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Just halfway through the Fa conference, Gu Mingzhu started to shake her body.Mrs.Lin looked at her frowning daughter and asked with concern, What s the matter Gu Mingzhu looked at her mother and shut her mouth I want to go Mrs.Lin realized that it had been too long, and Zhuzhu probably wanted to go clean the room, so she stood up and prepared to go with her daughter.Ma am, Mrs.Zhou called out to Mrs.Lin when she realized something was wrong, Ruzhang will go with Zhuzhu, and we will send offerings later.Zhou Ruzhang nodded reluctantly under his mother s gaze.After Mrs.Cui Si, the mother immediately stepped forward to talk about family affairs warmly, so she naturally couldn t avoid getting along with Gu Mingzhu.Mrs.Lin looked at the guards around her, felt a little more at ease, and whispered to the mother in charge Please help arrange a meditation room, little novice, and let Zhuzhu wait for me cbd gummies hillstone hemp in the meditation room in the backyard.

There seemed to be a few people sitting on the ground in the darkness.She couldn t see them clearly, but she knew that those eyes were on her Even though he had prepared for it, his heartbeat would inevitably speed up at this time.What are these people doing hiding here I only heard Mrs.Chen say Xiaoer s energy has improved these few days, but she took her medicine.Xiaoer is thinking about you, so let me bring her here.The man s voice was hoarse Why bother.People Let s take a look when everyone is here, this HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp is Xiaoer s intention.As soon as Mrs.Chen finished speaking, Gu Mingzhu turned and walked out of the house.Hey, what are you doing, lady Mrs.Chen hurried to stop her.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the room, then waved her hand, as if she was very scared.It s all here, are you afraid that we won t admit it I ll give you the money first.

They have not had time to clean up when they first arrived.Everyone is too busy to touch the ground, and they have never sent someone to guard there.The problem is that there is only one key.The mother in charge reached out and touched it.The key cbd gummies hillstone hemp at the waist, the cold key in her hand exudes a chill.She has always hung the key on her waist.Although she never touches it from time to time, since it is still here, it can be seen that she has never lost it.How can you take something without a key Mrs.Lin Tai said Call Zhuzhu over and I ll ask her.Others can lie, Zhuzhu can t tell lies.After a cup of tea, Gu Mingzhu was invited into the room.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin picked up the doll and said intentionally, Tell aunt, who gave it to you Gu Mingzhu stared at the doll, then opened her mouth and said crisply Me.

Mrs.Lin was patient Auntie said, who gave this to you.Gu Mingzhu blinked her eyes, her expression seemed to be very sure I.It was me.I dare say it for fear that you won t believe it The next chapter, Dabai, appears.Chapter 23 Stolen Mrs.Lin Tai s chest filled with anger is even more painful at this moment.How could it be this silly girl who knew about this matter.No matter how she asked, Zhuzhu always had this bewildered expression, she seemed to be stepping on cotton, no matter how hard she struggled, it was useless.Mrs.Lin Tai s whole body seemed to be gushing out from the top of her head, and this feeling was going to drive her crazy.The Marquis of Huaiyuan has no successors, and sooner or later there will cbd gummies hillstone hemp be chaos.At that time, the clan sister will have no idea, so why not ask her to help clean up the mess Thinking that she will have to face Zhuzhu in the cbd gummies cape town chris evans onris cbd gummies future, Mrs.

After Mrs.Cui Si left with her people, Mrs.Lin seemed to have lost her soul Sitting on the chair, now she hopes that the ancestral grave was struck by lightning, which has nothing to do with what she arranged, maybe the two immortals haven cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews t had time to do it, otherwise, it will be difficult for Brother Zhen to explain.Brother Zhen is not as caring as Brother Wei, if it is her fault, maybe he will not help her cover it up, and then she will lose all prestige in the clan.Thinking of this in her heart, Mrs.Lin s palms were sweating The green smoke was billowing from the mountain not far away, Gu Mingzhu stopped to take a look, then turned and continued to walk forward.She didn t go to the Cui family s ancestral grave, but to go to those villages.Only by seeing it with her own eyes can she be sure whether her guess is right or not.

Giving them some silver money can also be explained, but the most convenient ones to use in the market are copper coins cbd gummies hillstone hemp and one two weight broken silver.In order not to be noticed, Master Cui Si should give such silver coins.What s more, the fineness of Chen Er s silver is very good.This kind of fineness is either made by an official or from a big company, and the incision of the silver Chen Er gave her is very new, as if it has just been cut from a silver cake or silver ingot.In addition, Chen Er also mentioned gold, and Master Cui Si would not give gold to the quarryman, so cbd gummies hillstone hemp will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test where did his gold come from When Chen Er mentioned these things, Mrs.Chen was very shy, and she was even unwilling to let Chen Er spend the money.Obviously, the money was not visible.The quarrymen may have also done banditry and other businesses, but the recent robberies of merchants are not necessarily all their work.

She would probably be happy to see it.Back free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp then, she was deeply trapped in the prison, abandoned by her family, and could be convicted at any time, but she still distributed medicine with Sun Langzhong, and even argued with the jailer for the patients HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp in the prison.It s a pity that those red bean cakes were only placed in front of her grave for a while after all.Back then at the banquet at the Eldest Princess Mansion, he avoided people and sneaked out to enjoy a moment of leisure, and saw her in the garden for the same purpose.She walked over with her maid, leaving her to let the wind out on the bluestone road, and found a flat Shoushan stone to sit under the cherry tree., she tapped her shoulder lightly with her hands, her brows stretched out, she was so comfortable and lazy.After a while, she raised her head and looked at the fallen cherry blossom petals.

I just exchanged Geng Tie with Zhou s family, and at night I dreamed that the fairy told me that Zhou s It will bring disaster to our family.As expected, the big tree of the eldest princess fell down.The fairy appeared again and said that there was something wrong with Zhou s tomb, which would affect the life of the Cui family and me.It can be avoided.In the future, when I see Mrs.Zhou after a hundred years, I will definitely settle this account with her.As soon as Mrs.Lin finished speaking, the steward came to report again Mrs.Tai, Mrs.Wednesday and Miss Tuesday are here.Mrs.Lin was even more angry.If Brother Zhen didn t hand over Yu s mother to the clan, maybe the where to buy cbd gummies cbd gummies hillstone hemp Zhou family would be of some use, and now it would only add to her troubles.What kind of crime did she do Zhou Rujun s tomb was in good condition, but she was ashamed and paid for it.

The steward came forward to ask, and Cui Zhen cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews looked away.Today s mother s words reminded him that it may not be that simple for Huaiyuan Hou to lose his horse in Shanxi.Could it be that Huaiyuan Hou knew something and deliberately took the court s horse The eyes were drawn to Shanxi, and the incident in Shanxi could not be covered up, so someone came up with Li Daitao s plan to get those people to take the blame.At this time, he had to come to Gu s house to find out.Cui Zhen sat on the chair.Mrs.Lin asked first How is the situation of the Cui family s ancestral grave Cui Zhen said It didn t cause too much trouble.Mrs.Lin nodded That s good.It has collapsed, but he knows that the real sky is not in the ancestral grave but in front of his eyes.Auntie, the burning of the Cui cbd gummies hillstone hemp family s ancestral grave is actually related to this bandit case.

Moreover, she helped Mr.Wei obtain important witnesses in an orderly manner, so she can be regarded as a meritorious person.Gu Mingzhu arched her back and pulled her clothes, trying not to show her figure, standing there trembling like this, looking very pitiful, as if trying to explain something, waving her hands and feet non stop, but because she couldn t Talking, only some strange noises can be made in the throat.Wei Yuanchen looked at it coldly, but it was just a way to lie to him, delaying time like this was waiting for someone to come to help.Wei Yuanchen glanced at the woods not far away, and reached out to pull the cloth covering the doctor s face.My lord As the voice sounded, a cbd gummies hillstone hemp will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test figure sprang out from the woods and ran straight to this side, but it was too late, Wei Yuanchen easily got the cloth, and the doctor tried to stop it, how could he fight it In the blink of an eye, the doctor Bubo slipped from the top of his head.

Nie Chen couldn t help but raise his head when he heard this.Wei Yuanchen said Since you have been doing detective work all year round, you should be familiar with the laws and regulations of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Those who steal people s property are bandits.No matter how many times you succeed, whoever robbed you.Nie Chen pursed his lips and said after a long while But if they are forced Of course it can be dealt with according to circumstances, Wei Yuanchen slightly raised his brows, but it must be guaranteed that they will not take advantage of the chaos, otherwise if there is a conflict with the court, no one can say no.Clear.Nie Chen swallowed, Master Wei seemed to know where those people are now, and what Master Wei said was right, as long as the court took action, those people would go to save people.

