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Really, the local dealers are all here to pick up the goods, but there are too many goods, and they will meet them soon Too busy to ask us to help.When Lao Zhang saw Li Dexiao coming out, he seemed to find a punching bag and poured out all his complaints.Li Dexiao chuckled lightly, If you don t get up early a few times a year, today is considered rare, hahaha.Don t talk about it, do you have anything to eat I just came here, and I haven t got anything How about How about I go and see if there are any leftovers from yesterday, and make you a bowl of fried rice with eggs It s too late, forget it.Lao Zhang, who was just about to get up, suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.I said, Lao Li, what are you doing behind Why is it so fragrant Li Dexiao was stunned for a moment, and joyce meyers cbd gummies then realized that it might be the smell of peach ring cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies his wife s cake.Lao Zhang was not polite, and hurried out with a bag full of wife cakes.Heh, this old cbd gummies selling guide Zhang is still so frizzy.Li Dexiao cursed a few words with a smile, and then went back to the back kitchen to prepare today s ingredients.Li Guohao, who returned home on the other end, sat at his small desk, holding an ink pen in his hand, writing and drawing on paper.The cost of baking a box of wife cakes is about 50 yuan.There are more than 30 yuan in a box, and each wife cake costs 1.5 yuan on average.The best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews cost is 6 joyce meyers cbd gummies bucks.If you want to make money, you have to sell at least 2 yuan.In other words, you can earn about 12 yuan by baking a box of wife cakes, and you can t earn much money if you remove the labor.Li Guohao calculated the finished product and found that if he sold wife cakes like this, he would not be able to make much money, and if the things were too expensive, no one would buy them.If it was just when he had just crossed, he really didn t know this old man who was wearing a Chinese tunic suit and an old fashioned oily hair.He looked serious and had a sense of history.Well, grandpa heard from your mother that you are learning how to make dim sum recently Li Renzhong laughed a few times a year, and he was very happy to see his handsome grandson.Yes, grandpa.Okay, making dim sum is also a good choice.When grandpa was young, in Anyang, his hometown in mainland China, there was a neighbor who made a fortune by making dim sum.At that time, joyce meyers cbd gummies 80 of the people in the entire Anyang city ate it.The pastries made by him As Li Renzhong spoke, it seemed as if he was remembering when he was young, his slightly cloudy eyes lost their charm, and seemed to be trapped in a deep memory of the past.Unexpectedly, this grandma really won the prize by worshiping God.Ah Hahaha, I won the lottery, I won the lottery When the grandma heard that she had won 200 yuan, she was so happy that she danced and laughed.The group of people in the back were not happy, the prize was about to be taken away, and everyone started to worry, Grandma, hurry up to receive the prize, let s go.The young man at the end also complained, Hurry up, grandma, we are still waiting.Oh, sorry, sorry.Grandma smiled and took the 200 Hong Kong dollar shopping voucher from Li Huifang, then turned around excitedly and was about to leave.Grandma, your wife s cake.Li Huifang reminded.Okay, okay.The sales of wife cakes and lottery are in full swing here.Li Guohao behind the tea restaurant is also tired.Huh, my God, there are so many people in front Li Guohao came out to go to the bathroom while his wife cake was being baked, and glanced at the crowd outside the door, he was surprised, no way , There are still so many people.Sister, what do you think the other side is doing Why are there so many people in line Big characters palace dim sum How dare you open a shop opposite Rong Kee The little girl also often comes to Nathan Road to play, so she knows the position of Rong Kee Bakery in the pastry industry on Nathan Road, although it is not the best in the world, But it is also dominating the rivers and lakes.Maybe they came from other districts to open a shop.Well, no matter what, what do you want joyce meyers cbd gummies to eat, Ah Zhen the sister asked.Sister, let s go, let s go to the opposite side to see, someone dares to open a pastry shop opposite Rongji, I think they have some medterra cbd gummies uk brushes.The little girl pointed at the old fashioned attitude on the opposite side, making her sister dumbfounded.Okay, cbd gummies with tumeric it s up to you.The two walked across the street to the opposite side.Eating, nourishes the yin and nourishes the face.Li Guohao was talking, and suddenly heard a strange response, hearing the voice came from the beautiful woman beside him, he raised his head and glanced at Zhao Yazhi curiously.Being stared at by Li Guohao, Zhao Yazhi also blushed instantly.When she came here in the morning, she hadn t had time to have morning tea.After listening to his attractive introduction and delicious food, her stomach unknowingly protested.Miss Zhao, try it How much Zhao Yazhi asked.I don t want money I don t want money.Before Li Guohao finished speaking, Zhao Yazhi shook her head and refused when she heard that she didn t want money.No, what I mean is to let you taste the taste and try it.Every pastry in our shop can be tasted by customers.Look at the group of people over there, just for tasting.Oh, hello, Editor in Chief Li.Li Guohao smiled and said hello on the face, but secretly said in his heart that the Li surname of Gaoli and the Li surname of the Han nationality are not from the same family.Oh, what s wrong with my head recently, I keep forgetting things, Mr.Li, Mr.Shangguan, and this friend sit down and talk together.Qi Shan slapped his forehead and beckoned the three of them to sit down.After several people sat down, Qi Shan said again, Mr.Li, I think Mr.Shangguan has told you that although our company has suffered serious losses due to poor management and is facing bankruptcy.However, our Sunshine Comic Publishing House is still very rich in resources., not only cooperate with major newsstands in Xiangjiang, but also communicate with some newspapers and magazines Before he finished listening, Li Guohao shook his head inwardly.Most people basically just wear a thin coat when they go out.There are very few people who are in good health and still wear long gowns.Walking on the street, I can t tell that the winter solstice will be here in more than half a month.On the streets of Sai Kung District, New Territories, two small vendors were setting up their stalls, and one of them was sitting on the side of the road and asked the other.Dakoufa, have you watched a movie recently White fan, where do I have time to go to the movies People don t have the time to go.The peddler who was called Dakoufa let out a long sigh, joyce meyers cbd gummies and sat down after seeing no one else, took out a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket, and gave one to the white fan.White powder is not a drug addict, but he is just as his name suggests, as thin as a stick, and has been emaciated since he was a child.No need to discuss The boss said that the current market is like this.At that time, I also considered that there were not many fillings in the store, and I entered it because of the opening of a new store.Zhang Dong didn t want to buy it when he saw the price increase.Yes, but there is no way to buy this urgently needed item in the store, as long as it is taken as a victim and slaughtered.I ll look for it tomorrow, and I don t believe that the whole Xiangjiang is sold by his store If it doesn t work, I ll go to Wanwan or Macau to look for it Li Guohao didn t believe it at all when the boss who sold roses said it was a good market.It is not a stock that has doubled.Well, that s fine.I bought more goods this time, and I can handle it for more than half a month.Zhang Dong also bought more this time.My dad basically stuffed some fruit in there, and after saying a few words, those people left.There is nothing luscious in Tung Choi Street.That area is full of slums.From my point of view, they are just some punks.They just eat and drink.Listen to what you said just now.These people have been eyeing our store for a while, and they haven t taken any action sugar free cbd gummies special justcbd yet.It seems that they want to find out about our business situation, and want to make a fortune.According to the plots of novels and movies he watched in his previous life, Li Guohao can roughly figure out the thoughts of these people after a little reverie.Ah Then what should I do Zhang Dong was terrified when he heard it.These days, it is normal for young and Dangerous to kill people pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp in the street.He called the police, and he left long ago when the police arrived.Speaking of which, Xiangjiang was always very chaotic before the reunification.No Mention the rampant evil forces, but the Royal Police administration.This side of the government is also extremely corrupt.I vaguely remember a movie Chasing the Dragon starring Donnie Yen and Liu Dehua before time travelling, which seems to be about Xiangjiang in the 1960s and 1970s.In the movie, the underworld boss played by Donnie Yen hooked up with the detective played by Andy Lau.Black and white blended together, making it difficult to distinguish the colors.Well, I don t care about him.The soldiers will come and cover up the water.Let s talk about it at that time.It s better to give a little profit to others than to peach ring cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies suffer for yourself.With a long sigh, although this era is the best era for me, it is also the worst era, and the only way to break through the clouds is to go head on.In the years to come, it has undergone many renovations and major changes, and finally became a very British style two story building.In the early days, the Governor s Mansion received royal family members and foreign important people.It was not until the seventh Governor Kennedy took office that Chinese businessmen were allowed to participate in the activities of the Governor s cbd gummies good for stress Mansion.Today, Christmas.In order to celebrate his assumption of office, the new Governor of Hong Kong, MacLehose, invited celebrities and businessmen from all walks of life joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies to attend the banquet here.On the one hand, it is to win over