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are there cbd gummies global green cbd gummies 450 mg kenai farms cbd gummies reviews are cbd gummies legal in mexico HCMUSSH.

King Qin and Wuming have already come out.Looking at the introduction, the three major assassins should be Changkong, Canjian and Feixue.Wuming killed all the three major assassins in the world What kind of story is this going to tell After reading martial arts novels for so many years, I can guess Not the author s idea.But one thing is certain, that is, it making cbd gummies is really good looking and attractive Come on, the author Looking forward to the follow up.In addition, the cover is very good The ferryman who stops Official History It does not say that King Qin is Lu Buwei s illegitimate son, but it is indeed recorded in the wild history, and Miao Du also has a real person, and he has a child with Zhao Ji.King Qin is cruel and lonely, just as he commented, meritorious More than half.A martial arts novel directly cuts to Qin Shihuang, how should 300 mg cbd gummies are there cbd gummies I write after this It s hard to understand, the author will update it soon, and I m itching.Our teacher is great Now that I heard them chatting, I realized that Tangtanger is small, but she already has her own little secret, and I don t tell it in my heart.Only when I meet friends of the same age will I happily complain together As they walked along the way, they met many dog lovers who also came to walk their dogs.The three puppies are the happiest, the three little friends can t hold them back at all, they are having fun in the grass by the side of the road, but fortunately, Bai Jingjing and Chihuahua are both small and can t scare passers by, while Erha is only stupid cute.We walked and walked to the square by the sea.On the endless sea, the setting sun was falling on the sea level.With the sea breeze blowing, Tangtanger flew towards the square, shouting happily Little brother Little brother Kiki and Little Putao followed closely, and ran to the square to chase the little pigeons and seabirds that stayed.Tang Shuang left with Tang Shuang in the end.She wanted to run away, but she couldn t beat Tang Shuang.Whether she used wit or force, she was far from being an opponent.In the car, Tang Shuang said to Tangtanger who tilted her head and ignored him, Do you still hate me How about telling you a nice story tonight The trembling of her eyebrows has already revealed her cbd gummies for penis growth are cbd gummies legal in mexico small thoughts.Tang Shuang is like a roundworm in her stomach, are cbd gummies legal in mexico and are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg she continues to increase Do you want to eat a big pineapple Tangtanger immediately gave up her attitude of non violence and non cooperation, I want to eat a where to order fun drops cbd gummies big pineapple.Pineapple, I still need ice cream Tang Shuang You can t eat ice cream, it s just right if you forget your belly I ll eat it for you in a few days.Stopping to buy a big pineapple, Tang Tanger pointed to the fruit stand and said, I want a big pineapple, and I also want are cbd gummies legal in mexico dragon fruit, which is delicious.Neighbors Japan and South Korea are much more sophisticated.At a joint East Asian music festival, artists from the other two countries sang and danced, which would especially boost the atmosphere, while Chinese singers just sang quietly.It s not that quiet singing is inferior to singing and dancing, but as a basic skill of artists, we obviously haven t kept up with it, so that we can t use it when we need are cbd gummies legal in mexico it.Without comparison, you can t recognize the gap.Through this concert, Huaxia s musicians went around and couldn t find a few singers whose dancing ability was above the level.Thanks to this windfall, Girl s Day, who were originally unknown, embarked on an upward path in their career and quickly released their first music album.The response was very good, and they also entered the second tier ranks of domestic singers.He cut Grandma Wolf s belly, and after only two cuts, she saw the little red hat.After two are cbd gummies legal in mexico more cuts, the little girl jumped out and yelled.Said It frightened me, the wolf s stomach is dark and smelly.Candy also breathed a sigh of relief, and said It frightened me Immediately, Tangtang thought that grandma had not been rescued yet.When he came back, he kicked his feet and said anxiously Xiao Shuang, you bad guy, get grandma out quickly Tang Shuang didn t dare to delay, so she quickly rescued grandma too, and he would probably go in later.The story is not over yet.A few days later, Little Red Riding Hood went to her grandmother s house again, and another wolf came, trying to trick her into leaving the road to eat her, but Little Red Riding Hood was not fooled, and arrived at her grandmother s house safely.If they were divided according to the time period, the content in the morning, afternoon and evening was very different, which directly reflected the change in Li s mentality.This day In the morning, he happily said that the readers were looking forward to it, and the enthusiasm was high, and he told Tang Shuang to upload a few more chapters today to make a good start.In the afternoon, Tang Shuang didn t reply.He had a faint feeling that something was wrong, and he stopped asking questions about how many chapters to upload, but said that it would be good to have a chapter to start with.At night, the editor in chief Li was already worrying about gains and losses, and asked pitifully, do you want to release the pigeons of the readers If he really does this, the editor in charge will be laid off Tang Shuang opened the folder.Before are cbd gummies legal in mexico the game started, Tang Shuang found Tangtanger who was obediently sitting in the stands, and told him, Sit here and cheer for me Don t run around, you know Tangtanger was immersed in the pink sweetness of candy.Especially easy to talk Got it Come on, Xiaoshuang Tang Shuang stretched out her hand and said, Come and give me a high five Tang Tanger swung her fat little arms and slapped Tang Shuang s palm with all her strength., cbd gummies side effects wellbutrin smiled and said Xiao Shuang Where did you hide the candy bag You should protect me I promise I won are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg t eat it Tang Shuang said angrily I have already hidden it, don t worry, Watch your brother play football well, remember to scream, are cbd gummies legal in mexico get up, you know Bai Jingjing remember to work after eating candy, and protect your little master Wow Figures are running on the field, and the boys are swaying Sweat and passion, beautiful girls are cheering enthusiastically the sun is setting, and the school bell is ringing What a beautiful picture this is the ideal state The reality is, everyone on the court is sweating profusely, cursing the crazy weather in their hearts, and it s still so hot after the sun goes down The physical education teacher who kept the middle score was already out of breath and was about to paralyze the rhythm at any time.The facts speak louder than words, Tang Tanger could only laugh, not daring to meet Tang Shuang s eyes, aiming at random.No, I ll give you a scale.After Tang Shuang finished speaking, she held Candy under her armpit and looked around for the scale.What are you doing Don t eat me Candy yelled loudly.Tang Shuang He carried Tangtanger to the weighing scale and said, Stand up, let s weigh you how many catties and taels Tangtanger refused to settle down and wanted are cbd gummies legal in mexico to escape all the time.Stand up Just for a moment, okay Candy rolled her eyes and said, Okay, but you want to give me an ice cream.You really know how to bargain, Okay, you stand first.Candy The son got what he wanted, and instantly became a good baby, obediently standing on the weighing scale without moving, and he also looked at the changing numbers curiously, and finally the number was fixed at 18kg.Said Why don t you come up, really, you are looking for the Lun family.Tang Shuang Come down, I will tell you a story.Tangtanger took two steps forward, wrinkled She wrinkled her nose and said, Hmph You come up.Tang Shuang Good stories, you can only listen to them when you come down, and you won t have them if you don t come down.You can think about it.Tangtanger squatted on the ground and asked, It s the little rabbit.Is it the story of the rabbit No, it s the story of the crow and the fox.Tang Shuang tempted.Tang Shuang s eyes twinkled.She seldom heard stories about crows and foxes, so she asked curiously What is a crow Tang Shuang A crow is a crow.Like woodpeckers, it likes birds standing on trees.They re all black, and they like to cry like pipe.Tangtang er squatted on the ground, resting her chin with her hands, trying to imitate a crow Pipa Is that how it s called You re a baby crow.I can no longer compare with my sister s beauty This is not over, there are more ruthless ones.Do you know what will happen to the little pig when it gets fat I didn t tell you before because I was afraid of you.Now that you have grown up, I will tell you that are there cbd gummies the little pig will be cut and eaten when it gets fat.Isn t it scary How about this, give me the chocolate, I m doing it for your own good Candy resisted crying, first hid are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español the chocolate behind her back, and took out another gift from her to show off, hum, even if I don rift cbd delta 8 gummies t eat chocolate, I will There are many, are cbd gummies legal in mexico many beautiful gifts.Tang Shuang has a poisonous tongue.Every time Tangtanger brought out a gift, he would point out their fatal flaws.He said that as long as Tangtanger held it, it would cause endless harm.It was best to throw it away now, or let Tang Shuang deal with it Tangtang er couldn t help crying anymore, there were tears in her eyes, but she couldn t help crying out loud.Li Haonan Don t, don t, don t think so.We don are cbd gummies legal in mexico t want to make you an idol writer.The meeting is just to get to know each other, so that readers will have a sense of intimacy.If you are too far away, you will lose fans.Speaking of this, I said are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español Tang No, no matter how busy you are, you still have to find time to communicate with book fans.Since you wrote the book, you haven t communicated with readers.Go to the book review area, which is probably the place with the deepest .

how long do cbd gummies to kick in?

