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The leaders of the Municipal Bureau either do not inspect, but if they do inspect, they will definitely check Zhongshan Road, Renmin Road, Jianshe Road and other main roads.Every time they pass by the gate of the police station at night, the lights are dim or the gate is locked, so naturally they will not be satisfied.I knew I had to arrange someone to go there, but I didn t expect this job to fall on me Han Chaoyang was caught off guard, followed Sergeant Yang into the office, and said with a sad face, Master, I m not complaining, I m just moving.It s okay to move there, but I m not an official policeman, and I m still on probation., you don t even have the right to enforce the law.Yang Tao thought to himself and knew that you 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep elite garden cbd gummies kid would find reasons, why don t you like to be a police officer and take the police civil service exam The leader has already made a decision, and there nala cbd gummies is no room for bargaining.

Xu Hongliang didn t rush in, so he turned on the engine and turned on the air conditioner.cigarette.I heard from Lao Xu and my master when I went to the police yesterday.He is quite well informed, maybe he overheard him when he was answering the phone in the duty room.The police station is a small society, there are all kinds of people, and some people like it Those who flatter the leaders, and those who make small reports for their performance, such as Wu Wei.There are also those who like to gossip, especially those auxiliary police officers and co officers whose wages are not high and their work intensity is not high.No one speaks behind that person, and no one speaks behind that person counts kustoms cbd gummies s back.Han Chaoyang has his own ideals and pursuits, he doesn t care about them or even disdains them, he doesn t bother to comment that he can t do anything in his 40s and can only work as an assistant at the police station.

For example, 5 points are added for each stolen vehicle seized, 5 points are added for each seizure of drugs, and 5 points are added for each batch of controlled knives.If guns and ammunition can be seized, it will be great.Each gun will add 20 points, and every 10 rounds will add 10 points.Lao Xu asked for leave several times because of his wife s illness, and his attendance was deducted a few points.Old Xu really wanted to get back the deducted points, so he couldn t help saying Chaoyang, Hongliang, don t act rashly, you must find out the situation, they may have accomplices.Let s take a look first, if it doesn t work, let s take turns to watch and catch more.One is one.Don t worry, we won t startle the snake.Han Chaoyang smiled, and when he changed into his uniform, he walked out of the police room with Xu Hongliang without looking back.

Seeing the two of them off, Old Xu couldn t help but ask while tidying up Chaoyang, such a beautiful girl, why don t you have any ideas Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, stood up and smiled and said, If we had just met, Hongliang wouldn t have had the chance to send Lingling back.I have known Lingling for too long, I know her too well, and she knows me too well, so we can only do Friend.It s bad to know what s wrong.It s good to know the root and the bottom.I really don t understand you young people.I told you this, so don t spread it.I talked about it when I was in school, and then we broke up.The one elite garden cbd gummies I talked about was with you.Lingling lives in a dormitory and sleeps in bunk beds, and she has a good relationship with Lingling.She calls me brother now, or Chaoyang, but she used to call me brother in law.

Li 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep elite garden cbd gummies must come out in full force.Han Chaoyang was thinking about whether he should follow, when Liu Suo s face suddenly darkened Why didn t you report such an important clue, where do you think the police station is, and who do you think you are Self righteous, personal heroism, almost bad things don t you know I know Nima, if you don t solve the case, you don t like me, if you solve the case, you don t like me, I provoke you, why is it so difficult to serve Han Chaoyang was extremely depressed, and muttered unconvinced It s just a few people who issued false certificates, and they are not murderers.Besides, I was just suspicious before and didn t confirm it.I checked my residence card at night to find out.Talking nonsense with closed eyes.The more Liu Suo thought about it, the angrier he got, he gritted his teeth and asked, You re the only one who is smart enough to pretend that everyone else is a fool Before he was scolded so badly, he could only listen and bear it.

Han Chaoyang has never encountered such a cbd gummies 30 mg shameless person, nor has he encountered such a headache.When he saw a leader who looked like he walked out of the meeting room and looked this way, he immediately scolded What are you doing See what occasion this is, is this the place where you guys quarreled Officer Han, you know about my family, what kind of guy is he, Jiang Erhu, why should he occupy cheapest cbd hemp bombs gummies my storefront Officer Han, the storefront is owned by Yu Xiushui gave it to me, 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep elite garden cbd gummies the restaurant is not open for a day or two Their affairs are too complicated to be handled by the police.But now that the situation is special, they can t just let them make a big fuss at the venue.Han Chaoyang thought he couldn t do anything about it, and his face darkened immediately Stop talking nonsense, follow me, and go to the police room and talk slowly.

Young people should not be arrogant or rash.Guan Yuanyuan, the instructor of the Huayuan Street Police Station, obviously received the news that the leaders were coming.Sub bureau deputy director Hong stood at attention and saluted.Secretary Yang glanced back at him, and said again Secretary Ma, Bureau Hong, Comrade Xiaohan is really good.He has achieved so much in a few days after being assigned to Chaoyang Community.It is really a small community and a big society small policemen, Great work.These twelve words are good, Comrade Hong Zheng, your sub bureau can use these twelve best time to take cbd gummies cbd gummies 30 mg words summed up best cbd gummies 2019 by cbd gummies for bulk Secretary Yang as a slogan to motivate the police in the community.The leader of the Political and Legal Committee is praising this The shy looking young man was also praising the branch office.And the young man is cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies really capable, otherwise he can capture the criminal suspect suspected of murdering the two and absconding for twelve years Can the security brigade of the sub bureau issue more than 100,000 fines at once Deputy Director Hong had a good impression of Han cbd gummies 30 mg Chaoyang, and felt that it would be a good idea to provide a police car to the Chaoyang Community Police Office.

It s like willow silk swaying in the wind, with a mild and desolate charm it s also like colorful past events, and memories shuttle back and forth.The melody of the violin and the melody of the piano blend repeatedly, like waves of emotion beating the heart, vividly interpreting the lingering love in the world.Very narrative, very lyrical, very moving Along with the beautiful melody, a picture of tenderness and sweetness between lovers, whispering and whispering emerged in Huang Ying s mind.The invisible net, the more you want to break free from it, the more tightly entangled you are, the tighter it is, it s like weeping, making people s thoughts fluctuate in the music.Hello, who are you looking for Just as he was fascinated, he heard the one with ponytails running over from the two girls at the bottom of the wall.

The first time she went to the Jiang Erhu Hotel to cause trouble and was taken to the police office for mediation the second time she was insulted and beaten by sisters Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang., I took them to the village office and asked Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie to mediate together.As a result, the two sides had too much disagreement, and they refused to back down.They were unwilling to accept mediation, so they had to follow the procedure.Think about it, how many times have you been in contact Zou Jingnan suddenly raised his head, his eyes were more severe than ever.Thinking about it, it should be three times.Later, the Public Security Brigade and the Housing Management Bureau punished the villagers in Chaoyang Village who violated the regulations on the management of cbd gummies fx temporary residents and the management of rental houses.

Just as he was puzzled, the phone rang suddenly, and it was Director Su calling.There is a colleague who is very gossip in the office, and it is not convenient to answer here.She picked up her mobile phone and ran to the shade of the tree in the courtyard, pressed the call button and asked, Sister Su, do you have any news Very nervous No matter what, we re still friends.Don t be nervous if something happens elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd to your friend.Sister Su, what time is it You re still in the mood to joke around.Director Su looked up at Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu, and while skillfully turning his pen, he said with a smile Secretary Yang said that the situation was basically clarified.He seemed to have offended others in the process of law enforcement, and the people who had been dealt with were dissatisfied.The Disciplinary Committee of the sub bureau reported him for taking bribes for personal gain.

Director Su, you don t know how much Chaoyang has been wronged.If it were me, I wouldn t be able to power cbd gummies hold my breath until today.Xu Hongliang was cbd gummies 30 mg afraid that the world would not be chaotic, so he really wanted to go back and watch the excitement.Old Xu had a half smile but not a smile, with a gloating expression on his face.As they expected, the Huayuan Street Police Station was really lively at the moment.The Disciplinary Committee and inspectors are interrogating Ge Baohua, an auxiliary police officer of the prevention and control team in the inquiry room.Lao Hu, the policeman leading Ge Baohua, is being questioned by the Disciplinary Committee and the inspector in the prevention and control team office.The office and the dormitory on the third floor were interviewed, and the legal police and criminal police who came with the discipline inspection committee and the inspector were reviewing the case files in the conference room.

The anti theft cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies door closed with a bang, and Han Chaoyang let out a sigh of relief.Even though he was sitting upright just now and seemed frank and frank, he actually felt a little guilty as if he had made eagle cbd gummies willie nelson too many big mistakes.In fact, he wasn t the only one who was afraid, Guan cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies Xiyuan was just as uneasy.The case handling area used to be the place to handle criminal suspects, but now it has become the case handling area for the leaders cbd gummies 30 mg of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspectors investigation and the police of the case handling team.I don t know when this day is the end.He raised his head subconsciously, and asked in a low voice Chaoyang, who is the person behind Ge Baohua, please don t say you don t know.I really don t know The situation.Maybe it s because I was assigned just this year.

