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Cui Wei, who do you think this is Don t come here, I ll kill her if you step forward.Cui Wei.Hearing this name, Zhou Rujun looked forward and saw the tall man in the crowd at a glance.It was indeed him, Cui Zhen s second brother.She had seen him at Cui s family banquet before and bowed his head to her.salute.The brothers of the Cui family are all handsome, the difference is that Cui Zhen, the Marquis of Dingning, is mighty, and Cui Wei is fairer and more elegant.Mrs.Cui Tai said about him Although my elder brother Wei is not as good as his elder brother in leading troops and fighting, he is the most docile and humble.He would not speak loudly to anyone on weekdays, and I have never seen him reprimand anyone.The temperament of the two brothers is cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy even.I m fine with it.Cui Zhen left early, but Cui Wei stayed with Mrs.Everyone was shocked by the scene before them, and they were stunned for a moment before rushing forward to pull it.Zhou Ruzhang was like a person about medigreens cbd gummies shark tank to be drowned, waving his hands and feet non stop, and finally felt his body lighten, and the cloth covering his head was also torn off.Mother Bai s voice came Miss, it s okay, it s okay.Zhou Ruzhang suppressed the fear in her heart, she just saw the ghost of the medigreens cbd gummies shark tank cbd with melatonin gummies elder sister, and it was there Her eyes swept around, looking for it in a panic., and finally landed on a young girl not far away.The girl looked fifteen or sixteen years old, her big eyes were looking at her without blinking, and there was a pure smile on medigreens cbd gummies shark tank her face.Just looking at her facial features, she should be pretty, but her expression was too childish and dull, as if Cracks and blemishes appeared on the beautiful jade, which no longer aroused the interest of others to explore.Three or four years old.Zhou Ruzhang looked at the girl again in surprise, how could such a big person be three or four years old Baotong continued My eldest lady, after taking the elixir, she will live forever.This is a well known fact.Zhou Ruzhang looked at Cui s steward, who nodded slightly, and she immediately understood that this young girl He was actually a fool, no wonder he looked so strange.Although the servant girl was abusive, no one could argue with a silly girl.It was her fault if she kept holding on, Zhou Ruzhang looked at the girl and said, Is my sister okay It s all my sister s fault.My sister will what are the best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety apologize to you.The girl smiled with a bewildered face, ignored Zhou Ruzhang who was bowing, and happily took the servant girl s hand Baotong, I m going to the garden.The slave girl will accompany you there.Before the words finished, there was no one in the room.Gu Mingzhu raised her head, looked at the book in front of her, and slowly put away the smile on the corner of her mouth, is she the number one scholar If she had been a man, she might have been expected to be the champion when she was in the medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Zhou family.After all, the Zhou family had produced three champions, and her father was the youngest among them.She had seen a portrait medigreens cbd gummies shark tank of her father in the study, Mr.Pianpian, a handsome man, her appearance was mostly derived from her father, in the words of Mrs.Rong, even a good figure that could not be painted.His father was a Jinshi at the age of nineteen, a high school champion, and entered the Imperial Academy.Later, because of his character and knowledge, he was recommended by Shen Shoufu as a Bachelor of Attendance.She asked about the Jinta Temple, but he didn t expect that he didn t mention it, but wanted to fly a kite with her instead.Maybe he wanted to ask her when she was relaxed and defenseless That s good too, she just wants to show this side in front of him.Cui Zhen is a very confident person, especially for people or things around him, as long as he feels that everything is under control, he will not have any doubts.Gu Mingzhu followed Cui Zhen, and they went to the garden together.Cui Zhen took up the thread as he walked, and soon the paper kite fell into his palm.The butterfly with colorful wings was very beautiful, and upon closer inspection, there were messy handprints of a girl printed on it, which was obviously left by Gu Mingzhu when he was making the paper kite Entering the garden, Cui Zhen let go of the colorful butterfly in his hand, and the paper kite flew up against the wind again, flying higher and higher in Cui Zhen s hands.If Hou Ye refuses to enter the game, they will not give up Thankfully, Zhuzhu is fine, otherwise Otherwise, they are in the situation of losing their beloved daughter.Now, even if they know that medigreens cbd gummies shark tank this may be a trap set by someone, they still have to investigate.They want to investigate Zhuzhu s person wholeheartedly, but since the person who set up the trap has already controlled everything, they will most likely be influenced by those people.The prince has spent a lot of hard work in Shanxi these years, Cui Zhen said with a stern expression, I m afraid the prince will eventually be implicated in the investigation of the case.When the prince was mentioned, Mrs.Lin HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank s face became even uglier, and the prince was something they could provoke.Those who confronted the prince had no good results.Back then, when the emperor appointed the eldest prince as the crown prince, there was a lot of discussion in the government and the opposition.The two children of Master Cui Si are seven years old and the other five years old, both are still young , could only cry and call mother, holding Mrs.Cui Si s clothes tightly with her small hands, with a panicked expression on her face.The mother in charge took someone to help Mrs.Cui Si and the two children of the Cui family down, and the main room suddenly became quiet.The two families were in laws.The Huaiyuanhou Mansion came to Shanxi and wanted to ask the Dingninghou Mansion for help.This case was investigated.After checking it turned out to belong to the Cui family, Mrs.Lin couldn t help but feel that her face was dull.Don t worry, cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Lin, If the children of the Cui family really don t live up to expectations, Brother Zhen and I will not spare them.I dare not say anything else.Tai is changing clothes.As soon as the mother in charge finished speaking, Cui Wei frowned when she saw a maid carrying water in.It seemed that the mother was going to take a bath.Mom takes a bath at this time Mrs.Huaiyuanhou is still at home, and the fourth brother has just been imprisoned.There are still many things to be arranged in the family.Since the mother has come to Taiyuan, HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank she should take charge of the overall situation.What is the reason for this He cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy knew beforehand that his mother was going to come to the clan, and he didn t mention it to his elder brother.First, it was because the mother s decision could not be changed.Second, the investigation of the case in Taiyuan was very important at the moment, and they didn t have more energy to deal with other things.Although he received the news that it was His mother secretly asked someone to tell him, but the eldest brother had a close friend in the mansion, so someone must have reported it for him, and cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies the eldest brother did not stop it, nor did he want to refute his highest cbd gummies mother s face.What are you still doing Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Cui Si sharply, and shouted loudly, Don t let anyone ask.Mrs.Cui Si saluted and hurried out.Madam Tai was serving in the house, Madam Tai was very displeased with the matter of the master, scolded her for being too negligent in daily life, she didn t even know anything, it can be seen that the affairs of the clan have been chaotic in recent years.She stood aside and listened to Mrs.Tai s reprimand.Although she felt very wronged, she didn t dare to argue.Mrs.Tai also mentioned that the master was suspected by the court of being related to thieves and bandits.To be cautious, she had to check the accounts of the clan over the years, as if she believed that the husband and wife had secretly corrupted the clan s money.Fourth Mrs.Cui bit her lips tightly.If she wanted to know the real inside story, now was the best chance.Didn t I buy white label cbd gummies tell you to take a shower and change into clean clothes Mrs.Chen grabbed Gu Mingzhu, Why does it still smell like medicine Gu Mingzhu pointed to the clothes on her body, cbd sour worm gummies indicating that they had already been changed.She changed it, and purposely didn t put asafoetida on her face.How can a place like Huafang allow a smelly medicine lady to go up there, but people who have been with herbs all the year round can t have the slightest smell of medicine.Details must be attended to.Mrs.Chen was sighing, and another person walked out of the room.