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The other party quickly replied Have you been waiting for me What do you think Smile Hee hee, I ve been out on business for the past few days, and I just came back today.Qi Fei cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale asked, What are you busy with You don t even have time to go to QQ.Qingyu sent a sad expression Just took over I m not very familiar with the new job, and it s too stressful.Qi Fei smiled It s okay, take your time.What about you I a good deal was negotiated today.Aren t you wandering Why did you turn cbd gummy cubes 500mg into a business Qingyu asked curiously.You have to have money to be a vagabond.If I don t have any money, I ll find a job to make some money.So that s how it is.Then Qingyu said, Oh, if only I were as good as you.Qi Fei encouraged Don t be so frustrated.I m not discouraged.Although I encountered a lot of resistance, I know it s inevitable.Qi Fei stood up and was about to say something, but Yi Lan brought it up and said Qi Fei, I calculated your salary, and you can get almost 20,000 this month plus commission, congratulations For Qi Fei, cbd gummies and stomach issues this should not be considered a big deal.Compared with the tens of millions of assets he had in his hands a few years ago, it is really not enough.But cbd gummies port aransas with Qi Fei s current situation, it has to who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale be said that it is a huge sum of money.It s really the first time I ve seen someone like you earn so much money within two months of working here.I really admire you Yi Lan s eyes showed approval.Qi Fei grinned, and was about to ask Sister Lan to give her a good rub when he was about to talk, but he didn t expect that as soon as he opened his mouth, he felt chills all over his body, and then his eyes went dark, and he didn t know anything in an instant.Yi Lan walked up to Qi Fei and looked at him Sister is planning to go home, why don t you go there too Yunnan is a good place to travel, and we also avoided the peak tourist season during the holidays.Qi Fei thought to himself that he had nothing else to do anyway.and he has already decided to leave, if that s green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale the case, he should just be with Sister Lan, so he nodded in agreement.You don t want to go when the time comes.Yi Lan s eyes turned into crescent moons.Don t worry, Sister Lan.Well, today s work is about to start, do it well.The whole morning passed in a blink of an eye, and at noon, Qi Fei deliberately chose a high end restaurant to have lunch with Yi Lan.While the two were eating happily, Yi Lan s cell phone rang.Mr.Cheng, what s the matter Yi Lan turned on her phone and asked.When Qi Fei heard this, he subconsciously frowned.Cheng.Cheng Siyu s eyes showed an extremely incredible look Youyou work at Yi Lan s publishing stationQi Fei It s me.Thishowhow could it be you I don t know.YouI Cheng Siyu was completely at a loss at the moment.Qi Fei waited for a few seconds and then sighed If Mr.Cheng really doesn t keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews want to see me, I ll leave now.After he finished speaking, he turned around and left, but just as he reached the door, Cheng Siyu yelled I m not telling you what to do.Slow down Qi Fei stopped in place.Cheng Siyu tried her best to calm herself down, and she took a few sips of water from the desk before she said, Come back.It s you, but Cheng Siyu walked around the office while talking.Qi Fei walked back in front of her again, which made keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews Cheng Siyu subconsciously take two steps back.She still didn t have any good feelings for Qi Fei, and even had fear in her heart.Hu Zhiping, general manager of the advertising company.The host of the meeting is Mr.Ma, the president of the group.The first person to speak was Cheng Siyu, and after reporting the necessary content one by cbd gummies london uk one, she looked at Qi Fei who was sitting aside Qi Fei, you have been in the customer resource development department since it was established, and Manager Yi failed to attend the meeting , it s up to you to report to the leaders.At this time, all the people present at the meeting looked at Qi Fei, which made Qi Fei feel a little nervous.This situation was too sudden for Qi Fei, and he wasn t even prepared for it, but at this point, he could only bite the bullet.Moreover, Qi Fei knew very well that this report must be successful, otherwise it would be detrimental to vegan cbd gummies keto friendly cbd gummies the entire company, and it would directly affect Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan.Okay, I promise you.The light from the computer screen was printed on Cheng Siyu s face, and her eyes reflected the light of happiness No matter how difficult life is, you must make yourself happy.If you don t Even if I m happy, I ll be sad.Qi Fei took a deep breath and smiled.In my heart, you have always been an indomitable man, and nothing can break you.I believe in you Well, I will also be confident.Although I don t know what happened today.Let you drink, but I think If you encounter something that makes you painful, then tell yourself, this will pass, if you remember what happened to make you so uncomfortable, then those things should not be your heart Because that has passed, it will actually make you stronger.Looking at these words, Qi Fei felt uneasy, yes, those HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale pains have passed, those things that happened, no matter how unforgettable , the value of its existence is only to let oneself learn from experience, and then move forward better.The price of this punch was that Qi Fei was stabbed in the chest again, and the blade almost ten centimeters long was stabbed in.Qi Fei staggered and almost fell down, which made Cheng Siyu scream in fright, and rushed to him, but the last two villains still refused to give up, one of them dealt with Qi Fei and the other dealt with Cheng Siyu.Qi Fei tried keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews his best to block Cheng Siyu with the last bit of strength, and then kicked cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale sideways at the villain who dealt with Cheng Siyu.He kicked it very accurately and hit the man s forehead directly, and the guy fell to the ground before he could make a sound.And Qi Fei couldn t hold it anymore, even if there was one last villain who hadn t been dealt with, he clutched his bleeding chest, tilted his body, and fell to the ground.It was the second before he lost consciousness, Qi Fei felt that he was really dead this time.Qi Fei couldn t help but sighed in his heart, Damn, what s the matter I had to be arrested and taken to the police station for nothing.I, a good young man in society, never thought that such a thing would happen to him.On my body The crew cut man and the others were now full of gloating expressions, and the man in the leather jacket raised his middle finger at Heizi, looking as arrogant as he wanted.Oh What happened here Suddenly, Li Xuan s voice came from the side.Qi Fei hurriedly looked over, and saw Li Xuan walking over with a surprised face, followed by his driver.It was the driver who found something was cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies wrong and went over to tell him.On the other side of Li Xuan, there was a cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale bald and fat man wearing a gold chain.Brother keto friendly cbd gummies Xuan Qi Fei shouted.Li Xuan frowned What s the matter, why did you call the police At the same time, the flat headed man and the others also saw their boss, so they hurried over, but they didn t take Li Xuan back.Brother Qiang was overjoyed and was about to thank Li Xuan, but Li Xuan said to Qi Fei I ask you, what have you learned this time Qi Fei s expression was very complicated.He felt that he was going to sink deeper and deeper into this quagmire.After a moment of silence, he said to Li Xuan If people don t attack me, I won t attack others.If people attack me I will definitely Double it back.Li Xuan patted Qi Fei on the shoulder appreciatively You re a fast learner, but theory alone is not enough, you have to do it yourself, do you understand what I mean Qi Fei gritted his teeth I understand.Okay, let s go.Qi Fei took a deep breath and walked up to the crew cut man kneeling on the ground.Li Xuan stood aside and watched with interest, and said to Qi Fei Don t worry, I will take care of it for you if something happens, and you don t have to take responsibility.This made Heizi and Maoqiu very envious, and Maoqiu couldn t help but ask Li Xuan Boss, when will you give us a set Li Xuan stared You fucking think it s Chinese cabbage You can have it if you want Wait until you are qualified Mao Qiu shrank his neck and said nothing, but kept looking at the bag under Li Xuan s feet, and the same was true for Heizi.After more than half an hour, the car came to a bar that looked very luxurious.Qi Fei took a look through the window.Flashing non stop, it is a lively entertainment place at first glance.Hey, there are two drunk chicks throwing up outside, let s go over and comfort them Heizi said to Maoqiu.Maoqiu nodded HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale again and again Okay, okay, strike while you re drunk, and get one right.You re good Li Xuan said Can you be a little bit promising, and you still need to pick up dead fish when you hang out with me I ll have you guys in a while, get out of the car Hey hey, okay, boss Brother Fei, not only this bar, but look around, that nightclub, that entertainment city, all belong to me, even if there are still people nearby If it s not mine, then it s mine.In her case, you can perform auditory and tactile stimulation.Auditory means talking to her more, talking about something that can arouse her consciousness, and playing some of her favorite things.Movies, music, etc.Qi Fei nodded again and again I do this often, and I will strengthen it later, what about tactile stimulation Do you use needles Don t worry too much.Wu Wei laughed You can also use acupuncture, such as acupuncture, and I will use this method for auxiliary treatment.I know that you have hired cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale special care for Yi Lan, and will massage her body.This is the basic tactile stimulation, and then I Let me tell you another method that may be effective.Please tell me.This is a previous case where a certain man became a vegetable, and then his wife stayed by his side persistently and also took care of him.This is the first time Qi Fei has come here, and he was supposed to come here for inspection before, but it was under renovation at that time, so he didn t go in before.He fell in love with it as soon as he entered it now, and he couldn t help muttering in his heart, he didn t expect Li Xuan to have such fresh and refined taste.The first floor is the lobby and booths.The decoration in the lobby is also in Chinese classical style, the music played is extremely soft, and the booths are full of people, drinking tea and chatting, which is very different from other entertainment clubs.Same.Looking around, there are hardly many young people, yes, young people will feel that this place is too dull.When Qi Fei was watching, the manager of the restaurant came over.He knew Qi Fei and had met him before.Chapter 89 Old Gongsun Qi Fei was at the side, seeing that the bald head was so presumptuous, he immediately grabbed the bald head s wrist.The bald head only felt that his hand was clamped by iron tongs, and he could HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale no longer move forward an inch, so he couldn t help being surprised.Qi Fei said to the bald head with a calm face Open the door to do business, so naturally you are not afraid of trouble.If you dare to make an inch, I won t be so polite.Why don t you go to the police station What are you People.The bald man asked through gritted teeth, he felt the strength of the other party s fingers getting stronger and stronger, which made his expression change.This teahouse belongs to my boss, and I am his subordinate, responsible for the safety work here.Qi Fei said.Hearing his words, the gray clothed man showed a strange expression in his eyes.Ye Dabao seemed to be slightly relieved after hearing this sentence That s good, let me tell you, Xuan er is already with someone else, she is someone else s horse now, and what s more, After you left, she followed someone else.Who.Qi Fei asked.Gaowei.Ye Dabao said the name.This undoubtedly shocked Qi Fei s heart, and he couldn t even believe what Dabao said.He said in a daze, What what did you say Did I hear you right Fuck I don t think you want to believe it I won t say it a second time Qi Fei was stunned.When he was in college, Gao Wei was chasing Xuan er.He was Qi Fei s strong rival in love.Later, Xuan er still chose Qi Fei., I didn t expect that now Galway still got him.This kind of blow is indeed a big blow to Qi Fei.He was always at a disadvantage before.In the competition with Gao Wei, he both won in his love career, but suddenly this situation turned around 180 degrees.The bar Li Xuan mentioned was in the hotel.After Qi Fei found the box where Li Xuan was, he opened the door and went in.The light inside was very dark and the music was loud.Seeing Qi Fei coming in, Li Xuan shouted loudly Brother Fei Come drink Qi Fei glanced at the table, and there were all high end foreign wines on the table.Without thinking, he walked over and picked up the glass to pour I drank it directly.Li Xuan seemed to be in a good mood, seeing Qi Fei s cooperation was even more exciting, as soon as Qi Fei finished drinking, he would fill it up immediately, and then kept toasting.Qi Fei s mind became more and more blank, he didn t seem to know what he was doing.Li Xuan had two ladies by his side, and he gave Qi Fei one, but Qi Fei didn t refuse.After tossing like this until midnight, Li Xuan was still very interested, and brought the two ladies back to his room, and let Qi Fei go there with him.Qi Fei gradually thought about the entire operation process of the publishing company, and he would carefully figure out every link.He .

