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Chen Xiujuan looked up, and asked curiously Musician, how did you get here Sister Chen, didn t I report it to you I couldn t remember where my home was, so I had to take her around to find out, but luckily she remembered later. Chenjiaji, right How did you know that Chen Xiujuan chuckled , almost sprayed rice.A community policeman couldn t help laughing, put down his lunch box and asked, Is there a seller of automatic mahjong tables in front of her house Yes, Chenjiaji seems to be the only one selling automatic mahjong tables.Said to give it away, but didn t say where to send it, how did they know, Han Chaoyang looked at a loss.A policeman from the case handling team came over and asked with a half smile Is the old lady very grateful, thank you so much, and keep praising you Well, she is very grateful.Hurry up, he s called several times Immediately, at most three minutes Han Chaoyang took the electric car and asked Xu Hongliang to return to the police station to continue his duty.He hurried to the Chaoyang River, where several old men wearing sun hats were scolding the men in the middle of the river.Electric fishing is against the law, so it s legal for you to fish Did you see it It says on the bridge that fishing is prohibited.Little bastard, you re still stubborn.If you have the guts, come up with me Come down if you have the guts.You little bastard, see if I can t kill you A short and fat old man got angry and threw down his fishing rod to search for bricks and tiles.Han Chaoyang stopped the car in a hurry, ran down, grabbed it, and shouted sideways Who allowed you to electric fish here, do you know that electric fishing is illegal I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and I am 600 mg cbd gummies also from this river section.The most troublesome scene really happened.Among the female suspects who got off from the last few cars, there were not only pregnant women, but also two children holding children.The children couldn t stand the toss and were crying.Chen Xiujuan and other female policemen and female co workers were coaxing and teasing, and at the same time they had to assist in detaining the female suspects, and they were overwhelmed.Xu Hongliang s car was also requisitioned tonight, and he drove into the yard for the first time, and he was standing beside the car and raised his hand to greet him from a distance.Han Chaoyang nodded slightly to them, walked up to Yang Tao and asked in a low voice Master, there is no one in the police room, can I go back Tell him for you.Okay, then let s go first.Xiao Han, you did a great job, Yang Tao not only gave a rare compliment, but also walked all the way to the door, holding the electric patrol car and smiling This car is not bad, where did you get it I borrowed it from the property of Dongming Community, Master, does this count as a violation of discipline Public security patrols, it shouldn t be counted.If the security team of Dongming Community can be included, not only the strength of the security company can be strengthened, but also some security fees can be earned to maintain the operation of the security company Lao Jin believed that Director Su and the street leaders would help to find a solution, so he said confidently As long as you have 600 mg cbd gummies the determination to cut off your wrists, the community and even the street will help you find a solution for other matters.I will pay you back how much dosages of cbd gummies they fine you.You will pay me 600 mg cbd gummies back Manager Zhang was dubious.Han Chaoyang suppressed a smile and confirmed Manager Zhang, Lao Jin is now in charge of the establishment of the security company.After all the procedures are approved, he will be the manager of the security company.He will also be the captain of the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community.He thinks that the cadres of the street, community, and working group, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade of Huayuan Street and 600 mg cbd gummies the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community with extremely exaggerated equipment are still chasing the outsiders in Chaoyang Village.Population, in the process of investigating and dealing with illegal activities that have not been filed and registered for the rental area, stood up and said Comrade Han Chaoyang, it turns out that you are a good comrade who is dedicated to his duties and can take care of the overall situation.Your investigation was very successful, and you did a good job at night Beautiful, I hope you don t have too many worries, and I hope you will continue to work hard and make new achievements.Considering that the investigation operation in Chaoyang Village is still going on, you can go back now, and leave the law enforcement recorder here temporarily.Everything started because of Han Chaoyang, even plus cbd relief gummies 18:1 review Lao Chen, who has always been the most kind to others, had a full stomach for Han Chaoyang, and sneered unabashedly in front of so many people when he left.Guan Yuanyuan, who rushed to the village again from the sub bureau, did not say anything, and also ignored Han Chaoyang, as if he was not in the office.The chief said hello, and asked the police and auxiliary police officers to escort the suspect back home.Even though he knew this would happen, Han Chaoyang was still very sad and disappointed when everything became a reality.As a member of the Huayuan Street Police Station, he became the public enemy of the people in the station without doing anything wrong, and he didn t say anything wrong.How could this happen When it comes to being a civil servant, Han Chaoyang always thinks he has some advantages.It turned out to be Zhang Beibei.I don t know whether it was because of the quick recovery or the good makeup.The bruises on his face disappeared.Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked around, but he didn t see Jiang Xiaolan, Jiang Xiaofang, and Jiang Erhu.He leaned on his armed belt and said, I don t know exactly how much the fine will be, but I must accept double fines.But for local tyrants like you It s not a big deal.Local tyrant, please, I m so poor now, I m so poor that I m going to eat dirt.Zhang Beibei pouted her mouth with displeasure.If even you have to eat dirt, then I can t even drink the northwest wind.I m not kidding you, I really have no money.You have no money, can you stand here without money It is no exaggeration to say that the villagers in the yard are all future millionaires.He held up his mobile phone to take pictures and asked, What kind of publicity are you doing at night Who is this person Niu coax coquettish, like a leader.Zheng Xinyi cursed secretly, but still said with a smile Which unit do you belong to What can I do with Police Officer Han who is stationed in our police office Is there any mistake in your police office The young man was so dumbfounded that he thought he had nothing to say to the two voluntary security patrols, so he simply 600 mg cbd gummies put away his phone, turned around and walked out.Wait, why are you like this Zheng Xinyi and Xiao Xu, the team member on duty tonight, chased to the door, and the young man had already run to the road and got into the car that had never been turned off.The middle aged man in a white police uniform looked how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies at them through the glass and asked suspiciously What s the matter, which unit are they from Secretary Yu, they said they were from the Community Volunteer Security Patrol.Thousands of people held banners and shouted slogans , Maybe they will march all the way to the district government like last time.What the sub bureau can solve must not alarm the city bureau.Xing Hongchang didn t want to ask the city bureau to send special police over to maintain stability like last time, and immediately issued an order Xiao Han, gather people and set off immediately Leading a patrol team to maintain stability is the command of the branch The order of the deputy director of the center was also at the request of the street leaders.Han Chaoyang believed that Director Su would not stop him, so he immediately turned around and said, Xinyi, Xiaobin, notify cbd gummies elvpaso tx all shifts to assemble urgently.Yes Han Chaoyang stepped forward As soon as he walked out of 600 mg cbd gummies the meeting room, Xing Hongchang called the leader of the bureau and ordered Tai Suo, this is an emergency situation, and the fighter plane cannot be delayed.

I don t believe that your directors and instructors dare not implement the who created smilz cbd gummies 600 mg cbd gummies intentions of the branch party committee.Not being welcomed by the leaders of the station does not mean that they are not welcomed by the street leaders and branch leaders.Han Chaoyang realized that there was indeed such a possibility, and murmured, Isn t this robbing other people s quotas and competing with them Several policemen have not joined the party, including Guan Xiyuan, who has a fairly good relationship.Han Chaoyang didn t want to lose Guan Xiyuan, his only and only friend, so he didn t know what to say when his cell phone rang suddenly.When he looked at the caller ID, it turned out that it was Huo Yichang, the cbd gummies for high blood pressure shark tank parking lot manager on Pingtou Road whom he had only met once Old what is the best cbd gummies Huo, hello, I m Han Chaoyang, what s the matter Han Da, I cbd gummies busy philipps saw a junk collector, and there was a new electric car on the tricycle, so who would sell the new car as junk There must be ghosts.Speaking of watching WeChat and talking about water groups, I found it was a waste 600 mg cbd gummies of time.After reading all the Moments, and then replying to a few messages, an hour or two was gone before I knew it.Not only Waste of time and hurt.For example, you can t watch your circle of friends, go to restaurants or watch movies, or how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies go shopping with beautiful young ladies.You are living a life of drunken dreams, and I actually want to give you a thumbs up.Is this hurt People are more angry than angry people.Do you know that I am angry with you every day No, I have to block you, or I will always be hurt.You dare Huang Ying cursed with a smile, and said happily Unlucky, no Talk about nonsense, talk about business, you are famous, and your luck has changed.Famous, is there any mistake, I am not a .

