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Please don t hide from me, because this matter is very important.Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi This is a good nameSince you told me your name so honestly, I can also tell you the whole storyMy master is Dr.Qin Jinan, Everything I have is what he gave me When Dr.Qin participated in the Purple Light Project , he didn t know the truth and thought it was just an ordinary scientific research project.It was too late when it discovered that the Ziguang project was actually for traveling through time and space.And with his own strength, he couldn t stop this plan, and more importantly, he couldn t even escape from this plan.Wang Weiyi was a little curious Why is Dr.Qin so opposed to Ziguang Project Dr.Qin is a staunch supporter of the theory of space time travel disasters, and believes that any attempt to conduct time space travel experiments will bring the most terrible disaster to mankind.

The German army has been inspired by him with the belief of victory, and nothing can stop them.The soldiers of the 3rd company were charging for their lieutenant, and it was a little regret that they couldn t meet each other for the time being.But after the counterattack cbd gummies bad keoni cbd gummies real reviews is over, they will still meet soon.Wang Weiyi originally wanted to take a good rest, but when he changed into a clean military uniform and was about to have a good sleep, Elena found him.Of course, he didn t come to talk to him, but came on behalf of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff.Lieutenant Ernst, may I disturb your rest Elena asked hesitantly with a serious expression when she entered.Wang Weiyi smiled If it was someone else, I would definitely tell him that I am tired, but you are different, you can come whenever you want.

After listening to the translation, Guo Yunfeng slowly moved from Two words No With a scream, the dagger in Pombestein s hand pierced into Guo Yunfeng s chest.Moving the dagger slowly, a best cbd gummies uk review long wound was drawn on Guo Yunfeng s chest.Only then did Pompestein stop HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online Do as I say.You can t blame me.This is what Colonel Nicholas ordered me to do.It would be .

how do you store cbd gummies?

the greatest relief for us all if you could say it earlier.Guo Yunfeng gasped for breath, but still shook his head stubbornly.One slash, and another slash.In just a moment, Guo meridian cbd gummies Yunfeng had more than a dozen wounds on his body, but he never betrayed Lieutenant Ernst.Not for anything else, I just feel that I shouldn t do this.Is it still a human being who betrays one s friends When another knife was drawn across his body, Guo Yunfeng suddenly said to the translator with can you buy cbd gummies online cbd 25mg gummy difficulty Hey, you tell him that Lieutenant Ernst will definitely come to save me, and I promise to kill this damn bastard The translator hesitated for can you buy cbd gummies online a while, but told Pompestein as it was.

He asked me to invite you once, just to let everyone know that you, Baron Alexon, are not only a nobleman bestowed by His Majesty the Emperor, but also mine.A friend of the Countess Oni de Bier von Schiller Now Wang Weiyi fully understands.It s not that he is so attractive that the Countess is curious about him.All of this was arranged by William II.But William II never confided in front of him.One word.This made Wang Weiyi very grateful.Wilhelm II wanted to protect himself and maintain balance in all aspects, so he used Countess Schiller.Although Wilhelm II was the so called last emperor when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online of Germany, he was brave , Perseverance, and his character are also admirable, otherwise he would not have such a large number of followers after he abdicated.But what I didn t expect was that Nicholas would do it so soon, and cleverly learn from your friend start.

Please recommend Eighty six.Baron Booker s gunshots rang out continuously.Crown Prince Wilhelm August and von Booker were discovered by the British after all.Lieutenant Colonel Robin, who commanded the British soldiers, was absolutely unwilling to let the fat slip from his lips.Once the German crown prince was captured, everyone knew what it would mean.Fortunately, Lieutenant Colonel Robin decided to catch him alive, which also saved August from killing him.But there were Englishmen everywhere, and it was almost impossible to get out.August was running almost by instinct.Even though he knew it was impossible to break out, the crown prince was absolutely unwilling to give up the hope of survival.Baron von Burke, who was closely following the crown prince, kept turning his head and shooting while protecting the crown prince.

Then, he said to the crown prince as if he remembered something Your Highness, we need to wait for reinforcements here, and now I need you to throw away all your luggage Although August did not understand, he still followed Enns With Te s words, he threw away everything he could throw away.reinforcements It seems that it is still surrounded by the enemy, how can reinforcements appear here But August may not be an excellent commander, but he has one advantage, he will never interfere with other people s methods.He is full of confidence in the creator of the miracle of the Somme.However, there are still some doubts.This is an open space, relatively open, with a clear view of the surrounding area, and there is no place to hide.Once the enemy catches up, can you buy cbd gummies online what will they rely on can you buy cbd gummies online to resist Time is passing by every minute and every second, and the British will soon catch up.

When Wang Weiyi said these words, he could hear the most senior generals of the German army let out a sigh of relief.First rank general Ludendorff did not dare to neglect at all Major Ernst, what we want incredibles cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies online is not as much as possible, HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online but certainty, you have no other choice Yes, Mr.First rank general, I promise Wang Weiyi said solemnly.General von Bello and general von Galwitz looked at each other and said You can call for mission materials and isolate cbd gummies for pain personnel unconditionally, and we cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad will give you full support After Wang Weiyi proposed the materials he needed , A move in my heart I need Lieutenant Fritz Erich von Manstein to join my special team.Your request is granted.Hindenburg quickly agreed to his request ask.And Wang Weiyi thought for a while I want to find someone named Erwin Rommel to assist me.

Colonel Thomas picked up the phone I order that all artillery fire at the same time, the target Reims I order that all attacking troops start attacking All for Germany Massive attack All for Germany All for Ernst Eleven o clock, Lance.The Skeleton Baron Major Ernst Alexon von Brahm and Major De Sade of the 3rd Operation Bureau of green cbd gummies dragons den uk the French Intelligence Agency issued the same order almost at the same can you buy cbd gummies online cbd 25mg gummy time Operation start Thirty one.The best time seeking subscription monthly pass November 11th at 1r 11.Reims, a famous French city with a long history, will surely attract the attention of the whole European countries.Wang Weiyi once again stood on the stage of history code name anger At 11 o clock sharp, the front line position in Reims.The German artillery roared terribly.Cannonballs whizzed through cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad the air, making a terrible roar.

When he came to the distance, Hitler stuffed the pistol into his hand Do it yourself, I don t want my noble hands to get dirty with you blood Trembling, Si Di picked up the gun and pointed it at his head When the gunshot came, Wang Weiyi sighed Never betray your brother, never Everyone here is my brother, dear and dear brother.When the enemy s bullet hits, the first one to block the bullet for you must be your brother.I was just thinking, how do I tell people how Sty died Manstein said in a low voice Ernst, we must tell everyone the truth, even though it sounds cruel.But we have to let everyone know that traitors end up like this, and those who are about to betray the country should be given a stern warning.Wang Weiyi smiled, it was the when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online same as what he thought.It was cruel, Si Di s family would not raise their heads again in the future, but he had to do this, to let everyone know that he could not betray his country.

Kuglala doesn t recognize them either.The person who recognizes them is Sidney Reilly.Kugla couldn t help trembling You found another wife and lived well in the United States, why did you take the risk of coming back Wang Weiyi stared at the super yummy cbd gummies yummy cbd spy in front of him I think there must be something you can t let go of in Germany and Russia, which made you take the risk to come back.As for why can you buy cbd gummies online you went to the Berlin Gambling Club Maybe you haven t participated in this kind of activity for a long time, and your hands are best cbd gummies without thc for anxiety itchy again The psychology of a gambler is really hard to understand Kuglara shook his head I m not Sidney Riley, no.I ve never even heard the name.Wang Weiyi smiled Of course you don t have to admit it, but I know that the intelligence agencies of Japan, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom are looking for you everywhere.

Then, gunshots rang out simultaneously amidst the shouts of hundreds of people.The forced breakout battle of the Allied Forces has begun Intensive gunshots continued to be heard horribly, the artillery on the tanks did everything possible to support the infantry with artillery fire, and the machine guns spewed flames recklessly, and the battlefield became a mess General Gedel in the German position He also got the news for the first time, when he heard it.He made his own judgment immediately Ernst Brahm is back Now how to do He has already made an effort to respond to the Skeleton Commando, and now he has not received an order from his superiors, so he can completely ignore it.However, General Gedell made the most hesitant and perhaps the most correct decision in his life Order all front line troops that can be put into battle.

Wang Weiyi also Before he had time to ask what it was, he was pulled out of the hotel by Richthofen The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to the outside of Berlin.about twentyIn a matter of minutes, a manor appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.Where is this Wang Weiyi asked inexplicably.Elena pursed her lips and smiled The majestic Baron Alexon.Don t you even recognize your own manor Huh This is actually his own manor The area of the manor is not very large.But it was enough for dozens of people to live in.Anyway, this place used to be the territory of His Majesty the Emperor.When entering the manor, Wang Weiyi was even more surprised.Many people were there clearing the weeds and debris in the manor, and rearranging the place Alexson Manor This is Seeing Wang Weiyi s surprised expression, Manstein couldn t help laughing and said, If a baron arrives in Berlin and can only stay in a hotel all the time, he doesn t qualify.

