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It seemed unfair, but in fact it was reasonable.The police must be official police.In other words, Han Chaoyang will be on duty 24 hours a day from now on, and rush to the scene as soon as there is a police situation.If there are people who come to the police office to call the police, he, the official policeman, will also be required to make a record.In addition, there is a lot of work to be done, such as managing the population of the police office area, mobilizing and organizing various forces in the community to carry out security precautions, requiring property construction information officers and public security eyes and ears to collect intelligence information, and inspecting public complex places within the jurisdiction , entertainment venues, special industries, and rental houses for public security management. Yes, there s still time to catch up Xiao Han, hurry up, you have an electric car, and the electric car runs fast.Three old men, you talk to each other, Han Chaoyang Exhausted from being messed up, he looked behind him and coaxed a child and said, Uncle Tai, Uncle Xu, melatonin gummies cbd you three calm down, you three listen to my explanation.I can catch up now, HCMUSSH melatonin gummies cbd but after I catch up, I will catch up again.What can I do with him Punish him, confiscate his electric fish device Punish him, you always put it lightly, there is no legal basis, how do you always ask me to punish him Can t fine He What was violated was the laws and regulations of the fishery, and this matter should be handled cbd gummy bears cardiovascular by the fishery law enforcement officers of the Agriculture Bureau.Our police have no right to fine him, or even confiscate his melatonin gummies cbd electric fish equipment.There is something wrong with my character, no wonder I haven t even cbd gummies for sex price been a police chief for so many years.Ding Ren There is indeed a problem with the character of the friend.He likes to flatter the leader.Although he has done a lot of work, solved a lot of cases, and arrested suspects a lot, almost no one in the police thinks highly of him.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and asked, What s the matter with Ge Baohua I didn t offend him., when he was in the army, he liked to tell stories, and he even made small reports from fellow villagers.Yang Yong had a chance to be transferred to a non commissioned officer.Harring others and benefiting oneself The forest is big and has all kinds of birds.I would rather offend a gentleman than a villain.I couldn t control it this morning.I couldn t help but yell at him.I m a community policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Manager Jin should be going to work soon.Please sit down for a while and interview when Manager Jin arrives.There was a crutch on the shoulder, and I thought it was an auxiliary policeman, but I didn t expect it to be a regular policeman.A young man who graduated from the Judicial Police Academy looked enviously at the public security armband on his sleeve, stood up and said, Thank you, Officer Han.Officer Han, smoke.You re welcome, I won t smoke, I still have some I ll see you later.They were all strong and strong young men, among whom there seemed to be five veterans who were party members, and their ID card information was all in their resumes.In order to be sure, last night, I checked them one by one with the police report to prevent criminals or ex convicts from mixing into the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.The morale of the team members is also very high, but is the equipment not all cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for sex price in place Report to Secretary Yang, Comrade Jin Dabao is responsible for the equipment finance, or let Comrade Jin Dabao report.The division of labor is clear, it s good, Lao Jin, tell me what s going on.Lao Jin hurried to the front, wearing a small special police T shirt on him, and reported in a decent Lizhenghui Report to Secretary Yang, explosion proof Shields, explosion proof helmets, stab proof vests, stab proof gloves, rubber batons, cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 law enforcement recorders, warning belts and other equipment and supplies needed to assist law enforcement.Equip immediately.It turns out that the funds are not in place, and I will help you to rush.The leaders went to the police office for a round, and returned home after the tour.The leaders of the office were not at home, and the master was out to deal with the police.Han Chaoyang first used the computer in the community team office to log in to the Municipal Bureau s refined assessment management system, and entered the detailed work status of the past three days.After recording my own, just quitting to help Xu Hongliang and Lao Xu record, Yang Tao and Guan Xiyuan opened the door and walked in.Chaoyang, when did you come back Just arrived, master, have you called the police There was a theft in the Xinmin community, and an owner s electric car was stolen.Surveillance, until now, I m almost dizzy from the heat, it s still cool in the room.Yang Tao picked up the cup and took a big sip of cold boiled water, and stood under the air conditioning outlet.Have you caught the thief The surveillance has been transferred, but where will you catch it in a while, and then hand it over to the case handling team.Han Chaoyang, Huang Ying regained her composure, and pointed to the office where there candor cbd gummies melatonin gummies cbd was music Is he listening to music Chen Jie looked at her curiously, and said proudly, Isn t Han Da listening Playing.Playing, how is it possible, this is more than one musical instrument, who will accompany him It s really playing the violin, he is playing, and he is playing the accompaniment with a speaker.I saw it with my own eyes during the meal.The team leader is versatile, Chen Jie is very proud, with an expression of disbelief that you should go and see for yourself.Entrusted by others, it is a matter of loyalty.Huang Ying spontaneously felt a sense of responsibility, and walked into the hall with a small bag on her back, muttering, It s not good to play any tunes, but I have to play this one that s going to die.After a month of work, I don t believe in investigation.It s not over buy cbd gummies bulk The leader was really angry, Yang Tao didn t say anything, but walked to the door and left the meeting room.Chen Xiujuan glanced back, and couldn t help muttering Liu Suo, I think this matter should be reported to Bureau Du.Han Chaoyang is too much.What he said yesterday, he changed his mind now.This is not against you, it is against Du It s wrong to obey the law.A dignified chief of the police station reported a police trainee to the branch leader, and Liu Jianye couldn t afford to lose this person.What s more, the little bastard is in the limelight, and the branch leaders think he is pleasing to the eye.The so called small community, big society small policeman, big action , is preparing to establish him as a model who goes deep into the community and takes root in the grassroots.

Therefore, the branch office did not ask the office to arrange for another person to come.This communication and coordination meeting was convened by the sub bureau, and of course Deputy Director Xing presided over the meeting.He first briefly introduced melatonin gummies cbd the units and personnel participating in the meeting, and then announced the branch s decision to set up a comprehensive alarm platform in the Chaoyang Community Police Office.The cases that occurred in the area under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station are still under the jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and the cases that occurred in the area under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station are still under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.He smiled and explained The establishment of a comprehensive police platform is neither a police reform nor a formalism, but to better maintain the law and order at the joint area of the two police stations.But the cordon has been pulled up in front, .

how many mg of cbd gummies for anxiety?

and the police, auxiliary police, auxiliary service personnel and patrol members have formed a melatonin gummies cbd human wall, and it is impossible to go any further.What s more, all the leaders of the District Letters and Calls Bureau and the Housing Management Bureau came, and they were shouting with the street officials, and a few more talkative owners representatives took the lead, and walked into the lobby of the furniture hypermarket in such a daze.After everyone went in, Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, put down the speaker and ran over to ask Master, I have inquired that there is also a toilet in Area B, do you want to go to the toilet No, I will stay outside with you Let s go.I m going, Chaoyang, where is it Enter from the west gate and turn left, there is a sign in the hall.Huang Ying was stunned for a moment.She was a pretty girl, her tone seemed to be that of a street cadre, and she seemed to have an unusual relationship with the little apprentice.Gu Guoli didn t want to be a light bulb for the young man, so he raised his arm and pointed to area B Chaoyang, you stare at it first, and I ll go and relieve it.Master, I ll accompany you.No need, I know the way.Gu Guoli waved his hand and walked towards Area B without looking back.There are so many leaders inside, and I don t know if there will be any more leaders coming.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to leave his post without permission, and stayed where he was on duty, and asked calmly, Sister, what are you doing here melatonin gummies cbd Please, I m also a street cadre , All the people in the office can come, and the leader said, dare I not come What can you do if you come You ask me, how do I know.There is surveillance, great, let s go to collect evidence together.My two wheels are not as good as your four wheels Quick, I ll take a step first.Slow down, pay attention to safety on the road.After sending Lao Huo away, Han Chaoyang returned to the police car, opened the door and said sharply, I m not a coward, dare to stand in front of other people s restaurants in broad daylight.Stealing the car.You paid for it, let s go, let s go to the scene and check the surveillance to see how you paid for it.The man didn t dare to argue anymore, he hung his head and said nothing.The information was too accurate and timely.Cao Mingzhi looked at Han Chaoyang with admiration, and subconsciously asked, Have you found the owner I found it, the waiter at Shuxiang Restaurant.Beside the tricycle, he took out the remote mobile phone of the police officer Instructor, I am Cao Mingzhi, we have chased the junk collector, and it has been verified that he is suspected of stealing the electric car.What are you doing , How dare you physically punish the team members in front of me, I said Li Xiaobin, you are doing a good job of keeping secrets, and you have already made love with others, but I don t know anything about it.I live in the men s dormitory, so don t say it so badly.Li Xiaobin looked embarrassed, and couldn t help but look back after speaking.Although the security company is managed militarily, it is not an army after all.Even at the higher level of the army, it is impossible to prevent soldiers from falling in love, but soldiers are not allowed to fall in love in the garrison.The beauty of a gentleman being an adult, not to mention that this is indeed a good thing, Han Chaoyang could not help but ask Xiaobin, do you want me to find a way to find a dormitory empe cbd gummies for the two of you.My girl s appetite has changed, so I like this type.Tang Xiaoxuan Can t help holding up the mobile phone, looking at the photos I just took secretly, said happily It doesn t matter if the salary is low, I don t need him to support, I can even support him.The most important thing is that he is handsome and has a sense of security.Unexpectedly, she also changed Became a nympho Huang Yingzheng didn t know what to say about her, Xun Shihan actually looked at the photo of the most handsome policeman with her mobile phone in her hand, and said with a sly smile Xiaoxuan, for the sake of my girlfriends for so many years, I let you go first.If you can t handle it, I won t be polite to you.How is it possible, wait and see, at most half a month, I can make him utterly determined, like Yingying Go now.Xu Hongliang was completely convinced by making small reports so confidently.I m done smoking, and I ve asked all the questions I wanted to ask.Can I go to work now Old Wu, you are a good policeman.You know what I admire most about you.First, I admire your unremitting determination and perseverance to realize your dream of becoming a policeman.Second, I admire your openness.I, Xu Hongliang, feel ashamed. Don t be weird.No, you are a role model for me to learn from, and I admire you so much.No matter how good tempered Wu Wei was, he couldn t bear such HCMUSSH melatonin gummies cbd cynicism, so he turned around abruptly Hongliang, I know you and Han Chaoyang are close friends, and I know you want to fight for Han Chaoyang, but you do this I don t think it s for the good of Han Chaoyang.If you want to do it, do it well, if you don t want to do it, you can quit your job and go home to prepare for next year s public exam wholeheartedly.

