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Master Cui Si said I walked halfway, thinking that Taiyuan Mansion had accidents again and again, and Mrs.Huaiyuanhou was still visiting at home.Although the matter of Zhuangzi was imminent, I was even more afraid that you would be difficult to deal with in the ancestral house alone.Looking at it this way, thanks I m back.Mrs.Cui Si nodded I feel scared when I think about it, Zhuzhu is also a child with great fortune.Master Cui Si asked Did you see the pearl that Zhuzhu picked up Mrs.Cui Si gave tea to Mr.Cui Si I just took a look at it from a distance.The pearl is not big, and it doesn t look good.I m afraid it can only be sent to the pharmacy for use.For some reason, Mrs.Cui Si I felt that the master s face was even darker.What s wrong, master Mrs.Cui Si said, You also thought of Pearl Thief Master Cui Si was thinking about something, his eyes froze slightly Who else thought of it Everyone said so, Mrs.Chen nodded, I scared my wife tonight.Go home at 10 00, no matter what happened tonight from Cui s family or Nie Chen.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she suddenly felt Liu Su who was beside her take a quick step to block her.When she raised her head, she saw a person standing not far away.The bright and bright moonlight shone on him, making him look extraordinarily clear, his phoenix eyes were slightly raised, and there was a bit of sharpness in his eyes.The light at night was dim, and he shouldn t be able to see so clearly, probably because he was very fair, which just matched the moonlight.Isn t this the passer by who watched her play and wanted to expose her Eighty percent of his fate clashed with hers, and the road to enemies was narrow, so he met them again.Chapter 15 Awei Gu Mingzhu paused for a moment, thinking about leading Liu Su to bypass the person in front.They have met several times, and it was he who looked at her, but she never looked over.Wei Yuanchen took a sip of tea, pulled his thoughts out of the memory, narrowed his eyes before putting down the teacup in his hand, and then swiped his finger, and the short blade at his waist was unsheathed and thrown out, and a dodge came from outside immediately.the sound of.Chu vytalyze cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep walmart Jiu also jumped out deftly, and immediately fought with the people in the yard.After a few moves, an eager voice from outside said My lord, I m also here to investigate the case.Don t kill me.Nie Chen s neck was suppressed.Well, if the Elder knows this, he will feel ashamed.Fortunately, he never relies on force.Bring it in.A voice without any emotion reached Nie Chen s ears.Chapter 17 No Loss Nie Chen has been wandering around at the age of thirteen, and has done a lot of work to make ends meet.Mrs.Lin felt more and more that Zhou Rujun was causing trouble, otherwise how remedy oil cbd gummies could something happen to the Cui family, and she was so troubled.The atmosphere was disrupted and the opportunity to torture Mrs.Cui Si was lost.Mrs.Lin could only sit there and drink tea.Fourth Mrs.Cui felt more and more guilty.She always felt that Zhuzhu was implicated by her.If Mrs.Tai was not upset by the matter of the master, Mrs.Tai would not bother to push Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu, let my sister in law see if there is any injury Zhuzhu, don t cry, can the fourth sister in law make you sweet scented osmanthus cake Hearing Mrs.Cui Si s words, Gu Mingzhu gradually stopped crying.Sister in law Si will do it now.Mrs.Cui cheered up and first apologized review on gummy cbd oil to Mrs.Lin Tai and resigned.Tell me immediately if you think of something, Mrs.What does it have to do with you, Mrs.Cui Si said, You didn t know that such a thing would happen.Happened.After saying this, Mrs.Cui Si remembered something, when the Cui family pressed her, something flashed through her mind, and when she was making osmanthus cake in the kitchen, she finally remembered.Fourth Mrs.Cui looked at Lu Shenzhi They said that the bandits hid in our Zhuangzi before, and our Zhuangzi never entered strangers, but once the master told me that you asked him to put some disaster victims there.Hearing Mrs.Cui Fourth With these words, Lu Shenzhi s fingers slightly closed.Mrs.Cui Si didn t pay attention to these things, and continued Do you think it is those bandits who mingled with the victims If not, check it from here.If it really is the case, won t my master be cleared of the crime Lu Shenzhi He lowered his eyes, wondering what he was thinking about.He had heard that the Wei family might come to investigate the case, but there was no definite news.Maybe the Wei family had already arrived in Taiyuan.The appearance of Miss Gu talking to him with a nodding face appeared in front of Lu Shenzhi.He had seen Wei Yuanchen before, his face was pure and bright, and he was extravagant, standing out in the crowd.Could it be that Miss Gu met Mrs.Wei Lu Shenzhi had the feeling that he could see the blue sky through the clouds and mists.He didn t only have the Marquis of Dingning to go, he could also choose the Wei family.After thinking about this, Lu Shenzhi stood up and strode out of reviews on condor cbd gummies the room.Second brother, you are Fourth Mrs.Cui immediately came up to him.Lu Shenzhi bowed to Mrs.Cui Si Sister, I have to leave the yamen beforehand.Mrs.Cui couldn t help being startled Aren t you going to wait for Lord Hou Lord Hou just came back.Thinking of this, Feng Anping couldn t care less about anything else, and hurried into the yard to check.As soon as he entered the door, he saw Chu Jiu s upright figure like a clay sculpture.Come in A faint voice came from the room.Hearing Wei Yuanchen s voice, Feng Anping didn t dare to neglect, green leafz cbd gummies review immediately opened the door and walked in, respectfully saluted Wei Yuanchen, he thought that after the last time, Master Wei would come to pass on him in a few days, but unexpectedly The days are so short, but fortunately, after spending more time with Mr.Wei, the fear gradually faded away.Feng Anping couldn t forget the fear of dying when he first met Mr.Wei.Feng Anping was thinking about it, and his eyes fell on the boxes in the house.When did these things exist in the house Sign the document Wei Yuanchen pointed to the paper on the table.

The same is true for those people who occupy the mountains.They are driven crazy by this world.As long as they see the imperial court using soldiers and horses, they will definitely resist desperately, and the end result is only a dead end.Death would begin with him and not know where it would end.How could he have the face to meet those common people on Huangquan Road Lu Shenzhi was completely hopeless and could no longer think.Seven years ago, I colluded with the Pearl Thief and wanted to force the government to distribute relief food.Lu Shenzhi began to speak eagerly, he could no longer think, and just instinctively narrated the truth.I never thought that he would burn the relief food, and I didn t know that he would take advantage of the chaos to steal Kuyin.I m sorry for the people of Taiyuan Prefecture.Han Yu s face was worried.I don t see Feng Tong judge doing things so neatly on weekdays.Tonight he spared no effort in doing things, but I m afraid it won t be his turn to come to the trial.Han Yu said Send the person to the yamen properly, don t make any mistakes.My lord, don t pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies worry.Feng Anping bowed to send green leafz cbd gummies review Han Yu off, then found Chu Jiu in the crowd, and winked at Chu Jiu, he was rarely smart , this can be regarded as a great achievement, right The people escorted the prisoner to the government office.Something happened in Taiyuan Mansion, and the magistrate took people to arrest the bandits, and unexpectedly captured Mr.Wei who was sent by the emperor to investigate the case.The news was like thunder on the ground, and all the officials of Taiyuan Mansion, big and small, were awakened from their dreams.Mrs.Lin looked at the person at the door and said softly, Zhuzhu, did you throw the leaves of grass into the tea bowl teacup.Zhou Ruzhang rinsed his mouth, but still felt his stomach churning.The idiot even told her to vomit, how could she vomit.It made my wife and Miss San laugh, Mrs.Lin explained to Mrs.Wednesday, My Zhuzhu recently raised a new rabbit, and she probably thinks grass leaves are good things.Zhou Ruzhang wanted to talk about why that fool always came to harm her What, but Mrs.Wednesday glanced at it complainingly.Mrs.Zhou said Zhuzhu must be playing with you.Zhou Ruzhang s eyes were red, when had she ever been wronged like this, how could she just expose it casually.On Wednesday, his wife urged Zhou Ruzhang What are you waiting for Go over and accompany Zhuzhu.Not only can t he have a fit, but also go to accompany Smiley, think about Cui Zhen Zhou Ruzhang clenched his handkerchief and walked towards the door, who knows that he just left After taking two steps, the figure at the door suddenly moved, ran past her like a gust of wind, and sat on the chair next to Mrs.Five years have passed, has the master come away from that incident and concentrate on his medical skills I hope Master is like this, don t get involved in anything, just do what he wants to do.Mrs.Lin pulled Gu Mingzhu over to make it ready Don t be afraid, Zhuzhu, as usual, after watching, mother will make you sweet cakes.Gu Mingzhu nodded obediently, and asked Mrs.Lin to put her hand on the medical pillow.Sun Langzhong put his hand on Gu Mingzhu s wrist and began to take the pulse carefully.Gu Mingzhu looked at Sun Langzhong, the master s concentration was the same as it was five years ago, the master only wanted to cure the disease and save people, but back then he used some small means to save her, so that the epidemic in pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies the prison would never go away.She didn t know it at first, but later The drug dispenser gradually became aware of something strange.Bring him under his command, and in the future, the news he inquires outside will not all be ours.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, because Nie Chen could find out a lot of information, but he would tell her all of them.He can t just be someone else s pawn for nothing, and he has to find a job for her.Just when the ninth day of the ninth day was about to mention the meal, the brothers in the kitchen cooked big meat, pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies and he had already swallowed his mouth water, and he would be full if he didn t eat any more.Wei Yuanchen said Go to the prison, I want to interrogate Cui s mother, who is in charge of the family.Chu Jiu s face was slumped, and he wanted to say something, but he couldn t speak after all.The third master must not be in the mood to eat if he becomes ugly, but he wants to eat.Walking into the yard, looking at the five black chickens eating rice leisurely, Chu Jiu seemed to vytalyze cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep walmart smell the aroma of chicken, as if he felt something, the broiler suddenly flew over, pecked on Chu Jiu s calf, and pouted its buttocks Twist and run away.Don t go out, Mrs.Lin frowned tightly, I don t know what s going on outside, at least there is our nursing home here As soon as the words fell, I saw a few figures coming here, the Gu family s Seeing this, the nursing home also fought with those people.Mrs.Tai, they are really here, Mrs.Zhou was so frightened that she couldn t choose what to say, Don t be dazed, think of a way quickly.Mrs.Lin was extremely regretful.on Zhuangzi.Mrs.Tai, another guard from the Cui family rushed over, Let s go, let s leave here first.Those calmcures cbd gummies uk people seemed to be crazy, and rushed towards this side regardless of life and death.They were really afraid that it would be bad for Mrs.Tai.Mrs.Lin stood up, looked at the chaotic situation outside, and finally made up her mind Go, go back to our Zhuangzi.Mrs.Zhou immediately pulled Zhou Ruzhang along on Wednesday, and several of them prepared to go out with Mrs.

