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Only the huge German flag was still waving in the wind, as if laughing at the approaching British Major General Smead looked at everything in front of him with a livid face, he couldn t help it.It is believed that the Welsh infantry was also routed.These damned militiamen have completely embarrassed the people of the British Empire Of course, there is also Prince Sobock s battalion.Aren t they known as elite But why is such an elite so vulnerable Judging from the information sent, the enemy s troops were definitely not many, even only a few people, and the only scary thing was the three tanks that suddenly appeared on the battlefield.According to Major John, the three tanks were extremely terrifying, and the firepower caused by the machine guns was simply destructive.And this cbd gummy bear recipe with jello is what worries Major General Smead the most.Generally speaking, only noble children can study in military schools.Rommel was born in a commoner.According to the original regulations, he could not go to military schools to study, but When Rommel joined the army, it was just in time for the Second German Reich to expand its armies and prepare for war, and the army needed a large number of officers.So this qualification was lowered, and it was lowered to soldiers of civilian origin like Rommel.In this way, in 1911, Rommel went to Danzig Officer Candidate School to study and began biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x his military career.In Germany, where the hierarchy is very strict, Rommel and the nobility cannot be equated.Ah, Ernst, Erwin asked me to tell you when he was leaving cbd gummies for man that it was his regret that he didn t have time to say goodbye to you, but he hopes that you can meet again soon in the future.Wherever Captain Ernst appeared, miraculous things would always happen.The artillery actually destroyed the enemy s machine gun position, which made the German raid one of the biggest threats.One Many medals are flashing in front of the German soldiers, and countless meritorious honors are calling to them Wang Weiyi, Hitler, Guo Yunfeng, Bonkelilei, Stecker, Guderian Everyone rushed to the front, using their bayonets that gleamed coldly in the night to deal with the enemies one by one in front of them.The dead bodies on the ground chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies have been piled up all over the place, the position has been broken everywhere, and there closest cbd gummy worms near me are Germans chasing the British everywhere.It was a hearty battle, and it could even be said to be an easy one.Wang Weiyi stopped his assassination actions.He had already killed seven or eight enemies, and he had accumulated enough combat achievements., to prepare a generous gift closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for pain relief near me for him.Wang Weiyi was also relieved Don t tell Erwin about this matter, let him stay with his fianc e until the wedding day, we will set off quietly, and come back immediately after finishing, so we can t delay thingsAh, Erwin s wedding is in four days, in time What about the weapon issue Guderian asked.Yes, this is a big problem.This time they were attending Rommel s wedding, but they didn t expect to fight.Even Wang Weiyi temporarily put his skull gun back to the military base.We can figure it out with the German team.Goring said, I know Captain Crom there.If you have money, you can ask him to borrow a batch of weapons temporarily Then let s do this, and we will set off at night.Wang Weiyi was relieved when he heard that the most closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for pain relief near me difficult problem was solved Everyone go back and prepare, and we will start at one o clock.Please don t worry, Major Ernst.The Russian army s armed equipment is poor and their morale closest cbd gummy worms near me is low.Many of them, including the officers, have no intention of fighting.As long as we charge, we can break through their defense line.But when After passing through that position, there is nothing I can do about the rest.Thank you very much, General.Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude In three days, please continue to launch an closest cbd gummy worms near me offensive, and we will return at that time Yes.General Gedell nodded, but he didn t know where Major Ernst closest cbd gummy worms near me s courage and confidence came from.Did he really think he could run biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x wild in Russian territory Did he really think he was full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me invincible Of course, this is not something that General Gedell can manage.Major, everything is ready.Guderian walked over Once the attack starts, the tanks will attack first, and together with the German army, we will tear a wide gap in the position to cover our past Let the soldiers prepare Wang Weiyi nodded, and then saluted General Gedel Thank you again for your assistance, General.Wang Weiyi said lightly A dog is a wolf before guarding the house, but it is tamed by people after all, and becomes the best assistant of human beings.Say, Sidney Reilly, is it a wolf or a dog At least now it looks like a wolf.Can cbd gummies with melatonin near me eat people You have a really moving voice when you joke, little spirit.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I need some sleeping medicines.and a tracker.The tracker should be similar to the one in my ear, it should be small, it can be injected into the human body and remain effective for many years My effective refers to at least twenty years God knows what you want to do.Xiao Ling muttered I ll send you a short effect anesthetic that can let you sleep for more than eight hours after injectiona tracker injected closest cbd gummy worms near me on the back of the neck Valid for thirty years.Xiao Ling, you are so cute, it would be great if you could become a human being.Is Zhukov s judgment wrong But Zhukov seemed full of confidence.He told his colonel that the enemy would definitely appear.Apart from this, they had no second closest cbd gummy worms near me choice.There are two ways to go.Fritoyak still decided to trust the young sergeant, at least he saw through the enemy s attempt Maybe you are right, Zhukov, I hope we can capture the enemy hereAh, did you hear that the German army under the command of General Gedel launched a new offensive and still broke through several of our defense lines, but under the strong counterattack of General Kashanov, the Germans Returning to their original line of defense It was meeting their infiltrators.Zhukov said without thinking.Colonel Fritoyak was a little puzzled Are you really that sure Yes, quite certainly.Zhukov nodded According to my understanding, General Gedell is a very cautious closest cbd gummy worms near me general, and he will not launch an attack closest cbd gummy worms near me even if it is not necessary.

After calming down, Hermione took out the contract and showed it to Wang Weiyi.After looking at it carefully, I signed my name on it.The contract comes into force.Now, he has also become one of the investors of the Wittgenstein family.Having the box moved out of the hotel again, Hermione chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies solemnly said You are now one of the partners of the Wittgenstein family, one million marks, I will send someone to you before you leave Berlin, respect Baron HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me Alexon.Wang Weiyi smiled and didn t care too much.God knows if he will have chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies a biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x chance to get this huge investment in the closest cbd gummy worms near me future, and what era will he travel to next time He has no bottom at all.Let God decide everything After a break, Manstein, Richthofen and Elena came to the hotel, relying on the intuition of women.Elena seemed to be aware of something Fortunately, Richthofen rescued Wang Weiyi in time Hey, Ernst, let s go and see the same thing with us.When he first saw Elena, he did express It s not very serious.But I never thought that cbd condor gummies Elena would actually tell the countess about this.Countess Leonie really has some skills.Elena treats her as a rival in love, but she didn t expect this.How long did it take for the two to act so intimately What s the matter Wang Weiyi scratched his head and couldn t figure it out.Okay, don t delay Baron Alexon and Miss Heinrich s sex up.The countess giggled and left here.When she turned around, Wang Weiyi saw something else in her eyes You and the countess After the lady left, Wang Weiyi tentatively asked, Maybe I misunderstood the countess before Elena s answer was still unexpected She always said in front of me that you are a noble, upright and brave man.He also gave me a lot of suggestions Elena didn t go any further.You can t say that, Major.Will s expression also relaxed You come, you are our distinguished guest, not to mention, you are our investor.Major, my place is too cluttered to closest cbd gummy worms near me be exposed.I think you will live here at Pipondu, who is one of the few places in Paris where he will not be disturbed.These are two trustworthy friends.Pipondu took out the wine he brewed and warmly invited everyone to taste it.To be honest, Wang Weiyi can t taste the quality of the wine.And he can t taste it at all.In his opinion, all wines are similar.It s just that the wines made by Pipondu seem to have a special flavor.Maybe this is the psychological factor Major, you have hit again this time.A beautiful battle.Will held his wine glass and said In Ci Nuoxi, the invincible General Ben Weihao became your defeat.This matter has spread all over Paris.Mr.Zakhwoki, you know the horror of this gem better than I do.How much harm he would do to those who possessed it.Is this gem still around Did you throw it into the sea as the count ordered No At this point, Zahwoki seemed to have no desire to hide anything I once hesitated by the sea, and wanted to abandon it according to the earl s order, but I still didn t do itI am not greedy, I know the horror of this gem, no one can really own it.I was just thinking, what kind of magical power choosing the right cbd gummies does this jewel have, and why did it harm the Earl s family Has anyone been able to break this spell So, I kept it When he said this, Wang Weiyi and Desimov s mentality was completely different.Wang Weiyi breathed a long sigh of relief, y The elements are still there But Desimov shivered for no reason.The words curse, curse kept appearing in the mouths of Moyol and Zahwoki, and it seemed that the Earl s family was still alive.This time, he almost fell again.I will never go to the sky anymore Then, the Red Baron s plane closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for pain relief near me landed slowly Ernst Richthofen rushed towards Wang Weiyi and hugged himself Friend Thank you, my friend, I thought I was going to die in the white clouds this timeDamn it, I love you Wang Weiyi pushed Richthofen away with a huh , staring at the Red Baron vigilantly I don t love you, I don t have any hobbies in this area Richthofen laughed and hugged Wang Weiyi again, the poor skeleton baron, he now has some HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me doubts about the orientation of the red baron in some aspects Manfred von Richter Hoffen Ernst von Brahm In this angry cry, General Galwitz walked over with a livid face.General Wang Weiyi and Richthofen quickly stood at attention.You two bastards asshole General Galwitz roared there I want to put you in confinement, yes, put you in confinement You took off into the sky without permission, good rays cbd gummies and you were confined for seven days General, I am the pilot, responsible for this reconnaissance mission, he is not Just now, Richthofen, who had regarded Ernst as his savior and the best brother in his life, immediately betrayed his best friend without hesitation when he heard the word confinement Ens Colonel Te is not the Air Force, he is the one who launched into the air without authorization, and he is the one who should be put in confinement Wang Weiyi was so angry that his nose was crooked.But this is also the only option.Wang Weiyi did not order his troops to pursue them.In these days of fighting, the German biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x army closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for pain relief near me under his command also suffered great losses, and the soldiers were exhausted are hemp gummies for anxiety the same as cbd to the extreme.The task of annihilating the British 9th Infantry Division was accomplished.Now there is no need to further bleed one s own soldiers.In the Battle of Udine, Baron Ernst Brehm and his soldiers completed a difficult task with extraordinary courage they used themselves as bait, successfully attracted a large number of enemy troops, and then lured the enemy to send They defeated their surprise attack force and successfully wiped out an entire division of the British, causing the Allied Powers to suffer another heavy blow on the Italian battlefield.The plan to encircle and kill the Skeleton Baron formulated by the s group has been completely reduced to a joke.