Since the two have no time to commit the crime, their suspicion can be ruled out.What do the leaders of the detachment and the main team think He Zhi has been guiding the investigation, and they have stayed together for a few days and nights, and now they just rest.General Manager Fan of the Department of Criminal Investigation Corps left after listening to the report last night, but the three invited experts did not leave, Bureau Feng accompanied them to the funeral parlor to see the corpse in the morning, and is now accompanying them to the scene.Xi Hongbo paused, Added We had a brief exchange at lunch, and the three experts agreed with our view that the victim s torture before death was torture and interrogation.But what can the victim know and what the murderer wants So we think the question should be As long as we can find out why Qiao Xianhong disappeared and lost contact, as long as we can find out the whereabouts of Qiao Xianhong, then all melatonin gummies cbd problems can be solved.Go to the north to drive the development of the north It should be like this.No, it must be, our county government has also moved.While chatting, the phone rang.He took out the phone and looked at the caller ID, it was indeed Huang Ying calling.Chaoyang, where have you been We re here, at the east gate.I m here too, I entered from the west gate, you and auntie wait a moment, I ll pick you up at the east gate.Okay, sorry After waiting for four or five minutes at the door with the electric scooter, Huang Ying and a girl wearing glasses arrived, and when they saw Ma Fengying, they handed over a bottle of mineral water and greeted them enthusiastically.Auntie, I m sorry to keep you waiting.Let me introduce, this is An Jiahui, and the house belongs to Jiahui.Her mother shares the same unit as my mother.If it were you, wouldn t you be afraid Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang, diamond cbd gummies discount code can you be promising Huang Ying I really looked down on him so much, and said angrily Whoever buys a house does not take a loan, the rich are a minority after all.It is more than two million, just pay it off slowly.The three people in your family make money, and all have housing provident funds.It is also relatively stable, and can be paid off in at most 30 years.Besides, there is still a house here, don t bite Lu Dongbin for not knowing good people, 2.6 million, edibles gummies cbd diy you have made a lot of money, do you know Since you know that you can make money, Why don t you buy it I don t have money, if I have money, this good thing can be your turn You don t have money, your parents have it.My parents have no money, but my family also has a mortgage Don t just think about how much money you owe, but understand that this is a consumption concept and a way melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy of life.Lao Gu s sister in law seems to work in a real estate company, and often helps his sister in law forward the sale of houses in Moments We can t help with other things, so we can only ask for introductions.Chapter 142 Since the bystander s express mail was sent by the special case team, it should have been delivered to PolyU after 2 00 what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd p.m.Team He came here now, obviously wanting to make preparations in advance.Everything must be compromised for the detection of the murder case.Han Chaoyang did not dare to delay for a moment.On the way back, he called Li Xiaobin, Gu Changsheng, and Wu Junfeng, and asked the three squad leaders to participate in the operation, and asked them to hurry up and change into casual clothes.Room is on standby.Just when the preparations were ready, Team He arrived in a black Toyota car with a local license plate.Several medical staff pushed a bleeding patient straight to the emergency area, along with a traffic policeman and a young man and woman, who knew it was a traffic accident.With so many people in the hall, Han Chaoyang realized that he couldn t always sit still.I thought to myself that the medical staff in the emergency center knew that they were being hostages and playing the role of temporary relatives.The family members of other patients did not know that they were wearing eight pieces and had work cards on their chests.On patrol, if you always sit still, you will think you are being lazy.Walked over to say hello to the traffic police, and watched the excitement for a while.Officer Chai, we have installed driving recorders, and there are surveillance cameras at the intersections.You can find out whether we violated the regulations and who is responsible for it The key is not our responsibility Since there is no responsibility, what are you afraid of, and you have insurance, the insurance company has been to the scene Don t worry, it s important to save lives, don t waste time, first pay 10,000 yuan for medical expenses, and get the receipt Alright, let s talk about other things later.If this matter is not resolved, not only Han Chaoyang will be in trouble, but even the institute may be in trouble.Yang Tao figured out the ins and outs, and said firmly what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd They are hiding, right Just do it and force that contractor named Xia out.Show some momentum, don t be fooled by them, I m checking the foreigners in Chenjiaji, if they insist on looking at your ID, or insisting on whether you have law enforcement power, call me immediately, and I will go there in person Let s go.Thank you, master.Let s do your business, and contact me in time if there what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd is any situation.Han Chaoyang was very touched by the former master being so understanding.The words from the former master were equivalent to authorization, and Han Chaoyang became more confident, and was about to look back at Liu Gong s reaction, when Li Xiaobin ran over excitedly and said, Han Da, Changsheng and the others are here Looking north, the reinforcements really arrived.Han Da, don t worry, it s not the first time we have performed a mission.Yeah, isn t it just a few brats, I can deal with two This Don t take it lightly.Han Chaoyang looked back at Xiaokang and other patrol members, picked up the walkie talkie, and shouted Xiaobin Xiaobin, I, Han Chaoyang, you go from the south, go directly to Shijia Road we go through Zhongshan Road , outflanking from Yu Ning Street.The walkie talkie will stop calling immediately, you call Xiaokang s mobile phone, don t hang up after you connect, and keep in touch at any time. I received it, melatonin gummies cbd use your mobile phone to contact, and don t hang up after connecting.Han Chaoyang put down the walkie talkie He picked up his mobile phone and dialed Lao Yan again.Lao Yan was in a hurry, and pressed the call button as soon as the mobile phone rang Han Da, they didn t leave, they were still opposite, and two more people came, they came by electric bike, and they came with them After saying a few words, I parked the electric car somewhere to the east, and then came again after parking the car.

