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Hall, Boncrere, Steck Adolf, you also come along, and the rest continue to stand firm.Wang Weiyi loudly issued such an order.Soon, the party was assembled.Counting Wang Weiyi and Elena, there were a total of twenty people.After briefly explaining the task, the soldiers seemed a little excited.Since the last time After the battle, it has been a while since I fought against the enemy.Now, it s time to teach those British guys a lesson.While the soldiers were preparing, Wang Weiyi quietly came to the side and whispered to the tracker Said Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling, how much is green dolphin cbd gummies call Xiao Ling.Xiao Ling s voice came again Call me so early, what s the important thing The battle hasn t started yet, do you want reinforcements Help me find a spy named Andreas.He seems to have stolen some information from the Germans.Is there cbd gummies smuckers any other way Wang Weiyi frowned and said.Sproul shook his head in embarrassment Our field hospital is really far away, and there is no time to send them back We have a field hospital, right there in our position Lieutenant Colonel Rosen said suddenly, Captain, I beg you, for God s sake, send them back.They have lost their ability to fight and will no longer be enemies of Germany.At this time, Second Lieutenant Hall how much is green dolphin cbd gummies also rushed to the position.He happened to hear Lieutenant Colonel Rosen s words.He hurriedly pulled Wang Weiyi aside Captain, they are prisoners They are also wounded.Wang Weiyi answered his subordinates in this way, and then walked back to Lieutenant Colonel Rosen Lieutenant Colonel, I accept your request.You can leave with these wounded, and I will also select a group of prisoners to assist you in sending the seriously wounded back.When a petal falls, he reaches out to hold it.Put it on your nose and smell it gently That s Baron Ernst cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies Alexson von Brahm Almost all the French people blocking the way were dead, so Wang Weiyi withdrew his body Elena, we should go too.The tank slowly took heavy steps.They left Lance.And Wang Weiyi also deeply carved his name here Skeleton Baron Ernst There are also people calling his other two nicknames from now on Baron Scarlet or Baron Rose Everything he did in Reims was unforgettable.His story also began to circulate in Reims, in France.Some say he is a romantic ancient knight, some say he is a madman.But no matter what others say about him, they can t stop his legend.Even his opponent, Major De Sade, had to admit that Ernst Brahm was the strangest enemy he had ever encountered.If possible.At the same time, the breakdown of his marriage also greatly stimulated him.In the end, he committed suicide ended his own life But what has always surprised me is that the sons of William II, who have been in contact with the army since childhood, have been instilled with very strong military ideas, and they regard entering the army as their highest honor.Such people will suffer from depression for joining the army disease If you are human, you must be an out and out conspiracy theorist.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Xiaoling ignored him at all In terms of personal feelings, although Prince Joachim is not so romantic, he has a lot of female admirers around him.It is hard to imagine that he will break up because of marriage.And suicide You mean someone killed him or made him commit suicide Wang Weiyi gradually put away his smiling face.Your support is my greatest motivation.One hundred and fifty eight.The Countess s Secret Rommel The wedding in Danzig was very successful, and all members of the skeleton commando who came to Danzig made a fortune without exception.No matter how upright and brave an officer is, he will not give up the wealth he has acquired.But Ze is enough to leave a good memory in the hearts of the elites of the Skeleton Commando, but no matter how beautiful the day is, there will always be a day in the how much is green dolphin cbd gummies past.The holiday will end soon, and the commandos who made a how much is green dolphin cbd gummies lot of money are satisfied Leaving the city.But just after leaving Danzig, Countess Leonie s housekeeper, Depusey, appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.Countess Leonie invited Baron Alexon to Berlin as a guest.Not only that, Depus Pussy actually took out the fake note specially approved by Marshal Hindenburg.Has been interrupted by General Cassel Shut up, Captain I know what you guys want to do curts concentrate cbd gummies Ernst is still on the other side, isn t he You have made a plan from the beginning, Ernst, who is bold and reckless, does not implement the retreat order, but insists on teaching the Americans a lesson You actually said it how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price was to cover okay what does a cbd gummie do our retreat He wanted to deceive the enemy and retreat from Feixinan and Serrier, but his real purpose was to forcibly charge the Marne River Bridge Captain, am I right Yes.General, we You guys General Cassel said coldly You are going to rush through the French positions.Together with Ernst to occupy the Marne Bridge again, right how much is green dolphin cbd gummies Yes, General Rommel straightened his body Not only that, we are also going to blow up the Marne River Bridge It was a total blow up General Cassel and his staff were stunned there.Then he smiled wryly Madman, you are all lunatics The 1st Army is retreating, the 3rd Army is retreating, and the 7th Army is retreating.But we are attacking Ernst.Ernstwell, Captain, I have ordered the 39th Division and the 40th Division to cooperate with you to attack All the officers of the Skeleton Commando were stunned there, I thought I heard it wrong.They have already entered the attack state Speaking of this, General Cassel roared again But you have to tell me the specific time to launch the attack Yes, General Rommel hurriedly said Two hours no, there are still one hour and twenty minutes At three o clock in the morning, we will launch an assault on time Damn it, order the artillery to prepare for artillery fire at 2 30, and charge across the board how much is green dolphin cbd gummies at 3 00 Cassell will at least look a little angry now Bring me back that damned Ernst, and I will put him in confinement myself How does he look a bit like a general General The officers of the Skeleton Commando looked at each other, and Manstein tentatively asked Is Ernst a general General Kassel smiled wryly Yes, he has been promoted by the Supreme Command to Major General of the German Wehrmacht.Chiang Kai shek pondered for a while I have to meet such a person.Since he is here, let him cbd gummies on drug test come here.Let s see what kind of amazing person he is.Yes, Li Mingguang, call Wang Weiyi in immediately To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and seventy five.Huben Guard Camp 1170 monthly tickets Jia Geng Chairman Jiang, Captain Wang Weiyi of the National Revolutionary Army Central Teaching Corps Standing there straight, Wang Weiyi said loudly.When he was called in, although he was used to seeing big shots, Wang Weiyi was still a little nervous.Not for anything else, just because what he wanted to see was to lead the whole country.The only leader of the people s war of resistance.Helping and talking with each other along the way, the students began to understand what it was like to fight, and the soldiers gradually became less resistant to these students.In fact, everyone has a common goal to drive the Japanese out of the country Along the way, the sun continued to harass, but there was no panic in the team.When the opportunity arises.They will spontaneously look for places to hide.After the day is gone, they will come out from their hiding places again, and then continue on their way silently.They are a force, a group It was already very close to the destination, and while taking a break, Ouyang Yu asked Battalion Commander, what should we do with these students after we arrive at Jiangyin Fortress They can t stay on the battlefield, it s too dangerous.Wang Weiyi said nothing Without hesitation, he said Let them all go to Nanjing.He is sitting in this position just to avenge the Baron Revenge Wang Weiyi was startled.Maybe Werner felt that he had said something that shouldn t be said, so he hurriedly covered it up and said, Ah, this is my random guess.I can t believe it.How could the head of state say such a thing Wang Weiyi laughed, now he knows Adolf.Hitler s attitude towards himself When the car drove into Nanjing, some military police stopped them, but they were all a little surprised, why did the major of this country sit with the Germans This major is really capable.There is no need to show any documents, anyway, Werner will help him block it.Where do you think it would be better for us to meet Wang Weiyi asked after stopping the car.Werner thought for a while You go to a hotel, I will bring Claire and Hannah to see you.These two people will rebel sooner or later, especially Meng Konghua.Xiao Zhichu smiled lightly Why did I put them in Changshu I dare not put them on the front line.The impact of defection on the front line is too great.However, they It is certain that they have contacts with R himself, but it is impossible how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price for me to say that they will defect to the enemy now.Speaking of this, he glanced at Wang Weiyi, but found that the young lieutenant colonel had no expression on how much is green dolphin cbd gummies his face However, if you kill them, let s kill them.Keeping two people who will rebel sooner or later will be a disaster.I cbd gummies and migraines heard that Commander Wang is highly regarded by Commander Xue.It would be good if he could temporarily help me control the regiment.Wang Weiyi said it as if nothing had happened, but he actually admired it in his heart.Not to mention far.Let s just talk about the Qing Dynasty, there have been eunuchs in this palace for more than two hundred years.I have never heard of such a thing happening to the emperor.Cough, this kind of trouble is not purely in this world Eunuch Zhou said very contemptuously.Sun Yaoting was startled when the old eunuch dared to slander Lord Long Live, and hurriedly signaled Eunuch Zhou to stop talking, for fear of causing accidental death.In fact, it is not complicated to put it bluntly.At the age of enthronement , he grew up in the palace since he was a child.The romantic color of his fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies childhood life was on him, but he had a complicated political taste.In addition to going to court, in the boring and lonely environment, Pu Yi looked up and saw that it was not a court lady.It is the eunuch.Baron, you have to accept.Hermione s attitude was very firm I am not married, let alone have no descendants, and unfortunately, no one in the immediate family of the Wittgenstein family is still alive.If anything happens to me, then This huge amount of property will fall to those collateral relatives who have long coveted it, which is not what I want how much is green dolphin cbd gummies to see, not to mention, you also have a huge share in the Wittgenstein family.Speaking, Hermione paused for a while He said Actually, if you never show up, or if it how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price proves that you are no longer in this world, then I will transfer all my property to William.I have no children.William is like my son.Of course, you are also a Good boy, Elliot.Elliot couldn t see the slightest jealousy on his face Aunt Hermione, from the day you took me out of the orphanage, I have made up my mind to serve you faithfully In my life, I have never been jealous of any wealth.No one spokeand no one moved Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I know you are here to look for the skeleton baron, but he is probably not there now.Would like to see you, hide.I respect him as much as you do, and I am also looking for the Skeleton Baron to see what kind of person he is.Here, I can assure you, I guarantee that you will feel at ease in my army, and you will see the skeleton baron sooner or later Sir, we trust you, though I don t know why we should.Yannick said .

