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Hurry up and help your old man chop vegetables There was a deep voice from the kitchen downstairs.A furious cry.Here we come Hearing the man s shout, Li Guohao casually said something perfunctory, then shook the mess in his head, stood up and walked downstairs.Li Guohao bioreigns cbd gummies reviews was born in a prefecture level city in mainland China in 1989.He had an average education and family background.After graduating from high school, he didn t spend money to go to those pheasant universities.After working as an old man at home for several months.The parents at home decided to find a job for Li Guohao.Go to the largest local restaurant as an apprentice.For the older generation, wealth is worse than a skill.In this way, 18 year old Li Guohao went to the largest local restaurant to learn his craft.In 2007, the apprentice s salary was very low, only a few hundred yuan.Li Huifang said, Didn t your dad call me this morning and ask how we are doing recently, I said it s okay, and I also told him about Guohao making wife cakes.Having said this, Li Huifang hesitated.What s the matter What did my dad say Seeing that his daughter in law stopped talking, Li Dexiao raised his head and asked.Li Huifang gritted her teeth and said, Dad said that he might come to live for a while, and that he would give the family heirloom of the Li family to Guohao.Li Dexiao frowned when he heard that cbd gummies bodybuilding forums his father was going to come and live for a while, My dad, he really cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me So Yeah, I persuaded him too, I told Guohao to come over in person some time ago, who would have thought it was useless, Dad might already be on his way.Come shark tank green lobster cbd gummies on.Li Dexiao pondered for a moment, and his originally frowning brows suddenly relaxed, as if he had figured out something.I have so many future ideas and innovations, and I may not be able to compare with those future catering giants.Li Dexiao saw that Li Guohao s eyes were firm and energetic, and he didn t seem to be talking nonsense, so he nodded and said, Since you have decided, then I have no objection.The wife cake you made before, Uncle Zhang next door said it tasted very good , get up with us tomorrow morning, try to sell it in the store first, if the business is good, then consider .

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the next step.Okay But I have to prepare.Two days later, early in the morning.A banner with white characters on a red background was hung on the glass at the entrance of Liji Tea Restaurant, which read, Liji s wife s cake is so delicious that it s hard to control yourself.This slogan is not the target of attracting people s attention, but the content written on the red paper pasted on the glass.As long as there is money in it, she will definitely come and spend it.One Hong Kong dollar is not a small amount.For poor families, the income is only one or two thousand a month, and what is worse.However, there are many poor people in the slums of Xiangjiang, and there are also cbd gummies for pain near me many well off and middle class people.It is also one of the reasons why Li Guohao adopted the membership system.First of all, there are many discounts.Other stores have a discount at most, but this store will have a 10 discount one day every week.Part of the cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me pastries in the store can be used Buy it at a 10 discount.Secondly, the purchases in the store are converted into points at a rate of 1 1.When you reach a certain point, you can exchange for Abao dolls, or add other gifts in the future.The only thing that makes Li Guohao a headache is that the magnetic card is still available at this time.Now Li Ji opens its doors in the morning and closes in the evening every day.The business is endless, and the customers come like a cloud.The daily turnover has gradually increased, and now I can basically earn nearly 10,000 Hong Kong dollars every day.As for Wing Kee on the opposite side, it is dying day by day.The customers who come here to buy every day are basically old people who are greedy for cheap.Why is the gap so big.This is to compare the current situation of the two stores.Liji s storefront is newly renovated, with all marble floor tiles inside, and the newly pasted strong paper, it looks very clean, and the place where the pastry is made is also separated by a glass wall, which can make people feel at ease about the hygienic condition.As for Wing Kee, it has been in business for many years, and the environment inside the store is comparable to the newly opened Lee Kee.Like a feudal society, most women would marry early if they didn t have any jobs or academic qualifications.It s like Zhao Yazhi later became Miss Xiangjiang, the most beautiful lady in Xiangjiang, and married Dr.Huang at the peak of her career , to be a housewife.If it is now, it is impossible.Even if you want to marry, at least you are a young talent, or a billionaire.However, in the 1970s, lawyers, doctors, and teachers It s still very popular, it s no wonder Zhao s mother has been introducing Dr.Huang to Zhao Yazhi.Ah Zhen glanced at the sad sister, rolled her eyes, and suddenly thought of a human being, Sister, do you still remember that doctor Is Lee Kee Dim Sum the owner Li Kee Dim Sum Zhao Yazhi thought for a while, and then remembered which pastry shop she went to with her sister more than a month ago, I remember, Boss Li, what s wrong I think that Boss Li is very interesting to you, and he is as old as you, and he is handsome.food.Is this Arjun Ah Bao What is he it eating My sister has never read this comic book, and she is too old to read such childish books, but now she sees Ah Bao in the painting.So cute and interested too.The reaction to ex ect from cbd gummie little girl nodded cutely.Seeing that her sister didn t know who A Bao was, she pretended to be a school teacher and said, This is a cat named A Bao.He it is eating snacks made by Papa Goose.Eat it All the animals in Taozi Village like to eat the dim sum made by Papa Goose I also want to eat the dim sum made by Papa Goose, can cbd gummies for pain near me my sister take me to buy it Cat cat Papa Goose Taozi Village My sister was a little curious when she heard these weird words, took the comic book in Arjun s hand, glanced at the cover, Kung Fu Panda , remembered that my sister might not know the word for bear yet, and summed it up as cat cat, and laughed out loud.Do you think it s easy to wear this Don t look at the cold weather now.It s hot and stuffy to wear, and it s easy to get prickly heat.It s better to spend more money than let the people below say that we are mean.Li Guohao in his previous life Before I went to learn how to cook, I also did a part time job, wearing something similar to this cbd gummies for pain near me kind of puppet clothes, and distributing leaflets on the street.It was still summer at that time, and the feeling was not good.Zhang Dong did some calculations and said, That s still too high, why don t two people wear it How about sharing it in the morning and afternoon and adding a little extra money for each person at the end of the month That s up to you, but the money still needs to be paid appropriately.The Nathan Road store was handed over to Zhang Dong.Just now the waiter in front came over and said that there are about 200 people in the audience, and what we have done is not enough.Huang Crane was surprised and asked Not enough I have made wife cakes that weigh 20 catties I have also made lotus paste cakes, bean paste cakes, and coconut flavored glutinous rice cakes I ll gummy thc and cbd go, who asked your wife cakes Make so many Li Guohao was surprised cbd gummies for pain near me when he heard cbd gummies for pain near me that he had made cbd gummies for pain near me twenty catties of wife cakes Wife cakes are not suitable for this kind of occasion.I, I don t know, it s not the boss.Do we have housekeeping skills I make the best wife cakes, and no one in the store has my skills Huang He was a little at a loss.Forget it, let s do it.Li Guohao shook his head.In fact, there are many varieties of Chinese dim sum.Don t look at Li Guohao s current bakery, which basically makes wife cakes, bean paste cakes, etc.

Job promotion, salary promotion 2.Job promotion, salary unchanged 3.Job job unchanged, salary promotion Employee cbd gummies for pain near me promotion methods are divided into regular or irregular.Regularly means to promote employees uniformly at the end of the year according to the company s business situation.For example good income at the end of the year, general salary promotion cbd gummies for pain near me for employees.Irregular means that employees who have made special contributions to the company and performed well at work will be promoted at any time.For example a certain employee performs well at work, and will be appropriately promoted according to his proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe ability.There is also a temporary worker.That s right, Li Qiang set up a trial period.Every new employee who joins the company has a three month trial period.During the trial period, the salary is a little lower than that of regular employees, and other things such as attendance bonuses are available.Li Guohao persuaded him to leave.And And what You can t even say a single thing completely Rong Bingcai scolded.Seeing this, A Ping had no choice but to say After persuading the people who wanted to get a refund that day, there were many more people queuing up at the door of their store the next day.Rong Bingcai said happily They all came to line up for a refund No, They lined up to apply for membership What Rong Bingcai was shocked How is that possible A Ping said bitterly In fact, most of the members who went to our refund that day went to Liji to apply for membership.At first There are only Nathan Road and Central stores, .

