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Candy didn t care about Tang Shuang The little man was very surprised and approached stickily again Wow, are you a writer Tang Shuang pushed her little body away again, expressing that she had already where can i get cbd gummies for pain said in a very humble tone It s so so Don t come close I, stinky Who would have thought that Candy didn t show any face Liar, .

do cbd gummies show up?

how can you be a writer Then he rushed into Tang Shuang s arms and dawdled, Hee hee hee Wiping sweat Tang Shuang pressed her to the ground Sit down on the small bench, Sit here obediently, and I will change your clothes later.Tang Shuang stretched out her hand to pull Tang Shuang s clothes, Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, let s play house.Tang Shuang Play with Bai Jingjing.Candy Bai Jingjing is a puppy, she doesn t know how to play house, let s play Brother Tang Shuang I don t have time.Tang Shuang grinned and said, Thank you, Xiaoshuang, Tang Shuang will definitely be on TV like my sister.After chattering for a while, she asked with concern, Xiao Shuang, don t you want to help little sister Tang Shuang What can you do for me Go on TV emmmmm help, wait for a chance.Really Hehe Candy said in surprise How can I help emmm cbd capsule or gummies I haven t figured it out yet Huh Tang Tanger felt that Tang Shuang was teasing a child, she wasn t sincere, and she didn t really want to help 500mg cbd gummies groupon her, You must think I m small, right Nothing Small is cuter.Huh It sounded like he was unhappy, but he could tell from his expression that Candy was very happy, and girls like to be praised.Do you really want to be on TV Now Tang Shuang asked amusedly.Tang Tang er looked at him with big eyes, and said in a crisp voice full of hope, I want to Tang Shuang immediately picked up the little man and put it on the TV, Congratulations Tang Tang, you are on TV Hahaha.Bone Dragon Hero is a romantic man who does whatever he wants.He has no wife and no children.He has never contacted his relatives for decades.People think he is dead.He lived an extremely casual life.Writing books was not his hobby, but a means of earning a living.After earning cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg where can i get cbd gummies for pain money, he disappeared immediately for a few months, or even a year or two.There is no doubt that he was definitely not dead.It s gone, but it s gone.In fact, he did not lie this time.He did go to Italy, but it was not for business, but for fun.He originally planned to play there for two days, but after getting off the plane and before leaving the airport, he saw the heavy rain in the area.The hero suddenly lost his interest, immediately bought a ticket back to China, and stopped playing.He lives in Shengjing, but has no home, and lives in hotels all year round., I will not feel better.Tang Shuang s ex girlfriend is a flower in the English department.She was also Li Wenzhan s love object.She pursued her for a while at first, but failed, smiles cbd gummies where can i get cbd gummies for pain so she was taken away by Tang Shuang.Knowing that the goddess in her heart After being with Tang Shuang, Li Wenzhan was drunk for three days and three nights.When he woke up and drank, he was drunk.If it wasn t for his bold nature, he was willing to gamble and lose, otherwise he would definitely fight with Tang Shuang.Thinking of this, Tang Shuang looked You sang so well, I admire you expression, shouted hello, and clapped hands.Li Wenzhan sat down, filled the wine, and the Northwest Dahan sipped the 250ml liquor in one gulp.Tang Shuang smacked her tongue, I looked at the wine bottle, Erguotou, 52 degrees, it s terrible Li Wenzhan was sweating profusely.This girl has been chatting with Tang Shuang for a long time.After a while, it wasn cbd edibles gummies effects t until her companions teased her that she realized that the chat was too long, which made Tang Shuang have no time to watch the party, so she sat down blushing.But after a while, she found another question to ask, and took the opportunity to talk to Tang Shuang.After chatting for a few more words, the girl s sensitivity and self esteem made her immediately end the topic and sit down again.However, soon, the girl made excuses for herself again and asked this and that again.No matter how stupid Tang Shuang was, she also felt the girl I mean, ahem After the party, Tang Shuang saw everyone leaving the stage like a tide, and said to Li Wenzhan Have you made an appointment, Zhong Weichen agreed to come At the critical moment, Wen Pin s face turned pale, he kept drinking water nervously, and stared at Li Wenzhan, hoping that Zhong Weichen would appear, but also worried that he would retreat.Tang Sanjian, Huang Xiangning, Tang Shuang Tang Shuang This is TV, and there is no way to pause it.Are you in a hurry, either go quickly or wait a while.Candy Huh After thinking about it, he said, Then, just bear with it.TV , Tang Zhen finally said the first sentence.In order where can i get cbd gummies for pain to prevent guessing the identity of the guest through the voice, the voice of the speech was processed, and Tang Zhen s voice became a cute little milk voice.Sister Jingjing is right.There is a cute little friend in my family.She likes pink bunnies, so I chose this outfit.Candy s big eyes are full of little stars, It s me My sister spoke The voice is mine What the idiot means is that the cute kid where can i get cbd gummies for pain in the family that my sister said is her, and at the same time, my sister s voice is the same as hers, it s a little milk voice, the most cute in the world No.After several hints, Wang Ming finally noticed the sign.They also took the initiative to approach, and the woman and the man were interested, and the progress was very smooth.Today is the first date between the two.Wang Ming had planned for this date for a long time, and everything was carried out step by step according to the plan, and it went smoothly.Yin Qingqing never stopped smiling all day long.Finally in the evening, Wang Ming held the girl s hand.If it wasn t for sweaty palms from excitement, he would have held it forever.When we were having dinner, an entertainment news program was broadcasting on the TV in the restaurant.About the upcoming new film of the great director Zhang Fei, the host was holding a copy of Hero and was talking about effects of cbd gummies on a child cbd relax gummy it.Wang Ming was taken aback.He chased Heroes and liked it very much, but he never bought the physical book and forgot.She is a humanoid jealous jar Young Master cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg where can i get cbd gummies for pain Tang, I haven t saved any manuscripts yet.You need to hurry up and write.If you can make a big change this time, you will definitely not be squeezed out of the top three, and you may even have a chance to compete for the first place on the monthly ticket list.In the just concluded In September, on the Xingkong literature website, the competition for the monthly ticket list of novels was extremely fierce.The Romance of the Dragon and Snake not only entered the top ten for the first time, but also reached the fourth place in the ranking.However, this result did not satisfy the book fans.In their opinion, Dragon Snake should at least be in the top three.In fact, Dragon Snake is only less than 100 monthly tickets away from the third ranked I Am a Passerby two dimensional work.The camera in the study had been put away, and Tang HCMUSSH where can i get cbd gummies for pain Sanjian was introducing some good books in his collection to Bai Jingyu.Bai Jingyu This is Mr.Ling, he where can i get cbd gummies for pain is a good looking talent.Tang Shuang greeted the university student.Bai Jingyu asked the meaning of life when he disagreed.Don t ask me, don t ask me, I have a headache, this sentence is equivalent to Tang Seng s magic spell, Tang Shuang wants to sleep when she hears the meaning of life.But the question had to be answered, and after thinking for a while, I said, I think, life has no meaning.If you can give it any meaning, it will have some meaning.Everyone must determine the meaning for their own life.So we should Think more independently, but it is easier said than done, and more people are willing to live in the life set by others because of their lack of this.After all, if he wants to pursue his dream of being a director, he must rely on this short film to knock on the door, otherwise he will not even have the chance nothing.Ye Liang s father already knew what he was doing, he neither supported nor objected, and let him toss, but he had said before that if he didn t win the short film gold award at this year s Youth Film Festival, he would go back honestly with him.The short film gold award at the Youth Film Festival is within reach.But for Ye Liang, this is the only chance he can win.Even if he climbs to the sky, he has to climb up on all fours.As for where he can climb, he doesn t know.So he invited Tang Shuang to write the script.If the short film wants to stand out, the plot is the most important.Compared with feature films, the effect of plot on short films is more prominent.Teacher Zhang followed them with a heavy face, wanting to remind these silly children that the teacher is right behind them, how dare they say such bad things Believe it or not, one by one spanking The bear children quickly changed the topic, because Teacher Zhang was boring, but there are too many more interesting things in nature.For example, Tangtang pointed to the fir trees on both sides of the mountain road and asked, how old are they, and are they older than me.Little Putao Mom said these trees are all a hundred effects of cbd gummies on a child cbd relax gummy years old Qiqi widened her eyes in amazement, and said in disbelief, A hundred years old Older than my grandpa, we will call it Grandpa Tree.Xiaojin He was a good boy, and shouted to the pine trees, fir trees, cypress trees, and shrubs Grandpa Tree I m here to see you Then he said to the indifferent Tangtanger Tang Tang, don t you like Grandpa Tree She pursed her lips Hmph I don t care about it, Xiaoshuang is also a hundred years old According to this, Tang Shuang is going to become a genius, and the old Tang family and Brother Sanjian will respectfully call him Elder Tang when they see him.Candy Xiao Shuang, you are a nuisance, you don t let me care about adults affairs, and you don t let me care about children s affairs I will gain weight if I don t care about anything.Tang Shuang was surprised Wow Who told you this truth Tang Tanger My sister said Tang Shuang became even more curious, Tang Zhen still said this Why did my sister tell you this Tangtanger Because, because my sister said that she didn t think about anything when how many cbd gummies should i eat to get high she was a child, and then she was very fat.Don t learn kushy cbd gummy review from her, Tangtanger, she will turn into a ball.Hahahaha Tang Shuang After a burst of laughter, Tang Zhen s childhood photos couldn t help appearing in her mind, what a fat little boy.Tang Zhen has a body that tends to get