does gnc sell cbd oil gummies?

celebrity.You don t come back often.I don t know.Xiao Han and others The police are different, regardless of their young age, they are responsible If it weren t for him and Director Su who just arrived in the community last year, all the cars in the parking lot downstairs would be ruined in the afternoon.Don t look at living in Dongming Community for four or five years.In 2010, Li Yun really didn t know the situation of the community and even the community, so she asked curiously What did he do this afternoon So a tow truck was dispatched from the traffic police team, and all the cars that no one was moving were towed outside.It was all the fault of the developer, who didn t consider how to drain the basement when building the house, and it flooded once in the next rain.Will it affect the foundation if it is submerged like this This building is a reinforced concrete structure, and 600 mg cbd gummies the foundation is so deep, it should not be affected.He lit a cigarette and said, See you as soon as you should, and don t let the masses down.Lao Gu, encourage Xiao Han, be generous, open minded, and don t hide.He has caught all the murderers.What is it to meet a little girl.Exercise first, and then let him participate in some activities in the bureau, such as variety shows on TV where to buy diamond cbd gummies stations and legal programs on radio what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies stations.In short, since he is popular, he will be popular until the end How could Gu Guoli fail to guess the good intentions of the bureau leader, and pondered Director Du, you are counterproductive.I want to follow the steps, but will you give me time Our Public Security Bureau is not a people s hospital.After the police retire I can t re employ you.Old Gu, I know you have feelings for the branch office, so please help me out, use the few months before retirement to teach and lead well, and when the time comes, we will have a good face, and your face will also have a good face, right Well, I know what to do.Investigate, at all costs, even dig three feet to find this Find out Qiao Xianhong Report to the Zhou Bureau, we have adjusted our deployment, and we are working on a two pronged approach.Lao Lu is responsible for tracking down the doubts and whereabouts of Qiao Xianhong s debt avoidance, and I am responsible for organizing forces to continue to investigate Qiao Xianhong and Zhang Qiuyan s social relations in our city.Okay, thank you for your hard work, I m waiting for your good news The investigative deployment has been adjusted.The key thing to be investigated has already been investigated, and the two people who need what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies to be investigated, one seems to have evaporated, and the other has died, making it impossible to start., I can t do it even if I have the strength.Xi Hongbo lit a cigarette, stared at the relationship diagram for more than ten minutes, and was about to call Xu Wei, the captain of the Serious Case Squadron, when his cell phone rang.The public security is the group that pays the most attention to honor.They won honor for the unit.Their leaders should not give him small shoes in the future.Huang Ying put the tablet aside, turned off the light and lay on the bed tossing and turning but couldn t fall asleep, her mind was full of these, she couldn t help picking up her phone, and dialed Han Chaoyang s number.Sister, it s so late, what instructions do you have Can you please speak up Han Chaoyang, who had just returned to the police station from the park along the 600 mg cbd gummies river, was surprised and stopped in his tracks because he was always sour.Ask Okay, let s talk about it, what s the matter It s nothing, just make a phone call.Han Chaoyang was confused when he made a call for nothing, lit a cigarette with his phone under his HCMUSSH 600 mg cbd gummies neck, and leaned against the electric patrol car Jokingly said Are you empty in spirit and want to chat with someone What do you mean, you are empty in spirit I am not empty at all.The room is full of spare parts and wire ropes for driving.There are company brochures and business cards in the van at the door.There are also a bunch of spare parts in the car.It was a serious business, and Wu Wei felt that this trip was wasted.What happened to Ji Zhaojun touched Liang Dongsheng a lot.He thought to himself that the lack of suspicion in front of him did not mean that he could not collect clues from him.He politely declined the cigarette offered by Pang Zichen, took out a pen and paper from his bag and began to inquire.Boss Pang, you rented in the third group of Yangguan Village for a while last year.Do you have any impression of the landlord s family Officer Liang, what happened to that house Sorry, please answer my question first.I m sorry, I m just curious, Pang Zicheng sat down on the side of the bed, and recalled The landlord s family leaves early and returns late, and I also leave early and return late.It s been so long, and he s just a tenant, so it s normal that he can t remember or know.Liang Dongsheng nodded slightly, and asked, Boss Pang, do you have any impression of the other tenants who live in his house After waiting in the police office for more than half an hour, Secretary Yang and Director Cai really came, and they took Director Cai s private car to the city government guest house for a meeting.Almost all the directors of the traffic management offices in all districts and streets came to the city s traffic management work meeting.The Flow georgia hemp cbd sour gummy bears Management Office and the Comprehensive Management Office work in a joint office, with two brands and one team.The directors of the Flow Management Office and the Comprehensive Management Office come here.The deputy chiefs 600 mg cbd gummies of the urban and public security organs in charge of law and order also serve as the deputy directors of the traffic control office, so there are quite a few people in police uniforms.

Good brother, I really have nothing to say.Han Chaoyang glanced at him gratefully, leaned on the steering wheel and said with a smile I appreciate your kindness, my mother is too busy to enjoy the blessings.She can t take a car, and she feels sick when she smells gasoline.Come here once.It s really not easy, I probably won t be able to eat anything at noon.Motion sickness Xu Hongliang asked with a bitter face.I was very dizzy.I called in the morning and said that I would get up at 5 o clock and take motion sickness medicine.I didn t know whether the motion sickness medicine would work or not.I specially prepared a few convenience bags.I was afraid that I couldn 600 mg cbd gummies t help but throw up in someone s car.There was no other way, Xu Hongliang After thinking about it, I asked again Auntie can t take a car, so how do you go to see the house Riding an electric car, I have agreed with Xu Cheng, and I will borrow his electric car for a few days.We used to live in a family courtyard.What a beautiful girl, Ma Fengying s eyes lit up, and she was more interested in her than in the house.He took her hand and asked excitedly Yingying, do you work on the same street as Chaoyang At the police station, I m at the finance office.At the finance office, the finance office is fine.Huang Ying was embarrassed by the question, and hurriedly said, Auntie, it s hot outside, let s go in and talk.Auntie, please.An Jiahui I have heard of the most handsome policeman in Yanyang a long time ago.Seeing the embarrassment on the faces of my best friend and the most handsome policeman, I thought it was funny, and couldn t help joking Officer Han, we are just the opposite.You are in Donghai University.Yanyang came to work I went to university in Yanyang, but I went to work in Donghai.It stands to reason that new applicants should be organized to learn laws and regulations, how to deal with emergencies, and how to protect themselves, but now only one person has signed up.Can t get organized.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, and patted the police station I can go to work tonight.I will be on duty 600 mg cbd gummies with Xinyi first, what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies and I will familiarize myself with the police office, patrol team and the situation in our jurisdiction.We will organize learning after more people sign up.Organize the training.Okay, I ll come right after dinner.Sorry, I don t care about the meal if I ask you to help.It s okay, it s my obligation, Zhang Beibei said with a smile while filling out the form seriously Remember, I actually assisted your police on duty.Before learning to drive, the driving school asked our students to go to the intersection to assist the traffic police 600 mg cbd gummies sex blog cbd gummies in directing traffic.Han Chaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled awkwardly Others don t know, you should know.In fact, it s nothing.It s all their nonsense, making something out of nothing, making trouble out of nothing, and finally made it seem real.I know it was others who made the noise , I don t know if it s true or not.Lin Wenjing smiled secretly, and continued But I was young at the time, so these things can t be taken seriously.Let s not talk about it, how are you now Buying a house, did you have cbd gummies is weed a girlfriend Talked about one.What does it look like, do you have any photos Yes.This is not something wana cbd gummy is there marijuana in cbd gummies to be ashamed of, Han Zhaoyang took out his phone and found Huang Ying s photo.Lin Wenjing took it and looked at it, and sighed It s so beautiful, so beautiful.It s okay.What do you mean, but you are not bad, you look good, by the way, where is she how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies from , where do you work From Yanyang, work in our sub district office.He simply parked the car on the side of what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies the road and asked Xiaokang HCMUSSH 600 mg cbd gummies to drive, grabbed the walkie talkie with one hand, raised 600 mg cbd gummies the police officer with the other and said, Chaoyang, first check if there is such a person, and if there is no such person, report to the command center immediately.I didn t catch them here, there are so many intersections, how can I chase them at night who created smilz cbd gummies 600 mg cbd gummies Please call the command center to check the monitoring of the main road, first confirm where they are going, and confirm the approximate range.Han Chaoyang immediately ended the call and used the police phone first.After inquiring about Cao Kejin, several people were found, but none of them matched in terms of age, appearance and home address.What does this mean This means that the guy is using a fake name for treatment Can a good person use a fake name The No.What does this have to do with Han Chaoyang Guan Xiyuan opened the car window, lit a cigarette, yawned and asked.Old Hu was more depressed than he was, what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies holding the steering wheel and said angrily Three people sent one to the No.6 City Hospital for treatment.After paying the money, they ran away 600 mg cbd gummies before the inspection was completed.Han Chaoyang felt suspicious and reported to the command center, not only , and even pulled out cbd berry gummies green otter cbd cube gummies the security guards under him.The command center said that we should guy fieri cbd gummies rush over to strengthen inspections, but in fact they asked us to chase and intercept them together.It s that simple It s that simple.To mobilize the crowd, not only we are going, but the Xinyuan Street Police Station also has to send people there, and he will 600 mg cbd gummies not stop until he makes some noise.If he makes a fuss, he will make a fuss, why drag us, he doesn t want to sleep and we have to sleep.Instead, letting so many security guards toss all night will inevitably affect the how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies work of the security company today and tomorrow.They must go back to say hello to Director Su and Lao Jin, and ask Lao Jin and Xiao Zhong to reschedule a new shift.Director Su didn t say anything, Lao Jin naturally wouldn t say anything, not to mention that four suspects involved in a murder case were captured at night.After arranging everything, I rushed to the breakfast shop.Many people had already finished eating, and a few people couldn t bear it anymore and fell asleep in the car.Some lay on the back of the front seat, some leaned on the shoulders of colleagues, and some snored.Like thunder, some even drooled, and their sleeping looks were more funny than the other.Chaoyang, you eat with Liu Suo and the trainer, I ll go back to the police office first.All in all, the meeting was a success.However, the meeting was not over.Of course, Auntie Ye has to make some achievements when she takes office as a new official.She is discussing with foundation directors and volunteers how to raise funds.Director Wang, it s a meeting.Why did you come out I m not the chairman or director, I m just a volunteer.I just need to run errands and give a call.Han Chaoyang looked behind him and suppressed a smile He murmured No matter in terms of seniority or influence, you should be the chairman of the board.Aunt Ye is relying on the number of people.I don t have the right to vote.Even if I have the right to vote, my vote doesn t matter The son and daughter of Director Wang are more promising than the other, so why doesn t he go to his son s place or his daughter s The reason is very simple, that is, no one will play after the past, and it is impossible to call the wind and call the rain like in the 527 factory.

