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Really, the local dealers are all here to pick up the goods, but there are too many goods, and they will meet them soon Too busy to ask us to help.When Lao Zhang saw Li cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat Dexiao coming out, he seemed to find a punching bag and poured out all his complaints.Li Dexiao chuckled lightly, If you don t get up early a few times a year, today is considered rare, hahaha.Don t talk about it, do you have anything to eat I just came here, and I haven t got anything How about How about I go and see if there are any leftovers from yesterday, and make you a bowl of fried rice with eggs It s too late, forget it.Lao Zhang, who was just about to get up, suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.I said, Lao Li, what are you doing behind Why is it so fragrant Li Dexiao was stunned for a moment, and then realized that it might be the smell of his wife s cake.

At this time, it is difficult to attract customers back.Rong, I don t have Master Rong.I have always been loyal to the store, and I do my work very seriously every day.When Xiao Sun heard Rong Bing just say this, he was frightened and hurriedly said that he had nothing to do with the other party.When Mo Mo lowered his head, he whispered again, Obviously you don t care, and now you re blaming me.Rong Bingcai had a good ear, and when he heard Xiao Sun s complaint, he remembered his leisurely attitude back then, and he still swore Said that the other side wanted to bring in his own cakes, and said angrily.What did you say I don t care Well, you will be fired from today.I, Master Rong, I When Xiao Sun heard the dismissal, he hurriedly explained.Stop talking, I don t want to hear it Well, what about my wages Still want wages You have not worked for a full month, and as I said before, those who have been fired have not been paid for a full month.

Who would read that kind of comic book If he wanted to read it, he would go to the Japanese one.The Japanese meat fans there are the classics in the comics world.I don t want a doll how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat cbd gummies for depression book.Then why are you calling me Shangguan Xiaobao asked back.I just want to ask you, did you draw these doll books Yeah, what You work there now What does the pretty boy want I ll leave if how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat cbd gummies for depression I don t buy the doll books.Shangguan Xiao Bao glanced at Li Guohao annoyedly, wondering what this kid wanted to do.When he called Shangguan Xiaobao, Li Guohao suddenly remembered who this person was.This person is the author of the cartoon Bruce Lee in the future.When I was a child, I accidentally found a batch of Xiangjiang comic books from the second hand book market, including this comic natures boost cbd gummies prices book.Seeing Shangguan Xiaobao s impatience, Li Guohao smiled and said, I just want to ask if you will accept the job.

Shangguan Xiaobao glanced at Li Guohao suspiciously, Accept the job I can only draw.Just let you draw. A tea house.Two baskets of pineapple buns, three baskets of shrimp dumplings, um, I m here for the pot of Cuilan.Shangguan Xiaobao ordered some food from the waiter as soon as he sat down, thinking that he would be a bastard if he didn t take advantage of the cheap.Anything else The waiter asked Li Guohao, who was sitting beside him.Li Guohao shook his head, No need.After the waiter left, Shangguan Xiaobao asked, Tell me, what do you want me to draw Mr.Shangguan My name is Kuang.Li Guohao smiled and nodded, Okay , Mr.Kuang, let me introduce myself first, my surname is Li.I want to ask Mr.Kuang first, besides being able to draw this kind of doll book, can he do anything else What is this kind of doll book My doll book is very popular Yes Shangguan Xiaobao retorted like a kitten with fur.

It seems that this boss Qi Shanqi is not as forthright as he looks, and he still has a businessman s common problem of not announcing good news.report worry.Boss Qi, I don t know much about these things.You can quote a price directly.If it is suitable, five cbd gummies free bottle we can talk.After the cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle other party finished talking about the company s many hidden benefits besides losses, Li Guohao said directly.Qi Shan was stunned for a moment, he didn t expect this Mr.Li to be so decisive, a little unexpected, and broke his original plan, but he is also a person who has seen big waves, so he laughed to cover up, Haha, Mr.Li is indeed a young hero, well, I, Qi, am not a procrastinator, half a million The publishing house has all the resources.Five hundred thousand Li Guohao frowned, this price is the same as Fang Jian s previous evaluation But there is a huge difference.

No need to discuss The boss said that the current market is like this.At that time, I also considered that there were not many fillings in the store, and I entered it because of the opening of a new store.Zhang Dong didn t want to buy it when he saw the price increase.Yes, but there is no way to buy this urgently needed item in the store, as long as it is taken as a victim and slaughtered.I ll look for it tomorrow, and I don t believe that the whole Xiangjiang is sold by his store If it doesn t work, I ll go to Wanwan or Macau to look for it Li Guohao didn t believe it at all when the boss who sold roses said it was a good market.It is not a stock that has doubled.Well, that s fine.I bought more goods this time, and I can handle it for more than half a month.Zhang Dong also bought more this time.

At the beginning, there was no other way, so I had to go to talk with TVB purchasing department in five cbd gummies free bottle person.It was the same this time, because there was no manpower.Li Guohao is very aware of his ability, he doesn t know how to maximize the benefits of negotiating this kind of thing.The request made this time was just a temporary idea on his part.So after separating from Wu Guohua, Li Guohao asked Shangguan Xiaobao to recruit a commercial talent for the comic agency as soon as possible.Up to now, Panda Comic Publishing House is still in the state of a small workshop.Apart from a few painters and assistants, and finance and cleaning staff, there are no other departments.Letting Shangguan Xiaobao go back this time is to let him think carefully about how to develop the comic club, recruit the talents that should be recruited, and get the departments that should be established as soon as possible.

It s like a senior pastry chef, who gets two more days katie couric cbd gummies review off each month than usual.Chapter 63 Charity and Loans 4,000 character chapter The next day, the palace pastry company.Li Qiang, you should deal with this matter and inform every employee in the three branches Tell them not to think about stealing and cheating Li Guohao sat in the office angrily, and it was up to him to talk about this matter.I didn t consider this situation, although in my previous life when I went to GD as an apprentice, I often secretly ate the food I was going to throw away with a few colleagues who were also apprentices, but now I am the boss, cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat he I finally understand why the boss hates this thing.Indeed, if you take home the pastries discarded in the shop without permission, it won t hurt to be found out, and at most you will be fined and warned.

He was as shy as a young man, and he was too embarrassed to talk about things like love and love in front of his parents That s not okay, I don t expect cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle A Dong to show off his daughter in law in front of me.Under Li Guohao s repeated assurances, as long as he talked to his girlfriend as soon as he told his mother, Li Huifang was satisfied and let her good looking girl go.son.After having lunch with his parents in the tea cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat restaurant, Li Guohao went back home, took a few management books that Li Qiang gave him, and rushed to the company.He still had some things to deal with in the afternoon. Rongji Bakery was established in 1955.After more than ten years of hard work, the founder, Rong Zhiming, started from Yau Ma Tei and developed a small cake shop less than ten square meters into three well known old shops.

Li Guohao had already had an idea to open a food factory.It s just because of insufficient funds, and the pastry shop couldn t do without him at that time.Now that the pastry shop has established a company and has millions of funds on hand, it is natural to diversify and develop.This diversification does not mean meddling in everything.Instead, it is limited to the pastry industry.After all, now Li Guohao is making his fortune by pastries.All kinds of biscuits, snacks, and pastries are sold very well in the later shopping malls, not to mention that there are very few new products in packaged foods at this time.how to say.In the past, people thought that buying a packaged wife cake or other biscuits in the mall was much more upscale than buying from a pastry shop near home, and they also thought it was very face saving.

There are good time slots and bad time slots for the advertising space purchased on Li s TV station.In general, Li Guohao s idea is that as soon as people turn on the TV and watch Li s TV station, there must be an advertisement for palace cakes on TV.For this reason, Li Guohao has to pay a lot of advertising fees, which is only the cost of advertising five cbd gummies free bottle on TV stations, and it is still within the two minute advertising time.The cost of filming the ad will be calculated separately.Of course, the cost of shooting advertisements is naturally very low.Chapter 81 Zhang Dong s daily life, Long time no see, Manager Mai.Long time no see, Boss Li, Manager Zhang.Manager Mai.Zhang Dong was taken aback how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat cbd gummies for depression by the sudden appearance of Manager Mai.He came to Maiqi Decoration Company this cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle time to hang out with Mai Xiaomin.

, You haven t come home yet, and you called your company, but you just said you were dealing with it.Li Huifang asked worriedly.Li Dexiao on the side also looked concerned.Faced with his family s concern, Li Guohao felt warm and said with a smile It s nothing, it was the people from Rongji Bakery who sent people to secretly throw some cockroaches and mice into our shop at night.The matter has been resolved.And they reap the consequences, you know about the recent food poisoning cbd gummies and aspirin incident.Li Renzhong was angry when he heard that it was Rongji s trouble, and when he heard that Rongji s pastries had caused food poisoning, he slapped the table and said excitedly Okay, this means that the wicked will be rewarded with evil Li Huifang also said happily The people of Rongji did their own crimes, and finally let God take care of him.

