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Manstein is not a person who likes to put on airs, but he was born in a big aristocratic family since he was a child, and he always has some aristocratic temperament in him, which is incompatible with a commoner like Wang Weiyi.Therefore, the previous conversation was somewhat estranged.But now it s completely different.Manstein would even throw a few jokes in the conversation, after all, everyone is young.Guo Yunfeng and Adolf Hitler had been standing behind Wang Weiyi, and they couldn t get in the way on such an occasion.Hey, young people, what are you talking about there, can you let us two old men know Following this voice, a burly figure with a thick mustache and a slightly thin figure with the same Germans with mustaches and frock coats appeared.Wang Weiyi felt that these two people looked familiar, but he couldn t remember where he saw them.

Don t hesitate, Ernst.Richthofen let go of his hand Time is very precious.There is only one and a half hours before the banquet.If you want to act, you must hurry up.Wang Weiyi 80 mg cbd gummies calmed down Thank you.Manstein said seriously Now is not the time to say thank you, Ernst, tell us your plan, we know you must have a perfect plan.At this point, Wang Weiyi also No longer hiding anything, he brought several people back into the house, and spread out a hand drawn map on the table According to the information from Elena, Pompestein is a very cautious person.Except for actions, he stays in the intelligence agency almost all day.We only have one chance.He has some problems with his heart, so the doctor advised him to He walks for half an hour every day.His walking route is fixed, and he is always accompanied by four people from the intelligence agency to protect him.

Fargud asked to refill the two glasses Captain Ernst, I heard that you were made a baron by William II, which is very worthy of my respect.You have to know that if the Emperor Napoleon was still alive, I would also be a member of the noble family.My ancestors are very famous in France Fargud babbled about the glory of his ancestors for more than 20 minutes, and then he asked casually as if he remembered something As a captain, can you command a battalion for me Very surprised, I remember that in the German army even a lieutenant colonel was not surprising 80 mg cbd gummies to command a battalion.Ah, all your supplementary battalions have arrived.No, Colonel.Wang Weiyi smiled It is my first team of trench assault.Colonel Fargud was taken aback for a moment Ah, how many hundred people are in your team Less than twenty people.

At this time, a person was waiting to appear Baron Alexon August and Prince Joachim sat side by side in the special auditorium specially prepared HCMUSSH 80 mg cbd gummies for them, and the expressions of the two looked very calm and calm.In the end, Prince Joachim couldn t bear it any longer.He couldn t help but said, Baron Alexon hasn t appeared yet Doesn t he dare to face this trial My dear brother, the trial is coming soon.It doesn t start until eight o clock.August said lightly Baron Alexon is willing to face all challenges.Prince Joachim smiled noncommittal This time is not a challenge, but a trial.My brother, you Do you think he is guilty Ah, I almost forgot, Baron Alexon once saved your life.My loyalty is to Germany, not to someone.August was still so calm can cbd gummies help with constipation 80 mg cbd gummies If Asia Baron Alexson is really guilty of treason, and I will be the first to vote for his hanging.

Adjutant As for you, I think tying you up is the best choice.These daring Germans swaggered in here, and now they swaggered away under the protection of Major Kiriyenko here.I saw Major Kiriyenko come out with the people who had just carried the body.Those Russian officials didn t dare to ask the major what he was doing at this time At the corner of the street, Okus truck was already waiting there, and Wang Weiyi asked Major Kiriyenko to After getting into the cab, he held the gun against the major s waist Major, we just want to leave More than two hours have passed, but there is still no trace of the Germans.Where did they go This made Vasilevsky puzzled.If it was yourself, what would you do Where will you hide yourself cbd gummies how fast to kick in so that you won t be found There must be some negligence on his part Have you seen any strangers Vasilevsky heard a soldier asking not far away.

otherwise.I will kill you, Ivanovic and those people.I can do it in a minute Mistanov s face was full of panic.Although the other party s tone was calm, he believed that he could do it This group of daring people dared to go deep into the tiger s den to go to Fandis.Do they still care about killing people Mr Moyol.Calm down, calm downI ll go and get you the gold coins Wang Weiyi smiled again at the trembling voice of the other 80 mg cbd gummies party, and put away his gun Ten minutes, my time is very short valuable.Of course, you can also try to escape.No.No, please trust me.Seeing Mistanov leave his room in a state of embarrassment, Wang Weiyi finally buttoned the last button.Major, how are you Adolf in full dress.Hitler rushed in.You go to the truck and wait for me first, I ll be there in a while.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette and said.

The automatic completion of the task this time may be a sign, but it is more likely to be an accident Wang Weiyi could hardly believe what he heard, and it was also hard to believe that one day Ziguang military base would be controlled by him.Once this day comes, how terrible it will be No, what a pleasant thing I can travel in any time and space, and there can cbd gummies help with constipation 80 mg cbd gummies are no damn mission restrictions anymore.And this also made him feel rekindled A thing that had already been forgotten go home The dream of going home once seemed so far away, but now Xiao Ling gave himself hope again Okay, don t have this dream, even if it is true Yes, that s a long way off.Xiao Ling s words interrupted Wang Weiyi s dream Let s talk about the problem between Crown Prince William and Prince Joachim Crown Prince and Prince What does this have to do with me Xiao Ling didn t care what the other party was thinking In history, cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking Prince Joachim suffered from depression because he formally joined the army.

The real richest ones are the Rothschild family and the Wittgenstein family Wang Weiyi nodded half understanding.He knows the Rothschild family, but the Wittgenstein family is very strange Very.When they were called the Sixth Empire in Europe, the United States had not yet been founded.Ah, also, when they paid Kolchak and Denikin to fight Lenin, no country in the entire European country helped them with money, and their family was fighting Lenin Wang Weiyi gasped.A family is fighting against a huge state power God, what kind of family is this I can t describe the wealth of this family in words, but there hasn t been a family in hundreds of years Can surpass them in wealth, the Rothschild family can t either Carl who brought their family to glory.Wittgenstein was born in Germany, later moved to Austria, and quickly became the richest man in the Austro Hungarian Empire, and the Rothschild family can only hold a candle to it.

Wang Weiyi nodded.I think so too, but it s a pity that no one is willing to listen to us Nicholas sighed Actually, I thought that you would be the first to oppose me I I am not against you, nor agree with you Wang Weiyi said lightly Everything I do is for this country.On the basis of national interests, all personal grievances can be temporarily put aside.Maybe you It s the same kind of personyou think I m a traitor, so cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking you want to dig me does katie couric sell cbd gummies out as a worm at all costsbut do you still think I m does cbd gummies give you diarrhea a traitor now I don t I think you are a traitor, but I still have my doubts about the miracle you performed on the Somme before.Nicholas replied very frankly The battle of Reims Soissons will come soon.When you are on the battlefield After another outstanding performance last time, I think I will apologize to you Wang Weiyi smiled, Nicholas was really exactly the same as the director of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff that he knew.

There were explosions, gunpowder smoke, and blood everywhere, and the terrified cries of the Italians could be heard everywhere.A large number of poison gas bombs were also ruthlessly thrown at the enemy s position.In an instant, bursts of yellow smoke floated on the position along with the gunpowder smoke This is the smoke that is enough to kill people, and it is the most terrifying thing on the battlefield.weapons Human civilization is getting more and more advanced, and more and more new weapons have been invented by humans.When every war ends, the people who die are completely unimaginable in the era of cold weapons.Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of casualties are not surprising given the continuous emergence of new weapons flooding the battlefield.Those veterans who have survived countless wars can still bear it silently, but those new recruits who have just stepped onto the battlefield for buy blue raspberry cbd gummies online the first time can easily collapse under such an attack Some of them People yelled, some cried bitterly, some even became insane War This is the cruelest and most helpless war Italians 3000 artillery pieces and mortars are also desperately fighting back, but the Italian artillery is almost three times ahead of the German army.

Blow up the bridge at 10 30 am.The enemy s third charge has been repelled.Above the head, the French aviation is constantly dropping bombs.On the ground, in addition to the infantry s attack, the French cannons are also clamoring frantically.But Stark and the others still haven t arrived.Wang Weiyi and his team members bore the heaviest pressure.The French rushed up wave after wave, and the commando stubbornly stood on its own position without retreating a step.In rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes 80 mg cbd gummies fact, the French at this time are also strange.The enemy has recaptured the Marne River Bridge, and they can leave easily, but what are they waiting for They will not understand the truest thoughts in the hearts of these Germans Hold on, hold on until the last brother appears Never back down Beasley really felt the strongest shock he had never seen such a group of stupid and stupid soldiers.