resentment on the site.Exchange a few words, big Less, or it will hurt everyone s heart.Tang Shuang I don t know what to say Isn t it enough to write a good book for everyone Li Haonan Just say anything, the book must be well written, but it should not be too mysterious , It s not good to work behind closed doors.Look at Jin Yong, he often communicates with readers, are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg and even discusses the direction of the plot.Everything has a process of adaptation, Tang Shuang gradually no longer resists telling Tangtanger a story, because seeing the little girl innocently and happily asking a hundred thousand whys full of curiosity, Tang Shuang feels a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in her heart.The story brought Tang Tang joy and a lot of knowledge, which was of great help to cbd gummies variety pack her growth.Most of the summer vacation has passed happily and worry free One night at around ten o clock, Brother Sanjian knocked on Tang Shuang s door and told him the very bad news.fall down.Because Tang Zhen fell ill, the family of four got together to discuss.Tang Shuang suggested that he fly to Shengjing now, but Miss Xiangning was worried about safety and refused to let him go, saying that it would not be too late to go tomorrow.She might have a skill, just wanting it to call it.This is a talent skill for foodies.Tang Sanjian took Tangtanger home, Comrade Sanjian was sweating profusely, Tangtanger was still calm, and the mark on the floor on his face hadn t disappeared.The morning in midsummer is beautiful, insects and birds are singing, full of vitality, the lake of Guangdong University is clear and beautiful, water birds park in the bushes by the lake, occasionally fish jump out of the water, showing off their scales in the sun.This situation, how can people not be emotional, Tang Sanjian wants to recite poems, he likes ancient style poems, he is a great person who has published poems.Although Tangtanger can t recite poems and doesn t have so many poetic and picturesque flavors, his nature of being close to nature is the same.The light flew over Weiwei Snow Mountain, swept through the thousand year old snow, and finally landed on the cliff of Wanren Mountain, where a blue snow lotus flower was opening its buds and blooming brilliantly.Facing the rising sun, the petals fell like rain, floating on the screen, and finally gradually formed a line of text.At the same time, Shi Yu s solemn voice sounded Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, Ms.Tang Zhen joined Orange Mai The signing ceremony of the music company starts now We sunstate cbd gummies invite Mr.Li Huaming, the general manager of Orange Wheat Music Company, and Ms.Tang Zhen Everyone applaud and welcome After the voice fell, Tang Zhen joined Orange Wheat Music Company Signing Ceremony appeared on the screen typeface.There was an uproar at the scene, and everyone s faces were full of disbelief She never expected that it was Tang Zhen from Girl s Day Cheng Mai made such a big splash, but it was only for one Tang Zhen Just after Girl s Day announced its disbandment, Li Xiaozhi and Tang Zhen switched jobs one after another.This song requires a twisting posture, Tangtanger has five sounds, and although she is fat, she is flexible in her movements and looks good when she twists.The most important thing is that she is very confident, does not care about other people s eyes, and can completely immerse herself in her own In the charm of dancing.When Tangtanger sang kiss me, she couldn t help standing in the snow circle and writhing around.She couldn t stand firmly for a while, and fell out of the circle with a slap, lying on the snow.Tang Shuang didn t notice what was going on behind her, she still dragged the snow circle forward, leaving Tangtanger behind.Wait for me Xiaoshuang Qiqi and Xiaoputao yelled, Candy fell to the ground Wait for her, save her Go get candy.But Candy Little Pang Girl rolled twice in the snow before getting up by herself, and then caught up with her.Brother Sanjian was sitting on the sofa, reading a newspaper with his glasses on.Tang Shuang walked to him, sat on the sofa, asked for a newspaper, and read it with relish.Brother Sanjian glanced at him, but didn t make a sound.Not long after, all the women of the old Tang family came out of the kitchen, Tang Tanger dropped Bai Jingjing, and ran to the piano briskly, sitting upright like a young adult, with Sister Xiangning and Tang Zhen on the left and right, holding hands Teach her to beat the time by reading the score.This scene was just like how sister Xiangning taught Tang Zhen and Tang Shuang to play the piano.Tang Shuang quickly finished flipping through the newspaper, told Brother Sanjian that she wanted to ask are cbd gummies legal in mexico him for advice, got up and walked to the study.Tang Sanjian was stunned, it was the first time he heard Tang Shuang ask him for advice, did the sun come out from the west However, if there is such a sun, it is also a good thing.Seeing that Tang Shuang didn t move, Tang Tanger boldly took the painting and handed it to him again to admire, giving him a chance to correct himself.Hmph, if she is fat again, she will definitely draw a little turtle and Hu Luobei on his face.Tang Shuang took the painting in Tangtanger s hand, looked at it, and asked, Why is your left foot on your right foot Tangtanger looked over with her little head and explained, I didn t stand properly Okay, Count your explanation as the past.Tang Shuang saw that the person in the painting was combing two small brushes on his head, the one on the right was hanging down, and the one on the left was flying out, and asked, What s the matter with this hair Look, her big eyes rolled around, and she said, Because it s windy.She was worried that Tang Shuang would pick up more questions, and she might not be able to answer, so she took the painting away and said, I won t show it to you, Xiaoshuang.Great courage.Wenpin is full are cbd gummies legal in mexico of heart and thoughts, and can t help listening to it HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico Tang Shuang was watching the show, when suddenly someone behind him patted him, and when he looked back, it was a girl, whom he didn t recognize.Facing Tang Shuang s puzzled eyes, the girl A little disappointed in my heart, I don t even remember her, so I summoned up my courage and said Senior You are here too, my name is Zhao Yayi, I asked you the way in the afternoon, are you a freshman too Tang Shuang remembered that it was indeed this girl Hello hello, Yayi, I m not a freshman, I m a senior, so you should be a freshman.Boys and girls are often affected by some inadvertent things and words and deeds.For example, Zhao Yayi was a little disappointed because Tang Shuang called her Yayi, but immediately the cloudy weather turned sunny, and her heart was light and happy.Tang Shuang originally thought that Jin Yong s Legend are cbd gummies legal in mexico of the Condor Heroes could break the record of Ping Zongxia Video Record , but she didn t expect it to be her own Hero.And judging from the current trend, 110,000 copies is not its limit.As HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico the film s publicity increases, it will continue to attract the attention of the whole people.During the long time of filming, many people will buy the novel of Hero just to see it quickly This is also the reason why Shengjing Publishing House dared to print 1 million copies at a time.Hero has set a single day are cbd gummies legal in mexico sales record, but in terms of weekly sales, it is still behind Ping Zong Man Video and Legend of the Condor Heroes.Huaxia Bookstore announced last week s book sales rankings, Ping Zong Xia Video Record ranked first, with sales of 500,021 copies, breaking the record of 300 mg cbd gummies are there cbd gummies Wulin Outer History.Tangtanger saw that everyone was seated, looked at her mother anxiously, and asked anxiously Mom, can the baby eat Huang Xiangning touched the baby s face, it was so cute, and said Eat, but slowly Slow down, don t choke.Then what more, eat quickly, I m so hungry that I almost fell under the table.Tang Shuang saw that this little man was eating more fiercely than him, as if the old Tang s family specially starved children, and asked curiously Little Tang Tang, did you not eat at noon today Why are you so hungry Candy The son took time out of his busy schedule to answer, she ate two big bowls at noon, and half a bowl of Peacock Well, either you are hungry, you can eat, or you are a woman Then it involves a serious problem, that is, how can it be possible to help the little pig lose weight in this way, and it also needs to use the method of moistening things silently to lose weight.It was Tang Zhen s first time to come to Tang Zhen s house.The curious baby rummaged through boxes and cabinets, asked everything, touched everything, like a puppy taking up space with urinating.She saw a multicolored hula hoop, which Tang Zhen usually uses for exercise, to keep in good shape.The little girl happily got into the hula hoop and wanted to spin around, but she was too small, and three or four of her could fit in the hula hoop, so she couldn t spin at all.Sister, why don t you show me Tang Zhen whimpered and turned away, the chick jumped around her excitedly, praising her sister for how amazing she is, and when she will become so amazing.Tang Zhen twirled the hula hoop, and Tang Tang imitated Tang Zhen and spun around Tang Zhen.Tangtang, stop spinning, you will get dizzy.Tang Zhen reminded.Hearing this, Tangtanger thought of the little fat man who ran away, and said angrily Let the big villain He ran away, and we are going to catch him back.Tang Shuang Do you know where he lives Tang Shuang shook her head and said she didn t know, and pointed at Tang Shuang Xiao Shuang, go and catch him.Tang Shuang I I don t know where he lives and how to catch him.Tang Tang er pouted aggrievedly, Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooish Sweat on his forehead, Don t say that, we are so close, you are my sister, it s okay, it doesn t matter if the little fat man escapes today, we will catch him next time, he should live nearby.Idea Let s go outside and circle around.Tang Shuang He ran away just now, he must be hiding, and now I can t find him.Seniors, you should start looking for a job at this time.If you haven t found a job yet, I can help.My company is still recruiting secretaries, although the salary is not high., about 5,000 a month, but it s stable, and it can help you transfer your account.This sentence contains a lot of information, his family runs a company, has money and status, Tang Shuang s life is miserable, and he s still out of town Rural household registration.Tang Shuang felt like beeping the dog at this time, where did this come from a neuropathy.Zhao Yayi was already angry, and asked Li Yu to apologize to Tang Shuang in a very serious tone.Li