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This is also on the line, so that people can t live If the control is really so strict, what about those civil servants whose families are all farmers in the countryside and have seven or eight acres of land at home He Ri at noon purekana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Han Chaoyang was unconvinced after thinking about it, and hesitated to speak.The instructor was in charge of ideological work, martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe so he could no longer keep silent, coughed dryly, and said earnestly Xiao Han, Liu Suo s martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe words are a bit heavy, but you have to understand the mood of the leader.I know you have ideas and your own plans for life, and you can Admitting that civil servants go to work is their job, and they are ordinary citizens after get off work.It is reasonable to say that they have the right to develop their specialties, pursue interests, and even earn income through labor.Seeing three fire fighters walking out of room 1102 with a big bag, Han best place to buy cbd gummie reddits Chaoyang showed a knowing smile.It s just that Han Chaoyang doesn t have the power to enforce the law, not that he doesn t have a work permit.It s just that the work permit is issued by the branch office.In fact, even Lao Xu has one.The second lieutenant of the armed police looked down at his badge, and asked with a smile Comrade Chaoyang, this is what you plan to do with this snake after the matter is over Snake.It s your first time too.There must be a first time for everything, the second lieutenant of the armed police smiled, pointing to the big bag and continued We can t deal with it when we take it back, we can t keep it Well, why don t you send it to the Xijiao Zoo for you, or contact the forest branch.The snake will definitely be taken away, and the owner of Room 1204 will continue to keep it, which will definitely cause panic among the residents of the entire community.Because of this, Han Chaoyang came to the market alone after breakfast.The police room can t be empty, Xu Hongliang has to stay in the police room to be on duty when Lao Xu is off work.Just as I was about to remind the two urban management in the village to have a better attitude and talk to them carefully, a familiar voice came from behind.Xiao Han, why are you here Good morning, Aunt Wang, where is Xuanxuan, why are you alone It turned out that it what will takin tylenol after cbd gummy do was Aunt Wang who was almost given a heart attack by the boa constrictor.I went to her grandparents.The child was really frightened.She couldn t sleep without a different environment.Aunt Wang still had lingering fears when she mentioned what happened yesterday afternoon.Han Chaoyang didn t go into the market at all, and while crossing the road with her, he asked with concern Did the female owner upstairs apologize to you She didn t give her a good face.I want to shorten the distance with the residents and deepen tru infusion cbd gummy the relationship with the residents , first of all to gain the trust of the residents.How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, and agreed straight away Okay, count me in.I ll bring the piano.The amateur band martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe purekana cbd gummies near me in Factory 527 needs fresh blood, not to mention that this one is professional.He took out his mobile phone and asked with a smile, Do you have WeChat If you have WeChat, add one.Damn, shouldn t you be using an elderly phone with a big screen, big characters, and a loud voice The old factory manager took out not only a smart phone, but also the latest Apple mobile phone.Han Chaoyang was surprised and quickly took out his mobile phone Yes, I will scan you, or you will scan me Let me scan you.The old factory manager put on his presbyopic glasses, turned on his mobile phone skillfully, first added Han Chaoyang as a friend, and added a parenthesis in the comment column of the label, indicating that he was a police officer, and then said to himself Just pull you into the group, I can t come to anything, they can still call you.The old factory manager took a big sip of water and continued The third time I came back to quarrel, his mother grows vegetables in the flower beds of the family courtyard, it is a place for greening, the streets need to be inspected, and the security department pulls the vegetables I planted flowers and plants.In fact, he was very good when he was a child, a very good child, and his mother has something to do with his criminal path.Because the vegetables he planted were pulled out, martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe her mother ran to the security department to make a big fuss.The section chief knew who she best cbd gummies for adhd and odd in kids was, and began to persuade her with kind words.Later, she became more and more violent, and she couldn t help saying a few harsh words.She was anxious and called her son on the spot.Zhao Jie ran back as soon as he received the call.Tomorrow, you work harder and go to the west of the city with Hong Liang and the others to watch out for those who sell fake certificates.Say hello to sister in law, and wait until you re done.Let s take a rest.She s fine, I ve called.Old Xu wanted to earn back the deducted points, and he didn t reject overtime work, but asked with a does cbd gummies pass drug test half kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe smile Chaoyang, what are you doing Boss, let Manager Zhang borrow four or five people, how will they pay for the food and transportation expenses tomorrow, can they not let them pay for it Without money, you can t do anything, this is indeed a problem.Han Chaoyang frowned and asked, Did kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Hongliang ask Xiaobin and the others about funding at night Two hundred, and all the receipts are with me.His family is rich, but this is a public matter, there is no reason for him to pay for it himself, and he is not like you, he is not an official policeman.Police and civilian police do the same job, but get paid differently for equal work.Ge Baohua s mentality has always been unbalanced, and he feels that there is something great about the police, isn t it because he knows how to take the exam better than himself In the past, he often complained with a few auxiliary police officers, but after Han Chaoyang was assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station, the psychological contrast became even greater.That police uniform.I thought that this time I could give Han Chaoyang some color, and even if he couldn t let him go, he could deduct more performance appraisal points from him.Points will be deducted for delays in work purekana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe tasks, points will be deducted for work attitudes that are complained by the masses and the police, and points will be deducted for absences from work inspections As a result, points were not deducted for him.As soon as the leaders left, Manager Zhang, Deputy Manager Xu, and several representatives of owners and operators they knew came up to congratulate.Deputy manager Xu was the most particular, and he brought a pennant.After thanking them martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe one by one, Han Chaoyang noticed that a man in his thirties who was wearing urban control uniform was standing in the lobby talking to Director Su, looking this way from HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe time to time.Chaoyang, let s get acquainted.This is Captain Tang of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team.It turned out to be Captain Tang of the former Huayuan Street Urban Management Squadron, and he was a frequent purekana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe visitor to the police station.Either he was beaten, or his subordinates were beaten, or the uniform was torn by others, and some people called 110 to report that they beat people, but basically there was no evidence.Now attitude is everything.Do you want me to ask the information on the intranet sentence by unbs cbd gummies sentence, or you Take the initiative to say it I said, I confess.Tan Kezhen was frightened, and said with a mournful face I, I was obsessed with ghosts, and on the spur of the moment, I robbed with Wu Zhian and robbed direct cbd gummies a person.Han Chaoyang pretended to look at the police Tong, and asked Who did you rob Miss, a lady who works at Emgrand KTV.How much money was robbed Just robbed a mobile phone, but didn t get much money, all change, less than 100.Did you hurt anyone No, I just frightened her with a fruit knife.Where did you rob her In the alley to the west of the Internet cafe of the E family.It turned out to be a criminal suspect of robbery with a knife Man, even though he was unlucky enough not to get much money, the robbery itself was serious.Sister Su, what martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe instructions do you have How can I, an aunt of the neighborhood committee, have the right to instruct you who sit in the office to turn on the air conditioner, Yingying, sister has been so busy these days that I forgot to ask how the last kiss was, yes Does Xiao Han feel it Huang Ying, who was about to get off work, laughed, and said with a chuckle Sister Su, stop joking, that unlucky bastard, how can I feel about him It is called a talented man and a beautiful woman.But people nowadays are very realistic, and the pressure of life is so great that people have to be realistic, especially when it comes to marriage.Although Huang Ying is not a second generation of officials or second generation of riches , her family conditions are still good.And with a degree, good looks, martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe and a stable job, you can find someone with better conditions in all aspects.Melody What s the name, there must be a name.Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe how long does 1 cbd gummy stay in your system had to explain more patiently Sister, the melody I played just now is called Melody.It turned out to be the opera Orfeo by Gluck.An orchestral piece in Act II Scene 2 of Act II and Euridice was later found to be more beautifully played on the violin, and thus became a well known and widely circulated violin classic.Let you see the account book you can see Do you understand You can t understand it either.Huang Ying didn t think it was embarrassing, she smiled nonchalantly Don t talk about Melody , I haven t even heard of Orfeo and that thing, I only heard of Romeo and Juliet.Orfeo and Euridice.Is it an opera What is it about It s similar to The Butterfly Lovers.It tells a touching love story.How touching Very touching.Yes As soon as he played the violin, Han Chaoyang seemed to be a different person.His eyes couldn t help closing his eyes, his whole body was immersed in the melody, and he was fascinated.He didn t know that the inspector of the Municipal Bureau was taking pictures in the crowd, let alone that the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the head of the Inspectorate Detachment would come out to pure cbd gummies email inspect in person at night.Aunt Wang, Aunt Yu and the others sang one song after another, and he played one song after another, which attracted bursts of warm applause.If you don t open your eyes to see, it s like going on stage in a grand theater to accompany the choir.feel.One song is over, and the next one is about to be pulled.Old Xu came over and leaned over and said, Chaoyang, Team Tang is here.In his words, it is illegal They even ask everyone to sign a non disclosure agreement when organizing a private photo shoot.The agreement stipulates some rights and obligations, roughly eight items, the most important of which is that the pictures taken cannot be made public, cannot be uploaded to the Internet, and cannot be used as For commercial purposes, it can only be used for private art appreciation.Liu Jianye was disappointed to find out such a result after searching all night, and after thinking about it, he turned around and asked, Xiujuan, you are a legal officer, tell me your opinion.Indecent photos, and very indecent indecent photos.Chen Xiujuan was very embarrassed by this, and she pretended to be calm and said At present, the law does not seem to have any prohibitive regulations on body nude photography , and the person being photographed has the right to handle his own portrait rights, and provide his nude portraits cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy to others for shooting.Han Da, what s the mission Yangguan Village has lost someone s life There is also a police office in the .

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village, but no one is there like the previous Chaoyang Community Police Office.No wonder the sub bureau command center asked the Chaoyang Police Office to dispatch the police nearby.Not daring to delay for a moment, Han Chaoyang rushed out of the police room and climbed into the police car.He didn t even bother to fasten the seat belts.He inserted the key to turn on the engine, turned on the police lights, and sounded the siren.Gu Changsheng, Kang Guojun and other five team members boarded the car.Then he slammed on the accelerator and hurried to the scene.The police must be sent quickly, but also pay attention to safety.Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about calling his brother, so he shifted to fifth gear, stepped on the accelerator to the bottom, and concentrated on driving.2 Squad to accompany Xiaolong from the criminal police team to visit and inquire.You can eat something first, and I m enough to accompany the criminal police team to visit and inquire about such things.Master, I ll take a bath first, and then I ll take a shower.Put on clean clothes and go there.Why are you here, worried that I don t know the way Don t look at me just transferred to the Huayuan Street Police Station, in fact, I know this area better than you.His family lives in the east of the city, west of the Chaoyang River.In Xincun, his son in law used to be an employee of Factory 527.Thinking about it, his old man is really familiar with this area, but Han Chaoyang still doesn t want his old man to accompany the criminal police team to visit and inquire under the can cbd gummies make you constipated scorching sun.There are two sets of police uniforms issued in Xia Tian, and the one I changed into has never been washed.The compensation is no less than yours, but they become millionaires and become cleaners, driving cars to sweep the streets every day.The cleaners only pay a month, do people care about that money I will look for it tomorrow , find a job .

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at random, and promise not to gamble.What does it mean to find a job at random If you want to live a good life, you should find it hard.If you find a job, you should work hard.You must plan your future life well.For example, how to spend land acquisition and demolition funds, this time Cash compensation, the type and floor of the house to be moved back to let you demolition households choose first, which is 200 per square meter cheaper than outsiders.You are only in your early thirties, it is impossible not to find a wife, it is best to have two sets, live in one now, The other one is reserved for Xiaobao to marry plus cbd relief pineapple and coconut gummies a wife in the future.Cheng Xinhui realized that he wanted to visit key population homes, and while locking the door, he introduced Shi Guicai went out to work, and went out with his brother in law a few days ago.I don t know what kind of job he is working for.Anyway, the case of Qiao Xianhong s wife and child has nothing to do with him.I was interrogated several times before I left, and I lead the way every time the criminal police team goes.Solving the case is the task of the criminal police team, but Shi Guicai s whereabouts must be clarified.This involves the management of key populations.To find out where he is, you need to contact the local police station, which will take care of it.This is what the community police do.The three of them rushed to the first team together, found their relatives, chatted for a while, figured out the situation, and were about to go to the next one.It s a coincidence that he is a night owl, and he suddenly thought gummy cbd pure hemp tincture of calling me cbd gummies distributors just now, telling me that he changed his number, and asked me to add his new WeChat He knew the guy named Yao.He met him at a small restaurant in the village.He didn t have Yao s phone number or WeChat account, but there was a QQ account named Yao.They were friends on QQ, and they were on QQ a few days ago.I ve contacted you online.It s really hard to find anywhere, and it s easy to get here Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and hurriedly cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy turned on the light and picked up a pen and paper Brother He, what s the last name of that fellow of yours, what s his name We met in the car, from the same township, so we left a phone number with each other, and later called him when there were fellow villagers gatherings.We met several times at the gatherings.Yes That s it, report in time if there is any situation.Liu So, the clues reported by Han Chaoyang last night are valuable Guan Yuanyuan asked curiously as soon as Liu Jianye hung up the phone.I don t know, but it should be valuable from He Yichang s reaction.Didn t you ask Lao Liang Ask, to save him trouble.Now it s much better than before, if it were five years ago, the location of the task force s handling of the case would be kept secret, and the policemen who were transferred to the task force even had to change their mobile phone numbers, and they couldn t talk to their families once they purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews were involved in the case.connect.Thinking of this, Guan Yuanyuan nodded and said nothing.Liu Jianye pondered for martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe a moment, put down his phone and said, Old Guan, call Han Chaoyang later and ask him how the house looks.It s no problem to call up ten people.Ten people are enough, let s start immediately, I will take people from Shijiadong Pass by, take people along Shijiaxi Road, and arrange a few team members to outflank Yu Ning Street.When you get to the scene, pay attention to the street to prevent them from running away.Then call the parking lot attendant who reported martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe the incident and ask him to help us summer valley cbd gummies cbd gummies do for you Keep martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe an eye on it.Yes Chapter 164 One Catch In order to enrich the business life of the young men, the meeting room on the first floor and the activity room for the elderly on the third floor are open to them every night.They can watch TV in the conference room on the first floor, play billiards and sing karaoke on the third floor.They also know the wireless WIFI password of the neighborhood committee, and they can use their mobile cbd gummy dosage for dogs phones or laptops to surf the Internet.It s important to do business.Let s go downstairs.The two walked to the bar together, and just stopped when Guan Xiyuan, who purekana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe was copying the surveillance video, raised his head and said, Boss Bao, right My surname is Guan, and my name is Guan Xiyuan.We are policemen from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Others beat others, please follow us to the