can you take tylenol pm with cbd gummies?

at this moment.Yes, we believe you, Colonel All the Germans said loudly together.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief Well, since you worship the Baron Skeleton so much, now you will be organized into a Skeleton Team, with Second Lieutenant Werner Hessen as your captain and William as your captain.vice captain.Now, disband A burst of cheers rang out.And Zhang Sandao also made a six to him.These two natural rivals always wanted to compete with each other on the .

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battlefield, and the Fanchina also showed a powerful role In a short period of time, so many Japanese officers have been shot and killed Chao Gangxi frowned, but it didn t affect him.He was an excellent sniper, and nothing could affect him.He was like a jackal smelling blood.Evenly matched opponents have a sense of challenge.Now, the target on the west side of the chaogang is no longer those police officers, but the new national sniper who appeared on the battlefield.Kill him In addition to allowing more imperialists to survive, it can also further damage the morale of the Chinese people.Chaogangxishang made such a decision in his heart.Chaogangxishang was looking for Guo Yunfeng, and Guo Yunfeng was also looking for Chaogangxishang.Wang Weiyi, who followed the team forward, finally felt satisfied.He remembered the first time he commanded Chinese soldiers.Those officers and soldiers really dared to go all out, dared to take their own lives as nothing, but they didn t understand what a real battle was and how to protect themselves to the greatest extent.Destroy as many enemies as possible.Keep the offensive formation Steady Wang Weiyi s voice also began to ring in how much is green dolphin cbd gummies the ears of the skeleton team members.Several trucks rushed out, and the machine guns mounted on them roared wildly.Bullets spit out like a rainstorm.This is the first cbd gummies nashua nh to rush into Jiangjia Village Once entering the village, the soldiers commanded by Ouyang Yu jumped out of the truck one after another, and then the light machine guns, submachine guns, and rifles in their hands roared at the same time.In China, he also relied on the power of Xiao Ling to save the life of another air hero Gao Zhihang History has been completely changed by Wang Weiyi The planes of China and Japan are strangling life and death in the air, and bullets are constantly flashing like meteors.The plane roared, made a sharp cry, and fiercely hit the enemy on the opposite side with its machine gun.Those brave and fearless Chinese pilots defended the sky of China with their loyalty and bravery.Remember the names of these Chinese pilots Gao Zhihang, Liu Cuigang, Liu Zhesheng, Dong Mingde, Li Guidan, Zheng Shaoyu, Le Yiqin, Luo Yingdethey and their beloved fighters are like flying wings in the air Like an eagle, he is in a life and death competition with the Japanese vultures who are trying to occupy China s airspace.He saw a figure emerging from the back of the car and ran back desperately.That s Hisao Tani The third knife shot kitchen knife With a sound of huh , the kitchen knife came out of Guo Yunfeng s hand.It was extremely accurate and chopped on Tani Hisao s vest.Gu Hisao stumbled forward a few steps, fell, and then struggled to get up He couldn t run away Guo Yunfeng rushed forward, and then jumped up like a goshawk The fourth knife shot pedicure knife The falling Guo Yunfeng.His fist hit Tani Hisao s face, and then the pedicure knife in his hand stabbed out like lightning Right in the throat Gu Hisao held his throat, and made a Hehe sound from his mouth, and blood continued to flow from his how do cbd gummies make you feel reddit fingers.Guo Yunfeng looked at him coldly, then stretched out his hand and pulled out the pedicure knife little by little.When I opened the door, I looked around, then walked in, and immediately closed the door tightly.Inside, there was a man in the uniform of a Soviet major sitting there, fiddling with a pistol.California Eagle, you shouldn t be here.Kimilovich looked nervous Do you know that you will be exposed at any time, and we will all be shot.No, Kimilovich , I should add the word comrade, otherwise I don t look like a Russian. California Eagle put down his pistol and smiled Our head sent me to Russia, and everything that happened here is my head.The report has been made, and there is news about the baron.The strange thing is that the head is very interested in the baron, and he wants me to find ways to report important information to that baron Baron Alexon.Ah, Yes, Baron Alexon, look at my memory, I can t always remember it.It seemed that General De Sade was unwilling to reveal scars Kill him De Sade no longer has any hesitation Why is this the best, maybe the only chance, as long as Ernst is dead, Germany will be in chaos, and our morale will be boosted like never before.Since he sent this opportunity to us, why hesitate General Nedaro hesitated But I m afraid this will cause Germany to retaliate on a large scale, and maybe the whole of Paris will be filled with dead bodies Even if the whole of France is ruined and Ernst is killed, France will still have a day of reconstruction De Sade has never been so terrible You don t know what Ernst means, I know.You don t know Ernst is important to Germany, I know I am not afraid of being accused and ridiculed, as long as I can kill Ernst, I will bear any price Nedaro shivered, it was the first time he saw The general is so hideous and terrifying.Find all the information for me.He knew that he would face the Skeleton Baron head on soon, and careful study of his enemies was the best way to defeat him.What will be the result of the duel between them Marshal Timoshenko had no way of knowing the answer, Your Excellency Marshal, welcome to the front In the headquarters, Generals Paulus and Kleist had already been waiting for a long time.It was said that the Baron had already flown directly from Paris to Russia, but it was not until now that he arrived.Paulus and Kleist were also full of admiration for the baron.In the war that ended in 9 years, there was only one person in Germany who did not fail, and that was Marshal Ernst Wang how much is green dolphin cbd gummies Weiyi, holding the Marshal s scepter in his hand, nodded to them, and then said, Have the Russians made any new preparations No, Your Excellency Marshal.He has been missing for twenty years, and some people say that he has been honed in hell for twenty years, and when he reappears, he becomes even fiercer and more terrifying than before He can command all the ghosts of the god of death, and then form an invincible team, sweeping to every corner of the battlefield, easily destroying any army.Such power cannot be stopped by humans.Now, please call him Hellboy He has officially been canonized by the god of death Yes, the Skeleton Baron is conferred by a human king while the Hellboy is conferred by a god Onward Germany Forward Hellboy When the artillery fire ruthlessly sorted out the enemy s position, and when the fighter plane swooped down in a swagger, the 9th Army fell into terrible chaos Now, it s time for can cbd gummies cause constipation how much is green dolphin cbd gummies those powerful German tanks and powerful German infantry to attack Skeleton division, assault Kleist group, assault Hellboy coldly issued his order What is placed in front of me must be the news that the Russian Ninth Army has been annihilated Now, let the terrible Let the flames burn in Kharkov Four hundred and forty eight.The German offensive was intensifying every time.Many Soviet positions were breached, and a large number of Soviet officers and soldiers were killed or captured.On the night of the 21st, Timoshenko ordered all the forces organized by the 317th, 393rd and 150th Infantry Divisions, the 26th Cavalry Division, the 5th Guards Army and the 37th Tank Brigade to break through to the east of Barvinkovo.The command This is all the power that Marshal Timoshenko can concentrate on where can i buy cbd gummies for pain and anxiety commanding.He hopes to break through the German blockade and retreat to the other side of the North Donets River And all the breakout troops are under the unified command of General Grod Enyanski, commander of the 6th Army This will be the last and biggest breakout of the Kharkov Soviet army They must succeed, and if they fail, tyson ranch cbd gummies all Soviet troops will be buried here.Of course, skepticism still occupies the majority of people.After all, no one even knows the name of this American company that owns the so called mining rights.At the same time, another company called Jinrank Stock Investment Consulting Company opened.It s still a small and inconspicuous company, who would pay more attention to it Williams, Williams You shameless bastard Do you think it s okay to shut yourself up at home Rent, you owe me three full months rent maximun strength gummy cbd Damn, open the door for me I ll give you how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price another week, if you still can t pay the rent, get out of here I swear, I will call the cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies police and throw you and your rags out Williams Sitting on the bed, I dare not say a word.There were loud knocks and angry curses from the landlord, but Williams dared not open the door.Yes, he owed the landlord three months 70 mg cbd gummies rent, but he couldn t afford it.For the dignity of Turkish soldiers All power every soldier is thrown into battle, and he must use all his abilities.Come and stop the German breakthrough on Qukasia and Bolu Even if you die, you must die on your own battlefield Geinick was the first to fight.The Turkish troops of the two brigades launched pediatric cbd gummy dosage chart an uninterrupted attack on Goynik.Marshal Greluman has issued fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies a death order how much is green dolphin cbd gummies even if there is only the last soldier left in the battle, Geinik must be taken back.Re open the connection between Qukassia and Bolu Without the threat of enemy heavy artillery and tanks.The Turkish army still showed a very strong combat effectiveness.They selflessly launched a wave of attacks against Geinick.Most of them have forgotten the threat how much is green dolphin cbd gummies of death and put the honor of the country above all else.I hope that the army will cbd stress relief gummies be completely defeated by their spirit of sacrificing their lives