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Just hung up Cutting off the phone call of my junior sister, WeChat came again.The old factory manager of 527 Factory Aite in the WeChat group said that all the partners who played the violin, erhu and flute had arrived, and asked him if he would go to the river to play together.The old factory manager can be called the leader of the Chaoyang masses , and his influence is not comparable to that of Uncle Lei.Han Chaoyang really wants to get along with him and play with them in the past, but he really can t leave now.Thinking of the junior sister who had just finished the call, his eyes suddenly brightened.Director Wang, I have something to do outside, and I can t get through it for a while.I let my classmate go first.A girl who just graduated from Donghai Conservatory of Music, who studies folk instruments, erhu, pipa, flute, zither, and gourd silk.

Talk about it, why don t we talk about it Old Xu asked curiously.My family is rich, and what do cbd gummies do to your body cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract she went to study in Germany before cbd gummies in clarksville tn cbd rosin gummies she finished her university degree.She is determined to join a big band.I can t keep up with her, and I can t hold her back.I just get together and break up, so I can do it in the future.Friends.What s so great about being in an orchestra, you re still a civil servant I m talking about an internationally renowned symphony orchestra.Have you ever heard of organic cbd gummies gluten free Yo Yo Ma He wants to become a great performer like Yo Yo Ma.What are civil servants Yes.To her and her family, civil servants are a joke.Who is Yo Yo Ma Old Xu may not be able to tell what is a viola and what is a cello, and talking about it with him is like playing the piano against a cow.Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about this anymore, so he immediately changed the topic Old Xu, I can t leave the jurisdiction.

Director Liu was on fire, and the trainer who came with him was also very angry, leaning against the police car and thinking about how to deal with this newcomer who couldn t grasp his hands or stick to the wall.Liu Suo, I can t go back, why don t you come over here, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to play tricks anymore, and said proudly, I just arrested four suspects here, and just destroyed a den that produces and sells fake certificates., and seized a room full of false certificates and stamps and a bunch of tools used in counterfeiting.Liu Suo expressed cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract serious doubts when he said it was true, and was about to speak when Han Chaoyang said, If it s just these things, I can handle it , Take the people and the stolen goods to the police station and hand them over to the investigation team.But this is a gang, and the four arrested now are definitely the main criminals Are there any accomplices Liu Suo was skeptical.

There is no doubt that the three police cars that just arrived belonged to the precinct.No matter how big this case is, it is just a gang producing and selling false certificates.How could it alarm the branch office Just wondering, when six or seven policewomen got off the car, Liu Suo shook hands with a middle aged man in plain clothes who was leading the team, and then followed Reported the case just now.It turned out that the 19 suspects who were about to be arrested were all women, including those with children and even pregnant women.There were not many female policemen and female assistant policemen in the station, especially those who were moved from the branch office.reinforcement.When the leader spoke, Han Chaoyang naturally wouldn t step forward, lest people think he was asking for credit.

Han Chaoyang thought that he would come back to work a 24 hour shift today, and planned to record it while on duty.In the end, he went to Chaoyang Village to maintain order in the venue, so Xu Hongliang could only let Xu Hongliang do the work.Send the log to the office and ask the internal staff to enter it on your behalf.There was a lot of case materials to sort out.Chen Xiujuan, who hadn t rested after watching the female suspect all night, had no time and energy to do it, so she let Xu Hongliang do it herself.He is not an ordinary auxiliary policeman, he is a police student preparing to take the police civil service examination, and he is completely trustworthy.Chaoyang s record is ready, and I and Lao Xu s.Xu Hongliang quit the refined management and assessment system of the police, and began to log in to the auxiliary police.

The more Jiang Xiaolan thought about it, the angrier she became, secretly thinking that she must win the lawsuit with that vixen and Jiang Erhu.Walking out of the police station compound, he was about to discuss with his sister where to hire a good lawyer, when a young man in uniform suddenly chased him up.What s the matter, I ll go HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract to the bank to pay the fine, what else do you want Seeing Jiang Xiaolan from the police station, she became angry.The people from the police station looked back, and continued to walk forward, while asking cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract calmly You are from Chaoyang Village, right Do you recognize Jiang Guiping from the fifth team Jiang Guiping is my aunt.Jiang Guiping is your aunt, big brother, what s your last name My surname is Ge, and my name is Ge Baohua.I used to go to your fifth team.I said, why are you so familiar Is your home cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract clinical cbd gummies cost in Fenghuang Village, and did your mother set up a stall at the gate of Factory 527 before Yes, but it s long gone.

If my mother knew it, she would definitely like it very much.She only wanted to have a daughter in law, and only wanted her baby son to be able to start a family and start a career in the provincial capital.She really didn t have high requirements for the girl s appearance.Recalling his former girlfriend, Han Chaoyang sighed secretly, and was about to get up and go to the backyard to see how Director Su and Manager Zhang were talking, when another WeChat notification came from the phone.Xiao Han, are you free tonight Come over to rehearse if you have time The old director of Factory 527 used voice as usual.Han Chaoyang raised his mobile phone and said helplessly, Director Wang, I m going to patrol later, I really don t have time tonight, I really can t go.Patrol, forget it.How about tomorrow night, tomorrow night I ll take the time to go.

You need a face to have a face, a figure to have a figure, and a temperament to have a temperament So pretty, is she Huang Ying Han Chaoyang, who thought he was immune to beauties, was stunned for a moment.Director Su, the meeting just ended Huang Ying looked a little embarrassed, hurriedly opened the back door, took out a bottle of water and handed it over.I m sorry, I dragged Xiao Han over for a meeting and delayed your blind date.Su Xian took the purified water, turned around and smiled and said, Xiao Han, what are you doing in a daze, let s get to know each other formally, what era is it, do you really want me The aunt of the neighborhood committee will introduce you.Han Chaoyang, it s a cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract pleasure to meet you.Han Chaoyang regained his composure and quickly stretched out his right hand.Huang paradise island cbd gummies zebra Ying chuckled We ve known each other for three days, but we cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract clinical cbd gummies cost haven t seen each other.

Xiao Zhong and Xiao Guo came back very quickly.They first ran upstairs to the office to get a stack of forms, walked into the meeting room with Han Chaoyang, sat on the stage like a meeting, and started the special group interview .Han Chaoyang was the only civil servant among the three, and he was also the policeman who guided the voluntary security patrol team.He did his part to speak first, introducing the situation of the Chaoyang community voluntary security patrol team and the Chaoyang community security service company under preparation.Comrades, I read your resumes last night.Is Wu Junfeng here Here I have worked in Xinyuan Security Service Company.From my resume, I have not only worked in a who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract bank, but also in a party school of the Provincial Party Committee.But our next job is different from Wu Junfeng s previous job.

If I don t stay with the suspect, the superiors will have to skin me.This is a matter of principle and should not be treated as a joke.The problem now is that he controls the initiative, and everyone listens to him Seeing him signal Captain Tang to get on the co pilot of the official car that escorted the suspect, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to hesitate any longer, and hurriedly said, I ll go, I ll escort you with me.That s right, get in the car quickly.Thinking of the police station As people were rushing here, Director Cai raised his head and shouted again Qirong, Xiaotang, let s walk down the East Street, with double flashing lights on at all times, we must follow closely Repeat offender, Director Cai didn t panic.He checked the rearview mirror to make sure that the people from the police station did not catch up.

Guan Yuanyuan didn t know what Han Chaoyang was thinking, he was thinking about whether to go out and call the director, when Director Cai and Director Su came out, Bureau Du and Xi Da personally saw him off, and even shook hands with the patrol team members one by one, and kept going.Send them to the car and watch their car drive out of the branch office compound.Ju Du, Xi Da, II Guan Yuanyuan ran up to the two leaders, wanting to explain the matter clearly, but he opened his mouth and didn t know where to start.Go upstairs and talk to my office.Yes Bite the bullet and walk into the office on the second floor with the two leaders.Deputy Director Xing walked in quietly and whispered a few words to Bureau Du, then stood aside quietly.Du Ju glanced at him with a straight face, sat down and asked, Guan Yuanyuan, where is that Ji Qingyun you arrested It was really captured by the police in our station, and it was also compared by the police in our station.

Wang Qiaolan, who married the widow of Wang Qiaolan, who is also in her forties, can still bear children, and she also gave birth to a girl for him, who is only one year younger than Yuyu.Twenty years ago, there were not many families like this.But now it s not twenty years ago, it s normal to find another wife after death, not to mention Wang Qiaolan s age is really not that old.Han Chaoyang didn t think that Wang Qiaolan or Yang Guangcheng would be the murderer, seeing that a leader had come out, he hurried back to the car to remind Guan Xiyuan.As a result, the leader didn t look this way at all, got into a police car parked in front and left.Chaoyang, you were the first to arrive at the scene, and tell me your opinion.Gu Guoli stopped discussing with the villagers and returned to the car like Han Chaoyang.

At that point, the neighbors are all at home, and there are people in front, back, left, and right.Even if the adults have no chance to call, the children have the opportunity to call for help, so it is a bit like an acquaintance committing a crime.Is Zhang Qiuyan rich This is a suspicious point, the whole village We all know that Qiao Xianhong is hiding from debts outside, and we all know that her family has no money, if it is really a burglary that exposes the murder, it should be committed by fleeing, and it is unlikely to be committed by an acquaintance.While chatting, several working group cadres walked this way Come.The special case team is responsible for solving the case, and they are responsible for land acquisition and relocation.Gu Guoli shook his head when he thought that each had his own division of labor Let s not talk about this, we don t need to cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract worry about solving cases.

