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Really Obviously thinking about drifting away, why did that guy suddenly appear in his mind Cheng Siyu shook his head depressingly, then closed the curtains and returned to the soft bed.After Qi Fei went to work the next day, he went to look at the several communities he had cooperated with before.The situation was very good.The commission at the end of the month should be very considerable.Not only would he be able to give a little to Sister Lan so that she could reduce the burden on the family, And Qi Fei still has enough funds to continue wandering.Before leaving, Qi Fei only needs to complete one thing, and that is to help Yi Lan get promoted and get rid of Mr.Tan s control.As for other things such as the relationship with himself and Cheng Siyu just keep it as it is.Time waits for no one, Qi Fei must act now.Qi Fei was a little embarrassed.It doesn t matter, you can take a rest.Aren t you dizzy I just slept, and I feel much better.Yi Lan smiled.Then Yi Lan went out, and bought a bowl of noodles, a bowl of wontons, and a few breads, all for Qi Fei.Qi Fei was not polite, he finished a bowl of noodles in two or three strokes, and then started eating wontons again.What are you writing about Yi Lan sat next to him and looked at the computer screen.She obviously asked the question knowingly, but it was the only way, so that Qi Fei would not let Qi Fei know that she was awake all the time.Qi Fei thought for a while This is the newspaper cooperative sales plan I thought of.Oh Can I take a look at it It s still a draft and not finished.Sister Lan, please take a look.Yi Lan leaned over and carefully Looking carefully, he accidentally got very close to Qi Lin.That Li Dafa came to see you later this afternoon.Qi Fei said while eating wontons.I know, he called me, but at that time I had already gone out and my phone was dead, so I HCMUSSH cbd gummies all natural hemp extract couldn t answer it.Why did he ask me for it Sister Lan Qi Fei had a troubled expression on his face.Huh Qi Fei hesitated for a long time before opening his mouth You should cbd gummies all natural hemp extract best cbd gummies near me know what Li Dafa means, right Yi Lan turned her head to look at Qi Fei You mean that he likes me Ahem Qi Fei Fei choked on the wonton.Yi Lan had a helpless smile on her face It s his business that he likes me.Then you There is a man in my sister s heart, and because of his appearance, other men have become bleak in my sister s heart.It s all gone, and that guy Li Dafa doesn t do things openly enough, he s not my type.When cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Yi Lan said this, a pair of sparkling eyes kept looking at Qi Fei.Don t let him get frustrated Tan Jianren threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stomped it out fiercely, stared into Cheng Siyu s eyes and said, Don t play tricks on me, all I know is that if you still take me as the vice president seriously, you will have to fire Qi Fei immediately.Listen clearly, right away Cheng Siyu was forced to this point by Tan Jianren, she couldn t help clenching her fists tightly, and her nails pressed marks on her palms.After a few seconds of silence, Cheng Siyu said in a deep voice Whether it is In terms of age or seniority, I respectfully call you senior, but the company s rules and regulations are there, and they must not be ignored because of these.If this is the case, the company will not be messed up purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract cbd gummy laws in us As the person in charge appointed by the group, then for the entire group And all the employees below have to be responsible.The deepest reason for him doing this was to hope that Qi Fei could leave, as far away as possible.From the beginning to the end, Li Dafa felt that Qi Fei s existence was a threat to him.Although he was a sales manager himself, and Qi Fei was just a small distributor, that feeling lingered in his heart.Therefore, even if it is not a small sum of money, he still wants to let Qi Fei leave, so as not to keep making troubles.Qi Fei and Li Dafa looked at each other, which made Li Dafa turn his head a little guilty, but Qi Fei s eyes sparkled, and with his clever mind, he had already guessed Li Dafa s mind.After all, Qi Fei didn t care about Li Dafa cheating him any more, and now he can almost see how much Li Dafa cares about Yi Lan.Brother Fa, I really don t want the money.Qi Fei broke the silence and pushed the envelope in front of Li Dafa.Zhang Li s eyes were full of teasing expressions, and she reached out and gently pushed Qi Fei s chest Okay, let s go.Qi Fei didn t say anything, turned around and left the office in a hurry.A stack of things passed by Qi Fei, the man glanced at Qi Fei, and then entered the office.Qi Fei hadn t gone too far when he heard a voice from Zhang Li s office.The man said, Director Zhang, the company s staff has changed a lot during this period.Was that newcomer just now Haven t seen it before look.Oh, yes, it doesn t matter anymore, they are all small characters Zhang Li s voice was extremely disdainful.Then I heard her cbd gummies all natural hemp extract say You bad guy, don t worry go and close the door first Then there were a few more coquettish laughs, and then nothing was heard.Qi Fei acted as if he didn t hear anything, and cbd gummies all natural hemp extract quickly left the place.I hate it Hahaha.Both Yan Fengtao and Zhang Li are quite happy, but Qi Fei, who is guarding the hospital, is not so happy.Qi Fei s mind was full of thoughts about Li Dafa at the moment, and after he calmed down, he realized that this guy was clearly using the aggressive method.Qi Fei was very angry, but hits cbd gummies this kind of anger was not because he took the responsibility for Yi Lan.He had already made up his mind on this point.What made him angry was why Li Dafa still did that.Just as he was thinking, his phone rang suddenly.Qi Fei took it out and saw that it was Li Xuan calling, so he answered it right away.Brother Xuan, what s the matter I ve almost had a rest, the driver will pick you up later Where are you I m at the Municipal People s Hospital.Oh, well, when the time comes, you get in the car, I m going on a business trip with me this time, and it will probably take three or two days.Qi Fei didn t bother to pay attention, jungle juice cbd gummies and strode out of the alley, he only heard ponytail growling there I remember your appearance, I will not let you go Although Qi Fei didn t suffer in front of those three guys, he also Unavoidably there is a feeling of being bullied by dogs, really helpless.Qi Fei didn t take the three young men seriously, and he didn t care about the threat that Ponytail yelled out, but they were really on the hook.The young man with Ponytail immediately took out his mobile phone and made a few calls.Going to watch Qi Fei s movements, he planned to teach Qi Fei a harsh lesson later.Qi Fei was walking on the bustling pedestrian street.He and Xuan er had walked through every place here.Seeing the familiar street scene, he couldn t help feeling sad, so he simply lowered his head and walked towards the hotel.That person disturbed the law and order, I m here to enforce the law.Li Xuan always had a playful smile on his face, Brother Xiao looked at Qi Fei ten meters away with a complicated expression, and then said something to the policeman.Qi Fei was still under arrest, and those gangsters were laughing and mocking.Only then did he see that the three guys he had encountered before were also among them, especially the young man with a ponytail full of joy on his face.hey hey, After hearing what Datou said, the policeman stopped questioning Qi Fei, but feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk said to the rest of the policemen There is no need to arrest these bastards, there are people I know inside, and the culprit is him, handcuff him The policeman pointed to Qi Fei , his colleague walked over quickly, picked up Qi Fei without saying a word, and quickly handcuffed cbd gummies all natural hemp extract him.