Unfortunately, what they encounter are German soldiers who have come out of countless wars The defensive front is so perfect, and the firepower coordination is so perfect.The commander of the tank is out of his mind, he must be out of his mind Didn t he know the Germans were in the building too He found that the Tiger was about to fire again Lie down, get down Kleiman cried out in despair.In fact, without his order, all the well trained German soldiers fell to the ground.Another two shells rushed in one after the other, and the fragments above his head kept falling, hitting Kleiman in excruciating pain.Crazy, crazy, the commander in cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies Tiger must be crazy Kleiman swore that the next time he saw him, he would definitely break the bridge of his nose Finally, Hu Shiyue was very satisfied with his results, and left here slowly Kleiman and his commandos stood up in fear.It s not worth it if you die at the hands of your own people.The front is a mess, and the enemy s corpses are everywhere.In the small two story building in front, His Royal Highness, the prince of the former Ottoman Empire Abdul Karami was imprisoned They ve picked how much is green dolphin cbd gummies a pretty good place, even high peak cbd gummies though it s out of the way.But the other side can see everything in a glance.There is only one way for Wang Weiyi and his assault team to rescue Prince Karami Attack The battle started almost instantly German troops have not yet reached Ankara.But in Ankara, the battle between the Germans and the Turks broke out first The Turks here never expected that the Germans would suddenly appear here and launch a strong attack.In a hurry, without any preparation, the two sentinels have been killed.These Germans how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price all use submachine guns.The intensive firepower made the Turks who used rifles unable to fight back.Even more frightening.Those dr phil cbd gummies review damn Germans actually used grenades A few grenades were thrown out, and amidst bursts of explosions, several Turks fell in a pool of blood In the other direction, Raffke and his companions watched nervously as enemy reinforcements arrived.It seems that Ankara is difficult to defend without the support of external forces Major Herbert.Wang Weiyi thought for a while You are responsible for telling me about the situation in Ankara in time.It must include the morale of Ankara, and the reinforcements of the enemy s allies.Also, responsible for meeting the Myristel team I think you should also pay attention to your own safety.The spies in Ankara are almost the same as each other I understand that we are also maintaining the peaceful environment you mentioned, but once our army launches an attack on Ankara, this situation may change.Yes, Marshal, I will do as you ordered now.Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction.Looking out the window, Guo Yunfeng and Klingenberg were discussing something there.They are the two calmest of his subordinates, even if the Turks appear now, they will not panic, Wang Weiyi is sure of this.A war against the sick comes President Roosevelt s expression suddenly became serious Baron Alexon, are you sure what you just said is correct Yes, I can take responsibility for every word I say today.Wang Weiyi took a deep breath The bombing of Britain has stopped, and the attack will not continue.There is a saying in China that if the lips are gone, the teeth will feel cold.Frankly, I don t believe that the US will continue to do nothing while the UK homeland is under attack You have provided a lot of assistance to the UK before, and the barriers of isolationism are actually being broken down.I absolutely do not want to see Germany and the United States go to war.The United States is a big country, and Germany is also a big country.A war between a big country cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies and a big country will be very terrible, and it will cause destruction President Roosevelt was silent for a while You are very frank, If Germany attacks Britain, I will ask Congress to pass the War Act at all costs.Who is the baron really in love with Leonie Or Elena Or cbd gummies is there someone else Five hundred and twenty eight.Crazy start The fourth update asks for a monthly ticket Now, a new battlefield has opened.The name of this battlefield is the New York Stock Exchange.At the same time when the curtain is about to be lifted, Dan Zexi Fund, which once suffered a crushing defeat in the stock exchange, is back.Not many people care about the former losers, including Robben Williams, who has become the real helm of the King Rank Fund.He didn t regard Dan Zexi Fund as his opponent at all Some rumors have also reached Williams ears, but Zeshi Fund is currently controlled by Mr.Garcia, the former helm of Jinrank Fund, and they are going to short Joe Cole gold stocks.Williams almost laughed.Crazy, crazy, Garcia and his Danzishi fund are really crazy Joe Cole gold stocks are going up so well that even a blind person can see it, and sad Mr.In just 20 minutes, the British lost more than 80 tanks.More than half of those sappers were how much is green dolphin cbd gummies apetropics cbd gummies free sample killed.However, all this is just the beginning.The Germans continued to carry out assaults in the air and on the ground, and the casualties of the British cbd gummies and thc were still intensifying However, the British also maintained their calm in such a passive situation.Their commander, Lieutenant General Connolly, ordered his tanks and soldiers to counterattack on the spot, while ordering those tanks that were not damaged to evacuate this terrible place as soon as possible.Crisis situations can happen anytime and anywhere on the battlefield, and the key is how the commander can find a solution in the shortest possible time.Lieutenant General Connolly, who did not ask the headquarters for instructions, managed to do this.We know what gentlemen do and what they do.The work of rude men.Wehrmacht officers and soldiers are not the same as those fanatical SS officers, you can rest assured.Is Baron Alexson still a nobleman Yes, he was in the The only nobleman in Germany who continues to enjoy privileges, and whom we respect very much.General Orgo nodded Now, your war is over, please rest assured that you will return to England when the war is really over.Doctor, take him to the rear field hospital and he must be cured.After finishing speaking, he straightened up Send a power call to Marshal Ernst, we have driven away the British here, and will continue to attack according to the pre war deployment.Explosions were heard everywhere on the battlefield.On October 23, 1942, the first battle of the Second Battle of Alamein ended with a complete victory for the German army Five hundred and sixty one.But God knows when those Germans will how much is green dolphin cbd gummies show up in Egypt.Some rumors came faintly that Farouk I and the British seemed to be very unhappy, probably because of the war, but in the end Farouk I had to succumb to the threat of the British.However, this has aroused the dissatisfaction of the Egyptian military.As the chief of staff of the Egyptian army with great power in his hands, Canlemu has always been a hardliner who believes that Egypt should be more independent, rather than completely obeying the orders of the British.On this point, he and Egyptian Defense Minister Emun have completely opposite opinions.Emn believed that relying on the strength of Egypt, it was absolutely impossible to resist the German attack alone.In terms of policy, it must adopt a one sided approach and rely on the strength of the British to resist the aggression from Germany.The man walked quickly to the front of the small building, wrote down the house number, and left quietly Soon, this person came to the office of Major Vettel, the head of the German Secret Intelligence Service, and he said to Vettel Dear Major, I can help you capture a British spy, but I need money, and how much is green dolphin cbd gummies it is a lot of money.Vettel looked at the wretched Egyptian in front of him, and immediately felt a sense of disgust in his heart.He didn t believe the Egyptian s words at all, thinking that the Egyptian must have come to cheat money, so he asked casually What can you do I found a boat coming from London, and the people who got off They all carry a big suitcase with a radio station in it.The informer replied with a mysterious face.Vettel laughed when he heard it Do you really think that the British are as stupid as you said, and still use fixed style boxes to install radio stations Seeing that Vettel did not believe him, the informer patted his chest and how much is green dolphin cbd gummies said As long as Vettel is willing to spend money, he can can cbd gummies cause constipation how much is green dolphin cbd gummies help them catch a person who makes them very interested.Everyone is extremely excited.They have fought with the Skeleton Baron more than once, and what they have brought them is countless glory.Now, it is time to make a grandiose note in the honor book November 15th.The Battle of Cairo entered the most tragic stage.On that day, the German army launched many assaults.The Allies stopped the German attack at a heavy cost.After every offensive and defensive battle, all that is left on the battlefield are broken parts of tanks and shocking corpses.The efforts of the German army were not in vain.They stubbornly seized several main positions and posed a great threat to the Allied forces.And Montgomery also launched several counterattacks in a timely manner.In an attempt to regain these key positions, the attacking Allied forces were also met with fierce sniping from the German army.Go At 9 am on November 18, 1942, Bernard Montgomery, commander in chief of the British Eighth Army, ordered all Allied forces in Cairo to cease resistance.Britain surrenders When Montgomery walked out of his headquarters, the sun shone on his face, he tidied up his clothes, and walked out calmly.On this day, Montgomery will never forget, he vowed to keep everything that happened today firmly in his heart.Five hundred and ninety five.Cheers Germany At 9 am on November 18, 1942, Bernard Montgomery, commander in chief of the British Eighth Army, ordered all Allied forces in Cairo to cease resistance.The British Empire, which once occupied absolute dominance in North Africa, finally lowered their once incomparably noble heads.Great Britain failed Cheers ring out in