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Cui Zhen looked straight at Zhou Ruzhang, and Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help shivering with those cbd gummies for dog dark eyes.It is said that there is a murderous look in the eyes of generals who have been fighting all the year round, and she has really cbd gummies for dog seen it today.Cui Zhen s expression became even colder.He wanted to suppress the bandits in Shanxi.Firstly, he could get rid of troubles and gain support.However, all of these had to be considered in the cbd gummies for dog long .

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run.He was somewhat interested in what Zhou Ruzhang had in his hands, but he didn t come here from the frontier because of this.His real purpose was to find out the details of Shanxi through the robbery case.Others.But now that he s back, he still depends on the clues Zhou Ruzhang got.Where s the stuff Cui Zhen asked.Zhou Ruzhang s face was like gold paper, and he said tremblingly, I lost it I lost it.

Wednesday and Zhou Ruzhang stepped forward to salute.Gu Mingzhu dealt with it casually like a child, Zhou Ruzhang s face suddenly became more ugly, and a fire burst into his chest, but he couldn t cbd gummies for sex near me tribe cbd gummies blame him.This fool is more hateful than elder sister.Gu Mingzhu didn t have time to pay attention to Zhou Ruzhang, so she turned her eyes to the gate of the temple.There are yamen guards outside the temple.It seems that the government office is also afraid of making mistakes, but the temple is built in the mountains, and there are cbd gummies for dog cbd gummies 750 mg constant streams of pilgrims all year round, so thieves can sneak in in advance Stash away and wait to get your hands dirty today.After entering the mountain gate, the welcoming monk led the female relatives to rest in the backyard.Mrs.Huaiyuanhou.The female relatives began to come forward to pay respects, followed her mother around, and Gu tribe cbd gummies Mingzhu sat down to rest, and the female relatives whispered beside her.

Their pursuit officially begins now.In the prison that year, she learned many things that women in the boudoir would never know.Where is the most convenient place to kill, where to bury the body is not easy to be found by the government, how to avoid the government s capture, Yan Tanhua said that if you want to catch the murderer, you must understand them.Officials and thieves, killers and victims, there is no fixed number until the end, you chase and flee, whoever is weak will become prey, and whoever is weak will be killed.As long as you understand the murderer s thoughts, you can lead him into the game.Walking alone in a secluded place will increase the danger, but it is also unsafe when there are many people, especially when many people gather together and there are guards and yamen guarding them, they will involuntarily relax their tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies vigilance.

Master Cui Si said I walked halfway, thinking that Taiyuan Mansion had accidents again and again, and Mrs.Huaiyuanhou was still visiting at home.Although the matter of Zhuangzi was imminent, I was even more afraid that you would be difficult to deal with in the ancestral house alone.Looking at it this way, thanks I m back.Mrs.Cui Si nodded I feel scared when I think about it, Zhuzhu is also a child with great fortune.Master Cui Si asked Did you see the pearl that Zhuzhu picked up Mrs.Cui Si gave tea to Mr.Cui Si I just took a look at it from a distance.The pearl is not big, and it doesn t look good.I m afraid it tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies can only be sent to the pharmacy for use.For some reason, Mrs.Cui Si I felt that the master s face was even darker.What s wrong, master Mrs.Cui Si said, You also thought of Pearl Thief Master Cui Si was thinking about something, his eyes froze slightly Who else thought of it Everyone said so, Mrs.

Cui Zhen took a few steps forward, stopped when he heard this, frowned slightly, he turned his head and took a deep look at Lu Shenzhi.Lu Shenzhi felt the coercion coming, Cui Zhen didn t talk much, but he would express his meaning accurately.Now Cui Zhen is very unhappy.Cui and Lu are relatives by marriage.If something happens to them, the Lu family should beg to be attached to Cui Zhen s wing.If he walks out of Cui s house today, he will not be able to ask Cui Zhen for help in the future.Lu Shenzhi thought for a while, and finally made up his mind, and handed over the Yasheng doll in his hand Master Hou, it s not appropriate for this kind of thing to appear in the Hou Mansion, and it HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog s not good for children to play around with it.After all, it is your main wife, even if there is no imperial order, it is not up to you cbd gummies for dog to welcome her back to Cui s house, but since you have recognized her, give her some face, this is also your own face.

In addition to the ghost torque stick, there were other things among the other objects, and she didn t check them one by one due to time constraints, but she knew it in her mind.On weekdays, the Cui family s ancestor s tomb is strictly guarded by Cui s children, and Cui s family members live around the tomb.Ordinary people are not allowed to come close.The Taoist priest invited by Mrs.Lin Tai is no exception.However, the items Mrs.Lin ordered to carry away were different.The things used to punish Zhou Rujun were shady, and the Cui clan knew it well, so they didn t dare to check it carefully, lest they would be complained by Mrs.Lin.So the box can be sent in smoothly.The saltpeter and gunpowder are .

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sent to the Cui family s ancestral grave.Is this going to burn the old tomb of the Cui family or blow up the good Feng Shui of the Cui family The Cui family was plotted against.

Baotong nodded, and his eyes fell on the little rabbit again.On the body Miss, what should we call it The whole body is dark without any variegation.To choose an appropriate name, Gu Mingzhu said Let s call it Yuanxiao Yuanxiao Baotong was a little taken aback, isn t the Lantern Festival white Could it be that Miss is referring to the black sesame stuffing Sure enough, the lady is knowledgeable.Gu Mingzhu rested on the bed for a while, and then she heard Baotong come to report Mrs.Lin has sent someone over, please go to Cui s house.If she can t hide it anymore, Mrs.Lin is afraid that the Cui family will be embarrassed, and she wants to save face with her natal family.The uncle who works in Shaanxi can help Cui Zhen at a critical moment, and they, the fallen nobles, are still useful to stand there.

Everything is ready, it depends on whether Lu Shenzhi can persuade the people in the mountains.Chu Jiu looked at the back of the third master leaving, and felt that his mouthwas very bitter, and let him be arrested again Did he do something wrong It was the doctor who bullied the third master, not him Gu Mingzhu walked carefully in the cabin.In this Pearl Thief case, besides Master Cui Si and Lu Shenzhi, his father should also be in the calculations of those people.The Pearl Thief took Ku Yin and opened Tieshan privately.What is the reason for Iron can forge weapons, and silver is even more useful.How can a small bandit think like this There must be someone behind cbd gummies for kids adhd him, so who is the Pearl cbd gummies for dog Thief serving All the nobles who are capable of leading troops near Shanxi will be suspected.His father has been implicated in this case, and someone will take the opportunity to impeach his father and suspect that he would let the bandits go.

The verbal wars in the court have always been tilted towards the power side.Hurry up and push out someone to take the blame.Everyone is happy.The father is likely to be innocent and take the case.This is also the reason why Cui Zhen refused to make a move.Cui Zhen rushed back to Taiyuan not to thoroughly investigate the case, but to judge the situation and find ways to protect himself.If the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion is in trouble, the Cui family will disassociate themselves so as not to be implicated.Gu Mingzhu raised her lips slightly, now that she is here, she will not let her father and mother be bullied, she wants their whole family to be safe, and she wants the person behind the scenes to suffer the consequences.Come here, Mr.Ding shouted not far away, Someone stole the money in the cabin, arrest him quickly Gu Mingzhu dodged and hid behind the curtain, reached out and drew out the dagger at his waist At this time, she is the Ziyuan who wants to save those people.

Wei Yuanchen walked into the cabin first.A lamp in the cabin was dimly lit.Wei Yuanchen was not in a hurry to ask the person s identity, but said indifferently You stop the doctor from letting me in.She disembarked because she didn t want her to send out the news and let the people in the mountains fall into a trap.Did she still have some conscience, or did she have other plans In my opinion, there is no need to be like cbd gummies for dog this, just blocking a message will not save lives, your hands are already stained with blood, it is better to make a mistake to the end, anyway, the lives of those people are worthless in your eyes.My lord, that s not the case.A hoarse voice couldn t help but sounded.It s not what you think, I was also deceived.Chapter 37 Resurrection After the man hastily yelled these words, there was a moment of silence in the cabin.

Wei Yuanchen s eyes flicked over Zhou s family, and wherever he went, everyone lowered their heads involuntarily.Mrs.Wednesday s heart was cold, but she still pretended to be calm Mr.Wei, do you remember me We met five years ago.I also returned to Beijing from Jinling at that time.The carriage broke down on the way.Fortunately, I met Mr.Wei for help.Mr.Wei not only helped me fix the car, but also sent me food, and finally protected us for a long walk.Mrs.Wednesday remembered very clearly, and she also thought about it, thinking that it would be really nice if she could get married with the Wei family.It s a great thing, such a gentle and kind Mr.Wei San, it s just right to ration Ruzhang.Unexpectedly, something happened to the Wei family not long after returning to Beijing.She was afraid of being implicated by the Wei family, so she rotted the matter in her heart.

Mother Yu s son is also in charge of the Zhuangzi.Cui Zhen frowned, just in time to see his attendants coming up to meet him, and immediately asked, Where is Cui Wei The attendant said Mrs.Tai s Zhuangzi is outside the city.The second cbd gummies from the whole plant master is afraid that it will be uneasy, so he took someone to Zhuangzi to pick him up.I m dead.Cui Zhen was a little relieved, but he still ordered his followers Bring my horse here.The city is too quiet, where will this heavy rain fall Enter Zhou Family Zhuangzi.A thunderous thunder exploded overhead.Everyone raised their heads and looked at the sky.Mrs.Lin looked at the land in front of her Is it too early to dig the land now Mrs.Zhou found out that Mrs.Lin was interested in this land, and she was already happy, and Zhou Ruzhang also stepped forward to help Lin at the right time.