these people to support him, and on the other hand, it can be regarded as making friends with local forces.nathan.This time Li Guohao attended the Hong Kong governor s banquet, he was not planning to go alone, he deliberately brought two of the best craftsmen in the store, one Huang He and one Sun Dafu.Some so called high society celebrities walked in slowly through the door.One by one dressed brightly.Men basically wear the British style tuxedo, which is short in the front and long in the back, which only appeared in old movies.Although the ladies are all wearing different evening dresses, they are generally a bit like the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie.Entering from the back door of the Governor s Mansion, Li Guohao s self confidence was hit flying with cbd gummies 2021 hard.It has only been more than half a year since the establishment of a comic publishing house, the opening of two pastry shops, and the preparation of a new shop.This kind of achievement has greatly boosted Li Guohao s confidence.It s just that this time the Hong Kong governor s night banquet made Li Guohao clearly understand the difference between himself and the so called upper class people.On the other hand, there are two local TV stations in Hong Kong, and the market is already very crowded.One has high ratings, and the other has low ratings.The current TVB is not as prestigious as the later generations.Apart from the strong production of TV dramas, many news and programs are purchased from outsiders.Now Kung Fu Panda is a big hit cartoon again.It can be done with little effort, in exchange for local ratings, and reduces the cost of purchased movies, how could TVB not agree TVB TV station.Wu Guohua told his immediate superior, Fang Yihua, about this matter.In 1969, since Uncle Liu brought her pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp into Shaw, she has been working in the procurement department of Shaw.After he became proficient, Sixth Uncle asked Fang Yihua to work in shopify cbd gummies TVB best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews s purchasing department at the same time.At the same time, he also serves as the deputy director of the actor training center.This Mr.Li, because you have a lot of loans, I don t have this authority here, but I will report this matter to the head office.I believe that the head office knows the performance of Mr.Li s company.It s from a loan. Then it s too much trouble for Manager Zhang. You re welcome, it s all part of your job.After a few more courteous words with Manager Zhang, Li Guohao and Li Qiang left.On the way back, Li Guohao asked Li Qiang, do you think this loan can be secured Li Qiang pondered for a while and said I don t know, but there is a high chance that he will agree.Report the matter to the head office, and after the head office sends people to investigate our company s turnover and performance, they should lend us a loan.Li Guohao had a slight hesitation on his face, and after a while he said This loan is for two weeks.No, Li Ji must not be allowed to get the loan.Rong Binghua rolled his eyes for a while, and then said to the drunken Manager Zhang Big Eyes, are you My good brother Yes, of course Manager Zhang said drunkenly.Okay, Li Ji wants a loan, I believe it must be cbd gummies holland and barrett for the expansion of the store, as long as you help me get stuck with their loans, brother, and when I get the whole of Kowloon in order, then Li Ji will be dead Card loan Manager Zhang was suddenly awakened by these words.Yes, block Li Ji s loan, or not lend to them at all.This Manager Zhang hesitated, and at this moment he regretted drinking so much just now.Rong Binghua naturally saw Manager Zhang s hesitation, and he said, Big Eye Boy, as long as you are stuck with Li Ji s loan, by the way, give me a HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies loan of two million, and I will give you a commission Looking at Rong joyce meyers cbd gummies Binghua Hua stretched out his palm, and Manager Zhang was shocked 5 points Ten thousand yuan Big Eye Boy, I can only rely on you this time I don t want the store left by my dad to collapse.Li Qiang didn t expect Xie Honghe to say this, he laughed and said, Haha, Manager Xie is very funny.All right, let s follow the chairman s decision and open a few branches in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.Talked about it for a while.In the end, it was decided to open stores in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.As joyce meyers cbd gummies for how many branches to open, this needs to be discussed again.However, according to Li Qiang and Li Guohao s idea, at least ten branches should be opened.At the beginning, the idea was to borrow 2 million yuan, but now we have 5 million joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies yuan.The scale of this expansion will naturally be doubled.Li Guohao said to Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department Manager Wang is going to trouble you this time.It s best to analyze some of joyce meyers cbd gummies the more important stores we have provided to you as soon as possible, rent manpower and cost.Oh, I want to ask about the decoration of the branch.Li Guohao was suddenly pushed from behind by Zhang Dong beside him, and he immediately understood what his friend was thinking, and said with a smile.Then go in and talk, Xiao Min makes three cups of tea.Manager Mai said to his daughter.Zhang Dong said from the side at this time I won t go in, just hang around.Manager Mai glanced at Zhang Dong and his daughter Mai Xiaomin strangely, nodded without saying anything, and said, Xiao Min bubbles Good tea, you take Manager Zhang around the company.Zhang Dong was overjoyed when he heard this.Xiao Min also blushed and agreed.Li Guohao followed Manager Mai to the office.Sit, Boss Li.Yes.After sitting down, Mai Qi said, Because five branches HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies are being decorated at the same time, joyce meyers cbd gummies and we have a lot of other businesses in our company recently, the estimated completion time is about ten days.That s good.Seeing that Li Guohao s words did not seem to be fake, Li Renzhong felt relieved, and said In this case, you invest in Uncle Guan s restaurant and let your dad go there with him.Although he didn peach ring cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies t learn any skills from me, he has been a cook for 20 years, and with the heirlooms of our Li family, he can still make money.Be a chef.You should tell my dad about this.Li Guohao shook his head.Okay.Li Renzhong understands that since Li Guohao can develop a small pastry shop to the point of eight branches in a short period of pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp time, he will definitely not go to study Li s recipes, as a person who stays in the oily environment all year round The cook decided to let Li Dexiao take over again. Time flies, seven or eight days passed.Soon it will be January 31st.In the past few days, the five newly opened palace bakery branches have also .

is jane cbd gummy?

been gradually renovated.After all, the market is so good.If you make money, let others make it.If you find a place where there is no traffic, you will lose yourself to death.In this era, the principle that wine is not afraid of deep alleys is not popular.Boss, I remembered.Chen Liang said Yesterday, before leaving get off work, the pastry chef Afa who was fired from the shop approached me and asked me if there was any good place to go.Afa asked you to find a job Isn t he working as a pastry chef at Rongji opposite Xiao Min asked suspiciously.Liu Dafa works in Rongji Everyone was surprised when they heard Xiao Min s words.Seeing everyone s ignorance, Xiao Min also said That s right, when I went to work in the morning, I saw Liu Dafa and A Ming going to Rongji, I don t think they went there to buy pastries.By the way, it seems that this kid is the one who made troubles Zhang Dong slapped the table angrily, and he had already understood that it must be Liu Dafa who was expelled before, so he followed the people from Rongji opposite to make troubles.You must know that if you go to the mainland to build a factory at this time, the cost will be very low.Not only will there be government subsidies, but also a series of Preferential policies.In addition, China is a major exporter of wheat, and the price of purchasing wheat is much lower than the international price.The two places are very close, and the transportation cost is not high.This is one of the reasons why many businessmen from Hong Kong and Taiwan will invest in the mainland.The two chatted again, and Li Guohao said, You can drive back first, I won t be going back to the company beforehand.Well, do you want me to see you off Li Qiang asked.No need, I ll just take a taxi.Oh, I ll go now.Yeah.Watching Li Qiang drive the company s newly bought Ford, Li Guohao was a little envious.Haven t passed the test yet.The daily turnover of the eight branches can only be stabilized at around 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and each store has a daily income of more than 5,000 yuan.After hearing this, Li Qiang thought for a while and asked, Can we use the members money Manager Wang told me the same thing before, but I m afraid that it will be troublesome if I don t have the money to refund it, just like Rongji before.It s gone.Thinking of the Rongji refund frenzy back joyce meyers cbd gummies then, Li Guohao still has lingering fears.There were too many people gathered that time, and now he counts himself as a big business, so there is no need to take that risk to use the members money, otherwise he will be punished.If someone gets out, there will be another wave of refunds, which will definitely affect his plan to join.We can post a notice in each branch to inform members that the money stored in the membership card will not be refunded once it is deposited.After speaking, he smiled and said, When you first applied for the job, I still remember you saying that I opened a pastry shop and a comic book publishing house.It s unnecessary, and I said my move was a wrong move Li Qiang smiled bitterly when he heard this, I never thought that Kung Fu Panda would be so popular in Xiangjiang, and it would also greatly drive the business of the pastry shop.Speaking of it, a At first, Li Qiang was very displeased with Li Guohao s spending joyce meyers cbd gummies money on making cartoons.In his opinion, Li Guohao didn t have a peach ring cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies lot of money, and spending money on making