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But for now, all you should care about is how to fight, hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain and how to protect yourself in battle.Thank you, Lieutenant, I ll always remember your words, you don t know, no one ever said anything like that to me.All for Germany All for Germany six.Army Staff Military Intelligence enemy attack is going on.On September 12th, a total of 58 divisions of the British and French allied forces advanced only 3 kilometers in depth under the tenacious resistance of the German army.The tenacity and tenacity of the German army in the defensive battle were undoubtedly revealed.On the 13th, the British and French allied forces continued to advance, and the sound of enemy artillery could be clearly heard on the third front.The assorted cbd gummies 3rd company still did not encounter the enemy, but the soldiers could no longer hold back.Lieutenant Montgomery hurriedly called the lieutenant There is a forest in front, those Germans are very accurate in marksmanship, I am worried I don t need cowardly soldiers here The only Lieutenant Conker now What I was thinking about was how would I go back and explain to General Smead once I was run away by the Germans His own honor will also be tarnished He ignored Montgomery, but chased forward with his soldiers With the last shuttle bullet left, Wang Weiyi was a little helpless.The tank support is gone, and hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain now the MP18 submachine gun doesn t have many bullets.In any case, the MP18 submachine gun cannot fall into the hands of the enemy There is a forest ahead, which may be the place to escape.Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng rushed in and walked around for a while.Wang Weiyi called to Guo Yunfeng Si Dao, there is a big hole in front, help me bury the weapon in.I m a little to your right, waiting for you to return to the base.This damn base When he was in the most danger, the base could not provide any help.Now that the crisis has temporarily eased, the base has reappeared.Could it be that he and the base really have enmity Although his heart was full of doubts, Wang Weiyi still had to carry out this order Si Dao, you go to the west and closely monitor the movement of the British.I will go there and have a look.We will meet here again in three hours Although he was born as a laborer, Guo Yunfeng has many virtues that are incomparable to professional soldiers.He never asked why this order was issued, let alone raised any objections.Especially for Lieutenant Ernst Brahm s words, he has only one reaction obey, obey him unconditionally Guo Yunfeng quickly ran to the direction pointed by the lieutenant, but he disappeared from sight.Wang Weiyi listened quietly, and he began to believe that it is true that there are very few excellent lawyers in Germany in this era.With Marklin s performance, how can he put himself on the pillar of shame For a full 20 minutes, Marklin was seen performing there, and Wang Weiyi did not protest or refute.Finally, Marklin finished what he had to say, and then respectfully said to Felix Dear Marquess of Yoxor, there is no doubt that Baron Alexon is guilty of treason, and I beg you to convict him , it will be entirely at your discretion whether to exile or hang him Felix s eyes fell on Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, do you admit to these allegations No, I deny these false allegations Wang Weiyi stood up.Everyone s attention was on him, and everyone knew Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm was about to defend himself.One hundred and hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain eighteen Ernst s shameless code name Rage Under the sudden attack of a large number of German troops, the unsuspecting French army retreated steadily.And the German army also put on a posture to completely solve the Reims problem this time, and seized After reaching the forward position, they continued to launch a wave of higher than wave attacks in depth.It was difficult for the French army to resist such an attack.The entire position was rushed to pieces, and the oprah winfrey cbd gummies hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain fleeing French could be seen everywhere But the German army is strange that as long as they see a large group of enemies, they will try their best to disperse them.Once they are dispersed, the large group of enemies will become a small group of enemies, and the Germans will quickly stop chasing them.Why do they do this Not only the French, but even the Germans themselves did not know.After the war started, all the good tailors went to Paris, and I couldn t find a tailor here that satisfied me It just so happens that I know a great tailor General Raffarin s eyes lit up in one sentence Really real Wang Weiyi nodded very seriously If I am so lucky, I will hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain bring that tailor to you tomorrow.Ah, no, go to another place.General Raffarin thought for a while You go to my headquarters first tomorrow, and someone will take you there.By the way, I have to help Mr.Wende make a suit.He came in a hurry, and I don t have any suitable clothes for him.Wang Weiyi was overjoyed, this dose of cbd gummies for sleep was an unexpected harvest.In this way, the shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep specific address of Kilok can be determined.At this time, there were more guests, and Raffarin apologized to them, and walked towards them.Only Wang Weiyi and Watts are left here.Goal, Richthofen, the action begins Target Richthofen, the action begins This is an action that will be engraved in the annals of history.These German elites who made a big fuss in Reims began to attack the Red Baron , and Mark became Traitor A small village appeared, such small villages can hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain be seen everywhere in Germany.Seeing a dozen German soldiers suddenly appear, the villagers were startled.Ask about Sandra s home , and quickly got the guidance.A villager couldn t help asking Is this handsome captain Ernst Brahm who Wang Weiyi s eyes widened.Ernst Brahm He said it himself, and he also said that he is the Baron Skull Wang Weiyi was so angry that his nose was crookedSuch a large amount of romantic money has been calculated on his own head Do it, major, don t let him get away.Do it Wang Weiyi gritted his teeth and said.But I don t think this is a fair duel.If you are interested, tomorrow You can come here again, hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain and I will choose two soldiers to fight with you fairly.Forget it, I m not so interested.Wang Weiyi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth At least you are the ones who suffer today.After finishing speaking, he continued Ordered a glass of wine.A smile appeared on the corner of the second lieutenant s mouth I am Alexander Mikhailovich Vasilevsky Wang Weiyi almost spit out a mouthful of wine.Who Vasilevsky The future Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasilevsky, the chief of the Soviet HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain Army s General Staff in World War II Vasilevs Ji didn t notice the change in the other party How about you, sir who are you Ah, I m Moyol, here to do some small business.Wang Weiyi settled down Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky, you have to know that many things here are very cheap.

What I care hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain about is the thirty thousand gold coins that Mr.Mistanov promised.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly I will take you back to Danzig, and then go to the Kirinovas Hotel to collect the reward I deserve, but before that, you must be with us.Ivanovic s mind is not on this at all, just nodded mechanically Seeing Ivanovic staggering away, Wang Weiyi suddenly put away the smile on his face.He took out two letters from his pocket.Did the Russian really think he could be fooled by such a trick In Kirienko s office, he found the jewel box at once, and soon discovered the contents.The location of the agency, and found cbd gummies pics these two letters.He has not read the content, but judging from Ivanovic s performance, these two letters should be very important.He opened the letter, but found that it was full of Oh, I knew I should let Xiao Ling teach me Russian.A carriage ran over him, and all the information he collected disappeared, and we have no way of finding out the identity of the spy Wang Weiyi interrupted and asked It has been a long time since the Russo Japanese War, why do you suddenly think of this spy now We shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep investigated for three years, but found nothing.Later, there was a major personnel change in the Intelligence Bureau, and gradually no one brought up this case.Shamokski looked gloomy However, since last year, our intelligence has been leaked one after another.Whether it is the Germans, the British, or the Japanese themselves, they can always know what we are doing.Baron Alexon, I have experienced the Russo Japanese War, and I have experienced leaks.With my intuition, I know that the super spy has appeared again Wang Weiyi suddenly became interested in this super spy.He made preparations early in the morning, and he was responsible for responding to the opponent, while the teams of Rommel and Manstein were responsible for finding suitable places to ambush around.Once any accident occurs, they are Wang Weiyi s best response force.And now an accident really happened Those enemies obviously couldn t guess that there was an ambush on the other side Especially HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain when the heavy machine gun was taken away at once, several light machine guns on the other side also roared at the same time.Those attackers were beaten to death.They don t know what kind of army they hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies are facing the elite of the German army the skeleton commando These people were able to advance and retreat freely in the face of enemies several times their own in Lance and Fandis, how could they be intimidated here The two detachments commanded by Rommel dose of cbd gummies for sleep social cbd gummies and Manstein were not in a hurry.Is Zhukov s judgment wrong But Zhukov seemed full of confidence.He told his colonel that the enemy would definitely appear.Apart from this, they had no second choice.There are two ways to go.Fritoyak still decided to trust the young sergeant, at least he saw through the enemy s attempt Maybe you are right, Zhukov, I hope we can capture the enemy hereAh, did you hear that the German army under the command of General Gedel launched a new offensive and still broke through several of our defense lines, but under the strong counterattack of General Kashanov, the Germans Returning to their original line of defense It was meeting their infiltrators.Zhukov said without thinking.Colonel Fritoyak was a little puzzled Are you really that sure Yes, quite certainly.Zhukov nodded According to my understanding, General Gedell is a very cautious general, and he will not launch an attack even if it is not necessary.Richthofen quickly vetoed his own idea.Ernst told himself that he was a commander now, so he couldn t be so impulsive anymore.Nothing special was found, but just as Richthofen was about to order to return, something unexpected finally happened.A few black spots appeared in the sky, and then quickly approached here Bandit The enemy plane seemed to have been prepared for a long time, and quickly put on a fighting posture.Buck pointed to Richthofen to observe the situation.Hell, the opponent has eight fighters and has an absolute advantage in the air terrain.Even if he wanted to run, he might not be so easy.Richthofen didn t show any fear at all.On the contrary, like a wolf who smelled blood, his eyes flashed the frenzy in the face of danger He made a movement of wiping bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain his throat, and Buck understood immediately The commander, who regards air combat as his life, decided to fight a crazy battle here two to eight Being a pilot of the 1st Wing is as proud as being a member of the Skull Commandos Victory is the hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain only thing they are after Two to eight, let s start Let them also complete an impossible mission The flaming fighter plane and Buck s wingman suddenly pulled up.Wang Weiyi smiled Ocus, are you from Berlin Ah, yes, Colonel.Orcus responded casually.Wang Weiyi smiled again Do you often go to the Countess manor AhWhich Countess Colonel, I don t know any Countess.Orcus face changed slightly, and he said quickly.Countess Leonie.Wang Weiyi said the name lightly Ah, Orcus, don t tell me that you don HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain t know me, I still have some sources of information Orcus smiled wryly He said Well, Colonel, I am the nephew of the housekeeper Dempsey Colonel, since you already know, then I have nothing to hide from you, the Countess and I did say something Regarding your matter, but what I can guarantee is that I have not betrayed you, I am not a traitor of the Skeleton Commando I did not say you are a traitor, Orcus Wang Weiyi calmly told himself this subordinate But there are some things you can clearly distinguish, whose subordinate you are, and who you are working for.When the British ambulance appeared on the battlefield, Lieutenant Colonel Stino couldn t help asking Will you kill them Why should I kill them Wang Weiyi looked very surprised If there are German soldiers bodies , Our amazon natures boost cbd gummies ambulance soldiers will also go up to check, and now I kill them, I will be retaliated.Lieutenant Colonel Stino, you have to know that they are just doing their duty just like you., Wang Weiyi threw away the cigarette butt Take a good rest, Lieutenant Colonel, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow at the latest, there will be more wounded, you have to help me treat them.Speaking of this, his eyes don t know why It fell in the direction of Udine.At this time, Lieutenant Colonel Stino didn t know what he was looking at, but he would soon understand.two hundred and thirty one.Udine the Predator became a pain in the heart of Major General Laurent.

