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At a glance, all the enemies are densely packed.What a good target this is.This time it was the submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand that sounded first.He saw a British soldier fell down clutching his chest in pain after being shot.He also saw the British soldier struggling in a pool of blood, grabbing his throat with his hands, as if he wanted to breathe out something, but he couldn t do anything.In just a second, he was dead.In fact, all soldiers, whether German or British, they did nothing wrong in this war, they were just fighting to achieve the goals of those politicians.Boncrere s marksmanship is extremely accurate, the Mauser rifle seems to have life in his hands, and the bullets can always automatically find the enemy, almost one shot at a time.Wang Weiyi cbd gummies france found that Bang Keleilei s expression was very serious, as if he was doing a very sacred thing.

I m sorry, ma am.Although Wang Weiyi was a little embarrassed, he didn t care so much for Guo Yunfeng I sincerely apologize for disturbing you I apologize, but the situation is urgent, and there is one thing I have to ask the countess to come forward to help me.Oh Leonie seemed very curious The Baron Alexon, who was conferred by His Majesty the Emperor himself, the creation of the miracle of the Somme Or, is there anything else that I, a woman, can cbd gummies with no thc cbd gummies france help with Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, and decided not to go around in circles Madam, after the dance ended today, a friend of mine disappeared Was it taken away by Nicholas s people Leoni did not need to finish Wang Weiyi s words, she had already interjected, and seeing Wang Weiyi nodded, Leoni sighed Actually, a few days ago, I heard that Nicholas Colonel Gula seems to be very interested in the creator of the miracle of the Somme.

Well, such experience is perfectly suitable to be promoted throughout the German army to minimize casualties.General, Colonel Kinklock sent that guy from the Military Intelligence Bureau called Foroman.I heard that he has some information that Colonel Kinklock cannot cbd gummies france handle.General Galwitz showed a bored expression on his face, But he forcibly resisted and said, Let them in.Damn it, if there was no Prince Joachim, he would have sneered at them, but it was precisely because of Prince Joachim s background that he had to let them in.The general provoked the boredom in his heart.General.As soon as he entered, Foroman couldn t wait cbd gummies france to say We have found conclusive evidence that Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm had an affair with the British.General Galwitz and Colonel Rolle were taken aback.What did you say The evidence of Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm s affair with the British is conclusive.

Chapter 10 Xiao Ling s Feelings Wang Weiyi didn t feel too much about winning the blue Marx Medal, but the promotion to the rank of major was really a lot.He has just come hts code united states gummies cbd infused to this era, but he is just a lieutenant.A battle of the Somme made him a major in one jump.This is a pretty good start.Xiaoling s instructions came again.The first phase of the Soarer Project has been completed and officially entered the second phase.Unused aircraft support will continue to be retained.Just what is the task of the second stage Xiao Ling also didn t receive it.Now Wang Weiyi has taken an indifferent attitude towards the mysterious actions of the military base.Now that we have come to this era, let s go on step by step.However, Xiaoling s words were full of concern I told HCMUSSH cbd gummies france you last time that history has undergone subtle changes, and now I find that the situation seems to have worsenedKales Nikolai and the Army Staff under his command The Intelligence Agency made outstanding achievements in the First World War.

Xiao Ling said very seriously After Riley spent a period of debauchery in St.Petersburg, he returned to London and reconnected with HCMUSSH cbd gummies france the British intelligence agency.According to the regulations of the British intelligence agency, rogues like Riley who are not led, not easily restrained, and do not have strict organizational discipline cannot become its members.However, the British intelligence agency is more tolerant of Riley and continues to reuse him.Because he can get information that ordinary spies can t get Wang Weiyi thought of something faintly, but he didn t say it.Xiao Ling solemnly said He also did very successfully in Germany.On the eve of the outbreak of World War I, the British Intelligence Agency sent Riley to Germany to collect intelligence.After arriving in Germany, Riley was ordered to steal information on the Krupp arsenal.

After Gustav left, the Skeleton Commando ushered in their strongest opponent.Be brave against skeletons The first change Ben Weihao made was to regard the Skeleton Commando s defense as the main attack direction.When coming to the front line of Lance.He made an extremely detailed investigation, and he also knew the influence of the Skeleton Commando and their commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Brahm, on the entire German army.Only by completely defeating the opponent can the confidence of the Germans be seriously shaken, the confidence of the French soldiers can be enhanced, and the spring offensive can be won The movement of the French army was also transmitted to Wang Weiyi by the Military Intelligence Bureau at the first timeRomand Benweihao, who served as a brigadier general during cbd gummies france the Battle of Verdun, fought bravely and made outstanding achievements in battle.

Some people fall down and can t get up again.They did their best for their profession.It s just a profession.It 1000mg cbd gummies can you give childresn cbd gummies has no lofty ideals, no lofty goals, just like workers, doctors, and crew occupations are exactly the same.Some people were injured, they lost their legs or hands, they used to jump on the battlefield nimbly, but even lost their normal life pure life nutrition cbd gummies ability after many years, they would never want to recall this war, this is hidden In the deepest and deepest pain in their hearts, the skeleton battle flag fluttered in the wind, deeply hurting the hearts of every British.From the first shot of the battle to the present.This battle flag inspired countless Germans, but mocked countless British.As long as this battle flag is still there, so will the Skull Commandos When another attack was repulsed, Laurent no longer thought he could conquer Udine.

When the pointer reached three o clock, Wang Weiyi jumped out of the car, took his own gun, and jumped into the compartment of another truck Attack Attack The machine gun erected on the roof of the car sprayed out tongues of flame.Instantly lit up the night sky.The drivers stepped on the accelerator to the maximum, and the truck roared and rushed forward.To break through, to win Second capture of the Marne The French army, which was being attacked by the German army on the front, was suddenly attacked by a group of American troops from behind.This made them flustered, but they couldn t help cursing loudly.Americans are crazy, Americans are crazy Numerous machine guns and submachine guns poured bullets continuously, and the fire enveloped the fleeing French.When he rushed to the position where the French had not yet completed, Wang Weiyi was the first to jump out of the truck, holding The submachine gun kept jumping, and one after another French soldiers fell under his gun the skeleton baron back Skeleton Commandos BACK No one can stop their pace, no A large number of German soldiers jumped cbd gummies france off the truck, and then, like their colonel, kept shooting the French in front of them.

Do it, Li Lu.Yes, resolutely implement it Li Lu replied loudly, and then she was a little unwilling Then leave these things to Japan Wang Weiyi smiled Will I do this Over there, Si Dao is After pouring gasoline on the house, Li Lu immediately understood, Retreat, all retreat When the time came, Wang Weiyi issued such an order without hesitation.The team members returned to the truck one after another.Wang Weiyi took out another cigarette and put it to his mouth.He struck a match, lit it, and then threw the match on the gasoline.Are we all burned to death here Elena poked her head out of the driver and asked.There will be a wonderful firework show in a while, but unfortunately we won t be able to see it.Wang Weiyi looked very regretful Elena, if I have a chance, I will take you to see a real firework show.

When he finished giving his plan, Li Lu patted his chest and said, Don t worry, Captain, if I can t complete the task, You took my head off for a chamber pot Do it now Wang Weiyi watched Li Lu run away purekana cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies france in a hurry, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.What is the name of the Japanese captain Ah, it s called Neikouyan Temple.Although he came to this era, he killed many Japanese people.But I haven t opened a big meat yet, and I haven t even killed a school level are cbd gummies a blood thinner officer.Is the captain of the infantry brigade a lieutenant officer It would be worthy of Ernst s name to kill a lieutenant officer.Four knives, Do you think that Neikouyan Temple will be beheaded purekana cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies france by me Wang Weiyi asked dreamily.Guo Yunfeng gave him a blank look Could it be that he stretched his neck and waited for you to chop it How about we make a bet.

They have never encountered such a scene.Generally, the team is on the ground and is waiting for it, passively defending.And now, the team actually launched such a fierce initiative In the sky, there is no plane to cover the Japanese yet On the ground, the Japanese artillery has not arrived yet When the machine gun was erected.Chinese soldiers are about to rush in front of them When the machine guns of the Japanese army roared, the Chinese soldiers were completely fearless of the threat of death, and marched forward one after another on the corpses of their brothers They did it These fearless, straight backed Chinese soldiers rushed into the Japanese army The big knives in their hands rolled up like a gust of wind, and they chopped down the Japanese army one by one, and returned all the humiliation they had suffered in the Northeast to the Japanese themselves here Company Commander Fu Dezhang has never been so happy as today When he escaped from the can you give childresn cbd gummies highline cbd gummies northeast, he was just a squad leader, and those scolding sounds that made people feel extremely humiliating are still echoing in his ears.