Nothing Han Chaoyang opened the folder and looked under the light.What should I do if the landlord doesn t go Even if the landlord does it together, it s useless.I m looking for a house.I ll find a good place before I go to other places.Ke Jianrong yawned, turned around and picked up his wallet from a broken desk , took out his ID card and handed it up.Han Chaoyang saw a cardboard box in the corner at a glance.The cardboard box seemed to be full of small advertisements that hadn t been posted.He took the ID card and asked calmly, How many people live here Three.There are more.Where are the two of you My wife is sleeping inside, and the other one is out to play, I don t know if he went to an Internet cafe.Going to an Internet cafe should be to post small advertisements.Han Chaoyang walked into the store, put the folder on the broken desk, and said while registering his ID card, Your wife doesn t have to come out, just bring your wife s ID card and that of the worker s ID card to register.

At that time, not to mention the cars in the basement, even the cars parked on the road will be flooded.There was a heavy rain in June, and although the Zhongshan Road was also flooded, the drainage facilities were relatively complete, and the damage caused was not very serious.Factory 527 is adjacent to the Chaoyang cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract River, and rainwater can be drained into the river.The terrain of Chaoyang Village is relatively high.To be precise, the villagers considered the possibility of flooding HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract when they built their houses.The homestead of the entire village, including several arterial cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract roads in the village, is nearly one meter higher than the surrounding roads.This is not a problem.very big.During the construction of Dongming Community, the possibility of flooding was not considered.Perhaps it was too confident in the drainage facilities, and as a result, it was flooded only once in the next heavy rainstorm.

Now it seems that there is a clothing stall amazon green ape cbd gummies in Huayi Shopping Mall behind Xinglong Department Store, which specializes in selling clothing.Is Chapter 122 worthwhile Three cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract days later, the police organized visits and questioned thousands of people.Not only did they fail to find any valuable clues, but the more they got to know the victim s family, the more complicated the case became.The detection work has come to an impasse, and Xi Hongbo is feeling irritable.Just about to go out to smoke a cigarette to get some air, Zhou Ju called again to inquire about the progress.Zhou Ju, I disappoint you.This case is more difficult than expected.Although the victim Zhang Qiuyan s mother in law remarried and even had a child with her current husband Yang Guangcheng in middle age, this is still a very ordinary family Qiao Xianhong s disappearance is indeed suspicious, but his actual behavior before disappearing is not suspicious, and it is almost certain that he and Zhang Qiuyan are neither involved in gambling, nor in drugs, nor in gangsters.

The captain of the criminal police team is under great pressure., the director is also under a lot of pressure.Zhou Ju touched the corner of his mouth, held up the phone and asked, Is it possible that it was caused by private lending or other economic disputes Didn t the husband of the deceased go out to hide from the debt Zhou Ju, this is exactly the doubt we can t figure out.I can even conclude that as long as this doubt can be solved, the truth of this murder case will be revealed.Everyone said that the husband of the deceased went out to avoid debts, but we have not found out who he owed until now, what cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract he owed, and what he owed.How much, I don t know anything about these.Xi Hongbo looked at the relationship diagram of the characters on the white blackboard, looked at the photos posted on the diagram, frowned and said And we tried our best and used all means, but we couldn t find the whereabouts of Qiao Xianhong.

Zhou Ju thought for a while, and then said This kid first captured a murderer who had been on the run for many years, and then he became the most handsome policeman in a daze.Because they are good seedlings, they should be well trained and cultivated, and they cannot be overthrown.Besides, it is the job of the community police to provide clues for the criminal investigation department, so 7.Don t make any icing on the cake after the 17th case is cracked, don t make him cock his tail, don t let him be smug.It stands to reason that for providing such important clues, after the case is solved, there will be merit awards.At least one award cannot escape.The director said that there should be no icing on the cake, which means that there will be no young can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies in clarksville tn men in the list of merit awards in the future.

Let s go with dinner and take our car, and we will pick you up when the time comes.Thank you, Secretary Yang In the afternoon, there was both a streamline work meeting and a commendation meeting, and Han Chaoyang was very happy to think that there would be certificates and bonuses for him.After seeing off the street leaders and the old men and women of Factory 527, the master and apprentice drove to the institute to attend the regular meeting on Monday.It may be that there is too much work.The leader cut a long story short, and the meeting was over in an hour.I don t know if it was because of his grandfather s cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract face, or cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract because of the most handsome policeman , Liu Suo didn t put on a face like before, and even deliberately asked Han Chaoyang to wait before leaving after the meeting.Xiao Han, your master is not in good health.

So you must keep calm when you arrive at the scene, no matter how chaotic the situation is, no matter how chaotic the situation is.Which leader gives an order, you have to think about it carefully before deciding whether to execute it or not, and how to execute it.Chapter 128 The investigation police room cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract can t leave people, Grandpa Gu took a ride to Zhongshan Road to do business and went back first.Previously, Lao Lu, a community policeman in Guanyangguan Village, was waiting for the handover.Han Chaoyang couldn t leave in a hurry.He had to take over the corresponding accounts and understand the situation of key populations.He didn cbd infused chill plus gummies watermelon slices t go downstairs until after 10 o clock.Li Tianzheng, can you go back now Gang, I just finished it.After not sleeping well all night and being fined again, Li Tianzheng was listless.

Criminals nowadays are very cunning, and they switch bags and exchange fake money.There are some for sale in the market and online, so don t worry if you buy a set.This little policeman is really annoying, Boss Le looked up at Li Xiaobin behind him, and said perfunctorily Got it, thank you, I ll buy it when I have time.Just pretend to be one.If you have time, if you don t keep an eye on it, you probably won t be able to pretend by the end of the year.Han Chaoyang took out his mobile phone and continued, Boss Le, what is your mobile phone number and do you have WeChat Let s add it.If you can t install it after buying it, I can arrange someone to install it for you.Can t you Just pretend, don t worry, you are such a big boss and you don t need this little money.Boss Le thought to himself that there are a few tenants living in the house, if he doesn t pretend he might come here every day to check his identity I stood up and said reluctantly Since you have to install it, install one.

We are policemen from the Yandong Sub bureau.We are not here to check if there are minors surfing the Internet.We are here to find out about the situation.How many of you are on duty here at night Two people, Jian an, stop playing.Putting off the earphones and standing up, Liang Dongsheng knocked on the bar Let your colleagues stare, it s not convenient to talk here, let s go out and talk..Bring Zhu Linong into the car, Liang can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies in clarksville tn Dui sat cbd gummies in clarksville tn cbd rosin gummies in the co pilot, He Dui sat in the back row like Zhu Linong, and the two captains asked together.Wu Wei was still sitting in the cab, turned on the roof lights, turned on HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract the law enforcement recorder, and took out a pen and paper to record.There is only so much space in the car, so Han Chaoyang didn t squeeze in, and stood outside the car to maintain order, so that the young people who ran out to watch the fun should go in and continue to surf the Internet, continue to what do cbd gummies do to your body cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract play all night long, and those who should go home should go home early.

If you don t buy them online, where do you buy them Directly, 200 yuan One, some people who are in urgent need of money will sell it there are also lost ones, lost in Internet cafes, and bought from the network administrator.Use these ID cards to apply for bank cards and mobile phone cards. It s not me.You do it Instead of going to the telecommunications and mobile business halls, go to the place that sells mobile phones, even if you don t do it like me and the others.Banks are strictly regulated, so it s not easy to handle.I usually go to my girlfriend s school to find someone who is a bit like you.Some people use their ID cards to apply for a bank card.He Yichang asked Does Zhang Xin know I don t know.Why are those students willing to help you I m familiar with them, make up some nonsense, and then invite them Eat and eat.

On the way to the Physical Evidence Identification Center.Okay, pay attention to safety on the road, He Zhi has coordinated, and the technical brigade will help us prioritize the inspection and comparison.As soon as Xi Hongbo finished speaking, Deputy Director Feng walked in and asked Hongbo, the acquisition How many have you arrived I just collected Gao Junfei s daughter, and Xiaomao s group should have arrived at Chen Yafei s parents home.Since there is a possibility of drug involvement, it can t just be used as a homicide investigation, Bureau Feng is calling Vice captain He handed over a cigarette, sat down and said, I hope that kid is not at home, and I hope that kid hasn t gone far.There s news from the intelligence side.Vice captain He put down his phone, flipped through the text message he had just received, and said, They found the flight records of Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing.

Every time he takes the exam, he is in the lights out cbd gummy top ten of the whole grade.He is basically all round in track and field.Brushing flowers, grass, mountains and rocks, fish, birds, butterflies and insects I will always be the trump card in the class cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract in the school sports meeting, theatrical performances and other competitions.People from other classes turned pale when they entered the arena.From the photos on Teacher Ma s QQ space, it can be seen that he was very beautiful when he was a child Participate in various performances and competitions, and get awards every time.As for whether he was handsome or not when he was a child, this is relative.It can only be said that he is cute.The reason why he is liked by little girls has a lot to do with his family and Teacher Ma s help with dressing him cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract up.My mother is a teacher, and Teacher Ma is so strict, so his grades are naturally not the same.