The Skeleton Commando was entrusted with the task of attacking the Fanowi line in Amiens.at this time.The skeleton commando, which has expanded to 4,000 people, is supported by planes and tanks.Launched three attacks on Fanowei in succession, successfully driving the British out of Fanowei.On this day alone, the British army lost 4,800 people, and HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain the Skeleton Commando lost more than 1,000 people.This is the biggest loss since the establishment of the Skeleton Commando.The war is getting more and more cruel.Every victory of the Skeleton Commando is now accompanied by huge casualties.The support of German artillery fire is obviously not as violent as in the past.More often, the skeleton commando must complete combat missions alone.Fortunately, until June, that fiery red plane still kept appearing in the sky.Get ready to leave, Rambler.Xiao Ling seemed to be able to hear the faint sadness in Wang Weiyi s heart I know you can t bear to part with your friends., but theoretically speaking, you still have a chance to meet, but before that, according to the upgrade of the base, you still have two last tasks to complete.Let s talk.Wang Weiyi took a deep breath.Do you still remember the Russian Major Maridov Wang Weiyi was taken aback Ah, I remember He is now best cbd brand gummies following General Kolchak to fight against the Soviet Red Army.He belongs to the young general Kerber, and is Kerber s confidant Kolchak Fearless Admiral What does Xiao Ling want to do by himself Assassinate or rescue the Russian general Kerber Why does this name sound familiar On the 5th, Kerber will command his own army to attack Kazan, where some things are stored in the bank.When Xiao Ling finished speaking, Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something, and blurted out Kolchak gold Yes, Kolchak gold, but in theory it actually belongs to the tsar s gold and Kerber is about to get this batch of gold.Xiaoling s words verified Wang Weiyi s idea Wanderer, go and get that batch of gold back , it shouldn t belong to the Russians. Take it back What the hell am I going to take it back You can choose a few helpers from the Skeleton Commando, they must be loyal and reliable, but Rommel and others are not allowed, this task is very dangerous HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain , they must not have any problems, Xiao Ling began to express his own ideas.How many helpers Let yourself take a few helpers to fight so many Russians You know, apart from the Soviet Red Army and White Guards, there are also a large number of bandits active in Russia who are staring at this batch of gold Don t worry, Rambler, the Colonel Sergey who surrendered to you before, he has returned to Russia and has become a major general in the White Guards, a famous one legged general.This is the French Concession, and R himself can t stretch his hand that far.There are still cannons and gunshots coming from outside, but it doesn t matter anymore.Wang Weiyi closed the door and opened the relationship with Xiaoling The communication between them Xiao Ling, what happened to those two German spies Actually, it has something to do with you.Xiao Ling s answer was quite unexpected Do you remember anything about the names Nicholas and Sean Wang Weiyi was dumbfounded.Nicola Sean hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain Could it be Yes, what you thought in your heart was correct, they are the children of your old friends Nicola and Sean.After you left Germany, Nikolai left the army, and Sean is now a major general.But hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain they have one thing in common, that is, their children have entered the German intelligence service After Germany re emerged and Hitler came to power, the old Nicholas wanted to return to the army, but he was met by Hitler personally refused Why Because Hitler still hates what Nicholas did to you, even though he has repented Wang Weiyi rubbed his nose and gave a wry smile.He wanted to get up, but when he moved a little, he felt severe pain.Are you injured Not only was Wu Qian injured, but he was seriously injured.Go go take back the position, take it back Wu Qian said with difficulty.Until now, he still firmly remembers the teacher s instruction to him, that his position must be held firm for a week.But this is the first day Soldiers can die, but not like this However, how can we take the position back from the hands of the Japanese themselves The position outside Songjiang City was already facing collapse on the first day Your Excellency, Captain, in an hour, we can all break through the defense line outside the city of the Chinese people, and then we can launch an attack on Songjiang.Yedu Haonan, the captain of the Yedu Infantry Brigade, said loudly.Well done, Noto kun.Helping and talking with each other along the way, the students began to understand what it was like to fight, and the soldiers gradually became less resistant to these students.In fact, everyone has a common goal to drive the Japanese out of the country Along the way, the sun continued to harass, but there was no panic in the team.When the opportunity arises.They will spontaneously look for places to hide.After the day is gone, they will come out from their hiding places again, and then continue on their way silently.They are a force, a group It was already very close to the destination, and while taking a break, Ouyang Yu asked Battalion Commander, what should we do with these students after we arrive at Jiangyin Fortress They can t stay on the battlefield, hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain it s too dangerous.Wang Weiyi said nothing Without hesitation, he said Let them all go to Nanjing.So, Wang Weiyi finally understood.It suddenly occurred to her that Tang Ying was already married so there was nothing she could do, but if anyone could get close to Tang Weihong and rely on Song Zi s influence, it would be hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain beneficial to his career in the future.It s just that the Tang family is really daring, having such a relationship with Song Zi, an important figure in the national government, dares to stay in Shanghai.Although the Paramount Ballroom is in the Shanghai International Concession, it is not absolutely safe hell.At this time, a voice came, and a young man dressed in Western style came over Boss Lu, the person next to you Who is this friend, I don t think he s with you.There was obvious sarcasm in the words, but Lu Mingzhai was not angry at all, instead he said with a smile Joe Fox, you don t have a sting in your mouth anymore Qiao Fox Qiao Zhihe During the introduction, Lu Mingzhai didn t hide anything, and straight to the point told Qiao Zhihe that the young man beside him was Wang Weiyi, who had recently made a name for himself.

