closed tightly so no one can enter and no cbd gummies homemade whole foods cbd gummies one can go out.Until now she didn t figure out what happened, so she hurried to ask Madam.Mrs.Zhang s heart sank, Mama Jiang was her confidant, and it must be related to her that Master Hou called Mama Jiang.Chapter 413 In the study of Marquis Dingning s Mansion.Cui Zhen sat on a chair and looked at Mother Jiang who was kneeling on the ground.Jiang s daughter in law looked at Jiang s mother Mother in law, what have you done Even if you don t think about your son, you must save your grandson As Jiang s daughter in law knelt down in front of Jiang s mother, Most of the incense burnt.The study door was opened again, and Geng Si, who was working on Zhuangzi, walked in.Cui Zhen looked at Geng Si Tell me about what happened that day.Geng Si answered and said, Mrs.Tai ordered us to carry Yao whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately Qing s body out to bury it.When we were about to reach Xishan, Yao Qing stretched out his hand to give me a hand.That s when I know that Yao Qing is not dead.Geng Si paused for a moment when he said this Yao Qing helped my sister, I couldn t bear to hurt her like this, so I let her go.Hearing this, Mother Jiang Open your eyes wide, Yao Qing is not dead, can t you cover up that incident back then No wonder Lord Hou treats his wife like this.Little did they know that the Zhang family needed her protection, she was also a pawn of the Zhang family.Cui Zhen said coldly I don t want that child for such a cruel woman.Master Hou, what are you talking about Tears dripped down her chin.Madam Zhang, the steward next to Mrs.Zhang, stood in front of Mrs.Zhang, and stretched out her hand to comfort Mrs.Zhang Madam, don t cry, Master Hou is just talking out of anger.Don t hurt the little son in your belly.How could Mrs.Zhang listen to the steward s mother Yes, her red eyes fixedly looked at Cui Zhen Master Hou, tell me again, you don t want me and this child anymore Zhang s eyes were full of pain and panic that couldn t be resolved, she died Clutching tightly on the clothes on his lower abdomen, he would faint at any moment.Shen who was next to her took a while to come back to her senses Brother in law, what did you hear outside My sister in law worked hard to take care of the cbd oil or gummies for anxiety inner house, and how much what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies hardship she has endured in order to whole foods cbd gummies give birth to a son and a half.Let s show it to Lang Zhong first Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Lin, This way you can feel more at ease.Mrs.Lin nodded.The nurse took the child and said as she walked, My lord, I will take you to the side room.Mrs.Li said to Mrs.Lin, Now we have both children.Thank you very much, Mrs.Lin was grateful.It s not that you rushed over, I m afraid it hasn t gone so smoothly.At the time of the worst pain just now, Granny Wen wanted to rub her belly, and she was still worried that she might harm the child.If it s a hindrance, let Wen Po straighten it up a little bit, and it ll be fine.Mrs.Lin s mother passed away early, and there was no mother in law at home.Mrs.Li seemed to be an elder who could help her make decisions.Mrs.Li said kindly Don t leave me alone.Madam also has kindness to my grandson.Although this baby fell to the ground a little earlier, I seem to be in good spirits and crying very loudly.After a while, the man came to collect the money again.Could it be that this person forgot The old man frowned I just gave it.You only gave Bian the money for food, said the man, you haven t given me the money for sitting here.After finishing speaking, the man turned his gaze to the house where Nie Chen and the others were staying.look.The old man s heart trembled.The man said My family manager said that you have to collect money for sitting outside, but if you enter the door, the money will be waived.Do you want to go in Chapter 428 I believe the old man didn t think so His mind was quickly seen through.After the man finished speaking, he didn t force the old man, turned around and went back to his own business, as if he didn t care what the old man would choose.The old man looked around without saying a word, and opened a flat food stall opposite the house, so that he could have a panoramic view of the movement in this alley, and what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies anyone who wanted to investigate the situation in the courtyard would be found.Your Majesty, the Marquis of Dingning handed over the secret cbd gummies and copd folder.Huang Chang presented the secret folder box to the emperor.This kind of secret