I ll tell you now.Of course, I ll only tell you.The words made Qi Fei feel warm in his heart.Qingyu sent a cute emoji, and then said What happened, it s like this Chapter 96 An unexpected and simple method Qi Fei concentrated on looking at the phone screen, and did not send a message to Qingyu, because the other party was talking about her reinstatement, and she couldn t explain a few words clearly.Cheng Siyu s fingers tapped are cbd gummies legal in kentucky on the keyboard quickly.Actually, I also expected it myself at the beginning.The leader above me was dissatisfied with me, probably because I didn t do what I didn t want to do according to his wishes, so he would obstruct me.As expected, the previous review was rejected.He called me back and said that I didn t reflect deeply enough. But I had no other choice, so I could only continue to write the review, but I thought about it later, no matter how good my review was, After receiving it from him, I can always find a reason why I can t pass, but I still have to continue writing.Yes, Brother Fei.Immediately Qi Fei took out his mobile phone and called Li Xuan.Li Xuan s voice was gloomy, but Qi Fei didn t lose his temper.Qi Fei briefly explained what had happened.Li Xuan said that he would come over as soon as possible About to board the plane.After calling Li Xuan, Qi Fei stared at his phone, and then turned cbd gummies all natural hemp extract on the music player.In the music list, there were several gunshot sound effect ringtones he had downloaded earlier.After Qi Fei followed Li Xuan, he was taken by Li Xuan to practice shooting.Qi Fei, who was exposed to real guns for the first time, thought shooting was very interesting.Downloaded some audio for the shooting sound effects, purely for fun.Unexpectedly, the sound effects Qi Fei downloaded would come in handy today, and it was really God helping him in the dark.At this time, two pairs of men and women took the lead to accept the challenge.One pair challenged the beginners, and the other challenged the intermediate level.However, only the pair who challenged the elementary level succeeded and immediately got rewards.The pair who failed to challenge the intermediate level, cbd gummies all natural hemp extract the man bent over and vomited wine, and the cbd gummies all natural hemp extract woman was mercilessly slapped by the host amidst the booing of the crowd.pushed down.The woman screamed in fright, and people on the dance floor stretched out their hands to support her firmly, and then put her back on the ground.There was nothing she could do.The reason why the host called this game Hero Save the Beauty is also for this reason If you don t want your woman to be summer valley cbd gummies feel elite cbd gummies frightened and taken advantage of by others, then you have to be her hero and rescue her.The package was made of linen, only an inch long, and it was very light in the hand.When I opened it, there was only a piece of folded paper inside.This kind of paper is yellowish in color and has dense fine lines on it.It feels very special and is extremely soft to the touch.Qi Fei has never seen such paper before, but it seems to be quite old.Qi Fei opened the paper, which was only the size of a palm, and there were about a hundred characters written on it, but Qi Fei didn t know it, because those characters looked old.Qi Fei stared at it for a long time but couldn t figure out why, at this time Xiao Tie shouted from the other side of the cave Do you want me to help Qi Fei came cbd gummies all natural hemp extract better nights cbd cbn gummies back to his senses No, no, I can handle it myself Then he hurriedly put away his things again, thinking that he didn t bother to care about so much, and he would just go back to Bingang and fulfill the third child s wish.Entering this village from the outside, or leaving this village, does not have to take that road, but if there are no special circumstances, who wants to leave the good road and go over the mountains But now the only road has become like that, which is enough to prove that something cbd gummies all natural hemp extract abnormal happened in the village.Xiao Tie said that those plants should have grown new within two weeks, so what happened in the village before that The more Qi Fei thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong.He and Xiao Tie wanted to catch up with Li Xuan and tell him the situation so that he could be more vigilant.When the two were getting closer to Li Xuan, Li Xuan suddenly let go ran wildly.What s going on Qi Fei was shocked.I don t know, let s chase after it Xiao Tie rushed over with a sullen face at the fastest speed, and Qi Fei was not far behind.Damn it actually shot as soon as it came up I was thinking about whether I could talk properly, but it seems that this is not enough.Qi Fei said in a low voice while panting.Xiao Tie s face was ugly There are several armed forces, large and small, on the border.I don t know much about these forces, but I know that they are all murderers without blinking an eye.People, they will do it when they come up, at least disable them first before questioning.Li Xuan gasped for breath while holding the branch, his face was pale, he seemed to cbd gummies at rite aid want to say something, but he couldn t breathe, so he had to give up.Fortunately, we ran fast enough.Qi Fei wiped the sweat from his forehead Should we get rid of them Where are we now The road is not very far, let s see later.Li Xuan finally had the strength to speak now, and his does cbd gummies break a fast eyes were full of horror Xiaotie I didn t expect that we would be so unlucky to meet armed forces.There is a large cave here, with gray white stalactites everywhere, and the river that washed her here is three meters away from her.Cheng Siyu was indeed lucky.When the invisible underground river came to this place, the river made a sharp turn, and there was a river beach outside the turn, which was the place where Cheng Siyu was washed ashore.The cbd gummies all natural hemp extract river beach is not very big, but it is no problem to accommodate a few people, but soon Cheng Siyu fell into despair again, because the front of this river beach is pure relief cbd gummies cbd gummies all natural hemp extract an underground river, and the back is a cave wall, and there is no way for people to leave.Trapped in the Jedi.I can t escape, and I can t get in touch with the outside world, and in this kind of place, I don t think that other people will take the initiative to search and cbd gummies all natural hemp extract rescue in time.He heard Cheng Siyu s soft breathing.Qi Fei didn t know if Cheng Siyu was really asleep, but he didn t dare cbd gummies all natural hemp extract to move around for fear of disturbing her.Qi Fei just sat like this, trying to make Cheng Siyu more comfortable.He didn t know how long it had passed, but he also felt a little sleepy.At this moment, Cheng Siyu talked in his sleep.Wandering where are you I miss you so much I need you so much I m so cold.After hearing this, Qi Fei felt sore and distressed in his heart, and he couldn t help it Replied in a low voice I m here, I ve always been here.Piaoling Qi Fei knew that Cheng Siyu had really fallen asleep this time, and it was absolutely impossible for her to guess that he was Piaoling, so she would definitely not deliberately pretend to be him.Said these words in front of him to test, otherwise, let Li Xuan know that she is dating someone online.

As for Zhang Li s last words, Qi Fei knew what it was, and he didn t want to continue that topic, he just wanted to leave quickly.Zhang Li probably felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, so she found something to say.Qi Fei, you haven t been looking for a job since you resigned Zhang Li asked.Qi Fei nodded That s right.Do you want me to introduce you to a job I don t need to bother Director Zhang, I can find it myself.Qi Fei declined.Zhang Li looked at Qi Fei When will you find it by yourself And you may not be able to find a better job.If I help you, it may not be bad.Don t you trust me Fei thought for a while and said to her Director Zhang, actually I still want to do my old job What Zhang Li didn t seem to hear clearly.I want to go back to work at the distribution company.Zhang Li showed a very surprised expression I heard that right Do you want to go back to that place There are so many units in the group, where is it not good to go back to the original place You are not Is it not long since you resigned from the publishing company The main reason is that I think it s easier to do the original job.Gou stared at Qi Fei, and laughed twice.Then Qi Fei said Brother Fei, I want to tell you something.Qi Fei looked surprised What else Li Xuan s eyes were full of cunning The thing is I suddenly changed Got an idea.Qi Fei was a little dazed, and instantly thought of what Li Xuan meant, but he really didn t want to believe it.Brother Xuan, what are you talking about I don t want to let you go.Li Xuan stared at Qi Fei.Qi Fei s heart suddenly sank Brother Xuan, you what do you mean by this Didn t you tell me before Don t tell me you don t trust me, Brother Xuan Li Xuan laughed loudly , as if hearing some joke Brother Fei, Brother Fei, let me tell you, you don t need to be credited, it s shit with me, Li Xuan, it seems that you still don t know me very well, hahaha.Qi Fei gritted his teeth Brother Xuan, this is the end of the matter, even if you don t keep your promise, I still insist on leaving.Qi Fei couldn t even imagine that feeling.Qi Fei took a sip of the wine and comforted himself in his heart that she should not be so lonely this year.Although she is not accompanied by her parents, she should go to Li Xuan s house for the New Year.It is better than being alone.Seeing that Qi Fei was preoccupied, Ye Xiaobei said, Brother Qi, it s New Year s Eve Do you have something on your mind Qi Fei came back to his senses, and said with a smile, No Come, come, dog cbd gummies amazon let s have dinner.Hee hee, you bought so much wine, feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk I ll accompany you to have a good drink today, how about it Ye Xiaobei looked at Qi Fei with a smile.Qi Fei nodded again and again Okay Ye Xiaobei reached out to grab another wine glass, Qi Fei hurriedly said Xiao Bei, that s for Sister Lan Xiao Bei was startled, and quickly retracted her hand, Then he looked at Yi Lan, and said to Qi Fei, I m sorry, Big Brother Qi Let me get you a cup.After a hasty look, Zhang Wei s eyeballs were about to pop out, and he couldn t help but murmur to himself Good guy, so I have such a good idea, huh, I thought I could hide it from me Since this If I saw something, it would be bad luck for you Zhang Wei s face flushed because of being too excited, his heartbeat accelerated a lot, and then he took out a USB flash drive from his desk drawer, Hastily copied what Qi Fei had written before.After doing this, Zhang Wei turned off Qi Fei s computer again.At this moment, Zhang Wei was very excited.Although what Qi Fei wrote was not a plan, not even a draft, but the ideas in it were very useful.Zhang Wei felt that he had really left this time.Good luck, I immediately opened the document and started to get busy.Qi Fei left the company.On this day, he walked around the most densely populated places in Bingang city alone, and observed some newsstands and newspaper and magazine stands.Those newsstands sell not only magazines and newspapers from a magazine or newspaper office, but all kinds of magazines and newspapers.When the time comes, our company will Start to develop new retail outlets, this will inevitably be known by other newspapers, and by the way, they will definitely make good use of these resources to sell their newspapers.Because this situation cannot be avoided, our company must The most basic job guarantee is good, there must be no mistakes, and there are some activities to arouse consumers desire to buy, so that they will take the initiative to buy our newspaper.Oh You still thought of organizing activities Cheng Siyu was surprised Looking at Qi Fei.Yes.Qi Fei nodded I have some ideas, for example, we can find some time for some of our retail stores in fixed locations, and do some prize activities.Qin Wu smoked a cigar and sat down on the sofa chair, squinting his eyes and thinking about something.After a long time, he said I didn t expect to meet that girl from Qi Fei in Langzhou.It s really on time It s just that my temper is too strong.The subordinate standing in front of him said How about I send someone to get that woman over Qin Wu s eyes widened Who do you think I am Just go and grab her.The person brought me to sleep, do you know that this kind of obscenity insults my identity Yes Boss, I was wrong.The subordinate bowed his head.Qin Wu grinned It s okay, anyway, I will come here from time to time, and I have the opportunity to approach her.Women, it s actually very HCMUSSH cbd gummies all natural hemp extract simple to get it done.Money is enough.I don t believe it.She will be stronger than me when the time comes.Under the money offensive of Qi Fei, he will follow that poor Qi Fei Hahaha The boss is not only rich, but his charismatic temperament is much where to buy oros cbd gummies stronger than that of Qi Fei Qin Wu grinned Just you He will flatter you.The man was wearing a suit, not tall, with a slightly fat body, and his expression revealed a majestic temperament.Qi Fei didn t know this person, but he soon realized that this person was not simple.Because immediately, except for Yan Fengtao and Qi Fei, everyone stood up like an electric shock, and greeted this man very politely.When Qi Fei heard this, his mind went blank for a moment, because this man is actually the chairman of the group Now Qi Fei couldn t sit still and hurriedly stood up.When Yan Fengtao saw the chairman, his expression also changed significantly.His anger disappeared in an instant, and he greeted the chairman with a smile.Then he asked Zhang Li to take a chair, and he himself moved a little to the side, so as to make people feel uncomfortable.The chairman sits in the middle.It s because I haven t found a job that is more suitable for me.In order to survive, I came back.I am very grateful to Mr.Cheng for continuing to take me in Qi Fei said.To be honest, Qi Fei s answer is cbd gummies all natural hemp extract not brilliant at all, but in fact he did it deliberately.He believes that such an answer suits the chairman s appetite.Sure enough, the chairman always had a smile on his face The young man is very direct, very good, how about this, since you are back, continue to work hard here, don t run away again, if this is the case, the company will lose a lot of talents Ah, hahaha.Yes Chairman The chairman nodded slightly, and then said to Yan Fengtao Mr.Yan, I think you will have to come up with a new policy best cbd gummies menstrual cramps at that time.Among all the units of the group, any Those who are capable must be given proper care, and those who can be formally hired should go through the relevant procedures as soon as possible, so that they can be retained.