After a while, the medical staff came out pushing the car.Several people worked together to lift the patient into the car and push it directly into the emergency center.big ward.A nurse ran over and asked, Officer Han, where are his family members What is his surname, so he didn t call him by any other name, and explained directly He fainted on Hebin Road, and the people called 110 to call the police.Let s talk about it after he cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract wakes up. Officer Han, we also want to save people first, who will handle the key procedures and pay the money Must I pay first This is a rule What if you don t come back.The economy is tense, Han Chaoyang didn t want to throw stones at his feet, he opened the door suddenly and walked into the emergency area full of beds, and the medical staff were overwhelmed by the emergency.

The Chu branch secretary left as soon as he said, and he didn t know how many days it would be until he left the village.Village head Cui took it for a long time, sent his immediate boss away, got into the electric patrol car with accountant Chang, and sat in the co pilot to guide Han Chaoyang.It is called sponsorship, but it is actually alms.This is the first time Han Chaoyang has encountered such a thing, and he felt very embarrassed, so he couldn t help asking Mr.Cui, who is Tian Jiming , The business is very big, he has done many projects in the development zone, his net worth is hundreds of millions, and he is the richest boss in our Yangguan.Cui HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract village chief lit a cigarette and introduced excitedly He used to He also worked as a village head, and Xiangyang Road was built by him when he was the head of the village, and then he felt that it was boring and quit.

Who do you want to be on and who not to be on Director Wang pointed to the opposite side, cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract only then did Han Chaoyang realize that the leaders of the three square dance gummy king cbd teams had arrived, and the three aunts were discussing something with the aunts of the choir and Huang Ying, and looked here from time to time.People trust me and entrusted me to communicate with you, Factory Manager Wang lit a cigarette, and said seriously and expectantly Xiao Han, I know this is an activity organized by the district, and many units will participate.It s not easy to be on stage.But you also need to understand the mood of the big guys, why don t you ask the leader tomorrow to see if you can arrange a dance program, we sing and they dance.In the eyes of many young people, aunts dance squares Wu is full of food and has nothing to do, but for the aunt, this is really a part of retirement life.

Over time, nearby villagers and vendors gathered here spontaneously, and it became a market selling vegetables, small commodities, cheap clothes, footwear, and snacks.There are few people during the day, and it is the most lively at night.It can be said to be the most lively night market in Fengyong High tech Development Zone.More than an hour ago, there was a fight here.The police station in the development zone received an order from the county bureau to send out the police.Two policemen and auxiliary police rushed over to see a man with his head bleeding and sitting on the ground with his head in his arms.A man may have broken ribs and is lying on the ground unable to move.Their three companions did not leave, and the party with whom they were fighting ran away.The two were injured, and they seemed to be seriously injured.

It was hard to judge who hit harder at the beginning.After the fight, it became one sided.The absconded Although there were few people on one side, they fought more and more courageously, even the girls.Regardless of the salesmen and accountants, they believed that Liu and Yan were punching and kicking.The video taken by the crowd showed that one of the suspects picked up a brick and shot Liu.A.Seeing that Liu s head was bleeding, and seeing Yan lying on the ground hugging his abdomen and rolling in pain, the two salesmen and cbd gummies in clarksville tn accountants dared not go forward There are witnesses and videos, and the ins and outs are really clear.Qian Dui secretly scolded some bastards from Dongsheng Machinery Company, and asked Which direction are they running, are they running by car, by bicycle, or by two legs The crowd said they went west.

Wan Xin looked at the child through the glass, chatted with his wife through the intercom system for a while, cbd gummies kansas and saw the nurse came to chase them away, so he had to go back to the police room with Han Chaoyang who had been waiting in front of the elevator Wan Xin, Binbin s illness was not diagnosed just today.You have seen it at the hospital in your hometown, and you are very clear that this is not a daily thing.Rest when it is time to rest, and be prepared for a protracted battle.Thank you Officer Han, just now just now I was a little worried.I know, I can understand.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly, and then changed the topic Wan Xin, I see that your WeChat is also bound to a bank card.How much money does Cary have No, really not.Fearing that the well meaning policeman would not believe it, Wan Xin hastily took out his mobile phone and gave his wife a red envelope in front of Han Chaoyang and the two of them, but it turned out that even the 10 yuan red envelope was insufficient.

Oh, the stage is set up very well, I didn t even see it.Tonight, we use our songs to recall the turbulent years, we use our songs to interpret the grandeur of the Great Wall of Steel, we use our songs to commemorate the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, and we use our songs to sing about the serenity of the peaceful age.Let us release our mood and dreams together, accompanied by the melody of music, and sing the praises of heroes Next, please enjoy the chorus Military Song of the Chinese People s Liberation Army by Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Chapter 206 Serious Songs Listen The wind is howling and the bugle is sounding listen How resounding are the revolutionary songs Comrades rush to the battlefield of liberation in unison, comrades rush to the frontier of the motherland in unison, forward forward Our team goes to the sun, to the final victory, to the liberation of pipe cartel cbd gummies the whole country Han Chaoyang closed his gesture, and the majestic military song was perfectly sung.

There were three chorus squares on the left, middle and right, each with five rows in front and back.There are policemen who sang March of the Chinese People s Liberation Army at the beginning of the party, some retirees wearing white shirts, black trousers and white dresses, some young men in special police uniforms, some also wearing white shirts, black trousers or white The street cadres of the dress.A beautiful melody sounded, but it sounded relatively unfamiliar.Following Han Chaoyang s gestures, the rhythm of the melody became faster and faster.When Han Chaoyang s gestures changed, the chorus performers who sang the bass sang loudly.Go to the enemy s rear Get the devils out Go to the enemy s rear Get the devils out Director Hua suddenly came to his senses, thinking to himself what Glorious Progress is this, gummy bears cbd amazon it s clearly It s really not a good Go Behind the Enemy.

All in all, happy hour.Han Chaoyang sent the family of three to the hotel, then sent Zuo Yatou and Tang Yatou home, and finally sent his girlfriend off.I thought the matter was over like this, but unexpectedly at noon the next day, Chen Xiujuan called to let her go to the office.When she rushed to the office, she found that Qi Jie not only did not leave, but instead made a pennant and ran to the office to thank her.The instructor was not there, and Deputy Director Xu received him.Sending the pennant by the masses is a kind of affirmation of the work in the office.It is really an honor for the police in the office.Xu Suo is very enthusiastic.He chatted with Qi Jie for a while, and finally took Han Chaoyang to take a group photo with Qi Jie holding the pennant.Sending Qi Jie away, Xu Suo ordered the auxiliary police to hang the pennant on the wall of the conference room, and sighed It may not be a big deal for us when a child runs away from home, but it is really a disaster for the parents.

Guan Yuanyuan s adjustment may have something to do with me. I thought it was a big deal, the adjustment of cadres is normal, especially in your police station.Not only did the leaders make adjustments every three days, but the police were also transferred here and there.Huang Ying really didn t like Liu Jianye and Guan Yuanyuan, who had bullied the unlucky ones in the past.Yes, why don t you transfer Liu Jianye away together, you will have a better life once they leave.Don t be like this, they are actually treating me very well now.You are the most handsome policeman, and you are Grandpa Gu s close door Disciple, you made meritorious deeds one after another, do they dare to treat you badly now The woman is more vengeful, and I couldn t explain it to her, so Han cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract Chaoyang immediately changed the subject Honey, Bureau Du announced something during the meeting this afternoon.

Thank you Du Ju.The master s face turned pale No, obviously thought that he wanted to change jobs, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to go out to answer, so he pressed the call button in front of the three of them, and answered the call of Xu Hongliang who was far away in the East China Sea.I have something to do here.To make a long story short, is Lingling interested Well, let her pick it up.Han Chaoyang took a peek at Director Du, and then said, Lingling, Principal Nie was looking for me.I did a good job in the branch office., the leader is very concerned about me, the master is very caring for me, and my colleagues and comrades in arms are also very good to me, both at work and in life.Even Chen Jie, Xinyi and Xiaobin are very supportive of my work, yes yes yes, I That s what I mean, I can t bear them, so I can only orus cbd gummies decline Principal Nie s kindness.

Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract said with a bitter face, Ju Du, this means opening a hotel You are a civil servant, and your girlfriend is also a civil servant.Of course you can t do business, but your mother in law can, and this idea is also your mother in law s idea.You can try to operate it first, and you won t lose much anyway.In time, the higher ups will formulate laws and regulations on short term rental, cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract clinical cbd gummies cost and when the law is no longer blank, they will go to the industrial and commercial department to cancel the license and return the rented house from others.They just want to rent out to reduce the pressure on loan repayment.I never thought it would be so big, I have to discuss it with them.I should discuss it, just call me when you think about it.Thank you Director Du.It s a small effort, what a thank you.

