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The man in front of him was young and full of fanaticism for the country, but this kind of fanaticism was completely different from the fanaticism of future imperial heads of state.Wang Weiyi firmly believes that if Adolf Hitler was asked to sacrifice himself for Germany now, he would do so without hesitation 5.All for Germany Somme, German Line, Position B, 3rd Company.September 11th, 1916.Wang Weiyi Lieutenant Ernst Brahm has officially taken over the third company.In this war that has nothing to do with justice or injustice, German soldiers did show their excellent qualities.In the previous battles, the 3rd Company had already lost a lot of staff, and there were only 61 people left.If the new Lieutenant Brahm and Adolf Hitler were included, there were only 63 people.But this did not affect their high fighting spirit in the slightest.As if Hitler s dislike for Second Lieutenant Hall hadn t lessened at all, he said coldly to the side Second Lieutenant, you have to call Captain Ernst a baron.Baron Alexon.Although Ernst was promoted to captain and the agent added The appointment of the battalion commander was already known to the third company, but it was the first time they heard the news of his becoming a baron.Bunk Leilei was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, Really Baron Alexon Steck scratched his head So, do we have to half kneel to greet you, Baron Alexon The soldiers burst into laughter, which made Hall even more embarrassed.He never dreamed that Ernst had been promoted to Baron.Now, the gap between Hall and Ernst can no longer be described by the word gap The return of Ernst Brahm gave the 3rd Company a boost in morale.He is a traitor.Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm has appeared, and when Felix, Marquis of Yoxor, appeared in the court, the trial that attracted the attention of the whole of Germany began Wang Weiyi was sitting there, in front of three hundred people, in front of all Germans.His face is calm, firm, and fearless.Perhaps in his view, this is just another new battlefield he is facing.The writer and lawyer Gerzel Schraff finally put on a clean and decent dress today, and like his client, his expression is very relaxed.He doesn t have to have any pressure, win or lose, Schlaf has already succeeded.The sixty eight year old Felix, Marquis of Yoxor, was still full of energy.When he finished saying In the name of the Holy German Emperor, I will strive to seek fairness and justice , Wang Weiyi and the Military Intelligence Bureau faced each other positively.He told him that he had also captured a British tank, and that the British tank crew had surrendered and sworn allegiance to him.Galwitz told everyone calmly We we are attacking Can you imagine how excited I was when I heard this sentence I have since lost contact with Captain Ernst.But what Captain Ernst and his Chinese friends did later was witnessed by one person.Baron Manfred von Richthofen Richthofen immediately stood up, his eyes looked at Ernst, at General Galwitz, at everyone I took off, I flew over the Welsh Regiment, I flew low, But saw that the battle was over.There are only corpses and blood These are not important, the most important thing is that I saw an exciting scene that I will never forget in my life an extremely huge German flag is flying over the enemy barracks Finally, more than a dozen Germans couldn t hold back their inner excitement, and stood up suddenly.It is said that Samoksky is a person of status, but Mistanov is an upstart.Perhaps it is precisely because of this willingness that they are full of hostility to each other Wang Weiyi said Oh and looked there again.It seems that the quarrel with Samoksky was not Mistanov s opponent.After arguing for a while, he walked back to the hotel angrily.Mistano But the husband didn t mean to let go at all, and kept cursing something at Samokski s back.Then Wang Weiyi found that Richthofen stood at the spectators at some point, when those spectators After the crowd gradually dispersed, Richthofen came to Mistanov s side and seemed to be talking cbd spryer for gummies to him there.Does Manfred speak Russian Wang Weiyi was a little curious.Yes, I heard from him.Hitler replied bluntly He has a relative who is a social scientist who often goes to Russia.During the war, reselling supplies on the black market was a huge risk.Even if they were not caught, they might be killed when they crossed the line of fire.What did you do before, Mr.Kugla Wang Weiyi asked casually.I have done everything, people have to live Kugla replied lightly Ah, tell me about you, Baron Alexson.You are not on the front line, how did you come to Berlin What is cbd spryer for gummies so special about you Are you on a mission Wang Weiyi s eyebrows twitched Kugla quickly said indifferently People like chalice cbd gummies cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies you are the focus no matter where they are.Don t blame me for talking too much, I m just curious I m here to attend the countess s birthday party.Wang Weiyi also said calmly The countess is a hospitable person While chatting there, the countess called out Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi was a little apologetic and said Excuse me The countess came to the countess.Colonel, it s over, it s the enemy.Mashatav said something nonsense, and even if he didn t say it, Colonel Sergey knew it was the enemy.It s okay if it s the Germans, but it s troublesome if it s the Bolsheviks.Mashataf said tremblingly.Sergey was also taken aback.Yes, if it was the Bolsheviks who rushed in, it would be really troublesome.Those people would not hesitate to take his life Mashatav, you have to find a way to figure out the situation Sergey said with difficulty At least we have to figure out who they are.Hey, I think you could go out and check it out.Mashataf stared at Sergey, he felt that the colonel was really crazy.Want to go out by himself What if he died at the hands of those people No, colonel, I think Before Mashatav finished speaking, he was interrupted by Sergey Major, this is an order, an order from a colonel, you must execute it, and then come back and report to me You shameless colonel who is greedy for life and afraid of death Mashataf kept cursing in his heart, but he had no choice but to carry out the colonel s order unconditionally When he walked out, the enemy Another shell exploded, and Mashataf was so frightened that he fell to the ground and dared not make any movement for a long time.

What casualties have been caused, and then this has brought a dangerous signal to France the confidence of the army is collapsing Moreover, this made the already depressed morale even lower, no one is willing to take up arms and go to the battlefield anymore So far, the spring offensive organized by the French army has completely failed.Those troops on the front line have received the same order to withdraw from the battlefield in an orderly manner.These situations were sent to Wang Weiyi at the first time.The infantry brigade is retreating significantly, and now the remnants of the 79th infantry brigade, plus a battalion of French troops, are on the front line of Laner.Rommel pointed to the map and said Once our army launches a large scale counterattack, Laner will become a French army.How about Ernst, the first line of defense The officers on the side all knew what Rommel meant by how.Except for the gunfire and the boom of the tanks, no one spoke, and it was an eerie silence amidst the clamor.Approaching Lance little by little The French were unresponsive, running in all directions under German fire.For them, the war has temporarily ended, and what they seek now is only one purpose to survive the war No one to monitor the movements of the Germans on the opposite HCMUSSH cbd spryer for gummies side, the soldiers are purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank cbd spryer for gummies the same, the officers are the same Now, whatever happens on the battlefield has nothing to do with them Crowell The colonel sat wearily in his temporary command post, and even the colonel lost the desire to continue fighting.He never imagined that the battle here was even more brutal than that in Verdun.In Verdun, facing the machine guns and shells crazily clamored by the German army, he successfully completed his task at the expense of the entire regiment However, the Nohi offensive and defensive battle he had just experienced was far worse than that of Verdun.These two are also really interesting, they are deadly rivals, but now they are standing together.This confirms the old saying, There are only eternal interests, but no eternal friends.Aha.Ernst, my friend.Mistanov seemed to have completely forgotten the unhappiness between him and Ernst, and also seemed cbd spryer for gummies to have forgotten that Ernst almost killed himself with a gun, and came enthusiastically In front of him Why.Are you here alone What do you think Wang Weiyi said calmly.Hearing this, Mistanov looked around involuntarily, and some fear rose in his heart for no reason.He seemed to be able to feel that countless guns were pointing at him around him.The one standing opposite is the Skeleton Baron Samoksky also came up Mr.Ernst, according to your request, Mistanov and I gathered all the supplies in the Qiutanmo Canyon.Just as the celebration entered At the time of the highest court, bursts of high spirited slogans suddenly sounded outside the Mars Square.At first, they couldn t hear it very clearly, and many people thought they had heard it wrong, but as the voices became power cbd gummies reviews louder and louder, the French proved that cbd spryer for gummies this cbd spryer for gummies was not their illusion.Survive Bread Butter A large number of Russians suddenly appeared outside the Mars Square, shouting such slogans loudly, and the whole atmosphere of celebration was suddenly destroyed by them The police did not expect such a parade at all, they were caught off guard and quickly surrounded them, trying to disperse the Russians who were demonstrating, but those Russians suddenly became excited, fighting desperately with the police, and A louder slogan was called out.Mayor Pixie frowned.There were explosions, gunpowder smoke, and blood everywhere, and the terrified cries of the Italians could be heard everywhere.A large number of poison gas bombs were also ruthlessly thrown at the enemy s position.In essential cbd gummies precio uruguay an instant, bursts of yellow smoke floated on the position along with the gunpowder smoke This is the smoke that is enough to kill people, and it is the most terrifying thing on the battlefield.weapons Human civilization is getting more and more advanced, and more and more new weapons have been invented by humans.When every war ends, the people who die are completely unimaginable in the era of cold weapons.Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of casualties are not surprising given the continuous emergence of new weapons flooding the battlefield.Those veterans who have survived countless wars can still bear it silently, but those new recruits who have just stepped onto the battlefield for the first time can easily collapse under such an attack Some of them People yelled, some cried bitterly, some even became insane War This is the cruelest and most helpless war Italians 3000 artillery pieces and mortars are also desperately fighting back, but the Italian artillery is almost three times ahead of the German army.They had to endure enemy shelling.Model still behaved so calmly.When the gunfire kept falling around him, he held up the binoculars in his hand and was always calmly observing the enemy s movements.As a commander, you must be calm and calm even in the most critical moment.Model certainly did this.Shells kept shining on the German positions, and they were going to use this method to make the Germans here surrender, but they didn t know that the nerves of the Germans here were all made of steel.They hid in the trenches silently and endured all this silently.In fact, these are already taken for granted by them.The real contest is at the moment when the charge and counter charge are initiated.The artillery preparations went on for more than an hour, and Model knew that the time was almost up.He saw the British on the opposite side begin to gather, and the officers were blowing whistles and directing their soldiers there.