folder is distributed by the emperor to important officials in the court.If something important happens, this secret folder box will be delivered directly.to the emperor.What s the big deal The emperor took is it acceptable to eat cbd gummies at work the secret fold into his hand and ordered Huang Chang to fetch the key, and then he opened the box.Inside the box were a memorial, several secret letters, and two statements from the lieutenant general.The emperor s heart skipped a beat suddenly, feeling the danger coming, the emperor reached out and took out the memorial and read it carefully, his face became more and more gloomy.Quickly bring Dingning Hou Cui Zhen into the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Qiu Hai s skills are good, I hope Wei Congzhi will not be killed.Gu Chongyi left a few people to guard King Huai, and he rushed forward with his soldiers to take advantage of the chaos to deal with the rebels.Qiu Hai only felt that the person in front of him was like a loach, he was about to catch it, but the person took big strides desperately to escape again.Qiu Hai was anxious, and finally found a chance.The sword in his hand pierced the man s leather armor, and if he moved forward, it would sink into the man s chest.Just as he was sending out the sword in his hand, Qiu Hai stepped on the ground and keenly felt the strangeness.The soil in this place was extraordinarily soft and covered with a thick layer of leaves.wrong.Qiu Hai wanted to withdraw his feet but it was too late.He saw the whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately person in premium jane cbd gummies mayim bialik front pulling a rope, liberty cbd gummies shark tank gummy cbd 1000mg mint and then the flames were wrapped in saltpeter and the smell of gunpowder came.He had a straight posture, the sword around his waist was not yet out of its sheath, and with another lift of his hand, he cbd gummy rings uk separated Mrs.Dong from Tan Dingfang.The Yacha beside him took two steps forward and neatly put Madam Dong on the ground.Tan Dingfang stared at his wife blankly.He thought that Mrs.Dong had taken poison just now, but now Mrs.Dong was no whole foods cbd gummies longer as weak as before.Her body was struggling violently, and she opened her eyes and looked at him Master, I am afraid that you will suffer., went to Captain LongI don t know how much torture I ll have to trubliss cbd gummies at walmart suffer.Tan Dingfang admitted that Dong s words were right, just like she killed her son, and the reason was beyond his ability to refute, but there were some things that made him suspicious.She s just a rough woman, when did she have such a decisive mind, and kill her son and husband so calmly, if Wei Yuanchen full spectrum cbd gummy for sale online didn t throw whole foods cbd gummies a stone and break the dagger she was holding, she should be dead by now.He just waits for the imperial court to attack the imperial warships from behind when they start a war with the rebels.If the situation is what he thinks, the imperial court will Send more reinforcements.Second Master Wei boarded another Cangshan boat, and Gu Chongyi could not hold back his words Don t die.Second Master Wei raised his eyebrows Chongyi, you owe me such a big favor, and you will have to pay it back in the future.He was obviously fighting for the imperial court, but in the end, he owed a debt.Gu Chongyi didn t bother to take care of that thing.The face of everyone in the Wei family probably grew on that thing s face, and Wei Sanye knew the general situation and knew how to advance and retreat., will not do such a thing.Just as Gu Chongyi praised Wei Yuanchen in his heart, a gust of wind suddenly hit him and made him sneeze unexpectedly.The emperor resisted the pain and dizziness You Does it mean that if this continues, I will become blind besides my legs and feet whole foods cbd gummies The envoy of the imperial hospital did not dare to say, but he did not refute, the stroke might be more severe than this, I wonder if the emperor can pass this test.The emperor coughed again.He never expected that the political situation in Dazhou was not stable, and his body became like this again.Your majesty, rest a little longer The emperor supported himself and said, Did the Palace of Compassionate Ning come to inquire about my condition Four times, the slaves and the imperial hospital said according to the emperor s instructions that the emperor has taken the medicine and he has recovered.The emperor looked solemn It must be kept secret, and the truth must not be revealed what is delta 9 cbd gummies to anyone.The old lady said, When Marquis Ding Ning was about to leave, the second girl was standing