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Forty three British were killed and eleven were captured.This British company is basically finished.What is even more amazing is that only one person was killed in the night attack, and only one person was injured.Two.And the creator of this miracle was the commander of the third company Ernst Brehm Rommel was amazed, he couldn t imagine that Lieutenant Ernst Brehm could carry so few Man creates such miracles.Wang Weiyi also lamented his good luck.Of course, after learning the lesson this time, the British will definitely be more careful, and I m afraid it will be impossible next time.Hey, lieutenant, come and have a look, we caught an oriental man.Bon Crayley s voice came over.Oriental Wang Weiyi was a little curious, and walked over to take a look, God, judging from his attire, he turned out to be Chinese Chinese laborers in the China Labor Brigade Such an idea immediately popped up in Wang Weiyi s mind.

He cannot die, nor should he die.Ah, the grinning, glib obnoxious guy Lieutenant Ernst is not dead, Lieutenant Ernst is alive And he also killed the damned Prince Soberk Battalion This news immediately made the third company boil Major, what do we need Attack, attack Major, get rid of the British and the French You can t let the lieutenant fight alone Major, please cbd gummies to lower a1c give orders immediately, we are all best cbd gummies with thc ready Everyone shouted excitedly.However, the major shook his head slowly.Adolf Hitler rushed in front of the major, his face flushed red Why, major The lieutenant is in danger now, we have to rescue him Corporal Adolf Hitler Major Dunxiwei yelled loudly at this ignorant man Corporal Please pay attention to your rank If you talk to an officer like this again, you will be locked up Adolf Hitler would rather be locked up himself than see Lieutenant Ernst take risks alone.

At that moment, Rommel was extremely shocked.Ernst Brahm It was his friend Lieutenant Ernst who created this can you mix cbd gummies with alcohol miracle Oh God, what an unimaginable result, how did he create this miracle And when Rommel knew that Lieutenant Ernst had fallen into a situation where he could not break out, he was the first to ask his superiors to take the initiative.If possible, he was even willing to take his company alone to rescue Lieutenant Ernst.However, his request was rejected.Ernst, Ernst, you have to carry on no matter what, the counterattack will start soon.The creator of a miracle should not be defeated so easily by the enemy.Hold on, hold on no matter what I m out of town now, starting tomorrow, there will be three shifts every day, please recommend Thirty one.The spy Wang Weiyi didn t know best cbd gummies with thc that the counterattack was about to advance.

Thinking of Colonel Nicholas, Elena sighed in her heart, why was the Colonel so interested in Lieutenant Ernst s entire battle And it must be a complete document from Ernst himself Lieutenant Ernst is a hero, not a prisoner Elena regained her composure.She said that Major Nikolai asked her to ask this question, but it was the question she was least willing to ask Lieutenant Ernst, please tell me honestly, during the battle, you had contact with the British.Is it The contact I said does not refer to the battlefield, but in other aspects Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, and then he understood the meaning of Elena s words, and his face sank Sergeant Heinrich Elena, the investigation is the responsibility of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff, but you must never doubt my loyalty Do you think I established contact with the British and became their spy Are all the results I used to hide myself On the battlefield, my companions and I killed hundreds of enemies, hundreds of them Would the British pay so much for a spy Sergeant , we once thought that we would not be able to come back alive until we launched a big counterattack His face looked ugly at the moment, and he glanced at Elena angrily We were cornered by the enemy, we wanted to What you want is to empty the last bullet in the gun and shed the last drop of blood in the body, not to accept your investigation after the war I know you have the supreme right, but you have no right to treat us like this, you Not worthy When you go to the battlefield with guns and face the same desperate situation as us, you will understand why we are so angry, Sergeant Heinrich Elena Wang Weiyi has never been so strict After talking to her, Elena was stunned.

Two sticks 7.The 92mm Schfandor machine gun quickly aimed at the target, and a cold and playful look appeared in Richthofen s eyes.Come best cbd gummies with thc on, Brits The Honorable Baron Manfred von Richthofen of the Berlin Five is here The British also discovered the German fighter squadron While the cannons roared on the ground, the air battle over the Somme broke out The Shifan Road machine gun fiercely spewed out flames, and bullets poured towards the opponent, but it was obvious that the British fighter plane on the opposite side was not an idler, and deftly dodged the bullets, and quickly invested in the counterattack.Two planes strangled in the air This is the stage that belongs to fighters, this is the stage that belongs to countless glory and dreams Richthofen, who spotted his opponent, had frenzy in his eyes.

He didn t continue to shoot rashly, but skillfully avoided the enemy s attack, while happily capturing his own opportunities.Fighter planes launched a terrible competition in the sky, but this did not affect Richthofen in the slightest.What he wants is efficiency.The British pilot also obviously found that he had encountered a difficult opponent, and he dared not be careless in the slightest.At this time, the competition between the two planes has become two completely different mentalities of the pilots of each other.One side is serious about the matter, while the other side is holding a game mentality.Roaring and passing, the British pilot could even clearly see the face of the opposing pilot Richthofen suddenly pulled up, and then swooped down from the sky like a bird of prey, viciously rushing towards the Yingguo fighter.

August won t take care of these things, he can t wait to see Ernst Brehm The annoying rain was still falling.In the afternoon, the rain was finally a little lighter, but it was not very suitable for attacking.The supplementary battalion that assaulted the forefront of all German troops had to stop their attack now, waiting for the damn rain to stop.Captain Ernst is said to have gone back to the regiment headquarters, anyway, the enemy will not attack for the time being.But they didn t know that Ernst Brahm had returned to Ziguang military base at this time.I haven t come back for a while, the base is still the original base, and Xiaoling is still the same Xiaoling.Let Xiao Ling find a clean military uniform for himself and change into it, which made him feel much more comfortable.It s a strange feeling now, coming back to base is like going home.

We shall see the captain come out of the court with his noble head held high We ll see the captain come out of the courtroom with his head held high Hitler was sure he could see this day coming.One hundred bets November 6, 1916, Berlin.The whole of Berlin waited with bated breath for this day A big event is happening Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm will be tried.His Majesty even set up a special court for this purpose and appointed the famous Long Sword of Justice Finn Yoxo The Marquis of von Felix presides over the trial, His Royal best cbd gummies with thc Highness August and Prince Joachim will also hear.There are best cbd gummies with thc also rumors that Field Marshal Hindenburg and General Ludendorff will also be present at the trial.There is no doubt that, This is an extremely luxurious lineup.And all the focus is on one person Baron Alexson Outside the Imperial Academy, Berlin people gathered early in the morning, whether they supported or opposed Baron Alexson, Even those who remained neutral all had the same purpose eagle hemp cbd gummies for pain to see the legendary Ernst Brehm for themselves Regardless of whether Baron Alexon was actually guilty of treason or not, at least one thing has been done to everyone.

Marklin immediately best cbd gummies with thc replied Colonel Nikolai of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff can personally prove this.Nicholas immediately stood up Yes, the honorable Marquis of Yoxo.Rosen, whose full name best cbd gummies with thc is Ray Horshaw Rosen, is the commander of the 43rd Battalion of the British 42nd East Rance Division.According to our information, he is the son of Douglas Haig s sister, and he is deeply trusted by Haig.We had a chance of capturing him, but unfortunately lost it to Baron best cbd gummies with thc Alexon.Since Baron Alexon let go of such an important person, can we continue to doubt his so called Miracle of the Somme Marklin said while the iron was hot I absolutely don t believe that relying on the power of one person can kill so many enemies.I can assume that this is simply a trap staged by Baron Alexon and the British intelligence agency Lawyer Marklin, I object to your statement that is based on speculation without evidence.

He told him that he had also captured a British tank, and that the British eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon tank crew had surrendered and sworn allegiance to him.Galwitz told everyone calmly We we are attacking Can you imagine how excited I was when I heard this sentence I have since lost contact with Captain Ernst.But what Captain Ernst and his Chinese friends did later was witnessed by one person.Baron Manfred von Richthofen Richthofen immediately stood up, his eyes looked at Ernst, at General Galwitz, at everyone I took off, I flew over the Welsh Regiment, I flew low, But saw that the battle was over.There are only corpses eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon and blood These are not important, the most important thing is that I saw an exciting scene that I will never forget in my life an extremely huge German flag is flying over the enemy barracks Finally, more than a buy cbd gummies texas best cbd gummies with thc dozen Germans couldn t hold back their inner excitement, and stood up suddenly.

There is nothing more pleasant than getting rich in war.He now not only has the support of General Raffarin, but also has the strong backing of Major De Sade.To hell elite power cbd gummies for sale with the Germans, did the Countess Leonie really think that she could subjugate herself to her by virtue of her beauty She was wrong.After being rich and powerful, you can get any kind of woman.Mr.Simond, everyone is ready. Watts put the cornbread cbd gummies review bag of diamonds in his pocket and stood up his fat body Let s play a good show for Major De Sade Let s go.10 10.Bimonai showed up at the restaurant on time, and he saw the bright and charming Elena at a glance, which made him feel excited.Hey, Elena.Hey, Beamon. Lance Post Office, 10 15 a.m.A majestic French major came in with two subordinates Where is Second Lieutenant Bimonai Major, Second Lieutenant Bimonai has something to go out.