fat, even now, she doesn t dare to eat indiscriminately, and she doesn t eat any snacks.Tang Shuang Haha, Xiao Shuang, I know, there are ten thousand stars in the sky Tang Shuang Don t shake around my head, it makes me dizzy, you are wrong Tang Tanger clicked, sat on Tang Shuang s stomach, crossed his legs, and pointed angrily You are shameless It s white and bright Tang Shuang Hey, it s because you counted wrongly, it s not me playing tricks Candy said angrily In the sky, where can i get cbd gummies for pain there are ten thousand stars in the sky I promised to not play tricks on children, otherwise I would be a puppy.Tang Shuang Silly girl, there are not ten thousand stars in the sky Candy was dissatisfied Humph Obviously ten thousand Tang Shuang No Candy Then how many do you think it is Tang where can i get cbd gummies for pain Shuang uh, there are endless.Tang Shuang Huh You re being silly That s 10,000 I don t care, hehe, I tickled it Mom, look, Xiao Shuang bullies children Tang Shuang where can i get cbd gummies for pain said that Tang Shuang s number was wrong, Tang Shuang Persistence is 10,000, otherwise you can say how many.Yang Shuangshuang is a young and beautiful girl.As the two of them get in touch more and more frequently, Guo Zifeng becomes more and more attached to her and becomes more and more unable to extricate himself.Finally one night, he hinted that if Yang Shuangshuang could keep the secret and had the guts, he could show her some rather unusual works, much more real and terrifying than those on display in this basement.Scarier than Feeding Ghouls Frightened a hundred times Although Yang Shuangshuang appreciates this painting very much, he has to admit that it will bring great uneasiness to people.So it was chemist warehouse cbd gummies really hard for her to imagine what a painting that was a hundred times more frightening than it where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane would be like She was extremely curious and tried to dissuade herself.But in the end, her curiosity controlled her body, and she followed Guo Zifeng to another underground studio of his.Wei Tingting went with her boyfriend yesterday, and forgot to call to remind Tang Shuang.She originally wanted to be late, but she didn t expect to meet today s event.A Jiang invited Wu Qing, and set her sights on her position.She knew that as long as she said I didn t come , where can i get cbd gummies for pain the editor in chief would definitely change the page to A Jiang.As for whether Tang Shuang would be included in the next issue, who knew.After watching the party last night and staying with her boyfriend since then, she didn t check her email at all, so she didn t know if Tang Shuang s manuscript came, and she didn t dare to make a fuss about it.So I turned around and talked about Tang Shuang s recent situation.Hero has occupied the first place in the sales list of Huaxia Bookstore for two consecutive weeks.The serial novel Romance of the Dragon and Snake is extremely hot.It is unique even in the whole of China.Not only is his language concise and meaningful, but also his stories are unconstrained and unpredictable., often not until the end, and there is no way to guess the ending.Since Tang Shuang s column began to be serialized, its popularity has remained high.According to the weekly survey, among the readers favorite content, he is stable in the top three.Not only the readers love to read it, but also the journalists and editors of the weekly magazine.When it s time to submit the manuscript, everyone gathers together to Wei Tingting to have a quick look, guess the ending while watching, and get together to have a lively discussion after reading.These stories are not only suspenseful and interesting, but often have deep meanings in them.They either directly hit the deep social phenomena, or directly hit the readers hearts, and hold everyone s hearts tightly.For a short distance, she seemed to have walked for a long time, with her heart hanging high, and she made up her mind that tomorrow, oh, no, tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, and after the festival, I asked Tang Shuang to come out for a chat.Invite father Wei Daqun to come out.Xiao Li saw Wei Tingting came back and asked to read Tang Shuang s column story.This time of the week is story time, and today is no exception.After hearing the story, the colleagues around put down their work and came over.Before reading it, they already started to guess what kind of story it would be.Wei Tingting was not in the mood to talk to them, so she quickly opened the mailbox, luckily The first time I saw the unread mail lying on the top, the sender was Tang Shuang, and the sending time was just now Wei Tingting didn t know whether to laugh or complain, forget it, let s ignore it, and talk about it next time we meet.For a while, she helped grandpa pick tomatoes, for a while she ran behind Tang Zhen to pick eggplants, for a while she yelled to help Xiaoshuang pick peppers, and then she hated the hot peppers for her eyes, so she enthusiastically Go and help her sister Weiwei pull out carrots.She can be seen everywhere in the vegetable garden, and her little milk voice can be heard all the time, just like a little magpie, chirping non stop.Grandpa, grandpa Look quickly This tomato has a hole Candy picked a broken tomato and showed it to grandpa as if asking for credit Did you get bitten by a bug .Grandpa took it and looked at it, and said It s where can i get cbd gummies for pain not a bug, it was eaten by a bird.Huh Don t birds eat bugs Grandpa The birds also eat tomatoes, and they eat watermelon, too.They steal the vegetables in the vegetable field.Although Tangtanger had some disagreements with him, she has a lot of villains, so she doesn t care about it at this time.She slapped her hands happily to express Xiaoshuang Come on, get 100 points in the exam like her.Oh, by the way, Little Piggy s homework has finally broken 100, it s not easy.In the past, it was difficult to achieve the passing mark, but now you can get full marks.Whose credit is this The medal of merit should be divided into two petals, one for Tangtang and one for Tang Shuang.Since this semester, Tang Shuang has supervised and checked all of Tang Shuang s homework, which freed Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian.The two model couples now go for a walk hand in hand after eating, and when they come back from the walk, you will stand next to me and I will watch you Those who watch TV, those who read books Once Tang Shuang caught a scene of a million point crit, and the TV was singing Give me a kiss, is it okay, kiss me on the face Then Tang Shuang I saw Brother Sanjian who was reading the newspaper without saying a word, stood up and kissed Miss Xiangning, then sat back and continued reading the newspaper as if nothing had happened.At this time, the interior of Guangdong University has been set up.Banners, billboards and promotional slogans can be seen everywhere, and there are many unfamiliar faces inside and outside the campus.Tang Shuang brought Candy to the playground, and this time, Little Piggy finally didn t lag behind and walked slowly.At this moment, the little piggy was happily standing five meters away from Tang Shuang, with his little feet pedaling on the ground, pedaling the scooter where can i get cbd gummies for pain very fast Puppy Bai Jingjing ran ahead, stopping from time to time and turning her head to bark twice, which means you should hurry up and catch me Tangtang er tried her best to slide the car, but still couldn t catch up with Bai Jingjing After persisting for a while, I had to slow down to catch my breath, muttering, oops, I m exhausted, Xiaoshuang is right, a two legged person can t run a four legged dog, although Jingjing is still young, but I am also young Ah, when I grow up, I can catch up with Jingjing In the evening, there are a group of aunts on the playground, playing and playing to the sound of music.He is really talented, otherwise Xihua would not like it.Does anyone know if he has other works After seeing the model, I felt itchy in my heart.This story is definitely not finished.It will be pre posted and post posted.Can I write it If you want to find someone, as long as you have the heart, there is really nothing you can t find, let alone students from the same school.Many students from the Chinese Department participated in the discussion on the forum.The information about Tang Shuang, and there is also smiles cbd gummies where can i get cbd gummies for pain a photo of Tang Shuang playing the piano at the English Department s welcome party last year.One entry into the ancient style is as deep as the sea Say something against your will, how handsome, if I want to have this stinky skin, I can still catch up with Zeng Yujun Crying when you re hungry Your mouth is full of stinky skin, what else are you doing If you can t eat grapes, say grapes are sour Embracing affectionately They are so well matched, why did they break up In the photo, not only Tang Shuang is playing the piano, but also Zeng Yujun is dancing, wearing a white dress, dancing like a fairy Pure Xiaoshuang Big discovery major discovery major discovery Oh my god Look what I found Crying when you re hungry What are you yelling about Just say what you found But before I ask you, let me ask you, why is your name green, forgive me Pure little brother Shuang Which college and class are you from Believe it or not, I ll talk to you Once you enter the ancient style, it is as deep as the sea I support you upstairs, but you deserve to be beaten.Zeng Jian was furious, thinking that he had received a huge insult today, that a scholar could not be humiliated, so he would turn his back on him and fight, and if he made a big fuss, he would make a big fuss, and he didn t rely on people, Don t rely on face to eat.Tang Shuang seemed to sense that the extinct volcano was about to erupt, so she quickly held him down and comforted him Brother Jian, don t get excited, calm down, calm down, we don where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane t know each other if we don t fight, why bother There are many friends who have multiple ways out, let s get to know each other, my name is Tang Shuang, I am the elder brother, his name is Ye Liang, he is the second younger brother, you are Zeng Jian, we all know it, you are the third younger brother, good brother Zeng Jian listened to it at first, but in the blink of an eye he became the third brother.Tang Shuang originally wanted to say hello to her, but she just walked with her head down and didn t notice Tang Shuang at all.Not only did she not notice Tang Shuang, she didn t seem to care about everything around her.The girl who was walking with Chu Mei touched her arm and said, That handsome guy just kept looking at you and smiling, did you know him , I don t know each other, and I want to strike up a conversation.It s really handsome, if you don t mind, you can get to know him.The girl said with a smile, and then remembered something, Oh right, Chu Mei, you don t care about other handsome guys now, you already have Tucough , I have a good choice.Chu where can i get cbd gummies for