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That s how it dragged on to the late stage Zhang Beibei became more and more excited as she spoke, and tears rolled down her face.It turns out that there are so many secrets, no wonder she is determined aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank not to give in.Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, motioning for her to continue.I thought she would agree, but I didn t expect her to say without thinking Officer Han, I michael strahan gummies cbd cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 m sorry, it s not about money.Since they don t support the elderly, they have to pay for their actions.It s a stick.Zhang Zhishu was so angry that he didn t know what to say, so he got up and walked out of the office.Xie Jun saw that the party secretary was gone and wanted to leave, so Han Chaoyang hurriedly pulled him back Director Xie, what s going on with Jiang Erhu It is fishing in troubled waters.His father and sister Jiang Xiaolan s biological father had a bad relationship before.Hurry up, he s called several times Immediately, at most three minutes Han Chaoyang took the electric car and asked Xu Hongliang to cbd gummies for diabetes near me return to the police station to continue his duty.He hurried to the Chaoyang River, where several old men wearing sun hats were scolding the men in the middle of the river.Electric fishing is against the law, so it s legal for you to fish Did you see it It says on the bridge that fishing is prohibited.Little bastard, you re still stubborn.If you have the guts, come up with me Come down if you have the guts.You little bastard, see if I can t kill you A short and fat old man got angry and threw down his fishing rod to search for bricks and tiles.Han Chaoyang stopped the car in a hurry, ran down, grabbed it, and shouted sideways Who allowed you to electric fish here, do you know that electric fishing is illegal I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and I am also from this river section.The situation was urgent, and time couldn t be wasted here.After a brief briefing on the situation, Li Xiaobin, the security guard of Dongming Community, took them there.Chen Xiujuan s home is relatively far cbd gummies for diabetes near me away, and as soon as she received the order, she left her husband and children and drove her red golf to the 527 supreme cbd gummy bears review factory in a hurry.Compared with gay men, the work pressure of lesbians in Huayuan Police Station is still relatively small.Mainly organize case files, submit materials, organize invoices, clean up, and do some chores such as repairing computers, burning CDs, recording and video recording, charging walkie talkies, cameras, video cameras, law enforcement recorders, receiving subsidies, distributing clothes, helping to order takeaways, etc Under normal circumstances, you don t go out to work, at most you go to see the female suspect, or go out to arrest people dressed up as a girlfriend, but such cases are rare.Although Chaoyang Village has not been formally merged into Chaoyang Community, many tasks have been centralized in the community.For example, the village clinic was abolished last year, and villagers have to go to the community health care center to see a doctor and get medicine.As the future party branch secretary and director of the Great Chaoyang Community , Su Xian is qualified and necessary to accompany the leaders to have meals in the activity room.Secretary Yang and Director Gu were busy last year creating a sanitary city, sweeping the streets every day, shoveling small hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me advertisements, and cleaning up dead corners of sanitation.Secretary of the branch, I have the responsibility to make a deep review to you two.This was a rare opportunity, Su Xian finished her meal in three mouthfuls and seized the time to report on her work.The young man was a scout before retiring from the army.He still insists on exercising.Looking back, he held the steering wheel on the left and continued to drive forward, and raised the walkie talkie with his right hand and shouted Xiaobin, Changsheng, I am Han Chaoyang, there is a situation in the fifth team, you bring two people over here each, and the speed must be fast.Yes.I ll be right there Chaoyang Village is so big, the three squad leaders are all on the main road of Zhongjie, and they knew what happened through the walkie talkie, and immediately dispatched patrol members to drive to the intersection of the fifth team.Xiao Chen, go and replace Wang Bing.Han Da, let me take part in the action.When he arrived at the place but had no chance to take part in the action, the young man was frowning.Two brands and one team.Don t ask clearly now.Tomorrow, the district leaders will ask the bureau What did the leader say Xiao Bi, others don t believe that I shut down the remote, don t you believe it Heaven and earth, we caught the suspect, not only by us, but also by our comparison I believe there is What s the use, the key leaders believe it or not.No, I have to report it to Bureau Du later.Xiao Bi didn t say anything in his mouth, thinking that if you really caught the suspect, how could he fall into the hands of the street comprehensive management office Here, how could the Street Comprehensive Management Office twist to the sub bureau with such a big fanfare.Thinking of the word twist , Xiao Bi felt it was funny.Nowadays, people are more fearful than each other.When they see illegal crimes, they are afraid to avoid them.At most, they can call 110.Those who can stand up and do what is right are very rare.Even fewer people can control criminals and send them to the Public Security Bureau.At least they I haven t encountered the police in so many years.In the office on the left side of the first floor, Han Chaoyang briefly cbd gummies atlanta ga reported the process, pointed to the law enforcement recorder and emphasized Director Xing, not only I have a law enforcement recorder, but also the members of the security patrol team.From the beginning of the investigation to the arrest of the suspect Turn it over to the sub bureau to record the whole process, and you can just look at the videos recorded by a few people.The matter is complicated and complicated, but simple and simple.With the law enforcement video, Director Xing believes that Han Chaoyang is not lying.My father is a township cadre, and my mother worked as a women cbd gummies help with depression s director for two years before becoming a teacher.She was born and raised in a cadre s family.She has seen a lot of people and things in the party committee and government, and feels that she can handle all relationships well.Why is it so difficult to actually practice it Han Chaoyang was puzzled, and walked back to the police room listlessly.Others don t understand, Xu Hongliang can understand.Although we didn t get along for a long time, Lao Xu could more or less understand.The two just walked side by side with him, comforting him as they walked.Chaoyang, don t take it to heart.As the saying goes, not being envied by others is mediocrity.They are jealous of you.Old Xu lit a cigarette, yawned and said, They don t look for reasons on themselves, blame you for being a newcomer to work.

After an hour and a half, eight stacks were neatly stacked on the conference table, which almost used up all the A4 paper in the typing and copying shop next to the police office.The proprietress was very happy, she clicked again and again, holding the calculator for nearly ten minutes, recorded it in the ledger specially prepared for the neighborhood committee, went upstairs to find Director Su to sign, and at the end of the month, together with the previously printed materials, reported to the neighborhood committee Bill, please.As the captain of the voluntary security patrol team, there are more or less hidden benefits.In the past, I went to pick up lunch from the working group.After the establishment of the patrol team, I have been eating in the patrol team.The aunt who cooks in the property of Dongming Community delivers meals on an electric tricycle every morning, noon and evening.That is, she is making fun of you, and she is also making fun of me People in the city are tricky, and I don t care if I am a man, and I won t suffer much if I get tricked.You have to pay attention in the future, and when you encounter sweet talkers, you must polish it Eyes.That woman is so beautiful, if you are tricked , you will be taken advantage of Chen Jie couldn t control it, and giggled coquettishly.It s good to be young, Old Xu smiled enviously.Han Chaoyang patted the table, turned around and said, Stop joking, let s get down to business.Chen Jie, send Li Xiaobin, Gu Changsheng, Gu Xinhua and Wu Junfeng a WeChat message and ask them to come over and let s have a small meeting.Okay.Old Xu, didn t you ask you to stop by to see what kind of training those old men and women in Factory 527 attended when you got off work a few days ago Look, they do sell insurance, but the one who trains them is not from an insurance company, but from an insurance agency.There are more places where the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade needs the help of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, and Han Chaoyang believes what he said He touched his nose with his left hand and smiled with his right hand, Tang team, didn t you say last time that there are more than 100 coordinators in your comprehensive law enforcement brigade who are actually parking wardens Yes, there are 136 in total., The paid parking lots and parking spaces that can be seen on the main road are basically all managed by them.I want to ask you to do me a favor.When you have time these two days, take me to those parking lots and parking spaces, introduce me to them, and make friends with them.You know, we have strike missions, and we have Indicators.They look at the cars on the street every day, 136 people are 136 pairs of eyes, and they are familiar with the surrounding environment of the parking lot they manage, and they can find some clues to crimes that I can t find at ordinary times.But seeing that he didn t come back alone, the policeman surnamed Guan from the Huayuan Street Police Station also came back, and he came back in the 110 police car, Su Xian stepped aside Okay, you do your work first, come back early when you are done, I want Have a good talk with you.Thank you Director Su for your concern.He really cared, and Han Chaoyang s thanks came from the bottom of his heart.But now is not the time to hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me express emotion.After the team members lined up in front of the official vehicles, law enforcement vehicles and electric patrol vehicles, Han Chaoyang walked up to everyone and said very seriously Comrades, next time, I will ask everyone to assist the police officers in the assault.Check a hotel, to be precise, check seventeen suspicious people in a room.Due to limited information, we only have the effects of cbd gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me number of people, aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank and we only know the identity of one of the suspicious people, and we know that there are two women among the seventeen people.Master, I think the possibility of rape and murder or attempted rape and murder is relatively high.It should be committed by an acquaintance, and it is likely to be done by a villager.The murderer may be mixed in the crowd.The imagination is quite rich, but it cannot be ruled out.possibility.Gu Guoli squinted his eyes and looked at the depths of the alley, and pondered I think there are two doubts that must be clarified.One is whether Qiao Xianhong owes anyone money, and whether he is hiding debts outside Rent out a house that people live in, who would think that it is too much money, and it is very easy to rent, and her family has not rented out before Chapter 95 Complicated and confusing At 3 46 in the morning, the corpse truck from the funeral home arrived.The car drove all the way into the alley.During cbd gummy jars the torrential rain in June, Dongming District suffered the most damage.More than 400 cars parked in the underground parking lot were annihilated.Some insurance companies paid, and some insurance companies did not.It s not over yet.Su Xian realized that she had to seize the time to take some precautions, and blurted out Got it, I ll cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 call Manager Zhang right now, and go to Dongming Community right now.Where are you, you can t get through I m rushing back, Director Su, don t worry, the rain hasn t fallen yet, it should be time to notify the owner to transfer the vehicle.Chaoyang, I will organize the property and security to notify the owner to transfer the vehicle, some owners may not Can t get in touch, can you ask the traffic police to find a tow truck, and ask them to come over and help us tow the car in the basement out.Brother Han, please, I My son is still at home.Li Tianzheng called Brother again with a sad face.Seeing him pretending to be pitiful, Han Chaoyang was furious.He grabbed his arm and walked downstairs while holding him, asking, Thinking of you now There is also a son, what did you do long ago You said that you are in your thirties, why don t you have any self motivation and no sense of responsibility.You used to have no money to gamble, but now you have some money and start to gamble.Do you want to live a life How do you marry a daughter in law and raise your children like can u take cbd gummies with levofloxacin cbd gummies for diabetes near me high dose cbd gummies for anxiety this Brother, I was wrong, I won t gamble in the future, please show me your hand and give me a chance.It s useless to give you a chance, besides, it s not about giving or not thing.Han Chaoyang made up his mind to teach him a lesson so that he could remember it well, went outside the yard and pushed him into the patrol car, then turned around and asked, Changsheng, when will Xiaobin and the others arrive Let s go, we ll be there soon.