The transfer is so troublesome.What if your Public Security Bureau doesn t let you go What if the Human Resources Bureau finds it troublesome and doesn t give you the file.Recruitment is much easier.Xiao Han will resign after the probationary period is over, and then come to us to go through the procedure.Get a job.People don t want to do it anymore, so if you want to resign, the leader of the Public Security Bureau can t hold you back.If the young how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies apprentice really wants to resign, the branch office can t hold him back.Grandpa Gu realized the seriousness of the problem, and asked again Has Chaoyang agreed The water flows downhill, coming to our PolyU must have a better future than working in the Public Security Bureau.Not only the future but also the social status, the university teacher, if you say it, you will also have face.I checked on the Internet, Longdao County is on the Loess Plateau, and there is nothing to ask for.The common people depend on the sky for their food.How can we communicate Let us go to endure hardships, let us go to receive re education, and it is not a good job, why are you in a hurry.I know it is not a good job, because no one wants to go, so we are called to go, but I have to Make some preparations, if you bring single police equipment, you have to buy a bigger trolley case, otherwise it won t fit in. Du Bureau didn t make it very clear last time, you have to learn from the class, and the class has to go with others to pick up the police, pick up the police You can t be without equipment, and it s impossible for them to distribute it to us after half a month, so you d better buy a bigger box.Then look for the criminal police team, and ask the criminal police team what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies to help pay attention to the sales channels.At the same time Organize a few team members to squat and guard, instead of fishing for three days is pure cbd gummies legit and drying nets for two days as before, arrange people to go there every day to ensure that there are our people in the community 24 hours a day, as long as that bastard commits crimes again, he will definitely be caught.Sister Su will allow you to transfer people from her Maybe I didn t agree before, but now it should be fine.Han Zhaoyang paused, and then said But this is a temporary solution, not a permanent solution.If the property management in the community is not improved, it will not be strengthened.Security precautions, if we don t take some technical prevention measures, this kind of thing will happen again sooner or later.He looked at the text messages she received on her old phone, took a photo with Jingwutong, then turned off the old phone, took out the card and inserted it into the new phone that was hijacked by hackers, and tried Turn it on, and 600 mg cbd gummies it turns out that you have to enter a password.When did it happen At noon today, Pei Xiaozhen said with a sad face, while eating in the cafeteria at 600 mg cbd gummies noon, the mobile phone restarted with a black screen for no reason.An error was displayed, and then I inserted the card into the old mobile phone, and I received a blackmail text message.Should I be able to log in to the official website to retrieve the password I have logged in and called customer service.I lost my status and can t use it until I regain the password.This is my mobile phone, I haven t lost it at all, and I went to the specialty store in the afternoon, and the people in the specialty store can t help.Instructor Hang felt that this situation had to be clarified, so he put down his gun and found a wanted warrant from the file folder on the desk.Xiao Han, come here and have a look.Have you ever seen this person when I assisted Jiang Li in helping the villagers of Lijiayao to apply for the second generation ID cards There are more in the hospital when I was a child.Han Chaoyang looked at the photos on the arrest warrant, and then at the photos on the computer, but he didn t have the slightest impression.Although he believed that Jiang Li was right, he couldn t lie about such a big matter, so he could only shake his head solemnly.Didn t you bring a law enforcement recorder Is the law enforcement recorder turned on Instructor, I m sorry.I wanted to apply for an ID card and I didn t pick up the police, so I didn t turn it on.Where do you think she can go Is she in the store Not in the store Man, our policeman knocked open the door and saw that there were only fertilizers and pesticides inside.Will you go to the county to buy Our policeman learned that all the seeds, fertilizers and pesticides she HCMUSSH 600 mg cbd gummies sold were delivered to the entrance of the village by dealers.I how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies can t go to the county a few times a year, and it s even more impossible to take my children to buy goods.Changqin is the most sensible girl in the Feng family Married to a group of Li Xiaorong, Xiaorong is also willing to work, working outside all year round, coming back at the beginning of the year and the end of the last year, sending money home every month.Changqin built two houses at the entrance of the village, sold seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, and did farm work as well.Maybe it was because of his hunger, Han Chaoyang had never eaten such delicious pancakes, and he ate three of them in a row.Jiang Li knew that Yanyang s colleagues were more hygienic, so how to make your own cbd gummies teaser pleaser he didn t drink the water in his water bottle, but drank the water sent by the women in the village.Brother Jiang, drink this.Feeling very embarrassed, Han Chaoyang handed over the water bottle again.There s only half a pot left, you can keep it.Jiang Li lifted up the dirty plastic cup and took a big sip, then turned around and said, I m different from you, I m a local, and I have better resistance than you, unlike you Drinking unboiled tap water can easily cause stomach upset. If there are bacteria, anyone who drinks it will get stomach upset, why is it different Chaoyang, don t believe me when I tell you, it s really different.When I was young, all I ate was water cellars The water in the cellar and the water in the cellar are all rainwater and snow water.Now the conditions are good.There are several water cellars in the family, all of which are scientific spherical cellars, and the bottom of the cellars is covered with quartz sand for filtration.How could this condition exist in the past My family used to have two cellars, and people and animals drank water from one cellar.There is no such cellar cover as it is now.Rabbits, mice, and wild cats often drown in the cellar.When the corpses are fished out, the water in the cellar will be clarified.Continue I can t help but lack water.The deepest impression is that there was no rain for eight or nine months in a year, and every household ran out of water.Later, the government supplied water from the Yellow River to the nearest dam, which was equivalent to 600 mg cbd gummies a pond.