I really regard him as the master of Qingtian.Miss Gu s naive face appeared in front of Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Throwing these things to him was just to let him open the way every day optimal cbd gummies for her.She must have other plans.Wei Yuanchen looked at Liu Su Take care of those people first, and let me arrange everything.Liu Su responded.Wei Yuanchen went to look at Nie Chen again Keep an eye on the Cui family and the Zhou family.Nie Chen was startled.Could it be that the Cui family and the Zhou family are also related to this matter If Mr.Wei knows something that they don t know, he must tell the elder immediately.Nie Chen took Liu Su away, and brought tea to Wei Yuanchen on the ninth day of the ninth day Master, isn t this a good thing They came do full spectrum cbd gummies help sleep to seek refuge after seeing him being so heroic.I think Nie Chen is not bad, not as good as the cbd gummies hillstone hemp third master.

Wednesday Mrs.Wednesday, your family killed someone.Mrs.Wednesday s heart trembled, and the people around Fool Gu were indeed out of their minds, and the girl looked pitifully, as if she Immediately, it seems like bad luck.Go and have a look.Mrs.Wednesday ordered the guards around her to step forward.Mrs.Lin looked around, feeling a bad premonition in her heart, she turned to look at Gu Mingzhu, luckily Zhuzhu was not frightened, her big eyes were still looking into the grass, watching the little bird on the ground jump.Zhuangtou led the servants of Cui s family over to check.Several people worked together to dig up the pit, revealing the corpse below.The face of the corpse was covered with blood and mud, but after careful inspection, it was still somewhat recognizable.It s Sun Yong Zhuangtou shouted, This is Sun Yong.

Why did the magistrate Han, who is thoughtful and considerate to others, come to Zhuangzi today Did he happen to meet Cui Wei and want to ask Mrs.Lin about the case What a coincidence.After Wang Zhifu died seven years ago, the biggest beneficiary happened to be Han Zhifu.Han Yu came to Taiyuan Mansion only after the Pearl Thief case.It stands to reason that he didn t know what happened seven years ago, neither Lu Shenzhi nor Yan Hao would tell him the truth.Let her test it now to see if keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies Han Yu really knows nothing.A person who concentrates on the layout will ignore some small details, which is why when the power cbd gummy bears holland and barrett mantis catches the cicada, he neglects the danger approaching him.Mr.Wei has worked so hard to get what he has now, if she can t make use of it, HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp she will feel sorry for Mr.Wei.Now all the troubles on her body have been shaken off, and her shell has shed a layer, which can be considered relaxed.

Just hook your finger lightly, and the arrow will shoot out.Master Wei Cui Wei s face changed drastically, Your Excellency, no, my mother is still there, angering those criminals, my mother s life may not be saved.Cui Wei said to look at Cui Zhen next to him, obviously asking Cui Zhen asked for help, but Cui Zhen just watched all this quietly.Wei Yuanchen s face was cold and his expression remained unchanged, as if he hadn t heard Cui Wei s words at all.His left arm sank, his elbow turned inward, he pushed the bow away, and his fingers loosened cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews the string.His movements were as smooth as flowing clouds and flowing water.An arrow whoosh shot out.Before the murderer standing at the front of the stone archway could react, he was shot through the head by an arrow and fell to the ground without any struggle.

That s why she held a sharp weapon that night, fighting for herself, and would not be easily manipulated.It took Wei Yuanchen a long time to pull his thoughts back.It is also reasonable for the Pearl Thief who often walks in the street to use such things to deal with Han Yu.Sun Langzhong picked up the old arrowhead again, opened the medicine box, took out a knife, and scraped some powder off the free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp arrowhead.It s been too long, and the properties of the medicine on it need to be carefully distinguished.Sun Langzhong couldn t help but huh when he said this, he twisted the powder with his hand, smelled it with his nose, and then unexpectedly sent his hand to the powder.Put it in your mouth and taste it.Wei Yuanchen frowned Sir.Sun Langzhong picked up the tea to rinse his mouth, and Wei Yuanchen immediately picked up the spittoon and sent it over immediately Sir, don t taste the poison at will.

She immediately looked at Wei Yuanchen, if she was bumped into by someone, how would she explain it If it is said that Mr.Wei accidentally passed out in Gu s house, I don t know how many people will believe it.Quickly, take Mr.Wei back.Chapter 74 Chu Jiu was startled when he said bad things to his face.The Gu family carried the third master over and over like this, the third master doesn t want to lose face This is known, how can this imperial envoy be done He had to tell Mrs.Lin that the Wei family had lost face and had to lose their integrity.Chu Jiu straightened his back and stood in front of Mrs.Lin, saying in a correct voice, I m afraid it s too late, I ll carry it Seeing the servant bend over to carry Wei Yuanchen on his shoulders, and then he walked to the guest room, Mrs.Lin Heaving a sigh of relief, he immediately ordered his servants What are you waiting for Take the shoulders down.

On the ninth day of the ninth day, Cui Zhen forced him to ask the whereabouts of Master Zhao Er.Where was Miss Gu when they were talking about these things Unexpectedly, Miss Gu was asked again.The third master really kept talking about Miss Gu.Chu Jiu said, Miss where to buy cbd gummies cbd gummies hillstone hemp Gu was just throwing her pocket beside her.Yes Are you eavesdropping It seems that finding Mr.Zhao Er will be able to clarify the current situation.Have someone find the whereabouts of Mr.Zhao Er.After speaking, Wei Yuanchen stood up, would she want to go out tonight Zhao Gongren disliked that the Gu family s house was too small, so after lunch, he took the two children back to the Cui family s ancestral house.Mrs.Lin was relieved to see the carriage leave, and it was finally quiet now.Mrs.Lin said Close the door After seeing off one after another, she can have a good rest.

That s why many burglaries don t hurt people s lives.Many things in the house were taken away by the yamen, but there were still cbd gummies hillstone hemp many scattered wine jars on the ground.Nie Chen said The shopkeeper and the buddy have no scars left by resistance.Gu Mingzhu thought about it, and it was even more strange.There is no scar of resistance, that is, when they found something strange, they had no strength to struggle.In this case, the thief only needs to take away the property, and there is no need to kill people.In the situation in the house, asking for money is secondary, and killing people seems to be the ultimate intention.Who will kill the shopkeeper and fellows in the shop Thinking about it this way, is it because someone deliberately gathered them here and then got rid of them together.The owner of the shop, Mr.

Zhao Gongren shook his earth kratom cbd gummy head and said I don t know him, I Wei Yuanchen said It seems that Zhao Gongren will wait until his two sons are tried.No, Zhao Gongren gritted his teeth, really cbd oils vs cbd gummies It wasn t me, that person was brought by my second brother.After saying HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp these words, she almost collapsed there.Men Zhao Gong, tell me clearly, who is the second elder brother you are talking about It is the second master Zhao.Zhao Gongren lowered his eyes.The steward of the Zhao family heard this, his face was ashen, Zhao Gongren confessed to the second master, Zhao Gongren not only failed to save the Zhao family, but actually confirmed the crime of the second master.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhao Gongren, the catastrophe was imminent, and Zhao Gongren couldn t care less about the relationship between brother and sister.

In the past, some mechanism masters were injured by this, so Junior Sister rushed to remind me.Wei Yuanchen thought again of Gu Hou who was far away in the capital.Who did Gu Hou invite to teach his daughter However, with the evidence of an expert in the agency, her cbd gummies hillstone hemp identity as the Pearl Thief will not be able to escape.Wei Yuanchen said The eight spring lock is aimed at me.The title set on it should only be opened by me.This is the same as Gu Mingzhu s conjecture.That s all for now.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he looked at Nie Chen Pay attention to the movement in the past few days, mainly the whereabouts of the second master Zhao, and remind the people not to act rashly.The prince has come to Taiyuan Mansion.He has many eyes and ears, and you can t afford to provoke him.Nie Chen nodded.

The last time Zhuzhu smashed her long lived tortoise, she hadn t punished her.The clan sister always protected this silly girl, so she taught Zhuzhu a lesson for her grandmother, so as not to cause big troubles in the future.Wei Yuanchen thought that he could plot against her in this way, but he didn t think that Jiang was still hot, she wouldn t just sit there and watch Wei Yuanchen use this to harm her younger brother.Gu Mingzhu went all the cbd gummies hillstone hemp way to the study, and she heard what Mrs.Lin and the steward s mother said just now.The steward s mother had something in her words, saying that without Lin Sizhen, Mrs.Lin would not have successfully become Mrs.Tai.What does this mean Is there any secret that was not known back then If this is the case, then the mother in charge is even more suspicious.