Elena smiled.Wang Weiyi picked up the gun at hand Our time is very tight, now, let us act immediately.There are still more than three months before the Rambler leaves this era, and Wang Weiyi still has two final tasks to complete.And the first mission is full of excitement a total of five hundred and twenty tons of gold two hundred and forty six.gold The last two tasks enter the HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me countdown.Russia is now in chaos.The Soviet Red Army wants to completely control the Russian regime, while the White Guards headed by Kolchak take saving Russia as their mission.Through the territory controlled by the are cbd gummy bears illegal Soviet Russian Red Army, this nine member special team will change into the uniform of the Soviet Russian Red Army, and through the territory controlled by the White Guards, they will change into the uniform of the old Russian army.Hitler said decisively.From 1926 to 1933, Germany trained a large number of pilots at the Libesk Training Center in the Soviet Union and some airports in the Caucasus.By 1935, the annual production of aircraft had reached 4,760.At the same time, Manfred De von Richthofen was appointed commander in chief of the Luftwaffe.Hitler s tone became more relaxed Do you need anything else Herman Wilhelm.Goering can act as my second in command.Richthofen thought for a moment.Okay, your request has been fulfilled.Hitler said, staring at his generals Gentlemen, we are about to start.All for Ernst All for Ernst After his generals left, Adolf Hitler sat on the cbd gummy dose chart closest cbd gummy worms near me large chair, thinking about something in a daze.After a while, he took out a book from a locked drawer.Huang s diary was flipped open, and he wrote on it In the past eighteen years, there is still no news about General Ernst.Now, the Chinese soldiers who had been passively defending there all the time suddenly launched a countercharge.Fighting on the battlefield often requires a spirit of energy.Once this energy is lost, it will be difficult to win.Wang Weiyi couldn t be more clear about this.He knows that under normal circumstances, the number of people is equal, and it is impossible to rely on the fighting ability of his soldiers to win the victory, but what he wants to grasp is this point transfer the biggest advantage of fighting to his side The Chinese soldiers who rushed up were all staring and howling Aww.In an instant, the Japanese army was completely closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for restless leg syndrome at closest cbd gummy worms near me a loss as to what will you fail a drug test with cbd gummies to do.The skeleton gun in Wang Weiyi s hand has become a centerpiece with a bayonet on it.Now, the advantages of the Walker s long term training can be fully reflected.La, one is Hannah.Sean.They are also proficient in Japanese, I don t think it s such a coincidence, right Damn it, it s such a coincidence.Wang Weiyi cursed in his heart.It seems that Kobayakawa Hongyi regarded his Elena as a German intelligence officer.Wang Weiyi said lightly I still don t understand, Mr.Dazuo.You are Claire Nicholas, and you Kobayakawa Koi pointed at Elena You are Hannah Sean Elena shrugged.Kobayakawa Hongyi showed a victorious smile on his face I guessed right, you are the pair of German agents.ah.But don t worry, I won t embarrass you, after all, Japan and Germany cooperate closely in many intelligence work.Tell me, what information do you want to get in Shanghai Maybe I can help you guys.I want to find out how long the national government can last under the attack of Japan Wang Weiyi simply satisfied the opponent s joy as a winner This is related to Germany s defense of the national government.How to maintain public security in Shanghai will be our top priority.We decided to establish the New Asia Peace Promotion Association in Shanghai., with Boss Zhang s prestige in Shanghai, he is the most suitable for the position of president Zhang Xiaolin s heart was beating wildly when he heard it.The New Asia Peace Promotion Association The organization established by R himself must have great power.This is a great opportunity for him.Huang, Zhang, Du, and gradually became Du, Huang, and Zhang.Zhang Xiaolin made his debut earlier than Du Yuesheng.His qualifications are also a generation higher than Du Yuesheng.He also saved Du Yuesheng s life.He has always been unwilling to accept Du Yuesheng as the boss.Shanghai Huayang is mixed with various forces.It is easy for the r to conquer and difficult to rule.This has been clearly known in the battle of Shanghai.So where did this team come from Naomasa Sugawara Your Excellency, Captain Masanori Hasegawa glanced at Naomasa Sugawara, the captain of the Sugawara brigade, cbd gummies have weed in them We can t let the reinforcements enter Songjiang, you go and stop them Hayi, defeat them Captain Masanori Tanigawa was very satisfied with his subordinates firm belief in victory Order, the Noto Brigade must attack quickly The team that newly appeared on the battlefield saw it in their eyes.Like many low level officers in the Japanese army, Naomasa Sugawara was also born in intelligence work.After the outbreak of the Shanghai Battle, he was quite familiar with the situation in the country and became the captain.However, unlike other low level intelligence officers who had to familiarize themselves with the battlefield at the beginning of their entry into the army, and accumulate a certain amount of experience before leading troops alone, Naomasa Sugawara directly skipped this link.