Cairo Germans, Egyptians such a victory, so hard to come by 9 10, Ernst Brahm A telegram was sent to Berlin, the telegram was as simple as it could be At this moment, I am standing in Cairo watching the entry of heroic German soldiers Berlin, morning of November 18, 1942, F hrer s office.Hitler agreed to send troops and spent two hours teaching Mussolini strategy and tactics.But Hitler s efforts will not be effective for the Italians However, Mussolini felt that he was proud this time, and the Italian army finally achieved a beautiful victory in Africa.victory.In Mussolini s view, the victory in Africa was definitely played by the Italian army.Since this is the case, they should naturally be allocated more benefits.In the barracks, he met General Motta, who had just been released by the Germans.General Mota had a stomach full of grievances to tell his leader.How unreasonable the Germans are, how the Germans let the Italians die, etc But Mussolini, who was in a good mood, comforted his general Hey, my brave 10 mg cbd gummy bears general, why should you be depressed Now we are victorious after all, right What did the Germans get for their arrogance What North Africa is completely ours now.Hideki Tojo solemnly introduced Wilder to Hirohito, and repeatedly publicized the great contributions of Bear father and son to Japan.There are many controversies about Hirohito.Some people think that he is the chief culprit for Japan s launch of World War II, while others think that he is just a puppet of the military and has no real power.But it is undeniable that he turned a blind gummi cbd eye to the growing strength of the military, and he has the power to punish soldiers who do not follow instructions, but he did not do it, but was optimistic about it.Hirohito has a famous saying The problem is not cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies what we do, but how the whole world reacts to what we do.Before the July 7th Incident, he himself said Manchuria belongs to the countryside, and what happens is nothing special, but If it happens in Tianjin and Beijing, it will intensify the intervention of the United Kingdom and the United States, and there is a risk of conflict.For a while, shrapnel flew across the airport, flames shot up into the sky, and thick smoke rose everywhere.The torpedo plane had just flown to the shipyard at this time, when he saw thick smoke rising from the airport, the captain, Major Murata, couldn t help being taken aback.He thought that the torpedo plane should attack first in the surprise attack plan, why did the bomber start first In order not to be obscured by the thick smoke, he immediately led the torpedo fleet to speed up and take a shortcut along the western valley to attack at 7 57.The 40 torpedo planes were divided into two batches.One batch of 16 attacked fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies warships anchored on the west side of Ford Island, and the other batch of 24 focused on attacking battleships on the east side of Ford Island.At 7 58, William, commander of the U.Dimilenko, I know you can do it without your presence, how much is green dolphin cbd gummies don t you With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko and Anna, and left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.He knew they would.What kind of choice did you make If you want to use an inappropriate metaphor, then it is a deal with the devil.In the eyes of the Russians, Wang Weiyi is a devil, and Dimilenko once cooperated with him, which is equivalent to a deal with him Signed a contract.Once you sign a contract with the devil, you will never be able to get rid of the bondage of the contract for the rest of your life Although the people in the team are not sure whether they can successfully move from the west of the city They had doubts about leaving, but the resolute expression on Marshal Ernst s face had told them everything Where Marshal Ernst is, there are always miracles, isn t it like this Ready by Riley, kidnapped in the back of the truck, were Ksenia and Avrona, and of course, another Colonel Holdwich Poor Colonel Holdwich, when he When I got home, I probably never thought that there was a terrible person waiting for me in my home Guo YunfengMr.For Dim, it was unforgettable for a lifetime.Now, for them, the adventure is over and a new war has begun syner sooth cbd gummies After the Battle of Erklin, the German attack on Stalingrad has begun, and Heisenberg and Edim, who returned to the Brandenburg Commando, soon joined the attack on Burstein in battle.For the once adventure with Marshal Ernst.They swore they would never forget it.This is also an can cbd gummies cause constipation how much is green dolphin cbd gummies extremely important experience for their future.Of course, everything that happened in the past should be forgotten, and how to do the things in front of you is the most important thing.new challenge.Are waiting for these two brave and fearless German fighters The shouts woke Heisenberg up.It was still dark at the moment, and Heisenberg heard the explosion.The sounds were very close to where he slept.The explosion was loud, much louder than a grenade, and a little deafening.A series of fire snakes swayed their coquettish and terrifying figures in the air, and then silently submerged into the enemy s body shells one after another were like wraiths released chill gummies 100x cbd from hell, ruthlessly taking countless lives.Wang Weiyi was watching the battlefield coldly, and Malinowski was also watching the battlefield coldly The collision of steel and steel could not stop their determination to win, and the loss of lives could not stop them hold back their determination to win.The cathartic cannons were there to explain their determination to win.They are using the most manly way to tell each other what dish is war The extremely familiar Ulla sounded overwhelmingly on the battlefield again and again, and countless familiar figures appeared overwhelmingly on the battlefield.A large number of artillery and a large number of tanks fired at each other, German or Soviet soldiers.To block the reinforcements of the Soviet army, he knew very well that the Battle of Stalingrad in another era.The Soviet army received a steady stream of supplies and reinforcements from the east bank of the Volga River, which constituted an important condition for defending Stalingrad.But things are very different now.In the previous battles, the Stalingrad Front had lost a lot of strength, and Vasilevsky, who retreated to the east bank of the Volga River, commanded that there were very few troops left for reinforcements.Hundreds of thousands of troops have been thrown on the Terek River and Vasilevsky has not many troops in his hands.It was also bombed indiscriminately by the Luftwaffe Once Stalingrad could not get reinforcements from outside forces.So it s only a matter of time before it falls.go home Somroff smiled miserably Where can I go back I the five cbd gummies don t know, it turns out that I have always regarded the Youth League as my home, but now, even this home is gone.Wang Weiyi was how much is green dolphin cbd gummies silent, yes, where can he go back He has not joined, long ago.Marshal.Although he was a prisoner, Kokovsky said boldly Please keep him by my side, I beg you to show mercy, at least I can take care of him here.Wang Weiyi thought for a while, then nodded silently.Six hundred and ninety eight.I must go The war is over, but it will take a long time to heal the damage caused by the war.But now, It is not time to think about these war wounds.If the following war is carried out, it should be considered the most.Of course, the news of failure must be concealed from the civilians, but it cannot be concealed from the top of Moscow.At this time, a report interrupted their conversation, and Zhukov picked up the hat occupied on the table Comrade Stalin, then I will go to prepare.All right, Comrade Zhukov, I believe you can accomplish all miracles on the battlefield Seven hundred and one.Comrade Stalin s anger Comrade Timelenko, how is the current situation in the city Victory in the Second Defense of Moscow.Of course, there are also wavers who are not firm in their positions.Under your guidance, we captured and executed a large number of defectors and attempted defectors.Very well, the war is coming soon , we how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price must turn Moscow into a big melting pot, and throw all the traitors and our enemies into it and melt them.Stalin nodded with satisfaction Then, why is it so important that you are so eager to see me Something, Comrade Timelenko Yes, and it is very urgent.The changes on the battlefield encouraged the German army, but caused Moscow to suffer a heavy blow.Although surrenders often happened in the past, it must have been when ammunition and food were exhausted and it was no longer conceivable.But this time it was completely different.This time the troops surrendered without any resistance, and the entire Soviet army system is quietly collapsingthe once extremely firm belief.I can t see it now I was willing to sacrifice for my motherland without hesitation, but now the soldiers have fundamentally changed However, I really can t blame the officers and soldiers who surrendered When you see no hope at all, you may make the same choice Marshal Budyonny was severely criticized, and Stalin directly ordered him to stop the occurrence of cbd gummies for women such things immediately and isolate those who Officers who were suspected of surrendering were shot directly on the battlefield when necessary.Comrade Vasilevsky, I am relieved to have your command.In this fact check 50 dollar cbd gummies theft difficult time, Stalin still showed the calmness that a leader should have But.I remember Rodion Yakovlevich.Comrade Malinovsky s troops have already suffered heavy losses from the German army at the Terek River, can they continue how much is green dolphin cbd gummies to fight I believe in Comrade Malinovsky s firm revolutionary determination.Vasilevsky replied He never bows to failure.No matter how serious the setback is, it will only inspire his determination to fight to the end.In the counterattack tonight, we hope he can make a breakthrough.At the same time , 15 guerrilla brigades will also be engaged in coordinated operations at the same time.Stalin nodded Then, how will the skeleton baron deal with it He wants to see a skeleton baron very much now, and knows He really had a thought in his heart, but I am afraid that this wish will be difficult to realize The