There seems to be a supervisor behind the third master, whipping the third master to work with a small leather whip.First let Liu Su go to Lu Guang s side to find the eyeliner, and let his personal guards stand by Lu Guang s side, and then order Liu Su to lead those who want to catch the Pearl Thief to the courtyard, and then go to the temple to invite those monks Come forward to rescue the innocent people detained in the Iron Mountain Mine.Seeing those monks go up the mountain, they rushed to Mrs.Lin Tai s Zhuangzi without stopping.In a place like Taiyuan Mansion, they can t use too many people from the Wei family, otherwise they will be caught and impeached.What the emperor was most afraid of was that the Wei family had soldiers and horses in their hands.Back then when he fought for the Great Zhou Emperor, hundreds of famous generals under him were invincible.Just now the murderers rushed forward regardless of life and death, and suppressed the Cui family s guards.One of the murderers took the opportunity to rush in and grabbed Mrs.Lin Tai as a threat, completely restricting the Cui family s guards.Mrs.Wednesday and Zhou best cbd gummies for runners Ruzhang wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but in the end they couldn t muster up the courage, for fear of offending the murderer and hurting their lives.The murderer looked at the quail like female relatives and nodded in satisfaction, then he signaled to his companion, who pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies pushed Yan Hao over.Remember what Mr.Jiang said, the assailant threatened in a low voice, otherwise Ziyuan will die.Yan Hao didn t struggle, apparently resigned to his fate.In the current situation, no one would believe that Yan Hao is innocent.They will act according to Mr.Cui Wei s tightly clenched hand slowly loosened, and he put the bow back on his back It seems that Master Wei will also capture all the criminals inside condor cbd gummies precio if you don t need the people in the yamen.No wonder you have to let us in.It turns out that Master Wei It s been planned a long time ago.As soon as Cui Wei green leafz cbd gummies review finished speaking, several office servants not far away looked at each other in blank dismay, and while no one noticed them, several office servants quietly approached the stone archway.Cui Zhen frowned, his eyes fell on a few sneaky figures, Wei Yuanchen obviously had the upper hand, but the Yacha still wanted to make a move at this time, probably not to help, but to have other plans.Did Wei Yuanchen expect such a thing to happen In the stone archway, Yan Hao restrained several thugs and stood aside panting for breath.Han Yu wanted to reject Wei Yuanchen pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies s concern , but between the wound and the poison Under the double torture, Han Yu has no strength to resist.Something is not right.Since he came to this Zhuangzi, he began to escape from his control.He had just ordered someone to go to the government office to bring cbd gummies groothandel troops to come, and before he had time to ask Yan Hao what was going on there, he received something from the Pearl Thief and was shot by an arrow.The arrow was poisonous, and he had no time to do other things except heal his wounds, but the doctor he found was useless, it green leafz cbd gummies review took some effort just to pull out the arrow, and he was still unwilling to gouge out the poison for him.After tossing around for a while, I heard from my followers that Wei Yuanchen had arrived.One wave of ups and downs and another wave of ups and downs did not give him any chance to breathe.Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up.Chapter 65 I suspect that Gu Mingzhu is still cbd gummies for penis growth green leafz cbd gummies review looking out of the window, Wei Yuanchen is very smart, and he is planning to settle the case of Han Yu here.In addition to asking the mother to go to the trial, the Cui family and the Zhou family should also be called over.The confession made under the watchful eyes of everyone will not be able to refute no matter what happens in the future.Why did you suddenly ask us to go to the trial Mrs.Lin asked, What happened in front Such a big thing happened on the Internet, and she also received the news.The steward nodded.Gu Mingzhu pursed his lips.Master Wei must have seen that Han Yu was not poisoned.He did this on purpose to see Han Yu s tree fell and the monkeys scattered.You also have to think about your family members.After all, Mr.Madam Lin nodded It should be so.Wei Yuanchen continued I m afraid there are some clues that I haven t noticed.Madam, please instruct the Gu family to tell the officials all the details.Madam Lin promised again I will let the family explain to green leafz cbd gummies review the Yamen.Wei Yuanchen continued Why did Mrs.Lin suddenly come to Zhuangzi Madam, do you know Mrs.Lin thought carefully Clan sister can t sleep well at home, and probably thinks that Zhuangzi has good Fengshui, so she wants to move here for a few days.Wei Yuanchen s face remained calm The magistrate Han set up a scheme to frame Yan Hao, and one of the links was to kidnap Mrs.Lin as a hostage, so that someone from the yamen would kill Yan Hao.This case will never be proved.Mrs.Lin was a little surprised , Before she went to inquire about the details, Master Wei made it clear in front of her Is it really the prefect of Han There are such officials in Taiyuan Prefecture who cover the sky with one hand, and green leafz cbd gummies review those people are pitiful.

The ancestral house.Okay, Cui Wei agreed, I ll make arrangements, my son.Cui Zhen, who turned his back to the soft couch, turned his head Master Wei ordered that the civil servants are not allowed to leave Zhuangzi until they have completed the paperwork.Cui Wei wanted to say something, but in the end he didn t speak, but went back to the soft couch to help Mrs.Lin get up.Why do you listen to him Mrs.Lin coughed twice, I have a cold, how can I recuperate here Cui Zhen looked firm The head of the village on my mother s village wanted to take advantage of the chaos and escape, but was arrested by the government officials.No accident, he should know why Sun Yong was killed.Our Cui family is involved in this case, we should make it clear to the yamen earlier for the present plan, if my mother green leafz cbd gummies review acts against Master Wei s wishes, it may add more suspicion to the Cui family.Take people down and interrogate them one by one, Wei Yuanchen said, and then seal up all the shops and houses of the Zhao family in Taiyuan Mansion.yelling.Beat the steward twenty sticks first.Wei Yuanchen ordered calmly.The Yacha immediately suppressed the steward.The killing power stick fell firmly on the flesh, and the steward s screams echoed throughout the Zhao family s courtyard.Gu Mingzhu looked over, and the servants who were watching the punishment in the yard were already crying cowardly.These servants who brought tea and water would not know anything even if they were interrogated.The key is those stewards and accountants.Doing business, naturally understand some secrets.As long as one person s mouth is opened, the rest will tell the truth in order to protect themselves.A person in the crowd looked towards the door from time to time, obviously waiting for Zhao Gong to come to rescue him.It s a waste of talent not to go on stage and dress up.There are thousands of talented people in the Great Zhou Dynasty, green leafz cbd gummies review and the Gu family s father and daughter insisted on relying on this to have a smooth journey and live a peaceful and comfortable life.Finally she met Liu Su in the dark, and was supported by Liu Su to walk out.Wei Yuanchen wished he could expose her now and call her Miss Gu , then everything would definitely become very interesting immediately.Now is not the time, although it seems that he has suffered a disadvantage, as long as he thinks that she must be complacent and feel that he has played him around, he can still bear her continuing to play tricks.After all, only after seeing everything clearly can we settle accounts, and then everyone will not be wronged.Hey Why don t you light the lamp, Third Master what are you doing Chu Jiu walked in the door, he couldn t help being a little dazed by the darkness in front of him, what s going on When did the third master like black In this green leafz cbd gummies review house where you can t see your fingers, besides the third master, there is the little lady from the Gu family, right Chu Jiu s brain started to move, the third master would vitalife cbd gummies neverdeliberately cbd gummies for penis growth green leafz cbd gummies review What the hell is going on recently, and why the third master suddenly became unreasonable, he is too embarrassed to think about it.Wei has already said that this case has nothing to do with this palace, why should we clear up the troubles At first, I thought that even if Mr.Zhao Er is dead, there will be no clues in this case for a while, and it has nothing to do with the overall situation.The main culprit, Han Yu, has been caught, and the rest of the people may not be green leafz cbd gummies review able to cause too much trouble, Wei Yuanchen said.To the murderer who killed Master Zhao Er, When I saw that the murderer was the guard of the Eastern Palace, I changed my mind and used the guards of the Eastern Palace to frame the Crown Prince.It can be seen that the person behind the scenes is capable.He not only hides deeply, but also He is a powerful character.Such a person is more terrifying than Han Yu, and can often kill people invisible.The prince knew in his heart that this was a trap set by Mr.No, she asked the girl.The girl doesn t have much thought, so she will definitely be able to tell the truth, and she can also be prepared.Gu Mingzhu looked towards the door Aren t the adults back yet Miss Jiang, the Yacha said, The adults are dealing with the case of Mr.Zhao Er, and they won t be here in a while.Hearing this, Wang The eldest daughter in law hugged Gu Mingzhu even tighter, as if grabbing a life saving straw.Gu Mingzhu had no choice but to walk back again.Girl, Wang s daughter in law said in a low voice, What crime did we commit and why did we come to arrest us Is it related to Wang Er Gu Mingzhu didn t speak, but Wang s daughter in law seemed green leaf cbd gummies shark tank to get the answer I just knew It must be that Wang Er, who usually ignores us and never forgets to take us with him when he dies, why was Wang Er killed Did he take some money that shouldn t be taken Speaking of money, Wang Daochang s daughter in law s eyes flickered, Wang Da and his son also looked strange, Gu Mingzhu looked away, it seemed that Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law knew at least one piece of ill gotten wealth.I have worked hard to bring you up, and it is hard to get where you are today.I don t want to be rich, I just want to live in peace, who knows You goli cbd gummies still have to go through these things.Didn t your eldest brother teach others with a straight face all day long He also said that I was a burden to the Cui family, and he was the one who harmed the Cui family in the end. Mother, don t say that, Cui Wei said, Didn t the elder brother send you off Has my aunt gone back home Maybe it can calm her down, as long as she doesn t say anything, no one will know about it.Mrs.Lin turned around and sat back on her chair After this time, I can see that your aunt is not like us.One heart, no matter how good green leafz cbd gummies review bluebird cbd gummies she is, it is useless.If outsiders really know what happened today, it must be the trouble of the family.

