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Open your mouth.Because what should happen will will cbd gummies show up on a pee test just cbd gummies reviews happen sooner or later, and what should erupt will erupt sooner or later.Chapter 2 I don t want to fuck off Be honest, is there such a thing Han Chaoyang did not dare to lie, and said nervously, Yes.A civil servant, a state cadre, and a policeman actually did private work, even went to an entertainment place to play the piano for others, and played a phone call at get off work.You re just playing the piano after work It s a coffee shop and a western restaurant, not an entertainment venue.Han Chaoyang couldn t help but argue, his tone cautious.I said yes The director opened his eyes angrily, and the veins on his forehead swelled with a rough breath, and picked up a copy of Civil Servant Law and threw it in front of Han Chaoyang, Look, look Article 53 He would read it if he asked, and if he didn t, he might really do it.People need face, trees need bark.If you don HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews cbd gummy vs tincture t want to be treated like this, can you still flatter yourself A good start is half the battle, and a bad start is the beginning of tragedy.On the first day of reporting, Han Chaoyang was poured with cold water, and Han Chaoyang s enthusiasm was completely blown away.He thought to himself, isn t it just a job Why don t you still look down on you, do your job well, let you get caught, what can you do to me The matter was so simple, but unexpectedly, he was still caught.The words of just cbd gummies reviews the leader are orders, and if you understand it, you must implement it, and if you don t understand it, you must implement it.What s more, people said, this is a chance for you.Thinking that he was going to the Chaoyang Police Department, Han Chaoyang s scalp became numb After working in the office for nearly six months, the police were dispatched almost every day, sometimes several times a day, so I can say that I have a better understanding of the general situation in the jurisdiction.Because of the sanitation fee for foreigners and the stall fee for vendors from outside, there have been disputes more than once, and even violent fights several times.The patrolmen only patrol to Chaoyang Bridge, and don t care about it further east, so when encountering such a thing, the Huayuan Police Station should be sent to the police.The signboard of the Chaoyang Police Office is hung at the entrance of the Chaoyang Community Service Station.There is an office room with a blue and white police logo and a 110 light box.There is a lounge inside.But the Huayuan Police Station has only so many official police officers, and the area it is responsible for is so large that it is impossible to arrange for police officers to be stationed in the police station.A just cbd gummies reviews co op is stationed.The salary of the auxiliary police is so low, it is impossible to require people just cbd gummies reviews to be on duty 24 hours a day, so there is still no just cbd gummies reviews one in the police room at night.What made Han Chaoyang even more angry was how the director and the trainer knew about going to the Dian Shang Cafe in Guangming District to help his classmates save the scene last night.The Huayuan Police Station is more than ten kilometers away from there, and it belongs to two sub bureaus.Who will report to the leaders If you want to show off, you have the ability to solve a few major cases, arrest a few suspects, and make small reports The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more angry he became, and he couldn t help asking Master, is it Wu Wei s small report If you have a big problem, go to the leader, but there are many things that cannot be explained, so the conversation suddenly changed I will make a list for you later on.I have nothing to do at noon, so I will go to your classmate first.As the saying goes, a distant relative is not as good as a close neighbor.Since she knows she s wrong, give her a chance.I want to give it to you, Xiao Han.You haven t seen her like that, and you haven t listened to her tone.Why did she apologize to me, she just went to demonstrate, condescending, rich and amazing I heard from Director Chen of Building No.5 that she is not a good woman and has been divorced twice.Really Divorced once Where do you think her money comes from when she divides the family property Instead of picking up the electric car, Aunt Wang went to the small park, put the freshly bought vegetables on the flower bed, and chatted with a group of old men and women who were exercising in the morning.Say hello Director Wang, Sister Xu, Teacher Zhang, let me introduce you.This is Xiao Han, a police officer who just arrived in our community.However, nowadays people are busier than each other, how can they have cna cbd gummies be refrigerated the time to attend this kind of meetings, and how can they have time to listen to what you have to say.The community police in the office are even busier.They can t really go deep into 750mg cbd gummies review the community once a month, and they don t know a few people in the jurisdiction, let alone convene meetings with representatives of the masses to report the work in the office to representatives of the masses.As a result, nine out of ten of the materials reported to the superiors in this regard were false.Han Chaoyang hated cheating the most, and felt that this was an opportunity to talk about the division of labor at the Huayuan Street Police Station.Director Wang, all uncles and aunts, our Huayuan Street Police Station should be regarded as a large police station.After Han Chaoyang, a community policeman, officially took office, he naturally became the grid administrator of Chaoyang Community.It is very troublesome if the number of migrants is unclear and the situation is unknown.Even if there are no fugitives or criminal suspects among the migrants, points will be deducted if they are randomly checked by the superiors.Performance appraisal is no joke.Monthly exam rankings, quarterly preliminary evaluations, and year end general evaluations.Duty performance and work performance account for 60 points.A few points are deducted here, and a few points are deducted there.Based on the results of the annual performance appraisal, the superiors divide the police into four levels first, second, third, and fourth.A score of 90 or higher is required for the first grade 80 or higher is required for the second grade 60 or more is required for the third grade and the fourth grade is below 60 points.

Xu Hongliang suggested Why don t I stay here and watch, and you go to Dongming Community to find Manager Zhang to borrow someone Han Chaoyang ran back to the police office with the watermelon in his hand.Considering that wearing plain clothes and driving a police car would not be good, he handed the watermelon to Lao Xu, and rode on Lao Xu s electric car to rush to Dongming Community.There are many mosquitoes in summer, and Manager Zhang is busy instructing the cleaners to spray the flowers, plants and trees in the community.Hearing the security guard on duty at the door shouting on the intercom, he immediately takes off his mask and drives a four wheeled electric car back to the property office.Han Chaoyang is very envious of his car.It not only has two more wheels than his own police car , but also can seat four people in the front and back rows including the driver., the same blue and white painting, and even the prominent words Public Security Patrol.Manager Zhang, how far can your car go on a full charge I don t know how far you can go without going out of the community, but the manual says that it s no problem to run 80 kilometers on a full charge.Manager Zhang pulled out the key and jumped Get out of the car and point to the seat There are several sets of batteries below.We usually charge for a week or two.The community is so big, and there adverse effects of cbd gummies are only so many things in the community.My car can run for a week or two with a full charge.The more Han Zhaoyang looked at this car, the more he liked it.He climbed into the driver s seat, touched here and there, and said sourly Nowadays, electric cars are getting more and more advanced.The car chassis, independent suspension, and high strength tempered glass with a large view can also be compared with other vehicles.It was the first time to lead a team to carry out an arrest mission.Han Chaoyang was both nervous and excited.He checked the law enforcement recorder again, and immediately winked at Chen Jie who was standing by the door.Everything went according to plan, Chen Jie raised her arm and knocked on the door Is anyone at home Who is it I m Xiaoqian from the logistics department of Dongyang Company.You don t pay attention to turning off the faucet or something is going on.Your second floor used more than 70 tons of water last month.This is too exaggerated.Several companies share it., How will the water bill be calculated then How could it be possible to use so much Just as the female suspect finished speaking, the door creaked open.Waiting for this moment, Han Chaoyang pushed suddenly, only to hear a scream of Oops , the female suspect staggered and was hit by the door against a pile of cardboard boxes in the small living room.After standing at the entrance of the door and waiting for a while, Liu Suo did not go with them.Instead, he asked Guan Xiyuan, a senior from the community team, to set off with them, and immediately walked towards the door with the middle aged man.Hiding as much as he could, Han Chaoyang hurried upstairs and ran to the utility room on the second floor.The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the middle aged man said Old Liu, according to what you said, this should be a huge fake evidence case involving a large number of people and a clear division of labor.I see, it s not supposed to be, but definitely is It turned out to be the Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation of the sub bureau, Han Chaoyang was taken aback, fearing that the two leaders would find him sneaking here, he hurriedly leaned behind the door to hide himself.Anyway, if you don t arrange him to go, you have to arrange someone else to go, otherwise not only we can t do it.I can t explain to the sub bureau, but the sub bureau can t even explain to the district. I think so too, more people are will cbd gummies pass drug test better than few.The leader of the office was talking about Han Chaoyang upstairs, and Han Chaoyang ordered him to come just cbd gummies reviews to the office Sisters Jiang Xiaolan and Jiang Xiaofang, who were being dealt with, were walking out of an office on the east side of the first floor in disgrace.Unlucky as will cbd gummies show up on a pee test just cbd gummies reviews hell The house was taken over by that vixen Zhang Beibei.Not only did the police refuse to make the decision, but they fined each of them 500 yuan, compensated the vixen 300 yuan for medical expenses and lost wages, and even apologized to the vixen.If you don t pay the fine, don t give compensation, and don HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews t apologize to the vixen, you will be detained.The person who rents this room has a problem.Han Chaoyang pointed to the room with the door always closed, turned around and asked, Landlord, do you have a spare key Yes.Hurry up and get it.Noticing her condor cbd gummies legit house The anti theft door seemed to be open just now, and Han Chaoyang said again Changsheng, you and Xiaoqian go in and have a look.The landlady was not happy, and turned around and asked Officer Han, what is there to see in my house Please cooperate too Our job.Thinking of renting out the house to outsiders but not reporting it, and then possibly being fined, or even knowing how much the fine would be, the just cbd gummies reviews landlady didn t dare to say any more, and reluctantly went back to the house to get a spare key.Wang Bing saw it clearly, and the boy ran into the house.Gu Changsheng didn t care if the landlord and the landlord s family members were happy or just cbd gummies reviews keoni cbd gummies scam not, he pushed open the door one by one to check.