He had medals all over his chest.Suddenly Hitler found himself tense.He felt that his nerves were so fragile.Did he finally have an answer to what he had been searching for for nearly two decades Rommel continued to read The situation is not very clear.It is said that every batch of Japanese army bodies that were attacked had a badge thrown on them, and when the attacker biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x appeared for the last time, he used a German made A type tank.Many people have seen it on the tank.He took a deep breath The skeleton battle flag is flying Hitler didn t say anything.He listened silently, stood silently, and then, tears fell quietly.He swore that he would never cry again, but he found that he broke his promise and no HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me one spoke, and everything was so quiet he lived , right Hitler suddenly said quietly He s still alive.Mrs.Toxon will go to Manchuria.The special thing is that Louis father has just passed away, and the young Louis has inherited his father s baronship.The Japanese side attaches great importance closest cbd gummy worms near me to the arrival of His Highness the Baron, especially zen cbd gummies under the current circumstances.baron Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing when he heard these two words I am Baron Alexon, do you want me to play that British baron now Yes.Xiao Ling said very seriously The good thing is that the old Toxon and the commander of the Japanese Kwantung Army and ambassador to Manchukuo Ueda Kenkichi knew each other a long time ago, and he has been to Manchuria twice, but Ueda Kenkichi I have never met Little Toxon before, and this invitation is super chill cbd gummies 1000mg all through telegrams.Wang Weiyi now thinks this is a bit more interesting.It would be a good thing to pretend to be a British baron and meet the commander of the Japanese Kwantung Army.Now that the baron has entered Manchuria, he said that he is very interested biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x in the culture of the Qing Dynasty, and he kindly asks His Majesty the Emperor to buy some special treasures., so I hope the emperor will not refuse this request I love Xinjueluo s family, where are there any treasures Pu Yi smiled wryly In short, I will do my best.Farewell, Your Majesty.Staring blankly at Ueda Kenkichi s back, Puyi sat down on the chair, and after a while, burst into tears, beating his chest and stamping his feet What kind of emperor am I I have lost all face to the Aixinjueluo family Ancestors and ancestors, open your eyes and see Your Majesty, take care Those courtiers fell to their knees on the ground.Three hundred and thirty two.Baroness couple Your Excellency Baron, we have entered Xinjing.Captain Aoki Toshio pointed out the window and said.Ludendorff gave himself the greatest help.But when he finally sat in that seat, the two had conflicts because of their different ideas.Ludendorff refused to take any position in Hitler s department, and returned to Tuchen alone, concentrating on revising the two books Total War and My Memories of the War from 1914 to 1918.And now.He finally fell ill, and according to the doctor s estimation, it was difficult for General Ludendorff to stand up again Ludendorff smiled slightly when he saw Hitler and Richthofen.He seemed to have forgotten the previous unpleasantness Adolf, Manfred.I m going to see chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies my old friend Hindenburg.Oh, no, you old man Richthofen tried his best to sound relaxed You still have many years to live.I think Field Marshal Hindenburg will have to wait for you lonely for a long time Manfred Red, you can really talk.If the reinforcements could not arrive, everyone knew exactly what they would face.For the empire, for the honor of the 65th Regiment, let s fight to the death Akasaka Yoshika issued such an order.The enemy who is about to be destroyed is often the most terrifying.They knew they had nowhere to evacuate, and they were never willing to surrender, so the breath in their biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x chest became a force.However, the enemy they faced was the most terrifying enemy.His reputation resounded throughout Europe, and he was an undefeated myth, no matter in Europe or in China Wang Weiyi Three hundred and sixty seven.combat squad.Qingkou Wusan knew that this time it might be a little bit more ominous.The contact with the outside world has been completely cut off, and now, where the reinforcements are, Kiyoguchi Gozo has no idea.Matsui Iwane is ready to play The team, encouraged by Jiangjiacun Jie, also devoted themselves to the preparations for the battle.The Japanese army is not so scary, and now the officers and soldiers of the country are beginning to have such an idea, and this is also the most precious wealth that Wang Weiyi brought to them.Only by eliminating the fear of the Japanese army psychologically can the war go on smoothly Jiangjiacun victory also brought another benefit more and more people came to sign up to HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me join the army.The encouragement of victory, the undefeated general, the invincible army, all these can generate the enthusiasm of the people.This is the same no matter which country you are in.At this time, another situation also appeared some refugees appeared one after another Most of them are refugees who escaped from Shanghai, and some come from the north.

Seeing you as a spiritual pillar, the whole of Germany will be crazy because of your return, what you need to do, no one will oppose you You can lead Germany to another track and use your own way to support China s war of resistance.Isn t this more beneficial to China than you can only command one team Rambler, go change history Wanderer, let s change history When Xiaoling said this, Wang Weiyi thought he had heard it wrong Did Xiaoling say this This stubborn set is his duty to ensure the normal historical track My closest cbd gummy worms near me computer actually encourages me to change history God, I changed history by myself, did Xiao Ling also change closest cbd gummy worms near me it Go back Go back to Germany Use another more powerful and authoritative way, To help China win another victory in the War of Resistance Wang Weiyi asked slowly Can you control the time you travel through I don t know, but I ll try my best.And the United States is obviously a very HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me good place to go, so far it has not been affected by the war in any way.Wang Weiyi raised the cup in his hand and said to his two wealth creators Cheers to wealth Cheers to wealth Four hundred and twenty six.European Reaction The news that Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm, the Marshal of the German Reich, was visiting Paris spread all over the world in an instant.The biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x British reaction was mixed.They had initially allowed the free French movement to hold a military parade in London on July 4th to strengthen France s determination to resist.But now, Baron Alexon has said a word very clearly No Baron Alexon and Germany will never allow such a parade If the German side had made such a request before that, Britain would have scoffed at it, but now it is Baron Alexon who is making the request in front of the whole world.Its information has already been mastered by Marshal Ernst Brahm.Immediately, in Ernst.Under the secret order of Marshal Bram, Kahn of Ankara immediately lodged a solemn protest to the earth side.Severely accused the Turkish side of continuing to deploy military offensives, lack of sincerity in negotiations, and threatened that if the Turkish side insisted on going its own way regardless of the consequences, the German army would suspend the negotiations.Resume attack.Inonu panicked.The negotiation situation that was created with great difficulty may end because of Marshal Greluman s willful recklessness.He quickly sent an extremely harsh telegram to Marshal Gleluman, ordering Marshal Gleluman to stop the military transfer and keep the original position.Without his order, no soldiers are allowed to be mobilized.He is very satisfied with the task he is taking on.Since my father can die for the country, why can t I The troops in his hands are about the size of a battalion, guarded in a row of buildings.Kulimans built a fairly good fortification.From this point of view, Kulimans can be regarded as a qualified commander He encountered the attack of von Kleiman s assault squadron As a descendant of a former German aristocrat, von Kleiman is honored that he was able to join the German army in the best of times.His SS Assault Squadron had undertaken numerous heavy missions before, no matter in the Balkan battlefield or in the Soviet battlefield.It is a miracle.Von Kleiman has never suffered a single injury.This war is even more unforgettable in chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies his life.Marshal Ernst Brahm is in the Imperial Division.He could even feel that the baron was watching him from HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me behind The enemies in the buildings in front resisted fiercely.The two of them The task is to get ready for the transport of the Skeleton Commandos after highlighting Cairo.It is easier for women to get out of the city, there is no debate about that, but where is Miss Elena going to get transport Is there nothing wrong with that Could it be that Miss Lina can t do it Could it be that Miss Elena s ability is greater than that 5 pack cbd gummies of Baron Lexon This is really unbelievable Mr.Baron, I have to thank you.When the team members were busy preparing, Colonel Fels finally expressed his thanks If I tell others that a German baron and a German marshal came to Cairo to rescue me, no one will believe it.Thank you for taking such a big risk for me Listen, Colonel, I m not for you, I m for Germany.Wang Weiyi said seriously You probably know that our situation in Africa is not very good.A big trap has been set for the Britishfor now.Wang Weiyi wanted to let the British who had the chance to win jump in by themselves, and then the German soldiers would bury them.On the African battlefield, the initiative will be in the hands of the Germans again The new code developed by Xiaoling has been delivered, and the Enigma is still in use to confuse enemy.The Secret Intelligence Service commanded by Colonel Fels was also put into work at the same time.Although it was up to the Americans to command the Germans.It made Marshal Rommel feel uncomfortable, but as far as the current situation is concerned, Colonel Fels is the most suitable candidate.All intelligence work was overthrown and restarted.This is what must be done in order to closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for pain relief near me win Only, after the last telegram, Klingenberg and his squad have lost contact, whether they are alive or dead.

