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Wang Weiyi knew very well that the battle that broke out on the 15th was the real hardest battle.On that day, a new weapon in the history of human warfare will appear on the battlefield.That s a tank.Wang Weiyi tried his best to describe the shape and power of the tank to the soldiers of the third company, which made the soldiers of the whole company feel curious.Does the enemy still have such weapons The British were the first to produce the Mark I male and female tanks, and named them water tanks for the sake of confidentiality.But the British never dreamed that this top secret weapon had been spread among a small company in Germany.The soldiers of the 3rd company didn t have any doubts about the authenticity of the company commander s source of information.Presumably they learned this from the intelligence department, right While he was describing the tank vividly and how to deal with it, Sergeant Hall came over Lieutenant, there is a girl who wants to see you.

Girl Wang Weiyi was startled, what girl Bon Claire said maliciously Hey, lieutenant, there has never been a tradition of women participating in the German army.The soldiers around how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety cbd gummies dapper laughs laughed.A girl in military uniform came over.It was a sergeant.Wang Weiyi stood up and greeted her I am Lieutenant Ernst Brahm, the commander of the third cbd gummies dapper laughs company.The sergeant saluted Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff, Heinrich Elena.When they heard the name of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff, everyone in the third company put away The smile became very serious.Everything in memory dr jamie gilbert cbd gummies tells Wang Weiyi why his subordinates have such expressions.Military Intelligence of the Army Staff, the main German intelligence agency during World War I, headed by Major Nikolai, a secret intelligence station was set up under the Military Intelligence.

A large area of the British was swept away, and the rest of them watched the tank damaged there in a daze.It took a long pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review time to react.Under the attack of the third company s intensive firepower, they turned around and ran away from here.Several disgraced tank soldiers climbed out of the tank, but they were quickly mowed down by the Germans.The third company successfully held its position.A burst of cheers sounded from the position, and Adolf Hitler also waved the rifle in his hand and cheered there like a child.This battle was fought so beautifully that only one member of the third company was injured, but they managed to destroy two enemy tanks and killed at least twenty British.Looking at the cheering soldiers and Adolf Hitler who was also cheering, Wang Weiyi blurted out unconsciously Hey The third company The soldiers of the third company were startled, and then cheered together Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Lieutenant Ernst Brahm led the third company to create a small miracle on the battlefield they did not panic at all in the battle when the enemy used new weapons, but showed their own strength.

That s enough, .

what do cbd gummies do?

don t tell me these things.Wang Weiyi interrupted Xiaoling s words with a little irritability In the future, don t share these materials with me without my permission.Heck, I know better than you what Hitler and pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review Rommel were like.Emotions, understand mood You have to know what human emotions are and what they want to express.I don t know, and I don t understand.Xiao Ling s voice sounded a little aggrieved.I m sorry.Wang Weiyi felt that it was unreasonable to treat a machine with such an attitude I don t know why, I already have feelings for this place.Not only to Hitler and Rommel, but also to those brothers in the 3rd company.Ah, I taught them to say brothers , I taught them to use Hey, 3rd Company to express victory emotions, and I also told Hitler that there is a place called x z ng in China, you said he would because Is it because of my influence that I send people to x z ng one after another I pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review don t know, but I have to tell you that every word you say and everything you do in this era may affect history.

But they dared not show their faces in public, and could only cbd gummies dapper laughs hide until a German army passed by.They finally escaped.Where s Guderian and Guo Yunfeng Steck and Boncrere shook their heads in confusion Wang Weiyi sighed, now he can t do anything but wait patiently Captain, there are gunshots ahead Wang Weiyi pulled himself together Concentrate your weapons, divide into three combat teams and follow me The figures ran towards him one after the other.The figure looked so familiar, and cbd oil gummies hope rose again in Wang Weiyi s heart.Heinz Wang Weiyi called out loudly.Captain A familiar voice came It s Heinz Wilhelm Guderian And behind him was Guo Yunfeng A stone in Wang Weiyi s heart finally fell.The German soldiers shot at the enemies who were chasing up.The British who were caught off guard did not expect the German army to appear here, and immediately turned around and ran away.

So you think this is a good game between me and the British Wang Weiyi said lightly Colonel Nicholas, I really want to know through you which country would do this.At that time, I was only a company commander, and I hadn t even been knighted.Would the British make such a big sacrifice for such an insignificant person Nikolai was cbd gummies vs xanax afraid that it would be even more detrimental to him if he continued talking, so he hurriedly asked, I heard that you captured three British tanks successively during the battle Yes, that s exactly right.Wang Weiyi s answer made Nicholas narrow his eyes What a coincidence, when you finished killing your enemy, three British tanks that surrendered were also destroyed.Do you think there is such a coincidence, Sir Alexon Wang Weiyi s heart was turning rapidly.Didn t the farmer s information be sent to the Military Intelligence Bureau No, it must have been sent.

Until cbd gummies dapper laughs Guderian showed up with Pipondu and Will, only Elena, Hitler, Ma Li, Okus, and Guo Yunfeng were left.Guderian, take Pipondu to help me with something.Wang Weiyi whispered Go find a bottle of good wine, I guess I can find it in the black market.Remember, I will go to Lance Hotel.Guderian responded Major, do you have money I think a good bottle of wine will be very expensive here.Wang Weiyi was stunned there.money Where can I find money by myself Except that Colonel Thomas gave the detachment a sum of francs on departure.But all these francs together might not be worth as much as a bottle of fine wine.Especially during wartime, they can only go to the black market, and the price will obviously be higher.Seeing Major Ernst s embarrassment, Guderian seemed to understand something I ll find a way, I will definitely get it before five o clock.

At that time, their defenses will also relax.Staker, you and Elena, Adolphe, Boncre Lei stays and takes care of the healing resources cbd gummy bears people who live here.As long as cbd gummies dapper laughs cbd gummies 1500mg they dare to act rashly, you are welcome.The rest of the people are ready to act with me.Wait.Manstein suddenly raised his own question Which of us will open the door Tank Wang Weiyi was stunned, he had thought of everything, but he hadn t thought about this terrible question.With the guidance of Xiao Ling, and I have also driven tanks before, although the tanks of my era are completely different from the tanks of this era, I can barely drive away, right But what about the other two tanks I don t know if driving a car is the same .

where to buy natures boost cbd gummies?

as driving a tank, but I can give it a try.Okus said suddenly.Okay, you count as one.Wang Weiyi felt relieved, at least he could have two tanks.

With the accession of those in power, they are eager to eliminate those things that have a bad influence on themselves.In the eyes of the people, they are tall They are flawless.All accusations against them will be condemned by them as sabotage and slander by the enemy.So when their last enemy died at their hands, the voices against them naturally disappeared.They will exist as high as gods.Unless they wait until he dies, those doubts about him will gradually wake up But if there is no conclusive information about such a historical truth, who can prove that they once Have you ever done it I agree with you.Xiao Ling gave Wang Weiyi a rare support I think these two letters should have been destroyed in real history, and Mistanov should have found another letter.One personbut with cbd gummies dapper laughs you, the history track started to deviate badlyWalker.

Afraid and authentic.I have to go here to check carefully, hoping that there is nothing that can threaten us.Wang organic cbd gummies wholesale Weiyi asked Hitler to take a pistol and two candles.Elena hesitated, and Manstein said with a smile Don t worry, Elena, even if there is a skeleton beauty, Ernst I won t be interested in her at all There was another laugh, and Elena s face turned red This manor is very big, pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review and there are many rooms, Wang Weiyi inspected it carefully In every room, he was surprised to find that there were skeletons in many rooms.It seems that when the plague broke out, too many people pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review died in this manor But the strange thing is, There were no gunshot wounds or knife wounds on these skeletons, and they all seemed to have died normally from the how much do cbd gummy bears cost outside.What happened here The skeletons in several rooms especially caught Wang Weiyi s attention.

He grabbed Mikhail with one hand, and pointed the pistol at Mikhail s head with the other hand Gather all the soldiers together Get up and fight back against the enemy Don cbd gummies dapper laughs cbd gummies 1500mg t let an enemy go, or I will kill you Zhukov, you are crazy Mikhail never thought that Zhukov would do such a crazy thing, he shouted loudly Zhukov said I am a lieutenant, I am a lieutenant Immediately, lieutenant Zhukov tried not to let himself fall Colonel Fritoyak has given an order.If an enemy is released, we will all cbd gummies dapper laughs be shot Yes, do you understand Mikhail hesitated for a while Lieutenant, there are not many enemies, this is our only chance Zhukov gasped heavily The enemy There is a German general among the Germans, catch them and you will be promoted to major This was the last thing Zhukov could think of, he had to deceive Mikhail, and among the Germans there was a General.

Many things are unpredictable.The planes began to bomb the French positions, and Wang Weiyi picked up the binoculars.It can be seen in the telescope that although the method of bombing by the pilot s hands was inaccurate, it still caused chaos in the French army.Some of the French lay prone on the ground without daring to move, and some ran around.This even includes many military officers.Who can tell me what the French flag looks like Answer It is to paint two colored stripes on a white flag.Wang Weiyi suddenly remembered cbd gummies dapper laughs several jokes related to the French army.A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth Erwin, why is the First French Empire almost invincible Rommel was stunned It s because of Napoleon, right Wang Weiyi smiled and said Yes, but there is one more important point , Napoleon is a foreigner.

