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Could it be that the white shadow just now was this girl Then she made a big joke.Miss Biao, why are you here Cui s steward looked at the girl, Miss Baotong is looking for you everywhere.Where is Baotong The girl smiled happily, looking very childish, I m picking flowers in the garden, and I can t cbd gummies and blood thinners find her in a blink of an eye.Before the girl finished speaking, a voice rang out Miss, miss Immediately afterwards, a maid walked in the door in a hurry, swinging her big feet.Before Zhou Ruzhang and others could see clearly, they rushed up to the girl, Miss, I have found you.The servant girl looked at the girl carefully as she spoke, and when her eyes fell on the girl s messy clothes and loose bun, she immediately looked up.Frowning, she looked at the people in the room rather unkindly Who bullied my lady The girl shrank her shoulders and hid behind the maid.By the time the government found out, the Pearl Thief had already escaped.Pearl Thief , but this person seems to have disappeared out of thin air, and there is no news.Now that the pearl reappears in Taiyuan Mansion, everyone in the yamen is guessing whether the Pearl Thief has returned.Didn t the big thief disappear out of thin air Wei Yuanchen s indifferent voice came.Feng Anping blushed immediately.Although he hadn t become an official seven years ago, he had carefully sorted out the case files over the years after he came to Taiyuan Mansion, and read the old case files about the Pearl Thief.They retreated completely, and since they had never fought against each other, and no one witnessed the crime, they naturally did not know what the Pearl Thief looked like, so even if the Pearl Thief stood in front of them, they would not be able to recognize him.Master Cui Si said I walked halfway, thinking that Taiyuan Mansion had accidents again and again, and Mrs.Huaiyuanhou was still visiting at home.Although the matter of Zhuangzi was imminent, I was even more afraid that you would be difficult to deal with in the ancestral house alone.Looking at it this way, thanks I m back.Mrs.Cui Si nodded I feel scared when I think about it, Zhuzhu is also a child with great fortune.Master Cui Si asked Did you see the pearl that Zhuzhu picked up Mrs.Cui Si gave tea to Mr.Cui Si I just took a look at it from a distance.The pearl is not big, and it doesn t look good.I m afraid it can only be sent to the pharmacy cbd gummies and blood thinners for use.For some reason, Mrs.Cui Si I felt that cbd gummies and blood thinners the master s face was even darker.What s wrong, master Mrs.Cui Si said, You also thought of Pearl Thief Master Cui Si was thinking about something, his eyes froze slightly Who else thought of it Everyone said so, Mrs.Miss Gu still ran after the kite.Needless to say, Miss Gu, she looks like a child, the higher cbd gummies and blood thinners the kite flies, the happier she is, but it is rare for Master Hou to have such a good temper, as if he is coaxing his own child.Mrs.Lin came over with someone, and when she saw such a situation, she stepped forward and said, Your Majesty is worrying.Aunt.Cui Zhen handed the string in his hand natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies to the mother in charge, and immediately saluted Mrs.Lin.The two went to the pavilion and sat down before Mrs.Lin asked about the prison Is there any clue about the case Cui Zhen said calmly, The murderer caught is a dead man.Mrs.Lin gasped in surprise Taking a breath, this matter was far more terrifying than she thought.Cui Zhen said I have ordered bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico the steward, auntie and Zhuzhu to go out with more guards to follow, lest those people look for opportunities to attack you.Lin s shoulder, her eyelids began to sink.Zhuzhu, go back to sleep, be obedient.Mrs.Lin said and looked at Baotong.Baotong hurriedly helped Gu Mingzhu up, and Gu Mingzhu reluctantly walked forward step by step.Baotong, I want to eat honey fruit.I ll go out and buy it for you.You can eat it when you wake up.Mrs.Lin saw her daughter lying on the bed and fell asleep, and then told the servant to be good.Miss Nursing, just left with the mother in charge.Baotong also went out to buy the honey fruit that Gu Mingzhu said.Miss Gu calls all sweets honey fruit , and only Baotong can buy the sweets that Miss Gu is willing to eat, so no one can do this job.Half an hour later, when Baotong returned to the room, Gu Mingzhu was already reading medical books.Baotong said quite proudly Miss, there is a message back.Let s go Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu nodded, and he was going to meet the Yacha in a short while.Chu Jiu waved his hand, and all the guards dispersed, and he immediately followed Wei Yuanchen s footsteps.The two entered the small yard one by one.Wei Yuanchen cleaned his hands, stood at the front of the table and drank tea, a faint scent of soap wafted from his fingers, faintly residing the smell of the medicinal material Asafoetida.When he heard about this medicine for the first time, he was in prison, and Wei Yuanchen looked far away as if he had returned to that time.Ah Wei, A Wei.He suddenly heard the voice and thought she was calling him.Sun Langzhong just said that it would be better to add asafoetida, you The jailer ignored it.Asafoetida is too expensive, so I won t give it.The doctor stopped her.Kicked away by Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen s deep voice came.There are no rules in the Dingninghou Mansion The mother in charge immediately struggled to get up and knelt down to beg for mercy It s all the servant s fault.The servant was just surprised when he saw this kind of thing, so The atmosphere in the room Immediately became very tense.Mrs.Lin Tai also saw what this doll was Ya Sheng, where did you see this, why She held it in her hand and flipped through it, and saw Zhou Rujun s birthday at a glance.She has been talking to this doll these days Rivalry, naturally you can recognize it at a glance.Cui Zhen said Mother has enough energy, so she does needlework, raises flowers and plants, and goes out to banquets more if she feels bored.Those are the things that cbd gummies and blood thinners female try keoni cbd gummies relatives should do.These things are not worthy of your imperial status.Cui Zhen turned and walked out, Cui Wei immediately said Mother, don t be angry, the case in Taiyuan Mansion is a mess, and now it is implicated in the Cui family.It is really not easy for elder brother.See Seeing this thing, it is inevitable that you will be angry, and when this matter is over, elder cbd gummies and blood thinners brother will definitely apologize to HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners you.My son will go over and persuade elder brother.Looking at the backs of the two brothers, Mrs.Lin stretched out her finger after a while he What is this going to do Make me mad Don t say I didn t bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico do it, even if it was me, he lost his temper so who invented keoni cbd gummies much because of a Zhou family.If I had known today, I wouldn t have agreed to let Zhou family Come in.Mrs.Lin gritted her teeth and looked at the steward s mother beside her What cbd gummies and blood thinners s going on Was this victory prepared by two immortals The steward s mother nodded and shook her head The immortal handed it over to you.The case in Taiyuan cannot be hidden, and we have already fallen into it.In this case, it is better to take the initiative and use our Cui family s reputation in Taiyuan Mansion to gain the trust of those people and let them speak the truth., can t get around us, if we don t have anything in our hands, we can t negotiate with others.At the last step, we have investigated the case cbd gummies to stop drinking shark tank first, and even if we are blamed, we are only doing it for the people., if the Taiyuan matter is inseparable from the prince, our Cui family will have a bad relationship with the prince.It involves so many people, and it also has something to do with mines and war horses.Cui Zhen narrowed his eyes slightly, as long as the case is clarified , the emperor will also doubt the prince s intentions, if the emperor wants to punish the prince, the Cui family will be safe and sound.Since the guards are so tight, the sudden fire in the tomb is probably not human made, so everyone first thought of Tianlei.What s wrong with the Cui family There must be some taboo, right In the past few years, no important members of the Cui family have been buried.Madam Dingninghou.Many people know about Madam Dingninghou.Dingninghou s mansion suddenly sent back a coffin from the family, saying it was the dead Mrs.Dingninghou.The funeral of this lady was very cbd bombs gummies simple, and the ostentation was not as cbd gummies and blood thinners good as that of the female relatives of the wealthy families in Taiyuan City.It can be seen that this lady is not welcome, and the greatest honor is to be buried in Cui s ancestral grave.But this also makes many people envious.Large families, with continuous offerings, can enjoy blessings even after death.Dead nature does not change.Just now he exposed the trick, and now he is backhanded to plot again.Wei Yuanchen clutched the note, and the doctor woman retracted her neck resentfully, then shook her head gently to him, indicating that she didn t see anything.It s wonderful.