The leader left, each unit took care of itself, and Liu Jianye from Huayuan Street Police Station treated guests.Although there melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy were not many customers in this breakfast shop on Hebin East Road before dawn, more than 30 police and auxiliary police officers participated in the operation, and the three tables in the small shop and the few small tables at the door could not fit at all.Some people ate standing by the side, some sat in the car, so many people came at once, and the boss and his wife were very busy.Drink the soya bean milk, and eat the steamed stuffed buns, as long as you are not afraid of cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for sex price holding on.The HCMUSSH melatonin gummies cbd director was in a good mood, and invited him to have breakfast as if he were invited to a big meal.This rare opportunity, Guan Xiyuan couldn t help joking Liu Suo, I want to eat crab roe buns.It was the Zhou Bureau s account, and the leader s account must be taken seriously.And it s not troublesome, anyway, those WeChat groups are managed by Zheng Xinyi and Chen Jie now, and it s easy for them to set up a WeChat official account, not to mention that the political office and the institute will provide content, so there is almost no need to worry about it.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said Yes, I will apply when I get back.Guan Yuanyuan smiled and said, I don t know if I apply for registration in melatonin gummies cbd the name of a patrol team.I don t know if it is an official account.If you need any supporting materials when applying, you can call me directly.Call, I will issue a certificate.The sub bureau has a public account, and Changfeng Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station also have official accounts.Another example is that those irresponsible parents who are interested in money go to the police office and first confirm the relationship between them and their children in a business like manner.Have a good talk.As a result, plans are not as good as changes, and it may be more appropriate to describe it melatonin gummies cbd as it depends on people to make things happen.Everything was ready, but they didn t bring their children, at least the colleagues in the office and the eyeliners all over the street didn t find them.It s worth mentioning that Yu Zhenchuan and Wu Wei s luck was not very good, they went to Xinmin Community whenever they had time, but the guy who stole the battery car didn what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd t go again, and they spent so many nights in vain.The only thing that is gratifying in the past few days is that under the leadership of Auntie Ye, the Foundation for Helping the Distressed and the Poor has done a great job.Not only did he have to take a group photo, but he also had to get closer, and even accidentally kissed him forcefully by a girl, and he didn t know if there were any lip marks on his face.My boyfriend took photos with so many girls, and anyone would be angry if this kind of thing happened to him.Han Chaoyang could understand his girlfriend s feelings, and said in a pleading tone Honey, I was wrong, I shouldn t listen to Director Su for everything.Yes, I promise this is the last time, and I promise that this will not happen again. For the last time, I will take a photo with them after singing That s an expedient measure, if we don t promise we can t be on stage, how could I possibly Take a photo with them again, and slip away after singing, and no one can find me except you.Han Zhaoyang was devastated, at this time Director Su ran over, hugged Huang Ying and snickered Yingying, don t be angry , at least don t be angry with Chaoyang, it s all my fault, I ll treat you to supper later, where you want to go, what you want to eat, you have the final say.Seeing Han melatonin gummies cbd Chaoyang s eloquence, Professor Nie looked at him with a sudden smile and asked, Xiao Han, as far as I know, very few graduates from the conservatory of music can become soloists, and most of the instrumental music students will eventually become band performers.If PolyU needs a professional music teacher, are you interested in applying for it If you can enter a university as a teacher, only a fool 30 mg cbd with melatonin gummies is not interested Now the faculty of the Conservatory of Music is saturated.It is said that in the past, many seniors and sisters were almost desperate to compete for a place to stay in the school to teach.It is Han Chaoyang s dream job to become a university teacher who teaches music and educates people.He stared into Professor Nie s eyes and asked suspiciously Professor Nie, PolyU is a science school, how could it be possible to recruit music teachers Primary school There are music teachers, junior high schools have them, and high schools also have them, so why shouldn t there be no science colleges Professor Nie asked back, It s up to the school whether it will recruit, I just want to know if you re interested or not Yes It is unlikely that the person sitting in the first row watching the show is an ordinary professor.Sister Miao, I am not looking down on you, but I am worried that this is not the same as your previous work.The nature is different, and mass work is not so easy to do.You can do it, why can t I Sister Miao, think again, this matter is really not as simple as you think.Miao Haizhu thought about you He just looked down on me, and said with high spirits Han Chaoyang, I have an advantage over you in doing mass work, because I am a mass Your father is melatonin gummies cbd a cadre, and your mother is a teacher.My father used to be a farmer, and only started doing business in the past few years.Yes, my mother is still a farmer until now, you, a cadre s son, can do mass work, why can t I, cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 a farmer s daughter, not be able to do it, it s just that I didn t have a chance before. Okay, I ll give you a chance, tomorrow I ll help you talk to Police Tang The boss said, this task will be entrusted to you.This smoke bomb put it well Ephedra is not only a Chinese herbal medicine that can cure diseases and save lives, but also extract ephedrine, the main raw material for making methamphetamine.Farmers in several townships in the county planted ephedra on a large scale, and farmers in many towns planted it sporadically.Not only did the public security organs attach great importance to this, but even the procuratorate organized prosecutors to go deep into the key areas of ephedra to investigate the planted and wild candor cbd gummies melatonin gummies cbd ephedra.Carry out a comprehensive and detailed investigation of the distribution, collection and purchase of ephedra grass, and popularize the legal knowledge of ephedra grass to the majority of farmers.From the first ten days to the middle of August, it is the mature period of ephedra grass.

Let s go to set up Stuck.In Yanyang, they are soy saucers, no matter what actions they encounter, they are all in charge of the periphery, but I didn t expect it to be like dragons den cbd gummies episode this in Longdao County Not only did he not have the chance to see the big scene, but he even had to climb a mountain in the middle of the night when he couldn t see his fingers, and set up a checkpoint in a deserted ghost place.Han Chaoyang was very depressed and muttered Aren t you going to participate in the arrest It s not just that we don t participate, Tianxiang and the others also don t participate, and they are in charge of the periphery just like us. What about the people who came later They are responsible for blocking the village, and we are responsible for blocking the intersections melatonin gummies cbd outside the village.In fact, there are melatonin gummies cbd more than two lines of defense.The police car in the center went natures stimulate cbd gummies there, and the family that started the fight first and beat the opponent more severely admitted that the family that was beaten had a person lying in the hospital.When they fought, many villagers watched, similar to the public security case that was mediated last night.Same, the facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive.What happened later Fan Ju asked.He was lying in the hospital, and he didn t know when he would be discharged, and he didn t know how much medical expenses would be spent.First, he got the evidence and made a few records, and he was going to deal with it after he was discharged.As a result, after he went back, the family who was beaten The sheep died cbd gummies and covid vaccine from eating too much potatoes.You know the situation in Longdao County.If a sheep dies at home, it is impossible to throw it away.He ate, drank, slept, and slept on the top of the mountain, and only waited for the farmer who sneaked back to the mountain mentioned earlier, which was candor cbd gummies melatonin gummies cbd actually an old man and a child, to bring him water.Only when the meal is being delivered can I take a nap Looking at the pictures, listening to the introduction, especially seeing the last few photos covered in blood, I really feel like I was there, and I can really feel the thrill of the time.With such a touching story and such a great victory, if he was in Yanyang or anywhere in the province, it would be no problem to report to the Ministry of Public Security to help him apply for personal first class merit, but in the end he only got a second class merit.Deputy Director Fang was very sorry for the young man, but that was his home court , and because of this incident, the other party had called the provincial department, and the same deed could only be rewarded once, so it was meaningless to talk about it now.I forgot the boy s last name.Anyway, he didn t know music, let alone play.He seemed to be a cadre of the student union.It was said that he was more capable, and was specially arranged by the school to help form the orchestra.The two girls know a little bit, one can play the seventh grade piano, and the other can candor cbd gummies melatonin gummies cbd play the guzheng.In the past 20 days, Xie Lingling has not been idle, and has trained melatonin gummies cbd the guzheng player to be an entry level viola player.In order to attract new and old students to join the orchestra, Xie Lingling got up earlier, so that Xu Hongliang, melatonin gummies cbd who had hardly slept all night, found a few patrol members and moved the piano just purchased by the school.The boys were distributing leaflets to the freshmen who were watching, and she and the two girls were playing without distraction, making them look like buskers.Xiao Han, let me introduce you.This is Boss Hou.The Deputy Squadron Leader of the Third Squadron of the Criminal Police Brigade of Gaoxin District Bureau hurried over to look at the owner of the gravel factory, and then turned to face the pile of sand that he and Wu Wei had guarded all night.Said lightly The workers will be here soon.When they arrive, organize the workers to clean up the left side first, clear out a field, and then organize them to sift the sand, and pile the sieved sand to the left.When starting work, ask them to put all their personal belongings in plastic.I have prepared dozens of headgears, and I will ask them to wear them at that time.In short, don t leave your personal belongings in the sand, otherwise it will be troublesome.This large what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd pile of yellow sand needs to be sieved when Han Chaoyang was stunned, he looked at the sand pile stupidly and didn t know what to say.Xiao Han, do you understand the case After melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy receiving his call, Shi Ju, who was very aware of their situation, was more surprised than Liu Jianye.Reporting to Shiju, the task force did not inform us of the case.We only know that Cao Shengkai was strangled or strangled to death.We only know that the time of death should be around 0 00 on the 15th to 6 00 on the 15th.The task force did not report, How did you know this Wu Wei asked Boss Hou of the gravel plant, and when Boss Hou was being questioned, the policemen who handled the case asked him the most about where he was at that time and whether there was anyone on duty in the gravel plant.As for I found out the cause of the victim s death with a deputy squadron leader of the special case team.Sending out the troubles, but as a criminal policeman, who doesn t want to solve the case Shiju, who was about to go downstairs, stopped, stood by the stairs and subconsciously asked, Do you think the sand and gravel factory is not the first scene Wu Wei kept nodding his head, and if he didn t report it clearly, he would not be able to survive today.Xu Hongliang could feel Han Chaoyang s pressure, so he couldn t help laughing So it s Chaoyang who failed the test.It s Chaoyang who became Chen Shimei.She s going to come to Xingshi to question her.Who would have thought that she would return to China What now What to do How do I melatonin gummies cbd know, anyway, it s a big trouble, Yingying is so kind, and now I feel very sorry for Yingying, and I don t know how to explain to Yingying when Yanwen comes tomorrow.Does Chaoyang cbd gummy bears from colorado know Yes, I called him in the morning. What did he say He didn t say anything, maybe it s inconvenient to talk. He was transferred to the task force, and according to regulations, he can t even answer the phone If you can t answer, you have to call him.He has to solve the trouble he caused by himself I ll call and ask first.Xu Hongliang felt infinitely sympathetic to his good brother, and took out his mobile phone to make a call, but the other party had turned off the phone, and then Call the police, the other party is still off, can only shrug.