Yu smiled at Zhao Yayi and cbd gummie bears dosage said, Don t worry, the senior has a big heart and won t get angry over such a small matter.Besides, I did it out of good intentions, senior, am I right Tang Shuang said with a smile You It s not true, I was really angry.Tang Shuang Where did you go Tang Shuang Shopping hehehe, Tang Tang er answered right.Tang Shuang touched the little man He raised his head, expressed his approval, and asked, Then what did you eat and drink Candy I ate and drank wine.Tang Shuang s face darkened Little Tang Tang, you can t bear to be praised.How can you say HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico that you drank wine at a time like this You think it s you who dies Die.Tang Tanger thought for a while, cbd gummies for penis growth are cbd gummies legal in mexico and under Tang Shuang s expectant eyes, pointed at Tang Shuang It s you Tang Shuang You brat, can you be smarter You can t say that you have drunk wine, do you understand You HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico can say that you have drunk fruit juice, which is sour and sweet.Candy nodded and said cutely Candy ate a lot of food, drank fruit juice, and pissed a lot The driver on behalf of the driver couldn t hold back and laughed out loud.Tang Shuang stopped asking her, and directly instilled Mom and Dad asked why you went, and you just said that you went shopping, went to eat, drank delicious fruit juice, and was so happy.Xiaoshuang is the best brother in the world.That s enough, do you understand Tang Tanger nodded cutely, Okay , and then spread out her little hands My delicious food Tang Shuang are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg took out the packing box, Here it is, no Forget it for you, but don t eat it tonight, okay, look at your little belly, it s so big, you won t be able to sleep at night.Candy Do you want to eat Tang Shuang said angrily Can you You have to open and close your mouth just to eat and eat, what kind of fat do you want to be Tang Shuang turned on the phone after a disagreement, and 300 mg cbd gummies are there cbd gummies found a photo of Erha who was fat as a ball, Do you want to be so fat tko gummies 750mg cbd infused Candy Reaching out to take the phone out of curiosity, What is this He leaned closer to look at it again and again, and said in surprise, Puppy This is Puppy It looks like a ball Then came the question, Puppy How did it become a ball Is it fat What fat does it eat Can it still run Does its mother still like it Where is its father Will it get thinner as it grows up Will my Jingjing become like this too Tang Shuang looked out of the window sideways, a bright moon was hanging in the sky, the Mid Autumn Festival was coming, the night was so beautiful, it would be even more beautiful if there were no chatter in her ears.It was under his painful eyes that he directly took away the whole package Then I took out one and squeezed it.It was really soft and very tactile.I chewed it in my mouth and it tasted good, sweet and sour.Candy didn t need to ask, he stretched out his small hand, grabbed a blue soft candy, and quickly cbd gummies mg dosage stuffed it into his mouth, it s delicious Well, let s have another one The little fat man didn t care katie couric cbd gummies reviews about the snacks being robbed , I swear, he absolutely didn t mean to hit the little sister at that time, he just frightened her, who knew that the little sister was so brave, she was not frightened at all, and kicked him twice, spanked him again, after all Whoever bullies whom, he is wronged.I hate it The big villain is bigger than Tangtanger, and you bullied me Hmph Xiaoshuang spanked him Tangtanger was very upset.In adult communication, before asking the other person s name, you must first introduce yourself, which is basic courtesy.When dealing with children, it is often difficult to treat them with an attitude of looking down, what is your name, how old are you, please introduce us quickly.And completely forgot, other children don t even know who you are, why should you introduce yourself in a few words, why don t you introduce yourself first.This is not treating the two on an equal footing.Tangtanger was influenced by the old Tang family s family education.Although she is young, she is more plump than many adults in personality.Luo Yuqing realized that the child in front of her was not simple, so she asked with an attitude towards adults I m sorry, little sister, my name is Luo Yuqing, and I am a good friend of your sister Tang Zhen.Tang Tanger shook Tang Shuang s hand coquettishly, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight, seeing the moon, she thought of the rabbit in the moon and cared about its life.I really admire you.You don t like Chang e, but you just like other people s rabbits.What a special girl.Candy snorted, I don t like Chang e.She is not good.I like rabbits.The white rabbit is so cute.Yeah.Everyone walked around Aixi Lake, Li Yuzhen and Luo Yuqing were going back to the hotel, the car that brought them earlier left early, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen drove them there.Candy was carried down by Huang Xiangning and told her that her brothers and sisters would be back soon, so Xiao Niuniu didn t make a fuss and stood at the door, obediently waving goodbye to Li Yugan and Luo Yuqing, and welcome back as a guest.This sentence is said tko cbd gummies 750mg from the bottom of my heart.It seems to be fighting, but I have seen Afterwards, what people think of is the scene of a bountiful harvest.Lively and humorous, full of childlike fun Tang Shuang er is too small to see, and he can t even jump up.He slithers around like a anxious little monkey, grabbing Tang Shuang s clothes, wishing he could climb along his body and onto his head Chapter 246 A Garden of Green Vegetables Became Essence , which is based on the big yard of grandma s house, tells the story of the war between the various vegetables in it and the lotus root in the mini pond.The vegetables are all grown by my grandfather, are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español and one of his hobbies is to take care of high dose cbd gummies uk the vegetable garden.After Tang Shuang wrote this nursery rhyme, except for drawing the cover, the rest of the content was blank, leaving it to Grandpa and Candy to draw.The fingerprint identification area is fake and useless.Tang Shuang can pass it by pressing it with his hand.It s a trick for children.The performance finally came to the last moment.Everyone was staring at Candy, and saw the little girl bowed her head and stretched out her hands to toss in the safe.This scene was very similar to performing a magic trick, in case the little girl caught a puppy from the safe.Woolen cloth There is no puppy, but there is a pile of money I saw the little girl took out a stack of hundred yuan bills and put them all in grandma s arms, and then grabbed a bag of steel coins and put them all in grandpa s arms.Buy delicious food for grandma and grandpa Accept it.Sending money This, this is really a chick s style, simple Tang Shuang really wanted to say that I had a dream just now, so I didn t pay attention to it, buthe even said the password of 126, isn t it too late Seeing being targeted by Tang Tanger, Tang Shuang thought that she would not be silenced.As for the film and television copyright of this book, the competition is becoming more and more fierce.Many film and television companies have made it clear that it is bound to win it, and the three swords of the imperial guards can raise the conditions.According to the three conditions mentioned by Tang Shuang at the beginning, there are seven qualified partners.That is to say, these seven companies can be contacted and discussed in detail.If Tang Shuang hadn t asked for a pressure, Li Haonan would have led people over long ago.Now he specially sent a text message to inform him that it seems that this new prospective partner should have great sincerity, which completely moved Li Haonan.Tang Shuang replied simply well, happy Mid Autumn Festival.As soon as the text message was sent, Tang Tanger suddenly moved her head from behind and looked at the phone curiously Who are you calling, Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang quickly put the phone away and said, I didn t make a call.After speaking, he said to Liu Weiru What is Dictatorship First you have to have power Do you have it Do you have it Have it This sentence made Liu Wei so angry he had nothing to say.Not to mention the vice chairman of the Writers Association, even the chairman has little power The Writers Association is not an authority Not to mention power, there is no salary You have nothing to do if you have no power.Don t think that if you are arranged to sit in the front row, you are really a leader.If you don t sell your face, you are nothing.Calling you chairman, do you really think of yourself as the chairman Tang Sanjian didn t care whether Liu Weiru was about to die of anger, in this dangerous moment of verbal confrontation, whoever loses his temper first will lose half of the battle first.Obviously, Tang Sanjian s Qi nourishing skill is better than Liu Weiru s.It s not easy for him, he is are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español very old, his eyes are dim, he just read Ding Ji s novel, and he are cbd gummies legal in mexico has to read it again after a short break.Fortunately, Soulbreaker Gun was very short, so Lu Mingyi finished it quickly.You wrote it Tang Shuang I wrote it.How long did it take you to write it Four hours.plus conception That s four hours of conception.Lu Mingyi immediately picked up Soulbreaker Gun and took a quick glance Four hours of conception and writing, young people are really quick witted.Tang Shuang said he dared not do it.Lu Mingyi Is there anything you dare not to be When I praise someone, I do so from the bottom of my heart, just like when I scold someone, I also scold from the bottom of my heart.Ding Ji s complexion was not good, and he looked at Lu Yingying embarrassingly, only to find that the goddess eyes fell on her again.When Tang Shuang took off her earphones and was about to go to Tang Shuang er s room, she saw a small body curled up on the ground as soon as she opened the door.It turned out to be Tang Shuang who was sleeping in the room.Tuan, with teardrops hanging on his face that can be broken by bullets, it seems that he has been are cbd gummies legal in mexico crying for a long time, very sad.Candy knocked on the door for a long time, brother and brother called for a long time, but got no response.The usually strong little person couldn t help crying for a while.She thought her cbd gummies for stress and pain brother didn t want her, but he ignored her even though he was at home and blocked her from entering.Tangtang er s voice was vitality cbd gummy bears review almost hoarse when she shouted at the end, and she shed a lot of tears.In the end, she was so tired