The French army can only be victorious under the command of a woman and a foreigner.Rommel thought for a moment, then laughed loudly.Yes, Joan of Arc is a woman, and Napoleon is a Corsican.It seems that the French army can only win under the leadership of women and foreigners.Ernst, Ernst, what s going on in his head One hundred and ninety five.The progress of the death war is exactly can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 the same as Wang Weiyi s judgment.Brigadier General Gustav didn t have any intention of continuing to attack.He has achieved a brilliant counterattack victory , why should he continue to take risks that should not be taken can you buy cbd gummies online Therefore, after the start of the spring offensive launched by the French, green ape cbd gummies for gout the rest of the battlefields were in full swing, and only in the Ci Nuoxi area, it became extremely calm.Both sides are confronting each other very patiently.

This is the so called rise and fall.General P tain s staunch ally, Admiral Nivelle, became the commander in chief of the French army, and P tain s status was greatly enhanced.Now, he can transform the French team according to his own ideas.It was Lance s front line who made the first move.The hijacking of Baron von Kierock had made Admiral Petain extremely dissatisfied, but no matter how much he insisted, Marshal Joffre was unwilling to punish General Raffarin.Now everything is different General Raffarin was transferred to the director of the Quartermaster Division of the 2nd Army, Gustav was transferred to his assistant, and both lost the command of the army.Brave General can you buy cbd gummies online Ben Weihao became the acting commander of the 33rd Army and concurrently served as the commander of the 21st Infantry Division Colonel Crowell was appointed as the commander of the 79th Infantry Brigade The situation on the battlefield changed suddenly.

Weakening, especially the fierce power struggle between the two regimes in Russia, made it impossible for them to concentrate all their energy on the front line.The pressure on the Germans on the Eastern Front has been greatly reduced.Now, they can focus on the Western Front The spring offensive launched by the French continued to achieve Ernst Brahm The undefeated prestige of the lieutenant colonel and the skeleton commando under his command, their battlefield myth is still being staged.From Cinohi to Laner.The Skeleton Commando killed and injured more than 3,700 French soldiers in total, and the number of prisoners reached 5,200, most of whom were captured in Laner.This is an astonishing feat A skeleton commando killed, wounded, and captured best cbd gummies for pain thc free nearly 10,000 enemies The Skeleton Baron Hooray Skeleton Commandos Hooray In the German army, some people have already begun to shout such slogans.

The German soldiers felt a kind of power, and this kind of power was so similar to that of Colonel Ernst.They leaned on the ship together, trying their best not to silence it, and the best weapon to protect the ship was their guns.For a whole day, the German army commanded by Model repelled the British charge five times in a row, and corpses littered the field in front of the position, which was the masterpiece of Model and the German soldiers.However, there is also bad news.Second Lieutenant Wymos was injured, and he was seriously injured.His entire stomach was about to be smashed.It s a pity that I can t continue to fight with you.Wymos tried his best to endure the pain cbd isolate gummies 10mg caused by the wound.You will be cured, Lieutenant Wymos.Model made up a beautiful lie.No, Lieutenant Model, I know my situation.

We can t take it away.Wang Weiyi was a little regretful Otherwise, this will be the first batch of American prisoners sent to a prisoner of war camp.He called out a wounded American captain Name, rank.Joe Irwin, the first American prisoner 0 Infantry Division F Company Commander.Captain Aiwen, what do you think of war Wang Weiyi asked lightly.Sir, I don t know, we were ordered to come here, we were ordered to fight, and then we became your captives, but this is my first battle, Ivan said frankly.There will be a lot of battles.Wang Weiyi smiled I can tell you don t like war.I don t like war like you, but they have no choice.Who makes us soldiers Captain Aiwen, please Put down all the weapons on your body, and then you can leave.Ai Wen was a little surprised, but also a little suspicious Mr.Colonel, are you going to release us I have no choice in this matter.

Then you still want to cooperate with him I have to do this.Wang Weiyi looked very relaxed He is the most critical step to win gold, but I don t think he can kill me The sound of guns drowned everything around, and after a whole day of attacking and paying a heavy price, Samara finally fell into Sergey s hands.Kill them all, kill those Bolsheviks The casualties of his subordinates made Sergey yell out angrily.He didn t feel sorry for the lives of his subordinates, but every soldier who died reduced the power to seize gold.Now, he vented all his anger on the captured Bolsheviks, and a massacre in Samara began Mr.Ernst, I have successfully captured Samara, and I sent a company to guard the railway.Seeing Ernst coming, Sergey said triumphantly As soon can you buy cbd gummies online as the train passes by, They will leave the gold here obediently.

You see, I haven t forgotten you.It s a pity that Elena will never come back, Manstein said sadly.Everyone fell silent.Elena will never come back.Rommel pulled himself together Ernst, we have just received an order.Due to the tight frontline battles, a large number of casualties, and a lack of combat experienced officers, we will soon be assigned to other units.Wang Weiyi Nodded, he knew about it, and it cbd gummies bad keoni cbd gummies real reviews was what he suggested to the high command.After completing the task of cbd gummies texas capturing the gold, Wang Weiyi didn t know what the next and last task he faced would be, and it might be extremely difficult.Rommel and they must live until the end of the war That s why he made this request to the high command and assigned them to the second line troops.I have to go and talk to them.Manstein seemed very dissatisfied Why did you take us apart Why Only when we are together can we guarantee the greatest combat effectiveness Hey, Fritz, I think the high command must have their reasons for making such a decision.

When the chariot troop slowly withdrew from the battlefield, Wang Weiyi looked around Everyone get on the chariot, retreat Retreat Without the slightest hesitation In the guard battalion, there is no need for hesitant people Ushijima stared blankly at the battlefield in cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad front of him, and closed his eyes in pain He still doesn t understand what happened.Why is this happening Chinese people actually choose to attack at such a time And that s not the worst part.The most frightening thing was that under the attack of the army, his own soldiers seemed incapable of fighting back.It s impossible, impossible But the impossible just happened.When he opened his eyes, he found those dejected officers standing in front of him.Killed 522 people.Injured Enough.Niu Daoman was no longer interested in listening Tell me, who is Wang Weiyi Where did he come from Why did we Never knew there was such a person The eyes of all the officers fell on Yamaguchi Hiroshi.

The last batch to leave was Wang Weiyi.Here, there is no need to shed blood anymore.The next place to bleed will be in Songjiang Here, the guard battalion, the remnants of the 43rd Army, and the security team fought bloody battles, killing 1,423 Japanese bandits, wounding more than a thousand, and capturing one.It was an unprecedented victory for the team since the all out war for Japan began.In this campaign, on the national side, 424 members of the security team were killed in battle, 239 were killed or injured by the remnant of the 43rd Army, and 191 were killed or injured by the guard battalion.in terms of casualties.The Japanese army is significantly ahead of the team.But this is not some glorious leading Night, 11 55.There are still 5 minutes before the arrival of the 13th day.In fact, when night came, Wang Weiyi had already completed the task, but he was still the last one to retreat.

Sir, he s passed out.Seeing the officer approaching, the students gave way one after another.Guo Yunfeng checked and stood up Come on, carry him to my car.The doctor is in front.Go after him.The car started moving quickly.All go, all go, hurry up, don t stop Guo Yunfeng loudly directed the students to get on the road again.Sir, where are we going A 18 year old female student walked up to Guo Yunfeng timidly.I don t know.Guo Yunfeng said in a muffled voice, he was not very good at dealing with women.He knew he was going to the Jiangyin Fortress on the Xicheng Line, but how could he tell a strange student The girl said Oh Sir, my name is Fu Yu, and you, what s your name Guo can you buy cbd gummies online Yunfeng.Guo Yunfeng said in the same muffled voice.Sir, where are you from Guo Yunfeng was taken aback when Fu Yu asked this question.

If the other party was not from the guard regiment of the headquarters, he would have already lost his temper Battlefield Commander Guo, I will let you pay attention to your identity in advance, I have the final say here, even if you are in the guard regiment of the headquarters, you have to listen to me I m sorry, Captain Qin, I only listen to our commander and Commander Xue Guo Yunfeng Cold and authentic.Qin Hebiao was about to get angry, Meng Konghua hurriedly said Everyone is here to fight the Orientals, don t hurt your harmony, don t hurt your harmony.Guo Yunfeng smiled coldly, then turned around Immediately drive towards Kuncheng Lake and take over Kuncheng Lake.Chenghu Looking at the captain s back, Qin Hebiao was furious Damn it, how dare a big ass captain be so arrogant.Lao Meng, if you hadn t dragged me, I would have shot him dead Tuan Zuo Meng Konghua looked to the side, and said in a low voice You have to control yourself.

