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Zhou Rujun got up and picked up the medicine bucket and continued can you cut a cbd gummy in half to walk forward.After finishing today s work, she was put into the cell again by the prison guards.He tapped his shoulders lightly, moved his body, and finally carefully checked the objects taken from the boy.Inside the small bamboo tube is wrapped a sharp weapon, the sharp weapon is exquisite with a HCMUSSH can you cut a cbd gummy in half flying thorn, tough and three edged, it is more convenient to kill people with it.He saw that the sharp weapon in her hand was too crude, so he let her take it.At midnight, the prison guards were also drowsy, and it was the quietest moment, and killing people would be the least likely to be noticed now.The figure in the darkness began to move.The woman he was ordered to kill had already fallen asleep in a corner.This kind of housewife is very easy to deal with.I don t know if Miss Gu was unlucky, or he was too lucky today, so no one noticed Miss Gu s movements.He followed Miss Gu and walked up the hillside together, where Miss Gu would die.place.Gu Mingzhu kept walking until sweat broke out on her forehead, and she stopped to rest her feet.She raised her head and looked at the sky.The reason why she chose to climb up the hill is that the other side of the hill is where the golden pagoda and the eminent monk s relics are stored.Since they are using the name of thief to harm people, they must be more careful, and they will definitely go Take some property as a cover, and if you harm her here, you can go another way to steal treasures.You can kill two birds with one stone.Gu Mingzhu held all the flowers she picked in her arms, and slowly leaned towards the platform.Unfortunately, it was convenient for their .

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Gu family to get out in time.The Gu family s house is not as big as the Cui family s, but it s small.It s very convenient to guard, and they are all the servants of the Gu family who come and go.You don t have to be wary of the Cui family s eyeliner.The people Cui Zhen ordered to come also understand.Those who behave properly will only be guarded outside and will not enter the inner house.Another important reason is that it is much easier for her to leave the yard.Seeing her long lost courtyard, Gu can you cut a cbd gummy in half Mingzhu joyfully ran along the corridor with Baotong.Slow down, don t fall.Mrs.Lin couldn t help telling, seeing Zhuzhu so happy, she felt relieved, and can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies after thinking about it for a while, she decided to immediately write a family letter to Lord Hou to let him know about the situation in Taiyuan Mansion.In recent years, there have been constant wars in Dazhou.There were several fires in the palace, and silver was needed everywhere.The imperial court ordered various places to search for ore veins, so there were many quarrymen.Quarrying is dangerous and hard work, so they took the risk and became bandits How can an ordinary bandit be as cruel as a dead man.Someone deliberately used them to act, or for some other reason.In addition, she came to Mrs.Chen s house because during the last consultation, Chen Er vaguely said I have money.At that time, she thought it was just rambling, but now it seems that she may have been careless.Gu Mingzhu took out some medicinal powder from the cbd gummies in ca medicine box and handed it to Mrs.Chen.These medicinal powders could not cure Chen Er s is it better to take cbd gummies or cbd oil illness, but could only give some comfort.Will these quarrymen be interrogated as accomplices of the Pearl Thief if they surface Master Zhang did not reveal that he was canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies the Pearl Thief back then, so who should wear the hat of Pearl Thief It is impossible for the case to go smoothly like this.Some people will not let such a result happen.If you think about it carefully, the biggest variable should be the Wei family.Empress Wei and the noble concubine were incompatible with each 500mg cbd gummies other, and there was a lot of trouble when the crown prince was established.The old can you cut a cbd gummy in half royal history of the two dynasties played that although the eldest prince was the eldest son, he was not a direct descendant.The emperor was also in the heyday of the spring and autumn.For a while, even if the empress cannot give birth to a son, she can still raise her adoptive prince under her body.Why don t you wait until the daytime to let the doctor come Everyone is not together during the day, and we must not disturb the girls rest.There will be a big businessman coming tonight, and the girls have to serve them carefully.Hurry up, so as not to be punished by your mother.Is there a distinguished guest in the Fugui Pavilion Master Ding is botanical farm cbd gummies reviews going to do big business, I hope Mr.Ding will go well, so that everyone will have a reward.Gu Mingzhu found that A Jin was very concerned about the news of this Mr.Ding.Is there a doctor There is no one in my room right now.Come and help me take a look.I have never seen you before.A Jin said that your medicine is good, but do you have Bizi Tang Gu Mingzhu happily took out her The herbs wrapped long ago were handed to the girls.As the night gradually deepened, the boat became more and more bustling, guests began to board the boat, and almost all the herbs in Gu Mingzhu s medicine box were sold out.The surface of this jasper bracelet is smooth and smooth, because of the scent of powder, it can be seen that it is something that Zi Yuan often wears, these small things can help her become Zi Yuan.The girl understood, it turned out that the young master liked it.Many young men like older women.The girl had already drank a lot of wine and talked a lot, she smiled coquettishly with the master beside her for a while, and then came back to whisper.Sister Ziyuan, isn t that one of can you cut a cbd gummy in half yours who is difficult to serve Pretending to be an adult is actually the most difficult thing to deal with.You have to serve him and be his mother at the same time.A mother Gu Mingzhu immediately glanced at Mr.Wei.At this moment, the majesty of the past was lost on the face of Mr.Wei, his eyebrows were stretched, and his eyes were clear.Go in and check the situation.As soon as the Yacha finished speaking, the door was pushed open, and then the curtain was lifted.It s him, said the steward of Ding s family, he is the thief who escaped.The Yacha was about to go up to arrest him, but the man who was called the thief by the steward of Ding s family took two steps aside, and one stood with his back behind him.The figure caught everyone s eyes.A faint voice came When did the guards in my house become thieves Han Yu s heart trembled, and Cui Zhen s expression deepened.I don t know when it started to rain outside, and the rain fell on the boat and made a crackling sound.The people in the room have been standing quietly, as if they have no intention of turning around.Bold, reprimanded a yamen servant, you still don t come forward to salute when you see the magistrate and Lord Dingning.No need, Wei Yuanchen said, can i bring my cbd gummies on a flight bring cold water.The guard responded, and sure enough, several buckets of cold water were brought.The water that just came out of the well was cool, and Wei Yuanchen scooped a spoonful and splashed it on his face.The rabbit fur on his body had basically fallen off during the journey, but the hot itching on his face became more and more serious.After being iced for a while, it seemed to relieve a lot of dryness and make me feel more comfortable.It is still not comfortable to flush down several buckets of water.Bring another bucket.Wei Yuanchen ordered.The guard responded Third Master, use where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies can you cut a cbd gummy in half less, the cold in autumn will hurt your body.Another bucket of water was poured down, and the guard couldn t help shivering when he saw the situation.Wei Yuanchen put on his clothes and came out, just sat down and took a sip of tea, and immediately felt uncomfortable again, this time it seemed to extend from his cheeks to his chest.Investigate the case, if the Pearl Thief is not dead, the people involved in this incident will definitely do something when they find that the Pearl Thief is back.I also bought a shop and named it Elder, just for this I didn t expect my lord to come to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case, and the case progressed very quickly, and pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies my preparations seem to be useless now.When Nie Chen said this, his eyes lit up slightly, as if thinking about his own cleverness Wisdom praised unceasingly If Master Wei thinks my preparation is useful, the identity of the Pearl Thief can still be used, and Master Wei can just take all of these.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows slightly You mean, I Come to be a pearl thief Chapter 48 You come and I go Nie Chen hurriedly shook his head Master Wei is an official, how can he be a bandit Only us ordinary people use such methods, but they are all expedient measures.Gu Mingzhu was still looking at the broken porcelain on the ground.Mrs.Lin patted Gu Mingzhu on the back lightly Zhuzhu is not afraid, it s fine.She wasn t afraid at all, she was just looking at the talismans stuck on the bottom of the porcelain pot, it was strange, if those people were in the capital The purpose of scaring Mrs.Lin is to make Mrs.Lin bring fake Taoist priests into the ancestral grave of the Cui family, and light gunpowder to blame those people.But now this situation has been broken, and Mother Yu has also been arrested.Why are those people still pretending to be ghosts What exactly are they trying to do Gu Mingzhu thought of the geomantic land that Mrs.Zhou mentioned, could it be that she wanted to lure Mrs.Lin to that land Mr.Wei stared at the Cui family, probably because he discovered some problems during the interrogation of those fake Taoist priests, and felt that this matter was endless.Not stable, he actually felt more tired at home than in the army.In the case of Taiyuan Mansion, he missed many opportunities.First, it was the clues sent by the Zhou family, then Nie Chen and Lu Shenzhi.Now that he can see the result clearly, Wei Yuanchen must have expected it can you cut a cbd gummy in half long ago, otherwise he would not Let Lu Shenzhi take a few people around to arrest people.He now suspects that the Zhou