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You do the math, four years in the police academy, two years in the army, and then you can pass the exam for political and legal affairs.The police officer went to the police academy for another two years, and he spent eight years in uniform and eight years of militarized management before he realized his dream of being a policeman and became a full fledged civilian policeman.As a human being, Han Chaoyang really doesn t like Wu Wei who is treated differently by his leaders and even his master.I found a job at the age of 31.This is still under the care of the state.When recruiting political and legal officers, the age limit for the four types of service personnel is relaxed.The great youth is gone just like that.He has hands and feet and can t find food to eat anywhere.Thinking about it, his brain is really sick.Xu Hongliang was equally excited, looking up the management account of the outsiders and said excitedly They are two men and a woman, and there are three of us.It shouldn t be a big problem for the two of us to deal with the HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape two men, and Lao Xu to deal with the woman.Han Chaoyang put on his T shirt, probed and said, In case they jump over the wall in a hurry, I think it s better to be safe.Call the office It s a rare opportunity, if we can solve it, of course we will solve it ourselves, Han Chaoyang thought for a while , walked out and smiled When Lao Xu arrives, we will first check the situation, confirm the target, observe the terrain, and then go to Dongming Community to find some security guards.Manager Zhang is good, and will definitely help.Borrow some security guards It s okay, they are all veterans, and they can help at critical moments.After thinking hard for a while, he suddenly smiled and said Secretary Yang, land acquisition and relocation is only the first step.The next step is to level the land.To demolish houses and start construction, can we talk to the demolition company, the demolition company and the construction party Our street will provide a little, and the three of them will each provide a little, and the problem will be solved. This is a good idea, but there is another Question, under what name is it formed This year it is Chaoyang Village, and I don t know which village it will be next year.The city is developing towards us, and there will be more and more things like this in the future.Let the Chaoyang Community come forward and register to form a village.Security service companies, you can save money and then ask for help.He signaled the driver to drive faster and dialed his cell phone.Hello, this is 110 Farewell, I am Cai Xinyang, Director of the Comprehensive Management Office of Huayuan Street, Yandong District.When we organized community cadres and community voluntary security patrols to collect basic information and register migrants, we caught a murderer who had fled for 12 years.Ji, named Ji Qingyun, originally from Fu County, killed two people in Menya County 12 years ago, and he confessed to the crime.The 110 command center receives hundreds of calls from the masses every day , I have never encountered any police situation when I received the police, but I have never encountered such a police situation.While taking notes quickly, she asked eagerly Hello Director Cai, where is your location Immediately report to your leaders and prepare to take over the murderer.I really can t take it anymore, so I ll go back and have recover cbd gummies a good sleep.I don t worry about your work.I have you to help guide me.I believe that I will see a lively Han Chaoyang again at work tomorrow.Now that I know how good this girl is, don t worry, I will help you fill him with ten tons of chicken soup, ten tons is not enough to twenty tons, and I guarantee that cbd infused gummies plus sleep cbd gummies botanical farms he will feel like a dog when he goes to work tomorrow.Continue to work hard for you like chicken blood.What do you mean working hard for me, I also do it for work.Chapter 63 Unbeatable Xiaoqiang Huang Ying drove to the compound of Chaoyang Community Neighborhood Committee, and saw two dressed The girl in the special police T shirt and training pants is listening to the wall outside the window of the eastmost room on the first floor.Old Gu, why are you here Zhou Ju, I am also a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Liu Suo and the trainer are all here, and everyone from the Xinyuan Street Police Station is here.Can I not come As expected, the leader came here to say hello to Grandpa Gu, so Han Chaoyang stepped aside in a hurry.Holding Grandpa Gu s hand tightly, Zhou Ju looked around and said with concern You are so old that you can compare with them.What should you do if you suffer from heat stroke Let s go and tell the other side that there is a tree shade.Zhou Ju , I m not yet vitadreamz cbd gummies seventy or eighty, leave me alone, you re busy with your important affairs.Afraid of being dragged away by the leader, Grandpa Gu said again Don HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape t worry, if I really can t handle it, I ll find a place to rest for a while.Old comrades are old comrades, if everyone is like him, it will be easier to lead the team.Some people were burning paper on the graves, some were digging, and some coffins had already been dug out.To be precise, it should be the coffin board, buried for so many years, it has decayed, and it will shatter when touched.The most unbelievable thing is that some villagers actually used the firewood they did not know where to find to burn the bones of their ancestors who had just been dug up.There was an indescribable pungent smell in the air.Director Su and the working team Cadres are exhorting, but they seem unmoved.What are you doing, you want to save even the money for cremation at the funeral parlor Where is cremation not cremation A villager in his fifties said plausibly, I don t know how many people have been burned in the furnace of the crematorium.I don t know whose ashes are given, it cbd gummies vs vape s better to be cremated here.

How can you tell me to talk to him Jiang Yuanfei, you are shameless, your whole family is shameless A villager in his forties became angry, pointed at him and roared Go back and ask the old man who remembers, where is your master buried, where is your ancestral grave If you don t go to the grave and don t burn paper, you don t know where the Venerable Master ancestor is buried, and you can t even find the ancestral grave.You come to dig in my field and rob my Venerable Master, how shameless you are Zhang Yunjing, don t open your eyes.You are talking nonsense with your eyes open, the coffin is my master, why is it in your HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape family s land, and the land will be distributed to your how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety cbd gummies vs vape family later.As soon as Jiang Yuanfei finished speaking, his son also yelled It s not your family now, This piece of land has been confiscated, and now it belongs to the public Whether it belongs to my family or not, the whole village knows, and if you can t even find the cbd gummies vs vape ancestral grave, let me go as far as you dosage of cbd gummies for anxiety can.Gu Guoli smiled Laughing, he habitually took out a police civilian contact card from his pocket.Officer Gu, you are the third level police supervisor Yes.How can a leader like you personally receive the police The police rank only represents seniority, not administrative positions.I am not kidding you.I am a community policeman.Ordinary community police.The community policeman in a white shirt, the young man saw him for the first time, and hurriedly introduced himself Officer Gu, Officer Han, I am He Qiyuan, the chairman of the Polytechnic University Student Union, it is an honor to meet you two, and you are welcome to come to our school cafeteria for dinner.It turned out to be the chairman of the student union, no wonder so many people came to him to ask questions.In Gu Guoli s mind, as long as a college student who can become the how to take cbd gummies absorb better chairman of the student union is promising, he might be able to become a leader in a few years.Han Da, you only need a partner now.With your current popularity, those third rate actresses who sing well and look good, but are not well known I would definitely like to cooperate with you.The more I talk, the more outrageous I am, what popularity do I have Han Chaoyang tapped the keyboard quickly, clicked the mouse, and immediately turned the laptop screen in front of everyone, Look, the most handsome policeman, the most handsome The traffic policeman, the most beautiful policeman, the most beautiful assistant policeman, the most handsome driver, and the most beautiful nurse In the past two years, there have been fifty if not a hundred.It s like a gust of wind, and it s over when it blows.The value of a person is self knowledge, the reason why he can be handsome For a moment, because I was wearing a police uniform, because I m a police officer.He works in a bank.He has a good job and a good family.His family has two A suite, not even that, what the hell are you looking for.Now not only women use beautification, but even men have begun to use beautification.Real people are not one or two grades worse than photos.Besides, what is so great about working in a bank I only listen to him boasting all night.I really didn t cbd gummies vs vape like the one in my room, so while packing my underwear and pajamas and getting ready to take a shower, I said weakly, Mom, I m only twenty four, not thirty four, why are you so anxious, this is really inappropriate tonight, I really don t feel it.Don t worry, don t worry, you ll be thirty four in no time Understood, I will hurry up.You go to bed early, and I also have to go to bed early.I will go to work tomorrow.Mom shook her head and sighed and went back to the master bedroom.Then there is the fishery administration department, and it s never his turn to be responsible for this as a small policeman.With a hero model master, he became the most handsome policeman in a daze, and even changed his mind.Huang Ying didn t know whether to praise him or blame him, so she immediately changed the subject Stop talking about it, talk about business, aren t you Do you want to smile cbd gummies shark tank buy a house I have a friend who is going to Donghai to work.I plan to sell the house I bought last year and just renovated this year.Splendid future, 21st floor, building 5, three bedrooms and two living rooms, 128 square meters, transparent from cbd gummies vs vape north to south, fine decoration, home appliances The furniture is all new, 2.6 million should be able to win.2.6 million, too expensive Please, you have to look at the location. This is partial, where is it not partial Of course, the closer to the city center, the better.Buying a house depends not only on the traffic, but also on whether it is a good school district.You are a teacher, and you know more about this than I do.It is related to the education of the future grandson, and this factor must be taken into consideration , Ma Fengying was deeply convinced, and was about to ask Xu Hongliang to recommend some better real estate, when the patrol car slowly stopped at the gate of the police office.Grandpa Gu is here, Director Su is here, and even Yu Zhenchuan is here.The master, community leaders and seniors were so enthusiastic, Han Chaoyang was embarrassed and hurriedly introduced.My son has a master who enjoys the treatment of a researcher.Ma Fengying was very excited, and hurried forward to say hello, thank you, please.