I ll come back one day.I said, I will, your lord, the manor will be the same when you come back.Do you know that.As a respected nobleman, you will never disobey It was a promise, and obviously, the baron is a decent gentleman.Since he promised to come back, he will come back sooner or later.Joseph listened carefully, wishing to put every word of the steward into his head.Videlio was the baron s butler for twenty years.Loyal and loyal here to take care of Che, he is familiar with everything about the Baron.One day in the future, I will definitely be able to become a person like Steward Videlio.Steward Videlio, those pilgrims are here again.They know that the Baron may not be dead yet, and they all ask to enter the manor to have a look.The place where the baron used to live.What do they want to do Is His Majesty the Emperor gone, and everything is messed up Butler Videlio looked very dissatisfied Go and tell those people that this is Alexson Manor , not a zoo.It seems that the control of the base will have to be won for a long time.The third y element has been found, and Anna was rescued.Just when Xiao Ling and the others thought that Wang Weiyi was about to return to Changshu, Wanderer suddenly asked, Xiao Ling, do you think that Riley is going to return to Changshu now still beautiful The task has been completed, and Wang Weiyi has completed the orders he issued himself, which has increased the self reform and upgrade of the Ziguang military base by another 5.However, this obviously cannot be abused.When Wang Weiyi gave an order jokingly, the base did not respond.This also convinced Wang Weiyi that not every order he gave was effective.It seems that the control of the base will have to be won for a long time.The third y element has been found, and Anna was rescued.Yamaguchi, that photo of yours needs to be changed.Hiroshi Yamaguchi felt dizzy for a while.Is he really capable of going to Japan to find his family If it is true, then the lives of Rieko and Yumiko are in his hands It s terrible, really terrible Yes I never tell a lie.Wang Weiyi said lightly So, we can cooperate.Don t worry, I won t ask you to provide any top secret information, as long as you tell me what kind of attack my defense zone will be attacked.Of course, I have some friends in Shanghai who also need your protection.Hiroshi Yamaguchi knew very well that Wang Weiyi would not embarrass himself in the initial hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies cooperation , but as time went on, he would only sink deeper and deeper into this pit, and eventually he would be unable to extricate himself But, The future of my favorite teacher and the life of my beloved wife and daughter are now in the hands of this person.Ah, I m afraid I can t.Michna seemed a little regretful I have to go back to the United States immediately to prepare the second batch of supplies.You must know that Mrs.Hermione is very anxious.Ah, William, your mother even asked where we were a few times.Oh.Tell mother when I get back that I m fine in China.William was a little emotional, maybe thinking of his mother.Michner came in a hurry and left in a hurry.He didn t dare to waste too long here.Qiao Zhi and Na had weapons, and Gustav had weapons.Now, the United States has also brought them.Weapons, and it was brought in by a freighter like the Minnesota Rose.in the coming war.Wang Weiyi is very sure that there is absolutely no need to worry about the ammunition of the Changshu Line team.On March 6th, the Japanese army, which had been somewhat unable to restrain themselves, finally began to attack tentatively.Given this premise, it is not surprising that the development of infantry anti tank weapons has stagnated.Only do cbd gummies really relieve pain Germany is an exception.The luck of the Germans was that they got a man the skeleton baron Ernst Alexson von.General Bram The Skeleton Baron was the first to put forward the tank threat theory, and summed up a set of practical and effective methods to deal with tanks.And the Germans quickly began to pay attention to Ernst s theory.In World War I, facing the tanks of the Allied Powers, HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain the Germans invented many ways to deal with these moving fire breathing monsters.Tanks at the time had large targets, slow speed, and thin armor, and were easily destroyed by field artillery.The German infantry discovered in actual combat that the K type bullets used for long range sniping can penetrate the weak armor of early tanks, and this tungsten carbide core bullet can be fired with ordinary Mauser rifles or Maxine machine guns.Baron move, Baron move All this is fought in the name of Baron Alexon Ever since the skeleton battle flag appeared in Shanghai, China, and the dark fighter jet appeared in the sky of China, there was no news about the Baron Baron Alexon, disappeared again Adolf Hitler has not yet figured out whether the Baron is still alive.Is the baron who appeared in China actually General Ernst If he is still alive, why doesn t he want to meet himself He didn t know, and couldn t get an answer.If the rise of Germany and the preparations for the war before were all about finding the baron who, in Hitler s view, was secretly imprisoned by Britain and France, then all this has changed now Adolf.Hitler must vent his anger There s no way the Baron could be missing without the damned English and French Now, it s time for them to pay the price and pay it back Attack, attack Let the flames of war ignite throughout the continent of Europe Let Britain and France perish Let all Europe tremble at the feet of Germany Everything for Germany Everything for Ernst Yuan, it s time for you to have dinner.Videlio was shocked, but immediately Calm was restored Go and tell the head of state that I reject the expansion of this place.He needs to know that the Alecson Manor was bestowed on the baron by His Majesty the Emperor himself, and the original appearance can only be changed unless there is an order from His Majesty the Emperor or the baron himself.The head of state can command The whole of Germany, but he can t command here.I don t want the baron to come back, thinking that I destroyed the manor.Steward Vidlio, is the baron really candor cbd gummies coming back Joseph, I have already said , the Baron will definitely be back.Ah, by the way, I have to bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain go and prepare some of the best Russian caviar Damn, why are you going to fight best cbd sleep aid gummies Russia Getting Russian caviar is so stressful now.Butler Videlio, the baron is back, can you let me see the baron face to face No, that s not okay, you can only watch the baron secretly among the servants.

Soon these photos will be in the major newspapers all over Europe Then, there will be another baron storm in the whole of Europe And on one of the Tiger tanks, stood their most beloved general Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm Forward, skeleton master Four hundred and one.Grim Reaper Reappearance Forward, skeleton master Now, under the pressure of the Soviet army, it became heavy, and the first line of defense, which had been rebuilt after so much painstaking efforts, collapsed in an instant under the strong offensive of the Skeleton Division.The large number of Soviet troops is indeed a great advantage, but these huge troops, recruits account for too much proportion, some things even just received their first rifles before going to the battlefield.Their battlefield experience cannot be compared with those German veterans who have experienced many battles.Wang Weiyi nodded approvingly Leave the battlefield in ten minutes.Yes, general Capulo answered dose of cbd gummies for sleep social cbd gummies the general in a loud voice, and after the general left, he grabbed Leandro Where did the cbd gummies 500mg kalkai general go just now It s a pity, The general didn t see our good show of killing the enemy regiment leader.Leandro opened his mouth, but stopped talking, and this expression was quickly spotted by Colonel Capulo What s the matter, what do you want to tell me Colonel, I don t know if I should say it.Leandro seemed shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep to be smirking You killed the enemy s regiment commander, of course it is worth celebrating, but just now General Ernst killed the Russian 3rd Armored Corps.General Magfriedlov, the commander of the army Colonel Capulo was stunned, and it took him a long time before he uttered a word Ah Four hundred and five.However, the Russians put batches of young people on the battlefield to die, but they were prepared to pay several times, or even dozens of times, in exchange for the lives of the Germans.The Germans even thought there that in order to win, the Russians would not hesitate to kill the last individual in the country, right Then the top Russians can open the best wine in the Kremlin and celebrate their great victory.As for the millions of Russian soldiers who died on the battlefield, these high level officials will not shed tears for them.The first attack in the afternoon was repelled, then the second, and the third time The attack was repelled, and the German officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division looked at everything in front of them in a daze, as if they still didn t believe that today s battle was actually over.Be more flexible, more flexible.Wang Weiyi handed the empty cup to Richthofen Be kinder and more kind to ordinary French people in our occupied areas.What kind of life did they live in the past Let them live like that.If a child secretly throws eggs at our soldiers, even if you catch the child, don t punish him, but tell him with a smile that eggs are for eating, not for smashing We must quickly gather the hearts of the people in the occupied areas, let them eliminate their hostility hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain towards us, and even think that we are not invaders, and restore the harmonious atmosphere when they occupied Paris What about the people in the resistance organization Rommel asked.At this time, I asked on the side.Wang Weiyi took Richthofen s refilled glass For the guerrillas, compress their living space step by step, and for the enemy s lurking personnel, mobilize all means to crack cbd gummies sold in florida them Nikolai is very experienced in this area.He has been thinking about you all the time, and this time you came back, he also said that he would come to welcome you, but I didn t allow it.Wang Weiyi smiled, and he actually said hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain it indirectly Saved Hall s life, even though I didn t feel very good about this person Wang Weiyi immediately stopped smiling Adolf, in fact, we have a more terrifying enemy.No matter whether it is Britain, France or Russia, it is not as terrible as this country.Who Hitler was surprised.America 422.The response of the British In February 942, the Luftwaffe suddenly stopped bombing London, England This is a very confusing thing.Even the silence over London feels a little too fitting.What are the Germans trying to do No one can answer the British.Subsequently, news came from Germany that shocked Europe Ernst Alexson von Brehm was appointed as the honorary marshal of the German army, army and air force The hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies whole of Britain was a sensation, and the whole of Europe was a sensation Although there have been constant news that the Skeleton Baron returned gloriously and continued to lead the German soldiers to fight on the Russian battlefield, this news has never been officially confirmed hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain by Germany.The three year old leader, a released French prisoner, also saw his wife and son.He wanted to go up to meet him, but when he saw the police next to him, he stopped involuntarily.A car stopped, and then some German soldiers separated the French, and an officer in the uniform of a German marshal stepped out of the car Baron Alexon The hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain crowd became quiet.Wang Weiyi came to the releasers Why don t you leave Can we really leave the releaseee in his thirties asked cautiously.Wang Weiyi smiled What s your name Neuenmass.Mr.Nuenmass, you are free.Wang Weiyi said lightly I understand your mood at the moment and why you want to join the resistance Organization.From a national point of view, I would like to hang you now, but from a hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain high potency cbd gummies hemp bombs personal point of view, I sympathize with you.You are nothing more than a blinded person.Immediately allocate special funds to them.Wang Weiyi immediately said after knowing the situation We need medicines, and we must ensure the normal use of the hospital.War has nothing to do with children.Yes.Marshal, I will immediately Go do it.Thank you, Marshal.The dean said gratefully.Si Dao, distribute the gifts we brought to these lovely children.Wang Weiyi finished speaking, and Guo Yunfeng immediately joined the guards and gave the gifts they brought to the children, which immediately aroused cheers from the hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain children.You are such a kind Baron, Field Marshal.General Dietrich said sincerely In addition, some of our wounded German soldiers also live here.They heard that you are coming.They are very excited.Can you go and see me Are they Of course, General Dietrich, I can t wait to meet these brave boys Wang Weiyi said without hesitation.

