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Tang Shuang s generation was originally going to be named according to the elements of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and five elements.Fortunately, Tang Sanjian, who has read poetry and books, rejected the name Tang Shui and replaced it with Shuang.In recent years, he has been obsessed with the creation of martial arts novels, and has written more than two million words one after another.The fourth book was just completed a year ago.His more than two million words are real, without any moisture.Brother Sanjian is a real person and doesn t know how to irrigate.From Tang Shuang s point of view, several of his martial arts novels are of the third rate standard, and it is impossible for the publisher of ghost spirits to publish them for him, .

what is the best cbd gummy for pain?

but he still prints 100 copies of each at his own expense and sends them away to relatives and friends.

In the previous life, some martial arts masterpieces appeared after the golden bones, such as Heroes , which is known as Jin Yong sealed the pen and the ancient dragon passed away, and there are only heroes in the rivers and lakes , such as Kunlun and Canghai by Feng Ge, the representative of new martial arts These works are all classics, but compared with gold, bone and beam, they are still inferior or even a few notches.Leaving them aside, no matter how you write, you can t surpass the three of them.They represent the pinnacle of martial arts novels.But Tang Shuang can write other things.There are endless themes, and classics can be found everywhere.The key depends on whether Tang Shuang is diligent.If he is diligent and motivated, his historical status can completely surpass Lu You.Lu You left tens of thousands of poems.

The disciples of the library remained unmoved in the face of thousands of arrows, and died generously with the grief and indignation that their home and country had been destroyed The spirit of Zhao people will never be conquered This scene not only touched countless Chinese people, but also foreigners who saw this scene in foreign countries were beyond shocked In Western civilization, surrender after defeat is a matter of course.But in oriental culture, Wen dies to remonstrate, Wu dies who owns condor cbd gummies to fight is a kind of supreme honor.Death is terrifying to Westerners, but it exudes the beauty full spectrum cbd gummies best of death to Chinese people As long as there is righteousness in the chest, death is not so terrible Similarly, the shock that this chapter brings to all readers full spectrum cbd gummies best is completely nuclear bomb level.The love of children is certainly touching, but when the essence of Chinese culture is displayed in front of people in a super sensual form, it has a sense that transcends age.

Tang Shuang picked them off casually, and then fed them full spectrum cbd gummies best to Candy.Tang Shuang put in 250mg of cbd gummies a lot of effort this time, and tried her best to comb Tangtang s princess hair, and in the full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website end she looked good.Normally, Tang Shuang would have been very satisfied, but today he seemed to have been bewitched, and he wanted to be perfect, so he broke up and planned to come back again.It was still Candy who couldn t bear to toss, and her fleshy little hands protected the beautiful princess s head.She was already very satisfied.Of course, if Tang Shuang didn t hurt her master from time to time when combing her hair, the master was not in a hurry anyway, and it was very likely that she would give Tang Shuang, who sugar free cbd gummies groupon was eager to prove herself, a chance to come back again.Now that Tangtang er was satisfied, Tang Shuang stopped for the time being and prepared for the next step, changing Tangtang er into beautiful little clothes.

Chapter 21 The return visit really happened for a reason, no wonder Tang Shuang combed Tangtang s princess hair and dressed her in beautiful little clothes at cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best night.Huh Candy was confused at first, then reacted, cheered, and began to habitually jump and scurry.Tang Shuang waited for her to get excited, invited her to sit on the sofa again, and said seriously full spectrum cbd gummies best Mom and Dad are on their honeymoon, we must make sure they are happy, right What is a honeymoon Honeymoon It s just that the two of you had a good time. I also had a good time, are we on our honeymoon too Yes You re such a smart baby, so, Mom and Dad are very happy, but if you know you re sick, Then they will be unhappy, so we must not let them know that you are sick, OK Candy said innocently My stomach doesn t hurt anymore.Yes, my stomach doesn t hurt anymore, so Don t tell your parents anymore, don t let them worry, that s not good, not filial, you are a bad child, let s not be a bad child.

After getting everyone s unanimous praise, Tangtang er buy botanical farms cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies best smiled and felt extremely excited, her heart swelled up, and she deliberately asked Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning Why don t you buy gifts for Xiaoshuang Don t you like Xiaoshuang Mom, you want to give Candy a gift Have you ever had an older brother This chick is defying the dignity of being an older brother Tang Shuang called Candy to her, and said to her earnestly Little pig, you can t eat this box of chocolates, don t be angry, brother is doing it for your own good, you see you are already so chubby, eat chocolate again You will get fatter, and then you won t be able to wear the little skirt your mother bought for you, and you won t be able to wear the little bracelet you bought, and the little shoes won t fit your feet You won t be able to use so many gifts, and you won t be pretty anymore.

Although she said that it was just a minor illness that she didn t want everyone to come, deep down in her heart, she really longed to have relatives who could talk to her by her side.Deciding to leave tomorrow morning, Tang Shuang started to pack his things.He didn t have much to bring, but Brother Sanjian and Sister Xiangning needed to bring a lot.Although they couldn t go, they should give Tang Zhen everything, such as medicine, homemade snacks, gifts for Tang Zhen after their honeymoon Of course, the most important thing is the love of the family, It s not going to fit in a suitcase.As for how long to go, this is uncertain.If you need it, you can stay for a long time, and if you don t need does cbd gummies help blood pressure it, you can stay for a short time.Candy came to Tang Shuang s side, poked him with her little hand, and said expectantly, Xiao Shuang, can you take me with you to see my sister I miss my sister too.

Tang Shuang s helping hand really helped them a lot.After understanding what happened, Tang Shuang accepted their thanks with a smile.Sometimes I extend a helping hand and do what I think is a small thing, but in the eyes full spectrum cbd gummies best of others, it may be a big thing The plane was about to land, and Tang Shuang proposed to take a group photo of the two old people.It was the first time to see her daughter on a plane.Of course, this kind of happy moment should be kept as a souvenir.The old couple full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website declined shyly, but their bodies involuntarily got together and faced the camera.After showing them the photos, the two joked with each other, but their shy and smiling expressions already revealed their satisfaction.However, they encountered a problem immediately, that is, they did not have WeChat, so Tang Shuang tried to leave his phone number and told buy botanical farms cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies best them that their daughter could contact him when they arrived in Shengjing, and he sent the photo.

Orange Mai gave Tang Zhen a 10 day vacation to let her rest and adjust, and then officially record the new album.Tang Zhen also really needed to rest.She had been working on the full spectrum cbd gummies best album for several months before, she was so exhausted that she became skinny, and finally fell ill.After finally recovering from her illness, Girl s Day was disbanded, Li Xiaozhi went solo, Bai Yang er was terminated from her contract, and a series of unexpected events left her no time to breathe.Tang Zhen planned not to go anywhere during the holidays, and went back to Guangdong Province to have a good rest.It s too dangerous full spectrum cbd gummies best to walk with you now, what should I do, I don t want to be a celebrity yet, I m too tired, can everyone stop paying so much attention to me, sister, is it better for us to separate for a while Tang Shuang wore Mask, said to Tang Zhen who was also wearing a mask.

Holding the little grape, weighing it slightly, the left hand side is obviously about to sink a bit, Tangtanger, the little chubby girl Qiqi looked up at Tangtanger, the little grape and the little seal having a great time playing, and couldn t help but tease Tang Shuang and said Xiaoshuang, brother, can you hug me too What should I do I might be exhausted Chapter 125 Suck, I didn t smoke Tang Shuang regretted that she didn t listen to full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website Candy just now, and just left.If she left, she wouldn t have to do such hard work now.At this moment, Tangtanger was full spectrum cbd gummies best riding on his neck, and Little Putao and Qiqi occupied his left and right hands.The three cute babies were not at all worried about whether Tang Shuang cbd gummies for penis growth would be able to hug him, and they were all focused on interacting with Tang Paopao.Tang Shuang s chick weighs 38 catties, and Little Grape probably weighs less than 30 catties.

, I will not feel better.Tang Shuang s ex full spectrum cbd gummies best girlfriend is a flower in the English department.She was also Li Wenzhan s love object.She pursued her for a while at first, but failed, so she was taken away by Tang Shuang.Knowing that the goddess in her heart After being with Tang Shuang, Li Wenzhan was drunk for three days and three nights.When he woke up and drank, he was drunk.If it wasn t for his bold nature, he was willing to gamble and lose, otherwise he would definitely fight with full spectrum cbd gummies best Tang Shuang.Thinking of this, Tang Shuang looked You sang so well, I admire you expression, shouted hello, and clapped hands.Li Wenzhan sat down, filled the wine, and the Northwest Dahan sipped the 250ml liquor in one gulp.Tang Shuang smacked her tongue, I looked at the wine bottle, Erguotou, 52 degrees, it s terrible Li Wenzhan was sweating profusely.

Li Wenzhan got up to go to the toilet, suddenly the spirit of alcohol came, his footsteps wobbled, and he staggered to support Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang Look at your big talk, isn t this helping me Chapter 142 Enthusiastic Li Wenzhan is enthusiastic, and even more enthusiastic after drinking, and drags Wenpin to the auditorium.Wenpin was thin and weak, and wanted to resist, but he was far from being an opponent, and was caught away like a chicken.While walking, he also looked at Tang Shuang, who was watching the excitement, with pleading eyes.The meaning couldn t be more obvious, quickly restrain this strong man who started to play drunk.Tang Shuang thought to herself that I don t want to mess with a strong man, especially a drunk strong man, especially a drunk strong man who has a feud with him.