and sad that she lay down on the floor in front of the door and fell asleep, choking from time to time in her sleep.Tang Shuang was surprisingly calm about this.From the very beginning when he formally refused, he imagined many possibilities, including of course saying bad things to the outside world.You can deal with serenity cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes it as soon as possible according to the company s procedures Xingkong Literature has a corresponding media response mechanism, so there is no need to bother, and Tang Shuang quickly put this matter behind her.After hanging up the phone, thinking that Li Haonan wanted to find a time to visit brother Sanjian, Tang Shuang went to the study to ask the old man s opinion, and arranged as soon as possible.Tang Sanjian continues to insist on writing novels, and it is the Impermanence Sword Because this book was originally written under are cbd gummies legal in mexico the pseudonym of the Three Swords of the Imperial Guard, and now this pen name belongs to Tang Shuang, and The Romance of the Dragon and Snake is being serialized, so Tang Shuang discussed with Li Haonan whether Impermanence Sword and the three Brother Jian s previous books were removed and placed under Brother Sanjian s newly registered pseudonym Yueguan , so that Brother Sanjian could continue to pursue his martial arts dream.She gave Tang Shuang a white look, and that style made Tang Shuang s hair stand on end What kind of gold award Don t say that, it s just a banana.After speaking, Jianjian was finally willing to take out the big banana hidden in her bosom Tang Shuang was speechless for a while, why did this guy bring a banana to the toilet Ye Liang asked what was on Tang Shuang s mind, Jian, do you bring bananas with you, are you eating them or using them Ye Liang couldn t hold back anymore, and asked Tang Shuang to watch Zeng Jian and stop making trouble, he wanted to shush.Zeng Jian also came over, took out his dick, booed, and whispered viciously You two uncles, dare to beat me up, this matter is endless, without you without me Ye Liang Jian, it is true that there is me without you, If you get too bad, you ll beat him to death.THIS IS BIG NEWS Not to are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg mention the fees paid by China TV, the influence it brings is extraordinary, realizing Tang Shuang and Ye Liang s original dream of letting more people see this heart warming short film It gets dark early in the mountains.Looking out of the mountain, it seems that there is a mountain fire burning on the other side of the mountain.It was the afterglow of the sun.Huang Weiwei looked at the room full of things and asked, What did you buy Although she was there when the purchase was made, she was just a follower, responsible for helping to carry things, and Tang Shuang was responsible for picking and paying for them.Tang Shuang unpacked a package and said with a smile, Look what it is Anti wolf spray And this, self defense electric shock device Look I m not the king of are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg the mountain, how can I have so many enemies.After passing this village, Dad must HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico not have kept it again See you again next year.The small mouth is bulging and stuffed, and Xiaozhuzhu is moved while eating, and it still tastes familiar.I have eaten it countless times in my dream, and today my dream finally came true.Pig essence wants to cry again The little master of Old Tang s family ate so vigorously, but there were three children on the scene who felt uncomfortable.One is Xiao Jin who was left out in the cold.Everyone has a big apple, but he doesn t He wanted to cry Tang Shuang quickly stuffed one for him, rubbed his head, and said to the little boy, don t cry The second one was a little grape, which she wanted to eat, but she didn t dare.Because she lost her teeth, she lost her teeth after two days of not seeing each other, and it was her front teeth When Tang Shuang saw it for the first time, she smiled unkindly.Such a tragic thing, not only did his company not send Consolation, fired him instead.My husband lost his job and nothing hits him more than that Nie Min and Chen Mengli s family backgrounds are very ordinary, and they are not beyond the abilities of ordinary people.They live an ordinary life, lose their arms, lose their jobs, and spend most of their savings.They once thought about buying a house in this city.Settling a home can only be postponed indefinitely now.But they were not overwhelmed by the hardships of life.In this difficult time, Nie Min decided to marry Chen Mengli.They had longed for this moment, but Chen Mengli hesitated in the face of Nie Min s proposal.He was worried that he would not be able to give Nie Min a happy life.How did Nie Min convince him She proposed to him When Luo Yuqing heard this, her heart jumped wildly.Yes, snorted softly, pouting secretly, a little happy, think again, pouting, very happy, smash it again, hee hee, so happy, can t help it, laugh out loud coming Little Zhuzhu Le s feet plopped and kicked in the bed, her big eyes were full of little stars, she propped up her small body, and said expectantly, Xiao Shuang, what did you just say The Lun family is too young to hear clearly.Well, say it again.What does this have to do with Renxiao Just want to listen to it again.Tang Shuang I m going to sleep, I won t talk anymore, lie down quickly, don t catch a cold.Say it again, are you scolding the Lun family It must be, isn t it No, then why don t you want to talk about it again One more time Hmph It s just a curse word This little pig is so good at getting on the line that Tang Shuang had to say it again, otherwise good things will turn into bad things, and flattery will be slapped on the horse s leg and kicked to death.But the long run of life has just begun.Little Peacock has always been a little afraid of Li Dun.Li Dun is too strong, Kiki is a little smaller standing beside him, and Little Peacock standing beside him is quite a small one, and Li Dun usually doesn t like to talk, and he only has a good relationship with Tangtanger in the kindergarten, and other children seldom get along with him communicative.But today Li Dun won the last place in the competition.Someone laughed at him just now.The little peacock was kind hearted and wanted to comfort her little brother, but she didn t know what to say.She was clumsy and nervous.Li Dun saw her thoughts from her concerned eyes, smiled, narrowed his eyes, gently touched the little peacock s head, and said, Hehehe thank you little peacock.The little peacock s heartfelt thoughts Hidden in his stomach, there is no need to say anything at the moment, he raised his head and grinned at Li Dun, really like a little peacock with its tail open.Tang Shuang felt that although this little piggy was happy, he also had the pure heart of a little boy in black.He didn t see that the little boy in black not only had black clothes, but also a black face.This proud boy who vowed to win the first place has never put others in his eyes since the beginning of the competition.He is so confident that he is the champion.Now the reality has given him a blow.It is difficult to accept it.He jumped off the podium and ran away After all the individual races are over, there is a half hour break, and half an hour later, the relay race begins.The relay race is regardless of age group, and children aged 6 and under can participate.The competition system is the same as that of the single race, with preliminaries first and then finals.The contestants of the Prince and Princess riding group are Candy, Little Peacock, Kiki, and Xiaojin.While speaking, a picture of tigers descending a mountain was turned over on the background wall.Three tigers climbed down from the rugged mountains, and whistles and screams were heard at the scene , Anyone who understands knows that this is the boss who is going to sing, and sure enough But because I have to go out for a few days, I will sing a few more songs today, and it will be gone in the next few days.Zhen Li This is what you said Don t you sing The tour guide Hehehe, sing, sing, and sing, of course the distinguished guests have to sing. Travel to Tiger Mountain are cbd gummies legal in mexico do cbd gummies really work for erectile dysfunction Trip to Tiger Mountain We are here to hear the boss sing Journey to Tiger Mountain Travel to the Tiger Mountain Of course I want to listen to the trip to the Tiger Mountain, and what to feed the chickens are cbd gummies legal in mexico There were three other people sitting with Huyan Xiaosha before, and one of them asked Xiaosha really plans to go to Guangdong Province to participate in that event My Hip Hop Is that thing reliable If it s not reliable, why should we go You guys You want to go too You re crazy They ve all gone, who cares about the store Isn t there you , That s why I didn t call you, hehe.Tang Shuang was chatting with Luo Yuqing on WeChat, and when she learned that she would come to Guangdong Province, her heart was pounding hard.Ever since Luo Yuqing came to Old Tang s house as a guest, the two had never seen each other again.At that time, the two had never been so close.When they met again this time, their mood was completely different from the last time.They were looking forward to it and a little nervous.Luo Yuqing was in the same mood as Tang Shuang.She put down her phone and looked out the window.The phone vibrated, and Tang Shuang s WeChat came again.Tang Shuang I ll see you then.Please come to my house as a guest.Tangtanger misses Miss Sister best cbd gummies for pain 2022 are cbd gummies legal in mexico very much.Tangshuanger said that she had never said such a thing.She really bullies children.How can children be used to chase girls There are cbd gummies legal in mexico is no such reason Beep Luo Yuqing s message I don t want it.The launching ceremony will begin immediately.Don t make any noise, there are a lot of media outside.Then, he Turning around, he went back to the room.Fan Tianxu watched the excitement, smiled, and followed him in.The two of them didn t say a word to Tang Shuang from the beginning to the end, and they didn t take him away by name, but everyone who would come here knew that Shu Wuying s phrase the person who came in from outside was referring to him.Let s go, let s go to the room and chat.The little head said to Tang Shuang, and then said to Tang Shuang who poked his head out and peeked at him Kids, can you concentrate on eating candies, kitten, come and take this little one.Sister.Wait Tang Shuang took are cbd gummies legal in mexico out her mobile phone and called Xiao Na, what a nonsense Originally, Luo Yuqing couldn t come temporarily, he was in a bad mood, and now he was even more irritable.Let s go outside first.Brother Li is Tang Dajian s bodyguard, and he will cbd gummies cincinnati pick Tang Dajian up every morning to go to the army.Tang Dajian