Can you get in touch with this Song Yaping Yes, Director Zhang took us to him, and he doesn t know where Zhu Youwei has gone.Director Zhang didn t believe it and looked at his phone.It s true that we haven t contacted him for a long time.They Didn t you do business together, why didn t you contact me Chaoyang, that boy Song Yaping is a celebrity in our school Mobile phones, computers, cosmetics, sports shoes, bags almost everything he doesn t sell.Last year, he seemed to be helping the driving school and recruiting students for the public examination and postgraduate training institutions outside.It is like a pyramid scheme to recruit people everywhere, develop offline everywhere, and in the end he can make money himself, and no one else can make money.mention That guy, Zhang Jinhai, had a headache, and added He ran from one dormitory to another, and even sneaked into the girls dormitory to sell cosmetics.He came out tonight to serve the masses.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Xu Hongliang went up to him and asked, What are you doing You don t need to take a taxi if you need it.It s useless if you don t need a taxi.We just ask, we can t do it.You temporary worker really thinks you are a policeman, and the security guard didn t say anything, what kind of wolf are you running here Now there is online car hailing, the taxi business is not easy to do, but no matter how difficult the business is, it can t be like this.How could Han Chaoyang watch his good brothers being humiliated, walked up to them, and asked coldly, What are you talking cbd gummies for tinnitus relief about Who are how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies you talking about as a temporary worker Who are you calling a big tailed wolf The one in front of him is the pseudo army , and the one in front of him should be the regular army.If he sees a damage of 10,000 points at a time, he has to give them a thumbs up when it s over.Today s circle of friends is different from usual.A person who has been added for more than ten days and has never seen him post a circle of friends unexpectedly starts a circle of friends uncharacteristically, and even posts several in one go.The painting style was wrong, and Han Chaoyang was stunned for a moment.Huang Ying couldn t sleep when there was light, even through the quilt.Seeing that he hadn t turned off the light, she simply sat up with her arms around the quilt, rubbed her eyes and complained What are you looking at, so focused, you didn t hear what I said He Suo posted on Moments.Isn t it normal to post on Moments I post every day, and even my parents repost chicken soup posts that I don t know where I saw Speaking of this, Huang Ying Suddenly he regained his composure, opened his eyes wide and asked, He Suo, the director 600 mg cbd gummies sex blog cbd gummies of the police station where you went to study communication It s like a poem, it looks a little bit wrong.I ll let the workers clean it up, so as not to get in the way.A bit of ridicule, even with a bit of sarcasm People are under the eaves, and labor and management recognize it.Ten years is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.After you have the ability, don t ask the Yandong Branch, especially the Zhongshan Road Integrated Police Platform for assistance.Han Chaoyang cursed secretly, and was about to go back to continue sifting sand, when He Yichang, the most powerful economic investigation policeman in the sub bureau and the youngest squadron leader, suddenly called.Chaoyang, I heard that you are on the project again, and you are going to make meritorious service again It was also teasing, but it was pleasing to the ear, and Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing Captain He, since you know that I am on the project again, then I must know what I m doing.There used to be, Lao Du took a puff of cigarette, and pondered Lu Hong from the second team is not a good guy.When you see a bicycle on the road, you will go over and pull out the valve core of the tire.They didn t provoke him, and he doesn t even know who owns the car.Don t you think that s not the case Do you harm others and benefit are cbd and thc gummies legal yourself Forget it.Han Chaoyang took out his notebook and wrote down 600 mg cbd gummies the name Lu Hong.However, that kid seems to 600 mg cbd gummies have changed his ways in the past few years.After all, he 600 mg cbd gummies is older and his children are older, so he can t do it well.Now he has a motorcycle and collects sheep in the vicinity, and sells the feed by the way.Old how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies Du suddenly remembered something, and added He is not a reformer, he how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies usually does a lot of immoral things.If you harvest sheep, you can harvest sheep.However, openly in public places, regardless of whether they know each other or not, directly blocking the behavior of asking for money is obviously not as simple as asking for a lottery Knowing that the other party is not happy, and being rejected This has exceeded the most basic moral bottom line, and even involved in illegal crimes.Moreover, this has seriously affected the external image of our Renhe County, affecting investment attraction, and affecting the economic construction of the entire county.I agree with you just now Tomorrow will be an enlarged meeting of the party committee, put this matter on the agenda, and study it carefully.What about today s matter Let s deal with it coldly, and it can only be dealt with coldly.Yes.After receiving the plan When the director called, Bureau Fan didn t take it seriously, but didn t take it seriously at all.He took advantage of the opportunity of helping the unit to purchase, repair cars, refuel, etc.to report false invoices.At that time, the business was relatively prosperous and the money was relatively easy to earn.Although the boss and the financial proprietress felt that there was a problem, they still turned a blind eye.Turning a blind eye, the sales managers including the victim s father chose to turn a blind eye even though they all knew about it.He became more and more courageous.In October 2008, the driver of the truck in the factory fell ill, and the boss asked him to deliver the goods.And asked him to take the payment back, but the customer gave him cash.After he went back, he claimed that when he stopped for dinner on the way back, the car window was smashed by a thief, and the 120,000 payment was stolen.The patrol members are all politically reliable and military security guards.There are more than two hundred People, I can ask them to help.There are more than 200 people under my command, yes, they are better than me, the deputy detachment leader Luo Zhi, I am voluntary.The voluntary is also very powerful, Deputy Luo said.The detachment leader was delighted, turned around and said with a smile Old Teng, it seems that we cbd gummies and lisinopril treat the heart of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.Director Feng is still very generous in his work.Arranging Xiaohan to come over is equivalent to sending us more than two hundred people., as long as it involves matters under the jurisdiction of the Yandong Sub bureau, Xiao Han can dig three feet to help us find out as soon as he gives an order.There are community voluntary security patrols, village security 600 mg cbd gummies joint defense teams, and high tech zones as well Teng Jiming didn t know whether this patrol team was another patrol team, and he directly believed that Han Chaoyang just named the captain of the two patrol teams that only existed in the reported materials, and this captain was not recognized by the organization s personnel department.

Ge Peilan is his mother.She is not in good health.She went to the hospital for an examination.The doctor suspected it was lymphoma and was frightened.Cai Chengcai 600 mg cbd gummies hurriedly called the children, big girl Back, son in law came, Xiao Fang also came back, and later went to the Third Provincial Hospital for an examination, the doctor said no, it was just an inflammation of the lymph nodes, it was a false alarm.How did he come back He came back by car, he looked confused That s right, sometimes he drives that kind of high .

do you need a medical card for cbd gummies?

end business car, sometimes he drives an Audi car, and he smokes when he sees everyone, and what he brings out is either a soft China or a little panda.Does he have a girlfriend Han Chaoyang raised his head and asked.I don t think so.A few days ago, Ge Peilan asked my old Chen to help me as a matchmaker.Prevarication, push the case to the Gaoxin District Bureau, you think I don t know.He was already very tired outside, Huang Ying didn t want him to still think about work after returning home, got up and opened the cabinet, found out the violin Sheng Yanwen gave him, returned to him and said This is a gift from someone, Courtesy is reciprocal, and there is reciprocity, and she will leave tomorrow morning, and I don t know what to send back for you.Stradivari, the king of the violin Han Chaoyang really thought his eyes were dazzled, so he sat .

what is the cost of condor cbd gummies?