Cairo will soon fall into our hands.I hope to see you in London.Yes.Wang Weiyi s voice was not loud but he was very sure You ll see me in London soon Five hundred and eighty nine.Evacuation monthly ticket for the third watch Obviously, the situation in Cairo is very bad now.Outside the city, the German army is getting closer inside the city, the uprising is intensifying.The British are devastated, but it is difficult to come up with a good solution.The British have even prepared for the worst evacuate The full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me embassy personnel were the first to evacuate.With the help of the Royal Navy, a large number of confidential documents were transported to the warship, and those staff members were also evacuated at the same time.The shadow of failure has shrouded Cairo The British are not without harvests , at least those insurgents were killed by them.Okay, Ernst.Rommel received the telegram What about those Italians They were yelling all day, and closest cbd gummy worms near me even Mussolini was on his way to Cairo.Italy, which often performed extremely poorly in wars, couldn t wait to join the ranks of dividing up the fruits of victory after the war was won.They are constantly asking for interests in Africa, and they have always regarded Africa as their inherent Land.They think that the Germans should fight for them.After the victory, those Germans should leave quickly, and Italy will digest the victory alone.And Mussolini, can t wait to complete his dream Entering Cairo under the protection of a large number of Italian soldiers, accepting the cheers of all Egyptians like an emperor.Without consulting with Germany, Mussolini has already set off for Cairo and decided to receive Ernst.I think if I can really become the Prime Minister of Egypt, I will do my best.Regarding the 200,000 troops sent by Egypt this time, I will The strict order will be implemented immediately, and at the same time, Egypt will do everything it can to support the Axis powers in winning the final victory of the war according to the secret agreement with Germany Look, our cooperation is so pleasant.Fair Colonel Si said lightly Actually, it s nothing.I m an American, and my destiny depends on whether Germany can win the war.You are an Egyptian, and your destiny also depends on whether Germany can win the war.Basically, so we must support Germany unconditionally, only in this way can we protect ourselves and get what we want.Kanlemu nodded.Our orders full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me are completely based on whether Germany can win the war This point hits the most basic core of the problem Canlemu straightened his military uniform, and then shouted Said Colonel, let me go with you to Tamusta, I think I can barely are natures boost cbd gummies legit control the further deterioration of the situation.After walking a dozen steps, Mo Guangzhi met his acquaintance the leader of the team was Hidezo Yoshimura, deputy captain of the gendarmerie Mo Guangzhi turned his head and made a plan, and hurried a few steps to the front of Jicun.Oh, isn t this Captain Yoshimura Are you on business He deliberately omitted the word deputy and added a smile on his face.When Yoshimura saw Mo Guangzhi and a team of policemen behind him, he was also taken aback.He pointed to the Mu Gang people gathered in front of the office and asked Mo Guangzhi, Are you here to deal with this matter Mo Guangzhi nodded Responding Yes, I came here under the orders of Director General Yamaguchi and Director Duan.What about you Didn t you come here for this Mo Guangzhi guessed that Yoshimura Hidezou suddenly appeared, There can only be two situations one is that Duan Yimu did not fight for conditions for him from the Japanese at all, and the other is that the gendarmerie did not receive the order.The military commander s senior intelligence personnel Black Star and Black Crow have all been captured, and the mysterious radio station has also been seized.This is the black Crow just received information Hiromoto Sawataro put a telegram in front of Hiroshi Yamaguchi in high spirits.Quickly find out all the deployment and strength of the Kwantung Army.After detonating the cherry , a large scale armed riot will be set off in Manchuria What are cherries Hiroshi Yamaguchi frowned.We don t know Hiroshi Yamaguchi said Yes , and then turned his gaze to another person in the office Keiko, what about you Matsuzawa Keiko Matsuzawa Keiko said coldly That idiot Mo Guangzhi always thought that I was helping him and even had a crush on him.He told me their secret contact address in Harbin.There, we captured a Chinese man named Hou Dalei, and seized a large number of confidential documents Chief of the agency, the word cherry appeared many times in their documents, and it was mentioned many times The Americans A perfect victory.Wang Weiyi said thoughtfully Although the rules of engagement we followed before have been destroyed so that we can no longer see It s here, but there is always someone to maintain the last bit of dignity.Such a person will be ridiculed, but someone must do it, and I think that poor person is me Rosen, Luo Sen Sen, did you hear that Ernst, who was called the Baron Skeleton on the battlefield, now calls himself a poor man.Sir Monlington sighed But, that s why I respect the Baron Skeleton so much.A very important reasonNobility has become increasingly rare in continental Europe.Even in England, the real nobility has almost disappeared.What they wear is just a noble hat.They completely mean I can t bear the responsibility they should bear, but I am relieved that after all, Ernst Brahm is maintaining our traditional order and maintaining our traditional dignity Wang Weiyi could understand Sir Monlington s emotion.

Tell me, what kind of person is Baron Alexon Him Elizabeth thought for a while Very young, very attractive A man.Father, I have to admit, he captivates many women, and his conversation, is a real gentleman But the only thing I can t figure out is why you use it in such a way What Even Mr.Prime Minister doesn t know. My child, I have mayum bialik cbd gummies to do this.George VI put away his smile I was forced to take this position, and now, the pressure on me The burden is getting heavier, and the pressure on Britain is also getting heavier.Maybe Churchill didn t tell me, but I know the current situation in Britain.Lord Alexson came with peace and sincerity , he has also received the support of many people, but in China, there are still many people who oppose any form of negotiations with Germany.Churchill and Monlington are under great pressure.George VI did not participate in political affairs or interfere in the cabinet, but he used his ingenious way to guide the direction of Britain.Just look at the popularity of Baron Alexon here, the armistice between Germany and Britain has become an inevitable trend No, I never believe that you don t know.The completely angry De Gaulle said loudly This is a conspiracy.On behalf of the Free French do cbd gummies work the first time Movement, I must lodge the strongest protest to the British government Who is standing there What kind of enemy, I ask you to arrest him immediately He used The word demand challenged Churchill s self esteem.You know, when France was in its most difficult time, only Britain extended a helping hand to it, and helped them no matter the cost, but now, this Frenchman actually asked himself This is a British matter and a private matter.But de Gaulle s uncompromising tough attitude made him hit a snag again.De Gaulle said, He doesn t know if the Minister of State is aware of the seriousness of the situation, As the leader of the Free French Movement, he best cbd gummies near me now cannot allow his position to be shaken by Miselier s conspiracy Finally, Eden asked him what he would do.Disposing of the admiral, de Gaulle said he would advise Miselier to rest.Eden persuaded the general to consider for 48 hours before replying, which added HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me fuel to de Gaulle s fire.As soon as he returned, he convened a meeting of the Council of Nationalities and decided to order Miselier to take a 30 biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x day leave.No appearances at Naval Headquarters were allowed during this period.Furious, the admiral refused to obey.So he was sentenced to 30 days of house arrest.According to the Judicial Agreement between Britain and France, de Gaulle also asked His Majesty s government to ensure that the punishment will be implemented.Eat slowly.Mr.De Sade.Wang Weiyi said with a smile You can eat as much as you can.Don t worry, I won t send you back if you don t eat well Don t worry, If you don t eat well, I won t send you back This sentence chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies hit De Sade s heart at once Eat slowly, eat slowly, and when you finish eating, you will be sent to some frightening, lifeless dark room.When thinking of this, De Sade Sade s hand stopped suddenly, and the movement of delivering food to his mouth became slow.All this clearly fell into Wang Weiyi s eyes, he smiled, sipped the wine in his glass, and watched calmly De Sade didn t say a word.Even if he ate slowly, he would always finish eating.When the last bite of food was put into his mouth, De Sade knew that the moment he feared most was coming again.Sure enough, look at him After eating, Wang Weiyi put down the cup in his hand Mr.We will act together with the Russian headquarters.Wang Weiyi seemed HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me so calm In this way, we can grasp the Russian movement at the first time, and even carry out some sabotage, and provide the most direct support to Elklin The danger is also greatly increased.Myristel muttered We will all be hanged by the Russians sooner or later.Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing Don t worry.Here My special gallows is not yet ready, but your gallows is probably ready This time, Heisenberg and Edim also laughed, the baron is still such a funny person Major Waderos, General Tasotsky asked you to come over immediately.The sudden order made everyone nervous, and Myristel even touched the handle of the gun.Wang Weiyi shook his head slightly at him.Then he tidied up his clothes and walked into Tasotsky s office calmly.Although he knows.It couldn t blow up even a single enemy But he blew it anyway For Colonel Trovic, gummies with cbd and delta 8 death was actually a relief He saw it with his own eyes When so many of his excellent subordinates fell under the guns of the enemy, he saw closest cbd gummy worms near me with his own eyes countless steadfast soldiers of the Soviet Union die like mowing grass nothing is more painful than this He failed, the 399th Infantry Regiment failed, even those without any resistance.When the news reached Tasotsky s ears, the general in the Soviet army was not surprised or distressed.Perhaps Colonel Trovic s failure had been expected as early as he had expected, and the breakout now seemed to be an illusion.There were attacking Germans everywhere.The mountains roar and the tsunami is unstoppable.soon.Maybe I will, like Colonel Trovic, shed the last drop of blood for my belief.