pain Mei said a little depressed Xin Xin, don t talk nonsense The girl named Xin Xin carefully looked around, and deliberately fell to the end with Chu Mei, and attached herself to Chu Mei.What s more tragic is not this, but Tang Shuang was dazzled for a moment because he held his head up for too long, and the sun dazzled his eyes again, and then fell with an ouch It really fell Huang Weiwei was frightened Jumping, rushed over like the wind, looked down, laughed wildly again squatting down while laughing, resting his chin and staring at Tang Shuang below with great interest.Poor Tang Shuang was lying on a field ridge under the hillside He was lying on his stomach, turned over, looked at the blue sky and the poop where can i get cbd gummies for pain clouds pulled by the gods, sighed, and said to the gloating Huang Weiwei What are you looking at Have you ever seen a handsome guy turn over to sleep Still watching Watch again I ll eat you if I watch again Huang Weiwei sneered A phoenix in trouble where can i get cbd gummies for pain is not as good as a chicken I just look at you like this, see if you ask for it or not Me The trouser legs are covered with mud.Tang Shuang greeted Tang Tanger where can i get cbd gummies for pain to come over and change her dressing.Meng Qianbin saw Tang Shuang for the first time, and she was very surprised.She had seen Tang Shuang s mother, Huang Xiangning, so she knew that Tang Shuang could not be Tang Shuang s father, so brother The age gap is huge.Fortunately, Tangtanger took the initiative to introduce, pointing to Tang Shuang and said This is my brother, he likes me very much, look I have small beads this is a gift from my brother.The rosary, boasted.Tang Shuang walked over and introduced herself, and Meng Qianbin responded with a smile.Li Dehua took off the bandage wrapped around Tangtang er s hand, revealing the injured palm Children have a strong ability to recover.Look, the scars have already started to form.Don t worry, it will be fine in a few days.At the scene, Nie Min and where can i get cbd gummies for pain the groom Chen Mengli were the focus, and Chen Mengli was the main one.He was pale at the moment, and his suit was very stylish.Full of bitterness.Nie Min s family members suddenly appeared at the scene, which made Chen Mengli feel the gloom.Seeing his wife and parents embracing and crying, he kept bowing to the two old people, with tears in his eyes.Luo Yuqing s eyes were red Sayang was not spared either Oh, seeing this scene, it s worthwhile for us to go all the way three times Although the first trip entered someone s house, he was dismissed after drinking a cup of tea, and the third trip succeeded.Chen Long looked at Chen effects of cbd gummies on a child cbd relax gummy Mengli who was still bowing and thanking in the camera, and said The where can i get cbd gummies for pain man smiles cbd gummies where can i get cbd gummies for pain is really nice.Another host said The director came up with a good idea this time, he has cheated us so many times, please forgive him.Candy is more I dare not get in the car, it is impossible to get in the car.Hmph Do you think the little baby doesn t know It s so strange that Shushu deceives the children Tang Shuang couldn t help clenching her fist, then let go, and said viciously, Believe it or not, I tied you to the roof of the car, or put you on the roof of the car.You are tied to the rear of the car, dragging you to run The little piglet yelled, The big bad guy is good or bad , and ran away, not running far, but circling around the kindergarten gate.What the hell is this guy doing Tang Shuang said that he really can t understand the children of the new century, it s so baffling Can t help but sigh deeply, no wonder Mr.Zhang said that today s Tang Tang children s shoes completely let go of himself, and he couldn t control it at all.Tang Shuang You need to warm up first for long distance cbd gummies daytime running, and move quickly.Zhao Yayi immediately jumped on the spot.Tang Shuang O O Seeing Tang Shuang s speechless expression, Zhao Yayi blushed and smiled very happily I have already run in the morning, and my body is already active, senior brother, let me ask you a question.Zhao Yayi hesitated, who sells cbd gummies for pain looked around guiltily, and someone came over.Hello Tang Shuang, the horror novel you wrote is very good.Two boys passed by.They first looked at Zhao Yayi, and then they saw Tang Shuang.Their eyes lit up, and they stopped and said.In the past, thank you for liking my novels.Understood, we all know that Goddess Zhao ran 1,500 meters, so go quickly.After walking two steps, where can i get cbd gummies for pain she turned around and said that you two are a good match.Tang Shuang Would you like some water to moisten your throat Zhao Yayi hummed.In The Romance of the Dragon and Snake , Wang Chaogang successfully proposed to Tang Zichen and took this great fairy as his own.Immediately afterwards, Ba Liming, the king of fighting, officially appeared on the stage Countless readers screamed, since the character card of Baliming was opened, everyone was looking forward to the appearance of this great god, but they waited and waited, but they never disappeared.Calculating the progress of the dynasty s skills, it has indeed reached the point where it can rival Ba Liming.He has seen God is not bad, is a god among men.It is precisely because of this step, standing shoulder to shoulder with Tang Zichen, that he has the confidence to propose to the beautiful woman and succeed in one fell swoop.In the latest updated chapter, the dynasty appeared in the prison, fought fiercely with Baliming, and finally took over the content on the character card.Uncle found you and stopped the car at the where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane last moment, otherwise you will be ruined and ten thousand times worse than now.Just now Tangtanger was about to be caught up by the sprinkler and drenched in water, but at a critical moment, the sprinkler braked.In this way, Tang Tang s children s shoes escaped from birth was carried away by Tang Shuang who came to rescue him.The little Zhuzhu, who was just in shock, finally took a photo with the driver brother.They stood in front of the pink sprinkler, each posing with scissors.What is not to know each other without fighting, this is not to know each other without fighting.Candy is very curious about the pink sprinkler, and I like it very much.It s so big hellokity.She also has it in her princess room, but it s not so big.The reason why a hygienic sprinkler truck is printed with hellokity all over the body is what is green cbd gummies very simple.What s more, she couldn t bear to leave the old Tang s house.Tang Shuang was also thinking about what to do.This villain was lying on the edge of the door and couldn t get out, so the plot couldn t go on.He hurriedly called on Comrade Three Swords, who was wearing a Tinker Bell doll costume, to lure the kid out.Tang Tang, your name is Tang Tang, I know you, come and play with us.Little Ding Dong said.His voice was the cute voice of a child, and Tang Shuang had prepared it long ago and used a voice changer.Huh You, are you really Tinker Bell Candy is confused, although she draws drawers every day hoping to see Tinkerbell, but at the age of 6, she has begun to understand, knowing that Tinkerbell may not exist in reality, only in fairy tales.But at this moment, he was confused again.Where s Xiaoshuang It doesn t matter if you are confused, as soon as you find Xiaoshuang, you will be clear.The winter night comes early, before 6 pm, the sky has gradually darkened, a strong wind blows outside the house, and the sea breeze howls, sending chills, but the old Tang s house is as warm as spring, full of laughter and laughter.Huang Xiangning, his aunt Ma Xia, and Erniang Peony put the prepared fruit drinks and various dinner foods on the long table.The atmosphere was free.Everyone took what they wanted to eat with plates, and they were free to sit or where can i get cbd gummies for pain stand.Seeing that Tangtanger hadn t come out yet, Tang Zhen was about to look for it, but the little person rushed out like a gust of wind.Tang Zhen quickly caught her and told her not to run down the stairs, but to walk slowly and watch the path under her feet.Candy is holding a folded card in her hand, and she can see the pattern of a bunny on the card, which is still her favorite style.In fact, he didn t know each other.Vice President Wei said with where can i get cbd gummies for pain a smile Sure enough, you are a good looking talent, and you will win glory for hempzilla premkum cbd gummies the elders Brother Sanjian is very lucky.Tangtanger was eager to try, and even cbd gummies for kids with anxiety Xiaoshuang praised her, should I praise her too The child needed encouragement, but Vice President Wei ignored her at all and left, because he didn t look down on purpose, so he didn t pay attention to the little man in front of him.The little man muttered, what, Xiaoshuang was praised even if she didn t know Chinese characters, the Lun family took the little red flower today blah blah blah.Tang Shuang walked and said to Brother Sanjian Tangtang er got the little red flower in the kindergarten today, it s amazing.He lowered his head and said to the little man, Tangtang, come, tell Dad why you got the little red flower today The little man immediately beamed with joy, and began to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.According to research, children are perpetual motion machines, especially boys aged 8 12.After high intensity exercise, the heart rate of these little magic stars returns to normal faster, and the lactic acid in the blood is also metabolized faster.When the triathlete was still smiles cbd gummies where can i get cbd gummies for pain panting and flattened on the ground, the little magic star had been revived with full blood, and he could do another round.Simply put, it is charging for five minutes and talking for two hours.In the middle of winter, Tangtang er s forehead was covered with sweat stains.Huang Xiangning knelt down to wipe the little girl s sweat.When he was accidentally attacked, the villain kissed his mother and said crisply Mom, Ingrid Does De sound good Do you like it Mom likes it very much, Tangtanger named her mother.Huang Xiangning said softly.Fan Liwen thought for a while and said, Please explain in detail how to operate it.Tang Shuang laughed silently, and haribo gummy bear cbd reciepe said Don t spread any news about my joining, make Tuzi Entertainment s performance worse, and then directly issue an where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane application for equity acquisition to everyone on the board of directors.Those shareholders will definitely be willing.Their equity has been acquired, and naturally there will be no personnel issues regarding you.As for you not being able to buy so many shares, we need to find another partner, and the ideal candidate is an alum.We will pull him into the group and you two will work together Acquiring the equity from other shareholders is the first step.Fan Liwen said, Do you want to tell the alumni about