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She vaguely dreamed about the situation in her previous life.She carried the medicine bucket and walked in the dark and damp prison, and finally stopped outside a prison cell.There was a figure curled up on the haystack.In the mouth, the man refused to open his mouth in a coma.Eat, if you don t eat, you will really die.She cbd gummy cubes opened her mouth to persuade, but she didn t know if he heard it.His body was as hot as coals, and she pressed her cold hand on his forehead, as if she was talking to him, and she seemed to be persuading herself There is hope only if you live.Miss.Baotong s voice came, Gu Mingzhu suddenly woke up.It s strange, she hasn t dreamed about her previous life for a long time, what happened tonight Are you really scared But she is obviously not afraid Chapter 10 News After thinking about it, Gu Mingzhu was completely awake.As soon as he got the liberty cbd gummies review autopsy document of the dead man in the cbd with melatonin gummies prison, he knew that something would happen in the next day or two, and the previous robbery case would come to light.The traces of the case layout are too obvious.Using a dead man who can reveal the can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes identity of the quarryman to kill people is tantamount to handing over clues to the Yamen.Cui Zhen rushed back to Taiyuan from Xuanfu, wanting to control the situation ahead of him, now that he has some clues, the Cui family will naturally take action, so he asked Chu Jiu to stay at Cui s house.A lot of things really happened in the Cui family.The female family members of the Huaiyuanhou family moved away from the Cui family.Cui Zhen s personal guards kept staring at Master Cui Si.For a woman, even if she has plans, her actions are limited.Nie Chen paused deliberately when he said this.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes The case of the government office is more careful than what you said.Nie Chen couldn t help sighing to himself, no wonder Marquis Dingning was so cautious, and he didn t hesitate to use ordinary people to do things.Without saying a word, he wanted to pour beans like a bamboo tube and pour himself out.Nie Chen had no choice but to get to the point My master found some clues that the government didn t know.The Pearl Thief brought Ao Cang out The rice grains were secretly distributed to the people.How much such things as rice grains could be moved out by one person at a time, he risked going to and from Ao Cang several times overnight.Store grain in the warehouse, if the grain is robbed by bandits, the people in the city will starve to death.Lin could not stop her, and said with a straight face, The prison is not a place where people live.If you find out earlier, you can get the fourth child out.Cui Si The wife nodded, and pulled Gu Mingzhu out of the main room.Mrs.Lin also went out, Fourth wife, give Zhuzhu to me I ll take her back to eat some snacks.The fourth master hasn t come back yet.You have a lot of things to do in the house, so how can you take care of them Fourth Mrs.Cui Hearing this, tears came down Mrs.Lin, you are still persuading me at this time.If those things are really related to my master, I don t know how to face you.Master Huaiyuan was punished for losing his horse.The Golden Pagoda Temple was almost murdered, I Seeing Mrs.Cui Si s appearance like this, Mrs.Lin sighed The case has not been investigated yet, so you don t cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg have to worry too much.As for why there is such a situation, it is the result of the two tigers fighting between the prince and the Wei family.Even if the prince wants to liquidate in the future, he will not find the Cui family.Cui Zhen had thought of this a long time ago.Otherwise, he would not have come to Taiyuan Mansion.He has been in charge of soldiers and horses for so many years.If he easily fell into the trap set by others, the situation of the Cui family would not be what it is today.With his support, the Cui clan has re prospered.Cui Wei called the lieutenant general at the gate in It s not too late, let s take troops to that village to arrest people immediately.The Cui brothers were commanding the troops in the government office, and the news reached best cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen Lu Shenzhi directly.Lu Shenzhi couldn t help clenching his hands tightly, is Marquis Dingning going to those villages Cui Zhending must have discovered some clues.The village is related, so as not to bring disaster to the village.Anyway, they are all refugees, and their household registration is not here.As long as they don t open their mouths, the yamen can t find out, but they forgot one thing, Mr.Lu knows their relationship with the village, and Mr.Lu regrets that he wants to deal with the people in the village.Can t escape.Is that Lu Shenzhi the man next to the old woman couldn t help but said, He accused Mr.Zhang and the others and traded our heads for wealth.Mrs.Chen immediately shook her head Lord Lu is not like that kind of person, And after Zhang San was arrested, the yamen never came to look for me.Mentioning this, everyone in the courtyard became vigilant.The soldiers and horses from the yamen just went into the mountain to search, the man said, how did they know about our place I don t greenhouse cbd gummies scam believe it was Zhang Sange and the others who confessed, so it seems that only Lu Shenzhi is there.At this old age, don t you want to enjoy the family relationship Your two wives, Mrs.Zhou Needless to say, it was a calamity, and it almost brought disaster to our family before we got through the door.The Zhang family is also a medicine jar, as long as it can be used, my mother will not interfere with it.My mother is dedicated to overcoming thorns and thorns for you, but she will be killed.People take advantage of her, and now even the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion dares to step cbd gummy cubes on my mother.Cui Zhen frowned slightly when he heard this Mother went to find my aunt Mrs.Lin s face was full of resentment Sisters of the same clan met This kind of thing is still on the sidelines, and now you have sent Mama Yu to the clan, and you have confirmed my fault, I don t know how many people will be waiting to laugh at me.The master is afraid that she and the two children will not be able to keep her, so he wants the Lin clan to protect them, it is really considerate for them.But she really wanted to stay in Taiyuan Mansion, at least she could feel the trouble immediately.In short, no matter who comes to pick her up, she will not leave.The only thing she worries about is Zhuzhu.When the critical moment comes, she will send Zhuzhu away.Please take good care of Zhuzhu.Ma am, the Marquis of Dingning is here.Madam Lin was taken aback, the Cui family was in a mess at this time, why did the Marquis of Dingning come here Gu Mingzhu looked at Cui Zhen who was standing on the corridor.Cui Zhen seemed to be staring at the bamboo dragonfly in her hand.It was strange.Why did this person come to visit suddenly Did you notice something Lord Hou.The whip was urgent and hard, causing his cbd gummy cubes flesh to burst open immediately, Lu Shenzhi couldn t help but let out a muffled groan.Then a cold voice sounded.The evidence of Lu Shenzhi s collusion with bandits to rob merchants is convincing.Seven years ago, he worked in Taiyuan Prefecture.I m afraid he was also involved in the Pearl Bandit case.Now that bandits have become entrenched in the mountains, immediately send me a secret letter to Beijing to ask the imperial court to mobilize the guards.All the soldiers HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes and horses go into the mountains to suppress the bandits.If there are bandits who dare to stand up and resist, they will be killed.Chapter 30 Interrogation Lu Shenzhi was calm after hearing the first half of the sentence.Seven years ago, when he decided to steal food relief with the Pearl Thief Thinking that there will be a day when people act as thieves behind an official s back, no matter how good the cover up is, there will be a day when they will be caught and caught, but as long as the people get the relief food, it will be worth it.Stamping feet, throwing things, nothing big can happen.Without that composure and majesty, it does look a little milky.Master Wei obviously heard the movement from their side, Ruifeng narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a bit of vigor.The girl next to Gu Mingzhu glanced at her, and said in a low voice, Why does it smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes seem to be a bit fierce Couldn t the combination be milk fierce, milk fierce.Gu Mingzhu suppressed the laughter that was about to burst out, but her shoulders shook twice uncontrollably, and then stopped talking with the girls around her in moderation, so as not to provoke Master Wei into a rage.Just now when she came out of the inner room, she found that Ziyuan was no longer in the room, she should have been taken away by the guards around Mr.Wei, obviously Mr.Wei had made arrangements nearby.He would throw her to the guards and ask her after what happened cbd gummy cubes tonight.Wei cbd gummies hong kong Yuanchen s eyes fell on the wet doctor s body, and then he couldn t help frowning.The doctor didn t know when she tore off the corner of her skirt and put it on her head, like a female ghost crawling out of the lake.If someone saw such a thing in the