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Xiao Ling s tone became more serious.I don t care about these, and I don t care about Dr.Qin s warning.Wang Weiyi didn t care at all I was just thinking, if one day I leave this era, will penguin cbd gummies I miss them Can I come to this age to see them again This possibility exists in theory, but I can t predict the specific process.Wang Weiyi smiled, yes, no one can predict in advance what will happen to him in the future.The era, this era will leave its own mark, will they still remember their existence after many years Thanks to the rumor Reward, thank you.Please recommend Fourteen.Return to the base Okay, stop saying these things that I can t understand.Xiao Ling s voice came again I am near you now.Nearby Where Wang Weiyi looked to the side, but saw nothing.I really doubt your IQ, why did you choose you to biolyte cbd gummies who owns cbd gummies be the walker Have you forgotten that purple light has the function of invisibility never mind.Wang Weiyi did not expect Rommel to say such words in front of Adolf Hitler, he wanted to interrupt, but felt that it was very impolite.Rommel said with a serious expression Braveness, dexterity, loyalty, and calmness are the prerequisites for an excellent German soldier.I have no doubts about you in terms of loyalty, Corporal Adolf.But you can t do dexterity and calmness.You The body is too thin, and the movements are very clumsy.When you jumped into the trench, you even fell.When you got up, you shot blindly, and you didn t even know where your target was Hitler s face was flushed, but standing opposite him was a lieutenant and the hero of Pore , but he still had the courage to say Lieutenant, the other points you are allowed to say are Yes, but you can t deny my bravery It is a serious lack of education for you to interrupt before the officer has finished speaking Rommel was merciless, and Hitler quickly shut up.Your task is to impersonate the British top spy North Africa and then the German top spy Farmer.You will get their course of action, then kill the two real spies, meet the British first, then the Germans, and give them the information they need.Simple Is this kind of thing simple As long as there is any mistake in this, it will be all over.And to kill two spies separately, you must grasp the timing and score well.Wang Weiyi has never thought about are gummy bear cbd more potent then oil himself now.Going to pretend to be a spy one day.Twenty minutes have passed, and you have two hours and forty minutes from now to complete the mission.When the time is up, I will order the Ziguang military base to fire shells to the joint area, creating the illusion that the German and British spies died in the artillery battle, and covering up all the truth If I haven t How about completing the task Then you wish for luck.What is can cbd gummies give you diarrhea cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc his identity A small lieutenant, not a nobleman, how could he be qualified to meet Wilhelm II He smiled Thank you for your kindness, Mr.Manfred, but I think my place to stay is still on the front line.If you are able to see His Majesty the Emperor, please convey my respects to him.He was just casually saying polite words.Although he wanted to see William II, what does a German emperor have to do with him But Richthofen took it seriously Don t worry, Mr.Ernst, I I will definitely convey it personally.His Majesty the Emperor admires heroes like you the most.I think he must also be interested in meeting you.Wang Weiyi smiled indifferently.Forty four.His Majesty s invitation to the German counteroffensive began on September 21st and ended on September 22nd.All the positions that had been voluntarily abandoned before were restored, and the front line was tenaciously advanced three kilometers.Judging from Richthofen s attitude towards him, this person is not liked, but most people who do intelligence work are like Nicholas.Sure enough, Nicholas then changed the topic I m just curious.According to the news from the front, you captured a total of three tanks.Ah, about this point, our spies lurking in the British also sent similar intelligence, and confirmed the surrender of British tanks It must be the information that was replaced by himself.But until now, Wang Weiyi still dare not relax in the slightest.He believes how many calories in cbd gummies that since Nicholas came, he must have another purpose.Nicholas looked at can cbd gummies give you diarrhea cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Wang who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods Weiyi Make me curious What s more, why are the British tankers so willing to work for you And who owns cbd gummies three tanks in a row are working for you Do you have some magic What is even more strange is that all three tanks were destroyed on the eve of victory, and none of the tankers survived, which is too weird.Pombestein sighed It s a pity that .

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we have to go back to the office after crossing this alley to face those boring documents.Boritz smiled, Nothing was said.Approaching the alley, this alley is very long and very secluded.Usually, few people come here.This is what Pompestein needs, and he doesn t want to be disturbed on the road.In the middle of cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc the alley, there is a cross road, and Pompestein walked forward Suddenly there was a muffled groan from behind, and an intelligence bureau fell to the ground after being stabbed in the chest.Just as he was stunned, several figures rushed out.They cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc didn t have any time to react Guo Yunfeng s flying knife hit the target accurately, and eliminated an enemy in one fell swoop Then, he showed his boning knife and rushed towards Pompestein without hesitation.Just like Baron Alexon The big red plane The red Baron On October 29, 1916, the second day after the start of the German autumn offensive, a fighter plane with its entire body painted red appeared in the sky.There sat Baron Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen Red baron The Red Baron is born Seventy five.Trench Assault Squad Please recommend A red baron has been born, and before that, another baron has begun to show his ferocious fangs on the battlefield Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm The moment the artillery sounded, the supplementary battalion had all entered the combat position.And the first to launch the assault was the first trench assault team of the supplementary battalion Ernst s first trench assault team Xiaoling finally helped out.Although he refused to provide Wang Weiyi with an MP18 submachine gun, he provided him with two Lewis M1914 infantry light machine guns used by the British and sufficient ammunition.For the Baron Skeleton.The soldiers were startled, and then they realized what Richthofen meant, and everyone couldn t help cheering.The Skeleton Baron Hooray Elena looked at these cheering soldiers and said in a low voice Ernst, the fanatical support you have received among your soldiers is very surprising.In my memory, only generals with .

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outstanding military achievements can get it.This kind of treatment.I m not a general, I m just an ordinary person.Wang Weiyi didn t think it was anything special I fought with my soldiers and shed blood together, that s all.In Elena s eyes There is a strangeness, such a man is undoubtedly fascinating.There are a lot of suitors around Elena, many of whom are nobles with titles higher than Ernst, but compared to Ernst Brahm, Elena feels that none of them have any bright spots.