Master, Team He, where are we going Turn left when you go out, you drive first, and I ll set up the navigation.Team He rummaged through his bag for a while in the back row, then touched his pocket, and then patted him on the shoulder Wu Wei Give me a cigarette, I have it upstairs, and I forgot to take it when I came down.The squadron leader who asked for a cigarette is very young, 29 years old, and has no airs at all.It is said that he has solved several major cases involving tens of millions of dollars., Wu Wei admired such a young and promising leader, and hurriedly picked up the cigarettes Okay, there are plenty of cigarettes, I just bought one this afternoon.Thank you.You re welcome.Okay, just follow along, actually not It s remote, so it s not hard to find.Liang Dongsheng set up the navigation, put on his seat belt, took out a cigarette and a lighter, rolled down the car window by a gap, and yawned, I m so sleepy, I ll get one too.When the motor vehicle encounters the electric scooter, it ignores all the reasons.The young couple had no choice but to reluctantly swipe their cards to pay.The colleagues in the traffic police team were very responsible.They didn t say goodbye to Han Chaoyang until the relatives of the person cbd gummies for dogs arthritis riding the electric bike arrived and explained a few words to them.When other people s affairs are finished, how long will I have to wait After sending Officer Chai away, he just turned around, and a beautiful face appeared in front of him.Han Chaoyang couldn t help crying because he couldn t help asking, Sister Lu, if I really want to run, can you stop me and catch up The monk can run away but not the temple.If you dare to run away, I will go to your police office.Not everyone has the opportunity to detain the most handsome policeman.Two unmarried policemen are actually discussing this, the more Zhang Beibei thinks about it, the more funny it is, I couldn t help asking Officer Han, Officer Yu, are you all taking care of these trivial matters every day We don t want to take care of it either, but they called 110, so we don t think we can do it.Like the one in the Sixth Hospital Well, it healix cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes really has nothing to do with our police, hemp cbd gummies kansas but can we ignore it Actually, you don t need to take everything on yourself.If you don t send him to the hospital, just call 120, then it s nothing to do with you It pura kana cbd gummies cbd gummies vs vape s so simple Han Chaoyang finished his noodles in three mouthfuls, put down his bowl and chopsticks, and explained, Human life is at stake, and so many people are watching.If I don t send people to the hospital in time, I will fight on the spot.Looking at the gaps in and out of other vehicles, it took nearly 20 minutes to finally realize the intention of arresting the commander in chief.The front, rear, left, and right sides of the white cbd gummies vs vape Toyota are all cars borrowed cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies by the crime team in the morning, all equipped with pinhole cameras, and installed It s very hidden.The surveillance video was transmitted to the headquarters on the fourth floor in real time, and every move of the two suspects was under control Can a parking lot without cars still be called a parking lot There was no one in the car around, and the provinces of the license plates were different.Gao Junfei still didn t feel that there was anything wrong.He looked at the time on the big screen of the car navigation, and said in a low voice It s almost 5 o clock, why haven t you arrived yet, Ya Bing Make a call and ask.Going further inside is a very distinctive antique building complex, with carved beams and painted buildings, which looks much more cbd gummies vs vape magnificent edens cbd edibles gummies than the Wangfu Hotel.Although it was not time for dinner, there were already more than a dozen cars parked in the parking lot, and it was clear that the business was good.Village cbd gummies vs vape head Cui made a phone call and led the two of them into the quaint hall, took the stairs on the left to the second floor, and found the chairman s office with ease.He is obviously a frequent visitor here.He introduced it first, and then rummaged through the box , found out a pack of soft Chinese, opened it and popped out a delicious point.Boss Tang seemed to be used to it long ago.He greeted Han Chaoyang to sit down, and while motioning the waiter to make tea, he said with a smile Officer Han, although this is the first time we have met, your name is already familiar to me.Huang Ying suddenly realized that she had been duped, and clicked on the video again, gnashing her teeth angrily Han Chaoyang, delete it quickly, or I ll never end with you I ll give you two seconds, and I ll be really angry if I don t delete it.Some of the two people s circles of friends overlap, for example, the street officials are almost all friends, how can Han Chaoyang not know what she is worried about, so he hastily deleted it and clicked on it again.Video, Just kidding, don t be angry, I just want to chat for a while.In fact, Huang Ying couldn t sleep at the moment, and suddenly said I m hungry.I HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape ll order you takeaway, no, I ll deliver food for you Give it to me, deliver it to me downstairs Well, what do you want to eat He said he would do it, Huang Ying was flattered, just now it was just a cbd infused gummies plus sleep cbd gummies botanical farms temptation, I never thought it would be real Let him run at night, giggled and said, Just kidding, I m not hungry.

Maybe you can still use coupons.Look at offline, try on offline, and then buy online, no wonder the physical store can t open Han Chaoyang couldn t help giving a thumbs up Honey, you really know how to live.I m not a rich person like Tang Xiaoxuan.I only have that little salary a month.Can t I be careful Huang Ying picked up the drink and continued I I also know that the quality of buying online may not be as good as buying in a physical store, but summer clothes can be worn for a few days, and they will not be popular next year.It doesn t hurt to drop it. It makes sense, I ll buy it online in the future. Do you need to buy cbd gummies vs vape clothes, just wear a police uniform Huang Ying couldn t help but give him a supercilious look when the blind date was actually wearing a uniform.Knowing that she wasn t really angry, Han Chaoyang smiled resentfully, and immediately changed the subject My wife, your mother is really kind.This is a complete program.Add drama Your combination of Chinese and Western , is neither a folk band, nor an orchestra, let alone pura kana cbd gummies cbd gummies vs vape a symphony orchestra, and the level of performance is really difficult to reach the level of elegance, and the leaders will definitely not agree.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and he couldn t discourage their enthusiasm.He pondered Director Wang, otherwise, I ll call tomorrow and ask cbd gummies vs vape the leader to see if I can let the band play for a while before the event officially starts, which is equivalent to background music.The difficulty of Military March and Separate March is too high, and March of the People s Liberation Army is not only difficult but also inappropriate for the main event.There should be no problem with Rainbow because everyone is familiar with it.It is not appropriate for the police sub bureau to have a relationship with the street.If you set up a sub bureau and sing the military song, you will have nothing else to do, and you may not be able to enter the top three.Director Wen couldn t miss this opportunity, he said with a smile Secretary Yang, our public security is actually no different from the army.Our two families will have a big chorus together.This is the military civilian big get together, the military civilian fish water relationship.Talk when it s time to talk, Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Secretary Yang, it s better if there are more people, and more people can sing with momentum.It was a song sung by the Yandong Public Security Bureau and the Huayuan Street Choir.It s not good, it s inappropriate, so let s separate.The question of principle must be argued with reason, and Director Wen immediately turned around and said, Xiao Han, Secretary Yang s consideration is reasonable, otherwise, you can find a way to adapt two sets of military songs, one for the street, and one for our branch office.Leukemia Deputy Station Master Chang cbd gummies 20mg per gummy subconsciously asked.Well, the initial diagnosis is acute non lymphocytic leukemia, but the diagnosis, especially the specific type, depends on the results of the bone marrow aspiration.Leukemia, one sounds scary Thinking that the baby is so small and cute, he will be tortured by a serious illness, and even his life may be in danger, Han Chaoyang s heart suddenly became heavy.Director Su is a woman and a mother, and she felt even more uncomfortable.She raised her head and asked, Director Pang, when can the bone marrow puncture be done, and when will the test results come out It can be done tomorrow, but the baby s parents need to sign.Is there any risk in doing this test The risk is not very high, but bone marrow puncture is an invasive diagnosis and treatment item, and a consent form is required.There are close ups of old revolutionaries and veterans watching the performance, close ups of leaders, and the event scene close up perspective.For a while, it was a condensed and condensed August 1st Army Day promotional video.The pictures are constantly interspersed like this, and the background music is always the music played by the three bands on Huayuan Street.Han Chaoyang was going to direct the three bands to play in turn.His figure appeared in the camera from time to time, and the cameraman even gave several close ups Zhou Ju sat in the second row of Area B, holding up his mobile phone to take pictures of the big screen with great interest like the policemen behind him.Political Commissar Huang also found it interesting, and couldn t help turning around and laughing Director Wen, go and ask the people on the TV station if there is any video of the live broadcast.Bureau Zhou was first the deputy district chief and then the chief of the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Like the member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Secretary Yang of the Huayuan Street Working Committee, he refrained from getting involved.sent a message.God of Wealth, our branch didn t make trouble.God of Wealth, neither did Huayuan Street.I suggest you save the chat records just now.Whoever took advantage of the fire, who made trouble, and who made trouble are all recorded in a small notebook.The two leaders It s too dishonest Director Hua of the Education Bureau was in a hurry, so he hurriedly said, Director Wei, singing is for singing, money is for approval, and one yard is one yard.You can t avenge your private revenge.Director Wei, look at the chat history, I didn t What do you say, I fell for Director Hua s tricks A group of directors, directors and secretaries were filled with righteous indignation just now, but now they realize that the God of Wealth cannot be offended, and the WeChat group became lively again.

