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After dinner, I have been using the computer in the room to do work materials.Because I need a very closed best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain environment to think, I drew the curtains and closed the windows tightly.At about eight o clock, I heard a loud noise outside the window.I didn t pay much attention to the slight knocking sound because I was focused on the materials at the time.Later, at 9 30, I heard this best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger sound again, but I didn t want to leave my seat before the materials were finished, so I still didn t pay much attention.I didn t finish the work I was doing until you came to me just now.Mr.Ye, I would like to sincerely express my humility to you, five cbd gummies best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger you work so hard, and we have to bother you, I am really sorry.Although Wei Renwu said so Seriously apologizing, Yue Ming still felt that he was more like teasing, probably because Wei Renwu s personality was too casual.

Yang Wenerdun After a pause, he continued to play the one on November 10, but the result was still the same.After only one second, Wei Renwu said to play the one on the 9th.Yang Wen er knew Wei Renwu quite well.Others might think that Wei Renwu was too childish, but he didn t think so.So Yang Wen er played the video on November 9 again.Okay, it s for this day.I want to see where she has been all day.Wei Renwu s words revealed excitement.According to Wei Renwu s instructions, Yang Wen er showed Wei Renwu the cut video of Heaven without missing any details.Before he knew it, Wei Renwu had already watched the video for 4 hours.The others, including Yang Wen er, were already busy best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger with their own affairs.Only Yue HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger Ming waited tirelessly behind Wei Renwu and watched the video together.At this moment, Yue Ming began to feel that he was becoming more and more interested in Wei Renwu.

Yue Ming smiled and asked Wei Renwu Are you satisfied Should we investigate the case next Wei Renwu pursed his lips, best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain shook his head and said, I m full of wine and food, I m full of food, and I m still full of wine.Huh best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger Yue Ming was stunned again.Wei Renwu is a person who likes to drink, but he won t drink anywhere except Miracle Bar.So, one day later, Yue Ming and Wei Renwu came to the Miracle Bar , still the resident singers last night, still the few sad songs last night, still there are still many forms but each has its own purpose Guests, the two of them are still sitting in the same seats as last night, but the two beauties from last night are missing, which is just right, anyway, Yue Ming vegan cbd gummys thinks they are quite annoying.Why do we drink Yue Ming was full of doubts.Because I want to drink.

I m going to do this Wei Renwu suddenly took out a marker pen from his bag, and wrote on the advertising poster of Sichuan Jinqiang Basketball Team in front of him Ande Village, Pi County, Chengguan Abandoned factories by the side of the road.At this time, the subway security guards rushed to stop Wei Renwu s graffiti, and Wei best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger Renwu quickly dragged Yue Ming who hadn t figured out the situation and fled.Autumn in Sichuan is very cold, the autumn wind is rustling, the leaves are colorful, and the cold will penetrate into people s bones along the autumn wind.The autumn wind in the dark night is more like sprinkling a handful of salt on a sharp knife made of cold, making the biting injury more violent.The dark night, the cold wind, and the deserted abandoned factory, these three things are enough to make a seven foot man tremble all over.

After she left, for a while, I felt myself My heart was really broken, because my most cherished love was gone.And for Baihutang , the list was leaked, and I would be hunted down by the organization.That s why I tried my best to find her You found her She, and then threatened her, and in the end there was no other way but to kill her.Wei Renwu interrupted Li Xuanran and said quickly.No, I threatened her, but I didn t kill her.I threatened her that if she didn t hand over the list, I would hurt her family.What I didn t expect was that besides stealing the list, she , and stole the poisonous needle I hid at home.So, when I threatened her, she suddenly said, If you give me back, after I die, you don t want to hurt my family , After finishing speaking, I stabbed the poisonous needle in Li Xuanran was sobbing again, and managed to squeeze out the last sentence, II am like her, howhow could I kill her I threatened her, butjust I just want her to hand over the list, hey She committed suicide to let the police pay attention to it, there is no way I can only disguise the scene as a suicide.

Wangjianglou Park is located on the south bank of the Jinjiang River on the Jiuyan Bridge outside the east gate of Chengdu.It was built here successively in the Ming and Qing dynasties to commemorate Xue Tao, a famous female poet in the Tang Dynasty.It is adjacent to the Funan River.At this time, in Wangjianglou Park, many grandpas and aunts gathered to dance in the square, which was very lively.Amidst the bustle, there was a quiet old man with white hair sitting by the Funan River fishing.I saw this old man, who was proud of immortality and dressed in long robes, with an extraordinary aura.Wei Renwu walked to the side of the old man and sat down cross legged.Wei Renwu said in a junior tone Mr.Nan Guo, long time no see.7.Dreamland Mr.Nan Guo focused on the river and said in a serene voice Xiao Wei, you haven t seen me, a lonely old man, for a long time.

The man who followed her hid in the shadows, watching her movements.Yan Xiluo knocked on the door with a very complicated heart, but the door was ajar, and opened by itself as soon as he knocked.Yan Xiluo showed a surprised expression, and she walked in cautiously.The man approached the door slowly.Ah Yan Xiluo s scream suddenly came from inside the room.The man hurried into the room.Yan Xiluo was spread out on the ground, and there was a corpse lying on the ground, it was Guo Long.Guo Longyuan s eyes were wide open with a ferocious expression, as if he saw something terrible before he died.As soon as Lin Xingchen arrived at Guo Long s living room, he saw Quan Kai sitting on the sofa and Guo Long lying on the ground.Why did you come here Lin Xingchen asked suspiciously.Opening and closing his eyes, he said I found out that this person may know the inside story, so gum drops cbd gummies I came to him, but it turned out to be a step late.

He opened his eyes wide open and stared at Wei Renwu closely.Lin Yan shook his head and said, Forget it, you are still a child after all, and my tutor, Professor Yang, is an experienced expert.Wei Renwu spread his hands and said helplessly, That s helpless.I can only find the details by myself.However, I promise that no one will solve the case I like before.Quan Kai said at this moment You guys Can you tell me what the case is I want to know something, and I hope I can help you.Lin Yan said, I can t tell you.Wei Renwu said, It s a serial murder case, and the murderer is unknown.The total number of dead has reached seven, and the time best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain interval between each death is one week.The place of death is in the wilderness.The most best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger important point is that the dead are all policemen.I told best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger you about the case, but I don t need you help.

Quan Kai didn t respond, and he needed to concentrate when searching for clues.Quan Kai touched the ashes on the ground and said, This ash is not an ordinary ashes.I have to extract some and go back to school to have a professional study.Quan Kai carried a plastic bag on his body and dug up some soil in a plastic bag.Then, Quankai walked forward along the footprints.Lu Tong and Lin Xingchen followed silently without saying a word.While walking, he opened his mouth and said Now there are only two kinds of footprints left, one is Wei Renwu s footprint, and the other is the footprint of Ghost.Wei Renwu s foot is 43 yards, and Ghost is 41 yards.Sure enough, as Wei Renwu said, after one kilometer, you can see the road.Walking to the side of the road, Quan Kai pointed to the ground and said There is oil leaking from the car cbd gummies clarksville tn best way to store cbd gummies here, which means that a car has indeed stayed there.

The light shone on a face, a very delicate but full of fear, and this face was exactly Lin Yan s.Lin Yanyuan s eyes were wide open, and the pupils had lost their vitality.There was a big hole on his forehead, and the blood flowing from the big hole had condensed into a bloodstain.She has been dead for some time.I m late, but you are even later.It was Wei Renwu who spoke, and he held a flashlight in his right hand and shone on Lin Yan s face.Hands and feet were tied behind the back, and I was shot on the forehead.I also checked my chest and wrote the word ghost.Wei Renwu briefly stated the current situation.Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Lin Xingchen threw himself on Lin Yan s corpse and wailed loudly.

Wei Renwu looked at the man carefully, and murmured Wearing a pair of anti radiation glasses , an indoor computer worker, with a pinhole camera and a bug hidden in the collar button.Wei Renwu suddenly let go of his hand, Said So best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger you are a reporter, I thought I was some kind of enemy.The man supported his aching right arm, looked at Wei Renwu timidly in his heart, and said cautiously Mr.Wei, I am a reporter from Dacheng, my name is Wu Yue, I just want to investigate some of your living habits, I don t have any malicious intentions, Mr.Wei, please don t mind, you don t remember villains, please forgive me this time.Wei Renwu laughed and said So you are That reporter who often writes about me, Dacheng, I know you.Wu Yue apologized with an embarrassed smile It s me, I ve been writing Mr.Wei s special report, I didn t expect Mr.