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help sneering from the bottom of his heart.In front of his eyes, a person was reborn and had a new look.He was no longer that cowardly, money greedy doctor, but immediately became a shrewd, sophisticated, and extremely cbd gummies and blood thinners sophisticated doctor.old rivers and lakes.He hadn t seen her true colors until now.Ah Jiu was dumbfounded, the doctor in front of her was the one they saw in Yong an Lane, right Or the one who ate San Ye s red bean cake If he hadn t gotten the news before, he would have thought he had read it wrong.The room was quiet, Wei Yuanchen s face flickered under the candlelight.I asked people to find them and told them that the return of the Pearl Thief would reveal the truth of what happened back then and help them out of danger, Nie Chen said.They didn t want to believe it at first, until I told them They saw one best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies and blood thinners thing, a few strings of copper coins and a handful of rice seeds, which were given to them by the Pearl Thief to help them tide over their difficulties.After the accident on the painting boat last night, they must now believe that what I said is true The truth.Wei Yuanchen didn t have any emotion on his face You know the Pearl Thief very well.Nie Chen s face was firm In order to lure those people back then, find out the truth of the case, and avenge my master and the innocent people, I have been investigating for cbd gummies and blood thinners many years, and few people know these details better than me.Mrs.Lin Tai felt a little regretful, she hid here and wanted to be quiet for two days, but who knew that before she could catch her breath, she would make a fuss again.Bao Tong opened his eyes like copper bells Miss, throw another one, I m blind and I can t see the bird.Gu Mingzhu continued to throw the stones.Throwing stones to ask for directions was the way Master Zhang taught her.She had never been here before, so she didn t know, but now she pure relief cbd gummies sleep found that the village was too big, and she really wanted to hide some people in the woods, so no one would be able to find out.Throw a few stones down, and some birds fly away, and throw a few more to test, but there are not many birds flying in the woods to the south.There aren t many birds in the forest, and they re usually disturbed, either by wild animals or people.Madam Lin handed the Tamba wild rice to Zhuangtou Go and have a look.Madam Lin saw that the family sister had made up her mind, so she stopped persuading her, and they all walked up to Zhou s Zhuangzi together.Taking advantage of everyone s inattention, Baotong lowered her voice Miss, or I ll check around.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, it was really too dangerous for Baotong to go alone, now she deliberately said that there were snakes, so that the people in the village People search around, maybe they will find clues, even if they can t, they are on guard.Gu Mingzhu stopped in her tracks and leaned into Baotong s ear.Even a fool can talk to a maid like this.As long as others don t hear what they are saying, they won t arouse suspicion.Gu Mingzhu said Go to the carriage and get my saber bag, let our nursing home come over, and say I m afraid there will be more snakes to disturb me.Han Yu said I will send people to the government office to mobilize manpower immediately.Cui Wei nodded and left quickly without talking.Han Yu gave instructions to the Yacha, and his eyes fell on Mrs.Lin, obviously wanting to ask Mrs.Lin for details.A gust of wind blew, and the wet clothed female relatives shivered.Han Yu lume cbd gummies said It s raining heavily outside.I ll send Madam and cbd melatonin gummies amazon cbd gummies and blood thinners Eldest Miss to a safe place first, and then Madam Lin will tell me what happened in Zhuangzi.Madam wyld cbd hybrid gummies Lin nodded.Fortunately, the two Zhuangzi were very close to each other.The Gu Family Nursing cbd gummies valhalla Hospital went to Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi to check and found nothing unusual, so they invited Mrs.Lin and Gu Mingzhu in.When the female relatives went out, they would bring some clothes just in case.Madam Wang and Baotong helped Mrs.Lin and Miss Gu change their clothes, and brought hot tea to drive the lady away from the cold.Just now She walked around outside, her eyes lit up and her heart widened.We don t have much time, Gu Mingzhu said, we have to pack it up quickly, so as not to reveal any flaws.Baotong nodded.Before that, order the guards to protect my mother.Han Yu is the magistrate of Taiyuan.If he has no problems, he will take good care of this Zhuangzi.Even if he has problems, he will not tear off the skin on his face until the end.Even if he went crazy, there was no need to embarrass them, the mother and daughter, they didn t know anything.Gu Mingzhu arranged everything.Before her mother came back, she walked out wearing a bamboo hat.She wanted to find a big tree and put the small bamboo tube here.Yan Tanhua taught her to make this small bamboo tube.The arrow will be ready to go, and cbd gummies and blood thinners when the mechanism is closed after releasing it, an arrow will be shot quickly.Wei Yuanchen was different, he could do anything, and that casual arrow just now showed Wei Yuanchen s attitude.Cui Zhen didn t speak, as if he was still thinking about the situation in front of him.Cui Wei couldn t wait any longer, and returned to Wei Yuanchen again My lord, this is my mother.My mother is too old to endure such torture.I hope you will be sympathetic.The Cui family will never forget your kindness.I will definitely repay you in the future.Foreign relatives can t make friends with nobles, Wei Yuanchen said, What s more, this official is dedicated to handling cases and never favoritism, and the word Ende should never be mentioned in front of this official.Cui Wei heard this , breath stagnated, pursed his lips, bowed his waist deeply, and lowered his head in a humble gesture My lord, my mother has nothing to do with this matter.Han Yu wanted to reject Wei Yuanchen s concern , but between the wound and the poison Under the double torture, Han Yu has no strength to resist.Something is not right.Since he came to this Zhuangzi, he began to escape from his control.He had just ordered someone to go to the government office to bring troops to come, and before he had time to ask Yan Hao what was going on there, he received something from the Pearl Thief and was shot by an arrow.The arrow was poisonous, and he had no time to do other things except heal his wounds, but the doctor he found was useless, it took some effort just to pull out the arrow, and he was still unwilling to gouge out the poison for him.After tossing around for a while, I heard from my followers that Wei Yuanchen will mello cbd gummies make you high best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies and blood thinners had arrived.One wave of ups and downs and another wave of ups and downs did not give him any chance to breathe.Watching her come and go, struggling to get up, but unable to move.Wei Yuanchen gently closed his fingers, his face remained calm Since surgeons can use it, there is nothing special about this medicine.Sun Lang stroked his beard However, datura HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners flowers are poisonous, and they need to be controlled well to use them well.If you use too much, best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies and blood thinners you may be mentally exhausted and fall into a coma.Sun Langzhong said and looked at Wei Yuanchen How is the spirit of the man who was hit by the arrow Wei Yuanchen said I was frightened and thought I had been poisoned.Other than that, everything is as usual.Sun Langzhong said The dosage is just right, it can be seen that best cbd gummies for adhd and odd in kids people who use poison are familiar with the properties of Datura anthers, and this Datura flower is very useful., because people who take this medicine or smell it will feel weak and even faint, but Sun Langzhong did not continue.In this way, the imperial court has less trouble of disposing of horse manure, and can use this money to fill the treasury.The Marquis of Huaiyuan used to fight in the Northwest without bloodshed , and now he came up with such a bad idea to bring things like horse dung to the court.The censor said that Marquis Huaiyuan s actions really insulted the state of Zhou.So even though Marquis Huaiyuan didn t have the money to sell horse manure, he was still sent by the emperor to visit Taipu Temple in Shanxi.The jokes about this down and out nobleman are still being passed down in the court, saying that Marquis Huaiyuan is not good at fighting, but he knows horses very well.Hairy and mouthy, if he goes on an expedition in the future, it is better to let him manage the army horses, maybe he can make a fortune for military supplies.She wanted to know when she came this time.The relationship between the Gu cbd gummies and blood thinners cbd sleep gummies justcbd family and the Wei family is right in front of our eyes, so why not look at it Gu Mingzhu heard footsteps behind her and knew it was from Zhao Gong.How could this Zhao Gong come to Taiyuan Mansion suddenly Just now Lin Runsheng said a lot about stallions, so he obviously knows them very well.Lin Sizhen works in the Xingdu Division of Shaanxi Province.Most of the stallions in Dazhou came from the northwest.Could it be because of the war horses that they are so concerned about this case These things can be investigated slowly, I don t know how to pass this level now, if Zhao Gong finds Wei Yuanchen sleeping in the guest room of Gu s family, I don t know what will come out.The door was opened slowly.Gu Mingzhu held the bamboo ball and looked into the room.Let s go play on the swing Gu Mingzhu sat on the swing, which was swinging so high that the girl s feet reached the branches is ree drummond selling cbd gummies cbd gummies and blood thinners not far away.Almost, or almost.Finally pushing the swing with more strength, the girl s toes skimmed over the branches like a dragonfly on water, Gu Mingzhu turned her head to smile at Baotong, but saw Cui Zhen s tall figure.Is he pushing the swing for her The girl withdrew her gaze, immersed in her own joy.Gu Mingzhu was having a good time when she saw Zhao Gongren s mother in charge hurriedly approaching.The mother in charge wanted to say something, but was stopped by Cui Zhen Let s talk in the study.Apparently he was afraid of being overheard to ah.Gu Mingzhu immediately became interested.Chapter 80 Staring at Cui Zhen, she walked into the study room, followed by Zhao Gongren s steward, Mother Zhao.I understand his thoughts, he can t give Zhou the crown princess, at