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He didn t ask some key questions, but asked such insignificant things.After replenishing the bullets of the submachine gun, Wang Weiyi whimsically said Can you get me a blackberry Z submachine gun I suggest you take the legality of cbd gummies virginia time to test your IQ.Xiao Ling will definitely know that this person is very speechless now.He has repeatedly explained the weapons he can use in this era.Why do he ask such strange questions I also suspect that my IQ is a little low, otherwise I would not come here What a damn mission.Wang Weiyi muttered and put away his weapons.He came to the three tanks reluctantly.Unfortunately, he can only use them once.What a pity, he doesn t know when he will get support next time.What the hell is this mission Can we get support Wang Weiyi thought about it, but he didn t understand it.Could it be that the Germans invented a new type of tank Then this may have an unpredictable impact on the war.Intensify the search, we must find out this damn German Major General Smead said angrily.one Major General Smead looked at everything in front of him with a livid face.He couldn t believe that the Welsh infantry regiment was also defeated.These damned militiamen have completely embarrassed the people of the British Empire Of course, there is also Prince Sobock s battalion.Aren t they known as elite But why is such an elite so vulnerable Judging from the information sent, the enemy s troops were definitely not many, even only a few people, and the only scary thing was the three tanks that suddenly appeared on the battlefield.According to Major John, the three tanks were extremely terrifying, and the firepower caused by the machine guns was simply destructive.They don t care about the overall interests of Germany, and they don t care about the victory or defeat on the battlefield.All they want is themselves.Selfish desires, the victory of Germany has nothing to do with them There are also people like Bach, who are also selfish, and they only deserve to be spurned by me He glanced at the sharp knife in his hand, and then at the stunned Bach I can kill you now, and I have the right, but I will not use this right, because my knife will only stab the enemy, Instead of stabbing your own countrymen, although I doubt you understand the meaning of the word countrymen.The people s thoughts began to follow Wang Weiyi s thoughts Would a person who would not kill his own compatriots really be treasonous In fact, Wang Weiyi should even thank Bach, if it wasn t for the shock of this sudden incident Everyone, maybe those people won t listen to my words. No, alchemy is real.Kierlock resumed his stern expression again The great Leonardo Da Vinci once successfully developed alchemy, it is a huge machine, as long as lead is poured into it, a After a series of complex operations, the lead will turn into dazzling gold Wang Weiyi smiled.There are many legends about Da Vinci s successful development of alchemy in history, but none of them have been confirmed, but now it seems that Kilok is convinced of this.KiWen Mr.De, you can also measure it.Just when Kilok wanted to continue explaining alchemy to Wang Weiyi, General Raffarin interrupted him.Kilok reluctantly put down his wine glass and walked over, but he temporarily put aside the alchemy problem Okay, General, I ve already measured it.Will breathed a long sigh of relief In three days, plus cbd mango gummies you can get what you want.The gunfire has already started.The two guests who were originally scared and plus cbd mango gummies hid under the table suddenly stood up and fired at the same time with the two Luger pistols in their hands.Three of Bimonai s men were caught off guard and died at the point of their guns without any resistance.Down.Bimonai turned pale with fright, just as he was about to pull the trigger, the gunshot sounded ahead of time Bimonai looked down at his bleeding heart, then at the pistol in Elena cbd gummies lucent valley s hand, and then He fell headfirst on the table Guderian and Adolf Hitler came over and checked Bimonai He s dead.Elena stood up and took A Tale of Two Cities Flipping through, I found that a page of bookmarks was stuck on page 72.This is the page that Bi Mengai saw, but he will never know the content behind it.This is the best of times, but also the worst of times Let s go, Elena, Major Ernst is waiting for us, we have to get out of this ghostly place.Boncrere grinned, his fingers touched the trigger as long as the gunfire As soon as it sounds, the tank behind will rush out He aimed at the judge who was walking in the front The moment he was about to pull the trigger, he suddenly felt that the judge looked familiar God, it s horsepower Sweat dripped from Bon Crayley s forehead, if he didn t take a closer look, he would really have to kill himself.Hey, horsepower Ban Keleile yelled loudly.Ma Ma was also taken aback, and when he saw clearly that it was Bunk Leilei, he greeted him excitedly Hey, Bunk Leilei.Are you out of danger Where is the major Major, Major Ernst, it s horsepower Bang Keleilei turned around, waved his hands towards the back and shouted loudly.It was only at this time that Ma Li was surprised to find that there were three tanks parked there.What I care about is the thirty thousand gold coins that Mr.Mistanov promised.Wang Weiyi said relaxedly I will take you back to Danzig, and then go to the Kirinovas Hotel to collect the reward I deserve, but before that, you must be with us.Ivanovic s mind is not on this at all, just nodded mechanically Seeing Ivanovic staggering away, Wang Weiyi suddenly put away the smile on his face.He took out two letters from his pocket.Did the Russian really think he could be fooled by such a trick In Kirienko s office, he found the jewel box at once, and soon discovered the contents.The location of the agency, and found these two letters.He has not read the content, but judging from Ivanovic s performance, these two letters should be very important.He opened the letter, but found that it was cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies full of Oh, I knew I should let Xiao Ling teach me Russian.otherwise.I will kill you, Ivanovic and those people.I can do it in a minute Mistanov s face was full of panic.Although the other party s tone was calm, he believed that he could do it This group of daring people dared to go deep into the tiger s den to go to Fandis.Do they still care about killing people Mr Moyol.Calm down, calm downI ll go and get you the gold coins Wang Weiyi smiled again at the trembling voice of the other party, and put away his gun Ten minutes, my time is very short valuable.Of course, you can also try to escape.No.No, please trust me.Seeing Mistanov leave his room in a state of embarrassment, Wang Weiyi finally buttoned the last button.Major, how are you Adolf in full dress.Hitler rushed in.You go to the truck and wait for me first, I ll be there in a while.Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette and said.Luckier, Mr.Kugla.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Are you from Berlin I haven t plus cbd mango gummies heard of you before.No, I m from Aschaffenburg, but I have plus cbd mango gummies some business in Berlin, you need to know.Now is during the war, and some businesses are not easy to do.But opportunities to make a fortune are everywhere.Kugla said relaxedly I transported the supplies that were in short supply during the war to Berlin, which can make a lot of money You can t say such things in front of a German police officer, or you will be arrested if I inform you.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Kugla also showed a smile on his face You are not such a person We have to live, people like us are not like you, a nobleman who has to take care of everything by himself Wang Weiyi nodded in agreement, telling the truth.He still has some respect for these people.Desimov Desimov wanted to take a look, but when he was about to nod At that time, he saw Zahwoki shrinking back with fear on his face, and suddenly remembered the curse of the gem.The half stretched hand retracted again Oh, no, forget it, I still don t have to watch such scary things.Desimov didn t know, he just walked around behind the gate of hell As long as he opens the box, he will suffer the same fate as Count Yevgeny.Okay, okay, I have nothing to do now.Zahwoki, who had unloaded a burden, walked outside blankly The gems are gone, the curse is gone.Everything is gone No, no more.You will be cursed, you will be cursed, and whoever gets this gem will be cursed.He was mad.From then on, no one knew where Zahwoki went, as if this person had never existed in this world.The second y element finally fell into the hands of Wanderer Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi has forgotten his identity as a walker , the Ziguang military base, and what he always wanted to do go home People are always going to die, so what is the regret of dying in this era Maybe I didn t succeed in changing history.He failed to rescue the Red Baron, and even let the Red Baron die in battle in advance, but this is not important.The important thing is that you have come, walked, and fought Let your own blood stain the sky red Richthofen thought the same thing in his heart At his most dangerous moment, it was Ernst who appeared by his side Ernst is everywhere.When he needed help the most, Ernst never let you down It is God s mercy to himself to fight and die with him Let your asteroids cbd gummies review reddit own blood stain the sky red Two fearless barons, decide to die like true heroes All for Germany Tongues of flames danced wildly in the air, and in the next minute, the next second, one of the fiery red and dark planes might be hit When eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews plus cbd mango gummies another Royal Air Force fighter was shot down, smoke shop cbd gummies near me Wang Weiyi s fighter wing was also injured.I don t want time to be delayed.I heard that Udine is a nice city, I really want to go in and have a look The