family s clues, as well as the Ya Sheng who appeared in the yard, all came from Wei Yuanchen.It seems that it is time for Mrs.Zhang to tidy up the inner house.Come here, Cui Zhen ordered his servants, Let the kitchen make some children s favorite food for Miss Biao.I hope to appease Zhuzhu, after this incident, he has to visit Marquis Huaiyuan, if it wasn t for the Marquis who lost his horse , Who knew that someone in Taiyuan Mansion opened Tieshan privately, and it reached this point.Wei, pointing to The last murderer.Nie Chen continued Other than that, how did the news get out Could it be that there are those people s eyeliners among the people In order not to startle the snake, I have sent someone to send a message to Liu Su, so that Liu Su is in the shop Don t come to see me, let alone an adult, everything will be arranged by the adults.Wei Yuanchen looked at Nie Chen and muttered to himself without saying a word.Nie Chen had a chill down his spine.When Master Wei was silent, he was really scary.The elder said that since those people knew what Lu Guang and others were doing, there might be some spy among them.When you do it, the eyeliner will cause trouble.Mr.Wei has to do it to arrest those people.This case involves a lot, and they can only be pawns.Wei Yuanchen said There are a lot of homeless people in Tieshan, they are murderers without batting an eyelid, I have arranged the manpower to restrain them, and let Lu Guang and others go in when they see my people start to attack.Mrs.Lin frowned slightly.She remembered clearly putting it in the box.How could it be gone Chapter 52 Trouble making The steward s mother took the maid and searched Mrs.Lin s house carefully again.All the valuables were there, except for the HCMUSSH can you cut a cbd gummy in half fish scale book.Ma am, said the mother in charge, or tell the Cui family that you won t go if you feel unwell.Gu Mingzhu yawned at the right time, indicating that she was tired and didn t want her mother to go out.When she came back from Cui s house yesterday, she thought of the fish scale book in her mother s hand.Mrs.Lin Tai of Zhuangzi kept it all the time and waited for her mother to send the fish scale book.For my affection, this one hundred mu of land is worth it.But she couldn t watch her mother buy a fake.This sisterhood cannot be returned or exchanged, and their family s money is not blown by strong winds, it is precious.Even if there were murderers, it didn t matter.Zhuangzi still had servants.She trusted the Cui family s nursing home, and she would definitely be can you cut a cbd gummy in half able to protect them Call all the guards over here, Mrs.Lin said, and search the neighborhood again.If those thieves don t leave, they will be arrested immediately.The steward and Zhuangtou responded in unison and went to work immediately.Mrs.Lin took the silver ingot from the mother in charge and looked at it carefully, then frowned.Clan sister, Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Lin Tai, Zhuangzi is so big, it s not easy to search around, it s better to let all the guards come over and guard this place first.I don t think this is easy.Clan sister, don t be careless.As Madam Lin said, she handed over the silver ingot in her hand Sister Clan took a closer look at the silver ingot.Mrs.Tai is right, Mrs.Wednesday wiped the rain from her face, Let s go Several people continued to run forward, and Zhou Ruzhang held Mrs.Lin s arm again.After taking good care of Mrs.Lin Tai, Marquis Dingning owed her a favor, and he will never be able to talk to her coldly again.Mrs.Tai, there is a dead end ahead, Cui s manager said, Just now Wu Zhuangtou said that there is a small door to get out of Zhuangzi, but I checked and found no door.We have to change the way.After passing the stone archway, there are several small ancestral halls inside, and then there are high courtyard walls inside.It is easy to be surrounded by people when you enter here.Let s go.Madam Lin urged, being trapped here later, it would be really ineffective every day.Mrs.Lin just took a few steps when she found that the guards of the Cui family were confronting several people outside the archway, her heart sank suddenly, it was over, they were trapped here.We walked slowly and fell behind.When we caught up, we couldn t find your mother and the others.You send someone to ask, your mother Have you returned to her Zhuangzi, and then look around, if there is nothenthat sister may still be in this Zhuangzi.Mrs.Lin was still in shock, and she spoke quickly, although there were still many places where Cui Wei didn t understand, but the matter was urgent, Cui Wei didn t care about the cause and effect, and immediately took his entourage to Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi to inquire.Mrs.Lin told Cui Wei You have to be careful of those criminals.There are many of them.I saw seven or eight of them.Maybe they are related to the Ku Yin case seven years ago.Han Yu s face turned serious when he heard these words, He raised his head and looked at Cui Wei.Cui Wei said can you cut a cbd gummy in half My lord this matter is no small matter.Just now the murderers rushed forward regardless of life and death, and suppressed the Cui family s guards.One of the murderers took the opportunity to rush in and grabbed Mrs.Lin Tai as a threat, completely restricting the Cui family s guards.Mrs.Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but in the end they couldn t muster up the courage, for fear of offending the murderer and hurting their 2022 best cbd gummies lives.The murderer looked at the quail like female relatives and nodded in satisfaction, then he signaled to his companion, who pushed Yan Hao over.Remember what Mr.Jiang said, the assailant threatened in a low voice, otherwise Ziyuan will die.Yan Hao didn t struggle, apparently resigned to his fate.In the current situation, no one would believe that Yan Hao is innocent.They will act according to Mr.After those thugs realized that something was wrong, they immediately came to kill him.Apparently this was Mr.Jiang s order in advance, as long as he made any abnormal movements, they would kill him Death, so that there will be no proof, this case is still unclear.He had to live, and the purpose of living was to tell everything, and then he would die with peace of mind.While Yan Hao was panting, he didn t notice that a clerk quietly walked around behind him, and neatly sent out the steel knife in his hand.Seeing that Yan Hao couldn copd eagle cbd gummies t dodge it in time, a sword blocked the steel knife in time.Yan Hao raised his head and saw Master Wei.This yamen servant came to kill him, so he was right in guessing that the person behind Mr.Jiang was in the yamen of Taiyuan government.Without the protection of the government office, Mr.Seeing the light, the dazzling light made them shed tears, but they did not feel pain.They still laughed and shed tears of joy.Now they came here and asked the court to give them justice.Lu Shenzhi lifted his robe and knelt down I beg the imperial envoy to be the master for these people.The people behind him also knelt down one after another I beg the imperial envoy to be the master for us.The voice was not loud, but it seemed to be able to shake the sky.You re right, Wei Yuanchen looked at Han Yu, I want to set up a private court in front of these people.This is what the court owes them and Da Zhou owes them.In order to get a result, you Do you think I will act like your family members It s a pity that you are about to be poisoned to death, but after you die, I will take out the answers I want from them.Wei came to Shanxi because of his father s case, could it be that the Ministry of Criminal Justice and Dali Temple found out the clues to the War Horse case Or maybe the Wei family found out something by themselves.Sure enough, it is better to be an official, with better eyes and ears, and with such a noble family as the Wei family, there are a lot of eyeliner under his subordinates, which will make things more convenient.Unfortunately, she can t get such an identity, and she can t put it can you cut a cbd gummy in half on her body.In the final analysis, these are just speculations, the best way is to take a look at the note Mr.Wei put on his waist, thinking like this, Gu Mingzhu s fingers couldn t help moving the bell faster.The room was quiet for a moment, Mrs.Lin looked at Master Wei who was drinking tea, Master Wei seemed to have finished speaking, but why didn t he intend to leave Could it be that she didn t say something carefully enough Mrs.Who knew that she would meet Mrs.Wei, and now something happened She had to think carefully can you cut a cbd gummy in half about what to do.I hope my mother will not be too angry.Mrs.Lin glanced at Wei Yuanchen who was on the bed, her clothes were disheveled just now, but luckily the attendants around her had a wink and immediately covered her with the quilt, otherwise it would be really hard to see.Chu Jiu pinched the corner of his clothes, not knowing what to do, and wanted to shake the third master awake, but now the third master is really useless.Mrs.Lin told Chu Jiu Follow me outside, I have something to ask you.Chu Jiu immediately responded, and before leaving, he looked at the third master on the bed again, not sure if it was his illusion, the third master was like After taking some elixir, the whole person is much better than before.Lin didn t speak, Lin Runsheng was weak The voice came That is a good western war horse, it can be used as a stallion.I want to take a closer look.The western war horse is very rare.Zhao Gongren stroked Lin Runsheng s hair distressingly, it is worth you to take a closer look.That s an excellent stallion, with bright coat and mighty physique, not even as good as his father s war horse, Lin Runsheng said in a low voice, It s just four or five years old, and it hasn t been castrated yet.If it can be bred Zhao Gongren said with a straight face, Nonsense, your father is a war horse bestowed by the emperor.Lin Runsheng resisted the pain It should also be bestowed by the emperor.Such a good breed of horse is not available to ordinary people.Don t let my mother be killed.As long as you can borrow it and use it, it will be fine.She has always held grudges in her heart, and will gossip behind her back when she gets a chance.Cui Zhen heard this.Standing up Aunt doesn t even ask how does she know what the steward mother said to me Zhao Gongren was at a loss for words for a moment, her expression was a little unnatural, she gave Zhao mother a fierce look I don t need to ask to know that she can t say anything Good words.Cui Zhen ordered his