But once we are hired, there is a teaching task.Our work pressure is so great, If you have to work overtime and stay up late every day, if you serve as this lecturer, it will not only affect your job, but also affect your rest. Yes, that s what I m worried about.Principal Nie is on a business trip, and Vice Principal Mu is in charge of this matter.Vice Principal Mu said I have to attend at least five classes a week, and help them with at least ten apprentices.I HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract am usually so busy that I have so much time and energy. So I have to report to the bureau leader.The Xinyuan Street Police Station cannot pick ready made peaches.Pass on their work to us.Gu Suo, II dare not speak to Bureau Du.It s right not to speak up, if you really speak up, it s a leapfrog report.Gu Jindou felt that the most handsome policeman was becoming more and more sensible, and at the same time felt that it was inappropriate whether he reported it or Liu Suo s report, because it would leave a bad impression on the bureau leaders who were disregarding the overall situation, so he weighed it and got up suddenly Walking to the door Kang Institute, Xiao Han has encountered something, are you busy, come in and sit down, let s help to find a solution together.

There is a large foreign population and the security situation is complicated.If Zhongshan Road was used to draw the boundary as before, and the two police stations fought independently, a lot of buck passing and wrangling would happen, and the masses would not be satisfied with the work of the sub bureau.This shows the importance of the comprehensive alarm platform on Zhongshan Road.But just as Gu Jindou said, why should one family do the work of two families Kang Haigen reacted, and pondered Xinyuan Street Police Station should arrange a police station in the police room like we do, and can no longer go fishing for three days and drying the net for two days.As for the security patrol team, if you want to set up the patrol team, you have to go to PolyU to work part time.I think it is not enough to arrange one policeman, and it is unrealistic for them to arrange two policemen to be stationed at the police platform, but at least one more policeman should be deployed cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract when Chaoyang goes to PolyU to give lectures.

If we do nothing, he may continue to do his business.If something is wrong, then continue to hide until Let the sound of the wind pass and then abscond.I think so too.The war opportunity is fleeting, and the stone bureau is really walking on thin ice, especially at this critical moment when making a decision, all possibilities must be considered.He stared at the topographic map for a long time, lit a cigarette again, and said solemnly He is a native of Lijiayao, and he is more familiar with this area than we are, and the terrain is so complicated.I want to organize a dragnet style search., estimated to be three or four thousand people.If he really hides, it will not be so easy to arrest him with our current strength.Surrounded by mountains, south, east, and west directions, cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract clinical cbd gummies cost all the places where crops can be grown Terraced fields have been reclaimed, and as long as there are terraced fields, there are roads, and there is no way to block them.

The big guy hired HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract a car to pull it, Dongfeng big truck, and it cost more than two hundred to pull a can of water at that time.I only knew that there was a shortage of water in the west, but I didn t expect it to be like this.So you are lucky, born in A place where there is no shortage of water.While chatting and observing the movement of the surrounding mountains, there was a slight rustling sound from the bottom of the slope.Jiang Li s heart trembled, and he hurriedly put down his water glass and took out his baton.There is a situation Han Chaoyang was startled, and quickly took out the stick.There are so many people at the bottom of the mountain, and those who may be climbing to the top of the mountain may not know whether they have guns.Jiang Li holds a baton in one hand, and takes out a police officer with the other hand to find the instructor s number, ready to call at any time, staring at the bottom and shouting Who I, give you a power bank Sure enough, someone was climbing to the top of the mountain, and a childish voice came from the bottom of the cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract mountain.

As a result, it didn t bear many ginkgo fruits.They were harvested, dried and carried back, but they couldn t be sold at a high price, so they cut them all.It has nothing to do with the Forestry Bureau.Didn t the trees in the forest farm be felled No, illegal logging is punishable by law.Under normal circumstances, no one dares to try the law.Besides, the trees planted later are neither tall nor tall.It s not rough, what s the use of it except for burning fire, and who can sell it to when you cut it off. That s right.While chatting, it s time to go their separate ways .Jiang Li stopped, turned around and said a few words to the little guy, but the little guy hung his head and said nothing.Jiang Li had no choice but to say a few more words.The little guy laughed and rushed to Han Chaoyang, waving a wooden stick to lead the way.

The one that was beaten found something wrong and didn t want to delay their own family The future of relatives.When asked cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract by the twizted up cbd gummies cadres of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Gu Youyou said that he neither admitted that He Suo had eaten mutton, nor said that He 4000 mg cbd gummies effects Suo had not.What s more coincident is that He Suo was on duty that night.There were not many police officers, even fewer at that time.The instructor and two policemen all went back, and no one testified for him.The bureau is also investigating.If no witnesses can be found, they can find physical evidence and check vehicles.Where was the police car of the county bureau that night , Where are the police cars of each police station, criminal police squadron, and traffic police squadron Finally, it was found that the location of the cars of other units could be determined that night, but the police car of the Dingya Police Station did not know where it was that night.

What s there to protect from a mound of sand that looks like a hill, and there s no one around Han Chaoyang simply trotted to the door, at this time Wu Wei had already driven in the car, jumped out of the car with a file bag, and asked eagerly Chaoyang, this is the on site investigation report of the high speed rail station project site, Shiju asked to bring it here , who should I hand it over to Of course I leave it to the leaders, Han Chaoyang turned to look at the leaders who were talking, and said calmly, The one in plain clothes is Deputy Chief Luo of the Criminal Police Detachment of the City Bureau, and the tall one is High tech Zone Criminal Police cbd gummies in clarksville tn cbd rosin gummies Brigade Tengda, go there, just leave it to them.Let s go together.The branch leaders send everything here like sending trouble, and they will not be happy no cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract clinical cbd gummies cost matter whether they are justified or not.

Wu Wei suddenly leaned over and took a few handfuls of sand, and ran to find some more A piece of pebble just sifted out, squatting on the ground like a child playing with the sand.Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, then reacted immediately, folded his arms and smiled, Experiment Rebuild the site A dead person is neither easy to climb nor take advantage of concealment if this is the first scene, it is equally impossible for the murderer to climb to the top of the sand pile to kill, and it is even more impossible for the dead to climb up and wait for someone to kill.If I were the murderer, I would If I want to hide the body in this way, I will dig a sand hole here and stuff the body in, and then get some sand to cover it.So we should sift from here.But it cannot be ruled out that the body slipped from above possibility.

There must be physical evidence in this pile of yellow sand How do you know if there is no sifting Okay, now it s my turn, you go wash and rest quickly.Watching the workaholic go, Han Chaoyang who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract returned I went to the work area to find a pair of gloves and put them on, and immediately picked up the shovel.I could only help shovel the sieved sand onto the conveyor belt like a workaholic.Officer Han, you can tell right away that you haven t done this job.What do you mean by just one look, Master Liu, don t look at me as a policeman now, in fact I was born and raised in the countryside, and I used to work at home.Master Liu couldn t help laughing and said, Your cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract posture is wrong.Even if you grew up in the countryside, you probably haven t done heavy work.Officer Wu is a good hand at work.If you do .

do cbd gummies help with hangovers?

it like you for a while, your hands will blister.

Knowing that those people are not easy to arrest, Fan Ju couldn t help laughing and said Okay, I ll wait for your call.By the way, I almost forgot to tell you that the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team is quite famous in Yanyang, assist us The branch and even the public security bureaus of brother cities and counties have rounded up fugitives, assisted in maintaining stability in the district, and often participated in the security of some major events in the city.Some time ago, a policeman in our branch became popular on the Internet, and was praised by netizens as the most handsome policeman in Yanyang , the most handsome policeman is the captain of the patrol team.They are very popular on the Internet.They have created a WeChat public account with more than 100,000 followers, which is better than the official public account of our branch.

Wu Wei also heard a general idea just now, knowing that the most handsome policeman is in trouble now, and as a person who doesn t even have a girlfriend, he can t give any good advice, so he just pretends what do cbd gummies do to your body cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract that he doesn t know anything and concentrates on driving.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to explain to him, so he first contacted the car owner s wife, and then took a few deep breaths to adjust his emotions and calm down, before dialing his girlfriend s phone.Wife, where are you You don t care where I am, aren t you very busy, why don t you have time to call me.Miao Haizhu s tone was not good, and Huang Ying s tone was not much better, as soon as she got through, she asked coldly.I m quite busy.This time I was really transferred to the task force.I ve been busy since yesterday morning.I slept on the conference table for three hours at night.

Thank you.Thank you, help me bring Yingying a good one, goodbye.Sheng Yanwen said to hang up, Huang Ying was so moved that she hugged Han Chaoyang s arm tightly and fuse cbd gummies choked up and said, Husband, I m sorry, I promise I will never do it again.Angry because of what happened to you in the past, I will no longer think wildly, or make blind guesses.I m sorry, I just did what I should do.She must be very uncomfortable at the moment, she must think you are a person Too unfeeling.Don t worry, she s not as fragile as you think, Han Chaoyang sighed softly, hugging Huang Ying tightly in his arms, and said with a wry smile It was inappropriate to mention this before, but now I can say it, actually.Even if she doesn t go abroad, I will break up with her just like her.It s just a matter of sooner or later.