After Qi Fei shouted, a tall and bearded man, about forty or so, walked out from behind a door inside.aged man.This man s hair is a bit long, and his beard is also very thick.With his body shape, he thought he was a Russian at first glance.You came early this time.Brother Bin s voice was a little hoarse Sit whatever you want, I ll come and serve you hot pot as soon as I clean up.Okay Qi Fei agreed, and sat down with Cheng Siyu up.Chapter 226 Paying Protection Fee What kind of hot pot is there here Why is there no menu Cheng Siyu asked.He has a kind of hot pot.It is said that he made it secretly.I don t know what the base is.Anyway, it tastes very delicious.Although there are no customers at the moment, there will be many tables outside his shop.As for the dishes for the hot pot, they are all over there.I can win enough opportunities for you to HCMUSSH cbd gummies all natural hemp extract apply with the top, and finally there will be so many places below.Qi Fei didn t want to continue arguing with her about this matter Well, if this is the casethank you, Director Zhang.Zhang Li saw It can be concluded that Qi Fei s attitude is not sincere at all, but she has no confidence in the first place, so she immediately changed the subject and muttered casually Oh, I thought these were unnecessary, and it is still useful to do cbd gummies all natural hemp extract HCMUSSH cbd gummies all natural hemp extract it for a long time.What do you mean Qi Fei asked.Zhang Li showed a resentful expression Qi Fei, I think your head was caught by the door, or you are an idiot Qi Fei was very puzzled, and stared at Zhang Li with wide eyes.Zhang Li went on to say Others directly give you a high paying high level position, why don t you Why feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk did you just throw away that great opportunity Qi Fei narrowed his eyes It s strange How could Director Zhang Do you know about this cbd gummies really helped with anxiety Qi Fei thought that Zhang Li would show some guilty expression, but he cbd gummies all natural hemp extract better nights cbd cbn gummies didn t expect that Zhang Li s expression was very calm, and there was a bit of complacency.This person is Ning Bin.The two killers froze for a moment, and one of them said in a deep voice When you came over, I didn t even hear footsteps.It seems that you are a master.I didn t expect that a small hot pot restaurant owner is still a bit capable.Ning Bin just said lightly Let him go.Another killer said Sorry, we have to settle this man.In the middle of the snow, he looked at the two of them and said, There is an unusual murderous look in the eyes of the two of you.I guess you should be killers, right Seriously, I haven t met a killer for many years.Who are you A killer asked in surprise.Me I m just the owner of a hotpot restaurant.Ning Bin looked indifferent.Another said in a threatening tone Since you know that we are killers, don t meddle in our affairs.It has nothing to do with you.Feeling distressed will affect our mood.If we are in a bad mood, we will easily have mental problems.The damage fee is three hundred per person, that is fifteen thousand Qi Fei widened his eyes You want me to pay two thousand five Two thousand five is really not much purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract money in Qi Fei s concept, but Now, his monthly salary is not so much, of course he can t accept it.Why, don t you think you are sincere enough Let s make up a whole number, three thousand.The curly haired man grinned.Qi Fei s face became more cbd gummies pain management and more ugly.He thought, take a step back, and if he really has to lose money, he will try to pay, but he didn t expect this bastard lion to ask for three thousand yuan.What a joke Friend, I m just a handyman, how can I get that much money Qi Fei looked at the curly haired man and four other people.Now I can finish it today.It s pretty good Ning Bin said with a smile.Qi Fei could feel that Ning Bin was in a good mood at the moment.Afterwards, the two chatted while eating and drinking.During this period, Qi Fei wanted to ask Ning Bin several times what he did before, and the knife and pistol would always appear in his mind, but he always felt that it was not easy to ask, so he didn t ask.It s just that his thoughts were revealed from his expression intentionally or unintentionally.After drinking a few sips of wine, Ning Bin suddenly took the initiative to talk about something to Qi Fei.This is also regarded as solving other doubts and mysteries in Qi Fei s heart.In fact, Ning Bin s past cannot be said to be shady, it can even be said to be very glorious, because he is a retired special soldier.Wandering on the street, I would occasionally catch a bus at will, and then get off wherever I want.I don t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, after making a big circle, Qi Fei went to the seaside like a ghost, and it was the place where Cheng Siyu almost had an accident last time.Qi Fei walked slowly on the beach, watching the surging waves, feeling the cold sea breeze blowing in front of him, Qi Fei couldn t help recalling all the things that happened since he arrived in Bingang.Thinking about it this way, he found that there seemed to be quite a lot of things, and he didn t pay much attention to them when he was going through them, but it was different in retrospect.And when looking back on these things, Qi Fei found that he seemed to have changed.He couldn t tell what exactly had changed, but he just purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract felt that he had changed, maybe it was his mentality, maybe it was his thoughts.The old fried dough stick in the hot pot restaurant saw Qi Fei was looking at Cui Yangze s design intently, and did not disturb Qi Fei, so he pulled Cui Yangze out of the hot pot restaurant and chatted with Cui Yangze.Let me tell you, it s definitely good for you to hang out with Brother Fei.The veterans put their hands on Cui Yangze s shoulders, persuading Cui Yangze to hang out with Qi Fei.It made Cui Yangze feel that this shit looks like he has entered the underworld.Chapter 269 It s not easy to see Cui Yangze pulling a face, the old fried dough sticks in the hot pot restaurant are not happy.Brother, today is because you came to send our brother Fei the design drawings, so we told you well, if it were someone else, we would have sent him away long ago, how can we be so friendly to you.Brother, you have to know that Brother Fei is a formidable character.Stupid, this is the first time I ve seen a man who is afraid of women to such an extent.Stupid, why didn t you go when that woman asked you out just now Stupid, you said yes Am I prettier or that woman is prettier Hitomi Hookah is familiar with herself, and now she will keep asking why Qi Fei didn t agree to that woman just now.Seeing that Tong Shisha s ice cream was finished, Qi Fei was eating popcorn for a while, and said, You wait for me here for a while, and I ll go buy two bottles of water.Tong Shisha grabbed Qi Fei s clothes and shook Shaking his head, he hurriedly said, Idiot, I ll go with you.This is the first time I ve come to Dabingang.I m not familiar with the place.Are you planning to just abandon me Hitomi Shisha s words didn t count Da, the pedestrians passing by the two of them looked at Qi Fei with deep disdain after hearing it.

The next day, Qi Fei woke up and saw that Hitomi Shisha was still asleep.He stood outside the door and cbd gummies all natural hemp extract told Hitomi Shisha that he was going out to do something, and asked her to wake up and go out to eat by himself.A hard hat has already begun to direct the construction of the workers, but Jiang Fan and the old fritters cbd gummies all natural hemp extract have not seen it, and it is estimated that they have gone to save the lost girl and have not returned yet.Seeing Qi Fei coming, Cui Yangze walked quickly to Qi Fei, and how many cbd gummies in a dose reported the recent construction situation to Qi Fei.Qi Fei remembered that when Cui Yangze first came, he said that someone introduced him, and he was a little curious about who introduced him.He came.Cui Yangze also stayed here in the commercial street for a while, Qi Fei also vaguely knew who brought Cui Yangze here to help him, and cbd gummies all natural hemp extract talked with Cui Yangze on the construction site about the commercial street until noon, Tong Shisha called and asked Qi Fei Do you want to go home for lunch at noon Cui Yangze has good hearing, and when he heard that his sister was talking to Qi Fei, he gave Qi Fei a meaningful look, and patted Qi Fei on the shoulder, Brother Fei, happiness in life is cbd gummies all natural hemp extract a big deal, so don t worry about things on the construction site Qi Fei told Tong Shisha that he would be back in a while, and after the two finished talking, Qi Fei found out that Cui Yangze was there, and he was really a shopkeeper.When Xiao Wu s words fell, Bei Dao Chuanzi s subordinates raised their guns and aimed at Xiao Wu and his party.The atmosphere at the scene was tense and extremely tense, but Xiao Wu and Bei Dao Chuan Zi looked at each other as if cbd gummies all natural hemp extract they hadn t seen those guns.Qi Fei didn t know where pure relief cbd gummies cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Xiao Wu got his confidence and courage, if anyone s hands cbd gummies all natural hemp extract trembled, bullets would not have eyes.Xiao Wu and Bei Dao Chuanzi were in a stalemate for a while, but no one gave in.Xiao Wu looked at Qi Fei and shouted, Brother Fei, do it.The distance between Xiao Wu and Bei Dao Chuanzi was less than one meter , Qi Fei stood tightly behind Xiao Wu.On the way here, Xiao Wu secretly told Qi Fei that if the time comes to negotiate with Little Japan and refuse to cooperate, or if he has too much appetite and needs Qi Fei s help, Qi Fei Fei kept watching the scene, Xiao Wu stepped forward to Bei Dao Chuanzi as soon as he opened his mouth, and stretched out his hand to pinch Bei Dao Chuanzi s neck.Cheng Siyu s position in the company has been stabilized, and Yan Fengtao almost Yan Fengtao is also