servants Pour a cup of tea for my aunt, I have something to ask my aunt.The servants responded.Zhao Gongren sat down on the chair very reluctantly.Cui Zhen didn t go around in circles Auntie came to Taiyuan Mansion for Master Zhao Er Of course not, can you drink alcohol after taking cbd gummies Zhao Gongren retorted, I heard that elder sister is coming to Taiyuan Mansion, so I brought my two children to visit, you know It is quite inconvenient to travel long distances from Shaanxi to central Beijing, so it is best to meet in Shanxi.My lord, Nie Chen said to Wei Yuanchen, I ll go and see if there is a lock that matches this key.Wei Yuanchen said Yes.Nie Chen walked out quickly, and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed Nie Chen closely.Wei Yuanchen raised her eyebrows as she watched the two figures leave together.Her temperament seemed very weak, and she was very dependent on Nie Chen.If he asked, Nie Chen would definitely say that he had some relationship with her, and that she also had some canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies opinions on detective matters, otherwise Nie Chen wouldn t bring her with him.Wei Yuanchen s eyes turned slightly, wondering if Nie Chen knew all the ins and outs, or was she also deceived Thinking about what Nie Chen did before, it is probably the former.Third Lord, Chu Jiu whispered, That where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies can you cut a cbd gummy in half s a woman.Wei Yuanchen didn t respond, of course he knew it was a woman.Zhao Er.Cui Zhen went out and took the whip from the servant, and walked straight out, when Cui Wei just got the news and came to meet him.While straightening his belt, Cui Wei said, My aunt had an accident just after she arrived at the Zhao family in Taiyuan Prefecture.What happened Brother sent someone to find Mr.Zhao Er again.Is there any inside story Cui Zhen stopped Looking at Cui Wei You have been to Suzhou Wei in the past few years.How is the cavalry under uncle compared with our troops in Xuanfu Learn how to train troops there, uncle s cavalry is indeed strong, but ours is not bad.Cui Zhen said Can our cavalry be one against five Cui Wei shook his head The Tatars are good at riding, and they are good at riding.We make a living as nomads, our soldiers are powerful, can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies but they can t be like this After Cui Wei said this, he looked at Cui Zhen s expression Brother, what happened to the Zhao family now, what do you ask uncle to do It s all right.Whenever something important happened, he would see his father s eyes.When he went to war, inherited the title, moved into a new mansion, got married, and even did those things, those eyes would suddenly appear in his mind , let him have a deep sense of guilt.Only when he was running around for the Cui clan, guarding the frontier, and fighting to the death, can you cut a cbd gummy in half could he feel at ease.He forgave his mother not because he wanted to be rich, but for the Cui family and the Cui clan.Cui Zhen sat like this, and it took some time before he came back to his senses.Where s Madam Cui Zhen stood up and asked the mother in charge at the door.In the main house, said the mother in charge, Madam has visited Lord Hou a few times, Master Hou sat there thinking about something, Madam didn t want to disturb him, but told him to report when Master Hou came out.The Wei family is only the mother s family of the empress, how dare he discuss life and death with the prince of the Great Zhou Such words are obviously framed for no reason, but some people will believe them.Cui Zhen who was on the side couldn t help raising his eyes when he heard this.Wei Yuanchen used this incident to prove himself, but the crown prince couldn t can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies refute it.He had to say that Wei Yuanchen was superior.To be an enemy of someone like Wei Yuanchen, he must find out as soon as possible where Wei Yuanchen s hostility towards him comes from.He believed that he can you cut a cbd gummy in half acted fairly in pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies the court and never harmed anyone.The matter between him and the Wei family was probably a misunderstanding.Wei Yuanchen bowed can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies to the prince I have absolutely no intention of selfishness in the investigation of the case, and I hope the prince will learn from it.Tai reached out and picked up the tea bowl and threw it on the ground.With a snap , the teacup fell to pieces.I misunderstood your elder brother Mrs.Lin Tai sneered, He is exactly like your father.Back then, your father almost went to the border with the commander of the Taiyuan Guards.Your father stayed behind, which saved your father from becoming a rebel with those people.After that, your father will have to avenge those rebels, and really let him do this, let alone Ding Ninghou Sir, I m afraid your brother s life will be lost.Your uncle s kindness is so great, he .

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didn t take it seriously, and even interrogated your aunt with outsiders.No wonder your aunt used the Shanyin incident to restrain him.I think he is Be deceived by lard, let people fool you around, it will only harm your family.The mother and daughter were lying on the couch.Mrs.Lin was leaning on the guide pillow to read, she felt that Zhuzhu s eyes were on what is the best cbd gummie for all day use the book in her hand.What is Zhuzhu looking at Mrs.Lin asked in a low voice.Gu Mingzhu pointed pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies to Mrs.Lin s hand.Mrs.Lin tentatively passed the book over Zhuzhu wants to read Gu Mingzhu pointed to the words on the book.Mrs.Lin was overjoyed Zhuzhu wants to learn how to read Interested in these things, it seems that Zhuzhu s illness is getting better little by little.Then mother will read it to you, okay Mrs.Lin took her daughter s hand.Gu Mingzhu nodded seriously, and slowly got better like this, and gradually her mother was able to accept canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies the improvement of her condition.If she wasn t afraid that her mother would worry too much, she would be willing to be a silly lady for the rest of her life.At that time, my mother was smiling and doing needlework.What a happy scene, the husband and wife are harmonious, the father is kind and the son is filial.When the father was buried, the mother wore the same jade hairpin on the father s head.You can t believe the woman s words, those so called deep can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies love between husband and wife are all fake, and he has seen canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies through it since then.Afterwards, he also became a relative, and he had beautiful wives and concubines by his side, but just by looking at them, he knew where their smiles came from and what they wanted to get from him.Cui Zhen heard footsteps at the door, he raised his head and saw Wei Yuanchen.Master Wei.Cui Zhen walked over.Wei Yuanchen saw that Cui Zhen, who had always been calm on weekdays, looked a little out of order, his eyes were red, and he was trying his best to restrain his emotions.Mrs.Lin nodded Be careful, no matter what happens, stay by Zhuzhu s side.Baotong responded.Gu Mingzhu got into the carriage with Mrs.Lin, and went to Dongdaxiang with Zhao Gongren.Gu Mingzhu glanced can you cut a cbd gummy in half at her mother with a serious face.It seems that her mother also guessed that Cui Zhen did it on purpose.Although Cui Zhen speculated that there was something wrong with Lin Temple, she still had to look for evidence carefully.Zhao Gongren obviously knew some facts, but still It s fine if you don t want to say it, you need to find a time can you cut a cbd gummy in half for Zhao Gongren to tell the whole story.Miss.Baotong called out, signaling Gu Mingzhu to look out of the carriage.Not far away, there was a man sneaking behind the Gu family s carriage.Gu Mingzhu took a look and immediately recognized that it was the servant next to Mrs.The female official nodded Your servant understands, maybe our palace gate will be opened because of this Although the palace gate was open, the empress was not allowed to go out, this was known to everyone.Empress Wei glanced at the female officer complainingly In the future, you are not allowed to say such things again.Do you know how much hard work they have to spend because of your words I am fine here, and there is no need for them to bleed for me.Said It s the servant who made a slip of the tongue.The servant just feels sorry for the mother.I don t feel hurt, I m fine.Empress Wei picked up the brush and began to carefully copy the Buddhist scriptures.In the empty study room, most of the books on the shelves are missing.The rest of the books are related to women s virtues.The emperor is so wary of the empress.Zhou Zesheng nodded, Wei Sanye wanted them to hide in the dark, in case In case, so many soldiers and horses are mobilized, and the border guards are involved, the situation is changing rapidly, and I don t know what will go wrong.The two separated after they finished talking, and Wei Yuanchen took Chu Jiu back to the motorcade first, so as not to be found by Zhou Zesheng Cui Zhen also came out of the woods, and met Cui Wei who was chasing him on the official road.Cui Wei was looking around, and immediately raised his head when he heard the sound of horseshoes.Cui Weize immediately stepped forward and said, Brother, I finally found you.Cui Zhen s face was dark and he didn t speak.Cui Wei s expression of concern was palpable Did Wei Yuanchen embarrass elder brother Cui can you cut a cbd gummy in half Zhen said coldly I didn t ask you to stay with mother all the time, why did you come here Cui Wei cbd gummy instagram immediately said Listen to what the guard said Eldest brother follows Wei Yuanchen alone to explore the road, I m afraid elder brother will suffer.Princess Huairou can you cut a cbd gummy in half glanced at Mrs.Lin gratefully.At such a time, having someone around to discuss ideas is like sending charcoal in a timely manner.Mrs.Lin saw that Princess Huairou was can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies holding the handkerchief tightly, she looked a little flustered, and immediately handed over the prepared heater Princess, don t worry.The heater was brought by Mrs.Lin for where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies can you cut a cbd gummy in half Zhuzhu, but at this moment, the princess was obviously more anxious.need.The