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Chapter 20 The sound insulation is a bit poor Qi Fei really felt that his physical strength had not yet recovered, and his head was groggy, so he lay down and fell asleep after a while.When he woke up, the sky had already darkened.And the room was tidy and tidy.However, Yi Lan disappeared.Sister Lan Qi Fei yelled subconsciously, and then he thought that Yi Lan should have left, there is only one room here, where else could she go.But before Qi Fei got out of bed, the door of his room was opened, and Yi Lan came in with a thermos soup pot and a stainless steel thermos bucket containing food.Sister Lan, you I ve gone to get you something to eat.There s hot soup and food.Yi Lan put all those things on Qi Fei s computer desk, and then does cbd gummies help with ed quickly opened them, and suddenly felt a sense of temptation.Yi Lan was very happy when he thought that the plan was about to become a reality, and Qi Fei was naturally happy too.In this way, he forgot what was wrong that he realized earlier.However, Qi Fei and others did not expect that something like a bolt from the blue would suddenly appear.When they went to work the next day, everyone in the company got a message As the biggest competitor of Bingang Evening News, The Bingang City Daily was actually ahead of the game, launching a cooperation with the mobile company, and even started a promotion for the student column group.The most outrageous thing is that the content, steps and even the specific details of all the activities of the City Daily are strikingly similar to the planning plan that Qi Fei Yilan worked out before, and it is not too much to say that it is completely plagiarized.Cheng, without her leadership we would not be where we are today.Well , It is necessary to thank Mr.Cheng, and you front line employees work harder, so I should thank you more.Mr.Cheng joked from the side Mr.Hu, you should show it with some practical actions. This is no cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed problem.Mr.Hu s eyes flickered You need my help here, and I will definitely support it with all my strength.Just tell me, I still have to rely on Mr.Cheng for my work.Cheng Siyu squeezed Eyes Then I won t be polite.Hahaha.Hu Zhiping laughed loudly.Everyone knows that Cheng Siyu is just joking, but the impression that Mr.Hu left on Yi Lan and Qi Fei is indeed very good.Chapter 46 A big order Two days have passed.During these two days, Yi Lan conducted some research and set her sights on Xingnuan Home Appliances, the largest electrical shopping mall in Bingang.Qi Fei couldn t help but sighed in his heart, Damn, what s the matter I had to be arrested and taken to the police station for nothing.I, a good young man in society, never thought that such a thing would happen to him.On my body The crew cut man and the others were now full of gloating expressions, and the man in the leather jacket raised his middle finger at Heizi, looking as arrogant as he wanted.Oh What happened here Suddenly, Li Xuan s voice came from the side.Qi Fei hurriedly looked over, and saw Li Xuan walking over with a surprised face, followed by his driver.It was the driver who found something was wrong and went over to tell him.On the other side of Li Xuan, there was a bald and fat man wearing a gold chain.Brother Xuan Qi Fei shouted.Li Xuan frowned What s the matter, why did you call the police At the same time, the flat headed man and the others also saw their boss, so they hurried over, but they didn t take Li Xuan back.On the other side, Cheng Siyu in front of the computer bit her lip.She felt that she really had no choice, at least for now, so she replied In short Try to see if you can get reinstated.I did it, but the leader above me Qi Fei s expression became serious, he knew that he was talking about Yan Fengtao, Qi Fei planned to test what Cheng Siyu was thinking, whether it was what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate true What s wrong with the leader Qi Fei Fei asked.It took a long time for Qingyu to reply, and it can be seen that she really thought a lot before deciding to speak does cbd gummies help with ed out.She said I can feel what that person means.He wantsto take advantage of me.If I follow him, I will definitely be reinstated immediately.Qi Fei gritted his teeth and said nothing.Cheng Siyu said again In the workplace, women are indeed at a disadvantage.Many things can t help themselves, but I don t want to be like that drifting away, why didn t you say anything You don t worry about me would you really do that Qi Fei took a deep breath, and quickly replied I believe in you, and at the same time, I also believe that I will not misunderstand the person.Now I see that my company has become that guy s.Could it be that the company s bankruptcy was related to him Qi Fei couldn t help but gasped, and thought of an even more frightening situation Xuan er might have been acquired by that guy too These thoughts made Qi Fei s scalp numb, and if he continued to think deeply, he was really afraid that he would faint from suffocation.Qi Fei does cbd gummies help with ed 10mg cbd gummy kept talking to himself It s just my random thoughts, it can t be trueit can t be true.But the more he comforted himself like this, the more confused does cbd gummies help with ed his mind became, and suddenly he heard himself The phone rang.Qi Fei hastily took out his mobile phone and looked, it turned out that Li Xuan called.Li Xuan told Qi Fei to go back to the hotel quickly and tell him something important.This phone call made Qi Fei stop thinking about it, and then he turned around and ran towards the hotel, not knowing what important matters Li Xuan would have.Wu Yi Lan is a woman, I think it s better for me to do it After all, let a big man It s not good to give her massage.Dr.Wu thought for a while Then let you try it first, come and tell me when you re done, and I ll give her acupuncture treatment. Okay, thank you, Dr.Wu.Afterwards, Cheng Siyu returned to the ward, and began to give Yi Lan tactile stimulation according to Dr.Wu does cbd gummies help with ed s method.Qi Fei does cbd gummies help with ed couldn t stay inside, so he walked alone to the open space outside the hospital, took out a cigarette and smoked.Qi Fei was walking aimlessly, and then he remembered that he didn t ask what was going on with Cheng Siyu s company, and whether she would be reinstated.After pondering for a while, Qi Fei planned to call Hu Zhiping, but after the call was connected, he hung up instead of answering it.Not long after, Hu Zhiping sent a text message, saying that there was a meeting over there, a meeting of the party committee of the group, and it was dedicated to research on the candidate for the general manager of the distribution company, and there was no result yet.That s all thanks to you Before Qi Fei could speak, Li Xuan slapped his forehead Why didn t I think of it, the biggest contributor should be you.After finishing speaking, he took another piece of paper from the briefcase he carried with him.I paid 30,000 yuan and put it cbd gummies ok to refridgerate equilibria cbd gummies on the coffee table Brother Fei, a total of 80,000 yuan is for you.Qi Fei couldn t help but widen his eyes.He didn t expect Li Xuan to give him more money.Thinking, what would Li Xuan think if he cbd gummies for sleep mg didn t take it, so he said to Li Xuan Brother Xuan, you rewarded us with 150,000 yuan, and if I share 50,000, it will be 50,000, we can t ask for more Then he also took his own 50,000 yuan, and Li Xuan chuckled There are not many people who are as temperate as Brother Fei But I, Li Xuan, have spoken out, and the money is also in my pocket.Not long after, Doctor Wu in a white coat came over.Morning, Qi Fei.Doctor Wu greeted with a smile.It s too early for you.I studied green otter cbd gummies review does cbd gummies help with ed the plan last night, wana cbd gummies 10 1 and I just wanted to tell you about it.Wu Sheng said and opened does cbd gummies help with ed the notebook in his hand.I will give Yi Lan three stimulation treatments a day, including acupuncture and tactile stimulation, one in the morning, one in the middle of the evening, and one in the evening.During this period, you should also talk to her more.I believe her consciousness is gradually recovering.It is more beneficial to take a multi pronged approach.She s awake.Qi Fei nodded.Doctor Wu just wanted to show Qi Fei some of the things recorded in the notebook, but he suddenly noticed that Qi Fei s expression was very strange, so he closed the notebook and asked, Did you not sleep well Well, you haven t slept all night.My friends, I have three membership cards in my hand, two silver ones and one gold one, and I will give them to three lucky friends Before that, I plan to give you twenty red envelopes This red envelope contains three hundred yuan The host took out a stack of red envelopes as if by magic.Everyone around screamed, and at the same time, the band next to the fun also played a short piece of explosive music.Qi Fei smiled to himself, thinking that money is indeed a crazy thing.Looking at the people around the host, Qi Fei felt that they were like beasts