Hurry up, don t dawdle.Xiaopangdun, Gu Changsheng, Li Xiaobin and other teammates also put Wei Haicheng and other three other players into the police car.Considering that the villagers all have some money now, they will get more compensation for demolition in a few days.Millions, how many mg in just cbd gummies who has seen so much money at once, it is possible that such a thing will happen again.Han Chaoyang decided to take them as a negative example, turn on the police lights, sound the siren, and clear the way ahead.The villagers who ran out one after another to watch the excitement whispered to each other and talked a lot, watching the patrol car and the bread police car disappear from sight.Rushed to the depot, asked Lao Xu, who was on duty today, to take Xiaopangdun to the auxiliary police duty room, locked Wei Haicheng and Li Tianzheng into the detention room, then opened the security door of the case handling area and went upstairs to report to the supervisor, and then released the captured The gambling money was handed over to the case handling team, and the video taken by the law enforcement recorder was stored in Chen Xiujuan s computer.Director Pang was surprised, admired and helpful.He asked the person who paid the fee to return the 4,000 previously advanced to Han Chaoyang.Sure, you can get so much money by going out for a walk Lu Jiaxi admired the efficiency of the handsome policeman, and kept sending him to the door.What can you do Han Chaoyang climbed into the electric patrol car, and said with a wry smile, I got select organics cbd gummies the life cbd gummies for diabetes near me saving money, but the money came in a disgraceful way.It s both hard and soft, and morally kidnapped.It s like robbery.Luo Chunjun fell ill., It s not a work related accident.Think about it, it really has nothing to do with the construction unit.Lu Jiaxi sighed secretly, supported the car door and comforted him Saving people is like putting out a fire.Saving a life is better than building a seven level pagoda.The driver greeted the passengers to go to the restaurant for dinner, but two of them were unwilling to go just like a revolving door, cars came in and out, and the vehicles and people entering and leaving the parking lot inadvertently made it more difficult for the arresting team to monitor.Xi Hongbo felt that this was not possible, so he raised the walkie talkie and gave an order All groups pay attention to each group.Now adjust the deployment.Car No.3 goes out and Car No.8 comes in Car No.5 goes out and Car No.6 comes in.Seize the timing and stop at Go to both sides of the target, sandwiching them in the middle.Install the camera, stop the car, and evacuate.Car No.3 received, No.3 car received, it s over.Car No.8 received, car No.8 received, it s over Following Xi Da s order, the cars ambushing inside and outside the parking lot started to move.That s it, you haven t seen anyone else Huang Ying was dumbfounded.I haven t seen it, but we know about it.Huang s father flipped through the chat records, found some reports about Han Chaoyang sent by her aunt, and said with a smile Xiao Han is 23 this year, 1.76 meters tall, and graduated from the Donghai Conservatory of Music.Last year, I passed the police civil servant exam.I worked at the Huayuan condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review Street Police Station.I arrested a robber and a murderer within a few months of starting work.I work very hard and are very responsible.There are not many young people who are responsible nowadays.The most handsome policeman has no privacy, and the handsomeness has not yet passed, Yanyang Evening News seems to have reported it the day before yesterday.Huang Ying realized that there was nothing to hide, picked up a piece of watermelon, and said deliberately Dad, he became the most handsome policeman by chance, after all, he is still a piece of policeman.Thinking about it, it was a little early and a little anxious The parents here are willing to pay, but the parents may not be willing to write their daughter s name on the real estate certificate.The parents may have other ideas because of this, and the loss outweighs the gain.Dad Huang was too happy and excited at night, cbd gummies for diabetes near me so he chatted with his daughter for a while to calm down Too much, raised his head and said, That s fine, let s not mention these things for now, things like relationship and marriage are a matter of course.Just as Huang s father and Huang mother were worrying about their daughter s life long event, Han Chaoyang was in an office at the Huayuan Street Police Station interrogation of suspects.Today is really evil, one police after another.All the policemen on duty had gone out, and the office was too busy.Han Chaoyang was very depressed, and couldn t help but point to her police rank Sister Miao, didn t you just go to the Legal Affairs Corps last year Why did you get the rank so quickly Miao Haizhu turned her head to look at the a Mao Er , asked proudly Not convinced I joined the job the year before last, condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review and I had already passed the probationary period, but thinking of what my mother said, I couldn t help asking Sister Miao, did you join the job before you graduated Who said, I joined the job as soon as I graduated.I used to work at the Provincial Police Academy.I was seconded to the Provincial Department during the probationary period.After the probationary period, I went through the formal transfer procedures.The starting point is high, but it is different.Just thinking that people are more popular than others, not to mention being transferred to the provincial department, they may not even be able to go to the branch office, Miao Haizhu put away the police card, and said lightly The provincial department will organize cadres to go to the grassroots in a while.The old factory manager would not look for this Pan Guangcai if he had nothing to do.Han Chaoyang guessed a little bit, and subconsciously asked Director Wang, you invite Brother Pan to come over, do you want Brother Pan to join the band and participate in the Bayi Song Concert cbd gummies for diabetes near me together Yes , That s what I think.Director Wang looked back at Wu Wei and Xiaokang who had just returned from patrolling, and said cheerfully You are right last night.Our band is too informal.Some of them play Western instruments.For those who play ethnic musical instruments, it s okay to play by themselves, but not to participate in activities.The old man is really interested in participating in the August 1st Song Festival.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and raised his head and asked, Brother Pan, there is no money to cbd gummies for diabetes near me participate in the song meeting, and if you decide to participate, you have to rehearse.

