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Pooh.She opened her mouth to spit at him, but all she spit out was blood.Fuck him.She tried her best to say the last three words, but Cui Wei could not hear clearly.In a daze, Zhou Rujun vaguely returned to her childhood, she was sitting on a swing, her dress dangling in the air, looking up at the gorgeous wisteria flowers.A gust of wind blew the purple petals into the air, and she seemed to fly out of the high courtyard wall along with the petals and into the bright world Dingning Hou Mansion.Cui Wei knelt at Mrs.Cui Tai s feet.Get up quickly, Mrs.Cui said, I don t what are pure cbd gummies blame you, and you don t need to kneel because of her.Cui Wei didn t get up The matter is urgent, there is still the second prince and the rest of the party in the prison, I can t delay too much.It s been a long time, and that person has already put her Okay, Mrs.Mrs.Lin Tai once said I feel familiar with this child as soon as we meet, but it s a pity that my cbd oil gummies fo rsleep family doesn t have such a good looking girl.I don t know if Mrs.Lin is satisfied The Cui family was busy all morning.After Fourth Master Cui was called away, Mrs.Fourth Cui s heart was in her throat.She sat on the edge of the bed and stared blankly at the little daughter on the bed until dawn.Come to report Mrs.Lin will go to the city today.Mrs.Dingning Hou returned to the clan, but Mrs.Cui had no preparations before, so Mrs.Cui had to let go of her worries and get busy with the women in the clan.At the end of the hour, Mrs.Lin s carriage stopped at the gate of Cui s old house, and Fourth Mrs.Cui immediately stepped forward to greet her.Mrs.Tai, please slow down, Mrs.Cui Si stepped forward to help, why didn t someone let you know in advance Mrs.Mother, don t use words to run me down, Cui Zhen said indifferently, If the Cui family really wants to make trouble, it s not mother It can be suppressed in one or two sentences, my son is busy outside and doesn t want to make any mistakes in the house, let me know who will use such things to disturb the peace of the family, I will definitely not show mercy.Mrs.Lin Tai s face was ashen, and there was a buzzing in her ears.After Cui Zhen said this, his attitude softened a little and he bowed to Mrs.Lin Tai Mother, don t listen to the people around you who are fanning the flames.The son also knows that the mother is worried about the son s heirs.Mother can rest assured that the son will take care of this matter by himself.Next year We must add a child to the Cui family, so that mother can enjoy the family relationship., Who did you kill, and who held the knife in your hand If you don t know these things, the Cui family will be like those honorable nobles in the future, and they will be charged with a felony overnight.Cui Wei was taken aback and swallowed.Cai said Then let s not send troops.If there is some movement in the border, it is said that the soldiers and horses have been tripped.Cui Zhen said Therefore, it is an unforgivable crime to cause chaos in Taiyuan Mansion.Only when the whole matter is clarified can the Cui family be kept in an cornbread cbd gummies reviews invincible position just like five years ago.Cui Wei finally understood the power of it Since the eldest brother has already thought of it, we just need to be careful.Who else in Taiyuan Mansion has more vision than the elder brother Even if the Wei family comes, we may not necessarily lose.Sure enough, many boats were parked on the lake, and some people were busy lighting the red lanterns hanging on the boats.I ll listen to my orders later, I shouldn t have said anything A Jin said and stopped here, I almost forgot that you are a mute, the dumb is the best, Aunt Chen is also thoughtful.A Jin fell into thought with her face down In the middle, she staggered in a daze, and threw her body forward.Thanks to a pair of hands holding her, she looked up and saw that it was the doctor.Thank you.Ah Jin said.Gu Mingzhu took out a sachet from her arms and stuffed it into Ah Jin s hand, signaling for her to put it away.Ah Jin put it on the tip of her nose and smelled the faint scent of medicine.Gu Mingzhu pointed her finger.When she met Ah Jin for the first time, Ah Jin suffered from arguing and headaches.Ziyuan pinched the handkerchief and looked outside the door, with a sneering look on her face, she seemed to mutter to herself for a while Seven years have passed in a blink of an eye, Yan Lang, I m finally coming to look for you, don t despise me After Zi Yuan finished speaking, she remembered that the doctor was still in the room You go, this is not a good place.Gu Mingzhu reached out her hand to persuade Zi Yuan to let her stay, she guessed that Zi Yuan was worried about Ah Jin, and would Ask her to take care of Ah Jin, but before she expresses her intentions, a servant replies The steward will tell you, no one is allowed to leave the ship except the guests.In front of Ziyuan The kitchen ordered it to be delivered, girl, take it slowly.No one is allowed to leave the ship Gu Mingzhu frowned and thought about it.It looked similar, everyone on the boat saw him with Zi Yuan, as long as they didn t take off the bamboo hat on their heads, they wouldn t be exposed.Moreover, he thinks that this doctor woman is competent, dares to go on the boat alone to search for information, and has such skills that changing her face is faster than turning the pages of a book.If she can t pretend to be a fake, probably no one can do it.Although this doctor woman has a lot of scheming schemes, she has roughly the same purpose as him in this matter, and it is best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville easier to get things done with her than that quail like purple kite.Gu Mingzhu nodded reluctantly and walked towards the inner room.You wait first.Wei Yuanchen walked into the inner room first, and walked out cbd gummies nashville after a while, apparently having searched Zi Yuan s things.What the doctor woman wanted to do, he would not say even if he asked the doctor woman.Why don t she pretend to be Ziyuan and follow him, if the doctor really wants to investigate the case, she will cooperate with him honestly, if cbd gummies nashville kushy cbd gummy she has other thoughts, he will be able to detect it immediately.At least now the doctor woman did not show any other behavior.Wei Yuanchen looked at Nie Chen, and saw the medical woman huddled behind Nie Chen, obviously trusting Nie Chen very much, Nie Chen untied his belt, took off the outer gown and handed cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews it to the medical woman behind him, who nodded to him.Nod in thanks.The doctor s body was already drenched, and this shirt could protect her from the cold wind, but Nie Chen sincerely protected the doctor.Nie Chen said Don t worry, mother in law, I will make it clear to Mr.

Ding How many people were caught Ten people were caught, escaped.One or two, Mr.Ding said, these people are very fierce, many of my nurses were injured.Ten people Cui Zhenxuan glanced at the nursing home of Ding s family, each of best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville them looked a bit tired.It seemed that the ten bandits were very skillful, not only made Ding s nursing home reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies cbd gummies on airplanes helpless, but also alarmed the guards.Let s go and see if there is any danger.Feng Anping followed Mr.Ding and walked ahead.He also worked hard for these bandits, and finally he was able to see the true colors of those people.There are Ding family guards guarding outside the wing room.These Ding family guards were somewhat injured, but they were not seriously injured.Feng Anping pushed open the door, glanced at him, his eyes froze immediately, and then slowly stared like copper.Mr.Jiang immediately looked at Ziyuan, hoping to use Ziyuan as a threat.People in the market cannot ignore the lives of innocent people.The person guarding Ziyuan also saw the situation.He just wanted to draw the sharp knife from his waist but it was too late, and he was buried.He hit the neck with a wave and fell to the ground.Nie Chen said Catch them and escort them to the Yamen to receive the reward.Lord Wei told 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies them to keep an eye on Mr.Jiang and the others.It will take a lot of work to catch them, but fortunately, everyone in the market is good at catching them, so they must win this round Wei Yuanchen rode wildly all the way, Chu Jiu did not dare to relax and followed closely.I don t know why, but with the help of Nie Chen and others, the third master s trip to Taiyuan Mansion is busier than ever.Wei Yuanchen said The prefect Han said it was poisonous The magistrate said it himself, but the doctor on the Zhuangzi cbd gummies nashville did not diagnose it, but he could only goug out the flesh around the arrow wound according to the magistrate s wishes.A faint cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews smile floated on Wei Yuanchen s face, I am afraid that the magistrate Han is in his heart There are cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews ghosts If the poison has been quenched, why write It s hard to quell the hatred in my heart on the note, it should be revenge for the great hatred.So that person left this note to help him find evidence and help him solve the case If this is the case, this Pearl Thief has a meticulous mind that cannot be underestimated.Wei Yuanchen returned the jade hairpin in his hand to cbd gummies nashville Feng Anping.When he was on the boat that day, he had doubts about the prefect of Han.In the middle of the ninth day of the ninth day, he followed up out of breath.Third Master, what are you looking for The third master is very good at riding.After he ordered the hidden guards to chase all the way, his little heart was about to run out.Wangshan ran to death.The third master is the mountain in front of him, and his horse s leg is about to break.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and stood under the mottled shadow of the tree, looking into the room.The Pearl Thief probably didn t know who the person who attacked him back then was, otherwise such a knight errant, who always enjoys revenge, would have taken revenge long ago.So the seven years of staying still is waiting for an opportunity to solve the case With the help of this best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville case in Taiyuan Prefecture, the events of seven years ago have finally cbd gummies nashville snowmen trees cbd gummies been clarified, so the Pearl Thief HCMUSSH cbd gummies nashville attacked the prefect of Han in secret.Before, he was just suspicious of Miss Gu, but now he can be sure that she is just pretending to be stupid.The Pearl Thief How does an honorable daughter know how to use mandala flowers and sleeve arrows with guns, and does she have other skills besides this The Pearl Thief case can be investigated, but who did you learn these skills from The first time she saw her in Jinta HCMUSSH cbd gummies nashville Temple, she accidentally tripped over a rope and fell into his arms, her hand seemed to touch do cbd gummies make you fail a drug test his waist.He had an imperial envoy s letter hanging around his waist, was she trying to find out his identity on purpose Wei Yuanchen s face darkened.He didn t understand until now.Thinking about how she hugged his leg so tightly that day, what kind of bad idea was in her heart at that time If he didn t shake her off, would she Taking the opportunity to come and touch If it hadn t been concluded that the Pearl Thief was dead, he would have been played around.The fourth grass rabbit jumped out.This time Master Wei seemed to use a little more strength.The rabbit went under the stone table.She needed to grab the rabbit to hold it in her hand.It s a good time.Gu Mingzhu reached out to pick up the rabbit, her center of gravity shifted, and her figure was a little unstable.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes slightly, watching the slender figure turn towards him, he forced himself not to cbd infused gummies drug test dodge, just waiting for her to reach out her hand.The little hand stretched out, but stopped at his waist, gently grabbed the grass rabbit, and then left calmly.Miss Gu didn t touch him.Wei Yuanchen twirled his fingers lightly, and the dog s tail grass trembled.The girl held the grass rabbit, raised her eyebrows, and let out a burst of cheerful laughter.The innocent appearance made people smile.Mrs.Lin ordered someone to vacate the guest room, and Chu Jiu helped Wei Yuanchen lie on the bed.Mrs.Lin said What should I do Why don t I ask someone to hire a doctor.Chu Jiu thought of Mr.Sun, was about to speak, but saw Wei Yuanchen best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville on the bed opened his eyes and shook his head.Chujiu understood Wei Yuanchen s meaning, turned around and told Mrs.Lin My third master is just tired, so there is no need to invite the doctor.Madam cbd grapefruit gummies let him rest 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies here, and he will be fine soon.He will leave, if he walks by force now, he will have to carry the third master back, the weak appearance of the third master will definitely be seen by others, fearing that someone will take advantage of it.Mrs.Lin was a little worried.The appearance of Mr.Wei was not caused by fatigue.If HCMUSSH cbd gummies nashville something went wrong, she couldn t bear it, but Mr.

Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, who immediately stepped forward and said, Ma am, what happened to Mr.Wei Could it be that he was injured on Zhuangzi Even if they don t trust the people we invite, they will bring people themselves, and they don t ask for wound medicine, they just ask for warm water and towels After saying this, Mrs.Lin thought carefully I m in Beijing.When I was in middle school, I heard that Wei Sanye fell ill in the prison, and the famous doctors in Beijing said it was a strange disease, and now it seems that it may be related to this.Baotong said in a low voice Isn t the Wei family a foreign relative Why Mr.Wei has been in jail It s not the case seven years ago, Mrs.Lin realized that she had talked too much, she looked up at Baotong, Don t ask what you shouldn t ask.Baotong Hitomi had to withdraw his head.Lin just thought of this, Gu Sheng stepped forward and told The ingredients in smilz cbd gummies doctor is here.Zhao Gongren s eyes lit up and he said immediately My lord, my child was accidentally injured by a horse, please let me go and take care of him.Wei Yuanchen Without speaking, Zhao Gongren saluted again, and slowly stepped back, walking through the courtyard, Zhao Gongren heaved a long sigh of relief, Mr.Wei is more terrifying than the rumors said, I m afraid life will be difficult if he is staring at him.Zhao Gongren is extremely regretful, if she knew this would happen, she would never come to Gu s house at this time, I hope she didn t show any flaws just now, otherwise if people find out, all previous efforts will be wasted.Mrs.Zhao Gong left, Madam Lin said in a low voice Lord Wei, rest for a while.Wei Yuanchen stood up and said, No need, I will visit Madam again some other day.Chu Jiu suddenly felt that he was also a little insecure.Could it be that one day he would guard Miss Gu s room every day Gu Mingzhu watched Baotong administer the medicine to her.It s okay, I just got scratched and scratched, and there is no scar vermont cbd gummies reviews reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies cbd gummies on airplanes left.Baotong pouted I said that the cripple and Nie Chen are unreliable, how could such a thing happen if I was around.Gu Mingzhu didn t care about this injury, but until the scratches healed, she had to hide her hands well and not show them in front of others.Waiting for Gu Mingzhu to lie down, Baotong ordered another incense pill, the young lady went out all night, and asked her to sleep for a while.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes, but she was thinking about the eight spring lock in her mind.This eight spring lock was the same as what Yan Tanhua encountered back then, so did it come from the same person Thinking like this, Gu Mingzhu slowly fell asleep.That s right, there was no eldest son under the father and mother in the past, probably the father did not.I have thought about those things, Gu Mingzhu said, I have to think about it carefully in the future.In the past, apart from dementia, Gu Mingzhu also suffered from blood deficiency.When she was sick, she also cured , and her mother was pregnant again.She secretly checked her mother s pulse.According to the pulse, the baby in the mother s stomach should be a younger brother.Now that the political situation in the imperial court is unstable, it is not an option for my father to continue like this.He still has to make some secret plans.Even if he wants to be a farmer, he must have the ability to protect himself.Although she can t find a few generals like Wei Yuanchen for her younger brother, she can still cultivate some of her own staff as long as she puts some thought into it.Chapter 129 Mishanded Gu cbd gummies nashville Mingzhu thought she was going to take a solid fall, but before she recovered, she fell into Mr.Wei s arms unharmed.Just as she was thinking about how to say thank you, Mr.Wei hugged her But the arms around her waist stopped, and her whole body tilted slightly to her side.Gu Mingzhu raised her cbd gummies nashville head, just in time to meet Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Under the moonlight, his face was not very clear, but his eyes were exceptionally clear.Compared with the past, he seemed to be less deep and indifferent.He stared at her fixedly, as if he could see her true nature through the gauze.Allow.She hadn t recovered from the panic just now, but now that she was being watched like this again, her heartbeat, which was already a little faster, rang in her ears like a drum beating.Master Wei, what happened Did she reveal some flaws that he discovered When she fell, the fence didn t fall off, and her face was completely covered.Lin said What are you going to do next In this case, Mrs.Zhang should come to Taiyuan Mansion.What s the use of her coming, Cui Zhen said indifferently, It s nothing more than crying and making trouble.Thinking of him pretending to be his father just now, his mother s soft words and those in the mansion He was even more bored when women followed suit.Brother Zhen, you don t have to worry about the Lin family, Mrs.Lin said, Don t talk about the Shanxi mutiny, it cbd gummies nashville s just about your father, the Lin family will not stand by Lin Sizhen, I will write a letter and send it back In Shaanxi, the elders .

can cbd gummies help with knee pain?

of the clan will preside over the overall situation.As for the mutiny in Shanxi twelve years ago, if any of the Lin family s children were involved, let the clan chief take them down together.She believed that with her father in the clan, the clan would not Make too much trouble.The Bandit cbd gummies nashville kidnapped his mother and asked him to exchange it with one hundred thousand taels of silver.If the bandits come to snatch them, he can also blackmail the bandits.If he takes them by force, he will destroy the bank notes.When the time comes, they will get nothing Cheng Yi opened his mouth to speak again, but someone grabbed his throat.As long as the man exerted his strength, his throat would be crushed immediately.Cheng Yi was stunned, his shoulder was grabbed, his whole body was lifted, the door next to him was opened, and he was dragged into the room.Everything happened in an instant.These people are like ghosts that lock people s lives.Their quick strikes make it impossible to fight.His cronies who guarded the yard should have been killed, right Cheng Yi regretted it, not because he was going to die, but because he didn t do the whole thing well.