I think they should be seen five cbd gummies free bottle on the market in the near future.Take a look, this is our doll.The contract with Datong Toy Factory.After receiving the document, Li Guohao opened it and read it.Wei Mo was surprised and said They really promised to only produce for one year, and they only sold it in Xiangjiang Disney s dolls, so I have a lot of worries about whether I can make money. Well, it s good, I talked to Liao Bufan, the five cbd gummies free bottle manager of Li s TV station, and he said that Kung Fu Panda will be in Thailand and you in Singapore soon.As long as the ratings are high, we will delegate the production rights of Kung Fu Panda in Southeast Asia to others.Li Guohao had already thought about it before, as long as Kung Fu Panda can become popular in other countries, then Doll stickers around Kung Fu Panda can be sold at a good price.

Discounts, or free samples, etc., of course, absolutely not It will make everyone lose money.Boss Li, I see that the document you provided mentioned that flour and some raw materials need to be imported in your company, so we can t do it ourselves These raw materials must be imported in our company.What are you going to do if you lie to us Hehe, everyone is overthinking.All the raw materials our company provides to you are at market prices, and some materials are even lower than market prices.Some people may ask why we force If you buy five cbd gummies free bottle materials in our company, I might as well just say it directly.Our company has a technical department that is responsible for making new pastry varieties.All the materials cbd gummies for quit smoking reviews used in the experimental production are provided by our company.There is a big difference in taste, so don t blame me for not reminding you if you can t sell it at that time.

As soon as Li Guohao walked into the company, he saw a female clerk standing up and said, Chairman, the Central Store called just now and asked you to call back.What s the matter I don t know, just ten It s less than a minute, and it s not long since I called.Yes, I see.Li Guohao nodded, went back to the office, found the number of the Central store and dialed it.Hey, that one I m Li Guohao Boss Wait a moment, it s the little girl who you told us to eat pastries for free looking for you.Ah Zhen looking for herself soon.Hey, Boss Li What s the matter, Ah Zhen Do you have anything to do with me Li Guohao, come here quickly, my parents are forcing my elder sister to go on a blind date Come to the rescue Chapter 102 Meet Father Zhao Zhao s mother, Li Guohao s side Ah Zhen was standing at the door of a restaurant, waiting for Li Guohao s arrival.

It was getting late at this time, so I didn t go to the company, and laughed all HCMUSSH five cbd gummies free bottle the way until I got home.Seeing that Li Guohao had been laughing foolishly since he entered the door, Li Huifang asked curiously What s wrong with my son He just smiled silly when he came back, did he find the money No.Li Guohao was happy, and smiled It s just I accompanied Adong to buy a house today, and I ordered a set.Buy a house Where did you buy it Li Huifang sat up from the sofa and asked when she heard that her son had bought a house.It s in the neighborhood diagonally opposite the 413 bus stop in Central.It s more than a cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle thousand feet away.I ll take you to see it with my dad and grandpa tomorrow.Our family has lived here for many years, so it s time to move to another house.Li Huifang said It s more than a thousand feet, it s quite big, but your father and I won t live there.

What You said to buy out all the copyrights of Kung Fu Panda in Europe and the United States Hearing that George actually said to buy out all the copyrights of Kung Fu Panda in Europe and the United States, Li Guohao said angrily This is impossible.Facing the angry Li Guohao, George didn t care but smiled and said, Mr.Li, don t worry, we at Warner five cbd gummies free bottle are going to pay 100,000 US dollars to buy the copyright of Kung Fu Panda in the United States and Europe.You know, 100,000 US dollars is about 50 Hong Kong dollars.Ten thousand.When George said 100,000, the gesture seemed to be that Li Guohao had made a fortune.You sent the beggar I earned almost hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars from Kung Fu Panda in Xiangjiang alone, not including the rights to broadcast cartoons sold to Southeast Asian countries.

They don t interfere with each other, but the palace pastry not only opens branches in various important areas of Xiangjiang, but now also has a franchisee plan I think everyone here should know the franchisee, and there are many people who want to join the palace pastry Shop, after all, if you join them, your daily income can be 100,000 Hong Kong dollars After speaking, Liu Peilin picked up a newspaper on the table, and the headline on the supplement read Ten new shops of Palace Bakery opened, and the daily income exceeded one million Hong Kong dollars The colleague next to him who had never read this newspaper snatched the newspaper from Liu Peilin s hand and read it Yesterday, on May 20th, the Palace Bakery opened ten franchised stores, and the total business hours of the ten stores on that day The amount has reached a million Hong Kong dollars What makes such a profit One million in ten stores Isn t that one store earning 100,000 Hong Kong dollars Fuck I should have agreed with Boss Li when I knew it was so profitable Conditions Yeah, I regret it, let these ten boys make a lot of money.

That s right, we only asked them for advertisements from February 1st to 15th, but considering that the price may increase in the future, I told you to try to extend the cooperation date, and you agreed.Signed a three month and one season advertisement, but it s about to expire now.It s June 15th soon.Li Guohao pondered for a while and said Don t stop advertising, but give priority to cooperation with Ming Pao and Kowloon Bus.As for the TV station, we have the invisible promotion of Kung Fu Panda, which can save a part relatively.Yes, I know.Then do you have anything to report There is no chairman.No.Seeing that everyone had nothing to say, Li Guohao dismissed the meeting, leaving Li Qiang alone.Why is there something else Li Qiang asked after everyone left.Li Guohao said indifferently I want to get a loan from HSBC.

When putting the stuffing, everyone can sit there, which is very relaxed, so about 5 people can work together on a production line.And Huang Yaohua said again This assembly line can not only make moon cakes, but also wife cakes, and various specific snacks.Just change a head, and you can make other things.After finishing speaking, Huang Yaohua pointed to Something like a big hourglass at the top of the assembly line.According to him, this thing can be disassembled.If you want to make peanut candy, you can replace it with another head, and then you can make sliced peanut candy the next day.Isn t it a cbd sour blue raspberry gummy bears 10mg each 15 count waste of money for the chairman to do this Xie Honghe frowned.According to what Li Guohao said just now, then the advertising fee is at least more than one million And possibly more.Li Guohao knew that the plan he just mentioned was very expensive, but the timing of the Mid Autumn Festival was really great.

Already Haha, then I have to work harder, otherwise I will get at least the red envelope at that time, wouldn t it be embarrassing to death.Li Qiang laughed in a lively atmosphere.Haha, Manager Li, I must have taken more than you Xie Honghe said with a smile.Zhang Dong dissatisfied Then what should I do I m just from the purchasing department Manager Zhang, you still have something to do with the sale of mooncakes this time.Let s stop talking about our franchise department.I ll go out and cry for a while Xiong Yi muffled Said with a face pretending to be in pain.Huang Yaohua saw that everyone started to tease him, so he smiled cheekily and said, I probably have the most red envelopes They chatted for a while.Li Guohao also calmed down during this period of time.It can be said that Li Guohao planned the Mid Autumn Festival mooncake event.

Xu Guanghe said.Palace cakes.William narrowed his eyes, and regretfully said It s a pity, the company had an idea before, and planned to take a stake in the palace pastry company, but judging from the current situation, this pastry boss is closer to the Huo Zheng family.At the end, William asked By the way, how are you preparing Now we have 27 of the shares in the flour mill.As long as Mr.William takes action against the milk company, we in Nanshun will forcibly acquire the Xiangjiang flour mill in a short time Xu Guanghe laughed.very good.Li Guohao followed Zheng Jiachun, swaying left and right all the way before finally finding the He family sisters and Zhao Yazhi in the dim sum area.Boss Li, the dim sum here is not good, but you mayim bialik fun drops cbd gummies make it delicious.Arjun stepped forward and complained when he saw Li Guohao.

According to Li Guohao s intention, all the palace pastry franchise stores in Macau will be opened by himself in the future.After calculating the gains and losses, He Qianjin nodded with a smile and said, Yes, I will send someone to cooperate with you when the time comes.I went to your company to discuss.It s a pleasant cooperation.A pleasant cooperation.The two easily negotiated the cooperation.at this moment.Li Sheng Turning around, it turned out to be Cai Lan.Brother Lan, I didn t expect you to be here.Cai Lan approached and laughed, It s all thanks to Mr.Jin, otherwise I wouldn t have the face to let the Governor of five cbd gummies free bottle Hong Kong invite me.At this time, Cai Lan was just a simple movie The producer has not yet created the name of the four 25mg cbd gummy bears great talents in later generations.Compared with Mr.Jin, he is already well known in Hong Kong because of his martial arts novels, and he is also the boss of Ming Pao.

The first auction item is a set of jewelry belonging to a rich lady, and the second item is an antique from the Qing Dynasty.The third piece is also interesting, and it turned out to be the manuscript of The Deer and Ding Tale.The third auction item is a complete set of manuscripts of The Tale of the Deer and Ding provided by Mr.Jin.I believe that many of you here are readers of Mr.Jin.The story of the Deer and Ding is not finished in the newspaper, but Mr.Jin has already finished cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle writing it.The plot below has not been serialized in the newspaper, as long as you can take a picture of this set of manuscripts, you can have a sneak peek An auctioneer stood on the stage and looked at the hundreds of people below and said.The starting price is 10,000 Hong Kong dollars 20,000 30,000 50,000 Suddenly, Li Guohao raised a sign and shouted.