Wang Jinyong sat on the ground blankly, and Luo Yu was lying in his arms.The bullet that cbd gummies tupelo ms flew from somewhere hit Wang Jinyong s chief of staff.The incredibles cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies online brilliance of how cbd gummies are made and their benefits life on Luo Yu s face was fading, and his eyes were staring at the sky, not knowing what he was looking at there.Traveler, I m going to die.Luo Yu said softly.Fart Wang Jinyong shouted I didn t let you die, how can you die Chief of noble cbd gummies Staff, listen to me, live well Traveler, I want to live too, but I really can t Ah.Blood kept coming out from Luo Yu s wound, his body was throbbing, but he still tried his best to say We have been partners for so many years and fought countless battles, but I really I never thought that I would die here and wait for the devil to be beaten away, remember to send me back.After finishing speaking, his eyes slowly closed Doctor, doctor, where is the fucking doctor Wang Jinyong s eyes were red roared loudly.

At this time, Wang Weiyi was born.He told everyone with victory after victory Japan can be defeated He wants to fight, fight with him Wang Weiyi s eyes are cbd gummies for sleep vitamin shoppe deep We will lose Some battles will be won, but we will also win most of the battles.If you can t beat Japan in one year, then two years If you can t win in two years, then five years ten years As I said, China is very big and Japan is very small.As long as the War of Resistance can be persisted, China will surely win Northeast, Beiping, Shanghai, all Chinese people in the enemy occupied areas can act to destroy the Japanese army s transportation, destroy the Japanese army s supplies, and destroy the Japanese army s transportation Disrupt their deployment and make them exhausted to support the full strength attack on the frontal battlefield, victory is just around the corner General Wang, your words really shocked me Guo Mengzhen also became a little excited He wants to fight, fight with him I will ask our president to publish your words on the front page of the newspaper I also want to let everyone know that in your eyes, Japan is not that powerful at all.

I brought you here today not to listen to this set of speeches, but to tell you that military victory must be accompanied by political can you buy cbd gummies online agitation.Among a hundred Russians, If there are twenty people supporting us, then more Russians will be brought in.Gradually, more and more people will support us.This is what I have said many times, bread is sometimes better than bayonets It is more useful.Yes, we will do so, Marshal.At this time, a large number of prisoners of war had already started to sign up for the Z y u Army.Fight for your wife and your children General Kolkorok had struggled to build natures only cbd gummies price up the strength of a brigade, but now Biljanlowski can build up the strength of one or more divisions with just one speech.The pen can exert more terrible power than the knife and gun, and the speech can achieve the same effect.

As soon as the car she was in left, Wang Weiyi flashed out from the darkness.Did he promise to come to Song Ziwen s banquet, but he didn t promise that he would come with Miss Ruiman Hi, I m Mr.Moyol, and I want to see Mr.Song Ziwen and Mr.Tang Naian.Moyol Do you recognize this person Song Ziwen asked curiously.Several people shook their heads, but Tang Weihong frowned, as if she had heard the name somewhere.How many people did he HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online come One person.Song Ziwen pondered for a while Let him in.A figure walked in slowly.He is wearing a hat.Covering most of his face But why is this figure so familiar to the Tang family Tang Weihong stood up suddenlyit was too familiar, this figure was too familiarin her dreams, she had dreamed of this figure countless timesshe never I believe that person will leave me because of the plane crash, never believe it Mr.

The fleeing Turks At this time, the brigade commander of the 11th Brigade of the Turkish Republican Guard in charge of defending Joblu, Major General Iliglu, no longer cared about the few spies who sneaked into Joblu.The Germans are advancing ferociously into Turkey, one city after another crumbling under their sweeping onslaught.Now, the forward of the German army is approaching Joe Blue The reinforcements could not arrive in time at all, and the defensive force of a brigade of Joblu could not stop the powerful Germans at all.what to do Either be annihilatedorsurrender Major General Iliglu couldn t make up his mind But Klingenberg on the radio decided to make up his mind for the Turks as soon as possible.He was determined to do what he had done in Belgrade again in Chobleu The first round of bombing by German planes was finally over.

Wang Weiyi had already thought of a way at this time.Klingenberg and Herbert glanced at each other, and said cautiously Baron.I m afraid this will make a huge noise, louder than the sound of the cannon And.In terms of the can you buy cbd gummies online architectural structure here, I really can t believe that someone can make a big hole here Wang Weiyi smiled, he has an omnipotent secret weapon Xiaoling He doesn t have too much harmony My team members explained Guo Yunfeng and I stayed in this room, and Elena was responsible for finding out the location of the shower room and telling Kahn the information.At 8 o clock this evening, he must be in the shower room on time.Herbert, can you get me three cars sure.good.Mr.Klingenberg, you have to deal with the four people in the hall downstairs at 8 o clock tonight without disturbing any guests.

Don t you remember at all Baron, please forgive me for my memory being completely destroyed when I was in custody.Prince Karami said awkwardly I remembered incredibles cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies online it when you said that, there buy hemp cbd gummy is such a treasure, but Unfortunately, as you said, all the treasures were transported back to Germany, which is also our regret Yes, what a pity.Wang Weiyi took a sip of wine and sighed He said Then what about the remaining treasures It is said that 80 or more of the treasures are actually left in Turkey, and only the immediate family members of the Abdul family know where it is, right 506.Mino King s Treasure No, no, there is absolutely no such thing, Prince Karami seemed a little flustered, denying the existence of such a situation As far as I know, all the gold treasures Mr.Liman was transported back to Germany, and the Ottoman Empire was very angry about this, but in view of the traditional friendship with Germany, it was nothing in the end.

Some of these people are from the periphery of the European Jewish chaebol Rothschild family, and some are from small merchants and peddlers.However, these families have formed a life and death alliance in extremely risky investments, and they have been fighting do cbd gummies make you happy together ever since.When the Civil War broke out, Benjamin, a Jew, served successively as Secretary of War and Secretary of State.Almost all of these families began to work directly or indirectly for the Rothschild family.In fact, at that time most decent banks and large companies in the United States had investments from the Rothschild family, and the Morgan family was said to be long term employees of the Rothschild family.The Rothschild family gave our group a lot of financial support.The Rothschild family is a bit like the leader of the Western financial world.

There were twenty of them, but if they wanted to kill a brigade of British with twenty people, it was not much different from dreaming.Come on, Elena, tell us if there is any way.Wang Weiyi knows Elena too well, since she is so calm and calm, she must have a solution.Elena showed a smile on her face There is a way, but it may not be successfulHere, Hibinku There is a company of New Zealand soldiers stationed here, and they have just withdrawn from the front line.General Raus was in charge of commanding the British, and it was impossible to completely block Giza with a brigade, so General Raus used a large number of troops that retreated from the front line for rest to increase the defense of Giza as a whole.Hibinku s army is the New Zealand A.Smith company.It has certain combat capabilities, but I must remind you that they are a company after all Twenty people deal with a company, and the difficulty is still huge Yes, but it s much easier than dealing with a brigade.

After defeating the Allied forces commanded by General Woodrow, the victory of the Second Battle of Alamein will be firmly in his hands All German troops have been thrown into the war.The smoke billowed and the cannons rumbled.The movement of war has been opened This is the most magnificent movement in the entire African war.And the person who composed this movement.It s Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm The prelude to the movement began with a series of intelligence and counterintelligence before the war, and Wang Weiyi successfully held the nose of the British.The second act, which takes place in can you buy cbd gummies online Devil s Land and Kidney Ridge, is the preparation that pushes the movement to the extreme.The defeat of the Italians on the 22nd and 33rd Heights gradually brought the entire movement of the war into the battlefield.

Countless lives were involved, and then mercilessly crushed into powder Air Force, Artillery, Navyany force that could participate in the war was all thrown into the warSounds of gunshots, like the urging bells from hell, keep bringing lives into endless darkness War is so cruel Montgomery is in Do your best to resist the attack from the Germans, and General Alexander is also doing his best to extinguish the rising waves of uprisings in Cairo If it was in normal times, the uprising would have been quelled long ago.But it is a pity that now is a special period, and cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad the uprising has not stopped.On the contrary, it intensified.When the two sides started a life and death competition, Wang Weiyi cbd gummy lab analysis finally got his helpers the two commandos commanded by Klingenberg and Myristel.It came just in time Some were left behind to protect General Canlemu, while the rest were reorganized into the Skeleton Commando to follow the Skeleton Baron s actions in Cairo.

