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Like last time, we did not find any suspicious clues.However, we found that the owner of this house had been in the You died a year ago, you are an old man living alone, you have no children, how did you rent this house Chapter 2 Scarlet Wedding Dress After hearing what the police said, I was completely confused After being dazed for a long time, I quickly shook my head and said it was impossible.I have lived here for three months, and the old lady would come to collect the rent every month.The policeman smiled and took out a piece of white paper from his pocket.There was a photo on the white paper.The policeman asked me if I knew this person I nodded and said yes, this is the landlord.However, as his hand pointed down, my face became paler and does walmart sell cbd gummies best cbd gummie paler.This is not an ordinary blank paper, but a death certificate.And sour gummy bears cbd now, it s two o clock in the morning Uncle s voice came from the other end of the phone, he asked me if I was asleep, I said no, but my uncle asked me to open the door because he lost the key.It turned out that my uncle came back.I breathed a sigh of relief and opened the door.The moment I saw my uncle, I remembered something.I haven t packed the bloody wedding dress yet.If my uncle sees it Before I can think about it, my uncle has already passed me and returned to his own room.And when I look back again, don t talk about white footprints and bloody wedding best cbd gummie dresses The ground was spotless, as if it had just been dragged.If it weren t for those strange things that happened one after another, I would really think that everything was a dream It is strange to say that since my uncle came back, it has been stable for a few days.Seeing that twelve o clock is coming, the people sitting in the coffee shop are getting more and more excited.With less and less visits, I couldn t hold back anymore and asked Qin Zheng.The deceased in these five cases were all killed within one month of living in that house.Why did I live there without incident for three months before something happened Qin Zheng couldn t hide the smile in his eyes anymore, he shook his head and said he didn t know either.I was so angry that I almost stood up and smashed the table, but after thinking about it, I seemed to remember something, and asked Qin Zheng.In the same place, so many people died, and all of them died in such a bizarre way, why didn t you seal that place As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Qin Zheng give me a touch of approval, and then he spoke faintly.The phone was connected quickly, and I told Qin Zheng about the HCMUSSH best cbd gummie situation.He told me not to panic, and asked me to give him the address and wait at the door, and he would come right away.But I waited at the door of the house for a long time, but I didn t see Qin Zheng.I couldn t help but took out my phone again, hesitating whether to best cbd gummie tell my uncle about it, but I stayed on the dialing interface several times, and I still held back This impulse.Today s weather is very good, the sun shines on my body but I can t feel the slightest warmth, on the contrary, it s the gentle breeze that blows me that makes me shiver uncontrollably.It wasn t until Qin Zheng s figure appeared in front of my eyes that I breathed a sigh of relief and brought him into my uncle s house.But the strange thing is that Qin Zheng checked all the faucets in the whole family once he arrived, but there was no do cbd gummies calm anxiety bleeding again, and the toilet that had bleeding before was not only clean as before, but also had no smell at all, as if everything that happened just now It s all an illusion.The name of the deceased was Zhang Lili, she was in the same school as me and was one year younger than me, so she was my school girl, ingredients in smilz cbd gummies green dolphin cbd gummies reviews but it was not so simple for Qin Zheng to find me, it was because they saw me when they checked the surveillance cameras in the girls dormitory When he told me this, I didn t believe it at first, until 50 mg broad spectrum cbd gummies I saw with my own eyes that I was actually in the surveillance camera in the girls dormitory, and then I opened my eyes and covered my mouth in disbelief and asked Qin Zheng what the hell was going on.What s going on Qin Zheng shook his head, and threw another document to me.It clearly marked the time of Zhang Lili s death, as well as the comparison of the fingerprints on Zhang Lili s body.Without exception, the fingerprints on Zhang Lili s body are all mine, but if I remember correctly, the time when Zhang Lili died was the time when I saw Gu Yicheng yesterday as if I saw my panic, Qin Zheng gave me a comforting look.Seeing Junli s smile made my back feel so cold just a sudden bang sounded from my ears, the door was blown shut by the wind.Before I could react from this, I was directly thrown on the sofa by Junli.He pressed his whole body on my body, supported my sides with his hands, lowered his head, and smiled at me with a handsome face.Didn t protect myself well, best cbd gummie jeff lewis cbd gummies huh Junli s voice was pleasant to hear, and from time to time, hot air blew behind my ears during his words, causing a commotion.But I m so scared Taking a deep breath, I wanted to sit up from the sofa, but no matter how I pushed, I couldn t move Junli, who was pressing on me like a mountain The next second, I saw him in Junli s eyes There was a flash of distress, and then he let go of me and put his hands on my ankles.A warm current flowed from his hands, replacing the original cold Yin Qi.But the strange thing is the strange thing here, he obviously had nothing to do with this matter, but after Meng Yue was killed, he has been missing.The police and his family searched all HCMUSSH best cbd gummie the places where he could go, and the first case happened At the scene, no one could find him, as if he had disappeared out of thin air, as if there was no such person in this world.What s even more frightening is that all the women killed in the next two cases had boyfriends.Moreover, the experiences of these people are not only similar to those of Chen Feng and Meng Yue, they all have evidence to prove that they were in the best cbd gummie house when their girlfriend was killed, and even the date of birth is the same.I digested this information in my stomach, took a deep breath, told Qin Zheng not to panic, I will contact him before the deadline, and then hung up the phone.I subconsciously wanted to kick him away, but before I could move, a bit of grievance appeared in his eyes.Mom, do you want me anymore I know this is definitely not the child in my womb, but no matter how hard I try, I still can t bear it.This child is too young.As if he saw that I didn t resist him, he slowly climbed up from my calf cautiously, and climbed into my hand.His eyes were watery, and he pouted and said zoloft and cbd gummies to me.Mom hug.The tone was a bit bewitching, and I subconsciously wanted to hug him, but I was completely alert when I smelled the smell of corpses.I wanted to stop my actions, but found that I couldn t control it at all.own body Chapter Thirty Sixth Dreams and Reality I just feel that I am too stiff, but my body has already embraced the child in my arms, and then I actually carried him out of the house The night is already deep.

I knew that I would definitely die here if I continued walking like this, but no matter how hard I struggled, I couldn t regain the initiative of my body.There were bursts of laughter and conversations in my ears, as if they were close at hand, but also seemed very far away.At the end of the alley, a white jade arched bridge appeared.I thought I would walk onto that arched bridge, but my body stopped in front of the white jade arched bridge.A bamboo raft slowly floated in front of my eyes, and stopped at my feet.At the same time, my lower abdomen felt a sharp pain, as if something was about to fall off, as if something was about to fall out of it.At the ingredients in smilz cbd gummies moment when I was so painful that I was about to curl up on the ground, the child in my arms jumped off my body and jumped onto the bamboo raft.I quickly agreed, thanked her, exchanged some pleasantries, and hung up the phone.I didn t go to Suzhou Embroidery, who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies not because of my uncle, but because I didn t want to cause trouble for them.The last time Gu Yicheng wanted to take me away, he almost demolished Qing Jingzi s house.If Junli hadn t appeared, it would have been unimaginable.All day long, everything was peaceful and peaceful, and it was not until night that someone knocked on the door of the house.Chapter 37 Blood When I heard the knock on the door, I was a little nervous.This Could it be that someone came to the door I swallowed and squeezed my hands nervously, not knowing what to do.Just as I was about to run into the kitchen to get a kitchen knife for self defense, I heard someone shouting from outside.Xiao Xiao, open the door for my old lady My body froze instantly, the voice was from Su Xiu, but I was a little scared, afraid that it might be Gu Yicheng s trick to confuse me A few seconds later, it proved that I really thought too much.But Gu Yicheng and I have nothing to do with each other at all, how can I tell him about the grassland I just feel that if I don t separate myself from him and let him continue talking, I won t be able to clean up even if I jump into the Yellow River.I stretched out my hand and wanted to let go of Gu Yicheng s hand that was holding me, but found that he was pulling it tighter and tighter like a rogue.And Junli also stepped forward and pulled my other arm, breathing out from his whole body, his voice was so cold that there was no arc in it.Let go of her.Don t let her go.The two words seemed to pop out of Gu Yicheng s teeth, and his gnashing of teeth could be clearly heard.Both of them held my hand very hard, just when I thought my hand was about to be pinched where can i buy true bliss cbd gummies off by them.next second.The two of them seemed to have made an agreement, and they released me in a very tacit understanding.These are not corpses like those corpses I have come into contact with before, but living zombies The who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies word white zombie popped out of my mind.Even if I don t know the way, I still know that someone who can become a zombie is either buried in a corpse by mistake for at least a hundred years.Or if someone poured chicken blood down his throat before he died, he would have to bury it for at least fifty years.Moreover, those who can be turned into zombies are also turned into the lowest level of black zombies.Bai Jiang, you have to be a little bit wise Just when I was terrified, I saw that Jun Li didn t even look at him, and there was a coercion emanating from his body, so I automatically frightened this Bai Jiang.Lie back in the coffin.When I saw this, I couldn t help but sweat.But Junli dragged me towards the last room on the second floor.There was no sound other than the bump.But my already manic heart suddenly calmed down.The only one who can save me now is myself.Ordinary people would not engage in such a big fight if they want to kill me.The only person who wants to marry me is Gu Yicheng except Junli.If Gu Yicheng is really playing tricks behind the scenes, then there is still hope for my life.After all, he also knows that I am innocent and has been plotted by my family, so the grievances between him and the Xiao family have not been involved with me for the time being.Is this a stroke of luck The corner of my mouth hooked slightly, and my brain gradually regained its sanity and began to analyze.This is Junli s tomb.It is impossible for Gu Yicheng not to know something that grandma and uncle know, so it is not impossible for him to set up an ambush here in advance.I wanted to retreat to find a fulcrum, best cbd gummie but suddenly I felt a chill on my back.I was just about to turn back, but I heard my uncle s voice.Be careful The next second, two bangs sounded at the same time.It was the sound of my uncle being shot down in a daze.It was the sound of Chen Yanjin trying to sneak attack me and being knocked away.Before everyone could react, there was another bang, and Gu Yicheng was stepped on.It s up to the owner to beat the dog, let alone how dare you touch my woman An arrogant and unruly voice sounded, and there was a faint smell of ink from the tip of his nose.Chapter 48 In the blink of an eye, I saw Jun Li stepping on Gu Yicheng s chest, and the surrounding wind blew up, blowing the already unrecognizable yard into a mess.Gu Yicheng s eyes were already full of anger.Standing in the center of the best cbd gummie cbd gummies fun drops intersection.The surroundings were pitch black, and the flames of the two candles kept flickering in the middle of the road.In addition, Qing Jingzi was wearing a blue purple Tang suit today, squatting at the intersection with a wretched face and looking at the two red candles.Diffuse all around.After HCMUSSH best cbd gummie a long time, Qingjingzi took out a wad of paper money from his pocket and scattered it in the middle of the road.Then he turned around and asked Su Xiu and I to follow, but the direction he was walking was the deep mountain.I can t help it, I m a little different, the front is the entrance of the village, why go so far into the mountains And before coming here, didn t my uncle arrange a house for us to live in Just about to ask, Su Xiu turned her head and pointed to the two red candles in the middle of the road.