Zhao Gongren dragged Lin Runsheng forward Did you hear that Give me a try.Lin Runsheng said anxiously Mother, a whip frame doesn t mean anything.Father is not the one who used the tiger tail whip.As soon as his voice fell Hear the crisp sound of rattle drums.Gu Mingzhu found a rattle out of nowhere, held it in her hand and walked slowly.Chapter 137 Master Wei Didn t Eat Where did it come from Zhao Gongren looked at the thing in Gu Mingzhu s hand, and walked over with a ferocious expression, as if he wanted to tear Gu Mingzhu into his belly, Gu Mingzhu took a step back in fright , Baotong quickly pulled Gu Mingzhu behind him and hid her.Mr.Gong, what are you going to do Gu Mingzhu shrank behind Baotong, with an aggrieved expression on her face.I ask you where did this rattle come from Zhao Gongren stretched out his hand to push Baotong, but he couldn t push Baotong away.Huaiyuanhou said without waiting for Second Master Wei to respond, He hurriedly beat his horse and left, as if there was really something burning his ass.Looking at the back of Huaiyuanhou, the second master Wei stroked his beard again.Huaiyuanhou reminded green leafz cbd gummies review bluebird cbd gummies him of the old farmer in the vegetable field when he was young, and he looked at his cabbage carefully.He just walked to the edge of the field and was about to bend over Stealing one tree was immediately discovered by the old farmer, who beat his buttocks with a clapper.Master Wei Er smacked his lips.After receiving Chu Jiu s letter, he heard that Brother Chen fell in love with Miss Gu, so he wanted to go to Gu s house to find out.Now it seems that it is not so easy.If you can t deal with the old farmers looking at the vegetable fields, you may not even see the leaves of the root vegetables.Zhou Zesheng felt that there was something strange about this case.Regardless of what the outside world said, he believed that Rujun was not the kind of person who would not hesitate to seduce the prince with his appearance for the sake of glory and wealth.A look of peace.The old lady Zhou who has cbd edible gummies side effects green leafz cbd gummies review always loved Rujun pretended to be sick in bed and was unwilling to talk to him.Mrs.Zhou s words on Wednesday were strange What kind of people are the brothers and sisters in law, and what kind of temperament is Rujun When he came down, master Tuesday and third master fought with him.The Zhou family reported to the officials, and someone from the Yamen threw him into the prison.The next day, someone cleared up the relationship and released him.The person who rescued him was Wei Sanye.At first Zhou Zesheng thought that the Wei family was also going to reverse the case for him, but later whenever he mentioned Rujun, he could see Wei Sanye s strangeness, and he understood a thing or two in his heart.If you want to live a smooth life, why do you have to stay in Shanxi and marry a man in the guard In short, tonight is very important, he needs to stay here and wait for news.Wei Yuanchen continued to look at the map and official documents in his hand, Chujiu withdrew and guarded the door with a knife in his hand.After a while, Chu Jiu saw Liu Su lead Baotong into the door.Chu Jiu coughed Why is Miss Baotong here Baotong handed over the medicine bottle in her hand Madam is worried about Mr.Wei s injury, so she asked me to bring the medicine.I don t know if it will be useful.Chu Jiu blinked Blinking his eyes, the performance of the third master of the medicine bottle when he mentioned it just now is vivid in his memory Miss Baotong, my third master I haven t had time to say the word not injured.Lin has been waiting for news from the prince.To save Princess Huairou, the horses and chariots should be parked in the post house.Ma am, Baotong came in and reported, People from the East Palace have come to inform us that we will be leaving in a quarter of an hour.Madam Lin was immediately disappointed.It seemed that Princess Huairou was going to be in danger this time.Apart from worrying about the princess, she also Feel a chill hit.If you don t know a lot of things, it s desolate to see the inside story clearly.This is still the princess of the Great Zhou, but she was abandoned like this.Mrs.Lin stretched out her hand to hold Zhuzhu beside her in her arms.Fortunately, the princess and Lord Wei had checked everything beforehand, so they had a chance to turn defeat into victory, and the princess and son in law would be able to escape safely.Gu Mingzhu also followed behind Mrs.Lin.As soon as the two of them walked in front of Mrs.Cui Si, they saw that Mrs.Cui Si s dress was soaked with blood.Seeing the arrow on Mrs.Cui Si s body, Gu Mingzhu frowned, no, the arrow was very short and small, it was shot from a small crossbow.The small crossbow is exquisite so it can shoot at a short range, and the person who shoots this arrow is very close to Mrs.Cui Si.There are spies around them.Chapter 164 The formidable Miss Gu Gu Mingzhu immediately looked around.Beside Mrs.Cui s carriage were servants and guards of the Cui family.So spies may be among these people.Mrs.Lin knelt down to check Mrs.Cui Si s situation carefully.How could she not be anxious when a good looking person suddenly became like this Don t be afraid, we are all here.Go quickly, Mrs.

Lin took a few steps forward, and immediately saw the tall, travel stained figure behind Zhuzhu.It s really Lord Hou.Mrs.Lin couldn t help having a sore nose.This sudden increase in dependence made her not know what to do for a while, and she almost cried with joy in front of people.Gu Chongyi walked up to Mrs.Lin in three steps at a time, looked at Mrs.Lin s pregnant belly, and said apologetically, Madam, I have wronged you these days.Salute Master Hou Just as he was about to bend his knees, his arms were supported.Madam Lin s cheeks turned red, and she hurriedly shook off green leafz cbd gummies review Gu Chongyi s hand.There were so many people here, what would it look like to be seen.Mother Yang cleared her throat and said, Master Hou and Madam should go into the house to talk, the servants will take the servants to work first.His eyes are particularly deep , making it impossible to guess what he was thinking.Wei Yuanchen looked at the red bean cake on the table, took a bite with his chopsticks, the outer skin of the red bean cake was not soft enough, revive 360 cbd gummies but the filling inside was delicious, the red bean filling was not ground too finely, and the inside A little sweet scented osmanthus was also added, much like the practice of Mrs.Xu on Jingzhong West Street.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help but froze, Miss Gu was busy in the kitchen with Princess Huairou just now, this red bean cake should be made by them.Wei Yuanchen tightened his hands slightly, and slowly swallowed all the red bean cakes.Now he just wanted to grab Miss Gu in front of him, take a closer look at what kind of face was under her skin, and ask her what the hell is going on What s the relationship with Rujun But he quickly thought of her sharp teeth, she was so persecuted by him, and all he could get were two rows of clear teeth cbd gummies geneva ny marks.She didn t want to say that it was useless for him to ask, and if he was forced to hide because of it, it would be even more harmful than the gain.Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes, and he could see clearly now.If he wanted to ask the truth, he could only try to trick her, trick her into being fooled, and subconsciously reveal the truth.But it might not be easy for this fox to be fooled.What s the problem with Mr.Wei Gu Chongyi looked at Wei Yuanchen s frown and said in a low voice, Why don t you say it, maybe we can help What s the problem Maybe they will face difficulties after returning to Beijing, but these are not as good as Gu Hou s precious daughter, Wei Yuanchen was about to refuse Gu Hou s kindness, Chu Jiu hurried forward to report.Third Lord, Chu Jiu said, Zhou Qiye was injured in order to save someone.Chapter 192 Gu Mingzhu came back and the concubine s eyes suddenly went dark.The last ray of hope was gone.It was like the sky was falling.Such a blow In addition, I didn t close my eyes for a few days, and almost passed out.Your Majesty, the female officer shouted eagerly as soon as her expression changed, Hurry upcall the imperial doctor.The noble concubine supported her body and shook her hands Don t go.Ask the female officer for help.Did you hear that The imperial concubine took a long breath, Come back to me, don t make people laugh at me.Normally, she pretended to be sick to make the emperor care about her.Purpose, what time is this now Being at a loss and falling ill in a hurry will only make people think that she has no means and skills.Many officials are useless.The noble concubine managed to pull herself together Someone send a message, whether it s my brothers or members of the Jiang clan, if there is something behind their backs, no matter how much it costs, I will pay for it all.It s the Crown Prince himself who stepped into the real trap of Lin Temple.What does it have to do with you The emperor said with a little anger on his face, The Prince I went to Taiyuan Mansion privately to inquire about the case, and on the way I was arrogant and wanted to capture the rebels, but cbd gummies 3000 mg effects I was tricked.If you didn t realize it in time, the prince would be given to the Tatars by Lin Sizhen.By that time, there will be no shame for Dazhou Aiqing found out the case in the Taiyuan Mansion and captured Lin Sizhen to get rid of a traitor general for Dazhou.People were moved after hearing this, and they just wanted to follow Mingjun and serve the court all their lives, just like King Lu back then, who made many people willing to plan for green leafz cbd gummies review him.Wei Yuanchen bowed again and said Weichen returned to Beijing with His Highness the Crown Prince, so he should have discovered something strange earlier.ran forward.The ranger ran outside a Zhuangzi and jumped into it, the Yacha rushed in to arrest him, and the Yacha green leafz cbd gummies review chased the ranger into the cellar in the Zhuangzi.The Wei family is not far away, and Wei Yuanchen knows a little about what will happen next.He said indifferently The ranger is Zhang Yuan.Xu Bin s greedy belongings were found in the cellar of his house, and Xu Bin was going to send these things to the ancestral house in Huizhou Mansion two days later.He was greedy for ink, but framed it to the magistrate of Yanzhou, because of this, the magistrate of Yanzhou finally got revenge.This case is a major case of the household department in recent years, but everyone s eyes are on Xu Binhe, and few people will ask about the ranger.Wei Yuanchen s eyes flickered, Zhang Yuan was able to sneak into Xu s house Killing people, it can be seen that he is very skilled.