He also played a huge role in the investigation of Case 17, and the bureau leaders valued him very much.Otherwise, he would invite Grandpa Gu to come out of the mountain, otherwise he would invite Grandpa Gu to be his master I know about catching the murderer, did you turn it over As soon as the short girl s police voice came out, a group of police girls couldn t help snickering again.It was true that which pot was not opened and which pot was lifted.Chen Xiujuan regretted it, and kept scolding herself for why she brought it up.Huang Ying also didn t I was idle, just checked wechat for a while, and some big sisters from the street came over to ask this and that.This is similar to an engagement, why doesn t your name be written on the real estate certificate.What s the same as getting engaged Let s do it early.What s there to be embarrassed about Han Chaoyang turned his head to look in the direction of the cbd gummies for diabetes near me police office, and pondered, He is a good policeman, and being a policeman is his ultimate ideal.First go to the police academy, then join the army, and come back to take the political and law exam after retiring from the army.A police officer, after passing the entrance examination, went to the police academy and didn t put on the police uniform until he was 30 years old.Thinking about it, he is cbd gummies for diabetes near me afraid of people.But he will never be a good boyfriend, nor a good son, and he will not be a good father in the future.Work It s just a part of life, and I don t want to live like him.I ve heard that when you become a policeman at the age of 30, you can t become a full time officer until you are 31.Most people really don t have this perseverance.Yue Lianlian was not afraid of embarrassment in the fire, and asked angrily What did you say when you asked me to turn off the TV to sleep Chen Jun was stunned for a moment, and murmured II will say that the baby is good.You tonight Have you said it No.That s it Damn, she actually lost her temper because her husband didn t say be good baby.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, got up and went down the slide, and patted Chen Jun on the arm Comrade Chen Jun, you should praise baby when you should praise it, but you forgot, this is your fault.Make a deep review, Introspect deeply, and admit your mistake to Baby.Officer Han Humiliated, cbd gummies for diabetes near me Chen Jun was dumbfounded.That s it, let s do a good job of self criticism.Zhikuan, Xiao Yang, go back to duty, Ji Sheng and I should go back too.In the middle of the night, who has the energy to play with you Han Chaoyang didn t make any notes anymore, and called Dai Jisheng to get on the patrol car and go back to the police office.The students were on vacation, and they were about to enter the senior year, but the previous group of parents did not disband.I don t know if aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank the teacher s words are more effective than the leaders words, or the current parents pay more attention to quality education and like to take their children to participate in such activities.Unexpectedly, there are so many people, and the hundreds of plastic chairs prepared are not enough.But this is Huayuan Street Central Primary School, the stage is set on a large playground that can accommodate thousands of people, and there are plenty of stools in the classroom.Director Tu and Director Cai immediately organized the school s teaching staff and people from the comprehensive street law enforcement team to move the stools to the back.Swing, swing to both sides.Han Chaoyang kena farms cbd gummies kept replying that he was very busy, and Zheng Xinyi took the money softly, turned around and smiled cbd gummies for diabetes near me and said Han Da, Director Su just donated two hundred, Captain Tang one hundred, Director Cai fifty, Director Tu fifty, effects of cbd gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me you Liu One hundred for the director, one hundred for your trainer, one hundred for deputy director Xuhow much do you think our patrol team donates The child s parents are behind, can you ask this question here Han Chaoyang was so confused, he didn t know how to speak, when Li Xiaobin said suddenly One hundred for the squad leader, fifty for the others.The people in the community are very supportive.The more Grandpa Gu thought about it, the happier he became, and suddenly he turned around and said, Chaoyang, I don t know how to use WeChat, so you can deposit five hundred for me first.Thinking so far Huang Ying was so dumbfounded that she immediately said, I ll transfer two hundred to you first, then I ll hang up after I aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank transfer it.If you don t want to go to work tomorrow, I ll still go to work.Hanging up, Han Chaoyang clicked on Accept, and directly transferred the money to Zheng Xinyi returned to the police room and said with a smile, Half of the hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me two hundred that I just transferred belonged to my wife and half belonged to my mother in law.It doesn t matter if I remember it or not.My wife so soon, my mother in law so soon, Zheng Xinyi said The more funny I thought about it, I couldn t help but tease Han Da, there is one less person, where is your father in law s Yes, I willSo remember.Just as I was about cbd gummies for diabetes near me to see how many donations had been raised, a notification sound came from my phone again.If you don t need it, tomorrow will be there.Let those parents who are interested in money come to receive re education.With these old men around, they will be annoying to death Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang was so happy that he ran to aries essentials cbd gummies review the director s office on the second floor and told Director Su about the mediation committee.This is the work of the neighborhood committee, but people who have no money, no one, and no disputes come to the neighborhood committee to ask for mediation, and it has never been done.Therefore, it is on the list of people s mediation committee members and in the submitted materials, but in fact No.Su Xian has always wanted to mobilize the masses, how could she miss this opportunity, and immediately gave a thumbs up Well done, considering the complicated situation in our jurisdiction, it is best to hire a few more respected old comrades in Chaoyang Village and Dongming Community , so that no matter which aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank side has conflicts and disputes, you can find someone to help mediate.

As soon as I answered the phone, I asked for leave and went back to search.I searched everywhere I could in the town and the county seat, and even reported to the police station in our town.In the past half a month, we We didn t sleep well or eat a good meal until yesterday when we heard from Yang Guangyu that she was in Yanyang, and we were relieved a bit, and when we heard the news, we rushed here and came overnight.Now we know that the child lacks love and care., what did you do early However, it is not easy for him.After all, the current life pressure is relatively cbd gummies for diabetes near me high.If he does not come out to do projects to make money, he cannot keep up with material aspects.Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, and asked What does Yang Guangyu do, and where did he see your cbd gummies for diabetes near me daughter Yang Guangyu is a plumber.If you go to be this music teacher, it means that you usually have nothing to do.Principal Nie thought about it.He said he wouldn t let me be too idle, or there would be gossip.He planned to let me be a counselor, or let me join the Youth League Committee.I usually manage students or do some work on the Youth League Committee, but the main task is still Engage in an orchestra.There are many positions in PolyU, and there are several departments under the Security Office alone.Why didn t Principal Nie let him compare with the corresponding security department, why did he let him become a counselor or join the Youth League Committee This is obviously for the future of the unlucky guy, at least to let the unlucky guy feel that the school thinks highly of him.What a stroke of luck, to be spotted by the principal condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review of PolyU.Two jobs are in front of you, one is to continue to be a police officer , one is to be a university teacher, a fool knows how to choose Yu Zhenchuan was not only reluctant for his younger brother to change jobs like this, but also happy for his younger brother from the bottom of his heart.After all, no matter from which point of view he looked at PolyU s work, he was more suitable for him.Just as he was imagining how his younger brother turned into a teacher of PolyU, Grandpa Gu suddenly said Jiang Director, Mr.Chen, I have something to do with Zhenchuan, let s go back to the police office first.What can you do, it s because you don t want the most handsome policeman to change jobs.But what can you give to the most handsome policeman , let him be the director of the police station, or let him be the instructor of the police station, it involves a person s future, Deputy Chief Jiang is not worried about what measures Grandpa Gu will take, and said with a smile It doesn t matter , you are busy with your work Grandpa Gu rushed to the police room, his expression suddenly changed, he sat at the desk a few times and wanted to call the little apprentice to ask for clarification, and put down the phone a few times.Master , Old Tang, there is still something to do in the institute, why don t I go back first Yu Zhenchuan didn t want to continue to be a police officer like his younger brother, and was not only not depressed but also very happy to be transferred back to the institute, but he was worried that Grandpa Gu would be unhappy, so he had to pretend He looked very reluctant to leave the police room.Go back, don t affect your work.Chaoyang, I m leaving, I ll come back to see you when I have time.I ll see you off.Don t send me off, the car is at the door.If you change people, change people, say Just leave, you are really a solid soldier.Han Chaoyang didn t know that this was a kind of liberation for Yu Zhenchuan, thinking that Yu Zhenchuan was very reluctant to leave the police office, and he really felt cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 a little uncomfortable.Chapter 238 Difficult task 2 The police office is not considered a unit, but there are four policemen including Miao Haizhu who is training at the grassroots level.More than one will involve how to divide labor and cooperate in the future.Han Chaoyang suggested that Miao Haizhu go deep into the Xinmin community.Grandpa Gu felt that it was necessary to hold a small condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review meeting, and the four of them sat down to discuss future work together.I don t know if Miao Haizhu rested too late last night and couldn t get up in the morning, or he didn t get a ride to Zhongshan Road, it was already 8 o clock and no one arrived yet.There is a lot of work today, and Grandpa Gu didn t want to wait any longer, so he raised his head and said, Old Tang, let s start first.Compared with the Xinmin Community and Longren Community you manage, our area is relatively small and the mass base is better.The deputy director in charge of criminal investigation did not issue other orders to the Xinying Police Station except for better intelligence.He Pingyuan aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank has been the director of the police station for so many years, and he knows exactly what to do next, and he doesn t need to deliberately issue orders from his superiors.First call the police one by one to tell the police to come back quickly, and then return to the hometown government to continue to participate in the anti drug work meeting like everyone else.The instructor reported the situation to the police who hurried back to the institute, and asked everyone to stand by in the institute from now on, and then open the safe, take out and wipe the only two pistols in the institute.Jiang Li and Han Chaoyang went the farthest in the morning and came back the latest.He didn t give me good cigarettes, but I knew that his house had visitors.There were several bottles of good wine and a large plastic bag of fruit in the house.His grandson ate it.I got those snacks, and these small shops below don t sell them at all.As expected of a scout who has been on the battlefield, although he is old, his observation skills are still keen.He Pingyuan asked Did you go to Feng Changcun and Li Xingwang s house Go, Feng Changcun played cards in the old Yuan s shop, and his wife was at home Li Xingwang didn t see him, and his house was closed.Old Mei, Whose house do you think he will be hiding in I can t say for sure, and I dare not talk nonsense, if I make a mistake and let that kid run away, I, Mei Shengli, cannot bear the responsibility.Can you walk around the village again How to transfer, the Lijiayao is so big, and the family members will become suspicious.