small heater fell into the palm of her hand, and Princess Huairou felt very comfortable.Although she had not had much contact with Mrs.Lin before, she felt a kind of closeness at this time.Perhaps it is the most able to see a person s temperament in times of crisis.Lin Madam is really gentle and calm.I hope to have the opportunity to communicate with Madam Lin often in the future.A stone in her heart was put down.Fell asleep.Everyone seemed to be sleeping peacefully On the official road from the capital to Taiyuan, there are still people traveling with stars and moons.It was Marquis Huaiyuan.The can you cut a cbd gummy in half continuous rush made the horse under the crotch breathe heavily, and the four hooves of the galloping became slower and slower.Master Hou, take a break The guard rushed forward and said, The horse will not where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies can you cut a cbd gummy in half be able to support it if you go on like this.Huaiyuanhou had to rein in the horse, and he hadn t traveled like this for many years, and the pain between his legs was sharp., but he had to be anxious, after receiving the news from Jingzhong, he knew that the previous plan was wrong, and his wife and Zhuzhu failed to leave Taiyuan Mansion for Shaanxi.He really didn t expect the case to be investigated so quickly.If he hadn t been suspicious of Wei Sanye s behavior, and Wei Sanye and Chu Jiu reminded him many times, he would not have noticed this.The girl Wei Sanye had his eyes on was really unusual, perhaps not as good as Juncha.The carriages and horses of Mrs.Lin and the female family members of the Zhou family have not come.Zhou Zesheng was thinking about it, and the guard stepped forward to report.Zhou Zesheng frowned and looked over, but sure enough, the two carriages were not behind.The guard went on to say I heard that Mrs.Lin s carriage still has the real family members of the Lin Temple.Zhou Zesheng sneered, What tricks are you playing again Leave them alone, protect the Gu family s carriage and move on Mother, What are you going to do Cui Wei chased Mrs.Lin s carriage.Mrs.Lin Tai pointed the hairpin at her throat, surrounded by Zhao Gongren who was picked up by Cui Wei, and the carriage drove westward all the way.If Liu Su still refuses to tell, don t blame him for being cruel.He has worn shoes and socks for several days and there is no time to wash them.If he throws them away, Liu Su will not be able to eat them for three days.Dinner Mrs.Lin told her servants to take care of Mrs.Cui Si, and then she came out of the house, just in time to see the guards of the Wei family.Zhou Zesheng stepped forward Madam, do can you cut a cbd gummy in half you have an order Madam Lin was taken aback.She didn t ask Zhou Zesheng to come, but since he came, she really had something to do Can we stay here If you invite Master Lu and the others to come together Come on, can you resist the rebels Zhou Zesheng nodded You can try.Mrs.Lin has an idea in her heart, since Lord Wei s guard said so, she is somewhat sure that human life is more important than anything else, Lord Lu Help them stop the rebels, they can escape here, how can they abandon Master Lu and them.Shen will relax his vigilance.Yes, Liu Su said, that Mr.Shen secretly sent letters to the capital, and Nie Chen asked the people to follow them all the way to see where those letters will be sent.Follow those letters to find Mr.Shen s accomplices , Wei Yuanchen put down the teacup in her hand, she was really thoughtful, and she would not miss any details.After Liu Su finished speaking, Chu Jiu entered the door and told Cheng Yuma and Huaiyuan Hou invite the third master to come over. Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked out.As soon as he walked out of the courtyard, he saw Cheng Yi, the son in law of Princess Huairou, who came to greet him.Cheng Yi saluted Wei Yuanchen.Cheng Yi said Thanks to the help of Mr.Wei, the princess and my mother are cbd gummies charlotte nc can you cut a cbd gummy in half safe and sound.Wei Yuanchen helped Cheng Yi up You don t have to do this, my son in law.When Wei Yuanchen left, Princess Huairou couldn t help but let out a long sigh, she was really useless, she wanted to help the Wei family and the empress, but couldn t think of a good way Gu Chongyi let Wei Yuanchen sit down at the banquet, and began to think about the twists and turns after this case.Lin Sizhen was beheaded by Cui Zhen, and the crown prince was also sent to the capital.It s time for them to return to the capital.Regardless of the fact that this place is becoming more and more stable now, the capital is bound to be in chaos.The Lin Temple is really in chaos, and the Tatars attacked the northern border pass.The crown prince has an unshirkable responsibility.What s more, the dignified prince was almost taken to the Tatars.After this incident, it is impossible for the crown prince to be the crown prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty again.In the dream, Rujun pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies s face suddenly turned into Gu Mingzhu.Rujun, didn t she can you cut a cbd gummy in half leave Wei Yuanchen only felt that his heart was pulled a bit, he was both happy and afraid, what was afraid was that everything was delusional, and everything would be nothing in the end.Thinking like this, Qi and blood surged, mixed with sorrow and joy, but his chest seemed to be blocked by a stone, and he felt pain even while breathing, and with a little force, the big stone that had been pressing on his chest for a long time was finally pried away, and the fishy and sweet smell burst out suddenly.On the throat.Mu Qiu just stepped forward to support Wei Yuanchen s arm, and was about to help Wei Yuanchen off the ground, but felt Wei Yuanchen s body tremble.Wei Yuanchen lowered his head and spat out a mouthful of blood, and fell limply to the ground.Yuan is now the head wife of the Cheng family.The Yuan family asked us to insult us.We also asked about the details of Mr.Zhao s time, and asked us if we had left traces on Mr.Zhao s body.Only with these evidences can the Cheng family be persuaded to take the money, and we said everything.Cheng Yi restrained his anger and waited for Mr.Su to question his father.It was the Cheng family and the Yuan family who were panicking now.Su Fu looked at the Yacha Bring people up.Several people were escorted to the hall.Su Fu said Can you recognize that boy from among them Hou Yong had lied before, but now he is eager to make a pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies contribution, and immediately pointed out the boy of Yuan s family It is he who is right, although I didn t hear it that day.He talked to the Tatars, but later he asked us questions instead of the Yuan family.Chu Jiu looked at the serious expression of the third master, and immediately said Our manor The reception banquet here is better than theirs.Compassionate for the people around him, the third master is not inferior to Miss Gu.Chu Jiu continued Nie Chen and Liu Su were afraid that our guards would go to the banquet, and even made excuses not to keep us, as if they could come to our banquet.The more Chu Jiu said, the more indignant he was How kind the third master is to them, all of them seem to can you cut a cbd gummy in half have no conscience, and they still work for the Cui family in Taiyuan Mansion.Could it be that in their hearts, the third master is not as good as the Cui family They can t drive us away here, and they can t go there Have you gone to the Cui family With a snap , Wei Yuanchen threw the teacup over and said, Pour tea.After exhausting all his strength, the prince fell on the soft couch.What a waste.The prince seemed to hear someone whispering can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies in his ear in a daze.What a waste, where did the ability to bully me when I was young I thought I could use you for a while, but I didn t expect you to be so miserable.After a while, I should let you die.Give me another ride.Chapter 232 The honored guest The prince suddenly opened his eyes, but there was no one in the room.It was already dawn, and the sun shone in through the window, but the bright sunlight could not illuminate the shadow in the prince s cbd gummies superdrug heart, and the prince looked around in fear.What about people Where did people go The prince was about to shout.My lord, the Third Prince is here to see you.A steward s voice came from outside.It was him, the prince s eyes widened, it must be him, he sneaked in and said those words.Mrs.Lin smiled and said It s okay, Zhuzhu is naughty.Take it off first, and wear the silver bracelet when you don t wear the jade bracelet.Mrs.Zhang nodded, and her eyes fell on Mrs.Lin s stomach again I haven t seen my aunt for a few days, and my stomach is getting bigger.Mrs.Lin said Xu Shi has been free, and this belly grows very fast, and Granny Wen came over and said, let me go to the garden often, and I will not be able to give birth in the future if I am too big.It will definitely go smoothly, Zhang said, Auntie You are a lucky person.Thinking that Mrs.Zhang didn t have a son and a half daughter yet, Mrs.Lin comforted her, I think you look good too.Brother Zhen won the battle this time, so you can come back and rest for cbd gummies charlotte nc can you cut a cbd gummy in half a while, when the time comes If you get along well, you will definitely have children.Move a seat to Mr.Cheng, Wei Yuanchen said, Let the Mr.Cheng guard here, and you can feel at ease.Mr.Cheng frowned.Wei Yuanchen is trying to detain him Thinking of cbd gummies charlotte nc can you cut a cbd gummy in half this, he raised his head and looked around.The servants serving Yuan Shi were all standing in the courtyard, waiting for the government s interrogation.Mr.Cheng calm cbd gummy was thinking about finding an excuse to escape when his shoulders suddenly sank and he was pressed down on the chair.superior.Mr.Cheng wanted to yell loudly, but he saw Wei Yuanchen suddenly turned his head I am handling the case, if someone dares to make noise for no reason, he will be charged with contempt of the court.Mr.Cheng s palms were covered with cold sweat, and he turned to look at Cheng.The next day, veins popped out on his forehead, and after tonight, he would report to the emperor tomorrow morning, Wei where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies can you cut a cbd gummy in half Yuanchen acted recklessly and detained him privately, asking the emperor to make decisions for him and the Cheng family in the house.However, the evidence was solid.The imperial court held