that had been starving for a long time in the zoo, and the red envelope in the host s hand It s thick meat.Three hundred yuan may not seem like a big deal green otter cbd gummies review does cbd gummies help with ed to many people, but if it is offered for nothing, probably no one will refuse it.The music stopped, and the host shouted loudly, now shout with me Tingyinxuan Whoever shouts these three words the loudest and catches my attention, I will give them a red envelope Qi Fei pays attention Seeing that, many people in the hall were all excited and eager to try, but some people were cbd gummies vegetarian friendly unmoved.The reporters took photos of the nightclub hall with their cameras, and Qi Fei was not worried, because the place had been cleaned up, and there was basically no trace of the chaos at that time.Qi Fei thought to himself that all the employees of the nightclub should be exhausted enough, and he couldn t help but hesitate to ask Li Xuan, why don t they open today and let everyone have a good rest.Just thinking about it, it is estimated that even if the business is closed, there will be no time to rest, and if the business is suddenly closed, the reporter will definitely notice something is wrong.Qi Fei believes that Li Xuan has a way to suppress the accident and prevent the Langzhou media from reporting it.So looking at it this way, the nightclub still has to operate as usual, and it must not close today.Don t call me Tie girl, call me Xiaotie, I m going to cook, let s talk later The girl left after speaking.Qi Fei feels that this girl s character should be more boyish, and that s right, her father is such a tough guy, even if she is a daughter, she is not so weak.Lunch was eaten in the main room.There were four people in total, namely Li Xuan Qifei does cbd gummies help with ed 10mg cbd gummy and Lao Tie Xiao Tie.Lao Tie s wife had gone to town and would not be cbd gummies busy philipps able to return until three or four days later, so the father and daughter were left in the family.Looking at the sumptuous dishes on this table, not to mention Qi Fei, even Li Xuan s eyes are straightened.Those are basically authentic game, pure natural.If you eat it in a big city, such a table will It s a sky high price.Li Xuan fanned his nostrils to sniff the fragrance, and said with an intoxicated expression Old Tie, your daughter s skill is as good as that of a five star chef It s so fragrant I have to try it quickly.As long as these things are not touched casually, nothing will happen.Passing through the karst cave area is similar to passing through the swamp.They always move carefully step by step.When they were about to enter a relatively safe area, Li Xuan suddenly let out an ouch, tilted his body, and fell sideways.The moment he fell to the ground, Qi Fei suddenly saw the land around Li Xuan collapsed at an extremely fast speed, and then the collapsed place spread to the feet of Qi does cbd gummies help with ed Fei and Xiao Tie.At this moment, Qi Fei felt that he was It s over.Chapter 135 Karst Cave Crisis The ground was collapsing rapidly, and Qi Fei heard Li Xuan s terrified cry.Qi Fei couldn t control his figure at all, he seemed to have caught a vine in his panic, but unfortunately he fell too fast and couldn t hold it firmly.Qi Fei s mind went blank for an instant, he didn t expect that Xiao Tie, who is very skilled, would be shot and fell to the ground in front of him.Xiao Tie Qi Fei didn t care about anything, and threw himself beside Xiao Tie.Run Run quickly Leave me alone Xiao Tie raised his head and gritted his teeth.I won t leave cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed you alone Qi Fei gritted his teeth and put the gun in his arms, and fired several times in the back.At this moment, Li Xuan who ran to the front yelled, Qi Fei hurriedly turned his head and raised his neck to look over, and suddenly found that Li Xuan had also been shot in the back.The one hundred and forty first chapter will become a heart attack.In just a HCMUSSH does cbd gummies help with ed short moment, two people were shot and fell cbd gummies ok to refridgerate to the ground.Qi Fei had never encountered such a situation before, and he couldn t get it out of his mind.The next moment, Cheng Siyu turned his head and ran over in a hurry.Wandering Wandering she shouted as she ran.Qi Fei s hand grabbed onto the branch next to him so hard that his nails almost dug into the bark.He also wanted to rush out and hug him, but he couldn t do that, absolutely not.Cheng Siyu ran to a place more than ten meters away from the woods and stopped.Qi Fei quickly wiped away his tears, then picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to the other party Don t move, I come out, but you can t see my appearance clearly , I can only see my blurred outline, I m sorry Please promise me that you will not rush over, I m afraid I won t be able to bear it I promise you Cheng Siyu shouted to the woods with teary eyes.In the cold wind, her voice seemed so feeble and weak.Chapter 159 The Shadow Behind There are not many people passing by, but they all thought this woman does cbd gummies help with ed was crazy, yelling at the woods by herself, although she was beautiful, she still scared people away Not enough, or just pointing from afar., you will never mess around Well, what about you, Platinum Me too I promise not to mess around Otherwise, let the boss deal with it Platinum said solemnly.That s good.Li Xuan nodded and continued, I found some new things in the nightclub in Langzhou, and it will open during the Spring Festival.New things Heizi does cbd gummies help with ed looked confused.Casino.Li Xuan said these two words without hesitation, and then said Of course you can t do it openly, just like what I do here, but the one here is at most a chess and mahjong room.I can t make much money, and what I m going to run this time is a real casino Baccarat Qi Fei was shocked, but at the same time he understood instantly that Li Xuan s trip to the casino outside the border was actually a For the sake of investigation, although something happened, it didn t seem to have much effect on him.Have to say, this is a clever trick in itself.Li Dafa ran away from Li Xuan at the beginning, and then became the manager of the real estate company on Qin Wu s side.Then Li Dafa was arrested by Li Xuan, who showed threats and frightened him, and then gave him some benefits, successfully turning Li Dafa into a spy.But judging from the current situation, this spy is probably going to die.Li Xuan s mind went blank for a moment, but he is worthy of being a person who has seen many scenes, so he calmed down immediately, and asked with a look of disdain Who is this guy I fucking thought you were going to send a sunday scaries cbd vegan gummies The beauty is for me to play with What do you mean by getting a man here Qin Wu chuckled, Maybe you like a man I m sorry for your uncle Li Xuan was angry.Qin Wu had a gloomy smile on his face, and stared straight at Li Xuan You really don t know this person I don t know Li Xuan waved his hand What the hell are cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed you doing Don t admit it Qin Wu put his hand into Li Dafa s pocket, then took out a mobile phone, and then made a call.Li Xuan stared wide eyed, he didn t receive it Checking the time, when Heizi called, Li Xuan and Qi Fei were still upstairs, and they didn t reach the entrance of the conference hall.Li Xuan gritted his teeth.At that time, because he passed the dance hall two floors below, Li Xuan didn t take the elevator because he was afraid of being ambushed.Who knew that the sound of the dance hall covered the vibration of sunmed cbd gummies the phone, and In fact, he himself was a little nervous, and he didn t notice the vibration.Just like that coincidences one after another made Li Xuan fooled.Qi Fei complained incessantly.Li Xuan has always been thoughtful, but this time he was a little reckless.If he receives Heizi s text message and confirms again, he knows that Heizi and his subordinates are does cbd gummies help with ed 100 ready.If you go up again, this situation will not happen again.Yan Fengtao must feel very uncomfortable, and he will definitely give Cheng Siyu various things in his future work.Make a trip.As a high does cbd gummies help with ed level leader, Yan Fengtao will not do those things himself in all likelihood, he should use his own people to do them, and think of ways to complete Cheng Siyu, such as using Tan Jianren and Zhang Li, who really want to replace Cheng Siyu s position people.The more Qi Fei thought about it, the more he felt that Cheng Siyu was surrounded by dangers, which made him want to return to the publishing company to escort her even more.Qi Fei really didn t want to chat with Zhang Li any longer, but this woman talked a lot, and she would say some hints to Qi Fei from time to time, which made Qi Fei a little embarrassed, but fortunately, after another two or three days Minutes later, Yan Fengtao came down.At around eight o clock the next morning, Qi Fei opened his eyes.Today is New Year s Eve, and tonight is New Year s Eve, and it is the time of the annual family reunion.Because of this, the hospital became