Mrs.Kantelsky, are you going to Have a pleasant trip to Moscow with Mr.Kantelsky Oh, I would love to, Mr.Kantelsky.Elena smiled.Since the last trip to Paris, the relationship between Elena and Wang Weiyi has become different, and Wang Weiyi even faintly felt that the Elena he was familiar with before had returned.Of course, Elena s real She had to wait until she fully recovered her memory when she came back.After putting on his makeup, Guo Yunfeng turned around.This time, Xiao Ling s craftsmanship seems to be good.If someone didn t deliberately look at his face, there would be no flaws.All three of them put on the uniforms of the Soviet army, a colonel, a captain and a Soviet female second lieutenant.Si Dao, I think your name Babalovich seems more suitable for you.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Moyol s business card, would he be hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies hired After a while, someone brought Williams into a more beautiful and luxurious office.A young man was looking at something there.After a while, he raised his head You are Robben.Williams Ah, yes, sir.I m Garcia, the manager here.Tell me, what can you do with me Such a young man is actually the manager here He looks about the same age as himself.He can do it, why can t he do it At this moment, Williams rekindled his confidence Sir, I m here Looking for a job Before he finished speaking, Garcia interrupted Sorry, Mr.Williams, we don t have any suitable jobs for you here.Great disappointment fell upon Williams, but he mustered up his courage and said, You see, Mr.Moyol asked me to come.Mr.Moyol His words were interrupted by Garcia again You were really introduced by Mr.Come back from the shock, on Baron Alexon.What else is impossible Okay, my baron, hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain what do you want to do Hermione asked after she collected herself.Wang Weiyi thought about it for dose of cbd gummies for sleep social cbd gummies a while Let s put it this way, there may be a new economic crisis in the United States, and it will be a very terrible economic crisis.Leoni has never been very interested in these things, but Hermione reacted immediately He said I understand, I understand the fight with the Dan Zexi Foundation.It s just the beginning, and I m still wondering why it took so much labor until Baron Alexon himself to launch your mission.Your real goal is the entire United States, don t you Do you really think you have the ability to compete with a country Things that have not been tried will never have an answer.Wang Weiyi replied inadvertently You are all Germans.Moyol without hesitation There was a loud scream that would have lost countless men, and then the naked female body began to writhe crazily on Wang Weiyi s body.The nipples on the chest that can drive a man crazy also fluctuate rapidly with the intense movement of the body During Ruiman s selfless exercise, Wang Weiyi suddenly hugged her and stood up in this position Then, a crazier movement began In the room, there were only the man s panting and the woman s high pitched scream one In the afternoon, both Wang Weiyi and Rui Man were exhausted.God knows how many battles they had in one afternoon.Neither of the two of them wanted to get up on the bed, even Wang Weiyi s physique felt exhausted.God, this woman is crazy.She seldom shows interest in men, and always looks cold and repulsive, but once she makes a decision, she simply asks for it without restraint.The longer the time, the less worried it is We The generals didn t particularly understand, but they were full of confidence in Marshal Ernst.They knew that the marshal must have his own perfect idea.And he was missing for over a month.During this period of time, he hemp cbd infused gummies may have made some deployments that no one else could have imagined.Marshal, I don t question your decision, but have we always stood firm like this Rommel frowned and asked In Africa, we stick to it, in Russia, we stick to it.This way the war cannot be won.El Wen, we will open up a new battlefield.Wang Weiyi held the marshal s scepter in his hand and came to the huge map Generals, our goal hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain will be here His marshal s scepter fell on the map, All the generals looked there Turkey With a boom , it seemed as if a pot had exploded in the head of state s office.The purpose of the Myristal battle group is only one to make the Guo Yunfeng battle group shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep appear in front of the attack target in its most complete form The firepower composed of tanks and stalkers has become the main assault force.The artillery shells easily pulled out the enemy s firepower, and the crawlers crushed the enemy s weak defense line forcefully.assault Goal Istanbul Arena Marshal Goris finally knew that an enemy armored force was advancing towards him, and he also knew that the enemy had only one goal himself However, it was too late for Goris to retreat now.The way to retreat was blocked by the enemy, and the port was heavily bombed by the Luftwaffe.It is unbelievable that the Turkish army of the two legions did not have any resistance under the attack of the German army There was not even time for them to gather and arm Istanbul.In addition to these, he also sent a secret envoy to meet Mr.Kahn, the German ambassador to Turkey who was expelled by himself and was about to return to Germany.During the talks, the special envoy who shouldered the heavy responsibility of the president did not protest to Mr.Kahn, but cbd apple gummies asked whether there was a possibility of a peaceful settlement between the two sides.Mr.Kahn knows all too well what a peaceful settlement really means.I can t guarantee it, because it is the army led by Marshal Ernst Brahm.Kahn said with a little regret, but then he said However, I will try my best.Four hundred ninety two.Code named Ymir the fourth change asks for a monthly ticket Really The Turks want peace talks When he heard the news, Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Mr.I express my personal apologies for the danger you encountered after the war between Turkey and Turkey.

For the dignity of Turkish soldiers All power every soldier is thrown into battle, and he must use all his abilities.Come and stop the German breakthrough on Qukasia and Bolu Even if you die, you must die on your own battlefield Geinick was the first to fight.The Turkish troops of the two brigades launched an uninterrupted attack on Goynik.Marshal Greluman has issued a death order even if there is only the last soldier left in the battle, Geinik must be taken back.Re open the connection between Qukassia and Bolu Without the threat of enemy heavy artillery and tanks.The Turkish army still showed a very strong combat effectiveness.They selflessly launched a wave of attacks against Geinick.Most of them have forgotten the threat of dose of cbd gummies for sleep social cbd gummies death and put the honor of the country above all else.I hope that the army will be completely defeated by their spirit of sacrificing their lives Unfortunately, what they encounter are German soldiers who have come out of countless wars The defensive front is so perfect, and the firepower coordination is so perfect.Halder Fortune belongs to Wang Weiyi However, Xiao Ling was completely indifferent to all this, but she slowly told Wang Weiyi Wanderer, you must look at this thing.Wang Weiyi saw the fourth y element If the existence of the second y element caused Wang Weiyi s great shock, then with the successive appearance of the third and fourth y elements, Wang Weiyi cbd gummies for psoriatic arthritis had already become calm.Maybe sooner or later there will be fifth and sixth y elements Did you find it in the treasure Yes.Little Ling answered the question It was found in one of the boxes, and it didn t receive much attention.Like the elements obtained before, this One piece has no radiation.But when I took out this element, I found that it had a strong reaction with the previous three y elements, and the radiation was recovering at hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain a very fast speed Wang Weiyi sat there staring at this strangely shining element, and suddenly said Little Ling, I am imagining a possibility.In addition, he also promised to send a large number of the latest Tiger tanks and a large number of new anti tank guns to Africa Our Tiger tanks will disable the enemy s anti tank guns, and our anti tank guns will be ineffective.Tank guns will destroy any type of enemy tank.Although Hitler s words were full of loopholes and even contradicted himself, for Rommel, who was already despairing of the African war situation, the promise of the cbd gummy candy head of state was like a shot in the arm.He seemed to see that the armored corps, which had obtained these latest weapons, was chasing the British army with great force, from Alamein to the Suez Canal.The British dismissed such intelligence, Hitler was just deluding himself there Rommel also blamed the Italians for the leak We learned from the captured British officers and soldiers I learned that it was the Italians who told them the secret, that they leaked our every move to the British, causing us to fall into the trap that the British had already set Rommel angrily told Hitler Of course most of their soldiers are good, but their officers are all useless guys, a bunch of traitors.Rommel declared in his speech Within ten days I will appear on the banks of the Nile.He said Now is the time when the British army is not gaining a firm foothold.We cannot give them a chance to breathe.If we attack the Nile Delta from behind, then the required troops and the losses will be great.At present, due to The plentiful spoils of Tobruk ensured our supplies, and we must now, on the principle of a focused assault, devote all our forces, especially our air force, to a decisive point.This decisive point That s Egypt.Kesselring objected.His how much are cbd gummy bears opinion moving forward, logistical supplies will be more difficult.He said The Air Force needs a break.The crews are exhausted and the planes need repairs.Assaulting enemy air bases that are heavily fortified without taking any losses, as an Air Force member.The mutiny quickly spread to the whole of Cairo Even Wang Weiyi, the instigator, did not expect such a large scale and fierce resistance.The anger that the Egyptians have been oppressed by the British for a long time has been released at this moment A war over counterfeit money Wang Weiyi suddenly felt that the battle that took place in Cairo could be called this Now, it s up to him to do something The German army has already assembled in secret under his order.However, Wang Weiyi is still unwilling to give up such hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies a good opportunity.Now that the flames are burning in Cairo, is there any way to add more firewood to make the flames burn more intensely Even, burning throughout Egypt Advance the plan to seize Egypt The key question is how long those Egyptian mutiny soldiers can go on The longer they fight, the more the Egyptians will be invested in greater resistance, the British will become more passive, and for Germany, the chances of victory will be more I need a tank and a truck full of ammunition Wang Weiyi suddenly made such a request to Xiaoling.The Irish were completely desperate.They ignored the enemy s violent strafing.Crazy Launched an assault on the German army.The German army s vanguard battalion, like a flat boat in the sea, may sink at any time But at their most critical time, the German army s follow hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain up troops were under the command of Marshal Rommel.Under his personal command, he successfully rushed to the battlefield The situation has been stabilized However, the Irish did not stop their attacks at all, and continued to launch the assault persistently and tenaciously.Rommel saw at a glance why the enemy did this The enemy The commander is using the sacrifice of these people to delay our progress.But when we arrived at Kantara, the enemy s fortifications were ready to be constructed However, although he saw the enemy s intentions, he didn t have a good solution.Shimizu moved a stool and sat down We know that your father handed over a very important piece of information before he died.Have you brought it Yes.Wang Weiyi pointed I shook my head The information is here, there is no safer place than putting the information in the head.Qing Shuidong was very surprised It is said that the information cbd oil and gummies is very huge, can you remember it My childhood memory It is very outstanding Wang Weiyi made up a good excuse for himself Master Shimizu, when can I see the senior officials The intelligence must be reported to them immediately, otherwise there will shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep be danger anytime, anywhere Qing Shui moved silently Is your hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain body able to take it For the sake of the Japanese Empire, even if I die, there is no problem Okay, if this is the case, I will report immediately.Qing Shui He stood up again I think if everything goes well, the senior officials will be able to listen to your report tomorrow.