Thinking of what happened five years ago, Mrs.Wei couldn t help but have a sore nose, she wiped the corners of her eyes from the veil without leaving a trace, and said Don t worry, mother, brother Chen will be fine.Yes.After serving Mrs.Wei, Mrs.Wei went to Wei Yuanchen s room to do needlework, and the surroundings green leafz cbd gummies review were peaceful.After a while, Mrs.Wei raised her head to look on the bed, and saw her son s face that somewhat resembled her deceased husband s.Worry and longing were mixed together, which made her a little dazed for a while.Wei Yuanchen slept soundly this time, and when he woke up, the lamp had already been lit in the room, and his mother was doing needlework under the lamp.Mother.Wei Yuanchen spoke, and Mrs.Wei immediately stepped forward to check happily.Mu Qiu brought the medicine up and served Wei Yuanchen to drink it.There was also a hot cage outside, but it was windy tonight, so the outside room was not as good as it.It s warm inside.There are tea and snacks inside, why not come in Wei Yuanchen put down the brush in his hand, cbd gummies for penis growth green leafz cbd gummies review and was just about to walk out.Third Master, Mu Qiu quickly walked into the house, There is movement in the Cheng family.Wei Yuanchen said, Where s the person Mu Qiu said, I went to the Liansheng Inn in West Market.Liansheng Inn Peng Liang lived there.Gu Mingzhu immediately looked at Liu Su, who nodded.Wei Yuanchen looked at her and Liu Su s eyes.Although he didn t speak, he understood, obviously thinking of Peng Liang.She cared so much about everyone, but she ignored him.Chapter 213 Tongqi Master my lord, Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, Liu Su these days I am familiar with the guys at the Liansheng Inn.Youyou are Before Qian Yunsheng finished speaking, a dagger was stuck to his throat.Someone else in the room was about to start yelling.Peng Liang stopped with a grim expression If green leafz cbd gummies review you dare to say one more word, I will kill him.Qian Yunsheng waved to Hou Yong, motioning for Hou Yong vytalyze cbd gummies to save him, the two of them were chatting and laughing just now, how could they expect the situation to take a turn for the worse.Don t do anything, Hou Yong said in a panic, Say what you have to say, this is at the feet of the emperor, you can t escape if you kill us.Hou Yong looked at the door of the room as he spoke, obviously planning to take advantage of Peng Liang ran away without paying attention.You can try to escape, Peng Liang said in a cold voice, but it also depends on how fast your feet are, or how fast my knife is.There was no room for change.I only went to the General Administration Department this year, and immediately found out the war horse case.This Mr.Wei couldn t rub half a grain of sand in his eyes.What he said may be full of loopholes to Mr.Wei s ears.Wei Yuanchen went on to say Bring your files for daily city inspections.Are you on duty tonight Should you be here at this hour The captain saw the soldiers being escorted out of the inn, apparently to During the interrogation, he couldn t help panicking I m not on duty tonight, but this is all arranged by Lord Qianhu He intended to mention Lord Qianhu as proof for him, but after saying this, he suddenly green leafz cbd gummies review turned back God, doesn t it seem like he dragged Mr.Qianhu into the water by doing this You Qianhu Tang Rong happened to be nearby, Wei Yuanchen said with cbd gummies for penis growth green leafz cbd gummies review a smile on his face, In order to catch a murderer, you actually used a Qianhu, a captain, and three crossbowmen.Yuan Zhixing didn t say a word.If someone else intervened in this case, it would be easy to say, and it would give him a bit of a face.Now that it s in Wei Yuanchen s hands, I m afraid it won t be so easy to cover it up.Fortunately, Cheng Yi went to Cheng s house first, and he still had time to make arrangements.I ll leave the inner house to you, Yuan Zhixing said, don t make any trouble.As long as it can be resolved green leafz cbd gummies review bluebird cbd gummies smoothly, Bai Gongren nods his head Don t worry, master, I will do well.A servant was arrested Now, it s not enough to implicate the master, just thinking about this, Bai cbd edible gummies side effects green leafz cbd gummies review Gongren s leg hurts again, her cold sweat dripped down, and she immediately looked at the mother in charge Quick the god who sent the real person here quickly Bring the medicine.At this time, she can t go wrong.He didn t reveal a word when the eldest lady didn t let him say it.He stared at the horse s back, his baggage was carried by the Wei family guards, and when they left just now, they also took away his things, which were all his belongings.Nie Chen was thinking bitterly when he caught sight of Liu Su.Nie Chen immediately walked over quickly.Miss is ready, Liu Su still cherished his words like gold, bring everyone here, and let the wind catch the wind in the yard.Nie Chen was used to Liu Su s appearance like this, so he immediately leaned over and asked, The yard is all set up.How is Missy Is there any news from the Elder Liu Su seemed not to hear.Nie Chen picked out his ears You green leafz cbd gummies review have serious ear problems How can your legs be so lame You can t do it without me Does the young miss have many things you want to tell me to do Am I still the big brother Liu Su finally frowned, and leaned to the side in disgust No one is arguing with you.

Nie Chen thought about it carefully Miss is afraid that Lin Sizhen s party will target us Gu Mingzhu said It s not worth making them spend too much time on small people, but there are some things that have to be guarded against.As long as Qiao Song is eyeing her, it will be difficult for people in the market to use their hands and feet.Before she is fully prepared, they will have to deal with Qiao Song.So she and Nie Chen were both open and secret, and they let Nie Chen take care of the people in the market, as before, accepting rewards from the court to help the yamen, and in private, she would use some people to investigate the cases they wanted to investigate.When a few people said this, they heard someone knocking on the door.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and Liu Su immediately got up to check.It was the shopkeeper of the nearby pharmacy, and the shopkeeper looked at Liu Su and said, You went to the pharmacy today and said that your master green leafz cbd gummies review came back from picking medicine in the mountains, is he at home now Liu Su nodded and said, Yes.What s the use of being majestic If you grab the vital point, you can make it helpless Master Wei Second was playing with the crab while looking at Gu Mingzhu s expression.It s not scary, is it No matter how I move, it won t catch me.Do you want to play Second Master Wei took the crab to lure Miss Gu.Miss Gu seemed to have some interest, and finally she stretched out her hand, but she frowned soon.By the way, Second Master Wei was overjoyed, what he was waiting for was such a special look, it was said that a newborn calf is not afraid HCMUSSH green leafz cbd gummies review of tigers, and a child has no fear in his heart, so it can be seen that Miss Gu is not suffering from dementia, her mind is like a child of a certain age.It hurts blood Gu Mingzhu pointed at Second Master Wei.Second Master Wei looked along Miss Gu s fingertips, and the dark red blood fell to the ground drop by drop.He bowed and saluted Mrs.Li.The room was silent, and Mrs.Li was completely frozen in place.She watched Brother Chen grow up little by little.Brother Chen was very cute when he was a child.She loved watching Brother Chen smile the most.A few small teeth make people s hearts melt.Later, brother Chen gradually grew up and had his own thoughts.Although he talked less, he was still thoughtful.In Cong Cheng s words, he was less scheming and more sincere.Thanks to Wei Sanye, he was neither the eldest son nor the grandson., Just be a happy kid from a rich family.Brother Chen also knows what they are thinking, and he has always done it properly.At that time, brother Chen, with the flashing light in his eyes, always gave people a feeling where to buy green ape cbd gummies of spring breeze blowing on his face, which made people feel at ease.Madam Lin ordered the steward You call Princess Huairou and tell her to take care of herself, and she will surely get through the crisis safely.The steward responded with a bang and stepped back.Mrs.Zhang can see that Mrs.Lin is really worried about Mrs.Zhao, and she has no other considerations.She is green leafz cbd gummies review worried that Mrs.Zhao is the idea of the housewife.Besides, Mrs.Yuan s death may also involve the Shanxi mutiny case that is under investigation She always felt that when Lord Hou was in Taiyuan Mansion, someone was around to influence Lord Hou.Could it be Mrs.Lin After Gu Chongyi came down to court, he met Cui Wei who was waiting outside the palace gate, and the two of them also heard the news that Yuan green leafz cbd gummies review Shi had hanged himself on the way back home.Cui Wei thought for a while when he heard this and looked at Gu Chongyi Uncle, do you think citizen goods cbd gummies Yuan s suicide has anything to do with the Shanxi mutiny case I always feel that Yuan s death is a bit strange.Yuan er was talking nonsense, when suddenly she felt a bright light falling in front of her slowly, Hui Xiang shrank her neck, raised her head tremblingly, and then the light saw Cheng Sanye s face.Third Master Cheng s expression was a vytalyze cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep walmart little excited, and his eyes were slightly red What you just said is the truth If you tell lies, my mother will definitely not let you go.Standing there in a daze, she didn t know what was going on now, and slowly raised her head, the figure hanging in mid air in the room had disappeared.Say it.Third Master Cheng took two steps forward.Yuan HCMUSSH green leafz cbd gummies review er sat slumped on the ground.The third master heard everything does cbd gummies do anything she said just now, and it was too late to deny it.Thinking of this, she kept nodding Yesit s true Third master Cheng Staring at Yuan er firmly Then why didn t you say it before Yuan er then tremblingly said Your maidnot because you are afraidbut because you are afraid of being blamed by your family If the servant girl shouted at that time, she might not be able green leafz cbd gummies review bluebird cbd gummies to save MadamBut this servant really doesn t know what happened Madam believes in Huixiang the most, and it will be too late when this servant finds out.Xue Laotong couldn t help thinking of his best student, who had been dead for almost six years, and his bones were already cold, but those things still weighed cbd gummies for penis growth green leafz cbd gummies review on his heart.He was supposed to have the pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies best official career, but he ended green leafz cbd gummies review up like that.He still doesn t understand why a good person suddenly went crazy, killed so many innocent people, and set fire to the ancient town in northern Xinjiang.Xue Laotong thought about going out.Before dawn, he went to the government office to take a look at the case in his mind.As soon as he left the mansion, Xue Lao Tongpan saw a figure, it was a woman in men s clothes and a fence on her head, she was that ordinary person.Chapter 260 green leafz cbd gummies review Miss Gu also wants to be famous Xue Laotong judge knows that people in the market have made great contributions in helping Mr.