Maridov died, and he didn t get the batch of gold until he died.The shot before death broke the phone.There was the sound of fighting outside, and after a while, Maridov s men were all dealt with by Kerber s guards.General, cbd spryer for gummies black owned cbd gummies we killed them all The captain of the guard rushed in.Quick, find Gerakowski and order him to leave and start the train Get out of here Kerber roared loudly.Intensive gunshots suddenly rang out at the station, Kerber opened the curtains and looked out, and large groups of Russian soldiers attacked the train.General Sergey has also defected Counterattack, counterattack Kerber tried to calm himself down Don t let an enemy get on the train, train Train Go, start the train immediately The soldiers on the train automatically started to fight back, and an explosion broke out at the station in Samara.Then finally the cheers broke out Sir, you are wise Sir, you are mighty A cigarette butt, sir, is worth more than a cannonball Nonsense, a cigarette butt, sir, is worth an artillery regiment My God, the butt of your cigarette, sir, blew up a car Tank Wang Weiyi was also stunned, and he rushed to Guo Yunfeng Si Dao, who told you to press the detonator in advance Guo Yunfeng pointed to the detonator in his hand I think the tank has almost entered the explosion range Henceforth.The legend of Wang Weiyi s robhots cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus scam cigarette butt was spread by soldiers in Songjiang Xiguan, and then spread more and more widely on the battlefield.A more accurate and more reliable statement is at the most critical moment in the Battle of Xiguan, the explosives laid in advance did not detonate for some reason, and the Japanese tanks were getting closer and closer, and the national officers and soldiers on the battlefield were all attacked.Then he said loudly All for the Baron, the skeleton will live forever.During this time in 1935.The influence of the Skull Club is still not big, and it can even be said to be negligible.But in 1936, as more and more young people joined the Skeleton Club, some politicians with ulterior motives began to take a fancy to this open cbd spryer for gummies organization.No one knows what impact it will have on the future Thinking of it, Stark s heart tightened, and he felt like crying.Quickly lit a cigarette, and managed to calm down.General Ernst should not be just respect and nostalgia, but gratitude.After the war, the homes of many dead and disabled members of the Skeleton Commando received a mysterious remittance every year.No one knew where the remittance came from, but the remittance arrived on time every year.They survived the most difficult and depressed period in Germany after the war.Flames spewed out from the fighters frantically, weaving into cbd hemp gummies an empty fire net cbd spryer for gummies that completely enveloped the Japanese aircraft.Day fled in embarrassment, trying to get out of the battlefield as soon as possible.But how could the fat in his mouth be spit out The wing of the sun plane was hit, and it was shaking in the air.Its doom was approaching step by step.Several strings of tongues of flame spurted out from the mouth of Guo Zhanying at the same time In an instant, the Japanese machine disintegrated in the air.Long live Long live Long live The Chinese soldiers on the ground went crazy, waving their hands desperately to salute the sky.That s my own fighter plane, that s the Air Force of the People s Republic of China The fighter plane circled a few times in the air, and after confirming that the threat was eliminated, it slowly left That s great Wang Weiyi let out a soft breath.Although Xiaoling can also know these answers, it is not as pleasing to hear from the son of an old man.Of course, such as General Rommel Werner told the whereabouts of the members of the Skeleton Commando that he knew one by one Rommel, the guard at Hitler s base campRichthofen, has actually been promoted to the commander in chief of the Luftwaffe Poor Goering, if there is no Ernst Brehm, he is the commander in chief of the German Air Force Werner, we need weapons and ammunition.Wang Weiyi suddenly said at this moment Since you are friends with Kroll and Hannah, can you ask them to provide them to us Hey, this is my Not sure.Werner said honestly You have to know that this batch of supplies is aided by GermanyMajor, I am not mocking you, with your current rank Wang Weiyi knew he was telling the truth, how could he, a little major, ask them for arms Unless he reveals his identity as the Skeleton Baron, cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies that is absolutely impossible.This is his favorite method, simple and practical, especially the more troops are in the heart of the enemy, the easier it is to paralyze the enemy.Few people are as courageous as Wang Weiyi, Who is the spy of China who appeared at the enemy s headquarters Otsukahara Wei said with a sullen face.The spy.That s him Wang Weiyi suddenly stretched out his hand, and the person he was pointing at turned out to be Iida Yangming Karma Yona Iida roared furiously.Karma Wang Weiyi yelled without showing any weakness, and then said in the purest Japanese language My identity is a secret spy dispatched by Ying Zuozhen Zhaozuo, the head of the strategy section of the Imperial Staff Headquarters of the Japanese Empire The Japanese language made Otsukahara Mamoru believe in his heart that the other party was R himself.

However, we may do business in another way.For example, I will buy weapons from you.Do you want to buy weapons Gustav said somewhat Surprised Your Excellency, as far as I know, the Prime Minister of Germany, Adolf Hitler, is looking for you everywhere.As long as you show up, you will have all kinds of weapons you want.Ah, it s not yet time, but I will show up sooner or later Wang Weiyi stared at Gustav Now, it s just me and you, are you going to do it Your Excellency the Baron, tell me what you want, I will promise you unconditionally.Gustav I swear, no matter who I tell you today, no one will believe such absurd things The Skeleton Baron reappears in the world Three hundred and twenty two.King of Opium Now, it s just you and me, are you going to do it When Gustav heard the question from Baron Skeleton, he nodded and agreed without much hesitation.Anna interfaced and said I have been following your words.After the tsar was overthrown, the Soviets finally took power, I have been doing things according to the requirements of the Soviets, and successfully joined them, and Anna s eyes showed a gloomy look And I married It seems that she was very disappointed in this, maybe when she first met Ernst Brahm, she fell in love with this Mr.German Judge congratulations.Wang Weiyi didn t notice anything.After I was caught by the Japanese, I lied to them that my husband was a regimental commander in the Soviet Red Army.In fact, who was my husband Even the colleagues who worked with me didn t know Know Ah, then you don t need to say it.Wang Weiyi hurriedly said.No, I trust you.I knew you were trustworthy from the first time I saw you.Anna seemed very stubborn Do you know the Soviet State Security Bureau Of course, Wang Weiyi knew that this former name was Cheka.Bo Watts, Hello.Wang Weiyi always behaved so politely If you don t bother me, I would like to take your guests to the next room.His guests said I will give you some advice, you must listen to them, or all of us will die.This is the first time that the guests have seen Bo Watts so scared.Who are these three people After all the guests were rushed to the next room by Elena and Guo Yunfeng, Wang Weiyi sat down and said, Mr.Po Watts, how have cbd spryer for gummies you been all these years Ah, it s okay, it s okay.Watts swallowed with difficulty What about you I heard that you died, and now it proves that those are all rumors.Should I call you Mr.Ernst Mr.Ernst, all your team members are here Have you Wang Weiyi didn t hide anything They are all in Germany, just the three of us.Mr.Po Watz, let s talk about the topic.Chariots, six wheeled chariots, and armored cars, the machine guns on them sprayed fierce firepower, dr charles stanley and cbd gummies and they moved forward indomitably.The infantry soldiers followed closely behind and launched an attack in a silent manner.But after this silence, there is an impending explosion The bullets were poured on the enemy densely, the truck rushed so fast, and the flames of the machine guns mounted on it were constantly spraying out, destroying all the forces trying to block their progress Too fast, really too fast If it is just an infantry attack, the Ueno detachment can also organize a simple defense.But now the enemy actually uses trucks cbd spryer for gummies as the main assault force The Japanese troops of the Ueno detachment have not yet recovered from the shelling, the truck has already rushed in The machine guns and submachine guns above rang like thunder, and grenades fell like raindrops one after another.Time has become the most important thing A race against time is a race against life 3 p.m.The main forces of the 126th and 170th Infantry Divisions of the Soviet Army arrived successively.At the same time, the 11th Armored Division of the German Wehrmacht and the Altino battle group also arrived at the same time, completing the rendezvous with the Skeleton Division.The last line of defense of the Soviet army is ahead On the opposite side, it seems that the voice of the tank of the 2nd SS Panzer Army can already be heard, General Ernst, I request the 11th Panzer Army, Altino Battle Group and Skeleton Division to launch an attack at the same time Balck came to Enns Said loudly in front of Te.Yes.I think so too.Wang Weiyi nodded I just received a telegram from Paul Hausser.They are only one position away from us.General, I don t think I am qualified to serve as the head of state.When he said this, everyone was surprised.Although everyone knew that General Ernst Brehm could get anywhere he wanted if he wanted to, it was unprepared for the words to come out of Hitler s mouth.You are more suitable for this seat than I am.Wang Weiyi said lightly I came back not to grab some position, but because I couldn t bear to see Deutschland suffer another defeat This time, Deutschland cannot afford to lose again.It will be a catastrophe for us So, generals, prepare to readjust your can you travel to mexico with cbd gummies strategic deployment.The generals were relieved, God, General Ernst really wants to come back to command the German battle again In fact, Wang Weiyi didn robhots cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus scam t have much confidence in his heart at this time.Do you have the ability to lead a country from defeat to victory He s not very sure.