your joining It won t work if you don t.Regarding the joining of Alumni, Fan Liwen welcomes it.Such a strong person is still cold She didn t say it was cold for such a small person, Tangtanger snorted, ran over in a hurry, and hugged the little peacock Nuannuan, warm you up.At the same time, she said to the other children Who is cold Yes, come quickly and let s hold a dumpling Seeing this, the other children came forward with smiles, shouting Nuan Nuan, Nuan Nuan, hold a dumpling.Looking at the scene in front of her, Teacher Zhang felt very tired.Judging from her experience, it would take a lot of effort to separate these little people who were huddled together. Academic Affairs Office of Tongji University in Guangdong Province.Tang Shuang has already left, and Chen Duotian has also left.Although this is his office, the two leaders are going to talk now.The two sat silently for a while, and Lu Youping took the lead to break the silence Principal, you think highly of this Tang Shuang, don t you Sun Xuanyang Vice principal, don t talk nonsense.After that, Tang Shuang looked over several times, but was either avoided by the other party, or looked directly at him openly.Did you admit it wrong It should be a mistake, which is unlikely.Tang Shuang thought to herself.The host said at this time Let s see how long this beauty can last this time Be sure to look Tang Shuang straight in the eyes, or it will be a foul.The game being played at the scene is similar to looking each other directly in the eye and seeing who is embarrassed to avoid it first.At this time, a girl was assigned to be Tang Shuang s opponent.Tang Shuang had a thick skin and was very competitive in this kind of game.According to the host s request, she eye to eye with the girl.The girl s competitiveness was too weak, and she looked in less than twenty seconds.She dodged everywhere, where can i get cbd gummies for pain and was finally defeated, saying that Tang Shuang s eyes could discharge electricity, and she was paralyzed by the where can i get cbd gummies for pain electric shock.After a meal, Xiaoren er found that she had heard a lot of things that she didn t know before, for example, Xiaoshuang seemed to be very powerful, and the TV station wanted to interview him It s on TV again snort And my sister, my sister seems to have something big going on, what will her song be released in a few days, what will be posted emmm I can t remember clearly, I don t understand that sentence Another very important thing is that my mother s students are getting married, and it seems that their whole family is going to attend the wedding The little man remembers that mother teaches children, wow children get married Why are they doing this What are they doing Won t adults stop them Children Children are all little princesses, and the little princesses are all married to the little prince, so I asked them where they found the little prince, can you introduce some to her Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian don t know The content of their chat will make the children next to them play out hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews effects of cbd gummies on a child big dramas in their hearts.He is a talented chairman.He is a well known best selling author, and he is also the first screenwriter of the two masterpieces Heroes and The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.Although such an identity does not represent his ability in music, it at least shows that he is an insider, not a A layman who came in rashly.With a lot of information about Tang Shuang s identity appearing on the Internet, Tang Shuang is completely known this time, and the outside world is very curious about him.He is young, handsome, wealthy, has status, talent, and is unmarried how many people look at him on the computer He licked his lips just looking at it, this little fairy is really mouth watering.Little fairy, little fairy, can you open the door Open the door The little fairy is coming in The little fairy Tang Xiaoshuang was being greatly harassed, and the source of the harassment came from the little fairy Candy.Mom hasn t talked to the baby for several days.You must have a lot to say to mom.Little Piggy Dazed and led away by Huang Xiangning, at this moment, the frightening puppy in the legend ran out from some corner and followed behind them.Huang Xiangning looked back, oops Be startled Bai Jingjing s dress is so scary Tang Tang, what is Jingjing wearing Tangtang pointed at Bai Jingjing with a smile and said, Ha Clothes specially made for Xiaoshuang Ha Looks good.Huang Xiangning called Bai Jingjing to him, knelt down and looked at the clothes carefully.The puppy with a particularly enthusiastic tail, I saw a hero sitting on this puppy, with a red face and long beard, wearing a green battle robe, holding a long sword, and sitting on Bai Jingjing puppy This is Huang Xiangning immediately remembered, Is this the dress my brother bought for Jingjing The clothes Bai Jingjing was wearing were bought by Tang Shuang.I feel so unhappy, can you help mother to make breakfast, tomorrow you do it, let Xiaoshuang do it the day best cbd gummies for sex drive after tomorrow, let the little fairy do it the day after tomorrow, we take turns to do it, let mother rest and rest.Tang Sanjian said You Can you make breakfast too What kind of breakfast are you going to give us This is not a problem for Candy, the villain said confidently Vegetable egg rice noodle well, that s it Pointing to the kind of food she was eating , It s super delicious, I like it very much, does dad like it I like it, but you can do it Candy said a little unhappy Can t do it, can t learn it Just use your brain and melon seeds.Really, Dad, why don t you trust little sister so much Little sister is also very smart, even smarter than Xiaoshuang.Huang Xiangning looked at the deflated Tang Sanjian with a funny face, and said, Okay, Tangtanger is the smartest, turn around Mom taught you how to make vegetable and egg rice noodles, Tangtang er will definitely learn it soon, it s super delicious, I m looking forward to it.It was still some time before dinner.He took out his mobile phone and opened WeChat to send a message.Seeing this, Candy also took out his own mobile .

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phone, pretending to send a text message, but her mobile phone She can only make calls, but cannot send text messages.Even if she can send text messages, she doesn t know how to type, so she forced herself to press a few times at will, put it away, and quietly moved to Tang Shuang s side anxiously, Xiao Shuang, are you talking to me Which young lady is chatting Tang Shuang smiles cbd gummies where can i get cbd gummies for pain flipped her palm and put away the phone You don t know young lady.Not seeing Xiaoshuang s secret, this made Tangtang wrinkle her little nose and hum softly You I know so many young ladies, Sister Weiwei and Sister Xinxin said that you are a big pineapple with a flower heart, and girls should stay away from you.Seeing that everyone was here, Tang Shuang looked at Tang Shuang eagerly, and asked, Xiao Shuang, can you let me go I want to be the first to jump off Tang Shuang let go of her down jacket, but she didn t let her go.Jumping down, she pushed back to show Tang Zhen, and said, I ll go down and try the depth first You want to take my first place Tang Xiaoren doubted.Tang Zhen said Let my brother go down and try first, we ll wait on the shore.Seeing that her sister, who is also a fairy, had spoken, Tang Zhen nodded reluctantly, and let Xiao Shuang go down first.Tang Shuang took off her down jacket, threw it into the pavilion, took a deep breath, first clinical cbd gummies buy tested the water temperature with her feet, and stepped on the stone steps step by step into the hot spring pool when she felt comfortable.This pool is oval, with a long diameter of about 5 meters, a short diameter of about 3 meters, and a depth of about 1.Very rare, would love to meet Her Majesty the Queen.Tang Shuang said to her ambitious little sister, Your Majesty is reserved for my sister.You want to steal her throne Are you fat Tang Shuang squeezed her little arm with a smile and said, I m not fat.Tang Shuang said, Hey, hey, why did you put your hands down Can t hold on any longer Can you do it Tang Tanger immediately held her little head in both hands again, then tilted her neck, and said loudly, Report to the king Little Fairy can do it Tang Shuang nodded Hold on Then she swam to Tang Zhen and followed her example, leaning against the pool, showing her head, and said with a smile, Xiao Zhen, where can i get cbd gummies for pain do you cbd gummies say take one can i take two have any questions It smells particularly good Tang Zhen sniffed, and asked Tang Shuang suspiciously, Did you fart Tsk where can i get cbd gummies for pain Tang Shuang was speechless, I mean smell Can your fart smell good Tang Zhen snorted softly with a smile Who made you bully my sister and sister, you are lawless Tang Shuang misled Shui Dongyin, motioned to look at Tangtanger, who was attentively taking care of the Koda Duck clan, and said, I just learned a little bit from Tangtanger.Tang Shuang looked amused, this little guy actually teased her big sister, what a kid.Tang Zhen laughed out loud at being teased by the little sugar man, completely lost her former aloofness, and couldn t notice other details at all.But if she didn t notice it, it doesn t mean Tang Shuang couldn t notice either.He wouldn t be where can i get cbd gummies for pain confused by the little sugar man.I saw that the little sugar man kept eating persimmons, eating one after another, teasing his sister while eating, Tang Shuang saw this, and saw that she had eaten three persimmons in a short time, and hurriedly ate all reaction to cbd gummy the persimmons He took it away and told him I m going to bed tonight, I can t eat any more after eating this, go brush my cbd gummies for arousal teeth with my sister.This guy really knows how to fish in troubled waters, and she even muddied the water on purpose.They bowed their heads and looked dejected.I dare not sit down in the birdcage, like a child waiting to be criticized.Tang Shuang watched the play with great interest, and even secretly glanced at Miss Xiangning, both holding back their smiles.It is rare to see a little piggy so serious, he looks like a little parent, training puppies and birds where can i get cbd gummies for pain to be like models It s cool.As soon as Bai Jingjing walked up to Tangtang er, she immediately wagged her tail and begged for mercy, stuck out her tongue to show off her cuteness, she didn t look like she was about to die just now, Tang Xiaowu in the cage rolled her eyes, and quacked twice in her heart, she was talking about shit In the past, if Bai Jingjing acted like this, she would definitely be favored by Candy, hugged her and whispered in her arms, but today is different, today Tang is very angry, she grabs Bai Jingjing s two front paws, and criticizes seriously Jingjing, I want to criticize you What do you think about your little head You poked Bai Jingjing s little head with your fingers, meaning what do .