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because we are adjacent to Lee Kee s stores in these cbd gummies for pain near me two places, and I also asked a few masters in the store, and thc free cbd isolate gummies they said that the reason for the refund at Rongji is to go to Lee Kee to apply for membership.This Mr.Li, because you have a lot of loans, I don t have this authority here, but I will report this matter to the head office.I believe that the head office knows the performance of Mr.Li s company.It cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me s from a loan. Then it s too much trouble for Manager Zhang. You re welcome, it s all part of your job.After a few more courteous words with Manager Zhang, Li Guohao and Li Qiang left.On the way back, Li Guohao asked Li Qiang, do you think this loan can be secured Li Qiang pondered for a while and said I don t know, but there is a high chance that he will agree.Report the matter to the head office, and after the head office sends people to investigate our company s turnover and performance, they should lend us a loan.Li Guohao had a slight hesitation on his face, and after a while he said This loan is for two weeks.So I agreed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said It doesn t matter.You are right to agree.If wyld lemon cbd gummies there is not enough manpower, you can recruit.It is a good thing that the comic agency can be responsible for its own profits and losses., This time helping Li s TV station to produce comics is also considered a new business.You can take this opportunity to make the name of the comic agency famous.In the future, no matter who wants to ask us to make comics, as long best cbd sleep gummies proper dose of cbd gummies as the price is reasonable, they will agree.Shangguan Xiaobao asked a question But I have never drawn this cartoon for popular science education.Li Guohao thought about some cartoons with a scientific and educational nature that proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe he had watched in his previous life, including Beva Nursery Rhymes, cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon Mickey Mouse Wonderful House, But these are more complicated to make.Li Guohao can make cakes himself, and he can tell the difference in flour at a glance.Li Qiang said helplessly That can t be helped.Nanshun does not agree with our cooperation method.The main purpose of Li Guohao s visit to Nanshun Company this time is to talk about flour and all the raw materials for making pastries.Because a large part of the franchise company s income comes from these raw materials, Li Guohao came to Nansun to talk to them about the agency of raw materials.Who would have thought that Nanshun Xiangjiang Branch is directly managed by their headquarters and does not need an agent.In addition, Li Guohao s requirement that the purchase price is a little lower than the ex factory price, in Nanshun s view, it is wishful thinking.I have no choice but to ask Xiangjiang Flour Factory.He bought a black suit alone.When he was about to go back, Li Guohao went to a tailor shop to change his clothes.He also followed suit and asked the tailor to tailor it for him.meeting room.Li Qiang had already sat there waiting for a long time.There are still many new faces in the venue, and it is estimated that there are about 30 people.The moment Li Guohao entered the arena, everyone looked sideways.In the past, Li Guohao still had a bit of stage fright, but with the increasing experience in managing the company, his aura has gradually developed.Although his face is still a little immature, he has an indescribable aura in this close fitting suit, probably It is the sense of sight of a domineering president.Chairman, there are a total of thirty seven people who want to join our palace pastry this time, and those three people agreed to our request unconditionally before.You can t be a top chef either.Li Guohao clearly remembers that when he was an apprentice in his hometown proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe restaurant, the master chef in the back kitchen said such a sentence A top chef depends 50 on hard work and 50 on talent.The difference between the best chefs is not in the hard work of the basic skills, but in the 50 talent.In Li Guohao s view, the talents of top chefs are taste, sight, smell, mouth feeling, and the clear discrimination of these , as well as the acquired knowledge of various ingredients and seasonings, and the unrestrained imagination, the combination of these abilities can cbd gummies for pain near me become the world s top chef.Well, didn t you tell me last time that you wanted to play the stock market I asked a few friends, and they said that the stock market is doing very well recently, and you can earn 100 if you invest in it At first I didn t believe it, so I invested 10,000 in it and tried it.It is one of the most famous animals, and it is also an animal that is only found in China.This animal appeared in the United States during World War II, but it was just a specimen.It is not until today that we really know the existence of this ancient creature. Then this What does this have to do with the comic book George still didn t quite understand what the ancient animal had to do with the comics.Recently, the company intends to compete with Disney in the field of animation, but you also know Disney s position in the field of animation.After reading this comic book, I have an idea.Relying on oriental characteristics, let people all over the United States cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon experience the mysterious China.Kung Fu Panda has a very high box office in the United States, and once occupied the top ten box office of cartoons.

Li Renzhong heard what his son and daughter in law said., also hurriedly said That s right, Ah Hao, don t spend money to open a restaurant because of grandpa, it s better proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe to focus on your company.That s what Li Renzhong said, but he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.Li Guohao cbd gummies for pain near me glanced at his grandfather and saw that he said so, but he always felt that he didn t think so in his heart, what mg for cbd gummies so he said It s okay, I opened ten branches this time.Not only did I not spend a penny, but I also made more than a hundred dollars.Wan I will make more money in the future You made a million without spending money to open ten stores Is the son real or fake Li Renzhong, Li Dexiao and Li Huifang were surprised at the same time road.Chapter 111 520 Facing his family s questions, Li Guohao smiled and said, Of course it s true.Dozens of flower baskets are placed at the door.At a glance, they are all colorful flower baskets.I saw Miss He standing at the door with a smiling face to greet people.Brother Zheng, why are you here He Chaoying asked in surprise looking at the man in front of him.Zheng Jiachun smiled and said Miss He s new store opened, I have to come over and congratulate, otherwise you will blame me for not giving you face when we meet.He Chaoying gave Zheng Jiachun a blank look and said How can I cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon That, by cbd gummies for pain near me tom selleck and cbd gummies the way, didn t you say that Uncle Zheng was going to let you enter the new world as an executive director, why do you have time now Well, it will take a few months.When Zheng Jiachun said the executive director, His face was a little strange.If some shareholders didn t agree, he would have joined the company as an executive director long ago.Wan Zai Chi, I haven t eaten it for a long time.Seeing that it was selling Wan Zai Chi, Zhao Yazhi smiled and said cbd gummies for pain near me to Grandma, Grandma, bring me a bowl of Wan Zai Chi.What a pretty girl.Grandma heard a bowl , quickly opened the lid on the wooden barrel, picked up a porcelain bowl from the side of the cart, and stirred the inside of the barrel a few times with a large iron spoon.into the bowl.After passing the porcelain bowl to Zhao Yazhi, Grandma took out a spoon from a small plastic bucket and gave it to her.What is this Li Guohao glanced curiously at the bowl inside the bucket, and saw that most of it was clear soup with water, and there were scattered things like vermicelli floating on it, as well as some mushrooms and minced meat.Zhao Yazhi ate a spoonful of Wanzai s wings beautifully, and when Li Guohao said this, she asked, Wanzai s wings, have you ever eaten Li Guohao smiled awkwardly, he had never eaten it, but he didn t know if he had eaten it before.Li Qiang understood it, so he kept his mouth shut.On the contrary, Zhang Dong looked at the mischievous eyes of the two, and asked suspiciously, Ahao, are you hiding something from me No.Li Guohao looked at Zhang Dong innocently and shook his head.Then what did Manager Li mean when he said the loan just now Did you take out another loan No, it was about repaying the loan before.Li Guohao laughed.Really Why lie to you.Well, don t lie to me, or I will tell cbd gummies for pain near me Aunt Li.Yeah, I didn t lie to you.Li Guohao assured.Li Guohao didn t intend to hide it from Zhang Dong, but this kid might be afraid of taking risks.If he knew about his loan, he might go to Li Huifang and talk to Li Huifang.Li Guohao didn t want to face his mother s scolding.It s a big head.Chapter 123 Foodie Cai Lan After Zhang Dong left, Li Guohao asked, What were you guys talking about just now Shen Bi HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain near me said that there is no problem, as long as the balance of the previous 5 million loan is settled, the second loan can be made, and he will send someone to the company to