They hated the insurgents who participated in the riots to the extreme, and kept yelling there.Curse the Bolsheviks, and the apostates who betrayed the Tsar.Hey, stranger, what do you think A Russian who had obviously drunk stood up and shouted drunkenly towards the place where Wang Weiyi was Do you think those people should all be hanged Wang Weiyi Slightly smiled I don t know much about the situation in Russia Damn stranger, you suspect that you are a Bolshevik The drunken Russian staggered and wanted to come over, but Desimov stopped him loudly Sit down.You drunkard Even though he was drunk, the Russian was still extremely afraid of Desimov, glared at Wang Weiyi bitterly, and sat down without saying a word.Not all Russians are like this.Desimov spread his hands You have to know what kind of mood a person will feel when he hears that such a big thing happened in his country.

When he left this era, who would know the history What is the process like cbd gummy bears for diabetics But he thought of Goering whom he hadn t seen for a long time.Compared with Richthofen s talent, Goering is not at the same level as him at all Youyou really think I can do it Richthofen actually asked some stutteringly.If this was said by someone else, the Red Baron can you od on cbd gummies would have scoffed, but it was said by his best friend Ernst.What kind of scene would it be like to be the commander of the Luftwaffe and command tens of thousands of planes to fight the enemy If a person can achieve this step, even if he dies, there will be no grievances I m sure cbd gummies indianapolis in you can.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Because you are the Red Baron, Manfred Albrecht Von Richthofen Because you are the Red Baron Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen These words have been deeply imprinted in Richthofen s heart since this day Colonel Ernst, General Galwitz wants to see you immediately.

I don t know, she s seriously injured.After a while, Xiaoling s voice Resounding Now you have to take some measures against her, so that she can barely hold on for more than an hour.The place you chose is good.Wagach is a station that has been scrapped.There is no one there.I will meet you there.Before that, you have to kill all the Russians on the train Wang Weiyi helped Elena treat the wound, put her in a safe place, and then picked up the skeleton gun in his hand.At this moment, the Skull Baron became a Grim Reaper Holding the gun, he walked towards the carriage, and when he got to the middle carriage, several Russians spotted him.The submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand rang in the blink of an eye ahead of time, and all the Russians fell in a pool of blood.At this time, Wang Weiyi had completely turned into a killing god.

He remembered that in the intelligence analysis, only a few units in China were equipped with German equipment, such as the teaching corps.But what about the Chinese soldiers on the opposite side Now there is no room for cbd gummies dapper laughs Neikouyan Temple to think too much.These Chinese soldiers who suddenly appeared on the battlefield have already killed and injured a large number of soldiers of the empire, and they look like cbd gummies dapper laughs they will further expand the results of the battle.Neikou Yansi was still a very experienced officer in combat, so he immediately gave the order to retreat temporarily.The gunshots stopped suddenly, and the Chinese soldiers didn t get used to it all at once, what about the Japanese themselves Where did r himself go Little devil is gone shouted a soldier.He jumped, yelled, pointed at the opposite side, and laughed haha again Little devil is running, running The soldiers looked around, and then yelled frantically Little devil is running, little devil is running The devil is gone God, the little devil is gone They actually repelled these arrogant devils The battle that seemed to be lost, was actually won The soldiers hugged each other, yelling and jumping loudly, releasing their emotions to their heart s content.

When he became a German general, the other party was just a child.He said word by word Lieutenant, please salute the officer Captain, please forgive my faux pas.Werner finally gave in.There is a strange but irresistible pressure on the Chinese captain.Even in front of him, Werner inexplicably felt a sense of reverence and awe.God knows why such a strange thing happened.The Chinese officers and soldiers nearby were a little dazed.Was the captain talking German there The captain actually knows German But after such a conversation, the German consultant pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review actually saluted the captain respectfully.This is very rare.The plane of the Japanese army flew across the sky, and Wang Weiyi asked Werner to follow him to the cover Where is Germany Thuringia It s a good place.Wang Weiyi smiled, and then said Wo Lieutenant Na, thank you for coming to help us.

Therefore, under such an attack, the casualties of the 67th Army suddenly increased The enemy did not intend to weaken the artillery fire at all, but further strengthened the fire offensive.Seeing the casualties increase step by step.Wu Qian, the brigade commander of the 319th Brigade who personally supervised the battle at the front line, was so anxious that his eyes burst into flames.The officers could only keep shouting concealment, concealment loudly there, but how to conceal it specifically But few people were able to answer.On the contrary, before the officers shouted a few times, they fell into a pool of blood What kind of battle is this fighting Wu Qian s eyes flashed with anger.But there was no way, no way at all.They have no air support.Without artillery support, the only thing they can do is endure such an attack.

Brothers in the whole company, there are only three of us left.This sentence filled the hearts of all the brothers with grief and indignation, Brother, which part are you of it the wounded soldier asked, wiping away his tears.We are the Huben Guards, this is our captain Xie Laoji Xie Laolan walked out with a stick of pipe in his mouth, clicking I am Xie Laoling, from your 62nd regiment I recognize the leader, Old Lu.Reporting sir, our leader is not Lu, but Lu, Colonel Lu Chongyi, He was killed during the Battle of Shanghai Oh, look at my memory.Xie Laolan patted his head What about you What are your names Reporting sir, my name is Hou Lilian, they are Wan Wan Xuan and Rong Tingyan are our company commanders Okay, okay, I understand.Xie Laolan interrupted them Is the injury on the leg okay Come, someone, and re bandage this brother.

Qiao Zhihe muttered But why do you have to have Yamaguchi Hong to change I like this person.Wang Weiyi joked with haha In short, you brought this to Satomi Fu.Speaking of which, thisyou are by my side Someone, call, call His eyes just fell on Zhang Sandao passing by Call Zhang Sandao Ah, Zhang Sandao, got it.Qiao Zhihe read the name again What about opium You won t let us burn it, but we have bought a lot of opium from Li Jianfu.If Qiao Zhihe didn t talk about this, Wang Weiyi almost forgot In a few days, I will send someone to receive this batch of opium, and you ask Li Jianfu to send a group of Japanese military police to escort this batch of opium out of Shanghai.Qiao Zhihe s eyes widened Are you insane, to let Li Jianfu escort you Is there anything wrong I m sure Satoshi would do that.

Wang Weiyi pointed cbd gummies dapper laughs to the skull battle flag I have nothing else to ask of you, only that cbd gummies dapper laughs you never defile this flag Three hundred and sixty four.The night of the counterattack The night of the counterattack It s going cbd gummies and prescription drugs to be counterattack night And the launch of this counterattack the Huben Guard Brigade The night is deep, and everything is so quiet.But in such night and silence, a large number of Chinese soldiers have already entered the designated positions.Counterattack Night Everyone is waiting patiently, no one is impatient.All the officers and soldiers knew Once their brigade commander decides to attack, it will be overwhelming and unstoppable At this time, Wang Weiyi was also waiting quietly.Behind him were one hundred and three members of the skeleton team.And in the middle of the team was cbd gummies dapper laughs a real battle flag fluttering in the night wind the skeleton battle flag When this battle flag reappears on the battlefield, what will it be like Soldiers are ready, mortars are ready, trucks are ready, tanks are ready Everything is ready, now only waiting for the order to be issued Time is passing by every minuteJiangjia Village has also been completely shrouded in darkness Early morning, 4 25.

Tsukata.Matsui Iwane sighed long and loudly We have expended too much energy for the direct administration, and we have given a lot to the people of China in vain.If this matter is publicized, it will cause an uproar in the country.For the sake of the future of the empire, leave him alone for now Yes, Your Excellency, Commander.Matsui Iwane stared numbly Looking at the sky outside One day, I think I will meet Zhizheng again Three hundred and seventy.He wants to fight, fight with him The Jiangjiacun victory pushed Wang Weiyi s reputation to a new level And he also became the first recipient of the Guoguang Medal This chapter is awarded to soldiers of the army, navy and air force who have defended against foreign aggression and defended the country, and who have one of the following special military exploits Annihilating all or most of the enemy s army, and capturing important places of the enemy s army, as well as flag artillery or important armaments, etc.

Wang Weiyi settled down Colonel Peter, Lieutenant Colonel Jonas, Lieutenant Colonel Frank, your tanks and chariots will serve as the leader of the whole division to attack the enemy s positions Assault Yes, General Colonel van der Vene, your 3rd Skeleton Infantry Regiment will cover the tank attack, do you have any questions No, General I will live up to the name of the skeleton Let every inch of the ground become a Russian grave Wang Weiyi s cold voice sounded in the ears of every cbd gummies dapper laughs German officer Ludwig, How many cannons do we have General, we have 116 cannons and self propelled anti tank guns Ludwig s answer made Wang Weiyi gasp, what kind of power is this When I was in China.It took a lot of effort to get more than 10 Japanese cannons, but only one SS skeleton division.Jin has such a huge artillery power Very good Once the breakout begins, all the artillery will launch intensive artillery coverage on the Russians After the first commando breaks in, I will command the Ernst battle group for a second assault Ludwig, you will command Ludwig I hope the battle group will fight.