the documents between General Zhao and the Tatars, and the old general was dead.This became an iron case.Until the Shanxi mutiny case was uncovered again, thinking about the situation of those soldiers who swore to defend the city in Yulin, he was full of emotion.The general is innocent.When my father was alive, the old general mentioned Lord Hou to my father, Wei Yuanchen said, The old general said that among the nobles, can you cut a cbd gummy in half the Marquis of Huaiyuan can be entrusted with a heavy responsibility.It is because of the old Hou who broke his heart, but he has a heart.Dazhou Sheji is different from those who are dedicated to camping.This is what his grandmother told him this time, so it can be seen that General Zhao and Gu Hou have a private relationship, and tonight Gu Hou came to can you cut a cbd gummy in half the government office to ask about the Cheng family.How can they bear to let the canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies warriors be wronged for their own self interest And this will make the soldiers on the frontier cold.heart.Fighting on the battlefield relies on flesh and blood, so what kind of poor family and aristocratic family are there Is it wrong that Old General Zhao came from a family of famous generals This is also the reason why Su Fu is determined to investigate the case honestly, he will not favor any side.Xue Laotong nodded again and again, he was not mistaken, Mr.Su is indeed a good official who cares about the people and the society.Su Fu said The Cheng family s case will be further investigated, and the involvement will be deeper, and Shuntian Mansion can t reach out.Now we have to deal with what we can do.Xue Laotong recalled the paper in his hand and handed it to Su Fu Your Excellency is right, taking this opportunity, maybe we can do something we should do., called Zhou Zecheng.When I saw his body, I thought he was a woman, but it doesn t matter if it s a white label cbd gummy bears man or a woman, being too beautiful is not a good thing.Chapter 270 Waiting for Qiao Zheng to pick up a cup of cbd gummies charlotte nc can you cut a cbd gummy in half tea and hand it to Qiao Song, Qiao Song took a sip from the bowl , the sun fell on Qiao Song, the canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies robe on his body was clean and tidy, and his smile was natural and gentle.Only the half scar on his wrist was incompatible with his whole personality, but Qiao Song didn t care, and still enjoyed the scenery in front of him.A breeze blew through his long sleeves, making him look at ease.Uncle, Qiao Zheng said, After Wei Yuanchen came down pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies to court, he interrogated Mr.Cheng alone.Mr.Cheng kept complaining, saying that Yuan was not killed by him.What should we do next Go to interrogate Mr.Yuan Chen, those people are nothing to worry about.Qiao Song tidied up the cuffs that were blown HCMUSSH can you cut a cbd gummy in half by the wind, and covered up the long scar, not far away there was a graceful flower tree, like a charming woman.Is there any news about her Qiao Song asked.Qiao Zheng shook his head No.After saying this, Qiao Zheng hesitated to speak, but finally said Uncle, maybe the Tang family is dead, and there has been no news for more than five pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies years.At that time, Mrs.Rong was killed by the Tang family.She didn t show up either, Lady Rong is the most capable person under the Tang corps, if Tang corps still has the strength to spare, she will never sit idly by.Qiao can you cut a cbd gummy in half Song looked at the clouds in the distance I saw her in Shanxi two years ago.Although I only had a quick glimpse, I could not mistake her.She is still alive.When he swung his arm, a sharp pain came from his lower dantian.Seeing Mr.Wei getting closer and closer, Gu Mingzhu s mind was confused and unreasonable, but her body was extremely honest.She subconsciously responded to the imminent danger.She decisively pulled Mr.Wei s arm off, and found the The silver needle was still there, and immediately moved a little deeper, hoping to wake up Master Wei, and she also took this opportunity to escape.If the calculation is good, everything will go smoothly, Master Wei also lost some of his alcohol, and she was able to get away, but after being drunk, Master Wei is still agile.The moment she just squatted down, long arms struck her again.Although she didn t know much about boxing, she knew how to deal with villains.She has long been familiar with the movements that should be done in an emergency, such as dodging, bending the elbow, and sending it forward.If he finds any clues, he will come back and report.Wei Yuanchen said Don t startle the snake.Therefore, it would not be worth the loss if the Yuan family and the soldiers and horses of the five cities were alarmed.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he walked towards Gu Mingzhu.After a short rest, Master Wei seemed to have returned to his original state, except that the collar of the shirt hadn t been tidied up, there was nothing strange about it.Wei Yuanchen said Going to Taiqingguan these few days Gu Mingzhu nodded Go with the grandmother.Wei Yuanchen nodded Be careful.Gu Mingzhu replied Got it.Said After saying this, Gu Mingzhu found that Master Wei did not make a sound anymore, she raised her can you cut a cbd gummy in half head, just in time to meet Master Wei s gaze, and Master Wei s eyes regained their deepness.I gold harvest cbd gummies wholesale didn t expect that Wei Sanye made a fierce move, and Cui Wei was not an opponent.It s a lottery.Wei Yuanchen killed Cui Wei s guards and tried to kill Cui Zhen and Cui Wei, could it be because of Zhou Rujun If it s just because 4 1 cbd gummies of kindness, why would you call her like that Looking at the moonlight, Gu Mingzhu tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep no matter what Yuan Zhixing has been waiting for cbd oil watermelon gummies news in the study.When Shuntian Mansion s yamen went to the North City, someone came to report to him.The five city soldiers and horses were always in charge of the city gate.Why did Shuntian Mansion suddenly intervene Did Shuntian Mansion find anything Master, the steward came in and reported, Shuntian Mansion captured a few thieves and left Beicheng, and did not go anywhere else.Yuan Zhixing heaved a sigh of relief Tomorrow, go to the rice shop and tell Uncle the Lu family to let them leave In the capital, Mr.During the day, she paid attention to the disciples around Sun Zhenren.This Xuanwei was the most can you cut a cbd gummy in half pious when he recited the Daoist scriptures.It was only then that Xuanwei took away the dullness from the statue.Zhu Shi also kowtowed again and again, since there is fear in his heart, as long as he uses it a little bit, he can get things done.Gu Mingzhu was so happy that she couldn t help but picked up the purse on her waist, took out the candied fruit and put it in her mouth.With a candied fruit in her mouth, she remembered that Master Wei was still by her side.It is rare that Lord Wei not only agrees with her idea, but also colludes with her.If someone cooperates with her in dressing up, it will naturally get twice the result with half the effort.Gu Mingzhu wanted to share a piece of candied fruit with Master Wei, but when she squeezed her purse, the candied fruit was gone.So canada cbd gummies the fairy medicine is Something more precious than Tamba wild rice, Taoist nuns can take Tamba wild rice anywhere when they walk around, and those elixir medicines are only in the hands of Sun Zhenren.Wei miracle nutritional organic gummies cbd Yuanchen continued Aside from the dry compass, what else have you done these years Bai Jingkun raised his head They are all small things.Iare not as where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies can you cut a cbd gummy in half dexterous as Ah Chan, I Bai Jingkun listened before he finished speaking.Lord Wei asked again Have you ever made an eight spring lock Bai Jingkun seemed to have thought of something, and opened his mouth I no I may have done it, I don t remember.He said calmly Eyes down.Wei Yuanchen said traveling internationally with cbd gummies I checked the records of the Qin Tianjian.The Bai family is best at making these machines and other things.After the Bai official is gone, can the Bai family have any ancestral craftsmanship Besides you Who knows this Have you ever taught others Bai Jingkun swallowed again, with sweat on his forehead, but he still shook his head firmly No, I haven t told anyone that growmax cbd gummies trial this is an ancestral craft of the Bai family.Did the third master also read the storybook She actually knew how to climb over the wall and enter the house Gu Mingzhu looked at the box on the table, she knew it was a shadow play.Mrs.Lin smiled and said to the Cui family Brother Zhen came back from the northern border, and was thinking of buying cbd gummies charlotte nc can you cut a cbd gummy in half these as gifts for Zhuzhu.When a family s car and horse broke down, Master Hou ordered us to help.The old man in that family is a craftsman of shadow play, so he bought these from them.Mrs.Lin said Brother Zhen has a heart.Cui The housekeeper saluted I learned a little from that craftsman, and I know how to animate these shadows.If Missy wants to see it, I can fiddle with it.Gu Mingzhu nodded and looked at Mrs.Lin with joy Let Brother Xiang come too.Mrs.Lin smiled and said Go and pick up Brother Xiang, just say I called him.