check the financial situation of the specific amount.Giving things to the family is a matter of course.It s all from the toy factory, and it doesn t cost any money.Hearing what Li Guohao said, Ah Zhen murmured best cbd sleep gummies proper dose of cbd gummies quietly with her head buried in her head, That s right.Ah Zhen spoke in a very low voice, but Zhao Yazhi heard it When he arrived, he rolled his eyes at his sister and didn cbd gummies for pain near me t say anything more.On the contrary, Li Guohao asked in order to ease the atmosphere Ah Zhen, what good news are you going to tell me just now Oh, it s like this Just as she was about to speak, Ah Zhen glanced at the old lady and said intentionally, I know a person who quit a good flight attendant job for his boyfriend, and plans to find a job near home. Who is it Ah Zhen, do you want to introduce me to work here Li Guohao couldn t understand.A person Ah Zhen knew quit his job, why did he tell himself Could it be that he wanted to introduce me to work You big fool Seeing Li Guohao so dumbfounded, Ah Zhen gave him a blank look You know this man, and he is sitting on your right hand side.In the past few months, he has met with Zhao Yazhi a handful of times.He wanted to mention the matter of letting the other party resign, but he was afraid that she would disagree, so he didn t say much.After all, the two are still in the how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me stage of dating.Seeing Zhao Yazhi quit her job this time, I was both moved and happy.Zhao Yazhi s face was flushed when Li Guohao saw her, and her heart was jumping wildly.At first, she regretted resigning on the spur of the moment.But seeing the person she likes so happy now, she thought cbd gummies for pain near me to herself that she would quit her job in vain.Ah Zhen said from the side It s not necessarily true that I see you every day My proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe sister is going to find a job, brother in law, is your company short of people How about recruiting my sister Frowning, Zhao Yazhi opened her mouth and scolded I will find a job myself.Forget it, Ah Hao, I will look for it myself.Zhao Yazhi smiled and said, Now that the economy is so good, it is not difficult to find a job.All industries are in urgent need of talents.The way I see it, sister, if you stay at home, brother in law will take care of you.Right brother in law.Ah Zhen laughed and raised her eyebrows.Upon hearing this, Zhao Yazhi s blush hit her cheeks again, and she secretly glanced at Li Guohao.Seeing that he was a little lost in thought, she breathed a sigh of relief, and then gave A Zhen a hard look, as if reminding her not to second century premium cbd gummies Nonsense, otherwise I want you to look good when I go home.Stared at by her sister s imposing eyes, Ah Zhen shrank her head and didn t talk too much, she buried her head and ate what was ordered on the table by herself.I thought of it Suddenly Li Guohao s mind flashed through, remembering an event he had done a long time ago A Zhi, I have a job that is definitely suitable for you What job Hearing what Li Guohao said so confidently , and said by name that it was absolutely suitable for him, Zhao Yazhi asked curiously., in addition to steaming the glutinous rice balls at the beginning, you also need to make the bean paste filling, and then you can make it directly after it cools down.The appearance of the snowy mooncake is pure white, but if you add other materials, you can also make it Make mooncakes of various colors and patterns, for example, you can add a little purple potato powder to make it purple.After hearing this, Huang He looked at Li Guohao with admiration, knowing that mooncakes have been around for a long time, specifically in that dynasty What appeared is unknown, anyway, the relevant records can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty.Over the past few hundred years, the appearance and taste of moon cakes must have changed a lot, but until now, except for the appearance of the fillings, the traditional baking method is still basically used.

You have also seen that many things like pastries can be reformed and innovated.This snowy mooncake has abandoned the traditional baking process of mooncakes in the past and adopted a new technique, so when you are researching new dim sum in the future, you can completely Learn from western pastry, and you can change it appropriately.Li Guohao has a lot of new pastry making methods in the future, many of which are very different from the present, but he can t take them all at once, so the company will have no problems.innovative mind.I ll go and learn about the process of making pastry.Huang He nodded.Western cakes are not very common in Xiangjiang, and most of them are Chinese dim sum.There are also pastry shops, but the price is much more expensive than ordinary dim sum, which is not affordable for ordinary people.Suddenly, a long horn sounded.She was so proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe scared that she staggered and fell to the ground.With a bang, the door of the bus was opened, and the driver sitting in the driver s seat, smoking a cigarette, smiled and said to Zhu Qiaomei cbd gummies for pain near me who fell on the ground Miss, are you all right Hurry up and get on the bus, don t be late, look You slept so soundly.Zhu Qiaomei was not angry either, after all, the driver honked the horn out of good intentions to remind herself, otherwise if she missed this bus, she might twin elements cbd gummies cost be late when the next one arrives.Just as she was about to get into the car, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the side of the car.There is a row of large characters written on it.Strong taste, strong love, enjoy the world and the moon together, and taste the court love A row of small characters below, palace pastries.Liu Peilin couldn t calm down.He sat down and stood up for a while.Walked back to the finance department together, watched him settle the accounts, went back and forth several times, the finances were a little nervous, and the hands of the accounts were trembling there.Old Liu, don t worry too much.I went to a few stores before, and the sales were pretty good.Seeing Liu Peilin s nervous expression, Gu Yonghe comforted him.The other three shareholders also said good things from the sidelines.Well, I know.That s what Liu Peilin said, but his erratic footsteps still couldn t conceal his restless mood.I don t know how long it has been.Basically all the cooperative stores called to report today s mooncake sales to the company.Okay The accountant finally finished the accounting.Liu Peilin asked excitedly How many mooncakes did you sell today How much did you sell for The accountant looked at the account book and said, More than 300 stores have cooperated, a total of 270,000 mooncakes, and a total of 200,000 mooncakes have been sold.Because Liu Peilin s mooncakes are sold in bulk, unlike Li Guohao who packs the mooncakes into boxes and sells them one by one.There are several flavors of mooncakes, and the prices are also different, so the calculation is more complicated.Some mooncakes are sold by the catty, while others are sold by the piece.Sold 200,000 mooncakes The total sales are more than 500,000 Liu Peilin shouted happily when he heard the financial report Gu Yonghe and the other three shareholders are also extremely excited.You must know that this is the first day, and they sold more than half a million yuan.After removing the cost and profit sharing, they can make a profit of at least one hundred thousand yuan, and one day can earn more than one hundred thousand yuan., It s incredible The profit of moon cakes is actually very high, just like Li Guohao sells moon cakes with three prices the price is not equal to the taste, there are several flavors at the same price , the most profitable one is the snow skin moon cake with rose filling for 35 yuan a box.It was daylight.Li Guohao went straight to Zhang Dong s house.The starting point for this wedding reception is Zhang Dong s old house.There are more than a dozen rented wedding cars parked at the door downstairs.Ahao is here.You don t need to change your shoes, just come in.Seeing Li Guohao arrived, Uncle Zhang said hastily.Uncle Zhang, where s Adong Li Guohao didn t change his shoes, he raised his head and looked around, all the relatives of the Zhang family were on the sofa in the living room.I m putting on makeup in the room.Uncle Zhang said with a smile.Makeup Li Guohao chuckled.That s right.A Dong s boy heard people say that he would look better with a little makeup on and take pictures, so why don t he ask his aunt to do it for him.Uncle Zhang also said cheerfully.Then I ll go in and see him.Let them leave the phone number and the address of the orphanage.We will send people over to inspect the people who need donations and the number of people.They also kept it, but they asked us to donate some expensive ones by name.Cakes, coconut flavored glutinous rice cakes, and honeycomb cakes.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned, and said, These two are indeed very expensive, and the cheapest one costs five or six yuan each.They just said These two kinds These two kinds are high quality pastries, and they are sold by portion, and each portion is only one proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe piece.Basically, some white collar workers eat more, so there is a sample in the display cabinet for everyone to see., It is made and sold by the pastry chef in the store.Not only that, there are many snacks that I have never eaten before What s the name of the orphanage Zhao Yazhi thought for a while and said, It seems that one .

what mg to to take of cbd gummies?