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hoped to find out some key things from it.After pondering for a while, his thinking became clearer and clearer.It didn t take long for him to find the problem, and then he immediately thought about the best way to solve it.However, this method was really difficult to come up with, Qi Fei snuffed out the cigarette butt and lit another, constantly persuading himself to calm down and not to be impatient.If your mind is in a mess, keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews you won t be able to think of anything.Qi Fei stood up and walked back and forth in the room, frowning tightly.After a few minutes, he stopped by the window, smoking a cigarette while looking at the main road outside the window.At this time, Qi Fei saw a uniformed worker cleaning things by the flower bed downstairs.There was melodious singing in the earphones, Qi Fei propped his chin and stared at Qingyu s gray head in a daze, and couldn t help but think of what Ye Dabao said to him during lunch.Thinking of this, Qi Fei s mood gradually became a lot more melancholy.He didn t know whether he had always maintained such an unusual and unique relationship with Cheng Siyu, whether it was good or bad, and what it would be like in the future.No one can give Qi Fei an answer to this kind of thing, and only he knows the green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale biggest secret, so he is very confused.Could it be that he really has always been in love with Qingyu in the online cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale world like this The process may really make people very happy, but it is absolutely impossible to maintain this situation forever.The only constant in this world is change.God knows what unexpected things will happen in the future. what What practical action Simple, like give me a hug, or come and kiss me, haha.Seeing this sentence, Cheng Siyu s cheeks flushed instantly in the office.She hurriedly looked up at the door, but fortunately no one came.She smiled shyly, and then replied to Piaoling You scoundrel.Then she sent another hug emoji, and after thinking about it, added a kiss emoji.On the other side, Qi Fei was a little emotional, at this moment he really wanted to hold her in his arms, and then kiss her lips.Just thinking about it, Qi Fei s heart was full of helplessness and depression that was difficult to resolve.This emotion came from the fact cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale that he knew that what he thought could not become a reality.After 75 mg cbd gummies a moment of silence, Qi Fei asked Qingyu, I suddenly want to ask you something, but I m afraid you will get angry.Brother Xuan, don t you Do you need my help Qi Fei asked.Li Xuan laughed loudly What s the rush, you ll be busy then, now you have some spare time, you can have fun Yes, Brother Xuan.Li Xuan turned around and wanted to leave, just now After walking a few steps, he turned back to Qi Fei and said, If there is any problem here, you can handle it for me, President Guang and they will cooperate with cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale you.Yes, Brother Xuan.Qi Fei thought to himself, this nightclub is still open.It didn t open yet, what could be the matter, it was already ten o clock in the morning, Qi Fei had nothing to do, so he just stayed in the nightclub box, ordered a bottle of red wine and drank it himself, and then called Cheng Siyu.Chapter 118 I ran into Xuan er and Qi Fei called Cheng Siyu mainly because he wanted to know about Yi Lan s current situation.I did a lot of work at a very young age.Of course, I mainly cleaned in some bar ktv.Hygiene or something.Then Mr.Guang, it s really not easy for you.Mr.Guang nodded It s not easy, but I ve been here for so many years.Qi Fei asked curiously I think Mr.Guang You should have a lot of experience, so why not open a bar or other entertainment venue yourself Mr.Guang laughed again It s not that I don t have this idea.To tell you the truth, if Boss Li doesn t come over, I will accept this nightclub.Compared with the boss, I don t have such a strong background as him, and the salary given by Boss Li is quite high, so I worked for him.So it s like this I don t know what s the situation with Brother Fei President Guang Asked.Qi Fei said haha I was just a newspaper delivery person before, and then I followed Brother Xuan, nothing special.Xuan er, let s try it It looks like the game is coming to an end, I ll get you a special reward Gao Wei said while pulling Xuan er s hand.Xuan cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies er showed a hesitant expression, she really didn t want to fall into the crowd and be touched cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale by so many hands.Seeing Xuan er hesitating, Gao Wei gradually lowered his face Why, you don green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale t believe me NoI Then follow me Gao Wei couldn t help but dragged Xuan er Get up, and then pull her over there.Qi Fei who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale saw this scene clearly, and he also guessed that Gao keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews Wei wanted to go to play games, but Qi Fei also saw Xuan er s reluctant expression.Qi Fei felt a stabbing pain in his heart.At this moment, he had an green cbd gummies uk price urge to go over and pull Xuan er back.His hand was pressing on the glass door, but Qi Fei finally held back.The urge didn t go buy cbd gummies for sleep near me out.He lowered his hands, lowered his head, and took a few deep breaths slowly.Unexpectedly, the bald man s two subordinates hurried over and stopped them.Chapter 124 Qi Fei s Strategies The bald man s two subordinates are half a head shorter than Gao Wei, but they look stronger and have a fierce face.Gao Wei was so frightened that he dared not move forward , he squeezed out a smile and said politely Brotherswe are just guests here, we Before he could finish his sentence, the bald man yelled at him impatiently Shut up, kid Ball business No one will stop you if you want to get out, as long as the girl next to you stays.Gao Wei was stunned for a moment Why do you want her to stay The bald man squinted his eyes Because I have taken a fancy to her.The vice president of the nightclub frowned suddenly You are here to target our nightclub and have nothing to do with the guests.I can see that you are very special to your daughter I have confidence, but I don cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale t know are you really willing to let your precious daughter be our guide Qi Fei was startled, and for a long time, it was not Lao Tie who followed him, but his daughter Xiao Tie.Lao Tie frowned slightly To be honest, I don t want my daughter to help you, because the place you are going to passis difficult to walk, but that gentleman is cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale very kind to my family, I don t think so.Since he opened his mouth, I have to help him with all my might.If I am healthy enough, I will definitely accompany you all in person Sigh Qi Fei thought about it, the gentleman that the old iron said should be It was the big man Li Xuan visited in Kunming before.Father, don t worry, don t you understand my skills Xiao Tie said.Lao Tie chuckled I know, of course I know.Well, let s move the place, don t face the crack on the top, maybe something will fall Come down, it s not good if you hit it.Then she and Qi Fei supported Li Xuan to move sideways, and then found a relatively safe place, and Xiaotie dug out some branches from the soil where cbd oil or gummies the collapse had just occurred, and used these branches to A fire was lit.Seeing the beating flames, Li Xuan and Qi Fei s mood gradually calmed down a lot.Xiao Tie, have you encountered such a situation before Qi Fei asked while biting a compressed biscuit.Xiao Tie shook his head No, I went to the rainforest just for hunting, not for adventure, basically I try to avoid all dangerous places Qi Fei was silent.After eating a piece of biscuit, he took out a pack of biscuits.Taking out a crumpled cigarette, he took out one and handed it to Li Xuan Brother Xuan, smoke slowly., three people can climb up together.In this way, Xiao Tie went first, Li Xuan was second, cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale and Qi Fei was last.Li Xuan s hands and palms were scratched, so climbing the rope was particularly painful, but when he remembered that he would cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale soon reach the village, he gritted his teeth and carried it.When he climbed up, his hands were stained red with blood At this moment, Qi Fei felt as if he had escaped from birth.Spending a night in that cave was like spending a year.Not to mention the conflict with the tomb robbers, the dark and oppressive atmosphere inside alone could make him People are crazy.Qi Fei took a few deep breaths of fresh air, and looked back at the huge crack behind him.The black crack was like the mouth of a monster.Qi Fei hurried away from here.If it suddenly collapsed again, then But it s a tragedy.It was too late to stop his bleeding, so Qi Fei had to drag Li Xuan and put him behind a big tree to hide.Damn I I was shot Li Xuan said in panic.Qi Fei didn t care about Li Xuan anymore, but poked his head out to check on Xiao Tie s situation.At this time, he found that the three militants had already arrived.One of them led, and the other two walked behind.The one in the lead found Xiao Tie lying on the ground, Qi Fei couldn t help but feel his heart tense, and quickly raised the muzzle HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale of his gun to point at that person, but Qi Fei didn t know what to do, the shooting angle was too bad, if he missed If not, Xiao Tie is really doomed.Seeing that person walking towards Xiaotie cautiously, the distance is getting closer and closer, while the other two militants are vigilantly watching the movement around them.Qi Fei hurriedly took out his mobile phone and .