dark, they would probably be scared out of their wits.The power fence she was wearing fell off when she fell into the water, so she was afraid that people would see her appearance.He was originally a small person, but he was as cunning as a fox, so it was hard for him is it legal to give your child cbd gummies not to care.Seeing Master Wei s unkind cbd gummy cubes eyes, Gu Mingzhu immediately pointed to the big boats and painting boats in the lake.There was chaos there.Instead of catching her little shrimp, it s better to catch those big fish.Lin s oral message to Cui s family.This situation made her a little discouraged Even so, the ultra premium cbd gummies conversation must continue Going on, Mrs.Zhou said The Wei family went to Taiyuan Mansion, took down the Tongzhi of Taiyuan Mansion silently, used lynching, beat Lu Tongzhi to pieces, and he was only half breathed, but he didn t find any fault., just put it back.Mrs.Lin s spine went numb when she heard that.Mrs.Zhou said The Wei family beat someone to death in Beijing, Madam has heard about it Mrs.Lin nodded, but it was cbd gummy cubes cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank all rumors, no one knows what the inside story is Mrs.Lin remembered You said Mrs.Cui Si s younger brother Mrs.Wednesday nodded with worry in her eyes Master Wei has taken over the robbery case, everyone cbd gummy cubes in the Taiyuan government office will listen to him, and he will where can i get cbd gummies near me go to Cui Si.The clan took away Mrs.Gu Mingzhu understood everything when she heard cbd gummy cubes this, Mrs.Zhou was using her property to attract Mrs.Lin s favor, and Mrs.Lin probably also liked the two places bought by Zhou s family.Zhuangzi, plus the theory of geomantic omen, may not be able to arouse the interest of Mrs.Lin Tai.If Mrs.Lin wants the Zhou family to give her up, it is considered what are the strongest cbd gummies that she has established friendship with the Zhou family.For Cui Zhen, the Zhou family really took great pains.However, buying Zhuangzi at this time, and it is next to Mrs.Lin s land, is there any mystery in it It made her feel a little strange that Zhou s family members came to Taiyuan Mansion to deliver clues.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, cbd gummy cubes when the steward came to report Ma am, the miracle doctor that Hou Ye invited in the capital has arrived.The government officials could mobilize the soldiers and horses of the guards to come to the boat to arrest people.This is not normal.After Yan Hao was caught by Mr.Jiang, the magistrate Han really went out of the yamen to Mrs.Lin Zhuangzi.Yan Hao was forced to become a murderer by Mr.Jiang, and he needs to be caught by the government to make everything look logical.At this point, the prefect of Han could no longer hide his tail.He also ordered Lu Shenzhi to stay in the yamen.Lu Shenzhi is a co magistrate of Taiyuan Mansion and is familiar with the affairs of the yamen.Lu Shenzhi is aware of any changes made by the officials of the yamen today, best hemp gummies cbd and these people will be interrogated.Who promoted these people and who they were related to will also become an important part of the evidence.Wei Yuanchen and Feng Anping Everyone in this village must be guarded, including the female family members of the Cui family and the Zhou family.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, Nie Chen said, Forgive me, Master Wei.My junior sister will be nervous when talking to outsiders.She always tells me, and I will relay it for her.A brother who always thinks about his juniors.The play was so real.Wei Yuanchen sat down and told Nie Chen and others Sit down and cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg talk slowly.There is still some time before dawn, he is not in a hurry, presumably she is the same, anyway, the secret way will disappear without seeing the light, she just needs to take advantage of it.No one is paying attention, if you go home, change your clothes, and then look back at the is cbd gummies legal in canada eldest lady again, it won t arouse the suspicion of others.Nie Chen said Junior Sister has heard from Master that there is a kind of mechanism lock.It looks like a lock, but it is actually a mechanism that hurts people.Lin s carriage, and they don t know what is on the carriage.Do you want to go and see Mrs.Lin was afraid that her oroscbd cbd gummies mother would not help, so she would try every means to get her mother involved.She thought of this, but she didn t know what method Mrs.Lin would use.Baotong said I ll send someone to bring some tea to the two mothers in charge.When the mother in charge lowers her head to drink water, the young lady will definitely be able to board the carriage.The master and the servant were working separately, and when the mother in charge was smiling and receiving the tea, Gu Mingzhu turned around and flashed into the carriage lightly, the Cui family didn t notice anything unusual.Baotong looked at the eldest lady and couldn t help but wonder in her heart, her eldest lady is really powerful, even if she was not born in a noble family, she can still enter the mountains and become a queen.Wei Yuanchen s gaze was slightly deep, and before he exposes her, maybe he will think about it, her intention of doing this, don t even think about it now, Gu Mingzhu came here on purpose HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes to disrupt the situation, she must know some news.Ninth day.Wei Yuanchen called out.Chu Jiu immediately stood in front of Miss Gu reluctantly.The third master treated him very well.He would always be asked to do such unpopular things.Zhuzhu, what are you doing Mrs.Lin just arrived and took Gu Mingzhu s hand.Wei Yuanchen looked carefully, Mrs.Lin s expression was natural, her brows were worried and anxious, it didn t seem fake, could it be that Mrs.Lin really didn t know her daughter s true face Even her mother was lied to, Miss Gu is really extraordinary.My officer said that no one is allowed to enter during the interrogation of Lin Runzhi.Really down to earth, happy, and don t have to guard against anyone.After eating, Cui Zhen and Mrs.Lin went to talk in the main room, and Gu Mingzhu naturally followed.Cui Zhen raised his head My mother brought Lin Runzhi to the door to force my aunt to intercede for Mrs.Zhao Gong Mrs.Lin thought for a moment I don t know much about this case, I m afraid I might do something wrong, I don t know if the Zhao family cbd gummy cubes is real Buying and selling war horses privately, if it is true, you should find out the facts, after all, your uncle is HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes guarding the pass at Suzhou Guard Auntie is right, Cui Zhen said, It is cbd gummy cubes because of uncle guarding the border, these things need to be investigated more carefully, mother is acting so recklessly , will even arouse suspicion for his uncle, but since the Zhao family found out the account, the Zhao family opened the shop in Taiyuan Prefecture again, it must be for transit purposes, those war horses probably entered Dazhou from the northwest pass, and the northwest will Someone must know cbd gummy cubes the inside story.After waiting for a long time, he finally heard the sound of the piano.After hearing this song, he today I cbd gummy cubes will be able to sleep peacefully at night.The steward did not dare to neglect, and immediately placed screens on both sides of the banquet.The screen was set HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes up, and immediately there were women walking towards this side.The cbd gummy cubes figures of the women passed by in front of everyone s eyes, and quickly sat behind the screen.Through the gauze, Gu Mingzhu saw Master Wei with a stern face sitting not far away.The prince s mansion is magnificent, and in the huge main room, there is azure soft smoke hanging down.There are delicious wines and delicacies on the table.His eyes gradually lost their clarity.Mr.Wei sat upright, no matter how you looked at it, he was out of place with this banquet.After everyone entered the door, the people at the banquet would more or less glance at him, but Mrs.As Mrs.Lin thought about this, the more she felt in a trance, she always felt that it was not real, maybe what she saw with her eyes was different from what she saw in reality.Putting these thoughts aside for the time being, Madam Lin looked at Cui Zhen again Why don t you talk to Mr.Wei, maybe Mr.Wei can think of a solution for both.Cui Zhen picked up the tea bowl on the table and brought it to his mouth but didn t drink it., He raised his head Wei Yuanchen is hostile to me and won t help.Why Mrs.Lin said, You have political disagreements with the Wei family No, Cui Zhen was very sure, The two of the Wei family The masters have all served in northern Xinjiang.I met Mr.Wei when I first entered the military camp.It s different when we meet.Gu Mingzhu had never heard of the grievances between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen, and hearing about it today is considered a windfall.It sounds like Mr.Wei has no dissatisfaction with the people in the market.Nie Chen moved back step by step, and was about to turn around and leave when he reached the door.The reason you work for Cui Zhen is not just to investigate this case, is it Wei Yuanchen s cold voice cbd gummy cubes came If you get a client like Marquis Dingning, you will continue to do business in the future.The person who let it go said that she had no such plan, but