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Tang Shuang drove his family s Volkswagen Passat to the nearest Lego Crown Hotel, where the buffet is affordable, and the most important thing is that the ice cream can fill you up.When Tangtanger heard that there was ice cream, she turned into a baby cow in an instant.Even the seat belt couldn t restrain her, and she jumped on the back seat.Ice cream was her spiritual food Do you want to eat this Yes What about this Yes This Yes Tang Shuang Just say which one you don t want to eat, and I will give the rest You pretend.Candy said proudly I will eat it all, and I will be full.Tang Shuang threatened If you can t finish eating, I will never bring you here again.pretending After filling a plate full of food, Tang Shuang found a seat by the window, asked Tang Tanger to climb up on a chair and sit down, put it in front of her, and prepared a fork, Eat slowly, lady, don t eat all over your face.Tang Shuang s little experience is almost zero, so she can t tell the difference.Being captured by Tang Shuang s exaggerated acting skills and clumsy sweet words, the room is full of laughter.She has already listed Xiao Shuang in her heart to be able to compete with Tang Sanjian.And according to this posture, if Tang Shuang cooks a few more flattering meals, er, love meals before Brother Sanjian returns, then he will definitely be able to surpass Tang Sanjian and get rid of the miserable fate of being at the bottom all year round.Here comes a new question Candy is not willing to eat Because it is so beautiful She s going to store it in the refrigerator.After Tang Shuang s persuasion again and again, and after promising that Tang er could make it anytime he needed it, Tang er carefully tasted her delicious dinner with a smile on her face.But she only sang three nursery rhymes before the jukebox shut off automatically.Xiaoshuang, the singer is broken and can t sing anymore.Tangtang er said worriedly, if someone breaks something in someone kanha cbd watermelon gummies review else s house, you have to pay for it.This thing is so big, it looks very valuable.Oh, it s time, let s go.Tang Shuang quality cbd gummies online only set an hour.Tangtanger found out that it wasn t her who broke the machine, so she yelled to sing more, but she didn t sing enough.Tang Shuang refused, Tang Tang acted like a baby.Tang Shuang said I can ask you to sing for a day today, but if that s the case, I won t bring you here again during the summer vacation.You should think about it.Candy froze for a moment, and muttered What, Xiaoshuang is really Cheapskate, cheapskate, drink cold water, the teacher slapped your lips.Now that the good times are over, I have to follow the old man.Tang Shuang asked How do you start Ye Liang said that he was doing sales in the South China area, running around under the sun every day, not to mention suffering, where is the director Liang is such a little Ye Zi, dumbfounded, and Ye fx cbd hemp gummies Liang noticed her, only to realize that she had slipped her words and exposed her.At this time the herbal tea came, Guo Zifeng opened a can for Yang Shuangshuang, and Tang Shuang poured a cup for Tangtanger.Candy looked at the glass and said, This is not beer I ve seen my father cbd gummies for hair loss drink it, and it s not like this Tang Shuang I didn t say I poured beer for you, this is herbal tea, you can only drink this I want to drink when I m a kid Tang Tanger yelled Why can t I drink it You all can drink it, so I want to drink it Tang Shuang When you grow up to my age, I will drink laughing buddha cbd gummies it for you.Candy often gestures to a small part of her finger, saying that her little stomach still has so much food to hold.Imagine the capacity of her little stomach.Now a whole finger is a very, very large amount, which means Candy really likes Tang Zhen very, very much.Chapter 66 Crying Tang Shuang prepared breakfast in the morning, but she never saw Tang Zhen and Tangtang get up.She had booked a plane at 10 00 in the morning, so she didn t have enough time.Just as he was about to knock on the door, he received a text message from Tang Zhen.It was a message from Tang Zhen asking him to comfort Tang Er.The girl hugged her and wouldn t let Tang Zhen get up.Tang Shuang didn t know whether to laugh or cry.When she came to Tang Zhen s room, she saw Tang Tanger hugging her sister s neck and acting like a spoiled child.My sister s intentions were not from outsiders, but to help my sister even more in the future.Because of the delay and the schedule was a bit rushed, Tang Shuang drove a little faster, accidentally ran a red light on the way, and was immediately stopped by the traffic police.Tang Shuang cbd gummies for hair loss cbd sleep gummies justcbd said nervously, Xiao Shuang is going to be taken away But the traffic police just issued a ticket, telling Tang Shuang to pay attention to driving, especially if there are children in the car.Tangtanger was relieved that Xiaoshuang was not taken away, but also very curious.She is a curious baby, she can t help but ask in a crisp voice Uncle, what is the red light Can I eat it The traffic policeman was a man in his 30s, and he looked into the car Look, a little girl carved in jade is standing on the seat and looking at him curiously, and there is a woman wearing sunglasses sitting beside her.Hasn t Yuxiang been in touch yet Lin Yu said with joy on his face, I was about to report to Sister Na.Yesterday, Yuxiang finally replied to the email.Since that time, this is the second contact.Easy.Xiao Na happily asked what the email cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain cbd gummies for hair loss said, and heard Lin Yu say that she still didn t get the phone number, let alone her name and address, but Lin Yu s words immediately made her happy, and made other people in the room very envious.There s a new song in the email cbd gummies for hair loss called I Just Met You.Xiao Na immediately said, I ll listen to it after the meeting.Young man, when he was down and out, Chen Ding was also respectful and respectful when he saw him, without any arrogance.Now that he heard that Chen Ding wanted to invite him for a title song, he thought about it and agreed to help.He first sent an email to ask Yu Xiang for his opinion.

After reading each word, Wang Ming s whole body seemed to be electrified The same numbness, proficient in martial arts, omnipotent, has smashed Wudang Shaolin, a figure like Li Shuwen, the God of War a figure like the arrogant Nine Heavens gradually plumped up, dormant in a secret prison like a demon god.This is not over yet, there is still a description in the book, Wang Ming just glanced at it, and his whole body was shocked I saw what was written in the book Suddenly, this man opened his eyes and let out a huge burst of wild laughter.The laughter vibrated from the vocal cords of his throat, and a small wind blew in this prison of more than 20 square meters.They were all buzzing.Before the words could be heard, the big iron chain wrapped around Crazy Moba s body was suddenly thrown up, like a big iron gun, hitting the dynasty s throat and head fiercely At the same time, Crazy Moba Ba s body has already stepped up from the bed suddenly, and there is only one shift, just like a mountain with a suffocating gale, rushing towards the whole body of Wang Chao This action was quick and fierce, like a landslide and tsunami, thousands of troops and horses killed together, anyone and anything seemed to be like a mantis holding a cart, vulnerable to a single blow.Huang Xiangning is a music teacher and is also very good at the violin.She and Tang Sanjian specially went to visit each other.He was an old man with a white beard.There is a group photo of them in the photo.There s a white duck What a big duck Tang Tanger exclaimed, she had never seen such a big duck.Huang Xiangning This is a white swan not a big duck.White swan, is the white swan a duck It is a white swan, not a white swan.The photo shows Huang Xiangning standing on the Charles Bridge, in the There are children behind her feeding the swans.Then Tangtanger shouted in surprise Little train, red little train, Qicha Qicha, woohoo, I also have a little train In the photo, Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning how much are the cbd gummies to quit smoking are sitting on an extended version of the red cbd gummies for hair loss retro classic car.Look, baby, this is mom and dad making chocolates for you.Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Can I not participate Li Haonan This is a great event.How can you not participate It will do you no harm.Others are trying their best to win the opportunity.Do you want justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss to give up the opportunity you got Jin Yong, Gu Long, Liang Yusheng and others They have already agreed to participate, and you can get to know them at that time, it will be helpful cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy keoni cbd gummies website to you.Li Haonan continued Your fans have long wanted to meet you, and now they don t even know whether you are a man or a woman.Let alone what it looks like.Tang Shuang I don t even know if it s cbd gummies for hair loss a man or a woman Li Haonan smiled and said, Hehe, I know, I told everyone.Tang Shuang curled her lips and said, They like to watch cbd gummies for hair loss It s my book, not my person, and I don t want to go if you say that, if I meet a real person at that time, I will think that I am not the hero I imagined, and I will lose my fans.The old man said that you like to look at the blue sky and white clouds, and the scenery by the window is good, so you should look at it more.The little old lady said that it was also the first time for you to fly by plane, and when you came, she also said that you should take a good look at the scenery and sit by yourself.The old man wanted to say more, but the little old lady took out her trump card and said that there are strict requirements on the plane, and you must sit according to your seat number.It was their first time to fly, they were very cautious, they didn t know the rules and regulations, and they took it for granted that they should strictly follow the requirements.Tang Shuang kept getting up and giving way, but she was not impatient at all.Seeing the two pushing back and forth, she helped the old man and said that it doesn t matter to change seats, as long as both parties are willing.Tang Zhen returned home, told Tang Shuang what happened, sat on the balcony at night and thought about it for a long time, and finally told Tang cbd gummies for hair loss cbd sleep gummies justcbd Shuang that she wanted to leave the company.The company s cbd gummies for hair loss actions today are too hurtful, but the biggest worry is that she won t be able to leave , the contract does not allow.Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Don t worry, there has never been a problem of not being able to leave.Li Xiaozhi is different.You can go if she can.Even if there is no such thing as Li Xiaozhi, I say you can go if you can.I have a solution, cbd gummies for hair loss show me the contract first.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Zhen s contract, and became angry when she saw the first sentence, and became even more angry after reading it, and almost tore it up.He didn t study law, so he had to find a professional to have a look, so he made a phone call and first complimented Lawyer Huo Huo for taking several cases best cbd infused gummies recently, saying that he was very happy, and then expressed his intention to come.After breakfast that day, he saw someone holding a wedding in the hotel.On a whim, the hero bought a suit of flamboyant clothes, pretended to be the wedding host, and gave a grand ceremony to a The newlyweds officiated at the wedding.Originally, he wanted to be a good old man, but when he saw the young and beautiful bride, and the fat belly of the groom, who was an old man older than him, he immediately became angry.The bone hero is not seeing injustice, but cbd gummies for hair loss envy and hatred, so cbd gummies for hair loss he deliberately tossed when hosting, and tossed the groom and the old man enough The groom s relatives and friends tried several times to pull this happy old boy down, but considering that today is a big day, bear with it.But unexpectedly, things went wrong, and the real wedding host came late, revealing the disguise of the bone hero.