The south of Reims is firmly in the hands of the French.It doesn t seem to be too affected by the war, and the market is still going on as usual.It is often seen that officers or soldiers in military uniforms bargain fiercely with small vendors, and then leave with regret or contentment.Wang Weiyi and Manstein, two Frenchmen who can speak fluent French, are not in the slightest eye catching here.And often meet people who say hello to them.Seeing a few familiar figures at the Jupiter Temple from a distance, Manstein poked Wang Weiyi quietly, and then pointed there.Stark, Bon Crayley these people The two walked over as if nothing had happened, looked around, and Wang Weiyi said in a low voice The French Army Command is at the Reims Hotel, and those who can speak French will reserve the room.Nothing happened, so I walked away After waiting for more than ten minutes, Rommel also appeared with a few people, and Wang Weiyi also gave the same order.Colonel Thomas looked around, and there were dead bodies and seriously injured people everywhere.There cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc are not many people under him who can continue to fight.Wounded soldiers.Colonel Thomas raised his voice Now, I order you to raise the white flag and get out of here.Go to the French.The eyes of the wounded fell on Colonel Thomas, Colonel Are you going to make them surrender You have lost your combat power, there is no need to stay here.Colonel Thomas said very seriously I beg you all to live until the end of the war.I hope that when you return to Germany alive, I can tell you Family, Colonel Sylvester Thomas was here to fight side by side with you Colonel, the German soldiers refuse to accept the humiliating surrender A wounded man answered his colonel loudly.Colonel, the German soldiers refuse to accept the humiliating surrender Every soldier replied to his colonel.Own people It was a terrible disaster for the Fritoac regiment After the first round of shooting, a large number of Russian pursuers fell into a pool of blood.The hot blood even watered the cold land.The bullets did not stop at all, and an ambush turned into a complete massacre.Groups of Russians died in natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc despair and sorrow, and they didn t even have the strength to fight back.Before the two heavy machine guns could be erected in the future, the shooter, deputy shooter and ammunition man had already cbd oil gummy bears for sleep been beaten into a hornet s nest.This is no longer war, this is massacre The Fritoyak regiment was completely defeated, but at this moment something unexpected happened.A large number of Russian soldiers of the 27th natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Infantry Regiment rushed out impatiently without hearing the whistle.Originally, most of the Fritoyak cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Regiment would have been killed here, but the unorganized attack of the 27th Infantry Regiment gave those Russian pursuers a chance to escape.The French army can only be victorious under the command of a woman and a foreigner.Rommel thought for a moment, then laughed loudly.Yes, Joan of Arc is a woman, and Napoleon is a Corsican.It seems that the French army can only win under the leadership of women and foreigners.Ernst, Ernst, what s going on in his head One hundred and ninety five.The progress of the death war is exactly the same as Wang Weiyi s judgment.Brigadier General Gustav didn t have any intention of continuing to attack.He has achieved a brilliant counterattack victory , why should he continue to take risks that should not be taken Therefore, after the start of the spring offensive launched by the French, the rest of the battlefields were in full swing, and only in the Ci Nuoxi area, it became extremely calm.Both sides are confronting each other very patiently.Wang Weiyi didn t explain to them either.After thinking about it for a while Is there any hidden place around here have.Pippondu replied immediately There is a place where grapes were stored nearby, but it has not been used for a long time.Wang Weiyi nodded You send a reliable person with a letter I wrote to the Russian gathering cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc place near the Paris train station to find a person named Desimov.He is very famous, you can ask as soon as you go He carefully instructed Pipondu what to do.Pipondu nodded repeatedly, and after Wang Weiyi s letter was written, he immediately called his nephew Responsible for delivering the letter.After he delivered the letter, he immediately went to Lyon to hide for a year to avoid exposure to Major De Sade.Pippondu Xigang, Will Tinland, me and Hai Miss Innrich had a great time in Paris, thank you for your help, I think we will meet again in the future.But at if im sober can i take cbd gummies this time, the bombardment method of the last shell from time to time had an equally huge psychological blow to the soldiers of the Swallow Brigade Damn Germans, attack if you want to attack, why do you have to do this Soqualia thought about gritting her teeth.But what can he do Now the initiative is in the hands of the enemy At the same time as the skeleton commando launched an attack on the Swallow brigade, the first unit commanded by Wang Weiyi had been on the way all night.Take a break for an hour.Wang Weiyi issued such an order.The soldiers were indeed a little tired.According to this speed, they could reach Bonossa before the afternoon, so they had to recharge their spirits.A few locals looked at these uninvited guests who suddenly appeared with trepidation.Maybe they are Germans But where did they come from What about its own Italian army Why did they come here Wang Weiyi asked his subordinates to bring those locals here, and found a soldier who could speak Italian and asked him to ask these locals Is there an Italian army here There used cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc to be, but now there is noYesterday, the cannons fired so hard that all those troops ran awayDamn it, they didn t even fire their cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc guns This answer reassured Wang Weiyi a lot, at least from here to Bobo.The shells kept falling towards the position as before, repeating the terrible scene experienced by Italians.How many shells did the Germans have When are they going to fight No one could answer the Italian s question, and the machine guns began to shoot again, and the intensity seemed to be even more intense than last time.Now, what little confidence the Italians had left was rapidly disappearing.Most of them have already had the idea of fleeing under such a terrible attack.Lieutenant Colonel Stino knew that his troops were about to collapse.The scary thing is that the enemy didn t even invest in an infantry attack, and just relied on mortars and machine guns to completely lose the confidence of their troops.This time the shelling was shorter than the last time, but the already fragmented position was even more dilapidated.

Everyone is quiet, without a sound, letting the cold wind blow on their bodies.Before the second line, Ernst.Colonel Brahm, Colonel Stodler, Rommel, Manstein and other officers are already waiting for them.This is a group mayim bialik fox news cbd gummies of brave and fearless German soldiers.Second Lieutenant Wymos, who was the last to leave the position, was the first to cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc be carried in front of everyone.Second Lieutenant Model came over, and he came to Colonel Stodler Colonel, I m sorry, I killed Second Lieutenant Wymos with my own hands.No, I can t blame you.Colonel Stodler interrupted He said Wymos is a brave officer, and you are also a brave officer.Please don t blame yourself.No one else would have such extraordinary courage as you.I believe Wymos The Second Lieutenant will definitely be grateful to you.Second Lieutenant Model, you have accomplished the task brilliantly.Crazy, crazy, this group of lawless lunatics You are all lunatics The unbearable General Kassel roared regardless of his demeanor What do you think of the enemy Lambs to your slaughter No Manstein said The 1st Army is retreating, the 3rd Army is retreating, and the 7th Army is retreating.but we.Attacking The death like silence around This is what Ernst Brahm said in the last telegram sent to the commander of the army group.I will lock you up, and I cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc what is a cbd gummy will shoot you General Cassel seemed very angry, but then his voice suddenly raised You idiots, the enemy has assembled a large number of troops on the opposite side.With a few tanks and two thousand commandos, you want to complete the breakthrough.idiot cannagenix cbd gummies idiot For cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Ernst, why must it be done Rommel s answer was so unwavering.Kassel stared at this bold captain.I fell in love with this dagger as soon as I royal blend cbd gummies phone number saw it, so I secretly hid it when I picked it up yesterday.Everything about the day I met General Ernst was firmly It was recorded in Guo Yunfeng s mind.Guo Yunfeng wanted to laugh at General Ernst, how could he forget all this But he couldn t laugh, the severe cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc pain of the wound made him fall into a coma.Walker, you want to put Guo Do you also bring the four knives Xiao Ling seemed to guess without Wang Weiyi s words Take it, he is Chinese anyway.Bring him back and I ll bring him to base.Wang Weiyi nodded silently.In the woods behind him, Sidao was sent to the military base.Soon, he will enter the repair warehouse.When he wakes up, he will forget what happened just like Elena He will become the most loyal HCMUSSH cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc subordinate of the Rambler.In fact, he who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods has always been so loyal.Unlucky as hell.He was walking well on the road, but suddenly a child who was walking towards him took out a stone from his pocket and smashed it on his forehead.Where did Wang Weiyi think that a child would do something to him Sidao grabbed the who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods child, and when he asked, he couldn t help laughing.It turned out that this child regarded all foreigners as invaders, and that s why he injured Wang Weiyi desperately.Wang Weiyi didn t know whether to laugh or cry, seeing a Japanese motorcycle approaching in the distance, he quickly asked Si Dao to let the child go.The majestic skeleton baron was invincible on the battlefield, but when he returned to China, he was injured by a child.Is this a shame There were a few Japanese military police sitting on the motorcycle.As soon as they saw someone being injured, the military police quickly came over and questioned what was going on.Not only did he lose his younger brother, he also lost so many soldiers.And also lost the gas.Those poisonous gases were originally intended to be used against the team today.Kazushin Sugimoto, who gradually calmed down, knew that his unnecessary anger would only make the situation worse, and now it was time to evacuate here as soon as possible.The sooner one step away, the more casualties of the imperial army can be reduced Kazushin Sugimoto still made a very wise decision.The whole brigade withdrew from Xiguan as quickly as possible.However, the team seemed unwilling to let it go.When the Japanese army began to retreat, they continued to launch harassment operations, which caused Sugimoto s brigade to suffer even greater losses.When Kazushin Sugimoto finally left Xiguan in embarrassment, the loss was so heavy that Kazushin Sugimoto couldn t believe it In one night and half a day, he was killed in Xiguan and 515 officers and soldiers were missing 216 people were injured In other words, the entire Sugimoto Infantry Brigade was disabled In addition to these, the Shanyuan Brigade lost almost all of its supplies in Xiguan Sugimoto Yishin stared blankly at Xiguan, he never thought that when he led the whole team to step into Xiguan with one foot, it was like stepping into the gate of hell with one foot An elite infantry brigade lost more than half of it because of a well prepared and deliberate street fight by the Chinese Is there anything more terrifying than this Now, Kazushin Sugimoto has no strength to attack Xiguan Not .

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so much Xiguan, just like a real hell, making those surviving Japanese soldiers terrified Here they encountered the most terrible battle since the invasion of the country.So many people rushed to invite her to dance, only This Manager Wang took the initiative to invite him but was ignored.It seemed that he didn t take himself seriously at all, so he deliberately used French to retaliate a little.But to be honest, I felt very sorry for this well dressed and handsome Manager Wang.I still have a good impression, otherwise I would not invite him to go to Xiafei Road for the second time tomorrow.She said that French sentence, slightly mocking the other party s behavior of breaking the appointment.I guess he would not understand it.But Wang natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Weiyi did not expect Smiling, he also said in French fois.Tang Weihong was stunned, and what he said was Yes, it won t happen next time.This person actually understands French You do you know french Tang Weihong was very surprised Have you ever been to France Yes, I have been to Reims and Paris, and have had very pleasant experiences there.He didn t get along well in the army, but he did This arms dealer is very prosperous Lowell, why should I stay in the army Is it just to get those poor salaries Gustav would never tell his embarrassing things on the battlefield Look at me, how good it is now, I earn enough money to buy a palace Luo Weiluo cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc cbd gummies while pregnant smiled slightly, but he scolded this fat man in his heart.Could it be that no one would know if you didn t tell me Back then, cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc cbd gummies while pregnant you were the one who introduced the Skeleton Baron to Lance, and it was you who kept failing in front of the Skeleton Baron., and even implicated General Raffarin.Just a loser on the battlefield Of course, Luo Weiluo is now thinking about how to cooperate with Gustav, earn more money, and let himself retire in the future Life after that can be more comfortable.Thinking of this, a smile piled up on his face again Gustav, my friend, let s talk about serious business.