he would never believe it.Nie Chen s smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes back was a little stiff, and his subconscious nervousness must not have escaped Mr.Wei s eyes.He simply didn t explain it, and waited for Mr.Wei s next words.Wei Yuanchen said coldly It s true that people in the market need to support their families and start a business.I hope you can distinguish the importance.Chu Jiu s heart trembled.Cui Zhen turned his head and met Mrs.Lin s eyes, I decide that Cui Zhen, Marquis of Ning, committed suicide in front of his father s cbd gummy cubes grave, so he can be regarded as a minister and a son.Both loyalty and righteousness.Seeing the light shining in her son s eyes, Mrs.Lin was shocked for a moment, but soon she remembered that she still had her second smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes son here.Mrs.Lin Tai struggled to look at Cui Wei Brother Wei My brother Wei, so the mother only has you as a child.Cui Wei was also frightened, watching Cui Zhen s trembling lips, speechless After a while, he cried out with tears in his eyes Brother The Cui clan stepped forward and took the dress for Mrs.Lin Tai, and then walked out the door with Mrs.Lin Tai who kept shouting.With mother on one side and elder brother on the other, Cui Wei no longer cared about talking to Cui Zhen, turned around and chased after him.They owe too much.The crown prince kindly asked Mrs.Lin Madam, please let someone prepare to return to Beijing with us earlier It can be regarded as a little help along the way.If you have any difficulties, please tell me.I will arrange someone to do it for Madam.Lin Madam said Thank you, Your Highness.The prince led people to discuss the matter, Cui Zhen walked up to Madam Lin I will ask the guards to take my aunt and cousin home, and I will arrange the rest.Madam Lin nodded.After getting into the carriage and returning to the Gu family s courtyard, Mrs.Lin let cbd gummy cubes out a long sigh of relief.The case is settled this time, right Afterwards, there should be less worry and fear.I don t know if Hou Ye has received any news.Hou Ye will be happy to know that the case has a clue the capital.Marquis Huaiyuan came out of the palace with a somewhat gratified expression on cbd gummy cubes his face, he did not expect the case to progress so quickly.What happened in the princess mansion will soon reach the ears of the imperial concubine, and the relationship between him and Huairou seems to be blocked by something, maybe it is suspicion, maybe it is the barrier of status and rules.When Huairou asked him why he came to Shanxi, he didn t say anything.First, he didn t want Huairou to be involved, and he was afraid that the imperial concubine would find out the inside story through Huairou.Second, the only people who knew that he had found his mother were those around him.He now except Mr.Lu With a few entourages, he doesn t trust anyone.Cheng Yi first broke free from these thoughts Mr.is worried that the crown prince and Huairou are also going east Mr.Lu nodded The person who kidnapped the wife brought the son in law here.What s the point We don t know anything about the plot, especially now that we are being sent together with the prince in chariots and horses I am always uneasy.Baotong didn t care to talk to Chu Jiu, and hurriedly chased Gu Mingzhu away.Chu Jiu couldn t help but click his tongue, seeing the Wu Hei Chicken s relaxed appearance, the food of the Gu family must be very good, after leaving Taiyuan Mansion, the Wu Hei Chicken looked depressed.He thought it was because he left the reed chicken next door, and he was sad and refused to eat it.Only now did he know that this foodie thought the grass and insects on the road were not good.This is a chicken that dislikes the poor and loves the rich.The people in the Eastern Palace outside also retracted their necks, completely losing interest in the matter in front of them.When the courtyard became quiet again, Zhou Zesheng said Is this the eldest lady of Huaiyuanhou s family She seemed to be suffering from dementia, at least now he didn t feel anything strange.Who is that What is he trying to do Protect His Highness the Crown Prince.Donggong s personal guard drew out a sharp weapon and drove forward to surround the Crown Prince.Are you planning to rebel someone yelled.The only response to them was a wave of feathered arrows above their heads.The prince pulled out the cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg long sword at his waist in a panic, and he turned to look at Mr.Shen How could there be an ambush in Yangwuyu Who is that Mr.Shen was also full of panic I I don t know, it was fine before Protect Your Highness and leave first.The guards resisted the arrows and tried to lead the prince forward to escape.The prince didn t care to ask any more, he arched his body and huddled his head under the armpit of the guard and fled in a hurry.He didn t have many people with him, so he was definitely not a match cbd gummy cubes for these people.The people are needed to help.This Nie Chen was also sent by Mr.Wei.Mr.Wei is really powerful.With so many capable people under his command, it s no wonder that the Wei family is proud of him.Mrs.Lin was thinking about it, when she turned her head and saw Zhuzhu standing not far away, as if she was listening carefully to what she was talking to the chief.Zhuzhu seemed is cbd gummy good for you to understand.Mrs.Lin hoped that Zhuzhu could understand, but these words were too difficult for Zhuzhu.When Liu Su came out of the room, Mrs.Lin stepped forward immediately, How is Mrs.Cui Si Liu Su said, I took the arrowhead, and applied a hemostatic powder.There was cbd gummy cubes blood in the room.Mrs.Lin looked at the blood stained cloth towel in the basin, from which she knew how dangerous it was to take the arrow.Will Fourth Mrs.Cui get better While speaking, Mrs.Huaiyuanhou knew that there was something wrong with her mother in law for a long time, and she also knew that it was dangerous at this time, but she still lent me the guard and followed the convoy cbd gummy cubes all the way cbd gummy cubes to the capital.I only think about myselfthey made a mistake because of this, and I will never be safe in my heart.I cbd gummy cubes know, Cheng Yi said, Donggong Tao Duo left a team for us when he left, and we solved this problem.After the rebels, I am also preparing to rescue the team that is going to Beijing, I just don t worry about the princess.I didn t expect the princess to say these words before him.It turned out that the son in law also prepared in the same way.Princess Huairou breathed a sigh of relief Now I have a carriage, let the mother in law get in the car and I will take care of it.The son in law will immediately go to inquire about the news and find out where the Marquis of Huaiyuan and the others are.After beheading three people in a row, the soldiers and horses of the rebel army began to retreat.I can t get out of the siege.Yang heard the shouts from the people around him, and they seemed to be crazy.Who is it Yang asked, Where did the reinforcements come from Until now, she didn t even know who the other party was.It was not the people around him who answered Yang, but a deep and firm voice not far away.The descendant of the guards who guarded Yulin twelve years ago, the son of the Zhao family you kidnapped, and the husband of Princess Huairou you want to capture, I, Cheng Yi.Hearing these words, Yang s back felt a chill, Cheng Yi s words The meaning couldn t be more clear, each of his identities would not allow her to leave here.Yang didn t understand, why did Princess Huairou and her son in law come amazon cbd gummies with melatonin here Shouldn t they protect the princess and leave this place The princess is much more important than the female relatives of Xungui s family.The war horse hissed, and the horse s legs couldn t stand the heavy blow and immediately fell to the ground.The prince on horseback was unstable and fell to the ground.The prince s hands were bound, unable to struggle at all, he could only shout Save Before Bengong could say the words, he had already fallen to the ground.The prince heard a crisp bone breaking sound from his nose, followed by a large amount of blood pouring out of his nasal cavity, he had to open his mouth to pant, in the confusion he seemed to be kicked twice by a horse s hoof, just when he felt that he was about to be kicked by a horse s hoof When he was trampled to death, someone finally stretched out his hand and hemptrance cbd gummies dragged him up from the ground.The prince raised his head and saw that it was Lin Sizhen.Seeing that Lin Sizhen was about to bring him back to the horse, the spear stabbed at him again, Lin Sizhen hastily let go of his hands to dodge, cbd gummy cubes and as a result, the prince fell to the ground again.Suddenly, hearing Zhou Ruzhang say this, he couldn t help but widen his flying with cbd gummies 2021 eyes, Which tribe are you talking about Zhou Ruzhang said It s the seventh uncle in the family.The seventh uncle came to our house to make a noise before.I have some impressions.Although I only saw it once, I think it is very similar.Why is Zhou Qi here Mrs.Wednesday subconsciously thought it was unlikely, but she had encountered too many strange things recently, maybe Zhang s sister was right.But Zhou Qi hated them because of Rujun, how could he save them Liu Su took care of Zhou Zesheng s wound, and then found Miss Gu and reported carefully The injury on the head is a bit serious, and the blood loss is too much.In addition, I have been too tired these days, and the whole person is not too clear.If he didn t wake up, cbd gummy cubes wouldn t he be hurt a bit How s Zhou Qiye s pulse Gu Mingzhu asked.Zhou Zesheng drank it all down, and then handed back the empty bowl to Wei Yuanchen There is no need to take care of the Zhou family s women, I have natural native cbd gummies already done what I have to do, and it is the can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes best of humanity.After one pass, no cbd gummy cubes matter how shameless the two brothers of the Zhou family are, he really can t see the woman being humiliated.Zhou Zesheng rested for a while, and felt much better, so he asked Chu Jiu and others to send him back to his residence.Wei Yuanchen sat on the table and read the official documents, and before he knew it, it was time to light the lamp.Third Master, take a rest, Chu Jiu said, Liu Su has brought soup again.