In such a situation, my only option at the time was to pretend to believe them completely.Erwin, you said, if the enemy thinks you re tricked, what will they do with the real target Take advantage of the chaos and transport them out.Rommel replied without thinking.Yes, they took advantage of the chaos to transport them out.They don t know how many special teams we have sent.Wang Weiyi laughed loudly Now Ma Li should have caught Kilok, but De Sade is still here stupidly, I can t help but want to see De Sade s expression after knowing the truth Rommel also laughed out loud, he also wanted to see De Sade s frustrated face.Being with Ernst Brehm is really a frightening but interesting thing.It is full of danger , full of wild excitement, but also full of fun.It is hard to imagine that after seeing through the enemy s conspiracy, Ernst would continue to implement the plan, use his tricks, and really rescue the fake Killock , so that the enemy s attention was completely attracted by him.

Just like those German soldiers who beat you on the front line.The Russian soldier s words immediately caused a burst of laughter from his companions around him.Richthofen didn t care who owns this place Really Your performance in the Battle of Tannenberg wasn t very good, ah, I forgot to ask, is General Samsonov how many milligrams of cbd gummies okay now The tavern suddenly became silent.The Battle of Tannenberg was von.The battle of Marshal Hindenburg s fame was also a great shame for the Russian army.The entire Russian army was destroyed in this battle, and the supreme commander of the Russian army Samsonov died in battle.Now.Richthofen, a German, immediately opened the scars in the hearts of Russians.You damn German, say it again if you have the ability the Russian soldier asked with red eyes.Ah, I really shouldn t Richthofen is a restless person, let alone someone who took the initiative to provoke him I also forgot that the Battle of Lake Masuria took place after that.

Ouyang Yu sighed, it seemed that he wanted to save his life here today, Brothers, prepare to die with the devil The soldiers stood up one after another.Arise, now, it s time to die A tattered flag is flying, for this flag they fought, they died for this country Die worthy, happy, happy Sergeant, look at that Suddenly, a soldier pointed to the left wing of the Japanese army and shouted.Ouyang Yu and his brothers looked over a truck was rushing towards this place crazily, and the machine cbd gummies reaction gun mounted on it roared crazily.The bullet spewed out terrible flames, mercilessly killing and wounding the Neikou Brigade.Before the Japanese army could react, the truck had already rushed in front of them.Suddenly, more than a dozen Chinese soldiers with submachine guns appeared in the carriage, and they shot violently at the Japanese.

The machine guns on the battlefield fell silent all of a sudden The Japanese army, which was suppressed to death, began to slowly raise their heads.After making sure that the Chinese machine guns were no longer firing, they quietly got up from the ground and resumed their previous combat posture.The bomb throwing team Wang Weiyi shouted Throw the bomb The bomb throwing team commanded by Long Yin quickly rushed to the position, throwing out a row of grenades.Now, aim at the target and prepare to kill Guo Yunfeng, who had been lazily, He suddenly picked up his rifle, and with a click , the bullet was loaded Once he raised his gun, Guo Yunfeng seemed to be a completely different person, so engrossed and single minded.The thrown grenades made continuous explosions, and the position was once again filled with explosions and gunpowder smoke.

Neikouyansi was taken aback for a moment, how could there be such a voice, but he was no longer allowed to react.Wang Weiyi s gun body sank, and he dropped his command saber, and then the gunshot crossed, and suddenly hit Neikouyan Temple s waist and eyes.The blow was heavy and fast, and Neikouyan Temple let out a muffled groan, and bent down in pain.At this moment, a cold light flashed, and a miserable cry came from Neikouyan Temple s mouth, and he fell to the ground bleeding.Wang Weiyi turned the body of the gun around, stuck the gun on the ground with a bayonet, then picked up the command saber of Neikouyan Temple, and raised it high.The moment Neikouyan Temple fell on his head with the command knife, he seemed to hear such a sentence This era does not belong to you Does this era belong to you What does it mean It s a pity that Neikouyan Temple will never know the answer.

So, Wang Weiyi finally understood.It suddenly occurred to her that Tang Ying was already married so there was nothing she could do, but if anyone could get close to Tang Weihong and rely on Song Zi s influence, it would be beneficial to his career in the future.It s just that the Tang family is really daring, having such a relationship with Song Zi, an important figure in the national government, dares to stay best cbd gummies with thc in Shanghai.Although the Paramount Ballroom is in the Shanghai International Concession, it is not absolutely safe hell.At this time, a voice came, and a young man dressed in Western style came over Boss Lu, the person next to you Who is this friend, I don t think he s with you.There was obvious sarcasm in the words, but Lu Mingzhai was not angry at all, grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects instead he said with a smile Joe Fox, you don t have a sting in your mouth anymore Qiao Fox Qiao Zhihe During the introduction, Lu Mingzhai didn t hide anything, and straight to the point told Qiao Zhihe that the young man beside him was Wang Weiyi, who had recently made a name for himself.

F hrer Adolf With a burst of yelling, a group of generals rushed in, completely impolite.Rommel, Manstein, Guderian, Richthofen, Model, Boncrere What do you want to do Mutiny Hitler was startled at first.But after seeing clearly that it was them, I quickly relaxed and made a joke.None of the generals smiled, and everyone had strange expressions on their faces nervous, excited, and even some people s eyes were red.What happened Hitler asked strangely.Rommel held the telegram tightly in his hand, and he tried his best not to sound so trembling This is a telegram from Falkenhausen, the head of the advisory group.In Shanghai, the Japanese army is being attacked everywhere.During the night, they killed fifty or sixty people.There were only two attackers, wearing old fashioned German uniforms, named generals.

Except for the general, I really can t think of anyone who would let the skeleton battle flag fly in the country Countless times, I heard the general talk about the country, he guessed, he teased the British, Americans and French, and then quietly left Montfaucon and went to the country he always wanted to go to.Why would he help the country fight I don t know, but I believe that generals are always undefeated no best cbd gummies with thc matter where they are.Nasty Japanese monkeys, do they still want to stop the general It s just so ridiculous, the general will tear them to pieces Today, I m in a really good mood, I haven t felt so good in a long, eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon long time, my heart tells me, yes, yes, that s the general s wonderful Tanks, wonderful skull battle flags, everything is so beautiful I can t wait to meet the general God bless Germany, God bless the country, God bless the general Hitler closed the notebook and put it back in the drawer.

If you can see His Royal Highness, please tell him, the old Captain John Laws sends him the most respectful greetings.The Germans nodded silently, and their eyes fell to the front of the sea.There, there are their dreams.Yannick and his companions began to sing in a low voice again His eyes are black, his blood is red, his tanks are galloping, his planes are soaring.The badge made of skulls makes the enemy tremble., the banner of death makes the day no longer rose is his romance, steel is his will Ernst, Ernst, Ernst They chased their dreams, chased the footsteps of the Baron, and they never gave up on themselves dream.On the other side of the sea, they don t know what they will encounter, and they don t know whether they can realize their dreams.But they firmly believe that the skeleton baron will return to Germany sooner or later Three hundred thirty.

The base issues fewer and fewer orders, and the Wanderer completes it by itself Missions prompt the base to be upgraded more and more times.This also means that the Walker has a great chance to control the base Control the base This is the second time Wang Weiyi has received this news from Xiao Ling.Thinking Although it is good, it is still a long way to go.With the acquisition of the third y element, Xiaoling expressed her doubts Are there other y elements Are there any other y elements Every time you travel through time and space, there will be another piece of y element The Great Victory Stone in the Qianlong period did not have the slightest radiation the ruby of Earl Yevgeny began to have fatal radiation.Then suppose there is What about the fourth y element Does it carry radiation Xiao Ling is not sure It seems that with the knowledge that Xiao Ling has mastered, it is no longer possible to judge and control the occurrence of some things Guo Yunfeng and Elena didn t say a word, anyway, it was in infused edibles cbd gummies review their consciousness.

They do cbd gummy bears work are completely obedient to the Wanderer , no matter what the Wanderer wants to do, they will follow them without hesitation I want to regain control of the base Wang Weiyi reiterated his words again Maybe I can t succeed once, maybe I will fail.But I have to try, this will be my first step.No matter how strong the base is, it will always be It s a machine.And I m a human being, so I should be the one who controls the machine You ve changed.Xiao Ling said slowly, When you first boarded the base.Although you were full of buy cbd gummies texas best cbd gummies with thc complaints, you still obeyed resolutely and tried your best.Go all out best cbd gummies with thc to complete the tasks assigned to you by the base.But when you were called the Skeleton Baron , I realized that you have changed.Your current appearance scares me, do you know Little Ling, you will also Lonely, you will be afraid Wang Weiyi smiled lightly You are also changing, right I am under the control of the base, and you are under the control of apple flavored gluten free cbd gummies the program.

The happy thing is that at least cracked such a gangster group, the higher ups will definitely reward me.Maybe the mayor will call himself at some point.What makes Director Frank even more excited is that.Mrs.Hermione Wittgenstein in Washington actually called herself and asked herself to meet a good friend of hers.Jesus, that was with Mrs.Hermione Director Frank had been to Washington last year and had heard about the mysterious Mrs.Hermione and Mrs.Lorisa.I was lucky enough to meet them.It is said that as long as they are willing, they can do all the things that are impossible to do.I never thought of it.Mrs.Hermione really called herself.This is the best chance to please him.Sitting anxiously in the Illy restaurant, looking around, there is still no one to wait for.Hi, Director Frank.At this moment, a voice interrupted Director Frank s train of thought.