In the official first confrontation between Wang Weiyi and Vasilevsky, Wang Weiyi lost the first round He was surrounded Now, the second contest will begin immediately Order, the Hohendauffen Division and the Prince Eugen Mountain Division immediately launch a counterattack against the Soviet army Order, my two wings of the Skeleton Division, the Imperial Division, and the Great German Regiment , Viking Division, Nordland Battle Group, Arco Group, Paipa Battle Group, and the 12th, 30th, and 123rd Infantry Divisions of the Wehrmacht continued to follow the established route, in Wang Weiyi was silent for a while, and then said word by word The assault group in the Terek River and I have completed the confluence Marshal, what shall we do When his subordinates raised this question, Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Wasilevsky wants to surround me here and defeat me.And redheads there will be many girls falling in love with me, many, many Then, Dom closed his eyes, and he died If Youth is gone, I closest cbd gummy worms near me will not leave any regrets I saw her lips when she smiled, and I was desperate, in order to kiss her, I must see her today, I have many reasons.I stood directly in front of her and told her how much I loved her.I don t care if she says no because I won t wait for another time.I took her in my arms The song came again, it was Stella Dom s favorite song.The soldiers would sing it to him, over and over again, if Dom wanted to, they I will keep singing like this.If my youth is gone, I will not leave cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract any regrets Dom did just that Six hundred and eighty two.Shoot The battle did not go well for the Russians.The tenacious performance of the German army is surprising.In the repeated offensives of the Soviet army, they firmly defended their positions and refused to give up an inch.And this is the only chance he can grasp Night comes quietly, the sound of guns , Gunshots can be clearly heard here.Even at night, the closest cbd gummy worms near me Germans never stopped attacking Stalingrad.The tragic battle constantly tortured the troops of the attacking and defending sides, but at this time, the port A rare calm has been obtained.Once the number of German planes bombing at night decreases, then this place becomes a safer place Major Myristel is about to arrive, and they are all dressed in Soviet uniforms now , the major asked us if we were ready.Heisenberg came to Liaokov and asked closest cbd gummy worms near me in a low voice.Liaokov looked at the time Let them start Finished.He picked up the phone Please help me to pick up General KatanovskyGeneral, this is biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x Ryokov, we have found a traitorI think you have to HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me come here.He is from General Chuikovyes, I am not mistakenOK, I am waiting for your arrival Liaokov put down the phone and took a deep full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me breath I took a breath.During the battle, the progress of the operation Not as quickly and smoothly as on the open plain.A single building could almost hold a company, or even a regiment, as the fighting moved from floor to floor and room to room As long as 3 hours.When the Soviet army was forced to retreat to the direction of the Volga River under the strong German offensive, they would cbd gummy dose chart closest cbd gummy worms near me often fight for every building and every street, reluctantly abandoning their own country.Every inch of land that belongs to him.On April 24, Hoffman wrote in his diary The battle for the barn is still going on.The Soviets attacked from all directions.We can only hide in the shelter and cannot get out at all.The fighting continued to rage for 48 hours.On April 25, Hoffmann finally felt relieved, believing that the Russian resistance in the barn had been crushed.Vasilevsky gave up, Moscow gave up.Stalingrad, a city of great importance to the Russians, is about to complete its historical mission.The planes in the sky disappeared, whether they were German or Soviet The Russians must now use all their strength in Moscow, because everyone knows that after the Germans captured Stalingrad, it is only a matter full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me of time before the entire Caucasus is completely controlled by the Germans, and it does not even have to wait until the end of the Caucasus War , the German army will forcibly cross the Volga River and launch a new offensive against Moscow.It won t be long before the Second Battle of Moscow begins.As for the Luftwaffe, there is no need to waste bombs on Stalingrad now.They prefer to keep more bombs on the other side of the Volga After the last and closest cbd gummy worms near me most desperate resistance, On May 10, 1942, the last day of the time set by Marshal Ernst Brahm, the closest cbd gummy worms near me Battle of Stalingrad ended The Battle of Stalingrad consisted of several parts.Wang Weiyi answered the closest cbd gummy worms near me Russian question with his usual smile I am closest cbd gummy worms near me Ernst Brehm.The room closest cbd gummy worms near me was quiet After a long time, Timoshenko let out a long sigh I didn t think of the heavyweight of the Germans.It was really you.But I have a doubt, are you not afraid that I will have you arrested now If you catch you, the German army will fall into chaos.I m not afraid.Wang Weiyi said lightly If you really do this, it will expose your intention to conduct secret full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me negotiations with the German side.Insider, I believe that Stalin will allow other things, but will never allow betrayal, betraying me is tantamount bio wellness cbd gummies to betraying yourself.Not to mention Wang Weiyi looked at the three Russians Do you really think that killing me alone can change the direction of the war so far cannot.Timoshenko smiled wryly Okay, Your Excellency the Baron.

Finance Minister Baker enlightened Vantaa that people like the Bush family are above the law.Although Vantaa finally complied, he left evidence.At present, the evidence Vantaa can produce shows that 743 billion U.S.dollars has been improperly used by closest cbd gummy worms near me several presidents.In the following years, Vantaa s brothers and business partners died strangely, and he himself was poisoned three times in prison.What made him survive in the end was that only he knew the whereabouts and passwords of all the funds.On April 15, 2003, after a long period of complaints, U.S.federal judge Girard Bruce Lee finally made a judgment in favor of Vantaa, and the judge confirmed that Vantaa legally has the status of supervisor of this huge sum of money.In 2005, Vantaa was transferred from a Wisconsin prison to continue serving his sentence at home.Roman soldiers Guo Yunfeng s eyes widened What is that Wang Weiyi smiled and closest cbd gummy worms near me stood up That s nothing.If I m not mistaken, it should be soldiers of the Roman Republic, especially the daggers they use can prove their identities.And the armor on them, although heavy, is well made.We have come to the era of the ancient medical cannabis gummi cares cbd plus Roman Republic you mentioned Guo Yunfeng murmured.I don t know.I m afraid I have to go back to the base and ask Xiaoling Ah, it s Su Ling Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Let s go back first.base to go.When returning to the base, Sophie had already woken up, but she was constantly complained by Xiaoling The human body is really too fragile to withstand a single impact.I m clearly sober.But this damn body just can t get up.This is my body, please leave my body.Sophie protested loudly.It s done, it s done, stop arguing.Just a sexual ritual.Centumaros briefly glanced at the official document and put it on the desk.Then he handed the list to the steward who was waiting next to him Let the people on the list come to Rome as soon as possible, and let them go directly to Germania if they are in other provinces, and say that Centumarus needs They Get ready for the clothes I m going to wear at the town hall this afternoon.Remember no dark colors Also, tell Achaelia and the Amazons that I ll be taking them back to their hometowns soon and, in an hour Come here to pick up some letters.Finished.He went back to work The afternoon sun flooded the Albaron with its proud rays.On this holy mountain nineteen kilometers away from the city of Rome, the citizens of Rome gathered, and the various families in Rome sent their representatives, among which almost all the Kunctilius family of Centumarus All here, ready to celebrate the glory of the family.Wang Weiyi asked softly.Of course I m nervous, because my lover is fighting in the most dangerous place on the battlefield.Leoni said softly closest cbd gummy worms near me But seeing my lover s mighty figure, I feel extremely proud of him.I know, No sword can pierce your body, no weapon can take your life.Wang Weiyi smiled I still suggest you go back to the base, it is the safest place.No.Leonie said stubbornly I will not go anywhere except by your side.Wang Weiyi winked at Depusey butler.The butler immediately said knowingly Baoness, I think you should go back to the base in accordance with the baron s words.It s not a question of whether it s safe or not.It s just that you are here, and the baron must be distracted to protect you.You have to You know, there are too many Romans.If the reinforcements cannot arrive tomorrow, then the Romans will definitely tear through the Germanian line of defense.The Roman soldiers couldn t stop them at all The Three Demon Messengers Kaleini was stunned, and even forgot to run away The three demon messengers and their companions have rushed over.The Roman soldiers guarding Carleni fell under their weapons one after another.Kaleini s life is in jeopardy Master Kaleini, let s go At this most critical moment, Sulpiki appeared with his soldiers.Sulpiki Kaleini had just said this, and the red eyed Sulpiki had already led his men to face the barbarians Lord Kaleini, Lord Caesar is over there Waiting for you Kaleini didn t dare to stop any longer, so he quickly pulled his horse and ran away Sulpiki heaved a sigh of relief, at least he did one thing that Caesar asked him to do.Now, what I have to do is closest cbd gummy worms near me to stop the barbarians from chasing Lord Kaleini here Those barbarians were so fierce that Sulpiki s men couldn t stop them at all.Here, the pride of the Romans is carried.Every citizen of the Roman Republic is proud of being able to visit the city of Rome once and see the majestic buildings here.The city of Rome is full of people of all kinds, nobles, slave traders, prostitutes, gladiators who have gained freedom, thieves, and desperadoes who are going to take some adventures here. When Wang Weiyi and Richthofen walked into Rome, they didn t cbd gummy dose chart closest cbd gummy worms near me attract anyone s attention.Here, all kinds of taverns are everywhere, as long as you have money, you can find everything you need here fine wine, food, women. Wang Weiyi and Richthofen walked into a tavern at random, or to be more precise, it was not a real tavern.When they walked in, they found that it was simply a noisy vegetable market, and the people inside were talking loudly and arguing loudly.

hand to exterminate more barbarians.But obviously, he was wrong.The savage used it so special.Such a shocking way cleanly wiped out the Fifteenth Legion.Even Centumalus himself fell captive to the barbarians.A huge threat is coming to himself, Caesar has already felt a powerful crisis Accompanied by the barbarians victories again and again, their self confidence continued to improve.It may not be long before the Germanic barbarians will appear again in the Gaul province across the Rhine.The sad mood of the rabbit dead and the fox is now the best portrayal of Caesar.Although he was very dissatisfied closest cbd gummy worms near me with Centumaros, this young commander was still a Roman after all.It is absolutely impossible for Caesar to pay the ransom just yesterday, the barbarians sent their envoys and told Caesar clearly that if Centumalus was to be released, the Romans would have to .