up and took the piano box and carefully looked at it.After confirming that he was right, he hurriedly stood up and put the piano box on the dining table, opened it 600 mg cbd gummies sex blog cbd gummies carefully, stroked the strings of the piano body for a while, and went back She do marijana gummies have cbd turned her head and said with a bitter face My wife, this gift from her is too expensive, we can t take it back.The police car drove forward for about four minutes, turned into a fork in the road with the turn signal on, and stopped behind a building.Director Feng tacitly turned off the engine and stopped.Several policemen got out of the police car, and one of them seemed to have seen it.Director Feng, you came over in person in the middle of the night.It s definitely not a small case.What is the situation and how can we help you Bureau Feng held the second police inspector s hand tightly and said straight to the point Arrest a few people suspected of intentional homicide.We suspect that they are hiding in Room 601, Building 2, Yangdong Huayuan.Lao Qiu, you know, this kind of case should not startle the snake, I would like to ask you to help me, find the community property to check the surveillance, and see if I can Find a vantage point to monitor every move in Room 601.Xiao Han, it s been hard work.You didn t take this vacation well.It s expected that the suspect s relatives are not good at work, but you can t just stop doing it because it s not good.In fact, many cases can be solved., not relying on other things, but relying on grinding, grinding slowly, grinding persistently Ju Feng, I know what to do, anyway, my house is not far from the suspect s house, I will go again tomorrow.The more sensible you are, the more you can understand Feng Ju held the attitude of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, and said with a smile Xiao Han, this is a business trip.If you go by car, remember to keep the ticket, and if you drive, remember to keep the fuel ticket.I will sign it for you when I come back.I will reimburse you here.Thank you, Bureau Feng.You should not be allowed to pay for it when you are performing official duties.Not at all, but not every day.More importantly, the suspect who stole the electric car is likely to live in the community and is very familiar with the situation in Xinmin Community.Arranging new faces there will definitely arouse the suspect s alertness.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, gritted his teeth and said, Master, the community has no technical defense measures.We can find a way to make a simple one, install pinhole cameras in a few places that are prone to theft, and count his luck if he doesn t reach out.Well, if you reach out again, he will definitely not be able to escape That s a way, but where do you get so many pinhole cameras, and does it work Last time I heard from Team He that they arrested a few debt collectors and seized a batch of illegal monitoring equipment used for debt collection.Han Chaoyang didn t slow down until now.He set the alarm on his phone and went to sleep after washing up.To deal with the blizzard, the district has a plan, the sub bureau has a plan, the street has a plan, and the neighborhood committee has a plan.Zhang Zhishu and Director Xie didn t even go home tonight, but were on duty at the neighborhood committee.The phone alarm was set at 5 00 in the morning, but at 4 30, Xiaokang, who was on duty in the police station tonight, called.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up, opened the window and looked out.The snow is at least 35 centimeters thick and is still falling.Han Da, the street has just issued a notice to clear the snow on the main and secondary arterial roads half an hour in advance.It is required to clear all the snow before 6 o clock.Understood, I will be there soon Sleep well, but Han Chaoyang didn t think there was anything wrong with the orders of the street leaders.If I had received this call a few days earlier , Han Chaoyang will definitely be lost.But now it s not a few days ago.I felt that even if I could get in, it might not be useful.I leaned against the door frame and said with a smile, It s fine if you can t get in.I still have to thank you if you can t. Don t thank me, it s not helpful I m so sorry.There s nothing to be ashamed about Just as he was answering the phone, Huang Ying, who was worried that Ling Bin would starve to death, walked into nature only cbd gummies reviews the smoky on duty room with the meal she deliberately left for the night.room.Ling Bin has updated his blog, and is leaning on the back of the chair, pinching his temples and closing his eyes to rest his mind.He was very haggard when he first came to Yanyang, and now he is even more haggard.He has lost a lot of weight, his beard is unshaven, and his 600 mg cbd gummies hair is messy.Wan Xiaoxia hurriedly wiped away her tears, got up and ran to open the door.Crying again Sister Wei how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies sighed softly and walked into the room.Wan Xiaoxia closed the door, looked at the small purse in her hand with eyes red from crying and asked, Will you lose or win tonight These are not important, what is important is how to find someone Wang Jianping said in a low voice Chaoyang, you are right.We may be on the edge of a dead end.You can help us stabilize Ling Bin first.I will ask the technical investigators to see if we can use technical means to Ling Bin s QQ.If there is such a technology conditions, you can find out whether his QQ account has been logged in by a second person, and even find out when and where it was logged in.Chapter 448 Where to 600 mg cbd gummies go The weather in Yanyang is not very good, and the seasons are not clear.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, what is needed now is a breakthrough, etc.With the model project under the bus station, it s easy to talk about other companies.And the model project is really far reaching Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing, and thinking about the severe public security at the East Long distance Bus Station and hemp bombs cbd gummies higher potency 180 its surroundings, he pondered, Manager Jin, this business was introduced by the firm, and even Manager Qi said 600 mg cbd gummies it was for Liu s sake, that is to say We are not only responsible for the station, but also for the institute.We have to do good deeds when we take other people s money, no matter how much it is, and we must do it beautifully. Of course, there are specialties in art, That s what we do.Although Lao Jin is no longer the manager of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company and the deputy captain of the voluntary patrol team, as the deputy general manager of Chaoyang Community Investment Company, the largest shareholder of the security company, he has great respect for the security company.It s not that I how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies don t believe it, it s that I really don t know.Now that I know it, I will have a chance to introduce it later.Okay, call him when you re not busy, ask him to come over, and ask him to treat us to dinner.Just as Grandpa Gu was helping Han Chaoyang make connections , Han Chaoyang suddenly got up and announced again Thank you Liu Suo, Comrades, please wait, then please raise your fists like me and swear an oath in front of the national flag.Yes Wu Junfeng, the deputy squadron leader, responded first without hesitation.There is no oath for the auxiliary police, and Liu Suo and instructor Xu think cbd berry gummies that it must be more formal and there must be an oath link.Han Chaoyang can only change cbd gummies fayetteville nc the oath of the people s police, holding back a smile and shouting with his right fist I swear I voluntarily become an auxiliary policeman of the People s Republic of China and dedicate myself to the noble cause of the people s public security Wu Junfeng reacted and quickly said I swear I voluntarily become an auxiliary policeman of the People s Republic of China and dedicate myself to the noble cause of people s public security Resolutely be loyal to the party, serve the people, enforce the law fairly, and be disciplined After leading the anti pickup team members to take the oath, Han Chaoyang turned around and asked everyone to return to their original positions, and then asked Liu Suo to speak., Kang Haigen was also puzzled.Kang Suo, did you say that the announcement best cbd gummies for back pain was made, but we were not notified to go back to the meeting Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.If you don t notify me, it s impossible not to notify me.Anyway, I m also the deputy director.Yes, how about I call and ask.You can ask, just let me know when you re done.Han Chaoyang Looking up at Grandpa Gu who was standing at the door talking to Ji Kaiyuan, he picked up his cell phone and dialed Chen Xiujuan s number.Unexpectedly, Chen Xiujuan said with a smile As soon as Director Du and Director Wen left, they held a short meeting for 600 mg cbd gummies us policemen who were at home, announcing that Gu Suo Huayuan Street Police Station would be removed from the post of deputy director, and 600 mg cbd gummies did not mention the appointment of the deputy director.Master, you said that this is not surprising.The bureau leader is also true.The appointment and dismissal of personnel like this should be considered comprehensively.Now it is good, there is a deputy director position, hanging, It made everyone lose their minds about work.What about you Grandpa Gu asked who created smilz cbd gummies 600 mg cbd gummies with a half smile.It has nothing to do with me, and I can t say it s completely okay.If someone who doesn t like me happens to be in charge of the community team, then my life will be difficult.It s pleasing to the eye.Grandpa Gu cursed with a smile, and said lightly as he walked into the hospital A soldier who doesn t want to be a general is not a good soldier, but it is impossible for everyone to be a general.If everyone becomes a general, everyone is a leader.Who will do the work Han Chaoyang thought that the master was doing ideological work, so he couldn t help laughing So my attitude is very positive, and I will do my job well.I will now interrogate you according to law.Please put your mobile phone and both hands away.Put it on the table, where we can see it, no whispering, no small movements, you can raise your hand to ask for leave if you need to go to the bathroom I m going to the bathroom.hand.Old Ding, please arrange for two people to take him there.Yes There is nothing wrong with it, and it is almost certain that there must be fish in this 600 mg cbd gummies net.Instructor Gu took out his mobile phone to check the time, and walked out of the restaurant calmly.Run to the explosion proof car and knock on the window.Han Chaoyang realized potent full spectrum cbd gummies that the old leader must have something to do, so he hurriedly opened the door and jumped out of the car.Chapter 514 Large Inquiry 4 Instructor, what s the matter Instructor Gu looked back at the lobby of the hotel and said in a low voice, Chaoyang, there are so many suspicious people to be interrogated, I don t know when we will get them.It doesn t matter if you don t have money, as long as you have a handsome guy, you just need to take care of dinner, and it s not like we didn t help them save the scene. Then it s settled, call me after you finish asking Call.Don t worry, it s a big deal.I just want to make a fuss As the brother said, what a big how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies deal Han Chaoyang suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with learning music, at least he was more comfortable than others in engaging in recreational activities.Thinking of having a new work unit and a new immediate boss, Han Chaoyang first called Deputy Director Xing, then walked into the police station to get the police car keys, opened the cover again and said, Chen Jie, I ll go to the police station.Sub bureau, call me if you have anything to do.Go ahead, what can you do in such a cold day Chen Jie was busy preparing for the public exam peach gummies cbd without even raising her head.Thank you, Instructor Gu, I m not thirsty.Xiao Chen wanted to finish the work earlier, thanked him back and buried himself in the brush.Gu Zhongjie walked to the bar, pointed to the drinks on the shelf, and then turned around 600 mg cbd gummies and said, Old Kong, Xiao Chen, there are instant noodles and ham sausage here.You came to investigate the scene early in the morning.You probably didn t have breakfast.Why don t you get some instant noodles to cushion your stomach HCMUSSH 600 mg cbd gummies first That s fine, I ve had it in the morning.Lao Kong took the mineral water from the network administrator, unscrewed the lid and took a big sip, sighing to himself for the newly appointed police officer from the Xinyuan Street Police Station.The trainer is really a good leader, not only approachable, but also considerate to his subordinates.The police from the Huayuan Street Police Station inquired from the hawker who delivered food to the Huayuan Street Police Station.The whereabouts of the murderer, and then provided the clues to the Xinyuan Street Police Station, and then the police from 600 mg cbd gummies the Huayuan Street Police Station led the Huayuan Street Police Station s plainclothes anti pickup auxiliary police squadron to the China World Hotel to catch the murderer and let tko cbd gummies 750mg the Xinyuan Street Police Station reveal the murderer s whereabouts.Make a big face and make a contribution, what is this Liu Jianye couldn t believe his ears, and asked angrily, Old Hu, do you know what kind of suspect Han Chaoyang asked you to inquire about I have surveillance screenshots.I mean, do you know what happened to the suspect Yes, I fought with someone in an Internet cafe on Xinyuan Street last night.