The relatives of the suspect said that he was able to clear the relationship.In fact, he did not clear the relationship at all, and did nothing after receiving the money. But I heard from Hong Liang that he did fish out several people. It has nothing to do with him that those people can go out.Relationships, such as theft, whether to pursue criminal responsibility depends on the value of the case.Most stolen goods need to be appraised, even if the owner just bought something, the invoice is still there, but the legal department will also require a price appraisal, because just last week The value of the things you buy may depreciate this week, and you need to issue a certificate of legal efficiency from the price department.The standards for the value of the case are different in different places, and it seems to be stipulated by the procuratorate.

Hundreds of people sang it with ups and downs , All in one Everyone sang very well, and the band played very well.Han Chaoyang clapped his hands and said in a melodious tone From the singing just now, I can hear and feel the strong resentment and resistance spirit of our Chinese people against imperialist aggression., feel the heroic spirit of the great Chinese nation in the face of foreign aggression, being brave, strong, and united to face the national crisis I am very encouraged, but I still have something to say, I believe everyone is the same, okay, let s do it again, the band is ready. Chaoyang Community The police room has become a comprehensive alarm platform, and the chorus and band of Factory 527 are also developing.Not only are there more people than before, but the equipment is also better than before.

He simply picked up the patrol inspection terminal and checked the identities of the outsiders wandering outside together with the police and auxiliary police guards at the intersection of the second team.certificate.Why don t you bring your ID card when you come out Uncle policeman, I live in front, I just took a shower, I just changed clothes, and I don t go far.Why do you bring your ID card Give me your name and ID number.Yu Xiaoping , ID number 330521 The young man remembered very clearly that Liu Jianye entered the query to confirm that there was no problem, and then asked, Do you have a residence permit Without a residence permit, you will be fined.Tian added a WeChat group cbd gummies 30 mg in Chaoyang Village, explaining Uncle policeman, I just moved here from Chaoyang Village.People from the Chaoyang Community Service Station and the Police Office asked me cbd gummies 30 mg to work here.

People spend money on their parents when they go to college.Qian, you go to college to make money, if I knew I would also apply for the Conservatory of Music Although the score line for applying for the Conservatory of elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd Music is not very high, you must have a foundation and a skill.Since I was 8 years old, my mother forced me to learn from Teacher Yang who lives next door.Qin, after more than ten years of learning and practicing for more than ten years, it is similar to learning a craft, and it is not too early to start making money in college.He grew up in a teacher s family and was trained to be versatile since he was a child.I can t be envious.Yu Zhenchuan was about to say that he had no music talent, when a beautiful figure opened the glass door and walked into the police room, leaning on the police station and asked, Officer Han, are you here, are you busy It turned out to be Zhang cbd gummies 30 mg Beibei, what are you doing here , and look for Han Chaoyang as soon as he arrives.

The four of them were very good at making moves on Xiao Shan, but now all the security guards have come, and several of them will deal with each of them, dragging and dragging all of them.Taking them out of the living room, Han Chaoyang helped Cao Xiang lock the door, escorted them downstairs together with the security guards, and escorted them into the bread police car that Li Xiaobin had just driven.Send the person to the prison, lock him into the detention room, and go upstairs with the USB flash drive containing the surveillance video to report to the deputy director on duty.The office usually manages these trivial matters, but Gu Institute didn t think that Han Chaoyang was looking for trouble, so he directly let the police handling the case take over.As for Cao Xiang, who actually made small orders, the police handling the case will communicate with the traffic police team.

So she is also a beauty control, so she also likes little fresh meat.Don t say that, we should be happy to help our comrades find a partner, not to mention they are a good match.Wu Wei, it s up to you next, I really can t delay any longer, don t take it seriously.Thank you instructor for your concern.Han Chaoyang and the two auxiliary police officers from the Xinyuan Street Police Station squatted in Xinmin Community until dawn, but found nothing.The second half of the night was more difficult than the first.When I returned to the police station, I didn t even bother to take a shower.I fell asleep as soon as I lay down on the bed.I slept until 2 pm.If my phone didn t set an alarm, I might sleep until dark.He got up and opened the door to see that there was another person outside.The senior sister has already arrived, and she is sitting at the police station talking and laughing happily with Zheng Xinyi.

I ll call Yingying and ask her if she s coming.I m definitely here, not for you Mom, what a surprise, I also talked to her on the phone, and she will be here soon.Calling my girlfriend is really lenient Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say about her, so he thought about it and asked, Xinyi, where is my master Patrolling the Sixth Courtyard, Wu Wei from your station is also there.He came in the morning and said he was here to help out for a few days.After the August 1st song meeting, he will return to the case team after his hand injury recovers.Isn t there Give him a vacation, let him rest Before Zheng Xinyi could speak, Miao Haizhu, who met Wu Wei at noon and had a good impression of Wu Wei, said angrily, He is highly enlightened, active in his work, and regards his work unit as his home.Do you think Everyone is like you, you have to ask for leave to fall in love, and you have to ask for leave to buy a house.

Auntie, it s too late for me to hurt Yingying, how could I bully you.Sit down.Okay, it s too late, you have to go to work tomorrow, go back and rest quickly.Uncle, I will help you watch the car reversing, and drive slowly on the way back.It s okay, after all, it s the police.Pay attention to safety, Yingying, do you feel safe Teacher Guo was very funny, and even rolled down the car window to tease.Send off my aunt and uncle, and then send Director Su home with Huang Ying, and send Miao Haizhu back to the dormitory of the provincial department.Send them to the place and come back to say goodbye to Huang s father and Huang s mother, and then ride an electric car back to the neighborhood cbd gummies 30 mg committee with the master and parents.The whole family was very excited about such a big happy event, and they hadn t seen their father for a long time.

If we let them run away, I will probably end up as the chief of the bureau.Great, thank you very much, Bureau Zhou, if it weren t for your help, we really don t know How long will it take to hunt down HCMUSSH cbd gummies 30 mg Don t be so polite, is the public security all over the world a family His subordinates were very strong and captured four suspects at the critical moment.Zhou Ju was in such a good mood, he declined the cigarette offered by Deputy Director Qiu and smiled.Hit haha.The suspect was arrested but did not mention the handover.Deputy Director Qiu was dumbfounded, and said with a bitter face Ju Zhou, where is the suspect Can you let us go and see , I am fully responsible for the wrong arrest.Zhou Ju, I didn t mean that, I asked if the suspect could be handed over to us.Old Qiu, how do you say this matter First of all, this murder case must be In the case of your Fengyong County Bureau, the suspect will definitely be handed over to you in the future.

Knowing it was normal, Han Chaoyang smiled and explained The first row can t block it, but our cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies choir has three rows, just like a big group photo, the second row stands higher than the first row, and the third row stands taller.It is higher than the second row.Oh, I really can t remember if you don t tell me, and Director Wang and the others are really too, and they cbd gummies 30 mg don t remind best time to take cbd gummies cbd gummies 30 mg you.You let the wedding company adjust the background first, and I will talk to Director Wang and the others.Say hello.Let s go.When I asked, it turned out that they were discussing the positions of the two bands with the wedding company.They are very busy these days, not only practicing singing and dancing, not only trying to prepare costumes and props, but also looking for talents who can play musical instruments all over the world, and they really made a wind band and a folk band, regardless of the performance level, at least the lineup looks like presentable.

Two members of the Standing Committee of the district committee will attend his future wedding, and Zhou Ju s WeChat.Xi Yuan s words are not false, he stared at him and said half jokingly Chaoyang, don t forget me as an old brother when good things happen in the future, and you must support and support me when cannabis edibles gummies cbd I become prosperous in the future.Don t be kidding, what good can I do, I can make a fortune like me Han Chaoyang put down his cbd gummies 30 mg phone and picked up the list Work, cbd gummies 30 mg Zhou Ju forwarded it to Moments, it is estimated that there will be a lot of donations from the branch later, let s calculate how much we have now, otherwise we will be too busy later.Chapter 199 Abandoned Babies 5 Set up the young couple Wan Xin and Xiang Yuqing and confirm that they will not abandon their children again.Grandpa Gu hurried back to the dormitory to rest I went to Xinmin community to help Yu Zhenchuan squat.