You have said that you can t startle the snake, and you must find someone reliable.As long as you can find a place, just wait a while.By the way, two of you are going to arrest several murder suspects Bureau Feng looked back at Han Chaoyang, then at the alley, and smiled.He explained How could there be only two people here Lao Liu came here first with seven criminal policemen, and they had already sneaked into the community.The special police team also came and was waiting nearby.I don t know where the car is parked.I didn t care.I ll ask, but it s definitely not far away.Chapter 351 Arrest 2 There are too many neighborhoods with Huayuan in their names, and they are simply bad streets.But in Fengyong County, Yangdong Garden is definitely a real high end residential area.Sixteen high rise buildings with 28 to 33 floors, the community is not only beautifully built, the greening is very good, the monitoring system is also very advanced, and the cameras are all high definition, filling every corner of the community.

, turned around and said Yingying, thanks to you this time, thanks to your parents.If it weren t for your help, I would go to help take care of it.It s okay to ask for a day off.If you ask for ten days and a half months, the leader will definitely not approve it.Mom, what do you say This is what we should do.Huang Ying held her arm tightly and observed the surrounding environment curiously.The daughter in law is sensible and filial, and Teacher Ma s mood suddenly improved a lot.He looked at the front with a smile and said, Let s go home Your father is not a big official and has a lot of things.Today, the county leaders came to the town for an inspection and couldn t get away., I can t ask for leave, and I don t know if I can come back after get off work. Normal, it s the same when we encounter superior inspections.

The people in Linshan Town really said nothing to their children.Huang Ying always felt that her parents were good enough to talk to, but she never thought that Miao Haizhu s parents were even more powerful.Not only did she not care about what her future son in law wanted, but she also planned to help Miao Haizhu buy a house in Yanyang first.This was a preparation It s upside down, and it s the kind that bleeds profusely Huang Yingzheng was feeling secretly, and Teacher Ma suddenly asked Chaoyang, there should be a lot of single young men in your unit.If you have good looks and good character, who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract you can help introduce them.Mom, there are many single policemen in our unit, such as my senior brother Yu Zhenchuan, for example, Wu Wei you met last time, or He Yichang, the second squadron leader cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract of the Economic Investigation Brigade of our sub bureau.

Need the creditor s contact information He Yichang asked puzzled.He team, I know that there are many creditors, but there should not be many who can go to Huo s house to collect debts, and they should all be small contractors.They don t just lose 10,000 to 20,000 wages, and they don t just lose a little profit.They may lose a few dollars.Tens or even millions Think about it, so many migrant workers go to the district at the same time every year to pull up banners to explain, there must be an organization, and it is definitely the small contractors who organize those migrant what do cbd gummies do to your body cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract workers to go to the district to make trouble.I know that, But what s the use of their contact information They know Huo Xuebin s situation better than us, especially the social relationship.And if it were me, I would definitely not let it go and put all my eggs in one basket.

Okay, we will find a way.Han Chaoyang He was not very familiar with the technical police of the sub bureau, so he just nodded slightly to say hello.At the same time, Li Xiaobin opened the trunk of the police car and took out a round stool, ran to the door opening and put it down, stood on the stool and carefully removed a pinhole camera disguised with a cardboard box from the eaves of the door opening.Then he led Xiaokang out of the crowd, ran to the side of the main road in the community, opened the cover of a low street lamp that had been damaged for an unknown amount of time, and took out a pinhole camera fixed with plastic tape Xiaokang and Xiao Liu stopped the owners from approaching, and no one knew what they were doing.The owners looked at the police who were investigating inside, and at them, whispering and discussing.

I called Bureau Du, and Bureau Du said that you have a good way of organizing activities.Is Bayi Song Club doing well I will leave this matter to you and ask you to come up with a plan as soon as possible.After the plan is made, the bureau will Study HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract it, and then consider whether to invite the leaders of the city bureau.Chapter 374 International After eating in the conference room on the first floor, the interrogation on the second floor also made progress.Yu Zhenchuan and Miao Haizhu knocked on the door of the meeting room with a stack of transcripts, and reported in front of Han Chaoyang, Wu Junfeng and others Bao Suo, Zou Yanqing cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract best cbd gummies for dog anxiety and Li Ziqiang have confessed.Not only did they steal the 16 electric cars stolen from Xinmin Community Yes, can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies in clarksville tn crimes have been committed in Xinyuan Road Times cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract Internet Caf , No.

If the life of the community wants to be better, we can only find other ways.It cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract is a bit exaggerated to say that Chaoyang Community Security Service Company loses money and makes money , but not making money is true Thinking about it carefully, the only thing that can help the community make money now is the WeChat official account of the voluntary security patrol team, and the profit is not much.The little money earned from posting living information is barely enough for the office expenses of the neighborhood committee.If you want to do something at the grassroots level, how can you do it without money Han Chaoyang understood what she was doing, and asked with great interest, How is it going When will the Chaoyang International Youth Hostel open It will take a month at the earliest.The pine and cypress trees that the villagers planted when they buried their ancestors, and even some tombstones and coffin boards have not been cleaned up.

Mayor Meng, I think this idea is good.Secretary Yang glanced at the last seat Han Chaoyang from the platoon said with a smile In the stage of land acquisition and relocation, including the ongoing demolition, and even the security of the engineering headquarters, the security services are provided by the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.The community voluntary cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract security patrol brigade led by the administrative office, Comrade Su Xian, secretary of the party branch of the Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, also serves as the instructor of the patrol brigade, and the policeman of the Huayuan Street Police Station also serves as the team leader.Health.The police force of the public security is limited after all, no matter how many demands you make, there is nothing he can do Of course, Deputy Mayor Meng knew that it would be better for a security company that accepts the leadership of the street and the guidance of the police station to be responsible for the security of the entire East City transportation hub project, but this involves funds.

Do you want to act Dozens of team members went here at once, and there was no one on duty here, so Director Su asked us to come and help.I am here, and Lao koi cbd gummies Xie is also here, and he is at the south gate.Almost forgot, after Chaoyang Village was revoked Some of these village cadres were assigned to the sanitation station, some were assigned to the comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade of the street, and some automatically transitioned to the community neighborhood committee and became community workers of the neighborhood committee.However, considering that they are both village cadres and villagers, their original home was demolished, and they needed to find a place to settle down for the whole family, so they gave them a month s leave.Han Chaoyang was about to ask him if he was renting a house or bought a house in the city, when he suddenly opened the door and said with a smile, Accountant Huang, we haven t seen each other for a long time Hello Zhang Zhishu, Zhang Zhishu, what have you been up to these days I haven t seen you go to the office for a long time.

Cousin s. Do you have his phone number Yes, I have his number, why don t you hang up first, and I ll look for it and send it to you. Okay, sorry for the trouble. I waited for about two minutes , Lao Song sent Hang Weifang s mobile phone number.Han Chaoyang recorded the mobile phone number, immediately dialed it again, and asked, Lao Song, do you know how he got to Macau I didn t have this condition before, but now I have the condition.I m interested in going to Hong Kong and Macau.My family s old Xu said what s the point of just going to us.He planned to take the children with him during the winter vacation at the end of the year.Now that I think about it, it s lucky that I didn t go with them.Go.They, who else besides Wei Haicheng There are a lot of people, including Ding Songkang and Chu Hongbao from our first team, Kong Xuekun from the second team, Jiang Yuan from the fourth team, Yu Ming and Du Ji an from the fifth team, and others.

I don t worry.The water and electricity lines are all buried HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract in the wall and poured in the floor., if the decoration is broken and the water leaks downstairs, people will definitely come to me.I took the time to check it out the day before yesterday, and found that he has not renovated and has not lived in it since he rented it.Why don t you rent a house Are you suspicious This is a bit strange Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice Old Fan, you should have a spare key, have you checked in He changed the door lock, and my key is useless, so I can t get in.Then how do you know that there is no one inside Where do you live I asked the opposite door, and the old lady at the opposite door said that she had never seen anyone.Lao Fan walked towards a car that cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract had just stopped, and said as he walked, I feel something is wrong.

Han is cbd gummies legal in georgia Chaoyang patted the little girl s head, and asked with a smile, Xinxin, do you like it here I like it Xie Lingling, who was playing in the song, struggled and said, Grandma Huang, Grandma Huang, let me play it again Not now, let s play it tomorrow.Just as he was coaxing, Ling Bin got up and walked over.In front of the children, he wanted to ask but couldn t.Seeing him hesitating to speak, Han Chaoyang turned back and smiled and said, Xinxin, uncle goes out with your father to smoke a cigarette, and you play with Grandma Huang, you have to listen is cbd gummies bad for your heart to uncle police.My mother said smoking is harmful.Health.He is so old, but he is in charge Han Chaoyang thought it was funny and ironic, and thought to himself that your mother knows that smoking is harmful to health, so doesn t she know that drug use is more terrible than smoking, but these words obviously cannot be said to cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract children, so he smiled slightly, turned and walked out of the hall.

Instead, Vice Minister Jiang was a little embarrassed, and asked embarrassingly Do you want to send you Car No, we have a car.Chapter 475 Looking for more than just a mobile phone to watch Han Chaoyang cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract and Grandpa Gu go, Vice Minister Jiang walked to the flower bed in front of the small restaurant, took out his mobile phone to dial pick up the phone.Xiao Tan, I asked about your lover.It s not that they don t help, it s because the superiors are very strict with them now.Not only do they have records, but they also have to give timely feedback.The office where your lover hired a foreign teacher also knows about it.If you don t do business properly, your superiors will deal with them And the Immigration Administration Law does have clear provisions, yes, yes, you can only accept punishment for doing her work, and you have to have a good attitude.