I m sorry Of course he left the restaurant, when applause rang out behind him.I m leaving tomorrow, General Dietrich. What a shame.Marshal, I wish you would stay longer in Paris.A few days.Marshal.According to our interrogation, it can be confirmed that the assassination in the hospital was carried out by people sent by De Sade.We arrested many participants in the assassination, but only De Sade escaped.It doesn t matter.Wang Weiyi Laugh I know this man too well.He is a veteran intelligence officer, and he is not so easy to be caught by you.But judging from the current situation, he can t make any waves.As long as more French people stand With us, De Sade s living space will become smaller and smaller.Yes, we will firmly remember your words, Marshal.Has that Sophie confessed A few things have been explained, but Obviously she knows more.The good life of cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies childhood has now become a vague memory.But soon such memories will gradually become clear.Thank you Baron, thank you Germany The Marquis of Bierstoka, who cbd spryer for gummies was also excited, decided to make a list cbd spryer for gummies at the first time.Everyone on the list can help you.General Denikinz must be counted, and Tostokaski, who commanded a real army, must also be counted.He is very good at finances.How did he forget Tedru This good friend with dual ancestry of Russia and Germany, who can act as a diplomatic agent and is responsible for contacting Germans, all the names appeared in Gregory s pen.So much so that he didn t notice when the baron left, I m sorry, Mr.Baron, my father is so excited.Ronanova, who sent the baron for her father, said apologetically.It doesn t matter.Wang Weiyi smiled Soon, he will be able to realize his dream.The only thing he and his soldiers can do oros cbd gummies where to buy is to attack another new position after capturing a new position.Until all enemies are killed.Captain, we got a Russian alive, a sniper, knocked out.Really Bring him up.The Russian sniper was brought up, his face still there bleeding.Little asked someone to stop the bleeding, and then asked, Can you understand German Yes 438.Lightning breakthrough What s your name Class Soldier Sovelski.Soldier Sovelski, can you tell me how many Germans you killed Little asked such a question.Do you mean the beginning of the war, or just this battle Both.In this battle, I killed three Germans., I think there are about twenty people.You are such a sharpshooter.Even in a hostile position, Little still couldn t help admiring I think if you don t get caught by me this time, you will still Will kill more Germans.This is my last request.Nekkinsky interrupted the other party You don t know what cavalry means to me.My soldiers are all dead, but I m still alive.I can t face myself.Even if you don t allow it now I committed suicide, and I would have looked for every opportunity in the prison camp.But I still beg you to give me such a chance, this is an old cavalryman s request to you.Let me die with dignity Let me die with dignity , this is an old cavalryman s request to you Van der Vene s heart was so shocked that he even became a little emotional, Give him a pistol and a bullet Van der Vene decided not to worry about anything, even if he would be imprisoned or even downgraded, he decided to Completed the old cavalryman s last request General, please allow me to pay tribute to you, you are a true knight As he cbd gummies 10 mg said, he raised his hand and saluted this respectable old cavalryman upright A standard military salute.The 1,000 kg 420mm artillery shells rained down all the roads and railway networks around the fortress.Maxim Gorky I No.Totally isolated April 17th.German attack.In a narrow position of 35 kilometers, 1,300 German artillery guns bombarded the Maxim Gorky I uninterruptedly.The fortress was covered by scorching shock waves, and all the outer defensive positions were almost reduced to ashes.But the most important joint turret was not hit due to the small target, and still insisted on counterattacking.In order to accurately attack this turret, the German army allocated two 355mm cbd spryer for gummies mortars to the north of the Bebek Canyon, and at the same time ordered all artillery to use a salvo of armor piercing shells to suppress the Soviet turret.When the Gorky I was temporarily silent, more than a dozen 355mm grenades were inserted into the turret armor plate from the top.Wang Weiyi is relieved now, a steady stream of new weapons are constantly appearing, which means that no one knows better than him.Four hundred and eighty.The hunter and the hunted are in the port of New York, where the Princess Princess is quietly moored, waiting for its guests and cargo.The eight Japanese quietly mingled among the crowd, looking for their target.Assassinating a secret Chinese delegation to the United States will cause international impact and damage Sino US relations This task is not too difficult.It has been investigated in advance cbd spryer for gummies cbd spryer for gummies that the Chinese delegation only has two guards.Daishan jun, here we come Daishanbingwei, who commanded the team, nodded gloomyly Get ready The eight people quickly dispersed two vehicles The car was coming towards the pier.At this moment, a large group of dock workers appeared.

If you want to get it, you must first pay You are still satisfied with what I have done Yes, Marshal Goris Facing his captive, Marshal Goris, Wang Weiyi asked in a peaceful voice.Thank you for your efforts, Marshal Ernst.Although as a defeated man, Marshal Goris still had to answer so realistically.It may be a bit exaggerated to say that we are liberators Wang Weiyi didn t seem to want to hide anything But Turkey s The political stance is always vacillating, trying to maximize the interests between Germany and the United Kingdom.In my opinion, even if Germany does not attack, the United Kingdom will use military force against you sooner or later.Marshal Goris, do you agree with me Marshal Goris nodded silently Indeed, Turkey s vacillating policy has received a lot of criticism and pressure from abroad and from home.Each of them had not been exposed to weapons for a long time, and even when the Germans handed them weapons, they took some trouble to teach them how to use these new weapons.But they don t care, in their opinion.As long as Prince Karami can be rescued, it is worthwhile for everyone here to die.Enemy reinforcements appeared.For the Ottomans.For the Sultan, fight Rafke was the first to utter such a roar, and then the weapons in the hands of the twelve Turks opened fire Turks beat Turks Intensive firepower spewed out, and all the reinforcements that had a full platoon fell to the ground at once.They received an order, and the enemy appeared in Chulejack and was launching an attack.Their task was to immediately reinforce Chulejack.But in any case, they never expected that the enemy would arrange an ambush here After the initial panic, these Turkish troops began to attack.Rockefeller of the Rockefeller Consortium.He enthusiastically made suggestions to them.They provide funds and help them operate by themselves, ensuring that they can get the most profitable returns in the stock market, but to his disappointment, Mr.Morgan and Mr.Rockefeller seem not interested in his suggestions, and their attitudes are even very serious.indifferent.This is what surprised Williams the most.What an excellent securities trader he is.Morgan and Rockefeller really have no vision Okay.He can only continue to cling to Mr.Moyol, who is no longer in his eyes.You did a great job, Robben.Wang Weiyi smiled and sat down where Williams should have been.He noticed Williams brow frown a little ah.This is his position, others Even if Mr.Moyol is sitting, it will make him feel uncomfortable Wang Weiyi smiled faintly After I came back, I heard many rumors about you, and everyone praised you as smart Robben , Williams the Genius Ah, dear Robben, which nickname do you prefer Ah, I like either.I put Germany s peace sincerity in front of you.Now it depends on whether Britain can accept this initiative.But I have to remind you, Mr.President, besides Russia, there is actually another real enemy of the United cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies States, Japan Wait a minute, wait a minute President Roosevelt interrupted him Are you sure you are right I am sure.Wang Weiyi said with certainty Japan has been deeply involved in the Chinese battlefield, but its development into Southeast Asia since last year has caused anxiety among the major powers in this region.The contradictions have actually accumulated for a whole decade.The dissatisfaction of these countries with Japan s external expansion was at most limited to submitting diplomatic protests, but in July 1941, the colonial governments of the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands announced to Japan that they would ban the transportation of strategic materials, especially steel and oil, to Japan.Queen Farida gets an ace.One thousand pounds.Queen Farida was a little excited.I ll follow.Wang Weiyi still had that flattering expression.Just as she was about to turn the cards, Queen Farida suddenly asked Mr.Baron, can I still raise It seems that her hole card may be another 9, and Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Queen, it s just for entertainment, You don t need to be so serious.Queen Farida stared at the other party, and asked the same question Mr.Baron, can you cbd gummies yummy cbd cbd spryer for gummies still raise your bet Wang Weiyi shrugged indifferently As you wish, Queen.Queen Farida took off a necklace from her neck and put it on the gaming table Mr.Baron, this was given to me by my mother.Is it worth ten thousand pounds It was the gem inlaid in the pendant that was more valuable, probably worth fifteen thousand to twenty thousand pounds.Damn the German army, why do you carry such confidential information about your identity with you After being arrested, he confessed a lot of useful information in exchange for his own life.But when it was officially decided that he would be transferred to Washington, Fels knew it was over.Once back in Washington, those people in the intelligence agency will try their best to squeeze out the last bit of useful value from themselves, and then hang themselves He glanced at the British lieutenant colonel next to him and saw Lewis Resting with eyes closed.Colonel Fels sighed, then closed his eyes too.Now that there is no hope, let s enjoy this last part of our journey in Cairo I will never have the chance to come to Cairo again in the future Boom boom.There was a sudden explosion, and the first truck in front of the convoy cbd spryer for gummies suddenly overturned amidst cbd spryer for gummies the violent explosion.

