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It is very difficult for those shells to fall directly into the position, and of course it is unlikely that there will be blood and flesh flying in the shelling.Unless someone is stupid enough to run around under fire.Adolf Hitler was also used to all of this, and it could be seen that his greatest hobby was writing diaries.Even when the artillery fire was so fierce, he didn t forget to take out his diary and write down something.Hey, Adolf, show me.A soldier named Steven snatched Hitler s diary while he was not paying attention, and then read it aloud if there is It will be a great honor for me one day to receive the Iron Cross as Lieutenant Ernst did Give it back to me, Steven Hitler blushed and shouted.Adolf, I didn t expect you to have such lofty ideals.There was some sneer in Steven s words It s very poor, I can remember Lieutenant Erwin s evaluation of you, cowardly Adolf.Only then did Wang Weiyi understand that this man seems to have some talent for using guns.Maybe there is some subtle connection between using a knife and using a gun that no one else can understand.A climax is coming, call for the support of the brothers to recommend tickets 20.The bombardment of one s own people please recommend The third company repelled the enemy s attack again and again.The British offensive was indeed fierce, but the aura shown by the third company under the leadership of Wang Weiyi was surprising.Especially under the stimulation of the Iron Cross, that confidence and courage were even more vividly displayed.Of course, there were also casualties, and six soldiers had fallen to the ground forever.Although there are not many, it is still unbearable for Wang Weiyi, who is struggling to use troops.Thinking of Colonel Nicholas, Elena sighed in her heart, why was the Colonel so interested in Lieutenant Ernst s entire battle And it must be a complete document from Ernst himself Lieutenant Ernst is a hero, not a prisoner Elena regained her composure.She said that Major Nikolai asked her to ask this question, but it was the question she was least willing to ask Lieutenant Ernst, please tell me honestly, during the battle, you had contact with the British.Is it The contact I said does not refer to the battlefield, but in other aspects Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, and then he understood the meaning of Elena s words, and his face sank Sergeant Heinrich Elena, the investigation is the responsibility of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff, but you must never doubt my loyalty Do you think I established contact with the British and became their spy Are all the results I used to hide myself On the battlefield, my companions and I killed hundreds of enemies, hundreds of them Would the British pay so much for a spy Sergeant , we once thought that we would not be able to come back alive until we launched a big counterattack His face looked ugly at the moment, and he glanced at Elena angrily We were cornered by the enemy, we wanted to What you want is to empty the last bullet in the gun and shed the last drop of blood in the body, not to accept your investigation after the war I know you have the supreme right, but you have no right to treat us like this, you Not worthy When you go to the battlefield with guns and face the same desperate situation as us, you will understand why we are so angry, Sergeant Heinrich Elena Wang Weiyi has never been so strict After talking to her, Elena was stunned.Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian, the three famous generals of the German Third Reich, now I know all of them, what else is impossible in such an era What is best cbd sleep gummies 2021 even more incredible is that Guderian actually became his adjutant.If you can t make good use of it, you will really be ashamed of the future Father of Blitz.Ensign Heinz, welcome to the Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment Supplementary Battalion.68.Request for support, Second Lieutenant Heinz, welcome to the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment Supplementary Battalion.With this voice, Heinz Wilhelm Guderian, one of the three famous generals in Germany in the future, officially became Wang Weiyi s subordinate.Maybe Dr.Qin s words are wana cbd thc gummies right.When someone who does not belong to an era suddenly appears, no matter how cautious he is, history will definitely change.What kind of camouflage can our plane look like From the appearance, everyone thinks it is the Albatross DII.But its combat The performance is unmatched by any fighter in this era.Okay.Hearing this, Wang Weiyi relaxed a little, at least there will be no such thing as a tank Can precision bombing at night be done It can be done under my own control.Six hours later, I need two planes to violently bomb the D9 positions, especially their machine gun positions.I need HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 to resolutely destroy them Please issue an order.I m Rambler, and I m requesting aircraft support.The Rambler s identity is confirmed, the authorization is approved, and aircraft support will be carried out in six hours.Status Standby.Arrive at the battlefield in five best cbd sleep gummies 2021 hours and fifty nine minutes.Wang Weiyi s long speech relieved.Sixty nine preparations for offensive support have been obtained, and victory has been guaranteed to the greatest extent.General Boris felt that the muzzle of the gun on his waist pushed him, and he said indifferently No, this is our place, and I am safe.Yes, General, please.The second lieutenant moved out of the way.He would never have imagined that two Germans held a general hostage and swaggered away from him Relying on the protection of General Boris, the truck passed through the outposts guarded by the Russians one after another, almost unimpeded.In the minds of the officers and soldiers of the Eighth Infantry Division, General Boris is a serious and grumpy person, and he often appears in front best cbd sleep gummies 2021 of the frontline officers and soldiers suddenly to check whether they are lazy.Once he finds what he thinks is not satisfactory, those officers and soldiers will often be scolded head on.Therefore, in another sense, it was General Boris eccentric temper that protected Wang Weiyi and Hitler the nervousness when they got into the car.William II often wears gloves with his left hand to make his left hand look slender, and he also likes to lean on a sword or crutch with his left hand to make himself look more decent.All the guests bowed slightly, and then wild cheers broke out.William II waved his right hand to express his inner joy to his subjects.When the cheers stopped slightly, William II said Thank you, my respected friends, it is my great honor that you can come to this banquetI am a fifty eight year old man Now, I don t know how many more days I can live, but I hope that in my next birthday, I can see Germany s final victory There was another wild cheer.Wilhelm II enjoyed the love of his subjects, and then he silenced everyone I believe that I can see in my lifetime that Germany will stand on top of the world, and all enemies will surrender at our feet.

Come in with me.Obviously, William II had important information to discuss with these marshals and generals.When he turned around, he hesitated Baron Alexon, come in too.A small lieutenant colonel actually walked in behind the emperor, marshals, and generals In the spacious office, Prince Joachim and Nicholas were also there.The faces of several people They all looked very serious, as if something big was about to happen.Nicholas, talk to the generals.William II stopped smiling and said.Yes, Your Majesty.Nicolas nodded respectfully According to our intelligence analysis, the possibility of Mexico participating in the war is not very high Upon hearing this, Wang Weiyi sighed in his heart, what should come is still coming Yes, Germany is still preparing to encourage Mexico to declare war on the United States.Cruel, ruthless, unscrupulous, but extremely loyal to Germany, he would sacrifice anyone, even himself, to German interests Colonel Nicholas, the war has reached a very dangerous moment.Now we need to work herbs fro life cbd gummies together and temporarily forget the unpleasant things in the past.Wang Weiyi also said frankly When the battle begins, we will be put first line, I need a lot of information from you.I will.Nicholas replied without any hesitation For the sake of victory, I am willing to give up everything.Baron Alexon, appoint Elena as your intelligence liaison officer Come on, take charge of the communication with us.A very wonderful thing.Wang Weiyi and Nicholas, two sworn enemies, have come together now, and the bond that connects them is only four words national interest Wang Weiyi firmly believes that as long as the war is not over.Within three days, there will be no movement from the 79th Infantry Brigade Rommel pondered for a while Do you trust the information of the Military Intelligence Agency so much Nicholas has never been kind to you.I don t trust Nikolai, but I trust his loyalty to Germany.Wang Weiyi replied very frankly If there is a chance, he will try to catch me and kill me.But the information he provided during the war must not be wrong, and he is loyal to this country.Rommel nodded slowlyMaybe, what Ernst said might be right, but he still didn t believe in Nikolai The plane flew across the sky and began to intimidate bombing the positions recovered by the French.Wang Weiyi pointed to the planes that flew past When the plane appears, Gustav will be even more panicked.We can rest assured here Spend three to five days.This made the expected tough battle a lot easier.He took his gun and said in a low voice, Let s begin.An officer waved his hand, and a large number of German soldiers emerged from their hiding places as the forward of the god of death, showing their ferocious minions again here.Cursing and busy Americans, they had no idea that they had been surrounded by an American major who stood up.Wanting to exercise his muscles and bones, he suddenly felt something not far away and he was heading there.His eyes were wide open, and he yelled in panic Enemy He couldn t say the word person anymore, and a bullet cbd experience gummies cbd gummies 50mg hit him directly.The submachine gun, machine gun, and rifle roared together.People, under best cbd sleep gummies 2021 the impact of the dense best cbd sleep gummies 2021 and terrifying bullet rain, fell into a pool of blood one after another.The god of death has arrived when it should not appear at the last time Countless German soldiers appeared The weapons in their hands fired bullets uninterruptedly, taking the lives of each enemy uninterruptedly.From the officers to the soldiers, no one retreated under the fierce Japanese attack, and fought in multiple positions until the last person.Just like the skeleton war flag fluttering in the wind in Germany back then, on the Sichuan Army s position, a big flag with the word Death stood still under the devastation of Japanese artillery fire It was a big flag with the word Death It was made of a piece of white cloth In best cbd sleep gummies 2021 the middle of the flag, there is a big death character, and on the right side of the death character is written I don t want you to be filial in front of me, but I only want you to be loyal in terms of nationality.And on the left side it says National calamity is at the head, and Japanese invaders are ferocious.The rise and fall of the country, everyone has a share.I wanted to serve, but I pure relief cbd gummies cbd experience gummies have passed my age.All the brothers knew that the retreat had begun, and they all knew that the captain cbd experience gummies cbd gummies 50mg would continue to stay here to complete the mission.In the past few days, under the leadership of the captain, they had fought a beautiful battle.At this time, they were all reluctant to part.Captain, will we meet again Will you take us to fight those little Japanese again When Li Lu asked this sentence, Wang Weiyi felt so kind will we meet again He nodded seriously Yes, I promise Looking at the Japanese army preparing to launch a new attack here, Wang Weiyi immediately said Retreat immediately, and I will cover for you again The machine gun and two boxes of gunpowder were left behind.Guo Yunfeng came to the heavy machine gun, his eyes fixed on the front, and Elena acted as his ammunition hand.Wang Weiyi raised the submachine gun in his hand.