Zhang Dong said angrily, After all, it s the first marriage in my life, so naturally I have to try to look as handsome as possible.How many more times do you want It s okay to stop arguing with you.What When is it time to leave Li Guohao didn t argue with Zhang Dong, marriage is one of the most important links in life, and there is nothing wrong with dressing handsomely and beautifully.Leave from me at 7 30, arrive at Xiao Min s house around 8 00 sharp, and then go straight to the new house.At noon, I will eat at the Lichun Restaurant near the new house, and in the evening, I will eat at your uncle s Jinhua Restaurant.Dining at noon was just a simple cutscene to prevent the guests from getting hungry, so Zhang Dong found a restaurant near the new house to deal with it.The evening is the banquet.

Yes.But Mr.Li, you have earned more than 500,000 yuan.Du Deye smiled.You made more than 500,000 so quickly Li Guohao frowned.It took only a few days to earn more than 500,000.Yes, the stock price is getting higher and higher now.From more than 500 at the beginning of the year, the Hang Seng Index has risen to more than 900 now.Du Deye said.That s fine, I still have to trouble Manager Du here, and then the money can be directly transferred to my previous account.No problem. Daronghua Company.Old Liu, have you considered it yet Gu Yonghe urged anxiously.Give me a few more days to think about it Liu Peilin was in a state of irritability.Seeing that Gu Yonghe was chasing him so closely, he had no choice but to repeat five cbd gummies free bottle it again.It s not that I don t give you time to think about it.You also know that the stock market is so good now.

We opened a shop in a downtown area in Wanbei, and there were no Feizi who came to make trouble.Xie Honghe shook his head.Well, the day of opening.Li Guohao touched his chin with one five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy hand, tapped the tabletop of his desk with the other, pondered for a moment and said You can check the calendar to see if that day is an auspicious day, and choose the one that is closest to open.That s fine, Do HCMUSSH five cbd gummies free bottle you want publicity Xie Honghe asked.After all, it is the first time to open a store in Wanwan.Whether it is successful or not will also have a great impact on future franchisees.Xiangjiang has enough 18 stores at this time, not to say that there cannot be more, but the current economic conditions and In the event of a stock market crash in the future, it is not suitable to open too many new stores.Propaganda is up to you, it s still the same old style, membership, lottery, promotion, whatever you want to do.

Among them is a pastry company called Daronghua Co., Ltd.What Daronghua They want to go public Li five cbd gummies free bottle Guohao said in shock.Du Deye said on the phone That s right, Mr.Li, their legal person, Liu Peilin, has indeed applied for listing, and many people are very interested in their novel franchise method.Well, I see, thank you Mr.Du.You re welcome Mr.Li, it s just a trivial matter.Du Deye said with a smile.Well, we are collecting some tricks, everyone will mention it in this chapter and this chapter, mainly pastry chefs, and you can also write about those who are proficient in that kind of dim sum.Chapter 163 Fax 3 3 After cutting off the phone, Li Guohao pondered.Unexpectedly, Liu Peilin actually listed Daronghua on the market It s no wonder why I haven t seen any new moves from them recently, they are all planning to go public.

Do you know Li Renzhong Uncle Chang squinted and saw that Li Guohao looked familiar, and asked in surprise, Are you Li Renzhong s descendant Li Renzhong is my grandfather.Li Guohao replied.What Renzhong is your grandfather Uncle Chang stood up a little excitedly, and asked tremblingly, He, how is he now My grandfather is very good.He went to Xiangjiang in the early years and settled there.Come down.Okay, very good.Uncle Chang said hello five cbd gummies free bottle repeatedly with a smile, and then said After more than forty years, I didn t expect to know the news of my old friend.I am really happy.Suddenly, Uncle Chang s originally happy face collapsed again, and he let out a long sigh Oh, I m almost seventy, and I don t have a few years to live.I don t know if we can see each other again.How could it be , Uncle Chang, you are still so tough, and my grandfather is also in good health, I believe you will see each other sooner or later.

A small diamond, with the help of a ray of sunlight, reveals a little reflected light, which is very beautiful.As long as you like it, it s not in vain.I ran for several blocks to choose such a necklace that matches you very well.Li Guohao stepped forward and put his arms around Zhao Yazhi, and said Just now I saw you were busy, what are you busy with It s nothing.Zhao Yazhi rubbed her hands, found a comfortable position in Li Guohao s arms and leaned against her and said, There are a few new orphanages recently, so let me help calculate the number of pastries to be donated every day. Ok Hearing that there were several more, instead of the Mingguang Welfare Institute just seen, Li Guohao asked Why Are there many welfare homes in Xiangjiang Zhao Yazhi nodded and said I didn t know it before.

Chapter 180 News brought by Zheng Jiachun Opening a tea restaurant is relatively easier than opening a pastry shop, mainly because some of the meals and meals sold in the five cbd gummies free bottle cbd gummies watermelon tea restaurant are relatively popular.The price is relatively cheap, so the workmanship and materials are not too particular.When Li Guohao heard that his grandfather had the idea of opening a chain restaurant, his heart was also moved.Because the price of pastry shops is generally high, and the stock market crash is about to hit, it is not suitable for expansion.When the stock market crash arrives, all walks of life will suffer losses.Whether it is reducing salaries or laying off employees, it will lead to a decline in the business of pastry shops.But the tea restaurant is different, not only the price is affordable, but also a lot of food, if it expands, it will not be a problem to open dozens of them in the whole Xiangjiang.

Li Guohao s pastry company and food processing factory are just small shrimps.Some large food raw material suppliers are not afraid to cut off their cooperation with Li Guohao if conflicts arise.You must know that the person who suffered the most damage is not the supplier of food raw materials, but Li Guohao As long as he has no materials to make cakes for a day, he will lose a day s money, and he will lose a day because of the rent and manpower.On the other hand, the supplier is different.Even if the goods are piled up there, he can still sell them slowly during the long shelf life.Anyway, the shelf life of raw materials is much higher than the average.Originally, the cooperation with the flour mill has always been quite pleasant, and Li Guohao did not give up the idea of building a food supply chain by himself.

The new company has signed a contract, did you say when it will be done again No, I didn t say.Luo Bin shook his head.Li does cbd gummies help with ed five cbd gummies free bottle Guohao pondered with his head depressed.The flour factory was acquired, and he fell into a passive position.At the very beginning, Li Guohao s pastry shop used the flour from Nanshun, but at that time, he wanted to talk to the other party in order to make a franchisee plan.Look at the price of flour.It was because the price of flour could not be negotiated, so I just switched to the flour mill to cooperate with them.At this moment, the flour mill was suddenly acquired by Nanshun, saying that they would sign a new contract.negotiated contract.In addition to Nanshun and Flour Mill, Xiangjiang now has other comparative flour brands.Li Guohao asked.Luo Bin said There are some, but they are basically foreign brands, and they are sold in relatively small quantities, mainly because the quantity is small and cannot be promoted on a large scale.

Daheng Shao said with a smile That s right, the people from Lijia intend to sell the shares of the TV station, and I m ready cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle to take over.That s a good thing.Originally, the largest shareholder of the TV station was Lijia.How can there be five cbd gummies free bottle more six brothers, if it wasn t for the sixth brother s Shao Brothers who have been helping behind, the ratings of the TV station don t know where it will drop.Shao Daheng frowned, and scolded Okay, don t say this in the future Speak out.Fang Yihua said Sixth brother, although the film market is very good recently, I always think that TV stations are the future development trend.You can see that from the beginning of 1968 to the present, the revenue of TV stations has gradually increased every year.On the contrary, Shaw Films Movies have losses and profits, I think Sixth Brother, we should spend more time on the TV station.

Why are you looking at me Is there something on my face Noticing Ni Xingqing s gaze, Li five cbd gummies free bottle Guohao asked with a smile.No, I just admire you, boss.Oh I admire your courage to put everything in one basket.Ni Xingqing is not sure how much cash Li Guohao currently holds, but judging from today s loan five cbd gummies free bottle mortgage, there is at least 100 million, but 100 million is 10,000 It is impossible for Wan to acquire Nanshun.Presumably, he still plus cbd mango gummies 90mg cbd 10mg thc has a lot of hole cards, but he doesn t know how many of them are.Haha, it s okay.Li Guohao laughed.If he didn t know that the stock market crash was about to erupt, he wouldn t have the courage to mortgage the entire company In the afternoon, the securities company.Haha, it has risen again, it has risen to 1775 There are still more than two hours before the market will be closed.

Why are you here Didn t I say not to pick me up Li Qiang asked with a smile.It just happened to be passing by.Seeing that the time is about the same, I thought of coming here.After Li Guohao finished speaking, he glanced at Zhang Nana, saw her standing honestly behind Li Qiang, and then pulled Li Qiang to the side for a few steps with a HCMUSSH five cbd gummies free bottle strange smile on his mouth.I said, how did this Miss Anna hook up with you She even brought Xiangjiang here I m going, it s so explosive Li Guohao looked at Li Qiang in surprise, then glanced at Zhang Nana and asked, Did you take the initiative Zhao Yazhi who was next to him said, Ah Hao, shall we leave here first and take Manager Li and this lady to eat Well, let s get in the car and go eat first. Some restaurant.After ordering a few dishes, Li Guohao asked, Is there anything else you want to eat That s all, not enough, Li Qiang said.