on my right.Marquis Ding Ning never looked away.Only then did Mama Tian understand that the old lady had been paying attention.Mama Tian said Marquis Ding Ning is weird too, people can t figure out what he is thinking.He was so kind to the young lady all of a sudden, and I heard that she had visited the young lady in the prison, her eyes were somewhat unkind, As if she did something bad.Thinking of Cui Zhen s attitude that day, Mrs.Zhou was indeed a little strange.Not only did she say that she was going to pay homage to her son and daughter in law, but she also seemed to have some resentment towards them.Is this to complain about girl Jun If she could have understood Cui Zhen s actions six years ago, she would think that Cui Zhen had some thoughts about Jun girl, but the Cui family s attitude was cold at that time, and Cui Zhen didn t even show up when Jun girl was buried.Marquis of Dingning suspected Cui Wei a long time ago, so he ordered People are secretly looking for people and things related to Cui Wei, guess what Zhou Zejing didn t want to guess, in front of these people in charge of litigation and prison, he must not talk nonsense, but even if he didn t say it, he also expected the result.Feng Anping said It s really easy to catch a lot of people.Your family s steward is one of them.I brought someone to hold him down on the spot.It turned out that Xu Gui was arrested on the spot.It can t be a misunderstanding, their Zhou family is definitely going to be involved in this case, the hairs on Zhou Zejing s neck stand on end, why does Xu Gui associate with Cui Wei What did Cui Wei do in the Zhou family through Xu Gui What does Xu Gui know Taking advantage of Zhou Zejing s loss of consciousness, Feng Anping said That manager Xu usually serves Master Zhou Zhou Zejing nodded subconsciously, but soon he came back to his senses Although Xu Gui serves by my side, I don t know him Have a private relationship with Cui Wei.Zhou didn t know why, when she heard Zhou Zesheng s words, she really felt a pair of eyes falling on her, looking carefully at her.Looking at her, that was Jun girl s gaze.Zhou Zesheng ignored the cbd gummies for arthritis shark tank old lady Zhou, and ordered the steward Take out the list of servants at home, and report everything related to Xu Gui, especially the steward who works for the third master.Who dares to do anything, Zhou said.The old lady s eyes widened, You are not from our family, how dare you do it for me Zhou Zesheng s attendants moved a chair, and Zhou Zesheng sat on it The yamen will come to the door soon, what will happen if you have something to do with the liberty cbd gummies shark tank gummy cbd 1000mg mint rebel party , you all know that it was covered up for the rebel party, and if you are found out in the future, don t blame the Zhou family for not saving you.Xu Gui has always had some unknown things in the Zhou family all these years.Many truths.Moreover, everyone knew about the relationship between my uncle and his father and mother.If there were other reasons behind the death of his parents, no one would use this matter to seek his protection.After defeating the Zhou family run by Mrs.Zhou, they can come to clean up the mess.The old lady Zhou said coldly No one will listen to you.Zhou Zesheng said The Shuntian government government asked me to investigate first, which is a bit of face to the Zhou family.If everyone refuses to speak, then wait until dawn , and send them all to the yamen.The old lady Zhou was trembling with anger Do you dare Zhou Zesheng smiled again The auntie of that clan will take a look, do I dare or not After saying this, Zhou Zesheng looked around Hey, isn t the second brother at home Why hasn t he come yet Are you afraid to confront me Afraid of losing face to your second master It stands to reason that Gu Mingzhu shouldn t find such a scene funny, but she just endured it.If you tell the truth and you are afraid of being liquidated in the future, I will give you a sum of money to let you leave the Zhou family.But if anyone dares to tell lies to fool me, I will never let him go., I, Zhou Zesheng, will do what I say today, otherwise it will be like this.Zhou Zesheng stood up and went to the stone table in the yard, and slapped it down with his palm, and the stone table cracked open.Gu Mingzhu looked at the rough envoy woman in the yamen Follow me to the inner court to interrogate the female relatives.The woman responded.Gu Mingzhu raised her feet and walked towards the inner courtyard.When she reached the corridor, she saw Zhou Ruzhang leading someone over.Who are you How dare you break into my yard, you are so courageousyou all stop Looking at the three inch golden lotus on the bottom of Zhou Ruzhang s skirt, Gu Mingzhu raised his hand and threw a stone, Zhou Ruzhang s right foot Unexpectedly stepping on the stone, the person suddenly staggered, the center of gravity shifted backwards, and the people around him didn t have time to help, seeing Zhou Ruzhang sitting whole foods cbd gummies will cbd gummies help lose weight on the ground.Jiang Shi seemed to know that he would open the door to check, so she stood on the bluestone, where he could see it when he opened the door, and looked at him from a distance.That Jiang family seemed to be able to see through his thoughts, Zhou Zejing shrank in his heart, feeling a little scared.