Some people say that this woman is just a foreigner.The name is not right and the word is not right.The master of that family works in the imperial court, so every time he comes, he will cover up to prevent people from seeing him.However, there is no evidence for these rumors.The only thing that is certain is that whether it is a neighbor or a People who did odd jobs in that house have cbd gummies or cbd oil never met the master of that house.A young woman lived alone in a big mansion all year round, no matter how tightly the news was kept secret for a long time, someone would gossip behind her back, so It is easy to find news, but many of these news are rumors, which need to be carefully distinguished and verified.Wei Yuanchen said Has anyone seen Wang Daochang come to the door Nie Chen shook his head No.Wei Yuanchen continued How long has the house been purchased Nie Chen said It has been more than six years.

It sounds like Mr.Wei has no dissatisfaction with the people in the market.Nie Chen moved back step by step, and was about to turn around and leave when he reached the door.The reason you work for Cui Zhen is not just to investigate this case, is it Wei Yuanchen s cold voice came If you get a client like Marquis Dingning, you will continue to do business in the future.The person who let it go said that she had no such plan, but he would never believe it.Nie Chen s back was a little stiff, and his subconscious nervousness must not have escaped Mr.Wei s eyes.He simply didn t explain it, and waited for Mr.Wei s next words.Wei Yuanchen said coldly It s true that people in the market need to support their families and start a business.I hope you can distinguish the importance.Chu Jiu s heart trembled.

Zhang in the prison.Changing Zhang into Chang is Miss Gu s way of deceiving people.For example, Jun is good at the lyre, Miss Gu can free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp also tune the piano, she is skilled in fingering, and must have worked hard for at least ten years.Miss Gu is also good at mechanism skills and is good at solving cases.Rujun does not have this, but Rujun can read and write since she was a child and can carve gold and stone Wei Yuanchen saw the scene of Miss Gu looking at the box how much are royal blend cbd gummies with ancient seal characters on it.And planning Miss Gu should be able to understand.What kind of person is Gu Mingzhu Wei Yuanchen was slightly absent minded, forgetting that the red bean cake was already placed on the table, and overturned the mold in his hand, crushing the red bean cake on the table with such a pressure.Third Lord, Chu Jiu turned pale with shock, You have ruined a plate of red bean cakes.

Huaiyuanhou said without waiting for Second Master Wei to respond, He hurriedly beat his horse and left, as if there was really something burning his ass.Looking at the back of Huaiyuanhou, the second master Wei stroked his beard again.Huaiyuanhou reminded him of the old farmer in the vegetable field when he was young, and he looked at his cabbage carefully.He just walked to the edge of the field and was about to bend over Stealing one tree was immediately discovered by the old farmer, profound natures choice cbd gummies who beat his buttocks with a clapper.Master Wei Er smacked his lips.After receiving Chu Jiu s letter, he heard that Brother Chen fell in love with Miss Gu, so he wanted to go to Gu s house to find out.Now it seems that it is not so easy.If you can t deal with the old farmers looking at the vegetable fields, you may not even see the leaves of the root vegetables.

All this is really a coincidence.Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked to Gu Mingzhu s side to check.Gu Mingzhu said If the Yang family is the daughter of Zheng Bian, there are some things that are very strange Although she is a concubine she can be regarded as a lady of a high ranking official family.If she really has selfish interests with Lin Si, she can find ways to step down on the Zhao family.Serve as the successor of Lin Sizhen.At that time, the Zhao family was not respectful, and the Zhao family was not of a high family, so how could cbd gummies hillstone hemp it be the opponent of the Zheng family Mrs.Yang Mrs.Yang left the Zheng familyto help Lin Sizhen sit in Taiyuan MansionThen Mrs.Yang is both civil and military, why should she be an outsider who will never see the light of day Unless Lin Sizhen s wife is not named as Lin Sizhen.

Gu Mingzhu nodded, then stopped Grabbing Lin Furao s arm, Mrs.Lin reached out to smooth Li Zhuzhu s temples.Cui Zhen s eyes fell on the Jiulianhuan in Gu Mingzhu s hand Have you untied HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp it Gu Mingzhu shook her head, but her face was still full of smiles, because she was a silly girl, she would only mess up Jiulianhuan rather than unraveling.Cui Zhen took a closer look, looking very curious, and Gu Mingzhu handed Cui Zhen the Jiulianhuan in his hand.Hasn t Cui Zhen played with this kind of thing before Not far away, Chu Jiu gnawed the stone cake in his hand and took a sip of the water in the water bag.They didn t have any accompanying women, and the third master always traveled lightly every time he went out, so they were like marching.The simplest food, eating a random bite when hungry, even if they arrived at the post how long does cbd gummies effect last house later, they would have to run around, not caring about sitting there and eating a bowl of food, he has long been used to these things, and bought them when he left Taiyuan Mansion A lot of stone cakes, these stone cakes taste much better than the usual Hubing, but now Chu Jiu suddenly feels that the stone cakes in his hand are not delicious.

Nie Chen went on to ask, Which family are you pretending to be With Junior Sister Jiang s ability, it is not difficult to deceive others, and he just thought of this.This fool, forget it, Liu cbd gummies hillstone hemp Su pretended not to hear anything.When he lived in the ruined temple, he heard that there was a good man who had more than a hundred adoptive sons.How old is the young lady Son Liu Su felt that the scene was really unimaginable.After learning the truth, will Nie Chen, who claims to be the eldest son, be beaten by others Liu Su shook his head, he thought too much, no one would believe that Nie Chen came to be a foster son.After driving for a whole day, the carriage finally arrived at the post house.There was a Zhuangzi not far from the post house.The postman asked the prince to live in the Zhuangzi, but the prince insisted on living in the post house, so as to show his virtue.

Why did the son in law come to Shanxi The mother you mentioned just now is referring to the biological mother who has passed away for many years Wei Yuanchen sat on the chair and poured two cups of tea, Would the son in law tell the truth After Wei Yuanchen said this, he looked at the sky outside It s almost dawn, I have to ride back to the post house, and follow the prince to escort the prisoner back to Beijing.The time for the son in law and me is running out.He said That s right, I ve been on the road all night, and it s time to start when I get back to the post house.When we were in the posthouse, Wei Yuanchen had just finished his business and lay down to rest, when Nie Chen sent a just cbd 750mg gummies message saying that the people living in Shiliting Yifu Inn were suspicious, and he ordered Chujiu to take people to follow Nie Chen Check, Chu Jiu was about to take someone away, so he changed his mind and prepared to come in person.

Cheng Yi swallowed and said, My biological mother Zhao is still alive.She was kidnapped by mountain bandits half a month ago.I came to Taiyuan Mansion to rescue my biological mother.Wei Yuanchen nodded The war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion involves It was the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago.Cheng Yi s eyes widened when he heard this, and he stood up excitedly Is there another story behind the Shanxi Mutiny My grandfatherhe must have been wronged.Grandfather When she passed away, my mother told him that my grandfather was wronged, and my poor grandfather spent his life as a soldier, and finally got such a reputation.As a daughter of the Zhao family, my mother can t do nothing.Could it be that this time my mother was kidnapped and had a mutiny with Shanxi related How much of this is there that he doesn t know, Cheng Yi began to fidget, and after a while he got up and bowed to Wei Yuanchen I also ask Mr.

Gu Mingzhu nodded seriously.Cui Zhen strode out.This child, Mrs.Lin sighed, I hope he goes safely and safely.Gu Mingzhu could guess what Cui Zhen cbd gummies hillstone hemp was going to do, and rushed back to Datong overnight from here to rectify the troops and horses to stop the border turmoil, or at least delay When the imperial reinforcements arrive.As for why a person who returned to Beijing appeared in Datong to lead the army, Cui Zhen could explain that he found something strange halfway, and he was afraid that something went wrong at the pass, so he cbd gummies puerto rico went to check.In this way, he not only found an excuse for himself to leave, but also concealed Lin Sizhen and those people, and also made Lin Sizhen and others carelessly underestimate the enemy.Mrs.Lin pondered to get a dagger, and she wanted to carry the sharp weapon close to her body these days.

You don t need to serve me anymore, Princess Huairou said, I want to talk to Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou alone.The mother in charge responded and led the people back quickly.Only then did Princess Huairou look at Mrs.Lin Madam can come, please thank Huairou first.Mrs.Lin must have understood that getting involved in this matter would be dangerous, but she still came to the appointment without hesitation.She will remember this kindness on heart.Mrs.Lin said Princess, you must not be so polite.I can t help you.Princess Huairou looked outside worriedly.The son in law always said that she didn t trust the people around her, so tonight she deliberately sent everyone away.It s because she is afraid that what she said to Mrs.Lin will fall into the ears of others.Princess Huairou said Ma am, if someone asks later, I ll borrow some people from you.

