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Tai covered her chest, and the disgust on her face was even worse.If she had known this, she would have rejected the marriage even if she offended the eldest princess Bury her in Shanxi, and enshrine the tablet in the old house.Don t mention her again.In the autumn of the fourteenth year of Tianwu of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the Cui family sent Miss Zhou s body to the Shanxi clan plant md revive cbd gummies for burial, and everyone who knew about it praised Marquis Dingning.Both the Zhou family and the Cui family have left a good reputation.Miss Zhou s chastity and the Cui family s generosity have achieved the best of both worlds.In the winter of the fifteenth year of Tianwu in the Great Zhou Dynasty, someone stood in front of the tomb of the Zhou family in Shanxi for a long time without leaving.There was a plate of millet cakes and various pastries in front of the tomb, and the burning paper money slowly floated up, and then turned into ashes.Test the person s attitude.This matter plant md revive cbd gummies is nothing more than two results either he is suspicious, or Miss Gu is too sophisticated, no matter which is the truth, it is the same for him, he must pay more attention to Miss Gu.Feng Anping thoughtfully stepped forward and poured a cup of can cbd gummies give me a headache plant md revive cbd gummies tea for Mr.Wei The murderer refused to confess anything, but we found a few pearls from him.Miss Gu also picked up a pearl in the Jinta Temple.It was that pearl that made many people in the government office change their colors.Feng Anping said Seven years ago, there was a Pearl Bandit in Shanxi.After the Pearl Bandit stole property, he would leave a pearl to show his identity.He robbed Ku Yin, and in order to escape smoothly, he set fire to the Ao warehouse where the relief food was stored, and attracted the servants to put out the fire.The yamen arrested those people in Yong an Lane.If they plant md revive cbd gummies are thieves, they must find the property they robbed.Without these things, how can they be convicted.The place marked on this map is outside the city, not far from Yong an Lane.What is the thing that Yamen wants most right now stolen goods.Nie Chen also had such a guess that he would throw the map to him.If it was really stolen, only he dared to cross the yamen to get these things, because he was ordered to investigate the case by secret, and it was only natural to intervene in the case.He got the evidence, even if he took control of the whole case.It seems that Nie Chen took important things to surrender, but in fact, his identity, official position, intention of coming to Taiyuan Mansion, and even the relationship between the Wei family and the prince were all calculated.Although there are still people who use it among the people, most of them are tricks made by fools.This thing actually appeared in the noble can cbd gummies give me a headache plant md revive cbd gummies family.Lu Shenzhi rummaged through it , A mahogany nail was found on the chest of the doll made of white cloth, and a talisman was found in the doll s belly.You don t need to think about it, you know it s something like a ghost suppressing charm , because Zhou Rujun has been dead for five years, and this doll is obviously used to deal with ghosts.Don t look.Fourth Mrs.Cui covered the eyes of Sister Lin and Gu Mingzhu with her hands, for fear of scaring the two girls.Lu Shenzhi s face became more and more ugly, he had heard about the Zhou family, the Zhou family was buried with the ceremony of Cui Zhen s official wife, but there was no imperial order for his wife, and Cui Zhen did not come plant md revive cbd gummies to the Cui family to attend the funeral.Could it be that he betrayed me , used me But the strange thing is that he didn t reveal my appearance to others.I still don t understand his purpose of doing this.Is it to protect me, or is he afraid that I will confess to him after I m caught I have always thought that he is a rare good person in this world, and maybe there is something hidden about what happened back then.Mr.Zhang never figured out this question until his death, so he didn t tell her who the he in the words was, but Gu Mingzhu could tell her.Thinking, that he was the insider back then, the person who knew the true face of Mr.Zhang.Maybe it was plant md revive cbd gummies the Lord Lu standing in front of her.Lu Shenzhi stared closely at Miss Gu s eyes, and he could catch anything strange about Miss Gu.Miss Gu glanced at the painting, but soon lost interest, and glanced elsewhere, Lu Shenzhi was disappointed for a while.This is what attracted him The result that the investigator wants is to let him find out all the cases and catch those people who are hiding.Cui Zhen looked at Cui Wei and said, Today we searched around the village, and the people in the village have been alarmed.Maybe they will report to those hiding in the mountains overnight, no matter whether these hiding people are bandits or not, we will take them down first.Interrogation.Someone wanted to use the people from Yong an Lane to solve the case, but they were blocked again and again, which shows that they have been targeted.The imperial court sent the Wei family to Taiyuan, but plant md revive cbd gummies Wei Yuanchen never showed up.Cui Wei understood Brother suspects that the failure to find the stolen goods in the cave has something to do with Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen nodded Wei Yuanchen is an imperial envoy, and if he finds clues, he can go straight to Tianting.If the doctor s wife dared to touch Zhou Rujun s grave, he would immediately break her hand with this stone.The doctor did not act like this.She walked to the tomb and looked at the stele for a while, her gaze fell on the pastry on the altar, and then she stretched out her hand and pinched a piece of red bean .

are cbd gummies approved by the fda?

cake.He really is a cheap eater.It s just stealing the tribute, and with Miss Zhou s temperament, she shouldn t mind, so Wei Yuanchen took the stone back into his hand again.But he didn t expect that the doctor woman was going to take away all the tributes, Wei Yuanchen frowned suddenly, should he stop this woman.Chapter 28 Sentimental Before Wei Yuanchen could make a move, the doctor put down the medicine box again, and a shadow flashed across Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Conscience found out that it must have other considerations to put the pastry back.The feeling of being teased.Wei Yuanchen didn t see it with his own eyes, but Miss Gu s vivid expression appeared in his mind.She had better have really suffered from dementia, otherwise he and her would have plant md revive cbd gummies a day of reckoning sooner or later.Third Master.Walking out of the yard, Chu Jiu immediately stepped forward Are you going to go to the boat Do you know where it is I m afraid it s not good to go there.In case the third master is fascinated by some goblin, he will go back How to explain to Mrs.Tai, how to explain to the empress in the palace Seeing that Wei Yuanchen s horse was about to disappear at the end of the road, Chu Jiu didn t dare to neglect to follow immediately.Third Lord, Chu Jiu finally followed up panting, You can t go to that place, the women there are like tigers and wolves, you will suffer.Gu Mingzhu knew in her heart that the identity of the doctor s wife had been suspected, and she wouldn t take too long, but as long as she could retire, Master Wei didn t know who to turn to even if she settled the score later.A banquet has been set up in the huge cabin of the big boat, and the people who are seated start to exchange glasses.Gu Mingzhu helped Mr.Wei to sit down, stretched out his hand to fill the glass cup with wine, and then made a respect in front of Mr.Wei.I hope Mrs.Wei can drink well, so that she can have something to do.Sister Ziyuan, the girl next to her leaned over and whispered, Why are you dressed like this tonight It s not as good looking as usual, and you ve grown a lot with your whiteness.Gu Mingzhu pointed at Wei Yuanchen beside her, and then gestured The girl stopped talking nonsense, and the jasper bracelet on her wrist was revealed during her movements.