Tang Shuang looked up at Tang Zhen, and seeing that she was listening seriously, she continued to lower her head, and her toes touched legit cbd gummies the bottom rhythmically.This was beating the beat and looking for the rhythm.Then, instead of strumming the guitar, he blew out Whistle with a beautiful melody Tang Zhen looked at him in surprise.Hearing HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss this whistle melody that he had never heard before, Tang Shuang couldn t sing, but whistling had nothing to do with his throat, and he was still very confident.The whistle is melodious, the melody is beautiful, and the cheerful tone seems to be rushing with playfulness and eagerness.This whistle lasted about 30 seconds, and then the guitar sounded.Tang Zhen heard it a little familiar, but she couldn t remember it for a while.When she heard the second melody, she suddenly woke up This melody is her song Chun Guang Mei Tang Zhen s eyes were instantly filled with amazement, and a smile could not help showing on her cold and beautiful face, just like the artistic conception of this song, after the cold winter passed, the breath of spring swept across the earth, revealing the surprise of spring.Tang Tanger was fascinated by listening, her big eyes were shining, she stared at Tang Shuang without blinking, her small mouth was sometimes closed, sometimes slightly opened, sometimes wide open following the ups and downs of the plot No need to listen to the story, just watch her expression You can know the direction of the plot.Xiaoshuang I also want to go to Antarctica for adventure Tangtanger made a request.Tang Shuang I want to go too, you take me there Tang Tanger was stunned, and shook her head seriously, I don t know the way, Xiaoshuang, take me there, you are an adult Tang Shuang Yes I froze you into ice cream.Tang Tanger didn t expect it to be so miserable, but after thinking about it, he asked, Is the seal also frozen into ice cream Tang Shuang was tired, why is it so tiring to deal with Tangtanger s 100,000 , So diverted the firepower and asked sister Xiangning for help.My brother likes you very much.Don t always yell at me, please.We are friendly.It seems that there is still something wrong with candy The little girl said But you said I look like a toad, I hate you Tang Shuang Brother did it unintentionally, not on purpose, I won t say that again, okay, you don t look like a toad at all, you are a princess , a little princess who has grown up to be prettier than her sister, right Tang Tanger nodded happily and said, Yes Tang Shuang diverted the little girl s attention and said, Would you like to call me when we go to the Ice and Snow World Your little friend Of course, Tangtanger I want to be called Xiaoputao and Qiqi, and Sister Meimei.Tang Shuang asked maliciously Do you like Qiqi Tangtanger nodded When she said she liked it, Tang Shuang had the same expression on her face.Look at her deflated belly It s really out of stock.Hurry order make late meal can no can cbd gummies for hair loss give order snack food ah Huang Xiangning made dinner half an hour earlier than usual, and the little girl ran to the kitchen every five minutes, Ask about the progress, Is it ready Is it ready to eat Why isn t it ready Can you give me some food first Where s my snack Seeing the child in such a state, Huang Xiangning couldn t bear it, worried that the little pig would be starved to death, and wanted to find something to eat for her.Weight loss should be done step by step, not cbd gummies for hair loss too rough.But there are really no snacks to eat around Huang Xiangning asked Tang Tanger to ask Tang Shuang that his brother might have private goods.It s useless to ask me for this kind of thing.My dad scraped the snacks in my room and cleaned them up.Although she wants to give her so many snacks, but thinking of what Xiaoshuang said, she thinks it s okay to ask for a little bit, but she can t ask for so many.Being polite will make people laugh at Old Tang s family for not having a tutor.Sister, I really don t want it anymore, you can take it quickly.If you don t take it away, I will take it away Pan Wenling asked Are you afraid that your brother will blame you No, your brother asked me to prepare these for you when he left.He paid for them.If you don t eat them, it s a waste.Pan Wenling did She has been an agent for more than ten years, and she has already developed the ability to observe cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy keoni cbd gummies website words and expressions.Xiao Zhuzhu is too unchallenging for her.Anyone who wants to see her face can see it, even Xiao Yi behind her can see it.Tangtang er was heartbroken, cbd gummies beneficios and suddenly heard this fat sister say that it was bought by Xiaoshuang, she was surprised and happy at the same time.Tang Shuang You don t seem to like cbd extreme gummies Teacher Zhang very much.Isn t it cute, beautiful and gentle Candy said loudly in shock Still talking She won t let me tell stories today, and everyone wants to hear them.Hmph, what a bad teacher.Tang Shuang You can t do this, I hated the teacher at a young age, and Xiao Putao and Qiqi both like Teacher Zhang, are you too naughty Candy is holding the doll , said very dissatisfied Damn Tang Xiaoshuang, you don t help Tangtang at all, you are still the brother of the Lun family At justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss this point, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss Tang Shuang was heartbroken just cbd gummies for sleep Little man I have endured you for a long time, do you understand Do you dare to call me elder brother Candy Huh She really doesn t understand what is seniority.Tang Shuang You have to call me brother, you can t call me Xiaoshuang.Candy began to bargain I call you brother, will you do my homework Tang Shuang patted the little girl s forehead, Don t be delusional, you have to do your homework by yourself, don t change the subject, just ask you if you want to call me brother, or I ll throw you out.

Find him so he can hope to escape from his cage.Tang Shuang Your thinking is very bad.What is a cage If you pass math, why would your father control you to death If I failed math back then, I would have to be dragged in front of the whole classBy the way, have you finished your homework, I didn t see him start writing.Tang Yu was startled, and then remembered that there is still homework Tang Shuang said with concern You must do it, you swore it.Tang Yu said with a sad face, I m not human if I can t finish it, woo, don t tell me it s going to be all night tonight.Tang Shuang You guys have so much homework Didn t the school say that the burden should be reduced Tang Yu hurriedly took out his schoolbag, took out his homework book and pen, and began to race against time while sitting in the car, just like a five bar boy who is addicted to homework and cannot extricate himself The little monkey was delivered safely.In this way, Tang Tang s children s shoes put her Great, there is one more bowl than Qiqi.He is the strongest kid in the class, Qiqi claims to be a man who cbd gummies for hair loss cbd sleep gummies justcbd eats two big bowls of rice, standing beside him, he is also a circle smaller.But Li Dun is not the tallest in the class, he can only be ranked fifth.Because of this, Candy took him as a negative case.You see, he eats the most every day, but he is not the highest.This question has troubled Li Dun for a while, but now he has found the answer.My mother said that I was HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss still young, and the food I ate grew horizontally.When I grew enough horizontally, I grew vertically.At that time, I would become very tall.Kiki, Little Putao and Little Peacock They all looked at the big cheeks in surprise.They had never heard of this kind of scientific knowledge.Candy er refused to accept It s not useless Hmph Tangtang er taught Tang Xiaowu what he said was Tang Tang is the best in the world.The cutest little kid.So the adults of the old Tang family often heard such conversations Tangtanger Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, who is the cutest child in the world Tang Xiaowu Tang Tang is the cutest kid in the world That s right, this chick intercepted the classic line of Snow White that Tang Shuang told her, and taught Tang Xiaowu to speak Cantonese And it has learned it, which is also a cbd gummies for hair loss god Tang Sanjian secretly taught Only father is good in the world for a long time, so he changed Only brother is good in the world into two words, and the little parrot still hasn t learned it.Tangtanger and Tang Xiaowu both have conversations.Without justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss comparison, there is no harm.After this incident, Tang Shuang liked this parrot more and more.I want to eat this, I want to eat that, I want to eat everything, but my calves are short and my hands are short, so I can t get it In order to prevent her from lying on .

how long before cbd gummies start working?

the dining table, or circling around the dining table, Tang Shuang had no choice but to sacrifice herself, so I ll hold it for you Finally Tang Shuang Are you finally full Head, which means that you are full.Great, Tang Shuang carried her off the chair and could eat by herself.Everyone was invited to drink tea by Tang Sanjian, only Huang Xiangning was still eating with Tang Shuang.Huang Xiangning Eat slowly, don t worry, is it delicious Tang Shuang stuffed his mouth with food, swallowed it quickly, and said with a smile Wow It s super delicious, look, especially our sweet and sour fish, all on CD ROM Already.Speaking of sweet and sour fish, Huang Xiangning remembered that Tang Zhen said that Tang Shuang could also cook it, and it was very good I heard from your sister that your sweet and sour fish is also very good.Because she is too small, walking in the crowd, she can only see countless legs, without any aesthetic appeal.Tang Shuang and the others sat very close to the front, which was a very good position.Tang Tanger excitedly cbd gummies for hair loss held a large handful of colorful light sticks, pointed to the big characters on the stage of the party and said, Mi eryuan, love among ten loves.Tang Shuang looked at the place she was pointing at.It was the theme name of this evening party.Obviously, Tangtang er pronounced it wrong because she couldn t read.You little idiot, I mispronounced it, and I don t even know a few words.Tang Tanger was unhappy, and said loudly, I m not an idiot, that s Mi Eryuan Tang Shuang Well, you re not Little idiot, you are smart, but that s really not Mieryuan, it s Cantonese Yuan, Chinese Love, you read the radical, it s wrong.Candy looked carefully, hahahaha It seems that the pronunciation is wrong, Although the pronunciation is wrong, but the momentum must not be lost, the human rights that should be fought for must still be fought for, Brother, can you stop calling me a dick, I am a girl.Tang Shuang was taken aback, suddenly realized that Tangtanger had grown up, Know which titles are nice, which ones are not, or which ones can be reluctantly accepted, and which ones must not be compromised.Patted the little man s head and said Little sister, recognize those words, and don t mispronounce them in the future.Yue is the Yue of our Guangdong Province, which refers to our hometown Candy nodded cutely , grinningly said I know, Xiaoshuang is great.Tang Shuang sat next to Candy, and the girl was so excited that she couldn t sit still, she was always twisting her little butt, and wanted to stand up and look around all the time.