However, no one can know that if it weren t for the timely appearance of the skeleton baron, the German army s losses would be far greater than this number.The losses of the Russians were even more severe.The HCMUSSH cbd gummies dapper laughs two infantry divisions of the Soviet Army s Guards were completely wiped out, and 70,000 Soviet troops, including General Magfedlov, commander of the Soviet 3rd Armored Army, died in battle.Sling was furious when he learned that the German troops had broken out of the pocket of Demyansk, and severely reprimanded Cuikov, the commander of the Northern Front Army in Dunton.The Soviet High Command re enacted the combat plan, and immediately used the Northern Front as a force.The Belarusian Third Front cooperated with the encirclement of the German support how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety cbd gummies dapper laughs troops 50 kilometers west of Demyansk, and strictly ordered the Soviet troops outside the encirclement not to retreat to withstand the Germans.

Glory belongs to Germany Wang Weiyi said word by word.Ludwig and the SS officers also stood in a row at the same time General, the German SS is honored to fight side by side with you Glory belongs to the SS.Glory belongs to Ernst Wang Weiyi watched the SS officers General Ludwig, I am honored to fight side by side with the German SS Glory belongs to Germany St.Ernst St.Enns St St.Ernst Watching General Ernst step into the plane, the frenzied cries sounded again This is the cry of the 200,000 German soldiers rescued from Demyansk, this is the cry of the whole of Germany In the sky, the fighter planes of the second hunter team lined up in two columns.At the same time, I paid tribute to the German Air Force to General Ernst The artillery began to fire, expressing the gratitude of all German officers and soldiers in Demyansk with the sound of artillery The plane started to skid off the runway, and then went into the blue sky But on the ground, the voice of Saint Ernst is still ringing out one after another Wittman raised his head and stared at the plane Do you think General Ernst will come back to command us to continue fighting He s back.

Immediately allocate special funds to them.Wang Weiyi immediately said after knowing the situation We need medicines, and we must ensure the normal use of the hospital.War has nothing to do with children.Yes.Marshal, I will immediately Go do it.Thank you, Marshal.The dean said gratefully.Si Dao, distribute the gifts we brought to these lovely children.Wang Weiyi finished speaking, and Guo Yunfeng immediately joined the guards and gave the gifts they brought to the children, which immediately aroused cheers from the children.You are such a kind Baron, Field Marshal.General Dietrich said sincerely In addition, some of our wounded German soldiers also live here.They heard that you are coming.They are very excited.Can you go and see me Are they Of course, General Dietrich, I can t wait to meet these brave boys Wang Weiyi said without hesitation.

I seem to remember something, but I can t grasp it.Elena finally stopped and opened her eyes I have been here, I must have been here, and I am here with you, but I still want to I can t remember, I can t remember but I know, I will be able to remember sooner or later Yes, you will be able to remember sooner or later Wang Weiyi held Elena s face in his hands, and then kissed her deeply so naturally.Even the taste of a man is so familiar, Elena is completely conquered by this man, but everything is so natural to her, familiar, she loves this man Elena is very sure and has fallen in love with this man a cbd gummies thru tsa long time ago She swore that she would remember everything.The lights in the Champ de Mars were turned off, and the music played again.The entire square, and the entire night sky, were silently watching these two men and women kissing passionately around the square, and more than a dozen SS officers were closely watching.

Wang Weiyi asked lightly.Yes.Frank replied very positively He may go to certain places.But the destination is in the hands of Glovis himself, and we don t know.Our purpose is to protect Oppenheimer.It just so happens that Oppenheimer is coming to New York.Wang Weiyi s attention was attracted by Frank, and he listened intently to natures only cbd gummies what Frank said Oppenheimer was once infected with tuberculosis.Smoking was strictly prohibited, but he was a heavy smoker.He never took his pipe out of his mouth, so the cough always troubled him and made him very painful.Two times a year, he would Check up and treatment with Dr.Teston, the most famous lung specialist in New York, is no exception this time.Especially after Glovis s mysterious plan starts, he may be away for a long time, because he needs to work in Tess.

He was first on the Russian battlefield.He defeated the Soviet army medterra cbd sleep gummies review with a beautiful counterattack, ended the Soviet army s fierce counterattack, and stabilized the situation in Russia.Then, how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety cbd gummies dapper laughs he was about to open up a new battlefield that no one could have imagined Turkey Germany itself did not think of it, let alone the Allies.Once the Turkish war broke out.The Allies will be completely shocked, and the decisions they make in haste will expose them to huge flaws Military parade, military parade.Wang Weiyi thought for a while, and nodded slightly Very good, I am very interested in participating in tomorrow s military parade.This can tell our enemies that I am in Berlin.Then, during the military parade As soon as the ceremony is over, I will go to Turkey Hitler became excited.Once Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm appears in the military parade, it will greatly boost the fanatical morale of the German people.

He began to form a regular army, established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and concluded a treaty of friendship he won the sympathy and support of as many countries as possible, laying the foundation for the victory of the War of Independence.In June 1920, the Greek army, with the support of Britain, launched a massive offensive in an attempt to strangle Turkey s independence movement.In times of crisis, Kemal served as the commander in chief of the national army, broke through the Greek defense line with the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves, drove the Greek army out of the Mediterranean, and captured the enemy commander in chief alive.Kemal led the Turkish people to finally drive away the Alien Army, and the Allied Powers had to sign the Lausanne Agreement in Switzerland on July 24, 1923.

If the soldiers want to ask, tell them that it is a change of defense.Erwin Rommel suffered the worst in his life.A failure on September 6th, Rommel finally withdrew his troops to the starting position of the attack.The African Armored Corps began to prepare for the defense of the British attack.The shadow of failure was hanging over the German army, but in the middle of the night on September 6th, things seemed to have changed.A figure who was enough to turn the German African Army from defeat into victory appeared, at least, this is what all German troops thought.As long as this person appears, no matter how difficult the situation is, you can get through it Marshal Ernst Brahm Where the Baron Skeleton is in danger, there is the Baron Marshal Marshal facing those who cbd gummies dapper laughs came to greet him German generals, Marshal Ernst Brahm looked solemn Call all senior officers to hold an emergency meeting immediately God like figures appeared, and the hope of Germany appeared.

Fortunately, Alexander has not visited the Toxon family for many years, otherwise he would have to be five cbd delta 8 gummies exposed now.My father also mentioned you to me many times.Wang Weiyi smiled and said He said you are the bravest general in Britain Alexander smiled on his face This is General Montgomery , the same.He is also the best general in Britain.General Bernard, talk to the baron for a while, I have to visit the king.Discuss the issue of logistics support and transportation of personnel General Alexander temporarily left Now, looking at the world famous British general in front of him, Wang Weiyi asked after expressing his respect General Montgomery, do you think we can win the final victory I don t know.Montgomery s answer was unexpected Although the Germans have suffered some defeats, they are obviously not so easy to defeat.

According to local customs, this symbolizes a good harvest.An ancient event celebrating the Flooding of the Nile.It was carried out by the pharaoh himself, civil and military officials and religious leaders together with the common people.At the beginning of the activity, the priest puts the wooden statue of the river god on the bank, and everyone from the elderly to children of a few years bows their heads to the statue to show their respect.Then, the priest recites a prayer.In order to seek good luck and happiness.Some people are cbd gummies and aspirin playing cheerful music.They sang religious hymns and danced colorful folk dances some were active on boats in the Nile River, singing and dancing to their heart s content.People were beaming and jubilant.Now, the situation has changed a bit, and this is our only chance to escape from Cairo He glanced at the Germans Tomorrow, led by the King of Egypt, all Egyptians in Cairo will be in order.

The shells of the 2nd Royal Artillery Regiment and the 111th Field Artillery Regiment covered the two high grounds in an instant.And what are the Italian artillery doing at this time The artillery force of the Italians is actually very powerful.They have cannons and shells that are not inferior to the enemy.However, cbd gummies dapper laughs less than ten minutes after the enemy s shelling began, General Tavalle, the commander of the Italian artillery, issued an order Evacuate, leave This damn place reason The reason is very simple, and there is a sound on the ground The enemy will attack sooner or later before the soldiers have time to eat.I will not let hungry soldiers go to fight Crash It s really frustrating.But this is the outstanding performance of the Italian army on the battlefield General Motta was actually planning to do a big fight on the battlefield, so that those Germans who always laugh at the Italian army can take a good look Look, Italian soldiers know how to fight, too but But damn General Tavalle and his artillery fled like cowards I want to report to the leader, shoot this coward Amidst the overwhelming sound of enemy artillery, General Motta screamed out at the top of his lungs He should be shot, shot General, the enemy s artillery fire is too violent Now, the 23rd position has collapsed Hold on, let them hold on Damn, we can t let the Germans see jokes anymore There is no way to hold on, those officers are shouting that there is no artillery fire Support them and don t want to die Damn it, have they forgotten the glory of soldiers General, it seems that life is more important Just when General Mota was still unable to make up his mind whether to retreat or continue to resist, the enemy The large scale cbd gummies dapper laughs offensive has begun The mountains and plains are full of enemy soldiers, and the Italian army is panicked.