It s pretty good.Going further in, there is actually sheep infinite cbd gummies reddit manure on the road covered with weeds.Jiang Li signaled the crowd to stop, cbd gummies benifits walked cautiously to the corner of the earthen wall and looked westward.He seemed to be afraid of making a mistake, so he raised his hand and rubbed his eyes.After watching for nearly two minutes, he returned to the crowd.Officer Jiang, what s the situation Squad leader Wu asked in a low voice, holding an automatic rifle.It wasn t him, Jiang Li sighed lightly, and said with frustration If I guessed correctly, the villagers who moved out were not used to living in the town and came back quietly.There was an old man at the door who was repairing the fence and the roof was still installed A solar power panel and a satellite TV receiver.Chapter 259 Manhunt 8 Jiang Li and Han Chaoyang were surprised to find someone living in this small mountain village that had been abandoned for many years.Several policemen vomited profusely, had sores on their bodies, fell and were even bitten by snakes, and had to be rushed down the mountain for treatment.Is it possible that they ran away Chaoyang said it might be It s not very serious, saying that the fugitive should still be in the encirclement.Not only did the police who set up checkpoints outside not find him, but they also found a lot of clues in the search inside.From the trajectory, it can be seen that he is playing hide and seek with the search team. Locals, Familiar with the terrain and the environment, it s not easy to catch.Xie Lingling laughed and said, It s a matter for the Longdao County Public Security Bureau, Chaoyang will be liberated if he persists for ten days at most. I am afraid of people when I think about it.I stayed on the same mountain for four days and four nights.cell phone He turned on his cell phone It was music on the boot just now.Is he going to call his accomplice for help, or is he going to use the light of the phone to check the injury Han Chaoyang was startled, cbd gummies for diabetes near me bent down hastily, adjusted his posture bit by bit, carefully, from squatting to lying down, lying behind the dirty and smelly wild boar carcass, on the chest, legs, arms as long as they touch the ground The whole body was stained with pig blood and even pig urine, which was wet, fishy and smelly.After adjusting his posture and covering his figure, Han Chaoyang took a deep breath and gently brushed away the weeds in front of him.Saw Finally saw it The bastard was under a small tree about five meters in front of the cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 left, half leaning against the tree trunk.I saw him taking pictures of the surroundings cbd gummies for diabetes near me with his mobile phone.Don t worry about beating him to cbd gummies for diabetes near me death or maiming him.He beat and scolded, and scolded and beat.He stopped moving and screaming.Pretend to be dead for labor and management.Labor and management will see if you are really dead or fake death Two more sticks, but these two sticks are much lighter than before.One is sober, and the other is tired.The bastard curled up on the ground and still didn t move.He hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me must have been beaten to death.Han Chaoyang suddenly regretted it, thinking that he shouldn t have been so impulsive just now, so he threw down the stick and took out the handcuffs.His hands handcuffed him behind his back.Immediately, he took out the flashlight, turned it on and looked around, and found the gun that the fugitive had placed under the small tree just now.Then he returned to the fugitive s side, grabbed his hair and looked at his face, confirmed that he was Feng Changdong who had been hunted down by hundreds of policemen, armed police and cadres for four days and five nights.The key guy is condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review not a policeman from the Longdao County Public Security Bureau or even the Xinlan City Public Security System.If he reports it like this, not only the city and county bureaus will be embarrassed, but even the leaders of the provincial department will be embarrassed.Just like Zhou Bureau handed over the task to Fan Bureau, the superiors also handed over this matter to the Disciplinary Committee.The Disciplinary and Political Committee had no choice but to say with an embarrassed face Fan Bureau, considering that you will go back in a few days, the Municipal Bureau and our county party committee and county government, including our county bureau party committee, feel that you cannot just let you go.At the same time Considering cbd gummies for depression and mood that the purchase of ephedra grass has just started, and the anti drug task of preventing ephedra grass from flowing into illegal channels is very heavy, the superiors decided to hold a grand ceremony of fire line meritorious service and fire line joining the party in the near future to deal with those who emerged during the search and arrest operations and anti drug operations.Thinking about the next task, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing Don t think about it, it s useless.They didn t regard us as a member of the task force hy vee cbd gummies at all.We didn t know anything about it except that it was a murder case.If you think about it, you ll eat salty radish and worry about it.It s a rare opportunity to participate in the investigation of a murder case.Wu Wei really didn t want to just stay here and watch the migrant workers sieve the sand.He stared into his eyes and said, Chaoyang, you can call and what effects do cbd gummies have ask.Your superiors are right.It is very clear that the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau, the High tech District Bureau and our Yandong Branch are jointly investigating, and you are now representing our branch, and you have the right to know I can represent the branch, don t be ridiculous, this call is for you.Why don t you ask Angkor, how can you ask me, and the leaders seem to be in a meeting.It must be a case analysis meeting.Chapter 297 A strange case 18 The second case analysis meeting after the establishment of the task force.Bureau Yan held a meeting in the city yesterday, and the circumstances of this case are quite special.I don t know whether the gravel factory is the first scene or the second scene.The corpse was fully clothed, and there was a wallet in the trouser pocket.In the wallet, there were more than 160 yuan in cash, what store sells cbd gummies two bank cards, a supermarket loyalty card, and the deceased s ID card.The corpse was 167 cm aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank long, with a fat body, and there was no malnutrition.The corpse is highly decomposed and has no special features.The hair has all fallen off, and the head is not damaged.The eyeballs on both sides have been deformed and shrunk, and the bulbar conjunctiva is red and stained.

Angkor, have you sifted the sand cbd gummies for diabetes near me Han Chaoyang looked back at the shovel he had just put down, and pulled him aside to ask.Wu Wei dusted off the dust, and said lightly They are about the same age as my dad, and they are sweating profusely.I watched what they looked like.Anyway, I was idle, so I just helped for a while.Knowing that you are active in your work, I did not expect to be so active Well now, you made a good start cbd gummies for diabetes near me and it would be even worse if I quit.Han Chaoyang was extremely depressed, and said resentfully Angkor, you are not helping others, you are stealing their jobs They are paid by the day, if you help them with one more day of work, they will pay less.If you work for one day, you will lose one day s wages But it s not just about wages now, the task force is waiting for the physical evidence from our side, the sooner the screening is completed and the evidence is obtained earlier, the case will be solved sooner. Now it s beautiful, and it s been exposed on the Internet, what do you say now.Fan Bureau, am I asking for instructions and reporting If I knew what to do, I would have been a leader.No one can complain about Lao Gu, and from the standpoint of Lao Gu, they are also resolving worries and problems for the people in the jurisdiction..It wasn t until this moment that Bureau Fan suddenly realized that Grandpa Gu is now a hero model for the city s public cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 security police to learn from, but he seemed to be a relatively cbd gummies for diabetes near me independent policeman in the past, and he often did things that caused headaches for the leaders.He has already talked about this point, and he can no longer criticize his apprentice.Fan Ju had no choice but effects of cbd gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me to say resentfully Okay, I ll think of a way to see if cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 I can eliminate the influence.It s him who bullies me It s too late for him to love you, how could he bully you, stop joking, I m busy.I m not kidding, I was really bullied, Huang Ying closed the office door, He choked up and said He talked with him before, not only did he talk but also lived together, now he came to him and made me look like a third party.This is not bullying or something.Sister Su, why do you think I am so confused It s so easy to deceive, I was really blind at the time This problem is more serious, regardless of whether this problem is left over from history.Su Xian realized the seriousness of the problem, and secretly scolded that men are not good things, but she comforted her What third party, don t say stupid cbd gummies from cannibis things.If you talk about it, there are many people who talked about it before marriage., There are quite a few people who have lived together.Han Chaoyang came to his senses as if enlightened, and secretly sighed that the leader is the leader, so he actually laid an ambush here.Since people don t want to drink, they can t take themselves too seriously.Han Chaoyang hurriedly found out Feng Ju s mobile phone number and called to report the progress of the case and the new task assigned by Teng Dagang.So your thinking is correct, and in the end you still use the car to lock people Yes, cbd gummies for diabetes near me but that s really not an idea.Didn t the bureau require all police cars to install aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank driving recorders This incident reminded me that there is a possibility that the driving recorders installed on other vehicles may be accidentally captured.Feng Ju thought for a while, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.Han Chaoyang didn t know what the leader on the other end of the phone was thinking, and continued Boss Feng, Teng University asked me and Wu Wei to track down Cai Xiaofang.After a while, the WeChat computer terminal prompted someone to send a video call request.Xiao Xu hurriedly clicked the mouse, and saw that the screen was dark, and the camera was shaking continuously.Then the screen turned on, and a middle aged man in his forties appeared on the screen.In the middle of the day, he yawned and asked, Brother in law, why are you in such a hurry Even if cbd gummies for diabetes near me you are in a hurry, you don t need to run over in the middle of the night, just make a phone call.Yu Qinggong, we are looking for you The boss squeezed into the living room and showed his ID See clearly We are from the Criminal Police Brigade of the Gaoxin District Bureau.My surname is Zhang, and my name is Zhang Qiuping.This is my colleague Sun Renyou.Do you know why we are looking for you , or the criminal police team Yu Qinggong was taken aback, and looked evolution cbd gummies stupidly at the two policemen who cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 came to the door in the middle of the night, not knowing what to say or what to do.Make a phone call, you can surf the Internet, not only for calls but also for videos. Instructor, you know the situation best, do you know where Huo Xuebin is hiding now, and has his family accidentally leaked the wind We usually pay attention Yes, but his family members are all virtuous, running the train with all their mouths.Huo Xuebin s father, Huo Jianliang, went to a relative s house for a wedding last month.He said at the wine table that Huo Xuebin was in Singapore and had already applied for the right of abode.He said that he would do it in a while Passports, the whole family will go to Singapore to reunite with Huo Xuebin.It is true, and it is true, is it so easy to apply for the right of abode in Singapore Han Chaoyang pondered and said It s really hard to say.He took away more than 20 million yuan and has money in his hand.After running two big circles, Han Chaoyang happened to be thirsty, took a bite of the pear, and smiled while eating It s quite delicious, but I can t make up my mind about it.Let me help you talk to Director Su of Chaoyang Community, public welfare, it shouldn t be a big problem. Thank you, Mr.Han Don t thank me, let s go. I ll wait for your call. Don t worry, as soon as there is news I ll call you.Han Chaoyang sent the chairman of the student union away, finished eating pears in two or three bites, and continued to run and exercise, but just ran to Huang Ying s side after a lap, and the junior sister arrived on an electric car, bringing three A female college student with an astonishingly high rate of turning heads.Hello, Teacher Han Morning Police Officer Han The band members, who had met before.