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhou Zejing, no one could stop the person she wanted to take away and the case she wanted to investigate.Zhou Zejing said It s just Zhou Zesheng s dog, how capable it is, who can Zhou Zesheng invite to help As soon as Zhou Zejing finished speaking, he saw someone running all the way.At the gate of his yard, he knocked on the gate.Second Master, Master Yin Su of Shuntian Mansion is here.Su Fu came in person, he couldn t see him, Zhou Zejing took a deep breath, how could Zhou Zesheng invite Su Fu Although he still can t figure it out, Zhou Zejing can only bite the bullet and walk out of the house right now. It will be fine, the emperor moved his legs, I will definitely be healthy.Having said that, but looking at the battle reports, his whole body was overwhelmed, and the symptoms of stroke were not relieved at all Huang Chang also tried his best to bring Concubine De because he was in poor health.After seeing Concubine De, the emperor really felt better.The emperor stretched out his hand and patted Concubine De I am going to select five thousand people from the Beijing camp and hand them over to the fifth son.If there is any movement in the capital, the fifth son will be able to lead troops to resist, and the only way is to hand over the soldiers and horses to our son.Only then can I feel at ease.Chapter 489 Come in handy It took a while for Concubine De to come back to her senses after hearing this, and she showed surprise unabashedly like a child.At dawn, the palace servants went to the small yard to dry the quilts, and found an extinguished lantern by the well.The small courtyard is a little far from the main hall of Yongchun Palace.On weekdays, everyone uses the well next to the side hall to fetch water, and rarely comes here, so who would put the lantern by the well Even though it was a trivial matter, the palace servants were still planning to report it to Lady Shen who was next to Concubine De, but she found that Lady Shen was not in the duty room.Where did Shen Lan go Concubine De didn t see Lady Shen when she got up early, so she asked the palace servants.The palace ren said Ms.Shen is not in Yongchun Palace.Concubine De frowned Ask the servant guarding the door if he saw Mrs.Shen go out The palace ren hurriedly said I asked, but I didn t see Shen cbd gummies for memory The female officer stepped out of the palace gate.After Mo Zhenren cv sciences cbd gummies calm s persuasion, Mrs.Lin wanted to open up a lot, so she didn t stop her anymore, and she didn t order too many women to follow her.This made it much more convenient for Gu Mingzhu.Leaving the guards at the foot of Shangqingguan Mountain, Gu Mingzhu took Baotong around and went to the courtyard of the common people, changed clothes and dressed as Miss Jiang and what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies her maid.Baotong came out of the house and was startled when she saw Chu Jiu who had changed into women s clothes in the yard.Gu Mingzhu helped Chujiu explain Chujiu walked around with Mr.Wei, and many people knew him.Changing into women s clothes and wearing a fence can not only hide his identity, but also facilitate serving me.Baotong s eyes lit up, this is a good idea , when she couldn t go out with the eldest lady, she was always assured that there was someone protecting her by the eldest lady s side.Jun s maid is dead, and you have to ask someone to ask, maybe you know everything, but you just don t want to talk about it In the prison of Shuntian Mansion, Zhou Zerui confessed to the yamen that sister in law s death was related to you.Zhou Zejing s forehead was full of veins He s talking nonsense.Chapter 494 stimulated Zhou Zesheng with a sneer on his face.What are you doing with such a loud voice on Tuesday Zhou Zesheng stretched out his hand and plucked his ears, This is what Master Zhou said, and I just relayed it to the elders in the clan.A slap in the face.Zhou Zesheng felt that the eyes of Zhou s elders were all on him, and those eyes were full of