officers looked at each other, but no one could do anything about it.Who can change what the Skeleton Baron decided Wang Weiyi didn t even have a moment After only a few plus cbd mango gummies minutes of delay, he left here overnight with his first team and quietly headed towards Agolivando This is a bold plan, the success or failure of which no one can predict, but one thing is for sure , All the members of the first team were full of confidence in their skeleton baron After dawn, Rommel and others who couldn t wait immediately launched an artillery attack on the Swallow brigade Artillery and mortars fired at the same time, shells roared and fell on the enemy s positions, and light and heavy machine guns also let out their terrifying roars To give the strongest support to Colonel Ernst, this is the only thing in the hearts of all the officers of the Skeleton Commando In the face of the recommended mg of cbd gummy crazy artillery attack of the skeleton commando, the Italians had to endure such torture.Now that they came, this battle was not much different from the previous exercises.On the other side, Wang Weiyi has been observing the movements of the Americans.He couldn t understand it all too well.At this time, the U.S.military hadn t formed combat effectiveness at all, and the supplies they brought to the European battlefield even included toilet seats.Any powerful combat unit matures only on the battlefield, and now is the most favorable time to hit the Americans hard.After 20 minutes of sporadic shelling, the Americans began to attack and the formation was maintained.Yes, the usual training is still very effective, but there are some things that will eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews plus cbd mango gummies never be taught on the training ground, such as death When gradually approaching the enemy s position, the Americans suddenly felt a quietness that they had never felt before.They decided to restore their damaged dignity on the battlefield It was under such circumstances that Werner Heisen appeared on the battlefield As soon as he arrived, it was the time when the artillery fire from the Japanese army was at its heaviest.Werner Heisen yelled and ordered all the soldiers to mount their bayonets, preparing to launch a plus cbd mango gummies counter charge against the Japanese army The German advisor had a very high status in the Communist Party, but his orders were incompatible with those of Captain Wang Weiyi, and the soldiers were at a loss for a while.Attack Attack Werner Heisen roared, as if he wanted to vent his anger completely.His speech was plus cbd mango gummies so fast that even the translator couldn t keep up.Advisor, our captain ordered us to stand firm.Ouyang Yu, who was in charge of the battle here, said loudly.Young, handsome and well groomed.At first glance, people who have seen the world are much better than those thugs under him.But he hired someone to protect himself, not to put on airs.Zhang Xiaolin said calmly, I heard that your marksmanship is very good Yes.Wang Dehai said calmly.Well, give him a plus cbd mango gummies gun and three bullets.Set him a target in the yard.Let s see how his marksmanship is.Boss Zhang gave the order, and the target was quickly set up in the yard.Zhang Xiaolin didn t show his face at all, but hid plus cbd mango gummies in the house and watched through the window.It was the first time Wang Dehai saw it himself, and God knows if it was a killer.After a while, three bang bang bang gunshots rang out, and then his apprentices shouted wildly, and saw Ah Si rushing up excitedly with a target Boss, kill all three shots.Wang Weiyi was overjoyed, and immediately asked Where are you going Report to the commander, and you are ordered to return to Nanjing to return to the construction No need to go, Second Lieutenant Niu.Wang Weiyi said calmly plus cbd mango gummies All will be incorporated into the guard battalion of the 19th Army Command.Ah Niu Zhenliang opened his mouth wide at once Sir, thiswe are ordered This is the 19th Army Group, and Commander Xue has the final say on all orders Wang Weiyi s expression turned pale.Yi Shen This is an order, you can read it for yourself.Niu Zhenliang looked at the warrant, and it was indeed signed by Xue Yue, commander in chief of the 19th Army Group, and quickly returned the warrant to Wang Weiyi respectfully Yes, sir, resolutely Obey the order.May I have the name of the officer I am Wang Weiyi, the battalion commander of the Guard Battalion of the 19th Army Command.One killed and one wounded Four Knives, have you found the enemy s firepower point Target confirmed Let Niu Zhenliang kill that firepower point immediately Yes The Vickers MKE tank The 47mm gun quickly aimed its muzzle at the enemy s firepower eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews plus cbd mango gummies point Boom Under the guidance of Guo Yunfeng.Vickers first shot directly hit the target, and cleanly killed the firepower of the Japanese army on the opposite side.Immediately afterwards, the 7.9MM machine gun on the Vik tank and the 8MM machine gun on the Italian CV 33 roared at the same time The Japanese army was completely suppressed in one fell swoop Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng quickly commanded the soldiers to stand up, the submachine guns in their hands spit out flames, and with the roar of the machine gun, the forward was close to the Japanese defense in an instant.Sugawara Naomasa suddenly stopped What The Chinese are rapidly approaching us, They have tanks and trucks Hearing this, Maeda Yoshiro s heart sank, it s over, the Aihara team is over What I was most worried about finally happened.He calmed down Your Excellency, Captain, please retreat to the right immediately, and I will hold back the Chinese troops here Baka, let me escape in front of the Chinese This is absolutely impossible Naomasa Sugawara called out loudly All troops, stop pursuing, build defenses on the spot, and call for air force support Defeat this group of Chinese chasing troops Your Excellency, Captain It s too scattered The troops in front have chased far away, but the ones behind haven t caught up yet.Moreover, this Chinese army is well trained and has tanks, so we can t stop it Naomasa Sugawara listened Don t go in In Shanghai, I heard that the Chinese also used tanks, but they were also defeated by the heroic imperial soldiers.every second.Every step forward, the Japanese army will suffer the heaviest casualties.Here, the Chinese not only have machine guns, submachine guns, but also tanks They have long been prepared to use street fighting in Xiguan to kill and injure a large number of Japanese troops.Once those tanks enter the battle, after annihilating the target.will leave quickly.The Japanese army is completely unfamiliar with this place, so they have no idea where they are hiding The same is true for those national soldiers A few times, a truck full can i give human cbd gummies to my dog of Chinese soldiers suddenly appeared.Once they reached the battlefield, the Chinese soldiers on the truck would quickly jump off and shoot desperately with all kinds of weapons in their hands.Then before the Japanese reinforcements arrive, they will leave in trucks as quickly as possible.Lowell Wang Weiyi smiled.Guo Yunfeng quickly opened the door, and Wang Weiyi walked in slowly A young man in the room suddenly turned his head, his eyes full of surprise.An Fei Yes, you are Hello, Wang Weiyi, Commander of the 1st Huben Guard Brigade of the National Revolutionary Army.Brigade Commander Wang An Fei was very surprised You, you Yes Wang Weiyi asked Guo Yunfeng to give cbd gummies amazon prime An Fei the prepared clothes Hurry up and change, I have to take you out of Shanghai.An Fei didn t seem to believe it while changing his clothes.Where did this brigade commander come from How could it be so easy for him to get in and out of Shanghai Several Japanese corpses were dragged in, without disturbing the people on the first floor at all Wang Weiyi leaned over, stained some Japanese blood, and wrote a line of words on the wall Wang Weiyi came here for a visit.He seemed to see blood flying there, and then the head disappeared.He quickly left the place where he had stayed for three hours.He didn t need to check the results, he knew he had succeeded, and that bullet would never miss This pur cbd gummies natures only cbd gummies walmart is the result of absolute smilz cbd gummies mayim plus cbd mango gummies perseverance and determination He did succeed, heading towards the west of the post, the ace sniper of the 3rd Division of the Japanese Army has now become a corpse Three hundred and sixty two.The life of the local rich man, Jiangjia Village, is a place that gives the Japanese people a lot of headaches.Here, they lose their troops and go from one failure to another, always in a circle of endless failures.This has never happened since the outbreak of the Battle of Shanghai.In the Battle of Shanghai, although they also encountered stubborn resistance from the team, they were always able to finally complete the pre war goal no matter what.They know how to use all their strengths to win The Ueno detachment is completely different.When they first stepped onto the battlefield, they were full of confidence, thinking that victory was something that was within their grasp.But with their first fiasco.This kind of psychology has changed without even their own awareness and the successive annihilation of the 65th and 116th Wings of the 13th Division has also had a terrible impact on their psychology.A soldier s essential thing is flowing in them the determination to win must win When the Chinese planes started to bomb, the Chinese tanks started to dispatch, and the Chinese infantry began to attack, the Ueno detachment itself had already begun to shake up first.Moreover, the tank on the opposite side is really terrifying The machine gun above roars like crazy and strikes accurately.Under the protection of Ludwig, Guo Yunfeng slowly came to the members of the Skeleton Commando.He suddenly felt that the faces