It flapped its wings to stabilize its body, and then rushed towards the yard with its big buttocks swaying.Gu Mingzhu saw the Wu Hei Chicken who seemed to be fleeing for his life, and immediately ran forward cheerfully, hugging Wu Hei Chicken in her arms, and then she looked towards where Wu Hei Chicken came from.How could it be such a coincidence that the chicken got out all of a sudden and ran very fast.Miss, Baotong came over panting, Youyou found Xiaobai.Baotong looked at the five black chickens with resentment on his face I ran out just after dawn, causing my lady to search everywhere, but luckily ran back to Master Wei.Miss, please put this chicken down, this chicken It was originally raised by Mr.Wei Gu Mingzhu was obviously very unwilling, and ran out with the chicken in his arms.Chu Jiu coughed and said, I need to trouble Miss Gu and Miss Baotong to take care of this chicken.I heard that you can go two, Lu Guang continued, I ll go three at that time, right As soon as Nie Chen climbed up the tower and was about to interrupt to talk to Lu Guang, he saw a figure standing in the darkness not far away.That seems to be Junior Sister Jiang.Chapter 171 Revenge Nie Chen watched Junior Sister Jiang walking down the tower, and Nie Chen quickly took a few steps to catch up.Junior Sister.Nie Chen called out to Jiang Shimei who was in front of her.The figure stopped cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews and turned its head.It was getting dark, and Junior Sister Jiang s face was hidden in the darkness, making it difficult to see clearly.However, Nie Chen felt that cbd gummies nashville Junior Sister Jiang was a little different today.As for why he didn t think clearly for a while, Junior Sister didn t seem to be wearing a fence, and she was still wearing a woman s dress.I will lead people to surround the rebel army.We must injure them severely.Zhao s eyes were red, and tears swirled inside, but she refused to fall firmly, she swallowed subconsciously, and swallowed all the bitter water into her stomach.It s been twelve years, Cheng Yi said, I can finally do something for the soldiers who died in the country in a fair and honest way.No need to be sneaky, just plan in surreptitiously, every time you do those things, He felt humiliated and his grandfather and those soldiers.Now he finally doesn t have to worry about these things anymore, and he doesn t have to report to the court.He can lead soldiers and horses to fight the rebels.After Cheng Yi finished speaking, he knelt down politely and bowed to Mrs.Zhao.After getting up, he didn t say will cbd gummies help with nausea anything, turned his head and strode away.Feng Anping thought carefully, there is still a chance, when Mr.Wei comes back from the war, he will bribe Chu Jiu again After eating dry food for so long, everything will taste delicious, right But this time he had to think carefully about what he should get from Chu Jiu.The village gradually became quiet, with only the guards patrolling back and forth in the village.Peng Liang carefully checked the surroundings, and when he looked at the courtyard where Mrs.Zhao was temporarily staying, he stared blankly for a while.After Peng Liang left, Gu Mingzhu and Baotong continued to walk forward.Baotong said in a low voice Miss, do you think this Peng Liang likes Mrs Zhao What do you know I can see clearly.The master and servant held the lamps and bit their ears.Gu Mingzhu didn t refute Baotong again.Liu Su knew everything, but refused to tell him.If this cbd gummies nashville is the case, then don t blame him can you take cbd gummies on an airline for secretly retaliating.When Liu Su came out of the room, he suddenly smelled a bad smell, he frowned and sniffed.The smell seemed to come cbd gummy effect from him, but he was clearly wearing fresh clean clothes Lin Sizhen s soldiers and horses arrived at the Ningwu Institute as soon as they saw it.Has anyone come from Ningwu Institute Lin Sizhen asked, at this time, the people he left at Ningwu Institute should come to meet him.No, said the lieutenant next to him, the scouts who went to scout the way didn t come back either.Has the situation changed Lin Sizhen frowned.Chapter 177 Begging for mercy The military camp of the Ningwu Institute is not far away, and there is no one guarding the camp outside, reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies cbd gummies on airplanes can cbd gummies help with erectile dysfunction as if it has been abandoned.Cui Zhen looked around.After the cavalry surrounded the forest, even if Lin Sizhen could leave here, he would have to pay a heavy price.Cui Zhen, A voice came from the woods again, How does cbd gummies nashville my uncle treat you Didn t you receive my care when you were in the army cbd gummies nashville Cui Zhen s face was stern When uncle killed my father, did you think about how much favor he received from my father There was silence in the woods for a moment, then Lin Sizhen said If I hadn t killed your father, you might not be able to get the title safely.Old General Zhao and others ended up the same as you.Do you think Zheng Bian alone can handle such a big case Lin Sizhen laughed twice If I hadn t thought about your mother and son, and I was caught by you, I wouldn t be where I am today.If my uncle hadn t stopped my father, he wouldn t be able to take over from Zheng Bian and work for your master in northern Xinjiang, right Cui Zhen said as he led people closer to Lin Zi.Wei Yuanchen said sternly The situation of the Wei family does not depend on a family relationship.If even cbd gummies nashville marriage is used to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, it is no different from those who use unscrupulous means to gain power.For the Wei family, whether the in laws are civil servants or generals It s all the same, even the nobles with heavy soldiers in their hands, there is nothing wrong with it.Wei Yuanchen s eyes flickered unnaturally when he said this Blindly retreating, self folding wings can t get you trust, it s better to make people jealous.If you dare to do anything at will, you can t do anything about the grievances in the court, if you want to protect your family, you can only make yourself more capable, Miss Jiang thinks what I said is right Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes, just in time to meet Master Wei s deep pool, as if He was asking her for an answer.

Wei Yuanchen said flatly, No need.Anyway, hot water is readily available.Liu Su boiled a lot of water, not to mention washing hands, it was enough for bathing.Get out.Wei Yuanchen frowned, with a bit of authority in his voice.Chu Jiu s heart trembled, she didn t dare to say anything more, turned around and walked out of the study.Standing in the yard, Chu Jiu kept patting his chest.The third master s temper became tko cbd gummies 500mg more and more weird, and he would lose his temper for no reason, and he didn t do anything wrong.Who is that lady who just came Mu Qiu, who had been in the corner, suddenly stepped forward and asked Chu Jiu in a low voice.The third master and that lady had talked for a long time in the room, which had never happened before.The various unusual behaviors of my grandfather should also have 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies something to do with that young lady.If you really tie him up, you will really miss him.She knew before she married that this man put him on the battlefield In the future, he will definitely make great achievements, nothing can hold him back, even his mother can t do it, but she still wants to give it a try, what if her wish comes true Ma am, you are really kind to Lord Hou and Mrs.Tai, said the mother in charge, I don t know when Master Hou will understand.Of course you will understand when you should understand, Mrs.Zhang said, I will continue to do well , Until he sees it clearly, this day will definitely come in his lifetime.Gu Mingzhu slept a little restlessly, and had many strange dreams, but when she opened her eyes, she forgot what those dreams were about.Sitting up from the bed, Baotong immediately stepped forward to serve Master Hou went to the Yamen early, Madam went to the garden, and told us not to call Miss, she will wake up naturally when she has slept enough.It was Qiao Song who arrested Yan Tanhua.When the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice was distributing the medicine, Qiao Song happened to be dispatched to the Fujian Cleaning Department.Otherwise, with Qiao Song s means, she might not live for so many days.Now Qiao Song lives in the prosper cbd gummies left servant of the Ministry of Punishment.Her father uncovered the war horse case.She was afraid that Qiao Song would come.Fortunately, the emperor intended to use the Wei family to suppress the East Palace and ordered Wei Yuanchen to go to Taiyuan Mansion.But people who should be met will always be met.She is not afraid of Qiao Song, but she will not be arrogant and negligent because of it.If she wants to act under Qiao Song s nose, she must be more cautious and smarter than him.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she heard a familiar voice from outside Master, I ll bring you some water.Looking at all this, the Crown Princess could not help but tremble, since she was carried into the East Palace, she has been living in fear, thinking that it would be nice if she cbd gummies nashville could live in peace, but something happened to the East Palace , this side has not been dealt with properly, His Royal Highness hurt the third prince again, and made a fuss in front of the emperor, I m afraid it will be reprimanded, what should I do Let someone send a letter to the imperial concubine The crown princess ordered the steward, This is definitely unstoppable.Instead of letting the empress hear the news from others, we should report it first.The crown princess suddenly Some understand the Wei family.Back then when Empress Wei lost power, the Wei family s prominence was like the sky falling down.Now it s their turn, maybe they are not as good as the Wei family and Queen Wei.What s more, since she got up in the morning, she saw that Mu Qiu sent several clothes in for the third master to choose.It was the first time for the third master to invite someone in so solemnly.As a slave, she naturally had to do something for the cbd gummy bears banned in texas master After eating breakfast, Gu Mingzhu was pressed on the cbd gummies nashville brocade stick by her mother.She combed two buns carefully, and there were two nets hanging from the buns.She put some powder on her face.Her mother was about to help her paint her eyebrows, so she immediately looked for her.I made an excuse to go to the garden to find Yuanxiao.The Wei family is a foreign relative, and her mother was afraid that her naturally sculpted face would lose courtesy in front of the Wei family.Noble girls all pay attention to using rouge and gouache.Gu Mingzhu cbd gummies nashville can t dress up, in order not to be easily recognized by others in the future, the less conspicuous this face is, the better.After the incident happened five years ago, Brother Chen began to help the family with the burden.She knew what Brother cbd gummy calories Chen was thinking.Brother Chen wanted to protect the Wei family from wind and rain like Cong Sheng.In a fit of anger, he will seek justice for the Wei family in the future.She didn t stop Brother Chen from doing what he wanted to do.No matter what the result was, cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews it was the path he chose and he was going to fight.What hurt her was that Brother Chen became too calm and self possessed.It s too harsh, it shouldn t be so at such a young age.Her elder brother Chen, her grandson, was such a considerate child in the past.He was the first to know who had trouble in the family.Even her old son, who got into trouble and was beaten, had to wait Let Chen brother go to deliver meals to him, now that Chen brother has become like this, her grandmother is anxious but has no way to change.Mrs.Lin agreed Say Let s celebrate Mrs.Tai s birthday on the first day of next month.Mrs.Li looked at Gu Mingzhu When Zhuzhu is free, she comes and walks around.I don t know what happened.I feel happy when I see this child.Gu Mingzhu immediately saluted Mrs.Li.Mrs.Zhang ordered people to deliver the return gifts for the Gu family s daughters to the carriage, and just after moving the things, she saw Lu s mother walking over with a food box.This is a snack for Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou and Miss.Mrs.Zhang was about to order someone to deliver the snacks to the car, when Lu s mother said, Send it out, slave girl.If there is anything else that slave maid needs to do, slave maid will do it together.Ms.Zhang shook her head There is nothing else.Mother Lu saluted Mrs.Zhang again Your maidservant has passed.