Wei Renwu and Yue Ming returned to the Zuo Zuo Community on Dongpo North 2nd Road where they lived.The taste is not bad.Wei Renwu stood by the door of the house, picking his own teeth with a toothpick, and said proudly.After Yue Ming opened the door with the key, he replied The fat sausage in that store is really good, fat but not greasy, and the prepared sea pepper oil is quite refreshing, full of spicy, even the rice is Thai basmati rice.A restaurant with sincerity.Wei Renwu walked into the living room and suddenly said, Xiaoyue, did I tell you before that the house should not be cleaned frequently Yue Ming closed the door and replied, You said so, I asked you why, but you just smiled.Sitting on the sofa, Wei Renwu said, Now I will tell you why.This is because a how do you use cbd gummies lot cbd sleeping gummies of dust will be left if you don t clean it, and the dust will tell me, Is our home safe Yue Ming was at fox news mayim bialik cbd gummies a loss, wondering What do you mean Wei Renwu said with a smile Take a good look at our home, look at the dust in the corner, dust can talk.

Three.I understand.Yue Ming was thoughtful.Fang Yun looked at Yue Ming and said doubtfully What do you understand Do you guys like to ask weird questions Fang Yun was a little unhappy.No, it s not what you imagined.Yue Ming quickly explained.I thought Fang Yun didn t finish speaking.What do you think Yue Ming is really a wooden fish brain.The girl can t explain her thoughts clearly, so she can only guess for herself.Yue Ming always asked questions that had nothing to do with dating, so she was a little angry.But Yue Ming wanted to ask again, Fang Yun immediately exploded, she stood up and said disappointedly Forget it, I d better go home, you don t want to go on a date at all.This made Yue Ming anxious, He hurriedly stopped Fang Yun and said, That s not the case, actuallyactually Yue Ming also acted like a little girl at this time, not daring to speak directly.

Work.How did you know Yang Xi was obviously very surprised by Wei Renwu s reasoning, and it was also because he knew Wei Renwu for the first time, and if he were Yue Ming, he wouldn t be surprised at all.You are wearing a bracelet with pandas on your left wrist.The bracelet is very new.It should be bought yesterday.This bracelet is a souvenir from some small stalls in Kuanzhai Alley.Generally speaking, locals in Chengdu rarely buy local souvenirs., because they all think those things are very tricky, so they speculate that you are not a local, and you only arrived in Chengdu yesterday.The items on your body were put on the tray on the right, and there was a pack of Hao Mao Sheng Shi cigarettes inside the items This is a special product in Xi an, which means that you are probably from Xi an.

Yang Xi Said Okay, that s it.Anyway, I don t intend to hurt you.Wei Renwu took out a plastic knife and pressed it against Fang Jingtang s neck, and said Get up, let s go.Fang Jingtang snorted coldly, holding his head high Standing up, he knew that Wei Renwu really didn t dare to touch him this time, so the corners of his mouth rose, and he looked very complacent.Wei Renwu led Fang Jingtang out of the abandoned factory slowly, followed by Yue Ming.After walking a few kilometers, Wei Renwu cut the rope that bound cbd gummies clarksville tn Fang Jingtang, and cursed How far, how far away.Before Fang Jingtang left, he chattered endlessly You are fighting with our Fengshenhui It s courting death.After Fang Jingtang how much per dose natures tru cbd gummies to take walked away, Yue Ming asked his own question Who did the Baihu threaten you with Wei Renwu replied worriedly Lin Xingchen.

He added the word turtle before the word Prime Minister.Zhang Xiaoyan and Yang Xi stood opposite each other, and the atmosphere was a bit dignified.Zhang Xiaoyan smiled sweetly Emperor of Heaven heard that you were going to deal with Wei Renwu privately, so he sent me to see how far you have gone.Yang Xi also smiled and said, You can see for yourself.Zhang Xiaoyan said disdainfully I can see it very clearly.It s obvious that you were at a disadvantage and used a despicable method to save a little face.Yang Xi snorted coldly Canary , don t think that Emperor of Heaven likes you, You think you can manage my Baihutang , and I don t even give you the face of the Turtle Prime Minister , let alone you, I don t need to worry about my affairs, you can stay wherever it is cool.Zhang Xiaoyan best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger snorted coldly and said I don t care about you, does the old man Emperor of Heaven still care about you The Emperor of Heaven told you not to rush Wei Renwu, let me send you back.

You slept soundly, so there is nothing to complain about Wei Renwu replied disdainfully Can you compare with me I You need to use your brain and sleep well, you just need to run errands, and of course you don t need to sleep too much.Yue Ming was speechless because he best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger was anxious, but he just urged Wei Renwu to go to the police station immediately, he was afraid that he would not be able to solve the case due to delay.Wei Renwu couldn t resist Yue Ming s urging, and the two of them came to the Wenzhou Public Security Bureau without even having breakfast.As soon as he arrived at the Public Security Bureau, Duke went out to greet him and said, Oh, Mr.Wei, you are here.You are professional, you are professional.You have come so early.I admire your professionalism.Wei Renwu also greeted Du The captain is also very early, there are not many responsible police officers like you.

Wei, have you found anything Shhh, when Mr.Wei is thinking, don t disturb him.Yue Ming reminded.Duke quickly covered his mouth with his fat hands.Wei 1000mg sugar free cbd gummies Renwu stretched out a finger and said, When did the elevator monitor break down The security guard rubbed his head, recalling carefully, and said, It must have been the afternoon of three days ago.Didn t Xiao Hua go to fix it at that time Mr.Xiao is also a boss after all.He is very busy all day, so how can he have so much time to fix this small problem, so he took time to fix it the night before yesterday.Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and fell into deep thought again.When Wei Renwu was meditating, no one else dared to make a sound, but Duke helped him light the cigarette when Wei Renwu took out the cigarette.At this time, a head suddenly poked in at the door of the monitoring room, and asked, Old Liu, best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger who are these people The old Liu Baoan stood up respectfully and replied, Mr.

Remember, it seems that you also asked him to zoom in on the video to see the garbage bag inside.That s right, I just went to find that garbage bag.What s in the garbage bag cbd gummies clarksville tn best way to store cbd gummies Some torn notebook paper.Wei Renwu took out a pile of crumpled paper from his arms and put it on the dining table.This pile of paper had the same sour smell as Wei Renwu.Yue Ming didn t want to touch those papers, so he didn t open them, but asked, What are these papers Why do you have to turn them out Wei Renwu smiled triumphantly, and he explained, It was written by a novelist.Maybe he felt that the writing was not very good, so he tore it up and threw it away, and I found it again.What kind of novel is it Detective novel.You spent so much time on the garbage dump.Rolling around, just to find this Yue Ming felt unbelievable.

The whole room was filled with a sad atmosphere, only Wei Renwu remained calm, he put out the cigarette, and said with a sneer, It s actually very simple to get rid of Shen Wende, you just need to type out a resignation report and bring your little You can just go far away.It is obvious that you are greedy for a lucrative job and want to kill two birds with one stone to hurt the killer.Why are you pretending to be pitiful here Killing is killing.If you do something wrong, you should be punished.So, go back with Captain Du Accept the criminal law, quickly put away your bitter tricks, and stop disgusting me.Duke took Xiao Hua and Liu Ruyan away, and the case finally came to an end, but Yue Ming s journey to find his mother had only just begun.Ten, home Mr.Wei, do you think my mother can live in Dongtou County Yue Ming was a little worried that the trip would be in vain.

How about trying our coffee shop s unique coffee Coffee Cat.Okayokay.The woman returned to the bar with a peachy smile on her face to prepare coffee.Yue Ming quickly took best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain a deep breath, he told himself to relax and not forget his purpose.The woman came to Yue Ming with a cup of coffee emitting white smoke.She handed the coffee to Yue Ming and motioned him to have a taste.Yue Ming took a sip.The coffee was not bitter, sour, or astringent.It had a milky aroma, and it had a very sweet, smooth and rich taste.Yue Ming praised It s delicious, and the taste is quite special.After taking a sip of coffee, Yue Ming didn t realize that his nervousness had completely disappeared.The woman smiled, as a response to Yue Ming s compliment, she sat down opposite Yue Ming, and said This is a cup of cat shit coffee, I think the name cat shit is too ugly, so I named it coffee cat .

At this time, you will naturally notice the beggar.At this time, you will think, is he dead or what happened Why is he lying still Then two or three people would stand there whispering, then four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and finally the beggar would be surrounded by people.Although, the group of people asked each other, Do you want to call an ambulance But no one actually called an ambulance.There was only one person, a man in his forties wearing an expensive suit with a puffed hair, walked up to the beggar, checked it out, then turned to a gentle young man wearing glasses in the crowd and said Akai, call an ambulance.The young man in glasses immediately took out his phone after receiving the order.Don t call an ambulance, I m not dead yet.A weak voice came from the ground to the ear of the man with the head behind.

