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what are starpowa cbd gummies used for super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews do cbd gummies curb appetite cbd gummies what to know HCMUSSH.

So many varieties As soon as they came in, Master Wang and Master Zhang frowned, looking at the dazzling array of pastries in front of them, feeling like they had nowhere to start.Rong Bingcai also did his homework.Seeing the two masters talking now, he explained the difference, There are quite a few.There are more than 30 varieties of Li Ji on the opposite side, and about 20 of them are repeated with us.There are more than a dozen varieties that we don t have here.Li Ji Master Zhang was stunned.It s the palace dim sum across the street.Their owner s surname is Li.I think the word palace is too vague.Rong Bing shook his head.He wouldn t say it was because someone commented in the book review area.Silently, Master Wang, who was tasting the taste, suddenly opened his eyes and said in astonishment, Here What kind of filling is this wife cake, do you know, Arong It s written on the paper bag, let me take a look.Most people basically just wear a thin coat when they go out.There are very few people who are in good health and still wear long gowns.Walking on the street, I can t tell that the winter solstice will be here in more than half a month.On the streets of Sai Kung District, New Territories, two small vendors were setting up their stalls, and one of them was sitting on the side of the road and asked the other.Dakoufa, have you watched a movie recently White fan, where do I have time to go to the movies People don t have the time to go.The lychee cbd gummies peddler who was called Dakoufa let out a long sigh, and sat down after seeing no one else, took out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket, and gave one to the white fan.White powder is not a drug addict, but he is just as his name suggests, as thin as a stick, and has been emaciated since he was a child.Let s go together, otherwise I don t have the skills to be the store manager.After hearing this, Cai Shaodong suddenly looked at Li Guohao beside him, and asked with a smile, This is your friend who runs a pastry shop.Only then did Zhang Dong think of Li Guohao, Hastily how long does cbd gummies high last introduced By the way, I forgot to introduce Dong Ge.This is my boss and my brother who I have played with since I was a child.His surname is Li and his name is Guohao.You can just call him Ahao., HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know shouted directly Ahao, right Thank you for taking care of my cousin.Li Guohao has been looking at this cousin Zhang Dong from the side rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes what are starpowa cbd gummies used for just now.He is very strong and about 1.8 meters tall.He is still quite handsome Yes, the most notable feature is his pair of red phoenix eyes, slightly squinted with a murderous feeling.As far as Brother Dong is concerned, A Dong and I have been playing together since we were young, so we can t talk about taking care of them.Cai Shaodong shook his head and nodded again It s about the same.It s not enough to make trouble.I just know that your business is good and I want to ask for a protection fee.To solve this situation, we are running a shop after all, even if these people don t come to make trouble, they are always wandering around, and I m afraid of causing losses to the business.Since the young and Dangerous didn t come to the door by themselves, we have to solve it Regarding cbd gummies what to know this matter, Li Guohao didn t want his shop to be stared at every day.Waiting for the pier Cai Shaodong said, Since you have shops on Nathan Road and Central, why don t you pay some money and find a gang to cover you up Most of the gangs in Xiangjiang are quite moral.They can settle some underworld matters for you.Zhang Dong asked Cousin, do you know these people Cai Shaodong shook his head I was just a pony before, so I didn t know anyone, but I The big boss I worshiped before can contact you, but my big boss is just a small boss, and it s useless for you to worship this kind of person.While modifying some unsuitable plots, I am dubbing and selling to TVB or Li s Yingsheng the predecessor of Li s TV and Asia TV.Li Guohao asked in disbelief Could it be that Xiangjiang has not made a cartoon by itself so far Have Which one Old Master Q Upon hearing rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes what are starpowa cbd gummies used for that it was Old Master Q, Li Guohao asked helplessly Is there only one Old Master Q in Hong Kong produced by a local animation company Well, after all, the Old Master Q cartoons have been out for HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know more than ten years, and there are still many audiences in Xiangjiang.Now many adults grew up watching comic books.After TVB opened in 1968, the old master Q cartoons have been on the market.Got it, it got very high ratings as soon as it aired last year.Shangguan Xiaobao is still very concerned about the comics industry.So far, since the two local TV stations launched, apart from Disney s classic Mickey cartoons, the only local cartoon is Old Master Q .He Hongsen laughed.Haha, it s really great Huo Yingdong finished laughing, and then said By the way, I heard that you are planning to start a new company, mainly in the shipping business Well, I have this idea, mainly for convenience Between Xiangjiang and Macau.He Hongsen didn t say much, just mentioned a simple sentence.Well, in terms of shipping, you can consider cooperating with me.Our company is still very good at shipping He Hongsen thought for a while, and said, We will discuss it when we go back later.Hearing the meaning of what He Hongsen said, Huo Yingdong He didn t say much, just nodded and are cbd gummies good for back pain cbd gummies what to know started talking about something else.The guests who come here are basically a bunch of businessmen and literati.On the other hand, the family hall is very lively.Because many guests came with their wives and children, and because they have children, it is much more lively than the banquet hall.In the past, a restaurant where Li Guohao worked part time organized a spring outing every year.Yes, it is a spring outing, take a bus to go to the local area, or to visit tourist attractions in surrounding cities.The hotel pays for you to play for free.Of course, if you buy something, you have to pay for it yourself.This is also considered a benefit.My idea is to propose this welfare system first, let every employee know about this welfare, and let them know that in the company s development, whether it is a store manager or a small waiter, cbd gummies what to know they can get the corresponding welfare for their labor, so that Their sense of identity with the company has increased.Li Qiang explained that when he first started planning the company, he wrote the welfare system only for the sake of the company s long term development, not to implement it from the beginning.

In the past, there were no other regulations for taking leave except deducting the wages of the day.Now there is an extra attendance bonus.I believe that many people will not ask for leave except for the stipulated two day leave.Those who are worried are because they themselves are in a state of confusion about their work.It is still very easy in the pastry shop.Apart from the fatigue of the pastry chef, the waiters and the like do not only introduce sales to customers every cbd gummies what to know day, but also clean up.The environment inside the what is a quality brand of cbd oil gummies store is very good, and the wages are not too low.Naturally, it is a place where many people are willing to hang out.But now there are more punishment systems, which makes a small number of employees unhappy.In the future, it will be very troublesome to be late and ask for leave.As for the reason, everyone thinks it is clear.Inserting his own people That Li Guohao really said that Fang Yihua asked.Wu Guohua nodded He said that in Xiangjiang, we only need to recover the cost of making cartoons.This Li Guohao is quite interesting.By the way, Guohua, what do you know about him Fang Yihua asked with a smile.I only know that he makes cartoons purely to promote his pastry shop.He doesn t seem to care much about how much he earns, as long as he doesn t lose money.Wu Guohua didn t know much about Li Guohao, just because he played Having met twice, I just know some things.Is that so Fang Yihua pondered for a moment, and then said There is no problem with selling cartoons to other TV stations in Southeast Asia.Our TVB has cooperation with many TV stations.It s just that this is simply borrowing the name of the TV station to sell the copyright to other regions.The runway is not only One, it is still close to the sea area, takeoff and landing are the time to test the pilot s solid flying skills.In 70 years, Xiangjiang, relying on its unique geographical environment, became the largest trading market in Asia at that time.Merchant ships from many countries docked here Replenish fuel and eat.Li Guohao plans to open the first new branch, which is at Kai Tak Airport.Chairman, the people from Rongji Bakery are also looking for a store Li Guohao is in the office, looking at an evaluation report sent up by his subordinates, which compares the cost and future income of opening a store in Kai Tak Airport and Temple Street.Li Guohao glanced at Wang Xiaobo from the Human Resources Department, and asked in surprise Said Rongji is looking for a store what happened Wang Xiaobo said We didn t agree to open a branch in Queen s Road on Xiangjiang Island and the luxury residential area of Deep Water Bay before.For Li Guohao, who has lived in the south for more than 20 years, spending the winter in Xiangjiang is simply not too pleasant, there is no such damp and cold, and the whole person does not need to wrap himself up like a brown bear in clothes.We have already started preparing for the expansion of new stores near Kai Tak Airport, Temple Street, Queen s Road, Deep Water Bay, Repulse Bay, etc.We plan to fully open the store before the end of the year.We are opening five branches.A total of ten stores will be expanded within three months.We cooperate with Maggie Decoration Company, and after deducting the rent, the average decoration cost of a store has been reduced to about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars.Of course, some stores are larger, and the cost will also increase.The overall price is about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars.Customers come into the store to buy.Li Guohao and Li Qiang sat in the conference room, quietly looking at the new marketing manager Gu Qianqian in front of them.Gu Qianqian is twenty five years old.She used to work as the deputy manager of the marketing department of a food company in Taiwan.After returning to Xiangjiang, she has been unemployed.She only recently read about the recruitment of palace pastries in the newspaper.This time, Li Guohao and Li Qiang came to listen to the marketing department s thoughts on the palace pastry promotion during the New Year.After all, this department cbd gummies what to know has only been established for less than a week.In the past, Li Guohao came up with the idea of doing promotional activities alone.Now that there is an additional department with manpower, it is natural to give full play to the advantage of the number.That restaurant Li Renzhong asked with a frown.Li Renzhong knows that his apprentice s craftsmanship is also ranked first in Xiangjiang.The carving technique is a skill that has been honed for more than ten years.In addition, he also taught many secret recipes in the palace back then., the Li family s original secret skills should not be weaker than others in terms of cooking skills.Lianxiang Tower Guan Yunfei said.It s him Zheng Yuan Li Renzhong frowned when he heard the word Lianxianglou.The head of Lianxianglou, Zheng Yuan, is a descendant of the imperial chef rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes what are starpowa cbd gummies used for of the year, and also the person mentioned in the previous article who opened the restaurant under the name of the palace.That s right, master, it s Zheng Yuan.Li Renzhong asked, Didn t Zheng Yuan open a restaurant on Xiangjiang Island Why did he come to the New Territories again Guan Yunfei said Zheng Yuan has branches in Xiangjiang Island and even Kowloon, and he only came here in the New Territories in the middle of last year.

