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She will go out often in the future, so she must let people around her know her many habits so that she can act in the future.But today Gu Mingzhu got up early because Mrs.Lin promised to take her out.While Mrs.Lin was going to talk to Mrs.Cui Si, how long cbd gummy last Gu Mingzhu sat on the soft bed and carefully read the note in her hand.This was the clue she got from the merchant.It is a simple map.Baotong leaned over and rubbed his eyes Miss, the slave girl s eye disease must be serious, otherwise the slave girl can t understand what it is.Gu Mingzhu nodded Let the kitchen use mulberry leaves, chamomile, and antelope horns in a while.Jian will boil water for you.Baotong covered her mouth and said, This sickness of my servant kushy cbd gummies reviews is caused by the fetus, so it must be the end of it, Miss don t need to worry about my servant any more.There were many pedestrians on the road.Even if it kushy cbd gummies reviews was a coincidence, when Zhou Ruzhang saw a blood stained person, his first thought should be to protect the family members.How could Zhou Ruzhang see the merchant Zhou Ruzhang is a lady in the inner house.She usually likes the things of female relatives, and she is not good at solving cases.She will not take the initiative to question merchants unless Zhou Ruzhang is very interested in what the merchant said.She guessed that what the merchant said was roughly I am a merchant from Shanxi.I accidentally heard the bandits talking and wanted to report to the police, but the bandits found that I was robbed and killed halfway.I have important clues in my hand.With this I can catch those thieves Zhou Ruzhang has coveted Cui Zhen for a long time, this kind of thing was brought to her, no doubt it was someone passing a pillow when she was dozing off, she was naturally very happy, and tried every means kushy cbd gummies reviews to deliver jolly cbd gummies for diabetes type 2 things to Cui Zhen.Most importantly, she revealed that on the mountain today, she met two people, one fell from the hillside and the other disappeared.The general judge of Taiyuan government compiled the whole matter into a confession, sent it to a yard without stopping, and handed it to Wei Yuanchen respectfully.Seeing Wei Yuanchen read the entire confession, the Taiyuan government judge cautiously said Master Wei, the other murderer that Miss Huaiyuan Hou s family mentioned is you.Hey.The Taiyuan government judge seemed to hear laughter coming from outside kushy cbd gummies reviews the door.But soon the sound of cluck, cluck, cluck came again, and the judge of Taiyuan Mansion realized that it was not a person laughing, but a hen laying eggs in the place where Mr.Wei stayed.My lord, this place is close to the market, why don t I find a place for you to settle down as an official.The general judge of Taiyuan Mansion had sweat on his forehead.If the Cui family and the empress knew that he had neglected Lord Wei like this, I m afraid his result would not be too bad.it is good.This is the son of a relative who is deeply trusted by the emperor.Wei Yuanchen spoke bluntly How much do you how to use cbd living gummies know about that Miss Gu The judge of Taiyuan Mansion wiped the sweat from his forehead That person has been suffering from dementia since childhood.Is there nothing wrong with that Wei Yuanchen continued, I saw her push the murderer down the hillside with my own eyes.Chapter 8 Chunshan kushy cbd gummies reviews Taiyuan Mansion General Judge was most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep taken aback when he heard Master Wei s words, frowned and thought for a moment, as if he had already figured it out.My lord, said the judge of Taiyuan Mansion, I think this is just a coincidence.With a high status, serving in the imperial court and investigating cases secretly, it is very likely that he is Wei Yuanchen in Cui Zhen s mouth.When she was still Zhou Rujun, she had heard about the third master Wei, who was brilliant and handsome, but because of her father s jewels, she also had a good skin, and she had heard too many such beautiful words , I didn t care much about it, so naturally kushy cbd gummies reviews I never asked what Wei Sanye looked like.After becoming Gu Mingzhu, apart from preparing for her own affairs, she just rested at home and kept abreast of the political situation in the DPRK and China.She didn t go to investigate someone specifically, so naturally she didn t have the chance to meet Wei San.If I had known what happened today, I might as well have looked at it back then.Liu Su whispered Will they keep watching Gu Mingzhu shook her head, no, she has kushy cbd gummies reviews no flaws, and they have a lot of things to do tonight, and this person who concealed his identity and kushy cbd gummies reviews made an unannounced visit probably didn t bring too much People, although he is suspicious, he can t get involved in everything.After saying this, Han Yu was a little surprised Lu Shenzhi has always fulfilled his duties in office, except for alas Cui Zhen frowned Except for what The recent robbery case, Han Yu said, But it s not his fault, those bandits are really too cunning, Lu Shenzhi has been leading people to hunt around, and he has done his best.Han Yu got up and said I still have to deal with the documents, so let s go first.Cui kushy cbd gummies reviews Zhen Standing up to return the salute, seeing that Han Yu was about to leave, the guard walked quickly into the room and whispered The person was not found, but the guard at the city gate said that someone came out of the city with a document issued by Master Lu when it was dark.Cui Zhen said Did you see the appearance of the people who went out of the city clearly Qin Wei said Shouzheng only took a look.Treat her as a country woman without any knowledge.The girl on the boat came forward to say hello to Ah Jin A Jin, why did you bring such a person here My girl is really not feeling well today, I heard that the medicine of this pharmacist is good, let her take a look, so as not to delay Serious business.That s right, don t be careless, maybe someone will listen to your girl playing the piano tonight.Ajin nodded.At HCMUSSH kushy cbd gummies reviews this moment, a burst of piano sound came.This is someone playing the lyre.When she was still at Zhou s house, Gu Mingzhu often heard from her grandmother that if Da Zhou was the best person to play the lyre, his father must be one of them.His father could also make piano scores, and his mother s piano skills were also taught by his father himself.Yes, she liked playing with the lyre since she was a child, and she would feel uncomfortable if she oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews didn t play for a day, so she made rapid progress.This Third Master Wei was usually restrained, gloomy, and unfathomable, but whenever they faced each other, Wei Yuanchen s eyes never concealed his hostility towards him.Cui Zhen said Why hasn t Mr.Wei come back The jailer complained Mr.Wei left the yamen without saying anything, and only ordered us to continue interrogating.Cui Zhen stood up, and just as he was about to go out, Lu Shenzhi greeted him.Master, Lu Shenzhi saluted, Master Wei asked me to invite you over, the case has progressed.Cui Zhen followed Lu Shenzhi out of the yamen with doubts.Cui Zhen asked with a sullen face, Where are you going Ever since the conflict at Cui s house last time, Lu Shenzhi had been more estranged from Cui Zhen, but today Lu Shenzhi seemed very patient Master, come with me.That s right.The two came to the east street and stood still, Lu Shenzhi pointed to the shop not far away, staring at Cui Zhen with a pair of eyes Master Hou, do you know who opened that shop His name is Liu Su, Lord Hou can you Recognize it Cui Zhen shook his head.Wei has a bad reputation, and if he goes against Mr.Wei s intentions, there will be no good results.Mrs.Lin said Where s Anping Where did he go The steward continued Young Master Biao went to the Zhou family village, but he hasn t come back yet.Gu Mingzhu rested her chin and thought, Cousin Feng is really well hidden Is this the Feng family s way to save their lives Cousin Feng had already taken refuge in Mr.Wei, but she didn t show anything strange.It wasn t until today that Cousin Feng brought someone into the Zhuangzi that she saw the clue.Cousin Feng comforted his mother with a determined face Madam, don t worry, the imperial envoy is here, nothing will go wrong.Cousin Feng, a cowardly person, can say such words, which shows that someone gave him great courage.Who is this guy Cousin Feng has already given the answer in his words.Chujiu saw Wei Yuanchen s hand move, and the alarm bells in his heart rang out, and he almost blurted out Third Master, what are you going kushy cbd gummies reviews to do Fortunately, the third master didn t reach out to Miss Gu.Mrs.Lin first ordered her servants Quickly, bring the eldest lady out.Baotong followed in and persuaded in a low voice, but Gu Mingzhu was naturally unwilling, and the servants of the Gu family did not dare to force the eldest lady, so they had to stand aside.Gu Mingzhu was having a good time, walking step by step on the black square bricks, looking at the little ball, with the corners of her mouth slightly raised, she looked very happy.Wei Yuanchen lowered his eyes and looked at Gu Mingzhu, who had stretched his eyebrows.She must have intended to enter the door at this time.He used a note to tempt her