Thinking 80 mg cbd gummies of this, he raised his head Can you help me get an appointment with him Can Lu Mingzhai thought for a while This person likes to dance the most, and he often goes to the Paramount Ballroom.Go there and find a suitable one.Manager Wang, you can have a simple dinner with me first, and I will take you to him after dinner.That s troublesome, Boss Lu Wang Weiyi said with a faint smile.Three hundred and sixteen.Sociability The banquet is in full bloom, and the guests are here.The men and women are so happy The sage Yin Yin introduced this gentleman, this gentleman is generous, this lady is beautiful and talented, and the two are so dear to each other, sitting in a row in the Paramount Ballroom , a showgirl is singing the most popular song of this era, Express , and on the dance floor, men and women dance lightly.

She suddenly remembered a strange thing, twenty years have passed, she cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking has become a middle aged woman from a girl who doesn t understand anything, but why Mr., still so young and handsome Does he know some magic Over there, Wang Weiyi let Guo Yunfeng and Elena continue to monitor the movements of the Japanese from HCMUSSH 80 mg cbd gummies a distance, and he had to talk to the Russian woman about something.After Guo Yunfeng and Elena cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking left, Wang Weiyi returned to Anna.Before he could speak, Anna asked impatiently Mr.Many people know your name not only in Germany, but also in Russia.But you have been missing for so many years, cbd gummies help with anxiety why are you still so young Why is your appearance the cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking same as in my memory Wang Weiyi smiled Because I have been in x z ng these years, and I have found peace of mind x z ng Anna was stunned.Can the peace of mind keep young Three hundred and thirty eighth.

Luo where to buy smilz cbd gummies Lisa just said that, and she suddenly froze thereAfter a while, for some reason, the lady s voice trembled Is it A Midsummer Night s Dream that is playing outside Prossie listened Yes, what s the matter Madame This piece of your favorite is often played here Yes, but Lorisa s voice really A little trembling ButI suddenly had a feeling, and I don t know why, this feeling is very strong At this time, the music outside changed again and became Beautiful Melusina prelude Mrs.Rorisa s whole body became stiff, and she was listening there in a daze, listening Then, Rorisa said word by word He is here Who, madam Proxi didn t understand at all.He s back, I can feel it, she s really back Mrs.Rorisa s voice was still trembling, but there was great joy in her voice Prossie, I swear, I I can feel that he is outside right now She tried her best to can cbd gummies help with constipation 80 mg cbd gummies control her trembling body, and then rushed out like crazy Proxi was 80 mg cbd gummies cbd condor gummies dumbfounded, 80 mg cbd gummies since his first day as his wife s housekeeper, he has never I ve never seen my wife lose her composure before Luo Lisa, what s wrong with you Seeing Luo Lisa rushing out, Hermione quickly asked, What happened He s back, he s back Lorisa kept repeating this sentence I can feel it, I can feel it Where is he, where is he Her She kept searching the crowd, she swore that he really came back Her gaze fell on the pianoBeside the piano, stood a man wearing a white royal parade dress.

But here, I must have the final say I decide your life and death It was quiet, and Wang Weiyi s majesty overwhelmed the group of Germans.The German army is indeed very capable of fighting, I know this.Wang Weiyi slowed down his tone slightly But my troops are also capable of fighting.Even when facing the German army, I will not feel afraid.I will do my best to win every battle Here, no one can question every word I say, all you have to do is to obey unconditionally Even if your head of state, Adolf Hitler, is here, on my territory, I still have the final say Kroller, Hannah, and Werner listened and gasped.In Germany, and even in the whole of Europe, no one dared to say that about the head of state.They probably would never have imagined that in front of them When this Chinese general became a German major general, their head 80 mg cbd gummies of state was no more than a staff sergeant Is anyone leaving Wang Weiyi asked coldly.

The mortarmen fired shells continuously, trying their best 80 mg cbd gummies to weaken the enemy s defense force as much as possible.The grenadiers, the grenadiers, began to rain grenades one after another at the enemy, and there was nothing that could stop the squadron s determination to seize this place Wang Weiyi personally led the skeleton team to appear on the battlefield.These Germans led by him showed a high degree of rigorous fighting literacy.They strictly followed the gestures of officers at all levels and kept moving forward.Machine guns and submachine guns are their most reliable fire cover, and grenades are a sharp weapon for them to clear the way forward.And the skull battle flag is the source of all their courage What does this battle flag signify Means an undefeated myth Even if they are in far away China now, they swear that they will never tarnish this battle flag Wang Weiyi once said General Ernst must be watching them Several grenades that were used together smashed the grenades at each other viciously.

Wang Weiyi didn t order the pursuit, and didn t even have the slightest intention of consolidating the position.Instead, he quickly led his team members out of here.Their goal was the next position Advance layer by layer, each small position has been conquered, and the nearest target is getting closer A heavy machine gun kept clamoring there, and the Japanese army officer continued to direct the machine gunners to shoot, blocking the Chinese soldiers rushing up.The 80 mg cbd gummies Skeleton Team s assault speed was temporarily hindered.But at this time, a voice suddenly came from behind, Wang Weiyi turned his head and found that it was Long Yin who was panting and brought two soldiers, carrying a mortar.Luluzao is exhausting me.Seeing cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummies for sexual enhancement Luzao, Long Yin panted, You guys are too fast, you should wait for us.Longyin, kill that firepower point for me Wang Weiyi didn t Kung fu and him nonsense about this.

Lu Daxiong glared at Zhang Sandao, then looked at Guo Yunfeng, saw that he was still confused, and hurriedly said Brother Xiaohua, what s wrong with you Do you remember The Germans attacked , the British all ran away, and then we counted the number, and you were missing from the Chinese workers.We all thought you were dead You are still alive, great Why have you not changed at all 15 mg cbd gummy effects after 80 mg cbd gummies so many years Germany The United Kingdom Huagong In Guo Yunfeng s mind, he always felt that there were some fragments flashing, but no matter what, he couldn t catch what he had forgotten What s going on Following the voice, Wang Weiyi came over, and Guo Yunfeng and Zhang Sandao hurriedly stood at attention Traveler Zhang Sandao told the story back and forth, and Wang Weiyi soon understood what was going on More than 20 years ago, members of the National Labor Brigade met Guo Yunfeng.

F hrer, your clothes are here.Office Ren Bowman said carefully.Adolf Hitler stood up immediately and put on the military uniform with Bormann s help.It was the sergeant uniform of the Skeleton Commando, the highest rank Adolf Hitler received before leaving the army.Bowman, what do you think of me wearing this suit Adolf Hitler kept looking in front of the mirror.Very well, but you are the head of the empire, why do you wear a sergeant s uniform Bowman, Bowman, you don t understand.Hitler said to his office staff with a smile I was the happiest during the days in the Skeleton Commando.Ah, you will never think that we all once Did something.We got up to Reims, where we slapped the French.We got up to Russia, and Russia was turned upside down by us.You honolulu haze cbd gummies know, Bowman When Russia broke out, in We had at least thirty divisions of Russians in front of us blocking our way Thirty divisions Bowman muttered in his heart.

Baron Alexon, welcome home.In the manor, Butler Vidlio and all the servants of the manor were already waiting for the baron s return.If you pay attention, you can see tears in Butler Videlio s eyes.Butler Videlio, I m back.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Butler Videlio controlled his excitement Your Excellency the Baron, you are not an upright gentleman.You said you would cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking come back back then, but there has been no news of you for so many years.But I still come back It s gone, isn t it Wang Weiyi smiled.He stepped forward and hugged his loyal housekeeper with all his might Butler Videlio seemed to be frightened, and hurriedly left the baron Your Excellency the Baron, I am your butler, and I cannot do this in your capacity.Wang Weiyi laughed haha.It has been so many years, but Butler Videlio is still so particular about the rules.

Mr.Marshal, what do you think of the free French movement in London The free French movement led by Charles de Gaulle Wang Weiyi said indifferently In France, there is only one legal z ngf , and it is here.The French z ngf got it It is recognized by every country in the world except the United Kingdom, which is its legality.As for the z y u French movement, I think they have their own, but the appeal should not be in the form of violence, they can send representatives to Paris to carry out the second Face to face talks.You invited the Z y u French Movement to Paris for negotiations In an instant, everything fell silent.Yes, you heard it right.Wang Weiyi nodded cbd gummies sarasota Why can t we do this I think this is a good suggestion.The war in France is over, and although there are still sporadic resistance, the new French zh ngf has been established , and will always maintain a close relationship with Germany.

Everything went very smoothly at first, cbd gummies keep calm but until the appearance of Baron Alexon, everything changed.He couldn t forget the humiliation Baron Alexon brought him, and couldn t forget those painful pasts.If it weren t for Baron Alexon, he would have been promoted to general long ago, instead of being promoted to major general until the fall of Paris.The shame must be repaid with blood Moreover, Baron Alexon has blatantly challenged himself.Although he is speaking to all resistance organizations in France, in De Sade s view, he is targeting himself at all kill him The only way to wash away the shame is to kill him Tomorrow, 80 mg cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep Ernst s itinerary is to personally supervise the release of captured members of the resistance organization in the morning, and in the afternoon he will go to St.Mary s Hospital to visit sick children.