Well, I see, you go.Sister Wang nodded, she didn t pay much attention to Li Guohao s words just now, she thought it might be because there were too many people queuing up and not enough goods, which made some people who queued for a long time unhappy, so she called Li Guohao to come over.When Li Guohao was about to go out cbd gummies what to know to Nathan Road, he thought about it and called Li Qiang from the company in the store, telling him to go to the store now.After all, the company is in Central, not very far from Nathan Road.I am in Xiangjiang Island at the moment, and it may take an hour to reach Kowloon.Chapter 88 Public Relations and Response 3 more At noon, the company.In the conference room, all the employees in the Nathan Road store were present.What the hell happened Li Guohao glanced at the people in the conference room with a sullen face, and asked with a gloomy face Why are there so many cockroaches and mice in some corners and cabinets in .

does cbd gummies help with sex?

the store Didn t I remind you that we do it In cbd gummies what to know terms of food, you must pay attention to hygiene As the store manager on Nathan Road, Sister Wang stood up and blamed herself It s all because of my problems, and I didn t catch these situations.It s me.Sister Wang cbd gummies what to know how much is cbd gummies raised her hand and said.Li Guohao asked Is there anything unusual last night Sister Wang closed her eyes, thought deeply for a moment, finally, shook her head and said No, as usual, after cleaning, wait for the staff to leave.Just turn off the lights and lock the door and leave.If it s not at night, it s in the .

can i give my dog a cbd gummie?

morning, who arrived first in the morning I m the boss.Xiao Min said.You were the first one to arrive, did you notice anything unusual Xiao Min thought for a while and shook her head, No, when I went there in the morning, I opened the door, and the inside of the store was still the same as yesterday, there was nothing wrong with it.Things were moved.Chen Liang, a pastry chef at the Nathan Road shop nearby, also said When I entered the baking room in the morning, I didn t find any cockroaches or mice, but there were some tiny black spots on the ground, and I didn t either.Thank you Honghe said angrily Even if we know that someone is doing something wrong We just advertised on Li s TV station, and the Department of Health found out the problem of unqualified hygiene, and asked all our stores to follow the regulations of the Department of Health in the near future. Li Qiang glanced at the Rongji Bakery opposite.Because every household has to arrange new year s goods during the Spring Festival, the queue at the door of their store is quite long On the same day, people from the Department of Health issued a notice ordering the Nathan Road branch of Palace Bakery to suspend business until the sanitation standard is met.As for the quality of the pastries, they have sent people to take samples of the pastries that are being sold in the store and send them for testing This incident was soon broadcast on cbd gummies what to know the TVB noon news.Damn What does this Sing Tao Daily mean Didn t we mention it on the TV station It s just a special case that the sanitation is not up to standard.Some colleagues are jealous of our good business.Hearing Li Guohao s words, Li Qiang gave him a blank look and said People s newspapers sell newspapers based on gimmicks.Besides, if you say that some colleagues have framed us, they don t cbd gummies what to know think so.They will think that we said that on purpose to shirk the problem.After speaking, Li Qiang said This time the honor I am afraid that the food poisoning incident in the pastry shop will be further fermented, which will make our pastry market temporarily sluggish, so I suggest that our company open a branch in the future.We will make plans after the limelight passes.Li Guohao nodded, He said to Li Qiang Well, Rongji s troubles this time are quite serious.Okay, it s okay to be happy with each other Zhang Dong said with a grumpy smile, and said The preparations for the franchise store are almost ready, and the ten stores are located in the Central and Western District, the Eastern District, the Southern District, and the Wanchai District., Kwun Tong District, Sham Shui District, Wong Tai Sin District, Sai Kung District, Sha Tin District, Tuen Mun District.I know, Xiao Wang showed it to me in the morning.From the documents sent, the selected ten branches are already clear.Zhang Dong nodded, sat down on the swivel chair and said, Well, as long as you know.Xiong Yi asked me to ask you, do all these ten branches serve our palace cakes What do you mean Li Guohao asked back.Zhang Dong explained We don t have many pastry chefs.This time we sent ten of them to help the franchisees open.Li Guohao this time is not only for the sake of embellishing himself, but the main reason is to monopolize the pastry market in Xiangjiang.After the Chinese Bakery Promotion Association grows bigger, as long as Chinese rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes what are starpowa cbd gummies used for pastry chefs in Xiangjiang or even in any city and country want to apply for a job, they must have a certificate issued by the association.No matter how delicious the cakes are, in the end, everyone will think that they are just second rate goods.This is the power of an authoritative association.After the meeting, Li Guohao left Li Qiang behind.After everyone left, Li Qiang sat on a chair and asked, What I want you to invite Shen Bi to join our Chinese Pastry Association Shen Bi He is British.Isn t it a bit awkward to join our Chinese Pastry Promotion Association Inappropriate Li Qiang frowned and asked.

From childhood to adulthood, she will try her best to satisfy Arjun s request, but she can t see Arjun like this, so she can only say OK, I will call you later.Call Ms.Shen and ask her, okay Upon hearing this, Aqiong stood up spiritedly and ran to He Chaoying to sit down, put his arms around the other s arm, shook his head and said with a flattering smile, Ah Sister is the best, I like Sister A the most I know Sister A is good at this time Hmph, you ghost He Chaoying pretended to be annoyed and tapped Aqiong s forehead with her finger, not happy said.Sister, don t be angry, I know that sister is the best for Ah Qiong.He Chaoqiong couldn t see that her sister was just pretending to be angry, so she buried her head in her arms and acted coquettishly.Okay, okay, get up, I ll call Ms.Shen.Chapter 107 White Gloves He Chaoying took out a notebook from her satchel, which recorded the phone numbers of many people, many of whom were wealthy ladies Or some ladies.Warner Entertainment Company.Warner president Vernon James sits in his office reviewing documents.Dong Dong James raised his head and said, Come in.George walked in from outside the office.Oh, George, you are finally back, how are you doing in Xiangjiang James put down the pen in his hand, and said to George with a smile.George squinted his eyes and nodded with a smile It s okay, the food over there tastes great.Wait for me a moment.After finishing speaking, James stood up and walked outside the office, and said to the secretary not far away Anna Make two cups of coffee and come in.Okay sir.After the coffee was brewed and brought in, James closed the office door, took a sip of coffee and asked, How does the film company over there in Xiangjiang think The boss of Golden Harvest, Mr.Zou also wants to take a stake in this movie.Li Dexiao said from the side Fumanlou.Seeing his son say it, Li Renzhong nodded and said, It s called Fumanlou.Thinking about it, it s been almost thirty years, and I don t know if the restaurant is It s still there.Speaking of this, Li Renzhong felt a little purple cbd gummies melancholy, this Fumanlou was a property handed down from the Li family s seven generations, but unfortunately at that time the civil war was raging, and it was really impossible to stay, so he had to sell the lease of the restaurant and come to Xiangjiang.Li Guohao asked Grandpa, have you ever thought about reopening a Fumanlou in Xiangjiang In addition, Xiangjiang was relatively chaotic at that time, and I was too lazy to rebuild the restaurant at that time, so I gave up.While talking, Li Renzhong glared at Li Dexiao.Hearing this, Li Dexiao shrank his head.Li Qiang understood it, so he kept his mouth shut.On the contrary, Zhang Dong looked at the mischievous eyes of the two, and asked suspiciously, Ahao, are you hiding something from me No.Li Guohao looked at Zhang Dong innocently and shook his head.Then what did Manager Li mean when he said the loan just now Did you take out another loan No, it was about repaying the loan before.Li Guohao laughed.Really Why lie to you.Well, don t lie to me, or I will tell Aunt Li.Yeah, I didn t lie to you.Li Guohao assured.Li Guohao didn t intend to hide it from Zhang Dong, but this kid might be afraid of taking risks.If he knew about his loan, he might go to Li Huifang and talk to Li Huifang.Li Guohao didn t want to face his mother s scolding.It s a big head.Chapter 123 Foodie Cai Lan After Zhang Dong left, Li Guohao asked, What were you guys talking about just now Shen Bi said that there is no problem, as long as the balance of the previous 5 million loan is settled, the second loan can be made, and cbd oil gummies get you high he will send someone to the company to check the financial situation of the specific amount.We will pay once a year, according to the annual land price.Rent.It seems that you are sure that the stock will fall Li Qiang raised his eyebrows when he heard this, which obviously predicted that the stock market would have a major turning point, otherwise it would be impossible to use such an obvious loss.Method.Almost, if you believe me, all the money invested in the stock market will be recovered before the Chinese New Year this year.Li Guohao are cbd gummies good for back pain cbd gummies what to know did not say clearly.En.Seeing Li Guohao s swearing, Li Qiang also believed in what the other party said Central, Lu Yu Tea House.Sorry for being late, both of you.Li Guohao looked at Shangguan Xiaobao and the other man sitting opposite him and apologized.There is no president and we have just arrived.After Li Guohao sat down, liberty cbd gummies for sale Shangguan Xiaobao introduced By the way, I forgot to introduce you., and the ownership of these secret recipes is still yours, no matter how far the company develops in the future, these secret recipes belong to you, and the company is just borrowing them for use.Upon hearing this, everyone discussed.You know, a pastry shop that can make signature pastries and is well known in Hong Kong must have a big difference in taste from other shops, which is also the essence of a pastry shop.To put it bluntly, a pastry with a secret recipe can support a shop.After hearing this, Gu Yonghe stood up and asked, If Boss Liu follows what you said, the company will use our secret formula for free.It doesn t matter.After all, we are the ones who benefit from it.Yes, Boss Gu is quite right., use it for free for the company, and we are the ones who benefit from it.Everyone nodded in agreement.