Okay, I ll go to the bathroom.Do you know where it is Yes, yes, I saw It s over One left and one right, the aisle played, and when the music sounded, it attracted many citizens, especially children, to watch.The rehearsal time of the choir is not too long.Laopan and other drummers are different.They have played together for more than ten years.Although their performance level is not very professional, it sounds so so.What they lack is mainly more professional guidance and more professional instruments.Then again, they are just here to join in the fun, it doesn t matter if they play well or not.Han Chaoyang looked back at the members of the folk band who were all dressed in Tang suits, ran to the side and dialed his brother s phone Brother Wei, I m here, when will you arrive Can you park your car It s easy to park now, many parking spaces are vacant, so it s hard to say later.

The three of them could play until 6 55, and the performance had already appeared on the large screens on the south bank and the north bank.track list.The music director took the list they had written temporarily, cbd gummies 30 mg took out a pen and marked it out, and reminded Four, let s make some adjustments.This one will be played when the garrison enters the arena, and these two will be played when the leaders enter the arena.Arrange for someone to come over later, he understands music as much as you do, and when you play, you guide, and you have to listen to him when and what piece to play.Okay, no problem.Let s get started, don t tell the band that it s live, Prevent them from getting nervous.Understood, thank you Director Le.I should be the one thanking you, Xiao cbd gummies 30 mg Han, you are responsible for the order of the scene, the crowd can watch, but you can t block the entrance.

How could Huang Ying know such a high ranking and important person, she had an incredulous expression on her face.Facing the most important decision in his life, Han Chaoyang really had no appetite, so he threw the remaining half of the egg filled biscuit into the trash can, returned to her and said, Principal Nie wants to form a student orchestra, which can improve PolyU s performance.It can also enrich the cultural construction of the campus and promote the artistic cultivation of teachers and students.To form a band requires a professional teacher.He said that he has been paying attention to me for a long time and thinks that I am suitable.The bad luck really changed, and he was actually hired by the president of PolyU.Pay attention, and follow for cbd gummies 30 mg a long time Huang Ying was so excited that she didn t care to eat any more.

This time is different, this time it is the business income of the company, and the profit is very considerable Lao Jin was so happy that he grinned and said, Chaoyang, let s forget about today.We will go to the gymnasium again in a few days when you have time, talk to the person in charge of the gymnasium, and see if we can make an appointment to invite them uly cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies 30 mg to dinner.They How many large scale events are held there a year, such as competitions, concerts, auto shows, real estate and decoration exhibitions, no matter what events are held, security guards are required, and it is necessary to establish a good relationship with them.They only provide the venue, and the organizers have the final say on security.They only provide the venue, but they have information about the security business.Anyone who wants to hold an event in the stadium must contact them first.

Can comrades get more overtime pay, and can they get some bonus at the end of the year It s all up to you.Chapter 230 Success When we were about to get off work in the afternoon, the command center of the sub bureau issued an order to dispatch the police, and another case of electric car theft occurred in Xinmin Community Han Chaoyang drove the 110 police car that was just replaced from the branch yesterday, and rushed to the scene of the crime together with Old Tang.I parked my car here and went upstairs to get my things.It took less than ten minutes before and after I got off the car and it disappeared.Comrade police, do you usually patrol or not This is not the first car I lost in the community, and I probably won t be the last.One, you don t care after all, just make a record The new electric bike I just bought was stolen within a few days of riding, and the owner was very emotional.

In fact, you don t need to tie yourself to Dongming New Village, and you can expand your business scale..Earn less money, at least earn word of mouth.If word of mouth is good, property services can be provided to more communities in the future. Small profits but quick turnover That s what HCMUSSH cbd gummies 30 mg I mean.Almost all property companies are property developers.Don t say it s okay, even if there is, it s useless.It s their cake. The chances of the new community are not great, but the old community still has a chance.Manager Zhang, as long as you can handle it well Regarding Dongming community, we will cbd gummies 30 mg help you find a way to enter other communities.Not to mention, there is a chance in the Xinmin community mentioned at noon.Lao Tang is communicating with the Xinmin community neighborhood committee, and the next step is to communicate with the owners.

Fun is fun, but Huang Ying still doesn t feel at ease after thinking about it.If there is anything to worry about, I have explained it to Chang Sheng.Besides, it is only assistance, it is only to maintain order at the law enforcement scene, and she does not need to temporarily seize things.She s full of energy now, and when the enthusiasm passes, she ll realize that you re playing tricks on her.This is work too, so it s okay if you play tricks on her.Chapter 236 The phone was hijacked Enough weird things happened tonight, and it turned out there were even stranger things.I thought that although I moved to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, I couldn t be lazy because of it.I was going to go out as usual, patrol around 12 o clock and then go back to sleep.Not only did Huang Ying go there first without making excuses, but let me wait.

Xiang Yuqing s spirit was about to collapse, and she choked with tears and said Officer Han, II discussed with Wan Xin just now, the money didn t fall from the sky, so it s not a problem if it goes on like this, wewe plan to When Binbin s condition stabilizes, he will be discharged from the hospital and returned to his hometown for conservative treatment.Thanks to you, we may not be able to repay you in this life, but in the next life As she was talking, she couldn t continue, she put down the phone and lay down on the bed to hug her The child burst into tears.Wan Xin was heartbroken, and she covered her mouth with her hands and wept silently.Han Chaoyang can understand their mood at this moment, and also thinks that burning money is not an option.In fact, what Aunt Ye said the day before yesterday was to comfort them.

Rain is a very important thing for people who are suffering from drought.The trainer Hang slowed down, took out his mobile phone to check, confirmed that there was a signal, dialed a number, said a few words in the local dialect, and then said apologetically Xiao Han, I just talked to He, The uly cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies 30 mg front is not far from my house, and my old mother is alone at home, so I will go back and have a look, and help her clean the yard, and collect some water when it rains.Instructor, you are busy with your work, and I am not in a hurry.He said his home was not far away, but it wasn t close.Turn left into a gravel road, drill into a ravine, go around for nearly half an hour, and finally drive to a small mountain village that was invisible before.The driving skills are amazing, and the last section of the road is so steep that it is possible for ordinary people to drive and roll over.

It can be said that he is a desperado.We don t have guns, how can we catch him And he is a local, where can we find him in the mountains Family run drug trafficking Han Chaoyang was taken aback.Our place is the hardest hit area of the country s drug problem.There are historical reasons.In history, our place was the main area for opium cultivation.The tobacco and soil trade was very frequent.It can be said that it was the main source of local finance at that time.In some remote mountain villages, drug cultivation and smoking best time to take cbd gummies cbd gummies 30 mg It has become a habit, and drug crimes have never been eradicated.Some people even think that planting and selling drugs is a skill handed down from their ancestors to make a living.Although we have always maintained a high pressure situation against drug crimes, there are still people who take risks, sporadically planting opium poppies and even selling new drugs.

The yard was not only full of people, but even two leaders in white shirts came.The leader standing between the second level police superintendent and the third level police superintendent was not wearing a police uniform, but it can be imagined that his administrative level must be higher than that of the two white shirts.Even higher.The leader of the county bureau let him go to the toilet.There is only a small hut here, and only one person can squat, so the toilet is the place where no one is outside the yard.When I came out, I saw six or seven off road vehicles parked outside.There was a police car behind cbd gummies legal australia the off road vehicle.They were parked along the right side.Since all the lights were off, I couldn t tell how many there were, but I could vaguely see the side of the car.Standing people, and many people Han Chaoyang didn t know that the Longdao County Public Security Bureau had brought in reinforcements, that his superiors attached great importance to arresting Feng Changdong who had shot and attacked the police, and that the three leaders in the yard were the captain of the provincial criminal police, the city The deputy director of the bureau and the head of the criminal police detachment of the city bureau.

There are only six of us, including the one you guard now.There are three guards in total.Pass, I m in charge of the pass on the west side, but I don t have a gun, you have to arrange for someone to come over. No problem, I ll guard here, and Fang Jun will support you. Okay, contact me in cbd gummies 30 mg time if there s any situation.Wait When Jiang Li explained, Han Chaoyang smiled and said, I m going to the west mountain.Chaoyang, I m sorry, the main reason is that there are too few people It s a bit far to go to the west mountain, and we have to continue climbing, but compared to the three below Pass, it may be the safest to set up an observation post on the top of the mountain.There is nothing on the top of the mountain, and it is tiring to climb up and down.I don t even know if there is a way up the mountain from the south.

You I m busy with you, I m not going anywhere When the news reached the command headquarters, the leaders of Mr.Xu, Mr.Wu and Mr.Wang finally breathed a sigh of relief.Xiao Yang, order the technical investigation team to seize the time to locate Comrade Han Chaoyang s mobile phone.The action must be fast.Is the ambulance leaving Arrange a police car to clear the way for them Make it clear to the medical staff that we want to live, please invite them Work hard, bring first aid equipment and medicines and walk from Niangniang Temple to Tanjiagou with our police.Report to Mr.Xu, all the search teams have been contacted, they did not shoot, no one was shot and no one was injured Report to Mr.Xu, Comrade Han Chaoyang s mobile phone is connected, you can talk and video.Turn on the video.Yes The leader let the video, how to video in the mountains where you can t see your fingers.