But I don t hope to use them someday.to it.When Wang Weiyi said the last sentence, he put away his smile and became very serious.Indeed, he did not want to use the atomic bomb, but only wanted Germany to have this terrible ultimate weapon.In other words, having the atomic bomb earlier than the United States, of course, Wang Weiyi is very happy to see some other new weapons appearing earlier.Although weapons are not an important factor in determining the outcome of a war, powerful weapons can undoubtedly be of great help to those heroic German soldiers.For this reason, when he was in Berlin, he had already asked Hitler to build a brand new and huge academy of sciences.The name was to specialize in the study of civilian technology, but what was the core Only a few people in the whole of Germany know about nature made cbd gummies it.

Accompanied by them is the SS commando of the SS.The artillery is roaring, the g34 is roaring, and the p40 is also roaring Make the ground tremble, make the enemy tremble, and make the whole battlefield tremble In the name of Ernst onwards The positions of the Soviet army had already been blasted to pieces.How could those tofu like lines of defense stop such a violent attack by the German army The Russians wailed under the tracks of the tanks, and the Soviet soldiers died under the blast of bullets.The resistance was so weak.Under the rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes 80 mg cbd gummies surging attack, the Soviet army was at a loss.The officers didn t know what to do, the soldiers didn t know what to do.Even their senior commanders don t know what to do.Some brave Soviet soldiers, in such a passive situation, stubbornly organized a counterattack, but soon a German trench commando appeared in front of their position This is an old tradition of skeleton masters.

Hi, I m Kantelski, and this is my ID.Wang Weiyi did not know how many times he took out his ID.The man took a brief look I am Hodwig, the chief of the Second Division of the Anti Corrective War Committee.What are you doing here, Comrade Colonel I was ordered by Marshal Timoshenko to investigate him.I have a question about an officer.Wang Weiyi immediately said You can call to confirm.He was not worried at all, no matter who Hodwig called, Xiaoling would take care of it.Sure enough, Hodwig was calling After a phone call, his face became more polite Comrade Colonel, please come to cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking my office.Okay, Comrade Hodwich.Walking towards the office, Wang Weiyi asked casually Just now What s the matter with that major.It s just a coward.Hodevich pushed open the door of his office During the Demyansk annihilation battle, he abandoned his position and ran back to Moscow, where we caught him Execution by shooting, there is no doubt about it.

Mr.Hodwich, let s be honest.Wang Weiyi sighed When we were on the front 80 mg cbd gummies line, we attacked a German headquarters and got a batch of very valuable Things.That gold watch is one of them, and we still have some in our hands, but we can t get rid of it under cover.Hodwig s eyes lit up.It has long been heard that those HCMUSSH 80 mg cbd gummies senior commanders on the front line caught a lot of valuable things during the war, and some even put them in trucks.It now appears that the rumor is true.What are they Hodwig asked nonchalantly, Maybe I can help you find a way.Wang Weiyi took out a suitcase.Lower your voice Marshal Timoshenko said that as long as these things can be safely sold, the person who actually handles this matter can get 30 of the profit.Hordevich s heart beat, and Timoshenko The marshal s things must be the same.

But still stubbornly maintain their ancient and dignified tradition.across from them.It is the van der Wegney battle group of the German army s elite armed skeleton division.The German officers and organic cbd gummies reviews soldiers of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment were stunned and at a loss for a short time when they saw countless horses appearing on the battlefield.What s wrong Why are there so many cavalry on the battlefield now Ah, the real cavalry, not the ones that just keep their cavalry numbers.What are these cavalry without artillery cover doing cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummies for sexual enhancement here They re here desperately.Colonel van der Vene shook his head helplessly.He sympathized with these Russians.Such a charge could only make this place a big slaughterhouse.But what can he do German gunners moved into position.The German tank entered the attack position, and the German machine gunner aimed at the front and drew out his command knife.

The 60,000 Turkish elite army, under the fierce attack of the German army, did not hold Istanbul even for a day.And the news that followed made Inonu plunged into great anger and sorrow Marshal Goris, whom he trusted so much, betrayed him The temporarily established Turkish temporary court, under the instruction of Inonu, announced the deprivation of the title of Marshal Goris and all the positions he held.And sentenced Marshal Goris to death in absentia.These are just superficial articles, the most important thing now.How to quickly reverse Turkey s huge passive situation Relying on Turkey s own strength alone will definitely not be able to do this.The 800,000 Turkish military was eaten by the German army at one time.60,000 people , This kind of battle is carried out a few more times, I am afraid that even the strength to defend the capital Ankara will be gone.

The machine guns of both sides fired at each other there.After about a few minutes, the ground under his feet began to tremble.Kleiman looked back and almost couldn t help cheering.The damn Tiger finally found a way around here and appeared on the battlefield.Kleiman kept making gestures, and raised his body a little higher because of anxiety, but a bullet flew past his helmet, which really frightened Kleiman.Fortunately, the Tiger quickly understood what it should do, and the black muzzle aimed at the opponent s machine gun position The Turks quickly discovered the Germans intentions, and the three men with explosive packs in their hands The soldiers rushed out, they wanted to blow up the huge threat posed by the Tiger.But Kleiman and his commandos quickly stopped the three Turks who looked crazy with bullets.

However, our government has entrusted me with the task of serving as the general adviser of the Turkish army in Ankara.Isn t that ironic General Rosen smiled sarcastically The problem is that I 80 mg cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep am a soldier and I must obey Command as my vocation.Swelling.Ambassador Lier heard the helplessness in the general s words.Yes, soldiers must obey orders as their bounden duty, but have those domestic guys thought about other issues How to coordinate the contradiction between Britain and the Soviet Union if the crazy German attack is stopped These two countries have their own interests in Turkey, and no one is willing to give up.Even if the British and Soviet troops really participate in the war, who will command these troops in a unified manner General Rosen sighed When I was in the Somme, I once faced the Skeleton Baron, but I failed that time.

Williams picked up the phone Hello, I want to see Mr.Moyol Mr.Moyol is out.Where is he I have something very important to see him, Must see immediately.I m sorry, sir, I don t know too well.Listen, I m Robben of Kinrank.williams.Mr.Moyol had promised me to see him whenever I needed him.I m sorry, Mr.Williams.We really don t know where Mr.Moyol has gone.He will probably come back in the afternoon, but we can t say for sure.Maybe tomorrow The phone was hung up, Williams was stunned for a while, and then made another call Hey, Miou It s me, Robben, listen, the stock market is booming, can you lend me some capital 80 mg cbd gummies first Ah, fifty million no, no, I m not crazy thirty million Hello, hello The phone was hung up mercilessly.The other party must have thought Williams was crazy Fifty million Thirty million What did he think the money was Williams didn t give up.

After crossing the minefield, the African Army regrouped and prepared to attack Alam Halfa.At this time, the Air Force sent a reconnaissance report, and Rommel couldn t help but have an ominous premonition.The Air Force reported that the British army had built a very strong position on this ridge, and the 44th Infantry Division, which had recently been transferred from the British, was found among the defenders.It was too late for Afrika Korps to withdraw from the battle at this time.The African Army attacked.At the beginning, the attack was relatively smooth, but the follow up Italian troops were trapped by minefields and failed to catch up in time.And Montgomery has mobilized more than 400 tanks and a large number of anti can cbd gummies help u lose weight tank guns to strengthen the troops defending the ridge.Under the tenacious resistance of the British army, the offensive force of the African Army became more and more weak.

During the handover with General Stemm, Rommel repeatedly emphasized that Montgomery could not encircle the corps flanks and might break through from the front.Therefore, the frontal defense must be greatly strengthened.Rommel finally warned Once the British army launches a large scale offensive, I will make a request to the F hrer and 80 mg cbd gummies Marshal Ernst at any 80 mg cbd gummies cost to return here and continue fighting.Shidem frowned.Rommel seemed to have a lot of distrust of his commanding skills, which greatly displeased him.On September 23, Rommel flew out of Africa with a heavy heart.On the way, he made a short stop in Italy.In conversations with the generals of the Italian High Command, he earnestly told them that if they wanted the Panzer Corps to persist in Africa, there must be a fundamental change in logistics.