The river water, maybe someone secretly instigated it How could Wei Yuanchen be fooled by such a well established person The Cui family and the Wei family were not politically incompatible enemies, he expressed this intention several times, but Wei Yuanchen didn t seem to care, and decided to make him his enemy.Cui Zhen had no words, so Han Yu had no choice but to say again Why did Mr.Wei come to Huafang Look, I didn t expect my subordinates to be caught and framed.Wei Yuanchen said and looked at the guard.Qin Wei plant md revive cbd gummies said We were checking the situation near the big boat, and a lot of stewards rushed out of the boat, surrounded us without saying a word, and took out bags of belongings, some of them were thrown into the lake, and some were thrown beside us.Mr.Ding s face was already ugly, but his hands trembled involuntarily when he heard this, and he stepped back.I really regard him as the master of Qingtian.Miss Gu s naive face appeared in front of Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Throwing these things to him was just to let him open the way for her.She must have other plans.Wei Yuanchen looked at Liu Su Take care of those people first, and let me arrange everything.Liu Su responded.Wei Yuanchen went to look at Nie Chen again Keep an eye on the Cui family and the Zhou family.Nie Chen was startled.Could it be that the Cui family and the Zhou family are also related to this matter If Mr.Wei knows something that they don t know, he must tell the elder immediately.Nie Chen took Liu Su away, and brought tea to Wei Yuanchen on the ninth day of the ninth day Master, isn t this a good thing They came to seek refuge after seeing him being so heroic.I think Nie Chen is not bad, not as good as the third master.If someone spoke against her wishes the year before last, she would definitely object.You don t have to be so trembling, Mrs.Lin said, I m afraid those people have escaped long ago.Even if they didn t escape, the Nursing Academy can take them down.Many people in these Nursing Academy have gone to the battlefield with Brother Zhen and Brother Wei HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies to deal with them.A few thieves are more than enough.After taking down the thieves, it s not just her credit, let s see how the Wei family will try to harm her.While talking, it rained heavily.Mrs.Tai is right, Mrs.Wednesday stepped forward and said, Let s go to the house to hide from the rain first.The autumn rain is cold, and wet clothes will hurt your body.After Mrs.Wednesday finished speaking, she accompanied Mrs.Lin Tai and walked forward first.Wei s deep eyes.My lord was shot by an arrow, Han Yu s entourage immediately stepped forward, The arrow is poisoned, and my lord is letting the doctor wash the wound.Looking at the doctor on the ground, Wei Yuanchen said, I m afraid this man will not succeed.It s over, why don t I help Lord Han Without waiting for others to speak, Wei Yuanchen stepped forward, picked up the cloth towel, and pressed it on Han Yu s bloody back.Han Yu couldn t help but let out a scream.Wei Yuanchen s expression didn t change What should I do Shall I continue to shave my flesh I m pretty good at this kind of thing.Chapter 64 Fear of Death Han Yu knew that what Wei Yuanchen said couldn t be more true.Torturing prisoners in prisons requires the use of knives but not death.How to achieve this, no one in Dazhou now knows better than Mr.The fourth grass rabbit jumped out.This time Master Wei seemed to use a little more strength.The rabbit went under the stone table.She needed to grab the rabbit to hold it in her hand.It s a good time.Gu Mingzhu reached out to pick up the rabbit, her center of gravity shifted, and her figure was a little unstable.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes slightly, watching the slender figure turn towards him, he forced himself not to dodge, just waiting for her to reach out her hand.The little hand stretched out, but stopped at his waist, gently grabbed the grass rabbit, and then left calmly.Miss Gu didn t touch him.Wei Yuanchen twirled his fingers lightly, and the dog s tail grass trembled.The girl held the grass rabbit, raised her eyebrows, and let out a burst of cheerful laughter.The innocent appearance made people smile.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, who immediately stepped forward and said, Ma am, what happened to Mr.Wei Could it be that he was injured on Zhuangzi Even if they don t trust the people we invite, they will bring people themselves, and they don t ask for wound medicine, they just ask for warm water and towels After saying this, Mrs.Lin thought carefully I m in Beijing.When I was in middle school, I heard that Wei Sanye fell ill in the prison, and the famous doctors in Beijing said it was a strange disease, and now it seems that it may be related to this.Baotong said in a low voice Isn t the Wei family a foreign relative Why Mr.Wei has been in jail It s not the case seven years ago, Mrs.Lin realized that she had talked too much, she looked up at Baotong, Don t ask what you shouldn t ask.Baotong Hitomi had to withdraw his head.Thinking about it, Baotong handed the box of dried fruit in front of Gu Mingzhu, the wronged young miss had to listen to this.Gu Mingzhu took a candied fruit and threw it into her mouth.Zhao Gongren s eyes were red from crying, she was provoking someone, she came to the Gu family this time, firstly to inquire about the news, secondly to vent her anger on behalf of the elder sister, but in the end nothing was done, firstly, she killed her eldest brother went in.When facing Mrs.Wei just now, she plant md revive cbd gummies could only admit that she fell her own brother.It is true that her relatives are bullying others.Her horse hurt someone, but she pretended nothing happened.They are still a family of officials.There is no way to complain.The bone is fine, it s just a skin injury, it will heal after a while.The doctor bowed and told Zhao Gongren.The presence of such a meaningful content showed that the sender of the sweat towel knew Lin Runzhi very well.She heard Zhao s mother mentioned that Mr.Zhao Er was in Taiyuan Mansion, so she made a bold guess.Sure enough, it was Master Zhao Er.She asked this question, so that Cui Zhen would spend less effort dealing with Zhao Gongren, and she would be able to know more about the inside story.Chu Jiu hid on the roof, he how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs carefully concealed his breath for fear that he would be noticed by Marquis Ding Ning, but he was a little confused, why did the third master ask them to stare at the Gu family Watch Miss Gu play with pocket pockets He hadn t had such a leisurely errand for a long time.Chu Jiu wanted to close his eyes and rest his mind, when the face of the third master suddenly appeared in his mind Keep an eye on her, don t get distracted.

As a mother, she is just a strong woman.It doesn t matter if she is wronged.How can she push a pair of children into danger.Mrs.Lin made up her mind.Now that she has said all this, she is not afraid of tearing plant md revive cbd gummies up her face with Elder Sister, so that Elder Sister will know that she is not easy to bully, and don t try to plot against her in the future.Elder sister, don t forget too, Mrs.Lin said, Brother in law was blamed for losing the battle, and Taiyuan Mansion was in a famine.Whoever helped does cbd gummies affect birth control your Cui family in those years, don t look down on the countryside.There is no food in the countryside.I m going to starve to death.Don t forget how my uncle became an official, and my father never asked you for any kindness.Mrs.Lin wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief after she finished speaking, with a resolute expression on her face The war horse case involves Too big, as a woman, I don t understand anything, so I can t do things for the elder sister, if the elder sister insists on doing this, I ll send someone to invite Marquis Ding Ning to come and let the Marquis think of a way.Master Zhao Er s finger was stained with blood, which was blurred in the palm of Wei Yuanchen s hand, as if he had drawn a line, and then there was a fish like thing.When everyone hadn t understood what Master Zhao Er was writing, Master Zhao Er let out a long gasp from his throat, and then dropped his hands completely, only a pair of eyes were still firmly open.Do not rest in peace.The prince watched the second master Zhao swallow his breath, and felt a little more at ease.Fortunately, things didn t go to the worst step, but he didn t know what the second master Zhao revealed to Wei Yuanchen.Prince, my lordthat murdererthat murderer the guard of the East Palace complained hesitantly.Say, the prince frowned, what s wrong with the murderer Prince, that s from our East Palace.Chapter 114 lost the words of the just cbd gummies para que sirve guards of the East Palace, as if everyone around them jumped.Mrs.Lin Tai kicked Cui Wei Go away, you have nothing to do here , Is it easy for the Cui family to have this title How did he promise me back then The Cui family should be the most important thing, but he did it When he dug the grave and robbed the grave, he plant md revive cbd gummies thought of it.If something happened, how would he keep the Cui family My son had already thought about it at the time.If the incident happened, my son would go to accept the crime, Cui Zhen said in a deep voice, Cui Wei didn t know anything about it.The imperial court took my title and let Cui Wei inherit it, so mother doesn t need to Using family law, I am worthy of the Cui family, and only the imperial court has the right to convict me of this matter.Mrs.Lin s face turned red and white when she heard this, and her expression was complicated, obviously she did not expect Cui Zhen to say such a thing.Only then did he realize that her center of gravity was unstable and wanted to pull her again, when the face of Rujun suddenly appeared in his mind, Wei Yuanchen couldn t help but his heart sank, and when he came back to his senses, she was already sitting on the ground.It seems that she didn t take it to heart, and he didn t need to explain it.No one would remember such a trivial matter, and thinking about it would be mediocre.What he wants to find out most now is why he always cbd gummies for ed regards Miss Gu as Ah Jun.He suffered from an old illness in the Gu family, and Gu Mingzhu came to check on his situation.Coincidentally, so he had the illusion Then later he grabbed Ah Jun and held her in his arms.Was he dreaming, ortaking Miss Gu for can cbd gummies give me a headache plant md revive cbd gummies Ru Jun If so, didn t he make a move to Miss Gu Wei Yuanchen frowned and looked at Chu Jiu who was plant md revive cbd gummies not far away, what happened that plant md revive cbd gummies day, Chu Jiu didn t mention half a word to him.His father insisted on telling him the truth, and wanted him to go to the Yamen.I told him can cbd gummies give me a headache plant md revive cbd gummies that if he didn t go, he would kill his father together with his mother and uncle, but when he reached the gate of the yamen, he couldn t go in anyway.Cui Wei found him.Brother, Cui Wei said, Go back and have a look.My mother hanged herself.Thanks to my mother in charge, I don t know if she can survive.The mother was dying on the bed, and the father had passed away.Brother, what should we do If we don t have a father, will we lose our mother too Brother, I m afraid.He put his hand on Cui Wei s shoulder, looked at the Cui clan plant md revive cbd gummies members who came into the yard to help, and went there He didn t give up for a moment, he still wanted to tell the truth.Until he went to see his mother in the house, his mother asked him Do you really want us to die He saw hatred in his mother s eyes, and since then his meanness, the mother s resentment has always existed between their mother and what to expect when eating cbd gummies child.It is very dangerous to station troops in the frontier.Lin Sizhen sees that things are revealed, and it is very likely that he will take them with him.Soldiers and horses have defected to the Tatars, so the northwest frontier is in danger.Mrs.Lin became more nervous How to solve it It needs to be carefully calculated, Cui Zhen said, If you accidentally implicate the frontier due to investigation, it is also a big mistake.Cui Zhen stood up after saying this I ll go to the Yamen first, and my aunt is waiting for news at home.Mrs.Lin nodded.Cui Zhen strode out.Looking at Cui Zhen s back, Mrs.Lin sighed again I didn t expect the elder sister to do such a thing, how could she bear it, a couple a day, a hundred days of kindness, Brother Zhen has witnessed this since childhood, no wonder he doesn t care about husband and wife.The prince thought of this and took a look at Wei Yuanchen.He was afraid of Wei Yuanchen before, but now all the cases are under his control.Wei Yuanchen has been busy for a long time, but he is just a vicious dog of the court.He will reward.Lord Wei, the crown prince raised his head and said in a condescending manner, I also need to sort out the documents related to this case.When I arrive in Beijing, I will report to the emperor carefully.Gu Mingzhu continued to eat her candied fruit, When the prince first came plant md revive cbd gummies to the school grounds, he still had the aura of a nobleman, and just when he frightened Zhao Gongren, he showed his true face, and was so anxious to grab the credit, wouldn t he be afraid of suddenly becoming a hot potato If Mr.Wei uses this trick, Lin Sizhen will probably be fooled.Mrs.Lin was sitting in the car with mixed emotions in her heart.She went to see Mrs.Lin and Zhao Gongren yesterday.Although Zhao Gongren was full of resentment, he still knew how to plan for the two children and did not bring too much trouble to the clerk who was in charge of them Mrs.Lin Tai refused to eat with water, and Mrs.Cui Si went to deliver it several times but was scolded.She stood in the yard talking to Mrs.Cui Si, and Mrs.Lin Tai laughed at her If something happens to the Lin family, the clan will suffer They are all of the same clan and clan, so in order to fight for a patriarch, they need to use such ruthless hands behind their backs.Thinking of this, Madam Lin shook her head, Madam Lin has never admitted that she was wrong, and felt that Si Si was really innocent , and even poured sewage on others, if Lin Sizhen hadn t blindly covered it up back then, how could this happen today For the sake of Brother Zhen and the clansmen, she would go to see him occasionally, how will Brother Zhen live in the future Brother Zhen was indifferent on the surface, but secretly wrote a memorial, begging to save his mother s life.