A An ordinary, cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies encrypted document, who would pay attention to the Germans On the contrary, the Germans would appreciate Colonel Inschick cbd spryer for gummies s rigorous attitudebut they would never think , it was this rigorous German colonel who used the Enigma to transmit a large amount of top secret information I deny your accusation, Marshal.Colonel Inschick was not afraid of this I serve Germany loyally and do what I should do for the African Legion loyally.I should not be charged with such crimes And this, how do you explain it Wang Weiyi waved the military uniform that Inschick had replaced Do you know review on cbd oil by gummy brand why I asked you to take off the military uniform Because if I m right, the uniform contains the medicine you re going to use to kill yourself if your identity is revealed.After finishing speaking, he tore open a secret pocket inside the military uniform, and took out a pill in it Colonel Inschick, it s really hard to find me.Because the ground organization is not sound, the Air Force will not be able to advance side by side with the Army.Nevertheless, the African Air Force Commander still put all The troops went into battle cbd spryer for gummies against Matruh and Alamein.The 1st Flying Training Regiment attacked British depots, and the 3rd Dive Bomber Regiment attacked enemy forces moving behind the lines.In the history of the 27th Combat Aviation Regiment, there is such a record On June 26, the Sidi cbd spryer for gummies Conditions for the fighters at Barrani were dire.Nothing but a gas truck.The pilots had to take off on an empty stomach.By the evening of June 26, Lieutenant Kornner shot down five enemy planes.Lieutenants Stahlschmidt and Lieutenant Schreier each shot down three.The next morning, another attack was launched against Astas.Two days later, transfer to Fuqua.Guarantee the retreat of the remaining troops.In front, the Australians who were trapped in the siege had given up hope of escape.They struggled to resist the attack from the Germans, but they had only one purpose to buy as much time as possible for their companions to retreat From this point of view, the sacrifice spirit shown by these Australian soldiers is admirable.Since you can t break through, leave the hope of life to your companions General Belt has undoubtedly discovered this, and in his telegram to Marshal Ernst Brahm he said I have seen a great group of soldiers engaged in a great battle, and at this moment I cannot help feeling sorry for those The Australian soldiers cheered.I have never seen such brave soldiers, never Blazing flames burn the battlefield.The carnival feast has begun less than half an hour. Oh, that s good, that s good Farouk I heaved a long sigh of relief It s just poor Kanlemu, why would he do such a ridiculous thing Seeing that His Majesty the King was still sympathizing with his political opponents at this time, Emn was somewhat displeased Your Majesty, Kanlemu is a trouble for himself, and he even threatened your safety, Your Majesty.I think so.Those people are not worthy of your sympathy at all King Farouk I nodded slightly, and at this moment, Queen Farida who was on the side suddenly asked But I heard that the Germans pointed out that the soldiers have changed , and the German army is advancing into Egypt.Do you think, Mr.Emn, that the British, who have just been defeated, can meet the challenge of the Germans Of course In the emergency meeting held, Wang Weiyi told the Egyptian military officers very frankly I observed the deployment of the British army.As a result, Britain and France also took the opportunity to take charge of Egypt s financial power, with Britain managing Egypt s revenue and France managing Egypt s expenditure.Both countries have their economic lifelines firmly in their hands.So far, Egypt is actually controlled by Britain and cbd spryer for gummies France.The Egyptian governor was nothing more than a puppet.The Suez Canal, which is the lifeline purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank cbd spryer for gummies of Egypt, is also the lifeline that Britain, France, especially the United Kingdom, rely on to safeguard global interests.The two countries that control the lifeline are responsible for the daily management of the canal through the General Canal Management Office set up in the Canal Zone by the International Suez Canal Company.The company also has representatives stationed in Cairo who can contact the Egyptian government directly at any time.Lawson Heaton couldn t help but exclaimed Gilbert, what are you kidding Before Dao Lun could finish speaking, Major Watter waved his hand, and several oros cbd gummies website German agents swarmed up and tied Lawson Heaton up.up.In this way, Lawson Heaton became Major Watter s first prisoner and also his first spoils after the Plunder Operation.Since then, the same situation has been repeated one after another.Batch cbd spryer for gummies after batch of allied intelligence personnel carrying radios entered Cairo, and Major Vatel also accepted them time and time again.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the plundering operation , Major Vatel made some small plans, often ordering Gilbert to cast a smoke screen on the British intelligence agencies and send some information to the London intelligence agencies.Most of the information was fabricated by him.

Marshal Brahm, expressing the thanks of the Italians, of course, the main purpose is to see his new territory When will our leader arrive in Cairo Wang Weiyi asked casually.Tomorrow, probably in the afternoon, we will be able to arrive at the Italian military camp, and we have decided to enter Cairo at 9 00 am the day after tomorrow.For this reason, the Italians are discussing with us how to greet their leaders in the grandest way.Rommel said quite dissatisfied.He wants to come, then let him come.Wang Weiyi said unexpectedly He wants a grand welcome ceremony, so I can give it to him too.Rommel was a little confused.This is not Ernst s usual style.Could it be that Egypt, which was captured by German soldiers with blood and sweat, was just handed over to the Italians No, Ernst will definitely not do this.So, at the risk of being shot, he added some warning signals again and again when sending the report, hoping that the London headquarters cbd spryer for gummies would find something unusual.However, Gilbert s efforts were not successful.Every time a report was sent, those German intelligence officers sat next to him and monitored his every move.As soon as they saw something strange in the report, they immediately pressed the switch to interfere, and locked Gilbert in the next room and beat him up., let him suffer a lot.Nevertheless, Gilbert never gave up this effort.He always believed that as long as his alarm signal was sent out, London would definitely see through the German conspiracy.Once, Gilbert took advantage of the German spying on him not paying attention, and inserted some false codes that were not easy to cbd spryer for gummies find in a message, sending a warning signal to the London headquarters.One hundred and thirteen.While does just cbd gummies contain thc Cracking was depressed, suddenly a pair of warm hands raised his wrists, and then soft fingers began to move his five fingers one by one.Intuition told Mo Guangzhi that these were a pair of slender hands of a woman, but he didn t understand what the woman s purpose was for doing this.As he was thinking about it, Mo Guangzhi smelled the smell of disinfectant and alcohol again, which he understood the nurse must have come to treat his wound.Thinking of the wound being rubbed with alcohol, Mo Guangzhi hurriedly took a deep breath, preparing for the coming pain.Once he concentrated, the birdsong around him became less disturbing.After Mo Guangzhi clenched his teeth and held back the pain from his wound, he felt that the surrounding voices had weakened, as if there was no one else in the ward.Wang Weiyi s face became more dignified Adolf, the Brandenburg commando, or the Klingenberg squad that did a very good job in Yugoslavia, they are not real combat troops, but special forces..They must avoid brutal battles to the greatest extent, these are not suitable for them, but will consume these elite commandos Hitler nodded, but Wang Weiyi s heart was not easy.Many frontline commanders of the German army , They all like to use commandos like Brandenburg as ordinary troops, let them attack and defend, so that those commandos who have been trained so hard to sacrifice in vain.Such as the Brandenburg commando.Special Forces Being in the German army is actually quite remarkable, mainly because of the attitude of the German generals.Given the deep hatred of the German generals for irregular troops, it is really a miracle that the German army can produce special forces.Baron, are you really happy Do you think the war will be over soon What do you say, Monsieur de Gaulle Wang Weiyi asked back.No matter how the situation develops, I will fight to the end for the freedom of France De Gaulle replied without hesitation For example, the Free French Movement and the French National Liberation Committee, I am not greedy for any rights, but I understand my responsibilities.There must be a new regime to take command of France s war effort.Times have entrusted me with this sacred duty, and I will certainly live up to it.I will exercise my authority in the name of France, and only in defense of France Wang Weiyi fell asleep after hearing the impassioned reasoning, and finally he waited until de Gaulle finished speaking Mr.de Gaulle.I don t deny that you are a brave man, but I think peace comes first.No, it can even be said that De Sade is not at all French After hearing this, Sophie s eyes were filled with tears.Although De Sade is not a qualified father, he is a qualified fighter cbd spryer for gummies who fights for freedom.What will happen to him, Baron Sophie asked in a trembling voice.I don t know.This is not within the scope of my jurisdiction.Wang Weiyi said lightly I think there is a high possibility that he will be sentenced to death for espionage.Sophie s body trembled, no, this is too much.Terrible I beg you, cbd spryer for gummies unabis cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews Baron.Her voice became urgent You can t kill him, I beg you to save her.I know you did it this way Sophie, do you know that your father is our worst enemy in Paris.Wang Weiyi s voice was very deep After we entered Paris, your father organized countless violent actions.He is in charge of several underground resistance organizations, constantly sabotaging our operations in Paris.