The Tiger tank numbered 1128 was Marshal Ernst s command vehicle.When this tank appears there, the tank numbered HCMUSSH cbd gummies dapper laughs 1131 will also appear there, and the German general Guo Yunfeng is riding cbd gummies dapper laughs in it And these two tanks became cbd gummies delivered near me the beacons of the German soldiers and the source of all the courage of the German soldiers They fought side by side with these two tanks regardless of life and death, and repelled the enemy s attacks again and again regardless of life and death.They roared and launched a counterattack Wang Weiyi began to use plain codes to generate electricity.He was telling the Germans and his enemies I am here cbd gummies dapper laughs the Skeleton Baron is here This is the craziest decision ever Wang Weiyi is using this method to accurately tell the enemy where he is, and induce the enemy to invest all their troops to attack him He s using himself as a baitit s playing with fire, anything can happen anywhere on the battlefield.

effect.Pushing open the iron door with great effort, now the basement of Cairo Bank has been completely presented in front of Wang Weiyi and Elena I like the bank, I really like it.Wang Weiyi walked inside Here is The gathering point of wealth is the place where countless thieves and thieves dream of coming Look, these drawers are full of valuable things He didn t seem to be in a hurry to go Looking for the places where the Egyptian army s wages were stored, he put the travel bag, opened a drawer with .

what are the best tasting cbd gummies?

the lock opener, and found a necklace in it, and then he called Elena to him, and hung the necklace on Ellie s .

can minors buy cbd gummies?

On Na s neck Look, how suitable you are, so beautiful.Elena s face was a little red, he never thought that Wanderer would do such a thing Elena is really beautiful, especially Elena s red face under the light, it is simply mesmerizing.

From new victories to more glorious victories As long as Baron Alexon is around, victory is guaranteed Germany is cheering for Marshal Ernst, and the people of all Germany are singing for Marshal Ernst Long live.Baron Alexon long live, Ernst All for Germany all for Ernst His eyes were black.His blood was red His tanks galloped, his planes soared Skull badges made enemies tremble, and the banner of death Let the day ceasethe rose is his romance, the steel is his willErnst, Ernst, Ernst The baron s song resounded over and over again in Berlin Ernst cbd gummies dapper laughs won another victory, and it was a victory enough to turn the situation on the battlefield I see, the situation of the Allied forces is very dangerous now.Our situation is even more dangerous.Therefore, the plan must be advanced immediately, we received a secret telegram from the headquarters of the Allied Forces.

Therefore, if the other party is cbd gummy blue balls a spy with a special mission, he will never smoke when he is interrogated.Once he asks for a cigarette, it means that his confidence has been shaken, and he will confess in half an hour at most.Just from this point of view, Shimizu Dong is still very satisfied with the performance of Wilder.The other party did not deliberately hide anything, but smoked more than five packs of cigarettes every day for three days and three nights A person who is unwilling to control himself shows that the credibility of his words is very high However, Qing Shuidong did not forget his mission, but still interrogated the other party Throughout the day, he was not at all moved by the way Wilder was in so much pain and wanted to fall down.Keeping you from sleeping is often the best punishment When night came, Shimizu moved someone to bring dinner.

Yoshimura Hidezo thought he heard it wrong, looked at Masaichi Shimamoto in a daze, and blurted out There are so many anti Manchurian and anti Japanese elements in prison.Why use ordinary people Shimamoto had the same expression as Yoshimura, and he almost laughed out loud I also intend to dig something out of the mouths of those anti Manchurian anti Japanese elements.What use are these ordinary people They are only worthy of the empire.The fighters are living targets But, but they are just unarmed ordinary people, at most committing some economic crimes Yoshimura Hidezou blushed, but Shimamoto interrupted impatiently in the cbd gummies dapper laughs middle of the sentence.Mr.Yoshimura, don t forget that this is Manchuria, not Tokyo you are not the inspector of the Tokyo Police Department, but the deputy captain of the pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review Gendarmerie There are no civilians and criminals here, only war and enemies.

After blowing the fuse, throw it into a room full of Soviet soldiers.He rushed to the door as the grenade exploded.He raised his submachine gun and swiped.Another Russian soldier suddenly appeared in the corner of the hall, holding a rifle in his hand.He shot a paratrooper in the chest.Heisenberg quickly raised his gun and fired, and the bullet hit him in the chest.Both soldiers fell down.A medic from the commando rushed to provide medical treatment to the paratrooper who was shot.The commando came to an open field, where a bunker stood.The bunker is not big.But it is made of reinforced concrete.This makes the people in the bunker fully protected against all types of attacks.Inside the bunker was a Russian machine gun team.They manipulated heavy machine guns and fired violently at the commandos, but did not hit the commandos.

Princess Elizabeth immediately understood.Yeah, this is not what a HCMUSSH cbd gummies dapper laughs gentleman should do Wang Weiyi murmured.I have never regretted anything I did, and I have never had any worries, but only in the matter of treating Leoni and Elena, I really owe them.Maybe, there will be a chance to repay Mr.Baron, may I ask you a question Princess Elizabeth s words interrupted Wang Weiyi s train of thought Of course.How old are you Princess Elizabeth asked The question raised may be what many people care about During the first war, you were the youngest general in Europe, and then you disappeared mysteriously for twenty years during the Battle of MontforkonTwenty years later, you suddenly appeared, still so youngMaybe you don t know it yourself, but the high society in Europe is commenting on you everywhere, saying that you have received a mysterious blessing, the Baron of Immortality The legend of yours is spreading wildly in Europe I think only you know your real age Wang Weiyi smiled wryly.

He noticed that Colonel Van der Kok, who was cbd gummies dapper laughs sitting across from him, didn t have much interest in grilled squid, and he didn t even move a bite.Ah, and his companion didn t move either.It seems that the skills of the chefs in the German military camp are really frustrating.But look at Ludwig and these guys, they all eat with relish.God knows why they eat these unpalatable things.De Sade suddenly put down the knife and fork in his hand, walked up to Wang Weiyi, whispered something in his ear, Wang Weiyi nodded slowly, and then asked Ludwig next to him Have you brought a weapon Ah, I have.Marshal.Ludwig replied in a daze.General Ludwig, now I order you to show me your weapon.Under the order of Marshal Ernst Brahm, Ludwig pulled out his pistol inexplicably.But before handing it over to the marshal, Ernst pointed at the people who had passed by Van der Kok Arrest them Although he didn t know what the marshal meant, Ludwig, who had great trust in the baron, immediately He raised his gun and pointed at Fan Deko and his companions Marshal, what are you trying to do Fan De Ke looked calmer.

The continuous increase of troops and the constant paralysis of the opponent s tactics achieved the ultimate victory in Samilos.Good test.Now, Colonel Trovic has nothing to do.Almost all his officers are dead, and his soldiers have also suffered heavy losses.He simply has no strength to continue organizing the onslaught The cold wind blowing the battlefield at night, the biting cold not only comes from the bad weather, but also comes from the heart.The wounded soldiers wailed in pain on this cold night.The harsh climate continued to torture them, and what was fatal was , They don t have enough medicines.Since the outbreak of the Soviet German war, the Soviet Union has been seriously short of medicines.Before that, they could get aid from the United States and Britain through the Iranian lifeline, but now this lifeline has been cut off, and the United Kingdom has ceased war with Germany.

They can fight for their own lives without reservation.Faith gave everything, although it seems that what they have done is futile now.But their actions are still worthy of respect.Marshal, I can t wait to end all of this now Wang Weiyi sighed A group of excellent soldiers, it s a pityGeneral, I always think this is a crime.A group of soldiers who have no military training, just after completing brainwashing, began to sacrifice.This is irresponsible for life.It s a crime However, in a sense, this is also the most helpless choice for the Russians He paused there, and then continued to speak slowly Starting from Barbarossa, hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Russians were killed and captured, and hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands were replenished.It seems that their source of troops There is a steady stream, but it is one thing to have enough troops, and it is another thing to be able to go to the battlefield A combat capable army needs long term training, but the Russians do not currently have Such conditions, so they can only take the simplest way brainwashing.

Celebrating the victory that has come.And it was he who brought us this victory the great Baron Alexson It was he who came back in time when Germany was most difficult, who appeared in time when Germany needed help most, and who brought Germany the most how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety cbd gummies dapper laughs A great victory There is no doubt that this article, full of praise, proves that Recker is indeed the most loyal follower of Baron Alexon.Actually, in Germany.Who is not a follower of the Baron There is no suspense about the outcome of the war, and now all that remains is when the battle here will end.The night goes away, and the day comes.The gunfire on the battlefield is no longer so violentRussian tanks are burning there, and the pungent smell stimulates everyone s nerves.If it is paired with the unpleasant smell of burning corpses, it is simply disgusting.