an old fritter, knowing that if he pleads for Zhang Li, his seat will definitely be lost at that time, so he keeps saying that he is sloppy.He doesn t know that Zhang Li is the company s inner ghost.Where does Yan Fengtao come from the chairman After returning, he took all his anger on Zhang Wei.Not long after, Zhang Wei resigned, and Yan cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Fengtao and Tan Jianren also knew that Cheng Siyu was going to fight, and they were the ones who suffered, so they simply stopped making trouble for Cheng Siyu.In the Bingang Evening News, anyone with a discerning eye knows that Cheng Siyu s position in the company is in full swing, and there is the chairman behind him.Cheng Siyu s position in the company has been stabilized, and Yan Fengtao almostPeople no longer create some troubles, which makes him feel relieved.Qi Fei was afraid that Tong Shisha would use strong methods to force Zhang Li to say those words, and asked her what method she used, and Tong Shisha s answer made Qi Fei even more dumbfounded.Hitomi Shisha followed Zhang Li secretly for a few days.I have to say that this woman has gone to an extreme on the road of power.One day she followed Zhang Li to an underground parking lot, and when Zhang Li didn t pay attention, she slipped into a car.After Zhang Li saw her, she couldn t get angry in her heart.Sao Fox, why can serenity cbd gummies shark tank you get Qi Fei s care, but I can t.She, Cheng Siyu, what ability can make Qi Fei help her wholeheartedly Maybe it was the last time Zhang Li saw Qi Fei and her.Hitomi Shisha was deeply stimulated by Hitomi Shisha s words.When seeing Hitomi Shisha again, he said all the words out of excitement, and did not notice that Hitomi Shisha was still holding a recording pen in his hand.At that time, he hated her and why she left him, but later when he came cbd gummies all natural hemp extract to Bingang and met Cheng Siyu , the hatred for Xuan er faded.Should I blame Xuan er Blaming her cbd gummies all natural hemp extract for colluding with Gao Wei to bring down the company, Qi Fei smiled wryly, Xuan er couldn t help herself, even though she chose to do eagle hemp cbd gummies really work leave in the end, fell into Gao Wei s arms, and continued to live a life of spending money like water, he did not blame Xuan er, there are times when people can t help themselves, and everyone has the right to pursue the life they want.Since you can t give Xuan er the life you want, why blame her for leaving me.Seeing that Qi Fei was silent, Tong Shiyan felt a little bored, and waved his hand to ask the waiter to come over and pay the bill.In the taxi, Xuan er wanted to keep her best and most beautiful side in her heart forever, and kept holding back the tears in her eyes until the taxi was far away from the western restaurant, and she couldn t help crying anymore.Qi Fei didn t know why Wu Wei said these words to himself, stood in cbd gummy hk a row with Wu Wei, and said, Brother Wu, what did you say I understand everything, it s just that some things can t be done all at once, and need to be taken step by step.Wu Wei nodded and patted Qi Fei on the shoulder, Qi Fei, what are you going to do with your relationship with Tong Shisha, I can feel that she doesn t treat you like you treat gummy bears what is cbd her.Xiaobei, I haven t contacted Xiaobei for a long time.I don t know how she is doing now.She let out a bad breath and said, cbd gummies all natural hemp extract better nights cbd cbn gummies Brother Ang, Shisha is a good girl.I treat her like my sister.I think time may be able to wake her up about the emotional matters.Qi Fei and Wu Wei stood in the aisle, neither of them spoke, both of them are handsome guys, which caused a lot of turning heads.Yi Lan s parents left Bingang and went home three days after being discharged from the hospital.Each sent one, and I also took out one and ordered it.Brother Xuan, I don t know what information you can find out.Qi Fei lit a cigarette for Li Xuan, and then lit himself.Li Xuan took a puff of cigarette and blew out a few smoke rings, I have asked Bai Jin to investigate this matter, I believe the results will come out soon.Hearing Li Xuan talk about Bai Jin, Qi Fei remembered seeing Bai Jin and Qin Wu Sitting in a car, the two were still having an affectionate conversation.Seeing that Li Xuan didn t say anything about it, maybe Li Xuan sent Bai Jin feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk to talk to Qin Wu about the matter.The three sat in the room and chatted for cbd gummies all natural hemp extract a while.Qi Fei asked Li Xuan about the matter in Langzhou.Li Xuan told Qi Fei that it would be easy to handle anywhere, but Li Xuan told Qi Fei some bad news., Qin Wu seems to be pestering Xiaobei often.Brother Fei, look at what you said, are we just so unlikable Fei asked him to help the cbd gummies all natural hemp extract rest of the veterans.Cui Yangze came back at twelve noon, when Qi Fei saw him, he was sitting in the activity room with a depressed face.Tell me, what did you figure out Qi Fei pulled a stool and sat opposite Cui Yangze.Cui Yangze told Qi Fei that the most suitable time to open the market is the sixth day of next month, and he cannot be present when the market opens, because his attributes conflict with that day.Qi Fei was a little dumbfounded, it s no wonder this guy has such an expression, he is more concerned about the affairs of the commercial street than Qi Fei, he never thought that he would not be present when the project opened.Damn it, I scolded the neighbor next door Cui Yangze sat on the stool and cursed.

The appearance of the fat woman helped him a lot.If the organizer found out, he would go back In the worst case, he told the organizer that he was helpless.The woman was too HCMUSSH cbd gummies all natural hemp extract strong and snatched the small horn from his hand.With the departure of the contestants, only Qi Fei and the Thunderbolt Beacon Wolf team remained on the sea.Xiao Wu looked at the Thunderbolt Beacon Wolf team on the opposite side, yawned and said, Hurry up if you want to compete, the young master s department is still waiting to go home to hold his wife.If it s not enough, the Thunderbolt Beacon Wolf team is also decisive.After the five exchanged glances, they twisted the accelerator and charged directly at Qi Fei and the other four.This method also integrated the intentions of Qi Fei and the four of them, and the four of them also accelerated and bumped into each other.Qi Fei told the man not to pretend to be a ghost to scare people in the future, the man nodded in agreement, saying that he would not do it after the salary was too low, and it would be quite tiring to come out to scare people without sleeping in the middle of the night.After letting go of the man pretending to be a ghost, the three of Qi Fei sat in the office.Yi Lan asked Qi Fei what cbd gummies all natural hemp extract he planned to do next, and Qi Fei told Yi Lan and Zhang Wei that if he dared to play tricks behind him, he should play with him.Play.It was getting late, Qi Fei and the three left the company, and the security guard was quite puzzled, when did Qi Fei, the legendary consultant, come to the company.After sending Yi Lan home, Qi Fei asked Yi Lan to tell Cheng Siyu about pretending to be a ghost tomorrow, and told her not to worry.Li Xuan Take out a bank card from your pocket and put it in the old man s hand, tell the old purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract man the bank card password, and let the old man swipe the card by himself.After swiping the card, the old man asked Li Xuan if he needed their help to deliver the goods, and Li Xuan nodded.However, Li Xuan didn t leave in a hurry, but asked the old man to call out what he wanted, and let him see if their performance was the same as the one that just came in.The old man nodded in agreement.Ten young purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract women stood in a row outside the house, each holding a brand new deck cbd gummies all natural hemp extract better nights cbd cbn gummies of playing cards, as if performing the female version in the cbd gummies delaware house, showing their respective skills.After leaving the woods, there was already a car waiting for Li Xuan outside.Li Xuan got in the car and asked Qi Fei what he thought of the ten women.Bingang, Cheng Siyu s home.At this time, Cheng Siyu was already asleep, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly in her sleep.In her dream, she met Piao Ling again.Although Piao Ling was very vague, she felt extremely happy.Piao cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Ling asked her what happened recently How are you doing.She really wanted to tell Piao Ling that she wanted to forget him, but he purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract was deeply imprinted in her heart like a curse, but he didn t say this to Piao Ling, she told Piao Ling that she was doing well.In her sleep, she talked a lot cbd gummies all natural hemp extract with Piao Ling, when she reached out to touch Piao Ling s face, she woke up, and the alarm clock on the mobile phone beside the bed rang, bringing her back to reality from sleep.There was a wry smile on the corner of her mouth, she sat up from the bed, shook her head slightly, the night s dream made cbd gummies all natural hemp extract her look a little tired, Piao Ling, I saw you cbd gummies all natural hemp extract in my sleep, I don t know where you are now.It would be a lie to say that the director is not tempted, but the profit that Tingyinxuan shares can bring him for a year is not a small figure Shaking his head at Qin Wu, Don t think about cbd gummies australia buy the shares, no matter how much you pay, I won t sell them.Qin Wu left and went to the police station, as if he had already expected the result of being rejected.Boss, do you want us to take care of him Li Xuan sat in the car, and the driver asked in a low voice.Drive.It s not obvious, but it s dark, no matter what, cbd gummies all natural hemp extract better nights cbd cbn gummies he must get the shares of Tingyinxuan.Back at the .