Tangtanger muttered dissatisfiedly, saying that she was tired from flying for so long, how about drinking what the child wanted No, this is not enough, mom and dad will give her a drink when they are around.Pan Wenling said with a smile that it will be there when I arrive at the destination later, but there is no one in the car now.On the way to Chengmai, Tang Shuang expressed her gratitude to Pan Wenling.Since Girl s Day, Tang Zhen was only 17 years old at that time, and Pan Wenling had already started to take care of them.The two have been together for five years.Although they are colleagues, it is not too much to say that they are relatives.Now Tang Zhen is working alone, and she is not familiar with Chengmai, and she is not good hempworx cbd infused gummies at dealing with people, so she especially needs Pan Wenling s help, just like before, with Pan Wenling and Li Xiaozhi, Tang Zhen and Bai Yang er can Singing with one heart and one mind, you don t need to worry about other troubles.

And this student was Tang Shuang, whom she hated the most, she found it incredible.Although it was confirmed from all aspects that this person was Tang Shuang, Shi Guangnan was still in a daze after hearing his own confirmation.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Is there any need is it legal to take cbd gummies on airplane to be so surprised I was stunned.Shi Guangnan shook his head, remained silent for a while, and said, I haven t heard you mention such a big thing.What should I say, go to the radio station , to the campus forum to swagger around Tang Shuang Low key, low key, being a star is very stressful, and I m afraid of being followed or kidnapped.Shi Guangnan Tang Shuang I remember this building, right Shi Guangnan lives in the staff dormitory arranged by the school.A small house with one bedroom and one living room is enough for her.

Tang Shuang returned to her room, packed her things and prepared to go out.Ye Liang is proud today, he has achieved a great victory, and wants to invite him to eat, drink and have fun.He specifically told him that although he misses can cbd gummies raise your blood sugar Tangtang Tangtang very much, it is better not to bring it today, because he wants to have fun after dinner, go to the bar to play games played by adults.Tang Shuang was still thinking about how to avoid the villain, but just in time, she went to have a papa, so she could go out through the main entrance openly.Huh Where is my wallet Tang Shuang checked and checked, but couldn t find the wallet, nor the car cbd gummies pigeon forge cbd gummies jar keys.On the bed, on the table, on the floor, under the bed, under the tableall checked, but nothing was found.Suddenly he remembered that Tangtanger ran to his room with a whoosh, and then ran out with a whoosh, hiding something in his hand.

Before leaving, she thought about it and said to Tang Shuang, You must not give her alcohol.Be careful next time.Candy He kept waving and said loudly Goodbye, uncle, next time you can help Xiaoshuang drive.This kid is really enthusiastic.Back home, Brother Sanjian really asked Candy, what did you do tonight, what did you eat and what did you drink.Candy said cutely, went shopping, ate a lot of delicious food, drank a lot of delicious fruit juice, and pissed a lot Tang Shuang This child, told her not to say, or said, what she wanted her to say the most, but didn t mention a word, what about the phrase Xiaoshuang is the best brother in the world Candy brought back the delicious food, and Bulling Bulling ran to Huang Xiangning s side, threatening to bring it back for his mother.Why do you want to bring it back for your mother to eat Candy s mouth is very sweet, because the mother takes care of the baby so hard, and the baby has to give the mother all the delicious food.

It turned out that Teacher Zhang caught her are hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies pigeon forge and told her seriously, reminding her again, she can t run, she must go Candy had a lot of complaints about Teacher Zhang not letting her be the first one on purpose Huh Teacher Zhang must have never eaten Baiyun, just like a child Teacher Zhang In front of the children, the dignity of being a teacher must be maintained, so Teacher Zhang racked his brains while taking the children to climb the mountain, and full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website finally said White clouds are not sweet and sour, because they are blown out by the wind.Teacher Zhang said to Tangtanger Is the wind sour and sweet Tangtanger opened his mouth, and the rushing mountain wind blew past both happy leaf cbd gummies sides of the mountain road, blowing the pine trees, blowing away the heat and leaving refreshment.Candy Er smacked her lips, shook her head and said, It doesn t taste good.

Brother, can you stop hitting me If you really want to vent your anger, you must be gentle.Don t kick that kick.It s so miserable.I can t stand it Besides, we are neighbors.Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors.How about you Tang bliss bites cbd gummies Shuang We are neighbors Where do you live The little fat man said that his family lived in a small detached house not far away, and he liked to wander around the lake because it was so close.Tang Shuang Your parents are also teachers of Guangdong University What s their name and what do they teach The little fat man said vigilantly Brother, don t scare adults with children s affairs, we can solve our own affairs, okay Okay Tang Shuang Yo, full spectrum cbd gummies best I can t tell, you still have some backbone Tang Tanger couldn t help interjecting at this moment Xiao Shuang, don t you want to fight the big bad guy Tang Shuang comforted Don t worry Let s find out his situation and then we can play it with confidence.

It seems to be fighting, but I have seen Afterwards, what people cbd gummies near tylenol pm think of is the scene of a bountiful harvest.Lively and humorous, full of childlike fun Tang Shuang er is too small to see, and he can t even jump up.He slithers around like a anxious little monkey, grabbing Tang Shuang s clothes, wishing he could climb along his body and onto his head Chapter 246 A Garden of Green Vegetables cbd gummies pigeon forge cbd gummies jar Became Essence , which is based on the big yard of grandma s house, tells the story of the war between the various vegetables in it and the lotus root in the mini pond.The vegetables are all grown by my grandfather, and one of his hobbies is to take care of the vegetable garden.After Tang Shuang wrote this nursery rhyme, except for drawing the cover, the rest of the content was blank, full spectrum cbd gummies best leaving it to Grandpa and Candy to draw.

The moonlight is like water, the sound of insects makes the surroundings even more quiet, and the fragrance of flowers floats faintly The Cantonese Mid Autumn Festival Gala on TV has already begun.Candy is standing excitedly in front of the TV right now, staring at the sea of people at the Mid Autumn full spectrum cbd gummies best Festival party, trying to find her It s just that there are too many people, and the camera keeps moving.Little Piggy says it s probably here for a while, and says it s there for a while, making guesses.Tang Shuang took her away, don t stand in front of the TV to block everyone.Candy has a big heart and many dreams, one of which is to be on TV.But she doesn t want to sit on the TV anymore, it s not on TV at all, it s the little Shuang and the big tailed wolf who lied to the children, without the slightest sense of accomplishment and happiness She wants to go to the TV, just like her sister.

Everyone present, as I said just now, generally have a bad sense of online literature, and full spectrum cbd gummies best they don t mind rectifying it at all.At this moment, a voice sounded from the scene I completely agree with what Professor Tang said just now.The essence of the book Romance of the Dragon and Snake is to promote our country s traditional culture and Chinese martial arts This kind of novel, if you don t vigorously promote it, it will be fine.Blocking and suppressing it will be even more wrong.Everyone was shocked, it was the first time there was a voice supporting Tang Sanjian They all turned their heads to see who was talking, and then heard Liu Weiru s distraught voice Chairman Wei You What nonsense are you talking about Do you know what you are talking about That s right, the one who supported Tang Sanjian just now is It is Chairman Wei with Liu Weiru, one of the vice chairmen of the Guangdong Writers Association.

And continue to develop.The more abundant resources, the larger the group, the closer the communication, the more docile the individual, the more tolerant of other individuals, and positive feedback can make the life of the group more comfortable and effective.So, it is not difficult for us to deduce that a An important rule followed by a civilization that thrives in science and technology is altruistic behavior.Individuals create civilizations, and civilizations also reshape individuals.The most important point for this issue is that the development of civilizations, especially the maturity of modern science, will make the entire The society becomes gentle and non violent.Ding Feng believed that he had fully understood Tang Shuang s theory, and he made an objection with confidence You mean, an alien civilization that can visit the earth, its full spectrum cbd gummies best entire civilization and individuals must be Civilized and gentle, isn t it Tang Shuang You can say that, but there are still a few issues involved.

Don t ask why the candy knows it s a snack.For an experienced foodie, this is an entry level insight.When the two passed Candy, the little man showed a standard smile with eight teeth, hehe The man in the sunglasses couldn t help but smile on his cold face, and the woman next to him full spectrum cbd gummies best said in Cantonese that the child is so cute.After the other party walked away, Candy said to Pan Fugui, Haha Big villain, you did something bad I found out, you want to bribe me Hehehe Ocean College is not in the south at all.But to the north At the end of the south walk is the South Gate, which is the entrance and exit of the school buy botanical farms cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies best Pan Fugui n Little Tangtang, I m venting my anger on you, mendi cbd gummies that man is so bad, scolding a child I really want to beat him up, he looks so ugly, why are girls nowadays so blind Three hundred words are omitted at the end, all saying that a man is not good enough for a woman.