And killed eight of us.Ah, I heard, it s so strange, who are those two people I don t know, maybe the Chinese dressed up like that on purpose.Maybe, I guess so too Ah, I think, if I saw them, I d cut their brains open Come, let s see what s going on in their heads Hey Behind the two Japanese soldiers, a voice suddenly sounded.The two soldiers turned around and froze there for an instant What they saw were two men in old fashioned German uniforms holding submachine guns I don t think about anything, the only thing I think about is how to kill as many Japanese people as possible The man wearing the eagle helmet smiled I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Ernst Brahm, you can also call me Baron Skeleton After finishing these words, the submachine gun in his hand went off Then, Ernst Brahm took out a skull badge and threw it into a pool of blood This is December 3rd, 1937here One night, a total of nine attacks occurred in Shanghai, killing a total of 26 Japanese soldiers.

But there must be One premise, that is, all officers, soldiers, and the people of the whole country must rise up and resist with all their strength The military efficiency cbd gummies france of the Japanese army is not high, and I do not believe that Japan will win the final victory Germany Alexander von Falkenhausen, head of the advisory group stationed in China, wrote so in his letter.Yes, on the battlefield, the Japanese themselves showed countless flaws, and the Chinese even saw the hope of victory.This was when the war just broke out.Falkenhausen once served as the military attache of the German embassy in Japan, so he knows Japan too well, and he firmly believes that China will be able to defeat Japan.At this time, his assistant stumbled in and ran in, completely losing the calm that an officer should have.

I don t want to see This matter affects the friendship between the two families, and even the friendship between the two countries Aha, Commander, I understand what you mean.Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Do you want me to lobby This is of course no problem.I will let those old men in the House of Lords know that nobles have traditions.Nobles like Baron Skeleton cannot be compared with pure blooded nobles like Baron Andrew Kenkichi Ueda felt relieved.Although this Baron Andrew is arrogant, rude, and annoying, as long as he can complete the novilean cbd gummies tasks assigned to him by the zh ngf , everything is tolerable.It s not just him lobbying there , Many Japanese people are acting and lobbying in their own ways, trying to make the British government change their position But it is obvious that they have already done it one step ahead Ken Ueda, who is in a happy mood Ji looked at the time Ah, Your Majesty the Baron, His Majesty Aixinjueluo Puyi, the Emperor of Manchuria, I heard that you are coming, and I specially prepared a welcome ceremony in the palace.

The happy thing is cbd gummies purpose that at least cracked such a gangster group, the higher ups will definitely reward me.Maybe the mayor will call himself at some point.What makes Director Frank even more excited is that.Mrs.Hermione Wittgenstein in Washington actually called herself and asked herself to meet a good friend of hers.Jesus, that was with Mrs.Hermione Director Frank had been to Washington last year and had heard about the mysterious Mrs.Hermione and Mrs.Lorisa.I was lucky enough to meet them.It is said HCMUSSH cbd gummies france that as long as they are willing, they can do all the things that are impossible to do.I never thought of it.Mrs.Hermione really called herself.This is the best chance to please him.Sitting anxiously in the Illy restaurant, looking around, there is still no one to wait for.Hi, Director Frank.At this moment, a voice interrupted Director Frank s train of thought.

The 3o5 regiment was composed of recruits.In Xue Yue s eyes, it didn t have much combat effectiveness in a short period of time.In August 1937, the 51st and 58th divisions formed the 74th army.Then the 51st The division went to Shanghai to participate in the Battle of Songhu.The 51st Division became famous in the first battle at Luodian on the Songhu battlefield, which greatly boosted the morale of the battlefield.The division won the first battle in Shanghai, and Zhang Lingfu, who was far away in Wuhan, was also excited about it.He also had a trace of regret in his heart for the newspaper that reported the victory.Now is cbd gummies with no thc cbd gummies france the time for soldiers to show their talents on the battlefield of the Patriotic War, but it was not his turn to participate in the first battle of the 51st Division.Shen, there is not a single soldier on hand.

They didn t know each other s name, identity, or each other.s position.But that doesn t affect anything.On the battlefield, this is the most exciting thing.The ninth Guo Yunfeng evacuated immediately.At this moment, with the sound of Dang , a bullet hit the place where he was hiding just now.It s dangerous, in just a few tenths of a second, as long as he leaves late, Guo Yunfeng has already turned into a corpse.Guo Yunfeng immediately lay down on the ground, took off his hat, put it on the muzzle of the gun and raised it up.However, nothing happened.Guo Yunfeng immediately made a judgment in his mind That is, the target he was looking for found an excellent shooting position on the west side of the hill.The action of that Chinese sniper just now was purekana cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies france really too fast, he had obviously locked on the target, but at the moment when his finger pulled the trigger.

The Japanese army still has a lot of experience in the research of coded telegrams, especially in the army.Said It is also strange.The navy is a technical service, what effects do cbd gummies have and it should be ahead of the army in modern technology.However, the Japanese navy is inferior to the Japanese army in terms of electronics.The code of the Japanese army has never been deciphered, and the Japanese army has never used radar.It was earlier than the navy.In terms of the special situation responsible for radio interception, the army was far ahead of the navy.This is the strange r ben army.The password of the r ben army even reached the end of World War II , It has never been deciphered, which cannot but be said to be a very rare thing in the history of war.Wang Weiyi also knows that in the movies and TVs of his can you give childresn cbd gummies highline cbd gummies time, relying on a few radio stations, or some special agents and latent personnel, is the most important thing.

Where have you been, General He cried like a child, and many people in the Skeleton Master began to faintly know the name Who is the strange general No, that s unlikely.Why is this man s face different from the one on the statue Why is he still so young after so many years Ludwig wiped away his tears, and said with all his strength, Skeleton masters, all assemble The skeleton masters were all gathered, and those who didn t witness all this with their own eyes didn t know what happened here.Ludwig, the cbd gummies france peach ring cbd gummies lieutenant commander of the skeleton division, turned out to be like an ordinary star duty officer.He ran to the young officer in the old fashioned military uniform and reported loudly Report to the general, the Skeleton Division has assembled Ludwig, do what you have to do Yes, General Ludwig Xi turned around and said loudly to his subordinates Soldiers of the Skeleton Division, in Germany, there is only one God of War In the whole of Europe, there is only one God of War That is the Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Brehm He has been away from us for too long, and now, he is back After speaking, he stepped aside slowly General Ernst.

Not only the young Soviet tankers had never experienced such cbd gummies effective a cruel battle, but even the soldiers with rich combat experience in the German army experienced it for the first time.Gradually, the Soviet army began to be unable to resist, and the tanks behind no longer dared to charge forward, but the T34, which had already fallen into the battlefield, could no longer get rid cbd gummies france of it.The Soviet tanks began to space candy 3000mg hemp cbd gummies retreat in an all round way.However, the Germans obviously didn t want to limit the results of the battle here.They continued to carry out the craziest attacks on the chaotic Soviet army.When the last shot fell, the Demyansk tank battle was over The result of this battle is shocking A total of 92 T34s were destroyed A total of 200 Soviet tanks participated in the battle, that is to say, in the Demyansk tank battle, nearly half of their forces were destroyed How can this be achieved In order to achieve such a victory, the German army also paid a heavy price.

The war is indeed very difficult, but at this time, we need the calmness of senior commanders, do you understand Yes, I understand.Zhukov said reluctantly.But he is very clear that this is his own words against his will.If the siege of Demyansk continues according to what Comrade Slin said, how much power will the Soviet army lose In his conception, it is to end the siege immediately, then regroup the forces, reorganize the troops, and then fight the Germans in a decisive battle.However, the supreme commander flatly rejected his suggestion.Zhukov already felt that the German army, cbd gummies france under the command of the Baron Skeleton, broke out of the Demyansk encirclement, and then the Germans with high morale were about to launch a new counterattack.The battle situation will become increasingly difficult to grasp Four hundred and six.