Russians will definitely launch a counterattack when night comes At this time, under the commander in chief of the German army, Wang Weiyi I also made my own judgment And this counterattack must be large scale.Judging from the scene, the hijackers used planes and tanks as attack forces.It s really unbelievablethe enemy, it is impossible to appear in that place so soon, it should be absolutely safe Maybe there are some enemies we don t know about.Stalin smiled wryly After a while Forget it, even if the gold can be shipped out safely, it will not solve our current embarrassing situation.Comrade Beria, the enemy is about to launch an attack here.There will definitely be many people who are not determined inside us.I need you to keep an eye on everyone, and I allow you to do whatever you want.Yes, Comrade Stalin, Beria said silently.He also knew that defeat would come soon, and that Stalin might kill.Since you are going to die, let everyone die together. In the Judgment Day Project , the German troops on all fronts participating in the attack made exceptionally good progress.But, Gaius, my friend, I have a small doubt Do you want Caesar to retreat in disgrace without victory Gaius was taken aback for a moment, perhaps due to his own negligence.For the proud Caesar, he would never allow such a thing to happen.With the first shameful retreat, there will be a second one.three times Caesar s voice suddenly rose The barbarians will be complacent because of their so called victory, and k2 life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies smuckers will no longer regard Rome in their eyes, and lose the awe they should have for Rome.This is absolutely not allowed Moreover, like Ariovistus, they will continue to organize unscrupulously and challenge Gaul.Instead of being disintegrated, the barbarian alliance will be united more closely.The authority of the Holy Roman Republic is bound to be completely lost here Gaius didn t dare to say anything anymore, probably those words just now had offended Caesar My lord governor, there may be another way.If victory can be achieved today, it will usher in a long period of peace for the Germans, and Wang Weiyi will how much is green dolphin cbd gummies have plenty of time to do what he wants to do.And once it fails, then.The final result would be hard to imagine He took a deep breath, and took off the round HCMUSSH how much is green dolphin cbd gummies shield and knife on his back.Hold thc gummies cbd it tightly in his hand.He slowly inspected his subordinates, from their faces, he could not see any fear.Then he said aloud The Romans are coming These Romans who deserve to be killed ten thousand times are coming I want you to cut off every morsel of their flesh and drink to the last drop of their blood.I want you Drive the spears in your hands through their mouths I want you to hang their corpses on the highest point in the woods I want the Romans to tremble when they hear German s name from now on, and they will obediently offer Their lands and women There is no reason, not even vulgar and barbaric words.At this time, Guo Yunfeng came over The Italians are all locked up What s the matter, did something happen He clearly sensed that something was wrong with the walker.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly Nothing.I was thinking about something Captain Tusca, thank you for this information.Don t worry, I don t kill Italian officers very much.Because you are no threat to us.This sentence was originally a shame for Tusca, but Tusca s face showed joy.Anyway, there is nothing more important than saving lives.A company of Italian soldiers were killed Locked up, their weapons were destroyed in front of them.The Germans of the commando team were elated.This Major Moyol is really amazing.First led them to kill a whole convoy of the enemy, and then , and how much is green dolphin cbd gummies almost killed a whole company of Italians.Is there anything else he can t do On the way to evacuate, Wang Weiyi briefly told Guo Yunfeng about the general situation.Lieutenant Colonel Kars stared blankly at what happened in front of him.He knew that the Germans had escaped, but what did he get Heavy casualties, and another merciless fire.And those German jeers yes, Lieutenant Colonel Kars how much is green dolphin cbd gummies swears he saw the German jeers.Lieutenant Colonel, they probably escaped.Major Davis, who was holding the map, was stunned However, there is no place for them to escape on the map.Lieutenant Colonel Carls looked at the map in the major s hand and grabbed He came over, and tore the map into pieces in a few strokes.Map, map, the damn map He cursed this map, cursed the Germans, and cursed his own soldiers as well Eight hundred and fifteen.Nordland Battle Group We have lost all hope, the best German soldiers have fallen one by one, the glory of the past has left us, and now we are only fighting for honor, each of us knows There is no longer any hope.Gradually, he grew into a general who holds countless powers of life and death.And at a moment when Germany was facing the crisis of national subjugation, he felt that he should come forward Airplanes appeared arrogantly in the sky.A large number of bombs and incendiary bombs were thrown on Ibor frantically, and the whole city was burned with raging fire.As soon as the plane leaves.The Germans in Ibor threw themselves into the relief effort.They worked hard to put out the fire, rescued the wounded, and waited fearlessly for new attacks from the enemy.General, your phone number.Guo Yunfeng frowned and picked up the phone.It was Brigadier General Budger from the 3rd Brigade of the US Marine Corps.Lieutenant Colonel on the phone, but when he heard that the lieutenant colonel was not there, Brigadier General Budger was a little surprised Did the lieutenant colonel leave you and escape Unfortunately, he did not escape, but went to do more important things So what about you Who are you The commander here I m Guo Yunfeng.Capture the leading criminal, and tell the Germans how much is green dolphin cbd gummies in Berlin in various ways that the so called news of Baron Alexson s return was fabricated by enemies with ulterior motives.Wolfe.I repeat again, as long as Ernst cannot enter Berlin, everything is still under our control Yes, F hrer.I will faithfully obey your orders.Wolf has reached this point.There is no choice.He paused and asked suddenly What about those people in the British royal family Keep an eye on them, someone must arrest them.Kroll sneered Especially Queen Elizabeth II and Baron Rosen, they are all admirers of Ernst, and their every move must be strictly controlled. Yes, F hrer, I will do it myself.Suddenly there was a muffled thunder in the sky, how much is green dolphin cbd gummies which caused Kroll and Wolf to raise their heads involuntarily.A big storm that would shake Germany is about to arrive Your Majesty, the Baron Rosen has arrived.I promise Wang Weiyi took a deep breath I promise, Germany will not fail I promise Germany will not fail This is Marshal Ernst Brahm s guarantee, and this is Baron Alexson s guarantee I promise At this moment, great confidence returned to the Germans.That is the baron s guarantee that is the guarantee of German victory But before that, I have to do something.Wang Weiyi looked at Oliver coldly Oliver, do you have anything to defend Oliver dared not say anythingBeing a Baron When he didn t come back, he wasn t afraid of the Baron at all.But when the baron really appeared in front of him, he found that he was so afraid.Then, you were arrested just like Werner.Wang Weiyi no longer paid attention to Oliver General Jonall, bring the Skeleton Division back to the position.General fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies Fox, maintain the law and order in Berlin.The F hrer was too confident.He believed that when Hitler and Ernst dead , all power in Germany had been controlled in his hands.But everything that is happening now proves that he made a huge mistake Marshal, the time is up, there is no movement at the Empire State Building.Then let us prepare to enter there and regain power in a bloodless way On the 27th, a monthly ticket was requested.There are still a few days until the end of the month and 2013 is coming to an end.Brothers, in the last few days, please vote if you have votes.It s the last few days, and the spider hopes to get your support Eight hundred and forty one.The time has come to never break the oath to decide the fate of Germany Everyone will make a choice, no one is exempt.Wang Weiyi walked out of his temporary headquarters slowly.Maybe after I come back, facing your remains, I can still miss you Please promise me, please do as I promised you.Promise me that you will be able to do this how much is green dolphin cbd gummies the moment you die We promise Wang Weiyi s ears rang in his ears when he left Germany for the second time, and he explained to his friends, and they all did it faithfully.Now, it s time for him to give them miracles how much is green dolphin cbd gummies There is when.I will visit them quietly.Ban Keleilei stared at these sleeping friends I really want to lie down with them.Erwin, did you see that Ernst is back.Guderian, did you see that Ernst is back.Sean, Stark, you are still sleeping, it how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price s time to wake up, Ernst is back Unfortunately, no one could hear his voice The cloudy tears flowed down Bang Crayley s old cheeks flow down He HCMUSSH how much is green dolphin cbd gummies is tired, he has been really tired all these years He even envies these friends, at least they can lie here quietly , no HCMUSSH how much is green dolphin cbd gummies matter what happens in Germany, they have no jurisdiction at all He wiped his tears Ernst, will they wake up I came to wake them up.Why would the enemy do this Does the enemy have any conspiracy how much is green dolphin cbd gummies The intelligence secrecy of the Allied forces was excellent, and the German intelligence agencies suffered heavy losses due to the deliberate sabotage of Kroll and Wolff.Therefore, the Germans could not grasp the calls and telegrams of the Allied forces.This also reminded Wang Weiyi of Nicholas.Although old Nicholas was his enemy at the beginning, he didn t dare to neglect in the provision of information.From this point of view.Old Nicholas is a real German soldier The commanders of the German army also felt baffled, and it was meaningless for the Allied forces to do so.Or.Are they up to some conspiracy Wang Weiyi thought shark tank gummy