Although he didn t know what to do, Tang Shuang turned around anyway, and immediately felt Shang Hui tearing something on his back.This is on your back, take it away.Tang Shuang looked at the pile of candy stickers in her hand speechlessly, no need to guess, it must have been done by Piggy Because it was attached to his back, Tang Shuang didn t know that when he walked in just now, many people stared behind him and laughed.Thank you, Ah Hui Shang Hui waved her hands without looking back, and continued to interview Miao Wen, but Miao was still in a daze.It seemed that the two knew each other, but they seemed very strange Could this be the most familiar stranger A total of 15 short films full spectrum cbd gummies best were shortlisted, and two recommended by Guangdong University were full spectrum cbd gummies best selected, namely Ye Liang s Another Shoe and Miao Wen s Reed.

The whole film will be divided into 12 episodes, each 45 minutes long.Although it is a TV series, the plot must be kept tight.and fast paced.Moreover, the Dragon Snake web series will be directed by Qiu Sen himself, and this will be his first TV series.The two parties agreed to shoot Dragon Snake TV series with the high standards of movies, and strive to set a new benchmark for Chinese TV series.Another problem brought about by this is that regarding the investment, the amount of money cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best is too large for Starry Sky Literature and Black Forest to bear.It s not that the money cannot be paid out, but from the perspective of risk control, third party investors must be introduced in order to reduce risks and balance benefits and risks.The two parties packaged Dragon Snake s film and television copyright, including movies and TV series, as a large project.

He is too old to participate in such a childish topic.Although Dad was not very enthusiastic, Little Piggy seemed to have received the imperial edict, and said triumphantly Look Dad said, you are not allowed to call Tangtanger Little Piggy anymore Did you hear that Tang Shuang was kind, and immediately Said Come on, little turtle, tell my elder brother, where did you learn that all men are big villains Candy carefully savored the new title of Little Turtle , it was the first time I heard it, it was very strange , the more you smash it, the more pleasant and cute it sounds.It is tailor made for her.Tang Sanjian asked Dad, Dad, can the child change his name How about the Lun family called Little Turtle It s not called Candy anymore.Tangtanger likes little turtles very much, which is influenced by her grandma and grandpa since she was a child.

Tang Shuang sat on the bed blankly.He had been to Furong Town three times, and there was no Tang family or Chen family at all.Time and space change, things are still those things, but people are not those people.Chapter 374 I ll Show You My Big Baby Tang Shuang Sitting on the Bed and Just Dazed for a while, Tang Tanger Xing hurriedly pushed the door in, and shouted early in the morning Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, where did you go last night , The Lun family was so worried about you, they thought you were lost.Tang Shuang rubbed her stiff face, Why do you get up so early, don t you sleep in this weekend Candy was triumphant, and said with a smile, The Lun family are hardworking and good looking little bees, and they never sleep in.Said It s as if it s real The little pig climbed onto the bed hand and foot.

Otherwise no surprises.Tang Shuang had stars in her eyes, and pestered Tang Shuang to ask what the birthday party was like, and if she could tell her a little bit in advance.No You can only find out on your birthday.Tang Shuang categorically refused.snort Don t say it, I still don t know how to guess.Although she was rejected, Tangtanger was not angry at all.On the contrary, she was very happy.She was so excited that she couldn t sit still and stood up.Is it a rabbit hole Where s the pink house No Emmm Forest Kingdom, right Hey, isn t it A woodpecker s nest A tree hole Eh what are these.Tang Shuang couldn t pry Tang Shuang s mouth open, Tang Tanger acted like a baby to Huang Xiangning, but Miss Xiangning said she didn t know, it was all prepared by your brother.The little person is very curious, and it s related to his birthday party, so I really want to know, a small full spectrum cbd gummies best heart feels like being tickled by Bai Jingjing, and his whole body feels uncomfortable, but Xiaoshuang just doesn t say it, hum Little Niuniu rolled her eyes wide, and suddenly she smirked at Tang Shuang, hee hee hee Little Shuangzi She leaned over sticky and couldn t even push her away Tang Shuang knew that little piggy started Start the candy offensive, he has to hold on.

In this situation, Tang Shuang couldn t help humming, As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world After running away for a while, Tang Shuang hurriedly ran to the bathroom and quickly took A vase came out, with wet little hands, while running, he said loudly Mom, Mom, quickly put the flowers in the water bottle and raise them, don t let them wither The little man braked cutely in front of Huang Xiangning, hugged the water bottle, raised his head and looked at his mother expectantly.Seeing that she was so cute, Huang Xiangning squatted down, kissed the little girl s rosy cheeks, and took the water bottle in her hand, which was a Chinese style ink ceramic bottle.You put fake flowers in it too, this one is going to be taken out.The little person put all the flowers in her hand into the water bottle.

After the flag raising ceremony, Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian did not leave.Instead, they went to Teacher Zhang cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best s office to chat about Tang Tang s study and life, and then went to the principal s office to sit.Tang Tanger wanted to follow the whole process, but was driven away by Tang Shuang.Chapter 491 Mingyuan Coming out of the kindergarten, Tang Shuang drove to the school.As soon as he entered the school gate, he saw a group of men and women in plain clothes, including a gray haired grandmother.After seeing some students, Tang Shuang slowed down the car, and saw the banners they had unfurled with big characters written on them, which was shocking InjusticeJian Siming s irresponsibility caused his death Tang Shuang was stunned, he knew Jian Siming , a professor in the Chinese Department, but he has never taught him because the other party is a postgraduate tutor.

Before the teacher came, boys kept coming over to make friends with Zhao Yayi, some even changed seats and sat closer Zhao Yayi always sat forward in class, but today because Tang Shuang was with her, she didn t sit in the old place and chose the back.This has frustrated many people s calculations.For these people who came to strike up a conversation, Ms.Zhao didn t pay much attention to them, and sent them away with a few words.Seeing that she was annoyed, Tang Shuang took the initiative to find a topic to chat cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best What is the purpose of the school s bridge class Don t you worry that it might encourage gambling Zhao Yayi glanced coquettishly How could it be possible to encourage gambling Cultivate the cultural accomplishment of college students.Internationally, bridge is an elegant, mentally healthy intellectual sport that has been popularized very well, especially among intellectuals.

When is it Where is it Did you know Tang Shuang s identity is no secret among the teachers of Xingzhi Kindergarten.Everyone knows that he has written and published books, and also participated in filming.It is said that there is a big star sister in the family, but for this sister, The news that everyone knows is very limited.Although Teacher Zhang knows it, he has never told it to outsiders.Candy was very proud, her little feet dangling, she sat in the office chatting with the teachers, and didn t pay attention until the class bell rang.After Mr.Zhang came out of the principal s office, he went directly to the classroom and found that one was missing.He searched everywhere.Finally, Mrs.Xiaoliu noticed something was wrong.They full spectrum cbd gummies best were still chatting after class, and quickly appeared with candy.

The idols are honored, and they are so honored.Break a series cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best of fastest records for the sales of fantasy novels to break through 100,000, 300,000, 500,000, 800,000, and 1 million copies.December is not over yet, but the single month sales of Dragon and Snake have already Breaking through 650,000 copies, breaking the single month sales record of a single best selling book in China in the past 10 years Everyone couldn t help it anymore, cheered everywhere, and quickly unified it into one sentence Legend Legend Legend The turbulent voice hit the buy botanical farms cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies best venue like a tide, and then spread out.At this moment, the guests and staff in the lobby rushed towards the venue curiously, and the people staying in the hotel opened the doors and windows Check the situation, or call the front desk one after another to see what happened and the book lovers in the square outside the hotel were even more excited.

Host 1 million is far from the goal of Romance of the Dragon and Snake , let alone Tang Shuang s goal, what is our goal Everyone at the scene said in unison Stars and oceans Host Oh, yes, So, this 1 million we want to smash it Smash all records, and then re establish the records that belong to Tang Shuang and belong to Dragon Snake Romance joe rogan holistic health cbd gummies Tang Shao, smash it Everyone at the scene shouted in unison Smash it Tang Kuangshuang took the hammer and went down with a bang, and the 1000000 piled up with crystal stones shattered into pieces with a crash.Tang Shuang joked, I shattered it with my internal force There was a lot of laughter at the blue moon cbd gummies 100mg scene.The simple celebration party came to an end, and the signing session began.With so many people present, there was obviously not enough time.The first place is a 17 8 year old girl, the second, third all the way to the eighth are girls It seemed that they came together, and sure enough, the girl said excitedly that they came here from Shanghai and waited in line at 5 o clock this morning just to meet their idol.

This is a school rule, and we must abide by it.Tangtanger didn t believe it Hmph Teacher Zhang has a mobile phone in his trouser pocket.Teacher Zhang Then I will also take my mobile phone Hand it over, it s okay.After speaking, Teacher Zhang really took out the mobile phone from his trouser pocket, put it together with the candy, and locked it in the cabinet.Candy watched helplessly as the cabinet was locked, and her little mobile phone was locked in like this, hum The little man pouted, turned and ran away, but she would not give up like this The little man had already made up his mind.She ran for a while twisting her buttocks, came to the door of the classroom, and stopped suddenly.It was class time at this time.She looked left and right.Seeing that no one noticed her, the little guy turned around and hid behind the pillar , Take a look outside the teaching building, take another look, hey someone is here Bye bye snort This Li Baibai didn t sit in the room when he was going to work, but wandered around the children s territory, really The little guy was about to go back to the classroom in frustration, and before he left, he took a reluctant look at Li Baibai, hey Li Baibai left The little man immediately stuck behind the pillar again, sneaking a look at Li Baibai.