institute.What instigated others to beat others I didn t instigate them, and no one in our store fought Boss Bao, the surveillance video is here.He broke his nose and his face is covered in blood The facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive.What do you do, why do you think we came here so late to find you Boss Bao came to his senses and asked angrily, The guy surnamed Fan asked you to report the crime If you don t go to the hospital right now, you will go to the hospital later.Huang Ying, you can t hide such an important matter from Teacher Ma Come on, let s take a photo together and show Teacher Ma.You are so beautiful and have such a good figure.Teacher Ma must be very happy.Huang Ying was so embarrassed that Han Zhaoyang hurriedly said Sister Miao, let s order first, and take pictures later, and besides, my mother has met Yingying, and knows Yingying Yes Yes.The younger brother was very dishonest when he was in school.Teacher Ma asked him on the phone.Miao Haizhu had a strong sense of responsibility and felt that it was his responsibility to help Teacher Ma discipline him.He stared at him suspiciously and asked, Really Do you know each other I really do, Yingying introduced you to buy the house of Bright Future.Why didn t you tell your mother I want to give her a surprise.Musicians Association, it doesn t matter whether you join or not.Han Chaoyang was not very interested in this, and he couldn t live up to his kindness.He pretended to be helpless and said, Director Gao, I m not engaged in music now.I m afraid I don t have the qualifications.Why not Gao Yueqing Putting down his chopsticks, he explained with a smile Could it be that the members of the Writers Association are all full time writers There are not only full time writers but also amateur writers, as well as critics.Besides, your Ministry of Public Security has the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of the Ministry of Public Security, and the Public Security Department has the Public Security Writers Association.Since the police can apply to kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe join Writers Association, why can t you apply to join the Music Association Yes, Chaoyang, you were originally a music student, and you have a very high level of performance.What if they operate in secret Isn t there Secretary Yang, who will supervise them at that time, if we sing well, but they don t give us the first place, Secretary Yang will definitely rush to them Chapter 184 Be good, baby The work life of the security company is intense and fulfilling.Dai Jisheng returned from patrolling the village and continued to work the night shift until 6 o clock tomorrow morning.He prefers to be on duty in the police station than anywhere else.Because in other places there are only security guards, but in the police office they are the security patrol members who assist the public security, and they don t have the opportunity to be on duty in the police office every day, and they only have one turn in a month.Xiaokang s situation is different from his.He has to take the public examination next year, and the leader is more considerate.It is much more difficult to get his praise than to be praised by the bureau leaders.Han Chaoyang was really surprised, and hurriedly said Yes.With old Gu, how should we do community work I don kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe t need to say more, just two things.One is that you have added many people s WeChat, built and added dozens of WeChat groups, and these WeChat groups are well managed.Zhou Ju asked to build a WeChat group on this basis.Wechat public account, registered in the name of Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade.The political office and the office will provide you with content, and timely push our branch s major deployment, important work and policies and regulations, traffic management, police notification, clue collection, fire Hidden dangers, fraud warnings, safety warnings, and other police information that are closely related to the lives of the masses, you can also release some information that is closely related cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy to the masses in your jurisdiction.For safety reasons, I appointed a waste collector, and I went to the police station to file and register.Compared with outside personnel, it is easier to manage.If a waste collector can come in, what if things are lost, the security of the community is not good kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe You speak better than you sing, you only have money in your eyes Aunt Liu, it s chilling for you to say that, and I m doing it for the good of the community and you owners.The management fee cali cbd gummy bear 750mg has fallen to me personally Pocket, the management fee, as a variety of operating income of the property, is mainly used for the construction of public facilities in the community and to make up for the lack of property fees, and it is announced to you every year.Who can understand the journals you announced, who knows How tricky Aunt Liu, it s meaningless for you to say that.Mei Shengli was deeply impressed by Shi Ju.Thinking that the old soldier often caused trouble to the cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy government, and thought that the bureau had sent people to Xinlan City more than once to participate in the dinners of their old comrades in arms, Bureau Shi asked in amazement Let Mei Shengli go, He Pingyuan , are you out of your mind Shiju, do I dare to take such a big matter as a joke He Pingyuan looked up at the trainer Hang, and explained with a wry smile It s not like I can t make a deal with him, but he is still a good person.I know him better.Although he often makes troubles for his superiors, he is absolutely unambiguous on the issues of right and wrong.Moreover, since he became the village party secretary, he has been going from house to house to buy miscellaneous grains for more than ten years.He stood up with sharp eyes and a serious expression.Instructor, I m sorry, it s mine.I forgot to turn it off just now.Han Chaoyang realized the seriousness of the problem and looked embarrassed.It is possible for others to leak the news, but it is completely impossible for him.The point is not just about the possibility of leaks Instructor Hang whispered a few words to the plainclothes policeman s ear, and then said in Mandarin Just close it, sit down.He turned off his phone and kept cursing himself secretly.The phone hung up when martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe the phone didn t go through.Huang Ying was very depressed, and after thinking about it, she called again.This time it was even more extreme than last time, and it actually shut down You actually hung up on me and turned off summer valley cbd gummies cbd gummies do for you the phone.Huang Ying gritted her teeth angrily.I didn t expect that I might have to walk the mountain road cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy again.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, thought about it, and then asked, Brother Jiang, just now the leader of your bureau called in Mandarin.He seemed to be talking about the forest branch.Is it in charge of the martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe forest branch borrowing a car It s too far away here, I guess I m planning for the worst, and ask them to assist in rounding it martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe up if nothing happens. Isn t this a forest area, isn t this under their control This is a forest area, but this place isn t under their control.Jiang Li looked back and explained in a low voice In our county, there is only a forest police station, not a forest sub bureau.The forest sub bureau mentioned by martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe the bureau leader is the Longxingshan sub bureau of the Provincial Forest Public Security Bureau, which is at the same level as our county bureau.The terraced fields were reclaimed by the people who originally lived in this area.Walk down the terraced fields one by one, follow the mountain to the south, and turn a few turns.A village hidden in the mountains appears in front of you.What shocked people was that there was smoke trubliss cbd gummies ingredients from cooking in the village that should have been abandoned for two years One group, one group, I am three groups, I am three groups, please answer.Two groups, two groups, I am three groups, please answer if you receive it, please answer if you receive it Han Chaoyang confirmed that there was cooking smoke in the distance, not The forest was on fire, and he suggested nervously Brother Jiang, it s too far away, the signal is not good, Cui Ju and the trainer can t receive it, so let s call the phone.Yes.Jiang Li handed the walkie talkie to Han Chaoyang, and took out the phone First adjusted the focus and took two photos, first sent the photos to the trainer Hang, and then dialed the trainer s phone number.Although I quit smoking a long time ago, every time I wake up and get up, I feel bitter in my mouth.Turn on the kettle, take a sip of water, rinse your mouth, add a few branches that the little guy picked up during the day to the quick fire extinguishing pile, make sure green leaf cbd gummies shark tank that the campfire will not be blown by the wind to the distance and cause a forest fire, turn on the flashlight, lean on the little guy I helped to make crutches, and went downhill to find a place in the lee to relieve my big hands.In the mountains, toilets are where no one is.In the past four days and four nights, the three of them have planted landmines around them.Han cbd gummies email Chaoyang didn t want to make the place where he expected martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe to stay tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow stinky, and