Wei Renwu shook his head and said, I want a bathrobe.Another maid quickly handed over a bathrobe.Wei Renwu put on a bathrobe, braided his shoulder length hair, and trimmed his long beard into a beautiful mustache with scissors.Xiang Tianxiao and Li Kai were waiting for Wei Renwu in the study, and Wei Renwu came to meet Xiang Tianxiao in his bathrobe.As soon as Xiang Tianxiao saw Wei Renwu, he scolded the two maids Didn t I tell you HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger to give this gentleman a decent set of clothes Why did you give him a nightgown The two maids bowed He bowed his head, not daring to make a sound.Wei Renwu found a chair and sat down.He stroked best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger his newly trimmed mustache and said leisurely, I m you, so I don t blame women, especially beautiful ones.Besides, I don t like wearing suits, so I m only wearing bathrobes.

Mary and Ah Zhen looked at it with embarrassing expressions Li Kai felt that what Wei Renwu said was reasonable, so he obeyed Wei Renwu s order and left the living room.Now there are only you and me here, you can tell me.Can I trust you You can choose not to trust me, but if I say, can I help this matter Li Kai After a pause, he still decided to tell Wei Renwu We kept this secret because of my mother.Wei Renwu was listening, and he didn t intend to interrupt Li Kai.Li Kai went on to say My mother was my father s maid a long time ago.The two got along day and night, and fell in love with each other for a long time.So one night, when the love was strong Hahahahaha.Wei Renwu laughed suddenly, I didn t expect you father and son to have such similar tastes They both like maids.Li Kai gave Wei Renwu a white look, and said I don t care about this with you, just listen to me and continue.

Li Kai felt cold, but fortunately 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies clarksville tn He didn t call the police, otherwise it would be a bloody battle, and he didn t know how to get out, anyway, it s best to follow Zhao He s wishes first.Li Kai asked cautiously Brother Zhao, when who owns cannaleafz cbd gummies will your goods arrive They can arrive at any time, they are already on the surface of the sea.Where are they Take out a flashlight and shine it on the sea, flickering, like a signal.In the darkness, Li Kai could feel the sea water surging, and not long after, under the light of the car lights, a huge monster appeared on the sea surface.Li Kai recognized it as a ship.The ship gradually docked on the shore, and Zhao He loudly instructed Brothers, go and get the goods.The crowd was surging, and more than forty people from Zhao He all rushed onto the ship.Li Kai carefully observed the group of people, and all 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies clarksville tn They all wore masks, so they couldn t see their faces clearly.

Ah Zhen obeyed Wei Renwu s order and drove the Audi A8 over.On the way home, Xiang Tianxiao was always out of his mind, and Mary kept nagging beside him, cbd gummies in delaware but he didn t respond to a word.Finally back home, Mary wanted to prepare a pot to burn the wormwood, so as to get rid of bad luck for copd cbd gummies shark tank Xiang Tianxiao.However, Wei Renwu said Mary, don t mess with those useless things.What the boss needs now is rest.Oh, then I ll cook.Mary said disappointedly.Let me help too.Ah Zhen echoed Mary.After the two entered the kitchen, Wei Renwu said to Xiang Tianxiao Let s go to the study, I have something to say.At this time, Xiang Tianxiao also said the first sentence after coming out of the Public Security Bureau Okay, I also have something to say.The two sat opposite each other in the study, with extremely serious expressions.

Just like what the security guy said, it might be another dog.In short, Yue well being labs cbd gummies reviews Ming worked hard for a long time and got nothing, so he had to go home dejectedly.As soon as he got home, Yue Ming had to face Wei Renwu s mocking face.How Did you find it Wei Renwu asked with a wicked smile.Yue Ming shook his head helplessly.Do you feel that the knowledge in books is useless Yue Ming nodded.Do you want to ask me for help Yue Ming wanted to nod, but his pride prevented him from nodding.Wei Renwu laughed and said If you want me to help, there is no way.I don t want your help.Yue Ming replied stubbornly.Wei Renwu said leisurely I m hungry, you go and cook the meal, I want to take a shower first.After saying that, Wei Renwu walked into the toilet.Yue Ming was thinking in his heart that he must think of a way to find the dog out of Wei Renwu s mouth.

, your skill is also commendable.Wei Renwu rarely praised.Yang Hai said Since I came out, I have been practicing martial arts and parkour.This is also the ability accumulated over the years.If even I don t become stronger, who can protect Yang Yang Ming lowered his head and remained silent, as if something had been touched in his heart.Yang Hai asked Wei Renwu Since you have solved the mystery, what are you going to do next Wei Renwu best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger shook his head and said, I plan to do nothing.Do nothing Why Yang Hai asked puzzled.Wei Renwu said You didn t do anything outrageous, you didn t hurt anyone, and you just frightened and frightened others, what else can I do to you Arrest you in the police station and be punished by law Yang Hai laughed and said It seems to be true.You really can t do anything to me, and I haven t done anything illegal.

Wei, I am very grateful to you.You have really helped me a lot.I know you are amazing, but I cannot let you protect me forever.I have to face some things by myself.Besides, even you have things that you dare not face, so I want to be a detective, relying on my own hands and efforts to truly protect best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger myself.Wei Renwu showed approval, and he looked at the Looking at Yang Hai, I saw Yang Hai buried his head, couldn t see his face, only heard a best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger sound similar to sobbing, the voice was very low, gradually, the voice became louder and louder, it was Yang Hai who really Sobbing.Yang Hai raised his head and burst into tears, tears covered his tired face, he choked up and said Brother Yue, I I really, really thank you very much, but I am really afraid, afraid of this society, even if I try my best to blend in, but I always fall down, I have no friends, I only have myself, I can only protect myself by splitting a completely different personality, I really didn t expect it, I I can still meet a good person like you.

In the office hall on the other side, an employee greeted Xu Hao Brother Xu, you are so late Xu Hao replied awkwardly There is a traffic jam on the road, you know that the traffic in Chengdu is always like this.At the same time, he saw that this person was also eating steamed buns with soy milk in his hand.Xu Hao walked inside, only to find that everyone in the company was eating buns and drinking soy milk.Xu Hao had never seen this scene before.Just when Xu Hao was surprised, a voice came from behind Brother Xu, you haven t had breakfast yet, I ve prepared one for you.Xu Hao Looking back, best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger Yang Yang was holding best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger a bag of buns in his left hand and a cup of soy milk in his right hand, ready to hand it to Xu Hao with a smile.Xu Hao took Yang Yang s breakfast with a blank face, and said awkwardly Thank you.

East and West.At this moment, the whole Chengdu is full of traffic and vehicles pile up, which will inevitably cause traffic jams, especially the city of Chengdu, which has an alias called city jam.The drivers in Chengdu are notoriously irritable, but they were not originally like this, all because they have to face heavy traffic every day, no matter how good tempered a person is, they will also learn to swear.Especially when an old driver encounters that kind of Road Hog car parked on the street, the fire in his heart can be ignited instantly.The road is not wide, and there is still a car parked on the street occupying a road.Xiao Zhang, who was stuck behind by the Road Hog car, was completely angry.He turned off his car, undid his seat belt, and jumped out of the car.Xiao Zhang knocked hard on the window of the silver Beetle and Road Hog , and the window was rolled down, revealing a handsome face with kind eyebrows and kind eyes.

Wei Renwu laughed, and he laughed loudly and said Hahahahaha, President Fang is indeed a person who values love and righteousness, and Captain Lin is indeed right.I only need 10 million, and your real estate wants to change now.It s really too late.Wei Renwu looked at Yue Ming again, and Yue Ming understood Wei Renwu s meaning, so he immediately said, I ll pay the other 40 million.Fang Lixin and the second team of serious crimes looked at him in best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger amazement.Yue Ming, they didn t expect Yue Ming to be a man with such wealth.Sure 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies clarksville tn enough, people cannot be judged by appearances, and sea water cannot be measured.Sure enough, half an hour later, Fang Jingyu called Wei Renwu again on Lin Xingchen s mobile phone.Hey, is that my very smart Mr.Wei It s me.I asked you to find a HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger way to prepare 50 million, how far is it now Wan has already taken it out, so I don t know if you want cash or a transfer.

No, it s not that I am uneasy, it s me I feel your uneasiness.Yue Ming s words caught Wei Renwu off guard, and he was stunned.Wei Renwu took a deep best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger puff of cigarette, smiled and said, It s nothing, who am I, Wei Renwu, afraid of You are afraid of Captain Lin, you are afraid that she will be in danger.Wei Renwu had no way to refute.Wei Renwu was silent, just smoking a cigarette, and Yue Ming didn t speak, he knew that Wei Renwu was in a very complicated mood now.Arriving at the gate of Eastern Suburb Memory , Wei Renwu suddenly said Sometimes, I have seriously essential extract cbd gummies thought about some of the things you said.Ah What are you talking about Yue Ming looked bewildered.Wei Renwu sighed softly I m going to face the Baihutang alone now, and I need you to do a very important thing.What is it Wei Renwu showed a puzzled smile Wei Renwu got out of the car and walked to the locomotive square alone, while Yue Ming s Beetle also walked away.