At 6 30, three seaplanes of the US military were conducting routine patrol flights in the waters south of Oahu Island.When a suspicious submarine was found, the pilot used a password to report to the base, which delayed the time.At 6 37, the USS Ward escort destroyer spotted the pocket submarine, Officer William on duty, which was following the Big Mars target towboat and attempted to pass through the anti submarine net.Lieutenant Gopna immediately reported to Captain William.Captain Outerbridge, Captain Outerbridge gave the order to fire at 6 40, and hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain at 6 45 the Ward s No.3 gun fired.The first shot missed, and the second shot hit the podium of the pocket submarine.This shot became the first shot in the Pacific War The Ward then drove at full speed to the submerged place of the submarine and dropped a string of depth charges.The submachine gun rang out Maybe the only difference was that the enemy used twenty eight people that night, but now, there were only three people.And one of them even appeared to be a woman The fight was very brief.In less than two minutes, most of the British agents were dead, leaving only Major Rogermin and Lieutenant Colonel Naris Even at this time, Major Rogermin.Still loyally shot Naris, and warned the lieutenant colonel not to make any plans to escape, otherwise he would definitely kill him But, at this moment.A cold muzzle was aimed at Major Rogermin s head.Then an extremely familiar voice sounded from behind Why didn t you put down your weapon, Major Major Luo Jieming couldn t believe that he would hear this voice here, he turned his head slowly, and then he looked at Here comes the face Ernst Alexson von Brahm Many Brits like to call him The Baron Skeleton However, Luo Jieming would never know that the Skeleton Baron has another name Wang Weiyi Guo Yunfeng and Elina were checking to see if there were any survivors In an instant, Major Luo Jieming understood everything He put down the weapon in his hand with a pale face It s you It s me, Major.An extremely powerful confidence HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain was being built in Marovsky s heart.With Sameiros captured, Elklin is in sight That idiot Tasotsky, it s time to know what makes a really good commander.A truly excellent commander is someone like himself.It took the Soviet army one night to digest the fruits of victory.The retreat of the German army should be said to be orderly, but shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep this is also in line with the consistent German tradition.And Elklin at this time.Ludwig made a brief report to Marshal Ernst Marshal, we have abandoned Samiros.Very good, General Ludwig.I think the Russians will appear in Egypt at noon tomorrow.Erkelin, are you ready Wang Weiyi s majestic eyes swept over the German generals one by hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain one.Yes, Marshal.We are ready.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Then, let s start Elklin is ready the German soldiers best most potent cbd hemp gummies for pain are ready Soon, on the battlefield of Erklin, a new hell will be formed At noon on February 11, the 89th Motorized Brigade of the Soviet Army appeared in Erklin, at 12 30, the Soviet Union The Air Force began bombing Elklin, and German aircraft quickly responded, but not in large numbers.At 17 10 on March 17, 1943, Major General Straff, commander of the 81st Armored Army of the Soviet Army, died in battle on the Terek River battlefield , This is also the first senior officer killed by the Soviet Army after the Battle of the Terek River broke out.On the same day, the 56th Army of the Soviet Army was defeated, and the 81st Panzer Army suffered a devastating blow.The German army in defense gave the Soviet Union The army took the heaviest blow This is a tragic scene for the Soviet army, with more than 15,000 Soviet casualties, and such casualties actually came from the assault group of the besieged German army.This is even more a disgrace in the history of the Soviet Army The besieged German army actually launched such an invincible counterattack Of course, there are also heroes, such as Major Liaokov of the 81st Armored Army With hundreds of troops, he successfully highlighted the pursuit of the Germans even.During the attack, he was blocked by the enemy more than once.At least, he thought he had encountered the enemy s regular army.As hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain the exchange of fire began, he quickly discovered cbd gummy how to eat that the enemy s firepower was not very strong, and the fortifications were not very strong.But the fighting spirit shown by the enemy on the opposite side is surprising.Once, after the indiscriminate bombing of the Luftwaffe, the front houses were almost completely destroyed.Klingenberg and his team members thought that they would not be hindered any more, and they stood up boldly.But only a few steps forward, a burst of gunfire rang out, and a commando was injured on the spot.The well bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain trained commando quickly lay down on the ground to fight back.They found that the enemy s firepower on the opposite side was actually not intensive.But now the war is out of Russian hands.Is there really nothing you can do Comrade Commander in Chief Khrushchev asked unwillingly.I also hope that a miracle will happen, but it seems to be too difficult now Vasilevsky smiled bitterly We don t have any reserve team available, and the casualties on the front line have arrived.Terrible situation, I heard that almost all workers brigades and women s brigades were killed in battle They showed great bravery, and we should remember them, but wars are no longer won by bravery alone.Khrushchev fell silent, and it took a long time before he said Comrade Stalin has called to ask about the situation here.Vasilevsky said slowly Please tell Comrade Stalin the truth about everything that happened here, and please ask Moscow to prepare for the worst.Khrushchev nodded silently.When Marshal Ernst shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep Brehm issued the determination to end the Battle of Stalingrad before May 10, the German soldiers There is no choice the only thing they can do is to unswervingly fulfill the orders of Marshal Ernst The prospect of the war is gradually becoming clearer, and Major General Shumilov is well aware of this, but he also received a miracle leaf cbd gummies revierw letter from Moscow.And Marshal Vasilevsky, and even Comrade Stalin personally issued a death order Do not take a step back This means that they have only two choices guard Stalingrad, or all die here To do it before One point.Judging from the current situation, it is obviously impossible.Then, they actually have only one last option left.The flames of war have turned Stalingrad into a hell on earth, where everyone s life is like a meat grinder Chopped to pieces Desperation overwhelmed everyone.