And when the Russians kept their last hope and tried to eat the Skeleton Division, Ernst Brehm gave them another heavy blow Breakout Demyansk A hole was torn open, and another hole was torn open.Under the violent attack of the German army on both boost cbd gummies sides, the Soviet army s position was completely torn to pieces.The first Weidmann s tank to rush out He successfully fulfilled cbd gummies with no thc cbd gummies france General Ernst s can you give childresn cbd gummies highline cbd gummies entrustment When he saw his friend Philipson also rushed out, he made a victory gesture to him.The Kidek commando rushed out, and there were thirty three of them left.Then, the Altino battle group, the forward unit of the 11th Armored Division One after another, troops rushed out What about General Ernst Did General Ernst stand out Everyone is anxiously awaiting 5 30pm A blood red battle flag cbd gummies dapper laughs appeared in the eyes of all German officers and soldiers Four hundred and thirteen.

For Germany The blood red battle flag appeared in the eyes of all German officers and soldiers that is the skull battle flag Then, surrounded by the Guo Yunfeng combat group, a tiger tank, accompanied by several tanks and a large number of soldiers, slowly appeared.Standing on the tank is Ernst Brehm In an instant, the interest of all German officers and soldiers was completely ignited Saint Ernst Every soldier raised his right arm high, and the crazy shouts resounded through the sky It was this god like general who miraculously rescued 189,000 German troops at the most critical time in Demyansk Then, almost alone, he led the Skeleton Division and the 11th Armored Division to successfully break through Nafyevi, the weakest Soviet defense More than 200,000 German troops were rescued from Demyansk by him An almost impossible task, but it was still accomplished in the hands of the Skeleton Baron Those fanatical voices and those pairs of fanatical eyes told the entire Soviet German battlefield The Baron is back Germany s undefeated God of War is back From now on, Germany no longer has to be afraid of anything, failure will be far away, and the goddess of victory will come Hooray Ernst Hooray the Skull Baron Some tanks and soldiers appeared, it was not the enemy, it was the Weissintecker battle group More tanks appeared, and that wasn t the enemy either, it was the 2nd SS Panzer Corps General Paul Hauser jumped out of the car and straightened his uniform.

But as long as I am still here, I have to try anyway.General Hitler suddenly said at this time Since you agree that I will continue to serve as the head of Germany, can I give you an appointment Wang Weiyi smiled slightly He said Adolf, you are really suitable to be the head of the empire, Fuehrer, what appointment are you going to give me Nobility, but you will always be the Baron of the Reich and I, Adolf Hitler, as Head of the German Reich, Commander in Chief of the German Armed Forces, I will appoint you as Marshal of the German Armed Forces All German forces including the SS The armed forces will be under your command Wang Weiyi thought for a while, but he was not humble, and now is not the time to be modest I accept, but please add the word honor in front, Honor Marshal Adolf, I have to respect British and French Make some moves, but you don t want them to feel panic, so you have to add these two words Yes, General.

After you left, a lot of things happened.Hitler became a little excited again Those damned Jews were finally eradicated by me.Ah, do you remember Stephen The one who betrayed you and the Skeleton Commando Yes cbd gummies france He s a Jew And Hall So is he I ll have my revenge Jews don t deserve to live in this world, no He gradually became a little excited, waving his arms non stop, as if there were countless audiences standing opposite him.He cursed the Jews loudly, cursed Britain, France, and Russia Judging from his expression, he seems to want to trample the whole world under his feet.From this level, Hitler really changed a lot.It was no longer the shy messenger at the beginning, How is Hall now Wang Weiyi asked when he finally calmed down.Aha, he s not bad.Hitler shrugged He should be lucky, because just when I was about to punish him, I suddenly got the news that you appeared in Shanghai, I pardoned him, and also Send someone cbd gummies with no thc cbd gummies france to send some money to him every month.

Moyol, you can call me Carl.The assistant of Riley called Wang Weiyi s alias Her name is Ronanova, a former Russian Daughter of the nobleman, she came to work today, and you are her first guest, I can guarantee that she is very clean.Daughter of the nobleman Wang Weiyi smiled.It seems that those nobles who fled Russia before the tsar was deposed are not doing very well now.Karl closed the door quietly, and Wang Weiyi glanced at cbd gummies france the nervous Rhonanova Do you speak English or Russian Ah, sir, I was born in the United States, and I can speak English.Rhonanova quickly replied.God, it is said that Russian women are more beautiful when they are young, and they are.And with such a hot body, she is really a stunner that men can t control.Wang Weiyi calmed down Tell me, how did you get to this point Sir, many Russian nobles are like this now, and some are even more miserable.

Skeleton Division It is the leading force of the whole group and must be on the front line, which is very dangerous, I suggest There is nothing to consider.Wang Weiyi interrupted him coldly My headquarters will be set up at the front line , but to ensure my safety, all troops should appear in the positions where they should appear within the specified time Otherwise, even if I am here, I will be surrounded by Russians Yes, Marshal Then you What are you waiting for Do you want me to send you off Yes, Marshal, we promise to show up at the position that should appear at the stipulated time Watching them leave, Wang Weiyi looked at the map again Si Dao , ready to go to the Skeleton Division with me Guo Yunfeng seemed a little dissatisfied Baron, where is my armored army Hitler once wanted to give Guo Yunfeng a general, but Guo Yunfeng thought that his ability is more suitable for command A Panzer Army, Hitler also agreed to this request.

On the second line of defense, the Russians, reacting from panic, stepped up their resistance.Especially those Soviet snipers caused a lot of trouble to the Germans.These Soviet snipers have strong fighting qualities.No matter how hard the German artillery fires, no matter how many positions the enemy occupies, they will not blink an cbd gummies france eye.When the Germans appeared in their sight, they would soon be hunted by them.The Little SS second level commando rushing to the front has already suffered a lot of losses after being shot by these damned Soviet snipers.The two squad leaders had already lost their lives in the ruthless hunting of snipers.The German army was not afraid of the fire of the Soviet army, but the existence of these snipers was very troublesome.They hide in the dark, wait for the target to appear with unimaginable perseverance and calmness, and then give the target a fatal blow.

Hi, I m Kantelski, and this is my ID.Wang Weiyi did not know how many times he took out his ID.The man took a brief look I purekana cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies france am Hodwig, the chief of the Second Division of the Anti Corrective War Committee.What are you doing here, Comrade Colonel I was ordered by Marshal Timoshenko to investigate him.I have a question cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes about an officer.Wang Weiyi immediately said You can call to confirm.He was not worried at all, no matter who Hodwig called, Xiaoling would take care of it.Sure enough, Hodwig was calling After a phone call, his face became more polite Comrade Colonel, please come to my cbd gummies france office.Okay, Comrade Hodwich.Walking towards the office, Wang Weiyi asked casually Just now What s the matter with that major.It s just a coward.Hodevich pushed open the door of his office During the Demyansk annihilation battle, he abandoned his position and ran back to Moscow, where we caught him Execution by shooting, there is no doubt about it.

Wang Weiyi suppressed his smile I am going to set up the Z y u Russian Legion, and you will be the commander in chief of this legion , I confer on you the rank of General of the German Army to command the Russian Legion to fight for Russia s z y u It is my honor, Marshal All the officers and men of the Russian Legion will be selected by you in the prisoner of war camp.Within a month, you can form two to three curts concentrates cbd gummies reviews divisions.Wang Weiyi said solemnly.Yes, I promise At this time, Kolkorok had already given up his heart to Marshal Ernst.Wang Weiyi glanced at his subordinates I am also planning to establish a free Russia alliance, so Russians who voluntarily oppose the tyranny of Moscow will be our friends.Under the leadership of Germany, they will fight for free Russia.Fight Yes, Marshal all the German officers replied in unison.

I don t think Timoshenko will surrender.General Kleist said at once He is a very stubborn guy, and it is said that he is very firm in his belief in the Bolsheviks.No, you misunderstood me.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Even if he really surrendered, he still can t exert his full influence.His influence is not in Germany.My General Kleistmaybe let him stay.In Moscow, it is indeed a good choice Ah, only if we keep him alive, and not let his Stalin comrades throw him in a labor camp This is Russia The old marshal, his every move will affect many Russians But how can Stalin want to liquidate him again without hurting cbd gummies france how old to buy cbd gummies his life Kleist was confused.What did the Marshal mean What does it mean to liquidate him without harming his life Faith, this is really a strange thing.Wang Weiyi smiled even brighter It can make countless people die for it, but when they find that their beliefs have been reversed by some people, their beliefs will be shaken Ah, no, They will reverse their beliefs to what they think is the right track Kleist swallowed hard Marshal, I really don t understand what you are talking about General Kleist, as a soldier, you don t need to understand so many political things Wang Weiyi still smiled there What you have to do is to defeat the enemy s troops And what I have to do is to consider how to shake the enemy s rule.