But Yue Ming wasn t cbd gummies with apple cider vinegar worried gteen roads cbd gummy bears at all.He summoned the second team of serious crimes and held an emergency meeting at his home.Zhang Feng took the lead and said Xiaoyue, the matter you asked us to investigate has made progress.Yue Ming said Then can you explain it to me in detail Zhang Feng said In the abandoned factory in Pi County There are a total of ten gangsters inside, and Captain Lin was tied up there.Yue Ming said We have seven people in total, it sounds like the odds of winning are not great.Xiao Wei said However, what we have the advantage of is that They don t know that we have discovered their hideout.Yang Wen er said No, there are only five of us, brother Zhang and I does whole foods sell cbd gummies were injured, this operation, we may be a little bit at best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger a loss.Yue Ming said That s right, you two don t go.Zhang Feng shouted What are you afraid of I have been with Captain Lin for so long.

Wei Renwu sighed lightly, and said, Bai Hu , Bai Hu , do you know what your biggest best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger mistake is Yang Xi said disdainfully, Then I d like to hear, what was my biggest mistake Wei Renwu said Your biggest mistake is that you think you are dealing with me alone, but in fact you have to deal with far more than me alone.At this time, Wei Renwu smiled at Yue Ming again You can start You have a plan.What do you mean Yang Xi asked puzzled.Bang, with a sound, Yang Xi s hand was blown away.Immediately afterwards, all the candles in the factory went out.Yue Ming lay on the ground with his head in his arms.He looked very calm, because this was arranged by him first.All I could hear was the intertwining of voices and human screams in the pitch black factory, one after another, endlessly.Not long after, the candles in the factory were lit again, but the scene inside the factory was quite different.

pain.Back then, when Wang Chaoyang was the most prosperous in the police world, when he led his men to hunt down an extremely dangerous and important criminal, unfortunately, he fell into an ambush designed by the criminal in advance, and in the end, except for him, the entire army was wiped out.It was also after that incident that Wang Chaoyang fell into a slump and silently changed from a legend in the police world to a fringe best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger figure in the police world.At this moment, when Lin Xingchen mentioned that incident again, Wang Chaoyang s face suddenly became uneasy, and he sat back down in frustration.Lin Xingchen said firmly I used to have a sister who was also a criminal policeman.She was unfortunately killed when she was chasing a criminal.However, this incident did not leave a psychological shadow on me.

Hearing Wang Chaoyang s order, Zhang Feng immediately stepped on the accelerator to death, and hurried to chase the motorcycle.The motorcycle was driving very fast.Zhang Feng thought that his driving skills were already very good, but he still had a long way to go from the motorcycle.Fortunately, he was not thrown off by the motorcycle.At this time, a crossroad appeared ahead, best cbd gummies for pain and anxiety and the motorcycle disappeared after turning right.Quick, quick, turn right and follow up.Wang Chaoyang urged anxiously.Zhang Feng immediately let go of the accelerator, turned the steering wheel to the right, and stepped on the brakes.Just like the bridge HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger in the movie, the entire police car drifted across the street, and the tires were worn out and sparks flew everywhere.However, when Zhang Feng and the others turned around, the motorcycle had disappeared without a trace.

The ultimate trick Lin Xingchen asked puzzled.The trick that Wang Chaoyang said is drinking.Drinking can relax people s spirits.Drinking alone can relieve loneliness, and drinking can trust each other when two people drink.In Chengdu, there is a place that never gets dark.This place is called Jiuyan Bridge.When it comes frosty bites cbd gummies to drinking, Jiuyan Bridge is undoubtedly the best choice in Chengdu.After Wang Chaoyang and Lin Xingchen hid their travel bags, they came to the Nine Eyes Bridge.It best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger was eight o clock in the evening, when the nightlife had just begun.Standing on the bar street by the Funan River, Wang Chaoyang said Xingchen, it s rare for me to buy you a drink.You can choose one.Lin Xingchen looked at the dazzling array of small bars, pointed to a best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger newly opened bar and said Just this one.Oh Why did you choose this one Because I like to create miracles.

After driving the motorcycle for a long time, the motorcycle man brought Lin Xingchen to a dark stream.The motorcycle man turned off the motorcycle, and Lin Xingchen jumped off the motorcycle.You damn ghost, finally willing to come to see me.Lin Xingchen cursed in a low voice, although the cbd gummies clarksville tn best way to store cbd gummies language seemed to be scolding, but the tone was full of warmth.The motorcycle man took off his motorcycle helmet, and a face with Chinese characters and a well trimmed mustache appeared in front of Lin Xingchen.This man is actually Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu laughed and said, You man, we haven t seen cbd gummies without thc for sleep best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger each other for two years, and when we meet, it s fine if you don t say you miss me, why are you still swearing Do you think you should be scolded On the day of graduation, you didn t even get your graduation certificate, and you left without saying a word.

Lin Xingchen said Father and daughter You should fight for the overnight feud that came, maybe you can restore your father daughter relationship.Hey Wang Chaoyang sighed, Of course I fought for it, but not only my daughter didn t want to see me, but her grandmother wouldn t let me either.See her.Every time, when I miss her, I go downstairs to wait for her to come home from school or get off work, just to have a look at her.The topic became more and more serious, Zhang Feng and Lin Xingchen both I m worried, besides this, I m afraid that Wang Chaoyang will cry on the spot.It doesn t look good for a man in his fifties to cry in front of two juniors.Then what s HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger your daughter s name Zhang Feng tried to deviate from the topic a little.My daughter s name is Wang Ling.Wang Chaoyang replied.Lin Xingchen then praised It s a nice name, best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger did you choose it Wang Chaoyang said No, her mother chose it.

On the way to Longquan Mountain, everyone was relatively silent in the car.Now they have nothing to communicate with.Everyone is recalling the past.Now they have to seize the time to recall the happy time.If this operation fails, They will never have a chance to recall the past.They still have two cars, one for Zhang Feng, Wang Chaoyang, and Lin Xingchen, and one for Thunder Dragon, Xiao Wei, and Fang Ronghua.While driving the police car, Zhang Feng felt that the atmosphere was still a bit too silent.He picked up the walkie talkie and said to Lei Long s car Old Lei, the atmosphere is a bit tense.Let s sing a song to entertain yourself.Zhang Feng Both Feng and Leilong s cars have intercoms, and the channels are connected so that the two cars can command each other.Lei Long laughed and said, Old Fang said that he can start, and everyone will sing along.

There is no way, even if the plan is seen through, you have to bite the bullet and play it by ear, Lei Long said sternly I ll get it right away.Then Lei Long left first.The Mohigan man laughed and said I guess he has to go get it for a while, he has nothing to do, Captain Wang, I allow you to say a few words to your daughter, I like watching this kind of warm scene of father and daughter reunion the most It s gone.Wang Chaoyang hurriedly said to Wang Ling Lingling, don t be afraid, Dad will definitely save you.Wang Ling called out in a weak voice Dad, why did you come My daughter has an accident, I As a father, of course he should come to save you, although you don t recognize me as a father in your heart, but I have never forgotten that I still have a daughter.Wang Chaoyang s tears had covered his entire eye sockets, and they would burst out at any moment.

Father Wang Ling s two simple words contained many meanings, including forgiveness, remorse, and love.At this time, Lei Long had already returned with another travel bag.Papapa The Mohican man started to applaud, he rubbed his eyes and said hypocritically It s really a touching picture, I haven t seen this kind of picture for a long time, you guys are really good, sir Three, go and bring back cbd gummies without thc for sleep best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger the two travel bags.The man with the goatee let go of Wang Ling s hand and disappeared into the window on the second floor.The man with the goatee came downstairs, looked at the No.6 Serious Case Team with a look of contempt, and then returned to the abandoned building with two travel bags.Mohigan the man nodded in satisfaction and said, It s almost the same now.What s the best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger difference Wang Chaoyang became a little impatient.

Serious Cases Second Detachment Everyone suddenly realized that, sure enough, it didn t take much time for Wei Renwu to go out, and the inside story of the whole case soon surfaced, which is why Lin Xingchen trusted him.Lin Xingchen asked at this time How did you find us Wei Renwu smiled sinisterly and said sinisterly I used a little bit of tricks, and this woman was all recruited, let alone this place, and her Make a plan for that idiot to wipe you all out.The man Mohigan said, Okay, what do you want Tell me, but the conditions can t be too extreme.Wei Renwu said I m a fair I just want everyone to be fair, and I don t want the 60 million, I just want to exchange my hostages for five cbd gummies best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger yours, and then everyone will have it, and then we can do it fairly.Mo Xigan the man said The terms are very reasonable, let s change.