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be the woman who asked her for abortion medicine last time.The woman wore a pink dress tonight, and she looked extraordinarily delicate.This is Ah Jin, Mrs.Chen said with a smile, you have seen it before, Ah Jin used your medicine very well, and this time it is also the job she found for you.Sun Langzhong waved his hand It is you who have worked hard these boost cbd gummies review years.Thanks to the third master for finding me Well, after all, I am ashamed of Rujun s father.Speaking of this, Sun Langzhong thought of a lot of past events, when he was arrogant and arrogant when he was young, he was plotted against the imperial doctor, thanks to Zhou The old man secretly dealt with him, so that he was able to save his life.He was obsessed with medical skills and was not medigreens cbd gummies shark tank good at those intrigues.The old man Zhou advised him to hide his reputation first and walk in the market, so as to avoid danger and be useless.Things involve the spirit.So he left the capital to practice medicine everywhere, and Master Zhou often brought him money, which he used to buy medicine to help the poor people.Mr.Zhou went too suddenly.Wei Yuanchen didn t expect that he would develop such a rash because of some rabbit fur, and it would probably heal after Mr.Sun came back and took some medicine.Speaking of which, why did Mr.Sun stay in the Gu family for so long, did he find something wrong After getting dressed, Wei Yuanchen went straight to the study.How is Yan Hao Wei Yuanchen asked Xiang Chujiu.Chu Jiu immediately said Yan Hao said that he listened to the third master s arrangement and will help the third master catch Mr.Jiang.I think that Yan Hao has no intention of struggling, and he has said everything by himself.I have already Let the scribes write it down.Chu Jiu handed the documents to Wei Yuanchen.Chu Jiu said My lord, is this case going to be closed As long as Mr.Jiang is caught and Mr.Jiang s master is found, the case will be settled, and no one can quibble with all the witnesses and material evidence.It s useless.Miss Gu.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were dark, it was her.There is no need to ask anything, because it is her Gu Mingzhu woke up, ate the porridge and side dishes from the kitchen, and was forced into a bowl of crispy cheese by her mother.Zhuzhu is still growing, you need to eat more, Mrs.Lin said to see Ms.Wang, Miss, have you lost weight these days Ms.Wang nodded Miss has eaten a happy hemp cbd gummies lot these days and slept well.It shouldn t be like this.Mrs.Lin said worriedly I still need to ask the doctor to take a pulse.Having said this, Gu Mingzhu was so frightened that she ate another snack.When she was full, she would swing in the garden.The imperial envoy Mrs.Wei should be busy these two days, she just needs to listen to the news in peace.The sun was setting down warmly, and the nose was filled with a faint fragrance of flowers.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, who immediately stepped forward and said, Ma am, what happened to Mr.Wei Could it be that he was injured on Zhuangzi Even if they don t trust the people we invite, they will bring people themselves, and they don t ask for wound medicine, they just ask for warm water and towels After saying cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy this, Mrs.Lin thought carefully I m in Beijing.When I was in middle school, I heard that Wei Sanye fell ill in the prison, and the famous doctors in Beijing said it was a strange disease, and now it seems that it may be medigreens cbd gummies shark tank related to this.Baotong said in a cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy low voice Isn t the Wei family a foreign relative Why Mr.Wei has been in jail It s not the case seven years ago, Mrs.Lin realized that she had talked too much, she looked up at Baotong, Don t ask what you shouldn t ask.Baotong Hitomi had to withdraw his head.Wei Yuanchen came out from the corner.Chu Jiu s eyes widened, who is that Could it be Could it be the person who met Miss Gu Chapter 83 Elder Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at the exit of the secret passage.The exit of the secret passage was hidden in an inconspicuous low warehouse.Secret door.The person who built the secret path was really thoughtful and provided her with a lot of convenience, but seeing her agile skills, she could find a way to get out even medigreens cbd gummies shark tank without the secret path.Cui s and Gu s guards are still around the house, but they don t know that they are just decorations.Who would have thought that a girl with a mental deficiency would be so powerful This is the ability to have such a skill by learning the origin from childhood.Both the Pearl Thief and the doctor s wife pointed clues to her.After speaking, he strode forward and left them behind.If you don t let in, you can t go in.Gu Mingzhu can probably guess what you can find inside.The manager of the Zhao family is so anxious, there must be something shady inside.Soon Wei Yuanchen came out, holding a few books of accounts in his hand.Gu Mingzhu looked at the account and didn t know what was written on it, but judging by Mr.Wei s brisk pace, she must have gained a lot.Now it s time for the trial.Thinking of this, she took two steps back.Exercising prestige and extorting confessions through torture are Master Wei s forte.Who usually holds the keys in this house Wei Yuanchen asked the manager of the Zhao family.The steward of the Zhao family shook his head I don t know this this He wanted to explain but couldn t continue.He said he had never seen the key before, but now the government office has found the secret door and found something from it No matter how much he denies it, the adults in the government office will not believe it.After finishing the order, he came directly to Wei Yuanchen s side My lord, the accounts of the several cbd gummies condor medigreens cbd gummies shark tank shops of the Zhao family are gone.The shopkeeper was killed, and the accounts of the shops disappeared.Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly, and looked at the account in his hand.This is a general ledger of the Zhao family.It shows the total number of goods purchased by the Zhao family.These choosing the right cbd gummies goods should be sold in several stores.Now the store Without the accounts on the Internet, it is impossible to verify how many goods the Zhao family sold.He probably knew why those shopkeepers were killed, because the number of these items purchased by the Zhao family was really too large, including cloth, rice, tea, etc.It can medigreens cbd gummies shark tank t be sold out either.What is the use of these things that Mr.Zhao Er bought from Jiangnan and other places Wei Yuanchen turned to look at Cui Zhen Marquis Dingning, do you know that the Zhao family is still in the tea business The Zhao family only has one tea shop in Taiyuan Prefecture.Zhao Gongren s eyes jumped.As an outsider, medigreens cbd gummies shark tank he would not attack children, but this Wei Yuanchen did everything he could, as long as he found out that Zhi Geer was strange, he would definitely not let him go.Even if it wasn t because of Zhigeer, with all the clues on her now, Wei Yuanchen would very likely take her into prison for interrogation.It s true that she is a daughter of the Zhao family, but she is also a wife of the Lin family, so she can t let the Lin family suffer because she wants to protect the Zhao family.She has a deep relationship with the second brother and sister, but at this point, she may not be able to protect the second brother.Before Zhao Gong could figure it out, Wei Yuanchen said Now, Zhao Gong, tell me what is the relationship with Xing Taipu Si Cheng, why Xing Tai Pu Si Cheng went to the inn to meet you, and why did you kill him and throw him away into the river.If you try to stop the eighth lock spring, it is a waste of time, so the seventh plate is the last one you can manipulate If you accidentally encounter This cheef botanicals cbd gummy kind of mechanism, and the first seven pieces have been opened, don t think that if you release the mechanism, the sooner you can get rid of it, the better, don t delay for a moment.Gu Mingzhu walked quickly into the room, not seeing with her own eyes.rest assured.Junior Sister.Nie Chen didn t expect that Junior Sister Jiang would go back and forth, and before he could step forward to stop her, Junior Sister Jiang had already arrived in front of Wei Yuanchen.Gu Mingzhu s far and away cbd gummy bears eyes fell on the copper butterfly, and Mr.Wei tightly held the last swivel of the eighth lock spring.According to Yan Tanhua, even if he controlled the eighth lock spring, it would be useless.There were two food boxes in the Cui family s carriage, Gu Mingzhu opened one of them, and there were pastries inside, and then took out the pastries, the contents of the food box came into view immediately.She thinks highly of Mrs.Lin, and she can use such despicable means.Now that she has a food box, she doesn t need to cbd gummies montana talk nonsense with Mrs.Lin, she can just make it.Gu Mingzhu picked up the food box, just as the curtain of the carriage was lifted, Cui s housekeeper mother looked bolt cbd gummies near me at Miss Gu in amazement, with a look of seeing a ghost on her face, when did Miss Gu get into the car.Gu Cui s housekeeper s mother just yelled out a word.Miss Gu showed a naive smile, and whoosh passed in front of her.It doesn t matter that Miss Gu ran away, she still had a food box in her hand, which was to be sent to Zhao Gongren.Mother Qian wanted to help, but Mrs.Lin refused.She wanted to coax Zhuzhu to peel it by herself.Gu Mingzhu s where can i buy miracle cbd gummy bears eyes fell on the crystal clear pomegranate.Mrs.Lin Tai felt that she had done the right thing, and put more effort into putting the pomegranate seeds into the small white porcelain bowl one by one.Mrs.Lin continued Why doesn t Zhuzhu go to play with Lin s younger brother Mother Qian s eyes lit up when she heard this, if Miss Gu shouted for Second Master Lin in a fuss, the troubled side would not be safe, uly cbd gummies shark tank cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies Mrs.The madam really has a way.Gu Mingzhu still looked at the pomegranates.Mrs.Lin said Can you invite the younger brother of the Lin family to eat pomegranate together Gu Mingzhu showed a happy cbd gummy bears 5 pack smile on his face.Mother Qian said in a low voice The second master of the Lin family is in the study.Whenever something