cartoons was just asking for death.But he never expected that Kung Fu Panda not only It became popular, and the popularity of the palace cakes in Xiangjiang was instantly improved.Li joyce meyers cbd gummies Qiang said again Although I don t know why Warner wants to cooperate with you on Kung Fu Panda, but I think there should be a certain point in this comic that meets their requirements, best cbd gummies from hemp but don t think this is your weight.Being praised, Li Guohao is naturally flattered in his heart, and he doesn t need to swipe his forehead with his fingertips, so Make a chic way.Seeing Li Guohao being so funny, Gu Qianqian also laughed and said, Okay, Boss Li, don t be so handsome here, it s almost eight o clock, let s go there quickly, Miss He s opening time reviews on super cbd gummies is at 8.30.Walk.Xinma Road, one of the main streets in Macau Peninsula.At the same time, the Macao Peninsula was also the area with the largest population of local residents in Macao at that time.It is not surprising that He Qianjin opened a pastry shop here.I have to say that the opening ceremony joyce meyers cbd gummies of Palace Bakery in Macau, compared to Xiangjiang, is simply a world away.When Li Guohao came to the scene, he was completely surprised.Although I knew that Ms.He had converted a three story commercial building into a pastry shop when I was on the phone with Gu Qianqian, but I didn t realize it was really impressive until I observed it on the spot.Catering is a general term for food and joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies drinking water.As long as you can think of food related things, they are indispensable in the catering industry.This is a big industry, and I also admit that I may not be able to write very well, but I will do my best to write and live up to my friends who have always supported me.At the same time, by the way, ask for recommendation tickets and collections.Chapter 124 Shark Fin Soaked Rice How about Cai Lan, people who love to eat generally don t have much scheming.Relatively speaking, it is much better to make a friend who loves to eat than a rich friend.After all, no matter how bad a person who loves to eat is, he can t be so bad.Li Guohao knows that Cai Lan is not only a gourmet, but also a famous film producer, and has also written manuscripts for many newspapers.When all the machinery in the factory is installed stably and there is no problem with the machine, then you and the person in charge of the factory, Huang cbd gummy bears full spectrum Yaohua, arrange for the workers to produce snowy mooncakes with all their strength.Huang He nodded I see.Yes.When Li Guohao picked up the bag and was about to go back, he turned around and said, By the way, there is an office for you at the joyce meyers cbd gummies factory, and a small baking room is also separated.When the time comes, you will bring these technical staff to the office.Wherever people go, it will be regarded as the place where your technical department works.Great, I finally don t have to run back and forth between the company and the store every day.Huang He was very happy when he heard that he finally had a place for his technical department.shouted.That is a company called Xiangjiang Antenna.That s right, a company that specializes in installing TV antennas to customers.Chapter 136 The Fleet seeking first order 4 Geng Yishu The first time I ate the dim sum of the palace pastry was around September last year.I vaguely remember that the first shop of the palace pastry had just opened.It was a chance , passing by Nathan Road, happened to catch a glimpse of the crowds at the door of this store, and on a whim, I went in and bought a copydessert.This is the first time I taste palace pastries, the taste is much more delicate than other pastries.Whether it is the shop decoration, or the appearance and taste of dim sum, they are all among the best in Xiangjiang.At that time, I bought wife cakes, a very common pastry.Unexpectedly, the owner of this store relied on his superb technology and pioneering innovation to make roses into stuffing.Li Guohao for his donation, and Ms.Zhao Yazhi for her HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies help At this time, the screen changed, and Zhao Yazhi suddenly appeared in the It looks like it was shot best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews in the morning.Although Zhao Yazhi is dressed plainly on the screen, it is difficult to conceal her delicate facial features.She is helping to carry mooncakes from a truck.Ah Zhen sees her sister on TV, Surprised Sister, you are on TV Zhao s father and Zhao s mother next to her also looked at their daughter in surprise.Zhao Yazhi glanced at her family and then at Li Guohao.She was a little shy when she appeared on TV news for the first time, and she blushed and said, I, I don t know why It s on TV, this is what happened cbd gummy packaging joyce meyers cbd gummies when I sent mooncakes to the orphanage in the morning.Maybe it was secretly filmed.Li Guohao thought for a while and said That night, the Governor s Mansion.This is yesterday s sales and the total amount of supermarkets and stores.Li Qiang remembered something, and took out a piece of paper from his desk and handed it to Li Guohao.How did it sell for more than 1.9 million yesterday Li Guohao asked with a frown as he looked at the total street sales of refrigerated trucks yesterday.What do you think Li Qiang rolled his eyes at him and said, You have to be clear that yesterday was the Mid Autumn Festival.Basically, few people bought mooncakes after the afternoon.Besides, most of them had already bought mooncakes the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday.Li Qiang suddenly Hehe smiled and said You lost this bet, remember to invite everyone to the restaurant for dinner Okay, in a few days, wait until this charity banquet is over.I would like to admit defeat.Ugh.I ve never been married, and I haven t attended a wedding, how would I know.Khan, I m so embarrassing.Li Guohao thought to himself.Then do you agree or disagree Okay.Li Guohao readily agreed.Zhang Dong said again Then tell Ms.Zhao and ask her to come and help.Xiao Min doesn t have any good sisters, and she only had one cousin on the day she got married.There are not many people.Manager Mai asked me to help her.A few bridesmaids.Well, let me ask.Li Guohao is also not good at making decisions for Zhao Yazhi.Well, if it doesn t joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies work, I ll go get some old joyce meyers cbd gummies classmates to help.I should agree.By the way, who did you invite to get married Except for the company s colleagues, my house, Xiao Min s house , I also invited some former classmates.Chapter 152 Zhang Dong s Big Wedding 1 3 Please subscribe Early Morning.Chen Zhipeng met Zhao Yazhi once when he was at the store on Nathan Road, but it was so long ago that he had long forgotten about it.Now, seeing this beautiful woman joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies looked familiar, he asked, Huang joyce meyers cbd gummies He, who is this He smiled and said, Madam Boss.Oh.The office.Azhi, why are you here Li Guohao saw the door of the office was opened suddenly, thought it was Huang He and Chen Zhipeng who had something to do, looked up and saw that it was Zhao Yazhi, and asked in surprise.What Don t you welcome me Zhao Yazhi asked with cbd gummy packaging joyce meyers cbd gummies her lips pouted.Li Guohao stood up with a smile, poured Zhao Yazhi a glass of water from the water dispenser next to him, and handed it to her, Why, aren t you busy with the orphanage I m angry when I say it.When talking about the orphanage, Zhao Yazhi puffed her mouth and said angrily.More expensive biscuits, such as panda shaped biscuits, use chocolate as the base color and the face is milk colored, which vividly depicts the general appearance of the panda.Li Guohao thought for a while and said, It should not be ready yet.This new biscuit is not so easy to make.First, you have to plan the colors of various animals, and then use what materials to make them, and ensure the taste is good better.This is why until now, almost ten days have passed, there is only one type of bear biscuit.Well, let s divide it into high and low grade biscuits for the time being.The low grade bear biscuits are for the purpose of collecting cards.The high end bear biscuits are for the purpose of collecting toys.That s why Li Guohao went to Datong Toy Factory and asked to customize a batch of jigsaw puzzles and toy cards.Hi, man.At this time, an old black man walked by.Glancing at the black man with an afro, Li cbd oil gummies alabama legal Guohao subconsciously took a step back, a little wary HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies in his heart, seeing him greet him, he also said Hello.are you alone need any help I m the driver around here, I can drive you there, where do you want to go To Chinatown Or some university Just tell me directly that my fee is very cheap, and I guarantee that you will be innocent and will not cheat you, don t worry.The black man chattered a lot, like singing rap, which made Li Guohao s head hurt.He couldn t cbd gummy packaging joyce meyers cbd gummies understand what the old black was talking about, so Li Guohao could only rely on his only two sentences to say sorry, no, English.Hearing that the Asian in front of him didn t understand English, Lao Hei s eyes lit up, he stepped forward and picked up Li Guohao s suitcase, and muttered No problem, it doesn t matter if you don t understand English, I ll take you to Chinatown.It s cbd gummies elvpaso tx not surprising that the taste is the same as ours in the past twenty years At that time, most immigrant Chinese were relatively poor, and secondly, discrimination against Chinese was serious at that time, which is why there was a Chinatown, helping each other.Soon, Huang He came back with a big bag of American snacks.A table full, bedding covering the entire table.There is no business now, so Li Guohao asked everyone in the store to gather.Okay, everyone can have a taste, and tell us about the taste and impression after eating.Li Guohao smiled.After speaking, none of them started to eat.What Let s have a taste.Li Guohao asked curiously.Li Qiang swallowed at the side, and interrupted You should eat it yourself.They have eaten it before, and they vomited after a few mouthfuls.Huh Li Guohao glanced around the crowd in amazement, seeing everyone nodding, he had no choice but to hold back his curiosity and picked up a donut from the table.The tea restaurant used to be just tables and chairs It s