As he said, he took a thick bag from his side and put it in front of Frank Here is ten thousand dollars, please accept it.Starting next month, you will grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects receive more money every month.Up to three thousand best cbd gummies with thc dollars.Frank swallowed, he felt that he couldn t hesitate any longer, if he let go of such a fortune, he would regret it for the rest of his life.He put away the bag Mr.Moyol, you are Mrs.Hermione s best friend, which is also my best friend.It s a real honor for a gentleman like you to ask me to do things for you.Well, Where is that relative of yours Casanovic, come here, Mr.Moyol said to the guests at the next table.A young man came over Director Frank, hello, I m Kasanovic.Ah, Russian Sit down, sit down.Director Frank asked the waiter to bring a pen and paper, and put a pen on it.He wrote down a few numbers and handed them to Kasanovic This is my office number, you can call me anytime and anywhere.

But, hey so many eyes are staring at me Wang Sang, as long as you have the heart, you will definitely have a chance.Hiroshi Yamaguchi was drunk, and his words gradually became unscrupulous Now, although the empire has temporarily stopped its offensive, a larger scale attack will soon begin.The empire has an absolute advantage, and the Chinese army won t last long just in front of you At this time, the door was pushed open, and Wang Weiyi hurriedly said Yamaguchi san, stop talking, Then be careful to leak important military secrets It doesn t matter, you and I are friends, let alone Hiroshi Yamaguchi wanted to continue, but Wang Weiyi said loudly, Aha, Mr.Sugawara, you are here.Guo Yunfeng brought Sugawara Naomasa in.Although his leg injury healed, he was limping when he walked.It seemed that he would have to walk like this for the rest of his life.

Guo Yunfeng said lightly.Wang Weiyi smiled Yes, we have the strongest artillery support.When the sun rises, the Luftwaffe will desperately send reinforcements to us.Go and win, Captain Guo Yunfeng.I think I can be a colonel Guo Yunfeng muttered, and then he said loudly The Third Armored Engineer Battalion, move forward Wang Weiyi laughed, yes, Guo Yunfeng can be a general, but the captain, but before the Second World how long for cbd gummie to work War, Guo Yunfeng The highest military rank obtained during his lifetime.Go, go Kill the Russos Tanks, speed up What are you doing, 3rd Armored Signal Battalion Are you letting those damned infantry overtake us Hey, hey, don t let Those guys from the 3rd can i buy cbd gummies at walmart Communication Battalion overtook us, go ahead, go ahead With shouts one after another, the Skeleton Division s best cbd gummies with thc full scale attack began Those guys in the reporter platoon of the third battlefield kept faithfully recording this scene with their cameras Groups of brave and fearless German soldiers, armed with p3, p40 submachine guns, or 9k Mauser rifles, followed the tanks and launched an attack A chaotic attack.

Under the protection of Ludwig, Guo Yunfeng slowly came to the members of the Skeleton Commando.He suddenly felt that the faces of these people were so familiar.He adjusted his breathing You are ready to meet the general Are you back Yes, Captain Guo, we are ready This was Rommel s answer.With a huh , Guo Yunfeng straightly raised the skull battle flag and a pure black horse best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies appeared on the horse.Sitting on the horse was a young soldier wearing a 9 year old general s uniform At this moment, the crowd was completely suffocated God, after more than twenty years, he is still organabus cbd gummies order so young God has cast a spell on him No change, he hasn t changed at all.Every skeleton commando is silently thinking in his heart.Every skeleton commando s heart is beating wildly.Every skeleton commando s eye sockets are red.

Seeing the Peugeot Baby approaching, the chariot quickly moved out of the way, and the German soldiers all turned their backs to the road.You spoiler.Wang Weiyi couldn t help muttering.He took Elena out this time, and only notified a few SS troops who were in charge of his own safety, but he didn t expect the news to leak out, and the German army actually used this formation.Such a beautiful night was ruined by them.The car stopped, and Elena gently kissed Wang Weiyi on the cheek Today, I will remember it forever Four hundred and thirty.Changes in Paris Visiting Paris has won Wang Weiyi a huge reputation.There were many people in Paris who did not reject it, and were even close to Germany, especially when the German army had just occupied Paris.The German military officers who had just occupied Paris at that time were polite and courteous.

The dreaded weapon Marquis Bierstoka has decided to cooperate with the Germans.Comprehensive and all round cooperation Rather than living a useless life here, it s better to just have a good time Either restore the radiance of the past, or die Not only the individual Stoka family, but all former Russian nobles in the United States must be contacted.Some of them are dead, but they best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies still have descendants, and their descendants also live a life of poverty and desperation.Some are still alive, cursing the Bolsheviks who drove them out of Russia every day, thinking about the good past all the time.When they are called, they will come without hesitation.What else could they do Look, the nobles of the past, now their children are either working as dock porters, casino thugs, or simply become prostitutes, which is a shame to the Russian nobles Now, Baron Alexon put an excellent opportunity in front best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies of them, could they still refuse Elijah couldn t wait to act, and he didn t want to wait any longer.

When they were in Washington, they visited and got the support of a number of heavyweights, and when they arrived in New York, they did the same thing.A new 60 million military support has been signed, and now they You can rest easy.It s time to focus on other aspects For example, use propaganda to gain more public opinion for China.Tang Naian also watched the latest episode of The Baron Rose , and became very curious about the story in it.You know, China and the Baron Skull have a deep relationship.It is said that after the Baron disappeared, he once appeared in Shanghai, China.God knows why the Baron appeared there After watching the third episode of The Baron of Roses , a new idea formed in Tang Naian s mind use the American plan to make a movie for China that reflects the Chinese people s bloody war of resistance.

Attack Moscow in the north.Completely gain the initiative in the war.Generals, grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects do you still have any objections to my decision now Generals, including Germany Including Adolf Hitler, the head of state, all let out a long sigh of relief.Now they finally know the real strategic purpose of Marshal Ernst He wants to obtain Turkey, where he can eliminate the strength of the Allied Forces to the greatest extent.Then, get ready for the showdown.He even thought about the time of the decisive battle 1943 There is no doubt, no one has any doubts, since Marshal Ernst has decided to do so, then what the generals have to do is to fully cooperate with Marshal Ernst.Mr.F hrer Wang Weiyi cast his eyes on Adolf Hitler Have you prepared everything I asked you to prepare The general knew one more thing.The battlefield, and the head of state has long known about this strategic plan Yes, Marshal, I have mobilized all the troops you want.

Professor Schliemann actually discovered a huge treasure, but he didn t have the time and opportunity to transport all the treasure away.Kahn said seriously At that time, the Greek and German governments were unwilling to best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies openly fight for the ownership of the treasure., and the Turkish Ottoman Empire did not continue to pursue it after this time, but also because it obtained most of the treasures of Priam.Abdul Hamid II was satisfied, and gave up the investigation after the routine condemnation The request for the lost treasure.The treasure was hidden in a very hidden place by Abdul Hamid II as his own private property.Only Abdul Hamid II knew this place.His confidant, the head of the Capital Corps, Rafke, knew that Hamid II had obtained the treasure, but he did not know the mellow cbd gummies exact location.

It s all in vain And in a corner of Ankara, Marshal do all cbd gummies have thc Ernst Brahm watched all this silently.He already knew the news that the Battle of Ayash had ended victoriously, and Wang Weiyi was not too surprised by the Germans lightning attack so fast.Now, the German army is about to appear outside Ankara Although you are in the enemy s capital, as long as the German army s offensive is fiercer, you will be safer here.The boys of the Myristel battle group have entered Ankara one after another, and the judgment is exactly the same as before.At this time, Ankara is easy to come in, but difficult to get out.Wang Weiyi, whose strength has been greatly enhanced, is now more at ease about his safety here.Nearly two hundred of the most elite German combatants are fully capable of withstanding the Turks attack for a long time.

There is a basement, and our President is in it Look.We re cooperating very well, How many guards are best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies there There are more than fifty people After saying this, the soldier tilted his head and died.Glancing at the corpse, Wang Weiyi stood up Mr.Klingenberg, did you hear that Yes, Baron, I will command the team to attack now.Ah, let s change the way Wang Weiyi stopped Klingenberg who was about to act I am going to send someone to persuade you to surrender, what do you think Baron, I don t think those enemies will surrender.Look, Mr.Klingenberg, we I have to try it.Wang Weiyi said lightly It s not for the Turks, but for our own soldiers.I believe that Inonu s basement will be very well defended.When the victory is coming, we should reduce our soldiers as much as possible.casualties, this is what the commander should do, right Ah, yes, Baron.

A few years later, these blood soaked lands will slowly dry up In a few decades, no one will know what happened here those A soldier who fought to the last moment for what he believed in.No one will remember their names anymore.War is just a contest between countries, a bloody fight for their own political goals.These soldiers are undoubtedly victims But.The soldiers didn t think so.They firmly believed that it was an honor to die for their country, and they were willing to give everything for it.Wang Weiyi watched the battlefield calmly, the shells whizzed around him and would explode anytime and anywhere, but he didn t seem to feel it at all.He thinks that when the war is over, a big monument should be erected here to commemorate those soldiers who died for the war cruel, ruthless, cold blooded no matter how much blood was shed , no matter how many people die, war will always be war.