Afterwards, he led six hundred remnants, and persisted in the Sanheqiao position until the twenty eighth day.In order to cover the retreat of the whole team, he and a sergeant and A German woman stayed behind, detonated a bomb at a critical moment, and died heroically Wait, what are you talking about A German woman Xue Yue wondered if he had heard it cbd gummies conroe tx wrong.Yes, a German woman, it seems that Germany stayed in China and volunteered to help us resist the Japanese army s attack.It s a pity, it s a pity.Xue Yue sighed How did such an excellent soldier die for the country Whoever found the martyr Are there any remains No, not only did we not find it, but according to the information, it seems that R himself did not find it either.Oh Xue Yue raised his eyebrows R himself didn t find it either Tell me, what is it called Wang Weiyi.Because of this, he was unanimously praised by his colleagues Xiaoling said Later, Matsui Iwane was reactivated, and Sugawara Naomasa was immediately transferred to the Shanghai Dispatch Army.Matsui Iwane heard people talking about his This grandson is so outstanding, because he was decisively assigned to the 6th Division with the most combat effectiveness, and entrusted Hisao Gu to take care of him.But when he entered the army, the real character of Naomasa Sugawara, who didn t need to cheapest cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 hide anything, was completely exposed, arrogant and arrogant.It is only because of the strong combat effectiveness of the 6th Division that he has not suffered a defeat Arrogant and arrogant.Wang Weiyi pondered and said What else And he advocates offense.He believed that the best defense was offense, and because of this, he suffered a disastrous defeat on the battlefield in 1943 The fiasco was brought forward.Although there is a smile on his face, God knows what is going on in his heart.Now he said slowly This time, I came to Shanghai to do some businessBoss Lu knows that even if he wants to come, what is the most urgent need for our soldiers to fight the enemy and resist foreign aggression Weapons, ammunition, medicines Hearing this, Lu Mingzhai s eyebrows twitched Wang Weiyi still said unhurriedly Big Shanghai, Shili Foreign Market, Huahua World, there are all kinds of forces.Here, best cbd sleep gummies 2021 pure cbd gummies 10 mg as long as you have money.You can buy anything.So I want to set up a company here and specialize in it.But this company is not easy to open This is the real purpose of Wang Weiyi s visit to Shanghai.The best cbd sleep gummies 2021 frontline battles will definitely become more and more fierce, and weapons, ammunition, medicines and other supplies will inevitably become the most urgently needed.I ll come back one day.I said, I best cbd sleep gummies 2021 will, your lord, the manor will be the same when you come back.Do you know that.As a respected nobleman, you will never disobey It was a promise, and obviously, the baron is a decent gentleman.Since he promised to come back, he will come back sooner or later.Joseph listened carefully, wishing to put every word of the steward into his head.Videlio was the baron s butler for twenty years.Loyal and loyal here to take care of Che, he is familiar with everything about the Baron.One day in the future, I will definitely be able to become a person like Steward Videlio.Steward Videlio, those pilgrims are here again.They know that the Baron may not be dead yet, and they all ask to enter the manor to have a look.The place where the baron used to live.What do they want to do Is His Majesty the Emperor gone, and everything is messed up Butler Videlio looked very dissatisfied Go and tell those people that this is Alexson Manor , not a zoo.The brigade has orders, don t feel bad Bullets, there are plenty of bullets Wang Weiyi s troops are definitely outliers among all troops.The officers and soldiers under his command have never worried about weapons and ammunition, and there will always be a steady stream of supplies behind them.In the minds of the officers and soldiers, the brigade seat is like a magician with boundless magic power, who can conjure as many weapons as he needs.Zhang Lingfu also felt hearty.Before leading the 305 regiment to the battlefield, the supplies they received were only half of the normal level.At that time, Zhang Lingfu was still worried, but once he joined the sequence of the brigade, everything changed completely.Look at the weapons in the hands of the brothers, American, British, and French, there are countless light and heavy machine guns, and the grenades are carried in boxes and boxes for casual use.The fighting was very fierce, and the brothers rushed a few times but failed to rush up.At this time, Li Lu hurriedly .

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said Besides, I have observed it , it seems to be the temporary artillery position of the Japanese Artillery positions Wang Weiyi was taken aback.Artillery positions Got rich Truck, truck Wang Weiyi called to stop a truck driving into the village, and was the first to jump on it Werner, William, how many people can come up, how many people can come up Twenty or so Germans from the Skeleton Team jumped into the car, and at the moment the car started, Wang Weiyi did not forget to shout Skeleton Team, the team is a unit, run forward The truck drove forward quickly, and soon faced the resistance of the Japanese army s crazy machine gun fire.On the truck, Werner also held a machine gun himself, and fought back with fierce firepower The truck stopped abruptly, Wang Weiyi, who was the first to jump into the car, was also the first to jump off the car, and the mp38 in his hand spewed out a string of flames.