Deputy Director Jiang looked at him with a smile, and said lightly What s inappropriate, I know it s not convenient for you to talk to your leaders about this matter, I will tell your branch leaders.It s a good thing for the school police to cooperate, I think It s not a big problem, if it really involves some serious law enforcement power and jurisdiction, it s a very simple matter of transferring you from the Huayuan Street Police Station to the Xinyuan Street Police cbd gummies vs vape Station.If you open your mouth, this matter is indeed very simple.Simple.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, so he could only smirk and follow him to the Security Department to visit various departments.If you don t visit, you don t know.Once you visit, you will be shocked.The Security Department of PolyU is not like a police station, but like a public security bureau.No matter what kind of contracting fee or management fee you charge, your behavior must be illegal.Yes.Ms.Tan, don t go online, what law can we violate Manager Zhang pretended to be relaxed and smiled, putting on a very frank look.I don t know, let me tell you that you have violated the Anti Monopoly Law.The Anti Monopoly Law expressly prohibits operators with a dominant market position for no justifiable reasons, restricting counterparties to transactions with them or only with them.Designated operators to conduct transactions.Your property management company abuses its market position and restricts property owners to only trade with your designated waste collectors, which is a monopoly.Awesome, it seems that you really understand the law.Han Chaoyang glanced at her curiously, and was thinking about how to change the topic to the cbd infused gummies plus sleep matter of beating people.Do, when the barbecue equipment and tables, chairs and benches are temporarily seized, the stall owners often violently resist the law, and the law enforcement officers and coordinators are often injured.It may be better if we are present, but this task is still very difficult and dangerous.Let you alone I don t feel at ease for the lesbians to go. There s nothing to worry about, isn t there still patrol members You must go Go as soon as you say, and quickly recruit people, and I will lead the team to set off after the personnel are assembled.Not only had the opportunity to perform missions, but also led a team to perform missions.This is no different from acting alone.Miao Haizhu was either a policeman in a police academy or sitting in an office as a policeman before.The thought of being a real policeman made her blood boil.It was very standard mandarin.After speaking, he turned around and said, So, potatoes are our specialty here.Potatoes Han Zhaoyang asked subconsciously.It s potatoes.What I just said was a joke made by outsiders teasing us here.The natural conditions here are harsh, and other crops cannot be grown, and the harvest is not good.Potatoes are drought resistant, so we can only grow and eat yams.In some places Potatoes are the staple food.Hang s instructor sighed lightly, and continued Now the conditions are much better than before.When I first started working, I went to other places to handle cases, and a colleague from other places asked me, do people in your place only eat two meals a day Don t be afraid of your jokes, many remote villages at that time really only ate two meals a day.My old mother, you met yesterday, and she still only eats two meals a day, and she has formed a habit.It is impossible for him to run so fast, unless he was misjudged before.The time to abscond from the first hiding point.The direction is wrong, and the time is wrong.Captain Xu stared at the map for a while, then raised his head and said, The footprints at the first hiding place belonged to him, and his fingerprints were on the empty mineral water bottle, which means that the stool not far from the hiding heartland cbd gummies place was also made by him.The time of his hiding can be inferred from the feces, and I believe in the judgment of the technical police, the possibility of misjudgment is unlikely.Is it a forest ranger Deputy Director Wu pondered.It can t be a forest ranger.We just counted the mobile phone numbers of the police who participated in the war, the cadres and masses who assisted in the search, and the forest farm workers.The wild fruit looks weird, and it looks a bit like underpants.Han Zhaoyang took one and wiped it clean, stuffed it into his mouth and chewed it.This time, he was not fooled.Sweet and delicious.Since there are none outside the mountain, eat a few more and eat all the crotch bubbles picked by the little guy.Han Chaoyang couldn t how much is liberty cbd gummies help laughing and said, I thought it was a wolfberry.This is delicious too.The little how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety cbd gummies vs vape guy He also handed over two crooked plants, which looked like grass roots, not like fruits.Han Chaoyang plucked up the courage to wipe it clean and ate one.It tasted okay, and he couldn t help touching his messy hair.This is jujube.You can brew jujube wine and make sesame candy.The little guy grinned and ran down into the woods to find something to eat.After eating the second jujube, Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone and dialed Jiang Li s police number.

More than 1,000 people sounded like a lot, but the search area was larger, the terrain was so complicated, and There was only one family within a few kilometers of the farm that returned their farmland to forests and moved down the mountain, and then sneaked back to the mountain, so the police force is still very tight.Regardless of whether it is to communicate or not, as long budpop cbd gummies cbd infused gummies plus sleep as they participate in the war, they must resolutely obey the command of the search and arrest headquarters.Comrade Han Chaoyang did not complain After receiving the order, I rushed to set up an observation post on the hilltop 1.5 kilometers southwest of Tanjiagou.Zhou Ju pointed to the whole leaf cbd square gummies photo on the curtain, looked back at his struggling subordinates, and continued, To complete Comrade Han Chaoyang stayed at the top of the mountain for four days and five nights for the task assigned by his superiors.Before Xiao Guo could speak, an honest middle aged migrant worker threw away his cigarette butt and stood up, rubbing his face and angrily said Comrade Public Security, I really saw it, a dozen people, all young and young, All with guys.I passed by, just took a look, and a crew cut rushed up and slapped me, telling me not to meddle in my own business.More than a dozen people Han Chaoyang was taken can you take cbd gummies on plane aback, and while motioning him to sit down, he .

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opened the folder, picked up a pen and asked, All of them brought a guy, what kind of guy did cbd gummies vs vape they bring You can tell that you are not a good person, and you can tell it is a gangster at a glance.Am I mistaken, a gang of gangsters came to the jurisdiction Han Chaoyang got angry, stared at him closely and asked, Did you see where they went I I didn t dare to look too much.Xiao Han, where are those three guys Downstairs.Look, it s lucky to find out in time, otherwise the parents of the freshmen will see how bad it will be There was a thief in the morning, and it happened again in the afternoon.Vice Minister Jiang was in a very bad mood, and patted the table several times When we put up such obscene posters somewhere in Polytechnic University, Xiao Han, the impact is too bad, and your police must deal with them seriously.The content is very disgusting It begins with I am Zhuman, followed by ID card number, mobile phone number, followed by Because of my idleness and vanity, I am penniless, in debt and unable to repay, I hereby borrow money from relatives and friends to repay the debt.I Use the bodies of me, my mother and my sister as compensation, cbd gummies vs vape only 20 yuan a night, our oral work I hope all my dear teachers and classmates can help me, lend me 20 yuan each to pay off the debt, and I will do my best in the future In return, the following is the evidence that I cannot repay the loan.The case team may not have thought of this possibility.Sex, I think you should call Teng University to report and remind Teng University.Chapter 299 Call Teng University without any evidence, what a joke If he really makes this call, he will definitely think that you are very leisurely, and he will think that you are not watching the workers sifting the sand carefully, so that you are so leisurely that you should not worry about it.Now he is staring at the workers sifting sand.If he is unhappy, he may arrange another cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies more unlucky task.Han Chaoyang didn t want to suffer from the fate of gaining wisdom.Wu Wei was so focused on the case that he was relentless on this issue.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to settle for the next best thing.He called Liu Suo in front of him, intending to let the leaders worry about it.Seize the opportunity, you are engaging in individual heroism, this is the division of labor, do you understand Community pura kana cbd gummies cbd gummies vs vape police do community work, public security police do security prevention, and criminal police solve cases.If everyone is like you, the world will be in chaos.Chapter 305 Cold treatment Renhe County has become famous again, and the netizens who posted the video indicated the time and place of the black boss picking up the bride , and it is being read from the Internet.From the few small videos that were reposted frantically, it did happen in Renhe County.The county leader was very angry.As soon as he received the report from the cadre monitoring public opinion, he called Ji Yuqin, the deputy county magistrate and director of the Public Security Bureau, and asked the Public Security Bureau to re mobilize and redeploy the special campaign against gangsters and eradicate evil, and immediately figure out the gathering crowd.Don t worry.It s not necessary, it s his good luck. Xiao Han s luck is good, otherwise he wouldn t have picked up such a big mistake in the Northwest, but this time cbd gummies vs vape it s not just luck, who would have thought that someone would play such a prank, after all It was a human body, not a dead cat or cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies a dog.Teng Jimin is very embarrassed at the moment, if it were me, I would be equally embarrassed, because I can t think of it, and I don t think about it at all.So It is easy to be preconceived when handling a case, and once preconceived, you will get into the wrong corner, and when a major case occurs in the future, you should let the front line police participate in the case analysis meeting, and listen to the thoughts of the front line police, and you will understand if you listen to it.Yes Zhou Ju nodded slightly, and then said with a smile If you find the first scene, even if it s just the first scene where the body was dumped, this murder case will be solved.