old, and the walls are a little dirty.In addition, the concrete floor is often wet.It just gave people a very dilapidated feeling, but at this moment, a new wall was painted and the supreme cbd gummies floor was laid., Changed the tables and chairs, this big change made Li Guohao mistakenly think that he spent a lot of money on decoration.Seeing her son looking at the new decoration in the shop, Li Huifang called out, Ahao.What s wrong, mom Mother Li thought about her son s orders before, and said with some displeasure Does the store really need to hire a waiter Actually, there is no need at all.Your mother and I can handle it by myself.Every day is only at noon and night.There are quite a lot of customers in Duan, and the morning and afternoon are relatively free, if new employees are recruited, no one will come to eat at that time, wouldn t it be a loss.If anyone wants to go to the bathroom on the way, go out from the trail here, and the bathroom is outside.After speaking, Eugene pointed to a Aisle said.The assistant trotted to Eugene s side, and said in a low voice Director, it s ready.The line is ready, and it will start in about a minute.Well, I see, you Go tell everyone to prepare to start the machine.Yes.Eugene said joyce meyers cbd gummies HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies to the audience again Okay, it s about to start, everyone be quiet Exactly ten past six.Citizens in various households in Xiangjiang, who were watching Li TV channel, also saw the official start of the program on TV.Hi everyone, I m Chen Fa A host in a suit stepped out from the joyce meyers cbd gummies back of the stage to the music, HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies smiled and bowed slightly to everyone as soon as he came out.Next will be the finals joyce meyers cbd gummies where Chen Dafu, Chang Xiaotu, and Liu Zhengfeng will win the championship.Then Mr.Li, will the stock market continue to fall Du Deye asked.I don t know.I just think that the stock market is so joyce meyers cbd gummies good recently.Li Guohao didn t want to reveal that he knew that the stock market would fall, so he found a reason to reply to the other party.It makes sense.Du Deye also felt that best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews Li Guohao s words made sense.The stock market is too crazy now.Some of the company s small employees have all resigned.Relying on some inside information stolen from the company at the beginning, they have dominated the stock market.Many colleagues at the same level as him have long since Invest in the stock market.By the way, I want to ask you something, Manager Du.Li Guohao asked when he remembered something.What is it Has the milk company been bought You re talking about Hongkong Land s acquisition of Xiangjiang Milk Company good.Haha It s joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies not long since I got the loan, and Manager Shen is urging me to repay the loan like this Don t your banks hope that the borrower will pay back the loan later, so that you can earn more interest Li Guohao laughed.Shen Bi smiled bitterly and said That was in the past You don t know the stock market in Xiangjiang recently.It fell all the way to the bottom.Many people who used to borrow money from the bank to speculate in stocks, those who jumped off the building, went bankrupt, and the bank broke a lot of money.The bad debt Now the headquarters is asking us to hurry up and ask people to pay back the money If Mr.Li s family has a big business, I m afraid someone would have come to collect the debt Shen Bi is right, there were many people who mortgaged their houses or some kind of money before.Yes.Li Guohao nodded.After the trading company grows bigger, it will not only help the company, but also give him an extra chance.He can t always spend time on food, and the trading company and Nanshun Group also have differences in food supply.With a certain connection, we can also use this trading company to sell Asian raw materials abroad in the future.Since Mr.Li has agreed, the specific cooperation matters will wait for me to stabilize in the next few days, and I will talk to you about the specific allocation of investment shares after I make preparations.Zhang Nana said.Okay.Li Guohao agreed, and suddenly thought of another thing and asked By the way, Brother gummy cbd fire wholesale Qiang, are you interested in becoming a shareholder of the company Ah Li Qiang glanced at Li Guohao, saw his sincere eyes, and thought about it After thinking about it, best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews he said Of course I am willing.Boom At this moment, there was a knock on the door of the conference room.Xu Deming, who was worried, called out Come in.One of them cautiously pushed open the door, glanced at Xu Deming 500mg sugar free cbd gummies who was sitting on the front seat, and Xu Guanghe who was next to him, stammered hesitantly and said Dong Chairman, Guohao Foods just sent a message saying that the company will hold a general meeting of shareholders and make a compulsory acquisition offer Chapter 212 The new Xiangjiang dream is on the way to Nanshun company.Li Guohao, Jin Jiashi, Ni Xingqing and the accompanying lawyer Fang Jian ride in a car, followed by an employee car of the new company.It s only been five days In time, millions are lost.Ni Xingqing looked at the stock market report in the morning with heartache and regretted.Yes, boss, why didn t you wait for the stock market to stabilize before buying Nanshun Now the acquisition, the stock price is falling every day, and the initial purchase of Yingjia can be charged 3 more Jin Jiashi, who was driving, was also a little puzzled.I heard Shen Bi from HSBC say that people from Jardine were planning to buy shares of Lam Soon from their bank, but because Landmark was at war with the milk company at that time, they let it go temporarily.Nanshun s stock, otherwise there is no chance for us.He added However, it s okay to fall, so the next acquisition will be much smoother.Ni Xingqing glanced at Li Guohao in surprise, as if to say Are you kidding me Perhaps feeling the meaning in Ni Xingqing s eyes, Li Guohao cried and laughed Buy Nanshun earlier, and also prevent people from Jardine from merging milk The company then turned around to deal with Nam Soon.This is Li Guohao himself comforting himself.He himself does not know where the Hang Seng Index will fall, and he can t say that when the stock market really falls to the point where it can t fall, he is trying to find a way to buy Nanshun With the exception of HSBC who may sell their shares, Bao Daheng and Yingjia, including peach ring cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies some shareholders, may not sell their shares and stocks what do cbd gummies do for anxiety anymore.In most Asian countries and regions at this time, except for some people who have to work overtime and stay in the company, cbd gummy packaging joyce meyers cbd gummies almost all of them are on holiday during the Spring Festival, while the United States does not care whether you are on the New Year holiday.The car was parked, and the two went upstairs.Zhao Yazhi said I ll go back to the office to pack my things first, and we will go to Nanshun together the day after tomorrow.Li Guohao nodded and said, After you pack up, come to the office to find me.Yes.After parting, Li Guohao He smiled and cbd gummy packaging joyce meyers cbd gummies greeted a few employees who were staying in the company, and then went straight to the general manager s office.Knock on the door.I saw Zhang Nana standing by the floor to ceiling windows looking at the scenery outside, while Li Qiang was sitting on a chair looking at something.Not for this reason.In addition to Xiao Bai and Huo Zhenting, there is Bao Daheng s eldest daughter Bao Lian.Bao Lian brought a male foreigner companion, and it was only when she introduced her that she knew that the other party was her husband.The two had been married ten years ago.This foreign son in law has a Chinese name of Su Haiwen.Su Haiwen is proficient in Cantonese.When talking with Li joyce meyers cbd gummies Guohao, if you don t look at the appearance, you will almost mistake him for a native Hong Kong Chinese.Cantonese is really idiosyncratic.At this time, Su Haiwen is working as the vice joyce meyers cbd gummies chairman of Bao Daheng s Global Shipping and Asia Shipping Co., Ltd., assisting his father in law Bao Daheng in managing the entire Xiangjiang shipping business, and dealing with all overseas businessmen except in Asia.After glancing around the factory coldly, Li Guohao asked angrily What s going on Haven t found out yet Huang Yaohua said shamelessly Just now I asked a few of the employees below, and they didn t know what the answer was.However, the guard at the gate said that a few people came to collect the protection fee a few days ago and reported it to the manager of the personnel department, but they didn t pay much khalifa sisters cbd gummies tinnitus attention to it at the time.I didn t expect that these Feizi really dared to come up to smash the factory.Collecting protection fees Yes.Do you know which gang it is from Li Guohao was annoyed, business people generally do not want to deal with these evil forces, but there are always some things that are unavoidable.I m not sure, but a worker told me pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp just now that he knows one of them, Fei Zai.Jeske from the United Kingdom, came to the stage and expressed his outlook and expectations for this year s Jockey Club.Okay Jeske glanced at the crowd in the audience, and said with a smile Year after year, repeating the same thing, I think everyone is getting tired of it I won t say much What s the matter, I hope to have a drink with you here next year.Haha British humor, some people laughed from the heart, and some smiled politely.Since last year, we have successively received lists of new members recommended by members, as well as those who have been accepted by our Jockey Club.There are a total of 370 people invited, who have passed the internal review and assessment of our Jockey Club.Among them, 367 new friends have officially become members of our Hong Kong Jockey Club.Let us applaud and encourage This member is just an ordinary member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.From January to now, there are a total of 13 recommendees on the list.Associate Professor of the British Imperial College of Medicine, President of Xiangjiang St.Mary s joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies Hospital, Honorary Director of Xiangjiang Medical