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It s time for me. I want to go home too.Wang Weiyi sighed.Lieutenant, isn t your home here My home is not here, not here Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, and then said seriously Si Dao, we are facing a battalion in a while.Enemy, remember, everything is subject to my orders.When we break through, I cbd gummy manufacturer california will ask the superior to award you an Iron Cross medal, and then you will be majestic when you go home.I don t cbd gummy manufacturer california want that medal, you exchange it Give me the money.Wang Weiyi smiled Okay, I ll give you the money, four dollars, let s rush out together Twenty two.Tanks attack Please recommend In front is the Prince Sobuk s camp.The sound how long do cbd gummies take to work of the guns has gradually faded away, and it seems that this place has nothing to do with the war.Here you can see more than a dozen British troops on alert, with a heavy machine gun erected there.And this is what worries Major General Smead the free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california most.Could it be that the Germans invented a new type of tank Then this may have an unpredictable impact on the war.Intensify the search, we must find out this damn German Major General Smead said angrily.one Major General Smead looked at everything in front of him with a livid face.He couldn t believe that the Welsh infantry regiment was also defeated.These damned mood rite cbd gummies review militiamen have completely embarrassed the people of the British Empire Of course, there is also Prince Sobock s battalion.Aren t they known as elite But why is such an elite so vulnerable Judging from the information sent, the enemy s troops were definitely not many, even only a few people, and the only scary thing was the three tanks that suddenly appeared on the battlefield.According to Major John, the three tanks were extremely terrifying, and the firepower caused by the machine guns was simply destructive.It s almost time for the appointed time, Wang Weiyi can swear that Xiaoling will never give himself even one more minute While waiting, he changed into the original blood stained military uniform.I have to see Guo Yunfeng in a while.When I was anxious and nervous, a figure suddenly appeared But he poked his head around and approached slowly and cautiously.Looking at the time, there were still five minutes left, Wang Weiyi gritted his teeth, stood up from his hiding place, and called out in a low voice Farmer The farmer was obviously startled, and looked suspiciously at the German soldier opposite him , did not meet immediately.The scenery along the Rhine River is still so beautiful.Hearing the other party read out the code, the farmer felt relieved and walked towards Wang Weiyi But the war destroyed everything.Long live the great German artillery The most unlucky person in this battle is undoubtedly Lieutenant Colonel Rosen.A German artillery shell went wrong The explosion near him not only killed his adjutant, but also seriously injured Lieutenant Colonel Rosen.When he woke up from the coma, he found that one of his arms was gone.There was a burst of severe pain Lieutenant Colonel Rosen was attacked by a group of people.He forcibly endured the pain and continued to command the battle on the battlefield with unimaginable perseverance.From this point alone, Lieutenant Colonel Rosen is undoubtedly worthy of admiration However, his order could no longer be communicated effectively.The whole position was in chaos and collapsed A large number of Germans rushed up and started a one sided massacre among the chaotic British.Maybe I really fell in love with Ernst Brahm, the Skeleton Baron.eighty two.The damn rain finally stopped, and the sun showed its long lost head, although it was only temporary.The German officers and soldiers on the cbd gummy recipe vegan hemp cbd gummy front line can breathe a sigh of relief, and don t have to deal with the troubles caused by rainy days while worrying about enemy attacks.But what is strange is that the high level German army did not issue an order to attack.British aircraft began to appear in the sky, and the aircraft appeared just after the rain stopped, which made people feel a little abnormal.British planes flew over the supplementary battalion without paying any attention to the German troops below.This caused German soldiers to lean out of their positions and look curiously at the distant enemy planes.After a while, there seemed to be some bombing sounds in the cbd orange gummies distance.Five men and three women, when they saw someone coming in, their eyes showed panic.Manfred, tell them that we are here to rescue them.While untying the rope for them, Richthofen told them Ernst s words in Russian in a low voice.The look of panic in the Russian eyes disappeared I m Ivanovich, thank you, dear sir.A Russian man in his forties who can speak German said gratefully I think you are German Yes.Wang Weiyi said I don t want to waste too much time here I am entrusted by Mistanov to come here, does he still have some property here Mistanov Ah, it s him.Ivanovic Qi was stunned for a moment Not here, our property was taken away by Major Kiriyenko.Sir, there is a very important jewelry box, please help us get it back.Wang Weiyi felt something was wrong.These people are not relatives of Mistanov at all, but they must know Mistanov But now is not the time to think about that.The information was sold to Japan.Give the German intelligence to the best cbd gummies for lupus UK, and then disclose the British intelligence to Germany.If they know the truth about you and your real identity, what do you think they will do to you Ah, I heard that the Russians were very annoyed at the fact that their intelligence was leaked during the Russo Japanese War, and they never gave up on the pursuit.If they knew that Badmiyev s love would be the one who betrayed them, you said you could How long to live This is what Sidney Reilly is most proud of and also most afraid of.A super spy, if his identity is exposed, he will become worthless, and his enemies will soon track him down , Even free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california the ends of the earth can t hide.Kugla smiled wryly Okay, I admit, I m Sidney Reilly, but what I don t understand is, how do you know my identity I have my way, Mr Sidney.The short barreled artillery, as well as the firepower of the tanks and the machine guns of the team members, became the vanguard of Reaper.They ruthlessly harvested slices of life, and indifferently destroyed everything they could see.Suddenly, the overwhelming sound of artillery plunged the battlefield into a terrible melting pot that was the roar of the artillery from the German positions Every member of the Skeleton Commandos knows one thing General Gerdr did not abandon them The Germans did not abandon them And the Russians of the 27th Infantry Regiment also boosted their morale.The Germans were right, they cbd gummy manufacturer california had reinforcements, and they had powerful reinforcements Now the only thing preventing them from going to cbd gummy manufacturer california Germany is the last line of defense in front of them Mio E book WWW.TXT 8 0.Elite against elite The artillery fire was crazily covered The position of the Skeleton Commando seems to want to cut these into the ground in one breath.Shells continue to fall on the position, and waves of air waves continue to rise.The members of the commando quietly hid in the trenches, listening to the shells Flying over their heads, and then landed outside the position.The machine gun was already waiting there, waiting for the French attack to arrive.On the cbd gummy manufacturer california other side of the position, Gustav put down his binoculars, and he had a good look at the bombardment.The result is very satisfactory.It seems that the Germans should have escaped under such bombardment cbd tincture gummies long ago There is no army that is not afraid of bombardment, Gustav thought with the inherent thinking of the French.General, troops It s time to charge.