Little Ling, I suddenly felt buy cbd gummies texas best cbd gummies with thc that we were all deceived by the Wanderer Elena said with grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects a wry smile at this time Although the Wanderer made best cbd gummies with thc the best arrangements in Kalman, but After all, the final outcome of the war has been affected by a lot of external influences, and Randerer cannot guarantee that cbd gummies sleep uk he will win, so he uses this method to force you to directly participate in the war at the most dangerous time.With With your help, the German wegmans cbd gummies army would not be able to fail best cbd gummies with thc If Xiao Ling were human, his face would turn pale with anger But the Walker has accurately grasped Her weakness Send a power call to General Alexander and General Montgomery, we have accurately captured the location of Baron Skeleton, and are attacking him, if you Seeing the corpse of the skeleton baron I sent you, I don t think you need to be too surprised General Woodrow said vigorously.

The fighters will no longer be used by you, so now I send you a telegram through them to thank you for our victory.My British friend.And the signature at the end of the telegram is best cbd gummies with thc Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Alexander and Montgomery held the telegram in their hands and looked at each other.Can you imagine The Skeleton Baron actually used the ace spy of the Allied Forces to send such a telegram to the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in North Africa As I said, none of us are opponents of the Skeleton Baron When the failure was a foregone conclusion, Montgomery seemed very calm I used to have fantasies.I thought that we could defeat the Skeleton Baron on the battlefield for the first time when his supplies were cut off, but in fact, from the very beginning of the war, everything It s all in his hands General Alexander nodded silently, although it was very difficult to admit this On October 26, the Second Battle of Alamein ended.

What will happen if the money can be used to revitalize the domestic economy Protests began to appear in the United States, and President Roosevelt suffered the biggest crisis of confidence since he became the president of the United States In such a situation, when a new batch of aid has not yet been dispatched.President Roosevelt temporarily halted aid to Britain.certainly.This is definitely not what President Roosevelt wants to see However, even a short suspension of aid has made the British government worse.Under multiple pressures, the British had to think of Egypt s power.But when they made their request, they were immediately strongly opposed by Farouk I.That s not what you Brits said before We re fighting to protect Egypt That s what the Brits said.You are fighting for your own interests Farouk I s attitude was very tough this time.

Murray, the great best cbd gummies with thc spy Murray Wang Weiyi sighed Murray, the great spy that the whole of Britain is arresting, no one would have thought that you have arrived in Cairo now This middle aged man is Murray, the legendary spy in World War II , a super spy who will never be caught.In World War II, there were many super spies active, but their identities were exposed or arrested as time went by.This super spy Murray is an exception.Wang Weiyi looked at him carefully It is said that you have a big tooth, why didn t I see it Your Excellency, that s just a disguise Murray couldn t help laughing I have to give the enemy a false impression, ah, you may not know, because of the wrong intelligence of the British, as a result, many Toothy people are smilz cbd gummies mayim best cbd gummies with thc under inexplicable secret arrests Very good disguise.Wang Weiyi nodded Do you know your mission knew.

Not only Africa, but the direction of the entire war has been controlled in Germany The abundant resources will provide the German army with the continuation of the war, and the continuous victories will make the morale of the German soldiers highThe failure in Africa also made the once proud British Empire have to lower them Heads held high, the American s suggestion could be considered let Baron Alexon make an unofficial secret visit to England, just like he did in America before The British are still considering , but Wang Weiyi knows that they will eventually agree.At present, his main enemy is no longer the United Kingdom, but the huge polar bear Although Egypt has fallen into the hands of the Germans, it is still not so calm, and there are too many things waiting to be dealt with.General Canlemu, who made great contributions in this war, was appointed by Farouk I as the new Minister of Defense.

Mussolini s colonies in North Africa included Algeria, Tunisia and many other places, but at this time Italy could not and did not dare to invade Vichy France s North African colonies.So Mussolini ordered the African Italian army to launch an attack on British Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and Egypt in an attempt to establish a Mediterranean empire.As a result, he was beaten again.Eritrea and Ethiopia were captured by the British army, and a little bit of Libya remained.He was almost driven back to Italy, and it was not until Germany sent the famous general Rommel to command the Italian and German troops that his reputation was restored.And now, the dream of building a so called Mediterranean empire seems to be achievable again And at such a time, he will not offend Germany.So even if his subordinates were imprisoned by the Germans, Mussolini could just pretend he didn t know.

In 1929, Yamamoto was promoted to major general, and served as the technical director of the Naval Aviation Department and the commander of the First Air Force.In 1929 and 1934, he went to London twice to participate in the Naval Armaments Limitation Conference.He was also an out and out The Fleet faction opposed compromise with the United States.The representative sent by the Ministry of Finance at the Second London Conference was the later Minister of Finance and Class A war criminal Katsunobu Kaya.From the perspective of financial burden, Kaya advocated that the Anglo American plan should be accepted.Yamamoto Fifty Six said viciously to He Wu Shut up, if you don t shut up, I ll beat you up But what made Yamamoto feel humiliated was that after Kaya was shut up, the Japanese had to shut up in front of Britain and the grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects United States.

But, like all bosses are contradictory and unreasonable, within a few days, the head of the German intelligence agency s Paris headquarters said that everything was going according to original plan, and Mundford was still the place to land Chapman, the genius spy, set off The landing was relatively smooth, and the plane was 1 000 mg cbd gummies effect not shot down by the British.Chapman, who successfully landed in Mundford, soon mixed into the UK.He has no idea whether he can successfully complete the task, which is really a huge challenge for him The de Havilland factory was created by British aircraft designer Jeffrey de Havilland.This is a famous British aircraft designer, pilot and aviation industry entrepreneur.In 1908, de Havilland began to design aircraft, and in 1910 the biplane he developed successfully flew.

We should go down and help them attack together.Edim whispered.Heisenberg shook his head.But still climbed down with him.Loading fresh magazines into their MP40 submachine guns, the commandos walked cautiously down a smoky corridor behind the 220mm gun turret, which had been blown up by paratroopers hollow charges.The fierce fighting downstairs continued.The commando hastily joined the other paratroopers.They finally made contact with a large eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon group of paratroopers, and the commando signaled that the room down the hall was full of enemy soldiers.Suddenly, a Soviet soldier threw a grenade from around the corner, and a paratrooper swung his mp40 like a cricket ball, hitting the flying grenade back to where the Soviets were.The grenade flew through the air and exploded in the hall.The German paratrooper nimbly pulled out an S24 grenade.

The reason is actually very simple.At any rate, there is no winner.A victor s mockery of a loser There was some sarcasm in Churchill s words.Do you think so Wang Weiyi smiled If this is ironic, then I would rather not make this trip to the UK.In the two wars, Germany s main target was not the United Kingdom, but you yourself insisted on involving yourself in the war, although it sounds absurd to say so.Before my return, our head of state once expressed friendship to you, but was rejected, and now, I also convey our friendship Friendship from Hellboy Churchill picked up a thick cigar I still think that you should withdraw your troops from North Africa before expressing the friendship between the two sides.Mr Prime Minister, you have made a demand that no one can accept.Wang Weiyi also took out his own cigarette North Africa has too many interests for Germany and the United Kingdom.

Ernst Brahm is really too cunning.If the Princess Royal is jointly owned by a future heir to the throne of England and a German baron, it will cause an uproar all over Europe.Many would immediately see this as a shift in UK German relations Although Sir Monlington is a pro German faction, it does not mean that he is a traitor.Before the issue between Germany and Britain is properly resolved, such things must not be announced.However, Elizabeth didn t seem to see Sir Monlington s expression at all, but her face was full of infinite expectations Is what you said true, Baron It must be known that it is a matter for Baron Skeleton to participate in the competition for herself.What a sensation, not everyone can have such an opportunity.She probably didn t think about the impact of letting Baron Alexon own the Royal Princess.

Under such circumstances, someone needs to replace them They share something, and this person is me.Elizabeth said in a daze But this will damage your reputation Does that matter, my child George VI smiled best cbd gummies with thc cbd gummies for teens again and said I shouldn t be sitting in this position, but since I have become the king of England, I must be responsible for this country, no matter what price I have to pay for it.Elizabeth, when this matter is announced, it will cause a sensation, and it will force the opposition to a very embarrassing situation, and I am also ready to abdicate.What Father, you cannot abdicate Elizabeth cried out It s grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects not fair, it s not fair Elizabeth, don t get excited.George VI still smiled calmly There is no absolutely fair thing, each of us has to do something to end the war.When I abdicate, you will be Queen of England, and I hope you will remember what I said to you.

Even Colonel Menzies learned about Baron Alexon s secret mission later Colonel Menzies slowly raised his head What about you.Major Rogermin, why were you chosen to be in charge of protecting Ernst Brahm Is it because you have a lot of experience, or do you have any special talents I have no idea.Major Roger Min replied honestly I have not joined MI6 for a long time.Experience in this area, even if I myself think that I am lacking.When I received this assignment, there were still some who couldn t believe it.You know, I haven t even protected anyone before.During this escort, I carefully considered my own mistakes.I should have arranged a few more cars, so that the assassins would not know which one was the real Baron Alexon No, it has nothing to do with you.Colonel Menzies smiled If there is really a ghost among us.