Wei Yuanchen felt a void in his belly, he suddenly wanted to know what Miss Gu and cbd gummies hillstone hemp Liu Su had said, he glanced at the porridge lightly, as if he had no interest in eating it.It hurts the kidneys, Liu Su said quietly, neatly, long term illness hurts the kidneys.The image of the doctor floated in front of Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Tch Zhou Zesheng couldn t help laughing out loud when he heard this, when did Wei Sanye have such an interesting young man by his side In the crown prince s room.There was a loud noise from outside, the prince raised his head displeased, and looked at the door past the maid who was arranging his robes.Mr.Shen walked into the room quickly Your Highness, Princess Huairou has left with someone.What servant.The crown prince waved his hands Everyone step down The servants walked out one after another.

In Chapter 163, the HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp arrow carriage galloped forward quickly, and a fight came from behind.the sound of.Mrs.Lin hugged Gu Mingzhu isolate cbd gummies for pain tightly in her arms Zhuzhu is not afraid, mother is by your side.Mrs.Lin felt that the daughter in her arms not only did not cry, but carefully avoided her stomach, for fear that the carriage would bump It was as if he accidentally bumped into her.Mrs.Lin was in a trance for a while, feeling that Zhuzhu is no different from ordinary girls.The carriage stopped before running very far, and the sound of fighting was heard in front of it.It seemed that the road in front and behind was blocked by people.Ma am, don t panic.A voice came from outside the carriage, and Gu Mingzhu recognized that it was Zhou Zesheng.Mrs.Lin opened the curtain, and saw Zhou Zesheng pretending to be a guard, stepped forward free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp and said in a low voice, Master Wei arranged for me to wait to guard Mrs.

Lin.Mrs.Lin s face became fun drops cbd gummies mayim even uglier because of her panic.The torment these days had left her with gray hair on her temples, making her look ten years older than before.Cui Wei said Mother, don t worry.Although there are a lot of rebel keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies soldiers, but fortunately most of our guards have gone through battles and will soon be able to kill a bloody road.Then we will escort you out.Mrs.Lin grabbed Cui Wei hand Who is so bold What are they going to do Cui Wei has not figured out the situation yet Mother, among those rebels, there is someone I seem to have seen it before.What Mrs.Lin s eyes widened in surprise, Where did you see it Did you miss it Cui Wei pursed his lips with a very greenhealth cbd gummies solemn expression I saw it when I went to my uncle s place., that person seems to be working beside my uncle, and he is very close to him.

Chu Jiu immediately went forward to talk to the man.Chu Jiudao It s Zhao cbd gummies with thc benefits s remarried Centurion Peng Liang.The crown prince did not take Peng Liang with him when he went to Yangwuyu.Peng Liang was one of the witnesses in the retrial of the Shanxi mutiny case.The prince thought well, but the results were often unexpected.Wei Yuanchen asked Peng Liang to come to him in secret to prevent Peng Liang from being murdered.When the team entering Beijing was besieged by the rebels, Peng Liang took the opportunity to escape.He was always worried about Zhao s safety, so he took a horse and rushed to Wufeng Mountain.Wei Yuanchen called Peng Liang to him and told him, How much do you know Pick up the most important ones.Peng Liang said, I investigated the case with the Zhao family in Ningwu.The Shanxi Mutiny back then had other facts.

I will lead people to surround the rebel army.We must injure them severely.Zhao s eyes were red, and tears swirled inside, but she refused to fall firmly, she swallowed subconsciously, and swallowed all the bitter water into her stomach.It s been twelve years, Cheng Yi said, I can finally do something for the soldiers who died in the country in a fair and honest way.No need to be sneaky, just plan in surreptitiously, every time you do those things, He felt humiliated and his grandfather and those soldiers.Now he finally doesn t have to worry about these things anymore, and he doesn t have to report to the court.He can lead soldiers and horses to fight the rebels.After Cheng Yi finished speaking, he knelt down politely and bowed to Mrs.Zhao.After getting up, he didn t say anything, turned his head and strode away.

The prince let out a miserable cry, and looked up, the person holding the spear was Wei Yuanchen, the corners of Wei Yuanchen s mouth were slightly raised at this moment, the keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies fierceness on his face was daunting, Ruifeng s eyes turned and fell on him, Stare fixedly at him.The prince only felt that the murderous intent in Wei Yuanchen s eyes was even more serious, and the spear attacked him again cunningly, as if there was endless hatred, and is it safe to eat cbd gummies and drink alcohol now he wanted to ask him for it all.The prince froze there, the rope on his arm broke at some point, and he subconsciously touched the sharp weapon on the ground to block it.Boom.The long knife in the prince s hand was blown away, and the point of the spear best cbd gummies on groupon drove straight in.The prince felt that he was doomed and must die here.He felt the pain when the spear tip pierced his flesh.

Mrs.Lin found it difficult to breathe, but Lin Sizhen kept lowering her head and whispering in her ear.The sun dazzled her eyes, cbd gummies hillstone hemp and she seemed to have forgotten where she was.Wearing armor, covered in blood, his eyes were full of killing intent, and then he raised the knife and swung it at her.Mrs.Lin opened her eyes wide.This is her eldest son, the child she gave birth to through cbd gummies hillstone hemp hard work , she did not wait for his filial piety, but waited for him to swing the knife at each other.Although she begged, the knife did not show any mercy.Mrs.Lin heard the sound of the knife cutting on the bone, which was very clear, followed by blood gushing It fell on her face and body like a rain of blood.Mrs.Lin was stunned, and a human head fell to the cbd gummies hillstone hemp ground.She looked down, and the head was also looking at him.

There were still three steps under Gu Mingzhu s feet, Huaiyuan Hou didn t wait for his daughter to move forward, subconsciously stretched out his hand, dragged Gu Mingzhu up and down again.Gu Mingzhu twirled in the air, and then landed firmly beside her father, stretched out her hand to hold her father s arm, the joyful expression on her face couldn t be more obvious.Chu Jiu was stunned when she saw it.Miss Gu s smile just now was very beautiful.You can tell the deep love between father and daughter at a glance.In contrast, every time Miss Gu saw the third master, she would either cry or bite.How much I don t want to see the third master.As soon as Chu Jiu thought of this, he suddenly felt two gazes descending, with strong coercion in them.One is from the third master, which he is very familiar with, and the keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies other seems to be from Gu Hou Chu Jiu obediently lowered his head, it seems that Gu Hou s test is not easy.

The Crown Prince cannot be entirely blamed for this incident.When the Crown Prince was in Taiyuan Mansion, he suspected that the war horse case was closely related to the Shanxi Mutiny that year.On the road, we found traces of Lin Sizhen s private soldiers.Naturally, we had to try to capture those private soldiers.I asked Tao Duo about the whole matter.According to the staff, I went to Yangwuyu first, and fell into the hands of Lin Sizhen.The emperor frowned Do you have someone secretly harming the prince Wei Yuanchen said I have noticed it when I was in Taiyuan Mansion.Someone planted an eyeliner, so someone sent a secret letter to Beijing, but he did not expect that the eyeliner was a staff member trusted by His Royal Highness.This staff member was called in the East Palace Mr.Shen, after His Royal Highness was kidnapped by Lin Sizhen, Mr.

He liked to study since he was a child.In the past two years, he was promoted to work in Honghe Temple.Before the death of Master Wei, he was engaged., Zhang s father worked in the Imperial Academy and was Wei Yuanhong s half teacher.Mr.Wei spotted Zhang s family early in the morning, and he didn t pretend to be someone else.He went to cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews the door to ask for his eldest son to cbd gummies hillstone hemp marry him.At first, the Zhang family had some concerns because the Wei family s family was too high.After seeing the Wei family s sincerity, he agreed., the Zhang family waited cbd gummies hillstone hemp wholeheartedly for Wei Yuanhong to marry his daughter over cbd apple rings gummy canabidiol when his filial piety expired.When Mrs.Wei mentioned this matter, she often said that the eldest son had vision.Grandma Wei Zhang brought her servants to prepare the family banquet for the evening, and then walked to Mrs.

Grandma Wei Zhang was a little surprised.She didn t ask the kitchen to send candied fruit.Candied fruit is used for the entertainment of the female relatives.How could it be served at this time Just as she was about to speak, Wei Yuanchen put one in.mouth.Wei Yuanzhen casually smiled and said, When did the third brother like to cbd manufacturers private label gummies eat sweets Wei Yuanchen pursed his lips and did not reply.Under the lamp, the cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews corners of his mouth slightly raised, as if there was a hint of a smile.Look, Mrs.Wei looked at Mrs.Wei, How can Brother Chen be so obedient tonight, just like when he was a child.Mrs.Wei didn t feel any difference, but Brother Chen s face did Much better.Mrs.Wei nodded, hoping that Brother Chen would get better, so that she could feel at ease.After dinner, Wei Yuanchen went back to the house, and Mu Qiu was leading someone to find out the new robes to be changed tomorrow.