Okay, Ernst.Rommel received the telegram What about those Italians They were yelling all day, and even Mussolini was on his way to Cairo.Italy, which often performed extremely poorly in wars, couldn t wait to join the ranks of dividing up the fruits of victory after the war was won.They are constantly asking for interests in Africa, and they have always regarded Africa as their inherent Land.They think that the Germans should fight for them.After the victory, those Germans should leave quickly, and Italy will digest the victory alone.And Mussolini, can t wait to complete his dream Entering Cairo under the protection of a cbd gummies art large number of Italian soldiers, accepting the cheers of all Egyptians like an emperor.Without consulting with are hemp cbd gummies legal in nj Germany, Mussolini has already set off for Cairo and decided to receive Ernst.

Many houses are now bomb craters.It occurred to Heisenberg that the unfortunate residents were probably fast asleep when the shells hit the houses.They may have been buried below, life or death uncertain.The German soldiers ignored the scenes.As ordered, they marched through the city in pursuit of the Russian army.The trucks they had used as cbd gummies bad keoni cbd gummies real reviews a means of transport the day before were now following behind in a long line.When close to downtown Lilberk.The commandos heard intense firefights.Heisenberg believed that the Russians were putting up a staunch resistance in the city center.The commandos saw many German infantry squads hiding in houses near the city center.Heisenberg walked beside Misha, Edim, and Sergeant Keller.As they approached the houses that the German squads used as cover, the commando saw a pile of dead bodies lying on the street between the houses.

If there is no peace, everything is illusory castles in the air.And now.Peace is coming, are you not ready to welcome it True peace, I welcome with arms raised, and I will defend it with my life.De Gaulle said unceremoniously But I doubt your peaceful intentions this time Yeah Wang Weiyi smiled I don t quite understand what you mean, Mr.de Gaulle, when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online everyone has where can you buy cbd gummies for arthritis seen Germany s peace sincerity, isn t it just you who haven t seen it For peace.Germany has given up a lot, and we don t care about giving up a little more, at this point.Both the US and the UK have seen this De Gaulle sneered, and there are many things that cannot be said directly.In fact, the United States can see what Wang Weiyi and his Germany are planning, and the United Kingdom can also see it.But for the benefit of each other.

But, You know, sir, this experience has perplexed and discouraged me.I want to be useful, to do something to assuage the disgrace of my country.But what to do He shrugged his shoulders.The Viscount continued that he was good at flying and had obtained a non military pilot certificate long before the war.In those happy, peaceful days of 1930 he often flew to the Riviera and sometimes to England to watch the Ascot races.Now, no matter how gracious the Germans are.He was always a prisoner.One morning he walked dejectedly and preoccupied to the garage where Marcel was polishing the Rolls Royce.The cylinder heads were polished to a silvery shine.He suddenly had an idea.Why can t you fly to the UK when you have the best car in the world The idea was bordering on absurd, but he couldn t get rid of the obstinate thought.

But you float slowly over all these places without a single shot being fired, not a single Messerschmitt or Fokker chasing you.The danger of being shot down appeared at least a dozen times before reaching the channel, but you were safe and sound.why is that This is because the Germans knew you were going through and were ordered to let can you buy cbd gummies online you pass.Why did the German let two patriots get away he asked slyly.Marcelle, there is only one patriot, and he is Monsieur Viscount.And the other one, you, was a spy for the Germans.Note that I said you were , because when you learned of the Viscount s plan, you first reported it directly to your friends, who ordered you to encourage the Viscount and help him.If the plane crashes in flight, it s bad luck for you.However, if the flight is successful, your espionage in England will be of great benefit to them.

If it explodes, There will be no survivors in the car.Colonel Menzies felt a little scared after thinking about it, but out of caution, he asked again Major, based on your intuition and the situation at the scene, is it possible that this is the Germans themselves What about a play directed by him I don t know, but I don t understand why the Germans directed such an assassination Major Luo Jiemin replied very positively If it is really the Germans themselves Director, then they are playing with fire.At the same time as the two bombs exploded, the submachine gun bullets began to fire.If Ernst Brahm s reaction was a second slower, we would all be corpses now.So, If it s just asking for my personal opinion, then I don t think it has anything to do with the Germans Colonel Menzies was very satisfied with the major s frankness.

Heisenberg.Let s start together.Edim s voice came.Heisenberg adjusted his breathing and held the gun steadily.He must not let his body tremble in the slightest approaching.It got closerThen, Heisenberg pulled the trigger in his handThe bullet drew a perfect arcFinally, it fell accurately on that Russian On the driver The truck ran like a wild horse in an instant, and the Russians in the car let out a cry of panic.Then, with a bang, the truck crashed into a big tree.Gunshots rang out suddenly.The dense bullets hit the Russians like a storm, and the completely unprepared Soviet soldiers suffered countless casualties in an instant.Shouts rang out along with the gunshots.But this attracted the blow of the bullet even more.Several grenades were thrown out at the same time, and amidst the rumbling explosion, the Russians were completely confused After suffering at least 20 casualties.

No one thought that Ernst Brahm would decide to advance the time of the decisive battle by nearly a month.Vasilievs Ki would never have thought of it Judging from the information from HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online various channels, the Germans are undoubtedly preparing to launch a full scale offensive in March, and all the arrangements of the Soviet Union are also being carried out around this time period Now, Wang Weiyi decided to give the other party a blow that was caught off guard When Wang Weiyi decided to take another risk, Ludwig tried his best to oppose it, but his heart was full of admiration for the marshal.Returning from the baron From the first day, he found out that the baron was still the same baron in the past.He was still fighting with his soldiers, and he was still carrying out various dangerous missions.

If If I am not mistaken, General Tasotsky is about to break out in the direction of the east There are many civilians and even women in their ranks, and they are carrying a lot of materials and radio stations.I don t think they will be moving very fast.Where s the armed forces How many armed forces do they have Myristel hurriedly asked.Tsky thought for a moment I didn t see it very carefully, I think there was about one company etc.Weidman interrupted him Is he your front line supreme commander with only one company around him Yes. Tsky nodded When your general offensive started, our troops were completely disrupted.I heard that even the commander of the 191st Division died can you buy cbd gummies online in the chaos, so it is not unusual for General Tasotsky to have only one company However, if you count the civilian staff around him, the number is about Seven to eight hundred people Myristel pulled Weidmann aside Hey.

Therefore, Russian agents can only monitor outside.I think From here, we can sneak into Avrona s dormitory at night and take her awayAs for the agents outside, we are responsible for dealing with them incredibles cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies online Wang Weiyi looked carefully After a while How many people live with Avrona There are four in total, and each dormitory is like this.Riley quickly gave the answer As long as you can enter.I don t believe those women still carry this weapon. Very well, you are doing well.Wang Weiyi once again expressed his satisfaction Go and prepare for action.After Riley left, Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette.For some reason, he always felt that there was something wrong with this action, or more precisely, he felt that some danger was approaching The military factory is the lifeline of whoopi goldberg cbd gummy the Soviet Union, and such a place is heavily guarded to an outrageous level.

This is probably the most lucky thing.However, a terrible purge movement inside Moscow has begun including Jian Ke, director of the Political Department of Moscow University Lieutenant Colonel Baglovsky and Lieutenant Colonel Baglovich, director of the political department of the Third Military Factory, were executed in secret.No one could save their lives, as Comrade Stalin said, no matter what failure always needs a scapegoat However, although how the third military factory exploded is a closely guarded secret by the Moscow authorities, they are obviously not going to let the German spies who sneaked into Moscow just like that.A wide net has been opened in Moscow.Stalin, who learned the whole truth, was unexpectedly not angry.Instead, he told Beria and Timilenko that they would try their best to crack the case and can you buy cbd gummies online capture all the spies lurking into Moscow Stalin s attitude is HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online not surprising.

Dimilenko, I know you can do it without your presence, don t you With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko and Anna, and left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.He knew they would.What kind of choice did you make If you want to use an inappropriate metaphor, then it is a deal with the devil.In the eyes of the Russians, Wang Weiyi is a devil, and Dimilenko once cooperated with him, which is equivalent to a deal with him Signed a contract.Once you sign a contract with the devil, you will never be able to get rid of the bondage of the contract for the rest of your life Although the people in the team are not sure whether they can successfully move from the west of the city They had doubts about leaving, but the resolute expression on Marshal Ernst s face had told them everything Where Marshal Ernst HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online is, there are always miracles, isn t it like this Ready by Riley, kidnapped in the back of the truck, were Ksenia and Avrona, and of course, another Colonel Holdwich Poor Colonel Holdwich, when he When I got home, I probably never thought that can you buy cbd gummies online can i buy cbd gummies at cvs there was a terrible person waiting for me in my home Guo YunfengMr.