Without hesitation, we took out a flashlight from our backpack and the three of us walked towards the entrance of Jingmen.I just stepped into the entrance of Jingmen, and within two steps, I felt a sudden chill, which made me shrink my neck.Then I took a deep breath, straightened my back, looked around, and found that it was enough The hole where the two stood side by side was actually covered with traces of man made excavation.It can be seen from this that the tomb of Fuyan who has been hollowed out of the eight hills is such a huge project.Compared with the Qinhuangling Mausoleum, it is not as good as it is, right After walking for seven or eight minutes, I best cbd gummie finally finished the cave.What came into view was a small ear room.There was a stone door in front of it that was polished and shiny, and a huge Jing was engraved on the door.How stupid.But that look full of self blame and concern, even a fool can t be fooled Walking out of this ear room, what came into view was a great hall.The walls of the great hall were lit with ever burning lamps, illuminating the great hall in a best cbd gummie majestic atmosphere.But such a spacious hall does walmart sell cbd gummies best cbd gummie is too empty, not to mention the funerary objects, even a coffin can t be seen, which made me a .

can i take cbd gummies with antibiotics?

little messy for a while.What is this hall used for But Junli seemed to be walking from house to house, and walked through the hall with ease in his arms.The moment he was about to walk out of the hall, he stopped., tap lightly on the relief on the wall.The sound of rumbling sounded in an instant, and the center of the hall collapsed, and a circle of iron coffins emerged from the ground, and a huge mahogany coffin was placed in the center of the coffin.There are hundreds of thousands, killing the gods for nothing.My back felt a little cold, and I clenched my hands tightly in the dark, and muttered softly.The allitom cbd gummies legend written in the evil book turned out to be true.There really are such people.The man silently glanced ahead, staring at all beings with the prestige of commanding thousands of army souls, then turned to look at Xiao Jue, and said indifferently You use the picture of beauty Why did you invite me to appear Xiao Jue stepped forward to look at Bai Qi, but said something neither humble nor overbearing.Master Shashen, please kill someone for me.Who is it Xiao Jue pointed at me Her.Yamgongba.Okay, after this is done, the beauty picture can no longer be limited to me.After Bai Qi finished speaking, he gave me a stern look, raised the long sword in his hand without hesitation, and pointed it at me.Very good.When she heard this, she smiled cheerfully, and said that I am worthy of being her apprentice, and that I can live well even if I am hunted down, but in the next second, she told me.Let me be careful, I heard that the woman protected by Xiao Jue left my body and became weaker and weaker.If she doesn t find me and take my life away, that woman will probably lose her soul, Xiao Jue Desperately, there may be big movements recently.When I heard this, my expression froze immediately, and I asked Master.Isn t that woman a wretched face Isn t that wretched face How can relief cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction someone kill someone Without my body, she will be scattered But the master didn t speak, just smiled coldly, letting I don t care so much, just be careful, she, yes, absolutely, yes, no, will, help, me.This sentence, she pronounced it one word at a time, as much as it was flat, it made people want to slap her in the face after hearing it.Forget about it.Now that I suddenly thought about it, I must have lived in a haunted house, right If it s about living in a haunted house, I really don t think there s anything to be afraid of As long as Chen Yanjin and the others didn t release this ghost, I can at least protect myself with a picture of a beauty.Seeing that this female ghost has slowly walked to my bedside, but I didn t dare to take the risk of using the beauty picture to defend myself.Instead, I pinched the yellow talisman Zhao Yiyun gave between the index finger and middle finger, as long as she If I dare to attack, I will best cbd gummie slam her face hard The female ghost didn t attack me, but slowly bent best cbd gummie her body down and pointed her face in front of me.With those eyes with no eyelids and only two black eyes, she kept nailing me to my body Seventy third Zhang De s beauty picture wins the world.Why didn t you break up The bloody girl shook her head with tears in her eyes, saying that she couldn t bear it.I have long been prepared to go on with him for the rest of my life, but who knows Before she finished speaking, she was already choking up, so I continued her words directly.Who knows, he will 750mg cbd gummies review kill you, right She nodded fiercely, but kept shaking her head, denying the truest truth, and even spoke up for her boyfriend at this time.Before he wanted to kill me, although he didn t tell me, but when he killed me, he kept saying that he loved me.He said that he did it for my own good.When he lived forever, I became a very powerful ghost You can go on with him forever.After hearing this, I laughed out loud, and my heart was filled with anger, wishing to wake up the blood girl.If I m not wrong, your boyfriend s morality is definitely not deep.But after entering the Xuannv Palace, apart from studying the Qimen Dunjia with Yunjing every day, he never said a word about best cbd gummie cbd gummies fun drops taking me into the Xuanzhen Sect.Don t panic.Coupled with the matter of the blood girl, I always feel that if things go on like this, it won t be long before Tang Maru and that beast will come to the door.That being the case, why don t I act first Chapter Eighty Eighth Seeing Junli The next morning, I went directly to Yunjing, and when I walked to his house, I heard the sound of Guzheng.Unlike the previous song, this song It sounds a little sad.Sad to feel my involuntary slow pace, I want to wait until the song is over before appearing in front of him.But when I walked in front of where to buy danny koker cbd gummies Yunjing, I froze in place.Beside Yunjing, I saw a familiar figure that I couldn t be more familiar with.