least he can raise her in the mansion and love her to the fullest, and when he ascends the throne, he will also make her rich and prosperous.It s a pity, it s a pity, if he can see that beauty again, he will do anything The sky has begun to light up, and Gu Mingzhu should go back to Gu s house.Although Mr.Zhao Er is only a small character, he has gained a lot tonight.The next step is to see whether the accounts in Mr.Wei s hands are consistent with those calculated by his father.The same number of lost horses.There should be news of the prince who is hiding in the dark and the second master Zhao whose whereabouts are unknown.Nie Chen sent Gu Mingzhu out of Zhao s house, natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies and told Liu Su to take good care of this junior sister Jiang.Wei, right Then elder sister may underestimate the Wei family.The Wei family is a foreign relative, how can they value these money I m most afraid that if you steal the chicken, you won t lose the rice, and if you don t get any benefits, you will get more involved.Who are you talking to Mrs.Lin Tai said angrily, I am your elder sister no matter what, even if we both marry If you are married, you have to think about the Lin family.Without the support of your mother s family, you will not be able to hold your head up in your husband s family.Don t you know these things I never tired you before, but now I have no choice.If this method is found out, you can just say you don t know, and push it on me, and I will take the blame for you.You are all afraid of being implicated, but I am not.Hidden, pretended to be stupid, nothing has happened, will the tree fall and the monkeys scatter Mrs.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu and said indifferently, Go back and get the Ten Army Stick.Chu Jiu s expression froze there, which was different from what was agreed before Same, why was he beaten for no reason Mrs.Lin s heart shuddered, Mr.Wei is really indifferent, even the servants around him are so HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners apathetic.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin said, what are you doing here As if frightened by her mother s slightly harsh tone, Gu Mingzhu pulled Lin Runzhi AuntI ll find my brotherto eat pomegranates The girl s voice was clear and sweet, no wonder she had to stutter to cover up when pretending to be Junior Sister Jiang.Even if she deliberately lowered her voice, she might reveal her secrets if she talked too much.Wei Yuanchen smiled slightly in his heart.This might be another flaw in her.Madam Lin frowned Did your aunt ask you to come Gu Mingzhu nodded.Brother.Cui Wei also rushed into the yard, saw the woman in the yamen standing not far away, and heard the crying in the room, he understood everything, just like what the steward told them , Mother was slapped by Wei Yuanchen.Cui Wei s eyes were red, and he stared at Wei Yuanchen, who pulled out the long sword from his waist, and rushed forward quickly Whoever insults my mother will die He just took a step outward, and his arm was tightly grasped by others, Then came Cui Zhen s deep voice Are you going to swing your sword at the imperial envoy Do you know what crime you have committed It s just a death, Cui Wei blushed angrily, with blue veins on his forehead Before Cui Wei finished speaking, he felt a strong force pulling his whole body back, and he staggered on his feet, finally stabilizing his figure, but the anger cbd gummies and blood thinners gummy cbd side effects on his face still did not dissipate.Don t worry, Gu Mingzhu looked at cbd gummies and blood thinners Liu Su, I will think of a way to find a good martial arts master to teach you.Liu Su responded.Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su walked forward, unaware that there was a general of the Wei family lying on the ridge not far above their heads, and Wei Yuanchen called them secret guards on weekdays.The secret guards of the Wei family followed quietly all the way, knowing that the two had been talking, but their voices were sonic imports cbd gummies very low, and they didn t hear the slightest bit of what they were cbd gummies and blood thinners muttering.The dark guard felt very strange.Didn t Chu Jiu say that Liu Su had ear problems How can people with ear problems still whisper to others The dark guard was thinking about it, when he cbd gummies and blood thinners cbd sleep gummies justcbd noticed that the two people walking below were looking at the roof together, he sank down hastily, and he really can can you drink wine with cbd gummies t be careless in the future, if he is noticed, he will lose face Gu Mingzhu and Liu Su went into Yizhuang together and met Nie Chen.Wei has already bad days cbd gummies said that this case has nothing to do with this palace, why should we clear up the troubles At first, I thought that even if Mr.Zhao Er is dead, there will be no clues in this case for a while, and it has nothing to do with cbd gummies and blood thinners the overall situation.The main culprit, Han Yu, has been caught, and the rest of the people may not be able to cause natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies too much trouble, Wei Yuanchen said.To the murderer who killed Master Zhao Er, When I saw that the murderer was the guard of the Eastern Palace, I changed my mind and used the guards of the Eastern Palace to frame the Crown Prince.It can be seen that the person behind the scenes is capable.He not only hides deeply, but also He is a powerful character.Such a person is more terrifying than Han Yu, and can often cbd gummies and blood thinners kill people invisible.The prince knew in his heart that this was a trap set by Mr.Not Bad Lin pulled Zhuzhu and nodded.Cui Zhen didn t want to talk in front of the clan sister.When Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu left the house, Cui Zhen bowed to Mrs.Lin Tai, and before Mrs.Lin could speak again, she turned around and strode away.Cui Wei immediately chased him into the yard.Cui Zhen told Cui Wei There are many things at home, please stay and help fourth brother and fourth sister in law Cui Wei hesitated to speak.Cui Zhen s expression was calm I ll talk about everything when I come back.After speaking, Cui Zhen walked forward all the way, and vaguely heard Mrs.Lin s voice reprimanding Cui Wei from behind.Kneel down for me.Cui Zhen s well understood eyes became more calm.Over the years, he has seen his mother scold his younger brother, and he has also cbd gummies ventura seen his mother laughing with his younger brother.She used to like bamboo dragonflies very much.When she gently twisted them with her hands, the bamboo dragonflies would fly very high.At that time, she always thought that it would be great if she could become a bamboo dragonfly and fly out of the palace wall.Unfortunately, although she flew out later, everything was far from what she expected.Princess Huairou looked at Miss Gu I ll fix its wings, so it can fly again.Before Miss Gu could speak, Princess Huairou stood up Come on, come in with me.Princess Huairou is very skillful with her hands.When she was in the palace, she made a lot of bamboo dragonflies by herself.In addition to using wood and bamboo sticks, she also tried to use feathers to make wings, so repairing the bamboo dragonflies in her hand is very important to her.It is not difficult.The old farmer told the truth that there was a gang of self thief in the east, but the government Recently, when bandits were captured, those people did not dare to come out cbd gummies and blood thinners to commit crimes, some hunters passed by the mountain where they once occupied, there was no one in the stockade, and they all dispersed to avoid the limelight.Liu Su continued The old farmer invited those people to come in to have a rest.Those people filled the water bag and left after cbd gummies and blood thinners resting for a while.When they left, they gave the old farmer some money.The old farmer said that although cbd gummies and blood thinners those people were wearing short brown clothes, But the fabric is very delicate, and it must come from a rich family.The head of the man is twenty six or seven years old, and he speaks Mandarin, but occasionally he can carry some Shanxi accent, and his expression is very anxious.Liu Su looked at the dumbfounded Chu Jiu and the cold stove, and suddenly found cbd gummies and blood thinners that Master Wei s servants were not so easy to do Miss, Baotong said with a happy face, Liu Su has come to the post house.She walked around with a lantern in her hand, went to the front yard to ask the post chief and the steward for a charcoal fire and a herbal medicine, and finally found the idiot.