In addition, he also promised to send a large number of the latest Tiger tanks and a large number of new anti tank guns to Africa Our Tiger tanks will disable the enemy s anti tank guns, and our anti tank guns will be ineffective.Tank guns will destroy any type of enemy tank.Although Hitler s words were full of loopholes and even contradicted himself, for Rommel, who was already despairing of the African war situation, the promise of the head of state was like a shot in the arm.He seemed to see that the armored corps, which had obtained these latest weapons, was chasing the British army with great force, from Alamein to the Suez Canal.The British dismissed such intelligence, Hitler was just deluding himself there Rommel also blamed the Italians for the leak We learned from the captured British officers and 80 mg cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep soldiers I learned that it was the Italians who told them the secret, that they leaked our every move to the British, causing us to fall into the trap that the British had already set Rommel angrily told Hitler Of course most of their soldiers are good, but their officers are all useless guys, a bunch of traitors.

Mussolini was immersed in his own fantasy.What he could never imagine was who had the final say in Germany.Then, I will arrange for you to leave tomorrow.Of course, I will hold a grand banquet for you tonight.Wang Weiyi said calmly.No, no.Mussolini shook his head The enemy s activities are very rampant, and I will not give them another chance.I will leave overnight tonight.Marshal Ernst, I hope you Prepare at least one armored regiment to defend and ensure the safety of the airport.I am willing to serve you, Mr.Prime Minister.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I am looking forward to your next visit.Aha, my friend , I also hope to see you in Rome, and you will receive my most gracious can cbd gummies help with constipation 80 mg cbd gummies hospitality.Mussolini said enthusiastically.Now, there is a secret agreement between Ernst Brehm and Mussolini, some kind of dirty secret agreement Many people will suffer for it, even inexplicably, but any idea When the leader of a country needs victims, these are the people who are forced to be victims.

The future of the Japanese empire.But no one asked what kind of information it was, it s not something they should be asking When he saw Tsukada Gong, Wang Weiyi also felt a little strange.Has this guy not died yet But thinking about it again, according to the calculation of time, he will not die in the hands of the Chinese air defense force in the near future.Wang Weiyi remembered that in the summer of 1942, the Japanese army suffered a disastrous defeat in the Battle of Hunan and Jiangxi, and their morale was depressed.In order to restore this situation, the Japanese Army China Expeditionary Force Command held a high level military meeting in Nanjing with the participation of various military and military commanders of the Japanese invaders, and discussed again the specific military offensive plan of the No.

It is said that he conquered the heart of Queen Elizabeth just by virtue of his charming eyes.1939.At that time, King George VI and his family visited Dartmouth Royal Naval Academy, where 18 year old Philip was studying.Young Philip took his cousins out to a game 80 mg cbd gummies of croquet and tennis in the garden as the future Queen of England and his husband in law met for the first time.In the game, 13 year old Elizabeth noticed Philip s vigorous skills.As King George s yacht, the Victoria and Albert, sailed away from Dartmouth, Philip requisitioned a small rowboat.Full paddling Accompanied by the Royal Yacht and ignoring the Victoria and Albert s increasingly severe warning signs, the future Queen Elizabeth II watched with interest as the handsome fair haired teenager rowed hard.And how his father, King George, yelled this damn fool and how the Yugoslav queen standing nearby was embarrassed when he heard the king s curse, and finally in Uncle Dicky Mountbatten s loud and commanding voice Only then did Philip leave.

or.She has some other intentions Elizabeth seemed excited I agree with your request, but I also have one more request.You must win the top three in this competition before I can Announce.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded.To be honest, he was not sure about getting a good ranking.When he was training before, he did practice rowing, which required strength and skill, and his own skills.Probably the ranking will not be too bad.Moreover, the most important purpose of oneself is not to win any ranking.Instead own a yacht with Princess Elizabeth.At that time, even if Elizabeth did not announce it, I would think of a way Sir Monlington and General Rosen were dumbfounded, they did not expect such a result at all.Terrible, really terrible.This is bound to cause a storm.And it might be a big storm.Elizabeth s absurd idea will throw Europe into chaos.

It is impossible for me to arrest Baron Alexon.Churchill said coldly Mr.de Gaulle, your scope of rights is limited to the Free French Movement and the French National Liberation Committee, not the London asked me what to do.De Gaulle also knew that he had said something wrong, but the situation in front of him was absolutely unacceptable to him.Look at that, the greatest enemy of the Allied Forces is receiving the cheers of the British.His reputation here is simply unbelievable.Soon, there will be a truce between Germany and Britain, so what should France do Without the help of Britain, France will never be able to win liberation on its own.But what can he do now The cheers continued.All cheers for one man Baron Alexon Six hundred and thirty eight.King s Banquet The news that Baron Alexon of Germany and Princess Elizabeth of England jointly won the British Royal Regatta was spread all over the world in an instant.

But from Tsarist Russia to the current Soviet Union.Many Russian officials just couldn t get rid of this habit.It 80 mg cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep seems that this bloodline has been passed down from the moment they entered the army, whether it is the Tsarist Army, The White Guards, or the 80 mg cbd gummies Soviet Red Army That night, Lindelof had already made up his mind to take the initiative, and he must firmly hold such a once in a lifetime opportunity in his own hands.Most of the command All the officers were in favor, and only Tasotsky, the commander of the 190th Infantry Division, raised some different opinions.He believed that the orders 80 mg cbd gummies given to the Third Army by the superiors were to stick to the existing positions, look can cbd gummies help with constipation 80 mg cbd gummies for opportunities to take the initiative to attack, and recapture Ernst as much as possible.Kling.Not at this hour for an all out attack Comrade Tasotsky.

For our own comrades, cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking we should have absolute confidence in them, not doubts Moreover, such fighter planes are fleeting, and frequent reconnaissance will not only arouse the suspicion of the enemy, but also delay our time.So, I decided to launch a full scale attack on Elklin on February 9th What, February 9th Tasotsky was a little surprised Comrade cbd gummies to get you high Commander, this is too hasty. No, comrades, look.Lindelof asked his chief of staff to pull out the map hanging on the wall On the front line, we have three infantry divisions, 190, 191, and 192, as well as the 89th Motorized Brigade and the 17th Armored Division., we are fully equipped to launch a powerful offensive.And within a few hours of the campaign, we could also commit an infantry division and an armored brigade.What about the enemy What does the enemy have Lindelof was very confident at this time.

In the telegram, Marshal Vasilevsky told his subordinates that he asked Jamie to Love must persist here until March 8.In other words, he must persist for two days, but in Demilov s view, this is completely impossible.Now, the operations of the 57th Army are very chaotic , They were completely submerged under the frantic assault of the German tide.Especially those German tanks entering the city, the threat posed was really terrible.The 57th Army has not many armored units, in the mighty German The tank attack had long been defeated.He really couldn t think of any other way to complete Comrade Marshal s order.At 12 o clock, there was a very clear sound of firefighting outside the headquarters The German army has discovered the headquarters of the 57th Army Here is the Guo Yunfeng battle group, and then the Nordland battle group of the Viking Division also joined the battle sequence.

Sipple hurried forward a few steps, but there was still some distance from an effective throw At this time, Dom, who discovered the situation, threw it vigorously regardless of exposing himself to the enemy s firepower.A grenade came out.The grenade exploded outside the enemy s machine gun positions, and the Russian machine guns fired more violently With the help of Dom s cover, Sipple rushed forward again, and finally reached an effective throw Within the range, he tied several grenades together, pulled the fuse, counted them, and then threw them out with all his strength There was a burst of explosions, and the Soviet machine gun position lost its movement Sipple stood up, rushed into the position and swept.The Russians here have all been killed Sipple heaved a long sigh of relief, thanks to the brave Dom, otherwise it would not have been so smooth.

Voroshilov still understands this very well, but he has no time to thank 80 mg cbd gummies Vasilevsky.He must seize all the time and annihilate the Chinese assault group as soon as possible before the German army breaks through the encirclement.Every ounce of power that can be used has appeared on the battlefield The battle has changed from cruelty to more crueltyThe war has changed from death to more deathThe mountains and plains are full of Soviet troops Tanks, all over the mountains and plains are Soviet offensive troops.They didn t know how tired they were to charge again and again, and they piled up corpses into advancing chariots time and time again without fear.I need you to persevere Facing the frenzied attack of the Russians, Wang Weiyi only issued this order I need you to persevere The German army also used all available power, and they had to bear the heavy pressure from the front, wings and rear.

The fierce suppression of enemy artillery, anti tank guns and machine gun fire.Since the German army launched a coordinated counterattack cbd gummy pouches empty to the Soviet army with the air force as the lead, the Soviet offensive troops advanced very difficult and advanced extremely slowly, which greatly reduced the coordination ability among the Soviet armored forces, artillery and infantry.The Stalingrad Front fought hard for several days, and despite heavy casualties, it cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking failed to achieve any tactical goals except to temporarily contain the Luftwaffe s offensive.The situation has become more and more critical for the Russians, and 80 mg cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep at this time a more deadly crisis is quietly approaching the Russians.That is the Myristel commando that is advancing rapidly to the port of Stalingrad.Their bold campaign will soon let the Russians taste the taste of failure.