He has never been afraid of the battlefield, just as he has never been afraid of death For the victory of Germany, he will personally devote himself to the battlefield with rumbling guns for this crucial battle of Germany, He will personally fight side by side with his officers and soldiers Colleagues when the Germans began to go hand in hand.Ernst.The Central Assault Group composed of the Viking Division, the Ike Battle Group and the Guo Yunfeng Battle Group under the personal HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online command of Marshal Bram unexpectedly launched a surprise attack on Fronis This was unexpected for the Russians.Previously, due to the loss of Elklin s victory.The Third Army of the Soviet Army was completely wiped out, and Marshal Vasilevsky lost the front line barrier of when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online the Stalingrad battle.The German army will carry out a strong assault on the wide prairie without hindrance.

Wang Weiyi didn t quite understand.Shilov s incompetence, and after the end of the Soviet Finnish War, at the enlarged meeting of the Supreme Military Council of the Soviet Union, Mekhlis, the director of the General Political Department, publicly criticized him in a long speech based on Stalin s intentions.Mistakes made above.The meeting decided to dismiss him from the position of People s Commissar of National Defense and be succeeded by Xie Kang Timoshenko, who was can you buy cbd gummies online changed to Vice Chairman of the People s Committee of the Soviet Union.Timoshenko assumed the command of the High Command , Zhukov was given the important task of leading the General Staff.After the outbreak of the Soviet German War, Voroshilov was sent to the Western Front, but failed to stop the crazy German attack.Voroshilov was recalled to Moscow to lead the Northwest Defense Front Afterwards, he was sent to Leningrad and was assigned to inspect the training of the Red Army reserve forces in the Moscow, Volga, Central Asia and Ural military districts.

And terrible force, but we firmly control the battlefield.The Russians dropped a field of dead bodies and a large number of destroyed tanks in front of our positions, and they found nothing.But we re also starting to see casualties no force will come out unscathed from an attack like this.The only thing I m thankful for is that incredibles cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies online the casualties didn t affect the mood of the soldiers when the Russians briefly stopped attacking.The most busy ones are probably the medical when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online officersthey have to save the lives of the wounded soldiers, have to check if there is anything alive in the corpses It s time to eat, but like the vast majority of soldiers, I have no appetite for food at all.Even if I manage to put the food in my mouth, occasionally when I look up and see the densely packed corpses, my stomach will burst into tears.

But now the situation is completely different.With the continuous can you buy cbd gummies online victories of the German army on the battlefield, a large number of Soviet forces were wiped out.From the very beginning of the war, the German army s intentions were very clear, sweeping away all foreign aid from Moscow, and completely isolating Moscow.The Germans did it Now Moscow has completely become an isolated city.Although on the outer line, there are still a few reinforcements who are desperately trying to reinforce Moscow, but these reinforcements are like a drop of water falling into the sea, and they can t do anything at all.Moscow can only rely on its own strength, but this strength is so small.Now, the only thing they can do is to delay the time as much as sq cbd gummies kangaroo cbd gummies amazon possible I hope Marshal Budyonny can delay the enemy s advance as much as possible outside the city Hua Xi Levsky sighed softly.

Caesar took the woman out to cbd gummies bad keoni cbd gummies real reviews fight and stopped fighting when the woman was sick, not because of his absurdity, but because he didn t take barbarians to heart at all.Perhaps in his opinion, as long as Nelia s illness is cured, HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online and he can kill all the barbarians anytime and anywhere.Before the sky and the earth were formed, the universe was in chaos Just when the two were discussing the problem, they gathered at the bonfire One of the Germanians who were drinking and eating meat together suddenly seemed to start singing there, and heal cbd gummies all the Germanians became extremely solemn.Before the can you buy cbd gummies online sky and the earth were formed, the universe was in chaos., there is only one bottomless abyss, the Jinenga Chasm.To the north of the Jinenga Chasm lies Niflheim, a vast world of ice and snow.There, thick fog shrouded the thousands of years of ice and snow all year round, and there was only endless cold and darkness.

Especially the Cimbri and the Teutons.They encountered the Romans in 113 years ago, and the Romans were almost wiped out in the battle between the two nations.The Germans took a sudden storm as a warning from their weather god and stopped fighting.The Romans fought these two Germanic armies repeatedly in 109 BC, 107 BC and 105 BC, but each time they failed Defeated.It was not until the division of the two nations that the Romans defeated the Teutonic in 102 BC and the Simbri in 101 BC.The breakthrough of the Simbri and the Teutonic to the central mountainous area inhabited by the Celts It dealt a heavy blow to the power of the Celts in central and southern Germany today.Later, other Germanic peoples, such as the Swibi, were able to settle in today s Hesse and the Main River Valley.In their leader Ariovistus s Under their leadership, they even broke into Gaul, where they were defeated by Caesar in 58 BC and forced to retreat east of the Rhine.

Germania will defeat the Romans sooner or later On the battlefield, Guo Yunfeng will not be afraid of any enemy.But when it comes to drinking, he is no match for these Germanians.These guys who regard drinking as the same as drinking water really scare the characters.Guo Yunfeng really can t figure out how these people can pour all this wine into their stomachs.Hey, brave warrior, have you been defeated here Guo Yunfeng couldn t bear to pour more alcohol into his stomach, so he quietly ran to the can you buy cbd gummies online cbd 25mg gummy nearby woods, but what he didn t expect was that a woman s voice came Follow him here.Looking back, Guo Yunfeng recognized this woman as Shisia, a female warrior among the Germanians.This is a beautiful woman, but if you are fooled by her beauty, you will suffer on the battlefield.She has a pretty face and besides that, a strong body.

Those characters Fighters are just playing games with you.Do you think they really dare to hurt you Do you really think this chick who is always locked at home can defeat those eagles in the sky Son, before the age of thirty You re not going to make it Maybe maybe those gladiators really gave way there Servius words disturbed Jaculius.If he really had the power to defeat a gladiator, why didn t he have the slightest ability to resist under the attack of Servius I was thinking wildly in my heart, and there was a negligence in my hand.The wooden sword was blown away.Before he could make the next reaction, Servius wooden sword had already pierced his chest heavily.Under a burst of pain, Yakulius fell on the deck.Then, one foot firmly stomped him to the ground In an instant, Yakulius lost all hope At the same moment, the battle on the battleship was over, Yakulius All Kurius men were knocked down.

That s not what I said, it was said by one of our Greek philosophers on the eve of his execution.Tenadus bowed politely.Hellman looked at all this with a strange smile, he stood up slowly, clapped his palms, and the lively crowd fell silent immediately.To welcome Ariovistus Our granddaughter and the leader of our neighboring tribe, we Saxons from various villages gathered together, it happens to be the night of the full moon tonight, let us discuss some matters within the tribe He glanced at the children gathered at the banquet.Magathe, Lorenz, Rehhagel, come to the front Three German teenagers in brand new coats walked to the center of the open space with excitement.The Saxon leader looked at them with approving eyes, and said loudly These three young men have reached their age, and you all know they are following The party never fell behind through the woods, the beast was not lost when told to follow it, the first thing they thought of in the middle of the night when incredibles cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies online a sudden fright came upon them was to grab a weapon so I think they ve stood the test, They should be allowed to use weapons from today Dear people, what is your opinion The warriors, who were very excited by the strong drink, yelled loudly and swung their short spears vigorously.

The Germanic League finally formed a complete whole on this day Now, Wang Weiyi already has the capital to challenge the Romans The newcomers were properly arranged, and according to the news from the front, after quelling the Germanic uprising, Caesar retreated to the other side of the Rhine and demolished the bridge again.Caesar was a very smart man, he knew that at this time he could not complete the mission of conquering the barbarians, he also had to endure until his strength was strong enough.Caesar was thinking very well indeed, but he still ignored his opponent Ernst.Bram Caesar used the hands of the barbarians to get rid of Centumalus, who was a threat to his rule, but Wang Weiyi had already arranged for him a new opponent Servius No matter in which aspect, Servius is far better than Centumarus and more difficult than Centumarus.

In this way, for can you buy cbd gummies online cbd 25mg gummy each centurion, six airtight shield formations were formed, which looked like fish scales from a distance While the first battalion was well trained and quickly formed a tortoise formation, the second and third battalions on its left can you buy cbd gummies online and right also formed a tortoise formation, but because their numbers were only half of the first battalion.The scale of the turtle array is much smaller.Behind these three battalions came the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh battalions, and the eighth, ninth, and tenth battalions remained in the third row of the legion.This time the Romans dispatched three legions.The whole army did not line up the legions in parallel as in the past.The whole formation was like a huge Pin character.The sixth legion of Hells cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad was at the beginning, and the third Roman medigreen cbd gummies website legion called Rose Legion was on the left wing.