Thinking of Secretary Yang once said that the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community should be used as a pilot to strengthen community security, assist the street to maintain stability and deal with emergencies, and assist the street s comprehensive administrative law enforcement.The director felt that the robber should not be handed over to the police just like that.He looked at Su Xian who was coming towards him, and immediately said Director Su, Xiao Han, come here.Director Cai, what instructions do you have Director Cai, here we come.Xiao Han, ask the team members to escort the robber out of the car.Director Su, take a photo with your mobile phone.Take a photo All criminal suspects need to take pictures, provide clues to help the police capture a few suspects, destroy several gangs and ask the case handling unit to issue a certificate, so as to be convincing.And Han Chaoyang is just a grassroots policeman who has been admitted to work in the provincial capital from the countryside.He has neither a house nor a car.However, now that she doesn t care about that much, Su Xian smiled lightly You can always be friends if you can t talk to someone.No matter what those so called emotional experts say, anyway, I believe that there can be pure friendship between opposite shop cbd relax gummies sexes.Sister Su, How do you think of saying this The unlucky guy you mentioned has encountered another unlucky thing now, and there is such a big commotion on the street last night, it is impossible for you not to know.A murderer, but the murderer was directly sent to the sub bureau by Director Cai.You should be aware of the twists and turns of the Public Security Bureau and the police station.Xu Hongliang wanted to speak up several times, but was held back by Lao Xu several times.It wasn t until the instructor let Yang Tao, who followed closely behind, take over the police office, and Yang Tao who came in a hurry hurried back to the station to hand over the work, Xu Hongliang looked at Yang Tao s leaving back and asked, Old Xu, why do you always stop me Don t worry, let s talk about it after we figure out the situation.Retaliation, definitely retaliation I really misunderstood them.I respected them so much before, but I didn t expect them to be so small minded.Xu Hongliang became more and more depressed when he thought about it.The more I thought about it, the more irritable I became, and I couldn t help punching a tree on the side of the road.Old Xu also felt that this was retaliation, thinking that the police office is a collective, and the three of them are all prosperous and all hurt, so he turned around and said, What are you doing, we can only be anxious here.Let s go to Director Su together.Yes, it was all caused by them.She can t just sit by and watch, and the street leaders can t just sit idly by.Director Su was stunned when this happened when he first came to work, and he couldn t believe just cbd gummies reviews keoni cbd gummies scam his ears.Director Su, although we haven t been together for a long time, it s impossible for you not to know what kind of person Chaoyang is.He s just a small policeman who doesn t even have the qualifications to handle a case.Three months of training doesn t count, and he s fully paid for his real work.In less than four months, you said he could have any problems, and why cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews would the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector investigate him Hong Liang, don cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews t get excited.Su Xian didn t think that Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan would embarrass Han in this way Chaoyang put down the phone he had just picked up, and pondered Didn t you just say that the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the inspector are looking for him to understand the situation.Why over the wall There was a light inside, but 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients there was no response to the shouting, and there was no movement at all.I was worried that something would happen to the two of them, so I climbed over the wall and went in.Where did I find it There.Before Han Zhaoyang gave an order Xiaokang tacitly evacuated the villagers gathered at Qiao Shijie s over the wall location.Han Zhaoyang took out his police pass to cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews check the time, and asked, Who else went in besides you Danfeng and Lanzhu went in, and Changgui also went in to take a look.Who is Danfeng Me A woman in her thirties raised her hand.Where are Lanzhu and Changgui Here.I m here.Please stand over here, Qiao Shijie, think again, who else has gone in besides the four of you It seems to be just the four of us..At this time, there was a sharp and rapid sound of sirens in the distance.My girl s appetite has changed, so I like this type.Tang Xiaoxuan Can t help holding up the mobile phone, looking at the photos I just took secretly, said happily It doesn t matter if the salary is low, I don t need him to support, I can even support him.The most important thing is that he is handsome and has a sense of security.Unexpectedly, she also changed Became a nympho Huang Yingzheng didn t know what to say grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg about her, Xun Shihan actually looked at the photo of the most handsome policeman with her mobile phone in her hand, and said with a sly smile Xiaoxuan, for the sake of my girlfriends for so many years, I let you go first.If you can t handle it, I won t be polite to you.How is it possible, wait and see, at most half a month, I can make him utterly determined, like Yingying Go now.

Although I only took a few glances at noon, I could tell from those few glances that she was rich I don t know the brand of the clothes on, but they are very high end anyway.The mobile phone is the latest just cbd gummies reviews model, and the bag is from LV.A few of them ordered vegetarian dishes, but what they drank was a large glass of freshly squeezed juice that cost tens of dollars.Combined with the photos Huang Ying posted on Moments, it is almost certain that she is a fake Bai Fumei.Who doesn t like Bai Fumei, but you must also be eligible to enjoy this flying beauty.Han Chaoyang is not a stunned young man who has never been in a relationship.In fact, not only has he been in a relationship, but he is also in a relationship with a girlfriend with a relatively superior family background.You can t fall twice in the same place, and you can t get hurt again because of just cbd gummies reviews similar things.Thank you.On a hot day, no one came to the sauna.The locker room was empty, just cbd gummies reviews only a young man in his twenties was sitting in the corner playing with his mobile phone.Before Liang Dongsheng could speak, Wu Wei walked up to him and said sharply, Ren Haixiang Ah The young man was taken aback, He looked up and stared at the two policemen who broke in, with a dazed look on his face.You are Ren Haixiang Yes, I have a residence permit.Why are you looking for me Look clearly, this is my certificate.It s not to check whether you have a residence permit, but to ask you for some information.This is not a place to talk.Talk to me.Let s go out and talk.Ren Haixiang was confused, and asked with a bitter face I m just a part time worker, I stay in the locker room every day, and I don t know anything.Go, go out and find out.After hearing what you said, I think Zhang Qiuyan must know something.No matter what happened to Qiao Xianhong or what he did, it is impossible will cbd gummies show up on a pee test just cbd gummies reviews to hide it from her., Even if you want to hide it, you can t hide it And just cbd gummies reviews a normal woman can t be as calm as her when encountering this kind of thing, Director Lin also joined in, analyzing seriously and professionally If my husband ran away, a I don t call home, I don t know where he is, I don t even know if he will come back, I must plan for myself, otherwise how will I live alone, how will I raise the child Director Lin, if it were you,what will you do Look first, if you can t find it, call the police.I don t know what the law stipulates.Anyway, if you don t come back after a long time, you will be counted as missing.Then you can remarry and start over.Yes That s it, report in time if there is any situation.Liu So, the clues reported by Han Chaoyang last night are valuable Guan Yuanyuan asked curiously as soon as Liu Jianye hung up the phone.I don t know, but it should be valuable from He Yichang s reaction.Didn t you ask Lao Liang Ask, to save him trouble.Now it s much better than before, if it were five years ago, the location of the task force s handling of the case would be kept secret, and the policemen who were transferred to the task force even had to change their mobile phone numbers, and they couldn t talk to their families once they were involved in the case.connect.Thinking of this, Guan Yuanyuan nodded and said nothing.Liu Jianye pondered HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews for a moment, put down his phone and said, Old Guan, call Han Chaoyang later and ask him how the house looks.In the morning, the patrol team members who were patrolling the village helped to post it.Just now, I wondered if anyone would read it, but I didn t expect that someone would actually see it, and someone would sign up.Han Chaoyang was delighted Miss Zhang, have you read the detailed rules Compulsory, no salary, no subsidy, even food.I know, is it equivalent to a volunteer I was a volunteer when I was in college, and I wanted to go to the west to teach, but I couldn t because my uncle passed away.It is a good thing to be enthusiastic about public welfare.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang reminded Miss grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg Zhang, the voluntary patrol members we recruited this time not only have no salary or subsidy, but also have to participate in patrols at least once a week.No problem.Have you made up your mind Think Well, isn t it just walking around the village with the patrol team, just taking a walk and exercising, really no problem.Not only do I like you, but even my mother likes you.I know I m not good enough.This is a toad who wants to eat swan meat, but doesn t say I feel uncomfortable coming out.He really liked himself, he wasn t kidding this afternoon It feels so good to be liked by others, Huang Ying was so happy in her heart, she couldn t help laughing and cursing You also know that you are will cbd gummies show up on a pee test just cbd gummies reviews not worthy, and you also know that you are a toad who wants to eat swan meat You can t even look down on me, but I, Han Chaoyang, aren t that ugly.Take cbd gummies in pennsylvania a look, look carefully, at least it s not ugly, and it s not shameful to take it out.Why is it not embarrassing to take it out Not pets.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing, looked at him with a smile and said, Okay, I ll give you a chance.Whether you can make this girl like you or not depends on your future performance.