of these people were so familiar.He adjusted his breathing You are ready to meet the general Are you back Yes, Captain Guo, we are shark tank serenity cbd gummies ready This was Rommel s answer.With a huh , Guo Yunfeng straightly raised the skull battle flag and a pure black horse appeared on the horse.Sitting on the horse was a young soldier wearing a 9 year old general s uniform At this moment, the crowd was completely suffocated God, after more than twenty years, he is still so young God has cast a spell on him No change, he hasn t changed at all.Every skeleton commando is silently thinking in his heart.Every skeleton commando s heart is beating wildly.Every skeleton commando s eye sockets are red.Instead, it will only strengthen the French s determination to resist He turned to him My friends looked at it At the beginning of the occupation of Paris, you did a good job.The military discipline was strict, and the officers behaved politely, which calmed the mood of the Parisians to the greatest extent.The girl s favor, ah, this place is too suitable for Manfred to go This immediately aroused laughter, and the tense and serious atmosphere was also diluted a is thc in cbd gummies lot.Wang Weiyi also laughed, but he immediately put away his smile But the situation changed a bit later.Due to the continuous attacks of those resistance organizations, we caused a lot of casualties.Some of our officers were furious and vented their anger on On the ordinary French people.What is this plus cbd mango gummies for Drive them to the opposite of our enemies There are fewer and fewer people who support us, and more and more people who oppose us In the long run, we will all be driven out Yes, General, I immediately order all German troops in France to enforce strict where can i buy serenity cbd gummies military discipline Hitler said immediately.When seeing the baron really appearing in front of him alive, the German soldiers in the ward were almost boiling.Shouts of Hey Ernst echoed throughout the ward.The head nurse said with a livid face Mr.Marshal, I know you can decide the life and death of countless people, and you can hang me easily, but I still have to tell you that this is a hospital, not your barracks Do you want to Make all the patients noisy Quiet, quiet down Wang Weiyi sternly ordered all the soldiers to keep quiet, and then said apologetically, I m sorry.Head nurse, please accept my apology.Nurse The long face looks a lot better now.It is said that the baron kills people like hemp on the battlefield, but in reality he is courteous and courteous.It seems that this rumor is true.How is it My boys, how are your injuries Report to the marshal, our injuries are recovering rapidly, I believe we will be able to return to the battlefield soon.Wang Weiyi said solemnly The German army is preparing for a new offensive, and we will surely succeed.The location of our attack is Kharkov Gregory and Ilya cheered up, and they I listened intently to Wang Weiyi s words We will launch an offensive in Kharkov, then seize this place, and then control the entire Ukraine.At that side effects of cbd gummies 25 mg time, we need an influential person to help us govern Ukraine and ensure that The law and order there.And this person chooses me, I think no one can afford it except the Marquis Bierstoka Gregory understood perfectly.Baron Alexon wants to fully cooperate with Germany himself, and use the influence of the Marquis Bierstoka s family in Ukraine to gradually let the Ukrainians there also join in the cooperation with Germany.But this is not easy to do.Gregory was silent for a while Your Excellency, I am happy to do this.The personality characteristics of this person are experience cbd gummies ingredients also remembered in his mind.In a few days, he selected a group of people he needed Most of these people had served as political commissars of the Soviet Army or had done propaganda work.They are exactly cbd gummies 300mg for sex what Marshal Ernst Brahm needs The work started soon Accompanied by several German generals, Wang Weiyi quietly appeared in the temporary prisoner of war camp.He saw thousands of Russian prisoners of war sitting on the ground, and standing opposite them were several supervisors of the newly established Z y u Army Political Supervision Office.It is said to be a supervisor, but in fact it was a political commissar in the Soviet Army in the past And Belyanlowski sat among these people.The German generals were curious and wondered what Field Marshal Ernst needed these men who could not fight at all.A young man like his own son is dying.Is it necessary to continue a war that is bound to fail General Kistafa carefully kept the photos Mr.Moyol, you can ensure that Ankara will not Devastated by war I promise Can you guarantee that any Turk who chooses to cooperate with Germany, whether military or civilian, will not be punished for war crimes I promise Can you guarantee that if President Inonu steps down, he will not be imprisoned or even killed by you I promiseeven President Inonu can go wherever he wants Of course, this will be after the war is actually over Do you guarantee that the status of my subordinates will not be shaken I promise Wang Weiyi added his tone General Kistafa, all your reasonable demands will be satisfied.It will not be weakened, but will recognize the important task of building a new Turkey I promise I promise General Kistafa heaved a long sigh of relief when he heard such a decisive answer from the other party Although the other party looked so young, for some reason, he always gave jolly cbd gummies to stop smoking General Kistafa has a feeling of complete trust.Among the Irish, there are aristocratic families like Kennedy, so the Irish are also considered to be on the periphery of the Hornets.As for ethnic minorities such as Eastern Europeans, Latinos, Italians, Jews, and blacks, they are all considered non mainstream.The enemy of the Wasp is undoubtedly the Jewish consortium.The Jewish Consortium Our Group actually controls the US economy.Freemasonry, funded by Jews, dominated the founding of the United States.New York is the most important battlefield for the Jews.The Lehman Brothers, who sold cotton, moved from the South to New York to open a bank.And Loeb, who tossed clothes, and Goldman, who later founded Goldman Sachs, were forced to move to New York to open a bank out of fear of their fashionable wives.These Jews and Jewish banks were initiated in speculative investments.I can t even wait.Of course, I I have to continue to be patient, I have to wait for a few days Ah, I suddenly remembered, how is poor Williams If it weren t for his assistance , we might not have gone so smoothly.Yes, in a sense, we have to be grateful to him.Wang Weiyi turned the wine glass in his hand I have a pretty good proposal, how about we go to Mr.Williams s house Henry.Morgan immediately interjected Then let s act faster.Mr.Williams house now belongs to Morgan Bank, and the bank will come to take back the house soon.Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing You are really A vampire, can t we let him live for a few more days We are all vampires.Henry Morgan shrugged The big crash has begun, and we have gained such a high return in the big crash.What is it that is not a vampire But who cares Laurent Rockefeller said indifferently This kind of thing always happens in the United States, and there are always only a few winners.Wang Weiyi went on to say Look, I am about to ask Marshal Rommel to invite you here.We are going to redeploy the defense line, and the Italian army will stick to the 21st and 22nd heights, which are very important positions.You and your soldiers can Help me hold on No problem at all.General Rota waved his arm vigorously How long do you need me to hold on Two months Or half a year When the war really broke out, you didn t even have a week or three days.Unable to persist, Rommel knew these Italians too well, and thought contemptuously in his heart.It s great.Wang Weiyi expressed his confidence in the Italian s words One month, I only need you to persist for one month.God, I appreciate you so much, General Rota, you will become Heroic.General Rota was extremely excited, and lo and behold, even the famous Baron Skeleton said so about himself.During the handover with General Stemm, Rommel repeatedly emphasized that Montgomery could not encircle the corps flanks and might break through from the front.Therefore, the frontal defense must be greatly strengthened.Rommel finally warned Once the British army launches a large scale offensive, I will make a request to the F hrer and Marshal Ernst at any cost to return here and continue fighting.Shidem frowned.Rommel seemed to have plus cbd mango gummies a lot of distrust of his commanding skills, which greatly displeased him.On September 23, Rommel flew out of Africa with a heavy heart.On the way, he made a short stop in Italy.In conversations with the generals of the Italian High Command, he earnestly told them that if they wanted the Panzer Corps to persist in Africa, there must be a fundamental change in logistics.Or to be more precise, he should thank pur cbd gummies natures only cbd gummies walmart a person he has never met Xiao Ling.If Xiaoling hadn t helped his plane eliminate the medipure cbd gummies technical failure in time, then Marseille would have been buried in Africa For Wang Weiyi, this is actually nothing, just like the countless people he has saved Again, plus cbd mango gummies how much do cbd gummies for pain cost he just saved a German hero.The Air Force will take the lead in bombing the British material storage warehouse Wang Weiyi showed some contemptuous smiles The enemy took great pains to try to confuse us with those fake camouflages.When we gave up bombing, they took the real Store all the supplies and fuel in it, now, it s time for them to suffer the consequences The faces of every German generalThey all smiled, yes, it s time to let the enemy suffer the consequences The British are very eager to fight quickly Wang Weiyi s expression became serious again Our army, and