I promise I will never Go to an Internet cafe, really, I will do what I say.Knowing what it means to talk too much will make you lose your temper, you brat The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more amusing he became, and he folded his arms and asked, Be honest, what is your father s last name and name It depends on your attitude now.To be honest, I might consider sending you back, sending you to Downstairs, I came back after I entered the house, and I pretended that what happened tonight didn t happen.If I m not honest, I can only ask instructor Guan to ask for me, and then the nature will change. What nature, it s domestic violence Domestic violence generally refers to husbands beating their wives, labor and management beating their sons is considered abuse.If it is a felony in the United States, if your father dares to beat you, he may not have the opportunity to discipline the suspect in the future.We can ask Director Hong to help us.If we can buy medicine outside, we can buy it outside.This way, we can save some money.Security guard The company is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon , and the community is also full of talents.Mr.Hong, who lives in Building No.2 of Dongming New Village, is the chief physician of the Second Provincial Hospital.After retiring, he was hired back by the Second Provincial Hospital and worked for three years.He didn t really retire until July.Director Wang, Teacher Liang, and Aunt Lu felt unwell, so instead of going to the hospital, they thought of asking Director Hong to take a look.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said, Mr.Liang, you are really comprehensive.This is targeted poverty alleviation We are not a government department, nor are we the Red Cross Society.His surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang.He is a good guy.No matter who encounters problems in our community, he will come to him.Leave the outside affairs to him, and we will continue to talk about our affairs.Tomorrow I invite the retired old chief physician of the Second Provincial Hospital to show you.For the Chinese New Year, how can you not prepare some New Year s goods Don t worry, we will help you buy the New Year s goods, and we promise to let you and Uncle Xu have a good New Year Just as he was speaking, Lao Xu s voice came from outside.Stinky boy, dare to come here.Do you want money I have a life.Believe it or not, I will fight with you Uncle Xu, don t get excited.Is there me Lao Xu, who wanted to fight desperately with the debt collectors, persuaded Go in and rest first, leave it to me.The main reason is that Liu Suo insisted that I take apprentices.Sun Guokang who just came here is a graduate student, and I am an undergraduate student.I m not a public security professional, how can I be a master.It turned out that I was stimulated, hahaha Director Wen couldn t help laughing.Han Chaoyang was very embarrassed, and hurriedly said Director Wen, I mainly ask for instructions and report today.I checked online last night that there is still more than half a year before applying for the exam.You can t just apply for the exam.I just use this half a year to do some preparations.The young man thought charging was a good thing.Director Wen motioned him to sit down and said with a smile Xiao 600 mg cbd gummies sex blog cbd gummies Han, studying is a good thing, and the bureau must support it.Several people will take the judicial examination this year.Three working days The old man heard it clearly this time, staring at Han Chaoyang and asked, Xiao Han, do holidays count as working days Come It seems to be.The Spring Festival Gala will start in a while, and I will watch it later Meeting such a loyal audience, what can Han Chaoyang do Looking back at Sun Guokang, he simply suggested Uncle Hong , it is counted as a working day during the Spring Festival holiday, and the technicians from the telecommunications department may not be able to come today.Otherwise, you always follow us and go to our police room to watch.We have TVs and on duty personnel over there.Stay alone at home and watch the fun.After watching, how can I come back after watching How about I take you back The old man thought for a while, and smiled while packing his things Alright, where can I watch it Not looking, thinking about it, I have been to the police station twice over the years, just to see what the current police station looks like.Seeing the two of them, Han Chaoyang remembered that there was an old man in the police station for the New Year.Xiao Han, you re back.Come back, Han Chaoyang pushed open the car door, watched Sun Guokang bring Dai Lishi into the police room, turned around and asked with a 600 mg cbd gummies smile, Uncle Hong, how is this year s party going Favorite show Very good, very lively.The old man stretched his legs and said with a smile, But I haven t finished watching it.I m getting older and my energy is not as good as your young people.I fell asleep watching it, but I slept soundly this time, and slept until dawn.Although the person in front of him has a son and a daughter, his life is similar to that of a widowed old man.Although the house is large and beautifully decorated, it is too lonely for him alone, especially during the holidays.According to the sentencing standard, the sentence of level one for minor injury is one to two years.The suspect has absconded during the residential surveillance period, 600 mg cbd gummies and the judge will affirm the conviction and sentencing.Strict and serious.Director Du said with a gloomy face, Can t you run away for two years At least two years.Director Xing nodded and continued The victim has a problem with us.He spent a lot of money on hospitalization.As a result, Dai Lishi what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies was poor, and he has not paid a penny for medical expenses, lost wages, nursing expenses, and nutrition expenses so far.He was already angry.Seeing that Dai Lishi was released after only a few days, what Nothing happened, and people didn t understand.I went to the Second Squadron more than once to find the police handling the case, and claimed to go to the city bureau to complain.He found two hundred yuan in red paper The money was forced on him.For a long time before that, he had eaten his last meal without a second meal.The two hundred yuan was a huge sum of money to him.He kept it in his trouser pocket for fear of losing it, and put it in the inner pocket of his jacket for fear of losing it.Just put it in the inner pocket of the coat for a while, and put it in the trouser pocket for a while.Han Chaoyang looked up at the rearview mirror, and asked calmly, How does it feel to go home Uncle used to be good to me, but Li Jun and Li Yang are looking at your face.Officer Han, if you didn t accompany me Go, I guess they won t let me in.You are judging a gentleman s belly with the heart of a villain.Han Chaoyang snorted coldly, and said angrily Even if your cousin and sister in law don t let you in , you should think about why they didn t let you in How did they treat you before He knew his own business, Dai Lishi was ashamed of being talked about, he hung his head and wanted to find a way to get in.