William quickly recovered his mood.Go, go and pick a gun that is handy.Looking at William s excited back, Wang Weiyi smiled and said to Guo cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Yunfeng A nice young man.It s me, and I think he s good too.Guo Yunfeng nodded If he really has never touched a gun, then he is really very talented.Where did you find it He delivered it himself.Wang Weiyi seemed to be thinking about something there I don t know why, I always feel that he has a kind of intimacy, and I also feel that I have seen him somewhere You were influenced by him.Guo Yunfeng muttered He also said that he had seen us, hell, I have never been to the United States, maybe he wanted to get close to us.Wang Weiyi smiled and put the matter aside Is there any news on the battlefield The Japanese army still has no signs of attacking.Elena sent news that Germany and the United Kingdom have quietly put pressure on the Japanese government in their own ways, while France has an ambiguous attitude.Although the three month ceasefire period that the Germans hoped for may not be achieved, at least the war will last for a period of time They will not continue to erupt.The work of training soldiers is also in progress, and Wang Weiyi does not need to worry too much.The brothers under him are completely trustworthy.Therefore, Wang Weiyi made up an excuse He received a secret mission , I have to go to another place once and this secret mission, even Commander Xiao Zhichu doesn t know about it.Of course, people like Ouyang Yu will not ask about the Tuan Zuo s affairs, they just run around all day with the Tuan Zuo.It s a bit curious to have so much energy.William, who has just joined cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc the army, enthusiastically asked to go with Wang Weiyi, but Wang Weiyi refused.He asked William to stay in the guard regiment and study Chinese well.I don t want to see This matter affects the friendship between the two families, and even the friendship between the two countries Aha, Commander, I understand what you mean.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Do you want me to lobby This is of course no problem.I will let those old men in the House of Lords know that nobles have traditions.Nobles like Baron Skeleton cannot be compared with pure blooded nobles like Baron Andrew Kenkichi Ueda felt relieved.Although this Baron Andrew is arrogant, rude, and annoying, as long as he can complete the tasks assigned to him by the zh ngf , everything is tolerable.It s not just him lobbying there , Many Japanese people are acting and lobbying in their own ways, trying to make the British government change their position But it is obvious that they have already done it one step ahead Ken Ueda, who is in a happy mood Ji looked at the time Ah, Your Majesty the Baron, His Majesty Aixinjueluo Puyi, the Emperor of Manchuria, I heard that you are coming, and I specially prepared a welcome ceremony in the palace.What happened to the mysterious, noble and glamorous Mrs.Lorisa But Hermione suddenly seemed to understand something Aunt Hermione, what s wrong with Ma am Eliot felt it was too strange That man s name is Lucas, but he is from New York.A stockbroker here, he s an upstart. No, he s not an upstart.Hermione suddenly felt her eyes moisten I see, it s him, it must be him.No one else can make money apart from him.Lady Lorisa so You re back When Luo Lisa finally said these two words with difficulty, tears finally flowed out of her eyes completely uncontrollably.I m back, I promised you, no matter how hard it is, I will come back one day.The man under the mask said Don t cry, it will destroy the image of the Countess.Lorisa laughed, wept, and said, You still owe me two things, remember Of course I remember, I just came back to fulfill my promise.Their goal was only one to break through breakout At the forefront is the second level commando The soldiers commanded by Lieutenant Blank had even charged into the depths of the Soviet army.They even discovered the Soviet rocket artillery cluster Kill them Lieutenant Blank didn t hesitate at all.He understands the meaning of these rockets too well.If cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc they are allowed to fire, the skeleton division in the breakout will suffer huge casualties With the support of a Perzf IV tank and a stalker tank destroyer, these crazy German soldiers actually launched an assault on the Soviet rocket artillery cluster Crazy, really crazy Blank II Assault Squadron is completely insane The 75mm semi automatic KwK42L70 artillery on the Perzf IV tank spit out shells like crazy The Perzf IV tank is here at this moment, and its ferocious fangs are completely exposed at this moment And the two G34 machine guns fired bullets like a torrential rain without stopping who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods for a moment.Wang Weiyi was the first to jump out of the tank.When he saw the two Soviet soldiers in the two T34s appearing natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc desperately, the charge in his hand quickly swept out the flames.The corpses of the Soviet tankers were hung on the tanks Tank battles turned into hand to hand combat with tankers, which is very rare in any battle.All kinds of weapons were used.At this time, there were still two Tigers that did not join in the hand to hand combat.They were tanks cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc commanded by Weidmann and cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Philipson.They picked a great location from the start The shells were fired one after another, and those T34s that fell behind completely became the targets of these two Tigers.And T34, who realized that the situation was wrong, was unable to rush through the severely blocked battlefield at all.One T34 after another exploded and caught fire, and the wreckage of tanks could be seen everywhere on the battlefield.They once wanted to confiscate our property.Later we found out General Ovitz of the Gestapo, who was only a colonel at the time, we told him that we knew you, and that we still had your shares in our winery and company.Although he didn t quite believe it, he still stopped the actions of the French government.Pipondu shook the wine glass in his hand German officials, Gestapo, and French police always find various excuses to come to my winery, and then take away a can cbd gummies give you diarrhea cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc lot of good wine.Baron, that s terrible They are all really good wines This will not happen again in the future.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, I will secretly order that no one will infringe on your interests again.Don t forget, I also have Shares, your loss is my loss.Will and Pipondu laughed.As long as the baron came back, all problems would be solved.