Wang Weiyi smiled In short, when he established the empire, he encountered many difficulties and setbacks, keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california and was almost killed several times, but he was never discouraged.One difficulty after another At the same time, there are many capable people around him helping him, I think this is also a prerequisite for his success Lieutenant Colonel, There s something wrong with the position here.At this time, the words from Stark interrupted their conversation.Wang Weiyi stood up Adolf, I will tell you this story later Hitler nodded and watched the lieutenant colonel leave.He opened his diary again Just now, the lieutenant colonel told me a shocking story about a commoner.How to build a huge empire, God, if it is not from the mouth of the lieutenant colonel, cbd gummy manufacturer california it is really unbelievable If a beggar can build such a great feat, I think many people can too Now I suddenly remembered that Lieutenant Colonel Ernst was also born as a commoner, but with his incomparable feats, cbd gummies clarksville tn he was promoted can cause gummy cbd lemon tincture headaches to the ranks of nobles.Colonel Roll suddenly realized But I m afraid they won t be reconciled with their character.Yeah, they won t be reconciled, and I m also not reconciled.I have such good two trump cards in my hand but I can t use them General Galwitz smiled wryly But I have no choice.For example, this time, if Ernst hadn t arrived in time, I m afraid Manfred would never be able to come back.I can understand the above thinking.Lockdown is one way.This is a reluctant but helpless choice.However, the two barons cannot be imprisoned forever.Two hundred and thirteen.The days of cbd gummy manufacturer california confinement 500 monthly ticket plus change Walking through a room not far from the air force base, I can always hear two people arguing.What these two voices repeated over and over was nothing more than a sentence, who betrayed whom.It s hard to imagine that there are two German nobles imprisoned here Ernst and Richthofen The door was unlocked and there were no guards, so they could easily come out, but they had been locked inside for two days.Assault, continue super cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews to assault Wang Weiyi s order was issued without any hesitation Before dark today, assault to Ponosa.From here to Ponosa, there are two enemy lines of defense.After ordering Guderian to replenish fuel, do not allow any pause to continue the attack Yes, Colonel Order Colonel Stodler s 62nd Infantry Regiment to how much are cbd gummy bears take over the existing position immediately Yes, Colonel, what about the prisoners Hell, I don t have any extra troops to watch over them.Let them stay here by themselves until our men reach the position.Won t they run away, Colonel Escape Even if you give them a truck now, they won t run awayMordel, lead your men to start immediately, don t dawdle thereFour knives, you are there do what Italians don t run away, cbd gummy manufacturer california hell, you re a second lieutenant now, not an ordinary soldier, leave it alone, cbd gummy manufacturer california leave it alone The voice of Colonel Ernst Brahm kept ringing, urging every member of the Skeleton Commando to work hard to create their merits in Italy.Regardless of whether Italy wins or loses this war, I will take off this uniform and do what I like.What about you, Colonel Do you love your profession Did you like being a soldier from the beginning Wang Weiyi didn t know how to answer for a while, and Stino continued I have heard your name countless times, you are the battlefield I have been wondering before on The Birth of Miracle, were you born a soldier Or do you have other hobbies I don t know.Wang Weiyi cbd gummy manufacturer california told him frankly I have asked many times My own question, but I have never been able to give an answer.This is a dangerous profession, and I have to face death all the time, but I have no choice.I must do this job to the end, otherwise I don t know what will happen.He sighed softly, war, maybe in his life, the war will never stop for a moment, unless a bullet hits his heart directly in the future, he can end this torture Nobody has a choice Although he didn t quite understand the meaning of Colonel Ernst s words, Lieutenant Colonel Stino said with deep empathy God has arranged all this.Obviously, in the eyes of outsiders, this is a happy cbd gummy recipe vegan hemp cbd gummy and enviable couple.Manstein walked over and shouted Hey, Ernst, you can t do this, the soldiers will be jealous Yes.Ah, Fritz, are you jealous Wang Weiyi laughed loudly, and suddenly lowered his voice How is it Yes, yes, I am jealous.Manstein The voice was very loud, and then the voice immediately lowered Elena s intelligence is very good, there are about ten to fifteen enemy intelligence personnel here Elena s His head was resting on Ernst s shoulder, and his voice could only be heard by a few people around him The two on the left and the one on the right in gray clothes are from the reconnaissance team um Sturt, you can start acting Ernst let go of Elena with a slight smile, took a glass of wine from Model, held it up, and quieted the surroundings, and then said in a voice that everyone could hear For the Skeleton Commando, For victory For the Skeleton Commando, for victory Crazy shouts sounded.Crazy, crazy, this group of lawless lunatics You are all lunatics The unbearable General Kassel roared regardless of his demeanor What do you think of the enemy Lambs to your slaughter No Manstein said The 1st Army is retreating, the 3rd Army is retreating, and the 7th Army is retreating.but we.Attacking The death like silence around This is what Ernst HCMUSSH cbd gummy manufacturer california Brahm said in the last telegram sent to the commander of the army group.I will lock you up, and I will shoot you General Cassel seemed very angry, but then his voice suddenly raised You idiots, the enemy has assembled a large number of troops on the opposite side.With a few tanks and two thousand commandos, you want to complete the breakthrough.idiot idiot For Ernst, why must it be done Rommel s answer was so unwavering.Kassel stared at this bold captain.October 1937 The war broke out Shanghai Could it be on the Songhu battlefield Wang Weiyi came to his senses completely, and this trip finally allowed him to return to his own country.Unfortunately, he came to Shanghai, where the Anti Japanese War broke out in 1937 Do you want to throw yourself into the vigorous war of resistance The Deathshooter Mission is on Xiao Ling s voice confirmed his thoughts On October 26th, with the reinforcement of superior artillery fire, the Japanese army will break through the field.Your first task will be to extend this time.Later, on October 2, the Japanese soldiers would have enough time to withdraw from the battlefield along the Beijing Shanghai Railway and the Suzhou Creek as a cover.Wang Weiyi suddenly became lemon gummy cbd tincture excited Let s have a good fight with Little R ben I am the skeleton baron St.Wang Weiyi, Captain of the Secret Service Company of the First Battalion of the First Regiment of the Central Teaching Corps of the National Revolutionary Army of the Republic of China.After reading a letter, Kobayakawa keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california Hongyi swayed and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi The murderer who killed his son was sitting in front of him a few days ago And he even issued a special pass for him Now, he actually wrote such a letter to humiliate himself Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi Baga Yalu With a violent roar, Kobayakawa Koi pulled out his saber and slashed at the knife holder in front of him.Hiroshi Yamaguchi stood aside, not daring to say a word.He had never seen the teacher so angry before Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi I heard that both the teacher s son and Uchiguchiyan Temple died at the hands of this person.

And for the God of War Xue Yue, Wang Weiyi s heart is also extremely admired.As for who are those people That person should be Bai Chongxi.What about that Probably Gu Zhutong.Wang Weiyi, why didn t he die Xue Yuexian said with a straight face Everyone is saying that you are martyred, and the propaganda is overwhelming, but you are standing here alive, let us who are all advocating that you have been martyred, where are we going to put the face The war of resistance has not yet been won, and Wang Weiyi dare not die for the country Chiang Kai shek and Xue Yue showed smiles on their faces at the cbd gummy manufacturer california same time Committee, please severely reprimand me, a stubborn subordinate who says he is dead but not dead.Xue Yue said with a smile.The original dignified and tense atmosphere was weakened a lot.Chiang Kai shek looked at the young man opposite Your name is Wang Weiyi Yes Chairman The central teaching corps the army major Xiaoling got out of the siege just in time Central Military Academy, 1936, tactics Report Chairman, Wang Weiyi graduated from the Central Military Academy of Tactics in 1936 The so called Central Army Military Academy was formerly known as the Whampoa Military Academy.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and seventy seven.Robbery 1230 monthly ticket plus more Who is the commander here Report, Niu Zhenliang, the second lieutenant and platoon leader of the first platoon of the first tank company Wang Weiyi looked at the second lieutenant named Niu Zhenliang It s the tiger Company.How many tanks do you have Report, I am the last batch of Tiger Company to evacuate from Shanghai.I have two British Vickers MKE tanksthere is Dragon Company Yes, a Vickers Carden Lloyd M1931 amphibious tank over there are three wheeled free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california six wheeled tanks of the 88th Division those are two armored carsthere are three Italian CN 33 ultra light tanks Not bad, not bad, a good harvest, including armored vehicles, 11 tanks, quite a good harvest.Die With Fu Dezhang s roar, the fourth Japanese soldier died in his hands Fu De was shaky, but he always insisted not to fall down.He shouted with the vegan hemp cbd gummy can you get cbd gummies in australia last of his strength Brothers, kill the enemy, kill the enemy Don t embarrass the men of the Northeast After shouting this sentence, he burst into tears Falling to the ground His eyes were wide open, as if he was watching the evening sun Northeast is his home, the tasty cbd oil gummies loveliest home, but he can t go back, never again I can t go back, he has poured his blood here It doesn t matter, it doesn t matter One day, his brothers will go back with his loyal body of back to his loveliest hometown Fu Dezhang, captain and company commander of the 107th Division of the 67th Army of the National Revolutionary Army, was killed in Songjiang at the age of thirty three.Finally, the empty and annoying plane left.Then, a large group of Japanese troops appeared in sight Those Japanese soldiers who had endured such a long bombing quickly rushed to the position, and even had no time to pack up the bodies of their brothers.Damn it, Little Japan s infantry finally started to attack, so it s time for grandpa to start killing properly, right The heavy machine gunner s eyes glistened with anger.Holding the machine gun tightly with both hands In his imagination, after a while, the Japanese should rush up like a tide, and then this cumbersome guy in his hand should readily taste the blood of the Japanese.But what he imagined didn t happen The Japanese s duties were very scattered, and their machine guns rang first, and then the attacking Japanese troops were divided into countless combat groups.MGM Films announced the purchase of the film adaptation rights of Baron Rose , and it began shooting that year.The actor of Rose Baron Ernst Brahm chose Clark Gable, who became the most popular star in the United States with his Red Dust , and the heroine Heinrich Elena was cbd gummy manufacturer california played by Mi Another star of Gaomei, starring mircle cbd gummies amazon Greta Garbo, who has become a first line Hollywood star with Remnant Flowers.The director is the ace director Stroughen.In 1935, the film The Baron Rose was officially staged, capturing the hearts of countless Americans.Especially when Beasley adapted it himself, the scene where the hero and heroine parted for the last time before the end of the war was praised as one of the ten most tearful scenes since the film came out.With this film, Skeleton Baron became the first film in Hollywood history to win five Oscars that year.You don t necessarily want me to fight again, but you don t give me anyone You can figure it out for yourself, and if there is a problem, you can take your head Yes Wang Weiyi put cbd gummy manufacturer california who owns green ape cbd gummies it down Phone call, and immediately shouted Assemble, assemble The assembly will be completed within half an hour, and we must arrive in Changshu before evening In an instant, all the officers and soldiers cbd gummy recipe vegan hemp cbd gummy became busy.In the sky, there are enemy planes flying by from time to time to bomb and sweep.On the vegan hemp cbd gummy can you get cbd gummies in australia ground, there are a group free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california of soldiers who are busy avoiding attacks.On the ground, the anti aircraft machine guns of the Jiangyin defenders began to roar Wang Weiyi looked a little annoyed Little Ling, kill an enemy plane for me These damn Japanese planes look annoying cbd gummy manufacturer california As soon as the words fell, a Japanese army, which was showing its might in the sky, suddenly disintegrated in the air, and those broken aircraft parts Floating everywhere in the sky The rest of the day saw the opportunity, and hurriedly turned around and left the cbd gummies while pregnant battlefield.It is most suitable for Japanese tanks and armored vehicles.The coverage of artillery fire is also unobstructed.On the contrary, it is extremely unfavorable for the defender.Xiao Zhichu crossed his arms there, he had discovered this problem before, but for a while Could not find a good solution.Now Wang Weiyi brought it up.It aroused his deep anxiety again.Brothers went forward and fought bloody battles, but the Japanese army has absolute superior firepower.If the terrain is no longer favorable to us, then this battle will be difficult to fight.Wang Weiyi continued to point to the map and said Therefore.I suggest d l first The 4th Brigade immediately gave up all the front positions.What Give up all the front positions Xiao Zhichu frowned.Yes Wang Weiyi said loudly Give up all the frontier positions and let the d l 4th brigade retreat to the front line of Jiuhu Town.Arrogant Chinese.Lieutenant Colonel Beyer muttered.If he could, he was really willing to bet a hundred francs that he could kill the people inside within three minutes Prepare Lieutenant Colonel Beyer just said the words, a figure appeared from the door of the ballroom, and then the two captive guns in his hand rang like firecrackers.Lieutenant Colonel Beyer was so frightened cbd gummy manufacturer california that he fell to the ground, and The screams sounded from the side, and two French soldiers were shot and fell to the ground The two lapel guns were like two small machine guns, and the muzzles kept jumping.Those French soldiers and patrols who had never cbd gummy recipe vegan hemp cbd gummy fought before.Like the lieutenant colonel, they all fell to the ground, not daring to move.Under the light, the man in the pure black coat suppressed all the enemies by himself.