is a colonel and the deputy commander of the Guangdong Armed Police Corps.Although today is Saturday, for him, there is no so called rest day, and he has to work whenever he needs it.I originally planned to go out with Tangtanger today, but now I have no choice but to ask Tang Huohuo to accompany the little princess well.When the guard are cbd gummies legal in mexico named Brother Li entered the door again, he are cbd gummies legal in uk had already taken off his military cap and held it upright in his hands.Tang Dajian went out with his head held high and majestic, when he suddenly saw his guard, blinked his eyes, what Ghost, what is on this head Want to stand up What s the meaning signal The guard s are cbd gummies legal in mexico face was extremely embarrassed.She regards her birthday as a lottery, and it would be nice to have a gift bag to give away.Everyone asked her curiously, how many wishes do you have, little birthday boy This question is so timely, Xiaozhuzhu took out a folded card with a bunny pattern with a smile on his trouser pocket, unfolded it, looked at it furtively, and said There are 6 cards.Wish Why 6 Why else, because today is her 6th birthday According to her idea, how many wishes should be made on her birthday, and she will be 6 years old, so she should make 6 wishes Don t be too many, Xiao Zhuzhu is magnanimous for not counting the number of people present today.Well, as you please.Tang Shuang was curious about what was written in her notes, it was amazing, Tang Tang s children s shoes actually learned to take notes, and wrote down all her wishes.The content on this rabbit card is actually very simple, just three sentences and a stick figure, which can be understood at a glance, but the reason why Huang Xiangning was in a daze was because he was moved.The card reads Mom, I love you.Mom worked hard today.Mom is a little princess.Below the arrow is a cartoon picture of a mother with a big head and a red heart on the right side of the picture.Huang Xiangning kissed and kissed the little man, and the little man laughed like silver bells.The second mother, Peony, curiously asked why the little sister of the Tang family sent a card to her mother.Today is are cbd gummies legal in mexico your birthday.Tangtanger said earnestly Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang said that Tangtanger s birthday is also a day of suffering for her mother.Today I want to tell my mother that she has worked hard I love you.Then he substituted another goldfish and said, Oh, it s a blessing to eat.Then he substituted another goldfish and said This new home is really beautiful.It s much more comfortable than a glass tank.I m very happy.Tang Sanjian came out of the study, saw the three goldfish princesses feeding, and walked over with a smile, Don t feed too much at once, you won t be able to eat it.It will pollute the water.Tang Tanger pointed to Tang Shuangshuang who was grabbing food and asked Dad, Dad, is this little black guy a boy Tang Sanjian looked at it and said Short, fat Yes, it s female, girl Huh The three little girls were dumbfoundedChapter 453 I m going to eat you Oh, it turns out that Tang Shuangshuang is a girl oops Tangtang er was a little dumbfounded.Just now she swore that Tang Shuangshuang, like Xiaoshuang, was a boy, but her father denied it in a blink of an eye.His eyes are thieves, and he can find me are cbd gummies legal in mexico wherever I hide.Huang Xiangning suppressed a smile, where did this thief learn it from After explaining to the little man why he wears glasses, the little man let out a sigh of relief.Huang Xiangning was curious, and asked Are you worried about my brother s nearsightedness Candy nodded seriously Yes, I am very worried, myopia is not good, it is because my eyes are sick, so pitiful, like my father, his eyes are often sore, Still shed tears and poop Tang Sanjian The little man is still muttering to himself It s disgusting to pull eye shit, like Dad, rub it on the clothes, and on the table, bed, and quilt, hey little The baby never poops, only poo, Xiaoshuang must not become like that, he is only 20 years old, don t be a middle aged person fried, besides, Xiaoshuang will often play hide and seek with Tangtang in the future, if Myopia, how can I still play, once the Lun family hides, he can t find it On the stage, Tang Shuang finally withdrew her eyes from the book folder, and glanced at the dark auditorium.The content was Phoenix Yu Fei is not acceptable Eight reasons.Last night was just an appetizer to attract the attention of the public opinion.The Weibo post now is the real dish.Tang Shuang used a professional interpretation to explain why Phoenix Yu Fei didn t work, with reasons and evidence.Reason 1.The singing is too old fashioned.This kind of singing from the previous era obviously cannot keep up with the aesthetics of modern people Reason 2.The style is outdated.It is the music of this era.Among them, the so called Chinese style has more gimmicks than substance.It is just a little superficial in traditional natures stimulant cbd gummies 300 mg culture, and the fusion is extremely blunt Reason 3.The title song of the same name Phoenix Yu Fei was performed as early as last year , which was another singer s work at the time, was re arranged and sung by Chen Shenfeng due to copyright disputes, and it was actually included in the new album as the title song of are cbd gummies legal in mexico the same name.At that time, he accounted for 70 of the shares.Later, he increased and decreased.Today, only 35 is left.There is a picture of Alum in the ppt, with gray hair and strong spirit.Seeing Tang Shuang staring blankly, Tang Chengcheng asked, Mr.Tang, Mr.Tang, continue Tang Shuang came back to his senses Oh, okay, let s continue.Can t remember where I ve seen it.The people from Zhixing Tianchuang continued to introduce The second largest shareholder of Tuzi Entertainment is Fan Liwen, who is also the boss of the company, accounting for 15 of the shares Chapter 479 Mani Because Tang Shuang s understanding of the information is too detailed, the original The lecture, which was intended to be limited to 2 hours, lasted for 4 hours and did not end until 13 00 noon.Tang Shuang copied the other party s information and waved goodbye.At the same time, countless mobile phones were held up high, densely packed like an electronic forest, and the flash lights on the mobile phones were shining brightly, which was brighter than the lighting lights on the top of the head.Tang Shuang lifted the corner of the red cloth, and under the signal of the host, lifted the red cloth.Through the big screen, everyone saw the things under the red cloth for the first time.This is a set of numbers piled up with crystal stones 1,000,000.Because there are too many zeros, many people can t count at once, and have to stretch out their fingers to count one by one.The grown md cbd gummies for ed host laughed and said, Have you counted them all How much is this Six zeros, that s a million 1000000 What does it mean Among them, the clever readers have already discovered something, but they are not sure or believe it.The taxi driver asked, Where are you going, please Go Bird Hotel, thank you.A beautiful female voice sounded, and the driver couldn t help but look back.It is generally believed that a girl with a pleasant voice is also beautiful, native cbd gummies review but the driver didn t see the appearance of the person coming, because an oversized black mask was worn on his face., Not only that, but there is also a peaked cap that is pressed down very low, not to mention the face, it is basically difficult to see the face.While starting the car, the driver looked back through the rearview mirror.Originally, he just took a look at what the customer looked like, but such a tight disguise aroused his curiosity.Master driver, don t you look at the road when driving The beauty in the back seat noticed that the driver was looking back at her again and again, and reminded tactfully.Everyone was in an uproar, Heroes and The Romance of the Dragon and Snake could be classified into the low level martial arts world.It s still within the scope of everyone s cognition, but Guo Jing and the others in Shooting the Condor are obviously not as strong as human beings.The eighteen palms of subduing the dragon are all out of imagination, but they are still just low level martial arts.According to this, What should Zhongwu and Gaowu look like Tang Shuang said These can only be counted as the low level martial arts world, but they can be classified into the high level low level martial arts world.The host asked What about the new book You just said that the new book is low level martial arts and high level world Tang Shuang Yes The new book is low martial arts, low martial arts and high ranking.Talking, emmm, Tang Zhen, who doesn t like talking very much, seems to have become a film and television expert overnight.It can be said that Tang Zhen became famous overnight, and no one in the world knows her.Tang Shuang and Tangtang er were fully armed, put on coats and hats, and drove away.The little man was holding a little pink rabbit in his arms.Tang Shuang turned on the radio in the car This is Guangdong Communications Station, remind all friends that there is a traffic jam on Minde Road Tuning the station.This is Yuezhou Music Radio Station.Let s continue after the commercial.Hello everyone, I m Xiaomei.Let s continue the topic just now.The new album Meng Weiye brought us this time is amazing, especially the title song of the same name Leaf , the leaves are wings that can t fly, where to buy penguin cbd gummies the wings are the leaves that fall in the sky, very beautiful lyrics, the song is also very beautiful, Meng Weiye s voice has always been loved by everyone, this time Kaitian Culture tailor made for her Leaves fully brought out the characteristics of her singing, the voice is sad, and the singing is even more are cbd gummies legal in mexico sad New Year s Day is an important time of the year, Tang Zhen is not the only one who chooses to release a new album on this day, such as this Meng The same is true for Wei Ye.For more than an hour, HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico I have been standing at the door and shouting for the door to be opened.Tang Shuang, who was inside the door, responded helplessly Can you go away for me Go away I m taking a bath Do you understand taking a bath Why don t you know how to be shy at all Go away, take a bath I m going to be disturbed to death in the shower.The Lun family are cbd gummies made with gelatin wants to take a shower, open the door Open the door Aren t there other bathrooms Go to other bathrooms Huh , the little fairy thought about it Excuse me, The Lun family doesn t like the other bathrooms Then hold it in your pants.Chapter 542 Will you eat the Lun family Finally, the annoying little fairy was persuaded by Huang Xiangning to go away.Such an annoying little thing was very unconvinced.After