he didn t want to step on landmines.He didn t walk the road he had walked in the past few days.This is not a guilty conscience.There is no doubt martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe that he did not want to let the police Find a school.Xu Hongliang reacted and asked What happened next The amount involved is more than 20,000 yuan.Criminal responsibility must be investigated, but there is no evidence, and his fingerprints are not in the fingerprint database of ex convicts, and even his last name, name, and residence.I don t know where.The Criminal Police No.4 Squadron had no choice but to lock him up for 24 hours and let him go. It s definitely his fault.I also think so.What should we do now Xu Hongliang asked while holding the car window.There is no evidence, and the criminal police have nothing to do with him.What can martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe we do with him, besides, others don t know anything.Han Chaoyang stared at the South Gate of PolyU, and said coldly He didn t tell his real name honestly, which shows that he I still really want to go to school.The mobile phone and ID cards are all in the hands of the pyramid schemers.Luckily, I had some money, so I went to the station police station kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe to explain the situation, and the railway police issued a certificate to him, asking him to buy a ticket and report back.Huang Ying laughed and said, I said last night that maybe someone Chaoyang still doesn t believe me if I cheated into pyramid schemes No matter what the reason is, it s good to come back, otherwise the anxious parents will run to the police station every day.Xiaokang thought this was a good thing, thought about it, and put down the flyer Sister Xinyi, Sister Yingying, this is not a trivial matter.The Xinyuan Street Police Station has registered a case.You should watch here first, and I will tell sheetz cbd gummies Han Da Go ahead, he s been dragging for a long time, so it s time for a break.But Chaoyang Community Security Company is not only a security company, but also a voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community under the guidance of Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang didn t want the team members to be on the news, so he asked in a deliberative tone, Director Wang, since you know you ll be blackmailed if you do this, can you change the way, anyway, the wedding is held in the city.No, there s only one girl , The girl will get married once in her life.The parents hope to marry the girl in a beautiful way, and the girl also wants a beautiful wedding.I can understand that the woman is really nice, just such a little request, what else No, not only did not ask for a bride price, but instead gave money to Mr.Liang s grandson to buy a house, and the down payment for the wedding house was paid by him.The bureau leader Wu Wei asked in surprise.It s because who should be in charge of the case, no matter from which point of view this case should be in their charge, but they think the body was found in our jurisdiction, and they think it should be investigated by our branch, understand.Investigating, isn t it just solving a case, and it s not that the sub bureau has never investigated a murder case. 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During this period of time, Han Chaoyang often dealt with the leaders.Han Chaoyang could somewhat understand what the leaders were thinking.He looked around and leaned into his ear and said, Solving a case is meritorious service, but meritorious service awards are only honors, which can only serve as icing on the cake.If it cannot be solved, it will not be icing on the cake, and it will be too much to eat.Accept inquiries.Okay, I ll let them do it, but we have to hurry up, we re busy.Thank you.Chang Liqun put on his hard hat and went out to call for someone, watching one after another Called into the office martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe as if in court, a worker in his twenties panicked, pulled a worker who had just come out of the office and asked, Brother, what did the police ask It s not about facing each other.I asked who went to work and who didn t go to work on the night of the 15th, 16th, and 17th, who was with whom, whether there were martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe boats on the river, and whether the carts and loaders had been out.No We can solve the case, and even suspect that we are murderers What do you say Tell the truth.Just as he was inquiring, a worker came over, took off his mask and said, I went home on the night of the 16th, and I was the only one at home.He needed funds to expand the hotel.He often borrowed millions of dollars at the first opening and promised higher interest.Many people believed it and lent him money one after another.Some people did not have enough money, so they pooled up and lent him bit by bit.Tengda lit a cigarette and continued In September last year, the hotel closed down due to poor management.When it closed, it owed more than 200,000 wages to the workers.A friend borrowed money.When the repayment deadline came, the creditor came to the door, and he ran away if he couldn t get the money.Before running away, he and his wife went through divorce procedures.Colleagues from the Criminal Police Detachment of Dongguan Public Security Bureau said that only in Gailin The county people s court had 16 loan disputes involving him, with a total of more than 18.The leaders martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe went downstairs together, and the yard became empty.There were only three police cars left in front of the hall, and there was no one in them.It was unknown where Bureau Feng and Bureau Du were handling cases.Although Han Chaoyang was 9.A member of the 18 special case team, but people are self aware, very clear that after all, they are just a community policeman, and they are really not good at investigating cases, so they didn t think much at all.A leader, go to the cafeteria and wait for the master to help Li Xiaobin and Xiaokang make supper.Chapter 348 Seeing each other is worse than not seeing each other He Yichang hurried to the bank.The stainless steel shutter of the business hall on the first floor had already been pulled down, but the counter was still brightly lit.As the most powerful economic investigation policeman in the sub bureau, he can be called a frequent visitor here.Just as he was talking, the iron door of his house was closed from the inside with a bang, which should have been closed by Huo Xuebin s mother.The old lady obviously didn t want to see the police, and obviously didn t want the police to come in.It involves so much money that a person or even a family can t earn in a lifetime.The work of this family is not easy, but very, very difficult.Han Zhaoyang realized that the trip was wasted, and he sighed secretly.He calmly took out the police and civilian contact card You take this, it has my mobile phone number on it, and I think martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe you have the contact information of Instructor Wang, think about it, and call us if you figure it out.Three hundred and sixtieth Chapter Grind The relationship between Qi Suo and Li Ju is good enough, martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe and Li Ju s face is big enough Han Chaoyang originally planned to invite Instructor Wang to have a meal, but he paid for the meal, saying that the most handsome policeman in Yanyang was welcome back to his hometown, and that they must do their best as landlords. Report to Liu, I just went there this morning, the suspect s relatives are not very cooperative, and I plan to go tomorrow. That s how you should do your work, .

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with them Present the facts and be reasonable, and talk to them well.Although I have never carried out such a mission of chasing escapes, I have heard of many cases.Many fugitives came back through persuasion.As long as you do your job well, I believe The relatives of kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe the suspect will cooperate.Yes, I will not be discouraged, I plan to use the rest of my vacation to work hard on the relatives of the suspect.The young man has changed a lot, he is really a different person from before Liu Jianye was very satisfied just cbd gummies legal with the changes in Han Chaoyang, and was very pleased to have such subordinates.After thinking about it, he said Xiao Han, work is important, and family is also important.Yes.It is impossible for the bureau to allocate cars to the comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road for no reason.Liu Jianye only wants cars and not people.The reason why people are not wanted is not that the police force in the institute is not tense, but that this may involve the division of jurisdictions in the future.As the head of the police station, no one wants to be cededed.He touched the corner of his mouth and pondered Considering cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy that your master will retire soon, the police force in the police room will become very tense.Xiao Wu used to stay with you in the police office, you were responsible for the overall work of the police office and community work, and he was mainly responsible best organic cbd thc gummies to order online for handling cases, what do you think Who doesn t like workaholics , besides, the leader has already decided, Han Chaoyang Hastily said Wu Wei is so capable, it s really kind of him to go, thank you Liu Suo.There were more than a dozen motorbike drivers lined up on the side of the road to solicit customers.The drivers were male and female, and each of them enthusiastically stepped forward to inquire where he was going.Tang Junhua pretended to be a little nervous, and deliberately chose