That s about the same.But I can t save the money.I ll see if I can take half a day off on Saturday.Let s go out to eat, go shopping, and watch movies.If you want, if you have time, you can also go to the west of the city to meet Brother Wei and Lingling , One is my senior brother and the other is my junior sister.They have a very good relationship, almost like brothers and sisters.You still have a junior sister in Yanyang Don t get me wrong, he has a boyfriend, a graduate student at Normal University, and he went abroad for an exchange some time ago.Brother Wei is a very nice person.He opened a piano shop in the west of the city.When Lingling and I first arrived in Yanyang, we were unaccompanied and unfamiliar with the place, so it was Brother Wei who took us in.Sister Su said about this.The office had amazon cbd gummies for arthritis been living in a piano store in the west sunmed cbd gummies for sleep reviews of the city before.Leukemia cost a lot of money.His family couldn t get it out, so he asked the media for help.So many people pay attention, everyone sympathizes, they are all donating money, your hospital can t say no, we also want to donate.This is showing love.How many times do you donate a year Han Chaoyang thought for a while, then whispered Said The unit organization donated twice.If people forwarded it on WeChat, counting a dozen or twenty donations at a time, it would be about six or seven times., muttered We work in the hospital every day, and we can encounter such things almost every month, sometimes several times a month, sometimes the department organizes donations, sometimes the hospital organizes donations, at least fifty at a time, Ten or twenty times HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews a year, how much money do I get a month It is not easy to do any line of work, Han Chaoyang nodded slightly.Liu Gong reacted suddenly and couldn t help asking Officer Han, what did you contact just now is Captain Tang of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade Do you know him Yes, Captain Tang just came to check a few days ago.The Miao family doesn t know anyone else, come here, smoke a cigarette first. Thank you, I m quitting, I won t smoke. Officer Han, it s too hot outside, the office has air conditioning, let s go to the office and tell. Not going in, Our people and people from the comprehensive street law enforcement team will be here soon, and I will wait for them here.Officer Han, I know you are anxious, but this really has nothing to do with our construction unit, and I really don t know where Xia Yunkui is going.Now, aren t you embarrassing us Embarrassment, what is embarrassment Han Chaoyang stared into just cbd gummies reviews his eyes and asked sharply, Gong Liu, if Luo Chunjun fell on the construction site, then it s none of your business If I didn t just cbd gummies reviews remember Wrong, the labor department has clear regulations on employment.Evening.A car crash Well, Secretary Zhou called first.I didn t know that the branch office would also participate.I didn t know that Director Wen would let me rehearse.He was the only music student in the branch office, but he wanted to find a professional.It s not difficult.For example, if you go out to hire a music teacher, the key is to ask outsiders to trouble you.Feng Haijun didn t want to go to the leader again because of such a trivial matter, so he pondered Where are the people on the street going to rehearse Three choruses from the street The group, two in the Chaoyang community, must be in the neighborhood committee.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said It should be in the community, in the backyard of our police grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg station.That s easy.When the time comes, I will organize the comrades who participated in the chorus to rehearse and sing with the comrades in the street.If you have these, you can take them out and talk to businesses and companies, so that you can promote them.This is performance, and you can talk to the boss.Even if the boss knows what they used to do, they won t feel so unlucky.You want to catch the show , he wants to crack the event , and want to achieve transformation and promote new ideas through the official activities.business purpose.No matter what the purpose is, he is the people in the jurisdiction after all.Han Chaoyang felt that he should help, and pondered Businessmen and enterprises are afraid of bad luck, and leaders leaders will feel uncomfortable if they know it.Otherwise, let s integrate resources, reorganize personnel, and build a civil society The band and a brass band will start rehearsing tomorrow night, practice a few pieces well, and then invite the will cbd gummies show up on a pee test just cbd gummies reviews leader to listen to it, and if the just cbd gummies reviews leader agrees, we will go.It doesn t matter if you can t sing well.Type.Secretary Yang, Xiao Huang is modest, and she actually sings very well.Really, then I have to sing more, walk around, come here.Just as he was speaking, Director Wen of the Political Department of the sub bureau arrived.First ran down to Area C to say hello to Secretary Yang and Director Gu, and then returned to Area A to whisper a few words to Officer Feng.The police officers at the sub bureau did not dare to whisper or whisper any more, and stood up at the same time.Officer Feng held the roster and began to roll the rolls.After confirming that everyone was present, he climbed up to the stands and stood in the queue.Xiao Han, you are an expert, the command will be handed over to you, let s start now.Director Wen didn t want to mobilize in front of Secretary Yang, member of the Standing Committee 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients of the District Committee and Secretary of the Huayuan Street Working Committee.