Wei Renwu opened the car door and replied Can a convenience store be opened here, think with your toes, I also know that there is a problem with this store.Yue Ming also got out of the car, and best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger he said Yes, what is even more strange is why this store is closed I saw that the door of this store was locked, twin elements cbd gummies cost as if marked It s not open today, and looking at the heavy dust at the door, I m afraid it s not just closed today.Wei Renwu also said It s a little strange.Logically speaking, it shouldn t be closed at this time.Let s go in and have a look.Speaking of which, this is simply a piece of cake.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming entered the convenience store easily, and this convenience store was no different from an ordinary convenience store , with all kinds of non staple food and daily necessities neatly placed on the display shelves.

What s wrong Is there any big case Wei Renwu asked with concern.Lin Xingchen didn t answer, stood up silently, walked to the living room, turned on the TV, and tuned the TV channel to cdtv1.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming gathered around the TV.An urgent news was being broadcast on five cbd gummies best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger the TV.A man in a white down jacket was standing in the square of the North Railway Station.Bomb disposal experts and negotiators with explosion proof shields were all around me, and there were no crowds in the entire North Railway Station, and the crowd had been evacuated.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming recognized the person who was about to blow himself up at a glance, and it turned out to be Fang Jingyu from Baihutang.At this time, a beautiful reporter broadcast on the spot The person who blew best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger himself up as we saw below is fully bound.

Wrong.The corner of Wei Renwu s mouth suddenly rose, but he seemed quite confident.What s wrong Yue Ming asked doubtfully.The front is right, but the back is wrong.Where is the back There is plenty of time, and it is not difficult.When Wei Renwu said this, he was very relaxed and at ease.It s only twelve hours, is there still plenty of time Yue Ming was still vain.Pretty rich.We don t even have a clue about that guy now, isn t it difficult It s not difficult.You re that confident That s how confident you are.You were so angry just now Yes.Yue Ming pursed his lips and said.I m angry because that coward doesn t dare to fight head on again.Wei Renwu was indeed very angry, But it s okay, as long as he dares to probe a little, I will definitely be able to pull him out of the turtle shell.Suddenly Yue Ming also gained confidence.

, Many people can t avoid falling into it, so they often go bankrupt in the stock market, but have you ever seen cbd gummies without thc for sleep best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger a sad face You forgot when the stock cbd gummies walmart spring hill fl market was in turmoil and you suffered losses Lin Feng pinched Mo Xiaonian s little nose.After several days of quarrel, Lin Feng had no idea why Mo Xiaonian was making trouble with him at that time, and Mo Ming had green egg cbd gummies played chess well for several days.Later, Mo Tianxing told himself that if the stock market was in turmoil, he would never Don t provoke Mo Xiaonian, otherwise the consequences will be serious.But as soon as he said this, Lin Feng saw that Mo Xiaonian s face began to become agitated.This was a sign that Mo Xiaonian was about to get angry.Lin Feng, who had already touched Mo Xiaonian s temper, said quickly at this time Hey, cbd gummies clarksville tn best way to store cbd gummies don t get excited, baby, whatever you want to eat tonight, I ll make it for you I want to eat you Mo Xiaonian said viciously.

to revenge.Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, could it be that he encountered a top price of the same nature as before best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger Abandon the auction Although the host was disappointed for a moment, he still said in a professional spirit Abandoning the auction is the right of every auctioneer.Now it is 510 million once, 510 million twice.The host paused intentionally, but still no one made a top price, so he could only make a final decision 510 million, deal, and the final buyer is Chairman Lin Donglin of our Jianfang Real Estate Company.Congratulations He There was warm applause at the scene, although this lot was not the one with the highest price in the entire auction, but as the finale lot was taken by Lin Feng, this person should be respected, the reason is also very simple, this is the According to the rules of the industry, the person who took the finale of the auction deserved such applause.

If he didn t tell him that, he would have spent so much money to buy a sword and go back.Can you feel better in your heart However, in the antique business, one cannot complain about how high the price is.After all, this kind cbd gummies clarksville tn best way to store cbd gummies of thing has always been a matter of willingness to fight and suffer.After getting the bronze sword wrapped in wooden packaging, Lin Feng walked out of the backstage.At this time, Boss Liu had already signed the contract.He walked over with a smile, and said apologetically, Director Lin, I m sorry.Yes, I received a call from Director Mo temporarily asking me to take pictures of this land, saying that you need to use it, because the auction has already started and I have no time to notify you, so I took five cbd gummies best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger pictures directly, you see we found Just transfer the contract to a different place.

Mr.Lin, congratulations, but I haven t seen you interested in bronze wares before Zhu Gan didn t say anything, but Secretary Li was a little curious.During this time, she stayed by Lin Feng s side almost every day.He is also aware of the fact that cbd gummies explained Lin Feng likes ancient styles, but the antiques that Lin Feng handed over before are also small objects, and he has never touched bronze wares.Lin Feng smiled I m just curious.I ve never touched bronze wares before.Buy it best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger back and have a look.If this sword is real, then it s worth the price.I even picked up a big leak.Let s go.After the auction is over, we will sign the contract, and we still have four billion yuan to pay back, haha Since it was all backstage transactions, Lin Feng came to the backstage of the auction after the auction to be in charge of the event.

The auctioneer was a manager of Apocalypse Auction House.When signing the contract, Lin Feng revealed to him that he wanted to meet the boss of Apocalypse Auction House to discuss cooperation.Lin Feng originally thought that the management would agree to him.After all, if such a small auction house can have the cooperation of a big company, it will be of great help to their project, but Lin Feng did not expect that the management would politely refuse.Own.Lin Feng didn t force it either, but hearing Mo Tianxing say that the boss of Tianqi Auction Company was fighting with him, he would inevitably feel a little uncomfortable in his heart.After all, I order natures only cbd gummies cheated and used the hand of seizing, so I can naturally be much better than others, but if there is someone who can be similar to me, then what use is there for me to use the hand of seizing This reminded Lin Feng of Shui Qinghan in the Treasure Appreciation Competition, he was the only person best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger he admired, but unfortunately, Shui Qinghan was not an ordinary person, if he could find Shui Qinghan, Lin Feng believed that he would be able to convince Shui Qinghan told himself something about people like him.

The principal called me to the office that day.You know, I was very afraid of him at the time, so I didn t dare to disobey him.So I just went.Who would have thought of him He is so beastly in the office and wants to be with me in the office Zhang Xiaoting was a little bit hesitant to talk about the plot, let alone she couldn best cbd gummies for seniors t go on, Wei Renwu and Yue Ming couldn t even listen go down.Bearing so many terrible pasts, Zhang Xiaoting became a hundred times stronger than her peers.She continued firmly I would rather die than follow, but as a grown man, he was many times stronger than me.He put me in his I didn t even have any room to struggle on the desk.Just when he was about to invade me, I found a fruit knife from the fruit bowl on his desk, and I stabbed the knife into his heart.I felt scared after killing someone.

Wei Renwu understood that Yang Xi had completely lost track of him when he got on the motorcycle.Yang Xi.Wei Renwu eagle cbd gummies charles stanley immediately called Yue Ming Where did you die Yue Ming replied on the phone out of breath Youyou ran too fast, II really can t keep up with where you are now Wei Renwu said Don t worry about where I am, your car broke down and I need you to get a car right away.Yue Ming replied Oh, give me ten minutes.Yue cbd gummies and drug test reddit Ming hung up the phone and he has already I saw that there happened to be a Maserati 4s shop next to it.Yue Ming strode into the 4S store, and the receptionist immediately greeted him courteously.The receptionist asked politely Excuse me, sir, do you have any intended models Which car do you have in stock The receptionist replied We happen to have a newest Maserati gt with a price of 2.

Wei here Wei Renwu said That s right, with me here, even if it s fully open, it s just a decoration, it s better not to be here.Yue Ming didn t even bother to talk to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu said again Director Guo, can you show me the letter sent by the White Horse Pirate to the museum Guo Ling said Of course, please come to my office.Wei Renwu and Yue Ming followed Guo Ling In the office, Guo Ling took the letter out of the drawer and handed it to Wei Renwu.Wei Renwu took a closer look, and found that the letter was wrapped in a pure white envelope, which had been opened.Wei Renwu took out a white envelope from the envelope, and there were only a few words on the envelope I will take away Tutankhamun s Heka scepter on March 2.The handwriting is clear and the style of writing is unrestrained uninhibited.