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look at the hourglass, and her mother was coming back from the west courtyard soon.Go and come back quickly.Gu Mingzhu tidied up her dress and walked out of the room quickly.There is a rockery in the backyard, which is convenient for concealing whereabouts.Gu Mingzhu heard Liu Su tell what he had found out.The person who was looking for someone was probably the son in law of Princess Huairou.Cheng Yi swallowed and said, My biological mother Zhao is still alive.She was kidnapped by mountain bandits half a month ago.I came to Taiyuan Mansion to rescue my biological mother.Wei Yuanchen nodded The war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion involves It was the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago.Cheng Yi s eyes widened when he heard this, and he stood up excitedly Is there another story behind the Shanxi Mutiny My grandfatherhe must have been wronged.Grandfather When she passed away, my mother told him that my grandfather was wronged, and my poor grandfather spent his life as a soldier, and finally got such a reputation.As a daughter of the best cbd gummies uk for anxiety and stress Zhao family, my mother can t do nothing.Could it be that this time my mother was kidnapped and had a mutiny with Shanxi related How much of this is there that he doesn t know, Cheng Yi began to fidget, and after a while he got up and bowed to Wei Yuanchen I also ask Mr.Gu Mingzhu nodded seriously.Cui Zhen strode out.This child, Mrs.Lin sighed, I hope he goes safely and safely.Gu Mingzhu could guess what Cui Zhen was going to do, and rushed back to Datong overnight from here to rectify the troops and horses to stop the border turmoil, or HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners at least delay When the imperial reinforcements arrive.As for why a person who returned to Beijing appeared in Datong to lead the army, Cui Zhen could explain cbd gummies and blood thinners that he found something strange cbd gummies and blood thinners halfway, and he was afraid that something went wrong at the pass, so he went to check.In this way, he not only found an excuse for himself to leave, but also concealed Lin Sizhen and those people, and also made Lin Sizhen and others carelessly underestimate the enemy.Mrs.Lin pondered to get a dagger, and she wanted to carry the sharp weapon close to her body these days.My mother couldn t make a decision right now, so I needed to cbd gummies and blood thinners ask my uncle about the situation outside.Gu Mingzhu raised her head and looked into the room.Although she is being chased by the rebels now, she has her mother and uncle by her side.The gathering of her two relatives made her feel like a dream.Now it seems that Zhou Rujun and Zhou Rujun are together.Gu Mingzhu merged into one, completely becoming a person.Although she was keoni cbd gummies on shark tank frightened at this moment, it made her feel inexplicably at ease.Liu bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico Su dragged Nie Chen aside and said a few words.Nie Chen turned around to look for someone.Just as he ran out of the yard, Nie Chen suddenly frowned.The way Liu Su spoke at this time, he was clearly helping Junior Sister Jiang to spread the word, which was wrong.No, Junior Sister must be nearby.Nie Chen looked around, where did Liu Su hide his junior sister Later, he will torture Liu Su.Lin didn t care.A few years ago, there were dead people everywhere on the cbd gummie warning label famine road.That was the real tribulation.When I was a child in Lintao Mansion with my father, there were often Tatars who harassed me.When we heard the news, we all crowded in the secret road, and when I was running away, I was squeezed out of the carriage.It was that time that my father decided to leave Lintao Mansion and gave the house of Lintao Mansion to Lin Sizhen for use., So many years have passed in a flash, I didn t expect that the Lin Temple would really look like this in the end, and there would be turmoil in the Lin clan.Madam Lin sighed thinking of this, and thought of Madam Lin and the women of the Zhou family who parted ways with them.Don t get caught by the Tatars.No matter how bad they were, she didn t want to see any female relatives being abused.After saying this, the Second Master Wei suddenly grabbed Wei Yuanchen s wrist You have a solid relationship with Second Uncle, so does Miss Gu suffer from insanity When I grow up, I am afraid that one day I will learn the truth, and there will be some mishaps after too many sorrows and joys.You must know that the mother s heart is not too big, and she would get angry from time to time with such an obedient son After the second master Wei finished speaking, he found that Wei Yuanchen s eyes were deep, and he was lost in thought.Going to call Wei Yuanchen again, he heard the voice of the steward coming from the door.Go and tell Mrs.Tai that the third master is back.The Wei family was filled with joy, and Mrs.Wei was helped out of cbd gummies and blood thinners the hanging flower door Where is Brother Chen Let grandma see if he is injured Wei Wei Yuan Chen heard the hustle and bustle coming from the yard, and then came back to his senses.A piece of dirt, mud splashed at some point.Although it won t delay tomorrow s use after washing it, it may be God s will, Bitao said Let s hang the pink one The pink curtains were hung, adding a bit of festiveness to the room.Bi Tao looked very satisfied, blew out the lights in the house, and led full spectrum cbd gummy for sale online the people out of the yard, and they had to go to the wife s yard to clean up.Miss Gu s courtyard became quiet again, and she jumped off the sweet scented osmanthus tree in the courtyard alone, and walked into the girl s boudoir after thinking for a moment.Opening the curtain, I immediately saw the pink curtain beside the bed, just like the smile on Zhou Rujun s face when she was hiding in the corner and eating red bean cake, and she was like the figure on the flower boat who jumped into the lake resolutely.This is a good thing, butit is also a good way to win people s hearts.Wei Yuanchen picked up the pen I m going to have someone ask how many children with different surnames the Shen Family School has recruited.The pen didn t come down.Gu Mingzhu lowered her head to look, it turned out that the ink in the inkstone was dry, she reached out to pick up the ink stick, and started to grind it in the inkstone, but she grinded too hastily, a drop of ink splashed on the back of Wei Yuanchen s hand.Chapter 205 Generous ink drops on the smooth back of the hand, extra conspicuous.Master Wei s hand holding the brush stopped there.There was a clean towel on the desk, Gu Mingzhu hurriedly passed the towel over without thinking, but Wei Yuanchen didn t take it, seeing that bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico the ink was about to dry up, Gu Mingzhu pressed the soft towel on the back of Master Wei s hand.Cui Wei unfolded the family letter and put it together I read it under the lamp, and the lines between the lines really looked like official documents, without even a word of greeting.The only thing that could be regarded as emotional was asking Madam Zhang to visit Madam Lin and Zhuzhu.Cui Wei returned the letter to Mrs.Zhang When I was in Taiyuan Mansion, my eldest brother often went to my aunt s place, probably because my aunt was closer to the Wei family.If my eldest brother wanted to find out the war horse case, he had to rely on Mr.Wei.Later, my eldest brother Knowing that my father s death had other secrets, I was even more unwilling to face my mother and me, and I ate at cbd gummies and blood thinners Gu s house several times.Zhuzhu my eldest brother treated her like a younger sister, and bought a lot of gadgets for Zhuzhu when he was in Shanxi On the way back to Beijing, he also asked me to take good care of my aunt and Zhuzhu.On the way back from Xiaya, I wanted to buy you two salted ducks from Pinxianglou.Unfortunately, they were sold out.I made an agreement with the restaurant to have them delivered tomorrow.It is in high demand, and Gu Chongyi was so busy these two days that he forgot to ask someone to order it in advance.Mrs.Lin said I take it as an important thing, and I will eat it tomorrow But after being told by the master, she really whetted her appetite and missed the soft salted duck.Master, the mother in charge came in and reported, The second master of the Wei family is here, and he has brought some is ree drummond selling cbd gummies cbd gummies and blood thinners food boxes.Gu Chongyi was a little surprised.When the Wei family came to the door, Gu Chongyi naturally went to welcome them.Gu Chongyi walked out and asked, What did the Wei family send It s a food box from Pinxianglou, the steward reported, I heard it s sugar knuckle and salted duck, and some candied fruit.Go in, Mr.Weiis disrespectful to Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi heard the blood rushing in his chest, and his brain exploded Madam, what do you mean The surname Wei treated Zhuzhu lightly Mrs.Lin recalled the events of that day.She was too surprised at the situation at that time, and didn t look carefully.She didn t know whether it was Wei Sanye s cbd gummies and blood thinners frivolity on purpose, or because he fainted and fell on Zhuzhu.Thinking about Mr.Wei cbd gummies and blood thinners s character, it doesn t seem like the kind Shameless disciple.Madam Lin sighed again, and told Gu Chongyi what happened that day in a low voice.She ordered someone to pour water, and when she came back, she saw Wei Yuanchen hugging Zhuzhu, with her head resting on Zhuzhu s shoulder.When she stepped forward to check, she found that Wei Yuanchen had already passed out.Gu Chongyi s frown became deeper and deeper, and his anger became more and more intense.He bowed and saluted Mrs.Li.The room was silent, and Mrs.Li was completely frozen in place.She watched Brother can you drink alcohol and take cbd gummies Chen grow up little by little.Brother Chen was very cute when he was a child.She loved watching Brother Chen smile the most.A few small teeth make people s hearts melt.Later, brother Chen gradually grew up and had his own thoughts.Although he talked less, he was still thoughtful.In Cong Cheng s words, he was less scheming and more sincere.Thanks to Wei Sanye, he was neither the eldest son nor the grandson., Just be a happy kid from a rich family.Brother Chen also knows what they are thinking, and he has always done it properly.At that time, brother Chen, with the flashing light in his eyes, always gave people a feeling of spring breeze blowing on his face, which made people feel at ease.The princess was afraid that if she heard the news and went to the princess mansion to help, the Cheng family would come and make trouble, which might hurt her. Mrs.Zhang sighed This year s incidents happened one after another, and I don t know when I will be able to survive.With Yuan s death like this, Princess Huairou will inevitably be blamed.Outsiders will say that Zhao s mother and son rely on the princess s backing to force her to die.Yuan is dead.Mrs.Lin is also worried about this I m afraid that after this incident, Princess Huairou s family will be impeached by the imperial censor.Why is it so difficult to live a peaceful life They all said that they would reconcile and divorce, so they natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies just finished the paperwork carefully and did not agree with each other.Isn t it okay to disturb each other You must make these troubles again.You should