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saw the text message from Li Xuan.The content of the text message is The car has been arranged Run away, don t worry Qi Fei showed Cheng Siyu the text message, which made Cheng Siyu feel a little relieved, and then Qi Fei led her to continue walking towards the exit gate.Due to the sound of gunshots nearby, the gate also strictly checked the people who left, which naturally took some time.Fortunately, Liu Dengfeng had checked before, and Qi Fei reported his name.It didn t take long.Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu finally set foot on the land of China.This made Qi Fei s tense mood relax a little bit, and it didn t take long for him to receive another strange call, which turned out to be from the driver arranged by Li Xuan.At this moment, Qi Fei has no way to control what will happen to Li Xuan.Qi Fei willie nelson cbd gummies reviews looked around again, but unfortunately he couldn t see anything three meters away, because the light outside couldn t shine that far.In front of you is the stone wall of the cave, and there are some strange stalactites.Behind you and under your feet is the rushing underground river.On the top of the five or six meters on the right is the place where the top of the cave has collapsed, and the rest is dark.It s really uncomfortable to hear the sound of my own heartbeat besides the sound of running water.Damn it Trapped in this kind of place, you can t go anywhere, do you really want to die here Qi Fei felt despair.When he just fell down, Cheng Siyu had cbd gummies distribution already disappeared.Qi Fei remembered that the other party fell down with him, and he probably didn t know where he was washed away by the underground river at this moment.He bent down slowly and picked up a big stone from the side.Now he doesn t have any fishing tools in his hand, and he can t go into the water to catch fish.It s too dangerous, so he plans to wait for the fish to get close enough before smashing the stone down hard.Even if the fish cannot be killed by a stone, the violent vibration can temporarily stun or even stun the fish.The three fish were getting closer and closer, even their backs were almost out of the water, less than one meter away from Qi Fei, Cheng Siyu stood beside him very nervous.Qi Fei gritted his teeth, and suddenly smashed the stone with all his might.With a bang, the water splashed all over Qi Fei from head to toe.Cheng Siyu was a little further away, but his hair and clothes were also wet.Fortunately, the fire in her hand was not extinguished, Qi Fei hastily wiped the water off his face, and then was delighted to cbd kid gummies find that two of the three fish turned white immediately, and the other swam unsteadily.She just walked on the main road, which was a bit detoured.In fact, there was an alley to go back quickly.There were few pedestrians on the road, and there were fewer vehicles.Cheng Siyu decided to go back to the hotel quickly, otherwise she would really suffer from the cold, so she decided to take that alley.There should be some shops and residential buildings next to the alley.It doesn t look remote, so you don t have to worry about any danger.After keeping the route in mind, Cheng Siyu left in a hurry.According to her memory, she walked into a small alley.There were some vendors on both sides of the alley, and some were supper restaurants.They were still open and brightly lit., the air seemed to be a lot warmer, and it also carried the aroma of some food.Cheng Siyu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and strode forward.Gongsun here Manager Ding showed a look of surprise Are you looking for Mr.Gongsun He is busy with something.I went.Oh Then when will he come I don t know about it, but it seems that he has to deal with more important matters.It may take a few days What do you want from him While the two were talking, Platinum had already arrived outside the manager s office.He opened a door, and he could still hear voices talking inside.I really have something to do with him, but I was wondering if Manager Ding could tell me what the old man s full name is Qi Fei asked this question a little nervously.Manager Ding cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale narrowed his eyes, his pupils flickered, and Qi Fei was startled by that look.Bai Jin standing outside the door pricked up his ears.He didn t understand what he just heard, so he only knew that Qi Fei seemed to be asking about a person.When he woke up, it was 8 30 in the morning.He immediately called Ye Xiaobei to see if she had woken up.Chapter 172 Do you cbd gurus gummies surrender or not It turned out that Xiao Bei got up early, and tidied up Qi Fei s house, saying that he would go there with breakfast.Qi Fei said Going to bed so late last night won t affect your spirit, right No, I m in a good state of mind, hehe.Okay, I ll go there now.Okay Brother Qi.After Qi Fei left the hospital, he bought some breakfast and rushed back to the residential area.Qi Fei s footsteps are so light, and his whole face is radiant.The only thing that makes him think about it now is the matter of Gongsun Hai.At that time, Manager Ding seemed very nervous, so that thing should be very important to Gongsun Hai, but I don t know why, and I haven t HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale contacted him until now.Yang That s really good, Mr.Yang, you are welcome to continue to cooperate with our company.Don t worry about those things before.Now that we have cooperated again, we will continue to cooperate well in the future.Mr.Yang laughed loudly Yes, yes You are right We will benefit from each other and win win in the future Then Mr.Yang said Brother, from the initial idea of cooperation, I found that You are a good talent, with good thinking and cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale eloquence, I even told Mr.Cheng about you that day.Qi Fei s expression froze What am I doing Mr.Yang winked at Qi Fei By the way, Mr.Cheng doesn t seem to know a lot about you, a capable subordinate like you.When I talked about the first time you and that manager Yi came to find me, Mr.Cheng s eyes were straightened, haha Haha, I just thought, I m actually a little embarrassed towards you, brother, so I said something nice to cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale you, and Mr.This kind of pain all originated from Qi Fei, and he was the real instigator.Qi Fei was thinking, if he hadn t been idle and bored to search for his nickname, hadn t added her as a QQ friend, hadn t developed a relationship with her then, nothing would have happened later, and that relationship would have been impossible.will not exist.Naturally, Cheng Siyu didn t have to suffer one more time in his life.Unknowingly, as the night darkened, Qi Fei turned on his computer, logged into QQ, and stared at Qing Yu s gray profile picture in a daze.It s over, it s over, what s left Qi Fei didn t know, and he couldn t figure it out.Perhaps, this is really just a dream.After waking up, trying to think back hard, it seems that there is not much practical significance, leaving only painful and complicated emotions.Qi Fei couldn t even imagine that feeling.Qi Fei took a sip of the wine and comforted himself in his vegan cbd gummies keto friendly cbd gummies heart that she should not be so lonely this year.Although she is not accompanied by her parents, she should go to Li Xuan s house for the New Year.It is better than being alone.Seeing that Qi Fei was preoccupied, Ye Xiaobei said, Brother Qi, it s New Year s Eve Do you have something on your mind Qi Fei .

is cbd gummies bad for u?

came back to his senses, and said with a smile, No Come, come, let s have dinner.Hee hee, you bought so much wine, I ll accompany you to have a good drink today, how about it Ye Xiaobei looked at Qi Fei with a smile.Qi Fei nodded again and again Okay Ye Xiaobei reached out to grab another wine glass, Qi Fei hurriedly said Xiao Bei, that s for Sister Lan Xiao Bei was startled, and quickly retracted her hand, Then he looked at Yi Lan, and said to Qi Fei, I m sorry, Big Brother Qi Let me get you a cup.Sure enough, not long after, Li Xuan called.Li Xuan told Qi Fei that the place to eat was a hot pot city, and Qi Fei rushed over with a pistol.Li Xuan opened a private room in Hot Pot City, Qi Fei went straight in after finding it.The private room was steaming hot, the hot pot had already been cooked, and there were plates full of vegetables around.Li Xuan was eating mutton.Seeing Qi Fei coming in, he put down his chopsticks and stood up with a smile on his face.Brother Fei, you re finally here.I m bored of waiting, so I ll eat first, don t you mind Neither do I mind.Qi Fei waved his hands repeatedly.Come on, Brother Fei, please sit down Li Xuan pointed to the seat beside green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale him.Qi Fei sat down.Brother Xuan, why are you alone Qi Fei asked casually.Li Xuan glanced at his watch Heizi and Baijin should be here later, I sent Heizi to deal with something yesterday Come here, brother Fei to eat The mutton here is very good, very tender Try it Li Xuan picked up the mutton cooked in the hot pot and put it in Qi Fei s bowl.Is this the case That s right Li Xuan said, I chatted with the boss for a while before he left, and it turned out that he lost .