Take a piece of paper and wipe it off.Zhang Nana, who is a good wife and mother, took out a tissue from her bag and handed it to Li Qiang.Li Qiang took the tissue and wiped his mouth casually, and asked with a look of astonishment You made 90 million yuan Hearing Li Guohao say that he made 90 million yuan in the stock market, Zhao Yazhi was also surprised.It is true that Li Guohao has a little money, but at most he is at the level of a multi millionaire, but now he suddenly finds out that his boyfriend has become a billionaire At this time, the millionaires in Hong Kong are already the envy of people, let alone the young talents with tens of millions of assets.At boulder highlands cbd gummies where to buy this moment, the boyfriend who has been mistaken for money has become a billionaire reported in the newspaper , Zhao Yazhi was surprised but also very happy.

Got it. same moment.company.These reporters are really scribbling I m not a billionaire now I m just a villain Sitting in his office, Li Guohao couldn t help but wryly smiled as he read the reports of Oriental magazines and newspapers.Li Qiang next to him smiled and said That company has no debts, and debts are normal.If you add your current companies according to Nanshun, you are indeed a billionaire.Li Qiang looked at Li Guohao in a daze when he said this , said in his mouth I can t believe it.When you applied for the job, you just opened the third branch.In the blink of an eye, you became a billionaire Jardine spent two billion to buy the land in Central, I m just a drizzle.Li Guohao thought silently, compared to other reborn seniors, he was the worst failure, and it took him a few years With this net worth and nearly 100 million in debt, other people would have been rich by then.

Li Guohao didn t get entangled with Xu Guanjie s unreasonableness just now, he heard Cai Lang s words and asked Brother Lan, you have such a good relationship with me, you can say anything if you have does cbd gummies help with ed five cbd gummies free bottle anything.Cai Lang sighed helplessly Said It s like this.Before Ah Wen asked me to be the producer of his new movie, the investor he was looking for at that time was Golden Harvest.But because Golden Harvest recently wanted to shoot Bruce Lee s movie, the funds are not very abundant, but now the crew has already Preparations, the film actors are almost all found After listening, Li Guohao also understood that Cai Lan asked him to invest in Xu Guanwen s new film, and recalled it carefully.He said I don t know what the name of Mr.Xu s new movie is Mister, you can take a look at it.Ghost Horse Twin Stars This is the first Xu Guanwen movie that Li Guohao watched in his previous life.

Jeske from the United Kingdom, came to the stage and expressed his outlook and expectations for this year s Jockey Club.Okay Jeske glanced at the crowd in the audience, and said with a smile Year after year, repeating the same thing, I think everyone is getting tired of it five cbd gummies free bottle I won t say much What s the matter, I hope to have a drink with you here next year.Haha British humor, some people laughed from the heart, and some smiled politely.Since last year, we have successively received lists of new members recommended by members, as well as those who have been accepted by our Jockey Club.There the best cbd gummies for sleep are a total of 370 people invited, who have passed the internal review and assessment of our Jockey Club.Among them, 367 new friends have officially become members of our Hong Kong Jockey Club.Let us applaud and encourage This member is just an ordinary member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Except for selling to various shops, most of them are sold to Vegetable market and various restaurants.Resources integrated by Nanshun and Xiangjiang Flour Mill Chairman, the group has just been integrated not long ago, do you need to call the managers or executives of each subsidiary to the headquarters for a meeting This matter has been under the pressure of Jin Jiashi.However, the Guohao Group was just cbd gummies huntington beach ca established before, and many of its subsidiaries have overlapping businesses, and there are also big obstacles in terms of manpower.After more than half a month, the whole group has also integrated resources.Employees who should be dismissed have been fired, and those who should be promoted have been promoted.Everything has been settled, and it is time to hold a large scale group meeting.Yes, what you said makes sense.

To put it bluntly, as long as they continue to be ordinary policemen for a few years, the chances of promotion are much greater than ordinary policemen.Chapter 240 Flying Tiger build Seeing everyone like this, Li Guohao smiled at the corner of his mouth and said, I won t say too much.Before I asked Chief Zhou to invite you over, I didn t explain the specific things to you.Here I will briefly explain what I gave.Remuneration.For the time being, everyone s monthly salary is fixed at 3,000 yuan.If something happens, depending on the injury situation, you will also be given a bonus of varying amounts, the highest is 1 million Li Guohao Although I have never had any bodyguards or been in contact with this industry, I also understand one thing, that is, money can make ghosts work, as long as the price is enough, I believe no one will refuse.

My house is just ahead, and I haven t been home for a long time.I want to go back.One of them said.Chief Zhou glanced at the man, nodded and said, Arrive at the base on time tomorrow morning.After packing up tomorrow, I will arrange for you to go to various police stations.Yes.The man made a military gesture, and then Turned around and left.At the corner of the hotel, the man watched Chief Zhou lead two colleagues away, then turned around and ran upstairs.Dong dong.There was a knock on the door of the suite, and Li Guohao frowned, wondering who it could be.I ll go and open the door said Zou Yu, one of Li Guohao s favorites.No need, I ll go by myself.Read the contract carefully, and ask me later if you have any questions.Li Guohao turned and walked towards the gate.After opening the door and seeing the people outside, Li Guohao said in surprise, It s you You alone Mr.

He Qianjin blushed when she said this, and it was fleeting.Auntie s birthday Naturally, I will be there to celebrate your mother s five cbd gummies free bottle birthday.I will definitely be there.Li Guohao smiled.But in my heart, I wonder what your mother s birthday has to do with me.Suddenly thought of something, gummies with just cbd He Qianjin said, It s fine for you to come alone, you don t need to bring Miss Zhao.Okay.Li Guohao didn t think much, nodded and agreed.The venue was silent for a while, and the atmosphere was slightly awkward.It was He Qianjin who broke the deadlock and said, By the way, Li Sheng, do you know that all the franchise stores in Southeast Asia have opened Has the place been renovated and opened Li Guohao asked in surprise, it s only been half a month, and everything was done so quickly That s a total of twenty one franchise stores.

Seeing that people with missions and meritorious deeds can pass directly through the exception, it is also heart warming As long as there is any major case in Xiangjiang, except for the police who know it immediately, it is not the reporter of the uncrowned king.I don t know where I got the news.TVB and Li s TV reporters drove their live broadcast vehicles to Pok Fu Lam Village regardless of safety.Some newspaper reporters also followed the orders of their superiors, five cbd gummies free bottle and drove to Pok Fu Lam Road one by one with a driver s license or by does cbd gummies help with ed five cbd gummies free bottle car.At this time, Li Guohao, who was hiding in a house, was pale and sweating behind his back.He was wearing a good looking suit, which was stained with a lot of mud because of running on the wasteland, and the cuff was scratched by unknown weeds.Yes, he glanced dully at the villagers and the five cbd gummies free bottle two bodyguards hiding in the house, and calmed down a little.

Zhang Bowen nodded, and was also very satisfied with Li Guohao s two methods.The first one five cbd gummies free bottle does not five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy give a basic salary, but only talks about sharing.The company is equivalent to an intermediary and provides some help for bodyguards, and the second is a basic salary.There is no commission for bodyguards.Yes, I know about the chairman.Of course, this is just my preliminary idea.After you go back, you should rework these two contract plans and make them as perfect as possible, Li Guohao said with a smile.Yes.The ribbon cutting ceremony of Chapter 255 passed in a flash.During this period, Li Guohao went to Macau and promised He Qianjin to attend five cbd gummies free bottle his mother s birthday party.It was a family banquet, but many friends who had a good relationship with He Qianjin or He Qianjin came to visit.Li Guohao asked Zhao Yazhi to help his mother choose a birthday gift, and bought a set of gold jewelry worth more than 300,000 Hong Kong dollars from Zheng Jiachun s family business Chow Tai Fook jewelry, a standard three piece set from necklaces to earrings.

It s my father in law, Manager Mai, who wants to take over your factory.Infrastructure work.Infrastructure work in our factory Li Guohao was stunned.Isn t Guohao Food Factory going to relocate and build a factory Hearing this, Li Guohao came over in a daze, You re talking about Guohao Food Factory I thought it was something.After pondering for a while, he said, It s not that I don t want to help you, it s just that you think Manager Mai has the strength.Although the factory construction is very simple, Manager Mai doesn t seem to have done it.I didn t say everything, but the factory construction also has some small projects, my father in law Thinking about getting a small project to practice Oh no, just take a small project and get it right.Seeing that Zhang Dong had leaked his words, he quickly changed his mouth.

On the contrary, the business of franchise stores in Southeast Asia is cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat booming.After the animation version of Kung Fu Panda was broadcast overseas, the business of the palace pastry shop is also increasing day by day.In addition to brand value, excellent quality is also one of the reasons for the business improvement Guohao Lam Soon s business in five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy Xiangjiang has not expanded much, because it is almost monopolized.Even if the economy is affected, although it is not much.However, because of the popularity of palace pastries in Southeast Asia, the Southeast Asian business that was abandoned by Nansun has gradually grown, and branches have been reopened in Thailand and Malaysia.At present, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, four relatively large countries in Southeast Asia, have opened branch businesses.