important happened, he would see his father s eyes.When he went to war, inherited the title, moved into a new mansion, got married, and even did those things, those eyes would suddenly appear in his mind , let him have a deep sense of guilt.Only when he was running around for the Cui clan, guarding the frontier, and fighting to the death, could he feel at ease.He forgave his mother not because he wanted do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank to be rich, but for the Cui family and the Cui clan.Cui Zhen sat like this, and it took some time before he came back to his senses.Where s Madam Cui Zhen stood up and asked the mother in charge at the door.In the main house, said the mother in charge, Madam has visited Lord Hou a few times, Master Hou sat there thinking about something, Madam didn t want to disturb him, but told him to report when Master Hou came out.Who says eyes can t lie.This day s affairs, no one knows black and white until the end.Just like the old guy said, even if you lose everything, you can soar to the sky in a flash.This is what counselors are for.In the case of Taiyuan Mansion, it seemed that Wei Yuanchen had already won the case, but it could still cbd gummies extreme mood enhancer reviews be reversed due to human effort.The position of Empress Wei and the noble concubine, and the hatred between the Wei family and the prince can always be used to make a fuss.Wei Yuanchen must have come to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case His purpose may be to frame the prince.Regardless of whether the case has anything to do with the crown prince, it must be involved in Wei Yuanchen s hands.War horses, Tieshan Mine, these are crimes related to treason, let alone buying and selling war horses in private, it is enough to shake the identity of the crown prince.Like a puppet, being led around by her, in the end she didn t know that she was being played by someone.She does everything well, but as long as you know a thing or two about her, you can t help but see the flaws.Wei Yuanchen thought about the depth of the piano sound, it would be difficult to practice without more than ten years of kung fu, how old is Miss Gu now Is it possible that you started learning the piano at an early age Stupid people can read books and learn medicine behind others backs, but how can they hide the tune of the piano How could Mrs.Lin not know Could it be that Mrs.Lin is also lying Moreover, her move was specifically aimed at the prince, if she was not very familiar with the prince s temperament, she would not be able to do this.No matter how you look at these doubts, they don t match her identity as Miss Gu.The battle between the crown cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy prince and Wei Yuanchen in Taiyuan Mansion has already begun, and a move has been passed just now.Although he still doesn t know exactly what happened, it doesn t matter, this battle is obviously not over yet, as long as he continues to read, he will understand everything.Chu Jiu quickly walked out of the prince s courtyard.I interrupted the banquet of medigreens cbd gummies shark tank His Highness the Crown Prince, do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Wei Yuanchen picked up the wine glass at this time, I will why do cbd gummies have no thc medigreens cbd gummies shark tank punish myself with a drink.This was the first time Wei Yuanchen picked up the wine.But at this do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank time the prince is no longer in the state of mind just now.He was the one who set up the situation before, and he only thought that Wei Yuanchen would be trapped here by him, but now everything is uncertain.After about a quarter of an hour, there was a commotion from the door.It falls on the crown prince.Many officials couldn t help but gasp.Master Wei dared cbd gummies condor medigreens cbd gummies shark tank to say this, and he said it in front of the prince.The prince was about to speak, Wei Yuanchen continued Unfortunately, this matter is full of loopholes.Even seeing the result, it is still unconvincing.It is obvious that the second master Zhao can be killed immediately.Come Someone immediately echoed Yes, yes, Mr.Wei is right, this is clearly to frame the crown prince.Everyone turned their heads and saw that Feng Anping went up the mountain at some point, and got mixed up among the crowd.This judge of Taiyuan Mansion is probably not a fool.He dared to speak casually without knowing what was going on in front of him.The prince looked angry and stared at the guard majestically Say, who ordered you The murderer lowered his eyes, the current situation is different from what he thought, Wei Yuanchen was not fooled, and exposed the truth of the whole thing The strange thing is, if he said that he was bought by the Wei family, no one would believe him.Master Zhao Er knew the truth, but both of them were dealt with.Wei Yuanchen lowered his voice and said If one day, war horses and iron objects appear in the hands of the prince, it will be even more unclear.The prince s expression did not change, but his heart sank Check, we must check.Clear and clear.If someone really plotted against him behind his back, he would definitely catch that person.Put him in prison, the prince pointed at the murderer, I will personally interrogate you.When the situation was settled, the officials breathed a sigh of relief.My lord, the people in the yamen walked towards Wei Yuanchen quickly, Wang Daochang s brother and sister in law have been stopped overnight.Yuan Chen whispered in his ear Third Master, you lost.They are all alive You killed Master Zhao Er.I am afraid that we will be a dwarf when we meet cbdistillery night time cbd gummies product review again in the future.It can be seen that someone has been covering up for him after his death.In recent years, Shaanxi Xingdu The most important general of the imperial court is Lin Sizhen.Lin Sizhen was once the commander s deputy.I suspect that the commander s private deeds have already fallen into Lin Sizhen s hands.It is very difficult to conspire with the Fan people to buy war horses and have no border generals.It s hard to get things done, although Lin Sizhen is far away in Suzhou Wei, if most of the generals in the Shaanxi Xingdu Division are willing to do things for him, they will cover up and down, and it medigreens cbd gummies shark tank will be difficult for others to cbd gummies for pain reviews find out the truth, not to mention that they are still under the guise of the prince, so The war horse case can only be concealed for so long.Wei Yuanchen looked at Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen could not have guessed these things just based on Wang Da s few words, right After all, Lin Si was really his uncle.Chu Jiu said in a low voice Miss Jiang taught me to make this tea.If there is nothing to go to the Three Treasures Hall, she can come here at this time because she wants to ask him for news, right Wei Yuanchen was going to serve tea again, he hesitated for a moment but he didn t stretch out his hand, tea is not tea, soup is not soup, he is not a child, let alone that coaxable Cui Zhen.Wei Yuanchen said, Call people into the room.Nie Chen and Gu Mingzhu walked into the room.Miss Jiang is still wearing men s clothes tonight, with a belt tied around her waist, she looks a little more heroic.Master Wei, Nie Chen stepped forward and said, The identity of the Yang family in Dongdaxiang has some clues.Wei Yuanchen put down his things and listened carefully.Nie Chen said The bandits in the mountains once fought against the Yang s bodyguards, saying that they were not only good at riding, but also good at tactics.Hearing what Mrs.Lin said, Princess Huairou felt that she had chosen the right person, and Mrs.Lin was pregnant and had to take care of Miss Gu.If she didn t tell her in advance, she would not bear it if something went wrong.Let Madam know first, Princess Huairou said, We ll talk about it when we get to the post.Madam Lin nodded.The two got into the carriage separately, and the team started to move cbd brands gummies forward again.Mrs.Lin thought about what Princess Huairou said just now, and couldn t help but panic in her heart.The things she encountered in Taiyuan Mansion do cbd gummies show a positive drug test were more than the sum of all these years, but this was also the reason why she wanted to stay in Taiyuan Mansion.The critical moment I can help the master.Mother, Gu Mingzhu held Mrs.Lin s hand, grandfather said Jiangmen Tiger Girl.Mrs.Lin s eyes lit up, did Zhuzhu understand what Princess Huairou said How is this possible But if she didn t understand, Zhuzhu wouldn t say that.Zhou Zesheng felt that there was something strange about this case.Regardless of what the outside world said, he believed that Rujun was not the kind of person who would not hesitate to seduce the prince with his appearance for the sake of glory and wealth.A look of peace.The old lady Zhou who has always loved Rujun pretended to be sick in bed and was unwilling to talk to him.Mrs.Zhou s words on Wednesday were strange What kind of people are the brothers and sisters in law, and what kind of temperament is Rujun When he came down, master Tuesday and third master fought with him.The Zhou family reported to the officials, and someone from the Yamen threw him into the prison.The next day, someone cleared up the relationship and released him.The person who rescued him was Wei medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Sanye.At first Zhou Zesheng thought that the Wei family was also going to reverse the case for him, but later whenever he mentioned Rujun, he could see Wei Sanye s strangeness, and he understood a thing or two in his heart.Everyone said that the empress raised her by her side because of the loss of the third princess.The empress is not the kind of person who expresses joy.Even if there is no third princess, the empress can no longer express her