We revealed the list, but we don t know how much you guys cbd gummies for dog are worth.I hope you can sell them for a good price.Mr.Jiang couldn t help being surprised , Those who are good cbd gummies for dog at detectives in the market, they make a living by catching prisoners who are rewarded by the court, how could he be targeted by these people.Nie Chen, the man took off the bamboo hat, you didn t lie to me These are really bandits Nie Chen led a few people out from behind the tree They carry sharp weapons for themselves and tie up a woman, even if they are not bandits , are also criminals, and it must be tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies right to arrest them.He brought people from the market to arrest people, Mr.Jiang is just right, not too big, not too small, so that they can receive rewards, but not too much Involved too deeply.On the surface, Mr.Wei doesn t care about affection, but he treats them well at critical moments.

So who is the person who appeared on Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi Why did he impersonate The Pearl Thief Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on the sleeve arrow.The sleeve arrow is easy to carry and is often tied to the arm.Why did it fall on the tree after attacking the prefect of Han cbd gummies for dog Unless someone stays on purpose.In one case, something resembling a murder weapon appeared, which was usually used to confuse the real one, making people think that it was the real murder weapon, but the real murder weapon had already been taken away.It s just a sleeve arrow, why bother so much Wei Yuanchen stood up, he wanted to go to Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi to have a look again.Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi has been guarded by the Yamen, and no one can walk around in Zhuangzi until the case is cleared.Wei Yuanchen went all the way to the elm tree where the Xiujian was found.

Chu Jiu sighed inwardly, but he stared at Miss Gu without blinking.No more, Chu Jiu said, it s nothing unusual.Wei Yuanchen drank the tea, and it s no wonder that Chu Jiu couldn t see the clues.Everyone is fooled.An accident happened to Lin Si s real wife s natal family, Zhao Gongren s second brother s store manager and clerks were all killed, Chu Jiu continued, I ordered people to go to the yamen to inquire about the situation, and I will be back to report in a while.Lin Sizhen.The general of Shaanxi Xingdu Division, stationed in Suzhouwei.He fought several victories, and the most famous one was when he repelled 5,000 Tatars with 1,000 cavalry, which made the Tatars return in fear.Now the Tatars dare not attack Suzhou Wei, Lin Sizhen is a general who can use sorcery in the eyes of the Tatars.

Wei Yuanchen ordered, to prevent her from becoming wary, he found someone to cover her up, so that she could safely follow Nie Chen to peek.Hearing Mr.Wei calling Nie Chen, Gu Mingzhu was overjoyed.With Nie Chen around, she wouldn t have to take risks.Nie Chen would tell her what he saw.Hanging around Mr.Wei is always very dangerous.Nie Chen quickly stepped into the door, but the tail was still outside the door.Wei Yuanchen looked away and gave her a chance.If she refused to look, he didn t have to worry about it anymore.Even if she had eight tails, he still had her real body in her hands.Have you ever seen such a lock Wei Yuanchen asked Nie Chen.Nie Chen ran around inside and outside the city, and just as he was out of breath, he was called to him by Mr.Wei again.Hearing this, he immediately held his breath and looked over.

When Cui Zhen walked into the house, he saw the prince walking towards him with a warm smile.Cui Zhen bowed to the prince Prince.No need to do this, the prince stretched out his hand to grab Cui Zhen s wrist, as if very enthusiastic, The last time I met Lord Hou was when my father held a banquet in the palace half a year ago.When I came to Taiyuan Mansion, I happened to have a good chat with Lord Hou, and my father often said that the only ever victorious general in the Great Zhou Dynasty was Marquis Dingning, so let me ask Marquis Dingning a lot about the formation of the army.Cui Zhen followed the crown gummies with cbd for sleep prince.Walking forward, walking on the Qingshiban Road, I heard the sound of a piano, the prince has a good temperament, especially the lyre.Cui Zhen frowned slightly.When someone confessed to the case of the elder princess, the elder princess lured the prince into the mansion with Zhou s beauty and good at the lyre.

Now the magistrate and the deputy general of the Weisuo soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog have been arrested, and the officials of Xingtaipu Temple are dead or imprisoned.However, no matter how powerful the foreign relatives are, they are only foreign relatives.How can they compare with the blood of the royal family, let alone the prince who lives in the East Palace, and the entire Wei family can t compete with the prince, unless Queen Wei has a son.So in the end, Wei cbd gummies for dog Yuanchen probably lost, and it is unknown whether Wei Yuanchen can return to Beijing to receive his merits.How could there be any good results if he blatantly dealt with the prince.The officials at the banquet had their own thoughts.Why is Master Wei not here yet The prince looked at Tao Duo beside him.Tao Duo is the doctor Zanshan of the East total pure cbd gummies 300mg Palace.Although his official position is far inferior to that of Shao Zhanshi, he is considered an important figure in the East Palace because he is trusted by the crown prince.

The Tatars conquered three cities in a row.The imperial court was deploying troops in northern Xinjiang at that time, and there were no generals available in the court.Under such circumstances, those old hemp bombs cbd gummies 5 max strength gummies generals had to be called out again.The old generals took command temporarily and followed the commander of the Shanxi capital to fight against the Tatars.Unexpectedly, the Tatars had long since reneged on their agreement and took this opportunity to conquer the important town of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Fortunately, Shaanxi Xingdusi realized that the momentum was wrong, and mobilized troops to go there.The old generals fought against the enemy together with Shaanxi Xingdusi, and they were able to cbd oil orange gummies hold the pass.The commander of the Shanxi Dusi died in battle with those old generals and lieutenants, and killed himself, and the result was very tragic.

Back then, Mr.Wei was young and didn t have much experience in the army, but he could hurt our cbd gummies for dog brothers.Naturally, it was the Cui family who lost face.Cui Wei s skills in the school field were not as good as others, and he deserved the humiliation.I didn t take it seriously at all.Come on, but I don t regret stepping in to save Cui Wei, after all, the school field will not hurt lives But since then, when I meet Mr.Wei again, Mr.Wei always reminds .

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me of what happened on the school field that day.Even if there is no life and death fight with real swords and guns, the atmosphere is still the same.Hearing Cui Zhen say these words, Gu Mingzhu carefully calculated, so the grievance between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen was before the school competition.What happened at that time Cui Zhen took a sip of tea and put the tea bowl back On the table It is true that diamond cbd gummy bears Mr.

When Mrs.Lin Tai s voice fell, the person beside the bed remained motionless.Lightning flashed across the night, and the figure was shrouded in that dim light, terrifying like a ghost.The most terrifying thing is that he is wearing armor and holding a long gun in his hand.Mrs.Lin Tai s heart constricted for a while, her whole body was shrouded in fear, and she immediately shrank back.The old Hou Ye was good at using guns, and the court specially gave him an iron gun.She often cleaned the barrel of the gun with her own hands.Come come come Mrs.Lin changed her voice in extreme horror, as if a big hand was choking her neck invisibly.Mrs.Lin stared at the door, but no one came.Where did the mother in charge and the maid who were outside go Why didn t they go in when they heard the noise With a crash , the chain mail made a crisp crashing sound, and the person in front of the bed took a step forward.

Gu Mingzhu looked at her mother in the corridor and sighed in her heart.She could tell that her mother liked Cui Zhen very much.Every time her soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog father mentioned Cui Zhen, her mother couldn t hide the smile in cbd gummies for dog her eyes.That s why her mother was like this when she saw Cui Zhen like this worry.Gu Mingzhu walked over and gently pulled Mrs.Lalin s sleeve.Mrs.Lin smiled when she saw Zhuzhu s face Zhuzhu, go back to the house, it s cold here.It s cold here, and her mother is double bodied, so she shouldn t stay outside for too long.On the cbd gummies for sex near me tribe cbd gummies back of Mrs.Lin s hand, it was really cold.Gu Mingzhu suddenly felt distressed, her mother was also a stubborn person, and when she cared about others, she forgot herself.With this in mind, Gu Mingzhu reached out to grab the snack in Mrs.Lin s hand.Mrs.Lin said in a low voice Zhuzhu, this is for It s for elder brother, Gu Mingzhu said in a crisp voice, I ll deliver it.

What are you going to do One piece of red bean cake is in one mold.You cbd gummies for dog cbd gummies 750 mg are squeezing two pieces of red bean cake into one mold., can it work Fortunately, the outside is crushed, but the inside is still good.Wei Yuanchen looked at the red bean cake in a daze for a moment before he came back to his senses.Just now he always felt that he seemed to know something.When I was in a trance, I couldn t remember it.Leave a good plate, Wei Yuanchen said, bring the rest Chu Jiu silently looked at those red bean cakes, it seems that today s meal is to accompany the third master to eat these.Wei Yuanchen sat on a chair in the courtyard, his body was covered with a faint aroma of red beans, and his restless mood gradually calmed down.Third Master, Chu Jiu said suddenly, I suddenly missed that doctor woman.

Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Let Zhang Tong bring the information about Zheng Bian that he found to Miss Jiang.Zhang Tong walked into the room quickly, and then he asked someone to inquire about the news, and he hadn t sorted out the paperwork yet.Showing it to the third master, I don t want to show it to Miss Jiang first.It seems that the third master really trusts JiangMiss Gu.A thick stack of documents was handed over to Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu respectfully saluted Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen slightly raised his eyebrows.If he hadn t been pretending to be Miss Jiang, he probably wouldn t be so polite, would he Thinking about seeing cbd gummies for dog her dangling big feet at Gu s house, even if she acts rigidly now, it s just a show in front of tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies others.Bring more lights.Wei Yuanchen told Chu Jiu lightly.If the light is brighter, she can read it quickly and sort out the clues.

Liu Su looked at the dumbfounded Chu Jiu and the cold stove, and suddenly found that Master Wei s servants were not so easy to do Miss, Baotong said with a happy face, Liu Su has come to the post house.She walked around with a lantern in her hand, went to the front yard to ask the post chief and the steward for a charcoal fire and a herbal medicine, and finally found the idiot.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look at the hourglass, and her mother was coming back from cbd gummies for dog the west courtyard soon.Go and come back quickly.Gu Mingzhu tidied up her dress and walked out of the room quickly.There is a rockery in the backyard, which is convenient for concealing whereabouts.Gu Mingzhu heard Liu Su tell what he had found out.The person who was looking for someone was probably the son in law of Princess Huairou.

Wei, especially the last expression was very helpless.Before the chicken grew its tail hair, she seemed to have already settled down, so she just let it go, don t implicate the eldest lady.Baotong quickly walked out of the yard.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu Take good care of Xiaobai, don t lose it again.She teased him in various ways, and he had to let her taste what it was like to be teased, and if he wanted those cakes, he would cover it up In the past, how could he have given her this opportunity If one day he felt unhappy, he would knock on the door with five black chickens.The five black chickens flapped their wings in Chu Jiu s arms, seeming very excited.Chu Jiu was a little stunned, what happened Didn t the five black chickens lose a few tail hairs Not only did he get so many snacks and meatloaf in exchange, but his status suddenly became much higher.

Wei to hold his hand high, and don t tell others if you know the truth.But he thought about it and didn t say it out, just like what Wei Yuanchen said, he followed the prince all the way back to Beijing, holding the case of Taiyuan Mansion in his hand, how could he take care of his family affairs, unless his matter involved the court Thinking about those bandits who sent him all the way east, followed by the prince s team back to Beijing, Cheng Yi s guess became a little heavier.Mr.Lu is right, there is a fog in front of him, he can t tell the direction at all, he should find someone to help guide him.Wei Yuanchen said What happened to the son in law may be related to the case we investigated in Taiyuan Mansion, he said, taking a sip of tea, the tea in the inn was crude, but it was very sweet for a person who traveled a long distance , not to mention that Huairou Prince Consort had no other choice.

When they were in Lin s old house in Shaanxi, her father once said to her Don t be so weak when things happen.Think about your own background.Your grandfather fought for many years.Although your father did not enter or leave the military camp, you are still a general.You are bullied.In the end, he also knows how to resist.Madam Lin couldn kana cbd gummies for copd t help laughing, her father was walking in the field, but he could see it more clearly than anyone else, she probably expected this day in Huaiyuanhou s mansion, after the war horse case, she gradually saw it clearly , no one can be alone.Mrs.Lin shook Gu Mingzhu s hand Zhuzhu is right.When she returns to Beijing this cbd gummies for dog time, Master Hou may look at her differently, and she will also be able to share the burden for Master Hou when encountering problems in the future.

Zhou Zesheng nodded, Wei Sanye wanted them to hide in the dark, in case In case, so many soldiers and horses cbd gummies for sex near me tribe cbd gummies are mobilized, and the border guards are involved, the situation is changing rapidly, and I don t know what will go wrong.The two separated after they finished talking, and Wei Yuanchen took Chu Jiu back to the motorcade first, so as not to be found by Zhou Zesheng Cui Zhen also came out of the woods, and met Cui Wei who was chasing biolife cbd gummies male enhancement him on the official can you take 10mg cbd gummy with benadryl road.Cui Wei was looking around, and immediately raised his head when he heard the sound of horseshoes.Cui Weize immediately stepped forward and said, Brother, I finally found you.Cui Zhen s face was dark and he didn t speak.Cui Wei s expression of concern was palpable Did Wei Yuanchen embarrass elder brother Cui Zhen said coldly I didn t ask you to stay with mother all the time, why did you come here Cui cbd gummies stop and shop Wei immediately said Listen to what the guard said Eldest brother follows Wei Yuanchen alone to explore the road, I m afraid elder brother will suffer.

Ma am, Baotong opened the saber pouch at his waist, and took out two daggers, one large and one small, I will also protect you and the eldest lady.Apart from the contents in the pouch, Gu Mingzhu and Baotong two Each of them has hidden arrows, which can be used at critical moments.Mrs.Lin looked at Baotong and didn t know what to say for a moment.Baotong had changed a lot in the past two years, and her aura seemed to be able to stand on her own.Mrs.Lin cbd gummies for dog said We will all be fine.Speaking of this, Mrs.Lin thought of Cui Zhen saying that Master Wei was also injured, should she send some wound medicine Mrs.Lin told Baotong Take cbd gummies for dog the wound medicine we brought to Mr.Wei Her mother is kind hearted, and Gu Mingzhu was also a little worried that Mr.Wei s drama would go too far and really cause the old disease.

After they see the crown prince, they will definitely tell the truth.Okay, The prince said, Send them without delay.After saying this, the prince remembered Princess Huairou will be fine for a while, right Mr.Shen said The princess has just received news from the son in law , the son in law is now in the mountains, and it will take some time for the princess to catch up, but we have to find cbd gummies for dog out the truth quickly so that we can control the situation.The prince also knew amazon botanical farms cbd gummies that this matter was no small matter, so he sat down straight away, and waited until tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies the guards of the East Palace would The cbd gummies for sex near me tribe cbd gummies two people were brought into the room, the prince looked over immediately, and saw that the older man had a bit of awe in him, he should be the Peng Liang Mr.Shen mentioned, and the younger man next to him raised his head and met his eyes, his eyes were a little dazed.

Before the prince asked him, he hesitated because he trusted him more.Son in law, he has no way of knowing which side the crown prince super cbd gummies where to buy will stand on.Once he makes a wrong choice, it is impossible for the Zhao family to be rescued.But now, he has no choice.His Royal Highness, Peng Liang said, Now we need to inform the son in law cbd gummies for dog cbd gummies 750 mg that the Tatars cannot be bandits.They pretended to be bandits and kidnapped the Zhao family to deceive the son in law.If the son in law is caught by them then But something big will happen.Of course the crown prince knew that the arrest of the royal relatives would be a disgrace to the state, and such a thing had never happened in Da Zhou for so many years.The crown prince bowed his head to think, Mr.Shen said Take them down first, His Highness the Crown Prince will make a decision.

Go ahead, let s go on time, don t drag the whole team down.Mrs.Lin let out a long sigh of relief, and don t panic at this time.Although they are female relatives and can t charge forward, they must do their own things well and don t show off.The clue made those people suspicious and messed up the arrangement of Lord Wei and the princess.Gu Mingzhu guessed that Wei Yuanchen s cbd gummies for dog people had already left at this time, and this battle was related to the safety of northern Xinjiang, Wei Yuanchen would never make any mistakes.This is the only thing that can make her feel at ease.Ma am, Second Master Cui is here.The mother in charge led Cui Wei into the door, and Cui Wei bowed to Mrs.Lin Auntie, is everything ready Mrs.Lin nodded It s all done.Cui Wei Looking at Mrs.Lin Auntie s complexion is not good.

Mrs.Lin had just said this when she heard the neighing of the horse.It s miserable.You Cui Wei couldn t help scolding the guards.Cui s guard said We only shot their horses, so that their chariots and horses can t catch up.They can go another way.The women of the Zhou family have no good intentions to cling to us, and we don t have to be polite to them.They have gained a lot of benefits by relying on this face on weekdays, and now I will teach them some lessons.People are kind and bullied, you just don t understand this Reasonable.Is the rebel really the master Zhao Gongren raised his eyes.Mrs.Lin immediately put on a straight face Who are you listening to talking nonsense They are all discussing.Zhao Gongren heard a lot of gossip on the way of fleeing.Looking at the rebels, her mind was in chaos.

I can only hope that the imperial concubine will not dare to intervene in the Shanxi mutiny case.After all, the prince is inseparable from the Taiyuan mansion case.Now that the prince s whereabouts are unknown, no one knows what happened.The imperial concubine has too many things to solve, and everything is imminent.Ma am.Princess Huairou chased out from the house, and when she arrived in front of Madam Lin, she immediately knelt down and saluted Today we can escape from danger, and the son in law and I are reunited with mother, thanks to Madam s help.Madam Lin hurriedly said They are all son in laws.How can the merits of the Lord and the princess be credited to me Princess Huairou took Madam Lin s hand cbd gummies for dog cbd gummies 750 mg and said, Madam is the benefactor of me and the son in law.Madam Lin smiled The princess came to the village to save us, the princess He and the son in law are also our benefactors.