Qian Dui, the situation is basically clear.Although there is no surveillance at the scene, there are many witnesses.The onlookers even took a few small videos.The five who did not escape all work at Dongsheng Machinery Company, and the one lying in the hospital is the sales department.The manager, one is the manager of the logistics department.Among the three people who were not injured, two are salesmen, and the other will cbd gummies show up on a pee test just cbd gummies reviews is an accountant in the financial department.The two salesmen have done a big business, and they came back from other places at 9 o clock in the evening.The manager of the business department Invite them out to have a barbecue, celebrate their success, and call the manager of the logistics department and the accountant who is waiting to get the acceptance.How many escaped The identity of the escaped is unknown, three men and one woman, around 20 years old , speaking with a local accent, either a nearby resident or an employee of a nearby company.It is almost certain that they do not know that the person who was beaten is dead.Not being able to capture them before dawn is too important to the Bureau.Find the clues before the brother county bureau reported it, and launched a roundup in time.If he can be successfully captured, then his face will be exposed.It s really meaningful.Liu Jianye can understand Zhou Ju s urgent mood, and he is also in a good mood at the moment, so he can t help laughing Old Guan, Han Chaoyang is a policeman from our Huayuan Street Police Station, cbd gummies urine test and Lao Gu is the same, even Chaoyang Community voluntary security patrol The team was established under our guidance, and thinking about it, it has little to do with the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Guan Yuanyuan was taken aback for a moment, nodded and smiled and said, It has little to do with them. Dining, watching movies, singing, eating supper, this is not an escort, this is a complete set, Han Chaoyang, are you happy Already How is it possible, am I that kind of person Han Chaoyang straightened his face, and said very seriously This incident reminded me, in order to avoid similar troubles again, I must report to The whole society publicizes our relationship.Tell them that I, Han Chaoyang, has a master, was born as Huang Ying s man, and died as Huang Ying s ghost.If you lose fans, you will lose fans.I am not a star in the entertainment circle, and I don t care about them Like it or not, let them die to take advantage of me.What kind of name grass has an just cbd gummies reviews owner, what is born is Huang Ying s person, and death is Huang Ying s ghost Huang Ying chuckled, took his arm, giggled and said, That s pretty much it, you re a little bit just cbd gummies reviews enlightened.The higher authorities attach so much importance to the construction of railways, especially high speed railway stations, it can be seen that the news of the establishment of the police station in front of the station is not groundless.One more police station in the sub bureau is equivalent to two more officers at the department level and three or four more officers at the sub section level.Definitely a priority.But only they can think about it.Grandpa Gu will thc cbd gummies recipe retire soon, and it has nothing to do with him to set up ten more police stations.Han Chaoyang, Guan Xiyuan, and Wu Weiquan are newcomers.Even if the superiors insist on the principle of younger cadres in the selection and appointment of department level cadres, they will not consider these newcomers.Just when everyone was thinking about it, Director Du changed the subject Second thing, our branch is a pairing unit with the Longdao County Public Security Bureau in Gannan Province.Renting it to others is their home.You can t go there usually, and you don t know what kind of house they have made.Short term renting is different.As long as you can rent it out how many cbd gummies to take for ten days a month, you can get three to four thousand rent.Every day I have to clean it, I can go to see it every day, I need to pay just cbd gummies reviews keoni cbd gummies scam a just cbd gummies reviews keoni cbd gummies scam deposit when I check in, if something is broken, we can find him.Huang s mother was determined to be the second landlord , and said happily In this way, the initiative is in our hands.For example, if some relatives come from our hometown, we will not rent out.Put on clean sheets and quilt covers, clean Keep it clean, your relatives can see that your house is comfortable and you can even save on expenses.Otherwise, you have to arrange for someone to live in a hotel, how much does it cost to stay in a hotel for one night Chapter 220 Poaching As night fell, Grandpa Gu patrolled the snack street outside the west gate of PolyU with his apprentice Yu Zhenchuan who had just arrived at the police station as usual.Du Ju not only felt that the leaders of PolyU were powerful , but also felt that the immediate boss in front of him was also not a fuel efficient lamp.He suppressed a smile and asked Zhou Ju, since we are losing money no matter what, can we agree to their conditions Dealing with them, we can count on taking advantage of them Zhou Ju knocked on the ashes and said with emotion For us, there are several such large units in the jurisdiction, which is a headache for us, but some jobs are also relatively difficult.Don t worry.They have all the functional departments that they should have, at least it is not so troublesome in population management.The key is how to deal with such units.I think this is an opportunity to let Han Chaoyang be a policeman on campus and let him play his best.The role of HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews a bridge.

Not only did they not regard you do cbd gummies make you feel different as an ordinary policeman who could cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews do their jobs, but they didn t even want you to stay in the station.Not to mention the leaders of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, it is estimated that other policemen in the station did not welcome you as a gilded official.Han Chaoyang didn t want to point it out, so he looked at her with a smile and teased, Sister Miao, for a department official like you, it shouldn t be a problem for you to be appointed as the deputy director.Our police platform temple is too small and has no leadership position.How can you hang up when you come here This time is different from the previous ones.Instead of the previous practice of police officers with positions above the chief of the department going to the grassroots to serve as leaders, all personnel participating in the training are required to work as ordinary police officers at the police station, regardless of their rank, and accept the leadership and management of the police station.Video is available at night, and there s internet and wireless in the office Just finished talking here, Jiang Li, a household registration policeman who went out to do errands, came back, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly greeted him.Go up and say hello.Welcome, welcome, sorry to keep you waiting.It should be me who said sorry After all, you are from a big city, so you are being polite.Xiao Han, don t be shy, come in, and today I invite you to try our Longdao County s special dishes.Thank you He Suo, instructor, Chief Chang, please.It s not so much a restaurant as it is a food stall.There are three large round tables in the hall , with no chairs and no tablecloths.Not only are the tables very greasy, but even the plastic stools are dirty.The menu is hung on the same dirty wall.pasta.He Suo and the trainer didn t look at the menu, they directly opened the curtain and went to the kitchen to find the proprietress.Rather than saying that this is a protection station of Donggu Forest Farm, it is better to say that it is the home of the forest rangers.The male host is in his forties, with dark skin and wrinkled face.The hostess was also in fab cbd gummies reviews her forties.When everyone came in, she was watering the small vegetable garden outside the yard with the dirty water from washing clothes.Compared with Lao Chang, Jiang Li and other policemen who stick to the Xinying police station, it is even more difficult for them living in the deep mountains.There is nothing around them, and there is no one to talk just cbd gummies reviews keoni cbd gummies scam just cbd gummies reviews to.They are really isolated from the world.The leader of the county bureau greeted the male host and requisitioned his living room as the headquarters.The criminal police and anti narcotics police who came in the same car opened their bags one after another, took out their bulletproof vests and put them on, and seized the time to check the guns and ammunition.Not cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews light.The more you are at this time, the more calm you are Han Chaoyang held his breath while holding the wooden stick tightly, still not daring to act rashly.That bastard seemed to have fired seven shots just now, and he doesn t know how many bullets can be loaded in the magazine of the May 4th pistol, let alone whether he has reloaded the magazine.What is certain now is that he does not know that there is anyone on the wild boar s side, and he dare not stay here for long.Six or seven HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews shots were fired in a row, and the sound of the gunshots could be heard far away in the uninhabited barren mountains.His approximate location has been exposed.The police and armed police officers and soldiers involved in the roundup, including Jiang Li and Lu Banchang, must be coming from all directions at this moment.There must be physical evidence in this pile of yellow sand How do you know if there is no sifting Okay, now it s my just cbd gummies reviews turn, you go wash and rest quickly.Watching the workaholic go, Han Chaoyang returned I went to the work area to find a pair of gloves and put them on, and immediately picked up the shovel.I could only help shovel the sieved sand onto the conveyor belt like a workaholic.Officer Han, you can tell right away that you haven t boston cbd gummies done this job.What do you mean by just one look, Master Liu, don t look at me as a policeman now, in fact I was born and raised in the countryside, and I used to work at home.Master Liu couldn t help laughing and said, Your posture is wrong.Even if you grew up in the countryside, you probably haven t done heavy work.Officer Wu is a good hand at work.If you do it like you for a while, your hands will blister.But depression belongs to depression, business has to be done.After calling Deputy Chief Luo, he immediately called two police officers from the headquarters, and rushed to the gravel field less than three kilometers away from the headquarters.When the police car drove into the yard, they were still calling the technical squadron and ordered the technical police Bring on site survey equipment and hurry over.Seeing him pushing open the car door and striding this way, Han Chaoyang rushed to meet him and stood at attention to salute.The report is big, the suspect is being held in the office, and the two confessed to the crime of moving the corpse.The corpse is so simple, I didn t rush in to interrogate the suspect, stopped and asked with a sullen face The motive for moving the corpse , and even went to arrest them on their own initiative.