Wei, you can t explain clearly, what is the key to cbd gummies trial 2019 the scepter Wei Renwu said How should I put it, the current situation is not particularly clear, and I can t explain some things clearly.Guo Ling said, Then there must be a way to explain clearly.Wei Renwu nodded and said Although I can t explain clearly, , but Quan Kai can definitely explain clearly, so the first task now is to find Quan Kai, and best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger I want to ask him something.Yue Ming said I will call Mr.Quan.The phone you dialed has been 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies clarksville tn turned off, please try again later It seems that Yue Ming couldn t find Quan Kai even when he called Quan Kai.Wei Renwu sighed lightly Looks like it s really time for Quankai to disappear.Guo Ling s face was a little unsightly at this moment, and he said coldly Now I have to suspect that Quankai and the White Horse Bandit are the same group.

Okay, if you say it s important, then it s important.Yue Ming started the car.Hey Xiaoyue, you are becoming less and less likable.Wei Renwu shook his head and sighed.Okay, let me admit that you are human.Yue Ming became more and more eloquent, leaving Wei Renwu speechless.It was already four o clock in the morning, and Lin Xingchen was still awake at home.She was waiting for the arrival of Wei Renwu and Yue Ming, and at the blue cbd gummies same time waiting for Zhang Feng s arrival.The four sat in the living room of Lin Xingchen s house, and Lin Xingchen best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger made hot tea for the three of them, after all, it was night and the temperature was low.Lin Xingchen asked Wei Renwu Have you discovered anything Wei Renwu shrugged, and said with a relaxed face I have a big discovery.Can you stop talking nonsense Lin Xingchen couldn t stand it.

Wei Renwu sat cross legged on the ground, stubbed out the cigarette, and said leisurely Mr.Shu, after doing so many things, I probably never thought that I would be here today.The result is that I lost and you won.Wei Renwu shrugged and said To be honest, with your intelligence and ability, you could have a great future, but your desire is greater than your ability.The current result.Shu Po narrowed his eyes, put away his smile, and said seriously I m curious, how did you find out that I hid those three people in the detective agency You mean that so and so Xiaohong or Xiaolu, Zeng Dongyue, and a person whose name I don t know, are those three Wei Renwu said as if he didn t know, but in fact he knew better than anyone else.Mr.Wei, you re still pretending to be me, it s really not interesting.

Shu Po asked again Since the mine collapsed, it is inevitable that people will die.This is not surprising.Wei Renwu Shaking his head, he said, No, no, this is very strange.None of the more than forty workers died, and all the non workers died.It seems that the heavens arranged for these five people to be deliberately targeted.Shu Po He said calmly Perhaps these five people have done a lot of bad things, and God wants to punish them Wei Renwu said These five people did a lot of bad things, I believe it, but Mr.Shu said that God will punish them, which is a bit exaggerated.In my opinion, it is not God who punished them, but you, Mr.Shu.Really Shu Po was not surprised at all, Then I will listen to Mr.Wei s opinion.Wei Renwu said Actually, Mr.Shu and your subordinates were workers in that mine a year ago, right Mr.

Xu Lu said Then Mr.Wei, what can I do for you Wei Renwu said leisurely I just want to ask you, Why are you in jail Xu Lu was stunned for a moment, her expression became stiff, as if Wei Renwu had suddenly stabbed her in the heart, the pain was very real, she gritted her teeth and said, You can ask the policeman who arrested me, Why do you ask me Are you sent by someone to humiliate me No, don t misunderstand me.I only came to you because your case is related to some things.If I go to the police, they can tell me something, but when it comes to details, I still have to tell you something.Only you know best.Wei Renwu tried his best to explain, for fear that Xu Lu would refuse to cooperate with Wei Renwu because of anger.Xu Lu has struggled in her heart for best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger a long time.It will take some courage to let her regain those unpleasant pasts, but it doesn t matter, Wei Renwu can wait for her.

Yue Ming tapped the lock of the handcuff on his right hand with a silver needle, and with a click, the handcuff opened.This Jiang Mengdie was too shocked to speak, and Yue Ming didn t give her a chance to speak, so he helped her loosen the handcuffs.Yue Ming threw away the silver needle, supported his painful left leg, stood up with difficulty, and asked Jiang Mengdie with a smile, Where do you want to go now We can go right away.At this moment, Jiang Mengdie felt that Yue Ming is so tall, his body seems to exude a dazzling light, and that light is called the light of hope.Jiang Mengdie also stood up, she supported Yue Ming, and said The ends of the earth, wherever you say, I will follow.Yue Ming leaned into Jiang Mengdie s ear and said, It s not over yet, but there is still a gatekeeper outside.

Yue Ming looked at Jiang Mengdie sadly, then turned his head to Lin Xingchen and Wei Renwu and said harshly No one can take Xiaodie away.If anyone wants to take her away, they must first take her away.Step over my corpse.Wei Renwu looked at his watch, sighed, and said, I knew I couldn t persuade you, and the time is almost up, it s time to talk to you with someone else.Yue Ming Are you Are you going to abandon me and go with this woman At this moment, another angry female voice suddenly came from the door.Hearing this voice, Yue Ming, who just swore to defend Jiang Mengdie to the death, turned cowardly in a second, and he shouted in horror Yiyi, why are you here Sixteen, Dilemma This is an era of love, people I can always feel happy and sad for love, and I can give money, body, and even life for love.

The helpless Wei Renwu had no choice but to follow behind Xu Jiu.Yue Ming held back his smile and rushed to the front of Xu Jiu to lead the way for Xu Jiu.The three of them boarded the Maserati relatively silently.Wei Renwu, who was sitting in the co pilot, was coldly greeted by Xu Jiu twice, and he could no longer see the smiling face.He said to Xu Jiu who was also cold, Take off your clothes.What Xu Jiu showed a puzzled expression on his indifferent face.As soon as it came up, people were asked to take off their clothes.Not only Xu Jiu was puzzled, but also Yue Ming.This link was never thought of by Yue Ming.Wei Renwu raised his voice and said again I said, take offclothes On the other side, in the warehouse of a logistics company, all kinds of goods were densely piled up, and there was no one there.

Xu Jiu really hit the point, and Yue Ming couldn t help but burst out laughing.Wei Renwu said leisurely I m not rare.Xu Jiu said You cbd gummies without thc for sleep best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger are a dead duck.Yue Ming explained from the side Actually, Wei Xian is interested in Miss Xu, so he is jealous.Wei Renwu laughed Said Xiaoyue, you said that your wings are hard, it is true, you have begun to speculate on your mind, Wei Xian.Yue Ming did not dare to say more, Xu Jiu said Yes, you are full of thoughts, How could I put myself in the hands of such a dangerous person.Wei Renwu said leisurely You can eat as you please.Xu Jiu put down the bowls and chopsticks and said You guys continue to eat, I am full, I have to rest first Yue Ming said Are you really full You have to go on your way tomorrow, but best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger you don t know when your next meal will be.Do you really not want to eat more Xu Jiu declined, No, take your time.

We must talk about something substantive.Mr.Wei, you know that I want Xu Jiu.If Mr.Wei can send her here, we were friends before and are still friends now, but Mr.Wei refuses my request, which means that we have already I can t be friends anymore, so I don t need to treat Brother Yue like HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger a friend, are you right Mr.Wei.Wei Renwu agreed You re right.Wu Wei said again One person for another One person, this transaction is very simple and fair, right Wei Renwu said There is no more fair transaction than this in the world.Wu Wei said So Mr.Wei agrees to this transaction Wei Renwu said Give me half an hour, I have to find a way to get the client on my side to agree.Wu Wei smiled and said Hahaha, it makes sense, then I will call again in half an hour, if Mr.Wei at that time If you hesitate any longer, Brother Yue may suffer a little bit of grievance.

I can t live with anything, nor with money.These two snobbish men s eyes lit best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger up when they heard the triple price.The fatter man pretended to be best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger cbd gummies for ringing in the ears embarrassed and said Okay, We will repair your car, but we help you, not for the sake of money, but simply because we see you in a hurry.thanks, thanks.Xu Jiu thanked quickly.Two men opened the door and let the Humvee in.The thinner man making cbd gummies with isolate guided the limping Humvee in and found a suitable repair location for the car.Xu Jiu got out of the car and hurriedly Thank you Thank you both, I have another kind request.The fatter man asked, What else can I ask for Xu Jiu covered his stomach and said urgently People have three urgencies.The fatter man said with disgust It s really troublesome.The fatter man turned his head to the thinner man and said, Hey, Xiao Wu, take her to the bathroom.

So that s it That s it That s it Wei Renwu repeated three times, he was so excited that he lost his composure.The old lady and the little girl were frightened by Wei Renwu s demeanor, and they didn t understand why he suddenly became like this.What happened Yue Ming asked.Hahahaha Wei Renwu laughed again, completely ignoring Yue Ming.Wei Renwu said with a smile So, the child likes the Minion doll very much, and you don t buy it for her How do you know The old lady looked like she saw a ghost.It s exactly right, Yes, my son and daughter in law are supporting the country in Africa, and I m the only one with my granddaughter at home.I always feel that I can t spoil my child too much, so my child asked me to buy this for her several times.I didn t even agree to the yellow man s baby.Understood.