After all, we have walked together together, but that is the past, and no matter how much we miss it, we can t go back, so we must forget it and face the future.Cyan is very cute, but I love red more, fiery red.Luo Yuqingmei Turning her eyes around him, she finally snorted softly and inaudibly from outsiders.She found that Tang Shuang was very good HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best at talking, and it was difficult to hold him verbally or take advantage of him As soon as she turned around, the hem of the fiery red coat was gently rolled up in the sea breeze, her long hair was raised, and she walked forward slowly.Tang Shuang smiled, walked quickly, and full spectrum cbd gummies best walked side by side with her after catching up.Luo Yuqing said The big world of martial arts you talked about at the book club today is difficult to write, right How difficult it is to build a big world by one person.

You can t just read the pictures in the book, you have to look at the content before choosing a book.Tang Tanger nodded and said, The Lun family knows that they are buying books for cooking.Tang Shuang asked curiously Why do you buy cooking books Are you going to learn to cook Tang Tanger shook her head and said, Xiao Guizi wants to learn to cook.He wants to be a master of cooking when he grows up.The Lun family wants to buy books for him.Him.Xiao Guizi wants to be a chef Tang Tanger nodded, Yes, that s how it is.Could it be for making spicy strips Tang Shuang asked, he had never heard of Pan Fugui having one It s my dream to be full spectrum cbd gummies best a chef, but this guy likes to eat, and it s understandable that his interest has turned into a dream.Hee hee I also make spicy noodles.Candy said with a smile, Xiao Guizi told her that he made a lot of spicy noodles for her to eat, so she raised her hands and feet to agree.

Attentive and polite.Well, the younger sister is so sensible, and the older brother can t be jealous, bought it, Tangtanger jumped happily.The two continued to stroll around for a long time.This place is too big, and there are many books of all kinds.Candy rarely comes to the bookstore, and she is curious about everything.Look here, look there, and walk all the way for a long time.road.Are you tired How about we sit there and read a book Tang Shuang suggested.Okay Tang Shuang took Candy to the bench next to the stairs and sat down.She picked out a picture book about insects from the book basket and gave it to Candy.The little man immediately read it with great interest.Not long after, she pointed to a picture in the book and said to Tang Shuang, Look What a powerful bug.Tang Shuang glanced at it and recognized it.

I can t take care of you well.Besides, I think children are not fun except you.I don t want it.It is impossible to be a kindergarten teacher.As a kindergarten teacher, Tang Shuang would be so disturbed in a day that she would become insane.Hey Xiaoshuang, are you saying that I m annoying The baby is so good, how can you think that the Lun family is annoying, the Lun family is so cute and obedient, you can t talk nonsense.Candy said, Hey, Xiaoshuang, you are right.Children are so annoying.The children in the small class are like a group of ducklings.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, why do I sometimes think they are funny, and sometimes I think they are so annoying, okay I want to pinch their cheeks.The unscrupulous brother asked Then have you ever pinched No, hee hee pinched two, hee hee, like fudge, soft, bouncy Yes.

Several adults had a discussion about this.Since the little sister wants to see Xue like this, let s help her realize her dream.This trip to Mount Lu.Tang Shuang caught a glimpse of Little Zhuzhu about to get off the safety seat, and hurriedly said, Hey, hey, don t move, sit down, we ll get on the highway right away The Lun family is here to kiss you Yes, if you guess right, kiss me.Tang Shuang drove away from the entrance, and gradually picked up the speed We won t kiss until we get to the airport, don t worry, I won t play tricks.Huh It seemed to be scolding her again I hate it I won t kiss you again You look like this, no girl will like you Hmph It s unreasonable to despise the little fairy s kiss, and others ask for it No, Dad couldn t even kiss her if he wanted to, but now he offered to kiss Xiaoshuang, but he wasn t .

where can i buy martha stewart cbd gummies?

happy I m sorry, I m sorry, Candy, I m sorry, my brother is wrong, I just want to say that I believe that Candy will not cheat and not kiss me, so I will keep this kiss, and we will cash it when we get to the airport.

She had heard Tang Shuang mention his little sister countless times, and had seen videos and photos, so she knew Tangtanger naturally, so she He bowed down to greet the little person in a friendly way, and called her Candy affectionately.Although Little Pig didn t know why this strange young lady knew her name, he also affectionately called her pretty sister.It seemed that Zeng Yujun didn t want to introduce the young people around him to Tang Shuang, so he left after greeting Tangtanger, but he didn t go far when Zeng Yujun suddenly stopped Tang Shuang and turned back.Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang turned to look at her, only to see Zeng Yujun turning back alone, and the young man beside him stayed where he was and did not come over.Hello Tang Shuang didn t understand what else was going on with her, but the villain beside him was keenly aware of whether her brother Xiaoshuang might have reported something to her, and she instantly activated a small but very powerful The heart of gossip stays motionless, looking at Tang Shuang with a raised face, and then at Zeng Yujun.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Miss Xiaoyi covered her face again and wanted to run away Everyone who had a dinner had mixed tastes.Not only did the food appear sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty, but also before, during, and after eating, everyone s moods were also different according to the words of the little sister of the Tang family.The dinner at Old Tang s is really amazing.It is not only a material dinner, but also a spiritual dinner.Not only is there delicious food in the stomach, but also many different emotions full spectrum cbd gummies best in the heart, some good, some not so good, some Sour and sweet, but all in all, the mood is full, that is, eating is full.For example, Pan Wenling, the bodyguard brother, and the driver brother are all happy to eat, the food is good, the sisters of the old Tang family are very polite and thoughtful, the sisters of the old Tang family are very cute, clever and cute, and Assistant He Zhenyi eats like a year, I think Once again, she was defeated in front of a 6 year old child.

After returning to the villa, Candy gave them to the staff in the villa one by one, thanking them for their care in the past two days.Everyone also sent blessings to the three brothers and sisters of the Tang family.This villa welcomed and sent them off.Many people have lived in these years, but there are not many people who are as happy and friendly as the three brothers and sisters of the Tang family.The master chefs in the kitchen are particularly reluctant to bear the little sugar man.Although the time of acquaintance is short, the children can always get closer to others in the shortest time.The master specially gave Candy a little wooden squirrel, which he carved in his spare time.He planned to give it to his youngest daughter who lives in the village at the foot of the mountain during the holidays, but now he gave it to Candy.

Tang Frost Candy, it s kindergarten, put away the books and get off the bus.By the way, because you don t let me read the words on the piece of paper, I haven t had a chance to remind you that the scope of the exam is not what you read.It s in the story book.Carrying a small schoolbag, Tang Xiaoren just opened the car door and was about to get out of the car.Hearing this, he didn t want to leave.He leaned over to Tang Shuang, who was in the driver s seat, and was shocked Then, what is that You re so young, how can you know so much knowledge It s almost enough for me to tell stories Tang Shuang opened the car door and got out of the car, picked up the little pig, and said, It s what Dad usually taught you in the study.Having said that, Tangtanger immediately understood, and asked Three character chanting Tang Shuang smiled and said Yes, there is one Three Character Classic, and there are others.

After a while, a short leg secretly kicked the long leg.Tang Shuang looked down at the little man beside her, and asked what she was doing with her eyes.Tang Shuang s eyes rolled away, he grinned silly, and said in a low voice, Father is gone.Tang Shuang hummed and declined to comment.Seeing this, Tangtanger reminded again Xiao Shuang, Dad is gone.Tang Shuang seemed cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best to have just realized it, stood up, walked to the window sill, looked at the grove outside the house, and stretched.Tang Tanger also put away her serious look with a smile, and walked to the window sill, looking at the grove outside the cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best house, stretched herself like Tang Shuang, and said are hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies pigeon forge at the same time Xiao Shuang, this song is so scary, go and turn it off.Drop.Tang Shuang glanced at the little man Why don t you go Tang Tanger said frankly I want to be a good baby.

Tangtang er rolled her eyes and said with a stern face, Dad, what are you talking about How can you read the Lun family s diary This is my little secret, have you read it secretly Ahhhhhhhh The villain held his head in both hands, as if mad.Seeing this, Tang Sanjian hurriedly comforted him, nothing, nothing Dad never peeked at other people s diaries.Just now he just asked if he could read it.Huang Xiangning also reassured that your father didn t watch it, absolutely didn t watch it, and my mother promised, of course, my mother definitely didn t watch it, there is cbd gummies pigeon forge no such thing The villain holding his small head asked weakly Did you really not watch it Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning said in unison Really didn t watch it Tang Shuang looked at Tang Shuang with big eyes again, Tang Shuang Look at what I do, I don t even know how to read, and I can t understand the characters that look like dogs crawling on them, so don t worry about it.