Fu Yu smiled sweetly.Guo Yunfeng knew this situation, and now HCMUSSH cbd gummy manufacturer california there is a shortage of people everywhere, especially in the field of ambulance and publicity, so these female students who have studied are particularly popular.Fu Yu was assigned to the field ambulance squad, and by coincidence, he was assigned to the Changshu battlefield.Sergeant Guo, I heard that you fought a few beautiful battles and killed the devil s joint captain and captain Fu Yu asked with an excited expression.En Guo Yunfeng always spoke in a muffled tone when talking to women If it s due to the team members, Sandao and I are just helping out.Swallowed it back, Four Knives.At this time, Wang Weiyi came over, looked at Fu Yu, and then turned his face to Guo Yunfeng Just right, this time we have seven female soldiers and five field ambulancemen.God, how did he find himself He hid himself so deeply.Look, I said that I will come to you when I have time.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Although twenty years is a long time, I still came to you.Wait, wait Riley interrupted him Baron Alexon, we have to figure out one thing first.First, everyone said you were dead.Then, the newspapers said you were still alive.And in Shanghai, China, this can now be proven.What I am most puzzled about is why the damn twenty years make you look so young It s impossible Nothing is impossible.Wang Weiyi put his hat and The cane was handed over to Riley as if he were his own servant, and then he walked to the wine cabinet and poured a glass of wine You said you asked me what I drank, free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california but in the end you took out a gun, that s very rude.He He took a sip Maybe I encountered something in hell.Yamada Meiji also issued an order coldly Today, my brigade headquarters will be set up in Jiangjia Village Hayi All the commanders of the Japanese Army responded loudly.Gozo Kiyoguchi, the captain of the 64th Infantry Regiment who was assigned to the front line, pulled out his command saber without a word, and pointed forward Fight break out Countless Japanese troops appeared on the battlefield, and heavy HCMUSSH cbd gummy manufacturer california machine guns roared.The Japanese army changed their tactics in this attack, focusing on attacking and defending with the main force on the position called No.3 by the 305 regiment and defended by the third battalion.And on the wings.It is to disperse the offensive troops that attract the firepower of the squadron.The third battalion is about to come under heavy pressure When the Japanese army began to appear, all the firepower on the third battalion s position began to roar, and this.In the afternoon, as he judged, the Japanese army launched the most ferocious general attack.The Japanese themselves are human beings.Although they have very high tactical literacy, their rationality is weakening in the face of repeated failures.Gradually losing the offensive formation was no longer so complete and orderly, and the commanding officer became impatient, and this impatience soon affected the soldiers.But the question is whether the country can seize such aThose grenadiers yelled Aoao and threw the grenades one after another, and Aoao yelled there to try to see who threw more.The unlucky ones are those Japanese.If the Japanese army has an absolute advantage in aircraft and artillery, now the Japanese army has an absolute advantage in grenades Booming explosions sounded overwhelmingly, and after each burst of explosions, several Japanese corpses were brought along.However, when they were suddenly attacked, they still showed quite strong fighting qualities.Without the officer s order, those Japanese troops entered the position one after another, and began to use various weapons to carry out tenacious sniping.Although there are explosions all over the village.There were fires everywhere, but the Japanese soldiers were not affected too much.They still strictly followed the training before the war and resisted on their own.on their own.Not that it s unorganized.They began to form a tactical team of three or five to seize a favorable position.Maximum possible hysteresis for enemy breakthrough.And there is also a part of the Japanese army, starting from the continuous explosions in the village, they quickly took strict precautions against possible attacks from the village.Under such circumstances, even if you lose a hair because of the duel, cbd gummy manufacturer california It s all disrespect to myself William nodded thoughtfully So what should we do now Just do the same as me.Wang Weiyi smiled and raised his hand submachine gun, and pulled the trigger.A long string of bullets shot out, completely sinking into the body of Akasaka Jijia who was waving his command knife and shouting.Akasaka Jijia was beaten into a honeycomb before he even had time to make a cry.Just like this.Wang Weiyi put away the gun.William and Werner looked at each other and shrugged Si cbd gummy manufacturer california Dao, lead the troops and immediately reinforce Zhang Lingfu Yes The rest, clean up the battlefield and see the wounded soldiers The enemy, shoot and kill Yes Wang Weiyi walked forward slowly, William and Werner were closely guarding him, and several Japanese rushed over with guns in their hands, but the people who greeted them It s dense bullets.Originally, he only wanted to eat small fish to satisfy his hunger, but unexpectedly attracted a fat and big fish.When the Ueno detachment launched an attack, Wang Weiyi was still thinking about it It would be great if I could kill a General R ben sometime.I didn t expect that General R ben would really come.My luck is so good Walker, one hour Thirty minutes later, cbd fruit gummies 900 mg cbd the 116th Wing will arrive.According to reconnaissance and analysis, Numata Tokushige s headquarters is in the middle of the team.Elena quickly passed the latest information to Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi began to fall in love with the base Call all the officers above the battalion Looking at the officers who heard the news, Wang Weiyi didn t talk too much nonsense All the 116 regiments are dispatched, and the brigade commander of the Japanese 26th Brigade is in the regiment.He needed Xiao Zhichu s reinforcements.In fact, at this time, the 26th Army commanded by Xiao Zhichu was also very difficult.They were facing the 6th Division of the Japanese Army.All out cbd gummie bears benefits attack.The 26th Army and Wang Weiyi s troops are completely different.They don t have such sophisticated weapons and inexhaustible ammunition from the Tiger Guards Brigade.They fought very hard.On several occasions, the position was breached in several places, and the brigade and division commanders rushed up with the reserve team in person and fought bloody battles before restoring the position.But in such a difficult situation, when Wang Weiyi tentatively made a request.Xiao Zhichu agreed without the slightest hesitation.From his general reserve team, he allocated the strength of two regiments to Wang Weiyi Brother, you don t need to say anything, Xiao Zhichu told Wang Weiyi on the phone Your army is the elite.