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you think about this thing, reflect on it.Her video on the list is a co production video with Tangtanger, her movements are synchronized, and most importantly, she has a bright smile on her face, which is very similar to Tangtanger.Like, watching her video, a sunny, youthful and healthy breath rushes towards my face, like walking on a willow embankment in spring.Tang Shuang turned off the video and said 2 million is a lot.Generally, if it exceeds 10,000, it is a small fire, and 2 million is definitely a big fire.Said to Tangtanger Little Tang, you are famous.Surprised, Huh Me How did I become famous Tang Shuang handed her the phone, pointed at Hui Wu, and said, Many people like your dance.Everyone wants to know you very much, and they all praise you for being cute.You have a nice smile.Don t you want to know if someone will cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg where can i get cbd gummies for pain take care of you There are so many of them now.I can have both realistic reactions and boundless fantasies.This state is very attractive.Fang Zhikai said with a smile You are right, fantasy novels are indeed fascinating, but You also need a free soul, otherwise you won t be able to write that kind of unrestrained and unrestrained.He Yue continued Xiaokai is right, I am deeply touched.He Yue has stopped writing where can i get cbd gummies for pain books now, and he has no time., Second, I have no mood, mainly because I no longer have the mood when I wrote A Thousand Arrows Pierce the Heart.After he devoted himself to politics, he basically gave up his writing path.Not only fantasy novels need a free soul, where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane but writing any novel requires a special state.He Yue has never found this kind of state.He is in a state of being, and now he is fully focused on the political arena.Lu Yingying wanted to join the conversation between the three of them, but Lu Mingyi called to stop her Let the three of them chat.As for other prose and essays, there is no record of winning.Fang Zhikai is the winner of the Zijin Literature Award.His award winning work is the novel The Shadow Stealer.At the same time, he is also one of the 108 selection experts for the Chinese Literature Festival.Lu Mingyi is also one of the selection experts, and Wei Daqun is not.Tang Shuang never thought that he would be in touch with the Chinese Literature Festival.Maybe where can i get cbd gummies for pain he would have the opportunity to be on this dazzling stage in the cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg where can i get cbd gummies for pain future, but not now.But according to Fang Zhikai s words, he may be shortlisted this time with his short story Broken Soul Gun.Tang Shuang himself also believes that the work he produced in half a year, that is, Soul Breaking Gun is more artistic, whether it is Heroes , Dragon Snake Romance , or United Life Weekly The published short stories are very commercial, but not artistic enough, so it is impossible to win a literary award.Tangtang er smiled and waved her hands My parents You are too busy with work, you should go to work.The children can solve the children s affairs by themselves.Don t bother the two adults.Xiaoshuang has already raised her hand.He really wants to attend Tangtanger s parent meeting.My little head has been thinking about it for a long time.I thought about it all the way from kindergarten to home, and I was still thinking about it in my little bed just now.Xiaoshuang is so enthusiastic, then agree, let Xiaoshuang go, he I haven t cut my hair yet, if I had my hair cut, I wouldn t let him go, but if he didn t cut it, let him go, Xiaoshuang, are you happy Hohohohoho Tang Shuang immediately smirked.Tang Tanger was a little dissatisfied You have to talk Kaisen I m so excited, ah My mother, I m so happy to participate in our Tang Tang s parent meeting.Tang Shuang was taken aback, why would he do something bad Why do you do bad things Tang Shuang never thought about such a question.He parked the car in front of the zebra crossing, and the green light passed, but someone ignored the traffic light and crossed the road.Tang Shuang said Tang Tang, look at these people crossing the road.It s a red light now, but they hurriedly ignore the vehicles on the road and just walk over in such a slow way.Do you think they are dangerous Do you right Candy stretched her neck and looked forward at the people who had seen the road, then at the traffic light, and said, It s a red light now, our cars are not allowed to go, pedestrians can cross the road.Tang Shuang pointed to the traffic light directly ahead Said We are driving, we should look at the traffic lights effects of cbd gummies on a child cbd relax gummy there, there are now green lights, indicating that our car can drive away, and the traffic lights on the sidewalk are what people crossing the road should look at, you see there are now red lights.At first glance, when places to buy cbd gummies near me it is really useful, it is hard to curry favor, and when it is useless, it is discarded like a shoe.Tang Shuang called to her Why are you going Breaking the jar What a broken jar Tangtanger said that she didn t understand, but she could understand why go , so she snorted softly and said, What else can I do What can I do Hopscotch, wouldn t it be better to shoot and eat candy, children like to play, but they like to eat more, children eat all day long.Tang Shuang , I really want to knock her on the head It s a bad idea thanks to her.Tangtanger seemed to see that he wanted to do something, and said a little timidly Don t hit the child, don t do it, you don t think what the Lun family said is wrong and you can t hit people, I will cry.After finishing speaking, While watching him be wary, he stepped back, wanting to talk to Xiao Yezi.This is a betrayal.I will be pulled out to show the public.I have signed up for you.Everyone is looking forward to your coming.Don t run away.It s bad for your reputation.It doesn t matter, I don t care about the name If you don t go, you have to go, and our family will come to see it.Candy asked happily Father, I can go too Can you You can go too.Tang Tanger immediately urged Tang Shuang to be brave and promise her father.Tang Shuang Dad, I hear what you mean, there seems to be an audience What scale Tang Sanjian A small auditorium with 200 people.200 people Still a small auditorium Brother Sanjian really does not hurt his back while standing and talking.Brother Sanjian added a knife at the end There will be video and on site shorthand.At that time, your remarks will be sorted out.If it is good, it will be published in the school magazine.Xiaotang, what are they talking about Are they talking about rabbits Helpless, Tangtanger asked Tang Xiaotang in her arms for help.Tang Xiaotang was also a rabbit, a cute pink rabbit doll.She said that she was still young , also do not understand.Tangtang er turned her head to look at her mother, and her mother looked at the stage with a smile on her face, looking very serious.Tangtanger followed her mother s gaze and looked over, it was Xiaoshuang, and her mother was looking at Xiaoshuang, looking very proud, oh, I really envy Xiaoshuang, she can make her mother proud.Mom is proud of Xiaoshuang, so Xiaoshuang s speech must be very good.Although Tangtanger can t understand, it doesn t prevent her from worshiping from the bottom of her heart.Xiaoshuang is amazing.Look at me, look at me, look at me Tang Tanger where can i get cbd gummies for pain stared at Tang Shuang on the stage, calling in her heart to Xiaoshuang to come over quickly, she wanted to give him a thumbs up.Ji Rubing approached Tang Shuang immediately and asked him to HCMUSSH where can i get cbd gummies for pain help sign The World Is Wonderful.The book The World Is Really Wonderful was officially released yesterday, and Ji Rubing had already got a copy, and thoughtfully brought it to the round table party, asking Tang Shuang to sign it.This kind of thinking and hard work is really beyond the reach of ordinary people.Just now Tang Shuang and Ji Rubing were sitting opposite each other, separated by where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane a large round table, when the other party approached, they immediately smelled a fragrance.This book is really amazing.I like it very much, especially The Man Who Sells Memories.I cried three times after reading it.One side of the window, looking in from the window, you can see that there is a high backed chair in the middle of the inside, the high backed chair is facing the where to buy eagle cbd gummies window, and there is a figure sitting on it, who vaguely knows that it is a man, but the clothes and other things cannot be distinguished.If so, Tangtanger was furious, and muttered that Xiao Yu was a big villain, a stingy who recognizes money but disregards people.Stingy is one of Tang Shuang s nicknames for Xiaozhuzhu, and he gave it to Tang Yu today.Tang Yu opened his palms to Tang Yu under the table, the meaning couldn t be more obvious, Tang Yu fumbled for money from his pocket with a bitter face, and took out 50 cents, Tang Tang looked at it, a little disgusted, and nodded Tang Yu.With the palm of Yu s palm, he said earnestly, Children s paper Don t pick it Selling the photos where can i get cbd gummies for pain of effects of cbd gummies on a child cbd relax gummy Lun s family only gave me 50 cents, which is unreasonable.Huang Xiangning was speechless again when he heard it.Tangtang er smiled and said to her mother, Mom, the Lun family is educating Xiaoyu.You shouldn t be too picky about being a child, right This is what Xiaoshuang taught me.At this time, Xiaoxiao saw her and her elder sister s leader, an older brother, appearing outside the glass room, holding a note in his hand, beckoning around, coupled with his extremely ostentatious thin hair, it was very similar to calling for souls on a small hillside.Daxianer.Daxian er was smiling all over her face, with creases on her face.Under the creases was a mouthful of yellow teeth.The yellow teeth opened and