Here, you don t need your own mind and soul.What you need is that you keep working, working, and continuing to work.Give your all to the organization Heisenberg swore he would go crazy if he worked in such an environment for a year.For three full days, Heisenberg found himself living in a state of fear.Fear does not come from physical torture, but from spiritual.Every day at the beginning of work, there will always be a cbd gummies dapper laughs meeting.The content of the meeting is completely unchanged, complaining about the atrocities of German fascism, and encouraging everyone to resolutely support the correct line of the great Comrade Stalin.Heisenberg swore that he would never come to such a place again At this time, Wang Weiyi also started to cbd gummies dapper laughs move.He had to make a big noise in Moscow.Not many people, but enough.

Now, all the roads have been what cbd gummys are the best for anxi paved The truck carrying the special unit and the hostages is slowly driving on the streets of Moscow.Halfway through the start, a huge explosion sounded in the east of Moscow.The good show has begun, isn t it Sidney Riley, who was sitting next to Wang Weiyi, shrugged and said.Yeah, the fun has begun Wang Weiyi smiled Reilly, you must not forget what I told you, and it must be completed before the end of the Battle of Stalingrad Yes, baron, but I hope my money can be remitted to my account in the Swiss bank in time.Riley said easily.You can get everything you want.Wang Weiyi looked forward Okay, you can send it to us.I hope to hear good news from you in Stalingrad.Stalin, who will die Come with your victory These were Riley s last words before getting out of the car.

He didn t look back, but yelled, Stella, come with me But Dom didn t respond.Sipple s heart tightened, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.He turned around and returned on the way.When he reached Dom s shooting position, he heard Dom s groan Dom was shot.He was hit by three bullets in the chest, and the blood was continuously flowing from the single hole Stay still, Stella Sipple rushed over.He took out the first aid kit, and at this time Klingenberg also came in front of him and joined in the rescue of Dom.Major, save me.Save me Dom said weakly, I don t want to die.I don t want to die, save me Listen, Stu, don t you Will die.Klingenberg said with a livid face You cowardly soldier, do you think you can escape the battle if you get shot Hey, I won t let you succeed.You lazy guy , ok, ok.I ll give you a month s vacation, get out of here quickly when you re healed ah.

The task of Lykov is to assist the German battle group to seize the port and persist until most of it arrives Everyone knows what the lifeline of the port means to Stalingrad, and its importance goes without saying.Now, the Germans have clearly set their sights on this place.Liaokov has become the key to it.The 2,000 strong force under his command is all composed of soldiers from the Russian Free Army.The Russians probably would not have imagined that the Germans would use such a large scale and organized force to enter the Stalingrad.And unbelievably, they succeeded, and were given such a heavy responsibility to assist in the defense of the port Probably, this is what God meant.Lykov knew that this time was a test It s time cbd gummies dapper laughs for him, he must use a successful battle to prove his loyalty to the Germans and restore the glory of the Chikachev family.

However, I like challenging things Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi put away his smile Since you have given me a difficult problem, I think I must complete it.I hope you wait patiently here for three days, and I will find a way.I could wait here forever.Timoshenko picked up his pipe and put it to his mouth I think this will be a pleasant cooperation between us.If you need help, Temitav outside will give you full help.You know, he still has some ideas in Moscow.Wang Weiyi nodded, then stood up I will remember such a pleasant meeting today, and at the same time, I will order my barracks to reserve a most comfortable room for you.I look forward to this day as soon as possible.Timoshenko said calmly.Seeing the back of Marshal Ernst leaving, Walter was a little worried Marshal, do you really believe him I believe.

He listened carefully to Wang Weiyi s words This is a regime that is completely different from the Moscow government.Anna, you are my representative in Russia.Best friend, isn t it Looking at the face in front of her that once fascinated her when she was a girl, and now it still has almost no change from decades ago, Anna nodded involuntarily Yes, himself Baron Skeleton s best friend in Russia the best So, I had to do something for my friend Wang Weiyi smiled slightly After the new government is established and seized the power of the whole of Russia, I will recommend you to be the Minister of Finance or Minister of Foreign Affairs of the new government Anna opened her mouth, it was hard to believe What did I hear If it was really what the Skull Baron said, it would be unbelievable.And what about you Timilenko, my friend, I have arranged for you too.

His family members seemed to be familiar with all this, and calmly packed up some things.Simple luggage.On the contrary, the captain who guarded them sighed in his heart.Although from the first day he was in charge of the guard, he knew that this situation would happen sooner or later, but even a marshal like Timoshenko couldn t handle it.If he escapes bad luck, who else in Moscow will be safe At this time, Timoshenko has another idea in his heart He knows who Dimilenko is, the deputy of the State Security Service Director, a cbd gummies dapper laughs loyal follower of Stalin.When he appears, it means that Stalin is ready to attack himself and his family.Is the skeleton baron still actively preparing to rescue himself Unfortunately, he has no chance Comrade Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko, are you all right There was some impatience in Dimilenko s words.

Join the defense battle here.In addition, Comrade Vasilevsky also mobilized 21 guerrilla brigades, two workers divisions and two women s divisions, as well as five youth regiments Stalin sighed in a low voice.Once upon a time, the Soviet Union had pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review a huge military force, but now there are only such pitiful forces left to defend itself.Such a huge force was not able to stop the Germans, relying on these forces alone, Stalingen had no hope. Maybe.The time has come to end your destiny.But Stalin did not show this in front of his subordinates Very well, Comrade Zhukov, Comrade Vasilevsky, you have done a good job, and I respect your efforts.Now, cbd gummies dapper laughs our party and government The core of the organization is here, and I believe we can defend the Kremlin and Moscow.We must tell our comrades that a large number of reinforcements are approaching Moscow, and we will soon receive huge reinforcements Zhukov and pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review Vasilevsky smiled wryly at the same time, what time is this.

Respectfully said My lord Ernst, you didn t attend the banquet of the governor.Is there something to do here Yes.I have an order from the governor.Wang Weiyi stretched his hand into his arms and turned his head angrily.He green rooster edibles cbd 10 10 blend blueberry pomegranate gummies cried out, Thebius, you cursed barbarian, do you still want me to invite you over flying with cbd gummies 2021 People s reactions are often like this, when a person they trust suddenly calls a group of people over, Often overwhelmed.So, I waited until Tibius brought a dozen people to the front.Only then did the commander wake up Stop, Mr.Ernst, what is going on What is the order koi cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies dapper laughs from the governor Here accompanied by Wang Weiyi s voice.The ten commander didn t see any orders, what he saw was a cold light shining in the night sky, and then fell heavily on his neck Then, everyone started to do it.Almost for an instant.

Not long ago, the Germanians, under the leadership of Baron Alexon , defeated the Roman legions commanded by Caesar himself.It is simply unbelievable that the Germanians actually defeated the Roman legions commanded by Caesar himself No, this is impossible, Caesar cannot be defeated, even Ariovistus was defeated by Caesar.However, they saw those cbd gummies dapper laughs Roman captives in the Germanian camp, the real Roman captives, which could not but change their doubts into wonder.The Romans were defeated, the Romans were truly defeated All cbd gummies dapper laughs the leaders at this time were extremely eager to see that magical Baron Alexon They fulfilled their wishes.Accompanied by Anluges, chieftain of the Germanian tribe, and Thebius, their first warrior.A man wearing a skull mask and a man wearing a Vulcan Loki mask walked in slowly.

Fight to the death The Salians and Ripulians are also willing to fight the Romans to the death under your leadership At this time, the warrior leaders of the Salians and Ripulians also followed Chapman s example.He looked half kneeling on the ground.Get up, my warriors.Wang Weiyi s words did not imply any reproach All responsibilities will be borne by Dadalut, and have nothing to do with you.You are real Japanese, He is a real German warrior Several warrior leaders stood up with confidence.As for you.Wang Weiyi cast a cold glance at the numb Dadalot, You have no other choice but to die.Dadalot didn t enjoy everything the Romans promised him, But he died at the hands of his own people first.A dangerous hidden danger has been ruled out.And this is not the main full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg purpose of Wang Weiyi s coming here.

Then, is the brave and resolute sister willing to come and enjoy this delicious meal cbd gummies dapper laughs with an old man What Pompey said with a smile.Except for him and Servius, no one else had recovered from the shock.Look, life is so precious, yet so fragile Servius said casually, looking at the figures of the two sisters.Then he paused, Ah, our main course is here The slaves brought tender but not greasy lamb chops, under which there was a thick layer of finely diced asparagus tip.The guests didn t savor the delicious mutton and the creamy bamboo shoots in their mouths, but just sent them to their mouths blindly.Their thoughts were still stuck on what happened just now, until they put on the extremely thin white meat.Tieria and Sylvia, who wore silk sleeveless robes and light blue ribbons around their waists, came to the banquet, and only then did the bantering and clinking of glasses resound.

This incomparably exquisite and luxurious necklace added a different kind of seductive mystery to the already beautiful Singroa.Jealousy, envy, appreciation There are all kinds of eyes.Especially those women, hated why such a necklace was not worn around their necks.At this moment, Singroa s vanity was greatly satisfied.What a generous person you are, Spulius.Singoloa said contentedly, and then seemed a little cbd gummies dapper laughs 1000mg cbd gummy uneasy Did you really give me such a precious thing Yes Yes, Mrs.Singroa.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I got this by chance in the East.In my opinion, it is just a trivial thing in my wealth, but wearing it on your body will undoubtedly increase my fortune.out of its splendor As a result, there was another exclamation from around.This precious necklace is actually just an insignificant thing in the eyes of pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review Spulius.