The final victory.Despite the Ah, no, they will reverse their beliefs to what they think is the right track Kleist swallowed hard Marshal, I really don t understand what you are talking about General Kleist, as a soldier, you don t need to understand so many political things Wang Weiyi still smiled there What you have to do is to defeat the enemy s troops And what I have to do is to consider how to shake can you give childresn cbd gummies highline cbd gummies the enemy s rule.We can t achieve 1000mg cbd gummies can you give childresn cbd gummies complete victory on the battlefield alone, we have to let something happen inside the enemy itself.Of course, to achieve my goal, we must be accompanied by our victories on the battlefield one after another But who will I send to rescue Marshal Timoshenko What, you want to save Timoshenko General Kleist was taken aback.Don t make such a fuss.Even if Timoshenko is alive, Stalin will never let him command the army again, because he has lost the last bit of Stalin s trust.

Comrade Laskimir, thank you for your efforts.This is Marshal Timoshenko Hello, Comrade Commander Hello, Comrade Laskimir.Timoshenko nodded The Germans are so tightly surrounded, how did you get in Comrade Commander, we have discovered a loophole in the Germans.But that loophole will soon be noticed by the Germans, so please join me in breaking out immediately.Loopholes Do the Germans have loopholes Belekov frowned.Yes, on such a large battlefield, it is impossible for the Germans to not show any flaws.Laskimir looked around Time is very tight, Comrade General, if you don t believe me, you can attack anytime, anywhere.Kill me, but this is the last chance for Comrade Commander Timoshenko didn t seem to think much at this time Then what about the others I m afraid they can only stay here Laskimir sighed Comrade Stalin said that your value is worth one or even two army cbd gummies france groups.

I personally will contribute three million marks to maintain the development of cbd gummies with no thc cbd gummies france the fund.If someone is willing to donate, I will express my gratitude to him on behalf of the German zh ngf cbd gummies france and all the soldiers.A reporter took the lead I applauded, and then, applause rang out from all around.Maybe this is the charm of Baron Riarickson in the eyes of the Germans.He is so ruthless on the battlefield, but in peacetime, he is so merciful.Mr.Marshal, I will donate two hundred marks.The reporter of Bild was the first to call out.Hey, Baron, I think I ve reached my limit with a personal donation of five hundred marks.Ah, I don t have that much money, but I can give three hundred cbd gummies france marks.Here, the reporters One after another began to donate first, Thank you, thank you.Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude as much as possible Some people will ask, with one Germany, why do we have the courage to challenge the whole of Europe We can tell them now, because we We are united because of our spirit.

This is undoubtedly the safest radio station in this era.in Sidney.In his first briefing, Reilly reported some unusual developments in Moscow.Marshal Timoshenko, who suffered a disastrous defeat in Kharkov, received a hero s welcome in Moscow and was appointed a high official by Staly, but he lost command of the front troops.Moreover, his residence has been secretly monitored.When seeing this report, Wang Weiyi smiled.What better news than this He believed that great changes would take place in Moscow soon He immediately ordered Xiao Ling to send a telegram to Sidney Riley, asking him to continue lurking in Moscow, collecting information, and waiting for his new instructions.At the same time, he also told Riley that a huge sum of money had been deposited into his account in the United States.

While ordering all the Turkish troops in Cukasia and Bolu to join the upcoming attack, he ordered his troops to recapture Geinik as soon as possible, and then sent a telegram to President Inonu The German army is attacking Only these few words He waited anxiously for a call back from Ankara.But after waiting for 20 minutes, I finally got a telegram from President Inonu himself This is impossible, the German negotiators are in Ankara Marshal Greluman almost collapsed 20 minutes.A full 20 minutes Every minute and every second on the battlefield means a change in the battle situation, but he waited for 20 minutes but only waited for a suspicious telegram from President Inonu.He almost gritted his teeth and sent another telegram On my soldier s honor, the German army is attacking After this telegram was sent, Marshal Gleluman made the most important decision in his life no longer Follow Ankara s instructions Now, Turkey needs a hero to cbd gummies france stand up, win or lose, regardless of personal honor.

Taking advantage of this time, he sent Puyol and Edek out to scout the situation ahead.In less than ten minutes, Puyol and Edek hurried back Sergeant, there are a lot of enemies in front At least there is a regiment Aha, the big guy is caught, everyone go up Car Wait, sergeant, there is no one of our own there There is no one of our own Sergeant Roman was startled, and then found something wrong.There are wars everywhere here, and there are German and Turkish soldiers strangling together everywhere, but why did I rest here for a full ten minutes, but neither the enemy nor my own people saw it This is where Roman didn t know what to do cbd gummies france Captain Klingenberg, our scouts have found the No.399 tank cbd gummies buy online Where is it Captain Klingenberg Come to the spirit.Look, here it is Aha, damn it, grab him and beat him up Captain Klingenberg suddenly became excited Captain Kleiman, we found the No.

There is an irreparable gap between the Turkish army and the German army Although he admitted that what the other party said was reasonable, General Kistafa still stubbornly said I will not betray my country, and I will not follow you to launch a coup d etat.I have sworn allegiance to this country.Allegiance I Don t think so.At this time, a very young man came out from another room, with a very calm expression on his face There are many ways to be loyal to a country, but it is definitely not your choice.You Who is it General Kistafa frowned.General, this is Mr.Moyol, the plenipotentiary negotiator of Germany.Mafa s words made Kistafa gasp.These people have already colluded with the Germans He was about to call the guards, but Mr.Moyol Wang Weiyi said indifferently General, no need, your guards are temporarily under the control of my people, you can go to the window to have a look.

The Germans had already taken the initiative in their own hands before the decisive battle in Ankara officially broke out Seeing Mr.Moyol standing opposite him with a calm demeanor who seemed to have everything under control, a strong sense of frustration rose in General Kistafa s heart.Mr.General.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly If we launch a large scale attack on Ankara at this time, Ankara are cbd gummies good for dementia patients will not be able to persist at all, but obviously we don t want to do this.Although the war has already broken out, to be honest, we don t want to go further.To expand the war, so that the whole of Ankara will fall into the flames of war General Kistafa smiled wryly.Under such circumstances, this German actually said something like I don t want to expand the war further What could be more ironic than this But for the controller who controls everything, he can say whatever he wants.

The submachine guns in the hands of the German soldiers spit out terrible flames.This area is completely covered When the commandos rushed in, there was only one wounded man in the reading room, struggling and moaning in a pool of blood.Wang Weiyi squatted down beside him Soldier, are you okay The soldier smiled bitterly No, I m going to die.Ah, it s okay.You ll get through it.The soldier wiped his face A little surprised, he really did not expect an enemy commander to be so polite and polite Wang Weiyi checked the soldier s wound Tell me, why are you trying so hard to protect this place Soldier Sighing, he shark tank episode with cbd gummies to quit smoking knew that he was cbd gummies with no thc cbd gummies france going to die, and the secret here could not be kept, even if he didn t tell it, the enemy would know it soon.Well, just tell all this to such humble and kind enemy officers In the room behind us.

You once swore that only they needed you, and you would repay them no matter what.Yes, but now you say you don t know your benefactor God will punish you who forget the kindness of others Your wife Nancy is a beautiful lady What do you want to do Dot s complexion changed drastically.We can give you everything, and we can destroy everything for you.Wang Weiyi said calmly The Wittgenstein family provides you and your family with a fee of 5,000 U.S.dollars every year, so that you can live better than anyone else.Everyone is good, this time the U.S.stock market crashed, your stocks were destroyed in the stock market, but you quickly got a check for 10,000 dollars.But what about you, how dare you say that you don t recognize your benefactor Dort Sighing Please forgive me, Mr.Baron, I think you are British, so I dare not admit some things in front of you.

The British will come in soon.Wang Weiyi and Elena relaxed Elena s face was blushing, maybe it was the hot kiss just now, maybe it was the reason why Guo Yunfeng just bumped into her.Look, you always show up when you shouldn t, my friend.Wang Weiyi smiled and nodded forward Look, the salary of the Egyptians is waiting for us there They used the counterfeit money in the travel bag to successfully replace the wages of those Egyptians.They got a lot of money, but these huge denominations but severely depreciated currencies are not in Wang Weiyi s eyes at all.You can buy them with these money.How much barbecue A question suddenly popped up in Wang Weiyi s mind Now he can fully imagine that when those Egyptians finally received their two months wages in arrears, they found that they could have bought a lot The currency for things, but now they can only buy a few skewers of barbecueand when they find out that these meager wages are all counterfeit money Wang Weiyi can t even imagine the angry expressions on their faces Now These counterfeit coins are actually the first batch of experimental products among the counterfeit coins made cbd gummies france by the Germans in a strict sense.