De Sade point He nodded, he didn t know the intention of the Baron Skeleton, but he believed in the Baron Skeleton Sophie was taken to Ziguang Military Base by Wang Weiyi.Xiaoling gave Sophie emergency treatment, and then told Wang Weiyi Please don t come to the base within 30 days, and don t have any contact with me.I have some very important things to do.But please believe, or There s going to be some miracle.Don t enter the base for thirty days And don t have any contact with Xiao Ling Wang Weiyi had no idea what Xiaoling wanted to do.But at least one thing he is sure of, Xiao Ling may really naysa cbd gummies create many unbelievable miracles Sophie fell on the battlefield.In the eyes of every German soldier, the battlefield rose has withered.The only thing they can do now is to vent their anger and pain on the enemy.The scene yesterday made them very impressed with this commander.After a pause, there was still no movement on the mountain, only the shouts of Roman soldiers on the top of the hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain mountain could be faintly heard.Gaius thought for a while, called an attendant, and led him up the mountain.Under the bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain terrified eyes of the Roman soldiers, Regardless of the danger of being punished by Gaius, several centurions blocked his way Commander Gaius, you are the supreme commander here, and your position should be here Gaius glanced at them indifferently Get out of the way for your commander.Commander Gaius, we are cbd gummies recovery doing our duty, so please do yours The chief centurion of the legion at the head did not back down.Are you all trying to block the way of a bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain consul Gaius eyes shot green ape cbd gummies ingredients a stern light.Under his gaze, the centurions lowered their heads, but no one moved their feet.Defeating Caesar has proved that you and your companions are warriors.Lorbis tried to make his voice sound more polite But with only four people, ah, there are three who can t fight Do you really think that Caesar can be subdued At where to buy uly cbd gummies least you re right about one thing.Wang Weiyi smiled and said The defeat of Caesar has already shown that we have such abilities.Yes, the four of us alone cannot achieve victory, and our emperor, His Majesty, does not intend to directly send troops to intervene Richthofen smiled on the face behind the mask.Our Your Majesty the shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep Emperor, did you intend to directly send troops to intervene Where did Ernst find the German Empire s army Did Xiao Ling really show up with the base Wang Weiyi continued But one thing I can hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain be sure of, The end of Caesar bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain and the Roman legions is near Immediately, this sentence caused a commotion among the leaders.The barbarians Calini smiled contemptuously Line up Line up The Roman legion began to line up.When this battle bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain is over, how many people will be left alive Will they see the Roman legion again in the future Will fall to their knees far away, and then bow their humble heads.Waiting for the forgiveness of the noble Romans Callaini thought so in his heart.Attack Attack At the whimpering horn In the middle, the Roman Legion finally dispatched.In front, there are light infantry armed with javelins.Their task is to use the javelins in their hands to kill the enemy s center.At this time, standing opposite them and commanding the Germanians is Guo Yunfeng.This is the first time he has had a direct battle with such an army, and the people he commands are by no means the most powerful Germanians.But he has nothing to fear at all.Leonie nodded Ernst, you are invincible on the battlefield, but there are You didn t have one thing when you were young, the intuition of a woman.Wang Weiyi was silent.To be honest, he didn t really believe in things like intuition, but Leoni s words couldn t stop him from thinking.Nelia is the daughter of Ariovistus.No matter how she looks at it, she has a blood feud with Caesar and is trustworthy.But why did Leoni distrust Nelia so much I see, I will think about it carefully.Wang Weiyi thought for a while Come on, I ll go to our delta 8 cbd gummies for pain reserve army to take a look.You go with me, you go first.When Leoni left, Wang Weiyi After calling Tibius, he whispered a few words in his ear. The arrival of the consul aroused great applause among the reserve corps of old men, children, and women.The news of the new victory on the front line has reached their ears, which also strengthens their confidence.You know, they respected my father very much.Caesar laughed , which he is absolutely sure of.He took Nelia s hand and sat down Tell me, what happened to the barbarian The barbarian was created by that Ernst.Led by Brahm, now he hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain has summoned almost all the leaders of the barbarian tribes to form the Germanic League, and he was elected as the consul.Nelia s words made Caesar worried.This was what he feared the most.If all the barbarians united, it would definitely become a serious problem for Rome.The Germanians, though, had their HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain reinforcements coming soon.My dear Caesar, you must find a way.She told Caesar everything she knew without reservation, and then said with a smile Those stupid barbarians don t know until now.I don t miss my father anymore.I love him the most in my heart.There is only one person, and that is you.He divided the Mediterranean Sea and his army and weaponry into 12 parts, which were assigned to the lieutenant general.So drop the snare over the Mediterranean.It formed a situation where armies and pirates were at war everywhere in the Mediterranean Sea.Pompeo also personally inspected various strongholds and strengthened the supervision of the deputy general.The size of Pompey s army, its tactics, and its preparations made the pirates panic.Most pirates took refuge on mountaintops and harbors.While using force, Pompey also imposed a lenient policy on the pirates, and reserved life and freedom for all those who put down their arms.Under such circumstances, the pirates begged for surrender one after another, but only a few diehards were resolutely suppressed by Pompey.In the end, more than 10,000 pirate diehards were wiped out, 900 ships were seized, and 120 pirate fortresses were destroyed.

Now that the wish has been fulfilled step by step, it is time to do something for Spurius.The third thing.It is what I, the only consul, should do Pompeo paused there and continued As you all know, there are two vacant seats in the parliament, and we must find qualified ones.I have two nominations, one is the respected Mr.Bibias, whose character and integrity, I don t think anyone will doubt it He first threw out his first A decoy, the position of MPs is not so important, many major issues often skip parliament.It is directly decided by the Senate, and this Bibias is a kind shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking dose of cbd gummies for sleep person.There were also many friends in the Senate, and Pompey s nomination was accepted without any opposition.As for the second person, I think many people here have heard his name, but have not seen him in person Pompey finally stated his true purpose A Roman Republic is upright Citizen, Theas Meleus.Hulls and his comrades let out a deafening cheer.The first battalion lost very little in the confrontation just now, and only a few soldiers were injured by the bows and arrows shot through the shield gap.Amidst their cheers, the four battalions of the second column quickly passed through the gap between them, forming a new first column, allowing the previous three battalions to recover their strength and nurse the wounded.Seven hundred and eighty.The victory of the Roman Legion Hels looked back, in the middle of the pin formation formed by the three legions, hundreds of catapults were placed there, but they were obviously much larger than the catapults he had seen in the past Next to each catapult, there are almost seven or eight auxiliary soldiers of foreign nationalities who are busy.No wonder it can throw the stone bullet so far Hulse thought to himself.My master, Pompey didn t ask you to do something.I ll do anything Before Balas spoke, the dagger in Wang Weiyi s hand had already moved forward, and blood gushed out of Balas throat immediately, and he cried out in pain.I don t like hearing people lie to me Wang Weiyi stared at his butler When I ask you again, and I still can t hear the real answer, the dagger will pierce your throat Now, answer me, what did Pompeo ask you to do here, tell the whole truth immediately Barras s body began to tremble Pompeii asked me to monitor you here.Everything you do must be told to him immediately.You must know that my life is in the hands of Pompey, and I dare not disobey any of his orders, otherwise my body will appear in the streets of Rome tomorrow.Very well, you finally told the truth.Wang Weiyi slowly turned the dagger in his hand, so more blood flowed out from Barras Pompeii can kill you, and I can kill you too.The three Leopard tanks disappeared Just like they appeared on the battlefield like ghosts, now they disappear like ghosts We didn t find them, not anywhere.Coleham s tone was full of surprise No one saw when they left the battlefield.What s going on Jonar murmured talking.This is simply a huge mystery for him General, General Olitz of the Second Panzer Corps of the SS wants you to rush to his headquarters immediately.In the command of the Second Panzer Corps In the Ministry, Jonall saw General Olitz, and the general was very excited Well done, Jonall, you repelled the enemy s attack again.I know your father, General Ludwig , What an outstanding and brave soldier.You have not dishonored the reputation of the Ellierst family.Thank you, General Olitz, for being able to command the Skeleton Division.Suddenly, a soldier pointed to the front and said.Lieutenant Colonel Carls and all the American soldiers looked in that direction It was a wall with a huge pattern painted on it, which miraculously survived the fire.It was a blood red skull with empty eyes, as if it was staring at these Americans coldly Colonel Carls shivered, and suddenly thought of a long legged story Hell Once the door to the palace is opened, the baron who has been canonized by the god of death will appear riding a war horse covered in flames It was a baron from hell General, Skeleton Commando s call When hearing this voice, General Olitz hurriedly answered the phone Major Moyol Are you sure, Major, your intelligence is accurate, the enemy has stopped attacking for two days.Yes, there are only some sporadic diversionary offensives On behalf of the German army, I thank you for your effortswhat You attacked Longenberg and burned the enemy s large amount of gasoline God, how the hell did you do it The civilians of Schrotenberg They have no news yet, I have sent troops to meet them Going to Ah, I really want to see you, no, I want to fight with you in person.Our soldiers are fighting desperately there.No one knows when Berlin will fall, but every German will not give up until the last moment.So those materials have become very important things.The material is very safe, and it is stored with me now.Chekevelski was worried Why did the situation suddenly evolve to the current situation But don t worry, even if Berlin does fall, I will still be the same as before.Major Abel, do you have any plans to get this shipment out Haven t found it yet.I have.I d love to listen.Colonel Papasolovski will be the key. Oh, is it so Yes, because Colonel Papasolovsky is a very greedy Russian 807.Silence Because Colonel Papasolovsky is a very greedy Russian Czekwielski said slowly After Russia occupied Poland, Papasolovski confiscated a large amount of property of the Polish people, and planned to transfer it back to Russia. But the enemy bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain planes are still coming back to bomb Joseph reminded hesitantly.What does that matter Leoni s tone was so firm They bombed once, and we recovered once.Even if the enemy occupies here, Alexson Manor is still the most sacred place in the minds of all Germans At this time, Leonie and her companions heard Xiao Ling say in their ears There will be no more bombing, and the base will take on the task of protecting Alexon Manor.Of course Joseph couldn t hear this Ma am, that s great, I ll let everyone know you re back No, not yet.Erina said at this time We came back secretly this time, and are waiting for the baron s order.This place will be a secret liaison base from now on.I think the baron will have many things for us to do.Yes, at your command, Miss Elena.Joseph is always so respectful, but he couldn t hide his excitement at all I can t wait to see the baron again, and I can t wait for every German to share this good news with me.