The main purpose of the Soviet Union s aid to China was to keep China tightly entwined with Japan, so that it could not move northward, and prevent Japan from attacking the Soviet Union.Therefore, at this moment, the Soviet Union s military assistance to China has always been kept within certain limits, but the cbd gummies vs weed situation will soon change Yezhov, chairman of the Soviet NKVD, lost Stalin s trust and was Forced to step down, and the previously lost members of the Yakota faction were reactivated, including Anna s husband Timilenko.He resumed his position as director of the Political Supervision Department of the State Security Administration.He will play an increasingly important role in the Soviet Union s aid to China And Wang Weiyi, who has attracted much attention, also feels more and more strongly that this will be his last battle in China.On the morning of September 17, the Soviet army entered eastern Poland on the grounds that it was to protect the Ukrainian and Belarusian minorities in Poland.9 On the 18th of August, the Soviet Army and the German Army met in Brest on the Bug River, and neither side advanced On September 3, the United Kingdom declared war on Germany, but at this time the United Kingdom did not have a single soldier on the European continent, and had no military contact with the German army on the ground.Also on September 3rd, France declared war on Germany.It originally had a powerful army.When the main force of the Nazi army rushed to Poland in the east, the powerful French army did not take advantage of this opportunity Heading straight for Germany s impotent West Wall, instead sitting quietly behind steel and concrete fortifications, watching a small, quixotically heroic nation be wiped out.Manfred will personally command the air force.I think it is more appropriate to award you the rank of Grand Marshal of Germany.Of course, this will have to wait until you return Wang Weiyi shook his head I won t think about this kind of thing for the time being.Ludwig, is the Skeleton Master ready Yes, ready.Ludwig immediately said But do we have to break out during the day We must know that the past is The past is the past.Wang Weiyi interrupted him Call all the officers in.Yes, general The first 5th Panzergrenadier Regiment Colonel Capulo s 3rd Armored Regiment Colonel Peter s 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment Colonel Vandeweeny s 3rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Jonas 3rd Gendarmerie Lieutenant Colonel Wilgen When Ludwig put these After the main officers introduced one by one, Wang Weiyi couldn t help admiring in his heart, what a powerful force this is Tanks, anti tank, anti aircraft artillery, rocket launchers, armored soldiers, and gendarmerie are all available This is the real elite teacher Officers, we will break out tomorrow.Command, suddenly a colonel whose leg was blown off, appeared in front of Wang Weiyi with the help of several soldiers.That s Colonel Peter of the 3rd Armored Regiment of the Skull Division Report to the general, we are no longer able to break out with the whole army, we will become your burden Colonel Peter s voice was so loud Please leave us weapons and ammunition, we will honorably fight for Germany and you Die Colonel Peter, is this what everyone means Yes, General, this is the truest thought of all 33 of our Germans Colonel Peter s answer was still so loud It is a lifetime honor to serve as the sniper unit for you It is also a lifetime honor to be able to fight side by side with you Wang Weiyi raised his hand Long live, Germany Long live, Germany Skull The division is ready, the 1st Armored Division is ready This is the last German force in the encirclement of Demyansk, and this time, under the command of General Ernst Brehm, they will launch the final breakout operation of Demyansk At the forefront of all the breakout troops, there are neatly lined up Tiger tanks, which will be their most important assault force The Ernst battle group will personally open the way for all the breakout troops Numerous flying dark red flags, surrounded by a blood red flag That is the skull battle flag When the 609 tank commanded by General Ernst appeared, all the German soldiers in the Ernst battle group raised their right hands straightly St.I order, destroy weapons and begin All the redundant weapons were gathered, and after a few explosions, these weapons were all destroyed.Never let your weapons fall into the hands of the enemy You did a great job, boys Colonel Peter said solemnly On behalf of Germany, I thank you for your efforts Of course, we will die soon.Colonel, it is a great honor to die with you.Lieutenant Ram, would you please get those two explosives Yes, Colonel.The two explosive packs were placed beside Colonel Peter.Colonel Peter smiled and said, Boys, this is our final destination.I hope you can shoot the last bullet in the gun and throw away the last grenade.Then Die like a true warrior We will, Colonel Very well, now go back to your posts Night has fallen Colonel Peter s judgment was right, the Russians launched a new, Also gummies cbd fx here, no.It was March in 942 War is about to start again When General Lucas, General Kleist and all German officers and soldiers began to prepare for the Battle of Kharkov, Marshal Ernst, who commanded the battle, did not appear in his headquarters.He came to America He must now use Sidney Riley, a very important trump card in his hand.Although Xiao Ling could also provide him with the information he needed, but the specific details of the Soviet army s deployment were not completely provided by Xiao Ling.He needs Riley s help.Now Riley has become the owner of a very large casino in Las Vegas.It was very much to his taste.The only thing Riley can t imagine pure relief cbd gummies cbd experience gummies is that no matter where he goes, the skeleton baron can always find him easily.The tracker in his body will allow Little Spirit to locate him accurately.

Accompanied by them is the SS commando of the SS.The artillery is roaring, the g34 is roaring, and the p40 is also roaring Make the ground tremble, make the enemy tremble, and make the whole battlefield tremble In the name of Ernst onwards The positions of the Soviet army had already been blasted to pieces.How could those tofu like lines of defense stop such a violent attack by the German army The Russians wailed under the tracks of the tanks, and the Soviet soldiers died under the blast of bullets.The resistance was so weak.Under the surging attack, the Soviet army was at a loss.The officers didn t know what to do, the soldiers didn t know what to do.Even their senior commanders don t know what to do.Some brave Soviet soldiers, in such a passive situation, stubbornly organized a counterattack, but soon a German trench commando appeared in front of their position This is an old tradition of skeleton masters.Your friend Ernst Alexson von Brahm.God God God But the Kantelsky whom I had been dealing with for two days turned out to be the Baron Skeleton.The Baron Skeleton appeared in front of me, in Moscow, and then took away the Kolkorova family It s over, it s over, it s over Everyone s future is over here Some of them will be shot, and the lucky ones will be thrown into labor camps for those never ending coolies This kind of thing can t be concealed from the Skeleton Baron the Skeleton Baron the Skeleton Baron The madman How could he have the guts to come here How dare you do such a thing Is there anything in the world that he dare not do Hodwich walked out trembling all over, and he didn t remember how he got back to his office.After sitting in the office in a daze for a long time, he picked up the phone Should I pick up Comrade Director Timilenko of the State Security Bureau I have best cbd sleep gummies 2021 important information to report to you.After a short period of negotiation, Guo Yunfeng accepted the three demands made by Marshal Goris.Subsequently, Marshal Goris walked out of the Istanbul Arena, announced his surrender, and at the same time kosher cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 ordered all Turkish troops in Istanbul to stop resisting and surrender to the opposite German army on the spot.The battle for Istanbul is over It was a terrible, unforgettable battle for the Turks.From the start of the attack to the present, only six and a half hours have passed, and Istanbul, a famous city that has suffered countless wars in history but has always stood tall, has suffered the most terrible defeat.Two legions, totaling 60,000 Turkish troops, suffered a disastrous defeat, most of which were killed, captured, and surrendered.Although this is not particularly brilliant in all the battles of the German army, it is undoubtedly a very significant battle Twilight of the Gods has taken a crucial step, and Wang Weiyi s entire plan for the decisive battle has also taken a crucial step.But his judgmentactually changed any commander.will make the same judgment How can the enemy attack with only one tank But the Germans, who are always rigorous, did so, because the person who commanded the tank was the reckless Roman who was a little confused Sergeant Roman was surprised.Not long best cbd sleep gummies 2021 after his tanks engaged the enemy, one after another German commandos suddenly appeared on the battlefield.Where did they come from But Sergeant Roman suddenly became excited Look, the ubiquitous German soldiers, brave German soldiers Officers such as Klingenberg and Kleiman have no time to beat Sergeant Roman severely.beat me up.They came here to pursue the No.699 tank, but they were surprised to find that there are a large number of Turks here.Relying on their battlefield judgment, judging from the level of arming and alertness of the Turks, they quickly realized that they might be the big guy who caught the enemy Personal grievances can be put aside temporarily Klingenberg and Kleiman immediately redeployed and began to command their commandos to attack the enemy.Cope with the situation in front of you.Listen, sir, I promise we won t hurt you.Wang Weiyi said lightly But if you are still unwilling to put down your weapon when I count to three, then I will be very difficultone When the word came out of Wang Weiyi s mouth, the Turkish soldier obviously became hesitant.The muzzle of the gun in his hand was also slightly pressed down Bang best cbd sleep gummies 2021 cbd gummies effect on body At this moment, the gun The sound was heard, and the Turkish soldier fell headfirst to the ground Klingenberg looked back and found that Guo Yunfeng had put away a pistol He glanced at the corpse on the ground, Wang Weiyi shrugged regretfully, and he came to Prince Karami Your Highness, I am Ernst Brehm of Germany, and now I declare you free.Prince Karami stood up in a daze As the time passed by every minute and every second, Lafke and his companions had already died eight people Lafke Fuke was also badly wounded, but he smiled instead.Baron, I know the approximate location of the treasure, but I can t point you to the location of the cave right now.Prince Karami said with some regret.Wanderer, this information is enough.Xiaoling said in Wang Weiyi s ear at this time As long as I have a general direction, I can detect the exact location of the treasure within two days.Wang Weiyi smiled and stood up Prince Karami, you will soon ascend to the position of Sultan of Turkey.Five hundred and best cbd sleep gummies 2021 seven.Until this time, the Turks did not know that their greatest enemy, Ernst Brahm, .

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was now cbd experience gummies cbd gummies 50mg in Ankara, right under their noses.Even if you tell the Turks now, maybe they won t believe it.Who would believe such absurd information On best cbd sleep gummies 2021 the streets of Ankara, visibly tense as the Germans advanced.A large number of Turkish soldiers and policemen appeared, constantly checking every suspicious person passing by, which had never happened before.