Don t worry, she s living a better life than you.After Jun Li heard this, he took the piece of paper he started with expressionlessly and took a close look at it.In the next second, Jun Li was smiling Ask Yunjing HCMUSSH best cbd gummie a question.Has she changed her appearance Yun Jing froze, and then said something to Jun Li.No.Junli sneered twice, and said something to Yunjing.Shang Men Luo Gong, Lin Tian Ying, Pattern Kui Jia Ren Fu sees Teng Snake, isn t it the meaning of changing faces Yun Jing s complexion was a do cbd gummies stop thc little best cbd gummie pale, but he had the confidence to shake his head at Jun Li, saying no, it meant that he was hiding by exchanging identities.When Yun Jing said this, his gaze was fixed on Junli s eyes, but staring at him, I always felt that Yunjing was getting more and more confident.The two of best cbd gummie them looked at each other for several seconds, until Junli turned his eyes A tight, smiled.This village is weird, don t look back.But even though Yunjing turned my head back as fast as possible, I could still clearly see the pairs of green eyes in the grass behind me Swallowing, I asked Yunjing in a low voice.Have you noticed that something is following us Yun Jing asked me, his steps slowed down instantly when he heard that.What I tremblingly pointed to the grass on both sides behind me, and asked Yunjing to look back, but the moment I finished speaking, who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies there were bursts of giggle, giggle, giggle ghostly laughter in my ear , I was so frightened that I froze.I just wanted to turn my head to see if it was coming from the grass, but I suddenly realized in the next second This It seems to be my grandma s voice Just for a moment, my face was as pale as a corpse soaked in formalin, my legs and feet were weak, and I couldn t even take a step, but Yunjing generously put his hands on my shoulders, yes I said something indifferent.I won t serve you anymore But in the next second, I suddenly felt my whole body go stiff, my feet dangling in the air, and my neck was twisted by a sentence of flying stiffness.In just a moment, I was directly surrounded by a group of zombies, and this group The zombies seemed to be unable to see the cloudscape, they all surrounded me, completely surrounding me.I almost peed out of fear.He yelled in the direction of the stairs with a embarrassed face.Junli, if you don t save me, I will be eaten by these zombies As soon as the words fell, there were several bang bang bang sounds around, and waves came from the direction of the stairs In the blink of an eye, the entire first floor was razed to the ground.Not only were all the zombies that attacked me smashed to pieces, but even the carved dragons carved on the golden pillars and walls of this hall were all ground to pieces.If I get out alive, I will not only take a butcher s knife, I will also use a basin of footwashing water to splash directly on his face Let you be troublesome, let you fortune telling who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies Did I provoke you to provoke you One couldn t hold it back, my anger instantly spread around, Jun Li looked at me with a half smile and didn t express much, while Yun Jing trembled from my anger, turned around and asked me something.What s wrong I didn t speak, just sneered with a hehe, but he was even more frightened by my laughter, and asked me if he did something wrong when best cbd gummies for energy 2021 best cbd gummie I came to Luofeng Village this time, and said that if he did something wrong, tell me not to hold back In my heart, remember to say it.After Yafengfeng.I best cbd gummie said hmm.He scolded all eighteen generations of Yunjing s ancestors from the bottom of his heart.The dagger was inserted very deep, almost piercing through my entire heart.The blood that flowed from the wound not only wet my chest, but also soaked into Junli s body.This dagger was inserted by the woman inside me when I was concentrating on meditating on Junli just now They would rather not take me away than make me feel bad A murderous cbd gummy pass drug test look flashed across Junli s eyes for an instant, but the moment his gaze focused on my chest, it turned into distress.Don t be afraid, Xiao Xiao hold on.The moment Junli s voice sounded.From his eyes, I saw a few traces of self blame, a few traces of fear, and even mixed with fear Junli gently pulled out the dagger from my chest.Squirted out.Only with holy spit.I bit my lower lip in pain, a stream of blood overflowed from the corner of my mouth, Junli panicked even more, I just wanted to say something, but found that I didn t even have the strength to speak.These days, although I have been in the hospital, I have not forgotten the blood girl who went to help me find the backpack.I tried to communicate with her every day, but I couldn t communicate with her.But the black line on my wrist , Telling me again, she is safe and sound.And the reason why I was hospitalized was because of Junli s fear.He was afraid that if Bai Yupei healed my wound, other problems would appear on my body, so he insisted on locking me in the hospital for so long.After checking, it was confirmed that there was nothing wrong with me before I was discharged from the hospital.On the day I was discharged from the hospital, Junli put the beauty picture, the white jade pendant, and the evil book back into my hands, and Yunjing naturally followed behind Junli.But before he got to the door of Junli s house, he saw a big red box on the stairs in front of the door of Junli s house from a long distance away.Chunxia, what s the matter I shook my head in embarrassment, wiped my eyes with the sleeve of the cotton padded jacket with large flowers, and then said to Yunjing.I didn t look carefully before, but this time I found out that this Guzheng should be quite valuable.As soon as the words fell, Yun Jing raised his eyebrows with a smile, saying that of course, this Guzheng has been stored for a thousand years at least., is not measurable by money at all.I looked at Yun Jing s harmless face and said something.Then who was the previous owner of this guzheng Unexpectedly, Yun Jing suddenly became sad, put his hand on the strings, and said three words.My sister.I didn t react immediately, and said ah , but Yun Jing changed the topic at this moment, and ordered the subordinates at the side to get paper and pens and said that today I would practice opening games.

I laughed out loud, looked at the warm and pretentious aura rising from Yunjing s body, rolled my eyes, and asked him when he could enter.But he asked me to go to him on Saturday.Xuanzhen Sect will make a big move on Saturday and will hold a regular meeting, and Xuannv Palace must send people to support the venue.He hates contacting people from Xuanzhen Sect.Since I want to go, Then let me go by myself on Saturday.As soon as I heard that I was passing by, I was so scared that I quickly pulled Yun Jing s arm, and raised an eyebrow at him.I was disgusted and let go of Yun Jing in the next second.My lord, is it appropriate for you to let the little one go alone While saying this, I even believed it myself.But Yunjing, a fool, didn t like this, and calmly replied our two words.Appropriate.However, he added in a very humane way, saying that the people in Xuannv Palace are least afraid of causing trouble.At this moment, Yi Xue clung to my ear and explained the layout of Xuanzhen Sect to me in a low voice.There are three teams of people standing in the best cbd gummie cabinet, one team is directly under Gu Yicheng s control, the specific division of labor is unknown, kangaroo cbd gummies 5000mg one team is from Hanmei Palace, and the other team is from Youlan Palace.There are at least a hundred people in each batch of teams, and behind me.There were only a dozen or so people including me, but it was just these ten or so people who were able to withstand the arrogance of all of them.I chose a small corner to stand low key aside, looking at Gu Yicheng on the high platform, but saw him looking at me with a smile on his face, looking at me made his scalp numb and his back feel cold.If I hadn t had to hold on to the situation, I guess I would have escaped in despair It wasn t until everyone arrived that Gu Yicheng looked away and began to talk about the purpose of this regular meeting.He knew the purpose of my coming and deliberately created opportunities for me.I didn t even doubt what he said best cbd gummie to me last night.If I really have the ability to turn Xuanzhen Sect upside down and kill all the people here, Gu Yicheng will definitely not even blink an eye.I was a little scared by his tricks, I planned to lock myself in the room all day, I didn t really want to go out, but after staying in the room all morning, I really couldn t bear it anymore Don t talk about yourself, let s take the blood girl as an example.She and I are such good friends now, and she has signed a master servant contract with me.She was murdered, so I have to help her kill the pair of dogs Do men and women help her avenge So, even if this is the hole Gu Yicheng dug for me, I have to jump here As soon as the blood girl was released from the blood amber, that was the first thing she asked.Who are you I didn t deny or affirm, but I had some temptations, but in .

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the next second, the black robed man who kidnapped the snake woman directly took off the hat on his head.A cute baby face, matched with that neat short hair, directly caught my eyes.I looked at her with wide eyes in disbelief and asked in a low voice.Zhao Yiyun She nodded excitedly, almost at the same time, Zhao Yijun and I asked each other.Why are you here But the next second, both of us froze in place.Me and her, whoever is here has best cbd gummie a problem.In her eyes, I was a fool who didn t believe in gods and was stared at by others, but now I summoned such an awesome female ghost to come out to help, and I was even more skilled in holding a whisk and picking up a few talismans .And in my eyes, she is simply the embodiment of justice.Before going upstairs, I took three talismans from my pocket and gave them to Qin Zheng.One is the yang locking talisman, which locks yang energy to prevent ghosts from getting on the body., and another one is for self defense, I asked Qin Zheng to hold this one in his hand.When he saw me taking out these in an orderly manner, he asked me a joke.Changed to become a Taoist priest How do you know so much Chapter 128 Green Cheongsam I smiled and didn t explain, but at the moment I went upstairs and turned the corner, Qin Zheng didn t pay attention and let the bloody girl out.She looked around to see if there was anything wrong.The person who died here was a madam in his forties, who had no children, and was a foreigner who didn t even have any relatives in this huge city.It was she who died, and the body was rotting in the bathroom and gave off a stench, so she was found by neighbors and called the best cbd gummie police.Just looking at her, I felt as if I had fallen into an ice pool, and my whole body was terribly cold.How do I feel, where have I seen her smile Chapter 129 Yunjing changed her face, but in the next second, she suddenly turned around and walked in another direction, walking very lightly and slowly, full of charm and charm Qin Zheng and I Looking at her back, no one spoke.It wasn t until Qin Zheng sent me to the door of Junli s house that he told me to be careful, he felt that the woman looked at me strangely.I smiled and nodded, telling him to be careful, and after exchanging a few pleasantries, I turned and went back to Junli s house.The moment I opened the door, I fell directly into best cbd gummie a strong embrace, and a burst of passionate kisses directly kissed my lips, constantly demanding from my lips Until I was almost out of breath from being kissed, he Only then let me go, and said something with a displeased face.The next second, Junli let go of me, and just held my hand like this, walking on the road swaggeringly, talking to me from time to time, making me happy, until he got home, he just threw me in his arms On the bed, the whole body oppressed me, and asked me a question charmingly.Come on, our kind little Xiao Xiao, tell me, what s wrong with you I didn t say anything, I just looked at Junli quietly like this, for a long time, for a long time, until Junli kissed me directly.On the lips, I just realized it.Jun Li, he is kissing me.This kiss was very shallow, so shallow cbd gummies tmj that it didn t go deep, it just nibbled on the lips thinly, so shallow that I could feel the deep distress, self blame, and apology in his eyes.It wasn t until Jun Li let me go, put his hands on my cheeks, and forced the corners of my mouth into a smile, that he opened his mouth to speak.