Tang Shuang was the first to close her eyes quickly, Xiao Zhuzhu was the one who worried most about him If he doesn t set a good example, Little Piggy will definitely pester him again.Do you want to take a peek Why don t you close your eyes first Balabala Sure enough, Tangtanger was the first to stare at him, staring for a long time, making sure that Xiaoshuang didn t open her eyes, and then she was relieved, quickly scanned around the crowd, and then secretly entered the password to open the safe.Everyone at the scene thought it was fun, and they cooperated with Xiaozhuzhu very much.They closed their eyes one by one, but the smiles on their faces spread Then suddenly, they burst out laughing Because of the quiet scene, the baby voice from the safe suddenly sounded, 1 , 2 , 6 Every time Tangtanger pressed, the safe announced the number she pressed This, this, this, really wasn t what we wanted to hear on purpose, you didn t tell us to plug our ears Tang Shuang was the first to close his eyes, and also the first to open them, he looked at Tang Tanger dumbfounded , Xiao Niuniu is pursing her mouth, very unhappy, this will damage her reputation as a flying piggy Well, each of us knows the password of the safe, what should we do, it is impossible to kill someone, if it is Tang Shuang is alone, there is really such a possibility, but now that parents, mother, sister, grandpa and grandma are all there, the law does not blame everyone.People fight for the top, so being able to pass the risk this time does not mean that you will be so lucky next time.Tang Shuang I got a little emotional, come on, Zhuzhujing, give our dad a massage, and say that Dad has worked hard Tangtang er crossed her arms, rooted her feet, didn t move, puffed up her cheeks, and said with a pout, Hmph It was you who made Dad angry, why bother the Lun family Tang Shuang immediately accused the little man No love, no filial piety, rebellious son Candy put her hips on her hips angrily, leaned over with her small cbd gummies for hair loss body, retorted are cbd gummies legal in all 50 states with her small mouth barbara, and finally said You are the villain You are the one who makes Dad unhappy.Dad is always happy when he sees Candy.The Lun family is a good boy.The two had a heated debate over who is the rebellious son of the old Tang family.At this time when private space was the most important thing, Tang Shuang did the opposite.The door was never locked, so Huang Xiangning was inevitably surprised.Later, Tang Tanger grew up and became more and more mischievous.She often came to Tang Shuang s room early in the morning to make noises, playing the role of a human alarm clock.Although Tang Shuang always said that he would lock the door next time he went to bed, he couldn t let the annoying spirit like Tangtang disturb him to sleep.But the next day, the door was still unlocked, and Tangtanger still ran in thievingly, jumping on the bed and turning the world upside down.Tang Shuang was often harassed by Tang Shuang for this reason.For example, this time, Hun almost jumped out of the window in fright.The bang was too loud.At the same time, Tang Shuang was really worried about the collision and knocked Tangtang into a fool.Asked eagerly Is the little fox cute Tang Shuang said in adhering to the principle of objectivity and fairness Cute Hee hee hee I want to hear stories and Tinker Bell.She really has cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain cbd gummies for hair loss everything in her pocket.Do you have it Why can it hold so many things That s because her pocket is connected to another world, so she can take out everything I really want bamboo dragonflies, Jiujiujiu can be worn on the head.Fly wow Tang Shuang told Tangtanger two stories about Tinker Bell, Huang Xiangning came in and said he was going to sleep, then called Tang Shuang out, ready to turn off the lights for Tangtanger.Don t Chapter 298 My brother made a cartoon for you to watch.Xiao Niuniu turned her head to look at the side of the bed, and after confirming something, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief.Tang Shuang asked Miss Xiangning to go back to rest first, and he chatted with Tangtanger.Hehehe I was not careful Tangtanger smirked at Pan Fugui embarrassedly.Just now he was known as a little master of fishing, but he encountered Waterloo in a blink of an eye.This turning point was a bit too fast and too big.The two stared at each cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy other, Tangtang er giggled for a while, and then said, Little Guizi, help me pick it up Pan Fugui You threw it, pick it up yourself.Tangtanger There is mud Pan Fugui And mud gets on my shoes too.Candy You re a big kid, I m a kid, so go Pan Fugui That s your fishing rod, you have to pick it up if you throw it away.Candy cbd gummies make you laugh That s your fish Rod Pan Fugui O O Candy said again You are my Dharma protector You are not loyal at all, hum Loyalty is Pan Fugui s lifeline, and his lifeline is threatened, so Pan Fugui took off his shoes and went down cbd gummies for hair loss to pick up a fishing rod Tang Shuang was talking on the phone with Ye Liang, and there will be a preview of The Other Shoe tonight.There were two men and a woman who came from Chengcheng University with Huang Wei only, but the other girl had already returned home.There were two other girls at the scene, one from Rongcheng and the other from Shanghai.They had already met once and got to know each other.Even if cbd gummies for hair loss we don t know each other, we come from all over the world, but because we gather together with the same heart, there is a natural intimacy.Among them, it was the first time for Tang Shuang to participate, and it was also the first time for a young man surnamed Zhang from the next county.So the two introduced themselves first.When Tang Shuang said that he was Huang Weiwei s cousin and came to visit her specially, everyone s attitudes were different.Tang Shuang noticed a boy in particular.This person and Huang Weiwei belonged to the same University of Chengcheng, and he had been paying attention to Weiwei frequently before, but when he looked at Tang Shuang, he looked wary.

She wanted to take the plane Tang Shuang diverted her attention, Put the little pig down, and took out a very beautiful box from the suitcase, which contained a string of rosary beads.The little hand that had grabbed Candy s flesh, put it on while she asked, Hey, what is this on the wrist.Huang Xiangning asked curiously Is this a rosary Tang Tanger asked curiously, Is this a pig Tang Shuang I bought this at Wenshu Monastery in Sichuan.It was consecrated and cbd gummies for hair loss called Xiaoye Zitan Rosary.Candy, put it on, it s safe.Candy, after wearing it, you won t get hurt again, and you ll be fine forever.Tangtang curiously touched the rosary on her wrist, since both her mother and elder brother said she was wearing it Don t take it off, just wear it.But, just send this thing Are HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss there any other gifts Beautiful clothes like mom s, no Then I will be angry Before the villain got angry, Tang Shuang quickly took out the gift at the bottom of the box.No wonder Xiao Jin was frightened and cried, and all the children were startled by the loud noise.Xiao Jin cried again.Everyone quickly comforted him, don t cry, don t cry, cbd gummies for hair loss it would be bad if it spread, saying that children are bullying children.Xiao Jin felt very ashamed of himself, especially when he saw Li Dun s disdainful expression, he couldn t hold back his tears.He was a young man who wanted to compete with everyone for the real man.He choked from time to time, and looked at the next little peacock with teary eyes The little peacock is timid before fighting I I am telling everyone a story for the first time I am a little nervous, I I started I I The story I want to tell is the little peacock, .

does cbd gummies have any side effects?

it, It , What does jirigulu mean Everyone couldn t understand, but the little peacock spoke Russian when he was nervous.Tang Xiaoshuang said fiercely, blah blah, that Tang Xiaoshuang was the worst in the world, a typical bad man.God, I just kissed the little peacock.I admit my mistake, my head is hot, I can t hold it back, don t talk about Tangtang, don t cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy give me an online, I m afraid of you, brother is not playing hooligans, brother is cbd gummies near salisbury seeing that the little peacock is so cute, just like kissing you For her, I didn t play hooligans, I really didn t play hooligans, how can I play hooligans with children, if I want to play hooligans, I also want to play hooligans with older children, such as your younger sister, who is so beautiful and gentle Immediately, I felt a murderous aura rising around me, Chu Mei stared at him coldly, with the same expression as Tangtanger, and said ferociously I ll kill you Her younger sister is playing hooligans, beat him to death Tang Shuang was not killed in the end, because the little peacock saved him.Tang Shuang It s over here, what s the next itinerary Pan cbd gummies for hair loss Wenling Tomorrow, I will go to Guangdong TV Station to participate in All the Way With You , and then go to Yicheng, where there will be a small fan meeting Tang Shuang Said worriedly Is she used to fan meetings Pan Wenling smiled and said Don t worry, don t think of Xiao Zhen as a child.She has been in the entertainment industry for five or six years.If even this little scene I can t even handle it, so how can I cbd gummies for hair loss expect the future.Tang Shuang thought about it, too, he regarded Tang Zhen as a flower in a greenhouse.Sister Pan is right, but I need more help from you.Xiaozhen is too tender, innocent and innocent.Oh, by the way, has she been paying attention to her diet and daily life recently Don t let her eat spicy food, let alone let her eat spicy food.Qiqi firmly said to Tangtanger, Xiaoputao, Xiaojin and others I will definitely defeat the kid in black Qiqi is the most powerful, the little peacock is too small, Li Dun is too slow, Xiaojin is too weak in willpower, little grape is too quiet, Qiqi is more balanced in all aspects, with long hands and feet, and he is quite capable of riding on a slippery car.General s demeanor.He not only has the demeanor of a master, but also has the strength of a master.At the end of the competition, he won the first place in the preliminaries and entered the finals.Just when Qiqi was about to play the last game, Jiajia and Meimei came to find Candy.They came to say goodbye.The game was over and they were going home.Candy asked curiously Wow Is it home in the prairie The parents of the twin sisters are executives of a listed dairy company in the prairie.Sun Jianmei was really moved, a grassroots like her, floating around outside the entertainment circle, couldn t get in, if she could know someone inside the circle, she would bring One area, get twice the result with half the effort.However, thinking of the relationship between her and that child, it s not good, or even bad.At least, she kept cbd gummies for hair loss calling that child a little devil, and she had a very bad impression.It is estimated that the child s impression of her is not much better.But don t lose points if you don t get the favor points, and the gains outweigh the losses.Just when Sun Jianmei was hesitating, the companion beside her suddenly said Didn t you say that the rain is coming today I haven t seen it for a long time.It s mysterious enough.Tell me, the handsome man sitting next to Xiao Na is probably the rain Everyone was surprised, but immediately denied, what a joke, no matter what Yu Xiang looks like, it is impossible to be more handsome than that.