Li Xiaoyu s child is considered reserved, and there are more open children, such as the little sister Tang Baoling, the little girl with a steamed bun face bouncing around in front of Tang Shuang, one brother at a time, making Candy jealous.This really made her proud, as proud as a little cock.So that night, she turned over Xiaoshuang s brand and invited him to sleep on her princess bed, and then she slept with Xiaoshuang s arms.Although Xiaoshuang was smoked away because of her fart in the middle, she was chased back by her later and was pressed on the bed not to run.Little Zhuzhu in this state, how could Tang Shuang get rid of it.On the second day of the winter vacation, Tang Shuang took are hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies pigeon forge Candy to her uncle s house.Although her sister in law Li Meng didn t cry, her eyes were still swollen.

Candy said with certainty.There was no one on the sidewalk, Tang Shuang continued to drive, and said No, you are wrong, they did it on purpose, you can understand traffic lights, why can t they understand They can t understand, but they just don t Obey.Tang Tanger didn t agree with Tang Shuang s words, and asked them why they deliberately didn t obey.Tang Shuang said Because they lack awe.Tang Shuang thought of the previous Chinese style crossing the road , which caused a wide range of social reflections at that time.Many people jumped out and analyzed that this was a problem of citizen quality, a problem of weak awareness of rules, and some said that the rules themselves were not HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best perfect., Some analysis said that there are various problems such as lack of safety awareness, impetuous mentality, selfishness and so on.

It s right, Dad is wrong.But my father said that she was wrong, and she ran second and was still second.With tears in her big eyes, she looked at Huang Xiangning without saying a word, just staring helplessly like this, which broke Xiangning s heart, so she squatted down to wipe her tears and comfort her.Mom, hurry up and teach Dad, he bullies the kid.Although Huang Xiangning sympathized with Little Piggy, she couldn t change the problem if she made a mistake, there was nothing she could do.Little Piggy was sad again, and looked at her test paper.Last year, she snatched back 0.5 points.This year, she got 0.5 points.I didn t get 1 point back, and the more I asked, the more angry I became, the more I asked, the more sad I wanted to cry.She pointed to another trap question, but was still marked with an X.

Huang Xiangning thought about it and said Xiaoshuang is right, There is such a possibility.Tang Shuang continued Therefore, there should be two answers to this question, one is the second place, and the other is the first place.Tangtang s writing the first place is not wrong.As the invigilator, I suggested this question to give Tangtanger extra points, so she got it right.Huang Xiangning also said As a supervisor, I also suggest giving Tangtanger points.When Tangtanger saw it, he felt a little happy, and said As a baby, I also suggest giving the little baby points.Tang Sanjian thought about it Thinking about the situation Tang Shuang said, there is indeed such a possibility.It is because he did not formulate the questions rigorously, which led to loopholes.Collective exclusion.When Tang Tanger heard it, she cried out full spectrum cbd gummies best in tears, shouting for joy to get back 5 points, then jumped up and hugged Tang Shuang s leg, blah blah, lord Only the king is good in the world.

Indistinct.At this moment, the figure turned his back to the window and faced the bookshelf that occupied the entire wall.The bookshelf was full full spectrum cbd gummies best of books, but he couldn t tell what the books were.In the lower part of the cover is the red brick wall below the window.There are dense red and black palm prints printed on the wall, layer upon layer, countless, as if countless people want to climb from the red brick wall.came out, but was sealed by an invisible force, so that he could only stretch out his palm, as if accusing.In the corner, there is a black cat squatting.Its head is sideways, its eyes are shining, staring at the cover, as if it is staring at every reader.On top of these patterns is a seal, which reads The World is Wonderful and then signed, Written by Tang Shuang.The entire cover looks extremely mysterious, making people want to take a quick full spectrum cbd gummies best look.

Where are your things Did you bring Xiao Jin s gift Tangtanger, the madman, just remembered it, and ran back to his room in a hurry.Soon, he came out with a small bag on his back and a golden beetle doll in his hand.While running, he shouted Xiaoshuang, drive , Xiaoshuang, drive quickly, go ahead, wait for me, don t leave the child behind, ah Tang Sanjian was sitting on the sofa in the living room, when he heard the child s wailing, he looked over in surprise, but saw the child dancing very happily , It s just a bit miserable.Tang Shuang Xiaojin s home is a seaside villa, and his father is the owner of a real estate company, a wealthy man.But the rich man also has big troubles, and what he cares most about is his own children.Xiaojin couldn t make friends in the kindergarten, which annoyed his parents very much.

Candy put her hips on her hips, and HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best Xiao Qingyin asked ferociously, Do you know I m wrong Tang Yu bowed quickly and nodded, I m wrong, little aunt let me go, I m so scared by so many dogs.The two erhas in the group stared at each other, their hearts trembled, and they quickly said Little Princess Tang Tang, I know I m wrong, please let these dogs go back.Tang Tanger put his hips on his hips, and Xiao Qingyin asked fiercely Hmph Are you still fighting No more fights, no more fights If you hit me again, I m not human The little piggy was very angry, and angrily taught the two of them Fight You fight what if you die and get swollen The Lun family How do you explain to your parents The Chinese New Year is coming everyone is so happy, why should one die Why Tang Yu didn t know why, and Pan Fugui didn t know why, they didn t want to kill one of them.

Everyone first heard that the radio station said that they would add an extra chance to connect to the hotline, and they took the initiative to call back., very immature, very soft and cute, with a very clear voice, she is a little girl As soon as the laughter ended, Xiao Qingyin yelled Sister sister Sister Luo in the red dress, guess who I am Guess who the Lun family is Everyone in the live broadcast room and listening to the radio Who are you full spectrum cbd gummies best Can t guess, really can t guess, this is not a game of guessing who I am.Luo Yuqing and DJ Xiaoxiao looked at each other, Luo Yuqing shook her head, indicating that she couldn t figure it out, and Xiaoxiao nodded, indicating that she would deal with it Little friends Before I could say the word friend , the phone called again The little girl s voice came Sister Luo in the red dress, do you remember the Lun family The Lun family, the Lun family is Tang Tang, Zhen Zhen s sister, Xiao Shuang s sister, ah, no, hee hee, it s Xiao Shuang.

Tang Zhen will also become one of the ten Huaxia albums breaking 5 million copies.Another topic is that director Zhang Fei s Hero is about to be released in the Spring Festival, and it is currently doing road shows everywhere to promote it.Many celebrities spontaneously forwarded the news of the movie s release, calling on everyone to watch it, such as Tang Zhen and Luo Yuqing.Tang Zhen is the sister of screenwriter Tang Shuang, so it makes sense.As for Luo Yuqing, emmmmm, who knows.Hero , which is said to have invested more than 100 million yuan, is ushering in the era of blockbuster movies.The investment alone is useless.The key depends on the return and whether the investment is worthwhile.Tang Shuang saw Zhang full spectrum cbd gummies best Yu again on the first day she arrived in Shanghai.Goddess Zhang was dusty and weathered, but she was still in good spirits and HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best her temperament was still the same.

Taking a walk is like her whispering at night, you can donde puedo comprar condor cbd gummies only talk to your mother, not Tang Shuang, unless you are deceived one day, or you are so moved that you melt, don t even think about it.Huang Xiangning Sister, today is not a girls walk, you can ask brother to come with you.Candy My mother cbd gummies pigeon forge cbd gummies jar and I are girls, why not a girls walk Tang Shuang just wanted to go together Why, Are you dissatisfied Tang Tanger nodded with her head held high, but said helplessly, I can t accept it Tang Shuang said with a smile, You have self knowledge.What do you mean Tang Tanger couldn t understand the idioms, and asked Huang Xiangning, Mom, is Xiaoshuang scolding the Lun family Tang Shuang gave her a white look and went out first.Tang Shuang stretched her hands and feet to block the way, but was picked up, adjusted her body, babbled angrily, and chased Tang Shuang all the way Tang Shuang laughed, extremely proud.

Li Yuanlin explained that he would talk a lot at home, would he laugh a lot, was he a goddess, or was he cute Candy smiled and lifted the mobile phone hanging around her neck, picked it up and said, Hehe, there are photos of my sister here, do you want to see them Li Yuanlin nodded quickly, thinking that he would be able to see Tang Zhen s home photos immediately, A heart immediately gossiped.However, he was too happy, Tangtanger was just teasing him, and the villain said, I won t show you, hehe.I can bear it, but since I know that Tang Zhen s home photos are in the phone of the little girl with long hair, I feel itchy and uncomfortable.If I don t look at it, it s like losing hundreds of millions.Tangtang er rolled her eyes wide, and didn t say to show him, nor said not to show him, but asked knowingly with a smile Do you really want to see it buy botanical farms cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies best Li Yuanlin said that he really wanted to, Tangtanger asked him why he was so Want to see, Li Yuanlin explained seriously for a long time, showing that he is a senior fan, hoping to win the approval of the little fairy, but he underestimated the villain.

Little Piggy was so close to him, if he got angry and bit him, he couldn t prevent him, so he simply nodded I love you, love you, love you, yo Tang Tanger was teased and leaned forward and backward, but Tang Sanjian was so numb that he almost thought he had been electrocuted, and his whole body had goosebumps.He secretly stared at Tang Shuang.Taking a deep breath, he got up and went elsewhere.Huang Xiangning had no choice but to educate Tang Shuang a little, but this guy only cared about making sugar with Tang Shuang, and even her mother couldn t stand it.Tang Shuang was natural organic strong cbd gummies worried that Miss Xiangning would go away too.If the adults of Old Tang s family were not around, then the little piggy would definitely be under his care tonight.This little piggy who was full of sleep and food was very difficult to deal with and would be harmful.