Almost every household has a car, and some even have a few cars.Wu Wei hurriedly asked Meng Wenjun to play it back, asked Meng Wenjun to pause continuously, and took out a pen and paper to quickly record the license plates and models that could be seen clearly.Before I knew it, more than an hour passed, and I continued to play back the driving video after leaving the village.The more you walk towards the urban area, the more cars are on the road.When you approach the first traffic light leading to the Beitaihe Bridge, a car flashing by in the video made Han Chaoyang ecstatic.Sister in law, please replay it again.What, did you find something I didn t see it clearly just now, so you replay it first.Okay.Meng Wenjun moved the bar showing the playback progress a little backward, and passed a After many hours of watching, Han Chaoyang also bio gold cbd gummies to quit smoking learned the basic operation, reaching out his hand and ready to pause at any time.Drivers from other car rental companies are unlikely to be Gang members.As long as we pure vera cbd gummies find the company that rented the car to them and the driver who drove the car for them, we can learn more about it.What if we only rent a car and don t have a driver Rong Zhiping subconsciously asked.Just as Han Chaoyang was about to speak, Li Kaiyi raised her head and said with a smile, No one will feel cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 at ease when renting out a car.The bosses of those car rental companies are smarter than the other, and some of them specialize in dumping second hand cars.Even if they don t deserve a driver, they will install it on the car GPS positioning system, sitting at home and turning on the computer or even the mobile phone to know where the car is, and the track system of the car during a period of time will be recorded and saved.Let the patrol team go to guard.The brats are divided into three groups, and they are investigating in a serious manner And not only are they responsible for investigating clues related to the jurisdiction of our sub bureau.You finally sent the trouble out, They took the trouble back again, what is this Zhou Ju couldn t help laughing and asked.This moment, that moment, Feng Ju wanted to take out a cigarette, but found that there was no ashtray in the office, so he dug out a box of chewing gum from melatonin gummies cbd the drawer, seeing Zhou Ju and Du Ju don t care to stuff one into their mouths, chewing and laughing Said At that time, there was no clue.Zhou Ju, you don t know how much preparatory work Teng Jiming has done during this period.If you don t send out the trouble, we have to do all of this work.If you don t send out the trouble, the financial department will reimburse you., Playing with the mind is really not necessarily able to play them.What s more, these people are not all you can expect to meet.If you call him, it may not be the person who answers the phone.Even if you are the person, he will definitely ask you who you are first.Xu Guoqiang said abruptly again Chaoyang, haven t you stayed in the gravel field by the Beitai River for several days You should be familiar with the steel market.Although the name of the sixth company is Trading Co., Ltd., it is actually He is in the steel business.I have melatonin gummies cbd inquired about him, and he may be the biggest boss in our Yanyang steel business.There are several steel markets in the city with his branches, and there should be one in the steel market in the high tech zone. I am I stayed there for a few days, but I just stared at the migrant workers sifting sand in the gravel yard.The matter to be discussed is very important, and there are no witnesses No way, when Teng Da walked to the door, he turned his head and said, Xiao Han, come together.Yes Han Zhaoyang felt a little bit guilty in his heart.Teng Da opened the fire door and accompanied Feng Ju into the corridor, took out a cigarette and graciously helped Feng Ju light it first, knowing that Han Chaoyang doesn t smoke, and didn t give it to Han Chaoyang.Old Teng, I have already agreed with Yuzhi for you.The formalities have been completed.The mobile company will be able to use technical means on the mobile phones of the other two suspects as soon as they get to work.If you don t want to wait, you can lure the snake out of the hole and cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for sex price let Yang Jiandong Call them to see if you can catch Tan Haitao and Cai Xiaofang.Instructor Wang of Suyun Police Station and Lao Lu, a policeman on duty, were waiting at the door.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got out of the car to salute and say hello, and hastily smoked for the two colleagues.Xiao Han, I know about Huo Xuebin s situation.Instructor Wang got into the co pilot, turned his head and smiled and said, People from your sub bureau have been here several times, and they just started to say hello to us.The first time was when we Zhusuo accompanied them.Maybe I felt embarrassed to bother us all the time, and then I didn t come to us again.Although the public security in the world is one family, it is not easy to ask for assistance from brother public security agencies.After all, he has someone else s job, so if he takes time to accompany you to handle the case, at least treat him to a meal.The contractor of the high speed rail station project and the subway project is a state owned enterprise with a Chinese prefix, and the boss level is also very high, so I sat on the rostrum with the leaders.To Han Chaoyang s surprise, the public security of the railway project during the construction phase should be under the control of the local public security organs, and only after it is completed and put into use will it be under the control of the railway public security organs.But today the leader of the railway public security department also came, which shows how much the superiors attach importance to the project.This year, our city ushered in a melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy new round of development and construction upsurge.The high speed what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd railway station, subway line 1, long distance passenger transport East Station, Zhanqian Street, Chaoyang Village renovation, power transformation project and other 7 key projects started construction, It has injected new vitality into the city s economic take off.

Liu said that Secretary Yang asked all construction units to take good physical and technical defense measures at the meeting in the afternoon.Suggestions Build a command center, build a monitoring system covering what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd the entire construction site of the East City Transportation Hub Project, and connect all monitoring signals to the command center, that is, build a monitoring center.At that time, we will have to cooperate with the security company and the security departments of several construction units Even if I live here, I won t be able to live there for a few days, and I will definitely move there when the command center is completed.How much would it cost to build a monitoring system covering the entire city east transportation hub project site Where did it come from, the construction unit or the Chaoyang Community Security Company Wool comes from sheep, but it doesn t matter who comes from it.It s useless, the key is to do it. Understood, I won t let you down, and I won t make you lose face. Just talking about it without a word, just wandering aimlessly like this, Unknowingly, a morning passed.Han Chaoyang excused that today was the last day, and he wanted to make up for the teacher s wine, so he dragged the old man to Boss Deng s restaurant to order four dishes and one soup.Grandpa Gu is not hypocritical, he eats what he wants and drinks what he wants.Just when he was about to check out, he suddenly asked inexplicably No, why is there no police report this morning Is it true or did you not ask Xiao Chen to notify In short, this cannot be concealed.Han Chaoyang honestly admitted We didn t inform us, but I didn t tell you.The bureau leader knew that you were retiring today, so he specifically told me to accompany you, and specifically asked us not to send the police to our father and HCMUSSH melatonin gummies cbd son.As long as we can find out some famous people , it will be a matter of course in the future.Zhou Ju, I think what you said is really good It would be great to set up another brigade, and stop having a headache for Kang Haigen because there is no place.Chapter 414 Handling the Case 9 Han Chaoyang When they rushed to the police office, the interrogation was over.Kang was sleeping in the community police office behind the office, and Miao Haizhu was resting in the female dormitory of the security service company.Bi Xunchang was not given the treatment to go to bed.He was still detained in the police room, his left hand was handcuffed to the heating pipe, and he just squatted in the corner and fell asleep.Fearing that he would hurt himself, Xu Hongliang arranged for two team members to sit on the sidelines and watch.After sweeping the snow and returning to the classroom, Huang Ying melatonin gummies cbd decided not to stick to the classmate relationship agreed before, and sat at the same table with him without hesitation.The leaders of the party school sat on the stage and talked for more than ten minutes.They didn t hold an opening ceremony or take a photo with the students, so they let the teacher start teaching.The so called teaching is to let the students watch the online lecture videos of the lecturers of the Central Party School.From the perspective of the training schedule, it is mainly self study.The first three days are all about watching videos.On the last day, cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for sex price just cbd brand gummies there are on site lectures in the morning and a final exam in the afternoon.Since you have to take the exam, you have to study hard, otherwise it would be embarrassing to fail.Ling Bin couldn t ask for more.He picked up his mobile phone and found a photo of melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy Sister Wei holding Xinxin and Zhang Ziyue.Han Zhaoyang took the phone and looked at it, took out the phone and added Ling Bin s WeChat, sent the photo to his phone through WeChat, and immediately asked I don t know Sister Wei s full name, I don t know where she lives, what do you do in the morning How did you find it How can you find it Just try your luck.Ling melatonin gummies cbd Bin frowned, and said solemnly I ran to four districts, and asked the security guards and the people who entered the district to identify them.When I ran to the fifth district, I suddenly thought of something.I came back when I felt something was wrong.What s the matter Han Chaoyang suddenly regained his energy.Although Fujiang is a prefecture level city like Yanyang, Yanyang is the provincial capital. Officer Han, your family helped me bring Xinxin Helped me melatonin gummies cbd find Ziyue again, I really don t know how to thank Don t thank me, this is what I should do, who made me a policeman.Han Chaoyang patted him on the shoulder and sent him back to the small room , then walked into the hotel, climbed into the electric patrol car, and dialed Wang Jianping s mobile phone.Chaoyang, did you understand anything Team Wang, Ling Bin said that the CCB debit card left by Wan Xiaoxia used to have more than 800,000 yuan, but now it only has more than 600,000 yuan, which means that Wan Xiaoxia took it away.200,000.I don t know if the bank in Fujiang has any limit on how much depositors can withdraw every day, melatonin gummies cbd and I don t know if the ATM has any limit on how much money can be withdrawn from personal accounts every day.But the more I was afraid, the more I wanted to read it.I read the blog over and over again.Every day I saw it at one or two o clock in the morning, thinking that Ling Bin and his daughter should be asleep, and then secretly logged on to the QQ of his sweetheart, and saved the photos uploaded by his sweetheart to his mobile phone Xiaoxia, are you still asleep I don t know what time I saw it, but Sister Wei s familiar voice came from outside.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight We play small, we just pass the time, Sister Wei sat down by the bed, picked up the mobile phone that had been plugged into the charger, and turned around and asked, Missing the child and Ling Bin So what can I do Wan Xiaoxia sat cross legged on the bed again, hugging the pillow and crying, There is no destiny, this is fate, this is retribution.