Now you can say, why are you crying Chapter 131 Do you love her I looked at Junli closely for a long, long time.I don best cbd gummie cbd gummies fun drops t know how to speak.Junli didn t force me either.He just held me in his arms and didn t ask me.He understands me, he knows what I want to say, he will definitely say it, if he doesn t want to say it, no matter how much he asks me, he won t say it.One couldn t hold it back, tears rolled down the corner of his eyes again, and he was suddenly very entangled.I wanted to ask Junli, but I was afraid of getting an answer I didn t want.I don t want to ask Junli, but I m afraid that what Yunjing said to me is true.Taking a deep breath, I raised my head, looked at Junli fiercely, opened my mouth to say something, but no sound came out.Looking at me like this, Jun best cbd gummie Li is not in a hurry.My hands kept crawling on the ground, trying to climb down from the altar, but this action accelerated the blood flow in my body.In an instant, a bright red light burst out from the altar, directly enveloping me in it.I only felt that my soul seemed to be separated from my body, and a strange force seemed to tear my soul apart.Junli s heartless face was still in my mind, and their smug laughter was still in my ears.Am I going to die like this I do not want A great desire to survive swept me, I just felt like I had broken through some seal, as if something in my body was slowly awakening The moment I opened my eyes, I had already got up from the ground, and the cold wind around me shook my head Mo hair where can i get cbd gummies for ed blowing, combined with the blood all over my body, and the sinister and bloodthirsty expression on my face, like a demon who just crawled out of hell.She also said that best cbd gummie she put Yirong s medicine on the stone tablet at the entrance of Wuming Village, and put Zhang Chunxia s clothes there too.At the end, he also said something to me, go ahead and do what you want to do.Although I had very little communication with Master, and even the number of times I met her did not exceed five times, she seemed to be able to read my mind and guessed what I wanted to do.Recovering memories, collecting pictures of beauties, and solving all the conspiracies of the previous life, this is rebirth from the cocoon, right After taking the Yirong medicine and changing my clothes, I touched my clothes pocket to confirm that is natures only cbd gummies legit there was money and Zhang Chunxia s mobile phone card.I was relieved.After backing up the numbers in the mobile phone, I just wanted to change the mobile card.What kind of book is this Upon hearing this, Jun Li sarcastically replied two words.history books.At the same time, my mobile phone rang suddenly.I just picked it up to check and found that it was a text message from Yunjing.Chapter 141 Chu Lianqiao Yunjing sent me a text message saying that he is going to enter Fuyan s tomb now, and he doesn t know if he will be back in a few days, and asked me to wait for him and avoid contact with Junli.He also scolded Junli and Xiao Xiao from head to toe in his usual arrogant tone, saying that Junli likes the new and dislikes the old, and is ungrateful.Talking about being entangled with Xiao Xiao.I just finished reading this text message, and just as I was thinking about how to reply, I felt a chill on the back of my neck.When I turned around, I saw Jun Li s half smile expression, my heart trembled, and I said something.When we found the stone gate hidden in the snow, it was already dark, and the entire Changbai Mountain There was a sudden silence on the road, and the surrounding area was white, and even the shadow of a tourist could not be seen.Layers of mist floated in the air, and the air was so low that even the air I breathed into my nose was very cold.Do you want to go in now The moment I opened my mouth, Junli had already cleaned up the snow on the inscription beside the stone gate.This stone tablet is very big, but there is not even a word on it, which makes me a little speechless, but Junli seems to recognize this stone tablet, touching the stone tablet and smiling brightly, without even a pause, all the time.The moment he took my hand and walked towards the Shimen in front, he pushed the Shimen away.Don t you take away the dead person in front of you Xiao Jue raised his head slightly, squinted his best cbd gummie phoenix eyes and pointed in Junli s direction.Several errands responded in does walmart sell cbd gummies best cbd gummie unison.yes.But at the moment when everyone thought that Junli was bound to die, Junli turned his gaze to the evil in front of him and said with a smile.Didn t you say to compete fairly for the beauties before What s the matter, you summoned the errand first, so you won t give me a chance to fight As soon as the words fell, Xiao Jue felt a little helpless, and stretched out his best cbd gummie hand to make the errand stop.With this movement, the beauty picture was thrown on Jun Li s body.This little brother really doesn t cry when he sees the Yellow River.Do you really think that anyone can use the beauty picture Do you want me to teach you a formula to summon the ghost Xiao Jue s tone when he said this was almost twitching On the surface, he was saying good things, but the sarcasm in his words made Jun Li laugh.There is a feeling of strategizing.It seems that he knows everything, and everything is within his calculations I thought Xiao Jue and Yun Jing would make some moves after this temptation, but they really seemed to come to visit Junli s house.He disappeared, not even Gu Yicheng, who had always wanted to marry me, disappeared.Days go by day by day, whenever I want to ask Junli about the beauty picture in his hand, I swallow it back with a guilty conscience, but I don t know where this guilt comes from Xiao Jue didn t take the initiative to do anything, and I couldn t take the initiative to go to him, tell him that I want the beauty picture in his hand, and ask him to negotiate terms with me.It wasn t until Tianjun was away from home that Yunjing called me and said he wanted to meet me, and then he took action.

Brother in law, what are you afraid of There are so many of us, how many of them are there The little official slapped the big man directly on the head, with a look of resentment.If you want to die, don t drag me.The pace of his feet accelerated a little bit, and when the big man saw the appearance of the little official, he quickly accelerated his pace to follow.Brother in law, wait for me Feng Shitian didn t look away until they completely disappeared in front of his eyes, and said something to Jun Li with a smile on his lips.I can t tell, the two of you are actually the well known young masters of Li Cheng.Jun Li didn t speak, but looked at Feng Shitian with a smile on his face.mouthed.I think you already knew about it, so you used us as an envoy Feng Shitian didn t say a word, calling Gu Yicheng and Junli to come in and help was purely for fun, after all, it was easy for her to kill those officers and soldiers, so what if it was the state of Qin The three of them looked at each other for a long time, until the little boy at the side said a word of thanks softly, and then turned everyone s eyes away.Until does walmart sell cbd gummies best cbd gummie I got up from the ground, this female corpse had already walked in front of me.My hands fumbled up and down my body, trying to find something to defend myself, but I only found a white jade pendant The moment I threw the white jade pendant out, the voice of the blood girl resounded in my mind asking if I wanted her to help me I want it too But do I dare to call the blood girl out now Once I let the blood girl out, wouldn t it directly expose that I am Zhang Chunxia I threw Bai Yupei very accurately, and directly hit the female corpse.The female corpse was thrown far away, and Bai Yupei stuck to her body like a piece of adhesive tape, and the sound of tearing kept ringing.The sound of tearing and the rancid smell in the air became more and more intense.I was turning around and trying to escape, when a window in front of me was torn open, as if the curtain had been lifted by someone, the moment it was opened, a ray of moonlight directly poured in from the window, illuminating a small area in front of me A blood red cheongsam stood in place out of thin air.The screen changed.Turning to Feng Shitian, he followed behind the two servants, and behind her were several plainclothes guards arranged by the Emperor Chu.It is said that the plainclothes guards are protecting Feng Shitian s safety, but most of them are still sent to monitor, right According to the arrangements made by Emperor Chu in advance, Feng Jiu, the disaster star, was found curled up in a very dilapidated one story house in Feng Shitian s civilian slum.Dirt pit The surrounding area was very messy, and many beggars gathered from all directions.Looking at Feng Shitian, the legendary and gorgeous group, they even stretched out their hands and started begging.But these people who are close to Feng Shitian.All of them were blown away by the guards behind him, and some of them even hit the solid stone wall, spat out a smear of blood, twitched a few times, and fell to the ground.I took these eight directions in all directions as the eight gates of Qimen Dunjia to count my does cbd gummies help with tinnitus life, swallowed my saliva, and nervously looked at the position of Sanjimen first.But the palace positions of the Sanjimen are very unlucky Opening the door belongs to gold, flourishing in autumn, especially in the months of Xu and Hai, corresponding to the end of the four seasons, resting in winter, imprisoned in spring, and dying in summer.It s winter now, and it s winter when the door is best cbd gummie open for auspiciousness.In addition, the door is opened during the best cbd gummie game to enter the tomb.Xiumen belongs to water, prosperous in winter, especially Ziyue, relative to autumn, resting in spring, imprisoned in summer, and dying in the last month of the four seasons.It stands to reason that the Xiumen is prosperous in winter, and it is auspicious to go out in the direction of the Xiumen, but the Xiumen falls into the Sun Palace and enters the tomb just like opening the door.For three days and three nights, was she practicing for herself, or was she drinking all the wine in this life at once Three days later, Feng Shitian went out of the customs and took the initiative to invite the emperor of Chu to go out.This is something I didn t expect at all, I was scared, I was really scared.I suddenly realized that if Feng Shitian died on the battlefield like this, then what s the point of me being alive I ran into her palace recklessly, and I wanted to persuade her, but she cut off a piece of her own robe with HCMUSSH best cbd gummie a sword and slammed it on my face.she says.She best cbd gummie will never forgive me in her life.When she said this sentence.My heart ingredients in smilz cbd gummies green dolphin cbd gummies reviews felt as if it was dead, and I froze in place, watching her drifting away figure.How much I want to rush forward, hold her in my arms fiercely, end all this, save the state of Chu for her, and concor cbd gummies let her be Princess Rongle of the state of Chu forever.Perhaps, when Junli was conspired by me to marry Fengjiu, the two of them were doomed to miss it, right After Feng Shitian died, I buried her on Changbai Mountain with my own hands, and my heart was buried with her.It is said that after Feng Shitian died, Junli received a letter about Feng Shitian, and even directly divorced Princess Changle Feng Jiu because of the content of the letter.But what is written in this letter Who knows However, I can guess.It was written in the four characters Junbulixi, right How ironic, he was the one who destroyed her country and ruined her city, but she still loved him.Junli, Junli, Junbuli I am afraid I will never meet such a pure love in my life.After all, my heart is very small, so small that I can only accommodate Feng Shitian alone, which is enough.Then in the days to come, let me take all the memories with me, be a dead person, HCMUSSH best cbd gummie and fulfill my father s long cherished wish.Afterwards, they exchanged a few pleasantries and had breakfast.So he went directly to best cbd gummie Changbai Mountain with Junli.Since we had been here once before, we walked very smoothly this time, but the tomb of the Sealing Demon was a little far away from our position.Junli held my hand tightly along the way, and no one spoke.It was the entrance to the tomb last time, so I quietly asked Junli.This demon is so powerful, and everyone hates him so much.What the hell is he Jun Li was taken aback, looked back at me, and slowed down a bit.The world is divided into six realms.The so called six realms are divided into gods, demons, immortals, ghosts, demons, and humans.Among them, gods and demons are extremely powerful and rarely get involved in human affairs.But what is sealed inside is the demon king of the demon world.