His military prowess.It is definitely not inferior to any commander in the German Wehrmacht or SS.Colonel Trowich has met one of his toughest opponents.From the bottom of his heart, General Belters is unwilling to see war.However, since history has given him such a mission, he must fulfill it faithfully and unconditionally The attack was met with a fierce blow from the Grossdeutschland regiment.Whether in terms of strength or equipment, the Grossdeutschland Regiment far surpassed the troops commanded by Colonel Trovic.So probably Colonel Trovic s luck was not cbd gummies supplement very good, after the outbreak of the Battle of Elklin.Each of his attacks can best meet Germany s most elite troops.Last time it was the Skull Division, now it s the turn of the Grossdeutschland regiment Soviet tanks are burning.Soldiers of the Soviet army are dying The defense line formed by the Grossdeutschland regiment has no possibility of breaking through at all Even if the Russian corpses pile up into a hill, they can t see the slightest success Hope, despair and fear are always with them All the firepower on the German positions was organized, and the battle almost turned into a massacre The gates of hell have been closed It was opened, and the only one who laughed was Death Looking at the stacks of dead Russians, General Belters shook his head slightly and murmured.Wang Weiyi stared at his cbd spryer for gummies team members, and then his eyes fell on Heisenberg Heisenberg, it is said that your Russian is very good Heisenberg understood immediately Yes, Baron, my Russian is no different from real Russians, I even spit like Russians are exactly the same.Wang Weiyi smiled Remember.From now on, you are a horse Relatives of Colonel Drov, as for your mission.You must keep the drawings of the entire military factory firmly in your mind, and then when we enter, take us to put these things in the most suitable position He took out a large travel bag and opened it.It s full of bits and pieces of movement.Neither Heisenberg nor the team had ever seen anything like it.Wang Weiyi picked up a piece This is a plastic explosive.It is very powerful and safe to use.Even if you shoot directly at the explosive, it will not cause an explosion.Use continuous assault to achieve the final victory.Vasilevsky is also determined to wait.He believed that his troops would be able to complete the campaign plan and completely defeat the Skeleton Baron.At least for now, no one can know which of the two will win the final victory After learning the news that the assault group in the German army had completed a breakthrough in Tenklar, Vasilevsky immediately ordered Straff to command the remnants of the 81st Panzer Army to continue to chase after the assault group This is a pretty good choice, and Vasilevsky will never give the Germans any chance to breathe.At this time, Wang Weiyi, who was rapidly advancing towards Krasnodar, also received intelligence from the front investigation, and assembled the 56th Army of the Soviet uly cbd gummies online Army in the direction of Krasnodar.and.We mobilized so many troops, not only without success.Instead do you think Moscow will agree Khrushchev sighed.Davamirsky has been shot, and he purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank cbd spryer for gummies has become the new scapegoat, so where is the next scapegoat Orders, Comrade Voroshilov must overcome all difficulties, without interruption To launch an assault cbd spryer for gummies on the German army, a major breakthrough must be completed today Vasilevsky s voice suddenly became extremely firm Don t be afraid of sacrifice, we have sacrificed cbd spryer for gummies so many comrades Command, Comrade Malinovsky, divide the part into two, Repairing fortifications on the other side of the Terek River Khrushchev was taken aback, is the Marshal already planning for the worst If the Germans win, they will forcefully cross the Terek River soon When the Terek River is lost, it will be related to whether the new defense of HCMUSSH cbd spryer for gummies Stalingrad can be established.It s here.Model pointed to the map.Wang Weiyi seemed to be very interested in the location of Myristel s assault.His eyes fell on the map without moving.After a long time, he said slowly General Model, May Ristel s bold move gave us a chance, you see.Is he now very close to the port of Stalingrad Model leaned over, looked carefully, and nodded.Suddenly, he seemed to understand something Marshal, are you going to seize the port of Stalingrad Yes.It is cbd spryer for gummies the most cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies important base for obtaining supplies in Stalingrad Wang Weiyi smiled According to the plan, we are still unable to capture it for the time being, but now the action of Myristel has given such an opportunity In front of us Marshal, if we can seize the port, the Russians in Stalingrad will basically lose their supplies.It is also very helpful for us to win the victory, but Model hesitated, and said I think there will be no shortage HCMUSSH cbd spryer for gummies of defenses Don t forget.His existence is nothing short of a miracle.Perhaps, as he himself said, this trip to Moscow was just another pleasant trip.I have already issued your respective tasks.Wang Weiyi straightened his expression Although I am not worried about my trip to Moscow this time, we must prepare for the worst.After I leave, all military operations will Stop is not allowed, the attack must be launched within the stipulated time, and it must reach the city of Moscow.Even if I fall into the hands of the enemy, I must launch a forced attack on Moscow Yes, Ernst When his friend After they answered in this way, Richthofen suddenly said If you are killed by the Russians, I will personally fly a fighter plane to bomb Moscow without limit, but if you are captured, maybe I will walk into the city myself.The Russian prison requires you to go to prison together, anyway, we have been locked up together.

5 trillion in attribution, and if interest and investment returns are credited, the total would be as high as 70 trillion.This will be a shocking case that will affect major countries in the world convenient store cbd gummies and international banks The main reason for the violent shocks in the international financial market in May and June 2006 is that a huge sum of US 4.5 trillion was secretly transferred from Switzerland.It was remitted to the United States and used to privately settle the case.Such a huge capital transfer caused a crisis of dollar liquidity shortage in the world financial market, which directly led to the stock market and bulk commodity market that swept the world in May and June 2006.Including the plunge of gold and silver An unbelievable story came out of Xiaoling s mouth.Who is Vantaa How did he have a wealth of 27.Yes, no one knows himself better than Ernst.He has no interest in anything robhots cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus scam other than fighting.I can t even say anything.If I let myself deal with those politicians and look at those official documents all day after the war is over, I will definitely go crazy.Definitely But you are different.You have led the army, The ability to shark tank cbd gummies stop smoking lead the country forward.Wang Weiyi looked solemn I am sure that this world war will end with our victory, but there are still many enemies in front of us.Adolf was an excellent head of state.He was able to lead Germany out of the shadow of defeat in the shortest possible time and quickly become a powerful country again.However, sometimes he was too emotional, which was not what was needed to govern a country.Who can calm him down in his blood Only you.You, Manstein you, Model and Rommel and Guderian So, you must stay with Adolf Manstein fully understood his Interesting, the outstanding German marshal sighed involuntarily Well, you went away happily, but threw a country to us.Wang Weiyi kissed her lips, kissed her earlobe, kissed her neckErina seemed to be half paralyzed, and completely gave up resistance.Out of her mouth Although this is not the first time he has had sex with Wang Weiyi, but there is a woman beside him.This is absurd, but full of excitement Perhaps Wang Weiyi could not have imagined that he was cbd gummies yummy cbd cbd spryer for gummies the first in this era.That s how one night went.Thinking about it, I also felt that it was ridiculous.Apparently, Elena s groans also stimulated Leoni, she desperately hugged the back of Wang Weiyi s Kissing every inch of Wang Weiyi s skin, and soon, this simple residence was destroyed Wrapped in an intoxicating atmosphere A fantastic evening to remember forever and cbd gummies captain a pretty good start.Seven hundred and twenty eight.The Romans fought like Anluges, and few people thought that the Baron could return alive after going to the Roman camp.Wang Weiyi pondered for a while I was still worried that relying on the strength of the two of us is too little, but with the assistance of Thibius and his two hundred people, the problem has become a lot easier.Speaking of this, he opened Xiaoling s communication Xiaoling, can you help me make a skull mask Yes, I need it urgently, let Sidao bring it for me.Manfred, do you need it After getting Richthofen s affirmative answer, Wang Weiyi said again Manfred also needs one.Can you tell me what it looks like Make up your own mind.After hanging up the communication with Xiaoling, Wang Weiyi looked around I think I have to go see Thibius The barracks of the auxiliary soldiers were arranged on the other side of the Roman barracks, not only where they lived, but also where they ate.There is also a big difference between them and real Roman soldiers in this respect.When the matter here was dealt with, he called Charmain aside and whispered I have an important task for you to do.Are you willing to take on it Is this an important task Charlemagne replied without any hesitation I am willing to do anything for you, most respected consul Wang Weiyi smiled with cbd spryer for gummies satisfaction Then, the key to victory is already in our hands In hand Seven purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank cbd spryer for gummies hundred fifty three.The decisive battle of fate Part 1 Everyone thinks that they have grasped the victory, whether it is Wang Weiyi or Caesar.When the subordinates are required to have strong confidence to win, as a coach, they also need to have the confidence to win.In this regard, what Wang Weiyi and Caesar have done is undoubtedly very good.They are all waiting patiently for the day of the final battle.The more the war is approaching, the more calm and composed you must be in front of all your subordinates, and you must convince all your subordinates that victory is already in their hands.As soon as he left, Richthofen asked Ernst, what kind of banquet are we going to do The banquet of the Romans is a very important channel.The information received, and even some important resolutions of Rome were initially formed there.Wang Weiyi mused Manfred, we came to Rome this time to do everything we can to contain Caesar and win for us.The biggest respite time.To achieve this, we must get to know some powerful people, and the elder Orvis that Gaius mentioned is far from enough Richter Hoffen nodded thoughtfully.Probably Ernst is going to call the wind and rain in Rome again. No matter where he goes, this daring guy can always cause a storm in the local area.And when everyone was having a headache because of the turmoil he caused, this bold guy left long ago, and he didn t know cbd edible gummi bears where he went to have a good time.