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pay 30 Austrians.Negotiating with the barbarians Wang Weiyi knew that he could leave Rome again, and he had completed his mission here task.And what about Caesar What kind of attitude will this ambitious and arrogant guy treat Rome who betrayed him This will soon have the answer.Pompey ordered the Senate to use the fastest, matching The best knight was sent to Caesar at the first time.When Caesar received this order from the Senate, as no one expected, his anger could not be expressed in words.Although he was defeated by the barbarians green cbd gummies scam several times He was frustrated and angry, but this time he was completely angry Caesar thought he had done closest cbd gummy worms near me too much for Rome.Without himself, there would not be so many victories, and there would be no Roman Republic Gaul province.And now Now they actually want to recall themselves What recall means, Caesar knows better than anyone.The second lieutenant is coming When he got to the truck and opened the curtain, he saw a car of American soldiers.The second lieutenant probably checked the explosives and grenades on the car, and whistled This amount of explosives is enough to blow up several houses to the sky.up.Hey, sergeant, are you from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division too He asked Alan.Guo Yunfeng s heart rose to his throat.The truck was full of German soldiers.They couldn t understand what the American second lieutenant was saying.Guo Yunfeng s hand was already on the gun Yes, Lieutenant, we are all from the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division.Unexpectedly, Allen replied in fluent American English.Aha, you are from San Diego The second lieutenant became interested.Yes, I grew up in San Diego and then went to Los Angeles, second lieutenant.Wang Weiyi took off his hat and said in fluent French.The major was obviously a little surprised French Ah, yes, I am Henri Ren chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies Abel from Lyon.Wang Weiyi smiled and said My companions and I have a farm near here.Look, it s not far away.He pointed to the distance, and he could be sure that these French soldiers had just arrived here closest cbd gummy worms near me and were unfamiliar with everything here.Aha, a farmer.The French major showed a smile on his face I m Major Henner, nice to meet you, Mr.Abel.Why did you come to Germany to open a farm Look, who was there before It is also fate that a war will break out Wang Weiyi shrugged Our relationship with Germany was good before, but this war cost me a lot.Major Henner smiled Don t worry, Mr.Abel, the war will end soon, and all your losses should be borne by the Germans. Yes, it s all the Germans responsibility.It is difficult for me to forget what happened that day.The enemy s shells fell one after another, mercilessly hitting my troops, and not long ago, it was our artillery.The situation has completely left me control.I can assure you as a soldier that I have always been in command of the battleThe enemy s artillery fire is too accurate, and the coverage area is unbelievableThe German infantry was in the The tanks are attacking under the cover, but miraculously, none of the enemy shells landed on them.The distance between the two sides is so close that without accurate measurement, it is difficult for the artillery to do this.The only thing that can happen There is only one possibility, that is, there are a large botanical farm cbd gummies number of artillery observers at the forefront of the position to inform those gunners of the impact point in time However, I did not find a single artillery observer from the beginning to closest cbd gummy worms near me the endthe troops are in total disarray, the enemy has taken our positions without difficulty, and has begun to break through to our last line of defense I firmly believe that once we are forced to retreat into Ibor , those Germans who have hated us for a long time will definitely take the opportunity to attack us.This is a day that must be remembered forever in history The night is quiet, and the U.S.military is not used to fighting at night.Their artillery shells continued to fly, harassing the German troops on the ground.Their flares are constantly rising into the air, and they must use this method to ensure that the enemy will not sneak attack on them.However, the soldiers of the German army are indifferent to the scenes that happen every infinuity cbd gummies reviews night, and they know better what will happen soon The German army will never forget this night, and neither will the enemy for a lifetime.This is the wrath of Germany The cannon were all in position, as had happened countless times in the past, cbd gummies family video and once Baron Alexon decided to engage in a battle, all the firepower that could be mobilized would be at his service.

Leoni thought for a while I think, it closest cbd gummy worms near me s time for us to show up.No, ma am, it s too dangerous.Butler Depusey was the first to call Come out No one knows what will happen in such a chaotic situation, your safety even if there is It suddenly occurred to him that Joseph didn t know their real identities at all, so he forced the word little spirit back into his stomach Even with our protection, it can t be guaranteed.Depusey, I m the Baroness, right Leonie said with a smile.Then he gummy cbd for sleep emphasized one point Baroness Alexon.And you, Elena, you too are a baroness.No one loved the city more than Baron Reiksen, and he would never allow any civil unrest in Berlin.So, now is the time for us to show up.Yes, it s time for us to show up.Elena how does cbd gummies affect you also responded to Leoni with a smile If a bullet hits us, at least we will do something for Berlin.Mario said with a smile They put forward some conditions, I will not say those conditions, I believe you will agree.Wang Weiyi also smiled Then tell them, they can surrender.As for what guarantees their lives Safe wait, tell them Germany is in full agreement.It was a fantastic fight, directed by a German, starring an Italian and a Frenchman, and ended with a consistent victory for the Germans and a consistent defeat for the Italians and French.what can you say This is just a continuation of the tradition of several wars.General Jean Doss surrendered.He biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x looked a bit embarrassed.Such a failure is really unacceptable.When he saw the German Marshal who defeated him, he saluted and said, Jean Doss, Major General of the French Army.Ernst Brehm, German Marshal.Ernst Brahm Skull Baron When you hear this name, let.Captain Kurt just watched helplessly as he lost fighter planes and comrades in arms one by one Especially that fiery red fighter plane is simply a demon in the air.He ravaged the Allied fleet and firmly ruled the sky.The Red Baron that myth appeared here cbd gummies is weed again j003 Fighter No.1 was concentrated, and the base is recovering.When Xiaoling s words reached Wang Weiyi s ear, the undefeated god of war on the battlefield smiled.The enemy will never know that they are fighting against a group of machines that cbd gummies boulder co don t know pain and fear.Even, the sky The German fleet on the plane will never have to worry about any losses The Richthofen fleet swept the sky.Dominating the blue sky, 9 Allied aircraft cups have been shot down in a short time.And the rest of them couldn t find a better way except to dodge in cbd gummy dose chart closest cbd gummy worms near me fear and fight back weakly.The American soldier holding Martin laughed loudly and said, The German is serious.He can t even protect himself and return it to someone else.What are you talking about Martin managed to utter a word.A sharp knife emerged from behind the American soldier, and then, with a twist of the wrist, he cut off the American soldier s trachea.It sGyuntherSecretary Sergeant After Martin finished speaking, he passed out and fell into the snow.It is estimated that 70 of it was frozen and 30 was tired.Sir, Martin will be frozen if he is left here.WaitI ll figure it out Be careful Gyunser lowered his head.The American troops outside the trenches were shooting at them.Two tanks came over, and the machine guns and cannons on the tanks drove away the American troops outside the trenches.We need artillery support Come as you closest cbd gummy worms near me say The artillery positions behind the German army opened fire, but many shells landed in the trenches, killing many German soldiers.Asshole No fucking eyes closest cbd gummy worms near me Gyunse cursed.No wonder they, the sights of the cannons are so frozen that they are useless Mick said.Continue to clear the .

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battle position, clear the closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for pain relief near me position Lieutenant Lu Zuo yelled at them.Tom and the others stood up and moved forward, and 250mg sugar free cbd gummies Tom dragged Martin, who had passed out from the cold.In the northeast of the trench, there was a machine gun bunker.Captain Luzuo ordered them to destroy the bunker.The German soldier Huth rushed to the back of the bunker.He saw that the bunker had two floors, and one was built underground.The underground was the entrance of the bunker.Huth rushed down without paying attention.Go to the opposite side of the stairs and there is a perforation.There is a rifleman in it.The rifleman killed Hoot with a single shot.Hoot rolled down the stairs.Cairo is closest cbd gummy worms near me full of enemy soldiers, and the streets are full of people.is the fortress.Those fbi agents were vigilantly monitoring every move in Cairo.They have the power to arrest any suspicious target at any time.As long as there is any imprudence here.They will fall into the bottomless abyss anytime and anywhere.But Wang Weiyi has experienced too many such scenes, and for him, it is nothing more than another adventure.Those familiar scenes on the streets of Cairo.It reminded him of what he had done here, everything seemed to have happened just yesterday.Where should I start How to approach Farida To be honest, Wang Weiyi has no clear plan yet.In his view, all well planned plans will always encounter such changes and be forced to change.How to adapt to changing circumstances is the most important thing.