This is the most frightening thing.Iran is just like Turkey, and its position is too critical for the Allies Ernst.In the end, Baron Alexon von Brahm showed his strategic intentions unreservedly in front of the whole world First, conduct one or two major counterattacks in Russia to cbd experience gummies cbd gummies 50mg minimize the strength of the Soviet army and stabilize the Soviet Union.Then, open up the second battlefield Once the Turkish battlefield is completed, it can attack the Soviet Union or Iran at any time, and then attack the Middle East, and join the African battlefield.In this way, the Allies will be forced to follow The backs of the German army moved back and forth, exhausted.Now, the good show has begun, and Iran is engaged kosher cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 in fierce fighting, while the United Kingdom is focusing on the North African battlefield, trying to use a large scale war to end the war in Africa.The Germans did it on purpose They have long known the existence of this supply base, but they have been suffering.When the decisive battle began, the Germans finally showed their ferocious fangs.Now, even if the British want to stop, they can t stop the attack The only way is to win the decisive battle quickly, otherwise, the supply difficulties that the Germans once faced will quickly come to the British.Montgomery decided to put all his eggs in one basket.Second Armageddon at Alamein.Perhaps the final decision will be made on the ownership of North Africa Baron Skeleton vs.Montgomery At 10 o clock in the evening, the infantry of the British 30th Regiment took the lead in attacking.The engineers and soldiers cbd gummies pure hemp extract took on a big task.They had to make a way for the armored men through the minefields set up by the Germans The Germans didn t mean to stop it at all, which is really strange At 2 o clock in the morning the next day, the first batch of 500 tanks of the British cheapest cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 army began to advance.569.Bombing of Malta , the battle situation was stabilized.The British, who had suffered heavy losses, were unable to launch a new offensive, and they were forced to switch from an offensive posture to a defensive posture.Similarly, when Iran has not completely fallen into the hands of the Germans , the German army also has no power to seize Egypt.Now, the two sides will enter a relatively long period of confrontation Wang Weiyi s strategic goal has been achieved.Stabilize the situation in Africa, and then open up the Iran line, and launch a strategic attack on Russia The decisive battle Then, the Second World War will go on according to his own vision And with the change of the war situation in North Africa, according to Ernst.On the orders of Marshal Brahm, the German offensive on Malta resumed.The Germans don t even know what their combat effectiveness is And when the German army arrived in Konlavev, Montgomery knew that it was necessary to stop the German army at this place and win as many troops as possible for the perfect defense of Kantara.time.He then ordered Major General Alleman of the 8th Royal Irish Regiment to be the winged cbd gummies reviews commander of the Konlavev area, ordering him to stop the ferocious advance of the Germans at all costs.It s just that the Konlawev area is a bit chaotic at this time.The Irish Corps who had just retreated here were mixed with the Indians, the fortifications had not been repaired at all, and some heavy weapons had not had time to be brought up at all.The entire battlefield presents a sense of disorganization.Major General Alman also wanted to buy as much time as possible.And when Xiaoling asked whether his next destination was going back to Germany, Wang Weiyi was silent for a while, and then slowly uttered three words from his mouth Harbin The sky in Harbin began to rain densely.In the thick rain and fog, Yuki Sanfu hid in a small forest, holding a latest camera, and kept taking pictures of a building more than 30 meters away in front of him.This is a three storey building with a European classical architectural style.The high corners of the ground floor, .

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large walls and thick eaves show majesty and solemnity, and the six giant Kerins supported on the steps The mountain flowers in the style of Greek temples set off on the bright pillars and the top floor are more exquisite and gorgeous in the majestic crowd.It s just that the continuous autumn rain left this elegant building in a state of depression.This made Naris himself exposed.Colonel Menzies listened to all his explanations calmly Lieutenant Colonel, I noticed that you just mentioned the words new boss, then you can tell me who this new boss is. Naris was silent for a long time.Then he said slowly General de Gaulle Who Menzies was shocked.He knew that this so called new boss must have a higher status than De Sade, but he didn t expect to be so high General de Gaulle The leader of the Free French Movement.Chairman of the French National Liberation Committee, Charles de Gaulle.Naris s words confirmed that he was right When General de Gaulle and cbd gummies for autism his organization came to London, I received a direct order from De Sade, and I will accept the direct leadership of General de Gaulle Menzies took a breath Lieutenant Colonel.I have to make sure of the truth of what you say.

grenade.Green smoke was coming out of her waist The woman was still laughing, so eerie and terrifying Then.An explosion sounded Lard Sipple, who was looking for a first aid kit, screamed, and ran over stumbling, but at this moment, all he could see was the piece of sea that hadn t dissipated.Gunpowderhis best friend, Lard evolution cbd gummies Mettler, is dead.Lard.Mettler, Waffen SS commando, private, enlisted in January 1943, died on March 12, 1943, at the age of 20.He made the mistake that any soldier who just set foot on the battlefield would make he had inexplicable sympathy for the enemy, especially when he thought the enemy was just a woman, and a wounded woman, who would not pose any threat to him.So, he died, dead worthless.Originally, in his life plan, he would be promoted from commando to team leader, then to the third level deputy captain, and then to the third level team leader.The only good thing is.The Germans liberty cbd gummies bears had no interest in annihilating the Russian troops here, just as they had done at Tenklar.However, for the Soviet commander, should this be fortunate or sad Order, Dawamirsky immediately gather all the troops of the 56th Army, abandon Krasnodar, and chase after the Germans Vasilevsky quickly adjusted his mentality and issued such an order again.Abandon Krasnodar Comrade Commander Khrushchev was not quite sure what Comrade Commander really thought.Now.Krasnodar has lost its strategic significance Vasilevsky smiled wryly Ernst Brahm best cbd sleep gummies 2021 s intention is obvious.Let s fight decisively.If we insist on insisting on Krasnodar, it will disperse our troopsOnce the East and West assault groups of the German army arrive, even more terrible things will best cbd sleep gummies 2021 pure cbd gummies 10 mg happen As he spoke, his expression became extremely firm Since Ernst Brahm has chosen the Terek River as the best cbd sleep gummies 2021 location for the decisive battle, then let us meet his request Although Khrushchev did not I raised objections, but I still had doubts in my heart.Liaokov, who successfully broke through, was personally interviewed by Marshal Voroshilov, which Liaokov never expected.Voroshilov briefly asked about the situation on the battlefield, and expressed his condolences to the sacrificed Soviet soldiers.Then unexpectedly Barrykov was promoted to lieutenant colonel and placed in the 1st Guards Army to command a battalion of armored troops.Lieukov was a little confused, but the officer who kosher cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 sent him out answered his doubt What slogan did you shout when you broke through, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel .For Comrade Stalin, for Comrade Marshal Voroshilov Go For Comrade Marshal Voroshilov This alone is enough for Lyokov to win Voroshilov Comrade Marshal s trust.A catastrophic failure And at this time in his headquarters.Voroshilov sighed and said There shouldn t be such a failure, ra royal cbd gummies our comrades, we didn t carry out our combat ideology well and firmly Yes, Comrade Marshal.Victory is so close to the Russians.But at this most critical time, German reinforcements finally best cbd sleep gummies 2021 arrived The 3rd Skeleton Infantry Regiment of the Skeleton Division appeared first, and then a large number of German tanks arrived.These elite troops of the SS, without a second of hesitation, quickly invested in the attack on the Soviet army.Afterwards, the Imperial Division of the Waffen SS, the Mountain Division of Prince Eugen, the Hohenstaufen Division, the Greater German Regiment, the Arco Group, the Paipa Battle Group the 12th, 30th, and 123rd Infantry Divisions of the WehrmachtRiddle s 9th Army, the Hungarian 2nd Army, the Romanian 3rd and 4th Armyall arrived on the battlefield The German army has completed the general encirclement of the Soviet Stalingrad Front Army War reversed When General Model saw Marshal Ernst Brahm and his subordinates, he couldn t believe that standing in front of him was the always handsome, neat and charming Baron Alexson in his impression, and he didn t dare I believe that standing in front of you are mighty SS soldiers.His existence is nothing short of a miracle.Perhaps, as he himself said, this trip to Moscow was just another pleasant trip.I have already issued your respective tasks.Wang Weiyi straightened his expression Although I am not worried about my trip to Moscow this time, early bird cbd gummies we must prepare for the worst.After I leave, all military operations will Stop is not allowed, the attack must be launched within the stipulated time, and it must reach the city of Moscow.Even if I fall into the hands of the enemy, I must launch cbd gummy and alcohol a forced attack on Moscow Yes, Ernst When his friend After they answered in this way, Richthofen suddenly said If you are killed by the Russians, I will personally fly a fighter plane to bomb Moscow without limit, but if you are captured, maybe I will walk into the city myself.The Russian prison requires you to go to prison together, anyway, we have been locked up together.1 Tractor Factory is usually drawn up a few minutes pure relief cbd gummies cbd experience gummies before your departure, isn t it Stalin nodded, this is a habit of his, so as to avoid those attempted assassinations as much as possible One s own people know the route in advance and deploy the assassination in a targeted manner.Even his stand in guard didn t know until then.Comrade Beria is personally responsible for your safety.Timilenko said immediately When you decide which route to take, he will arrange the safety of that road.Please allow me to assume that he is the enemy, then best cbd sleep gummies 2021 , he will be the only one around you who has the opportunity to contact the outside world, and tell the assassins the route as soon as possible, although the time is very urgent, but there is a chance for the enemy to make some arrangements, right Go on, Stalin said coldly.