do your job well, and it will not be in vain for the lady to love you.The mother in charge turned around and left.Yuan er was stunned for a moment, then picked up the lamp and walked out of the yard.The wind lamps in the yard were all on, but the faint light was surrounded by darkness, and there seemed to be groups of black shadows floating in the dark place.Chapter 254 Comfortable Yuan er felt those shadows slowly approaching her in a trance, she couldn t help shivering, she didn t dare to look carefully at the surrounding situation, bit the bullet and quickened her pace, silently reciting the Sutras she had heard in her heart arts.After walking for a while, the cold wind blew through her whole body.The warehouse was not far away.Yuan er breathed a sigh of relief.The warehouse was usually guarded by people, and the manager was in the next room.Under the bright moonlight, Gu Mingzhu feels a little nervous for no reason.Reaching out to take off Wei Yuanchen s arm, Gu Mingzhu was about to dodge to the natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies side, but she didn t expect to pull Wei Yuanchen who was beside her like this, and immediately sat down on the ground.Gu Mingzhu s face was full of astonishment, she never thought that Lord Wei would be like this, ever since meeting Lord Wei in Jinta Temple, Lord Wei has always been domineering no courageous, even if the old injury recurs Before he fainted, he didn t change his face.Just a few hours ago, Mr.Wei had a heart pounding fight cbd gummies and blood thinners with his father in the courtyard, and she would have fallen to the ground with such a light tug.She didn t mean to.Before kicking and hitting, biting and bumping Mr.Wei, Master Wei didn t hurt at all, but now he just moved lightly, and he just fell down like this.My lord Gu Mingzhu moved closer and called in a low voice.My lord A voice came to his ears, Wei Yuanchen struggled to raise his eyes, but what he saw was a veiled hat and a long gauze.Seeing Master Wei s eyes raised again, Gu Mingzhu continued My lord, I will help you up.A hand stretched out and supported his arm.The slender hand fell on him, and suddenly changed back to that year, the girl cleaned the wound on his body.Be patient.The boiled and cooled light salt water washed his wound, the pain penetrated deep into his flesh and blood, he tried his best not to make a sound.It will be fine soon.She comforted him gently.Get up, my lord, I ll be fine soon.Seeing Wei Yuanchen standing up, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but heaved a sigh of relief.Fortunately, Master Wei can still walk.My lord, do you still remember where the horse was placed Gu Mingzhu raised her head and asked.I didn t expect that Wei Sanye made a fierce move, and Cui Wei was not an opponent.It s a lottery.Wei Yuanchen killed Cui Wei s guards and tried to kill Cui Zhen and Cui Wei, could it be because of Zhou Rujun If it s just because of kindness, why would you call her like that Looking at the moonlight, Gu Mingzhu tossed and turned, unable to fall best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies and blood thinners asleep no matter what Yuan Zhixing has been waiting for news in the study.When Shuntian Mansion s yamen went to the North City, someone came to report to him.The five city soldiers and horses were always in charge of the city gate.Why did Shuntian Mansion suddenly intervene Did Shuntian Mansion find anything Master, the steward came in and reported, Shuntian Mansion captured a few thieves and left Beicheng, and did not go anywhere else.Yuan Zhixing heaved a sigh of relief Tomorrow, go to the rice shop and tell Uncle the Lu family to let them leave In the capital, Mr.Unexpectedly, after a few months of her leaving Beijing, Ah chan changed her mind, and she didn t want to be a female crown.She asked Ah chan why, but Ah chan didn t want to say, her cheeks were blushing.Afterwards, Ah chan went back home.Although she would still come to the temple to see her from time to time, she didn t live here as long as before.Although she likes Ah Chan s intelligence, she can cbd gummies and blood thinners t force Ah Chan to stay, as long as Ah Chan can be happy, that s the best thing.Unexpectedly, Ah Chan finally chose such a path.There was the sound of squeaking wood shaking, followed by the sound of wooden wheels rolling to the ground.Mo Yangming cbd gummies and blood thinners opened the curtain, and saw the girl sitting on the wooden chair on wheels, and the wooden chair came and went in the room, which made Mo Yangming feel dazed, as if he had returned to the time when A chan was around.Seeing that he was about to meet Gu Mingwan, Sun Zhenren was hit hard on the HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners leg.Fortunately, she was very steady in her footwork, and she stabilized her body after only a few staggered steps, but Mo Yangming behind her had already caught up.Sun Zhenren frowned, someone was hiding in the dark to help.It must not be someone from the government, who could it be Sun Zhenren had no time to think about it and had to deal with Mo Yangming.Mo Yangming said Brother, this is the end of the matter, you don t need to run away anymore, you should go cbd gummies and blood thinners to the yamen and make it clear, it is also atonement for yourself, take a good look at the Shangqing Temple, the master will be in your hands, and you can see how you can turn this place into something What does it look like The Taoist holy land hides filth, you are a cultivator, what do you want the money for Sun Zhenren was fighting with Mo Yangming while guarding against the people around her.Speaking of this Zou Lin fell silent.Mrs.Lin looked at Zou Linshi with a puzzled expression Why natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies did you come to Beijing Zou Linshi pursed his lips and raised his eyes I have been sick, maybe it has been a year or two, and I have been sick for a long time.This matter is on my mind.Mrs.Lin s heart trembled, she only thought that Zou Lin was much older, but she did not expect to be seriously ill.Zou Lin turned her head to look at the child beside her Madam knows that I am unlucky.My husband s family and my mother s family are gone.I adopted this child from outside.I originally wanted him to take care of me until I die.Inheriting incense for my deceased husband, I didn t expect that I would be sick with this disease, I m afraid I won t be able to take care of him when he grows up, he is not from the Lin family, I don t know what will happen to him after I leave in the future It was difficult for Zou Lin to speak, but she was for this child I have to bite the bullet and continue I helped Mrs.Clean up the bluestone road.The HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners pavilion next to the rockery has not been painted for a long time, and its color has withered in the wind and sun.The brocade curtains in the main hall look very beautiful, but they are also worn out.No matter who comes here, seeing these things will feel that the owner here has been tempered, and has no intention of managing and taking care of everything.The palace servants stepped forward to close the curtain, Gu Mingzhu followed Mo Yangming in, while Baotong and others stayed outside the hall.There was a smell of sandalwood in the room, and the fragrance seemed to come from the side hall.It seems that the side hall was used as a nunnery or a quiet room by the empress.Gu Mingzhu thought of the empress s children who had died young, was the empress praying for them every day There are not many decorations in the hall, and the objects placed are simple and unadorned.Gu Mingzhu briefly told Wei Yuan about Zou Linshi s affairs.Chen said it again.After Wei Yuanchen finished a bowl of noodles, he was already picking HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners up the second bowl of noodles.After eating so fast, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but wonder how Master Wei could finish the meal quickly and cleanly.After a while, the other bowl of noodles was also eaten up.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes Do you suspect that Zou Xiang is related to Lin Sizhen Gu Mingzhu continued to drink tea, she was full just now, but now she felt a little hungry, obviously it was only two bowls of shredded pork noodles, but she was greedy.Gu Mingzhu looked away from the two empty bowls Zou Xiang is pitiful, but his life experience has to be investigated, but now it seems that Zou Xiang does not seem to be related to Lin Sizhen.Lin how much do jolly cbd gummies cost Sizhen will not let his children follow cbd gummies and blood thinners him.This can also explain why Aunt Zhen lives in Anjiyuan at such a young age.Gu Mingzhu felt that she should go back and ask Bao er carefully.Since Bao er reminded her to come here, she was worried about Aunt Zhen s situation.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu walked out quickly.Miss, why are you still in the house When everyone saw the dead person, they rushed to report to the steward in the yard, thinking that Miss Gu had already been escorted away.Gu Mingzhu lifted her skirt and ran around Anjiyuan, as if frightened.All the way from the yard where the female relatives lived to the house where Baoer was recuperating.Bao er had just finished drinking the medicine and was resting in his father s arms when he heard footsteps, and then he saw the young lady who was treating him leave and return.Dead.Jiao Zhong was about to talk to Miss Gu when she heard the lady speak.She was stupid.Well, she didn t understand what the master said.Madam Dong said Master, Brother Geng really did something wrong, right Get up to wash, eat, and prepare to go out early to wait for Mo Yangming at the gate of Yizhuang.She didn t tell Master Mo yesterday that she would also go to perform errands for Aunt Zhen together, she said in advance that the master might not agree, after all, there are many corpses parked in the Yizhuang, which is not suitable for her to enter or leave.She went directly to Yizhuang by car, but the master couldn t drive her out.Mrs.Lin only thought that Zhuzhu was going to Shangqing to meet Mo Zhenzhen, she did not stop her.Ever since Zhuzhu became a teacher, she was full of energy and often clamored to go out to talk to Mo Zhenren.She used to sleep in the mansion for half a day The situation is much less.The mother who was in charge of the Gu family complained secretly, not knowing how to explain to Lord Hou and Madam when they returned home.It s really naughty, Mo Zhenren couldn t help looking at Gu Mingzhu, Didn t you agree with your family Gu Mingzhu s face showed a bit of pleading I don t worry about Aunt Zhen.It s also your fate, since you are here Let s go in together, Mo Yangming said while looking at Gu Mingzhu, Are you afraid Gu Mingzhu shook his head.Mo Yangming thought it was the same, there was no trace of fear on Zhuzhu s face, this child was different from ordinary female relatives.Aunt Zhen lived in Anji Yuan before, and she had no relatives around her, so she had no one to help her with her funeral affairs.Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu walked into the room where Aunt Zhen s body was kept.Gu Chongyi looked at Wei Yuanchen Tan Dingfang is holding onto Daning tightly Blocking Liang Zhian s way, that s why Liang Zhian tried to get rid of Tan Dingfang Gu Chongyi was overjoyed He stretched out his hand and patted Wei Yuanchen, now that s what Tan Dingfang meant when he left the Tan cbd gummies and blood thinners s house He also told me, We must contribute to the surrounding borders.The mother s family of Queen Huai is in Yongping Mansion.Although the mother and concubine of King Huai left early, the Liang family is not a daughter of such a famous family as the Wei family But her family background is higher than that of the second prince and the imperial concubine No in the East Palace Before being abolished, King Huai studied in the mansion all day long, and the Liang family returned to Yongping Mansion logically.The empress dowager will call us into the palace after a while.Gu Mingzhu nodded Master, this medicine is for the queen.Did you use it Mo Zhenzhen nodded The palace is very strict, it is best to present the prescription and medicinal materials to the imperial hospital, and the imperial hospital can only send it to the palace after seeing it.This ointment is for the empress.For external application, I hope it will make the empress more comfortable.Mo Zhenren said and looked in the cbd gummies and blood thinners direction of the palace, and Gu Mingzhu followed suit.Hurry up Mo Zhenren said, the Empress Dowager is about to leave the Kunning Palace.The Empress Dowager once said that the emperor only favors noble concubines, but noble concubines have no vision and only focus on being the crown prince.Something will happen sooner or later, but time will tell.En.Wei Yuanchen responded.Gu Mingzhu said Let me just say a word, don t be angry.His heart skipped a beat, only he knew how long it would be to wait for her to turn around.The girl opened the box in her hand, then raised her hand and turned it down to show that there was nothing inside This medicine is enough for three days.I just fed it all to the adults.His heart recovered again.Beating, the stagnant pain in his chest also dissipated a little, Wei Yuanchen said Is there a risk of life Otherwise, his words would really be an excuse for the funeral.The girl seemed very happy when she heard this, and breathed a long sigh of relief No, I just used a little jujube seed and polygala, and I will prescribe a prescription to neutralize it, maybe the adults will feel sleepy and lose their appetite.Can t quibble that Mr.Wei must be fine.Wei Yuanchen thought for a moment A little dizzy.Gu Mingzhu natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies stretched out the back of her hand to test the temperature on Wei Yuanchen s forehead, but fortunately everything was normal.Or I ll use a pillow to prop up the adult s head.The girl stretched out her hand and was busy on his head again, a faint fragrance rushed to his face, making his ears hot.Gu Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief Maybe it will be all right for you to rest for a while.She stood best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress uk up and wanted to pour some water, but before she could cbd gummies and blood thinners move, her wrist was grabbed.The scorching palm gave her a strange feeling, and the hairs on her neck stood on end.It took Gu Mingzhu a while to stabilize her mind My lord are you okay It s okay, Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes slightly, showing a little fatigue, I wonder if it s because of your medicine that I feel a little thirsty.After what happened, the first thing we had to go to see was best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies and blood thinners the important criminal.I remember very clearly that Wei Sanye was holding the cell door, lying on the ground with blood all over his mouth.I was shocked at the time, thinking that he had died Later, the Wei family came to pick up Mr.Wei to go out, and I thought it would be bad luck to go out, but I didn t expect Mr.Wei to be not only healthy, but also so beautiful now.Hearing Tian Mang s report, many doubts in Cui Zhen s heart were also suppressed.untied.After Wei Yuanchen got out of the prison, he personally took care of the Cui family guard who shot and killed the Zhou family, martha stewart cbd wellness gummies sampler and then fought with their brothers in the school field.The reason why Wei Yuanchen kept Cui Wei alive was probably to find out the case, but the Wei family was also involved in the case of the second prince back then, Wei Yuanchen fell ill again, and when he recovered, there were many clues I m afraid it s all cleaned up.down.At that time, it was just to deal with the management.He was busy with military affairs, so he didn t have the energy to look at those things, and later they were put on the bookshelf.After Mrs.Zhou cbd gummies and blood thinners died, he buried Mrs.Zhou in the Cui family according to the etiquette.It is naturally impossible for the Zhou family to take back the things, so where did the box of books go Cui Zhen knocked on the table, how much is a good dose for cbd gummies and Wang Jing walked into the room.Bring the steward, I want to find something in the mansion.Wang Jing responded.Cui Zhen went on to say Don t disturb other people.So as not to be noticed by Cui Wei.After so many years, it was not easy to find a box of books in the huge Hou s mansion, and Hou Ye couldn t even remember what the box looked like.The stewards didn t dare to say anything, so they did it themselves, searched all the places where the books were kept in the Hou Mansion, and finally found the mahogany box in the corner of the warehouse.Nie Chen s eyes were burning like a cbd gummies and blood thinners torch Who is your second uncle s friend Second Master Shen was a little hesitant, if it wasn t for such a time, he would not want to involve anyone again It s my younger sister s husband s family, Mrs.Zhang has worked in the Shipping Department of Guangzhou City for many years, and she has quite a lot of contacts along the coast Because of this incident, the Zhang family and the Shen family got closer, so the brother in law came to the Shen family as a guest and met the younger sister.Zhang, The Shen natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies family got married.Nie Chen endured the excitement in his heart and tried not to look inside, so as not to be spotted by Master Shen Er.Now that Master Shen Er answered his questions, Nie Chen said, What do you want people in the market to check for you Master Shen Er took out a document from his pocket This is the list I gave Yan Shen back then.Cui Zhen closed his hands slightly, struggling himself out of that self loathing emotion, he made himself calm and calm again, there are still many things that need to be confirmed by him, and many problems that need to be dealt with by him.Cui Zhen raised his head and continued Uncle told me about the Zhang family, did you find any clues I want to listen to this first, and then investigate Zhang s carefully.Gu Chongyi glanced out, we also intend to have a banquet today If you want to try the Zhang family, there will be no results tonight.Cui Zhen heard the point Who does uncle mean by we Gu Chongyi said Wei Sanye discovered the strangeness of the Zhang family.Cui Zhen found that along the way, Wei Yuanchen would always be natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies one step ahead of him , first Cui Wei and then the Zhang family.Gu Chongyi said We suspect that the Zhang family and Tan Dingfang colluded secretly in order to control the Great bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico Zhou Navy.Gu Chongyi thought of Wei Yuanchen s appearance when he was exchanging lessons with him in the courtyard, his body looked better than when he was young, how could he have imagined such an experience.Gu Chongyi couldn t help saying Innately deficient, but now you can do this, you can see how much hard work you have put in.Mrs.Lin said That s right, I still think of Zhuzhu Zhuzhu is not easy.As she spoke, Mrs.Lin s eyes slightly redness.Gu Chongyi panicked Why are you still crying You can t shed tears during confinement.I don t know what s going on, Mrs.Lin said, I was happy in my heart, but I just couldn t help it Gu Chongyi persuaded softly for a while.Mrs.Lin sniffed When my brother landed, Mrs.Li looked at it and said that although my brother was younger, he looked better than Uncle Wei and Mr.Daddy.Hearing his daughter s voice, Gu Chongyi raised his head to meet his daughter s clear eyes, thinking that his daughter had just eavesdropped on his conversation with Mo Zhenren, Gu Chongyi said seriously Did Zhu Zhu just overhear me talking to Mo Zhenren Gu Chongyi Pearl nodded.Gu Chongyi said Don t listen to these words.Why Gu Mingzhu said, Will Daddy tell me Naturally no.Gu Chongyi cleared his throat.Originally, it was his daughter who eavesdropped, but he lost his confidence.He seemed to be the one who did something wrong.Gu Mingzhu said Dad and mother used to hide many things from me.Sometimes