This matter must be done beautifully, and the branch leaders cannot use this to have opinions on Chaoyang Community Security Service Company.Otherwise, it will be difficult for the security company to receive melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy the same support from the branch in the future.Although the master has retired, his influence is still there.His old man supports the move, so the next thing will be easy to handle.In order to build a comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road, the sub bureau specially installed a large light box at the entrance and connected the police room to the intranet.Moving is not just a matter of moving a few tables, chairs and benches.Han Chaoyang is thinking about how to talk to the office and even cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 the sub bureau , Grandpa Gu smiled again As the saying goes, new people have new atmosphere.Yes Bureau Feng is really melatonin gummies cbd busy, and his cell phone is really busy.If they didn t get through, Han Chaoyang could only call Bureau Du.Director Du listened to a few sentences, and subconsciously asked Chaoyang, you mean that what you just captured is the female drug dealer that Bureau Shi asked us to assist in arresting The criminal police from the Fujiang City Bureau will be here soon, should I escort the two suspects to the sub bureau first, or hand them over to them directly This is your big brother s case, there is no need to send it to the bureau, just hand it over to them., hand it over directly to the Fujiang criminal police.Yes The young man is an advanced model just established in the bureau, and he deserves some achievements.Instead of praising him like before, Du Bureau said half jokingly I will report to Zhou Bureau later, and I won t call Stone Bureau.Take notes.Normal.Grandpa Gu picked cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for sex price up the cup and sighed softly If someone in the family is sick, study medical knowledge if someone in the familysomeone commits a crime, study laws and regulations.Xu Hongliang suddenly burst out Now study What s the use, can he still go to court to defend Wan Xiaoxia No matter what, he at least found something to do, people are most afraid of having nothing to do, and when they have nothing to do, they tend to think wildly.Grandpa HCMUSSH melatonin gummies cbd Gu drank a little Drooling, sighed again Now he has to consider not only Wan Xiaoxia, but also the custody of the child.It s hard to say whether Zhang Boyu s parents will fight for Xinxin after Zhang Boyu is arrested, knowing that there is a granddaughter Xinxin.If it were me, I would not be able to hand over my child to such a family, so these things must be considered.How about HCMUSSH melatonin gummies cbd recruiting eight people Can you calculate for me, how much is the salary of eight people If you don t work overtime, it doesn t count as overtime pay.Ten thousand and six should be enough.Twenty six thousand, right The patrol said it belonged to the community, and the achievements it made also belonged to the community, but in fact, the community has not given the patrol a penny since its establishment.There were no conditions before, but now there are conditions.In the future It can t be like this anymore.I ll go back and discuss it with Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie, and I ll give you 78,000 yuan, and I ll give you three months funding Brothers settle their accounts clearly, and it s different if they have money.Although the community only pays salaries for personnel, at least the security company will not lose money, and the interests of shareholders will not be damaged at least.When he mentioned the anti pickup team, he said happily With money and people, and with the help of Chief Gu, please ask the old anti pickup team to become a master.I m sure the anti pickup team can do it.As a result, the street money embezzlement cases at the East Bus Station and even the area under the jurisdiction of our police platform can definitely be controlled, but it is impossible to cure them.After three months of hard attack, they will rise again in a few months.This is not true.It s a matter of solution, after all we only have a total of three months funding. And most of the street crimes are small cases, even if they can be caught, they may not be enough for a sentence.Many .

what do cbd gummies do for pain?

thieves are caught and they ll just talk about the facts and just confess to being caught.This is the current one.So what if you ask for foreign aid, I don t believe in this evil, I don t believe that we professional pickpocketers can t do the duty Okay, how oroscbd cbd gummies about 4 o clock in the afternoon.It s about the honor of the squadron, and Mo Xiaoqiang also thinks it is necessary.It s 4 o clock, let s get down to business first.Han Chaoyang didn t know cbd gummies revieqs that he had been established by the sub bureau leader as a competitor of the sub bureau s anti pickup squadron.He first sent Liu Suo and instructor Xu away, and then watched Cao Zefang go upstairs and returned Participating in the community voluntary anti pickup squadron in the meeting room is also the first meeting after the establishment of the plainclothes anti pickup auxiliary squadron of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Chaoyang, thank you.I ll treat you to dinner later.The members of the group first worship senior Wu Wenge as their teacher, and the shortest ones first worship senior Ji Kaiyuan as their teacher.Comrade Captain, what s wrong with drawing lots melatonin gummies cbd for such a serious matter The anti pickling team, which is still in its infancy and is likely to die in three months, has no entertainment funds, and the money for meals is naturally paid by a group of apprentices.One person pays forty like a group of people, and the whole table is full, but it looks decent.Originally wanted to open a bottle of wine, but Mr.Ji shook his head, picked up the chopsticks and said, I won t drink at noon, and eat quickly.After eating, go back and change clothes.Gather at 1 00, and everything will be in place at 1 30.Send it in the morning.You can use this uniform as a formal dress, and you can wear it when you have a meeting, and you hardly have the chance to wear it at ordinary times.