Even though he knew what Spurius did, he now had confidence in Spurius, without his help, he would not be able to win the naval battle at all.Wang Weiyi explained the details to be paid attention to one by one, how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety cbd gummies dapper laughs and then said I hope you not only listen to it, but you must do what I say, otherwise you will miss this opportunity, and no one can help you.It s your turn.My friend, I really want to say those words of gratitude to you again, but I just want to keep my respect for you in my heart Servius said solemnly When I triumph again, you will be in Rome, and you will hear the citizens of Rome cheering for me, and you will hear them calling the name of Spulius He will probably never know, What Wang Weiyi wants is definitely more than that simple thing Servius, Servius At this moment, a person broke in The guests are waiting for you, look, I I have written a poem for you again, praising your meritorious deeds, satirizing Pompey and his unknown son, now let us sing it to you It was Krasicius who came in.

Now, only the battle between the giant ax barbarian and Senardi remained.Centumaros stared cbd gummies dapper laughs blankly at all this, completely unaware of what he should do now Slashing down with an ax after another, Senardi dodged in embarrassment under the opponent s fierce attack with.His age has been beaten, and his vigor has been burned in the fire.When the last blow of the barbarian fell, there was no way he could dodge it.So, he watched helplessly as the giant ax fell on him.In the light of blood, Centumarus fell from his horse to the ground, his fighting spirit was lost, and he didn t even have koi cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies dapper laughs the courage to escape.Lying on the ground was Senardi s body.The pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review Hesse warrior Charlemagne finally stopped swinging his giant axe, and a victorious smile appeared on his face.Then, his eyes fell on the frightened Centumalus on the ground, and he walked over step by step with a grinning grin.

I don t understand, I just know a little.After showing his modesty appropriately, Wang Weiyi said Never ignore the power of those barbarians, I have no doubts about your talent, but I think You will have some difficulties there too, and I must tell you something His voice lowered It is said that Pompey and the Senate are very dissatisfied with Caesar now, and they are planning to recall Caesar. What, are they recalling Caesar Anthony almost cried out in disbelief.Yes, I learned from some sources.Wang Weiyi sighed So, I think you must let Caesar know about these things, and be able to make preparations early to avoid unnecessary losses.Thank you, Senator Spurius.Anthony gritted his teeth and said These ungrateful guys, have they forgotten who helped them get Gaul Have they forgotten Caesar s military exploits and Caesar s kindness to them Wang Weiyi smiled, he knew that Antony would definitely bring these words to Caesar intact Seven hundred and eighty cbd gummies dapper laughs three.

Anthony said angrily I brought my own legion, I will launch the most ferocious attack on the barbarians, let them stay on the other side of the Rhine honestly, let them know their identity Anthony, I admire your courage, and I have no doubts about your desire for victory, but you underestimate the barbarians.Caesar sighed At least in the current situation, we are not capable of defeating the barbarians.If we fight on both sides at the same time, then we will get nothing, we can only fail, and then either our heads will be chopped off by Pompey, or our heads will be chopped off by the barbarians.Anthony opened his mouth, wanting to say something, But in the end still did not say it.Yes, the time I have been here is indeed too short Caesar looked at his subordinates calmly Then, who is willing to take on the responsibility of negotiating with the barbarians No one answered him.

The female agent s show will be staged in Dessau.Wang Weiyi knows what he is doing and what he should do.Jonson, David, everyone He has been drawn into a trap, and now, what he has to do is how to gradually tighten the trap, and then complete all the tasks.A task that everyone thinks is impossible.Difficult, but not impossible.What Major Daveyne found for Wang Weiyi was a house left by an old German aristocrat.It was very big.Wang Weiyi and Leoni lived on the second floor, and a guest room next to it was reserved for Annette, who was sent by Daveyne to monitor Wang Weiyi.The sound insulation effect of this old fashioned house is not very good, and Annette s guest room is right next to the Baron Platt couple, and the movement in the room next to it can be heard very easily.Annette originally thought this was the best opportunity to monitor, but what she didn t expect was that when she lay on cbd gummies dapper laughs the bed, things that upset her began to happen Plett came from next door.

Later, Anhalt Dessau The Duchy of Anhalt Dessau was merged into the unified Duchy of Anhalt.The title of the ruler of Anhalt Dessau is Prince Anhalt Dessau.This is the first time Annette heard, She listened with gusto.In Germany, and even in the whole of Europe, the Anhalt family is a traditional and respected big family.Wang Weiyi said The branches of this family are as many as all the branches of all noble families in Europe , and there are a lot of talents.For example, the descendant of the German Chief of Staff, the German Field cbd gummies dapper laughs Marshal Count Alfred von Waldsee.Ah, is Field Marshal Waldsee also from the Anhalt family Annette said for the first time Know.Yes.Marshal Waldsee was born in the Anhalt family.Wang Weiyi nodded Not only that, there are many famous women in this family.Countess Louise Emily Agnes Countess Countess Mary, etc The most famous of them probably belongs to Countess Emily Agnes.

You lead a platoon to advance steadily, and I will be responsible for supporting you from the side.Yes, Major.Captain Ron accepted bravely.task.The group of American soldiers was regrouped and groped forward cautiously.They had no way of knowing where the Germans were hiding, let alone what would happen to them later.Captain Ron seemed very cautious, he kept urging his soldiers to be more careful. But the new nightmare for American soldiers began very quickly. When they walked to a place with lush jungle, suddenly, several grenades roared and drew several complete arcs in the sky, and then fell beside them.Boom boom boom After several explosions in succession, the miserable cries of the US troops resounded through the forest.However, this is just the beginning.Eight Germans with American weapons appeared, and flames were sprayed from the eight guns at the same time.

He understands how lofi cbd gummies price much power the opponent has.Also understand the limited artillery fire that the opponent can use.But where did the enemy get so many cannons Where did you find such heavy artillery fire General Kerrett was at a loss.His chief of staff, Colonel Ryan, was also at a loss But at this moment, Wang Weiyi was watching all this coldly.When the German counterattack fired the first artillery fire, he immediately issued an order to the base Xiao Ling, start Xiao Ling, start If the artillery fire organized by General Olitz is still limited, then the assistance of Xiaoling and her Ziguang military base will be the decisive force in this counterattack At this time, Xiao Ling didn t think about anything anymore, and it was completely messed up at this timeSince this is the case, let everyone have a good fight The Ziguang military base uttered the most terrifying roar This is destructive power, enough to overwhelm the enemy Terrible attacks from the base kept roaring out, and precisely landed on the American positions.

The siege of Ibor was successfully resolved with the arrival of the Skeleton Master.The cheers on the battlefield lasted for a long time, and then suddenly fell silent.All the officers and soldiers of the Nordland combat regiment spontaneously lined up in several rows, giving way to a wide road in the middle.They already knew who led them to attack Ibor, and they also knew who personally led the reinforcements to rescue the siege of Ibor.All of them never dreamed that one day they would be able to fight side by side with this person.This is a glory kushie cbd gummies that they will never forget in their lifetime, and it is a moment that makes them extremely proud The soldiers of the Skeleton Division appeared, and they quickly stopped, giving way to the middle road.Then, an old Panther cbd gummies dapper laughs tank appeared Above that, fluttered a huge skeleton battle flag.

Most of the HCMUSSH cbd gummies dapper laughs characters in his works are deformed and morbid, and the angry, melancholy and bewildered facial expressions are actually the expression of the author s inner feelings Famous painters know so well.Anne Marie exclaimed exaggeratedly.Miss Anne Marie, you probably don t know the German generals.Andert said with a smile Most of the German military officers have strong artistic accomplishments.Once they take off their military uniforms, they can become artists. Ah, yes, I think that makes me like the Germans even more.After Anne Marie finished speaking, she stood up I do have a collection of Max.Beckmann s painting, gentlemen, would you like to come and visit with me Of course, who can refuse the beautiful Miss Anne Marie Ondt said with a smile.Punet stood up holding the briefcase in his hand tightly Thank you for your invitation, I can t wait to see the paintings of Beckmann, a German master Eight hundred and fifty eighth.

At least some lieutenant colonels and colonels.Then came the generals.Almost all the generals of the North African Legion who could call out their names appeared.God, what happened However, it wasn t over yet, the next morning.Marshal Model, the commander in chief of the North African Army, also appeared in Aswan It s true.The real Marshal Model Those officers who arrived earlier were all accompanied by Marshal Model.Marshal Model had no time to commend the German commandos who had made outstanding military exploits, so he couldn t wait to ask Where is Mr.Ernst Ah, Marshal, he has been arrested according to Colonel Roman s order Arrest Marshal Model s eyes stared at the boss Tell me again, Major, what did you do to him Major Ludman was at a loss, but he strictly followed the order Marshal, we have already Arrest Mr.