After speaking, Mrs.Lin moved inward, and Zhuzhu followed her mother to lie down on the soft couch.The mother and daughter smiled and huddled together.Mrs.Lin took her daughter s hand and tidied up her daughter s unruly sideburns.Whoever said that the daughter must marry off, it is also good for Zhuzhu to stay by her side like this.It is she and the master blessing.Okay, you can go down and rest too, Mrs.Lin looked at Mama Yang, follow us all the way, if you get to the mansion, there are others serving you, you can also catch your breath.Mama Yang bowed and stepped back, before Before leaving, he also asked the steward in the yard to pay attention to Mrs.Lin s body.Maybe your uncle will come from Shaanxi after a while.Mrs.Lin spoke softly to Gu Mingzhu.Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up Then can your grandfather be with you Mrs.

Madam Lin and Gu Mingzhu arrived at does circle k sell cbd gummies Princess Huairou s mansion an hour later.There were two carriages parked in front of the princess mansion, obviously someone had arrived before them, Gu Mingzhu helped Madam Lin out of the carriage, and went all the way to the flower hall under the guidance of the mother in charge.The mother in charge looked apologetic When the princess invited Madam to come, there was no one else in the house.I don t want the Cheng family to visit Madam HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp Zhao just now.The house is a bit busy.Please forgive me.Where is it Madam Lin smiled She said, Let the princess do the work first, we ll just wait here.The mother in charge saluted again.Gu Mingzhu looked towards the yard, and saw two mothers in charge standing there all the time outside.She covered her mouth and said something to her mother in a low voice, and the two mothers in charge immediately looked at the flower hall.

Standing beside Miss Gu like this, people can see that they are doctors and apprentices walking around the streets, and they won t make people suspicious at all.Miss Gu s posing as a doctor is also a little different in Taiyuan Mansion.She looks a lot bloated, and she must have worn a lot of dresses.With a bloated figure, a stooped back, and the old woman s bun, she looked at least forty or fifty years old.Nie Chen s voice was a little tight.When he was in Taiyuan cbd gummies hillstone hemp Mansion, he seemed to have called the doctor s wife Mother in law, thinking of this, he couldn t help but feel ashamed.How could such a young young lady be his mother in law, and he didn t know how the young lady laughed at him.But Mr.Wei is so shrewd, but he was also deceived by the eldest lady, and he is still kept in the dark.Thinking of this, Nie Chen felt much more at ease.

It s over.On the ninth day of junior high school, the forehead was covered with sweat.The third master must have been too loud and made people cry.Look, what did he say The third master is not as good as five black chickens, which can make Miss Gu happy.He didn t bring the five black chickens, Chu Nine thought for a while and silently took out a bag of silver from his waist and put it in front of Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen frowned, what does this mean Look down on him, is he not as good as a bag of silver Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen cbd gummies hillstone hemp went to look at that miserable person again, how difficult the world is, it makes even a mute cry.Gu Mingzhu cried pitifully, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw those feet slowly coming out from behind the desk and stopped in front of her.Gu Mingzhu held her face in her hands, looking weak and helpless.

There were two cbd gummies hillstone hemp big crabs, one was just caught and the other was sitting in the pavilion, both of them were majestic and terrifying.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but think of the scene where Master Wei drank the talisman water, and felt a little strange in his heart.Master Wei has changed a lot recently, which is quite different from her in Jinshan Temple.She saw Mr.Wei for the first time after she became Gu Mingzhu, and she felt that Mr.Wei was indifferent and cruel.Although she was not afraid of him like others, she still had to be cautious.Afterwards, they handled the case together.In her heart, Mr.Wei gummi cares cbd She has always been a fellow traveler who reassures her.Now something has changed Crab claws Mrs.Li had some doubts just now, and the people around her immediately stepped forward to tell Mrs.Wei about it.

Wei Yuanchen was different from the people cbd gummies causing excessive thirst in the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion.He could not exert pressure as a relative of the emperor.Wei Yuanchen looked away from Mr.Cheng, and looked at Mr.Xue Tongjue Can the autopsy be done Xue Laotong judged I have finished the preliminary inspection, and I am writing documents inside.I should take Mrs.Yuan s body and the clothes I was wearing to Yizhuang, but Mr.Cheng refused to agree.The reason for 3000mg cbd gummies for sleep bringing the body back is because Along with the investigation of the case, Wu Zuo had to re examine the body, and the body could not be collected until the case was concluded.When Mr.Cheng heard this, he immediately said Ms.Yuan is an imperial wife, how can she treat her like an ordinary person Wei Yuanchen stretched out his official uniform, and said calmly Mr.

The decree will be issued soon.This is undoubtedly a disaster for Donggong, but the third and fifth princes were crowned kings together because of a blessing in disguise.That s why the third concubine s face is keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies full of joy at this moment.Now that she is King Huai, she may soon be in charge of the East Palace and become the new crown prince of the Great Zhou.Gu Mingzhu got out of the car, and along with Mrs.Gu and Gu Mingwan, Gu Minglan went up to meet the third concubine and Mrs.Zhang.The eyes of the third concubine fell on Gu Mingzhu Madam said that cbd gummies hillstone hemp is the eldest lady of Huaiyuanhou s family Mrs.Zhang said affectionately, It s Zhuzhu.It s really a jewel in the palm of your hand, the third concubine praised, It s really beautiful , makes people happy when they see it, no wonder cbd gummies hillstone hemp will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test Princess Huairou always talks about Zhuzhu.

My lord, you miss Ah chan so much Gu Mingzhu looked at Mo Yangming.Mo free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp Yangming came back to his senses.After so many years, no one asked her such a question in front of her cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews again, and she was detached from the world, and she had long been calm, probably because she I just asked Miss Gu a few words, so cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews Miss Gu thinks this way.But Miss Gu is stupid, how can she be so smart Gu Mingzhu said I went to my grandfather s house, and my mother came to pick me up like this.So that s the case, Mo Yangming smiled, she pretended to be indifferent, but she couldn t escape Chizi s eyes.Mo Yangming said I miss her very much.In front of a child, she didn t want to cover it up.Just as she was in a trance, Miss Gu sat on the wooden couch and read scriptures carved on the wall.How can a fool know how to read Gu Mingzhu turned her head Really, this What is written on it Mo Yangming said The South China Sutra.

That s all Gu Mingzhu nodded, isn t that enough Gu Mingzhu said Your Excellency, as long as you think about who you want to be and follow that person s thinking, you may be able to guess his intention to get close to Ah Chan.I can t guess, Wei Yuanchen said flatly, I You won t get close to someone you like with evil intentions, and you won t use her to achieve your own goals.Gu Mingzhu felt that Mr.Wei s expression was serious, and those clear eyes seemed to look into her heart, which made her flustered again a feeling of.Wei Yuanchen lowered his voice and seemed to murmur If you say this about me, what if it spreads out and my reputation is ruined Gu Mingzhu immediately waved her hand That won t happen, my lord is handsome and handsome, no one will I believe it.From this angle, Master Wei looks much better than usual, with his eyebrows stretched out, and his clear eyes seem to reflect her shadow.

The candied fruit of Pinxianglou is different from other people s, it can t be stored for too long, it s best to make it now and eat it now, the young lady likes this the most.It s not easy for the cook, Gu Mingzhu said, Next time, I ll reward the cook with more money.It cbd gummies hillstone hemp s done so early, don t just stay up all night Slaves are also like this.The people in Pinxianglou said that the cook can t sleep at night and has nothing to do in her free time.Now it seems that the eldest lady has a good fortune.Last night she asked the kitchen to make three bowls of noodles for Mr.Wei.Today The restaurant of Wei s family made candied fruit early in the morning.Why does Gu Mingzhu feel like reciprocating This could not be Master Wei s cbd gummies hillstone hemp order In Gu Mingzhu s mind, the scene of Mrs.Wei asking her for candied fruit appeared, his eyes were clear and warm, and he took the fruit bit by bit into his mouth.

Wei Yuanchen held the tea bowl to his mouth.Looking at Master Wei s fair cheeks and the slumped look between his brows, the softest part of Gu Mingzhu s heart seemed to be touched, and she felt a little bit sorry.Gu Mingzhu comforted Wei Yuanchen My lord s tea is not good, but every time I just think about it, this tea is for nothing, and it tastes pretty good when I taste it.The tea in Wei free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp Yuanchen s mouth He almost took a fork in the road Slightly pinched his fingers He managed to put the tea in his place, and his expression was still normal His tea didn t taste good It was a tribute tea from Zhejiang.How is it Wei Yuanchen managed to catch his breath Her voice of inquiry came from her ear, serving this kind of tea to others I am ashamed to ask how, who can follow her and say no Wei Yuanchen said indifferently It doesn t look good It tastes good Leave it alone, I ll drink it later.