The reason why your two cousins are willing to lend you money is because they think it is too bad to dismantle it now, and it is also for your sake.They didn t say anything else They Having said that, they never thought of wanting your family property.They live so well now, the house is so beautifully built, and the family has more people than you.If it is really demolished in your village, how much land can they get for demolition compensate I believe that.Dai Lishi muttered with embarrassment Lijun sports cars have made a lot of money these years.Liyang sells pesticides and fertilizers, and the fertilizers are pulled to the store by car, and they have made a lot of money these years.They all have money, and they all bought houses in the city.It s good to know, 600 mg cbd gummies but I can t figure it out when I mention this.The stainless steel fence, which should have been intact, was pried open from the lower right corner, opening a big opening that could crawl in.The glass of the window was broken, and there was even a light on in the tobacconist It has been three or four minutes since the call to the police was received, and it is unlikely that the thief is still in the store.Han Chaoyang s first reaction was to protect the scene, and he didn t dare to get too close.While observing the traces on the ground with a flashlight, he held up the walkie talkie and shouted Xiao Bin, the tobacco shop was broken into.In the community, you guard the three gates first, and I will notify the No.1 Squadron and the No.6 Squadron to come over for reinforcements, and ask them to patrol outside the community to prevent the suspect from absconding over the wall.What about the money Han Chaoyang leaned over to the back window and looked in, then turned around and said, You don t believe me even after I told you, and the loss of fifty thousand yuan is not a trivial matter Let the criminal police team take over, and finally found out that the 50,000 yuan did not exist at all.That guy wants to blackmail the thief Zhang Jinhai couldn t help laughing.The problem is that not only did he want to blackmail the thief, but he almost made us take the blame.What happened next Han Chaoyang shrugged and said helplessly Later, he quibbled that the thief was too hateful.He was worried that he would be released after a few days.He deliberately said more money, so that the thief would be punished as he cbd gummies for pain hemp should be, and he would have a long memory.We can What to do with him, you can only criticize education.Just as Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, the old factory manager asked again Xiao Han, do you think the thief is still hiding in the cigarette shop Impossible.The police should have gone in by now, and if the thief is inside, he will definitely call me.The old factory manager frowned and asked The factory area is so big, what else hasn t been searched Teacher Liang pondered The cafeteria , labor service companies, kindergartens, and cbd gummies warhouse movie theaters.Why don t you search I can t get in.Teacher Liang turned and pointed in the direction of the movie theater, and said helplessly Some window glass has been broken long ago, and it s easy to get in., People can hide inside, but there is a court seal on the outside, we can only search outside, we can only poke our heads in and use a flashlight to take a picture, we can t just crawl in like this, let alone smash the door, or we will be held legally responsible.I have a gun on my body, and the gun cannot be brought into Beijing.I can only rush over to say hello to you and see if I can find the nearest police station to store the gun.Let s go The emergency lane is purely a last resort.After speaking, he untied his coat and let the traffic police see the gun.ID cards, police cards, gun certificates, and letters of introduction issued by the Yandong Public Security Bureau were all available.Looking at Lao Hu s guns, the young traffic policeman realized that Yanyang s colleagues were not joking, and immediately returned the documents to Lao Hu.Glancing at the vehicles behind on the emergency lane, he said calmly, Hurry over, I ll give you a call on the walkie talkie, and ask the people in front to respond.Thank you.The public security is a family, so you re welcome.But Joe has seen me, so I can t show up, and the main work depends on you. Don t worry, leave what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies Joe to me, and I ll be responsible for losing him Old Hu didn t want to just go back in such a despondent way, he didn t care about rubbing the dog shit on his shoes again, and said sincerely Chaoyang, I m sorry for letting you come here and throw this person because of my bad idea.What s the matter I m sorry, I have cbd gummy full spectrum a thick skin and I m not afraid of being laughed at, and Team Ni didn t say anything just now.You re different from me.You re young.You ve just been promoted to a deputy department.You have a bright future.It doesn t matter how I lose face.You can t lose face.Besides, you re helping me take the blame.Again Okay, okay , I won t talk about it, anyway, I will write down this favor.Knowing that Han Chaoyang didn t have a good rest last night, Lao Hu turned and pointed to the front and said, There is a hotel at the entrance of the village.Sun Le and Liang Dongsheng sat in the car, quietly watching the Passat drive to Building 18 through the window glass with dark car models, watching quietly.The driver reversed the car into the parking space.Team Song, there are two people coming down.The driver should be Liu Xiaobo, and the short one should be Guan Peng Can cbd berry gummies green otter cbd cube gummies t confirm the identity of the person in the car Chen Feng, a policeman from the anti narcotics team, has been guarding the east gate of the complex, but the Passat actually entered the complex from the south gate.Aunt Yang, the building manager who was secretly invited, did not see anyone, so she had to ask Aunt Yang to monitor Check the monitor in the room.Guan Jie didn t go out, 600 mg cbd gummies greenhouse research cbd gummies and Liu Qinggui s location was also locked.Right now, he was playing mahjong in a chess and card room near the community.Aren t there flower beds between each building in the community Can you do the work of the owners, remove all those flower beds, level the site, solidify the ground with concrete, and transform them all into parking spaces.Chapter 662 Trouble 2 If all the flower beds can be demolished, four or five hundred cars should be able to stop.The key is that the community will not be greened, and those old men and women will probably have opinions.People who have cars at home should not object, mainly those who don t have cars.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and then said As for greening, it s not impossible at all.You can design it well and build some grape trellises and cbd hemp gummies for anxiety creeper trellises.It can even be used as a shelf above the flower bed, and some greening can be done on the top, which should not be a big investment.

The flower bed was completely demolished, the ground was solidified with concrete, and the parking spaces were completely painted.If some owners think that this way the community has no greenery, then they should invest more to make the greenery up and use it for parking below.Xu Hongliang thinks this is a good way, and pondered As long as there are parking spaces, you can collect parking management fees.One parking space is 150 a month, and 1,800 a year.If you can add 200 parking spaces, you can charge more than 300,000 parking management fees a year.The renovation cost can be recovered within two years at most. I think it s okay, why don t you call Manager Zhang and ask him to go to work in the community tomorrow.Zhang Beibei couldn t help laughing.It s too late today.I need to rest.Let s call tomorrow.It s okay., as long as you can solve the case, catch that kid, and get the things back.Finally seeing the legendary Yanyang most handsome policeman, and indeed quite handsome, Zhang Xiaoyun blushed pretty, feeling how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies a little embarrassed.Xiao Han, I m usually in the new campus, and I often hear Minister Jiang mentioning you, and I finally met the real person today.Professor Zhang, please sit how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies down.You re welcome, I m causing you trouble.What s the trouble , Combating crimes, maintaining social order, cbd berry gummies green otter cbd cube gummies and safeguarding the lives and property of the people are our responsibilities.Han Zhaoyang just greeted Professor Zhang and 600 mg cbd gummies Zhang Xiaoyun to sit down, and Vice Minister Jiang asked bluntly Xiao Han, listen to Xiao Chen You went to the criminal police team yesterday, how is the investigation of the policeman surnamed Mao The whereabouts of the suspect may have been found by now, and if there is no accident, the suspect will be arrested soon.When he saw us, he immediately became stupid and confessed to the crime.Xiao Han, you mean the kid who robbed Xiaoyun s bag Vice Minister Jiang asked curiously.Yes, that kid.Entrusted by others, it s a matter of loyalty.The tasks entrusted by Vice Minister Jiang have been completed, and now it is time to do the tasks entrusted by his colleagues from his hometown.Han Chaoyang politely declined Zhang 600 mg cbd gummies Xiaoyun .

do cbd gummis make you high?