The workers at the other end of the assembly line also put the finished snowy mooncakes in a tray in an orderly manner.Li Guohao was a little disappointed when he saw the latest assembly machine mentioned by Huang Yaohua.Although the machine was already very automatic, it still couldn t do without human assistance.Chapter 133 Refrigeration Although a little disappointed, Li Guohao still grinned and said to everyone, Very good.If the whole line works together, how many mooncakes can be made in a day There are a total of ten production lines here.Normally cbd gummies what to know speaking, from the moon cakes, after sealing and packaging, they can reviews for purekana cbd gummies make about seven or eight thousand boxes a day.Huang Yaohua thought for a while and calculated according to the standard during the test.A box of mooncakes is ten.That is to say, nearly 70,000 to 80,000 pieces can be made a day.Zhu Qiaomei works as an editor for a magazine, and occasionally writes small food articles by herself, trying to see if it can be published in the magazine.She once published an article about food, but the topic was on weight loss.Faced with letters from readers, contributions from writers, and various articles every day, it is really a big deal.Reviewing manuscripts is the most tiring thing.The most fearful situation is that some people think that they are literary and talented, which is rare in the world.If the magazine doesn t choose me, it will be the biggest regret and loss in the magazine s life.Everywhere in the article reveals how talented mentally retarded I am.There was no one in the bus stop at this time.Zhu Qiaomei was sitting in a special waiting space nearby, as if she was about to fall asleep in a daze.I hope so.Li Guohao thought about what the two said, and it really made sense, as did the advertisement on the TV station.It has only been replaced with a new cbd gummies what to know one today, cbd gummies what to know and it may not be popularized so quickly to let more people know.Li Qiang stopped the car suddenly, turned a corner, and came to a temporary parking spot.Before a few people were puzzled, Li Qiang smiled and said, Here we are, it s really, you can find our sales point within a few kilometers, haha.Following Li Qiang s pointing, he saw a corner of the sidewalk not far away.A refrigerated truck was parked on the side of the road, and a group of people were gathering there.A few people got out of the car and walked over.Suddenly, a piercing soprano came from the crowd.Stop making noise Immediately, the crowd fell silent, and even Li Guohao and the others who had just walked over were startled.Ever since he wanted to open a food processing cbd gummies what to know cbd hybrid gummies factory a few months ago and asked Shen Bi to borrow more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars from HSBC to invest in the establishment of the factory, Li Guohao cbd gummies what to know cbd hybrid gummies has been very anxious.Don t look at him with the foresight of the next thirty years, but foresight doesn t mean anything, it s like you ve read so many books, and you cbd gummies florida are really asked to write one, can you Do you have the pens of those great gods Creativity can be used for reference, but you are the one who actually implements the creation How to write is still a matter of your own.Li Guohao has many marketing ideas that he has seen and experienced in the future, but they may not be applicable now, and even if they are applicable, they may fail.Therefore, it is no problem for Li Guohao to borrow tens of millions to invest in a food processing factory.I didn t expect that I didn t care about the stock for more than half a year, and I actually made more than 10 million, and the cost was more than 9 million.This is more profitable than starting a company by myself.No wonder so many people in Xiangjiang are not going to work now., I went to the stock exchange every day to watch the stocks go up.What a double blessing, not only the mooncakes sold well, but even the stocks made so much money, Li Guohao felt very happy.If I hadn t known that there would be a stock market crash next year, I would definitely be like these people, still frantically investing money in stocks and earning enough.Chapter 142 The Collapsed Liu Peilin 3 3 Afternoon.Securities company.Du Deye led Li Guohao to sit in the office.Mr.Li, this is the specific report of your investment.Taking the documents, Li Guohao watched from the beginning.Li Qiang asked curiously You called me last night and asked me to look up the information of Jardine Group.What s the matter Is there something There is something.After reading the information of Jardine Group on the first page , Li Guohao frowned and said Have you seen this Yes, a very powerful and shameless century old British funded group.Li Qiang s mouth suddenly twitched, disdainful.Jardine Group.The original company was Jardine Matheson, founded in 1832.Jardine Matheson was the most famous old British foreign firm at that time, and the largest British consortium in the Far East.It was engaged in trade with China during the Qing Dynasty.But the most ridiculous thing is that most of the trade transactions they operate are opium.

Li Qiang often reads newspapers, and also cares about some business news, and knows a lot more about this matter than Li Guohao.Although the full name of Zhou Xinian s milk company is Xiangjiang Milk Co., Ltd., its scope of business is not limited to milk.It also owns a lot of land and supermarket properties.Li Guohao asked worriedly Yesterday someone told me that Jardine Group wanted to enter the catering industry, and asked me if the people from Jardine had contacted me.Maybe they also want to buy our company.Li Qiang listened , frowning and asked Who told you Zheng Jiachun.Zheng Yutong s son In other words, if you think kangaroo cbd watermelon gummies about it, it shouldn t be about opening the bow and not letting the arrow go.Maybe the people of the Jardine Group cbd gummies what to know do have the idea of entering the catering industry.Our palace pastry is now considered a leading company in the Xiangjiang pastry market.Xie Honghe nodded.Wang Xiaobo said with a smile, I recruited those people, how could I not know about them On the contrary, Luo Bin was a little confused.He had just become a manager not long ago, and he was not very clear about some decisions made by the company.That s good.Li Guohao said, I discussed it with Wang Zheng downstairs, and I plan to hold an event in the near future to promote the association, and at the same time increase the are cbd gummies good for back pain cbd gummies what to know reputation of the food factory and our company.What event The three of them asked in unison.Hold a pastry competition.Then, Li Guohao cbd hemp direct gummi review told the details of the pastry competition.This is good Xie Honghe immediately understood when he heard about the pastry contest.This is a very good way to promote the company and the association.Li Guohao said again Manager Luo, I hope you invite those merchants who have cooperated with our company, whether it is flour, butter, HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know or sugar suppliers, let them come to the company.After cleaning HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know up these junk stocks, Xiangjiang s economy will be shattered with this stock market crash, like a ray of sunshine in the dawn, a pearl in the dust, brilliant and dazzling.There will definitely be an impact, but how to minimize the impact is what Li Guohao should think about.After thinking for a long time, Li Guohao said quietly Manager Xie, you are right.The company really needs to expand.Hearing Li Guohao s words, Xie Honghe s eyes lit up, and he was overjoyed.When he was about to support him, he listened to Li Guohao again.Said Hurry up, take advantage of the opportunity of this pastry competition, just meet colleagues from Southeast Asian countries, and ask them if they have any ideas about cbd gummies what to know joining the company.As for opening a store in Xiangjiang or recruiting franchisees, let me think about a good way.At this time, the camera hidden in the dark of the crowd was directly facing Li Guohao and the garbage bug, and the female reporter next to her was holding a microphone in her hand, reading the narration and saying Everyone saw it just now, a A young man in a suit rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes what are starpowa cbd gummies used for who looked gentle dropped a piece of garbage on the ground, and the garbage bug who likes garbage is right next to him.Now, we will send a cleaning team to arrest the evil garbage bug and litter Garbage people.The female reporter just finished speaking.I saw a group of garbage cleaning brigades dispatched by the government that had been ready to go, the hula la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la group cbd gummies for copd shark tank rushed forward, one by one with brooms and dustpans in their hands.And Li Guohao, who was looking at the garbage bug, noticed that there was a strange business nearby, and looked sideways, and saw seven or eight people rushing towards him with brooms in hand.At this time, the waiter walked over quickly holding a tray, and after avoiding pedestrians, he put the milk tea on the plate on the table, and set up the refreshments one after another.Stockings milk tea.Looking at the milk tea in the glass in front of him, it looks a bit like coffee with milk.Li Guohao picked up the milk tea, took a few breaths, and took a sip slowly.Why is it a bit bitter Frowning, Li Guohao only felt that this silk stocking milk tea was completely different from what later generations drank, and this tea seemed to be brewed in a teapot, with a strong taste and a slight burnt smell.After drinking a few more sips, Li Guohao also gradually tasted the taste, feeling pretty good, although it is very different from what later generations drank, but the taste is not bad.The milk tea Li Guohao drank the most in his previous life should be Taiwan style milk tea.When Director Wang showed me the planning of the competition, I was really surprised.I didn t expect Mr.Li to be so familiar with TV programs.The preliminaries, group matches, semi finals, finals, and a series of tricks for inserting advertisements really amazed You Jinjie.When he was doing programs on TV stations in the past, most of them were relatively old fashioned and boring programs.I once tried to imitate TVB s Happy Tonight , but the ratings have not been rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes what are starpowa cbd gummies used for able to rise.Unexpectedly, with the help of this pastry contest , the originally bald program department will be rejuvenated.Eugene also had an idea in his mind, since he can hold a pastry competition, can he also hold a food competition Compared with pastries, the temptation of food is much greater.Hehe, I think a little more than usual.