After all, Wei Yuanchen took on difficult cases from Dali Temple to the General Secretary, but it also made him touch all the yamen and officials of the Great Zhou Dynasty, which will be of great benefit to Wei Yuanchen in the future Qiao Zheng said Let s say that uncle has been in the Ministry of Criminal Justice for many years, so it s also clear.Qiao Song didn t say much, sat down and continued The Cheng family doesn t benefit much when the Yuan family is dead.It s the Yuan family.Yuan Zhixing works in the Metropolitan Procuratorate, and his official reputation has always been good.Peng Liang s case made Wei Yuanchen seize the handle of Xicheng Bingmasi.If this case is not concluded, Wei Yuanchen will go to the Metropolitan Procuratorate.The court and the Xicheng Bingmasi.The Wucheng Bingmasi is responsible for patrolling and arresting thieves in the capital, clearing the streets, ditches, prisoners, and banning fire.A private household was opened, and the government officials escorted out a black and thin man from inside, and then seized several bags of property from the private household.Su Fu, who was standing not far away watching this scene, only felt refreshed.This was the third person caught tonight.If these people were clearly interrogated, the backlog of cases in the Shuntian government office could be settled again.As the Governor of Shuntian Mansion, he didn t have to come here for these things, but today he just wanted to see the skills of the people in the market, to see if the people in the market were a sharp knife that could be used.Sure enough, Xue Laotong is really good at knowing people.Su Fu smiled slightly.It had been a long time since he handled the case so happily.Either he was restrained by the five city soldiers and horses, or he was controlled by the patrolling censor.Miss Bai committed suicide, and the official Bai died in depression.What happened to the Bai family Is it related to the dry compass and Hongyi cannon These things happened fourteen years ago.At that time, Wei Yuanchen was still young, so he naturally didn t know what happened to the court.However, the power of the Hongyi cannons in Dazhou has improved a lot.Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War, has been ordering people to practice firecrackers, rockets Cannon, Tan Shangshu is one of the officials who know firearms best in green leafz cbd gummies review Da Zhou.As for the dry compass, it is an indispensable thing for going to sea, but I haven t natures one cbd gummies amazon heard of any improvements in recent years.Bai Guanzheng s son did not become an official but chose to go into business, and Bai Gong also had green leafz cbd gummies review imported products like Tamba wild rice in his hands.Mrs.Zhang stopped here intentionally.climb a tree Gu Chongyi was not surprised but said Zhuzhu ran up the tree She must have learned it from her grandfather in Shaanxi.Mrs.Zhang smiled and said It seems that learning everything is useful.Our Zhuzhu is the female relative of an ordinary family.It s different, and has many abilities that others don t have.In the middle of the night, he ran out of the house and climbed up the tree with his maid, no matter how the servants tried to find him, he didn t make a sound, it sounded like the work of a stupid person, rare It was just right by mistake, similar to Huaiyuan Hou s uncovering of the war horse case.Can this kind of thing be passed down from generation to generation Mrs.Zhang bowed to Gu Chongyi and green leafz cbd gummies review said goodbye.From the beginning to the end, this Lord Gu has been staring at the temple, not interested in what happened in the temple, only worried about his precious daughter.Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly and came to Empress Wei, slowly lowered her head and said softly Your Majesty, the webbing in your sleeve is exposed.Empress Wei looked, and the webbing she hid in her sleeve really showed a head Well, thanks to this kid s sharp eyes, ordinary people probably wouldn t notice this.Empress Wei was about to take out the net, but she was pressed by a little hand just as she pulled out half of it Wrong Your Majesty You typed the net wrong.Empress Wei took out the net and put it on her lap Look, no difference was found.Gu Mingzhu saw that the top of the net was flat, but the back was a mess, and Fang Sheng on the net was crooked.Ma am, Gu Mingzhu said, Do you want to take the net apart and have a look, and learn how to do it, but you can t make it back Gu Mingzhu said and glanced at the palace next to her.Tan Shangshu is definitely a person who knows firearms in the Great Zhou Dynasty.He made contributions in northern Xinjiang when he was young.After the old general Zhao fled after being defeated, they took a few people to repel the former Tatar army with the abandoned red barbarian cannon by the court The person who had a private relationship with Ah Chan back then was very important, and Tan Shangshu was one of the candidates she and Wei Yuanchen suspected, so even if there was no matter about Gu Mingwan, they should check the Tan family carefully.Chapter 318 A silent change Gu Mingzhu bit the candied fruit in her mouth, today s candied fruit was extra soft and waxy.Baotong said in a low voice It s freshly made in Pinxiang Building, and the slaves will buy it early in the morning.She thought that there would be no candied fruit so early.

I know there is something strange about this, the only time I met this Jin Langzhong was at Yuan s house, Jin Langzhong s behavior must have something to do with Bai Gongren s leg injury, and I had doubts about Bai Gongren s injury for a long time, so I cheated two people.In other words, Jin Langzhong colluded with Yuan s family to harm Bai Gong s family.If I tell the government about this, the Jin family will be finished, but this matter halo cbd gummies will not do me any good.Why should I take this risk to do things that harm others and benefit myself After hearing this, Jin Langzhong gave me a hundred taels of silver, and gave me the medical books handed down by the Jin family.I promised not to mention this matter again.Many of the prescriptions I have used in the Sore and Ulcer Department of the Imperial Hospital these years are from the Jin family.Lin Tai.So Gu Mingzhu said I heard Mrs.Zou Lin and Mrs.Zou Xiang talking.They are quite scrupulous about Cui Zhen and Mrs.Zhang.Just now I took Zou Xiang to shoot arrows with Cui Zhen.Zou Xiang also resisted a little.I think Maybe the problem is not with Lin Sizhen, but with Cui Zhen and Zhang.This secret Zou Lin and Zou Xiang will not reveal, but since she has doubts, she will definitely try to find out, especially to find out Zou Xiang s mother Who is it.Wei Yuanchen said The Zhang family and the Zhang family are not as simple as they look.Gu Mingzhu met Wei Yuanchen s eyes Do you still remember the bombing of the cbd gummies for penis growth green leafz cbd gummies review Cui family s ancestor s grave To be honest, the person who really ordered them was not involved.The reason Mrs.Lin brought Taoist priests back to Taiyuan Mansion was because she always saw the dead ZhouZhou family Mentioning herself, Gu Mingzhu felt Wei The adult s gaze changed slightly.She was stupid.Well, she didn t understand what the master said.Madam Dong said Master, Brother Geng really did something wrong, right Get up to wash, eat, and prepare to go out early to wait for Mo Yangming at the gate of Yizhuang.She didn t tell Master Mo yesterday that she would also go to perform errands for Aunt Zhen together, she said in advance that the master might not agree, after all, there are many corpses parked in the Yizhuang, which is not suitable for her to enter or leave.She went directly to Yizhuang by car, but the master couldn t drive her out.Mrs.Lin only thought that Zhuzhu was going to Shangqing to meet Mo Zhenzhen, she did not stop her.Ever since Zhuzhu became a teacher, she was full of energy and often clamored to go out to talk to Mo Zhenren.She used to sleep in the mansion for half a day The situation is much less.Zhang nodded, seeing Cui Zhen was about to leave, she hurriedly said Master Hou, don t you blame the concubine Cui Zhen met Zhang s gaze, and there was a gentle flash in his deep eyes I know you are kind, go ahead, don t take it to heart.Zhang s eyes trembled, and he saluted Cui Zhen Thank you Hou Lord.After speaking, he picked up the handkerchief and wiped the corners of his eyes.Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Zhang who was leaving, and frowned slightly.He heard that Mrs.Zhang mentioned the marriage between Tan Zigeng and Hehua Hutong first, and his heart sank.Mrs.Zhang cried for a while, and then begged him to come to Huaiyuanhou s mansion together to explain this matter clearly.Mrs.Zhang was only in charge of the inner house, and she didn t go out for banquets very much before, and she didn t even have frequent contact with her natal family.The sound of Cui Zhen s footsteps gradually drifted away, Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes and took a cup of tea to drink, his eyes were a little deep, Huaiyuanhou didn t take good care of the inner house, although Cui Zhen was related to the Gu family, he was no different from a foreigner, Zhuzhu is just at a good age, otherwise she wouldn t be coveted by Cui Wei.If it green leafz cbd gummies review was him, he would definitely not let such a thing happen.Cui Zhen was so leisurely, it seemed that he didn t know that it was Zhang who had reminded Princess Huai in advance, so that King Huai would intercede for him in court.This time something happened to Gu s family in Lotus Hutong, Cui Zhen rushed over to ask Gu Hou news, besides worrying about Gu s family, after experiencing Lin Sizhen s case, Cui Zhen probably also saw clearly in his heart, Lin Sizhen s arrangement for many years, It is aimed at the northern border, and it will never be stable if it is not investigated.Chen Weicheng s expression was more relaxed My lord, don t be in a hurry, and don t get angry.When your lord found out that I had secretly given more arms to Yongping Mansion, I admitted it very simply, not only because I had already noticed your lord s suspicion of me, And I also know that my lord may not be my enemy.Oh Tan Dingfang said coldly, Do you kana premium cbd gummies think I will join Liang Zhian like you No, of course not, Chen Weicheng bowed to Tan green leafz cbd gummies review Dingfang, Your Excellency, you are a pillar of the court, which is comparable to lower officials.Even if Liang Zhi an is the uncle of Prince Huai, he cannot be compared with you.As long as you agree to help green leafz cbd gummies review Prince Huai, you will be the chief assistant in the future, the number one in the Great Zhou Dynasty.Famous official.Tan Dingfang said What if I don t agree Chen Weicheng s attitude changed Then you have to explain many things clearly, for example, Wu Yuanwai has always been under your orders, and Wu Yuanwai released him in your name.