These Russians are crazy However, what they are facing at the moment is a group of even crazier Germans The tanks and artillery of the Skeleton Division roared, constantly giving the soldiers on the position maximum support.Every officer was yelling loudly, inspiring his soldiers to fight to the end.Every soldier remained silent, fiercely shooting the bullets in their guns at the enemy.Will live up to the name of the skeleton A German sniper has killed at least eight Soviet soldiers, but the gun in his hand is still ringing.Suddenly, a shell fell beside him, and the sniper fell into a pool of blood.He struggled with all his strength, and his hand stretched out to the infantry on the side, but he didn t touch it several times.The sniper actually laughed.He just died with a smile.There is no regret.Holding this legendary battle flag, Blank felt as if he could not breathe Lieutenant Blank Yes, General Don t live up to the name of the skeleton battle flag Will cloud n9ne cbd gummies live up to the name of the skeleton Blank said loudly, platinum cbd infused gummies 1200 and then added General, it is my greatest honor to fight side by side with you What an intimate and familiar sentence Wang Weiyi raised his hand and saluted him Lieutenant Blank, it is my greatest honor to fight side by side with you After finishing speaking, he looked at the time At 11 30, the breakout officially begins Perzf 4 tanks, stalker tank destroyers, and Wang Weiyi are very curious.The engines of the Tiger tanks that came out in advance have already roared.Wang Weiyi also asked Xiaoling specifically why the Tiger tank came out in advance, and Xiaoling gave His answer is still the same You have changed a lot of history.frowned.Look, these are the telegrams we intercepted.More than a cbd gummy manufacturer california dozen telegrams from the Skeleton Division were delivered to Magfedlov We are attacking the Russians and defeating Kaplo.How is the situation in your place We are fine, General Ernst is with us, we have routed about two regiments of the enemy ahaha, we have just destroyed a Russian artillery position, have you heard cbd gummy manufacturer california who owns green ape cbd gummies that Guo, the Chinese, with the third cbd gummies greece armor The engineer battalion killed seventeen T34s.I heard that he is the baron s most powerful assistant.The baron just said that he is going to take us to Magfedrov s headquarters for lunch Kaplo, don t forget to help me Say hello to General Magfedlov, he will be a prisoner, the baron has just given an order, Ernst battle group, go forward Unscrupulous Unscrupulous All these telegrams were actually generated in plain code, and those German police officials actually said such things Magfedlov s face was so distorted in anger that the Germans slapped him hard in the face with these telegrams Shame, shame on a Soviet officer Comrade Magfedlov, a keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california telegram from Comrade Sling.When the fourth enemy was accurately sniped by him, there was another burst of unbearable pain in his right rib He was shot by the enemy for the second time and still had the last bullet left The sweat on the sniper s face kept falling, and the tremendous pain made him on the verge of collapse.He took a deep breath, raised the gun in his hand again, and the last enemy would be able to complete the goal.In the name of Ernst Brehm, Pop poop A string of machine gun bullets was fired, and the sniper s leg was completely smashed.But at this moment, he pulled the trigger in his hand and the bullet flew forward perfectly.Go, the thirtieth one perfectly submerged in the head of a Soviet major Thirty bullets, kill thirty enemies Sacrito s Death Shot The sniper let out a painful wail.A bullet had pierced his foot, a bullet in his right rib, and at least five or six bullets in his leg.Forcibly suppressing the thought of crying, I can t cry, I miracle cbd gummies 300mg can t cry, he s back, he s really back No matter what, don t lose your composure in front of the general Commandos are not allowed to cry, but the disappointing tears still flowed down their cheeks.Adolf Hitler couldn t help but trembled.Manstein said with a trembling voice, Adolf, please pay attention.Speaking, Manstein s tears also fell.He back The Skull Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm Wang Weiyi rode on the horse and stopped in front of the team members.At this moment, he also felt like crying don t cry Barons don t cry Soldiers do not cry Germany does not shed tears The Baron Returns in Glory General Ernst Brehm Rommel stepped forward, controlled his emotions with the most tenacious perseverance, and said in the loudest voice The skeleton commando team is assembled Welcome back the general Then, Gobel also came over.So what about this time What kind of miracle will he create on the battlefield In fact, at this time, Wang Weiyi already had a relatively complete idea.The more he talked, the more he drank.Gradually, everyone became a little drunk.When Richthofen started singing with his ugly voice.Wang Weiyi walked outside with a smile.The moonlight is very good and beautiful, spreading softly on the grass.If one day let such a beautiful scenery be destroyed by the sound of gunfire, would I commit a crime there Wang Weiyi suddenly thought so.Thank you, Baron.Nicholas voice came from behind.This old German intelligence chief started from the Battle of Montfaucon.All the grievances between him and the baron disappeared, Nicolas, you have a good son.Wang Weiyi said suddenly.Why, you cbd gummy recipe vegan hemp cbd gummy have seen Kroll.Nicholas said in surprise.Do you think the breakout will be successful, Comrade Chief of Staff Timoshenko asked suddenly.Volwork hesitated for a moment Are you going to make the so called wise choice according to what the enemy said No, I won t do that, I am a staunch Bolshevik.Timoshenko shook his head But I was thinking, I have to be responsible for so many soldiers, these are our most cbd gummy manufacturer california precious wealth, if they can t complete the breakout, then we are the sinners of the Soviet When he said the word sinners , the expression is very heavy to break through, how to break through The surrounding area has been densely surrounded by enemies, and there is no chance at all.The Soviet commanders in the encirclement are under tremendous pressure from the keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california enemy.Every minute, every second, they are doomed.As their supreme commander, Marshal cbd gummy manufacturer california who owns green ape cbd gummies Timoshenko was so helpless in the face of all this.Claire said relaxedly Is there any power that can be stronger than our funds It was just a struggle of a person before dying.Claire decided to deal with the opponent in one fell swoop.Once the two hundred thousand shares were sold, the price of Berlane s stock would be quickly sold to a very low price.However, the development of the matter did not go as he wished.It was eaten by someone, and at this time, the price of Branny s stock had been raised to 50 dollars Claire s sweat came down.He suddenly found that he had met a strong opponent Three hundred thousand shares Claire said almost gnashing her teeth.But like a stone thrown into the sea, the three hundred thousand shares were quickly digested by the other party.54 is now the price of Berlane Industries Keep fighting Ai Sang s eyes narrowed into a line.

You know, these three companies have related interests, and now life and death are in Claire s hands.Five hundred thousand Five hundred thousand shares Claire s voice also became a little hoarse I don t believe it, highland cbd gummies they can still eat it But the unbelievable thing became cbd gummy recipe vegan hemp cbd gummy a fact.Five hundred thousand shares were digested lightly.Mr.Clare stood up, and a big trouble was in front of him.How much money did the other party have Can you eat the stocks you sell again and again Now 60, Berlane stock has reached a new price height after listing For this battle, Claire has hoarded a large amount of Berlane stock.Ask Athan Borrowing a large amount of Branny s stock with Yemirat, he can t afford to lose this war Once he loses, he has no choice but to jump off the building A million shares Claire loosened his tie, and his expression became more serious than ever before One million Almost.Some things, some serious situations, these are a test for you, but also your best chance.I hope you are ready to meet these challenges William didn t know What is the crisis that father is talking about When he came to Leoni and Hermione, Wang Weiyi said slowly A new round of economic free full spectrum cbd gummies samples crisis will come soon William, the terrible economic crisis sweeping the United States, if you are the president of the United States, how would you deal with such an economic crisis William thought for a while, and then slowly spit out two words from his mouth War Wang Weiyi and Hermione laughed at the same time.There is no doubt that under the current situation, this is the fastest and most correct way.War War can greatly stimulate domestic industrial demand, and war can bring countless unemployed people back to work.Garcia and his Danzig fund are bearish on gold stocks They crazy Since our Mr.Garcia wants to make the Danzishi Fund fail again, then I must complete their goal.Williams said to his lover Miss Carlos relaxedly This time, Mr.Garcia will I can never stand up.You are always so invincible, my dear Robben.Carlos s eyes were full of admiration Can t we let Mr.Garcia go once Give him a kind reminder Woman Williams pursed his lips contemptuously It s him who wants to challenge again.The stock market has its order, and anyone who disrupts the order will be punished.Punishment Miss Carlos said Oh But cbd gummy manufacturer california he helped you after all.Didn t he Williams had long forgotten the person who helped him Yes, he gave me some Help, but so what Now he is my enemy.Why should I show him a little mercy for a person who thinks he can shake the world Your confidence is always so fascinating Miss Carlos said with a smile But she knew that Williams was beyond salvation He has become so vicious and ruthless now.A An ordinary, encrypted document, who would pay attention to the Germans On the contrary, the Germans would appreciate Colonel Inschick s rigorous attitudebut keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california they would never think , it was this rigorous German colonel who used the Enigma to transmit a large amount of top secret information I deny your accusation, Marshal.Colonel Inschick was not afraid of this I serve Germany loyally and do what I should do for the African Legion loyally.I should not be charged with such crimes And this, how do you explain it Wang Weiyi waved the military uniform that Inschick had replaced Do you know why I asked you to take off the military uniform Because if I m right, the uniform contains the medicine you re going to use to kill yourself if your identity is revealed.After finishing speaking, he tore open a secret pocket inside the military uniform, and took out a pill in it Colonel Inschick, it s really hard to cbd gummy manufacturer california find me.Captain, is that cheapest cbd gummies you It was me, Orum, I thought you were dead.Damn, I almost died, if you hadn t appeared in time Orum came out of the hiding place, looking A little embarrassed I killed two British people, but I was discovered.They beat me so hard that I couldn t fight back What about the others I don t know, we dispersed early.Lu and Devi was together, Lem was slightly injured, and Capone was there to how to get cbd gummies australia take care of him Let s go, Benz is over vegan hemp cbd gummy there, I hope he has better luck than us and can find other People.It was a fight, but Klingenberg and his players preferred to view it as a game.The game of who can kill more enemies They are doing what the Skeleton Baron once did And for the British, these Germans are really terrible.They keep appearing and killing British soldiers, especially at night, they are almost impossible to guard against.Otherwise he will have to resolve this incident by force The Egyptians were thoroughly enraged.The arrogant British did a despicable and shameless thing, but refused to admit it, and instead threatened them with force Weapons began to be distributed to the Egyptian officers and soldiers.The Egyptian officers, headed by the Egyptian officer Colonel Tamusta, quickly established the Egyptian keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california Officer Corps and decided to defend their legitimate rights cbd gummy manufacturer california to the death.After the establishment of the officer corps, they immediately informed the British side that they refused to release the hostages.If the British army dared to attack, they would not guarantee the safety of the hostages.Now it seems that there is a fierce conflict between the two sides, and the reason for this incident is not because of counterfeit banknotes, but counterfeit banknotes are just a fuse.Yes, you are Colonel Tamusta asked suspiciously.Ernst Brehm, some people call me Baron Alexon.Baron Skeleton Tamusta gasped, he couldn t believe it anyway, the person standing in front of him was Fantastic Baron Skeleton.No, no, it s not possible.The HCMUSSH cbd gummy manufacturer california Skull Baron is the Grand Marshal of Germany.How could he appear in Cairo alone in a tank The fortifications here are not strong enough Arrange one more machine gun here Wang Weiyi ignored Colonel Tamusta s surprise at all, but seemed to take over the command directly.Hey.listen.Colonel Tamusta said cbd gummy manufacturer california hastily I don t care if you are the real Baron Skull, but mutiny is mutiny, and we have no intention of cooperating with the Germans Now, you can t make a choice.Wang Weiyi looked at him coldly, and then saw more and more Egyptian mutiny soldiers surrounding him, he said Egypt is being oppressed, and you are ruthlessly deprived of everything that belongs to you by the British.Famous Generals Showdown Part 2 The fact that the Italians have persisted until now is something that even God would be moved to tears, and at this moment Rommel immediately found out that it was beneficial to him.The whole army launches a surprise attack, let Rito Io Division persist for the last two hours The unbelievable thing finally happened on the Kantara battlefield This is often the case on the battlefield.No matter how precise the calculations are, there will always be various unexpected situations.And some accidents will even affect the direction of the entire war.Like this time.Montgomery never thought that the Italians would persist for such a long time, which made his plan to reinforce the 4th Hussars completely defeated after he wiped out the Ritoio Division.Rommel didn t even think that the Italians were crazy Rommel simply regarded Rito Ioshi as artillery fire, and Montgomery didn t take Rito Ioshi in his eyes at all.