quite deserted, Qi Fei went out to wash up, and then returned to the ward, where he was going to accompany Yi Lan to celebrate the New Year.At around ten o clock does cbd gummies help with ed 10mg cbd gummy in the morning, Qi Fei left the hospital and went to buy a new set of clothes for Yi Lan, and then bought some festive decorations to decorate the ward.It seemed that there was a lot of joy for the New Year.Qi Fei arranged it very carefully, so he was busy all day.When night fell, he took a short rest, went out to buy some food and a bottle of white wine, and planned to have the New Year s Eve dinner in the ward.This was the first time Qi Fei spent New Year s Eve like this.Qi Fei sat beside the hospital bed and looked at Yi Lan with a complicated expression.This woman has really suffered too much, Qi Fei thought to himself, if he can, he is willing to take care of this woman for the rest of his life.Qi Fei knew in his heart that his feelings for Yi Lan included gratitude, compassion, respect and even affection, but there was no love, so the one who could take care of her for the rest of her life must be another man.At this moment, the words Yi Lan said in the park began to echo in Qi Fei s ears again, Qi Fei gently held Yi Lan s hand, and said softly Sister Lan, I can t imagine how you survived , but I can feel your helplessness and hardships at that time, I want to tell you that now you don t have to fight alone, I will always regard you as my relatives and accompany you, no matter how difficult it is, I will do my best to help, Sister Lan You can overcome any difficulties, because you are my Sister Lan, the strongest woman.Okay, okay.Li Xuan green otter cbd gummies review does cbd gummies help with ed patted Qi Fei on the shoulder I didn t expect delta8 cbd gummies Brother Fei to be very concerned about my affairs Haha, if you have a chance in the future, welcome to continue to hang out with me, I still have a little I have to go to Siyu to have a look at the matter, I will call you at night, let s go out and have a drink to catch up.Qi Fei didn t want to agree in his heart, and before he could refuse, Li Xuan hooked his shoulder He added You don t think you won t give me this bit of face Otherwise, I will does cbd gummies help with ed be angry.I have a big temper.It s not like you don t know.It sounded like a chill was coming from his back, but he remembered that he still had something to return to Li Xuan, so he just went there.So Qi Fei nodded does cbd gummies help with ed Okay, brother Xuan, I ll go there then Li Xuan grinned, and just left, Qi Fei saw him walking quickly towards the distribution company, cbd gummies ok to refridgerate equilibria cbd gummies and then went directly into the gate.Qi Fei pushed open the door and walked in.Cheng Siyu immediately minimized QQ, then does cbd gummies help with ed immediately came back to his senses, sat upright and looked at Qi Fei Qi Fei, what s the matter Qi Fei walked to Cheng Siyu s desk Mr.Cheng, I have something to report to you.Speak.Just now, I received a call from the director of the Metropolitan Daily Office, and he said that he wanted to invite me to have dinner with him in the evening according to their editor in chief s wishes.A meal.Cheng Siyu s eyes flashed the same light, looked at Qi Fei, and said does cbd gummies help with ed how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies nothing.Qi Fei continued I want toseek your opinion, Mr.Cheng.What opinion Should I go or not Cheng Siyu asked Then how did you tell the other party I agree.Qi Fei said.Cheng Siyu couldn t help laughing out loud You are really, you have already agreed, and you are asking me what to do Qi Fei said seriously I think if Mr.After opening the sealed plug on the top, the aroma immediately overflowed.This was the good wine he served Qi Fei before.Brother Bin refilled Qi Fei s cup, then took a cup of the same size and poured himself a full cup.Qi Fei grinned and said Brother Bin, you are trying to get me drunk , not to get drunk or go crazy.I feel like I m going to faint now Come on, eat At first, the two mainly ate food, and Qi Fei does cbd gummies help with ed felt that Brother Bin was not a talkative person.People, so basically Qi Fei started talking about things.Qi Fei first talked to Brother Bin about his cooking skills.About this, Brother Bin still talked a lot, and Qi Fei also learned that Brother Bin is actually not a hotel chef.This skill is all his own.Self taught.Qi Fei couldn t help admiring Brother Bin is so skilled, if a woman marries you, that would be a great blessing.Policeyou can t escape, you really can t escape As soon as he finished speaking, the siren sounded outside, and then three more police cars roared to the outside of the hotpot restaurant.Captain He showed surprise on his face, but he quickly does cbd gummies help with ed laughed, because the policemen who came here this time will only benefit him.Ning Bin frowned, turned his head and looked out.Qi Fei walked quickly to Ning Bin and whispered to him Brother Bin, don t worry, the person who came here is Director Hu from the police station I asked him to come.Tell Ning Bin what Xiong Jun said before.Soon, several policemen rushed in, and there was a man in his forties in the middle, wearing an army green coat.This man was Director Hu.Director Hu looked around for a week with a stern expression, and then asked Who is Qi Fei.Director Hu yelled impatiently You fucking are still playing detective games here Get lost Li Xuan raised his eyebrows Get out How to get out I ll just leave.Why don t you ask the boss to teach me Facing Li Xuan s excessive words, Director Hu almost didn t blow his hair on the spot, but he had more important things to do.If it s not as good, he must first clean up this reckless guy.Director Hu stared at Li Xuan, suppressed his anger, and said to the two policemen, Get him out of here Come and deal with him after we re done The two policemen got the order and immediately went forward to drive Li Xuan away.At this moment, Li Xuan glanced at Heizi and Baijin.The two immediately understood, and stepped forward to block Li Xuan s face.As soon as the two policemen came over, the two raised their hands and pushed them, almost pushing the two policemen to the ground.What how many mg in1 cbd gummie bear kind of power is behind Qin Wu Qi Fei asked.Well Ning Bin flicked the cigarette ash His family has connections in the capital, and the Qin family in the capitalis really capable.The capitalthe Qin family Qi Fei murmured.Because I haven t paid attention to those for a long time, so I don t know what his family has become in the capital now, but I have to remind you, don t provoke them.Looking at Ning Bin s eyes, Qi Feihou The back is a little cold.This Qin Wu and the Qin family in the capital may not be regarded as direct relatives, but they are still a family.If you have too much conflict with Qin Wuzhen, it will inevitably alarm the Qin family in the capital.I hope you can pay top 5 cbd gummies attention Yes, Brother Bin, I understand.Ning Bin nodded, Just understand.In fact, what Ning Bin said made Qi Fei feel too heavy.The atmosphere in the office was a bit awkward for a while, but the appearance of Yan Fengtao broke the embarrassment situation.Mr.Yan, what orders do you have Seeing Yan Songtao coming in, Qi Fei immediately got up and asked.Qi Fei has never been as grateful to Yan Fengtao as he is now.If Yan Fengtao hadn t come, he would have to find a way to get Zhang Li away.As soon as Yan Fengtao appeared, Zhang Li immediately went up to meet him, and asked Yan Fengtao enthusiastically, Mr.Yan, do you have something to tell Qi Fei No.Yan Fengtao shook his head I have something to say.I want to explain to you, go to your office and you are not here, I heard that you have a task for Qi Fei, I will come and take a does cbd gummies help with ed 10mg cbd gummy look.Regarding Yan Fengtao s words, Qi Fei naturally did not believe it, from the moment Yan Fengtao entered the door, he looked at Zhang In Li s eyes, Qi Fei read many things.Cui Yangze hailed a taxi for Qi Fei, and after Qi Fei sat in and left, Cui does cbd gummies help with ed Yangze took out his phone.At this moment, he was completely different from the previous him.If Cui Yangze looked sloppy before, but now he is extremely shrewd.Xiao Cui, how about the job the boss gave you On the other end of the phone, a middle aged man s voice was slightly magnetic.Damn.Cui Yangze scolded, Is the information given by the boss wrong Why do I feel like I can t see through him If you can see through it, wouldn t you be stronger than the boss, and besides, the boss said that Qi Fei is not something in the pool, and there will be a day when he will flourish in the future, so let you help Qi Fei well.I don t care about his prosperity or anything.I just want to know if I can get out of my body when Qi is successful.Seeing Cheng Siyu gradually frowning, Qi Fei hurriedly said Mr.Cheng, don t worry, the money is all clean.Seeing that Qi Fei didn t want to say more, Cheng Siyu didn t cbd percentage in chill gummies ask any more questions, but just warned Qi Fei Don t get too close to Li Xuan again.Qi Fei has some doubts, whether he has become a