before, but she was not fooled.Wei Yuanchen stood up Tell Lu Shenzhi that the Wang family will release them without asking any questions, but they are not allowed to leave Taiyuan Mansion.Chu Jiu nodded.And you, Wei Yuanchen said, Twenty army sticks.Chu Jiu stood there in a daze, what did he do Gu Mingzhu was lying on the bed peacefully, just when she closed her eyes, she suddenly remembered something.Nie Chen said that Master Zhao Er had left clues in Mr.Wei s hand before he died.She really should ask Mr.Wei to see if she could guess what Master Zhao Er was up to first.Another sum of money was missing.Eyelids gradually sank, and in a daze, Gu Mingzhu seemed to see a white jade hairpin.She opened her eyes suddenly, and she knew where she had seen the hairpin before.Gu Mingzhu called Baotong Tell me immediately if there is news about Zhao Gong.Mrs.Lin listened carefully to these words, and it took a while to understand the meaning Who has the guts to plot against the prince.When she said those words, she immediately thought of several princes.Cui Zhen went on to say I suspect that the crown prince didn t know about the batch of war horses I bought, otherwise the crown prince would have used this as an excuse to win me over.If he uncovered the Shanyin matter, the crown prince would know that someone has been secretly arrange it all.Mrs.Lin said Then what are you going to do It is said that the title may kushy cbd gummies reviews be gone, and the military power will also be taken away.Not to mention it is to cover up those people.I ve made up my mind, Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Lin, I m going to report this to the imperial court.Although Mrs.Lin had some guesses, she was still a little surprised when she heard this.I don t have a mother anymore. Brother, Cui Wei reached out and grabbed Cui Zhen s arm, Brotherthat s HCMUSSH kushy cbd gummies reviews my motheryouhow can you bear itit s okay if you re still a family member, don t you It s too impulsive, let s discuss it first.Cui Wei clenched his hands tightly, and tears welled up in his eyes BrotherBig brother Cui Wei s voice reminded him of being outside the yamen more than ten years ago.The same as before, but this time Cui Zhen did not waver, he looked at Cui Wei steadfastly What did you see when you went to Suzhou Weidu Did you see private soldiers hiding Brother, Cui Wei didn t want to answer this Question, I m talking about my mother, brother, you Father was killed by Lin Sizhen on purpose, Cui Zhen said, If you are still a child of the Cui family, you should know what to do now.Cui Wei looked unbelievable, and he turned to look at Mrs.No oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews hurry, no hurry, he must have other ways In the palace.The servants sent the rewards to the empress s palace one after another.There are all kinds of decorations and clothing materials.Queen Wei took a look and told the female officer Send it to the treasury Many years ago, she regarded the objects given to her by her husband as treasures, and she could see his affection for her from them.Later, the concubine in the mansion became pregnant, and her child died repeatedly.She finally saw it clearly, and smashed the Avalokitesvara painting screen given to her by her jgo cbd gummies party pack husband, and dropped the pomegranate tree made of precious stones.Items that are not sincerely sent are not worth a penny.But Empress Wei was very happy today.She specially wore a lotus color dress, and a peony hairpin inlaid with jewels was inserted in her hair.When her elder brother brought Chen to see her, she lamented how quickly time had passed.Chen had grown up so much, and now it was only a blink of an eye.What Chen did outside kushy cbd gummies reviews could already affect the palace.middle.Wasn t it a hard case to investigate From the emperor s reward, it can be seen that the prince must also be caught in it, otherwise the imperial concubine would not need to hunger strike to deal with it.Although the emperor surrounded her palace tightly, there was some news that she didn t need to inquire carefully, she could understand it just by looking at it.Be careful, Empress Wei ordered the personal female officer, maybe the Royal Driver will come soon.Brother Chen is safe, and only when the Wei family has made great contributions, he will come here to put on a show, which can be regarded as a comfort to the Wei family.Shen.Mr.Shen said straight out Back then when Shanxi mutinied, Old General Zhao may have been wronged.The crown prince has some evidence in his hands.He will continue to investigate when he returns to Beijing.The son in law s biological mother is from the Zhao family.The hat of the traitor is still stuck in the son in law s throat, if this thorn is pulled kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc out, the son in law will be less burdened, and you and the princess will be harmonious.Princess Huairou did not expect to hear this news, she was very happy , the frown was also loosened a little, as expected, the son in law would of course be very happy.As long as the Zhao family is mentioned in the mansion, the son in law will always pretend to be nonchalant, but she knows in her heart that who can forget her own mother If there is any trouble in the princess mansion, someone will drag it on Mrs.Wouldn t it be a big game Gu Mingzhu thought about the situation when Wei Yuanchen fainted in Gu s house.His illness came very quickly.She checked his old wounds and found that there were no redness, swelling or sores, but Chu Jiu kept applying ice cubes around the wound.Obviously The wound made Master Wei feel uncomfortable.This is very strange, if it is the disease of the wound itself, the Wei family should be able to cure it as long most potent cbd gummy as they invite a surgeon kushy cbd gummies reviews to come to the door, why is it so helpless.Liu Sudao Miss, Master Wei s injuryis it serious Gu Mingzhu shook her head I don t know either, just keep an eye on it and let me know if you find anything unusual.Liu Su nodded.Gu Mingzhu continued Is there another news from Nie Chen When Wei Yuanchen found Cheng kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc Yi, Nie Chen followed him, heard the conversation between the two, and then told her through Liu Su.Lin didn t care.A few years ago, there were dead people everywhere on the famine road.That was the real tribulation.When I was a child in Lintao Mansion with my father, there were often Tatars who harassed me.When we heard the news, we all crowded in the secret road, and kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc when I was running away, I was squeezed out of the carriage.It was that time that my father decided to leave Lintao Mansion and gave the house of Lintao Mansion to Lin Sizhen for use., So many years have passed in a flash, I didn t expect that the Lin Temple would really look like this in the end, and there would be turmoil in the Lin clan.Madam Lin sighed thinking of this, and thought of Madam Lin and the women of the Zhou family who parted ways with them.Don t get caught by the Tatars.No matter how bad they were, she didn t want to see any female relatives being abused.Yang rushed forward with the guards around her.She had done so many things in Dazhou for so long, she couldn t be lost in front of such oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews a small village castle.She still has many, many things to do behind her.Protect me and go back to Ao er Dusi, and you will definitely have a share in the future Before Yang s promise could be finished, the guard beside him fell off his horse.Yang Shi saw the figure straddling the horse in the darkness.Cheng Yi drove his horse closer step by step, with a dignified expression, They won t be able to take credit for your contribution, but your head can be exchanged for military merit for the generals of the Great Zhou Nie Chen and others carried the wounded soldiers into the house, and counted the number of men , and then hurriedly rushed to the tower to check the situation.Although all this is a coincidence, It was he himself who happened to bring his face closer, but Mr.Wei probably wanted to kill someone at this moment Fortunately, Gu Mingzhu can solve the things that she can t solve.She just needs to calm down and let everything take its course.Gu Mingzhu was stunned for a moment, then immediately calmed down.She gently retracted her fingers to Wei Yuanchen s cheek, and pinched his face with two fingers.His handsome face was slightly deformed by her pulling, kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc and she withdrew her hand just right.It s so beautiful.She raised her face, showing a sincere praise, and gave all her sincerity and flattery.When he heard her sweet voice, at that moment, he suddenly felt that she was telling the truth.There was still a little goat s milk on the girl s mouth, and her expression was so innocent that no one could bear to blame her.After he arrived in Shanxi and knew the ins and outs of the whole incident, he also wanted to quietly help the court find out who was behind Minglin Sizhen.It seemed that he would join hands with the Wei family in the future.But this speed must be grasped well, a patron is a patron, you can t walk too close, Wei Yuanchen is so smart, and he will understand what he means in the future, and there are many dignitaries in the Wei family who get close to him alone Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help but lift the