can you mix cbd gummy and melatonin?

more than five million here before, and this time it s his return.He also made more than two million yuan.Let me tell you, Brother Fei, that guy is the owner of a garment factory in a coastal city.He has a lot of money, and because he won this time, I can see that he will play in the future, even more than before.Play even crazier Hehe, what will happen to you when the time comes, Brother Fei Qi Fei thought to himself, as long as you get addicted to gambling, it will not end well in the end.It got worse, but he still shook his head and said he didn t know.Li Xuan showed a smug look on his face I even sent someone to investigate his HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale garment factory, and I guess that place will become my Li Xuan s.Tan Jianren glanced at it, and then froze for a moment The time is running out, I have to pass today Cheng Siyu nodded slightly, but didn t say anything, and so did Ou Hanhua He looked at Tan Jianren without saying a word.Tan Jianren thought for a while and said It seems that where to buy baypark cbd gummies we have to leave quickly, and we will leave now to catch today s plane The financial office will receive the money, Cheng Siyu said.Zhang Wei was a little dazed at the moment, as if he was thinking about something.Tan Jianren glared at him Xiao Zhang, what are you doing in a daze, time is money Hurry up and pack your things and follow me right away Thisbut I Zhang Wei looked confused If I m in such a hurry, I haven t finished the plan Tan Jianren was about to jump Why are you so rigid Let Qi Fei help you out Zhang Wei turned his head to look at Qi Fei, and then He looked at Cheng Siyu and Ou Hanhua, with a bit embarrassed expression.I will work harder.Yes The who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale chairman just smiled, didn t say anything, picked up the sales plan and looked at it again, his reaction made Zhang Li very disappointed, and the light in his eyes dimmed a lot.Then the meeting ended quickly.When he walked out of the door of the meeting room, 2500 mg cbd gummies Qi Fei let out a long sigh of relief, feeling very relaxed.He never expected that such a big event that might cause serious consequences would be dealt with by a group that suddenly appeared like this.The chairman easily resolved it.When he got off work that day, Qi Fei met Hu Zhiping not far from the company, and the two chatted for a while on the side of the road.While chatting and talking about the meeting, Qi Fei asked sideways Mr.Hu, when the chairman came in, I seemed to see you outside the door.Hu Zhiping calmly said Is that right You have good eyesight, and you saw me when I happened to pass by.After more than twenty minutes, Qi Fei got out of the car, and in front of him was a seemingly remote alley.There were people coming and going in and out of the alley, but compared to other places, it seemed very deserted.A gust of cold wind blew, Qi Fei shrank his neck, and strode inside.After walking for about twenty meters, he turned a corner and arrived at Brother Bin s hot pot restaurant.At the moment, it seems that the business of the hotpot restaurant is pretty good, with tables filled inside and out, and people sitting there.Of course, this kind of small place still can t compare with the business of a big restaurant.Qi Fei didn t rush over, he cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale stood under the wall of the alley and smoked two cigarettes, and waited for a table full of people to leave before he stepped forward.When Brother Bin saw Qi Fei appearing, there was a little kindness in his originally indifferent eyes.Both killers spat out blood and struggled to get up.Ning Bin took advantage of the victory to pursue, rushed over and kicked.Three times, five times and two times knocked out two powerful killers.Looking at the unconscious killer, Ning Bin s eyes flashed a strong cold light In my life, one of the people I hate the most is the killer, but now I don t kill people casually, soyou are lucky, but for the sake of To prevent you from being unfavorable to Qi Fei in the future, I must cripple your skills.After finishing speaking, Ning Bin bent down and twisted the joints of the two killers with both hands, and there was a crackling sound immediately.sound.After doing this, Ning Bin ignored them and walked to Qi Fei s side.I don t know who this kid is, but he actually attracted the killer.Ning Bin muttered, frowning.Ning Bin shook his head Actually, I asked her what she meant, and she didn t want it.She said it was given to me by the old man, and I should take care of the old man.A little reward, so let me handle this place.This Brother Qi Fei, do you dislike this place for being too shabby and remote After thinking about it I can probably guess that it will definitely be profitable to get here.Yes, this place should not be rebuilt in a long time.Judging from Director Hu s attitude, it is likely that this place will be rebuilt at that time.It s very valuable, so Brother Qi Fei, this is actually a treasure.Brother Bin, I You don t want to cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale be a mother in law, you don t look like a mother in law, why did this matter become so verbose Now Let me tell you, if you don t want this place today, you have to.Ning Bin stared at Qi Fei.It s not good when the battery of this deceitful phone runs out, but it just ran out of battery at this time Qi Fei has already rushed keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews downstairs.Although his phone is out of battery, he feels a little relieved.At least he just heard Yi Lan s voice to see that nothing happened to her.In the building, Yi Lan hesitated for healthergize cbd gummies a moment, then turned around and walked down, went to the stairwell HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale window and looked down, just in time to see Qi Fei standing below and scratching his head.Qi Fei What s wrong with you Yi Lan yelled to the bottom.Qi Fei looked up and saw Yi Lan.Sister Lan Come down and open the door Yi Lan felt a little puzzled when she saw that Qi Fei hadn t picked up any food in his hand.You drive You better come down Qi Fei insisted.Seeing Qi Fei s strange expression, Yi Lan felt even more strange, so she immediately walked downstairs.The third child kept staring at the car Qi Fei was driving.He was not afraid that Qi Fei would disappear from their eyes, twenty because the beauty of Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan made the evil fire in his body a little bit cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale uncontrollable for the third child.Third brother, two groups of people fell into the hands of this kid, which shows that this kid has some skills.We should be careful not to overturn the boat in the gutter.The boss reminded the driver to sit in the car while driving.second and third child.Boss, the employer said that they only want what is in that kid s hand.As for the two beauties in the car, it seems that they didn t say anything.The green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale third child had a glint in his eyes.The boss shook his head helplessly, the third brother s problem can t be changed, just one word.Qi Fei, I suddenly remembered something.Okay, how they beat you, you can fight back.Shouts came out, and Jiang Fan and the others returned to Qi Fei s side.Qi Fei looked at Zhang Yang, This is the first time and the last time.Qi Fei walked out of the sauna shop with Jiang Fan and several old fried dough sticks.Zhang Yang looked cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies at Qi Fei s back and clenched his fists, his eyes were full of coldness.Very good, I can t remember how many years I haven t been bullied like this.Zhang Yang s people came very quickly, Qi Fei took Jiang Fan and several old fried dough sticks out of the sauna cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale shop, when they were surrounded by Zhang Yang s younger brothers.You are the first to be keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews so arrogant on my territory.Zhang Yang pointed at Qi green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale Fei, Clean out all the irrelevant people.Those who wanted to watch the excitement in the sauna shop had to leave.Fei Fei shook his head and told Tong Shisha that he didn t think about anything, but he was a little tired today and was dozing off just now.Seeing such a beautiful woman as herself in front of Feifei, Qi Fei didn t show covetousness and covetousness like other men, and she felt a little chill cbd gummies synthetic disappointed in her heart, but then she thought, if Qi Fei was like those men, she would still Do you know that idiot Most of the time, what Qi Fei likes is Hitomi Shisha at this time, not so violent, not a female man, but a lively and lovely girl.In the future, don t show your violent side, otherwise no one will really like you.Qi Fei didn t want to say this at first, but as Tong Shisha s friend, he had to remind her.As a man, everyone hopes to protect the person cannabidiol cbd gummies he likes well.Not many people are willing to let a woman protect themselves, which will hurt a man s self esteem.After getting out of the taxi and entering the commercial street, Cui Yangze and Tong Shisha were already waiting for Qi Fei inside, Jiang Fan and several old fried dough sticks were also there.Fan looked at Qi Fei, rolled his eyes, walked up to Qi Fei, and whispered, Brother Fei, the construction of this commercial street is about to be completed, shouldn t we celebrate it Qi Fei I figured out why Jiang Fan and his fellow veterans left Cui Yangze and Tong Shisha behind.Even though Jiang Fan and his fellow veterans were very diligent in saving the girl who lost their way, they still need to watch over the hot pot restaurant when it reopens cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale in the future.He agreed to the request of Jiang Fan s old fritters.I found an entertainment place, and after entering, the waiter took them to a private room.Xiao Wu showed a smile of understanding , Brother Fei, let me tell you that the culture of the island country is quite good.Later, I will ask that girl to introduce some people from their Yamaguchi gumi to you.Knowing that Xiao Wu misunderstood what cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale he meant, Qi Fei frowned slightly, unwilling to continue talking to Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, when you have time, bring Bei Dao Chuan Zi out and I ll ask her something.Fei Fei Brother, look