This little thing was bullied by Bai Jingjing last time, and I couldn t let go of the anger in my heart.Now that I know that there is no one in Old Tang s house without a dog, I took the opportunity to yell a few times, and cbd gummies for alcohol addiction imagined that Bai Jingjing was inside, and was too scared by her to dare come out snort Thinking about it this way, Chocolate suddenly became proud, and the little dog who had been sluggish for many days instantly felt that he was a giant, and then he continued to run wild during the full spectrum cbd gummies best walk, fighting the air, imagining all kinds of majestic dogs, and was flashed by it Teng Nuo, wiped out one by one, what an amazing puppy, attracted Aunt Yang s admiration.This admiration made Chocolate even more inflated, thinking that he was really a crab who could run amok, and finally attracted other dogs on the campus, and was slapped on the ground by one of the pugs, his limbs trembled in fright, and he wanted to die The old Tang family happily went to the airport.

The singing of a fairy is beating the beat The car is speeding on the road, and outside the window, there is a running ostrich beside them Uh, huh Ostrich An ostrich is elope on the road Candy Yelling at the window Tinker Bell really appeared A big bird was sent to her Wow she s going to ride a big bird to find her sister Chapter 722 Be a Dare The little rabbit who stared blankly at the big black leopard threatened to ride an ostrich to Shengjing to visit her sister Tangtanger, but in the end she failed, so she was carried on the plane by Tang Shuang.As for the ostrich who eloped with the old Tang family, I wish it a happy time, and wish it soars into the sky, if it is destined, see you in Shengjing Did you hear that If we are lucky, we might be able to see that ostrich in Shengjing.Tang Shuang took Tangtang er s little hand to board the plane, and said to the little man who was obsessed with ostriches.

Tangtang nodded, indicating that Xiaoshuang had guessed right, please continue.Tang Shuang thought for another one, two, or three seconds, and said firmly I guess the crow is a reporter, with a hidden camera on his body, and he is secretly filming the whole process If the big black leopard dares to hit the little rabbit, he will be in the little are hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies pigeon forge animal story.Publish it in the newspaper to let everyone know the evil deeds of the big black leopard, and everyone will never buy his buns again, haha, right, I guess right He Zhenyi s eyes were bright, and the little brother .

how long does cbd gummies stay in your body?

of the Tang family She knows how to think, but Pan Wenling has black hair.She can t think of any of these answers.It seems that among the people present, her IQ is the bottom one, woo woo woo Tang Shuang sees Tangtanger Stunned, Brother Zhixin knew that he had guessed right, and laughed out loud.

Chapter 727 Lili s way of catching the frog The Tang family s two brothers and sisters opened the eyes of Pan Wenling and He Zhenyi.Living under the same roof, they can still play like this.Please forgive them for not even thinking about it.I didn t get any carrots, and I was unwilling to eat candies, so I ate small breads, the small breads made by the big black leopard, all the small animals in the forest like to eat them, it must be extraordinary.Tang Shuang advised her Eat dinner right away, don t eat it.This bun was torn apart while telling the story, and it was not finished.After the candy was eaten in twos and threes, he admired that this small bread is really not an ordinary small bread, it is full spectrum cbd gummies best very good.The buns are so delicious Who invented them I m going to make a phone call to praise her Tang Shuang gave her a blank look and didn t bother to talk to this silly girl.

The cast and crew saluted with warm applause and was about to step off the stage.When you see the situation, you also hurry up.Director Zhang Da really has a personality.Before he, the host, went on stage, he went up by himself.He was worried that if he was late, Zhang Fei would have to do the hosting work for him.Zhang Fei called the actors of the stage play and introduced them to the audience.They are young people from the Shengjing Wutong Dance Troupe.This dance troupe is very famous throughout the country.A week ago, Huang Hui s concert in Shengjing invited their people to dance the whole way.In fact, many celebrities concerts will invite them.Although it is still not as famous and unique as Gutong, it is already a rising dance group.After the members of Wutong Dance Troupe left the stage, Zhang Fei smiled and joked with Shi Yu, and then both of them left the stage one after another because there was another performance.

There was a night wind blowing and it was a bit cold.She tightened the clothes on her body, squatted down and zipped up the little candy figure, and put on her hat to cover her little ears.Sister, full spectrum cbd gummies best is it cold Tangtanger shook her head with a smile, and said happily, It s not cold For her, sitting in the theater was a torment.Although it was warm, she didn t want to stay there for a second.It s cold outside, but it feels very free.She touched the bamboo dragonfly above her head, it was still there, and wanted to fly up without saying a word, look at the stars in the sky, they were so bright, she wanted to find one to chat with, Or sit on it to sleep and dream.Sister, I want to fly Tang Zhen didn t know what to say to such a dream, so she just kept silent.The little man jumped up and down a few times, trying to take off, but he couldn t because Newton refused.

The two looked at each other, the girl by the river was crying, probably hurt by love.Tang Zhen signaled Tang Shuang to go over full spectrum cbd gummies best garden of life cbd sleep gummies and take a look.She was a little unconfident just now when she came back in a feather.Taking a step back, even if the girl is willing to talk to her, she doesn t know what to say to comfort others, she just cherishes her in her heart.Hold it.Tang Shuang handed the sailboat light to Tang Zhen, walked over, and squatted beside the girl, Are you crying As soon as the words fell, a layer of waves rolled up on the river, gently rolling towards the riverside, a few sprays It splashed on Tang Shuang s pants, but he didn t have time to take care of it.He focused on taking care of the crying girl.The girl was frightened by the waves, and she fell back and almost sat on the ground.

Why did you fight She patted Bai Jingjing on the head.Why are you disobedient She patted Bai Jingjing on the head again.Why are you beating so hard She slapped Bai Jingjing on the head again Bai Jingjing originally shook her head and tail, trying to show off her cuteness, but after being slapped on the head by Tangtanger, every time she slapped her head, her head got closer to the ground, lower and lower, and finally lay down on the ground, dejected, The little bit of energy that was finally cheered up from the blow of the Great Demon King also leaked out.The chihuahua at the door was taken aback for a moment, because in her eyes, the super good little fairy would be so fierce.Seeing that the little fairy is so fierce, Chocolate is not afraid at all, on the contrary, she loves the little fairy even more.

When I met Chocolate Chihuahua that day, I beat him up, not all because Chocolate dared to yell at the old Tang s family, but partly because Chocolate saw her wearing a blindfold, and the Chihuahua she wanted to beat didn t dare to go around preach.Hey, why are you shy Do you know how to be shy Wow Tang Shuang s poisonous tongue continued to not let Bai Jingjing go.This dog has always been hostile to him.One person and one have been fighting wits and courage for many years.The puppy has Candy as a backer, and Tang full spectrum cbd gummies best Shuang usually has nothing to do with her, otherwise it will be a big deal if Tangtang cries.But now is a great opportunity.This dog became a one eyed dragon because of his mischievous fight with Tang Xiaowu.Tang Shuang would be a fool if he didn t seize this opportunity.He would ridicule him every day to let the dog have a long memory and stop being too naughty all day long.

Although Ye Liang was extremely curious about what happened between Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing, he was more concerned now.The lottery thing.Bring the phone, let s continue to check the lottery tickets.Now this matter is more important than dating.Tang Shuang didn t give it to him anymore, and said, I ll check., Ye Liang urged Have you found it Yes, you can see for yourself.Tang Shuang turned the phone to them.Ye Liang 6512, there are so many numbers, how many digits are they Tens of millions, hundreds of thousands, millions of millions, gone 65.12 million Isn t it several hundred million Pia Ye Liang was beaten immediately.Tang Shuang said excitedly Don t be dissatisfied We won more than 60 million yuan It s not a joke, Guo Zifeng really won 65.12 million yuan in the lottery ticket he bought Unexpectedly, it was just a temporary idea as a prop to punish Old Xu, and it turned out to be a great surprise for Tang Shuang.

Without saying a word, the female policeman walked to the Uncle Hot shop, and said a few words by the middle aged policeman, and the two got up and went to the corner to discuss.Old Xu stared at Ye Liang, and Ye Liang grinned at him.When Ye Liang left just now, Lao Xu gradually calmed down and had sorted out the matter.If it was really caught by surveillance and there was no way to deny it, then he admitted that although it was embarrassing, it was not illegal to be embarrassing.Of course, that was a last resort.The female policeman came back and asked Old Xu cautiously Are you sure you didn t find the briefcase Old Xu I The female policeman interrupted I advise you to think about it first.Old Xu paused, Ask What was captured in the surveillance video Policewoman You answer the question first.