I met yesterday afternoon.The old man belongs to Sunjiaping.His grandson is in the second year of junior high school at the Xinying Center behind the mountain.A student was cbd gummies 30 mg wounded.He Suo personally dispatched the police, and several students saw the fight, and there were several witnesses.How the fight started and who started it first, the facts are clear.Considering that the student who was beaten was not seriously injured, and the principal, dean and teacher interceded for mercy, He Suo decided to mediate according to the procedure first.A little more criticism and education will bring this matter to an end.Unexpectedly, the old man came here at night, and it seemed that he had walked six or seven miles in the dark.Old Chang, Old Chang He came at the wrong time, Director He greeted the old man, then raised his head and called Old Chang.

You are ready to prepare, and don t cbd gummies 30 mg hesitate to say it.Even if you don t go to the Municipal Bureau, the branch bureau will still ask you to write about the experience and experience of the study and exchange Han Chaoyang sat up quickly Okay, I ll think about it now.I can think about it as if I m lying down.Don t get up, the space is so big.Sit up and bump your head.The space between the berth and the upper berth is too small, children are not a big problem, adults can only lie down, don t want cbd gummies 30 mg to sit comfortably.Han Chaoyang lay down again, just as he was about to respond to Huang Ying who was making faces with him, when the light came on outside the car window, the train drove out of the cave again, and the phone rang without losing the opportunity.Captain He, why do you have time to call me Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing when he saw the caller ID.

It turned out that there was no problem in the village, but the police station got stuck, saying that the residence registration in the village had long been blocked.The district is frozen, the certificate issued by the village is useless, the certificate issued by the neighborhood committee is effective.Look for Sister Su, can Sister Su help you I did, Director Su said that there are regulations above, this certificate cannot be issued , It s useless even if you open it.You don t even think about it, if you become a villager in Chaoyang Village, you will be given an extra one million compensation, the leaders have never encountered anything, how could they let you take advantage of this loophole Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, and couldn t help but turn around and ask, Then how much compensation did you get 3.

It was discovered in his jurisdiction, he knows the situation best, and I asked him to assist you in the investigation.Tengda has heard about the most handsome policeman making new achievements in the Northwest, but this is a murder case, not a roundup of fugitives It s nothing to let a community policeman who has just joined the work and cbd gummies 30 mg is just lucky to participate in the detection.Teng Da was about to speak, when Shi Ju said again Comrade Wu Wei, the police officer of the Huayuan Street Police Station, is also good.He dares to fight and fight hard.He is also familiar with the situation like Xiao Han.Luo Zhi, we will send these two elite soldiers over here.What do you think Thinking about it carefully, the Yandong Sub bureau was quite unlucky, if the dump truck driver who was being questioned at the gate came earlier to pull sand or came later, even if it was another construction site, it would have nothing to do with it.

Inquire, ask him to find out the situation, and it s not a summons, how can he still complain to me Okay, since you want to ask, you can ask.Han Chaoyang knew that he would not give up until the truth came out, so he was about to get out of the car to wash his hands, call Huang Ying and his uncle who was being treated in the Third Provincial Hospital, and a very familiar BMW sedan slowly drove into the sand Stoneworks Yard.Wife, Lingling, why are you here Looking at the two ladies who opened the door and got out of the car, Han Chaoyang showed a knowing smile.Come and see you, have you eaten Huang Ying raised her hand to greet Wu Wei who was standing by the police car, and turned her eyes curiously to the work area tightly surrounded by plastic sheets.Just finished eating, how about you.We came here after eating, Xie Lingling smiled sweetly, leaning on the car door and explained, Minister Jiang must have asked us to come to you.

You and Brother Wei must attend the ceremony.I said you don t have time, but he said you have to find time if you don t have time.Let us come over and ask first.If you can t ask for leave, he will report to Principal Nie, and Principal Nie will give The leaders of your sub bureau call.Just send out a letter of appointment, what kind of ceremony do you need Huang Ying was keen to participate in various ceremonies, she turned her head and said with a smile It s very formal, it s not as simple as you think.This appointment There are professors from other schools and well known entrepreneurs.The school leaders let you participate to give you face, don t be flattered. Must go Of course. I ll call later and ask if I can Go if you are on leave.I m sure I can, what s so interesting about sifting sand, besides, isn t there Angkor Detective Wu is busy investigating the case, and Han Chaoyang really doesn t know how to talk to Wu Wei later , simply changed the subject What about Hongliang, why didn t he drive you here Mentioning Xu Hongliang, Xie Lingling couldn t help laughing.

Cigarette took a sharp puff.What cbd gummies 30 mg do you mean by crossing the river and demolishing the bridge What do you think is not crossing the river and demolishing the bridge At least we should be allowed to participate in the next investigation.Does the special case team lack criminal police who understand investigation Han Chaoyang asked back, patting him on the shoulder Angkor , What s so good about investigating It s not that you haven t done it before.You will spend days and nights investigating it, and you will lose your legs if you investigate a clue.How nice it is to stay here, you have food and drink, you don t have to do anything, and you can enjoy business trips, There will be a business trip allowance when I go back.Wu Wei didn t think that Han Chaoyang really thought so, and said angrily, Chaoyang, they 25mg broad spectrum cbd gummies are afraid that we will steal their limelight again It s possible, if I were the leader, I would do the same Arrangement, otherwise the murderer is really caught by us, and they will lose face.

While studying the case.This is the call record sent by Tengda.The Criminal Police Brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau has already screened it.The contacts on this list are especially benefits 250mg cbd gummies close relatives of the suspect.The rest are either ordering takeout or Advertising sales.Not only are Cai Xiaofang s call records clear of any doubts, Yang Jiandong s call records are also clean.Han Chaoyang put down the police phone, picked up the lunch box again, and continued It s impossible for a person to contact only close relatives, so No doubt is the biggest doubt.Tengda believes that the gang is well organized and suspects that the members of the gang have two or even three mobile phones, or two or more mobile phone numbers, and these mobile phone numbers that we have not grasped for the time being are very likely Maybe it was done with someone else s ID card.

The matter to be discussed is very important, and there are no witnesses No way, when Teng Da walked to the door, he turned his head and said, Xiao Han, come together.Yes Han Zhaoyang felt a little bit guilty in his heart.Teng Da opened the fire door and accompanied Feng Ju into the corridor, took out a cigarette and graciously helped Feng Ju light it first, knowing that Han Chaoyang doesn t smoke, and didn t give it to Han Chaoyang.Old Teng, I have already agreed with Yuzhi for you.The formalities have been completed.The mobile 10mg cbd gummies company will be able to use technical means on the mobile phones of the other two suspects as soon as they get to work.If you don t want to wait, you can lure the snake out of the hole and let Yang Jiandong Call them to see if you can catch Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang.

The initiative to propose joint investigation sounds reasonable, and it even seems like a big compromise But is this a matter of merit and awards Compared with receiving awards for meritorious service, the sub bureau needs more tangible things, such as seized From Yang Jiandong and Fang Yaqi cbd gummies 30 mg alone, more than three million yuan was seized.If the gambling funds of the participants are counted, this is a case involving tens of millions of dollars.The fat meat that has reached your mouth will be handed over to you.What a joke.Director Feng shook his head and said, Old Teng, you have filed a case, and others have also filed a case.And what kind of case are you filing, and what kind of case are they filing I am only the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, not in charge of public security.

How about it Are his relatives worthy of cooperation, and are they willing to assist us in persuading them to return I have been there, why are cbd gummies legal in virginia Lao Li from our squadron has been there, and more than once, Lao Li also said that his family is very difficult to talk to, and it is hopeless to expect them to help us persuade us to return.Then what should we do He is hiding abroad., I don t know which country I m hiding in.What can we do Chaoyang, I m not afraid of your jokes.I ve never cbd gummies 30 mg been abroad, and I don t even have a passport.He Yichang.Not only is the suspect hiding abroad, but the suspect s home is so far away from Yanyang.They also have a lot of cases in their hands, and it is impossible to arrange someone to watch in Baoyi County.Thinking about it, this task of chasing and fleeing is really not one or two difficult.

Chapter 365 Chasing Mr.Ma Chang Talk about a new day, a new beginning.For Han Chaoyang, today is a new day like so many days in the past, but it is a real new beginning because he has a new goal and an unprecedented motivation Together with my mother and father, I sent Huang Ying to the bus bound for Yanyang, and drove again to Sutou Village, Baoyi County, where Huo Xuebin s family is located.He rushed over excitedly, but got a real rejection.The people of Huo Xuebin s family not only avoided seeing, but locked the door and all went out, and they didn t know when they would come back.Auntie, when did they leave Han Chaoyang knocked on the door of the neighbor s house, revealing his identity and inquiring about the situation of the Huo family.A woman in her forties looked around, motioned for Han Chaoyang to go in, and murmured, Comrade Public Security, I ve seen you.