Association, Professor of the Department of Surgery and Medicine of Xiangjiang University, XiangjiangMr.Cheng Shimin.Listening to the long list of titles reported by Jeske on the stage, the scalps of Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi next to him were numb.After going out, she was embarrassed to go out and say who she was without dozens of titles on her head.She wondered whether she should also get more social titles for herself.They are all so powerful.When I participated in charity banquets before, I didn t know who the participants were.Although I knew that these people were big shots, I didn t have an intuitive understanding.Huo Daheng smiled and said Jia Chun is getting more and more powerful, and in a few years he will be able to take over your father s business, joyce meyers cbd gummies and let him retire at home and take care of the children.He Gambler glanced at his daughter with a smile, then glanced at him again Li Guohao beside him said to Zheng Jiachun What s the matter You didn t play there by yourself, you ran into our old people.I m not old when you are old Yeah, I m still very young Huo Daheng and Zheng Yutong laughed.Dad, this is Li Guohao.He Qianjin smiled and introduced Li Guohao to the three bosses.Hello, Mr.He, Mr.Zheng, and Mr.Huo.When Li Guohao first came over, he felt a little apprehensive.After all, the three people he will face later are all big bosses.Except for the chance to know Bao Daheng before., but that time was a private acquaintance, and it was a business discussion, and now suddenly facing three powerful tycoons at once, this is naturally a little uneasy and nervous.It was caused by training outside.The middle aged man who was called the chief smiled and said, It s not that you are not allowed to return to the police station, but you should be clear that the department you were in before was a secret department.people know you exist.So in other words, you can have new choices, such as not going back to be a policeman, but choosing to be a bodyguard for others.What s the point of being a bodyguard I think it s better to go back to be a policeman, and I can touch a gun every day Someone next to him said with a smile.If it weren t for the bad conditions at home, I wouldn t have chosen joyce meyers cbd gummies to be a policeman I heard that our employer is a HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies newly promoted billionaire in Xiangjiang, so if you want to make money under his hands, you will have no worries Yes, I heard that this man named Li Guohao is very young, he is several years younger than the youngest Ajie in our team.When he heard the news, he remembered that the boss joyce meyers cbd gummies s son seemed to be called Li Guohao.Go to the cash register and make a call.The villa in the middle of the mountain area, Li s family.Li s father, Li mother and others are watching TV, when a piece of news is interrupted suddenly, and they are all panicked when they see that the cbd gummies with thc colorado news is about their son.Husband, it s my son. I know, call the police Don t let anything happen to you security company.After Zhang Bowen saw the news report, he was also shocked.He never expected that something happened to the boss, so he called all the people together and sent some people to Li s house to protect Li s father and Li s mother.At the same time, he personally led the team to Pok Fu Lam.Ho s.The Huo family.Zheng family.Shen Bi.Jin Jiashi, Li Qiang, Ni Xingqing, Shangguan Xiaobao and other people who knew Li Guohao from the company were shocked.Including accommodation, banquets, restaurants, courts, swimming pools, gyms, and beauty care, etc., as long as you think of what the hotel contains, there are all of them here.At the same time, it also includes one to one personal butler service in the presidential suite, not only professional British style male and female butlers, but also high end pick up cars for the hotel, almost all of which are Rolls Royce Silver Shadows.Now the highest end car in Xiangjiang is Rolls Royce.Whether it is top Chinese businessmen or British capital, almost all of them are using Rolls Royce cars.The main reason is that Rolls Royce is a British brand, and Xiangjiang is under the jurisdiction of the UK, so it has a natural environment.On the construction cbd gummies help ed site, dozens of media reporters scattered here and there.Next to the table is a video camera wrapped in a red cloth.Mr.Li, you should burn the first stick of incense at the front.In the past, the director or producer would burn the first stick of incense at the front.Now that the big boss is here, naturally the big boss will come first.As for the culture of burning incense in Xiangjiang, Li Guohao already had eyes and ears.Now that he came to the scene, he found that it was just the same thing.He set up an incense altar, put some tributes on it, lit a stick of incense, and bowed down to worship.Okay.Li Guohao also took the three incense sticks from Xu Guanwen s hands, and after lighting them on the candle, he also watched Guan Erye bow deeply three times before inserting the incense sticks into the incense burner.Behind him, Xu Guanwen, Cai Lan and others also bent down and bowed before they stepped forward and inserted the incense in their hands into the incense burner.Cai Lan said with a smile seeing that Li Guohao s expression did not seem to be fake.Li Guohao smiled Then you can discuss it with him, I don t know much about this.Okay.Just as Cai Lang finished speaking, he suddenly heard a noise not far away.Several people looked sideways, and saw a man wearing a floral shirt and jeans was signing someone s autograph with a pen, and when they looked closely, it turned out to be Bruce Lee Ding Pei, who was behind the camera, ran over happily after seeing Bruce Lee, and stood next to Bruce Lee, chatting and laughing.Seeing this scene, Li Guohao raised his eyebrows.Brother Long, why are you here Ding Pei asked happily.Bruce Lee dealt with all the fans of the crew, looked at Ding Pei with a smile on his face and said, I heard that you are filming, so I just stopped by to visit your class peach ring cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies At this time, Xu Guanwen and others also noticed Bruce Lee The arrival of the photographer asked the cameraman to suspend the shooting, and brought his younger brother Xu Guanjie to say hello to Bruce Lee.Now that he is in a foreign country, the two bodyguards he brought with him are even more cautious than those in Xiangjiang.You must know that citizens are allowed to hold guns in the UK.Huang He, Sun Dafu HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies and the others also didn t dare to run far, there were too many people here, if they took a step back, they might not be able to find their just cbd gummies apple rings companions.Seeing Li Guohao peach ring cbd gummies joyce meyers cbd gummies approaching, Zhao Yazhi also pointed to the two towering white pagodas at the gate of the stadium, Ahao, take a picture for me.Okay.Taking the camera from Zhao Yazhi s hand, Zhao Yazhi put on the hat and put it on.After a pose, there was also a click , recording this moment in the camera.The interpreter who was following him was standing around with Huang He and the others.Ahao, how about can i take cbd gummies and melatonin I help you take a picture together Zhao Yazhi looked at the group of people in the joyce meyers cbd gummies company and said with a smile.But almost no one in Xiangjiang knew that there was such a competition.When Li s TV station reported Li Guohao s gold award in the pastry production project back to Xiangjiang, they only briefly introduced it on the international news channel the next night.However, Ming Pao, which has always had a good relationship with Li Guohao, consulted a lot of information, and finally got a clear understanding of this International Skills Olympics.The next morning, the newspaper s supplement also included Li Guohao s award winning works.Yi Shu also wrote an article on the theme of Clouds best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews think about clothes and flowers, and spring breeze blows Revlon for him.Not only praised Li Guohao for winning an international award, but also praised the award winning works severely.Praise Li Guohao for making the ancient women s glances and smiles so perfect.After giving Zhang Dong a blank look, Li Guohao said, I said, in total, this is using my factory to practice hands, right No, but you also know that my father in law has no experience in this kind of work.Although there are many cement workers and bricklayers under his command, they have not actually participated in this kind of work.Zhang Dong also patted his chest and assured, Don t worry, when the time comes, you will send someone to inspect and accept.If there is anything that does not meet the standards, I will say it here first.I promise on behalf of my father in law that I will never charge a penny.And help you to re joyce meyers cbd gummies do that project well.Li Guohao thought about it carefully.Huang Yaohua hadn t given a letter of approval for the re establishment of the food factory, and he didn t know how the factory was planned, so he didn t make sure I can t give best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews you this Guaranteed, because Huang Yaohua hasn t given me an approval letter yet, but I think besides a few large factories, there should be some buildings like dormitory buildings and canteens.When Wang Hongshen said this, he also heaved a sigh, this joyce meyers cbd gummies is already the limit, and he spent a long time on saving electricity, which is still not ideal.That s right, it s good to save a little.It s good to save a kilowatt hour of electricity every hour.It seems that there is no difference, but it can save a lot of open source over time.Manager Li, have you sent this technology to the patent department of the group Apply for a patent Li Guohao suddenly thought of something and asked.Since Li Guohao applied for patents for some of his ideas and technologies, the group also recruited a few people with experience in this field and set joyce meyers cbd gummies up a patent department.Up to now, the company has almost a dozen patents.The uncle Li Zhengming next to him said It has already been delivered, but this new refrigerator has some other patent rights, so the patent department of the group is trying to find a way to bypass these patents.Di Yimin smiled and said, Mr.Li, you made your fortune from a pastry shop, and then set up a food company to produce packaged food.It s really amazing.When I was in the