Gu Chongyi listened frowning.Wei Yuanchen said Qiao Zheng heard the words of Chen Weicheng from the Ministry of War to blackmail Tan Shangshu, and Chen Weicheng secretly allocated military funds to Yongping Mansion.Wei Yuanchen continued Chen Weicheng and Bai Guanzheng and others framed Old General Zhao together.As for the evidence of King Huai pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies s relationship with the Liang family, there is no way for the Huai Palace and the Liang family to dispute it.From the investigation of the war horse case to now, the results are in sight.However, the atmosphere in the room did not become brighter because of this, but fell into dullness for a while.Gu Chongyi couldn t help sighing King Huai liked to read since he was a child, and he has rarely participated in political affairs these years.Although the evidence is convincing, it still makes people feel Master Hou also thinks there is something strange Wei Congzhi said suddenly, But it may be determined Among them, there are not many people with clues, especially the imperial concubine party, who finally found the source of the crime of the East Palace, and they will definitely hold on to it.The Empress Dowager twisted the Buddhist beads in her hand Whenever there is a disturbance in the court, the harem will inevitably be chaotic.The Ai family heard that the Ministry of Officials submitted a green ape cbd gummies phone number memorial, and there were many officials listed in the memorial.Most of these people are from the court.Since the time when these officials became officials, the Huaiwang Mansion and the Shen family lent them money to rent a mansion to support their families.The minister of the Ministry of Rites exposed Shen Guicheng, secretly forming a clique for personal gain, and lent him money green leafz cbd gummies review Yes, the evidence is conclusive, the Shen family used family studies to support many children from poor families, and now these people are working for the Huai Palace.The Queen Mother said this, and sighed In the past, the emperor praised Shen Shoufu as a rare man in the Zhou Dynasty.Cui Zhen saw Tian Mang s strangeness, Cui Zhen frowned and said What else do you know Say it together, even if it involves Master Wei, it doesn t matter, what I want to hear is the truth.Tian Mang nodded and said At that time, I didn t know many things when I was not in front of me, but later I heard a woman who was working as a handyman in the prison gossip.Tian Mang was very embarrassed, looked up at Cui Zhen again, and then continued The old woman said that the big family just ignores human green leafz cbd gummies review bluebird cbd gummies life.They can shoot those rebels directly, but they want to pay for the life of a woman.The mother in law also said that she clearly saw Mrs.Zhou raised her hand, and Mrs.Zhou was holding a sharp weapon in her hand.If the Cui family hadn t shot the arrow at Mrs.Zhou first, Mrs.Zhou might have escaped from the rebel.She wanted to rush to the second brother s house and discuss with the second brother.She didn t know how much disaster would befall the Shen family, but the master said that if the Zhang family could If I can help, I will definitely try my best to take care of the Shen family.Even if I lose my official position, it would be nice if I can save the lives of my eldest brother and second uncle.Mrs.Shen was about to put down the curtain of the carriage, when suddenly she saw a figure flashing in the crowd, as if a person without arms was hidden in the bustling crowd.Stop.Shen yelled subconsciously.The servant didn t know, so he hurriedly stopped the horse.Madam Shen was stunned for a moment and suddenly shook her head It s okay, I thought I saw someone I know.She thought it was Yan Shen, but Yan Shen had already died.It turns out that the Xiu family got a ship steward a few years ago.The family earned a few businesses at sea, and gradually gained the trust of Master Xiu.The reason why the Xiu family was able to prosper was that the ship steward took care of it.It was originally a good thing, but Master Xiu suddenly discovered that although he was still a nominal The person in charge, in fact, the Xiu family s fleet has long been out of his control, and even the eldest son he sent died accidentally when he was out at sea.Old judge Xue looked at Wei Yuanchen I heard this and roughly understood the intention of the ship steward.Wei Yuanchen said The steward of the ship took advantage cbd edible gummies side effects green leafz cbd gummies review of the Xiu family s reputation and connections at sea to recruit pirates.Xue Laotong nodded Use the name of the Xiu family to do things, and then kick the Xiu family away after achieving the goal.Gu Mingzhu pursed his lips I added some ocher and gambo yellow, and put some clam powder.Wei Yuanchen A faint smile appeared in Yuan Chen s clear eyes Zhuzhu is really good at Danqing.Gu Mingzhu secretly regretted that she had to be very careful when talking to Mr.Wei, and she would be fooled if she was not careful.Danqing, the one who knows Danqing is Zhou Rujun.She has been fooled by such temptations before.Without a chin, it won t be so good looking.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on Gu Mingzhu s chin, and the girl s small chin was exposed, which was particularly lovely against the backdrop of those outfits.Is there something wrong with Mrs.Wei s eyes How can this woman with a sallow face and a bloated face look good Gu Mingzhu said I still have a gauze.As she said that, her hands were about to fall into her bosom, since she came out to walk, how could she be unprepared.

She made it clear and helped her with family affairs.At first she was a little worried, but Mother Yang advised her to let Zhuzhu do the work and see what Zhuzhu can do now.Even if Zhuzhu didn t do it properly, don t worry about small HCMUSSH green leafz cbd gummies review things, and kanna cbd gummies review they will secretly help with big things.To her surprise, Zhuzhu was very thoughtful.Whether it was ordering the kitchen to prepare refreshments, or arranging for the servants to take turns to serve the guests, she was very organized.She even thought about the gifts for the guests.If you don t understand the accounts, you have to ask Mama Yang for help.Mrs.Lin is grateful to Mo Zhenren.After Mo Zhenren enlightened Zhuzhu, Zhuzhu has improved so fast that she couldn t believe it.Seeing that Zhuzhu is getting better and better, she is still worried, fearing that too many happy events and bad things will follow one after another, so she hastily invited a doctor to come to the green leafz cbd gummies review mansion to diagnose Zhuzhu s pulse.Master Shen Er pursed his lips.He had heard Yan Can mention those people who were good at detectives, but he didn t expect that six years after Yan Shen s death, he would really find people in the market to help.Master Shen Er how to make homemade cbd gummies thought about it, and vaguely remembered the crying voice of his younger sister If we had listened to Yan Shen s words and kept investigating, the Shen family might not be where it is today.Walking into the room alone, Master Shen Er came to his senses , raised his head and looked over.The man who came looked to be in his mid twenties, with a heroic face, a sophistication beyond his age in his brows, a pair of piercing eyes, and his eyes met him for a moment, as if he had looked at him carefully, and his attitude was neither humble nor overbearing , he has an official position, green leafz cbd gummies review but he can t suppress him at all.As the minister of the Ministry of War, he just happened to be the censor of the right capital.Right now, when the imperial court wants to set up a city ship department, it is necessary to send sea routes along the coast.Haidao belongs to the Metropolitan Procuratorate, and it was originally the imperial court s hand in the coastal guards, so what will happen if Tan Dingfang puts all of them into his own hands This is what Gu Chongyi is most worried about, and now Wei Congzhi has made it clear, it seems that the Wei family has already Just saw this step.Haidao belongs to Wei Congzhi, and the coastal guards will be controlled by those people, which means that the navy of Dazhou will fall into the hands of Tan Dingfang and others.Wei Congzhi looked at Gu Chongyi and said, If you really get to this point, no matter how powerful you are Chongyi, you will be no match for four hands.That is who are you and what are you going to do Whether it is forced or willing, it is one s own choice.Gu Mingzhu reached out and touched Zou Xiang s head Go back and stay with my aunt.Zou Xiang kept looking at the girl s figure Leaving, just yesterday when Miss Gu helped him, he felt another kind of warmth.Gu Mingzhu returned to her room, changed her clothes, and then went out again.Today she will enter the palace with Mo Zhenren.Be careful, Mrs.Lin instructed, Speak less in the palace, and be more cautious in doing things.Gu Mingzhu said Mother, don t worry, the empress is very gentle.My daughter removed the netting in the palace and didn t make it up.Madam Lin didn t blame me.Mrs.Lin said It can t be like this today.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile This time I am prepared, my daughter brought some into the palace, if you want to tear them down, you can take them with you.He asked Chu Jiu to wait at the door.If you have any Whatever is needed, reviews of keoni cbd gummies he green leafz cbd gummies review will do it right away.At this time, it s fine for the female family members of the Wei family to come to the door.Men are absolutely not allowed to come, and Mr.Wei can only stay outside to listen to the news.Gu Mingzhu nodded I see.There was a tense atmosphere in the inner courtyard of Huaiyuan Hou s mansion.Fortunately, the servants performed their duties and everything was in order.When Gu Mingzhu green leafz cbd gummies review walked into the courtyard of the main house, he saw Gu Chongyi hovering at the door.Father.When Gu Chongyi saw Zhuzhu, he was overjoyed Zhuzhu is back.Gu Mingzhu hurriedly said How is mother It s still inside, Gu Chongyi s brows were full of anxiety, Mrs.Li is also helping green leafz cbd gummies review inside.The child arrived in a hurry, and he didn t know when he would be able to land safely.Zhang Mrs.Gu thought for a moment and said is cbd gummies healthy Master Hou has face, Tan family Don t you lose face In the future, let Ziyan get closer to Mr.Tan.Even if the surname Zhang refuses to teach Ziyan, maybe the Tan family can invite other doctors.Right now, we can t just look at the short term interests and weigh who can be trusted.Good.Meng knew it without thinking, it is natural that her daughter and son in law are closer, and she can t lose real gold for a fish eye.After green leafz cbd gummies review the female relatives cbd edible gummies side effects green leafz cbd gummies review in the lotus alley left, Gu Chongyi took green leafz cbd gummies review Zou Xiang to see the children in the warm room.Zou Xiang was full of curiosity Is the newborn child so young Yes, Gu Chongyi reached out and touched Zou Xiang.Over his head, It s not easy for your mother to raise you up, you have to be good.Zou Xiang clenched his hands for a long while before nodding I remember.