Zhou Zesheng heard this and looked at Wei Yuanchen s indifferent expression, why did he think that Miss Gu was extraordinary in Wei Sanye s heart Chapter 153 Combat with Life Since Zhou Zesheng met Mr.Wei, he has never heard of any woman mentioned by Mr.Wei except Rujun.Wei Sanye first asked Rujun if he was acquainted with the Huaiyuanhou s mansion, and then specifically told him to puritans cbd gummies pretend that he hadn t noticed any strange behaviors by Miss Gu.What strange behavior can a female relative do Let him not intervene but secretly protect, at least trust Miss Gu very much.Rujun has been gone for so many years, it s time for Mr.Wei to untie his knot and look forward.Wei Yuanchen said There will be some commotion tonight, you don t have to worry about it, no matter what the result is, don t show up, so as not to be discovered.Since Wei Yuanchen has been suspicious of me, it s inconvenient for me to go ahead with the team.It s better to go back to Beijing first to accept the crime.Cui Zhen looked at the prince and said, I don t know what your highness means Let me think about it.The prince said Standing up, he seemed to be pacing around the room, but slowly walked to the screen.Mr.Shen had been waiting there a long time ago.When he saw the prince, he immediately stepped forward and said, Prince, it s not a good idea to continue the trouble.What Marquis Ding Ning said makes sense.Let Marquis Ding Ning go first The prince said Is this possible Mr.Shen nodded, he wished that Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen would leave the prince s side, so that they could achieve their goals plant md revive cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies price more easily, he asked someone to ask, and Wei Yuanchen did interrogate Cui Zhen s personal guards , he saw this matter clearly from the beginning to the end, it didn t seem like he was cheating, Wei Yuanchen s HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies stabbing with the sword was even more dangerous, how could he do such a deadly move if he was acting The two people only saw whether there was any grievance or resentment, and anyone with a discerning eye could tell at a glance.A stone in her heart was put down.Fell asleep.Everyone seemed to be sleeping peacefully On the official road from the capital to Taiyuan, there are still people traveling with stars and moons.It was Marquis Huaiyuan.The continuous rush made the horse under the crotch breathe heavily, and the four hooves of the galloping became slower and slower.Master Hou, take a break The guard rushed forward and said, The horse will not be able to support it if you go on like this.Huaiyuanhou had to rein in the horse, and he hadn t traveled like this for many years, and the pain between his legs was sharp., but he had to be anxious, after receiving the news from Jingzhong, he knew that the previous plan was wrong, and his wife and Zhuzhu failed to leave Taiyuan Mansion for Shaanxi.He really didn t expect the case to be investigated so quickly.Yang rushed forward with the guards around her.She had done so many things in Dazhou for so long, she couldn t be lost in front of such a small village castle.She still has many, can cbd gummies give me a headache plant md revive cbd gummies many things to do behind her.Protect me and go back to Ao er Dusi, and you will definitely have a share in the future Before Yang s promise could be finished, the guard beside him fell off his horse.Yang Shi saw the figure straddling the horse in the darkness.Cheng Yi drove his horse closer pure cbd gummies 25 mg plant md revive cbd gummies step HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies by step, with a dignified expression, They won t be able to take credit for your contribution, but your head can be exchanged for military merit for the generals of the Great Zhou Nie Chen and others carried the wounded soldiers into the house, and counted the number of men , and then hurriedly rushed to the tower to check the situation.It turned out that she had her father to protect her, so she didn t need others for a long time.It s really Wei Yuanchen.When Wei Yuanchen arrived at the village castle, Gu Chongyi saw it clearly.He let go of his daughter s hand and was about to go down the city.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about something, but he didn t notice that his father let go of his hand, the bow was opened, and the arrow was on the string.The result of letting go of this way was an arrow shot towards Mr.Wei.Chapter 185 Poor Gu Mingzhu has never hurt anyone since she learned archery.She never thought that Master Wei would offer her such a big gift when she first arrived.Turned into a look of astonishment.This arrow should not hurt Master Wei, right The arrow headed towards Wei Yuanchen, but Wei Yuanchen squinted his eyes and stood on the horse without avoiding, just looking at Gu Mingzhu indifferently.Zhao smiled and said, Princess, don t worry, I m fine.I thought about it before going to Shanxi to investigate the case.Since I came out of the Cheng family, I don t plan to go back.I don t care what the Cheng family thinks about me.I don t care.Now that the Cheng family has a mistress, I won t fight for any status.I have long since looked down on these things.I just want to avenge my father.Be kind and smooth, that plant md revive cbd gummies is the best result.Princess Huairou breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this, she was afraid that the gossip between the Cheng family and outsiders would make Mrs.Zhao sad, after all Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang falsely claimed that they were together She has lived for so long, and in the eyes of others, she has long lost her virtue.On the way back, someone from the Cheng family asked the son in law about Zhao, but none of them came to see the mistress.Old lady Cheng couldn t help being startled.Here it is again, which family s child is this Why are you going against her today Mrs.Cheng was about to faint again.Wake up, wake up Gu Mingzhu yelled, If you don t wake up stab with a hairpin you will wake up Mrs.Cheng froze her eyes in fright when she heard the second half of the sentence, because she had already I saw that the girl was holding a silver hairpin in her hand.There was a plant md revive cbd gummies blush on the girl s face, and she stared at her with interest, and when she closed her eyes again, she would stab the long silver hairpin into her body.Put it down, you put it down Mrs.Cheng trembled.Mrs.Lin looked at the scene in front of her, and immediately said Zhuzhu, get up quickly, don t mess around.Madam, Missy didn t mess around, you can see that it has worked, Baotong immediately said, The medical skills that Missy and Liu Su learned, It came in handy.Zhao to take the child to Shanxi together.Even if Mrs.Zhao survived, he would not be able to keep the son in law.Without the son in plant md revive cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with ed law, how could Mrs.Zhao come back safe and sound In vain he still helped Nizi Shang the princess, now Nizi uses the princess to suppress him.Mr.Cheng stood for a while and turned to leave.When Yuan s anger subsided, he came how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs to persuade him.Mr.Cheng s figure disappeared into the yard, and the mother in charge told Yuan Master is gone.Yuan snorted coldly I just know they can t do anything.But HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies she didn t expect that Princess Huairou would drive the old lady and the grand master out of the princess mansion.Princess Huairou is usually cowardly and incompetent, so why is she so tough this time.Even if Princess Huairou defends the Zhao family like this, the Zhao family will definitely die.