at how anxious you are, brother, I am also a man, I think we can sit and talk somewhere at night.Xiao Wu chatted with Qi Fei on the phone with a clear expression, and then told Qi Fei the place to meet at night.After Qi Fei finished talking with Xiao Wu, he sat quietly on the sofa.He rejected Xu Kaixuan s who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale request.He wondered if Xu Kaixuan would use his relatives to make a fuss.Qi Fei naturally understood the meaning of Li Xuan s question, and said with a smile Brother Xuan, I don t have the ambition to compete for hegemony, as long as I can manage my previous company well.It made Qi Fei a little creepy, Brother Fei, you really don t have the ambition to vegan cbd gummies keto friendly cbd gummies fight for hegemony Qi Fei nodded.When he was answering, Li Xuan kept looking into his eyes.When he drank the liquid in the wine glass, he didn t see the slightest affectation in Qi Fei s eyes.Seeing that Li Xuan no longer looked at him, Qi Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief.He wondered if Li Xuan would have the intention to kill him when he knew that he still had a commercial street fern britton cbd gummies uk in Bingang.He understood that people like Li Xuan People, having a competitor like Qin Wu is already a headache.If he also rises at that time, it will be very bad for Li Xuan.The man thought for a while, then nodded and agreed to Qi Fei s request.The man s attack was a bit messy, but it was extremely powerful.Qi Fei fought with him a few times, but he couldn t catch the man, but the troublemaker secretly groaned in his heart.When it fell on Qi Fei, Qi Fei could dodge it dangerously.Drink The troublemaker shouted loudly, jumped up and kicked Qi Fei fiercely.People watching the excitement around, but don t forget to drink well.Qi Fei could clearly feel that the kick of the troublemaker was stronger than the kick of the disabled hand in the casino, and the troublemaker s leg came with the sound of wind.Qi Fei leaned to one side, avoiding the man s fierce kick, and took advantage of the opportunity when the man had just landed before he could stand still, he quickly stretched out his hand and hit the man s lower abdomen.Li Xuan did not speak.After walking around the troublemaker, he stared at the troublemaker for a while, turned his back to the troublemaker, and said This casino, if you come to entertain, I welcome you at any time, but if you are old Make trouble, next time it won t be so easy to talk.After speaking, Li Xuan left, looked at Qi Fei with his disabled hand, smiled at Qi Fei, and left.The troublemaker was taken aback for a moment, he didn t expect Li Xuan to just let him go, and turned to look at Qi Fei who was beside him.Qi Fei shook his head at him, he was only responsible for cleaning up the troublemakers for Li Xuan, it was Li Xuan who dealt with the aftermath, and he left with his hookah.The troublemaker looked at Qi Fei s leaving back, shook his head slightly and left.Going back to Tingyinxuan, Li Xuan was already waiting for Qi Fei, smiling and led Qi Fei and Tong Shisha into the private room, Brother Fei, I want to thank you today, it would be a little strange without your help.Bang bang bang Just as Qi Fei was staring at green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale his qq friends in a daze, there was a knock on the door.Miss, you can t be scared by yourself again.Qi Fei walked to the door helplessly and opened it.Hitomi Shuiyan was standing at the door of his room.Seeing Qi Fei open the door, he quickly entered the room and came to the door.Qi Fei sat down at the computer desk and started surfing the Internet.Stupid, I m a little scared by myself, so I ll come here to play with you for a while.After a while, Hitomi Shisha opened a webpage, clicked on Fast and Furious 7 and started watching it, but it seemed that this movie was It hasn t been long since it was released, and now you have to pay to watch it.Stupid, why don t we go to the movies tomorrow.Hitomi Shisha saw only a small part, and closed the webpage with some reluctance, and looked for another free movie to watch.There were only 20 days before the opening time.Thinking about the opening of the commercial street in 20 days, the old fried dough sticks felt like they were following Qi Fei.It s just so blissful.Qi Fei didn t bother to say anything to the old fritters, so he asked them to tell Cui Yangze that he still had something to deal with, so he left first.After leaving the commercial street, Qi Fei went directly to the Bingang Evening News, but did not find Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan.After thinking about it, Qi Fei went to the advertising company, where Hu Zhiping was sitting in the office dealing with documents.Seeing Qi Fei coming, she put down the work in hand, walked up to hold Qi Fei s hand, and asked Qi Fei if he got any good projects again.Qi Fei smiled awkwardly, and told Hu Zhiping that he just came back from the commercial street.The few gangsters surrounding Hitomi Shisha are not in the mood to continue beating them now, and if they continue beating, they might be abused by Hitomi Shisha.Huh Suddenly, a cold snort came from the side, Isn t it just a cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale woman Are you wastes afraid of becoming like this These words reached the ears of several punks, causing them The little gangster was burning with fighting spirit, and after a few people looked at each other, they attacked Hitomi Shisha.Hitomi Shisha go green hemp cbd gummies glanced at the man who was walking towards this side, her eyes showed unshakability, she blocked a gangster s attack with a block, and at the same time she took this opportunity to punch a gangster in the face with an uppercut Going up, the little gangster lost his fighting power immediately.It didn t take long for the gangsters to put all the water smoke on the ground, clapped their hands and said to the man standing next to them Is it your turn next Second brotheryou must Let the women know how powerful you are.The wretched man s eyes fell on Qi Fei and Long Xiaotian, his eyes turned cold, and he said to the younger brother behind him Clear out the irrelevant people, don t Let no one disturb my good business.After the words of the wretched man, two younger brothers walked towards Qi Fei and Long Xiaotian, and the other younger brothers retreated outside the private room.Long Xiaotian frowned, and suppressed the burning anger in his heart.These people really didn t cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale revive 365 cbd gummies amazon know how to live or die, and dared to disturb his good business.Long Xiaotian gave Meng Tingting a reassuring look, stood up and stretched his muscles and bones, and the crackling sound of bones rang out in the private room.The wretched man didn t care much, he had seen such people a lot, and he cleaned them up better, but asked his subordinates to quickly clean up these two irrelevant people, and he still had to do good things.Hearing what the chairman said, Yan Fengtao s heart became colder and colder, and he stopped kneeling to beg for mercy, and got up from the ground to pat the dust on his body, Don t you just want me to leave by saying so much I don t want you to stay here, so I ll leave soon.Tan Jianren has been anxiously waiting for Yan Fengtao to come back in Yan Fengtao s office.After waiting for almost two hours, Yan Fengtao came back, but he came back to green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale collect At the same HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale time, it also brought bad news to Tan Jianren, he was also fired from the company.Alas Tan Jianren sighed.He regrets it now.He regrets that he shouldn t have followed Yan Fengtao to find editor in chief Liu of Metropolis Daily.Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren were fired from the company.He didn t know that Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan were temporarily taking their places, but the employees in the company knew the inside story of their dismissal.After a pause, Li Xuan continued The matter of eradicating the five forces of Qin is a bit rushed this time, so I will let you come here tomorrow.Qi Fei arrived in Langzhou the next day.He did not tell Tong Shisha and others about his arrival in Langzhou, nor Tell Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan that he left Bingang.Tingyinxuan, in Li Xuan s private room.Sitting Li Xuan, Heizi, Bai Xiye and Qi Fei, Bai Xiye sized Qi Fei up.This Qi Fei doesn t look very good.Apart from being handsome, he really doesn t see any ability Bai Xiye was a little puzzled, just this little boy, is he really as powerful as Heizi said Naturally, Qi Fei couldn t explain Bai Xiye s doubts.After entering the private room, his eyes fell on Li Xuan.Brother Xuan, can we talk about the business now Qi Fei frowned and looked at Li Xuan and asked.There was a wry smile on Yi Lan s face, Wu Wei She is indeed a person worthy of entrustment, but it is a pity that she will never have a relationship with Wu Wei in this life.Cheng Siyu also knew that he seemed to be talking about Yi Lan s sadness, so he smiled awkwardly at Yi Lan, I m sorry, Yi Lan.Hearing Cheng Siyu s apology, Yi Lan shook her head, Boss Cheng, you didn t say anything wrong , there is no need to apologize.The relationship between Yi Lan and Cheng Siyu was cbd gummies atlanta ga that of a boss and an assistant when they were in the company, but when there was no one else, they were just two girlfriends who talked about everything.It is said that Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren are not doing well in the Metropolis Daily.Cheng Siyu remembered that one day he heard the staff talking about Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren, and it seemed that the two of them had been getting angry in the Metropolis Daily.With their identities, drinking this kind of tea was belittling their identities.The female employee suppressed her smile, and her breasts swayed back and forth with the female employee s body, which made Yun Changkong look a little hot and unbearable, You just wait, Xiaolangzi, when I buy Milan, I will be the first one to clean up.It s you.When Yun Changkong looked at the female employee, the obscenity in his eyes, the female employee also saw it, although she hated such a look, but she knew who could be offended and who could cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies not be offended.Beauty, is this how your company treats guests Didn t you see that the tea in my teacup is gone Yun