, or continue to love you Junli paused, looked up at Ling Shun, and said with a smile.Only she and I know about the matter between me and her.You are an outsider, why talk so much Ling Shun s expression changed instantly, but at relieva cbd gummies this moment, the corners of Jun Li s mouth curled up a bit coldly.With a ruthless step on the ground, in best cbd gummie an instant, the floor tiles of the entire main tomb were shattered into pieces.Where are the ten commanders of the Yin Division The moment the voice fell, Yin Qi swept from all directions, dispelling all the evil energy in the tomb, and a strong death energy emerged from the ground.Rumble Rumble The sound of heaven and earth rending resounded all around, and this death energy turned into ten majestic emissaries dressed in ancient government clothes in an instant Ten Commanders of the Underworld, I only read the introduction in the evil book, even if I saw it before Guo Junli summoned the ghost king, but today he was still taken aback Day tour, night tour, wasp, leopard tail, bird beak, fish gills, impermanence, bull head, horse face, ghost king the ten handsome men of the underworld, one not many, one not less, all appeared in front of everyone s eyes.Unless he is with that woman, everyone is just his passer by.My voice As soon as it fell, Zhao Yiyun s complexion instantly became a little ugly, as Yun Jing and I were both magic sticks, and he didn t believe the result of the two of us breaking it.But when I looked at it, I found that this palace had a sign of being vacant and transferred to the second palace, so I couldn t help but say something.Why do I feel that this man has been married twice, and you are his second marriage It was broken before the reunion The previous marriage between you and him was his passer by, only the Ji Palace who appeared in his palace Is it possible to go down with him I don t know why, as I talked, my voice became smaller and smaller, why do I feel that this person s palace is somewhat familiar Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Two Brothers and Sisters of the Gu Family But at this moment, Yun Jing seemed not to mind the chaos, and added a knife Xiao Xiao, you miscalculated, the situation that started in Yiyun s horoscope game, It s just about her personally.What made Zhao Yijun so scared I couldn t help but hesitate, just as I was about to smear the glass with one hand, I saw Zhao .

how much thc does cbd gummies have?

Yiyun roaring with gnashed teeth in pain Xiao Xiao, do you fucking think I m a friend But how could I leave Zhao Yiyun alone it s here I was about to say something, but she scolded me severely Xiao Xiao, treat me as a friend and don t drag me down like trash.I let you go.Naturally, there is a way to get out.Get out No matter how stupid I am, I can tell that Zhao Yijun s harsh words are for my own good.I can t help but feel sour in my eyes, and I feel like a waste, but I also know that I can t stay here and make trouble for her Suddenly ran towards the end of this corridor Zhao Yiyun, wait for me Wait until I find a way to save you in this tomb It wasn t until I ran out of the end of the corridor that I realized what the corridor full of mirrors was No wonder Zhao Yiyun drove me away in such a hurry, that tunnel is the most evil mirror formation in the evil book called Seizing Soul.This power overflows from the white jade pendant.I remember someone once told me that this white jade pendant represents the power sealed by each of the three of them, Jun Li and Gu Yicheng.And when Bai Yupei turned into power and entered my body, it seemed like I had broken some taboo.I always felt that even if I couldn t grasp this power right now, one day, I would completely dissolve this power.Use it for yourself I best cbd gummie cbd gummies fun drops took out the purple talisman best cbd gummie left by my grandma from my pocket, and walked through that extremely dark road.When I returned to my grandma s room, this purple talisman turned into dots like a mark and passed from my hand Disappeared, and all these bits best cbd gummies for energy 2021 best cbd gummie and pieces poured into the previous lower passage.In an instant, there was a rumbling sound from below The rumbling sound can be guessed with your toes, and the bottom has collapsed But this ghostly Luofeng Village is more like a ghost village.Although I already knew their general titles They all use titles, but when I heard that Gu Yiyun s title was Anyang, I was still disgusted.Just her, and Anyang What a waste of words.Gu Yiyun suddenly turned his gaze to Yunjing, and twitched the corner of his mouth at him.It turned out to be the national teacher who is traitorous and collaborating with the enemy, Lord Yunjing.You didn t speak, and I didn t realize that you came with me.The unstoppable sarcasm in the tone made me want to hit her, but Yun Jing seemed to be unable to hear, and smiled brighter best cbd gummie than anyone else, and before speaking, he took a special look at Junli s ice mountain face.Are you sure you want Xiao Xiao reviews on trubliss cbd gummies to open Ling Shun s seal Gu Yiyun looked at Yun Jing suspiciously when he said this, and said, What s the matter, she sealed Ling Shun s seal Now, can t Ling Shun s seal be best cbd gummie broken Unlocking the bell requires a bell tieer.Although I knew that Junli s status is not simple, he must be a very important person in the underworld, but I never thought that Junli would be so awesome, the king of the ten palaces of Hades It had only been cold for a few seconds before Junli opened his mouth and choked back, How can there be any comparison between a mere Yin division and the status of Hades of the ten palaces, and Lord Ling Shun, the demon king of the demon world These words really hurt me, I have been sealed for a thousand years, and the Demon Realm has long since changed hands, how can I be called a Demon Lord at this time As soon as Jun Li finished speaking, Ling Shun immediately answered, But as soon as Ling Shun answered, before Jun could leave his mouth, Yun Jing gave a tsk tsk sound, and rolled his eyes, as if thinking of something, his tone was best cbd gummie full of sarcasm.In the end, under Junli s pretentious power , I lay on the bed strangely and was held in his arms.Are you nervous Junli asked me, I shook my head in embarrassment, and said no, Junli snorted coldly, smiling all over his face, but didn t speak.But I felt that my scalp was so numb from Junli s smiling stare, I couldn t help swallowing, trying to divert the atmosphere, and then asked Junli Are you sure to solve my grandma s matter Although the soul shocking nail is difficult to break, it is at least a decent thing, and there is a way to do it.But there are thousands of kinds of Gu poison, and if I don t find out which kind of Gu poisoned your grandma s body, I don t have it if I prescribe the right medicine.Be sure.As soon as Junli s words fell, I felt a thud in my heart, and my face was a little ugly, but at this moment, Junli stroked my hair and said to me But that Gu poison should have been placed on you.