If there is something wrong with my mother, Cheng Yi said suddenly, I will go to Cheng s house and kill him to avenge you.Upon hearing this, Mrs.Zhao grabbed her son s hand.Her fingers were cold and her plant md revive cbd gummies face was cold.She was full of panic You can t do such a thing Then mother will tell me, Cheng Yi said, How on earth are they blackmailing mother Zhao Shi s mouth tightened.Cheng Yi looked at Princess Huairou Princess, please take care of my mother.After saying that, he got up and was about plant md revive cbd gummies to go out.What are you doing Mrs.Zhao panicked.Cheng Yi turned his face to the side, with a firm expression on his face Mother doesn t care about anything, as long as she is raised in the mansion with peace of mind, and the outside things are left to her son.Zhao said tremblingly You go to Cheng s house and ask them Don t go There are some things I don t plant md revive cbd gummies want to ask Princess Huairou has never seen Zhao s panic like this.Zhao has gone through so many things, and her heart is stronger than ordinary people, but now Such fragility must be due to an unresolved knot in his heart.If the son in law is really hardened, it may be counterproductive.Princess Huairou turned her head to look at Cheng Yi My son in law, listen to your mother and don t go to Cheng s house gummies for buzz cbd to find them.If mother is in a bad mood, I will accompany you to talk.Princess Huairou signaled Cheng Yi to go out.Cheng Yi s eyes fell on Mrs.Zhao, and he nodded after a while I don t have to go, but motheryou taught me not to be a weak person.If there is any difficulty, can we really make it through When my grandfather was defending Yulin Guard, he already knew that he was framed by Tatars on the one hand, and Dazhou, who didn t trust them on the other.It was okay to eat court food on the way.He was afraid that Nie Chen would bring those people to eat him in the future.Miss Jiang, you know, Nie Chen has great abilities, and you all have a bright future, Feng Anping said earnestly, As long as you stay by Mrs.Wei s side, you will have land and houses in the future, and the most important thing is the great fortune of the Wei family.I m not afraid of eating Feng Anping covered his mouth, and accidentally told the truth, he was looking for a job in the market, he is a cautious person, he doesn t like to talk very much on weekdays, in order to avoid talking too much, click So far, Feng Anping stood up Miss Jiang, I m going outside to handle the case.The master s anger is gone now, and he is probably waiting for him.Feng Anping left in a hurry, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but blinked.Gu Mingzhu walked out quickly, and breathed a long sigh of relief Go back and change your clothes She had just come back from the outside, and she hadn t changed her clothes yet, and she was almost caught by her father She stood upright, but luckily there was a rockery nearby, she hid inside, showing half of her face, which made Dad feel at ease.It s really thrilling, you have to be more careful in the future, and you can t come back too late.The two slipped back to the house all the way, and changed into the dresses they usually wear.Only then did Gu Mingzhu feel relieved and lay down on the soft couch to rest.To get rid of the suspicion, it is necessary to put all the blame on Yuan Shi and blame everything on the woman s jealousy.However, the emperor and the imperial concubine s party will also be suspicious of the Cheng family and the Yuan family.I will definitely go back and study the medical books carefully, hoping to do my best for my lord.Wei Daren promised not to expose her in front of others, Should also abide by the agreement.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she looked at Baotong.Baotong understood and immediately looked towards the sky Miss, someone is releasing paper kites.Go, go and see.Gu Mingzhu stood up joyfully, and the master and servant ran into the garden without giving anyone a chance to speak.Chance.Wei Yuanchen watched the figure disappear into the green bamboo path, he slowly raised his head, the blue sky above his head, there was no kite there.Inadvertently, she slipped away again, but luckily the string was still in his hand.Wei Yuanchen looked down at the teacup in his hand, the ashes were still floating on it, burning talismans to cure diseases, fortunately HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies she figured it out, and learned a lot of methods in the market these years.Zhang s face flushed slightly It turns out that my aunt knows about it.The smile on his brows and eyes was beyond words.Mrs.Lin was equally happy Brother Zhen has always been known as General Changsheng.This battle has made great contributions to the Great Zhou.You can rest assured.After saying this, Mrs.Zhang raised her eyes There is one more thing to do.Ask your aunt.Mrs.Lin listened carefully.Mrs.Zhang said Master Hou asked the family to send Zhou s memorial tablet to Beijing, and also sent many gifts to Zhou s family.The elders of the family ordered me to take the concubine in the mansion to clean the ancestral hall for Zhou s family and offer incense to worship.When Gu Mingzhu heard this, she took a bite of the candied fruit in her mouth, and Mrs.Lin looked a little surprised Why Mrs.Zhang pursed her lips, as if she didn t pay attention I don t know, do you think so What happened in Taiyuan Mansion It is reasonable to say that the Zhou family is the main wife, and I can only be regarded as the successor.I want to see who of you said It s the truth.Third Master Cheng led someone to pull Yuan er towards Yuan s courtyard, Chu Jiu and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed, Chu Jiu just took off the embroidered shoes and changed back into boots.Things went well, he heard Cheng Second Master and Cheng Third Master talking, and followed Aunt Gui and Yuan er.The piece of cloth that Liu Su found in the green bamboo forest was the same as the clothes Yuan er was wearing.And tell Cheng Sanye the ins and outs, Cheng Sanye is more suspicious of Yuan er.Then he took care of the eldest lady s wishes, and went forward to persuade Mr.Cheng to let them help, so that he could find out the clues earlier.Mr.Cheng was eager to know the truth and agreed.Miss Gu had a good idea, she wanted to pretend to be Mrs.Yuan to frighten Huixiang, but Miss Gu couldn t do light work, so she needed his help to help her onto the beam.She seemed afraid that Gu Minglan would be wronged.Gu Mingwan wished he could stomp his feet and leave.Good reading, Gu Minglan said, I like books, thank you fourth sister for the gift.What books can you read Gu Mingwan looked at Gu Mingzhu, Are you literate plant md revive cbd gummies Gu Mingzhu raised her eyebrows and said with certainty I know more than Big Sister.Gu Mingwan rushed to the throat and was held back, she was really out of her mind, she would speak big words when she opened her mouth, if she questioned it, it would be like plant md revive cbd gummies embarrassing a fool.Zhuzhu can read more words than her, so she won t have to eat in this life.Just like Mrs.Lin Tai said before, Zhuzhu is destined to stay in the Gu family.Such female relatives cannot marry.The Gu family needs her and her younger sister to come forward if they want to get married.

, how can you be like Zuo Shilang of the Ministry of punishment, Guo Ji, the minister of the Ministry of punishment, is old, and you will still be HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies a minister in the future, so it is better to be less restrained.Qiao Song said I have always been like this, I am afraid it will be difficult to change.The emperor and Qiao Song always speaks easily, although he said so, plant md revive cbd gummies he admired Qiao Song s temperament in his heart You said that Wei Yuanchen benefited from the investigation of this case Xicheng Bingmasi, I thought that Yuan Zhixing was the imperial censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, so he suspected that the Metropolitan Procuratorate had an affair with the Wucheng Bingmasi, so he sent people to secretly investigate various places in Beijing.The merchant has contacts, and the merchant s courtyard is heavily guarded.After saying this, Gu Chongyi went to see Cui Wei again You said the Cui family s daughters are here Your mother is out Cui Wei hurriedly said It s not the mother, it s the elder sister in law who came to pray for the mother.Yesterday, the mother invited Sun Zhenzhen to come to the house for treatment.I don t know if there will be any mistakes.Stopping How is Madam Lin now Cui Wei said When I came out, my mother was asleep.After returning from Shanxi, it is rare to be like this.I thought I finally found a good doctor, and my mother s health was expected to improve.Don t think too much, Gu Chongyi said, First Find out what this Sun Zhenren has done, and then arrange the next thing, your elder brother will arrive in Beijing in two days, and he will make a decision at that time.Cui Wei bowed his head in response.At that time, Bai Jingkun was threatened, and the parents of the Bai family were still old.Was Ah chan really willing to let go of everything and die for love Even if it s true love, it s hard for someone to give up their lives so resolutely, right Gu Mingzhu thought of Zhou Rujun s mother, and Zhou s family told her that her mother also left her young and committed suicide because she missed her father.These things make it difficult to explain clearly.Gu Mingzhu said Should we go and see Ah Chan The old case from fourteen years ago, when Mr.Su was not in charge of the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion, even though it was written in the post mortem paper that he committed suicide, it may not necessarily be the truth.I ll ask someone to invite the old butcher from back then, Wei Yuanchen took a sip of tea, should be here soon, first listen to what the old butcher said, and then go to Ah Chan s grave to baypark cbd gummies for ed look for clues.Kong Laofu looked at Wei Yuanchen dye free cbd gummies hesitantly, and seeing that Mr.Wei had no intention of stopping, he said truthfully Yan Shen just said that it s a pity for Miss Bai s family.What does this mean Gu Mingzhu thought in her heart, if Ah chan was killed by someone, Yan Tanhua would have said he died a wronged death plant md revive cbd gummies , why would it be it s a pity.Kong Lao said Yan Shen rarely talks, and I will have a drink with you afterwards.After drinking, I left, and please don t tell his master the inside story, he doesn t want to implicate others until the case is clarified.Wei Yuanchen said, Did Yan Tanhua go to see Miss Bai s body Kong The old man shook his head Yan Shen didn t tell me.After asking about this matter, Wei Yuanchen got up and sent Kong Laowei away If you think of anything in the future, let someone find me.After the emperor inherited the throne, you would have stopped asking about the government.If you hadn t received a letter saying that Huai Wang There is something strange about your death, and you will not let people look for the insider, but the guards around you are not enough, and people took advantage of the loopholes, so you were injured, plant md revive cbd gummies and the imperial doctor came to treat you urgently.Unexpectedly, the imperial doctor was also Liang The king s people want to take this opportunity to poison you, but thanks to the empress empress who came to intercept you, you are safe and sound.The empress empress also suffered from the cold, and the noble concubine took the opportunity to win over the emperor, and since then she has dominated the harem.Mo Yangming didn t understand it all the time.Empress Wei saw the young girl smiling sweetly plant md revive cbd gummies at her, and then bowed to her Madam, can my servant go over The young girl pointed to her side.Empress Wei was slightly surprised, but immediately nodded, she also wanted to know what this young girl was going to do.Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly and came to Empress Wei, slowly lowered her head and said softly Your Majesty, the webbing in your sleeve is exposed.Empress Wei looked, and the webbing she hid in her sleeve really showed a head Well, thanks to this kid s sharp eyes, ordinary people probably wouldn t notice this.Empress Wei was about to take out the net, but she was pressed by a little hand just as she pulled out half of it Wrong Your Majesty You typed the net wrong.Empress Wei took out the net and put it on her lap Look, no difference was found.When the servants of the Gu family packed up the food, Zou Lin looked out the window Marquis Ding Ning returned to Beijing today, it must be very lively over there, do you want to go and see Zou Xiang shook his head.Zou Lin was silent for a long time before saying I want to go and see, but unfortunately I am too old to walk, otherwise I will.Zou Lin coughed violently again, coughing so hard that he swallowed all the food he had just eaten.After vomiting, Zou Lin s illness came quickly and urgently.Before the servants of the Gu family heard the voice and entered the door, Zou Xiang skillfully served Zou Lin.Shi rinsed his mouth, and wiped the dirt off Zou Linshi s body with a handkerchief.Zou Linshi breathed a sigh of relief, Zou Xiang was about to wash the dirty handkerchief, the servants of the Gu family had already entered the door, and immediately stepped forward to serve Zou Linshi to change the dress.It may take two or HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies three years to restore it to its former state.This is also the reason why the emperor was eager to summon Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen briefly explained the situation Lin Sizhen has been planning for a long time.The imperial court has arrested the rebels.Everyone in the guard is in danger, but if they don t cut the roots, they will plant disasters for the future.It s easy, just guard the checkpoints in the past two years, and don t let the Tatars take the opportunity to attack.Once such a thing happens again, Northern Xinjiang will collapse.After the two of them said this, they arrived at Dingning Hou s Mansion, where Cui Zhen invited Gu Chongyi in.I won t go, Gu Chongyi said, rest well, we ll talk another day.Auntie and Zhuzhu are okay Cui Zhen said, I ll visit my aunt tomorrow.Everything is fine, Gu Chongyi s face was full of joy, Zhuzhu s illness has been cured, and Mo Zhenren, who is a sage of the Qing Dynasty, wants to enlighten Zhuzhu.