When it comes to your job as a master, it s really not only the top, but the bottom, in short, he doesn t like to engage in those vain things. So I don t have any ideas now.Han Chaoyang sighed, and said Face helpless.The old factory manager smiled, stared at him closely and said Actually, I want to make it lively and make him happy.It is not difficult to make him feel the big guy s intentions.In the final analysis, we must prescribe the right cbd gummies green bag medicine and do what we want.Good.But for him, work is life, life is work, effects of cbd gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me and he has no other hobbies besides work I said Xiao Han, you are very smart when you usually see him, why don t you have any ideas on this matter The old factory Chang You looked at the door of the police room, then leaned over to Han Chaoyang and whispered something in Han Chaoyang s ear.Liu Suo took a sip of water from his teacup and looked up at the crowd.The policemen in the audience didn t say anything but thought in their hearts, what s so good about this In the past, there were few policemen in the institute, and there was only one outstanding party member and one outstanding policeman per year.These two places were assigned by the director and the trainer in rotation, and there was no ordinary policeman.Later, there were more policemen in the office, but there were also several leaders, and the leaders still took turns, and there were still no ordinary policemen.When everyone was slandering, Liu Suo looked down at the small book, and continued Who to choose and not to choose, I know everyone is very embarrassed, in fact, I am as embarrassed as the instructor.Fortunately, there is a performance appraisal now, so let s just talk about performance Comrade Han Chaoyang s performance score is the highest, and his performance is obvious to all and Gu Suo s performance score is second.In the past, Chaoyang Village built houses hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me for rent and collected sanitation fees.As the village secretary, he was busy Do this.The Chaoyang Village used to be very rich.Besides, the new community after the merger does have the problem of concentrated complaints and visits.How is it possible, why don t I know Han Chaoyang looked incredulous.Huang Ying took a bite of the dumpling, stared at him and said, It s not that you don t know, you didn t take the matter of the old Chaoyang Village as the affairs of the Chaoyang Community.There were many conflicts during the land acquisition and demolition, and some villagers felt that they had suffered cbd gummies for diabetes near me a disadvantage in the evaluation., I always feel that this is caused by Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie, and even thinks it is tricky, thinking that Zhang Zhishu and Xie Director are greedy for money.After registering her ID card, she looked up and asked, Sir, do you have your household registration book No, do you need a household registration book to stay in a hotel Do you have an ID card , The child is not, and the control is very strict now, we need to confirm the relationship between you and the child.It s such a trouble, it s not used in other places We can t do it here.No matter how you look at it, this young dad doesn t look like a kidnapper Population, and the little girl is very obedient and seems to like to be with her father, but when Huang Ying asked about the household registration book and asked about confirming their father daughter relationship, the young man s reaction was obviously abnormal.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Wu Wei took out the police ID card he had just received this afternoon, walked to the bar and said, Hi, I m Wu Wei, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.It would be embarrassing if she was bumped into, so she could only reluctantly say Okay , I ll ask for you at work tomorrow, and I m not sure if I ll be able to get in. It s fine with your words, and I ll thank you for Ling Bin and Xinxin. Don t thank me, I can t bear it.Started.Chapter 444 Missing Person Notice 1 December 29th, the first day of the 2016 New Year s Day holiday.The administrative service center is not the Public Security Bureau, and it does not work during the long holidays.Huang Ying rests normally, but she neither goes to the youth hostel nor accompany Huang s father back to her hometown to visit her grandparents.I didn t even have time to eat breakfast, so I rushed to the South Gate of PolyU and got into Tang Xiaoxuan s car, and went to the famous Dancing Dream in Yanyang to participate in the rehearsal together, making final preparations for tomorrow s wedding to my best friend Xun Shihan as bridesmaid.As soon as I go to work tomorrow, I will ask Xiujuan to print it out and send it to the sub bureau together with the reports.So urgent It s also better than filling it out later, so you don t have to worry about it and forget it, which will make the leader unhappy. Okay, fill it in now.Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, clicked on the electronic form that the trainer had just sent, and found that although it was considered Nothing serious, but not too much trouble.In summary, there are three pieces.The first piece is name, gender, age, political affiliation, education, professional title, work unit, position, home address, contact information, etc., and the second piece is what year to year you are doing.Personal resume, the third piece is the main achievements of the individual, what competitions or selections he has participated in, what awards he has won and so on.Yes Bureau Feng is really busy, and his cell phone is really busy.If they didn t get through, Han Chaoyang could only call Bureau Du.Director Du listened to a few cbd gummies for diabetes near me sentences, and subconsciously asked Chaoyang, you mean that what you just captured is the female drug dealer that Bureau Shi asked us to assist in arresting The criminal police from the Fujiang City Bureau will be here soon, cbd gummies for diabetes near me should I escort the two suspects to the sub bureau first, or hand them over to them directly This is your big brother s case, there is no need to send it to the bureau, just hand it over to them., hand it over directly to the Fujiang criminal police.Yes The young man is an advanced model just established in the bureau, and he deserves some achievements.Instead of praising him like before, Du Bureau said half jokingly I will report effects of cbd gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me to Zhou hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me Bureau later, and I won t call Stone Bureau.

Coincidentally What s more, he found that Zhang Ziyue was not very similar to Wan Xiaoxia, but the ID card in his pocket was somewhat similar to Wan Xiaoxia, so he gave the ID card to Wan Xiaoxia in case of emergency, and Wan Xiaoxia Xia really used it later.As for Zhang Ziyue s current situation, Wan Xiaoxia doesn t know, but there should be no danger, after all, she is mentally ill, and Zhang Boyu is not worried about being betrayed by her.Letting a mentally ill person poison him, that bastard really cunning Han Chaoyang thought for a while and then asked Why did Wan Xiaoxia run away when she saw Zhang Boyu No matter what, the two of them got along for a while, and even had a child.Zhang Boyu is not Ling Bin.According to Wan Xiaoxia s confession, he had fooled around with more than one woman.He would lose face if he cbd gummies for diabetes near me didn t move.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to go with Old Tang to the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital, confirming that the Sixth Hospital was willing to lend the three bungalows on the right side of the gate to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and rushed to the police station without stopping to face the leaders report.This Xu Hongliang only has money in his mind Liu Jianye was so depressed, he patted his desk and said, The comprehensive police reception platform has only been established for a few days, and it is too childish to move his buttocks before they are hot Xu Weizhong also Thinking this was ridiculous, he frowned and said, It s not as simple as moving a few tables, chairs and benches.In order to set up a comprehensive police platform, the sub bureau coordinated with the Street Light Management Office to install a large light box on Zhongshan Road, and even dedicated it to the police.No matter how we spend a few days together, you are lucky, you actually avoided us, and even changed your mobile phone number.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that it s not that I m not honest, it s that the effects of cbd gummies cbd gummies for diabetes near me leader of our branch bureau is not.But it s already here, so I can only bite the bullet to greet him, and while pouring water in a hurry, he said with a smile Ji Da, you misunderstood, how cbd gummies and sex could I avoid you.As for the number of the Police Department, it is the unified number in the bureau.It s changed, and I can t change it even if I want to.Ji Da thought, why did you change it uniformly in the bureau, you kid is obviously guilty of guilt.But now is not the time to question the teacher, even if you want to ask the teacher, there is nothing to do with him, look back at Miao Haizhu, and say casually I m joking with you, we don t drink water if we are not thirsty, it is rare to come to Yandong, find someone Chat somewhere.Han Chaoyang turned around suddenly, walked quickly to the guard box directing the passengers to line up, looked around, and asked calmly, Brother Wang, do you still remember me The security guard in the guard box had noticed him a long time ago and couldn t help laughing He said Officer Han, look at what you asked, how can you not remember.I don t think you will forget, we drank together.I didn t expect you to remember, when you came last year, you were still two crooks., Now it s ten cents and two cents.I heard from Lao Dai that you are an exceptional promotion, and you are the only one in the entire Public Security Bureau. One cents and two cents is still a small cbd gummies for diabetes near me policeman.Han Chaoyang smiled, and then changed the subject Brother Wang, you stay here every day, it s impossible not to see anything, are there any old faces who have been dealt with during this period of time come and hang around.The station is so close to your police office.There are several people on your side.The police and the patrol team, why not integrate resources, why not include the station in the patrol area of the Zhongshan Road comprehensive police platform There is some truth in these words, and the division of key jurisdictions must consider many factors.Han Chaoyang thought to himself that the leader should first consider your feelings.If the merger really happens, you won t be able to have the final say like now.Although the old master has retired, he still has a lot of prestige.In front of him, you are Xiao Dai , It doesn t matter if you have served as a captain or not.Furthermore, once the jurisdictions of the two police offices are merged, the scale will be equivalent to a small police station, which involves how to manage and how to straighten out the relationship.Xie Lingling smiled sweetly, and turned to look at the eldest cbd gummies for diabetes near me brother.Kang Wei snapped his fingers, indicating that the camera crew was ready.Xie Lingling turned back to look at a girl who was guarding door No.4.The girl had been paying attention to this side.Seeing Xie Lingling nodding, she immediately dragged her suitcase and walked slowly towards the center of the hall where the cbd gummies for diabetes near me tourists were constantly flowing.The tall cameraman adjusted the focus, and the camera followed her all the time, while the other two cameramen were filming the scene in the hall.The first one to appear was the protagonist.Although he had rehearsed dozens of times before, Zheng Yutong was still very excited and nervous.He walked to the center of the hall, put down the trolley case, put the piano case on the trolley case, and took out his mobile phone to check the time.It s good to have someone on hand.There bradley walsh cbd gummy bears has only been one theft in the past two days, and it didn t happen within the station.Lao Ding was cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 very satisfied with the status quo.He saw off the two obedient, hardworking and active young men, and greeted Manager Qi who was inspecting the sanitation of the waiting hall.Old Ding, it s hard work to patrol in person.Look at what you said, I still eat in person.Lao Ding accompanied Manager Qi to the passenger exit and said with a smile Manager Qi, let me tell you One hundred thousand is not in vain, someone can open a few more security checkpoints, passengers will no longer complain about long cbd gummies for diabetes near me condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review queues outside, the order is good, and the law and order are good.Manager Qi looked up at the cbd gummies for sale in california two police condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review officers guarding the exit.The school student couldn t help laughing and scolding Old Ding, don t mention this to me, I will get angry when you mention this.