When he mentioned the anti pickup team, he said happily With money and people, and with the help of Chief Gu, please ask the old anti pickup team to become a master.I m sure the anti pickup team can do it.As a result, the street money embezzlement cases at can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies in clarksville tn the East Bus Station and even the area under the jurisdiction of our police platform can definitely be controlled, but it is impossible to cure them.After three months of hard attack, they will rise again in a few months.This is not true.It s a matter of solution, after all we only have a total of three months funding. And most of the street crimes are small cases, even if they can be caught, they may not be enough for a sentence.Many thieves are caught and they ll just talk about the facts and just confess to being caught.This is the current one.

It s not that I don can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies in clarksville tn t believe it, it s that I really don t know.Now that I know it, I will have a chance to introduce it later.Okay, call him when you re not busy, ask him to come over, and ask him to treat us to HCMUSSH cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract dinner.Just as Grandpa Gu was helping Han Chaoyang make connections , Han Chaoyang suddenly got up and announced again Thank you Liu Suo, Comrades, please wait, then please raise your fists like me and swear an oath in front of the national flag.Yes Wu Junfeng, the deputy squadron leader, responded first without hesitation.There is no oath for the auxiliary police, and Liu Suo and instructor Xu think that it must be more formal and there must be an oath link.Han Chaoyang can only change the oath of the people s police, holding back a smile and shouting with his right fist I swear I voluntarily become an auxiliary policeman of the People s Republic of China and dedicate myself to the noble cause of the people s public security Wu Junfeng reacted and quickly said I swear I voluntarily become an auxiliary policeman of the People s Republic of China and dedicate myself to the noble cause of people s public security Resolutely be loyal to the party, serve the people, enforce the law fairly, and be disciplined After leading the anti pickup team members to take the oath, Han Chaoyang turned around and asked everyone to return to their original positions, and then asked Liu Suo to speak.

Liu Suo won t have any objections.Old Tang untied his belt, took off the law enforcement recorder, and said with a half smile I met Lao Ding at dinner tonight, and Lao Ding was very well informed.He said that the branch office needs to be adjusted.The leadership team of our institute, Gu Suo is going to be transferred to our Xinyuan Street Police Station as an instructor, and Bao Suo as the director, and the appointment will probably be announced tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Really What are you doing lying to you No frosty chill cbd gummies reviews wonder Liu Suo is in the morning I was asked to go back to the institute tomorrow night because I wanted to send Gu Suo off.Bao Suo is your senior brother, you are not happy with Bao Suo s promotion I m happy, but I have too many capable seniors.Ju Shi is already the executive deputy director of the Municipal Bureau.

As for the children, you can have them what do cbd gummies do to your body cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract later.Go back and do Xiao Huang s work, and be a cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract good friend of Xiao Huang.After work, talk to the parents on both sides, I believe they will understand.Chapter 503 Police District Sheriff The political commissar seemed to have no concept of personal privacy, he wanted to know everything, asked about everything in detail, and said a lot of encouraging words such as cherish honor and continue hard work.Before I knew it, more than an hour passed.I thought I could go to work, but Director Wen went out to answer the phone, turned around and whispered a few words into Commissar Huang s ear, and then turned around and said, Xiao Han, Ju Zhou and Ju Du want to Talk to you about work, and you are not busy this afternoon, so come with me.Han Chaoyang was taken aback, thinking to himself what happened to the leaders today But no what do cbd gummies do to your body cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract matter how I thought about it, I soothe you cbd gummies couldn t think of a reason, so I could only stand at attention and salute to say goodbye to the political commissar again, and could only bite the bullet and follow Director Wen into the director s office.

It s the same with the elements, compare performance with achievement, and whoever is not convinced will arrest two murderers and recruit two voluntary security patrols The young man s achievements are obvious to all, and this ideological work should not be difficult to do.Liu Jianye is cbd gummies considered drugs sighed softly, and said with a wry smile Two at a time, Bureau Du said they would arrange for two policemen to come over, but they are all newcomers, and they are undergoing training at the police officer training center.Don t say that you won t be able to get on duty for a while, even tomorrow Just to report for duty, you have to practice for a can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies in clarksville tn year or two before you can stand alone.It would be great if there are two like Xiao Wu.I told Director Du that we have to choose this time, and Director Du agreed.That s good Obtaining a marriage certificate is also a big deal Huang Ying purposely put on the wool coat and sweater she bought a few days ago, thinking that Han Chaoyang didn t even have a suit, so she waited for the cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract mall to open and bought one.

Director Wen hopes that you can make a program.Good.The leader obviously didn t want the band to play any music, but mainly girls, and beautiful girls The girls in the PolyU Symphony Orchestra are more beautiful than the other.If they can participate in social activities, the atmosphere will definitely be active.After all, although there are not many female police officers in the branch, almost all of them are married or even have children.Girls are compared.Han Chaoyang couldn t help reviews for cbd gummies laughing and said, Ju Du, it s okay to invite the PolyU band to participate, but cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract clinical cbd gummies cost in order to expand its influence, improve the school s popularity, and cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract also cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract raise some funds for the event, the band registered a live broadcast account and a live broadcast platform some time ago.Signed an agreement, anyway, as long as it is an event, they will broadcast the live broadcast, even the rehearsal will be broadcast cbd gummies in clarksville tn cbd rosin gummies live.

I was on duty last night.I understand the situation.Lao Fan and I even went to the scene to see the situation.No.The seizure of this case of illegal transportation, storage, and sale of fireworks and firecrackers is purely a case of beating rabbits, if it wasn t for Han Chaoyang s Xinyuan Street Police Station, he wouldn t be able to show his face.Zhou Ju went to the district for a meeting early in the morning, and at noon he accompanied the Municipal Bureau and the police station.The leader of the fire brigade inspected and really didn t know what was going on.He asked curiously, Did Han Chaoyang provide the clue Fan Bureau s thoughts.Just knowing the results of the battle, I didn t expect to dispatch hundreds of people last night to make such a big commotion Zhou Ju suddenly realized, rubbing his chin and muttering It can be seen that the combat effectiveness cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract of the patrol team can stand the test of actual combat.

The reason why I can t come is because the superiors have come to an inspection team, and they have to prepare relevant materials in the bureau. Why don t you arrange a few more people, if there are not enough people, why set up so cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract many windows The real estate bureau has a staff, not to recruit people You can recruit people.Huang Ying invited them to the side, took over the file bag containing various certificates, and checked the relevant certificates for incompleteness, whether what do cbd gummies do to your body cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract there is any need to go downstairs to copy, and said apologetically You two It s just a coincidence today, not only are there few staff to handle the business, but there are also a lot of citizens who come to apply for the certificate, let me help you two to see that the materials are not complete.We prepared according to the above, and there will be no shortage.

I called beforehand, and Xing Hongchang has been waiting.The director went out to work, and Xing Hongchang, the deputy director in charge of the command center, expressed his welcome on behalf of the command center.First, he formally introduced Han Chaoyang to the auxiliary police officers on duty, and then briefly introduced the situation of the command center, especially the internal operation.In the past, he used to deal with the command center on the radio or on the phone almost every day.It was not until today that Han Chaoyang knew why the commander had changed frequently during this period.It turned out that the command center had just undergone a police reform, and the heads of the four departments in the center took turns to be on duty., Whoever is on duty is the commander A shift is 24 hours a day.

Did you see that This is the one who ran away.Yu Zhenchuan clicked the mouse to pause the screen, then raised his head and said, The real name system is required on the Internet.Even if you didn t meet those five last night, we can still find them.Internet cafes have their identities.The monk who escaped could not escape the temple.The one who escaped was different, and we found that the ID card was real, but not his own.The video just played showed that the ID card used by the suspect who fled in fear of crime was his own.It was taken out of the inner pocket of the jacket, and it was not provided by the Internet cafe for doing business in violation of laws and regulations.That is to say, it can be confirmed that the twenty seven cbd with thc gummies for pain year old man with a crew cut is wearing a short down jacket on the upper body and a black one on the lower body.

Director Feng realized that he was in serious trouble, but he was not particularly worried, and hurriedly said Bureau Chen, I don t know exactly what is going on with the anti terrorism, but there is a reason why the Xinyuan Street Police Station went to Guomao to arrest personnel, and it must be resolved quickly so as not to delay the opportunity of the war.What kind of case is so urgent No matter how important it is, can it be as important as a provincial meeting Murder case Director Feng took out his mobile phone, flipped through the surveillance screenshot forwarded by Hongbo and the arrest warrant issued by the Xichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau, and explained The suspect got into a fight with someone last night in an Internet bar under the jurisdiction of our sub bureau.After the fight, he absconded in fear of crime.