When the female policeman Balabala chatted with Tang Shuang, Ye Liang was very dissatisfied.From the beginning until now, this beautiful policeman has always treated him and Guo Zi in a business like manner, thinking that she is a high cold girl, but who would have thought that seeing Tang Shuang It changed.A Leng, can I have a few words with my friend alone Tang Shuang asked.I just learned that the policewoman s name is Leng Yan, and her nickname is A Leng.Ah, of course, then you can talk, I ll come back later.After the female policeman left, Tang Shuang asked, How is it Ye Liang sneered, I don t cry when I don t see the coffin.Now I m crying like a tearful person.Kneeling in front of me and begging for mercy. At that time.Old Xu burst into tears, and when he was taken to the police station, he finally became frightened and knelt down in front of Ye Liang and Guo Zifeng, begging for mercy.

Because of these relationships, today these three people came to Old Tang s house to pay homage to the early years and visit Tang Hongjun.Although Tang Shuang just found out that Su Dingnan, Zhang Ziwei, and Liu Quanquan were coming, but in a short period of time, after a little thought, she basically understood the general context of the matter.Dad, Dingnan is here.Tang Dajian reminded.Five troop vehicles ahead drove over, slowing down, and then eight men in military uniforms full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website dismounted, the leading three were Su Dingnan, Zhang Ziwei and Liu Quanquan.Su Dingnan was tall, but a bit ugly.He was wearing a military cap.If Tang Shuang had guessed correctly, there should be a big, shiny bald can you give cbd gummies to toddlers head under the military cap.In Tang Shuang s memory, Su Dingnan lost his hair very early, and in the Mediterranean Sea, when we saw him later, he was bald.

Wow Tang Tanger jumped up and down immediately Jumping, yelling I m right, I m right Tang Huohuo interrupted her cheering and said, Tangtanger, I mean Xiaoyu was right, you re not right, you re talking nonsense Ah Tangtanger was stunned for a moment, disapproving, and said unhappily The Lun family is serious It s not nonsense Tang Huohuo ignored her, and said directly to Tang Yu Xiao Yu, although you are right, you haven t got the point yet.My anger is only superficial.Think about it, why am I angry Tang Yu thought for a while, Said Because you didn t find a girlfriend, the aunt is not happy.Tangtanger also said loudly The aunt said that she will kick you out, because brother Huo Huo doesn t like girls, what s the matter My Xiaoshuang There are a lot buy botanical farms cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies best of little teachers who like it Tang Huo stood up angrily, gulped down a gulp of water, worried that he would get angry, and spewed fire from the inside out.

Although it has disappeared, the sound of the music is still echoing in everyone s ears, as if the surrounding air is reluctant to part with such a beautiful note.They gently stretch out their hands, trying to catch the spirit of the music, but they can only catch the tail in the void.Tang Shuang has stopped boulder farms cbd gummies playing, but the studio hall is still immersed in the beautiful sound of the piano.The blue light flickering around is like a sea, and this place has become a corner of the sea isn t the end of Xinhe the depth of the sea At this moment, everyone is wandering in the depths of their hearts, feeling the past, hidden in the bottom of the river, and now touched by the sound of the piano, some bits and pieces, some beautiful, some regretful, some plain Even Tang Shuang, who was playing full spectrum cbd gummies best the piano himself, couldn t help but think of his past and present lives, of Furong Town, an ordinary afternoon, a golden curly haired puppy arching his trousers, he was reading a book, and a pair of white hands were making tea.

Tang Tanger said without hesitation We have no money We have no money Tang Shuang curled her lips quietly, and said, Well, I m not asking for money.As soon as the villain finished speaking, even Tang Zhen, who was in the same camp, couldn t help but look at her.The little sister answered too neatly, asking for money, let alone dying This is a full fledged bachelor s style of play, barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes.Tang Shuang Tangtanger, what is full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website your little brain thinking all day long Did I say that you need money are hemp gummies the same as cbd gummies cbd gummies pigeon forge to die I mean, can you give me a kiss, haha, give me some motivation.Tangtanger asked Is it enough to kiss once Tang Shuang I don t mind two kisses.Hee hee Tang Shuang immediately gave Tang Shuang a mouthful.Fist Tang Shuang pointed to the iron fist in front of her, signaling to retreat quickly.

I should have said hello to him just now. He went upstairs, girl, you can catch up. Is it really possible I really went Forget it, beauty.Tang Shuang met Lu Mingyi in the office.His secretary had been replaced by a young man, who had been replaced by Lu Yingying before, but after a year, he finally found an official one and released Lu Yingying.Lu Mingyi HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best told Tang Shuang about the main academic tasks of this semester, then talked about other things, and asked Tang Shuang to go back first.He is busy today.Tang Shuang s dormitory at the school had already been withdrawn, but he still went around.He wanted to see Wenpin and Li Wenzhan to learn about their recent situation, but he couldn t find anyone, and the door of the dormitory was closed.Back at Tuzi Entertainment, Tang Zhen was still practicing dancing alone in the practice room, and the back of the practice clothes she was wearing was wet.

The students in the first and second year of high school have two lessons a week, but it is still different.The learning tasks in the first year of high school are relatively easy, so each class is taught separately, but in the second year of high school, two classes are taught together There is no music class in the third year of high school.The students in the first and second year of high school have two lessons a week, but it is still different.The learning tasks in the first year of high school are relatively easy, so each class is taught separately, but in the second year of high school, two classes are taught togetherClasses, the purpose is to save time for cultural classes.The atmosphere of high schools across the country is like this.Cultural courses come first, and non mainstream courses such as music and physical education can be reduced as much as possible.

He changed his coat specially.Not long after, Luo Yuqing also came.They came in advance to cheer Tang Zhen up.When Ye Liang saw Luo Yuqing, his eyes glowed green.He probably knew that this Luo Yuqing was the same Luo Yuqing who texted Tang Shuang in the middle of the night, but he couldn t be 100 full spectrum cbd gummies best sure because Tang Shuang ignored his questions at all.At 6 o clock in the evening, people began to enter the Nanshan Theater one after another.Tang Shuang saw a beautiful girl happily greeting Miss Xiangning.After getting to know her, she realized that she was a student in Miss Xiangning s class.The other party took out a small book and asked Tang Shuang to sign it, and Tang Tanger to sign it.This candy is a surprise, the eyes are full of little stars, ha The little man wrote the word Tang Tang crookedly for others he has tried his best to write the words Tangtang er refused to let go of this little fan after signing the autograph.

Luo Yuqing smiled and asked Tang Shuang in a low voice Did you design this Tang Shuang Tang Tang thought of it himself during the rehearsal, and we thought it was very good, so we continued to use it.Sister is so smart and cuter, Does she really want to grow up and become like her sister in life Tang Shuang smiled and said, It s even a dream.She s still so young.She s so small and ambitious.Wow, what a great ambition I feel like you re laughing at her dream Where is it Really Absolutely not It s just that growing up is a process of time.Tang Shuang looked at the two sisters on the stage with eyes full of happiness, Hearing the whispers of the crowd, some people said that organixx cbd gummies for sale they wanted to take Candy away, and suggested that everyone form a group to steal the child.Tang full spectrum cbd gummies best Shuang turned her head to see who was speaking wildly, but it was so dark behind her that she couldn t difference between cbd melatonin gummies see the person clearly, so she had no choice but to give up.

It s locked, huh Tang Shuang nodded, and said regretfully, My sister must hate you and think you are annoying, so she closed the door.Tang Tang, do you want to reflect on yourself and why you annoy my sister What about you, are you too annoying Think carefully about how annoying you are.Tang Shuang walked away as soon as she finished speaking.Tangtanger thought for a while, and chased after him.Although she was disgusted by Xiaoshuang s turn, Tangtanger still chose to believe what Xiaoshuang said, that her sister missed her very much last night, and was sad because she hadn t seen the baby, so in order to let her sister see her as soon as possible, She took Bai Jingjing to guard the HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best door all the time.Huang Xiangning softened her heart and moved her little yellow stool, so she sat at the door of Tang Zhen s room.

The call was from Li Xiulun.Hello, Mr.Tang Li Xiulun was very polite on the phone.There is no need to guess the reason for Li Xiulun s visit, it is for Tang Tang.Tang Tang has become his curse.At the latest program preparatory meeting, Li Xiulun directly denied the other two candidates, just to wait for Tang Tang, and not to turn back without hitting the south wall.Tang Shuang made an appointment with him, and immediately went out to meet the appointment, and met Wang Jian who came to him.Wang Jian had already heard about Alumni, and he came to communicate with Tang Shuang about it.No matter who I was before or where I came from, I only know that I am the president of Tuzi Entertainment now, and everything here is focused on my work Wang Jian came to express his opinion.He was transferred by Ailan from the pharmaceutical company.

She seldom listened to Huang Xiangning s lectures, so she was very curious full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website and excited.She always wanted to say hello to her mother so that she would know the baby was coming as soon as possible.Although Tangtanger forced herself not to speak, she couldn t sit still and was always twisting her buttocks.The chair would automatically turn up if she didn t sit down, so it was inevitable that she would make noise.A female classmate sitting in the front row of her turned her head and saw her, and was stunned for a while, wondering why a child came, and the child looked at her with a bright smile on his face.The female classmate then glanced at Tang Shuang next to her, blushed, and turned her head quickly.Not long after, she suddenly turned her head again, stared at Tang Shuang, and then let out a scream.