Mrs.Lin found it difficult to breathe, but Lin Sizhen kept lowering her head and whispering in her ear.The sun dazzled her eyes, and she seemed to have forgotten where she was.Wearing armor, covered in blood, his eyes were full of killing intent, and then he raised the knife and swung it at her.Mrs.Lin opened her eyes wide.This is her eldest son, the child she gave birth to through hard work , she did not wait for his filial piety, but waited for him to swing the knife at each other.Although she begged, the knife did not show any mercy.Mrs.Lin heard the sound of the knife cutting on the bone, which was very clear, followed by blood gushing It fell on her face and body like a rain of blood.Mrs.Lin was stunned, and a human head fell to the ground.She looked down, and the head was also looking at him.

If someone in the Cheng family knows what happened back then, my son in law should pay more attention.Cheng Yi looked at Wei Yuanchen, Wei Wei Is your lord reminding him that the Cheng family might have been involved in this case back then The mother was arranged to go out of Beijing to attend the funeral, and the accident happened on the way, whether the Cheng family was afraid of being implicated in the murder, or whether they were involved in it, so we really need to find out clearly to get rid of the mother to avoid future troubles.Cheng Yi saluted Wei Yuanchen Thank you, Mr.Wei, for your reminder.Wei Yuanchen didn t say much, and when Cheng Yi and Gu Chongyi rode away, he took the reins from Mu Qiu, and the master and servant returned to Wei s house all the way.As soon as Chu Jiu saw Wei Yuanchen, he heard the third master order Have someone clean up the yard outside the mansion, send fancy cbd gummies a message to Liu Su, let them come tonight, I have something to tell them to do.

Clean pot and cold stove, how do you live these days Liu Su turned her head and saw a few guards standing in the yard, and the third master was busy in the house.These people have hands and feet and don t know how to work.Could it be that they are all waiting for him to do it Liu Su walked out of the room, and Gu Mingzhu stood in the dark, looking at Master Wei quietly, Master Wei picked up the letter that was placed beside him, opened it up and examined it carefully, and didn t know what soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog he saw, the originally stretched cbd gummies for dog eyebrows and eyes slowly wrinkled.The lights on the table flickered.Wei Yuanchen said again Cut the lantern flowers.Is this to let her go Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand to tidy up the fence and gauze on her head, so she could take the opportunity of cutting the lantern flowers to look at the letter on the table.

Mrs.Zhang stood there, the moonlight fell on her face, but her expression could not be clearly seen.Lord Hou asked someone to send another letter from northern Xinjiang.The letter did not ask Mrs.Lin and Cui Wei, but asked her to go Look at Mrs.Lin and Zhuzhu.Hou Ye was disappointed with Mrs.Tai and Cui Wei, she could understand, but why did she suddenly get close to her aunt s family again Chapter 207 True Love Begins to be cold in autumn nights.Mrs.Zhang stood outside the door for several hours, and the mother in charge persuaded her Madam, you are weak, you should go back and rest Mrs.Zhang shook her head Mrs.Tai doesn t need me to serve by her side, but I can t leave either.Mrs.Tai and Lord Hou have a heart to heart relationship, if I don t look like a daughter in law, it will be even more difficult to do when Lord Hou comes back.

Consort, Princess Huairou hastily stepped forward, My son in lawdon t my son in law Mrs.Zhao looked at Cheng s family, and then fell on Cheng Yi again for a while Brother Yi, listen to your mother and let go of your father.Mrs.Cheng burst into tears You This temptress, you instigated brother Yi to attack his father, I will fight with you.The servants of Cheng s family hurriedly grabbed the old lady Cheng, and the old lady slammed into Mrs.Zhao when Cheng Yi couldn t let go.Go, Cheng Yi made the first move under Zhao s instigation, so making the matter bigger today will only benefit the Cheng family.Mrs.Cheng was thinking like this, she was about to bump into Mrs.Zhao, but she felt her arm was being pulled.Old Madam Cheng turned her head and saw a delicate young girl looking at her with those big dull eyes.

Princess Huairou stretched out her hand to grab Mrs.Zhao s shoulder, and said softly, Mother, don t be afraid, we all escaped from the rebel sword.What s the big deal Do you want to go to a dead end by yourself When I didn t find you at first, I was very sad.I felt that my son in law didn t like me.No matter what I did, he would never tell me the truth.Later I realized that he was I am afraid that I will be implicated, I am not afraid of being implicated, I am afraid that when the person I care about the most is desperate, I will not know anything.Twelve years ago, you were murdered by the Cheng family, it was like a knot in the heart of the son in law, thanks The son in law has brought you back, and the knot in his heart has been untied.If you make another mistake, the son in law will never forgive himself in this life.

There was a scolding voice from the courtyard where the prince lived What are you all doing here Watching my joke Don t think I don t know, what are you thinking Do you want to know who the next prince is , and then rush over to serve the new crown prince Master, the crown princess immediately stepped forward to persuade him with an ugly expression, it s hard for you to say such a thing, you are still the crown prince of the East Palaceyou The crown prince suddenly turned his head and looked at the crown prince fiercely Concubine, the princess took a step back in fright.At this time, half of the prince s face was covered with yellow and black medicinal powder, his eyes were blood red as if he was about to bleed, and most of his hair was burnt off.She advised the prince to trim the rest of his hair so that he could It s convenient to apply medicine, but the prince won t listen, put down his harsh words, he will .

are cbd gummies as good as the oil?

kill anyone who dares to hurt his hair.

At this time, she was still thinking about those concubines, and the concubine s concern for the prince was completely gone at this time Ruan Qin and those concubines have been forgotten by His Highness Xishan, that is the meaning of the imperial concubine.The prince suddenly picked up the couch The pillow on the bed was thrown like a princess, and the mother in charge hurriedly stepped forward to stop her His Royal reddit cbd gummies anxiety Highness, calm down, your injury is not healeddon t disturb the wound, if you don t like the princess here, slave girl Invite the princess out immediately.The mother in charge walked out of the room while protecting the princess.Get outget out of here The servants in the room also hurriedly retreated, and the door was closed, leaving only the prince alone.The prince stood up and kicked the brocade tree flying, and smashed all the objects on the table on the ground.

Mrs.Zhang once heard cbd gummies and migranes her mother in law talking to Lu s mother at her mother in law s place.They were asking about Lu s mother s third master s yard.Even her mother in law s tone seemed to be discussing with Lu s mother, rather than blindly ordering.Grandma has worked hard, Mother Lu said, I can make some snacks.It just so happens that there are guests visiting today, so I will also help out in the kitchen.Ever since Mrs.Zhang married into the Wei family, she has never heard that Mother Lu can make these , Mrs.Zhang wanted to say something, but saw Lu s mother s expression was calm, and she couldn t see anything strange from those clear eyes, as if this was an unusual thing.Mama Lu saluted Zhang Shi again The servant girl is going to the big kitchen.Madam Zhang nodded, and when Mama Lu was gone, Zhang Shi came back to her senses Let s go and have a look ahead.

He also promised the Cui family to carry the eldest sister to the ancestral grave.Zhou Qi scolded his second uncle and father and wanted to make trouble in front of his grandmother.At that time, his grandmother was sick, and his family stepped forward to stop her.Qi was taken away, and Zhou Qi never came to the soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog door again after that.The old lady Zhou looked calm How do you know that Zhou Zesheng is related to the Wei family Zhou Ruzhang said The person who saved the mother and granddaughter seems to be Uncle Qi.The granddaughter wants to confirm the identity of that person., but said that the man was the guard of the Wei family.These days, he took the Wei family to guard the village fort.The granddaughter wanted to see that man again, but was blocked again and again.In the end, she never saw the real face of the man again.

Working with Mr.Wei is one of the benefits.There are people who are ahead, and they only need to take advantage of the situation.Gu Mingzhu carefully looked at the Cheng family.The Cheng family hung up white lanterns, and the servants in the family wore plain clothes and filial benefits of cbd gummies with thc piety.The yard was full of the smell of burning paper, incense, etc.The sky was already dark.Coupled with such a strong atmosphere, the entire Cheng family was shrouded in a bleak haze.In the middle, the cold wind blew past, and the servant standing in the yard shivered uncontrollably.In Yuan s main room, there was the sound of swallowing and shouting.It was the servant girl and Mr.Cheng s concubine who were crying for Yuan.Madam, why did you leave like this Madam, why are you willing to leave the two little masters behind Immediately afterwards, the crying was interrupted by a burst of noise.

But before that, Gu Mingzhu was in Princess Huairou s mansion, and also witnessed Mr.Cheng evade the matter of sending people to harm Mrs.Zhao back then.Mr.Cheng changed his face like turning over a book, and he couldn t believe what this man said.However, Mr.Cheng straightened his back so confidently to block the Shuntian mansion s yamen and Cheng Yi and others, which made her feel that there might be no clues on Yuan s corpse.Master Wei.Xue Laotong saw Wei Yuanchen and immediately went up to him.Master Cheng also looked up and found Wei Yuanchen s figure.He shuddered involuntarily.Wei Yuanchen didn t say a word, but just looked at him with a pair of clear eyes, deep in the eyes seemed to have a sharp knife , cut him open, and directly saw what was thinking in his heart.Master Cheng didn t expect Wei Yuanchen to come so soon.