It wasn t until Junli s gaze gradually deviated from me that I carefully took out my phone and clicked on the text message Xiao Jue had sent me back.You re getting smarter.The moment I saw Xiao Jue s text message, I just felt my head buzz Chapter 333 The Truth Xiao Jue is admitting what I just asked him All of a sudden, I replied to him immediately What on earth do you want me not to give the letter to Yunjing does walmart sell cbd gummies best cbd gummie But Xiao Jue replied with a text message and asked me Do you remember what was written in that letter Every death.As soon as I read this text message, the sentence in the letter instantly appeared in my mind.The highest state of a chess player is to use himself as a pawn.Therefore, Xiao Jue knew about his grandma s disappearance, but he pretended not to know.Still playing so many dramas in front of us I gasp.Junli, isn t it because of the picture of beauties that you approached Huoyan I ll help you hand over all the pictures of beauties to you.Can you give me Huoyan best cbd gummie When I heard this, my mind instantly buzz He almost stayed where he was, and was about to turn his head to look at Gu Yicheng, but saw that he had already stepped forward, and the moment the voice fell, he opened the black door Don t The word stuck in my throat, and before I could say it, I was already exposed to everyone s sight.A dark hall appeared in front of him, Junli and Yunjing stood aside, Xiao Jue and his grandmother s corpses disappeared, Ling Shun stood opposite Junli and them, Gu Yiyun and Bise stood beside him.No one seemed to have expected that I would appear in front of everyone at this time, Yun Jing s eyes showed a hint of astonishment, Jun Li was slightly stunned, Ling Shun was delighted a private talent.Yun Jing hurriedly stepped in, and as he stepped in, he cursed Master, I m used to all kinds of complicated tombs, how can I ever see someone using such a low level organ how many 500mg cbd gummies should i take formation to build a tomb Hearing this, he immediately rolled his eyes, walked in with Junli, and then replied to Yunjing, No matter how low level this tomb is, didn t you fall into the mud as well Yunjing snorted, and replied I fell into the mud, didn t I read it wrong Did I tell you to be careful not to step on it when I was about to be buried in the sand just now His last sentence immediately held me back, hey, it seems The mechanism of the sand was really stepped on by me this staircase is not made of white jade like the tombs I went to, but it is made of stone slabs.All kinds of dust, when the three of us finished this staircase, all of us were covered with lime Yun Jing and I looked at each other, and we couldn t help laughing when we looked at each other, but when we turned our eyes to Junli, we saw that Junli was very calm.Especially fit Obviously the strength is not weak, and the real strength may not be worse than Gu Yicheng, but he has to pretend that he is not good at anything except fortune telling.If it hadn t been for someone who had seen Yun Jing s ruthlessness, he would probably be fooled by his appearance.But the moment he walked into the main tomb, all the gloom on his face receded, and the breath in his body was restrained to the lowest level.He took out the compass and looked at it silently, then walked to the most central place of the tomb, and took the owner He came over like a coffin, stepped on it, took out the mahogany sword and hit it lightly twice.There was a hole at the top of the tomb, and then Yun Jing tore it lightly, and there was a circle with the width of two people around After tearing off the circle, Yun Jing turned his head to Junli and me and said, The top should be the entrance to the second tomb.But as a human being, I have weaknesses and fragility, and I need the protection of armor.Seeing that I didn t reply to the text message, Xu Shi sent me a photo from an anonymous number.The photo was taken, and it was the blood amber that I could recognize when it turned into ashes Xuepo really fell into the hands of others And when this anonymous number sent me a photo, he also asked me sarcastically Do you want to know who gave me this blood amber best cbd gummies for energy 2021 best cbd gummie Chapter 252 Threat I didn t answer it, but tried to communicate with the blood girl again, but the result was the same, I couldn t communicate with the blood girl Some time ago, the blood girl was taken away by Gu Yicheng, so I have a long time.They didn t even see her, but it was because Gu Yicheng was the one who took her away.I was so relieved that I didn t contact her.The moment I let go, I grabbed the flashlight in Yunjing s hand and raised my head.But I just raised my head, but I was so frightened by the scene around the canyon that I couldn t help swallowing.If there are a few corpses or some ghosts here, it s okay, and I won t be so scared But on this rocky reef, on the cliff wall, there are dozens of giant pythons, big and small, lying on their stomachs.Even the thin pythons are at least four or five meters long.The bucket is as thick as ten or twenty meters long and as our boat floats deeper into the canyon, their heads get longer and longer, and even snakes stand several meters high, condescending Staring in our direction, my face turned pale with fright.In this life, besides ghosts and corpses, what I m most afraid of is this kind of cold and scary snake if it HCMUSSH best cbd gummie weren t for the unknown place where we are and the road ahead, I could really regard this place as a zoo Come and see.The flood dragon even roared into the air, its face was ferocious, and it looked very irritable.I cautiously turned on my phone, only to see another text message from that anonymous number.He asked us if we had arrived at the Canyon of Mystery, and also asked us if we had seen that dragon.If so, the snake gall of that dragon would be a bargaining chip in exchange for Xuepo.When I saw this text message, I was so angry that I almost threw my phone into the water Damn it, did the person who stole the blood amber treat the three of us like monkeys He never talked about his own conditions, but let us follow his plan, and didn t tell his purpose until what he wanted appeared, which made us in a dilemma You know, there is a proverb among the people, the spirit snake crosses the river to become a dragon, and the dragon meets the sea to become a dragon How can we get the guts of a dragon that is about to transform into a dragon Chapter 256 Yunjingkeng I saw that I was so excited, Yunjing asked me mockingly Did that anonymous number send you a text message again I nodded and said yes, and then gave the phone to Yun Jing, Yunjing looked at it, and the sarcasm on his face deepened, and he even said lightly I probably know who this person is.

To take best cbd gummie the gall of a snake is to kill the snake Time passed by like this minute by minute, but the faster the time turned, the more Junli had no sequence, the more worried I was, and I even took out a pen from my pocket, wanting to do some divination and see Junli It s good or bad.Fortunately, just before dawn, best cbd gummie Junli s voice slowly appeared in front of our eyes.His whole body was clean and spotless, he didn t look like someone who had experienced a fight just now, but in his hand, he was holding a bloody snake gall, as if it was still hot.When I saw Junli s appearance, I immediately swallowed and asked him, Did you kill that dragon But as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I felt like I was asking in vain the group of pythons just now When chasing me and Yunjing, Yunjing told me not to hurt my vitals, how could Junli kill that dragon If you don t kill Jiaolong, what will happen to his snake gall Don t worry, the Jiao is not dead.Suddenly, there was a crackling sound like ice cubes being smashed.I was about to turn back.But there was a woman s cry next to my ear the cry was so eerie, so cold that the pores on my whole body could stand up My vigilance suddenly increased a lot, but when I turned around, In an instant, the whole person froze in place The bloody girl who had disappeared for a long time was tied up on a raised crystal in front of her.A small white strip was stuffed into her mouth.Around her neck was the blood that turned into ashes and I could recognize it.amber And beside her, there was even a circle of red candles, all of which were lit very brightly.I quickly stepped out with one foot, and was about to save her, but I seemed to remember something, and immediately put my foot back.But the sound I made from this movement seemed to startle the blood girl, she suddenly raised her head and looked at me, with tears in her eyes, she faltered and couldn t say a word for a long time.I don t know why I looked at the green light, and the figure in the green cheongsam suddenly appeared in my mind.How come the more I look at Xiao Jue, the more he looks like Bi Se As soon as this thought flashed through my mind, I widened my eyes suddenly, best cbd gummie remembering that Yunjing told me before that Bise is called a thousand faces, can transform into a thousand faces, and can be easily transformed into anyone who is very evil, but she has a The disadvantage is that the color best cbd gummie of the eyeballs will turn green when turning into thousands of faces, who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies so people call it bi color You are best cbd gummies for energy 2021 best cbd gummie not Xiao Jue With a burst of strength, I suddenly yelled at Xiao Jue, but just as the words came out of my mouth, Bi Se s incomparably sharp smile came to my ears.Hahahahahahaha.But the face of Xiao Jue in front of her was laughing, conjuring up thousands of faces, and finally she was stuck on Bi Se s face, but she was fixed on Bi Se s face.But I didn t take two steps.My feet seemed to be caught by something, and my whole body suddenly leaned forward.I was caught off guard and fell to the ground, and my head was still on the ground a big bag, It suddenly rose from my forehead, and I gritted my teeth in pain.Before I could react, the mother in law had already spat out the aunt s towel in her mouth.The whole person was pulled up from the ground and hung upside down.A rush of blood rushed into my mind suddenly, my eyes started to faint from being knocked down, and I scolded all eighteen generations of master and ancestors in my heart Damn it, she died when she died, so why leave her body behind It s fine to keep the corpse, but he was turned into an apprentice who sent his wife to harm him, and after he disappeared, he was pretended to be an apprentice to cheat him In the next second, I was thrown violently by the Empress Songzi, and I fell on the wall beside me.collided together.The two obviously never fought each other, but it seemed that they had stirred up infinite waves, and they had secretly fought thousands of times.There was no one behind Junli, and he didn t bring any follower with him.Just like that, he stood there indifferently, watching Ling Shun who came with thousands of troops and did not show any weakness, even Still on par with him Tell me, should I call you Jiutian Xuannv, or Feng Shitian, Huo Yan, Xiao Xiao I have to say that once the rightful lord came out, his arrogance was extraordinary, he directly ignored Junli and Yunjing, pointed his words at me, and spoke with a smile, it was hard to ignore Ling Shun did not appear more than five times, but each time the scene appeared, it was like a bright star, making it hard to ignore And the moment Ling Shun talked to me, Junli looked at me, obviously a little bit of cute jealousy I didn t want to talk to Ling Shun at first, but seeing Junli s best cbd gummie appearance, my extremely nervous mind relaxed a lot.But a mosquito like voice how do i market cbd gummies came from inside the gate and asked, Who is it We are people from other places.We want to live in the village for a few days, can you open the door Suxiu tried to communicate with this family, but when this family heard that we were from other places, it was like seeing a plague.Suddenly there was no sound at all.Seeing this, Su Xiu was not discouraged, but looked back at his master, and asked Qing Jingzi in a low voice Master, what should we do now Qingjingzi has always been reticent and did not answer Su Xiu.Instead, he stepped forward, took off the big red talisman paper pasted on the door, held it in his hand and looked at it carefully, and then took the piece of talisman paper Posted it back to who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies the original place, knocked on the door of this family, and said We are people from other places, but we are all Taoist children.But everyone knows that it is impossible for Huaiyan s body to appear in an ordinary village for no reason.There must be a reason for something abnormal.Just as I was about to go down the mountain, I saw mountains in front of me.Driven to raise my head, I couldn t help but stopped, and locked my eyes tightly on the mountain range.The next second, I called Junli very excitedly and asked them to come to the mountain to see if the thread in this village is Shuanglong raising its head After hanging up the phone, I was very nervous, hugging the phone tightly, and my eyes kept interlacing in the mountains.If the calculation is correct, the corpse of Huo Yan will appear in Chenjia Village, it must be because of the feng shui of the twin dragons in Chenjia Village Chapter 288 Xiao Jue was sealed It was already more than ten minutes later when Junli and Qingjingzi Suxiu arrived at the top of the mountain.