to ride a motorcycle driven by a woman in her thirties.After driving about three or four hundred meters, the woman turned her head and asked, Brother, are you here to buy a motorcycle The car Sister, how did you know The female driver was amused, and said cheerfully You can tell at a glance, whoever is not buying a car will come here.If you want to buy a second hand electric car, you have to go to Hua Yu went to buy it.I just delivered one in the morning and left him my cell phone number, but I haven t called to pick it up until now, so I probably bought the car and drove the electric car back.He thought that the law would not rule the purekana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe crowd.There were so many people in the village who were dealing with stolen cars that the police couldn t catch them all.At this time, the auxiliary police came out from the Westinghouse and reported Officer Lu, there are five electric cars inside.There are three in the kitchen Officer Lu, there are more here, one, two, three, four ten One, twelve, a total can cbd gummies cause skin rash of twelve cars I wouldn t know if I didn t come, but I was shocked when I came here, and there were more than 20 stolen cars in this village alone.The women who came out of it kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe didn t know what to say about her.Chapter 386 Shocking The encirclement and suppression operation went smoothly and achieved great results, but it was not good news for the leaders of the Jiangxi County 20mg gummies cbd Public Security Bureau.The biggest change is the former Chaoyang Village Memorial Hall Han Chaoyang and he had dinner in the police office last night, went back to the dormitory, changed into casual clothes, and rode a scooter to this ghostly place that they really didn t want to come to but had to.When they entered the gate, they found that there was a painting on the cement floor in the yard.There are more than a dozen parking spaces, and a big sign with charging standards is leaning against the door, probably not installed in time.Chaoyang, have you eaten Have you eaten Han Chaoyang parked his electric car, walked to the entrance of the hall and asked, Mom, where are Yingying and Mr.Zhang Huang s mother put down her broom, pointed to the back door of the hall and said with a smile Inside, Lingling is also here, you go to them.This The workload is too much, this is the rhythm of breaking legs, and I purekana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe don t know if I can bring that kid to justice after working hard.Han HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Chaoyang was having a headache, and Miao Haizhu snickered again By the way, there seems to be a judicial interpretation that illegal production and sales of more than 3 sets of radio equipment or an illegal business amount of more than 50,000 yuan can be deemed as serious circumstances..That is to say, you can not only search down, but also type up.Find out who sells these devices, check whether they have sold the device to other people, and then type down, transfer a complaint, maybe you can catch it A dozen or twenty can be sentenced Chapter 408 Handling the Case 3 Maybe they can be arrested or sentenced to ten or twenty Han Chaoyang was tempted, and thought to himself that if he could really find out whether he could be awarded for meritorious service, at least it would be an indicator of ten or twenty criminal detentions and even sentencing.As long as we can find out some famous people , it will be a matter of course in martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe the future.Zhou Ju, I think what you said is really good It would be great to set up another brigade, and stop new york cbd gummies illegal having a headache for Kang Haigen because there is no place.Chapter 414 Handling the Case 9 Han Chaoyang When they rushed to the police office, the interrogation was over.Kang was sleeping in the community police office behind the office, and Miao Haizhu was resting in the female dormitory of the security service company.Bi Xunchang martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe was not given the treatment to go to bed.He was still detained in the police room, his left hand was handcuffed to the heating pipe, and he just squatted in the corner and fell martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe asleep.Fearing that he would hurt himself, Xu martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Hongliang arranged for two team members to sit on the sidelines and watch.The evidence is enough, there is no need to apply for further detention for interrogation, but it is a race against time to send the suspect to the case handling center of the sub bureau within 24 hours from the moment the suspect is summoned.As a policeman of the branch, Han Chaoyang only took a look at the command center from the outside.Not only did the case handling center never come in, he had never even been in this building.This is the place established by the sub bureau last year to solve law enforcement problems, improve law enforcement efficiency, and standardize law enforcement levels.Centralized case handling, intelligent management, information application, and one stop service law enforcement and case handling.The entire center is divided into case acceptance, case handling, and case involvement.Han Chaoyang realized what he wanted to say, and couldn t help asking She took away 200,000 and left 600,000 for you, which means that she loves you and is reluctant to part with you.Xin, but I have to go, and after I leave, I don t want to say that I can t return to you and Xinxin. That s what I mean, I know her too well As for the bank card, show me.Oh, I have it with me.Ling Bin took out his wallet and took out a CCB debit card from the wallet.Han Chaoyang put the card under the light, picked up the phone to take a picture of the card number, then returned the card to him, got up and said, Mr.Ling, I will try my best to find it for you.Don t be so anxious.Go to sleep first and have a good rest.For a while, get enough energy and remember as well as before.I added your WeChat just now, and I will send you your mobile phone number later, and call me if you think of anything.It s all here with me, Han Chaoyang glanced through the quilt again, clutching his phone tightly, and said with a wry smile, We just found out that Wan Wan is here.Xiaoxia, she is very cunning, sneaked into Dongming community early in the morning, and hid martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe on the roof of building No.16 facing the street to observe the youth hostel.One light and one dark, Sister Wei was in the light, she was hiding in the dark, luckily we didn t What a big commotion, otherwise she would have run away.Have you locked her Wang Jianping s blood boiled with excitement.It s basically confirmed to be her, but it s more troublesome to hide on the roof.People like her tend to go to extremes.If they find that they can t escape, they may jump off the building.Just rush to Yanyang, keep in touch, and call in time if there is any situation Don t worry, Team Wang, we won t act rashly.Did you hear that, thirty eight, pay the fare first.Police Uncle, I have something to do and I want to go home, so why pay the fare if I don t get home This kid not only looked suspicious but also smelled of alcohol, Han Chaoyang gave him a hard look I have something to summer valley cbd gummies cbd gummies do for you go home, why worry Go back and pay the fare quickly, should I give it in cash or use my mobile phone The young man realized that it was difficult to get out, so he could only say unhappily Cash.Which pocket is the money in In the inside pocket.Han Chaoyang reached into his pocket and took out a wallet, took out a 50 bill from the wallet, and handed it to the driver.The driver opened the top of his head to check the authenticity, and while he was busy looking for change, he asked, Comrade police, do you want a ticket What do you think Oh, just hit it.Wu Wenge, who hadn t spoken much, grinned With a smile, he pointed to Ji Kaiyuan and said, Inspector Gu, Team Ji and I only met later on.He is a criminal policeman or deputy squadron leader.How could he fun drops cbd gummies official website learn from me, a security officer Grandpa Gu couldn t help asking Old Ji, were you not convinced back then How is it possible, I was busy catching thieves.You and I don t know, I must be unconvinced.There was no competition back then, a policeman and a policeman Security guards are no better, now you can Otherwise, when all the lads arrive, I will divide them into two groups, and you will take a group to see who can teach faster, and which group can catch more thieves and win.Those who win are more clever, those who lose are willing to gamble and admit defeat, and honestly treat the cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy salary given by the community.At 8 45, the establishment ceremony of the anti pickup squadron of the Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade and the plainclothes anti pickup squadron of the Huayuan Street Police Station of the Yandong Public Security Bureau officially began.Han Chaoyang took over the revised agenda from Cao Zefang and sat on the rostrum The far left hosts the meeting.First, Director Xie, please announce the decision of the community neighborhood committee on the establishment of an anti picking squad, and then, as a community policeman, announce the decision of the Huayuan Street Police Station on the establishment of a plainclothes auxiliary police squadron.Then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to speak, and then ask Zhang Zhishu and Xu instructor to announce the appointment of personnel.When I clicked on the video under the news, I saw a familiar figure again.Director Wen, what s the matter with the news that was pushed