Back in the courtyard again, Tan Zigeng saw thick black smoke rising from a room on the west side of Zhuangzithe fire also ignited in the smoke.problem occurs.Tan Zigeng subconsciously ran to the west, but before reaching the house suddenly a figure jumped out from the hallway.The man picked up the cbd gummies hillstone hemp wooden stick in his hand and hit Tan Zigeng on the head.Tan Zigeng swung his knife to resistand kicked the man s body, and the man was kicked straight and fell out.Tan Zigeng walked a few quick steps and was about to subdue the man to ask about the situation, but the man struggled to get up from the ground and beat Tan Zigeng with his bare hands.Who are you Tan Zigeng said What happened in Zhuangzi If you don t stop, don t blame me for being rude.The man didn t stop.There was a click The man miracle cbd gummies review s arm was twisted out of place, but he kicked Tan Zigeng as if he didn t know the pain.

After Tan Zigeng finished speaking, cbd gummies hillstone hemp he looked at Wei Yuanchen eagerly Since Mr.Wei followed me to this village, Can you testify for me that I didn t kill those people, it was them As he condor cbd gummies and ree drummond spoke, he stretched out his hand and pointed at Zhuangzi, he wanted to say that the people in Zhuangzi attacked him first, free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp and those two people obviously wanted to die before him hands.Tan Zigeng s voice stopped abruptly here, and he saw a person being carried out, lying on a wooden board, trembling with pain.It was the man who was shot in the chest by the flying knife on his arm, and that man was still alive.Tan Zigeng was overwhelmed with joy, he opened his mouth and was speechless for a moment, the man was still alive, as long as the court interrogated the man s real situation, he would be able to get rid of his grievances.

Look, my lord, Gu Mingzhu pulled out the hairpin on her head, and carefully moved the burnt cbd gummies hillstone hemp will cbd gummies make you fail a drug test iron cylinder, There is a reed here, and the reed is usually in this groove.When using it, just pull the reed Press it down, and the sleeve arrows inside the iron pipe will shoot out.Gu Mingzhu said and handed the intact hidden weapon to Wei Yuanchen This ring is connected with a reed, which is the same as the burnt hidden weapon.Pulling off the reed trigger mechanism, it can be inferred that the burned hidden weapon had a similar ring, but the tendons connecting the ring were burned out by the fire, so that the ring fell off, leaving only an iron ring.barrel.Wei Yuanchen said So these two hidden weapons have similarities in purpose.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Wei Yuanchen picked up the intact concealed weapon This is what Tan Zigeng carried.

After sending everyone HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp away, Mrs.Li asked the mother in charge to help her into the inner room.There was no one else in the room.It was painted when Empress Wei first married into the Lu Palace.He secretly plotted against others all day long, and now he has finally reaped the consequences, Mrs.Li s eyes flashed with hatred.It s a pity that the people of Dazhou will also be implicated.The mother in charge stepped forward and kneaded Mrs.Li carefully.Lady s legs.Mrs.Li said The noble concubine, the crown prince, Huai Wang, and the Shen family were all taught by him.They are hypocritical, secretly seeking personal gain, and full of plans, but they are not as smart as him.The mother in charge knew that she shouldn t Interrupted, Mrs.Tai just wanted to relieve the depression in her heart.Mrs.Li continued His sons have accidents one after another, he should also feel the pain of heartache, but maybe he doesn t care at all, the Tian family has no father son relationship, I am so glad Thanks to my daughter I saw through this early on.

The emperor said Why does she want to see me The servant glanced at Huang Chang, and then continued The Concubine Mi said Said The imperial concubine and the empress have harmed Prince Hui s lineage, and begged the emperor to help her and Prince Hui Make the decision.Absurd, the emperor slapped the case, What does it have to do with the noble concubine that King Hui died of illness Huang Chang who was next to him thought for a while and said, Your Majesty, is it because Concubine Mi asked the adoptive clan children to inherit King Hui The emperor didn t agree to the same line, so Concubine free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp Mi couldn t think cbd gummies hillstone hemp about it for cbd gummies hillstone hemp a while.The emperor said coldly, That s not going where to buy cbd gummies cbd gummies hillstone hemp to be crazy.Hearing this, the servant kneeling in the palace raised his head Your Majesty, the concubine hemp bombs cbd gummies 15mg how many to take in the palace People say that the reason why the concubine became insane is because she took the fairy medicine.

Gu Mingzhu suddenly remembered another name Ajun that Master Wei had called, which was similar to Zhuzhu just now.Will it be such a coincidence It just so happens that these are her two identities in the past and present.Could the adults be a little happy with her More than a cooperative relationship in investigating cases together Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she heard Liu Su say by her side Girl, someone is here.Gu Mingzhu looked up and saw Qiao Zheng and Tan Dingfang hurried into the inner courtyard, Gu Mingzhu pulled cbd gummies hillstone hemp the power on her head.Li, took Liu Su to take care of the women who were rescued by the yamen, she could show her feet in front of Master Wei, but she couldn t make any mistakes in treating others.My lord, Mr.Hu stepped forward to Qiao Zheng, Those people tied up farmers from the nearby villages and locked them in the yard.

The Zhou family turned out to be the daughter of his benefactor Chapter 389 Guilty steward brought tea in, and found Cui Zhen sitting there with a livid face, staring blankly at the book in front of him.Master Hou.The steward called, but Cui Zhen remained motionless.The steward has free cbd gummies just pay shipping cbd gummies hillstone hemp never seen Master Hou like this before, and he couldn t help but feel a little anxious Master Hou, what s wrong with you Cui Zhen held the book tightly, and there was a roar in his mind, thinking of the old monk who helped him break through , the old monk s expression when he handed the beeswax to him, and when the quiet and indifferent old monk mentioned his best friend, his eyes also lit up.When he leads troops to fight in danger, he often thinks of that experience, and feels that no matter how difficult it is, it is not a predicament.

In addition to the practice of the case, it is also for the sake of Zhuzhu.After saying this, Mo Yangming stood up It s getting late, the Taoist will come again tomorrow.Gu Chongyi thanked Mo Zhenren, and sent Mo Zhenren out of the main room.When the two walked out, Gu Chongyi saw the little boy hiding under the wall.small figure.Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi called out.Seeing that he couldn t hide, the figure stood up and walked forward.Daddy, I m going keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies to see Master off.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile on her face, and followed Mo Yangming out.Seeing his daughter running with her skirt lifted, Gu Chongyi shook his head.After her daughter recovered from her illness, she became more and more naughty.After sending Mo Yangming out, Gu Mingzhu returned to the main room.Gu Chongyi was flipping through the military books on the table, which were all handwritten by his father back then, and many of them were related to the Navy.

Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu Besides Tan Dingfang, there is another person who can go to Yongping Mansion, and the emperor will probably agree.Gu Mingzhu almost immediately thought Your Excellency is talking about the son in law The frontier has been guarded for many years, and now the unjust case has been cleared.Princess Huairou, as the grandson of General Zhao, went to northern Xinjiang to soothe people s hearts.If not for the insistence of Huairou and the Zhao family, it is unknown when the unjust case will be clarified.The soldiers who fought with General Zhao back then, except for those who died in Yulin Guard, many of them were dismissed and investigated.Also willing to support Prince Cheng.Gu Mingzhu was a little worried It s really dangerous to go to Yongping Mansion to guard Yongping Mansion as we speculated.

The repeated blows and lessons made her understand that she had already sent the person she cared about the most out of right and wrong.In this palace, she no longer has any weaknesses It s not that easy to deal with her Jiang Guifei raised the corner where to buy cbd gummies cbd gummies hillstone hemp of her mouth slightly when she heard the news, revealing a smile.The female official said in a low voice Before, it was a cover up, but now it is an official decree.It seems that the empress of Kunning Palace will be abolished soon.You have waited for so long, do cbd gummies make you fail a drug test and finally you have a clue.Concubine Jiang stood up.Walking to the warm cage, she had been hoping that the emperor would take this step Whether it is the current dynasty or the previous dynasty, as long as the book treasures are taken back and the feet are confined in the palace, the imperial cbd gummies hillstone hemp edict will be issued next.

Gu Chongyi said I hope that everything goes well with Mr.Wei.Cui Zhen s eyes were dark, in order not to startle the snake, and cooperate with Wei Yuanchen to arrest people, it seems that he has to meet Wei Yuanchen, although he really doesn t want to be with Wei Yuanchen.However, in this case, he is just a part of it, shop cbd sleep aid gummy and the person who really controls the overall situation is Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen stood up and said, I m going to see Wei Tongzheng.Gu Chongyi nodded, and didn t say much.In fact, cbd gummies hillstone hemp when Cui Zhen came here, he guessed that Cui Zhen would go to Wei Yuanchen, and there was no need for him to spread the word in the middle , even if there is any grievance between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen that he doesn t know about, but at this time, he will abandon the past.Cui Zhen had already done a good job in Taiyuan.