By the way, please invite one, and please invite two., isn t it just a few more pairs of chopsticks, call Lao Ji and Lao Wu by the way at night. Thank you, master. We father and son thank you for what you want, that s all.There is no difference between having a good master and not having a good master It s different.Han Chaoyang really didn t know how to thank him.He followed him all the way to the door and watched his old man s back disappear into the heavy snow.Then he returned to the conversation room with emotion, and first called Vice Minister Jiang and Section Chief Xiao to express his thanks., formally issued an invitation to have dinner together, and then called Secretary Cao, Zhang Zhishu, and Director Xie.Thinking that Xu Hongliang is now the legal person of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, he called Xu Hongliang again.In short, it is really important to have a good relationship, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking Instructor Gu, what is Article 10 of the Regulations on the Appointment of Cadres It s normal for the young man not to understand these things.Instructor Gu explained with a smile There are strict requirements for exception promotion and leapfrog promotion.You must meet the relevant conditions.Yours belongs to the tenth and last article.Others are approved by the superior party committee and organization department.For the cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for sex price case of special work needs.Who else can be the chief of the Zhongshan Road Police District except you Isn t this just a special need for work I didn t expect to be the leader of the three patrol teams at the same time.No wonder the old man said There are only five people and six people under your command, Han Chaoyang couldn melatonin gummies cbd t help laughing, Instructor Gu, I m just lucky.The current funds mainly come from two sources.Secretary Cao helped us solve the basic salary of the team members, and the sub bureau provided some supporting funds, which are mainly used for bonuses and overtime pay for the team members.That is to say, when PolyU arranges players to join the anti picking team, we need to pay the basic salary of the players Special funds for stability maintenance.How could Cao Zefang miss this opportunity, and asked abruptly, Minister Jiang, should PolyU also have funds for comprehensive management and stability maintenance We have a comprehensive management office, of course there are funds for this, Deputy Jiang said.The minister didn t want to be underestimated by the first secretary of a small community, he picked up his cup and turned back with a smile, Jin Hai, you will work out a document with Chaoyang tomorrow, and after I finish it, I will go to the school leader to get some funding.There is no problem with the cars, anyway, there is no car here for the time being.Okay, let me call Hong Liang first Although the Spring Festival is not here yet, the leaders of the sub bureau have already been on duty for the Spring Festival.Commissar Huang was on duty tonight, but he did not take a break in the office as usual.He chatted with Ju Fan who had returned from a business trip for a while, and then came to the command center with Ju Fan to learn about the 110 police situation tonight.The Xinyuan Street Police Station and the Special Patrol Brigade are jointly conducting an interrogation of more than 100 suspicious people who ate at the Dafu Restaurant.As of two minutes ago, a fugitive, a drug addict, and four suspects suspected of illegally transporting, storing, and selling fireworks and firecrackers had been investigated.The guy charged the police car.Report to the political commissar and Fan Bureau.These boys are the suspects who were suspected of tying up the tires of the earthwork engineering convoy for the high speed rail station project site two months ago.They have just been compared and they have confessed to the crime.See the political commissar When the deputy director came, Liang Dongsheng hurried forward and stood at attention to salute.Dare to make an idea of a key project, these brats are really daring Political Commissar Huang couldn t help looking back a few more times, and was about to speak when Liang Dongsheng pointed to Gu Tongjun who had just been escorted off the explosion proof vehicle of the Special Patrol Brigade by Wu Wei and patrol member Xiao Liu Report to the political commissar, this is the main culprit, the punctured tire is the He instigated it.Yes, you can ask.Political Commissar Huang nodded slightly, thought and smiled If we melatonin gummies cbd can find a place, let more than 100 team members Living in dormitories, militarized management, and closed management, that is a real brigade, and it is not appropriate to hang the sign of the Zhongshan Road Police District Volunteer Security Patrol Brigade.How many civilian police and auxiliary police are there in the special melatonin gummies cbd patrol brigade Bureau Fan came to his senses, and couldn t help but say with a smile Since the scale has been reached, we might as well set up a brigade with no establishment, and directly add the sign of the Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade of Yandong Public Security Bureau.The bureau will report melatonin gummies cbd that if conditions permit, two more seven seater police cars can be equipped to patrol along Zhongshan melatonin gummies cbd Road, or parked at the gates of PolyU, the Sixth Hospital and the East Bus Station, plus the previous two 110 police cars and the original patrol team.It was issued by the branch bureau.I have no right to send it to you, but I can apply for you, and it is estimated that it will be subject to political review according to regulations, but you are all party members, and you are all the backbone of the security of PolyU cbd gummy serving and the Sixth Court, I think the problem should not be serious.Chapter 519 Eating should not be too ugly Years ago, the frontline policemen were cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 busy, and the bureau leaders were also busy.Various inspections followed one after another.Director Zhou led the public security brigade, fire brigade and other relevant department heads to accompany the leaders of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the fire brigade to go to several community neighborhood committees to conduct on the spot inspections and guidance on social prevention and control and firecracker safety control during candor cbd gummies melatonin gummies cbd the Spring Festival.

Nie Xuan thanked the host The guests also thanked Han Chaoyang, turned the camera back to himself, stood next to Han Chaoyang and introduced happily Some netizens know, some netizens don t know, please allow me to introduce again, our teacher Han is actually A policeman, and he is the most handsome policeman in Yanyang Teacher Han graduated from Donghai Conservatory of Music, and now works in Yandong Branch of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.The level of performance is very high, our school asked Mr.Han to guide us in rehearsal, he is our special lecturer at the Art College of Yanyang University of Science and Technology The young man s introduction was really good, and Huang s mother was very satisfied, but she felt something was wrong after watching it, and asked subconsciously Beibei, why is there no rocket, why is no one sending anything Buy it, netizens want to see Zheng Yutong and Lingling You see, they are all scolding.An extremely dangerous A level wanted criminal.I am not as lucky as you.I have been working for more than three years, not to mention that I have never caught a murderer, or even seen it.What is it that is not opening today Wu Wei asked with a smile So I m also opening So we should celebrate, but unfortunately we can t drink alcohol.Smelling the aroma of melatonin gummies cbd the food, Han Chaoyang, who didn t eat at noon and didn t eat at night, suddenly felt hungry, opened the lid of the lunch box, and picked up a hot meal.Tang Tang asked curiously while eating No kidding, how is Xie Liangju now, has he been sent to the detention center How could he not be sent to the detention center for a repeat offender, I just came back from the detention center.How did he Infiltrated the International Trade Hotel Wu Wei also asked curiously.If he commits another crime while absconding, Liu Suo and the police in charge of control will be in big trouble On the way back from the police station, I called again to can you take 10mg cbd gummy with trazdone ask Passing Wu Wei, Wu Wei said that people in the institute are panicking now.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel and said solemnly The suspect is sick, chronic nephritis, and his condition is quite serious.Kidney disease is the most difficult to treat, and the medical expenses cbd gummies fda are very high.The suspect was poor, he ate his last meal, and no one asked him, so he had no money to see a doctor.If he got this disease, he would die if he had no money.It s hard to say whether he would break the pot.People who are more likely to go to extremes, may really retaliate against melatonin gummies cbd the society So we must be arrested and brought to melatonin gummies cbd justice as soon as possible.You heard it just now.He actually said that we are running a black shop.Our business reputation is more important than anything else.If it gets out, who will come .Han Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, first checked the law enforcement recorder on his shoulder, heady harvest cbd gummy bears then showed his ID, then opened the folder, took out the pen in the folder, raised his head and said, I am the General Manager of Zhongshan Road, Yandong Public Security Bureau.Han Chaoyang, HCMUSSH melatonin gummies cbd a police officer on the police platform, will celebrate the Chinese New Year in a few days.The Chinese New Year should be peaceful and peaceful.What a big deal.If there is such a quarrel, you still have to fight.Do you want to go to the detention center to celebrate the New Year Officer Han, this is really a black shop One by one, who called the police Me.There is no security guard at the gate, anyone and any car can enter.Han Chaoyang came down to melatonin gummies cbd stop a resident from asking where Building No.11 was, and then trotted all the way to find Meng Lang s house.Is there anyone at pharmaceutical grade cbd gummies home I m from the Yandong Public melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy Security Bureau Who is it The anti theft door was pushed open from the inside, and a twenty three or jolly cbd gummies scam four year old woman asked.We are from the Yandong Public Security Bureau.Han Chaoyang showed his police ID, looked into the living room, and asked, Is Meng Lang there Do we have something to do with him Comrade, are you looking for the landlord This house is rented by us, and the landlord doesn t live here.No one knows how much money the surnamed Meng owes outside, or if he is deliberately hiding from someone looking for him.No one knows if the woman in cotton pajamas in front of me is lying, Han Chaoyang said very seriously What is your last name, what is your name, can you let me see your ID card My last name is Wen, my name is Wen Liping, the woman picked up the bag on the shoe cabinet, took out a wallet from the bag, and took out her ID card from the wallet, handed it to Han Chaoyang and said with an unhappy face I can still lie to you, but I am I want to be a landlord, but housing prices are so expensive now, and I can t afford it without eating or drinking for decades.No matter how he dies, now It s hard to say whether those relatives who don t care about him will make trouble in the future.If you don t catch him, you ll get a lot of trouble, what s the matter Director melatonin gummies cbd Xing sighed, and picked up the cup to help Director Du refill the water.Director Du thought it would be better not to catch them, but he couldn t say these words, let alone criticize the most handsome policeman because of it.When such unlucky things happen, Zhou Ju has to personally go to the Political and Legal Committee to see what the Political and Legal Committee has to say.You can call Xiao Han later and ask him to work hard and be responsible to the end.Director Du, how can you make him responsible First of all, we must keep an eye on Dai Lishi, and don t let him run away again.If we let him run away again, it will be a dereliction of duty.Even if you find a way to prevent him from taking it off, it is easy for him to destroy this children s watch.It is a big joke to expect this thing to control the people under surveillance.Liu Jianye didn t think so, and said plausibly Chaoyang, I know Yes, electronic products are becoming more green cbd gummies cost and more advanced now.You can download a software from the website on the box, or scan the QR code, and you can locate the wearer on your computer or mobile phone.In the afternoon, Lingling and I Tried it, and the positioning is quite accurate.Did you make a mistake, and actually thought of using a children s watch to locate the person under surveillance Han Chaoyang was dumbfounded by Liu Jianye s good idea , and couldn t help asking Liu Suo, I ve seen the tracking bracelet from the Bureau of Justice.