Lin was in a daze when she thought of Mr.Wei s life saving grace.What s the matter Mrs.Lin was caught off guard by Gu Chongyi s voice, and shivered in fright.Gu Chongyi s face changed drastically, and he immediately stepped forward to comfort him It s all my fault, I shouldn t have spoken suddenly, I thought you saw me enter the door.Mrs.Lin immediately breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that it was Gu Chongyi It s okay, it s okay, I was thinking too much Fascinated Gu Chongyi s eyes fell on the small cage again Is everything going well in the Wei family today Are these things sent by the Wei cbd gummies nashville family Mrs.Lin nodded Yes, Mrs.Li likes beads very much.I gave all these gadgets to Zhuzhu.These are not gadgets, Gu Chongyi stepped forward and picked up a wooden bird to look at, although there are shops selling these items outside, but none of them are made of them.How can that be done, Gu Chongyi saw that the woods in front of him were just right and hidden enough, I don t want others to know.Then It s better to hit the sun every other day, Gu Chongyi turned He glanced at the mustache again, Just now, Master Wei Er, give me some advice, while it s still early in the morning, do it before the court tomorrow.Is it still early in the morning It s not quite dark yet Second Master Wei was a little taken cbd gummies nashville aback, is this true Gu Chongyi said What Second master Wei won t agree The Wei family is 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies full of elites, so let s start with the little beard and see what the little beard knows.Pulling people to the grove at night, Second Master Wei vaguely felt that this was not a good thing, he has always been very smart, otherwise why would he be called Wei Congzhi.However, the second master Wei thought so, but the horse moved forward uncontrollably.Mrs.Zhang is weak but still alive.Your calculation Not even for a moment.Zhou Ruyue watched in astonishment as Zhou Ruzhang was about to speak, only to hear the old lady Zhou s voice from outside I ve been imprisoned for so many days, and you haven t repented at all.If you continue like this, you will be sent back to the family.Zhou Ruzhang s complexion changed, Immediately stood up and bowed to Mrs.Zhou.The old lady Zhou glanced at the Yangchun noodles on the table, and said coldly Third girl, who asked you to bring food here You don t care about what I say now.Zhou Ruyue immediately said It s cold, and it s cold here again.It s cold, so I have to warm up my second sister. You think about her, but she hates you, the old lady Zhou looked at Zhou Ruzhang, Second girl, you went to Taiyuan Mansion with your mother to pay homage to Rujun, In fact, you want to see Cui cbd gummies nashville Zhen, right You said that the third girl wants to marry into HCMUSSH cbd gummies nashville the Cui family, but I think you are the one who smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews really wants best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville to be Cui Zhen s successor.It was pitch dark in the room.I didn t know what happened, so I didn t open my mouth to shout, but she was standing so close., must have seen it clearly, sheshe watched Madam die.Hearing this, Mr.Cheng pushed open the door, and his eyes fell on Yuan er What nonsense are you talking about As soon as Mr.Cheng finished speaking, Hui Xiang who was on the ground turned towards Mr.Cheng as if he had grasped a life saving straw.The master climbed up Master, help, Yuan er I wronged my servant and killed my cbd clinic gummies wife.Chapter 255 Suffering reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies cbd gummies on airplanes Master Cheng flashed to the side, and Huixiang immediately rushed to nothing.Hui Xiang didn t give up, and reached out cbd gummies nashville her hand to grab Mr.Cheng s robe private label cbd gummies Master, this servant is the most trusted person of the madam, and she is the son of the Yuan family.How could she harm the madam The loyalty of the slave to the madam is the master.Wei Yuanchen s expression was natural I heard that Dr.Zhang is recruiting students this year.He didn t just look for them among the children of third rank officials.After a while, he will probably take a test of scriptures.If Uncle Gu is interested, he will do more homework.Gu Ziyan heard this.Surprised by the news, a layer of joy gradually formed between his brows and eyes.He bowed to Wei Yuanchen and said, Thank you, Mr.Wei, for letting me know.Qiu Wei has more chances of winning.Seeing Gu Ziyan s cheerful footsteps when he left, Wei Yuanchen turned his head and looked at the Shoushan Stone behind him.There was a figure hidden in it.He took two steps back without leaving a trace, and looked at Chu Jiu next to him Hui best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville the five cbd gummies Xiang How s the investigation going Chu Jiu said Hui Xiang s parents are gone, she has a younger brother who left the capital to go back to his hometown in Qingzhou Prefecture.After working for a long time, both the case and Qiao Song were more useful than him.How dare she compare him with Yuan Xiao She is the only one in this world, there are flower cakes for Lantern Festival, does he have them Finished the errand, the 9th day heaved a sigh of relief, looked down at him, and found HCMUSSH cbd gummies nashville that his legs were still in control, he was a little worried, even the private seal of the third master would choose a tree to live in, he was afraid that his legs would betray him one day With conscience, he ran to Miss Gu s side as a guard.What should he do then In the ninth day of the ninth day, he pulled cbd gummies nashville out his waist nervously, and took out a soybean wrapped in sweet fruit, which made a click sound.This was given to him by Miss Gu, and it tasted very delicious.Something flew and hit his hand, and the purse in his hand disappeared immediately.But drunk Gu Mingzhu was thinking, her eyes lifted up, from misty to clear, the tiredness immediately disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.But his hand was still on her shoulder, and his palm was hot as if it was on fire.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said, Are you drunk Do you want to go back and rest first She often goes out at night, and every time she sees Wei Yuanchen, he is busy, and she has time to catch up on sleep during the day Well, Mr.Wei still has to go to the Yamen on weekdays, so it will cbd gummies katie definitely be too much for him day after good earth natural foods mill valley cbd gummies day.Gu Mingzhu looked around, Chu Jiu was not there, so leaning on her was not an option, but Master Wei didn t intend to retract his arms.In the tranquility of the night, it seems that only the heartbeat of each other can be heard, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies nashville the strange atmosphere lingers around.

My lord Gu Mingzhu moved closer and called in a low voice.My lord A voice came to his ears, Wei Yuanchen struggled to raise his eyes, but what he saw was a veiled hat and a long gauze.Seeing Master Wei s eyes raised again, Gu Mingzhu continued My lord, I will help you up.A hand stretched out and supported his arm.The slender hand fell on him, and suddenly changed back to that year, the girl cleaned the wound on his body.Be patient.The boiled and cooled light salt water washed his wound, the pain penetrated deep into his flesh and blood, he tried his best not to make a sound.It will be fine soon.She comforted him gently.Get up, my lord, I ll be fine soon.Seeing Wei Yuanchen standing up, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but heaved a sigh of relief.Fortunately, Master Wei can still walk.My lord, do you still remember where the horse was placed Gu Mingzhu raised her head and asked.Gu Mingzhu felt her head loosen, the small crown that fixed the bun was taken off, and her hair immediately slipped from the top of her head.Wei Yuanchen looked at the person in front of him, her long hair was fluttering, she raised her head, her face became more and more clear, and cbd gummies nashville finally cbd gummies nashville completely overlapped with the person in his memory.That s very good.His voice was low, and when he uttered the last word, he was even a little hoarse, as if he was whispering or sighing, then he bent down, his eyes were deep, and his figure continued to approach her.Getting closer, without any intention of stopping, Gu Mingzhu s hand was already on his chest.Gu Mingzhu was a little flustered.Master WeiMaster Wei No matter how she yelled, he didn t notice it, and his eyes were fixed on her.The strange breath came down, and Gu Mingzhu remembered the silver needle that was stuck in Wei Yuanchen s hand just now, and didn t know if the needle was still there.The wind blew, and a few fallen leaves fell on top of her head, like the petals that fell on her dress that year, how could she tolerate such a lack.Thinking like this, Wei Yuanchen wanted to wave his sleeves to help her like that year, but for some reason everything in front of him gradually blurred, turning into a few unreal shadows, dangling there, he had no choice but to Do not get close to see clearly.Getting closer and closer, his fingers were about to touch the fallen leaves, but his arm was suddenly grabbed and pulled off, and then there was a trace of pain in his fingers, just like the cool water, which made him regain some clarity, and he wrinkled Brow was about to figure out the situation when he saw the person in front of him suddenly get shorter.Wei Yuanchen subconsciously stretched out his hand to help, but the slender shadow was extremely strong at this time.She always thought it was a coincidence, maybe it wasn t.Does Master Wei know everything, not only does he know that she is Zhou Rujun, but also Master Wei knows cbd gummies nashville Zhou Rujun s preferences like the back of his hand.There was a person who took care of me in prison and saved my life.Unfortunately, she also passed away unjustly.Every time the old disease relapses, I will think of her.If there are other cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews knots in my heart, how can I solve them Cui Zhen once said I was ordered to dispatch troops in the suburbs of Beijing.I happened to meet Wei Sanye.Wei Sanye ended up competing with Cui Wei in the school field.At that time, Wei Sanye had just killed Cui Wei s guards.I was afraid that Cui Wei would With resentment in my heart, my strikes were not serious, and I paid special attention to the situation on the field.The stewards and servants of the Huaiyuanhou s mansion had already followed behind the girl.Seeing Gu Mingzhu s disappearing back, Gu Mingwan was overjoyed, the idiot had just left, and she could go up to talk to the third prince and concubine instead of the idiot.Chapter 277 Damn her Miss Gu has always been free spirited, even Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife can only coax her, no one here can control her.Mrs.Zhang looked at HCMUSSH cbd gummies nashville the housekeeper of the Gu family who left in a hurry, and smiled and explained to Mrs.Gu Zhu Zhu will inevitably be a bit playful when she comes to the Taoist temple for the first time, so don t worry.The third concubine gave Mrs.Zhang a meaningful look Well, Mrs.Zhang really took extra care of Zhuzhu.It seems that the rumors heard by her family steward were correct.The Cui family and the Gu family wanted to get married.The mother in charge had expected this to happen a long time ago, and stepped forward to persuade Mr.Gong, you just took the medicine, take a rest Bai Gongren seemed to have not heard, and grabbed the people around him Hurry up and help me As soon as I give it a shot, my leg is healed, and I want to take a walk.You can see that my leg can move.The mother in charge looked over, and the two legs were still placed stiffly between the beds.Bai Gongren s expression became agitated, and his cheeks became best cbd gummy sleep aid flushed because of it I said I will get better, cbd gummies nashville I will be fine after taking the medicine.Bai Gongren moved his legs off the bed with strength from nowhere, and then panicked The ground is about to get up.Mr.Gong, the mother in charge supported Bai Gongren, You are not good enough now There was a slap before the words were finished, and the mother in charge was slapped firmly on the face, Bai Gongren s eyes widened I knew a long time ago that you guys can t see me well.MoMo Zhenren Bai Gongren tremblingly said, Youwhat are you going to do Mo Zhenren raised his reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies cbd gummies on airplanes hand to let Bai Gongren see clearly Can t a good man see it Bai Gongren s face became even uglier, and she wanted to speak to beg for mercy, but her throat seemed to be choked, and she looked out in a panic.Mo Zhenren said Don t look at it, the servants outside have fainted, and it will take at least an hour to wake up.The quiet room where good people live is secluded, and no best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville one will come to visit in the middle of the night.Mo Zhenren s voice is gloomy The two of us are left to settle the previous account.Having said that, Mo Zhenren s eyes fell on Bai Gongren s legs pressed against his stomach The Taoist also treats diseases for good people and cuts off both legs.Get down, and the good man won t be in pain anymore.