our allies, have launched an attack on Iran This will make a large number of Commonwealth troops from the Egypt was sent to Iran to help the British army defend, but they can t get away now, because they have to complete their so called light foot plan Our task is to prevent this plan from succeeding and defeat the enemy here , to buy maximum time for the German army that is attacking Iran Generals, Iran is the most important thing Taking Iran will unite Africa and southern Russia into one front, and the initiative on the battlefield will be completely wiped out It s in our hands At this time, all the German generals suddenly realized why Marshal Ernst Brehm came to Africa to command the battle in person He is carrying out a big strategic deployment, to link all the battlefields in Europe and Africa into one line, and finally give the Allies a fatal blow The battle in Africa, in fact, cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies the Alamein battlefield is not the focus, but the focus to support the does just cbd gummies get you high war in Iran The enemy has 200,000 troops, 1,000 tanks Wang Weiyi s voice continued to ring in the ears of the officers We have 100,000 troops, tanks There was a smile on the corner of his mouth British People think that we only have 500 tanks, but they are wrong.The fighting quality of the Italians is simply appalling.It is a great tragedy that the Germans chose him as an ally.Continue to advance to Kalman.Lieutenant General Woodrow issued his order Officers, let chill cbd gummies bobbi brown us end this damned war 12 10.Marshal Ernst, the Italians have failed.Heights 22 and 23 have fallen into the hands of the British.Now the British are chasing after the Italians.They can reach Kalman at about 2 o clock in the afternoon.My luck always It s so good, ah, I m talking about the luck of gambling.Wang Weiyi smiled brightly Guo Yunfeng, have you recorded all their bets It s all recorded, Marshal.Guo Yunfeng said lightly I I bet a thousand marks, and it s on your side.You greedy guy Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing out loud Tell Erwin that the enemy is attacking Kalman, and order his troops to prepare to attack Kalman.Germany needs Ernst Rommel, who received the order from the Marshal, was full of confidence.He firmly believed that there was no force that could stop his African Army now.Ernst That magical Ernst, even if he is surrounded by a million enemies, he still has a way to escape.Isn t his miraculous performance enough to explain everything in the battle of Montfort that year No one can beat Ernst, no one After a short rest at Kantara, on November 13, 1942, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel gave the order to advance to Cairo.The Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx seem to be beckoning to Rommel.And among those plus cbd mango gummies scenes, Rommel seemed to see that extremely familiar cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies face Ernst Brahm Let s complete the rendezvous in Cairo, Ernst pur cbd gummies Rommel said silently in his heart, and then ordered the whole army to attack.The battle for Cairo begins Five hundred and eighty eight.Six hundred and one.Justice monthly ticket for the third update At this time, Tamusta and the Egyptian officer corps he led did not know that a disaster was quietly approaching them.Tamusta s home became the gathering place for these Egyptian officers.Here they commented on the situation in Egypt and discussed the new German colonization of Egypt.In particular, the Egyptian government has decided to send the first batch of 200,000 troops to the Axis powers, and the resignation of Tamusta has caused an uproar among these officers.In the eyes of these officers, General Canlemu is a hero, and Tamusta is also a hero They once fought closely for the freedom of Egypt, and they once fought together regardless of life and death, but now Did everything change after the victory Tamusta told his companions that he would not resent General HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies Canlemu because of the loss of his official medterra cbd gummies sleep tight reviews position.Direct power generation to US President Roosevelt.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Japan is about to launch a surprise attack on the US military base at Pearl Harbor Signature, Ernst Alexson von Brahm The telegram has been sent I think this is what President Roosevelt would like to see.It will be the same as in history.President Roosevelt will just pretend that he has never seen this telegram.He needs this surprise attack and this war.Wang does cbd gummies show up in pee test Weiyi rested his chin and said in a low voice President Roosevelt has long wanted to actively intervene in the war, but he has been under a lot of pressure, and the economic crisis that is spreading across the United States this time makes him even more impatient.I want to use war to divert domestic dissatisfaction So, the only ones who suffer are those American soldiers at Pearl Harbor The Pearl Harbor Attack incident will still happen, but But at another point in time, another person came to take the lead.He saw white smoke and scattered bricks as many bullets hit the building s exterior.The glass on all the windows has long since broken.A mortar shell exploded on the roof.Heisenberg s crosshairs fell on a Russian soldier operating a machine gun and was about to fire when a bullet hit him in the chest.He fell down.Another Russian soldier stepped forward to take the machine gun, and Heisenberg shot him in the forehead.Then he fired a shot into the barrel of the machine gun.Destroy it completely.The bullets land three centimeters above the reticle, allowing him to fire each shot with precision.He moved the reticle again, but there was no obvious target in front of him.So he signaled the commandos to smilz cbd gummies mayim plus cbd mango gummies charge forward.Sergeant Keller followed the captain with about two hundred soldiers behind him.Heisenberg and several other snipers fired at any enemy that appeared in the windows of the building, while the commandos stormed the building and cleared the houses of resisters.Heisenberg took out the bullets from the magazine bags on the dead German soldiers several times, and he was very worried that his bullets would run out.Sergeant Keller noted Heisenberg s excellent shooting skills Heisenberg, you are a good fighter.I have never seen a sniper with your skills.I am very happy plus cbd mango gummies how much do cbd gummies for pain cost to serve with you.Thank you, Sergeant Heisenberg had never heard such praise.In the battle that day, Heisenberg was almost in danger.A bullet fired by pur cbd gummies natures only cbd gummies walmart a Russian sniper nearly hit his head, and Heisenberg s helmet belt was raised, and it was slammed against his cheek with great force, leaving a dark purple whip on his face.The sound of da da hasn t stopped for several hours and De Sade, who doesn t know the time at all, just feels that every second is so difficult daTapTap The sound has been accompanied by De Sade s barely falling asleepbut he can t sleep for five minutes, he will be caught by a kind of Awakened by an inexplicable fear There was an ugly knock on the door, and De Sade jumped up from the bed Who Mr.De Sade, the Baron invites you to join us Dinner.A flat voice sounded.Ah, dinner De Sade s voice was a bit weird What time is it I, let me see.It s 6 o clock in the evening.6 o clock in the evening De Sade s body shook, I stayed in this horrible room for almost 24 hours.Hunger tormented him, so when he saw a table of delicious food again, De Sade still stuffed it into his mouth with no regard for etiquette as yesterday.He plus cbd mango gummies told everything he knew, the purpose of their mission, their method of retreat, even the names of their superiors.There is nothing hidden When Waderos said that once the mission is completed, they will evacuate from Erklin and report all the information here to the Soviet frontline commander General Lindelof At the time, Wang Weiyi said En thoughtfully.Then he said Tell me.What kind of person is General Lindelof including his character He is a subordinate who is very trusted by Marshal Vasilevsky He is also very brave in combat Major Waderos thought for a while In many battles, Marshal Vasilevsky entrusted him with the most dangerous and cruel combat missions.This time it is the same No exception As far as his character is concerned straightforward, honest, and loved by his subordinates, but sometimes a little reckless and, many times, he is too easy to believe People Very good.123 Infantry Division of the National Defense Forces immediately marched towards Elklin.Be sure to arrive at the designated battlefield before February 7thOrder, the SS Arko Group and the Imperial Division advance along Maeslo, forming an encirclement situation for the Soviet Third ArmyOrder Order after order was issued from Wang Weiyi s mouth.Now, both Guo Yunfeng and Ludwig know that Marshal Ernst s plan is unstoppable.When all the orders are issued, Wang Weiyi will He said calmly Tell the officers that the decisive battle has been advanced, and the first minute when cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies Lindelof s Third Army launched its attack is the beginning of the decisive battle between Germany and the Soviet Union Yes, Field Marshal Long live Germany Long Live Germany Whether it is the German senior commander or the Soviet senior commander, everyone thinks that the decisive battle will be in March.This means that the entire Third Army was destroyed.This is really a big deal for the Soviet Union A very terrible thing.The first plus cbd mango gummies how much do cbd gummies for pain cost reaction of Moscow was to immediately seal the news of this disastrous defeat.Once the news is leaked, it will cause disastrous consequences.There is almost no one left in the entire army Being brought to the bottom by the Germans, what is more plus cbd mango gummies terrifying than this The