at night Oh, friendly forwarding.Director Wen held his phone tightly and said with a smile Don t Chaoyang Community Patrol Team have a WeChat official account It was done when Su Xian didn t leave.Han Chaoyang s chances of becoming popular on the Internet are pretty good, with more than 100,000 followers.We not only drain traffic from them, but also let them push the police information of the branch from time to time.When they find us, we have to help, and the content is fine Zhou Ju got up and laughed, I m not saying the content is bad, I mean that kid Han Chaoyang went to the airport to do some flash mob.Zhou Ju, he is both the policeman on campus of PolyU and a special employee of PolyU s School of Art. Han University, I also congratulate you on your promotion.Auxiliary police Lao Mao also cupped his fists to express his congratulations.Thank you, thank you.I ll go back to the institute and treat everyone to dinner when I m done.At the age of twenty four, it is not martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe impossible to become the director or even the director of the bureau in the future.No matter how the previous relationship was, after all, after being a colleague, Lao Hu felt that there should be a good relationship, and he said sincerely It is impossible for an Internet cafe to be without surveillance.You should have a screenshot of the suspect s surveillance.Anyway, I am going outside today.Turn it on, why don t you send me the screenshot, and I ll help you keep an eye out for it.This was a kind offer from a colleague in the old unit, and Han Chaoyang couldn t refuse, so he took out his phone and smiled, Yes, I ll send you the screenshot on WeChat In fact, the suspect used someone else s ID card to access the Internet, and there are only surveillance screenshots.This is not a post from any netizen, but a piece of news.The headline is very eye catching, and it reads 24 year old policeman plans to promote deputy department raises doubts , and the news was posted on a portal website with a lot of traffic, and the source is Yanyang Online.The content is a standard news format According to the Yanyang Online report, many people under the age of martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe 24 martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe are still studying hard in college, but some people are about to become deputy department level cadres.On January 18, Yandong District of Yanyang City publicly announced the selection of section level leading cadres in 2016.A 24 year old ordinary martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe policeman from the Public Security Bureau of the district will soon be promoted to be the chief of the Zhongshan Road Police District of the Yandong Public Security Bureau and a volunteer security officer.Assist the cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy Chaoyang Squadron of the Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade in law enforcement.Thieves are getting harder and harder to catch.Wu Junfeng is more interested in cleaning up the chaos around the station.As soon as the meeting is over, he calls Shang Gujun, Liu Chengquan, and Zhang Bin, and pretends to be passengers who have just got off the station just like they did during the day.Track and monitor the women soliciting customers, see which small hotels they take tourists to, and see whether those small hotels are involved in pornography.They even caught pickpocketing with bags, and there was nothing to worry about following and monitoring a few women, Han Chaoyang.And if they find out, they will not act without authorization.Han Chaoyang chatted with Dai Da for a while, and then drove back to the police station.As for the photos below the screenshots, you can tell at a glance that Little Fairy turned on beauty and used filters when taking selfies.Her face shape and makeup are similar to those of the popular female anchors on the live broadcast platform.The first impression is very good Pretty and slender, but ageless at all.The reporter only has her WeChat, but not her mobile phone number Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.No.Wu Junfeng paused, and added martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe However, the reporter provided a clue, saying that Little Fairy kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe used to be a member in Jinshi Fitness Center, and mango cbd relief gummies the fitness center must have the personal information of Little Fairy.Report the case The person just returned to her hometown the day before yesterday.She said that she had called 110, but she forgot to add the area code.She went to the Public martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Security Bureau martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe of their hometown.Okay, hurry over there, I ll notify the anti drug team, if we can catch up, we will act together.Yes Arriving at the East Long distance Bus Station, Wu Wei, Wu Junfeng, Wang Jiayong and Liu Chengquan, who cbd gummies do for you hadn t been home for the New Year, were sitting in the police car waiting.Sun Guokang honked his horn twice and galloped past them.Wu Junfeng immediately followed without saying a word, and the two 110 my cbd gummy bears police cars went straight to Zhongshan Road.The nickname Desperate Saburo is very loud, but it is not glorious when you think about it carefully.Han Chaoyang didn t want to make a joke like when he was arrested at the World Trade Hotel, he raised the walkie talkie and shouted Angkor, Karoti s terrain is rather complicated, the hall is on the third floor, there are several boxes in the hall, and there are stairs in the hall It leads to the fourth floor.The adults are upstairs preparing the New Year s Eve dinner, and the children are upstairs.I went to play, but when I was ready for the New Year s Eve dinner, I went downstairs to call the child back to eat and found that the child was gone.Xiaokang looked up at the empty Zhongshan Road, and then said Sister Haizhu is also out of the police.There was a dispute, and I just went to the affiliated hospital of the old machinery manufacturer.Okay, leave the police case in Yangguan Village to me, and Guokang and I will go directly there.Dealing with fights is more important than watching the Spring Festival Gala, Han Chaoyang put down the police report, and He said with apologetic face, Uncle Hong, why don t you go to Yangguan with us first, if you go late, it s not good for both parties involved to be beaten to death.Is the journey going well Call him Uncle.Ni Yujia looked at Huang Ying, then looked back at Han Chaoyang, pouted and said strangely, Dad, it s not green otter cbd gummies owner appropriate to call you Uncle, let s call you cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy Brother.Everyone.Han Chaoyang smiled, turned around and said, Bao Suo, Brother Ni, it s cold outside, let s go up first.Yes, yes, go upstairs first.Take the elevator to the 12th floor, the anti theft door is open.Yu Zhenchuan and Zhang Beibei were sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV, and his wife was moving cold dishes to the dining table.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies easley sc called out to his wife, and when he looked back, he saw Grandpa Gu busy in the kitchen wearing an apron.Jianguo, Chunxiang, what are you doing standing outside Come in and sit down.It s fine if someone comes.What are you doing with this thing The teacher s wife came to her senses, and while she greeted Ni Jianguo and his wife to come in, she held Ni Yujia s hand and said with a smile Jiajia It cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy s so tall, I haven t seen a big girl for several years Do you still remember grandma, you were only this tall when you came last time.Back, but across one of the straps diagonally.It s not that Xiao Gu has never seen the world.He looked up at the front of the express hotel, and said apologetically, Brother Sun, there is no decent hotel nearby, so I can only wrong you to live here.Okay, let s check in.The two climbed the steps with their luggage and kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe walked into the hotel lobby as if they hadn t seen Qiao Peiming.Seeing that there was no one on the sofa in the lobby, they went directly to the bar.Before he had time to speak, the waiter got up and asked, Sir, are you staying Why don t you stay here Xiao Sun leaned on the bar counter, looked at Qiao Peiming outside from the corner of his eye, and asked calmly, Do you have a room with a double bed here Yes, room 488.With Breakfast not included Not included.It s so expensive, I read it on the Internet before I came here, and it seems that it only costs 360.There are more than 60,000 RMB, several thousand Hong Kong dollars in the bag, a mobile phone, and a bunch of cosmetics that are not cheap.Minister Jiang has asked, and I have to go and have a look.Which Professor Liu There are so many professors in the school, I How can I know you Huang Ying was sensitive when she mentioned a woman, she raised her head and asked, You don t know which Professor Liu it is, how do you remember her name Didn t I just come back from the Second Squadron It s progressing, I ve introduced the basic situation of the victim, it s normal if I know it, it s not normal if I don t know it, it cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy means your husband s memory is wrong.Huang Ying also realized that this jealousy was a little unreasonable, she thought about it and asked curiously How s the fault Since the leader of your bureau asked you to be the fault, you have to show something Mentioning these things, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said It s not a blessing to lose one s horse..My mother called in the afternoon and said that my father planned to borrow fishing rods from their