The family inquired about the news, but Shi Yushi s family is monolithic, maybe someone took advantage of the loophole and got to know Yuan Zhixing.The emperor knew that Qiao Song would not say these words for nothing.Qiao Song said I went to check several shops in Yuan s hands, one shop was opened fourteen years ago, there are cbd gummies nashville two shopkeepers in that shop, one is Yuan s family, the other is Cheng s family, look at the time It was after Old General Zhao returned to Beijing after a defeat.Moreover, Yuan Shi gave birth to the eldest son eight months after marrying into the Cheng family.Full term babies are generally the same.The Cheng family and the Yuan family have been in contact for a long time, and the Yuan cbd gummies nashville family may have participated in the killing of the Zhao family back then, so Yuan Zhixing was afraid when the Zhao family returned to Beijing, and was eager to kill.Empress Wei was about to take out the net, but she was pressed by a little hand just as she pulled out half of it Wrong Your Majesty You typed the net wrong.Empress Wei took out the net and put it on her lap Look, no difference was found.Gu Mingzhu saw that the top of the net was flat, but the back was a mess, and Fang Sheng on the net was crooked.Ma am, Gu Mingzhu said, Do you want to take the net apart and have a look, and learn how to do it, but you can t make it back Gu Mingzhu said and glanced at the palace next to her.People, the palace people look like weeping but have no tears.I often do this too.Empress Wei heard the girl say this.And then Queen Wei asked.Miss Gu said Your servant can open it and remake it It s as good as ever.Gu Mingzhu said.Empress Wei became curious, and put the The Yulouchun brought by the Compassionate Ning Palace was placed on the long table in the inner hall by the palace people.Empress Wei s abnormal behavior will inevitably cause chaos in the harem.If, as Master Mo said, Empress Wei falls from a height, it will be even more serious.What reason would make Wei What does the queen look like The carriage stopped in front of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, and Mrs.Lin waited at the Chuihua Gate.When she saw Gu Mingzhu, she immediately stepped forward to greet her I finally came back Is everything going well Gu Mingzhu nodded happily, and Baotong said beside her Both the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager cbd gummies nashville have rewards, and both empresses like the Eldest Miss very much.Mrs.Lin was quite surprised when she heard this.Hasn t he been grounded in Kunning Palace all the time How did Zhuzhu meet Queen Wei Master healed the waist injury of the empress, so I went to the empress s palace, Gu Mingzhu said, I talked with the empress and made contact.The concubine was seriously ill, and Madam invited the old imperial doctor Chai to come for treatment.The old imperial doctor I just left, and I will come back tomorrow.As soon as Bi Tao finished speaking, the mother in charge came to urge Miss, have you changed your clothes yet The sweet scented osmanthus balls will not taste good when they get cold.Baotong helped Gu Mingzhu tidy up her dress , Gu Mingzhu looked at the net on the couch, this net was made by Empress Wei and her together, do you want to give it to Master Wei Chapter 310 Lost Appointment Gu Mingzhu thought for a while and put this string into her purse.She should keep it at home as a gift from the empress, but if Mrs.Wei insisted on taking it away, she would have to find a way to prevaricate it.After all was dressed, Gu Mingzhu took Baotong to the main room, trotted all the way through the door, and immediately saw the aunt of the Lin clan and a three or four year old child.Didn t he take advantage of the emperor s intention to check and balance the imperial concubine s power Can see through the situation and dare to let go of the game This kind of courage is very human.But even so Qiao Song didn t feel that Wei Yuanchen was very dangerous, because Wei Yuanchen s experience five years ago still left traces on Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen was like a person standing in the dark, completely dark.With a little hope, even if the Wei family can tide over the difficulties under his management, Wei Yuanchen will not be able to go far.But now it is different, Wei Yuanchen seems to be the same as before on the surface, but he lacks that oppressive indifference, sitting here standing still, everything around him seems to become small against stop smoking cbd gummies uk him.It seems that everything is under control and will not leave any chance for others.Many insightful people in Dazhou came and went from his mansion.How good is this palace as a teacher So quickly I just can t sit still, and I m an idiot after all.In the main hall, there were palace people adding charcoal to the warming cage, Concubine Jiang threw the sunspot into the charcoal fire with a flick of her finger.The chess pieces splashed a string of flames.Concubine Jiang said indifferently Tell the Elder Master to keep an eye on them.We must not let them get away this time.Let him remember not to show up until the critical moment.With the Wei family rushing forward, this made the father and son divorced It is best for the Wei family to handle the punishment of King Huai In the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the emperor flipped through the booklet in his hand.The booklet was full of sutras The emperor glanced at a few pages and shook his head I m old Did I like these when I was young I really don t understand it now.Mrs.Dong was a little surprised Brother Geng left the city Haven t you come back yet The steward said No.Mrs.Dong murmured Brother Geng didn t say what to do Brother Geng was alone in the capital, with neither uncle nor sister in law around.This child would usually let us know when he did things.What s wrong this time Mrs.Dong As she spoke, she looked at Tan Dingfang, and saw Tan Dingfang s solemn expression, as if something important had happened, Mrs.Dong was startled, but she didn t think about it at all, so she could only call out Master, don t scare me, this Tan Ding calmed down slightly It s getting late, and I ll send someone to find Brother Geng tomorrow.I hope nothing happens.Mrs.Dong knew that the master had something hidden in her heart and didn t say anything, but she didn t want to ask more questions.

She was stupid.Well, she didn t understand what the master said.Madam Dong said Master, Brother Geng really did something wrong, right Get up to wash, eat, and prepare to go out early to wait for Mo Yangming cbd gummies nashville at the gate of Yizhuang.She didn t tell Master Mo yesterday that she would also go to perform errands for Aunt Zhen together, she said in advance that the master might not agree, after all, there are many corpses parked in the Yizhuang, which is not suitable for her to enter or leave.She went directly to Yizhuang by car, but the master couldn t drive her out.Mrs.Lin only thought that Zhuzhu was going to Shangqing to reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies meet Mo Zhenzhen, she did not stop her.Ever since Zhuzhu became a teacher, she was full of energy and often clamored to go out to talk to Mo Zhenren.She used to sleep in the mansion for half a day The situation is much less.In addition, it is also very important to reload the gunpowder quickly.A chan made something that can quickly clean the barrel In short, only by knowing the firearms well can they bring out their power.Without A chan teaching me this, How can I defend the city I m afraid he s already dead.So now I have been promoting firearms in Dazhou, training the soldiers who specialize in firearms, and I want to do well what A chan has not done.The room fell into silence for a while.Gu Chongyi looked at Tan Dingfang.There were many complicated emotions in Tan Dingfang s eyes, which kept surging like a sea of clouds.It took a long time best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville for Tan Dingfang to come back to his senses Let me explain this to you, you How to think about it If there is something wrong with Old General Zhao in this battle in northern Xinjiang, what do you think is the problem Gu Chongyi said It s artillery.She knows that Bai Guanzheng loves her, so she used extreme means to persuade Bai Guanzheng to turn back.Chen Weicheng seemed to be very sorry cbd gummies nashville when he said this I have never seen such a woman who acted so decisively and did not give us any chance to best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville save us.She asked Bai Guanzheng if he wanted to know who the innocent people in front of him and the soldiers who lost their lives were.What pain She suffered as a child on behalf of her father, and first apologized to those people on behalf of Bai Guanzheng, and then she swung a knife and killed herself, just like you saw, cutting her own neck.Chen Weicheng was saying something extremely cruel However, his smile never changed, as if recalling Miss Bai s death, he was very excited.Seeing Chen Weicheng s expression, Tan Dingfang gradually lost his mind, and began to tighten his hands continuously.As soon as Gu Chongyi stepped out of the mansion, he bumped into someone head on, it was the distraught Second Master Wei.Master Wei Er had cbd gummies for anxiety while pregnant a bitter face, like an abandoned cat or dog, huddled in a corner and begging for food.Gu Chongyi couldn t help frowning and asked, What are you doing Second Master Wei s expression was tense and pitiful Have you heard They used firearms against my Brother Chen.Gu Chongyi froze What How is Third Master Wei Blown up, Second Master Wei s eyes were red, he sniffed, as if he was about to cry at any moment, What a dark heart they are, my brother Chen is only twenty one years old, justjust The Second Master Wei threw his arms around Gu Chongyi s shoulder.Gu Chongyi s mind was blank, and an ominous premonition hovered in his heart.He was about to comfort the second master Wei, but suddenly he smelled a smell of flat food from the second master Wei.Gu Chongyi looked at Wei Yuanchen Have you thought about it Wei Yuanchen said We still need to look for real evidence.Gu Chongyi nodded again and again.From ancient times to the present, there have been many internal and external troubles.This kind of thing cannot be avoided, but it depends on whether the overall situation can be controlled, and the court should not be messed up.It really got out of hand , who can come forward to turn the tide The emperor Or the queen mother or Queen Wei.Gu Chongyi thought about it but didn t say a word, but he looked at Wei Yuanchen with more trust and expectation.This bloody storm has started, do you have the ability to take Da Zhou out Empress Wei was imprisoned in the palace, and the Wei family was suppressed everywhere, but in the end they had to rely on them.Wang Jing said Second Lord Wei has been with Lord Hou since he became an official., The time I stayed in Beijing was a bit longer.Speaking of this, Wang Jing raised her head Master Hou suspected that the second master had a different heart at that time Cui Zhen was not sure, maybe Cui Wei had other plans earlier, but was just waiting for an opportunity.Cui Wei stayed by his side because he also wanted to find out the situation of Datong and Beijiang Garrison.It can be seen from Cui Wei s affair with the deputy general that Cui Wei had long planned to take over Datong instead of him.Lin Sizhen puts eyeliner in Yulin Wei an, and Cui Wei can cooperate cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews with Lin Sizhen if he wins Datong.If the Northeast line is added, the whole northern Xinjiang will be obtained.Losing the real Yulin Guard of Lin Temple, if they want to plot northern Xinjiang, they need to seize Daning and best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville Yongping Mansions.Yongping Mansion is only 550 miles west of the capital.A map of northern Xinjiang emerged in Cui Zhen s mind, so the exposure of King Huai s ambition to fight for the throne this time is to eradicate the scourge for Da Zhou, and at the same time, does it make Da Zhou fall into a more dangerous situation It is speculated that the next person to take over the defense of the Northeast is the most suspicious.Wei Yuanchen was convalescing at home, and was investigating the case in private.Standing in the dark and watching the changes, it was easier to see the overall situation clearly.After how much are cbd gummies near me all, those people have been arranging for at least ten years 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies since the case of Old General sugar hi cbd gummies Zhao.It is conceivable that the foundation is deep, but now they can t uproot it.Cui Zhen closed his eyes slightly, which was the same as him secretly letting go to check Cui Wei, to see what they were going to best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville do.