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be burned by the small shadow in Wei Yuanchen s eyes, put the plate in his hand on the low table, turned around and sat back on the chair.Wei Yuanchen also sat down, wiped his hands with purekana cbd gummies side effects a towel, and picked up a piece of sweet scented osmanthus cake.Gu Mingzhu picked up the cup and sipped tea.For the first time, she felt that Mr.Wei s food was delicious, as if the sweet scented osmanthus cake cbd gummies wholesale uk was delicious.She regretted that she didn t keep a piece when she gave it away.Gu Mingzhu swallowed her saliva before saying My lord said that he discovered the relationship between Guozijian Jijiu and Yan Shen Wei Yuanchen finished eating the sweet scented osmanthus cake in his hand before saying Guozijian Jijiu once wanted to marry his sister Yan Shen.Gu Mingzhu was startled when he heard this How does your lord know Wei Yuanchen said The Guozijian mentioned it when he was chatting with the master of the Zhang family, but it is a pity that Yan Shen lost his arms after leaving Beijing and ruined his future.Zhuzhu held the towel in her hand and helped Mo Zhenren to bandage the patient s wound.Although it was slower than the medical workers in the army, but the wrap was very smooth, but this was already very good, not to mention ordinary women, even if they were Those students in Tai Hospital may not all be able to beat Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu really surprised him.Master Hou, Lord Dingning.The steward of Anjiyuan shouted twice before Cui Zhen came back to his senses.The steward of the Anjiyuan said The official document issued by the imperial court can you cut a cbd gummy in half has arrived.Take a look, there is a lot of money allocated this time, and Mr.Tan also asked people to prepare a lot of food.When the wounded soldiers arrive at the Anjiyuan in various places, they will inevitably die.Don t worry about being properly settled Lord Tan has thought of many things ahead, and it has indeed saved them a lot of troubles for the soldiers who lead the troops, but Master Tan didn t notice the case of the war horse at all It s still because the East Palace and the Concubine Party dare not touch it.However, if we secretly meet in the house, it would be nice to have water, and we can t order people to bring tea to serve Mr.Wei with great fanfare.Gu Mingzhu said Let Baotong go to the kitchen to get some hot water later, and then give Mr.Wei a good drink.Make a pot of pineapple tea.Wei Yuanchen opened the lid of the tea bowl and took a look, and there were two dried flowers floating in the cold water, the petals were wrinkled and unable to unfold, looking pitiful.Wei Yuanchen raised his slender eyes Do you want me to wash these two flowers for you Then he drank the washing water again.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, and said sincerely I picked this flower myself, and I got such a small bottle in total.I am not willing to drink it on weekdays.Can t remember either.Looking at her calm expression, he knew that she was coaxing him, and he was not willing to drink such a thing, even if it was picked from the sky, no one would like to taste it.After hearing this, Princess Huai finally relaxed Tone It s fine.King Huai changed his clothes and was about to go to the study to read.Concubine Huai subconsciously said, Are you going to read those sutras are cbd gummies sold over the counter again The doctor brought the students here, and they want to see the little gadgets that the king made a few days ago.Princess Huai said You don t plan any more pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies King Huai said I just discussed with Shen Shangshu, The vice capital censor will return to Beijing in a few days, and it is not appropriate to act rashly right now.Princess Huai can t say anything more, she also hopes that the vice capital censor Shen Tonghuai will return to Beijing earlier, it s not that she doesn t trust the Minister of Rites, Shen Guicheng, compared to him justcbd sugar free cbd gummies The second uncle s temper can you cut a cbd gummy in half is a bit dull, and the prince always listens to him, so it is inevitable that he is too bookish.Before Tan Zigeng could speak, the old man next to him said loudly to Wei Yuanchen The people in Zhuangziare deadall dead.Hearing this, Tan Zigeng immediately realized what happened, and he immediately defended I don t know what happened on Zhuangzi.I just came to Zhuangzi and was about to check the situation on Zhuangzi.Who knowssomeone rushed out to kill me.I accidentally injured them in order to protect myself Wei Yuanchen looked into the village, the fire was getting bigger and bigger, Zhang Tong invited the surrounding farmers to put out the fire, but even if the fire was extinguished, everything in the house would be burned.This fire has nothing to do with me, Tan Zigeng said eagerly, I don t know It doesn t count if I say anything about it, and it doesn t count if Tan Zongqi says it.Lord Wei, he Before Tan Zigeng finished speaking, he was interrupted by an excited voice It was him, everyone in the village was killed byhe The injured The man fixed his eyes on Tan Zigeng, his face was full of anger and fear.Tan Zigeng froze there.Chapter 343 The person I want to find Tan Zigeng still wants to speak up to defend himself, but the Wei family has already carried that person down.Lord Wei, Tan Zigeng said in a difficult voice, I just came to this village, how could I kill so many people Everything I said just now is true, if you don t believe me, you can ask, I Tan Zigeng didn t know what else to say That s good, with his appearance, I am afraid that anyone will regard him as a murderer.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Tan Zigeng s wrist The flying knife on that man s body was shot from the bracket It looks very unusual.If it weren t for the fact that the imperial concubine was so powerful and the prince s actions became more and more ridiculous, the emperor probably would not have thought of using the Wei family to restrain the imperial concubine s party.That s why the Wei family is in the situation it is today.Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi came to his senses and found that Wei Yuanchen hadn t spoken the whole time, apparently waiting for him to calm down, while Wei Congzhi next to him was snoring louder and louder, how many mg in 1 cbd gummy bear and had already lost himself in his sleep.Wei Yuanchen said Second Uncle is tired from running around these days, Lord Hou will forgive me.Gu Chongyi was suddenly curious as to what Wei Congzhi was busy with.It s not a good thing to spend too much time on him.Gu Chongyi raised his eyes and said This matter involves the Tan family.Yu Zhenhai nodded desperately Second Master I will never say, don t worry Master Fang Er said After this incident, I will give you a sum of money and let you leave the capital to retire.How many sons will you have Let them study, and they will have the opportunity to obtain fame and become an official in the future.This is the only one you have.A chance to turn around.Hearing this, Yu Zhenhai was overjoyed, as if thinking that the Yu family would also have a high rise mansion in the future The population is prosperous.I m not talking in empty words, the second master Fang took out a key and handed it to Yu Zhenhai.It s the Zhuangzi on the west side.That Zhuangzi and its contents are all yours After that, I ll give you another 100 acres.Good land.Yu can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies Zhenhai s eyes widened Never thought he would have today.After sending everyone away, Mrs.Li asked the mother in charge to help her into the inner room.There was no one else in the room.It was painted when Empress Wei first married into the Lu Palace.He secretly plotted against others all day long, and now he has finally reaped the consequences, Mrs.Li s eyes flashed with hatred.It s a pity that the people of Dazhou will also be implicated.The mother in charge stepped forward and kneaded Mrs.Li carefully.Lady s legs.Mrs.Li said The noble concubine, the crown prince, Huai Wang, and the Shen family were all taught by him.They are hypocritical, secretly seeking personal gain, and full of plans, but they are not as smart as him.The mother in charge knew that she shouldn t Interrupted, Mrs.Tai just wanted to relieve the depression in her heart.Mrs.Li continued His sons have accidents one after another, he should also feel the pain of heartache, .

how many cbd gummies can i eat?

but maybe he doesn t care at all, the Tian family has no father son relationship, I am so glad Thanks to my daughter I saw through this early on.What s going on The queen mother asked, and the female officer beside her hurried over to inquire.After a while, the Kung Fu female officer asked clearly It s a female official in Concubine De s palace.She was taken by the imperial concubine for questioning.I m asking for help, I m afraid that after a while, the Compassionate Palace of Aijia will never be peaceful again.A gust of wind blew the hair on Empress Wei s forehead, and her eyes became clearer This year the capital is extremely cold.Gu Mingzhu huddled on the kang in Mrs.Lin s house, eating candied fruit and looking at the accounts in Mrs.Lin s hands.Mrs.Lin didn t know whether her daughter could understand or not, so she would often explain it to her daughter.The mother in charge handed the hand stove to Gu Mingzhu, and said in a low voice When I went out, I saw the government officials arresting people again.Wang Jing said Second Lord Wei has been with Lord Hou since he became an official., The time I stayed in Beijing was a bit longer.Speaking of this, Wang Jing raised her head Master Hou suspected that the second master had a different heart is natures one cbd gummies a scam at that time Cui Zhen was not sure, maybe can you cut a cbd gummy in half Cui Wei had other plans earlier, but was just waiting for an opportunity.Cui Wei stayed by his side because he also wanted to find out the situation of Datong and Beijiang Garrison.It can be seen from Cui Wei s affair with the deputy general that Cui Wei had long planned to take over Datong instead of him.Lin Sizhen puts eyeliner in Yulin Wei an, and Cui Wei can cooperate with Lin Sizhen if he wins Datong.If the Northeast line is added, the whole northern Xinjiang will be obtained.Losing the real Yulin Guard of Lin Temple, if they want to plot can you cut a cbd gummy in half northern Xinjiang, they need to seize Daning can you cut a cbd gummy in half and Yongping Mansions.With this memorial first, the emperor will not completely lose trust in me, what I have to do now is HCMUSSH can you cut a cbd gummy in half to find out this case and arrest all the people like Cui Wei.Cui Zhen said Then he stood up and said, Let s go, this is not a temporary achievement, you can only do it after seeing their plot clearly.After saying this, he paused, can you cut a cbd gummy in half Let s find out what Cui Wei did when he was recuperating in Beijing six years ago.I met someone.Cui Zhen returned to the Dingning Hou Mansion cbd bear shark gummies 1000mg from the small courtyard, returned to the main house to change clothes, and told Mrs.Zhang to rest early.Mrs.Zhang originally wanted to mention the matter of celebrating the new year in the mansion, but when she saw that Cui Zhen was about to leave in a hurry, she couldn t help but look a little disappointed, but this time Cui Zhen turned around and left the house as if she didn t see it.Wei Yuanchen walked around the partition, and sure enough, he saw a figure standing stiffly in front of the window, Zhuzhu must be feeling sorry for Yan Shen.