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyelids, there were a few more lotus seeds in the red date and astragalus soup, and after he slapped him, he wanted to use it A few lotus seeds to buy, is that worth a slap in her heart Qi Ye s soup is also sent, Chu Jiu emphatically reminded, There are no lotus seeds.The chariots and horses of the female relatives continued to move forward without stopping.Gu Chongyi turned his head to ask Wei Yuanchen about the situation in the East Palace, and found that Wei Yuanchen happened to be walking over.Seeing Wei Yuanchen s handsome and noble demeanor, Gu Chongyi couldn t help praising him.After all, it was the Wei family.The old man Wei once commanded the military governor s cbd gummy cubes mansion of the five armies, and was named grand master before his death.Doctor Rong Lu, even if there is no empress, this kind of honor is the only one since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Needless to say, Wei Taishi s courage, if Wei Shangshu hadn t advocated asking the court to repair the old roads leading north from Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places, he would cbd gummy cubes not have hoarded a large amount of food and salaries for Dazhou to deal with the invasion of northern Fans.The steward s mother turned her head to look at the clerk next to her.Since the clerk has come, she won t give up until she sees someone.If this stalemate continues, she might not look good.Moreovershe also inquired about the news, and the two merchants recognized him.In order to be the young servant of the Yuan family, that young servant is also the son of the steward Zhu next to the uncle, it may not be easy for the madam to get rid of the relationship.What s more, Manager Zhu was also arrested, and she saw that the situation outside was not good for them.The steward s mother thought in this way and said in a low voice Madam, may the steward and his son have been arrested, and they also captured the man from the north.Yuan frowned, with a surprised expression on her face How is that possible.I asked her to learn from female celebrities, but she refused, and she refused to listen to me when I asked her to tune the piano.Later, she gave her marriage to the present emperor.I started sewing to be a female celebrity, and the things I made couldn t be used I just raised cbd gummy cubes cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank my head and looked can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes at me pitifully.Mrs.Li said and looked cbd gummies for mood disorder at Mrs.Lin What Mrs.Lin said just now is correct, why do women have to learn those things I still regret it now, why don t you just leave her alone, let her read if she wants to read Mrs.Lin hurriedly said My Zhuzhu is different from others.What is the difference Mrs.Li said, I think Zhuzhu is very considerate by Madam s side.Mrs.Li mentioned this, and Mrs.Lin cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg thought of Zhuzhu s care for her this trip to Shanxi, and she couldn t help revealing her true feelings That s right, many people thought I was taking care of Zhuzhu, but in fact it was Zhuzhu who protected me many times.Zhou Ruzhang knew that the Cui family didn t like the elder sister, and she also hated the elder sister from the bottom of her heart.If she enters Cui s house and dies unfortunately, she will naturally enter Cui s house.After the old lady Zhou finished speaking, cbd gummy cubes her voice suddenly changed But I can t understand now, what did you do in Taiyuan Mansion Why did Cui Zhen ask someone to bring your elder sister s spiritual seat into Beijing again Chapter 244 Help Zhou Ruzhang heard his grandmother s words, his eyes lit up immediately, and there was a bit of expectation in his heart.Grandmother, Zhou Ruzhang said eagerly, Did the Cui family say anything else Did they mention Zhou Ruzhang paused at this point, swallowing the rest of the words.Do you want to cbd gummy cubes say whether you and your mother were mentioned Mrs.Second brother, don t move, I ll get it.The girl ran up to him in a hurry, stretched out her hand to grab the string in Cui Wei s hand, knowing that it was illegal, she hooked the string on Cui Wei s loop.Seeing that she couldn t take it off, Gu Mingzhu became even more anxious, messing around with it, and twisted the string tighter and tighter.Zhuzhu, don t worry, Cui Wei said while stopping, I ll do it, I ll do it.For some reason, the entangled strings seemed to be against him, Cui Wei pulled the strings together.Pulled it down, Zhuzhu pulled it again, and the other end was hooked on his hair crown again.Seeing Cui Wei frantically plucking the string, Gu Mingzhu raised her head Second brother, the kite, the kite is about to fall.It s falling, it s falling The crisp voice kept coming Cui Wei s face was irritated, but he frowned and endured, Zhuzhu s illness is much better, isn t it It still looks the same today, and it even feels a little more stupid.Working with Mr.Wei is one of the benefits.There are people who are ahead, and cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg they only need to take advantage of the situation.Gu Mingzhu carefully looked at the Cheng family.The Cheng family hung up white lanterns, and the servants in the family wore plain clothes and filial piety.The yard was full of the smell of burning paper, incense, etc.The sky was already dark.Coupled with such a strong atmosphere, the entire Cheng family was shrouded in a bleak haze.In the middle, the cold wind blew past, and the servant standing in the yard shivered uncontrollably.In Yuan s main room, there was the sound of swallowing and shouting.It was the servant girl and Mr.Cheng s concubine who were crying for Yuan.Madam, why did you leave like this Madam, why are you willing to leave the two little masters behind Immediately afterwards, the crying was interrupted by a burst of noise.Yachai said Something happened to the wife of this family.It is normal for someone to cry.There is no need to hide, unless that is not human The more I think about it, the more can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes scared I become.Looking at Madam Yuan s body, I always feel that she Staring at me, that s why I panic when I suddenly see vapor fi cbd gummies more people in the room.That s how it turned out.Liu Su said Why don t you take me to the green bamboo forest to have a look.In the room, Gu Mingzhu looked carefully at Yuan Shi s body.The appearance of Yuan Shi s death was a bit horrifying.Both her eyes were half opened, and her eyes were blood red.Those black eyes that had lost their luster stared can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes at everyone in front of her.Her face was red and purple.Some are blackened, and a slightly protruding tongue can be seen in the articulation.Gu Mingzhu looked down, and there was a scar on Yuan s neck, cbd living gummy rings review which spread upwards from the throat.Yuan s murder of Peng Liang was revealed, Yuan The madam was afraid that the old man would not defend her, and wanted to put the blame on her, so she had a fight with the old man, and then asked someone to invite her family to come, but the Yuan family did not show up for a long time, and Madam Yuan panicked , ordered someone to ask me to go there, asked me about Mrs.Zhao s murder, and promised me that as long as I told the inside story that I knew, I would promise to talk about a good marriage with Fourth Master in the future.Madam Yuan has always been considerate, and Second Master was less than ten years old.Zhang Luo started marrying Linjiang Mu s family at the age of 18, and it was always arranged properly, so I was naturally tempted.Hearing Aunt Gui s words, Cheng Erye couldn t help feeling sour when he thought of his mother s kindness to him, and tears flowed down his cheeks.Wei can let people in.Master Su, Wei Yuanchen said, you have to be prepared, Daning Dusina used to be the domain of Liang Wang.Sure enough, Su Fu sighed in his heart, what he was worried about had come to pass HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes so quickly.Daning Dusi is not only the domain of King Liang, but the second prince also wanted to use the troops of Daning Dusi back then, and the Wei family was also implicated because of this.In recent years, things involving Liang Wang s domain have been more bad than good.The wind and rain are about to come, and the house is full of wind and rain.In the past few years, the governor of Shuntian Mansion has been too stable, and there should be some storms.One