No one will offend the gods and become despised by everyone Wang can you buy cbd gummies online Weiyi glanced at Broken Arrow Then what are you waiting for, Caesar Are you going to let Servius refresh himself by the Rubicon Soldiers of Rome, followers of Caesar Caesar jumped on his horse Yesterday, we were friends with the barbarians.Today, we are cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad allies with the barbarians.Pompey and the Senate have betrayed us, now.Let s take back what we lost In 51 BC, Gaius Julius Caesar formed an alliance with Ernst Brahm, the consul of the Germanic League, and ten legions in Rome.One legion in Germany marched mightily towards the Rubicon River.The city of Rome was They were stunned.They never thought that Caesar would be so bold that he actually gold harvest cbd gummies 500x reviews dared to betray Rome.And he came so fast.The Senate hastily declared Gaius Julius Caesar National He appointed Servius as the commander in chief, and urgently added six legions to cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad him, and ordered Servius to stop Caesar s offensive at the Rubicon River.

There was gasoline all over the ground.With the supplies they need, the German commandos are ready for new raids in various locations.Looking at the gasoline all over the place, Kars felt a little distressed.These are urgently needed supplies on the front line.The Italians were supposed to be responsible for transporting them to the front line, but Italy was always looking for various excuses to shirk there.The results of it Now the gasoline is wasted for nothing.If he hadn t come in time, the loss might have been even greater.A company of U.S.troops entered Longenberg and began searching for it, although Kars did not think they would find anything.Who would be foolish to stay here and wait for the enemy to arrive An American corporal kicked open a room and walked in.After a cursory glance, there was nothing can you buy cbd gummies online inside.

But Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands refused to extradite him to stand trial, ignoring the Entente s appeal.By virtue of his relationship with the can you buy cbd gummies online Queen, William was given a small castle in Doron, Doron Manor, to spend the rest of his life in.He exempted officials and servants from the relationship of monarch and minister, but never gave up his title.But does that have anything to do with your coming here Ah, wait Brigadier General Johnson seemed to think of something suddenly What is the name of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands Wilhelmina Helena Pauline.Mary.Wang Weiyi said lightly.Brigadier General Johnson opened his mouth in surprise, and his eyes fell on Barononess Waldeck You also have Wilhelmina in your name.Are you Yes, I am the Wilhelmina family.Also a member of the Frederick family.

Especially since you didn t expect us to be so bold, and our enemies couldn t can you buy cbd gummies online even imagine it.Colonel Cherus let out a long sigh In any case, you succeeded in the end.Now, Cherus The colonel grew more and more curious about Major Moyol.What kind of person is this person Why does he always look confident no matter what he does What is his origin German intelligence or special forces These things are all mysteries to Colonel Chelus There is no doubt about Guo Yufeng and Richthofen s ability to handle affairs.Not only did they get a truck, but they also stole one from nowhere.car.I like to ride in a car.Wang Weiyi got into the car first You know.I really like the feeling of sitting on it.Because it s comfortable to sit there.Guo Yunfeng muttered.This group of daring Germans swaggered into Wilenburg, and now they are preparing to leave here swaggeringly.

Wang Weiyi smiled Soldier, I have experienced many such things, but every time I survived safely.This time is still the same.He broke off two branches, polished one end as sharp as possible, and then He handed one to Alan cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad Weapon, soldier Alan, this will be our weapon from now on Alan had no idea what the purpose of such a weapon was, what they were facing was a group of armed men Soldiers.Wang Weiyi lay on a low ground and asked Alan to cover his body with fallen leaves You, find a place where you can hide, and don t come out unless it is absolutely necessary.Major, let me help you.Alan said eagerly.No, your task now is to study.When covered until only one face remained, Wang Weiyi smiled at Alan But I believe you will soon become a qualified skeleton commando Allen nodded, covered the face of plain jane cbd gummies review Major Moyol , and then quietly hid nearby.

There are exactly eight thousand of them.My officers, eight thousand Generals, the defense of Berlin has reached the current situation, why is the baron guard not transferred to the front line No one dared to answer this question from the F hrer Tell me, why don t you use this force Kroller was very dissatisfied with the attitude of his subordinates.Then he turned his attention to Werner Werner, you have the most right to speak.Tell me why Werner didn t know how to answer the head of state.Yes, even if Germany is in danger, there is still one of the most elite armed forces the Baron Guard.Guards This is an elite armed force ordered by Reich Head of State Adolf Hitler after Baron Alexon left Germany.Its first honorary commander is the meritorious service of the Reich Marshal Heinz William Guderian This guard has only one mission, to encircle the Berlin scientific research base established by Baron Alexson Konstan Base And before Adolf Hitler died.

Westmoreland has already lodged a strong protest to the Russian army, and the US government has also exerted strong pressure on the Russian government.Colonel Papasolovsky, who was already in trouble, was arrested and the Russians promised to hand him over to the Americans for interrogation.But despite this, cracks have appeared in the relationship between the United States and Russia.Now, the German skeleton commandos are invincible on the battlefield again.There are only things they don t want to do, and there is nothing they can t do.It is said that a huge skull battle flag has been flying in Brest, which has become a thorn in the heart of Westmoreland and all the allies.Fortunately, this news has not been spread yet, otherwise it would be a great blow to the hearts of the frontline soldiers General, you must listen to this.

He is an American, and even if he fails, he must act dignifiedly like a soldier.He commands the few soldiers who are still willing to fight on.Hard to resist the enemy s attack, even though they know that there is no hope.A shell fell not far from them.The air wave from the explosion overturned several American soldiers at once.At this time, even the most determined people know that they cannot succeed.All eyes were on Major Abraham.The major knew that he was playing, so he smiled wryly You have done your best, now you can do what you want.What about you, major Me Major Abraham said in a daze, I It will come in a while, but I want to take a closer look.So far, no one has been able to understand the meaning of Major Abraham s words Honey, I m going to Europe.Ah, dear Abraham, you will come back laden with honors.

They also had a radio with direct access to Allied High Command.Kroller s order after contact was to find ways to leave Berlin Enough, these words need not be said.Fels suddenly interrupted Ernest.But these words still fell into Hart s ears.He looked at General Eric in surprise, but found that the general was as surprised as himself.God , a German head of state, actually kept in touch with the enemy.At this moment, Hart suddenly understood why the mighty Germany failed so quickly.Traitor this is the biggest traitor Yes.Ernest sighed Kroller wanted to leave Berlin, but he didn t know the extent of Berlin s defenses, so he sent me out first to find out the news.I found Buschman and hid behind his car.In the carriage, but you were still caught.Is Kroll still hiding there Fels asked.Yes, they should still be hiding there.

The Italians were the first to attack.General Catavasso, the commander of the Italian army, arrived in Germany almost at the same time as General Garden.He went to war with as much arrogance as any Italian general.He believes that no matter what the enemy is, in the face of the majesty of the Italian general, he will surrender without a fight.Especially after the powerful artillery fire of the Allied forces spoke.Catavaso s confidence is stronger He didn t even wait for General Garden to give the order to attack, so he put the Trasu Infantry Division and Nestans Rapid Mobile Brigade into the attack in advance.Under the cover of artillery fire and armored vehicles, the Italians rushed towards the opposite German position aimlessly.Until this time, they did not know that they were only facing some irregular armed forces.

Therefore, ending the war as can you buy cbd gummies online soon as possible is a good choice for everyone Kerrett also heard that in order to eliminate domestic opposition as much as possible, the government has secretly arrested those anti war stalwarts for various reasons can you buy cbd gummies online Molecules, this is not in line with the US Constitution, but in special times, what can be done In addition, the attitude of those big domestic chaebols towards this war is quite ambiguous.The Jewish consortium not only did not reap any benefits during World War II, but also suffered major setbacks, and this war gave them the best chance.The our group headed by the Rothschild family firmly supported all the president s decisions, and spared no effort to advocate and provide all necessary help for this war.However, the attitude of the Wasp organization headed by the Morgan family and the Rockefeller family is extremely unclear.

By dawn tomorrow the Americans will probably be cheering that they have finally taken the ground.But what they couldn t imagine was that the cruelest battle had just begun.Exactly as he had imagined, the next day it became clear that after the heavy shelling, the U.S.military finally found that the German positions were empty.They cheered wildly, as if they had won the final victory.They drove arrogantly into Farberman, and then they knew their misery had begun.If it was a battlefield of hell before, then Fabaman has become a real hell, and every inch of land here has become the grave of Americans.Here, the U.S.military s air superiority cannot be brought into play, and the U.S.artillery s artillery superiority cannot be brought into play.They must rely on the strength of infantry to can you buy cbd gummies online finally occupy here.

On the key defensive sections can you buy cbd gummies online that should have been slowed down due to the obstruction of the French army, the German soldiers can maintain that kind of rapid advancement.Speed, or the French army is dead, or those Allied commanders It s a bunch of idiots The German soldiers advanced in such a large area without any movement.When Slat thought the Allied Command was ridiculous, suddenly there was a deafening loud boom from the front, and the troops in front were in chaos.Slat quickly dispersed the soldiers so as not to be mistaken by the enemy.Hit as a living target.D company You and F company go to the right wing to check the situation The battalion commander of the German soldiers quickly issued a combat order to Slat.Slat best cbd gummy art quickly dispersed the soldiers forward and followed F Company s advance.