He is familiar with Zhang Yu.Oh, are there any more There is another pair, Liu Yanping and his 4 year old daughter Liu Die.Liu Yanping and Tang Shuang have also heard of it.He is a well known singer and is considered a first line male singer.Chapter 901 I like to move it, move it Who is this When Li cbd gummies yumi Xiulun introduced the guests, Candy also listened curiously.Tang Shuang The guests who will be on the show with us at that time.Oh, it s my friend.Candy said with a smile Hello friend, goodbye cbd edible gummies bears candies bag friend.Candy saw Li Xiulun and Cao Kai looked cbd gummies melt at her and smiled , also grinned at the other party for a while with a smirk.Why do you keep looking at the Lun family Cao Kai said, You are so cute.Oh, cuteness is my business, and you can t always stare at the Lun family.Candy said plausibly, she I m more annoyed by this kind of person who is always staring at her, and I blame Shushu one or two.

Tang Tanger who was named was once again the focus of everyone, she asked in surprise Tang Tang is the biggest Cao Kai nodded Are you 6 years and 3 months old Candy thought for a while, then gave up I don t know.Cao Kai wiped the sweat from his forehead Well, if I didn t ask, you are actually 6 years and 3 months old.Right.emmm it s true.Okay, what the director said is right.But what I said is indeed true, it s what your brother told me.Oh, my lord After discussing everything, I asked the kid why he was teasing the Lun family.The Lun family is busy and has no time to play with you.Everyone was amused again, even the staff around the HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best crowd , including the camera and the assistant couldn t pure cbd gummies 300 mg reviews help laughing out loud.Director Li Xiulun, who was always in charge of the crowd, looked cheerfully at Candy who had started to show off, with a Come on, say a few more words expression on his face.

He was looking for food just full spectrum cbd gummies best now.Although he didn t know a lot of food, he didn t ask Tang Tang for help, he would rather be deceived by himself.Cao Kai said Okay, now let s check the food.After checking the food, we can go back and make dinner.Let s start with Tang Shuang and Tang Tang.Please put your bamboo baskets on the wooden table.The name tags will be handed over to you.Give it to me.I ll read one, and Tang Shuang will pick out the corresponding food from the basket and put it in the empty basket here.Only when the two sides are completely aligned can you take it home.Here you are, the director Candy Er handed over a stack of name tags to the principal, which was all earned by Xiaoshuang s hard work.Hey, thank you.Cao Kai took the name tag, saw that Tang Shuang had put the bamboo basket on the wooden table, and said, One by one, the first one is eggs.

Why don t we go back first and come back in a few days Tang Shuang told Candy about the situation.Tang Shuang was very upset when she heard the words.Seeing this, Tang Shuang said that she would wait for another half an hour.If no one came within half an hour, they would go back and come again next time.Candy agreed.Half an hour later, there was still no little sister or her grandfather, nor any other sanitation workers.The two had no choice but to drive away.At this moment, they saw a sprinkler parked on the side of the road.Tang Shuang stopped the car and asked in the last hope.The other party was a middle aged man with a dark complexion.You mean Lao Li, right Tang Shuang I don t know if he is the Lao Li you mentioned, but he has been cleaning this area.The other party said That is Lao Li, he is in charge of this area.

Both your father and grandpa are taking care of grandma in the hospital.Tang Shuang explained.Little Lili finally felt relieved, held hands with Tang Shuang, and followed Tang Shuang to the restaurant for lunch.When ordering food, Xiao Lili kept emphasizing that her family can t have so many snacks, and a little bit is enough, so don t order so many dishes.What a pitiful little girl.This made Tang Shuang have to use the excuse that candy likes to cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best eat, and then ordered the menu smoothly.The candy man was in a daze, feeling something was wrong, but he couldn t tell, it seemed HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best that she really liked the dishes Xiaoshuang ordered.It s just that she forgot that there is no dish she doesn t like.Tang Shuang said with a smile Don t think about the problem so seriously, come on, tell brother your miraculous experience this morning together with little Lily, it s interesting and fun that you didn t finish just now, right The girl s attention and interest were attracted, Candy gave the lecture, and Xiao Lili added, telling the experience of the morning in detail.

Since Xiaohong has already decided to give birth, when will she give birth She has to stay by the side to deliver the baby.Well, I don t know, I m not sure.It may be born soon, or it may be born in a few days.Huang Xiangning said.Tangtang er s eyes widened.How could she deliver Xiaohong s baby She had to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, and go to kindergarten, but she couldn t stay by Xiaohong s side all the time.Xiaohong is so uncertain that she has no way to operate After eating, she continued to squat in front of the fish tank, watching with her chin in a daze.Tang Shuang was so happy that the kid finally stopped following HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best him all day long.A volleyball match was being broadcast on TV, and one of the players Tang Shuang knew was Yang Man.During the Spring Festival, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen met by the river in Shengjing.

As soon as she hesitated, Tangtanger walked past her with a gun in her hand, and said without looking back, Sister, don t stop me, sister, I m very monkish, the Lun family wants to defeat the big devil Tang Tang Tang Zhen still decided to stop this fratricide.After all, she loves everyone very much, and full spectrum cbd gummies best she is very sad whoever is injured or killed in battle.Tang Zhen held Tang Tanger at the door of the study, but Tang Shuang, who was in the room, was startled are there cbd gummies to help quit smoking and looked at them in surprise.Tangtang s face was stern, she looked at Xiaoshuang inside with hatred, then turned her head again, and asked Tang Zhen seriously Sister, when Tangtang er is about to be beaten to death, can you save the Jilun family Cough Cough, cough, cough Tang Zhen almost lost her temper.Although she was going to stop this war, how could she say such things at this time as the person involved This is the battlefield How can you say such hurtful words Looking at the appearance of the little man, it is obvious that the wind is rustling, the water is cold, and the strong man is gone forever.

Chu Mei rejected Tangtanger s pectin cbd gummies request to take her for a flight , but things were not that simple.Whatever the little princess wants to do, she must do everything full spectrum cbd gummies best possible.This time she made a curve to save the country, found Xiao Putao, and threatened to take Xiao Putao to a distant place by plane.What can you do in that far away place Being able to go on TV, eat delicious food, play fun things, go to the Great Wall, stay in a hotel, buy a lot of dolls, and someone pinches their feet He promised all kinds of benefits, and successfully abducted Xiao Putao into a thief.Boat.Little Putao immediately called her aunt, begging her to take them to that distant place to play, but she didn t convince her aunt.Candy refused to admit defeat and demanded a tripartite meeting.How about tripartite talks This can t trouble her, she asked her mother for help, saying that she wanted to video chat with Sister Meimei.

, It is better to win the favor of the mentor than to win the championship.Networks are always the most valuable resource in the entertainment full spectrum cbd gummies best industry.If you can get to know your mentor, reach the finals, and get support from Tang Shuang s new song, then your future will be bright.The Sound of Music became popular before it was broadcast.For Li Huaming, this is also a factor affecting his decision.The two determined the framework, and let their subordinates discuss the specifics.Tang Shuang stayed in Shengjing for another night, and returned to Guangdong Province with Tang Zhen the next day.It will be Mother s Day soon, and Tang Zhen will go home with him to celebrate the festival for Miss Xiangning.In the past, she wouldn t remember so clearly, but didn t she reflect on it not long ago, and found that she had done too little for her mother in the past so many years, and she felt ashamed.

Candy also promised to protect Xiaoshuang for 100 years.In the face of such sacred feelings, Xiaoshuang will not cheat, it is absolutely true She believes it What else could Tang Zhen say, she could only nod her head in congratulations.Candy was even happier.He held the little card in his full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website palm like a baby, looked at it again and full spectrum cbd gummies best condor cbd gummies official website again, and finally ran to his small room and hid the little card in the safe.Brother Sanjian came back from work at noon, the family went to a nearby restaurant cbd apple rings gummy canabidiol for lunch, after that Tang Sanjian continued to go to school, and the other four went to the aunt s house.Li Meng is about to give birth.She was pregnant in September last year, and now it is the end of May, exactly 10 months.It is said that the production date is within this day or HCMUSSH full spectrum cbd gummies best two.Now the aunt is cbd gummies on amazon full spectrum cbd gummies best by Li Meng s side all day long, and the second mother has also gone to help take care of him.

She still loves this little water gun No reason, no one, and Candy himself couldn t explain it.This little seahorse water gun has achieved brilliant results.It has passed the big devil, all kinds of small devils, the paintings on the wall, the books in where to buy green health cbd gummies the study, the TV, the sofa, Bai Jingjing, Tang Xiaowu, I also bred all kinds of small animals in the grove, such as cicadas, full spectrum cbd gummies best scarabs, grasshoppers, ants, spiders, and even big fish in Aixi Lake Of course, at night, there were also big headed ghosts who screamed and screamed.The little seahorse is a must have artifact for Tangtang s body protection.With it by her side, she can sleep soundly.What annoys Tang Shuang the most is this little water gun In his eyes, this is a wicked little water gun His hairstyle has been messed up, his clothes have been wet, and his face has been hit But the most likely to be disturbed is not the hairstyle, nor the clothes, nor the face that occasionally wins the bid, but the crotch The villain is too small, so he raised his hand and shot him in the crotch It made him pee his pants every time, which was more annoying than shooting him in the face A water arrow was shot in the face, and it passed away with a raised hand.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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