If you are familiar with it, you will inevitably be blinded by a leaf.It is good to hand it over to the court for investigation.Besides, Northern Xinjiang is originally from the Great Zhou Dynasty, and its surname is not Cui.I can t hold on to it forever.This is also a reminder to the soldiers.The one who should be loyal is the imperial court, not me, Cui Zhen, and not anyone else.Cui Wei looked at the firm expression on Cui Zhen s face, handing over the military power, no matter which general it is placed on, it is like the sky is falling.How could Cui Zhen treat it so calmly.Brother is afraid that if you hold on to the military power in Northern Xinjiang, someone will secretly speak to the court and question your selfish intentions Cui Wei said eagerly, It is also an expedient measure to hand over the military power, but you must be on guard against it.If you can predict things in advance, mobilizing soldiers and horses will get twice the result with half the effort.Isn cbd oil gummies anxiety t that true for Lin Sizhen It is rumored that he may summon heavenly soldiers, what will happen in the end After being seen through, it is vulnerable.He holds the military power, so he should do what he should do.If he has too many complicated ideas, he will be used by others.Cui Zhen said There s no need to plant md revive cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies price ask for help.I m sure I ll tide over the difficulties.Don t think too much about it, and don t run around because of our family s affairs.Lin Sizhen is our uncle no matter what.You have done too much and caused the court to If you are suspicious, it will be self defeating.Cui Wei nodded.Cui Zhen said It s good to stay in Beijing for a while.You are not young, and you should find a good marriage for you.The old lady Gu said with joy, Of course it is, so let the niece and daughter in law worry about it.As soon as the words fell, the old lady Gu remembered another thing Although there are many talented people in Beijing, there are not many who plant md revive cbd gummies are suitable for us.The niece and daughter in law should make arrangements earlier, so as not to make more mistakes in Ye Changmeng.Pinched your fingers and calculated How about going to Tan s house tomorrow Mrs.Lin shook her head and said, Zhuzhu and I have something to go out, let s do it another day Mrs.Gu looked at Gu Mingzhu, the slender Zhuzhu I ate a plate of sweet scented osmanthus cake, with candied fruit in my mouth, sitting there listening to them talking, feeling very leisurely.Mrs.Gu said Nephew and daughter in law want to bring Zhuzhu to the banquet Mrs.Standing below, King Huai immediately said Father spends so much time and energy on government cbd gummies and smoking weed affairs, it s not easy to worry about these anymore.The emperor closed the booklet and turned to look at the classics in the natures stimulant cbd gummies reviews 2022 hands of the servant No wonder you usually stay at home These how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs things are enough for you to be busy from morning to night In the future, the Ministry of Rites will revise classics, so maybe they will go to your place to search for books.When King Huai heard this, he was cbd gummies for sale in florida shocked I just edited some miscellaneous books No way The imperial court wants to check the classics Absolutely not Okay The emperor looked at King Huai and smiled.Just breathed a sigh of relief.The emperor picked up some tea to moisten his throat, and looked up to see King Huai still plant md revive cbd gummies standing respectfully with his head bowed.Zhang.The general of the pulse case remembers Zhang s condition very clearly.Before Zhang s miscarriage, her pulse was always normal, that is to say, the miscarriage happened suddenly.Mrs.Zhang didn t fall down, and she ate normally all the time.Why did she suddenly have such an accident Chapter 340 It has been more than six months since he was going to have a miscarriage in Zhang s family.Gu Mingzhu heard from his mother and Mrs.Lin that the baby boy who fell out was Cui Zhen s legitimate son.At that time, Mrs.Lin was depressed and came to talk to her mother at home.Gu Mingzhu could still recall the general content.Mrs.Lin Tai said Where did I expect this to happen The whole house is ready, waiting for Brother Zhen s eldest son to be born.When Brother Zhen was young, I found an old man who learned easy calculations.Mrs.Dong walked in the door and saw the master standing stiffly beside the long desk, she couldn t help pursing her lips slightly.The table was covered with the holy letter paper bestowed by the emperor, which was made during the reign of the first emperor Shengde.Will take it out and use it, but every time the master paints, he thinks about it in advance, and picks up the brush in one go.This is the first time she has seen such a hesitant situation.Tan Dingfang finally put down the pen in his hand, and Mrs.Dong stepped forward with a sigh of relief Master, what were you thinking just now Tan Dingfang raised his head and smiled at his wife, with thoughtfulness and concern in his smile Why haven t you stopped yet Didn t I let someone talk about it I m resting in my study for the past two days, so I don t need to bother my wife to serve you.Don t throw away the paper, Tan Dingfang said.I will continue to write when I think about it.Mrs.Dong had no choice but to press down the paper with a ruler.Then she took the cloak from the servant and put it on Tan Dingfang.Tan Dingfang I had no choice but to follow Mrs.Dong back to the main house.If the master is worried about Brother Geng, I will call Brother Geng to ask.Mrs.Dong said bluntly, No matter what, Brother Geng won t kill people What s more, people from Anjiyuan, our Tan family have Most of the belongings sierra labs yummy gummies cbd review have been subsidized into the Anjiyuan Even if the Tan family can t get the credit, they can t take the blame Master, don t you think so Madam Dong suddenly turned around, thinking that Tan Dingfang was in a daze Didn t he stop immediately Dong The wife bumped into Tan Dingfang firmly.Chapter 352 The reminder to Gu Chongyi He rushed out of the tea house and rode away on horseback.Just now he thought of the ups and downs of the Wei family in these years, and felt that Wei Congzhi was not easy.As a result, these two idiots always surprised him at critical moments.It s nothing more than falling asleep, but he s still being haunted.Don t you think that your drowsiness is the result of being drugged by the shopkeeper Otherwise, how could they yell black shop gummi cares cbd plus lemon lime It s really stupid.After seeing Wei Congzhi, who would be ashamed to compare himself to being stupid Gu Chongyi looked at the clothes on his body.From Shuntian Mansion Yamen to Hehua Hutong, the robes looked a little messy.He wanted to go back to the house and change clothes before going to Tan s house.After thinking about it for a while, he went straight to Tan Dingfang, so that he looked even better.