Let s go, you are the protagonist today, everyone is waiting for you to cut the cake.Tang Shuang lifted the little man off the sofa, supported Tang Hongjun, and everyone formed a circle.The lights were turned off again, justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss and the candles on the cake flickered.Candy came to the cake, the little man was smiling, full of joy, he puffed his cheeks and inhaled, and he was about to blow out the candles without saying a word ah Didn t speak or make a wish Fortunately, at a critical moment, a big hand covered her small mouth, not natural paradise cbd gummies only cbd gummies for hair loss covering her small mouth, but half of the little guy s face was covered, it was Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang Make a wish first Make a wish before blowing out the candles, don t be in such a rush, okay Xiao Jin said with a smile Candy hasn t made a wish yet, and if you blow out the candle, you can t make a wish, and if you don t make a wish, you won t have a wish.I saw this little girl wearing yellow clothes, a yellow hat, red shoes, red gloves, a small cherry mouth, long eyelashes, and cute bangs.The three little girls murmured together and were overwhelmed cbd gummies for hair loss with surprise.Finally, Tangtang raised her head and asked Huang Xiangning happily Mom, can this be eaten And rice balls, one plate per person, don t waste it if you want to finish it.Huang Xiangning said.Tangtanger said with certainty that there cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy keoni cbd gummies website would be absolutely no problem, and that there would be no rice left over.Leftovers were not her style, and she would not do such things.The little girl of the old Tang s family never said that she couldn t eat, no matter how bad her mood was, she still had to eat some, and don t fight anyone against her little stomach, this is not a trouble for herself.Everyone looked at her, waiting for her to express her opinion.Chen Shenfeng said unwillingly Just a rain face makes you taboo like this Is he God The person in charge of Tuzi Entertainment is a man in his 40s and 50s.Although he is not yet fifty years old, his hair is already gray and his face His face was full of exhaustion, which showed that he did not sit comfortably in this position.Feng, don t say that.Yuxiang is not God.He is just an ordinary person who can write songs.We are not jealous of him.It s just that one more enemy is not as good as one more friend, especially those who hang out in the circle.Chen Shenfeng didn t know.He smiled meaningfully and said, It s just that people may not be willing to appreciate it.It s better to have one more friend than one more enemy in the circle.Tang Shuang asked again Why does Mani mean money Huang Xiangning laughed Money, Mani.Chapter 480 Mine is cleaner than yours justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss Tangtanger was sitting on a small stool, wearing big glasses, and Barabara was fighting with the other kids, not losing the wind at all.Seeing that the situation was out of control, the young lady hurriedly stopped the topic from going any further, otherwise there would be no play.But Tangtanger has lost interest here, thinking these little dolls are too naive, she cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy keoni cbd gummies website how many cbd gummy to take snorted, stood up and said that she was going to explore, that is, to play with other things.This experience hall is too big.It is said that there are nearly a hundred kinds of occupations in total.Candy can play here, so she has to hurry up.Ten minutes later, the villain was cleaning the toilet in a hurry That s right, flushing the toilet This is the hotel experience center.These short stories are far from finished, and are still being published at the rate of one story a week, but Luo Yin suggested that it is not appropriate to update too quickly in the future, and it is more suitable to change from weekly to monthly.In fact, according to Luo Yin s intention, it would be better to stop directly on United Life Weekly , then he would become the only channel.However, on the one best cbd gummies for kids hand, Tang Shuang considered that United Life Weekly had helped him a lot Their editor in chief also called, so Tang Shuang decided to continue publishing the story, but the story was no longer updated weekly, and changed to monthly update, not only considering publishing and other matters, but also considering that he didn t have enough time now, and things were too complicated.Too many, I m too busy.Tangtang er touched the small mouth, licked his lips, and said The Lun family didn t Shouting to start Why did you blow it out, really, you have no preparations at all.Tang Shuang You still want to prepare What else do you need to prepare for blowing out birthday candles Listen to you continue to discuss with your sister about using matchsticks to make candles Wait When you think about it, you little chatterbox, the candles are all burned out, and you don t need cbd gummies for hair loss to eat cake.Anyway, Tang Shuang s 21st birthday candle was cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy finally blown out in a farce, that is to say, his birthday The wish is set, the star that is in charge of the birthday wish cbd gummies for hair loss should have been received, and it depends on whether it can be fulfilled or not.Papa After a long pause, the applause finally broke out.Tang Shuang yelled while cutting the cake Whoever wants does taking cbd gummies cause constipation to eat the first piece of owl premium cbd gummies cake, hurry up and bring the plate here.

What s more fortunate, he didn t ask Tangtanger, otherwise he would be hunted down to the men s room Candy is a small vinegar jar Teacher Xiaoliu took out a candy from his pocket and gave it to Tangtanger, asking her to be merciful, did you see that Teacher Yu blushed The careless Teacher Yu blushed, but look around, it is also a kind of way to see if you can not blush That s right, all the children in Mr.Zhang s class stared at them in unison The classroom is very quiet.Candy smiled and took teacher Xiaoliu s candy, and said, I won t eat it today, save it for tomorrow.Teacher Xiaoliu, please give everyone one too.Visually counting the number of children, this is too much, everyone can t stand it, there are not so many in stock But after listening to Tangtanger s words, the children at the scene all stared at her.Lu s heart, he must have deep feelings for his alma mater.As long as we can show our sincerity, I believe he will agree.Lu Mingyi has a deep relationship with Tongji University in Guangdong Province.He graduated from this university, and then stayed to teach at the school.He was already the deputy dean of the Faculty of Arts in his early 30s., was disliked by the school seniors at the time, and was forced to resign and leave.Everyone knows what happened afterwards.Lu Mingyi went to Huaxia Literature and created a world there.In fact, Sun Xuanyang had already contacted Lu Mingyi, but the result was not satisfactory.Lu Mingyi asked him a question that left him speechless Which literary youths in your school are worthy of my teaching Please name one or two.Every university has its core disciplines.It wasn t to tease you at first, but after seeing your big bald head, it was to tease you.I won t get in the car You should give up on it Tangtanger thought in his heart , but didn t dare to say that, or he would die, so he deliberately changed the topic, threw the topic on the driver s cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy head, and asked in feigned surprise, Where did you break your hair Where did your hair go What hair The driver touched his bald head, You mean my bald head Are you laughing at me He is bald, with a Mediterranean hair style, so he simply shaved his head.Tangtanger shook her head quickly, since Xiaoshuang was not by her side, she did not dare to be willful The Lun family didn t mean that.Then what do you mean Get in the car and explain it to me clearly.Also, you actually called me a big break I m an uncle Not a big break Candy stepped back quietly, and said at the same time Look where Kindergarten My teachers and classmates are all there, I m going to find them, do you want to come and play with me Don t go Don t you want to take a car The big bald head leaned out, although there were few people around, But in the end did not dare to get off.Don t worry, I pouted my little butt vigorously, and patted Tang Shuang s head reluctantly.It s fine when I feel like it.The most important thing is to comfort me Don t be sad, Xiaoshuang, you still have Candy, Candy won t dislike you, I like you so much, I like you very much.Tang Shuang smiled and put her arms around Little Piggy s soft shoulders, and said, Oh, that s really the best thing I ve ever heard, my brother is not sad, I am very happy.Tangtang er propped up her small body and looked into his eyes, making sure that Xiaoshuang didn t shed tears, so she felt relieved, and said in an adult tone cbd gummies for hair loss That s good, if you want to unbs cbd gummies scam be more open, as a man, you should be more open.Right A man, he is still an adult, he should not be afraid of suffering or tiredness, work more, earn money, there are so many people in the family to raise, there are puppies, birds, little goldfish, little princesses, but there is no time To shed tears, you must stand up Mengmeng stand up Tang Shuang What is this It was not enough to feed Xiaoshuang chicken soup, she also used her own example to comfort her little Shuangzi Xiaoshuang, do you know In fact, Tangtanger also quarreled with Qiqi, and we didn t talk or play together for three days.Then she came to her senses and said loudly, It s Xiaoshuang You frightened me and my sister, my sister was frightened, Tangtanger was also frightened, we re going to beat you up, hurry up Come to the door and let me punch you Sister, right Tang Zhen nodded, Yes, give Xiaoshuang a punch.There was a large group of little yellow ducks floating in front of Tang Shuang, and he stood among the little yellow ducks , opened his hands, and said loudly with a smile I am Koda Duck The God of cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain cbd gummies for hair loss Ducks This is my people You robbers don t want to punch me, don t try to catch them to lay eggs to eat I won t allow it Never allow it Tang Zhen Tangtanger The two sisters of the Tang family looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time, expressing that they didn t understand what happened to Xiaoshuang, were they stupid up This silly boy If you are stupid, just throw it on the street and don t want it.Are the two people I saw during the day a mother and a baby, or a brother and a sister Why did a hundred thousand come.As an experienced older brother, Tang Shuang knew that the best way to do this was to change the subject, so he asked, Are the persimmons delicious Tangtanger happily dealt with the persimmon in her hand, the sweetness was just right for her taste, and while she was eating, she suddenly held her little head in both hands, tilted her neck, and said with a smile, Xiaoshuang Ahh Tang Shuang laughed, while Tang Zhen was so cbd gummies for hair loss teased that the branches trembled wildly.Seeing this, Tang Tanger had more fun playing.He just put down his hands and ate a couple of mouthfuls of persimmons.Suddenly, he held his little head in his hands again, tilted his neck and smiled at Tang Zhen Sister, look Ahhh Then the big fairy was laughed again and again by the little sugar man.