can t be too dissatisfied.Thinking of this, Su Fu glanced at Wei Yuanchen, and said that the Wei family should be more afraid of touching on these things back then, if they were not cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg careful, they would be involved in it, Wei Yuanchen, a young man, is so safe, why should he panic.To be on the safe side, Gu Mingzhu looked at the food box on the table.Gu Mingzhu is a fifteen year old girl, she might as well be a little panicky, it suits her heart, thinking like this, she grabbed the food box and put the empty plates on the table into the food box, so that she can pretend to be The food box leaves from the duty room.Third Lord, Lord Gu is here.Please come in Wei Yuanchen just finished speaking when he saw the girl pick up the food box and was about to walk out of the house.How could he just let her leave like this, just to see if Master Gu knew about Zhuzhu.You Just as Wei Yuanchen opened his mouth, he saw the girl go back and forth, picked up the snacks on the plate, and stuffed them into his mouth very familiarly.Wei Yuanchen s mouth was blocked, and his voice stopped abruptly.Mrs.Lin said This is really I don t know how the second master Wei was injured.Even if the second master Wei didn t know how to punch and kick, he shouldn smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes t be injured too badly by the censor, and his father was by his side, and his father was at the critical moment.Will help.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, when the mother in charge came to report again The gift from the lotus alley is here.The lotus alley refers to Gu Chongyi s uncle s family.Mrs.Lin smiled Uncle Clan and the others are really well informed.After they came back from Shanxi, Uncle Clan has been watching from the sidelines.If the court didn t make a regulation, they wouldn t show up for a day.After all, it involves the prince.Who knows whether the final result will be rewarded or blamed.Now that Lord Hou is promoted, the clan uncle rushed to come.She should be concerned about her father, so she looked away thinking this way.It can t be her fault either, the two of them are already together, and they can t tell each other apart.She has been with cbd gummies for anxiety paypal purchase Baotong for a long time, and she probably also contracted an eye disease, staring at her side Gu Chongyi began to struggle , Wei Yuanchen was like a young wolf cub with great strength, he struck with a knife and gun more than ten times in a row, and the strength of the iron gun increased instead of weakening, and he seemed to be about cbd infused gummies legal in california cbd gummy cubes to lose.After all, he was born with great strength.He was why take cbd gummies taught martial arts since he was a child.He followed the path of a family, and his skills were particularly solid.Although he was not very powerful, he had inherited the heritage of the Gu family and had been taught by his old father in law.It is not difficult to cbd gummy cubes find Bai Gongren who is resting here.Baotong stepped forward and said in a low voice Miss, you have thrown me away.How could those mothers in charge run as fast as she and Miss.Gu Mingzhu looked forward, thanks to the daytime, otherwise it would be easy to get lost in the Taoist temple, now that she has come here smoothly, it will not be difficult to go further Bai Gongren took the medicine and lay down on the bed relaxedly.Originally, her body was tortured like a solid piece cbd gummy cubes of ice, but now that she took the medicine, the ice seemed to melt little by little, causing her to suffer completely.No, Bai Gongren let out a long breath of relief, at this moment she seemed to be able to get up from the bed and walk outside.Thinking of this, Bai Gongren struggled to sit up from the bed, and then moved his two withered legs.Of course, a very small amount of medicine may not be noticed by people, but after Bai Gong took the medicine she gave, he was already in a trance, and if he smelled the scent of datura flowers, he would definitely have hallucinations.She is very familiar with things like datura pollen and grass crow, so the smell cbd gummy cubes in the room is about to dissipate, and she can also catch the strangeness.Could it be Senior Brother Mo who brought the mandala pollen to the quiet room Speaking of Datura pollen, Sun Zhenren remembered a story.The Pearl Thief wounded the prefect of Han with a sleeve arrow in Shanxi.The medicine on the sleeve arrow was similar to a poison she had prepared by herself back then, but the wound of the prefect Han was already safe., it can be seen that the medicine on the sleeve arrow is not poisonous, she judged that it might be datura pollen.Mo Yangming couldn t help muttering If Ah chan is here, I will be happy with you.Gu Mingzhu raised her head Where is Ah chan Mo Yangming said She is gone.People s words messed up can cbd gummies make you feel dizzy his mood, or because of the little girl in front of him, Mo Yangming s mind was full of Ah Chan s figure.Mo Yangming said She also promised me that she would be happy and joyful at any time, but she did such a cruel thing by herself, and her sister, who was the one who got it Really, Mo Yangming remembered about the Gu family, Huaiyuan Hou accidentally uncovered the war horse case, Huaiyuan Hou s various empress dowagers did not go into details, but mentioned that Huaiyuan Hou s best cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen daughter, Gu Mingzhu, was born with dementia , nicknamed Zhuzhu.The apple of the eye.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not dislike their daughter suffering from dementia, just like Master Bai and his wife did not dislike A Chan back then.My lord, you miss Ah chan so much Gu Mingzhu looked at Mo Yangming.Mo Yangming came back to his senses.After so many years, no one asked her such a question in front niva cbd gummies price of her again, and she was detached from the world, and she had long been calm, probably because she I just asked Miss Gu a few words, so Miss Gu thinks this way.But Miss Gu is stupid, how can she be so smart Gu Mingzhu said I went to my grandfather s house, HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes and my mother came to pick me up like this.So that s the case, Mo Yangming smiled, she pretended to be indifferent, but she couldn t escape Chizi s eyes.Mo Yangming said I miss her very much.In front of a child, she didn t want to cover it up.Just as she was in a trance, Miss Gu sat on the wooden couch and read scriptures carved on the wall.How can a fool know how to read Gu Mingzhu turned her head Really, this What is written on it Mo Yangming said The South China Sutra.Bai Gong stood there blankly, thinking about the pain she experienced in those years.She was in severe pain.It was the wet nurse who helped her apply the medicine.Besides, there was also the master who took good care of her.When her wound rotted the last time, she wanted to die.The master kept comforting her and told her to persevere.It is impossible for these two people to betray her, and they will never betray her.Mo Yangming continued You Ever seen Ah Chan s ghost Bai Gongren was still lost in his own thoughts, and subconsciously nodded when he heard this Yes, I have.When you saw Ah Chan s ghost, was there anyone around Yes, the master is by my side.He can t see Ah Chan.Mo Yangming continued Then you can see the appearance of that ghost clearly Bai Gong shook his head She has disheveled hair, so she can t see clearly, but she is covered in blood, and she is dressed like Ah Chan.Mrs.Gu was startled.Ming Wan and Ming Lan came to see, they had long forgotten about Zhu Zhu who lives in Mo Zhenren s place.The old lady Gu said in a low voice If there is something wrong, the mother in charge of the Hou s mansion will come to report.Although there is a commotion here, Zhuzhu probably doesn t know how far it is from the wooden house.Madam Zhang is still worried Zhuzhu Different from others, I still have to go and have a smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes look to be at ease.Why bother Madam, said Mrs.Gu, she looked at the manager beside her, What are you still doing in a daze, why don t you go over and see the situation.Gu Minglan said I ll go with the steward.A smile appeared on Mrs.Zhang s face immediately, and she was about to praise Gu Minglan when Gu Mingwan said It s dark and the road is not easy to walk, my cbd gummy cubes sister should stay and take care of grandma, let me go.The third prince s concubine s expression changed, showing a little nervousness, and she immediately blurted out What imported goods What exactly is it Mother said I don cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg t know yet, I sent someone to ask.Where is Master Sun The third princess said, Go and call Master Sun here, there are these things in the Taoist temple, do Master Sun know about them Mo Yangming cbd gummies locally said How could she not know, I m afraid it will be difficult to find her for a while.The third concubine panicked in her heart.Wouldn t it be her fault Don t panic, said the third concubine, the matter is not clear, so don t have too much suspicion.Since someone has come to the yamen, we will deal with it properly.We are just female relatives, so we can t help you cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg at all.Stay here with peace of mind.That s it.After finishing speaking, the third concubine found that the people around her hadn t moved, and immediately said, Go and find Master Sun.I ll see you in a while, do you want to sincerely ask me to know The three year old child, with a face beyond his age, nodded, Got it.Okay, the mother in law urged, this is Your only way out, if the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion is willing to keep you, from now on you must remember the kindness of the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion, obey the arrangements of the Marquis and his wife, live honestly, and never think about other things.The child lowered his head and agreed.Okay, I cbd gummy cubes remember what you said.Chapter 304 Mrs.Tuo Gulin sat on a chair in the main room, and the steward invited the mother in law and the child in.As soon as the mother in law came into the house, she hurriedly saluted Mrs.Lin, and the three year old child also knelt on the ground.Mrs.Lin recognized that this was a member of the Lin clan.Although she was old, she was of the same generation as Mrs.Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly and came to Empress Wei, slowly lowered her head and said softly Your Majesty, the webbing in your sleeve is exposed.Empress Wei looked, and the webbing she hid in her sleeve really showed a head Well, thanks to this kid s sharp eyes, ordinary people probably wouldn t notice this.Empress Wei was about to take out the net, but she was pressed by a little hand just as she pulled out half of it Wrong Your Majesty You typed the net wrong.Empress Wei took out the net and put it on her lap Look, no difference was found.Gu Mingzhu saw that the top of the net was flat, but the back was a mess, and Fang Sheng on the net was crooked.Ma am, Gu Mingzhu said, Do you want to take the net apart and have a look, and cbd gummy cubes learn how to do it, but you can t make it back Gu Mingzhu said and glanced at the palace next to her.You will know when you come here more times in the future.There are too many people coming in and out.Even if there are more people, cbd gummy cubes they can t take care of them.The capital is better.The rest This is especially the case everywhere.In the Anjiyuan in central Beijing, dignitaries often come to send some food and clothing, and many barren lands can only live on the money issued by the imperial court.When there is a famine, the entrance of the Anjiyuan The poor people.As Mo Yangming said this, he suddenly heard several shouts.Don t come, don t come, I I don t know I didn t see anything.Mo Yangming followed the voice and walked quickly.Opening the curtain, I saw the child with injured ankle writhing in his father s arms.Bao er, Bao er, it s okay, Daddy is here, Jiao Zhong kept coaxing his child in his arms, Okay, everything is healed, the immortal saw your injury, can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes you will recover soon.She stared at Bai Jingkun with red eyes The Lu familyThe Lu family must have been arranged by Yuan Zhixing, you are weak and incompetent, how can you lead a caravan Youyou Bai Gong struggled and was about to hit the ground again.Bai Jingkun s face was full of snot and tears, cbd gummy cubes he looked at his sister blankly Auntie will not lie to me, she did not hesitate to elope with me and was almost beaten to death by cbd gummy cubes his father, we finally got together, she obeyed everything Me, she also gave birth to my flesh and blood, how could she harm me.Qiao Zheng couldn t help but said, Who is the concubine you are talking about Where is she After speaking, he realized that he was impatient, uncle and Wei Yuan Chen Du stood there quietly, and his emotions were completely influenced by this interrogation.Qiao Zheng broke out in cold sweat on his forehead.This can also explain why Aunt Zhen lives in Anjiyuan at such a young age.Gu Mingzhu felt that she should go back and ask Bao er carefully.Since Bao er reminded her to come here, she was worried about Aunt Zhen s situation.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu walked out quickly.Miss, why are how to make gummy bears with cbd you still in the house When everyone saw the dead person, they rushed to report to the steward in the yard, thinking that Miss Gu had already been escorted away.Gu Mingzhu lifted her skirt and ran around Anjiyuan, as HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes if frightened.All the way from the yard where the female relatives lived to the house where Baoer was recuperating.Bao er had just finished smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes drinking the medicine and was resting in his father s arms when he heard footsteps, and then he saw the young lady who was treating him leave and return.Dead.Jiao Zhong was about to best cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen talk to Miss Gu when she heard the lady speak.Before he could finish crying, they all left.He couldn t stay alone on a review cbd gummies dr oz happy day.Suddenly, a shadow of a person appeared in Wei Congzhi s mind Yes, to find Marquis Huaiyuan, the female family members of Marquis Huaiyuan were eating wine at his house, so he took the opportunity to accompany Marquis Huaiyuan, kushly cbd gummies stock so as not to be lonely In the palace.The noble concubine listened to the female official s report The empress dowager agreed, and asked the empress to send something to the wife of the Wei family to celebrate her birthday.It was the empress dowager again.Recently, the empress dowager seems to be very protective of Kunning Palace.Your efforts will be in vain.The noble concubine dropped the chess pieces in her hand on the chessboard Don t worry, I m about to finish this chess game.Didn t Wei Yuanchen find out some clues Tell Dali Temple to be more diligent, and wait for me to catch them all.Wei Congzhi was still intoxicated by the sound of his huqin, completely unaware that Master Gu had a ferocious face and wanted to strangle him to death here Gu Mingzhu returned to the room, clutching the purse Master Wei gave her in her hand.Master Wei gave her so many things, vena cbd full spectrum gummies and she didn t know where to hide them.If this continues, her mother will definitely find out.The purse is so well made, if it is sold, it should be able to sell for ten taels of silver.If you sell the silver and put it in your hand, it will not be discovered.Gu Mingzhu suddenly remembered the appearance of Mr.Wei sitting in the pavilion, and suddenly felt a little reluctanthe couldn t bear this purse.Put it up.Gu Mingzhu told Baotong.Handing the purse to Baotong, Gu Mingzhu unfolded the case of Ding Ninghou s wife, Mrs.So he dealt with the affairs of the village as soon as possible, and rushed into the capital with his things.Wei Yuanchen took two steps forward, blocking Zhenren Mo s sight, and handed the bag wrapped in white cloth to Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu was overjoyed, Master Wei went out and brought her something, which must be related to the current case.If it wasn t for Master being by her side, she would have praised Mr.Wei.Chapter 347 My family member Wei Yuanchen only felt a gust of breeze, and then the things in his palm disappeared.Her hands are really fast.After becoming Gu Mingzhu, she spent a lot of time practicing these things.She is so energetic.Apart from the case and Master Zhang and others in the prison, I don t know if she will think about anything else in the future.Wei Wei Yuan Chen paused for a moment before retracting his hand.Even if the new emperor is not empress Wei s own birth, he will not dare to lay hands on the mother clan of the empress dowager.Or maybe the young emperor will be established in the future, and the Wei family will assist the government It sounds like a foreign relative is powerful, but a foreign relative like the Wei family can accept it, at least the imperial concubine party can t compare it.A snowflake flew into Gu Chongyi s collar, Gu Chongyi felt a chill on his neck, and came to his senses, did he think too far Could it be that he really wants to stay with the Wei family all the time After Cui Zhen came in, Gu Mingzhu didn t want to stay in Mrs.Lin s house anymore.She would accompany her mother to hear what Mrs.Zhang would say in her mother s ear.She had to protect her mother so that she wouldn t know Unknowingly being used by others, now that Cui Zhen is here, Mrs.Cui Zhen didn t feel like sitting for a long time today, so he got up to say goodbye to Mrs.Lin.Looking at the figure cbd gummy cubes of Cui Zhen leaving in a hurry, Madam Lin felt a little sad, she was easily sentimental when she was pregnant, she always thought of the old Marquis Ding Ning when she looked at Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen left Huaiyuanhou s mansion, and was about to get on his horse, when the entourage came to report Second Master is back, and the eyeliner sent out said that Second Master went to meet some lieutenants of the Datong Guard.Cui Wei wanted this do what Cui Zhen frowned and ordered Go back to the mansion.A group of people hurried back to Dingning Hou s mansion.Cui Zhen had just stepped into the inner courtyard HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes when he saw Cui Wei walking around the courtyard with Mrs.Lin supported by him from a distance Seeing Cui Zhen, Cui Wei raised his head Brother is back, I see the plum blossoms are blooming today, and I specially accompanied my mother to enjoy the plum blossoms in the garden, do you want to go together Mrs.Wei Yeah.Mr.Wei replied, obviously knowing what she was talking about.Gu Mingzhu said That s why my