But these are not important, The important thing is that besides Ernst Brahm, there are two other people who are engaged in a life and death contest, a duel between famous generals Rommel vs.Montgomery Their duel may be remembered many years later.Five hundred and eighty six.Famous generals duel middle monthly ticket for the fourth update Taking advantage of the huge sacrifice of the 8th Royal HCMUSSH cbd gummies france Irish Regiment, General Montgomery won what he needed most time Kantara s defensive position has been strengthened, And this also made Montgomery strengthen his confidence in defending here.And he himself appeared on the front line of Kantara.Until this time, he didn t know that Erwin Rommel was standing opposite him Marshal The face to face duel between them is about to officially life cbd gummy bears begin The first charles stanley eagle cbd gummies to appear in Kantara was still Rommel s most trusted 90th Light Armored Division.

I can t explain clearly, so why don t you just let me stand here and listen The more Metelov heard, the more weird things happened today, but he couldn t do anything about the Chinese policeman, cbd gummies france so he pointed at the stairs Then, let s go upstairs.Go to the conference room.After finishing speaking, he pulled the secretary and whispered in Russian Call the Japanese Gendarmerie and ask them to deal with it Just call, no one can help you today Mo Guangzhi looked sideways, amused in his heart, although he couldn t understand Russian, he could probably guess a thing or two.After reaching the second floor, Mo Guangzhi looked at the mess of people downstairs, and ordered sternly, Separate the people downstairs and put them in two rooms, so as not to make trouble later After finishing speaking, He winked at Hou Dalei, then followed Metelov can you give childresn cbd gummies highline cbd gummies into the conference room.

The torpedo planes each carried an 800 kg torpedo, the dive bombers each carried a 250 kg blasting bomb, and the level bombers each carried an 800 kg delayed fuze armor piercing bomb.Fifteen minutes later, the fleet assembled over the fleet, formed a predetermined formation, and flew towards Pearl Harbor at an altitude of 3,000 meters.The commander in chief of the air and the leader of the horizontal bomber Akagi was Lieutenant keoni cbd gummies and diabetes Mitsuo Fuchida, the leader of the fullsend cbd gummies torpedo plane was Major Shigeharu Murata, the leader of the dive bomber was Major Kazuichi Takahashi of the Shokaku , and the leader of the fighter jets was Major Shigeru Itaya.Three yellow identification strips are painted on the vertical tail of the aircraft.During the flight, Fuchita listened to Honolulu s radio for navigation.He was pleasantly surprised by the cbd gummies france unexpected receipt of the Pearl Harbor weather forecast he desperately needed.

This character probably originated from her mother.When the Second World War broke out, Elizabeth was 13 years old.She and her sister, Princess Margaret, went to Barr, Scotland Morrell took asylum.At that time it was suggested that the two princesses should go to Canada for asylum.They were opposed by their mother The children cannot leave without me, and I cannot leave without the king, and the king cannot go anywhere case leave.In 1940, Princess Elizabeth made the broadcast for the first time.It was aimed at all the children cbd gummies france in refuge Wang Weiyi took a sip of Earl Gray tea and found that it was not to his taste.He put down the cup and heard Elizabeth say again When Prime Minister Churchill reported to my father, I heard some rumors, such as the United States has declared war on Japan, such as the Baron Skeleton arrived in London Speaking of this, she glanced at Wang Weiyi Said To be honest, not only me, but about half of the British people in London are interested in Baron Skeleton.

Moreover, Lieutenant Colonel Tenkovsky of the Political Department of Moscow University returned to the second bureau Called and verified that the order was indeed issued by you That s impossible Beria s complexion changed drastically I have never issued such an order Who answered the call in the second round Thorough investigation, a thorough investigation Dig out this enemy lurking within us Now is not the time to figure this out, Comrade Beria.Timilenko s voice was very low I am worried that this news will reach Comrade Stalin.You know Comrade Stalin s temper better than me Beria s face He showed fear on his face Yes, he is too aware of Comrade Stalin s temper.No matter how this matter ends up, he may lose Comrade Stalin s trust and Once the trust of Comrade Stalin is lost, everyone knows what will happen I mean, immediately and secretly execute Tenkovsky on charges of being a spy Dimilenko said his plan There is no Colonel Madrov, there is no warrant from you, nothing happened.

If he hadn t allowed Germany to withdraw troops from other European battlefields in time, the Luftwaffe would not have been able to organize such a huge force The only thing Richthofen still can t figure out is why Ernst made such a decisive decision to armistice with Britain as soon as he came back Ernst doesn t know what s going on in his head He always seems to be able to calculate everything that will happen in the future so clearly The strong support force in the air, and the artillery bombardment on the ground , constituted the most magnificent scene on the battlefield.Mountains and tsunami attacking the German army, mountains and tsunami attacking Germany The rolling torrent swept across the battlefield, making the earth tremble The hillstone hemp cbd gummies for ed reviews German officers and soldiers under the guidance of the skeleton battle flag uttered a cry that shook the mountains and rivers And beside them, standing will always be their most trusted skeleton baron This Hellboy, who was conferred by the god of death himself, now leads the best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress with no thc god of death to open the gate of hell again.

Several assault teams rushed up quickly, and then quickly wiped out the remaining enemies in the trench.They didn t pause at all, and immediately called the Tiger and Wasp to charge cbd gummies france how old to buy cbd gummies forward With arduous efforts again and again, these German soldiers occupied one position after another.A gap is slowly being opened.And Dawamirski would never be reconciled to such a situation.A large number of reserves were put on the battlefield, and immediately launched a counter charge to the German army.The loyal Dawamirsky quickly told Marshal Vasilevsky what happened here.When Vasilevsky learned that the 56th Army was launching a counter charge, he immediately ordered Davamirsky to stop such actions in a stern tone, and told him that it is not terrible for the German army to tear up the gap.The gap will inevitably slow down the marching speed of the troops, and by that time.

The light tanks, which arrived in time, passed through and joined Volksam s commando without incident.It is a pity the best cbd gummy bears that the commander of this unit, Lieutenant Ernst Prohaska, was killed in the battle to defend the bridge After the eighth company commander, Captain Siegfried Grabert.The second Brandenburg officer to die serving as the forward of the 13th Panzer Division.Captain Grabert was posthumously awarded the Knight s Cross for the 13th Armored Division s capture of the railway bridge over the Rostov River.Lieutenant von Volksam was awarded the Knight s Cross for bravery in this battle, Ernst.Lieutenant Prohaska was posthumously awarded the Knight s Cross after his death.The main reason for the success of this operation should be attributed to the intelligence collection by the German Secret Service on the responsibilities and procedures of the security forces of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Many more people will die, the edifice of the Soviet Union is collapsing rapidly.And what sounded on the battlefield was still the loud Armored Soldiers March If the goddess of fate abandons us.If we never return to our hometown.If the bullet hits us, destroy our fate Completely end.At least we still have iron armor as our grave At least we still have iron armor as our grave That was the loudest song on the battlefield, and it was the loudest declaration of German soldiers.They will march all the way to Moscow singing such war hymns Victory is coming to the Germans step by step This chapter is thanks to Siguo Fengyun for providing the information.He also cbd gummies france devoted a lot of effort to this chapter.Seven hundred and five.The Battle of Moscow Outbreak I have been through countless wars in my life, and none has ever thrilled me more than the one that took place on June 30, 1943 Paul II, German Panzer Corps Memoirs of General Hausser On September 30, 1941, the invincible German army launched an attack on Moscow with great force, but to our sorrow, we failed that time , the undefeated Germany suffered a serious setback in defeat, and made the direction of the entire war uncertain However, in less than two years, we came back again, and this time, we Brought back even stronger 2.

They were preparing to launch a mutiny to overthrow Stalin.Stalin executed Tukhachevsky only based on this evidence.Khachevsky et al.It should be said that there were objective historical reasons for Stalin can you give childresn cbd gummies highline cbd gummies s large scale purges.At that time, the Soviet cbd gummies with no thc cbd gummies france Union was surrounded.Various conspiracy activities to subvert the Bolshevik regime continued one after another.This isolated and difficult situation will inevitably lead to To a certain extent, it affected Stalin s judgment.But the tragedy and loss it brought to the Soviet Party, the army and the people is an undeniable fact.This also includes the psychological trauma caused to Stalin himself.The massacre launched by Stalin The purge movement not only brought great disaster to the whole country, but also brought great misfortune to his family and relatives.