sadness in front of others.Besides, it is the empress s decision whether seeing other people s children is comforting or more sad.The empress can t bear her to fall into those In the hands of the old palace man, he used the third princess as an excuse to bring her to take care of her.During those days in the empress palace, the whoopi goldberg cbd gummies website empress was not very close to her on the surface, but in fact she took good care of her.She didn t understand it at the time.After growing up, she gradually realized the good intentions of the empress.become implicated her.So every time she sees the Wei family, she will feel kind, because it is the mother s family of the empress, and she is also the real minister of the Great Zhou.captured the rebels.Not only did he win the battle, but he also uncovered the case of the Shanxi mutiny.Zhou Ruyue knew what her grandmother was thinking, she was obviously a female family member, and they encountered the same thing, why did Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou do such a thorough job, and her reputation has already spread to Beijing, but the third aunt concealed her life as if she had done something Things that can t be seen.Although the old lady Zhou is old, her eyes are still piercing I don t ask for anything else now, I just hope that your third aunt will not cause trouble.Zhou Ruyue knows well that the third aunt probably went to Taiyuan Mansion for the sake of Ding Ninghou, This time, Mrs.Lin s younger brother happened to be involved in the accident.The third aunt was accidentally involved, and the Zhou family would also be interrogated.Chapter 204 The door of Hongxiu Tianxiang s house is closed by Chu Jiu.Master Wei seemed not to have noticed Liu Su and Gu Mingzhu, and was still doing what he was doing on his own.Gu Mingzhu stood still not far away.Mr.Wei was in a good mood.It was very different from Taiyuan Mansion, where he always had a cold face, treating people indifferently and alienated, just like that pond with unfathomable depths.Powerful, but too lonely.Now it is like the clothes on his body, adding a bit of freshness.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu looked over again through the gauze, and the figure of Mr.Wei was also hazy, like a painting that can be handed down from generation to generation.My lord, Liu Su bowed, I don t know if there is any news from Nie Chen.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and saw Gu Mingzhu standing behind Liu Su.The mother in charge suddenly smiled Yes, that s right, I m sorry to trouble you.She opened her purse to check, and there were some scattered silver and a broken crested hairpin in the purse.The mother in charge breathed a sigh of relief.Fortunately, everything is there, but will someone open it to check Probably not, it s just an inconspicuous purse, and she found it in time without delay, so even if someone wanted to see it, there might be no chance.The mother in charge tied her purse around her waist again, and hurriedly chased after Cheng s carriage In the princess mansion.Princess Huairou held Gu Mingzhu s hand, with a smile on her face Zhuzhu is my nobleman.Madam Lin s face changed when she heard this, Princess, you can t do this, Zhuzhu is cbd gummies where can i buy just a child, and you shouldn medigreens cbd gummies shark tank t be like this.Pinxianglou is the property of the Wei family Why haven t I heard it before Gu Chongyi was in a daze when he saw two mustaches approaching medigreens cbd gummies shark tank cbd with melatonin gummies him I don t tell ordinary people.Gu Chongyi was about to smile and thank him when he heard a burst of crickets coming from the sleeve of Master Wei.cry.I heard that Hou Ye has a big general in his hand.Second Master Wei blinked his eyes, Can you let me take a look Could it be that Second Master Wei is after the worm in his jar Gu Chongyi looked at Master Wei Er, his eyes met, as if he had found a soul mate, the two medigreens cbd gummies shark tank couldn t help laughing.Mrs.Lin looked at the food on the table.Her favorite dishes were available in the Pinxiang Building.She had just eaten, but she felt hungry again after seeing these.Mother Yang said This is something that people with two bodies can eat.At that time, he had no weight in her heart, he was just a patient.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen felt a little sad, and looked at the girl who was tightly covered again.Now that she is investigating the case, she will immediately think of him.His hard work is not completely useless, and she has left a lot of things with him, such as the five black chickens and the string, which were hugged by the Gu family in Taiyuan Mansion, with him.Take a ride, there will be many similar things in the future, like a thread that binds her tightly, and it will be seen how she can escape.Barely considered some progress.Wake up, Wei Yuanchen said, Ask for a confession, I have to go to Cheng s and Yuan s houses.Gu Mingzhu signaled Liu Su to give copd cbd gummies cost them medicine.Wei Yuanchen briefly sorted cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy out bear cbd gummies the current case.The guard couldn t help hesitating when he heard this, and was just a cbd gummies condor medigreens cbd gummies shark tank little dazed when the Crown Prince had already rushed to him.Big The third prince just yelled a word, the prince threw himself on the third prince, raised the broken porcelain in his hand and scratched at the third prince s neck.The medigreens cbd gummies shark tank broken porcelain cut through the skin of the third prince s neck, and blood flowed out immediately.The prince gritted his teeth and waited for another deep cut.The third prince came back to his senses and grabbed the prince s arm with all his strength, trying to shake off the prince with his hands and feet.The prince was pushed staggeringly, gritted his teeth and got up to fight the third prince again.He had a ferocious face, veins floating on his forehead, and the broken porcelain piece in his hand scratched his palm, but he didn t realize it, and was determined to kill the third prince.Go in, Mr.Weiis disrespectful to Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi heard the blood rushing in his chest, and his brain exploded Madam, what do you mean The surname Wei treated Zhuzhu lightly Mrs.Lin recalled the events of that day.She was too surprised at the situation at that time, and cbd gummies cherry hill nj didn t look carefully.She didn t know whether it was Wei Sanye s frivolity on purpose, or because he fainted and fell on Zhuzhu.Thinking about Mr.Wei s character, it doesn t seem like do cbd gummies with thc make you high the kind Shameless disciple.Madam Lin sighed again, and told Gu Chongyi what happened that day in a low voice.She ordered someone to pour water, and when she came back, she medigreens cbd gummies shark tank saw Wei Yuanchen hugging Zhuzhu, with her head resting on Zhuzhu s shoulder.When medigreens cbd gummies shark tank she stepped forward to check, she found that Wei Yuanchen had already passed out.Gu Chongyi s frown became deeper and deeper, and his anger became more and more intense.Wu Zuo stepped forward to salute Wei Yuanchen and said From the autopsy, it is true that he died by hanging.There are no other injuries on his body except his neck.If he was killed by someone, there will always be some clues left on his body.In other words, On the surface, it seems that Yuan Shi hanged himself.Gu Mingzhu medigreens cbd gummies shark tank looked at Yuan s face.Yuan s face was covered with a layer of powder.She picked up the lamp and carefully illuminated it.Although Yuan s face and lips changed color, it could still be seen that there was no lip balm on her lips.If a person only puts on makeup HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank and doesn t take a sip of lip balm, he will look extremely pale and haggard, and there seems to be something in the eye socket Gu Mingzhu usually doesn t use makeup to distinguish her from other medigreens cbd gummies shark tank 20:1 cbd gummies identities.Therefore, she is very familiar with the things that uly cbd gummies shark tank cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies women use to dress up.She could see other people.It s not that panic anymore.Yuan er raised her hand and knocked on the door Mother Sun, I am Yuan er, the servant girl next to Aunt Gui, here to fetch incense candles.No one answered.Yuan er knocked on the door again, but still didn t get any response, Yuan er bravely pushed the door open, the room was pitch black and no one was there.Where did Steward Sun go Yuan er was standing at the door with a lamp in her hand, not knowing what to do.Usually she just waited outside for a while, but now she was in a hurry to use things, and she was very scared.She wished she could finish her errands and go back to the yard immediately.At least there were more people there.Yuan er thought about taking two steps into the house, maybe Sun s mother was asleep, she just needs to wake up Sun s mother Yuan er just thought of this when the door behind her suddenly closed with a snap.Everyone looked away from Gu Chongyi, It fell on Master Wei Er and Yu Shi, and the two of them rolled around and wiped the green bricks at the gate of the palace vigorously.Gu Chongyi cbd gummies 25mg froggies looked disgusted, and was about to take a detour to leave, but this was the only way to leave the palace, so he had to bite the bullet and pass quickly, he didn t want to have any relationship with Master Wei Er at all.Seeing that he was about to walk out of the palace gate, Gu Chongyi suddenly felt something rushing towards him, and he could dodge it by leaning behind him, and he didn t want to show it under the eyes of everyone, so he could only clumsily step aside.As a result Naturally, he didn t get what he medigreens cbd gummies shark tank wanted.Gu Chongyi only felt his pants tightened and someone grabbed him firmly, and then a stronger force came, pulling his pants down.When Baotong saw the eldest lady s appearance, she immediately followed up.The master and servant arrived in the courtyard.Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, Go to uly cbd gummies shark tank cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies the old lady s room to see if there are any long bamboo or jade pipes.Old lady Gu left Zhuzhu to eat at home, Gu Mingwan was not interested in the banquet, so she found an excuse to come out halfway, and sat on the porch in a daze.Gu Ziyan came out of the house and saw Gu Mingwan at a glance Why are you here Didn medigreens cbd gummies shark tank t everyone go to talk to Zhuzhu Gu Mingwan got up and saluted Gu Ziyan What s the use of being with her, Huaiyuan The Hou Mansion is clearly avoiding us and letting a foolish girl deal with it.What good is there to please a fool Gu Ziyan couldn t help frowning when he heard this.He is older than Gu Mingwan.He is twenty years old this year.Only by clarifying this can she find out the truth about Ah Chan s death The sky gradually darkened.Bai Gongren lay on the bed and fell asleep drowsily.In her dream, she vaguely felt someone sitting beside the bed.Bai Gongren struggled to open her eyes to see clearly, but her eyelids seemed heavy, and then she felt a pair of hands lift off her quilt and touch her legs.Frightened, Bai Gongren finally opened her eyelids, and she saw a vague figure raising her hand, and in the palm was a sharp weapon, which she stabbed fiercely at her leg.In the severe pain, Bai Gongren suddenly opened his eyes, but what he saw was an empty room, and there was no one beside the bed.Bai Gongren was just about to breathe a sigh of relief, but when she lowered her head, she found a leg lying across her belly.That leg was shriveled, with only one bone left, and blood was dripping from the wound.Sun Zhenzhen said and went to look at Mo Yangming again Senior brother, you have demons in your heart.If you don t understand, I m afraid you won t be able medigreens cbd gummies shark tank to continue practicing.What s wrong The imperial concubine led the people into the yard, and when she saw the chaos in front of her, a surprised expression appeared on her face, What s going on It s up to you.There was chaos in the quiet room.A female crown quietly walked out of the Taoist temple through the side door under the order of Sun Zhenren.The real person ordered her to deliver the letter, Master Mo may have noticed some clues.Nu Guanzi hurried on her way, but she didn t see two figures following her.It was very dark in the mountains.Gu Mingzhu looked at the figure not far away, afraid that she would lose her by accident.Her sense of direction is not particularly good, and she cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy might get lost in unfamiliar places.The moment Xuan do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Ming was medigreens cbd gummies shark tank suffering from pain, his body movement was blocked, before he could react, a wooden stick suddenly stretched out from the tree, and stabbed straight at her.Look quickly, what is climbing up The girl s crisp voice came.The girl spoke without delaying the movement of her medigreens cbd gummies shark tank hands, and the wooden stick was poked fast and powerfully.The voice sounded soft, but there was no mercy in his hands.Xuan Ming was stabbed in the chest, and he let out a miserable cry, and fell under the tree with a plop.Xuan Ming, who fell to the ground, ignored the pain on his body, two words naturally appeared in his mind Liar.Didn t you say you want to see it How could you do it directly It happened so fast, the servants of the Huaiyuanhou s mansion were all stunned there, and they didn t come back to their senses until Xuanming got up, the Taoist aunt in this Taoist temple didn t feel at ease, and without saying a word, she hurried up the tree to catch her.Mrs.Zhang stopped here intentionally.climb a tree Gu Chongyi was not surprised but said Zhuzhu ran up the tree She must have learned it from her grandfather in Shaanxi.Mrs.Zhang smiled and said It seems that learning everything is useful.Our Zhuzhu is the female relative of an ordinary family.It s different, and has many abilities that others don t have.In the middle of the night, he ran out of the house and climbed up the tree with his maid, no matter how the servants tried to find him, he didn t make a sound, it sounded like the work of a stupid person, rare It was just right by mistake, similar to Huaiyuan Hou s uncovering of the war horse case.Can this kind of thing be passed down from generation to generation Mrs.Zhang bowed to Gu Chongyi and said goodbye.From the beginning to the end, this Lord Gu has been staring at the temple, not interested in what happened in the temple, only worried about his precious daughter.Mrs.Lin is even more happy Zhuzhu can enlighten the wisdom of a real person, then It is the blessing of our family.Madam Lin said and looked at Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu, quickly come and salute Master.Baotong immediately put the futon down, and Gu Mingzhu knelt down and bowed to Mo Yangming.Okay, Mo Yangming said, just this once, and there is no need to perform such a big ceremony again.Mrs.Lin reminded Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu will call the real medigreens cbd gummies shark tank master from now on.Master.The girl s voice was clear and clear.Mo Yangming thought of Ah chan again.A day ago, she hadn t thought about it, and she would put so much effort into this for a girl again.It really is the natural cycle of heaven, and it is also her good fortune.After Mo Yangming said this, he got up The Taoist has an injury and needs to heal for a few days.I spent a lot of money looking for medicines everywhere, I Achan s suicide made me very guilty, my brother in law took good care of me, and I wanted to do something to repay them, so I asked about the fairy medicine again.Bai Jingkun said There is some hesitation here, obviously it is the key point.Wei Yuanchen said By taking advantage of Yuan Bai s injury, you persuaded Yuan Zhixing to collude with soldiers from the five cities to open the city gate and let you enter Beijing to buy and sell imported goods.Bai Jingkun s eyes showed a bit medigreens cbd gummies shark tank of fear, but he still defended himself How could I be like thisit s all a coincidence, and no one will believe me when I tell it.Bai Jingkun couldn t figure out why he got to where he candy king cbd gummies is today, and he began to pull his hair fiercely What did you say Wrong, it was me They forced me to make a dry compass again.The Empress Dowager walked out of the inner hall and looked at the Yulouchun on the long case, then turned her head and told Mo Yangming I remember that Empress Wei also likes Yulouchun, please send this flower to Kunning Palace, and then show it to Empress Wei.Waist, after she gave birth to the third princess, she suffered from back pain, this medicinal wine of yours is very good, use it for Empress Wei.Zhenren Mo agreed.The queen mother said Go out of the palace after seeing the queen s illness, and come medigreens cbd gummies shark tank back in a few days.The female officer held up Yulouchun , and Mo Zhenren took Gu Mingzhu to salute and was about to leave.By the way, the queen mother said, the golden pagoda of Empress Gaozong is enshrined in Taiqing Temple, and the phoenix coffin of Empress Zhongzong was also parked there.The car stopped, and Gu Mingzhu jumped out of the car before the mother in charge came to meet her.The steward was startled, and was about to speak, when he saw Cui Zhen who was not far away hurriedly stepped forward to salute Mr.Dingning.Cui Zhen nodded Are uncle and aunt here The steward said Hou Master has gone out, Madam is at home, Master Hou enters first, I will tell Madam immediately.Cui Zhen followed Gu Mingzhu all the way into the inner house.Walking through the Aquarius Gate, Gu Mingzhu saw a small figure not far away, it was Zou Xiang, and she was about to call Zou Xiang, but Zou Xiang glanced over here, and then acted uncharacteristically, like a frightened hare, Turned around and ran into the green bamboo forest.Chapter 321 Cui Zhen, who is vinegar is sour, also noticed the figure, and was about to ask, when the steward beside him medigreens cbd gummies shark tank told him, Master Hou, that is the young master of the Lin clan.Baotong wanted to say something more, but Gu Mingzhu nodded and hugged the stove in his hand.Gu Chongyi jumped off the carriage, as if he didn t take the words of his daughter and Baotong to heart, took the reins from the servant, got on the horse, protected the carriage and left Anjiyuan Tan Sanye has been standing at the gate of Anjiyuan until the Gu family s carriages and horses disappeared, then he turned to look at the room where Bao er was recuperating.When he walked into the room just now, he saw Bao er s reaction in his eyes.Go and tell Uncle, Master Gu is gone, please Uncle go back to the mansion earlier, and I will go to the court in a while, so Uncle can rest assured that I will handle the matter here.Tan Family Steward heard Tan San Master s words were answered, and he walked quickly to the yard.Empress Wei can give birth to a son and a half daughter The female officer hurriedly said Your Majesty said yes, it can be seen that these are deliberately spread by people with a heart, just to win people s hearts.The people who secretly harmed us were arrested, but this palace has to see clearly.After abolishing the crown prince, they will enter the East Palace next step, but the road to the East Palace is not so easy.In the past, the crown prince was in that position.Now that the prince is abolished, I can let go, do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank take my things, hurt my child, and want to win that position, it is delusional.After finishing these words, Concubine Jiang looked at the chessboard again, Picking up a black piece on the chessboard It is said that he was smart since he was a child, and has always been liked by the Shoufu University scholar.Mo Yangming nodded, now that Tan Shangshu is involved, someone else might have to think about the pros and cons, cbd gummy tray she knows these things too well, not all cases will have results, especially those involving When it comes to the political situation, Wei Shanren can say such words without thinking, which is really admirable.No wonder many officials in Da Zhou respected the Wei family so much.Mo Yangming thought of the empress who was imprisoned in the Kunning Palace.If the medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Wei family hadn t been upright, they wouldn t have raised such offspring.Mo Yangming thought of this and said It is conceivable that the investigation of this case will be difficult.If Mr.Wei Shan needs help from a Taoist, just ask.Together, we bought and sold imported items stored in Shangqingguan.When did Sun Zhenren start working for those people Besides buying and selling Tamba wild cbd gummies abc store rice, what else did she do in private As Sun Zhenzhen s senior brother, Mo Zhenren knows Sun Zhenren better than us Real man, find more clues about Sun Zhenren, maybe it will be of great help to the case in the future.Or someone intentionally burned this hidden weapon together with her body so that we can identify her.