Bram Just like Guderian and Model s mood HCMUSSH best cbd gummies with thc at the moment To be honest, I never thought that we would be involved in the decisive battle so quickly.Looking at several brand new Panther tanks from their own Passing by, Manstein said with emotion After the failure of the attack on Moscow, I once thought that we would fall into a terrible passivity, but we succeeded Ernst, I think I I have grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects to thank you.Why Wang Weiyi asked curiously.The expression on Manstein s face was very deep I am a soldier.For soldiers, victory on the battlefield is the best reward for us.And now victory is within our reach.Everything was brought to us by you I am not that great.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Without the heroic fighting of German soldiers and everyone s efforts, Russia would have become the second largest country in the world.

He told everything he knew, the purpose of their mission, their method of smilz cbd gummies mayim best cbd gummies with thc retreat, even the names of their superiors.There is nothing hidden When Waderos said that once the mission is completed, they will evacuate from Erklin and report all the information here to the Soviet frontline commander General Lindelof At the best cbd gummies with thc time, Wang Weiyi said En thoughtfully.Then he said Tell me.What kind of person is General Lindelof including his character He is a subordinate who is very trusted by Marshal Vasilevsky He is also very brave in combat Major Waderos thought for a while In many battles, Marshal Vasilevsky entrusted him with the most dangerous and cruel combat missions.This time it is the same No exception As far as his character is concerned straightforward, honest, and loved by his subordinates, but sometimes a little reckless and, many times, he is too easy to believe People Very good.

From Samiros, one glance.Those crazy Russians can be seen everywhere.They once again ignored the fierce firepower on the German positions, stepping on their comrades The dead body launched a wave of impact.And the most surprising thing is that all the officers rushing to the front of the team What happened to the Russians The German officers were very surprised.The German army The snipers in the middle started to get busy, and they could easily kill a Russian officer with almost no need for aiming.Layers of corpses were laid on the battlefield, and at a glance, it made people want to vomit.A large number of Soviet officers fell under the intensive firepower of the Germans.In fact, this is the most meaningless sacrificean officer.It is not used as an ordinary soldier, if it is not the most desperate There was absolutely no need for the Russians to do this.

He commanded the 339th Infantry Regiment and was assigned a tank battalion.However, the German Regiment of Greater Germany quickly aimed at this part, and firmly blocked the way of the Russians like an iron gate.Of all the German armies, apart from the Skeletons, none has a longer history than the Grossdeutsche Regiment.Our honor is to be loyal to our duty wholeheartedly God Honor Fatherland , these slogans must be firmly kept in mind by every officer and soldier who joins the Greater German Regiment on the first day.how proud is the name of the Grossdeutsche Rifle, and I hope that everyone here can embody the spirit of the great German soldier, like every imperial army for hundreds of years.The team completed our mission beautifully.Just like we are at the forefront of the parade, if there is such a chance in the future, we will also blow the horn of attack on the battlefield filled with gunpowder Every German soldier should always remember and be true to their motto He who has solemnly sworn an oath under the Prussian flag, nothing is his own anymore parents This is the passionate speech delivered by General Obers von Stockhausen, the first commander of the Grossdeutschland Infantry Regiment, at the naming ceremony of the regiment.

On March 1, the German 2nd Army and 4th Panzer Army joined the Ernst Battle Group.On the 2nd, the Manstein Group and the Guderian Group belonged to the unified command of the Ernst Battle Group.On March 3, the Hungarian 2nd Army and the Romanian 3rd and 4th Army were also incorporated into the Ernst Battle Group sequence.At this time, the Ernst battle group has become the largest combat force.In order to ensure victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, Marshal Ernst Brahm of the German Empire could deploy 600,000 troops on the battlefield.On his two wings is the full support of his life and death battles Manstein and Guderian.At the same time, the best cbd gummies with thc German Balkan Army, the Bulgarian Army, the Yugoslav Army, and the Turkish Army also began to dispatch, forming a pincer attack on the Caucasus and at the same time posing a posture of attacking Moscow from the north.

Use relieva cbd gummies continuous assault to achieve the final victory.Vasilevsky is also determined to wait.He believed that his troops would be able to complete the campaign plan and completely defeat the Skeleton Baron.At least for now, no one can know which of the two will win the final victory After learning the news that the assault group in the German army had completed a breakthrough in Tenklar, Vasilevsky immediately ordered Straff to command the remnants of the 81st Panzer Army to continue to chase after the assault group This is a pretty good choice, and Vasilevsky will never give the Germans any chance to breathe.At this time, Wang Weiyi, who was rapidly advancing towards Krasnodar, also received intelligence from the front investigation, and assembled the 56th Army of the Soviet Army in the direction of Krasnodar.

The ultimate trial in Moscow broke out at this moment At 8 o clock in the morning, Ernst Brahm, Generalissimo of the German Empire, appeared on the battlefield.Looking at the magnificent battlefield movement, the skeleton baron who led Germany to continuously create miracles didn t say much, just kept going Calmly watching everything in front of me, looking at the smoky, but extremely exciting battlefield This is the beginning of the Great Battle of Moscow, but it is also the end.When the last gunshot here stops, the final fate of Germany and the Soviet Union will also be decided here.This is the trial from Hellboy the ultimate trial The hammer of judgment has fallen, and it will all end here.When all is said and done, only one person will be forever remembered Ernst.Bram The Baron from Hell His appearance represented blood and death.

In the Roman phalanx, a mass of corpses and wounded soldiers lay there Then, the second round of attacks came again The boulders kept falling among the Roman soldiers, which caused heavy casualties to the Romans.The remaining soldiers avoided one after another, fearing that the terrible stone would fall on their best cbd gummies with thc heads.The Roman lola hemp cbd gummies phalanx is completely in chaos The stones whistling in the air one by one made Callini and all the Roman generals dumbfounded.What is this, what is this Yes, it was a trebuchet, the Romans had it long ago, but how did the barbarians have such a weapon Moreover, this is not a trebuchet used in siege at all.How can eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon such a weapon be used in a field battle Callenny is very familiar with trebuchets.One is the elastic trebuchet, which was used in ancient Greece and Rome.It relies on the elasticity of the bowstring to throw it.

Say it, I am very interested.Master Centumalus does not seem to be assisted by Lord Caesar, and there seems to be some conflict between the two.Contradictions, so until now Master Centumarus is still stranded in Gaul.Wang Weiyi s words made Gnaus s eyebrows twitch, but he did not show any special expression Oh, I think probably It s the same, my poor cousin.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything.Seven hundred fifty seven.For a moment, Wang Weiyi understood everything.Gnaus and Centumarus are cousins, and they also came from nobles, and they look down on Caesar, who was born as a commoner.But what makes them a headache is that if they want to make a difference in the newly established Germania province, they absolutely cannot do without the help of Caesar.Every move of Caesar will have a great impact on them.

Yes, thank you for your generosity.After Wang Weiyi left here, Pompey was silent for a long time, and then asked slowly What do you think, Servius Servius knew what Pompey cbd gummies buy was asking Lord Pompey, I have no way of knowing what kind of person this man named Spurius is, but one thing is certain, that is, his wealth.Now, money is very important to us, and I think he might be of great help to us.Pompey smiled It s exactly the same as tom selleck and cbd gummies I thought.At present, I can ignore all his identities and his real purpose in coming to Rome.I need his generous donation of money and his information.This is very important for us right now.There was a slight pause What about Caesar How do you say we should deal with Caesar Caesar s reputation is getting higher and higher, which poses a great threat to us, and he seems to no longer care about the Senate and your orders.

The enemy attacked Berlin.For the Germans Said.It was a complete disaster.But for him, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fight There can only be one leader in Germany, and that is him best cbd gummies with thc Kl ll Nikolai His eyes Can t help throwing out the window, soon.The Allied forces will appear in Berlin s Berlin outer line position.The Allied offensive has begun again.The SS Skeleton Division has been here for a long time It lasted twenty one days.They have been fighting here since the first offensive of the Allied forces.Skeleton division that is the most glorious title among all German troops.And the skeleton battle flag grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects that has always been flying in the position is The greatest source of confidence for all officers and soldiers.Fight for him die for him Jonal.General Elierst accompanied the officers and soldiers of the whole division and also fought best cbd gummies with thc here for 21 days.

Who will maintain 24 hour uninterrupted communication with me directly and accurately report the situation on the battlefield Analyze the enemy s dynamics I.Elena stood up.Heinrich Elena best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies von Livinsky return Elijah.Sevia.Wang Weiyi smiled confidently again Since our enemies want war, then we will return the cruelest war to them Skeleton Commandos Returning Skeleton Commando Return I suggest you not to reveal the identity of the Skeleton Baron for the time being Xiao Ling reminded him Otherwise, it would be too shocking Wang Weiyi clicked Nodded I know, I will appear in front of everyone as the Skeleton Baron at the right time.but.I must give confidence to the German soldiers and people in a special way, telling them that the skeleton baron never abandoned them So, I think maybe this is what you need With the voice of the little spirit, a huge battle flag appeared at the base it was a blood red banner.