curtain and look out again.The figure in the crowd is so eye catching.After all, it s a relative of the emperor, it s just different, Mrs.Wednesday was very frustrated, as if she had lost a good opportunity to fly into the sky, When I met Mr.Wei, it happened that your elder sister was married to the Cui family, so it was delayed.You didn t see your brother.You are so proud.Leader There are so many soldiers and horses, majestic and majestic, they are worthy of being the nobles of the Great Zhou Dynasty, family affection and mother can be ignored.If you learn a little bit of his skills, you will have made great achievements long ago.Why are you begging for perfection by his side Don t talk about it, mother, Cui Wei said, it s all my son s fault.You can scold him, brother Eldest brother is also for the people of Dazhou.Just like what my sister in law said, my eldest oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews brother feels bad.Don t be fooled by them, Mrs.Lin Tai sneered, Ms.Zhang is not a good person either.Now she says she is filial to me, wishing I were dead.The Dingning Hou Mansion finally fell into her hands.She can Domineering in the mansion, pretending to be weak on weekdays, but the benefits are the same, my brother Weiyou are a stupid child, mother died because of you, you HCMUSSH kushy cbd gummies reviews must live well.Lin and Zhuzhu are the distinguished guests I invited, but you ignored them like this, and almost hurt Miss Gu.When the old lady Cheng heard the words Huaiyuanhou , her chest twitched.As if being pressed by a heavy object.It s really her, that idiot Miss Gu.How can a fool talk about calculations At most, she was just doing bad things with good intentions.On the contrary, it was a bit too much for her to say what she just said to a silly girl.But is Miss best cbd gummies for anxiety and depression reviews Gu really kind Old Madam Cheng went to look at the girl again, only to see that the girl bit her lip with a look of grievance, her eyes were blank, she was just a fool, and she couldn t see anything.Zhuzhu is in Shanxi, helping the doctor to apply medicine to the wounded soldiers.She wanted to help when she saw the old lady fainted, but the old lady said that, Princess Huairou was even more angry, The Cheng can you take ibuprofen with cbd gummies family is shameless, Can the royal family of the Great Zhou lose their reputation When Princess Huairou got angry like this, Master Cheng and Cheng Yi also stopped.It s inconvenient to diamond cbd gummies with thc talk here, Wei Yuanchen said, Go to the small courtyard.Gu Mingzhu was about to find an opportunity to refuse, when a piece of silver appeared in front of her, and Gu most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep Mingzhu s eyes lit up.Seeing that there was no reason to not want the silver, Gu Mingzhu quickly took the silver in her hand, lifted the gauze and took a bite.From some aspects, Master Wei has always been quite generous.Wei Yuanchen immediately looked at Chu Jiu, and Chu Jiu nodded, no wonder the third master just carefully scrutinized the piece of silver, which was cleaner than his face In the small courtyard of the Wei family.The cook boiled hot water, made tea and brought it up.Wei Yuanchen sat down in the room and looked at the doctor not far away Is there anything tonight Gu Mingzhu nodded, wondering when Master Wei had prepared things in the room, and the flashing light on the table The shiny one is the night pearl, right Next to Ye Mingzhu was her medicine box.The sparse cbd gummies pharmacy and curly hair scattered on the head, looked very frightening at first glance.What the prince looked at the princess resentfully, Are you afraid of me too Are you waiting for the document to abolish the prince so that you can ask the emperor to make peace with me By the way, I can t call myself I m already in my palace, I can t go back to the East Palace anymore, no no I have to go back, I have to go back.After the crown prince finished speaking, he suddenly curled up on the couch and began to cry.The concubine tremblingly stepped forward to persuade the prince.Since his return, the prince s temperament has changed drastically.He looks crazy, crying for a while, angry for a while, and he has to go to the palace to see the emperor and the imperial concubine.The imperial concubine has ordered that there should be no movement from the mansion, and she tried her best to appease the crown prince, but if this continues, she may not be able to hold on anymore, so she sent people to inquire, the emperor drafted a document to abolish the crown prince, just waiting After the war in northern Xinjiang subsided, the matter was kushy cbd gummies reviews announced to the world, and the imperial concubine acquiesced in such a result, who would have the ability to fight What s going on outside The prince seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly raised his head, Have you found the person who harmed me Has Wei Yuanchen who stabbed me been punished And Cui Zhen, Marquis most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep of Dingning, if not He is useless, and this palace will not end up like this.The guard couldn t help hesitating when he heard this, and was just a little dazed when the Crown Prince had already rushed to him.Big The third prince just yelled a word, the prince threw himself on the third prince, raised the broken porcelain in his hand and scratched at the third prince s neck.The broken porcelain cut through the skin of the third prince s neck, and blood flowed out immediately.The prince gritted his teeth and waited for another deep cut.The third prince came back to his senses and grabbed the prince s arm with all his strength, trying to shake off the prince with his hands and feet.The prince was pushed staggeringly, gritted his teeth and got up to fight the third prince again.He had a ferocious face, veins floating on his forehead, and the broken porcelain piece in his hand scratched his palm, but he didn t realize it, and was determined to kill the third prince.He raised his eyes calmly When will it be effective Gu Mingzhu said against conscience I m afraid I ll have to drink a few more times.Chapter 239 Poor Mr.Wei has ashes on the corner of his mouth, and this scene looks really eye catching.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips.It is impossible for Mr.Wei to believe that this kind of ashes can cure diseases.Why would he drink it There was no hesitation at all, especially when Master Wei looked at her, his eyes were full of determination and trust, as if even if it was a glass of poisoned wine, he would drink it without hesitation.She has always felt that such a smart person as Mr.Wei can easily put herself in the most advantageous position.She needs to deal with him carefully in order to help each other and benefit each other., but because the emperor is jealous of the Wei family, coupled with the situation of the empress, the Wei family must be more careful.After a careful look, Huaiyuan Hou pulled the rein at some point.Master Hou, let s not go, Second Master Wei twitched, It s not good, I have to go home and play too wildly, I want to pee on the kang.Hearing this, Gu Chongyi rolled his hands, He directly tore Master Wei Er off his horse, and then the sound of punches and kicks came from the woods, accompanied by the whining of the wind, like a ghost howling.Don t worry, why are you doing this Beijing is not as noble as yours, so don t work so hard, ouch You have a reputation for being bloodless.If you don t do anything, no one will say you.What are you doing by pulling my arm It s dawn, it s time to go up My little finger.Outside the woods, two horses leaned leisurely Grabbing grass together, the sky is not yet dark, and the night is still very long.Wei Er all over the floor, but that guy really shameless.Gu Chongyi pursed his lips Have someone take their robes and go to the study, I ll go to wash up.So as not to scare Madam when she goes back.The steward responded, Lord Hou is trying to hide this from his wife, that s right, it seems that Master Hou has suffered a loss, and his wife will definitely be worried when HCMUSSH kushy cbd gummies reviews he sees it.Gu Chongyi looked around and strode into the study room.He quickly took off his clothes and changed them while the people around him were not paying attention.He had never seen such a shameless person.He grabbed his robe and trousers tightly, making him unable to move at kushy cbd gummies reviews all.After spending a whole night with Master Wei, he was really impatient and wanted to kick him away, but he suddenly fainted and lay motionless in the woods.She is truly a housekeeper s wife who can help both inside and outside.What this means is that my mother has helped a lot in Taiyuan Mansion, what exactly is Mrs.Zhang doing here Gu Mingzhu raised her eyes to meet Zhang s, whether she had other intentions to please her mother.Mrs.Zhang saw that carefree young girl, she didn t seem to think about it at all, her eyes were as pure as a bronze mirror, which could only reflect the shadows of others.Mrs.Zhang smiled at Gu Mingzhu first, and the girl then raised her lips slightly, returning a brighter smile.Several people were sitting, when the steward came in from the outside and reported, Ma am, something happened to the Cheng family.Chapter 247 The people in the Hanging Flower Hall were startled when they heard this, the Cheng family s case of framing Peng Liang was not yet closed , what happened