Pompey didn t mean to stop him at all.He knew that this was Yakulius only chance.As long as plus cbd gummies reviews he could capture the black warship, he could declare Yakulius victory with his own power, even if others were not convinced.What can I do However, Servius seemed to have expected this a long time ago, he and his sailors suddenly drew their weapons, and then the doctor shouted Servius Servius All the soldiers on the black battleship The sailors cried out so loudly.Intense and exciting hand to hand combat broke out.Although both sides used weapons made of wood, they still hurt when they were hit on the body.Many people were bruised and swollen under such weapons.Yakulius commanded a group of real soldiers, and he was convinced of the victory after the boarding battle, but the course of the battle surprised him more and more.This made Wang Weiyi a little headache, he really didn t like such a scene.Just when he was thinking about finding a way to escape, Xiao Ling had already contacted him first. The Roman Legion has a new trend.This made Wang Weiyi a little surprised.According to his estimation, the defeated Caesar would not take any action for a long time, but how could there cbd spryer for gummies be a new attack Everything he did in Rome was for the sake of the Germanic tribes.Once there was any mistake there, the course of the matter would be out of his control.Go back to Germany immediately.Wang Weiyi made such a decision without the slightest hesitation.He found Pompey and told him that he would go to find food for Pompey and Rome, and when he came back again, a cartload of food would appear in Rome.Pompey was overjoyed.You know, he hasn t been doing very well in Rome recently, he lost face at the Sea God Festival, and probably half of the people in Rome are laughing at him now.As for Her husband who is still in prison, she probably won t care about it for the time being Pompeo s home is not far from here, and the Spriius MP has already got in and out of here.No one is allowed to stop Pompey s orders.Pompey usually sleeps until very late be happy gummy cbd before getting up, which makes Wang Weiyi have to wait there for a long time before meeting the most powerful person in cbd gummies hawaii robhots cbd gummies Rome.Pompey expressed After HCMUSSH cbd spryer for gummies apologizing to the guests for the long wait, he said Spulius, my dear friend, what caused you to come to my place so early as a guest A poor woman came to me Wang Weiyi said this, and Pompey immediately reacted.He smiled and said, Ah, my dearest friend, I miss you Said the poor woman.Probably Centumalus wife, Singroa Yes.Wang Weiyi did not deny During the time I was not in Rome, she had found me many times.A cbd gummies hawaii robhots cbd gummies huge white skull , located in the middle of the flag, staring at the world in front of it with its hollow and cold eyes Skull Battle Flag When seeing this battle flag again, Wang Weiyi and all the people suddenly felt that the blood in their bodies had begun to boil.This This battle flag has brought countless glory to Germany, this battle flag has brought countless victories to Germany, and now, it is time for it to reappear.Wang Weiyi does not know whether he can lead Germany out of desperation again , but he believes.As long as he is still alive, he will never give up lightly.He will live up to the name of the skeleton This is his promise to Germany If the Baron is in here.He must be able to create miracles.Coleham sighed softly.He won t come.When he heard the word baron, Jonar s tone became so respectful But, I always remember one sentence, and I must cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies live up to the name of the skeleton Will live up to the name of the skeleton General, look, what is that Coleham suddenly pointed to the sky and said.Wang Weiyi knows what he is doing and what he should do.Jonson, David, everyone He has been drawn into a trap, and now, what he has to do is how to gradually tighten the trap, and then complete all the tasks.Brody was walking towards here, and he immediately said with a smile Yes, Baron, this is a city with a lot of history, I suggest you take a good tour.Of course.Ah, Agent Annette, I still can t accept that a woman can become an agent, especially cbd spryer for gummies a beautiful woman like you.Wang Weiyi smiled and said to Annette who came over.Thank you for your compliment, Baron.Annette also smiled and said, But when it comes to beauty, cbd gummie receipe no one can compare to your wife.As for the female agents There are many people like me in the CIA.Could it be that in the Netherlands Are women still discriminated against You and Seven Hundred Ninety Seven.Angette s face Some red Do you have a husband, Agent Annette Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Ah.No, I m not married yet Just like a child who was found stealing candy by an adult.Annette replied in a panic.At this time, the two of them had arrived at the highest point of the castle, looking from here , all the sights can be seen at a glance.Wang Weiyi stared at the front in a daze What a beautiful city.Annette didn t understand the meaning of the words, but subconsciously said Yes , Yes, it s a beautiful city, but it has changed a little after our bombing.Wang Weiyi s complexion changed, but he soon returned to normal I just said that it is very tragic cbd spryer for gummies for a purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank cbd spryer for gummies beautiful woman to have no man to take care of her.So what about you, Agent Annette, with your beauty, why do you lack the love of men There was obviously some provocative meaning in these words, and Annette became more and more flustered Ah, probably because of my work, I don t allow any contact with other strange men except my colleagues, and now I am in such a dangerous place.

But you are besieged in the battlefields of North Africa and the Middle East.Do you think you can lead Berlin to victory again with your own strength Yes.I can assist you time and time again, but with cbd spryer for gummies only one Ziguang military base, the Allies cannot be defeated, and Germany cannot be saved.Can you do what you want, Rambler I don t know, I really don t know.Wang Weiyi s voice was very low The difficulties I am facing.More grim than ever, if rescuing Colonel Cherus is mission impossible, saving Berlin is hopeless.but.Xiaoling, I want to try it.You want to try it Xiao Ling sighed softly When you appear in front of everyone again as a skeleton baron, do you think that the Germans and your enemies will still worship and respect you as before You can also rely on your own appeal to make the whole of Germany fight for you.This is the best opportunity for us to delay the time Major, we will carry out your order unconditionally.Captain Scherer became excited.It was completely dark, and the flares of the US military appeared in the sky from time to time, illuminating the surroundings as if it were daytime.However, this did not shake the determination of Wang Weiyi and the commandos.They waited patiently for the effect of the flares to pass, and then quickly approached the US military positions.When a new is there a cbd gummy to help quit smoking round of cbd spryer for gummies flares appeared again, they cbd spryer for gummies would quickly lie down on the ground again, continuing to hide themselves in the darkness.To carry out a successful sneak attack, you must compete with the enemy s patience.Flares rose into cbd gummies yummy cbd cbd spryer for gummies the sky again and again, illuminated the surroundings again and again, and then disappeared again and again.What s wrong with his father He is still in good health.Why did he suddenly hand over the rights to himself without warning Tomorrow I will A board meeting will be held nupharma cbd gummies and the matter will be announced.Will has already made up his mind I know you are a very capable person, Montagut will definitely burst into vigorous vitality under your control.Don t live up to my expectations.Ah, yes, father.Pierce said in a daze, What about you I will put all my energy into a very important thing.Will cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies said calmly I have been waiting for this day for so many years.I m so lucky to still be able to do these things in my lifetime.Pierce, no matter how far Montagut has developed, don t forget that Montagut does not belong to the Tingland family.Of course I will never forget that Baron Alexon owns half of our shares Speaking of this, Pierce seemed to suddenly think of something Father, what you want to do Pierce, remember, we re doing the right thing.He is not allowed to commit suicide.Yes.Guo Yunfeng nodded silently.How much time has passed Wang Weiyi asked.It s been three hours.There was no sign of surrender at the Empire pfizer cbd gummies State Building, but instead began to prepare for war.How many defenses are there In addition to the original guards, Kroller also added ss34 Netherland Homeland Storm Division to enter.Who is the commander Miller.Lieutenant General Bach.Order the troops outside the city cbd gummies mg to closely monitor all the movements of the Allied forces.No matter what happens in Berlin, they don t need to worry about them.The only thing I worry about is whether the Allied forces will take advantage creating better days cbd gummies nutrition of this opportunity to launch a large scale attack on my positions on all fronts.Yes, Marshal, strictly follow your orders Now, almost the whole of Berlin has been controlled by Wang Weiyi, and there is only one Empire State Building.I will let our enemies know that German air power has not been destroyed, German armor power has not Destroyed, Germany is still a huge war machine that scares you Field Marshal Manstein, Field Marshal Model, all German soldiers who are fighting hard in the Middle East and North Africa, I want you to know that you are not alone, Berlin will always be with you, and I will appear in front of you soon.Victory belongs to Germany Get ready for victory, German soldiers, German citizens.All for Germany All for the beginning of the great counteroffensive The citizens of Berlin, the soldiers in the trenches listened silently, and then they knew what they should do.All for the great counter offensive yes, sooner cbd spryer for gummies or later the counter offensive will begin when the Baron returns Berlin s resolve has never been stronger, and Germany s resolve has never been stronger.Once a naval battle breaks out, the U.S.It may be possible to win, but a heavy price must be paid, and this will further arouse the determination of the British people to resist.So they acquiesced to the existence of the current situation Baron, if necessary, today I will You can order those fleets to revolt No, not yet.Wang Weiyi shook his head However, I think those fleets will be used soon.Our top priority is to stabilize the situation in Berlin Baron, will the enemy attack Berlin Queen Elizabeth asked suddenly.It is very possible.Wang Weiyi did not deny it in the slightest But when they entered Berlin the first minute, that was the beginning of the real decisive battle.Your Majesty, I am very cbd spryer for gummies grateful for everything that Britain has done for Germany, and I will ensure your safety and will ensure that you can return to London and restore the glory of the Royal Family in Britain.