But the flamethrower is naturally finished.Damn The coalition forces trapped in the trenches cried out in agony.Major Ludman and Martin sneaked behind the stones behind the wooden shed during the charge, and the American machine gunners were dazzled for a moment Kram and the others cbd gummies dapper laughs cbd gummies 1500mg were so noisy over living tree cbd gummies cost there, and they didn t see them.Of course, Sergeant Kramm and the others also Only when these two guys broke up with them in the positional battle.I didn t care about them, and I didn t know that there were more of them.Major Ludman stayed with Martin.He became a lot smarter, he thought hard, and came up with an idea he just found two bottles of wine from a US military corpse, the glass bottles were newly what is cbd gummies good for bought, and the readings must be high enough, really, I was too nervous just now , I actually forgot about this.

I have been begging for a savior to appear, but I didn t expect that it would pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review be you.Everything will be fine, Farida.Wang Weiyi comforted her in a low voice I m here.It s to change all of cbd gummies dapper laughs this.Farida raised her head, her hands groped Wang Weiyi s face Tell me, what kind of miracle has it been for so many years.Your appearance hasn t cbd gummies dapper laughs changed at all.It is rumored that you have signed a contract with the god of death.Is all this true Maybe.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Maybe I have really signed a contract with the god of death.I speak for the god of death, the god of death Give me immortal youth.Give me the power to harvest all life.Farida sighed.Finally separated from Wang Weiyi So now Are you here to help me, or to harvest my life Farida, I don t like harvesting women s lives.Wang Weiyi smiled and said I Come, to change all this, to restore order.

Hand grenades were thrown out desperately one after another, and amidst the bursts of explosions, the rising smoke enveloped the battlefield.Occasionally, something flew up, and it was only when it fell to the ground that it could be seen that it was a broken arm.At the same time, the owner of this arm uttered the most painful cry.This is the most real battlefield Once you set foot on this battlefield, you will know what is the cruelest truth.Everyone who has experienced all this will never forget it.Even if they can survive the war, as soon as they close their eyes, the waste s limbs and arms will be cbd gummies dapper laughs cbd gummies 1500mg broken.The dead companions will appear most clearly in their minds.But what can you do Now that you re here, you won t have any choice Colonel Versten also went into the battlefield himself, just like Marshal Ernst who was holding a heavy machine gun.

Adolf nodded.Then he glanced at Mordor with a smile Baron Alexon came back, and Adolf Hitler also came back.In that very familiar office, Hitler seemed to have returned to those years.it s here.He cbd gummies dapper laughs cbd gummies dapper laughs launched the Second World War, and here, together with the Baron, he led Germany to a summit that its predecessors could never have imagined.Standing in front of him were familiar soldiers.Standing in front of him is the hope of Germany Everyone has come back On the radio, Hitler s speeches are being played, as if cbd gummies dapper laughs there was a tacit agreement in advance.Or cbd gummies dapper laughs to be more precise, this is another way of welcoming the return of the F hrer Germany, people.Comrades I firmly rejected their unreasonable request I never believed in foreign aid Never I never believe in the so called aid from outside our country and nation The future of Germany depends on our people Only by our people The German people, the holy German people, must use their diligence, wisdom, calmness, and courage to overcome all difficulties Only then can our country move forward.

Wang Weiyi sighed softly I was the one who supported Gregory to his current position.No, baron, it has nothing to do with you.Fritoyev said unexpectedly In fact, even if You did not leave Germany, Gregory would still start this war.Over the years, the domestic conflicts in Russia have reached the point of irreconcilability, the economy is on the verge of collapse, and the people cannot live.He must rely on war money to transfer domestic conflicts Wang Weiyi nodded Thank you for excuse me Let s talk about some serious business now In fact, I have where can i buy serenity cbd gummies arranged many things before this, but I still lack a very important channel.I want to let the Russians know what happened, and I want to let the Russians know what to do.Fritoyaf understood at once Are you talking about the power of the media Yes, my friend.

Are you willing to accept this task When Fritoyaf asked this question for the second time, Bordov said gratefully I will.Mr.Fritoyav, I am willing to accept such a challenge Once you take over, you will become a thorn in the side of those big shots.You will be arrested anytime, anywhere, or even worse, are you ready Yes, I m ready. Then congratulations.Edited by Poldorf.Fritoyaf stretched out his yumi cbd gummies review hand I am very happy to hand over the Moscow Herald to you from now on.I will do everything in my power to assist you.As for me.Wang Weiyi stood up I will continue to provide you with various inside stories, including the various inside stories about the Grand Duke of Bierstoka.Bordov was stunned again.What kind of person is this Mr.Moyol Why can he master so many top secret and terrifying inside stories But he didn t ask, because he knew that some things even Even if I ask myself, the other party will not answer The last thing that should be done has been done.

Soon, Grigory can t wait to come back from the Ukrainian front, and when he comes back When he returned to Moscow, he would find that everything had changed.Moscow.It was no longer cbd gummies dapper laughs cbd gummies 1500mg his Moscow The biggest mistake he made was to betray Germany.He betrayed the Baron Skeleton, when Once he took a wrong step, he couldn t turn back.A huge tragedy is waiting for him Can you do it Can your father convince the Grand Duke Wang Weiyi asked.Of course, we will do our best.Ivan recovered from his contemplation Don t worry, when you come back, I believe the development of the oil field is already in operation.Then I can rest assured I left.Wang Weiyi seemed very satisfied I cbd gummies dapper laughs cbd gummies 1500mg had a very good time in Moscow, especially HCMUSSH cbd gummies dapper laughs meeting you, Miss Tatyana, if possible, I will invite you to the United States to spend a good time together in the future.

Kiritz laughed, and this joke produced such helpless and surprised expressions on the faces of many people.The koi cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies dapper laughs children also came to the door with cigarettes in their mouths, according to the usual practice.Huo At this time, Fuman should pretend to be obedient and ask his question.Dad How did you let your mother give birth to me I mean how did Mommy get me Hoffman asked pretending to be obedient, and squeezed one hand into a hole, and inserted the middle finger of the other hand into the hole.The scout and Nash couldn t breathe from laughing.Mel laughed like an asthma The cigarette in his hand fell to the ground.Kiritz held back his laughter, About your question about how your mother and I were born Kiritz walked to the assault hall pretending to be deep.Then, while holding the cigarette between his hands, he stuck gold leaf gummies green apple cbd his straddle on the steel This is where I come from your mother has a hole here, and you are all born from this hole Scout Paulus had a sense of humor beyond their expectations.

They are also proud of these children.When the war is cbd gummies dapper laughs over, the surviving children can proudly tell everyone Defending Berlin also has its own contribution The mg machine gun spewed tongues of flame frantically, and bullets poured towards the enemy in strings.In the firelight, the determined expressions on the faces of these German children are surprising.Although they have not joined the army for a long time, although they have not been on the battlefield for a long time, they have grown into the most steadfast fighters in a short period of time.They wrote their loyalty with their own blood, and they went on and on, dedicating everything to the honor of Germany.They can die, but they must die in their own positions In this position, Fu Yunfeng are cbd gummies legal in ms is undoubtedly a veteran.Together with German soldiers, he participated in many battles and killed countless enemies with his own hands, until now.

However, they don t want to leave too many regrets Another layer of French soldiers slowly swarmed towards the position under the cover of tanks.Among the German soldiers defending here was Polku, the second son of General Jekat.Polku is perhaps the most honorable of all Army Junior Divisions.His father is the commander of this army, and he must not lose face to his father.Their squad leader had already died in battle, at the most critical moment.Polku bravely assumed the responsibility of the commander.He displayed a composure far beyond his age.Commanding a small number of soldiers, he bravely and calmly repelled the enemy s attacks time and time again.They will patiently wait for the enemy to approach, and then throw a row of grenades.In the bursts of explosions, they will see the enemy screaming and dying.

The entire Allied forces have completely shifted from the previous offensive to the defensive.What s more serious is that after the start of the second Berlin offensive and defensive battle, under the orders of Baron Alexson and Adolf, almost all occupied areas of Berlin broke out in large scale armed uprisings.Westmoreland was forced to fight fires everywhere, and a large number of troops were sent to these cities.He could not send more troops to the front until new reinforcements arrived from home.Not only is there only one 2nd Armored Division, but all the Allied forces that are under German attack must fight alone for a long time.This is a very serious, but also quite helpless situation. Relying on Corrett cannot solve it at all. The German offensive wave after wave, calls for help from various positions continued to hit Kerrett s headquarters, but what good solution could he have The only order he can give is to order all ministries to hold their positions tightly and strive for the arrival of reinforcements.

Kerrett even thought that at his funeral, one of his superiors would say with a heavy expression General Kerrett fought to the last moment for the honor of the United States, he is the pride of the United States, and he is a role model for all American soldiers Then, his own coffin will be buried, and after a few years, no one will remember him.A sad life, a poor life.Let s do what those politicians asked, Ryan.Kerrett picked up his hat and put it on his head Your Excellency the Commander in Chief has promised me that at least we can have a national flag covered.At least, our The family will not be ashamed of us.At least, those damned politicians pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review have a reason to explain to the people Ryan also smiled bitterly and helplessly.There s nothing they can do but do it RS .Nine hundred and fifty five.