again The mother in charge said Princess Huairou sent the news that Mrs.Yuan er was talking nonsense, when suddenly she felt a bright light falling in front of her slowly, Hui Xiang shrank her neck, raised her head tremblingly, and then the light saw Cheng Sanye s face.Third Master Cheng s expression was a little excited, and his eyes were slightly red What you just said is the truth If you tell lies, my mother will definitely not let how long do cbd gummies take to take effect you go.Standing there in a daze, she didn t know what was going on now, kushy cbd gummies reviews and slowly raised her head, the figure hanging in mid air in the room had disappeared.Say it.Third Master Cheng took two steps forward.Yuan er sat slumped on the ground.The third master heard everything she said just now, and it was too late to deny it.Thinking of kushy cbd gummies reviews this, she kept nodding Yesit s true Third master Cheng Staring at Yuan er firmly Then why didn t you say it before Yuan er then tremblingly said Your maidnot because you are afraidbut because you are afraid of being blamed by your family If the servant girl shouted at that time, she might not be kushy cbd gummies reviews able to save MadamBut this servant really doesn t know what happened Madam believes in Huixiang the most, and it will be too late when this servant finds out.Su Fu s eyes lit up.Xue Laotong judged Your Excellency saw the Tatars a few days ago and suspected that there are more Tatar eyeliners sneaking into Dazhou.Maybe this opportunity can be used to rectify the common people.This is the responsibility of the Shuntian Mansion Not only can they find out the Tatar eyeliner, but they can also pull out Qiao Song s canine teeth.Su Fu looked at the names on the paper These suspicious people were found out by Mr.privately Xue Laotong judged It mayim bialik news cbd gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews mayim bialik news cbd gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews s those folks who came from Shanxi with Master Wei.Hearing Master Wei s words, Su Fu hesitated a full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg little Could the person behind them be Master Wei Tong San thought about it and said I will ask someone to investigate.If it is really a good kushy cbd gummies reviews knife, adults can also trusted cbd gummies use it to cut through thorns and thorns does cbd gummies help stop smoking In the palace.The censor kicked Wei Congzhi again.Wei Congzhi remained silent.It was originally intended to deal with the Wei family for the purpose of abolishing the crown prince, but the censor s eyes were red when the trouble came to this point.This time kushy cbd gummies reviews he will definitely be punished by the court.Come here, he will never have another chance.Get up, Wei Er, don t put on a kushy cbd gummies reviews show.Everyone thought Yu Shi just wanted to wake Wei Congzhi up, but unexpectedly Yu Shi rushed forward and pinched Wei Congzhi s neck.Gu Chongyi really didn t want to take care of the Wei family s affairs, but Wei Yuanchen was left in the valet room in the palace, and had to submit documents to the Ministry of Education, and he wouldn t come out for a while.He hemp remedies cbd gummies watched Wei Congzhi being treated like a dead fish Pinched, and at this point Wei Congzhi was still lying motionless.Going down, I feel a bit competitive in my heart.As long as the generals feed each other and move their hands, they will know the depth of each other.From this, Gu Chongyi also feels the power of the Wei family.Wei Yuanchen was carefully cultivated, and the Wei family probably put all their strength on such a junior.Wei Yuanchen Xingsan, it is reasonable to say that it is not his turn, unless the child has been exceptionally outstanding since he was a child, and his intelligence is far superior to other children.Such a junior is what every family wants, and there is no shortage of children who go to officialdom outside the big family.What is lacking is someone who kushy cbd gummies reviews can really stand up for the family.With such a person, at least decades of prosperity can be guaranteed.From this point of view, the Wei family is very lucky.Qiao Zheng continued But Wei Yuanchen stared at Mr.Cheng because he felt there was something else going on.Qiao Song stopped and turned to look at Qiao Zheng with a smile Why did you follow behind Wei Yuanchen How can you stop him Qiao Zheng was stunned Since we want to guard against Wei kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc Yuanchen, we must keep an eye on him.Qiao Song just walked into the pavilion , There is also a chessboard in the pavilion, obviously the staff of the Eastern Palace used to play chess here, the imperial court cleaned up the Eastern Palace, how could they have the energy to care about these external things in their panic.It s like a game.If you keep staring at your opponent, you can only lose in the end, Qiao Song explained gently, If Mr.Cheng had the means, he wouldn t let Wei Yuanchen hold the evidence and put him in prison oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews overnight.Sun Zhenren laughed and said Good people don t have to worry, senior brother Fangwai people don t care about world affairs.Hearing this, Bai Gong was relieved, her eyes turned red, and she stared at Sun Zhenren as if grabbing a life saving straw.Really, why is my leg injury still not healed There was a gentle smile on Sun half life of cbd gummies Zhenren s face Do good people kushy cbd gummies reviews still feel pain Bai Gongren shook his head It doesn t hurt anymore, but I just can t walk around for some reason , Reverend If you don t do a religious ceremony for me, maybe Bai Gong looked to the left and right Something is causing trouble.Reverend Sun said calmly, How can there be such things in the Taoist holy land I don t know, my dead sister has been following me.Do you remember the first time I lived in Guanzhong I saw her at home.I was with the master that day, and she sat next to the master with disheveled hair , put your hand on the master s shoulder, and I asked the master to look at her, but the master couldn t see her.Look, they are together, kushy cbd gummies reviews get keoni cbd gummies Gu Mingzhu said, Ah chan gave it to the real person.Mo Yangming looked at the lotus lock, and there was indeed a pre carved groove in the heart of the lotus flower.This lotus lock has not been made yet.Well, she hadn t noticed it before.Mo Yangming froze there again.Is this a coincidence or was Miss Gu mistakenly guessed it Ah chan lived with her in the temple for a few days before committing suicide.Later, she said that she missed her parents and went home.Before cbd gummies from justcbd leaving, she forgot the unfinished fancy lock in the temple.The next day she heard Ah Chan The news of Chan s suicide.Master Bai and his wife said that Ah chan had been depressed for two months, she often couldn t sleep at night and sat there until dawn, and quarreled with her married sister a few times, and it was about then that she had plans in her heart.The queen mother continued The emperor asked Qiao Song to intervene, and he will investigate clearly.Thinking of Qiao Song, the queen mother sighed again.Thanks to him, the emperor was looking for an excuse to promote Qiao Song to be Minister of the Ministry of Punishment.Zhenren Mo said Your Majesty knows it all in your heart.The Empress Dowager said These things are very annoying, the Ai family would rather not know, but they just want to make a fuss in front of the Ai family, the Ai family does not have the spirit to guess with them , let the emperor worry about all of this Having said that, if the Queen Mother really didn t care, she wouldn t have summoned Master Mo for questioning.Real people wipe their hands.Zhenren Mo took out a box of silver needles from the medicine box, wiped each needle carefully, and kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc then gave it to the Empress Dowager for acupuncture.Before Gu Mingzhu could speak, Wei Yuanchen seemed to have an answer, took out two books from his arms, turned around and put them on the table This is a book about gold and stone carving.Gu Mingzhu thought of the private seal, and Wei Yuanchen The adults reminded her all the time to repair the seal.How about entering the palace strawberry gummies cbd enhanced today Hearing Wei Yuanchen s voice, Gu Mingzhu remembered the string in her purse I followed Master to Kunning Palace and met the empress., Gu Mingzhu watched Mr.Wei s eyes darken, and he said after a while How is my aunt Gu Mingzhu said The queen is a oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews little thin, but her vitality is not bad.She should go out and walk around frequently.The old injury on her waist The pain is severe on weekdays, and the master said that recently he will often go to the empress for treatment.The water was steaming, and Mrs.Zhang s face was extraordinarily charming.She was wearing a light pink dress, katie couric cbd gummies price and the sleeves of her clothes were as light as a fairy in the sky.Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Zhang, kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc and Mrs.Zhang turned her head and smiled at him.There was a faint scent of mint in the tub.These things were not all flashy, and they did make him feel more relaxed.Cui Zhen reached out and grabbed Mrs.Zhang s arm, almost dragging Mrs.Zhang into the bathtub, at this moment he suddenly thought of Mrs.Zhou.Cui Zhen said Has Zhou s memorial tablet been placed Mrs.Zhang kushy cbd gummies reviews knew Cui Zhen s temperament well after being married for so many years, so she specially changed her clothes, sent away the steward, and ordered the cook to bring some food over in half an hour.She also prepared some snacks and put them on the table next to her.Cui Wei stretched out his finger to the backyard Brother has so many women, why do you have to make trouble with me Cui Zhen s eyes suddenly changed What nonsense are you talking about Didn t brother also think that Zhuzhu is very good Otherwise, why did you come all the way back from northern Xinjiang Didn t bring anything to anyone, and asked someone to send a box of shadow plays to Huaiyuan Hou s mansion Those of us got something from big brother Cui Wei said, Brother, don t you want to bring Zhuzhu back to your backyard Before Cui Wei could finish speaking, he felt the neckline tighten Then there was Cui Zhen s angry expression Don t go crazy here, it doesn t matter if you ruin your own reputationand it also hurts the Huaiyuanhou Mansion, and Zhuzhu doesn t know anything.Cui Wei clenched his fists, and a trace gradually appeared on his normally gentle face Shady prey.His mother s life and what he did in Shanyin were exposed smoothly.Originally, he should have done it alone, but suddenly there were so many helpers.Withdrawing from the main hall, Cui Zhen kept paying attention to the movements of the people around him, and then he saw the third prince give him a deep look.The third prince will be called King Huai tomorrow.Among the princes in his eyes, he is the most beautiful.The officials of the Ministry of Rites and the Imperial Censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate should be arranged by King Huai.King Huai did this to solve his urgent needs and win him over.In the future, he will work for Prince Huai s mansion, and looking at Prince Huai s appearance, it seems that he has long been sure that he will accept this favor.Cui Zhen s eyes became darker when he thought of this, he had to go back and be careful, if no one in the manor had any contact with Prince Huai s mansion recently, it mayim bialik news cbd gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews would be Wang Huai s wishful thinking, and he was afraid that someone would make an arrogance to ask King Huai for help.Chapter 334 Mrs.Bai Shoulin couldn t fall asleep after hearing what happened in Anjiyuan.How could she have thought that Master Hou and Zhuzhu would bring back such news kushy cbd gummies reviews when they went out.Mr.Tan is really the murderer Mrs.Lin couldn t help but ask.Gu Chongyi said Now we are just taking Tan Sanye to the yamen for questioning.The post mortem has not yet been done, and the yamen kushy cbd gummies reviews has to investigate carefully.Just relying on a child s words is not considered evidence, let alone that the child only heard some words.I didn t see Tan Zigeng going to kill people.Madam Lin felt a little cold, and hugged the stove tightly in her hand Then what do you think Gu Chongyi was silent for a while before saying It s hard to say, let s wait for the court to find out.Feng Anping sent news that Tan Zigeng said that the Tan family was framed by someone, and when Tan Zigeng went to the yamen, he told Tan Dingfang to be careful not to fall into other people s traps.Li said with a nature made cbd gummies smile, It s really hard work for you, the twins still have to prepare these for me.Mrs.Lin said It s as long as Mrs.Tai likes kushy cbd gummies reviews it.I like it, captain la cbd gummies Mrs.Li said, I also had this kind of handicraft when I was young, but it s a pity that I have poor eyesight and can t hold a needle and thread these years.Mrs.Lin smiled and said, You embroidered the peacock screen in Mrs.Tai s room by yourself, right Mrs.Li s eyes lit up How does Madam know Mrs.Lin said I ve been looking at the sparrow screen for a long time.The double sided embroidery that was popular 20 years ago was used on it.Words.That s why she thought about embroidering a screen for Mrs.Tai.Mrs.Li nodded repeatedly It can be seen that Madam is careful.The two were talking, and the steward came to report again Mrs.Tai, Tian Gong from the Shen family s mansion has come to pay your birthday wishes.At this time, someone pushed open the door of Yu Zhenhai s room, and then walked in with big strides.He was tall and straight, his dark robe was swaying in the wind, and the hem was slightly swaying.Forcing people, he has a power that makes people bow down.He stood still in the room, his eyes fell on Yu Zhenhai coldly, and then he said slowly, Tan Dingfang is Ah Chan s sweetheart.He didn t speak, but he already gave Mo Yangming the answer.Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War, is the minister of the Great Zhou.He led the soldiers of the Great Zhou to fight against foreign enemies on the frontier many times.There is a huge difference in identities, but more than ten years ago, before Ah Chan died, Tan Dingfang had only just emerged in the official career, and the first kushy cbd gummies reviews battle that Tan Dingfang became famous for was the time he went to northern Xinjiang with General Zhao.The old lady Gu looked angrily Can t my old woman know the difference between good and bad Gu Chongyi was silent for a moment before saying You can t tell.Chapter 350 This junior is not bad.Hearing this, Mrs.Gu felt as if someone raised a big fist and hit her hard will cbd gummies show up on a test on her chest, making her almost out of breath.While everyone was talking, old man Gu walked in, reeking of alcohol, and when he saw the clerk, he stepped forward to tear him apart What do you want to do Why are you coming to my house You are so bold that you don t even ask where it is I I Take a stick and beat these people out.When Mrs.Gu heard Mrs.Gu s insane words, she knew that he was drunk, so she immediately ordered the steward Go and have a look.Gu Chongyi stood up and walked out of the yard nature relief cbd gummies , He came to Lotus Hutong because he was afraid that such a situation would happen, his uncle was drunk all day, his aunt only thought about his grams of cbd in gummies own affairs, Chongwen was not at home, and he was afraid that Mrs.It s okay There is no obstacle that we can t get through, Wei Congzhi grabbed the rein and leaned closer to Gu Chongyi I have been through a lot of storms and waves since I was a child There are always troubles around me But I don t think you re much kushy cbd gummies reviews better, and we both feel sorry for each other.Wei Congzhi was looking for trouble everywhere.Someone came to him, so how can he be regarded as sympathetic Gu Chongyi wished he could use a broomstick to stab Wei Congzhi off his horse.This broomstar never .

how much cbd per gummy natures tru cbd?

felt happy when he met him.I heard that Chongwen s case is related to Tan Zigeng.Tan Zigeng accidentally killed someone in Daxing Zhuangzi and was caught by my vape gods cbd gummies brother Chen, Wei Congzhi said with his eyes shining, Brother Chen is in the teahouse not far away.Come and ask Lord Hou to talk to you in the past.Qiao Zheng took Bai Jingkun and Bai Gong to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Qiao Zheng will interrogate Bai Jingkun tonight, cbd gummies uk 25mg Wei Yuanchen said I gave Bai Jingkun a look at those two documents.Bai Jingkun has been asking about these things since Where did you come from Gu Mingzhu said Bai Jingkun is very concerned about the person who made this machine.Wei Yuanchen turned to Gu Mingzhu You can tell the difference now Gu Mingzhu stretched out his thumb and index finger to open a small slit A little bit.When he was pretending, he was like the charlatan who set up a fortune telling stall on the street, Wei Yuanchen didn most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep t want to look at this face more, but saw her stretch her brows and smile.Forget it, even a fake smile is still pleasing to most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep the eye.Wei Yuanchen moved his gaze kushy cbd gummies reviews away again I asked him, is his child about seven or eight years old He couldn t bear it anymore.The rest of the Tan family stepped forward to pull.Master, you are an official ordered by the court not to use lynching, the steward said, You can t disappoint Miss Bai s wishes for nothing Hearing Ah Chan s name, Tan Dingfang kushy cbd gummies reviews seemed to be poured over his head with a basin of ice water, but He still didn t want to let go, so he was in a stalemate.After a while, the Tan family finally snatched Chen Weicheng from Tan Dingfang.Chen Weicheng coughed violently, his face gradually returned to normal, and his eyes were indescribably malicious under the light of the torch I thought the Lord had much affection for Miss Bai, but now I can t see it, and I forgot to tell the Lord.I just saw the dagger in Miss Bai s hand, I didn t say anything on purpose, most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep she is crippled anyway, so she couldn t possibly hurt me.Masters of the Criminal Department, please stop.A slightly hoarse female voice came from behind Mr.Hu.My lord, if you don t stop, I m afraid your life will be in danger.The sudden reminder made Mr.Hu stiffen uncontrollably, and the servants around him also stood still.Mr.Hu was about to turn around and follow the voice, when he heard the