Wang Weiyi didn t waste any more time, he kissed every inch of Nelia s body without letting go.Moans continued to come out of Nelia s mouth.The groans became louder and louder, and Nelia s body began to writhe in Wang Weiyi s purekana cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies france arms continuously.Just when Wang Weiyi wanted to take further action, Nelia pounced on Wang Weiyi, and then sat on Wang Weiyi like a lioness in heat.Her whole body was completely integrated into Wang Weiyi s body. A sharper scream came from the side of the river, and Nelia s body kept rising and falling, allowing Wang Weiyi to enjoy the joy of being a man to his heart s content.The two completely naked bodies are releasing their passion to the fullest in this place where there is no one. This is a day that all men who have experienced this scene will never forget. The madness finally dissipated, and Nelia lay there as if paralyzed.

Wang Weiyi murmured Every minute we delay here is equivalent to hitting more power of the Romans.As long as the reinforcements can appear in time, the Romans will definitely fall into chaos.Now.Are you so sure cbd gummies france which tribes will definitely come Richthofen hesitated I found that some of them are not particularly interested in the Germanic alliance, such as the Frankish tribe.I know Wang Weiyi smiled The leader of the Frankish tribe is indeed not very interested in our alliance, and he only joined cbd gummies france when everyone agreed, but I trust other people, and I firmly believe that they It will happen.Don t forget that Germania has always been a very united nation This kind of strong self confidence comes from Wang Weiyi s understanding of this nation At this time, Anluges came to his side My lord consul, I have some questions that I don t quite understand.

If the barbarians cannot be conquered as soon as possible, then these investments It will all come to naught.Those investors will never let themselves go.As for the soldiers of the Centumarus Legion temporarily stationed in Gaul, life is also not easy.They are strictly limited to the area of movement.This made these Romans extremely uncomfortable.They clamored to return to their own territory quickly, or simply let them go back to Rome, which is better than suffering here In such a dilemma.Centumalus has finally made a decision attack the barbarians across the Rhine He found Caesar again brazenly.He knew that it was impossible for Caesar to send troops to help him get it.He just begged Caesar to prepare a batch of food for him to ensure the supply of frontline soldiers.Unexpectedly, Caesar did not refuse this time.

For the happy couple.Seeing Hesnia s parents nodding with a smile, Sigitis opened his throat, In the name of Freya, the beautiful goddess in charge of love, I announce that Sildes and Hesnia are married Unexpected Despite the cheers in the crowd, the arena was still silent, which surprised Tenadus who had just picked up a piece of fragrant wild boar.He put down the food and stared intently at the center of the arena to see what would happen next.The soon to be husband Silders took a step forward and stroked Hesnia s beautiful hair infinitely tenderly My cbd gummies france dear Hesnia, one day when I came back from the dense forest, one day I was fetching water by the river.The girl stared at me with eyes like the stars in the sky from that moment on, I would come to the river every day when it was cbd gummies 600 mg full spectrum 0 thc time to fetch water, and in countless silent gazes, in my heart you cbd gummies france are the incarnation of the god of beauty.

The ownership of this house will belong to 1000mg cbd gummies can you give childresn cbd gummies Governor Caesar Natis said coldly Mrs.Singroa, when the sun rises tomorrow.You must leave here.You cannot take this place away 1000mg cbd gummies can you give childresn cbd gummies Anything you own, including your cbd gummies france slaves, is a sacred right granted to creditors by Roman law But where do you want me to go Singoloa cried out sadly.This has nothing to do with me Natis eyes suddenly fell on Singoloa s neck Ah, there is also this necklace, it can be worth a lot of money, and it also belongs to Governor Caesar.Now please take it off immediately.No Singroa covered the necklace around his neck at once This is my private property. You and Centumalus are husband and wife, and his debts should be borne by you as a matter of course.Natis said mercilessly If you don t want to take it off yourself, then I can only help you take it off yourself.

The city is as serious as the serious Germans.But since it was Baron Platt s request, Annette would not have any objection.The baroness, as the baron said, must stay here to supervise her housekeeper and clean and decorate these again.She did not see Wang Weiyi and Annette s tour.The Chrysler was too eye catching in Dessau, and Annette had another car for the Baron.For a beautiful woman, even though she is an agent, to act as his driver, Baron Preet expressed his deep apology.And his polite performance also added to Annette s favor for the young and handsome baron.When they left, in another car across the street, Major Davien put down his binoculars and said to an agent beside him Agent Brewster, you have to follow them, where did they go, what to do I have to know something.Yes, Major.Bruce said blankly, I will follow them closely.

Originally, in his vision, the other party would at least take a cbd gummies france long time.However, it is clear that this speed will be greatly improved.He can be sure that these gold ornaments are some years old.Although the death of William II was not very long, the royal wealth is cbd gummies france always full of history.Do you think that I went to Anhalt Castle just for fun, or to have sex with the female agent of the major Wang Weiyi said this and looked at Major Davien meaningfully Major, I think You know all about my itinerary, right Major Davien hesitated a few times in embarrassment.The treasure is in Anhalt Castle Brigadier General Johnson s words were full of expectations.I found these things in a dark room in a certain room after I dismissed Agent Annette.Wang Weiyi s expression suddenly became serious According to the clues of the Dutch royal family, the treasures of King William II have been collected.

We may still survive if we fall into the hands of soldiers, but if we fall into the hands of civilians, I can t imagine what will happen The thing I once again swear on my honor as a soldier, I have been fighting to the last moment I am sure that there are traitors among us, I am constantly looking for my superiors, appealing my Reasons, trying to clean up my stains, but I regret that no witnesses are willing to testify for me, and this feeling of frustration has been with me for most of my life how much melatonin is in chongs choice cbd gummies Colonel Gay is sad.After the war, he was discharged early, and everyone regarded him as a loser.Colonel cbd gummies france Gay believed that he had been treated unfairly, and he kept trying to clear himself But it is of no avail, because he will never know that the German army is not fighting alone, they have a strong backing Xiao Ling and the Ziguang military base .

are cbd thc gummies legal?

under her command, Xiao Ling acted as an observer for the gunners, and through Wang cbd gummies france Weiyi and Richthofen told the gunners exactly where the bullets fell, so Colonel Gay was fighting a hopeless battle with a war machine that he could never defeat Eight hundred and twenty four.

Arrest this woman pretending to be a baroness Unexpectedly, none of the soldiers dared to do it Just when Oliver was cbd gummies puerto rico in a panic and was about to do it himself, there was a sudden commotion in the parade, and then, everyone saw that a group of veterans was walking They are walking towards here in neat steps.And in the high strength cbd gummy front is General Ludwig Ellierst.It is Marshal Paul Hauser, those soldiers who have brought countless honors to Germany Guys The team moved aside, and the veterans came here.When Field Marshal Paul Hauser and General Ludwig saw Leonie and Elena, they were stunned there.God, this is The Baroness Why is she still so young and beautiful God, is this Elena Didn t she die long ago Miracle.This is really an unbelievable miracle Paul.Marshal Hausser collected himself.Respectfully said to Leonie Baoness, I have heard your voice on the radio.

This is the first major decisive battle officially commanded by the Baron after his return.No German soldier wanted to lose the decisive battle.In the case of falling behind in all aspects, they must use ten times and a hundred times of effort to make up for this gap.The artillery fire tested the determination of both sides.The situation of the German artillery was much more difficult.The nasty planes in the sky were constantly bombing the German artillery positions, causing the German army to suffer many losses that should not have been there.But even under such circumstances, no German gunner is willing to back down.Throughout the day, the positions of the German army were under tremendous pressure.But the German soldiers endured silently and waited silently.They are waiting for the final order to be issued.

It is also for this reason that after he took over all military power in Germany in World War II.Immediately put special operations forces in a very important position.Like the Brandenburg commandos.And Heisenberg, who once fought side by side with the baron and received a lot of guidance from the baron in the war, is undoubtedly the best one among them.He also became the current commander of the Brandenburg Commando.Heisenberg already knew the news of the Baron s return, just like any of the Baron s former subordinates.He wanted infinitely to see the baron again, but he knew it was not the time yet.He must lead his own commandos and welcome the Baron s return with victory.These German commandos wearing the uniforms of the US Army, the French Army, and the Italian Army have maintained the fine traditions of the Brandenburg Commandos.