Master Fang Er confessed that the idea of killing the Lu family was the elder brother s idea, and that the Lu family in Daxing Zhuangzi had been disposed of before Fang s family arrived in the capital.If Master Fang Er said the truth, those who worked for the Shen family secretly betrayed the Shen family.The eldest brother would not lie to him, otherwise he would not let him find a way to find out the eyeliner planted in Shen s house.Nie Chen went on to say Another thing, you once found Ying Tianfu to cbd gummies nashville judge Yan Shen to investigate the case, why didn t you let it go Yan Shen was seriously injured for this, and you didn t care about it until Yan Shen was sentenced for murder.Cut.Did you abandon Yan Shen Master Shen Er s heart skipped a beat, the people in the market really knew about this past, were they questioning him and the Shen family on Yan Shen s behalf Sure enough, the mistakes made can never be erased.Even if Mr.Zheng is not afraid of offending Shangfeng, he is willing to speak for us, but who will listen to Mr.Zheng What After Shen finished speaking, she began to cry softly Second Uncle and Eldest Brother went the wrong way, I m afraid there is no way to save them, I just dreamed that they died.Don t cry.Eldest Master Zhang said Sighing for a long time, he couldn t find the right words to comfort Shen Shi.Shen said I just want to keep my second brother and Shen s innocent people.Grandpa Zhang said while patting Shen s back Let me think about it There must be a way.After so many years in the court, it is not possible to just wait to die like this, father in law is the chief assistant of the two dynasties.Shen sat there blankly, as if frozen, and managed to recover I I remember my father once said that no matter how high he climbed, he would inevitably die well.Zhang heard the movement and took Qing girl and Mrs.Jiang to Mrs.Zhang s yard.Mrs.Jiang was happy She confessed to Mrs.Zhang about the process of setting the blame, but Mrs.Zhang forbade them to speak out, because Aunt Sun was about to give birth, and the heirs of Lord Hou were the most important, and the child was innocent, and they had to wait until the child fell to the ground before punishing the biological mother, so they made excuses does the vitamin shoppe sell cbd gummies Lock Mama Jiang in the yard, and let girl Qing go back to serve Aunt Sun.Zou Lin said with a long sigh Who knew that Aunt Sun gave birth early that night, and the baby was still angry when she was born, but It will be gone in a few hours.No matter how calm Cui Zhen was, he couldn t help but look dark at this moment, he thought of the children he had died in infancy, Aunt Zhao committed suicide, and Aunt Sun s child was not kept.Add an extra warm cage, the charcoal in the warm cage was selected by my mother in charge.And what clothes to wear and what to eat tomorrow morning, there are still new shoes just made for Lord Hou in the cabinet , Master Hou will always find out that I am good, sister in law, cbd gummies nashville are you right Mrs.Zhang tightened her fingers more and more, until she saw Shen nodding her head, she was relieved.Shen said It must be like this.Mrs.Zhang wanted to show off her face slightly, but now her actions 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies were uglier than crying I also feel the same way.He knows that I will not intentionally harm others, I am just afraid I know that Mama Zhang is for me, if Mama Zhang is handed over, I will have nothing.One son and a half daughter, the second master seldom talks to me when he returns home.I am afraid that I will be thrown to the ancestral house in Taiyuan like the Zhou family.In addition to inviting the imperial doctor and the stable woman to serve the wife, our grand lady also invited a little Fangmai master to take care of the uncle.Although the little Fangmai master was old, his apprentice had already He is well known in Beijing, if not, the slaves and servants bring the stewards of the house to invite people here, which can be regarded as some preparations.Gu Chongyi was overjoyed Then I will trouble my mother to help.The mother in charge of the Wei family said no.Dare, took Mama Yang and walked out quickly.The two of them had just left when the cbd gummies nashville doctor who had been checking Mrs.Lin s pulse also arrived.Gu Chongyi said Quickly, come and see what s going on here Mrs.Lin saw that Lord Hou lost his position, and softly comforted him Don t worry, Lord Hou, my baby and I will be fine.He has been exposed to the wind and sun all year round, the skin on his face is rough, and there are deep wrinkles on his forehead.His face looks much older than his actual age.What are you thinking about The old woman stepped forward and said, If you can t let it go, go to them.No, the old man sneered, There is no good person.Really The old woman said, Sure enough If that s the case, you won t be calling Yan Can s name all the time in your dreams.The old man s face turned colder, he was calling Yan Can s name, that s because some folks came from the capital, and he felt that They are very similar to Yan Shen.It seemed to make him feel that Yan Shen had come to life.Chapter 427 Asking for Money The old woman poured a bowl of hot water for the old man, who was enveloped in steaming heat.The old man naturally 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies knew that Yan Shen was dead.Become a cold palace.It took a long time for the internal officials to leave with people and things, and then closed the palace gate, leaving only a small door for food delivery.Empress Wei raised her eyes and let out a long sigh of relief Okay, it s quiet now.will be monitored at all times.As soon as the female officer finished speaking, several servants walked into the palace and stood in the yard one by one, ready to keep an eye on the queen s every move.Empress Wei smiled and said softly We should thank Shengen.The female officer was a little surprised.Empress Wei said There are so many people watching my every move.If someone wants to frame me, it may not be easy.If someone wants to kill me, these eyes are also personal evidence.She didn t dare to come again, didn t she want to thank the emperor What s more, without the emperor, she would not be where she is today.