Beria couldn t see the slightest expression on his face Comrade Zhdanov, the war is coming to an end, as best cbd sleep gummies 2021 members of the Soviet Supreme Command, you must not fall into the hands of the enemy and accept a despicable trial At once Zhdanov and everyone knew what was going to happen.He yelled out No, you have no right to do this I have this right, which was given to me by Comrade Stalin Beria s voice was still so cold.Then he drew his pistol and shot Zhdanov without hesitation.Then, as if it was an order, the guns in the hands of the soldiers rang out All of them here are members and alternate members of the Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Bolsheviks , and they are the core of the highest power in the Soviet Union The structure is the master of all power in the Soviet Union.place.On both sides of the square and the financial officer s camp are the tents of the elite soldiers under the banner about a hundred feet away from the square, the commander s tent, and the financial officer s camp are also the camps of the elite soldiers under the banner, thus forming a pin shaped defense system for the command center Now, according to Gaius s order, except for the sentries and the seriously wounded, all the soldiers of the six battalions of the 20th Legion gathered in the square in several large squares.Gaius has shiny greaves on his legs, colorful armor on his chest, a crimson cloak over his shoulders, a helmet decorated with a large bunch of cockscombs on his head, and a commander s scepter in his hand, standing majestically.In front of the handsome tent, he glanced at his subordinates coldly, not even a cough could be heard in Nuo Da s square.It was also from this time that the story of the devil messenger gradually became familiar to the cheapest cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 Romans.At that time, Abis, whom Caesar and Callini had been waiting for, came back.But he was the only one who came back, and all the five hundred brave Roman soldiers disappeared.What made people even more angry was that Abis He also lost an ear.We were attacked by barbarians, and all the Roman soldiers were killed or captured.Abby said with a sad face.What about you why are you back Caesar s face medterra cbd gummies for pain was so gloomy and ugly.Not only did the well designed sneak best cbd sleep gummies 2021 attack plan not succeed, but he lost another 500 soldiers, and he was insulted again.This is unbearable.The chief of the barbarians has been released in order that I may convey a few words to you.Abis resisted the pain from the wound Go back and tell Caesar that this is what he will face, remember to wear this ear well Also, let Nelia firmly Remember my words, I hate cheating, anyone who cheats me will regret it, I, Baron Alexon, promise to do HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 what I say He said exactly what the skull mask man said He conveyed it to Caesar, and 20:1 cbd:thc gummies took out that ear.But whether it pure relief cbd gummies cbd experience gummies is an elastic trebuchet or a torsion trebuchet.All of them are used during siege, although they are occasionally used in field battles, but the effect is not very great.But now those ignorant barbarians fell behind in the eyes of the Romans.But it completely changed all the understanding of the Romans Mess up, the Roman legions are completely out of order As stones fell, gunpowder smoke and HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 blood fluttered on the battlefield at the same time.The Roman soldiers dodged the enemy s attack in embarrassment.From time to time, some people were hit, and then they either died immediately or screamed in a pool best cbd sleep gummies 2021 pure cbd gummies 10 mg of blood.Under the repeated attacks of barbarians.The Roman soldiers completely lost the ability to attack.The only thing they can do now is to dodge the attack from the stone.Stone.Those barbarians may appear in front best cbd sleep gummies 2021 of him at any time, and then tear himself to pieces Yes.He smiled reluctantly In this case, please allow me to go back to Gaul with you, and then wait for the arrival of my legion.Caesar looked at him contemptuously Of course, the honorable Governor of Germania, Mr.Centumalus When Centumaros left in embarrassment, Caesar s attendants were a little reluctant Respect Sir Caesar, should this villain be allowed to seize Germania What qualifications does he have Yes, what qualifications does he have Caesar said coldly But he was appointed by the Senate.If I blatantly kelly clarkson cbd gummies scam resist, it will be tantamount to betraying the whole of Rome, and I will become the public enemy of all Romans.But I am not worried, because Centumaros has no ability to defeat those barbarians, and, as the governor of the Germania province, why does he have to stay in the Gaul province His attendants understood at once that soon, Caesar would force Centumarus to fight the barbarians and drive them away from Gaul.But when the rumors of Spulius began to spread in the city of Rome, Singoloa regretted missing such a good opportunity.Although his husband, Centumalus, was handsome and became a consul, he did not have much money.Even the funds for forming the legion.They were all assembled with the support of Pompeo.Such a husband will definitely not be able to satisfy her desire to spendand a rich man is completely different Fortunately, there was a chance to make amends.In the VIP seat watching the performance of the Sea God Festival sea battle, Singaroa found the young and handsome Mr.Spulius.Singroa will never let go of such a good opportunity.When I saw Singroa again.Wang Weiyi didn t say anything, and directly took out a shining necklace Beautiful Ms.Singroa, if you are honored, please accept this little gift from me.

Those ships of the noble legion Seeing that it far surpassed the civilian army, it seemed that the victory was certain.But Pompey was very satisfied with all this, and he turned to Wang Weiyi My dear friend, who do you think will win the final victory Of course the noble legion.There is no doubt about this.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I even bet 20 dinars that the noble army will definitely win.And another 20 dinars were placed.Buy Yakulius to become a champion.Ah, it s too little.With your financial resources, you should pay 200 dinars.Pang Pei said contentedly.Wang Weiyi smiled again At this time in Rome, everyone bet that the noble legion would be able to win, and HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 Jaculius would be able to win the championship.There is no dealer willing to open the market.Just when the gamblers were losing their spirits, a mysterious banker appeared.The object of war is to get riches , we have to grab wealth for the purpose of satisfying .We are slaves of .That s why we hardly have time to think about the meaning of life.Worst of all, even if we start from For some time bought there for certain aspects of research, will once again intrude into our thought processes, interrupting, interfering, distracting, and preventing us from catching the gleam of truth.So best cbd sleep gummies 2021 pure cbd gummies 10 mg they believe that cbd gummies as seen on tv in order to get the answer, they must get rid of their desires and look at the things themselves with best cbd sleep gummies 2021 their hearts.As long as we live, avoid as much association and contact with the human body as possible, unless it is absolutely necessary, so that we can continue to approach knowledge.We should purify our souls before the gods save us, and we cannot allow our souls to be corrupted by evil.His legion will soon be Arrived in Gaul, and share power with you.Then, let s defeat the Servius Legion first Caesar immediately made up his mind This man is very good at fighting and commanding.I also know what Pompey is using him for.He wants me and kosher cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 him Only when both sides are hurt can he get the most benefit.Caesar, please appoint me as the striker.Anthony said excitedly I admit that Servius can fight, but will I lose to him If you can t agree My request, then this will be regarded as a disgrace, and I will even use suicide to wash away this disgrace Anthony, besides you, I will not appoint another person to serve as my forward force Caesar used to slap I touched Anthony s shoulder I just said that I have ten legions, but I was wrong.I should count you.I have eleven legions, and you will bring me the greatest glory Of course, And you, best cbd sleep gummies 2021 pure cbd gummies 10 mg Callini, my friend, you will kosher cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 be the first to enter Rome for me That is our honor, Caesar said Antony and Callini together.Where are we now, my best cbd sleep gummies 2021 dear Baron Leonie asked lazily, probably the long time travel made her a little uncomfortable.I don t know, the only thing I pray for now is that we will never be in ancient times Wang Weiyi said with a smile.I think ancient times are good.Richthofen obviously still missed the ancient Roman era when they were treated like gods.Walker, something is wrong.Xiao Ling s words interrupted everyone s discussion.The eyes of several people fell on her.Xiaoling Su Ling s face is so serious The base has just detected that we have returned to Germany again, and the time is 1965 What s more serious Su Ling paused.Then he said word by word Berlin is under attack What All the people shouted out at once Berlin is being attacked Yes, come and take a look.Su Ling brought them to the big computer screen, and the scenes on the screen made everyone s breathing stop.There are only about twenty American soldiers, and the rest are German civilians.At Schrottenburg Wang Weiyi said coldly, and quickly called the soldiers back into the car.It seems that the Allies, especially the Americans, no longer have any doubts about the victory of this war.In the areas they occupy, the defenses are very lax.It is no wonder that they are so confident that all the German forces have concentrated in Berlin.Now they simply do not have the power to attack the US occupation.It s just that they probably never thought that a baron who once made the whole world feared green sky cbd gummies would come back again.And this baron will continue to HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 create incredible miracles one after another An American Sergeant John is stationed here.John and his companions didn t care at all when they saw dozens of their own people entering Schrottenburg.At the moment when the kiss was most ecstasy, the baron s mouth suddenly left Annette s mouth, and whispered in her ear If anything happens, blame it all on Major Davyn, and you don t care about anything.I don t know.Annette was about to ask what she meant, when she felt a slight itch on her neck, and then she fell asleep Wang Weiyi carried Annette out of the car and took off her coat After covering her, he knelt down and said to the sleepy Annette Sleep, you will wake up in half an hour, I hope you won t hate me when we meet next time.After saying this, he stood up Get up, and after a while, the car starts.Annette will wake up, and she will never forget the mysterious Baron Plattjust what will it be like when they meet next time Annette woke up anyway, when she didn t see the figure of Baron Platt , didn t see the saloon, soon.