cbd about it for a while, and suddenly he had a flash of inspiration Is the enemy in charge of the attack on the right wing Italian Yes, the Italian troops of the Terrasu Infantry Division and the Nestans Rapid Mobile Brigade.They should resent this country, in Wilhelm II When he was fighting at the front with the German troops, his subjects betrayed him and forced him to go into exile in the Netherlands.However, he did not have even the slightest bit of resentment for his country.Even after the outbreak of the Second World War Take the initiative to donate money to support Germany s final fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies victory in the war.Now, at the most difficult time in Germany, their children have returned to this country without hesitation Sometimes the monarchy is not a system that violates the progress of human civilization.Back to the Empire State Building, when preparing for Christmas Eve dinner.Leoni said For example, the UK and some countries have always implemented a monarchy.The king is just a symbol, which still has a certain meaning.The Germans carried out several The charge was disintegrated.The soldiers were eager to attack.At night, they had to extinguish all the campfires to prevent the American artillery from guiding the target.The German army finally started to attack, and the artillery bombarded the high ground violently.Afterwards, the bombers dropped the bombs on the ground with anti aircraft guns.The German army began fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies to charge under the cover of the do they sell cbd gummies at walmart tanks.They had already rushed to the barbed wire fence, but the US machine guns blocked them.Let it go The German mortars blew up two of the American machine guns.But several coverts cbd gummies strange delivery scams or warnings in the American positions were ablaze.The artillery was shot and killed.The first German wave of 3 tanks was driven back by anti tank fire.American sniper Don t show your head Thomp yelled lying on the ground, but several German soldiers who reacted slowly were shot and killed by snipers. Farberman God, a fierce battle is about to break out there, it s too dangerous, I ll send someone to pick you up right away.No, wait, Fritz, I m safe here, and I don t think the enemy has a way of hurting me.But you must tell me your battle plan.You are not the kind of person who can only beat consumption.Manstein couldn t help showing a smile on the corner of his mouth Yes, my plan can deceive everyone, but it can t deceive you.I first used Bajza as an attraction, let the German army hold on there for a long time, and then put on a firm posture in Fabaman.I want to encircle the Allied forces here In order to avoid the enemy s detection, I have gradually increased my troops on the battlefields of Andalk, Cashel and other fronts.Once the enemy is attracted by us, I will use all air and ground forces to order all German troops on the battlefield to abandon the frontal enemy and attack Fabaman completely.The one who arrived first The major general said hastily.Take your men and launch a frontal assault.You have three tanks to mobilize.Within an hour.I hope to hear good news.Manstein said coldly.Yes, Marshal Manstein.Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing Fritz, you are always so confident on the battlefield.I met Model in the North African battlefield.He is the most outstanding defense master.Longmei What about Er He is the most outstanding master of attack.Guderian He is the most outstanding master of lightning.What about you Me Manstein.I like gin and famous paintings.As for war, it is actually The one thing I dislike the most.Manstein s answer made Wang Weiyi smile again The one thing I dislike the most made you the most outstanding general in the world.This is probably due to fate.After Fabaman s war is over.Heisenberg took out the cigarette case, knocked out a cigarette from it and gave it to him.Thank you, Captain.I don t smoke.Heisenberg took out a cigarette by himself fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies and held it in his mouth.The priest was the first and only man Heisenberg had ever seen who had been in the army for many years and still maintained the habit of not smoking.Captain, we have turned how much is green dolphin cbd gummies the cemetery into a fortress.The soldiers dug for two days and two nights.There are two main trenches in the front and back, generation cbd gummies connected by a corridor in the middle.In addition, we made hundreds of sandbags to build two 10mm trenches.Cannon fortifications, and a large number of bunkers.Anti tank mines have been planted on the main road behind our positions according to your order, and other mines have also been placed on the city square between the church and the post office.Before this, no one thought that such a situation would happen.Enemies who were supposed to fight to the death are now fighting together.This is also a helpless choice for General Boschek.He would never allow himself to stand in the dock of the military court, that would put him on the noose If the Bolsheviks before were the Red how much is green dolphin cbd gummies Terror, then the current Russian government is the White Terror.In fact, it s just a matter of changing the soup but not the medicine.Boschek s family is still medici quest cbd gummies bears in Russia, and he doesn t know what kind k2 life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies smuckers of bad luck they will suffer, although the skeleton baron has promised that his family will be rescued.However, before the Baron can really fulfill his promise, he must help the German army defeat all enemies in front of him, all the way to Robin Stall.because.He still has a secret that he hasn t told anyone His most beloved youngest son is a staff officer in Robin Stall s Russian team.He was full of complaints about his troops inability to participate in the battle before.But now he has to thank General Miller for his wise decision.If not.Perhaps his troops had suffered heavy losses, and he could no longer bring himself to be face to face with His Excellency the Baron.Maybe I m even dead now I thank the merciful God for giving me such a chance Colonel Ackler, thank you for participating in the war.Wang Weiyi didn t seem to care about the colonel s enthusiasm for himself From the information you have, how long can Robin Stell last Marshal, Robbins Tell couldn t hold on for even a day.Colonel Ackler, who had recovered from his excitement, said The organized resistance has been destroyed, and now in Robinstel, the German troops are fighting for themselves.The commander in chief ratio is shockingly high, and the top commander at Robin Stall is now Major Hewitt of 1st Battalion, Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.Wang Weiyi said to Daniel, Daniel, take out the wine in my bag.Seeing the bottle of wine, Migroski s eyes lit up Snow Tree Vodka.Aha.Mr.Petergoff, you are such a lovely guy.I haven t tasted such a top notch vodka for more than a year.Tatiana brought them glasses and poured wine, Then he also stood behind Wang Weiyi holding a wine glass.Is Texas Hold em okay Anything is fine.Ivan, sit down and play a few hands with us.Ah, give them three hundred gold rubles each.Wait, I ll write a check to You.No, Mr.Petergoff.Migroski stopped Wang Weiyi s actions Anyone who enters the No.1 box, reputation means everything, and the winning or losing can be settled after the game is over.Wang Weiyi was noncommittal Shrugged The cards were divided into the hands how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price of several people.For several rounds in a row, Wang Weiyi s hand style was not very smooth, and he probably lost more than 50 gold rubles in chips.This is the truest portrayal of Italy today.The sluggish economy, coupled with ever increasing taxes, has made life worse for the civilian class in Italy.A worker s weekly income is simply not enough to feed a family.But the privileged class lived a life of extravagance and corruption, which seriously intensified the contradictions in Italy.Under such circumstances, protests against the government continued one after another.In particular, voices against the great dictator began to appear continuously in the country.Ask Vittorio to step down and form a more capable government to run Italy.And this is what makes Vittorio Mussolini the most unbearable.He couldn t imagine what would happen to the organization once it lost power.Repression.Resolute repression Vittorio almost roared from there Damn anarchists, poor bastards who should all go to prison They don t deserve to live in Italy, they don t deserve to be an Italian Turin What is the mayor of the city, Catadona, doing Why doesn t he use thunderous means to suppress these shameless riots as soon as possible It was just a protest march, but in Vittorio s mouth it became Riot Bertelul sighed in his heart, once the suppression is launched, the consequences will be unimaginable.Could it be that General Enise was bought by these rebels No, the rebels don t have that much ability, or the powerful ally they said It does exist.If that is the case, then things start to get complicated I can have planes bombing your barracks tomorrow Dinakale began We are not alone, and more and more true patriots will join us.and you Are you a true patriot Are you willing to be bombed No, I don t want to see this how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price happen.Tiltini s face darkened What do you need me to do I ve already said, join us.Dinakale repeated his words again For the revolution, but also for the future of Italy.You can t go both ways, Donani will not let you go, and Vittorio will not let you go.You must have your only one choice Tiltini picked up his pipe, lit it, and took a deep breath.This is not a trivial matter, but a betrayal.We will wait for you outside.Marshal Dilgaro and the officials stood up, and then strode out.Here, only Vittorio was left alone Did he ever think that this day would come No , he never thought about it.He always thought that the situation was always in his own hands, and he always thought that under his high pressure policy, no one dared to oppose him.But now, even his closest people are betraying He didn t even have any strength to resist Resignation What can resignation bring him Time passed by.When the pointer fell to 21 o clock, Wei Torrio called the officials waiting outside back in.After careful consideration, I decided to accept your request.Resign Vittorio said with