Why are the Americans so crazy that they want to launch an attack on their most staunch ally, Britain And what is the German government doing Crazy, want to fight the United States in the Middle East and North Africa Why do you have to transfer all the millions of domestic troops to these two places for a decisive battle, but your own defense forces are so weak Why do countries like France, Russia, and Bulgaria Suddenly betrayed Germany, why did the German intelligence agencies know nothing about these movements What terrible things happened Originally expected to know the truth from Tuska, but the answer he got made Wang Weiyi even more confused.He also Knowing that matha stewart cbd gummies you can t get more from Tuska s mouth, as Tuska himself said, he is just a little captain.How about the German army in the Middle East and North Africa, has it been wiped out Wang Weiyi asked with some despair.

Brahm Baron Alexon did not fall asleep.He is patiently waiting for the arrival of Agent Annette, and this female agent will best cbd gummies with thc also be the most important point in his actions.He lifted the curtain and looked outside, the car that was always with him was parked outside, he really wanted to invite the cia agent inside to come into his room for a drink.Otherwise, how would the person in charge of monitoring him spend the long night He opened the curtains and stood at the window with a wine glass in his hand, so that the people in the car could fully see himself.The door was ajar, and Wang Weiyi had been waiting.He was also making a gamble, betting that Agent Annette would definitely open the door.In fact, he knew that he would be able to win the bet, because Agent Annette s task was to protect himself every step of the way.

Take the Canadians first Wang Weiyi issued such an order without the slightest hesitation.Captain Sherer was a little surprised Major, I have no doubts about your courage, but if you deduct the soldiers who drove the convoy back, we only have ninety people.There is a regiment of enemies there.Yes, a regiment of enemies.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Manfred, where is the enemy s regiment headquarters Here, Brest.Richthofen marked the location on the map buy cbd gummies texas best cbd gummies with thc Major, I agree with you.We can pass along Versheim and reach Brest quietly.In about an hour we were able to see what the regimental headquarters of the Canadians looked like.We have one more advantage.A smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth The enemy is attacking with all their strength.They are sure that we have no strength to fight back.

Fight for him, die for him Everyone becomes a warrior.They took up the weapons of the Americans and launched the most severe counterattack to those Americans.They must tell all enemies in this way In Germany, there is only one person alive, and the fighting will never stop It must best cbd gummies with thc be thanks to the 30th Reinforced Regiment of the US Army, who left behind a large number of weapons, even including a complete artillery battalion.This gave them the confidence to fight the enemy to the end.And Guo Yunfeng, who was in charge of commanding here, was finally known by everyone the true identity of this Major Jonas He died and accompanied Baron Alexson since the First World War, the baron is the best assistant.Another legendary figure in Germany Guo Yunfeng Guo Sidao The only foreign general in Germany It is our honor to fight with you This is what Captain Lampden and Captain Sheller said to Guo Yunfeng at the same time.

Claire is very grateful.Marshal, I don t think it s possible for him to surrender.Maybe, who will know if you don t try it Wang Weiyi said lightly Can you get through to Bach s phone Yes, please wait a moment, Marshal.The call was quickly connected, and Klingenberg said seriously to the other end of the phone General Miller Bach, Marshal Ernst Brehm wants to talk to you.The phone was handed over to Wang Weiyi I m Ernst Brahm.Bach obviously hesitated for a moment Marshal, it s really great that you can come back.I believe that Germany will be able to win the final victory under your command.Yes, General Bach, the final victory must belong to us Wang Weiyi said calmly However, I will take over the Empire State Building in three hours and direct the entire Germany into combat.However, I noticed that instead of obeying my order, you prepared for war.

The little girl who was going to duel with the baron in best cbd gummies with thc the past has now become a queen.Unfortunately, this queen has lost her own country.But there was no such frustration on the Queen s face, but she smiled and said, Twenty years, where have you been, Baron Your cbd gummies 20mg for sleep Majesty, I continue my best cbd gummies with thc mysterious journey to find the mystery of life.Wang Weiyi also said with a smile.It seems that you have discovered the mystery of life.The immortal baron is the greatest myth The queen looked at the baron s face I think even if you are not the German marshal, with your immortality Shinhwa, you must be able to make every woman in the world go crazy.Sir Rosen is here In such a voice, another old friend of Wang Weiyi, Rosen, strode in.Rosen, who was already full of gray hair, was not surprised to see the still young baron, but he couldn t contain his excitement Baron, you came back late.

Old Nicholas is your friend again..Do you know what old house he has in Berlin Major, you are really very clever.Marshal smilz cbd gummies mayim best cbd gummies with thc Ernst on the other end of the phone immediately understood what his subordinates meant It s near Lake Miguel in the southeast of the city.Old Nicholas had a house, and when he was at Montfaucon, Nicholas used to tell me that almost no one knew about his secret place, where he always went when he was upset.Thank you, Marshal Ernst, I think I know where to go.Major, you have done an excellent job, and whether you succeed or not, you have impressed me very much.Fels actually invented the position of temporary major, so I can tell you now that you are already an official major in the German army, good luck to you, major.Hart hung up the phone with trembling hands.Until this time, he found that his heart was still beating grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects wildly there.

Wang Weiyi has been paying attention to the development of the battle situation.He is proud of having such a unit.Although they have been away for twenty years, German soldiers are still invincible.But at this moment, Wang Weiyi suddenly got a strange piece of news The 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army, which was originally participating in the frontal attack, suddenly withdrew from the battlefield, judging from the direction of their actions.It was moving towards the right wing of the German army there.What s the matter The positive allies did not take advantage of it at all.Why did they suddenly attack the German flank Although it was a defensive position of the German National Army, the German command could quickly mobilize reinforcements when the National Army was under strong pressure, and the Allied forces could not take advantage of it at all.

What does he have What can t be done As for those countries coerced by the United States Wang Weiyi continued I know you are unwilling to see such a war.The existence of a strong Germany is more beneficial to you, but you have to succumb to the pressure of the buy cbd gummies texas best cbd gummies with thc United States for your own safety.But you will soon see that Germany will not fail and that Germany will soon be as strong as ever.You can wait and see, or you can wait.When we start to win, I ask you to break away from the control of the United States and rejoin the alliance headed by Germany and Britain.I will not pursue those things you have done in the past.I will still regard you as my staunchest allies and Germany s most loyal friends.This is my promise.Indeed, after the war broke out, many of Germany s former allies were best cbd gummies with thc unwilling to abandon Germany.

Because in China, there is Adolf.Hitler sits in command.A legendary marshal paired with a great head of state will make their cooperation complement each other, and it will also allow Wang Weiyi to devote all his energy to the battlefield without distraction.But the Germans all know that their head of state is dead But one thing, is Adolf Hitler really dead Wang Weiyi has no way of knowing the answer But he hopes that one day, Adolf Hitler will suddenly appear in front buy cbd gummies texas best cbd gummies with thc of him, just like his miraculous return back then.Now.Preparations for a big counterattack have been made.The Konstan base has become the hope of the revival of the whole of Germany and the hope of Germany s re emergence.When Wang Weiyi and his companions left here with firm steps, the things in the eyes of the German soldiers were hard to express in words.

But relying on that special second battlefield, I think we will get twice the result with half the effort, even It will best cbd gummies with thc have an unexpected effect.However, I will inevitably face William.And now, what I want to know most is what William thinks.William, that is his son.Rommel s son is fighting for best cbd oil gummies amazom Germany, but his own son has become Germany s greatest enemy.Isn t this an eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon irony Probably only after seeing William in person can all the doubts in it be solved Eight hundred and sixty eight.The great victory before Christmas Eve.On December 23, 1965, the German army took the lead in launching a best cbd gummies with thc major counteroffensive, which shocked the entire Allied forces.In this major counter offensive, the German army dispatched breathtaking air power and artillery offensives, completely suppressing the enemy without the Allies being prepared.

S.armored forces were approaching, and the buildings in front were quickly blown up by tanks, while the German troops in Baeza had difficulty stopping the tanks from advancing best cbd gummies with thc due to lack of anti tank weapons.Gattle considers himself lucky to be among the brothers who were killed by the tank.Because their buildings are surrounded by small roads, tanks can t get in.The few tanks of the German army were still stubbornly blocking the U.S.troops, but they were very short U.S.planes were blown up.Soon, the U.S.military took control of the main road in the town.However, many buildings surrounded by small roads were still not captured by the US military.The US infantry best cbd gummies with thc finally rushed to Gattle in front of them.Thomas aimed a shot at the motorcycle soldier in front, and the motorcycle soldier fell to the ground on the spot.