The two met each other at the Jockey Club, and they barely knew each other, so they asked each other out for a talk.Li Zhaoji immediately understood what Li Guohao meant.Before, he wondered why Li Guohao thought of finding him to build their factory.Now when cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle he heard Li Guohao s words, he also came over in a daze.It turned out that he wanted to cooperate with him to develop his own real estate company Li Zhaoji grinned at the corner of his mouth, and said without a trace of hesitation, Yes.Then thank you, Fourth Uncle, and hope we can cooperate happily.Li Guohao was delighted when he heard that, and stood up and shook hands with Fourth Uncle.Happy cooperation.This business is not dispensable to Li Zhaoji, but it is also a profitable business.In addition, the economy is not good, and the employees have not started work for a long time.

Waiting for all kinds of rumors.But in fact, the most true, or generally five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat accepted cause of death is drug allergy.Noit s impossible Li Guohao glanced at the calendar on the bedside table, cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle and it was July 15th.Thinking of the day when Bruce Lee passed away in later generations, it should be July 20th.He has been thinking about how to save this day.I am a king of kung fu, go directly to the other party and say that you are sick, I am afraid that Bruce Lee will drive him away directly.Originally planned to invite Bruce Lee to come out for a sit down on July 19, after all, the two are old acquaintances, although the relationship is average , but I think the other party should give me a face.But why was Bruce Lee sent to the hospital for rescue several days earlier Could it be the so called butterfly effect What is impossible Shangguan Xiaobao was confused.

Zhang Bowen woke up in a daze when he heard that the boss needed bodyguards.He opened the phone book and called all the people who lived near Kowloon, telling them to arrive within ten minutes.That s it.Before a dozen people had time to wash up, they hurriedly put on their clothes and went out, heading straight to Elizabeth Hospital.Zou Yu saw his boss hiding behind a police car in the distance, and he was also anxious, so he asked a dozen bodyguards to push them all away forcibly Hey, hey, my hand Don t push too hard, I ll go, I ll go About five minutes later, the hundreds of people finally dispersed.At this time, the police station also sent a large number of riot police over, one by one.Only then did the hundreds of people surrounded by the entrance of the Elizabeth Hospital gradually disperse by the policemen with batons and shields Finally, they left the crowd.

But in the process of directing, Bruce Lee felt dizzy and uncomfortable, so he found a quiet place to rest in the crew, but what followed was a headache, and the painful Bruce Lee roared hysterically, scaring the crew all the time.Everyone.It was dark at first, Ding Pei thought about giving Bruce Lee two painkillers prepared by the crew to relieve it.When he went to the hospital for an examination tomorrow, Cai Lan happened to be there.Seeing this scene, he also remembered Li Guohao s instructions , At the same time, he stopped Ding Pei and told them to call an ambulance.Just now the doctor said that Bruce Lee was out of danger and had been transferred to the intensive care unit for recuperation.He also said that Bruce Lee had obvious allergies when he was given painkillers Response, asked them if they gave the patient some drug ingredients.

Almost all of them are villages and fields, which are of no use value at all.Boom Zhang Bowen knocked on the door with two security personnel carrying equipment and guns and came in.Zheng Jiachun, who heard the movement, saw the long gun in Zhang Bowen s hand, his eyes lit up, and he took three steps together.He walked up to him in two steps, took the gun from Zhang Bowen s hand, and said with surprise, I didn t expect you to have an AK here Oh, it s quite heavy.They are all air guns.For the sake of safety, we deliberately asked foreign manufacturers to reduce the power a lot.The power of the bullets is at most enough to break the balloon.Li Guohao came over and explained.Xiao Bai ignored the conflict with Li Guohao at this time.After seeing the guns, he walked over excitedly and picked up all kinds of guns that the security put on the table, including pistols, submachine guns, and AKs.

You must know that in this place where entertainment is relatively scarce In the 1980s, in addition to going to nightclubs, they could only go to racecourses or casinos.These things may be relatively new to ordinary people, but for this group of wealthy second generations with good family conditions, they have already played.Tired and crooked, it s rare to come to Pingshan to play a gunfight game today, and naturally it s a joy to play.Everyone s body has long been covered in dust from colored blank bullets.Brother Zheng, Xiao Bai, you all stand at the door what Brother Zheng, your temporary exit is not a good thing.You shot me just now and I haven t taken revenge yet Yes, our blue team won just now, but you didn how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat cbd gummies for depression t see Jian Fu s expression.Fuck you, what s wrong with my face.I saw a fat young man in vain and said angrily.

It s not bad if eight stores can earn more than 800,000 yuan in three months.Many stores have closed down.And now in order to encourage customers to buy , but also a lot of discounts, and the profits earned are not as good as before.Ni Xingqing has been helping Li Guohao take care of his personal property for a while, and knows a lot about the pastry shop.Yes.Li Guohao nodded.Now that Xiangjiang s economy is poor, it s not bad that these few stores of mine can make money, and they make a lot of money, more than 800,000.Sell it or not, why sell it if you can make money every month No matter how small a mosquito is, it is still meat, and it can make a fixed amount of money every month.The economy is picking up, and business is getting better.Thinking about the recovery cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle of the economy, Li Guohao said again, cbd gummies mixed By the way, you can ask the landlords of these eight stores, and ask them if they can sell the shops.

Taking advantage of the current economic downturn and falling house prices, you can buy them at a good price.Ni Xingqing heard Li Guohao say At these words, the corners of the eyebrows twitched slightly, thinking that you are a billionaire after all, and you still care about this little money.It s no wonder Ni Xingqing thinks so.People who made money in stocks last year bought houses and cars, but at the beginning of this year, the stock cbd gummies where to buy near me market exploded, and everyone lost money in an five cbd gummies free bottle instant.These houses were either seized by the bank, or It was taken away by debt collectors.Therefore, houses are the most important thing in Xiangjiang now It s cheap and no one buys it.Then I can t help it.Ni Xingqing had no way to fill the 10 million funding gap with limited resources.Li Guohao fell into deep thought.

Li Guohao smiled, and he didn t dare to guarantee that no elderly people would come to the college entrance examination.information.There are more than 100 primary schools, middle schools and universities in Xiangjiang, 90 of which are established by the government or the church, and only a small part are privately run schools, among which primary schools and middle schools are the most.Jian Fu said this, and asked He said, Sheng Li, what kind of school do you think your school is Technical school Specialized in cultivating vocational and technical personnel I understand, I only know that technical schools in later generations are technical secondary schools.Elementary school is definitely not suitable, and middle school is not suitable.It can only be compared can you mix cbd gummies and alcohol to a university for the time being.

Li Guohao didn t know whether Master Dong was talking nonsense, or he really had some skills and could calculate something.Things like fortune telling and feng five cbd gummies free bottle shui are too illusory If Li Guohao s current net worth is converted, excluding other factors, it should be at least 300 million Hong Kong dollars.Of course, the current economy is poor.According to the market economy, it five cbd gummies free bottle may only be 100 to 200 million.But there will definitely be people who are willing to buy Guohao Group at a premium.After all, Guohao Group still has a certain reputation in Xiangjiang, and some of its subsidiaries have been making profits.As long as Li Guohao develops slowly, not to mention the richest man in Xiangjiang, at least he will be a top rich man who can get mixed up to a certain extent.Coupled with the fact that Li Guohao has decades of memories of the past, it can be said that as long as he stands in the team, he will basically be rich for a lifetime, and he may rely on the mainland market to become the richest man.

The club invested with Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin has not yet collected the 10 million yuan.There is no other way but to temporarily mortgage their own shares, thinking about waiting a few months and relying on the oil crisis to solve the problem.thing.Shen Bi didn t ask Li Guohao why he was short of money, and said on the phone Yes, I don t five cbd gummies free bottle know how much Li Sheng you want to borrow Twenty million Okay, I will send someone to contact you later.Then I ll trouble Manager Shen.Haha Li Sheng was polite.Shen Bi smiled, and then said cryptically In a few months, it will be time for the board of directors of HSBC to formally appoint the taipan.Taipan chairman of the bank, top leader.Li Guohao said firmly Don t worry about Manager Shen, I will definitely support you A long time ago, Shen Bi had already vaguely mentioned the matter of the HSBC Taipan, which was a very, very important opportunity for him.

Ah Oh.I m fine.After hearing Li Guohao s question for the third time, Ni Xingqing woke up from his stupor, swallowed and said, Boss, I have been in the United States for half a month, and I also know some things about the United States.According to information from the stock market, oil stocks have always been strong stocks.Over the years, oil stocks have not fluctuated much.Are you sure that the Middle East Petroleum Congress will stop transporting oil Ni Xingqing understands stocks, so he knows that if the Middle East Oil If China stops transporting oil, then international oil stocks will definitely plummet explosively You know, since World War II, people all over the world know about black water This thing is irreproducible, and it is also the energy source that many cars now need.American gasoline, factories, enterprises, automobiles, military, etc.