is called Qingkang Welfare Institute cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon and the other is called Jiabao Welfare Institute.It was not a general complaint, but a big complaint.Li Guohao was not a fool, so he could hear it.But Li Guohao was not angry, because Xie Honghe was genuine.For the good of the company, otherwise he is just a manager of the public relations department.He has no responsibility or obligation to care about the company s development.He just needs to do his own thing well.Manager Xie, you really only worked in public relations Li Guohao took a high look at the bald Xie Honghe, who was in his forties and was about to turn fifty.When he was recruited before, he was only interested in his contacts and work experience, but he was not a publicist with such a long list of words just now.It is not what a public relations manager should say.Before doing public relations, I also did market research.Xie Honghe didn t expect Li Guohao cbd gummies for pain near me to ask this question, but there was cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me nothing to hide, and he directly said that he had done market research work.Under the respectful farewell of Manager Bai and the female salesperson, Li Guohao showed unprecedented confidence and confidence, Stepped out of the building of the headquarters of HSBC Bank.As the saying goes, Qian Zhuang is a coward.Li Guohao is not a coward, but an ordinary person.Since he crossed over, everything he did was smooth sailing.It was the same when buying stocks this time.At the beginning, he only invested one million yuan, and then he made a fortune one after another.Looking at the bright sunshine in the sky, and the busy streets of Xiangjiang, with the crowds and traffic, Li Guohao felt Suddenly a great ambition rose.Now he is also a person who can become a billionaire.Li Guohao took out a passbook bill from his pocket, carefully looked at the figure of more than 80 million on it, smiled and stuffed it back into his pocket.

Have you eaten If you haven t, I ll ask your dad to get you something to eat.Mother Li asked.Well, I m a little hungry.Li Guohao glanced at the new menu on the new wall.It was basically the same as the previous one, except for a few more simple and clear fried rice.Golden egg fried rice Li Guohao looked at the name of the fried rice on the wall, and suddenly laughed.Isn t this the same as in later generations of gourmet essays, starting with an egg fried rice, career and love all come.Yeah, didn t you cbd gummies for pain near me ask your grandpa to make some signature features with your dad before.Now your grandpa made this golden egg fried rice.I have to say that your grandpa s craftsmanship is really good Simple home cooked egg fried rice, which is popular He fried it into flowers.When Li Huifang said the golden fried rice, she immediately gave a thumbs up and praised it.You must know that Xiangjiang is very close to Southeast Asia, and the shipping and transportation are extremely developed.Whether it is import or export, it will make a lot of money The current stock price of Nanshun is about 60, and the market value is hovering around 700 million Hong Kong dollars.This is because Nanshun announced the soaring price after acquiring the Xiangjiang Flour Mill some time ago.It was only in the 40s before.Regardless of whether it is based on the current stock price or the stock price before the soaring price, Li Guohao has no ability to acquire Nanshun at all.500 million and 700 million are both sky high prices in Li Guohao s view.Selling him may not be able to raise so much money.But if you know the stock market crash in the near future It would be easier to buy the shares of Nanshun Group by taking advantage of the stock market crash.Some took it and put it in their pockets, some took it and threw it on the ground, and some directly held it in their hands, their eyes wide open.Keep an eye on the stock market.Go up, go up Keep going up, keep going up Go up A group of stockholders looked at the stock market and shouted frantically.The stock cbd gummies for pain near me trading in the 1970s was made up of a huge splicing blackboard and countless chalk tips.It is not controlled by an electronic screen like later generations, so the public comes here cbd gummies for pain near me early and waits.The only fun every day With passion, it is standing in front of the blackboard, screaming and screaming at cbd gummies sacramento the blackboard Xiangjiang Taipingshan mid level villa.Li Guohao took Ni Xingqing into the special car and went straight to the villa area of Xiangjiang Regal.The land price here in Xiangjiang is not cheap.Well, you should pay more attention to the land in the New Territories recently, choose a good place, and we will move there, or you can directly ask the boss who is renting it to us now, if you can buy his factory.Li Guohao has been waiting, waiting for the stock market crash to break out, buying houses and land at the bottom.Li Qiang glanced at Li Guohao strangely.He proposed to buy land to build a factory in the New Territories a long time ago, but Li Guohao never agreed, and rented an old factory building for temporary use under the pretext that it would take time to gummies cbd oil spectrum build a factory.Now that the stock market crash broke out, Li Guohao immediately thought of buying land in the New Territories, and sold the stocks before the stock market crashed to make a lot of money.Li Qiang couldn t help thinking that Li Guohao already knew that the stock market crash would happen.5 million tons of ships, second only to the United States, and has become one of the world s shipping centers.These developments are inseparable from Bao Yugang s contribution to the shipping industry.Because revive cbd gummies of his status in international shipping, he was concerned and appreciated by heads of state and big businessmen.Queen Elizabeth of England knighted him, and the king of Belgium, the president of Panama, the president of Brazil, and the shitty emperor of the island country all awarded him senior medals.This is an honor that no big entrepreneur in the world has ever received.The later British Prime Minister Heath specially invited how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me him to a banquet at the villa and asked him in detail about his business methods.Not to mention the fact that the Queen of England pure kana premium cbd gummies for hair loss conferred the title of Tycoon Bao, before President Reagan came to power in 1981, he specially invited Tycoon Pao as a VIP to attend the inauguration ceremony.Secondly, Lam Soon bought a flour mill.It s just that the flour mill acquired by Lam Soon has not been listed.At this moment, the newspaper suddenly reported that a little known little man initiated the acquisition of Nanshun Group, which immediately caused discussions among citizens who were interested in canna cbd gummies reviews this how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me aspect.Even some wealthy businessmen and celebrities are discussing the acquisition of Nanshun by Li Guohao.Shun Tak Shipping Company.Gambler He and Huo Yingdong were sitting in the office drinking tea.Recently, due to the stock market, the business has dropped a lot.I plan to expand the shipping and transportation to Southeast Asia.He Gambler glanced at Huo Yingdong with a smile.This company is a shipping company specializing in maritime transportation that was negotiated by two people at the night banquet of the Governor s Mansion last year.It s not that there is any big crisis, but the previous strategy and plan of exchanging one share for five shares was indeed made by the people of Landmark It came out, relying on this method, the people who bought the land did not spend too much cash, and completed the acquisition of a milk company with a higher market value than themselves.If the stock market crash does not break out, or if it breaks out later, then those who exchanged the shares of the milk company Shareholders of Hongkong Land stock may make a lot of money because of this, but the reality cbd gummies for pain near me is that not long after Hongkong Land acquired Milk Company, the stock market crash broke out, and the Hang Seng Index plummeted all the way.Those new shares have not yet been distributed to shareholders, their value has already Falling to a certain level.Through the gaps between the seven or eight buildings opposite, Li Guohao saw a towering building being newly built, which was clearly higher than the surrounding buildings by more than one level.The Jardine Building, which was being built in the distance, was at least 150 meters high The protruding part alone is nearly half higher than the surrounding buildings, and it really feels like seeing all the mountains at a glance.Li Guohao asked Li Qiang to investigate the information of the Jardine Group a long time ago.At that cbd gummies for pain near me time, he Just looking at the size of the group and its past, Li Guohao is also very fortunate at this moment, he can take over the shares of Nanshun in a short time, if the people of Jardine come back to their senses, turn their heads and look at Nanshun, to At that time, I am afraid that it will be difficult for me to deal with the other party.