colleagues.There is a small reservoir, but it was contracted to others for aquaculture.In the past, you had to pay for fishing, but it martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe was adjusted to weigh two catties, and it was calculated by catty.It is also farmed fish, which is more expensive than the market.But fishing is a kind of entertainment, and this may be the only way Dad can think of to entertain people in the city.Han Chaoyang swallowed the words again, not wanting to how do you feel taking cbd gummies spoil Dad and his father in law.Huang Ying didn t know this, and said cheerfully Didn HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe t you promise Qisuo to go to the Qingshan Public Security Bureau for a discussion After you get home, you are busy and leave us alone.My mother likes to go to the field to pick wild vegetables, and I will go with her., Participated in handling the funeral affairs of martyrs, more experienced.As soon as Han Chaoyang hung up the organic cbd gummies bulk phone, he said in a low voice It s not good to just call the parents like this, you d better go and answer it.Whose child is not the darling of the mother, and it must be sad for a white haired person to give a black haired person.Desperate, you have to consider all possibilities, it is best to go to two lesbians, and it is best to have a doctor with you.Chapter 680 Pension Standard Director Wen called quickly, saying that there are some The situation needs to be understood, so I decided not to notify Liu Chengquan s relatives for the time being, and planned to wait for Han Chaoyang to arrive before arranging people to go to Liu Chengquan s family together.Huang s father also thought that he should not rush there, and said in a deep voice, Not only do you need to find out how Xiao Liu died, but you also need to find out the situation of Xiao Liu s family and the financial situation of the driver of the car that caused the accident.Call it out, let me watch it.The video, which only lasted a dozen seconds, has been watched countless times by Miao Haizhu since the criminal police and traffic police closed in.Watch it once, cry once.Miao Haizhu didn t want to, to be precise, she didn t dare to watch it anymore, she didn t want to see her comrades who had been together day and night fall before her eyes again.But Han Chaoyang didn t look at it.She bit her lip, walked to the main cabinet of the surveillance system, and turned on the computer of the surveillance system.Where there is video, there is truth.As Sun Guokang said, Liu Chengquan can be completely avoided.Even if he stands still on the steps, he will at most be hit by the bumper of the car that caused the accident, and at most his legs will be broken.But in order to save the woman in the video who was wearing a black down jacket, carrying a small red bag, and listening to music while walking with headphones, he rushed down the steps and pushed the girl away, but he himself was hit by the car that caused the accident.Just as he was feeling secretly, Han Chaoyang arrived with Huang Ying on an electric car.Huang Ying jumped out of the car as soon as she entered the yard, looked curiously at Da Ben who was parked in the parking space, and came up to him and asked, Mom, are you going home for dinner Or go to PolyU with us Beibei has not summer valley cbd gummies cbd gummies do for you recruited anyone so far.She has to be busy with business during the day and can t be on duty at night.I won t go anywhere martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe at night and just stay here.Your dad will come over later and accompany me You two are on duty together, so stop eating in the cafeteria, and eat here together when your dad arrives.Beibei hasn t recruited anyone in the talent market these two days The talent market is full of talents, and who is capable I would like to be a waiter.Huang s mother likes the feeling of being the leader of the hotel, and she doesn t care at all whether she can recruit people.Jiang Qingwen was busy getting temporary access cards for them.Han Zhaoyang looked at it for a while, and asked in a low voice, Xiao Jiang, why do you do temporary work Xiao Jiang looked at the migrant workers who had just walked out of the construction site, and said with a smile, Mr.It s the same as Dongming Community and 527 Factory.All the access control cards must be tied with bank cards, and these two people are doing everything they can to generate income Han Chaoyang hated Zhang Beibei and Xu Hongliang s behavior from the bottom of his heart, and he couldn t say anything to the security guard who obeyed kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe orders and was very dedicated, so he went to the hotel to pick up his wife and go back to the PolyU dormitory to rest, and then went with Cao Zefang early the next morning Leading the security guards who were changing shifts to patrol the streets, they did not go back to the police office directly after changing positions at each duty point one by one, but rushed to the old martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe what do cbd gummies do for sleep district committee compound that was still under construction.Okay, just do it.Han Zhaoyang smiled and reminded It is good to muddy the water, but such a disturbance is equivalent to intensifying the quarrel between neighbors.If there is a dispute between the owner and the owner because of the installation of elevators or the addition of parking spaces, it must be mediated in time.Chapter 701 Express delivery 1 Returning to the police room, Liu Hui sat Editing the WeChat martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe purekana cbd gummies near me official account in front of the computer, worried that electromagnetic radiation would be bad for the baby in the stomach, so he wore a fat martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe purekana cbd gummies near me radiation proof suit.Sitting across from her, Jiang Xiaomin was holding a mobile phone in the water, probably too involved, and couldn martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe t help laughing as she drenched herself.The staff has changed a lot recently, Wu Wei and Xiaokang were transferred to the 2.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and said in a deep voice Okay, let s keep an eye on them first, and see what they do, and see how many of them there are.I asked Xi Yuan to check and see who are still registered in the village The workplace is the same company.Okay, let s check first.If you don t check, you don t know, and if you check, you will be shocked After Han Chaoyang chatted with Kang Haigen and continued to check the ID cards of the outsiders for a while, Guan Xiyuan called and said that there were sixty seven outsiders from more than a dozen provinces and cities in the village.When they went to the police office of Yangguan Village to register It is the same work unit.The youngest is 19 kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe years old, and the oldest is 58 years old.Most of them are not highly educated, and only nine have college or undergraduate degrees.Miao Haizhu looked sideways at Old Tang s police contact, and said in as calm a tone as possible Yang Xiaorong, even if you don t tell us, we can still contact your family members, but I think a man should be brave, no matter what happens You should face everything bravely.Yang Zi, be obedient and listen to the police comrades.The foreman couldn t help but say something.It could be seen that Yang Xiaorong respected the foreman, licked his lips, and said falteringly, I don t know.Run away the foreman asked in surprise.They keep beating me.If you don t run away, you can let kana cbd gummies cost martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe them beat you at home Who keeps beating you the foreman asked subconsciously.Yang Xiaorong choked up and said, My dad, and the girl my dad is looking for.Where s your mother Miao Haizhu asked.My mother was beaten away by my father.While signing the gun and ammunition handover record, he yawned and said, I won t be able to sleep when I go back.I have something to do later.What s the matter Old Tang asked casually, Unload the magazine, check the number of bullets, then load the magazine, fasten the lanyard, put the gun in the holster, and sign the ledger after receiving it, indicating the handover time.There is a fellow who comes to report to the Sixth Hospital.She is not familiar with the Sixth Hospital.I have to help her settle down.Come to the Sixth Hospital to report Come to the Sixth Hospital to work Tang s son is also studying medicine, and he is particularly interested in the employment of medical school graduates.He asked curiously, What major is your fellow student, undergraduate or postgraduate Seven years of study, and it seems like a few more years of regular training after graduation.Not only was she embarrassed to go in, but she didn t want to go in.Her father was knocked off his legs while on duty.Wheelchair, all this hit her too much, so that she didn t like the profession of police from the bottom of her heart.Han Chaoyang didn t know, so he hurriedly wiped his face and ran back to the police room through the back door.Seeing no one in the hall, he lifted the cover and ran to the door.I have called several times before and added each other to WeChat.The fellow on the WeChat profile picture is very beautiful, so I didn t recognize Jiang cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy Yan at a glance, so I just stood on the steps and looked around.Officer Han, Officer Han, I m here.It doesn t match me Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly went up to greet him with a smile and said, Jiang Yan, welcome.Really, Sister Miao, you used to be so good at sports I I was kicked out of the shelves.Miao Haizhu obviously didn t want to talk about