His tanks were constantly destroyed, and his soldiers died in pieces.And those enemies who swarmed up.But there is no way can you buy cbd gummies online to stop it.Shefolsky also thought of surrendering, but such a thought only passed by in a flash, and was quickly rejected by himself.He is a soldier.Soldiers should die like soldiers.Surrender he would never do such a thing that would shame the can you buy cbd gummies online honor of a soldier So no matter how difficult the situation was, Shefolski forced himself to continue.Persevere, persist until the last ray of hope is completely shattered.This is probably the only thing Sheforsky wanted The Russian army also sent him reinforcements as much as possible.About regiments and battalions of Russian troops were put at the disposal of Scheforsky.But a huge battlefield.Such a little force can t achieve much effect Shefolski can t control so much anymore.

Now, Mr.Petergoff may be a good opportunity If you want to successfully obtain a license to exploit oil fields, you must find someone with strong power in Russia Wang Weiyi s words reached Petergoff when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online s heart at the right time Migroski Sir, let s put it this way, the alliance headed by the Wittgenstein family is willing to cooperate with the Russian government to conduct unified development of oil fields mainly in Armenia.We will pay 50 of the cost, we will get 45 of the benefits And to the Russians who have made great contributions to this matter, we will generously give him 10 to 115 of the shares Migroski s eyes lit up againhe can you buy cbd gummies online is fully aware of what these shares meanit s just that these things cannot be decided by him alone This matter is too important.I need to think about it Migroski mused and said, I think I can give you an answer within two days, ah, before that.

Saint Ernst Major General Jeckart, the commander of the Army Junior Division, called out loudly.Saint Ernst All the officers and soldiers of the Army Junior Division raised their right arms straightly and called loudly and frantically.I have to apologize to you.Unexpectedly, Ernst.Marshal Bram bowed deeply to them, and then straightened up War is a bloody game among adults, and you should not be involved.You should be in school now, with your own Classmates together.Or should be at home, with your parents.But our military resources are insufficient, so we have to use you.Children, I know you are the bravest Germans, the most loyal German soldiers, but not here Belongs to you After finishing speaking, he said word by word in a shocking manner Now, I order, the Army Junior Division, to disband There was silence around, even though the enemy s artillery was still bombing, it was still a strange silence.

The car was crowded.Tucket bent over and exchanged glances with Jayne.He looked very sad, but he didn t say anything.It s not good to lose the right arm Make.Tucket tried his best to put his body down.Using his right arm to support his center of gravity and turn around, Tuckett returned to Simon.He habitually pressed the arteries of the little guy with his left hand, and he was still sleeping soundly.Although it was only a weak beating, Takot was very steady.Airport, Captain.Otto s eyes were still attached to his scope It s the airport, we re here.He didn t think about it, and didn t seem to be happy incredibles cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies online about it at all.Where Let me see Regardless of the cold, Nash jumped out of the skylight and said, What a fucking hell That Russian boy didn t lie can you buy cbd gummies online to the takots Airport guys Here we are We are saved The dull atmosphere in the car from yesterday was instantly swept away.

In less than ten minutes, they had lost two tanks.General Gott, please retreat immediately.Gott recognized the speaking captain, his name was Max, and he was a very brave officer.General Gott smiled at this moment Captain, where do you think I can retreat Max looked around, and suddenly he also smiled.Yes, where can they withdraw to There were Germans everywhere, they were completely cbd gummies bad keoni cbd gummies real reviews surrounded.So, should we choose to surrender or die Max asked this slightly naive question.What do you think, Captain Commodore Gott asked rhetorically.I think we might all die here.Max seemed to be thinking there.Then do it, Commodore Gott said, taking a gun.It s been a long time since I felt like an ordinary soldier If I could die here like an ordinary soldier today, I wouldn t have too many regrets Brigadier General Gott and the American squad under his command lost their last tank under the powerful attack of the German army.

At first, he was able to resist the pain do cbd gummies help with quitting smoking from physical pain, but Capone used not only physical torture, but also mental torture.Double torture is always the most painful Unbearable.I said, you need me to tell you anything Colonel Chernak Boch finally gave up resistance completely.Ah, Colonel Chernak Boch, if you were so early Then there will be no such unpleasant things The smile returned to Capone s face Look.I now feel that the cooperation between us is starting to become more enjoyable.Please rest assured that your safety will be fully protected by us.And we will also arrange for you to enter the US embassy for rectification and asylum.Colonel Chernak Boch stayed there, what kind of background did this group of people come from Wang Weiyi stood up, he knew that there was no need for him to stay here anymore, and Capone would clean up all the aftermath The well handled The attempted assassination of a well known journalist by an important person, the fearless fighter Mr.

Relying on the memory of Moscow, Gregory miraculously came to a location outside the city.Ah, walk a few hundred meters and you will be able to leave this damn place.However, he soon discovered that there was a checkpoint in front and several soldiers were guarding it.Gregory wanted to go back, but he didn t have the strength to find a new way again.Gregory gritted his teeth, messed up his hair, then found some mud and smeared it on his body to make himself look more downcast, and then walked towards the checkpoint.Stop, where are you going The sentinel blocked Gregory s way.Gregory was convinced that others would not recognize him in this way, so he put on a pitiful look Sir, my child is sick, he is just outside the city, he is very sick, please , let me go out and see my child.The sentinel seemed to have some pity I sympathize with what happened to you, but no one can leave here now Ah, I beg you, good sir, I can t see My children need me.

Bentonson, is the 183mm heavy duty mortar arranged The German army brought four 183mm heavy self propelled mortars for this expedition, and the high explosive bombs and special fragmentation grenades fired by them are extremely lethal to cluster targets.Strength, it can come in handy at this moment.The layout is ready, and we are waiting for your order Don t hesitate Fire Several 183mm artillery shells suddenly fell from the sky and hit the group of American infantry.In an instant, the infantry group, which was still shaking, now fell down a large piece Romeo called the communication soldier on the side Order the rockets to cover the valley Quick Yes yes The communication soldier tremblingly contacted the artillery behind, and was overwhelmed by fright several times on the way.Nearly a hundred rocket shells hit an open field in front of the valley almost at the same time.

Steinman, the British army has something to look forah Seeing something happened, Steinman came out of it, and the two just bumped into each other.Steinman Here you are Manna handed the document to Steinman.Steinman glanced at the document, and then at the British soldier in front of him Ohthe British army needs us now Yes We are very much needed The British soldier said very seriously Then, he took out a letter from his pocket and handed it to Steinman.His eyes were a little sad.What s wrong Steinman couldn t help asking.Sir No.We only have thirteen tanks now What What what Both Steinman and Manna exclaimed, How come the losses are so heavy Steinman understood the bleak eyes of the soldiers, and a full armored brigade was turned into an armored company.This can show how tragic the battle there was, even Steinman, who had predicted that the British army would inevitably fail Shocked by such a quick loss.

Ten minutes later, the massacre ended.According to the regulations, after killing the prisoners, they should be shot in the head again.But none of the soldiers did that.Everyone collapsed to the ground.Looking at the endless mountain of corpses, his eyes were dull.Among these bodies were young ones.There are old people and children.Pat, what is the best way to take cbd gummies someone s rifle fell to the ground.Two thin lines of tears slowly spilled from Donald s eyes, slowly slid down his rough cheeks to his chin, and then fell to the skittles cbd gummies floor with a patter.Donald took can you buy cbd gummies online a deep breath, and then let it out slowly.Connor took out a pack of cigarettes with trembling hands, and then took out the lighter with trembling hands to light a cigarette for himself.beep The quantum cbd gummies bad walkie talkie rang Gomand 40 calls Gomandel hq, Lubeck airport has been occupied by us, we need the 59th Independent Assault Battalion.

From time to time, rebels passed by this bank, but no one dared to disturb here and this quickly increased Salam s confidence I came to see Werther Mr.Genstein s Ah, I am Salam, Director can you buy cbd gummies online of the Paris Personnel Affairs Bureau.Salam said cautiously.The guard at the door gave him a cold look Wait.He didn t seem to care about the director at all He picked up the phone and consulted the inside of the bank before turning it over.Passed over Mr.Wittgenstein is waiting for you inside Salam hurried in, and he was the first to see the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Paris, Rodini, whom he knew.Rotini greeted him warmly Hey, Mr.Director, are you also here to see Mr.Wittgenstein Are you also here to see Mr.Wittgenstein These words immediately stimulated Sa Ram.It seems that many people have been to Dewey Bank before.