If she grows up in the future, Xiaoshuang will grow old How can you play with her Chapter 600 Tang Shuang s changes in the past year are obvious to all.She used to be a bastard, but now she has to worship Lu Mingyi as her teacher.Tang Sanjian was happy.He drank a few more glasses for a while, and became a little drunk.No more, start chattering.It is said that the three cbd gummies for hair loss brothers of the old Tang family are all alike, such as Tang Dajian, who looks devilish and muscular, but in his heart lives a little pink girl, who wants to snatch the little sugar guy away.Tang Shuang understood Brother Sanjian in this state, and knew that it was better not to speak at this time, otherwise she would be entangled and nag you to death.He dodged in time, Tang Sanjian didn t entangle him, nor did he entangle Miss Xiangning, but instead entangled the only villain in the family Little Tang.Huang Xiangning asked Tangtanger strangely what justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss happened and why he didn t speak.Tang Shuang said as if nothing had happened Tang Tang, Mom is asking you something.Don t act like someone who has never eaten.Answer Mom s questions first before eating.Tang Xiaoren kicked Tang Shuang under the table, The meaning is self evident, it is extremely dissatisfied cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy with him, don t talk to him, okay, she just wants to go to school after eating, or go to school for fun, carefree, can be a bully, and anyone can control her Don t let her down, don t start a storm, everyone calls her big sister, it s not like in the old Tang s house, everyone has to bow their heads when they see it, and they are always in an absolutely weak position, blah blah Little Sugar is now The state is like an ostrich.The ostrich buried its head in the sand, thinking that it would be fine if it couldn t see, but then consciously raised its buttocks, waiting to be beaten.On the contrary, he was trying to win glory for his father.However, Brother Sanjian s first words were addressed to him Xiaoshuang, although the postgraduate exam is no longer required, you have worked so hard to study for the past six months, and it is not cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy easy.It is too wasteful to plant crops and not reap them.So I decided to hold the annual family exam in advance, you should prepare well.Tang Shuang was taken aback, old Tang s annual exam It seems that there is such an exam, which is used by Brother Sanjian to assess the papers of the three children of the old Tang family.It measures the learning achievements of this year, and the prize is the pocket money for the next year.In the past, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen participated.Later, when Tang Zhen went to Shengjing, Tang Shuang cbd gummies for hair loss was left alone.2 million, and after careful confirmation, the number showed that it really exceeded 2 million, what s going on The boy asked strangely What s the matter Ah Hong waved his hand Wait cbd hemp gummies do they work a minute.Standing on the steps out of the library, she opened the video of 900 Million Girls Dream , the latest one was playing in the snow The number of likes on the video has exceeded 1 million.This video was only uploaded yesterday, and it only had 600,000 likes just now And look at the one who filmed the gray dance, it has reached more than 3 million The crazy dancing one also exceeded 3 million.Why did you get so many likes all of a sudden The boy asked strangely Why are there so many likes What happened Before Ah Hong could answer, a greeting came from beside him Hi Ah Hong You are so beautiful It was three people who went up the stairs The boys were greeting her, Ah Hong quickly judged that she didn t know any of them, but it s not surprising that they knew her.This novel tells the story of a middle aged woman.A mother s sacrifice and dedication.She used half of a woman s life to describe the vicissitudes of the world.Her strong and jealousy forced her husband to death, and her sacrifice and dedication supported her son to grow up.I thought it was time to enjoy the blessings, but the son didn t recognize her as a mother and drove her out of the house.The mother felt that the son was ungrateful, and the son felt that the mother deserved the crime for forcing the father to death.This is a heart wrenching story, like a thousand arrows piercing the heart.This novel was made into a movie, about cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy 15 years ago, and a remake was made 3 years ago.Huang Xiangning liked to read it very much.Tang Shuang also learned about this novel after reading it with sister Xiangning.It s intolerable for their goddess to be taken away However, Tang Shuang s book fans were full of jubilation, congratulating their idol not only for being super good at writing books, but also for being good at picking up girls.He even captured the unsmiling Goddess of Frost.Please take your knees.The husband guards of Lincheng Library often search for Tang Shuang s news on the Internet.They are not news creators, they are just porters of news.They can collect news about Tang Shuang at the first time and put them in the book.Share in the group.White horse is not a horse exposed such important news, of course they were discovered by them at the first time, and then the entire book friend group was HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss shocked.Everyone speculated infinitely with gossip, and finally agreed that their idol Tang Shuang is romance The male protagonist Mary Su in the novel, the plot of the novel can t keep up with his real experience, makes people envious and jealous.

Candy was startled, ah has pooped since the last class How long has it been This kid Tang Baoling didn t lie Did she really start pulling from class Is she, is she constipated Over there, Teacher Yu was still asking, Then have you wiped your poop yet She was usually the one who wiped Tang Baoling cbd gummies anderson cooper s poop.Little sister Tang Baoling nodded Wipe it Teacher Yu asked worriedly Have you wiped it clean Okay, this is questioning her work.Tang Baoling wiped her poop.Did you ask that What does it mean Do you think she is not good at wiping poop snort Teacher Xiao, Teacher Xiao, little girl cbd gummies for hair loss Tang Baoling wiped her poop and it s clean.If you don t believe me, smell it Little friend Tang Baoling, take off your pants and let Teacher Xiao smell it.Little Tang Baoling felt very shy, but Miss Tang Tang was right , Teacher Yu was also very concerned about her appearance, so he asked Mr.Don t run away, okay You didn t see so many people here, what if you get lost Hold my hand.Before Tangtang er took the initiative to reach out, Tang Shuang had already held the little man s little hand.Tangtanger still wanted to drill in, but couldn t break free from Tang Shuang s shackles, so she said unwillingly, Xiao Shuang, let s go to the front and see more clearly, it s beautiful Jump, you can t see what s happening on stage at all.Huang Xiangning caught up, looked at the performance on the cbd gummies for hair loss stage, and said, Don t squeeze in, there are too many people, let s stop watching, and go eat, okay Candy was still bouncing around, stretching his neck, thinking I hope to see something from the cracks of people in various ways, especially when I hear the sound of rhythmic music, it is even more difficult to control myself.The little man happily stuffed the meat floss into his trouser pocket, stuffing it if he couldn t, and then felt that the grown up who was ignored was so pitiful.She realized it and asked, Uncle, what question are you asking I can only answer you after thinking about it.The other party was taken aback, uncle The Lun family is so young But the one who spoke was a child, he couldn t care less, and asked again, where is the No.20 villa.number 20 Tangtanger didn t know, so she asked Pan Fugui, Xiao Guizi, where is villa No.20 Pan Fugui thought for a while, then shook his head, and said, I don t know where the uncle is talking about No.20.Tangtanger asked What s your house number Huh Little Takako, didn t you invite me to your house last time Why don t you invite me now You ve come to my house so many times, and I ve only been to your house twice.So Xiao Zhuzhu led Tang Shuang out of the yard on foot, ready to find the legendary little Takako who was chased by a monster, and then saw little Takako sneaking over from a distance, panting past Tang Shuang and Candy He natures only brands cbd gummies jumped into the courtyard of Old Tang s house and hid in the corner.The two didn t know why, they stared blankly at the place where Pan Fugui was hiding, and suddenly heard footsteps, and the two turned their heads in unison to look at the person who came, it was two tall young men who were also angry.Panting, he ran to the grove and wandered around, but didn t go in.When he saw Tang Shuang and Tangtanger, he asked if a little fat man had slipped into the grove.Tang Shuang and Tangtanger looked at each other in a tacit understanding and shook their heads at the same time.The light is still green.Candy looked at the traffic light on the sidewalk, and said embarrassedly Hehehe, it s a red light, everyone can t cross the road at this time, it will be dangerous, there are cars on the road.Among cbd gummies for hair loss cbd gummies while breastfeeding the pedestrians was a pusher A woman in a stroller, there is a baby in the car, looking around with her little head, Candy pointed and said This is wrong The baby will be in danger, they can t do this, they have to wait for the green light to go, my mother and I both Wait for the green light before crossing the road, and my mother said that it is not cbd gummies for hair loss enough to look at the green light, you have to look at the left and right sides, and wait for justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss the car to stop before you can pass.Tang Shuang nodded happily and said, Yes, what my mother taught you is right, now Those people who crossed the road did something wrong.They have no respect for life, including their own life, and the life of the person driving.They give their lives to others, and others may see them crossing the road and stop the car , Just like we just now, I slammed on the brakes others may not see them crossing the road, and hit them, not only will they lose their lives, but the driver is also very dangerous.This is the awe Heart, as a child, you can be lively, but you can t be naughty or lawless.You have to respect others, so that others will like you and love you.You must first know how to be afraid, and then you will know how to be brave.Chapter 660 Little There are thousands of knots in people s hearts Next, Tang Shuang didn t have the opportunity to explain to Tangtanger in detail what awe is, because Lu Mingyi called to ask about his situation in court today.