He wanted to end this damned war in front of his son.He didn t know whether William would be able to agree to his request.After all, from William s birth to the present, he had too little time by his side.I haven t fulfilled my responsibilities as a father to William, so what more can I ask of him However, there are some things that must be faced even though they are reluctant.Wang Weiyi closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he found that the sky seemed extraordinarily blue today Eight hundred and ninety six.Long live the F hrer Berlin counterattacked in Ernst.A great counterattack in the most difficult phase of Berlin under the command of Field Marshal Brahm.This counterattack quickly stabilized the precarious situation in Berlin and caused the Allies to suffer their worst loss since the war began.

come in.Elliott came in, not surprised when he saw Pipondou Mr.Pipondou, hello, it s an honor to meet you here. Look, here s who, Elliott.Pipendou said with a smile Can you imagine that this little guy from back then is now the head of the Wittgenstein family Ah, Baron, Elliott, you talk about your business, and I will do what you tell me to do.After Pipondu left, Wang Weiyi asked Elliott to sit down in front of him Did you do what happened in New York Yes, but to be precise, it was done together with the New York League you founded.Elliott said respectfully Both Gates and Lawrence got involved, and we set off such a madness. You ve grown up, Elliott.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly You know how to use the 900 mg cbd gummies effects smallest cost to get the biggest return.You learned that there is not only one battlefield in war.

The armored soldiers parked the only two tanks on the bridge, best cbd gummies with thc and then established their bridgehead.Although There were only 8 of them, but all kinds of fortifications were neatly arranged best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies on the bridgehead.Heisenberg, what is the name of this small town You said it once, I forgot The big man took his last puff of cigarette and threw away the cigarette butt.Lev, what yes, Levto.This is a small town located on the border between old Germany and Poland.If it weren grownmd cbd gummies amazon t for the war, the tranquility here would have become an excellent holiday resort.Lefto the big man thought about the name Semborg, as soon as the war is over, I ll be must be a drunk truck driver, transporting American radios and British leather jackets from Hamburg to Berlin every day with alcohol , Then I will marry a Bavarian wife, have a few children, and drive the Beetle I bought in my castle in the first HCMUSSH best cbd gummies with thc month of every year, and take them to this quiet town called Levto for a week s vacation Ha that s life Zoff smiled gloatingly and kept patting Heisenberg on the shoulder.

The engine has been turned off, and the pile of waste wood perfectly covered the outline of the pros of cbd gummies German metal.The small scout platoon The tall Paulus was puzzled by the best cbd gummies with thc address between them What did green roads cbd gummies for anxiety you call best cbd gummies with thc Lieutenant just now Dad snort I don t understand.Little brother Nash pulled the scout aside.He pointed at the people who were talking to them.Look, Lieutenant Kiritz is our father, and we are all his children.You see, Mel is the eldest son, I am the second son, and the youngest, Hoffman Jr., is the youngest son Nash, the loader, raised his head proudly How is it Are you envious Our crew is our family Lieutenant Kieritz is no ordinary man If you had come a few weeks earlier, hey, you could have seen the brothers from other families It s a pity that they are all gone.oh etc.etc Paulos shook his head and smiled, this state is very rare in this difficult battlefield You said that each of your car crews is a family Ha ha Probably notevery family has women.

What makes Nocher happy is that he no longer has to follow the orders of that son of Klaus.But other than that, there is no reason to make Noqier feel a little bit more relieved.They are new members of this army, but they don t get the long awaited new equipment they deserve best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies Along the way, Nochier, Bodilla and the other three chatted enthusiastically, and the German army was wildly guessing what kind of powerful tank they would get As a result, the above gave the German army a reason or excuse that the German army could not refute the number of armored combat vehicles was seriously insufficient, and even if there was no time for maintenance, Nocher s Destroyer 3 tank cbd gummy help with hypertension had to be added to the first In the battle on the front line, Nuo Qier has already started to curse in his heart, do they know the meaning of prosper wellness cbd gummies the phrase buying talents Nochell and his crew should ride the mighty Leopard 9 Instead of this big guy who can hardly drive anymore Nochier was full of complaints, where can you buy liberty cbd gummies and only Bodila and others were listening to Noqier yelling alone there Those sons of best cbd gummies with thc a bitch Why don t they each give us a gun Let s go charge Noqier Er s exposed anger made Bodilla and the others understand Nuoqier s fragile self esteem.

Dahlcroft boldly said The battle situation is already very bad.It s always good to leave us with a way out.Dahlcroft fully understood what his chief of staff meant.Everyone is afraid of failure.Everyone is afraid of death.One more friend may always lead to another way out.He nodded with some difficulty Haye Raff hadn t seen General Dahlcroft for many years, and when he met again, he said without any disguise You are old, General.And you re getting younger, Hayelav.Dahlcroft s tone was full of sarcasm Is it because the Germans have better food eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon Heyeraf completely understood what the other party meant General, the food in the Germans is actually the same as ours, or even worse.Germany is not a nation that is good at cooking.But there is one thing they did very well, they respect me, even if I am a surrendered officer Don t you feel shameless Dalkrenff interrupted the other party angrily You are a Russian officer, but you shamelessly surrendered to the enemy, and then you still want to help them speak What respect Can a surrendered traitor be truly respected Yeah, I feel like I m getting real respect.

There are two ways to go.So, please accept my allegiance to you, and I can also hope that you can really guarantee the safety of my family and me Wang Weiyi smiled A smart choice, isn t it I like to cooperate with smart people, not those who go to the end of the dead road.So.Now you are my ally, as my ally, you can get even more than what you want.Do as I tell you He had a new helper.A new loyalist, and a very important pawn.He would deliver the deadliest blow to Gregory.Then, the ending I want to see will appear in front of me in the most appropriate way Is there anything more perfect than this Wang Weiyi carefully explained to Migroski what he should do, and Migroski, who had no choice, agreed to everything.at this time.His fate has been completely linked with Mr.Peter Goff.So.I think I can wish you good luck.

Now, his son Ilya has been resent to the United States, and the oil field must be handed over to Migroski.Although the best cbd gummies with thc Grand Duke doesn t trust anyone except himself and his son, he can still be sure that Migroski eagle hemp cbd gummies tinnitus grownmd cbd gummies amazon has no guts to betray him, because he has everything in Moscow, including her family.They are all under the close monitoring of His Excellency the Grand Duke The mining plan is going very smoothly.Migroski said enthusiastically If possible, I hope that best cbd gummies with thc His Excellency the Grand Duke can go to the site to see it in person.Ah, no need.I m completely relieved to leave it to you.Now Gregory dared not go anywhere except Moscow This is a matter closely related to our interests, Mr.Migroski, I trust you I trust you unconditionally.Everything must be entrusted to you.Oil is our lifeblood, and you must firmly supervise everything Yes, Your Excellency the Grand Duke, but there is one more difficult thing to do.

Petergoff have gathered together.Some of them are willing to serve Mr.Petergoff Baron Alexson, some Some people are forced, but no matter what kind of mentality they have, at least they can see one thing clearly now Gregory is powerless It is also a good choice to change the owner Is it almost the same Wang Weiyi looked at these people coldly and asked coldly.Yes, everything is ready.Khmelitsky replied respectfully Grigory has lost everything to him, and all he is doing now is dying there.I think we can do it.That s it.Where s General Tangeloniv of the 8th Armored Army Wang Weiyi asked.Your Excellency the Baron, he may have been loyal to Gregory before, but the situation has completely changed now.He knows what he should do and how to choose when a sudden change occurs.I can guarantee this.

He didn grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects t know how many times he had diarrhea, and he reluctantly stopped when there was really nothing to excrete in his stomach.At this time, the Grand Duke s face was pale and bloodless, and he looked like a sick ghost who was about to die at first glance.Gregory really wanted to cry aloud, but he didn t dare, because crying would also consume his little physical strength After a lot of hard work, I saw the next goal, which was also my last hope.He struggled to get to the front of the house, his hand reached into his pocket, which was the key, but he hesitated for a moment, then withdrew his hand again, and then best cbd gummies with thc he knocked lightly on the door.He was afraid, he was grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects afraid that when he opened the door, it would bring him another great disappointment After a while, the door opened, and then a voice came to Gregory s ear Father, you come here It s gone.

Swept by a burst of whirlwind, the charge The U.S.infantry group smilz cbd gummies mayim best cbd gummies with thc was completely wiped out.BangRomeo breathed a sigh of relief, and fell into the trench in pain.The previous defeat was a complete nightmare in his eyes, if it wasn t for the Germans With timely fire and artillery coverage strikes, the outer positions may have been in danger of being breached.Romeonotify your rocket artillery hempworx cbd gummies review to move quickly Steinman carefully looked in the direction of the valley with a telescope, while guarding against the snipers.While reminding Romeo in a very serious tone.Steinman knows that after the first wave of offense, it is often more difficult to sustain the second wave of offense.The second wave of attacks is usually more shocking, terrifying, and shocking than the first wave of attacks.But it s more of a surprise.

I repeat, the landing point has been established, do not fire at an infrared marker point seventy yards east of blue 970 Mark the point and fire, over Gormand 40da Pozik looked at the wounded soldier lying on the ground writhing in pain, and frowned.There was one man whose ankle was broken and the foot bent into an unthinkable shape.Some had lost limbs, exposing bloody muscles and blood vessels.One person s ribs were exposed, and the red bones expanded and contracted with the breathing of the lungs.Some people s heads were covered with blood, and several layers of gauze were wrapped around them to no avail.The medics were so busy that they wished they could grow another hand to relieve the pressure.ah The screams cut Pozik s eardrums and made him go crazy.The 42nd Assault Battalion has entered the blue zone The walkie talkie rang again.