But we all ignored one point, except Huai Other than the Wang and Liang families, there are still people who benefited from it, that is Tan Dingfang who defended the pass, and it is also because of that war that the emperor valued Tan Dingfang.Chen Weicheng s actions in the Ministry of War, including secretly allocating military funds, can also be that he obeyed Tan Dingfang According to Chen Weicheng s orders, Chen Weicheng is terminally ill, and takes all the blame on himself, so that no one will question Tan Dingfang anymore.There are so many things happening in the Ministry of War.As the Minister of the Ministry of War, he really doesn t know anything Tan Dingfang is such an incompetent person in the emperor s heart The emperor s eyes slowly turned blood red, he was silent for a while, concealing his rapid and heavy breathing, and said Bring cbd gummies hillstone hemp Tan Dingfang into the palace, I will ask him personally.

Gu Mingzhu picked up Mo Yangming s medicine box, followed Mo Zhenren to the inner room, opened the curtain and entered the inner room, Gu Mingzhu smelled a sour smell mixed with sesame oil.The concubine De concubine on the bed had a haggard face and a disheveled bun, curled up on the bed looking very embarrassed.Gu Mingzhu looked at the vomit in the spittoon.The imperial hospital suspected that Empress Defei was poisoned, so she used sesame oil to induce vomiting, and the vomited pickles were still there.Gu Mingzhu smelled it, and there was a faint smell of mung beans in the mixed sour smell.Mung beans can detoxify.But since sesame oil is required to induce vomiting, I would never take detoxification soup before inducing vomiting.Gu Mingzhu went forward to salute the imperial physician and said, Did the concubine De concubine drink detoxification soup before she vomited Mung bean dumpling soup, thanks to this, the toxin that the empress has taken can be restrained.

I don t know about these things.How could this concubine harm her own child Concubine Jiang raised her head after saying this.It can be seen that the eunuch who is in charge of ceremonies is biting at random, the cbd gummies hillstone hemp emperor will not believe his words.Concubine Jiang was thinking like this, and raised her head to meet the eyes of the emperor.The gaze was full of suspicion and anger.Although it quickly passed her, it made Concubine Jiang feel fear.She has done many things in private.She was in contact with the courtiers of the previous dynasty, so that the eldest son could inherit the position of the East Palace, and that she could enter where to buy cbd gummies cbd gummies hillstone hemp the Kunning Palace in the future, she almost exhausted all means.She also thought that maybe the emperor would dispose of her one day, but she knew The emperor will definitely show mercy But now Concubine Jiang s heart trembled, and the hairs on the back of her neck immediately stood on end Your Majesty, my concubine has been wronged.

Zhou Zesheng said I ll write a letter back, don t worry, I will ask clearly.Gu Mingzhu nodded, and helped Mr.Zhang Yan Tanhua to avenge his grievances.She will investigate the case for herself.Grandma, two uncles, and I , Zhou Rujun is back.A thunderstorm suddenly exploded in the sky.The old lady Zhou who was resting on the soft couch suddenly woke up.Chapter 472 After checking, I found out, Old lady, are you startled Mother Tian, who was guarding outside, heard movement in the house, and hurriedly brought tea in.Mrs.Zhou shook her hand It s useless when you re old, you can be startled by thunder.About yesterday, I talked a lot with my second child.I heard that northern Xinjiang and the coast are going to fight, and I was thinking about it before going to sleep.These, so who is not stable, always feel that something is going to happen.

Seeing Zhou Zerui understood, the waiter in the restaurant whispered, The shopkeeper is waiting for you in the backyard.The small courtyard cbd 5000 mg gummies behind the restaurant is another world, the garden The pruning can cbd gummies cause nausea looks like a small courtyard in the south of the Yangtze River.It is not a good season now.The weather is warming up and the leaves are lush.Walking in this garden will make you feel refreshed.I don t know how many people have been to this yard, and many businesses were negotiated here, so Zhou Zerui gave up here, he just felt distressed.But Xu Gui knew this place, so he couldn t take the risk.San Niang.Zhou Zerui called out.A woman came out on lotus steps, and beside her were two women with affectionate eyebrows, fair skin and beautiful appearance.On weekdays, Zhou Zerui would go up to pinch and tease these women, but now he is not in such a mood.

Zhou Zesheng continued The steward of the Zhou family not only has contacts with are trubliss cbd gummies safe the rebel party, but on Wednesday, cbd gummies hillstone hemp the master uses prostitutes for profit, which concerns the entire Zhou clan.I have already reported to the clan, and tomorrow the elders of the Zhou clan will be able to go to Beijing to help the clan s aunt.This is my home, the old lady Zhou said sharply, There is no need for you to point fingers here.If it is a serious crime of treason, none of the Zhou family are cbd gummies effective on blood sugar s children can .

does condor cbd gummies work for ed?

escape.I feel sorry for the third brother, but cbd gummies hillstone hemp there is nothing I can do.You have to make plans for the clan, Zhou Zesheng said, the clan aunt said the same thing six years ago, why is it different after changing from Ajun to three of you six years later The third brother is your real son.Ah Jun is also your granddaughter How sad would Ah Jun be if she cbd nordic gummies uk saw you like this Mrs.

Northern Xinjiang is in chaos now, it s not that the Great Zhou didn t have enough troops to deal with King Liang, if King Liang was really powerful, he wouldn t use those tricks behind his back.Even if the emperor doesn t want to recognize Wei Yuanchen, the current situation is indeed as Wei Yuanchen said, and doing so is most beneficial to Da Zhou.After all, the Wei family still has the ability to lead troops, but unfortunately they are a group of wild wolves who keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies are not familiar with feeding, and if they are not kept together, they will bite the master back one day.The emperor sighed a long time thinking of this.Your Majesty, don t worry, Concubine De said softly, My concubine comes to serve the Emperor every day to drink medicine, and the Emperor will soon be healthy.When the Emperor recovers, everything will be fine.

Feng Anping asked, Is there anything else Zhou keoni cbd gummies 500mg cbd 5000 mg gummies Zerui couldn t think of anything else related to this.My lord, what I m telling is the truth.Please change me to another cell, please Feng Anping didn t agree, but looked at Zhou Zerui cbd gummies 100 s side, and loosened the hand that was holding Zhou Zerui.Zhou Zerui s eyes widened with joy, but he also realized that Feng Tongpan would not let him out from here, and the people who were locked up with him would never stop, at most they would restrain themselves a little.Feng Anping said, Think about it carefully.Zhou Zerui nodded hastily.If he went against Feng Tongjuan s intention, he would be worse off than he was like last night, and perhaps something even more terrifying was waiting for him.Leaving Zhou Zerui s cell, Feng Anping said Then Xu Gui can t bear it any longer.

The emperor searched cbd gummies hillstone hemp a88 cbd gummies everywhere for the faults of the Wei family and the queen, and even scolded the queen in front of her, trying to isolate the queen.What the emperor did 25mg all natural cbd gummies was to play tricks on everyone as fools.In fact, it was not others but himself who was stupid.She has been enduring this fool all the time, hoping that one day she will find a chance to help the queen, and now she has got her wish.The queen mother looked at Mo Yangming Is the emperor seriously ill Mo Yangming nodded, I m afraid the emperor s eyes will disappear.The queen mother nodded It doesn t matter, the eyes are not important to the emperor.The person who is so innocent, it is better to be blind than to let him look around and regard the mud as gold and jade.Mo Yangming continued The Emperor was so angry that he suffered a stroke, and it will be difficult for him to move around in the future.

You, the queen mother said with a smile, you are just too humble.Mo Yangming lowered his head and took the opportunity to wipe off his forehead.cold sweat.After speaking, Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu bid farewell to the Queen Mother and left the palace all the way.After sitting in the carriage outside the palace gate, Gu Mingzhu looked out Master, the palace looks the same as usual.This time, this disciple didn t cause trouble, right If you beat the emperor s chest, you really didn t cause trouble.Mo Yangming closed his eyes If this goes on like this, I m afraid no one will dare to take over as the teacher to preside over the Shangqing Temple.As the teacher is getting old, he still has to deal with many affairs in the temple Her disciple is smart and filial, maybe she will So be considerate of her and restrain yourself a little.

Lin breathed a sigh of relief and found that her palms were covered in cold sweat.So Zhuzhu has always been by the empress s side, it s rare that Zhuzhu can be so calm.Fortunately, Zhuzhu was not injured, Madam Lin sized up her daughter again, and her eyes finally fell on the jade pendant on Zhuzhu s waist.It is excellent Hetian jade, the jade is delicate and moist, and a phoenix bird is carved on it.The phoenix bird holds cbd gummies hillstone hemp its head high and has a graceful figure.The feathers on its body are clearly visible, and it looks vivid.Mrs.Lin couldn t help asking Zhuzhu, this is Gu Mingzhu said It s a gift from the empress.Madam Lin looked carefully, the jade pendant was well nourished, could it cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews be a personal item of the empress Zhuzhu didn t do anything, how did she get such a valuable thing Could it be that the empress has other meanings Mrs.