Changkong said to the female employee beside him with a straight face.I m sorryI m sorry The female employee hated the way Yun Changkong looked at her, but she didn t notice that Yun Changkong had finished drinking the tea in the cup.Qin Wu looked at the director sitting on the chair, How do you think about it Since Li Xuan took over his two drug trading markets, he wanted to listen to Yinxuan s shares and erode Li Xuan s power step by step.The director shook his head, joking that Tingyinxuan s shares could bring him a lot of income a year, so he was naturally unwilling to give Qin Wu such a cornucopia of money.Qin Wu looked at the chief and smiled.The smile was dark and cold, which made the chief frowned into Sichuan characters.He issued an order to chase Qin Wu, If you don t leave, you are very welcome to enter the prison of our police station.Qin Wu walked to the door, stopped, turned around and looked at the cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale director, If I buy your shares with seven million, will you sell it or not Qin Wu s price is not low, seven million If it is calculated by salary, he would not be able to make cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale so much money in his whole life.As long as Tong Shiyan agrees with her idea, Jiazi will go Kill Yun Changkong and Han Yu.Hitomi Shisha shook her head, not to mention that this world is a world ruled by law, and killing people will pay for their lives.Naturally, Hitomi Shisha didn t want to see Kako spend the rest of her life in prison.Competition, if Milan wants to rise, go abroad, and go to the world, it must withstand suppression.It would be great if Big Brother Qi was here, Big Brother Qi has a lot of ideas.Ye Xiaobei thought of Qi Fei, as long as Qi Fei is there, no matter how big the difficulty is, it doesn t seem to be difficult.Meng Tingting pursed her lips, and muttered slightly angrily, Our shopkeeper is different from other shopkeepers.Our shopkeeper is prime choice cbd gummies a hands off shopkeeper.Ahem Tong Shuiyan coughed a few times, looked at Meng Tingting and said Tingting, Qi Fei has his own affairs to deal with.That s right, what was in front of her was indeed the divorce agreement, on high quality cbd gummy bears which Li Xuan had signed his Name, only she did not sign.What the hell are you looking at Li Xuan was angry, I asked you to sign it, so hurry up and sign it.Where did you get so much nonsense and such strange eyes Cheng Siyu held a pen, but did not sign, but looked at Li Xuan calmly.Xuan, said Give me a reason for divorce.She agreed to become Li Xuan s fianc e in order to repay her kindness.In the past few years of becoming Li Xuan s fianc e, she can clearly feel that Li Xuan s parents love her.Bang Li Xuan dropped the teacup heavily on the table, and looked at Cheng Siyu coldly, Master doesn t like you anymore, is that enough reason How many, do you think the young master would rather give up a tree or a forest Before Li Xuan finished speaking, the waiter had already brought the food, and glanced at the divorce agreement on the table carelessly.The third child has never done anything wrong before.After making an excuse for himself, the hanging My heart sank again.However, Zhang Yun s heart didn t drop for a few minutes, and it became suspended again, because Qi Fei and Wu Wei arrived, and behind them was a third child.When I arrived at the police station, I didn t need Qi Fei to order.The third child was dissatisfied with Zhang Yun this time, and even cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale told him in great detail how Zhang Yun instructed him to do bad things behind his back.He also mentioned to Lu Zifeng about cbd gummies for sale at walmart Zhang Yun s random collection of red envelopes in the hospital.Zhang Yun s face was full of gray and white, and he counted the third child less.If the third child did not come, he would have a way to settle this matter, but what scandals did he do when the third child came All were exposed, and it was difficult not to be exposed.There can be scars anywhere, but not on the face.Jiazi understood why Kitajima Chuanko was crying, and said with a smile Brother Wu Wei Wu said that the knife wound on my face He has a way to eliminate it.Looking at Jiazi and Beidao Chuanzi who were talking and laughing in the ward, Qi Fei gave Xiao Wu a wink, and the two walked out the door.Qi Fei and Xiao Wu talked about things for a full two hours.How about I also go through the discharge procedures.Since Jiazi was able to walk on the ground, she nagged Qi Fei to help her with the discharge procedures every day, and she couldn t stay in the hospital any longer.Bei Daochuanzi also agreed with Jia Zi s decision, and followed Jia Zi to persuade Qi Fei to go through the discharge procedures.Qi Fei glanced at Xiao Wu and sent a look of manage your wife well , but Xiao Wu acted as if he green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale couldn t understand this look Jiazi was discharged from the hospital, so there was no shortage of celebrations in the evening.The so called differences do not conspire with each other.Hitomi Shisha is her competitor.Only by defeating such an cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale opponent can she gain a sense of accomplishment.She glanced at Yun Changkong and Han Yu said, Milan has already confirmed that Qi Fei doesn t care about things.Hitomi Shisha will do everything alone.As long as Hitomi Shisha is knocked down, Milan will lose.How to defeat Hitomi Shisha, continue Shoot the killer in the past what are cbd and thc gummies to assassinate With Jiazi s example, Yun Changkong and Han Yu s killer couldn t believe it anymore.Jialin, cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale go ahead.Han Yu saw a smile on the corner of Jialin s mouth, as if she already had a countermeasure in mind.Although Hitomi Shisha is powerful, she is a woman after all, and as long as she is a woman, she has a fatal weakness.Jialin didn t finish her sentence at once, hanging on the appetite of Yun Changkong and Han Yu.Those people are not gangsters on the street, but they are all thugs trained by Qin Wu.When Qi Fei and Xiao Wu came to the alley, they saw Bai Jin standing at the entrance of the alley from a distance, Qi Fei frowned.When Bai Jin knelt down and begged Qin Wu to let him go in order to repay his kindness, it flashed in his mind like a movie.Qin Wu s people are all quite disappointed.Could it be that they haven t found Bai Xiye Xiao Wu has sharp eyes, and he can see the disappointed expression on the face of little brother Bai Jin at a glance.It was a good thing for the two of them not to find Bai Xiye, so Qi Fei and Xiao Wu swaggered towards the entrance of the alley.Bai Jin looked at Qi Fei with a complicated expression, Brother Fei, are you here because of that person named Bai Xiye Bai Jin, you know that the purpose of my coming here is for Bai Xiye.I wanted to open the door and go out to have a look, but I was afraid that a fire at the city gate would hurt the fish in the pond.There are plenty of people who think like this neighbor.It can t be done, I have to open the door and go out to have a look.A neighbor couldn t help his curiosity, and this kind of watching made him very anxious.With one person taking the lead, the others became more courageous, and they came out of the room one after another, and stood far away watching Qi Fei and his cousin who were fighting in the room.Who is this man Why haven t I seen him before Neighbor A asked curiously.I don t know, maybe it s the girl s boyfriend.Neighbor B s eyes fell on Yang Xueyu, I heard that the girl seems to be a female star.Do keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews you live in a rented house Neighbor C responded unflinchingly.Chapter 448 The miserable boss Qi Fei fell into a coma on the way to and from the hospital.When he woke up, it was already two o clock in the morning.Yang Xueyu was sitting in front of the hospital bed, resting her head on the bed and fell asleep.This is a single ward, cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale not high class, Qi Fei took a look at the ward, except for him and Yang Xueyu, he did not see Wang Li.Wood, you re awake.When Qi Fei pulled his hand out of the cup, perhaps because it was too big, it woke Yang Xueyu who was asleep, Do you feel any discomfort Uncomfortable place Yes, Qi Fei felt very hungry at the moment, and the barbecue stalls and supermarkets outside were closed at this time, so it was almost impossible to buy anything.I m fine, is there any water Yang Xueyu walked to the table in the ward, poured a glass of mineral water and brought it over.Yang Xueyu s Xinxin rental house is much bigger than the previous one, and now this one can be used for cooking and eating.After Qi Fei walked around the room, he said This place is very good, the environment is quite quiet, and I will live in it in the future.It s okay here.Yang Xueyu was overjoyed when she heard the words, she looked at Qi Fei and said, So you agreed to live in Mumu.Qi Fei shook his head and true bliss cbd gummies amazon rejected Yang Xueyu s kindness, Why don t I also stay with you Rent a house nearby, so we can be neighbors.Yang Xueyu is a nice girl, Qi Fei doesn t want to delay her youth, he doesn t even know who he is or who his relatives are in this world, even the most basic It is still difficult to support myself, so how can I have the capital to fall in love with Yang Xueyu.In fact, we are all little people, little people living at the bottom of the society, running around every day to survive, sometimes living a life of two points and one line.Qi Fei, her heart ached a little.Xiaoyu, what s wrong with him Li Li pointed at Qi Fei and asked Yang Xueyu.The Bloody Queen cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale looked at Yang Xueyu, who was looking at her warily, and Li Li, who had an anxious look in her eyes, felt bitter in her heart.This enemy didn t know where she had such a great charm.It s only been a few days.And got involved with two little beauties.After a while, after the painful look on Qi Fei s face had disappeared, he broke free from Yang Xueyu s arms, shook his head vigorously, and saw the eyes of the bloody queen, Yang Xueyu and Li Li all fall on him.Why are you looking at me like this Is there something dirty on my face Qi Fei was going to look in the mirror on the side wall.poof Yang Xueyu.The Bloody Queen and Li Li s three daughters were amused by Qi Fei s words.At this time, Qi Fei suddenly felt that this feeling was very good.Not only could he appreciate the straight