United States, I also came into contact with some companies related to food or catering.Without exception, they all control the source of the production line, that is, the supply of raw materials.Take the most well known KFC and McDonald s as examples, they all have their own farms, slaughterhouses, and processing plants in the United States.Of course, these are not the key points.The most important point is that their two companies control almost half of the chicken industry in the United States.As long as they are related to the food they sell, they are involved in almost all of them.This not only saves resources on raw materials, but also establishes industry standards and suppresses other companies that can threaten themselves.Not long ago, the group borrowed 100 million Hong Kong dollars from HSBC.The funds are still sufficient, Li Guohao thought about it carefully, and felt that it is necessary to establish this department early, he glanced at Di Yimin who was looking forward to it, Are you confident that pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp this food research and technology department will be established Chairman, no problem at all.Di Yimin said excitedly.Okay, I ll give you a chance.You can build up the manpower of this department as soon as possible.I will notify the finance department of the funds later.It s the chairman Chapter 274 Life and Death of Bruce Lee Part 1 The summer morning always comes much earlier than in other seasons.It was only after five o clock, and the bright sunlight shone on the land, and Li Guohao, who was sleeping soundly, was also caught A phone call rang.Let me call and ask.Huang Yaohua has been busy recently I don t know about the matter of distributing goods with popsicles, but I also forgot about the matter of market research.Call.Pushing the phone to Huang Yaohua.Huang Yaohua picked up the phone and dialed the marketing department of the food company, Hi, I m Huang Yaohua, um, your Just as Huang Yaohua was calling, another internal phone rang.Li Guohao answered the phone, Hello Chairman, Mr.Ni is HCMUSSH joyce meyers cbd gummies looking for you.Ni Xingqing yes.Let him wait at the door. OK.Just as Li Guohao hung up the phone, Huang Yaohua also put down the microphone in his hand, and only heard him say, It was just finished this morning, and this time the pavement is very wide.More than 3,000 people have accepted our investigation, and I have asked them to send over detailed reports.Industrial exhibition is equivalent to various factories and companies displaying their own products during the event.It not only provides a platform for the public to choose, but also many businessmen from other countries and regions come to choose products.The industrial exhibition is similar to the current exhibition.It is a large scale event that brings together the products of countless companies and factories and attracts some overseas businessmen to purchase.Hearing that it is this kind of exhibition, Li Guohao directly agreed.That s fine, you report this matter to Manager how much do cbd gummies usually cost Di and let him handle it.What about joining the Chinese Manufacturers Association Li Guohao thought for a while and said Help me agree to come down.It doesn t matter if you just join a business association.Okay.Secretary Xiao Liu nodded.as the shark tank liberty cbd gummies center.Since he was investing in stocks in the United States, Li Guohao has clearly discovered that in this era, there is no Internet and any convenient communication era.Even the phone cannot make cross border calls, and can only send telegrams or faxes bitterly.There is a very serious derailment in communication.For many major international events, you can only receive the news one or two days later, and it may be delayed even later due to the blockage of information.It is only 1973, BB Mobile phones have not yet been popularized, and mobile phones will not be available for a long time.Since returning to Xiangjiang, Li Guohao has been thinking about setting up his own media newspaper, so that he can not only build newspaper branches around the world, but also obtain news that is beneficial to the company group The Middle East is at war at this time, and some countries closer to the Middle East are busy transporting materials every day, whether it is official transport joyce meyers cbd gummies or private transport, which has led to a sharp rise in food prices.Like Li Guohao s current worth and status, a favor is definitely better than a price cut Much more expensive.Zheng Jiachun glanced at Li Guohao without a trace, feeling in his heart, thinking that when he first saw Li Guohao, he was just an ignorant young man who had just started his own business.Now it has grown a lot.That s fine, I ll let the people under me negotiate as soon as possible.I didn t insist.Zheng Jiachun knew it in his heart.From the conversation, he could feel the confidence in .

what is keoni cbd gummies?

Li Guohao s words.If he bought it with all the money, it would cost at least tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars., indeed.Soon a group of people came to Bao Daheng s villa.As one of the top tycoons in Xiangjiang, Bao Daheng has a network almost all over Xiangjiang.He even has many friends in some regions and countries with developed maritime transportation such as the Gulf Islands.He really .

is cbd tincture better than gummies?

didn t know about the release of Ghost Horse Twin Stars , and no one reported it to him.I reported it to the chairman at the beginning of the month.It seems that your secretary Xiao Liu answered the phone.Cai Lang said hastily.Li Guohao was the big head when the friend film company was established, but he also gave Cai Lang and Xu Guanwen dry shares, that is, bonus shares.They had the right to dividends, but they had no right to buy and sell., the shares will be returned automatically.Cai Lan and Li Guohao have a good personal relationship, but they are very sensible, and usually only call him the title of chairman.Xiao Liu Just as Li Guohao was wondering, Secretary Xiao Liu came in with tea.Xiao Liu, did Mr.Cai call at the beginning of the month to talk about the release of the movie Secretary Xiao Liu thought for a while, nodded and said, That s the case, and I reported it to you, the chairman.Li.Okay, Mr.Chen is too much trouble.Li joyce meyers cbd gummies Guohao smiled.Sure, it s Li Sheng s first visit to the Manufacturers Association Building.As the vice president of the Manufacturers Association, I naturally helped Li Sheng get it done.After Chen Jiadao took Li Guohao to his seat, he said again Li Sheng Sit down, the meeting is about to start, I still have something to do, so I won t be with Li Sheng.Mr.Chen, you are busy.Okay, I will see Li Sheng later.After speaking, Chen Jiadao turned and left.As the vice president of the manufacturer s association, he still has a lot of work to do, not only coordinating the seat arrangement of the staff, but also ensuring that each member will not be twisted because of the seat position.The older generation of businessmen are very concerned about the issue of seating.Qi Boheng led Li Guohao to the factory.The entrance of a large factory building about 10 meters high.It s so tall Li Guohao has never worked in a factory in his previous life, so he doesn t know how tall the modern factory building is, but the previous Guohao Food Factory was only about 5 to 6 meters high, and the new factory building in front of him is at least 9 meters taller.rice The height inside the plant is about 8.About 5 meters, if you count the ceiling, it should be more than 9 meters.Qi Boheng replied from the side.Safe passage, fire and fire fighting and other things have been done In a large factory building that can accommodate thousands of people, the most important thing is safety.The food factory is a little bit better, and there are not many flammable items, but the packaging factory needs to be very careful.After that, Li Guohao stepped forward and grabbed Zhao Yazhi s hand and walked into the office.Chen Sheng, who was in the room, saw this and said goodbye tactfully, and went to the lounge outside to stay Here, you See, turn on the button at the bottom, then wipe the record and put it on, to avoid dust and bad sound effect, now put the stylus on it.Zhao Yazhi slowly moved the stylus to the record.Immediately, there was a sound for a few seconds, and the sound of beautiful music soon rang out.Whose record did you buy Is it Miss Xiaofeng s Zhao Yazhi heard the sound of music, but she had never heard it before, so she asked.No.Li Guohao shook his head, and just as he finished speaking, he heard a male voice from the record player, singing an English song.Whose is that After Zhao Yazhi asked, she saw the record wrapping paper on the table, picked it up, and it said Wenner Band Sha La La on it.Chapter 329 Li Guohao, a business genius in the philosophical world, listened to Li Guohao s words, Pang Heshuo s eyes lit up, as if he had caught something, and asked quickly What does the chairman mean We make a column Write a celebrity every day Today s interview, interviewing elite talents from all walks of life, or people with any skills Almost, since it is a newspaper and has a wide audience, it must be fair and just, and provide some good things to the society.The positioning of the newspaper has been tangled.At first, Li Guohao wanted to run an cbd gummies high dose all round newspaper, covering everything.There are bad and bad.The good thing is that people will choose to use the money of a newspaper to buy more content., The bad thing is that the newspaper does not have a positioning.For example Xiangjiang Ming Pao did not have a positioning at the beginning.At the same time, he laid a solid foundation for the economic development of Hong Kong.You must know that during his tenure, he not only established the ICAC, the Flying Tigers and other organizations to solve internal corruption.question.At the same time, the Home Ownership plan was launched to help poor families solve their housing problems, which is also known as the public housing plan.As long as they are from Xiangjiang, joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies reach the legal age, and get married, they can spend a small amount pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp of money.Rent a house in government built public housing.At the same time, it also popularizes the 9 year free education plan for primary and secondary education, and vigorously builds new railway stations on subway tracks and so on.Generally speaking, MacLehose has played a great role in the development of