Presumptuous, The emperor shouted angrily, As a prince, how can you say such words and mess up your family in the court.The prince shuddered and realized that he had said something wrong, but what was wrong with him Is this not true Isn t Empress Wei just a decoration Thinking of Empress Wei, the prince thought of Wei Yuanchen, looked around, and finally settled on Wei Yuanchen s face Father, the Wei family harmed the sonWei Yuanchen wants to kill the son The spearhead was directed at the Wei family, and the officials in the court looked at Wei Congzhi and Wei Yuanchen s uncle and nephew one after another.Wei Congzhi looked at the wooden beams on the top of the hall, as if he hadn t heard anything.After a long time, Wei Congzhi tiger wood cbd gummies rolled his eyes, and the scene became very embarrassing.On are cbd gummies good for arthritis pain the contrary, Wei Yuanchen stood there neither humble nor overbearing, any doubts seemed to be unable to shake his mind, he did not open his mouth to speak, as if the words of the abolished prince were not worth his rebuttal at all.

She was fine before, but now her hands are getting longer and longer.There was a commotion in the quiet room, and the mother in charge of the cbd gummies 1000mg no thc Third Prince s Mansion also came to check on the situation.Several servants of the Yuan family who were knocked out were all helped in.Sun Zhenren saluted Mo Yangming Senior brother s actions tonight are really inappropriate.Not only did he scare the good people of the Yuan family, but he also dishonored the reputation of the master.Senior brother should admit his mistakes to the good people of the Yuan family, and apologize to all the good people in the Yuan family.Brother, explain this matter clearly.Mo Yangming looked at his grandson There is something I want to ask my junior brother, how did you cure this good man, and what kind of tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies medicine did you use Sun Zhenren looked at the person beside him Apprentice Bring the Taoist s medicine box and show it to senior brother.

She reprimanded Zhuzhu in order to show her face in front of the third concubine , I was always a little uneasy, I am afraid that the servants will go back and sue her in front of soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog Huaiyuanhou and his wife, now is a good opportunity to care about Zhuzhu, she does everything first, so no one will question her, just walk away once.With less trouble, why not do it.Gu Mingwan led his servants towards Mo Zhenren s wooden house.Mrs.Zhang was about to speak again when she saw the mother in charge of the Third Prince s Mansion enter the courtyard.The mother in charge bowed to Mrs.Zhang and the others, and walked quickly to the house to report to the third concubine The people from Shuntian Mansion and Wucheng Bingmasi are here, and that Mr.Wei said that someone is here.There are many imported goods hidden in the back mountain of the Taoist temple, and people in the Taoist temple were caught in collusion with those people.

The Empress Dowager walked out of the inner hall and looked at the Yulouchun on the long case, then turned her head and told Mo Yangming cbd gummies for sex near me tribe cbd gummies I remember that Empress Wei also likes Yulouchun, please send this flower to Kunning Palace, and then show it to Empress Wei.Waist, after she gave birth to the third princess, she suffered from back pain, this medicinal wine of yours is very good, use it for Empress Wei.Zhenren Mo agreed.The queen mother said Go out of the palace after seeing the queen s illness, and come back in a few days.The female officer held up Yulouchun , and Mo Zhenren took Gu Mingzhu to salute and was about to leave.By the way, the queen mother said, the golden pagoda of Empress Gaozong is enshrined in Taiqing Temple, and the phoenix coffin of Empress Zhongzong was also parked there.

There is no room for mistakes in the Taoist holy place.You should tidy it up carefully.If you encounter trouble Just come to the palace to look for Aijia, Aijia doesn t ask about the affairs of the previous court, but they can take care of them.Mo Yangming understood that what the Empress Dowager meant was to let her rest assured to investigate the cause of Ah Chan s death, and she saluted again, which was just one step away.Step out of the Compassion Palace.Gu Mingzhu looked at the Yulouchun in the hands of the female officer, and followed the crowd all the way to the Kunning Palace.She thought that she would get some news when she came to the Compassionate Ning Palace this time, but she didn t expect to see the empress.Chapter 307 Seeing Kunning Palace for the first time.Empress Wei was holding a small hand stove and watching the palace maids making female celebrities.

The girl had something inside, but outside her second younger brother half concealed what she said, so she couldn t guess the truth for a while.What is so special about Miss Gu Empress Wei looked at Gu Mingzhu carefully, and Gu Mingzhu met Empress Wei s eyes without dodging.Empress Wei has black hair at the temples, her long eyebrows are quite heroic, and she has a pair of red phoenix eyes.Although they are not like the big eyes of beautiful women that the world admires, she has a unique look in them.Even when she is not speaking, her eyes sweep There is summer valley cbd gummies also a bit of majesty.Gu Mingzhu found that Master Wei and Empress Wei are very similar in appearance, especially the eyebrows and eyes, they are not exactly the same, but they have the same charm.Is it because of my nephew Xiao Gu It is inevitable that the blood connection will be the same.

She needs to check Zou Xiang s identity.The same is true for Zou Linshi.Why did Cui Zhen be mentioned just now Zou Linshi has brought Zou Xiang in Beijing for so long, and has not shown up, because he is afraid of causing trouble to the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu always feels that Zou Linshi is not telling the truth.Gu Mingzhu put the light boat in her hand in the water, and a small stone flew out from nowhere, and fell into the water with a plop , causing ripples in circles.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and the stone seemed to be thrown in from outside the wall.Really accurate, Gu Mingzhu couldn t help sighing, the person outside the wall must be Lord Wei, Chu Jiu didn t have such a means, Gu Mingzhu was about to exchange information, when she saw Yang s mother walking over.Miss, the Marquis of Dingning sent some things to the mansion.

Gu Mingzhu s heart softened Master Wei, take this tie back I ve memorized the style of the tie, and in the past two days I ll make another one that is exactly the same as Baotong.She got a tie from Kunning Palace.Everyone knows about Luozi, this Luozi can t just disappear for no reason.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, he saw Master Wei turn around and look down at her.After a long while, he reached out and handed the net to her My aunt rarely makes things with her handsespecially this kind of netShe gave it to you, and I hope you like it.What she was talking about was obviously a string, but for some reason, Gu Mingzhu s heart suddenly beat fast, it might be that Mrs.Wei s voice was slightly lowered, which made her feel very solemn.She knows the weight of this tie, if it is a wishful handle, or something of gems or gold and jade, as long as it is enshrined in the main room, but the tie is not so beautiful, the empress is willing to give it away To her, it is not afraid of showing clumsiness, only for people who like it very much.

God treats him kindly.All the way to the West City, Cui Zhen slowly reined in his horse, and in front of him was the Anjiyuan, where the wounded soldiers would receive relief from the court in the future.There were countless deaths and injuries during the chaos in northern Xinjiang.Since he was fine now, he came to Anjiyuan to see how the imperial court would arrange the wounded soldiers in the future.Cui Zhen dismounted from his horse and strode towards Anjiyuan.Take your time, don t worry, the real person will be here all day, even if you can t finish reading today, the real person will come to check your pulse someday.Master is sitting here.A familiar girl s voice came.Cui Zhen looked forward, and saw a girl wearing a goose yellow dress and a veil standing beside a Taoist nun.The girl playfully lifted the gauze on her face, revealing her original face.

He has never believed in those monks, but this Mo Zhenren is Zhuzhu s master, so he naturally respects him more, and Mo Zhenren s ability to come to rescue the people in Anjiyuan shows that he has a compassionate heart, because of this, uncle , Auntie can safely hand Zhuzhu to Zhenren Mo.Mo Yangming returned the salute, and immediately went to check on the child in the man s arms.Seeing such a scene, the man also knew that he was too eager, and he almost caused trouble regardless This master the real person I m sorry I I Mo Yangming said It s important to see the child first The man thanked repeatedly with red eyes.Gu Mingzhu went to see the sick child with Mo Zhenren.The child in the man s arms had flushed cheeks and shortness of breath.No matter how the man called the child, there was no response.

Did they do this to preserve Yuan s position in the Cheng family No, there must be something inside that they haven t found out.Didn t Yan Tanhua find the capital from the sea back then, and then went to northern Xinjiang, Yan Tanhua s line is the source of the final touch.Now that they have cleared up most of the case, as long as they get some more clues, they can find out the rest of the people one by one.Bai Jingkun confessed that the person who really controls the Lu family is a woman named Ah Yu.Gu Mingzhu immediately regained her spirits when she heard this.Wei Yuanchen looked at those shining eyes.He knew why Zhuzhu was happy.He investigated the case in Shanxi for the sake of Gu Hou and Master Zhang.Now he must want to catch the person who harmed Yan Tanhua back then.Also in the prison, she cared more about Yan Tanhua and the others than he did.

Master Shangshu is here too.Gu Chongyi got up and slowly climbed down the ladder, and walked a few steps to Tan Dingfang.Tan Dingfang looked at Gu Chongyi So it was Gu Hou who came to Anji Hospital to help.Gu Chongyi said It s my daughter who came to twin elements cbd cube gummies Anji Hospital with Mo Zhenren to see a doctor during the day.Seeing the heavy rain, my daughter was worried about changing the patient s medicine.I came with her and saw that the Anjiyuan house was leaking, so I brought someone to help cover the roof.Mr.Tan came here to take care of the Anjiyuan, right Tan Dingfang said I knew Gu Hou Here, I don t have to make this trip.Gu Chongyi sighed Anjiyuan is so big, it s not easy for adults to take care of it on weekdays, and I don t know the rules, so I have to be in charge of the overall situation.It s raining and it s not appropriate for two people to talk too much , first go about their own affairs, temporarily settled down all the people in the Anjiyuan, and then walked into cbd gummies for dog the residence of the Anjiyuan tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies steward to take a rest.