I left.It is reasonable to say that it should be managed by the investment and development company in the district.As a result, they thought it was bad luck and troublesome, so we asked our community to take care of it.If I give money, I can arrange two security guards.The key point is that they don t give money.Give it to us, use it if you can.Huang Ying also felt that the investment and development companies in the district were cbd gummies 30 mg not honest, and couldn t help muttering They also really remembered that it was a cemetery, and no one dared to come from there at night.Walking around, how to use the cemetery Who says it s not, I don t bother to care about it, isn t it just a few gloomy empty houses and a small forest, whoever wants to live in it, and whoever wants to cut it down.Even if It becomes a place where homeless people gather, even if those trees are cut down to nothing, it s none of our community s business, anyway, we have no obligation to help them take care of them.

I can imagine that it will be very lively at the entrance of the hotel 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep elite garden cbd gummies There are priorities, and nothing is more important than maintaining stability.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay any longer, and immediately turned around and said, Xinyi, inform the squadrons, please go to the Tianxia Restaurant immediately to maintain order for the team members who are not on duty right now.Okay I ll call from the back.Considering that PolyU is closer to the hotel, Han Chaoyang picked up the walkie talkie and tuned to PolyU 110 emergency duty room and the frequency of the school guards Duty duty room, I m Han Chaoyang, who is on duty today Han team Han team, I m Zhang Jinhai, I m on duty today, when did you come back, what s the matter Just came back, just arrived at the police office.Director Zhang, there is an emergency here, behind the Sixth Hospital The owner of Tianxia Restaurant ran away, the landlord couldn t collect the rent, the supplier couldn t get the payment back, the restaurant waiters and chefs couldn t get their is pure potent cbd gummies halal wages, the crowd was furious, can you arrange a few team members to help us maintain order.

After all, he really has feelings for the public security cause, and he is reluctant to take off his police uniform.Li Xiaobin reacted, and pondered cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies Others can t understand, I can understand, Because I have experienced it.You have experienced it, how old are you, what are you kidding I m not joking with you.Li Xiaobin looked up at him and asked Han Da, did the old police put their cap badges and collar flowers on at that ceremony And the police ranks Yes, before the ceremony, I was a policeman, and after the ceremony, I became a commoner.It was the same when I was discharged from the army.I took off my cap badge, collar flower, military rank, and armbands and handed them in.You wear big red flowers, but you feel very uncomfortable.You can t bear to leave the army, you can t bear to take off your uniform, and you can t bear to leave the comrades who fought together.

It s not even enough to pick quarrels and stir up troubles, let alone gathering crowds to disrupt society Order.Liang Dongsheng didn t ask these questions for uly cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies 30 mg no reason, but felt that the young man was already in charge of his own business, and he couldn t always be as incapable of handling cases as before, so he said abruptly, But his wife has already reported the case, even if he doesn t meet the conditions for filing a case, he is considered a case.People need to give people an explanation when they ask for help.Ning Junmei s request is even more impossible for us.We are the police, not the court.Although we know which bank the money is in, elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd or even where the bank card is, we have no right to help her withdraw the money.Come out, let alone take out the money and give it to her.Han Chaoyang thought for a while and emphasized Moreover, the Marriage Law seems to have relevant regulations.

The Interrogation Transcript is the most basic legal document for victims and witnesses in public security best cbd gummies 2022 cases and criminal cases.It is not only the basis for making other legal documents, but also the basis for evidence collection.All the evidence in various cases are naturally linked together by the Interrogation Records , weaving into a strict evidence system.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang called Kangsuo again, and then invited Lao Fan to room 3303, took out a pen and a blank note, and borrowed a neighbor s restaurant to inquire.Time, place, questioner, work unit, interviewee, gender, age, date of birth, current address, place of household registration The question was very detailed, cbd gummies 30 mg and the writing was neat and tidy, without sloppiness.Lao Fan also realized the seriousness of the question and answered it seriously.

Director Xie took the words, With a bitter face, he said During the land acquisition and demolition, his mother and his sister quarreled with us, saying how we bullied them, saying that Mo Yunhu will come out soon, and then he will show us We are village cadres, just running errands Yes, how could we get in the way of assessing this kind of thing, how could we possibly bully them But they didn t think much about it, and decided that we were taking revenge on Mo Yunhu.Now it s all right, in Mo Yunhu s view, it s just a new hatred for the old Hate, you said we were wronged or not Prison is really, how can such a bastard be released, isn t this a disaster It can be seen that the two of them are really scared.However, it is also understandable that those who take care of their families should consider the safety of their best time to take cbd gummies cbd gummies 30 mg wives and children even if they elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd are not thinking of themselves.

Hahaha, he has achieved a lot this year, and he has been awarded for meritorious service one after another.Grandpa Gu was so relieved that he counted with his fingers I won the second class merit, the third class merit and the commendation once in a year.Let alone the branch office, I don t think there is a second one in the city s public security system.The sub bureau and the city bureau have also comprehensively considered the issue of merit and award awards.If various factors are not considered, it will be even more exaggerated than it is now Having been working for so many years, it is not as good as Han Chaoyang working for a year.Lao Ding really felt a little uncomfortable, and couldn t help asking Considering all kinds of factors, Sergeant Gu, are you saying that the superior is deliberately suppressing you It can t be said that it was deliberate suppression.

I guess it cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies s gone.Why don t you just snow, why not worry, how can you take pictures without snow An old man with a peaked cap on his head and a red scarf around his neck leaned over to look at the snow clearing man on the side of the road.The city manager muttered, Don t be active when it s time to be active, and be more active than anyone else when it shouldn t be active.Isn t this formalism when the snow falls It s over.The other old man who was with them thought so deeply, and was very dissatisfied that the snow that had been waiting so hard for him disappeared in cbd gummies 30 mg a blink of an eye.He does not mean that.Han Chaoyang was so depressed that he thought to himself, is it easy for me I got up at 4 30 to clear the snow, and I was so tired that I was sweating, but you didn t appreciate it cbd gummies 30 mg But these words can only be kept in the heart, and you cannot reason with them, because no matter how you reason, it will always be you who are wrong.

I thought you would help Ling Bin Director Zhang, I really don t know what s going on in your mind all day long Angkor and I are Police, you must enforce the law impartially, and don t act emotionally.Besides, Ling Bin hasn t committed a crime, so he doesn t need help from others.What if he s in danger He doesn t even know where Zhang Ziyue is, so what danger can he be in Han Chaoyang asked back, and continued Even if he was lucky enough to find Zhang Ziyue, even if the people Zhang Ziyue was hiding found him and posed a threat to him, wouldn t there be those two inside This is not our 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep elite garden cbd gummies case, the parties concerned None of them are residents of our jurisdiction, so we really don t care about it.Analyzing the specific situation in detail, it is true that one more thing is better than one less thing in the current situation.

Chapter 436 Commercial Complex 1 The owners delegation of Xinmin Community was very concerned about the establishment of the owners meeting and the hiring of a property company Showed great interest, chatted elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd and even talked about property fees.It was inconvenient for Han Chaoyang to participate in the discussion on this topic, so he walked out of the conference room, followed by Grandpa Gu and Old Tang.Old Tang, Haizhu is inside.I told her the same thing as you.Inspector Gu, what s the matter Grandpa Gu looked behind him, and said in a low voice, You and Haizhu are policemen, and you have a job.Work can t solve all the problems of the masses.Especially the establishment cbd gummy bears amazon of a homeowners meeting, you two can t do it alone.There was no way to open the situation before, but now that the situation has been opened, you can talk to the neighborhood committee.

Poor households, why are there people without cbd gummies equilibria jobs It s a long story.Didn t they allow low cost housing to be built a few years ago The developer of Dongming Community cbd gummies 30 mg has an agreement cbd gummies 30 mg with the district to enjoy preferential policies when acquiring land.After the community is completed, 20 houses will be given to the district.These 20 houses were rented to poor households.Because of this incident, four houses were rented to unqualified families, and the cadres in charge of the review were all cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies punished.He was ordered to move out again.Unexpectedly, there was such a thing in Dongming Community, Xiaokang couldn t help asking Is there still low rent housing There is no more now, and it seems that affordable housing is not even built.The two of them were chatting about the house when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.

Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, knelt down and handcuffed her right wrist, and then 300 cbd gummies lifted her up from the ground together with Kang Suo who followed him downstairs.She was completely dumbfounded.Seeing her lost soul, Han Chaoyang said with mixed feelings Wan Xiaoxia, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.I am the same person that Ling Bin mentioned in his blog.Officer Han has cbd gummies 30 mg already called out your real name, you should know why we arrested you.I thought she would argue that she was not Wan Xiaoxia, but Zhang Ziyue.I thought she would mess around, make a scene, cbd gummies for alcohol craving and even swear.As a result, after she regained her composure, not only did she not make any sophistry or gossip, but she asked with tears streaming down her face, Does Ling Bin know Bin s feelings were true.

This is a place that specializes in teaching English to elementary and middle school students.The office and classrooms are on the second floor.The light box above the head is quite large and conspicuous, but the downstairs is full of shops.I don t know where to go upstairs for a while.The owner of Xiaokang Xiangyan Hotel After inquiring about it, I realized that the stairs are at the back.Walk around from the west gate of this commercial and residential building to the back, take the elevator to the second floor, and see a woman in her thirties standing in front of the bar, arguing with some teachers like people, with a loud voice and agitated emotions.Fortunately, today is not the weekend, and it is not the afternoon, otherwise I don t know how many parents who send their children to tutor English will be watching.

Wu Wenge, who hadn t spoken much, grinned With a smile, he pointed to Ji Kaiyuan and said, Inspector Gu, Team Ji and I only met later on.He is a criminal policeman or deputy squadron leader.How could he learn from me, a security officer Grandpa Gu couldn t help asking cbd gummies 30 mg Old Ji, were you not convinced back then How is it possible, I was busy catching thieves.You and I don t know, I must be unconvinced.There was no competition back then, a policeman and a policeman Security guards are no better, now you can Otherwise, when all HCMUSSH cbd gummies 30 mg the lads arrive, I will divide them into two groups, and you will take a group to see who can teach faster, and which group can catch more thieves and win.Those who win are more clever, those who lose are willing to gamble and admit defeat, and honestly treat the salary given by the community.

Deputy Minister Jiang suddenly became interested, and even took out his mobile phone to make a call, explained some work, and decided to join in the fun, and even half jokingly said that he would give him a close up when shooting the video.The activities of the band are the activities of the school, and Director cbd gummies 30 mg Wang is even more supportive.Hearing from Han Chaoyang that he had cbd gummies with alcohol to bring a lot of things, he was worried that one bus would be too crowded, so he insisted on arranging two school buses.Two buses painted with PolyU s badge slowly drove to the gate of the police station.Xie Lingling, who was worrying about traffic problems, was so cbd gummies 30 mg excited that she could hardly speak.The deputy minister said hello, and immediately called the PolyU students who were carrying big bags and various suitcases and the old comrades from Factory 527 to put their luggage in the car behind, and then boarded the car in front.

It shouldn t be a big problem, just More and less.Zhang Jinhai is also very interested in pickpocketing, and there are frequent thefts in the school.There is indeed a need for this, so he blurted out Yes, we will do it tomorrow.Thank you, Minister Jiang, for your support, I ll do it, you can do whatever you want. Wait, there s Section Chief Xiao Minister Jiang, I I ll drink with you. You can drink if you want, but you have to make a statement first , Didn t you just say that you arranged for members to join the anti pickup team Being able to sit here today and have such a pleasant drink and chat means that the three of us will advance and retreat together in the future.It s no problem to arrange players to join the anti pickup team, but the basic salary of the players Can t be lost Minister Jiang, you are the leader, I can t compare with you, and I can t compare with Secretary Cao, I really can t decide on this matter as a little security chief, but I can report to the leader of the hospital and report to the leader.

It s the branch office.The old factory manager slapped his thigh fiercely, He laughed and said What kind of department is the office It s an agency policeman who doesn t work in the agency, and just transfers his work relationship to him, and he has to do what cbd gummies 30 mg he did before. You kid, don t be born in a elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd blessing and don t know your blessings.Transfer your work relationship to the agency and the command center, which shows that The superior thinks that you have certain leadership skills, otherwise you will be allowed to command It is to transfer the work relationship to the command center, not to let me command Cultivation, this is training, understand The old factory manager glared at him., and murmured I know some other units, but I really don t understand the public security.It is reasonable to say that the sub bureau is a department level organization, but I heard from Zhang Zhishu that your former leader, Liu Jianye, the director of the Huayuan Street Police Station, was a regular department.

Old Qian may feel that he has nothing in common with young people, or he may like to watch the excitement, and he is standing by a hospital bed chatting with a few patients.Han Chaoyang greeted him and sent him to eat supper quickly, then looked at the patient lying on the hospital bed, and asked curiously What s going on, why is there so much alcohol, did you drink too much Not wearing a police uniform, the patient s family members didn t know he was a policeman, so they thought he was a staff member of the hospital.They smiled wryly, Isn t it the Chinese New Year There are so many parties at the end of the year.I drank at noon and at night, and ended up drinking like this.Is a drunk Han cbd fx gummies Chaoyang didn t know what to say when there was a noise outside.Nurse, nurse, someone is injured Where should I go for formalities and bandages This way The nurse on duty was startled, and hurriedly led several young people who had just come in to the treatment room.

It has been found out that the suspect is the chef of the World Trade Hotel.Zhenchuan and Chaoyang are leading the anti pickup team to the city.Downtown Bao Qingshan s heart was pounding with excitement, and he stood beside the police car and said excitedly, Judging from the latest information provided by Chaoyang, the suspect It should be working in the urban area and renting nearby, or Guomao rented a house nearby as a dormitory for them.Chaoyang also learned of a situation.The suspect went to Yandong with the buyer of Guomao Hotel last week.When buying vegetables in the vegetable wholesale market, I had a dispute with someone and almost got into a fight.So the suspect is not very vigilant.Although there was a big disturbance in the Internet cafe last night, it is unlikely that he fled in fear of crime He probably thought that Yanyang was thousands of kilometers away from their hometown, and thought it was unlikely that the police from the Anguan County Public Security Bureau would catch up here.

The old unit s business is my own business Han Chaoyang took the phone and looked at it, and said without hesitation Forward it to Junfeng, let Junfeng send it to our groups, please help and pay attention to the group friends.I told cbd gummies 30 mg Junfeng that he is a big It has been forwarded a long time ago.Wu Wei took the phone and flicked the screen, and handed it to Han Chaoyang again Team Liang found out that Dai Lishi has a good relationship with Xu Aimin from Taoyuan Community, and also went to Xu Aimin s house to look for it, but they couldn t find anyone. I can t find anyone without other contact information.This person surnamed Xu is not a good bird, because he has been dealt with more than once for theft and fighting.He is usually idle, and no one knows what he is doing.His mobile phone number In the past two years, the two numbers held by Team Liang have been constantly changing, and the two numbers held by Team Liang have been shut down due to arrears.

We suspect that all the girls are The beauty shops in the village, they rented a house in the village, if a deal is reached, they may bring customers to the house they rented.Keep watching at night.No problem.Just as she was speaking, Miao Haizhu trotted He chased after him.As soon as Han Chaoyang jumped out of the car, she held up her mobile phone and said happily Chaoyang, I found it.The Public Security Detachment of the Municipal Bureau sorted out relevant laws and regulations a year ago and formulated a Handling for Disrupting Public Security Order in Railway Stations and Long distance Passenger Stations.Guiding Opinions on the Application of Laws for Behavior provides legal support for the rectification of punishments for behaviors such as blocking, blocking, pulling, pulling, chasing, and shouting in railway stations and long distance passenger stations.

Yan just said true , This is not something that can be denied if you want to deny it, the female shop assistant said in a low voice Almost.Officer Han, we didn t cut his hair but washed his hair The female clerk ran inside, took out several towels wrapped in plastic bags, and said plausibly He used our water, our shampoo, We used our towels, which are all sterilized, and we provided services, of course we have to pay for the hair washing, how can we let him go if we don t.It s so unreasonable Han Zhaoyang gave her a hard look, Turning around, he said Should we let the big guys judge the reasoning Don t say at the beginning that you won t cut Thirty Nine s cbd gummies 30 mg hair, and then let s talk about it after washing the hair.This is a routine.This is setting up a consumption trap.Do you do business like this I don t have the money to cut my hair, Officer Han, you re taking sides with him I m taking sides with him, you can go and complain.

In front of the village, she joined the group of our police office, and reported the case to us directly by voice.Judging from the photos posted .

when should i take cbd gummies?

by Little Fairy , her life is very nourishing, what could happen But human life is at stake.When encountering such a situation, we must believe it or not.After weighing it up, Han Chaoyang pushed open the car door Junfeng, you drive, go to that gym right away, I ll take the co pilot, I ll report first.Okay.It was only rented in Chaoyang Village.This was neither the police situation of the Huayuan Street Police Station nor the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang could only report to the command center.Mao Lanrong, the commander in chief on duty today, had no good idea.After listening to the report, he said without hesitation Chaoyang, since you are not very busy now, go to Jinshi Fitness Center to find out if they have the home address and address of this little fairy.