Sweating and crying, anyone would be angry.Han Chaoyang put down his phone, and continued It s understandable for someone else to post these life philosophies.But he is not an ordinary person, he is the director of the police station, so I always I feel a little a little weird.Not only is it weird, but from the perspective of employing people, such a policeman is no longer suitable for leadership budpop cbd gummies cbd infused gummies plus sleep positions.This topic is too heavy, and Political Commissar Huang pretended to be relaxed and said with a smile I didn t expect cbd gummies vs vape that He Pingyuan is a bit level and literary.He graduated from a normal university and is an undergraduate.No wonder the writing is so good.Political Commissar Huang He picked up his phone to check the time, then stood up It s almost 9 o clock, let s go.Chapter 314 Better than luck Han Chaoyang left, and Master Xu came.This is also the division of labor, He Pingyuan smiled, and suddenly said Why don t you go to your jurisdiction to see, the former instructor and Jiang Li and the others asked me to take more photos to know your working environment.Where to go Turn or turn, Han Chaoyang smiled happily Okay, go to our police office first.Turn on the turn signal, turn onto Zhongshan Road, and drive cbd gummies vs vape westward.When approaching Dongming Community, Han Chaoyang slowed down and pointed to the front Introduced like a few treasures He Suo, this area is under my jurisdiction.You have seen the schedule.Tomorrow afternoon, I will visit the joint logistics work of the Xinyuan Street Police cbd infused gummies plus sleep cbd gummies botanical farms Station and our Huayuan Street Police Station.In fact, it is to visit our Zhongshan Road Complex.The police platform, and this police platform is our police office.Meng Wenjun is thirty four or five years old.He works as a treasurer in a company in the development zone.He has a happy family, easy work, good income, and is good at dressing up.He looks only twenty eight or nineteen years old.She stared at Han Chaoyang in the rearview mirror of the car for a while, confirmed that Han Chaoyang didn t seem to be lying, cbd gummies vs vape then frowned slightly and said, It s so late, what is he doing in Xianzhuang You have to ask your wife about that.To the surprise cbd gummies vs vape of the two, Meng Wenjun suddenly took out his mobile phone, dialed a number, and asked, Jiangang, I m Meng Wenjun, and I m your sister in law.To be honest with you, the person at the front desk of your company Does that little girl live in Xianzhuang The voice on her cell phone was so low that she couldn t hear the other party s answer clearly, but she asked I m on my way to your company, why do you know why Play sloppy with me, don t help him cover up.I have nothing to say.I just want to remind you.Grandpa Gu looked up at Old Tang, stood up and said The leader of the task force asked you to investigate, of course you should Do everything you can to track down the whereabouts of the suspect, but you can t patronize the investigation, no matter how you want to investigate, no matter whether there is any progress, you must ask for instructions and report.Yes, I will report to Teng University in time.Don t think I m long winded, koi cbd gummie reviews Solving a case, especially a major one, is like playing a game of chess.The leader of the special case team must consider the overall situation, and keep what he said just now in his heart.Don t just promise it so happily that you forget it when you get busy. Master, I promise I won t forget it.As long as you don t forget it, let s do your work.Qing Gong, the comrades from the Public Security Bureau will not come to you for no reason.What s the matter Boss Gan was also very depressed when the que es cbd gummies police came to his door in the middle of the night.He followed up in the living room and gave his cousin a hard look.Brother in law, I I didn t do anything.Others don t know, but you don t know.Am I the kind of person who commits crimes Boss Gan knew his cousin in law too well, so he believed that he would not do illegal things., turned around and smiled Officer Zhang, my brother in law is honest, what can he do, you must have made a mistake.That s right.Zhang Qiuping looked back at the bedroom with a hidden door, and then shifted his eyes to Yu Qinggong s face Let me remind you, where were you on the night of the 27th last month, and who were you seeing , what cbd gummies vs vape did you do On the 27th of last month, I, I can t remember.Seeing four electric patrol cars approaching slowly, Han Chaoyang immediately raised the walkie talkie and asked Zhang Jinhai to arrange four security guards to come over to watch the gate.Four tall young men had just squeezed to the door, when Xu Hongliang, Li Xiaobin and Wu Junfeng arrived with more than twenty young men.The Chaoyang Community Security Service Company was originally established by Huayuan Street to maintain stability.They are more professional than the security guards of PolyU in terms of stability maintenance.Without Han Chaoyang opening his mouth, the boys acted tacitly.One post at three steps, one whistle at five steps, advised the crowd not to stay here, and even played the role of traffic coordinator, standing in the middle of the road, gesticulating and whistling to direct the traffic that was blocked just now to pass.

You know the temper of the master.There is no way for you Liu Suo to let you make up your mind.Why is there no way, Bao Suo, I don t quite understand.If you take the lead, it will be too shabby and unseemly.If you make it decent, the master will think it is extravagant and wasteful, and even have the idea of driving him away and forcing him to take off his police uniform.You are different, you are his youngest apprentice, you are said to be an apprentice In fact, it s similar to the younger generation, you are in charge of making arrangements, no matter how well you are doing, he will not say anything.Master, the old man doesn t want to retire, and he doesn t want to hold any activities to celebrate his retirement.Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and asked with a bitter face Bao Suo, let me take care of it, but what about the bureau, what s the opinion , Is the Bayi Song Club doing a good job, I will leave this matter to you, let you come up with a plan as soon as possible, after the plan is made, the bureau will study it, and then consider whether to invite the leadership of the city bureau.The electric car is parked at the door, wait a while Don t forget to ride back.Okay, I won t forget, I ll be back soon.After seeing off his girlfriend and junior sister, Han cbd gummies vs vape Chaoyang took the water from Zhang Beibei and sat down to chat with Zhang Zhishu.It turned out that he bought a second hand house in the city, and he could live in it without decoration.I asked for two sets of relocation houses, and I would move back after they were built.Director Xie didn t buy a house, and lived with relatives.It would take two or three years to live here It s a good thing to HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape have money, but it s not entirely a good thing.Zhang Zhishu lit a cigarette and sighed During the relocation, you and Chief Gu did a lot of publicity in the village to let everyone cherish this hard won life.Some people listened to it, and some didn t.Miao Haizhu s starting point is higher than anyone else, and she seems a little heartless when it comes to this question, subconsciously asked As for her, she will be transferred tomorrow, so why don t you come and say goodbye to us I have to hand over the work, and I m working overtime.Han Chaoyang put the lunch box aside, took out a tissue to wipe his mouth, and said with a smile Besides, I haven t been transferred far, so is it necessary to say goodbye Did you say what you will be transferred to the administrative service center I don t know what the job is, I just know it s going to the business department. What does the business department do Miao Haizhu asked curiously again.Han Chaoyang was also unclear.When he was really asked, Director Su chuckled and said, The business section is mainly responsible for guiding the various business work of each window, responsible for the organization and coordination of joint audits and joint reconnaissance of major issues, and the business connection between departments.Retirement cbd gummies for diabetic neuropathy is not a big deal for a policeman when he is old enough to retire.However, a second level hero model of the national public security system has retired, and it is a bit unreasonable that there has been no movement at the branch until now.Grandpa Gu came to his senses suddenly, stared at Han Chaoyang closely and asked, Chaoyang, what s going on, are you hiding something from me Watching him cross the road, he smiled and said, You have worked in the Changfeng Police Station for more than ten years.That is your old base.I don t know how many people miss you.Last time I went there to handle a case, several people asked me what you are doing.When you can go back and have a look, not to mention the institute, so I think you should go and have a look.Hey, I really miss them when you say that.Chapter 401 The patrol team has made great achievements Shi Ju took time to come to attend the master s retirement ceremony , and went back early the next morning.Grandpa Gu s old comrades in arms did not leave, and the bureau even took this opportunity to invite veteran policemen who could be contacted to the bureau to have a discussion with the representatives of the serving policemen.Political Commissar Huang and Bureau Fan also planned to accompany the old comrades to visit the command center and the criminal police brigade And the new detention center that was just completed and put into use last year.Grandpa Gu has retired gloriously, and there is one person missing from the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.Knowing that Han Chaoyang is very busy, the bureau did not notify Han Chaoyang to participate.Lao Ding is also a member of the police department now, and the case being investigated can be regarded as a case of the police department.Lao Ding also wants to make some achievements, so he took it and checked to confirm that there is no problem, and immediately rode an electric car to the police station to find Signed by the leader.The work was divided at night, and today s main task is to assist cbd gummies vs vape the food and drug, industry and commerce departments to enforce the law.I don t know how Kang s coordination is going, all Han cbd gummies vs vape Chaoyang can do cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies is wait, and simply go back to the room and lie down on the desk to take a nap.I didn t rest well at night, I was too sleepy and tired, so I fell asleep after laying down for a private labe cbd gummies while.Chaoyang, Chaoyang Oh.Hearing someone shout, Han Chaoyang raised his head hastily.