S.military had been bombed to pieces in the artillery attack.Facing the fierce German attack, they had no intention of resisting at all.Therefore, in less than ten minutes after the Skeleton Master launched a counterattack, the front line completely fell into their hands.Then, the skeleton division did not stop at all, and continued to attack the core positions of the US military To the embarrassment of the Americans, the loss of their armored forces was too serious, especially the wreckage of the bombed tanks and armored vehicles seriously blocked the roads, congesting those vehicles that were still able to move.General Corrett s orders were completely ineffective.Although the Skeleton Division s armor strength is not much, it can fully exert its advantages on the road of assault.With an unstoppable momentum, they charged the enemy s position one after another.If you count the Wittgenstein family, this is the famous New York Union.The four families of Ernst Brahm, Morgan, Rockefeller, and Wittgenstein have huge and terrifying wealth.Together, they are enough to shake the economy of any country, enough to control the lifeline of any country.Once the news of their alliance is released, it is enough to make the whole world tremble Do you need to notify President William Paris asked cautiously.No, don t inform him, and you must not let him know about it.Elliott suddenly became a little painful William has changed, he has become so strange.Back hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain then we used all our power to make him a The youngest president in the history of the United States, but I never thought that William would start a war against the Germans.Mrs.Hermione would be very sad if she was still alive and found out.What a strange, what a strange life Kroller.Nicholas is dead, the former German head of state, who deceived countless Germans, is dead.He died at the hands of his most trusted subordinates.Maybe God has already doomed everyone s fate.Wolfe checked Kroll s body, and after confirming that the person on the ground would not pose any threat to him, he walked out slowly.When he just went out, he found that a large number what do cbd gummies do for the body of German soldiers had appeared outside.Wolfe quickly raised his hands I am Wolfe, Kroller is dead, and his body is inside.The German soldiers leaned forward slowly.Claire died just like that.A former influential figure has completely left the curtain of his life here Eight hundred and forty six.Wake up, friends Kroller died, and the news reached Wang Weiyi immediately.It s a bit regretful, because there are still many secrets hidden in Keluer.Death does not threaten them.Every single one of them is prepared to diea nation that you can defeat but never conquerand a little more.I have to record it again You can never feel the German enthusiasm for Baron Alexson without coming here in person.That kind of fanaticism is innate, even blind.They accepted all orders from the Baron unconditionally.You can die for the Baron unconditionally.such spirit.It is a prerequisite they have always insisted on I don t shy away from it at all, I am also one of the baron s most staunch followers, and I am also willing to die for him.He gave me the utmost trust in a foreigner like me, and he put his army into my hands with confidence, and he never interfered with me in how to fight.Can you imagine Not so long ago we were enemies Writing this, Mario stopped writing, and thought for a while.I can t think of any other reason than that a group is backing her and taking advantage of the shortage of supplies in Berlin to win her the trust of the Germans Sir, what shall we do Order the koala bear to prepare for action.We must not let the real information fall into the hands of the enemy.I think the reason why Anne Marie was so eager to let Puneat attend her dinner party immediately after the hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain meeting is hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies because the military information must have been carried by Puneat at that time.Yes, sir.Also, find a way to inform Fels of our suspicions about Anne Marie.Firth is a terrific guy, and he ll soon know where he s headed.Yes, sir.But I have a question, why are we doing these things for Germany Germany will lose very quickly and I don t see what we can gain.No, you re wrong.Germany cannot fail because Baron Alexon has returned.Guanghua Like the deaf Beethoven, he heard all the melodies in the depths of his heart according to the Madonna and the Holy Child, how much kindness is also how innocent.Enjoy the god sent sleep, enjoy the god sent sleep.The applause rang out.When he got up, Wang Weiyi applauded along with him, and then quietly asked Leoni beside him, Who wrote this song Leoni hadn t had time to answer.The butler Dempsey next to him showed obvious disdain on hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain his face.He wondered how Ernst got the Baron.Leoni pursed her lips and smiled This song actually has a deep connection with Germany.This is an Austrian rural primary school teacher and the organist Franz Schwartz of St.Nicholas Church.Written by Gruber.At that time, his piano was broken, so he had to write this song.After Gruber wrote this song, on Christmas Eve that year, hundreds of candles were lit in the church, shining brightly on the clean gold plates and chalices, giving those stiff and dull Gothic Madonnas The image, endowed with vitality and gentle and kind demeanor.The shooter and the grenade bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain thrower will definitely not come back alive.They are the most loyal believers of the Abid Brotherhood , and they have long been prepared to dedicate themselves to their cause.They are not afraid of death at all.I have to shoot deadly, otherwise I will be sorry for these brothers Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart Several figures appeared, and a cruel smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth.The hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies target was aligned, and he saw Tamusta.Actually, you could have become a hero.Wang Weiyi murmured before pulling the trigger.The bullet came out of the chamber, and with the enchanting and beautiful breath of death, it sank straight into Ta Musta s heart.In the scope, Wang Weiyi saw Tamusta covering his chest, shaking his body, then shaking again, and then fell to the ground.

I saw a signal flare flying from the place where the artillery shell hit, haha, it seems that the German soldiers have already taken down the artillery array, great job Slat stood up immediately, Brothers Let me go Use their blood donation to avenge the dead brothers of the German army Slat shouted, and the gun rushed towards the enemy, and the tanks behind the German army also The soldiers quickly cooperated with the German army and drove to both sides of the woods, blocking all the remaining enemy troops in the woods.The German army is powerful, and the enemy army has not had time to react from the tragedy of the shelling just now.Many enemy soldiers were killed by the German soldiers crying for their fathers and mothers.The defeat of the enemy army has become a fact.Many enemy troops fled in all directions under the fierce pursuit of the German army.The German army did not encounter any obstacles along the way, but when the German cbd gummies and migranes soldiers reached the outlying woods of a small town.The situation has changed.The German soldiers rested in place as usual, but when the sentries did not fully arrive at their posts.Out of nowhere came a bunch of Well, Stella is sure that she is not mistaken, a lot of Arabian bedt cbd gummies cavalry God, it is already 1966, will there still be cavalry on the battlefield Stella quickly realized hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain that this was the Saudi Arabian cavalry joining the US led coalition They wield big knives, although they don t seem to be at the same level as the weapons of the German army.But because of their sudden appearance, the German soldiers were unguarded, and the result can be imagined.The formation of the German soldiers was completely dispersed, and because Slater s d company was in a relatively rear position, when the troops of the 2nd Battalion in the front and the cavalry of Natf started fighting, there were enough German soldiers.Moreover, I will also Use all available power in the United States to try our best to win favorable opportunities for Germany.His eyes fell on Manstein Fritz, the battle here will end soon, you do well Are you ready to go to bed Anytime, anywhere.Manstein replied firmly.Wang Weiyi looked at his friend with a smile In about two days, you will wake up, and like all our friends, you will oprah winfrey cbd gummies hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain also become a member of the Heroic Legion.Manstein is also smiling On January 19, 1966, Marshal Fritz Erich von Manstein, Marshal of the German Empire, came to Farbermann regardless of the hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain danger, and completed the cooperation with Ernst.The reunion of Field Marshal Alexon von Brahm.They meet again on the battlefield.On the same day, Marshal Manstein announced that due to physical reasons, he needed to temporarily recuperate for two days.You can breathe the free air and do whatever you want without worry.Can you really give me such a life Solkina asked in a daze.I can.Wang Weiyi s answer was so firm Because I am the Skeleton Baron, Death has given me the most powerful power.I will deal cruelly with my enemies.But I will also treat the people around me in hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies the kindest way.Solkina finally made up her mind, and she vowed that she would never give up such an opportunity So what should I do Wang Weiyi smiled again Of course, I will tell you how to do it.Gregory is not in Moscow now.He would never guess that the people around him would betray him one by one.He will die in loneliness and fear, and he will taste the taste of betrayal, just like I tasted the taste of betrayal at the beginning From this moment on, Wang Weiyi officially became another Christ The Count of Monte Cristo.However, the grenadiers did not show any signs of collapse, even though they had lost enough comrades in the first place They are well trained Yes, they are highly qualified officers and soldiers of the German Army The battle formation was quickly set up, and the grenadiers of at least one infantry squad regarded the chariot they were driving as a lifeline.The dense rain of bullets that was enough to kill them slammed into the car body.Nocher closed the turret cover above his head He didn t want to be targeted, despite the cramped space in the car.But he also wants to save his life The companions in the tank are constantly busy.Bodilla was helping Schmidt to load a 50mm shell into the barrel of the gun.It was so dark outside that even if he thought about it with the back of his head, he knew what happened.To know.This is related to the happiness of her and her daughter s life.The price of the house contract has reached an unbelievable level, and Xie Lisha felt that it was time to empty out the contract, and her dream was one step closer Alice, what do you want See Watching her daughter boredly looking around, Xie Lisa asked softly Beautiful clothes Or a beautiful doll I want to be with my mother all the time Alice s beautiful eyes looked at her own Mother Mom, don t we have to come here so early every day in the future Yes, we don t have to come here so early every day in the future, because we will have a lot of money soon.Happiness A lot of money.It can even fill your bedroom.You can sleep in every day.When you wake up, the servant will bring a cup of hot milk to you.If others have it, you will Yes.Now, Gregory s only hope was Admiral Tangeloniv.The phone was connected, and when he heard the voice of Admiral Tangeloniv, Gregory seemed to have met a savior General Tangeloniv, the cbd wind gummie situation is very bad, I firmly believe in your loyalty, I kangaroo cbd gummies 250 mg is that total firmly believe in your loyalty Will not betray me like they did.Now I order you.The 8th Panzer Corps is out, take control of the palace, take control of Moscow.I order you.Destroy all our enemies Do you want me to open fire on them Tangelo Admiral Neve asked on the other end of the phone.Yes, open fire, open fire on all the traitors Gregory roared desperately This is the power hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain joy nutrition cbd gummies I gave you No, I can t do it.This answer came out I can t open fire on our hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain compatriots, they are not our enemies.Gregory was startled Are you going to betray me cbd oil gummy bears recipe too No, I never thought of betraying you.