Now, let s see how Wang Weiyi will create a new miracle And he fixed his eyes on one place Kharkov The German Supreme Command unconditionally gives Marshal Ernst any form of support Target Kharkov Goal victory Goal to reverse the cut The Kharkov Group of the German Army has been established, and Marshal Ernst has taken over the command of this group.The Kharkov Group is composed of Admiral Paulus s 6th Army of the German Hannan Army Group, and the 7th Army and Panzer Army of the Kleist Group.To ensure the victory of the battle.Wang Weiyi immediately mobilized the replenished SS skeleton division to join can you swallow cbd gummies whole the group.The Second Panzer Army of the SS launched an attack on the frontal Soviet army at the same time after the Battle of Kharkov Everything is going on in an orderly manner After the failure of the Battle of Moscow, the respite of the German army is about to launch the most important counterattack under the command of Marshal Ernst German Army Counterattack Except for victory, Wang Weiyi will not consider any other issues except for victory, Wang Weiyi does not accept any form of ending except for victory, Wang Weiyi refuses any form of failure The sky over Russia will be flooded by storm again and this will be a storm that shocks the Russians Now.No matter what the name was, it had no effect on Marshal Ernst Brehm at this time.At 5 p.m.on March 22, the German army fulfilled Marshal Ernst s request ahead of schedule, and the battle was completely over, and the Soviet army lingered in Osmink.In the Volchansk and Barkovo areas, the lack of a commanding Soviet army absolutely could not stop who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods the joint estimate of the Skeleton Division and the 34th Infantry Division.According to optimistic estimates, about tomorrow, the two areas of Volchansk and Barkovo will basically fall into the hands of the German army.The first stage of the Kharkov counterattack came to an end.That night, Wang Weiyi sent a representative to get in touch with the Soviet commander Kolkorok, asking him to put down his arms and surrender immediately.But Kolkorok flatly refused.A large number of policemen appeared outside the radio station.Klingenberg smiled, took the submachine gun in his hand and shot it outside, and those policemen cbd gummies cape coral fl fled to a safe place in a panic.Captain, Turkey The regular army was probably approaching.A staff sergeant named Smolin also fired the bullets in the gun.Probably yes, but what does that matter Klingenberg shrugged, took off all the grenades he was carrying, and put them neatly one by one You have to know, my troops have never been afraid.Are you scared, Sergeant Smalling I think you re insulting me, Captain.Smolin took out a grenade and threw it out forcefully.Amid the bang, he said relaxedly I was just wondering how many Turks we can kill Kling Gamberg laughed out loud.He knew that Marshal Ernst must have heard the radio broadcast at this time, and that was the signal.Klingenberg was taken aback for a moment He is the last Sultan of Turkey Yes.Wang Weiyi said lightly He was eventually imprisoned in Istanbul, and then died there After capturing Istanbul, I have been looking for some information related to Abdul Hamid II.Thing, I found out that Abdul Hamid II s son Abdul Karami is still alive, but not in Turkey, but in Ankara, and is being protected by the First Army in the former Ottoman capital The First Legion of the Capital Does this legion still exist Klingenberg asked curiously.No, the Legion no longer exists in essence.Wang Weiyi s face was solemn But their descendants, under the command of the former army commander Ahmaza, tried to restore the position of the natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Sultan.After the death of Abdul Hamid II, they put all the HCMUSSH cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Hopes are placed on his son, Abdul Karami.It s all in vain And in a corner of Ankara, Marshal Ernst Brahm watched all this silently.He already knew the news that the Battle of Ayash had ended victoriously, and Wang Weiyi was not too surprised by the Germans lightning attack so fast.Now, the German army is about to appear outside Ankara Although you are in the enemy s capital, as long as the German army s offensive is fiercer, you will be safer here.The boys of the Myristel battle group have entered Ankara industrial hemp cbd gummies one after another, and the judgment is exactly the same as before.At this time, Ankara is easy to come in, but difficult to get out.Wang Weiyi, whose cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc cbd gummies while pregnant strength has been greatly enhanced, is now more at ease about his safety here.Nearly two hundred of the natures only cbd gummies para que sirve most elite German combatants are fully capable of withstanding the Turks attack for a long time.Mafa immediately said As long as he can be found, there is a possibility of a peaceful settlement of the Ankara battle.Wang Weiyi seems to have seen a huge key appearing in front of him Five hundred and twelve.Another element the fourth one asks for a monthly ticket A chance to win without consuming too much German strength is placed in Wang Weiyi s hands We must firmly grasp this opportunity.Wang Weiyi agreed to some of Mafa s demands, and also promised that after Ankara was occupied by the German army, everything for them would be guaranteed to the maximum extent.And Mafa also did He made a solemn promise that he would report the information of the Ankara government to Major Herbert anytime and anywhere, and try his best to persuade General Kistafa.This was a good meeting.After returning, Wang Weiyi did not have much Hesitant, immediately telegraphed HCMUSSH cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc General Dietrich and General Kepler to try their best to find the whereabouts of Mota.Moyol s slave.This is a devil s contract.As long as the pen is signed, from now on, Miss Ruiman will belong to Mr.Moyol from body to soul., It s nothing, right Wang Weiyi suddenly felt a sense of pleasure, why should he need any mercy for a greedy woman, a woman who dares to do evil to her best sister You will be praised by my film company.Become the number one star in the world in the United States, you live in a luxury house and drive a luxury car, everyone will envy you, aren t you the one you have always wanted to pursue Yes, this is what Miss Ruiman has always pursued, but for this She will pay the price freely.Not giving her a chance to choose, Miss Ruiman picked up a pen and signed her name on this devil contract.She suddenly figured it out, it would be nice to be able to become Mr.Moyol s slave , at least she would no longer have to worry about money in the future.

He had carefully analyzed the escort route, and he didn t think there would be any problems.The Germans didn t have the guts to come to Cairo cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc to rob people.Even if they really dare to come, as long as a platoon of soldiers can hold out for fifteen minutes, reinforcements from Cairo Airport and the city will arrive soon.A platoon of British troops is enough to hold out for fifteen minutes Lieutenant Colonel Lewis does not think that the Germans will mobilize most of them into Cairo The speed of the cars is not very fast.Two trucks mounted with machine guns closely guarded the car in the middle.However, the British soldiers looked a little undisciplined.They, like Lieutenant Colonel Lewis, never thought that there would be German troops in Cairoand HCMUSSH cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Colonel Fels sitting next to Lewis.His face was livid, and he never thought that his identity would be exposed because of a small and unexpected negligence of the German army.Wang Weiyi doesn t believe those Italians at all, but now he needs these Italians to play an unimaginable role in the battle His eyes swept over the German generals, and finally fell on Lieutenant General Hoffmann von Waldau, who had just become the commander in chief of the German African Air Force General Hoffmann, is your air force ready Yes, Marshal, my air force is ready Is that young man who is going to shoot down a hundred enemy planes okay now Wang Weiyi suddenly asked with a smile.General Hoffman was surprised that Marshal Ernst also knew that there was such an outstanding figure in his air force, and he couldn t help but happily said Yes, Marshal, he is ready Air combat hero Hans.Joachim Marseille Marseille may never know that this air hero who is as invincible as the former Red Baron in the air should have fallen to his death in a plane accident a few days ago But he survived, not because of a miracle, but because of Ernst Brahm.Commanding them was neither General Wolfgang von Sch del of the 10th Armored Division, nor General Jurgen von Arnim of the 5th Armored Army, nor the 164th Infantry Division.Division Commander General Dietrich von Kuhn.It s the Skeleton Baron Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm His arrival has kept the German soldiers fighting high, and they can t wait to join the war immediately At this moment, Baron Alexon was as calm as a rock, and no wind or rain could shake it a bit.The news from the front kept coming the Italians were routing, the enemy was desperately attacking, the Greek 1st Infantry Brigade was advancing at an astonishing speed, etc Wang Weiyi didn t take these things to heart at all.In Karman, The enemy will know what a real terrible war is At 1 30 pm, the fastest Italian troops had passed Kalman.Klingenberg and the commandos thought they were hallucinating, but when they rubbed their eyes, they confirmed that they were right.Yes, more than 1,500 Italian captives just stayed in this place without any protective measures Hey, you are free A commando tried to call them.An Italian soldier who spoke German quickly replied Hey, don t lie to us, we are prisoners and we will never escape.You think you can trick us out of this, and then you can shoot us in the back Did you straf The commando swallowed We are Germans That s fake too, see you don t speak German well at all Never afraid of anyone on the battlefield The dangerous Major Klingenberg almost collapsed this time Allies, that s Germany s allies He walked among the prisoners I am Major Fritz Klingenberg of the Klingenberg Commando.Who is the highest officer here It s me, Colonel Tawaski.Dirty dealings, dirty politics.When Wang Weiyi left Mussolini s residence, Mussolini was still in deep thought.This blacksmith s son may appear to be a rude person on the outside, but in fact, since he can sit in this position, there is always something special about him.What he has to consider is how to minimize the impact of this matter in Italy.It is a good way to calm domestic public opinion with the help of the Germans, but will I always be controlled by the Germans HCMUSSH cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc in the future This is what Mussolini must consider.At this time, there was a sudden explosion of thunder outside, which startled Mussolini, who was in deep meditation.Is there such a terrible thunderstorm in Africa At this time, Wang Weiyi, who was sitting in the car, also heard the thunder.He knew that a storm Many people will suffer for this, even inexplicably, but what can be done When the leader of a country needs victims, these are the people who are forced to be victims.After walking a dozen steps, Mo Guangzhi met his acquaintance the leader of the team was Hidezo Yoshimura, deputy captain of the gendarmerie Mo Guangzhi turned his head and made a plan, and hurried a few steps to the front of Jicun.Oh, isn t this Captain Yoshimura Are you on business He deliberately omitted the word deputy and added a smile on his face.When Yoshimura saw Mo Guangzhi and a team of policemen behind him, he was also taken aback.He pointed to the Mu Gang people gathered in front of the office and asked Mo Guangzhi, Are you here to deal with this matter Mo Guangzhi nodded Responding Yes, I came here under the orders of Director General Yamaguchi and Director Duan.What about you Didn t you come here for this Mo Guangzhi guessed that Yoshimura Hidezou suddenly appeared, There can only be two situations one is that Duan Yimu did not fight for conditions for him from the Japanese at all, and the other is that the gendarmerie did not receive the order.He saw white smoke and scattered bricks as many bullets hit the building s exterior.The glass on all the windows has long since broken.A mortar shell exploded on the roof.Heisenberg s crosshairs fell on a Russian soldier operating a machine gun and was about to fire when a bullet hit him in the chest.He fell down.Another Russian soldier stepped forward to take the machine gun, and Heisenberg shot him cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc in the forehead.Then he fired a shot into the barrel of the machine gun.Destroy it completely.The bullets land three centimeters above the reticle, allowing him cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc to fire each shot with precision.He moved the reticle again, but there was no obvious target in front of him.So he signaled the commandos to charge forward.Sergeant Keller followed the captain with about two hundred soldiers behind him.