Tan Sanye turned his head, Bao er s room was dimly lit Bao er couldn t sleep anymore, he could see the tears cbd 10 mg whole hemp extract gummies on Aunt Zhen s face when he closed his eyes, and then Aunt Zhen s pleading voice Please, please, I don t want to die.But Aunt Zhen Still dead.He won t say it, otherwise he will be the next person to die.Jiao Zhong went out soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog to fetch water, the room gradually quieted down, Bao er wanted to stretch out his head to see why Dad didn t come back after going out for a while.What s your name Bao er cbd gummies help tinnitus better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog A voice suddenly sounded.Bao er froze, her face full of horror.Bao er, how did you hurt your leg You were on the roof that day, right I yelled, and you ran away in fright.What did you hear Bao er trembled like chaff I I didn t hear anything, I didn t see anything.Bao er felt the quilt being ripped off I know you heard it, that s why you asked Miss Gu to visit Aunt Zhen.

I was shocked when I saw Aunt Zhen for the first time.There are so many people, it s not surprising that the two of them look alike.When the real person came to Anjiyuan, I was afraid that Aunt Zhen would stir up the real person s sadness, so I didn t mention it to the real person.Mo Yangming s expression remained unchanged This Anjiyuan How many people have seen A Chan Yu Zhenhai didn t know Mo Zhenren s intention of asking this question Why does the real person ask these things soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog IThinking about it carefully, Miss Bai has been there for many years, and so are the people who came to Anjiyuan.In and out, I m afraid there is no cbd gummies for dog pura kana cbd gummies one but me Yu Zhenhai s voice was obviously slightly lower after speaking, as if he couldn t even convince himself.How could Mo Yangming not see something strange Is there really no one else Yu Zhenhai simply didn t look into Mo Yangming s eyes Nono one else.

My lord, Gu Mingzhu said, how is Nie Chen Has there been any news Lu Guang hasn t come back either, so there should be nothing wrong with Shandong, right She was a little worried about Nie Chen and the others because of the layout of those people Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes slightly They will return to Beijing when they tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies have news.Master Wei s tone was inexplicably stiffer, and Gu Mingzhu blessed Wei Yuanchen.Go back earlier, Wei Yuanchen said, Pay attention to the movement in the lotus alley.Gu Mingzhu stopped and looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei is talking about my grandmother s house Wei Yuanchen said Tan Zigeng and The uncles in your family bought focus cbd gummies rice grains and brought them to Beijing together, so there might be problems with the rice grains, I will send someone to Tongzhou to check If there is any news, they will be sent to the Gu family.

After all, Brother Geng is thinking of me, so he will step into other people s trap step by step.I have grown up, I know his temperament very well, if he dared to kill and set fire at every turn, I would not bother to teach him so much.After saying this, Tan Dingfang looked at Gu Chongyi As for the younger brother in your clan, he may also be implicated by our Tan family.Those people wanted to frame us.The Gu family happened to be buying and selling rice with Brother Geng, so they were plotted together.Gu Chongyi looked bewildered What are those people plotting against you Do you want to push everything Yuan Zhixing did on you Not only that, Tan Dingfang said, I suspect that there is also the case of Old General Zhao, and I want to push it as well.For me, General Zhao s defeat in northern Xinjiang was a strange thing, someone must be responsible for it, and I participated in this battle and made military achievements.

When I came back, I was robbed of all the food and grass by the Tatars, so General Zhao was impeached by the censor after he returned to Beijing.Tan Dingfang nodded Victory and defeat are commonplace in military affairs, and General Zhao is not alone in defeating battles.What the Metropolitan Procuratorate questioned was why General Zhao did not defend the strongest city in Daning, and wanted to abandon the tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies city Previously, the imperial court ordered the old general to defend the city, and the censor who accompanied the army reminded General Zhao several times, but General Zhao did not This will be the case if you go your own way.However, General Zhao s secret memorial had already entered Beijing.The memorial stated that he did not abandon the city and flee.The old general led his troops to rescue the people and handed over the task of defending the city to the deputy general.

Gu Chongyi thought for a moment But I still don t understand why Miss Bai committed suicide Tan Dingfang s fingers tightened slightly, his eyes were slightly red I don t know until now.I asked Bai Guanzheng, but Bai Guanzheng not only refused to tell me, but also told me not to go to Bai s house in the future, and not to tell anyone about my relationship with him.About Ah chan, I gave me a letter from Ah chan.Gu Chongyi s eyes jumped What was written in the letter Tan Dingfang stood up, walked to the portrait of Ah chan, was silent for a long time and guessed that the voice was difficult and authentic The content of the letter is that Ah chan has long been overwhelmed by her leg disease.Knowing that I have returned victoriously, she has already given up her mind and does not want to suffer any more.

So that she could know about it earlier.As soon as Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he saw two figures riding towards him, one of them was thin and small, as if he was covered by heavy snow.Should have known she wasn t that obedient.My lord, Gu Mingzhu stepped forward, Is everything going well Hearing this, Wei Yuanchen vaguely forgot that she had been talking about Cui Zhen before.The Ministry of Criminal Justice has taken over, Wei Yuanchen said, It doesn t seem to have much to do with us now.That s fine, Gu Mingzhu said, If you don t investigate the case, you can always watch the excitement, which is also a compliment to Mr.Qiao.Let s learn from my nephew.How did she know that he was going to watch the fun Gu Mingzhu pretended to be full of reasons, and was about to put them all out to well being cbd gummies amazon persuade Master Wei, when she felt her shoulders warm, and a cloak fell on her.

Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised, now that she is not afraid of being discovered their whereabouts, why did Master Wei ride the same horse with her instead.Chu Jiu immediately said cbd gummies for pain and sleep The horse that the eldest lady is riding has hurt its hoof for some reason and is limping.Lame Gu Mingzhu blinked, feeling a little guilty in her heart, why didn t the horses meet her have a good result That horse obviously looks very handsome, but there are times when he stumbles.Chu Jiu said I ll take it to take care of it and raise it properly, Missy don t have to worry about it.Gu Mingzhu suddenly found out HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog that he hadn t seen him for a few days.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on Liu Su, and Liu Su nodded to reassure her that Liu Su will take care of the matter here.Wei Yuanchen galloped forward on his horse, Gu Mingzhu shrank his whole body in his cloak.

The noble concubine used Dowager Mi to inform King Huai, but Dowager Mi died too quickly, so it didn t look like a noble concubine s handwriting.The imperial concubine knows the emperor well, so it s fine to use tricks in front of the emperor, and she can t go too far.Concubine Mi is dead, although there is no evidence that the concubine contributed to the flames, but it is not clear whether Concubine Mi really took refuge in King Huai.The case is unclear, if he can seriously injure King Huai now, he will also kill the imperial concubine in the future.Contributing to the flames, what is the guilt of uncovering the truth, and what is the guilt of killing the concubine, how could the concubine not know Maybe it was just like dealing with the East Palace, someone secretly deliberately caused the imperial concubine party and several other princes to fight among themselves, and he would come out to reap the benefits soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog after everyone was hurt.

I stood aside and watched coldly, seeing her blood splattering, that scene cbd gummies for dog Whenever I feel martha stewart cbd gummies review When it is boring, I will recall it carefully and experience it again.Tan Dingfang drew out the long knife at his waist and stabbed Chen Weicheng with it.Master, the steward stepped forward again, Master, didn t you see it This man has been irritating you, and maybe he wants you to kill him here.We are onlookers, and we can see clearly.You killed him.The blame will all fall on your head.Tan Dingfang stood there in a daze, he looked at HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog Chen Weicheng You have this idea, you want to die at my hands, this is your scheme.They were ready to swarm up and hold Chen Weicheng down.Chen Weicheng looked at Tan Dingfang viciously, his face was full my dog ate cbd gummies of disappointment and unwillingness It s just one step away I m your subordinate, if you kill me, it s like cbd gummies for dog covering up your crime, and what you say will have nothing to do with it.

After these words, Cui Zhen remembered the first time his mother mentioned Zhou s in front of him.That s the daughter of Zhuangyuan Lang Zhou Zecheng.She is outstanding in appearance.She has been clever since she was a child.She is good at playing piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.The eldest princess even invited her to paint screens.The handwriting is also beautiful.After all, she followed her father In front of Cui Zhen s eyes The scene changed, and when he returned to the main room suddenly, he suddenly saw a figure sitting on the chair.That figure is Mrs.Zhou.His mother had invited Mrs.Zhou to her home as a guest.He was summoned by her mother to pay her respects.The mother wanted to let him meet Mrs.Zhou, but at that time he was disgusted with Mrs.Zhou, and he didn t want to look away for a moment.