Qian Nana laughed and said, Where did I go You have eight if not ten handsome ones.Since you have a wife, I won t introduce you to you, but you have to eat.How about this, bring your wife. At the end of the year, their work unit is very busy, so they definitely don t have time.She doesn t have time, you should.I don t either.Reporter Qian, don t be so polite.If you have anything to say, as long as it doesn t violate the principles, as long as I, Han Chaoyang, can do it, I will definitely not refuse.Xu Jiameng, the editor who mentioned Yanyang Online , probably won t come out.Qian Nana weighed it up, and said with a smile You are a big celebrity now, and our editor in chief asked me to write a manuscript cbd gummies 30 mg to report on you If you don t interview me, don t have a good chat with you, I can t do everything you want me to write.

Sun Guokang said with a bitter face cbd releaf hemo gummies ButBut we don t understand either Han Chaoyang turned on the police lights, held the steering wheel tightly and said with a smile, If you don t know, HCMUSSH cbd gummies 30 mg you don t know, but you have to go, otherwise he really smashed the weak electric box, and if you can t see the Spring Festival Gala He s not the only one, maybe the residents of the whole building won .

can i give human cbd gummies to my dog?

t be able to see the Spring Festival Gala or even access the Internet, and it s deliberately sabotaged, so we ll have to call the police. What s the matter, when our police are omnipotent.Isn t that what the community police do Han Chaoyang asked back, concentrating on driving without saying anything.Hurriedly rushed to Xinjiang Garden in Taoyuan Community, found the caller according to the address forwarded by Xiaokang, knocked on the door and saw that there was an old man in this house, his wife passed away half a year ago, the portrait was placed in the living room, and in front of the portrait was filled with up fruit.

He is also engaged in investment and is preparing to acquire the company. Investment, what is the investment There are a lot of people in his room.They also showed me the information.They have a lot of investment, including seven major industries of film and television culture, art exchange, online shopping mall, capital operation, construction engineering, and industrial investment.The business scope is also wide, including hardware and electrical appliances, daily necessities, and washing products., sanitary ware, hotel supplies, office supplies, craft gifts, electronic products, wires and cables, decoration materials, environmental protection equipment, automobiles, electric vehicles, primary agricultural products, health care products, food sales, if they don t invest, the business will be very big.

He was relieved only after being reminded by Han Chaoyang, and stepped up from the window on the left.He took out a key and poked it in the keyhole for a long time before opening the padlock.A musty smell came over his nostrils, Han Chaoyang stepped over the threshold, shined his flashlight and said, Turn on the light, this is my first time visiting your house.The switch is here.Dai Lishi walked to the door of the west room, and Lamp rope, embarrassed and embarrassed, said I didn t come back very often, and I never paid the electricity bill.The meter is cbd gummies 30 mg outside, and difference between cbd gummies and cbd oil now it s all card inserted.If there is no money in the card, there will be no electricity.As he said, pull After pulling the light cord several times, the lights were still off.Han Chaoyang could even imagine that there was probably no running water in this house.

The entrance of the cinema.This T junction is the center of who is ceo of smilz cbd gummies the factory area.To the east is the east gate, to the north is the family area, to the west is the administrative building of Factory 527, labor service companies, canteens, and is cbd gummies harmful kindergartens, and to the south is the production workshop cbd gummies 30 mg cbd sugar free gummies and warehouse that we just passed.An electric patrol car was parked in the middle of the intersection, and Tian Xiaobin was holding up a walkie talkie to talk to various search teams.Most of the street lights that should have been turned off at 10 o clock are all turned on.You can see three doors along the main road at a glance.You can clearly see that there is a security guard every ten meters to prevent thieves who have never searched.The area goes to the place already searched.Han Chaoyang jumped out of the patrol car and was about to ask about the situation.

The nurse took the chocolate and closed the door with a bang.Han Chaoyang didn t even have a chance to speak, so he just got shut again.This is to add confusion to others, but cracking down on counterfeiting is also very important.Han Chaoyang hesitated for a moment, raised his arm again and knocked on the door a few times.This time it was a young nurse who came out and I knew him.As soon as we met, he asked curiously Han Chaoyang, why are you here Sister Pei, is Dr.Deng here Busy.Dr.Deng is on vacation and works on the sixth day of the year.Why are you looking for her I have something to do with her, and I won t be able to tell you in a while.Do you have her phone number Yes, but I only remember the short number.You Wait, I ll check my phone and send her number to your WeChat.Okay, thank youAfter twists and turns, I finally found Dr.

It s fine if you can think about whether you can bring the gun into Beijing.The police station is not far away, just behind.I ll have someone take you there later.Which car is the suspect in, do you know the car number, and how can we help later Carrying a gun is completely different from not carrying a gun, otherwise people would take it so seriously However, Lao Hu didn t have time to have fun cbd gummies 30 mg cbd gummies for copd shark tank now, so he hurriedly said The suspect is on the bus behind, the car number is Yan A6725F, it can be confirmed that the suspect has no guns, ammunition, contraband or drugs on him, but our person is carrying The gun was fired, and he was in the car the suspect was in.It turned out to be a drug case, and you are taking a long line to catch a big fish.Otherwise we wouldn t have followed here from Yanyang.

The online car hailing vehicle the suspect was riding in ran a yellow light and crossed the intersection.Lao Hu and the others couldn t run a red light, so they had to worry.Han Chaoyang was also anxious and could only stare at the electronic map and other news.Wu Wei, the green light is on, let s go there first, follow closely Yes, yes.Inspector Hu, Inspector Hu, please remind drivers to pay attention to safety.I just contacted the traffic control center, and the traffic control center will Help us keep an eye on the nearby roads and several intersections.The BYD the HCMUSSH cbd gummies 30 mg suspect is riding will soon enter the traffic control center s sight.The suspect will definitely not be able to escape.We cannot cause traffic accidents because of rushing time.Yes, thank you for reminding me After all, he is a professional anti narcotics officer, and his command is methodical.

There are also people in the room on the right, and several leaders are sitting around a small conference table watching the interrogation of Team Song, Jiao Da, and Team Liang through the monitor.How could Han Chaoyang go in stupidly, and he doesn t know what s going on in the other offices Has anyone, if anyone in the world been doing anything, been about to go to the end of the hallway to make a phone call, only to get caught up in the interrogation audio playing over the speakers in the small conference room.He didn t know if he didn t listen or look.He stood by the door and watched for ten how long does it take cbd gummy to take effect minutes.Han Chaoyang realized that he had to cbd gummies 30 mg report to the bureau immediately.Xiao Han, what s the situation Han Chaoyang leapfrogged to report.Zhou Ju, who had just returned to the bureau in the afternoon and was waiting for the news with Political Commissar Huang in the office, was very surprised.

Sun Guokang thought for a while, and added The girl s father is a professor of PolyU, Jiang The Minister and Director Zhang came to look for you yesterday, and Sergeant Gu happened to be there, saying that you were on a business trip and handling cases in other places, so they didn t call you.PolyU is now also a base cbd gummies 30 mg area and a basic base.The property of the people in the base area suffered losses.Han Chaoyang felt that it was necessary to intervene.He immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Vice Minister Jiang of the Security Department of PolyU.Xiao Han, are you back Minister Jiang, I just got home.As soon as I came back, I heard that the daughter of a professor s family in our school was robbed at Yanxing International yesterday.There is this matter.It is the daughter cbd gummies packs of Professor Liu s family.

It s not surprising that the cbd gummies 30 mg contact person is not me, Qi Suo.Although this case happened in the jurisdiction of our police district, a criminal case like this is neither under the jurisdiction of our police district nor the Huayuan Street Police Station.It should be the responsibility District criminal police team.I know, we have divided the responsibility area like Qingshan.It s just that if you can solve this kind of case, you should handle it.Why do they cheapen their criminal police team Director Qi believes that as long as the suspect s identity is clarified, this case should be handled.It was equivalent to being broken in half, and felt that the little fellow should not make wedding dresses for others, so he simply put down his phone and took a picture of the letter, then raised his phone again and said with a smile I don t know Mao Kangle, I only know you Han Chaoyang , the bureau leader is probably the same, you wait, and I will call you as soon as there is news.

Stop smoking, Sister Liu has a baby in her stomach, so you can t smoke second hand smoke.Han Chaoyang returned the cigarette to Lao Ding, turned around and said, Guokang, come out.Han Da, what s the matter.Come out and tell me.Oh.Sun Guokang walked out of the office and followed Han Chaoyang out of the police room.Seeing Han Chaoyang staring at the scene of the car accident, he suddenly realized what the young master wanted to kenai farms cbd gummies ingredients ask.He was about to point to the scene and report how Liu Chengquan was hit, when Miao Haizhu suddenly lifted the cover of the police station and ran out, pulled Han Chaoyang and said angrily Chaoyang, come and see, these people don t have any sympathy What s wrong with the police, the auxiliary police are human beings, and they also maintain social order What s wrong Look at it, you ll know After following up the office area and looking down, the only person in the police room On the computer that logged in to the Internet, there was a forum page.