After all, Brother Geng is thinking of me, so he will step into other people s trap step by step.I have grown up, I know his temperament very well, if he dared to kill and set fire at every turn, I would not bother to teach him so much.After saying this, Tan Dingfang looked how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs at Gu Chongyi As for the plant md revive cbd gummies younger brother in your clan, he may also be implicated by our Tan family.Those people wanted to frame us.The Gu family happened to be buying and selling rice with Brother Geng, so they were plotted together.Gu Chongyi looked bewildered What are those people plotting against you Do you want to push everything younabis cbd gummies review Yuan Zhixing did where to buy condor cbd gummies near me on you Not only that, Tan Dingfang said, I suspect that there is also the case of Old General Zhao, and I want to push it as well.For me, General Zhao s defeat in northern Xinjiang was a strange thing, someone must be responsible for it, and I participated in this battle and made military achievements.When I came back, I was robbed of all the food and grass by the Tatars, so General Zhao was impeached by the censor after he returned to Beijing.Tan Dingfang nodded Victory and defeat are commonplace in military affairs, and General Zhao is not alone in defeating battles.What the Metropolitan Procuratorate questioned was why General Zhao did not defend the strongest city in Daning, and wanted to abandon the city Previously, the imperial court ordered the old general to defend the city, and the censor who accompanied the army reminded General Zhao several times, but General Zhao did not This will be the case if you go cbd gummie effect your own way.However, General Zhao s secret memorial had plant md revive cbd gummies already entered Beijing.The memorial stated that he did not abandon the city and flee.The old general led his troops to rescue the people and handed over the task of defending the city to the deputy general.He had just entered the Zhuangzi that day when he felt a headache and was knocked unconscious on the ground.When he woke up, he happened to see Tan Zigeng fighting with someone.Gu Chongyi told this to Cui Zhen On the surface, it seems that Tan Zigeng killed people, but if you check carefully, you will find the problem.Wei Yuanchen said Bai Jingkun said that the real person in charge of the Lu family, Auntie, settled down in Baoding Mansion.We found the bank notes of the Baoding Mansion Bank on Zhuangzi, and the surviving guard also said that Mrs.Xiao brought them from Baoding Mansion.Therefore, the mother and son who were burnt to death seemed to be Auntie s mother and son, that HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies is, Bai Jingkun s wife and son.After checking this, some people would think that the Lu family s incident happened, and Tan Zigeng s move was to kill people.So that she could know about it earlier.As soon as Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he saw two figures riding towards him, one of them was thin and small, as if he was covered by heavy snow.Should have known she wasn t that obedient.My lord, Gu Mingzhu stepped forward, Is everything going well Hearing this, Wei Yuanchen vaguely forgot that she had been talking about Cui Zhen before.The Ministry of Criminal Justice has taken over, Wei Yuanchen said, It doesn t seem to have much to do with us now.That s fine, Gu Mingzhu said, If you don t investigate the case, you can always watch the excitement, which is also a compliment to Mr.Qiao.Let s learn from my nephew.How did she know that he was going to watch the fun Gu Mingzhu pretended to be full of reasons, and was about to put them all out to persuade Master Wei, when she felt her shoulders warm, and a cloak fell on her.Chu Jiu reported Third Master, some people have gone north, but our people have already followed.Wei Yuanchen nodded Clean up Zhuangzi carefully to prevent anyone from hiding in the dark.His eyes searched Zhuangzi again.Miss Mu Qiu is following, Chu Jiu said, You Before he finished speaking, he saw the third master walking towards Zhuangzi s backyard.Chapter 372 Master Wei Be Careful In Zhuangzi s backyard, Chief Sihu, the supervisor of the criminal department, pushed open a small concealed door, and immediately saw rows of low houses.It was stuffed with goods.The yamen servants were overjoyed, and just about to open the goods for inspection, there were a few small noises from the main room in the middle of the yard.The Yacha next to Mr.Hu shouted The Criminal Department is handling the case, and the people in the room come out quickly.Gu Chongyi listened frowning.Wei Yuanchen said Qiao Zheng heard the words of Chen Weicheng from the Ministry of War to blackmail Tan Shangshu, and Chen Weicheng secretly allocated military funds to Yongping Mansion.Wei Yuanchen continued Chen Weicheng and Bai Guanzheng and others framed Old General Zhao together.As for the evidence of King Huai s relationship with the Liang family, there is no way for the Huai Palace and the Liang family to dispute it.From the investigation of the war horse case to now, the results are in sight.However, the atmosphere in the room did not become brighter because of this, but fell into dullness for a while.Gu Chongyi couldn t help sighing King Huai liked to read since he was a child, and he has rarely participated in political affairs these years.Although the evidence is convincing, it still makes people feel Master Hou also thinks there is something strange Wei Congzhi said suddenly, But it may be determined Among them, there are not many people with clues, especially the imperial concubine party, who finally found the source of the crime of the East Palace, and they will definitely hold on to it.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Please bring Brother Zhen over here.Cui Zhen came to deliver some New Year s goods to Huaiyuanhou s mansion, and asked the steward to move the things into the mansion, so he went to greet Mrs.Lin.As soon as Cui Zhen walked into the main house, he heard the laughter of Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu in the inner room.The cheerful atmosphere was like the charcoal fire in the warm cage that could melt the ice outside.Brother Zhen, sit down quickly.Madam Lin said with a smile Don t worry about this place if you are busy at home, how is your mother Cui Zhen pure cbd gummies 25 mg plant md revive cbd gummies said The family is fine, auntie, don t worry Madam Lin wanted to ask Cui Wei But she still didn t speak.I heard that the relationship between Cui Zhen and Cui Wei brothers is not as good as before.Although she is an aunt, she doesn t know the inside story and it s hard to persuade her.Finally, he was waiting for her, and stood there again.Come in Wei Sanye s slightly hoarse voice came from the room.Gu Mingzhu then opened the curtain and walked in, raised her eyes and saw Master Wei was leaning on the couch to read official documents.My lord.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward.Wei Yuanchen glanced at the boots that Zhuzhu was wearing, and found that they were the deerskin boots that he sent someone to.His complexion improved a little, but his strength was weaker, and he was less energetic than usual.Wei Yuanchen said, Have you been to the people in the market Gu Mingzhu nodded, It s the new year, and the people in the market have accepted several cases, all of which were released by the Shuntian Mansion.Since the incident at the Lu family, Mr.Su has more trust in the people in the market, and he is willing to communicate with plant md revive cbd gummies us, solve a few more cases, and take the reward plant md revive cbd gummies money from the court, and everyone will have a good New Year.

Pei Shangqing said The foundation of your mother s body has been destroyed.This pregnancy is unexpected.In addition, she is pregnant with twins.The princess is born weak.She is not half the size of an ordinary baby when she is born.Her crying is extremely weak.The imperial doctor concluded that she would not survive that day, and the empress was hit hard.Moreover, it can be inferred from the newborn little princess that the situation of the second child may not be optimistic.Is it worth sacrificing one s life for a child No one can tell.It was expected, but the empress decided to let the imperial doctor use needles to delay the birth of the second child, and climbed up to the Baojin Pavilion with the unborn child in her belly and the newly born princess in her arms.Wei Yuanchen looked calm, with a pair of The clear eyes became deeper unconsciously, and it took him a while to return to normal.Master Fang Er confessed that the idea of killing the Lu family was the elder brother s idea, and that the Lu family in Daxing Zhuangzi had been disposed of before Fang s family arrived in cbd hemp gummies for pain the capital.If Master Fang Er said the truth, those who worked for the Shen family secretly betrayed the Shen family.The eldest brother would not lie to him, otherwise he would not let him find a way to find out the eyeliner planted in Shen s house.Nie Chen went on to say Another thing, you once found Ying Tianfu to judge Yan Shen to investigate the case, why didn t you let it go Yan Shen was seriously injured for this, and you didn t care about it until Yan Shen was sentenced for murder.Cut.Did you abandon Yan Shen Master Shen Er s heart skipped plant md revive cbd gummies a beat, the people in the market really knew about this past, were they questioning him and the Shen family on Yan Shen s behalf Sure enough, the mistakes made can never be erased.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being startled when he saw this.Qiu Hai went to the Shen family seventeen years ago.The Shen family, then that best cbd gummies for sale online and legal in fla person deliberately arranged it for seventeen years.If Qiu Hai s identity is confirmed, it is even less likely that the third and fifth princes are behind the scenes.Gu Mingzhu withdrew her thoughts and continued to read.Qiu Hai comes from Yingtian Mansion.His ancestors were steering wheel craftsmen.Qiu Hai was able to read and write with the village master.After his parents died, he went to work as a handyman in the Shen family.Later, Qiu Hai became a steward and helped the Shen family manage some business.Eight years ago, Qiu Hai was in Yingtian Mansion, and after Mrs.Zhang got married, she followed Mrs.Zhang to the Zhang family in Guangzhou.Judging from Qiu Hai s background and whereabouts, he is very similar to the ship steward that the Xiu family mentioned.Cui Wei does not pure cbd gummies for pain take the right path, no matter what the result is, he deserves what he deserves.Poor Cui Zhen, his uncle, mother, and younger brother have all been against him for a year, and now only the inner house can give him some comfort, but the Zhang family Gu Chongyi Sighing in his heart, Wei Yuanchen doubted the Zhang family and Mrs.Zhang.Although he couldn t bear to tell Cui Zhen at such a time, he still had to raise some points.Cui Zhen has been leading troops outside for many years, so he still has these responsibilities.Gu Chongyi said Your father in law is going to work in Guangzhou Shipbuilding Department, can I ask you for help Cui Zhen s eyes darkened I lead troops outside all the year round, and I only care about frontier wars.I should not ask about the appointment and dismissal of the imperial court.Unexpectedly, my aunt was about to give birth, and she could manage the inner house in such an orderly manner.Zou Xiang stood for a while, seemed to have made up his mind, and walked forward.It was the flower hall where the female relatives gathered together.Zou Xiang was a little short of breath, he clenched the dagger tightly, his hands were full of sweat, his adoptive mother suddenly became seriously ill, he heard from the doctor that mayim bialik cbd gummies website the adoptive mother s days were counting, and being able to survive this month is the best result , suddenly he felt alone with nowhere to go.It s better to kill the enemy and go with the adoptive mother, so he raised the dagger and prepared to go to the inner house, but when he walked outside the green bamboo forest, he remembered Miss Gu s care for him these days.Master Hou, the mother in charge said in a low voice, Mrs.Tai heard the movement, and asked the slave to call you.He also thought about whether his mother knew the inside story of that incident From the bottom of his heart, he didn t have any hope, but just in case, he also wanted to listen to it, so as not to do something wrong with his own will, and he really didn t expect that he would have a day when he was in trouble.If he could talk to his mother calmly, he would like to ask her about seeing Zhou s ghost.Since the ghost who frightened Aunt Sun was fake, what mother saw may also be fake.Cui Zhen walked into Mrs.Lin s yard.As soon as she opened the door and did not speak, Mrs.Lin immediately asked, What are you going to do with Mrs.Zhang Do you want to divorce her and return to Zhang s family She did this kind of thing, and even if she leaves the dowry, don t even think about taking it away.Zhuzhu, thank you, Auntie, Zou Lin s eyes cleared, I was able to untangle my heart and tell the truth about Qing girl because of your persuasion.I can see that Brother Xiang is very happy.Telling her grievances for her mother made him feel a lot easier, if I don t mention anything like this, I will definitely regret it when I die.Mrs.Lin asked the steward to tell Zou Lin the news about the Dingning Hou Mansion, just to let her Zou Lin felt relieved.Hearing that Mrs.Zhang was locked up in the house, and that the Shuntian government office had taken away Mother Jiang and Mother Zhang, Zou Lin almost burst into tears.She was happy for Girl Qing, and even more happy for Brother Xiang.Zou Lin s eyes fell on Zou Xiang again I don t know what will happen to this child in the future, maybe I will have to trouble you.Why don t you talk anymore The Queen Mother asked Mo Zhenren.Zhenren Mo said My lady s injury looks better.The queen mother laughed You are just like them, pretending to be ignorant and reporting good news but not bad news in front of Ai s family.How about it In the end, nothing can be plant md revive cbd gummies changed.Gu Mingzhu knew that the Empress Dowager was talking about Concubine Jiang.Something happened to Concubine Mi, and the Empress Dowager intended to let Empress Wei take back the power of the harem, but the emperor refused to let go.After arranging the funeral of Concubine Mi, she returned to Kunning Palace.Mo Zhenren said Your Majesty, you don t need to tell us, you know everything.After Mo Zhenren gave the needle, the female officer stepped forward to arrange the dress of the Empress Dowager, and served the Empress Dowager to lean on the soft bed.