Percussion belongs to percussion, but it should also be encouraged.Han Chaoyang supported the steering wheel, and said will cbd gummies thin blood casually You two cousins are not as heartless as you think, and melatonin gummies cbd they agreed to borrow money.If you can give them a helping hand regardless of past suspicions, you have to give them a reassurance.After all, their money It didn t fall from the sky, but it was earned hard.Tomorrow morning, I will go to cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 the street with me to make melatonin gummies cbd a written statement for them, and ask the street leaders and village cadres to be witnesses. Li Jun Liyang agreed Dai Lishi was ecstatic, but also felt a little unbelievable.I agreed, not only will I lend you money to see a doctor, but I will also lend you money to compensate other people.You should think about who else you have borrowed money from, and take this opportunity to ask your two cousins to help repay the other people.Han Chaoyang believed that since it was confirmed that the tobacco shop was suspected of selling fake cigarettes and alcohol, Liu Suo would definitely not miss this opportunity to cooperate with the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau to crack down on counterfeiting.There are counterfeit cigarettes in the store, and there may be some in the store.Officer Liang is reporting to his superiors, and he is asking the tobacco inspector to verify the authenticity, and the results will be available soon.Officer Han, stop joking, how could it be fake Whether it is fake cigarettes or not, we will know soon.Impossible, Lao Liu has always done his business very well, how could he sell fake gummy cbd in brunswick ohio 44212 .

what is the price of condor cbd gummies?

cigarettes.I also know Boss Liu, and I usually greet him, talk and laugh when we meet, and I don t want him to be dealt with for selling fake cigarettes.Eight people fit into a table.I have to be on duty today, and I can t drink alcohol.I just ordered a few dishes and was talking and laughing while drinking tea.Commissar Huang didn t want to delay work because of eating, so he put down best cbd gummy products online his teacup and asked, Jianye, what s the matter, is there a major police incident It s not a major police incident, but it s quite tricky.Commissar Huang thought he couldn t speak in front of Director Gu and others, so he immediately greeted Director Gu and Director Wang, and signaled Liu Jianye to go out to talk in detail.The police always act in a secretive manner.Director Gu has long been used to it, and half jokingly said Chaoyang, leave Political Commissar Huang and Liu Suo alone, let s eat first when the food comes.Director Gu, you and Director Wang You can eat first, but I don t dare.Han Chaoyang had to patiently explain what happened, and after thinking about it, he couldn t help laughing Thinking about it, my luck is not bad.I rushed to Beijing in a hurry, took a nap, and helped Lao Hu and Junfeng wash their hands.clothes, the case has been solved, the drug dealer has been arrested, and the drugs and money have been seized.Yu Zhenchuan never expected this to happen, scratched his head and said, You re lucky, otherwise you wouldn t have encountered a pig bumping into a fugitive , It s a good thing that you hit a pig.But is this case considered solved This is just the beginning Live, even if I want to dig deeper and investigate together, they may not necessarily bring it.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and couldn t help laughing I bet, if it is found out that although Liu Qingjun has a large number of drug trafficking, it is cbd gummies reviews for sleep just the beginning.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to make fun of others when he was in a good mood.Just as he didn t know how to cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 proceed, Wang Zhi turned around and said with a smile, Comrades, you ve worked hard.It s too cold, let s go inside and rest for a while.Comrade Kai Qiang just called, and they re leaving, so hurry up and rest, and you ll be busy later. Yes No matter how much lower the administrative level is than others, it s here Here is the guest.The leader of the anti drug brigade was very enthusiastic.First, a policeman was asked to take over the seized methamphetamine.He even made a list in front of Han Chaoyang and Lao Hu, and then arranged for everyone to rest in the reception room on the left side of the hall.Han Da, the cafeteria has prepared meals.I ll ask them to what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd bring them over.You can eat here.No one else what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd asked, just question me, Police Officer Han, do you think I look like a bad guy Everyone thought to themselves that you really don t look like a good guy He just finished speaking, followed by another burst of laughter.Han Chaoyang also wanted to laugh, but he couldn t do it in front of the person involved, so he suppressed a smile and said, Boss Zhong, thefts have always occurred in the community before, largely due to the fact that outsiders can come in and out at will.He asked if you are the owner of the community.The number of buildings you live in is actually a manifestation of being responsible to you and the owners of the community.Of course, there may be problems with his methods, which are too simple and direct, which makes you very embarrassed.I will tell Manager Zhang of the property management company later. Not only to help buy melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy things, but also promised to allocate a sum of funds for activities.Unexpected and reasonable, Han Chaoyang and others had just finished thanking, Du Ju, who had been silent all the time, took over the conversation and arranged the next work.Comrades, Comrade Liu Chengquan s funeral is basically done, and only the criminal and civil lawsuits are left.Considering that the police district and even the patrol team will have a lot of work pressure, the bureau decided to arrange special personnel to discuss with Comrade Liu Chengquan.I won t let you be distracted.Bureau Du paused, then continued From the point of view of personnel, the work of the police district is mainly community work because Comrade Wu Wei was transferred to 2.The 12 task force has been affected to a certain extent, but fortunately, the peak season of returning to the city during the Spring Festival is coming to an end, and Comrade Lao Ding can withdraw from the police office of the East Bus Station and continue to serve as a community policeman in Chaoyang Community and Yangguan Village Six hundred and eighty ninth After Zhang left, the back door would be opened, and the bureau arranged for a special person to drive over the newly repaired police car, and Liu Jianye also picked up Sun Guokang, who had packed his luggage early.

Comrade Public Security, I don t know about this, and neither does my brother in law.I m sorry, I ll call my brother in law first.You Who is brother in law Xu Gong never expected such a thing to happen, and subconsciously said Their boss.Let s talk about your matter later, let s talk about the matter in front of you first.Han Chaoyang looked back at the aggrieved Pei Chengdong, coldly He said coldly Who is responsible for it, we will definitely find out.This is not a place to talk, go, come with us to the police office first.Let s go, isn t it the police office I ve been there It was the first time that Mei Tiejun encountered such a situation, and he was really a little excited when he checked his ID card and found a fugitive.Fearing that the suspect would resist, Jiang Xiaomin was asked to sit in the front row, and Lu Yibin, a member of the community grid, held the suspect s arm tightly, and assisted Han Chaoyang to bring the suspect to the Zhongshan Road police station.Their car was parked in Shuimu Nianhua, but Mr.Tao was not in a hurry to send them to get the car.Sitting in the car and waiting at the gate of the police station for five or six minutes, seeing Han Chaoyang coming out in the police car, he immediately honked the horn.Mr.Tao, why haven t you left yet Waiting for you.Mr.Tao turned his head to look at the four nominal subordinates, and introduced Songping, Lao Song, let s get to know each other.This is the one who is in charge of our construction site.Police Officer Han, if it wasn t for Officer Han s help, you would have been fined not only clean cbd gummies this amount, but you might even have to go to the detention center.No wonder the guy surnamed Guo was very polite afterwards, it turned out that Mr.Tao had helped find someone.Hu Songping pushed down the car window and took a look, and found that the policeman sitting in the police car looked very familiar, so he couldn t help asking Officer Han, have we met somewhere Han Chaoyang smiled while holding the steering wheel Yes, last night I met you at the youth hostel, but you can t remember Mr.Yes Please rest.Han Chaoyang candor cbd gummies melatonin gummies cbd Qingqing With a low voice, he continued Other policemen including me and Kang s are responsible for checking Yangguan Village.The third, fourth, fifth and anti pickup squadrons cooperate.Our policemen led the patrol team and the auxiliary police from the Huayuan living tree cbd gummies tinnitus Street Police Station went door to door to check.Comrade Xu Hongliang is in charge of the periphery Everyone is here, so there is no need to wait until 11 30 to act.Following Han Chaoyang s order, the civilian police auxiliary police and patrol members melatonin gummies cbd oros cbd gummies tinnitus who participated in the battle set off as planned.Some took police cars, some took patrol cars, and some drove electric cars.Several construction sites were relatively close to each other.Dai Da, Lao Tang, and Miao Haizhu simply led the team members who assisted melatonin gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummy them to walk there.We are helping them.If we don t help, Sergeant Ding will die of exhaustion.Said Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here.When Xu Hongliang and Lao Ding were mentioned just now, Xu Hongliang arrived in the electric patrol car driven by Lao Ding.There was no outsider in the police room.As soon as Xu Hongliang entered the door, he beamed and said Chaoyang, the new director of your branch office has taken office.I thought that there will be a meeting like before, and you will be organized to participate in the police.This time it is different.Not only did there not Not even the leaders of the district participated in the conference.What s going on Don t worry, let me drink some water.Xu Hongliang walked into the conversation room to get a glass of pure water, took a sip, wiped the corner of his mouth and said The executive deputy director of the Municipal Bureau and the deputy director of the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau sent Director Liu to take up the post.Sit down and report to Director Gu frequently.Leaders don t say these things for no reason Han Chaoyang understood as if enlightened, and hurriedly got up and said, Thank you, Secretary Yang, for your concern, and thank you, Secretary Yang for reminding you.Said This book was written by my niece.I haven t had time to read it, and I don t know how it is written.I am embarrassed to give it away.I didn t expect District Chief Zhou to know.He praised my family for a talented girl, so he insisted on giving it to me.He has a melatonin gummies cbd copy, and I melatonin gummies cbd want my girl to sign it, he is working on the 9th floor of the district government these days, you can help me deliver it when you have time.This is not a book delivery, it is clearly a request to go to the district government to find Zhou Bureau.If they didn t really care, they would never remind them.I said, why are you so familiar Han Chaoyang Thinking about it, she couldn t help laughing Xiaozhen, aren t you from the local area No, I m from Nanhe.The little girl blushed with embarrassment, and bit her lip after speaking.I know your dad very well, and I even went to your house melatonin gummies cbd to buy stewed vegetables.Huang Ying also realized what a happy event was tonight, and couldn t help teasing Jiayong, tell me the truth, how did you trick Xiaozhen Sister in law, how can I lie, I We met last year.I m just kidding you, Huang Ying laughed, walked into the bar and said, Xiaozhen, you are welcome to work in the hotel.I was really joking just now.Jiayong is good, you really have vision.Mengzhen was not only shy but also didn t know what to call Huang Ying, and was at a loss, Huang s mother stood in the kitchen and shouted Everyone is back, right Let s eat when everyone is ready.Please read the record.If you have no problem, sign here.A word, here, here, and here, make a fingerprint.Chapter 735 Grandpa Gu joins Han Chaoyang after questioning Boss Hu, and then continues to ask Lin Xiaotong.I have met several times before, but I have never spoken to each other.If I don t ask, I don t know.When I ask, I am surprised.It turns out that Lin Xiaotong not what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd only knows that Boss Hu has a wife, but also a college student with a higher education.Not only did he not feel ashamed to be caught and raped in bed by his wife, but he also plausibly said that Hu Songping and Gong Wenmei had lost their relationship for a long time, and that she was the one who really loved her.He even took this as an opportunity to demand a showdown between Hu Songping and Gong Wenmei, to divorce Hu Songping and Gong Wenmei, marry her and start a new family She was equally excited and very loud.