Several of their soldiers withdrew from the stairs on the other side.Two or three American soldiers blocked the way, but they were quickly killed.After they ran out of the house, they ran back.The machine guns of the American tanks kept Sweeping wildly in the back.They ran back about 100 meters, and finally saw their company commander, Captain Urne, and battalion commander, Major Lubeauf.They were HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me stubbornly blocking the U.S.troops with machine guns in the tunnel.Gattle and the others hurriedly rolled in In the tunnel, he escaped the sweeping fire of the US military and recovered his life.Major Luberf was counting the number of people and found that his battalion had lost two thirds.Especially Shostka and the others just now these soldiers he liked so much did not withdraw, which made him anxious.He would even make bets with the soldiers.It now appears that the rumors are true.When they brought the baron to the frontline position, the commanders there got a call from Colonel Versten, and they had already lined up to meet the baron.Hey Ernst When the Baron appeared, all the people shouted at the same time.Hey.Don t you need to do something In one sentence, every officer laughed.Listen to my orders.Disband and go back to your trenches to do what you should do.Marshal, this is our commander, Captain Urne.Marshal, it s an honor to meet you Yur Captain Nei said loudly, hiding his excitement.Captain Urne, it seems that cbd gummy dose chart closest cbd gummy worms near me your name is not commonly used by Germans.Wang Weiyi asked casually.Yes, I am of Polish descent.Captain Urne replied hastily My parents settled in Germany very early, I hope this will not affect my service for Germany.Our nation can be rejuvenated The sole purpose of those so called diplomatic and non political aids is to destroy the great situation of stability and unity of our country.Corrupt our nation s will to struggle In those so called international organizations and agreements, the same ulterior and evil purpose is hidden The German government under the leadership of Hitler only strives for the survival and development of its own people Those eternal enemies of ours, the eternal enemies of Germany, can only flow from their tongues Any attempt to cooperate with them is a betrayal and a crime against the German nation Betrayal and crime We will fight these shameless and evil enemies to the end Fight to the end Forever Until they are completely wiped out We have overcome countless difficulties and achieved countless achievements, and no power in the world can stop us The final victory will belong to the German people Amidst the applause of the mountains and tsunami, a fragment of Hitler s reply speech to then US President Roosevelt on April 28, 1939 was also played Mr.After Benito Mussolini died three years later, his son Vittorio Mussolini became the new life long best nano cbd gummies president of Italy.This is a question of power and Greed for money.Not at all inferior to his father s dictator.Under the lure of the United States, he betrayed his former ally Germany without hesitation.He even joined the attack on Germany.However, since he is greedy Man, we can always find a way to deal with him.And the first step I chill cbd gummies 100x where to buy green ape cbd gummies have to do, is to control the Prime Minister of Italy, Bertrul What method did I use, probably Mr.Casanovic has already I told you, and I already have a complete plan for Italy to withdraw from the Allied Forces He carefully stated all his plans Wang Weiyi listened very seriously Everything is Do as you say, and leave the matter to you.I am very relieved.But there is a precondition that your normal business cannot be affected.And these people serving the Wittgenstein family are all hidden in various classes with various identities.Now, Wang Weiyi finally witnessed it with his own eyes.At this time, the siren sounded sharply outside, and Capone still said calmly Then.We will leave first and look forward to your call.He said.These people quickly evacuated from the back door After putting away the business card, Wang Weiyi saw Tatiana rushing in with a large group of policemen.Seeing that Mr.Petergoff was still alive, Tatiana rushed up Mr.Petergoff, how are you Are you injured Ah, I m fine, I m not hurt at all.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Seeing that Mr.Petergoff was safe and sound, Tatiana breathed a sigh of relief.The police seemed afraid to disrupt the scene, and something was waiting there.About ten minutes later, Ivan also entered closest cbd gummy worms near me the church with a large group of people.Even if he does escape, Colonel Guadrav has the ability to catch him back in the first place.Wang Weiyi saw a car and a bus driving out.Sitting in front was Marshal Kolkorok.His family was on the bus in the back.Then, two more black cars drove out, closely following behind.They were the agents in charge of protecting the Marshal s safety.Wang Weiyi started the car and quietly followed behind There was nothing unusual along the way, and it was calm all the way cbd gummies quit drinking out of Moscow.At this time, Wang Weiyi was also a little curious, where is Capone going to do it What kind of method are you going to use Several cars stopped at a nice view in the outskirts, and Marshal Kolkorok stepped out of the car first.Then his family got off the bus one after another.The faces of the adults are solemn, because they know what is about to happen today.

Retreat without fighting.The German tanks rushed towards the entrance of the position at high speed, and collided head on with an American jeep trying to rush into the position.It was an egg hitting a rock, and the American jeep was crushed by the Destroyer 3 tank like a matchbox.After rushing through the ruins, it suddenly became clear that there were wreckage of destroyed American tanks everywhere.This should be the result of a cbd gummies vegan uk series of battles There are several tank recovery vehicles and repair vehicles working on repairing tanks with broken tracks or repairable ones.In the midst of the flames of war, our appearance surprised Americans who did not know the details.An M 60 immediately opened fire on the German army, perhaps too flustered, their biolife cbd gummies reviews chill cbd gummies 100x shots missed far away, the gunner Fu in the tank would not give it another chance, and blasted the M 60 into a pile with one shot debris.The ground keeps shaking, as if slowly approaching.The Russian army in the woods is waiting for their tanks support.No.8.He glanced at his watch, but he didn t seem to full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me notice Tuckett s abuse of him.Number 11.Simon March 11th is your birthday, if Tackett remembers correctly, right During this calm interval of the battle, Tuckett took out the cigarette case, took out one and stuffed it into the mouth of his old friend, and lit it.Simon smiled wearily, squinting his eyes and looking at Tuckett Huh so many years.You still remember.He held the cigarette between two fingers.He took it out and exhaled the gray smoke.Tackett noticed that his fingers were shaking.Where were you on March 11 of the year before last, little one No.11 in 364, have you forgotten, Zorn, we were training at Howson Barracks at that time, and your physical training failed aha Passed Tackett retorted haughtily I just didn t make it to the standard of excellence the normal person is me You are that abnormal Simon laughed I m not normal yeah, that s why I was drafted into the SS.And the most eye catching one is the fiery red fighter Red Baron Just like the worship of Baron Alexon, the Red Baron can also bring great confidence.Bombs fell on the US positions one after another.At the same time, German artillery also invested in the attack here.The war turned from cruel to crueler The inspired German soldiers cheered like a mountain and a tsunami.They knew that victory was only one step away from them.As Brigadier General Gott believes, failure is only one step away from himself.It s time to end it all Brigadier General Gott urged his troops loudly, inspired all the fighting courage, and he told the American officers and soldiers that reinforcements would arrive soon.they have to do.Just hold on one more, hold on one last time This time the German offensive has never been interrupted, with the support of the air force and ground artillery.A heavy machine gun was at the ten o clock direction, killing the grenadiers who had no way to dodge at a rate of fire of ten rounds per second.A row of fan shaped shots were fired, and soil pillars more than one meter high were scattered all over the road.From time to time, there were soldiers who were shot and fell to the ground.They are so revealing The grenadier who was shot but survived screamed in pain, calling for help.And those medical soldiers did their duty, they must treat the wounded soldiers However, the Russians cbd gummy dose chart closest cbd gummy worms near me did not abide by the so called international law at all.Several medical soldiers who appeared in Noqier s vision, Noqier watched as they were shot through the body by Russian rifles.Now, they have also become wounded soldiers who need to be treated.There is some irony in it Noqier has found the target of 098 That deadly heavy machine gun must stop making noise.One after another shells continued to destroy the Russian tanks one after another.The Russian military officers of the 21st Panzer Army have never felt so powerless Their weapons can deal with civilians and Ukrainian insurgents, but they are definitely not the opponents of German equipment.The tank battle lasted less than an hour, and the Russian army lost a large number of tanks, and the casualties were even more serious.I seem to have returned to the Second World War Wang Weiyi put down the binoculars At that time, we could always gain an absolute advantage in tank battles.After so many years, the Russians have not made any progress., Instead, they are still spinning around.Kalumbu interjected Not only that, but at the same time as the interrogation of the Russian police officers captured by our team, we also learned that they owed a lot of wages, and the Russians fighting enthusiasm is not high.One step after another, De Gro watched as the French finally came within rifle range.He felt the slight nervousness of the soldiers around him, and the current situation had already told him.He has been surrounded, just like the captives they surrounded, there are only two choices or passive to death.Or fight to the death.Another landmine was triggered.Degro looked at the advancing French army from a distance.He felt his heart was twitching.At this moment, he had no fear, only regret, and wished he could kill more Russians.sigh.He carefully took out the pocket watch hanging around his neck, opened it gently, and there was a photo on one side of the pocket watch.That was his most beloved wife, and does cbd gummies help with period cramps it was a pity that he recalled the happy time he had with his wife.It was the Russians in front of them who took it all away.