She stood in front of Baron Alexon, and said in a visibly trembling voice Monsieur Baron, welcome to Paris Thanks.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.However, the lady stared deeply at Wang Weiyi Mr.Baron, don t you know me You are Wang Weiyi really couldn t remember whether he had seen this lady.General Dietrich whispered in his ear He is Isabel, the wife of French Defense Minister Guntermann. Ms Isabel, hello.Wang Weiyi nodded to her.No, baron.Isabel s voice was full of emotion I specially asked my husband to win this opportunity for me to present flowers to you.Did you forget Lance The flower girl who arranged flowers on your tank That tank covered in flowers That tank full of flowers One thousand and twenty seven.Yatziyetiri This is Isabel s child.Wang Weiyi has a smile on his mouth.No matter where he goes, he always seems to meet some acquaintances, or It is the child of those acquaintances.Lucien made a joke What s the matter, did you get bullied by your wife again yesterday My dear Chief.Berkeley is a cold guy.But he has a weakness hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain that almost everyone in Paris knows henpeck His wife is a great beauty.But his personality is very fierce.Berkeley loves and respects his wife who is 20 years younger than him.Yes, it was reverence, he dared not object to anything his wife said Berkeley smiled wryly at the words of the marshal, and then he quickly said Something happened, Yatz.Yetiri was rescued Sinager and Lucien were shocked at the what is a cbd gummie same time.They did not expect such a thing to happen.You know, Yetiri is very influential in the hearts of the French.It is precisely because of this that they tried every means to get rid of Get rid of this person, but just before the execution, this person was actually rescued Sinager looked gloomy What s going on So how was it rescued from the heavily guarded place The specific process of the matter is still under further investigation Berkeley hesitated to speak I have detained the relevant personnel, and I am carefully reviewing them one by one.And the only way is to agree to Salam s shameless request In this way, poor Fatiha became Salam s mistress.She thought she had protected her husband.But Salam never let her husband see him again.Just to tell her that her husband Aknin has now acquired French citizenship.I am working as a small boss in a factory.Fatiha is relieved.Although she suffers insults every day, only her husband can be safe and happy, and she can endure any kind of suffering.Terrible gunfire was constantly ringing in the street, which made Fatiha terrified.At this moment, how she wished that her beloved husband would be by her side There was a knock on the door Yes, Fatiha asked who it was in fear, but he didn t answer, which made Fatiha even more frightened.The door was still being knocked hard Fatiha mustered up his courage and opened the door., The fruits of victory of the revolution have fallen into your hands, and you are oprah winfrey cbd gummies hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain my friends, and I hope you will always remain my friends This was a major change in the baron s attitude.Before, he used to let Berkeley be a dog beside him, but now he calls him friend , which also makes these French people feel excited.Not many people could be friends with the Baron.Only Wang Weiyi knows what he is doing best.A dog has been kept for a long time, and when it has become accustomed to snuggling up to its owner, it is necessary to give them a big bone every now and then.Only in this way can the dog serve the owner better.Your Excellency the Baron, you can leave France with complete peace of mind.President Robito solemnly promised Everything in France will be carried out in an orderly manner under your control, no one can destroy the indestructible alliance between Germany and France relationship.Speak up, White.Chris encouraged her husband Speaking out your pain in front of friends hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain can ease the pain.Major White seemed to be caught in the memory I used to see this as an excuse for Soldiers say a holy war At that time, I was in the US Marine Corps, and I was ordered to take my team into the war, at first.Everything was going well, but until the first time Everything changed when the siege of Berlin began the war was no longer conducted in the way we were so familiar with Major White will never forget the first siege of Berlinhe and his troops saw the war ending with the fall of Berlin, but with the return of Baron HCMUSSH hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain Alexon the field quickly changed.The German army broke out again with the strongest combat effectiveness.Major White and his troops were engaged in arduous combat.Once, they were ordered to assault a German position, and the defense there was the most elite unit of the German army, the Waffen SS Skeleton Division.He knew very well that if he rejected the other party, then Shukako could only face one ending the death penalty Now that I have been wrong, let me abandon all illusions from now on.As long as you don t break through your final bottom line, it s fine.Wang Weiyi knew what the opponent s bottom line was, and he couldn t let him betray the army and surrender.In fact, he didn t have any plans to do so at the moment.Wang Weiyi smiled The special investigation team has been established.You will determine the future of many people.Captain Eduardo is from the FBI.I think Lieutenant Colonel Mills will never be able to clear himself up.What do buy natures only cbd gummies you think General Gendra sighed deeply, he knew what the other party wanted to do.Although Lieutenant Colonel Mills has various faults, he is actually hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain a person with strong executive ability, and he is also very familiar with London and hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain the United Kingdom.Leeson did not deny this But the situation at the time was that Shukako was the most A man of suspicion.What I mean by that is to find the truth The truth is that you have wronged an innocent young man Randolph interrupted him As you can see, my client, Shukako, is just a young man.Yes, he is impulsive and has a bad record.He was caught by Officer Leeson many times, but Every time he was released due to insufficient evidence, so Officer Leeson hated the young man.He always wanted to throw Shukako into prison, but he didn t find any good way.However, Lucy s death provided him with the best opportunity, and the first thought in his mind was to involve Shukako No, I ve never done that before.thought about it Lisson almost roared I don t deny that I had the idea of taking Shukako to prison.What kind of person is sitting there Drugs, robbery, stealing, I caught him more than ten times, but each time I got a call from some special department asking me to release Shukako immediately, I m just a little cop, I can t fight those Big man, so although I am not reconciled, I can only watch Shukako swaggeringly disappear from my sight But I never want to involve him in the murder case, do The justice and conscience of the police will never allow me to do this Justice and conscience Randolph sneered The so called justice and conscience mean that you have indeed done something that a policeman should not do.

Many appeared in front of the British It is said that this lieutenant colonel possesses great energy, and he arranged for the release of the family members of senior officials headed by President Fenton.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has been criticized by some.Some people think that he has betrayed the interests of the United Kingdom and the Allies, but more people are full of expectations for this lieutenant colonel since he can succeed Rescue the hostages, hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain so why not beg him to save his family from the kidnappers The Minister of Transportation of the Fenton government, La Torfort, was the first to find Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.He brought a bottle of fine champagne for the lieutenant colonel, and he also brought photos of his grandson and granddaughter Lieutenant Colonel, look, are these a pair of lovely children Yes.It was also the first time that Captain Roger knew about the Ash Project.He reported this information to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol immediately.The Americans and the Fenton government are a little crazy.They actually want to blow up so many important targets, and this is also reflected from another aspect.The Americans and the Fenton government have completely despaired of the prospect of war.Then let all the British know about this Ash Project Wang Weiyi calmly said this sentence.The Ash Project made headlines on the front pages of major newspapers in the UK, and the news made the whole of the UK explode.Oh, God.Is there anything more terrifying than this The outcome of the war is actually not important.After the war is over, life must go on, but the Americans and the Fenton government actually want to blow up so many factories and enterprises.His words are enough to convince everyone The Canadians were completely shaken.One hour is not much time left for them.They must make a decision in the shortest possible time.Some of them are bold soldiers.Contact was made with the enemy at first, and some seriously wounded soldiers were sent from the positions.As a result, as Baron Alexon promised, the wounded soldiers were quickly hemp clinic cbd gummies for pain and effectively treated.In this way, a stone in the hearts of Canadians suddenly fell to the ground.Soldiers left their positions one after another without even speaking to their officers.Their request is actually very simple, to live, they just want to live well.When the war is over, they can leave the prisoner of war camp alive.Alive this is the most basic requirement of a person The officers did not stop, they knew it was a hopeless war.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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