sweet potato, why anyone is willing to come to him.Not long afterward, Editor in Chief Liu of Metropolitan Daily approached Qi Fei again, and Editor in Chief Liu didn t talk nonsense to Qi Fei, and directly explained his intention for coming.You are does cbd gummies help with ed a talent.Now you have been expelled from Bingang Evening News.Would you like to work in my Metropolis Daily The treatment I will give you will definitely not be worse than that at Bingang Evening News.As he said, Editor in Chief Liu Don t forget to put a bulging envelope in front of Qi Fei.This is the matter of Xiao Wu and the Yamaguchi gumi, and he doesn t want to meddle too much.Although there are many doubts, the dog and the mouse are meddling, and he doesn t want to be that meddling dog.It takes three hours to take the bus from Bangshan, Xiaotie s hometown, to the town.I raised my hand does cbd gummies help with ed to check the time, and it took two hours to arrive.The mountain road was bumpy, Hitomi Shisha woke up, looked out of the car window in confusion, and asked Qi Fei where he had arrived, Qi Fei shook his head, cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed and do cbd gummies help with back pain asked Hitomi Shisha if he wanted something to eat, Xiao Tie took some when he got in the car For two people to eat in the car.Hitomi Shisha shook her head, rested her head on Qi Fei s shoulder, and fell asleep again after a while.There were still two hours before arriving at the county seat, so Qi Fei simply closed his eyes and rested his mind.Ah Not long after the driver s words fell, screams came from the car.Although the driver slowed down the speed, the road was too slippery, and the wheels slid out of the road uncontrollably.There is a hillside outside the road.At this time, there is fog in the mountain, and the height of the hillside is unknown.If the car falls along the hillside, it is still unknown whether the people in the car will survive.The passengers in the car asked the driver to stop the car.The driver was sweating, but he stepped on the brake and clutch, and the handbrake was also pulled up.The car was still moving, and the driver turned the steering wheel to change the direction of the car, but the steering wheel failed.Cursing and panic sounded in the car.When the car started to flick, Qi Fei held Hitomi Shisha in his arms.Said Miss Chuanzi, please.Qi Fei does cbd gummies help with ed and Xiao Wu followed Beidao Chuanzi into the car, and the man with sunglasses sat in the driver s seat and drove the car for half an hour., stopped in front of a building something like a building that what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate lived in ancient China.Japan is a place with many earthquakes, so many buildings are made of wood.After the car stopped, the man opened the door and Kitajima Kawako got out of the car.Mr.Wu, how do you think our Japan compares with China Kitajima Chuanko asked Xiao Wu with a smile.Xiao Wu thought for a while, China is better.Mr.Wu, you have a lot of tofu projects in China, and you don t eat safe food.Bei Dao Chuanzi said a little unconvinced.Xiao Wu shook his head, with a mean smile on his lips, Miss Chuanzi, you should have heard a saying in our country called Falling Leaves Returning to Their Roots.Qi Fei walked the same way as Kitajima Chuanko said, first passed a place where the Yamaguchi gumi used to shoot adult educational films, and he walked to an extremely quiet place.This should be a back mountain, right Qi Fei looked around and found that he was on a hill, and there were several trails leading to unknown places in front of him.Going to the back was obviously impossible.When he met those Japanese warriors, he didn t have the confidence to get out alive.Since he couldn t go back, he could only go forward.Qi Fei shook his head, set foot on a path, and walked straight forward.After walking for a while, the front suddenly became clear.There was a huge open space with some buildings on it.After observing for a while, I didn t see a single person.Qi Fei walked what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate to the open space in front of the house, but he still didn t see a single figure Frowning, he walked to a house door.Let s go, I ll take you out.The female ninja smiled and took Qi Fei and the three of them to Walking outside the headquarters of the Yamaguchi gumi, of course, it is still a secret passage.Qi Fei had to lament that the Yamaguchi gumi could survive for so long without falling down.There is still a basis for their existence.Take the secret passages they are walking now.Qi Fei does not know how many secret passages there are.It s walking in a different secret path.The four of them walked in the dark passage for about half an hour, when a light appeared in front of them, the female ninja asked Qi Fei and the three to walk slower, and she went out to explore first.Jiazi, why did you come out of the secret passage The female ninja had just walked out of the secret cbd gummies ok to refridgerate equilibria cbd gummies passage, and the two Japanese warriors guarding outside Andao frowned and asked does cbd gummies help with ed the female ninja.Since we can t be together, let s keep the best side in each other s memory.A how many cbd gummies should i eat for sleep bitter smile appeared on the corner of Jiazi s mouth, this is Hitomi Shisha s way of pursuing love, what about her What is her way Ninjas have their own destiny emotionally.The first person she fell in love with was Qi Fei, and she is destined to keep falling in love until the death of her life.It s just that after following Qi Fei for so long, there are many women around Qi Fei, but only when she sees Cheng Siyu, can she see a kind of love from Qi Fei s eyes, a kind of eyes that guard her life.Maybe, Hitomi Shisha and I are just passers by in his life.Although Jiazi said so, she will still follow Qi Fei, and there is a kind of love called silent guardianship.After listening to Tong Shisha s even breathing sound, Qi Fei gently pulled the quilt over her body, looked at the sleeping woman in his arms, smiled and shook his head.Give Brother Qi Fei a does cbd gummies help with ed call.He is very familiar with the people on the commercial street.Let s see if he can get any useful news.Cheng Siyu tapped his fingers on the table, making rhythmic noises.The companies participating in the bidding this time Among them, the boss of the commercial street also participated.Bidding competition is not only a matter between companies, green otter cbd gummies review does cbd gummies help with ed but also among major media, all wanting to dig out first hand news.Chapter 341 Contest Have you returned to Bingang Yi Lan s voice was still so pleasant on the phone.I just arrived today, and I m planning to go to the Bingang Evening News tomorrow to find you and Mr.Cheng.Although Qi Fei thought that Yi Lan and Cheng Siyu would call him, he didn t expect that the call would be so fast.Are you free at night, Mr.Cheng and I will take care of you.Yang Zhe shifted his gaze from Cui Yangze to Qi Fei, and asked I m talking to your boss, so it s your little assistant s turn to intervene.Cui Yangze suppressed a smile, this assistant is Yutai s boss, but he is a low key person.How could Xiao Wu get used to Yang Zhe s speaking attitude, and when he was about to attack Yang Zhe, Qi Fei stopped him and gave him a wink, and Xiao Wu sat down on his seat unwillingly.I can t tell, you Yutai s temper is bigger than the other s.Jiang Fei looked at Qi Fei and Xiao Wu very unflinchingly.In his opinion, the reason why these two people are so aggressive is not because of Yutai.do the background.Yang Zhe left with Jiang Fei and Ren Bufan.Cui Yangze and Xiao Wu s eyes fell on Qi Fei.Yang Zhe s attitude made them both very unhappy.As long as Qi Fei gave an order, Yang Zhe would definitely let Yang Zhe go.The person who came to do the drug trade cursed inwardly, He Qi, does cbd gummies help with ed we have HCMUSSH does cbd gummies help with ed no peace with you.The sound of gunshots rang out in the drug trading market.Bai Xiye frowned slightly, and said to the two black suits Knock them all out, don t forget our business.After the person in charge of public security knocked out, he glanced at the people who made the transaction, and asked Bai Xiye, Do you want to knock these people out too Bai Xiye shook his head, there were at least a hundred people in this room Yu Ren, when the two of them knocked out the hundreds of people, they didn t know when it was, and besides, the gunshots had already alarmed the people in other rooms.Leave one person in charge of guarding the room, and the other person will follow me.Bai Xiye spoke decisively, but the two men in black suits did not question him.Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren were not in a hurry to leave.They had waited in the parking lot for half an hour before Zhang Li walked over with her hips twisting.Tan Jianren opened the car door and invited Zhang Li up.After Zhang Li got into the car, she looked at Yan Fengtao and Tan Jianren angrily, and said, You two guys are really good at making troubles.If it wasn t for the editor in chief Liu s love, Both of you have been fired from the company long ago.Zhang Li s status in Metropolis Daily is higher than the two of them, and neither Yan Fengtao nor Tan Jianren dared to offend her.Zhang Li looked at Yan Fengtao who was sitting in the driver s seat and said, Drive, Mr.Yan, I m off work now.After Yan Fengtao sent Tan Jianren home, he took Zhang Li to a hotel in Bingang, where Zhang Li got into the hotel Taking a bath in the bathroom, Yan Fengtao was sitting on the bed, listening to the sound of running water coming from the bathroom, he couldn t help but think of some wonderful things happened between Zhang Li and him in can you get drug test for cbd gummies the Bingang Evening News, but when he came to the Metropolis Daily In the end, he tried every means to please Zhang Li.The leader of the team was a policeman in his early thirties.I don t 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out.The people in the remaining ten rooms also came out one after another, and the reports to him all said that no suspicious items were found.Qi Fei and the others saw the situation on the lead policeman s side.Li Xuan frowned and walked over, and the lead policeman shook his head at him.Brother Fei, Bai Xiye, the two of you went in and searched.Naturally, Li Xuan couldn t believe that this Nuoda hungry drug market didn t find any drugs.Qi Fei and Bai Xiye entered the trading market, found a random room and walked in.The trade in the room was not drugs, but some Chinese medicinal materials, and people in twos and threes were bargaining there.Yunxiang s chairman, Yun Changkong, looked at the last quarter s work report, his face was very ugly, If Milan is not eliminated for a day, the threat to our Yunxiang will exist for a day.Jialin, Yun Changkong s assistant, at the same time She is also one of the CEOs of Yunxiang.She has seen Milan s rise, and she is anxious in her heart, Chairman, 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with Long Xiaotian.Huangmao and the others surrounded Long Xiaotian.At this moment, there were no pedestrians on the street.They were not afraid that someone would call the police.The three of them put on a fierce look and said to Long Xiaotian The three of us are just Robbery, take out all the valuables on your body.Xiao Wu put his arms around Qi Fei s neck affectionately, Brother Fei, I admit that you are a little bit more handsome does cbd gummies help with ed than me, why don t you use your beauty trick to soak up Bloody Mary, and then you will abduct this first woman.The killer runs away, and those who support her behind her are looking for you all over the world.go away.Qi Fei didn t know whether to laugh or cry, this guy Xiao Wu was really good at thinking.Zhao Yun looked at Qi Fei for a while, and also agreed with Xiao Wu s method, and put his arm around Qi Fei s other arm, Brother Fei, it is said that Bloody Mary has many suitors, if you get her by wana cbd gummies review then, the publicity You don t have to worry about the matter, I, Zhao Yun, will help you promote does cbd gummies help with ed it.Qi Fei s head was full of black lines, and tens of thousands of grass and mud horses galloped past in his heart, these two things are really easy to move.The city where Yunxiang and cbd gummies with turmeric and spirulina 1500mg reviews Toread are headquartered no longer has our store.Meng Tingting naturally knew that this time Milan How big is the crisis.Is there any news from Sister Yun Hitomi Shisha has been busy with the company s affairs these days, and I believe Ruoyun is aware of the crisis encountered by Milan.Meng Tingting picked up the water glass on the coffee table, took a sip of water and said, Sister ocanna cbd gummies price Yun told us to hold on, the sky is with Milan.Under the pressure of the pressure, it doesn t take Ruoyun to say that she knows to persevere, cbd gummies for vertigo because Milan not only carries her own dream, but also the 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little rascals just now are examples.Qi Fei s head was full of black lines, and tens of thousands of grass and mud horses galloped past in his heart.Hey He sighed helplessly, looking at the silver light coming through the window, he missed working at the Bingang Evening News.At that time, although he had to run business every day, he was not as he is now.Think a lot.But he didn t regret it at all.If he wanted to protect his beloved, he must have a strong force.When Qi Fei woke up, it was already nine o clock in the morning, and he couldn t remember when he fell asleep last night.After washing up, he went to the Bloody Queen s room and knocked gently on the door.After knocking a few times, there was no response from the room.Qi Fei shook his head, went to Xiao Wu s door and knocked.Bare upper body, wearing a pair of flowered pants and a pair of slippers on his feet, half closed his eyes, staggering as he walks, obviously Xiao Wu who looks like he s not awake.Hello, Mr.Qi.Milan s employees, seeing Qi Fei, greeted him and left in a hurry.What s the matter with the employees When he came to Tong Shisha s office, Qi Fei was very puzzled.For the overtime work, what he saw in the eyes of the employees was voluntary, and there was no reluctance.At this time, Hitomi Shisha was also a little dumbfounded, and explained to Qi Fei The company has encountered a crisis, and the overtime work is also decided by the employees themselves.The last time a staff mobilization meeting was held, after kicking out some nonsense, they left work.The employees didn t leave, but worked overtime until 8 00 p.m.before leaving.Hearing the news of Qi Fei s return, Ye Xiaobei put down the work in hand, rushed to Tong does cbd gummies help with ed Shisha s office in a hurry, and saw the familiar man sitting on the sofa The cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed figure, with a strong look of joy in her eyes, sat beside Qi Fei, looked does cbd gummies help with ed at him for a while, and said, Brother Qi, you have lost some weight.After Li Xuan s defeat, Tingyinxuan became Qin Wu s, Qi Fei naturally wouldn t go to Tingyinxuan to celebrate, and they found a pretty good entertainment venue in Langzhou.Sister Tong, it s been a long time since I haven t seen you.You are getting more and more beautiful.Xiao Wu didn t forget cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed to go up to say hello when he saw Tong Shuyan, and followed Ji Ruxue beside Tong Shuyan from time to time.Little rascal, let me tell you, sister Ruxue, don t have any fantasies.Xiao Wu s thoughts, even with eyes closed, knew that when this guy brought Ji Ruxue to Milan, But they just wanted to have something like dry firewood meeting a fire, but what they didn t expect was that the bamboo basket fetched water in vain, and she dragged them home together.Aren t I reducing the pressure of competition for you Xiao Wu whispered to Tong Shisha, looking at Qi Fei with an aggrieved look on cbd gummies rachael ray his face.In order to find Xiao Wu, the two major powers searched almost all of Russia s territory, but they still couldn t find it, so they ordered to search for Xiao Wu all over the world.As for Daniel saying that Xiao Wu slept with his wife, Zhao Yun really didn t know about it, maybe his wife was one of Xiao Wu s past experiences.After Zhao Yun told what happened, Qi Fei was stunned when he heard it.Xiao Wu couldn t be described as daring anymore.In the evening, Qi Fei and Zhao Yun left early and gave up the room to Xiao Wu and Wang Yu.Bang Just as Qi Fei and Zhao Yun returned to their respective rooms, the sound of Wang Yu s eviction order and the door closing came from the next door.Xiao Wu stood at the door, touched his nose hit by the door, and said angrily You scolded the neighbor next door, little girl, just wait for my luck.Qi Fei sat in the rented house and waited until ten o clock in the evening, only to see the drunken Yang Xueyu staggering back.Why do you drink so much wine After Qi Fei helped Yang Xueyu sit green roads cbd 300 mg gummies dosage down, he searched Yang Xueyu s house for a while, but he couldn t find a bottle of hangover medicine.Who are you, huh Yang Xueyu s eyes were drunk, and while belching, she shouted at Qi Fei This is my home, who are you In the morning, Yang Xueyu and Li Li went to work together.The difference was that Li Li went to the hospital, and she went to the film and television company she worked for.When she arrived at the company, she asked the what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate director to give her another chance.It s okay to play characters whose faces are completely invisible.The director looked from top to bottom, and finally settled on the pair of strong weapons on her chest, with obscene and greedy eyes, telling her that she wants to Acting is also good, and I will accompany him out for dinner when I get off work at night.She and Qi Fei were lying on the same bed in the hospital last night.With a happy smile on his face.The manager realized that he was a superfluous existence in the office.After taking a look at Tong Shisha and Yang Xueyu who were chatting, he left the office disheveled and handed over the office to them.Manager, do we still have training in the afternoon