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she was about to wipe the hairpin clean and put it back on her back.Your Excellency, you might as well show these things to Bai Jingkun.Gu cbd gummies for energy Mingzhu pointed to the two hidden weapons, Perhaps Bai Jingkun can see who made these things.After Gu Mingzhu said this, Baotong at the door lightly With a light cough, Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Mo was looking for her.My lord, I m leaving first, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, If there is any news, my lord will ask Liu Su to send it.Gu Mingzhu raised his feet and walked out, but when he reached the door, he thought best prices gor cbd gummies of something and then retreated.Wei Yuanchen was overjoyed, she thought of something, he straightened his sleeves and was about to reach out to pick up her candied fruit.Although many of them are old things, they will medigreens cbd gummies shark tank medigreens cbd gummies shark tank look like new after careful repair.If you can be more decent, it is natural to buy these the most cost effective, and there is nothing wrong with Mrs.Zhang doing this.Mrs.Lin took Mrs.Zhang s hand You didn t do anything wrong, and I might do the same thing if I were different.Mrs.Zhang said Mrs.Tan s wife has arranged for Mr.Tan to return to Fujian in a hurry.I only heard about it recently.Mrs.Meng in the lotus alley said that the Mrs.Tan family is very optimistic about Ming Wan, and Mr.Tan also has thoughts on Ming Wan.Mrs.Lin nodded The old lady asked our Lord Hou to go to the Tan family to mention the marriage of the two children.Good thing, I didn t expect such a mistake. I shouldn t have done this, Mrs.Zhang said guiltily, I didn t know the Tan family in Fujian, so it was too reckless.What should she say at this time Gu Mingzhu thought for a long time and tugged at the purse on her waist Does your lord want to eat candied fruit Master Wei must have gotten tired of hearing the sweet words.Although the snow is heavy, it is suitable for eating sweets.It s getting a little stiff, but she can hold the purse in her hand and cover it.Wei Yuanchen was thinking about how to respond to her better, when he why are cbd gummies dosage only 25mg saw a figure walking slowly towards her.Wei Yuanchen s arms tightened slightly, and Gu Mingzhu immediately felt something strange Following Wei Yuanchen s gaze, he saw a person walking out unsteadily, passing the yard He stopped in his tracks, and then walked to the side At the corner of the wall, the lower garment was lifted.Gu Mingzhu was about to take a closer look She felt the arms on her waist moved to her back, and then she was pulled closer to Mr.Tian Mang thoughtfully looked at Cui Zhen Master Hou, after you returned to Beijing, you have led troops to suppress a few turmoil, right Those people may also have a bit of resentment towards you.When they were robbed and besieged, they remembered that Mrs.Zhou was yours.The wife who has not been married, that s why he will attack Mrs.Zhou.Cui Zhen s brows furrowed a little deeper, during the case of the second prince, many officials in Beijing were affected, and the imperial concubine party took the opportunity to eliminate dissidents, which HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank made people panic.Several generals were forced to rise up and resist.He usually guarded Datong and did not return to Beijing often.He was not involved in these battles, so the emperor ordered him to lead troops to suppress the rebellion.So is there a reason for Zhou s death Tian Mang was taken down, and Cui Zhen looked at Wang Jing Cui Wei was injured in Datong before the second prince s treason case, and he stayed in Beijing to raise him for half a year.Cui Zhen unfolded the book, and the small characters in the pavilion style immediately came into view.The characters obviously did not belong to the Zhou family, but should have come from the Zhou family s father, Zhou Zecheng, the youngest champion of the Zhou family.That s right, they were not married yet, the Zhou family shouldn t have sent the Zhou family s personal belongings to the Cui family, it seemed that the Zhou family wanted to impress him with Zhou s deceased father s character at that time, hoping that he would be happy with the Zhou family in the future.Cui Zhen looked at the books in the box one by one, and his eyes finally fell on Zhou Zecheng s booklet about gold and stone seal carving.The front of the booklet was Zhou Zecheng s experience in gold and stone seal carving, and the back was Zhou Zecheng s seal carving patterns.Wei HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Yuanchen walked around the partition, and sure enough, he saw a figure standing stiffly in front of the window, Zhuzhu must be feeling sorry for Yan Shen.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and went straight behind Gu Mingzhu, stretched out his hand and gently placed it on her shoulder.My lord, I m sorry The girl s voice was hoarse.Those cases will be investigated clearly, and those who were framed back then will be rehabilitated.The girl nodded My lord, can I ask you one thing.Yes.Wei Yuanchen s voice was very soft, as if he was afraid As if to scare her.Can you turn your head uly cbd gummies shark tank cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies away first, II Gu Mingzhu put her hand on her chin, Can you turn your head away first, my lord, I may have blown too much wind, and I used a battered fake chin It s cracked, and it s about to fall off, I m afraidto frighten the adults.Even if Mr.Zheng is not afraid of offending Shangfeng, he is willing to speak for us, but who will listen to Mr.Zheng What After Shen finished speaking, she began to cry softly Second Uncle and Eldest Brother went the wrong way, I m afraid there is no way to save them, I just dreamed that they died.Don t cry.Eldest Master medigreens cbd gummies shark tank cbd with melatonin gummies Zhang said Sighing for a long time, he couldn t find the right words to comfort Shen Shi.Shen said I just want to keep my second brother and Shen s innocent people.Grandpa Zhang said while patting Shen s back Let me think about it There must be a way.After so many years in the court, it is not possible to just wait to die like this, father in law is the chief assistant of the two dynasties.Shen sat there blankly, as if frozen, and managed to recover I I remember my father once said that no matter how high he climbed, he would inevitably die well.In his eyes, he only thought that Mrs.Zhang was a good mistress, but he didn t know that there was so much filth hidden behind it, that was human life, and it was just in her hands for nothing.After he came back from Shanxi, he tidied up the inner house, and Mrs.Zhang didn t interfere.Can you figure out what happened back then Cui Zhen suddenly felt a pain in his heart, as if he had been shot by an arrow.In the past, he was quite satisfied with himself.Hebao had been abandoned when he took over, but now it has a strong army, and Lin Sizhen s rebels have not been able to shake it.He led the cavalry forward, and his war chess was clearly fluttering in the wind.Facing the strongest Tatar cavalry, he also had the confidence of invincibility.He always felt that what he did was good enough, and he was so honored to stand in front of others, but now he felt ashamed.Hearing Mrs.Lin s words, Cui Zhen didn t feel any disturbance in his heart.He walked out of the room and felt the cold wind blowing on him.He told Wang Jing Go to Jinshi Embroidery Workshop and call the embroiderer from back then.Wang Jing nodded and left.Cui Zhen watched Xue Lao Tongpan lead Feng Anping and others into the front yard.The Zhang family should get the news now.I don t know if Wei Yuanchen and the people in the street can find out some news.Chapter 417 Revenge Feng Anping stepped into the Dingning Hou Mansion with his master Xue Laotongpan.Be quicker in a while, Xue Laotongpan ordered.After a while, the family members of the natal family will come to take advantage of the silence in the house to get the do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank confession in their hands earlier.Feng Anping responded Understood.He touched his bosom, and the pack of beef jerky he was holding just now turned into a half pack, and that half pack was naturallyfed to the chicken, but recently the chicken Chu Jiu has been very kind to him, more polite than before A lot, and I will leave some for him every time I come to pick jolly cbd gummies 750mg it up.Mrs.Li was a little surprised, but she quickly figured it out Is the skill of removing the nets good Before her daughter married to Prince Lu s Mansion, even the palace lanterns in her house were often not complete.