Wei Yuanchen said I have spoken to Cheng Yuma, and he is willing to go.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Only when everyone works together can we tide over the difficulties.Your Excellency, please be careful, Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, Tan Dingfang is very smart.Their plan was repeatedly interfered by Master Wei, and they would secretly try to deal with him.Okay.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, empe cbd gummy bears the room fell into silence.Gu Mingzhu didn t know what to say, and glanced at the purse on Mrs.Wei s waist.The bulging purse should contain a lot thing.Wei Yuanchen said The newly made candied fruit, HCMUSSH green leafz cbd gummies review do you want to try it She wanted to try it, but Mr.Wei didn t untie the purse, so she can t get it with her own hands My lord, people in the market have news, Gu Mingzhu said, When Yan Tanhua went to investigate the case, there must be people in the market to go with him.After a while, the man came to collect the money again.Could it be that this person forgot The old man frowned I just gave it.You only gave Bian the money for food, said the man, you haven t given me the money for sitting here.After finishing speaking, the man turned his gaze to the house where Nie Chen and the others were staying.look.The old man s heart trembled.The man said My family manager said that you have to collect money for sitting outside, but if you enter the door, the money will be waived.Do you want to go in Chapter 428 I believe the old man didn t think so His mind was quickly seen through.After the man finished speaking, he didn t force the old man, turned around green leafz cbd gummies review what do cbd gummies do reddit and went back to his own business, as if he didn t care what the old man would choose.The old man looked around without saying a word, and opened a flat food stall opposite the house, so that he could have a panoramic view of the movement in this alley, and anyone who wanted to investigate the situation in the courtyard would be found.If chaos broke out in Beijing, she might not be able to go far.She had to clean up several Zhuangzi in the family.If something went wrong, she would have to send her mother and younger brother to Zhuangzi for shelter.Gu Mingzhu was looking at her younger brother in a daze, when she heard her mother in charge say, The Marquis of Dingning is here.Cui Zhen came to congratulate his father, right I don t know what happened to the Zhang family.Gu Mingzhu raised her foot and walked to the front yard, she was going to hear news from Cui Zhen.In the study of the Gu family.Gu Chongyi and Cui Zhen sat on the chairs.Gu Chongyi said Did Shuntian Mansion get the results Cui Zhen nodded It was all arranged by Zhang s mother, and the doctor who came to the mansion to give Yao Qing s pulse also said that, and he reported the results to Zhang s mother.Now that this matter is uncovered, if Tan Dingfang takes actions to protect himself like the Zhang family and Qiu Hai, he can be caught directly.Even if green leafz cbd gummies review Tan Dingfang would not do this, the emperor had a heart of precaution.Over the years, Tan Dingfang held on to Daning tightly.It is impossible for all the officials he promoted to be unrelated to Northern Xinjiang.As long as you check carefully, you will find clues.The most important thing What s more, the case involved King Liang, and the emperor was very afraid of King Liang, and he would never let go pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies of any doubts easily.King Liang is in Daning, and it is also a fact that Tan Dingfang has held on to Daning for these years.The emperor asked the emperor to investigate the northern border to find the trace of King Liang, which would break the calculations of Tan Dingfang and others.Shen raised her eyes again Master really thinks so Disappointment and pain seemed to flicker in Shen s eyes, Mr.Zhang s heart sank, and he was about to think carefully when he suddenly heard footsteps behind him , Master Zhang turned his head and opened his eyes wide in surprise, and it was Master Shen Er who appeared in front of him.Next to Master Shen Er was a group of officers and soldiers, and the sharp weapons in the hands of the officers and soldiers glowed coldly.Grandpa Zhang heard Shen s voice Master, for the sake of the two children, you put down the law Chapter 443 Repentant officers and soldiers approached from all around, trapping Grandpa Zhang tightly in the center.Master Zhang drew out the soft sword at his waist, and cast a hard look at Shen Shi in the carriage.With this glance, the last hope in Shen Shi s heart dissipated like a cloud of smoke.Unexpectedly, he was only one step away from success, but Wei Yuanchen caught the proof.After several years of hard planning, Qiu Hai was not reconciled.After Lin Sizhen s accident, they had already taken precautions and figured out a way to deal with it, which made Chen Weicheng confess to all the crimes, but it still didn t work.After being exposed by Wei Yuanchen, they couldn t logically take over the coastal guard, that s all, for fear of exposing the identity of the master again.The best choice right now is to take King Huai away, at least he can t be beheaded directly like that stupid Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen couldn t take the prince away, he couldn t lose King Huai.Thinking of this, Qiu Hai quickened his pace, and saw the figure of King Huai running away not far away.Qiu Hai s face turned ashen.

The arrests pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies continued.Wherever people like Zheng Ruzong went, they would be cleaned up.Qiao Song looked at all this with deep eyes, and now he has to admit that the Wei family is really powerful, and Wei Congsheng gave birth to a good son.My lord, Long Jinwei told Peng Shi, people in the market need to catch Zheng Ruzong s eyeliner.Those eyeliners were mixed among the people, and it would be easier for the people in the market to pick them up, and they should give some credit to the people in the market, Peng Shi nodded It is a promise.Peng Shi s reply was passed on to Nie Chen and the others, and Lu Guang showed a smile on his face Brother, our chance to make contributions has come.Nie Chen said, Go, don t green leafz cbd gummies review embarrass your antonio brown smilz cbd gummies adoptive father.Lu Guang responded and left Thinking about it before Knocking off gold teeth isn t shameful, is it Nie Chen said with a straight face, No.Yuan Zhixing obeyed you and let you do whatever you wanted.When you are investigated later, let Huai Wang s mansion come to take the blame.Your biggest omission is the unjust case of General Zhao, and the second is Miss Bai.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he paused for a moment, and then looked directly into Tan Dingfang s eyes There is always that one person, even if green leafz cbd gummies review she dies, she will stay in your heart and will always be there.Whether it s liking, guilt or resentment, it won t go away, and it will eventually become a knot in your heart.But Miss Bai Regardless of life or death, I must have abandoned you long ago, because you are so different from her.Tan Dingfang closed his eyes slightly, his chest rose and fell several times, and finally managed to stabilize his emotions, but his voice still sounded hoarse You How could you guess these does uly cbd gummies work things Guess what Ah chan is thinking Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, the people who really knew about Ah chan were Mo Zhenzhen and Zhuzhu, these were also guessed by Zhuzhu, because Chen Weicheng disturbed the case, and For too long, many evidences could not be found.He could almost guess that the lotus alley would not be so peaceful, and he would make some moves after pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies hearing the news.His father said that a fool would definitely make mistakes at critical moments.If you want to live a safe and secure life, you must stay away from such people, but watching these people do not do stupid things is another matter.As long as there is no movement in the lotus alley, Feng Anping will never show his face.If there is movement, he will rush to it first, so as not to cause trouble and trouble the yacha brothers under him.Toss the brothers for a trip.After the incident, he will inevitably have to treat guests to dinner.It s not that he is stingy.The current season is not suitable.It s cold and everyone has to eat an extra bowl of rice.It s too bad to be a host at this time The door opened slowly, and Feng Anping looked over intently, only to see a person dressed as a maid poking his head over to look around, then retracting his head quickly.Gu Mingzhu was about to step into the carriage when suddenly there was a rush of hooves approaching from far away.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and the figure became clearer and clearer.Wearing armor, majestic.It s really Master Wei.Mrs.Wei is not really worried and wants to meet her again, right Chapter 469 Lost and Found Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen on horseback.The officials from the Ministry of Rituals hadn t left yet, so Master Wei couldn t get off his horse and walk in front of her.Gu Mingzhu looked around and waved.If I knew she should pretend to be a woman, maybe I could squeeze forward to toast the soldiers.Wouldn t it be more harmonious than now I used to dress up like that when I met Mr.Wei in the teahouse before, admiring the lanterns together It was a very good scene when I think about it.Feng Anping calmly said, Does Mrs.Zhou know Cui Wei Mrs.Zhou nodded subconsciously Yes, butwe are not very familiar with Cui Wei, because the Cui family and the Zhou family are related by marriage.Feng Anping looked serious This manager Xu in your family has close contacts with Cui Wei.He not green leafz cbd gummies review only knows the eyeliner who works for Cui Wei, but also helps Cui Wei manage a small village.Xu Gui, who was detained, looked pale, but But he pursed his lips tightly, as if unwilling to utter a word.Feng Tongpan s words and Xu Gui s appearance frightened Mrs.Zhou.Cui Wei was a traitor, and the steward in her family had contacts with the traitor.We really don t know about this, Zhou Zerui s voice was a little hoarse.If he was implicated in the rebel party, the Zhou family would be over.Your Excellency, we know nothing about this matter.Mrs.Zhou seemed to be hit hard.The mother in charge said The third master bought a restaurant outside and raised a few women in the backyard.On weekdays, Xu Gui helped take care of it.The third master knew that Xu Gui was involved cbd edible gummies side effects green leafz cbd gummies review with the rebel party, so he was in a hurry to go to the restaurant to manage it.Keep up.The old lady Zhou said anxiously A woman is raised in a restaurant He is The mother in charge lowered her head and dared not look into the old lady Zhou s eyes It s not an innocent woman.The old lady Zhou understood Could it be like those people in Sipailou Fenzi Hutong The mother in charge nodded There are still many portraits of women in the HCMUSSH green leafz cbd gummies review restaurant.The Yamen interrogated the shopkeeper and staff of the restaurant and said that many people went there.Shuxiangmen How could she get involved with these places It really killed her.