On the surface It seems that Mrs.Zhang did not lie.Gu Chongyi thought for a moment, then raised his eyes and looked at Cui Zhen What did the Zhang family say Cui Zhen said The Zhang family wanted to take Mrs.Zhang back to her natal family, but Mrs.Zhang refused.Chapter 432 Scary Cui Zhen s spirit is still there Not bad, not dragged down by the chaos in the inner house, his eyes are still clear, and his whole person still looks calm.Gu Chongyi shouldn t have asked about Cui Zhen s inner house, he was so concerned only because the Zhang family was involved in the case, so as to avoid any mistakes in the middle.Cui Zhendao My mother in law was cbd gummies nashville very angry and wanted to take Mrs.Zhang back, but my uncle calmly asked me how to solve this matter, and told me Mrs.Zhang has always been submissive.I m afraid best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville he did such a thing because When I had a miscarriage, I was depressed and worried about my own situation, so let me see that Zhang is pregnant and let Zhang be spared this time, and the whole Zhang family will be grateful.To put it bluntly, it was an excuse made by those people.They wanted to protect the Zhang family and Qiu Hai from the capital.Gu Chongyi took the official document and checked it carefully before saying I will go with you as soon as I put on my official uniform.Gu Chongyi changed his clothes and rode to the yamen., Some people took advantage of the chaos to do evil.Fortunately, Shuntian Mansion had prepared in advance, and had arrested many criminals in Beijing before, otherwise the situation would be more serious than it is now.Before reaching the Yamen, the East Market was full of flames, and there was another burst of noise.The steward stepped forward and said Master Hou, Madam No problem, Gu Chongyi said, there are enough people left.And there is cbd gummies nashville also Zhuzhu to help.Before the incident happened, Zhuzhu found him and proposed to go to Beijing.After Concubine Jiang finished speaking, she felt the emperor s two sharp gazes falling on her.The gaze no longer had the thoughtfulness and affection of the past, but was full of suspicion and anger.The emperor said coldly What do you want to say Concubine Jiang Gui didn t know why, but she saw disgust on the familiar face in front of her, as if someone had punched her hard in the chest, making her breathless.There was chaos in the middle, and he said numbly Your Majesty, those cakes are from Concubine De s palace, and Concubine De gave them to the princes and princesses.If the princes 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies and princesses had eaten this food at that time, the emperor would have thought about it.What is the result Concubine Jiang looked at Concubine De who was lying in the emperor s arms That would really be a disaster.All palace personnel must report to the Supervisor of Rites , if this is the case, let s find out where the palace people have been and who they have talked with, Aijia thinks that she can t do anything alone, she must have accomplices.A palace lady who died for death will die People who can do things may not be able to do things, and those who can do things will never be easily taken as scapegoats.Jiang Gongren is not a thoughtful person.The Queen Mother expected Jiang Gongren to follow other people s arrangements step by step.As soon as the Empress Dowager finished speaking, someone stepped forward and blocked Jiang Gongren s mouth, restraining her so that she would not seek death.Taking advantage of this time, Mo Yangming said The Taoist went to see the concubine De.The queen mother turned to ask the emperor Does the emperor think it is okay The emperor nodded Mo Zhenren has excellent medical skills, so I invite a real person to treat the concubine De.He has planned all his life, and he didn t even see clearly the people next to him, and he didn t even figure out what the Lord was thinking.It s all the same in the end, he wants to take advantage of the emperor s suspicion of the Wei family, so the lord has no suspicion of him.Tan Dingfang looked at Dong Shi Being by my side these years must have been very hard.He thought Dong Shi liked him before and was willing to take care of everything for him, but now he knows that she has been carefully hiding by his side.This is really hard work, and no one knows better than him.Chapter 460 Anxiety Wei Yuanchen stood in the yard and waited.Captain Long invited a doctor to treat Tan Dingfang s injuries.He would do this now because he didn t want Tan Dingfang to die before he was arraigned.Master Wei.Wei.Mr.Wei s azure phoenix eyes were not as clear as usual, and he was slightly absent minded.He sat there stiffly, as if Mr.Wei hadn t moved since the beginning.Master Wei stared at her blankly like this, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help turning his head away.The girl s cheeks were flushed, avoiding his gaze, Wei Yuanchen only felt a sudden throbbing in his chest, and he looked down into his arms.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but looked over curiously as there was a rustling sound in her ear, and she saw Mrs.Wei checking the accessories on her waist, from the purse to the amulet letter, very carefully.Gu Mingzhu was a little curious, what is your lord doing.Finally, Wei Yuanchen raised his head and looked at Gu Mingzhu blankly Did you miss She usually took the initiative to touch his waist to get things, but this time it seemed that nothing was missing, and the purse was not stolen.Zhou finished speaking, Zhou Zerui He waved his hand Don t bother me here, I still have a lot of things to do.Normally on Wednesday, my wife would inevitably have a fit, but today is different.The master should be anxious because of Xu Gui, I m afraid this matter is not easy.Mrs.Zhou turned around on Wednesday and was about to go to Mrs.Zhou to inquire about the news, when Zhou Zerui s voice came from behind her.Something happened at home, you and Ruzhang don t go anywhere during this period, and don t say anything when others ask.Mrs.Wednesday nodded.Is the situation at home really that bad Chapter 476 Challenging Mrs.Wednesday and driving away Mrs.Zhou, Zhou Zerui sat alone in the room.He who originally wanted to think about things calmly became more anxious.Would he be considered a traitor to the party if he ordered Xu Gui to do something He felt scared when he thought about it, as if his wealth and life were in the hands of others.

You have to know what to do.Gu Mingzhu smiled slightly, she knew it well, she survived, if she didn t survive, she probably would never have the chance to see everything in front of her clearly.Chapter 479 Liwei Mrs.Zhou looked at Zhou Zesheng who was in armor.She heard that Zhou Zesheng had been transferred from the guard to the capital, but she didn t expect him to be so majestic that he dared to bring someone directly to his door.What are you doing Mrs.Zhou stared at Zhou Zesheng solemnly with a sullen face, Old Qi, you must be informed first when you come to the house, and you can t bring these people here.Is there any courtesy Zhou Zesheng sneered Clan aunt hasn t forgotten the etiquette.What are you talking about Mrs.Zhou was a little angry, Last time you reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies cbd gummies on airplanes entered the door and made a big fuss.I ll watch, Zhou Zesheng s eyes flashed fiercely, Don t worry, I will definitely find out the truth.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Zhou Zesheng urged It s dawn, you go back quickly Okay, Gu Mingzhu nodded again.Gu Mingzhu went to the house to tidy up her dress, and was about to leave the house, but found that Chu Jiu outside the house was gone, replaced by a tall woman in dress and skirt.The woman s dress was very similar to hers, they cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews were all made of blue cloth, and looked simple and neat.Gu Mingzhu subconsciously flower of life cbd gummies review said Chu Jiu The woman lifted the fence, revealing Chu Jiu s face.Miss, Chu Jiu said in a low voice, we won t be conspicuous if we walk like this, right No one will recognize that I am the guard of the third master.Thinking Missy really likes to let 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies him wear women s clothing, maybe wearing it like this will make Missy happier Chu Jiu tugged at the hem of his clothes, as a guard, that was all he could do.Empress Wei opened the note in the female best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville officer s hand, which was given to her by the Wei family, and the Cao family began to move.Go and keep an eye on Concubine De s people, Empress how much cbd is in relax gummies Wei ordered, Don t miss any best cbd gummies for sleep 2021 cbd gummies nashville of them.She just wanted to see what shameful things the Cao family and Concubine De had done The concubine de concubine sat on a stool and looked at herself in the mirror.She lost a lot of weight in just a few days.Has the emperor not sent Huang Chang a message yet Concubine De asked again.No, the female officer persuaded, right now the empress is in charge of the harem, and the emperor still wants to use the Wei family.He always wants to give empress Wei some face.It is inevitable that you will be chilled first.The emperor does this to protect you as before.Looking at you.Concubine De wanted to smile easily, but she couldn t.He suspected that there was something wrong with Ruiqing s death, and that was because he knew Rujun He was wronged, but now he can t say this, because he will also be questioned by the elders of the clan.As an uncle, since he cbd gummies at waterbeds and stuff knows about his niece s grievances, why doesn t he seek justice for his cbd gummies nashville niece Zhou Zejing said At that time, I just had doubts, but I didn t find evidence.Zhou Zesheng looked at Zhou Zejing fixedly After the sister in law passed away, what did the master sneak into the sister in law s house on Tuesday Zhou Zejing s face darkened, who saw him Zhou Zesheng said so with certainty, someone should have confessed to the Yamen.Zhou Zejing said I didn t find anything.Could it be that that night, someone saw everything in the dark, took advantage of the time when the master left on Wednesday, went to the sister in law s room and murdered the sister in law.Qiao Song said These cases are all related to the King Liang case, and these prisoners were all imprisoned cbd gummies nashville in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice and interrogated by the Ministry of Criminal Justice.How could it be such a coincidence Qiao Zheng was speechless Maybe It s just a coincidence.As he spoke, he felt a little guilty.Qiao Zheng said The case between Yan Shen and the Zhou family and Rong family is nothing more than that, Zhang Yuanwhat is he involved in the Liang Wang case Qiao Song pointed to the letter on the table, and he asked people to check the original carefully.Zhang Yuan s ancestral home was in Shanxi, he used to be a merchant, and he was a ranger.This person s experience and injuries are similar to those of the Pearl Thief in Taiyuan Prefecture.Zhang Yuan s confession also said that he was framed and poisoned.Qiao Song did not hesitate If some of those people have done things for the Tang Corporation, I should be able to recognize them.Su Fu did not directly say where those people are, but looked at Qiao Song Master Qiao, have you ever thought about why these years Can t catch the Tang family Qiao Song was no longer as cbd gummies nashville calm as before, but showed a self deprecating smile I m stupid, and I only know it now, maybe my every move has long been known.Su Fu Said I hope Mr.Qiao can catch Tang this time.After finishing speaking, Su Fu turned and left the valet.Qiao Zheng watched Su Fu disappear in front of him Uncle, what does he mean Master Su doesn t trust me, Qiao Song said, What I have to do now is to arrest the person that King Liang placed in the Ministry cbd gummies nashville of Punishment.With that person around, these cases will never be clear.After all this fueling, the imperial concubine and the prince finally decided to act first, so the prince pretended to be assassinated in the Yongkang eldest princess s mansion and created a rebellion case.Aroused cbd gummies nashville the dissatisfaction and resentment of court officials.And all of these were planned secretly, and no one found out that it was all her hands and feet.As a woman, no one reward cbd gummies approximately 111 gummies cbd gummies on airplanes is smarter than her.Although there are difficulties at the moment, she will definitely be able to overcome them and let her son sit on the throne in the end.At dawn, Empress Concubine De got up to wash and wash, and she would go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to meet the emperor and her son in a while.Chapter 503 Redemption At the gate of Shangqingguan, Mo cbd gummies creating better days Yangming and Gu Mingzhu also got into the carriage.Gu Mingzhu looked up at the sky, and the sky was clear.