Moreover, after capturing Stalingrad, the German army quickly launched a storm on the Volga River, judging from the strength in Vasilevsky s hands.There was simply no way to stop the Germans.Stalin also did not want to punish Vasilevsky.What he said just now was nothing more than wanting to vent his anger and shift some of the responsibility to his subordinates.But in front of Zhukov, he couldn t even do this So, tell me, Comrade Zhukov, what should we do now Stalin said sullenly.The German army is advancing fiercely towards Moscow, and it is the three main armies of the German army.The Ernst battle group, the Manstein group and the Guderian group.Zhukov immediately said These three groups have can cbd gummies help with constipation 80 mg cbd gummies reached 2 million to 2 million troops.2.4 million.The equipment is well equipped and the morale is high.

Their strength had been severely depleted, and now the few remaining tanks were almost wiped out.Destroyed cleanly.They did their best, and each of them has done their best Even if they die, they die with a clear conscience.They are worthy of the title of tank soldiers and their country.Their blood testifies their loyalty to the motherland.At this time, some dying Soviet tank soldiers seemed to hemp outlet cbd gummies hear some songs sung in German in the bloody wind No matter the snowstorm or the scorching sun in the sky.No matter the hot day or the cold night.Even if the yellow sand hits the face Come, while we are still in good spirits.Our chariots, gallop to the storm Our chariots, gallop to benefots of cbd gummies the storm If the goddess of fortune, abandon us.If we never, can not return home.If the bullet hits us, it will put an end to our fate.

After more than half of the soldiers were sacrificed, Did they finally kill the German tank However, even if these people were shot by the German infantry in retaliation, none of them escaped back. In order to kill an enemy tank, the soldiers had to pay such a huge sacrifice.Retreat the position a little further.Zhukov ordered decisively Now, the opposite position can still allow the German tanks to move, and retreating two hundred meters will greatly limit the movement of the German tanks.Zhukov The decisive order seems to be effective, and the Soviet army abandoned some positions on the front line.Sure enough, the German tank movement was greatly restricted.But at this time the German commandos and engineers appeared. Their cooperation is so seamless, they are constantly making breakthroughs again and again, and they are constantly accumulating small victories into big victories.

Isn t this what Caesar once said Why were the Romans so frightened when they saw this However, when the professor s eyes fell on the end of the parchment, his whole body was attracted This damned death knight, he proclaimed himself a baron, and under his leadership, all the barbarians followed Once under his command, the sound of fighting in the name of the baron resounds everywhere Fighting in the name of the baron Which baron of barbarians appeared in the history of Germany Professor Delman really can t think of such a person.At this time, his eyes fell on the nine words again I have been here, I have seen, I have conquered Land of Glory is on At the third watch, ask for a monthly ticket for the atomic bomb.Send it at three o clock today, asking for a monthly ticket.Today is the last day of October and the end of 80 mg cbd gummies the third volume of Infinite Military Base.

He tried his best to force a smile, but he didn t realize that it made his expression look even more terrifying.Only he knows the true content of the letter. Decius quickly made a confident expression, for fear that something 80 mg cbd gummies wrong would offend his commander.Gaius ignored Daekius and turned to Lukia s slave, who was already trembling with fear.Do you have anything else to say Gaius tried to cbd gummies philly slow down his tone.No more, my lord.Lukia s son pondered for a long time, and said in words Well, go back to your people and tell her I already know the situation of my son , I hope he will not suffer from another potentially fatal disease, because I am very worried about his health Do you remember my words Don t worry, I have engraved it in my mind Lukia His personal slave understands.Well, Decius, you go back to the summer camp with him, remember you have to take someone to escort him, and you can t come back until he reaches the first station On the road between the military commander s tent and the soldier s tent again There was a sound of horseshoes, and from then on, Gaius shut himself in the handsome tent.

Seven hundred and thirty one.The Nilia massacre took place right in front of Wang Weiyi and Richthofen.The naked massacre made Richthofen unbearable several times and wanted to rush out to stop it, but every time he stopped his impulse under the restraint of Wang Weiyi s gaze.This kind of massacre is no longer normal here, and even the enemy will not blame it.Similarly, when the enemy had the opportunity to massacre the Romans, they would not let it go.This is the law of this era If you want to survive, you must follow such laws.Gaius looked at everything in front of him with satisfaction, and he didn t feel particularly proud of being able to capture this place.It was a matter of course for the Romans to win a war against barbarians.And making the barbarians fall under his butcher s knife one after another, this makes him feel extremely excited Ernst, my dear friend, I am very pleased with your bravery.

He was very conflicted about whether he should rescue him or not, so it took him a long time after seeing the fire.He couldn t even make up his mind.This is a general who is far more loyal than Gaius, and he finally made a decision.Rather than risking being punished by Caesar, the Roman army must be dispatched to reinforce Caesar.But when he made up his mind, a long time had passed since Caesar s camp was attacked For Germania Such voices were still in the Roman camp It kept ringing, and at this time, the Romans had already begun to retreat.The corpses of countless Romans 80 mg cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep fell cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking to the ground in all directions, and the ground was soaked in blood.All this is so familiar to Wang Weiyi War will always be something that he cannot leave in his life blood and killing have become his goals conquerors appear again in this time and space.

This, perhaps, is the opportunity that Wang Weiyi has been looking for.Gnaus asked some more news about Gaul and Germania, and then said Thank you very much for the information you have provided me, and I wish you a happy stay in Rome.Thank you, my lord mayor.After sending Gnaus away, Richthofen let out a soft breath Ernst, what are you thinking there It s the same as you think.Wang Weiyi said with a smile The Romans believed that the higher you lived, the closer you were to God.The closer you are to God, the easier it is to get His protection.Therefore, on the highest Palatine Hill in Rome, there are luxurious residences of Roman nobles everywhere.If these scattered mansions are as beautiful as gems, then a mansion located on the south slope can be described as a brilliant diamond.It is more appropriate to call it a palace than a mansion, and its vestibule is so wyld cbd gummies coupon code tall that there is a statue of Alexander the Great twice as tall as a real person.

Pompey sneered My friend, it seems that I have read you correctly.You have a very clear understanding of what happened between Caesar and the barbarians.Then you can tell me, is there any other reason for Caesar s failure besides the strength of the barbarians I don t think there should be any Wang Weiyi felt that there seemed to be something else in Pompey s words.Where is Gaius Didn t Gaius tell you something Pompey s sudden arrival surprised Wang Weiyi again.Could it be that Pompey already knew what happened in Germany Has his identity been exposed If this is the case, then the relationship between himself and Richthofen The situation will become extremely dangerous But Pompey seemed to be saying something that couldn t be easier You have the fastest horse to deliver the message for you, and Rome also has the fastest horse and the 80 mg cbd gummies fastest horse.

And at this time, the mysterious man Spurius appeared. Twenty Ores, this is a huge fortune, but Spurius spent it for the two female gladiators without even batting an eyelid.Such a person must be kept by his side.A house would bring much more to Pompey.I think we will have more cooperation in the future.Pompeo said with satisfaction The equipment there is very complete.I think today you and your friendsof course, there are also this pair of beautiful female gladiators You can move in now Ah, I think you still have luggage at Berea s place Don t worry, I will send someone to fetch everything for you, and nothing will be lost Thank you for your help, my lord the sole consul.Wang Weiyi smiled and expressed his thank you.At least now, I temporarily have a place to stay in Rome. The banquet gradually came to an end.

Because I know, he also loves you deeply However, now I think Manilius greatest achievement is not to elect me to conquer our enemies and make him kneel before you.Nor is it to expand our country Vast territory, 80 mg cbd gummies but cultivated Cuarius The child whom you have bestowed the name is unmatched by anyone I have ever seen.He is handsome, brave, eloquent, and proficient in Greek Roman culture, extreme kindness, strong desire to gain your respect and love.Now I recommend him to you, if you think Rome needs an outstanding young man to play, please test him In the thunderous applause, Pompey led Cuarius hand.Standing silently on the podium, scanning the surrounding crowd.Hail to the son of Manilius Marcenas stood up from the elder s seat.He raised his arms and shouted.Pompey s sincere and emotional speech deeply moved the hearts of the people, and the Romans present responded to Macenas s words with enthusiastic shouts.