You can call me brother in law.Hello brother in law.Listening to Li Guohao calling himself Brother in law, just as Chen Hui was about to continue the conversation, he heard Zhao s mother say from behind Okay, Ah Fang and Ah Zhi, clear the table and prepare for dinner.Several people ate and chatted.Chen Hui suddenly said Ah Hao, I heard from your eldest sister Ah Zhi that you are doing a big business now Hehe, it s okay, a little business.It s not just a small business.I read in the newspaper that you spent hundreds of millions to acquire Nanshun.This is a big deal Chen Hui looked at Li Guohao with some envy.career.Ah Hui is eating Zhao Yafang frowned, feeling very dissatisfied with her husband s behavior.Now that she was going back to her natal home, her husband didn t flirt with his father in law and mother in law, but kept chatting with Ah Zhi s boyfriend , What do you think of this Zhao s mother and Zhao s father also frowned.This is also why William bought some shares of Maxim s Cakes, and he is planning to take the shares of Lam Soon to enter the raw material market.Because of the stock market, the economy has been affected, and the business in the market is not doing very well.Cao Xiujie was afraid that William would blame him.After all, the group spent a lot of money investing in Maxim s Cakes, so he explained Li Guohao s palace pastry business is also relatively bleak.William nodded and said Now that the economy is not good, the expansion of Maxim s Cakes will be temporarily stopped, and we will stabilize ourselves.We will continue to expand when the economy recovers.Yes.Waiting for Cao After Xiu Jie left.William sat alone in the office and meditated.Although the group cbd gummies for pain near me made a lot of money from the stock market and even bought the milk company with little effort, and almost didn t spend much cash, its reputation in Xiangjiang was completely stinky.Don t you see that there was no chain restaurant in ancient times.If you want to say that the most successful company with a secret recipe is Coca Cola.The formula of Coca Cola has not applied for a patent, and the public relations said that the secret formula is kept in the bank s vault.what.But in the modern era of more and more high tech, the formula of a drink can always be cracked only by reverse research.It is impossible for you to have a drink formula that is more complicated than a nuclear bomb So the secret recipe is just a package and a gimmick for modern catering companies.What is really deeply rooted in the hearts of the people is the brand value.Is Quanjude s recipe delicious No, it s just a famous name.When it comes to roast duck, the first thing that comes to mind is Quanjude.He Qianjin blushed when she said this, and it was fleeting.Auntie s birthday Naturally, I will be there to celebrate your mother s birthday.I will definitely be there.Li Guohao smiled.But in my heart, I wonder what your mother s birthday has to do with me.Suddenly thought of something, He Qianjin said, It s fine for you to come alone, you don t need to bring Miss Zhao.Okay.Li Guohao didn t think much, nodded and agreed.The venue was silent for a while, and the atmosphere was slightly awkward.It was He Qianjin who broke the deadlock and said, By the way, Li Sheng, do you know that all the franchise stores in Southeast Asia have opened Has the place been renovated and opened Li Guohao asked in surprise, it s only been half a month, and everything was done so quickly That s a total of twenty one franchise stores.In the small room, cbd gummies for pain near me there were four men with obvious East Asian appearance, most of them were in their mid twenties.At this moment, the door of the room was opened from the outside, and a person walked in with a large shoulder bag in his hand.He also closed the door immediately and said in Vietnamese, Brother Qiang s goods have arrived.Bring here.Show me Brother Qiang was overjoyed, and immediately took the shoulder bag from someone else, feeling very heavy as soon as he started it, and his heart became even more excited.Brother Qiang opened how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me the zipper and excitedly picked up a long gun from the shoulder bag submachine gun Good guy Raptor, you can actually get this Brother Qiang looked at this gun that a man had dreamed of, and was fascinated as he wiped the somewhat old body of the gun.Brother Qiang just likes it There are more fierce ones below Raptor smiled.Yes, that s right.On the barren hills.Li Guohao, Chen Sheng and the others were exhausted after running for half an hour, so they found a hidden place to rest temporarily.I can t run like this.Although the mountain is not big, it will take an hour to get to the urban area.There was silence around, and there were some noises from time to time.I don t know if it was to match the current environment, Chen Sheng lowered his voice and directed Li Guohao said to Yu Weicheng.Then what should we do Li Guohao asked panting.Fortunately, he has been exercising a little since time travel.Otherwise, with such intense running and emotional fluctuations, he would have been exhausted and unable to run.Weicheng, take the boss down from the right later, I ll go over to attract the attention of those people Chasing people on the mountain, especially when the sun is gradually setting and without lighting equipment, is particularly difficult.Just as Li Guohao led Jin Jiashi to open the door and walked out, he saw two plainclothes policemen from the police station sitting at a small desk not far away.Xiao Liu, take those two police officers to the restaurant for lunch.It s time to eat and you can t let them go hungry.Unlike many movies, the big boss is very angry with the police officers sent by the police station to protect him.He was very dissatisfied, but Li Guohao welcomed him very much.After all, he was protecting himself.Anyway, the company did not do anything illegal, as long as the other party did not show up in the office.Yes.Xiao Liu also walked quickly towards the two plain clothes When the two plainclothes heard Xiao Liu say that the chairman invited them to the restaurant for dinner, they were taken aback for a moment, but then they felt warm in their hearts.More than a hundred people Li Guohao was stunned.Yes.Zhang Bowen was also very helpless.At first there were eleven people, and then a group of eliminated people were accepted, making a total of twenty three, eight of whom were sent to protect Li Guohao, and five of them served as some staff in the company.position, the rest of the people all went to the New Territories, where they selected training bases.To be honest, when the company has no business, these people are already enough.One more person will cost more every month.Now there are more than one hundred people suddenly.It costs more than 300,000 yuan.According to 3,000 per person, it is a very high salary Li Guohao pondered for a while.At first, his idea was to slowly accept these people., but this effort is stuffed into more than a hundred people, and it is definitely affordable to raise him, but it is completely unnecessary.

Chapter 265 Food Industrial Park Recently, Li Guohao has also been busy with the company s affairs, basically every day except going to work and leaving get off work.Now that the economy is poor, a new round of discounts has started on the court pastry.Under the condition of ensuring cbd gummies for pain near me that there is no loss, the business will be developed as much as possible, so that no one will buy it.On the other hand, Maxim s Bakery, after nearly two months of poor business, more than 30 of its 50 branches closed down overnight.The remaining 20 stores were barely making ends meet, which made Wood s teeth itch, and finally climbed to the top and raised funds.Just when he was about to flex his muscles, he encountered an unprecedented stock market crash.The economy, income, and jobs are all linked together.If the economy is poor, wages will decrease, or they will lose their jobs altogether, which has also led to a lot of fewer white collar workers who used to like to visit dessert shops.Because of Li Guohao, Shangguan Xiaobao s Bruce Lee painting at this time is more in line with reality, without too many bloody and pornographic images, but it is also because of this that Little Rascal came from behind.Huang Yulang Li Guohao was taken aback, he knew cbd gummies for pain near me this person.As the founder of Yulang Comics, Huang Yulang had a life experience that was full of ups and downs.Yulang comics were taken away by others.In the end, he took back the comic company with his own ability.His comics such as Fengyun and its Chinese Heroes have been sold well to later generations.Yes, I also know this person cbd gummies lifrhacker , I used to stay in a comic company.Shangguan Xiaobao said, How do you think the president will handle this matter If I remember correctly, we have obtained the exclusive authorization from Bruce Lee Except for us, no one else is allowed to draw any comics related to Bruce Lee Li Guohao glanced at Shangguan Xiaobao lightly and said.What Master Dong best cbd sleep gummies proper dose of cbd gummies said just now is the most straightforward However, even a fool how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me with an IQ of only 5 can understand it.Where there is thunder, there will be wind, and when there is eagle hemp cbd gummies mayim bialik wind, there will be thunder.What a good metaphor.It is much better than you are the wind and I am sand.In the end, Li Guohao handed over thousands of dollars in cash to Master Dong, and even specially took a business card of Master Dong, but on the business card was written Bone touching, fortune telling, fortune telling, divination, feng shui, burial, traditional Chinese medicine Hehe, to make a living.Perhaps seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Master Dong also smiled.Speaking of feng shui, Li Guohao happened to have plans to build a food industrial zone on the company s side.With the mentality of believing or not, he also invited the other party Come to help him take a look at the feng shui of the factory for a while.When do you think you can get the gun club s certificate Zhang Bowen followed closely behind, and seeing Li Guohao sitting down, he said truthfully.I m already looking for someone to apply for the gun club certificate.For now, I only apply for the air gun certificate.I m afraid it will take a while for the real gun certificate.I didn t expect that the gun club had already finished it.This surprised Li Guohao.He thought he would have to wait for a while.Okay.Zhang Bowen nodded and agreed.Since taking over the group of 100 bodyguards, Li Guohao has spent more than 500,000 Hong Kong dollars in the past two months to pay the salaries of these people, and spent hundreds of thousands to buy them in the New Territories.A large piece of land has been acquired, and the security company that invested one million before now only has less than a hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars left.HelloCall, call Before the police officer could speak, the walkie talkie in his hand fell to the ground because he couldn t stand firmly, and then it was crushed with a click.This One of the police officers was stunned.Although Li Guohao who was hiding behind was not crowded, but in such a small place, surrounded by people, all the smell in his nose was sweat, and he felt as if he was holding his nose.The whole person is not well.Not far away at this time.More than a dozen clattering uniforms came running from a distance.Each of them was wearing a black short sleeved T shirt, a pair of colored camouflage pants, and a black T shirt.The four characters of Guohao Security are printed on the shirt.These people are all the company s security personnel.They didn t get up so early to go to work.After all, it s only after six o clock, but Zou Yu called Zhang Bowen.Cai, long time cbd gummies for pain near me no see.Cai Lan, who had been chatting with Li Guohao, didn t notice the three of them , after hearing the voice, he also turned his head to look, and saw a fat man looking at him with a smile, and immediately said with what is in cbd gummy bears a smile, Hong Jinbao, why are you here too He is considered a character in the circle, because he was born as a walk on, and he has enough loyalty.Many proper dose of cbd gummies martial arts stand ins and so on follow him.This is a bit like a trick for later generations.It s not Brother Xiaolong who is in the hospital.Our brothers wanted to come and visit.Seeing that Cai Lan still knew him, Hong Jinbao smiled happily, thinking of his eldest brother Long and Lin Zhengying who came with him, Mr.Cai, this is me.Junior brother Aaron, this is my good friend Lin Zhengying, they are rare masters.This market report is very watery, In terms of taste, most people should answer truthfully, and the price is basically no problem, but the last one asked whether they would buy it, which is very watery.Eaters have soft mouths and short hands.If you eat for free, you will naturally say Some good words.Li Guohao pondered for a while and said, For the time being, we are not in a hurry to go on sale.We haven t even done an advertisement yet.I m afraid the sales will not be very good if we just spread the goods so rashly.What about the popsicles It doesn t matter if the quick frozen food is released later.Anyway, dumplings and wontons can be eaten in every season, but popsicles are only bought in summer.It s already July, and summer has passed halfway.If it is sold, I am afraid that the number of people who will buy it in autumn will decrease a lot.But He Qianjin was a little at a loss.Didn t he agree to come and play together Hearing what the two of them meant, it seemed that there was something else to do.Tell me what s the matter Zheng Jiachun sat down on the wooden chair, blowing on the electric fan very comfortably.Before, I have been thanks to the help of Brother Zheng and Miss He.I want to take you a share of the investment in this gun fair.Li Guohao didn t beat around the bush, and directly stated why he invited the two of them today.A gun meeting Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin were taken aback at the same time.Yes, you two don t really think that I bought such a large land just to play this real life shooting game, right Li Guohao said with a chuckle, There are many gun clubs abroad, and they are all held privately.Xiangjiang also has a background in the police department.