destruction of the Third Army also brought about a more serious and terrifying problem.Now, the entire strategic plan of Marshal Vasilevsky has been destroyed.Completely disrupted, the German army will be able to attack Stalingrad without hindrance After the baron s order, he began to actively attack the Soviet army, which also indicates that the battle of Stalingrad is coming.Now, Marshal Vasilevsky s heart is even more uncertain, losing the third army, disrupting all What kind of posture will the German army, whose confidence has been strengthened like never before, appear on the battlefield I am afraid that no one can answer this question of Marshal Vasilevsky for the time being At this time, Wang Weiyi finally met General Lindelof again.When the skeleton baron appeared at this moment, he had already arranged everything.Yes, he admitted that the Skeleton Baron had arranged it very well.But there is one thing, if you agree to cooperate with the Skeleton Baron, you will completely betray your own country Time is running out, you have no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies children to go to America.It is a very nice country And I can make sure that only I know your identities So.Tomorrow in the east of Moscow will happen The new explosion, and I hope that the troops in the west of the city are all transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing can be done, and you plus cbd mango gummies can do it without your own presence.Yes, is it With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies and Anna, and then left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.What happened behind them Was the Guo Yunfeng battle group successful This is a question that the German soldiers here don t eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews plus cbd mango gummies even think about it.Do your job well, and fully trust your comrades in arms to accomplish their plus cbd mango gummies goals March 7, 2 00 am.The battle does reba mcentire sell cbd gummies here has been going on for a long time, and more and more soldiers from the German and Soviet armies gathered here.Here, it has become the main plus cbd mango gummies khalifa sisters cbd gummies tinnitus battlefield of Fronis.The Wittersland Regiment, Nordst Battalion, and are cbd gummies better than oil Nava Regiment of the Viking Division also entered the battle one after another.These troops, composed of Danish, Dutch, Finnish and Estonian HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies people, have completely regarded themselves as part of the German army.They know that only here can they win the highest honor in their military career The rain of bullets drew tongues of flame in the air, and fell into the enemy army like lightning.There is only one thing Vasilevsky needs them to do delay the German army and annihilate the German assault group.Make sacrifices to break the myth that the Skull Baron is invincible.The meaning of sacrifice Even if the entire 81st Armored Army is destroyed, it will not hesitate Similarly, Wang Weiyi did not notice this.On the battlefield, no matter how good a commander is, it is impossible to take all aspects of the situation into consideration.test them.Only in case of crisis.Make the most accurate judgment.After the Soviet army reserve team went into battle, Wang Weiyi also ordered the Ike battle group to go into attack in time.And at this time.He still holds a trump card in his hand Guo Yunfeng battle group On the salient north of Kenklar, Battlegroup Ike quickly launched a powerful offensive.Now, the battle seems to have little suspense.Kunitzke was killed.When the plus cbd mango gummies German army broke into the position fiercely, Kunitzke decided to give up resistance.He waved the white flag and led a small number of soldiers out of the position.He has come to surrender.He meets a German best cbd brands gummies soldier who appears to be alone.Kunitzke asked his subordinates to put down their weapons, and then prepared to tell the opponent in simple German that he was not going to continue to resist.However, before he could speak, the submachine guns in the hands of the German soldiers roared Kunitzke and his men all fell into a pool of blood.The German soldier didn t even take a second look at the Russian corpses before rushing into the battle again His name is Fletz Sipple Marshal, the Ike battle group has completed a breakthrough.The Commander congratulates us on victory When will the war end When will the Soviet army in Stalingrad be wiped out Can this massacre end before the end of the month German soldiers realized that this was an unusual battle.They called the battle of Stalingrad a cat and mouse war.The German command tried to take measures.Adapted the German army to this chaotic street fighting as much as possible.The northern part of Mamayev Gang is a large factory and dormitory area, which has become a huge and strong fortress of the 62nd Army of the Soviet Army.According to the plan, the cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies main attack direction of the German army is Mamayev Gang and the Red October Iron and Steel Plant at the southern end of the factory area.In the northern part of the city, the attack was launched from the Gorodisheh area, and the target was the Dzerzhinsky Tractor Factory.When the USSR failed, you couldn t shoot the top generals who were willing to stand with me.Not even a trial, they have to keep those powers I totally agree with that.Wang Weiyi replied calmly I am on the same cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies front as you.That s our friend too, Germany never judges friends.It was a good start, and Timoshenko felt a little relieved In the newly established government I don t think you will keep the current government, right In the new government, we must have power, at eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews plus cbd mango gummies least equal to that of the so called Free Russia, and we will not take orders from the defeated opponents of the past I can understand this.Wang Weiyi pondered for a while I will empower you and ensure the fairness of competition in possible future elections.But if you suffer defeat in the election, it is out of my control.Timoshenko is in favor of this, he firmly believes that he can do what cbd and thc gummies near me he wants to do The third point Timoshenko slowly put forward his own proposal, a total of seven demands, some Wang Weiyi accepted them all, some two started arguing, but in the end both sides made concessions.Zhukov and Vasilevsky were completely shocked when they heard the news.Now, the enemy is about to enter Moscow, but at this time Stalin actually wants to carry out a new big purge This is not an effort to encircle Moscow, this is simply helping the Germans.But Stalin s determination had already been made.He told Zhukov and Vasilevsky There are a large number of traitors hidden in our troops and those who are not firm in their positions.Timoshenko and those who defected on the battlefield are representatives of them.If you cannot be in the army as soon as possible The goal of defending Moscow cannot be achieved at all Zhukov and Vasilevsky tried to persuade him again and again, but Stalin, who had already made up his mind, was unmoved at all, and he handed over this task to Beria, who almost died in his hands a big purge without warning began A large number plus cbd mango gummies of Soviet officers plus cbd mango gummies how much do cbd gummies for pain cost who were actively preparing for street fighting were inexplicably arrested.Richthofen who had been silent Finally he said I went to Berlin a smoke buddies cbd gummies few days ago and met Adolf.Adolf heard that the victory is imminent and the dream of Germany is about to be fulfilled.He originally wanted to come to plus cbd mango gummies Moscow to witness the victory with his own eyes, but He didn t say it, but Wang Weiyi already knew what Hitler meant Adolf was probably afraid of his appearance, so I mistakenly thought he was coming to take credit with me, right Richthofen nodded.Wang Weiyi smiled Actually, I didn t care about this matter at all I have homemade cbd gummy bears been to China and fought there.I have heard that China has As an old saying goes, the general with greater merit is more likely to be envied by the monarch.At that time, danger will come.I m glad that didn t happen to me I fought for Germany.But it doesn t mean Deutschland is mine, I m just plus cbd mango gummies doing what I m supposed to do But everything is done and I m leaving here.I conquered September 15, 1943, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Commander in Chief of the Defense of Moscow Zhukov surrendered.This means that the tragic defense of Moscow is gradually coming to an end.Now, because there are not many troops left in the Kremlin, plus cbd mango gummies there are only a small number of guard troops, which are not enough to pose any threat at all.With just one attack, the German army can completely and completely control the command center that still exists in Moscow in name.When the news of Zhukov s surrender reached Stalin s ears, the supreme leader of the Soviet Union was not surprised at all.Instead, he seemed to think plus cbd mango gummies that such a thing would happen sooner or later.That night, Stalin delivered the last speech in his life.Of course, there were not many audiences at this time.In his speech, he thanked all the Red Army soldiers and the Soviet people for their efforts, and said that although the war is about to fail, the great Soviet will not end its mission because of the fall of Moscow.Defeating Caesar has proved that you and your companions are warriors.Lorbis tried to make his voice sound more polite But with only four people, ah, there are three who can t fight Do you really think that Caesar can be subdued At plus cbd mango gummies least you re right about one thing.Wang Weiyi smiled and said The defeat of Caesar has 25mg thc free cbd gummies already shown that we have such abilities.Yes, the four HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies of us alone cannot achieve victory, and plus cbd mango gummies how much do cbd gummies for pain cost our emperor, His Majesty, does not intend to directly send troops plus cbd mango gummies cbd gummies from amazon to intervene Richthofen smiled on the face behind the mask.Our Your Majesty the Emperor, did you intend to directly send troops to intervene Where did Ernst find the German Empire s army Did Xiao Ling really show up with the base Wang Weiyi continued But one thing I can be sure of, The end of Caesar and the Roman legions is near Immediately, this sentence caused a commotion among the leaders.This largely limits the performance of the Roman Legion.Victory is something to look forward to.Caesar kept an eye on the battlefield.From the first moment Su Keers was killed, he knew that it was impossible to eliminate these barbarians today.But he was not in a hurry, even though she faced another attack failure, he quickly saw the barbarian s weakness.There are only so many of them, and all their elite fighters have gathered to the front line.And as long as the battle is delayed, Germania s power will inevitably become less and less, and the final victory belongs to itself.So Caesar could tolerate one or two defeats, and what he wanted was the final victory Caesar s timely order to sound the horn of retreat was also a relief for the Romans who were fighting hard.Once again the Romans were defeated, causing the Germanians to cheer wildly.This dream has never been realized.He became suspicious again, in order to fulfill his dream.He has made a lot of efforts, but none of them have been successful, and it is only because of this that Spurius, who has not returned to Rome for a long time, can he really do it As if seeing his doubts, Wang Weiyi said slowly If you trust me, I will be able to solve it.But you must be patient, and you can t hold such a grand and luxurious banquet anymore.I don t want you to give the elder I don t want to leave a bad impression on those people in the academy.At the same time, I also ask you to stop publicizing the victory of this naval battle, and act as if you have never participated in a naval battle Seve Us listened very carefully there, and Wang Weiyi nodded his head when he said something.As long as he can return to the battlefield, he can agree to any conditions.In the past two days, with the appearance of corpses one by one, the Roman soldiers kept whispering there, discussing those terrible barbarians, worrying that they would become the same corpses at some point.What s even more frustrating is that they couldn t find the shadows of the attackers at all.This is the most worrying thing, but neither Centumaros nor Senardi can solve this situation.The only thing Senardi can do is to send out as many patrolling soldiers as possible to strengthen the guard, and it is strictly forbidden for the soldiers to act alone.Moreover, what he hopes to see most now is that the soldiers can immediately start fighting the barbarians. He is a traditional Roman general who has never liked sneak attacks, but is more willing to engage the enemy head on.But the savages seem to have no such intentions at all.Caesar nodded with satisfaction Thank you.My friends, I assure you.I will do my best to ensure that you will not be implicated in the slightest.But before that, we must figure out And Pompey s real purpose.We need to figure out what plus cbd mango gummies position they want to put me in Dear Caesar, Mark Anthony is here.Just at this moment, a report interrupted Caesar s thoughts immediately showed joy on his face Quickly, call Anthony in.When Anthony appeared in front of Caesar, the governor of the Gaul province couldn t wait to say Antony, you just came from Rome.Come back, no one knows the situation in Rome better than you, come, tell me, what happened in Rome A very terrible thing.Anthony replied without the slightest hesitation Everything was provoked by Pompey.Yes, and most of those senators sided with Pompey.They safely handed over the convoy to the Americans.It s just that they probably don t even dream of it in their dreams, disaster is coming to them Schrottenburg has fallen asleep, and a few dim lights are dancing in the dark night.Occasionally, a few night birds fluttered and flew up, but they couldn t disturb the tranquility of the night.At this time, more than thirty ghosts appeared.Wang Weiyi feels that he is lucky for the first battle in the true sense of this era, now.The entire team has been completely controlled in his hands.The trucks have been assembled, and the explosives have been placed one by one Once there is an explosion, it must be earth shattering.Guo Yunfeng came to Wang Weiyi s side and nodded to him.Wang Weiyi smiled and jumped into a truck first, and Guo Yunfeng quickly sat in the co pilot seat.Wang Weiyi said Said With the help of Papasolovsky s convoy, we can send our supplies out It s so easy to trust others, unless you can be more greedy than him.He has a creed that only people of the same kind as himself can be friends.What kind of creed is this Wang Weiyi smiled involuntarily.I can only be responsible for sending you out of Shamotuwei.Chekwellski said slowly But how to pass Frankfurt, you have to rely on yourself.I am very grateful for this already.Chekwellski Mr.Ji.Wang Weiyi calmly said After leaving Shamotuwei, we will figure out a way by ourselves.Then, let a greedy Major Abel show up in front of Papasolovsky at night When the sky gradually dimmed down.Colonel Papasolovsky showed up at Cekowelski s home during the calibration.He is very concerned about the safety of his treasures, and there are constant rumors in the country that his enemies are about to attack him, and may deprive him of his position in the army.When Wang Weiyi and his commandos, dressed HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies as American troops, appeared in Ibor, Major Mario became the key.Even though he appeared to be indifferent on the surface, Wang Weiyi quietly put his hand on the handle of the gun Sitting in the jeep, Major Mario, who was chewing gum, nonchalantly told the sentinel his number, which was accurate His answer made the sentry quickly lose their vigilance.He returned the ID to Mario Major, how is the progress ahead We will enter Berlin soon.Mario replied after putting away the ID.I hear there s a very strong German commando Yes, but we ll kill them.I really want to go home.You can go in, Major.The jeep and the rear The truck slowly drove past the guard post, and Wang Weiyi heaved a long sigh of relief until this time, it seems that he made the right bet on Mario U.The roar of anger and the joy of victory resounded everywhere in Berlin.The Germans could not believe that someone would try to cover up Baron Alexson s victory.Moreover, such a person actually HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies comes from the top of the German government They feel betrayed.And at the Constance base, Marshal Boncrele calmly listened to all this, he took a deep breath, came back, the baroness also came back, and everyone was coming back soon.Tears welled up in his eyes, he stared at the core of the cold storage of the Constance base, and then seemed to be talking to himself there They are coming back soon, did you hear plus cbd mango gummies that, my friends.Stadler, Rommel, Guderian, did you all hear that I know you didn t leave me either, you were all just asleep.But I always believed that one day you would all wake up Then, we can continue to follow the Baron and fight together.I ll let everyone know the truth, Baron Maybe things didn t go the way you imagined Wang Weiyi said indifferently During the war, there is very little real freedom of speech, and so called democracy is out of the question.I believe that in order to cover up the truth, the top military will shut you up.Colonel Gay simply believed The high level military can t stop me, we still have the American people, Congress, and the president I will continue to cry out for those dead subordinates until someone stands up and takes responsibility for all this From this point of view, Colonel Gay is worthy of respect.Although he failed and became a prisoner, he did not give up the assistance to his subordinates, although such assistance seemed so insignificant during the war Then, I can only wish you luck.The little girl who was going to duel with the baron in the past has now become a queen.Unfortunately, this queen has lost her own country.But there was no such frustration on the Queen s face, but she smiled and said, Twenty years, where have you been, Baron plus cbd mango gummies Your Majesty, I continue my mysterious journey to find the mystery of life.Wang Weiyi also said with a smile.It seems that you have discovered the mystery of life.The immortal baron is the greatest myth The queen looked at the baron s face I think even if you are not the German marshal, with your immortality Shinhwa, you must be able to make every woman in the world go crazy.Sir Rosen is here In such a voice, another old friend of plus cbd mango gummies Wang Weiyi, Rosen, strode in.Rosen, who was already full of gray hair, was not surprised to see the still young baron, but he couldn t contain his excitement Baron, you came back late.Mr.Prime Minister, what do you say Bertrul smiled wryly, and drank the wine in the glass in one gulp I will do as you ordered, and I hope you can fulfill your promise. Of course, I am a person who attaches great importance to the spirit of contract.The last question, why did you do this Of course I can tell you that I am doing this to repay a kindness The last day of 2013.After calling for a monthly pass, the last day of 2013 finally arrived.The spider wishes all the brothers a happy New Year s Day in advance and all the best.Finally, on the last day of this year, please ask for a monthly ticket again, thank you all brothers for your support over the plus cbd mango gummies past year Eight hundred and forty nine.The artillery fire of plus cbd mango gummies the Italian allies clamored on the battlefield, and