probing.Before Zhou Zejing could speak, Zhou Zesheng said again Master Tuesday, why did you ask Qingniang Rui I have some doubts.Zhou Zejing thought about it carefully, and there should be no flaws in what he said.She couldn t find Wei what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies Shi in the crowd.She looked around for a week, and when she was feeling anxious, she seemed to wake up a little.If she were the queen, Wei Shi would definitely She has been deposed long ago, how could she appear at her canonization ceremony.Concubine De let out a long sigh of relief, she turned her head and whole foods cbd gummies was about to walk forward, but she saw a person sitting on the dragon chair wherever she looked.That s not the emperor, that s a woman.She was dressed HCMUSSH whole foods cbd gummies in a military uniform, with a heroic look in her eyes, sitting there with a smile on the corner of her mouth, as if she saw her, but also didn t seem to take her seriously.That s Wei Shi.Concubine De HCMUSSH whole foods cbd gummies was in a panic, and the most terrifying thing happened.Before she entered the palace, she was often frightened.She was afraid that after Wei knew about it, she would rush into Cao s house with a sword in hand and kill her.General, let s go The deputy came to protect Cui Wei, and the group wanted to leave here while Cui Zhen was breathing.Cui Zhen discovered Cui Wei s intentions, but he got off his horse and stood there without moving.Perhaps the elder brother wanted to let him go, but Cui Wei just had a thought in his mind when he suddenly heard a sound can dogs have human cbd gummies of piercing through the air, and countless arrows were shot at them.Cui Zhen, Cui Wei opened his eyes wide, Look at the government you are loyal to, regardless of your life or death When Cui Wei shouted these words, he found that Cui Zhen s expression did not change, as if he had expected it.Cui Wei understood that this was arranged by Cui Zhen early in the morning.Cui Zhen, you are crazy.Cui Wei roared loudly.Cui Wei s voice was quickly lost in the sound of firearms exploding.Huang Chang said Not yet.The emperor frowned This Su Fu has become less effective since he investigated the case with Wei Yuanchen.What s the use of not mentioning these things The emperor was about to He continued to think about something, but his forehead hurt again, which made him unable to cheer up.Okay, put the memorial there, I ll get back to him later.The emperor waved his hand as he spoke.Huang Chang responded, put the walker back into the secret box, and then took a deep look at Concubine De.This glance made Concubine De s heart tremble.The emperor fell asleep, Concubine De and Huang Chang retreated carefully.When he got to a place where no one was around, Huang Chang stopped and looked at Concubine De Your Majesty, something has happened.The Shuntian Mansion found out about Zhou Zecheng s case, and also found whole foods cbd gummies the Zhuangzi where the Cao family placed those girls.Lin couldn t help but feel a little uneasy, maybe she what do cbd gummies do for sleep whole foods cbd gummies thought too much This jade pendant was given by the Empress Dowager when she first entered the palace.I haven t left.Mrs.Li s voice sounded, and Mrs.Lin raised her heart that had just let go, that jade pendant was given to the empress by the empress dowager, but now it is in Zhuzhu s hands.It s so precious, Madam Lin didn t know what to say, whole foods cbd gummies Your Majesty rewarded Zhuzhu just like that, didn t you Mrs.Li smiled and looked at Madam Lin It can be seen that Your Majesty likes Zhuzhu, not only the Empress Dowager., everyone in our family likes Zhuzhu.I saw it when Zhuzhu first came to the house.Mrs.Li said something profound, and Mrs.Lin seemed gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies to understand something, but she didn t quite understand it.Mrs.Li looked at Gu Mingzhu lovingly Zhuzhu should take a rest after being tired all day.Back in the mountains, Zhu Wu used the firearm he made to let them escape from the private mine.After they were rescued from the mountain by Master Wei and the Elder, Zhu Wu kept playing with these things, all he could think about was how to be his Fire Thunder.Sometimes Lu Guang was afraid that Zhu Wu would lose his mind when making flat food, so he threw saltpeter and gunpowder into the pot.Apart from money, this guy was thinking about his Fire Thunder , and he made another one by taking advantage of the kung fu.It s okay, Lu Guang held his breath, Just to remind you to be alert.Don t worry, Zhu Wudao, Miss Jiang has made it clear that there will be no mistakes.Is Huolei okay No problem.As Zhu Wu