There is no one else in this mind attacking tactic Grandpa Gu also drank a little too much tonight, and said What s so great, in the words of your young people, how powerful is a woolen thread.Oh, you know even wool Don t talk about it, talk to him, you have talked to him, Lao Tang and Haizhu have talked to him, and the comrades in the judicial office must have talked to him, too.The content is probably the same, but why is the effect of the conversation different Why Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.It s very simple.One is the timing of the conversation, and the other is your attitude during the conversation.If the timing is wrong, the effect will be different.When you are talking, you cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies are superior and treat him as a prisoner.If you can t confess your heart, the effect will naturally be different.He didn t mention money at all at night.Instead, he was more concerned about some things that happened after the old Chaoyang villagers had money.For example, some villagers didn t learn well when they had money., drugs, and other unhealthy trends, we must do everything possible to pull the drunkard and gambler back from the wine table and the card table.Really He really said that Really, what are you doing lying to you.Han Chaoyang ate After finishing the last dumpling, he stood up and said, It can be seen that he wants to do something.This does not contradict my work.It can even be said to support my work.If he supports me, I will definitely support him too.Chapter 427 Breaking the rules and advancing to the title Han Chaoyang is not a community cadre, and organic sugar free cbd gummies he doesn t care about Cao Zefang, the first secretary, who wants to set fire to the new official s appointment.Xiao Wu, Don t be shy, bring the medal certificate and show it to everyone.Okay, everyone, please wait a moment.Wu Junfeng grinned and ran out to get the medal certificate.Holding the teacup, Grandpa Gu said meaningfully Everyone, we are very lucky.We were born in New China, grew up under the red flag, and lived in a peaceful age.But in a peaceful age, it is very difficult to make meritorious service.Xiao Wu can be honored as an individual Third class merit, what does this mean, it shows that the young man is very dedicated, and it shows that the young man puts the safety of the owners and the masses first.What Xinmin community needs is this kind of security guard One owner couldn t help asking Manager Zhang, if our community sets up an owners meeting and hires your property management company, can you arrange for Captain Wu to come to our community The captain is also an outstanding young man.That s exactly what I want to tell you.Han Chaoyang looked back at Kang Haigen, and then shifted his gaze to Miao Haizhu s face Ling Bin sneaks in and posts it in a community where anyone can enter if the management is not strict, but most There are properties and security guards in the community, and the management is relatively strict, and outsiders can t get in at all.Wang Dui and his identities cannot be revealed, and we can only accompany him there.If we come forward, the property management should not say anything.Miao Haizhu realized this morning Why do you have a meeting, and ask straight to the point Are you going to run with him, or should I go to the community with him You may not be able to keep busy by yourself.During the New Year s Day, old comrades who have married families and children must be given a rest.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight There is no car in the yard, but the red lanterns hanging on both sides of the gate add a little vitality to this deserted mountain village.Wan Xiaoxia has been here for almost a month, and there is no business in the store.Even the third sister in law spends all day playing mahjong with the women in the village.She, a waiter , can t help if she wants to.She can only pass the time by watching TV and surfing the Internet She always wants to go online, and what she is most afraid of is going online, especially in the past cbd gummies vs vape five or six days, every time she sees Ling Bin s letters to her on her blog, every time she sees Xinxin s photos, every time she thinks that he and his daughter are more than 80 kilometers away When Yanyang looked for her, his heart felt like a cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies knife was being twisted, and tears streamed down his face.This place is big, and the public security situation is more complex than here, and there are several houses in front of the Sixth Court.Han Zhaoyang got anxious, and immediately got up and asked, Let s move to the Sixth Court, and tell the truth, is this your idea or Secretary Cao s Thoughts Mine.Your Xu Hongliang patted his arm, grinned and said, Brother, don t worry, let me explain first.Okay, explain.First of all, the Sixth Hospital side You are definitely needed more than our side, if you are willing to move the police receiving platform, the leaders of the Sixth Hospital will definitely welcome you, and will definitely let the logistics make room for you.In the period cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies of social transformation, the relationship between the police and the public is tense, and the relationship between doctors and patients is even more tense.

She is a woman.If you want to go to the bathroom, it will be troublesome.Go over and assist in custody.There are too many people, you have to queue.Thinking of Ling Bin and Xinxin who were on the opposite side of the road, Han Chaoyang felt very uncomfortable, and while walking towards the west gate of the community, he called Dui Wang s mobile phone, Dui Wang was really ecstatic and excited He said endlessly Great, great, I have nothing to worry about if the suspect is with you, I will report to the bureau first.Okay, you report first, drive slowly on the road, safety first.We are not in a hurry.By the way, please help me organize it, and invite your master, Bao Suo, Kang Suo and the brothers who have helped the cbd gummies vs vape patrol team to have dinner together in the evening, and let me express my gratitude.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to pat Ling Bin on the shoulder, and walked together with Ling Bin in front of Wan Xiaoxia who was sitting in the room crying.What happened next really made people very uncomfortable.As soon as the door was closed, Wan Xiaoxia grabbed Ling Bin tightly with her handcuffed hands and cried I m sorry , crying heartbreakingly.Ling Bin also cried, holding her tightly and crying, crying heartbroken.If it wasn t for Han Chaoyang s reminder, the two of them don t know how long they would cry.Ziyue, no matter what happened before, you will always be my Ziyue.Officer Han said that as long asas long as you behave well, there is hope.I will wait for you, and I will wait for you with Xinxin.You must persist, no Think about yourself and Xinxin.Xiaobin, I m sorry She really couldn t think of anything else to say except sorry.She made false publicity for her performance and caused us a very bad influence.We are also looking for her now It s pretty clean, why don t you say she s a temporary worker Mother Yuxin, don t get excited, I m telling the truth.Not only did the parents of the students not believe her nonsense, Han Chaoyang also didn t believe it, holding up the parents of the students.The mobile phone suddenly asked Ms.Lin, how do you explain the admissions advertisement on it She cbd gummies vs vape edited it on her own initiative, we really didn t know in advance.She is your employee, she engages in false propaganda, do you train The institution has no responsibility at all Han Chaoyang asked.Officer Han, I don t agree with what you said.I don t know what people know, but I don t know what she will do to complete the enrollment task.Yes Sixty five cheap laborers came all at once, and everyone present Every promoter is either a squad leader, a deputy squad leader, or a master.All of them are beaming with joy, and they are full of anger with a yes.Seeing Xu Hongliang s embarrassing look, Han Chaoyang couldn t help leaning into Lao Ding s ear and laughing It s a set, Lao Ding, is this the young master Xu we know Lao Ding also found it funny, so he kept his face Said Don t forget that he is also a graduate of the Judicial Police Academy.The leaders, teachers, classmates and juniors from his alma nirvana cbd gummies nutrition facts mater will come later.Of course, we have to make the scene bigger.If you don t tell me, I almost forgot I ve done this.Han Chaoyang looked up, and Chen Jie and Xiaokang were just as excited, and the uniforms had obviously been ironed, not only fit but also straight.Wu hastily stopped him again Wait, don t go out from the police room, go through the gate of the neighborhood committee, and don t gather in twos and threes.It s best to keep a distance and separate.Habit.Even the expedition was so serious that Han Chaoyang really wanted to go with him, but he had something to do in the afternoon, so he could only watch them disappear from sight.Grandpa Gu patted him on the shoulder and asked with a smile, Do you want to go too If you sign up, you will do bad things if you follow.Junfeng and the others will arrest them for a while, and the thieves will remember their appearance, or recognize them.They only catch the present and do not handle the case.Just hand it over to the police handling the case, and act quickly when you catch the current situation.Even if you hit the thief face to face in a few days, you may not remember it.It s best if you can t catch it.If you can t catch it, it means that the law and order are good.Wu Wenge looked back at the square, got up and smiled In The policemen on duty at the station were very vigilant, and they came out to take a look around after a while, and the boys we were staring at cbd infused gummies plus sleep cbd gummies botanical farms when we first arrived hid when they saw them, and were all scared away by them. It s true, Sergeant Ding.They re all scared away and let us catch them Don t worry, today we are identifying someone.Wu Wenge picked up the woven bag, and suddenly walked to the bus stop without looking back, and reminded him, Someone is coming.Don t look around.I m calling someone.Miao Haizhu was taken aback, and hurriedly took out her phone.No need, Xiao Liu is here too.Wu Wenge walked to the stop sign with a woven bag on his shoulders, looked up at the information on the stop sign, but from the corner of his eyes, he was always staring at a man wearing a long down jacket with a tie around his neck.