thighs, but he could also have infinite reverie about the skin and flesh covered by the pitiful amount of clothes, and by the way, he could make up his mind.No wonder Dakun, a stupid guy, likes to do this.Didi The phone finally rang, and Qi Fei angrily pressed the connect button.Master Qi, have you received the address Everyone is waiting for you in the box.Accompanied by the deafening music, Da Kunzi s voice came from the microphone.Got it, I ve been here for half an hour.Qi Fei said with a very gentle tone.Ah, then why didn t I see you Where are you I ll pick you up.Da Kunzi said, and then he heard the sound of the door opening, and the loud music disappeared.I ve been squatting at the door for half an hour, but you don t need to come, I m just happy to see the beauties.With this level of relationship, the three idiots don t care about anyone, let alone being instigated by others.Earlier, Chen Yaqiang talked to the three uncles and promised to treat them to a big meal, so the green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale three idiots willingly accompanied him to kill.Surely treat yourself to a big meal, but three masters, let s evacuate first, the police will come soon.Chen Yaqiang said in a low voice.He called us grandpa.I have a grandson at such a young organic vegan thc free cbd gummies age.Please have a big meal.Mao, good grandson, let s go and study for a while.If it costs more than 200 yuan, we will still tear you apart.In the three dumbfounded, a big meal of 200 yuan per person is simply too extravagant.Anyway, I ve been with Qi Fei for so long, and I haven t seen that guy treat me to a meal that costs more than 200 yuan per person.Needle s Steel Kneeguards.They have protection, otherwise how could they be really brain dead enough to fight No.3 and seek death No.3 s face is wrinkled into a chrysanthemum, are all the people in Huaxia so insidious, why is it so difficult to fight well, before the poisonous gas was poisoned, and the victim was blown up, and now they are stabbed with needles, their feet keto friendly cbd gummies human cbd gummies reviews are so fast It s going to be as big as my head.Besides, on such a hot day, take a breath, is HCMUSSH cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale it really comfortable Despicable, said Three.This is despicable, well, from now on, I will fight with you fairly.Lei Dao said with a smile.Hearing Lei Dao s words, No.3 is about to vomit blood.You have crippled one of your yin legs, but now you keep saying it s fair.Is fairness your family s standard But No.3 didn t have much time to discuss with Lei Dao whether Yin Ren was right or not, because the long knife that was shining coldly had already slashed at his painful and numb leg.There is a difference between an aristocrat and a nouveau riche.In fact, Qi Fei is a nouveau riche with his nostrils upturned.He beats up anyone he sees, but nouveau riche is also a rich man.Although he lacks some background, he can really fight for a few cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale days.The Pearl Wu family has been passed down for more than a hundred years and there is still no sign of decline.It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a famous family.However, Wu Zhong broke away from the family and worked hard in Langzhou for decades.Totally incomparable.One is a behemoth, and the other is just a small ant.But today this behemoth caught the little ant and kept asking for interest, which is a bit interesting.It has green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale been more than 30 years since I was expelled from the family at the age of 24.The family has never contacted me.This was the scariest place in Langzhou, even in the scorching heat of summer, it still makes people feel cold inside and weak on their feet.Boom Lei Dao kicked open the door of a cell casually, threw the limp No.3 on the ground, and walked out without even looking at it.Da Kun, go and invite Chang Yan.Qi Fei gave Da Kun an address.Afterwards, he walked into the cell, regardless of the dirt on the floor, and cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale sat down in front of number three.Do you know where this is Qi Fei asked.Xishan Prison, I like this place very much.Number Three replied.Now that he has arrived at this place, he seems to have guessed his own ending.Even if he wants to die now, it may not be realistic, but since he has come, he will be at ease.Those who work in their line of work will sooner or later come to this road.He has been in Langzhou for a while, and according to the requirements of the organization, he also cleared out a few peripheral personnel.with.But when he walked out of the mountains and forests to experience the prosperity of Huahua World for the first time, he picked up a little girl from the side of the road whose body was already purple with cold, and he saved the little girl s life with his own body temperature.,Wandering.He killed an old beggar with a knife when he was six years old for the sake of the little girl.He personally stabbed to death an old beggar who intended to rape the little girl.When he was ten years old, he grew up and became the leader of a beggar gang in a city.From then on, his life was finally stable.Finally, at the age of fourteen, he ended his life of wandering around the world, because Qi Fei, a partner of his size, was added to his life.From then on, the three practiced together, served as soldiers, went to cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies the battlefield together, and were killed together hunt down.As long as he is still working in Liu Zhengfeng cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale s office, he will never be able to overwhelm Qi Fei in terms of status.Fortunately, he has been transferred now.Although he is only a director, this is Langzhou, and the little director is also a character.Hey, isn t this Mr.Qi, no, Young Master Qi, why, are you hugging your thigh again today Secretary Zheng said with a smile.Yeah, people live a lifetime, don t they just want to hug their thighs in various ways, and then change to another one.In fact, Secretary Zheng has the most say in this kind of matter.He should have bullied people a lot by relying on Minister Liu s thighs before, right Looking at Secretary Zheng s outfit now, it seems that he has climbed to the top again, congratulations.Qi Fei said.In terms of hurting others, he is not cowardly at all, and he is not afraid of anyone.If you can t do things well, and you can t play well, this life is simply too nonsense.Why did they agree to come to Huaxia with their brains back then, but now they both regret it.Okay, all that needs to be said has been said, let s start our happy hour.The woman s cold face turned into a smile in an instant, and she opened her arms and said to David and the others.As a result, David and Jock s faces became more bitter.This is the game of one queen and two slaves again, which is really terrifying.If it s a normal need, it s fine, and a little more sweating can solve it, but this woman doesn t treat the two of them as human beings at all in that matter, and the whip binding and so on are just appetizers.Qi Fei has always believed that good things should be shared together.He has good things and who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale good places to go.I don t know what to say, I m really happy, I like the feeling of controlling everything.The man said.See, I have an armored vehicle, and your equipment is so crude, so why do you think I care about the so called punishment from China I have to admit that what you said is very reasonable, but it seems that I He is not the kind of person who can easily admit defeat.Qi Fei said, and at the same time, his feet were slightly staggered, with his left foot forward and his right foot behind, reviews of uly cbd gummies making the most basic assault posture.You have successfully aroused my anger, so you have to pay the price, the price of your life, goodbye.After saying a word, the man swung his arm violently.In an instant, the armored vehicle made a strong roar, and at the same time, the burst of machine guns on the front of the car also sprayed out deadly flames, and the large caliber machine shells aimed at the position where Qi Fei had just stood, and poured over.That s not going to be done yet.Yes.By the way, quickly send cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale someone to check the prison where the previous cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale two prisoners were held.Shangyuan Teng Er had a hunch that this The matter must have something to do with Qi Fei.According to the information he obtained about Qi Fei, the energy of this guy is simply too amazing.If he is given certain conditions, he can pierce the sky.The news from Dongyang had already told that Qi Fei had leveled a small island by himself, killed everyone on the small island and left unscathed.Previously, Shangyuan Teng Er always felt that this news was too nonsense, but now he had to turn his attention to Qi Fei.Report, all the guards guarding the prison were killed, and the two captives disappeared.At the same time, we found a tunnel in the prison that can lead directly to the ground.At this time, Qi Fei s eyes instantly became icy cold, and the image of the people who had appeared beside him flashed in his heart, and then it became full of killing intent.This is his habit, he is afraid that he will not even have the chance to recall after death.Boom The bullets fired directly hit Qi Fei s shoulder socket, because the distance was too close, the bullets pierced through instantly, bringing out a series of blood sprays.At this time, Qi Fei displayed the super fighting ability and will of a powerful fighter.After being shot, Qi Fei only trembled for a moment, and his forward figure did not stop at all.At the same time, the right hand holding the knife was thrown out violently, and the long knife in his hand directly pierced the heart of the opposite gunman.With such a short distance, coupled with Qi Fei s full strength attack, the power of the long knife is infinitely magnified, and this is truly impossible to dodge.Now he understands, this guy is still afraid that he won t fulfill his promise.You don t trust me.Tian Wang frowned slightly and said.What is the identity of the king of heaven, he is a person who will change the sky at the touch of a finger, and every word is golden, why can t he be trusted A joke, in this world, there are many people who want to be deceived by him.Even if he deceives people into ruining .

how much cbd in a gummy bear?