It should be said that the doll appeared where it should be, which also caused the little girl to appear.It s where it should appear.Yue Ming doubted The more you talk about it, the more mysterious it becomes.Wei Renwu said It s actually very simple, a doll can t walk, so naturally it can t walk there by itself to seduce a little girl to the middle of the street, it will Someone put it there on purpose.5.Your dream and my career Yue Ming understood what Wei Renwu meant, and he said, That is to say, someone put the doll in the middle of the street on purpose, so The little girl was attracted to the middle of the street, and at this moment the five cbd gummies best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger driver s car drove over.Wei Renwu nodded and said, That s it, and it must be like this.Yue Ming exclaimed My God, this Is it really a man made plan If it is true, then this person is too amazing.

Yue Ming said That s it, I will contact you more in the future.Shen Yi said Yeah, go to bed early, good night.Yue Ming said softly Good night.Yue Ming hung up the phone reluctantly, only to realize that it was almost twelve o clock, and at this time, Wei Renwu still hadn t returned home.Yue Ming roughly guessed that Wei Renwu would not go home, and he roughly knew what Wei Renwu would do at night.After talking with Shen Yi, his mood became much more comfortable, and he was able to sleep with peace of mind.The next day, Yue Ming still woke up early and naturally.Although Wei Renwu did not return home all night, Yue Ming still had to prepare lunch, because according to the usual practice, Wei Renwu would come back for lunch by himself after a night of absence.It was 11 30 when Yue Ming cooked the meal, and Wei Renwu still didn t come home, which was strange, and it was not the same as usual.

In the eyes of outsiders, Wei Renwu is an arrogant and conceited man, but in fact Wei Renwu is very self aware.He knows what he can and cannot do, so he admitted I m not sure about it.To be honest, I don t even know what I can do.Knowing someone in this world can do it.In Wei Renwu s words, it was difficult to conceal his loss, he had investigated the Grim Reaper for so long, and finally found the key little girl, but now he is stuck in cbd gummies affects the success of the plan In terms of rate, did this case really end without a problem Disappointment, disappointment, frustration Countless ugly expressions can be seen on Wei Renwu s face now, this is the first time Yue Ming saw Wei Renwu like this, he stepped forward and asked concerned Are you okay Shaking his head, he replied in a low voice Very not good.

Wei Renwu smiled and said, Are you interrogating him normally Zhang Feng faced Yihong did not answer.In fact, he was tortured to extract a confession, because that person was from an illegal debt collection company.At that time, he did not dare to reveal his identity, so he said that he was a friend of the deceased when he recorded his statement.Zhang Feng found out Abnormally, in order to obtain accurate information more quickly, the lynching was carried out.Wei Renwu nodded in praise again But your method is quite effective, not as rigid as Captain Lin.On this point, Wei Renwu admired Zhang Feng, Lin Xingchen was more principled and rules based, and Zhang Feng knew how to use it in extraordinary times.very means.Zhang Feng said It can be seen from this that the deceased owed a lot of money and should have had a lot of vendettas.

However, I should still be acquitted.Wei Renwu said Master Long, you are wrong again, I, Wei Renwu, am not unwilling to stand up, I will never bow to any case, whether it is this case , or other cases that I can t solve for the time being.I will definitely come forward in your case, but I am not here to help you clear your grievances, but to formally arrest you.Long Qian was surprised What Wei Wei Mister still thinks that I am the murderer Wei Renwu said, Of course.Long Qian wondered, Don t Mr.Wei believe my alibi Long Qian said Mr.Wei, you know for twenty nine hours, you can t find evidence to five cbd gummies best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger prove that I am the murderer, what will I best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger do Long Qian s words seemed to be threatening, but Wei Renwu said indifferently You Do you think I will consider those impossible things Long Qian said Let me tell you, Mr.

It seems that we have made a mistake Wei Renwu shook his head.He said Who is Long Qian Long Qian is a great magician.His most famous magic is teleportation.If they can hide his teleportation magic from the world, then he can also hide it from the world and create an alibi.After the best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain proof, he went to kill people, so the alibi is just his cover up, we must not be misled by Long Qian.Zhang Feng said It makes sense, but I can t report to the superiors that Long smilz cbd gummies 300mg Qian used magic to travel from the banquet to Wang Qu s home and killed Wang Qu.Mr.Wei, I just became the captain, I don t want to Before your ass is hot, go back to Serious Cases Second Team and become a police officer.Wei Renwu laughed and said, Don t worry, I won t let you lose your official position, magic is magic after all, it won t be magic, only magic , it must best cbd gummies for pain relief have a principle that can be explained, what we have to do is to find out the principle of the magic, and then we can break the magic and find the evidence of Long Qian s murder.

But if there is love between the two, Yue Ming has been unable to figure out why Wei Renwu is not with Lin Xingchen, Wei Renwu is not that kind of shy person, there must be some special reasons for him not being with Lin Xingchen.At this time, Li Long said The gossip is over here, I saw another photo studio.The three entered this other photo studio.The decoration of this photo studio is much more luxurious, and it is still in European style.A female boss who still has a charming charm came out to welcome the three of them.As soon as Li Long came up, he went straight to the topic Boss, we are here to investigate something.This time Li Long didn t scare people with the murder case, because he was afraid that the female boss would be as nervous as the previous cbd gummies for tooth pain boss again.Like the last time, Yue Ming took out his phone, pulled out Wang Qu s photo, and asked, Boss, has this person been to your shop in the past few days The female boss carefully studied the picture for a long time Taking the photo, he shook his head and said, I don t have any impression, you probably haven t been to our store.

After an unknown amount of time, a familiar voice came from Yue Ming s ears Hey, are you asleep Yue Ming raised his head and saw that it was Wei Renwu s cynical face and those wretched moustache.Mr.Wei, you have come.Yue Ming couldn t help shouting as if seeing a savior.With a cigarette in his mouth, Wei Renwu said leisurely, What happened Yue Ming sighed, and said, Mr.Wei, because of my mistake, a person was killed.Wei Renwu said impatiently, I m not blind, I m blind.I can see the dead, so I m asking you what happened So Yue Ming told Wei Renwu all the best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger details, including the fact that the owner of the photo studio concealed seeing Wang Qu, as well as his own mistakes.Yue Ming was going to ask Wei Renwu to scold him, but Wei Renwu ignored cbd gummies and viagra Yue Ming and went straight to the depths of the photo studio.

Yue Ming wondered Haggis Isn t it everywhere Especially Jian Yang.Wei Renwu waved his fingers and said disdainfully This haggis is not that haggis.In best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger our common sense, haggis refers to some internal organs of sheep, while the haggis in Yingshan is a sheep.Miscellaneous meat , simply put, is steamed mutton with flour, especially when paired with Yingshan s special red oil, the taste is simply ecstatic.Yue Ming was already hungry, but when he heard Wei Renwu explaining Haggis , his saliva almost spit out, he hurriedly said Stop talking nonsense, let s go eat Yingshan Cold Noodles and this best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger Haggis.These two kinds of food can be seen everywhere in Yingshan County, and almost every restaurant has these two kinds, but Wei Renwu didn t let Yue Ming choose one to eat at random, he had to choose one carefully.

I am the only son of my parents.I grew up with my parents in Nanjing.My father In fact, he is a magic performer.I have been fascinated by him since I was a child, and learned a lot of basic magic from him.Unfortunately, my father best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger was not a successful magician at that time.He was unsuccessful because of two important The first factor is that people in that era were not as interested in magic as people are now.The second factor is that his father s own magic skills are very limited.He has not received formal magic training.He was self taught in magic.Therefore, his magic career failed very best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger badly, and it could even be said that it was over before it even started.Under the haze of failure, my father was depressed and drank all day long.My mother and I didn t dare to mess with him.When he was unhappy, he would beat and scold me and my plus gummies cbd mango mother.

It s clear what he sees, so he set off now.The door slammed Being closed, it can be seen that when Yue Ming closed the door, he was very serious and he was very angry.However, Wei Renwu didn t care whether Yue Ming was angry, he only cared whether Yue Ming really left.As soon as Yue Ming closed the door, Wei Renwu immediately Throwing off the quilt and bouncing off the bed, he rushed to the door and looked through the cat s eyes to see if Yue Ming had really left.Wei Renwu could see Yue Ming turning into the elevator angrily from the cat s eye, and Wei Renwu dared to be sure that Yue Ming had really left.He immediately began to wash up and tidy himself up.You must know that he also had an appointment with an important person today.In order to respect others, it is 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies clarksville tn very necessary to simply dress up.