closed, and she was talking silently.She pointed to the note in her hand.Unfold it and stick it to the glass so she can see it.Xiaoxiao took a closer look, and saw that it said Plenty of time, talk slowly.If you don t have time, you have to make time.Other programs are in the back row, and the ratings are soaring now.Xiao Xiao made an OK gesture, and saw Da Xian er immediately replied with a yeah scissors hand with a smile on her face, Xiao Xiao s liver was trembling, she quickly pretended to read the notebook, lowered her head, not daring to look at Da Xian er again There is always a kind of indescribable panic.Tang Shuang talked nonsense, and the little sister was taken aback for a while, thinking that Xiao Shuang was so powerful and profound, it turned out that this stupid brother knew so much.but I want to watch the little mouse I want to watch the little mouse, Xiao Shuang, you big villain who snatched the children s TV Candy yelled, and suddenly jumped, and she snatched the remote control, but Tang Shuang didn t Completely out of control of the remote control, the two grabbed one end each and were in a tug of war.Hee hee Let go, Xiaoshuang Big villain, let go, do you want to eat Lun s family, huh Hee hee You can t grab the candy Little Zhuzhu put all his strength into it, desperate for his life.Tang Shuang wanted to pick things up, but she didn t let go, and continued to seduce Do you want to earn a million a month Do you want to live in a mansion Do you want to have endless snacks You want cats and dogs, create an animal world Do you want a handsome guy Follow my brother to watch the news Candy was not moved at all I don t, I don t want to I want to watch cartoons, show me cartoons, Xiaoshuang is a stinky sock Grab the cartoons for kids She couldn t understand the news, what s the point of watching it, she didn t want to earn a million dollars a month, as long as Xiaoshuang would give her a hundred dollars a month, she would be satisfied.It s been done outside.Outside, she has always been a little princess and fairy girl, this can t .

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be collapsed, and the little piggy can still handle it.No, no, absolutely not.If you don t believe me, I ll show you the lyrics.Tang Shuang showed her the lyrics of Street Fighter in order to reassure Little Piggy.Xiaozhuzhu held the lyrics and read them hard, pretending to read them carefully, and then gave Tang Shuang a compliment, praising him for not lying to the children, and that he is a good little Shuang.Tang Shuang thanked her for her trust, and knew that this little piggy actually didn t understand, and she didn t know many words, so she was just putting on a show.One of the two didn t tell the truth, and the other didn t point it out, they were both acting.Then let s start I ll teach you how to sing first, okay Tang Shuang asked.The villain was just teasing him, chatted with him for a while, then suddenly skipped the topic, and said to the cool but reliable Ding Lu Little brother, let s sing If I Had a Fairy Wand together.Ding Lu said But we don t know how to sing.Candy said earnestly The Lun family taught you.Everyone, look at this small kid paper, it always feels weird for such a small kid paper to teach them to sing of.Ji Yanjie said to Ding Lu and Zhang Changan This should be a new song.The chairman is so good at writing songs.It is normal to write a nursery rhyme for the children at home.A new song from.Then let Tang Tang teach them to sing, they are also curious about what kind of nursery rhyme it is, and they are looking forward to it.Only Li Yuanlin has a bitter face.In the eyes of others, the candy that looks like a cherub has already grown small horns where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane on his head.After sending the two little ones away, the old Tang s family was also preparing to leave.Everyone got into the Volvo SUV.Tang Shuang came to drive.As soon as they got out of the yard, they saw Aunt Yang taking her Chihuahua for a walk by the lake again.In view of the love for introducing the girl last time, Tang Shuang slowly got out of the car, rolled down the window, and said hello to Aunt Yang.Huang Xiangning also smiled and said a few farewell words to her.Say hello and call someone chocolate Because this dog is chocolate colored.Aunt Yang watched Tang Shuang drive away, and thought to herself, what a warm family, such a nice young man, I didn t like the girl I introduced last time, um, let s introduce some more to Tang Shuang with some snacks.If it wasn t for Tangtang er s young age, she really wanted to introduce one to Tangtang er As for her chocolate, she suddenly jumped to the door of Old Tang s house in a hurry, and barked inside.Candy immediately showed an envious expression, and said You are really good, we are still fighting for a seat, if I don t grab a seat, I have already thought about it, Just sitting on my brother s neck.Ha That s so special, I envy you.Hehe, I m envious and I can t come here.You don t have a brother, but I do This is a gift from the gods to the Lun family The Lun family must be well protected.Puchi haha This is not only the talking elder sister laughing, The guests beside the aisle couldn t help laughing too.Someone next to him said Little sister, where can i get cbd gummies for pain can you take cbd gummies on the plane do you want to sit here with me I ll make room for you.Candy was happy but embarrassed and said Oh, don t be like this, even the Lun family is embarrassed by you., you treat me so well, do you want to be a good person The other party was a middle aged man, and he nodded with a smile, indicating that he just wanted to be a good person.The little man grinned and smirked trying to please, but he restrained himself immediately, turned his head quickly, and continued to watch the stage solemnly, pretending that nothing happened, but muttered in his heart, HCMUSSH where can i get cbd gummies for pain this little Shuang is indeed Bai Liangliang, this guy, old It was digging a hole for my sister.She and Bai Jingjing rushed into Tang Shuang s room many nights, and climbed onto his bed to make trouble, or simply to tease Xiao Shuang, and they were used to fighting together with one person and one dog.I didn t expect to be tricked by Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang stared at the little man for a while, forget it, he didn t break the casserole to ask the end, but he knew in his heart that without his knowledge, this little guy and Bai Jingjing should have plotted against him a lot.The lights on the stage gradually turned on, not suddenly, but gradually, like the sun rising, a process visible to the naked eye.He said to Tang Zhen Sister, do me a favor, hold her down, don t let this guy break free.Press both hands, otherwise she will still slip.Tang Zhen was really worried that Tang Tanger would jump onto the stage , Kneeling in public just now emmm, what else can t be done So he listened to Tang Shuang s words, grabbed Tang Tanger, and let Tang Shuang take the stage smoothly.At the same time, Zhang Yu and others were also on stage.Tang Shuang was walking in front.When she saw Zhang Yu, she stopped for a moment and politely let her go first.Zhang Fei stood close to Shi Yu, followed by Li Ying, Zhang Yu, Liang Qiao, Chen Ming, Zhen Li and Tang Shuang.Shi Yu asked Zhang Fei the first question Director Zhang, we know that the filming process of Heroes was not all smooth sailing, can you share with us an unforgettable event Heroes was filmed in Jiuzhaigou At that time, I encountered a series of problems, a substitute died of a work related injury, and I also had a dispute with Zhang Yu Zhang Fei thought for a while and said It is true that things continue along the way, and it is more complicated than expected.She looked down at Tangtanger in front of her, thinking that it was no wonder Xiaoshuang gave Tangtanger the nickname Tang Paopao, that was the reason.Tangtang er has many nicknames, and Tang Shuang gave her countless nicknames, one of which is where can i get cbd gummies for pain Tang Paopao, which means that this chick likes to slip away when things are not going well.Tang Zhen felt that this was not a good where can i get cbd gummies for pain habit, and she wanted to help her little sister get rid of it, so she didn t even plan to leave, she had to stick to her word Don t shoot Don t shoot I m coming down, don t shoot shouted the young man from the tree.Tang Zhen and Tangtanger couldn t see other people, they could only hear voices.Candy was startled, startled, and wanted to shoot Want to kill someone Sister, sister, run Tang Tanger didn t wait for Tang Zhen, twisted her buttocks and ran away.Hiss suck It where can i get cbd gummies for pain s okay, don t drink it, your stomach won t be able to take it.Tang Shuang quickly snatched the yogurt back from Tangtanger s hands.This little pig looks like a little goldfish now.Hey Drink as much as you want until you are full of food.Hi Candy burped, her belly sticking out, like a bulging sesame glutinous rice ball, her belly was already big at a young age.She was originally sitting on the bench, but now she felt uncomfortable, so she lay down on the bench with both hands and feet, spread her hands and feet, sighed comfortably, and then hissed.Many doctors, nurses and patients passing by had to take a look.Tang Shuang sat with Tangtanger, waiting for Miss Xiangning and the others to come, and asked Miss Xiangning to bring Tangtang for a blood test later.Candy s strong condemnation Bell Sister Xiangning s call came immediately.He pulled him blackberry cbd gummies over and said loudly, Come on, Lao Xiong, come and judge.Then he recounted what happened just now Ye Liang became an ungrateful person in his mouth, not only did not thank him, but also slandered him for stealing his bag.Old Xiong, please judge, there are such miracles in this world I prayed in front of the Bodhisattva and won him a prize of several hundred million.Not only did he not thank me, but he also poured dirty water on me My old Xu Although it is only a small business, it is not so easy to bully Young man Let me tell you, if you