voice continue Don t move, there may be firearms buried in this yard.The word firearms made everyone s hearts sink, and Mr.Hu stopped again The movement suddenly gave birth to a bit of fear and vigilance.The Yacha next to him subconsciously said, feel good cbd gummies Firearm Where is the firearm The Yacha waved the torch in his hand and looked into the yard, looking for it in a disorderly manner.Although Mr.Hu was a little panicked, he still maintained his superficial calmness, lowered his voice and said, Who are you The woman s voice sounded again Caomin is a commonerfollowing Mr.Although Mu Qiu moved fast enough, the rope still pulled the porcelain vase on the shelf, and the porcelain vase lost its balance and was about to fall down.Seeing this, the child s expression became ferocious again because of joy.Almost at kushy cbd gummies reviews the same time, Mu Qiu was about to go forward to pick up the porcelain vase, but a figure rushed over from behind and pushed him away.The person who is faster than him is the third master.Since the third master arranged this way, he must have thought of a solution, and the tacit understanding of cooperation for many years made Mu Qiu fly to save the other people in the house without any hesitation.The brocade is in the kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc south room.Child only heard a woman s voice.In the flint and lightning, he didn t have time to understand the meaning of the words.Immediately afterwards, he felt his body was suddenly lifted, and his whole body greeted him.Mrs.Lin nodded Yes, especially after being enlightened by Zhenren Mo, Zhuzhu has to read and practice calligraphy every day, kushy cbd gummies reviews and is still tinkering with those prescriptions at home, and she also needs to tidy up the small medicine hall at home, buy more medicinal materials and put them away In case of emergencies, in case the family has a disease and has to go to the doctor.Zhuzhu s idea is good, but I don t know how much Zhenren Mo has taught her.Gu Chongyi recalled the appearance of Zhuzhu s pulse diagnosis just now, and said the pulse case It s the same as Jiang Langzhong I kushy cbd gummies reviews will only think more than Madam.Madam Lin laughed when she heard it That s natural.She was even more certain than hearing that Master Hou would lead the army to win the battle.After Madam Lin finished speaking, she found that Lord Hou was still sitting there frowning.Only then did Gu Mingzhu raise her head.There was a screen in the room, and she and Liu Su happened to be serving tea outside.Gu oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews Mingzhu stood in the corner, raised her eyes slightly and saw the high hanging lanterns through the window oros cbd gummies tinnitus kushy cbd gummies reviews Gu Mingzhu couldn t help but praise Mr.Wei, the place Mr.Wei chose is very good, condescending, if there is someone outside Any movement can be seen immediately.Xue Laotong took a sip of the tea and said, This time we went to Shandong and we have gained something.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, waiting for Xue Laotong to continue.Xue Laotong judged The government office only thinks that we are going to investigate the case of Lu s family.I have official documents in hand, and most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep since it involves the Metropolitan Procuratorate, the local government office dare not neglect, and led us to find the Lu family s house in Shandong.The soldiers and horses patrolling the city could not stay, Zhou Qiye also drove forward, and his figure gradually disappeared into the distance.When the new year was approaching, she did not expect to meet her brother in law again, which made her suddenly feel that those people she cared about would eventually come back to her, no matter what kind of identity she appeared in.Gu Mingzhu just cbd 1000mg gummies s vision gradually became blurred, and the lanterns became extraordinarily bright in front of her eyes.She wanted to thank Wei Yuanchen in a low voice, but when she raised the corner of her mouth, she felt something on her jaw slowly slipping down.My lord Gu Mingzhu said, My jaw dropped again.Anyone who notices the scene in the restaurant will not believe their eyes.A slender hand gently stroked her chin On the ninth day of the ninth day, snacks from Pinxianglou were delivered.Jiang s mother was trembling, and Hou Ye began to punish her family after entering the door.First, she pushed her son out and beat her ten sticks, and then handed over her daughter in law to a few district edibles gummies cbd rough envoys, even her little grandson Her son was also guarded, and she was full of fear, and her intuition told her that it might not be best cbd gummies for sex most potent cbd gummy easy for her to walk out of this door safely tonight.Mother Jiang s greatest fear was that until now, she still didn t know what Lord Hou wanted to ask her Master Hou, the steward entered the door to report, Madam is back.Cui Zhen put down the tea bowl in his hand and said calmly Send her back to the main house to rest, it s cold, don t let her go out again.Jiang s mother trembled even more , Master Hou meant to lock his wife in the house The steward didn t expect Cui Zhen to give such an order, so he bent down and continued Madam is feeling a little uncomfortable, I d better let Mrs.Zhang s slender body shrank and leaned against the soft edge, her whole body was shaking in horror.Mrs.Zhang seemed to recognize it at this time Mother Jiang what happened If he hadn t been prepared, Cui Zhen would feel unbearable when he saw Mrs.Zhang like this.Cui Zhen looked at Mother Jiang, who knelt on the ground Madam Yao Qing is not dead She told Lord Hou everything about that year, Lord Hou everything knows Madam Zhang s heart sank , her chest fluttered, and Zou Xiang s face appeared in front of her eyes.Sure enough, something happened.The first time she saw Zou Lin and Zou Xiang in the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion, she should have someone investigate.If she made a move at that time, It wouldn t be possible for Lord Hou to know about it and make trouble to this extent.So today in Huaiyuanhou s mansion, she was completely fooled.Empress Wei nodded Because the empress do deserve it.After Mo Zhenren s kushy cbd gummies reviews diagnosis and treatment, the Empress also felt more refreshed.She walked out of the inner hall, only to see the girl standing in the yard talking to the palace people, seeming to be avoiding those eyeliners outside the palace.The corner of the empress s mouth raised into a smile, Miss Gu seemed to be unintentional, but she knew everything.Come on Zhuzhu, said the empress, weave a net with me.Gu Mingzhu responded.The female officer also followed, the empress did not want to weave the net, but to tear it down.Gu Mingzhu didn t feel the slightest bit of depression in the Kunning Palace, and the empress didn t ask any more questions.It wasn t that the empress pretended not to care, but that the empress knew it in her heart.Concubine Jiang said Then I must be able to become a queen.The female officer heard this The words startled slightly, in her opinion this was a certain thing You are a noble concubine, who else could it be Concubine Jiang looked far away, punishing the Wei family is a good thing, but why at this time She was by the emperor s side every day.The emperor didn t give orders when the prince was in the East Palace.How could he wait until now Of course she hopes to step on Wei s family to ascend to the queen s position step by step, but she is afraid that someone will cause trouble, thinking like this, Concubine Jiang suddenly felt a pain in her finger, she subconsciously withdrew her hand, it turned out that her hand was too close to the warm cage.Be careful of getting burned.Your Majesty The female officer hurriedly went to check.With such a result, Cui Zhen s mood at this moment can be imagined.Noble families will also fight each other because of their titles, but the depth of kushy cbd gummies reviews Cui Wei s palace is still surprising.Gu Chongyi said No wonder Cui Wei still asked to marry Zhuzhu, that s what those people meant.Cui Zhen said Fortunately, Zhuzhu was not implicated.Otherwise, he doesn t know how to face the Gu family, and the debts on him are already too much , many do not know how to check.Cui Zhen looked at Gu Chongyi Uncle, do you know that Wei Yuanchen has obtained evidence from the Zhang family There was news in the palace that Empress Wei was fined and grounded in Kunning Palace.I m afraid they will move to the Wei family before they can find out clearly.Take it.At that time, even if Wei Yuanchen got most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep the evidence, the emperor might not be able to believe it.The war is also the result of their careful arrangements.Wei Yuanchen continued Although we have uncovered the war horse case, the private mine case, and the pirate smuggling case by officials of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, behind these cases, there are still people who are fueling the flames and trying to Cover up the truth.Wei Yuanchen handed over top cbd gummies 2020 the account of the shipyard to the servant, who presented it to the emperor.What they want is not to be greedy for some money, nor to secretly seek a reserve for some prince.They are using the internal political parties of the Great Zhou to arrange their own eyeliner and manpower, so