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and went straight behind Gu Mingzhu, stretched out his hand and gently placed it on her shoulder.My lord, I m sorry The girl s voice was hoarse.Those cases will be investigated clearly, and those who were framed back then will be rehabilitated.The girl nodded My lord, can I ask you one thing.Yes.Wei Yuanchen s voice was very soft, as if he was afraid As if to scare her.Can you turn your head away first, II Gu Mingzhu put her hand on her chin, Can you turn your head away first, my lord, I may have blown too much wind, and I used a battered fake chin It s cracked, and it s about to fall off, I m afraidto frighten the adults.She made it clear and helped her with family affairs.At first she was a little worried, but Mother Yang advised her to let Zhuzhu do the work and see what Zhuzhu can do now.Even if Zhuzhu didn t do it properly, don t worry about small things, and they will secretly help with big things.To her surprise, Zhuzhu was very thoughtful.Whether it was ordering the kitchen to prepare refreshments, or can you cut a cbd gummy in half arranging for the servants to take turns to serve the guests, she was very organized.She even thought about the gifts for the guests.If you don t understand the accounts, you have to ask Mama Yang for help.Mrs.Lin is grateful to Mo Zhenren.After Mo Zhenren enlightened Zhuzhu, Zhuzhu has improved so fast that she couldn t believe it.Seeing that can you cut a cbd gummy in half Zhuzhu is getting better and better, she is still worried, fearing that too many happy events and bad things will follow one after another, so she hastily invited a doctor to come to the mansion to diagnose Zhuzhu s pulse.Yan Shen met Tatars pretending to be can you cut a cbd gummy in half bandits, and that s why he ended up like that.I told Yan Shen a long time ago.Don t investigate any further, we can t blame Yan Shen for becoming like this.Nie Chen clenched his hands, and now he wished he could throw this Second Master Shen out, no matter how much the can you cut a cbd gummy in half Shen family gave him, he didn t want to accept this deal.It s still Missy who thought carefully and mentioned him in advance.People in the market only search for clues.It is the court s business to judge the crime.The key now is to get more information from the Shen family.Sensing Nie Chen s unfriendly gaze, Master Shen Er shook can you cut a cbd gummy in half his hand slightly I know now that I was cbd gummies charlotte nc can you cut a cbd gummy in half wrong, and Yan Shen was right.We are too can you cut a cbd gummy in half stupid to be calculated where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies can you cut a cbd gummy in half by others without knowing it.Second Master Shen said with a shoulder When he collapsed, he became particularly depressed, as if his annoyance over Yan Shen and those things back then had completely crushed him.Many businesses in the Shen family have to stop first.The shop should be sold if it should be sold.If there are still charges to be suppressed, I am afraid that the property canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies will be confiscated by the court.The money is in the hands first, and at least there will be a chance to make a comeback when the storm is over.The master is right.After Shen finished speaking, she got up and blessed Mr.Zhang, The concubine will not bother the master.As Shen said, she took the maid and walked out, and Mr.Zhang looked at Shen s delicate back Well, after being married for such a long time, she still has secrets from him.The relationship left by Shen Shoufu is not only what you see on the surface.When Mrs.Shen was far away, Qiu Hai walked in and said, My lord, the steward has sent a message that Mr.Shen Er has gone to look for those folks again.He didn t interrupt Zou Lin s words and let Zou Lin continue.Zou Lin said Young girl Qing followed your mother to the Hou Mansion Afterwards, Mrs.Zhang called Qing girl over and asked about Qing girl s life experience carefully.Madam Zhang seemed to be very pitiful for Qing girl, and told Qing girl that when you come back from Datong, Lord Hou, you will take her as a concubine.Lord Hou is not in the mansion.Taking her in silently from time to time will inevitably make her feel wronged.Anyway, Qing girl is also brought by the Lin family, so the other concubines should know that Qing girl is different from others.Mrs.Zhang saw that Qing girl was clever, so she asked Qing cbd gummies bodybuilding girl to take care of Aunt Sun.Qing girl said that Aunt Sun s bad looks are because someone pretended to be a ghost at night to scare Aunt Sun.People are not ruthless, and Lin Sizhen and his mother were dealt with because they are closely related to the stability of northern Xinjiang He didn t hesitate, dealing with Mrs.Zhang now is related to several lives.As the head of the family, he must no longer have any cover or concealment.But Mrs.Zhang s words still fell into his heart.Ms.Zhang cared about him very much, and they In the first year of marriage and New Year s Eve, he ate an extra bowl of Qibao soup, and Mrs.Zhang remembered it, cooked soup for him in different ways, and specially invited a cook from Fujian.He was handling official documents in the study, she didn t know Should he call him to rest, and walk back and forth between the main house and the study with the maid.Zhang s miscarriage was due to hearing the news that he was injured, and after he was sent back to the capital, Zhang was too tired to serve in front of the bed, which planted the root of the miscarriage.Wei Yuanchen waited for a while before the girl beside him said, My lordcan Nie Chen give you the bill Yes.Wei Yuanchen responded.Gu Mingzhu said seriously I ve done the calculations, and it s not bad.Okay.Your lord is indeed so generous.Well, it would be even better if I could keep the canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies candied fruit left in my waist Princess Huairou s mansion.Mrs.Zhao did needlework all night, and raised her head to see that it was almost dawn.Maybe can you cut a cbd gummy in half it was because she was used to running around in those years.She was not used to having people around her all the time, so she sent the servants out early.Peng Liang has been away from the capital for a long time, and he hasn t even come back for the Chinese New Year.Thinking about these .

are cbd gummies vegan?

years, although they are not husband and wife, they still live together.Every New Year s day, she will inevitably miss Brother Yu and feel sad.Concubine Jiang Gui said It s nothing.The pain on her fingers seemed to confirm the uneasiness in her heart.Concubine Jiang turned her head to look outside the hall, maybe it was because the happy event came too fast that she felt that it was a little unreal.Concubine Jiang s eyes became brighter, even the smart Wei family ended up like this, whoever dares to compete with her for the position in the middle palace, there is only one result, don t blame her for being cruel.As night fell, a servant walked quickly along the palace wall.The servant had a pack of poison in his sleeve.Everything had been arranged, but who knew that the situation in the palace was changing rapidly.Empress Wei, who had already come out for a walk, suddenly Then he was imprisoned again, and the inside and outside of Kunning Palace were additionally sent to guard, every move of Empress Wei and the palace staff was under the emperor s nose.Wei Yuanchen s suspicion deepened, that s why wellbeing laboratories cbd gummies he arranged this way, no longer let herbals prestige cbd gummies Wei Yuanchen intervene in the arrest, but only participated in the interrogation.Su Fu wanted to say a few words for Wei Yuanchen, but in the end he didn t HCMUSSH can you cut a cbd gummy in half speak.Wei Yuanchen said to him on the way into the palace No matter what happens in a while, Master Su, don t worry about me.The truth is right in front of you.No one can hide it.Su Fu understood the meaning of these words, Wei Yuanchen went all the way to investigate the case, those people had long regarded him as a thorn in his side, and would definitely use the emperor s suspicion of the Wei family to seriously injure him, Wei Yuanchen would rather Bow your head and accept it, because you don t want to argue for yourself at this time, so as not to anger the emperor and be used by those people.If you come to meet him, you will seize the opportunity to take him away.The matter developed as King Huai wanted, he took the opportunity to kill the guards around him with his saber, but he was noticed by the people who rushed over to check the situation before he could run a few steps.The matter has come to this point, there is no way back, King Huai can only run fast with all his strength, this is the fastest run in his life.But when he heard the footsteps behind him getting closer and closer, King Huai turned his head to take a look and found the gap.He couldn t run away, even if he saved his life, he would still be easily caught up.People are knives and I am fish.He just laughed at Donggong, and now it s his turn.No wonder the elder brother was so excited when he saw him in the mansion, he grabbed his neck with both hands, trying to kill him.Concubine De had a bad premonition, she only remembered that Zhenren Mo came in to treat her, and then she fainted from the pain in her neck, and when she woke up again, the atmosphere in the room changed, and then she was killed by The palace servants dragged her to the Empress Dowager.Concubine De looked at the hourglass next to her.She didn t faint for a long time.What happened in such a short time The emperor held her in his arms very anxiously before, but just now he looked at her with disappointment and anger.All the signs in front botanical farm cbd gummies price of him indicated that the matter might have been exposed.Concubine De, Jiang Guifei lowered her voice, Why are you bothering You eat the poison yourself, and you will be punished in the end.Do you think the emperor will protect you If I were you, why don t you take advantage of this If the chance is dead, it can be regarded as saving your son s face.Concubine De s already weak body collapsed on the ground, she turned her head to look into the side room, only the emperor could save her In the side room.The queen mother sat on a chair and looked at HCMUSSH can you cut a cbd gummy in half Huang Chang Secretly invite the imperial doctor over and let someone wait outside.Huang Chang responded.The emperor coughed and said, Mother is worried.You are the emperor of do cbd gummies show in urine the Great Zhou Dynasty, and the dragon can you cut a cbd gummy in half body is related to the country, so you can t be careless The queen mother sighed a long time.It s my fault, said the emperor, I was negligent.The queen mother said How do you deal with this matter In the official office, then Chen Xiangmay be Lin Si s true accomplice, a pawn placed by King Liang.The Queen Mother frowned King Liang Until this moment, the emperor finally had to admit that what Wei Yuanchen said was true Otherwise, those people would not deal with the Wei family, and ordinary people would not be able to reach out to the chief inspector and try to stir up disputes in the harem under his nose.Once the imperial court investigates everything, it will be revealed, and his plans in northern Xinjiang for many years will eventually be seen.The reason why he didn t want to escape was that he was going to use the emperor s suspicion to entangle Wei Yuanchen to buy time for the emperor and his father.Now that the secret is known, everything has come to nothing.Whether his case will be tried or not It doesn t make any sense, and he doesn t seem to have any use Because the imperial court will send troops to northern Xinjiang, the troops he has placed in Daning can t just stand by and help the Lord win this battle.Once the war is fought, everything will be clear, and there is no need for so called evidence at all.Wei Yuanchen won.This person knows when to check carefully and when to take a risk.