Most of the people here are Chinese, and there are also many whites and blacks.Looking at a wall behind the martial arts hall, there is a classic picture of Bruce Lee s naked upper body muscles stretched on it.I have to say that Bruce Lee s muscles are very suitable for Asian aesthetics, not like the one piece pieces of Europe and the United States.It is the kind of beauty that is delicate, smooth and full of strength.At this time, a white short haired woman walked over with a child in her arms.She sized Li Guohao left and right, which made Chen Sheng and the others a little nervous.If they were strong men, they would have stepped forward to block the other party s view.When Li Guohao was about to ask if he was okay, the woman asked, Mr.Li from Xiangjiang I am Xiaolong s wife, Linda.Upon hearing this, Linda confirmed that the other party was Li Guohao, and said with a smile.

This time, Jin Jiashi is planning to get out the raw materials related to cakes by himself.He sent people to Thailand mainly for sugar cane, glutinous rice and rice.We will build some factories to supply raw materials to Xiangjiang, or sell them locally.Compared with Xiangjiang now, building factories in Thailand and other places is still very cheap, just like investing in the mainland in the 1980s and 1990s , besides the cheap land, the labor is cheap.After listening five cbd gummies free bottle to Jin Jiashi s long series of words, Li Guohao nodded slightly and said If you want to do this, you can consider setting up a subsidiary company to operate it.I do have such a plan.I am setting up a subsidiary company to share these things.After all, Guohao Nanshunguang flour business is already very complicated.Instead of finding someone, it is better to set up a subsidiary company directly to sell raw materials.

This time for his 55 year old birthday banquet, there were too many guests to count.He ran into someone who was either an important government official or a rich man in the business world.Li five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy Sheng Li Sheng s side Jian Fu, as the son of the Director of Education, was naturally lucky enough to come to see the world with his father, otherwise he would not be able to appear at a banquet of this level.While drinking and chatting with a group of second generation friends, I suddenly saw Li Guohao and Zheng Jiachun coming in from the door, and hurriedly greeted them.Zheng Jiachun is almost a round older than Li Guohao, and his circle of friends is naturally people in their thirties.Seeing Jian Fu greet Li Guohao now, he said Ahao, go over, I happen to be busy with something.Okay Li Guohao nodded slightly, and when he was about to hemp oil cbd gummies hold Zhao Yazhi s hand, He Qianjin walked over not far away.

Before the end of this year, the Middle East The oil embargo will definitely be lifted, and at the same time, the price of oil will definitely double, and the rent of Mr.Bao s oil tanker will probably increase because of this.Chapter 314 Investing in Sun Hung Kai Securities is talking about oil with Bao Daheng During the crisis, Li Guohao recalled some things.According to the only impressions he had, if he remembered correctly, 1974 was the first time in the world that the oil crisis led to a global economic crisis.Whether it was the powerful United States or some small countries, the price of oil would rise and prices would rise.Thinking of rising prices, Li Guohao s heart moved, he might be able to stock up as soon as possible, so as to avoid the increase in expenditure and decrease in income due to price increases.

People s income has dropped a lot, and many people have lost their jobs and can only do odd jobs.The Spring Festival is only a month away.At this time last year, people still I was in a state of excitement, cheering for my stocks in the stock market soaring every day, but now I went out to find a job in the cold of winter.On January 7th, at 9 00 in the morning.Outside the gate of Guohao Food Industrial Park, Yuen Long A long queue came up to apply for the job.There are at least a thousand people here Li Guohao looked at the long queue at the entrance of the office building, and glanced at Huang Yaohua beside him in surprise.There should be.Huang Yaohua couldn t believe his eyes.There are now three new factories five cbd gummies free bottle in the food industrial park, and they can move in and start work.Originally, it was planned to move the people and machinery from the previous Guohao Food Factory, but considering that the lease has not yet expired , and to build a new instant noodle factory, they bought new machinery and recruited manpower.

It allows you to learn skills and make appropriate monthly repayments after you start working.Scholarships are awarded full spectrum cbd oil gummies for kids to students with outstanding performance in the school, and opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship are provided.Our group will provide entrepreneurial opportunities for every study with ideas, such as joining our royal pastry.Chapter 327 Interview 2 Li Guohao s exclusive interview was put by the Daily Daily one week later, on January 20.Because of the need to warm up, let more people know that the Daily News has an exclusive interview with Li Guohao, so that In order to increase sales.For this reason, for a week in a row, the headlines of the five cbd gummies free bottle supplement of the Daily Daily have written such a paragraph From the beginning of graduating from middle school to the outstanding young people who are famous in five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy Xiangjiang, from the pastry king in people s mouth, to the head of the catering empire , What enabled him to achieve the unattainable dream of most people in just a few years Please look forward to it on January 20th A discerning person can tell who is talking about this passage at a glance, Li Guohao The newly promoted young billionaire in Xiangjiang The advance warm up has indeed boosted the sales of Daily Daily.

Many people were surprised.They thought that the Governor of Hong Kong was just going for a cutscene, but they didn t expect to give a speech.Intentionally, after Li Guohao asked the other party, MacLehose readily agreed, how could he not cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat like such a showy thing Hearing the applause, MacLehose subconsciously stood up and directed at the guests behind him and the reporter area The reporters and some workers waved their hands, as if they had gone to the public housing to inspect the public conditions.Soon, MacLehose came on stage with a microphone in his hand and no manuscript, and he opened his mouth and said I am five cbd gummies free bottle very glad to be able to Invited by Li Xiansen to attend the opening ceremony of the first food industrial park in Xiangjiang, I think ten years later, or twenty how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat years, or even thirty years, this event will still be firmly remembered by the public As soon as I said this, there was warm applause again in the venue.

5 million As the boss of the Jardine Group, William naturally cannot tolerate others losing his face.Mr.William 6.5 million, 6.5 million Seven million Li Guohao raised his placard again 7 million Li Sheng paid another 7 million yuan, has anyone offered a higher price Zhao Yazhi at the side secretly pulled the corner of Li Guohao s clothes, and muttered in a low voice Forget it, Ah Hao, I m just talking, five cbd gummies free bottle don t take it seriously, the price is too high, enough to buy dozens of Block this watch That s right, Li Guohao wanted to take this watch, not because he deliberately disgusted William, but mainly because Zhao Yazhi said that the watch was so beautiful.Hearing this, Li Guohao naturally raised his sign to bid Hearing the price of 7 million, William frowned.He followed five cbd gummies free bottle closely, and took a few deep breaths.

The temples and Buddha statues that can be seen everywhere interpret the image of Thailand s Buddhist country.After watching the scenery for a while, Li Guohao has no interest in continuing to look five cbd gummies free bottle at it.Except for some interesting temples, the others are not as good as Yuen Long in Xiangjiang.Turning best full spectrum cbd gummies his head to Xiao Fan who was sitting behind him, he asked, Isn t it Xiao Fan Chairman, I m Xiao Fan.Hearing the chairman calling himself, Xiao Fan best cbd gummies resdit was flattered and said.What s the name of that place The chairman s place is called Roi Et.Oh yes, how far is Roi Et from Bangkok It may take about a day by car, the road over there is not good Very good, the road is not easy.Hearing Xiao Fan said that Li Yi Mansion would take a day, Li Guohao couldn t help frowning and asked, It will take a day How can we transport it when the road is bad This Xiaofan looked embarrassed, and didn t know how to answer.

Then go in quickly.Just entering the cabin, Li Guohao couldn t help asking The river is so narrow, how do you buy a boat Buy more small boats, just like this boat, buy a transport boat to free up space in the deck and cabin, and a boat should be able to transport hundreds of tons.Chen Xuewen replied.Small boat Li Guohao pondered for a while, and felt that it was not impossible.Thailand is originally a tropical country, with a year round temperature of no less than 18 , and the annual precipitation is terribly high, so there are many rivers in Thailand.At this time when it has not yet risen to develop road traffic, it is indeed convenient and transportation to buy more ships.When he five cbd gummies free bottle was about to ask Jin Jiashi for his opinion, he found him lying on a bench with a pale face and looked a little seasick.

He turned his mind to the matter of Yihe again.Before the acquisition of Nanshun, Li Guohao understood that the terminal market was the root cause when the people of Nanshun tried to block the flour, which is why he tried his best to acquire Nanshun.In addition to controlling the flour, Li Guohao also pointed to the supply of raw materials for food, which was also the basis for him to buy land in Thailand to develop agriculture.But what I never expected was that after controlling the terminal of food raw materials, he was stopped at the retail terminal.This made Li Guohao very upset.Even if he wanted to file a lawsuit with the other party, as long as the Jardines delay the time, no matter what the final result is, he will lose the most.Chapter 350 No, we can open our own supermarket In this day and age, there is no Taobao and no online ordering.