Xiangjiang, which pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp is much stronger than the previous and subsequent ones.You spent so much money to take the picture Li Guohao turned around and saw that it was Zhang Daqian Surprised and said Mr.Zhang did not expect you to participate in this auction Of course, otherwise, how would that Red Fu Girl appear Zhang Daqian stroked the long white beard on his chin and smiled Is this painting an auction item provided by Mr.Zhang Not bad Zhang Daqian nodded, and said, Li Sheng, you haven t answered my question yet.It s worth it, it must be worth it, I think it s three million Less, if I can accept a higher price, Mr.Zhang s paintings can be said to be the contemporary Tang Yin and Tang Bohu Li Sheng Liao praised How dare I compare myself with Tang Yin Zhang Daqian heard that Li joyce meyers cbd gummies Guohao compared himself to Tang Bohu, a master of calligraphy and painting, shook his head again and again and said with a smile.It s the Erawan Buddha we mentioned.Tour guide Zheng came to Thailand from Xiangjiang in his 40s and 20s to do business, and later married a wife and had children and settled down there.I know the Erawan Buddha.There is a temple of the Erawan Buddha in Xiangjiang, but it has been in disrepair for many years, and no one has been there.An employee behind laughed.Upon hearing this, Tour Guide Zheng interjected, I know the Erawan Buddha Temple you mentioned.I remember my mother took me there to worship when I was young.Oh Tour Guide Zheng is also from Xiangjiang asked in surprise.Yes, I am from Xiangjiang.I just came to Thailand to do business in the early years.I got married and married a wife and settled down here.One tenth of the people in Bangkok are Chinese, and most of them are from Chaoshan and Xiangjiang in Guangdong.Unless they hit key parts, temples and other places will be KO Just buy a round of KO, joyce meyers cbd gummies it s just for fun anyway.Li Guohao waved his hand and said indifferently.Okay.Old Zheng didn t care too much, there are many people who like to buy unpopular ones, and Li Guohao is not the only one.After Lao Zheng goes out.Li Guohao was a little thirsty, and when he was about to pour himself a glass of water, he found that there was only a transparent glass jug on the table pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp besides the standard red wine and foreign wine.A yellow brown liquid was flowing inside the glass jug.Li Guohao curiously took the glass jug and opened the lid to smell it.A strange smell came to his nostrils, and his eyes immediately stopped This This taste is so familiar Quickly took a wine glass and poured himself a glass, took a sip, Li Guohao came to a realization, this is Red Bull About a few minutes passed.On the outskirts of Bangkok, near a small workshop called Xu s Medicine.Is this a pharmaceutical best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews factory Looking at a small wooden house with only a few tens of square meters, and a factory with Xu s Medicine written on the left, Li Guohao almost laughed out loud.Thailand is like this.Old Zheng shrugged.As soon as the group approached, a man looked at a dozen people at the door of the cabin and asked first Who are you Old Zheng said Let s find Xu Guangbiao.What do you want from our boss Chen Xuewen said in Thai at this time I have something to discuss with him.The man looked suspiciously at Li Guohao and the group, nodded and said, Then wait a moment, our boss hasn t come joyce meyers cbd gummies where to buy uly cbd gummies back yet. Where did he go Chen Xuewen asked.The boss joyce meyers cbd gummies went to sell fairy water.Fairy water Chen Xuewen was taken aback, no matter how he heard the name, he felt like he was fooling people.In fact, he himself didn t know much about the value of this fairy water.He just regarded it as a means of making a living.If it was an ordinary person, he might sell it to Li Guohao directly when he offered one million baht.But Xu Guangbiao was in drug sales in his early years, and he knew how to observe people, which made him open his mouth.Gradually, he walked out fruit bites cbd daily dose gummy of Xu Guangbiao s field of vision.Chen Xuewen finally asked Chairman, what s so good about this fairy water I drank a little yesterday, but I didn t feel that it tasted good.You do not understand.Li Guohao shook his head.Those who like to drink will like it to death, and those who don t like it will never touch it.In addition, Red Bull should still be the first generation formula at this time, and the taste is much stronger than that of later generations.Li Guohao seldom communicated with the officials, and in Xiangjiang, it was handled by the employees under him.Now facing Madham, the head of the investment promotion department of Roi Et Mansion, he didn t know what to say for a while, so he had to follow along.The other party s words continued.The two chatted for a few more words.Seeing that Li Guohao didn t care much, Madam directly expressed her intentions Our preferential policy for foreign businessmen here in Roi Et Mansion is like this.Boss Li is exempted.Roi Et Province s tax for three years.After three years, according to the Thai tax, Mr.Li only needs to pay half of it, and if it drives the local economic construction, there may be a tax free policy Roi Et is the poorest place in the entire Thai province, although here The scenery is picturesque, but there is no foundation for heavy industry and light industry.When the public thought it was another anti corruption agency, it was officially launched yesterday afternoon.An arrest warrant has been issued for Godber Is the former second highest person in charge of the Kowloon District Police Station finally going to be brought to justice Li Guohao raised his eyebrows when he read the headlines in Ming Pao.Are you here Last year, the streets of Xiangjiang were once blocked by parade crowds.They were all forced to take to the streets by Godber, the most famous money grubber in the Xiangjiang police force.Li Guohao remembers very clearly that when he was driving on the street, he could often see people holding a banner saying Anti corruption, arrest Gerber Yimin led a person in.Chairman, this is the Zheng Baoxing I mentioned to you earlier.Following Di Yimin s introduction, Zheng Baoxing said, Hello, Mr. What a waste, 10 million in three years, enough for me to buy a floor as a charterer Many things about Li Guohao were covered Major newspapers have reported on it, but there really haven t been too many reports on his charity work.As soon as the newspaper was published this time, many people s impression of Li Guohao changed greatly.On the other side, not long after Li Guohao arrived at the company, Huang Yaohua hurried to olly cbd gummies the office and said, The drink that you asked me to hand over to the laboratory before the chairman has been cracked Hearing that the formula of Red Bull had been cracked, Li Guohao Surprised Cracked So fast Well, the approximate composition has been tested, and we are already debugging.Take me to have a look.Chapter 365 An Naka considers that the laboratory needs some For chemical substances, Li Guohao installed the food technology department in the earliest factory building in the New Territories a long time ago.Hmm.After Li Guohao finished talking casually, he sat down on the sofa and said to Zhang Ma who was standing not far away What does Zhang Ma eat for morning What do you cbd gummies sydney want to eat, young master Li Guohao thought for a while Let s have some porridge, I don t really want to eat greasy things in the morning.Alright, young master.Madam joyce meyers cbd gummies Zhang nodded and turned to the kitchen to make porridge.Ah Hao, what kind of wedding dress is going to be shipped from the UK Mother Li asked curiously.Sitting on the side, Zhao Yazhi also looked at Li Guohao with doubts.I don t know the details, anyway, I asked someone to find a famous British designer to design.Mentioning the designer, Li Guohao said A Zhi, do you have any new coins Ah Yes.Give it to me.Zhao Yazhi was a little surprised why Li Guohao wanted Hong Kong dollars, but she followed his instructions and took out a coin from the small satchel she brought with her and handed it to Li Guohao.Ah Zhen knows Li Guohao very well, but she is not afraid.But I can t play alone, there is no such atmosphere.Xu Guanwen who followed behind asked with a camera in his hand, Don t you plan any activities like finding red shoes Yes, I have.Ah Zhen glanced at several cousins and said, It s just that I can t play alone.Xu Guanwen glanced thoughtfully at the little girls around Ah Zhen, guessing their thoughts in his heart, and said directly It s okay, you have prepared everything before, whoever s activity is better, I will privately discuss it later.Give a big red envelope.Li Guohao smiled wryly after hearing this.When he attended Zhang Dong s wedding before, he saw A Dong being tricked so much, but it s nothing.Marriage is a festive event.If someone is willing to trick you, it means that he cares about you.At least hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong dollars will be spent on publicity every month.You can calculate how much extra money will be spent in this year, not including the labor and rent of the local branch.Li Qiang sighed when he said this Tone In fact, going public now is the best choice.Firstly, it can raise funds, and secondly, it can better expand the company s influence and scale.Li Guohao frowned while holding the microphone.He didn t have much influence, but he had a great influence on He Qianjin and Li Qiang.After all, both of them have shares in the palace pastry company.If they go public, the value of best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews their shares will soar.Since He Qianjin mentioned this matter to himself last time, Li Guohao has always kept this matter in his heart, and occasionally thought about whether it is good or bad to go public.Time magazine to interview yourself Li Guohao joyce meyers cbd gummies cherry cbd gummies frowned slightly, life gummies cbd thought taking cbd gummies for anxiety for a few seconds, and then said, You invite those two reporters in.Yes Fang Ming hurriedly went downstairs to pick up the two reporters.Soon, a man and a woman followed Fang Ming to the second floor of the fast food restaurant.The female is blond and blue eyed, while the male has an Asian face.Judging from the appearance of his face, Li Guohao doesn t look like a person from Bangzi Country or an island country, nor does he look like some Southeast Asians, but he looks like a