In the past, newcomers were trained in the morning.After the training, the manager would stay in the office until the afternoon.Today, the manager is a little abnormal, and does cbd gummies help with ed 10mg cbd gummy a male employee of the specialty store asked curiously.It s too stuffy in the office, so go outside to get some air.Naturally, the manager would not tell the clerk that he couldn t get his mouth in the office, so he had to come does cbd gummies help with ed out in despair.Chapter 449 He is my boyfriend Yang Xueyu When he just arrived in Milan from the hospital, Wang Li brought a light millet porridge to the hospital to visit Qi Fei.It s as simple as making headlines.I heard that a certain celebrity in Huaxia can t make headlines no matter how much he puts on.I don t know if this celebrity will change his career to practice martial arts after reading this news report.At the same time that this news was reposted crazily on the Internet, the huge number of netizens finally became restless, and their camps were clearly divided.Some of them maintained rational views, while others were noisy and directly started a scolding war.Of course, among the latter group Predominantly gay women.Which woman would not feel distressed to see two handsome guys being beaten up like their parents didn t know each other Find this unscrupulous company, and resolutely boycott it.Boycott what, sisters, copy the guy, smash him.For my handsome guy, go for it.So, we Do you want to cooperate and discuss the following matters after killing the enemy After Hu Mingyue finished speaking, she picked up the light yellow tea soup in front of her, took a sip, and carefully savored the faint tea fragrance rolling on her taste buds.What you said seems to make sense, but why don t I does cbd gummies help with ed 10mg cbd gummy just eat you up and kill the enemy alone after obtaining the resources and wealth that should belong to the Lu family Lu Yang had a big smile on his face.Isn t it because of the lack of confidence that the young master didn t take action Although the wealth and resources of the Zhao family are not particularly rich, it is not a matter of a day or two for the young master to want to completely swallow it.With fewer hands and feet, the enemy will take the opportunity to develop faster, besides, do you still have a choice now Hu Mingyue pointed to the photo placed in front of Lu Yang.Hearing Qi Fei s words, Wu Lan was inexplicably touched and sweet.Qi Fei didn t dislike her family or her parents.For myself, as a boyfriend, it is enough to be able to do this.Come here, what gift do you bring You kid, don t think that you can get rid of me with just a few things.The previous things haven t been turned over yet.Wu Zhong looked at Wu Lan who came in with the things, and put Turning his gaze to Qi Fei, he cursed.Hearing Wu Zhong s words, the smile on Qi Fei s face froze instantly, and then turned into a pitiful expression.Uncle, why are you still mentioning this matter Didn t everyone agree to flip the film How can you embarrass me by doing this.Old man, do you talk to people like this You two stay here, and I ll cook.Zhang Xiuxiu looked at the young man in front of him.Although he felt that there was some evil in his eyebrows, he still liked it in his heart.Qi Fei walked over and said to Lei Dao.But Lei Dao didn t seem to hear it at all, and remained motionless.Hey, dead Or did you kick the egg Qi Fei kicked Lei Dao, but there was still no response.Pull again, so that Lei Dao faced him, and his does cbd gummies help with ed chin fell directly into his crotch, because he saw two lines of clear tears on Lei Dao s face.This extremely shameless Lei Dao, whose skin is thicker than the corner of the city wall, who is many times better than Qi HCMUSSH does cbd gummies help with ed Fei in terms of cheapness, and who can disgust a group of people wherever he goes, actually cried.This phenomenon is even lower than the odds of winning the lottery.Tell me, I m really sad.Lei Dao looked at Qi Fei, said with aggrieved face, and wiped the snot from his nose directly on Qi Fei s clothes.Cry, I ve convinced you, she s still alive, it s okay.Just like now.Sister Li, we haven t seen each other for a long time.You re doing well.Seeing what I m asking, you must be doing well.You ve lost weight.Wang Wutian said gently.You said it would be nice to rest at home if you have nothing to do.If you run out to do a company, as long as you want to make money, you can tell me casually.It s no problem to give you a few listed companies.Wang Wutian s words are sincere Cut, the truth is revealed, if you were an ordinary woman, 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for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed this that everyone has expectant eyes on their faces, and at the same time, they will always pay attention to the people who cbd green gummy bears uk have been singled out.If there are many enemies, there will be fewer paths.If Wang Pogong cannot point them out to toast alone, then these lucky people will become the opponents of all other people who have not been pointed out.Oh hehe, I guess someone is being naughty.Qi Fei said with a dry smile.After saying a word, Qi Fei immediately wanted to slap his mouth, saying that the woman on the phone was naughty, why didn t you say it was flirting Answer my question.Wu Lan didn t give Qi Fei any face.Now she likes Qi Fei s wife more and more.At the same time, I can still see this guy making a fool of himself in front of everyone, and seeing him upset, what a joy it is.That s right, you are a secretive person, do you have something to hide from sister Wu Lan Li Wan stabbed Qi Fei.I think this guy is completely unreliable.We are all waiting here, but you still go outside to look for it.Martin then slashed again.Don t think that you can play with women wantonly because you are handsome, bah.Gao cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed Xiaoyan strikes again.One knife after another, Qi Fei almost vomited blood.Why did you come to Langzhou Qi Fei asked again.Sifang City is no different from the outside world.It looks peaceful on the outside, but its internal conflicts are more intense.He is in it and has more right to speak.Because you are here.Xia Zhilong replied.What are you going to do Qi Fei asked the last question.Revenge.Xia Zhilong said firmly.This is his life goal.I go to sleep you across royal cbd gummies 25mg most of China.What a persistent belief and feeling this is.There used to be a maverick poetess in China who wrote such a poem.For the hot feelings in her heart, she tried her best to miss her, and finally turned cbd watermelon gummies with melatonin into a pool of spring water, which wrinkled when the breeze blew gently.What a shame.The feeling that Xia Zhilong gave Qi Fei now was like poetry.But Qi Fei felt that he couldn t accept being slept by Xia Zhilong, or sleeping with Xia Zhilong, buddies have normal orientation and conduct.Coupled with the shape and demeanor of this guy, if you don t know, you might think which mountain this guy came down from to experience life.No wonder it s rare to see a guest here.A good man doesn t care about the details, isn t it just a few drops of water, it s a big deal, wouldn t it be a waste to dump a full tank like this Qi Fei said, and strode over at the same time.When he walked past the boss, his whole body tensed up suddenly, and then Shang kicked halfway to the right with his left foot.This insidious boss unexpectedly attacked, and at the same time, the timing he chose was definitely the most difficult time for Qi Fei to defend against.Attacking Qi Fei s back in a misplaced manner, even choosing when Qi does cbd gummies help with ed Fei had only one foot on the ground, cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed he couldn t even run.The timing was simply calculated to the extreme.This environmental protection technology company that was born out of nowhere has been surrounded by various topics since its establishment.First, the beating incident made a lot of saliva on the Internet, and it was the first time it was known to the world.The impact of ecstasy and the real product effect once again made Qifei Environmental Protection stand on the living tree cbd gummies headlines of the media.People are good at following the crowd.The more famous something is, no matter it is good or bad, it will become the target of others.Therefore, Qifei Environmental Protection has made a lot of money in a short period of time.This is not counting the various channel vendors who come to seek cooperation.If these channels are utilized, it may not take long before the environmental protection market in China and even the world will be occupied by Qifei Environmental Protection.There are many things that are not side effects cbd gummies convenient to say.But based on the first two, Shen Cang is a person who is cast aside by everyone.Huh, bang bang The wind carrying sand particles continued to slap the outer wall of the armored vehicle, making a crisp sound.The storm is getting stronger and stronger, and the viewing distance cannot exceed five meters.If it weren t for the advanced electronic equipment on board, they would have