Zhou green leafz cbd gummies review Zesheng glanced over the faces of everyone Think carefully about Missy, Missy s case has not been concluded, You have been thrown into the prison.You are nothing but servants.If something goes wrong, you still expect someone to save you What s more, now that the third master has also entered the Yamen, he can t protect himself, can he still protect you Earlier It is good for everyone to find out about Xu Gui.Some of the servants began to look away, looking at the people around them, Xu Gui was arrested, Zhou s study was also sealed up by the yamen, and the third master and third wife both went out.He didn t come back again, maybe it s just like what Master Zhou Qi said, the Zhou family is in bad luck this time.Gu Mingzhu looked at the servants in the yard.Those who waver first will naturally go through the trial first.The old man of the family said This is also to save some face for our Zhou family.The Zhou family s children have studied for many years, so don t end up with the reputation of selling out their female relatives in exchange for wealth.The plaque, heaved a long pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies sigh When Zhou Zejing returned to the room, Mrs.Zhou greeted him.Mrs.Zhou said Master, how are you Did the elders say anything about you Zhou Zejing shook his head.On Tuesday, the wife heard a few words from the steward, and seeing Zhou Zejing s ugly face, she was even more anxious I heard that the third uncle refused to plead guilty and wanted to push it to the master What should the master do Did Xueshi Cao speak for the master Zhou Zejing was very upset, every word of Mrs.Zhou s words stuck in his heart, maybe Cao s family would not only not help, but would even add insult to injury.Gu Mingzhu showed a scornful smile, but, just like what Zhou Zejing thought, what the lady wanted to tell her father was, are Concubine De and the Cao family related to the Li family in Pyongyang The person who the lady works for is the Cao family I m afraid that s not the full spectrum sugar free cbd gummies case The female gentleman said The whole northern Xinjiang is his eyeliner.If she is found to want to escape, those people will kill her.As far as Gu Mingzhu knew, at that time, the only person who could make eyeliner all over northern Xinjiang seemed to be King Liang.If the female husband belongs to King Liang, then Concubine De has two possibilities.One is that Concubine De is a pawn in the hands of King Liang.Concubine De is used by King Liang just like the crown prince and third prince, or she is approached by King Liang s order.When he saw the object in his hand clearly, Zhou Zejing s eyes showed a look of panic.It is a piece of jade seal material.Zhou Zejing opened the jade seal tremblingly, and saw a scribble engraved on it without any surprise.If you continue to carve, it should be a Zhou.Big brother, Zhou Zejing s whole body trembled, it s right big brother, he did too many wrong things, big brother is going to punish him now, maybe big brother will take him away soon.Come here, Zhou Zejing s voice trembled, There are ghosts there are ghosts Zhou Zejing s voice grew louder.Come quickly Gu Mingzhu s carriage had just returned to the capital, and on the ninth day of the ninth day, he received a letter from Yongping Mansion.Chu Jiu handed it to Gu Mingzhu Miss, it s the third master s letter.Gu Mingzhu opened the letter, pulled out the paper inside, and the first three words came into view Are you okay Gu Mingzhu seemed to be able to see Master Wei s gentle and concerned eyes, green leafz cbd gummies review bluebird cbd gummies she nodded subconsciously, but her eyes were hot.Master, Gu Mingzhu watched as Master Mo was fascinated, Have you thought of a Taoist name for your junior sister Mo Yangming woke up like a dream, and she was almost persuaded by Zhuzhu.The next moment, Zhen Mo told his beloved disciple righteously The Taoist should meditate, and don t talk to the Taoist anymore.So as not to disturb her Taoism.Gu Mingzhu rested her chin, and when Master Wei came back, she would have a new identity.When Master Wei saw her wearing a Taoist robe, he didn t know what she would look like.Chapter 514 Marriage Gu Mingzhu first sent Mo Zhenren back to Taiqing Temple, and then returned to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion by car.Baotong reminded Gu Mingzhu vytalyze cbd gummies cbd gummies for sleep walmart in a low voice Miss, on the ninth day of the ninth day, it was said that Mrs.Li from the Wei family is in our Hou residence.stand there.Tang frowned, as if something was wrong.She had been to Korea several times, and often went in and out of Li Zhao s mansion, and knew the people around Li Zhao, but now all the people on the boat had faces, and she didn t know any of them.Tang looked around in a panic, and found a soldier in armor slowly unfurling a flag.There is a big Wei written in the middle of the flag.Tang s eyes widened.This is not Li s big boat no this is Li s big boat, but now it belongs to Wei Yuanchen.Tang turned around and wanted to jump off the boat, but she felt a tremendous force pressing down on her shoulders, making her unable to move, and then a rope tied her up Boom Boom.The sound of firearms came from another direction, and King Liang heaved a sigh of relief.Now that the court was concentrating on dealing with Li s big ship, he could leave with peace of mind.

Thinking about it this way, she couldn t be green leafz cbd gummies review frightened.With a bottom in my heart, I will no longer be so flustered.Madam Lin took a sip of tea, and finally waited until the master returned to Beijing, and do cbd gummies lose their potency she waited to see how the master would handle this matter.Chapter 529 I forgot pure kana cbd gummies vytalyze cbd gummies that Mrs.Lin was thinking about it in the room, and suddenly recalled that Zhuzhu went out to meet Lord Hou, why didn t she go Beijing is very peaceful, she doesn t need to take care of affairs in the mansion, and she has recovered well, she can go out and walk around, she didn t lock up Zhuzhu but locked herself at home instead.What a fool.Mrs.Lin told Mama Yang Hurry up, get someone to prepare the car, and let s go after Zhuzhu On the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, I hurried out of Beijing to meet the third master.The eldest lady ordered him to report the case of Tang and others to the third master first.When the third master saw him, his expression seemed calm, but Chu Jiu knew that the third master must be very disappointed.If it was the eldest lady who came, the third master must not look like this.Chu Jiu coughed and explained All those how long after eating a cbd gummy people from the Tang Corporation have been found out, and those around Shuntian Mansion mayim bialik eagle cbd gummies have basically been imprisoned, and Xue Laotong has already taken people out of Beijing, and will send out the eyeliners scattered in various prefectures and counties.Arrested and brought to justice.In case the Liang Wang Party revives in the future.It is also because of this that the eldest lady has been rushing around the capital with the people in the market, so she cannot come to Dagu.Unfortunately, if she hadn t taken control of the power herself, many things would have been unavoidable.While experiencing the pain of bereavement again and again, while maintaining the Wei family and Lord Wei, Gu Mingzhu felt sorry for the empress, and others might not be able to support her to come over.Fortunately, those are in the past.It s all good now.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand again to grab Wei Yuanchen s arm.Wei Yuan Chen Ruifeng s eyes were full of smiles.Gu Mingzhu said Your Excellency, you should rest more.This battle has consumed a lot of energy, and your eyes are faintly red.Wei Yuanchen took her hand Would you like can i buy cbd gummies in australia to accompany me Her heart softened without struggling, and she lay down next to Master Wei again.Fortunately, Master Wei did not do anything else, and after a while, her breathing became weak.The one who saved me was a daughter of a tribal elder.She wanted to keep me, but I didn t either.Ways.You know that King Liang and Wuliangha are married, and Wuliangha s people can t be offended.After I recovered from my injury, I heard that you were engaged to the Cui family.It cbd gummies for penis growth green leafz cbd gummies review s a done deal, and it s useless to do anything else.Zhang Shi still pointed the sleeve arrow at Luo Yu, as if the arrow would shoot into Luo Yu s head with a movement of his finger.Luo Yu went on to say The prince s important affairs are important Besides, this is what you are willing to do.I didn t force you.What s wrong with you marrying Lord HCMUSSH green leafz cbd gummies review Hou Being appointed by the imperial court, you have been rich and prosperous all these years., why have you bothered me until now After Luo Yu finished speaking, he looked at Cui Zhen Hou Ye, save me, I know many things about King Liang, I am familiar with Wuliangha, I am familiar with Goryeo, and I can serve the court.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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