s offer to help pour the wine, and sighed It s a coincidence, that kid is from Qingshan, and I m still from my hometown.The reason why the case was solved so quickly is thanks to the people in the Chaoyang community, and secondly.I would like to thank the comrades of the Qingshan 600 mg cbd gummies County Public Security Bureau, the masses provided clues, the Qingshan County Public Security Bureau helped us find out the identity of the kid as soon as they received the investigation letter, and then followed the clues to catch him.Han Chaoyang put on his police uniform and was about to call Qisuo when he heard Huang Ying asking outside Where is everyone going Your parents are not in the room, neither are my parents Call and ask Hey.Okay, let me ask.The call was connected quickly, maybe he is not used to sleeping in a bed, or maybe he is curious about this small town at the foot of the mountain, Huang s father and Huang s mother got up very early, Han s father and Teacher Ma simply accompanied them to the market, and now they had reached the vegetable market and were eating breakfast at the small shop in front of the market.Mom, you eat your food, don t worry about us, and don t bring us any.There are so many dishes left over from last night, we can just hot them up.Huang Ying walked into the kitchen while talking on the phone, not wanting to disappoint the elders.At least there is surveillance.If you park in a place without surveillance or cameras, what if you lose it They don t pay attention to it.Safety precautions, wait until the vehicle is stolen before calling the police, this will add trouble to us.I think so too.Han Chaoyang stopped, looked back at the row of bicycles being watched by the citizens, and frowned slightly Said There is something wrong with their way of HCMUSSH 600 mg cbd gummies doing business.Anyway, I don t like it.Chaoyang, later you will also help me download the software, tie a bank card and register an account for me.Regardless of whether there is any problem with this business method, it is very convenient to think about it, and now you can ride for free when you are doing activities.Master, don t you use these, don t you tie your HCMUSSH 600 mg cbd gummies bank card I opened an account in the bank, which is the card of the access control card.Oh.Jiang Xiaomin was still very responsible.He didn t bother to grab the red envelopes.What the group of friends talked about, as long as they thought it was valuable, they were recorded.The courier package in Room 702, Building 3, Dongming Community was placed in the security room at the south gate.Maybe he was careless and forgot to call the owner or send a WeChat message to the owner.The owner didn t receive it and was in a hurry.Called the customer service, and the customer service said it was done I signed for it, and the attitude is not good.I didn t receive it but said I signed for it.The owner was not convinced, so he went to the official website of the General Post Office to complain.Maybe the General Post Office punished Xingda Express, and the express company fined the courier, 600 mg cbd gummies and the courier He also knew her home address and mobile phone number, made insulting calls, and even sent threatening 600 mg cbd gummies text messages.Liu Jianye was handing out the written notes to the leaders of the various action teams.Comrades, please rest easy.Fan Ju lowered his arms and gave the order without hesitation Comrades, it is 8 48, and we plan to close the net at 9 10 at the same time There is a note with the contact information of the front line comrades.Please ask the nine team leaders to organize the combatants to contact the front line comrades immediately after boarding the vehicle.They will guide each team to the predetermined location.Now, I order each team to start Yes Following Fan Ju s order, everyone boarded the car in an orderly manner according to the plan formulated in the afternoon.The police lights came on one after another, and the yard was filled with the tense atmosphere before the war.Lao Qian was just watching the excitement when he saw a police car slowly pulling out of the parking space, and suddenly realized that the electric retractable 600 mg cbd gummies door was closed.The party committee of the branch bureau welcomed Liu Bureau to take up his new post.The leaders of the Municipal Bureau announced the decision of Liu Bureau to be the director and inspector general of our Yandong Branch.Liu Bureau made a statement In his who created smilz cbd gummies 600 mg cbd gummies speech, he expressed his support and advocacy for the decision of the Municipal Party Committee to arrange to work in Yandong, and said that he would improve his political position, keep a clear head, and always be loyal 600 mg cbd gummies to the party.You are very well informed, and you have inquired so clearly This is something that happened in the morning.It s not news.Everyone in the bureau knows about cbd berry gummies green otter cbd cube gummies it now.Lao Ding took over the conversation and expressed emotion It can be seen from this incident that our branch bureau will The real sub bureau.In the past, it was managed by divisions, focusing on divisions in the future, it will also be managed by divisions, but it will be based on divisions But this is also good, so as to avoid having to ask the district for instructions when it is clearly a sub bureau like before For reports, especially in terms of funds, you have to ask the district.

In the jurisdiction, you must know which restaurant has the best breakfast, let s eat more, choose the good ones, and let him pay the bill.Master That s it, don t forget that you are the director, as the director You can t lose sight of the bigger picture.The new director encountered a murder case as soon as he took office, and he definitely wanted to solve the case as soon as possible.Now whoever solves the case and catches the murderer, the new director will definitely treat him differently.Mr.Ji just wanted to show off, to prove that he didn t get the salary of the voluntary security patrol brigade for nothing.Bao Qingshan didn t want to show off but wanted to make meritorious service.He got up and rushed here as soon as he received a 600 mg cbd gummies call from Old Tang.It s a what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies pity that Grandpa Gu is also here.Liu Suo, what s the matter Han Chaoyang was surprised when the old leader called again within ten minutes of leaving.Chaoyang, I know it s hard for you to run all night, but it cbd gummie no thc s important.Can you let Comrade Miao Haizhu persist for a few more hours and go to Xiangju Building with the comrades in the task force Familiar with me.When encountering such a big case, all the work of the branch office has to give way to solving the case, let alone a night without sleep, even if you haven t slept for three days and three nights, the leader must shark tank uly cbd gummies follow a word, the old leader s request is to save face, otherwise you can use it As the deputy head of the task force, Han Chaoyang gave the order directly, and Han Chaoyang knew which was more important, and said without hesitation No problem, should we let her go directly, or should I report to the task force first Wait in the police room, I will ask Luo Huai and the others will pick it up.Han Chaoyang suddenly 600 mg cbd gummies sex blog cbd gummies remembered what happened, and said with a bitter face Director Xing, cbd flav gummies I remembered that the situation was special that day.To help Liu Suo and the others solve the case, we stayed up all night until dawn to confirm that Wei Ping had important Suspected of committing cornbread hemp cbd gummies a crime.At that time, Old Tang and Miao Haizhu went to Taoyuan Community alone, and a policeman who accompanied the task force went to Xiangju Building.Old Ding stayed up for more than 30 hours and wanted to go home to sleep.Dai Da didn t go to the East Station Police until what are cbd gummies good for cbd berry gummies 8 o clock Office, who do you want me to hand over the gun to Chapter 762 Good news, I know, didn t you come to the command center in the middle of the night to check Weiping s train ticket purchase records Not only I know, but Zou Jingnan also knows that she asked Lao Ding and Miao Haizhu, and 600 mg cbd gummies sex blog cbd gummies she ordered you to rectify because you really couldn t find someone to hand it over to you.The county magistrate is not as good as the current one.Although Han Chaoyang knew Minister Zheng and even Principal Nie, he couldn t really bypass Vice Minister Jiang.Grandpa Gu put down his teacup and said lightly, Chaoyang, I can t tell you clearly on the phone.You should go and report to Minister Jiang in person.Okay, I ll try.Fortunately, Han Chaoyang was really depressed when he asked his grandpa to tell his grandma.Just as he stood up, his phone rang again.He lifted it up to see the caller ID, and it was actually his superior.Director Xing, what instructions do you have Chaoyang, just received the notice that the bureau will organize the heads of each team to go to Jiangcheng to observe and learn the security work of the Jiangcheng Marathon next Tuesday.Director Feng will lead the team personally.He muttered while smoking He wants to turn over The only way to find Gan Jianren is to return the loaned money, but now Gan Jianren has run away without a trace, what can he do, where can he hide how many cbd gummies should i take for anxiety 600 mg cbd gummies Han Chaoyang got up and said Liu Suo, this is my analysis, he must be Gan Jianren cannot be found, but he will not 600 mg cbd gummies give up hope, because as you said just now, he can turn around only by finding Gan Jianren or getting the money back through who created smilz cbd gummies 600 mg cbd gummies other methods. Other ways, what do you mean Gan Jianren ran away, but Gan Jianren developed The unfinished real estate project is still there, and it s not just people like Luo Weixing who are deluded, there are also many buyers who have paid the so called sincerity money , the leaders of Jiangzhong City must find a way to solve this mess.It makes sense.Liu Jianye nodded, and said coldly He may be hiding in the middle of the river to wait and see, or he may be hiding somewhere else to wait for news, no matter where he is hiding, I want to know how the Jiangzhong city government plans to solve this who created smilz cbd gummies 600 mg cbd gummies mess For more information, the only way to get more information is to contact the policeman who handled the case or contact his brothers and sisters who are also obsessed with ghosts So Wu Wei and I joined their rights protection group in the afternoon with the help of a person he contacted.He worked so hard and almost lost his life.The promise made by the then bureau leader and the current bureau leader must be fulfilled, otherwise the subordinates will be chilled.Liu Qiuping no longer hesitates, gladly He said with a smile Since District Chief Zhou agreed to him, then we will go together.By the way, how did you go about socializing like this before, did you give them some money or some kind of gift A few years ago, a happy event like a wedding required some money, but it has not been done in the past two years.It seems that it started with Zhang Chengshan from the security brigade.I think it s good.Liu Qiuping also felt that it is not good to follow the trend of money, so he laughed and said Okay, then we will go with blessings Chapter 801 Chasing and Escaping 7 Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei arrived in Jiangzhong at two o clock in the morning, found a fast hotel near the Changshan Branch of Jiangzhong City Public Security Bureau, slept for four hours and woke up Yes.

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