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small villa, Qin Wu asked his subordinates to get a copy of the information about the chief of the police station.Of course, what he wanted was the information about the corruption of the chief of the police station.The Celestial Dynasty hates this very much.Tell Yang Zhe to come in.Zhong Da nodded and walked towards the gate of the villa.Seeing Zhong Da, Yang Zhe smiled at Zhong Da, What did Mr.Xu say txt80.CoM Mr.Xu, please go in.As he spoke, Yang Zhe gave the two security guards standing at the door a wink, and the two security guards gave way.Gongsun Hai, you have been the big brother of the Northeast underworld for some years, and now it s my turn to take a seat.With Xu Kaixuan s intelligence system, it is natural to know that Gongsun Hai is behind Yutai, and he intends to pursue the potion cbd gummies Northeast underworld The position of Big Brother is first of all to get rid of Gongsun Hai, the Big Brother.Yang Zhe met Xu Kaixuan, and the task Xu Kaixuan gave him was very simple, no matter what, he had to eradicate Yutai.Seeing that Xu Kaixuan had the same purpose as his own, Yang Zhe was naturally extremely happy.Both Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun are not idlers, so they let Qi Fei get in the way of the crowd.It was two teams of people who were arguing, and the one who just cursed was a burly man, followed by several younger brothers, whose waists were also bulging.The one who was arguing with the burly man was a man with a thick face, and behind the same man with a thick face were several younger brothers, whose waists were also bulging.If you want to fight, I will accompany you at any time.The man with a sultry face greeted him not to be outdone.Seeing their boss quarreling with the opponent s boss, these younger brothers took out the guns from their waists and pointed at each other.As long as the boss gave an order, they would definitely pull the trigger.Xiao Wu gave Qi Fei and Zhao Yun a wink, telling them not to stand here anymore, to step back, this place will be a battlefield for a while, bullets don t have eyes, it would be no fun if they were hit by stray bullets up.Killers have merged with the darkness.less than them.They are in the open, and the enemy is in the dark.If they are attacked by the enemy at this time, it will be very bad.What happened today annoyed these people in the killer organization, but they couldn t use all their abilities.The killers in the dark saw that these drug lords were going to leave, so they were naturally unhappy.You have been chasing us for so long, and if you don t pay the price, it s like leaving.You don t take the killers of this world seriously.Although these killers scattered around, it didn t affect their killing in the dark.Pfft A drug lord only felt a cold on his neck, and then he felt something scratched his neck.When he stretched his hand to his neck, blood spurted like a spring.When he came out, the drug lord became a cold corpse before he could say a word.

Bai Xiye nodded and gave Li Xuan a reassuring look.Li Xuan was waved towards Heizi and Baijin, and boarded the plane.At this moment, his heart was a little heavy.This time he would give up the woman he loved, and at the same time, he had to tell the old man to be careful.The battle between him and Qin Wu is not a superficial competition, but a contest between the forces behind it.Why do I feel that brother Xuan is acting weird today.Heizi scratched his head, looked at Li Xuan s back, and said to Bai Xiye beside him with some doubts.Don t think too much.Bai Xiye also felt a little weird, but he didn t know exactly where the strange was, so he patted Heizi on the shoulder, Let s go, the boss has left, Tingyinxuan still needs us Two people go manage it.When Bai Xiye said to manage Tingyinxuan, he didn t say I to manage it, but said we to make Heizi feel warm in his heart.The Dragon House in Beijing.Long Xiaotian returned to Langzhou that day, borrowed Meng Tingting from Tong Shisha for two days, and brought Meng Tingting back to the imperial capital that day.Long Ao s physical condition was getting worse day by day.When Long Ao woke up the next morning and did not see Long Xiaotian, he asked Uncle Fu, Where is the young master Master, the young master went to pick up the young mistress.Uncle Fu naturally knew the purpose of Long Xiaotian s trip to Langzhou, and now that Long Ao asked, he gave a straightforward answer.Ah Fu, you ve met Xiaotian s girlfriend, right Long Ao raised his front and leaned on the pillow, looking at Uncle Fu with a smile on his face.Uncle Fu nodded, Master Xiaotian s girlfriend is not only beautiful, but also an executive in Milan, and she is quite a good person Meng Tingting has a good impression on Uncle Fu, and at this moment Uncle Fu will be able to Words such as praise were used, all of them were used.When he comes back, let him talk about what kind of mission he is going out to perform.When Cheng Siyu was talking, there was a sly smile in his eyes, and he was in harmony with Li Xuan s depression during the call was also gone.Yi Lan and Cheng Siyu chatted together in the office for a while, and chatted for a while about the problems they encountered at get off work.When they got off work, Cheng Siyu told Yi Lan that she had to leave first, so she would not leave with Yi Lan up.After leaving the company, Cheng Siyu took a taxi to the restaurant Li Xuan mentioned, and saw Li Xuan waiting at the door from a distance.Seeing Cheng Siyu get off the car, Li Xuan took her into the private room of the restaurant, handed the menu to Cheng Siyu, and asked her to order.The waiter took the menu and left.Wu Wei explained the whole story in detail.I said it out of ten, and what I said was so excited that it made the younger brothers of the third child feel worthless for Wu Wei, and felt a pity.I can t wait to go to Zhang Yun s office now and give him a good meal.You say that such a doctor stays in the hospital, is it like a vampire, sucking the patient s blood The mistake is money.At this moment, even the third child s heart was a little shaken, as if his group should not follow him Zhang Yun is helping the evildoers together.It was not easy for Wu Wei.While trying to make the third group of people dissatisfied with Zhang Yun, he had to carefully observe their faces.He prayed in his cbd gummies all natural hemp extract heart that Qi Fei would come quickly.If you edit it down, you will be wearing clothes.What Wu Wei didn t know was that during the years Zhang Yun was in the People s Hospital, he was hooked up with what he made up.Those people are not gangsters on the street, but they are all thugs trained by Qin Wu.When Qi Fei and Xiao Wu came to the alley, they saw Bai Jin standing at the entrance of the alley from a pure relief cbd gummies cbd gummies all natural hemp extract distance, Qi Fei frowned.When Bai Jin knelt down and begged Qin Wu to let him go in order to repay his kindness, it flashed in his mind like a movie.Qin Wu s people are all quite disappointed.Could it be that they haven t found Bai Xiye Xiao Wu has sharp eyes, and he can see the disappointed expression on the face of little brother Bai Jin at a glance.It was a good thing for the two of them not to find Bai Xiye, so cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Qi Fei and Xiao Wu swaggered towards the entrance of the alley.Bai Jin looked at Qi Fei with a complicated expression, Brother Fei, are you here because of that person named Bai Xiye Bai Jin, you know that the purpose of my coming here is for Bai Xiye.Speaking of which, this Chaidelov is still the boss and your brother in law Zhao Yun asked Xiao Wu with a lewd smile.Fuck you.Xiao Wu gave Zhao Yun a supercilious look, Master only likes women, and men can go as far as they can go.Qi Fei, Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun sat in the car talking and laughing, Xiao Wu told Zhao Yun not to lose that Master Chaidelov, and it would be of great use to catch him then.Chaidelov was very dissatisfied with Liu Chen s arrangement.He wanted to build a car with Wang Yu, but Liu Chen forced him to sit in the same car with Luo Wei, a zombie.There was dissatisfaction written on Chayderov s face, Liu Chen just pretended not to notice it, Tang Qiu and Zhao Hua looked at Chaidlov s expression and wanted to laugh out loud.Boss, why did that old man sit purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract in the same car as me Afterwards, Luo Wei found Liu Chen and asked about it very dissatisfied.Xiao Wu blocked Daniel s attack with the dagger in his hand, trying hard to Pulling the dagger away from Daniel s hand, he tried several times without success, I don t know if my seed has spread to Russia, sir It s also a sin to be handsome.Think about the long legged youngsters who were killed in Erros in 2009.The young master wanted to write a book about Those Years in Russia.Daniel was so angry at Xiao Wu s words that he almost vomited blood.As far as he knew, which princesses in the Mafia had affairs with Xiao Wu Among them, there are still cbd gummies all natural hemp extract some people who gave birth to Xiao Wu s offspring.Are you HCMUSSH cbd gummies all natural hemp extract so excited Xiao Wu looked at Daniel who was trembling because of anger, and his eyes were even less sharp, The big deal is that the young master will not write that book.Asshole.Daniel was very angry and pulled out the A black pistol pulled the trigger at Xiao Wu.Offending him is equivalent to offending the entire Mafia.You can only think about killing Young Master Chai in your heart.Do you remember everything I told you Xiao Wu asked summer valley cbd gummies feel elite cbd gummies for an entire hour, his mouth was dry, and he patted Young Master Chai on the purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract shoulder.Remember I remember everything.Young Master Chai s eyes lit up.Just now, Xiao Wu told him all the ways he had picked up girls over the years.Young when should i take cbd gummies Master Chai was already thinking about what to do after returning to Russia.Relying on the forces behind him, he also had to build a harem of his own.Thinking of the kind of life a man dreams of in the future, a few drops of saliva dripped from the corner of Master Chai s mouth.Ahem Xiao Wu took a few steps to cbd gummies all natural hemp extract the side, avoiding the saliva dripping from Master Chai s mouth, and pure relief cbd gummies cbd gummies all natural hemp extract coughed a few times to make him pay attention to his image.