All right, all right, whatever you say.That s it, don t always disappoint.Xie Lingling poked him on the arm, and then Pick up HCMUSSH cbd gummies for diabetes near me the mouse to refresh the page.Talking and laughing, time flies by.Xu Hongliang had just ordered takeaway with his mobile phone when the electric patrol car came back.Han Chaoyang lifted the cover of the police station, ran outside and opened the door and asked, Inspector Tang, where are Mr.Wu and Haizhu Before Mr.Tang could speak, Liu Yishan couldn t help but said, Sister Haizhu sent Mr.Wu home.Mr.Wu said uly cbd gummies hair growth that he will bring his luggage tomorrow, and he will live in the community from now on, so there is no need for us to deliver it. Where is the suspect He will be sent directly to the prison.Old Tang took off his hat and said a little embarrassedly Chaoyang, The two thieves were caught in the jurisdiction of our Xinyuan Street Police Station, so I sent them to the station and handed them over to Zhenchuan.About how many cars, how many people Six or seven cars, a dozen Individual.After asking about the situation, the young man was embarrassed to ask if there was any reward for reporting.There is a reward for providing clues, but applying for the reward is very troublesome, and it will take a month to approve the report at the fastest.Some policemen are afraid of trouble and are unwilling to help with the application.There are often situations where they promise a bonus but end up with no bonus.Although they don t have a lot of money, it hurts their morals if they don t keep their promises.Who will provide them in the future clue.Han Chaoyang didn t want to do that kind of dishonest thing, so he agreed straight away Yes, as long as it is true, there must be.I can t just say how much.It depends on how much they gambled and how HCMUSSH cbd gummies for diabetes near me much they can collect on the spot.The manager of the lobby was afraid that the customers who were full of flesh would get angry, so he went to the bar to order the menu.The guy with a swollen face was picking his teeth while looking at the menu, and then looked back at the main table.The female manager said cautiously Sir, look, there are a total of eight cold dishes, eight stir fried vegetables, and two soups.All of them have been served.Now, would you like some staple food And the fruit plate, the fruit plate is not served yet Sorry sir, our restaurant doesn t have any fruit plate.No, how can there be no fruit plate in such a big restaurant Sorry, we are Xiaoben Business, the profit is considered very low, a table is only 488, and there is really no fruit plate.Not only the lobby, but also the boxes upstairs. It s a small business, and the profit is also considered very low.Deputy Director Xing changed the subject, looked at him with a smile, and said, The bureau leader is right.The leader must have told you that your voluntary security patrol team can no longer stay in a corner.Under the leadership of the sub bureau, you must assist the relevant units in emergency response.In order to better coordinate and cooperate with the relevant units, you will also be on duty from next week Director, we have a shift in the police office, and I have to be on duty every week.I mean to come to the command center to be on duty, and come back to be on duty 24 hours a week.Bureau Du specially explained that this is beneficial Work is also good for management, otherwise who would be in charge of your boy Tian Gao Han Zhaoyang suddenly realized that this is not just good for work and good for management , it is the leader s attention Seeing Deputy Director Xing s half smile, Han Chaoyang said embarrassedly Director Xing, don t be joking, I can come back to be on duty, but I can t be a commander, firstly, I have no experience, and secondly, I don t have any experience.Chapter 536 Race against time 5 Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more express delivery points.I don t know if I don t come out, there are two more express delivery points in the jurisdiction, and there is a express company that I haven t even heard of before.After Lao Hu registered the situation of the franchise point, he checked the delivery and delivery records, reminded the boss of the franchise point to implement the real name system, and asked them to install the monitoring system as soon as possible.Before he knew it, more than an hour passed.Walking out of the express delivery point with Lao Mao, an auxiliary policeman, and was about to get in the car to go to the next one, a familiar figure came oncoming on an electric tricycle.Thinking that Han Chaoyang was helping the Xinyuan Street Police Station to investigate the chef at the Internet cafe, Lao Hu immediately walked to the side of the road and shouted, Miao Si er, where are you going Miao Si er let go of the switch and lightly stepped on the brake , leaning on the handlebar and said with a smile Brother Hu, you scared me.Han Chaoyang was very sympathetic and even understood the old man s feelings.Just as he didn t know what to say, Old Tang asked again Uncle Xu, I heard cbd gummies for diabetes near me that he borrowed a lot of money outside How much debt I owe cbd gummies nebraska outside has nothing to do with me.Of course this has nothing to do with you.He is an adult and he must be responsible for what he does.Old Tang took out a police civilian contact card from his trouser pocket, handed it over seriously and said sincerely Uncle Xu, I have nothing to say.I mean, I am worried that those dubious people in the society who specialize in debt collection will come to harass you.It is almost the Chinese New Year, and those debt collection guys are likely to come.My mobile phone number is on it.If If they come again, you call me.The old man was stunned for a moment, obviously he didn t expect that Old Tang didn t ask Xu Aimin s whereabouts anymore, but was concerned about whether he and his wife would be harassed by debt collectors.They are all sour gummy bears 500mg cbd three year olds Seeing a customer taking pictures with his mobile phone, Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that as a policeman, no matter what problem he deals with, he must be impartial, and he must not make the person feel that he is partial to one side, so he immediately changed the subject Even if The master who cut thirty nine is not here today, this incident is also caused by your negligence, you can t let customers pay for your aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank negligence in work, do you think about it Yes.Since you think so , then give Mr.Yan a compliment.Officer Han, it s fine to apologize, I don t want them to apologize, anyway, I won t come to this store again.As soon as Mr.Yan finished speaking, a customer suddenly rushed to the door He smiled and said, Sorry, I have something to do, so I won t cut it today.