This is Li Guohao s opinion.This place is really small.Li Guohao muttered to himself.Sitting next to him, Cai Lan heard this and said with a smile, It s not too small.The original studio was even smaller.If it weren t for the fact that there are more guests and audiences participating this time, and it s the finals , maybe even smaller.Speaking of this, Cai Lan asked, I mean, don t you think you haven t had a match before Li Guohao smiled awkwardly, he really hadn t watched the match on TV, so I went to a preliminaries with Xie Honghe to observe it.Okay, everyone, stop arguing, our show is about to start With a loudspeaker in his hand, Eugene walked quickly to the bottom of the stage and said to the audience and guest seats Everyone should know that this is a live broadcast, so I hope you don t make unnecessary noise, or There are audiences with children, I hope you can take good care of your children.Everyone who was still looking at stocks at the stock exchange, seeing the Hang Seng Index once again increased violently, suddenly danced wildly with excitement.The operator holding the chalk was also wiping cold sweat.This is really crazy.It is completely unbelievable that the Hang Seng Index has reached such a height.It has never happened before.Rise up, keep going up Rise up and go up Everyone cheered, cheering together, hoping that today s Hang Seng Index can break through the 1800 point mark.half an hour later.The Hang Seng Index had been hovering between 1775 1776.After receiving the call, the operator immediately opened his eyes and put the phone down in a daze.Among them, Xiangjiang is the largest stock exchange.The Hang Seng Index was first modified.1775, down 77 points, now 1698.Well, it s just started.The Ying family is not very short of money, so I m going to go over and talk to them in person.Ni Xingqing are cbd gummies good for back pain cbd gummies what to know said.You go in person Yes.Li Guohao nodded after thinking for a while and said, Since you go in person, that s fine.Now Xiangjiang s stock price is falling every day.I think the Ying family doesn t care about money.They don t care about money.It won t let the oros cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies what to know stock price fall so in vain.After a pause, Li Guohao said again However, if they don t agree or hesitate, you can tell them that we are now looking for franchisees for the palace pastry, and we can use this to tell them Let s talk.This is an idea that Li Guohao thought of before.Now the pastry company s progress in expanding overseas markets is relatively slow.It is very slow to simply go to various Southeast Asian countries to recruit franchisees.Well, you should pay more attention to the land in the New Territories recently, choose a good place, and we will move there, or you can directly ask the boss who is renting it to us now, if you can buy his factory.Li Guohao has been waiting, waiting for the stock market crash to break out, buying houses and land at the bottom.Li Qiang glanced at Li Guohao strangely.He proposed to buy land to build a factory in the New Territories a long time ago, but Li Guohao never agreed, and rented an old factory building for temporary use under the pretext that it would take time to build a factory.Now that the stock market crash broke out, Li oros cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies what to know Guohao immediately thought of buying land in the oros cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies what to know New Territories, and sold the stocks before the stock market crashed to make a lot of money.Li Qiang couldn t help thinking that Li Guohao already knew that the stock market crash would happen.Not long ago, Sir Zhou was hospitalized for a while because of this incident.I went to see him yesterday., It seems that his appearance is not as good as before.Now we are more and more competitive with British capital, this Li Guohao has some skills, and the acquisition of Lam Soon can be regarded as breaking Jardine s idea of catering, which is also good for us.One thing Bao Tycoon didn t say is that recently he intends what are starpowa cbd gummies used for cbd gummies kids to move his sea business to land.Not only limited to the sea, Bao Daheng wanted to play a role on land as well.The current real estate industry is basically monopolized by most of the major wealthy businessmen.As for the Chinese merchants, he is not prepared to think about it.After all, he has broken the rules by rashly entering the land from the sea.Now we can only find a way from the British side.If it weren t for the Chinese New Year coming soon, I doubt whether the sales of this month will be good.It s a negative number The pastry shop s business is not as expected by Li Guohao, because of the outbreak of the stock market crash, the business is relatively poor, and Maxim s Bakery is also empty.What I have to mention is that Daronghua Company officially declared bankruptcy a few days ago, and the stock market was also suspended from trading.Li Guohao only found out about it from his subordinates when he came here in the morning.Liu Peilin is fine, he still has two shops still in operation, and most of the losses are from the money invested in Daronghua, but Gu Yonghe is not good.In addition to the money invested in the company, all his savings include the money from the sale of the shop.

Setting up an overseas branch is another big expense Although these branches do not have as many personnel as the head office, the most basic is the franchise department, the finance department, the marketing department, and the purchasing department.The franchise department is to promote the company s franchise strategy in the local area, the finance department is to manage the franchise fee and the income from the sale of raw materials, and the marketing department is to cooperate with the head office to carry out activities.As for the Purchasing Department, it purchases raw materials such as flour from Guohao Lam Soon, and sells them to franchisees to make profits.It may seem unnecessary and bloated to everyone.In fact, it is convenient for the company s management and financial clarity.Shares.Yes.Li Guohao didn t care too much about Zhang Nana s cbd gummies what to know shares as much as his own with only one million investment, mainly because the other party had worked in the United States for many years, and neither resources nor connections were within his capabilities.In addition, the company is an idea proposed by the other party, so Li Guohao has no meaning for it.Well, for the contract, I will sign it when I come back from the United States.This time, I am going to bring some samples to the United States.In the morning, Li Qiang also brought me most of the samples from the food factory.I ate them.It tastes really good, but you also know the taste of Americans, so you try to build a production line specially for export, so as to expand sales.Zhang Nana said.I will tell the people below about this.Except for a few designers and financial personnel, most of them are salesmen, who go to various places to pull orders.Li Guohao heard Zhang Dong mention it earlier, saying that Manager Mai s company has a lot of money in their hands because of the sharp rise in the stock market.They either buy new houses or renovate old houses.This is not because the price is cheap and the decoration is fashionable and beautiful., many people are famous over here.Be careful, you are pregnant now, stop jumping around Zhang Dong, who followed Mai Xiaomin carefully, couldn t stop muttering.I said you are so annoying Why are you more annoying than my dad Although Mai Xiaomin said so, she tried her best to slow down her walking pace, looking at her slightly protruding belly, with a hang on her face Full of kind motherly love, at the same time couldn t help complaining This scoundrel has made my stomach grow so big that I can t wear many clothes anymore.I have never seen this kind of movie, and I have taken the liberty to shoot it.Even if it can be released, I am afraid the box office will not It will be very good, after all, when you come out to watch movies, what you niva cbd gummies shark tank watch is martial arts or comedies for fun, but two people making pastries on the screen in gourmet movies is relatively boring.Xu Guanwen hesitated for a while and said Li Sheng, your idea is very good, but if this movie is made, I m afraid the HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know box office will not be very good.Seeing what Xu Guanwen said about movies after the era, I also thought that the current movie market is not suitable for this kind of movies, and said with some regret It cbd gummies orlando s okay, I ll just say it casually.On the contrary, when Cai Lan heard Li Guohao talk about gourmet movies , his eyes brightened, as a foodie, just thinking about shooting a food movie is very attractive.Don t you see that there was no chain restaurant in ancient times.If you want to say that the most successful company with a secret recipe is Coca Cola.The formula of Coca Cola has not applied for a patent, and the public relations said that the secret formula is kept in the bank s vault.what.But in the modern era of more and more high tech, the formula of a cbd gummies what to know drink can always be cracked only by reverse research.It is impossible for you to have a drink formula that is more complicated than a nuclear bomb So the secret recipe is just a package and a gimmick for modern catering companies.What is really deeply rooted in the hearts of the people is the brand value.Is Quanjude s recipe delicious No, it s just a famous name.When it comes to roast duck, the first thing that comes to mind is Quanjude.After He Qianjin came in, he also looked around, caught a glimpse of Li Guohao who was not far away, and walked over with steps.Mr.Li Mr.Shen A voice was heard.Li Guohao looked sideways and saw that it was He Qianjin who came, and greeted him with a smile, Miss He Shen Bi saw the person clearly, so familiar, and after careful consideration, he remembered that this was not the daughter of King He Gambling Well, thinking back to when she greeted Li Guohao just now, her heart moved, she never thought that Li Guohao could have a relationship with He Gambling King s daughter.It s been a long time, Miss He.I remember seeing you at the banquet at the Governor s Mansion last time.Shen Bi stood up with a smile and saluted He Qianjin face to face.Mr.Shen still remembers.Miss He said with a smile.Shen Bi knew that He Qianjin must have something to do with Li Guohao, so he didn t want to hinder their conversation here, and said to Li Guohao, Li Sheng, I have something to do, so I will go first.