The Empress Dowager drank tea to moisten her mouth, and felt very relaxed Sometimes it s better to be confused.Seeing some people going to the road of despair, she couldn t pull him back.Everyone in the court and the palace is in danger.This is not a good thing.Under the pressure, there will be resistance.I don t know who the fire will burn.The Empress Dowager rubbed the corners of her eyebrows Ai s family has always been in shock recently.If it wasn t for the freezing weather, I really wanted to stay with the capital for a while.Chapter 420 Helping the Empress Dowager finish speaking, Mo Yangming was still silent.What s the matter The queen mother looked at Mo Yangming.There was no one else in the inner hall, but Mo Yangming was still hesitant, she glanced at Gu Mingzhu, Gu Mingzhu stood up, saluted the Empress Dowager and Mo Yangming, and walked out slowly.Everything is available.It s as if it s going to be another year.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen Thank you Madam Tai for being so thoughtful.Wei Yuanchen said It s good if it can be used.He got the news from Chu Jiu, sent his grandmother to the carriage, and let Mother Lu went to buy these things.Gu Mingzhu nodded Of course it can.Madam Tai is someone who has experienced it, so she knows better than us that my mother gave birth just after I entered the palace.If Madam Tai did not help, it would not have gone so smoothly.The girl s smile Like a ray of warm sunlight, it shines how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs through the window lattice, illuminating everything in the room.Wei Yuanchen didn t say anything, just looked at the girl and smiled.Gu Mingzhu said The mother in charge said that now mother can only eat millet and eggs, and she will be able to cook soup after a while, and then she will be able to use chicken fir and sea bass.The old lady Zhang nodded, and looked at her son worriedly I know Mrs.Shen is good, but I can t take care of her at this time, so don t be soft hearted.You father and son are going to do big things there is nothing you can do about it.Mr.Zhang responded, and took Mrs.Zhang out of the car.Seeing his family protect Mrs.Zhang and leave, he continued to drive forward.Their Zhang family has established a strong master in the early years and has been doing things for the master.If everything goes well, the Shen terp nation cbd gummies 750 mg family will naturally have a share in the Zhang family s wealth and splendor in the future.It is only because of Shen s plant md revive cbd gummies bad luck that he can only arrange it this way at such a juncture.Mr.Zhang was getting closer and closer to Shen s carriage, and finally he started to call to stop the servants driving the carriage, and Shen s carriage gradually stopped.The person next to the pillow has never been so ferocious and ferocious, that expression wished to plant md revive cbd gummies crush her, and Shen s heart was completely cold.When she was stopped by her second brother after leaving Beijing, she was still full of joy, thinking that she had finally stopped her.After a disaster, she always felt that the Shen family would get better after overcoming the difficulties in front of them, and they could go back to the old days.She didn t expect that more terrible things were waiting behind.The Zhang family was using the Shen family, and the people next to her had been plotting against her.When they gave up Yan Shen and came together with the Zhang family, the result was already doomed.It was actually like this, Shen only felt it was ridiculous, how many times she had felt guilty towards her husband just because she had fallen in love with Yan Shen and thought about marrying him.Tan Dingfang was used to the cooking of the old cook at home, so he nodded Today, the pancake was baked well.Mrs.Dong looked at Tan Dingfang silently and didn t make a sound.Tan Dingfang finished eating the cake, the last grain of corn, and all the side dishes before putting down the chopsticks in his hand.Mrs.Dong s eyes were a little red, but she lowered her eyes and calmed down, and then she smiled and said, Master, if you have anything to do, go and do it.Don t worry, I m at home.Tan Dingfang was wiping his hands with cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs grown md cbd gummies for ed a soft handkerchief Hearing this, he couldn t help but pause for a moment, then he raised his head The emperor stopped court, there was chaos outside, it was said that King Huai had escaped from the capital with his soldiers and horses, and everyone in the yamen was listening to the news.Chapter 450 Angry Concubine Jiang watched the back of the emperor disappear before her eyes, the hall was silent, everyone seemed to be shocked, the Ninth Prince recovered first, he walked back to Concubine Jiang, stretched out his hand and pulled Concubine Jiang s sleeve.What happened to the father, the Ninth Prince doesn t know, what he did wrong just now, he can t figure it out, but a five year old child who grew up in the palace knows very well that the father s love for their mother and child is very important.Concubine Jiang took a while to stretch out her hand and slowly stroked the Ninth Prince s shoulder, and said softly A lot of things have happened in the front and back palace, your father is upset, please don t bother him.The Ninth Prince nodded.Concubine Jiang looked around, and at this time she resumed her former noble demeanor No one who enters or exits Yongchun Palace today is allowed to leave, especially those who have touched that pastry Before Concubine Jiang finished speaking, she heard The emperor reprimanded coldly Drag down and die with a stick.There were too many things he needed to deal with, and he couldn t just be knocked down like this.He is the emperor of the Great Zhou, and he has seen more storms, these are nothing at all.The emperor clenched his hands tightly, raised his blood red eyes and told Huang Chang, Please come in, Empress Dowager.Huang Chang responded.The sound plant md revive cbd gummies of the emperor vomiting could be heard clearly outside, but the emperor did not ask for an imperial doctor, obviously he did not want to say anything, and everyone present knew this truth.Huang Chang came out to invite the queen mother, and the rest of the people knelt on the spot, but the female officials and palace servants of Yongchun Palace were dragged down.Concubine pure cbd gummies 25 mg plant md revive cbd gummies De looked at the female officer, and saw that the female officer seemed to have lost her soul, her expression was flustered, her eyes were distracted, and when she wanted to speak, her mouth was blocked by the servant.Concubine De s already weak body collapsed on the ground, she turned her head to look into the side room, only the emperor could save her In the side room.The queen mother sat on a chair and looked at Huang Chang Secretly invite the imperial doctor edible gummies cbd anxiety over HCMUSSH plant md revive cbd gummies and let someone wait outside.Huang Chang responded.The emperor coughed and said, Mother is worried.You are the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and the dragon body is related to the country, so you can t be careless The queen mother sighed a long time.It s my fault, said the emperor, I was negligent.The queen mother said How do you deal with this matter In the official office, then Chen Xiangmay be Lin Si s true accomplice, a pawn placed by King Liang.The Queen Mother frowned King Liang Until this plant md revive cbd gummies moment, the emperor finally had to admit that what Wei Yuanchen said was true Otherwise, those people would not deal with the Wei family, and ordinary people would not be able to reach out to the chief inspector and try to stir up disputes in the harem under his nose.

This girl cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs from the Gu family is really good, if it weren t for her, today s case would not have gone so smoothly.Kunning Palace.Huang Chang brought people to pass the decree, and sent back the Queen s Treasure and Book, as well as many rewards.Empress Wei looked very indifferent, her expression was no different from when she was grounded in Kunning Palace.The female officer put away all the things and gave Huang Chang a reward.Huang Chang bowed and said My maidservant congratulates the empress.After saluting repeatedly, he led the others away.The queen went back to the room and sat down, looked at Mo Yangming with a smile, I m bothering the real person with this case.Mo Yangming said, The real person can t help you.Needless to say, the queen understood in her heart, It was can cbd gummies give me a headache plant md revive cbd gummies the Empress Dowager who made the decision and brought Mo Zhenzhen and Miss Gu together to rescue her from Kunning Palace.Seeing how hard Aunt Zu was, the mother in charge suggested that mother take younger brother back to the Hou Mansion.The Imperial Army took over the Wucheng Bingma Division, and the Zhang family and Tan Dingfang were plant md revive cbd gummies arrested.Now that the capital is very stable, cbd gummy bear 20lb there is no need to stay in the small courtyard.The two entered the room while talking, and Baotong put plant md revive cbd gummies down two cups of tea and slipped out the door with ease.Gu benefits of cbd gummies 1000mg Mingzhu glanced at Baotong s back, Baotong s movements seemed to be getting faster and faster, she used to know to serve by her side, but now whenever she sees Master Wei, Baotong immediately avoids her from a distance.Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu and talked about the Tan family Then Mrs.Dong is also a member of King Liang.She married Tan Dingfang to monitor him.Tan Dingfang was targeted by us, so she poisoned Tan Dingfang.I forgot to put the lid on the Huozhezi.As soon as Master Wei finished speaking, Gu Chongyi flew over, intending to push him away.This idiot dirty his eyes and nose here.I don t know if the Second Master Wei hid too fast, his feet became unsteady and he fell into the sea with a plop.Gu Chongyi cursed, after dark, although he took a small Cangshan boat to check the situation of the rebel ships, but the Cangshan boat is still a sea boat no matter how small it is, if the water quality is not good, it will be terrible to fall like this.Gu Chongyi was anxious in his heart, and hurriedly asked people to find the trace of the second master Wei.After a while, there was still no movement on the sea, and a layer of cold sweat gradually formed on Gu Chongyi s forehead.Well, he owed the Wei family a favor before, so he lost can cbd gummies give me a headache plant md revive cbd gummies his youngest son just like that, Mrs.Now that Miss Gu invited him to .

does walmart carry cbd gummies?