Therefore, ending the war as soon as possible is a good choice for everyone Kerrett also heard that in order to eliminate domestic opposition as much as possible, the government has secretly arrested those anti war stalwarts for various reasons Molecules, this is not in line with the US Constitution, but in special times, what can be done In addition, the attitude of those big domestic chaebols towards this war is quite ambiguous.The Jewish consortium not only did not reap any benefits during World War II, but also suffered major setbacks, and this war gave them the best chance.The our group headed by the Rothschild family firmly supported all the president s decisions, and spared no effort to advocate and provide all necessary help for this war.However, the attitude of the Wasp organization headed by the Morgan family and the Rockefeller family is extremely unclear.The letter was still typed out with a typewriter, and it was still pink.colored envelopes.Anne Marie and Ghent were captured when Fels read the letter earlier.So what now Who wrote these two letters Who is the person who wrote the letter This time, the content written in the letter is very simple Check out the guests at the dinner party that Chapnut attended Baron Alexon, as your loyal friend, I will continue to fight with you.Nothing, nothing but these two words.Baron Alexon, as your loyal friend, I will continue to fight with you who is it Who is this man Baron Alexon s friend But why didn t he dare to show his face.Why rely on this method to get in touch with Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi couldn t guess who this person was.But this is not important anymore, the important thing is that this friend provided him with a new clue In addition to General Puneat, the guests that day also included Andert Krupp Anne Marie s new interrogation.My leg A soldier uttered such a miserable scream, and soon, the medical soldiers rushed up against fresh leaf 300mg cbd gummies the terrible bullet rain.He hurriedly checked the wound Sergeant, your leg is broken, you can t continue to fight.The voice was so numb and emotionless, these medics were used to such scenes too much.Oh no, keep my leg, keep my leg The sergeant pleaded in pain, Please.Please, I can t live without my leg I m sorry, Sergeant.I There is no way.The medical soldier said indifferently.Yes, he has no choice, no way, he can only watch the sergeant lose his leg.Even the sergeant may lose his life because he cannot receive timely treatment.Medicines are too scarce.Everything is too scarce.Romeo also noticed the problem, but he couldn t do anything about what happened.What can be done Fortunately, shark tank cbd gummy episode there are Germans.Field Marshal Brahm had prepared all this for Germany twenty years ago.Twenty years ago, before Baron Skeleton decided to leave Germany, he left Germany with a large number of advanced weapons ahead of that era in the Constance base.Even in this era, these weapons are still ahead.For example, the United States has just begun research on the three warhead missile, but such a new type of weapon has been dormant at the Constance base for 20 years.Now, it s time for them to reappear on the battlefield and shock everyone The weapons are densely displayed there.Enough to inspire any German who sees it, and enough to scare every enemy.The emergence of these weapons will have an unimaginable impact on the defense of Berlin The emergence of these weapons.It will even change the direction of the war Tremble, battlefield Tremble, Allies Tremble, all enemies of Germany None of them would have thought that the Skull Baron had unconsciously prepared for this war twenty years ago Now, it s time to activate these weapons Of course, these weapons need operators.Are you going to wake them up too Elena reacted immediately.Wang Weiyi just smiled faintly Yes, they have fought in loneliness until now, and have preserved our main force overseas.They should wake up.Except for his companions, no one can know the true meaning of the word awake Eight hundred and sixty nine.Christmas Eve Mr.Baron, Mr.Baron Such a cry came from behind.Wang Weiyi and his companions glanced at each other and smiled wryly.After all, someone recognized the Baron.Looking back, it turned out to be the Haha who had helped a lot in Schrottenburg But at this time, Ham has already put on a military uniform, and there are two soldiers around his age beside him.At that time, after completing the mission in Schrottenburg, all the local Germans left there.Heading towards Berlin.It is impossible to know how many hardships they encountered on the road, but at least, more than half of them successfully entered Berlin, including Ham.Reinforcement All personnel enter the first level combat state Hurry up Are you Miss Huanghua Can t you move faster Hurry up A senior officer ran through the crowd in his command car, and gave the final pre war order Listen up, this mission must be taken seriously We want to complete the task in the shortest time with the fastest speed cbd spryer for gummies All for the freedom and honor of Germany yes All for the freedom and honor of Germany The shouts of everyone shook the mountains and rivers.It is not difficult to hear that the morale level is high enough for this German soldier to wipe out the enemy in an instant.When you have fulfilled your mission gloriously, I will cook here and wait for you foolish boys to return Home for dinner The senior officer was obviously satisfied with everyone s morale, so he started joking.

Marshal Waltuksky is simply a coward who doesn t care about his subordinates Yes, cowards, this one is an out and out coward Since even the commander has escaped, what s the point of them staying here What to continue to fight, what to continue to persevere, it is simply nonsense.All the staff officers and remaining officers dispersed, just like the Russian army that was disintegrating.Among these people, Major Tassowski was probably the one who felt the most frustrated.He regretted not being able to tell the Germans the news of Marshal Huatuksky s escape in time, otherwise, it would be a miracle.However, there is another way When the officers began to collapse, he found more than a dozen officers who were usually very good, and told them Why are we running away We have more to do than to run away.At this time, the assassins suddenly stopped shooting, and then a voice sounded Mr.Moyol.Don cbd gummies hawaii robhots cbd gummies t shoot Wang Weiyi was startled, Mr.Moyol Does anyone here know the alias they use most often Then the voice continued Mr.Moyol, I m walking towards you now.I m not carrying a weapon.Wang Weiyi looked there, and a man in a jacket was walking towards him with his hands raised high, and his Those companions stopped shooting, and instead HCMUSSH cbd spryer for gummies watched the surroundings vigilantly.The jacket walked up to Wang Weiyi Mr.Moyol, this is Capone, and I was sent by Mr.Elliott to assist you.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything Capone put down his hands Mr.Elliot told me to help you gain Migroski s trust.We found out the course of action between you and Tatiana today, so we deliberately staged a good show here.Even if he does escape, Colonel Guadrav has the ability to catch him back in the first place.Wang Weiyi saw a car and a bus driving out.Sitting in front was Marshal Kolkorok.His family was on the bus in the back.Then, two more black cars drove out, closely following behind.They were the agents in charge of protecting the Marshal s safety.Wang Weiyi started the car and quietly followed behind There was nothing unusual along the way, and it was calm all the way out of Moscow.At this time, Wang Weiyi was also a little curious, where is Capone going to do it What kind of method are you going to use Several cars stopped at a nice view in the outskirts, and Marshal Kolkorok stepped out of the car first.Then his family got off the bus one after another.The faces of the medical marijuana cbd gummies adults are solemn, because they know what is about to happen today.After reading all these materials, HCMUSSH cbd spryer for gummies Pulandi s anger can no longer be expressed in words 70,000 US dollars, 100 million US dollars, and the previous aid, were used by him.To these places.Shameless act, this is the most shameless act.Some members of Congress are very dissatisfied with the government s aid to Russia on such a large scale.If these truths are exposed, Mr.President will suffer a heavy blow Pressure.Ah, it seems that the previous report of the Moscow Herald is completely trueGod, I am imagining how the President will face the questioning of those congressmen Difficult.Fristoia sighed The truth will always be the truth.No matter how hard we try to cover it up, everyone will know it sooner or later.Mr.Ambassador, I think you should have reported to the President about the suggestions I gave you before Prandi nodded silently Fristoya had already had a meeting with him before.One after another, there was a clamor of flames.It turned out that Rudock found a box of Russian grenades and landmines in a camp.In order to create a bigger sensation, Ruddock directly detonated such a large amount of explosives.Troman, look, the Russians cbd spryer for gummies are calling.Damn, how could they have such a fast speed.Troman shook his head, the movement should be made by Ruddock.He still gave the order, but now he can say such words.Ah, I m sorry.Troman walked over and grabbed Sweet s arm with his left hand.Huh Sweet turned around, and suddenly found that Troman slammed a knife on cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies his neck.Immediately afterwards, his body fell limply, without any reaction In stronghold a, nearly 3,000 Russian soldiers flocked here.They had just finished cleaning the battlefield, and the battle was truly extraordinary.Where can I go Although I am Gregory s confidant, the Grand Duke has never really trusted me.Especially after I was in charge of the oil field development in Armenia, everything in Moscow has been done.Being closely monitored and controlled, Migros suddenly found that he seemed to be a wild animal cbd spryer for gummies locked in a cage, and he didn t know where to run out.He even felt a sense of despair It s time to think about yourself, Mr.Migroski.Wang Weiyi looked at the other party calmly Russia is undergoing tremendous changes, and you know this better than anyone else.Do you think Gregory can really Have you always protected you Do you think that after the Grand Duke failed, he would still consider you Who do you think wrote that letter Migroski was a little confused That s for you I am the mysterious person who wrote to tell you that all this is a hoax When Mr.