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to salute Zhou Zesheng.Zhou Zesheng looked at Miss Gu bowing down to him gracefully.He was a little surprised by such a big gift, and hurried to dodge sideways, but heard Miss Gu calling Uncle.Zhou Zesheng was stunned, he suspected that he was Not wrong.Uncle Why did Miss Gu call him that He is not related to the Gu family, so why did he become Miss Gu s uncle It took Zhou Zesheng a while to recover, and his voice was rough Did you call with Mr.Wei After Ah Jun left, Mr.Wei called him uncle.After Zhou Zesheng thought about it, the only possible reason was this.Now Gu Mingzhu was surprised, when did Lord Wei call her uncle like that Could it be because of her, my lord Gu Mingzhu blushed, but now is not the time to think about it.I thought this title would make my uncle think of her identity, but now it seems that it is still far away.When he took the imperial examination, he thought that he could win the first prize just like his elder brother.I got 12 places in the top three, and my second elder brother was frustrated in the imperial examination.Even the concubine did not dare to take the exam, insisting that he was sick.I saw with my own eyes that my second elder brother got wet and stood in the yard at night, so he would naturally get sick.In fact, my second brother was afraid that he would not be able to rely on a good person, so he arranged this event.My eldest brother was kept in the summer valley cbd gummies near me dark and worried about his second brother.This incident can show my second brother s character.If If there are any secrets in my family, my second brother must know, and he has contributed a lot to the sister in law matter Zhou Zerui became more and more excited, as if wishing that Feng Anping would arrest Zhou Zejing immediately and can you cut a cbd gummy in half can cbd gummies help with constipation jamie richardson cbd gummies shark tank be tortured.Zhou Zejing s eyes suddenly darkened, like ashes Without any brilliance, Zhou Zesheng has been lying to him from the very beginning.Since the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion also came with him, Zhou Zesheng couldn t really kill him.As long as he endured the pain, he didn t need to say anything, and Can escape smoothly.It s different now, he mentioned Concubine De, and it was recorded by the civil servants, what he said would reach the audience, canada cbd gummies cbd pain gummies if he couldn t explain clearly, he would be charged with slandering Concubine De.Zhou Zejing couldn t help regretting, he really should be patient.Zhou Zesheng s face was cold What Now you refuse to tell the truth Zhou Zejing shook his head.Even if he kept his mouth shut now, the Yamen would interrogate him severely.He knew very well that he would not be able to endure the torture.In fact, she secretly planted people to assassinate the eldest prince.If it is revealed, the Wei family can still be there.Xinggong evaded it.What I hate the most is that she is self righteous and wants to play tricks on me because of her cleverness.Didn t can you cut a cbd gummy in half she want to kill my other sons so that her son can inherit the throne I will let her children She will never come to this world, let s see what she can do with the Wei family.This is retaliation, she reaps the consequences herself, and she can t blame others.Soon after, Empress Wei really had a miscarriage, and everyone thought the emperor was the emperor.This move was to vent anger for Concubine Jiang and the First Prince, but she didn t know that these were all her schemes.Thinking of this, Concubine De let out a long sigh of relief.After Zhou Zecheng died, the eldest wife of the Zhou family still wanted to investigate the case.After he escapes, he can go to Chuxiong, and he can go to Lingzang to find King Zanshan.Thinking of this, King Liang s mood gradually calmed down.My lord, there are people left behind.Let them protect the lord and move on.We are here to stop Wei Yuanchen.King Liang nodded, staring at the forest not far away, where his hands were.The forest was quiet, only the birds returning to their nests were jumping on the branches.Wei Yuanchen must have never imagined that he would hide soldiers and horses here.It is a good thing to attack the city with all its strength, but his habit is to leave a way out for himself.The guard rode close to the woods, and the people in the forest would immediately come out to see Prince Liang when they saw him.The guard waited for a while, but gold bees cbd gummies the forest was still silent.What concerned can you cut a cbd gummy in half him the most was that the Wei family did not avoid Pei Shangqing, and even specially invited Pei Shangqing to come with them.Wei Yuanchen s life experience can be involved in the Pei family, which shows that it is very important.You must know that the Pei family only teaches the crown prince, Pei Shangqing just pointed out in the first sentence at the gate of the mansion that Wei Sanye is his student.Thinking of this, those things that Gu Chongyi couldn t see clearly before are now clear.Although Empress Wei is currently can you cut a cbd gummy in half dr gupta cbd gummies in charge of the government, if she has no what does cbd gummies do to your body son to succeed her, she will still have to choose one of the emperor s heirs to take the throne in the future.The new emperor must not trust the Wei family, how will the Wei family protect themselves then The Wei family said that after they knew the truth, it might be difficult to push back this marriage.Cui Zhen can you cut a cbd gummy in half continued to burn the paper, the mother s matter was settled, as for Mrs.Zhangyou can take your time.Master Hou, someone is coming .

what happens if you take cbd gummy?

from Huaiyuanhou s Mansion.Hearing this, Cui Zhen got up and stood aside to welcome him.Lin Qicheng and Gu Chongyi entered the courtyard, seeing the coffin shed erected, Lin Qicheng couldn t help sighing, the two of them burned incense, and followed Cui Zhen to the side room to talk.Lin Qicheng sat down and looked at Cui Zhen.There were several fresh scars on Cui Zhen s face, probably from Cui Lin s hands.Lin Qicheng frowned, and sunset cbd hemp gummies review didn t have any expectations for Cui Linshi How was it when you left Cui Linshi died just after Cui Zhen returned to Beijing, and Cui Linshi didn t give the eldest son a chance to breathe.Cui Zhen shook his head Mother is still confused.Her vision blurred, and she vaguely saw Wei Congcheng s shadow in the yard.She fixed her eyes on the shadow but it disappeared again.Madam Yuan couldn t help laughing, she missed the master so much that she was dazzled.Master, look, can you cut a cbd gummy in half Brother Chen has a smile on his face again.This is the look that a child in his twenties should have.When you left, I couldn t say a word to this concubine, but this concubine knows what s in your heart What is the most worrying thing Although I am dull, I will try my best to help you do it well.Mother.Wei Yuanzhen s voice interrupted Madam Yuan s thoughts.Wei Yuanzhen walked over quickly Look at the third pure kana premium cbd gummies canada cbd gummies brother s appearance, he is much more stupid than can you cut a cbd gummy in half I was then, right There are so many guests here today, and the third brother will probably get drunk at the banquet later.When Gu Mingzhu sat on the chair, Mrs.Li went to see Wei Yuanchen again Look at the smile on Brother Chen s face.I said that as long as Zhuzhu enters the door, everything will be fine, and I will be able to relax from now on, and I will leave everything to you.Mrs.Yuan smiled and nodded How can there be no Mrs.Tai at the helm in this family Mrs.Li Madam laughed for a while You, you just know how to make me happy.After saying this, Mrs.Li pretended to put on a serious face Brother Chen, you must treat Zhuzhu well, and grandma worked hard to get Zhuzhu for you.Married, you must not let her be wronged.Wei Yuanchen responded.Okay, Mrs.Li looked out the window, The weather is fine today, let s go for a walk in the garden, it s time for Brother Chen to enter the palace with Zhuzhu to thank you, the empress is still waiting.Afterwards, something happened to the Wei family again.The empress was plotted against by the King of Lu.After getting used to it, Congzhi s temperament seems to be fixed, and he can t change it.Now that the Empress is in charge of the power, Brother Chen will also be named the East Palace, so we should make some plans for Congzhi, we can t let Congzhi stay with her as an old woman all can you cut a cbd gummy in half the time.She could tell that Miss Mu s family was very good, she could see through Congzhi, otherwise she wouldn t have followed Congzhi to Beijing, and Miss Mu should have Miss Mu in Congzhi s heart, otherwise she wouldn t have escaped in such a mess.It s just an elm head, Mrs.Li said, help him, and I hope he won t regret it in the future.The seemingly lawless guy said that he was afraid of getting married, who would believe it But that s what happened.

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