peeing in another toilet, while Huang Xiangning was not best cbd gummies for pain 2022 are cbd gummies legal in mexico paying attention, she are cbd gummies legal in mexico came to harass Tang Shuang again.Luo Yuqing s red lips are as impressive as her big red dress, but Tang Shuang hasn t tasted is pure kana cbd gummies a scam whether Luo Yuqing s kiss is chocolate, strawberry, or lemon, he just was pushed away.Tang Shuang stabilized her figure and couldn t stop saying, Yuqing Then she couldn t continue because he saw what Luo Yuqing was holding and was stunned for a while.Zizi Luo Yuqing stared at him bitterly, this guy really dared to How dare he You Qi was even more ashamed and annoyed when he saw a smear of lipstick cbd gummies abc stores on his mouth.Tang Shuang You bastard I won HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico t let you go Tang Shuang stepped back quickly and waved her hands Yuqing, don t be like this, calm down, you must keep calm, put away the electric shock device, it s so scary Things, why do you carry it with you Luo Yuqing held a wolf proof electric shock are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español device in his hand, and if he was shocked, it would be enough for him to drink a pot.Little Pig whispered mysteriously Hee hee Xiaoshuang, you must have eaten something, right What did you eat Tell the little sister, okay, you are also happy that the little sister has changed, right Eat it What is it Tang Shuang was speechless, and waved her hand I didn t eat anything, they were all normal meals, and you ate what I ate.I don t believe it Little Zhuzhu suddenly stretched out his hand to break it open Tang Shuang s mouth.I m going to Tang Shuang finally knocked off the salty pig s hand, and said speechlessly, Are you stupid I didn t eat anything.My brother is so strong.I m so powerful outside.Many people admire me. Wow So Xiaoshuang, you are so good, but why do you still have to write a self criticism The self criticism you wrote is not a passing grade The Lun family all get full marks.Tang Shuang put Xiaozhuzhu s small luggage on top of the big suitcase and dragged it to the exit.From a distance, she saw a young man holding a sign with his name written on it.Hello I m Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang walked over and said.Hearing this, the young man who picked up the airport immediately introduced himself as a staff member of Lushan Villa Hotel, and showed him his ID.Tang Shuang nodded and said sorry to you.After the two parties confirmed their identities, the young man took the suitcase in Tang Shuang s hand and walked ahead to lead the way.He quickly came to the parking lot and boarded a car with Lushan Villa printed on it.Hotel logo off road cbd gummies for penis growth are cbd gummies legal in mexico vehicle.Lushan Mountain started to snow yesterday morning, and it rained again in the evening, and it stopped until this morning, so at this moment, there is a vast expanse of silver and white.He turned over and sat up, only to see the whole body and head of the little piggy.It was the falling snow.She shrank her neck and stood under the tree in fear, with a dazed expression on her face.Her whole body was motionless, but her big eyes were gliding around, afraid that if she moved, it would upset Mr.Persimmon Tree again.If it snows heavily for a while, why not bury her Seeing her like this, Tang Shuang laughed out loud.Seeing this, Tangtanger began to grind her teeth bitterly.She was ready to fight.Why is this big villain so bad He clearly said are cbd gummies legal in mexico that he would pick persimmons for her to eat, but it was harmful.He wanted to bury the baby.The world How could there be such a bad and naughty brother are cbd gummies legal in mexico in the world Ah This is a cry of grief and indignation.Haha This is a smug laugh.Bada This is The shouting and laughter stopped, because the two parties stared blankly at a bright red persimmon in the snow.The last time she washed her feet, she was tossed a lot by Miss Xiangning in this way, and she almost fell out with her dear mother.Now is not the time are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español to torture Xiaozhuzhu, there are only HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico the two of them here, unlike at home, at home, Tang Shuang can torture Xiaozhuzhu and then run away, anyway, someone will go to comfort her, but not here, the little pig is tortured and cried Pig, when the time comes to coax her, I will be myself, which is very troublesome.So Tang Shuang quickly let go, clapped her hands and said, Are you hungry Let s go eat .When she heard eating, she realized that her little stomach was grunting with hunger, otherwise she wouldn t be so greedy to climb a tree to pick persimmons.Eat My little stomach is grunting with hunger.Don t starve my little stomach to cbd gummies kats botanicals death.Something big will happen.Indeed, it s been a while since Tang Shuang Shuang would come to pick up Tangtang er from school every time, but the two of them might not be able to see each other.Tang Shuang said with a smile best cbd gummies for pain 2022 are cbd gummies legal in mexico It s been a while, thank you for your hard work, the semester is finally coming to an end, you can have a good rest, it s been so long, thank you for taking care of Candy.Teacher where to buy cbd gummies for anxiety reddit Zhang That s what it should be.You re welcome.By the way, will you be the one to attend the parent meeting Tang Shuang nodded Yes, I will be the one to attend.When the two were chatting, the little man looked around Looking at the children passing by, many people know her and greet her like a pop star, basically they have to say hello to her when they pass by.Miss Tang Tang Miss Sister, Miss Sister Good morning Tang Tang Miss Tang Tang, look at me, I am a little sun Little sun, little sun, I am also a little sun I m Little Moon I m Moon Fairy Look, Tang Tang, I also have bamboo dragonflies Miss Tang Tang, let s go to the bathroom together Huh Who said this Saying this early in the morning is really cbd gummies for penis growth are cbd gummies legal in mexico boring Life isn t very interesting.Little Zhuzhu didn t hesitate at all, took it into his mouth straight away, and smiled triumphantly at Tang Shuang.The Lun family didn t eat the candy in the bag, it was Xiao Yezi who ate it.Tangtang er may feel that the friendship between her and Ye Liang has been built on Candy, and it is more stable as iron, so she can make demands.Although this request was a little too much, she still raised it without shame, and then Ye Liang said a few words to her, and Xiao Zhuzhu came back dejectedly.What s the matter It looks like you ve got a bad start.Tang Shuang laughed.After 300 mg cbd gummies are there cbd gummies Tang Shuang muttered a few inaudible words, she said to Tang Shuang Little Ye Zi said that you can t eat candy in the photo, you can only shoot hopscotch and rubber band jumping, but the Lun family can t do it.Tang Shuang asked Then you and him Say you cbd gummies for penis growth are cbd gummies legal in mexico can t Little Pig shook his head No.I m going to bed too.He turned off the lights, closed his eyes, and prepared to sleep.Suddenly, I felt hot air coming from my ears, and when I looked up, I saw a pair of eyes shining in the darkness, looking at him steadily.Tang Shuang thought that Zhang Yu had something to say to him, but after waiting for a while, Zhang Yu just looked at him quietly.Huh Zhang Yu immediately turned his head, are cbd gummies legal in mexico covered his head with the blanket, and fell asleep.Chapter 696 Worship Buddha, tryst rendezvous After two days of activities in Shengjing, the intensive itinerary finally came to an end.Next, Tang Shuang and the others were still divided into three groups, returning to their respective areas to continue the road show.Zhang Fei expressed his thanks to everyone one by one.The schedule has can cbd gummies cause you to fail a drug test been so intensive these days, and he has traveled through three major metropolises, exhausting everyone.Last night, Xiaozhuzhu asked about the New Year s money in bed.She salivated and asked Tang Shuang how much she planned to give this year, like a little squirrel storing food in winter.She wanted to arrange snacks for next year to help herself It is hopeless to count on dad s snacks, and we can only rely on are cbd gummies legal in mexico ourselves and be self sufficient.How to make money Xiaozhuzhu became interested when she heard about money.It was the first time she heard that watching the news could make money.She was very surprised.She simply lay behind Tang Shuang, put her arms around his neck, and stared at the TV curiously., Keep asking about the cheats, can you get some money out of it.Tang Shuang said this, that, that, that, that, Tang Tanger looked confused, and shook her head to express that she didn t understand.At her birthday party, she played If I Had a Fairy Wand , it was very good.Thinking of If I Had a Fairy Stick , Little Piggy wanted to tap it too, stepped forward two steps curiously, stood in front of Ding Lu, his big eyes fluttered, and he didn t speak, ready to kill this cool little guy.Ding Lu was startled, the rhythm of the music was messed up, and Tangtanger stared wide eyed.After a while, he came back to his senses and recognized the little girl with long hair in front of him.She was the chairman s younger sister.But then, he saw Tang Shuang.Chairman Tang Shuang asked, Why are you here alone What about Changan and the others Ding Lu stood up and wiped the sweat from his brow, and said, They re still in a meeting.Tang Shuang nodded, but didn t agree.Asked why Ding Lu didn t go to the meeting, he called Tangtanger back.Seeing everyone looking at her, she sat down quickly with a smile, and said It s delicious, wow Everyone After being interrupted by her like this, the two parties in the quarrel calmed down a lot, but the matter has not been resolved and will continue.At this time, Tangtanger said again, asking the long legged stewardess Sister, when can I have lunch Emmmmm Aren t you eating buns Why are you thinking about lunch The stewardess thought so, and said It will take 2 hours.Oh Candy said with a smile I have buns, hehe Then, Tangtang said to the quarreling aunt Auntie, There is no one sitting here, and there will be no lunch.Aren t you hungry It doesn t matter if you are hungry, I will give you some bread.It takes four hours from Guangdong to Shengjing, arriving at 1 30 in the afternoon, plus the plane stops , it will take two o clock at the earliest to get out of the station.Tang Sanjian said Let s get in the car and talk in the car.Huang Xiangning let Tangtanger get down from her sister s arms.She knew the weight of Little Piggy now, except for Tang Shuang who could persist for a long time, and everyone had to lie down in a minute.Candy refused, refused to come down, and said to Tang Zhen