Damn it, damn it, why did I think of this person again No, I shouldn t think of this person again Now we are under a lot of pressure.Hiroshi Yamaguchi said with a livid face Our frontal battlefield has been stubbornly blocked by the Chinese people, and the Chinese army has also organized free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california several major counterattacks.Manchuria has become a question of whether the empire can win the war.The most important thing in the war.Now, our important intelligence personnel have been assassinated here one after another.I wonder if there is a traitor inside us.Hiromoto Sawataro was stunned A traitor I am afraid there is no one among us.Will you betray the interests of the empire Hiroshi Yamaguchi smiled bitterly in his heart, because he had once betrayed the interests of the empire.He calmed down for a moment The route, location and time of the activities of the assassinated intelligence personnel are so well understood by the other party, I can be sure that they have obtained sufficient information before.Heisenberg heard the sound of bullets splattering as they hit the concrete walls and the ground.Bullets screeched through the air.The enemy machine guns were so close to Heisenberg that they could hear the brass casings drop to the ground.The air was filled with gunshots, bullets, explosions and screams.The silent fortress turned into a noisy free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california battlefield in an instant.In addition to these sounds, Heisenberg could also feel the heat from the explosion and the flamethrower.The smoke filled the air, and it was impossible to see the situation 10 meters away.The Heisenberg cat ran to the wall with its waist bent, raised its gun and fired.At the same time, another paratrooper threw a grenade at a Soviet shooter around the corner.Heisenberg shot the shooter in the face.He fell down.The enemy bomber was also hit by Heisenberg before he had time to hide around the corner.On that high ground, the Russians had two machine guns and even a t34 tank as their defensive force.Myristel, who was not well prepared, lost two of his men in the first attack.This annoyed him a little.In his view, the life of every German soldier is extremely precious, and it is impossible to see the Russians shouting Ulla and carrying out a suicide charge in the German army.But the lethality of two machine guns and a tank is too great, and the commandos who lack heavy weapons obviously cannot find a good way for the time being.Hey, do you need help Just as Myristel was about to find reinforcements, a Tiger tank appeared.Weidmann s head got out of the tank, and the ace tank player with outstanding military exploits looked at Myristel with a smile and asked.Hey, damn it, why did you come here Myristel said angrily, I only lost two soldiers.If he hadn t allowed Germany to withdraw troops from other European battlefields in time, the Luftwaffe would not have been able to organize such a huge force The only thing Richthofen still can t figure out is why Ernst made such a decisive decision to armistice with Britain as soon as he came back Ernst doesn t know what s going on in his head He always seems to be able to calculate everything that will happen in the future so clearly The strong support force in the air, and the artillery bombardment on the ground , constituted the most magnificent scene on the battlefield.Mountains and tsunami attacking the German army, mountains and tsunami attacking Germany The rolling torrent swept across the battlefield, making the earth tremble The German officers and soldiers under the guidance of the skeleton battle flag uttered a cry that shook the mountains and rivers And beside them, standing will always be their most trusted skeleton baron This Hellboy, who was conferred by the god of death himself, now leads the god of death to open the gate of hell again.Ike battle group out of Kenklar, Viking division out of Stellar but no one took a second look at the 81st Panzer Corps Shame for the soldiers It is the greatest shame His enemy did not regard himself as a real opponent at all From now on, the self confidence of Straff and his 81st Panzer Army has been completely shattered by this German move On March 12, 1943, surrounded by Soviet troops , the Central Assault Group commanded by Ernst Brahm defeated the 81st Armored Army of the Soviet Army in Chenklar.And quickly advance to Krasnodar.On their two wings, the Soviet army was in hot pursuit, and on the outer line of the Soviet army.But it was the German army who was also chasing after them.Encirclement and anti encirclement a particularly wonderful scene has formed on the cbd gummy manufacturer california battlefield.And all this revolves around one person Ernst Alexson von Brahm This outrageous baron with a strong will, when the crisis came, made the most daring decision, completely vegan hemp cbd gummy can you get cbd gummies in australia ignoring the dangers around him to attack.Wang Weiyi s words were full of contempt My generals, Comrade Marshal Voroshilov, who was born as a fitter and boasted himself as a red revolutionary fitter , is not a real military strategist.A martial artist.In his political and military career, he was not as diligent as Molotov, not as good at organizing as Kaganovich, not as well versed in officialdom as Malenkov, not as sophisticated as Zhdanov, not as shrewd and capable as Khrushchev.There are many, but what sets him apart is that he obeys orders, climbs up on the heads of other senior Red Army generals, and actively participates in the suppression of criminal activities of senior army cadres.He publicly admitted his insignificance and touted Stalin s military genius, openly declaring that Stalin was the founder, organizer, and inspiration of the Soviet Red Army, the greatest man on our planet precisely because he actively participated in To purge the generals of the Red Army, Stalin needed this kind of Red Marshal , so that he could maintain a high position in the party, government and military group for a long time The generals of the German army glanced at each other and listened with relish.The artillery fire continued to roar, but it was not aimed at Stalingrad, but at the few remaining Russian troops on the other side of the Volga River.A large number of prisoners were escorted out in groups.On their faces, apart from numbness and despair, you can see something else.Such as liberation.Yes.It was really a huge relief for them when the war was over.At least, they no longer have to worry about the shells that may come at any time, at least they can have a good night s sleep at night Wang Weiyi watched groups of captives pass by in front of him.With their heads down, occasionally some people HCMUSSH cbd gummy manufacturer california raised their heads and looked this way.But it will quickly put its head down again.They didn t know at all that the person standing at the edge of the team and watching them was Marshal Ernst Brehm who commanded the German army to win this victory.When Wang Weiyi s last word was settled, Dimilenko and Anna actually laughed Such a bold and crazy plan, probably only the Skeleton Baron can come up with.The whole plan is crazy, but simple.In fact, the simpler the plan, the more likely it will be successful.We must start operations at the same time.Wang Weiyi said slowly Anna, you are mainly responsible for taking your children to the pick up location we agreed on.Remember, timing is very important.And you, Timilenko, you You can act as an informer Timilenko was a little worried Baron, in fact, your part of the whole plan is the most dangerous.What if you are really surrounded Our whole plan will I failed because of this.Moreover, I can t bear such a responsibility. Don t worry, hundreds of thousands of Soviet troops can t catch me on the battlefield, let alone here.