difficulty However, the following conditions must be met for me, and my personal life cannot be threatened in any way April 3, 1966, Just as the sun was shining on the earth, the long awaited good news for the Italian people finally arrived Vittorio Mussolini, the life long president of the Italian Social Republic, announced his resignation.Moreover, after capturing the B stronghold, the Russians will definitely be elusive about our true strength.They very likely think that they can make such a large The action must be a large force.This can also be regarded as a psychological offensive, so that how much is green dolphin cbd gummies the Russian large force will encircle and suppress in the direction we planned.Only in this way, Colonel Eldon may have a chance.However, this plan Some are too dangerous, and I am not sure, it is very likely that the two teams we sent to attack will all be wiped out.DeGro at this time.He stared blankly at Troman.After a long time, he said This is the best solution.I agree, but I have a request.Troman asked, What request do you have I hope I can lead the team to attack stronghold a, you Can you promise me super chill cbd gummies 3000mg DeGro said firmly.Troman s expression was a little surprised now.Mercy is not required.Especially the Russians.It s no wonder that the hatred between Germany and how much is green dolphin cbd gummies France is so great that every German hates the Russians to the bone.The Russian soldiers who saw this change turned pale with fright.They shouted angrily, but none of the Germans could understand them.Others simply jumped up, wanting to resist, but the answer was Mao s black muzzle.Bang bang bang bang.The whole world was quiet.DeGro reappeared after cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies hearing the gunshots.He waved to Naba.The latter trotted all the way to him.Well, well done.Now what we have to consider is how to buy the most time to slow down the Russians.I believe Sweet and Troman are almost ready.Well, Captain.We just searched I found the stronghold by accident.There are still a lot of mines in the stronghold, so we can set up a minefield and wait for the Russians to come and enjoy it.Petergoff have gathered together.Some of them are willing to serve Mr.Petergoff Baron Alexson, some Some people are forced, but no matter what kind of mentality they have, at least they can see one thing clearly now Gregory is powerless It is also a good choice to change the owner Is it almost the same Wang Weiyi looked at these people coldly and asked coldly.Yes, everything is ready.Khmelitsky replied respectfully Grigory has lost everything to him, free five cbd gummies and all he is doing now is dying there.I think we can do it.That s it.Where s General Tangeloniv of the 8th Armored Army Wang Weiyi asked.Your Excellency the Baron, he may have been loyal to Gregory before, but the situation has completely changed now.He knows what he should do and how to choose when a sudden change occurs.I can guarantee this.Hitler smiled and said Germany has never given up, and none of us has ever given up.Baron, something like belief will exert unimaginable power at certain times Rommel nodded in agreement After we won the second battle of Berlin, The impact achieved was huge, large scale uprisings occurred in a large number of occupied areas, and the local Allied how much is green dolphin cbd gummies forces were attacked like a nightmare.And the newly formed legions have also been put into the front line one after another.Coupled with the Turkish and Ukrainian troops that are about to arrive, Berlin already has the conditions to counterattack Although the situation still cannot be overly optimistic, at least it is moving towards Good development.Especially after the U.S.economy has been severely fun drops cbd gummies mayim bialik how much is green dolphin cbd gummies hit, there have been serious differences in the U.Urgent intelligence from the front.At the end of April, the Dutch Homeland Storm Division launched an attack on Schmering with the cooperation of the Noweed battle group and the Steinmann battle group.And the city was recovered in early May.Immediately afterwards, the Dutch Homeland Storm Division continued to approach Hamburg, but was strongly blocked by the Allied forces.Had to retreat to Schmaling.And just yesterday.The Allied forces assembled a large number of troops and tanks, with the U.S.Army as the main combat force, and rushed towards Schmering from several directions Wang Weiyi, Hitler and Rommel stood in front of the map at the same time, and Wang Weiyi watched carefully How is the battle going now Turton became the place where the fighting was fiercest.Guderian quickly replied It is the Steinman battle cbd sour gummies product group and the British Royal First Division that are defending.Captain Wheeler reported his real name But I can t tell you the purpose of my coming here. Yes.A tight lipped spy.Wang Weiyi didn t care about the attitude of the other party But I am very interested in this, ah, there may be only one way for you to speak up.Wang Weiyi called his personal adjutant Max in Major Max, I remember that Major Jagger brought 11 players, right Yes, Marshal.Look, I really don t want cbd only gummies this to happen Wang Weiyi sighed, Max, from now on, shoot a spy every five minutes.Until Major Jagger was willing to speak.No, you can t do that Major Jagger yelled angrily.Wang Weiyi smiled Why not You don t have to be soldiers, you just have a bunch of spies.For spies, cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies I can shoot you anytime, anywhere.Max, what are you still doing here I don t have any coffee here for you Max immediately turned around and walked outMajor Jagger was out of order at this time Wang Weiyi poured himself a cup water, and then sat down.It s ridiculous, but when you think about it, it s not funny at all Is there how much is green dolphin cbd gummies anything more important than life in this world On July 3, the German and British coalition forces had already stormed into Hannover, and a large number of Australian soldiers surrendered, but most of the 7th Brigade of the US Marines continued to fight.Compared with the Australians, they were much more loyal to Brigadier General Dolby, and they were absolutely unwilling to lay down their arms like this before they received an order or were completely desperate.The battle in Hannover was still extremely fierce, but at this time, the most troublesome thing for Brigadier General Dolby, and actually for Americans the German people in Hannover rose up to resist just like all ordinary Germans in the occupied cities Such a scene has been staged countless times during the march of the Ernst cluster When Marshal Ernst Brahm entered Hannover, it was already the night of July 3rd, three points One of the cities was in the hands of the German and British troops, and the pace of controlling the entire city began to accelerate.Taylor s partner limped toward the tunnel with Doe on his shoulders.Tyler stuffed a beetail grenade into the gun mounted grenade launcher.Pull down the barrel.Slammed the trigger out of the window, and ran away in a jiffy.Chi A missile rushed over upon hearing the news, embedded in the building, and blasted the room where Taylor was just now.Tyler flew down the stairs and jumped into the tunnel like a mouse.A squad of American soldiers followed Taylor into the tunnel, but several booby traps at the tunnel entrance detected them and exploded with a bang.In a flash, the American soldiers were blown down.The tunnel entrance was also sealed by large and small pieces of rubble.The entire sewer network underground in the defense zone was converted into a small underground military hospital by the Second Reconnaissance Company.Whoosh The formation of fighter jets circled k2 life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies smuckers beautifully in the air, flew back again, and bombarded the enemy on the ground with one inch large caliber cannons.Boom Boom Boom The machine shells hit the ground, firing a series of explosions similar to fragmentation grenades.The shock wave generated by the explosion and the stone shrapnel splashed up overturned all nearby life forms.Are how much is green dolphin cbd gummies you here Sally found Donald, Did you see Connor No How the hell would I know Connor After searching around and struggling, the two finally found Found Connor.I saw Connor kneeling beside the dead body of a German k2 life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies smuckers soldier, dumbfounded.Donald stepped forward to grab Connor, but Connor waved his arms like crazy, and started to shout hysterically I killed him You kill me I deserve death Donald and Sally watched It turned out that the body of the German soldier was Connor s younger brother, Mista.Head of the French secret police and head of the French intelligence service.Fertime Berkeley, hailed as the most outstanding intelligence officer since de Sade, was authorized to monitor Paris comprehensively.And has the right to deal with any emergencies and arrest any suspicious persons.Under such an arrangement, the Cathar government believes that everything is safe However, there is one person who obviously doesn t want this grand ceremony in France to be held so easily Ernst Alexson Von.Brahm Baron Skeleton He appeared in Paris at the most appropriate time.He didn t bring any helpers.He was just a person, and he walked into the beautiful city of Paris with a simple suitcase.Sometimes you don t need many people to help you to accomplish something.Wang Weiyi knows how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price exactly what to do at the right time The interrogation in Paris was very strict, and Wang Weiyi was interrogated by many secret police along the way.This little injury is nothing at all Wang Weiyi actually said what the child thought in his heart I think the most important how much is green dolphin cbd gummies thing how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price for a man is to be firm He actually put himself Called Man , the child became excited Mr.Moyol, I am Jean Dodogan.Nice to meet you He decided to turn himself into a real adult, so he asked himself to follow cbd gummies for menstrual cramps the adult s instructions Speaking in a tone Mr.Duo Duan, I am also very glad to meet you Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Then, if it is convenient for you now, please tell me why you did this Okay Dodoan was silent for a while Mr.Moyol, I asked for this on my own initiative