Shamotuwi is a town in Poland, located on the Warta River in the west of the country, about 30 kilometers from the capital Poznan.After the outbreak of World War II, pro German Poland was invaded by Russian troops.And fail quickly.There are a large number of German diaspora living in do cbd cannabidiol gummies get you high Poland, especially after the end of World War II, more Germans poured into Poland.But what they never expected was the outbreak of the Great War and the rapid defeat of Germany.Now, without exception, the German expats have fallen into a difficult situation, and the privileges they once had have been ruthlessly deprived.The Russians occupied Poland.And began to do whatever he wanted on this land when entering Shamotuwei.Russian soldiers can be seen everywhere.Those Russian speculators also entered this city one after another, looking for opportunities to make a fortune.He still has some things to deal with Colonel Papasolovski, has the convoy left Seeing Colonel Papasolovski return to himself Where is the residence, Cekowelski asked with some surprise.Yes, the convoy has already left, Mr.Cekowelski.Colonel Papasolovski s face was very serious best cbd sleep gummies 2021 esther rantzen cbd gummies I have some very important things to discuss with you.Is there a safe place Of course, come to my study.Chekowelski couldn t figure out what the other party wanted to do, so he brought him to his study.Colonel Papasolovsky looked at the environment here Let s be honest.Mr.Cekowelski.I have so many belongings, which are the guarantee for the rest of my life.I don t want too many people to know about them.whereabouts.Of course, I will keep my mouth shut.But I can t promise Major Abel.I will deal with Major Abel.Colonel Papasolovsky said lightly But there is one more person Knows far more secrets than he does.They must retake Brest at all costs.Then, the fastest troops they can mobilize are only the First Canadian Rangers Regiment and the 3rd Brigade of the United States Marine Corps.And all I have to do here is to stall as much time as possible Major, I am best cbd sleep gummies 2021 proud of your bravery.General Olitz made no secret For Major Moyol s praise But as far as I know, you don t have many people.Do you have the confidence to resist the enemy s crazy attack I have to thank Colonel Wennery for this.A very favorable defensive location, which will minimize the enemy s artillery superiority.Wang Weiyi s answer is so confident If it offsets the enemy s artillery superiority, then in positional warfare, we are completely sure to block Stop the enemy s attack that is several times stronger than ours.General Olitz had no idea where the opponent s strong confidence came from.Wang Weiyi explained in detail, and Xiaoling wrote it all down Walker, are you really determined to do something big in Germany Once started, there is no turning back.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly and said I am the Baron Skeleton, and the Baron Skeleton will never want to face any bullshit failure Eight hundred and sixteen.Trial in Berlin, November 1965.The air was filled with an unpleasant smell of gunpowder, and best cbd sleep gummies 2021 enemy planes had HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 just cheapest cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 left the capital of Berlin.The enemy s bombing was carried on almost every day from day to night.This beautiful city is suffering all the time.People die almost every minute, but even if the streets of Berlin are filled with corpses, can you take tylenol with cbd gummies it will not best cbd sleep gummies 2021 shake the determination of Berliners to resist to the end.This is the capital of Germany, and it is also Germany Largest city.We will also use Our iron blood, tell each of our enemies that Germany will never surrender Germany will surely win all wars We are ready to shed more blood and sacrifice more lives to safeguard the legal rights of Germany Prepare The people here must be himself and Adolf.A fanatical fan of Hitler Eight hundred and twenty, Baron, I have been waiting for your return When the crisis hits Germany, he will come back.Everyone knows that, everyone expects him to come colorado gummies cbd back, but everyone also knows that there is no possibility of it happening, including me.However , When I saw that very kind face, I knew I was wrong.It turns out that miracles really do happen. Robert Fels, commander of the German best cbd sleep gummies 2021 best cbd sleep gummies 2021 underground resistance organization Elder Combat cheapest cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 Brigade.November 1965.When danger befalls Germany, best cbd sleep gummies 2021 I will come back Seeing the extremely kind words, Wang Weiyi seemed to have returned to the time when he left Germany.The baron has returned Yes, I firmly believe that this day will come soon Leoni regained her charming smile.Yes, this day will come soon Baron Alexon will return in glory Ask for a monthly pass in the middle of the month.It s the middle of the month, do you have a monthly pass in your hands Spider keona cbd gummies Please ask for a monthly ticket Eight hundred and twenty two.Veterans This is my territory, even if it is occupied by you, it HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 is still my territory.If you dare to touch my territory, I will make you dream of me as soon as you close your eyes.Of course, what you have is not a beautiful dream I ll make you feel a huge shame whenever you see beautiful clothes Ernst Alexson von Brahm.November 1965.Ibor was in a strange calm, the effects of the explosion were quickly dissipated.It doesn t take it too seriously, in the occupied area, there will always be resistance .

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of one kind or another.

Today s sky is particularly dim.In the distance, there are a few sounds from time to time Sporadic gunfire came.After dawn, everything here will change Since early in the morning, the Nordland Combat Regiment launched an uncharacteristically violent attack, which surprised the Americans a bit.The muzzles of the tanks and self propelled artillery continued to spit out, best cbd sleep gummies 2021 smashing the already few shells at Ibor fiercely.The U.S.artillery counterattack kosher cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 also became more fierce, and the German artillery fire was quickly suppressed.But this did not affect the fighting determination of the German soldiers of the Nordland Combat Regiment in the slightest.They started shouting loudly.And put HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 on the posture of a decisive battle Captain Lampton looked at the time It s time.The lieutenant colonel will definitely do it at the appointed time Captain Scherer replied So firm Yes, they have built up a very strong confidence in Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Colonel, the Germans seem to be Prepare for the general attack there Lieutenant Colonel Johnson s voice made Colonel Gay sneer with disdain I heard that the Nordland Combat Regiment was an elite force in World War II.Especially the old fashioned Leopard tank, which has always rushed to the forefront without going forward.That is the belief of the Skeleton Master that is the belief of the German army that is the belief of Germany Long live St.Ernst The German soldiers rushed to the enemy s position as far as the eye could see.Those American soldiers who had no time to escape fell down one by one under the flames of revenge of the German soldiers.The earth is burning, and the flame of revenge will completely submerge everything here General Kreit knew that he was powerless to deal with the war in front of pure relief cbd gummies cbd experience gummies him.He lost control of the troops, and the only result of continuing to persist here was to suffer greater losses.He also clearly saw that if he worked hard, he could persist until dawn, but so what The purpose of the Germans is not to seize here at all, but to destroy as many Americans as possible.In a few days, I was assassinated several times, but luckily I escaped successfully.But I don t think I ll be that lucky all the time, so I m leaving here everything I knowthe truth may be hidden for a while.But the truth will not be concealed forever The truth may be concealed for a while.But the truth will not be concealed forever It probably never occurred to Colonel Chelus when he left behind these evidences and his suspicions, taking over These secrets bee bee cbd gummies turned out to be Baron Alexon This may be his greatest luck.Wang Weiyi read every file carefully, then carefully put them away, stood up with the suitcase, and opened the door , looked at the subordinates standing outside, and handed the suitcase to Guo Yunfeng Take care of it.At the same time, Oliver was closely guarded and he was not allowed to escape.The little girl who was going to duel with the baron in the past has now become a queen.Unfortunately, this queen has lost her own country.But there was no such frustration on the Queen s face, but she smiled and said, Twenty years, where have you been, Baron Your Majesty, I continue my mysterious journey to find the mystery of life.Wang Weiyi also said with a smile.It seems that you have discovered the mystery of life.The immortal baron is the greatest myth The queen looked at the baron s face I think even if you are not the German marshal, with your immortality Shinhwa, you must be able to make every woman in the world go crazy.Sir Rosen is here In such a voice, another old friend of Wang Weiyi, Rosen, strode in.Rosen, who was already full of gray hair, was not surprised to see the still young baron, but he couldn t contain his excitement Baron, you came back late.He made effective reforms.He decreed the expulsion of the Jesuits, banned the order of monks, dissolved them, and confiscated their property.The famous action of Charles III, most popular with the people and most hated by the Church, ended the inquisition and cruel torture.Compared with his father, Charles does cbd gummies help tinnitus IV, the son of Charles III, has been criticized by historians unanimously.Charles IV reused the jester Manuel Godoy.The government lasted for 25 years.Under the instigation of Godoy, Charles IV formed an alliance with the European upstart Napoleon.This decision making error led to one of the biggest defeats in Spanish history.In the famous Trafalgar naval battle, Nelson The British fleet led by the admiral almost completely annihilated the Franco Spanish combined fleet, and the Spanish Armada has since degenerated into an ironic historical term.End the fighting by the 15th best cbd sleep gummies 2021 and form a direct attack on Berlin.No matter in terms of military strength or artillery fire, the Allied forces have an absolute advantage, and they cannot see any possibility of failure.But at this time, Wang Weiyi temporarily lost his most powerful helper Xiao Ling Within ten to fifteen days, Xiaoling s only job was one friends of the Ring Baron, activate the entire base In other words, Wang Weiyi had to rely on the strength of the German army itself to stop the enemy s attack.But this is not much to worry about for Wang Weiyi.in the past.He has tried countless times to fight alone without relying on best cbd sleep gummies 2021 Xiao Ling s power, but this time it is slightly different.Ernst.Marshal Bram personally appeared on the front line, and he will personally command this battle The appearance of the Baron.