Just as Fang Zhikai predicted, Broken Soul Gun was shortlisted for the Best Short Story of the 2018 China Literature Festival Silver Literature Award, and 8 other short stories were shortlisted at the same time A total of 9 novels are competing for this award.Among the 9 shortlisted works this time, 3 are urban reality emotional themes, 1 science fiction theme, 2 suspense themes, 1 documentary literature, 1 historical theme, and 1 military theme.Broken Soul Gun was classified as a historical theme.Except for Tang Shuang, the other 8 works were all written by famous authors of traditional literature.Ye Liang said Okay, is it possible for Soulbreaker to be remade into a movie Tang Shuang was taken aback, and said, It cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain cbd gummies for hair loss s too short to last.It s not cbd gummies for hair loss difficult.Ye Liang said.Tang Shuang was noncommittal, thinking of what Zhang Tianfeng said just now, it seemed that someone had taken a fancy to his short story.The two tidied up the room.Tang Shuang plus gummies cbd was going to wash her face and feet.Luo Yuqing handed Tang Shuang a pair of men s slippers.Tang Shuang asked, Where did you get the men s shoes Who has been here in your family Luo Yuqing put the slippers on the ground, proudly She cbd hemp oil gummies turned around and left without hesitation Guess what.Tang Shuang smiled and said nothing.She came out after washing up, cbd gummies for hair loss and saw Luo Yuqing still sitting delicately on the sofa.Sitting, Luo Yuqing got up immediately with a smile, and said, I m going to take a shower.Tang Shuang wanted to persuade her to stay, but she immediately shut up and nodded, Yeah.Take the initiative and call the little piggy, saving him from always saying that he never takes the initiative to call the little princess.After a beep, the phone was connected, and it was estimated that Little Piggy was about to call him.Taking a walk is like her whispering at night, you can only talk HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss to your mother, not Tang Shuang, unless you are deceived one day, or you are so moved that you melt, don t even think about it.Huang Xiangning Sister, today is not a girls walk, you can ask brother to come with you.Candy My mother and I are girls, why not a girls walk Tang Shuang just wanted to go together Why, Are you dissatisfied Tang Tanger nodded with her head held high, but said helplessly, I can t accept it Tang Shuang said with a smile, You have self knowledge.What do cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy keoni cbd gummies website you mean Tang Tanger couldn t understand the idioms, and asked Huang Xiangning, Mom, is Xiaoshuang scolding the Lun family Tang Shuang gave her a white look and went out first.Tang Shuang stretched her hands and feet to block the way, but was picked up, adjusted her body, babbled angrily, and chased Tang Shuang all the way Tang Shuang laughed, extremely proud.In fact, Tang Shuang didn t understand at all.Yang Qinxin said, I m sorry Tang Shuang.Didn t you already feel sorry just now Why not Tang Shuang smiled and said it didn t matter.Yang Qinxin said No, this time I m sorry is something else, I want to be more sincere.Tang Shuang felt that Miss Yang had something to hide, and said Friends really need sincerity.Yang Qinxin said that this song 500 Kilometers reminded her of her ex boyfriend Not only that, Yang Qinxin said very frankly that she loved her ex boyfriend very much, but because of family reasons, they couldn t be together, she justcbd cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair loss couldn t forget it, and she became sad while talking.Tang Shuang should have been angry when she heard this, but she couldn t.Aunt Yang said that Miss Yang was proud since she was a child, but now it seems that she only sees weakness in her eyes.Chen Ming has become an older brother, and this little flatterer slapped his ass with a thumping sound.Chapter 742 Please accept my worship The focus of attention in the theater today is undoubtedly the main creators of Hero.Supporting a drama, let alone gathering together and appearing in a work now.As soon as everyone enters the Great Wall Theater, they can t help but cast their eyes on the front of the stage, where the most important and important guests are usually seated, and it is true that Li Ying and others are all there, and acquaintances are the same as the past and them Greetings, chatting, some unfamiliar people bravely went to ask for autographs, or asked for a short interview, but most of them were declined politely, or stopped by security personnel in advance.But at this moment, everyone in the theater saw a strange scene.Zhang Minglu and Tang Shuang met once, when they recorded Seeing Words Like Faces , they were on the same stage.She got the news that Zhang Fei wanted to cooperate with Tang Shuang again, maybe this was her chance.When Zhang Minglu thought of this, she glanced at Tang Shuang, only to be discovered by Tang Tanger.This little pig had nowhere to vent his energy.While watching a movie, he kept his eyes on all directions, and nothing could escape her eyes.Not only did she discover that Zhang Minglu was peeking at Tang Shuang, but she immediately patted Tang Shuang s hand and said, Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, that sister is secretly watching you.What s the matter with you Talk Don t be a monk, don t be a monk, Xiaoshuang, the Lun family is afraid that you will fall into the pit I care about you Tang Shuang quickly defended, with good intentions, don t be like this Tang Shuang rolled her eyes and continued Eyes on the screen.

Wow I never knew I never gave Wai Guoren called, I need to talk to them The child was so excited, it seemed that he wanted to make international calls from now on, but who should he call Crooked little peacock How are you at grandma s house The little man chatted excitedly with the little peacock.After listening to it for a while, everyone lost interest.What should they do It s not a scam call.It turned out that it was a little girlfriend who called.This little girlfriend is so caring.When I arrived in cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain cbd gummies for hair loss the Goose Country, I didn t forget the candy, so I remembered the candy to call.The car was galloping in the night, Candy s little voice was always ringing in the car, smiling and excited, the voice was high, low, hurried, and whispered for a cbd gummies utica ny while, just like riding a roller coaster.Xiao Shuang, little peacock wants to talk to you Tang Tanger suddenly said to Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang expressed that she was very moved, and asked the little man to rest, so he could do it by himself, but Tang Tanger refused.To be a good person, you have to do it to the end.She asked Huang Xiangning to hold her, and then dressed Tang Shuang.In fact, it was just a show of lifting the clothes, and Tang Shuang dressed the rest by herself, but it s fine if you want it, don t be so demanding.Now that the brothers and sisters have reconciled, Huang Xiangning said, Okay, let s release cbd gummies stay in system the river lanterns.Fake laugh.The little man took her dragon head and phoenix tail lamp from Tang Sanjian, held it carefully, followed everyone to the riverside with small steps.Tang Shuang took his sailboat lantern with his left hand, a mandarin duck lantern with his right hand, and gave the other to Tang Zhen, Before setting off the river lantern, you must make a wish.If it is in your hands, then Call it a toy.Who was crying and howling just now It s just to make cbd gummies and dementia you happy, do you really think I m afraid Don t talk about this, let s go Come to my place for a drink.Ye Liang said.Let s go Guo Zifeng thought for a while and followed suit.When getting into the car, Ye Liang suddenly said Who bought our prop at that time Tang Shuang asked suspiciously, Which prop that phone Or that bank card Definitely mine.Ye Liang No, I mean the lottery ticket. Lottery Guo Zi bought it.Tang Shuang pointed to Guo Zifeng.Ye Liang asked in surprise Guo Zi Did you buy it Guo Zifeng said I bought the cbd gummies for hair loss mobile phone, the lottery ticket, and the bag.Ye Liang looked at Tang Shuang, without concealing his contempt You are really picky, you are so rich cbd gummies for hair loss cbd sleep gummies justcbd and you still squeeze Guo Zi.Tang Shuang Tsk Guo Zifeng quickly waved his hand I bought it, but Xiaoshuang paid for it.Thank you Tang Shuang watched the other party leave, then closed the door of the private room, took a sip cbd gummies for hair loss of hot coffee to refresh himself, he was very sleepy now.How bitter is this, why don t you add some sugar Ye Liang said.Tang Shuang put down the coffee and said, It won t work if you add sugar.What do you cbd gummies for hair loss say Why don t you go to Lao Xu now When will you wait Ye Liang asked, and it was already discussed yesterday that he will go to Lao Xu this morning.Xu closed the net.Tang Shuang Tangtang er is in the hospital.He has been tortured so badly.I have to let him experience the pain.Thinking of Tangtang er crying in her arms last night, Tang Shuang s heart ached.Do you want to pour pepper water on Lao Xu It s okay, but we have to change the plan.According to Guo Zi, it s simple and straightforward.Okay.Guo Zifeng immediately pretended to be a passerby and followed Lao Xu, while Tang Shuang and Ye Liang returned to the cafe again, waiting for Guo Zifeng to come back.There is a bank and cash withdrawal street not far from this street.About a quarter of an hour later, Guo Zifeng came back, and when he entered the door, he said, I did go to the bank to withdraw money, and I packed a bundle of cash in a black garbage bag and returned to the store.Ye Liang said excitedly Xiao Shuang, it looks like Old Xu can t hold back Tang Shuang It s very possible.Ye Liang asked Guo Zifeng Do you know how much he took Guo Zifeng shook his head I don t know.Tang Shuang Shuang smiled and said, Since he dares to take it, he must take it all away.Now it s a good show Tang Shuang, Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng came to the hospital to visit Candy, and the little piglet was snoring on the hospital bed Huh, she looks very sweet in sleep, drowsiness is contagious, Tang Shuang also wants to lie down and take a nap.Tang Shuang swore that no matter how urgent the matter was, he would cbd gummies for hair loss definitely knock on the door before entering Tang Zhen s room.Sister, cbd gummies for hair loss why are you so angry Xiaoshuang, did you offend my sister Tang Tanger whispered to Tang Shuang when she saw Tang Zhen leaving.Tang Shuang gave her a blank look, and didn t bother to care about this little pig digging holes everywhere.It was so destructive that he avoided it.Is it acridine Seeing Tang Shuang s silence, Tang Tanger thought it was Xiaoshuang who made trouble and made her sister angry.Tang Shuang pointed to her head and said, Please use your little brain to think about it, you little man.Next to Tang Shuang, he grinned silly for a while, and after warming up the scene, he said, Xiao Shuang Can you tell Tangtanger a story tonight It depends on your mood.