Even if there is a dead body in the septic tank, the murderer will not be able to remove the dead body in broad daylight.Ji Lao, what do you mean I don t mean anything else, I just want to ask if we can help in the future If you think we three old men are still useful, then give us a few photos of the victim s life, and it is best when he withdraws money Let us also watch the video.Director Liu is worried that the impact will be bad, and he doesn t want to make it known to everyone.We can quietly help you pay attention, and if you go around this area every day, you may actually meet people who have seen the victim. No problem, After I go back, I will send the photo of the victim and the video of the cash withdrawal to Chaoyang.If you find other clues, please let us know, so as to save us from doing useless work.Thinking about it, they really can t play a big role.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, and Lao Ding asked cheerfully Chaoyang, have you Call Liu Suo No.Hurry up and hit it.If you like it so much, you should congratulate it as soon as possible. Isn t it appropriate to call now If there s anything inappropriate, call quickly, call Liu Suo first, then Lao Yang, no, it should be called Yang Suo now.I will write an inspection later, and I will make a deep review.Han Chaoyang is really not in the mood to call to congratulate, but Lao Ding is also kind.After all, the cbd gummies for sex price koi cbd gummies delta 8 news spreads quickly.If everyone else calls to congratulate, you just don t call.It s hard to say whether Liu Suo and the first master will have an idea.After calling, Liu Jianye smiled heartily and said Thank you, thank you.Actually, there is nothing to congratulate.What happened Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Nothing happened to the gate of the big camp, but something happened to the gate of the small camp.Huang s father knocked on the cigarette ash, and continued There is a crop field outside the gate of the small camp.On duty, the guard changes every two hours.One night, the little soldier on duty was in a hurry to urinate.He probably thought that no one would come, so he leaned his gun on the sentry box and ran to pee in the shade behind the sentry box.As a result, his front feet just Let s go, a soldier who had drunk too much at a fellow townsman s party came there drunk.Seeing that there was no one at the gate of the small camp, and the gun was just outside the sentry box, he played a prank and hid the gun in a place not far from the sentry box.Han Chaoyang was startled.He didn t know whether to go in to salute and say hello or just go to the command vortex strawberry lime cbd gummies review center as if he didn t know anything.Liu Qiuping suddenly said, Han Chaoyang, come in.Yes Han Chaoyang hastily parked the electric car aside, ran into the reception room and stood at attention to salute Hello, Director Liu, and Mrs.Zou.Okay, wait here.Yes.Liu Qiuping returned the salute, turned around and asked Comrade Qiao Yueqing, your courier is here, open it.The dignified director, shouldn t be very busy, why suddenly want to see someone else s courier Qiao Yueqing wondered if someone was suspected of taking bribes, and thought that her package was a piece of clothing she bought online for her children, so there was nothing to worry about, so she quickly took the express package from Zou Jingnan s mobile phone, and opened the outer package in front of everyone.You may not know that he is a policeman from our branch , is also a specially appointed lecturer of the School of Art of PolyU, and the leaders of PolyU think highly of him, and more than once tried to poach us and transfer him to work at PolyU.Is there such a thing Yes, President Nie asked him personally last year, He even wanted to transfer him to the Youth League Committee of PolyU.Liu Qiuping reacted, and subconsciously asked Old Feng, you mean to ask Han Chaoyang to ask the leaders of PolyU to help arrange for PolyU students to participate in security Volunteers are recruited for major events, and college students also Need to participate in some social service activities, and PolyU not only has ordinary college students, but also national defense students, I think as long as the organization is proper, it is no problem to invite three or four thousand teachers and students to help maintain order.The police department called.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to call the police.I rushed to the neighborhood committee again, did not give the Xu family a good look, turned on the law enforcement recorder, melatonin gummies cbd took out a pen and paper, and asked very seriously Although I met this morning, I didn t make a record.Now make up the record.What is your name Xu Jun s uncle saw Han Chaoyang put on a business like posture, raised his head in a daze, and said, Your surname is Qian, Qian Shuangxi.Have you brought your ID card Yes.Qian Shuangxi took out his ID card , reluctantly put it in front of Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang registered quickly, then raised his head and asked, What s your surname My surname is also Qian, Qian Erxi.The middle aged man who made the most noise at the Jin Jiang Hotel in the morning stubbed out his cigarette and explained, Comrade police, I It s Junzi and his second uncle, and Xu Min is my brother in law.Han Chaoyang added We contacted the Economic Investigation Team of the Changshan Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Shangjiang candor cbd gummies melatonin gummies cbd City, and they said that melatonin gummies cbd Gan Jianren illegally raised more than 160,000 yuan Wan, I found that there are already fifty three people who have been deceived and reported to them, including Luo Weixing, whom we want to arrest Liu Jianye gritted his teeth and asked So he is also a victim.He used the project advance payment given by Jiangjian Group and the construction deposit defrauded from small contractors to usury, but he couldn t get it back, and was found here by Jiangjian Group again.We can t pass this test, and we can only run away with the wages of our migrant workers We checked his mobile phone call records, and he kept in touch with Gan Jianren frequently in the second half of last year, until Gan Jianren s mobile phone stopped due to arrears.

, then raised his head to wink at the headquarters staff in charge of conference affairs.Xiao Liu came to his cbd gummies for pain relief cbd gummies for sex price senses and hurriedly picked up the water bottle and went to the stage to refill the water for the leaders.When he reached Director Huo, he whispered a few words in his ear.Director Huo nodded slightly, and then changed the subject Comrades, I just received a what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain melatonin gummies cbd piece of news that the case of the construction workers of the East Long distance Bus Station project that was notified a while ago was solved The police not only successfully captured the suspect Luo Weixing, successfully recovered the wages of the workers stolen by Luo Weixing, but also captured a criminal suspect who helped Luo Weixing abscond in fear of crime and was suspected of harboring and sheltering As soon as he finished speaking, there was a burst of urgency outside siren sound.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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