He only sent people to find a larger shop.There was no good place before, but recently there is a footwashing city in Central because the boss lost money on stocks.Yes, the house was oros cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies what to know also lost to the bank.Li Guohao saw that the surrounding environment of Footwashing City was good, with plenty of people, and it was in a downtown area.In addition, the transportation was convenient, and there was a temporary parking lot nearby.He also bought it to benefit from the poor economy.It took more than 600,000 yuan to buy two floors.Hearing that his grandson had found the location of the restaurant, his grandfather Li Renzhong nodded excitedly and said, Okay.At this time, Chen Sheng leaned into Li Guohao s ear and said, Boss, I just called the security company., Zhang Bowen said that another group of newcomers joined, and asked if you want to come to the company to have a look.Oh you know Well, I know the man being chased.That man seems to be the owner of the palace pastry shop.I saw him on TV before.The man thought that Li Guohao was very familiar before, but he was too flustered at the time and couldn t remember it for a while.Now he recalled the situation at that time.Although the other party was in a panic at the time, what are starpowa cbd gummies used for cbd gummies kids he also remembered that this person was not the one who went to the university some time ago.Li Guohao, the newly promoted billionaire in the headlines of the newspaper.Be clear The director frowned.He didn t understand what the man said at all.The man also told the matter quickly and simply.At this time, the reporters had arrived and saw a man with a star on his shoulder During the interrogation, they ran over with a microphone or a camera.Officer, we cbd gummies what to know have received information from citizens that a large scale gun battle took place in Pok Fu Lam Village, and it seems that heavy firepower such as assault rifles and guns was used.When he heard the news, he remembered that the boss s son seemed to be called Li Guohao.Go to the cash register and make a call.The villa in the middle of the mountain area, Li s family.Li s father, Li mother and others are watching TV, when a cbd gummies what to know cbd hybrid gummies piece of news is interrupted suddenly, and they are all panicked when they see that the news is about their son.Husband, it s my son. I know, call the police Don t let anything happen to you security company.After Zhang Bowen saw the news report, he was also shocked.He never expected that something happened to the boss, so he called all the people together and sent some people to Li s house to protect Li s father and Li s mother.At the same time, he personally led the team to Pok Fu Lam.Ho s.The Huo family.Zheng family.Shen Bi.Jin Jiashi, Li Qiang, Ni Xingqing, Shangguan Xiaobao and other people who knew Li Guohao from the company were shocked.From the first day when the reporter got the news, a continuous During the week, whether it was newspapers, magazines or TV stations, they all made detailed reports and analyzes on Li Guohao s attack.Some unscrupulous newspapers directly positioned Li Guohao s incident as a gangster vendetta.After all, in recent years, under the circumstances that the gangster forces have become increasingly rampant, an ordinary young man started from scratch and created a large family business, which also involved some gunfights and kidnappings.Can not arouse people s suspicion.And Li s TV station has a good relationship with Li Guohao, plus it has an advertising agreement with the pastry company, whether it is in terms of business or personal relationship, most of the news reported by Li s TV station is in a positive form, that is, the real situation , Li Guohao and two bodyguards encountered robbers on the road.Brother Xiaolong Long time no see Li Guohao greeted.Bruce Lee looked up and saw that this person was Li Guohao.The only impression Bruce Lee had of him before was that his name was the same as his son.Later, as Li Guohao s career became bigger and bigger, he also had a different view of him.Long time no see, Mr.Li Bruce Lee smiled and stepped forward to hold Li Guohao s palm.Bruce Lee just squeezed it lightly, but it also made Li Guohao feel the power in his palm.Seeing Bruce Lee and Ding Pei next to him again at this moment made Li Guohao suddenly remember the time of Bruce Lee s death in his previous life.It seemed to be in July 1973.He has forgotten the exact time.After all, Bruce Lee s death was related to his birth The era of has cbd gummies what to know passed too long An awning, this is the make up room temporarily built by the crew.As the favorite racing event in western countries, this competition really reached the point where tens of thousands of people cheered Time passed quietly.A few days passed in a flash.Soon came the pastry competition.Pastry items are divided into dim sum, candy, and cake making.After the three items are completed, they will be placed on the display stands of the contestants.The contest party gave three days to make these dim sum.The main purpose of the International Skills Olympics is to focus on the word skills.I don t pay much attention to whether the pasta tastes delicious, because there are more than 30 countries participating, and each cbd gummies what to know country has different tastes, so at the beginning A standard has been established, which is to score according to appearance and skills.To put it simply, as long as you make it good looking, it doesn t matter whether it tastes good or not.

Yes.Li Guohao came back holding Zhao Yazhi s hand, and the two of them also took a look at the display stands of other contestants just now.A hundred flowers bloom A HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know very familiar name.Wei Chengzhi heard the name cbd gummies what to know of this dim sum was very familiar.He glanced at the somewhat familiar Li Guohao, and suddenly asked in surprise Are you the Li Guohao from the palace pastry you know me Li Guohao asked in surprise.I m also from Xiangjiang.I only came to study in the UK last year.I read the report written by Ms.Yi Shu in Ming Pao.Wei Chengzhi said in surprise, I didn t expect you to come to the UK to participate in the competition.Yes, brother , do you want to vote Support it Huang He smiled from the side.It s easy to talk about.Wei Chengzhi was also very happy to meet a fellow villager Wei Chengzhi had been looking for his girlfriend for a long time in the venue, and finally saw her at a display stand in the corner, and hurriedly asked, Lianyun finally found you You didn t vote for anyone else s ticket Right No Why Don t you dislike these snacks Ren Lianyun was taken aback for a moment, then teased.First of all, factories that produce pastries, factories that produce packaging bags, factories that produce fillings, factories that produce quick frozen dumplings, instant noodles, and many other food plans in the future.Even the issue of chicken essence, Li Guohao has also thought about it.After the factory is built, will he build a condiment factory in the future, specializing in the production of seasonings for cooking After all, there are many secret seasonings and sauces in the recipes.If this continues, it will not be solved by a factory, and I am afraid that an industrial park will be formed in the end.hang up the phone.Suddenly there was a knock on the door.Secretary Xiao Liu also stood up and opened the door tactfully.Chairman, the headhunting company has already found a candidate who meets your requirements.Do you want to sue us Modify the comics Young and vigorous, and because of the best selling comic Little Rascal , Huang Yulang was full of ambition, after hearing what the boss said, he said nonchalantly, It doesn t matter, it s just a name anyway, why They can use Bruce Lee s name to the title of the book, so we can t create a Bruce Lee character But the other party seems to have the authorization of Bruce Lee.So what if the authorization is granted, Bruce Lee is not the only one named Bruce Lee, we can find A person named Bruce Lee, let him authorize us, wouldn t it be enough then Huang Yulang laughed.I have to say that Huang Yulang is very cunning, and it s no wonder he will create such a big career in the future.President The president is not good At this time, a person broke into the office and shouted.The Guohao Real Estate Company has been established, and he is the temporary manager.He is here to get familiar with the place where he will work in the future.After seeing such a large area, it is Li Guohao After buying it, he exclaimed and asked, Ah Chairman, how much did this land cost More than ten million.Li Guohao said carelessly, this piece of land cost 10 million Hong Kong dollars to take, and it looks like more than a thousand mu.Ten million Chen Hui swallowed.Now the land price is very cheap due to the stock market.In remote areas, especially in the New Territories, the land price is much cheaper.He is willing to spend 10 million to buy the land.See It seems that the project of this industrial park will be very big.The total investment of the industrial park should be between 60 million and 70 million Hong Kong dollars.It was his first time directing a film, which wasted Many movie films, in order to make up for the loss of the crew, also secretly subsidized their own money.After all, Li Guohao only gave 100,000 yuan to make this movie, and Cai Lan, the producer, was in charge of the money, so Xu Guanwen didn t dare to play tricks.Li Guohao nodded slightly, thinking about the theater, he also asked, Have you already contacted the theater Yes, we have signed a guarantee agreement with Mr.Zou s Golden Harvest.Xu Guanwen was afraid that the boss would not know what the guarantee agreement was.The meaning is also simply explained, that is, the so called amount of films that are rented out by theaters.Suddenly, when Li Guohao was about to ask HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know again, he saw Cai Lan walking over with a tired face not far away.Chairman, why are are cbd gummies good for back pain cbd gummies what to know you here Cai Lan was taken aback when he saw Li Guohao, then walked over quickly, and sat down on the rest chair next to him.After selling a batch, I will buy another batch.Anyway, summer will be over in a few months.Yeah.Li Guohao nodded slightly, but didn t Care about these two areas.Now the popsicles produced by Guohao Foods are all fruit flavored popsicles.There are only three types in total, one is watermelon and the other is pear.These two kinds of fruits are the cheapest in summer, especially in Xiangjiang.Xiangjiang has special places to grow fruits and vegetables, but the quantity is far from enough to supply the millions of people in Xiangjiang.It doesn t matter that everyone is willing to spend money to buy fruit, but every family will oros cbd gummies amazon cbd gummies what to know do it in summer to buy a watermelon and taste it at home.And Thailand, which is 2,000 kilometers away from Xiangjiang, is a place rich in watermelons.Every summer, a large amount of watermelons are transported from Thailand to Xiangjiang for sale.