Sister, I m going to fall Tang Zhen hurriedly lifted it up, and Tang Shuang sang Hug, that hug Holding that little piggy almost made me lose my waist Hug, that hug My sister doesn t speak, she just looks at me and laughs I m laughing inside my mouth Yes, yo yo yo Candy s smiling face collapsed immediately, and she covered her ears with her hands I don t listen, I don t listen The car drove to Tang Zhen s new home.The apartment, three bedrooms and one living room, is in the same building as the previous small apartment, bought years ago.The tea just splashed on the trouser legs, just a little bit.Sister Xiaoyi, there are bubbles in the cup.Tangtanger didn t get a reply from He Zhenyi, and asked again.The little guy leaned on the coffee table and looked at the teacup.Tang Tang, come here and talk to my sister.Tang Zhen called Tang Tang over, she knew that the little guy liked to discuss snot bubbles with Xiao Yi, and she wanted to help He Zhenyi resolve the embarrassment.Candy looked at Tang Zhen, looked at the bubbles in the cup, thought for a while, and at this stage, talking to her sister was more attractive to her, she walked up to Tang Zhen, and said, Sister, I didn t talk about snot bubbles.Well, I didn t say it just now, but I said it now He Zhenyi covered her face and groaned, and quickly fled away.Chapter 725 A Pink White Rabbit At night, Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning cook, Tang Zhen, Tangtanger, and Tang Shuang also cook The old Tang family all cook, but in the end it s Brother Sanjian Cooking, other people are either helpers, or talking nonsense, or just joining in the fun, are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español or come to learn from others.Although Zhang Fei did not require him to be present at this critical moment, he had to understand the world.Zhang Fei agreed that Zhen Li could not participate in the promotion of Heroes , which was already magnanimous.Qiu Sen deeply accepted his affection, so this time not only Zhen Li came, Qiu Sen will also appear on the scene to support Zhang Fei.But Qiu Sen doesn t have to be so early, he will wait for the premiere in the evening before coming over.Water Town, Great Wall Theater.The show is being rehearsed on the stage.This is a preview, so Zhang Fei was invited are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg to review it for the final time.If it is confirmed, then this version will be performed at the premiere.Zhang Fei sat under the stage, along with Tang Shuang, Li Ying, and Chen Ming, while Liang Qiao, Zhang Yu, and Zhen Li were interviewed.The red dress was so pretty.Tang Shuang couldn t take it anymore, couldn t hold it back, covered the little face with her big hand, and said, best cbd gummies for pain 2022 are cbd gummies legal in mexico Don t watch it, just concentrate on watching the movie.Picking it up, she said unhappily, Lun s family is watching a movie.Tang Shuang Just watch the movie, don t keep staring at people.Candy said naturally, I m watching what haooens when i eat cbd gummy bears my how to track premium pure cbd gummy order fans Your fan Who Candy smiled and pointed to Chen Ming and Zhang Yu quietly.Before the opening, she gave them two autographs.Tang Shuang curled her lips, thinking that he was her fan.Tang Shuang said unhappily Why are you curling your lips Don t you envy the Lun family Tang Shuang subconsciously curled her lips again, held back, and said, I m not envious, but your fans are also shy , don t stare at people all the time, how about watching a movie Fans of the Lun family, the Lun cbd gummies for penis growth are cbd gummies legal in mexico family can t watch it yet.This, this can break the law Is it illegal to take pictures Do you want to be so scary Tang Tanger didn t believe Tang Shuang s words.She looked at Tang Zhen, but Tang Zhen also said, It s true that you can t use your mobile phone bulk cbd gummies to make movies.It s illegal., patted his heart, and said happily I didn t do it on purpose Don t let people catch me, I didn t do it on purpose, I won t take pictures You see, the little phone is not in Lun s house, it s in Xiaoshuang s.Tang Shuang looked at the small mobile phone in his palm, and dared to say that it was dirty.May I keep the small phone for you, and I ll return it to you after I get out of the movie theater, Tang Shuang are cbd gummies legal in mexico said.Tangtang er nodded impatiently.She dare not take this thing now, for fear of being caught, so she is easy to talk to.Xiaoshuang can give it to Xiaoshuang if she wants it.I was grinding ink just now, just to write.Tang Zhen glanced at Xiaoshuang, this guy can really talk, but how about lying to children like this, she didn t lie to Tangtanger, she just changed the subject.Candy s mind was full of question marks, was that Mo Mo just now She knows about grinding ink.Sanjian s father often writes calligraphy, and Tangtanger helped him grind ink.Thinking back to her experience of grinding ink, Tang Tanger shook her head, don t try to lie to children That was not grinding ink at all just now Like Tang Zhen, Tang Shuang spread her hands and cbd gummies for penis growth are cbd gummies legal in mexico said, What was that just now , do you even need to ask Rewind Xiaoshuang asked them to rewind the movie and watch it again Candy asked eagerly.Watching a movie can be done backwards, she has experience.Tang Zhen stopped talking, and Tang Shuang said, I can t help it.Tang Shuang grabbed Tangtang er and said, Don t be angry, don t be angry, Tang Tang is the cutest, please forgive Xiaoyu once, he was just very happy to see his sister coming, and he just said something from his heart.Don t be serious, be serious You will eagle cbd gummies willie nelson lose, come on, go and help my sister carry the things, this is a gift we carefully prepared, and you are also a part of the credit.Tang Zhen had already opened the trunk of the car, and there were many gifts in it, all for the uncle and the second Uncle s.Tangtanger, come quickly and get some presents for sister.Tangshuanger stared at the yard unwillingly, thought for a while, and said, Okay Xiaoshuang, can you help me catch Xiaoyu later Tang Shuang touched Touch the candy with her little head held high and her face full of hope, touch her little face, well, she is actually a little thinner than before she had diarrhea.Then he said sweetly, I want to cry Godfather, you want to impress the Silun family The big eyes blinked and blinked, pure as stars, but there was no sign of crying.Lies are clumsy, but listeners love to be deceived.Chapter 799 Are you satisfied Liu Quanquan laughed out loud at being teased, hugging candy like a rare treasure.Su Dingnan and Zhang Ziwei were amazed.General Su looked at Candy and said to Liu Quanquan Old Liu, your goddaughter is too good at talking.I have never seen a 6 year old child with such a small mouth.Is this Xiaoshuang s Looking at Tang Shuang, she said suspiciously, Daughter Tang Shuang waved her hand to deny it, but Tang Tanger had already yelled.What bald headed Didn t you say it just now It s my sister Xiaoshuang is the elder brother of the Lun family Why do you say that the royal cbd gummies near me Lun family is Xiaoshuang s daughter He directly denied Su Dingnan, and finally said So many people say that the Lun family is Xiaoshuang s daughter.Well, how can you say that the Lun family will overthrow the school if you didn t go to elementary school Tang Shuang Hey Tang Shuang was most likely to be provoked by this kind of laughter.When she heard Tang Shuang s laughter, she felt that she had been provoked and that the little princess s dignity had been trampled on.She was very upset.Tang Shuang knew her very well, and said before are cbd gummies legal in mexico she could speak Hurry up and eat, don t blah blah.Go Say one more word and I won t take you there Tang Tang er s expression seemed to be choking on a mouthful of food.Zhuzhu, she choked back her angry words in a are cbd gummies legal in mexico cbd gummies 300 mg sensible manner, and said angrily Yes Tang Shuang Answer happily, do you want to Candy, but still said crisply Yes Tangtanger is going to see the lantern show Tang Shuang nodded, touched Tangtanger s little head, and said, You can teach me eat quickly, don t grind.Seeing her angry, Tang Shuang nestled on the sofa with a small body, muttering in her mouth, not worried at all, and said, Are you sure you want to strike I have no objection.If you strike, go on strike.I ll find someone else for entertainment.As long as there are plays in the industry, there are no actors to worry about.Tang Tanger muttered.Tang Shuang What are you talking about Tang Shuang stared at him angrily, and said loudly, No one will act for the Great Demon King Tang Shuang smiled and said, There are many people.Tang Shuang I don t believe it Tang Shuang looked at Xiang Xiang.Sister Ning said, If you don t act, I ll invite my mother to act.Tang Tanger was startled, she never expected that her mother would steal her role one day, she glanced at her mother in surprise, and then said to Tang Shuang Humph Is Mom swollen to act Xiaoshuang, you lied to the kid Tang Zhen s role is the younger sister, Tang Zhen plays the older sister, Huang Xiangning can t play the role of Tang Er.Everyone laughed.Ding Xiaoquan rarely joked That s the man who contracted the golden microphone.Tang Shuang also laughed, waved his hand, and said, Xiao Sha, are cbd gummies legal in mexico we best cbd gummies for pain 2022 are cbd gummies legal in mexico don t have to worry about it.Now we should worry about the Tunan band.The first appearance is very important., must be well planned.Ding Xiaoquan Don t worry, the chairman, we will propose several proposals today.Tang Shuang nodded That s it Today s agenda is over.If there is nothing else, then The meeting will be adjourned.Ding Xiaoquan and Wang Jian looked at each other, and Ding Xiaoquan said, Chairman, I have something to report to you.Tang Shuang just closed his notebook What s the matter Ding Xiaoquan It s like this , The company currently has too few artists, especially not enough fresh blood, so we should recruit people quickly Tang Shuang The annual work plan reported just now is such a big deal If you have this idea, just now It s about to be put in, instead of talking about it temporarily like this now, best cbd gummies for pain 2022 are cbd gummies legal in mexico have you thought it through Ding Xiaoquan looked serious, and said seriously Chairman, I didn t make it clear.After a meal, the night rain outside the house had stopped.Tangtanger and his friends bid farewell to Xiaohuazhu reluctantly.This little flying pig was taken back by the restaurant.As a little pig who accompanied HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico the guests to eat, it was really dedicated.It was tied up for more than an hour without a single complaint.After saying goodbye to the little pig, I are cbd gummies legal in mexico have to say goodbye to my