that the soldiers and horses of the Great Zhou will be driven by him.Zhou s officials serve him.After Wei Yuanchen said this, he met the emperor s gaze Does the emperor remember Jinzhou Weizhen Fu Zheng Ruzong The emperor naturally remembered that Zheng Ruzong was a general, but it was a pity that he had served in Daning Fortunately, Zheng Ruzong fell into the water and died in a battle, otherwise Zheng Ruzong would definitely be a big obstacle when he personally conquered Liang Wang.The emperor s face was ashen, he thought of Zheng Ruzong, Zheng Ruzong s fake death was before the case of King Liang, if someone deliberately arranged it, it must be King Liang.When he conquered the King of Liang, he saw the right time.At that time, the King of Liang was wounded in the fight with the Wuliangha tribe, so he led the army to get rid of the Liangwang and completely regained the Wuliangha tribe.Thinking about it now, everything is easier than he expected.King Liang and several of his most important generals died and were wounded before that, which was the time when Daning was dying.He thought it was a golden opportunity, what if he was calculated The emperor s chest felt hot, and a fishy sweet stuff filled his mouth and nose.Chapter 439 Capture the emperor trying to swallow what was in his mouth, still maintaining his heavenly family s deterrence in front of people, he can t be disturbed by a word about King Liang, but his inner organs seem to be disturbed by others Burning with fire.To put it bluntly, it was an excuse made by those people.They wanted to protect the Zhang family and Qiu Hai from the capital.Gu Chongyi took the official document and checked it carefully before saying I will go with you as soon as I put on my official uniform.Gu Chongyi changed his clothes and rode to the yamen., Some people took advantage of the chaos to do evil.Fortunately, Shuntian Mansion had prepared in advance, and had arrested many criminals in Beijing before, otherwise the situation would be more serious than it is now.Before reaching the Yamen, the East Market was full of flames, and there was another burst of noise.The steward stepped forward and said Master Hou, Madam No problem, Gu Chongyi said, there are enough people left.And there is also Zhuzhu to help.Before the incident happened, Zhuzhu found him and proposed to go to Beijing.If he didn t want her to intervene, he would inevitably have a confrontation with her.After weighing the matter, the emperor had no choice but to look at the palace servant Who is the one who ordered you Under the pressure, the palace servant was sweating and blood dripping down his face, but refused to speak again.The emperor s voice was a little hoarse Pull it down cbd gummies near altoona pa for another trial.I m afraid she will be killed after a retrial.Doesn t that suit her mind The queen mother raised her eyes, It s better to find another way.The emperor didn t speak.The Empress Dowager said The Emperor punished the Wei family and ordered her not to leave the Kunning Palace, and let the Supervisor of Rituals and Captain Long Jinwei guard the palace people, and additional staff were sent inside and outside the palaces.Tan Dingfang s complexion changed, Wei Yuanchen not only did not fall for the trick, but instead took him into the army, and Long Jinwei beside him were all the emperor s cronies, his attitude aroused Long Jinwei s disgust, mayim bialik news cbd gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews and he would only suffer more torture in the prison.Tan Dingfang continued Mr.Wei is twenty two years old this year.Why hasn t he married yet The spring breeze blew over his handsome face If you don t worry about Mr.Tan, and the words of your parents and matchmaker, there will naturally be a happy event, but I m afraid Mr.Tan won t see it.Tan Dingfang s expression froze, trying kushy cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for sleep with no thc to figure out why this happened , but Long Jinwei had long been impatient and would not give Tan Dingfang any more time.Long Jinwei took Tan Dingfang, Dong Shi and others to the prison, and Wei Yuanchen walked out of Tan s house.When the time comes, Wei Congzhi, who is ignorant and incompetent, will be easy to deal with.Chapter 466 Marriage King Su listened carefully, he had a face very similar to that of Concubine De, with the charm of Concubine De between his brows, gentle and polite when quiet, not as reckless as the eldest son of the emperor, nor the third prince The dullness, in short, everything is just right.That s why the emperor liked this son.King Su bowed his head when he heard this and said My son heard about the things in the palace of the concubine mother, the concubine mother The emperor shook his hand Your concubine mother is too confused to do such a thing.The Yongchun Palace has solid kushy cbd gummies reviews evidence.Now We can only lock her up first.King Su nodded.The emperor couldn t be calm when he thought of this matter.Gu Mingzhu was about to step into the carriage when suddenly there was a rush of hooves approaching kushy cbd gummies reviews from far away.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and the figure became clearer and clearer.Wearing armor, majestic.It s really Master Wei.Mrs.Wei is not really worried and wants to meet her again, right Chapter 469 Lost and Found Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen on horseback.The officials from the Ministry of Rituals hadn t left yet, so Master Wei couldn t get off his horse and walk in front of her.Gu Mingzhu looked around and waved.If I knew she should pretend to be a woman, maybe I could squeeze forward to toast the soldiers.Wouldn t it be more harmonious than now I used to dress up like that when I met Mr.Wei in the teahouse before, admiring the lanterns together It was a very good scene when I think about it.Seeing that the box was about to be carried out of the courtyard, Zhou Zejing stepped forward and stopped him Wait a minute, which adult is in charge here now Before the Yacha could speak, Zhou Zerui walked out quickly Second brother, come back Now, come in and ask Mr.Feng if there is any misunderstanding.Zhou Zejing looked at the courtyard, Mr.Feng from Shuntian Mansion is Feng Anping who was transferred from Taiyuan to the capital, an in law of Huaiyuan Hou Mansion and under the tutelage of Xue Lao Tongpan, Mr.Xue s judge, master and apprentice, is quite trusted by most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep Mr.Su Fu, and that s all.Feng Anping and Wei Yuanchen have handled cases together.The Taiyuan War Horse case is one, and the recent arrest of Zheng Ruzong is another.This case also involves another apprentice of Xue Laotong, Feng Anping s brother Yan Can, if there is no Yan Can, the court may not be so easy to catch Zheng Ruzong.Zhou s house is not clean, but he can t vent his anger on the tea.After drinking the tea, Feng Anping walked away contentedly.There was no movement in the hall for a long time.Mrs.Zhou finally couldn t help but said Second, what is going on What is this Feng Tongpan Zhou Zejing still didn t move.Prepare for the worst.Even if he is the judge of the Shuntian Mansion, he shouldn t act recklessly like this.If there is a chance in the future, let the second brother participate in his book, Zhou Zerui said, It is not convenient for the second brother to come forward, so I will go out and find someone.Finally Zhou Zejing unbuttoned the collar of his official uniform Do you know who is behind him You should have heard of Yan Can these few days.Before Zhou Zerui could speak, Zhou Zejing continued He and Yan Can belong to the same family, and they are He was transferred to Shuntian Mansion because of the War Horse Case.Doesn t this mean that she admitted that she had a premeditated plan Been waiting for a chance to try it No, he s not that kind of guy.It seems that next time she will be able to see the rouge of safflower juice on Chujiu s face, Gu Mingzhu nodded Okay, Chujiu, you can walk by my side Large female family members probably won t cause too many surprises.Liu Su couldn t help being startled when he saw Chu Jiu, he and the eldest lady always went out together, now that there is such a servant , Liu Su felt a little weird, could it be that Chu Jiu will leave the Wei family from now on Are you serving the eldest lady The three of them left the prison and walked down the street.Before dawn, there were not many people on the street, Liu Su looked at Chu Jiu You fun drop cbd gummies price will be one of us in the future Chu Jiu shook his head, he just wanted Missy to be happy.Zhou Zesheng said So at that time, Master Zhou already felt that there was something strange about Rujun s death.Zhou Zejing was startled, and after a while he argued, I didn t say anything.Zhou Zesheng said If these two things are okay, Why did Master Tuesday mention Rujun Master Tuesday felt that Ruiqing s death had something to do with Rujun.Ruiqing was bought by Cui Wei, and Cui Wei killed kushy cbd gummies reviews the root on the road.Rujun was also shot and killed by Cui Wei in prison.Their masters and servants all died at the hands of Cui Wei, which coincides with Master Zhou s conjecture.Zhou Zesheng was aggressive, but what he said was well founded, like a puddle, firmly sucking Zhou Zejing s feet, trying to drag most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep him down.Zhou Zejing closed his eyes and seemed unwilling to argue .

will cbd gummies make you test positive?