Don t worry, I ll see Wait for a while.What s interesting What s the hurry, I haven cbd gummies vs vape t read all the comments from netizens.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, because they not only watched, but also registered five or six vests pretending to be passer bys to leave messages and break the news.Xu Hongliang was also confused, so he went to the door to light a cigarette, turned around and said with a smile It s not cured, I wonder if they are going to sleep tonight.If they don t sleep, we have to sleep, we have business tomorrow Chapter 494 Moving Once again, plans are worse cbd gummies for cramps than changes.Han Chaoyang, who stayed up until four o clock in the morning before taking a break in the PolyU dormitory, was awakened early in the morning by the sound of his mobile phone ringing.The call was made by Deputy Director Xing of the sub bureau command center, saying that people from the telecommunications department and the sub bureau s logistics support room cbd gummies vs vape came to move the intranet in the morning, and by the way moved the big light box at the entrance of the police office to the entrance of the Sixth Hospital.Han Chaoyang looked at Grandpa Gu who was coming towards him, and said with a smile The bureau decided to turn the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform into the Zhongshan Road Police District, and take me from Huayuan Street.The police station was transferred to the Public Security Brigade, and then from the Public Security Brigade, I was sent back to serve as the police chief of the police district.From now on, I will be a policeman who will stay at the grassroots level every day.Huang Ying laughed and said, Is this transfer interesting Interesting At least it is cbd gummies true bliss more legitimate than it is now.After all, this side of the road is under the control of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and the opposite side of the road is under the control of the Huayuan Street Police Station.I m not a policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, I represent the branch office, and I can be impartial no matter what happens.How could it be so soon Mention the deputy department Judging from the series of arrangements of the sub bureau, it should be more or less the same.Su Xian smiled and explained patiently If Chaoyang is just promoted to pura kana cbd gummies cbd gummies vs vape be the deputy director of the Huayuan can you travel with cbd gummies on a plane Street Police Station, there will definitely be great resistance.The organization department can agree, and the old comrades of the branch will also have opinions.But if Chaoyang is promoted to a deputy department, and Chaoyang is appointed as the deputy department level sheriff of the Zhongshan Road Police District, others can t say anything, because it is a job requirement. Work needs Huang Ying still felt that this was unreliable, and looked back at Teacher Ma who was so excited that she wanted to call Father Han, but after thinking about it, she thought she should call later.Fifth hundred and first Chapter 15 Inquiry 5 The boss asks you to invite supper because the leader gives you face, the key is whether you have time to invite.Han Chaoyang was thinking about when how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety cbd gummies vs vape is cbd gummy bears illegal he could withdraw the team, when Miao Haizhu and a few auxiliary police came out with twenty or so cbd gummies vs vape young ladies.In the middle of cbd gummies for kids with autism cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies the night, the crowd watching the excitement in the snow was like a commotion, and budpop cbd gummies cbd infused gummies plus sleep they raised their mobile phones to take pictures and even shoot videos.The ladies were also shy, covering their faces and not daring to look up, they just lined up and got into several police cars parked by the roadside under Miao Haizhu s scolding.The motorcade sounded its siren and drove slowly onto the main road, disappearing in the snowy night in a blink of an eye.Political commissar Huang didn t want to cause trouble for the police handling the case, so he didn t enter the feasting KTV, brushed the snow off his body, and asked in a low voice Xiao Han, ask about the situation inside, how long it will take, and do you want support from the security brigade Yes Han Chaoyang didn t dare to joke anymore, and immediately raised the walkie talkie Gu instructor, Gu instructor, I m Han Chaoyang, the bureau leader wants to know what s going on inside Gu instructor didn t know that the political commissar and Fan Bureau were outside, and thought that the bureau leader passed When asked by the command center, he said excitedly Chaoyang, help me report to the bureau leader that In the Mood for Love KTV was suspected of organizing an obscene performance, and we caught it.Unexpectedly, he took this opportunity to bluff in.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and hurried to the door to say hello, Old Qian, HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape come in and sit down.Xiao Xiang, HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape I didn t expect you to be a party member too Han Da, I can just stand.All the people who came were young people, only the old ones.Qian is in her forties, old Qian is a bit embarrassing.After finally becoming a real patrol member, Xiao Xiang didn t want to stay in the hospital every day like before, so he said eagerly Da Han, I ve made an agreement with cbd gummies vs vape Uncle Qian.Uncle Qian is here on duty with Sister Chen.Pickpocket team, go catch the thief with Junfeng and the others.If this kid is not allowed to join the anti pickup team, he probably will resign and quit, Han Chaoyang agreed, Okay, no problem.The attraction of the anti pickup team is not At one or two o clock, Shen Xin couldn t help asking Han Da, what about us Don t be in a hurry, just listen to Han Da s arrangements.Unexpectedly, so many netizens wanted to see Zheng Yutong, frantically swiping their screens and presents.In the video, Nie Xuan cbd gummy for sale really whets the appetite.Extending the camera of the mobile phone behind a curtain, he was still chattering and explaining Everyone has seen it, the audience is entering the arena, Yutong and other students in the band are putting on makeup in the background, and I will take the stage from my current position later, wait All the performers are in their positions.After the host has finished reporting the curtain, the curtain will be opened and the concert will officially begin.Please rest assured that I have selected three positions during the morning rehearsal, and I will choose the best position when the time comes.I ll show you the live broadcast from the same angle.