No wonder they regard the youth hostel as a living room and kitchen , the PolyU dormitory is really just a place to cbd gummies for diabetes near me can i fly with cbd gummies 2022 sleep.Han Chaoyang came from the East Bus Station.When he came here, he stopped by the old district committee compound that was being renovated.Not only did he not change into casual clothes, but he was still wearing eight pieces.Seeing how focused they were on the Internet, he couldn t help it.He smiled and said, Check at the police station, some guests tonight, show me the register.Unexpectedly, just as Huang Ying and Xie Lingling raised their heads, a girl who had never seen her before stood up from the bar, quite nervous He took out the passenger registration book without hesitation Hi, we only have six guests here tonight.Siqin, ignore him, he s just teasing you Amusing me The girl was at a loss.Xiaokang lit a cigarette and added And they drove the person here by themselves, not the ambulance.It s really busy, Director Yu and the others haven t had a meal yet, so no matter how hard we fight, we won t lose this lawsuit.The relatives can understand how something like this happened during Chinese New Year.Han Zhaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to ask why Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu were not there, Xiaokang pointed inside and smiled, Han Da, Sister Yingying is here.She is in the office and just fell asleep. Han Chaoyang muttered, and immediately ran into the police room.Huang Ying cbd gummies for diabetes near me dozed off on her desk, and woke up with a start at the sound of footsteps, raised her head and yawned and asked, I m back, what time is it It s past four o clock, why are you sleeping here I can t sleep when I go back alone.Han Chaoyang turned around and said, Come back if you really can t do it.It s none of your business.Take care of you.Just do it by yourself.Oh.Dai Lishi was stunned for a moment, but didn t dare to say anything more.Sun Guokang only knew that the suspect was very strange, but he didn t know that the suspect was still a big trouble, so he asked in a low voice, Da Han, go directly to the office On the first day of the new year, you can t add trouble to others.It is hard for Han Chaoyang to explain in front of the suspect.Thinking of sending Dai Lishi to the Criminal Police No.2 Squadron, the No.2 Squadron will not take over, so he said lightly Go back to the police office first.I m a bit hungry after tossing all night.Go back and have breakfast first.Speaking of eating, Dai Lishi suddenly raised his head Officer aries essentials cbd gummies review cbd gummies for hair growth shark tank Han, I m hungry too.How did you solve it in the end Don t worry if you don t ask.Okay, I ll report first.Han Chaoyang briefly introduced the solution in the bureau, and then said helplessly What Liu doesn t know The Second Squadron took over, and the Second Squadron avoided it, and in the hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me end it fell into his hands.Until his condition stabilizes and the demolition is confirmed, the detention center overdose on cbd gummies will definitely not take him into custody.After finally catching an online fugitive, it turned out to be a big trouble Bao Qingshan really didn t know that such a funny thing had been discovered in the past 20 hours, and said happily Chaoyang, this can t be blamed on the bureau.The suspect was caught by you, and the trouble is that you found it.If I were the leader of the bureau, I would let you be responsible to the end.Like him, he said coldly What time is it, and you still think about this Drug trafficking is to make money, but it s a matter of losing your head.Do you know what it means to make money if you have a life but not to spend your life As Yu Zhenchuan expected, Hu invited the convoy to the Yanyang East Exit under the escort of the high speed traffic police.Sure enough, there was a police car waiting at the toll booth from the special patrol brigade of the sub bureau.I thought I was going to the case handling center of the sub bureau, but Zhou Ju personally called and asked the patrol car following the special patrol brigade to go directly to the city bureau and hand over all the suspects and the drugs seized yesterday to the anti drug detachment.Know without asking, 2.Case 12 will be investigated and handled by the Municipal Bureau.First go to the office to take a photo, pay the money, and then come here to get it.While chatting, the broadcast announced that it was almost time to get off work.The announcer asked the citizens who got the number to continue to handle related business in front of the window, and the citizens who did not get the number to come back next Monday, and apologized to the citizens who came today but failed to complete the business.The voice is sweet and familiar.Listening to her daughter s voice, Huang s mother showed a knowing smile.Go downstairs, walk out of the lobby, return to the parking lot, and wait by the car for seven or eight minutes.Huang Ying happily ran over with her bag on her shoulders Wait a minute, all right, we can go Huang Ma opened the car door , Smiling and cursing I m not in a hurry, I think you re in a hurry than I am, it s the water for a married girl to run out.The cbd gummies for diabetes near me old branch secretary didn t know how to explain, so he turned around and said, Comrade Public Security, tell me.Seeing his good brother s parents, Han Chaoyang cvs have cbd gummies felt very distressed Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin, Wu Junfeng and Xiao Gu were also heartbroken, biting their lips tightly and not daring to look directly at Liu Chengquan s parents.Chen Jie and Chen Xiujuan couldn t help crying again, fearing that the elders would see them, they hurriedly hid behind Xu Hongliang and the others.Xu Weizhong couldn t open his mouth either, so Feng Haijun had no choice but to take a deep breath, first raised his arms and saluted the two elders with a standard police salute, and said solemnly Comrade Liu Ergui, Comrade Gu Lanying, cbd gummies for diabetes near me my surname is Feng, and my name is Feng Haijun.It is the police from the Political Department of the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

While chatting, a taxi slowly stopped at the door of the police station.Chen Jie opened the door and got out, followed by a girl in her twenties with short hair, dressed in a neat suit The police uniform, with the word judiciary on the armband, and one crutch on the shoulder.When they got off the car, they opened the suitcase to pick up their luggage.Seeing that there was a lot of luggage, Han Chaoyang came out to help.Han Da, Xiaomin has been here before., you should have seen it.Xiaomin, this is the Han Da I often tell you about.Hello, Han Seeing his future immediate boss, Jiang Xiaomin hastily put down his luggage and raised his hands in salute.You re welcome, welcome.Let s go in and talk, it s not an outsider.Chen Jie picked up the trolley case and a backpack, and warmly greeted the same school and fellow villagers to go in.Han Chaoyang didn t go up to look for his brother at all, he said hello to the household registration police in the household registration office, stood in the hall and waited for a while, Mr.Tao arrived in a domineering Lincoln sedan, trotted up to greet him with his bag in his arms and said with a smile Officer Han, I m Tao Qingnian from Sanjian Company, sorry to keep you waiting.I m Han Chaoyang, Mr.Tao.Excuse me, let s have a cigarette first.Thank you, I won t.There are no smoking signs in the lobby, it is not appropriate to smoke here.Mr.Tao stopped smoking at all.He probed inside and asked in a low voice, How is it On which floor are Hu Songping and the others locked up Make a call.Okay, I m sorry.Han Chaoyang called Bao Qingshan in front of him, and then accompanied Mr.Tao into a reception room on the east side of the lobby on the first floor, where he sat and waited for two minutes.He hadn t participated in such an action for many years, and Lao Dai still couldn t get enough of it.He flicked the ashes and said unhurriedly Kang Suo, the kid is a ghost now.We have to believe all the highest strength cbd gummies uk things he said.If you are not sure, you should contact the Dawang Police Station of the Meishan County Public Security Bureau tomorrow and ask your local counterparts to find out if what the kid said is true.Dai Da, do you suspect that Yang Xiaorong committed a crime and escaped Miao Haizhu said in a low voice ask.This possibility cannot be ruled out.Juveniles can commit crimes, otherwise there lux cbd gummies would be so many juvenile offenders, otherwise there would be no need to set up a juvenile detention center What else do we need Sister Miao, Dai sarah blessing cbd fruit gummies Da is right, no matter cbd gummies for diabetes near me what the consideration is, he must contact his family.Find a small hotel, even if it s cheaper, a room will cost hundreds of dollars a night, at least you can save the accommodation fee by coming here.Fan Ju is not in a hurry, Zou Ju, who was criticized by Zhou Ju in front of Deputy District Chief Chen during the morning meeting Urgently, he suddenly asked Fan Ju, Yang Da, when will the comrades in charge of the preliminary investigation arrive Recently, it is reasonable to say that he should arrive in front of us, and it should be delayed by discovering some new situation.New situation, do you cbd gummies for diabetes near me want to call and ask Although Deputy District Chief Chen asked Director Zou to be the commander in chief, he was delayed by Bureau Fan.To handle such a case, you have to rely on the police.His name as the commander in chief does not match his name.He took the teacup from Jiang Xiaomin, smelled the tea, and said unhurriedly Calling now is to cause trouble for them, and everything will be done as soon as possible.Yes Han Zhaoyang is used to picking up people again.As a result, I stood at the door and waited for two or three minutes.Instead of the leader of the criminal police detachment of the city bureau, the leader of the old unit waited.Liu Jianye was not in a hurry to go in like old Tang when he first arrived, but stood at the door to inquire about the situation first.Han Chaoyang gave a brief introduction, but after thinking about it, he couldn t help asking Suo Liu, I heard that Director Liu is your classmate in the police academy.Did you work together in the same unit before It s a classmate, but not in the same district team.I also worked in the same unit, but not for a long time.Being notified to come here to participate in the murder detection shows that the old classmate has not forgotten himself, and Liu Jianye is very happy.The factory did not help them pay social security and medical insurance, and there was no such thing as social security and medical insurance at that time.Later, it was leased to individual owners to set up other enterprises, but one was established and the other was established.Later, due to objective reasons such as inconvenient transportation, no one thought about the factory anymore, so it was completely abandoned, and it took eight or nine years to abandon it.The old man who is currently guarding the gate of the chemical fertilizer factory is because a few brats were playing with fire in the factory five years ago and almost caused a fire.It is worth mentioning that the old man surnamed Xu is a very poor household, and the arrangement of Taoyuan Community also means to take care of him.In fact, there are male hormones in women s bodies.Once they are too tall, they will look like men, and some even have beards, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies for diabetes near me their personalities are also similar.He just supported Jiang Xiaoquan, showing his common sense Forget it, while talking, he actually how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit looked towards Miao Haizhu.Miao Haizhu gritted her teeth angrily, and asked bitterly, What do you mean Sister Miao, I didn t mean you.I didn t mean me.Why do you see me The eldest sister has a lot of testosterone, otherwise she wouldn t be so masculine.She has always been like a tomboy since she was a child.Han Chaoyang almost burst out laughing, and hurriedly turned around and said, Uncle Ji, master, I think Xiaoquan s words are true.It makes sense, not to mention that the task force has not found a man who fits the characteristics of the suspect after two or three days of investigation, but it is also possible from the motive of committing the crime.