The corresponding activities are looking for dragons, inspecting sand, watching water, tapping acupuncture points, and standing upright.The dragon is the vein of the mountain, the earth is the dragon s flesh, the stone is the dragon s bone, and the vegetation is the dragon s hair.To find a dragon, you should first look for the mountains of your ancestors and parents, examine the qi pulse, don t get angry, and distinguish yin and yang.The so called ancestral mountain is the source of the mountains, where the mountains originated, and the parent mountain is the origin of the mountains.Examining the qi channel refers to whether the mountain range is curved and crouching, whether there is a halo on the ridges and ridges of the mountain range, if there is a halo or halo, it is auspicious, otherwise it is bad.How did Junli, a person who had never touched the dead body, know Sure enough, after examining the corpse, the young man looked at us with extremely tangled eyes, and asked two questions How do you know that my dad has scars on his neck and died before he was attacked by the corpse What Besides, if my dad died relieve cbd gummies reviews before he was attacked by the corpse, how did he get back to the house by himself After hearing this, Jun Li didn t answer immediately, but at this moment, he asked a question., the question that has been circling in my mind just now You can answer these questions if you want me to, but tell me first, who chose the site of Chen Fugui s grave It s not that I didn t ask, but I found out that the village chief was dead, so it was useless to ask.And he knew that the death of the village chief, including the surprise of many things, was all pretended by him When the young man heard that Junli dared to negotiate terms with him at this moment, his face immediately changed, as if he was very displeased, but Junli has this kind of ability.Isn t this sound the sound of Qing Jingzi who has been with us for several days And at the same time as these voices sounded, there was another small click sound next to my ear, like the sound of a door being opened and closed again After the sound sounded, the surroundings immediately returned to tranquility, and Mr.At this moment, Li s gaze tightened a little, and he stood in place, with an inscrutable smile drawn on the corner of his mouth.The moment this smile was raised, he looked down at me, and then asked me in a low voice What show do you want to see I followed his words, raised my eyebrows, and asked, What do you mean You can see any show.You have everything you want to see.Jun Li replied to me with a vow, and after a few best cbd gummie short best cbd gummies for energy 2021 best cbd gummie breaths, he opened the door lightly, took me, and left the aunt home.Shoot a relatively complete crystal pillar on the side directly towards us.Jun Li cbd gummies 300mg bottle didn t move.Gu Yicheng, who was standing aside, made a sudden move at this moment, and also smashed the crystal bead to pieces with a wave of magic energy.Do you dare to go against me Ling Shun s eyes widened suddenly, and his gaze tightened when he looked at Gu Yicheng.And Junli, Yunjing, even Bise, Qingjingzi, and Suxiu all looked at Gu Yicheng with some doubts probably what they were thinking in their hearts.How could Gu Yicheng know how to use magic energy best cbd gummie After all, no more than four people know that Gu Yicheng is Ling Shun s avatar.As soon as Ling Shun finished speaking, Gu Yicheng let out a saucezilla cbd gummies heh and smiled.The laughter was so soft that it seemed that he could not hear it unless he listened carefully.If I m not mistaken, as long as you can seal the body of Fuyan s previous life and extract the soul in her body, you can take out the soul of Xiao Xiao s child in the blood amber.From the conversation between Yunjing and Junli, I learned that in this Yanzhi Hutong, there is a small courtyard hidden in it, where women who used to work in Bada Hutong live, although some of them are over sixty years old., but all live together.And the address on the note taken out from Qingjingzi s room is the courtyard where the women who had worked in Bada Hutong lived in this Yanzhi Hutong.But even so, it still won t attract the attention of Yunjing and Junli There is another reason why the two of them paid attention to it and came to Beijing in such a hurry, that is, the courtyard they lived in was not only the most hidden in Yanzhi Hutong, but also outside the most corner courtyard, which was also very dark.Well, judging from the ground veins, the courtyard was probably once an ancient battlefield, and many bones were buried underneath, filled with resentment.Everyone saw the woman crying and shouting in the yard.Suddenly they were a little surprised, and just about to step forward to ask, but heard her keep muttering that there is a sound on HCMUSSH best cbd gummie the beam As soon as her words came out, everyone was terrified.Everyone turned their gazes to the beams, but they didn t see anything except a bare beam.In the end, everyone just thought that this woman lived in the place where Yin er once lived.The nerves were too tense and frightened, and after the hallucinations appeared, they let it go.And this woman, after being frightened, was sent home.After this incident, the yard remained silent for a long time without any accidents.After best cbd gummie the house where Yin er appeared on who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies the beam was once again inhabited, the yard started to become noisy again.But the person who was disturbed was not the person who lived in this room, but the prostitute who lived in other rooms.I turned my head and looked at Junli in surprise, and asked him in a low voice, Why didn t Yunjing follow the old woman s words He glanced at me like an idiot, and said, In case the name Zhang Qisheng is invented by that old woman, if Yun Jing follows her words, then he will be out of business Why, I couldn t help looking at Junli with admiration, but I still looked at Yunjing with a bit of disgust.As soon as Yunjing asked the question, the old lady smiled and replied No one, maybe I made a mistake.When she said this, the vigilance in her eyes obviously relaxed a lot, but when Yunjing heard the old lady After saying this, she pestered her and asked, Grandma, do you know any other navy captains While speaking, Yun Jing paused, poked his eyes into the yard, and then said In a place like Beijing where every inch of land is so rich, old woman, your family is so rich that it is still a courtyard house.

As soon as he entered the house, Yunjing looked around, and found best cbd gummie cbd gummies fun drops a reason to say that he had a stomachache, so he directly borrowed the hut in the yard, and squatted in the stinky latrine for a long time Speaking of which, Yunjing still With a proud face, he asked Junli, Brother in law, you said that I have devoted myself to staying in such a disgusting pit for so long, do you want to reward me But Junli really rewarded Yunjing, reward rolled his eyes at him.Yun Jing let out an angry hum , and then continued to talk about things in the yard.There are quite a lot of rooms in this courtyard, eight or nine of them, some are empty, some are inhabited, but there is only one hut, which is the one where Yunjing does walmart sell cbd gummies best cbd gummie is squatting.In ancient buildings, it is not surprising that there is only one latrine in a large room.I want Ling Shun and the others to leave even more.But what the boss and Ling Shun didn t know was that at this time, we had already hidden behind the scenes.Behind this dark wall is a tunnel.I don t know where it leads, but it s a bit strange that an antique shop owner would build a secret passage in his home.Junli, Yunjing and I did not go back, but stood by the wall, obviously wanting to see what Ling Shun and the others will do next.The sound of the door opening soon rang in our ears, followed by faint footsteps and a few small conversations.But the sound insulation of this wall is a bit good, and their voices are not loud, so that we can t hear them clearly when we stand by this wall.Until a long time passed.Only then did Ling Shun shout loudly into the room Xiao Xiao, Junli, I know you are here.He whispered Thank you.When the boss heard Yunjing thank him, he was obviously a little surprised and scared, but Yunjing let go of his hand at this moment, ran to the side and turned off the lights in the room.He opened it, then closed the door, and after doing all this, he sat on the square table in the room, staring at the boss s eyes, not talking.Yunjing didn t speak, Junli naturally didn t say anything, and I wouldn t be the first to speak up out of self indulgence.In the end, the boss looked at the three of us in surprise, swallowing and trying to speak, but I was so scared that I never dared to speak up.In the end, it was Yunjing who spoke first with a bit of scorn, and asked the boss The two women and one man who came to you before forced best cbd gummie you like that, why did you help us With a bit of a smile, grape cbd gummies he said in a low voice Don t you know it in your heart Yun Jing nodded and how much is keoni cbd gummies said, Yes, but I want to know what you think.But But we completely ignored it.Just walked into this courtyard, just like what Yun Jing said, it is very dark, the air is still filled with the smell of blood, the whole courtyard is smoky, but anyone with a little cultivation is not willing to approach it.What is different from before is that in this yard, except for a few unoccupied rooms, all the rooms are brightly lit, as if the owner who lives there does not need to sleep at all, and there are still figures looming on the doors and windows.As soon as I entered the door, I fixed my eyes on the two positions of the wellhead and the latrine, but until I was about to be pulled into the room by the old lady, I still didn t see anything strange from these two points.s things.As soon as I entered the room, I smelled a big smell of rouge.The smell was so strong that it almost choked me to death.There was no intention of probing, but Yunjing didn t accept her approach.He frowned, looked at Granny Su in surprise, then looked at Tong Xin, and said, Grandma Su told me before that the yard The mothers in law who live there are all stunning beauties who stayed in Guangde Building before, I still don t quite believe it, is it true You really haven .

are cbd gummies good for anxiety and depression?

t checked our yard Tong Xin obviously didn t have that easy Being deceived by Yun Jing s words, he raised his voice several times and asked.But Yunjing returned her bewildered expression, and he froze in place, looking at Tong Xin.Even Junli and I were a little affected by his pretending to be stupid.The three of us pretended to be seamless.Seeing this, Tong Xin sighed slightly, and said Since you entered our yard by mistake, then tell me, what do you eagles cbd gummies want to do by asking about Guangde Building I looked at The submissive expression on Yun Jing s face made him feel contemptuous in his heart.The closer she who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies got, the clearer her face and body became.She looked exactly the same as the one I dreamed about, but there was a big change from the rumored one.Yin er is not as ordinary and vulgar as the rumors say, but is very delicate and beautiful, with a bumpy figure and an indescribable aura all over her body.I recognize you.Before I walked in, Yin er s fluttering voice sounded from my ears, and she was also speaking to me.I didn t say a word, I just stood where I was, but Tong Xin pulled Granny Su up behind Yin er.It can be seen best cbd gummie that Granny Su was still very afraid of Yin er, but Tong Xin and Yin er The relationship with her should be good, especially protecting her.The scene suddenly became a confrontation between the two parties, and even the people in the other two rooms came out at this moment and stood behind Yin er.And Junli didn t speak, so naturally I didn t mention the matter of supersalting.Instead, I sat beside Junli and asked him in a low voice, Do you know who the old man who appeared tonight is Junli was indifferent Shaking his head at me, he replied I know, but I don t know.What do you mean I was best cbd gummie suddenly a little surprised.I have a choice in mind, more than one, but I hope it s not one of them.What Junli told me this time was honest, not hidden, and I looked at his frowning eyebrows, and it was not difficult to guess It turns out that if this old man who has been hiding in the dark and promoting the development of all things is the candidate in Junli s heart, then everything will definitely be quite difficult.Knowing that Jun Li would not name the candidates in his mind, I best cbd gummie turned around and asked him Then Ling Shun and I know those candidates in your mind does walmart sell cbd gummies best cbd gummie But Junli replied without hesitation I know.