Then Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu, and Li Xiaobin were asked to help, and they drove the other four brats back to the prison.The police room cannot be empty, Han Chaoyang waited until Wu Wei and others came back 100 mg cbd gummie before going back to the dormitory to rest.The alarm clock was set at 6 30, but was woken up by the phone ringing at 6 00, Han Zhaoyang was too tired and sleepy and fell asleep, Huang Ying pushed him a few times to wake him up.Who is it, what time is it Han Chaoyang asked in a daze.Secretary Cao is calling Today, the Organization Department of the District Committee may announce the list of the last batch of cadres to be appointed before the Spring Festival.There might be some how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety cbd gummies vs vape inside information, shaking his arm, he said anxiously Quickly pick up, I ll pick up if you don t pick me up Why did Secretary Cao call me so early He yawned and asked, Secretary Cao, I m Han Chaoyang, what instructions do you have Cao Zefang stood on the playground of PolyU, held up his mobile phone and looked in the direction of the teachers dormitory, and said with a smile, What instructions can I give you I haven t woken up yet.The network administrator turned a blind eye and violated the relevant regulations of fire management the third and most troublesome one, the trainer who just arrived at the police station did not catch the brats who cbd gummies vs vape were fighting last night, but checked the bar counter.He discovered the temporary internet card prepared by the witness.This level is not easy to pass, and the order to suspend business for rectification is light, and if it is not done well, it will be fined.The boss was so anxious that he wanted to make inquiries with people who were close to him but did not dare to influence the criminal police team, so he HCMUSSH cbd gummies vs vape could only stand aside obediently.On site inspections are not done immediately after arrival.What is emphasized is one look, two thoughts, and three inspections.The technical police officer Lao Kong is dedicated to three purposes.Secretary Cao is early, and Manager Zhang is early.You are also early, earlier than us.Cao Zefang squeezed his hand tightly, and smiled sideways Chaoyang, we discussed with Lao Zhang and decided to launch a deeper and more comprehensive plan.Cooperation, we will be a family in the future, in fact, we will be a family.Didn t Chen Jie say that they just started talking yesterday, it s efficient enough, and it s confirmed today Feeling a little sudden, Han Chaoyang let go of Cao Zefang s hand, held Manager Zhang s hand and said with a smile, Manager Zhang, so we will be colleagues in the future You know everything I heard Chen Jie mention it cbd gummies vs vape last night, and I didn t expect it to be so fast.Secretary Cao is right, cooperation can win win.Running a property company seems simple, but it is not so easy to do.One suspect who had been absconded for eleven years in fear of crime, solved, participated in and assisted in the detection of 48 public security and criminal cases While doing his job well, Comrade Han Chaoyang actively communicated with the masses and understood The masses are in real difficulties, guiding community residents and merchants to strengthen their own safety precautions, and popularizing public security knowledge.He has been rated as an advanced individual in flow control work in Yanyang City, an excellent policeman, and an excellent people s policeman in the city, and has been praised by the masses as the most handsome policeman in Yanyang., in line with the prerequisites for exceptional promotion and appointment, such as outstanding morality and ability, and high recognition by the masses.She didn t have much money, and she could afford to live in a hotel.The fast hotels in this area are not cheap.Since I have been running for a whole day on this matter, let s help people to the end.Han Chaoyang took Cao Wenjue to find an express hotel, showed his ID to the hotel front desk clerk, asked which room the little fairy lived in, and took the elevator up to knock on the door.Who is it Sure enough, it was her, and Cao Wenjue s lungs were about to explode.Han Chaoyang was worried that Little Fairy might climb out of the window because she was angry, so she hurriedly grabbed Cao Wenjue and said calmly, The police station, please open the door.We need to check the ID card.I m not upstairs.Have you ever registered, what is there to check The public security inspection, please cooperate.Just when Sun chill plus gummies cbd infused gummy bears 200mg Guokang felt a little impatient, the sound of a car engine came from outside.Then, there was a rush of footsteps.Old man Xu, what do you think about what you said last time The father s debt is repaid by the son, and the son s debt is repaid by the father Seeing a policeman sitting in the room, and another policeman standing in the corner, the first one to break in The fat man froze.What are you doing Who allowed you to come in Han Chaoyang suddenly stood cbd gummies vs vape up and walked up to him and asked.The door outside is not closed.You can come in if the door is not closed.The gate of the Public Security Bureau is open every day, why don t you go in Comrade police, don t get me wrong, we are here to find old man Xu.Do it What s the matter Isn t cbd gummies vs vape it the Chinese New Year, we have a bill to settle, the fat man hastily opened his bag and took out a stack of copies Look, there is an IOU and a promise to repay the loan.

This alarm situation is even more wonderful Han Chaoyang walked to the door, and Xiaokang said with a bitter face, Aunt Zheng, today is New Year s Eve.Today is the New Year s Eve.In the eyes of some residents, it is not a New Year s Eve without setting off firecrackers.They think that only setting off firecrackers can increase the joy of the Spring Festival.Atmosphere.I know, I know, there are regulations prohibiting setting off fireworks, but this prohibition is only prohibiting random setting off.If people set off fireworks in designated places, we can t control them Maybe I have never seen it before, Mr.Hong said The police department is more interested in watching the Spring Festival Gala.Before Han Chaoyang could open his mouth, he leaned over and asked, Young man, is there something wrong with setting off firecrackers Noisy, the non stop ringing of firecrackers made her feel frightened and disturbed, it is understandable that she likes to be quiet when she is old, but we really can t control this matter., Immediately bring a big broom and other tools to dispatch.Every year on New Year s Eve, valhalla cannabis infused gummies 10mg cbd 5mg thc there will be a fire, and there has been a plan for it.When Han Chaoyang arrived on the scene, the boys had not only arrived but were fighting the fire.Artificially planted lawns, although the grass is dry and easy to ignite, but the grass does not grow high before it exxon that carries cbd gummies dries up, the flames will naturally not be high, the fire is not serious, and it will not even spread far, and will not cause further damage big fire.But let the fire go on like this, and the few cars on the lower ground will definitely be roasted.Sun Guokang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he rolled up his sleeves and took out the big broom from the patrol car of the boys to do it together.Han Chaoyang was busy calling the street sanitation office that maintained the small park, asking where the faucet for cbd gummies vs vape tinnitus relief cbd gummies watering the lawn was, and went to the opposite construction site to find tools such as water pipes, pliers, and steel wires, connected the water pipes, and twisted the joints with steel wires.Chuan Jie got there first, isn t this a missed one Han Chaoyang smiled, holding the steering wheel and continued Although Haizhu is a bit more aggressive, the conditions are also good in all aspects.If you miss even Haizhu, you will regret it later.Haizhu, are you kidding me Why did I just joke, Angkor, don t tell me you don t like Haizhu There was no outsider in the car, so it wasn t awkward to talk about it.Wu Wei took out a cigarette and put it under his nose to smell it, and said helplessly This kind of thing is not about what I think, but what others think.Her conditions are not good but very good in all aspects.She has a high degree of education and a good job., The family is rich, so they definitely don t like me, and I really don t deserve her. Why is the family rich, her father is a fish seller The fish seller is also better off than mine, and besides how old she is, How old am I now I have to admit that the person next to me is a bit older.I never thought about finding a wife.To be precise, it s not that I don t want to, but I dare not think about it.When Han Chaoyang said this, Uncle Hong asked in a strange way Is the child so talkative now Anyway, the few I met are quite talkative, not only talkative but also very filial and understanding of the old man, Han Zhaoyang greeted him Sitting down, he smiled and said, I think Aunt Lu is pretty good.I have been to her house and seen the photos before.She was similar to a celebrity when she was young, and she was well maintained.No matter how you look at her, she doesn t look like someone in her sixties.Old Xu ran out to smoke and chat with some security guards from the Sixth Hospital, but there was no outsider in the police room.Uncle Hong scratched his head, and said with some embarrassment Xiao Lu is very nice, but she is only sixty two, and I am seventy three, eleven years older than her After inquiring about people s ages, Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and said, I don t think age is a problem.It seems that he left on the 27th of the twelfth lunar month.So it s impossible for it to be stolen.Boss Zhang seemed to realize that he missed the point in what he had said, and he added helplessly That kid works really hard, he is very responsible in looking after the store, and he is also very shrewd.It s just a little sloppy.The quilt has not been washed for an untold amount of time, and how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety cbd gummies vs vape it smells like stinky feet.I said, why don t you go in I can t stand it, I can t stand it.Understood.Han Chaoyang smiled , Looking at the security duty room at the south gate, he suggested Boss Zhang, sleeping in the car is easy to catch cold, why don t you go to the guard s place to rest for a while, the duty room has heating.No trouble, it s not cold in the car.If cbd gummies vs vape you don t turn on the heater, it will be cold for a while.Xiao Gu squeezed beside him on purpose, and clearly saw that he was still trying to contact Brother Liu.Although we don t know what the surname of the man from the Northeast is, it is definitely not Brother Liu.Are you sure It is certain that he called the Northeast Ren Junge at the dumpling restaurant, and each mouthful of Junge.And they are reminiscing about the old days, talking and laughing happily, and the tone seems to be nostalgic for the old days.No matter what brother, let s keep an eye on it first.Positive As he spoke, Lao Hu suddenly quickened his pace, walked to the front and raised his arm to knock on the window of a car.Han Chaoyang realized that the colleagues from the Nanshan branch were in the car,Hastily took off the backpack and opened the door to get into the back row.Hello, Captain Ni.