The time passed minute by minute, and before I knew it, it was past two o clock in the morning.Han Chaoyang s eyelids were sleepy, and he couldn t bear it any longer.He couldn t help raising his head Uncle cbd gummies for diabetes near me Ji, master, this kind of analysis is useless.Why is it useless Do you have a better way Ji Kaiyuan was stunned She was taken aback, staring at him and asked unhappily.Since he cbd gummy types didn t know how long he was going to be, Han Chaoyang picked up the cigarette in front of Lao Ding, lit it up and took a few puffs to refresh himself.The direction of the investigation is generally the same, and they all investigate the suspects who are in line with the analysis of the footprints on the scene by the criminal investigation experts of the provincial department.There are some high level theories, but it turned out that a lot of talking was equivalent to nothing, and he asked lightly Is there any more Consider the possibility of the woman committing the crime.In the jurisdiction, you must know which restaurant has the best breakfast, let s eat more, choose the good ones, and let him pay the bill.Master That s it, don t forget that you are the director, as the director You can t lose sight of the bigger picture.The new director encountered a murder case as soon as he took office, and cbd gummies for diabetes near me he definitely wanted to solve the case as soon as possible.Now whoever solves the case and catches the murderer, the new director will definitely treat him differently.Mr.Ji just wanted to show off, to prove that he didn t get the salary of the voluntary security patrol brigade for nothing.Bao Qingshan didn t want to show off but wanted to make meritorious service.He got up and rushed here as soon as he received a call from Old Tang.It s a pity that Grandpa Gu is also here.Since the children were in different elementary and middle schools, and the female policemen in the bureau were often delayed due to work, this preferential treatment of cbd gummies for diabetes near me the police fell to nothing.There are not many female policemen in the criminal police team, mainly cbd gummies for diabetes near me the police station and the detention center.Considering the practical difficulties of the lesbians, the leaders of the several stations turn a blind eye to picking up the children during work hours, and at most ask not to pick up the children.Wear police uniform.I didn t expect that even this would not work now You can t leave the post during working hours.It s okay to go wherever you want, but you have no guarantee during off duty hours.If you can go to and from get off work normally, you don t need people to work overtime every three days.Chapter 769 Everyone has aspirations.Funding applications need to be approved by leaders.You can t be in a hurry, but from Director Huo s tone, it can be heard that the problem is not very big.Han Chaoyang had some confidence in his mind, and felt that the top priority should be to stabilize the morale of the army.Send Fan Ju away, go back to the police room, and talk to Mei Tiejun who is on duty today.Unexpectedly, as condor cbd gummies scam aries essentials cbd gummies review soon as he opened his mouth, Mei Tiejun smiled embarrassedly and said Han Da, what you eat as a security guard is a bowl of youthful rice.In fact, I didn t want to do it the year before last.I handed in my resignation report, and Minister Jiang just refused to let me go.He said that working in school is as promising as it is, and asked me to sign up for the self study exam.After passing the junior college, I will apply for an undergraduate degree.There are four live green premium hemp cbd gummies places for you, You and Comrade Xu Hongliang must go, this is the roll call by District Chief Liu himself, and there are still two places for you to arrange, but you must confirm it as soon as possible, and it is best to report the list tomorrow morning, and the bureau will book the tickets together.No way.I don t admit it, the new bureau chief is better than Bureau Zhou in this respect.If you have not performed such a task before, you will learn from others humbly, and organize the heads of the various teams to observe and emulate.But then again, Zhou Ju was definitely not unexpected, but rather reluctant to spend the money.It s a good thing to be able to travel at public expense, Han Chaoyang couldn t help but asked with a smile Director Xing, Jiangcheng is also going to hold a marathon, and it s in front of us There are many marathons across the country, and there will be 19 this month Jiangcheng International Marathon is called Jiangma for short, Ningxing International Marathon is called Ningma for short, and our Yandong International Marathon seems to be called Yanma It is cbd gummies for diabetes near me estimated that in a few years, there will be no marathon in any city, and the leaders of any city will be embarrassed to go out to meet people.I will send you the license plate number on WeChat, but it should be helpful to you.It s useless. It s useless, what do you mean Wu Junfeng was at the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station, looking back at Lao Ding who was looking for migrant workers in the security room to inquire about the situation, and said with a wry smile Officer Ding took the notes all afternoon, mastered I found out that younabis cbd gummies review the two cars that Luo Weixing drove were rented.Xiaokang had nothing to do in the afternoon, so he went to the car rental company for Police Chief Ding to check.The black Toyota that was rented later has been returned.The day before he absconded with the money.What about the other one It was rented when he first came to Yanyang, and because the car was not in good condition, he had already returned it to the car rental company and replaced it with the later one.You know our situation, because the money was taken away by Gan Jianren.Mr.Jing scratched his neck and emphasized regretfully He was cheated out of four to five hundred yuan.If it s not too much, I m out of luck, and if you count the materials, construction and loans, the total is cbd gummies for diabetes near me more than 30 million This is Jiang Zhong s case, and Han Chaoyang has nothing to do about it, so he can only comfort him Jing In short, I know something about your situation, and the loss is indeed huge.However, the Changshan Branch Bureau has opened a case for investigation, and the Skynet has not missed it.Gan Jianren can run away for a while Don t worry, he will be arrested sooner or later. Not to mention not being caught, what s the use of catching him if he can t get the money Boss Jing didn t have any confidence in this, and his mood was very depressed.

There was also a waiter knocking ice cubes with a hammer at the door, apparently planning to use the crushed ice cubes to preserve the chilled ingredients.Han Chaoyang realized that this was undoubtedly a seafood restaurant, otherwise there would not be so many seafood, and there would be no tables in the lobby.Although there may only be seven or eight private rooms upstairs and downstairs, the daily turnover here would never be higher.It will be less because it is a high consumption place.Wu Wei seldom goes to high end hotels.He has never seen so much seafood.Many of them can t even be named.He is interested in asking what kind of fish has just been put into a fish tank on the second floor.A white BMW came back.She was short and fat, with heavy makeup, and rushed into the hall with a brown leather bag on her shoulders.Hiding in the dark, let Jiang Yonggen come forward to pick up the plane, and if he finds something wrong, he will abscond again.So you come a day in advance to familiarize yourself with the environment, and then set up ambushes in the terminal building, the arrival hall, and even the parking lot, waiting for them to fall into the trap That s what we planned, Xiong Suo.If possible, I want Boss Qian and the auxiliary policeman Xiaoshi who cooperated with us to pretend to be passengers who just got off the plane at noon tomorrow, and come out together with other passengers.Wu Wei added without losing the opportunity If Luo Weixing doesn t come, we can only follow Jiang Yonggen until Luo shows up.On duty, but on duty does not mean not sleeping.Xiong Shangwei didn t want to wake up the bureau leader in the middle of the night, so he got up and said, Xiao Han, Xiao Wu, otherwise, there are two hotels at the airport.Then there is the Public Security Bureau.Mr.Han is originally from the Public Security Bureau.Yan Dong The leaders of the sub bureau will definitely join in.The model workers are invited to sit in the first row and wear big red flowers for the model workers The policemen of the Public Security Bureau can also sit in the HCMUSSH cbd gummies for diabetes near me front, and if they have medals, please wear them all, so that they look very formal.Inspector Gu must go.Inspector Gu is a hero model, similar to a model worker Zheng Yutong and Nie Xuan knew it right away, and He Qiyuan was overjoyed.As a model worker, he invited reporters from the city TV station and Yanyang Daily to interview in the name of the school.By the way, the school leaders at home also invited, and Principal Nie might participate. Principal Nie also knows This It is an activity of our school, and it is also a kind of publicity for the school.18 days of marriage leave.Huang Ying meets the cbd gummies for diabetes near me requirements for a late marriage, but Han Chaoyang is not eligible if hemp cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies for diabetes near me he is under 25 cbd gummies for diabetes near me years old, so he can only take 3 days of marriage leave, plus 3 days on May 1st and the weekend after May 1st, he can only take 8 days if he is full.Being able to rest for 18 consecutive days, Han Chaoyang was really envious, but seeing Wu Wei s expression of nothing to do with others, he felt so happy, and couldn t help asking Angkor, what s the matter with Haizhu, what s going on with her temporary job The period is only one year, and it will be gone in a blink of an eye.You have to seize such a good opportunity if you are close to the water.It was really a pot that was not opened or lifted, and Wu Wei said angrily I wish you happiness, don t worry about it Can you stimulate me Old Wu, what is the relationship between us, how could we stimulate you Xu Hongliang took over the conversation, patted him on the shoulder and smiled, Don t be unhappy, I think the problem still lies with you.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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