the howling sound of bullets piercing through the air could take countless lives at any time.Then, he suddenly paused After a pause, he asked unexpectedly, Ryan.Is there a way for us to talk to the enemy I, I think it can be done.Ryan was taken aback.Then he said It just takes some time.Let them plus cbd mango gummies do it as soon as possible.Corrett was excited about his bold idea I need to find the Skeleton Baron.Corrett was determined to write his name on the war history In the next few days, this will become the main battlefield.In the temporary headquarters, Wang Weiyi told his subordinates We will face even crazier bombing and crazier attacks from the enemy, and our task is to continue to hold on , and then wait for the counterattack to come.The Americans hope to turn this place into the main battlefield, so their requirements will be met.The Americans don t know what will happen, and they don t even know that they still have a secret weapon in their hands They will regret it when they fully demonstrate all their strengths.The twilight of the gods happened here most vividly It was Ragnarok All the peace, serenity and beauty in the world have disappeared, no matter in the kingdom of God or in the world, the previous quiet and peaceful scene no longer reappears, and the goddess of youth in Asa HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies Garden, Idun, suddenly emerges from the cosmic tree Yuga Trashi He fell down and disappeared without a trace.The sun and her eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews plus cbd mango gummies son the moon looked bleak and weary in the winter of Fimbul, and were finally devoured by the wolves Skor and Heid who were chasing them.After they were devoured, the whole world fell into endless darkness.And because the world has lost the heat of the sun, it has grown colder.The wind blowing from all sides also carried snowflakes and frost.The stars also fell from the sky one after another.These were originally the stars that the gods threw into the sky with sparks from the Flame Kingdom, and they went smilz cbd gummies mayim plus cbd mango gummies out immediately after landing.S.military.His Majesty s Defense Minister Marshal Kanlemu and his wife are here With this voice.A familiar voice came in.Wang Weiyi knew this person too well, he was General Canlemu, the most important supporting role in the first Cairo mutiny led by himself.Ah, he s a marshal now.What about Colonel Tamusta, the head of the Egyptian Officers Corps Where is he now General Roy, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Egypt, has arrived There was applause in the hall.The complacent General Roy appeared, accompanied by the US ambassador to Cairo, Holliday, and a large group of staff officers.King of Egypt and Sudan, ruler of Nubia, Kordofan and Darfur, His Majesty Muhammad Fuad II arrives When Fuad appeared.Wang Weiyi almost suspected that he was wrong.This cbd softgel gummies this is just a ten year old child Does this kid actually have the ability to cause so many things in Egypt Even put Queen Farida under house arrest But when he saw the person standing beside Fuad, Wang Weiyi immediately understood.Wang Weiyi was not distracted by the German soldiers on the side.On TV, he saw The son after twenty years William.This is his son, the only son.Unfortunately, there are not many shots of William, and the TV station seems to be closer to the strike leader, Willy Stander.Wang Weiyi is a little regretful sigh Hey, it s time to send a commando to New York and capture this President William of the United States.Come on, don t dream, let s think about the things in front of us.We lost Baeza, and we are going to Fabaman launched an attack, and there will soon be a fierce battle here.Have you heard that Marshal Manstein made a bet with the enemy commander, General Karofi, and the Americans said that in Baeza we would We were all wiped out.Hey.Marshal Manstein won, he should be proud of us.Yes, Marshal Manstein won.It is undoubtedly a good thing for Slater to adjust the formation in time.Slat quickly asked the soldiers to fight back on the spot.But the situation ahead is simply too chaotic.After Slat raised his gun, he found that he could not shoot at all, because the cavalry had dispersed the entire 2nd Battalion and the 3rd Battalion on the left wing of the German soldiers.Now the 1st Battalion of the German Army has a tendency to be surrounded.There were many German soldiers among themselves, and perhaps all soldiers except snipers could not shoot and kill the cavalry in such a chaotic situation.Attention all 1st Battalion Company A, Company B, and Company E HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies provide support to the 3rd Battalion on the left flank.You don t need to rush to melee.Just pull out the line of defense and keep a distance from the cavalry Company D, Company G.Hoover smiled wryly Unconfirmed news.I m getting someone to investigate, but this is probably beyond the purview of the fbi.No, this is absolutely impossible William said this, and quickly overturned his own thoughts Why is it impossible He is back too.Why can t Adolf Hitler not die Is it something he did You mean Ernst.Bram Hoover quickly guessed who the he was.William didn t answer directly Hoover.I know that investigating these things is beyond the authority of the FBI, but I will now give you special rights to find out whether Hitler is still alive in the shortest possible time.Yes, I ll try to find out.There is one very important thing for you to do.William paused, opened his drawer, and took out plus cbd mango gummies a photo from it.He seemed to cherish the photo very much, and gave it to Hoover after staring at it for a long time.What is even more unacceptable to the Russians is that in the brutal street fighting, their officers suffered a large number of casualties, and even a major general fell to the cold guns of German snipers.Wang Weiyi listened carefully to Tassowski s words.From his description, we can get a general outline.Although he has taken refuge in the Allied forces and obtained a large number of new weapons from the Americans, the overall combat level of the Russian army is quite low, and the command of the officers still remains.decades ago.In fact, this has been fully reflected in previous battles.Under heavy casualties, the plus cbd mango gummies Russian army has begun to wear out Tassowski s words immediately attracted Wang Weiyi s full attention As far as I know, the Army Command is also at a loss for the changes that have taken place below.Ah, don t say that there are countless The Germans are assisting him.Is it General Boschek Travitt s face turned pale again in an instant That is our most elite cbd gummies for anxiety kids unit.I heard that he surrendered to the Germans.Is this true General, I can assure you that this is absolutely true.Kapunov said with a smile, General Boschek chose the most sensible path, and you think you can get along with him.Is the Great Russian Division fighting Travert shook his head again and again, in his imagination, there was no unit that was more powerful than the Great Russian Division.His expression did not hide from HCMUSSH plus cbd mango gummies Kapunov at all General, General Boschek was already preparing to launch a devastating attack on you, but I tried my best to dissuade him, that is because any relationship between me and you A friendship that no one can shake.The scouts directly guided the commandos through the radio.A group of Russian infantry wearing body armor searched forward, and the turret of the SS6 tank turned left and right.Always on guard, a heavy tank turned the huge turret, towards what seemed to be some The moving building fired a shot.The cannon directly bulldozed a reinforced concrete structure house.The Russian army smiled triumphantly.Get ready, 900 meters ahead, one round of armor piercing shells.fire Swell The Russian tank commander s binoculars suddenly found that the Model assault gun in front was aiming at him.When he was about to talk about the car, it was already too late.He witnessed the smoke device of the assault gun pushing the smoke of the shell from both sides, and the shell He flew straight to his own tank.Immediately, the turret of SS6 was pierced directly, and the huge kinetic energy overturned the turret.Even if he does escape, Colonel Guadrav has the ability to catch him back in the first place.Wang Weiyi saw a car and a bus driving out.Sitting in front was Marshal Kolkorok.His family was on the bus in the back.Then, two more black cars drove out, closely following behind.They were the agents in charge of protecting the Marshal s safety.Wang Weiyi started the car and quietly followed behind There was nothing unusual along the way, and it was calm all the way out of Moscow.At this time, Wang Weiyi was also a little curious, where is Capone going to do it What kind of method are you going to use Several cars stopped at a nice view in the outskirts, and Marshal Kolkorok stepped out of the car first.Then his family got off the bus one after another.The faces of the adults are solemn, because they know what is about to happen today.The friendly neighbor s position has been broken by the US military.Brother troops are shrinking the line of defense, are we also Captain Mel, you have to calm down We re not aloneand we can t stand back.Behind you is plus cbd mango gummies Berlin We are here to fight to the last bullet and demand a high price from the Americans for their invasion of Berlin Kiritz calmed down his excited emotions Signed in the friendly position has been breached, you immediately transfer the 3rd company to the h1 line of defense to prevent the Americans from turning around from behind, and pay special attention to monitoring the enemy s movement.Beware of the infiltration of American engineers The Americans are coming up The voice of the commander Gessler rang in Kielitz s ears.Through the observation mirror, Kielitz saw more than a dozen German soldiers fleeing from a series of positions in the gunpowder smoke ahead.Duchess, I