If something went wrong, the two hundred cavalry would come and escort him all the way to Dagu, the eldest son of the Li family in Pyongyang.Will come to help and send him back to Daning properly.The war between Daning and the imperial court is not over yet.After he returns, he will be able to preside over the overall situation again.King Liang led his people all the way forward, and he never looked back.He was a straightforward person, knowing that all the soldiers and horses were lost, he would never bother to lament.Just like back then when he knew clearly that the emperor had won the support of the former emperor and the empress dowager, he had no chance of winning the throne and could only make a long term plan, so he lowered his posture and followed the emperor, recruiting those who opposed the emperor, cbd gummies hillstone hemp and let them do it for him.

Whatever it is, just live.The torches slowly gathered around Lu Guang, and Lu blossom cbd gummies Guang saw a figure running towards him holding the hem of his skirt.It was Miss Jiang.Seeing Miss Jiang, Lu Guang finally smiled in relief.Chapter 521 Concerned about Lu Guang wanting to have a word with Miss Jiang, but for some reason, his eyes went black for a while, and then he fell backwards.Lu Guang.Liu Su stepped forward holding a torch.Bring two boards and send them to the military tent.Gu Mingzhu ordered quickly, and then put her hands on the necks of Lu Guang and Zhu Wu to test them.Can feel the pulsation.Gu Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief and carefully checked the injuries of the two.Zhu Wu was seriously injured, with a cut on his head, bruises all over his face, a collapsed sternum, and a broken arm.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help gasping.

When he got here, he understood everything.The imperial doctor was right.Empress Wei s pulse condition was faulty.She might be pregnant with twins.One princess died in the palace, and the other was brought out by the Wei family.Mrs.Li seemed to know that he would come to stop him, so she said something like this to him From now on, this child will not have anything to do with cbd gummies hillstone hemp the Zhao family, and if he is sent out of the palace without a certificate, no one will recognize his legitimate son.My lord, please rest assured that what the Wei family wants is for this child to survive.If he had exposed this matter at that time, the emperor would just have found an excuse to suppress the Wei family, and he could not do so, so he let Li go.Mrs.too.If the Wei family sends a baby into the palace, he will definitely stop it and not allow foreign blood to mix into the royal family, cbd gummies hillstone hemp but now it cbd gummies hillstone hemp is different, the Wei family is taking the child out, and the child will not be named Zhao in the future, and has nothing to do with the royal family , although the Wei family may use this child to conspire against him, butit seems unlikely at the moment, who can believe the Wei family s words and prove the child s identity The emperor is at the peak of spring and autumn, and no one will stand by the side of the Wei family.

Lin.Lin Qicheng continued What I mean is, your mother is a fool, and she only has interests in mind.It is her fault that she has come to this point.You don t have to blame yourself.You killed Lin Sizhen and Cui Wei, and kept Datong and Harmony.Northern Xinjiang, Yu Gong did not disgrace your post of frontier guard, Yu privately saved the Cui clan and won a way out for the Lin clan, you did the right thing.Hearing this, Cui Zhen s eyes darkened slightly I didn t find that Cui Wei and Lin Sizhen colluded with King Liang, and they cbd gummies hillstone hemp were also guilty of negligence.You should also let yourself go, Lin Qicheng said, If there is anything that requires the Lin clan to come forward, just tell me, if your mother can survive this time, I will take her to Shaanxi.Mrs.Lin died, Mrs.Cui also refused to let her be buried in the ancestral grave, and he would bring Mrs.

Why Mrs.Zhang turned her head to look at Cui Zhen, almost going crazy, Master Houit was himhe killed our childif it wasn t for himhow could I have done that, Master Hou You killed him to avenge the boy.Cui Zhen finally raised his eyes, and his majestic gaze swept over Mrs.Zhang It was you who killed your flesh and blood.Heart piercing pain came, and Zhang Shi kept shaking her head, no, it wasn t her, if she hadn t been desperate, how could she have attacked her own flesh and blood, why didn t Hou Ye understand, it wasn t cbd gummies in arizona her, she was out for revenge.Revenge But Luo Yu didn t die at all, all of this was a trap.Luo Yu, who was where can illuminati cbd gummies near me kneeling on the ground, laughed, the Zhang family right now is just a crazy woman, and Marquis Ding Ning is a smart person, so naturally he wouldn t believe what this crazy woman said.

It was so painful, it pulled her inner organs, and made her miserable.Ah Mrs.Zhang screamed.Chapter 550 Seriously ill Cui Zhen stood with his hands behind his back in the study, and his mother in charge came in to report after a while.Master Hou, ma am I am afraid that Zhang s baby will not be HCMUSSH cbd gummies hillstone hemp kept.The doctor said that Zhang s previous miscarriage hurt her foundation.After she became pregnant, she could not take care of her baby, so she moved her fetus.Cui Zhen said Please come over here.Let s go After all, it s a woman s business, so it s natural that the old woman should come over to help.Cui Zhen went on to say After the child falls to the ground, it is best to bury him.After Mrs.Zhang recovers, let the yamen come to bring him.Under the circumstances, Lord Hou is also benevolent.The mother in charge wanted to say something to excuse Lord Hou, but Lord Hou has always been stubborn, how can these servants persuade him There were cbd gummies hillstone hemp screams from Zhang s yard, and the piercing sound resounded throughout the entire Dingninghou Mansion.

Please trouble Mr.Sun.Cui Zhen could see Mr.Sun s hostility, and if it wasn t for the benevolence of the doctors, he would definitely not want to pay attention to him.After wiping his face with a warm towel, Cui Zhen regained some clarity for the time being, and was about to say goodbye to Mr.Sun.He couldn t really be sick here, and he had to go back to the Hou s Mansion no matter what.Amitabha.A Buddhist voice came from the door, and Cui Zhen looked up.A monk walked over slowly, and this monk Cui Zhen recognized him.Elder Chonghua.After burying the old monk in the frontier that year, he took the scriptures left by the old monk to Longhua Temple, where he had a conversation with a monk named Chonghua, and he did not expect to meet him here.Cui Zhen stood up and saluted.Chonghua returned the courtesy Benefactor Cui.

This time I didn t think of the dang dang sound of the iron ring hitting, everything was real.Wang Jing, Cui Zhen ordered, tell Zhou Zesheng that I promise to move Miss Zhou out of Cui s ancestral grave, but I will personally carry the coffin back to Zhou s family after I recover from illness.Wang Jing responded.Cui Zhen closed his eyes.Rather than staying in Cui s house, Miss Zhou wanted to go back to her parents.The honors and offerings he thought about in the past were just wishful thinking.After this time, he finally figured it out., rather than wronging Miss Zhou, he would rather do what she wants.Even so, it s a big deal.Think about Zhou Rujun in his dream, he has never seen Zhou Rujun before, why can he dream of her cbd gummies hillstone hemp appearance Perhaps it was to crown and wear the woman he had seen before On the tenth day of September, Dingning Hou Cui Zhen and his eldest son Cui Xiang sent Zhou Rujun s coffin to the Zhou clan.

Jiang Shi suddenly laughed Are you surprised In the end, her son is left.The palace man hurriedly stepped forward to cover Jiang s mouth Your Majesty, be careful not to be heard by others.Jiang waved the palace man away.Push away Who is Wei Shi Does she care about what I say She never engages in verbal disputes.Jiang Shi said with a mocking look in his eyes I have already lost, let s do it again.Anything is insignificant to the Wei family.The palace maid lowered her head and wept silently Maybe we still have a chance.Jiang said Wei family is not the emperor, she doesn t cbd 5000 mg gummies royal blend 750mg cbd gummies reviews leak anything and doesn t leave any life behind.She After planning for many years, she finally made a wedding dress for the Wei family.The officials she suppressed will eventually support Wei s mother and son loyally.Yuan Chen s future prince position will be expected by all.

Her vision blurred, and she vaguely saw Wei Congcheng s shadow in the yard.She fixed her eyes on the shadow but it disappeared again.Madam Yuan couldn t help laughing, she missed the master so much that she was dazzled.Master, look, Brother Chen has a smile on his face again.This is the look that a child in his twenties should have.When you left, I couldn t say a word to this concubine, but this concubine knows what s in your heart What is the most worrying thing Although I am dull, I will try my best to help you do it well.Mother.Wei Yuanzhen s voice interrupted Madam Yuan s thoughts.Wei Yuanzhen cbd gummies hillstone hemp walked over quickly Look at the third brother s appearance, he is much more stupid than I was then, right There are so many guests here today, and the third brother will probably get drunk at the banquet later.

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