certainly.I used some royal privileges and was lucky enough to meet the Skeleton Baron Well, I hope the Baron won t let me the next time I see him on the battlefield.Really let me see his bravery Wang Weiyi smiled.He has some affection for Elizabeth.She is naive, but she is not stupid, and she is even very shrewd.She is very clear in her heart, even if she is ten Adding together Elizabeth, it is impossible to be the opponent of the Baron Skeleton.The Baron is just giving way to her like everyone else.But after this duel and the fueling of those who did not see it with their own eyes, Elizabeth, the future heir to the throne, will obviously add a mysterious aura to herself because of the duel.This is probably who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods the real purpose of the seemingly reckless Elizabeth Yes, a very smart woman child Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart.But when he was about to take countermeasures, Baron Alexon killed him again by surprise The Free French Movement and the French National Liberation Committee lodged a formal protest to Britain, but in fact, Prime Minister Churchill at this time also Also very embarrassing.He also had no idea that something like this was going to happen.He asked George VI, but the King of England told him that it was just a naughty thing done by his naughty daughter.If this has affected the operation of the cabinet, he will can cbd gummies give you diarrhea cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc express his deep apology.He is who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods even willing to abdicate to express his guilt.Churchill is helpless, if there are people in the world who don t want to be king at all.Then there is no doubt that the current King George VI of the United Kingdom Even if there is a slight possibility, George VI is unwilling to sit in the current position, so abdicating the throne is the best relief for him.When the sun rose again.Wang Weiyi, who came out of the house, heard the report.He glanced into the room, and Sophie was still sleeping soundly, not knowing that his father had delivered it.He thought for a while there Detain De Sade alone.Until dinner, he is not allowed to give him any food or drink, and no one is allowed to have any contact with him.Then, help me prepare a A good dinner.Mostly meat.Ah, do we have any good cooks I m not much interested in those in the army.Yes, Marshal.There s a very good Russian cook at Marshal Manstein.Chef, he can cook the famous mutton in Georgia.Wang Weiyi smiled.Manstein is such a person, no matter where he goes, he can never forget to enjoy.Go and ask Marshal Manstein to borrow that cookah, forget it.He is stingy in this regard, I should go there myself.The corpses were piled up in layers, and blood washed the ground.In the face of the intensive and recouperall cbd gummies powerful firepower of the German army, the Russians almost died in pieces.But what is shocking is that the voice of Ulla has not stopped since the beginning of the attack These brainwashed Russians simply regard death as a relief.They were not afraid of German bullets or German shells, just kept their heads down, chanted slogans, and charged forward one after another On the battlefield, there was even a terrible situation in which an entire company of the Soviet army, from the company commander to ordinary soldiers, was killed in battle.This happened in the 190th Infantry Division.The company commander was Tamichev, an extremely determined Bolshevik.The 190th Infantry Division was the first to engage in the offensive at Samilos, and they suffered heavy losses.Baron, I miss you You also have your own beliefs, if you were in my position, would you choose to surrender I will not be in your position.Wang Weiyi s answer was full of domineering I am sure I will not fail, and I will Can t fail.So now we are discussing your problem, not mine.Lindelof shook his head, he had never seen such a domineering Marshal Well, I admit that I am a loser now.Lindelof tried his best to calm down his tone But a loser who is about to have his own dignity, doesn t he Mr.Baron, you can Shoot me, hang me, but you can t betray my loyalty purekana cbd gummies amazon to the Bolsheviks.These words are just making excuses for yourself.Wang Weiyi said unceremoniously When it comes to your doctrine, I probably know it better than you.Profound.I think if my guess is correct, with the defeat of Erklin, first, Moscow will strictly block the news second, they will continue to drink the same as they did after the Battle of Kharkov, eagerly Do you want to find a scapegoat Who will this scapegoat be Ah, I think it must be you.Hitler was probably really anxious.He kept asking about the situation of the assault group in the telegram.But Wang Weiyi gave him only one answer I am I am fine I am I am fine Wang Weiyi told Hitler in this way.And Manstein, Guderian, and Model who are advancing like me, I am safe here, so don t worry about yourself Now, the main force of the Russians is attracted here, and the resistance of Manstein, Guderian, and Model s group attack will be greatly reduced.Soon, they will be able to complete the join forces.At that time, what power will be able to stop Germany No There was another burst of overwhelming cannons.This should be the German artillery who are wreaking havoc on the attacking Russians there, right Wang Weiyi walked out of his headquarters.He could see his cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc soldiers fighting valiantly.In order to kiss her, I must see her today.I have many reasons.I stood directly in front of her and told her how much I loved her.I don t care if she says no because I won t wait for another time.I took her in my arms There was a smile on every commando s face, they loved hearing Dom singing.If she said no.I didn t care because I wouldn t wait Another time.I held her in my arms When the war is over, those beautiful girls will definitely come to these heroes on their own initiative Don t leave regrets on the battlefield.Bring Returning to my hometown with a medal, let those girls be fascinated by me If youth is gone, I will not leave regrets Close to the goal, be quiet Major Klingenberg s words made everyone quiet.Ready ready In a low voice, two hundred commandos quietly approached the Soviet position Searchlights suddenly appeared, illuminating the front of the position as if it were daytime, and at this moment, cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc the whereabouts of the commandos were exposed.

A well deserved death.To die is to die vigorously.Now.All the tactics on the battlefield are useless, it depends on who can continue to hold on to the cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc last minute of the soldiers on both sides.In the place closest to the enemy, more than two thirds of the troops under Wang Weiyi s command suffered casualties, especially the soldiers of the engineer battalion.They quickly regarded themselves as real commandos and fought the enemy tenaciously.They suffered a lot of casualties, but they refused to take a step back And here, they have nothing but the miracle skeleton baron.Also has two miraculous tanks s21 and s22.It is a miracle among miracles that these two German tanks have fought unscathed so far.But their life was not easy.Just now, the two tanks had fired their cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc last shells.Wittman, Brandt, and everyone in the tank jumped out of their beloved tank.The soldiers and civilians of the captured Russian regular army were mixed together.And among those civilians, there are old people, women, and even children.Children should not belong to war Wang Weiyi whispered.Women should not belong to war.The orthodox German Model also said.They can t help it.General Paul Hauser shrugged and said When our team began to attack Stalingrad, the Russians had lost a large number of their troops.They had to throw a large number of irregular armed forces into the The battlefield.They tried to restore their defeat, but they failed in the end Wang Weiyi looked at the team of prisoners thoughtfully Sometimes I have been thinking, if all the Soviet troops Let Zhukov, Vasilevsky and other Russian generals take the command without considering any unnecessary interference from the outside world, what kind of situation will the war end up with Can we still achieve such a victory He didn t use it His generals replied, but quickly gave himself the answer I think probablywe will still win, but it will not be the situation like todaywe will Pay more sacrifices, maybe the attack on Stalingrad has not started yet Model and Paul Hauser nodded thoughtfully.But think about it carefully.Is there any magical thing that cannot happen to the baron Manstein murmured Timoshenko The request is that a negotiator with a large weight and capable of representing the German government must be sent to Moscow to hold secret talks with him.I think such a person may not be easy to find for a while Speaking of this, He suddenly seemed to think of something, looked at Wang Weiyi, and saw a half smile expression on Wang Weiyi s face.He immediately came to his senses, and hurriedly said No.No, never Ernst, don t even think about it, I will never let you take such an adventure again Guderian and all the German generals also woke up immediately.But before they raised objections like Manstein, Wang Weiyi said with a smile My generals, is there anyone more suitable than me Candidates I fully meet the conditions proposed cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc by Timoshenko, and I will go there in person, which will fully solari hemp cbd gummies let Timoshenko feel peak wellness cbd gummies our sincerity.The mysterious skeleton baron, every disappearance is without warning.It is who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods for this reason that when the German army was fighting in Moscow At that time, Marshal Ernst Brahm had already appeared at the Ziguang military base.Guo Yunfeng and Elena were also full of expectations for this hunter operation.You must know that such a large amount of wealth is not for everyone Everyone can see it.Why do I think we have participated in a certain treasure hunting operation In the Ziguang military base, Elena suddenly asked.Wang Weiyi felt sad.Yes, Elena should know that the seizure of Kolchak s gold was also in that operation.Lina almost died, and then she became a member of the base.He has no way of knowing if Elena can recover her memory, if she can fully recall what happened One hour We will reach the combat zone.Get ready for a bayonet battle with Germany.Vasilevsky on the other end of the phone was completely stunned.Although he already knew that the situation of the Malinovsky Army was not optimistic, he did not expect that it had deteriorated to such cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc a degree This is the most elite regiment in the Soviet Army and has participated in countless battles.In the previous series of battles, even though they were constantly suffering defeats, they still gritted their teeth and fought hard.But now, are they unable chill cbd gummies reddit to persist even today It took Vasilevsky a long time to say Comrade Malinovsky, is there nothing you can do Yes, Comrade Field Marshal, there is nothing you can do.Our 19th Panzer Corps suffered Completely annihilated, all our units cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc cbd gummies while pregnant are in danger under the crazy German attack.At the same time, we have lost almost all artillery.But this is only a fantasy. Order Despite his reluctance, Zhukov issued this order In the direction of the cotton mill, it is allowed to abandon the position if it is necessary, and retreat to the direction of the fifth position Tell the No.Comrades in the fifth position.They shoulder the important task of covering the 7th and 96th divisions, and they must stop the enemy s offensive I will personally command it.Ershakov said immediately.Comrade Ershakov, I believe that the German army that captured the cotton mill will launch an even more violent assault Zhukov glanced at his loyal subordinates If does sprouts carry cbd gummies the fifth position is lost, then here is already There is no need to continue the defense, and the entire front will be shaken completely.Even the Kremlin will be directly threatened, you must understand your responsibility Ershakov nodded silently nod.With two screams, the two Romans had already fallen into a pool of blood.If you don t fight, natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc that s the end Thibius roared with red eyes.What are cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc they doing Leoni who just came here asked curiously.Wang Weiyi replied flatly In a duel, only the victor can gummy drop 10 thc 10 cbd survive.Leoni let out a low exclamation.Barbarian, barbarian, murmured Dempsey the butler.Not long ago, he saw a real war, and saw countless people die in front of him, and he was almost killed.For killing, Butler Depusey hated it to the extreme.But Steward Videlio quickly put forward the opposite opinion There is nothing wrong with that, Steward Dempsey.Romans can order slaves natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc to duel, and Germanians can also order Romans to duel.And you can Don t forget, in a sense, these barbarians you speak of are our ancestors Butler Dempsey wanted to retort, but felt that Butler Videlio s words still had some truth Yes, and he saved cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc his own life.