Fortunately, Jin Jiashi from Nanshun and some The old employees are more skilled in handling matters in this area, which has not caused the group s business to suffer losses.Zheng Jiachun became interested when he heard this, touched his chin and said, What kind of cooperation method Brother Zheng and He Qianjin each get 25 , and I get 50.10 million, each of you will contribute 5 million.If anyone wants to invest in the future, it must be approved by the three of us.He Qianjin was very interested in the club s plan, and after hearing Li Guohao said When he invested five million, he smiled slightly and said, Five million is no problem.Zheng Jiachun pondered for a while, five million is not a lot, it is just a small amount of money to him.If it really cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon goes according to Li Guohao s expectation, it is totally worthwhile to spend five million to invest in this club, and he nodded and agreed without hesitation, Okay.By the way, Sixth Brother.Fang Yihua thought about the recent incident where someone from the Guohao Group contacted the advertising department to buy an advertisement, and was a little unsure.She was the one who lowered the price of Li Guohao s Kung Fu cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon Panda , which caused Li Guohao to leave angrily.I originally thought that the other party was just a small character, so I just left.But I never thought that in more than a year, the other party has become a new rich man in Xiangjiang, and his personal assets are still rising.If there are only these, Fang Yihua doesn green mountain cbd gummies t care, anyway, if you have money, it s yours, and it has nothing to do with me.However, Li Guohao will spend a large amount of money every month to advertise on Li s TV station, which has a direct relationship with TVB.It stands to reason that today s businessmen or companies will basically advertise on the two TV stations together.Ah Oh.I m fine.After hearing Li Guohao s question for the third time, Ni Xingqing woke up from his stupor, swallowed and said, Boss, I have been in the United States for half a month, and I also know some things about the United States.According to information from the stock market, oil stocks have always been strong stocks.Over the years, oil stocks have not fluctuated much.Are you sure that the Middle cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me East Petroleum Congress will stop transporting oil Ni Xingqing understands stocks, so he knows that if the Middle East Oil If China stops transporting oil, then international oil stocks will definitely plummet explosively You know, since World War II, people all over the world know about black water This thing is irreproducible, and it is also the energy source that many cars now need.American gasoline, factories, enterprises, automobiles, military, etc.That s right, the stock market is like this, often because of one thing, it leads to more unknown situations.People think that this is just because the Middle East countries are forced to do nothing by Israel and the United States, so they want to use the rise in crude oil prices to contain the opponent s attack.And with Israel s continued victories, the price of crude oil will still drop, but this is just the beginning of everything.On October 15th, six countries including Iran announced unilateral oil price hikes.At the same time, the U.S.stock market and oil related industries fell by six points year on year.After Li Guohao got the news, he finally retreated his heart that was already standing on the edge of the cliff.He knew that he had finally waited for the news of the oil embargo in the Middle East countries.This incident reminded Li Guohao that having the memory of the future does not mean omnipotence, as if he has always believed that the US stock market will fall on October 6, in fact Not only did it not fall, but it has risen a lot.Shaking his head slightly, Li Guohao put all these negative emotions sugarless cbd gummies to the back of his mind, the past has passed, and now he is focusing on the future.Now there is 300 million U.S.dollars as support, which 500mg cbd gummies get you high is equivalent to 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars.In addition to repaying HSBC 300 million and a small part of the benefits, there are about 1.2 billion.How to spend this huge sum of money has become Li Guohao s top priority.If it was in the past, if he had just crossed over, what Li Guohao thought about was probably buying a house, buying land, and waiting for the value cbd gummies for pain near me to rise.Basically, I don t have anything to do.I just go to supervise them occasionally.Zhang Bowen has been busy with the club recently.In fact, he has no experience in building buildings, and he best cbd sleep gummies proper dose of cbd gummies is not needed.But in the future, Zhang Bowen, the manager of the security company, will be required to handle security, so occasionally I will take a look at some security risks during the construction process and give some advice to the construction team.All right, you can pick me up at nine cbd gummies for pain near me o clock tomorrow morning.Good boss.Just stepped in the door.Guohao Mother Li exclaimed and stood up.Master.Aunt Zhang next to her also came over, trying to take the two suitcases from Li Guohao s hands.Mom Li Guohao smiled and handed the luggage to Aunt Zhang.You kid, you stayed in the United States for a month and a half, and you made a few phone calls back, which made me worry to death.I thought to myself, the people from Maxim full spectrum cbd gummies side effects s Company couldn t do it in the pastry industry, so they are going to enter the catering industry Chapter 305 After the nervous Li Dexiao had cbd gummies monroe la dinner at night, Li s father, mother, grandpa and others went upstairs to rest.Considering that it was getting late and the road might not be safe, Zhao Yazhi called home and stayed for the night.Because the two were not yet married, and because they were shy, Zhao Yazhi lived alone in the guest room.Boom Who is it Listening to Zhao Yazhi s voice in the room, Li Guohao squeezed his throat deliberately and said It s me Hearing the shrill voice, Zhao Yazhi, who had finished her bath, couldn t help but shook her head with a bath towel on.Without changing her clothes, she walked over and opened a corner of the door.The two chatted about the club and some Hong Kong news in the past month or so.As for Zhao Yazhi, when she got up at five or six o clock in the morning and was about to go HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain near me downstairs for breakfast, the moment she put on her clothes and opened the door, she saw Mother Li standing near the stairs with a smile on her face.On the spot, Zhao Yazhi blushed like a monkey s butt, and cbd gummies for pain near me shyly called out Morning Auntie.I understand, you and Ah Hao are both young people Mother Li said this.Zhao Yazhi was even more ashamed.She didn t even eat breakfast, so she drove home.She didn t go home yesterday, and her clothes didn t change.She smelled of sweat.She HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain near me needed to go home and phil michelson cbd gummies change into a new set of clothes before going to the company After about ten minutes, I saw Li Dexiao in a suit, with a contorted expression, grabbing the tie hanging around his neck with his hands, and Li Huifang followed him, patting his troublesome hands from time to time and saying Don t Pull it, and it will crooked if you pull it Does this suit me right Li Dexiao wore a suit except when he got married and took wedding photos, and he has never worn it since then, and he dresses casually on cbd gummies for pain near me weekdays.