lord saw Yuanxiao at that cbd gummy cubes time.Wei Yuanchen looked at her sideways, his eyes cbd gummies strawberry banana belts 100mg were as clear as spring water, and he nodded At that time, I knew that you must be related to that medical woman No wonder Master Wei stared at Yuan Xiao when he was in Gu s house, she rubbed Yuan Xiao s hair on Master Wei s face, and then bit him hard while Master Wei was not paying attention.The cbd gummies what to expect fire in the hearth roasted Gu Mingzhu s face, it was warm and hot, as if it was going to melt her.My lord, I m sorry at that time.Gu Mingzhu whispered, but in retrospect, she didn t feel regretful, but it was very interesting.Wei Yuanchen stopped It was only then that I realized that I would still be afraid of rabbit fur.Next time I use this method, the rabbit fur is fine, and I must never bite again.Mrs.Zhang said Did Hou Ye send someone to ask me about my current situation Yes, said the mother in charge, You forgot, Hou Ye sent someone here just now.Why Mrs.Zhang looked at Mrs.Lin.Could it be that she was thinking too much In fact, since knowing that Zhuzhu s condition has improved, she has been a little nervous cbd gummy cubes cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank to help Mrs.Lin take care of the inner house.Thinking about what Zhuzhu did with Mrs.Lin in Shanxi, it may not be easy for Zhuzhu to be good.Will Zhuzhu be like Master Gu, a person who is cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen always hiding his clumsiness Otherwise, how could the condition get better, and she would start stretching her hands and feet like this, she could see that many managers obeyed Zhuzhu s orders, the person in charge of the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion seemed to have changed suddenly, it was not Mrs Lin s handwriting at all, which made her feel a little strange , that s why she was flustered, she had to carefully sort out what happened recently, especially which Zou Lin and Zou Xiang, she had to ask someone to go to smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes the Lin clan to ask carefully.Jiang s mother was trembling, and Hou Ye began to punish her family can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes after entering the door.First, she pushed her son out and beat her ten sticks, and then cbd gummy cubes handed over her daughter in law to a few rough envoys, even her little grandson Her son was also guarded, and she was full of fear, and her intuition told her that it might not be easy for her to walk out of this door safely tonight.Mother Jiang s greatest fear was that until now, she still didn t know what Lord Hou wanted to ask her Master Hou, the steward entered the door to report, Madam is back.Cui Zhen put down the tea bowl in his hand and said calmly Send her back to the main house to rest, it s cold, don t let her go out again.Jiang s mother trembled even more , Master Hou meant to lock his wife in the house The steward didn t expect cbd sexual gummies Cui Zhen to give such an order, so he bent down and continued Madam is feeling a little uncomfortable, I d better let Mrs.The repeated blows and cbd gummy cubes lessons made her understand that she had already sent the person she cared about the most out of right and wrong.In this palace, she no longer has any weaknesses It s not that easy to deal with her Jiang Guifei raised the corner of her mouth slightly when she heard the news, revealing a smile.The female official said in a low voice Before, it was a cover up, but now it is an official decree.It seems that the empress of Kunning Palace will be abolished soon.You have waited for so long, and finally you have a clue.Concubine Jiang stood up.Walking to the warm cage, she had been hoping that the emperor would take this step Whether it is the current dynasty or the previous dynasty, as long as the book treasures are taken back and the feet are confined in the palace, the imperial edict will be issued next.The emperor looked at Huang Chang, Huang Chang already knew what the emperor meant, and hurriedly brought the commander of Long Jinwei outside the hall into the hall.The emperor said Lieutenant Long Jin led his troops to take him down.Only by arresting Zheng Ruzong can he find out whether the case in front of him is really related to King Liang.Commander Long Jinwei looked at Wei Yuanchen, obviously wanting to know the whereabouts of Zheng Ruzong and his two sons.Wei Yuanchen said Zheng Ruzong is hiding in a Zhuangzi in the middle of the capital.We guess that one of his two sons has studied in the Shen clan and is now the manager of the Zhang family.His name is Qiu Hai.This is the person who took over the pirates.The emperor didn t make a sound when he heard this, he was reckless, such a person is easy to deal with, and Long Jinwei can quickly catch people with his hands.Was King Huai aware of their intentions After King Huai was taken out of the palace, he looked panic stricken, as if he had lost his soul, and let them manipulate him, so he relaxed his vigilance.After he captured King Huai, he bound King Huai, toasted him and refused to eat fine wine, and the next way was to make King Huai suffer.Qiu Hai was getting closer and closer to King Huai, and King Huai turned his head to look at Qiu Hai who was about to approach him, the sharp blade in Qiu Hai s hand glistened in the sunlight.King Huai didn t dare to think about what would happen after being captured, and he didn t have the energy to think about it.He made marks along the way, so that the court soldiers and horses chasing them could use this to identify the direction.Just when he stopped to rest, King Huai vaguely saw a figure flashing by in the smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes woods, so he made smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes up his mind, found an excuse to enter the forest, and ran back while the guards around him were not paying attention.Huang Chang became afraid when he thought of this.If he really did this, the consequences would be disastrous.Chen Xiang was identified by the female officer of Yongchun Palace, and was stared at by the emperor like this, his face was full of panic, his legs softened and he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing The emperor spares my life, the emperor spares my life.Chen Xiang s voice seemed to be panicked, The emperor felt an extraordinary calmness from him.Say, the emperor s voice seemed to be squeezed out from between his teeth, Who ordered you to do this Chen Xiang was silent for a moment, then turned his head to glance at Concubine Jiang not far away, the meaning was clear but.Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.Zhou Zerui said So what Zhou Zejing looked at his third brother Do you know what it means that he handled the War Horse Case He knew Wei Yuanchen.The name Wei Yuanchen Zhou Cherui has heard many times that the Wu family wanted to entrust Baoshan to go to the Wei family to talk about marriage, but the Wei family is a foreign relative, and the status of the Zhou family is too far apart, so they just waited for Rujun to marry Cui Zhen and become Mrs.Dingninghou After that, they thought about it again, and then they had to give up when something happened.Zhou Zerui said Mr.Wei has some friendship with our family.He took pictures of Mr.Wei on the way back to Beijing when the Wu family came back Having said that, Zhou Zerui looked at Zhou Zejing with some complaints Second brother, why didn t you say it earlier If you mention Mr.It s gone.Zhou Zerui suppressed the panic cbd gummy cubes infused gummies cbd in his heart A man from the government office Nono, said the clerk, It should be soldiers and horses patrolling the city.The soldiers and horses patrolling the city are okay, maybe they are tired from walking, and want to go to the restaurant for some food and drink, just spend some money on it.Order whatever you want, eat whatever you want, this is my place, everyone has worked hard these days, I m treating you tonight, please don t be polite.Sure enough, they came here for food and drink, just as Zhou Cherui thought of this, he suddenly felt that the voice was very familiar.Zhou Zerui s thought circled in his mind, but he didn t think of it for a while.Master Jun, you can t enter The shopkeeper outside was still blocking.Ouch The shopkeeper let out a cry of pain, probably being pulled away, and then the door to the backyard of the restaurant was opened, and a tall figure appeared in front of Zhou Zerui.Huang Chang didn t continue to persuade, but said Then we can only say no.Defeated in the battle, waiting for Empress Wei and the Queen Mother to come to question the empress, the empress has thought about how to explain it What kind of person is Empress Wei, the empress will not know, since Su Fu has found those women, the imperial concubine empress You will know that the girl Ruan Qin next to King Gong belongs to the empress, and Concubine Jiang will also stand on the side of Empress Wei.The empress best cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen should not delusional to find out the case.In the case of investigation, there is no need for slaves to talk about how Qiao Song is.Once everything is revealed, the empress will have no chance to break free and can only bow her head and plead guilty.Concubine De clenched her hands tightly.What s more, what she gave to Prince Gong wasn t just Ruan Qin As early as when Prince Gong was eleven years old, he was fascinated by the Lehu she sent.make