Chinese.His best all natural cbd gummies face looked familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.Hello, Mr.Li, I m an interview reporter from Time Magazine.My name is Lena, and this is my colleague named Tom.I m here to interview Mr.Li about the molecular gastronomy you mentioned earlier Self proclaimed Lena The foreign girl told her name and purpose very straightforwardly.Li Guohao said vaguely It can be regarded as.Then what is molecular food in your opinion In my opinion This Mr.Li not only realized his American dream in Xiangjiang, but today, in the United States, he is also trying to create a new American dream Americans have a perverted obsession with the American dream.Thinking of this, Lena excitedly said to Li Guohao Mr.Li, you are the creator of the American dream Chapter 515 The boss who can t enter the store pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp January 16th.Today is the opening day of Panda Express.Since he was interviewed by the reporter of Time Weekly last week, Li Guohao pinched the date of Time Weekly s release, and at dawn, he ordered Ajie to go to the newsstand outside to buy Time Weekly magazines.Sitting in the car heading to the restaurant, Li Guohao asked Ajie to flip through the entire English time book, but he still couldn t find any reports about himself.Ajie and Chen Sheng followed behind, and Ajie looked at the crowds surrounding the entrance of the fast food restaurant and said, Boss, how do you get in here The entrance is full of people Although there were many people at the entrance, it was not impossible to squeeze in.Yes, but Li Guohao thought that there were so many people at the door, and there seemed to be a lot of people in the store, so he thought for a while and said Forget it, let s not go in, I will go back to Xiangjiang in two days, accompany me to the front to buy some Take things back.Hearing Li Guohao s order, Chen Sheng and Ajie nodded.The three of them plus a Chinese driver sent by Bai Zhiming, the cliff richard cbd gummies four of them strolled along Fifth Avenue.This is the first time for Li Guohao to visit Fifth Avenue in New York.I have to say that almost every item in the store is very expensive.Since her son sent 20 million red envelopes, there was a reason for him.I can t help but think of those neighbors who came to visit their daughter in law with gifts in the morning, and the envy and entreaties when they left, and I feel very happy.By the way, Ah Hao, fat aunt, do you still remember Li Huifang asked suddenly.Fat aunt Li Guohao was taken aback, thought for a while, and recalled the fat aunt who bewitched his mother to buy stocks, he nodded and said, Isn t it the fat aunt who bewitched you to buy stocks a few years ago What s wrong Why do you still remember this Li Huifang said angrily, The fat aunt didn t confuse me, but wanted to make me rich.That s why she took the initiative to mention it to me.Seeing his mother was angry, Li Guohao hurriedly said in a low voice Yes Aunt Fat is the best, and she made our family rich.In the end, the two parties reached a cooperation.Li Guohao, Bao Daheng and the government jointly established a company to reclaim the sea and build joyce meyers cbd gummies a port in Kwai Tsing District.As for the people who run the company, they are handed over to professionals.Chapter 536 Zhong Chuhong In Xiangjiang in May, the weather is gradually getting hotter.At this time, it is evening, and groups of floating clouds that are illuminated by the setting sun and emit red light are slowly floating in the sky.Boss Ni Xingqing knocked on the door of the office and sat down on the chair beside the desk.Well, Xingqing is here, wait a moment.After Li Guohao looked up at Ni Xingqing, he lowered his head and began to process the best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews documents.Yes.Ni Xingqing nodded, sitting there obediently and waiting.After about a few minutes.Come on, Mrs.Li, let me measure your waist.Mrs.Zhong did not forget her duty, she picked up a soft ruler and walked to Zhao Yazhi s side and said.Okay.Zhao Yazhi touched her belly immediately after hearing the measurement, Oh, it s so annoying.Since I gave birth, I can t lose the belly fat.Mrs.Zhong said with a smile Mrs.Li is fine.It s normal to have a little flesh after giving birth.When I gave birth to Ah Hong, I was fatter than you.Having given birth to several children, I couldn t help asking Ms.Zhong, how do you maintain such a good figure It s actually very simple When it came to a topic that women love to discuss, the two began to discuss how to lose weight.Zhong Chuhong, on the other hand, had nothing to do.Watching her mother chatting with sister Ah Zhi, she sneaked out of the villa and went outside to play Chapter 537 When Zhong Chuhong came in before the singing competition, she didn t pay much attention to the scenery in the villa because she was accompanied by her mother and she was too timid to look at it.In the Guohao Building, Li Guohao was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, and glanced at Li Zecheng who was brought to the company by Zhao Yazhi to play during the holiday.When he saw his son playing with a ceramic pen holder on the desk, he best cbd gummies from hemp premium jane cbd gummies reviews was quite helpless.Looking at Zhao Yazhi, she said, I said, Ah Zhi, why did you bring Zecheng to the company This kid is messing around, don t break anything mile high cure cbd gummies review for me.Zhao Yazhi looked at her husband s helpless eyes and chuckled lightly.Said I don t want to bring Xiaobao to disturb you either.Your own son insisted on coming to the company to find you.Hearing this, Li Guohao put down his teacup, turned to look at his son and asked, Ze Cheng, you have something to do with your father.Is it Ah Li Zecheng looked at Li Guohao in confusion, shook his head and said, It s okay.Li Guohao had no choice but to put the laboratory of genetically modified technology in the United States.There are many scientific researchers in Xiangjiang, but they are far inferior to those in the United States.In addition, the experimental equipment in the United States is very advanced, so he can only put the laboratory in the United States.There.Chapter 770 Precursor of the collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate Okay, chairman.After Huo Zheng listened to the .

how to make homemade cbd gummies justcbd?

chairman s words, he nodded silently, his mind was full of plans and ideas for setting up a genetically modified laboratory, and he didn t care at all about letting himself rest for a few days that he mentioned.Li Guohao doesn t know how to read minds, so he couldn t tell that Huo Zhengzheng agreed, but he was actually thinking about returning to the United States as soon as possible, but continued to talk about the second task Well, the second task is to get the molecular food laboratory A branch will be relocated to the Xiangjiang side and merged with the experimental building.Once Guohao Group opens a bank, a lot of money will definitely be transferred from the capital operation department, and in contrast, the savings in the personal savings department will instantly decrease by 50,000 to 60,000 people.Hearing this, Shen Bi sighed and said, Let me ask Li Guohao first.He couldn t think of a solution for a while, and there was nothing he could think of, except that he could get a card from Guohao Group for transferring large sums of money.In addition, there is no way to get a card for savings.After all, those who save are working in the Guohao Group, and Li Guohao pays them wages. On the other side, No.49 Nathan Road, the meeting room of Chong Hing Bank Kowloon Mong Kok Branch.Li Guohao, Ni Xingqing, Fu Zhengguang and others are discussing with the chairman of Chong Hing Bank, Liao Liewen, about a wholly owned acquisition of the bank.However, more than ten years have passed, Chong Hing Bank has been declining, and both the number of depositors and the stored funds have been decreasing again and again, but Chong Hing Real Estate is developing vigorously.This big brother puts the business It s getting worse and worse, but the second child is doing business like a raging fire, and as expected, the relationship between joyce meyers cbd gummies the two must be very disharmonious.Fu Zhengguang said with a smile.Li Guohao listened to the words of the two, recalled the countermeasures he had made before, and couldn t help but lament that the struggle for power and profit among wealthy pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp brothers and sisters is inevitable.After thinking about it, I seem to be a wealthy family now, and it seems that I have to plan the children s property well in the future.In June, house prices in the central and western joyce meyers cbd gummies districts of Xiangjiang rose by 28 year on year.7.For houses with the same area, last year it was about 210 yuan per square foot, and this year it has risen to about kenal farms cbd gummies 270 yuan.In July, land prices in Hong Kong saw a large scale rise for the first time after the real estate collapse.The stocks of major real estate companies also rose a few points from stagnation for the first time.In August of the same year, during the gradual recovery of real estate, the Tengfei real estate company invested by Li Guohao, Zheng Daheng, Huo Daheng and others carried 5 billion in cash and made a heavy blow.After the first investment, it completely drove the Hong Kong stock market and property market to turn around.At the same pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies from hemp time, the second round of the 10 billion bailout plan was is just cbd gummies lab tested once again publicly mentioned by Li Guohao.A total of 24.5 billion Hong Kong dollars in cash was obtained Such a big move by Li Guohao was naturally discovered by some people, including Huo Daheng and other partners who worked closely with him.For these people, Li Guohao has not revealed for the time being that he wants to fry the yen, and they may not believe it at this time.After all, the United States and Japan are still discussing the Plaza Agreement at this time.No date has been set yet.Li Guohao didn t say why he raised so much cash.Daheng Huo and the others didn t want to ask too many questions.They just said that if they need anything, they can tell them.After all, in this bottom hunting plan, each of them can earn at least 5 times the money they invested.The above, how long will it take to earn five times, it is simply huge profits.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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