He has never seen those German soldiers, and he has never seen the attack of those German soldiers He knows that he and his troops can t last much longer Brigadier General Dolby in Hannover once again rejected Ellington s request for reinforcements, which cbd gummies high made Ellington angry, but helpless.Although it was his first time to participate in the most real battle, he still understood one reason.If Fort Dukeland was lost, could Hanover continue to hold on It s a pity that Commodore Dolby doesn t understand this truth Maybe the nightmare will come to Commodore Dolby soon The gunfire continued throughout the night at Fort Dukeland.The sound of guns and guns sounded everywhere made the New Zealand soldiers feel great despair.The fallen comrades made them afraid and fearful, making them wonder when they would do the same.At Teton, the Germans showed enough tenacity, and in Hannover, the Allies showed no less tenacity than the enemy.This has never happened before the war broke out.Both sides have used their human resources and material resources to the limit, and everyone is almost gnashing their teeth there to persist.At this point in the battle, no one is willing to give up, and no one wants to let their hard work be ruined.At this time, whether the weapons are advanced or not, and whether the tactics are advanced or not have become secondary.The most important thing is who can persist until the last moment.Commodore Dolby is clearly ready for this.From the beginning of the Battle of Hanover, he was very satisfied with the performance of his troops.You know, what he is facing is the skeleton baron who has never failed since the outbreak of the First World War a legendary baron As for himself, he was able to persist with the Skeleton Baron until now.Correction minus closest cbd gummy worms near me twenty yards back, four for height.Six yards to the left, one serve.I repeat, minus twenty yards back.Height four, six yards to the left, one serve, done.Hoo boom The final correction value add ten yards forward, height four, offset angle unchanged, two volleys I repeat.Add ten yards forward, four in height, and the same offset angle.Two salvos, over The sky full of tracer shells tore through the night sky, screaming and flying towards the enemy.Shout boom Shout boom Shout boom The flames cbd gummies 6 times stronger than viagra soared into the sky.The night was illuminated like day by the explosion fire Same.Donald puts the butt of his rifle against his shoulder.His boots are full of water.Connor chews his gum, ignoring the rain running down his face, watching the distant fire.Orison drops the half of his hand Cigarette butt, patted the bolt.Justice, I m just a poor president, and cbd gummy dose chart closest cbd gummy worms near me everything is controlled by the scumbag Sinager out there.It s the man who should be punished, not the Me The police officer couldn t help but shook his head at such a naked dog biting dog.After all, they used to be the president and prime minister of France, but at the moment in court, they are more like a group of mad dogs, biting each other there in order to shirk their responsibilities, and humiliated all French people in full view.The prosecutor quickly made his final judgment.In front of all the witnesses and evidence, Khatri and Sinagh must bear full responsibility for all the charges in the court, and they were all convicted of all the charges.Khatri and Sinagh were also sentenced to death, the prosecutor announced.If Enova died fearlessly, then Khatri and Sinagh died vilely.You can leave me alone, but please don t closest cbd gummy worms near me give up our daughter Those people will come back soon.Nash s heart All of a sudden it became chaotic.Probably no one around him knows.How much he loves his wife and daughter He once deeply hurt Alinda, and he swore that such a thing would never happen again Wait full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg closest cbd gummy worms near me for me, I will come to rescue you soon, remember to find something to hold the door firmly Nash put down the phone, and summoned all the eight agents he could muster as quickly as possible.You closest cbd gummy worms near me must save your wife and daughter, no matter what price you have to pay for it.And after only a few minutes of research, Nash was able to confirm that the place where Alinda and Bella were being held was near a forest outside London.There is only one two story building, so it is not difficult to find it.Although there is no delicious food in the barracks, I don t think you can refuse.Ah, I have a military meeting in a while.During this time I will let my closest cbd gummy worms near me cbd gummies for pain relief near me adjutant Major Barack accompanied you to take a look in the barracks.Major Barack was called in, obviously he had heard of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, and after General Gendra left, the major enthusiastically accompanied him Lieutenant Colonel Moyol left the office together.Our military strength has always been the one I m most proud of While walking in the barracks, Wang Weiyi said Of course, the British also have their strengths, that is, their intelligence work is still good.Sometimes they have information that even we don t know.Yes, no one can deny this.Major Barack said with a smile But what s the point Now it is an American who is in charge of intelligence and intelligence work.

why not.Mr.Mayor.Mr.Chief Myers, who has become the representative of all the family members of the kidnapped hostages, said loudly What they want is not weapons or grenades.What they want is food and life saving medicine.This will not hinder the lives of our children Please agree to their request, Mr.Mayor, Mr.Director If the City of Oakland is in financial trouble then all of this is on me And us The family members of the kidnapped hostages uttered such roars.For the first time, Mayor Duila felt a little scared in his heart The black people have already started rioting.If these white people are offended again, things will only happen.It gets more complicated I m going to have these things ready for you from a humanitarian standpoint Mayor Duira said after a long period of consideration But this does not mean that I have compromised with you.Instead, a local person directly hazel hill cbd gummies provides us with Support will be much more beneficial.Mr.Mars understood the meaning of the other party at once Huey Newton wanted to make himself a sponsor of the Black Panther Party Sympathizing with black people is one thing, but direct funding is another.After all, the status of blacks in the United States, especially in Oakland, is very low.If the matter of self funding black people gets out.It will have a very serious impact on your family and company Mr.Mars, you don t have to worry about the problems you are facing Huey knew that the other party was worried about something What No one else will know about our funding, and everything will be done in secret.Of course, you will get rewards, and the rewards we give you will also be unexpected, for example, Mayor of Oakland will be vacant soon Mr.Yep, no one around listening.OK, I have an urgent matter to report to you now chill cbd gummies 100x Colonel Jed, Chief of CIA UK, has defected Yes.The situation is very critical.The entire HCMUSSH closest cbd gummy worms near me CIA intelligence system in the UK is being destroyedI demand the immediate and secret arrest of Colonel Jedd and his immediate return homeSuccessor I think Captain Roger can take Colonel Jed s place no, he is not Colonel Jed s man, I can ensure his loyalty to America yes, I will carry out your order immediately Order to arrest Colonel JedYes, the Ash Project will definitely not be damaged in any way He put down the phone, and then let out a long breath I totally I did as you ordered, is there anything else I can do Ah, tonight I think you should write all the contents of the Ash Project Wang Weiyi thought for a while Mr.Olaviecki.Or even shorter.General Gendra s answer undoubtedly made the Frustrated All kinds of things are flooding our preparations for war.The US military is okay, but the dissatisfaction among the British army is increasing day by day just like the sentiment of the British people in the UK.What I worry about is that once the war starts, those British soldiers There will be a large scale mutiny in the team.Both President Fenton and Prime Minister Wilkins were a little unhappyIt is really unreasonable for General Gandra to accuse the British team so much.Is it a traitor But General Gandra just told the truth he knew The movements of all senior British generals must be closely monitored.Brigadier General Luke seemed to think of something when he said this Mr.President, Mr.Prime Minister.I don t mean to offend the UK at all, but the situation that General Gandra said makes me very worried.Wait, are you talking about the war with Adams Yes, and Adams.Will did not deny it at all A dozen uprisings are about to break out in Moyle. God, thank you for this news.Colonel Tarrant hurriedly said I will make the deployment immediately.Quiet, my old friend, you have to listen carefully to every word I have to say before you can make a decision Will kept the other party calm Of course you have the right to Repression whatever you want, but have you thought about the consequences Why did Adams choose Moyle for the uprising Because he knows the city even better than you, he knows that there are a lot of his sympathizers here, and even a lot of his loyal followers in the internal guard under your command Once you try to suppress, I What can be guaranteed is that Adams will get the news as soon as possible As for the people of Moyle, you have no way of knowing what choices they will make Colonel Tarrant was stunned Sitting there without saying a word.His mood was still so gloomy.There is always a voice in his heart, and the footsteps of failure are heading towards Southampton little by little The First Division of the British Royal Army who reached Southampton did not have too many Under the command of Romeo, they quickly launched an attack on the city.At this time, the morale of the soldiers of the Queen s Army was high, and even Romeo was surprised by their enthusiasm for fighting.You must know that just last year, this force had just been formed without any actual combat experience, and with the progress of the war.This army has become the most elite armed force that Her Majesty can trust.The flags fluttering one after another seemed to announce the determination of all the soldiers there.A cannon with its bloody mouth open, can t wait to taste the flesh and blood of the enemy.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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