Like every Roman nobleman, he was trained to maintain a calm attitude in the face of everything since he was a child.Since it is the decision of the Senate, as a Roman citizen, I will obey It commands and does my duty.Cuarius said briefly to the senators that this was the first time he spoke as a Roman official.Pompey watched his appearance with relief, and then he stepped onto the podium again Dear friends, Everyone knows that as a financial officer, besides managing public funds, monitoring military finances, and stopping wasteful military expenditures, its other duty is to supervise athletic games.The Poseidon Festival is coming, and here I announce In addition to the national festival reception, Cuarius will pay for an unprecedented grand show, kushly cbd gummies amazon and every Roman citizen can have a free feast for a week and enjoy all kinds of entertainment.

Wang Weiyi did not directly say Caesar s name Compared to him, what is Servius And , put the legion into the hands of Servius.You may have other uses.I have heard that although Centumare s legion has reached Gaul, he cannot do anything without Caesar s support.If At this time, Servius s legion also arrived in Gaul, and considering Servius personality, what do you think will happen Pompey s eyes lit up. At this moment, he fully understood what Wang Weiyi meant. Caesar was a proud man and would never allow others to divide his power.In terms of Centumaros personality, he is definitely not Caesar s opponent.But the situation is completely different if Servius is sent to Gaul.Servius is also a proud person, what will happen when two people who are proud and whom no one wants to let go together I may have the opportunity to eradicate two enemies in one fell swoop.

Hellman Wuyer promised in a high spirited gulp.Dear tribal leaders.Hellman reiterated their bizarre plan Tomorrow night, the four tribes will rise up together, kill the Romans cbd gummies michigan who enslaved us, 80 mg cbd gummies and restore our freedom.Then.We will build a truly powerful The German League.Let those men of the German League see.We can succeed even without their help Yes, we can succeed as well All the tribal leaders shouted out together.Hellman, Hellman, I just got a piece of news At this time, Edler, the leader of the Cherusi, hurried in Centumalus s army is all over What Heilman and all the people were amazed, and Heilman hurriedly asked Edler, my friend.Please tell me what you just said again Edler gasped and said I just got the news, Centumarus and his 15th Legion.He was led into a valley, and then, the Vulcan messenger of the Germanic Alliance summoned the Vulcan Loki, and a fire fell from the sky, burning thousands of Romans to death The tribal leaders looked at each otherIt s too scary, the other party actually has the ability to summon Vulcan No, it rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes 80 mg cbd gummies s absolutely impossible Heilman murmured, We can t summon Vulcan, How could Vulcan obey the orders of mortals cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummies for sexual enhancement It s true, it s true.

Let them go Caesar asked me what should I do What should I do You have made a lot of military exploits, and Caesar should be very satisfied.Besides, Ernst will cooperate with you.And he asked me to tell you that he will give you more benefits.Caesar will never act Suspicious.Gaius nodded, he absolutely believed in Ernst s ability.Before he had fully made up his mind, countless shouts suddenly came from the side of the Roman legion.The barbarians have launched an attack super chill products cbd gummies 4000mg on our side Daikius hurried over and said.Gaius knew that Ernst had arranged all this, and he quickly issued his order 80 mg cbd gummies Decius, lead your men to stop the enemy s attack, the barbarians in front of us are already vulnerable Glancing at the stranger beside Gaius, Decius immediately understood Yes, Mr.Consul, I will withdraw the frontal defense force to resist the barbarian s sneak attack on us.

Caesar was very dissatisfied with this.He thought he could easily defeat Servius, but he found that he was wrong.Do you have any good suggestions, leader of the barbarians Caesar had to say to Wang Weiyi We must cross the Rubicon River as soon as possible and enter Rome, otherwise the situation will be very unfavorable to us.I found something Very interesting phenomenon.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly The defense on the left side of Servius is a bit weak, if you can give me all the horses, at cbd for sleep gummies cbd gummies for sexual enhancement the most critical moment of tomorrow s decisive battle, I will order my soldiers , riding a horse to attack on the left side of Servius Of course, I will give you all my horses.Caesar made such a decision without any hesitation What else do you need, I can satisfy you.Wang Weiyi sighed, this is probably where Caesar succeeded.

Attack At this moment, Qiannar accurately saw the cbd gummies for sexual enhancement chaos of rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes 80 mg cbd gummies the enemy, and his inner surprise could not be expressed in words.There were only three tanks.But the mighty U.S.military encountered such an embarrassing and passive situation.At the same time, Jonnar also accurately saw the opportunity belonging to the skeleton master counterattack Jonar put all the armor power cbd gummies pain mail florida in his hands into the battlefield at once, and all the officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division also collectively switched from defense to offense.Desperately threw himself into the fiery battlefield.This situation rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes 80 mg cbd gummies was not expected by the Allies.It is simply unacceptable that the victory that was within reach suddenly vanished.But it is what it is.Kerrett is not a reckless person.He knows that the morale of the Germans has been completely stimulated at this time.

Hasn t Britain always been an ally of the United States Why did Britain fall What about France He remembered that when he left that time and space, the rule of the Vichy government had been very stable with the help of Germany, and their biggest threat, Charles 80 mg cbd gummies de Gaulle, was also sentenced to life imprisonment.So what happened Xiao Ling is still unable to give an answer Moreover, what makes Wang Weiyi even more troublesome is that he cannot directly ask those German soldiers, otherwise, they will definitely arouse their suspicion.A major in the German army, why doesn t he even know these things I can only temporarily put the doubts in my heart aside.To get rid of this French convoy, disrupting the entire deployment of the Allied forces is the first priority.Colonel Tony and his French soldiers were as slack as ever.

Blue Love s eyes widened.Please, please.She began to pray, please don t let them get any of this message too, don t let Dad lie somewhere and let someone take his name tag and tell them his mission in this war is done.And always will be.Will not go back to them again.Blue Love kept wondering then, and I still wonder now, whether these soldiers would have put the bodies of their comrades alongside those of the enemy soldiers.What about being buried in the same grave In later days, she learned a German proverb They mourn the dead, and they have found their peace.She said it to herself whenever the scene before her eyes.They staggered out of the battlefield, and leaving this sad place relieved their mood a little.On the way they met two soldiers, luckily they went with them and knew which direction to go.

Wang Weiyi fell silentto protect the safety of several important people, and take them out of Berlin when necessary Who is it General Oliver A general of the German Intelligence Service, who actually betrayed his own country Russica doesn t look like he s lying, that s probably all he really knows.Continue the interrogation.Wang Weiyi said, stood up and walked out.It was cold outside.But Wang Weiyi didn t seem to feel it at 80 mg cbd gummies all.His gaze was always looking in the direction of Berlin.Richthofen was standing beside him.After a while, he asked What are you thinking about I wonder why Germany has become like this.Wang Weiyi said in a daze If the failure of the war is due to a problem in decision making, why did such a thing happen to the department we used to trust so much before A general of the Intelligence Bureau.

Annette blushed slightly, and then sneered Mr.Prett, I think I Now I can only call you that, since you don t want to tell the truth.Then I think I can only take you away.She came to Wang Weiyi.Then asked him to stand up.Look, I think we should have a good talk.Wang Weiyi sighed Annette, I think it will be very late for you to return to the office.Annette was taken aback for a moment, and then she seemed to have realized something.She hurriedly stretched her hand to her waist, but it was too late.Wang Weiyi stretched out his hand that had been roasted, and grabbed Annette.Then, with a sudden force, she turned her hand around.Then, she clamped Annette s neck with her arms, and do i need a medical card for cbd gummies Annette s whole body was forced to snuggle into his arms.A masculine breath that Annette was very familiar with It was said that even at such a time, Annette felt inexplicably flustered, but she immediately came to her senses and struggled a few times, but there was no way to break free.

Mr.Moyol, the Abed Brotherhood will always be your friend, and you can ask us to do anything for you.Luo Sang said respectfully Please rest assured, we will unswervingly carry this uprising to the end. thank you all.Wang Weiyi let out a sigh of relief.Now, the curtain of the counterattack has been opened, and everything is proceeding step by step.Germany Britain Egypt have been connected into a line, which is bound to become the biggest battle of the Allied forces.Threat.A good show is playing out on this land North African Army Supreme kush cbd gummies Command.Marshal Model, the Hohenstaufen Division has advanced tenaciously for fifteen kilometers Marshal Model, two divisions of the Wehrmacht, have completed the encirclement of the Italians Hey, teach those treacherous Italians a lesson Get them all out of here The voices in the headquarters continued to ring out one after another, and Marshal Model was always there listening calmly.

All this is still so familiar to Wang Weiyithe Mr.Moyol back then once staged a good show here that stunned the whole world.There is nothing particularly exciting about Wang Weiyi, and he is sure that the stock market is not normal.This is a very irrational market.Perhaps one day, the stock market will collapse as completely as it has in the past.At HCMUSSH 80 mg cbd gummies that time, countless people will go bankrupt, and countless people will jump from the highest floor.He still doesn t know how all these things happened, but he knows that any abnormal behavior in the stock market has a huge behind the scenes manipulator there What he wants to find is this black hand.After 80 mg cbd gummies coming out of the stock market.He found that there are many brokerage companies around, but these companies have only one business buying and selling house contracts Curiously, he randomly chose a company and walked in, and found that the excitement here was no less than that of the stock market.