friends.Xiao Baozi was the last one to leave.She wanted to get into Tang Shuang s car, but was held down by Tang Shuang and handed over to her mother.Tang Shuang and Tangtang were the only ones left.Tang Shuang asked, Does your heart hurt Tang Tang nodded, then shook her head, No heartache, I m so happy.Tang Shuang How about singing a few words Kiss kiss me Baji Ouch Xiaoshuang, are you so swollen It was a tacit understanding.Xiaoshuang is watching, and Xiaoshuang specializes in fighting the big villains.Cao Kai smiled and said, That s right, we will also help you fight the villains.Tangtanger looked at him, stared at his mouth, curiously Said Your mustache is very interesting, it resembles my hair.Cao Kai stroked his mustache and asked with a smile, Have you never seen other people grow mustaches My grandfather and grandpa have White beard Tangtanger thought for a while, it seems that only grandpa and grandpa have beards, and Xiaoshuang also has beards, but Xiaoshuang sometimes has beards and sometimes doesn t.Thinking of this, she stared at Tang Shuang s lips with wide eyes.Why What are you looking at Tang Shuang asked.Tangtanger Xiao Shuang, where is your beard Have you plucked it off again Tang Shuang Don t you dislike piercing your skin As long as he grows a little beard, Tangtanger will are cbd gummies legal in mexico dislike him and say that he pricked her.I m going to put This film has been submitted to several film and television companies and video websites.Tang Shuang Okay, I fully support it, and if you need me to help, just say so.Ye Liang knew Tang Shuang s hidden meaning.If Tang Shuang came forward, it would be Penguin For entertainment, it is very possible to win Grandma directly.But Ye Liang doesn t want to go this way for the time being, he wants to convince those companies with his real level.Ye Liang are cbd gummies legal in mexico brought the sample to two film and television companies that day.One was in Guangdong Province.The other party heard that the story of Grandma came from Tang Shuang s The World Is Wonderful and expressed their willingness to watch the sample.Ye Liang eagle hemp cbd gummies to quit smoking reviews took Miao Wen to rush there immediately, and met the purchasing manager in are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español the screening room.A shopping advertisement was being broadcast on TV.Two women with exquisite makeup introduced a high end wine cabinet to the audience emotionally.They said that the usual price was 9999 yuan, but today it only cost 1999 yuan Jump price Bloody price Then he uttered Candy s mantra If you don t buy it, you will suffer If you can t buy it, you will lose money, if you can t buy it, you won t be fooled Audience friends, why are you still hesitating Act now Candy s blood was instantly ignited, wine cabinet Wine Xiaoshuang Treasure box Money Hidden She immediately urged Sanjian s father to buy it, but Sanjian s father would not buy it, he would not buy it now.Dare to drink, because I was tricked once The big bear wine stored at home has long been given to Tang Dajian and Tang Erjian.Tang Dajian did not give up, and earnestly persuaded his father to be nice to himself.Ha, I m good.Tang Shuang thought to herself, you little pig, you ve completely lost your food.You have exposed yourself, if this is broadcast, you will not be called a cousin, but a sugar pig.Chapter 947 Eighteen Monsters in the Southwest, Three Mosquitoes and One Dish Candy finished a big bowl of rice, what a great little pig.Feng Xiaofeng, who had always wanted to compete with her, had a bad luck.When making food, look up to Candy, a big bowl of food, more than candy, but after eating it, it is difficult to get rid of it, his father stares at him and eats more than half, in the end he really can t eat it, so he has to eat it again exploded.Feng Chaoqun severely reprimanded his son, and reminded him all the time when he was eating, eat as much as he eats, don t be brave, don t waste it, finally, he can t eat anymore.When he ate it, he was do cbd gummies help with sex relentless, like a hungry tiger descending a mountain, eating super delicious food, stuffing it into his mouth frantically.Athletes eat a lot and eat fast.The Daddy and Daddy team won the game again.After eating, Feng Chaoqun took a bottle of mineral water and walked aside for a while.Next up is Xia Dashan.Xia Dashan was lucky, what he ate was not worms, but raw mango sticks with peppers.The little girl Xia Wenqiao are cbd gummies legal in mexico was very excited, and she slapped her hands to cheer her father on.However, her father s food was too gentle, and he was defeated, lost to the fellow team, and finally let the fellow team win back.Seeing that there were still some candies in the wooden bowl, and they were not scary bugs, he stepped forward curiously, took one and ate it.Cao Kai asked her with a smile How is it How does it taste Tang Tang er s face immediately collapsed, puffed up her cheeks, stuck out her little tongue, and fanned the wind with her little hands, it was too hot.Seeing Xiao Guizi standing aside, she would only look at her and would not protect her, so she said angrily, Little Guizi, go and see who is here Pan Fugui was a little scared by what she do hemp gummies contain cbd said, but as a knight, he just After eating the little princess biscuits, I couldn t back down at this time, so best cbd gummies for pain 2022 are cbd gummies legal in mexico I bravely came to the door.The yard door was already wide open, the car had already entered the garage, and no one had yet appeared.He looked back at Candy, and said, are there cbd gummies cbd gummies viagra en español I didn t see anyone Did you see anyone Candy poked out his small head and the muzzle of a gun from the edge of the sofa.I didn t see it At this moment, Pan Fugui felt a gust of wind blowing by his feet, and looked down, and saw that it was Bai Jingjing HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico who jumped out, jumped down the steps, and rushed to the garage.Is this puppy dying Just as Pan Fugui thought this way, he saw Bai Jingjingxing was very excited, turned back alive and kicked, jumped past his feet again, and ran to Tangtanger, barking a few times.She was away all the year round and had been a trainee since she was 16 years old.She didn t spend many days with Tang Shuang, so she never saw Tang Shuang fighting Tang Shuang.I ve only heard of it, what Huang Xiangning said.It is said that the world has been turned upside down.But that only exists in the imagination, and has not seen it with my own eyes.In her eyes, although the little sister is a bit mischievous, but a child, what kind of trouble can she make.But now I finally see that such an armed outfit is preparing to launch a war, and it will be a protracted war Because the little sister didn t forget to stuff two packs of seafood snacks in her pocket before she left, which was bulging.Do you want to wait and see what happens and see how the two fight Tang Zhen was haunted by demons in her heart.Countless challenges to her ended in failure, and she was suppressed every day, but she finally won once today.What are you looking at It doesn t feel right.Tang Shuang saw Miss Tang s family looking at her mobile phone together, and she glanced at him, obviously to be wary of him.I don t see anything Candy said first.Did you really not see anything Show me, don t do anything.Tang Shuang went up to see what was going on.Ah don t come here Xiaoshuang don t come here, I ll be angry.Tang Tanger waved Tang Shuang back.Show me.Tang Shuang felt even worse, insisting on seeing what was going on.Tang Tanger jumped off the sofa and pushed Tang Shuang, trying to push him away.But Tang Shuang picked her up casually, picked her up, kissed her twice, and successfully resolved the little sister s obstruction.Huh So many cute dolls, what are they doing Isn t this Tanger s doll Why did they all move here Huang Xiangning asked Tanger.The child was in high spirits, pointing proudly at the are cbd gummies legal in mexico dolls on the bed and explaining that all these dolls were given to his mother, and they were used to protect her Protect mom like you protect candy As for why you want to protect your mother Because she found a big thing today, that is she is a little girl, and mom is mom, and the little girl is safe, but mom is dangerous.How dangerous is it Take a chestnut, Xiaohong.So she was very worried about her mother s safety, and wanted to sleep with her every day to protect her, but her father disagreed I had already discussed it with my father when I was walking in the evening, and my father rejected her without hesitation Because Dad said that he loves Mom more than her This made Tangtang very dissatisfied.Hug your hands and hold them in your arms Work harder, my brother is pouring oil into the pot, and I will help you when the oil boils.Candy snorted and groaned Haw, it seems that I really have a big carp in my arms, and now this big carp is violently resisting Suddenly she hugged Tang Shuang s hand, like a baby crocodile, grabbed this hand and rolled, and her two little feet were also entangled.Tang Shuang was shocked, and quickly stopped her Hey, hey, what are you doing Do you want to destroy my hand Let go Big carp What a big carp Catch it Eat cbd hemp gummies for kids to your heart s content The villain yelled while holding Tang Shuang s hand.This action reminded Tang are cbd gummies legal in mexico Shuang of the flip lock arm in the Top Ten Lock Skills in WWE.Tang Shuang broke free, but didn t break free for a while Let go I m making sweet and sour fish for you, don t mess around, okay Catch big carp The Lun family listens to Xiao Shuang.He personally took out all the clothes in the suitcase, shaking them open one by one, and thumb sized dolls kept falling out When everything is sorted out, there is already a circle of HCMUSSH are cbd gummies legal in mexico thumb dolls are cbd gummies legal in mexico on the floor Full of dinosaurs of every variety except that little monkey Huang Xiangning was amazed and said, I bought these thumb dolls for Tangtanger when she started school in spring.Tang Shuang 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 9, a total of 9, plus a monkey , and the little pig and screaming chicken that have been picked out just now, a total of 12 small animals They are all stuffed into my suitcase What is this child thinking Does she have a brain pain What is this for Do you want to smuggle Or do you want the security check to arrest me for selling small animals Tang Tang Stop sneaking around the door We found you and your small animal doll, give me Come in circles in the form of a meat dumpling You have something to ask At the end, I added I promise not to hit you Candy is not here There was a sound from the door, and then the sound of pattering footsteps gradually faded away The child ran away as soon as the incident was revealed.

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