The emperor was furious when he saw the pattern., within half an hour, Long Jinwei will surround Prince Huai s mansion.Gu cbd gummies for dog Chongyi just heard the name Chen Jia from Cui Zhen.Chen Jia went to the Datong Guard to win over the side generals for King Huai, and now he found the pattern cbd gummies for dog of the firearm, which is conclusive evidence.Let s go, go to the study, it s cbd gummies on groupon warm in the study.Wei Congzhi took Gu Chongyi s hand, Let s make some good wine and talk while drinking.Gu Chongyi threw away Wei Congzhi in disgust.Wei Congzhi was not angry, and ordered the steward Send this bird to the eldest lady, and treat it as a gift from my second uncle to the eldest lady.Gu Chongyi raised his eyebrows in anger What kind of second uncle are you Wei Congzhi puffed up his chest I m the second uncle at home, and I m of the same generation as you.

Wei Yuanchen said Master Wailang Jiao, a member of the Ministry of War at that time, but he was training soldiers and horses in Andongwei, and it was Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War who built the fort.Old Xue was silent in the sentence.Now that the case is so clear, they doubt it any more.Tan Dingfang needs to have real evidence.I m going back to the yamen to sort out the case files, said Xue Laotong as if a fire was burning in his chest, at least keep the statement from Shandong first.Old Tongpan stays here, it is better to let him do what he wants to do.Xue Laotong bid farewell to Wei Yuanchen, turned around and walked out without hesitation, no matter what difficulties he encountered this time, he would investigate to the end and fight those people to the death, in exchange for Yan Shen s justice.

She was relieved knowing that Zhuzhu was in good health, even she couldn t control soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog the emotions of the twins.Fortunately, she was about to give birth, and the baby was born smoothly, and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.After walking around the street, the carriage returned to Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu helped her mother get out of the car.The mother in charge who was waiting at the door stepped forward and reported, The old lady from Hehua Hutong, Mr.Wen, has brought the eldest lady.Gu Chongwen and Tan Zigeng were released from the Shuntian Mansion prison one after another, and the old lady from Hehua Hutong brought the young lady with her.Gu Chongwen came to thank him.Gu Chongwen lost a lot of weight and looked as if he had just passed through the gate of hell.When he saw Gu Chongyi burst into tears, he said that he would never dare to do business again.

Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being stunned, she didn t want to play tricks on Master Wei, she wiped it with her sleeve, but the charcoal dust couldn t be wiped off no matter what.What s wrong Wei Yuanchen sensed the clue.Gu Mingzhu said with apologetic expression Master, you are not clean anymore.Wei Yuanchen s heart skipped a beat.He has been innocent for more than twenty years, and has he ever been stained with dust It s okay, I ll wipe it off again.The girl said seriously.It s been a while.He couldn t help asking What about now Gu Mingzhu nodded in satisfaction I m fainted.I couldn t see clearly.The shadows of the two people seemed to merge into one under the light.The aroma in the kitchen kept wafting out.Lu Guang, who was hiding in the east room, clutched his screaming stomach and didn t know what was going on.

Zhang s murderous hand, so I placed her in the countryside and asked the doctor to go to see and treat Qing girl, butit was too late, Qing girl The body was too weak, and he went there before giving birth to the child.Zou Lin said and looked at Zou Xiang After Qing girl left, I asked someone soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog to raise Xiang brother, and according to Qing girl s intention, I didn t tell anyone who Xiang brother s father was.Yazi twirled around in his hand, and formally took Brother Xiang to me.Thinking tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies of Qing girl s experience, Zou Lin raised her head again Master Hou also wants to know how Qing girl escaped death Let s start with Mrs.Zhang s vicious schemes.If Qing girl hadn t experienced it personally, it would be really hard to imagine that your wife Zhang is so powerful.Cui Zhen shrank his eyes, but Zhang s gentle appearance appeared in his mind.

Qing girl saw with her own eyes that the person pretending to be a ghost ran into Aunt Zhao s yard.Those who want to go to sue.Zou Linshi paused for a moment when he said this, and raised his eyes to look at Cui Zhen Miss Qing did as Mrs.Zhang asked.A white robe was found in the yard, does Lord Hou know about this Chapter 408 Four Life Cui Zhen carefully recalled the past related to Yao Qing, but he knew very little.Every year there would be some troubles in the inner house, all of which were taken care of by his mother and Mrs.Zhang.Zhang s illness was in the house, so his mother ordered it to be dealt with, but the results he got were quite different from what cbd gummies okay for dogs Zou Linshi said.What happened in the middle Zou Linshi got the answer from Cui Zhen s face.This Marquis of Dingning obviously didn t care much about the battle between concubines.

Zhang was momentarily dumbfounded.Cui Zhen s eyes fell cbd gummies for dog on Mrs.Zhang deeply Since you can t explain clearly, please invite the people from the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion Mrs.Zhang shuddered, and raised her head to look at Cui Zhen Master Hou really wants to do this Do it Chapter 415 Fa Luo As Lang Zhong walked in, the expression on Mrs.Zhang s face gradually became vigilant, she clutched her handkerchief firmly, and looked at Cui Zhen.Mrs.Zhang said What is Hou Ye going to do Do you want to attack the child in my womb right now The weak Mrs.Zhang shuddered, stretched out her hand to hold the cbd gummies legal in florida stool, and said in a mournful voice Hou Ye, you are just like this Are you cruel When Shen saw this situation, she tried her best to stop her Marquis Ding Ning, the matter has not been clarified yet, how can you send my sister down like this, our Zhang family can t agree.

Gu Chongyi looked at the child in his arms, the child was full and sleeping soundly, his wife worked so hard to give birth to this stinky boy, if he refuses to make progress in the future and makes his wife angry, he will follow the boy to settle today s score.Gu Chongyi handed this milk scented little thing to the wet nurse.It wasn t that he disliked this son, but he felt that this boy was not as good looking as Zhuzhu, wrinkled, like a little old man, especially his eyebrows and eyes were not as delicate as his sister s., revealing a naive air.I hope this stinky boy will not get sick, so as not to make his mother sad again.Gu Chongyi thought about it and glanced in the direction where the wet nurse left.Lord Hou, Mrs.Lin said, In theory, you shouldn t enter the door, it s better to hide.Gu Chongyi didn t care at all What are you afraid of, I didn .

are cbd gummies safe for dogs?

t avoid Zhuzhu where to buy cbd gummies boston at that time, isn t it good Gu Chongyi took Mrs.

The person next to the pillow has never been so ferocious and ferocious, that expression wished to crush her, and Shen s heart was completely cold.When she was stopped by her second brother after leaving Beijing, she was still full of joy, thinking that she had finally stopped her.After a disaster, she always felt that the Shen family would get better after overcoming the difficulties in front of them, and they could go back to the old days.She didn t expect that more terrible things were waiting behind.The Zhang family was using the Shen family, and the people next to her had been plotting against her.When they gave up Yan Shen and came together with the Zhang family, the result was already doomed.It was actually like this, Shen only felt it was ridiculous, how many times she had felt guilty towards her husband just because she had fallen in love with Yan Shen and thought about marrying him.

The queen mother heard the news and was going to see cbd gummies for dog his jokes.Huang Chang responded, hesitated for a moment, and then said The Empress Dowager still asked what happened to the Empress of Kunning Palace This is to let him release Wei Shi.The emperor took a deep breath I cbd gummies for dog want to tidy up the inner palace.The empress is not in good health.She will stay in the palace for the time being.Huang Chang said I will send you to the Palace of Compassion and Ning to answer the questions.The emperor s lips curled up., with soul cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog a slight smile on his face, they are all persecuting him, first the Queen Mother Wei, it seems that his harem must be taken care of by the Wei Family, and the Wei Family wants to take advantage of this to get back the queen s treasure, it depends on his answer Do not agree.Those he likes will have everything, and those he dislikes will never get anything.

If he didn t want her to intervene, he would inevitably have a confrontation with her.After weighing the are cbd gummies good for weight loss matter, the emperor had no choice but to look at the palace servant Who is the one who ordered you Under the pressure, the palace servant was sweating and blood dripping down his face, but refused to speak again.The emperor s voice was a little hoarse Pull it down for another trial.I m afraid she will be killed after a retrial.Doesn t that suit her mind The queen mother raised her eyes, It s better to find another way.The emperor didn t speak.The Empress Dowager said The Emperor punished the Wei family and ordered her not to leave the Kunning Palace, and let the Supervisor of Rituals and Captain Long Jinwei guard the palace people, and additional staff were sent inside and outside the palaces.

Li came to her grandson s yard today because she was worried about this matter.Going to northern Xinjiang is very dangerous.She was hesitant to tell the truth about her life experience to this child, and her grandson had already thought of this, so Speak first.It didn t bother her at all.Mrs.Li wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief, and earnestly asked Do you know if you come back safely At that time, grandma will arrange the marriage for you, and your mother will be more than happy to hear the news.The two were talking, and Mu Qiu entered the door Report Third Master, there are people in the palace, and the emperor calls you into the palace.Wei Yuanchen sent Mrs.Li out of the house and went to change clothes.Mrs.Li was walking on the corridor when she saw Mrs.Yuan who was coming to meet her.

Gu Mingzhu turned to look at her mother s yard Mom just fell asleep, I will go in and report later.Mother can t come out and walk now, telling her mother is just to make her worry.Mama Yang nodded.Gu Mingzhu said I will take people there, and when mother wakes up, she will say that I will take care of the matter.Aunt Yizu means that she will let people follow Zou Xiangfuling to Hubei and bury Aunt Zu Zou Family s Ancestral Tomb, wait until everything i got high off of cbd gummies is done over there, and then bring Zou Xiang back to the capital.Before Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and left, she ordered the steward Go to the lotus alley again, and let me know if you have any news.The Tan family wanted to approach the Huaiyuan Hou s mansion through the lotus alley, but they discovered the clue first, and their father reminded him earlier.