The young man immediately threw away more than half of the remaining cigarettes, and stood at attention solemnly.Heisenberg walked over, picked up the cigarettes thrown on the ground, and stuffed them back into Hasen s mouth.No waste.remember.When the young man left in a hurry, Heisenberg stopped him again Hasen, where is your helmet The young man suddenly realized that something was missing on his head Ah the helmetme.Oh God, I forgot it in my sleeping bed.okay.Next this.Heisenberg threw a steel helmet to him casually Put it on.It s yours now.Boy Cisena forgot here yesterday.Oh yes.Hasen hesitated for a moment, but still put it on cbd gummies and migranes his head.The young man left.Although it was morning, the sky outside was cloudy.The steel seemed to be churning on the clouds, muddying the original purity of the sky.

Zoff Let s go, don t look at it.Heisenberg walked up to the big man and patted him on the shoulder When we finish this battle, can cbd gummies help with constipation 80 mg cbd gummies you take this calendar and use it at night.Heisenberg smirked beside him I don t want I leave it to you.Zoff didn t smile, the big man turned his face slowly, and Heisenberg found that there were faint tears in his eyes.Heisenberg asked him what was wrong, and he said that the woman on this page of the calendar reminded him of his mother.Come on, Zoff, maybe your grandma is in there.Heisenberg pushed him away from the picture, the big man rubbed his eyes with his hands, and reluctantly put on his helmet.Come on, it s time to have a good talk with armored soldier Rutherford. Yes, it s time.When Heisenberg and Zoff came out of the hotel, a Russian attack plane just whizzed past the town.

Now.It s time for him to repay him During this period, he tried his best to persuade Vittorio to alienate the relationship with the Allies as much as possible, and re establish relations with Germany.In order to obtain the so called huge benefits.Compared with his father Mussolini, Vittorio has no talent at all except that he is more greedy.He was able 80 mg cbd gummies to ascend to this position entirely thanks to his father.Such a person is easy to be manipulated Of I have secretly ordered the Acmode Armored Division to stop attacking Mussolini cleared his throat This is to express our friendship to the GermansI think, Mr.Chancellor, Germany should give me something in return Greedy people are always greedy Bertrul thought with infinite contempt.Just doing something a little bit, the great dictator can t wait to see the rewards.

We will wait for you outside.Marshal Dilgaro and the officials stood up, and then strode out.Here, only Vittorio was left alone Did he ever think that this day would come No 80 mg cbd gummies , he never thought about it.He always thought that the situation was always in his own hands, and he always thought that under his high pressure policy, no one dared to oppose him.But now, even his closest people are betraying He didn t even have any strength to resist Resignation What can resignation bring him Time passed by.When the pointer fell to 21 o clock, Wei Torrio called the officials waiting outside back in.After careful consideration, I decided to accept your request.Resign Vittorio said with difficulty However, the following conditions must be met for me, and my personal life cannot be threatened in any way April 3, 1966, Just as the sun was shining on the earth, the long awaited good news for the Italian people finally arrived Vittorio Mussolini, the life long president of the Italian Social Republic, announced his resignation.

Elliott s voice.His anger kushy cbd gummies disappeared without a trace.His Excellency, Marquis Ilya.Let me remind you again that if you fail to pay the ransom before the loan time comes, then all your collateral will belong to the Wittgenstein Group.Ah, and on behalf of Gates.Mr.Morgan reminds you that your loan from Morgan Bank is also coming due.You have to know that Morgan Bank does not want any bad debts.Mr.Morgan will be very unhappy because of this Okay.That s all I have to say, I wish you a sweet dream.The phone was hung up.Ilya stared at the phone in a daze, and suddenly pulled out the wires of the phone with all her might, and then slammed it to the ground with all her might.Villains, these villains who have made trouble If they were in Russia, they would all be caught and thrown into prison by themselves He swore that he would never admit defeat, and he must try his best to save everything he lost.

said Ilya in horror.Ah, then I m relieved.Wang Weiyi said lightly You can call me another name, let me think about it, ah, my Russian name is Mr.Petergoff.In an instant, Ilya understood everythingPetergoff the skeleton baron all this was arranged by this terrible baron He knew that he had fallen into a trap, and there was no way out of it At this moment, he completely lost all hope Please sit down, Your Excellency Marquis Ilya.Wang Weiyi s tone was sarcasm Let me think about it, you have lost all your father s property in the United States, how will your father treat you Ah, you are his son after all, he wouldn t treat you so cruelly, would he No, Ilya is completely unable to determine his father s attitude What is going on in the heart of the Grand Duke Bierstoka is as unpredictable as Baron Alexon He is difficult I swallowed a mouthful of saliva You have two choices.

The sound became heavier and closer, and tens of seconds later, a group of tank soldiers in camouflage dresses appeared in the field of vision, cbd gummies 25 and they were still 1,000 meters away from the position.Steinman, what should we do 80 mg cbd gummies Bentonson looked at the group of American tanks rumbling in the distance, and his heart was in confusion.With so many tanks coming out of the valley, how strong is the enemy s strength in this first wave of attack powerful He felt that this first attack should be the most stressful attack.We will not open fire until the enemy infantry enters the field.Steinman knew in his heart that the key to blocking the first wave of attack lies in whether he can block the huge and extremely powerful infantry charge, and his tank groups are often not enough However, the combat method that Steinman can implement now is to wait until the moment when the infantry appears before opening fire, but Steinman also thought of the worst situation at the same time.

But it is very likely to be disabled Cole s heart was ruthless I jump Flying randomly, but its overall structure is relatively complete, so it did not collapse.Cole was hit by the shock wave and shrapnel live green cbd gummies of the shell, and fell heavily on the street, his arms were covered with shrapnel Cole Steinman found Cole who fell to the ground through the scattered smoke.Cole was lying on the ground, and the sniper rifle was thrown aside.The arm was full of shrapnel and blood was flowing.It seemed that the shrapnel had 80 mg cbd gummies cut an artery in his arm.He looked at it in disbelief, watching his own blood gushing out of the wound one by one.There was a trace of blood on his can cbd gummies help with sleep mouth.Cole , on the cbd gummies for sexual enhancement eagle hemp cbd gummies for smoking brink of death.Cole Hold on Steinman jumped down from upstairs.Since the floor was not too high, Steinman was not hurt when he landed.

This can be said to be the most extensive and domineering slogan in the armed forces, and for this slogan and belief.They all put a lot of effort into it.Desk.Let s go Soldiers of Company A and Company B, I will definitely take you home after the mission is completed.The German soldiers of Company A and Company B nodded slightly, maybe they were already ready Knowing what will happen on the battlefield in the future, maybe only a few of them can return to their hometown, but now.Not one of them disputed that this was the German Army the front line.Both the northern and southern battle groups of the British army were retreating, but the pursuit of the U.S.army made the retreat of the two battle groups not smooth.At this time, the two wings of the central group of the British army were completely exposed to the sharp edge of the two North and South Army Groups of the U.

The gunfire stopped, and when the team climbed up the ladder and came to the place where the enemy soldier was laid down, Pozik found that the guy was not dead, his belly was still sticking out, it seemed that he was still struggling breathe.The sight of Flotz s death immediately rushed into Pozik s mind, he thought of the bloody, smashed strawberry cake, he thought of the appearance of Flotz s family after receiving the death notice, he thought of The rules of engagement, the rules of engagement expressly prohibit the shooting of enemy soldiers who have been incapacitated.But, fuck the rules of engagement Pozik raised his rifle and fired a few rounds into the enemy s belly.Snapped Purple blood 80 mg cbd gummies splattered out, onto the ground, and some splashed onto Bozik s face.Anyone else They re all dead I m in position, left Empty All targets eliminated Beep Lieutenant Pozik pressed the quantum walkie talkie on his shoulder Platoon A has cleared the corridor on the east side of the building, and two people were killed.

The rain was still pattering to wash the ground.The dirty blood was slowly highline wellness cbd gummies review diluted, ripples appeared in the bomb craters on the street, and the rotting corpses were wrapped in body bags by the soldiers and thrown in the corner, where no one cared about them.In a dilapidated low rise building, most of the soldiers in platoon A were nestled inside.The few remaining rays of sunlight in the sky pierced through the thick dark clouds and shone into the building.Buvic stuck his head out of the warm sleeping bag, slowly opened his sleepy eyes, .

how do i make cbd gummies at home?

and slowly adapted to the surrounding light.One thousand twenty six.Paris, Paris The magical war is going on in a magical way.At this time, Wang Weiyi knew that he had partially completed the task here, and the German generals knew what they should do and how they should win the final victory of the war.