It wasn t until the car stopped steadily, at the entrance of Luofeng Village, and everyone got out of the car, that the tight string in my mind loosened a lot.This car was a chartered car, and after sending us to the entrance of Luofeng Village and paying the money, he naturally went back, but for no reason, I looked at the back of this car and my eyes were a little blurred.I don t know When will the next time I can come out of Luofeng Village.Jun Li stood at the entrance of Luofeng Village for a moment, and instead of leading us in, he gave Yun Jing a wink, and Yun Jing nodded understandingly, like a little follower.After receiving Junli s order, Yunjing broke off a branch from a nearby tree, drew a well on the muddy ground, set up a sun shield, and rehearsed the stems and branches of Shichen, as well as the territory and sky.Everyone sat in the yard and looked at Junli, obviously wanting to see what Junli was going to do in the next movie.But Junli didn t show any expression, instead he stood beside the coffin and put his right hand on it.He didn t know what he wanted to do.After putting his hand on it for a long time, he asked me Xiao Xiao, You want to open your grandma s coffin to see your grandma for the last time, and bury her in peace.When I heard Junli s words, I was taken aback, I never thought that Junli would ask me this question, and I I didn t even think about it at all, and I was able to see grandma for the last time.But the person is already dead, and it would be disrespectful for you to open someone else s coffin.Even if I want to see grandma for the last time, I don t want to open her coffin either.Before I could react, he took out a sharp knife and cut the center of my eyebrows.He took off a drop of eyebrow blood, and dropped it directly on the top of the beauty picture.The moment she dripped blood on the beauty picture, a few wild smiles burst out of her mouth, echoing in the air.Hehehehehe, do you think I m stupid I have been refined into a pure yin body, and after going through all kinds of hardships, I want to find someone to save me Since I am a pure yin body, I can continue to be the third in the world.People who can control the beauty map, why don t I use the beauty map to strengthen my own power and take revenge Her tone was somewhat gloomy and greedy, but her own purpose was fully exposed I was so annoyed by her words that I wanted to rush forward to snatch back the scroll of beauties, but several figures flashed in front of my eyes, and they rushed up before I left.The sun shone on her body, but it diluted her mystery a lot.And this old man kicked Yin er s yard open in broad daylight, threw Yin er directly into the yard with one hand, and slammed the gate of the yard shut with a bang.Due to the distance, I couldn t hear what they were talking about, but some of the habitual actions she made made me feel very familiar.It seems that this old man really knows me and has a very good relationship.But I just can t remember who she is, I was so anxious that I almost dropped the telescope in my hand Unexpectedly, after entering the yard, the old man held two scrolls in his hand, and led Yin er directly to the well in that yard, and better delights cbd gummies then kicked Yin er down without mercy noodle.Seeing the old man s simple and rude actions, I couldn t help being a little dazed, and asked Junli in a low voice, Isn t she afraid that she would throw Yin er into the well and Yin er just ran from the bottom of the well I shook my head confidently, and said Give Yin er ten guts, and she won t dare to run away in front of the old man.I ignored Bi Se directly, didn t even bother to say a word to her, and left her lying on the spot alone, yelling at us both.The words I scolded were particularly cbd gummies for sleep target unpleasant, and what I said the most was that we would die if we didn t want to save them, and there would be karma and so on.If ordinary people listened.I guess I will go to save her, but Yunjing and I are not stupid.Demons of her level have become figures of the level of demon saints.To her, these scars are nothing more than trifles At best, it will make her suffer for a while.At this time, Yunjing and I saw Bise, but we also read some information from Bise s best cbd gummie body, that is, something must have happened here, otherwise Bise is such an arrogant person.How could he be reduced to begging for two ordinary people How could he be so flustered Thinking of this, Yun Jing and I couldn t help but slow best cbd gummie down a bit when we walked towards the tomb door at the end.How can there be such a cruel thing in the tomb of a fairy Even those ninety five kings in ancient times, the emperors above thousands of people, couldn t be so cruel, right And these lights were all dark best cbd gummie before we came in, but the second we stepped into the tomb passage, a gust of wind blew, and these lights were lighted up silently, even the one behind us The door of the tomb was suddenly closed at the moment when the light was turned on For a moment, in this small space, the atmosphere was tense, and I turned around suddenly, trying to see if I could open the door The door, but the moment it got close to the door, the whole person froze.Yunjing I called out in a low voice.After hearing this, Yunjing turned around and asked me, What s wrong While he was speaking, he turned his head subconsciously, but the moment he turned his head, he froze on the spot.This action was a little ambiguous, I thought Junli would say something shameless and impatient, but Junli said to me in a puzzled manner Don t forget, you are pregnant now, you have to pay attention to the baby in your belly.Wei Yang swooped.As soon as his words fell, I felt as if I was woken up by a blow to the head, and then I suddenly remembered In my stomach, there seems to be a little gentleman If I don t pay attention, the child will be killed by others What s the matter, that s going to be bad For a moment, my face turned a little ugly, but Junli uttered another sentence best cbd gummies for energy 2021 best cbd gummie softly at this moment, something I couldn t understand do cbd gummies help with headaches You leave himhe said He even said that he still has a way to help me unblock my muscles and bones I didn t understand for a while, and looked at him in surprise, but found adverse reaction to cbd gummies that his extremely cold face, at this moment, actually showed a wicked smirk, which matched his handsome face, which was reminiscent of him.

The palace in front of me is so familiar The moment I saw the palace in front of me, my heart felt as if it was blocked by something, and it was very uncomfortable.If the memories I recovered are correct, the palace in front of me is the palace of Chu State, right And the position I am in now should be in a very remote small palace in Chu State, so I don t have any impression of this palace.But the royal palace of Chu State was already occupied by Yan State and even destroyed when I was still a woeful face.Why do things that did not exist in the previous life appear in this life, and it is still in the lake under the prairie The shock on my face couldn t express my mood at the moment, so I had to drag Chu Lianqiao to run ahead, and in an instant, I pushed open the door in front of me.The moment I saw the extremely familiar building of the Chu Palace, tears of excitement kept rolling around my eyes, as if they would fall directly in the next second.Generally speaking, I didn t calculate good or bad luck, it is impossible for this omen to appear , unless the fierceness in this round is so fierce that nothing can block its light And this kind of situation is the most fierce round I have ever seen since I learned Qimen Dunjia.No matter which door, some dare not set foot.It is HCMUSSH best cbd gummie summer now, so it stands to reason that you should go to Jingmen.Jingmen belongs to fire, prosperity and summer, especially May, which corresponds to spring.Moreover, Jingmen Xiaoji is also Zhongping.Although it is not as auspicious as Sanjimen, it is not as fierce as the rest of the gates, but this Jingmen happens to be forced to fall in the second palace of Kun The Jingmen can t go away, and the Sanjimen are all in very bad palaces.In this round, the fiercer is even more murderous than the fiercemen.Involuntarily, I looked back at the original place, only to find that best cbd gummie there was no trace of anyone walking here at all, and some of them were all my footprints Could it be that I was the only one who entered the tomb below from here If this is the case, how did Junli and the others enter that tomb, and is there another entrance Yu Bian giant.I couldn t help but lowered my head to take a look at Yin er, only to see that she was completely frightened and dumbfounded, her eyes were wide open, as if she had lost her mind.I sighed, without hesitation, holding the beauty picture in one hand, and dragging Yin er with the other, I stepped into Dumen.The moment I entered this door, I only felt like I had entered another world, and at the moment I entered, the wooden door that was opened earlier closed automatically, only to hear a bang , and it was completely overwhelmed.Naturally, it is impossible for me to believe her stupid words.I gave her a suspicious look, then smiled at her and raised my eyebrows It doesn t matter best cbd gummie if you haven t been here before.You go to the Big Dipper coffin first, Let s see what s going on.When Yin er heard this, she was taken aback and kept begging for mercy, but these words could not be ridiculed in my ears.I have seen people who are afraid of death, but I have never seen anyone So afraid of who owns purekana cbd gummies ingredients in smilz cbd gummies death, and being able to have no backbone, just want to live.Afterwards, I directly threw Yin er towards the seven coffins in front of me.Stand still and watch quietly.The moment Yin er landed on one of the coffins, she didn t know what happened.She was so frightened that she jumped up from the coffin like a rabbit with fried fur, and wanted to run towards me.When I saw this, I couldn t help cursing inwardly, what a fool, why comfort me at this time And Junli and Yunjing are standing in the center of the palace, both of them are very embarrassed, but I can t see any differences from them, that is to say, Yunjing is not a traitor at all, right At the moment when I was surprised, Gu Yicheng s figure also appeared in this palace, but what I didn t expect was that Gu Yicheng didn t come empty handed, but actually pulled three people in his hand, and they disappeared.Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun, and Bi Se who asked me for help.Gu Yicheng is Ling Shun s avatar, I know I have always wanted to kill Ling Shun, but I never thought that there would be such a day that he would capture Ling Shun and appear in front of me You The moment Gu Yicheng appeared, I spit out a word unbelievably, but nothing came of it.

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