Okay, I don t know how the interrogation is going, no There is no way to report after finding out the situation. There are windows in several rooms on the sixth floor, but the windows can only be opened with a small gap.One of them cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies was locked in cbd gummies vs vape one room, and one suspect was guarded by two people, and both suspects were handcuffed to the heating pipe.Hu and Wu Wei had nothing to worry about, and they came to room 605 soon.Comrade Hu, thank you for your hard work.Tell me first.Just like Xiao Sun took over the command in the morning, Song Kaiqiang also naturally cbd gummies vs vape became the protagonist.He is a professional anti narcotics professional, with very old qualifications and high administrative rank.Han Chaoyang didn t think this was preposterous, so he nodded slightly to Lao Hu, and took out his notebook to make records.Aren t there flower beds between each building in the community Can you do the work of the owners, remove all those flower beds, level the site, solidify the ground with concrete, and transform them all into parking spaces.Chapter 662 Trouble 2 If all the flower beds can be demolished, four or five hundred cars should be able to stop.The key is that the community will not be greened, and those old men and women will probably have opinions.People who have cars at home should not object, mainly those who don budpop cbd gummies cbd infused gummies plus sleep t have cars.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then said As for greening, it s not impossible at all.You can design it well and build some grape trellises and creeper trellises.It can even be used as a shelf above the flower bed, and some greening can be done on the top, which should not be a big investment.Wu Junfeng patted the man s shoulder tacitly, and said with a smile, Dude, do you have a lighter Let me borrow one.Ah The man woke up subconsciously, raised his head subconsciously, rubbed his pura kana cbd gummies cbd gummies vs vape eyes and asked, What When the suspect committed the crime Wu Junfeng is in Beijing.He has never been to the scene of the crime, nor has he seen the surveillance screenshots.Miao Haizhu was the first to arrive at the scene.He checked the surveillance with Mao Kangle, and immediately recognized the kid in cbd gummies vs vape front of him as a fellow who snatched the rich money from Professor Zhang s family at the Polytechnic University., shouted sharply Bao Haibing, do you know why we are looking for you Bao Haibing was startled when his name was called out.But his reaction speed was very fast, and his psychological quality was beyond his actual age.The facts are clear, the evidence is solid, and the suspect confessed to the details of the crime, the case is basically solved.There was no need for Han Chaoyang to follow, just like Miao Haizhu, he didn t even speak a word of his hometown dialect, didn t mention that he was also from Qingshan, and went back home after seeing Mao Kangle away.When approaching the gate of the police office, Minister Jiang called again.Xiao Han, we just ordered the food, and we are in Shuxiang Garden.Come over if you have finished your work.Minister Jiang, there is really no need to be so polite.I can just eat something in the cafeteria of the Sixth Hospital.So the matter is over, so you can come if you let me.Professor Zhang rarely goes back to the old campus, and Xiaoyun also comes back once in a while.It s just a chance to get together and chat together.However, plans are always inferior to change.As soon as I rode an electric bike to the East Bus Station, my cell phone rang suddenly.The caller ID showed pura kana cbd gummies cbd gummies vs vape a completely unfamiliar number, but the location of the cell phone number was so familiar that I couldn t be more familiar with it.Hi, hello, who are you Officer Han, I m Bao Haibing flower of life cbd gummy bears s father, Bao Changzheng.Director Yu told me your cell phone number.He said he can call you if there is anything in Yanyang.Phone Han Chaoyang came to his senses, and quickly said, It turned cbd extract gummy bears out to be Boss Bao.Where have you been I was able to get there, but there was a car accident on the highway and I was stuck for more than an hour.No need to ask, I knew my mobile phone number was told by the head of the police station in my hometown to the head of the Huangyu police station, and then told him by Yusuo of the Huangyu police station.I have learned that people don t want to take the opportunity to extort money.They just bought the bag when they went to Hong Kong a few days ago.There is a receipt from the specialty store, and there is a The record of paying with a credit card.Yu Suo helped you ask someone to say hello to me.I also went to see him at noon.They are quite easy to talk to.If you can take the initiative cbd infused gummies plus sleep cbd gummies botanical farms to come to the door to apologize as Yu said, and actively compensate The economic loss can be forgiven by others, and I cbd gummies vs vape cbd wellness gummies believe that in the future, the judge will lighten or reduce Bao Haibing s punishment when he convicts and sentencing. Officer Han, what Yu said, let me listen to you, I will go to the criminal police team first , and then go to apologize to others. Boss Bao, I ll send you the address by text message.

After repeated inspections and surveillance, the police found that before the young man picked up the package, a man in his thirties rode an electric scooter around the express delivery point, as if he was stepping on the spot, and his behavior was very suspicious As long as there are clues, we must investigate.With the assistance of the Xinyuan City Bureau, we finally found out the identity of the man in his thirties, and followed the clues to find out here.Without conclusive evidence, everything is just suspicion.Naturally, there is no way to use technical means on the suspect, and we can only use the most stupid method of tracking and monitoring to investigate.Qiu Ming closed his eyes and secretly prayed that it was not a coincidence that the people upstairs appeared near the courier point three times in a row.They are unreasonable, and I don t even have a place to reason, so I came out to work.So that s how I escaped It was the first time for Han Chaoyang to meet such a strange suspect suspected of being involved in a traffic accident.To be precise, it was the first time he had encountered such a legally illiterate person.He didn t know what to say about him.Kang Haigen and Guan Xiyuan brought two auxiliary policemen Arrived.He was in a good mood and was not in a cbd gummies vs vape hurry to take over the suspect.He first pulled Han Chaoyang to the door and asked, Chaoyang, what s going on After some introduction, he smiled wryly and said, I m a bachelor, I don t have any education, and I don t have any skills.The village may want to take care of him and make him responsible for cleaning up the garbage.This happened.Oh.Jiang Xiaomin was still very responsible.He didn t bother to grab the red envelopes.What the group of friends talked about, as long as they thought it was valuable, they were recorded.The courier package in Room 702, Building 3, Dongming Community was placed in the security room at the south gate.Maybe he was careless and forgot to call the owner or send a WeChat message to the owner.The owner didn t receive it and was in a hurry.Called the customer service, and the customer service said it was done I signed for it, and the attitude is not good.I didn t receive it but said I signed for it.The owner was not convinced, so he went to the official website of the General Post Office to complain.Maybe the General Post Office punished Xingda Express, and the express company fined the courier, and the courier He also knew her home address and mobile phone number, made insulting calls, and even sent threatening text messages.Xu Hongliang was so busy that the parking spaces painted with white paint were full in a blink of an eye, and the cars that came in after that had to park in the unpainted parking spaces.Chaoyang, here So many people came at once, including members of the Economic Investigation Brigade, the Public Security Brigade, the Special Patrol Brigade, and law enforcement officers from the Market Supervision Bureau, some in uniforms, some in plain clothes, Han Chaoyang really didn t see Bureau Fan just now.Hearing the call from the bureau leader, he hurried to stand in front of a police car and saluted Report to Bureau Fan.When it was run down and out of style, today the place feels like a new look.Bureau Fan looked around curiously, and asked with a smile, Is everything ready Sheets and quilts.There are no toiletries, but you can count them as a unified purchasing agent.It s quite far away.You are a girl who works in Yanyang.Is your family at ease I am a police student.What is there to worry about at home.Provincial Police Academy Judicial Police Academy.It is also a police academy, and those in the judicial system are not as popular as those in the public security system.Jiang Xiaomin is even more embarrassed to mention these things, and she can t help but peek at Zheng, who is closing her eyes and resting her mind.Han Chaoyang glanced at him.He Zhedong wasn t Han Chaoyang, who didn cbd infused gummies plus sleep cbd gummies botanical farms t have a good rest last night.He couldn t sleep in broad daylight.He thought to himself that since he couldn t sleep, it would be nice to chat with the little girl, so he asked curiously, College or undergraduate You can only graduate in a month, and you can get your graduation certificate.Grandpa Gu pondered How can you visit and ask with this black and white headshot Can you get some photos of your life How we talk to Liu Jianye depends on your apprentice.Ji Kaiyuan turned to look at Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang s head grew bigger, and he hurriedly said Master, Director Liu is worried about the influence and panic, and requires strict confidentiality.I am not very good at talking to Liu.Old Ding, what do you think Grandpa Gu rubbed his chin and looked at Lao Ding with a smile.From the bottom of his heart, Lao Ding hoped that Liu Jianye would be in charge, and wanted to help Liu Jianye solve the case as soon as possible, so he said without hesitation We are helping him, so why not speak up of Sergeant Gu, it s not convenient for Chaoyang to ask, so I ll call Liusuo.Grandpa Gu was not in a hurry to let him call.

He was chased away by Zhang Yuli at Ruyi Restaurant in the morning without saying a few words.He also didn t know the identities of Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei.He took out a cigarette and handed it to Luo Weixing.You can t believe what the police say Brother Luo, don t worry at home, with my mother here, my sister in law will be how to 3rd party test cbd gummy fine.People from the Jiangjian Group found Yanyang, but Luo Weixing could not pass that test.can run.But as soon as he ran out and hid in this small courtyard every day, Luo Weixing felt a little regretful, lit a cigarette and sighed, Your sister in law must be terrified But my sister in law is strong, so it should be fine.Besides, it s not just murder and arson.If you say you owe money, there are many people who owe money Wei Jiakang cbd gummies vs vape of the fifth team, you know best how much you owe workers Salary, at the end of the year, the house is full of people, and his life is not the same.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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