Every sentence, every word can cause a sensation, I hope you can accept my request Michael considered it carefully Since you have given me such trust, then I am willing to take on such a heavy responsibility.Wang Weiyi did not express his gratitude immediately But I is cbd gummies legal in south carolina hope you can understand something.If you make such a speech, you may be retaliated cbd gummies france by the Americans.I m not afraid.Michael didn t worry about this at all What can they do to me Abolish my position as heir to the Hohenzollern family They have no such power.Catch me in concentration camp Ahhh, I think I m on the verge of changing the way I live. You are very brave, Your Highness.At this time Leonie said Just as brave as your grandfather and father.Thank you for everything you do for Germany.No, it should be me thanking you.Michael stared at them deeply Maybe there are some things you don t know.

Ah, behind you are Martin and Tom, who have made great achievements in the previous battle, right Hearing that even Marshal Model knew his name, Martin and Thomp were both nervous and excited Marshal, it is a great honor for us to meet you.Well, no more flattering, I I have heard too much flattery in this life.Marshal Model made a joke with a smile, which immediately made Martin and Thomp relieve a lot of nervousness.You fought well, Major Ludman, your battalion became famous in the first battle, and now everyone on the battlefield is talking about how you resisted an enemy more than ten times your size with a meager force.Model received He smiled Now, I have a new task for you.Major Ludman and his subordinates immediately paid attention.Marshal Model walked up to the map again, pointed to a point on it and said, This is Aswan, which is currently under the control of the Americans.

Marshal Manstein trembled, and then he said in a low voice Ernst has arrived in North Africa, so he will come here soon.Walcott was startled, and wanted to ask something but didn t ask.He noticed that Marshal Manstein s eyes fell on the position of Baeza on the map American bomber, get down Too late The bombs dropped by the U.S.plane bloomed everywhere, and a German officer couldn t react in time and flew into the air.Fighters swooped down one after another and swept the ground with machine guns.The soldiers were like harvested wheat.As soon as the soldier got up, he was shot through, the pieces of meat flew up, and the flag fell to the ground.The dilapidated body of the German officer who was killed was automatically buried by the soil as soon as it hit the ground.Damn it Colonel Versten patted the dirt on his body, got up, and yelled at the soldiers who were still in shock What are you doing in a daze What are you doing standing there Quickly find the location and prepare to beat the Yankee.

Farberman God, a fierce battle is about to break out there, it s too dangerous, I ll send someone to pick you up right away.No, wait, Fritz, I m safe here, and I cbd gummies france don t think the enemy has best rated cbd gummies online a way of hurting me.But you must tell me your battle plan.You are not the kind of person who can only beat consumption.Manstein couldn t help showing a smile on the corner of his mouth Yes, my plan can deceive everyone, but it can t deceive you.I first used Bajza as an attraction, let the German army hold on there for a long time, and then put on a firm posture in Fabaman.I want to encircle the Allied cbd gummies france forces here In order to avoid the enemy s detection, I have gradually increased my troops on the battlefields of Andalk, Cashel and other fronts.Once the enemy is attracted by us, I will use all air and ground forces to order all German troops on the battlefield to abandon the frontal enemy and attack Fabaman completely.

And this is a great war that everyone will never forget.In the sky, there are planes roaring from the Allied forces, constantly dropping bombs and incendiary bombs on the ground on the ground, there are ferocious artillery fire from the Allied forces, constantly attacking the positions with shells one after another.The entire battlefield was shrouded in flames and gunpowder smoke The German soldiers had already been familiar with all this.They stayed in their trenches indifferently, listening to the shells whizzing past their heads, watching waves of gunfire.Explosions rose around him.Although these will bring trouble to their defense, they are nothing more than threats to these German soldiers.a while.The real contest will begin.When the artillery fire raged the position to its heart s content, the enemy s attack finally began.

He also found himself the prey of the fiery red fighter plane.From the first second he saw this fighter, Major Normeier found that his combat effectiveness had fallen to the bottom.He didn t even know if he should go on this mission.This is the saddest thing for a pilot His wingman tried to reinforce the lead plane, but without exception, he was hit hard by the Luftwaffe.Major Normeier s nightmare could not be dispelled at all.Goodbye, friend.In the fiery red fighter plane, a smile appeared on Richthofen s face, and then, his finger touched the scary button again.He pressed it lightly and dexterously A huge fireball appeared in the sky, it was the fighter jet of Major Normeier, the ace pilot of the US military The major fought from the first day of the war and was hailed as the ace of trumps and the king of the air.

But in exchange, the Model assault gun in Heisenberg s hand must be handed over to the command of the two armored soldiers sent by Rutherford.Although Zoff strongly objected, but after best cbd melatonin gummies weighing it, everyone finally agreed.However, Bolo The appearance of Major Ersky also brought new problems.What You are saying it again Hasson shook his head.He couldn t believe what he heard.That s right, kid.The old sniper took a sip of the coffee in his cup and sighed softly They have assembled a large number of troops in the north of the city.Heisenberg had just sent off the soldiers who came to carry the shells.What s the situation Heisenberg came among them, cbd gummies france how old to buy cbd gummies and several junior commanders were sitting around the old sniper.Major Junker said that he cbd gummies france found that the Russians had assembled in the north of the city during the routine hunting this morning.

Even, maybe he will do many shocking crazy things At this moment he suddenly cbd gummies france thought of his son William He never blamed William, he has always been They all think that they should take the main responsibility for this matter Treat your children well Wang Weiyi sighed softly.Rona Nova didn t know why the baron said that, But in her feeling, she felt that the baron seemed to be a little different from the baron she was familiar with This trip to Moscow, at least until now.Everything is better than Wang Weiyi The idea was even smoother.The Migroski family, the Ronanova family, and the Kolkorok family have gradually formed a line.And in Moscow, he has a strong support Capone This Elliott Arranged in HCMUSSH cbd gummies france Moscow.He has successfully established an organization in this city.There are so called doctors like him, lawyers, and even government officials in this organization.

If God is really merciful, maybe he can become a hero.A huge army with such a commander , will be their greatest sorrow.The fate of the Russian army in Ukraine has actually been doomed since this time On the opposite side of the 12th Army under the command of Volyn Katsky, the German troops who rushed to the battlefield quickly joined forces with the Ukrainian Army to launch a fierce offensive.In the sky, the German Ukrainian joint air force continued to take off and bombed the Russian military positions.And those Russian fighter planes seem to have lost the courage to continue flying into the blue sky.On the ground, the sound of the artillery never stopped, and the continuous falling of the shells caused a great shock to the Russians psychologically.They have not launched the general offensive, they are waiting for the arrival of one person Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm he and his main force.

Except for Ronanova, no one was willing to take a second look at Gregory.However, even Ronanova eventually left the room with a sigh.You, what do you want to do Gregory asked in horror.He even took a step back because of his overwhelming fear.Wang Weiyi smiled I said, I just want to talk to you alone Nine hundred and ninety eight.Farewell, Grand Duke I just came to be alone with you.In Wang Weiyi s words, there was no anger at betrayal, nor joy after revenge.His tone and attitude were so calm that it even made people feel scared.Gregory feared this man more than anyone else, and now he knew how his nightmare had come about.Are you feeling happy now Gregory laughed bitterly You have achieved everything you wanted to do, haven t you To be honest, I really didn t think it was you.If it was someone else, it would definitely not be successful Yes.

Who is the most suitable for this position.But, I think, why must it cbd gummies where can i buy be them Do you have any other candidates Fristoia asked curiously.There are many more suitable candidates than them Wang Weiyi replied lightly In fact, they are not much different seventh sense bliss cbd gummies from Gregory.They are just as greedy and ruthless.When they sit in that position, Sooner or later, I will become the same as Gregory.I will never make the same mistake again.Fristoya nodded in agreement, yes, Mr.Baron did not make any mistakes in his judgment on this point However, the status quo of the Russian government cannot be without a suitable leader 1000mg cbd gummies can you give childresn cbd gummies forever.Why not you, Mr.Fristoya Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.What, me Fristoia was startled, then laughed No, I m not the right side effect cbd gummies candidate, I don t have any political experience, I m nothing more than a businessman.

No, you once formed a political organization.Party factions Wang Weiyi s voice was not very loud You have experience in this field, and it is very rich in my opinion You can handle all kinds of forces with ease, and buy vegan cbd gummy bears uk you have also gained Recognition from the American sideMr.Fristoia, please carefully consider my suggestion If someone else said it, Fristoia would probably just laugh it off.He had never thought of being the leader of a country, but these words came from the Baron s mouth, so he had to think carefully.Yeah, who wouldn t be tempted by that position He is the true leader of a country However, to successfully ascend to this position, the support of the baron alone is far from enough.Look, I think I ve made a plan for you.Wang Weiyi finally said The German Ukrainian coalition forces have occupied Kursk and will appear outside Moscow soon.