Now we add a soda factory.Not only the funds The turnover is not enough, and it is also difficult to manage in terms of personnel.You have witnessed the development of our Guohao Food Factory into Guohao Food Co., Ltd., and you are considered a veteran.You should know that our top priority now is to win the vacant point in Xiangjiang.There is no company or factory that has quick frozen food in the whole Xiangjiang.It can be said that we are the first to propose quick frozen convenience food.The goal is still on this, to build up the reputation of Guohao Food as soon as possible, and after stabilizing the market, it will look to other fields.Guohao Food Company mainly produces packaged pastries, from moon cakes at the beginning to packaged wife cakes, bear biscuits, mung bean cakes, red bean cake candies and so on.Jeet Kune Do Li Sheng, you know it too.Bruce Lee smiled.Of course, I m a dragon fan Li Guohao followed with a smile and said Some concepts put forward by Jeet Kune Do are very advanced, and it is blunt to say that there must be a place in the future fighting world Li Guohao knows that the mixed martial arts of later generations are based on the extension of the concept of Jeet Kune Do proposed by Bruce Lee.I ve always wanted to perfect the concept of Jeet Kune Do, but I didn t have the time in the past, but now I think there should be a lot of time.Bruce Lee smiled bitterly.Don t think so.Li Guohao said with a serious tone Brother Xiaolong, you will definitely succeed in the future.Even if you don t make movies, you can become a master of the generation Well, boxing is popular in the United States now, and they don t pay much attention to the concept of mixed martial arts.Di Yimin handed the fax sent from England in the morning to the table.It opened yesterday Why didn t I know Picking up the fax paper on the table, Li Guohao glanced at it briefly.The rent and decoration of the shop cost a total of about 60,000 pounds, which is about 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.The facade is not very big, because it is in a prosperous area, the rent accounts for half of it, and the storefront is rented for three years, and half a year s rent and deposit are paid.The prices in the UK are really high Li Guohao exclaimed looking at the fax in his hand.Prices in the UK have continued to rise in recent years, and the inflation has been severe.Di Yimin shrugged and said helplessly, No way, prices are different in different countries.From the beginning of the 1970s to the end of the 1980s, British inflation was Number one in the world, the most important thing that the Iron Lady came to power at that time was to reduce inflation and high prices.The branches have already begun to stretch out, just waiting for the time to bear fruit.A storm completely blew away the branches that were originally seedlings.At the beginning, media reporters were invited with great momentum to hold the opening ceremony of 50 branches.In less than half a year, 40 branches were directly closed due to the stock market crash.It has completely become the laughing stock of the industry.When Woodshun goes out for morning cbd gummies what to know tea in the morning, he can often see the jokes in the eyes of some people who know him.After dealing with the company s affairs in the morning, Woodshun leans back on the boss s chair and looks up at the ceiling , fell into deep thought.Boom Hearing the knock on the door, Wood Shun frowned, and shouted irritably, Come in elder brother The person who came was Wu Shun s younger brother, Wu Ming.Hongkong Land Company is also the major shareholder of Maxim s Company, what are starpowa cbd gummies used for so Woodshun s tone of voice was naturally cautious.Well, it seems that I called at the wrong time.McHans said on the phone Just now the financial side sent me the performance report of Maxim s Company.It s like this Wood Shun was just about to explain.No need to explain.If Maxim s Bakery doesn t improve next month, I will consider closing five branches in order to maintain the interests of the company s directors.McHans is a standard Westerner who pays attention to interests., almost disregarding favors.Can Wood Shun was startled when he heard that five more stores were going to be closed.Although he is the chairman of Maxim s Company, he and his younger brother own 51 of the shares.Although he is not afraid of the company changing hands , but if the other party comes to divest, my company will be over.As for who will manage the club in the future, it will be decided by discussing with Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin when the time comes.The manager of the club must have certain social and management skills, otherwise, it will be difficult to deal with this kind of private club.Boss, after your money arrives, we have arrangedThe platoon people are building the two main buildings of the club, and other buildings are also in preparation, and it will take at least half a year to complete.Zhang Bowen said truthfully.The club now plans to build a total of two buildings, one is the gun club building and the other is the entertainment building.The planned floors of the two buildings are both fifteen floors, symmetrical from left to right, a bit like the American Twin Towers.Half a year so long Li Guohao was taken aback.

all over the world will be scrapped And now, the oil countries in cbd gummies what to know the Middle East provide almost half of the world s crude oil This is not a matter of living without half of the oil.But 100 can t survive Once the Middle East stops transporting oil, some countries without oil producing areas will immediately lose their national strength for several years, or even ten years.This is no joke, almost all heavy industry in modern times is completely dependent on oil.But Ni Xingqing didn t know one thing.That is the comparison of oil to gold in the future, which is a vocabulary born from the oil crisis at this time Oil was not very expensive in the past, but with the unscrupulous development and the dwindling global oil production, the price of crude oil once soared to be comparable to gold.For some time in the future, the price of oil has surpassed that of gold.Many times, the names are repeated.It is possible that the student has the same name as the teacher, and the husband may have the same name as the father.If she was a Westerner, Linda would think nothing of it, but after she married Bruce Lee, she also studied Chinese culture for a long time, and she are cbd gummies good for back pain cbd gummies what to know knew that this was not very polite behavior.It s okay, kid.Besides, my name is indeed Li Guohao.If it was before, Li Guohao might still feel a little awkward, but after a long time, in his opinion, cbd gummies what to know the name is just a code name.Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, has many people cbd gummies for asthma with the same name as HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know him, and Jack Ma is even more so.That s right.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he thought of Bruce Lee, and asked again Where is Brother Xiaolong Linda said apologetically.I don t care.Li Sheng come with me to the lounge for a while, there are a lot of people outside.Oldboss, are you sure it s today Ni Xingqing asked worriedly.From 9.30 in the morning to now, Li Guohao has been in no mood to eat except for a little something in the morning.He himself was also very nervous.He had to know that 200 million Hong Kong dollars was not a small amount of money.If there was no news of war in the Middle East today, it would not be a total loss, but at least tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars would be lost.Wait The stock HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know market will definitely fall before the market closes today Li Guohao could only grit his teeth and resist.If he quit at this time, the loss would be tens of millions.Li Guohao has already confirmed that a war will break out in the Middle East today.As for when it will break out and when it will spread to the United States, it depends on God s will If there is news before the market closes today, I am afraid that I will lose more today The longer it is delayed, the more unfavorable it will be for Li Guohao The New York Times, USA.That s right, the stock market is like this, often because of one thing, it leads to more unknown situations.People think that this is just because the Middle East countries are forced to do nothing by Israel and the United States, so they want to use the rise in crude oil prices to contain the opponent s attack.And with Israel s continued victories, the price of crude oil will still drop, but this is just the beginning of everything.On October 15th, six countries including Iran announced unilateral oil price hikes.At the same time, the U.S.stock market and oil related industries fell by six points year on year.After Li Guohao got the news, he finally retreated his heart that was already standing on the edge of the cliff.He knew that he had finally waited for the news of the oil embargo in the Middle East countries.Like Li Guohao s current worth and status, a favor is definitely better than a price cut Much more expensive.Zheng Jiachun glanced at Li Guohao without a trace, feeling in his heart, thinking that when he first saw Li Guohao, he was just an ignorant young man who had just started his own business.Now it has grown a lot.That s fine, I ll let the people under me negotiate as soon as possible.I didn t insist.Zheng Jiachun knew it in his heart.From the conversation, he could feel the confidence in Li Guohao s words.If he bought it with all the money, it would cost at least tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars., indeed.Soon a group of people came to Bao Daheng s villa.As one of the top tycoons in Xiangjiang, Bao Daheng has a network almost all over Xiangjiang.He even has many friends in some regions and countries with developed maritime transportation such as the Gulf Islands.Boss, the reporter from the newspaper office is here Chen Sheng knocked on the wide open door and said.Here Let him come in directly.After a while, a well dressed reporter came in with a briefcase under his arms.Chairman The reporter yelled as soon as he entered the door.That s right, this reporter is exactly the reporter of Daily Daily , Qin Feng.Well, sit down.After the commander Qin Feng sat down, Li Guohao said Don t treat me as the boss today.Just treat me as someone who accepts your interview, don t be restrained, and ask the questions you have prepared , I will try my best to answer all your questions.In order to promote the instant noodles and the newspaper, Li Guohao was going to formally accept a reporter s interview.After the acquisition of Nansun last year, in order to expand my reputation and publicize the strength of the group, I wanted to find a reporter from Ming Pao to interview me.