it was because of my illness, and sometimes it was because of things in my father s yamen.Relaxed, uncomfortable in the heart and can t show the clues in front best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies and blood thinners of Zhuzhu, but after a long time, how could Zhuzhu not understand Perhaps because of this, Zhuzhu would think of a way to eavesdrop on her own.If those Tatars were related to this case, wouldn t they be saying that the Shen family was collaborating with the enemy The Shen family thought that Yan Shen was using this to blackmail the Shen family to get more benefits, and even sent a bank note to make Yan Shen shut up.Who are those people Claiming to be from a scholarly family who came from the chief assistant of the two dynasties, they are all idiots with good looks on the surface but dirty inside.Pooh If they hadn t asked Yan Shen for help, Yan Shen had already joined Dali Temple, how could there be today s catastrophe The elder of the Shen family, the Minister of Rites, even came to threaten Yan Can.If Yan Shen dared to blackmail the Shen family again, the Shen family would not give up.Naturally, Yan Can refused to accept the money sent by the Shen family, and he never told anyone what the Shen family had done, and he didn t even reveal a single word in front of Mr.Tan Dingfang said I am the Minister of the Ministry of War, and I must do my own work well at all times.He is the Minister of the Ministry of War, and the guards, soldiers and horses of the Great Zhou are all in his heart, even if something goes wrong, he will do it stop smoking cbd gummies canada No guesses, how to do it is more beneficial to the master.If he left, it would mean that he did not recruit himself, and the imperial court would let people take over the various guards as quickly as possible.If he didn t leave, the case was in doubt, and it was about to go to the tribunal for trial.Over the years, many of the generals he had installed had won the trust of the emperor.Without solid evidence, the emperor was reluctant to take them all down.With sunmed cbd gummies for sleep such a big case, who knows what the outcome will be after the trial.The emperor has always been jealous of the Wei family.The elder reminded them that Miss Gu had recovered from her is ree drummond selling cbd gummies cbd gummies and blood thinners stupid illness, and told them not to underestimate the enemy.It s just the women in the inner house, no matter how much they think, they can t understand these things, and they are cautious enough to wait until the movement outside gradually subsides and the guards in the mansion relax before doing anything.Thinking like this, a few people are walking quickly in the mansion.Carefully walking outside the greenhouse next to the main house, the Zhang family listened carefully to the movement inside.The conservatory was very quiet, probably because the child was still asleep, taking this opportunity to take the child away, it would be too late for the cbd gummies and blood thinners Gu family to recover.The Zhang family wanted to open the curtain, but as soon as they stepped into the door, the Zhang family stood there in a daze, and there were people in the warm room.The first one to give is naturally the Ninth Prince of the Imperial Concubine, the Ninth Prince loves to eat chestnut cakes, but the Ninth Prince refused to eat the chestnut cake when the De Concubine handed it over.It is expected that the concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine concubine De concubine took a piece and ate it first, so that the people in the concubine imperial concubine s palace could feel at ease.In the past, the Ninth Prince might have picked up a piece to taste, but today the Ninth Prince really didn t have an appetite, so he left after sitting in the Defei Palace for a while.The Ninth Prince didn t eat, and the other princes and princesses didn t dare to do anything.After everyone left, Empress Defei was going to go around the garden, but she felt unbearable abdominal pain.The Empress Dowager said Even the Supervisor of Rituals has been involved.This battle is really serious.You have worked hard for the Empress.As soon as the Empress Dowager finished speaking, the palace servants dragged the female officials of Yongchun Palace to the Empress Dowager.The queen mother said lightly Your empress is dead.This case involves the empress, noble concubine and concubine De.If you can t explain clearly, the three clans in your family will not leave a living person.If you explain clearly, the Ai family promises to let you Lao Tzu and mother will not be tortured, and will not harm the children of the family, do you understand This is the only chance.The female officer was stunned for a moment, until now she thought of the situation of herself and her family, and she burst into tears , After a long while, he nodded Slave said, tell them all.She liked to talk to Lu Wangfei, even if it was a trivial matter, but she was afraid of being questioned if she got too close.Mo Zhenren looked sideways at Zhuzhu, a thought suddenly flashed in her mind, the empress likes Zhuzhu so much, will she marry Zhuzhu Gu Mingzhu didn t see anything strange about her master.She rested her chin and thought about Nie Chen s progress, when she would be able to catch Zheng Ruzong, and it would be great if she could go and see Zheng Ruzong walked from dawn to dusk.After platinum cbd 500mg gummy bears changing the road and heading northwest, I saw soldiers and natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies horses of the imperial court several times on the official road.This time the court used a lot of manpower.The steward, the entourage reported, the lord sent someone to send a message, and he is telling us to go all the way to Yanqingwei.The lord will send someone to meet us there.Zheng Ruzong nodded, and now it seems that the only way to do it is the most appropriate.Chapter 457 Catching Turtles in the Urn Zheng Ruzong is resting in the woods.He can t go to the inn at this time.He doesn t know when he will be raided by the court.Although even if the court finds him, they probably won t find any clues, but at this time, we should be careful For the top.Zheng Ruzong leaned on the tree trunk and raised his head to look at the bright moon in the sky.They originally wanted to take down the Yongning Mansion and the Coastal Garrison, and then cbd gummies and blood thinners let the eyeliners set up in the palace stir up disputes between the imperial concubine and the Wei family, and make the Great Zhou court mess up again.If there is chaos, the Lord can launch a call to conquer the faint king.Once the imperial court investigates everything, it will be revealed, and his plans in northern Xinjiang for many years will eventually be seen.The reason why he didn t want to escape was that he was going to use the emperor s suspicion to entangle Wei Yuanchen to buy time for the emperor and his father.Now that the secret is known, everything has come to nothing.Whether his case will be tried or not It doesn t make any sense, and he doesn t seem to have any use Because the imperial court will send troops to northern Xinjiang, the troops he has placed in Daning can t just stand by and help the Lord win this battle.Once the war is fought, everything will be clear, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners there is no need for so called evidence at all.Wei Yuanchen won.This person knows when to check carefully and when to take a risk.He just waits for the imperial court to attack the imperial warships from behind when they start a war with the rebels.If the situation is what he thinks, the imperial court will Send more reinforcements.Second Master Wei boarded another Cangshan boat, and Gu Chongyi could not hold back his words Don t die.Second Master Wei raised his eyebrows Chongyi, you owe me such a big favor, and you will have to pay it back in the future.He was obviously fighting for the imperial court, but in the end, he owed a debt.Gu Chongyi didn t bother to take care of that thing.The face of everyone in the Wei family probably grew on that thing s face, and Wei Sanye knew HCMUSSH cbd gummies and blood thinners the general situation and knew how to advance and retreat., will not do such a thing.Just as Gu Chongyi praised Wei Yuanchen in his heart, a gust of wind suddenly hit him and made him sneeze unexpectedly.Ms.Wang only felt that her legs were limp cbd gummies and blood thinners and weak, and the room was unusually quiet.Everyone was staring at her, as if she was the one who was going to be unlucky.Mama Wang swallowed several times, but she still couldn t calm down her heartbeat.Entering the side room, the natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies room was freezing cold, Mama Wang opened her mouth and said, Madam, what do you want to ask As soon as she finished speaking, she heard the sound of her teeth chattering.Gu Mingzhu said lightly Tell me, what have you done with that Xu Gui Knowing that Xu Gui is in cbd gummies and blood thinners contact with the second master of the Cui family, I Gu Mingzhu held the stove, looked at Mama Wang who was shaking into a ball and smiled slightly, she asked people to open the window, Mama Wang would naturally feel the chill, the colder the more Feel uneasy.Those documents, give her to Mr.Empress Wei has just reduced the expenses of the various palaces.There are frequent wars in the Great Zhou Dynasty.The money saved can be used to buy more military funds and give some pensions to the soldiers.Too extravagant kushly cbd gummies reviews is good for the current situation.Your Majesty, the female official said in a low voice, After the emperor went to court, Huang Chang recruited an envoy from the Imperial Hospital.Empress Wei nodded.It seemed that the emperor s condition had not improved.If the emperor could support it, he would never have revealed the slightest clue, lest she natures only cbd gummies reviews bad days cbd gummies and the Wei family have malicious intentions , if not for a certain degree of illness, he would never have invited envoys from the Imperial Hospital so frequently.The foreign