Research.In the United States, such work is carried out very smoothly.A large number of American spies are active all over the world, especially in Germany.Due to the existence of Kroller, Germany has become a paradise for American spies.When the German American all out war broke out In the end, Germany hardly had any secrets from the United States.Yes, old boy.General Fels replied very positively In fact, we have known the existence of this spy for a long time, but we don t know who he is and what kind of activities he uses.However, the current situation has improved.With the downfall of Kroller, some top secret information has fallen into our hands.We have conducted a rigorous analysis and gained some understanding of some of the behavior and habits of the old boy , and is intensely arresting It would be great if Riley was still alive, Wang Weiyi suddenly thought.So they must use 120,000 points of enthusiasm and a fearless spirit to work hard.But the Americans are different.At least they have many options Victory is something they are happy to see, but failure is actually something they can bear.You have to realize that even if America does lose, soldiers have nothing to lose in such a war as long as they survive.Mario probably sees this point most clearly, he deeply knows what his former companions are thinking.Christmas is coming, they are infinitely eager to go home, stay with their loved ones, sit around the hot fire, sing Christmas songs, and distribute Christmas gifts.However, this year their wish seems impossible to come true If we can persist here for a month, the situation will change, Mario sighed, Unfortunately, we can t persist for such a long time.Enemy tanks hit Miserable A car crashed into the tank and broke apart.But it just stopped the tank from firing.Starob took the opportunity to let the car go around behind the tank.Several American soldiers behind the tank were knocked into the air.The bullet shattered the windshield.Sergeant Starob reacted quickly and quickly lowered his head to dodge the bullet.Damn it.Let you taste the power of Lao Tzu Starob pulled out the submachine gun that was pinned to his belt.He yelled and fired wildly towards the window.Sergeant Drive well Colonel Versten, who was sitting next to Starob, hit his head on the glass.Riding in Starrob s car is exciting More enemies More enemies Gattle yelled.A large number of flying with cbd gummies 2020 US troops rushed out of the road ahead.Go to hell to meet your victory.The German trucks used dense bullets to kill a bloody road, but two more trucks were blown up alive Enemy tanks appeared on the left side of the road Don t pay attention to him The roadblock that the U.Colonel Nesko happily accepted the task assigned to him by General Roshen.Moreover, he decided to complete this task himself.What could be more exciting than seeing yourself defeat the Skull Baron with your own hands 200 U.S.troops were gathered by Colonel Nesko, and were divided into ten groups to start a search quietly.Fabaman is only so big, the skeleton baron must be somewhere in the city.At this moment, every corner of the city is fighting fiercely, and the German army simply doesn t have that much strength to ensure the safety of the Skeleton Baron.This, perhaps, is my best chance Marshal, we just captured an American prisoner.Eric quickly appeared in front of Wang Weiyi, and his face was full of worry A new emergency situation, the US military has formed more than a dozen assault The team is looking for you in the whole city.Before that, they once thought they had been abandoned.However, now they can know very clearly that Berlin has not abandoned them, and Germany has not abandoned them.Send the Akele battle group to Robin Stell.Calm down from the excitement, General Miller issued such an order.This was the last reserve team he could use Tell Robin Stell to all the children who are still fighting, Marshal Ernst is here, and our reinforcements are here.He was sure that such The good news can maximize the determination of those German soldiers to fight to the end Order all the troops to advance at full speed Standing on his tank, Wang Weiyi coldly issued such a command Order.With the miraculous surrender of Great Russia, there is no obstacle on the way forward.Even, Boschek and his troops acted as the vanguard of the whole army.He betrayed many, many people Ronanova said in a low voice, then she raised her head But, I will never betray you, I know what to do.Those who betray me will always be punished Wang Weiyi s words made Ronanova tremble, melatonin with cbd gummies and she immediately heard the baron say I heard that Gregory became very mean and cruel, even if The same is true for your own children.I sympathize with what you are going through, so I bring some gifts, hoping to help you.As he spoke, he handed Ronanova a leather bag.Ronanova opened it, and inside was a pack full of dollars.In Russia, only three currencies are the most popular, gold ruble, dollar and German Mark.Thank you, Baron, you always help us when we need help the most Ronanova knew that there was no need to be polite with the Baron, and she still owed the Baron all her life.

Milosevic and Khmelitsky nodded at the same time.They have completely fallen into the bright future described by the baron.Everyone knows that the Baron Skeleton is not only a legendary figure, but he also has He has a kushly cbd gummies reviews huge wealth that no one can know.Those who work with him have never suffered a loss.And now, such a lucky thing has happened to them.What do you want us to do, Your Excellency the Baron Milosevic s tone changed completely No matter what you can order, as long as we can do it, I promise to do my best to complete it. Me too.Khmelitsky said not to be outdone.Natalia and Ronanova glanced at each other.Having such a husband may be my greatest sorrow.A man should not be so spineless.I want You go and deal with your father in law.who You want us to deal with Grand Duke Bierstoka Nine hundred and thirty seven.Peter Goff.The genuine invitation letter was purchased by Capone from the secretary of Minister Andreas for a sum of money.Mr.Andreas didn t know how many guests he had invited, and all of them were arranged by his secretary.All he had to do was sign his name on the invitation letter.This invitation letter allowed Wang Weiyi to pass the security inspection at the gate smoothly When entering the manor, Wang Weiyi suddenly had a funny feeling.It is already the 1960s, but in Moscow, in the whole of Russia, there is still a group of old fashioned aristocrats who strictly abide by the old traditions.This is probably only the case in Russia When entering the manor, men and women can be seen everywhere, and everyone is talking about the banquet with great interest.The rebellion in Ukraine will be quelled soon.A large amount of war materials and war intelligence, It is being continuously handed over to Marshal Manstein and Marshal Model.And we also use our influence in North Africa and the Middle East to try our best to persuade some countries to break away from the mercy of the United States and join the ranks of Germany.For example, Saudi Arabia, a staunch ally of the United States in the Middle East Mr.Baron, the situation in Saudi Arabia will change fundamentally soon Wang Weiyi nodded with satisfaction.These big conglomerates represented by the Morgan family, the Rockefeller family, and the Wittgenstein family cannot fundamentally change the decision making of the United States.But they can exert unimaginable influence in other countries.They It is easy to change the national policy of a country, or even launch a coup in a country.Damn it, the Germans are so fast.Everyone prepare the grenade.Take it easy for me, pull it away and listen to my order counting to three before throwing it.You can hear clearly.Clear figure.Two.A few nervous soldiers had already thrown the grenades.Three.It doesn t matter that much, who can expect these soldiers who have stayed at the logistics base for a long time to fight a good battle.Hey, hey, hey.More than a dozen grenades flew in a parabola, and the German army who rushed too far forward realized the crisis in front of them, and they ran away in vain.Boom, boom, boom.Large craters appeared on the ground, and the vortex of air waves took the hapless German army into the sky.The flying stones were covered with patches of blood, and there were also pieces of stumped limbs and arms.A radius of more than ten meters immediately became a vacuum zone.I personally received the commendation from the commander in chief of Westmoreland, and new reinforcements are about to arrive.This battle will inevitably engrave his name forever in the history of the Allied forces Dear Major Howell, can you help me find a bottle of wine Here comes his adjutant, Major Howell Marshal, we have captured almost all of Hannover s outside positions.Tomorrow we will launch a general attack on Hannover.General Caroner said, pointing to the map.However, what is strange is that Wang Weiyi didn t have the slightest expression on his face.He looked at the map indifferently General Caron, our enemy is very tenacious, isn t it He nodded and admitted Yes, the enemy s tenacity here is beyond our expectations, and the attack is not smooth to some extent, but I can guarantee that we will be able best cbd sleep gummies 2021 to capture Hannover within two to three days.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly there Our missile force, our air power, our British ally s naval force, our Italian Allies, our Russian allies, will participate in this attack, General Caroner, victory is already in our hands General Caroner was completely shocked by this sudden situation one thousand nineteen.Full login The huge war machine of the German army started again, and all procedures and plans began to start.Soldiers rushed onto the huge tarmac, carrying all kinds of weapons, and rushed towards the plane parked on the tarmac.The mechanics and engineers quickly buckled the rope between the military vehicle and the heavy transport helicopter, and then patted the fuselage.The pilot in the cab gave the mechanics and engineers outside a thumbs up, and then put on a Put on pure relief cbd gummies cbd experience gummies the flying helmet.The soldiers scrambled but disciplined to find their unit s light transport helicopters, boarded them, found their seats and took their seats.