Wei Renwu s so called request It was just a very implicit expression, and Yue Ming knew very well in his heart that Wei Renwu actually used some means.Wei Renwu said Since I can also find that bank friend, like Wang Qu, I got the information of that account, so I also went to Seoul.Seoul.Yue Ming suddenly realized, no wonder Wei Renwu seemed to have evaporated in the past few days, it turned out that he had traveled abroad.Didn t Captain Lin tell you She used her connections to get my visa and passport for me.She knows my whereabouts.Wei Renwu also betrayed Lin Xingchen by the way.Yue Ming said angrily It turns out that Captain Lin best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger also knows that you are really cooperating to lie to me.Wei Renwu laughed again, and the louder his laughter, the more Yue Ming felt that Wei Renwu s irony was stronger.

Yue Ming walked slowly to Wei Renwu s side, put his hand on Wei Renwu s shoulder and said, Mr.Wei, finally lived up to everyone s expectations and solved this case.Wei Renwu opened Yue Ming s arm and shouted Take your hand away, I I don t HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger like men being too close to me.Yue Ming had no choice but to take his hand, and said awkwardly See what all the fuss is about, and I won t do anything to you, just to congratulate you.Wei Renwu said If you want to congratulate, you should congratulate Captain Zhang, this is his case, and he will be the one who natures own cbd gummies cost received the most praise in the end.Yue Ming said You can t say that, anyway, you also have a bonus, right Wei Renwu said To be honest, I really don t think there is anything to be happy about.This case is at most a favor for Captain Zhang.It is a big gift for him when he takes best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger office as a new official.

After hearing the bearded man s gamble tonight, old man Hu thought about it carefully.After all, she is a woman in the age of a tiger and a wolf, so it is best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain impossible that she does not need a man moisturizing.Old man Hu went on to say We can t knock on the door with such fanfare.If there is an adulterer inside, they will definitely startle the snake.We must have a plan.Li Fan seemed to have an idea in his mind, and he said Brother Zhang has done it before Unlocking King, we can open the door secretly, and then sneak in, so that if Brother Hu s wife really cheats, we can be caught.The Brother Zhang mentioned by Li Fan was one of them.The Brother Zhang said It s a small thing to open this door lock, but after we go in, if Brother Hu s wife has not cheated, best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain how can we explain it This is indeed a headache, if old man Hu s lovely wife has not cheated, so recklessly breaking into someone s house to catch the adulterer will definitely affect the relationship between old man Hu and his 20 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies clarksville tn wife.

Old man Hu s wife was very ashamed, she burst into tears, and cried I know I m sorry for you, and I know you are very good to me, butbut I really can t accept being with a man.He didn t shed any tears, he only remained indifferent now, he said coldly Then why do you still want to marry me This is my parents idea, and I don t want to lie to you, but my parents insist that I marry you, and it is most appropriate for a woman like me to use a man like you to cover up.Right now, Old man Hu s wife no longer has to worry about stabbing old man Hu.The general trend is that their relationship has come to an end.The only thing she can do is to tell the truth, which is also the last respect for old man Hu.Cover Old man Hu s eyes were empty and his expression was numb.It could be seen that his sadness had broken through to the extreme.

Looking at the mobile phone, he found a paper knife and carefully cut the tape of Wei Renwu s Death Express.Everyone knows that Reaper is the best killer in the world, Reaper has never missed a shot, and who is Wei Renwu The best detective in the world.This is simply the difference between the strongest spear and the strongest shield If we win the battle, then we can truly prove that we are the strongest spear.Yes.Yide agreed, Killing Wei Renwu can make us worth soar.I think after killing Wei Renwu, we We must find a way to release the news, and the price for killing one person in the future will be 50 million.Wang Xuanmin said I don t think 50 million is too little, but let s tentatively set 50 million.Yide said Since we received The money is gone, you should hurry up and do what you need to do next, I also need to prepare, Wei Renwu seems to be in Chengdu, right Wang Xuanmin said That s right, he is in Chengdu, it s time for you to go.

If he stayed in the bar too many times, it would inevitably arouse Wei Renwu s suspicion, so he only followed Wei Renwu into the best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger what do cbd gummies do for pain bar in the last three days.Professor Fang is determined to kill Wei Renwu at the Miracle Bar , so it is imperative to go into the bar to investigate, even at the risk of being discovered by Wei Renwu.Fortunately, the first two times, Wei Renwu didn t notice the existence of Professor Fang.He hoped that tonight, this last night, would not make any mistakes.Wei Renwu had been in the Miracle Bar for a while, and Professor Fang felt that it was time for him to go into the bar.Professor Fang strode into the Miracle Bar as if he was a tourist.There are always reasons why Miracle Bar can thrive.First of all, the warm service that makes people feel at home is one of the reasons.

Laughing and admiring the waiter running out of the bar in a hurry to buy insecticide.Not long after, the waiter returned to the bar with a can of bug spray, best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger but he failed to enter the toilet, but was stopped by a man with a goatee on the way.Why are you holding insecticide in your hand Liu Hongyun heard the man with the goatee say to the waiter sternly.From the frightened expression of the waiter, it can be seen that the man with the goatee should be the owner of the bar, if not the owner, at least the best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger director of the bar.The waiter panicked III The waiter was too scared to speak.The man with the goatee scolded Are you stuttering I m asking you something, you d better answer me quickly.The waiter swallowed his saliva and replied tremblingly Boss, it s like this.There were a lot of cockroaches, so I went out and bought insecticide to get rid of the cockroaches.

Wang Xuanmin said There is plenty of time, I should be fine.Lei Jia said That s it, I have other things to deal with.So Lei Jia hung up the phone.Wang Xuanmin stood in the corner, silently putting his phone in his pocket.The person in charge of the express transfer station in the distance shouted to Wang Xuanmin Voter, come here HCMUSSH best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger quickly, there is a task to be assigned.Wang Xuanmin walked up to the person in charge with a solemn expression.The person in charge saw that there seemed to be something wrong with Wang Xuanmin s expression.In fact, other people could also see it, because Wang Xuanmin s expression was too obvious.The person in charge was very concerned about his most outstanding employee.He was concerned What s wrong Did you encounter any difficulties Wang Xuanmin said in a very embarrassed way Boss, I may need to take a long vacation.

But no one answered the phone for a long time, and when the phone was about to tell you that the call you dialed was temporarily unanswered, the call was finally connected.Before Wang Xuanmin could speak, a hurried and rough man s voice came from the other end of the phone Hello, who is it It was not Lei Jia who answered the call, but Wang Xuanmin did not panic, and said nonchalantly, Excuse me Sir, are you interested in buying insurance No, no, no.The man on the other end of the phone replied three times in a row, each with a stronger tone and more anger.Excuse me, thank you Before Wang Xuanmin could say anything, the other end of the phone hung up the phone roughly.It seems that Lei Jia doesn t have time to tell Wang Xuanmin about her preparations, she must be very busy now.However, it doesn t matter, Wang Xuanmin can wait, he has enough patience, and patience is a required course for a killer.

Wang Xuanmin s words were indeed threatening When they arrived at Yue Ming, Yue Ming could only take advantage of the situation and open the door.It was already dusk at this time, and the curtains were drawn again in the room.It was so dark that it was impossible to see anything clearly.Get out of the way.Wang Xuanmin instructed Yue Ming.Yue Ming stepped aside and waited.Wang Xuanmin pulled Lin Xingchen into the room step by step, and then said, Come in.Yue Ming walked into the room like a thing.Close the door and lock it, Wang Xuanmin said.Yue Ming had no choice but to do it again.Yue Ming closed the door and locked it.In best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger the darkness, Wang Xuanmin showed a smug smile, everything is under his control, he can best cbd gummy for anxiety and anger let two people die here now.Wang Xuanmin didn t hesitate, he raised the knife, and was about to give Lin Xingchen a fatal blow to the neck.

A white light flashed, and Yue Ming saw it clearly in the darkness.He knew that Wang Xuanmin was about to make a move, so he rushed forward immediately.boom clang Bai Guangfei left Lin Xingchen and Wang Xuanmin s side, and the knife escaped from Wang Xuanmin s hand.Yue Ming heard it very clearly, the first sound was a sound, and the second sound was the sound of hitting metal, which meant that someone shot the knife in Wang Xuanmin s hand.Ah This was Wang Xuanmin s scream.It turned out that Wang Xuanmin did not expect that his knife would be shot down, so he did not expect that Lin Xingchen would be able to get rid of his control.However, now that he did not have a knife in his hand, Lin Xingchen was naturally out of his control, so Lin Xingchen passed by alone.The shoulder fell, and Wang Xuanmin fell heavily to the ground.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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