I five cbd gummies free bottle brought back a drink from Thailand.It s not just soda, it s a kind of energy drink that can make people excited and anti fatigue.It s similar to coffee.Specifically, after Ajie and the others come to the company in the afternoon, you will I can see it.Huang Yaohua was confused, in his perception, soda is a kind of water that makes people feel comfortable, hungry and thirsty, and cool off.But why did the chairman say so much like a potion Chairman, is the drink you re talking about a potion No.The functional drink Xiangjiang, which is similar to Red Bull, has not been sold yet.It is only natural that Huang Yaohua doesn t know.I didn t know how to open my mouth, so I had to five cbd gummies free bottle say After Ajie brings it back by boat in the afternoon, you will take that water to the technical department for testing, and let them reverse engineer the formula.

Hundred days feast It s the hundredth day so soon Zhao Yazhi didn t expect the child to grow up to the hundredth day so soon.Yeah, I m surprised too.Please prepare a gift for me and give it to me when the time comes.You can ask the gold store what kind of gift you need.If you can t, just buy a set of gold jewelry.Yes.Zhao Yazhi hummed lightly on the other end of the phone, thought of something, and asked tentatively Ahao, we are getting married in a few months, how did you arrange the wedding Eh I ve found someone to organize it, so don t worry, I will definitely give you the best wedding Li Guohao thinks that the wedding will get big, not to say that he is not happy, but mainly because he doesn t want to organize the wedding, and he is afraid of letting outsiders do it Zhao Yazhi didn t like it, and recently contacted several shops that specialize in selling wedding items, asking them for advice.

You must know that it is less than three years since the Qing Dynasty law was abolished.Although rich people in Xiangjiang cannot legally marry concubines, just cbd gummy bears how many in a jar they secretly Mistresses are everywhere.Chapter 363 He Li Guohao He started his business after graduating from middle school, starting from a small pastry shop.The small pastry shop has developed into an influential pastry company in Southeast Asia.He is also a young man who has a lot of research on the stock market.Relying five cbd gummies free bottle on the first capital he earned from the stock market, he boldly invested and acquired Nanshun Company.He took this opportunity to develop and grow in just over a year, and established today Guohao Group He has not only achieved superhuman achievements in his career, but also made outstanding contributions to charity and positive energy in society.

After hearing a strange name, he asked What is An Na Coffee The scientific name of this ingredient is sodium benzoate caffeine.In layman s terms, it is a central nervous system stimulant.After taking it, adults will be hyperactive and don t want to rest.If you take it for a long time, you will have a tendency to become addicted.If you take it in large quantities, it will cause damage to the human brain.Serious damage to undo, and anal coffee is also an essential thing to make some drugs.Li Guohao breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Huo Zheng introduce that the first generation of Red Bull contained nerve stimulants.When he drank it in Thailand, he found that the Red Bull had HCMUSSH five cbd gummies free bottle great stamina.I couldn t sleep at night.For this reason, I asked Huang Yaohua to send it to the technical department for testing to see if there were any ingredients that were harmful to the human body after returning.

love story Chapter 369 When Ocean Cruises reported in the Daily Daily that Li Guohao spent a lot of money to build a luxurious wedding, Bao Daheng also sent employees to Yongan Building to discuss with Li Guohao the plan to cooperate with the cruise ship.According to Bao Daheng s meaning, it is to connect Xiangjiang, Macau, Nanyang and other places into a stable tourist route, but considering that some small countries have unstable regimes and serious local turmoil.In addition, the He family and the Huo family also have similar ship travel companies, so they only include the island country of Wanwan Macau in the plan for the time being.The specific matters need to be carefully quantified, but it has been discussed that Bao Daheng and Li Guohao each invested 50 million Hong Kong dollars to establish a new ocean travel company.

Li Guohao smiled and said It s Ah Zhi who I knew when I opened a palace pastry.Oh Shen Dianxia made a long sound, and asked pryingly Then what were you thinking at that time I didn t think much about it, I just thought Ah Zhi was very beautiful, so I wanted to chase her.As the wedding progressed, the atmosphere gradually reached its peak.Soon, Shen Dianxia said in a slightly envious tone I invite the two new couples to wear wedding rings that symbolize eternal love.This wearing will last forever and ever Soon the staff next to him carefully handed over the tray.Opening the ring box, Li Guohao took out the huge pink diamond.The venue was quiet for a moment.They put on the rings.Shen Dianxia asked Li gave birth to you Is there anything you want to say to Ah Zhi At this moment, Li Guohao thought a lot, bits and pieces of the past came to his mind, took the microphone from Shen Dianxia and said For the rest of my life, you will be the wind and snow, you will be the ordinary, you will be the poor, and you will be the glory As soon as she heard the first sentence, Zhao Yazhi couldn t help the corners of her eyes turning rosy, her pretty face was paired with her watery eyes that seemed how long do cbd gummies last after eating to be full of tears, Li Guohao immediately touched her face with his hand in pity She continued Whether the dust settles or the waves hit the rocks, I will never regret my love for you in the next life.

He Zuozhi smiled.Zheng Jinghan was puzzled, and then thought of something, and said in surprise Oh Brother Shiyi is thinking about the TV license that the government is going to issue That s right.Seeing Zheng Jinghan expressing his thoughts, He Zuozhi couldn t help Haha laughed and said Zheng Jinghan also knows me Where Zheng Jinghan smiled slightly What worries you most now is the issue of the TV license.You just said that both of them watch it.It s a TV license.yes.I should have taken down the TVB TV license back then, but who let the Li family know the former Governor of Hong Kong He Zuozhi sighed.Oh.Zheng Jinghan next to him also sighed.Who five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy is He Zuozhi I believe many friends don t know much about him.His life can be described as the real version of the male protagonist in the novel.His original name was He Shiyi, and he was the illegitimate son of He Dong, a famous gentleman in Hong Kong.

Wing On Building.Ten at noon.Li Guohao had just finished eating with Zhao Yazhi in the restaurant when he saw his secretary Xiao Liu walking quickly and said, Chairman, Mr.He is waiting for you in the reception room.Li Guohao frowned Mr.He That Mr.He Mr.He Zuozhi.Oh, go and get some snacks and fruits, just say I m still eating and I ll be here soon.Just now there were a few heavy dishes in the restaurant, and Li Guohao knew that the taste in his mouth was not very good , let the secretary Xiao Liu go to entertain the other party first.Yes.When Secretary Liu turned around and went to the restaurant five cbd gummies free bottle to get some fruit, Li Guohao glanced helplessly at Zhao Yazhi and said, It seems how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat cbd gummies for depression that I can t go shopping with you this afternoon.It s okay, you have something to do It should be.At worst, we will go next time.

Cotton candy is not unique to China, it is quite common in the United States.Many people have eaten cotton candy more or less.Someone held the cotton candy without any desire to eat it, and said to the people around him with some sarcasm Oh, my God, is this future delicacy for us to taste cotton candy If this is also cbd delta gummy a future delicacy, Then the dog food that my Henry eats should be regarded as the food of the future Hehe, although I feel that this press conference is a bit tricky, the taste of cotton candy is still good Yes, I have been talking about it for many years I haven t eaten marshmallows before, for the sake of this marshmallow, I will report the content of the newspaper more pertinently this time. It s a piece of shit Who would eat marshmallows Shot, this is also the future Food Looks like another gimmick, there is absolutely no need to waste the happy time of Christmas smilz cbd gummies customer service I will go back to Jack first, there is no point in staying here anyway, just make up the contents of tomorrow s newspaper.

Since her son sent 20 million red cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat envelopes, there was a reason for him.I can t help but think of those neighbors who came to visit their daughter in law with gifts in the morning, and the envy and entreaties when they left, and I feel very happy.By the way, Ah Hao, fat aunt, do you still remember Li Huifang asked suddenly.Fat aunt Li Guohao was taken aback, thought for a while, gummies vs smoking cbd flower and recalled the fat aunt who bewitched his mother to buy stocks, he nodded and said, Isn t it the fat aunt who bewitched you to buy stocks a few years ago What s wrong Why do you still remember this Li Huifang said angrily, The fat aunt didn t confuse me, but wanted to make me rich.That s why she took the initiative to mention it to me.Seeing his mother was angry, Li Guohao hurriedly said in a low voice Yes Aunt Fat is the best, and she made our family rich.

But since there are such lactose free milk in later generations Kind of, there must be a reason for it to appear, he thought for a while and said Is lactose good for the human body Naturally.Benson nodded.Is there only lactose in milk that has nutritional value No, milk itself contains a variety of rich nutritional value, rich in minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum When it comes to the value of milk, Benson, the technical director of the dairy company, is eloquent.Chapter 565 Sterilization technology is completed.Listening to Benson s eloquence, Li Guohao is not very interested in these, and he is not a scientific researcher.The staff didn t like research, so after the other party finished speaking, they took advantage of Benson s panting time to interrupt the other party s words Isn t this the end Since milk itself contains a lot of nutritional value, the content of lactose is reduced, and the nutrition five cbd gummies free bottle of lactose is reduced.