plans.Empress Wei took off a jade pendant from her waist and tied it on Gu Mingzhu herself Next time you enter the palace, you don t need a palace badge, just wear it.Gu Mingzhu nodded to express his gratitude to Empress Wei, and then followed Mo Yangming together Withdrew from the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Mo Yangming looked at the jade pendant on his disciple s waist.If he wanted Zhuzhu to come and go in and out of the palace at will, he only needed to inform the guards.How could he use tokens Why did she feel that the empress seemed to have just found an excuse in order to give Zhuzhu something close to her.Before Mo Yangming left the palace, he first went to the Palace of Compassion and Ning to report the whole matter to the Empress Dowager.The queen mother breathed a sigh of relief The Ai family has been worried for many years, and now it is finally stable.Lu Guang said The elder brother is the elder brother, it is different after all.Nie Chen stood there, yes, he cbd gummy cubes is It s different, without him, where would there be these brothers and sisters Just as he was thinking about it, he felt Youdao s malicious eyes falling on him.Who seems to be looking at his ass The people in the crowd were chatting lively, and a person also came out of the palace and got on his horse.This person is Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning who has just returned to Beijing after winning the battle.A banquet was held in the palace to celebrate the returning soldiers, and Cheng Yu also met Princess Huairou and his wife.After the banquet was over, everyone was anxious to go home, but Cui cbd gummy cubes cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank Zhen didn t want to go back to Dingninghou s mansion.He won the battle outside, but after returning to the mansion, he had to face his mother and Mrs.Strangely, the purse strap was somehow tied this time, and it was not so easy to untie.Wei Yuanchen said What I can t solve it anymore Gu Mingzhu shook her head.The method Master Zhang taught her has always been very effective.Wei Yuanchen said Let me take a look for you.As Master Wei said, Gu Mingzhu felt a heat on her neck, and Master Wei leaned over with her head bowed, her heart suddenly beat wildly, and she hurriedly said My lord No need, I m still myself In such a hurry, Gu Mingzhu somehow felt that her center of gravity was not stable, and as soon as her body lost balance, she crashed into Master Wei s arms.For a moment, Gu Mingzhu s cheeks became hot.If she said that she accidentally did this to understand the purse, adults should be able to understand, right Zhuzhu.Gu Mingzhu cbd gummy cubes responded.It s rare that she can t see through until shark tank trubliss cbd gummies she dies, Lin Qicheng said, What are you going to do about this funeral Cui Zhen looked calmly I will present a memorial, please the court In addition to the mother s decree, she was buried according to ordinary people s etiquette.In the end, mother never mentioned Cui s family, and she never cared about her clansmen in the future.It s unfair to the tribe.It s also a warning to the descendants of the tribe.Lin Qicheng nodded slowly.Cui Zhen continued I mentioned to my mother that she would be buried in the Lin family, but my mother was still unwilling, and finally chose to be buried with Cui Wei.Cui Wei is a sinner of the Great Zhou and cannot enjoy any offerings, so my mother also There is no need to go back to Shaanxi, I will choose a place in the mountains of northern Xinjiang, and send my mother and Cui Wei there, and the names of my mother and Cui Wei will also be crossed out from the Cui family tree.Sun, thank you for taking care of Zhuo Jing in prison a few years ago.Sun Langzhong was a little surprised by Cui Zhen s attitude, originally he wanted to ridicule Ding Ninghou, but now he didn t know what to say, his eyes fell on Cui Zhen s best cbd gummies for pain relief face, and his brows furrowed even tighter.Sun Langzhong hesitated to speak several times, and finally couldn t help saying Mr.Cui is seriously ill, how can he die If you delay like this, you will die soon.Cui Zhen Master Hou Before Cui Zhen could speak, Lang Zhong shook his head, Come in If he hadn t met Zhuzhu and knew that Rujun was not dead, he would never have thought of watching for Cui Zhen.Symptoms, at most, remind him.Cui Zhen did not refuse, and walked into the yard with Sun Langzhong.The folks in the yard were doing their own thing, except for the steward who helped Sun Langzhong to treat the guests, no one came to cbd gummy cubes bother him.Even though Brother Chen went to the side hall, it looked greenhouse cbd gummies cost very different in the kana cbd gummies eyes of others.Besides, it was King Qing who presided over the sacrifice, so it didn t follow what King Qing said afterwards.In the future, King Qing said that he took his clan to the Taimiao for the sake of Brother Chen.Can they refute it Without giving Mrs.Li a chance to object, the old King Qing looked exhausted Where is the guest room For tomorrow s big event, this king should also nourish his spirit.The old King Qing did worry a lot, no wonder he was tired, Mrs.Li looked at Mrs.Yuan Let someone invite Prince Qing to go and rest A group of people from the Dazhou clan followed the old King Qing to the guest room.Looking at the backs of the clan, Mrs.Li let out a long sigh can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes of relief.What comes will always come, she already knew it in her heart.The royal family watched Wei Yuanchen lead a group of people away.One more word.Just said it was a sacrificial ceremony, but it is better to say that they recognized Wei Yuanchen s identity, who would dare not admit it The HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes Wei broad spectrum cbd gummies 25mg family is in power, and the empress is in charge of the government.Now they expect Wei Yuanchen to be a descendant of the Zhao family, a member of the royal family.As long as they have no intention of usurping the throne, they all hope that cbd gummies positive for thc drug screen cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg the regime can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes will be stable, the country will be peaceful and HCMUSSH cbd gummy cubes the people will be safe, so that they, born nobles, can live forever.Have a good day.And those royal families who want to seize power, they can see clearly what will happen.So many brothers and sons of the emperor have died That is a lesson learned from bloodbath.Prince Qing, someone finally said, Yuan Chen smiles cbd gummies cbd gummy cubes is getting married, shouldn t we also go to Gu s family to welcome his relatives I think we should go.There was a burst of laughter in the welcoming team.The supervisors complained bitterly, if they did not distinguish between teachers cbd gummy cubes and students, they would not have identified their students as students.Just when the supervisors were hesitating, Wei Yuanchen jumped off his horse, walked to the gate of the Gu family, reached out and knocked on the gate of the Gu family, and said loudly My father in law, my mother in law, my son in law is here to welcome you.The old King Qing raised his voice and said Marquis Huaiyuan, let your son in law come in Among the welcoming crowd, Zhu Wu tugged at the hem of Liusu s clothes and said in a low voice, So should we be welcoming the bride, or blocking it Liu Su pretended not to hear He couldn t give an answer to such a complicated situation right now.Zhu Wu had a lot of questions today Then tell me, after the adoptive father gets married, what should we call Mr.The woman smiled at him.This smile, this face Wei Congzhi is very familiar with, it is Miss Mu.The nightmare came true, Wei Congzhi froze there.Seeing that the carriage was about to be left by Miss Mu, the coachman smiled heartily My lord, you sit down, we are going to catch up with Miss Mu.Wei Congzhi looked out of the car, is it too late for him to jump out of the car Chapter 568 Mrs.Li was sent out of the house by Fanwai.After eating a bowl of cheese, Mrs.Li was about to ask Mrs.Yuan to play the leaf card when she heard the steward come to report The second master has found it.Mrs.Li looked at the hourglass next to her So soon The mother in charge can you bring cbd gummies on the plane cbd gummy cubes responded.Mrs.Li thought carefully When he got into trouble when he grew up, how long was the earliest time I caught him The mother in charge said, Two hours.Afterwards, something happened to the Wei family again.The empress was plotted against by the King of Lu.After getting used to it, Congzhi s temperament seems to be premium jane cbd gummies hair loss fixed, and he can t change it.Now that the Empress is in charge of the power, Brother Chen will also be named the East Palace, so we should make some plans for Congzhi, we can t let Congzhi stay with her as an old woman all the time.She could tell that Miss Mu s cbd gummy cubes family was very good, she could see through Congzhi, otherwise she wouldn t have followed Congzhi to Beijing, and Miss Mu should have Miss Mu in Congzhi s heart, otherwise she wouldn t have escaped in such a mess.It s just an elm head, Mrs.Li said, help him, and I hope he won t regret it in the future.The seemingly lawless guy said that he was afraid of getting married, who would believe it But that s what happened.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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