Millions of troops.The iron fist of revenge has been swung May 16.The Battle of Changchun broke out in a state where Japan was in a hurry to fight.The assault group, commanded by Marshal Manstein himself, had completely taken the initiative on the battlefield by the 17th.On the 18th, the Japanese army abandoned Changchun.The three major German assault groups did not give up because of this.The three powerful armies advanced side by side, and the Kwantung Army lost any ability to resist.On the 21st, Marshal Manstein, commander in chief of the cbd gummy manufacturer california German Far East Army, urged the Kwantung Army to surrender immediately and unconditionally.The deadline for this order was midnight on the 24th.It s time for the Japanese to make a choice.On the night of the 23rd, in utter despair.General Umezu Yoshijiro, the commander of the Japanese Kwantung Army, announced the surrender of the Kwantung Army, and he and his subordinates all became captives of the Germans.In front of this barbarian, those Roman soldiers didn t have the courage to continue resisting at all.They screamed, dropped their weapons and fled in all keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california directions.Charlemagne came to the face of Centumarus, smiled, and then raised his giant ax Wait, don t kill At this moment, a voice came in time Stopped Charlemagne.Charlemagne looked at the place where the sound came from, and immediately showed an extremely respectful expression on his face My lord consul, I will follow your orders.It was a man wearing a skull mask, and this was also the case in the Germanic League.Most respected person Ernst.Bram Wang Weiyi came to Centumarus I am Ernst, the consul of the Germanic League.How about you Centumarus, the commander of the Fifteenth Legion Centumarus barely crawled off the ground When he got up, he really wanted to maintain the majesty of a Roman commander in front of the barbarian leader, but he couldn t do it at free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california all Yes, I am Centumalus.I don t understand, I just know a little.After showing his modesty appropriately, Wang Weiyi said Never ignore the power of those barbarians, I have no doubts about your talent, but I think You will have some difficulties there too, and I must tell you something His voice lowered It is said that Pompey and the Senate are very dissatisfied with Caesar now, and they are planning to recall Caesar. What, are they recalling Caesar Anthony almost cried out in disbelief.Yes, I learned from some sources.Wang Weiyi sighed So, I think you must let Caesar know about these things, and be able to make preparations early to avoid unnecessary losses.Thank you, Senator Spurius.Anthony gritted his teeth and said These ungrateful guys, have they forgotten who helped them get Gaul Have they forgotten Caesar s military exploits and Caesar s kindness to them Wang Weiyi smiled, he knew that Antony would definitely bring these words to Caesar intact Seven hundred and eighty three.Have you forgotten that sentence, when danger befalls Germany.He will come back He, will come back Kroll smiled with some disdain General Werner.Do you really believe in this ridiculous legend So many years have passed, he is already dead.He will not come back, perhaps even his bones have been reduced to ashes.Yes, I know the baron is no longer in this world, but the baron s spirit is still inspiring us to fight Werner refused to show weakness at all Fight for him, die for him We will never betray the Baron Look, you re excited again, General Werner.Kroll smiled I m just discussing the possibility of surrender with you, of course I won t do that.General Werner, please return to your command post and continue to lead the brave German soldiers to fight.When leaving the head of state s best cbd gummies for stress relief office, General Werner left his last words F hrer, please don t betray our fathers.Tomorrow night, a convoy of Allied Forces will pass through the Betke area.Materials, if it can destroy this convoy.Will hit the Americans hard and buy some time for the Skeleton Division Ernst, Betke is now completely under the control of the Allied forces, and they would never have thought of where they would be attacked anyway.Are you going to let me deal with a whole convoy by myself Wang Weiyi couldn t help muttering Although I am happy to try some adventures.But that doesn t mean I m happy to die.Elina laughed visibly, Will the Rambler be afraid too Well, Si Dao went to gather the cbd gummy manufacturer california defeated German soldiers.It seems that he is doing very well.He has already found 30 German soldiers who are willing to continue fighting.That s about the same.Wang Weiyi muttered again.Then he asked How about Xiaoling s information Do you know why this happened No idea yet.Is it that simple Let us go Get out of here Major Bertignano couldn t believe it.Yes, it s as simple as that, Major Bertinano.Ah, I see.Major Bertinano suddenly realized, You will definitely shoot us behind us when we leave Wang Weiyi didn t know whether to laugh or cry, time was extremely urgent for them, and the pursuers would arrive soon.But in front cbd gummy manufacturer california of the Italians.But he must not show any nervousness Major Bertinano, you can completely trust the German general s assurance that we will not do such an inhumane thing as shooting in the back.Major Bertinano then relaxed Tone Look, I don t like war either.I take General Almanck s advice.I ll make my soldiers lay down their arms.Ah, can I meet General Almanck I ve never seen one What about the real German general.No, General Armanck is very busy.Congratulations, but according to my reconnaissance information, although you burned seventy three U.S.troops to death in Longenberg, there are still nearly two battalions of soldiers besieging the commandos.The main attack force of the two companies was reduced.Moreover, they also have the assistance of armed helicopters.With a tank, I m afraid you can t deal with that much firepower.Yes I know.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to care at all So I need your assistance.Xiao Ling was silent, and Wang Weiyi smiled The skeleton baron who has been missing for a long time has returned.Shouldn t Xiao Ling, who has been silent for a long time, also reappear on the battlefield Okay, I will activate the stealth attack device to assist you Xiaoling finally said Walker, I have to ask you, do you really think you can save Germany During the First World War, the German army was in a tug of war with the Allied forces.They have never felt so full of confidence to win as they are now Beside them, a Panther tank was quietly parked, and Ernst Bob, who commanded this big counterattack, Marshal Lyme stayed in his command tower as quietly as their soldiers.Colonel Coleham put on his helmet, General Jonall did the same Field Marshal Ernst had given orders once the counterattack started.The Skeleton Division did not leave a single soldier behind, and they all threw themselves into the counterattack This is true from the marshal to the soldier Time is passing quietly.When the moment of 19 30 finally came, the deafening artillery fire suddenly pierced the night sky Countless shells roared and rushed towards cbd gummy manufacturer california the U.S.positions.It was the roar of German anger, and it was the anger of German revenge The ground trembled.

General Olitz seemed a little hesitant After all, the Homeland Storm Division of the Netherlands was a unit trusted by Kroller, and their division commander even committed suicide for Kroller.Do your best.Why don t you trust our soldiers, General Olitz Wang Weiyi smiled and said, What the officers do is only the affairs of the officers, and the soldiers should not be implicated.When I walked into the Empire State Building , I can see their loyalty to the country from their eyes.Don t doubt them, never. Yes, Marshal General Guo Yunfeng Wang Weiyi turned his attention to his most capable assistant I hope You come to the front line and command our soldiers to fight, are you willing to accept it For your orders, all I can do is obey.This was Guo Yunfeng s answer.Fritz.General Klingenberg Wang Weiyi continued to give his order to The Creation of the Belgrade Miracle I need all the special forces to do a good job of sabotage and attack, can you do it Of course, Marshal, it will always be my greatest honor to serve you.After the Blizzard operation started, cbd gummies phoenix az he originally planned to attack the enemy s position for the first time and perform well in front of the allied forces, but what he didn t expect was that he was the first to suffer failure.And then General Garden s phone call arrived.On the phone, General Garden sternly asked why Italy didn t wait for the general attack order to start before launching an attack.General Catavasso, on the other hand, justified himself, because he found that the enemy was preparing to flee, which was the best opportunity to strike in advance.Faced with Catavaso s plausible words, Garden hesitated instead So what s the current battle situation What is the current battle situation The current battle situation is that under the attack of the German artillery, the Italian officers are fleeing in embarrassment, and the Italian soldiers are fleeing in embarrassment.But my status is rather special.I hope you tell your superiors that Michael, the sole heir of the Hohenzollern family, wants to see Marshal Ernst Brahm immediately.The Hohenzollern family What kind of family is that The captain has never heard of it.It can be seen from Michael s appearance that this family has some background, right The captain dare not be careless.He faintly feels that this matter has already It was beyond what he are all cbd gummies cbd infused could manage.He hurriedly called his boss.At this moment, Michael and his wife watched the city affectionately The heir of the Hohenzollern family No mistake Yes, at least he said so.That is the descendant of His Majesty the Emperor.Wang Weiyi straightened his military uniform Tell Your Highness, I will go to him soon.Descendants of His Majesty the Emperor Descendants of the last German Kaiser Wilhelm II In Germany, although Wilhelm II was the last emperor and Germany lost the First World War under his leadership, the vast majority of Germans believed that the responsibility for the failure should not be borne by Wilhelm II , Still full of respect for William II and his family in exile in the Netherlands.Nervous.In front of his father, Kalumbu had nothing to hide It s hard for me to imagine that this scene will happen today.There is nothing to be nervous about.Rommel smiled lightly In At that time, there was always a saying, what is war A war starts with a confrontation between two armies, and ends with the victory of the skeleton baron.Hearing this, Karenbu couldn t help laughingIn his childhood memory, his father was always extremely majestic, and he couldn t even smile.But I didn t expect my father to say such a thing today.It s the same this time.Rommel stared into the distance When you first set foot on the battlefield, you will be very nervous.But when the horn of attack sounds, you will forget everything.In your heart, you only need Remember free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummy manufacturer california one thing, that is victory, and use one victory to welcome the arrival of new victories.Ah With a scream, a second lieutenant was injured by