don t clarify the matter today, this matter will never end As he spoke, he seemed to be who sells cbd gummies dazzled by anger, and wanted to talk to Ye Liang dry fight.Old Xiong hurriedly grabbed him, worried that he would be beaten up by the two young men Calm down, calm down, old Xu, a gentleman will not move his mouth.The reason why she kept dancing was to catch Brother Bing s sight and get his attention.At this moment, she was smiling happily, raised her little hand, saluted, and shouted Hello, comrades Xiao Muzi, Xiaoyang and Xiaoqing also smiled and imitated Candy, and raised their little hands to salute Brother Bing, He yelled Hello, comrades The corner of the guard s mouth twitched, his brows frowned, and after thinking about it, seeing that there was no one else around, he saluted back and whispered, Hello, children Tangtanger thought it was wrong, it wasn t like this of.She immediately pointed out the mistakes, and said seriously No, brother Bing, you are wrong, you should say hello to the chief Xiaoqing looked at Miss Tangtanger, and said to Comrade Guard in a childish voice No, brother, you are wrong, you should say hands, palms Xiaoqing s elder brother Xiaoyang also shouted It s the chief s good, not the children Xiao Muzi also thinks that it should be the chief s good On TV is This is how it is played Candy seriously asked Would you like to do it again Comrade Guard s mouth twitched wildly, wanting to tell this group of children, although what you said is correct, but you are not the chief, you are just a group of children, Don t think I didn t recognize it, pretending to be the chief will not work So resolutely do not say that the chief is good.Tang Shuang smiled and said, Uncle, I ll go to your place this afternoon, can t wait Tang Dajian laughed heartily, looked at Tang Zhen, and said, I miss their two sisters, Xiao Zhen has changed a lot during this time.Er Niang Mudan agreed, I said the same thing, Xiaozhen has changed a lot.Tang Shuang stared at Tang Zhen when she heard the words, and before she glared over, she said, I don t think so.Peony said, You often see Xiaozhen.Zhen, maybe you don t think that we haven t seen each other for a long time, so it s easy to notice the change.Tang Shuang was right when he thought about it, that s what his aunt said about him when he went to his grandmother s house during the Mid Autumn Festival.Tang Dajian said I told those guys in the army that Tang Zhen is my niece, and they still don t believe me Tang Shuang looked at Tang Zhen, who was slender, and couldn t help but glance at Tang Dajian, the muscular devil , I thought that if I didn t know, I wouldn t be able to guess that Xiao Zhen is your niece.In order to take a closer look, Huang Xiangning took the painting away from Tang Shuang s lap, and stared at it carefully in front of his eyes.The figure was too inconspicuous in the crowd, and it was easy to ignore if he didn t stare carefully.After a while, she raised her head, her eyes were a little red, and said, This is Jiang Yue, she painted herself in the crowd.Tang Shuang Sure enough, it s Sister Yue.In the whole painting, in the middle is Candy wearing a bamboo dragonfly on her head, and beside her are 6 members of the Wangwang team hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews effects of cbd gummies on a child who are extremely proud, and they are running forward happily Behind them, there .

when will tiger woods cbd gummies appear on store shelves?

is a group of onlookers and applauding crowds.In the corner of the crowd, Jiang Yue stood, looking at the candy in front of her with pride, pride and love.Tangtang er s expression is very detailed, but Jiang Yue where can i get cbd gummies for pain best cbd gummies for chronic back pain is just a supporting role, with only a few strokes, so it s impossible to tell what kind of expression it is.He raised his little hand and wiped it boldly, and where can i get cbd gummies for pain said nonchalantly, I m so scared, Xiaoshuang, but it will fill the room.There are not many adults like this chasing after the Lun family.After speaking, his big eyes quickly glanced at Tang Shuang, worried that the whole room would be chasing her now.If she wasn t worried about this, she could tell a lot where can i get cbd gummies for pain of things about Xiaoshuang that frightened her.Chasing her all over the house was just the most common and least worth mentioning item in the lot.She is already picking the lightest thing to say, it depends on whether my sister can understand.Suddenly seeing Xiaoshuang stretching out her hand towards her, the little man was startled, his little body couldn t help but leaned back, and then the little stool flipped over, with a click, and the little butt landed on the ground.Help, save my life Little Shuang, the Great Demon King I m going to eat the Lun family But apart from the laughter of the Great Demon King, no one in Old Tang s family spoke, not even a word of help.people.Tangtanger was whimpering sadly, and Blingbling was running around in the living room, circling the sofa, the stairs, and the dining table, constantly running around in a snake shape.Most of the lights in the house are turned off, and the light is dim.This is her natural protective color It s so hard to catch.Help save my life This little pig wanted to jump out of the house, the world outside was the biggest for her Once outside, it s like a piglet jumping into a mud pit, who is more willing to get out But the moment he ran to the HCMUSSH where can i get cbd gummies for pain door, Tang Shuang caught him.When he was running away just now, he yelled at the big devil, but when he was caught, he immediately changed his mouth.Tangtanger heard the sound of the car and greeted her happily.Huang Xiangning took her little hand and walked home, and asked, Where is my sister Candy said crisply, My sister is making dinner Dad hasn t come back yet, he said he has to work overtime Huang Xiangning asked in surprise Dad has to work overtime What is he doing here Tangtanger thought for a while, and it seemed that no one told her father what to do overtime, anyway, she had to work overtime, as for what to do, she didn t know, so she shook her head and said, I don t know Then boldly guessed Could it be playing mahjong Huh Playing mahjong No way.It s very possible, mom, who knows for sure.Dad also has fun.Fortunately, Huang Xiangning is very familiar with Tang Sanjian, knowing that he is not interested in mahjong, so he concluded that it is impossible to play mahjong, otherwise brother Sanjian would ask Tang Sanjian to trick him a little.Going to the window, she said, Where are you nervous I m not nervous effects of cbd gummies on a child at all.Tang Shuang smiled and changed the subject and asked, Is it cold at home now Is it still snowing Yes, it has been snowing for three consecutive days.It s day.Luo Yuqing said while looking at the bright sunshine outside the window.Not far away is the sea, and the Bay Bridge just passed.On the bridge, two large stone fish with wings on their backs shine brightly against the backdrop of the sun and sea water.Xiaoshuang said that this is called Leiyu, and this bridge is also called Yuanyang Bridge.Thinking of mandarin ducks, she couldn t help but think of Tang Shuang.She turned around and said to Tang Shuang, I Tang Shuang suddenly came up to her, pushed her into the fabric chair, then took the other one, and sat down opposite her, and the two sat face to face.It s locked, huh Tang Shuang nodded, and said regretfully, My sister must hate you and think you are annoying, so she closed the door.Tang Tang, do you want to reflect on yourself and why you annoy my sister What about you, are you too annoying Think carefully about how annoying you are.Tang Shuang walked away as soon as she finished speaking.Tangtanger thought for a while, and chased after him.Although she was disgusted by Xiaoshuang s turn, Tangtanger still chose to believe what Xiaoshuang said, that her sister missed her where can i get cbd gummies for pain very much last night, and was sad HCMUSSH where can i get cbd gummies for pain because she hadn t seen the baby, so in order to let her sister see her as soon as possible, She took Bai Jingjing to guard the door all the time.Huang Xiangning softened cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg where can i get cbd gummies for pain her heart and moved her little yellow stool, so she sat at the door of Tang Zhen s room.Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang with puzzled eyes, Yingying She had never heard of this name before, but hillstone hemp cbd gummies reviews effects of cbd gummies on a child it sounded like this name had an unusual relationship with Xiaoshuang.Was top 5 place that sell gummies with cbd it so well hidden Although the scene of the awards ceremony looked quite peaceful, its influence was enormous.Many people are paying attention to tonight s awards ceremony, waiting in front of the TV early.Needless to say, the Tang family headed by Tang Tang, this little guy stayed in front of the TV after school, and didn t want to go to the dining table for dinner.He said he wanted to stare at Xiaoshuang, so she had to sit in the living room for dinner.In the end, Huang Xiangning forced him to Follow her to the dinner table.Then, she ate two large bowls at an unprecedented speed, jumped off the chair, skillfully turned on the TV, and sat on the sofa with a doll in her arms to wait a gourmet show was playing on the TV.A glass window appeared on the big screen.Looking down from the window, I saw a group of militants holding guns and forming a combat team, marching vigilantly on the street.This is a military themed story.So far, all the 9 nominated short stories have been introduced, including 3 emotional stories, 1 science fiction story, 2 suspense stories, 1 documentary literature, 1 historical story, and 1 military story.On the big screen were the covers of nine short stories for a while, and the figures of the nine nominees for a while.Among them, Tang Shuang was the youngest and very conspicuous.Now, Mr.Xiang Wen, please announce the final winner of the Silver