The grievances between them can be traced back to twenty years ago.At the beginning, they were both in the sand and gravel business.They grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg all invest in mixing stations.In order to steal the other party s business, you have reported me and I have reported you just cbd gummies reviews all these years.The subordinates are also in dire straits.The two suspects who had just been arrested just wanted to impress Boss Hou.After discovering the corpse by accident, they had an idea.The No.2 bridge brought the body over, and quietly carried it into the gravel factory while the gatekeeper was not paying attention, and then buried it in the sand.What date did it come Around two o clock in the morning on the 15th.If two If the confession of the two suspects is true, then they found the body shortly after the victim s death and brought it over to plant and frame it.If their leader hadn t called and asked them to go back quickly, we really planned to discuss the case with them. They might I thought the superior also assigned us the task of visiting and inquiring.Wu Wei raised his head and smiled.As long as the other party doesn t say anything.Han Chaoyang didn t want to throw stones at his feet, so he breathed a sigh of relief and asked with a smile, What should we do next Will we investigate Wu Wei wanted to solve the case, but Wu cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews Wei was not stupid.Looking back on the past three days With a helpless face, he sighed helplessly If you don t check, it s useless to check again, at least this line can t be checked.How did you visit and ask How can you ask, isn t it just to ask if there is I have seen suspicious looking effects of 1000mg cbd gummies people, especially those who drive commercial vehicles.Almost every household has a car, and some even have a few cars.Wu Wei hurriedly asked Meng Wenjun to play it back, asked Meng Wenjun to pause continuously, and took out a pen and paper to quickly record the license plates and models that could be seen clearly.Before HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews I knew it, more than an hour passed, and I continued to play back the driving video after leaving the village.The more you walk towards the urban area, the more cars are on the road.When you approach the first traffic light leading to the Beitaihe Bridge, a car flashing by in the video made Han Chaoyang ecstatic.Sister in law, please replay it again.What, did you find something I didn t see it clearly just now, so you replay it first.Okay.Meng Wenjun moved the bar showing the playback progress a little backward, and passed a After many hours of watching, Han Chaoyang also learned the basic operation, reaching out his hand and ready to pause at any time.The nature of opening a casino is different.If you are involved in a criminal offense, you should be sentenced to a fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance, and 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients a fine Teng Jiming came to his senses and asked eagerly Luo Zhi, so they have been opening underground casinos in our city The bureau was a gambling nest that was chased to the city to take it away.At that time, just cbd gummies reviews more than two million yuan in gambling funds were confiscated on the spot.You said that such a habitual criminal can do nothing but return to his cannaleafz cbd gummies near me old business, but I didn t expect him to follow him 800 mg cbd gummies Yang Jiandong got one.Chapter 340 Voluntary Invitation Teng University reported a new situation and assigned a new task.The new information reported was about the identity of the third suspect who surfaced in the afternoon, which made Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei a little excited, because they thought that Yang Jiandong s gang was running an underground casino.Our informant only knows that the boss s surname is Tian, and that he is in his forties, short and fat, with a slicked back hair, and his accent should be a local.I don t know the full name, and I just cbd gummies reviews don t know what it is.What kind of business.And I have learned that 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients the surveillance video of the bathing place can only be saved for a week, and there is no traffic monitoring outside the just cbd gummies reviews bathing place, so I don t know its license plate number.Boss, have you been to the blue sea and blue sky in the past week Han Chaoyang asked.No, at least our informants haven t seen him for the past week.The development zone is so big and there are so many large and small factories, most of which have been registered with the industrial and commercial taxation department, but there are also many small workshops, renting a workshop or even half a workshop in other people s factory areas to do some business such as machining.The leaders of Linshan Town Junior High School made a compromise, making up classes on Saturdays and resting on Sundays.And it is stated that participation is entirely voluntary, but in fact, there are no students in the graduating class who do not come.Just because there is no need to make up lessons on Sunday, Teacher Ma can finally rest and walk around with his daughter in law to be.Han Chaoyang rushed to the police station early, and drove to Baoyi County Public Security Bureau together with Xiaoqian, the policeman handling the case.Facts have proved that Bureau Li has an unusual relationship with Qi.He not only received him warmly, but even introduced Han Chaoyang to a deputy director who was on duty on Sunday.The police fully assisted.After thanking Director Li, he rushed to Suyun Town without stopping.

Han Chaoyang sighed lightly, and simply changed the subject, and took care of their borrowing of the seized monitoring equipment ahead of time.Case 18, the gambling case seized by the branch bureau, and the car that the bureau leader planned to allocate to the police office.Grandpa Gu was stunned, and couldn t help but asked with a smile Chaoyang, I will retire after one and a half months of work.Haizhu is a grassroots worker who needs to go back to the provincial department sooner or later.Old Tang can t drive.The bureau will provide a car for the police department.Who is driving the car for Police cars are not worthless batons, and now the management of public buses is so strict that even the auxiliary policemen are not allowed to drive casually, let alone patrol members.Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and subconsciously asked Master, you mean that the bureau will arrange police officers for our police office in the future The East Long distance Bus Station, Bus Station, Subway Station and Zhanqian Street project started at the same time, coupled with the relocation project of Chaoyang Village and the commercial area project of Zhanqian Street, our jurisdiction will soon become a large construction site, large and small.Let Xiao It is obviously not suitable for Han to be the person in charge, and it would be best to grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg arrange a deputy director to take charge.Chapter 376 Can t hold back, Director Du said it lightly, Liu Suo was stunned and expressed his resolute obedience to the instructions of his superiors, Han Chaoyang But there was a huge wave in my heart.Although he didn t go to the office very often, Han Chaoyang knew very well that Kang s unit was in an embarrassing situation.Lao Hu, Lao Ding and other old policemen did not accept him very much, and even Chen Xiujuan, Guan Xiyuan and other young policemen had a subtle attitude towards him.It is obviously not a bad thing for the Kang Institute that the bureau leaders let the Kang Institute be responsible for the construction of key projects.At least he can use his fists and kicks, make some achievements, and truly establish his prestige.He didn t know how to deal with the little apprentice when the phone rang suddenly.He took it out to check the caller ID.It was actually Wu Wei calling of.Xiao Wu, Chaoyang and I are on our way back.What s the matter Officer Gu, I just received a call from the police station saying that the case handling team is too busy and asked me to go back quickly.I want to arrange for Lao Ding to come and replace me.I ll call you now.Hello, please tell Chaoyang for me.The young man just arrived at noon, and he was let back before his butt was hot, which is too much fun Grandpa Gu realized that this was Liu Jianye s arrangement, said yes, hung up the phone and shook his head I was still worried that Kang Haigen was too impatient.I didn t expect Liu Jianye to suffer so much and still not have a long memory.What he really wants to ask is the second sentence Does Kang know Facts have proved that the young man has not forgotten that he is still a policeman at the Huayuan Street Police Station, otherwise he would not have made this call in front of Kang Haigen.Liu Jianye felt a little more comfortable, and said calmly Your Zhongshan Road integrated police platform is under the leadership of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, the Branch Command Center, and our Huayuan Street Police Station at the same time.When the command center gives orders, you must resolutely obey them.Yes. When the leader mentioned command power, there was something in his words, Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked at Kang Suo, wondering if he heard what Liu Suo said on the phone.How would you feel if you heard it.Just as he was thinking wildly, the police alarm rang again, and Deputy Director Xing of the sub bureau command center called again.Broadcasting dens, we need to dig deeper and investigate carefully, and try to make this case a solid case.During the special operation of public security before the blueberry cbd gummies festival, all the sub bureaus in the city are holding back their energy to solve the case, chasing each other, just like the previous Hundred Days Battle and Contest to Solve Cases are similar.If you just destroy one black broadcasting den, not only will you not be able to get it on the table, it will even be a problem for the sub bureau whether it can be regarded as a case, but it will be interesting to destroy five black broadcasting dens in succession.In the future, the city bureau will evaluate Sometimes it can at least reflect the difference with the brother branch.Have you ever solved such cases We have not only solved but also solved a series of cases.Zhang Beibei put down her phone and said in a deep voice, I took a look this morning.It s such a big place, and it s located in such a potential location.The starting price is estimated to be four dollars.Fifty million.Forty to fifty million Yeah.I ll wash up and sleep too, I have four or five thousand, and I can get out forty to 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients fifty thousand by borrowing money, and I ll go to the grave for forty to fifty million We ve seen each other before.Seeing that the two of them turned around and were about to leave, Zhang Beibei hurriedly said, Don t, don t do this, I m not joking with you, there is no way we can find a way. What can we do, go to the bank for a loan Huang Ying drank Taking a sip of Coca Cola, she wiped the corner just cbd gummies reviews of her mouth and said with a smile, Don just cbd gummies reviews t say the bank won t lend, even if the bank is willing to lend, I, Huang Ying, don t have the guts to borrow.