Let me tell you the truth, I promise I will never go to an Internet cafe again, but cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract you have to count on what you say, assuming that what happened tonight didn t cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract happen, don t tell my dad, don t let my dad know. Sorry, you have no chips right now Talk to me about the conditions.How can you not tell my dad Han Chaoyang didn t want to disturb the old leader s rest so late, it was impossible to call the instructor Guan in the middle of the night, pretending to be impatient and said Look at your Attitude, hurry up, don t waste time. All right, let me say, my dad s surname is He, He Dafu, I m He Xiaofu, I m fifteen this year, sixteen after the end of the year, and I won t be a minor in a few days I m dead.Hahahaha, it turns out that Lao He is your father So you are Lao He s son Han Chaoyang couldn t control his burst of laughter, and after laughing, he couldn t help asking Old He is your father, so what can cbd gummies help with anxiety cbd gummies in clarksville tn do you say did the sharks invest in cbd gummies about you My mother is also my colleague, if I remember correctly, she should be the internal staff of the Criminal Police No.

The person who answered the phone just now said that you are very busy.You are busy and I am not busy.I am on the way to your squadron.I will help you send Xiaofu there.Before Gong Mulan could speak, He Xiaofu called out pitifully Mom, I was wrong, and I will never dare again You are wrong, how many times have you admitted your mistakes, and how many times have you written a letter of guarantee You will not correct after being taught.I think you are itchy itchy Before sending the child to her, Han Chaoyang shouted to beat her, and Han Chaoyang hurriedly said, Sister Gong, don t get excited, isn t it just surfing the Internet, what s the big deal Xiaofu s attitude was very good just now, and he knew he was wrong., I promised me that I would not sneak out to surf the Internet again.I also promised him that I would not be beaten after returning home.

Han Chaoyang s personal situation, and then an explanation about the exceptional promotion.According to the Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres , cadres who are particularly outstanding or have special needs for work can break through the qualification requirements or be promoted to leadership positions.Comrade Han Chaoyang was willing to contribute and serve the community during his work at the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.The Chaoyang Community, Yangguan Village, Yanyang University of Science and Technology, and the Sixth People s Hospital of the city were located on both sides of Zhongshan Road.The turnover of personnel is high and the situation is complicated.Comrade Han Chaoyang started by consolidating the foundation of community policing, with the goal of cleaning up the sources of public security chaos in the community and cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract actively developing a safe community.

A coordinator took out a fine ticket and held it in front of him We will issue you a fine receipt, All fines are handed over to the district finance, and all mobile phone payments are also transferred to the do cbd gummies go bad district finance account.Do you understand the two lines of income and expenditure Don t tell me these things.I have to drive.I have something urgent.You can t afford to delay me Han Chaoyang assisted the other two urban management officers to run over and squeezed into the crowd and asked, What s going on , What are you shouting about, do you know what this place is, this is a public place, do you want to disturb the order of the public place Comrade police, it s not that I want to disturb, it s that they are looking for money and looking for trouble Han Da, he Throwing cigarette butts, and still refusing to accept punishment.

The lady on the other end of the phone was amused and couldn t help laughing Okay, I believe you are a policeman, what s the matter, what do you want to know Miss Ning, do you have your cell phone Bind WeChat, what is your WeChat vest name What kind of problem is this, by the way, how do you know my surname is Ning cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract I m a policeman, I m handling a case, just want cbd oil gummy bears near me to confirm.If I tell you , What is the name of my WeChat vest, do you want me to add you, and then fool me where my bank card or credit card was stolen, or someone took it for money laundering, fool me to transfer the money in the cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract card to A designated account It was still regarded as cbd gummies amazon uk a telecommunications fraud by others Han Chaoyang was so confused, he turned around and said, Miss Ning, I m not joking with you, I m really a policeman from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.

In order not to startle the snake, let Sun Guokang park the car far away, make sure that Wu Wei and Wu Junfeng have followed, immediately take off the winter duty uniform, put on a down jacket, then call Lao Xu s mobile phone, and ask Lao Xu s location , and then took Wang Jiayong, who was also in casual clothes, to the toll parking lot diagonally opposite Karotti on foot.Chaoyang, here it is Brother Xu, I m sorry to keep you waiting.My brother, it s too outlandish to say these things, Old Xu put his phone aside and looked at Han who just got into the co pilot cbd gummies in clarksville tn cbd rosin gummies with a smile.Chaoyang said And it didn t take long, you came very quickly, I just sent a few WeChat messages, and after a few early years, you arrived.Gathering people to take drugs is a big case for us, so we must be fast.Han Chaoyang turned to look across the road, and asked eagerly How is it Are people still inside I know the proprietress s car, the two cars next to the white Mercedes Benz should belong to them.

Although the police station is noisy at night, it is lively for him.Many elderly people like him even have to turn on the TV every night to fall asleep.Han Chaoyang could understand his feelings, and said with a smile, It s good to sleep soundly.Sleep is the most important thing.I didn t watch the whole show.You can watch the replay in the afternoon.The people who repair the TV don t know what day they go to work.Even if they go to work, they don t necessarily have to go to my house to fix it first.They still can t watch it in the afternoon.I could feel that he didn t want to go back cbd gummies in clarksville tn cbd rosin gummies to that deserted mansion, and supported his arm and looked across the road Uncle Hong, the Chaoyang Neighborhood Committee is just across the street.There is an activity room for the elderly on the third floor.

I plan to let Wu Wei and Lao Hu be in charge, and I will second another four anti pickup team members.The long term Diaoyu Islands are tracking and monitoring, from Yanyang to Beijing.Anything can happen along the way, and it s impossible without five or six people.Team Liang has rich experience in handling cases, and it is most appropriate for Team Liang to lead the team to carry out this task.However, Team Liang and Sun cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract Guokang have just taken the suspect to the compulsory drug rehabilitation center for a urine test.He and Sun Guokang can no longer show their faces.Wu Wei, who dares to fight and fight hard, may be the best choice in front of him.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly No problem, anyway, we are not very busy these days, Wu Wei can get out.Where are you going to pick up your teammates You know Xiaokang, a police officer.

Even if you can buy a train ticket at the train station, you still have to stay in a hotel when you arrive in Beijing What are you talking about We tested you according to the law.If you are not convinced, you can apply for administrative reconsideration.What administrative reconsideration Just complain to us and ask the higher authority for an explanation.Complain to you, pretend I don t know, You are in the same group, and officials and officials protect each other Qiao Peiming, with your attitude, I think your punishment may be too light.Han Chaoyang looked up at him through the rearview mirror, and said coldly You fraudulently According to regulations, you can be fined up to 1,000 yuan, or even detained for ten days.Considering that the urine test results show that you have not smoked, katie couric cbd gummie the fraudulent use of other people s ID card is only for the convenience of travel, not for engaging in illegal and criminal activities, and you are only fined five Bai, you are still here endlessly, do you want to go back Okay, okay, I won t say it.

One is that Qiao Peiming is really suspicious, and the other is that the gun is not the same.I didn t take it into Beijing, and I took the initiative to deposit it at the police station as soon as I arrived at the checkpoint.No one knew the law and broke the law, and no one broke the law. Don t speak up for him.You have only known him for a few days.If you are a good player, forget about other aspects.Zhou Ju said yesterday that this is the last time, if you make trouble for us again, and make any jokes, don t do it as the director Political commissar, this is not a trouble.It was inappropriate to discuss these things with a deputy section level policeman, and Political Commissar Huang changed his subject Don t talk about it, I still have something to do, and I ll leave it to you in Beijing.

It s not for other reasons.The main reason is that the more I work, the more I feel that I need to recharge my batteries.They are either transferred from the army to cadres or graduated from the police academy.Yes, I either know the law or know how to use computers.I have a special skill.I graduated from the Conservatory of Music, and after being admitted as a civil servant, I received three months of training at the Police Officer Training Center Zhou Ju nodded slightly, and looked at him with a smile.Slowly said Knowing your own shortcomings, wanting to recharge, wanting to take the postgraduate entrance examination is a good thing, but some comrades think more about it, and want to take the postgraduate entrance examination to get a master s degree so that they can work in a better unit in the future and have a broader development.

There are more than 60,000 RMB, several thousand Hong Kong dollars in the bag, a mobile phone, and a bunch of cosmetics that are not cheap.Minister Jiang has asked, and I have to go and have a look.Which Professor Liu There are so many professors in the school, I How can I know you Huang Ying was sensitive when she mentioned a woman, she raised her head and asked, You don t know which Professor Liu it is, how do you remember her name Didn t I just come back from the Second Squadron It s progressing, I ve introduced the basic situation of the victim, it s normal if I know it, it s not normal if I don t know it, it means your husband s memory is wrong.Huang Ying also realized that this jealousy was a little unreasonable, she thought about it and asked curiously How s the fault Since the leader of your bureau asked you to be the fault, you have to show something Mentioning these things, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said It s not a blessing to lose one s horse.

That child wanted cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract to be a policeman and the People s Liberation Army since he was a child.The quality of teaching in the elementary school in the village is not good.The foundation of 3000mg cbd gummies the elementary school is not good.The junior high school can t keep up.The high school is not admitted.The police are If he failed, he wanted to be a soldier in the army.It is not so easy for rural children to be soldiers.He ran to my house from left to right, and I went to the village to find someone from the military department, and tried to send him to the army.The army is fine, but something happened to the security guard after retiring from the army. Secretary Jiang, Cheng Quan is not a security guard, he is an auxiliary police officer of the Huayuan Street Police Station of our Yandong Public Security Bureau, and also a member of the anti pickup squadron of our Yandong Public Security Bureau s voluntary security patrol brigade.