Literature Award for short stories Applause is welcome.Xiang Wen is a white haired old man, but he is hale and hearty.He is the winner of the ninth Zijin Literature Award.Look at me What are you looking at me for Tang Shuang asked suspiciously.Children are right.Little Butterfly is a little girl from someone else s family.I haven t slept with someone else s boy paper.This is the first time.Little Butterfly is afraid and can t sleep.We have to watch you.We will only sleep when you sleep.This is to protect Little Butterfly.Tang Shuang asked uncertainly You say I m a bad guy Tang Tanger said with a smile Little. Little villain You re so smart, Xiao Shuang, you It s a little villain.This made Tang Shuang say nothing, but to go out and leave the tent to the two little girls.Then I ll go out to live.You can live here and sleep by yourself.I don t care about you.Tang Shuang made a gesture to leave, but Tang Tanger immediately grabbed his clothes and refused to let him go.Seeing Xiao Guizi standing aside, she would only look at her and would not protect her, so she said angrily, Little Guizi, go and see who is here Pan Fugui was a little scared by what she said, but as a knight, he just After eating the little princess biscuits, I couldn t back down at this time, so I bravely came to the door.The yard door was already wide open, the car had already entered the garage, and no one had yet appeared.He looked back at Candy, and said, I didn t see anyone Did you see anyone Candy poked out his small head and the muzzle of a gun from the edge of the sofa.I didn t see it At this moment, Pan Fugui felt a gust of wind blowing by his feet, and looked down, and saw that it was Bai Jingjing who jumped out, jumped down the steps, and rushed to the garage.Is this puppy dying Just as Pan Fugui thought this way, he saw Bai Jingjingxing was very excited, turned back alive and kicked, jumped past his feet again, and cbd gummies are made from ran to Tangtanger, barking a few times.Tang Zhen also came over, but she left after having lunch and went directly to the concert site.With one afternoon left, Tang Shuang took Candy and walked around the hotel with Sister Xiangning and Brother Sanjian.It was the first time Tangtanger came to are cbd gummies legal in wi Shanghai, so she was amazed.It s just that now it s different from the past, Tang Shuang has to wear a big mask, even for a little girl like Candy, otherwise she will be chased and intercepted all the way.Wow everyone wants to come to Qin Lun s kushly cbd gummies price little face these big villains, hehe Candy exclaimed, it was admiration, not panic, this guy seemed very unhappy, but in fact he was very happy proud.A collection of thousands of pets, isn t this a little princess I have been staying at home before, and I can only feel that someone likes me from the Internet.Tang Shuang stopped talking for a moment, she said too much, and she slipped her mouth.Tangtang er curled her small mouth, with her little hands behind her back, and walked around the study in circles with her little hands behind her back, as if the leader was inspecting her.The mission accomplished, the certainty that she won t be fired, has finally lifted the weight HCMUSSH where can i get cbd gummies for pain off her little shoulders, and now it s time to relax, smug, and show off.You really don t want to sleep with me at night You really miss Xiaoshuang Tangtang er remained arrogant, with a look of disdain for a little princess.Tang Shuang was sure that this little guy was taking revenge on him for forcing her to paint today.Okay, since where can i get cbd gummies for pain you re so pushy, don t ask me to tell you the bedtime story tonight.It s time for you to go to bed.She is cbd gummies with pure hemp extract 750 mg where can i get cbd gummies for pain one of the pillars of Orange Mai, and the boss can t be kept in the dark when rumors are spreading from the outside world.Although she is very professional, she values this relationship more.Others call her a goddess, but a goddess can also eat fireworks in the world, and also fall into the honeypot of love.Now, she already loves this guy named Xiaoshuang beside her to death.During the time she can t see her, she misses her day and night and suffers from lovesickness.Facing Xiao Na s words that Tang Shuang poached her baby away, Tang Shuang smiled and said Tuzi Entertainment and Cheng Mai kissed each other, regardless of each other, so I feel relieved to entrust my sister and girlfriend to you.I am so unreserved, I hope that our two companies will further enhance mutual trust and strengthen mutual cooperation in the future.Ah Senmo loves Tang Tang, pull it all down Xiao Shuang Pull it all down Tang Tang again I don t love you either Give me back my little pig Boom The little master was sitting on the sofa, wanting to rush to the TV He looks so irritable Radu can t hold back Thanks to having two adults in the house One is the best mother in the world, and the other is the most serious father in where can i get cbd gummies for pain the world.They worked together to prevent the little master from jumping up.Otherwise, the little master might smash the TV and scare this cute and poor little bird.Tang Shuang didn t know that the few words he said casually on the stage easily aroused the dissatisfaction in the little sister s heart.He stepped off the stage amidst roars of laughter, but went up again not long after.He won the Best Album Producer Award.For example, the title song Sea Breeze was nominated for the best song of the year, he himself was nominated for the best male singer of the year, and the album of the same name Sea Breeze was nominated for the best album of the year.Unfortunately, he met the strong and unreasonable Tang Zhen and Dream Flower.After the best male singer was announced, it was the best female singer.In addition to Tang Zhen, Yang Huiru, Meng Weiye, Gao Linyuan, and Wang Yahao were also nominated for this award.Except for Tang Zhen, the other four were singers who had been famous for a while.Yang Huiru had a calm smile on her charming face, but her eyes felt a little helpless, because she knew that Tang Zhen was the most popular for this award, and she and the others were probably accompanying her.Perhaps with this kind of psychological preparation, she didn t feel much uneasy.5 million yuan to Tang Tangxiao Sister She was immersed in the excitement of making a lot of money, completely unaware that she had also fallen into the pit, and Xiaoshuang lay at the bottom of cbd gummies do they have thc in them the pit.After Huang Xiangning finished the phone call with Tang Shuang, she looked at her effects of cbd gummies on a child cbd relax gummy little sister anxiously and asked, Are you still sad Then do you want to have a word with brother Say a word Tangtanger answered the phone, Crooked Xiaoshuang Xiaoshuang, you should be well outside, don t cause trouble, don t fight, don t bully others My puppy, talk well, don t be naughty, sleep at night, don t snore, well, get your money ready early, oh, can you give Lun s family a big treasure chest Said In order to let her speak a few words, she spoke two hundred sentences.Chapter 1020 Tang Shuang and what percentage of cbd is in gummies Luo Yuqing rushed to the where can i get cbd gummies for pain airport.For a while, only Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing were left in the family.Tang Shuang held her hand with a smile and said, Take me to see the room where the princess lives.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, It s not where the princess lives, but a little girl.Her room is full of little girls.fantasy, the main color is blue fantasy.Tang Shuang looked here and there in her room, looking for the traces of Miss Luo from childhood to adulthood, a photo, an old thing, all carried a period of time in the past.Opening the photo album, Luo Yuqing was unparalleled in her student days.Among all pregnant cbd gummies the group photos, she was always the most eye catching one.At a glance, she was definitely the first thing to notice, even if she was standing in a corner.Tang Shuang smiled and said This is my Yuqing when I was a child.Seeing your photo, it is so beautiful and warm, just like the warm wind blowing when we walked through the street just now, like shooting through that old room.Tang effects of cbd gummies on a child cbd relax gummy Shuang vetoed Sister, you can t cost of cbd gummies for tinnitus do this, it s not romantic.Let s not say anything first, let Miss Xiangning, uh Seeing Sanjian s father staring at him expressionlessly, he quickly changed his words Let me Mom will go to work normally tomorrow, and then I will bring candy and a cart of flowers to her classroom to pick her up, so that there will be surprises and more romance.Tang Shuang asked Tang Sanjian Dad, what do you think Isn t it very creative Tang Sanjian nodded in agreement.Tang Shuang was very relieved, knowing that brother Sanjian learned another trick from him, and he could use this trick to flatter his wife in the future.In the face of Sanjian s father, as a son, cbd gummies for people with seisures he never hides his secrets, and always gives him in such a silent way.2 1.Tang Zhen also nodded in approval of this plan.They looked around Tangtang er s room.There seemed to be endless treasures in this small room, and every inch of space could unearth special surprises, which made the two of them, especially Jiang Yue, addicted to it.Until the sound of a car came from the yard.Tang Zhen immediately went to the window to look down, and saw Tang Shuang s sports car came back, and said to the nervous Jiang Yue, Tangtanger, Mom and Xiaoshuang are back.Jiang Yue was at a loss for a moment, subconsciously wanted to leave and find a place to hide.But this is Old Tang s house, where can he hide, and today he came here specially to visit.The adults of the old Tang family want to introduce her as a young lady to the little girl of the Tang family.She is the main character, she can t go.Don t be nervous, we are by your side.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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