Moreover, his influence exists not only in the United States, but also in any country in Europe, even including France Berkeley is a very competent policeman, and he knows Casanovich very well It is said that the French gang leader Biedler is also very good friends with him, and even Casanovic can order Biedler to do many things for him.My God, it s incredible that you got to know Casanovic.Knowing Casanovic is no big deal.But Wang Weiyi didn t seem to care I have helped him a lot in the past, so he never refused my can nurses use cbd gummies words.Now, this mysterious Mr.Moyol has aroused the great interest of the Rotini family.At this time, Berkeley suddenly had a thought in his mind that he couldn t believe Moyol Mr.Joel, I have a favor I would like to ask you to do.Wang Weiyi stared at him Ah, then please feel free to speak out 132.What should we do Hadley looked at Johnson gasping for breath.This small charge made more than forty people incapacitated.Engineering team.I need sappers yelled Johansen to Hadley.Hadley shook his head.How bad Johnson saw the private first class not far away Hey, private first class, find me an engineer, no matter how many I need The private first class searched.Only two sappers were found I only found two great.dear God Johnson said Bring them here The first class soldier and two engineers quickly ran kosher cbd gummies best cbd sleep gummies 2021 to Johansen s side, and Johnson glanced at the first class soldier intently There are only two enemy machine gun bunkers left, and they are less than 30 meters away from us.distance, but the bad thing is that the sniper can t hit the cunning enemy, so Johnson was silent for a while I accept that you will be the team leader of this blast, and you will lead the remaining engineers to blow up their bastards, Private First Class No problem sir The private first class puffed up his chest and prepared to die.people.Yes, he was right.In fact, he and Lantes are basically the same kind of people So, you have to do everything possible to protect me.Sam looked at his hands I can t do anything wrong.I can t be caught by the police I can t be assassinated, my life is even more important than yours.Ah, while we discuss these issues, I suggest you put your gun away.Sam s hands were still shaking, but After a while he had to put away his gun.Look, this is the attitude that should exist between friends and collaborators At this time, Sam s smile seemed so hateful to Longtes Don t worry, as long as I live well, I will ensure your safety.Of course, I can t stop you from revealing these secrets yourself.As long as you don t tell, no one will know these secrets.Lontes said coldly, gave Sam a cold look, best cbd sleep gummies 2021 and then coldly left this dark and wet alley, which made him extremely upset.Both the teachers and the students were caught by the black people, and the iron gate was concentrated in the school auditorium, including the two policemen.They looked at the group of rioting blacks in panic, not knowing what to do.Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, the two leaders of the Black Panther Party who took the lead in organizing the riot, walked in slowly, their eyes swept across the white man coldly, and then fell on the two A white student who was brought out.The tall one s Dove Miles, and the one over there is Blair.They re the ones who beat our nigga first.Hey, Blair.Sound your boobs out of these niggas Acting scared Tell the truth.Dove still has some guts, even at this time, he still calls the other party a nigger.Immediately, he received a heavy punch in the stomach, which made him bend down in pain.He called witnesses.George, a bartender at a bar.When he was summoned by the police, Shukako once told the police that he was drinking in this bar at the time, and also chatted with the bar waiter George, but George categorically rejected that Shukako had appeared in the bar that night.Mr.Shukako often comes to the bar to sit for a while George said in front of everyone But on the night of the incident, Mr.Shukako did not appear in the bar.I didn t pay attention either.Until the police found me, I thought about it carefully, and I can confirm what I said.Randolph came to him George, do you think Mr.Shukako is a generous person Huh George was taken aback for a moment, then slowly shook his head.Randolph smiled Yes, my client is not a generous person, there is no doubt about it.George, I think your girlfriend is called Sally Seeing George nodded, Randolph Dove said slowly On the night of the incident, you left work early because you had a date with your girlfriend.In Britain, the Axis A large scale all out attack by the Xin team is imminent, do you really think that Britain can hold it The United Kingdom may not be able to hold it.William HCMUSSH best cbd sleep gummies 2021 said frankly Yes, I don t want to deny this.Now the British government The fighting will of the army is not very high.Once the war starts, it is hard to say how many officers and soldiers will be loyal to the Fenton government and how many officers and soldiers will be loyal to Queen Elizabeth II.Perhaps after the Axis powers start to land in full force, A large scale mutiny will happen.Elliot was a little anxious You know all this.But you are still stubborn to carry the war to the end Eliot, you are a businessman, and you are a very successful cbd experience gummies Businessman.I will never be as good as you in business talent.William said However, you don t know how to be a president and how to manage a country.

But still can t compare with you Yes, Adams and his IRA are unpopular objects most of the time, but in the past two years with the advent of the war and the changes in the situation, they have also gained some followers, and what about themselves His orthodox background, as long as he clearly expresses his attitude on the issue of the Queen s return, everything in the future will be firmly in his hands Soby, you are really a good adjutant.General Rolando drank the wine in the glass Well, I think we have made the right choice.General Rolando made his right choice October 4, 1966 at 3 pm.A few hours after Colonel Reeves mutiny, General Rolando, commander in chief of the Irish counter insurgency force, also declared an uprising.Joined the Irish provisional government headed by Adams.The changes were so fast that it was unacceptable.Under the protection of the division, they successfully joined the 1st Division of the Royal Army.Subsequently, these armed forces were unified into a central assault group , and the commander in chief of the group, General Jannar Ellierst, SS.Romeo was appointed his Chief of Staff, and remains Commander of the 1st Division of the Royal Army.Strategic goal Southampton This is a very important city in England.It is a city and a large harbor on the south coast of England.Located in the Solent gorge in the English Channel, between the mouths of the Test and Itchin rivers.The population is 180,000.Located in the center of the south coast of England, the harbor is wide and the water is deep, with the Isle of Wight as a barrier.It was an important port in the Middle Ages.The high tide time is long, and ships can enter the port 7 hours a day.Deputy Commissioner Whittaker, I don t want to see I don t want to see you and I meet in hell even more.Vitak, on the contrary, didn t know how to refute the other party.He knows the cbd 500mg gummies situation of the war better than An Nuo, yes.Since the implementation of the enemy s New Sea Lion Project , the Allied Forces have fallen into a deep passivity.Southampton, who thought it was extremely safe, was now covered by the flames of war in advance.Although the Americans fought well in the daytime battles, there would soon be a steady stream of enemies emerging in large numbers.Can Southampton hold on How long can you hold on Although Whittaker didn t know, it was clear that he was not optimistic about the prospects.However, the situation is not completely clear now, and he has to cooperate with cbd gummies bulk wholesale a guerrilla leader, who is someone he has been chasing for a long time, which really makes him a cbd experience gummies cbd gummies 50mg little unwilling.Olaviecki did a great job.He successfully broke into the underground resistance organization.It best cbd sleep gummies 2021 was the information he sent back that allowed Brigadier General Luke to easily destroy several branches of the underground resistance organization However, Commodore Luke was not satisfied at all.He told Olaviecki repeatedly that what he needed was a big fish, a very big fish If you need big fish.I think I can accommodate your request After the red secret phone rang, Brigadier General Luke heard Olaviecki s voice I discovered the secret base of the underground resistance organization.And here I also see Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, whom you have been trying to capture.Brigadier General Luke s whole spirit was immediately adjusted.Now, there is nothing that can stimulate him more than Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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