Chapter 333 Ten Outstanding Youths MacLehose The first one to give a speech, and the second one was Chairman Liang.He was also the guest of Li Guohao s impromptu arrangement to give HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know a speech.Apart from the other party s status in the business world, he was also the oldest among the group of guests.Maybe it was a temporary speech on stage, without any draft, Chairman Liang didn t say much, except congratulations on the opening of Li Guohao s food industrial park, that is to say, the manufacturer s association will strongly support Li Guohao s group in the future.The third place It was handed over to the fourth uncle Li Zhaoji.After all, the other party was the main contributor to the construction of the industrial park, and built three factories and office building canteens in such a short period of time, which can be regarded as saving Li Guohao a lot of money.It will be a mess and no one can guarantee the interests.Upon hearing this, Li Guohao pondered carefully, He really doesn t understand Thailand s politics.If he was in the mainland, he would have no worries at all.But he is in Thailand at this time, and there is no guarantee that there will be no troubles in the future.After thinking about it, he feels that as long as he invests normally, it shouldn t be a big deal.Question, Li Guohao cbd gummies in pennsylvania best cbd gummies no sugar said It shouldn t be a big problem We are from Xiangjiang, and we are covered by British guys.Thailand should not dare to do anything to us.As long as the signed contract is legal, we will take it wherever we go If you really dare to do something wrong, I d like to see how the Thai government will introduce investment in the future If you can buy it, I m afraid it will cost a lot Chen Xuewen said.I saw dozens of people standing in Ulala at the entrance of the village.Looking at the posture of each of them with their general belly upright and their hands behind their backs, you can already guess who is coming without asking.It is obvious that they are leaders.The leader of this gang of officials asked Chen Xuewen a few words when he saw Li Guohao approaching, and when he heard that it was the big boss from Xiangjiang, he quickly stepped forward and held his hand and chattered a lot in Thai.Chairman, this is Madam, the chairman of the Investment Promotion Department of Roi Et Mansion.He just said that Boss Li is very welcome to invest in Roi Et Manor.He has been looking forward to meeting you three months ago Chen Xuewen was helping with the translation.After listening, Li Guohao nodded with a smile and said Hello, President Maddam, I am also very happy to meet you When the two of them said HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know a word, they had to wait for Chen Xuewen s translation, so they just stood there and chatted dryly for a while.And we are also cooperating with agents in the Gulf Islands and other places, and we plan to produce instant noodles for them next month.Now the sales of Guohao instant noodles produced by the food company have far exceeded There are doll noodles and Nissin s Demae Ichicho.The main can pregnant women take cbd gummies reason is that Li Guohao made the seasoning package.Except for technical reasons, there is no vegetable package, and the seasoning package and sauce package have already been produced and put in instant noodles.The price is only 20 cents more expensive than Nissin s Demae Yicho and Yongnan s Doll Noodles , which is one yuan and two packs.Adding a large ham sausage is one yuan and five, which also facilitates the problem of change.Is instant noodles selling so well When preparing to leave for Thailand on the 15th day of the first lunar month, Guohao instant noodles shipped more than 100,000 packs that day.Brother in law, red envelope Seeing Li Guohao walking in, A Zhen stretched out her hand to stop him.A Dong gives a red envelope After saying something to Zhang Dong, Li Guohao bypassed the crowd around the door and came to the bedside.Looking at Zhao Yazhi who was wearing a red hijab, he was very excited.The two generations finally got married.When he lifted his hijab earlier, Mother Zhao stopped him and said, Ah Hao can t take off his hijab now, you can only do it after you get to the hotel.If a wedding is held according to the traditional wedding customs, the hijab can only be lifted when entering the bridal chamber.But now it can be regarded as advancing with the times, as long as the bride is picked up at home, it can be lifted.Originally, Ah Zhen and several cousins The cousins have some tricks to play tricks on Li Guohao, but I don t know if Li Guohao s aura is too strong, or maybe because of the other party s current status, he is a bit restrained.Two people come down.Run Run Shaw The person who saw clearly was Sixth Uncle Run Run Shaw.Li Guohao quickly stepped forward to greet him, and said with a smile Sixth Uncle didn t expect you to come to my wedding in person.I thought it was the people from below who followed me.Just kidding Sixth Uncle Shao chuckled, As long as Li Sheng doesn t blame me for coming uninvited.What did Uncle Six say, I was afraid that Uncle Six would be busy.It s a bit busy, isn t it Did you just get off work The two exchanged a few sentences hypocritically.Sixth Uncle won t stay at the door any longer, please come inside.Li Guohao smiled and shouted to Zhang Dong A Dong will lead the way for Sixth Uncle.Oh.Zhang Dong nodded slightly, leading Run Run Shaw to follow Fang Yihua walked to the hotel.Looking at Sixth Shao Shao and Fang Yihua who left, Li Guohao touched his chin slowly.

With generous bonuses, it will definitely attract many people to participate in the fighting competition.At that time, professional coaches and The analytics team believes it should be able to be assembled.Chapter 451 The Empress Arrives at this time.The scene of the red gymnasium is brightly lit, and countless dazzling lights are shining at this moment Twenty thousand spectators from all over the world took out the signs or banners they had prepared to support their own country or their favorite players.At the same time, the studios that have already been prepared for TV stations from various countries in the stadium also start at this moment.This is the scene of the opening ceremony of the World Mixed Martial Arts Championship.I am the host Sally.I believe that everyone can clearly see the crowds surging outside through the glass window behind me.The Queen and the Queen have nothing to mention, after all, they are the kings of a country He has long been famous all over the world, and the governor of Hong Kong, MacLehose, has no gimmicks.Bruce Lee had been hyped by the media when Enter the Dragon came out the year before last, and he is not messing with his previous experience at the moment.On the contrary, it is nothing The famous Li Guohao showed his face in front of people all over cbd gummies what to know cbd hybrid gummies the world the next day.Bruce Lee, the Queen and his wife, and the governor of Hong Kong Hong Kong, these four people are not popular, green hornet gummy 100mg cbd but Li Guohao is different, he himself is a super rich man in Hong Kong, This world sensational fighting competition was held again.Whether it is from his personal entrepreneurial experience or from this competition, it is very topical.Hearing this, Guan Yunfei s expression improved a little.Li Guohao continued What I just said is just a suggestion.Since Uncle Guan is not willing, I will not force it.In fact, I planned to lend the money for the renovation to you, Uncle Guan.If you insist on converting it into shares, Master Guan Uncle, you see that I have returned this book and made extra money in the past few years, so I should return the shares to you.Guan Yunfei s face changed, and he said seriously How can this work The stocks you invest in are still stocks, and you earn money.Money is the dividend you should have, how can cbd gummies what to know I get back the money and earn some money, I will return the shares, don t are cbd gummies good for back pain cbd gummies what to know you make it difficult for me to explain in front of the master One yard is one yard.Back then I Grandpa and I wanted to lend the money to you, uncle, and it s not like you don t know about it, and I m not short of money, so you should take back the shares of uncle Guan.This is also one of his usual routines and abilities.Disadvantages Mr.Hu said it s okay.Li Guohao waved his hand.As far as I know, Guohao Group currently has several subsidiaries, namely Guohao Nanshun, Guohao Food, Guohao Security, Guohao Real Estate, Guohao Dairy, Palace Pastry, and Panda Comics Co., Ltd., Daily Newspaper, Jiajiale Chicken Essence, Red Bull Company, Snow cbd gummies queen creek az Skin Mooncake Company, Chinese herbal herbal tea the other side.Cheung Kong Industrial Building.In gummies with resveratrol cbd Li Chaoren s office.Ma Zhengkanghui, the real estate general manager of Cheung Kong Industries, reported Chairman, the plastic factory in Tianshuiwei, New Territories has been completed.When you see it, do you want to go there in person and participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony Oh It s cbd gummies what to know cbd hybrid gummies already built Li Superman nodded slightly, and pressed the internal phone.Li Guohao recalled that when he got off the car, there was a dense crowd, and he thought that all the residents of the town should be called for this acquisition conference.Zheng Jiachun nodded and said, Yes, I m already arranging people to register.There are a total of 12,312 households in the town.Because it is divided into batches, there will be more than 6,000 people present this time.I just went to the front to have a look.Almost six thousand people.Well, it seems that everyone is very concerned about the acquisition Li Guohao smiled, and the second generation of demolition existed in that era.Suddenly thinking of Li Chaoren, Li Guohao asked Then Li Jiacheng didn t come to make trouble As soon as Li Chaoren was mentioned, Zheng Jiachun smiled Who said there is no I heard from the people below that tomorrow Cheung Kong Industrial will follow us to set up a The takeover meeting, I guess why he didn t fight with us, but held it a day later, I m afraid he just wanted to see what my takeover plan is like, so that he can come up with a corresponding method.Although it is just a small movie, the props and some explosion scenes in it are all carefully crafted by Xu Guanwen, costing more than two million Hong Kong dollars.This is at this time The Xiangjiang is almost an astronomical figure, you know, the current annual box office record of the movie is only more than 7 million Hong Kong dollars.Chapter 595 invites an investment cost of 2 million Hong Kong dollars, in order to recover the cost in Xiangjiang, the box office cbd gummies what to know must break through 600 More than ten thousand Hong Kong dollars, otherwise it will be a loss Others Li Guohao may not be at ease, but as long as it is a movie diamond cbd relax gummies syntethic made by Xu Guanwen, the box office is still guaranteed.This is the same as Zhou Xingxing in the later generations.Someone bought it.Miss Lin s acting skills are very good, she urbul cbd gummies perfectly portrays the cbd gummies what to know image of a strong woman Li Guohao looked at Miss Lin, who was a bit weak, and had to admire her acting skills.