spoke, he took Huolei into his arms.Lu Guang looked surprised Why do you Zhu Wu chuckled Miss Jiang made a mechanism on Huolei, and used iron plates to block the steel wheel and the medicine tank.The guard frowned, and drove his horse closer to the woods again.Liang Wang looked at the back of the guard, and his calm heart was once again turbulent.What appeared in front of his eyes were Wei Yuanchen s cunning methods.Finally, the guard saw a figure swaying in the woods, and he breathed a sigh of relief You After saying the words, the guard sensed something strange, that was not their men, not the people they stayed here waiting to pick up.He wanted to pass the news to the prince.But in an instant, the whole foods cbd gummies sound of crossbow arrows piercing through the air sounded, and the arrow was pointing at where King Liang was.The personal guard swung his sword to block the feathered arrow.Now everyone understands that the soldiers and horses they stayed here must have been besieged, and someone cut off their retreat.Wei obviously isn t as sweet as candied fruit Liu Su, Gu Mingzhu said, You send people to listen to the news of Master Ge.Lu Guang and Zhu Wu are injured like this.I don t want others to make any mistakes.After the Shuntian Mansion arrested the people in Zhuangzi, Qiao Song went to identify them.Those female relatives had more or less Tang s shadow on them.Xue Laotong and Qiao Song interrogated them strictly.The female relatives admitted that there was a female gentleman who taught them music theory.Their description of the lady gentleman matched Down s.To get rid of King Liang, the people whole foods cbd gummies do cbd gummies help immediately under King Liang must not be spared, otherwise even if King Liang is dead, if King Liang has sons and grandchildren, it is difficult to guarantee that they will make trouble again.Among the female relatives kept by the Cao family, someone had seen fine sand on Tang s shoes.If Madam is obsessed with obsession, then don t worry about it.Just ask the government office to bring someone.The woman sighed Sending it to the government office is the last does shark tank support cbd gummies resort, we can tie my wife to the bed, as long as the baby in my stomach is safe, I don t care about the rest.Zhang Shi couldn t help shivering, she knew that these people could do anything.Seeing Mrs.Zhang tilted her strength, the two women dragged Mrs.Zhang into the inner room.This is the last time, said the woman, next time I won t waste my time talking.Mrs.Zhang lay prone on the couch, her eyes were empty at first, then became sad, and all these emotions turned into hatred in the end.She tightly pinched the clothes on her lower abdomen, now she has nothing, her family is gone, her last hope is gone, but she hasn t taken revenge yet.Do you want to give me some rewards Mrs.Tai muttered a sentence in her heart, and ordered the mother in charge to hand over the prepared purse to Wei Congzhi.Wei Congzhi held it in his hand with a smile Did mother give less It s really not gummy cbd 1000mg mint cbd catalog gummies easy for me to hold several jobs by myself.Tomorrow, brother Chen and Zhuzhu salute, and I have to go to the Gu family.Mrs.Li frowned slightly What are you doing at Gu s house Wei Congzhi said, I m also a guest of Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, and I should go to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion for dinner tomorrow.If it weren t for the people from the Wei clan coming and going around, Mrs.Li would cbd green gummies have to use her feet to measure Measuring the youngest son s ass, this bastard, brother Chen got married, and he actually thought about going to the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion for a feast, wouldn t he be afraid of being kicked out by his in laws Get out.The waiter let out a voice.Empress Wei saw a butterfly resting on the window, and was about to step forward to take a closer look, but unexpectedly, her sudden approach alarmed the emperor on the soft floor, who flinched for a while.What s the matter, Your Majesty Empress Wei said, You heard my concubine talking to Lord Pei Empress Wei had a smile on her face.The emperor s body wanted to shrink back, but he couldn t move, so he could only lie there in fear.He heard it all.King Qing and his clan asked Wei Yuanchen to be king.The ultimatum is the serious children of the Zhao family, and the status of the Wei family and her son is stable.Now the Wei family wants to use him to take over the power.Once Wei Yuanchen becomes the crown prince, Wei s mother and son will no longer need him and will kill him at any time.

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