The emperor searched everywhere for the faults of the Wei family and the queen, and even scolded the queen in front of her, trying to isolate the queen.What the emperor did was to play tricks on everyone as fools.In fact, it was not others but himself who was stupid.She has been best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville enduring this fool all the time, hoping that one day she will find a chance to help the queen, and now she has got her wish.The queen mother looked at Mo Yangming Is the emperor seriously ill Mo Yangming nodded, I m afraid the emperor s eyes will disappear.The queen mother nodded It doesn t matter, the eyes are not important to the emperor.The person who is so innocent, it is better to be blind than to let him look around and regard the mud as gold and jade.Mo Yangming continued The Emperor was so angry that he suffered a stroke, and it will be difficult for him to move around in the future.Not only the stupid king, but even him was underestimated.This Mr.Wei.It can be said that the Wei family has put best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville in a lot of effort in raising Wei Yuanchen, so Wei Yuanchen is only capable of this Wei Yuanchen s fleeing cavalry suddenly accelerated.King Liang was startled, and blurted out Not good.After being chased all the time, he should be more and more tired, why he suddenly cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews became energetic, there is only one explanation, Wei Yuanchen was just pretending before.Pretend to be defeated and lead them to chase.Although Liang Wang saw something strange, it was too late.Wei Yuanchen s cavalry passed in front of Lu Guang and Zhu Wu, and after calculating the distance of the firearm s damage, Lu Guang and Zhu Wu pulled Ji Kuo, and then they split up.Fleeing on both sides, they rushed into the earth pit that had been dug long before the firearms exploded.Li Zhao s legs softened and he knelt on the ground General Wei, my servant, I just ask Da Zhou to spare Koryo.Wei Yuanchen said flatly, I won t punish you now, I will send you back to cbd gummies nashville Koryo by an envoy.What you do next is up to you.Li Zhao kept nodding I understand that King Liang still has remnants of crimes in Liaodong.I will help Da Zhou to wipe out King Liang s party, cbd gummies nashville even if it is a crime.After everything is arranged, he will naturally Suicide gives Da Zhou an explanation.Wei Yuanchen will not check whether the King of Koryo knew about this matter, these are not important, the vassal states naturally have their cbd gummies nashville own ideas, even if the King of Koryo is changed, the next King of Koryo may not be willing to surrender.Now it s time to focus on the internal affairs of the Great Zhou.Only when the Great Zhou is strong will the vassal states dare not have other thoughts.Now that Emperor Father said these two words, what did he want to do He doesn t want to think about it, and he doesn t want to be contaminated, so he will be his King cbd gummies nashville Huai, and he will be his King Huai all his life.King Huai wanted to get away, but the emperor grabbed his sleeve.King Huai gritted his teeth and forcefully opened the emperor s finger Father, rest well, and the ministers will come to visit you again some day.You can rest assured that there is a queen mother for political affairs No one in this world understands your heart better than the queen mother.The queen presides over the overall situation.As if you were here.My son will follow your teachings and concentrate on studying.Finally, King Huai broke the emperor s fingers, and then he walked out of the hall without looking back.Li praised Wei Congzhi in a rare way You have worked hard this time, let s go to the palace to meet your sister next time There are too many people in the Wei family Going to Kunning Palace will inevitably lead to gossip.Although her youngest son has two beards, he is still a master with fire on his ass.Throw it outside the palace gate.Mother, Wei Congzhi chased Mrs.Li into the carriage while the iron was hot, see if you want to give your son some rewards, let my sister give him a mansion.Go, go Mrs.Li seemed to be chasing flies.waving.Wei Congzhi grabbed Mrs.Li s sleeve Then give me some silver, and the bracelet in my mother s hand will be fine.A fight broke out in the carriage.Mrs.Li raised her youngest son s ear Do you still dare Do you dare To be honest, she misses this youngest son very much these days, and her hands itch.Even if Gu Chongyi could keep calm and prudent when things happen, he is still a little messed up now.Wei Sanye and Zhuzhu must have been in private, and they human cbd gummies shark tank would not say such things just because of their acquaintance.Wei Yuanchen is not a temperamental person like Meng Lang, and he will not promise casually, these two children how many secrets they don t know.Gu Chongyi said If ordinary people can do what Wei Sanye said, but there will be a day when the status will be restored in the future, this Can only one person live in the emperor s harem Wei Yuanchen s eyes were clear, and his expression was solemn and firm No one can change the direction of the heart and the direction of the body.Gu Chongyi couldn t help being surprised, he thought there was room for negotiation on this matter, but now it seems that there is no way out, unless Zhuzhu is unwilling to marry Wei cbd gummies nashville Sanye, otherwise he can t forcefully stop him.No, Gu Mingzhu shook her head, Don t worry, Daddy.Don t worry.Now my daughter is so fascinated that she must listen to everything she says in reverse.If the daughter says she has, it may only best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville be a few private meetings.Such a flat denial must be a big deal.Gu Chongyi suppressed his anger towards Wei Yuanchen, and was reluctant to press Zhuzhu again, so he could only half coax and half scare You are not allowed to see him in private in the future.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Look, who hasn t come here, it s .

how to order cbd gummies?

just a trap.Gu Chongyi said Even if he is injured, he is not allowed to treat her.Gu Mingzhu shook his head and said, I have already visited the Imperial Hospital, and Master Wei didn t ask me to help.Gu Chongyi s heart felt as if he had been hit hard.It s not that he pretended to be hurt in front of his wife, and he couldn t even get the wooden couch.

Gu Chongyi hurriedly looked at his wife, but his wife turned her head away from him, her face was full of disgust.Grandfather, Gu Mingzhu stepped forward and said, Granddaughter will also accompany you to talk.Gu Chongyi looked at the smiling Zhuzhu, with tears in his heart, and his daughter is caring.Such a good daughter is about to get married, and in the days to come But how can he live.Lin Qicheng agreed Then we two, grandparents and grandchildren, will go for a walk in the garden.He also wanted to ask carefully how Zhuzhu recovered from her illness.No temple.Watching the figure of the old and the young disappear, Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin Madam, do you think it s not easy for my father in law to understand me, so don t care about me First snatched someone s daughter, and then quietly married someone s granddaughter, just want to escape easily like this Mrs.Why Mrs.Zhang turned her head to look at Cui Zhen, almost going crazy, Master Houit was himhe killed our childif it wasn t for himhow could I have done that, Master Hou You killed him to avenge the boy.Cui Zhen finally cost of pure cbd 300mg gummies raised his eyes, and his majestic gaze swept over Mrs.Zhang It was you who killed your flesh and blood.Heart piercing pain cbd gummies nashville came, and Zhang Shi kept shaking best cbd gummies for sleep reviews cbd gummies nashville her head, no, it wasn t her, if she hadn t been desperate, how could she have attacked her own flesh and blood, why didn t Hou Ye understand, it wasn green cbd gummies amazon t her, she was out for revenge.Revenge But Luo Yu didn t die at all, all of this was a trap.Luo Yu, who was kneeling on the ground, laughed, cbd gummies nashville the Zhang family right now is just a crazy woman, and Marquis Ding Ning is a smart person, so naturally he wouldn t believe what this crazy woman said.Finally, one day, he seemed to hear his father say Sleep well, It s time to get up.Then he saw his father s majestic but caring face, his mother s kind expression, then Cui Wei, and a dazzling light fell into his eyes, it was a woman , Zhou Rujun.Cui Zhen, you don t owe me any more.Cui Zhen, you don t owe Zhou Rujun any more.But father, mother, and Cui Wei gradually faded away like a wisp of mist, Zhou Rujun s shadow became more and more real, more and more It s getting clearer.It was as if a real person was standing in front of him.Don t owe it Cui Zhen wants to talk, but can he still have a just cbd gummi bears chance to repay Miss, Master Hou has woken up.I m going to find Master.Cui Zhen wanted to reach out to touch Zhou Rujun , but saw her turn and leave, leaving only a back, and finally slowly out of his field of vision.Hearing this, Zou Xiang sat up from the bed and looked at Cui Zhen in amazement Youyou can hear Did you hear what I said He said that he didn t resent his father anymore, as long as his father survived, did these fathers hear it A smile flashed in Cui Zhen s deep eyes, and Zou Xiang understood You lied to me, you lied to me, you didn t hear it at all, did you Complaining like this, Zou Xiang didn t leave and lay down again.down.Zou Xiang was worried about Cui Zhen these days, cbd gummies nashville martha stewart cbd gummies reviews and couldn t eat or sleep.Seeing that Cui Zhen really got better, she felt relieved.She felt that her eyelids were heavy after lying down for a while, and fell asleep after a while.Hearing Zou Xiang s well proportioned breathing beside him, Cui Zhen patted Zou Xiang s shoulder lightly, and finally one thing was complete.Half a year after entering the palace, I moved to Kunning Palace, Empress Wei said to Gu Mingzhu., and planted the wisteria with his own hands.Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu listened quietly to Empress Wei s words.The empress was handling government affairs in the palace all day long, and rarely chatted with others.Today, she cbd gummies nashville talked a lot when she was happy.They only needed to listen carefully.Empress Wei went on to say In the beginning, I felt bored in this palace, but later, with Brother Chen, I was more concerned about it, and life was not difficult.Brother, I feel that there is nothing to regret.In fact, God has treated her kindly.The saddest thing for her is her brother s death.Empress Wei looked at Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu with gentle eyes Be filial to Mrs.Tai for me when you are outside, and take care of the Wei family children, especially your eldest aunt.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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