lost their way in the vast desert.Boss, we are about to enter the land of flames.Xia Zhilong reminded.They all know that the land of flames is their main battlefield.The outposts before were just a small fight, and the real challenge has just begun.Get ready.Shen Cang arranged his weapons does cbd gummies help with ed 10mg cbd gummy and said to Qi Fei.He is an old special soldier.He has a very sensitive sense of the danger ahead, just like a woman s sixth sense.Oh, my balls exploded.Please don t hit me, he s already passed out.He began to scream one after another in order to distract the attention of outsiders.At the same time, Qi Fei took off the clothes of a soldier whose head was smashed by Hua Zhihu, quickly changed them on, and replaced them again.After the little boss was fully dressed with the walkie talkie and all the equipment, he screamed for a few more minutes to buy Hua Zhihu more time.When the people outside began to change guards, Qi Fei walked out of the prison.Give me a good look at you guys, I ll go take a pee, and I ll be right back.Qi Fei yelled pretendingly, not to mention, his voice and intonation still sounded like the little boss who had been hanged up a long time ago.After finishing speaking, Qi Fei identified the direction and walked down the stairs, because he remembered that there were more scientific researchers and weapons and equipment in the deeper place below, and it was safer there.head.Niu A s reaction is fast, but the opponent is faster.The other hand blocked Niu Jia s scissors feet, and the direction of rotation of the other hand changed instantly.Crack Due to the huge inertia and reaction force, Niu Jia s arm was instantly twisted into twists, and the pale bone spurs penetrated the muscles and skin and were exposed to the air.Just as Niu Jia was about to scream, the man quickly grabbed Niu Jia s throat with one hand, and lifted Niu Jia up with a little force.It s really a fool.The man said with a sneer.Seeing the boss being picked up like a duck, Niu B and Niu C fought hard to get rid of their opponents with punches, and rushed directly to rescue their boss.However, as soon as they ran two steps, tears flowed down.Seeing that the man s fingers suddenly exerted force, Niu Jia s legs bounced twice, and his whole body softened completely.No three, two, three, Cao Feng would not dare to be so heroic to save the beauty.With agility, he swayed his body slightly and avoided the knife on his shoulder.The cat bent his waist, clenched his fists tightly, stepped forward quickly, and punched the strong man s lower abdomen with one punch.The severe colic from the lower abdomen directly made the strong man fall to the ground and roll over.Fuck Don t do such a thing of grabbing credit next time Come on with me Seeing that one of his subordinates fell to the ground, the short inch burly does cbd gummies help with ed man waved his hand and rushed over with a machete.Facing three strong men with machetes, Cao Feng pushed the girls behind him away, picked up a broom, and fought with several strong men while fighting back.Sometimes, weapons are very important.Under the shining machete, Cao Feng not only had to avoid being cut, but also had to protect the girl who was not far behind him.Chapter five hundred and sixty first in a daze Turning around, he swung the machete in his hand, only heard a puffing sound, and the knife cut through the skin of the short inch strong man.The short inch burly man felt a burst of heat coming from his chest, and a spurt of warm blood spurted wildly.He covered his chest in panic, stepped back quickly, and looked at Qi Fei in great fear at the same time.He never thought that the young man in front of him would have such a powerful combat power Just a book effort, it cut his chest Once the move was successful, Qi Fei threw the machete in his hand casually, jumped up with force under his feet, and suddenly lifted his foot towards the short inch strong man.The body of the short inch strong man, which weighed more than 180 kilograms, was kicked out just like that.Young man, it s good to have confidence, but be careful not to slip your tongue At this moment, the basketball bench team what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate members of Yanda University began to sneer again.Hey, that s enough for you guys.Do you still want to fight I ll be the referee Ye Xiaobei couldn t wait what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate for a long time, and she couldn t help shouting when she saw these people wanting to flirt again.People from Yanda Basketball Bench Team wanted to say something, but when they heard the beautiful girl watching from the side saying that they were going to be their referee, they all got excited and said quickly Okay, okay, let s start now.But, beauty If you want to be our referee, do you have a whistle In fact, this person really wanted to say Beauty, if you don t have a whistle, you can use mine, and after the game, just return it to me.If Qi Fei hadn t stopped him, he might have been thrown up by now.Beep beep At this time, Ye Xiaobei, who was watching them frightened, couldn t stand it anymore, and said directly Hey, everyone is what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate ready to kick off, do you want to play Why don t you fight We still want to abuse those boys.I don t know if Qi Fei s good start gave them confidence or something, at this moment they are all a little bit confident.Hey, you just had that ball just because of luck Next, let us tell you what strength is On the basketball court, only strength is the most important thing Hearing their embarrassment, Yanda Basketball The mouth corners of the bench team members raised slightly.That s right, don t be so frightened.Qi Fei glanced at them and said, Let s just wait and see.It s useless to say more, the basketball bench team of Yanda kicked off.So, they looked at Qi Fei s back, feeling no fear at all They don t know if there will be such a selfless existence in their lives.Maybe we will never meet again in the future, but it doesn t matter, there is such a person in my life, and I don t regret it.Didn t you say it all Greed does not end well So, they are not greedy boom Qi Fei kicked out again, and when he found that Zou Xiaoqiang and others were in pain, he knew it was okay.Looking down, the three of them, including Xiaoqiang, were wailing on the ground, and the movements of their feet were a little weird.The blood overflowing from the nose on their faces stained their faces red, and they thought it was very hideous.But they looked sour gummy worms platinum cbd para que sirve at Qi Fei s frightened eyes, and they knew that they didn what is the best cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies ok to refridgerate t have that momentum.At this moment, Qi Fei was like a devil in human skin in their eyes, very terrifying It was so terrifying that they wished they could disappear in front of this guy right now.Now, Qi Fei s casserole sized fist is simply the worst nightmare in their memory.Maybe before seeing Qi Fei in the future, there will be an instinctive protective reaction in the body, and he will run away quickly.Qi Fei glanced at the few people who fell on the ground, raised his eyes and said calmly I haven t figured out how to punish you two, don t rush away.His tone was very calm, It s so light that you can t hear the slightest smell of fireworks.Shitou and the others couldn t help but shudder when they heard where can i buy hazel hills cbd gummies this, and looked at Qi Fei in horror.Punishment What did he just say to punish us This After thinking about it, I broke out in a cold sweat.Especially when half of it has been stained red with blood, it is even more difficult.Qi Fei, right I seem to remember that you are the doorman of No.If the police uncle knows that they are causing trouble here, things will definitely not be so easy to understand At that time, maybe I don t know how long I will squat.Although the boss s contract stated that during the squatting period, all the expenses of the family members were paid by the gang.But what if their children and wives cannot get funds safely What to do then So when they heard Wu Yaqin call the police, they were very panicked.They would rather receive does cbd gummies help with ed more punches and slaps than go to the police station.If it was the past, it would be okay to go to the police station, because their boss was there to protect them.But now everyone on the road knows that their boss was beaten into the hospital recently, and those who used to be afraid of his identity are not very afraid of him now.From the content of these words, it is not difficult to see that they knew each other.At the same time, it was cbd oil gummy bears uk also warning him.Thinking of Cao Ruoxin s older brothers, Wu Hao went straight to Qi Juanjuan.When he saw Qi Juanjuan, his eyes brightened instantly, and his face best cbd gummies without thc for anxiety became very gentle, as if he saw his lover, and said in a very magnetic voice Juanjuan, I m back, you know my In the United States, do you miss you so much Thank you, but I don t need your miss.Wu Hao, the first person to chase after Qi Juanjuan in the