This is not an honor that ordinary people can get. As for the guy who can use two swords Guo Yunfeng, although he performed extremely well on the battlefield yesterday, not many people believed that he would be able to defeat the beast Marris.Even the Germanians didn t know how to call his name on the battlefield.It is really difficult for them to pronounce the three characters Guo Yunfeng. Even though the battle hadn t started yet, Marris marched with the victor s footsteps, followed by the cheers of countless Roman soldiers, and came to the duel arena.According to legend, the giant sword in his hand killed about 30 gladiators.Every time it appeared, it always represented death and killing.He was tall and tall, and the scars all over his body showed off his numerous victories.In contrast, Guo Yunfeng standing opposite him seemed a little too inconspicuous.Could it be that Pompey came to collect the interest on the house so impatiently Welcoming Pompey in, Pompey seemed to be very concerned and asked if they were still used to living here.After a polite reply, Pompey said slowly HCMUSSH cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Today, the Senate will be open to the public, and we will resolve the issue of Rome.Some questions from the citizens.My friends, Spurius.Are you interested in participating, Spurius Wang Weiyi and Richthofen didn t understand the rules of the city of Rome at all.They glanced at each other and asked tentatively, Can we also participate Of course.Pompey was very curious about their questions This can cbd gummies give you diarrhea cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc is a meeting open to all, every citizen of Rome, except, of course, the lowly slaves.Ah, in this meeting I will also introduce a Roman Young man.The son of a Roman hero This quickly aroused the curiosity of Wang Weiyi and Richthofen.For a while, Hail to the son of Manilius Greetings Shouts resounded over the Senate House, as if even the foundation of the building was shaken.A large number of senators stood up from their seats, went to the podium and kissed Cuarius.If people s respect for Pompey still has an element of fear in it, the respect for Cuarius is relatively pure, because the character of Manilius left a deep impression on cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc the Romans.More importantly, Manilius died early, making it easier for people to add all kinds of fantasy halos to him, and to create a perfect idol in their hearts.It is logical that now they have transferred this halo to him.on his son.Servius, who also came to the scene, sighed secretly as he watched several elders who had a close relationship with him go to salute Cuarius.Manilius , Cuarius , the two names Cuarius and Manilius repeatedly intertwined in his mind.In this way There will be many problems in the cooperationand He was silent for a while there And I don t think they have any chance of success in uprising under such circumstances.Their tribe is too close to Gaul.Once an uprising, Centumalus will feel panic, but what about Caesar Caesar will never sit back and watch such a thing happen, he will quickly mobilize troops to suppress it, and because of this, the alliance between us and them is useless Guo Yunfeng nodded Then let them fend for themselves No After all, that is also the power of the Germans.Wang Weiyi replied very resolutely When they are most difficult, we must give them help.The power of the Germanic people must not be damaged in vain.However, we have to change the situationSi Dao, you should handle this matter yourself He explained some things carefully.There is always a place for you here.Thank you for your generosity, my lord.Tenadus still maintained his usual smile However, I think I will return to my home country, Greece, after my service period for Caesar expires. No matter what, please don t forget that there are still your friends here Seven hundred and seventy five.Failed revolt An insurrection is quietly going on.The Saxons, the Lombards, the Cherusis, and the Dunkerts all have no idea whether the revolt will succeed or not.They are skeptical.They firmly believe that under the leadership of the wise Hellman, the uprising will be successful.It is exactly the same as Hellman s self confidence.Night fell quietly in the Saxon camp.Every Saxon man and woman Everyone, young and old, was ready.They quietly appeared and gathered together, each of them staring at hits cbd gummies their leader Great and wise Hellman Hellman s voice was heard in their ears.Caesar smiled lightly They are willing to help me, so from now on, the barbarians will be my most staunch allies Servius felt faintly worried, but he would never show it in front of Caesar Caesar, I have three of the bravest warriors, Celius, Ugaqi, and Bisis.According to the rules of the Romans, choose your three bravest warriors and show your bravery in front of everyone Choose and send out your fighters, and wait for me here.Caesar slowly returned to his team, and then he looked at his new ally, the skeleton consul Ernst, my friend, although I don t want to admit it, I still want to tell the truth , Among my soldiers, no one can be more valiant than you and your companions, will you win victory for me I don t mind killing Romans.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly behind the mask.Wang Weiyi, Richthofen and Guo Yunfeng jumped off their horses, then drew their weapons and walked slowly towards the battlefield.However, Wang cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Weiyi heard it clearly, and he smiled at Tommy Tommy, I m sorry.Before Tommy could react at all, a sharp dagger plunged into Tommy s chest.Then, all the weapons in the hands of the Americans fired together Those Italians who were eating were completely Without any preparations, under the frenzied attack of the German commandos, casualties were scattered in an instant.Major, major, I have been attacked here Tuska yelled at the phone in panic, but the phone But there was no sound coming from the other end.When he looked up, he saw an American standing in front of him, hung up his phone, and took the receiver from his hand with a smile Captain , you are captured.Gunshots rang out everywhere in the barracks, and those Italian soldiers were beaten helplessly.Some of them fell in a pool of blood, and some subconsciously fell to their knees on the ground, hugging their arms with both hands.