This is also one of his usual routines and abilities.Disadvantages Mr.Hu said it s okay.Li Guohao waved his hand.As far as I know, Guohao Group currently has several subsidiaries, namely Guohao Nanshun, Guohao Food, Guohao Security, Guohao Real Estate, Guohao Dairy, cbd gummies for copd five cbd gummies free bottle Palace Pastry, and Panda Comics Co., Ltd., Daily Newspaper, Jiajiale Chicken Essence, Red Bull Company, Snow Skin Mooncake Company, Chinese herbal herbal tea the other side.Cheung Kong Industrial Building.In Li Chaoren s office.Ma Zhengkanghui, redeem therapeutics cbd gummies the real estate general manager of Cheung Kong Industries, reported Chairman, the plastic factory in Tianshuiwei, New Territories has been completed.When you see it, do you want to go there in person and participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony Oh It s already built Li Superman cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat nodded slightly, and pressed the internal phone.

As long as residents who agree to the acquisition by the New Territories real estate company on that day, their house area will be purchased at 20 of the market price, and tomorrow it will be reduced to 15.Then it s ten percent.The same is true for shops, from 25 to 15.In Yuen Long District, a square with a temporary stage.At around nine o clock in the morning, the entire square was overcrowded, at least thousands of people, all of whom were residents from the small town.For the sake of safety, Li Guohao also specially arranged for the security personnel of Guohao Security to come here to maintain order, and at the same time asked the people from the local police station to cooperate.Backstage, Li Guohao walked over with Qi Boheng and a few bodyguards.Zheng Jiachun, who was negotiating with the staff, happened to see someone coming, so he waved his hand to let the staff go down first, turned around and walked over and said with a smile Ah Hao is here This outsider It s quite a lot.

After finishing speaking, Li Guohao took out the key and handed it to Chen Sheng.This five cbd gummies free bottle time when he brought his grandfather to the mainland, Li Guohao made some preparations.He knew that the old man wanted to go to Anyang to see his relatives and friends, and he also prepared some gifts from Xiangjiang, but he did not expect to use them so soon.up.I know the boss.Chen Sheng nodded, turned around and left with the key.Seeing Chen Sheng leaving, Ajie watched the boss turn around, and asked, Boss, where are we going Didn t nu pharma cbd gummies you see that I m going five cbd gummies free bottle to the bathroom Walk into a public toilet with a very strong smell.I haven t smelled this smell for more than ten years When he came out again, Li Guohao almost suffocated to death. In the kitchen of the house.Li Renzong s son, Li Defang, looked at the group of people sitting in the room through the curtain.

Go No In a few tens of seconds, Li Defang pulled two little girls carrying bamboo baskets from outside the house and walked in.The age of the two children was about sixteen or seventeen.As soon as she entered the door, the younger sister looked at Li Guohao and the group, secretly surprised, she didn t expect them to come to the third grandpa s shop for dinner.Xiaoyan, Xiaoping take off the bamboo basket.Li Defang helped the two little girls take off the bamboo baskets on their bodies.Li Renzong waved his hand and motioned for the two little girls to come over Xiaoyan, Xiaoping, come quickly.The older sister Xiaoyan may be because of the presence of outsiders , with a shy face and a ruddy face, walked up to Li Renzong s side a little introverted, and called out, Third Grandfather.The younger sister Xiaoping was more open minded, and when she saw these outsiders around, she didn t feel the slightest He was timid, but opened his eyes wide and looked at Li Guohao and the others curiously.

Ever since Manager Huang told me that I hope The laboratory was able to develop a new type of beverage, so I started to prepare it.I referred to all the beverages that are currently available in the market, whether they are local or foreign in Hong Kong.Then I asked Manager Huang to help investigate the most popular beverages in the market.Among several beverage products, except for Coke, Sprite has the cbd gummies for endometriosis best sales volume, and of course juice drinks also have a lot of sales. Juice drinks are very simple, so I focused on Sprite.With Sprite s Inspired by distilled water, which was very popular in the past, and referring to the sparkling wine that must be drunk when eating Western food.So I added a small amount of glucose to the lemonade Xiao Changhan made this This is a brand new drink, the taste is very similar to Sprite, but it is more like sparkling wine, except that it does not contain alcohol, the taste is still very similar, it is not very sweet, but it is refreshing and thirst quenching How about the cost Li Guohao is most concerned about the cost issue.

Hearing Li Guohao s passionate remarks, Huo Zheng also I was deeply impressed by the domineering in his words, the sentence Even if the investment is tens of billions or hundreds of billions, it doesn t matter if it fails.If it succeeds, it will be the world s largest catering food empire.Huo Zheng was also deeply impressed by this broad mindedness, patted his chest and said Since you have said so, Chairman, I will definitely develop this genetically modified crop technology Li Guohao said with a smile I believe you, Professor Huo, don t worry about this matter.You can stay in Xiangjiang for a few more days, rest for a few days, and go to the research building in the food industry park to have a look.After returning to the United States, I will ask the Group Finance Department to allocate 50 million US dollars to you for the construction of a new laboratory.

Just like KFC is like McDonald s, it will become a giant sooner or later.But do you think catering is so easy Every year, the Guohao Food Laboratory Building needs to develop dozens of packaged foods with different drummond cbd gummies flavors and varieties.The pastry company is even more cruel and outrageous, launching new flavors and varieties of pastries every week.With so many varieties and so many flavors, only the one with the highest sales and the best reputation can be kept until the end and become one of the signature snacks or foods.Even the Rende Catering Company and Liji Tea Restaurant launch several new dishes every month to stabilize the market.Not to mention the Panda Express in the United States.As long as the sales of the launched set meals decline, and some people don t like it after a survey, they will improve them.

If they can be acquired, it will be beneficial to our new bank.It s a great help.Yonglong s words are not bad, their savings are the most among the three, but it s a pity Having said this, Fu Zhengguang shook his head.Then only Chong Hing Bank is left Li Guohao guessed Fu Zhengguang s last meaning, and probably only Chong Hing Bank was left.Yes.Fu Zhengguang said Chong Hing Bank was founded by Mr.Liao Bao in 1948.The bank used to be named Liao Chong Hing Bank.It is a standard family bank and the Liao family bank.Chong Hing Bank is home to Chaoshan Bank.Before 1961, Chong Hing Bank had been developing well because how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat cbd gummies for depression of the deposits of Chaoshan fellows.It has not slowed down, the number of active depositors is only tens of thousands, and the annual profit is less than five million.Although the number of depositors is small, Chong Hing Bank has no debts, and it has been established in Xiangjiang for a long time.

From a small pastry shop back then to a multinational catering group today, as the chairman of the group, Li Guohao, every investment he made , Every important decision has traces to follow, newspaper records, and performance proof.Many financial experts and financial experts directly stated that if all five cbd gummies free bottle the companies of Guohao Group go public, it is very likely to change the current pattern of rich businessmen in Xiangjiang when they made speeches on TV stations or newspapers.At this point, many citizens who eat melons nodded and agreed.When the palace pastry was listed, there were not many stocks issued.So far, all those who invest in the purchase have almost earned what they don t want.The current stock price of Palace Bakery is too high, and a simple investment is not worthwhile, but they have a chance to invest in how other subsidiaries of Guohao Group go public Seeing that all the news in the newspapers was advocating the listing of Guohao Group, some people even suggested that Guohao Group opened a bank to facilitate the listing of the group.

Suddenly the picture changed, and after a few clicks, the picture outside the Great Hall of the People, where the negotiations were held in Kyoto, five cbd gummies free bottle ree drummond cbd gummy appeared on the TV.At this time, the voice of the reporter on the scene also came from the TV Dear audience friends, it seems that the negotiations have ended, just now Mrs Thatcher s accompanying officials came out first.Come out, come out buy delta cbd gummies British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took the lead out of the Great Hall of the People with the negotiating team.We can see that Margaret Thatcher looked sad and exchanged things with the entourage from time to time.At this time, the screen It shows Mrs.Thatcher walking out of the Great Hall of the People with a sad face and walking down the stairs step by step.Seeing this scene, Li Guohao licked his moist lips, and muttered softly I should fall down soon.

Before he could finish speaking, a reporter s terrified voice came from the TV Say Mrs.Chell fell down, and she accidentally fell down when she was going down the stairs At this time, the front line cameras of Phoenix TV were filming this process in the side reporter area, and at the same time, TVB and Li s TV station also This scene was broadcast one after another.In an instant, people who were watching the live broadcast all over Hong Kong exclaimed when they saw the Iron Lady wrestling.This fall, the world also exclaimed.Chapter 778 Total collapse, real estate crisis Mrs.Thatcher accidentally fell when she was going down the last step shortly after she walked out of the Great Hall of the People.It was actually no big deal.As the saying goes people stumble, horses stumble.No one stipulates that those in power can avoid irresistible factors.

At the cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction reviews how many milligrams of cbd gummies should i eat same time, each region, each real estate company, each intermediary, each real estate, and each business district will be unified, and the relevant information must be investigated and explored clearly.That building, that community, how much it has fallen, whether it has increased, and whether it has fluctuated, you must be able to understand it at the first time.To this end, hundreds of salesmen were mobilized.Although these actions are too early, in order to ensure that his bottom hunting plan is announced by the media and newspapers after it is implemented, so that the outside world thinks that Li Guohao relied on a huge manpower investigation to find the best time, so it can only be carried out earlier.Chapter 782 Carrian went bankrupt and cut corners Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, the New Year of 1982 arrives.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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