Under his nose, there is a gang that is likely to be engaged in pyramid schemes, and there is a large number of people.Han Chaoyang realized the seriousness of the problem, so he didn t bother to check the ID cards of the outsiders.He asked calmly Station Kang, who is on duty at the station tonight, can you ask the person on duty to check This is not a trivial matter for the Huayuan Street Police Station.Before Han Chaoyang finished speaking, Kang Haigen said solemnly Xiujuan is on duty and she is investigating.You d better call the Xinyuan Street Police Station to see if there is such a situation with them.Okay, we Call Baosuo.Although Yanyang found out one or two MLM cases from time to time, the MLM problem is not serious uly cbd gummies where to buy cbd gummies 30 mg compared to other cities.The city has always 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep elite garden cbd gummies maintained a high pressure on pyramid schemes, because it directly affects the image of the city.

I ll keep an eye on it.Besides, Xiaomin will be here soon.Okay, I ll Go back first, see you tomorrow.Chapter 720 The new director is here A week has passed quickly, and several new leaders have expired.There must be something big happening in the bureau today.However, Han Chaoyang was as busy as usual and was so busy that he didn t receive any notice from the bureau after two o clock in the afternoon.In the sensitive period when the leadership team of this sub bureau is adjusted, even the middle level cadres may have to adjust accordingly, and it is not suitable to call Director Xing.When talking about the adjustment of the branch leadership team a few days ago, Han Chaoyang always said that he should maintain a normal mind, but now he really wants to know how the new leadership team will divide the work.

Han Chaoyang couldn t leave, so he could only call Miao Haizhu and ask Miao Haizhu to borrow a meeting room.As a result, as soon as Miao Haizhu heard that a murder case had occurred in her jurisdiction, she handed over the job of borrowing a place for the meeting to Wu Junfeng.She and her master Lao Tang rushed to the old fertilizer factory in a police car.Chaoyang, where is the scene Inside, you can see it after walking a few steps.I ll go and have a look first.She probably won t encounter a murder case again in the future.Pointing Go, Xi Da is inside.Old Tang was relatively calm, standing beside the police car and asked Chaoyang, what s going on It seems likely that he was strangled to death.You know this area, usually few people come here, and you can t take a walk here.The body must be thrown from the factory area.

Ding, let the seniors pass it on as before, and she holds the printed copy and reads very seriously Cai Yipeng, the truck driver and the owner of the truck, is 38 years old this year, with a junior high school education, and lives in the fourth group of Yuannan Village.His wife works as a cleaner at Yanxing International, and his son is in the third year of junior high school, with no criminal record Chapter 747 Sleepless Night 3 Miao Haizhu reads the basic situation of the people who were screened out one by one, and will learn more about them during the screening process According to the actual performance of the incident, the three old men and the old man carefully analyzed it one by one like a seminar, and repeatedly deliberated whether it might be related to the victim.They were so serious and focused that Han Chaoyang couldn t intervene.

Comrade sacrificed Miao Haizhu was not only heartbroken but also blamed himself like Han Chaoyang, staring at the surveillance screen and said coldly Is it true Ask her where she was on the night of the 27th last month, who she was with, and what she did.Got it.Chaoyang, Haizhu, I can understand your feelings, but what s the point of confirming that it s her, can she give me some explanation Bao Qingshan put down his phone and asked in a low voice.It may not mean much to cbd gummies 30 mg others, but it means a lot to us.Han Chaoyang held his left elbow with his right hand and his chin with his left hand, staring at the surveillance screen and said solemnly I don t want her to give any explanation, after all, we just eat this bowl For food, she should go when it is time to go, and go forward when it is time to rush, but Cheng Quan can t just die without knowing why, she has to explain clearly what happened that night.

The staff of the administrative service center were overjoyed and booed unanimously.Han Da, what day is it today, so romantic Yingying, today is your birthday Yingying s birthday is one month with mine, and today should be their first wedding anniversary Sister Yang, Don t be kidding, we just got the certificate, we didn t officially get married.Huang Ying blushed with shame, but she was happy in her heart.This matter must be confirmed today.If it is not sure, Xu Hongliang will be laughed at for the rest of his life.He has already come with flowers.Han Chaoyang decided to carry out the shameless tactics to the end.He just knelt down on one knee, held flowers and looked up at Huang Ying and said affectionately Yingying, marry me Wow, so romantic Yingying, this is a marriage proposal Marry him, marry him, marry him Most of the units stationed in the service center They are lesbians, and they like to join in the fun, surrounded by Huang Ying and booing happily.

The car door quickly walked towards the office building.Xiaokang had no choice but to lock the car and follow up.There are also security guards in the lobby building.Seeing that Han Chaoyang was wearing a police uniform and even wearing the Big Eight , Han Chaoyang just walked past the security guards cbd gummies 30 mg with Xiaokang, took the elevator to the eighth floor, and looked at the sky wellness cbd gummies reviews house number , go west along the corridor until you find the director s office.About to meet the old leader, Han Chaoyang was a little excited.He knocked on the door and couldn t help shouting, Report Ju suddenly raised his head Who do I think, come here as soon as you come, what are you calling for a report Ju Du, you are the leader, what are you calling for if I don t call for a report , Ninja couldn t help but said Call the report, but why are you fully armed when you come to me Is it because our Fengyong s security is not good, and you dare not come without wearing equipment, or have you patrolled the border Han Chaoyang looked down at his belt and said with an embarrassed smile, It s working hours now, and I came directly from the police office.

It s hard to say whether those people who cbd gummies 30 mg have passed by cbd gummies stevens brothers will leak the news.Wu Wei and I plan to go to Jiangzhong to have a face to face conversation cbd gummies 30 mg with the dozen or so contacts on the call log, explain the policy clearly to them, and ask them to cooperate with us to wait and see.The above dozen people are all in Jiangzhong Well, if it s not related to that step, how could they borrow money, cbd gummies for dogs amazon so most of the dozen or so are locals in Jiangzhong, and only three are from other places.The three outsiders are all suppliers of materials in the middle of the river.The subordinates were very hardworking, and they found out the ins and outs in a day.Liu Jianye was very satisfied, and after thinking about it, he asked Should I send someone to his hometown Yes, it s hard to say whether he will go back to his hometown and wait for news.

Jing, what business does Boss Mao do In the past, he specialized in building scaffolding for construction sites.Later, he also engaged in the rental of steel pipe fasteners and formwork.But his wife is the real master.My wife went out to talk.Mr.Jing took out his mobile phone, clicked on their rights protection group , and explained Don t look at me as the group leader, but this group was built by his wife, and every meeting is held in her hotel.Reporting to the Public Security Bureau, petitioning in the city, and hiring a lawyer were all done with the help of his wife.So Mao Junxian s wife should be familiar with Luo Weixing Luo Weixing is doing civil engineering, and he must use scaffolding and templates to deliver the main body.They have known each other for a long time and must be familiar.

There was also a waiter knocking ice cubes with a hammer at the door, apparently planning to use the crushed ice cubes to preserve the chilled ingredients.Han Chaoyang realized that this was undoubtedly a seafood restaurant, otherwise there would not be so many seafood, and there would be no tables in the lobby.Although there may only be seven or eight private rooms upstairs and downstairs, the daily turnover here would never be higher.It will be less because it is a high consumption place.Wu Wei seldom goes to high end hotels.He has never seen so much seafood.Many of them can t even be named.He is interested in asking what kind of fish has just been put into a fish tank on the second floor.A white BMW came back.She was short and fat, with heavy makeup, and rushed into the hall with a brown leather bag on her shoulders.

The Yanyang Grand Theater is the most suitable, and the Concert Hall of the Provincial Art Center is also fine.I said you two, you think highly of me too much.These two places are taller than the other.I have not how long does the cbd gummies to start working had a single time since I came to Yanyang for four years.I ve been there, let alone know people, how do you want me to talk to them.He Qiyuan touched his elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd face, and continued Besides, if you want to use these two places, you must pay money, one hundred and eighty thousand may not be best time to take cbd gummies cbd gummies 30 mg enough, Do you have money No.That s it.Let s elite garden cbd gummies joint restore gummies cbd be more realistic, okay Just in the auditorium, don t be so grand.Zheng Yutong also knew that it would be difficult to hold solo recitals in those two places, but in her mind He Qiyuan is not capable at one or two points, cbd gummies 30 mg he is very popular in Yanyang, and he said coquettishly It is only meaningful to be tall, otherwise there will be so many musicians going to perform in Vienna s Golden Hall You are the chairman of the student union and know so many people.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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