enemies are strong, and the internal affairs are chaotic.Eldest brother and elder sister in law He said that if he had the opportunity, he would ask the Cao family for confirmation.Unexpectedly, the eldest brother would never come bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico back after this trip.The sister in law suspected that the death of the elder brother might be related to this case.Eldest brother took action, and sister in law asked me to help investigate this matter, and there is indeed an inside story, and she is determined to avenge elder brother.Hearing this, Zhou Zesheng stared at Zhou Zejing Eldest sister in law trusts you, but you told the Cao family in private, that s why Cao s Someone will kill my sister in law.No, no, Zhou Zejing hurriedly said, No, I didn t tell the Cao family, I just let people watch my sister in law, and found that my sister in law went to the cbd 300mg gummies alley in Dongcheng by herself, and there was a place in that alley.She was in prison six years ago, and she was not convicted by the court to thank Rong Niangzi.Mistress Rong refused to bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico admit that she had seen her during the trial, which prevented her from being cbd thc gummies blood pressure fully involved in the conspiracy case.Gu Mingzhu looked at cbd gummies at gnc store the flames in front of her through the fence.There are only Zhou Zesheng, Feng Anping, Gu Mingzhu, Chu Jiu, and Liu Su in the room.Gu Mingzhu didn t hide it It s not appropriate to disturb the Cao family now.We must suppress the case first.When Mr.Su comes, we must try our best to convince Mr.Su.When we have evidence, we will take down the Cao family in one fell swoop.Feng Anping probably knew the reason, but Miss Jiang s voice was more serious than he thought.Gu Mingzhu said Currently the northern border and the coastal areas are at war, and if there is any chaos in Beijing, I am afraid that the imperial court will have no time to take care of it.At that time, the eldest prince was obsessed with listening to music and appreciating dances at a young age, which aroused the emperor s dissatisfaction.Only by letting the emperor always hate the eldest prince, could her son have a chance to inherit the throne in the future.This is a situation that she has worked so hard to achieve, how can is ree drummond selling cbd gummies cbd gummies and blood thinners it be destroyed by Zhou Zecheng like this She tried to persuade her, hoping that Zhou Zecheng would stand by her side.She thought that Zhou Zecheng would agree to help her because of his old relationship.Who knew that Zhou Zecheng regarded herself as the eldest prince s party by virtue of lecturing for the eldest prince, and if she insisted on finding out the whole matter, she had no choice but to get someone to deal with Zhou Zecheng.If there is a cause, there will be an effect.Master Ge, Nie Chen, and Liu Su have all done meritorious service, and it s his turn this time, otherwise the younger siblings in the future will definitely not accept him as the fifth brother.Zhu Wudao Here we come.The two of them were talking but kept watching the situation on the battlefield.Seeing the smoke and dust from the horseshoes coming towards this side, Lu Guang and Zhu Wu quickly left the pit, one left and one right Separate the two sides, and after Master Wei brings the rebels over, they will pull Mokuo.In the midst of battle.Although the soldiers and horses brought by Wei Yuanchen were brave, they were too far behind the number of rebels after all.In addition, King Liang personally led the rebels to siege, so Wei Yuanchen s surprise attack soldiers and horses soon fell into a hard fight.No I don t know, maybe it was hidden by the Wei family.No.Liang Wang shook his head, no, these firearms are wrong.Amidst the thick smoke, King Liang couldn t see the real situation on the battlefield clearly for a while, so he urged him to go forward and calm down to wait and see.There was the sound of firearms exploding again, but no one or horse was blown up to the sky.It s fake, King Liang said suddenly, Those firearms are not that powerful.It just released more thick smoke and noise, the purpose was to make the soldiers panic, and then Wei Yuanchen rushed how long do cbd gummies affect you in with his men to fight.This firearm is more like that used by horse thieves and bandits to intimidate wealthy businessmen and bodyguards when they rob.It is not so lethal because of insufficient gunpowder and saltpeter.The Wei family didn t have so many things in their hands, so they could only pretend to intimidate people s hearts.Brother Chen.Mrs.Li was afraid that she would waste too much time, so she hurriedly called Wei Yuanchen, but when Wei Yuanchen was mentioned, it was difficult to continue.Empress Wei nodded and said with a smile, Let s talk in the inner hall , except for one female officer left in the inner hall, all the others withdrew.Empress Wei pulled Mrs.Li to sit down, and then went to look at Wei Yuanchen.Her child has grown up, not only grown up but also majestic, able to capture King Liang alive and quell the war.Back then when she gave birth to the baby, she was carried away from her arms before she had time to look at it carefully.Later, when her elder brother brought him into the palace, she did not dare to put too much energy on him, for fear of arousing others suspicion.Now I can finally look at him without any scruples.Gu Chongyi hurriedly looked at his wife, but his wife turned her head away from him, her face was full of disgust.Grandfather, Gu Mingzhu stepped forward and said, Granddaughter will also accompany you to talk.Gu Chongyi looked at the smiling Zhuzhu, with tears in his heart, and his daughter is caring.Such a good daughter is about to get married, and in the days to come But how can he live.Lin Qicheng agreed Then we two, grandparents and grandchildren, will go for a walk in the garden.He also wanted to ask carefully how Zhuzhu recovered from her illness.No temple.Watching the figure of the old and the young disappear, Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin Madam, do you think it s not easy for my father in law to understand me, so don t care about me First snatched someone s daughter, and then quietly married someone s granddaughter, just want to escape easily like this Mrs.He was faced with two choices, either to destroy the Wei family immediately, or to slowly pay attention to the behavior of the Wei family and the situation of this child in the future.He was inherently indecisive, and faced with cbd gummies and blood thinners such a thing, he chose the latter.Later, the emperor favored the imperial concubine and did many wrong things.The whole court complained about the emperor, and the emperor framed the Wei family through the case of the second prince.Then he heard the news that Wei Congcheng was dead and Empress Wei was grounded, and he was angry with the emperor s actions.If it wasn t for the Wei family emperor, how could he succeed in ascending the throne This shows how cold the emperor is, he really doesn t want to help the emperor to do evil, so he simply puts this matter aside and ignores it.It was said that this portrait was for Miss Zhou s husband s family, I believed it to be true, but later on Wednesday when the master slipped his mouth, I found out that the portrait was used for another purpose, if I knew it in advance, I would never dare to do this The painter said and knelt down , If he is cbd gummies to stop smoking as seen on shark tank really angered, his life will not be able to pass.Cui Zhen said indifferently Get up Go in first, I still have something to ask you.The painter didn t dare to neglect, and hurriedly welcomed Cui Zhen into the room.Cui Zhen sat down, and the painter was about to pour tea.No need, Cui Zhen asked directly, Is that the only portrait of Mrs.Zhou Have you painted another portrait for someone else How can a villain dare to do that.The Zhou family that the painter mentioned should be Zhou Qiye, Cui Zhen glanced at the painter indifferently Remember what I said today, if you let me know that you are deceiving me, I will definitely not take it lightly.Baotong got the news and spread it to the front yard.Gu Ziyan nodded and looked at Feng Anping next to him Don t be afraid, cousin, I won t be able to enter Wei s house for a while.But he brought a group of classmates here, all of whom were students from the Imperial College, and they could ask questions with their mouths open.If you can t answer the question, even if the royal relatives call the door for you, they won t open it Great Zhou Taimiao.Old King Qing handed the incense to Wei Yuanchen.At this moment, the royal family members present, Honglu Temple, and the officials of is ree drummond selling cbd gummies cbd gummies and blood thinners the Ministry of Rituals all held their breaths, and their eyes fell on Wei Yuanchen, wondering whether Wei Sanye would take it or not.Even the old King Qing s nervous hands trembled slightly.Wei Yuanchen calmly took the incense from the hand of the old King Qing, and followed the old King Qing into the main hall.Mrs.Li ordered the mother in charge When the second master comes back, lock him up and see how the Marquis of Xining plans to deal with him.The mother in charge responded Wei Congzhi got out of the carriage in desperation, and was led straight into the room by the steward.Second Master, Mrs.Tai has ordered that you don t want to leave the house until the Mu family s affairs are resolved.Wei Congzhi s face collapsed upon hearing the steward s voice.However, Mrs.Madam ordered, the steward handed the food box to the door, Before the Mu family decides what to do, you bad days cbd gummies can you travel with cbd gummies to mexico have to eat and drink well, don t lose weight, what if the Mu family is not satisfied Is this going to sell him Wei Congzhi said I want to see my mother.The steward sighed Second Master, you have caused a big problem, you d better live in peace In and out of the battlefield, the second master I m afraid he won t be able to beat him.

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