She believed in her husband, and she had always had confidence in Baron Alexon.She knew that in this world, no one could catch the baron.And for the baroness, this is also an unforgettable adventure for all living beings.She suddenly felt that this kind of adventure was full of excitement, and it was far more interesting than staying in a safe base.Steward Videlio.Wang Weiyi called Butler Videlio in Go to Mr.Gnapoli now and tell him that the banquet will start soon.Yes, Baron , I ll go right away.Butler Videlio replied respectfully.Wang Weiyi said lightly Then, you can all prepare to leave with your wife Eight hundred.This is a kind of tacit understanding that both parties need to have.Baron Platt unearths treasure for the Americans, who are in charge of sending his angry wife out of Dessau.Guo Yunfeng Ah, I remember the name, but please don t kid me, I personally have great respect for Baron Alexson and His right hand man, Guo Yunfeng, but they are already dead, scolding each other Your propaganda is nothing more than boosting the morale of Germany.Sir, we should not use the name of a dead person to pass off as ourselves.Brigadier General, I can be very clear To tell you, Baron Alexon did not die, and neither did I.We are back.And I am Guo Yunfeng, the first ranking superior of the German Waffen SS Army and the first ranking general of the Wehrmacht Army.Well, even though I I don t believe it at all, but I m willing to call it what you mean General, you are completely besieged, there is no hope, I personally don t want to see the massacre again, so I suggest Put down your weapons and surrender, and I will promise not to hurt you.It is a great encouragement to the confidence of the German soldiers on the front line.This is a battle commanded by Marshal Ernst himself.They have no reason to lose the victory of the battle A large number of Allied forces gathered on the battlefield, and all German troops were ready before the battle that will determine the fate of Berlin comes.Face the almost frenzied air and ground artillery bombardment of the Allied forces.Wang Weiyi still seemed so calm, as if nothing could affect this baron whose nerves were made of steel.In front of us are the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division of the US Army, the cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc 12th cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc cbd gummies while pregnant Infantry Division, the 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army, and the 72nd Armored Brigade.The Italian cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Terrassus Infantry Division, Nestans Rapid Mobile Brigade General Olitz carefully introduced to Marshal Ernst the strong pressure facing the German Second Panzer Army natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc The only thing we can use is the Skeleton Division.He fulfilled his dream.Fight alongside the Skeleton Baron.Although he was an American military officer before, in a sense he betrayed his own country, but so what Mario never thought it was a just war for America.Such a war will only humiliate the United States Mario doesn t care that he will be called a traitor, he knows what he cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc cbd gummies while pregnant is doing he is fighting for the independence and freedom of a nation.Isn t this the spirit that the United States has been advocating When the American army began to attack, he was as brave as an ordinary German soldier to block the enemy s approach.Opperman had noticed the American early on, let s be honest, if it wasn t for the Baron.He would never allow an can cbd gummies give you diarrhea cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc enemy major to exist in his army.He didn t trust Mario at first, but gradually he realized that he was wrong.Mario lit a cigarette for himself, and then put the cigarette in his pocket What about you, General Bavaria.Opperman puffed out a puff of smoke I m curious, why did an American major come to help us fight Mario seemed to be lost in thought General, do you know that in the United States, many people were followers of the baron when they were very young , They always dreamed that one day they could fight side by side with the baron, and I was one of these people.I was captured by the baron, and the moment I was captured, my heart seemed to become more relaxed.When I knew that my captor was Baron Alexon, my heart cbd gummies in michigan was filled with ecstasy.I know it may be difficult for you to understand, but that s cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc what I thought cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc at the time.I can understand, because I have the same feeling.Thoughts Opperman said unexpectedly I am probably luckier than you, because during the Second World War, I once fought under the command of the treetop cbd gummies baron.Research.In the United States, such work is carried out very smoothly.A large number of American spies are active all over the world, especially in Germany.Due to the existence of Kroller, Germany has become a paradise for American spies.When the German American all out war broke out In the end, Germany hardly had any secrets from the United States.Yes, old boy.General Fels replied very positively In fact, we have known the existence of this spy for a long time, but we don t know who he is and what kind of activities he uses.However, the current situation has improved.With the downfall of Kroller, some top secret information has fallen into our hands.We have conducted a rigorous analysis and gained some understanding of some of the behavior and habits of the old boy oros cbd gummies for tinnitus , and is intensely arresting It would be great if Riley was still alive, Wang Weiyi suddenly thought.I personally suggest that you take the initiative to confess.If it is detailed and honest, add the contribution of the Krupp family to Germany.I can guarantee your life.Sweat dripped down Ondet s forehead.Alfred, who was stunned, cried out loudly My God, Ondet, what have you done They forced me, it was Creole who forced me.Ondt really had nothing to do with the word strong , and he quickly gave up any form of resistance They asked me to act as a spy for the Americans.No, you won t cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc believe it at all, how shocked I was when I heard that also come out of Kroll s mouth.A German head of state actually mobilized me to be a spy for the United States.I was afraid they would kill me and I said yes to them.Ah, yes, I am an old boy , I have provided a lot of information to the Americans, best sleep cbd gummies I have such convenient conditions Andert explained everything verbatim Since 1962, Ondt Krupp, the sole heir of the Krupp family, has become an American spy.

attitudes in war.He must use all available power.These ancient families that still have great prestige and power in Europe are undoubtedly one of them.They will exert unimaginable power in the war, even though they are now He is no longer a ruler.Of course, it is not only that, Wang Weiyi has more blueberry pomegranite 25 25 thc cbd gummie in his heart.He must make the most of any person or thing that can be used, and finally let it achieve what he wants.And all this is done for the final victory of Germany In a few days, the German British coalition forces and the Allied forces fought repeatedly in many positions.Needless to say, the brutality of the battles, a large number of soldiers died almost every day, and countless wounded appeared every day.The Allied forces have always been They have the upper hand, but to their dismay, biolyte cbd gummies who owns cbd gummies they have never been able to deal a fatal blow to the enemy on the opposite side.Even those cold guns that are constantly on the battlefield have disappeared, as if War is far from the city.Although peace is short, it is better to have a short peace than to never see the hope of peace.The children wake up in the morning and can see the gifts from Santa Claus.From childhood They had experienced the torment of the war, and now they finally showed a smile on their faces.This is their happiest day of the year.At 10 o cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc clock, the Germans who had breakfast gathered on the TV, radio, and street speakers one after another.Before the trumpet, on this day Ernst Alexson von Brahm will deliver a Christmas message.Just before Christmas, the Baron had brought the best Christmas gift to the Germans.He brought today s excitement to Berlin with a hearty victory, and he also made almighty foods cbd gummy the Germans more convinced that the Baron Always the invincible Baron Alexon However, it was HCMUSSH cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc not the familiar young face on the TV, nor was the familiar voice coming from the radio and speakers.Just as they were about to release the insurance, a row of gunshots rang out outside, and those prisoners of war and citizens fell into a pool of blood.This is a threatening demonstration by the US military.Damn it Demri cursed, he could no longer control his emotions.Second cbd gummies legal in wisconsin Lieutenant Eric pulled him to remind him to pay attention.The US military may have a guilty conscience, and a flamethrower and several other soldiers who followed behind muttered where to buy cbd gummies near me A few words.Then the flamethrower aimed at the pile can cbd gummies give you diarrhea cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc of ruins where Lieutenant Eric and the others were.A string of flames sprayed over.Once, there was no response.The U.S.military sprayed a second time, and the flames penetrated through the gap Into the ruins.Suddenly there were several screams.Several German soldiers couldn t bear it, and jumped out of the ruins with fire all over their bodies.The whole hand under the pad was numb and felt nothing at all.Hewitt thought it was broken.Hewitt Lifting Nora s body, I saw bright red blood overflowing from the corner of her mouth, and the blood on her chest spread like a fountain, soaking through her green military uniform Hewitt felt his heart was being crushed.It was cut into pieces, and tears flowed down involuntarily.My God, why didn t you shoot why not Nora s beautiful eyes opened miraculously, I m sorry, sir Nara Tears blurred Hewitt s vision, and her face didn t look real.Hewitt frantically flipped through the medicine cabinet, and Hewitt didn t know what medicine he was looking for.It s useless,I m a doctor There was a pale smile on Nora s face.Hewitt was at a loss with his hands and didn t dare to touch her wounds.Hewitt was afraid that she would be in more pain, No No you ll be fine.Hearing the news, Tsar Peter was furious and sent troops to bloodbath the Cossack camp, and high strength cbd gummies Russia and Ukraine have since formed deep grievances.In 1709, the Russian army completely defeated the Swedish army in Ukraine, and Ukraine s dream .

what is condor cbd gummies good for?

of independence was shattered.Later, Peter the Great specially formed the Ministry of Little Russia to implement a comprehensive Russification colonial policy in Ukraine, and rebuilt the social structure of Ukraine in accordance with the Russian social model, values, language and culture.Tsarist Russia assimilated the upper Ukrainian ruling class with a combination of hardness and softness, established the official status of Russian, degraded Ukrainian as a hillies language, banned the publication of Ukrainian books and textbooks, and forced Ukrainians to abandon their mother tongue and culture.Even if he does escape, natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc Colonel Guadrav has the ability to catch him back in the first place.Wang Weiyi saw a car and a bus driving out.Sitting in front was Marshal Kolkorok.His family was on the bus in the back.Then, two more black cars drove out, closely following behind.They were the cbd gummies georgia agents in charge of protecting the Marshal s safety.Wang Weiyi started the car and quietly followed behind There cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc was nothing unusual along the way, and it was calm all the way out of Moscow.At this time, Wang Weiyi was also a little curious, where is Capone going to do it What kind of method are you going to use Several cars stopped at a nice view in the outskirts, and Marshal Kolkorok stepped out of the car first.Then his family got off the bus one after another.The faces of the adults are solemn, because they know what is about to happen today.Soon, Grigory can t wait to come back from the Ukrainian front, and when he comes back When he returned to Moscow, he would find cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc that everything had changed.Moscow.It was no longer his Moscow The biggest mistake he made was to betray Germany.He betrayed the Baron Skeleton, when Once he took a wrong step, he couldn t turn back.A huge tragedy is waiting for him Can you do it Can your father convince the Grand Duke Wang Weiyi asked.Of course, we will do our best.Ivan recovered from his contemplation Don t worry, when you come back, I believe the development of the oil field is already in operation.Then I can rest assured I left.Wang Weiyi seemed very satisfied I had a very good time in Moscow, especially meeting you, Miss Tatyana, if nyc bans cbd gummies possible, I will invite you to the United States to spend a good time together in the future.