When they arrived at the hotel, Xiao Wu asked Zhao Yun to open another room for Wang Yu to live in.After the room was opened, Xiao Wu took Wang Yu to a hospital in Changsha, noting that Wang Yu s injuries needed to be treated.Zhao Yun was sent by Xiao Wu to appease the injured subordinates.Qi Fei sat alone in the hotel, turned on the computer, found the penguin icon on the desktop, logged in to QQ skillfully, glanced at the flashing message image, among which One was sent to him by Ye Xiaobei.Brother Qi, I miss you so much.Brother Qi, you ve been out for a few days, and you don t know how to call us followed by an angry expression.Brother Qi, a big event has happened these days.That Bai Xiye seems to like Ji Ruxue, and the two of them went out on a date last night.Of course, this date is me and Sister Tong.After Bai Xiye stopped the feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk car, he quickly got out of the car, and went to pull the back door of the high end car opened by cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Qi Fei in front.Xiao Wu was even more angry about this, and opened the door by himself, and took Bei Dao Chuanzi out , walked to Bai Xiye s side, I think your skin is itchy, young master will take care of you in a few days.Hey Tong Shiyan.Jiazi, Ye Xiaobei and Bei Dao Chuanzi laughed, Xiao Wu and Bai Xiye are really a pair of treasures.Master Wu, I heard that you are good at martial arts.We will make gestures in a few days.Bai Xiye himself is also that kind of militant.When he was in the small county that day, he had seen Xiao Wu s martial arts.He didn t ask Xiao Wu to make gestures, but this time he heard Xiao Wu make it himself, which made him feel that the blood in his body was boiling.Brother Wang Wang Li knew what Qi Fei was going to say next, so he hurriedly purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract stopped His words, If it weren t for the fact that I hit it off with you kid, a small worker like you who ran out with various excuses on the first day of work, I would have fired him a long time ago.After that, Wang Li told Qi Fei that after dinner, he took Yang Xueyu to the city center to see the Milan clothing store, and whether he was recruiting shopping guides.He also saw the news two or three days ago.Md, what am I doing Did they hire a small cbd gummies all natural hemp extract worker or find an old man.After eating, Qi Fei took Yang Xueyu to the city as Wang Li said before.Wang Li looked at the backs of the two of them and shook his head bitterly.On the other hand, Wang Quanan was beaten at Yang Xueyu s house After a while, after he came out, he called his cousin who was a gangster, and described his experience as miserable.You don t know that.Neighbor B started bragging, pointing at Wang Quan an and said, Did you see that person with a big fat belly, who looks like she is six or seven months pregnant He is the director of that woman s company, and today s incident may have been caused by the director s liking for that woman s beauty.The neighbors looked at Wang Quan an one after another.Seeing his greasy hair and noodles, he was not a good person at first glance, but they agreed with what neighbor B said.Look, the director s face was slapped by that man.I was on the night shift last night and was sleeping at home this morning.So what, what, what The neighbor Ding became more and more excited as he spoke, he licked his chapped lips, and then said It seems that I guessed wrong this morning, and that sound is clearly the sound of slapping the mouth.It was the first time he met a master like Wang Li.In fact, just a face to face let him know that he is not Wang Li s opponent.Are you deaf Wang Li looked at his cousin suspiciously, Didn t I tell you before I m just the owner of a snack bar.You re lucky this time, kid.The cousin kicked The younger brother lying on the ground said angrily, Let s go.Wang Quanan looked at his cousin and asked suspiciously Are you leaving now If you don t leave, why don t you stay here and finish your meal cbd gummies all natural hemp extract The cousin gave Wang Quanan a kick.Today he was cheated by this cousin.And the pit is very miserable.After leaving the community, Wang Quanan asked his cousin, Why didn t you stay and teach the owner of the snack bar just now Seeing the duck meat flying away like this, Wang Quanan was very upset.Hum my cousin took out a cigarette and took a puff, and gave Wang Quanan a hard look, I ll settle this matter with you when I get back.Sister Xueyu is very beautiful, whoever marries you will be very happy.Ye Xiaobei praised Yang Xueyu from the bottom of her heart, she heard Tong Shisha said that Yang Xueyu liked a man named Mu Mu, which reminded her of Qi Fei.Brother Qi, where are you We are waiting for you.Ye Xiaobei would call Xiao Wu every day to ask him about Qi Fei, but the results were the same every time, and there was no news yet.Yang Xueyu chatted with Ye Xiaobei for a while, seeing that she was a bit distracted, she didn t continue the chat, Tong Shiyan looked at Ye Xiaobei s appearance and told Yang Xueyu not to take it to heart, Xiaobei had something on her mind.After chatting with Tong Shisha for a while, Yang Xueyu left, she was just a small employee of the specialty store, if she stayed in the office all day, other employees would have objections.As a result, these people faltered, shrinking their necks and retreating.Anyway, knowing Wu Lun is just to drink and pick up girls together.We don t have a deep friendship, and we don t know each other well, so it doesn t matter if they are beaten to death.You Wu Lun got up from the ground, probably because he drank some wine, and the wine was so timid, this guy even took off his shoes, and Qi flew over.But the next moment, this thing flew out again.again and again.As onlookers, those young people are suddenly cbd gummies all natural hemp extract very glad that they didn t go up to beat someone just now, otherwise they would be the ones being kicked and flying around now.At the same time, several people couldn t help muttering in their hearts, didn t the big man just say that fighting is not allowed Now this guy is playing so happily, and he doesn t know how to control it.Every time I am touched, it makes me want to kill.For example, you just said that my laughter is disgusting.Quack, you insulted me and my whole family.Then I can only choose You squeezed to death, one is to prove that I, Yan Ze, is no worse than the people of Mobei Canglang, and the second is to use your blood to atone for what you just said.Yan Ze said.This guy is simply a lunatic, because in the eyes of others, this guy doesn t seem to know anything except violence and murder.However, all the Yan family members are freaks, and they can t be speculated by common sense at all.Although the rumors were so, Qi Fei didn t think so, because he couldn t see Yan Ze clearly.Any taboos in life are all excuses.If Qi Fei is willing, he can drag Yan Ze to say that his taboos will not be repeated for three days and three nights.

Li will definitely not refuse.Joke said.David stood obliquely behind Li Wan, his eyes were undisguised, and he couldn t stop looking at Li Wan s upright buttocks.He didn t know what .

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messed up he was thinking, but his position had already been cut off.Li Wan returned to her desk to make a can i mail cbd gummies to fl phone call to call someone.There are not many people in the whole pure relief cbd gummies cbd gummies all natural hemp extract company, and Li Wan s office revive 360 cbd gummies is at the innermost, so no one can pay attention to her even if she yells out her throat.Of course, the premise is that David and the others give Li Wan a chance to call.Mr.Li, don t be nervous.My partner has a big temper.I apologize to you on his behalf.However, it is indeed your fault that you look down on us.Everyone is at fault.How about just writing it off Now we are friends, man and woman We always need to talk about something interesting, come on, we are all very busy.It seems that we can have a good talk now.What is the purpose of your coming here Qi Fei didn t speak, but Li Wan asked instead.We are serious businessmen, and we want to discuss cooperation with you.Is this how you treat business friends Is the business world in China so unbearable David roared, putting himself completely on the victim s side in his words status.I don t know if the business world is unbearable, but since you entered the office, you have been going to fuck me, can you explain this Li Wan said.Qi Fei suddenly trembled, these two guys are simply too fierce, to do something that he has always wanted to do but dare not do, what a talent.Did they succeed Qi Fei didn t get angry first, but asked this question instead.Are you as stupid as them Li Wan scolded with a smile.Is Qi Fei brain dead, of course not, so after hearing Li Wan s slightly teasing words, this bastard blushed, beat up David, and threw the two foreign devils out like trash.I don t know, because I was having breakfast at that time, cbd gummies all natural hemp extract but she can answer this question for you.Qi Fei pointed to Li Wan and said.Beautiful lady, thank you for giving the most truthful answer.Brooke set his eyes on Li Wan.At the same time, Brooke was very upset.This guy is surrounded by beauties, whether glamorous or noble, with different cbd gummies all natural hemp extract styles and different tastes.Looking at the assistant around him, she is definitely a beautiful woman.Bi, he was thrown out several blocks in an instant.If you compare goods, you have to throw them away, and if you compare people, you have to die.All the people here are smart people, so they can naturally understand the meaning of Brook s three questions.He is obviously digging a hole for Qi Fei to jump in by himself.It is impossible not to jump, but it is necessary to jump.According to Qi Fei s instructions, the assistant clicked the button to play the video.Everyone looked at the screen very intently, for fear of missing a bit of the picture.This group of videos may be the most powerful evidence for Qi Fei to turn the tables and prove his grievances.The female reporter who was standing in the corner and attacked Qi Fei crazily before looked a little unnatural at this moment.After she glanced at the screen, she exchanged a few words with the photographer behind her, and then started to make a phone call.Leader, the scene is a bit out of control.What they did was captured by the surveillance video.What do you think we should do the female reporter said in a low voice.There was a silence on the phone, as if listening to the movement on the other end of the phone.The audience felt that David had always been very polite.Coupled with his handsome face, people unconsciously rose from a good impression.Chapter 470 Being wronged is really a handsome guy, handsome and rich, he is simply a female killer, unmarried want to be thrown, married want to cheat, this is the power of handsome, no, handsome and rich.However, comparing the appearance of the pig s head after being beaten violently, these nympho people hated Qi Fei even more.Such a handsome guy was beaten into a pig, did you just have the heart to blue ring cbd gummies do it Did you consider the feelings of thousands of girls and young women before you did it Did you hear everyone s heartbroken voice One third of the video passed, and everyone still couldn t see anything inappropriate about David, so some people began to question the content of what cbd gummy is best for sleep this video, wondering if Qi Fei was playing with you again.The matter between you adults has nothing to do with Wu Lan.Although I really don t want to get involved, I just stand by and cbd gummies willie nelson see how clean I am when you beat me to death.Qi Fei mustered up the courage to say such a sentence.But in an instant, Wu Zhong s face changed, and there was a heart pounding pain from his waist.Wu Lan has already started her unique skill, the magical skill of twisting flesh.Why are you pinching me I haven t finished my words yet.Qi Fei hurriedly took Wu Lan s hand away.I want to see what you can come up with.Wu Zhong was very angry.Does this guy really think that he can sit back and relax after eating and wiping Wu Lan clean Who the hell cares about that layer of membrane now Besides, medicine is very advanced, and another one can be recreated in minutes.Wu Lan also held her head, staring at purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Qi Fei with twinkling eyes.Qi Fei replied.He doesn t know what difference the level of brewing tea can bring.Anyway, he thinks that the same tea tastes the same no matter how it is brewed.Don t worry, the tea ceremony is a test of talent and state of mind, and it can t be practiced just by soaking it a few times.Liu Zhengfeng said after taking another sip.Immediately, Qi Fei felt the urge to pour hot water directly on the old man s face, can you not be so annoying when you speak, and scold him for his lack of talent and bad mood But Qi Fei can only think about it in his heart, pouring hot water on a deputy minister, this is really courting death.Leader, I won t take you to bully people like this.Qi Fei said with an aggrieved look.Since you can t pour hot water, it s still necessary to act like a baby.Haha, you kid, you re such a freak.The sea snake replied.But this is the gate of the Lu family.If you do it here, and see blood on your birthday, wouldn t it be bad luck said the old housekeeper.His tone seemed to be reproachful, but only the two of them knew that they were discussing.Because no one knows how terrifying and destructive the old butler with a seemingly kind face and half of his body buried in the soil has.He wasn t blaming the sea snake.If it was really strange, it must be the sea snake who wanted to do something.Why didn t he tell him so that he could squat beside him and watch the blood spurt out.Since he walked into this compound, he has never felt the heat of human blood again.This seems to be your favorite game when you were young.The sea snake handed the old housekeeper a cigarette and said.The old butler shook his head.