It s not that they went to the community to register by themselves, but a woman in her twenties took their ID card to register. The company helped them go to the community for registration Well, that woman opened I went there in a red BMW car, carrying a brand name leather bag, wearing a cashmere coat, gold necklace, gold earrings, gold rings, jewels, and elegance, so Xiao Sun was quite impressed.What else By the way, we The woman whose surname was found was Fang Gaoya, from Wuqu County, Dongshan Province, 28 years old this year, with no criminal record, and rented with two other men in Room 1601, Building 2, City Garden.The members lived in the cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract Xinyuan Street Police Station s jurisdiction.Naturally, Bao Qingshan would not just assist, but he couldn t spare the police force for a while, so he said again after thinking about it Chaoyang, I ll call Old Tang and Xiao Miao later.

Under control, there will be no problem even if there are any changes in those pyramid schemes.Okay, then wait.Zou Ju smiled reluctantly, and the faces of the other deputy directors of the Market Supervision Bureau became uglier one by one., Han Chaoyang felt a little strange, so he simply got up and said, Fan Ju, you mean Liu Suo and Bao Suo, why don t I go out and have a look.It s not that they don t know the way, don t go, just wait here As soon as Fan Ju finished speaking, Lao Qian s voice came from Han Chaoyang s intercom Han cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract Da Han Da, three cars came, two from a TV station, and one from a newspaper office.They said they were here for an interview.Would you like to let me go Come in Reporters from TV stations and newspapers Yes, they are reporters with a press card.What are the reporters doing here Isn t this adding to the chaos Han Chaoyang was muttering, Fan Ju suddenly smiled and said, Let the reporters come in.

Because of poor management, the restaurant closed and the borrowed money was not repaid.I was sued by the creditors and sued by the People s Court of Heqing County.Listed as the dishonest person subject to enforcement, that is, the so called Lao Lai.But according to our investigation today by the police, it is found that he is not the same as those Lao Lai.Some time ago, I dealt with the police situation caused by a loan dispute.At that time, Miao Haizhu also said that the net of joint punishment against dishonesty is becoming more and more dense, but he did not consider pnw natural health cbd gummies that a considerable number of dishonesty belonged to entrepreneurial failures and were unable to repay.Many difficult to enforce cases cannot be enforced at all, and it is difficult for those dishonest cbd gummies in clarksville tn cbd rosin gummies people who have failed to start a business to have a chance to make a comeback.

The catching of traitors tonight was really satisfying, Huang Ying sneered and said, If you hate it, you can hate it.How can you not offend people when you are a policeman.That s right, I don t care if he s happy or not.Oh, now that I think about it, how did you deal with it, where did they go now Han Chaoyang briefly talked about the result, thought about it and smiled again How he ends up is his business, but he will definitely not live in a youth hostel again.He paid the room fee for a year.You d better ask mom to ask about it.Zhang Beibei, if he doesn t live, the rent will be refunded or not.He said he would live there for a year, and he was given a discount.It was very favorable, and he signed an agreement.His breach of contract is not a breach of contract by the hotel, so why give him a refund You can t do business like this.

Everyone laughed just now Inspector Gu, Han Da, I think that as long as they meet the two characteristics of body and weight, we should pay attention to it.I still think it is not reliable to judge the age through footprints.I think it is worth deliberating whether the murderer is lame.He s really pretending to be lame, and he s pretending to be very similar, so we re being misled by him Okay, that s it Grandpa Gu made a final decision, Han Chaoyang divided the work, and then announced the adjournment of the meeting.Everyone split up and started planning according to the plan.Considering that this is a small task force under the leadership of the task force, Han Chaoyang called and reported the results of the discussion and the division of labor here.Liu Jianye did not expect their speculation to be so bold.

He didn t let him see him off, so he went home early to rest.They slept a lot, but Liu Jianye was very busy, but he was very happy.He could be called busy and happy.Case 14 has just made who invented smilz cbd gummies cbd gummies with ultra pure hemp extract a breakthrough.Please organize the investigation police to rush to Taoyuan New Village in Xinyuan Street.I will send you the specific location later and arrange for the police to wait near the community.I will also call the Xinyuan Street Police Station later, and ask the Xinyuan Street Police Station to arrange community police assistance Liu Jianye kept calling and giving orders frequently.Bureau Liu and Bureau Feng who rushed to the task force did not want to affect his deployment.Just go into the meeting room and sit down and wait.Old Xu, who is involved in the whole process of handling the case and is responsible for spending money, sees the chief and deputy chief have arrived, and is about to find a cup to make tea.

I got some of the surveillance video of Taoyuan New Village, 100mg cbd gummy and I have to go to the map investigation, not only to check the surveillance of the community, but also to extract and review the surveillance around the community.The greatest achievement is to solve the case, and Liu Jianye does not need to rob the old subordinates and veterans.Thanks to the comrades, I took the cigarette from Liu Qiuping, and continued I plan to personally lead a team to Dongguang to arrest the suspects.Lao Xu has already booked the air tickets for us, but as soon as I leave here, there will be no leader.It s okay, don t worry, go and arrest him.Old Feng is here.Yes, leave it to me.Chapter 754 Yu Xiufen 1 Has an address, and is assisted by comrades from the Criminal Police Brigade of Heqing County Public Security Bureau , Qin Tao, Mao Kangle, and Sun Molin, the captain of the Second Criminal Police Squadron of the Yandong Sub bureau, arrived at Dannan Village in only 46 minutes from the county seat.

The money is given to the security company of the city bureau, regardless of the situation of the branch bureau.Besides, Hongliang earns some security.It s not that the fee is in his own pocket, nor is it to help the branch to do a good job in security prevention and control.Just as Han Chaoyang and Liu Hui were chatting with Grandpa Gu about Xu Hongliang, Political Commissar Huang and Director Feng were also sitting in the director s office to prepare Mention Chaoyang Community Security Service Company with Liu Qiuping.The reason why I want to mention the security company and Xu Hongliang is because I received a notice from the district in the morning.In response to the call for national fitness and to increase the popularity of Yandong District, the district decided to hold an international marathon next month.

Huang Ying reacted, Exclaimed Really, even Dongming Community can automatically recognize it now.Ticket recognition is nothing.I heard that the Municipal Bureau will soon implement a face recognition system, and it plans to apply it to our upcoming international marathon in Yandong.Don t worry.There are tens of thousands of people at once, but as long as there are fugitives among the contestants, the system can still identify him from tens of thousands of people.This technology is good, if it can be promoted, it will be much easier for you dr formulated cbd stress relief gummies in the future.That s right.Han Chaoyang was bragging when his cell phone rang suddenly.He glanced at the caller ID and found that it was Shan Ketian, who had just been transferred from the security company to the construction site of the East Long distance Bus Station as the squad leader.

Director Huo was furious when there was an industrial accident and wanted to shirk responsibility Mr.Tao, this is not a place to talk.If you don t want to be ordered to cbd gummies are they legal suspend work for rectification, you can command the headquarters with us.Old Hu, don t say a few words.The deputy director of the Safety Supervision Bureau is on the side.Mr.Tao realized the seriousness of the problem and hurriedly said Let s go to the headquarters together.There is no accident when doing projects.Just solve the problem.Fan Ju wants to go together, of course Han Chaoyang has to follow, and as he walks, he thinks that Xu Min s death is really It s really timely, if it takes three or four days to die, maybe he really looks like Hu As the boss said, it is not considered a work related accident.They rushed to the conference room on the first floor of the engineering headquarters, and the government officials including Han Chaoyang sat on the north side, and Mr.

Fellow, my family is in the same village and the same villager group.I have a criminal record.I was sentenced to three neurogan cbd gummy bears years in prison for intentionally hurting people seven years ago.After I came out, I couldn t find a job.I didn t have any skills.I drove a crane on the construction site, and later bought a car to run Didi.Han Chaoyang looked at Wu Weigang s ID card information obtained by using the police pass, and couldn t help laughing He has a criminal record, so he is the expert behind Luo Weixing Suspected of harboring, it seems that we have to go to a few more people and arrest two.What did Liu Suo say Wu Wei couldn t help asking.Liu Suo agreed.Han Chaoyang put down Wu Wei s police phone, picked up his phone again and called Yu Zhenchuan.Yu Zhenchuan was having dinner with a group of girls, and as soon as he connected, he asked Chaoyang, let s eat first, when will you arrive Are you busy these days If you want to say busy, it s not busy any day, but it s not particularly busy.

He Qiyuan knew that she liked to drink red bean milk tea, so he ordered it for her earlier, and also ordered a cup of taro flavored one for Nie Xuan.Zheng Yutong couldn t care less about drinking it, and asked eagerly as soon as he sat down How is the matter going Is there any play Fulfilling the mission, it s finally done.Really Nie Xuan couldn t believe his ears, because this bold idea belonged to Zheng Yutong, and he felt unreliable from the beginning to the end.There is no hope of holding a concert in such a prestigious venue.Although our student union and even our youth league committee have no power or money, we have enthusiasm, resources, and a platform.He Qiyuan smiled smugly.Zheng Yutong couldn t see him showing off the most, holding a milk tea and asked Don t worry, is it the Provincial Art Center or Yanyang Grand Theater Yanyang Grand Theater.

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