It s not as fun as Xiaoshuang.Xiaoshuang is also a big guy, emmm, no Silly, it s cbd gummies for hair loss really cbd gummies for hair loss bad Suddenly, she realized that she couldn t walk anymore, and when she looked back, the big black guy grabbed her little arm.Tangtanger broke free, couldn t break free, remained motionless, looked at the captured little arm, then at the big black one, froze, and asked You want to rob the Lun family again Give you the sword of the Lun family.Candy gave the twig in his hand to the big black man, but the big black man didn t take it at all.Go play elsewhere You are not allowed to enter here.Tangtanger looked at him and then at the yard, it was strange, this was her home, and she was not allowed to enter the house, how could there be such a reason in the world.She pointed to her grandpa s house, and asked uncertainly, You re not cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy keoni cbd gummies website allowed to go in Yeah.Tangtanger, the silly girl, shook her head and said, Tangtanger doesn t know Tang Shuang only cared about the big ones, not the small ones, a typical bully and fascination.Suppose, you and Tangtanger exchanged bodies, do you think many interesting things will happen Tangtanger heard this, and said treacherously Why do you change Xiaoshuang.The voice was so urgent, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen couldn t help but look at her.The kid seemed impatient.He probably would come to the door at night to secretly ask how to swap bodies with his sister.Candy was embarrassed by the look, hehehe giggled, hugged her sister s neck from behind and acted like a baby, her little face was pressed against her shoulder, and she took the initiative to sip a few mouthfuls, showing cuteness to resolve the embarrassment.When I turned the corner, I met two people, and one of them saw Tang Shuang and said hello.Tang Shuang saw that it was Chen Duotian, the office director of the university s Academic Affairs Office, who had dealt with him before, so he didn t know how he appeared in the building of the Faculty of Arts.Hi Director Chen.Tang Shuang responded.Chen Duotian looked Tang Shuang up and down, and said with a smile, Congratulations, Tang Shuang, the first happy new year, a good sign, and your temperament is getting better and better.Tang Shuang didn t know what he was congratulating, so she asked puzzledly, Thank you Director Chen, it s just that I can t figure it out yet.Chen Duotian smiled and said, You re here to see Director Lu, I just came out of the director s office, and I just heard from Mr.Lu that you were shortlisted for the Huaxia Literature Festival The list.Xingyun District of Guangdong Province is an important school district in Guangdong Province.Two major universities, Guangdong University and Tongji University, are located here, as well as other normal universities and universities of science and technology, etc., which are basically concentrated in this administrative area.This is also the place where high schools are concentrated.Guangdong No.3 Middle School is a key high school in Guangdong City, and it is located here.There is a dedicated music building in Guangdong No.3 Middle School, with green bricks and cornices, three stories high, and the floor area is about the same size as the artificial lake next to it.Huang Xiangning usually teaches students in this music building.The environment here is completely different from other teaching buildings.3 Middle School, with green bricks and cornices, three stories high, and the floor area is about the same size as the artificial lake next to it.Huang Xiangning usually teaches students in this music building.The environment here is completely different from other teaching buildings.It is quiet, the rhythm is very slow, and it looks very leisurely.The classrooms here are also different from those in the teaching building, more like lecture theaters in universities, which is for the convenience of several classes attending classes together.There is no music class in the third year of high school.The students in the first and second year of high school have two lessons a week, but it is still different.The learning tasks in the first year of high school are relatively easy, so each class is taught separately, but in the second year of high school, two classes are taught together There is no music class in the third year of high school.Don t even think about it Tangtanger doesn t ask Xiaoshuang to cook, at least she has to watch, so that she can save her sister s life in case of danger.Huang Xiangning and Tangtanger entered the kitchen one after the other, and saw Tang Shuang cooking and Tang Zhen washing and chopping vegetables.Huang Xiangning asked Is this the vegetable you bought Tang Zhen said Yes, Xiaoshuang and I bought it at the vegetable market.Candy interrupted There is no such thing as Candy, because Lun s family has to go to school.No one wants you to go shopping and cook Huang Xiangning smiled and patted her little head, and said to Tang Shuang, Do you want me to come Tang Shuang asked her to go out and sit, and said to Tang Tanger, Play Wow Team cbd gummies for hair loss for mom, and prepare some food, go quickly Tangtanger answered yes in a crisp voice, led Huang Xiangning out, only took two steps, and suddenly remembered to ask Is there anything to eat, where is it Tang Shuang was frying pickled peppers and Pleurotus eryngii, without looking back, she said, You have it in the third cabinet, don t think I don t know, take it out to entertain mom.

She really became a big giant.I ve changed and changed and become small Short Human As the giant s voice continued to decrease, it finally became smaller than its own body until it turned into a palm sized piglet.What a pocket pet pig.There was a burst of broken laughter from the audience.Seeing this pocket pet pig, Tang Tanger seemed to be taken aback for a moment.Because her back was facing everyone, she couldn t see her expression, but her small body was obviously frozen.It took only a moment, but she quickly returned to normal, and continued to follow the script I want to get bigger Get smaller Get bigger Get smaller Tang Shuang, who was in the audience, looked at the reflection on the wall that got bigger and smaller for a while., I thought Tangtanger would definitely settle accounts with him after the performance Because the pocket piglet that was reflected was added temporarily by him, and there was no previous rehearsal, including the morning rehearsal This was beyond Candy s expectation, but her reaction was very professional.Tang Shuang sat Tangtanger between him and Luo Yuqing, unscrewed a bottle of mineral water, and fed her a little.Luo Yuqing wiped the sweat from her forehead with a best cbd gummies reddit tissue.Take a good rest, do you want to eat bananas Tang Shuang said, bananas are a good thing to replenish energy.Huchi, Xiao, Xiaoshuang, come one, two, three, four, five Candy slumped on the chair.Haha Luo Yuqing was amused.Seeing this, Tangtanger looked at cbd gummies for hair loss her sideways and grinned Giving one to sister in red.Luo Yuqing Thank you, Tangtanger is really nice.Tangtanger You are a friend of the Lun family.Well Then she said with a very thick skin Sister in red skirt, wear your red skirt for the Lun family.Tang Shuang interrupted You are so small, sister in red skirt s red skirt is for you.What about the quilt Who knows Tangtanger is not angry at all, nodded and said It s not wrong, it s okay, I have no objection.Sister, did you forget The literary festival was also that night.There is a trade off, do you choose to go to the literary festival Tang Zhen asked.Tang Shuang That s for sure.In his heart, the literature award is more important than the music award.Tang Zhen nodded to express her understanding After all, the golden microphone is not as good as the cultural festival, nor is it the top music award in China.I support you.It s just Just what It s just that if you don t participate, you may not get the award in the end.Huang Xiangning heard the words and asked Are there still unspoken rules now Tang Zhen I just guessed.Tang Shuang looked at it very openly I nominated four awards.If I don t go, no one will be on stage to accept the four awards.It will be a blow to the authority of the golden microphone, so it is really possible that I will not be allowed to take it.Yeah, I m super cute.I really want to see him play The River of Your Heart It s so crispy.The whole family is so talented Luo Yuqing is sitting next to Tang Shuang Their relationship cbd gummies for hair loss seems very unusual.In Together Luo Yuqing seems to be older than Tang Shuang, right What s wrong with cbd gummies for hair loss sibling love Romance.Then be together Sayang is chasing Luo Yuqing, didn t he catch up Stupid That s impossible I want the sound source of Interviewing Don t talk about Interviewing , it s been so long since Your Heart River There is no audio source either I originally came to watch Tang Zhen s concert turned out to be a fan of her HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss younger sister, Tang Tang is really super cute.After ordering Tang Zhen s concert, many people accidentally became a lot of candy fans, Tang Tanger s ability to become a fan is really not covered.Big loss The next day, send Candy to the kindergarten.Xiao Shuang, goodbye Little sister will watch you on TV with mom and dad at night You have to work hard, don t be 1000mg just cbd gummy afraid to know Tang Shuang, carrying cbd gummies for hair loss a small schoolbag, solemnly told Tang Shuang the precautions for the evening awards ceremony.What if I get nervous Tang Shuang teased her.You, you just think of everyone as little rabbits, they all have rabbit ears, what are you afraid of Candy is not afraid The Lun family is an experienced person.At the sister s concert, in front of hundreds of millions of people She sang a song, danced, teased Xiaoshuang, and said she loves her sister, it s amazing.Tang Shuang touched her little head I see, I must remember this good method, thank you, you go hazel hills cbd gummies owner in quickly, go to school well, our family s hopes are pinned on you.Is there any more What about the best album and best song Tang Shuang said at random.He said to himself The best album should be 100 impossible to escape.If you don t give it to Flowers in Dreams , it would be unreasonable, and the sky will not agree.Yeah.Tang Shuang said dissatisfiedly You What I m dying of anxiety.Forget it, I ll check it myself.He took out his phone and prepared to check the news.Tang Zhen said, I got the best album.Go ahead and slow down Tang Shuang continued to search, and soon found the news, and searched a lot.Best Female Singer Won Tang Zhen A new generation of Chinese queens is rising Sister, you are the best female singer Wow Tang Zhen finally beamed with joy, I know, of course.Best producer Best lyricist Leaf To be precise, the best lyricist is Chen Xiaojuan.It s just news, if it s about Chen Xiaojuan, no one knows who it is, so the headline of the news is changed to Leaf from Chen Xiaojuan.