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and smiled, thinking about the beads and silk threads scattered on the small table in Kunning Palace, and thinking about it carefully, she is also very good, at least the kung fu of removing the knots is comparable to that of the empress.The jade tower in the empress s main hall blooms well in spring, and the empress even asked someone to plant white magnolias medigreens cbd gummies shark tank in the garden.Mrs.Li said When I went to Kunning Palace that year, there were crabapples in the garden.It blooms in full bloom.It was also that year that the empress conceived the third princess.Gu Mingzhu said Your Majesty has been well cared for.The old man endured.I couldn t stop asking Are you talking about Mr.Wei from the General Administration Gu Mingzhu said The box was aimed manufacturer of cbd gummies at Mr.Wei.He wanted to stop the imperial envoy from continuing to investigate the case.After this incident, we secretly asked if there were similar incidents in the past.happened, so Yan Shen was found.The old man remained silent.Gu Mingzhu continued After coming to the capital, the mother of Huairou s son in law, Mrs.Zhao, was framed.We investigated the case together with Mr.Wei, and found that the son of Qin Tianjian Bai Guanzheng was colluding with pirates.Xiang Niechen Our steward followed Xue Laotong to Shandong.During the interrogation of the pirate, the pirate cbd gummies condor medigreens cbd gummies shark tank confessed to the medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Xiu family, and Xue Laotong s apprentice Yan Shen was investigating the case of the Xiu family before his death.The eldest lady and the stewards of the Shen family disappeared.He escaped from the capital with Master Shen Er.After much deliberation, the fault should still be passed on to the Shen family.The Shen family used the identity of the Shen family s daughter to win over the shipyard officials to work for the Shen family in private.This is why he intervened in the affairs of the Shen family.in front of you.Just in case, he would take people to pursue Shen Shi, and if the wind in Beijing was not right, he sam elliott cbd gummies would go all the way to Antonwei to board the boat and leave Dazhou to avoid disaster.In short, in this way, he can advance, attack and retreat.Chapter 437 Would you like to conceive the palace.Most places in Dazhou are ores cbd gummies gradually getting warmer, but the Prince Huai Mansion is still covered with ice and snow.The emperor looked at Huang Chang, Huang Chang already knew what the emperor meant, and hurriedly brought the commander of Long Jinwei outside the hall into the hall.The emperor said Lieutenant Long Jin led his troops to take him down.Only by arresting Zheng Ruzong can he find out medigreens cbd gummies shark tank whether the case in front of him purekana cbd gummies for copd is really related to King Liang.Commander Long Jinwei looked at Wei Yuanchen, obviously wanting to know the whereabouts of Zheng Ruzong and his two sons.Wei Yuanchen said Zheng Ruzong is hiding in a Zhuangzi in the middle of the capital.We guess that one of his two sons has studied in the Shen clan and is now the manager of the Zhang family.His name is Qiu Hai.This is the person who took over the pirates.The emperor didn t make a sound when he heard this, he was reckless, such a person is easy to deal with, and Long Jinwei can quickly catch people with his hands.Qiu Hai nodded subconsciously, and rushed towards Gu Chongyi s direction, but when he came back to does cbd gummies make your eyes red his senses, he found something medigreens cbd gummies shark tank cbd with melatonin gummies was wrong.The man told him to be in charge, medigreens cbd gummies shark tank not a grown up.This time they were exposed, and they had to leave the capital with their troops.The general who led the troops always called him Master , because after they boarded the ship, they might fight with the imperial court at sea.position and stabilize the morale of the army.Qiu Hai stopped and turned his head to look, and then his eyes fell on a strange black face.The firearm exploded just now, and the faces of the soldiers who were close were inevitably covered with dust, so no one noticed the strangeness of this man.Looking at it carefully now, it is inevitable that there are too many dirts on this man s face, covering his original face.Before that, the concubine de concubine had eaten a piece of snack.This dim sum was made by Yushanfang for Yongchun Palace.Because King Su was supposed to visit Concubine De in the palace today, the emperor granted permission to hold a banquet in Concubine De s palace, and let all the princes and princesses in the palace join in the fun.On New Year s Eve and Zhongyuan Festival, the emperor went to the imperial concubine s palace and allowed the imperial concubine to hold a small banquet.Now it s finally Yongchun Palace s turn.The Yongchun Palace is full of joy.Defei s empress has been busy a few days ago, but no one expected , everything is ready, and something happened outside the palace, it is impossible to have a banquet at such a time.The prince and the princess came to thank Empress Defei, and Empress Defei asked people to take out the snacks made in the imperial dining room and share them with everyone.After Concubine Jiang finished speaking, she felt the emperor s two sharp gazes falling on her.The gaze no longer had the thoughtfulness and affection of the past, but was full of suspicion and anger.The emperor said coldly What do you want to say Concubine Jiang Gui didn t know why, but she saw disgust on the familiar face in front of her, as if someone had punched her hard in the chest, making her breathless.There was chaos in the middle, and he said numbly Your Majesty, those cakes are from Concubine De s palace, and Concubine De gave them to the princes and princesses.If the princes and princesses had eaten this food at that time, the emperor would have thought about it.What is the result Concubine Jiang looked HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank at Concubine De who was lying in the emperor s arms That would really be a disaster.Gu Mingzhu s eyes flickered slightly, she had a wicked idea, and she didn t know if she could make it.But for the sake of judging the case, it shouldn t be a bad idea A few moments later, several palace servants and servants were escorted into the hall by the supervisor of ceremonies.These people had all come and gone with Jiang Gongren today, and Jiang Gongren knelt on the ground with lowered eyes, as if he was dead.Yes, admitting that she wants to kill the Ninth Prince with poison is do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank tantamount to losing her life.After saying what she should say, she will not speak again.As long as she thinks about medigreens cbd gummies shark tank this, she will not be afraid even if the Queen Mother is here, Jiang Gong The man clenched his hands tightly, preparing to endure the next torture.If she was given another chance this time, she would take her own life.He never expected that this matter would involve the Taoist Ritual Supervisor, and his official uniform was soaked in sweat in an instant.The leader of the Ritual Supervisor, the eunuch Chen Xiang, usually doesn t like to talk much., but work carefully, he even praised Chen Xiang in front of the emperor, intending medigreens cbd gummies shark tank to promote Chen Xiang to serve in front of the emperor.Huang Chang became afraid when he thought of this.If he really did this, the consequences would be disastrous.Chen Xiang was identified by the female officer of Yongchun Palace, and was stared at by the emperor like this, his face was full of panic, his legs softened and he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing The emperor spares my life, the emperor spares my life.Chen Xiang s voice seemed to be panicked, The emperor felt an extraordinary calmness from him.The emperor closed his eyes and endured a severe headache.Tan Dingfang took advantage of his trust to do so.When he punished Tan Dingfang, he was not facing a minister he trusted, but also those ministers he had placed high hopes on.A general trained with painstaking efforts.Thinking of this, the emperor was furious again.Tianjia, don t dare to get angry anymore.The envoy of the do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank imperial hospital has been standing by the side, fearing that the emperor will make any mistakes, the emperor will be furious and blood will accumulate, and he has symptoms of blocked veins, which is a sign of stroke.When will I recover The emperor looked at the court envoy, I have used needles several times, why is my leg still unable to move It will take a lot of work, now that the emperor is busy with government affairs and can t rest, relying on medicine stones alone is really limited The emperor frowned You mean my illness can t be cured The envoy of the imperial hospital biosteel cbd gummies knelt down in fear My ministers must do their best, butYour Majestyyou have toat least don t get angry The medigreens cbd gummies shark tank emperor looked at the court envoy You let me rest, I can ignore the government affairs, but even if my illness Alright, I m afraid the country of the Great Zhou will also fall into the hands of the rebels.Seeing that the box was about to be carried out of the courtyard, Zhou Zejing stepped forward and stopped him Wait a minute, which adult is in charge here now Before the Yacha could speak, Zhou Zerui walked out quickly Second brother, come back Now, come in and ask Mr.Feng if there is any misunderstanding.Zhou Zejing looked at the