Do you know Mr.Yatzi Yetiri He is a good man.Ah, say To be honest, I don t really understand the relationship between the opposition and the current government.It s just that the respected Mr.Yatz has generously helped me I have cbd gummies smuckers 600 mg cbd gummies k2 life cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies smuckers been wandering alone on the street since I was how much is green dolphin cbd gummies a child.The excitement in his heart is completely difficult to express in words.God, can you imagine what kind of situation this is Can you imagine who saved you How should I express my excitement Yetiri s mouth was trembling.Maybe a speech can Wang Weiyi said suddenly.Yetiri was stunned, he didn t understand what Baron Alexon meant.But he soon felt relieved, he believed that the difficult sentence would tell him what to do sooner or later.certainly.Until now he still thinks he is in a dream.Baron Alexon actually returned to France again For the French opposition, or more accurately, the French pro German faction.Baron Alexon was their idol, their banner, and the spiritual source they used to inspire the French people.But except for Lantes, who had seen the baron when he was young, no one knew what the baron looked like But now I have seen it with my own eyes Yetieri thinks God didn t abandon himself, and God didn t abandon France either When he returned to the secret stronghold, every Frenchman here burst into cheersto tell the truth Well, none of them believed that Yetiri could be rescued, even if Baron Alexon did it himself.Rotini s financial control over you Berkeley was silent for a while Yes, I have made a deal with the German resistance organization, so, are you going to expose me Oh my God, what are you talking about Wang Weiyi He smiled and said, Why should I expose you What good does this do for me If I really want to expose you, then I can tell your boss that you let go of the German spies without permission.Berkeley s The body began to tremble violently God, how did Mr.Moyol know these things Yes, I have accepted a huge amount of bribes from Germany, and quietly let go of two very important German spies through special methods.He was afraid that such things would be exposed sooner or later, but then came the good news that the two German spies died under the bombing of the Allied forces and never returned to Berlin.The rapid firepower made Eric feel no sense of raising his head at all.Seeing that the situation was not good, Eric hurriedly fired three bursts, Bang Bang Bang The bullet shot out of the gun chamber, and the hot bullet rotated at a high speed.In an instant, three daredevils were knocked down.There were three dead bodies lying on the ground, and large swathes of plasma stained the ground below the bodies red.The rest of the U.S.troops were amazed by Eric s precise marksmanship.While they were stunned for a HCMUSSH how much is green dolphin cbd gummies moment, Eric responded immediately.He rolled HCMUSSH how much is green dolphin cbd gummies on the spot with a sniper rifle in his hand, and crawled forward quickly, waiting to climb to the deep and lush woods deep.Then the cat leaned forward like a leopard chasing its prey, running vigorously forward.In a blink of an eye, it disappeared in the embrace of the virgin forest.From this point of view, Robespierre is quite great.That s it, it s too late Members of the Revolutionary Commune who did not receive the order to attack were automatically disbanded in the middle of the night.That night, the National Convention announced the deprivation of Robespierre s citizenship, and he was sent to the guillotine the next day.Speaking of this, his face suddenly became gloomy Come down Robespierre is great, but he is also stupid.He can use more violent means to stabilize his regime, so I will never be such a stupid person like him Clay Go and arrest all suspicious officers and shoot them immediately Yes, Your Excellency, I will immediately follow your orders One thousand and fifty one.The betrayal of the French Paris Uprising quickly received direct support from the military, which also caused an instant change in the situation.Throughout the Fenton government, Prime Minister Wilkins, Defense Minister Kapannon, Finance Minister Yess, and National Police Commissioner Nash are obviously the core components of the Fenton government.In particular, Yess and Nash hold the core power of the entire government in their hands.They are the most trusted and valued people by Fenton, and the complete operation of the government cannot be separated from them.Treasury Secretary Yess maintains a good relationship with the US government, and some demands of the Americans are often conveyed by him.This top student who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States controls the economic lifeline how much is green dolphin cbd gummies of the entire country.As for Police Chief Nash, this is a guy who loves his work even more than his own life.He said that the Central Intelligence Agency under his command will appear much darker.He also knew about the matter from Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , a senior investigator of the U.S.Army Military Intelligence Bureau.According to his inside information in the FBI, This Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has won the trust of Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Nash, not only that, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol also has strong abilities, and has very rich communication, even with General Gandra It s all related.If such a person lets Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Nash continue to associate with him, he may not even have a foothold in London.Colonel Jed is very sure of this.So he must also get acquainted with this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Would you like something to drink, Lieutenant Colonel In his office.Colonel Jade showed special enthusiasm I have a good bottle of whiskey here.There are even rumors that the Irish Republican Army has a secret military base overseas.It is specially responsible for training military personnel to maintain the combat effectiveness of the entire can cbd gummies cause constipation how much is green dolphin cbd gummies organization.This rumor is not groundless.The leader of the Irish Republican Army, Belt.Adams knew all this was true, not only did they receive funding and weapons from abroad.And there are indeed secret military bases overseas.Since the outbreak of the Great War, the Queen has been in exile and a new British government has been established.This presents a huge opportunity for the dying IRA.Especially when the war situation became more and more favorable to the Axis powers, the Fenton government had already messed up, and they had no more energy to focus on Ireland and the Irish Republican Army.A Only then did he notice that there was a truck in the middle of the truck line.A black car, after a while, the door of the car opened, and an old man stepped out from inside.Adams hastily greeted him Are you Mr.A Yes, I am.The old man showed a smile on his face Mr.Bert Adams.Hello, when we are in touch.I am Mr.A, and Now, you can call me Tinland.Will Tinland.Will Tinland Adams thought the name was very familiar, but he couldn t remember where he had heard it before.The president of Montagut Group.Edward whispered in Adams ear.Adams was a little silly when he heard how much is green dolphin cbd gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies price it.He couldn t imagine that Mr.A , who had been helping him all the time, would be the president of Montagut Group.The former president, now, my company has been handed over to my son to take care of Will said with a smile And my main job now is to help you realize your dreams.Not for anything else, just because the words of Baron Alexon are still ringing in the ears of each of them We have not won a real victory.Southampton is just an insignificant part of countless cruel and hard battles.The real victory is to plant our flag in London, let our soldiers walk into London with their heads held high, and then, with the most enthusiastic cheers, welcome our Queen to re enter the city that belongs to her Marshal Ernst, I think I should return the command of the cbd gummies in store troops to you now.When he saw Baron Alexon, Jonall said loudly.Wang Weiyi shook his head slowly No, General Jannar, you will continue to command the Central Assault Group.Each level of commander has his responsibilities and powers.I will not interfere with any commander at will.I command you, General Jonnel, Colonel Romeo, that the main force rest in Southampton for a day, leaving part of the troops to defend, and the rest marching to London Trucks, trains, all the forces at your disposal must be fully utilized Use it Yes, Your Excellency Marshal. So.I will order a temporary cessation of all attacks.General Gundra, see you in two hours.See you in two hours, Marshal Ernst.The call ended just like that.It was simple.Very simple.General Gandra looked at his subordinates.His eyes suddenly became moist.This is definitely not a good thing for any general.A commander lost What is this He reported the matter to President William.President William did not blame General Gandra, he just told General Gandra , he is about to make any choice that he thinks is necessary in any situation that he himself thinks is necessary.He will not bear any charges for this.Similarly, President William also wished General Gandra and all American soldiers Good luck to you.All obstacles have been cleared.October 20, 1966 1 00, General Gundra, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces in London, announced.As soon as he disappeared, Fenton s eyes quickly fell on Colonel Pierce Colonel, prepare an absolutely reliable guard, let s get out of here.What Colonel Pierce almost wondered if he heard it wrong.A few minutes ago, Mr.President was still impassionedly demanding that everyone must fight to the last minute, but how did it become like this in a blink of an eye Fenton smiled coldly Although the situation is not optimistic, it is not without chance.The enemy is busy receiving those shameful American surrenders, and we still have a chance to evacuate quietly.Although London is lost, but There is still a place for us to stand in Britain.Seeing Colonel Pierce s shocked expression, Fenton sighed Colonel, I know what you re thinking, I m not a coward, I can die if necessary, However, I can play a more important role alive than dead.

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