am also very sorry, please forgive me for my rudeness In terms of seniority, the Grand Duchess should be your mother Wang Weiyi s tone contained With some sarcasm No child dares to talk to his mother like thatMr.Milosevic.This time I can forgive you.But I don t want to see another time.One more thing, Mr.Khmelitsky handles cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies this better than you.He just met me, reaffirmed his loyalty to me, and told me that you might come here.Milosevic, I didn t quite believe it before, but now I see everythingyou really let me down Damn Khmelitsky Milosevic couldn t help cursing in his heart It seems that Khmelitzki is trying his best to please the baron, but today he came.It was Khmelitz Ki instigated it behind his back, but in the plus cbd mango gummies how much do cbd gummies for pain cost end, he himself became a weapon used by him.Milosevic vowed that he would not make it easy for him Instead of focusing your energy here, why not think about how to deal with the upcoming defense of Moscow.Just before Sudan gave the order, news came from plus cbd mango gummies various places that the young officers released the German army in advance and returned all the well kept weapons to the German army, including ships, artillery, tanks, and aircraft.The German Turkish coalition launched an plus cbd mango gummies attack on the Allied forces before the time stipulated by Turkey Especially the officers and soldiers of the German army were eager for revenge.They had never suffered such a shame.Blood washes away To some extent, the situation is not even under the control of the Turkish Sultan The cry of Long live Baron Alexon sounded on the land of Turkey.Countries with important strategic positions have returned to the embrace of the Axis powers Look.Those soldiers don t want to listen to us at all.Karami Sultan was not angry at the changes, but smiled But, I I can fully understand the feelings of those officers and soldiers Yes.A grenade was fired between the second tank and the third tank, and the sputtered shrapnel and killing waves damaged the tank tracks again.Ka Ka Ka, with the sound of metal turning, the two tanks began to rotate the turrets, and this was clearly in Steinman s arms the tanks wanted to raise the turrets to attack Steinman who was high up Jonis action By taking advantage of the stupid behavior of the American tank, Jonis rushed out from the hiding place, quickly placed an explosive block on the armor plate on the side of the tank, and Sasha also rushed out, with his usual precision when throwing bombs.The explosives were dropped on the storage box of the tank.The two quickly evacuated small batch cbd gummies and hid behind a pile of rubble.Boom Two tanks were detonated, their turrets were also blown up, and some surrounding broken walls also collapsed due to the shock cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies wave The U.Bouvitch stared at the building through the bullet holes in the wall, without even blinking.Everyone stretched their nerves like a string.Will snap almost anytime.Someone asked in a low voice I was blowing the charge horn arrogantly just now, why did the sound suddenly stop What are those idiots waiting for They are considering whether to blow your ass open.Really Damn that s a good sign cbd gummies effect on liver pur cbd gummies There were whispers of cursing all around Gavin, you did a great job If we get killed because of you, I ll take a knife and cut the skin off your cock, high concentrated cbd gummies and then Then make apetropics cbd gummies free sample octopus rolls and throw them on the side of the street to can cbd gummies cause erectile dysfunction feed the dogs Quiet If you say another word, I ll push your ass away The enemy is moving At this moment, the Americans in the distance re emerged Started playing their music, only a lot louder.Berkeley blurted out quickly All forces are completely under the command of you alone, Your Excellency the Baron.Wang Weiyi smiled with satisfaction, yes, to defeat a country Sometimes you don t need too many troops, what you need is their collapse from within.Roberto, Berkeley, and a large number of Frenchmen like them are forces that they can use.While the French government rejoiced over the death of the opposition leader Yetiri, they would never have imagined that a large number of senior French government officials and the new leader of the opposition, Lantes, had sworn allegiance to their enemies.At this moment, Sinager and Lucien walked in again, but their faces looked very ugly.Sinager reluctantly said I have some good news.President Khatri has agreed to your request.I think we can start negotiations on the specific cooperation situation tomorrow.Major Bin Laden felt a little unhappy.No civilian has ever dared to speak to the general like this, but for the sake of the overall situation.Major Bin Laden still agreed to all their demands.Avako and Major Bin Laden left here, no one knows his fate, no It was the first time for Avako to see so many tanks, so many soldiers, and it was also the first time he saw General Ainova, but he did not have the slightest fear when facing the general General, our time It is very urgent, please get straight to the point.Okay, I think so too.Lieutenant General Enova said quickly, Sir, I admire your behavior very much, but I don t think you Have the strength to fight against the government.To be honest, I have received an order to suppress you, but I am not willing to do so.From the perspective of an ordinary Frenchman, I suggest that you immediately give up all unrealistic fantasies , Go back to the place where you stayed.I brought a suitcase along with me.Travivski panted, Go open that suitcase, it looks very ordinary on the outside, I think you must have turned it over while I was asleep when you were on the boat.Right The Pirokos were a little embarrassed.Travivsky smiled Tear open the inside of the suitcase, and you will find a small and delicate briefcase in the interlayer, remember, don t try to take it out, it will directly let the explosives explode and destroy everything.The number on my arm is the password to open this briefcase.I must solemnly remind you, don t make a mistake, as long as you make a mistake once, all those documents will be destroyed as well The Piroko couple were terrified after hearing this After a while, Piroko asked carefully What if we found the mechanism in the suitcase that night smilz cbd gummies mayim plus cbd mango gummies and unfortunately destroyed those documents Then you can only hope that I don t die.Brown.I will never let such a tragedy happen effects of cbd gummy in my city However, he did not have much confidence when he said these words.He is very clear that if this incident cannot be resolved quickly, the situation will only intensify and become out of control.He has already received news that the black people in Oakland are about to move, trying to give the Black Panther Party the most powerful support.It would be very scary if this happened The entire city of Auckland will be thrown into chaos.No one can take on such a responsibility.I will never become the sinner who condoned the black thugs One thousand eighty seven.The speaker situation has actually gotten a little out of control.The blacks in Castri College are well armed beyond previous imagination, and they even have rocket launchers.Attacking has become very difficult.William is a very ambitious person.He hopes that his achievements can surpass President Roosevelt, and he hopes that he can be re elected more than President Roosevelt.He almost The goal was achieved, in the name of war But when victory was within reach.So many things happened.The war made itself, and the war hit itself hard.I always remember our happy Childhood William suddenly and inexplicably recalled his childhood again At that time, we lived in the Wittgenstein Manor, you, me, my mother, and Aunt Hermione.And our stuffy but sweet Dempsey butler.We are always fantasizing about what we can do when we grow up, and we are always proud to be part of the Wittgenstein family We grow up and take two completely different paths road.I went to China, where I met my father for the first time, and at that time, I was still proud to be a member of the Wittgenstein family.I hope you will not cause me any trouble.Pross looked at his handcuffs and shackles What else can we do under such circumstances What The car drove for about an hour before stopping The car door was reopened, and a strong ray of sunlight came in.It smilz cbd gummies mayim plus cbd mango gummies made the prisoners in the car very uncomfortable.Pross was the first to get out of the car, and he saw Lieutenant Colonel Moyol at first sight.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol lit a cigarette It s another rare fine weather in London.Yeah, it s another rare fine weather.Prows sighed.It would be a good choice to die in such weather, but he soon discovered that something was wrong.This is definitely not like an execution ground where people are shot.Nearby is a manor.Who would kill 11 people in such a place Come on, come with me.Wang Weiyi threw away half of the cigarette.Intelligence Service headquarters in London.Tell me, Captain, why are you arresting me Colonel Jade asked sullenly.Captain Roger also shook his head To be honest, I don t know, Colonel.I got an order from the country just an hour before I went to your place.I can tell the higher authorities what to do, directly arrest you, and then not allow you to have any form of contact with the outside world.Arrest me Colonel Jed was completely bewildered.I loyally do things for the U.S.government, and I do my best every day, and I have never let up a day.But, is this the treatment that the U.S.government gives me I want to talk to General Luke on the phone.Colonel Jed made this request.Captain Roger thought for a moment, then nodded.The phone was connected, and Colonel Jed s voice sounded extremely urgent.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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