He knew that the enemies of the Lu family were coming.Hey Hua Qingzhang sighed softly, got up and left.With the development of the matter, there is no need for him to stay here anymore.As for the Lu family, if they engage in such a big show, the result may really hit their own feet.Looking at the old friends standing in a row in front of him, Wang Poluo laughed.These people unite to put pressure on the Lu family, but even if they put their entire wealth on it, will they be able to challenge the Lu family successfully not necessarily.Wang Poluo has operated in Langzhou for decades, and has controlled Langzhou openly and secretly for decades.The resources and energy he has mastered are unimaginable to ordinary people.Ten years ago, the Li family was in purekana cbd gummies phone number cbd gummies all natural hemp extract the limelight because of Li Er, but within a few years, Li Er got into the game set up by the Lu family because of his betrayal, and became completely useless.If there are still some things that can affect his plan, then he cbd gummies all natural hemp extract will get rid of Hu Mingyue with thunder.You can be stupid once, but there must never be a second time.After Wang Wutian s car went away, a man who had been hiding in a dark corner came out.Standing beside Hu Mingyue with a short but strong figure, he was really not very eye catching.The Wang family is becoming more and more difficult to control, Number Seven, your work effect is very poor.The man said, his Mandarin was very blunt.Dear number two, I will continue to work hard, and I hope you will give me enough guidance and supervision.Hu Mingyue s attitude was extremely respectful.The leader has expressed enough concern about China s affairs.He has asked me three times about the progress of things.If one day the leader expresses his dissatisfaction, there will super chill cbd gummies 500mg be no need for us to live any longer.A strange smile appeared on the corner of Lei Dao s mouth.Qi Fei nodded, turned around and walked into the backstage of the release hall, where all senior executives of Qi Fei s environmental protection were present, waiting for the time for the press conference to arrive.President Qi, this is the product we released today, you should try it first.Seeing Qi Fei coming in, Martin took out a beautifully packaged emerald green mask and said to Qi Fei.Hey, why did you change the product Shouldn t it be the small ball from before Qi Fei took it in doubt, removed the outer packaging, and immediately smelled a refreshing natural smell.This is the most primitive memory of childhood, and the living environment of people should be like this.Chapter 505 The nobleman forgets things too much Mr.Qi, you are so noble and forgetful.Thunder Knife.Qi Fei called out.Here Lei feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk Dao shouted loudly.Go and let them calm down.Qi Fei ordered.Please stay here, lady.I m a reporter from the Internet media.Can I interview you with a few questions At the gate of the National Convention Center, a female reporter stopped a lady who was running over without a trace and said.No, I m in a hurry now, and I m about to miss the press conference.If I can t see my handsome boy, are you responsible The woman said, pulling away the female reporter s hand.Immediately, the female reporter s face was covered with black lines.A rare opportunity to be on camera, can t it stand the power of a handsome guy In fact, she already had the answer in her heart.Ma am, my question is very simple and it won t take up too much of your time.At the same time, if you cooperate, I can give you a product from an internal press conference company.However, no matter how hard he tried to hit the high raised palm, he couldn t hit it anymore, because his wrist seemed to be firmly clamped by an iron clamp.The big fat man was even more upset, and when he turned his head to look, he found a smiling handsome guy with one hand in his trouser pocket and the other hand seemingly easily pinching feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk his wrist.Really handsome, much handsomer than him.This made the fat man even more angry, you are such a handsome guy who has nothing to do to join in the fun, can t you give the fat man a way to survive Boy, you re looking for death.The big fat man had nowhere to vent his anger, and when he saw Qi Fei s face that deserved a beating, he became even more furious, and he clenched his other hand into a fist, and directly punched Qi Fei s face.Aren t you handsome I how many cbd gummies to get high can beat your handsome face into a flower.What he did right was taken for granted, and what he did wrong was also right.There are never mistakes in his world.I don t think this is a very honorable thing.Qi Fei said.Could it be that you can dissolve the hatred in your heart with just one sentence, and bring those bones back to life with one sentence Do you think you are a monkey brought by Bodhisattva It s really difficult.Tian Wang said with a wry smile on his face, and then he turned his attention to Cheng Susheng.As a qualified subordinate, one must be able to understand the intention of the leader to the greatest extent.The leader needs to know what to do with just one glance, and the leader needs to know what to do when he moves his buttocks.To help the leader arrange to solve the demand.At this point, Cheng Susheng is simply a moving teaching material.It s a good plan.Don t you need something The insane Taoist said.Yeah, that s exactly what I want, to completely put Qi Fei on the opposite side of the Wang family, for me, at the moment of the final decisive battle, I will personally get rid of this old friend who I haven t seen for many years.Wang Wutian said.Hearing Wang Wutian s words, the epileptic Taoist couldn t help nodding, as if he had heard some law of true knowledge.This cup of coffee is not prepared for me, is it Daoist Daoist looked at the coffee machine that was emitting a strong aroma, and said.Wang Wutian didn t want to regard Qi Fei as his ultimate enemy yet, and he didn t think that now is the best time to kill Qi Fei.He has to endure until the best time.At that time, he only needs a very simple knife, It can solve Qi Fei s life.Yes, his grandfather was an educated youth.After he went to the countryside, he fell in love with his lover and got married, and never came back.And his parents left when he was very young, in a car accident.When he came back this time, besides seeing his grandfather s hometown, he also wanted to fulfill the old man s wish, to see if he could find his grandfather s family.After chatting for a while, Qi Fei learned that they didn t know where it was safe.After thinking about it, he called Jiang Fan and asked Jiang Fan to send someone to pick them up to Jinghua Qiumeng.Anyway, Cao Feng s skills are good, if he wants to work in Jinghua Qiumeng, he should work there.Xie Hanyan was originally an executive of a small company, she is considered a good managerial talent, there is no need for her to play a role in Jinghua Qiumeng.

Referee, what did we ask for Qi Fei frowned, thought for a while, and said, Yes, technical timeout, we asked for a technical timeout.It s just a 30 point ball, and it s not a regular game.This guy actually said a technical timeout, should he be so professional For Qi Fei s pretentious scene, all those who support Yanda s basketball bench team despise it.Well, Yanda s security guards feel a little ashamed.In fact, Yanda s security guards are very contradictory.On the one hand, they want to finish the game as soon as possible, so as not to continue to embarrass themselves here.On the other hand, I was thinking, don t lose so badly, it would be embarrassing Of course, not losing is the best, although they feel that this possibility is very small.But no matter what, comrades on the field, even if we are going to lose, we have to lose cleanly, okay Don t take it to blacken how long does it take for cbd gummies to activate your face again.Moreover, your kid s shooting posture is still scumbag.You were forced to shoot in a hurry by the basketball bench team of Yanda University, but it was close He did it This is just some shit luck, or is it Everyone stared at the goal dumbfounded, and couldn t react for a while.The scene just now, in their view, was completely impossible, but in the end, it happened through the heart.It didn t matter if the backboard didn t hit the basket, and it also hit the basket.Anyway, no matter what, his goal is unacceptable to everyone.Isn t that guy s game skills scumbag How did cbd gummy facts 2019 you get in right Shit luck, it must be like this Faced with Qi Fei s situation, everyone can only explain it as luck.Otherwise, you want to tell me that this is his skill Damn, which bastard dares to say that, stand up for me, and I promise not to kill him.Well, are cbd gummies and hemp gummies the same only members of our Sword Special Forces can have such an ability to teach these guys a lesson.Wu Yaqin nodded and said So, you should know that these people were beaten by Qi Fei.I called you here to deal with this matter.Wei Yongxin asked suspiciously How to deal with this matter What are you dealing with Wu Yaqin saw Wei Yongxin s incomprehensible face, with black lines all over his forehead, and said, These guys are seriously injured, if the police really want to hold them accountable , I m afraid of Qi Fei Hey, Mr.Wu, what are you worried about It s okay, you don t have to worry at all Wei Yongxin laughed when he heard her question.I cbd gummies all natural hemp extract thought reviews pure kana cbd gummies it was a big deal, but it turned out to be this problem.Then really, it s not a problem.Seeing the relaxed look on Wei Yongxin s face, Wu Yaqin couldn t understand.After all, the power of hatred is terrifying.Someone said, whether you hate someone or someone hates you behind your back, this hatred can make people do many things beyond their ability.After Wu Hao met Qi Juanjuan, when Qi Juanjuan hated him due to his tireless harassment, this hatred was buried.Because Wu Hao is doomed to be a tragedy, he is such a dude, it would be very embarrassing for others to reject him.This kind of youthful vigor, when I say second and no one dares to say first, will always do a lot of crazy things.Whether he hates it out of love or out of embarrassment, the hatred will grow.Anyway, the person my sister doesn t like dares to harass him, Qi Fei will not let him go.Of course, even if Wu Hao might not be harassing his sister, if he attacked Ye Xiaobei, Li cbd gummies all natural hemp extract Xiaoya and others, Qi Fei would do so if he saw her.Qi The boss pointed at Qi Fei and said nervously.Really, when Xie Meiqi slapped him, he almost peed in fright.Sure enough, these high ranking women really have a bad temper.In the future, try to deal with these people as little as possible, otherwise, you will die miserably.After Xie Meiqi learned who hit her son, she looked at Qi Fei coldly and said, You hit my son Cao Ruoxin hugged her hands with a cold face, Qi Juanjuan s eyes were full of anger, Ye Xiaobei This girl is simply a genius.When Xie Meiqi looked this way, not long after, her eye sockets cbd gummies all natural hemp extract turned red.Well, only Li Xiaoya watched all this calmly.Damn, the