with Zhou Zesheng again.In fact, he couldn t find a better reason to cover up the flaws he accidentally exposed just now., but was dragged by Bao Er to the depths of the wasteland next to the path, and the two cronies he brought fell to the ground, unable to come forward to rescue them.Did you see that day Bao Er s voice came from Zhou Zejing s ear, You knew who I was when you saw me on Caojiazhuangzi, right I suspected it at that time, but I couldn t be dangers of cbd gummie sure.You are also amazing.You know that I am the one who killed your sister in law, but you keep your face and continue to communicate with the Cao family.Bao Er smiled and said, You haven t seen everything, have you Now I will tell you how I killed her.Your sister in law.There was a bang.Zhou Zejing felt a heavy blow on the back of the head, and Zhou Zejing was dizzy for a while, and his strength in struggling was much weaker.You are not much stronger than your sister in law, Bao Er said, You are a man, you can t even resist A lot of fun.But for the sake of caution, Su Wang said I will order the eyeliner to find Bao Er.After Su Wang walked out of Cao s house and got on his horse, he took a deep breath, soon, after many years of forbearance, the world will soon be in his hands in hand at night.Zhou Zesheng and Nie Chen were still running on the official road with their people, and they were going to leave the capital to investigate.Looking for Zhou Zejing is an excuse, what they are looking for is King Liang s soldiers and horses.As long as there are soldiers and horses gathered, traces will be left, Zhou Zesheng said Let s go to the west and north to search separately, and if we find any clues, we will communicate with each other in time.Heading towards Yongping Mansion along the west official road, if Liang Wang wants to gather manpower, best cbd gummies for sex most potent cbd gummy he must act in the name of reinforcements, so that a large number kushy cbd gummies reviews of people appear on the road, so as not to arouse suspicion.After all this kushy cbd gummies reviews fueling, the imperial concubine and the prince finally decided to act first, so the prince pretended mayim bialik news cbd gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews to be assassinated in the Yongkang eldest princess s mansion and created a rebellion case.Aroused the dissatisfaction and resentment of court officials.And all of these were planned secretly, and no one found out that it was all her hands and feet.As a woman, no one is smarter than her.Although there are difficulties at the moment, she will definitely be able to overcome them and let her son sit on the throne in the end.At dawn, Empress Concubine De got up to wash and wash, and she would go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to meet the emperor and her son in a while.Chapter kushy cbd gummies reviews kushy cbd gummies reviews 503 Redemption At the gate kushy cbd gummies reviews of Shangqingguan, Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu also got into the carriage.Gu Mingzhu looked up at the sky, and the sky was clear.It has nothing to do with our mother and child The queen nodded These are all plans of the King of Liang.There was a glimmer of hope in Concubine De s eyes Your Majesty is wise most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep Your Majesty The Empress said indifferently But it s true that your mother and son want the throne.Concubine De s face was livid Where Which prince doesn t want the throne, Prince Gong, Second Prince, Prince Huaitheythe emperor s throne is also Concubine De I dare not go on.Yes, said the queen, but if you lose, you can t regret it.It s like she admitted the wrong person and lost her baby and brother.Without waiting for Concubine De to speak again, the Queen s expression was calm, but her voice was flat but fearful King Su led troops into the palace in an attempt to rebel.The crime is unforgivable.I will kill King Su dragonfly cbd gummies and his followers as a punishment for justice.Wei into the door, she said she should be more on guard.It s all right now, when Lord Hou goes out to fight, he still has the help of the Second Master Wei, how should he repay the favor owed to the Wei family She didn t care about it, and waited for Master Hou to come back and throw this problem to Master Hou best cbd gummies for sex most potent cbd gummy to see how he would deal with it.Although she was thinking this way, Mrs.Lin became worried again, hoping that the court would defeat the rebel army as soon as possible, and that Mr.Weinoall the soldiers of the Great Zhou could return safely After the Su Wang Party was taken down, the emperor ordered the ministers of civil and military affairs, including the cabinet bachelors and the heads of the six departments, to go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.This meeting is different from usual, because the empress is in power now.It only took a little force to cut his throat, and let him die here without a sound.Li Zhao stepped back, and most potent cbd gummy do cbd gummies help with sleep his neck left the blade, but he didn t feel any relief.The man would take his life anytime.Li Zhaoben was about to call out for someone, but in such a situation, he simply kept his mouth shut.If he hadn t been sure to restrain everyone on board, this man would not be sitting here drinking tea so boldly.Li Zhao tremblingly said Who are you What do you want to do Li Zhao, are you guilty Your Li family is a courtier of the Great Zhou Dynasty, but you are colluding with the rebel party and plotting wrongdoing, Wei Yuanchen said.The voice was cold, When your father Li Mao came to the throne, Pyongyang was in turmoil, but the Great Zhou court sent troops to stabilize the situation, allowing your father to succeed to the throne smoothly.Gu Chongyi said Zhuzhu has grown up, but father and mother are still by your side.If you have any grievances in the future, we will protect you, just like when you were a child.Gu Mingzhu had a sore nose, just now her embarrassment at being mentioned about her marriage has turned into reluctance to her father and mother.Gu Chongyi s expression softened a lot.He wanted to get up and go back to the front yard, HCMUSSH kushy cbd gummies reviews but he thought about something, and said seriously, Did that kid bully you Did hedisrespect you That kid Wei Yuanchen could put on airs better than his second uncle, On the surface, he looks upright, but in fact he is not.Could it be that the kid threatened Zhuzhu before that Chapter 536 Promise Gu Mingzhu only feels that at this moment, her father is like a five black chicken guarding the little chicken, arrogant and arrogant, and whoever dares to come over will slap him.Zhu Wu wanted three to five hundred Liu Su nodded Fifth brother is right, but big brother This is what the elder brother means, Zhu Wudao, Everyone will keep the kindness of the elder brother in mind, but I think it is not suitable for the elder brother to see the foster father, what do you think about the second brother Liu Su has no objection, this is a good idea, just Some cheaters, could it be that Nie Chen himself is the only one who is kept in the dark in the end That s really no one make gummies with cbd oil s fault.Nie Chen knew that the eldest lady was pretending to be Miss Jiang.Every time there was a case, the eldest lady was in charge of the overall situation.If she couldn t guess the truth, she could only say that Nie Chen was too stupid.The two walked back best cbd gummies for sex most potent cbd gummy HCMUSSH kushy cbd gummies reviews to the courtyard of the common people, and when they entered the door, they heard Nie Chen talking about the elder The righteous father is so righteous, I have been walking in the world for many years, and I have never seen such a heroic person as the foster father.Wei Yuanchen Rui s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, his eyebrows furrowed tightly.Gu Mingzhu said What s wrong, my mayim bialik news cbd gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews lord Wei Yuanchen said Maybe this time when I took Gao Li to fight against Wuliangha, I was involved in old kushy cbd gummies reviews wounds.Gu Mingzhu was a little anxious I ll show you the wound.No need Wei Yuanchen said, There is no external injury, just help me sit down and rest.The two sat on the porch.The summer wind blew on the two of them, Gu Mingzhu said How is your lord doing now .His old injury was somewhat similar to her stomachache, but she felt that he was not like that kind of person.For the sake of adults being hurt, I promise my father kushy cbd gummies reviews and mother will do well next time.There is a case in Shuntian Mansion, do you want to go and have a look together tonight Gu Mingzhu s eyes lit up What case Maybe my cousin told Nie Chen about it.Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, Lord Qing admitted this, right Master Qing, this is King Qing s old eyes were dim and teary, and he couldn t see which family was standing next to him, so he came over and wiped his tears and snot with his robe King Liang framed Wei The family, the empress, and the situation of Empress Wei in the palace are obvious to all.After all, he is the flesh and blood of the Zhao family.I don t know what Da Zhou looks like now.The collusion between Liang Wang and the Tatars is mayim bialik news cbd gummies kushy cbd gummies reviews to lure wolves into the house, and it is bound to bring disaster to Da Zhou.This move is worthy of the ancestors of the Zhao family.I don t regret it.I m not afraid to see my ancestors in the future.Now that the emperor is in his prime, I m afraid I won t be able to see how the throne will be inherited in the future.Gu Chongyi was about to walk forward, but Wei Congzhi hugged his thigh.Brother, you saved me this time.I am willing to be a cow or a horse.Get up, how decent are you Are you afraid of losing face to the Wei family , Wouldn t it ruin his reputation if people saw it Wei Congzhi held Gu Chongyi s trousers tightly There must be some place in the Hou s mansion where the golden house hides the beauty, stuff me in it, and let me hide for ten days and a half months before the Mu family left me.Just come out, from now on I will belong to kushy cbd gummies reviews you, big brother.Fart.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi s hairs all stood on end, is he his Bah What else did you say that he is in a golden house It s really unlucky, how stupid is he, to think of such an idea Gu Chongyi ordered Please ask the steward of the Wei family to come in, just say that the second master Wei drank two glasses of wine in my study, and now he is drunk, and needs them to help him back.

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