Listen to me, come out The key Miao Haizhu was so depressed that she didn t take her to play at all times.After thinking about it, she asked, Since they all showed up, why didn t you catch them What are you waiting for She explained calmly Wan Xiaoxia is on the roof, more than 20 floors high, she committed a capital crime, if just cbd gummies reviews we rush up to the roof like this, she will probably jump off the building, who might want to pull a backrest, how do you want me to do it , if she jumps down and turns into an unrecognizable corpse, how do you want me to explain to Wang Dui and the others On the roof, why didn t you tell me earlier, I understand, I ll go out immediately.Everything must be the overall situation, Miao Not daring to delay the big event, Haizhu walked to the front row of the small stage and whispered a few words to Xie Lingling, who directed will cbd gummies show up on a pee test just cbd gummies reviews the rehearsal, and then went to the duty room and knocked on the door.How could Han Chaoyang make this call Xu cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews Hongliang also found various excuses not to call.In order to express his gratitude, Wang Jianping actually ran to the opposite side to invite him.Although Huang Ying and Xie Lingling had already eaten, they didn t come over.He, the master , stood in the hotel lobby and could only follow with a wry smile.There are two large tables in one, and it happens to be in a large box with the screen removed.Without outsiders, the big guys naturally talked about Wan Xiaoxia and Ling Bin.Yingying, Ling Bin and the child do deserve sympathy, but you can t blindly sympathize with Wan Xiaoxia just because of this.Grandpa Gu knew that it was difficult for just cbd gummies reviews the two of them to accept all this, so he took a sip of wine and said persuasively, You haven t seen it before.Drug addicts, I have seen them, drugs are too harmful There is an addict in the jurisdiction of Changfeng Street, who suffered from several diseases due to drug use, and finally bought adulterated powder from somewhere and sucked it to death.Let the school leaders think that she is still very capable as a music teacher, and that the band needs to exist.Nonsense, I know that too, the problem is that HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews your band won t be successful in two or three years.If it can t be successful, we will make some noise.Why do the school leaders form a band Popularity, if we can make some noise and raise the school s popularity, the school leaders will definitely be happy, and they won t let Lingling leave.Then do it, and if you need my help, just ask.You are tone deaf, you You don t have any music skills at all, what can you do for me Han Chaoyang gave Miao Haizhu a look, then picked up his cell phone and dialed Xie Lingling.Of course, Han Chaoyang would not say that Xie Lingling might be involved , and talked about the orchestra in a serious manner.The lack of grades for a long time disappointed the school leaders, Xie Lingling was also very anxious, and sighed on the other end of the phone, Han Chaoyang changed the subject Lingling, this grade is multi faceted, not just whether you can improve the performance of the band in a short period of time.Level.As long as the band can let more people know about PolyU and increase PolyU s popularity through performances, then this is an achievement. Chaoyang, I also know this, the key is how to increase the school s popularity.Even I can become the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.It shouldn t be difficult for the band to become an Internet celebrity, and we have our own advantages.The official Weibo and WeChat public accounts of our patrol team have more than 100,000 followers, plus Those friendly microblogs and official accounts should be hyped up if they are properly hyped.Move the intranet there.Why didn t you say it earlier, good brothers, you are so loyal, and when you move to the opposite side, I will invite Director Wang and the others to beat gongs and drums to celebrate your relocation and reopening Four hundred and seventy ninth Zhang has no experience.Work is just a part of life.Han Chaoyang got off work on time, changed into casual clothes and went to the South Gate of Polytechnic University to wait for a while, then rode an electric car with Huang Ying, who also just got off work, to the old man s house for dinner.After Xu Hongliang became a community cadre, he was busier than Han Chaoyang.After finishing the meal delivered by Aunt Tan at the just cbd gummies reviews keoni cbd gummies scam neighborhood committee, he drove to the security company s duty stations to inspect.Now the construction site is becoming more and more tall and upscale.Let 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients another pickpocket commit the crime.It s that simple Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.It s as simple as that.Many people think that pickpockets can only succeed because of their quick hands.In fact, they are not.They often take advantage of people s lack of attention.That is, a person can only think about one thing at a time, and his attention can only be concentrated on this one thing.Things.When you focus on one thing, you can t notice the things next to it.Pickpockets use the blind spot of people s attention to steal, and they don t move so fast.As he was speaking, a An electric car drove by.Han Chaoyang was worried that his old man would be hit, so he quickly pulled him aside.As a result, just as he let go, the old man ran after him and grabbed the steel pipe on the back seat of the electric car.

Immediately afterwards, Xu Hongliang led the second batch of reinforcements from Chaoyang Community Security Company to arrive.Some took patrol cars, and some took law enforcement cars from the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade.As soon as the cars stopped, the boys jumped out of the cars and lined up.Compared with the security guards of PolyU and the Sixth Hospital, the security guards of Chaoyang Community are more professional.The equipment is the same as that of the special service of the special patrol brigade, and even has shields, throwing sticks and invincible dung forks that the special service does not have.Including the special patrol, there are already more than 50 people at the scene Han Chaoyang finally heaved a sigh of relief, looked around at the crowd and ordered We will divide the work, Sergeant Ding and Hong Liang, and you organize forty team members to just cbd gummies reviews help the road team block the main entrance and control the hall Xiaobin, you take five Personally assist Officer Guan to block the fire escape Xiao Liu, you and Lao Pang take the rest of the people to assist Officer Pei to block the door from the kitchen to the hall Chapter 512 Big Inquiry 2 The scale of Taifu Hotel is larger than that of Boss Deng The restaurant is bigger, with six or seven more private rooms, but the decoration is similar to Boss Deng s restaurant, and bio lyfe cbd gummies for sex it looks a little outdated, a bit out of date.When Gu Tongjun encounters something, he calls them, asks them to come over to do something , and sends them away with some money after finishing the task.The money is not enough.A lot, like two or three hundred a day. There s more. The fat man sitting across from me seems to specialize in debt collection.I forgot his last name, but he only knows that he s called Brother Yun .He said he s busy at the end of the year.If you are going to die, you still ask me if I have time, and if I would like to help for a few days.I knew that all of these guys had problems, but there was no evidence, and it was just that they couldn t break through for a while.Han Chaoyang took out a small notebook to record, raised his head and said, Think again, what else did they say To take a bath, I added my WeChat, said that I wanted to sing and take a bath, and said that I wanted to find a lady to contact him directly, and he helped arrange it.In the future, we can set up a bookcase, buy some books, order newspapers and magazines, and at the same time, it can be used as a company But we can t do the fine work of decorating, so we ll clean it up first, and then ask Boss Wu, who helped decorate the youth can you travel with cbd gummies to europe hostel, to help can cbd gummies help with alcohol cravings us decorate. There s a cafeteria, we can t live without a cafeteria The cafeteria is over there.Li Xiaobin turned around and pointed to the place where a truckload of yellow sand had just been unloaded, and introduced happily This is a .

what does koi cbd gummies do?