acting skills of these women are really amazing It s just for them to cooperate.Unexpectedly, the effect is better than what Qi Fei expected.If these guys don t act, it s really a waste.Want to take care of me Even if he doesn t ask the family to take a penny from now on, and doesn t use the banner of the Wu family to harm young girls outside, he will never think he has the qualifications to take care of me At first, Ye Xiaobei thought that this lie about protecting her should not be used.After all, Wu Hao didn t really say this to her.Well, although he told his best friend Qi Juanjuan, it doesn t mean that She would say that.But, who knew that Xie Meiqi would use her status to sell the old to teach her how to make friends, which made her angry.You said that your Wu Hao, when you were in Langzhou, was there any school girl who hadn t been played by him There are still several big bellies.Your son has been taught to be a scum by you, what qualifications do you have to teach others Even if you are qualified to teach others, what qualifications do you have to educate me Besides, when did Qi Fei become a no nonsense person When did Qi Fei covet their Ye family s power They have never called the Ye family s name from the beginning to the end Even, he didn t even bother to move out even if they had a family together.Qi Fei was taken aback by Zhao Yanyun s words.This expression fell into the eyes of Xie s mother, who thought he was scared, but who knew that Qi Fei muttered at this time Say no, what is barking Isn t the word bark used for dogs Why She heard me talking as if I was barking Strange Qi Fei muttered so loudly that only Mama Xie could just hear it.You little bastard, what are you talking about Mama Xie slapped the table angrily, accusing Qi Fei angrily.Huh Some bastard just said something Aunt, are you not in good health Why don t you feel uncomfortable You listened to what you said Qi Fei pretended to be frightened, and then looked worried.I looked at thanking my mother.Qi Fei s expression is very sincere, but also very panicked, but his eyes are the kind that people can t help but feel that he is really concerned about Xie s mother s body.Let me tell you, people die in Langzhou every day Thinking of this guy, here to prevent their Xie family from opening up a new economic territory, he was very angry.If Xie Wenjin didn t want to make things so dark, and didn t want Ye Xiaobei to be too sad, when Qi Fei appeared in the box, he would have called someone to clean up Qi Fei What Xie Wenjin didn t know was that he didn t do that to allow him to stand still.Qi Fei picked up the water glass, took a sip, suppressed the feeling of wanting to spit out in his body, looked at Xie Wenjin s angry expression, and said lightly Is your face very valuable If you give it to me, you think I will take it Is it Xie Wenjin was so angry that he threw the red wine glass in his hand.brush Before it hit Qi Fei, Qi Fei casually poked around and took the red wine glass into his hand.

When did you know The boss asked a little displeased.Facing this problem, the second child said helplessly Today, I went down to get the courier.If I knew, would I still send our brothers to death Two was frightened immediately.At that time, he was hesitant to show this thing to his two brothers.After all, this thing is really scary, if he really wants to show it, he is really cbd gummies all natural hemp extract afraid that his brother will not be able to accept it.But after hearing from the third child that the armed police outside were very different, he remembered how scary the person they were going to offend was.So he said it.It s no wonder that some of those people s codes of conduct are weird.It seems that they should be members of the Ye family s army.In fact, those are people from the Ninth Police Bureau, but they didn t write this in the information they got, so they just Don t know about this.After accessing the criminal central library of the police system, the suspect s information was quickly found.When Ye Zhicheng took the information handed over by the staff and looked at it, he clicked his tongue and said, Xiao Fei, we seem to have encountered a terrible guy this time.It seems that we need to contact the police.Need to get in touch with someone from the police force This greatly exceeded Qi Fei s expectations.In fact, this case should be handled by the police, but as the person in charge of the Ninth Police Bureau, his daughter was assassinated, of course Ye Zhicheng had to handle it himself.This is not some kind of public weapon for private use.This kind of assassin with strong assassination ability may also pose a threat to the safety of the leaders.Not only did he have to deal with it personally, but he also had to pay great attention to it.But it s a pity that the windows of the opposite room are now tightly drawn.Seeing that Qi Fei didn t look like he was here to fight pornography, the girl said boldly after discovering his actions, Police officer, you don t come here as an undercover agent, do you The house.Qi Fei said very politely.Expropriate my house What are you is it okay to take a cbd gummies every night doing Besides, you are a big man, and you entered my room, how do I know if you are a policeman The girl was puzzled at first, and then looked at Qi Fei nervously.It s not unreasonable for girls to think so these days.She has such a good figure and good looks, and she owns a small massage shop, which is quite misleading I can t guarantee it.Is there really someone pretending to be a policeman who wants to come to her and do something After all, there are too many news about fake soldiers, police officers, and civil servants.Brother, the thing is like this.Today I saw a group of photos in the circle of friends of Yanda classmates.It seems that my sister was molested by someone, and then I took someone to run away, but who knew that my sister fell into Weiming Lake.I m in, I m in emergency Then, he told Qi Fei that he wanted to take his sister to the hospital, but he refused to take his car and insisted on taking a taxi, and now that taxi drove them away , The scene where I don t know where I went is said.Although Zheng Zhechen was very anxious after listening, he tried his best to calm down and said, Have you written down the license plate number When Zheng Ershao heard this scene, he squinted his eyes, not knowing what to say.The license plate number, doesn t seem to be so close He was a little nervous and asked the younger brothers, Have you written down the license plate number of that taxi just now , I still heard his unreliable scene.Well, that guy is said to be a deserter every day.My baby princess is back.Maybe someone will say that she is the deserter s fianc e.How ugly.Now that we re all in America, let s just have fun there.Therefore, none of the Zheng family complained about her sneaking off to the United States.Of course, this state also started when her fianc was feel elite cbd gummies later reported to be a deserter.Before that Although I do love her, but I can t help complaining a few words.It is said that the daughter is the lover of his father in his previous life, and Young Master Zheng clearly knows how much his father loves his little sister.Otherwise, why was the little girl chubby when she was young That s not what her father cbd gummies all natural hemp extract got used to, giving her everything.It was precisely because of these that Young Master Zheng seemed a little nervous when he was talking to his father.It should have been perfect.But who would have thought that those juniors from Chen Lin s family would jump out to make trouble for Qi Fei after learning that Qi Fei was back.In the end, they were severely slapped in the face.It is said that the two families paid a heavy price to calm down the matter.This is not a big deal, the most unacceptable thing for the old man is that he never thought that the young talent he had his eye on turned out to be such a person full of lies.The old man felt that he seemed to have ruined the happiness of his little granddaughter s life.Continue to regret the marriage and refuse to admit it May I That s not to say it can t be done.However, how will my granddaughter meet people in the future Really, this happened twice Therefore, after knowing the victory of the Qi family, the old man was furious.Also, the height of the sewer has an influence on him to some extent, because such a height simply cannot allow him to fully exert his full strength.All these factors are the reason for Qi Fei s hesitation.After everyone heard Qi Fei say that something was wrong, they all touched their waists nervously, looked around worriedly, but they didn t find anything wrong, so they said, Brother Amu, what s wrong Already Brother Amu saw that all his subordinates were trembling, he patted his head directly, and said angrily All of you put down the hands on your waist, who the hell dares to If you draw the gun, I will be the first what are cbd gummies supposed to do for you to kill him.Damn, have you forgotten that this place will produce swamp gas Are you trying to kill yourself by doing this Brother Amu scolded, These people are confused.What s going on, Qi Fei Isn t it a bit wrong We re just holding our guns, what s wrong When they were confused, Qi Fei felt a little lucky at this time.Although Qi Fei could read the feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk map, it was not long until half past eleven.What he needed now was the most accurate and reasonable route to dismantle the bomb.The only ones who can easily do this are Jiang Fan and the others.Qi Fei, you go forward three meters, and then there is an intersection, go straight through, and then turn left Looking at the three dimensional Qi Fei on captain cbd gummy bears the monitor, looking at the feel elite cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk place where the light spot with Qi Fei hugging is located After calculating the location, Jiang Fan began to guide Qi Fei to use the shortest route to dismantle the bomb.Facing the book that Qi Fei threw at him, Brother Mushroom didn t dodge, and he didn t dare to dodge, he could only let the book hit the corner of his eye.With a bang, Mushroom Brother only felt a sharp pain in the corner of his eye.

Heh, you can dance if you want to, what does it matter to me As soon as Qi Fei finished speaking, Lin Shijia shouted directly Qi Fei, you are taking human life like a fool, do you know that Mao, that s why he wanted to jump off the building himself, so it s none of my business Well, what are you two still doing there Drag that girl lying on the bed away.I want to use this method to save people Please, although I am a warrior like Lei Feng, I am not a blind believer.Your trick doesn t work for me at all, okay Chen Hongyuan received a strange call just now.The person on the other end of the phone didn t speak after the call was made.If it wasn t for the caller ID on his mobile phone, if he knew it was his son s servant, he would have hung up the phone up.After patiently listening to the content from the phone, he found that someone wanted to arrest his son, and he was still in the hospital, which made him very angry.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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