this topic, and said eagerly There are so many projects, every class has to participate, our class teacher doesn t care about anything, I can t help it There must be Story, otherwise Jiang Yan wouldn t have hesitated just now, and her expression now wouldn t be so exciting.How could Han Chaoyang miss this opportunity, and asked Then, did you participate in all of them The insider was sitting next to him, and Miao Haizhu realized that he couldn t escape, so he simply said openly I only participated in six Xiang, Jiang Yan remembers me not because I won the first place, but because we didn t have sportswear and sweatpants at that time, and I couldn t afford them, and I wore flowered shorts that my mother made for me when I ran long distances.The 14 case also went back to PolyU for rest.Huang Ying often heard about catching rape.It was the first time that she HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe couldn t get used to Boss Hu s Chen Shimei, and also looked down martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe purekana cbd gummies near me on Lin Xiaotong, who was clearly self sufficient but willing to be a junior.Wait for your girlfriends to chat about what happened at night.Stop gossiping, go to bed early, you have to go to work tomorrow.After taking a shower, Han Chaoyang changed into pajamas, turned off the light, and climbed into bed with the light of his mobile phone.It is worth mentioning that he had never worn pajamas before, let alone bought pajamas.This is Huang Ying after living together.Asking, maybe this is the difference between city people and country people.Wait a little longer, I can t sleep now.Huang Ying was so busy replying to the message that she didn t even bother to look at him.Chaoyang, help me talk to Inspector Gu, Mr.Ji and Mr.Wu said, please don t go out for the time being, I will go to your place now, not far away, half an hour at most.Okay, we will wait for you That s right, it will never be possible to ask the leader for instructions and report Incorrect.Liu Jianye came very quickly.As soon as he entered the dormitory, he thanked the three old men.After thanking him, he had to look at the photos taken by old man Ji when he was investigating the scene.Ji Kaiyuan pointed to the photo and introduced You may not be able to see anything from the photo, but if you pay attention at the scene, you will notice that the grass here and here has been pulled, the grass head is broken, and there are even a few The grass was uprooted and thrown into the dry grass on the left.Both the south and the north can carry the corpse to the site, but the south is summer valley cbd gummies cbd gummies do for you full of rubbish, and the north slope is relatively steep, which is not only difficult to walk, but also we did not find traces such as footprints, which means that the suspect came from this direction Come These have been confirmed, and it is even certain that the suspect came in from the gap in the wall that has collapsed for many years in the northeast corner of the factory area, because half a footprint was found on a brick in the gap, and it is similar to the footprint extracted by the river Matched up.Xiang Yaxin and the others didn t know what Liu Jianye wanted to express.Liu Jianye pointed to the open space under Xiaoshu without waiting for them to ask, and said expressionlessly Think about it, if the suspect really planned to throw the body into cbd gummies do for you cbd gummies 100mg per gummy the cesspool , then should he put the body down, first go to open the septic tank cover, and then come back and throw the victim s summer valley cbd gummies cbd gummies do for you body over the septic tank, and then cover it again Lao Kong reacted, subconsciously said It is also possible to carry the victim s body directly Go to the septic tank, but you must put the body down, after all, a person only has two hands, unless the suspect has accomplices.There are shops selling mobile phones in front and small restaurants in the back.People in our shop often go there to eat.Thinking that the police may not believe it, The girl emphasized again We usually eat in the store, but sometimes HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe we also go out to eat, such as someone s birthday, or want to have a party or something.She has worked nearby and may be related to Yu Xiufen, so she couldn t help asking Look again, and see if it s the same person The girl said in a positive tone Don t look, it s him, we ve been there Many times, and there is only one waiter and him as the waiter in Chuanwei Restaurant.What s his surname, what s his name It seems that his surname is Teng, I don t know what his name is, but you can ask Sister Yu, Sister Yu should know , He and Sister HCMUSSH martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe Yu seem to be from the same village.Seven hundred and sixtieth Chapter 6 Set your mind right About the new leadership team of Huayuan Street, Secretary Yang hinted before leaving, and everything is about to become a reality.Director Gu replaced Secretary Yang as the secretary of the Huayuan Sub district Working Committee.Cao Zefang, who is temporarily serving as the first secretary in Chaoyang Community, has been working in the sub district office for the past few days.His formal appointment will come soon, and he may directly serve as the director of the sub district office.Even who will succeed him as the first secretary of Chaoyang Community is sun state cbd gummies already an open secret.If nothing else, it should be Tang Yicheng, director of the Standing Committee of the District People s Congress.The district attaches great importance to this work.The problem is that there are only so many establishments, and it is impossible to keep busy without recruiting auxiliary police officers.A document was issued many years ago, and the problem of security officers should be resolved within a few years.After so many years, has it been resolved Not only has it not been solved, but more and more recruits have been recruited.They used to be called security officers, but now they are called auxiliary police The top priority is how to complete the security task of the international marathon in the district There is no way, as long as the voluntary security patrol brigade participates, the urgent need can be solved.Liu Qiuping couldn t think of a better way, and subconsciously asked We don t give patrol The team pays salaries, but doesn t pay the players social security, and they don t listen to what they say, so how to strengthen management District Chief Liu, we didn t pay them salaries on the surface, but when we encounter major events and let them participate in security, what s the difference from paying them salaries That s what District Chief Zhou did when he was here, and the effect was good.Tell them one by one.Han Chaoyang glanced back at Jiang Jianxing, turned around and said, Qian Shuangxi, I can understand your feelings, but one thing must be clear before talking about compensation.Unfortunately, your brother in law passed away due to illness, even if it is a work related accident., the compensation should also be paid to your sister and your nephew, even if a compensation agreement is reached, your sister and your nephew must sign it to take effect, don t you think so My sister is crying so badly, and Junzi is here She must be devastated when such a big event happened, but the issue of compensation is not a trivial matter.If she really doesn t want to talk about it, she should give you full authorization.Han Chaoyang paused, then changed the subject Xu Jun , how old are you this year Xu Jun hesitated for a moment, then raised his head and said, Twenty one.Old Xu was very generous, Huang s father and Huang s mother firmly disagreed, Zhang Beibei also didn t want to take advantage of Xu s family.Seeing them arguing, Grandpa Gu couldn t help laughing and said Several, stop arguing, and let the martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe children laugh at you.Why don t you just do it like this, the three families organize the wedding together, and the leaders and colleagues of the unit spend the money equally among the three families.Over there, each calculates their own.It s all right, Lao Xu, and Sergeant Gu have both spoken, so we ll do it this way.A consensus was reached on this issue, but disagreements arose when the list was sorted out.In the final analysis, the circle of friends of the three couples overlapped too much.The Xu family only counted the leaders and cadres of the Yandong Branch, Huayuan Street, and Chaoyang Community as common guests, and counted the security department of PolyU, the Security Section of the Sixth Hospital, and the security company as common guests.Qian Shangui knew very well what the natures boost cbd gummies near me police and Boss Hu asked him to do, so they chatted for another two minutes and suddenly The conversation changed I can t tell on the phone, how about it, these two days are just not too busy, I ll see if I can book a plane martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe ticket, if I can, I ll go to the construction site tomorrow to see.It s hard to get, if Qian Shangui agrees to Luo Weixing, he won t believe it.Seeing that Qian Shangui was not at ease to see the construction site, he felt relieved, and said with a smile Boss summer valley cbd gummies cbd gummies do for you Qian, it s best if you can come, take a look at the drawings, and then go to the construction site, you will know that this job can do it, and Qian can do it.It s easy to take. Then it s settled, I ll see if I can book a ticket first, and I ll call you when I do.Everything went so well, Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and motioned for Boss Qian to have a drink.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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