their fortunes, others will laugh at it.Why so cheap Because he is the king of heaven.Look at you, after talking for a long time, I didn t bring out any substantive things, and you even said that I want to reward you, sir, you are too dishonest, you should go to the Star Academy to study more, you see that you can t at all Hide the treachery on your face.Qi Fei said.Said so decently, said so vividly.My request is not high, you must return it to me Don t worry, there are Ye cbd gummies without thc for pain Xiaobei reassured, directly making the dream come true.When Ye Xiaobei came out for a run, she liked to start by blowing the whistle to herself.Because she feels that biosteel cbd gummies blowing the whistle can make her feel more formal when starting a run, so she often wears this whistle when she goes out for a run.When Ye Xiaobei said there was a whistle, the members of the Yanda basketball bench team were curious at first, thinking that when you can t find a clean whistle, I will wash my whistle and contribute it.But, who would have thought that when they were all looking forward to it, Ye Xiaobei fumbled in his pocket and took out a very ordinary whistle.Damn When they saw the whistle, the Yanda basketball bench team knew that the emotional vegan cbd gummies keto friendly cbd gummies people really had a whistle, not just talking about it.Qi Fei understood everything about the scene in front of him, what was going on.These girls really want to bribe me But, is my uncle Qi so easy to bribe Ignoring the smiles on the faces of the girls, Qi Fei pointed to the induction cooker they put behind him, and said directly That thing Scrape The faces of the girls changed, and their smiles became ugly.This Uncle Qi, thankfully we still trust him so much and gave them more snacks, but he is not accommodating at all, this man who has no sense of humor No, tomorrow he must tell those classmates his true colors.This man is not so easy to get along with, don t be fooled by him.You should use less of that thing.The school asked you to fry high power electrical appliances, just because you are afraid that you will keep using this thing and cause sterling cbd gummies a fire, you know Qi Fei pointed to the induction cooker and said with great concern.Since you re not afraid, why don t you let me go forward After Qi Fei finished speaking, he walked away coldly.step forward.You This arrogant attitude made Shi Shi very uncomfortable.He clenched his fists tightly, and when he was about to swing forward, his shoulders were firmly held down by the big hands of the chair.Facing Shi Shi s puzzled eyes, Xiao Qiang said, Let him pass.Looking at Qi Fei, Xiao Qiang s mouth slightly raised, and he continued To deal with such an arrogant person, we must satisfy him first, and then be cruel.Stomp on him hard, you know Only in this way can we treat this kind of guy who can t be dragged down very hard.Hearing this, Shitou and Xiaobao s eyes flashed for a while Brother Qiang is amazing, he can even know this, so handsome Thinking of this, the two followed Xiaoqiang and stepped aside.It s so early in the morning.Could it be that I didn t sleep well last night and my eyes were blurred If not, how to explain this scene Doesn t this thing only appear in TV series or movies Although there is reality, it is really more difficult than winning a lottery to see this scene Wu Yaqin looked at the study room, three boys fell to the ground, one of them passed out, but bleeding.Although the other two were not unconscious, they were also scarred.The blood stains on their faces made people feel chills on their backs, giving them a creepy feeling.How could this shuddering and extremely hideous scene appear here Also, the person who lost a lot of blood and passed out, shouldn t have been beaten to death, right At the same time, she saw Qi Fei, the new guard of the girls dormitory building at No.However, she couldn t ask.When Wei Yongxin saw the captain of the criminal police brigade, he went straight to work, nodded in satisfaction, and said, The thing is actually like this Afterwards, he told what he knew come out.Chapter 596 cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale Very sure, You mean, those three punks came to the school to make trouble, and they were beaten up by people from Yanda University.Now they are being treated in the infirmary, and no classmates were injured Wei Yatong heard At this time, I smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies am a little happy.Wei Yongxin nodded, and said Yes, none of the students were injured.Who was the one who beat someone Wei Yatong thought for a while, and there are some things that need to be clarified.Knowing this, Wei Yongxin couldn t lie, so he nodded and said, His name is Qi Fei, from our security department.Qi Fei Wei Yatong is very sure that the Qi Fei here is the Qi Fei she knows.This guy, he made a mistake, but he didn t know it yet, so he asked me to remind him.Damn, what is this Doesn t this make me angry I m a lady, why are you cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale always making me angry like this Qi Fei thought for a while, who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale but he didn t think about what he had done.He said helplessly, What What are you talking about Tell me clearly, don t be so confused What he hates most is this kind of half spoken , and then let people guess the guy.What did you do to me just now Tell me Ye Xiaobei was very angry At this time, the voices became louder, and many people looked at them sideways.Hey, girl, are you like this Did that guy molested you Don t worry, if so, tell us At this time, the second generations who were still arguing with the police and Aunt Xie heard Ye Xiao After Bei s words, he laughed loudly.Hearing Ren Habitat teasing Qi Fei, Jiang Fan glanced at them and said, Okay, stop making trouble, this is my brother.The third child glanced at him at this time, and said, Second brother, did you not wash your hands after going to the toilet Put a bowl of instant noodles on the table, and then ran to the toilet like a smoke.Well, he vomited Asshole I didn t wash my hands when I went to the toilet, why do you have to take it apart every time The man asked loudly while vomiting.Chapter 624 Faced with this problem frantically, the third child ate his noodles and said calmly Because you do this every time How can I expose it It s just a kind reminder to wash cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies your hands.Ugh cbd gummies vs smoking The cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale second child, who was vomiting non stop in the toilet, took out a tissue and wiped the liquid from his mouth, and cursed angrily, Good intentions, you sister Don t you know how to restrain yourself from such a disgusting thing Just a minute, don t you tell me Let cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale me have a hearty meal, and you will die From these words, it is not difficult to hear that this is not the first time this second child has encountered such a scene.For a while, Ye Zhicheng wanted to take a look at the majestic Tianjiao peacekeeping force on the data file, which made many countries wary.Unfortunately, he knew that he might never have the chance to see this team in his life.Because an army can only become a real army when it is on the battlefield.Tianjiao can be so good because he is on the cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies only battlefield in cbd pharm kiwi gummy bears delta 10 this time and space.In room 505, after more than half an hour, the second child casually put the wiped AK aside, looked at the cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale boss who was still thinking, and said, Brother, what do you think The boss has been calculating Gains and losses, and whether it is safe or not, I heard my brother questioning, thought for a while, and said, You all think there is no problem The two nodded and said, There are problems, but it should not be as we imagine So, why don t we leave Tianchao overnight after we finish the deal Yeah, brother, our family is still in the hands of those loan sharks, if we don t pay back green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale the money sooner, they will be in danger Perhaps the last sentence made the boss suppress his worries, nodded, and said Okay, then let s go to rest first, get up at two o clock, and then go This proposal was supported by the two of them.Besides, how many years have you been on this road That guy has been in the army for seven years.Seven years, you know You probably just debuted seven years ago So, in this matter, you really shouldn t make a fuss or something.If Qi cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale camino cbd gummies Fei didn t have such careful prediction ability, command ability, and observation ability then he really wasn t worthy of Tianjiao s captain.The entire Tianjiao peacekeeping force, since he joined the brigade and left, the lives of all the soldiers have been indirectly handed over to him, which is a heavy responsibility for him, and he must shoulder it.Because, as long as he is a little careless, not only his comrades will become a thing of the past, but also many people s families will be sad.Qi Feite, who is very concerned about his family, likes the idea of living.For example, if a boy accidentally provoked them, they made him naked and ran around the school.If you don t run away, fine, then wait to be punished by the school.Although these bastards will not endanger your life safety, they will cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale green dolphin cbd gummies cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale do a lot of things that make you lose.Of course, he and his men are often vicious, who knows if they will really beat people.But this time seeing Zheng Ershao coming over with red eyes, they felt that this time they might beat someone up Can you not hit someone This bastard is taking advantage of Zheng Ershao s younger sister What the hell, you dare to bully cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale my sister like this.Isn t this slapping our Zheng family in the face in public Bastard, I think you don t want to live Therefore, some students who had heard of Zheng Zheguang saw him running over with a few of his subordinates, and immediately became worried about Qi Fei.If one is careless, the Zheng family will be doomed.Yes.Boss Zheng didn t explain the matter, mainly because he didn t know whether to say it or not.Just when he was hesitating and thinking about whether to tell the story that Qi Fei had kidnapped their little sister, Zheng Zheming got angry and said, Fart Don t tell me that you will never be able to recover.You are just afraid of it.The Chen family knows that the younger sister has been kidnapped, are they afraid that they will scold them Please don t pretend that things are not that simple anymore Okay, don t talk nonsense, give me the coordinates quickly.Zheng Laosan, who was driving the car , At this time, the whole person s condition is not good.It made the criminal policemen in his car tremble with fear.These aristocratic children are really troublesome.Let Qi Fei escape because they believed in Qi Fei s fighting power, and with his fighting power, he would definitely be able to leave the explosion range safely.At the same time, Chen Tianming, who was still recovering from injuries in the military hospital, thought of his own arrangement, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised Qi Fei, although I don t know if you have discovered my arrangement, but I believe that even if you do, you will be trapped there.For you, you are so hard to fly.It is said that hatred can make people lose their rational thinking, and hatred with fear can make people do unexpected things.In order to get rid of Qi Fei, Chen Tianming directly ignored the innocent people nearby, and went into an extremely frenzied manner.He is really extremely powerful.Because in the Celestial Dynasty, such a large scale action has never happened before.

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