One night, the nearby American military officers held a party and invited some German super chill products cbd gummies 50 mg military officers from the prisoner of war camps to attend.Many American military officials performed their own shows one after another, while the German military officials sat aside, quietly watching the performance of the victors.Only one of Schmidt s German majors was unimpressed by the performance of the American military officers present.This sentiment was seen by an American general.He asked Major Schmidt, Why The major said your musicians made many mistakes in playing Tchaikovsky Even if the Americans didn t know this story, only Mr.Moyol s voice sounded in the restaurant for a while The American general can you buy cbd gummies online didn t think so, so he invited Major Schmidt to play.The major was hesitantly accepted by the American The man pulled can you buy cbd gummies online to the piano, can you buy cbd gummies online but when he finished his military uniform, he took a deep breath and started his performance.

You are a kind man.Moyol Sir.Another voice sounded at this time, and then a middle aged man appeared in front of them.Ah, let me introduce you.This is my savior, Mr.Moyol.Mrs.Delk suddenly became happy And this is my husband s brother, Paul Delk.Paul Delk, military attache of the embassy in London Very nice to meet you, Mr.Delk.I m also very happy to meet you, Mr.Moyol.Delk and Wang Weiyi can you buy cbd gummies online shook hands Fanny is such a poor person, she just lost her husband , and was shamelessly kidnapped again.If it weren t for you, God knows what terrible things would have happened.The United States can have a hero like you, which is enough to make all of us proud.Wang Weiyi just smiled lightly Since you are unwilling to tell the truth, I think it s better to let the timid Captain Pattinson continue to be proud for a while From Paul can you buy cbd gummies online s words, he could can you buy cbd gummies online hear his dissatisfaction with Captain Pattinson But.

I admit it.Both Lieutenant can you buy cbd gummies online Colonel Mills and Colonel Jed are very outstanding talents.President Fenton finally said They have both lived in the UK for a long time, and they all have extraordinary talents.But very Obviously, neither of them is the most suitable candidate.The meeting room suddenly became quiet.Everyone s eyes can you buy cbd gummies online cbd 25mg gummy fell on President Fenton.There is nothing to hide from this.President Fenton said immediately The FBI and the CIA, to a certain cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad extent, they are equal, and they both have very important jobs for each other.Able to take over their work I don t want to affect them because of our affairs.As for the candidate for the director of the British American Special Cooperative Intelligence Agency , I think another name may be appropriate.He paused there , and then slowly said the person cbd gummies sugar free cbd gummies bad s name Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, Senior Investigator of the U.

Ladies and gentlemen, I must remind you that two of my colleagues have also become hostages.They maintain the law and order in Oakland.They work hard, but they are now kidnapped.I swear, I ll do everything I can to get everyone out of here safely, no damn negotiations What if the hostage s life is threatened I heard they all carried weapons.I thought maybe the storm wouldn t go so smoothly.A reporter continued to raise the most worrying question Or, there will be casualties of hostages.Director Douglas snorted coldly Then those black people must admit all the serious consequences caused by this 186.A letter from a black man The Cassily College incident caused an uproar in Oakland.Everyone is anxiously waiting for the result.Negotiations are possible, and a large number of police officers are already in place.

But in all fairness, the incident in Oakland was too serious , especially not long after the Luci s death incident , a large scale black armed riot broke out in Oakland.The leader of any country will HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online lose control no matter how strong he is in his heart I I think the current situation is still within the range that Mr.President can barely bear can you buy cbd gummies online Paris continued But if we continue to delay, I can hardly imagine what kind of free cbd gummy samples uk changes will happen.In my opinion, with the current situation, Mayor Duila and Mayor Douglas have no more than two options.One is to negotiate with the black people in Carsley College, and then some of their demands are made, and the other is to Ask for the support of the federal army.I think the appearance of the army will allow Carsri College to return to the Oakland City Government soon.

During the date, you were so much Sally who said, that cheapskate Shu Kako, you didn t give me a tip when you came here today, I really hope he gets hit by a car when he goes out Mr.George, what did you say that George s complexion changed drastically, Bart quickly stood up No, I object to the defense lawyer asking questions that have nothing to do with this case.It has a lot to do with it Randolph said calmly, This will prove my client s innocence.Yes.The judge looked at the two lawyers, and then said The objection is invalid, and the defense lawyers can continue to ask questions.Randolph did not pause for the slightest Mr.George, your curse has come true, my client was not killed by the car Knocked down, when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online but got caught up in a murder case that had nothing to do with him.Do you admit that you said that Do you need me to put your girlfriend Sally on the witness stand George looked In an instant, it became extremely pale But Randolph was unwilling to stop there Mr.

Without this person, they might have died in the hands of those guerrillas by now.After the fall of one officer after another, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s remarkable talents must now be fully credited.President Fenton and Premier Wilkins had repeatedly summoned Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Ask him about the progress of the British can you buy cbd gummies online cbd gummies bad keoni cbd gummies real reviews intelligence work and the Yinhe , the lieutenant colonel cbd gummies for sale ocala fl s answer is quite satisfactory.Of course, it is still far away when the hostages will be released.However, just earlier today.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol brought them great news.A major breakthrough has been made in secret negotiations with the Germans, and some hostages are likely to be released in the near future.Truth be told, President Fenton and Premier Wilkins could not believe can you buy cbd gummies online what they were hearing.Release, yes, release Lieutenant Colonel Moyol told them with certainty that some of the hostages might be released by the German side within a few days.

Olaviecki, I don t know how to thank you.Without you, we are all cbd watermelon gummies with melatonin in the hands of CIA now.You re welcome, Mr.Thorpe.Tuna looked very calm Although we have escaped the enemy s capture temporarily, I think we should find a safe foothold.Of course.Thorpe smiled mysteriously Laughing A safe foothold, Mr.Olaviecki, we will get there soon.Tuna feels that his first step plan has been implemented very smoothly The tuna was brought to a manor, which made him feel a little HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies online strange.Judging from the appearance and inside of the manor, this should be a place where very important people live.This is my father s estate, Mr.Olawiecki.Thorpe introduced very warmly You probably don t know yet, but my father is Sir Monlington.Sir Monrington Grislow Tuna surprised, the famous Sir Monlington Damn it, he is also a member of the underground resistance organization.

After Ireland can you buy cbd gummies online cbd 25mg gummy became independent in 1937, Northern Ireland was when to take cbd gummies for anxiety can you buy cbd gummies online still in the Under the rule of the United Kingdom.The Irish Republican Army announced that it would continue to fight for the realization of North South reunification and can you buy cbd gummies online cbd 25mg gummy carry out violent activities.In 1939, the Irish Republican Army began to create bombings in the United Kingdom and was banned by the Irish and British governments.In October 1954, it was announced that it would stop Military activities in southern Ireland aimed at the British army in Northern Ireland, aiming to unify Ireland by force.By the 1960s, the organization had basically disintegrated.However, this military organization, which was declared illegal by the British government at the time, After the outbreak of the Great War, they regained their vitality.They received full support from foreign countries in terms of funds and weapons, and their personnel were greatly expanded.

In the United States, President William was the most staunch supporter of the war, and this once won him great popularity.But as the war progressed, news of the defeat continued to spread to the United States, and President William s reputation was declining sharply.With the outbreak of the financial crisis affecting the entire United States, President William and the US government led by him have suffered even more.Then came the serious racial crisis in the United States that followed.The current United States is almost turning into a battlefield.The frequent outbreaks and even armed uprisings of black people have caused the US government to be devastated, and they have to spend a lot of energy to deal with the domestic racial crisis.The most troublesome thing is that the strikes and riots of black people made the US economy, which was already in deep trouble, even more unable to extricate itself.

Don t they care about the safety of the venue Olawiecki seemed to smile General Luke, I think you are too worried.The whole of London is now blocked and the investigation is very strict.They can t hold meetings in the city, so they can only go out of the city.How do they send a large number of armed forces out What s more, what they are confident about is that they also have a lot of power outside the city.Once they are in danger, those guerrillas can cbd gummies bodega support them within 20 minutes General Luke s eyes It lit up at once The meaning of Olaviecki s words couldn t be clearer.If he can end the battle within 20 minutes, then he can successfully arrest those damned armed leaders Thinking of this, General Luke became excited.He carefully asked Olaviecki about the time and place of the meeting of the leaders of the armed forces, and then repeatedly told Olaviecki to pay attention to safety before hanging up the phone.

All he wanted before was to win greater benefits for himself and the soldiers, can you buy cbd gummies online but now it seems that he can t do even this.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Baron Alexon has already firmly controlled everything in his hands.If this is the case, then there is nothing left to fight.If all your destiny is arranged for you, what more can you say He just briefly expressed his thoughts to his subordinates.Unexpectedly, none of the US military officers objected.It seems that they have not prepared to continue the war for a long time.General Gandra tidied up his military uniform, and then picked up the red phone, which could directly contact the headquarters of the Axis Army.When the call came through, he asked to speak directly to Marshal Ernst Brahm.After waiting for a few minutes, the familiar voice of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol came over Hello, General Gendra.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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