I m willing to sell it again, so what kind of thanks do I get Bao Daheng smiled and greeted Li Guohao to sit down, how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me and then said straight to the point Li Sheng should know what I do.Of course it is clear.Mr.Bao is the number one shipping king in Asia.When I read the newspaper reports, I always regarded Mr.Bao as my goal in life.Li Guohao said from the bottom of his heart.There is nothing false in his words.At the beginning, he cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me started to set up his own restaurant HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain near me because he saw newspapers about Bao Daheng s hard experience in starting a business, and now he is now a famous ship king in Asia.The idea of empire.Haha, don t dare to be, don t dare to be, Li Sheng is young, and his achievements in the future will be higher than mine.Bao Daheng said with a serious face after joking a few words Since ebay cbd edible gummies Li Sheng knows that I am in the shipping industry, it will be easy to handle.However, many newspapers in Xiangjiang later reported the news about Li cbd gummies arlington tx Guohao, so it was avoided.Self initiated requests for interviews.Until now, almost a year, Li Guohao has not accepted any media interviews since he became famous.It has been almost half a month since the publication of Daily Daily , and the sales volume has been hovering between 5,000 and 10,000 copies.It is good and bad, which makes Pang Heshuo very worried.After all, it is not like in the past.There are all types of newspapers, which makes people overwhelmed.If a new newspaper wants to become famous, it must interview a celebrity who is well known in Xiangjiang, or report a sensational news that other newspapers do not have Or, you can serialize novels in newspapers like Mr.Jin.Chapter 326 Interview 1 After Li Guohao made it clear to tell reporter Qin Feng not to regard himself as the boss, but as the owner of rice, Qin Feng also swept away the tension in his heart.Today s newspaper.As for the next day, the newspaper on the 21st, hehe Lu Yu Tea House.Early in the morning, before five o clock, Lao Zhang and some old buddies came to have morning tea.It is a habit of Xiangjiang people to drink morning tea since ancient times, while afternoon tea is a habit brought by the British.As soon as Lao Zhang and the others sat down, the waiter next to him walked quickly with a pen and paper, What would Uncle Zhang want to drink today Lao Zhang glanced around his companions, pursed his lips and said, Just a pot Tieguanyin, by the way, three pineapple buns and five shrimp dumplings.After speaking, he glanced at his friend and asked, Do you want anything else Give me a chicken foot.I want wind.tail.I want two pork buns.After the waiter memorized them one by one, Okay, Uncle Phoenix Claw, Uncle Flavor, and Uncle BBQ Pork Buns, I ll serve you all right away, wait cbd gummies for pain near me a moment.It s okay, we don t buy all the 10,000 acres, but only some land with better farmland and land.After thinking for a while, Li Guohao said Let s buy half of it for the time being, 5,000 acres.It s okay.When we set off for Roi Et the day after tomorrow, we ll be discussing with the local farmers.At the end, Chen Xuewen said again By the way, Chairman, the government of Roi Et Mansion welcomes us to invest there, and even gave us certain preferential policies.They haven t issued specific documents yet.Li Guohao nodded, this matter is very normal, no matter which country it is, if you want cbd gummies for pain near me to attract investment, you must have preferential policies, and suddenly thought of what Chen Xuewen said just now, Go how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me to Roi Et Mansion the day after tomorrow Well, there is a boat going here every two days for the time being.And Niltai also felt bad, his ribs were broken, and he moved too much in the confrontation just now, causing the broken ribs to penetrate into the internal organs.At this moment, his face was flushed with suffocation, and he didn t know if it was because of the rising blood.But in the eyes of the outside world, the worst thing is Barron, because his injury is traumatic, and the scene of blood flowing makes the scales in everyone s hearts shift.Oops, this dead Barron, how did you fight I paid 500 baht Chen Sheng frowned and said, Boss, that Niertai is going to lose.What Li Guohao and Chen Xuewen waited.People were taken aback at the same time.Niltai probably had a broken rib, and the broken bone was inserted into the internal organs during the fight just now.You can see that there is an obvious indentation on the rib on his right side, and his face turned red again.Then he publicly recruited the general manager of the catering company, Cheng Xizhi, who was carefully selected from dozens of highly educated and experienced people.Chairman, sorry for being late.Cheng Xizhi panted.The title of chairman does not mean that Li Guohao belongs to only one person, but in this case, he subconsciously thought that it was Cheng Xizhi who called him, and was about to respond.I just heard my father Li Dexiao say slowly It s okay, it s not here yet, how are the other branches Other shops are ready, and the twenty lion dance teams we invited Ready, just wait 8.At 15 minutes, the salute will be fired, and the business will be officially madison indiana cbd gummy bears opened.Well.Li Dexiao nodded, thought of one thing, turned to Li Guohao and asked Ahao, did you say that the advertisement in the newspaper was effective Dad, it will definitely work.Li Guohao touched his chin.After thinking about it, since he has already been selected, the invitation is naturally to give the other party face, and the title of Xiangjiang Top Ten Outstanding Youth is still a bit attractive, so he said Then you call back and go Say I agree, and you can help me arrange the specific time.Yes.Secretary Xiao Liu was about to turn around and go out, when he suddenly thought of something, and turned back and said, By the way, Chairman, the king of the school s new entrance this afternoon The vice principal hopes that you can attend in person.Hearing that the new students were enrolled, Li Guohao was surprised and said, The school has already recruited 300 students The second day of formal enrollment has already filled the places.Why Delaying the enrollment of freshmen until now Counting the days, the enrollment was already full on the second day, and it has been more than half a month.But Li Guohao is different.He has the idea of pleasure for most young people in later generations, and he also feels that making money is too easy to spend casually.Speaking of which, it was really easy for him to make money, and both times he used the memory of later generations to make a fortune in the stock market.On the other hand, Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin, Cai Lan and others who knew Li Guohao, read the newspaper saying that Li Guohao would spend 100 million to hold a wedding, and they all had different ideas in their hearts.Zheng Jiachun was benefits of taking cbd gummies daily thinking that his newly opened hotel might be able to make a name for himself this time and make a big splash in Xiangjiang.And He Qianjin is just envious, envious, envious As for Cai Lan, she also thought about how to use the chairman s marriage to promote the movie, and finally added an extra line of words on the can you take tylenol and cbd gummies together poster before the movie was about to be released, Talk about the pastry king.