courtyard, Mr.Feng from Shuntian Mansion is Feng Anping who was transferred from Taiyuan to the capital, an in law of Huaiyuan Hou Mansion and under the tutelage of Xue Lao Tongpan, Mr.Xue s judge, master and apprentice, is quite trusted by Mr.Su Fu, and that s all.Feng Anping and Wei Yuanchen have handled cases together.The Taiyuan War Horse case is one, and the recent arrest of Zheng Ruzong is another.This case also involves another apprentice of Xue Laotong, Feng Anping s brother Yan Can, if there is no Yan Can, the cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies fun drops cbd gummies where to buy court may not be so easy to catch Zheng Ruzong.Zhou Zejing walked all the way back to the study, no wonder Cao Xueshi helped transfer him to the Tongzhengsi, but was directly rejected by the Tongzhengsi.He took a deep breath, no matter how many schemings medigreens cbd gummies shark tank he had, no one would have guessed that there would be such a catastrophe.Fortunately, he was not relying on the Wei family, but the Concubine De.Something happened in the palace of the Concubine De, but the emperor still trusts King Su, and there will be a decree tomorrow to let Xueshi Cao take over as Minister of Rites and Bachelor of Dongge.Prepare for the throne.Even if Wei Yuanchen has made great contributions, he is only a relative and will always be a minister.It has been six years since girl Jun passed away, how could she still be haunted like this.After thinking about this, Zhou Zejing focused on Xu Gui s case again.Speaking of this, Su Fu s heart moved You mean, the eldest princess of Yongkang took it on behalf of others Those musicians may be the Cao family s eyeliner Gu Mingzhu shook her head Not necessarily, the Cao family can t say It has long been under the control of others.Zhou Zejing said that the female gentleman taught the female relatives how to tune the piano, and then the Cao family began to raise such a woman and sent them to various mansions.This is like King Gong buying and selling war horses, and King Huai smuggling imported goods on the sea.Well, King Liang s method is to use the manpower and power of King Gong and King Huai to secretly seek benefits for himself.In the case of the Cao family, King Liang may also uly cbd gummies shark tank cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies use Cao s eyeliner to help the Cao family raise these women.On the surface, these women work for the Cao family, but in fact they serve the King cbd gummies condor medigreens cbd gummies shark tank of Liang.Inner organs, time is running out, so they assassinate corrupt officials to eliminate harm for the people.Zhang Yuan may be the Pearl Thief.Years of experience in handling cases told Qiao Song that this conclusion is not wrong.Qiao Zheng stood there in a daze.Qiao Song continued Every time we investigate a case, HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank Wei Yuanchen is one step behind.Wei Yuanchen seems to know that there are other inside stories in these people s cases.Did those people pass the news to Wei Yuanchen Qiao Song nodded.No, Qiao Zheng said, When Wei Yuanchen entered the prison, those people were beheaded one after another, and Wei Yuanchen was seriously injured and couldn t even speak.How could he talk to those people Qiao Song said This is also what I can t figure out, but there is another person who has seen those people and Wei Yuanchen.He wanted to keep him, but he couldn t.Do you know how pitiful we are Cui Wei changed his tone, and the pitiful expression on his face turned into resentment again, Father only medigreens cbd gummies shark tank likes you and dislikes me and mother, you know how much I want to see my father smile I hate you, no matter how hard I try, I can t keep up with you, I can only hold my mother tightly, and I can feel a little warmth from her, am I wrong Cui Wei trembled Said It s because you don t want to care about the Zhou family.Otherwise, even if I use some tricks, you won t be fooled.Why do you have to blame me Zhang What s wrong I Liang Wang Xicai, if Eldest brother s official career with King Liang will definitely be better than now.Didn t elder brother always want to HCMUSSH medigreens cbd gummies shark tank stabilize the Northwest and take back Liaodong for the Great Zhou King Liang also wants to do the same, and elder brother will be able to show his ambition under King Liang.Li Tai said with a smile.Said, I believe there is nothing that cannot be solved, just because we have the same thoughts, we want two children to be good, and if they are good, our two families will be good.I have married a daughter, and I know the bitterness of the journey.As a mother, my heart is cut like a knife, this is still a trivial matter, and the feeling of being unable to sleep at night is the real torment, but even so, it can t change the situation of my daughter, so I will naturally be more cautious when choosing a son in law.Mrs.Li said and looked at Mrs.Lin deeply Don t worry, if Zhuzhu gets married, I dare not say that she will not be wronged, and there may be disputes between brothers.There is still a long way for them to go.There will be unresolved knots.I am old, and I may not see it one day.Weak groans followed.Lu Guang rushed over.Zhu Wu s head is still there.His head is still there, but it s just hanging down into a hole, so from the direction Lu Guang just looked at, it doesn t medigreens cbd gummies shark tank cbd with melatonin gummies seem to be there.Third brother Zhu Wu s voice was weak.It s me, it s the third medigreens cbd gummies shark tank brother.Lu Guang stepped forward and hugged Zhu Wu in his arms.Zhu Wu s face was covered with blood and his cheeks were swollen, but fortunately he was still alive.Lu Guang called out to the medical workers.It s you Zhu Wu continued.It s me.Lu Guang swallowed even more.Zhu Wu tried his best to say the last sentence It s you who robbed me of my moneyremember to returnreturn it to me and passed out in relief.Bah, Lu Guang spat out the tears that flowed into his mouth, Zhu Wucai is not a hero who blows up, his fifth younger brother is still a cheapskate who regards money as his life.That person is nothing.King Liang began to despair, and when he was about medigreens cbd gummies shark tank to fail, the man let go of his hand again, allowing him to float upwards.King Liang s eyes widened, and when he saw the man s face, he understood everything.King Liang knew this face, it was Wei Congzhi.There was a playful smile on Wei Congzhi s face, and hatred was mixed in the depth of the smile.King Liang was panting heavily.Wei Congzhi was deliberately torturing him, making him struggle between life and death and unable to escape.The Wei family was avenging him for Wei Congcheng.Just after he figured this out, King Liang s body sank again, sinking again.This time Liang Wang was not angry, nor was he fierce enough to break free, only despair and fear.The sea water do cbd gummies show up medigreens cbd gummies shark tank squeezed into his body again, and death hit him again.Wei Shi knew that he couldn t see, and doing so was deliberately humiliating him.Empress Wei continued General Wei captured King Liang alive.If the emperor is healthy, he can personally reward the soldiers who fought.They are all heroes of the Great Zhou.Without them, the people of the Great Zhou would be caught in the flames of war.The emperor s chest After a while, who should he go to reward Wei Yuanchen Delusion, Wei Shi don t want to use him to do anything again, thinking of this, the emperor made some vague voices in his throat again.Datong has also won the battle.Cui Zhen is fighting against the enemy with Huairou s son in law in Yongping Mansion.I believe that there will cbd gummies condor medigreens cbd gummies shark tank be good news in Beijing soon, and Dazhou will be restored to stability.Empress Wei glanced at the emperor on the sick bed, Concubine Knowing the emperor s thoughts, I will arrange these things for the emperor, reward the heroes, eradicate the traitors, make the Zhou prosperous and the people stable, this has always been the emperor s wish.She stretched out her hand to stop his neck, and gently kissed her soft lips.Sweet.Sweeter than candied fruit.He was stunned at first, and then turned his back on the guest.The lights are dim, reflecting two figures, with overlapping sleeves and tightly knit fingers, making it impossible to tell you from me.Master Wei is right, seven years have passed by in a hurry, and they don t have that much time to waste.It took a long time before they parted again.Gu Mingzhu curled up in Master Wei s arms, and it took a while to stabilize her breath.She remembered something and sat up and looked at Master Wei s clothes How is your injury Let me see.Master Wei s clothes The robe was a little messy, and she wanted to check it carefully, but glanced at his belt, but she couldn t get it off.After the experience just now, she always felt that there had been some subtle changes.Gu Mingzhu remembered that when she died in prison, her soul left her body, and Mr.Wei followed her closely until she regained her life.Now, she followed Mr.Wei, and had to accompany each other to the end.Walking out of the yard, amidst laughter, they walked slowly back to the main room.Gu Mingzhu saluted with Wei Yuanchen.Get up.Mrs.Lin couldn t hold back and pulled Zhuzhu s hand forward, feeling the warmth of her daughter s palm, thinking she wasn t too nervous, Madam Lin was relieved and turned to look at Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi stepped forward, according to etiquette, he should admonish his daughter to take care of her husband and raise her children after marriage.The surrounding gradually became quiet, and Gu Chongyi said Zhuzhu, you have to remember that no matter what time you are, you are the apple of your father s and mother s eyes.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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