Berkeley quickly said He is the silent man in the torrent of history.He deleted his figure so cleanly, and brought all the secrets into the coffin.He is the back of the moon, hiding in the dark and whispering during his lifetime.After death, he was buried underground in obscurity and will remain a mystery forever.This never covets the glory of the historical spotlight.People who regard the external signs of power as dung will inevitably be buried as time goes by.But there are always a few pairs of falcon eyes who are good at seeing the truth of the world and human nature through the superficial layer of events.They inspired one by one, from Balzac s exposition to Louis Madeleine s biography to Zweig s biographical novels, a mysterious figure hidden in the dust of history, its basic outline was outlined.

Ah, people are always going to die.As for whether you die early or late, whether you die on the battlefield or are killed by the enemy s plane, what difference does it make He said in an extremely indifferent tone.Eric had nothing to say.He really wanted to know what kind of person this is, who regards life so contemptuously, including his own life, he is indifferent.What made him pay attention There was a series of cracking sounds of branches and leaves turning over there, and Eric knew that it was Billy who was moving his limbs restlessly and trying to change his posture.Indeed, maintaining one posture for a long time like this Nobody can stand it, but this time he s making too much noise and it s killing us.Eric is about to warn him when he calls Eric.Eric, Eric Don t talk so loudly, Billy, Eric said hastily.

Their death brings only contempt.This is the difference between the brave and the mean One thousand fifty eight.Those who should be punished by the new government have been punished without exception, even those who did not do anything bad are completely involved.But what can I do This is the cruelest and most real world.The newly established French government has attracted 80 mg cbd gummies the attention of the whole world, and the attitude of the new government will play a decisive role in the ongoing war.Especially for the United States, the attitude of the 80 mg cbd gummies Robito government is too important.The German army has launched counterattacks on all fronts.Russia, Ukraine, and Italy s retaliation and rebellion have caused the Allies to be devastated.They must ensure that France s attitude is good.But obviously, the attitude of the Robito government is too ambiguous.

Mr.Moyol Wang Weiyi stubbed out his cigarette, and then walked to the phone I need to get to Washington.The call he wanted was quickly connected, and Wang Weiyi said to the phone I am Moyol, I am in London.Yes, I have been detained by the FBI, they suspect that I am an enemy spy or something, yes, I am waiting for your news.He just said a few simple words.Then he put down the phone and sat down on the chair again.That s all you said Captain Pattinson asked suspiciously.Yes, just a few words are enough.Wang Weiyi showed a smile on his face I think.Maybe you don t know how much trouble you have gotten into.Captain Pattinson didn t know why his heart trembled Take a moment How much trouble have we gotten into Lieutenant Colonel Mills said curiously God, I really want to see how much trouble a furniture dealer will bring us The Pirokos glanced at each other, and a sense of foreboding emerged in their hearts just like Captain Pattinson.

He can choose to provide information to the most beneficial to him One side.He looked back and saw that two agents of the Central Intelligence Agency were sitting in a black car.They were here to protect him.John Oslow pushed open the door and turned on the lights.When he walked to the bedroom, he froze there all at once, and the three guys were in his own bedroom.Just as John When Oslo turned around and wanted to run, a black muzzle was already on his head Mr.John Oslo, I don t want any unpleasant things to happen.I am the British underground resistance Captain Angus of the organization.Captain Angus asked his subordinates to close the bedroom door, and then said coldly Obviously, we already know everything about you, and the order I got is that you can Execute you anywhere.No John Oslo yelled loudly Don t kill me, please don t kill me He is a smart man, he knows that he has been exposed, and any sophistry They have lost their proper function You betrayed many people, and countless compatriots died at the hands of our enemies because of your betrayal Captain Angus couldn t help it at all.

All his activities revolve 80 mg cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep around the army.After this incident happened, he didn t know who to go to.The military, who had helped him many times, was afraid to avoid it this time.This was not a small case of theft.It was a sensation that caused a sensation in the entire United States Murder case Especially involving the very sensitive black issue in American 80 mg cbd gummies society.After the Little Rock incident, the American black issue has received serious attention from the whole society.In September 1957, white people used force to stop black people in Little Rock, Arkansas.Enrollment incident.Caused strong protests from blacks.The District Court of Little Rock announced that the city s secondary schools would accept blacks and mixed schools in the fall.On September 2, Arkansas Governor Ofer In the 80 mg cbd gummies name of riot control, Forbes sent 200 armed National Guardsmen around the middle school.

I will try my best to cooperate with you.Colonel Jade calmed himself down But, 80 mg cbd gummies I also want you to promise me, Captain.Investigate clearly what happened to me.I will try my best to do it Yes, Colonel.Captain Roger sighed softly.In fact, he knew better than anyone that Colonel Jed could not wash away his grievances.At least he couldn t do it until the Axis forces completely occupied Britain.Nash, Lieutenant Colonel Mills, and Colonel Jed fell into the hands of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol one after another.What is the true identity of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol This is not important to Captain Roger anymore, it is important.I am now sitting in a boat with Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.He has to make sure the ship doesn t sink.Colonel Jed was very cooperative, and he handed over all the materials, including the core contents of Operation Azure and Ash Project.

From the outbreak of the war to the present, bad news came one after another, and one after another, senior officers of the government army rebelled.And what is certain is that more and more people will rebel.The Fenton government is already in a precarious state.Can failure be avoided No one can answer this question.At least judging from the current progress of the war.It is very difficult to recover the situation.General Gandra cheered up Gentlemen, we don t have to worry too much about the current situation.Yes, it seems that the enemy s progress is very smooth now, but the war has just begun, and we still have a strong force.Moreover, additional reinforcements from the United States are about to arrive on the battlefield, and we are fully capable of reversing the situation and dealing a heavy blow to our enemies Unfortunately, not many people are willing to trust his words.

The Southampton Undercurrent General Cassano s uprising was not expected by the Allied Command before, and this once again disrupted the deployment of the Allied Forces.As a close friend of General Cassano, General Vincent was obviously suspected by the Allies.Due to General Vincent s reputation in the UK, the Allied forces and the Fenton government did not dare to deal with him openly, otherwise this would cause new turmoil in the army.According cbd gummies and amlodipine to Premier Wilkins suggestion, they adopted a more conservative plan.On the evening that General Cassano declared the Second Panzer Army cbd gummies for humans and himself to renew his allegiance to Her Majesty, General Vincent was awarded the rank of General of the Fenton Government and, in view of the rapid development of the current situation, was ordered to command a Armored forces lined up in Milton Keynes.

Bacchus was still very surprised.Sir Monlington s family has great prestige in England.They have served the empire loyally for many years.In the army, people who support and respect them account for the vast majority.At a certain dinner held before Her Majesty went into exile, Bacchus had the honor to meet Sir Grislow of Monrington and had a brief conversation with him, an experience that Bacchus has always been proud of.It s just that they didn t meet again after that, and this time, when the war was so tense, Jazz suddenly called, and Bacchus felt something in his heart Sir Monlington told Backus that a very good friend of his, Mr.Bram , was in Southampton, and that he had some very important matters to meet with Backus, and that today he had to see Backus himself Although Bacchus hesitated, who could refuse Sir Monlington s request He still agreed quickly.

It s a pity that the enemy on the opposite side doesn t seem to be willing to cooperate.They have invested a large number of elite troops since the reputable cbd gummies sellers outbreak of the Battle of Southampton.In several battles, the fighting qualities and tenacious fighting spirit shown by wyld blackberry cbd gummies 50mg 2ct the US troops have allowed them to successfully complete defensive operations again and again.What made Romeo feel even more anxious was Sir Rosen s inquiry.As the Prime Minister of the Queen s Government, as a veteran who participated in all three world wars, Sir Rosen never really left the battlefield.Romeo firmly told Prime Minister Rosen that the war was in his own hands, and the only thing he had to consider was when to capture Southampton, not whether he could win.But Romeo himself is very clear that the difficulty of the Southampton battle has exceeded his imagination One thousand one hundred and twenty.

Is there anything more absurd than this in this world And in the country where the parents had been loyal to for countless years, they deliberately wanted to destroy it, but they were finally defeated by the father.Turner walked in, the president s senior aide, who had served William loyally for many years.Now, this will also be his last day here.Are you leaving, Turner William asked with a smile.No matter what the situation is, he must show his optimistic side in front of his subordinates.Even if I am in a very difficult situation now.Yes, I m leaving, Mr.President.Even so, Turner still insisted on using the word President to address William But, whenever you need me, I will be by your side.Ah, I think we can drink and chat together on the beach in Miami in the future, or go hunting somewhere, but I don t need you anymore in politics.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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