As he spoke, Lu Guang grinned, revealing a pair of golden teeth.In addition, Gu Mingzhu noticed that Nie Chen s sword was changed, two daggers were added to his waist, and Zhu Wuduo hung two purses, which must have gained a lot, otherwise, with his temperament, it would be difficult to return home.Stand up the wontons.Miss, don t worry, Nie Chen said in a low voice, We have a sense of proportion.Gu Mingzhu knew, otherwise Lu Guang would not have attacked Jin Ya.Eat something.Zhu Wu greeted Lu Guang.Lu Guang shook his head.Zhu Wu was a little angry, pinching his waist and waving the big iron spoon in his hand Is my cooking delicious If Lu Guang dares cbd gummy for back pain to say yes, don t even think about eating a bowl of hot food from now on.Lu Guang pointed to his mouth Tooth hurts.The gold tooth was not comfortable to wear, but he was reluctant to pick it off, and finally put it on, it was always warm.

At this moment, Ms.Wang stood there with her cbd gummies for dog hands folded, her eyes flickering.Gu Mingzhu didn t question Mama Wang first, but looked at the mother in law better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for dog Take people to the side room one by one for questioning.After a while, someone came out of the house, but the mother in law let him out without saying anything.Until Mama Fan, who was in charge, was led in, and when she came out, the mother in law ordered Take her to the front yard and hand it over to Lord Seven.Mama Fan turned pale when she heard this, and she probably could understand the meaning of this common man.All servants who are not suspicious will be released, and those who are handed over to Master Seven are different, and may be taken to the Yamen for trial.Mama Fan is in charge of several doors in the backyard.Everyone knows that Mama Fan and Xu Gui are on good terms on weekdays.

Empress Wei waved her hand and ordered Take her down and take care of her.The maid escorted Shen Lan away, and the female officer said in a low voice Your Majesty, if Shen Lan doesn t say anything, how should we investigate this Trial first, Queen Wei said, Even if you don t confess in the end, it will be of other use.If Concubine De knows that Shen Lan is still alive, Must be extremely flustered.After walking out of the house, Empress Wei sighed Brother Chen is fighting in Yongping Mansion, and a little girl has to make arrangements for the outside.She has really worked hard for her.Eyes, with a smile with shallow dimples, Empress Wei felt distressed.Looks like she s working so hard.Empress Wei said The matter started from the Zhou family s affairs.Find out if anything special happened to Concubine De before and after the death of Mrs.

The Empress Dowager said It doesn t matter, he is the Son of Heaven, and there is someone to take care of everything, so there is no need for these.At worst, treat him like a potted flower , Serve well and take care of it.Mo Yangming said The emperor has not spoken, I m afraid The queen mother stretched her sleeves and gently twisted the Buddhist beads in her hand.It was not in vain for her to eat fast and chant Buddha for many years, and all her wishes came true one by one.The Queen Mother let out a huh and her eyes were cbd gummies for dog clearer than usual The emperor still needs to rest assured to recuperate from his illness.It s not advisable to talk too much, it s not good for the dragon s body.From Aijia s point of view, this is actually a good thing.Apart from these, as long as the emperor s life is safe, It is the blessing of the Great Zhou Dynasty and the blessing of the common HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog people.

Chapter 516 The six foot red brocade, the black silk bordering the flag, and the one foot two foot flagpole are the flags of the leading generals.Liang Wang thought of Wei Yuanchen.This flag once appeared in Yongping Mansion, and now it has come to Gongji City.As expected, his plan was discovered, otherwise Wei Yuanchen would not have left Northern Xinjiang to return to aid the capital.If Wei Yuanchen really appeared here, King green kratom cbd gummies Su in Beijing probably wouldn t last long.My lord, said the lieutenant general, the main general has changed, we King Liang said, Continue to attack the city.Although Wei Yuanchen s flag cbd gummies for dog was hung on the Gongji city, Wei Yuanchen did not appear on the tower.Not knowing the reality of it, Liang Wang couldn t help but look deeply, is Wei Yuanchen imitating him If he can t distinguish between the real and the fake, he can t judge the situation.

Zhu Wu naturally also had selfish intentions, that bastard Han Yu belonged to King Liang, how many people in their village died in that private mine.He had to let those rebels know that they were still alive.People always have things they want to do.Young and old in the village, he Zhu Wu is also a hero, his Zhu is crimson red, like a burning flame, like boiling blood, let him burn the fire to the rebels now.Looking at Zhu Wu s back, Lu Guang was so angry that he just wanted to curse.The idiot didn t even say hello, put on his armor and ran away.Report to Master Wei, lest Zhu Wu really do it, Master Wei does not know the situation and it will be a bad thing.Zhu Wu still had a firearm in his arms.If the firearm rang, it would mean that Zhu Wu had succeeded.Even if he didn t succeed, it shouldn t be silent.

Gu Chongyi was anxious, although he didn cbd gummies for dog t know what this fool of the Wei family was planning, but he knew it must not be a good thing.Gu Chongyi s eyelids twitched wildly again, just as he was about to quiet down for a while, the fly of Second Master Wei flew over again.As long as you agree to my three requests, Second Master Wei said, what if you repay the kindness No.One.Second Master Wei was pitiful.Gu Chongyi still refused No.Why don t you do it this way, said the second master Wei, I ll just agree to my brother Chen s request, but my brother Chen doesn t seem to have anything to ask of you.Gu Chongyi snorted coldly , said flatly Mr.Wei found out about the coastal guards, I owe him a favor, even if I agree cbd gummies for dog to his three demands, it doesn t matter.As long as it is not Wei Congzhi, others are easy to say.

Cheng Yu stretched out his hand to help Peng Liang up Uncle Peng saved my mother and me in the rebellion.He is the benefactor of our mother and son.In the future, when no one is around, Uncle Peng doesn t have to do this.Only after facing life and death You know, as long as you survive, some etiquette is not important.Cui Zhen walked out of the military tent and went straight to the tower.Looking down, the reinforcements set up camp one after another.The imperial court can dispatch so many soldiers and horses to see that the danger of the capital has been resolved.They decided to direct their troops to the northern border, and wanted them to fight quickly.With so many soldiers, horses and military resources, there is no reason to be invincible.Cui Zhen smiled slightly, Beijiang is fine, I hope that uncle, aunt, Zhuzhu, and Cui Xiang are all safe.

Cui Zhen sat beside Mrs.Lin Tai with a bowl of corn porridge.Mrs.Lin Tai on the bed trembled slightly, as if trying to suppress her anger.When Cui Zhen pressed the spoon to her mouth, Mrs.Lin suddenly took out her arm from the quilt and stabbed Cui Zhen with a hairpin.The last time Mrs.Lin Tai wanted to kill Cui Zhen in Taiyuan Mansion, cbd gummies for dog this is the second time she attacked the eldest son.Cui Zhen stretched out his hand to hold Mrs.Lin s arm, and said in a cold voice, Mother still whole sale cbd gummies has something to eat.The hairpin slipped from Mrs.Lin s hand and fell to the cbd gummies for dog ground.Chapter 545 The late Mrs.Lin Tai failed to stab Cui Zhen, and the hatred in her eyes became more intense.She said cbd living gummies near me angrily, Why don t you die Mrs.Lin Tai thought about Cui Wei and her younger brother, and she didn t know where the strength came from.

Hearing Senior Zhang, Gu Ziyan couldn t hold back anymore, and looked at the crowd.Just happened to meet Zhang Xueguan s eyes, and the other party s eyes were shining.Gu Ziyan managed to hold on and didn t fail all of a sudden.He made a mistake.No matter how good the supervisor is, he cbd gummies for dog would not dare to use an ax in front of the teacher.And Mr.Pei.From Zhang Xueguan to Pei Shangqing, the people on the wall collapsed.Feng Anping, who was standing under the wall, breathed a sigh of relief.Fortunately, he didn t volunteer to goZiyan was so confident because he didn t know Mr.Wei too well.Where are people Where are they going Xueguan Zhang stepped forward with a smile and said, Hey, they are all my students Today, there is no distinction between teachers and students, just for joy, you all come up with questions quickly, don t miss the auspicious time.

Miss Mu said Today s Southwest needs the imperial court more than the sea.As she said that, Miss Mu got up and bowed to Wei tribe cbd gummies cbd pain gummies Congzhi Yingying I hope Second Master Wei can help.She sincerely invited Wei Congzhi to go, in her eyes Wei Congzhi He is not a dude, he has enough vision, and he will definitely solve the crisis in the Southwest.How do you say that When was he treated so courteously Besides, if the court changed someone else to stabilize the Southwest, he might cbd gummies for dog not have to go there.If he really went to the Southwest, he would be tied there for five or six years.Wei Congzhi saw For some reason, Miss Zhuomu s heart softened, thinking of her running around for him, helping him buy food and wash clothes.Alas, he knew that he could not owe a debt to a woman.I agree.Really Miss Mu s smile was as gorgeous as a flower, and Wei Congzhi s heart twitched, as if suffering from a heart disease.

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