The heart of a greedy cbd spryer for gummies person is a bottomless pit that can never be filled.The vicious circle formed by greed, fantasizes that he will enjoy wealth forever, and even wants his offspring to also Enjoy wealth forever The greedy are really the poorest people.Wang Weiyi said lightly Everyone is like this.Mr.Frost, Mr.Casanovich, my task here has been completed, and I will leave the finishing work to you.I think we won t see each other again for a long time. I really hope to work with you again.Frost said sincerely.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly, and then stood up.When he came to the hall of the house contract exchange, he saw all kinds of desperate and depressed faces.Then, he saw that he was alone.Alice playing.He came to Alice s side Where s your mother Oh, Mr.Moyol, where is cbd spryer for gummies she Alice pointed forward Mr.Wang Weiyi nodded solemnly Yes, the whole world knows it now.That s my responsibility too Boris pretended to wipe the corner of his eyes I m ashamed of myself.My ancestors, I have not been able to keep the inheritance left by my ancestors well.Wang Weiyi sneered in his heart, but still said respectfully on his face It has nothing to do with you, Your Majesty, if you have to pursue responsibility , This responsibility will be entirely borne by the Grand Duke alone.Murderous intent had already arisen in Boris heart.The only thing that made him helpless was that he didn t have any army and power in his hands Wang Weiyi couldn cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies t hide the change in his face Your Majesty, please allow me to say something disrespectful.Russia is the Tsar Russia.It s your Russia.It s definitely not a person like Gregory who controls everything.Because there are two female bodyguards by my side who have been watching me This is Gregory s first life saving money.Solkina, and then he should arrange his second life saving fund.And he will give this fund to Rona Nova.Rona Nova is such a person, no matter what kind of grievance she suffers, she can also Endure, especially for her own family members.Over what is cbd gummy worms the years, no matter how she treated her daughter, Rona Nova has always endured silently and never complained.To a certain extent, he Trusting Rona Nova even surpassed trusting his own son Ilya It was also 300,000 dollars, and it was also placed in a black suitcase.This time Gregory did not make any temptations, but Just let Ronanova put it away, and left Moscow overnight, hid in the safe house cbd spryer for gummies she had prepared long ago, and was not allowed to say goodbye to her husband and children.A decent piece of clothing, but when he wasn t looking, Khmelitsky and I rushed up and strangled Kasgirov Unfortunately, at this time, Kasjirov s The granddaughter just showed up, I was completely overwhelmed, but Khmelitsky strangled the poor little girl without hesitation, God, the little girl is only 8 years old The auditorium was silent, and Khmelitsky s sweat kept falling.Fritoyaf gave him a cold look and then continued to read After the little girl died, Khmelitsky Ji was worried that someone would see it, so he took out the pistol he had prepared and told me to kill everyone here.Anyway, this place is very remote, and no one can hear the shooting.I think there is no other way, so I can only do this.On that night, none of the 17 members of Kasjivov robhots cbd gummies s family survived, and we were all covered in blood.Oops Steinman suddenly exclaimed.Romeo, where did your team of tanks go Steinman then remembered the team of tanks just now.The British army didn t have many tanks.This team of tanks must also be precious, but judging from the current situation, this team of tanks is in danger.Lost contact We lost contact with the left field Leave them alone for now Get out of there quickly I can t keep it there Romeo knows that the deterioration of the war situation is inevitable, not to mention that they have caused such losses to the US military, but he can t help feeling sorry for the deaths of so many brothers.The war has ruined the hope of happiness in so many people s hearts.clear Steinman s face was low, for some reason, he felt a little sad and angry at this moment, he swallowed his saliva Romeo, do you want to give up Romeo didn t expect Steinman to ask him so bluntly.But, Field Marshal Ernst Brahm, the last gentleman.After finishing his gentlemanly deeds, he continues He showed his ferocious fangs on the battlefield The German offensive quickly resumed after a short pause After the afternoon, Wang Weiyi put all the troops of the German Grossdeutschland Regiment, the Kirk Tank Assault Group and the British Royal Second Division.Re launched a crazy attack on Hannover.The British Royal Third Division was regarded by him as the general reserve team.He is unwilling to give the enemy any chance to breathe, he must use can cats have cbd gummies wave after wave of attacks to completely defeat the enemy s defense.Time is the most precious thing for him and the German troops.war.Still performing according to his wishes Commodore Dolby at this time.Only the strength of an infantry regiment was left in Hanover, and all the troops were completely used outside the city.

Thirty seconds is never enough Pozik exclaimed.The downpour drenched almost everyone present.The raindrops hit the body, making my kid ate cbd gummies a muffled sound.The clothes were wet from the rain and stuck to the body, making people very uncomfortable.The goggles were speckled with rain, and the boots felt like they were in the mud.It just sucks.Woo Two Diamond helicopters flew over the battlefield, rolling up the rain curtain.Corporal Jakes stood next to Gawyn and was about to rush out of cover.As a result, unfortunately, he got a bullet and fell to the ground with a snort.Gawyn reached out with one hand, reached Jax as best he could, and dragged him into his cover.Oh.Damn it Gawyn cursed, pulling out a tourniquet.Help Jacks bandage the wound.He found that Jakes had been shot in the left arm.Although Jakes was not life threatening, his entire left arm was blown off almost below the joint.This is unwise, although he sympathizes with Enova, it is definitely an unwise choice.Brought down, this honest and fearless soldier was reviled by almost everyone.Sometimes bravery brings tragedy to itself Mr.Khatri, Mr.Sinager, and Mr.Enova s testimonies have confirmed that you have an inseparable relationship with the murder case.The prosecutor s eyes fixed on the two people standing in the dock You Plead guilty No, I don t plead guilty, I deny all the charges robhots cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus scam Sinager said without hesitation I am a patriot, I have contributed almost all of my life to this country, and I have done nothing wrong.Anything, everything I do is for France.Aynover lies there, I never gave orders like that, ah, it s all from Katri, yes, it s all from Katri Sinagh, can you be more shameless Khatri yelled out furiously Can you touch your conscience and say these words You can tell them all the truth, who is in control Is this government under control Ah, Mrs.Yes, it will be dawn soon.Guderian glanced at his good friend Ernst, you won t leave this time, right Wang Weiyi Nodded I won t leave this time.I m like a prodigal son who is far away from home.I m always looking for my own home, but in fact, I suddenly found that home is right next to me.Where is the person , where is the location of home On August 21, 1966, Marshal Heinz William Guderian ordered the Flame purekana premium cbd gummies shark tank cbd spryer for gummies Assault to officially begin The Waffen SS Brunsburg Panzer Division reappeared on the battlefield.Facing the U.S.fighter planes taking off from the Nordic base, these heroic German pilots are doing their best to support the German soldiers on the ground The missiles roared like crazy.There was a great and terrible roar of artillery shells The rumbling armored units were ready to attack Clouds of flames burned in the air, and black smoke rose from the planes.After the Lucy s death incident , Dove.Miles even said We should really thank those white people, what a good thing they did.Every time a nigger is killed, we can make our country more orderly.Although this is said in some Students don t sound so appropriate.But his words still attracted more admirers.These niggers are crazy.Blair, one of Dove Miles followers and the most sycophant, hurriedly said, They actually called us white bastards.Then what are you still standing here for Dorf glared at Blair very dissatisfied There has never been such a shameful thing happened in Castri College.Are we really a bunch of cowards We are white, and we are this country in the United States.Kill them, kill these lawless niggers Stimulated by such words, the minds of this group of students suddenly became impulsive, and countless people rushed up with a boom This is another incident that shook the United States after the Luci s death incident , and it is called the Cassily College Incident.What cbd spryer for gummies a terrible effect the war has brought However, it is completely different now, and he has been considering whether his loyal service to the Fenton government is still necessary just let He is paradoxical that if he provides this information, he will undoubtedly become a shameful traitor to Britain Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, we may have other ways to solve this incident Latorfort tentatively asked For example, I can offer a huge ransom, and I think the kidnappers might be interested.Minister La Torrefort, I think you may have some simple ideas.Wang Weiyi laughed Do you really think that the kidnappers did it because of the ransom Do you think your money is enough to impress those kidnappers No, they won t even listen to the condition for a second.Of course, I don t want cbd spryer for gummies to make it difficult for you.However, the constant changes in the past few months have caused such loyalty to change rapidly.Especially during the release of the Yinhe hostages, countless officials felt that they had been deceived and betrayed by the Fenton government.Should they still swear allegiance to the Fenton government unconditionally Once people s hearts change, it will be a very terrible thingthe belief that they once collapsed makes them have to make necessary changes It s not that Fenton, Wilkins, and Capanong are cbd spryer for gummies recipe for cbd gummies unaware of this situation, but they are also powerless.At the moment of crisis, everyone s mood is completely different, and even they themselves are seriously pessimistic about the prospect of war.Only General Gandra reluctantly redeployed the combat adjustment, but he was not optimistic about how effective this adjustment would be.

A tank ready to go.It was roaring and waiting for the final order.There is no need for any more mobilization for war, all officers and soldiers know what they are supposed to do On October 12, 1966, with Romeo s order, the Southampton Armageddon broke out.Southampton.This historic city.After weathering the bombardment from the air, the threat from the ground must now be dealt with.All have abandoned their illusions, and every one is well aware of their responsibility to end war with war When the guns start to blare, when the tanks roar, flames will be the main rhythm here, and the sound of guns will be the main melody here.Unless one side is unable to support and falls first, this kind of war music can never be stopped.Major General Bacchus is very grateful to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol for finding him in advance, otherwise his troops have already suffered losses in the artillery fire.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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