the teahouse to talk, he felt that he was very close to that secret.Zhou Zesheng was thinking about the voice of the ninth day coming from outside Master Qi, Missy is cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs grown md cbd gummies for ed here.Chapter 470 Recognition Zhou Zesheng stood up and saw the curtain lifted and Miss Gu walked into the room.When he was in the village, Zhou Zesheng often saw Miss Gu helping Liu Su to take care of the wounded soldiers.Miss Gu was not big, but she ran very fast.Can heal wounds.During those days, he looked at Miss Gu and often thought of Ajun.Ajun treated plant md revive cbd gummies the epidemic with Sun Langzhong when he was in prison, and saved many people.If Ajun did not die, he would continue to learn medicine and save people.But Miss Gu is different from Ah Jun.Miss how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs Gu grew up under the care of Marquis Huaiyuan and Mrs.The old lady said, When Marquis Ding Ning was about to leave, the second girl was standing on my right.Marquis Ding Ning never looked away.Only then did Mama Tian understand that the old lady had been paying attention.Mama Tian said Marquis Ding Ning is weird too, people can t figure out what he is thinking.He was so kind to the young lady all of a sudden, and I heard that edipure cbd gummies she had visited the young lady in the prison, her eyes were somewhat unkind, As if she did something bad.Thinking of Cui Zhen s attitude that how to make gummy bears with cbd cbd gummies for anxiety in dogs day, Mrs.Zhou was indeed a little strange.Not only did she say that she was going to pay homage to her son and daughter in law, but she also seemed to have some resentment towards them.Is this to complain about girl Jun If she could have understood Cui Zhen s actions six years ago, she would think that Cui Zhen had some thoughts about Jun girl, but the Cui family s attitude was cold at that time, and Cui Zhen didn t even show up when Jun girl was buried.Now Zhou Zejing can be sure that this Master Feng has a grudge against him, otherwise he would not set up traps everywhere just waiting for him to step into it.Zhou Zejing stammered and continued to defend himself I heard that those people s eyeliners are all over the capital, maybe that Cui Wei has something wrong with our Zhou family.Zhou Zejing said with a flash of eyes It is impossible for our Zhou family to Has your lord heard about Cui Wei and those traitors The case of the second prince is also strange, and it was also framed by those people My niece was involved because of this, and died tragically in the prison.It was Cui Wei who moved it.Zhou Zejing paid attention to Feng Tongpan s expression, there was no surprise or surprise on Feng Tongpan s face, obviously he knew about it long ago.Tian s mother s confession can further interrogate Mr.Zhou and Xu Gui, and now to check the Zhou family to see if anyone else is involved.It wasn t just the Zhou family who were involved in the follow up.Gu Mingzhu s eyes were burning hot.She didn t know what her mother had experienced at that time, how many people around her were spying on her, no one was around to help and protect her, how scared and unwilling she was when she passed away, and how worried and longing she was for her.Tears finally trickled down the corners of his eyes and dripped into the skirt of his clothes.But there is only one tear.Gu Mingzhu vowed in her heart that she would no longer be weak until she found out the truth about her parents death.Su Fu told the people around him Write the case and inform Mrs.Zhou s family to come.No need.Gu Mingzhu always felt that Chu Jiu wanted to steal.Chu Jiu responded and retracted his head.After a while, he said considerately No money I mean I don t charge money for writing letters..Chapter 500 The Wind Rises Gu Mingzhu returned to the small courtyard of the common people, Seventh Uncle went back to the yamen, and after he went down to the yamen, he would go to the Daxing County Office to continue interrogating Zhou Zejing.Uncle Qi felt that she was assassinated by a murderer in the prison, and that murderer might have something to do with Zhou Zejing.She deliberately left some small things for Zhou Zejing, Zhou Zejing felt guilty after seeing it, and it would be helpful for the next interrogation.Now Gu Mingzhu came to some conclusions, the person who killed her was not sent by Zhou Zejing, but more like Cui Wei and others.

Huang Chang nodded.The little yellow gate is not his.There are many palace people and servants around the emperor.It is impossible for him to draw them all by his side.It is very dangerous to do so., if you are not careful, it will arouse the suspicion of others.Go down Huang Chang said, I serve here.This was originally against the rules.If the emperor plant md revive cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies price knew about it, he would inevitably reprimand Huang Chang, but the emperor has no such opportunity.Right now, everyone in the Hall of Mental Cultivation must be replaced by his people.He walked towards the inner hall.After so many days and nights, he finally waited until this day.Your Majesty, Huang Chang said in a low voice, it s been half far and away cbd store cbd gummies an hour, and you should get up too.The emperor on the collapse did not make any movement.The emperor Huang Chang raised his voice slightly, but the emperor remained motionless.Liang Wang already knows the situation in Beijing very well, and Su Wang s party is doing things outside.They will Spread the news of the emperor s funeral everywhere, so the capital will be in chaos, and to stabilize the situation, the emperor must appear in the Wufeng Tower and suppress the rebellion in full view.The empress s words made Peng Shi speechless , whether it is the courtiers or the people, what they want to see most is that the emperor is safe and sound.As for what will happen to the emperor in the future, it is not important to many people.Even if they know that the emperor is seriously ill and cannot preside over the overall situation, the real decision is made by the empress.Will ask questions.After this battle, the empress s prestige was established.Even if the emperor recovered from his illness, it would be difficult to suppress the Wei family.After he escapes, he cbd turmeric gummies can go to Chuxiong, and he can go to Lingzang to find King Zanshan.Thinking of this, King Liang s mood gradually calmed down.My lord, there are people left behind.Let them protect the lord and move on.We are here to stop Wei Yuanchen.King Liang nodded, staring at the forest not far away, where his hands were.The forest was quiet, only the birds returning to their nests were jumping on the branches.Wei Yuanchen must have never imagined that he would hide soldiers and horses here.It is a good thing to attack the city with all its strength, but his habit is to leave a way out for himself.The guard rode close to the woods, and the people in the forest would immediately come out to see Prince Liang when they saw him.The guard waited for a while, but the forest was still silent.Cheng Yu stretched out his hand to help Peng Liang up Uncle Peng saved my mother and me in the rebellion.He is the benefactor of our mother and son.In the future, when no one is around, Uncle Peng doesn t have to do this.Only after facing life and death You know, as long as you survive, some etiquette is not important.Cui Zhen walked out of the military plant md revive cbd gummies hillstone hemp cbd gummies price tent and went straight to the tower.Looking down, the reinforcements set up camp one after another.The imperial court can dispatch so many soldiers and horses to see that the danger of the capital has been resolved.They decided to direct their troops to the northern border, and wanted them to fight quickly.With so many soldiers, horses and military resources, there is no reason to be invincible.Cui Zhen smiled slightly, Beijiang is fine, I hope that uncle, aunt, Zhuzhu, and Cui Xiang are all safe.Lin thought for a while Master Hou, the pigs on our village are so tasty and drinkable, is it not for the sake of eating meat in the future, Master Hou, is that right I have to take care of it.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she took people to the kitchen to work, and Gu Chongyi was left alone to worry, he must have been with Wei Congzhi for too long, and Wei Congzhi passed the bad luck to him, otherwise he would not be here now.Why is it so annoying Don t let this bastard get into the Gu family in the future In the natures only cbd gummies stop smoking Hall of Mental Cultivation, Empress Wei looked at the list of rewards sent to the Gu family.These items were all chosen by her, including a lot of clothing and female celebrities.The female officer whispered Your Majesty is really thoughtful.That Miss Gu is good at dismantling things rather than being a female celebrity, and everyone in Kunning Palace knows it.are gone.A big dream, as if everything was obtained, but all was lost in an instant.This time Cui Zhen didn t faint again, instead he could tell who was around his bed with time.There are old master Lin, uncle, aunt, Zhuzhu, Sun Langzhong, Mo Zhenren from Shangqingguan, the imperial physician in the palace, and everyone busy around him.Sun Langzhong used needles for him, and his waking time became longer and longer.I can t die anymore, Sun Langzhong left with the medicine box after finishing the needle, and told the Cui family steward, I want to sleep well, and if I have something to do, I will go to the imperial doctor, and don t come looking for me..Sun Langzhong s medical skills are superb, and that night Cui Zhen finally had the strength to speak, he said hoarsely to the people around him I m fine.Hearing Senior Zhang, Gu Ziyan couldn t hold back anymore, hemp gummies yummy cbd and looked at the crowd.Just happened to meet Zhang Xueguan s eyes, and the other party s eyes were shining.Gu Ziyan managed to hold on and didn t fail all of a sudden.He made a mistake.No matter how good the supervisor is, he would not dare to use an ax in front of the teacher.And Mr.Pei.From Zhang Xueguan to Pei Shangqing, the people on the wall collapsed.Feng Anping, who was standing under the wall, breathed a sigh of relief.Fortunately, he didn t volunteer to goZiyan was so confident because he didn t know Mr.Wei too well.Where are people Where are they going Xueguan Zhang stepped forward with a smile and said, Hey, they are all my students Today, there is no distinction between teachers and students, just for joy, you all come up with questions quickly, don t miss the auspicious time.Sure enough, she heard it right, Mrs.Lin said coldly What did Hou Ye do outside without telling my concubine No, no.Then why did you drive away Second Master Wei when you saw my concubine coming Gu Chongyi swallowed and rolled up his sleeves When I bring him back, ask carefully, it s really none of my business, it s the Wei family that got into trouble outside, and wants to come to our house to hide, madam, you have to believe for your husband.If the Mu family can t catch Wei s second son this time, he will help to catch him.Gu Chongyi suddenly felt that Mrs.Li ordered the steward to bring people to his house, as if she also meant to favor the Mu family.Could it be what s the secret Hey, I heard that the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Xining also made meritorious service this time, and she fought against the enemy together with her father and brother.

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