shrapnel, and two soldiers hurriedly saw him dragged back to the vegan hemp cbd gummy can you get cbd gummies in australia temporary medical room.The left wing of the German army was attacked by the Italian army frantically.An Italian army broke through the German left flank to assist the US attack Eight hundred and seventy two.The machine gunner next to Marshal Martin of Model was killed, and Martin was also red eyed at this time.The American Italian coalition forces all over the mountains and plains, the bullets pouring down like a rainstorm made his adrenaline excessive.Martin took the machine gun and fired at the rushing enemy.Several Italians opened fire on him.What a terrible marksmanship Martin aimed at them, and with a burst of flames, the Italians disappeared into the dust.U.S.troops kept 8 count cbd immunity gummies pouring in from the middle of the road.That s goodI m going back, goodbye, second lieutenant Second lieutenant Geyunser cbd gummy manufacturer california ran back.Major Ludman asked the signalman, Why isn t air support arrive The soldiers all looked up to the sky, and several planes had already killed them.They used bombs and machine guns to beat up the French soldiers, and then cbd gummy manufacturer california 6 dive bombers threw the French soldiers into chaos with heavy bombs.Fly.Then, a group of British Commonwealth troops came with tanks, and the French army disarmed here.Oh look who it is SeaTac, miss me.Major Ludman opened his arms like Martin and walked over.Haha, Mr.Major Ludman is really lucky.He survived two fierce battles.It s the same with you, SeaTac, I didn t expect you to be alive.Second Lieutenant Firth and Second Lieutenant Geyunser also shook hands and made peace, but the pair of enemies were still fighting when shaking hands.Compared with him crying and crying by the name of his comrade in arms, don t you think it s hypocritical and stupid Eight hundred and ninety two.Cavalry At night, the German soldiers rested on cbd gummy manufacturer california grown md cbd gummies the side of the road.Although being ambushed today had little effect on the German soldiers, it also taught the German soldiers a good lesson, that is, they should not underestimate the enemy anymore, because The pride of the keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california German soldiers made the enemy s ambush almost wipe out a face of the German army.But then again tonight s dinner is actually tmd mashed potatoes with tomato sauce Slater remembered the pile of corpses After the French ambush last time, the German soldiers learned a lot.Although the safety factor has indeed improved a lot, the marching speed has also decreased a lot., If it was a fast pace before being ambushed, then the current speed is not much different from the vegan hemp cbd gummy can you get cbd gummies in australia walking speed of the old man.The German army did not encounter what are cbd infused gummies any obstacles along the way, but when the German soldiers reached the outlying woods of a small town.The situation has changed.The German soldiers rested in place as usual, but when the sentries did not fully arrive at their posts.Out of nowhere came a bunch of Well, Stella is sure that she is not mistaken, a lot of Arabian cavalry God, it is already 1966, will there still be cavalry on the battlefield Stella quickly realized that this was the Saudi Arabian cavalry joining the US led coalition They wield big knives, although they don t seem to be at the same level as the weapons of the German army.But because of their sudden appearance, the German soldiers were unguarded, and the cbd gummy manufacturer california result can be imagined.The formation of the German soldiers was completely dispersed, and because Slater s d company was in a relatively rear position, when the troops of the 2nd Battalion in the front and the cavalry of Natf started fighting, there were enough German soldiers.

Just as they were about to release the cbd gummy manufacturer california insurance, a row of gunshots rang out outside, and those prisoners of war and citizens cbd gummy labels fell into a pool of blood.This is a threatening demonstration by the US military.Damn it Demri cursed, he could no longer control his emotions.Second Lieutenant Eric pulled him to remind him to pay attention.The US military may have a guilty conscience, and a flamethrower and several other cbd gummy recipe vegan hemp cbd gummy soldiers who followed behind muttered A few words.Then the flamethrower aimed at the pile of ruins where Lieutenant Eric and the others were.A string cbd versus hemp gummies of flames sprayed over.Once, there was no response.The U.S.military sprayed a second time, and the flames penetrated through the cbd gummy manufacturer california gap Into the ruins.Suddenly there were several screams.Several German soldiers couldn t bear it, and jumped out of the ruins with fire all over their bodies.New York became the economic center of the world.Everywhere was overcrowded.Then the hotels were full, The price has also been raised without limit A nerve in the deepest part of Wang Weiyi s heart was touched Locke was still telling the other party cbd gummy manufacturer california everything with great interest New York house prices rose again and again.Driving the housing prices in the surrounding cities of New York to rise again Then it led to the prosperity of the market and the soaring stock price.Many Americans gave up their normal jobs and threw themselves into the ranks of real estate speculators or the stock market without hesitation.Now it has even developed to the point where there is no need to look at the house at all, as long as there is a house contract.And specialized institutions have also begun to prosper, and they can keep house contracts on their behalf, and buyers don t need to deal with them at all.The troops had been battled for a long time, and the commanders at all levels were experienced, and they fought all over Europe, Asia, Africa and America.However, it was such a force that was defeated again and again in front of the German army.Even their capital, Paris, was besieged cbd gummy manufacturer california for months and forced into a humiliating surrender.In the two world wars that broke out afterwards, the performance of the French army in front of the German army can only be described as clumsy.Such a shadow cannot be dispelled at all Now, the Germans are coming again From the first minute of the German offensive, Brigadier General Jean Wacker knew that his troops could no longer Block the enemy s attack.He can only watch the enemy charge, watch the enemy attack his position, and watch his troops quickly rout.Pordorf, I think you should have heard of this man s name Wang Weiyi quickly answered the ideal candidate in his mind.Pordorf Fritoyaf frowned Not bad.This is a very good candidate, fearless, sticking to the professional ethics of journalists.But he was arrested again, and just yesterday.Wang Weiyi put down the wine glass in his hand I have sent someone to get him out.If everything goes well, I think he will be here soon.The words were finished.The phone on Fritoiave s desk rang.Fritoiave answered the phone and listened for a while Okay, let Mr.Poldorf come up.Not long after, the upright reporter Bordov entered the office.Until now, he thought it was Fritoyaf who saved him.But before he had time to express his gratitude, Fritoyaf Pointing to Wang Weiyi who was sitting there, he said, Mr.Moyol, he saved you.Takot also got out of the hatch above his head, took out the cbd gummy manufacturer california who owns green ape cbd gummies binoculars that Takoto had forgotten for a long time, and looked forward.At the end of the pine forest on both sides.It was an open land, and a temporary wooden tower gradually appeared in the field of vision.We re here.soldiers.Takot announced.Everyone put on their headphones, and the car cheered.We are saved Simon also shouted happily in front.Yes Simon we are saved Tuckett said on the intercom, and the soldiers laughed in the earphones.Full speed Simon full speed Otto yelled gloatingly, like a man in the desert looking at an oasis.The gears of the tank clattered as they shifted gears.The engine cranked up at full speed and the noise increased.Full speed We re going to race the planes on the runway ha Shouted Tuckert, making no secret of his excitement A Junker 52 transport plane unloaded all supplies and ammunition, and then loaded stretchers one by one, ready to fly away.Their old commander, Marshal Ernst Brahm, has always fought with them.And when the counterattack started, Ernst.Marshal Bram is still on the assault road with them Countless tanks appeared on the battlefield, and countless assault guns marched forward with the brave soldiers.As their old opponent, Lieutenant General Kerrett of the US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division had a terrible headache.Starting from the offensive and defensive battle of Berlin, he has seen victory countless times, but the Germans have shattered such hopes countless times.He is under pressure from the Allied Command and at home, and he has few retreats.If the first failure can barely find an excuse, then if the carefully prepared second Berlin offensive and defensive battle fails again, he will keoni cbd gummies cost cbd gummy manufacturer california lose all face.What is the most important thing about being a soldier That is their unshakable glory Originally, under the command of Lieutenant General Corrett, there was also the Italian Akmote Armored Division.The battle continued intermittently for another ten minutes In fact, it was a violent way to clean up the battlefield It may be thought that the Russian wounded soldiers would waste the limited food of the German army.Therefore, almost all Russian wounded soldiers who have not died in the true sense.Everyone was rewarded with a bullet of relief.The battle is over The German victory came so hard, and the price was so heavy that the German army burst into tears even if it won However, the annihilation of the Russians did not end On the 101 highland opposite, the cold wind blows away the diffuse gunpowder smoke.A white flag fluttered in the wind.In fact, it was just a white sheet temporarily tied to the rifle bayonet, and its owner was a childish Russian about sixteen or seventeen years old.Walking behind the Russian was a solemn looking officer in the uniform of a colonel Lost his own tank, mixed with the infantry, Nochier handed the binoculars to Bodila, and the two Russians on the opposite side were Major Chekavsky, the Russian commander on Height 101, who was scheduled to come to negotiate with the German army and his guards.Under the leadership of Elden, this group of wolves broke through the four lines of defense of the Russian army very easily.In the distance is the logistics base of the Russian army.Although there is still a line of defense waiting for them, it should not be difficult Soldiers, the Russian logistics base is in front of us.Do you need me to say anything else Give me a hard fight, cut off their supplies, and send the Russians back to their hometown.Germany is above all else Elden shouted with arms with.Germany is above everything Germany is above all After a short rest, the surging crowd immediately launched an offensive to the last line of defense.Court looked at the gradually approaching German army, feeling a little worried.If you give him a little more time, plant a minefield and see how the Germans charge.