place on the street, and it will be demolished sooner or later.There is no illegal construction.We plan to build a row of steel structure houses along the west wall.After the completion, there will be a kitchen, a large dining room, a bathroom and a storage room.The toilet on the east side will also be rebuilt.Well, it has been inspected, and it will be announced soon.Liu Jianpeng was very surprised, and couldn t help asking Chaoyang, didn t you enter the Public Security Bureau last year Yes, you invited us to barbecue before the exam.You are promoted like a rocket Liu Jianpeng looked back at the crowd, laughed and said, Boys, Chaoyang always does things that we never thought possible, and we also earn a lot of money by running training courses with Kang Wei.He went to take the civil servant test, and he also took the police civil service test How difficult it is for the public security to get promoted.My neighbor is a policeman.He is about to retire and still works in the police station.Deputy department The Wang Xun who had dinner with me last time, that buddy from the Cultural Bureau, seems to be a deputy department.Han Chaoyang said with a smile, This is your business too.I m sorry, let s answer the phone first.After we talked about one thing and didn t finish talking, just cbd gummies reviews keoni cbd gummies scam there were phone calls one after another., It s different when you become a leader, and you have more phone calls than before Han Chaoyang made a proud face, then raised his mobile phone and said, Hi Secretary Yang, Secretary Yang, why don t you call me yourself when you have time What instructions do you have I said Xiao Han, do you really not know or are you pretending not to know Street Secretary Yang walked into the office, walked into the office and smiled, Young people should be humble, but excessive modesty is pride.The list of cadres to be promoted and appointed has been announced, and I would like just cbd gummies reviews to congratulate you.Thank you, Secretary Yang, for your support.Blast shields and batons must be brought.Those who can join the anti pickup team are all politically reliable and military strength backbones, and anti pickup teams are as dangerous as taking to the streets.Although Liu Chengquan and Xiao Xiang thought it was a bit of a fuss, they still carried out the order to the letter.At 8 48, Jiang Xiaoquan and Mei Tiejun, who came back last, had put on their uniforms and assembled at the gate of the police station in full armor.Han Chaoyang pointed to the two 110 police cars and three electric patrol cars parked behind them, and ordered I have sent the photos of the suspects to the work group.Everyone should grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg have seen them on the way back.Our task is to visit and inquire., find grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg out whether the suspect is hiding in our jurisdiction under his name, and if will cbd gummies show up in drug test he is indeed hiding in our jurisdiction and did not run away, we must resolutely and decisively control him after we find out just cbd gummies reviews The opportunity to catch a murderer is not a rare one or two.

Yu Zhenchuan looked down at the law enforcement recorder, and said sharply What do you want to do Do you want to rob people The police are performing official duties, and they all get summer valley cbd gummies review out of the way.If anyone obstructs law enforcement, I will arrest them according to law There were dozens of handymen, Wu Wei realized the seriousness of the problem, pulled out the walkie talkie from Jiang Xiaoquan s waist, raised his mouth and shouted Chaoyang Chaoyang, I Wu Wei, the suspect has been arrested and stopped by the hotel chef Can t get out, hurry up and bring someone up, we re in the kitchen on the second floor. Got it, we ll be there right away For Gui Proud , the more chaos the better, he actually shouted with aggrieved expression Chef Xiao, I was wronged, I did nothing, you don t know what kind of person I am Shut up, who told you to grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg talk, be honest Wait.It is not illegal to sell them, but it is illegal for tourists to buy them back for gambling, so we have no right to control them selling so called TV sticks is an old scam, and the media does not know grownmd cbd gummies ingredients all natural cbd gummies about it.How many times have I passed this I never thought that there would still be people cheated by this method, and others would be deceived.This is a fake fraud, and we have the right to control it.Just like those who sell fake invoices, the value of the case is not big, and it is difficult to obtain evidence.Catch them It s easy, but it s hard to deal with it. We re not afraid of trouble, aren t they afraid of being caught, we catch them once, and we ll fight a protracted war with them to see who can outsmart whom These are the three fires for new officials to take office.But this is not a bad thing, Lao Dai couldn t help laughing and said Yes, we have enough people and time to fight a protracted war with them, come and catch them once, and see if they dare to come again after being caught a few times.It was almost 4 o clock, and I was about to call to ask where Jiao Da was.A black Buick car slowly drove over from the north.Jiao Da pushed open the passenger door, looked around quickly, and strode to the Beside the iron gate, Wang Jiayong and two plainclothes anti narcotics policemen who looked familiar but couldn t remember their surnames followed up.Jiao Da, why did you come in person Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.I m on duty today, Jiao Da smiled, looking at the building where Karoti Performing Arts Bar is located, and asked Is that iron staircase the fire exit Yes, the brown fire door below can be connected to the hall, and the brown fire door above The fire door leads to a private box, and the fifth and sixth floors seem to be an express hotel.Which box is the suspect in Is it big or not, and HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews the environment is not complicated.There was a lot of chatting and laughing in the air, and the meal was enjoyable.Han Chaoyang worked a 24 hour shift, and after drinking a few glasses of wine, he couldn t bear it just cbd gummies reviews do cbd gummies help tinnitus anymore.It was a rare time to come back, and since it was Chinese New Year, Huang Ying didn t mention going back to the PolyU dormitory, and the young couple just stayed at home for one night.It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Han Chaoyang has slept with Huang Ying since he received a marriage certificate and officially confirmed his relationship with Huang Ying, and he slept with Huang Ying in the same room.In normal times, I would definitely just cbd gummies reviews feel a little embarrassed, and even feel a little irritated.But this was not usual.He was too tired and sleepy.He fell asleep as soon as he took a shower and went to bed.We will consider charging after the New Year.Mo Yunhu is a parole officer and it is difficult to find a job.Always let him have nothing to do, sooner or later something will happen.Taking advantage of the opportunity of the property company entering the community, Han Chaoyang greeted Manager Zhang and Zheng Xinyi, and found Mo Yunhu a cleaning job, mainly responsible for cleaning up the garbage in the community.According to Zheng Xinyi, Mo Yunhu cherishes this job very much.He goes to work on time every day and leaves work very late.One person almost does the get off work of two people.Chapter 603 Inmate 2 I didn t expect his inmate to find him Han Chaoyang didn t dare to take it seriously, and subconsciously asked How did he know smilz cbd gummies refund your mobile phone number Didn t find a job It s okay to be idle all the time, so I called his home.The man surnamed Liu was ashen faced, and he could clearly see the trembling of his hands and even his arms that were handcuffed to the steering wheel.Qiao Peiming was also frightened out grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg of his wits, drooping his head and not daring to look up again.Lao Hu didn t know what the white crystalline particles encapsulated in chocolate were, but he could guess from the reactions of Xiao Sun and the two suspects that they were drugs.and Wu Wei smirked.Wu Wei also realized that he had caught a big fish, so he patted the man surnamed Liu on the shoulder and asked coldly, Liu Qingjun, are these your New Year s gifts for Qiao Peiming II Liu Qingjun s lips trembled , don t know how to explain.What about me Since it s a gift, why do you take money from others Wu Weili snorted and raised his mobile phone in front of him These four packs of biscuits are not cheap.