It s better now.When I was just born, I saw it for the first time in the hospital When he saw him, he was taken aback, and thought to himself, was this born by me Why is he so ugly After all, he has inherited my genes from Mai Xiaomin.It s fine if the skin is dry, and it s wrinkled like a seven year old.She looks like a little skinny monkey who has shed her fur.When Mai Xiaomin said this, she covered her mouth and laughed.Maybe it was because of his mother s laughter that the originally quiet little fat man immediately laughed cheerfully, like a baby like laugh, no, it was a baby like laugh, which made the nearby family and friends laugh too stand up.Li Guohao asked cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon Have you chosen a name for the child Zhang Dong hesitated for a while It should be considered a name What else is there to call it a name Li Guohao complained.I how long does cbd gummy stay in system cbd gummies for pain near me don t know if Professor Huo knows about Chinese restaurant syndrome The chairman is asking this As soon as Li Guohao mentioned Chinese restaurant syndrome, Huo Zheng said with a smile I also know about this.technology department.Professor Huo, I m sorry to bother you cbd gummies are they addictive even though I m off work soon.Li Guohao apologized.Although Professor Huo is working under Li Guohao, he is still a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Xiangjiang University, so he does not completely follow Li Guohao s face.It s nothing, I just have something to do, I m going to work overtime today and go back.Huo Zheng smiled and asked, Chairman, who are you looking for Do you know MSG MSG Do you know what s the matter Have you ever studied MSG, and whether it is harmful to the human body Huo Zheng wondered, Why did the chairman ask about MSG I don t know if Professor Huo knows about MSG.That night, the news was broadcast on the news channel of the TV station.Coupled with some post production pictures, people who are watching cbd gummies for pain near me TV in the United States are very curious about chicken essence.In particular, Professor Blissian said that eating chicken essence is equivalent to eating chicken is particularly impressive.The next day, hundreds of newspapers published the news one after another, letting more Americans know about the existence of Essence of Chicken.Because on the eve of the press conference, Huo Zheng mentioned monosodium glutamate, and because of this, many institutions cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me and various professors who wanted to be famous began to analyze what the chicken essence mentioned in the press conference was.One of them mentioned the important point, that is, although the essence of chicken is used to enhance freshness, it is very different from the MSG that you have seen.After two beeps, the secretary s voice came from the other end of the phone What s the order from the chairman Li Chaoren asked Is there any arrangement for the day after tomorrow Chairman, wait a moment The secretary at the other end put the phone between his ears and shoulders, quickly pulled out the chairman s itinerary from the folder, flipped through it to the day after tomorrow, and said The morning after tomorrow, Lei Hongren from Xiangjiang Machinery Manufacturing Factory cbd gummies for pain near me Sir, you have an appointment, and in the afternoon, Chairman, you are going to attend the member meeting of the Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce.Hearing that there were only two things, Li Chaoren pondered for a moment and said, Call Lei Hongren back for me, and say that I have something to do in the morning the day after tomorrow.But the company really has no money.Even if it asks for a bank loan, it can only get a loan of about 300 million.Even if we can collect money and win the development project of the town, we won t have the money to develop it later.No more Li Chaoren asked lightly.The chairman is gone.Ma Zhengkang looked at Li Chaoren, whose face remained unchanged, feeling inexplicably flustered.You don t have to worry about money Li Chaoren knew that Ma Zhengkang was doing it for the good of the company, otherwise he cbd gummies for pain near me would not have been allowed to HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain near me serve as the general manager of Cheung Kong Real Estate Company.But Superman Li will never disclose the cooperation with HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain near me the Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce.After all, this is the most important part of winning the development of the town.But even if we get the money, we won t be able to pay for the subsequent demolition and construction I told you, you don t have to worry about money Seeing Ma Zhengkang s retort, Li Chaoren slammed the table and said, That s it You don t need to worry about this matter But There s nothing to worry about Li Chaoren scolded, Zhengkang, Zhengkang, you ve been with me for more than ten years, how come you still don t understand The development project in Yuen Long I have to take it down I know cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon the chairman.In the original history, Mi Gao did discuss with the mainland about the power grid cooperation, and reached a cooperation, and later participated in the construction of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.I have seen this information, and with what Zhou Dakang said before, he believes that the cooperation between Mi Gao and the mainland should be a certainty, so he dared to act like this.The specific discussion about the transfer of shares in Hutchison Whampoa could not be settled within a few days.Shen Bi also made a special call to Li Guohao to explain the current situation to him.Li Guohao didn t care much about this.As long as HSBC would not change its mind temporarily, it would be fine to negotiate for as long as possible.The premise was that an acquisition agreement had to be signed first.When Li Guohao was in Kyoto, Zhou Dakang also received a positive answer from the above to his request to invest in the port and build a building, and approved the two investments.The building is a private investment of Li Guohao, and the above mentioned people did not intervene in this point, but the port will not work.After all, when the world structure is still unstable at this time, for such a wartime strategic place, it must be a stake Regarding this point, Li Guohao has already considered it.The port must be built in cooperation with the government.As for the specific investment share of the two parties, it is a matter for the two parties to sit down and discuss.Because Li Guohao was in Kyoto at this time, after Qi Boheng and others arrived in Bao an County, they also went directly south.It s barely strong.These are just Li Guohao s personal investments in Asia.In the United States, the Panda Catering Company invested by Li Guohao can be said to be the best private investment he has developed over the years.There are not only hundreds of directly operated stores in the United States, but at the end of last year, through the suggestion of Cheng Xizhi, they were promoted to the European region.Currently, there are almost 100 stores in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and other countries.Many direct stores.The Chinese fast food that is close to the tastes of Europeans and Americans has made it popular among the general cbd gummies for pain near me public in Europe.Not long ago, Cheng Xizhi also proposed to set proper dose of cbd gummies best cbd gummies recipe up a branch of Panda Fast Food in Europe, and send a professional to sit there to continue to expand the territory there.

We sold all the shares of Hutchison Whampoa to him.How dare he cross the river and tear down the bridge yes.Manager Liu of HSBC s credit department frowned and said, Guohao Group still owes us 700 million Hong Kong dollars, and the time to repay it is next year.Do you think we should ask them to get it back in advance Immediately someone beside him echoed, Yes, they have the money to open a bank, so they must have the money to repay the loan.Let them pay back the money.We loaned so much money to Li Guohao, not to let him open a bank to compete with us in the market Hearing the chattering discussions of the people below, Shen Bi frowned and had a headache.He never imagined that Li Guohao would open a bank quietly, and he had already applied for a license to the Xiangjiang Bank Management Bureau.The market only sells but not buys.In addition, the Sino British negotiations have come to an end, and there are rumors that the mainland is mobilizing troops and is ready to go to war at any time.The New Territories, which is across the sea from Shenzhen, can be said to bear the brunt.Where are the houses And the land, no one dares to buy it anymore.Land prices were the first to be affected by the collapse of the real estate market.From the afternoon of September 24 to October 1, in less than a week, land prices in Xiangjiang generally fell by 20 to 30.The biggest drop was in Industrial land and high end residential land.Guohao Real Estate invested in the land in Kowloon Bay last year.At the beginning, many high end residential buildings, cbd gummies for pain near me shopping malls and shops were built.It can be said that it has made a lot of money. Sure enough, when Mrs.On March 24th, when the negotiation failed, the overall price plummeted to more than 40.At this time, both real estate companies and ordinary citizens are almost all facing the economic crisis brought about by the bursting of the real estate bubble, and many people choose to immigrate because they cannot see through the situation.Therefore, Li Guohao thought of the news he learned from Qi Baiheng yesterday, and said with a smile I recently heard that Li Jiacheng s Changjiang Real Estate has made a lot of money, and he cbd gummies for pain near me helped Canadian real estate developers sell a lot of houses.Zheng Daheng smiled at cbd gummies for seniors cbd gummies for pain near me the side He smiled Yes, because Li Jiacheng made some money, many of my old friends are considering investing in foreign real estate.Huo Daheng said in a deep voice Li Sheng, let s get straight to the point.After listening to a long passage of Li cbd gummies enhanced with melatonin Guohao, Bao Daheng and others picked up the documents on the desktop and looked at their contents.While reading, they recalled the prosperity and decline periods mentioned by Li Guohao just now., in the comparative data, it seems to be the case.They will not doubt the authenticity of the information.After all, many companies and the government s land administration department HCMUSSH cbd gummies for pain near me have kept these information, and they can tell whether it is true or false just by checking it.Therefore, Li Guohao will definitely not cheat.Gambler He stared at him and said, Li Sheng, what is your plan for buying the bottom I will hand over the paperwork for the bottom hunting plan to you later.Li Guohao said, But the specific operation depends on whether you agree.After all, it is related to commercial secrets, so please forgive me for not being able to tell the truth, but the bankrupt Carnian Group and Carrian Group are part of my bargain hunting plan.With cbd gummies for pain near me uly cbd gummies amazon more and more overseas funds pouring into Hong Kong, the property market has been soaring.During this period, in order to alleviate Guohao Group s increasingly tense capital chain, Li Guohao asked Qi Baiheng, Ni Xingqing and others to disclose the development project of Tengfei Real Estate in the next ten years of Xiangjiang Real Estate.Since December 1983, when the bottom hunting began, with a total investment of more than 20 billion in cash, Tengfei Real Estate Company not only acquired a large number of buildings, real estate, office buildings, shops, and residential areas, but also successfully won most of the current government opened projects in Xiangjiang.The undeveloped official land left to the outside world has become less and less.The Hong Kong government has control over the right to land development and opening up.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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