Can you know who called you Fritoyaf asked.Unfortunately, I don t know very well yet.Khmelitsky s answer was very light.I know Similov, who hadn t spoken for a long time, suddenly said, That was called by Mr.Andreas, the former Russian Minister of Finance who lives with me at the house of the Marquis of Andjak.Boom All of a sudden, there was a burst of exclamation in the venue Fritoyaf had to spend a lot of effort to silence everyone Who can know where Mr.Andreas is now I m here Unexpectedly, Andreas stood up from the gallery, and then took the initiative to walk to the witness stand Mr.Chairman, social cbd gummies reviews members, I am willing to take the initiative to be a witness Milosche Vicky looked at the guy he trusted in dumbfounded, but Andreas didn t look him straight at all.Mr.Andreas, we accept your request.

He couldn t be sure whether the information was true.Only Ren and Reaper knew it.He had to avoid all accidents.After the three phone calls, he felt a little relieved.He casually asked Xiao Ling to do something for him There are still internal problems.So many things have happened in best cbd gummies for chronic pain 2021 the past twenty years War can you give childresn cbd gummies can completely expose some things that would not have been exposed Max is back, and he found the The briefcase also brought back the arsenic that Wang Weiyi needed.Wang Weiyi returned to the room where Ren was imprisoned, put the arsenic in front of Ren, sat down, and opened the briefcase.There was a All the documents marked the location of the weapons and equipment of the Constance base, some of them are very accurate, but some have some major deviations.Wang Weiyi s heart is relieved At least it can be confirmed that the harvester It s not the core class of Germany, otherwise it would be too scary.

But the situation was completely different in Tetun and Schmering.The Germans had no fixed base there and no support of new weapons.They purekana cbd full spectrum gummies cbd gummies france had to rely on their poor strength to entangle us to the end.Of course, the Germans still have a very advantageous weapon, that is their absolute belief in Baron Alexon, but anyone can fail, only Baron Alexon cannot fail, otherwise, his invincible myth will be destroyed.Completely broken, the impact on the confidence of the Germans is irreparable Turner really wanted to tell the president that countless people made countless efforts during the two world wars for this goal, but unfortunately, no one could achieve this One thousand twelve.Brave sniper Leopard 9 Steinman couldn t believe what he can you give childresn cbd gummies highline cbd gummies saw.Then a huge car body appeared.Steinman was not mistaken, it was the main station tank of the German army Leopard 9 But the iconic car body dipped armor, and The mighty Henschel turret can explain his identity.

After about two hours, you can carry out the arrest plan for Yetiri.Ah, of course, General Robito is also in the hands of Yetiri, what a remarkable achievement, not only successfully rescued the missing general, but also uncovered such a huge opposition organization This is a good thing that fell from the sky Berkeley was silent for a while So.Shall I hand Yeti into resilience cbd gummies review your hands No, he is no longer useful to me Wang Weiyi s answer was unexpected I remember that Prime Minister Sinagh once said that he would like to see whether Yetiri is dead or alive.Berkeley understood in an instant that he wanted What have you done It s still confusing Okay.Let s do what you should do now Wang Weiyi suddenly said coldly But, Mr.Berkeley, I hope you will not disappoint me Yes, Your Excellency the Baron From now on, Berkeley has regarded himself as a dog next to the cbd gummies third party tested baron.

When Sam left, he deliberately walked towards a two story building.The small building on the second floor took a look.Now, there is no one in the alley, but on the second floor of that building, Dodoan arched his whole body because of anger.As long as someone gives an order, he will act like a A leopard jumped out without hesitation Shameless Despicable There is nothing more shameless and despicable than this The leader of the party, the hero in everyone s mind, did such a despicable and shameless thing.I I m going to kill him, I m going to kill him Dodoan screamed at the top of his lungs.Yes, everyone wants to kill him Wang Weiyi looked so calm Now, you know why I brought you here, because I want you to see the true face of that despicable person with your own eyes, and I want you to know that the person you trust is actually Not trustworthy.

It is said that Robespierre was so slow to sign the order to attack that he picked up his pen with difficulty, wrote the first three letters of his name, and put it down again.Why Because Robespierre was a lawyer, and many important figures of the Jacobins were lawyers, the principles and spirit of the law were their beliefs, and their terrorist policies were thc free cbd gummies all passed through the legislative body of the National Convention.implemented in the form of law.Randomly pulling people out and shooting them is permitted by the law.If Robespierre ordered an attack on the legislative body of the country, the National Convention, it would be a real coup d tat and a trampling on the spirit of the law.As Rousseau As a disciple of Montesquieu, he couldn t do it.Therefore, he finally chose to sacrifice himself to achieve the spirit of the law.

You promised peace talks with Germany, but now The Germans won another victory in France a few hours cbd gummies france ago.We only have less than a week to go The councilors were dumbfounded.I can t believe that the German army s offensive has reached such a speed Robertson s voice sounded so severe The soldiers in France bravely defected for the victory of the revolution, and the soldiers in France fought for cbd gummies france the victory of France.What are you doing when you are fighting for freedom and blood You are talking endlessly here.You are planning assassination after assassination.General Robito is doing everything possible to protect your interests.The betrayal of General Robito The soldiers can no longer wait, we will use our own methods to determine the future of France Now, as a representative of the French military, I make the following demands to you He took a deep breath.

You are hereMr.Moyol, it is indeed a cause for celebration to see you safe.Ah, I am so glad to see you here again Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Mrs.Delk glanced at Captain Pattinson who was busy in the distance, and cbd gummies france how old to buy cbd gummies her mouth showed contempt That coward, abandoned you, no matter how hard I begged him.When I returned to London, I begged I don 100mg cbd gummy review t want to tell anyone the truth of that night, I am easily relented by entreaties, so I obeyed his entreaties against my conscience Now, Mr.Moyol, you can tell everyone, You were the real hero that night, not Captain Pattinson, who was a coward and took the credit for himself Why expose such a lie Wang Weiyi didn t seem to be Especially caring As far as I am concerned, I will be leaving London soon.And the captain will be here for a long time.Give him some dignity, ma am.

Every death will only make his power further strengthened I think this myth has been deeply engraved In the hearts of each of us Hitler and Rommel nodded silently 8 00 AM, September 24, 1966, Axis Powers The attack on the British mainland has begun, and the New Sea Lion Project has begun in full swing This is exactly the same as the information that the Allied Forces had before, and even the Allied Forces have full control over the specific location of the enemy s bombing.Therefore, their opponents The enemy s plan has been firmly believed.On the battlefield, if you can grasp the enemy s next move, it means that you have firmly grasped the victory in your hands.Countless planes roared in the sky, and the Allied planes They also kept scrambling to take cbd dementia gummies off against the air forces of the Axis countries.

He is a very smart man, and now that he has been arrested, there is no way to get out of here, so why not take a gamble At least I won t lose anything in the current bad situation.Okay, Mr.Bram, I m willing to tell you everything I know But, I hope you can keep your promise in the future.Olaviecki slowly He said When I came to London this time, in addition to accepting the latent mission, I also received a new mission, Ash Project.I think you can guess something from the code name of this mission.We will explode Destroy some important targets in major British cities including London and Coventry.These include factories and military bases.Of course, this will only be done on the premise that London cannot be defended Wang Weiyi He and Sir Monlington glanced at each other, both of them were surprised Americans are actually going to do such a crazy thing This is what I discussed with Colonel Jed in his office Olawiecki continued The specific steps and goals of the plan were drawn up before I came to LondonColonel Jed has nothing to do but to complete this missionMr.

Wang Weiyi seemed to see what the other party was thinking But I have it, but you don t.As for the so called information you have, it is all left to you cbd gummies france by me, General Luke, I have already set a path for you, and all you have to do is to keep walking on the path I designed.Commodore Luke was completely desperate.He never thought that he would face such a situation one day.He took a deep breath I only have one last question, who are you You have no right to know who I am.Wang Weiyi replied lightly But I can guarantee that after the war is won, I will tell you who I am in front of your grave, not now.Brigadier General Luke closed his eyes and let out a long sigh.Can t even his last wish be fulfilled Who is this terrifying opponent in front of him Brigadier General Luke died, a tragic death , He didn t realize that he was a tragedy until he died 1128.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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