We ll send you back, don t worry, your wounds will heal in less than a day.I hope so.Arklet thought to himself.Lieutenant Pozik s quantum walkie talkie suddenly rang, and Captain William s voice came from inside Lieutenant, guard the area two blocks in front of you and one block deep.We have dynathrive cbd gummies set up mines and fortifications in front of your defense zone.The enemy is coming up, good luck Bastard, don t even give us a break Pozik screamed secretly.Corporal Sally looked out from the corner of the window, and then turned around and shouted Two hundred enemies, maybe more, have five heavy armored vehicles They are attacking us in a pincer attack Taylor Quick Help me carry Arklet to the back Lieutenant Pozik shouted.Sally cbd gummies more focus raised the rifle and smashed the window with the barrel.Olison, take your second squad to guard the house over there, watch the left wing Donald, take your cbd gummies las vegas nv fire squad to hold the street Peter, take your first squad to protect the right wing Swipe, grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects Pozik pulled out a sharp The bayonet, click it on the muzzle of the rifle.

The gun was carefully camouflaged, with tattered military field camouflage strips of varying lengths wrapped around it, looking like a dead tree trunk covered with dead vines and leaves.Although ugly, it is one of the most advanced and accurate sniper rifles in the world today.German Hunter 7.62mm semi automatic sniper rifle.Its effective range is 800 meters, and its tactical performance is very superior.It is Eric s favorite.Eric opened the folding stock.The biggest advantage of using this gun best cbd gummies with thc in the jungle is that its butt can be folded, which shortens the length of the gun and makes it much more convenient to carry.The entanglement of the branches is reduced, which also increases one s own flexibility, which also increases the coefficient of survival on the battlefield.After all, no one wants to play with their own lives Eric held the gun in a standard kneeling position, with the hardwood butt resting firmly on his shoulder.

Colonel Heisenberg quickly introduced the situation to the baron We came in with the special convoy of the Lion Fund , due to the special care of the French government., so we were not subject to any interrogation when we entered ParisYour Excellency the Marshal, there will be more German commandos entering Paris in the next few days I m not particularly concerned Wang Weiyi said lightly Colonel Heisenberg.What I m thinking about is whether you can complete the tasks I entrusted to you.Colonel Heisenberg s face looked so His seriousness Your Excellency, the German commandos have never had any missions that cannot be completed.Wang Weiyi smiled Maybe.Colonel, I must warn you that this mission is extremely important, and I will not allow it to be completed.Any mistakes, even if all your commandos are arrested or killed, I also ask you to give me a satisfactory answer It will be my greatest honor to die for you and Germany Colonel Heisenberg said without hesitation when facing the baron.

It can be seen that there is still a fluke in his heart.Wang Weiyi laughed again Actually, he himself is also a revolutionary.A stumbling block on the road to success One thousand and forty seven.On the eve of the uprising, everyone may become a stumbling block on the way forward, even Lantes is no exception.When Wang Weiyi saw Langtes, this former leader of the Yetili Revolutionary Party stood up with a huh as if he saw the biggest savior in his life.Baron, Baron, our affairs have been exposed, please save me.Lantes cried.Ah, Lantes, I think you probably made a mistake.Everything that happened was done by you, and it has nothing to do with me.Wang Weiyi corrected him.Lantes was stunned for a moment, and then said Yes, yes, I did everything, but, Baron, you have to find a way to get me out of here.

Thierry s office, he found that the supervisors of each workshop had already arrived, and they encountered the same situation as himself.Thierry s face was extremely gloomy , He never thought that those damn workers cbd gummies dapper laughs would choose to go on strike today, which caught best cbd gummies with thc him off guard.Pick up the call of Lieutenant Colonel Adams immediately Thierry picked up the phone in a hurry, when After he heard the voice of Lieutenant Colonel Adams, he seemed to see a savior Lieutenant Colonel, those damn workers have started to strike and tried to rush out of the factory.This will not only have a serious impact on the factory, but also on the government.Serious impact, you know those lowly guys can do anything.I ask you to take your people to suppress immediately Mr.President, I don t have to obey your orders.

Unlike the Great Revolution in 1789, with the enthusiasm and blood of the insurgents, they had no possibility of success in the face of the government army with absolute superiority and modern equipment.Unless you can get help from outside forces.And such an external best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies force appeared under circumstances that even they could not imagine.The elite 102nd Armored Shock Regiment of the 51st Panzer Army.Just like the Great Uprising, the mutiny of the 102nd Armored Assault Regiment didn t have any news before, as if it happened best cbd gummies with thc organix cbd gummies all of a sudden.However, no one knows what happened behind this.Wang Weiyi has been quietly watching what happened in Paris and France, and only he knows the whole truth and how these things happened.Now, all he has to do is watch the good show he directed here in a more quiet way.

Billy picked up the phone on the table with trembling hands Mr.Director, your call is from Billy.Nash, who was yawning, came to the phone with his eyes almost closed.Billy s voice came from the other end, but the other party s words made Nash completely awake Nash, I m sick of this.I don t want to live another minute of my life.And, now I can show my real identity.I joined the Resistance grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects early on, along with my friend Law.We know you caught Yes, I hope you can release him immediately, otherwise, we will not be able to guarantee the safety of Alinda and Bella Damn, Nash, how dare you touch them The hairy words Nash was about to continue talking, but the other party s phone had been hung up There was a black car parked at the corner of the street, Mr.Moyol suddenly pointed to the car Madam, do you want to take a ride Ah, no, it s getting late, Bella will be leaving soon.

Wang Weiyi also probably understood the thoughts of these two people.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, you are an American.In this way, our future work and cooperation will best cbd gummies with thc become much more logical.Colonel Jed looked at the documents on the desk intentionally or unintentionally I I don t think you will refuse this kind of cooperation.Wang Weiyi smiled, this time he smiled sincerely Colonel Jed, Lieutenant Colonel Mills.Yes, I am also an American, and I will provide you with selfless All the help you need, you can read every file here, I think there will be a lot of things you are interested in.The eyes of Colonel Jed and Lieutenant Colonel Mills shone brightly.This is the main purpose of their coming here.Since do cbd gummies work better than the drops Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has agreed that they can view these documents at will, what is there to be polite Looking at the two people who put all their minds on those documents.

Really But I I don t think so.Elizabeth II smiled and said, Because I think there is another person who came with me.Maybe he will cheer you up.Then, all the German and British generals saw a A person appeared in front of them the head of the German Empire Adolf Hitler Hi Hitler All the German generals raised their right arms straightly.I m here to witness the beginning of a miracle.This is the opening remarks of the Marshal of the Empire Twenty years ago, we captured Moscow.Most of you have witnessed the birth of that miracle, but not including me.Twenty years later, our country is safe and we will assist our ally Britain to drive out the Americans and all the traitors I am not here to interfere with your command, I am here.Just to see Her Majesty the Queen To see this happen.I am proud of you, my Marshals, my generals.

Wang Weiyi calmly replied I am very glad that you Can go home Prose and his companions burst into best cbd gummies with thc tears at this moment, which they did not even during the most stern interrogation.Glad you are best cbd gummies with thc home.They have been waiting for this sentence for too longand it was Baron Alexon who said it to them Baron, you came to rescue us yourself.Pross still finds it unbelievable God.We have already forgotten, and we all know how difficult it is for a spy to be released, but you actually Come and save us yourself This was the common thought of all the rescued spies.Wang Weiyi just smiled slightly Germany will never best cbd gummies with thc give up on its grownmd cbd gummies amazon 25 mg cbd gummies side effects compatriots Germany will never give up on its own compatriots When these words came from the mouth of Baron Alexon , Tears once again filled the eyes of Pross and his companions Now, these spies are finally safe, they don t have to stay in the dark cells anymore, don t have to worry When will it be secretly executed.

He is a very smart man, and now that he has been arrested, there is no way to get out of here, so why not take a gamble At least I won t lose anything in the current bad situation.Okay, Mr.Bram, I m cbd gummies do they help with sleep willing to tell you everything I know But, I hope you can keep your promise in the future.Olaviecki slowly He said When I came to London this time, in addition to accepting the latent mission, I also received a new mission, Ash Project.I think you can guess something cativa cbd gummies from the code name of this mission.We will explode Destroy some important targets in major British cities including London and Coventry.These include factories and military bases.Of course, this will only be done on the premise that London cannot be defended Wang Weiyi He and Sir Monlington glanced at each other, both of them were surprised Americans are actually going to do such a crazy thing This is what I discussed with Colonel Jed in his office Olawiecki continued The specific steps and goals of the plan were drawn up before I came to LondonColonel Jed has nothing to do but to complete this missionMr.

I order you to stick to your barracks immediately, look for a suitable opportunity to take the initiative, and absolutely not let the guerrilla plot succeed.Jean hung up the phone without letting Bacchus make a decision In fact, he wasn t too worried about the battle situation at Bacchus s place.After all, the enemies were just some guerrillas, but Bacchus commanded an entire division of regular troops.Could it be possible that they would be defeated by the guerrillas What he is worried about is the situation in Southampton as a whole, and there must be no surprises at such a critical juncture.General, the guerrillas have taken over the television station, and now the leader of the English Free Army , Annuo, is giving a speech there.A favorable weapon encouraged the British in Southampton Her Majesty s subjects, the glorious day we have been waiting for has finally arrived Her Majesty s army is launching a fierce attack in Southampton.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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