Readers will understand, oh, it s the lyricist of this song.Chen Xiaojuan deserved to be the best lyricist, but Tang Shuang wasn t too surprised.The lyrics of Leaf do have a kind of sad beauty.Leaves are wings that can t fly.Wings are leaves that fall in the sky I eat and travel alone and stop and go.I also read, write and talk to myself First Love Unexpectedly won the best song Huh First Love won the best song Tang Shuang was a little surprised.The first title song cbd gummies 1000mg ebay of the Dream Flower album was Blue Lotus Sister, First Love won the best song, what are you doing cbd gummies for hair loss Look Tang Shuang asked Tang Bodhisattva Zhen, who was still eating breakfast slowly.This is really a Bodhisattva.He didn t seem to be excited at all, and everything was under control.What do you think As long ariel cbd gummies as you can win an award, it s all your own songs.Huang Hui really can t sing.This is the power of the new generation, which is completely different from the music of the past, and represents another style and field.After listening to it nine times, Qiu Sen finally put down the earphones and said to Tang Shuang, I don t even know how to express how I feel at this moment.I m so shocked The accompanying music director said, I ve never heard this kind of music before.Atmospheric, a thick Huaxia wind blows towards the face, as if you are in a sandstorm blown by the Huaxia how many cbd gummies to help sleep wind, swallowing the sky and the earth, making people s blood swell.This is the real Huaxia wind, the previous ones and Dragon Fist Compared with it, they are all weak.This song will definitely become a hit this spring Qiu Sen I m already thinking about how to edit the screen to match this song.Tang Shuang was also thinking these days whether to cbd gummies for hair loss cbd sleep gummies justcbd write online novels or not.Li Haonan said The company has proposed a new plan.All the new books you publish on Starry Sky will implement a charging system, and there will be no public period.It is equivalent to selling e books.Tang Shuang said that she would go back and think about it, but she can t give an answer now.Xiaoshuang, Candy is full.Candy said greasy.Tang Shuang said to Li Haonan Haonan, I will give you an answer tomorrow.Li Haonan left with a smile on his face, but there was a lot of worry behind the smile.Tang Shuang s answer was ambiguous, and the meaning behind it was that he had indeed not continued to use the Internet before.The idea of writing has disappeared, which is what worries him the most.Xiao Shuang, what are you talking about Candy was wiping her small mouth with a tissue.No, Xiaoshuang, is my little sister missing Tangtanger said in frustration.Don t worry, they will definitely come, it s just that they may not be at work yet, we ll wait here.The two got out of the car and wandered around the square, and they had to get back in the car after a while, because many people recognized out of them.The two continued to wait in the car for more than half an hour.During the period, they drove around again, but they still couldn t find anyone.The little sister s grandfather didn t see it either, and there was no sanitation worker who came to clean the cbd gummies for hair loss area.Tang Shuang thought for a while, and asked a newsstand on the side of the road.It took three people in a row to ask.Little sister s grandfather changed shifts with someone recently.He didn t come to work.I m afraid he won HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss t come today.Can you ask for me The head nurse looked at the nurse in the ward, and seeing the other party s confusion, she smiled and said to Tang Shuang Don t mind, Tang Shuang, I don t know the situation yet, I don t know what happened at that time, if there is really a problem with attitude, you Don t worry, we will definitely deal with it.Tang Shuang I think there is not only a problem with her attitude, but also a problem with her spirit and behavior.She should be taken to the neurology department for a comprehensive examination, otherwise she will be nagging all day long.There are many people here.Everyone was kicked out by her, and everyone can prove it.Patients are afraid of nurses, isn t it right I don t think she is a nurse, but a female bully.Tangtanger subconsciously raised her head when she heard the word bawang.Li Guanping was very touched Oh, I am also very touched by this.I am the oldest here, but my son He s only 4 years old, he s old enough, this is a baby.The problem is, my son has developed a lot of bad habits, all because my wife and I don t want to Cao Kai didn t expect that an unintentional The topic touched the hearts of all the dads and brothers, and everyone chatted.Chapter 944 The cbd gummy bears for arthritis pain cbd gummies for hair loss two brothers and sisters of the Tang family are fighting The program group arranged a few women with long hair, and asked a few dads and brothers to do each other s hair.Whoever did the best will choose the house first.Although Tang Shuang often combed Tangtang er s hair, after all, cbd gummies for anxiety cbd gummy bears cbd per gummy the time was short, and the other guests all had wives, so they had no less experience than cbd gummies for hair loss him.Sure enough, at the start of the race, he fell behind, and finally ranked fourth, exceeding expectations.

Then eat quickly, we re the only ones left.Tang Tanger looked at Feng Xiaofeng in the distance, and laughed Little brother, you can t finish eating.Feng Xiaofeng didn t want to be outdone I can finish eating Tang Shuang still wanted to talk, but Tang Shuang interrupted her Eat quickly, don t talk.Tang Tanger immediately put her head down on the rice, working hard, Three times, five times and two times, he ate up half of the bowl of rice in less than a minute, and finally licked it with a big bowl, and licked it clean, not a single grain of rice was left.Feng Chaoqun and his son were stunned, and Feng HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss Chaoqun said, Tang Tang is really amazing.I always thought my son has a big appetite, but I didn t expect HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair loss to meet you today.You are amazing.Feng Xiaofeng was a little frustrated, and asked Tang Tang, you Have you finished eating Tang Shuang turned the big bowl upside down to show him, and said triumphantly, Look It s finished.Mr.Tang is really young, everything about you is incredible.The host praised with a smile.Thank you.Shall we start now Tang Shuang asked.Yes.Li Yaqing straightened Tang Shuang s clothes immediately.He was wearing a casual suit today, which Luo Yuqing bought for him when he participated in the Chinese Literature Festival.At that time, he wore the clothes Tang Zhen bought for the ceremony.He didn t wear Miss Yuqing s, so he made up for it today.Is it okay for me to dress like this Tang Shuang asked, do I have to dress more old fashioned to be on the news broadcast The host smiled and said, Of course.Although it s on the news network, we re not that serious.Taking advantage of the staff s time in the simple setting, the host and Tang Shuang chatted casually.She saw a long sword hanging behind the desk, and curiously asked Tang Shuang if she knew kung fu.Tang Tanger looked at Tang Shuang, looked at Tang Zhen, and said obediently Wow, Teacher Zhang, I m sorry I m so glad you called the Lun family, do you have anything to say Huh Little Putao wants to talk to the Lun family Then let her talk, the Lun family listen Candy and her little While the friends were chatting enthusiastically, Tang Shuang was looking through Tang Zhen s suitcase.It s another one, not Tang Zhen s personal suitcase, but a suitcase that is said to be full of sweets and gifts.Wow Tang Shuang exclaimed as soon as she opened it.Seeing that the suitcase was full of dolls and snacks, he picked up one, which was a pink Barbie doll.There is a small note in the doll s pocket, with a big heart drawn on it, and a sentence written Dear Tang Tang You are my only sunshine.I saw you like Barbie dolls very much in the show, and I gave it to you ,Hope you like it.Tang Zhen also joined Xiao Na and the others to walk the long red carpet together as artists of Orange Wheat Music.After walking the red carpet, everyone was interviewed by the live host, among which Tang Zhen attracted the most attention.Zhenzhen has been nominated for three important awards this time, which award do you most hope to win the hostess asked Tang Zhen with a smile.Tang Zhen I m very honored to be nominated here, the Golden Melody Award is one of the most important awards in the Chinese music scene After praising the Golden Melody Award, she said Any award is what I want most.The hostess continued to ask, I just saw your younger brother, Mr.Tang Shuang, passing by.Did your music experience have a great influence on him I m curious if you will share your music experiences at home Tang Zhen Of course, he knows more about music than I do.That s from the Lun family.Candy argued.What s yours, haven t you lost it yet Yeah.Did you lose it Ah Did you lose it Did you lose it I m asking you Lost it Tsk.Chirp chirp chirp chirp Speak human language Hello, my brother.What the hell The Lun family is not afraid of ghosts Eunuch Sun said about our world No ghost.Stop this.Did you buy new clothes for your little sister We re talking about submachine guns What kind of gun There s no gun Don t kill Lun, we won t kill Lun, we re afraid , we are kind hearted Lun.You want to be beaten, don t you Brother, are you afraid of legal sanctions Tang Shuang realized that this villain had resorted to confusing Dafa, and she would never finish talking with her like this.He brought back keoni cbd gummies male enhancement the off topic Don t talk about it with me, just answer me, did you lose your submachine gun Did you lose it Did you lose it Seeing that this is What Iron Fist You want to hit Lun What about this Iron Claw, you want to grab the meat of Lun s family Just understand, then answer me now, did you lose your submachine gun Think it over and answer me.After she finished speaking, she took out a small thing from her pocket, raised it up and gave it to her.Tang Shuang looked, Look The little seahorse of the Lun family Fill .

what do.cbd gummies do?

it with water.Candy turned on the faucet, filled the little seahorse with water, twisted the lid, and tightened it.The light little seahorse immediately gained weight, and its stomach was full of ammunition.When a friend comes, you can give him water, and when a villain comes, you can shoot him a few times Tang Shuang ignored this little hippocampus.This villain dared not shoot at people now.He had been educated last time.You just said to open my small eyes What do you mean Are my eyes small Tang Shuang asked, without asking clearly, he panicked.Tang Shuang looked at Tang Shuang s eyes with her small head held high, and her eyes rolled around, obviously thinking about how to answer this question.

Tang Sanjian also sighed silently, and nodded She has suffered a lot these years.Li Yuan Chang s originally bright smiling face immediately dimmed It s hard for her.The people who came to the nursing home were either lonely old people whose children were unwilling to support them, or patients with mental disorders who couldn t integrate into society.Jiang Yue belongs to the second type, but what is special about her is that her mental state is better than most people here, especially in the past two years, she has rarely suffered from illness, even if it is a thunderstorm.Perhaps because the atmosphere was a bit heavy, Dean Li quickly recovered his smile, and said with a smile Fortunately, she is about to be discharged from the hospital.Although I am reluctant, I hope she can go out as soon as possible and live a normal life.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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