Han Da, just cbd gummies reviews you really know how to do business, what kind of joint investigation is this if you take away the principal criminal and most of the confiscated Captain Song, this is not a business deal, nor is it a bargain with you.The main reason is that we have our difficulties.And judging from the current situation, there may be hundreds of drug related people arrested in this case.We will escort a few When the principal culprit goes grownmd cbd gummies ingredients cbd gummies 300 mg cbd gummies and fertility back, you have hundreds of suspects to investigate and deal with, which is about the same.One is quality, the other is quantity If given a choice, Song Kaiqiang would definitely choose quality.But the Yandong Sub bureau has already filed a case.In the final analysis, this case belongs to someone else, and there is no better choice.Song Kaiqiang thought for a while, and couldn t help laughing It doesn t matter if I say such a big thing, I have to ask the superior to report it, but I feel that the problem should not be serious.When he saw us, he immediately became stupid and confessed to the crime.Xiao Han, you mean the kid who robbed Xiaoyun s bag Vice Minister Jiang asked curiously.Yes, that kid.Entrusted by others, it s a matter of loyalty.The tasks entrusted by Vice Minister Jiang have been completed, and now it is time to do the tasks entrusted by his colleagues from cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews his hometown.Han Chaoyang politely declined Zhang Xiaoyun s offer to help pour the wine, and sighed It s a coincidence, that kid is from Qingshan, and I m still from my hometown.The reason why the case was solved so quickly is thanks to the people in the Chaoyang community, and secondly.I would like to thank the comrades of the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau, the masses provided clues, the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau helped us find out the identity of the kid as soon as they received the investigation letter, and then followed the clues to catch him.The old branch secretary didn t know how to explain, so he turned around and said, Comrade Public Security, tell me.Seeing his good brother s parents, Han Chaoyang felt very distressed Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin, Wu Junfeng and Xiao Gu were also heartbroken, biting their lips tightly and not daring to look directly at Liu Chengquan s parents.Chen Jie and Chen Xiujuan couldn t help crying again, fearing that the elders would see them, they hurriedly hid behind Xu Hongliang and the others.Xu Weizhong couldn t open his mouth either, so Feng Haijun had no choice but to take a deep breath, first raised his arms and saluted the HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews two elders with a standard police salute, and said solemnly Comrade Liu Ergui, Comrade Gu Lanying, my surname is Feng, and my name is Feng Haijun.It is the police from the Political Department of the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.Don t worry , I won t let her know, and I won t even show up. It s best if you don t show up, Shui Mu Nian Hua, do you know where it is Yes. How rich is it If you have money, you can look at other people s wives obsessively, and you can gather people to gamble Han Chaoyang snorted coldly, jumped out of the car and walked to the side, took out his mobile phone and called his HCMUSSH just cbd gummies reviews brother.Chaoyang, what s the matter Bao Qingshan was surprised when he received just cbd gummies reviews a call from Han Chaoyang just after he came out of the sub bureau.Bao Suo, the people have reported a clue.Some people are going to Shuimu Nianhua to gamble.They are just cbd gummies reviews on their way to Shuimu Nianhua at the moment.That area is under your jurisdiction.How about I arrange a team member to take a look first Confirm that it is correct, and then you organize forces to collect the net.Only one person s footprint was found at the scene, and it is unlikely that more than one person committed the crime.Now look at your , please work harder, and inspect the scene carefully to see if the victim s urine can be extracted.It is easy cbd gummies for energy just cbd gummies reviews to detect DNA from urine, but it is difficult to extract the victim s urine from the scene.Another matter After all, urine is not blood, even if there is at the scene, how can it show up Xiang Yaxin s head got bigger, and Yu Guosheng also felt that this task was not one or two tricky.Liu Jianye didn t care so much, he took out his mobile phone to check the time, and said in an unquestionable tone Comrades, the site is so big, and the survey task is not enough.It s a heavy calculation, how long is cbd gummies detectable in urine three hours should effects of 500mg cbd gummies be enough, please collect more samples, I have reported to Bureau Feng, and Bureau Feng has also greeted the Forensic Medical Inspection and Appraisal Center.Section Chief Xiao was accompanying the active officers of the fire brigade just cbd gummies reviews to inspect the fire protection facilities.Han Chaoyang followed behind and turned a few floors.Taking the opportunity of the comrades from the fire brigade to go to the bathroom, he pulled Section Chief Xiao aside and said that the voluntary security patrol brigade would not The next step is to participate in the security of the Yandong International Marathon.Chaoyang, don t worry about me here.It s still the same sentence.The three of us are in the same spirit.As long as Hongliang and Minister Jiang have no objections, we can do whatever we want with the Sixth Court.So you agree.Did Hong Liang agree Chief Xiao asked with a smile.There is money to be made, can he not agree He is communicating with their school leaders at the moment, and wants to invite his juniors to come over to help our branch maintain the order of the game.

Tao, Hu Songping and Yang Jinjin, the small contractor, sat opposite them.Director Huo opened his notebook, turned around and said, Xiao Han, please introduce the basic situation of the deceased and his family.Yes Han Chaoyang was stunned, and hurriedly stood up and said, The deceased, Xu Min, was from Danqiu.He was 54 cbd gummies bears for sleep years old this year.It is understood that his wife was also an just cbd gummies reviews honest farmer who had been working in his hometown and his income from farming was not high.They He got married relatively late, and his son is relatively young.He is 21 years old this year, named Xu Jun.He was a very competitive young man.He was admitted to 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients Yanyang Normal University and is in his sophomore year.The phone number of the deceased s family and his son s phone number are also in the cell phone of the deceased.He greeted the two engineers, and they not only After giving up the office and enthusiastically helping to make tea, Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei thanked each other and sat down to talk about business.Mr.Jing looked at the photos on Han Chaoyang s phone, lit a cigarette and said with a wry smile Officer Han, Officer Wu, in fact, I knew Luo Weixing three years ago.Jiangzhong is only this big, and there are only so many projects.He does civil engineering.I m a firefighter, so I don t know if I want to.But I just knew each other before and didn t have much contact with each other.It wasn t until we were tricked by that bastard Gan Jianren that we kept in touch.We often talked on the phone and had a few meals together.When is the meal Han Chaoyang 500 mg cbd gummy grownmd cbd gummies ingredients asked in a low voice.In the second half of last year, we met once a month on average.Who will make things difficult for you At that time, it will be a suspended sentence at most, that is, you will not have to go to jail.Besides, if you haven t been in, you can t bear the crime, so don t make things difficult for yourself, and don t ask for trouble.Well It seems that we can only wait for the news.Luo Weixing sighed, picked up the bottle and took another big sip.Jiang Yonggen was imprisoned for fighting, and he couldn t do anything he wanted upwellness cbd gummies to do when he came out.At the most difficult time, Luo Weixing helped him and took him into the project.Team, let him learn to drive a crane.After working on the construction site for a few years and earning some money, he can buy a car and run Didi.The kindness of dripping water should be repaid by the spring, and Jiang Yonggen wanted to repay it from the bottom of his heart.What kind just cbd gummies reviews of case are you handling and how do you need us to cooperate Don t look at so many people, it s not really a big case, and there s no need to keep it secret from Le Ken s colleagues.Han Chaoyang took out the letter of introduction and related procedures from his bag, and briefly introduced the case.Xiong Shangwei carefully read the letter of introduction from the Yandong branch and the legal documents for the detention of Luo Weixing and the summoning of Jiang Yonggen.Asking for salary is really important, and I made a special trip for more than 200,000 yuan.With so many people coming at once, it s a bit of a slasher when you think about it.Han Chaoyang smiled awkwardly There is no way to know the whereabouts of the suspect without clues.Now that there are clues and the whereabouts of the suspect, we have to come and arrest him.Zheng Bai was a little flustered by the sight, and hurriedly shifted his gaze, pretending not to look calm cbd gummies reviews at him, staring at the exit.After waiting for about three or four minutes, Boss Qian and Shi Junhua came out with a black leather bag slung over the shoulders and a small suitcase dragging.Although it was the first time for Qian Shangui to cooperate with the police, he had traveled far and wide to see the world, and he saw Zheng Bai at a glance.And Jiang Yonggen who was standing next to Zheng Bai, but behaved very calmly, as if he didn t know Zheng Bai, and the man next to Zheng Bai was Jiang Yonggen, holding up his mobile phone and asking Boss Jiang, we came out, where are you The voice was loud, and Jiang Yonggen could hear it clearly.He put down his phone and grinned, Mr.Qian, I m here Shake hands with Jiang Yonggen vigorously.Qian Shangui was a little disdainful, and suddenly said Huazi, you changed your girlfriend again What about that girl last time, you always change your parents like this Uncle, what is always changing Last time That is an ordinary friend, and this is a girlfriend.Ordinary friend, hehe Hua Zi, just cbd gummies reviews it s not that your uncle talks about you.If you want to talk, you can have a good just cbd gummies reviews talk with him, and if you talk about it, you can get married.Is it always interesting I know.Shi Junhua grinned, and chatted with his girlfriend while holding the phone.As expected, the airport is not far from just cbd gummies reviews the city.Qian Shangui is lamenting that the young people nowadays are too rambunctious.Jiang Yonggen has arrived at the hotel where Jiang Yonggen cleans up the dust for them.To be precise, it is a commercial plaza.He drives to the underground parking lot and greets the two warmly.

The first case of malicious absconding with money due to wage arrears in the Chengdong Transportation Hub project was solved within 15 days, the suspect was arrested, and the worker s wages were recovered by more than 200,000 yuan.Director Huo was happier than Liu Jianye, and said cheerfully Xiao Han , Thank you for your hard work.After you come back, the headquarters will celebrate your achievements and help you to ask for contributions from the district Thank you Director Huo, in fact, these are what we should do.Don t be humble, chased from Yanyang Jiangzhong, from Jiangzhong to Leken, it will be very difficult to solve this case.By the way, when can you bring the surname Luo back If everything goes well, you should be home at noon tomorrow.Everyone is arrested.Let s bring it back immediately, what s not going well Director Huo asked puzzled.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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