seven years when Qi Fei was hailed as a deserter.It s a pity that Qi Juanjuan doesn t like this guy at all.Actually, do you know cbd gummies make you poop When I return to China this time, I mainly want to see you.I have been abroad for 63 days, and I haven t seen you for 63 days.I miss you so much.The eye sockets instantly turned red and purple, The expensive sharp weapon on the bridge of his nose was flung away under Qi Fei s call.On Wu Hao s fair face, there was an extra palm print, which was printed on the one that Qi Juanjuan had swung past.You trash, how dare you hit me Wu Hao stared at Qi Fei with unbelievable eyes, feeling the scorching hot cheeks.This rubbish, you can tell at a glance that it is an existence that has never seen the world, how dare he attack me This kind of bottom level bastard dares to do something to him, a well known stubborn boss in Langzhou, who goes to shit everywhere, and someone will do it to deliver paper The more he thought about it, the more angry he raised his big hand and punched Qi Fei in does cbd gummies help with ed the eyes.Snapped His fist was wrapped by Qi Fei s thugs.You rubbish he cursed.That is the Qi family, which is much stronger than the Ye family.If this really annoys the members of the Qi family, then the Wu family probably will hit a wall everywhere.Even if they fell into the embrace of the Qi family s hostile forces, no one would want to offend the Qi family who had just let the Chen and Lin families suffer.Therefore, after seeing Ye Zhicheng s hand gesture to her, Xie Meiqi was deeply does cbd gummies help with ed grateful.As expected of being neighbors for many years, this simply saved their entire Wu can cbd gummies cause anxiety family s life.You hello.Just as Xie Meiqi breathed a sigh of relief, Qi Fei, who had left, reappeared in front of her at some unknown time.She mistakenly thought that Qi Fei had come to settle accounts, which made her very nervous.In the future, if your son harasses my sister again, then don t appear in the Celestial Dynasty again.Chapter six hundred and thirteen you are not qualified This is not only because she cbd gummies ok to refridgerate equilibria cbd gummies looks like a goddess, but also because of the forces behind their Ye family If the Xie family and their Ye family get on line, Xie Wenjin believes that within three years, their family s profits will be tenfold Ten times, what is the probability of this It s a crazy number, and it s hard not to be tempted.The members of the Ye family wanted to facilitate such a marriage because of their Xie family s strength in business.As long as the two families work together, the only ones who will benefit at that time will be their two families.This kind of mutual benefit is the normal state of wealthy marriages.So, don t look at those dandy princesses, you are very envious of the power and money in the family.In fact, many of their marriages are often tragedies.Now you know how cbd gummies for weight loss does cbd gummies help with ed powerful my wife is, right If you dare to look at me with such lustful eyes again, I will directly kick your crotch next time I will make you never be a pervert again Qi Fei didn t know this, if he knew, he would definitely give Ye Xiaobei a beating No, a meal or something can t relieve the hatred in my heart at all It must be hundreds of tons.You scumbag, you actually want to abolish this uncle, I think does cbd gummies help with ed you owe a lesson Qi Fei who didn t know what Ye Xiaobei was thinking at all, of course he wouldn t have this idea now.He knelt down and rubbed his soles, and after making sure they were not broken, he glared at Ye Xiaobei and said, How do I know what s going on with you, so just give me a kick Oh, you little girl, you are still young, you have such a bad temper.Moreover, the thinking is always weird, and it is simply incomprehensible Think about it, what are you doing Ye Xiaobei said angrily.The young man with a tattoo on his arm walked to the table, picked up a bowl of noodles, and started eating.Third brother, what s wrong A plain looking man with a moustache who was holding a roll of paper seemed to have just come out of the bathroom.Looking at the instant noodles on the guest table, he casually threw the paper rolls away, picked up the noodles unceremoniously, and began to eat happily.While eating, he praised Boss, your craftsmanship seems to have improved Facing the ridicule of his second brother, the boss said with contempt Please, this is instant noodles, where is it mine Crafts I m talking about your skill in instant noodles.Well, you are indeed a man who has eaten various flavors of instant noodles, and his skills are not covered at all.The second child admired the noodles while eating the instant noodles Said.You are surrounded.Putting down your weapons and surrendering is your only choice.Let me say it again, you are already surrounded.Putting down your weapons and surrendering is your only choice The policeman smiled bitterly in his heart., and then think of this solution.Of course, does cbd gummies help with ed he didn t think that this excuse would scare them, but it was better than doing nothing.Okay, we.Huh what did he say surrender This is how the same thing What the hell, is it possible that the sun rises from the west today Or did the terrorists inside take the wrong medicine But at this does mayim bialik make cbd gummies time, the policeman didn t feel like he had been hit by a pie at all, but felt that it was probably a trap.Although he hated and wanted them to surrender or something, it was too simple, right Terrorists, they are terrorists, why are they not scary at all This is too abnormal.Let me tell you, you d better pray that nothing happens to my little sister, otherwise if the old man finds out, you will be finished What he said was definitely not a threat.In their Zheng family, the old man liked this little girl very much.If something really happened to her, the old man really didn t mind cleaning up Zheng s second son.Zheng Ershao was called a dog by his elder brother, but he didn t dare to say a word.After all, who made me so angry that I forgot to look at the license plate number All he could do was to give each of his lackeys a chestnut, and at the same time scolded Hurry up and think of the license plate number Brother, I have it Because he remembered that he had taken a photo.After looking for it, I found that it was there.Zheng Ershao took the mobile phone, looked at the fairly clear license plate number on the phone, and said, Brother, the license plate number is Beijing d2721x.No matter how hard Zheng Peishan thought, she couldn t find a good sacrifice There was no way to fly, so I had to say something.Qi Fei thought for a while and said, Perhaps, you can talk to your third brother.What if other people in my family are here Zheng Peishan asked without thinking.Chapter what is organic cbd gummies six hundred and fifty six suddenly realized, Then it depends on how much your third brother loves you.If there are other people in your family besides him, you can ask him to come forward for a while, and then we will use the fastest At the airport, your family will not have the ability to cancel the flight, right Although Qi Fei finds it troublesome, he only wants to help him think about it, and he will not be too stingy about such things.Although the Zheng family is doing well, it is really impossible to cancel an international flight or something.It is very likely that Qi Fei will be at the helm of the big ship of the Qi family in the future.And as long as the Qi family still exists, the fact that he lied and framed Qi does cbd gummies help with ed Fei will always exist.Because of this matter, the outside world will also consider the face of the Qi family when dealing with the Chen family.Therefore, as long as the Qi family is destroyed, no one will need to consider the face of the Qi family anymore.And the easiest way to destroy the Qi family is to let the most capable young generation of their family disappear from this world.Obviously, Qi Fei is not only the guy who caused his face to be damaged, but he is also likely to be the guy who keeps his stains alive.Killing him does not mean killing the Qi family, but Qi Fei is gone, and the future Qi family will definitely not be Chen Tianming s opponent.In this way, we can pretend that nothing happened, if What if What, are you trying to threaten me here Qi Fei looked at Lin Shijia, who was like a clown, with a hint of teasing.Look at him.I don t know if it s because of a guilty conscience, or because he was frightened by Qi Fei s abusive eyes.Facing Qi Fei s question, Lin Shijia became a little nervous, and stammered, Wethreat Areare you kidding me I m just telling you a fact, I would never do such things as threatening others.After all, I am a good citizen who abides by the law.Yes, Qi Fei, I am a law abiding citizen Good law abiding citizen, if you are sensible, get someone to leave now, or don t blame me for being rude.Chen Tianming rolled his eyes when he heard what his best friend said, and directly applied what he just said own body.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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