This is the price we must bear Wang Weiyi said calmly Terton will become the core part of the entire battle, and will even become a big counterattack All of us must be prepared for this, the world situation has undergone a major turning point, I think the war will be carried out according to our wishes The war will be carried out according to Germany s wishes, Wang Weiyi and his Germany is ready One thousand and five.fire Rumble rumble rumble rumble The sound of tank engines came from the valley ahead, and the whole ground trembled inexplicably, as if a large group of tanks thc free cbd gummies were rushing towards the position in the valley.The metal friction sound from the friction between the track and the road wheel echoed in the valley, which was extremely harsh and terrifying, and made the remnants of the army terrified when they heard the sound, as if they had already been caught in the torrent of American armor.Received the Ziguang military base, this is the method they always like to take.Yes, I need to speak to Commissioner Berkeleyah, I know, he s preparing General RobitoI need to confirm an order he signed Yes, shot that political prisoner Yetiri yes, Major Moyol, ah, ok, ok, I see, I ll bring the prisoner to the major The colonel put down the phone, and there was no longer any doubt in his eyes Major Moyol, you can take the man away now.Pratt and his companions looked at each other, they really couldn t figure out how Baron Alexon did all this Look, this is the damned Yetiri.The colonel brought Wang Weiyi to a prison cell, and he was very dissatisfied in his tone This damned communist, even if he is locked up here, is as dishonest as he is, and he is always preaching his so called doctrine and life shit ideals there.Ah, Mr.Rotini brought us such a beautiful gift, I think.A meal Mr.Rotini will be rewarded with a delicious dinner The dinner was a standard French banquet.The little unpleasantness just now disappeared without a trace.After the dinner was finished, wine was served.Rotini felt that he should share with Mr.Moyol Continue to draw closer Mr.Moyol, what are you doing in America Ah, please forgive me.I don t have any attempt to inquire about your , I just feel a little curious, of course, if you find it inconvenient to say something There is nothing you can t say.I m not a criminal wanted by the US government Wang Weiyi smiled It s hard to say what I do in the US, I m more like a person with nothing to do.Ah, let me think about it, Mr.Elliott of the Wittgenstein family sometimes asks me to do things for him.The rapid firepower made Eric feel no sense of raising his head at all.Seeing that the situation was not good, Eric hurriedly fired three bursts, Bang Bang Bang The bullet shot out of the gun chamber, and the hot bullet rotated at a high speed.In an instant, three daredevils were knocked down.There were three dead bodies lying on the ground, and large swathes of plasma stained the ground below the bodies red.The rest of the U.S.troops were amazed by Eric s precise marksmanship.While they were stunned for a moment, Eric responded immediately.He rolled on the spot with a sniper rifle in his hand, and crawled forward quickly, waiting to climb to the deep and lush woods deep.Then the cat leaned forward like a leopard chasing its prey, running vigorously forward.In a blink of an eye, it disappeared in the embrace of the virgin forest.Eric put his hand to his lips to signal her not to speak.She whispered curiously Uncle, what are you doing Hurry up Eric wanted to tell her to leave quickly.But a terrible idea surfaced, Eric waved his hand, trying to drive the idea away, but it got into Eric s brain like a poisonous snake, and took root there.I m playing hide and seek here.Eric struggled to spit out these words One thousand and forty three.The victim, the German army aggressively attacked France, and the news exploded in France like a bomb There is nothing more frightening than this.You must know that just a few days ago, the French government was still promoting the brilliant victory it was achieving However, why did the German army launch a counter offensive in France in a blink of an eye A sense of being cheated began to spread among French people, and the original distrust of the government was even stronger at this moment.Never compel us to use force.Thorpe laughed out loud, he glanced at Fenton and Pattinson sarcastically, and then strode out of here.However, the atmosphere of the scene was completely disrupted by Thorpe s appearance I like this kid.A smile appeared on Wang Weiyi s face However, I think I must protect his cbd gummy manufacturer california safety, maybe Fenton will become angry from embarrassment.General Vincent said quietly Do you need me to provide you with some help Oh, no need, I think I can do it alone.Wang Weiyi tidied up his clothes.At this time, the atmosphere of the ball had completely changed, and no one was still thinking about the ballWang Weiyi came to Mrs.Delke and Paul and told them that he had some temporary problems.Things are about to leave here, I believe we will meet again in the future.It can be seen that Mrs.Please don t take these little things to heart, Mr and Mrs Pirocco.What a kind man, thought Mrs Delk.But the words of Mr.Moyol reassured the Pirokos.Since he can become a good friend of Mr.Lopez, this Mr.Moyol must also have a strong background.If he wants to lurk in the UK for a long time, the more friends like this the better, even though he has offended him before I missed him, but according to his personality, he definitely wouldn t care too much about it.In order to express our apologies, we would like to invite you to have lunch with Mrs.Derk.Piroco tentatively made this request.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I don t think it s necessary for the time being, please don t get me wrong.I m not still blaming you, but something terrible happened.I think staying in Lopez s manor is a good choice.Nash said slowly No one is more familiar with Britain than me, I know how to hide in order not to be exposed, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, as an American, Would you like to start a full scale cooperation with an Englishman As long as you don t treat me as an American with the usual British arrogance, I think we can cooperate Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Put some smiles on Nash s face, no doubt this is a funny American What kind of attitude depends on how sincere we are with each other.Many British people look down on Americans, and I think I am one of them.One, but what does it matter The mocking attitude of the American and British folks at each other.Nothing will prevent the relationship between the United States and Britain from becoming an unbreakable alliance.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I think we can share information from now on, you have What can you offer me Nash couldn t wait to ask for it Wang Weiyi stopped the car, and then got out of the car with Nash.

Your Excellency the Baron , I secretly reported this matter to the Duke of Monlington, but the Duke told me that you are in charge of everything in Britain now, so I must seek your help.Wang Weiyi frowned Tell me more in detail.Yes, all the main roads in and out of Coventry are blocked.If you want to approach Coventry or leave the city, you must have a pass issued by the police station.Let s put it this way, Coventry has become a huge fortress.Lance said worriedly I also took a lot of effort to get a pass this time, otherwise I wouldn t even be able to leave Coventry It is reasonable for the Fenton government to attach so much importance to Coventry.This ancient city is located in the center of England, roughly equal to the distances from the ports of London, Bristol, Liverpool, and Hull.Moreover, it is the center of the British military industry , is of special significance to the United Kingdom.Two minutes later, Nash suddenly heard Lieutenant Colonel Mills shouting angrily Damn, damn it Yes, damn it, John Oslow has been arrested What John Oslow has been arrested Nash was taken aback and couldn t believe it cbd gummy bears seattle was true.John.Oslo had surrendered to Nash a long time ago, and he, who was in a high position in the underground resistance organization, made Nash ecstatic, thinking that he had obtained a piece of treasure.He quickly formulated a plan with Lieutenant Colonel Mills to let John Oslo continue to lurk in the resistance organization, and can cbd gummies help with panic attacks continue to provide Nash and Lieutenant cbd gummy manufacturer california who owns green ape cbd gummies Colonel Mills with the most valuable information and in the These days, John Oslo clearly lived up to their expectations.It was captured by the CIA s Jed himself Lieutenant Colonel Mills was still yelling Damn it.President William, who insisted on war, has fallen into great trouble.What upsets Prime Minister Wilkins even more.His subordinates, even those Americans, had accidents one after another.Even Lieutenant Colonel Mills of the FBI has been implicated in the espionage case, who else can be trusted If you continue to let the situation spread.Sooner or later everyone will betray the government.In so many days, probably the only one who is still trustworthy is Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.This lieutenant colonel who came to London the latest time has shown extraordinary talents.He has helped the Fenton government discover a large number of spies.If there is no His words, or himself and President Fenton have become captives of the enemy.Loyalty to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Neither President Fenton nor Prime Minister Wilkins had any doubts.It was also the first time that Captain Roger knew about the Ash Project.He reported this information to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol immediately.The Americans and the Fenton government are a little crazy.They actually want to blow up so many important targets, and this is also reflected from another aspect.The Americans and the Fenton government have completely despaired of the prospect of war.Then let all the British know about this Ash Project Wang Weiyi calmly said this sentence.The Ash Project made headlines on the front pages of major newspapers in the UK, and the news made the whole of the UK explode.Oh, God.Is there anything more terrifying than this The outcome of the war is actually not important.After the war is over, life must go on, but the Americans and the Fenton government actually want to blow up so many factories and enterprises.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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