The rate at which Nocher ordered the fire to fire gradually increased.Because a shell flew out, the Russians in an area completely disappeared, but in a short time, the vacancy would be filled.Not far from the German 098 car body, several grenadiers cbd gummies dapper laughs set up a mg2 heavy machine, which also made Nochier feel sorry for those Russians who only blindly attack If they still choose to charge A hail of shells fell from the sky, knocking two grenadiers operating light machine guns into the air shelling Russian artillery The fried spots are not very vast.Small caliber gun There was a trace of uneasiness in Nuoqier s heart.If it s a small caliber gun, then it s not meant to be used against infantry The second shell came again, blowing up a soldier on the flank of their 098.Smoke and dust everywhere Noqier looked through the periscope.

Except Except for a small number of troops, many Russian troops often only put up a simple resistance and were quickly defeated.Wang Weiyi smiled I already know this situation.The United States has provided a lot of financial assistance to Russia, but unfortunately the money is not They were not used in Russia s domestic cbd gummies dapper laughs construction or in the upgrading of the army, and without exception, they filled the private pockets of those big bureaucrats, such as the Grand Duke Bierstoka.It s a pity.Kalumbu suddenly sighed He said Russia has such a large territory and so many people.If it can develop with all its strength, not only Germany, but also the United States will become the strongest opponent.It is a pity that they have such a government.Wang Weiyi nodded silently.NodYeah, Russia is perfectly capable of becoming a superpower But the more this is the case, the more I can t let it develop smoothly.

Are you still working for such a person However, the reporter s words are not over yet Not only that, Mr.Lyman Rodney, a famous American geologist hired by the Grand Duke Bierstoka I got rescued a few days ago Rescued King Walker was stunned, what rescue life cbd gummy bears Lyman Rodney has always been free.He said he was shamelessly kidnapped by a gift The words of the American reporter made everyone quiet He was cbd gummies for sleep where to buy kidnapped as soon as he entered Russia from the United States.He was kidnapped by a big man, the confidant of His Excellency the Grand Duke, Migroski, and was coerced to do what they asked.It is confirmed that Armenia has huge reserves.oil field.However, there are no oil fields worth developing in Armenia at all Boom.The entire press conference site exploded For the Armenian oil fields, the Russian government is almost all over the cbd gummies dapper laughs country A lot of money, manpower and material resources have been tilted towards Armenia.

According to the design Ding Zhuyuan and fire at the intersection At this time boom Karl fired another rocket and hit an American tank driving into the street from the intersection, and the German machine gun fire quickly shifted and began to straf the American infantry at the intersection.Steinman How did the enemy pureganics cbd gummies yumi cbd gummies review pour so many people from the intersection The enemy came up with more than 600 infantry and more than 20 tanks.This is a reinforced battalion Destroy them cbd gummies dapper laughs Steinman took out his rifle and the rabbi and others shot at the American infantry at the intersection.But at this time Xiao several mortar shells fell from the sky and began to bombard the U.S.troops on the open ground at the crossroads.There was a sound of explosion, and the violent shock wave mixed with many shrapnel shot at the U.

The brothers of the fire squad rushed out of the bunker, and ran behind the bombed tank one by one under the cover of fire from the first and second squads.Doe crouched behind the tank, set up his machine gun, and began to attract and suppress enemy fire.Squad 1 and Squad 2 took this opportunity to spread out in two different directions, trying to flank the enemy.But the enemy army is much smarter than they thought As soon as Squad 1 and Squad 2 went deep into the two wings, they encountered crazy resistance from the enemy, and the brothers were immediately pinned down by the US Army.Lieutenant Pozik pulled Sergeant Hopper aside and shouted Hopper Tell the 29th Regiment We need their artillery support Hober nodded, and took out cbd gummies chew or swallow the microphone with trembling hands , shouted loudly Gormandel 40da calls red fse29, Gomandel 40da calls red fse29 Over The artilleryman s voice with a strong London accent came from the other end of the microphone Red fse29 received, over Attack coordinates, red feba Sergeant Hopper poked his head and looked at the dilapidated but armed building in the distance.

What about you Shouldn t you think about what s next We ll be re entering France soon, I think.We ll re enter Enter France These words pierced General Robito s heart like a sharp sword The fate that France had once had appeared in front of him again one thousand and twenty nine.The music on the battlefield continued until the next morning, and the rain showed can you bring cbd gummies to mexico no signs of stopping.The rain was still pattering to wash the ground.The dirty blood was slowly diluted, ripples appeared in the bomb craters on the street, and the rotting corpses were wrapped in body bags by the soldiers and thrown in the corner, where no one cared about them.In a dilapidated low rise building, most of the soldiers in platoon A were nestled inside.The few remaining rays of sunlight in the sky cbd gummies dapper laughs pierced through the thick dark clouds and shone into the building.

The plane fell from the sky This is the fate that was destined for all soldiers when cbd gummies dapper laughs the war began 8 10, exactly the same time as yesterday when the attack was launched.The Panzer Division Brunsburg of the Waffen SS finally rejoined the fray.The same time, but a completely different way of attacking Brigadier General Kakka and his 37th Brigade were surprised to find that the German army was not the same as yesterday The German army already had enough open battlefields, their tanks roared terrible, and they were arrogant He launched the most ferocious charge forward.Brigadier General Kakka recorded this battle in detail in his post war memoirs In less than half an hour, the bad news has been continuously spread to my headquarters.The German army The attack simply suffocated all of us A battalion commanded by Major Wilson suffered a devastating blow in this half hour, and he was able to resist it in a row just yesterday The enemy attacked more than three timesI didn t realize until now that the German army didn t care about how many battles they achieved yesterday.

After the Kirk Fenton government came to power, the city seemed to lose its vitality overnight.Even in World War II, when the Luftwaffe bombed London indiscriminately, the British in London never gave up their faith.In the bombing of the Germans, they always remained calm, and they stood firmly with the city with their calmness and self confidence.Then, at last, they got what they wanted Ernst Alexis von.Baron Bram has replaced bombs with biscuits and war with peace.He brought peace to London, and he brought peace to all of Europe.But then everything changed.The respected Her Majesty the Queen was forced to go into exile abroad, and a so called more democratic Fenton government emerged with the full support of the Americans.In fact, the British don t care whether the leader of the country is the king or the president.

This was his biggest secret.After coming to England, he met a beautiful English widow, and quickly fell in love with her.The widow s husband was a big Rich man, so cbd gummies dapper laughs the widow s living expenses are very high.With Major Barack s salary, she can t afford to support such a widow, but the major can t leave her at this time Just when the major was at a loss , Nash found him and offered to lend him a large sum of money.Everything has a beginning, and Major Barack s nightmare also began at this time.The widow s expenses are getting bigger and bigger, Major Barack Asking Nash to borrow more and more money, and finally turned into an astronomical figure that he would never be able to repay in his entire life Finally, Nash found him another day.The major thought he was here to collect debts, but Nash gave him another sum of money instead, and said that the previous money could also be written off, but the only condition was that Major Barack must start from now on.

Ambassador there, and let Mr.Ambassador leave this world quickly and painlessly.Ambassador Sinrag was taken away from the moment he set foot on British soil It was only a short period of time until he was beaten to death.Neither the ambassador nor President William expected such a result.Major Barack, your task has been accomplished very well.Wang Weiyi seemed to approve of Major Barack, and he handed a small box to Major Barack Here is 900,000 pounds, and a Spanish passport.It was I who promised you.In two hours a Canadian cargo ship will leave London for Spain, you can go immediately to find their captain, I have arranged, and in a few days you will be in Spain and you beautiful Charming lover living a happy life Major Barack took the box, thanking Lieutenant Colonel Moyol for keeping his promise, although he was very sure that the person opposite was definitely not What Lieutenant Colonel Moyol but what does it matter He got what he wanted, and he got what he wanted The US President s special envoy Singlag died, and he did not even get to meet the British he wanted to meet.

Not only did he appear here desperately, but he even came to persuade himself to surrender.Mr.Annuo.I respect your courage, but I don t know what kind of confidence you have to say such a thing.Vitak looked at the other party as if looking at a monster Is it because of your A mob that has not had any military training No, I don t rely on those mobs, I rely on the courage that Her Majesty the Queen bestowed on me.Anuo remained calm I think.You probably have seen It s the direction of the war.Yes.You can arrest me now, cbd gummies dapper laughs or even shoot me, but our victory is no longer something you can reverse.Vice Chairman cbd gummies dapper laughs Whitaker, the powerful Queen s Army and the powerful Axis Soon will be storming Southampton and you will be arrested, then you will meet the same fate and be shot for brutally murdering a loyal subject of Her Majesty s Majesty.

No one can stop the mighty Axis march towards London.The ancient city of cbd oil for anxiety gummies London, under the threat of the muzzle, is about to burst into the most splendid fireworks One thousand one hundred and twenty nine.The general s sorrow, the loss of Oldford, made London completely lose its last barrier.At this time, for the Axis team, the future is already flat.They would have no trouble reaching London and launch a final assault on the British capital.For the Fenton government in London and the Americans, the outcome was shocking.In their plan, although Oldford was bound to be lost, what they did not expect was that in less than a day, not only Oldford fell into the hands of the Axis forces, but also General Denardo and his Chief of Staff Truss was also killed.It s a tragedy, especially for Prime Minister Wilkins.

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