Whether it is will or spirit, they have collapsed But there is a type of army that fights in despair The Russians are like this, although they know that there is no The hope of winning, but they are also fighting to the death For some reason, a different feeling sprouted in Nuoqier s heart Nuoqier seems to be admiring something that does not exist, but that feeling is real in existence.Their natures one cbd gummies price cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc 098 is continuing to move forward, and they have overtaken the infantry who overtook them while they were stranded Nocher saw the two Blasters , they stopped at a safe distance, and kept firing high explosive grenades at the Russian position.That s right, infantry support tanks don t need to rush too far And the armored support tanks of the German army are now about to surpass them.Klaus s Leopard 9 is at the forefront of the entire attack queue Nocher saw those bullets that posed no threat to it hit its thick car body violently, and was bounced away without any suspense.This is the most troublesome thing for Grand Duke Gregory of Berstoka and his government They tried to prevent this newspaper from continuously publishing the truth, even arresting and killing them, but in this newspaper Behind him, there is not only the support of the tycoon Fristoya, but also the support of the Americans.The U.S.ambassador to Moscow has seriously warned Gregory that any harm to journalists will be severely condemned by the U.S.government.Sometimes condemning this kind of thing has no effect, and sometimes it can serve as a huge warning.Gregory s anger at this time was exactly the same as that of the Russian people.For the first time, he felt a sense of powerlessness inside him.He still can t deal with a small reporter But the fact is like this Gregory felt that his authority was facing a huge and unprecedented challenge Mr.Promoted from captain to major.Karp was appointed commander of Ernst Field Marshal s Guard Battalion.Lampden, and Allen, the young man who grew up in the war, ordered.Mario.Wang Weiyi happened to see the American Mario passing by, and he also stopped him It is said that there are some remaining Americans here.They are lurking here, do cbd gummies lower blood pressure and try to find them.Yes.Mario whistled.The Ernst cluster will not stay here for a long time.After a short rest, they will soon embark on a new journey.For the task assigned to him by Marshal Ernst, Major Lampden is still very dedicated.to be honest.He hadn t thought that one who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods day he would become Baron Alexon s guard battalion commander.This is something that countless Germans have dreamed of after the recovery of Bielerted.Here began to gradually become lively, and some Germans who ran out of the occupied area continued to enter the city.Well, at least now General Robito feels that there is nothing too shameful about being kidnapped.If Baron Alexon wants to do something, what is cbd gummies with trace amounts of thc there that he can t do This terrifying baron makes people tremble I don t want to hurt you, I just want to have a good talk with you.Wang Weiyi said hastily What happened on the battlefield, what happened in France, I think you know better than me, so I have specially invited you here to have an open and honest discussion.The future of France, the future of the French people.Do you want me to betray my government Robitor asked tentatively I won t You did this because the allied forces are too powerful, and I don t think you have any chance of winning.Wang Weiyi suddenly laughed Do you really think so General Robito, the powerful allied forces are already in Luzhou Baker lands, we re on the mend, and we ll soon drive all the enemy off our land.Moyol to my home as a guest, so that I can who owns cbd gummies cbd gummies whole foods become friends with him Of course, just doing this is not enough Wang Weiyi s tone was very calm There are still some things that cannot be obtained through normal means.I think Mr.Berkeley Maybe it s clearer, so we need some special powers.Ah, it s not very glorious to say it, but you are all honored guests here, so I don t think it s shameful to say it For example, I will use some things called Mr.Casanovich s power 30mg edible cbd gummy bears King of the New York gangsters Before others reacted, Berkeley yelled out.Do you know Mr.Kasanovic Wang Weiyi asked calmly.Ah, I just heard his name.Berkeley immediately said Who among the policemen in the world doesn t know this man He controls gangs throughout New York and controls a large number of illegal businesses.Most of the large number of shootings, drug trafficking, and missing persons cases in the United States every year are related to the King of New York, but miracle cbd gummies as seen on shark tank there is no evidence to accuse him.Traman appear in front of me within a week After explaining this important matter, Wang Weiyi immediately ordered Paris You go back immediately America, find a young man named Shukako, I think he can be easily found in the criminal files of the American police. A young man Is there anything particularly important about him Paris didn t seem to understand very well.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly He is the son of General Gendra.Paris understood completely in an instant Wang Weiyi still maintained his smile This is a rebellious young man.Every parent will always be forced to encounter this special period for their children.General Gandela has no good solution.If this is the case, I think We can help him deal with family conflicts.Paris, I think you should know what you do without me saying more.Yes, I know what I should do.At this time, Gan who had finished the meeting General Della came over from a distance.Yes, Major Barack is really an interesting person.Wang Weiyi replied with a smile In just such a short time, I cbd gummies smilz have become friends with him, and I really hope to see the major as soon as possible.Ah, You can come to me anytime, anywhere.After speaking, General Gendra said Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, can you walk with me Major Barack followed behind them from a distance.After walking for a while, General Gendra suddenly said Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, the situation is getting worse.According to our intelligence, the enemy is preparing to attack Britain from multiple directions.The entire offensive plan, but according to our current strength, it will still be very difficult.And what is even more infuriating is that France has formed an army of 300,000 troops to join the army of the Axis powers.

Is this the German spy let go General Gandra gritted his teeth Yes, my reputation will be tarnished because of this, but compared with my responsibilities, these are nothing.I will never betray the interests of the United States, never I will never Let me spend the rest of my life in guilt and self blame You are an admirable general.Although Wang Weiyi said so, there was not much praise in his words Your personal honor is completely Can forget about it.But what about your wife Ah, I think Dr.Traman is helping your wife by now.Very good doctor, I asked him.Your wife s paralysis is totally okay It is cured, but there is another side, Dr.Traman can treat your wife even worse than before, and it will depend on your own attitude towards this matter General Gendra was completely stunned, staring at Moyol , and after a long time, he burst out two words Despicable Yes, I also admit that This is a despicable act.In a short period of time, we have no way to rescue Galaxy back.Still no one spoke, and no one spoke.In such a situation, everyone has no idea what they should doGeneral Gendra is right in saying that the Galaxy cannot come back.At least it is no longer possible to come back before the war is completely over President William called again to express his sorrow for the incident, and ordered a special investigation team to be formed immediately to investigate the kidnapping of the Galaxy.The team will be personally led by General Gandra.General Gendra.Shall we go for a walk together when the mournful meeting ended without any results.Wang Weiyi appeared beside General Gendra.General Gendra smiled bitterly You succeeded again, didn t you So many family members of senior officials are now your hostages I m not interested in hostages at all.But why is this such an important project After it was leaked, the German side didn t react at all Did they not know that the plan had been leaked, or there were some other reasons in it that we don t know Turner said I don t quite agree with this point Mr.President, our intelligence personnel have made great efforts to obtain this plan But our enemy is a terrible person William slightly He raised some of his own voice Since he appeared in London.Countless weird things have happened.And the New Sea Lion Project was leaked from that time.Why Is it a coincidence Or is there something inevitable in it connection Turner knew that the person Mr.President was talking about was the terrifying Baron Alexon that everyone feared Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.William sneered a few times It s ironic that Baron Alexon calmly used the name of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, which he has been using since World War I.Wang Weiyi gently held Xiaoling s hand Let s go home We go home the reception at Alexon Manor is waiting watching them.Wang Weiyi wanted to go home countless times, but now he has found his home right here in Germany They left Ziguang military base, which was quickly hidden.This is a secret, but also a legend.Just like Baron Alexon Perhaps one day, this base will be re opened by Randerer.perhaps The sky is full of stars, the end of one legend often means the beginning of another Baron Alexon The Knight of Death Ruler of the Continent of Europe This is a secret, but also a legend.Just like Baron Alexon Perhaps one day, this base will be re opened by Randerer.perhaps The sky is full of stars, the end of one legend often means the beginning of another Baron Alexon The Knight of Death Ruler of the Continent of Europe This is a secret, but also a legend.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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