Chapter 651 The price of the product is determined by supply and demand Chen Shao and director Zhang were both taken aback at the same time.Try this Chen Shao picked up the bag of popping candy on the table, and glanced at the powdery unknown object inside.It s a new kind of candy developed by the laboratory building, you have a taste.Li Guohao didn t say the taste and magic of the popping candy, but looked at the two with interest, each of them poured a little from the bag and put it in his palm.Chen Shao heard that it was the candy developed by the laboratory building, and swallowed it.He swallowed and asked, Is it really edible Factory Manager Zhang also nodded in approval.He felt uncomfortable when he heard the word laboratory building.He always felt that the things developed there were weird and weird.I don t know much about the profit relationship, so I m not as good as a professional.I believe what Di Yimin said just now.Later generations of Coke sold 2.5.Later, the price was raised to 3 yuan, which lasted for more than ten years, and the price was almost never changed.This is not to say that Coke is conscience, but because Coke has reduced the sugar content a lot, which can be regarded as reducing the cost in disguise.In addition, beverage itself is a huge profit industry, with more sales, profits will naturally come up.While Li Guohao was thinking deeply, the phone rang suddenly.Li Guohao picked it up casually and asked, Hello, who Mr.Li, I m Liang Weilin.President Liang When Li Guohao heard that it was President cbd gummies what to know Liang of the Xinhua Branch, he couldn t help but asked in surprise, President Liang wants to ask me for something But it s okay to say.But in the guest house, Mr.Li, you can rest assured.Director Zhang patted his chest to ensure the safety of the guest house.Then there will be Director Zhang. As for the responsibility, Mr.Li is serious.Director Zhang has also entertained many foreign guests, but this is the first time he has seen such a rigorous lineup of bodyguards.Then the two walked to the office of the guest house.In the office, Director Zhang looked at Li Guohao s handwritten paper and the content on it, and said, Mr.Li, that s all the content.That s all.Li Guohao thought for a while, and there was nothing to add.Then I ll arrange for someone to send this telegram to Xiangjiang.Okay, thank you, Director Zhang.It s not in the way, you re too polite, Mr.Li.After some courtesies, Li Guohao saw Director Zhang was calling his contact person and sending a telegram, so he said goodbye in advance and left.Zhao Yazhi smiled cbd gummies what to know at Li Guobang and Wu Xiaohua with a smile on her face.Li Renzhong noticed this and also shouted Ah Zhi, come quickly, let me introduce you to Grandpa and Grandpa.Immediately, Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi s hand and walked over.Grandpa and the others saw Zhao Yazhi with a big belly, and they all congratulated Li Renzhong for becoming Grandpa Zeng again, which made Li Renzhong laugh out loud and overjoyed.Chapter 697 Thirty years later, Bao A County must have more rooms than Li s Villa in Xiangjiang.Even one room is more than enough for one person.With the help of Mother Li, Aunt Huang, and Aunt Zhang who just came back, a room was prepared for everyone.The meal that was supposed to be eaten in the morning was forgotten until noon because of the arrival of the crowd.In the afternoon, several old people were a little tired because of the boat and car ride, so they went upstairs to rest early.It can be said that in the acquisition of Wharf, Bao Daheng not only spent cbd gummies what to know a lot of money, but also mobilized all his connections in Hong Kong over the past few decades.The affection left behind cannot be measured by money.Suddenly, when Li Guohao continued to read the newspaper news in his hand, he only heard the roar of a car horn coming from outside.When he was wondering who was coming, he heard a hearty laugh and came first.Sitting in the living room, Li Guohao couldn t help chuckling, he didn t expect it to be him.Ahao, have you been so happy these days Not only have you won Hutchison Whampoa, but you have gained another son Zheng Jiachun and Huo Zhenting hurried in with their family members and saw Li Guohao sitting That is also walking over what does eating a cbd gummy feel like while talking.Hearing the name Li Zeshu, the old man kept talking about it.If HCMUSSH cbd gummies what to know Sun Hung Kai had not received capital injection from foreign capital, with the backing of Guohao Securities Group, coupled with the gimmick of Li Guohao, a business genius, it would be 100 able to attract shareholders and even some people who need financial business.But helplessly, since Sun Hung Kai climbed up to the French Tanita Bank, it can be said that it has been proud of the spring breeze.It has not only developed its financial and stock trading business to France, the United Kingdom and other European countries, but also cooperated with Tanita Bank to open in Xiangjiang.Established a subsidiary company specializing in cbd gummies what to know investing in foreign companies, providing a channel for Xiangjiang citizens to invest in foreign stocks.He is angry, but Li Guohao is still relatively calm.Although Guohao Zheng is developing well now, it is still too short compared to the development of Sun Hung Kai in the past five or six years.

Another bank.Li cbd gummies what to know Guohao is currently planning with Ni Xingqing and others cbd gummy affect time to apply for a bank license and the subsequent establishment of a bank, so the word bank Extra alert.That s not the point.Qi Boheng knew that the group was going to open a bank, and he didn t come here specifically to talk about it, but continued The Land Administration Department paid the Murray Road parking lot for one billion It was sold to the Bank of China.This price is quite different from a transaction on Wellington Street in the same area at the same price at the end of last month.The transaction amount is quite different Li Guohao has been busy setting up a bank recently However, he is not very clear about the current real estate situation in Xiangjiang.Chapter 771 Guohao Bank At the end of last month, Weicheng Real Estate Company sold a land on Wellington Street that is about the same size as the Murray Road parking lot to Zhicheng Real Estate Company at a price of 1.During this time, you should take a break first, recharge your batteries, and I will come to you later.Li Guohao said while thinking about the tragic decline of Xiangjiang Real Estate after the Sino British negotiations at the end of this year, he couldn t help but Squint your eyes slightly.He didn t follow the trend of real estate speculation before, just to acquire a good reputation by buying Xiangjiang real estate at the end of this year.Now that time is running out, it is natural to hurry up and arrange manpower and funds.You know, Li Guohao has always been thinking about the 23 storey Golden Gate Building in Tsim Sha Tsui.Bank s headquarters.Chapter 776 The Falklands War and the U.S.Real Estate Bubble Time hastened, and it came to early July.In the office, Li Guohao sat in front of the TV with Di Yimin, Qi Baiheng, Ni Xingqing and the other three, watching Phoenix International News Channel.On the contrary, Qi Boheng asked with some uncertainty Chairman, are you sure that Xiangjiang s real estate will collapse Xiangjiang s real estate will collapse because of the Sino British talks on the return of Xiangjiang.So I called you three to come over, just thinking about how to make sure that the group will not be affected by this real estate collapse, and at the same time gain something Chapter 777 Iron Maiden Wrestling The three of them cbd gummies what to know pondered, and Di Yimin took the lead to say If it is true, as you said, Boss, that Xiangjiang Real Estate will collapse, then the bank will be the first to be affected the most.Many people buy houses , or real estate developers buy land and build buildings, most of them borrow money from banks.Once the real estate bubble bursts, those borrowers what are starpowa cbd gummies used for cbd gummies kids may not be able to repay the high mortgages.Huo Zhenting hesitated Ah Hao, this cbd gummies what to know is too big, I want 200mg cbd gummy to go back and discuss it with my father.No hurry, now is not a good time to buy the bottom.Brother Huo and Brother Zheng, you can go back and discuss with Uncle Zheng and Uncle Huo first, and this matter is not something that the three of us can accomplish.I am still going to drag uncle And He Gambler and others.Next month, I will hold a banquet, and I hope you will be there on time.Chapter 780 Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Since the official negotiations between China and Britain on September 24 ended with Margaret Thatcher s wrestling, when the British delegation left Kyoto, the stock market and real estate in Hong Kong fell rapidly.The point of the collapse, apart from those real estate tycoons who have suffered heavy losses, the worst are some ordinary citizens and retail investors who have invested in buying and dosage of cbd gummies for anxiety speculating real estate in the past two years.Grandpa, why didn t you go to the restaurant Li Renzhong said with a smile biogold cbd gummies cost There s not much business in the store recently, Guohui alone is enough, and it s rare for me to be idle.Thinking of the collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate at this time, The wealth of many cbd gummies what to know wealthy people in the past has shrunk severely.It is reasonable that the business of mid to high end restaurants like Fumanlou has deteriorated.Li Guohao nodded and said Brother Guohui didn t go back to celebrate the New Year this year Li Renzhong how long do cbd gummies stay in your body shook his head No, isn t this arguing for a war The back bay is closed to traffic.If you want to think about it, you have to go to Shekou.port, or fly there. No passage Li Guohao frowned and asked, Why is it prohibited It s not the fault of the maritime police.Li Renzhong said helplessly, People who sneaked into Hong Kong recently There are more and more people, after the implementation of the on base policy, there will be more people coming from there.Li Guohao s words had a lot of meaning, and before Huo Daheng and Zheng Daheng could ask questions, the Chartered Ship King and He Gambler rushed in through the door.The charter king smiled apologetically and said, cbd gummies what to know cbd hybrid gummies Sorry, I m a step late.The company is a bit busy.Came here in a hurry from Macau.It s okay.After Li Guohao greeted the two of them to sit down, he said directly This time I called you over.I think I made it clear on the phone earlier.The bottom hunting plan will officially start at the end of this month.There are a few.I prepared the money very early.Zheng Daheng said with a smile This time I pointed at Li Sheng and you got rich.He Gambler frowned and said, Isn t it too early to buy the bottom You should know that the British foreign minister seems to be going to the mainland to start the fifth round of negotiations at the end of this month.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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